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New-York daily tribune. [volume] (New-York [N.Y.]) 1842-1866, February 15, 1847, Image 1

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IUL. VI. >0. *?r iBW.VOBK, 'lov.lj ?????? IMIKKIM 1?. !*4T. WBOLB WO. I???.
^??5?? tribune
?*?' ?.... ,.??'??? ?? piTHl.isHE
? vu tutu** ? ruHJMOD
^??^? ??imi???. 'e""r ef srr.:c?
?***^ mm B>bM>r ??? f" '?1 ' "
, -awr**?^ r?* ?**> (?Wh?"???,"
ZtS" Ae'c?'.T. M.'?. .?acrlber. G"?0'-'1"
?fe!?. ?'?ne?, aad ?1* P?P" ?' ?.
'?^i.ili wo*- ??h Country New?.
jST?f?KuJATH? TaiBV?. ?G? D?t
????^G^?? ? ?
ti?*?'?.^M cf ???<??????.??. ?
,???1**^.?!???!?-1!'???? Oll? ?
Lt? td*,rt??Tr Cri. .f.r.nfh ? u!??-<;iienl On?.
?'f*^.,?fi6M. r???AL ????. V. . ?. :
** ,,. - ? pape? roR ? uz: < ?? ?p!?,
?-" ??(???$*1*?G0 ?4??,"?t*<1 ?? '-'"'? eth
'loco-Foco?^ the H nate resisted till
\,tn?.eottr*V?"?eVf tb,; ''I'l'^I-riatio,:
"b^-aate*?**? W0,ii'i "'- ""'"""1 * * '"'
Vette, h?*???*'?em ed hts appvHittnient
arfvanT Tbetorof however lindi;,* that
r *
-ait take their rhoife betwi en .
their l*y *"'' '' n'"u' ''"' '''" ',asi ? 'l
.^^flottt, without th<- provision ?
,., 7?*J?#dth?? |nu-.t The ??li! providing
' nf^iMiMip to tin? peoph ol the question '>:
-UgAllafjkLawi which had patted the
M? M tO 38. WU l"?t Ifi tl:?' Si-riM??. ' - ' ?
^^iidisfreccbi! lo the State.
, Utxjcc?A?i"'"' 'I '-?? I'' ? 6
i ?V/tai??The sehr, f-aur? VlrgUtl?, ? prise
juiMff^MiKt at Top?oo ayCeaa. Perry,?!
,?iit(cw-Orleaa? on the. evening ol Um ''th. uud*r
^Biti of L?ul Wm>mith. ??? patted mid?hipm?n
??m, git left Aston Lirardn em the ?Ito and Tain
?to ce B* Wtt ?? A meetio;; w?? held ? I ??oird the
8. fnf*? rUritta. called ? pay an appropriti*
, ,M ?, tag acatory of pMiwul midihipmr'n Juhn
t\mH nymmmi Henry A l'1-mvn. the two gallant
.eetVgwbaaiatMonfortuntu Soaaera.
It. aatafcaa-Defcaw In thr Sfiinte-t lo.e of
f?f Dekateot?? Wilmof I'rovHn
r-r? su/ o?a Corwpna?enl
KiVDiieTOff^ridaj Pel
v(. JiUKvA'r/ ont like the ana?.I th<. .-?
7#M^j?By?rrea*ury to hii reaolution ol refpieat
fuente? ? aecret aso it? etrf.l"ycd hy Um
*'?ui-7PfP,"""''it ?? ?"*rta:n inexplicable 'iu
(Mhliaatt til* Kecrrtary would not ?
??*?? Hf ?ai'' that he had beard ol ?
I ind that thor?' wtre pro?>nbiy otbi
Itieaaa.accordine t^ Barabttrainaj vataia?, tbal
-rt?i??eti,?onier)f whom are r^tahliihed ut Bui
?v. Beeheater. bene* a Fall?, made itone portion
-f ??irdety,for ?Inch tlirv were reimhurted owt
a*w4%aaMt|of tb? United State?, to interfere ;
i-jart?y aadeaer^etically tu the late (}ul>crnatorial :
?auni.'J> oarSute a^ainit Sila? Wriohi .Mr
Riimr* ?*????? to th?DK it lard that, if auch wen- I
vttbeir rluty.tbe Secretary bIhhiI?! ba an willing t(
rsrlain wrat 4t i?
T? a Ttmarao? Jadee Hau.? that an aasertion
t? Br %? *u ?atrae. th?? New Yorker replied
that do man ?boula ?ocme him of untruth ttnd I be
??t? that th? offeouva remark w??n'<aJ!H and
Th? Editor of the G???? hei.n brought before
th? S*diM oo arraifoaeot ,1 do not otean in
?tF?p? mtonj. batthrooeh hi? pre?? ) Mr ?? ?
nt ?ao?ijuic??oooilaaght upon Mr. Calhoin,
?\*-f\a$ thii whole war upou him mi a< o!i?(")uenc*
' ih? ?ooeiirion oi Mexico u meaaore whicl
?tot <*r BfanaaJ CaroUaiaahad a<-<ompii?hed
)l? C?UI?ri made a di^iiif???), able and ?
ii??rf?rv. Be ?aid that he had forewarned the
Uajaj?aa?? mat tbe march ol (??:? Tayi.oh to
'?WGrtndu would , m.?.'? ( ut <n u wir u .'? Afej
e av ooold he, or did ho, believe thnt the raah
vrtadbMoreaolved upon, t.il lie ?aw it? official
f?e Mid that but for in? di aire to keep on ami' ?
??tare? with the Executive, the bettei to aid in
:.? fcJjMtaeiit of tin? Oregon Uucation he ?hould
k?T? aevtd a rotolatimi or inquiry upon that act. ?
H? Mjlectad to do thit. for bar it would be inttr
tre?*d aa to act of direct hostility to the Adunili?
??BV rUdid not tear tho hottility ol the Kxec
itivr u coBcenad biniteli ?>nt theoouatiy through
Iiiettot.tlieu.it waa foretold to the Praaident
t?J hi? adritert that the march of Gen. ?a t to?
?um aaWawaaaioa?foretold to than and ira
}f**ti upoe them by onj to ?busi? a??i?lan '<
?aj ki),'w ri?eour?,? maat ?? made it war did
W\ Baadaeaa nul fatuity ware never more
litJaittelv Neuiled thau ii tliii whole atrocit) ol
TaMB a good timo comiu^i The next Honte
1; Majtaienta?vi?? will nute the veil that now
??orali frani the eouatry the rroaaeal ? ?
?*?laaai?>ttabandiiiied'Bi-tiof p<?litie?l ? I
Th? ?enwtVjle K.lttor o) th-? Union whs lost nicht
t inrhediacntaion: anda? it i? now ? past I it ifl
iiuotial whether hit existence be recollected be
Pre the a.),)oonirueut et the Senat.?.
AiWtastiBB Monday the debate on Wn
??11 rlBVBWBsra?natei II the question be taken
> Ayat ?od Noe ? m the Hoaae, the iadkatious
>t-th?t there may be traitor? tofreedoaa in muaber
"*~-" tir BBBaal Urn aiastiilmonl Hoarawai all
??KaUB?tleftus Thank ti.?I that New t < rk
tM *????? recreant freeman, and that he hop.?
^aaadt to migrate to Oregon.
VrEani.'N Fish of New York, and Mr Bar
L^efaaSany, arn>e.l last nicht Mr Oodin
"'?a? and "Mr Jamck Momkok are expected
ftr* HncniN-iN I'avii ? in Pri>o>
*t?>4. reader u thii aiuicnnreincnt. Vour favorite
?UKroi? b?T? cotnniltted n, cnnie? h?re done nothing
''?^ektTee te u,g.-? need to blu?h They have
****???iato pri?on. but they went un rii errand ol
'** **?mitation of Him ?h^. ?Hid. ? ! watln prtsoa
( ^*?????? roe. The vi?it? oftbB PamtTy to one
^^^??BsM thi? Stute .?iiuot h?ve been forgotten I
JJ*1^ *" rtader?. It ?tfoid? ut pis asara now to ,
'?"?W rithisl the M?i?aehutett? Sute Pritiwi ?I
^****?*?? Wedne?d?y tnr td in?t. The prboner? '
| ',"$ **J*fci'lr'1 >n ??? Cbmh???, prayer wat ottered BJ
?' ? Ohahn ?l Bo.ton The Hute hinten? then ?*nk ,
^*tae,. ???. 81^ of iiir fnmm ,Tho (.c)t
^ttrtwc ?eta horn- >Oaad ?ataaaa, , ?
^H lio? aJeoaei' and There?. . Good Time Com '
'^mmST^ "wtb th' ?W ?"?'-? ?bort ?d
*?m??lr Mr thapir. r>r Walter (banning, 3 M.
?^ Var ?od by three ?p????.?.. vU ? hn.ti?n
?W11*1,*0,i:t ?he vueli!?,? pora ? The Prison . <
vy ?? vr" Molh*r ?"I J???? and William Br.d
**? f.* SSTXJ'?**?,rom wb,ch *? *?&'?>
?? t-V ;?prri?l ?15%? ,''nr "" J'? ? ""->-? ?
l'^^*^*m$E? priK,n,r? *nd M^tat.r.
'**Caam??rv,?A?,<, ? ? -'onto!
tu. that Adrert?e'' writes from Wa?h:t.g
** *? ea?w?t??r1 Caun ^rUln ?h*??hw puviw c ac
1 Aadt?B7o^?"^;n,J'h*,b?*0?t'cu",clHain?t
>??roa3r? ?! ?PPltance. hat been whieh nave
H^wm?a?? ???*"> "?amaan ,?? tr-e ?
**? ? ???? ?? ..5 ?'??'? ?* ??'"? ?>? ?h? '
*? ???*?a??*? fr?m ?bat I h?re learn.,I th.t '
"' s ??-??? S-L*olemn|y p!edf?Hi htmtelf to a num!<i
'?*??l*?vT?Cr*!Ju?ml fceW1,1 a-oompilrt thei:
* '?? It ? .-?.-. ou7 ?? o?t tbi? provito , ui other
*'* t-aZX\ *Dd ,'? P^'^bly true, that President ?
V?*?t?ei!?ii:aM?11* * tbete men liai \r nU not '
*?*+*??2?*0' *** Uh' */ ,kt AfiMoar? rom \
???^?ewmTf?,","1???? ?wrth iAUtude. to that
Ttcti;**? ?tatnukin<! ?*":h? 'n'p,',, * |
^?aaltm.iJ.aS1!"^* ?!?? i?waM ataaat?? lad
S* "bat the ? ? "" ""? <lu'4?OU ll wl:: h? no other 1
'???????&?.tZX* *"* o?|bl to ?xpect.
*? ?? ?n??L?1? '" ??? d?ub:? treachery there ?
*??*?o?J^^L??^!,;, ,cr behevlB? and ?ueh ha? ,
*^^??pws???*C<'pl',e four** ** *?*'"? ,he {'M ?
