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? -sacs . ?? ? - -- -? ---r-??? ?
tm,. ??. mi. j*s >pw.i<ikk, itrikbtt no**?!???, ?????a?t j?. Us?, uhdi.k no. Irnmm
?^?ork tribune.
*^*1 ??..?^.,?? m?? re BiraLUMtl
_-w<raU pail? ?lBl Ht !S PCBL'? '
?**?____ BBlldlm?? <-?>n?er of fapr.ice
*+??!Zn\^tW*i* ibe City Hell
** _? _ Cl? %+**!** f"r '*< C?" l"r
to ????*1 ?L .?y preis?, the, e? periti advance ??
?*__t7*.w"^r-l?th? or? v*er al the Mine rate.
?eaVaftA?.. ?? Lwerlhen PlveUol.
lagllll1 ~ . . , ,_<| Ule paper in to rt?
?s?H^pTS. noBiba Thre?. Do?lsi.tn ad
?fl_?A?_..esclM?ee with Co'.t.rry Ne? .
?**&,\\r<* receiver^ at .!?.. ??.ce who?*
A?????.?-*'. J-??"-? M
//?tabBiJVl g,~i meertlon.5 CeoU ? lib*
mM |2__G????-??' "*'?'* ?""
e?BfttToU o of iheed?e.i.?-t. )
a-HK-Enntn- ??? C*eU a line for tbe
__M ?*"__! ?vaTr trLt? forcarti ?',',?? quent t*>e.
?tv-**.*!".,,, ettari?, N ili? l'? ??< r?.rcr|.
lar?* a?*?'
-n-y^^ejulreerted In this papertf gin bist
g-nyWsass?**? sed Bari soavi
? itx,d ? ? ??
atV-.OKH WM-kLY ????G??.
**!a?(,? PAPKB ??? THE < Ol NTRV.
^?%? ????G??
c? male of Ireland.
rr--iniir?U-d for Th? Tri li une.
jeeeiraaa AB AM-BJCAB ? ?in
UlM.t.ar, leb. 1, 1M7.
? \ paiten with a fratettil heart, to
t_Ua t-t receipt of your letter aii?l tbe
r?_ warsdi siel those kind friends.?
destata tfta? W? .
t,.? ?*?*.?*? iWsn- Umtm do J thank than .'or
the trines- b?S?BSV1"*? ? ?? '?y l-ower-yes
', Ireanart-e nwsl h*,,lu part, in reiicvim? the
dving suleters s-w-f ?n?' ' had just s|-ent the
j iMflty ? ?*-*"" obligi ? to loi I, the '.-au- that
^ktfflbedomnii- where I am Hopping I week
,,.,0-;is toe servant, ??hut? the family are from
?as Tbe*Pf'"l"'atl"r'i Brc bo preasing tbe coon?
^,__*_econsolatt;, soil the skin to el,meleti
Jtvisi I?a* h" e> e ? oui?! set tl ?
v(-a-itlS-o?/'/ or - ?.',/ he iinatTeeted 1 I,ltd
???fcsbetcrt my books in my own poaaeatioa
.--faetnlor A**??? exhauated and waiaak
g ?'Lad, wbat wilt thou have mo U? ?l<?, and
.-?tee roe to teil you whai I did tbu morning
.^ ?jg last eveiii/i?? ?* ? 11, the parcel arrived
?wi contained jour letter and tlmu.h it inaile
? bol ttodoilsrs rit h,-r yet had it beerra thou
mAlrasid not he??? been happier lor 1 saw so
._boli<?<~ m ?'? ,hHt ' '""''' ""l ''"u?'1 but
_'h#T ijni ihould he distribited He would semi
I -er* Tbsrs ??? two ????? cracking itota
! ,'tli -?a,at?Mi artually in a elate of Innren??? ?
' ??,??-.?-- l?ina a -u-ily of eight?bed pawn
rd?_.t_s-i*n?twcarn'?; apparel lor food He
, ?fimaodiiipe?c ? week pays two alni |
?tp weo?ly tor ret? ?vh'rh lea?ee him fivt si :
I lapse** tu Wim siel leed limiseli and family
l -.ji-olitAr erti Satnniay nuht Judge yi Ini
^atabelisd been sii it |, r week? before tin? I
leastayaori ??aa idler??.? aod rearing he should '
?1?Simpatti'nty be tindert.i? k it w|o-n he was
__i_Mt One child died Itat Monday night
TKfMBSsrariie t?, me and said Unat ? an I do '
'hi'ited-ag to wra'i it in, no coffiu doi ? i and!?
ita? hon?, oot a farthing ?,t money nor a moatb
. oftod. bet a little Indian meal ? little mone}
?Mgnnsin.. A ?arpenter went into the cabin
U_nil ? cotta A tew laboring men went he
?? it wn ?tuiriie tnd tarne,I the child to its!
_*fjraa-i child ol lour year? An?! this time
anb#tak?D. bet ause the lather mint nut lose an
-vai liter The othei man ii aa destitute hut
TibaasiDgl Ijnanht tw?. large loaves nl bread ?
naie ? porti - < f iDoitn ih?h? ftn tbout -????? the
is?sst te aik them in and noa m. friendi who
ra"eb?ae<A thia breakfnsi bad yon Beta thaae nea
<navHgM wish in kec III?? like bkiiii 1 hi j
live labsuttdiar about ten days on a breakfast ol
?? which 1 had ?? ? a? 1 r chi h morning, l?ut the
'??'. p? ???\? 1 hadaoui'iin?? to furnish it and tn ?,
???*? workfd ill divi on Ion iln,\a acaiity eating,
twice t?tjf.e?Una gruel- a? netimea ? little stir
ibosl Tot nek man haa become soshri? cled Hint
k;? itm a eVied. idhering tu Ina ? heek I unet, his
??Mirsptvoiinetit. siel h? ?at a,? wenk thai he
tparsd ensble t., wik. an! finally eaid??'Leal
rtt_!ewld scan ely reseli li,une ? ???,? not ? le
??(? to est kin! ha?! worked IB a hmd ram ??
