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?Ol,. ?I. "to ?Wi? >*. ?V-YOKK, MKlill tlOR>I.*IU. FEBRIARV I*. 1547. WHOl.M NO? MM
At Ihr Trlbeee Balldi???, corner of etpruce
M_ >ii?.i? Birreta, oppoalte ibe < He Hall,
AM d^?ered to City fctjirhttM for 12?) Cbbti per
*??__? ?f ?ben tMy prefer, ihey can pay in advance it
o. im? f.,r ?? month? or a year at ibe ?arae rate
fctaTopYee Two Ca?is, ?ellea^lhwr. tlreDo.
ur.Tserannual. In ad??nce. and lb? paper in no rate
inline? t-etoDd H?* ??>? '<" '>,?:xrh ? '? ??1?1- ?-**
roiUBi'?? to-yond
?TrViiooe taken for all month? Tnree Uoila?! in ad
i_oee reqotred id eheiehaoget with Country N-we
_??t?. I>elly pa??w? recel???! at !bte oflce who*?
CTfCT? ar? higher ihaelhoee of Th? Taiatar. are out
? jwedeo.v difference.
t???? or ?????t???!?<?-' in Atn<r<rt /
tn*? Mare, ot leee-tint t? -?? .??'ente.
"7 ?? each ?ubeexjuect laeeruoe.1.a '
_. If in .be 1 u*. . I .
? t.er Tea Linee-tirti taeert ?.-.ceota a lina.
?_.???????? ti.sert.tin. which may be?
_,-iv?a? or ..nc?. twice, or irre? t.n ?? ? ' ?', ?
'?V, t'n,r..|.|. ?:. ? f the etiveniaor, )
iMide adverlleeoMiite-flee < -r ? ? lire for the
f?\.erti.*.?i.d tour Cent, for earb ?uba-queot "t ?
RiBtH? ht?BHA*M, taaBtAt HOTICM tr ..ir.rwrt.
_, a.? tasae.li ? ? ?
tW til-d' ??'???????? .ntverted In thli paper appeal
rar A . a?vet tuveeieiii? iDt?-ri?r.? m tuia |/?| ?? hoth
Ut -?e Mori.U?g ???e lb? Evening ediuoa.
THK BK.M1-VVKBKI.? Titilli M.
?, ? ?..?bed ???ry Wiimimr ?nd Stiieo??? mornings.
' frit? ?* P?r annui" Two ? ..pies for g?
NKW-. I?KK WKKKI.V Titilli M .
laeal l?be-J erery Stli si.?v M<r??iiao, at the low price
- |. pet ? ???, la advance. I1' ? upioa for $11, or 10
-'"? *?' _
?*? ?7??1 'r BttaLatoa ?? <i are
tue Yea? and Nay? on tue vota fo ti,?? Senat?? expel
,i_s ti.? Lditur? ol The ' mou Iruin tho privilegi! ol
th? nta
? yj^j-ixcher. Badger llertler.. ttaattt, Calbnun, Cil
U? TboeM Clayton. John M. Clayton Corada, Cuiten
ivi?. Dayton G>??,? Ureeoe, Huntington. Jama
,? n. Jiliutoa el La Mangum, Miller, Mnrehead. fava
??immut.? tjibae. Webster, Westcott, Wood bridge.
. -.7.
Nir??Alleo. Ashley. Atrbison. Atlteitoti. Kairby
Br.ght. Cerner'.n Cas?, Che.mer?. DtchllMQW
Id? Fairield. Hennrg.ri BotMtOtV Maton, Nile?. BtrrhW
? ,ul? dturgeoB, 1 un ?y II
,_** (Jov. Voi M pttMatad at the iiieedn.,.
a aitaaj on Friday evening fa ? Betid of Ire
lue!, thereby doing honor i-oili to hitaiall and C I
8t?te Tha pro? neiliu^* ol the meeting indicata
tlitUl.e ? if U spoil ?? at trail ?t the Co p. tul
LtrtaARf ftTll liiaiT? Oat id tho moat re?
intikabla book? "f tbe season is Mis Maury s " States
?jneo of itneriee in 1H1, 'Ju?t pabttabod in London, and
I be relMatd lath ? country by Carey A Hail ?
ladelpbU durtagIk? pr?tent week. It contain? b'? mmI
tk't'i"?t<d UearyClty. whom ?be viaitcd at Aahland
','ivrrtior ?'ewtrd.whoui slot de?eri bee with genialen
ILUliASU . l.jkirjiBughe?, whom ahn think? the great
r?t tatBporal ?inocth, America, and the gr*af ?? iplntual
irmee in the world." Mr Celheon who i? her " lavorite
?talesman, Mr Vaj Buren Mr U? tetto, Mr Winthrop.
Jteh? Uma?y id tats Mr. Wi batar, and some twenty
olhnr JisLngilsli^g putillc characters Mis Maury is
an ?avocate g War, Fite Trade Slavery, and other
Loc?? focolsM but wriMs with apparent candor of all
partie?, ?nd 1er booh will probebly bave a great cirru
Utieo We .ball give ?ome estracu from it a? ?oon a? it
Frot??art Hallad?, by ? P. (Ooke. of Virginia l|
the title of ?tltmit nf Poem? ot which we bear the mo?t
ftvorable )udgojonu from some who have seen It in ad
vanee ef Ila pnblleatl ?? Mr Catta ha? been koown
hitbarlo only as tb? author ol ?? ?? lorence Vane, ' a ?ong
ol etquisia beenly, and a few othei wai!? which have
?pprar?'] th* last lew year?. It will be i??ued by Carey
A Hart
The H?rper? h?ve In pre?? a tt?n?latlon ol the great
bio|T?phieal dictionary entitled /?? ,^??/.??? ???,. ?
BW id reorM of ptiblltatit", in Perl?, wbicb they will
?m* Ib moathly paru 1 hey have likewise ui ptepar
?tun a tpleodid > illustrated rdltton of the Ar*'.i?n
Might?, from the new Fng!i?h ieta;,,n |,,,m the Arabic
Among the forthcoming novelli??? wo al??, hear ol a
" Colleetlon of Prirate Letter? illustiatue it Social and
Pornestir Ufo in Araerlra from the Middle ol the Sei
enteemh lo the Middle of the Plighteer.th Centurie?.
W'itTOB?!".?? hiU lor the arxilitiuii ni Capital
pnetsbaseat ka? |???- ? the House and received ita third
?aadlni by one M?)?nty in the Council. 1'he Milwaukee
?enueel ?laie? that the pann,?? of the law i? ?ought in
erde ? to ??G??,? lim Doveri,,t au ade piate leason fa
Wujuiiling le. puniahment ot a man now under ?en
teire l" tre hua| . he having dei 1 ? ed to interi, ie while
the detti, petitlty It prescribed by Itw. but inumateli ?
williiigBB?? to do so if the LefUtotoM should abolish
test peaalty 'ihr Sentinel denoiinie? the movernent on
thi? ground end lay? the paicage ol the law under ?urh
eirranntaaee? waldba ' one of the mo?t unpai dutiable
outrage? tk?t a l.e_!?laturo could commit We tintili
dilereatly Regariiiag the law a? in lUelt a good one.
*e ?ball rejoloe it It pei? in season to preserve the State
trom the rtugraee id a hanging I be positlou taken by
foe Qoreraor alnkr? u? ee both Mutible and proper
While the l?w remain? a? It li he will not ioterpote hit
individual will to ?tey ita eiecution . but il il should be
repealed be will taka it a? an indication thai the people
?reoppoird to hanging and gor, m biniteli accordingly
We ?ee uothlng wrong, mithin?: alarming in this
Tbe Judteiaiy Committee have repotted a bill provid
lag lur a new (On?titutiotial Coinentlon in the event ot
tbe rejtetloii ol the pending Constitution ; tue Coaven
bun to be held in June nett aud to he composed ol .'
Delegates II is thought the bill will pass in the Coun
ta out its fate in the House is doubtlul
Pl?t tuga Bai a ?A beneioleni geutleiuan in
NewJeitey wa? applied to not long ?luce to take
under his earu a tamiiy ot einUiante lust lauded trom
?Voi.sud ci.dating "| a man an I hi? wile and five eh.I
dim. repteeeatttd to be extremely pool Hi? . otnp*ii.,ii
having been excited in then behalf h?? took the whole
(?ra.ly on hi? bandi and supplied their wants He set the
ladn>: to woik aud gave the lauthei a chance to take caie
of tbe children ? be man proved to be a laiy. gluttonous
Itilow and did not ?ven earn h.? >wusalt Altai a while
the ?te ? lie mau ascertained that the man ha t ? uh lela
but? in .?cullati.I who bad Mal hito and his lauiily to
fob country to get ild ot tap|?>rtioe tin ui. allowing tbein
Ai pei inoliti:- I ut enough lo ?larve tbcin va.ih, .1?!
> idiBg any chance foi their return in,liguant at ?ut 1.
a picca) ot ??,????'.? ?u. the gentleman immediatel? ?? ni
ike whole lainily back to Scotland with a letter of luti o
? ct'on to then ? h lelation? ?Muring them that the
. ?halby uick that they had played wa? duly appre. :at. d
va thi? ?id? 1 the water.
IdT' The Goraraof ol V irgiaia reoaotfy sent to
'be Ugl?!attiie h con.munii ?ti n reiette to Ute tergi
Mtator ni fugitive slaves said to he ?ei rete?! within the
Itstbesse? of tbn '.'.?mal Swamp The ? oinn.un.cat. i.
*??, lor foe lUue. laid on the Uble
?so umch tia-ller ott than the Kttv People ol Color yo?
kitowt The?* ?Uve? we tuppote ?ereto c. ntected
?nd happy and to lotti tul that their mattert w, el I emau
r ???,? them that Ibey went >t! fofo the Dismal ????
ataaitJ Ji'HN OWKaSl - Ik? death of thi? eon
bent man will be lamented by multitudes beet!
ut his own ?iniued.ate a?ct, the ?'riho I t u-*JUrf *
hole to Mr AUitoii. pub..shed :n ,
?'?..?11?,?.,\. ; I'MpttBM - ? ? M lit
II?? wwtak. a with hu leei .. *? ??
Mea on a tneeuag al horw.ao l,/ ti* p
The BBBaltOlng ;i.t ? whit b th* ?
IWd.Ww ...
?era, about twenty foMMM ? ?
?is lete rwdeoee to the greve ?.? .*?>?? e?.. ?.
? t<?utitui crown to aha* rir,;u?:i **-i.-m*<t U Out
??'J**0' jinn wbera,'k<d h.o: Md a a bmMmM ???*
???d? to all the exbortoOoo whjch t? aoaaMI at taw
: perbar? bit latt muiMer*. r ,? _*,
ready. ?
A IWami -Tha Herald fo ?B mm
^> r.n ai^ttatK'ti of u anncr t v>rre?pa?dii.g to th?