?Sp?jvL"01 MaR ?^'???? thr .Ncun.an
?^aerean **?.?1* ?'?*? a kwyav? f. but
**^a*a??w ??G 7',*",???? "b? ?>**< *?
;.?.,. ' **rvhed ?" our lecmt BBBatafBBW? feaaa
?? ??^*?G'?*1 ^'xthoBerniudA, w e raoai?
IbWaJT? ' "? ? *? Bermudi?, . hiCh ?. ?.w
* ?>?w?It'u'T?^?'up to J"? *? ,rbe onl'lu?m,
??pC !':' ^i-.*,.',. ,<JOto!
Lettale.ta re cf Newr.York d,?t? Um
?ewatyorm Bili" Qu/rr ftaaaj? WM la -
I ?aj Mnin ' ? I ? HV rjtfm? M
fvrm, Nirt.iN4V</ it Cu?-. >?. ,' .?
('.rmmitir, ? Mr H."i't t ?. ' '.mrentiui ? ll$ .' ?
?I , ; . ???.-? ; . ? - ?
fon?Patir,ist ?a?? . .
rrm??Tempera n't? .Stic- ?'ark Jurort
?????? }
T-'tit Edium.j Tkt IV
Sih At ? moment like " ? eadiag
? ? .rk Bai ? '.'a- ' lorward arni
?Mr 'Tilt-i ?
the various charge? rendered Bgaiaet th.? ;>re?ent
fog?] ?jet??.m and it? I
wiiii ?I I '
li?.? rio??? ut I'? I wv h the I'eop I
Slate <i.- m ?1 by M over*
?? .*? ?-fin' it which
incinta the honored name ol Ht. _?. under ?L
t; nu word and won in "TU. that it BBmM to M l.iy
w.: ????...; eaaadl And if net why wire
toe name? id ???*??.? Alvah Woxukn ot Ontario, and
Unm a Foanaoi Oaatda it ?? day wpeated to the
llouto by the Judiciary CorouiitU ??. thr.iv!. Mr I;,
'?!iKt Committee '?? MUfti d M*M urn-tienl lawyer??
Meaar?. fi unii . i'ottle. f'.a
-i i.nd Hender'?four uf one party and tlircc id
?? le a>k wh'-'t 1er thi y unually en?
tru?: important i-swi |0 thou? wVj aro known I
. ? dlflikt ?? '-ninity to
th" MMH art ? which or to whom they rie
? |
. i id their Law
(.i.inmi??ii ? !y ? r de? t:oy it f
1 ? ? ? I .?* it man and a genlenrm. all who
kaowot have beard id him, doubtie?? entertain the
??-???? ? It yard?hut is there ine of "
who dot? nit know ?
? [larrb d. m Imp rted pn ?
ci'd'-nn. win; taw?, and contradictory dogmM I
? Law and I i, - . ? ? .
r? qoirc Ita co .
. ..-.n'-iit WK? Mr W.,rd.-n I I ? ? t . '
ail. know, that, a? a aaemberoftbe Blata Coi
? ? aad tii? vit. m r? otmatM ?.t'y aad eonitantly
(?iven againM the v. ry ?new/?? whnh th> y ? ? ,
ti;ai to ?upport, by namini? him ??;?.?1??.
nouer to carry th? in ii.t ? ?
What man I f any party would no intr a private cai;
cu?, and Me * to aareaadelhal par'y to pledge Itaelf to
vote for a OoUMMBtoaM M carry a law into effect, who
?? the avowed opponent of that law f
The Juegler? who hare paaMMfoa ef the Journal o?
the (,???? nt;on wuti the votea of ita member? ?
tioni like ??.,-> may I ??.?in, it they car., w.iy tho?i ?*..
tUt? me, ?re entitled to copti a t'y th?? ?UM "1 thai budv.
<n kept out of them tinea ' > t -'.? r Ik?? Mr. Croiwell,
or Ua cUona, may explain it U mu. th<m why. in tome
very U. - ? ? "M la
ti.eii rentoo of ti?? debate? but omitted tbem on the
1818,of I ittoi
thb whole law I ? ,?
? t:a\. kept ny Hal and;?-,? terne) and m it are re
? il. ? the aami ?
!?)]"[ .II.
imm . ? .otiPii ..n |ua
????.inet thi ; an R< ? ? and Codifying < ? moo ?
s.?,- Flaedora, Harria U Ifman M
p* Ni.M.i. ?????t, Porter. Bhoneoa. BtrhMoad Sto
phiii? TafJUl \\ ?uht. Archer ^ o'.in,? he wotti
Ayi ?. 83 I ?? ?
IM not l.lanu ??-Mr? Piikm?. Wind. n. i'owrr?
Iayl"r, m any i.tb? ? iiihu who think* that ]|W ?h ? ?? ??
aa it hai hOM ? MMMJ BMlllM] M*fM '> ?od rotei asd
talk? according?but 1.? ?.ituy, h? I ie tni.t it hi I Ml I
Mrcii evil |o tie 1.? d down (., tin? unwiitten oreacOT
tain Jargon of a Ion Ige Oatloo ad'.pu d a* '1? of ?rfcle
??t ut the Ci.net'tution with the plain provialon foi it?
codification altach?d liow MU I ie otherwlae th:.n
blame thoae who endra?oi to) ? i.nei l ? ^re?t puri/ in
DM Male, with IheQMM inr.nc, r;!y of de?t|iyin.? t\ .
aide wind what the freemen ?f oui country have jo re
crntly sanctioned and approved
I look upon th?. MMMMMM oi Ml Hi my A 1 ? ?:? I
the old hunker e.Tfenaloi, whom M pM'.y ?ouiJ tru?t.
a? evidence that tnat aeiti?h cabal? the CTOtrwoU faetji ?
an !j ked in the ?rheme It there a hvins ai?ii ? ? 't.e
Mete cd ?. T. who know? the puil.L t? pi.:? tn.n ol UM
ex L' t' ieMlerei an houi, and yt heMeOM him to
favor aretorm ot th" a? ' -?.?? wh.ih fattened tbnuaamli
in hoth h:-miiph. ? ?. at ih?? ? laetMl ol mnety, w.i au I
?.?. r. t ?? dm ? ? to lelllliiai ?
Of ?? ? . ? ptnloaM 1 know nothing, UMra
that genttel ton "
application. The bill ai ? Ihr u?io.?? ?ne handed lu, ]
only to lhy.aiid ?re made the Meet?! orde' for I
Morrow ?? Brel roMMM nreMeWvoMell their t.mu
and tMMM to UM W?lk, |'J OM nr. || ,, w?:; iTAOWa. h
poor compen?atii>ii Out n. ?* MMM M ht o.e cafte, thi?
nomination i? a uiH'n.-uwe UM the Well known Brt?:?h
law OoMWUMMaaj DM lawyer* ?hould pay any aiool
pigeon? they may requin Ido not toi ??aoMoeM if
lieve that Mr Worden, with bil known \?ew? ?nd prac
tice would acct pt
The pr?tent condition ot tho l.iw lielorm lidi il a?
The Bevati have had ander cotMideroticm, for
about thn e week? a bill reported by it* Judit iarv G,.??
initlce, to appoint < 'oinmo-Monci? ?? ? dioe UM law into
tonn and ?uti?ui.ce and into ????? ? 1 ?? h pOTtOfM
ot laMlUgenee mije!?.! ? in(nt h? id. ?7ToMkm| it ol the
liiytciiou? lardon ol pa?t a^e?, aOd ?dm n | la ?)??? thine
Iowa which, ??? Mi it U Morria ?eelared ?m e eertela
memoro da m < h- oas had aewai been w rittaa, an?1 ? ? .??
only known lo I iirn.'d luwyei* MOWgh ewrylmiy am
beauad to obey th. in
?? al?o. to ref nu the piactie?? ot the Coaita, and -ho
roughly Macadmiii.?? the Highway to the TMBpta ot
That ?iri'tUd i?:''?'. ?? ?ti'l :n tt e >.|int. Bad thi? niv.rii
m.? Mi I'uMi.-" fi m thi remittee ol DM
. withaMM oi
the blank? ! ? ,
u ijtinhiM thai ?ivah Wobdkk JohuA iollie?
aad ilKSKi ? Poeraa. ahall be the ? mmiaaioiier? to
Codif] th?? law? ?? pai 17 ol artlela ? ol the Con ?eta
turn and that th. y iholl tedu.e the arhofo law it the
Mule, 01 ? 111? > ne.\ lii'iik cxi>ediipt lato a
? | ? ? .na and 10 I. pei I to the
tuie, (rom tune lo I.me.
Ahm, that, by ? concurrent icuution ol .-Vnate ar.i
Atfterably. the 1 . gn'.ature khall. ?a rnjiured i> M
?u;.eie I ol ?. ? u?titutiou. appoint Ihr., t omini?
?toner? oi Praettee aad Pleenlnga lo rarire, rei.,un.
? iinplily and ?hrid.'e UM rule? luactne. torni? and pro
oeedinga ol Ih* courut ol record <d thi? .-'tau?.
The Met three ere te head a?Va iw moi t!? the !*?t
three a year, and each commiaaioner ?? to receive t".',!*-"!1
A very remarkable bill i? t>efor?? the llouae and print
id and there have heOB many MOeehM made when in
Coaaaalttae, apoa it Iti* ?tau-d la hi all axinmim
? H ? ? ? - ?
TheBUtari te day, had th?? ,uc?tioii ot an augnien
i talion ol il ?? I tg****rir**i l it ? at > hadan them. With
' the aid ot that eminent M holar. 1>!. heck to ?.
MoOaBMMI departinei.t one would tain Lo[a? that
thegreajtthatw a a Meaen aeaiFol
1 BDM and Hand aie (or eelargiug Uu? highly u.vlul ausi!
.?n.'uhteiieii h italai
fhe late new? troni t tiro;.,? iacrea?e* the ? ? ?
food to the lehon I lad Ml . : ?: and lh. y ur.? already
very high, Thi? would not be M were the Urie Cana!
. I and the wl I from Puff?
to NoW-Torh and lio?ton, encouraged to carry treuht
a ' the year round, and to pri pare at Mce lor ?.
Then, li f the We-t would he always ready
for a home or a loreigu morket In Senate.
Mr William? ha? heal introduced a bill ? ? ibi? -,
In AssEMii! \ Mr \\ . MMM h> day. preiented anotii
er roll of uame? and reiidencer favorable to (ehrtet/
but aaaoood to abaltahha] h bmw/mbm when the [??. ? -
have decreed at the polla in :u tavor and to licetijing
;ii:emp<rance?all from your great city?4 3?0 ?i,;na
turea?many of them of otar mo?t honorable and influen
tial citaren???orne ol them old friend? whom I have
known from M te 41 vear? They want the Exriae
Law exteuded to the City ot New >.ork
Mr. Kcnno pre*onU'd ti?>? the Judiciary
Committe?? ?a e; ? to the petition ol twelve New \'ork
Juror?. Here it la | {* Rai '? ./ l'h?t the prayer
ot the petitioner? ought ml to la? {TataMi.' No irwiiii
w. re fteea and there ?u no ????'.t??t It
I h ? veteen nothing ot the General Htnkirt B;
It wu ordered to ; e printed yeaterday forenoon and it?
importance ?eem? to m aira ? ?peedy performance.