a/ Hsu eiioii?,!,. ? ten iho room, ami did just
?a/atter wink woman would do?iell a vaep.
a? Eecnveruig s little. I t,.,k op ? Tho Nf>v
? Tribune and met the sentence?" lijlvi't tm
'?r?ni.* 1 read it. and wept ft,.am I praiaed
as Faser ol Lights that then are feeling heaiia
?a a ay ?ouiiti? Curaed aa ?he ?? with the
eti?-?BJSin ol Slavery vet In r inilso ? nn ????(
??poor.oporeiisd, aeglei ted Ireland 1 I felt likn
r^iag StTJM the Ocean mid Iiillnik' tm mv kne?'a
MfoTstheksdienre ia Tanman) Hall, in the name
"< ?W saint djiup lather? an?l mothers brother!
kudiatsrs of thii shne. ?I I'eople ! Could Angels
???? they?oa\edo it now No wunder that the
latiatUlt ??a* ti?.?! sweat drope ol blood m
?*l areanUsftar.it'ii il lie had mus to Inn like
?-?-<*As l?si p.,?.it. ol the Kich Ariatocracy ol
|?? <.'_*?_* of Qreal Britain were anon him!
la, tonai erhn ?re the cr.itteat Buflerers ' The
**an(^4oliea. ,,t ctir??? and, to their honoi he
' a?, tbiy hear tins grievous burden with the
???????t?-?? patience N"t one tingle reproach
?t lav beard, from prieet t?? peasant upon the
i^ftacitauta, thcmarn I ha? e mingled with them
__ansver>? ??'liditioi. The Pneata are i-ds
?ejiNs by night hh?! by tlaj both doing and
"?a*?*ot niching fn>m the moti loathsome
*"**?o(hlthaixl patrefaction An I the Sinteiaol
' "Wy a??? not |?. ?,um,?,|?their selfafanying,
maevenagiaJkoraina? well pul to the blush those
?^luokattoBihepi ^',?1, contempi
*>hst sareajuli ( iay?but heg you to be m
'^'??atn? end out ot season?-in aeepine aii?e
?aikb^rt fiatterii?,t \ ourselves that the Spring
*'?< ?aie tbinj-i nmre tolerable it ten oaf) do
^?*? be? tbe starving su?'erer a tew tlaya longer
2?aiiliBgcold to hunger?tor though iaU'r may
"?"aiBlnty, >et this aodden ol the world, this
^Rtovsnittietit. this Church and t*tate combina
^aitsteriiiiiieil that the ?treat ?.tilt they ha? ?>
'?Ween tins 'purple and line linen, shall
"J^lleeeiied ami the price ol labor shall not
?**aiBl Why n"t set their hunting ?hye apon
?^*?6Te or ah,ait thorn down in the f?eldi ai
??^aoWeri ?!o I ? ?
Ugbt.Haaai- Hill l'aleni Orner Hill.
trots our own Corietiijjpdrnt
wasiiinotos' ftaraanj/) Poh -?
^??acassioii ensued in tlie Iloti?.? on (lie S|>
?"rnataa kr Light -houses Mi hit XT IK ??
?' ?*?! ? gvaid speech to Kumvinbo, ami o|>
?^*???? Mr. M*kii> i? a Letter lookine
k- ^**"?|???? The ?remuent? he used have
""?sty a time in the House and will l>c
rreT^***. *"* sw,Uehle ol recorded time uni.???
-?"nnaio? become inore eaJtghtnned, and uo
**B?hei?t niH.n bemK ?teconed
^ -n bill was ably an|.|a,rted by M. Hi Cl Bl
^??Michigan and Mr Tu,..,?..',os ol ky who
'?aine great ad? Batafei a?vi uinc t" conimene
^^'PP?"?^??..^ T,'e-V I'nne'1 mm9 thl,t
ijj^_w*atry ?as intereBtetl in the erection oi
||jr****?w be? aate the whole ? ountrv wa? in
"^hcoounerrf whl<.,, ?, ,? ? ih,cr^ ,u,.H.n,,
Cisak; ^*Ml4?mtr?ticeo? CatUrauiu?
l?isadAr^? "? taoi'ution locke, ;u Long
'??kr^h^T.?0??*. ?ide oi Stateli ??land, ?XX)
?Bl paaawT ',**1'?* "n ?** met 81 1 awreaOS
?*nd?<UaVi? "*? " ???^??"?1 ??'e. one tt
?e aeaati v'*?''??* M L"* Kcwrk U
.Ci,*verU??llB,? **?* ? U><" Shoal below
'WitrWk,Z?r . t'OU? '
rraa"?**'??? Teller.?,,??? ?n ,?.. n ?i??n
la^a?"I'. ???.. ,
?* ??? the bill '
w*?C?7orrimnu ""* ?? Vii bvMr
?jasa,,. * HilU0l*-Wh..?e devotion to tho
le^j-a nt?""1 ^?proveirucit, galliate?, thoanh
*?*? Lake'w bU,l,J ,' '-'Sht liouac at Gennai
? Y<>a**nU.lr^*ttl,a?11111?101' " much neo?!
l^OOoX ,tl a '" lhc ,,lU ?" ?1'proi-natio.,
*<*>**?? L?*e8gr>,rior The .vintner
??G?,?, -h? uttarhty Lake, winch arc
Staili hiG? Yhar*e*?1' w? nmch i?por
?^ritti * '"> i?nl,Ulid b-v thee timely
?^^Mhe^ bll!WM aponed.
I'Beana?,, ^ ' *^?''?f t party m the Houae
?SS ??? lieatat.^ ' '"' "" d?? -?'? '? "' "??
S*"? ?,?G.^? U?? ???] ???? ? ??.eut on
??Wiay?g5r-^W> WeJtaBI
M ** l'Meed. ameudevtory oi
. ? . ?pel an.end.?.eut ;
Bat ru-ut 1.1 tin- |.;itn.tee. In any -
the patentee a?aiii?t any infringement ot hi? rights
?older the patent, tlie t!?tendant is pn
I eanteatintT ti.