?aatatading mature of the tnnouBceai
tajg ' Tit ,'a/vg tr../? mtiktMg Dret?iiu!, :
teat it '
?T Mr HoBgRT Owt?? ptihluhc? in the Wuli '
tegteB Nal...n_l Era, th;? plan lor t... a
lhata.1 t.avr? Vorn aller 1st Jacuarv -
an be educated by the .-tale government? and pit
? 1 and utetui ciurens. and alter
__ffo|?0 0||?lMJUlhip ciiual to lb tr aatumej ralue
Z.^?LT""? tb'T ?h??l be coloelted IntH-ioe terrttorr
G? ??"G ' '" ' rcn" nt ? tho** "> mt% '??!jr
e J?te named, to remmn in ?crvttude. or otherwise
at Ike pleaeure ot tbe own. re.
from0|."Y ?'" r ' ~? ???????? WTtatag
^?"r?'??: Mexico, ?aye that be attended t,???
_***? I barche, theie. end alter the ?-ere ,
be ill .?' 2 ' "G "** ??"?"???? ???ttt-d into the ,
^^????Ailprwat lheie he and bit brother cA
MtoaTZ! ?5? *',h r'fir? w""? ?nd ?"?*?/. Th- ;
Pneet wa? ?IkM.ve. totU ?nd ve,T s?od com par ?
^ ?<?1? *'?:I certainly join hi. church.' ^?' !
J ^r^t?______*__-A? mil ?.t.Mn?toh ?
"M ayuga bridge unattritook Ml ?WWW them lQ
siita^a?tateiF **,*H
' ';?; '"Rl?i WAR-TheLegi.latureoi1
UeT_ G ^'^ ? "i ", L?*o Paee aaaaataai in '
VM Praa^toat ?4 ???dance wtth the view, ol
f-enatortal Behalte ni tue'-G?.??? " Editer
Ita propriety Wilmut Provl.o - President >
tfeaanae to the llou.e Uleripllne et \\ e?f
from cor owr, | rre?poi.drt.t
Waahix.ton Sunday. Fe ?
? -???.. few? --nd th?? ?-?; ajafei "f Mr It irr fus.
O? the Penate eXI fei ? 1 I
it tiat iti* proper word lor the a< f It was merely
the withdrawal on ti.?? ?"?'t I ti.? -< nate of a favor
that h a?! Leen only tolerated Hi? adnusei. 1.1., Ma
?? ? at? Chamber was ? ? , . t
There wa? no rule granting him btiaufeuaM III?
pretence was tolerated aeafely by a violation, or at
lea?t. ?'ispen?i"ii oi the rule? Ani 1 know o? .,
reason that should pardon his admittion, ami j el
operate to th?; BXM 1 uion "1 OtfeW editors
He fully itinaW*ad .n mj htianide layltiloti I
tonal censuri.?. He had grossly Ubai ed thai
.rossly than did, a yoar sin? I BaOtVhaW'Da
in'*-rati< ' editor lier..-, who waa aibjei t??i b? .
'.??t???,, and who. for Ins otlcnt ??? wa? I
eagerly OeadMMbad by any one than l-y tl,.?
of tin- l'iii(?n So ftr. then, ihti incredient? of
the poiioned chalice ar? tWMMMsftsn t" his own
The puiiiiliiiiont wBl irenorat* Inm no ?;, inpathy.
It fe not paraacatkm bat .?usti?-'? and bayel
mauds ail the Bai. ,1' .?? a that chlort mu. h less ar
rogant. and much ? - ? . ?
1 to en fey t , hint, <- ?sully with ti
nre open the >. ano?;? ??alienee o:
reporten nr.? as?:.? latfena And
i ?? ad l ? ?fee . : 'e?tet fen ??
t.il ha has liliie.ed groMOl merit than otio'r? ?
Had lit: exhibited the ?' ??' |
might bara eaouned thfernhnkaol bfe iena - ?
laolt He exhibited none ami proba
The faidy action ol the Banatti cavo him a full
? whit^h be availed himaelf iti no
?? -
Toliavereleircl liiscoii'lu? tt'. a'
have been nidel?Mtu pri? rtstinati I
Hi? atta, k upon R member ol the "tiier II ?
Will ?? reiolUn teil, received that, direction. It may
hot be impertinent to mention the anticipa?,
The Baiato* ol the M G?????. 1 uii'ltietam!
aha Committee nt a matter of justice t<>
limiteli that every Member of Congress, an?:
person MtitiOM fe th* HatiMtiOB the OOCtudtiti
spec, h from the Representative ?Teuti Illinois?to
the ro|Mitt ?? winch in the " I-'fiion ' exception ?at
taken? ?
I A modest demand ! the con
eeision ol which even were it practicable, would
coutume not only the remainder of the session,
hut it mivht be. the whole vacation! Were li?
the author of the Virgiuiaia BtStiolMhrna, I
of their in. ettaiit an?1 tedious laaNtifetor? ha could
ii'?t haw fieen mote rxa. tin; Th* rxMBSMfnt
tl?.? inevitable cons?quence?ol this reference to a
.oinmittee will he then lore a neuest Oti tin? part
m aha Ccauwafetoe to ha .n?< barged treni
? oii?i,||.ration ni the aubJect And weil ti ??> BMJ
I.??, for ?. ?"? u?- eemf /????<
To morrow, the hopes of fifnWafea are t- ? et -
with the power of slavery a itnUHjIff that IB"
Bud probably aril! be, ^effectual even ? ?
liercHlter t" ??? ? oiiimeiii.u ate.I Against au evil
principle every resistance is ? i'tin Mtifl
n? tic determined comiiat, a future victory. Trulli
know? no failure, ha? no ebb . temporary obstru.
tioiis '.hile they retsr.l tt? career, ft-?? t" the vol
ii.?ie of :ta force, and are iure to ttrencthen ita filiti
All that power or pntiouage . atiU afe has beeu
[ attempted Peraaaaton ami paon ace have .Ion*
I their Wtittil rhtititi have yielded and BMW Wav
I armli Benone; the laithlaaa there ara a few faithful?
WtnTwejw atolli"..? DeaxocraMol ill. stand
turn to the ?.??! old canee . ellof Natii York Deano
I exney, Mee?t???? will ?.?, with us, it ? rota ia
| taken in the House , ol whom. MM it is to he
' teare.l. however will desert u? in Cotixa littM; tide
? sertion too that may be fatal 1 have hear?) of but
, three ? doe iacea troni Ohio, sa many from Peni svi
? vaina an additional in per cent Oti iron has been
liberali? promised to that rotate il in the emei ?in
? ev ?In? tiipport the Administration tt'ainst tl??1
i proviso to tins or other inducement tie?* ma?
1 have yielded I hear af feat T? pro sltvist fe
? Msme . ot none in N? w Hampshire -though I have
1 reSSoli M believe that the who!, New Hampshire
ation willnnitewith theOuethern ? Derno, r?. \
\ to atranttle the lubie, t Hi t'oimnittee They Wan
be remembered ot MfeentitiaftfeaMa
Of Indiana 'Deaaocrasyj KuraiDi Wi. x.
("Aim AMI and OWXB aeeni sat* against us - -tLe
1 other doubitul M( OAOMIBl ai"l >'*i ih Smith are
It the Southern Wings will triinaler the question
troni the I', nun.tu?.? IO the Hwiae ?ne tlie\ etiti titi
we ?hah have h very close vote 1 am still ol
i opinion that w.? shall ho ft letted by M least Baffe
i votet
The Premien! ss roti will have heard, :
minded yesterday m Jutv M tea and coti e e and the
??aduation ol Ma price?. >l public lauds H?
1 Ui entrap the West m fetitti >? the lorm.?? hrj r.
, commendation ?? the latter measure ? do not be
lieve that he will he successful. The ? ? ?dual r??
dm Boa oi the price ot public lands is a . m w
that should bti made t>> the NffMI the passa.:*
ol the oth? r would he to his iiijuiy The two in, :i
, suies have notimi?: fe common, afed 1 hope then
uu.on wn! mver he tivomp i?hed
Ituv Mr .?rii.'i t il.? Pre?i l.-nt ? .? iati. >>ii!e?
aor, is to he BMoaatnd, ? tonnt Chaplain at Waal
, Point, where lie w ,.1 :1 00 it I ffl OS? ant,Mu ani
house, with other a. loiutn.Hlstiotis He is P:e?b\
1 fenati, true blue He is himself a ButinaWgM, or
? ? . and ?TcHiht?
\? I pulpit drum. ecile?lMtie.
Should be beat with fitt luit- ad ol a ?tick
Maryland - lleauiiipliitn ol 1'uviiieiit lini'ii?
o ii ?tie ivi tor lieht, Ac.
i"orre?pondence ot The li
act lor ?ha HcsuinpU'it fe aMftifef i'ay
. uients ol Interest M her Stale Debt, is to he laken
up m Ml I.e.'isla! ne ti Mary lami to .ia> and asa
aatrra al if tt amai ??'.! state ine bMt ktitbatad
^tau? fe the I nioii, I am glad to tell you that Mb
of tha passage ? ?! the law which bad becu lately enter?
tained are fjtat giving way?lu a Word, the lrien.l,
?????,G? now Ut?] , onJuU'U that It will pass. It* veiy
astaetiBneat will go far to creabv feti ability m carry it
cait and cannot fail to have a most beneficiai influence
.. and pinate fefeaafe ?ud .r.tcrpnse ?
? u? ,- wer ol a State and the tountein? ot its pros
tens?) cuu*i?t m much m it? atutitiaM as In iu actual
? ? u barbarous and inhospital
?a? Saa Legteiature ol Maryland which mutt militate
?vwavfeiiy a?t?.n?t b,r It it that disgrace to tho stet
? Banaft con?i?t? id U:e hab.lity vi personal in
I isnraiBMiiB far de: t -li?? letter ol the bond, or the pound
: ?d Baub Kay. BBure. ?he bu M?u:neJ tho unchristian
I ?*?* s?u.**n?, ofVe ol great ll.gb Shor.rT K.r th
I ?atifeaj t * let a ?Uten have coutrsctod or owe a debt
| weave be seer even th -ugh at home not liable to arrest
an! ira*????.?meal if he cme withm the borden el
Maryltaad. aba etatvla ready to play collector, and fe do
.0 taw nay of arrest and anmris nm. nt t >r hard hearted
creditori, what their owe stele would refuse m con
t:?.-y to humantv and tbe ?pint of the age? that i?.
wh?t we flattered cmnelvee, ia the progresa of r:nat
ton bad become the eptrit of the ace until th:? war to
the pr?ecution of which the young men of the e
are tempted to leave their peaceful and ? .
and firesides, to 1? transported tfcou??ndi
t? sh'-d theblood of a poor h?.flod:?n. half..
race of people?hospitable and kind sod br?r. ?
It be ignorant obstinate and rev. ?,.
men and children are taught to rrtd with g??,? at their
br?'aktMt tabica, the mo?t revollin?j accounts of
sod ca.-na.-e. How many lives ut such men ?s .'tmrry
Polk would atone lor thu? corrjptmg the moral? t ?
. ? ve?, | .vemment and liberti*? depend on
public virtue and morality '
I'.'RN ?. G,,tt??'?A feaMCWtb ?.'.anter ? ar
Vickaburg asserts that he would prefer making corn at
115 cte per bushel, tootton at ? cts. per ;
orfered to plant hi? entire plantation iu corn this year if :
he can contract lor th* same at 3? cte per boah ?
ered oo the plantation or on tbe bank of th* river. ? .
large corn operator offered t? contract at JU cte per I
butheL but the parti?? did not close.