Not a hue ot the Journal ?? printed for dut;?t. ? ::
uor ?? the order ot the day placed on the tablea of Mam
her? I know i;,. m mt ? ?,? ? BM u?- truni? t toan
the prophetic Ml Millet doe? ot the latt dar :r.. -
' - '.? filTBBVISOB?.
FeiUtorf- .PiH Ha' ? rgt 1 | Broad
r*ffl?r?oa ?Hen? liumtey t.ibcr:y? K. Buckley bead
BitL.'?tie between Je??? M Fotte: W?f ari Mat
ihew Brown, ?/?ce. The Town F a-j ?ppoinv? '
l'Lsrrrv ?
M ?iuertt^?We .' HornV, ay^rdajj-aai -
h-n^Hon? Wm Matten Z?^ei?Feubei
H\rlrY? Dr Cnthe.l. Eiopu*? Richard l'.lt.:i?
pMaaaVeV Tie -Whig !aat Ro$r%Jalt~W H Sneydei
year Seiftrtu??Janir. .
r*y it: primary examination ol Bell Brown
ai i Netta? ihr ?uppoaed robbera of the yaw?. |
wm concluded in the Pobce Court th.? lBreaoeaaa4 th?
priaoaer? wore bouad oawr la th? turn . ?
and for want ot bail were committed. [6V*tou G????. "...
^?7* The atoro of Mv??r* I handler i Hal!, under
Ritchie Ha!! Kaat Bo?ton tta'k ire on Tburaday evrn
fog and their entire ?Ux-k ol good? wa? de?troyrd LeM
it ?i one? .utured for W.W0 Joaeph Chad
Iruit dea:?.- in the cellar, w?? alto a tur>?rer to a coniid
ermble amount 1 here wm a ball lit K.'chie II?
the premile?, at the time the f.re broke out There wa?
? genera. ica.tenn< (?? tho ladiei. who were obliged
to leave the iiall luinui their ouuid? garniente, hood?
and India ru" l-er?
and *rw Diatrtet ?????- died ea the M Mit. aged)I
RBRATl ???G?? .?? ? ?? ?
?va? elijffu Pr. t. : ?,
The bill to appoint lOmn.i??ior.er? aafata
wai debated, rartic'ilarly th> ?
f a Clerk, whi^h wa?
Mf Baai the Hailway
| in a bill to I it I
I Railmaila d br-ml agafjj ??.tended
fa tLt : - pa, wa? ?.t?
The bi?! to rasaba
* York WMI
on Catta? ari?! V illatre?
atei Weal 3l
The Emigrant Paawmrerbil] wa? puse-i
? ? m ? in ol Mr Born au amenda, - '
adoptad, providrag that the art of 1
K ,11.' ? Coaaty acamat fi .
y thi? bill. The bill wa? ?
third t;mp nnd MM
bill for distri ? State ?or
try purpoeea wai> ?
('oiiiiiiitte?? that reportad it. aad the? bill
?ame rabjaot wbii h pan
had ? ?
.11 to appoint fun.niisS! ?rn Of* tl
w i* tak p op
Mr Dkvei iv p.nv.d to uri .
Hi ? ? ?. G? ? ? ime ol ? ?
\V li ti ' m. Lost. 49 t
?.?. BaiTN aaaaad Oaaair taira ? .??
Mr Pon 11 Mol
Mr il ?- ? ittita o it thi ? ?
? lignai ? I ? ?
He balie^ed the C ? leaigned that these
Commiulooere eboald be made by the Mat Cob
The Commis
Moliera el Practica ahould ala? l>c appointed No
? p/oaetJon tak \ traad
.-an bdat, February ,?,
DlAiH Of Mn BTtLtWSU ?Mr Stephen Still
well, one of our o!de?t and DV)t?. reipeet-Vole aktaaM
died (D Friday, the 12th foM, at the houae t a friend io
? t'U'.er Co at the ?dvamed a;c of -7 year?, wi
visit. He wa? born at Jamaica, L I bu: hM
the City of New York for about eighty yen ? M
. versed with him witl.'.n a lew y<-art and we h. ? -
. t.T-t with ?'iy one whOM MaeWrMl ??
hut -ry ol New Vjrk ai I
.? I? \ ?'? ... ? ??! M cleai and fol
He witni-taed the battle? on Long lela? i and DM retrea?.
Wat .' Md bla army. He wu him
M? twi ? hake? prisoner by the Hessian? Afier
? tho Revolution be became a merchant in ?
and a!:- : ? M ?, , ? ? ! In the New
Tork Custom houne. from whence he wa? removed by
h r Hoyt to make room. probably, t r inme bar
I room party politician Mr. .". wa? the father of .'tir dit
tluguithed fellow citizen, SU?? M St,Uwe! F?q. Il?
WM one t t the old ?chord gentlemen in manner? and ??
pnreaee, aahnteg uncommonly rood health ? .
?aaahacthi rail rig I t,f hit mind until the clo?a of bit
life He wa? an I ?. mplarv memtier of the Methodi?t
( bun h iii ? ? ??. t y four peer? ?nd a man of BUH purity of
| character, and MMMMd by ail who knew him
G?, -At half past 11 laat nicht I a;t Ll
den of the Math dutrict NM*0 wai .ailed In ? Wt
ne?? the death "1 a ?franger who had taken OJging? at
. ?i dBeUM 1?? I eonard it A inn ?
tuatked laudanum cor Pearl and Croa? ?ti wa? found
empty lu hi? po. k> t alto a cord in which wa? ?
tu pencil ?j? '' ? ? . May M Jun?.
'4.V- ti?? ? ' .??. k, Jo?iah Man.,
??.' engraved : al?o a pawn tick? t
. n? ?! .10, at llart'a. 4??- IVail ?t P?s>, IV IT \. *
M ?ehed .
aaitWM wriiu a 0 I Ottfla? arowa Jag ?? ?p?
peared lo be Bboal 1?' yeai? old. ol rath?
? tth hfoak bahr ?id ?rhlah mi ? ?
?y John ?pruureted wa? uraetad M lo* rad
? ? m? Mafhet, abotst IS laM algM bj
man Myer? and eoij?t?bl??? Ity/MMa and Myert ot Pater
? ?, ? J for stealing two hoitct from Lorueilu? Van
Maker <d Rockland 0? ? J He liad diipotr.l
of the horte? at Newark tor another bor??' ani I
motiev, which wat lound upon him Taken to Hock
land Co. lor trial.
RmoVSB ??M Drowmibh?A man nanit-d
Kichard (Irceli wat ?tied from the water at the foot of
] Ninth ?t lait night about ? o .'lock : y aflfoM Iamb ?nd
brought to tt e ?tatiou bouac ?nd ?o lar reati red as to be
? ablo to go home in the morning .Ato a (?urmau
' named Adata? Miller wm taken irom the dock foot of
I |Tthtt North Km ? a; - ?rUfoc? bf Am AhMMM
, and tak. ? to the ttHtion house, ? M M and
; two ?ih er hall dollar? were found in hit potH-tnou.
Foi >M im?? A little girl ol I <>t ?? Moatba old
? | - f ? ;,, the dation houle of the
-th dittrict at half pa?t I MM ttaBaatJ *h" bad been
t .,ui? I on the ?loop ,d 44 lirandit St-wai Uken M
thi Urn? Hou*e -
yw? I. mu?. ' ;?? Maaoy-al eraafoaadi?
! \e-teiday alti IBM in a ?taU' '?; r?
Mii.ty Taken chame of bv the police.
fir** Jaiiit?? Madison Lowe, was arreatod at half
pa?t I thi? morning, on tbe complaint ot Wm Carland
; corner of I'.owery and l'eli ?t?. by whom he bad been
bailed on a charge of several (urgerle?, Bud taken to
: pruoti
Hpa The Treasurer ol the MbrMOr*? fawi.ii indui
trial lhpta*| graU-fully acknowledge! tiie receipt al BM
j hundred do'.iurt from I I ol Mobile, through Mrt
Capi ?. l.tmbert.
?^ Wo are informed that the aluvementioned
i m?.tn ? I? the .<r?t frxat of an etfort now heim.' made
m \! '.le in behalf of thi? truly u?. - and we
i trttst that thi? etfort in a disunt City to ?uttain a local
fo S w York, will provoke to similar good
works the wealthy and benevolent among us, and ? ?pe
? .e shtppaag aeerehaat? ot our city, into wbo?e
?agi r? wealth ?* now flowing ?o abundantly.
Akri>t?John Jone?, a boy was arreited ye?
I lerdsy by officer Corrigan on ?u?picion of itealmg a horse
1 with a wagon containing 100D cigar* ?ni tix dollars tn
? pence?. Committed.
?~%G A man named Tho? C Mabotiy wu arre?
ed at ! iati night on a warrant issued by the I
for a violent aitau'.t and battery committed on Mond?y
!a?t on r.d Kmeran. M (? Water ?t. Poner?n ha? lince
died. Committed
1>?at?? Wm Johnson a necro. 11 yeara of ?ge,
wa? lound ye?terday in the cellar of 37 Wtllet-at ?ick
?nd de?tirute He died before he could be removed to
the Aim? H use. A Coroner's mrjuett wa? htlj on bU
Nidy \ criict, death by d;?ee?c and intemperance
PP* .lames Blatta a hoy M
I ywaarday while ?>lag Ml MM and '??: '??- hi? leg. He
I wa? canted to hi? horn?? M (?rand ?t. by Ticer V ?.
>? _
\ ? : n ;aa?ed the H? I
; G? preeccr.ve? of l.ouuiau? a d?y or two ?t'ter thar a?
I aemhly. pro\ld:ng a ?eat fot Mr Clay whenever be
eboM to attend to th" alt tan j uae.
? t a City ist.?A Matiag ?t??
MMrdaV, at Market Ha^l to Lear the r^p,
committee who were appointed to drait a cuy cb?rter.
,:tr. l.eavenworth the Chairman read a ?ynopsM of
the prevUiona ut the charter agreed ou by a majority
, and 11. Ba'iw.n ?ead a minority Report- Aft? ?
?iderab.e Ji?-uitu ? a motion was made to adjourn,
a-?? ? prrraiUd bu a largt waycrtfy Thul tbe * :
matter Ufo I tie ?lound ' ;?yracuae J.
rM?AMBo.r Birst?The ?trame-|May Uaeen
wm burnt to tho water ? edgo on Fnd?y '*it at the Ma
nrtra landin; !rbe was latured I I ? Rat cargo
\ eeaaiated in part of. ? ?a.d to
?,' lost. Louisville .' .ur ?th
tr Wfiter-cnreln PhlUdelphlii.-:'? SCHIKF?