. , ?
. ? defeasiant ?
? ? to ?
, the aal
. a ??* centaine ? -
' aim will recommend it?, li than the
? uliier to tlie k.'i??l w ; ! ti.?? public.
Ili Davis spohi - na Bul
? ?an?!, I em t/ild, ninet ahi?. Mr ??? *?!, h ?peaks
??? ai.'! Mr Cai .i
l.asv Itelo, in
bUtBTta? "i p?? BAI >> un ii'i.av.
1 Kepoited for The ? ? G. une
Mr t. C ButRDt. ? Erma the or?ginaJ <
IM taf] ' w: 't,e dralt Bai report*1"! by Mr C.
u Conor, fin ? the tama Coosatittee nt s previous
uieetiinr. was re< oiiiuiitted, with instruction? tu re?
port with amendment?, embracing the principle? ot Mr.
Jordan'a Resolution, before adopted, to have one City
Court ol general criminal luriadirtioii and civil mriadic?
tion tt law and in equity, assimilating it? organization
?iri'dict'.'in and practice, as near as might be. to tho?e ol
, the Supreme Court under the new Constitution, reported
? a dralt ol a law. embracing 9 section?, In lieu ot the ori
! finsi bill ot 1 IS section? reported by Mr. 0 'Onor
Mr. O'Conoa frirai 1ht tama frpmmJMfra ?.ove?]
t the tiret tnetion Oi tlie hill, as a teat vote.
and ?ddreeeed the BBtvetttg at great length in favor of
'.t the ia?t meeting, and ???:??-*.
tire penerai out . plan now report'.I in
I pursuance of instructions, ils complaintd that all th?
? ? ol ihr (uriner meeting, in wh.ch bis bill wm re
, Jtohnlj were m?de ?ca.nst tbe b,l!, and ?upported by a
great ?tamping ot Ir-i-'i and clappineol hand?, ?rid that
? the Committee had ni-vei yet dehatrd th? merit? ot the
plan, whit b be ne? proposed to do, at length . that ho
j voted/r-r the r?-f.ert now presented, aa did eveiy mem
bei ol tbe Conunlttci . bul be believed the gentleman
: who present? d it wa? the only ene who sapees ?
? that Ih? idea c I umlormily aimed ?t by the present bill
wa? unattainable a? it conflicted with the Constitution
that ? -?n nf Ait r> pi' viiinc that th'? I tardatola BSajJM
; allow write id erioi directly to th? Court ol Apjieal?
from any local Cou't of nny City "f original civil jun?
diction would he infiitit'd by the provision for auch
writa ol rill direi ?:} |0 the G. uit tu.? prOBOOOd Bl hi
established ol original luriadiction both in ci
Bran?mi emw I that' 11 of Ari. ' piovidiiig for the e?
Ublishment -I inferi-? leeel fouit? in ? Mm <)icj not au
?:.,. reetlafo?i dtj huiadhittenia am h Co.irt?.
that 14 ol the ?ame Article, piovidiug that enuily .un?
dir p..n m ./?.. lei ases? un.-ht he eeeanrredaatmConaty
Judge?, ?bowed tliat ifivrrni jiiil?dict;.,u in njuity cans
! could not bo contened in lochi inien .1 Court? ol lie
eoid 111 - ite ? H?? tlm ??id that lee? rn. ?' be collected
m provide sanarlas tor Jwdtjot, ani H ?t??? hi ?
! time? inconvenient bo t. ?? dark BOeaOaal them, and
hanm kha erlgiual bill bad allowed the ,:.
khaaa, though not for hia own u?e. lie wm sti
of the original plan and hoped it would he ad-'pted by
the aieetini.
Mr ? V HAtTIROI said thai Mr Jordan the
BMrrej 1 die rnaolattoa adopted] at tea Inet meet
ing WM absent much to his regret, Im he had hoped be
would h?ve been ptearnt f> advoeats the principle em
hi seed in the Resolution a? he Mt 11.1 h?d not h?d tin e
to pr?paie hiirm ?1 t? debate tiie 11,altri ??ain?t the lean.ed
Committee oI thirteen He aympathized with the gen
tleman last up and the Committee that thirteen ?uch
able lawyer? ?I bl 1 ?? !??? : ?' . ? iletriid tl.'-iii
sehe? at the Imi meeting, not only agamat that terrible
stamping oi heels, hut what wa? worse an overwlnin,
lug majority ni reami Th?t after the ,ii-ci?i?? vile
against th?? hill . I Mi. O Conor it wa? hmo'v mBave
? tea at aaetad U st he should )"??" p,?<1'* thai ?tuck ?p.
on ? principal MM? awttat?rwlahji ? ",'.. sad much it?*?,
that as alititi.?! have brought to beai nearly all the iiuib
ble? which took up so much of the time ol the Conven?
tion There ?as uothin? m 1I1.1 jii.?i.ir.r>.< iw<i ?1 all in
coii-.alei I with the plan now bbbBM the meeting. A
Court ' ot orlgins.1 civil jurisdiction! ira? u?n* ih* W ??
l?r possessing <? rim >> ,1' /tu mil, imn nl*o. The addition
ol am.thi 1 branch ot .urinili tit.11 did nut take away ita
eharWOtm maCeert ' "I original stvB iuriadictioii.'.
Writs ot Brrer, thorssofe, ?ijhl be amantind.le>B ????
lumi the Court prop.?od to be established to 11.1 I
..I Appeals, but he did not think they theaMaamaa
tborited In all cases las?me p? tty matters, crimln?!
?nd cull it inisbt be expedient t I BreviOS Baa the Wt ,t
ot l.rror ?bould lie only to the BuprSWBS (.'curt, and ?to;'
there. 01 thai no Wilt ot ????? BOI 1 at all
except on g.xnl mam shown to a Judge ti tue Curt
h'.-i. He should move there!, m to (mu -?,,? :? I - ?.
atl.liii?.' except lii.tlit-iwiK' ????rially provided by ihiv.