From Vi i ata* ?Th? schooner Tetrel irvuii
laguna, is in the river. By a paseenger who came on |
ner we learn that aaothrr comroieeloner had tv ?
?patched lo Com Conner l poti hi? representation? ?
? n?.\ determined to ralee the Mocked? ,?? I
? ?ukU wm a%i<.'otiiaigly tk-ue ebssal in?? ?*?? u.i I
[H. 0. fie. Ttk.
r ? r a ? or> t ?t ? ? a a a ?. r
is ?r . -a?
7 ??? Vei'i ?ai ff.???? o?' Rtprtttirnir* ? ?, |
? . ?- ,?
elared : I 'he Repu'.
?toi ' M -
L'oited Stai ? ??
? ?? bmi lof tha
? . a ?????? ly ? , - ?t w??
"??val and' Mili
tary For?? ? ,.? -?te?
a. . ?toce the
Me* en. and I
? ? . -? . ??a, to pro??*?-.
Wat u wair-h th? eounlry wa?
w.iii tie litri, ?t er,< ?.. ? . M? M Ita ? ???, dy ?nJ
tory lotee? h??? taeaata ?? ? ?
? ' ?'??.? .".illtery
? preawed fore
? ? I
rabie m 1 aee cm ?
Mast ? ? -.'.er.
H.t lirto. tb?? ov? .
? ? :.:ne_t have Bot ?
" , V. Ith ? ? ? w ? a- .
? ?? '.? ) a: . .? -? IT MTt? *
ieted m produce ?,/.: . | Meeaaga
thi ?ar ?
? ; rOM 'ltd with vigor a? f I iett MMM of te
: , ? . ? eer.y ? ,
r the initui.-' ? ? t t.y lb?
? '?ry ol War .:. . , ?: | ?
III tn> Ml ???. ? ? } ?
meat KM - ? Mentii I
. .. , a
' ? 1 a ,. ? ? ' a ?. J 1. ? ? a -,?.
).'??. ? . ?
? ;. ? *ir,i alate ? f thing? ?rhl, . na war
with inch a ;.,n??! .? ? . * ?
a L Being eh?
?ad the law? with the conduct of the
war. haw??- ? I ? at my cum
to rate? for alia ? ?
itary I-r, e ??, i !,,? .'.Ber ? jr?.?,??? at ? I
?' r. ih?? regu?
Im ?my t" serve J ;r..-ig the w?r, a ? .
at if> tr .. . ?? ? ? ?? ?ana 1 t ? ?.?
?..Lt. ai.l a; ?? ?, 1 r. that day ?
?..? ill.,
incuti va?;: h? ral-? d ? ? ???>?.
I the leaat pracl.' Bbfo delay.
It ?ill be perce.rod that tl.n t teilte?
tor t::e ? rga: M ?? I ? ' ? . ? c: the
? t? a ' ? the appoint
?..?ut of geaei
P?-r tvat ?utbor.ty M given by aw to snake ?ucb organi
ration, and to ap| dal, by and w!:h the ? : .
?ent if the Sen?!* ? ach minibar . t Ifotol ini'Mi Md
: Qeaeral? a? the affici? ncy o( t:.?- Mrrtoa may
d. mai.d The hum?? ? ? > ?
? ? ar?? not mere than a
t.v ? ? ? Ml !? , i til fart* ? . ? . a? ? n duriag
your present session will in my Ridi?,,? nt. Ire required,
?mi ?, which it ?? my duty roapsi tiu..y to foriti your at
. I tho w?r. "Oi.trary to my ?aroftt de? r?? he pro
arattod to tie elOM ofth" term M ?
t.? w In Meneo wt: eL.??? -?-> ,
v! n?i volunteer it?' , - >ably become oece?
?ary to supply their ; ? ? "-?now
?ervng in M?x lia ? ? ...
engage, at the conclu? preMM, ton? I
. Ibe w?r Tr.? > weu.d conttitule ?
' cee the? t d '? ?r?e ? t ?'? ?. ? ??? ? ?, Rag the
?er-, ce??! My new coro? wl twvtcee,
Tint mahl han tta tetaahxf? ?' the ??,,??,' eat ?
?:?? ,,( a year s ?ervice ?n I w ? a ? t?? ?
c'i-iinicd t" lio? elilBBte and be ,ti iettdauger than new
?. f suffering froM foe dfoeMo of the caaatry, Ire
' there] ?? that ? I ly k?- gin :, 11 ?,-cept
the ,,,,p,G, ?, f 11 . 11 th?? Vataatton n^w .? ?? ?
?? ir ?? Hato "i ? e ? ?. .. r. ?, ,?? r. ?iiir, ard wln>
??y at tha ttir.nnatioti ol laMar present term, vo'uotari
ly eeagaga toBM?B dartag foe war trtth Meatoe ?nd thai
- n? be made for roromi??|oBing the eH er.
Eahoul I thi? m? ??urc r.?, e ?. ?G. (??. ral . r - l-r?t'?r.
"I < ongle?? it i? recommended that a bounty be grant?'?
tothew , aaMrlry eataadtog tMdrteiM oi
???r ? ?'.? Thli tM ? a 1 ' I gallant
? ? would lie economy to the (inverami
cauM. it 'lise.har.ted at th? ? n.1 of the twelve m oath? the> '
??..err meut Would t* bouDd to louut a I,???? eapamte
in bunging them .??, k to tb.-ir hora?!, end ia eeoding t I
the teal at w?r new corps of fresh troops to supply tbe.r
pi eon?
Hy Ibe eel of the Hiir?#?eTi?Ji ol May laet. tb? Fremden?
was author.r? d to accept the ?ervirt?? ol ?olunteer?.
'la eoMpeatee, batti roa? ?u>l regiment?
? ? I provision wa? mad?? fOI I, Dg up ?a ? a
which might .-"-ei,r by death M dteehW/gM ROM the
?ito?. ..u Meoal Of afol ?? ther ca?ualtle? In
? ?? nxeaceoi thi? uniaeioo ma,,y iftbooorpaaa?
are beet ? , ? ? ? dan ? la n'm,1 ? ? ?' in
any provision made tor blling vacant lea ,t r< . reenl?
rompeny officer? wh?? might he or rawlgn Intorniati?,?
? ?, leceiacd ?t fo? W?r |iep?nm. nt at the re?i_
nation ot no, tred ot tbe?e of?!, ?'? They
were appointed by the .-tau? ?uthontiea. ?t.,i m tutor
? ,- a ha? beei ? sed, ex? , t m ? lew n.ttaoce?,
that their placo? have been filled, and the efficiency ot
the ?erne? ha? beo? impair??.! Ir m thi? ? ?.i?e I
remedy thete drle? t?. I re? oininend thai ?ntbority be
nccept tue ?. ? .? : ?,vidual volun'?
'? ?? | .'? ? : ?u. b a? m?y 1 ? ?M ur.t t
tor the ?ervbe and b? ? a .? t and lhat ?e ? ? l
1? al?o rn?de lor ' it:g the , a a ? .nnental and
l ti p?ny |an who may die or re?.gu By ? ?
?nions, ?!,? \ ?,? ? ? ?? constantly a?.
or in?v approximate the max.mum number autboiued
and celled MM ?ervice in the flrtt Inttance
W .?? it ?? deeme I I 'MCUte
the wai lu the otan? t Indi' au?.! ai
einj feel it? pre??".!?? and Iti ? v.l? 1 ?!.?.. !?.? at a ?
re?,?? ? the aatl I
?Million aad with all the mean? Which ui?y ?- , ,
at inv cominai. I . I ,t?? '
,ual importance w.tti ?n Margotte and ? .
?tea. uti- u . ? tl ? war are the mean* required ?.? I?
Ira) It? expon?. ? and to upho.d and ina.ctain the pabiic
? ? BmMM '? the -! ? 1'ocembcr le?t 1
? .'-u.tied t ? the considerai : ?res? the pro
putty of ni.podog a? ? war measure rer?
?un e o| the a: ? ?a w ?.braced 10 the !
? . ? .... ?
a . . ? ,-aa.'.ii
C, ile.? A II: I ?
? t. d w | ?- . e annually ?i ? ? I
cee J m g two aud ? I.? : ? ?.?? Though in
? pal I : ; ? a. e ?. ? ?
n ! : ?? .
eminent it may h?ve been deemed BloyM ? ,t t ?
tl ?duty ou thcie artice. ::.e I un'ry ;?
? M Wag, MM all ? - are de
mande : >
in man ? ?a?.?
?? [erce.ved why we ?h.'u. I ,
;???! i. . ? ? ....
jecoon? which have hereto! >ic existed to I >
. t the?.? . j?... - were ep| : a itale ol pe??
the y were r.,,t in?ded We tre noe ?
in ? liireign war We need mone>
toMttoMta the f hl.c honor and credit It c?.
. ?
woald ch?rfally and without cooaplalai ?ubnait to the
payment d tt ? ? le.tinnal duty or aay other that may
be aeeeatary to m aiutato the hoc? ry pao
I xpenie? oi tile g ve:
? I !
that a: . > a -,
? war.
An addition?! ?moua! revenue It li e>- -
twoou 1. ,.i ? u. .. :. and ai ...
foa graduation anJ reduction ot th
- land? as have been long olered in
tbe market at tb? minimum pifo? e?tall:?hed K>
.?ttug law?, and bave remarne ? .moid Aad. in extaxttoa
to ataor raaeori? comtnanc'ing tha meeture to favorable
. .u?:,le?an? ? . . ? - >? a? a f uaaclal meaeure
1'he dutr ?ugge?trd on tea aoi coiee a- - . . a
'..u ?ad rejuntan ot the jr. e .! foa pahifo land?.
the treat
urr of not ;???? than three MBBaa? ot J flan an :
wJu'.d therebj |?
lie le: t aiir M y fo that amount, the interett ?? w
mi.it be paid temi annually acJ ultatately the debt it
?. ? 'y ? tw M the peep.e
It it atounJ ? licy and one which hu foa| been ap
proved by the lioveraaicnt and M l'cited
.-Ute?, r.t ver I ?::? unlea? in .
: cy and then on y tor tbe rualieataMOatt
> ....... . -tr.it
I reseed revenue? which the meaeurr? now re
ci mmeeded would pri dace, woald. Moreover -n?.
tre irovernment to negati??? a loan, (or any ?lit: cal !
?am which m?y be ! -nd I be needed. w,m ? ? .
?ty ani at eheaper ratet than ran be done without them
Cader the injunction ot the Constitution, which makut
|| my duty ' '*"" ">e gfoafoCongreM later
mac?n ot tbe ttate oi toe l li: a and t ree mmend to
tbeir cavoti de ration ?uch tnea?uret at tta.1 be judged
r?e<jeeeary and exp?dient, I respeettui'y ard "
.ess .0 tne meaeure?
presented lor the.r consid? ; uhhc good, M
well m a sense ol my responsibility to oar com moo coo
suuent*. m mv u.lgment. imperioMly deaaar I
theuld prcMnttnrmloryoiUMligbtei?ede?je?!:
andtnv'.- \ . -pvn them bet?re ?. ?