ERr-KcHtK. bavmg retum?xl froaia vitu toOraWMtirg
and laemoai rrmneni Water cur? ?wabiiahasMle of 'Jrr
ma-., an I Erg auj, ha? recpr ??: : ? ? ? - - -?
PtOiadwtbta, uiihe cornet ? ?:htn
.?.? i?we? , t h .ry reatdeaeel
?e?; ?er.!o??lo a-, whom?
hutowttl ? ^e Hi? hi??
and is very large and con'e,
Apr-licsAioo ? Hi paid Will tneel wiu: proirp: ?itecuao.
?foeglW ^_
CtT Creerai BaalOtff ol .ilerhawle? Md I
. ? >n-a.?? ? are notine?!
M- a-.'.c? H? .,4": t?ro?l?
??av, on Mon ??? ?venltij, l'di mat. at half past 7 o'clock
oaCbna. bti'^ct?DomoBtic Ltfeof ttie Chtu??e . ?.
lecture ; Hotjaee, Boti?, tare?ure, *c . lire??. Cr?v?ipiDg
tient Keel. Kood at ? JBBtM,. ???*?>
.-??ii ia-L. ?
Riet? ?a the Un ?f the >. Y. und Erie R. Kn.d.
?disturbance? hu
! ssaeag th- * ex-? mfaeed ne the portion e,!
' ? ' ?rtieoiar?
?? fur?? w. bare b**n ?ble BBgstbst them, ?.-r
?rticn o? tr , ?g u
Bhamroea ? .?.?. ?ed who wer? the mutt
nn m?rous ne the Bue. It ?rea?, had determined to drive
? ???? ?r-ek? .???. .-. madeja??
? -
b*?t;r | - -
to quit t
? -.
:n a ?hv?
them wn ? >?;?
tent, and t M ????. <nu wi ? ??
?d. but
I . ? . ? ,?
i tb* evening of ihat d?y repeated Ml
: '?rd aim?* t ?
: .n Snir.
?ni Beaajpssd ? ???? ????l'ed
? '
1 part of the tenement
The -,
Iky ?p>?? in th?? shanty ?
ter? rut ewny ?
? ' - ?
? >n* man V
? . t am*
? ?nd tel
t!*d tl
which wa? but ? few ,
if the r ; ?? mea
?er. ?? j
???? rioter? drove a:! th? . m*n - . I of the
isketa at
hi? br.????, threatened i:;n w;ir, init?nt ??
n>t eive up hi? pistols, sad take ?n o?th I ?
. .?? ;. r. Ht II tort tt I
saaaty ? ? ? ? r sa aaasmBea the Dutch, ?a??
Th.? i ' g on to? other
Bre ?.m.- ,t ?m*ll ?hot
lo eharft rnemwttl "-.?? WMstfer,
h<,d tn... to ma, on the ( . ?
id. I
ruih n,
Iri.h approached, ?nd having ?' :t, the
aita it at tut a? leg?
? ?'.or in
ine ?t.,
pace wo ?- ' . ? . ...
the??? th? y ,i;, , . ?f ? rock on h: ? ?.
?:.d ki.? ? ? ? ?.. ? ?urrenier attxr
,- " ? >h"t upon th??
part ol bit eorporality whi'h. in that ?ttltud??. pr*?ente,i
tne f?ire?t m',?< ? tal ? ?-.
ibsntj anil ? md WMsalar.had aaaw ?afl
culty in atan from taking
?u.nmarv vincane?? n? m therr They ?re now hj
Newti ;r.?? awaiting tbrir trial
On F. : W ? ag repaired I the ?
, ? ? ?,.? nn Mc n lay ?H - - , .
s . 'ie (Vu eu ui tw> rit?
were arresi ? ? ?. m th ?
} ver. . ? r. to pievent ?
. ?..?ne?. The Dutch are Du? well ?rmed
sad Bl Itain ?,t??ri?: any ??mllar ??
r"0. is.
i,?h ? ouns. .Befarrad
. , ? st Before Mea Bett?- /
tt? tktU? VS. ?cAOT,#r Patient -
? ?
j ? Capi
? ? ?
? - ve??.?! ?lid .
. , . I, i ? .
/ :. ?. ?(M?
, tu ? wan.t on beard Ihn ?rearnhuat l.mpire. He wm
? wbeei'i | . ? ? asa hu Baaruei
WA? npael of Mr. 8. we? if a oar
? in?n, and June? BkraWB ir.d.r the h' r?.? t BBSS, ?nd ?e
rn?u?ly in i:? I II* briajft Bctl ? ? ? ? ? ? ? t :???-,. .
in,? (,...? shargmt Baal U las eanaaa wee eai
tu', ii it w?? ?o seeMesa as ?> ? ? '. ?. ?
?ti. ?? lupaio and
- .itiit M.-.?r? Barr. Benedict and
Om* //. H ?????? i and i>:Ker$ vt ?ajuu I'rugntt?The
, i-huntut?. ?? .
: ibat part of I ? t. ir ,: uri
< between Bank ?od Troy tt?. in
?.! the iii?i ?;???? hou?e, M
?of H. Mv ?
tr..? li it y\: r it u. !
r | ? ? -v?t ?t
tiiat 1. I previously Mary ?L
| ran th Mr Me
a public ?ti.tLth?: they batajhl t? the Mnt ;
n> ?. I made ? !
?idea er th.; m
wai .??.'? t? th*
? :amtir!?. M>-??r? \\'m Mitchell ?...1 ? H (Igoee, '
rr?. OCon.ir, Blunt ?ad K?j ?
CofBT or C'oM^o.s- ??G???Refoi?. J .dt?* L'Uhesdar
? ?C*tprr ? Mr'jtr v?. Uttuhdrd fVivAu.'A?Th* partie? ;
ket-p ilerman Do?rdin?r bou?e? ? WaaAsaftOWtl Ml
? r io?t a contiderabie ? ,m I . ?: n charged
that he ?aid Meyer ha? the BBBBBl money in h ?
? h* know? all ?bout f -'?? :? t'rought for '
I ?lander For delence It wn?! I tb?t the witneW? who
: ?t?t?d to Mr M the Dime of the
m?u wha took th* m r..y. ?nd that the word? a? u?*d.
was ? privilege?! aaaaawBBaBBBlaa be tupaKtams d t M
M knew th..? party whe took :r .?..? \??
sat ? For plamtif? Messrt W. \*a ao 1 Th'.-mptuR. f^r
defend ant Mr W W fea
H. t ? !.<?!?; ??. Edward
Tragar ? ?? r.-cover |1?) and tnterett
I WMWhv ?now*? an ?
j ol Join: v t da? by the
widow ? I Mr. ???
i -or plaintsri Mr Brady. For defendant Mr
Lynch. _
? ai>A?, Fr'. 13
s li ? ? ; ?
I f? On a bond
. ml D aband?. oing bit wite ?lj chi.d. [I
ems aaawahed tba ? ? ? ''-?t the proceed i ;.?, t?;
ool been regular accordici I
ar.t? b?J b<? ? ?, pa?. I - I not be ?
it maC* lor a dcw triai. Baaj
?et ??ide ?c.d n?-w arfel , c \t*4 <iut>M Hire BBStfeS i??
to carry up Hie c??e a? :: ?t?nJ? ?nd ;t th,y SB ?,???.
the noD*ull it con?rmed. co?t? to ab.de tne event
Ji.*n A Men-w vt IT??. H C-rr-u? ??-a-.a of debt on
a tealed promi??ory note. The proof ?u ? y
defaadani? hacd-wrtinr. Trere wa? r
witnett to the - ciended loat thia wjj ??,?
auBcient. Ta ? '? ?r??ume? ? party
tamoeenL not gu.lry "i ne ?.???otiff could have no motive
? --g ? ?e?J m a ease ate the pr?tent. Verdict fer
plemtrT con?rnied with rncts.
Y. 5u?-is?i .Vic?.? '? JinttC
}-is. ?<?.-'?:?>, :? f-..<?.? ? ?-?, ??>-? .'-? ?- :
S bead Vr Br?d!*e. BM -r.Jtt'J
having ?. ' -
g?v? a hood .' tntb ,r* j'.iier -?iendant?
?.:..;.....'.:.'? -?.-:."" > '? ??????????
be would apply fer ?? mi .ceseot of Ms property and
... ? nude
. :_e.ot ?ad diicbar??
. .e* rvirii w? ferfeSBBi It ?u itnece??
?ary for toe p-aiata lo ??er litt he aid ?. ?t obta-n hit
d:?cc?rte ?t:erw?rj JmJ|iasat far piatenti on demar?
re- wltt iv.'ty Ac _
? n? ? a*??V BM - i1?'?*?-'?-, .-.'?mi.;
* ?rrnt v?. RicMord ?srAvw-To recover gei oMed
to defendant on a ?juanoty ol |o d ??**?(;|? ?eet to
Reed * Lueas, Baealsld, who subeequeeLy stopped,
?. Uf ?xd w
? Jjfca Cook tor dft Mrtsr? C m
aio? and Jordan.
t?omnond end eJur? v? JVf??, a .??-Th? W acr??
bought b? the Ui* Mr H. w-.tn the m seal ne
boote, a? for $:? *5?J ?? '.^(?uw prjbably wc.??
?-re b^iBdaxl by Ch.utopier, OreenwteiIsaa
U>e Ilui?.n River and a a?rt*?v% tae.
rjjkprui G??i ??uadja?s<raee'*|AAj
V ..?er WM je?
franai.? * ?
recent y Jccurrvd aaw U?l towu A criminal intimeney
bad existed between ? ?? M>rr? and? mo nssaed
Parker . ?nd in order w rvd them?e:vet of a erjage
the association, they cVarraafesd oa the removal of tee
huaoeud of the ? osassi Th? uafortuaat? man wm
hIigsiJ sod after ais dea^i eertam ci.-cuaitaece?
WuWde^loptd whlchisduosd a swptctoa mat all vu
?ot right. an!j on is vertgestoe the feet thee tne ifeeeeesd
died trees poison ?ras dlaeovsred. Bra Myer? wm tm
, . hM not ret
been arrested ?fttubarg Jour, f
?SfiUTtl Vftitm
rar Plilledelpbiet ette? ?f 1e<Hc1?e -' ?I .
? ?, ??
.?.-':?. . ,
- 1 be ? iiarhwul few ?soniti, b
T . ? ? ?
twee. .fee??to
? - s ? -. - i?
M D?Materia M-- . ? and Tuer?
??-a. M. D ?Asauniy. Phyttototry
* ? ?i
? - M . ' ? a
? ? ; for My ?IB
, , ? ? ,
.?_-.. -?
.1 \ ? - _ .
? V?. ? ??? ?
. - ?ih tu
t?" l-enjrnphv Tiiiiahi hv ?.Inulti*.
? of ihl?
- ? ??-? ?nd iNdrata of New
? . Muni ? ?, ?
1 -N "Broadway. ?
- : ?'. U ??t ?