It every c??e must tie left to it? uir-bati iicte.l cour???, a?
niittei ot right t.. the Court of last retort, what gond
would it do to ?end it tbnni?b Ita? Su,-reme Court and
make two Writs ot Krr.i in place I I on.?, especially
when ?s m this case, the proposed Court wa? tobe equal
to the Supreme Court in cvriythtng but it? name |
G??? ol?ei litui, thst ?e.f.ng law and equity
t hi 11 the ?ame tribuna! ?? agno - 'tuition.
seemed rather I'laeue as the umoii ol the tiro nr Isdh
titeas wm *tfwm*jf preti?t? Jet la all th? Count ttatt?
??- ? 1 ? 1 w. ? t,, , u ate le
cal tnlcrior Curt? in Cities wa? gelici ?! and unrestictcd
It would base been ea*ytoh??e tided ot coinm? n
ln?v :uii?dii'ti?>u. it BO intended Hut it i? ?aid. the limit
ation ol the teerst t?' coiibr eijMty :uti?dicl!,.ii on
County Jadaes M ?ateta! ,a.?.?. showed that ?
? qu'.tai.le SI ladtctloo could not be conferred on inte 1;01
Court? to be establiihed Hy the ?ame mode ot iea?on
ing. it the ContCtutioii had provided that juris.littion, at
a tninon law. in ???(? ta tnigbt !-e ,unit 1 red ,11
County Clerk?, it would beve prohibited the l.fiii?'.i?ture
li..m coiilerniig any general resnnsoi 'flic parted
tb?-Ulterior Couits There wm one pro? isnm, he con
1. eSOtt, that thia planet one Court, wllh umtormity of
practice and priK'eedingi with the Supieme Court
seemed to connut with -and that wm the ; ?
that the local interior Court? in Cities should have a un
llorm organization, rue;' 11 .Ve? York and !<?* ?. /.
f*r?r Mfat*d Ctltf* U ?rrwvW (Aiti uiiftirmttii axw u>i,c>i?'i
Mr II hnananiami answered all the learned gentle
mane Constitutional dir^c ilttea but it not. if there ml ?It
be ?tune ?lieht ob'cctioti to tome ot the detail? ot the
loo now propowd it eoald be corrected by the leg?.?
I tature.as the bill was not like the one ?eported by Mr
OX ?o long that they could not read tt during thi* eeo>
; non He appiored I 1 th?? genera'. Icatuiel ?I the bill,
! but ahould proBOM several amendment?
I shoald bs ain?udt?d be fixing the ?alane? id the
I tlf|iutie? ot the County Clerk at H*f|8N Othei ? i?e
j the Ci'ininon Council could nianeutei to vote ?alane?,
? to pay partisan? as circumstances ?hould ret?uiri?. ut? to
I $?,5?.?) or 11! 000 per year each.
: The aalsry ot Judges 93J00, is too large. |30t)
? ahould l>e ?truck off With an electm Jjjiclary it
: would not do to place ti-c high ? price upon the office or
: .1 edge, ?o as to encourage political ?peculator? to bargain
lor it with the surplus salary beyond the actual value ol
1 the office, g-i ?a?' will command the service? t : men ? :
I ?nine property and ?one prole??:,>t,el ehnatta and
; who are willing ta ?erve the public without speculstiori ,
, tag it the other $000 be added it wiilbe expended in
? eenng. and drive decent candidatea from the
: field Look at our County Cieik ? enormou? ite? and
great income enabling any candi late to expen.: ;
on a itng!?" tlc-tion' We do ??? wart Judgee playin;
, the ?an ,n a ?mallei vaie.
B?0 d ? ? t*l kts ? ?Bed lalary. tay gC.OUO for the
? ? ountr Clerk, aud prohibit him troni taku.
1, loe Idea of voting for ?ix and electing nioe Judge?
! m the?amc manti??! HMnipectors .d election ate elei ted
. ? a? to give a m? .?rity to one party ?nd ?? certaiaty of a
1 minority to the oihei on the bench, ?hould no! t?e iui
1 turned. There would alway? he a party dmaion on the
?! t licit and the mo'orvy teei \ .? e ?:.Mid li?
no party in the matter
I ?:e term? ol ot*ice ?res? nb?d by ine t,il!. i. e I year?
? -boaId 11 rt dun 1 to I There was no reason why the
i term ot t?fet ol our local Courts which had never M t
' lapen but f.?e years, should be extended beyond that ol
the Judges ot "tbe Supreme Court, ?-ix yean vu long
; enough to keep a bit? Judge and a good out
?)a_ya hereMocnd, loe term ot the .?upnme Couit
Judge* was t 0 loag . and it the Constitutional < .
were now to t-e reconsidered lour yea's would be lub
?lit-.it? I tor ?giit. Then? i? uo danger irom tfct :
? lectii?. or ?hoit lettn ot Judge?, provided no Man '.e
given to be expended in electioneer.iig. The new Con
?tttuuon will work well. We already have seen one
paad effect Ban it?the Judge? have til learned to tre?t
people civilly?which was not uo'.veraally the rase be
I.'ie To ??y that Judge? will be corrupt, to Man
popular support. i? to aaeert that <?aJ conduct will ae
cure a better reputation than ???>.?which ? directly
? ontrary to all our experience.
I? to'the Judge? collecting fee?, or the Clerks ?n their
?tead I : ;?"?, .? iirii ?a.i. Mr H. un<i
l hH were in proportion to
?enrices s great many u~necc*sary ?or?:.-ei would be
required faxea ?>n suits ahould he collected in ata
more than two ? tema one on the commencement ol a
suit, aad another on docketing judgment, and shou Id be
B_ case? It woul.l Ban BB MB] I" ?*e tad
know whether ai.y eato.tion were prsctieed?