. ? irpreaeMeaad JAM! ? h ?
? .
? u LAivt ? Otrri ?
Right? organ publuhed ?t ?*?
? 1 the type tor ? ne-ba.1 the pape?
wm Ml ap to be wort ?xtd?y taken off. to
?srtui with th ? - ? . ? u sta, The burglar? ?re un
?? ?*? ? he...trage was perpetrated .: is sunpoeed
?t:oo ol cerumi tiLcp?:- .
Iurta? ci a personal character
Kir? ?A hro broke nut on Fnday morn:
-? che corner ol 1 agle end l.ydtu? ?U la the p??
?e??ioe ot Jeremiah KowUn". Mi borace?three of them
? the property ol Mr ? . penibel
? ?me? A . ?m ??' conftned in the building, showevj
Ae? ?aga<-ity by springing out at ? ??rit>doW At tbe Ire
? nxoratog, there m
,. . ? l..ai ;l was ti,?, w. :t oi s?'?* ta?xll?MWa fo
cetidlary lAlbatf *?**?.
???eta A? u-.
?? ' Santa Ann?
' ?? . ?
? > we re
? Miti? a few days aio*? w? ?
uve -,.,,, <??
bet?r. expo?
ma?le tirate of a
? ? we ara at war. ]
(lea?) mn -? ?tianuagBssaaakleenAran >
-an ' :? 1 ' ? ' . ' ,
Afos-? t ? el aoteot ]
- ? ?, r . I n?t I nave been placed ;n posso?
f the decree of ine sovereign
t toe
? ? wha: li
* ? fe? ad world tra ??
?:.? utmo?t rati
? acted in the name
i oow become? ' ? ? ?. ?amtone
at u iy reerr
?? Ita tri? lanrvia.-. . .
i which ? ... ? ? _ ? p(lo_
... Bl) IgernenU de . .
? ?
. ?.?UV.?
v.:BOt doubt ti. .
- ?
?.?i not returned to obtain ? . .
" ' ' ? .-'?.:.- w h
try ?1 : rhcl ?...?, pt the
, ha? be? tatlaat ning my
natural rcpujnance. .? ? ,.?
ite nature w
in? fee
! ctsm.tor-p'j??.??? myself of
. ?
? rue ? ? . privacy
exils .... klty to my
"" plena tted 01 disrm
, .1 era brea, ?nd ,.tJ ?,.
? ? acts w a* pub
ISU to r?fu?e it
? -? 1
tl Coogn ?? v?
?? ? ? ?<?
poesesstng tbe en tire index ,
Ami 1 basa aim bene ?t.m...?tei ti punan thi?
... ...
? ?? w ?? Decenary
. ,1 Mcxnan? to ir,-ui,? Il ?? ?rrival at the port ? t
Stato ? b 1? tooted snsoag per
> ? ?? my r. iuta! ot tin? sta ??. ?, 1
1 ?. cr?ete.
which juet now w, . ' ?' ??? led trito pan
; holy raus.i which we ar?? ?utta.ein. s.aintt tti. ?
?:.? ? d :? 1 feb ? ? I America.
Ail than eaaam ?' l ? any . ? :? which will tuggett
>? tbe p. netrati? ? < I the repr? ?? ulat.v. t .
th?? |* op!.?. I ta : -ttnd.ng any [.ert?n?!
? ? : ? to reiute *h.? Bam
I ut a? all these wi.l ce?,e with ? t short time t?. operate,
j and the military operation? with which I ?in charged
will, with the Divine bi.??:ng. ranal? in thruatl? .
(?mm the boeom t the Republic fee? untoti ;nv?der.
''.nt si the HUM time a si ?rioni peace which
?hall ?ave our nanohality and ?ecur? fee
. ?? the re
? I a|M press, sn 1 ?
. ? of the ehi? 1 msgUtncy, when that |
arrives of which I hase lust spoken, and which we nil
desire, snd allow m?? to p ' m fe liv Kef do
. feea axytxedand Immutable re?.?
el 1 power
?t ? teal to mi ;
it will ?us* calurm.v ? .
inventi.il? In time? ol ??rtj e 1 '. t ? 1 I ?? ??
?ternel smamfanol our tlori??. wan an eh my own
?hyuld endeavor? to < xciU? the beisi that thi? loyal and
(rank exposition oi myp?ui"??? ? atbnaMi li a hypo
devici win. i: conc.-al? eetilgui base an:
1 ?hail r-gard ?uch n'tack? with ? fTerence
! a man who reals ti ? , n. UmtA. Coevic
> ?? "t hi? own eaenetoaoe, ?nd await? fr m fen? wbi'h
? rt all thing?, tor a complete vindication. My !
amhttio? I? for gl -ry ?nd ? p.iathuroou? lame. The only \
thing to which I Mpire?I will repeat it a thousand time?
?ta to put a happy ron?luslon to the war. which we are
warinr airamat ?he rtPifhlnriei rwpwhllr by one or more '
aim?, whi. 11 may Story ?| mv
? ->>y ?o:n?. ? gn?l ? ? ,y .? ? aaaj
titled to tho appiana?
? ? ty
May heaven grant tliai ?.* 11. very ?..or,. I may 1
happine?? to present trtih the moot profound res ? ? ?
Mg aTtiO clamor with cabernet? feg ft? arrival of
tin- hour ol combat.
lour Kxcellcncy will be pleaaed to interpret theae
loyal ?entimema to the tov. r.igii Congre?? and at the
? ame time ????? tiki ???uraiieei of my ant.nguithed
? ? t?. ? 1 ? i Liberty.
iSM -?NT? A?.?tt
To the Bavretary of fen Interior ?nd Kcieign h>la
^^^^^^ [?. O Pic. 7th.
M \r ?y Te, ? ou? |g
Turn? -tr. in hi s bat ?. ? Bank, a
wall-hand Semearficlet 1 I ewalry were Holen ye?t?r
day ti I ?? ?ni Washington tu. a
s ? i 'th cloak and a ?a k .? t: ? ? t fattoi ?t a
? .? wn ?re: ??. I child's cloal |
i black ?' and ?tt.n ? t at
woitn t ' Maft t"
neetor. gild chain aeal and k? y !
Daft Ward M?l J r'.-i? t'o c-waid, t." BWsM wst.
and %.
Aba>. \???>? r ? I m .---J liiett ?U ? .
wm arrMted iMt night lor thi? crime. She gave ber
I ? . ? i-in utlit to An-.honv Brown to be car
? the hi ut* of a mau named John Uittir? w. The
bouse ' ? other hsd also dis
?ppeai. I and llruwu benight tbe intent to Ihc station
house The poli,? alter a long Acaren, ?ucceeded ta
fiading the mother hidden und t ?
dea ul negro??! ,?? Orange it.
Tut bau ?? M DiAij ?Dr IsfeaaV the feto liv?
ing skeleton paid bit debt to nature on Saturday night
. inette.
i | riuv?The ?
? arry to
Ireland, free ot cha? |?
m benevolent perlons msy denre to send.
it near Avenue C ftffl in a ft upon ti.
broke hi? ?w '.? r.e very t,a i y he wm taken
?ry Mam uf I>r Burphy wrier?- ht wound wm
attended, but .t being disc..
::.. wu t'blldiiet the
?Mi ??? ?:?1?
Cav^Aresi'lu.-it ??! Brooklyn na.'ne?! Dani* I
feaaanftati ft ? u it *ir? oc.ock
last evening and rut hit ban?. He wm taken care uf tt '
tbe ttttl in bouse and wm able ? ? away in ibe eren* j
?*" Jamet Har; M, a deaf Ban? i'.umb man. wn '
: y*stcrday afternoon in the fe v? i.th \\, |
?ism with ? pittisi.
\jT . itman atte
Peter Rham last evening with a knife ?tabbing them and
wounding the latter danger ut.y m three placet. He
wm arreated about 10 o'clock.
(S?gn?*Tai Xolirc?.
ry lieoaraphy Teu?h! hvalmtine
t .:.ed ertgammr etfebe very no?e ?.??.?>{ ?-a ? ,- ? ?
- - . ? V . -e. .?
trustees to give ?aanoue to ?"?? ie.ao?pef ? ?
scaooj djrin?? in? day, M bappy 11 aran t;a?*e4fy?*,l*??
?a ? ' ? . ' i ? '-'??' a- *? aod .- - : ?" "v
. . ? ? . ?? ? ? ?*? -
, taiaa?kktu?t^BVeMeroyoeTuee.
??- Tiarsdsv ?. : ??:-?:?.?' ev?: .??. k_l ti Ertjers
gemale lai it? Boedsy, U-.:.e?:.y vi fnlay
r%r The traerlcni? ISBpravcd lly.eian .Meal?
rlee.-T^r*? ? ? sre sude ,
, . ? '
5sm!oeaa2Zm**woi ????**?&?*?^*,?*?<
" .- , ?? .?? ? '?? . ? -.? ? -. a
- , ,, , -? ? ?? '-? --? :.--? -
\.,gssne?i m fact of ibe .ytutan.aod eepectsJ
. .... ,-?-.' - - a., -?-1
. ?... ? ?- ?o*?W
Bbsslrv attorafelr trtiu. will remata without tbasn
\ /. ,.? ? .? ? ? ' ?? ..? V ? -
?" ?? ?M ' ' ?" ' : ' A e" t? - -? -
? tuant. BSoaJyc. J t.
tr Dr. Buuuiea'? Bed? Bruce ?????*???\?
.? ., "-it. e?. ?:?'?? ? ? : * *
l\???7?Z??mm\*m*i etnee, weakly female.. J^Jfrow?
m(4Bnl*l'-u and a., dtepotw ! ? ? droop and an trfeetery.
eattawAaJy ?PID?. ?u"ect?. wl.. '?? de.:?h.eJ w. AU? ec
who l?r?^eu rucead 'rom n^rannaaiioa. Jr?? ?>
t t.?ntmoe
.... - ; ?:?
Brvaau-iy- i^ymatteMaatoMfedin- l??D?wrf
vScnerai Xo.icce.
G?" Jehaeoa'? Toothache Drnpe.
? ?od peiBiaueui cu???
? .?'??- ? - atee m e
- ??'"??ly p?pela- wttfcMaea wM have
sona and s ?. - .
tad gw I ? .aragrarva lelo
..? . ? . . ? ??
? a- poBstbly he . ? a, ?
. -.,: t:. ? '??? "\ . - . a. ? - a. ? .
? ? t b. a p. ?mi?.?
tr hy Heory Jokaao? (Meeaaaoi :?> t B gaatteh
? o is w? the ? G - ?:.? safety ???
? ? . - . ? a : at? ; baa < ? ., nache
t1 ? a -? a ? the wra-per M :h? ?ta., as every
ha genuine ha? the signature of He
? A? ? ? mediate
.be moat rtoteat to?? ? ? pa ?
JOHNSON - . ... s . .-. Braid wer.
? a ? a
I - t?i Broadway and ?4 Hudioo-??. Price is cenia
Ie* VViirrd nrr
. * ? . ?
?. .?Sea ? ... ibeg at the
? . a of Bl a yeB ? ?