V < V*? ? ?,-. and Frtdav
1 > ? ? ?, " ivrB.
ALI. _ ? .-?;??.
?A?TI01? toThe public
??" Johnian'a Tooibnehe llrnp?. 7,e Cio?e
"?t MM? "MB of redn
"? ? k? :? ?t ?
, . ? ?. tre
? - ?? - . ?.
? ? an ick ? ? art of iato pera raph ,t io
?,-unout coaspa ? ??
G love A - , it
"? -'pared
. . t ?. ? D. ?Ml
? ?. landa h
? ?? G ? ifety lor
? ? ? ? JahaM?*? Taeihacha
? ? ,
? - ?.?led im?
- - ?? ir paia In the ?? ? ?.
? mar. u f? : IF.? R V
| No. fJ Broadway,
eGra . il?. ?
lu li. ?-??.. Prie? 8 re?u.
_ _
?"9G Dr. ?.inning's llody Bre.ee us-ennemie
re ? ?, - ? - - ? ? .?, p?r.
?pepai? rai, wu? ?fik?
? the tuo..?eh ? : ? ? , u <??!? female?. fa?t grow
mg chi d'en aed al! dupo??? - ? ? ?re ?odMtoa*/,
. - . ? . , ,
ihn ? a trgymn,
who h?. ? ? m ?nperaerniarto?, fora de
l liliy ? il ? ? ?, . t '.tenon
. - . . ? ?. ?ele?, ?n
Broader? , ? ' if DkWif
G-* Water-Cure. ?Li.' -rir -?. Jar,i.g r?i?n,ed from
.?. i47aod
" -
?. - hy Dr. Shew, tt published at -he
? - ? ;t' '??,?
pattai ftir?'tiiue.
THI* Mt'l 11 altulred au : ? lottai ?-aiiJ?
pitteMtaeetter restoring keamkfatag ut pre?er*ing
ihn tk'.n and i .. .- ? "earner, wheo
chapping ?nu ? ? ? oftboMiBareceeeed
nawladt. the benefici?! effect of ti,:t . ?fia. mi
?? ced. Tie ?lguit patronage
lad ?y the several Sovereigns and Courts of Europe,
? ? ? mirtofla? a ?rid ??? rnmerouaieattmoniai?
datly rwaeivad by ike . . salsM s-tr
? ? > ? ? - %rtlc t, wiihout
ta-ox-r letal
Ross-TlBTin Mera '" - \ ?mall rouatg'irr.-nt ??<
? ? i.cji doubl, the
?i ? ??? ' red ? ?? luiilr?.
. leileacy
1 In loca? ea the eMeh, reolet it lnd,?p*n??ble li>
rtata, HOBBS k CO .
- ? y % . ire- r?
, ? .
db bushr'g T?ma tebritu^e
> ?. ?afea ? .rnf.r
r ? ? r ? ? -. . . ?
I - ? ? ?
* a . ? ami Re
? ? . ??
? ?
it ?dent? al
? ?..?-. i. .
. I
? si a? glvoii rite Io
I .re vou
? ? rapi r ha
? ?,.?. \ iV-u,?, HI Broadway
?JtMI?'?- - \ Kl I' 1 \-TOK Oll. I... ...-?.ani
?13 ??milk, o' ? I. lune? freely
Prepared ? leu Da. M ?. *mi ?old at isa
i - ? ?t Fach Isbfl risa w ritifii ,??
M y H sam.?. M ?> WbelBMlaageet? s h ? D kaaada,
- h BaedB ? co. Eatt
Br?oalWB r Ma ?-t ?t , il. Ju'.n?on. Broadway cor
? ? on <,rar.J ?i. .) t, I Cod
ng'.on, Uudl .? Dapey, Broadway cor
aer BeaekM M Hrookiyn ?_?ni, Mrs. tUves.l*) l'uilonst.
if laj
???.G l'KKK WHY DONT?- If UM Oalvanic
I . . ? ? -.. ? si ] <i Hruad
Ml I ?' - ?M cou'i'ei Mi?, why
- ,. ? ti a? ?uch In
? ??. 1 'he p.?fer '
il- ,'a ?
- ?? ?? ,?t iwo
?. ' idway.
C\l TIOM T? Ml II I li."? IN HKh ????-..
, ??? ??. BtmU * X.mj. lu Ow
?: I given
. - 1
. ? > , - 1.'??lll
-., . ? ???
' ? - > ria ine to cai
\\????: , ? ? ':????
? ,t; .ned agalnai
- . Pial?la sia<ia by
r Pu fash -.??'. a, ??. Mara
i mate li n<?e???ary fir ine
-r 11 ?ppeal io .h?> law? for protection io ali ?neh ;
case?. ?.. an .laaof Baal kind are ic?de by Al,?? li Thur
', ? *li-h Cnn. ?rd are f ir ?aie bv tl-ie prtuctpa. deal
e article la New-T ark. ?THAN ALLEN.
IT S CIUrLIT COL'RT. f,r the ?,*utt.e? D'.?lr!ct of
/?New V ,??-Fi'..n tlfoa ra, Oiiaaoa B: ,.nt, tt ?i.?
1. ?.-j?? dar .(ar : ??? ? ? of ine
S liihrrn Duiriri ef New-V ora. d ?
hereby?'?" fy ? ? " ? ad Mit ww? tried ta the
. .?,..' ? -K-t re
I a' AS?OClSi* Jut'li?? cf -
- uaa, that a Jury wes einpae
? d ?wun and 'he este opeu'id by V.r. ?herrr.aii oo
-? lei ??
al ,) that a.'ter
???? me csjhs was su m ?ad up by
y ?- ???? ?
_. "varge "a? thereupon ???.en y the Court
:-- ai-, ?: t : ti er ?_._
-.1 them, and on iheir return tendered lb
1 ? ?. laverai
, .? ?ed pai'i.'.re ?nu er."..cd Aj Uta RUI ?-d eaeltistve r?_ia
?? iv of making. - . ??' ? ?
, . . ? ii?l_ed n y him and
n h? pacai.
? ev far-h-r ?av inai 'he '.ota rnaoufaciured an-J
' : y'.he deSKidaiilj ? I '? M ?at rgea.?st of UM
? . ? ? ? ? ..'.-' Ml ai
\ * . t ? ' the ?ail trtai
4L-.? iAKLiiNLR. c.t
tZZmhm ?Itati._ dt Mt-Tbif
Cl OINT BU^K?*, ????? A^?D MTATIO N
Raf? ?.. who require arrie ,?? to our line ara tavlted
,??? I which con?l?t? ?>' ?.?-.? B??.??
M-uiorazduni ?nd Pa?? Booa? ?f ??very kind , Wrltitg P??
-.,, , ... .?a. C? PJi=l Pre???.
r*Dcy ani liaple Sia: ?-ry of every laaicrlpiroB ; <?>jA
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ertasi ? ?. .-?.. - - " M?, lata ?. a
PREGHI M FIKE-PR???F??.tFE?*.-TSepr.ta?..
m alway? been a?ver4ed (by KM America.- . ?
a P?t?3t Sa.amei.d?'' Safe, whan placed te
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, y :??:f4 by t ? ? -"?afa? a d?cl '
it? verd'.ct ha* alw? ? >??tt? ? r^r o( \t? 9al
finii- T. ? ..K-'.Darl? ttao-i.y person m ike Stata
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, ?4 W.usr ?t
? ? J.=e? ? Changea^:? Sac? Loca?, a.?o I'.'leotv?
P-uOnc Sc?.ee f:r ?a ? ai ?aanafaeturar? prtcea.
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BaM'A Tl> ?S? > I ?'?-?? G a, Aniaevoy.
Bar T.n ail -'?-a Bb?auth -JiurtMLy on aatd aad
f.,- m.? ai fair ?G??? ?? ?. B^i.ieg ? tp. ?y
;.'.w LICIl i HART, lam ? ?r?-s?c k ???.
\T*T?TKht t.AK ME>T?a-Ta?j bavuaace va* our ??i.ca
t? ' win:?! garmeei?. eo?pnaing O?ereoauj, Sack?. ;
C.oai.?aniiBi??a??M?o.a'? ?i- te ?o.i at ?f?a.,y r?deced
?SE, vvht. ? JENNlSii k CO.
' _. _? Ji Broadway, Aaserrae tt<H?L_ ?
?? ^>Ti;i>_pirenae*r?for s;? an' ?ecoedbluid Pa?
rt 'ei ? Mata e?. Iroa Awn'tii?. aad a., aim:? of iroe '
work UjeJUffl'-rttsr ?cd Be.. Hacg'.ng oe reaaooMle ?
M? by DUNCA? k WZn. _LlH.e Green ??
... Near M?.le-. :?te. ?. ?
AP? wXN?'1-.'i?- ?? - ? e' aieiy a .arga
A>o ,
____?> et* Mexico, im iinwi ? y AtuwioiJi, uf Loado?, I
* . 1 ?. . e '? ?..... ?? ; ? ' ? t
'?'?'"' ? Br^..a?y I
RV '.-.-The aigBeat ? a.??t pr.? e* f.a_u la caah. (or all
, : ?, ? rat? ?? ? P- ? -? '-^ ' t
? ' - --__*_!___
-???? ?I 41? ? TO IIKDKit y
. *u" W >iELl> ?. C?5. ? Rnrnai.l.p.
B'isiii h-' x a'rvMrda. for M'ebi
<." > VtL? >v P'^i?1? * '?'> ?> Bu-i:^,,, 4
H? ?Md>u' ??AFfcK--Bry*e W L'e ar.d Ore? . f?w '
;V- ft >____.' ? *'*? ?
ii.iuulKtA'l- ? toy
J0,(/?H)Ki?CI*L|\V?i?U)*CO?B.rdegeb> '
Patent ft ritiriate*?
rea rax ana . ab ? . >.i tuiii?
.??-,>? h ?a '.?m*? ?r?Tt or rut ?
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Sr'?/n?<l. ?r ? , ,-unia ' W.fimaV? l<al?WNJ
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l*e? >.V?. Kiag wa-w ?r Trarr, faene
, -vil jacl G?.? if'l?< Ji?ai> m?1 Jtw.') .*?*/?
bera I ?''iMf?wu, ScvUum ?' I???Vag? .
anal dimmtes mrttvkgfrwmt ?? uvtutY-ioaui aja ar .tlrvea,-?,
.t?nnu ? Di ?ft? Ajv>??-r a- i?o, ??rav ? ?y? , ?il?,
I , $
*< U"VERV CELL AND ORGAN ?f la? human kody "
Ci??vi ? dt?U?gn.?h?jd ra*d>caj writer, '? 4 mu ? <
? ? ? ? ? '?-ewed by an independed ?;:ai
for?e ? - l , ?r-eat??,1 ??ich irnwi,
a ?re removed, thee by ih? tufi ? ?ree of ibi? ?nel
? a part, s arbole sy?
? ? -, ? ravagea
? > ? ? - - ? ? - '. re '?..ed
e aa e author
?. Orce."