?o when one ?hilling, two shillings, lour
.: n ,gt:t be exacted at every ?tep in tfie suit.
The Ini Mil reported by tbe Committee required ?I |
least ?ix dollar? to I* paid in etery litigated suit, and '
would raise ?fry dollar? m many ca?e? belore the hnal
termination ot ihe cause, lie hoped tbe motion to re- ,
;ect tbe tiret section would not preven
It was not wort? "ur while to -wall upon tnt'.Iug Je j
tails, ? the whole matter would be certrul.y looked iato
by tne l.egii.et.ie An expre??ion of optnicn in ta?"r
? g'herai idea of assimilai
?the Hi., that wn r.e, , ???. .
: ton" t ? ? Matter a t?*
? ? M eoea to tal I tn* dwrer
, no law would be p??a*d till :*t? m the ???non. and th??;
?? are to have a large ?. ? ? ??? ?
? -?? ? ntaatai ta ? ?Mat day? ? i
r. ?? wa? tbe i ??raar.y Ha
! ?nd Nat:? m IU : a.?' aal nal > Iba? Brrled
; through by the como'.nrd etforti ol a ia?-.? number of
.-.?-?_ pr;/>? Be man
? I a? a candidat? I
wh..v ram? ?? r. ? early enough bef .re the I ?
w bis character ?mi qualifica??!?? t?. be ascertained
? ? : c?'. i.late?
I tartlier ad M I. W
I i I. hin Eg
.. and by Hugh Maxwell. Kacj. m tappasi
ewaol Mr. ilaating? and the pr.n.'ip e? ..t tn? new
Constitution. The a?? Retonnera were in a r
and voted down and rescinded the resolution? adopted
at the ?ait meeting, and adopted the originai bili report
ti by the ('? inriiif.ee ..-/?/.- , .
I~?y colluttarli)/ ahandv <td
There i? to be another meeting at the Asiiitant Alder
men s Kooin tod?y at _ta*i ?tick.
Kn_ged *?? Ii..oi., dare.
T~i. l."vr>".x UfAf.ricRt.T Hun.? ?? ? I"
cember Number of thii Review bai recently t*en re
published by Leonard f-cotl A. < '". It 11 unur.ialy able
and interesting It open? with a I 'barae
ter of the (ireat Meri ins of Montrne?? against tt? sttini
which have lasen cast upon it then follow a r? < :?w
? Tales by a Barrister ' A notice . ? Mr Farsda? *
I>iicovcii<? in Magnetism. An account ! I
Shools ol London 'The Stuart? n. Italy An a-:
the Writing? of the .
sent sute t ?ffrtl t.?? tnd the
Agricultural G? ? ? ? ani ?. .-???: ?????? O?
the .?tat?? id Ireland and the Cause? wnirh bM
? it?all from the Tory point ?t lira fi ? ?>? vft
I hat? btta particularly inttr-ited in the rt views of
| faraday ? I Uno veri?? "flagged Behooil and ? I I itioch
I Agriculture. ? rom the lormei we?-vt??.? tw ?-ten
paragraph? containing ?ome ol haradey? geueial ii?
| ducbou? fr->ui the positive re?? :u 1.? bn tM_atd
When we consider the sg inliti ?? ol the
I'arth a? a whole without reference to Its p<-?l!i e ? ?
tion to tbe .-oin, aod re.lert upon the enormous ?mount
ol diamagnettc matter which lorrn? IU cruit . and when
we raaansbn that magneti, carvn 't a reitair. amount
ol force, ?nd universal in their presence, are paiitng
through these matter? and keepiag th?m c,fi?t*ntly in
that sut? ?,I laaetoa, and tt.eretore ol ?cl.,.i art eaanot
sii great parpen 'tie ?ys
tern and its ?nhat.iunt? ?
II .-atiirn weie a magn? t, a? tt? *? artn i? and hi?
mpooed ol diam-goetic auhitanrea tt,? tendency
? ? ,,'u. ?.' Foren aroabi bs to place it white it
a'-tually ??
' It the fun hare anything I? do with the magnetism
ol the glob?, then ,t
is du? ? the aitin, ot the-f-t that eoaan ta ? fren
it and in that view the air -??p ? moat linking!??
r..und our ?phi it iii?e?ting it with a transparent dia
arbtefa Iken meable t?> h.? ray?
and at the ?ame t;u, m hag ?VU? treat velocity acro?? I
If Mr. faraday weie an tm? lican. he would p?rha? ?
?I??? in it ??? ? ???ry to dec?a?!' that Ulte '.? not 1
Ina?' h? do ?o many 1.1 mr coteroporarie? wl:?'ii tl., ?
hit upon a truth which that illuatrinui Ihinkei lai | ?
viouily ai rrred at We!a-g to asauie our reader? be?
forehand that in t,,. - i.e distinguisi!? d I Sag
lnhmau does teach downright i'tmi!?r:im
? b 11} ?,"erent tiack ?>! fcvaB?gatkm, by a
, .' tioii ol unequ-lcl geaus and brillitic y d?
" 1 the ?kine thing long ago
from the article ta Ragge.i Itkeoh only want ot
??,'?. ? pr?venu ut Irom m?kiiig copioni rxtiact? The
I??, r:',. ? tm? ?. :????? 1? ol the?e :- .
' It tl in l.amlieth and in W SSSnbBStSI lia' ?
M BagftBl trace? o) their swarm.rig a I
. and diamel paeeege? are ?
and t ' ?err age iron: :
.hi, teen Ttlongll w?? ?,?| ,
?Tvaeto-I and engaged tn every aort ol occupation but
that which would be nenefirla! t.. tl . ?.Irei ?nd ?y?it"
able to the nti?iiti?rhood. T?o"- n??i?e?n ?? wild the
malU-ii hair, the disgusting filth that lender? nece?*at y a
eloaer laapeetioa before the Sesta can > ? di?cem??d b?.
tWiieii Ihe rag? wk.?l. hen? no?"" tt and tbe barbarian
freedon from all superintendence and restraint, nil th?