Patent fllciiicin.ee.
roa t?' - ia? ??????????t , ? ??. ,t ai ? dmmm?
. ? ? ? ? ?a iviita? ?t?t? or tb? i
IM, ??
? re war ut? fNMraasti i'aiwni
M rat Per? ?.
?? f ? f | U ' ?
Und. Ha.?? trm**l ipui /'.ita ?) lit /?->?*? ia?< JmaU -
*?r? ' . ? a ? :-nkat? ,
end dijrA?. u-utag /??.?* ? I ? . '
?' ? ?/? Babai t ?* / ?,?? , ??,
? ,
? C? VICE Y CI ?.?? .
I J???? 1 ? , <
' - a ? ?,?. VIlBl
. ?.
- ? ? ?.
? . ... . re
? ???. and ih?? rav?. ?
.... ued *
. - ? ? and the tan .. ?
Me, Ih? ... , t,,laure? ?re
tlon." I ? ? ? , ?
? ?? -a..-v to eut.
? ' rariBM? and certainty
??- > k ? . ???? ?? - and Ihn?
??wi .... . ? . ,,.?,,?. Thai
? ?? ? led u?
k. -
, ? balance
m He? . ?j. I the pauenl 1? ree
re tuttniit to the pablt? the fo ? .
:: a ?. . ? rea e. , ,.e ?o'irce, of a cure m vie by
? . ??r??['?-t;.?
Noawica, ?. Y Oct.? IM
Mha . ? I A D ??????
'?en: ? of gnuttudi e m? io make a
? ? ed from
I ?Apertila. I bar? for several veers
beeaad na agote my heed, which
.' ? galhei aad dttcharg" at uy throat, bom
- ?, and at others ? ?lid break ool m different pans
'?ce and he?l. Tbeee talli or throat,
ame, and for a
arse that u wa? wtih ibe ntiiio?t ,i.f
fteu.tr thai I coold ?peak ahora a whtepei I). . .
aererai attach? ibwdtaMMe.
I con? phyelciaas. aad niM ? ?
. it reearred no bea?Mi onill I eoameaeed aateg rear
iMMparilte I am now well, the ?ore? are all healed,
a- I I attribute ?jfo remit entirely io the effect? of ye ., v?
? - V ... ?ratini le,
PHK.bE r nions
1 ? - pene? tbore
named, I lie lew
\ MHS ht, D ? AKB. Iruttce of'he Peace.
The f ? A??nt lo:',? va ?
a ??? ? ep-,.y m, he reel wh tn
leiesi by all ilmtiarly ?
?-, a. Piked 0 '.? '.Sep. 7, ti**.
? I a,a
\ . . I ' ? ' 7 ?
.? Bad lia? reeeiT?'?,! ,,,
, - ??',??.? year?
ad I fioin ? ?liuatlon :' ?:
?. Mloagod io a human
.. .. ... Hag ??'".
I lu their
..??J over, aud hie
leproey cored H~ lotend? mlr.g e few wer? hot ?<
permanent./ ettaMiih hi? he?' h
V-.ir?. most reapecifully. (i W RAIMO?.1)!?
tor iarther partiriilsrs, ?nd conclusivo evidence M ile
?opertor velue ?nd enVary, ?ee ptmphiett, which may be
? 'tamed of Agent? grail?.
Prepare?! ?n I wld't ? RAP ?tND.?. nntrginte, tee
Pah ".-?? < or-ier ,.i u New-Yoi ?.
, Matin Broadway,and t? Cae* Broadway,?d
by draggtett generally tbroagbaol ibe I'niutd State?.
t ?. ?.??.? B\ jil Im
raar bit e At,v a an ?,?..?
fcc al quarter price Other arti Im ta proeor?oa
\. a aereoa?are offeroganarlon 'miiauonsofDr.
Cartel ngt K.id.ac at half prie?, foa pah?
?re ree t mai the ?ame article? may be
I a -la "Iher ?"??, Ih? eoaator?
, noe quarter lb? priceofthe
. -?????1 do.lars -.vlill-e f? rfelt?! if th"y ere net the
?WBM arts* p gad ?anuncio r?>d by ibe same roeo.
U h? .eta -at : telali ige . . | alwiy, between
John ?L and Maidei,
gW" Dr ( ",?t'e?r..t itee Oalraatf ?rilcle?. which ?re
ertag? ? -.a ??-"rity that new
erfetteapi ? ar every ley, nn he rvbtatvMd on y at
*??? 18? BR(ADWAY,__J
? haaoto atece tl New-Yoia wBerr they ?an he
Kev.? ? ?re. a? ? ?JM u' ihem
? ? .?ri..?, lien, line ?rttcle?
IB*'' ..... | OB '?a.virntn. and '?App.I
? - ? - I ?
?MtFN rUN." 'MEEN FOI*?.''
CELI ?H vinili ? Nr ?r mm.'? G<)\ G??
THIS Ml in-. a '
preeM Beat ? r't *'' ' preserving ,
? ' t ? ? g cold waau ar, when
? .? . . \ ... ?''be ski ? ere caused |
it wind*, the he ' ? uf iha re' tarlai riw
leingly t G? august patronage
e severa. Roveri . ?? Il ir?.? of Rurope. ,
Ih? Bui -< rtottte a:. . ,,ie ulm?n?.,! trattai miti!
detly reeelved by ihe ptoprtetor?, ere ? ????. ?um-,
..?n the euperittrity of the erti? ?. with??ut '?
T ?T?.u Mets te? A ?ci?, .-ooii?tninent of
- , , ?.. : . ? ,.?.?, the
, ? 'ointry.
\ ? ? - . .line?? ?nd delicacy
?? ? ? cheek, tender it indiipeutabie io
every t ? ?
??ate of tea taperaw hobbsaio
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OR, INOOLDSBV? BPKCIFIC ennnaie? 'rom a regu
.?'I ? ? .. easaiit ? leae.and porteci, y barin.e??
. u? ratea, mal? and female ' an ? young
, a. , wrl?, all'i
. . .? ' . s digestir? ori ? ?
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.... ...
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, . . . 1 I . '.-e . .??. IL
,t,r . rt . . Ura Ilari. IA I ? Mewarh,
J r. ? ? e >V. Badg? ?:
Hand?. B??.?.?. P.Miert. Br?.-eiet? ? MhM ; Mce.? .
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.... . ?. .?ojeo.
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? ? . ?? di?puie '.r.etr geoulneoeM. or the
. ? .'.lfv. thai wo hare BMaaremired Dr Cbr
?e? Rings ??t?? and Bebe lor D C Morehead, f
Broadway, for me aat W. monto?, tkal we now hevea
?riti U - Crocia.', and b'Bi oo.y. fur the manufae
?- -aine a? originally
?s Dr ehrt?, e? ? -?? me.
(>? tho lVhuvl l'ih :?t? "'I)-?. ' er ;??/ ?ppearud
,. Me.vi. e. Jaine? Brown ?od Isaac
? Tede oath b> the ??,?t? ?laiemeaL
? tK J LRETE,C MMlMinn?? rfltote
? R ? ?.. order? .vii ? tea cny mutt be addreeeed lo
Dr Cr? .?..?-?.*?<''
Whoieealeead Rei?ai Agency l.tj Broadway, corner of
. . I*8 '"Http
? |G??? ~HKf*f~VAni L Y JluUItlNK ?? Dr
1 K.twi .e.????, e Pi?? -? ?re couip<j???d of na
.. .--?lile extracta of rare
,. tl :."ey aa?i?i
Mr te ber effort? to expel dlaee*? ani reetore '.-? -
Ther ponfy tre? '. jod e? ,?.!/? the ;irru.aitoo and reeioee
u? _rer. tidney?. and outer eeerruiry organs ? a hea.ihy
U'fte ?ed aeU'fi. trom the.r tool; porperiiee ibey never
produce thai debility ??lbo ?lorcecJl and inuastlr.ee so of\eo
ite con.eet.erce of? uee of Oliver porgBXivee. In dyspep
? ageei-ocj ibey have prorod eupertor vo
My other ?edlctae. Tbey cieecee ?? stomaeh and tniee
t!n?M from ail IrcpurtUe?. and frvta their eeoeral bcU-mi
5've r^ewe?! energy w the cedwrtutloo. FrMeiwtih faU
irecuooj) ?? eaau per box To be obtained at wboie?
eaie or retail at the prtociptvl omce. No. 411 Broadway.
dJl ?M?H?d__________^__^_^_^_____
??.AMI??'?? wVKI ? ? ????????,-??? t ratait
?5?t ? ' ?or II rnlXM freely
?ruh wavr ic a, .r ?av .Hher ,?-,a??
Pret-xred cprt H. sANUS. ht D aad ?o?l at IM
.? .? ??:" Jameett Earn label hae written on
? G ?l Bands MD? tal? sgenis A B. ? D benda
So.d by D Sandt k Co. Etat
g. jejdwaf earner Maraetsc H. Johneon. Rroadwey cor
Cham'???? - "; **'T ' ' 'fi?l?tJ kLW?
?Mill' Had?*? conter ?prti g. Duper B'oadwwy eot
aer Hou?wc-?l Brooa.ya age?.t. Mia HayM,AtVPu.ion-eL
if lm* _
??PH1>^.',? I OK. H I i Mit ? te?
UMgbe. colue, hoarieoBM. kc and le ?. w
mal u ioee tvt* reajains any paJteg Por aale ai
the principa, drag aana lo ???hi r-"1- Brootiya and
??BriMgboot ?be Ceiled Suuee
VVboleeaM Agact?. Jm. R Ajptawall, * W dlam-ea. and
lerael Minor, 21? toit??-?*.
PreBaiaM and ?old, wt*i eaale and rteoil by I Joesai,
?????1?? ^?? HowstfO. eoe *deP,i?i<Bl-ei. A? Mi?aytjTkg
A ?. ? PKI? EtAIIV IMI>*Tt-lf the b .tuie
bVoc? Ba'.J? and Be.te which are ?old at 1? Broad?? ?
?ray. earner of Johi-et at half pnce, are coaotarMt?. why '
don't Dr. Canati? or hi? ?gem pob:i?a ihem M ?geo ia I
nhiia teraM, m teat tee pablie caa naderwaml the asauer '
- canno? dieouuv ibai ih? ?eai- ear.
ii?i maavfactared lT??ae bee luralaAod him for ine peel two
yea/a RsMMikir tee half pr.ee ?tore, 112 RruaM way <
Patt-nt ?6U?1CMU?
?piUS EXTRACT .? putup \c f*'< ?ttim. Bfetifeofeati
1 ?awape- | eaaaa er, and warranird tirasrlor to aay
It caread a??????? without iwettretf. r?rr"f. statoti?
?g a? ?vsuwartwg tbe peueut
The greal Seantv sad eep*rH.v?1iy >>f Afe Ssrsap?Art;!i
rem?di?e la. w.i.e u eradicate* diseasee.il
loatgoraiee ibe beato,
?? ?? maa ??,???? .;??? IMI ?sta
I .IHM) . I ?si r Bin??!??
t.OOSf oi??? r BtiWMMbi
'2,???? cttii ati Oi?i?al DssniT?. and wee ? of
Ner?"'ia Energy.