? . r?lv\ lo ecv
an areni which ? ? ?? . ?'??'.-. y
tnu?ACture, previuuig
l?? - ? . I .?-.???. ?r.d IhU?
I ?way. m it ? lof .laea??. Tu?t
ihu rrep?rm:;or Laaueban ?. , .y p'o??? b)
the in t melari I aaeeeeafBl resal?s ? kave eue.-.ded lu
ut?. It-'ip^'g??*?*?'? ' ?ea?v. end of couree
rara? robbed ofih?utesteAteessabeiBeee
in 1-* Mood, are rapidly abeorSed, and ih? paient ?? re??
ti.'rej io te?.ih.
T-e propri"?.n? ?. : : ? t?e public ih* following certi?
ficate fron. ? h??ti 1 ? reaped*!.,?? ?',?< M a cure mede by
ua.ag ibe?r oteparauon of Sartap?" a
? ? ??. .?, ? V. OcL*, ISA?.
?*??-? A ? A ? ?a-wfj
- ae r-.. up of gn ? -?* to roak? a
vi . ri , f liie la>urfi! I have da>r1^ -
l^e i?e of yo.? ?>?'?.-?,' ? I beve AM ?ever?', i?u*
been ?flicted wub ?ciofu ou? ?we.,ing?ln sir head WafeB
at nine? would gat.urr ?no ,i ?,a?rg? ?i my 'hroat.no??
? ? ? w< would beesA ami ? lafbrea ? ?
of uiy l'ace sad head lue??? continued ontii u?> Ibtea?,
? : areiw almoat oeo cumples? sore, a
? ' ? .? - ? ?t??? last It wm with ibe mtr.oat 111
flcu.ly lh?t I could ? peak ?hove a * l-'trer Derbkg felt
lime t had ??Vera! ?t'?<k? of peu ' - - ' ??!???
? | ?arioso rerue
? a ?oesfesd as seel si m -r:?-??! ?.??.ngycur
i?ar?ap?'i Be 1 an, now weil, ine ?ore? ?re a., healed,
a i 1 ?. ? ... ?- .. ur ?a?
? i.e. Yours, ? lib re* pec ? I franai??,
, ? ? .?? .?nia arova
neu eJ. I ?? ? , ? ? to Se correct
JAMES M. D CARR ! ??? - -?' -? G?*^?
? ? VgT. loihe value of
toe Sareapeloa In a . - ' ? ??!.;'e i*ad with la?
ter* si by a.'. ?;rat.ar> a?aVted
??? -
?ip> ?. ? A I
?-Aman e*ar r.ere n ? ? ?of year valva?
ble SarssrariOa u?i tlwtoproey ?nd !<u received more h??
Btt ihtii ? .ota*? ranted*?? co?? >;,.edior iUtmii
r??t II res ?red ? !???"? *>. ?ad .'? o> fi -m ? ifeaMfee thai
Bop???, e sreeM bevi hewn ihey wioog.xi t> ahuman
tall ?p.ear,-! ??? one ui?*? of pt-ti'.f) ;ng ?ore.
Hn band ?ud ober d ;????? ?*. ? ? m ? ?. reni?t ta ibetr
? is ? , > Sealed ever, ?rd bl?
, il- Leaiedi ;?.ag guw u.>re bcti.*? to
. ? ?h hi? h??lib
\ . a y solos.
got far.her panici ? ?, and ? evidence vf Ita
, ? ?? \. j ?ve pamphiei?, whl.?!, may be
?lo? ? rao ? ?:?? .v.
Prepared and ?old ? .? ? t D SANDS, Druggists, 10?
? . \ j , - >,..,? \ .-tt
Bod ?.?o ?t ?TJ rJ.oadwa>. ?rid T7 E??i Dr jvd?ty. sad
!.v driggi?!? geceiAliy ' roug
Pr^e |l per boule ??? boi tie? forgi ,'.? im
????? ???????? REMEDY
. wrircas Mtwrota collc?.e or iir*LTH. M MtlBST
serrato, ? ,
TU' ???????a????? fOA. l?at> - I ran,, t
>'<?t. / <'o*?-uer*i." it ruo?l ? BphMIcally '.lie ru* wnh thl?
? rucie. Ihieiiohu ever y.e: ie I .. lis aaesl marvelloua
medici:?, ? '?er. Wher-ir-r II ie?s |0BB, Bad >ouih Ame?
rica. England. Canada, aed ih? li. ned Si?te?ta'e proved
ih? truih of ihl? ?taiemeni. the ?'? v? ,| ioasBob? tu a ?uung
aed pttbg sesaaaa?. iella a ry. icv?nd?, me
principle upon .vh'.ch yin ?r? ( ired i?v rot tie known lo
. . ?: ih? retini uf a tria, ol Ib? anide '.? ?aiufaciory;
vue are rstaerediBad ike sec re roteale? wfib
las piepiisa?r rbe atedie ? Is ? ? ite tweed nf WdletJesl
?rj;*laii.e ?genr.et . ..?r ? .'? SU ? par
?leni.'! exclu? re, med ? ?. couiicflag with no
oib? tompo'ind-each mot niiteea? * ? cure? and M a
p*if?<l comt'iua lea, ?ben taken .nto the ?vtieia, tt do*?
il,? ?uri whi ? ?? mi ?. ? ? ?rere f-ai ee'at>
'"? ?neDgiheoi, aod
rettore? ih? brok?n J,?. ? '?? Uro,
^.i il? tbsfwriera, win '.e c,j;.iplete.y eradicai?*?!
S ayttam by li? use, See | ?BllbASIS lo 'geni'?
hand?, far fres *? tmi ip"ii ali dl?e?tee,
? ? r -. eerea ; ?li nnipiaicu
Organs, form ala ila cause f ?mat ? itfer
lag,and \? latrsl reo? t ai m< haascenlred e.o ?mail
e? u ? a? Staats u ih:?
i?, ifafl , ad, '. ?oeni? la thi?
' medicine, that II ha? lini? a -
? ? -ni', er nau.iMi l?*i,
an.l hwgiril Seier.-n.' lu ?a ?ri . . ipo:i calen
aojes, and totveeut,'* tao writer, ?;>'-r etsttriee sbe fsel
!h?l lb? Beg Uh Oo ? ? ircraae.' ? ?vrel
remady \r i abe noi: ?ug the pen aies in M .' ..G a eecret
remed) by ih? Lag ? ?tur? ? New.Y uh. tnu? pay? irib
BBs W the lame of in? M.-.i-.. Why ioeot an Repre
tealBilvee la leasts ?ad A??enibly convamed. ??
?Od ' dl??0|V? I>.? 1..-T.-I o;s ?- ., ..a ?'? -il .1.?
the purcnase of Va'igbu't \e^-?tai -'e I itameli letti, ?bee
wblch no ?>.lvei ? ?loca Ih* day? of Alchemy bu poM??w?xl
ooe ha.f the f?me ' ' Rrad^r '.-reite pori,alleai of hirli
?l?i:dluf. ?etnowledged tbroughoui ? large Mdlonof thl?
country io ?."? ?ne of ine Lieateuuuuried l,?uro?!? of the kind
In ibe f'ntted Sine?, exchanging Witti ih* a irnllflc arerai
of Europe io "'ir '.?<5G?.??? ksMwledare, wilted bv Anton
? \( I) and eoeirtbuted : . y Bktri of tr??? I'gtieai pro?
fettiooal ahillty, ihua ttepp.rig Ml'le lo none? a " a??
? rei remtvly " Yen wuJ al once uoJe ?land no untuowo
an I .vnrthle?? nodrum, ruu?d ihu* ?itorl a counn?ni from
?o hirh a ipiar'er-and eaaaWa>?a?tly, unleM il diieci'v
roullic'.ed with ih ? p'acttee of the fa. < iy, ti muti bav?
' eae its great "immer1 arbttl ba? cauaed ti lo r?c?lr? ini? |
pM?tbg ? "tice, g kl ??! lieti??, ? f??oe?a of the baca ?
regular, painful aij<i ?upprtaued mrrisirua
u m, auor aim?, and ibi ?pife ?lad trata of evil?
?hich follow a dieoreared lystem, at? at ooce reu?ve.i
.? Sen; (or psaspafelB l""ii eterii?. and
you wi ?? of in? m.u? of in?? I.l'hoi.tripue
it forth, AS a rasasdg fel u?. lrreguia'lue? of i!e,
female ?)??????. It lia? lu iba e<aa?Boead ? ree?" watt b u?a
? eniuii??? m a
? ?;.,i - atturet of the bttsltbof
? ?j ?t.-iii. Liver comi :?.l,:. Jaartdlee, hukmsdis
ea?? ?, Ac. art People of lbs ?Vestw
- - r fe saese eomptomis. m weil m revet ,
and ??.u?. Ti*r? !? no remedy Ilk? II. ani do Calomel or
? forms any part of this mi? mna No ?"jury will re- '
?? u?e. and it? active proprruet are ai*aii'.fe?i?>d In
the u?* of? t.ngle l| ot. baaXia G?? fever and ague, Ml? :
lout S At? ? dar?, take se snaatl ui.xltcin?. Ktieumai.tui,
?feit. Will fed rellav Th? tcili.n ?f o It meolctn? uponib?
lilood, will change the dl????? -vol. a erigtaasea id ih?
blood? and a bea.thy ratu.t wl : low. [jyapa.pt:?, ludi
?attlon, be. yield lo a few davt' ite of th:? nvdicin?. Io
?uunalluD of the lung?, cough, cntuinpilon alao, hu ?rar
bead relief Serofula, ervtipel??, pile?, inflamed eye?? ,
a.l cau?*d by impure b ood -Wtll and ibi? article the ram
edy. Tne ?y?tem. comp'*mly ac'ed upon by the twenty.
two j li?rent pr operile? of tn? miiiure, is purified and re
atovesV-eiaperuel ear? will la fo?:<?w The 'rain of
cmnmon cooipiainn, palptuiion of th? heart, tick head- :
ache, deb:.l'y kr are a. vie reen.i uf aome derangement
?. ?i>-m. and thia great leeoier win do it? work ?
Tie prom:??? tei f ?rth tu the ibivenitameet, are bated
upoa ihe proof of wriai .thM lo ? in th? pMt foui yesr?.
T^v Tliaw tettili.?ay of 1 I ' ?gei.'.t. :? Canada, Ibe
lulled State?. England ?nd ???, ? A "area, to fa.? po????? ,
?ton of me proprietor?aud can be a?au ny ad lOreaied? '
Is asaaVfeet dsmoetratM>e thai ? it to? '?it medicic?