?mud ol the novice in tlio-e thing? w itn perplexity and
diimay Vlstt tane irgiou? la lie Baanser, and yon
are , verwHelme I I ;? ?.? ? ?' es visti them in tbe
Winter and you are ?h?>cked by the sp.-.ts ?
hundred? shivering tn apparel that would be ?canty m
the troatoBj manyare ?il tiut naked lho?e that are
clothed are gi?toque , the trowier? where they have
thi in. ?eldom pa?? the knee , the Uiled coat? ?? ry t?,?
qtiently trail Mow the he??:? In thi? gui??> they m?
about the Streets, and une the bank? I t tue rtvn at low
water, Staking cal?, ?tick?, '"tk? fn noth.n.
ami??, a? treasure trove , screams ol delight barat ? et
? i'.i'.ally Irom the cro??,l?, and leave the passer i |
beta a contemple???? m?.od. t.. w,,i,,!.-r and !
till mor?' and phyncal di .radati..n? have
broker every, ?piing ?! tlien yiutht'i. ??to-rgiei
W e hove penetrated alley? terminating in a ruf dY
en long and nan.w like a tot.an .. p.pe. where air and
sunshine were m vet known On one tide rose wall?
?Olerai bit m highC blackened with damp and ?lime .
on the other side stood the dwellings, stj
It the breadth ot the wet Mid bestrewed pMSSge
would by no mean? allow u? tlie lull essantinii ol
mm Bfl ha?'?? wailed at tVs I !.tranci- r.l taOtaaM tl
simiiai cbanetar and dunen?..?!.?, but Imwaaaan, by th??
lore? aini pungency ol ti. - tea ? it? re
esami Pani la another tmtrii t roe m?y
think it le?? confined?tant there you w.
liebne each hovel and within h l.-w bet ot it, a broad.
blank, naeovered drain exhaling ?t every potai the
moat aawhe lea anas ranon it there ?* nut a Brain,
there ia a stagnant poo! touch either with your atick
and the mcphitic matt wt,. atoll up ?U poanmOM gM
..k?? UtS ? onuscatioiis ot ?oda-water
? ??- ehi Iron ?it aloes ti sa
roam through the retired court? m which the abomiji?
tion of years ha? been ?uttered to accumulate Hen
reigns a melancholy silence, aeldoin broken but by an
ii mated acold M a pugnaciou? drunkard. The pale dia?
ti, red tace? ot the inhabitant?, their shriveled forms,
their abandoned estertor recall the living tknh I
the Ponda? .Marshes, and sufficiently attest the presence
of s secret agency, buttile to entra physical and moral
improvement ol the human rece
Heir ,? an account ol the commencement of ?
OS owe their it.;. Ilei at
lent per?on? m humble lite who w, nt torti-, into the
street? and alley?, not many yeara ago. and invited thete
? nuaersble outCMta to ..?ten to the language ol sympaiiiy
j and can- We are not al.e to say when exact? I
tag ?as m aale, ?. ? to sap
.? .: praise and tame are the iMt thing?
I neh men thought or think ol. Much, no d. .
I be Mcri'cd to Die zealous humsnity ol the City Ms
j ?lonar'.e?. It i? certain that tho?e wb ? aaaaartooa the
task were oi variou? denominations?Church people
I ?nd I>i?*entei?? animated, si! ol them ly?
j lentiment ol c. mpM?ion and piety which they .
j 1-y the ready and in tor tht? good pur
pom Irom their prec?ri.n? ani ?canty e?rninga. Rooma
were hired In the wont locahtiee. and at the cheape?!
rate, light? provided . and Sunday alter Sunday m :i:c
evering rioted tu. a band .f voluntary teacher?, both
male and female, continued to ?truggle, .n j alienee and
laith. again?! the repul?ive dUBcuiOew t their ob?cure
occupation . We have beard the variou?
teachers narrate most graphically the drumming at the
door? the rattling at the window? by thcxe who de?
manded admittance the uproar ot their entry
mediate extunct:m "I the lamp?. the dirt and the ?tone.
that rlew m all din ?tions tendering thi? ??
in ao ?light degree - - lange ? ?'ftentime.
the?.' lad? got po?*e??ion ol the ?p?rtment? and
i.iung either, to learn oi retire, . uUnued Ioni? pars
mount unt.l the arrival ot the Poire, but 1'at.cnce and
.-?red them all. and now we nisy
'.red? of the?.?
young mains > !:l.r? Qt at-.iy cl.-Un.-d axd
Ladie? sud ge.it.cmen who walk in purple sai lea
mea and tare sumptuoutiy every day. can lorm no
adequate idea ol the pain and tbe toil which Uto fonadV
era and conductor? o! theee r-eliooi? ha?
tained in their ?imple and ?erven', piety 11 interim
nearly the whole ot the Sa: :?ti:. tieir only day
and often, alter many hour? ot toil ginug 1-eside an
. .? tbe wivk. lbs y have pluugir-d into the
- t? i.d ?p?riment?, andhai M?:?g dut:?? VVs
have heard ol ?chocl-room? seBJJcately pa- -
lad? have Mt in the fire place one on each hob and the
third ::i the grate with hi? he?d up the chimney and
frequent are the occmioos en which the female teacher?
have returned to their home? covered w.tr?. the
ot their tattered pupils All thi? they have diane and
.u th? genuine ?pint ot Christian charity ??
the hope ol recompense, ol money, or ot tame?it eleg?
ger?, at r.rat our behet. but ncverthelee?. u ?? true : and
many a Sunday svho -1 teacner thas poor and zeaiuu?
will uae up in udgrneul with l?gy eccie?iMtic?. bolster
am ?ertarian? and ?cit tea king stateimen.
Oi Ihe nea,-e??!ly ot some effort ol the kind, the lact '
that .n the year ;-45 the Police of I oadoa took into
charge, taf various offences. H.-cT persons of both
s*.\e?. under '?? year? of sge. i* a ?u.f.cient dem?