?'t.OAMI Fia?, a C Ml UaTM ?MR .?a.
????) cvtt? or iMMaM
Of ike ?',??.?. I " ? | ataatbat, ?avli
Rheu-n G fe tfbce.bc.be gitasi wtih ?esser
vai? casses of Consomption, I.iver Cotnp.einu. tptnal Af
Tfi.t w? ara aware, awstapattar h
refe nctans ? ? agent? ?rom
? trai W fea ? atiad Ata:??, informing it of aarnner?
d.nary curra. R. V t-i lsakira,_Kse ene of ibe mo? p?.
t,-?ctahle Origgifj fe Newark. New Jeraey. inform? u?
an reter at more tnan one h i-i-?ol and ?.ty ra??w
bMfea ?en?. There are kututntntoet caeea In th?
City of New-York, which we will refer lo wiih p,ee?.ire,
?ad lo men of character we,! knowa.
buk: 'Matism
Mere than one thousand cm?? .>f Chronic Rheum?.lem
, hare been cured hy ine jaeef Dr T.'w-.?end's Sartaper.llu
N?w Y ?? Dr.? 11 ami
t tocToe Tuwatane tl IfefebttmyfewyieeaiaM
? own ?'.nc*re i'.?rk? for :he''?"efitaT have -
eared by tbe see : . act of ft ria ?Urli ti ?a?
? < ? with I natie re,??, ani abe
? ??-.?,?
?????? re'l.ler...! my Ufa) ? ''Ulile-U !" ?'". ?
. ...... ed foi ?*?
??? w .:?..,
perm?-. ? i asyerll . ??
ibsasrvfei ? ? ?? laced try your ? ??*?*?
? < . .? i a'ii h?ppv ?., ?ay. .
he.) noi tM?u ??'??-? t?-an ha.f a ???'. ? M .el ,?, -e
. -r????-? In l.? use, afe iw?
bajuleubaweetectads ? > ? amanan?
ir remedy, and I am grateful and happy to
?av 1 nev?r ?? - ?
I ?hall take gr?vt n'eai'ir? In r?c ?nmendlng II to the
? < ? 1 ?ra , t.?,irre p?? life waa ?ave,1
Wiih Hi.? gr-ateai respect allow me to suhervtbe myself
y. 'ir grateful' ? WILLIAM ? MOROAB,
? Cena ?? .-. mm of Bicaiaiy.
ailfl MATISM AM' I.iMBAtlO.
N?w Yca.July?, I ?4?.
I>?. T??? >???.?- Dksn ta fox the mi Hire? year? I
have been ?orely ???. ted wiih. ??veie ileumai'.c peine. I
have beau it :.:ue. m the greatest agony po??.l?.*. and uua
e ;e ' > I bave ileo bad toteseab
lack? of tbe lnaibago. ? reed ? ? itafeepepon
of tl.?? vnui?? ,?: v.ir Saraaran la. ?n.l llie'ighl I would try
? t dteelfleould ? ? ? . ?. hi? ;?it
m?. tea I Bijattrfeaoa aw mote of say rbeuaisik pel m Mv
-? ban bee? Irnwrurrtng atece I ectsamsnawd trita
??. tor wh.ctt I am ear) 'ant!'... ?nd hop? miu w BWSS
lh* succ*?? ihai your - o?e ?even? eoaaplaiats
merit?. Your, Ac. br RICHARD JONFS.
m No. s [) ,?! ti.
NtWAta rriiiMoav.
?mtcmbm M : ?
l'a ? ?Binati Ebat Bb My WafeJfeBBMtifet aevei.
a'y??r? arili led w:.h rh*urr?i!?i? Che hM tried n-any
difieren! lerne?!?? M obtubl SOUS? relief, bul all to BO pur
l"W* She wm rinati 1 ? Indue??.), by teeing your adv?iu?e.
mem. to give your Haraaparil!? a ?p?! W,> trajea rad ?orne
et it trow V'Kir agen?. (Nr. Yaa Hiiaklrk) acri It give* me
atoasen M ?taie 'h?l afle? 'i?mg It the eiperteared gre?!
ktd w?s ic ? -?ry?h?it lime perfecliy curnd. I wm
?ether with a man In icy etnp'oyi hadlj tieuMod
wuh ??.??. ?nd '.y usta*? a small quantity of vout Sarape
ce. our rematomi was completely cured. I rnnsklsi II
? ??? oi :h* he?i uf tard trine?, and woald advia?. all who ?re
afJVetei lo g??* Il a inai HARRI G OAJIRARRANT.
121 Market it. Newark
A?w?ii ta Tansrsasree en oTNBBB w su ???r? or ver.
'? leti ?tate?, are rourJanslli .-ring rtntgriim Bed ?
I as of beeeAte stoiivea from Dr T>?n??>nd'ir.?i??
II? ? ? v<r?o vo Mom* ?1???????.?>" you rei|.i??t .1 " ?
- froer Comnuead eyrop oftarsepe?
MB Bern I l?a?? ii??d tl in my
practice and pre?, ribed tt for th? la?t f?w month? and mu?t
(We u my decided preference over anything .?f toe Had
witti which I am acquainted, both M lo Ite medicai virtue?
and Hie reasonable price at which you sell it In scrofulous
? aterlloni. riiiAiie.wia.ei??!??'"*? r?e?(ef!y. riyapwpwe, ledi
grwtloe, ri'i'iv? habit*, and liver complaints, I am ranch
pi ?aaed with tt? effect? In feeea .omp.alnis, or aav other
j where ?crofulil? Indicated, I can wtin ronftdence recom
f?, id It to the patronage of the profesa <?? a? a valuable
' sin'iiarv for removing tit?ese at some ?,? ua teost trmihie
toine forrr?, ?nd fe s.l. ?? a taf" and valuable in-dlcti,?.
I Brooklyn, Nov. 21, I ???
Dr. Towe^ran- /Va? ,Vir Having tor ?ome lime p??l
tee ?rfli't*<t with ? pu montry effect! "i on my lung?, and
a eonilnial pain Iu my ?Id*, owing to evening e?p??ure In
traveling after ? reaching.and ?/idiiig my diesane IO liierea?e.
with mm ii diffi -?.:y of l,'eathing and other a.aiming ?yrap
torn?, I ?ii advl?e>l hg a clergyman, a frltMid of mm*, o.
.ry your ciebrete.1 Saraaparlns I did an, snd after ta
k?-ig iwii or three hostia? I teased in ??.?/ r?deved Myap
p?tlle hM twevi restored I find mv?elf niurh stronger, and
nop? very ?'?on t> rnaume my u??j?i duilee. I have he?u
?o greeny l.?netlt?.| hy your eacellenl medicine, I feel tl I
my duly to make known ttk? fact? for fee kenetit of others
who may l.elat'oripg under the ??me dilftrultle? that I have
been f"r soste tiinrpatt. Re*penfuily, yeir?.
SAatrr.h WHITr. Pssior of Baptist Church.
Ni.fl.lv S'ateu Itland
Principal Office. I> Pulton ?t San Building?.
Rl?p i?e fit? Aien.and lout?'. If you r?n, thai eon
t'luip'l'in MBBtiti I1? Mli This It only one of the aeveral
hundred rues thsl Townieud'? flaiiaptrtilt his cured
B en..m ye Kept U. |??t.
II? T"? a,tan -/????? So I w?? taken a lull? over a
y?ar ago with a ????ere tt???? and ? am lu my tide II ln<
cira??d on uie ?ei j f??t Indeed. I wm proUBounced by
? -oil to have the quick contmnptnin I r?i?ed large
quantiuee of had SMIABT, l.ad night iwitu, and ainkiog
?ery lut , my d"cior ?aid e could de rioiieng for uie. I
ipttai tl hope of heing heneflled, bul wa?
ana "n.ced iner? MbrsftHt I wm now greaily diatreee
ed ?I in? uDga and cu id eareUf breaine , I soon heearae
????'???'??1 and naectsd 10 lie. wm eonflne<i to my bed,
and wa? <?hllg?,| |e have we', her? , indeed. I rannul glie
y,?, ?? y letcr'1',??a that W'ruid do iJ?tlee lo my raee- I
wm ?ilv'atad by ir.y friend? to be pMt recovery, I had
tried ? gr???t number of remedie?, and ali ?eenied Ui he to
teee, I read of some most etiraordiuary cure? per?
f,. ne-i ??/ /on ated?ela?,and oi?.. yon m? irata, I ??.?
.'.?r? wMtome h'im'.ug tn l/iem B'lt I wm ta?
dic~d to try it . I done to. and ana very thaakful I did. I
BBBOASBJ feM I am eniireiy wed, but am so fa/ recovered
m l" be ? bet .?te ?nd hop? lo he entirely well In
?few aneti* My roughen.) palala the aide, and night
sweets, have left me and rai?? bel vary oit,?, sad sin feat
gaining tsj itnsj strength I fell it a duly to gtv? ftiti a
?l?lein?nl of my cuan to publish if y.ai please.
PhlTklK BROWN ?7 LiUloel. Brook.yn.
Dr. Townsend's S?r?ae?rtlla ISS ?ov?rel(n and ?pavedy
eme for loripieel sntiBBBs] '.on, Sarreotieu. Is .corn.'??,
?... ? ? ?a?trearios Irtroetln?
? ? 1 ?e'iarg.. tbereef and for
??a. pro?iraiu?n d fee??*U-m- itu mailer wt.eiuer
-nl cause?, or produced by irregu.
ses or ac, >nt
MaaaJng can ' ? ?ton eorprwing than lia iii?igortiilug ?f '
feri? up- - . AI bemal Per?-?',? ?., weaBasUB Slid
... stead ???? of
,'?,.??. I: linei??!.? ? I -r?rtalhe
. ?arie?? of Uie leinaie f?ame, which .* Ibe greatc.au??
,? 4.-.
Il will ees ? ?'.ed'?f ?? tn eaaee of ?0'l?.irate a na?
i ir? '.? ???..? leemtrateaof ejree periornied. kul wecan
???.ir? iti? ?? ed u ?? saadrsafaet casnB bav?beea re?
? fe 'ia Sev?r*i ?????, where fare: let ha?e been
OBI children, ai'ier ueng a few houle?of this fevafea?
ne medicine, have t>ewn t?.e?aed with hee,lhy offapriog.
?-MM? by
tg of
? w p and having known e
Ua.Tuwa??*!? -My wlf? being greaiiy diet/'
.?eaaneee ??.) g?n?ra,.y debility, and suffering continu?, y
by pa.n and a aen?ail>m <?f bearing down, falling of the
wr.ere your tue?) cine I'M effertad great cur??, and ?.?->
hearing Ii reeommended fc,reurh raaeeM I h?v?dr-arrll ?el.
lined ? bolli? of Etireelol Sartapar fe, ?r.d toi.owe-l
the .1 irectiona you gave me. ? ? a ?h<>n period it removed
n?r cou., .a at? and reatured her to bee.in. Being grauafil
(or the tetnefiii ?he receive,!, I t??e plOMure in thu? gs>
know leal gir. g li, ai ?? r?cornmeodlng lito the puhilc
M. D MOORE, cur of Orand and Lydiu? ?is.
Albany. A?g ? M
?,, ? rusai ? ? ? Bay cenema Tht?
r'.fy. that siy wile aeM one itoti.? <? your rtarsaiu?