Bayed 'j ? ? w?,, t <i~t i,n paoph.et, and ?t ?J /
th? prlnclp e? ,. ra of ta? mei od of cura ,
Pui tip in So ?a aetllai ?; ti ?2 ??. do ?t g? ?ach-ih? ,
| loi. mora than ;t>o tma? Dolile? Look ,
out and not ?et bnpoaed .pot, Every bott>? !m
?? V?ugbn'? Vegatable Lf.r?.: :r -'le Mixtur?" blown :
upon me e .a??. iae ?r."/ni<n:.,n of O. C Vaugka"
oo th? d; ree -.lona act ?? ?, r .?.?. ? .?a.j ? t ????
ed ?? fe? evr? ? -? ? , - ,- aw ?'?par?d
by Dr. O C Vaugaa. and ?o d at '.ha principal ?Se??, XV7
Main-??. Rsafelo, a: Wb?tesels *^d latajl Nu ailasuua
given io .e' er? ua.e?? ao?bpa'A ordert from r?fut*rly
? ? ??? . . B| - G???! ? lid ??.er?, or verbal
comanuucauoc? ?olir ung ad' ce, promptly attended to
'?ff.??? deviad excluvtv?'? ? ?ale Bf 'hi? artici??
13? NASSAU ST .NEWY'.'RK CITY. ?4 ????a?a
gaavai MaM , ar.d'iyir., pr .cipa. dru??i?ui tbrougboul
Ute i.'at ed Sta'?? aod Canada ??sd?*r':t-d :a th* papwra >
Agenta ?a .-.? City?Cr.M tt Ring, ,/2 Broadway, cor. ;
?' E- M Ouloo, 1T7 Bo ?erv, cor Ora?d ?t.Wfui
k K'icbum. Ill fuiioo ti, J k : Codd'riiVoa *4 fiadaoe
ti . W'n ? Ewer, cor. of t? l?aon 'u.d Leonard ?it , 0.
? Mosroe, cur. MaduKJC and /air.ea ?'?
Only Ageetta Wtlliamtberge. L ? ..:?m?, !0? Orand-?t
Omr Agent in Botoklye ?ti. H?ye?. 13? Puiton^t jtbifl
vTssrciT aaLVAsac ai???,
b.c. at rraarier pic?. O?er ? ?a ? araeoraee
A? e?,-;? p rer?vr?are ofTer^g a aurto j? muaMor.a cfDr
-.??..?? '>a.vac.e Rjigi. P.iid.k: Bl '?/;???-. Bat pur,?
Be ar? rMpecu*j.ly -.ijforB.a.1 trai He ?ibi* ?rucie? may be
-a | a: ut baJol ti ir price?la eXXM won?, u? oountar?
M e::(N may behAi'.- to price of the
g?c gfeM
0aai5^.??a? ? ...ar? ?nil bel ?rfatted 'J theyaie ??? :?
?etti? article? and waoa'acured > y .r.? aase mee
Wbol???,? aaaj Ra au Agency ?Cl Broadway, b*>rtv??a
JOLCAL A-4 Ma-ieo-Jine.
r?? 0' '.Lnn'vi Oeru ;? Oi.ru.'r ???.??, a^.eBare
L'surrtrg anea wcoderf?.: ?uceees ahd caiaerity jat a?w
coucfrfeut?pr??r <veryd?y ea.-, r>e aaeatoed otLj si
they ran be
rj^t:erfei??i)3?ar <v?rTd?y e*,-, n* oh'.?l'a?l
& 183 BllOADWAT, J|3
? ..leb Is the tute ?j?n in New.York ?:?i
beware cf dr
ad ant
?ever be a.lowed w keep Dr ChrUt:?'?Oanu'.aearaci*?.
tJT tit.nitiM? work od " Gt.vaalam sad la App.l?
..*:;oc m ? Rece::*. Ager... ' .x?y'-a bad gra: ? ?nitipt
TUE UatlttI>AL UALVAMl lilX.??, PluM,
Hasd?, ?????, P.Mter?. Brareei?. be, a: naif pne? ?
Oiaav artices U prep jmoc, a., of ??.:?? : u* warraoted
H to '.a?? tame a? Dr Cbr?tle??.and m 1 ?? be,,'pnce only.
Five toadred do!.ara wt,. b? forfeited if they are boi the
?ame aruciss, and m?cuf?c.ared by the t?a.e mee.
Moud ?At >~tur*? ?JU?tC4.
Dr C'"-:?tie dare no', ?lap ??? lte~r g?Bmlaeee?t, of ibe
faru we ?at fonb la them.
? ? to certify, mat we have raaca'v-tured Dr. Car
tie?? Ringe, Beads sad Bau? (jf D C Bt?reb?ad, <
Broadway for the .sat it mouths, that ?? now bar??
C'joireei with Dr Cracia ? : . ooly for the aaaaufacaae.
Ureof the*? ar?.. <?, .'?y "??'??? i ibe ??>? ss ortgiDaiiJJg
1 iu ibe Pub.ie m Dr Caru.i?'? Rmg?, etc
On tee lSiaead lothdaya of Dseamber, liMB, appeared "
befare m?, Tbaodolpbus lUlvble, James Brown tad laaac
C-Ji.tcd made ..*tn tu ibe ?b^eautetne-iL ^^
EDGAR I LEEr?,i?rcrc t?-oaer of DaVda
? 9.?Ad order? oui of Ute tati avuK be Bddreatat u
D^. CraadaiTa 1? Broadwa ? M Y
?^???????Jeard Reta., Agency, .?"-' Broadway,eoresv of
i ?,..: SV?, y .'t ?? ???!??.?
:T?lA.vl AJOWfcH~Tu.eiwiiDroCH?? ArvplJ ?. Si,.
t at, Teatb atseus. cc^xar sf Twwtr-BAa-ei d2?tm? :
?itnation?, tot. CDanu?
lytNTKI? l ?-w ? >?? ? ? .., r '"liftijiir?r
?? ? -?? Ja-^__^Mfo,_,t__?,,^?,w a-.' p..-AkBr
, r*aaa?ei.oo? - g?? ear? and a??ev? laeir ?? ?????! anil be
' ???-a iu wrttteg. w.ihaa oppofun .y ,?i-.eareg
-t y~?j ?tofaw roee sow ta our employ will a?
d-aiht mat- ??r ||<W p,p ??_ ?:?_? ?f _}i #???-????~
een ?an!! bar? hia dta'rv?- tt w U toe eece ?Bry for
iMeatuhaa-eai . ?.< fr?t g_-,w gy> to Viaia ? r ?o4 rNUa?
? ml Arplvai PREM? HI Pe61u*mg Hall. *M grvwgT
??' .'?u?lr?.OiVeofu*r;a_,,f oar Vaio?. ?V? lattare
, ??*???**? poal paiiL My if
WANTKD.-A middi- ag-da ?.lean woMeeTwaTte
a Aral rat? houaMeeper. to to tato 4M oeaearr ???
take .-aeree >f a bona? w?awa there wiu t? It? ?r sta te a
fatai.? iSe h<"i?? and fu ratta re are a?w and Be*? ?????
'-. --, . ?-i ?aatien -?.wnau w??,j a? pa?Set-teai..
.hje ? ih g ?ed rsi na?? tdaOoB. May aast?e ai lIB ?>???Tato?
at toMwaeu tt?? bout? Mi ?ad ? la lIM afrori ?> -e ? If te?
WANTFD-A parnaer ?ko re?? '.eainer 1 tW ?Ttie
pub,.castori or a arieanee periodica io ita ?*v.a>4
? >!u?re. and hav?ug a lar?;? ?matlaer of ?aberrili??a Tb?
?jaark ? taf a *wrnaaa?oi MMre, aad affo? i? a basii ??ma
p-oelt. The parte?? ?.? eapaactr, to take che?? M tSe
--ai a? be'- s>a? Ap- vu. ? FLfi'T ?4 Ann-alt?*
\VAMTKD?By two reepeciaKe yoaiag wosa?. ee
tt p.orraeni b? ih? taocih ai dr???? maklog or pati?
.?.??.? Wot: M g > at raaao&aMe wag?? to varar rav
?,-e?-t? a pr ?ai? fa??.i?? Apply al SI W'aet Wuk're
..e _ ItYSC
\l"ANTKD a x.d.1.e^a?"ed we?aa io take li? cara ,
"en elder ? . M 11 BMM Th? beet of ref?rete?? ?I? ka?
' ApV ? al ?" Nlatr ?t NMwern 10 o ?iloch. A M
and : G M 1Jf**_
W'TnoiT FAY-Th? beet o'Wrtci?. highly r?
"m em?? tide.? ca? ?"?? had a'ratutwtuly ai C. M*t*0!t*8 ,
? - 1*9 Bowery _Htm?
W IMKD I ?Ta eat ali '?- ? a upper gTTfatoat M
tt ear? fa??? ??? i;-e ai VT Vt_ <rwa er ?t I If at*
* 4 T?A? IIKK. A f-w nocr?'" ?mplovBieal, Jell"? te
-? ? Lan ?>< ?a. Mathematica, or tu My of the
' ?her brfcbea M instru ??? " la w ? ned bv a gao letaaa
? ? -t? Md con? derail? experience In leeching, aad
who l? a grattale of m Eaaiarn College. AAlreM
M \ a . Tt o*ica>_I if ?Sty
C'i -,;__(i"W?NTKni^"b.?ndBB4 taortgage"oa pro?
?^?>?a#lPa.lperiv worth ?JdaaXi. for which V pat? eaat tata?
e*i ?? I?. be glvaw ?ui bo coime leal??. Apply to
-if T_J COLEMANU Wt_-?t
_-_|_ ? Vi.4k OK ANY *?t .tt*? of~rre?wury Neaea
?^?Jll.UUI'waalavl. for whtcti a pr-aaiuic will He paid.
[of] J THOMPriOt, Wff?'?a
WA > TH?. $3?w~?f ? ra-p?r Bivi? n'aa who wrttaa
? fa'? hand ?? a goo? ?alaxwaa aad caa erf? a:'????,
lory reMeoce* a? io noueaiy and lndastry. wl , alesate
th? ato???uni. h? wnl te?tra lawful to ?re?? for li wfc?i
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logned ? tea?ti.ig. and ,? ful'y con pet-et io pr?paie hij
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?Y?? R rrencee of the b'gh<*?t te?p?Kiabi>\:v wtdbe
I _i??n ?? to ?? "t and geeeral chara?i?r. Adera*? d ?
; Jamaica. Lo-g ?.land_?? ?*
V't'TilK -PairiekT?arphv, ????~-?'|>?a???, Isti ?
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la^houM on ib? 4th of Pabruary H'.s wife la 'roe? Bart
> id f'-nt!?her maiden name wa? Mary DilloB?w^etM?
; to ?.?? "a ? ht? '? iter?, ut Mouroe-at H- t? ?ep?"eed
? ? h?>e eft wuh a graM widow I AMES MURF?Y
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^\ I \S .1 4>t'FA?1*OMY.-A p*r?o? wet e^?,aah_t.
ed ??? the !iian<if?eiuf ag of salla ?ad who caa par
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ratMa.ta a pan ofiae caiuiry whet? coal? at? aa?? ?taight
cent? per buthel.aod fig troo in tbaadaaeeailow piurelet
! ::?f .'. .?la!, ? Ulaooe of ihebeai locad? nein tbi? cenBtrT.