??ration cu the ?ucees? of the Schools some judgmeo'
m?y be lottaci Bam the atoavntaj ?utetn nt
" lue last Rep. it shuw? ? return of BBSeheola with
sn aver?.-.? s:?, :..la.-.t
teachers, s - I more have beam added.
making an amount ut JO Sci. wwhai
la required!, witn an average attendance ol at east 3 -?v
? roe are opened on Sunday evening? only
and in that case ?re mauaged entirely by vo. .ntary teach
- - open two evenings in the week?others
hve?and m these last esse?, the education u conducted
.' more thsT: twn or tfcr-e ar? cpeo
Tbe Kode? berla w?
? ? . - - ?i.jed y ? -
r.? andend w.th a ejrrt
oa tbe
sew f?al the children, havtng
? need as usua!, ?re disponed ?:.*??
? ?
?- -making Admi.non to the
Indu?? -.t??? being al
s ? wen do not present ? teket a? an evi.
?'?ne? ' ? ;:.e:r regular atti ndence during t??
day? ? ?:.? -?< ?
> ? ?mir.ed r.ttecc II hcol?. and heve armed
at an amount rea a ma pen
: eves ?, c* hearers. The niinhsi
of ever?. .? ,e?e by at
! or about ? ? ? , : ?ben ?
, thai they ha- ruu away trr.m
: t-iag-hou??? ??..?
, sinks ?
. . basa ?o ihoei ? -.??*. .g? Mkaaeaahat,
:,ave no kody-1 oen . ?.'!" ne'
rv.cU. .'?"i ha?? ?tep?
ore It st one or both parents, ? large
( proportion having !o?t both.
W? ?ee that t?* p.an il ta be still ?rthe: de?.
Il ?*??! :.ihment
of an Ir. lust .-ill I.'ay *????."??! a BtaW, ??? trust, t,
! many then ? planted in the wirst local::;.
, olis. and appropriated to t!i?? re-epton f the
: tn<.?t vsgbofld ?ni ituatftllte tx y? vhi will be trauwd.
not only in -M | Stanti ot ? r ? nsgy ii?ir_ctiiiii. but to
the knowledge ?n,l pr?ctic?? oi ?orne trade or ca
Th? article on "reach Agr < i.iturr n scarcely lese in?
teresting It gives tbe restisi ol the ?yttern of a?aata
subdiv.? aal which baa obtained in France
?.i.c? the Revolution. Ttongh it 11 written to ?bow the
, superiority id large pioprieto.-ib.p?. it.? pregnant with
I eoackuion? which ita Toryim. u> hardly aware ol If it
brame? anything, it is tbst Agnc;!: ? ????-,? .
, tie only ?afe and sure issue tr:;i ti.? manifest ci.i -,[
, ihe system it ?. ondemna as well u ol that it advocate?.
I.eelalBfiteol *aen-Ynrk . ????? ???a
H>o s e G-? ?. ?? *
? TA/ Hnnvnra??Thr 'r? Smnhmt Wrtrk- -
??'nc:t ? Hu?a?n r,rar. _r*c ftapah Bil?? i
tlieuv .
C r .? l? Ifg "t t Vlitgt,
? ' | ',
M"' Arylum?A ? ) !? ' " .-rr?ur>rji?7?/
H ? | Beat? Tir II - .
I ? -, .-?-;?? M
?tBtti Wednesd?)?. leb. Cl. |S|7
In th- II- UNI t darj mt G.?,p??. the '<'intra? t
?yitcm lor r. ? !__ ?-, ,?,,?, ??4?,
In .-ei.i.te ti.ey ?ii?,-ussed at
great length th. ment? O? the l'aa-enger and I
U flunk that it a ?nan i? horn ?tm, 'in
' .all) ? ntti??? Co!
? M ' Uj -? ??.!?* I ,t
that mirror uf legal pn fluidity. Mr Se?retar\ Baa
ton. asserts that ?? Albanian only heroine? a ?iti
zen at . ? .t he !" ?lay ?
iiied? I??? .""angrado
Mr ?????? ibllltore?]
int. net, aad I hope bet
. ? : el salts, ?rbieb tailed m ? ??
: ? I save mach ?
M ? one
? < pay int. ? ?t
I ln|
. ,? . ? It include? two years in one
Mn a word do I beer la tbe H < iwraforn
the code, or the Uaprove? pra s Uoan
, , got sorto! 'awyera arili r 11?? ?
sed I
- namnsbr, ?
It ?? ?. ? ?... ?, .
aad n wa? su ka s The U .aedi a ? -
?? , ? .. m of the Canal Coasnttne te
-aitaci, end ?everal ???tioni were
? Mi I'kkkt.N? .1 1 heard him correctly ?Uted
the leiuerkat)',?? (?et that, ?inre 1 ?aIT. not ? dollar ha*
Ban*, f,? hi??yh r,| cnuait, t y
Canal roiitrat tors?piiwiog >n Ii ?Be I egi?l?tnre lob
hying. A?.? ?et? a man clear oi *uch respinsi'.
?? Ceaaw___ stated eiaseoi aman who he?! ?~?r pati
by the Fr?e Canal authorities I . ? Marly 13.000,
aert-ssd It ? set ban aatd bi Iks .-tute, ?-a. ? had not
? ,,?? ?an ? a
ih? in ? n-y Mr .Wal ??? wai lor giving
M who did the w.ok th \h ?? ? t tl.? ,r lab | and
opposed It contraeu. \\ by ? ot also hire tt.e ..?rks in
tract ?n the BUM pf-Bdple t?
. il? Ii tm NOb a .?tr? I a a art, lor
which , , ? , ? could not give ?ecu
nty? thi? ?m. .??at pro
ht? ?riiltliiow the baft-eaea the ?ui.cotitlactor?.