, ? ?nAi.rinec.?., under theav?st alantug
and 1?- It? te, -.elng iroubfed w.ih the drop.
tv ?weUsag of the feri, aervo?? affections, and very much
:- ?e ? ,',?????????? snd 'Jierecoatnv?? idi
G -jiose ? I ; tel it. ?he was Induced to try It, wltb
'?.,'?. ? ???! tttiacu it to say. the ned trine bad the
. a-.d l?nred ?afect r??-1 ?' ? ? '-b? hours of eorifta?
asant >ut after the expiration of one weei of it? a??, ibe
Jrjoey sad nerrou? ?ffeeuoo gave way u> an astoetah^ig
degr??, sod oer haevin is now better iuaa it bad been for a
ione unte previoos.
If mu will Ue of say servire u> ?ou, or soy oes? who
d'H-tte the success of tbe medi.-lne, you are enareiy wel
eom? lo it 1 sukeertbe myeej your moat obedient aad
obliged s?rrut. - ? JAMESON
Dr Tosrnseed U almost dstly reret vtng orders from phy.
Btcasasin dtfersM pert? of .be f'nie?n.
Thi? la to cen.fy that we. th? uaderaigrjed Pbyaiedsas of
th? attf of A '?any. nave tn aumerous caaee pveeert'ied Dr
Towneeed ? SarMpanil?, and heilere li to h? oue of ib?
su ?t va?uab ?s preparation? of ibe Banaear'ula In in? market
? ? ?-, eg M D J W,leuo,U. D R B Brigg?, M.
OPE. Elmendorf. M D.
AahaayTSgal i,i**s
Tie following U frort one of the most rrspaetakes pbyst?
?feM oe Long island Gaeiarosr. Ju.y io, isut.
Da. Towsirao?fsutr Str It is wttn ?atiantciion thai 1 j
my to you, ihat I have recedi y ?r.UMMed, ic aaWBItij catti i
ite most beowbeial resulte front your Extreel of Sarmpa- ?
nja. Being ?n?ra?rwd in lb? prarUre of medi?is??. I be??
prsecrtbed it In several eases, aad never w.thoat bene/?.
Ia ih? rassoval of disaiaeee ariamg from a t?rang?d ?lace
of ibe digestive organs, jaundice, be tt far ??eeede any- ,
in mg of the kmd ever t?efo?e eeVed to th? ptxboe. To?
?n? pie?*? ?end me iwo doten, be_*<?_
Bespea-tfiuly yours, A C PBESTON.M. D
Principal oAV?. CB Faltoo-at Bea Balldlna, NT , ted?
dtar b Co, No. I 8uuav?t Boetcet, Dr DyoU k too?. 1?
Hortb Bwoud-ei. PhUadeiphte. ? t Haec*. druggtet Bai
amnstii Duro, h Co. Bienmoed . ? M Cob??,, tharieatoa, ,
Wrl/hl h Co. IM Cka?rv???-et K?>w^Jrie?A?i?i tub Boutb I
T'% ?L Aibany . X Y'to B.t? r?. ??fri Broad, cor. Mark??.
al Nawarb, N. J , aad oy prtecpal druggists g sparali?? ?
ihroagaoautb?InitedBCtiee. Wealladlea.t^d the Caasrls?.
??. ?-.e geaala?. on.??? pat ur. in ihe .arg? square bottino,
which contain a guari and signed w.in lbs wiilaau stgusv <
ni?of g G TCJwMEfD snd alt lssb? blown oa-fee
gfem 4M
8i.iiti0.ta.. &t. CDenub.
Wavran-Aiew^c!*? tn?..? w?? ???* ?~ ???'?. ??
W e?; weg??? AgwaU 'or the ?a ? ??** rea? ?ed pop??.
?" ? ? ? -t - |rw o???? Bad eto?? their ?t eawiwat will S?
laenrad ?? iheia tn ervitteg wtthae -fl?'?'-* '^rteg
?' tiare paw rear ?vnre? mee aow tn .?or eeap'oy s?lU ??
' : ?-^?a. ..... g?*-.? rear ???' of el ?x.sneM ?
r?.-h tiaa ?nil have hie 4i?tr?cL tt will he oerwteary *?
Ut*estoM*eata??j?t Croe? giSt.>Bv' ?.? ?l?tale a g??od ?It ta?
?a Aprirai ?G?G?'? PuVttelng Hell, tan ?>'?ad
WBT.ep.iajra.rifV?,^ lne flag of oar l'alt??. All lettere
m .?? '?e poet-paid Bat if
\VAVHtD.- A ?vidi? tated Aw?-???, ?rat?7?l?a '?
t? a ??n -ate aoti?ee,eeaaBr. ie go lew U>- eoaBfry aed
?I? ?bare? ?r a aooaw vetor? Oiore art:: to ?re er eta M e
w ? The houee ?ad *ara?Mr? are new and Mee ???tt
MB)?Matea?tai An eeaawrri ?-ear ??_,.?, ^, ptWaaeWMl -
??>-,?.' -?e ?--?-<???.- ?ewvaeelT at tit tiaaama
?t ".eiw^aee :he h-vure ,?f 4 and ? tn the aAeeeeeaa. Ilflw?
WAN'TKD ? Pjrch?eer? Or ne* aad aaieal *???4 fa
teet Maaglee, Iroa Awningt aad ? kioee of Ima
wort. leX'kemith'.r.? ?ni Re Hare-?- ,>e ?atoee" a
tern?, b? DCNCAN k U F?rr. ? Mule Oreea e?
J?"Jm- _Nevar MeMea-Mae. ? ?
?JI7ANTKD -Br a y?ag wetnao. a ?l'uattoe m chaaT
*' bermald or wettet, ori?? aswWt in weeblag ?ad Iraatng
tea ?mail rivale ?kTlly ,,o??d reiereeca Aprlv ?I tal
? ? t>er'T betweajB H -Melon end Priore, up Matra tarar*
\\" t > ?ID A gi??al kwniaee Maker io ?-oVm'w mu?e m
tt he MHinirr. to whom good wage? ?ed con?t?ei ?m.
povmewt wt.i ?? given Arr ? ai tM Broadwar Uf k*
WITIIOl'T PAY-The beet of eervaii?. tirai? re
eommeaded caa he had granulo?,?! t ai C MatOrTR
! eetah ? ??' ?r? :v Bowery, af tor*
-pO MFIHI tl. Iti KV- Wanteat ac?apeMM??w?MMal
I man t.< ?te aa equa, laleieai ta an oM eeteMtetMd
. ' ?peoeary .-.f ,??t ihirtr rwar? comuniane?. aad
- ?ti i? reare br ihe preaveai pm?rt??tor Ta? erta???
? f euet ce ne.? a.?a is m unit? >?oi M deer prae?
the orVaa beam????, to wterhtt Ma tot??c?*aT?
be??n ?bol y deroted and B,*o wnh a vtew lo re tore tb?
rr???vit MMto? la ?tame Mateara 'rote ibe arahtouccM
*nemeni :o wVch to to? toen en lung ?uh acted Toa
proper pMaaadnton? of aahatag ?? t?>-e?BioMee?iwe
' . a ? e.i ?,? ?I neat, ih'? ?ii'iaiion >>ger? iievtanal f?V
.?11???? Apply ai 4 Peck eltp. io DR. a CARPRNTBB
' *tmtnf
TO IMPOKTRKW. W.n e.1 a ...alien'to ie IM
?va? by 'tie who bate bad twelve rear? experltaate M
I a. M e?, ? ,!ry gi^vJt MatoaM In Ihn ( Ir He le ?Oll
?cc'ialned with purch????'? wr'.ie? e e'eer hand ism aa
?eniiaii.l book keeping Add ree? Box 2K3 G tl IV try
NI 11? M AMI? ? AOTOatT.- A aanoa waX aaaaaB
ed wtth ho ntanalVturtng o? nail? and who too) pair
?Maa I m ?* ?to of ito ?met of ;.V com pan s ? w*?!??] to
tat I ibe ?,???.? ntendenc? ,?'a foMy Bea ht ?iicc ' ?seul ofM
rau.vc.in a pari M ibe c.tonirr whore coals are had Btetgbi
?- hn?hel an I pi? iron In ?beadear? ?? MM price* of
he-'?i ;,i?;nv 11 : ? .Hie ,x4 the l.oei Marnatene In thla eoaiairy,
?a ? and abundance of w ater paa er The ?itine?? rim
<i :'a ?.? reward a per??? well Air hi? eervtcee, end a
BWad wlarv ?II! ho f MbWM "?o? In ?:' reape. le CO?
None other? need apply Addrae? iir ?a??! ??? oh
I DAVENPORT h IO III Kr..ni ?H N t '
I If Imo* Th ta?
WTIKK IM) ll\>K NOTK K.v.ba .e B.t eaet
?^ P?<tti"t wanted In ih? aboaw bu?lee?? l>y e per????
?e e.,ertene?,) In li. ae.l eaio?i?!?-'v acpialntrd ?IB
htiein???)? men h?tng for len ?war? coeoecuad with <?M af
oat large?'. Hanka Tbi? adverilaetnenl ie Intended te,
' e allerti,m ,<f one who e?n command a eeeh ,-aplrai
? M 'Of U)o Bank and Tteaeerv Note Cxchaage ?
Tbe edvertieer ran command facdllie? thro?ft the Beak?.
?"I a ?hare ef npul, hat not en.virh to induce hlw to
?>?MM .????? tnepreeeni ptosp?>tfor lb? Spring le tato
ie ef'. Hi-???? |? Terr eaeouraetng. end no nouhl <afBr?
?:?? of lb? t-e.t oppofioitiie? for the um of. apuel la acote
??rattvelT ? e an 1 profilarle Su?ii<e?? On ?io? .-?iloti u>
the d??k at I''e Trilione ..(tice ih? wettet ? addi??? ?nay t'?
tnown .r COamMaleWtoM addtnaa?!! lo ' tx.haage will
he lakeiiiip't lheai?*ni?er. lag tf
PKIV tTK TI'TOK -The friend?<>f a ?trtJr wwth
m le? > . wh.??? fBastlr bee euffored e donieeile calam
iiv. deeire to pro. ,ire for him e ?, mat Ion ?a privale muir ta
a fainllr He will Ite ?tried ?? un'in??! ? g.ytd iir????. Lai
,11. trerirb aad Methemailcal ecbotar He ha? be?? aerase
lowed to taarhteg, aad la folly; cempeteot to prepare hie
punii? to outer ite ?ophomore elee? ei CoImnM?, Harvard
or Vale. Keleien.ee of the highee? ? es pec latti I irr will ta?
?ven a? ?? abilttv and general characiar A.ldieee ? ?
laiiiaica. Long I?.ami IH te
NUT II ? Pa'rtck Murphy, ?hit? r.,peeler. \m\ hi?