1 health ? and abundance of wate ? power. The bulina?? ?wa
: not fall u> reward a person wai, for bla service?, Md ?
?I . ?'\ a il be niven io one io a.l respot'a competent
une oihet? need apply. Addte?s by mall ?1 other ?lee.
J. DAVENPORT ? CO. 134 Front si. ? Y
? ? ?*'_
STO? ? AND BANK MIT* ?-?.naige BeaiaeM
?Paitner waouad la tbe a'ova buataaae he a eeraea
, well ezperteneeo to tt, aad eateadvaly aconalafa with
, . ?-?? ,- , being tot i?a reara coon???.led ?tu otMOT
! out larg?>?i Banka Tbi? ?aven?a ara aal la Intended te
, uieei the attention of oo? who caa commaa? a r??h eaplMl
, of $.?'?"?' for th? Bank M'ITraaiury Nom FtcUaaga.
The advenleer can c luroand facllUlee through the Baak?.
t of capital, bai eoi enough to Indure bla M
eomtrencealon? Thepreeeot priMpaetforihelprtngtn tata
, lina eftiudneaa la very aneouriglag, and no douut
on? of in? beat oppor untile? for Ih? um of capital tnaooa>
| ?? a- ,?. ? safe ai? 1 prultable buaiiie?? On applicatine t?
I tb? desk of Ti? Tribune omo? the wrttar? addreas may be
?now? or eomiauatca Iona addreaaed to " Eachange" ?wl
I be tasen tint? ta? ad?e't|?er l?f tf
! an-? -? ? u aaBBM aaata
t?oar?iiuj ait? UotiL?.
? ti % UP ?VANTf'.II ?? ? widow ie.lv. ?rbo ?Mbm
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hertalf and daughter, for the u?t of her furniture, to fall at
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Met, ? ?? ,???. p.i?i paid, wtih reference?, ' ?. M ' be?
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iiidied par.or and ?iua.1 nedr.iocn whuI??!. with boa"!
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family ie?id..,, vanti ,f Ri imlwav and lo or beluw Caam
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I lue roorna in a gauleal boute with or withoai board,
' ? -?. raol Rei.i eiir. luaiy low. I uatllie OT Twenty
?i?t!i-*i f- .r ,1 j r? w o?t of 1 lilf'e-ept n Jflw
M UNIHIIKO Hdll.tf U'AM'KU Rva'genije
man In a g? ninel fainllv (wtihoui notrui Iwlow Pultoa
Addre?? ? ?. box 2141 r<>st tifi.?. ?. V. IV ti
modaiid w.il, board al M White it IJf M*
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MORP. ? dar for ?aie u lielr manufactory
aad wararootu. 91)1 Bleecker ?l m Ba?Ofi
i ?t w j w :-?.?.?? "f roaeWiMjd and oiah.igaay Pian o
Korta?, of Inely ca? ved Ooihic aad modern Parf?Un ?tal??
Tbe?a Piano? for uiechaaical eoMlraetioo, eie?:.encv of
W'irk.nanahip, and imd?ii of tona, caoi.ol ba ?m , a????4
? 1 ? .?re the purchaaer ha? Bar doabt?, th?y wt?, b? Be?
up, and any r-atonali.e length of tima al.owed to tao.fy
him. Tin? belog a aew feamra le ta? t,uil .?.? u ?? ?
.?'???? io ib? p? tchaaer.u Oveearaet Isfu.l a* uaps, weil
calci a ed to c? cb h?, Inejperte ced A iBspooaltiB war
?ay ?: . -?? , '.na;, u'neri'- Refrene.? tu Botile of Ih?
Ir? t Camille? lo u? city. ? ? -P.ar.,?to?u h' I??
li?"?mwb'"^'?"B?TANT u,~ Mrcaaaera of Ptaaa
Emyita?3Wt'r' .Me- T h? tw nar.nb??? havmg put. >.aaad
H S 1 l!'f M' John "Jrrleer ihr ea-lu*!?. rlgtil la
J I W J Ho.? i.'nlutd Siau?? ?, ,?? Pa?en' H.rp frani?
l'jipiov?*!! ' .:i tt, Plaao forte aie lmW >uan,. ..t* luring ?uftje
very ?pleodtd BVi??woud and Mauugauaar Pia. /ortee,
ma h ?te wartanied superior lo looe u> aay ?am In uee
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t.? ? ?? ? ?; .??. ' ?a n'fu? Harp P?ame, peeufiar le ,??,? ?iru_.
Ooa, ? ?. :? ail th? ??,-ait. of th? Mrtng? frota ih? oaae? aiao
? genera, aururam of ih? .?,.?? apruvao cn,-1--rn stylaa of
ni Ulved ?tiimmetu BENNETT, ROttERS k CO
agi ???? G.,???-tl Ku.it.1 ? nf ???*,!???/
.ft ANO ?rOUTBH M ?aera sow P?M??>?=
?|???'?.?<_ aha-i MnvaMstag PWoa will lad
ti to OMir advaauge to call at R. 'l'eoa m
Co.'? IWABalMliiry. IK faltoa-an. (?a?a ?f
B.'jatdway. ? A general aaaoraaaet of Mahogaoy aad Roe?
wood P'.?u5o?c.oaetaadyoe baed, whkk erVUbaaoU low for
:?? or approved paper Dealers sa opilad ob Ubar?d wraat
?ur/T R. er.EWW VCO m VNtt??e>?h
^?Mm?\mlmt'<>kl BALK ai um oie ??aad ?, Y ?~r?
mmmUEbm''*! ,l 'PPoatus iha A?tor Houaa a raileey
J T I 7 I * ?* Tomve Piano Pana?, af
evary vaciaty ? panara, with ail
roeewood a?x"
Igte? ?art
J*?". flOMMOI
modern loprovarn? la. ta ??????>??? tvnd ?aaakof Bey ?WMe,
wtrraatad la erary ?apees M give ?ai*?f?ctioa ar ao
ditSia Um falltaan k BaaiieU
WAT! IfEH, JEWEI.KT ?ad l.i?ar *ir?,
?The ?ut,?rrbet? coououe u> ne?? for ?al? a fall
?????? "i.e'ii of Une 0? d end II.rar WatcaM et
_ '-he -.?-? approved -.a??'?, which will ne warraos
Brr?ca ilrj-aaa^ri.and offered al Ht? ?ery la?a?et
.... .viaoij ratetv.^j _M ia?eea Ma ?at of !???>
t ? Jew-.ry .y< e*ety deecrtpit?, tac.adtraOold "ah
ir-u Daaial eha M -?-?.?. .. .?. Eer-rtagi, t?igar-rtaa*?
Brac?,eu Kneyl Orcajitanu, to,
- ?Mwpeaaa f .'??.Buoer Kel??? ?od ?tirerwa??
erally, a: .?.- aianufactarer'? ii ??
BrUaardawara, toaCut^ry, taary *>-?d? ?M. Wi
aad Cloe?? rapai/ed Ir? ?xaerlaxiced - .rettat
LtKKWOOo h ??CRff-.Nr Rlfc* Peaari
a -a ? ,? .f ?VailtfMvet opooelu? tlniu?4 aiata? K?rt?y
TIII|-e>eiON>?J ???.????* TBVwtle
iioproawd by i R. ??Bah, t? grahaM wie
?jiivaraaLy approved uf By iba Medieai Faawi,
ir ?ad all who a-e thaaa, M ?m pieaaara ?ae
,i graduala?! rroa? om to ?fty poeed? m the reptara wie>
obi a bac? pati, which ?oee ?o sattcB tejary M Ote t?pMe
cau?Uig waakaeaa and pala ta OM back eed ?A4M. ?eat ?jRea
pe'taaceot ?otaal MM gta dar? mal ?ri??* aad ?fe?
??-'?.-!, y ?acafacuiry evnay raMraad. Ml? ?tai taa?
BMBt ol BaatAtaau?, Bed?, Matt eeaee
and Peathar? aver otTered for ?a a at ht
'?'il ??-?? Tin ? niai iTltf-aiiaaa. ?t
of Mu ban y Tbe ?u?niloa of boaee
taap?r?aed utbev? 1? ptritca.arly ca..ed io Wai.f ? paaeat
'",??.?. and left screw Bedataad. w.'.cn draw the preeaeM
?. -?? ? ? Fair of '.he Amarte?? luat..? ?.
0.d Bad* raooraiaal Cote wb-a???!? and retail If I??*
wonderful prapa/Biloe the enVeied Mrajot ?rhM
f.ey a?- iuog aad ???rioasly cal'ad for Mot ? ?e*aV
?, la IM sa.e of iwaauy itWeMod souMa, aaM beta
l't..,ng u> i-i all tbai wm eaaaeMd of It Ii aeaj
lag.c la a., rhauwiarlc aawctloea, aad patea ot all aw*
? - _.', ac^!??W<?fie^gcoy?3?arUa?w?
Mr Jase? Murphy of the Bo-wary Lfo-jof liagaw,wit
doaao boi a botti? tose lalMd
High Briaga.-?? ?btf_eteee g?a>oe after groMheebe??
?MM? wtth?*"? lWhwe. ?^G?t???-? Mato? aed Mr. tetwui
Robar?a, hunden of tto? bridge .?ikaw My?, thai tor
tu?, u?? of ione or foar eotiM? LU raMtawaV pala? beva
'.awn actlraiy aradkeaiaa. Mr Rooana glvaa Um blaopBv
\-n that tt w?? owe of the great oaeeM of saving bialrar
from aa ?afp? luwabnl froM e foil. Te beba??? M Joba
m. wad ?? ?? great CMetrel Math, HarMm ttdtread OtVa
( :i| ??, ta 'ar/? -.ou?? ai inrwutiwiww?? .->?? Y*
C? ? BEOPORD.M.D of Um lelv.rrtrr of Ute City ?
I. Naw-Yort, for-aw y Profaaaor of MUwlfery 1b itM
Jtedi-ai Col.age of Boatb Carolina, teak?? tbe followtag
I ?t. tnuch p'aaaet wlb Dr. Huh't taatnaateet for Pra
lapaot f."?eri. 1 Uve ?? doaat 1? wUl prora hUhly b??o??
Ici?! Ut thi? vary cotoraot. ????.???! bmosw ?aiaa.?* Ne?
?fltfoi.? iMtruiuanU hare baa? preeau^d aid??T?iei I "MM
U? tbe Ftcne-y, wl?? I he eWw of Mppvittag tt? t*>'**__7
wusnb. but I bava oaver aaavo aay wtKb oe ???"/ ?**_*__?
can .-?para tu ???,???. ?aith Dr. H?ij_^'JT.f._?""??
foal Negewtar.- HUU.* ?L'tw Oilicg
4 Vaaeyet Aaaor Houa? N?wY .rk
TT The Ledi??*? G???t????-? pj*r?eu? ?Udo; /aeaj?
I. pTacwl uadar tw .?*?*?. wM/geol ? ?|?uiL?*td f.otafo
?uoBdan? lm wB

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