..??.. at' ? I'lrtdge el Jodthldt?e's M?chant? ?boari
rig ho'i?a t?n the ?th of Pehroarv Ht? wife I? from Ran
lord. Conn ' ->i inai.Ma nani" w?? Maty lv;?i ?lit;??
to ..??? him at hi? father's, 11? ? ?t? ?? ?t He ?? en en e ?at
n. h.?e left wtih a grew widow IAMRR Mt'RPrTT
? ? it?
_||Uiii kllttIrB71??Tlr?^~oa?~oTi bond1"'aad
?3>lt*?ni.niorig??e in New terb a? Rr.vttl.iL Apalr
to ????????? ? NICHOI -a. A. ?fter A?'
1S I w ? 1 N?a?aii ??. . .praan? ? he Cnttooi ??>.!??
I_|?| \i\i\ WAN*l*lnt>~i"rT hen.I and t'-oitgage~<T??Vo"
,7*???ttirtlp?!tr worth BV??H for which ? pei OWA Int??
est wtii he glreu hut no commie?!.>e Apply l??
l.Mlf TJ ?'??,G??? At Wall BC
A?".!* (Util ?a* ANY NllvW <vf Treaiury ittHee
?J>.Mr,trl/t?w?nied, for which a premium will be Mid
>.v [jjfl I THOMPSON at Wall-w
II ?" ? ' "l l??w?
Doarbing end tjoul?.
'pO ?????????????. Y ? ?tilt of ?err cmifhrM
g Me rotuno In e genteel bo???, with or wtttireit hoard,
furolthetl or oot. Reni exlrermtly lo? ???].||?? ?7 Tweinr
?latri-?' bur I, Mir? weal of Third avenu- irjw
? I? t ? It. A vung man wUhee to ?.? tain a room and
, ??? I I-, ? to?)-?.-table privale family, or a ronu oalj
L.tealioii down uiwn. below Veetvy ?l Addreee"0." tata
Hie. P. O, _ Wir?
BOARD -Twoer ?aree young geoneeven eeebe aerata?.
iBodaied wiihboardal?? Whit?-??. IVV
- " ! ? . S- - . LB. JU. . A l I . II I ?" ? 1?%
??20 ???tl?*1 ?? ? H tAJt
fvRr . ffer Bar ?ate ai the'r mtnufactor??
? t <a ? n*" ' "aierooin, M Ble??cliei at an aestiit.
I J m J Vinent <?f r,n?w,??i and mahoaany Plano
Poeten. <>f flnelv earvaa O.nblc and modem Pttulan solee
These Pienue, fo? mechanieal ronetroctioe, excellency ef
workiiiandilp. and rlchoee? of ton?, cannot he turpaeMd,
and where the purchaser batear doubt?, ihey will h? Ml
np. and any reeeoaable length or tiae allowM to eadaft
him Thi? iielng a aew feetore In tbe bualneae, tl I? Im
portant lo the pnrehaeer, as Ih? market ?? fu.i.g 'rap?, well
calculated io eateh Um loexperle-ioed. A ie*p?>nelh|e war?
raoty. with each loetruetenL Reference to eoen? of the
?r? 'aiii.liMlr t? ?city. ? H Plan.?? to ?? M Im*
KtIK HA ?.? ai uM old sieod No" f Bar?
ley ?? oppoeli? tbe Asiot House e variety
f ?|, tf, end ? oelare Plano ferie?, of
? very variety of neuem, with all lit?
modern Inproremanle, In roMwood asd otabogaay aia,
warrante? la arery reepoel M gire se?sfaction or uo sale
dIBtm _ f-BMTallman A Raodell
~_g| ___| TUB lARI.b-T Aetti?BT.
^^_________? ",*?? "< BeiUiead?. Hod? Mau eee??
? and testiera ?ver , te, -I for ?Ble ?I g?.
I.??** ' ?_*_??* Willard?? ware room?. I So CBalham, ?Mr.
^^ ?*^ of Mulberry Th? aitentlon of boaee
keeper? and olheri It particularly called to Well?'? |
righi and left er re w Beditead. which drew lb? pie
al the laut Pair of the Aoiencen Intt?u'e
Old Bed? renoTBtad Cot? wholeeale tol retail it Im*
?*?___??. KKI,l-INUBM*a LINIMKNT. ie tete
JLe??? -loi,,, preparation tbe affliriod have get what
?***?* * they here long and ?erluaidy catted for tabu aenU
lary rase, lo ito ?al? of twenty Uwutead le-nilee, hM Men
?n.iwri fai.ing ?,? ?,? all Utal was expected of It II M*?
il?- magie m all rtoumaaV alreetMM, aad pala? taf all aad
?rery oeture yMI4 lo il ??????????1t li le ae cariala to
?ure ell eoree, oi My daaertptloa, either on mm or borM,
m the apelleattoa le made, aad la etwrier Um? Uto? eat
?tlhar remedy ever olerwd lo the people. Il Ie very Re
grant, eefnand ?groeelde to i-e usavi epoo all ag"t alter
? ?..? and loMrBally.andotifoarof iMIng ? ?>d alter Ila eee
Mr Jam?? Murphy of the Bowery Line "f lag??. My?
?hai II ?aved ito life .f one ol hie me? , and la uiiug twenty
1?,/???. not ? 'jotiie hee fall??.
High Brldg? Ai ihl? place groe* afte
I ! 11 ?
gh Brtdg? Al ibi? oia-e grace artet gf.e?? ?
wlihotil a faiiufw tir. Arno.d Maeon and Mr
K,? -aria ',ul,der? of Ibe bridge Mr Maeuo ?ey?. Mel a?
Ihetlte taf three or foarbottlee ble rtiautnetV pains Mr*
been eaUraly eredlcaMd Mr Robaww g1*M Mae Me nstte?
ton thai II WM ???? of the greet causee ?>f Mrlaghteltfo
fr ,m *n tn;ory ?oMtlBttd fro? a fall To I?* bad at *> Joba
ti aol ai ir... gr?ai Ceatral Dipo?, Ht/#i? Relir Md Otam
Cliy Had lu G?/ge houle?, al ? ceni? nw?h???iie etn tal
? m -r-1 ? ' r
RK*IOVAI? The .?*.:? of ito TRURT RIRB l*L
?Il RANO". CO ha? been removed from *n lo ??
Well ?t ? ?aw door* below and oppoeit* itolr format lo
Thi? Company with nearly en entire ?apltal. will Inatre
egaloat tiM? end damage hy Ire all deerrl ?tloa? ef eter
lM '?? ? uings, he aud In itocaoiiM of InMud nan
f ? lifte ciirreotreteeof premium,
n, a?? roa?.
P.IImO Drake, Ma?tin Hoffman, Edmund Pealold.
Wm Wt.ltewil_M.Wm t Leggetl, ???? M. ritrailo?,
R J. Ilulchlneufi, Ja? B T"?vneend, John RevnBla. Jr.
V?? m. ? Johnson, Jemee t ,su?r. Jr. John ? Hurtle,
tianrie Butler, Chrte?'? Zebriskle. John <;iea?elaa?l
ELIAH 0 DBARE rrtwideai
Ltaaei-i Cw?i?ia?, twcreiary. Ilflm
dtee. -Mr? taney would inform tor pair ni? als? UM
puroir ibBi ?he baa ?ecufed ??? services -jf Bo^1,_W__k*"
man lo ?uperloier.d the Eng.leb D*t?rtmeet of tor tfcsM?M
Tn? next ? agole? term wui eoanmeoc? on Moodey lie? Itch
teet Tboee eeiwote who with itatr dsegbier? ? loia ih?
cieeaMCiow forrrrtag. will ?teaee make Irr mediale MIBm
ttoa if ioc<inv?Bi?mi to eator at the comma? t?MMi ?ilbe
Qaartw pup:? may to admlttad at eoy iBMrwedteMM?
r>, Arrangetn?mMbare been mede with a diw.egBlilwil
Prot?>aaor of Uu* dtj, by which V.eta, Muele, bulk glared
ecd ?loeiilar, l? taught throngkout tie? adwoL Tersa?, be.
made ?.-.owl. ai Mr?. B?..??'? im-mm. No It Carroll
pive. B^eBeret IQf WAl^ih. I'tht ?tb*
WAfBK?M?VVek TO~?.fflV^Larg? and torn
mod ka?* ro-ime la a aew and evjbtenUel stone to Uths?
with permanet.i tower s.iuaiatd very tetar, ar.d the MOW
ready and -a* ? of accttM of any perraaret t wal?r poww.)
to the city of New Tora. Otte room ?A by ?*t- -12 feM In
tee clear Two tee aawe *:?*>? I" feet In th? < ???_?, -aad
two tmaikaT one*, all well edapled io the ba?hneee of Ma
?ainitu. C itcer?, RmtoomaBere, end other raanufeeMr
?r? wb? want g location in a pieaeanl, oeelihy place eear
to the ?aty P.very'htag arMgi the premlaee Ie eatlrely
oew and on t__? ?ooet approv?! plea. Apply to
JAM? M. PRaUCOTT, 1? Pr?t st
? -??od a iswiMay New?Tort.
i ?KtTiHT orvieti t? latt-i? *
li7pan of the Village ol p./keapela, oe tt
Main and Market ?te. aiMletfeg of two or ???we
. kae beea occaplad M tatet for Ma yeen peat ??M?
tee beet den-leu la the place (who hM aow goae wM? )
Tto rMtwi;] ha low. There la ??? m epartaa. twf_a
g'?el deotiei bere. In a Ujwb aemtorlag orer ll,___toMa
uuit?. and !a ao thickly latobited a eouairae P_UBim
lanuire of J. U J?e?i H) OiM?oelMt ? G alte.
LB re ??ter. ?I MtrkeceC P'rktvepel? jH ??????
FM.KN1TIMB rOE teAI.lt- A rami * ah??ut lo break
up ho'ieekeep?nr? woeld Ilk? lo me?? oale of a qeeMtely
of new ae4 modern turn.Ur? mad? to order ,lest BUM
u?ed, lnr?od_?g roeewoed errarmi with plueh, aad ma?
hogany Hofae, Tote ? tete erw. rochteg and other Cheer?,
TMlaa Hiautd?. tiec?'ead? Lounge? RurtMUB. Lamp?
?, ?Bad ???, Ac Ac Ac A so * large ExMneioa Tanto
and Dining ?**?. ??' M complete order This offer? a good
opportanliy us tv.?? aooat to fhrniM either paitlK or
privai? Bou?e? M ? arge dleroaat ?sill to tawde from e?M
<>f new Aldree. I, o'.tjr. Par?. ! ti.? i?mce _If jw?
A MASK CHAr?__B^ror?Bvto-Tbetaaa%tpeana,
?r.l fijiiree of ito Marchants' Codee Huaee te Mee?
? tea I ?'- rfo adeiphta. li ie MaaMMMt (o give My <?
tcripuoa of the property, preaamlag tbw any ?areoa wto
waota will firn view Um place. Lettart awel to ?oWIJM.
12f tt*_ OEO L. PMlLLlta
iXmere. saLnete and reeling?. Maw le, h-Mpt??"?. _a?s_?
cm ineriae* and othm
atore?, wid be ?o.d fo
aer Th?.mpeoa. Tbe ?
room. Purebaaara wli
I V'Ite*_-_

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