Portai ? nuay years, are he ? ?*? ?a? u
it.l : : ? bill m?ki:.- ? ' ?. ? the ?x
neat al tr..? .-tute (an lor l-t?
am? I-.- ? ? : "opt IMI
and ?tatui, and plaetag a fu ew be!
in detail, the vai lou? auun which It la known
.? . .?. : v. ? ? .id out
. by the Btati ?:?.-. rat ye?r ?
Canal ex;e-iid:turi-?. lld;ic?u..r.H! LsglalBllV? and a part
separate bill?.
. la am fana I -?.?...
the rsprseeatBtlvm - l tant they may
?w every ? ? j hetari ?
-tu appeal : ? ' ?"
under t nuem ? has ??
and it I - :aint ol
,\. c ? ., . . ???? ' ? ?" ?adhered to
ij.e .. ana ;? ? or3 a
Mr Wl ? . ? ?nd t!
thit ?urn. f?V*S0,0B0 a-e tor inlnnt atei pnncipv
general h. ul and Kaon ad debts? for advance? to Coun?
try treaatirer? on account of nun ret: lei.t taxe? t-?.????
:, the ?tock issued " on aecoum of j
Basasi - ""?
,-.\?? THOI -AN?'1 I'Ul.I.AK-?" are uaed for the pay
of J.'.dge? Clerk?. Kegisteis. and lor Coutiogencte?. of
Court and Court ol Chancery, tor
?war ? the rei . ? ?year.
at reported in anothei bi.:. one 'juarter'? talary
new Court Judge? aril I* am at Mme date but the rate
- ? ompeussuon is ? tyettetted. J? sn? thing aet
tied?if yea. what it Bl
t sa' ?re a?ked to detrsy the expense? ot ?
whon. amale to State prisons vVaareare
the details of l the live l
charged last year ???? %' ??ai? uked loi annuiti?? ?
to Indiai.
Mr 1 .age 10 his annual lepcrt. Mked |??, M lor th?
year? Sut? Printing llr? Wright?G mmittee ui only
aju ?>? What ?ili the adtertiamg the new Consattu
.it ?
pSJBBt tre ?*kcj !? ; the Deal at? I Dumb lastitutiou
tx liara - ? re , ipals, some oi whom
h?ve been clothed. *' ardeu au t educated t r
.ears, r| Oars pa - salarie? alone t
The -:y I ~;,!'
which ti -l Btahtl ?? the patron, at he and he
siooe decide? who may be ?du.. ?re not
? more than 4 lo - out oi ?W ?sv.r.g papiri ali the
I other? are c.tned. :ed and educated at the expeu?e I ?.
! the Sute, and ougt,:
1 wealthy?but can oa - ? ?
thi? credit)!? I " nere paid last year by
the -tate and from paying pupil? en.y t? ?? were
raiMd in ?'? quarter?. Tie object ueacei*nL Are the
tumaflti and burthen* cruelly ?cd fairly dittribuiea ? ?
ited the co?t per pupil, yeaiiy, ?t too h: ?h a ?urn, |
?j ?t Mk-d foi the Schio! H? the Bl.nd. 'Ih.?
?? auothe: humare :? ature 4 le present age
|4>JU are e?uraated M .ike.y U. be wanled tat pay kr
catch: g :'7"
paid In ? preotaslnjj Crhehnde tpDO? are
tm t
reiuued lo set in operi:
House of R-. t ? the
?pani ?????? lor Korei?u Poor .n New
. set down lor the eiecUon ot ? sute ??
ut steil pay us ti su
?taten Island.
>? .
IliOD- ge. ta. V. t* ?? Manne Hoe
expense? ? ? ?
BbbBi Aiy'.iux f,?"J
.nonda.-a.-a-t ?prias? ??-ar.ee a..ne ?
. .?a heavy ?um. Is U really ? ui .
? Wht. iiipcajee of this and much Basse Stale
patronage ? WHO are a*o aated lor ccntttgeacie?.
| ?charted Baas he very ?mfl mating
an index b/the Journal ot th-? CeriTenUun. U?y s
1 that u?ci..lwork w.txaeid. e>en troro u. - ?
I order? I '
1 very tua -etoaanntaem!
ta h?**"? f'-"?'1' ln ?*? of wbich
; ? ad by the Con
| ..at were paid by tie
Slate in l-i \ ought to be explained here
hant?t use ioM?u.taiaed by individua:?, ine .-ute and
tie railed Siete?, when the -.??ery Fund : ana? . -d toe
w.y to ? renerai stoppage of c**h pay menu ?n IfW.*?
s-ute wm responabie tor fpMMt t** ?ad shove the
money? paid in by th? ?e ban*? wb.ch :t borrowed mo
nei oa iutereat ?nd paid to their MBihton.
In mat cenused "?'-? " *r
Agsrtah Flag? ?lab?.*? ' ? ?"**
Usued lsanVcar at tflUB 13 pnes * ?nd tm
w, rd w.th tue other. ?Vela
-ems were only I ?? ?\
1. 171 r. Who ?????? the ?afsimii. or woat does u
?Xi^tan *
Peamde ihi. intere?? "' r*fS t?!U u? tnal h* re
ieemed BMLtJ serene? Imi y-ar and paid
nearly |?....?? tor tieix deWs. Tru-lag Bam?? have been
obtained from Receiver., sad a debt ?? ???idled on the
IM - ? r Lt'-??t (wbi-h and cd the :n*er?.? ?
I a? ? | vea: I -ther
- --ate to pay Tt")
! the Reciver taf ' Cl atoe I ar.k %Vbl 1-dependent
???? hy Mr ?'?m h1 ?
.-'tate pay? more on it year
? ??, ...
vith $100.00 sapta? each, saying Bntjaagot
? ' ?me of mattai assurance, by
?sas ead boaeet i_s?t~?oae may be crashed by
profligan colle egee?, is daagsruiis lo the aal being of
Thi NtvV'n _bMVta-_, through its rmi?eat. I
rg? New l.r?] ??? I ?: . ???.I patkaaB bar? r?
.-?:.! rir.? ? ? ;
*? --.?pen??* hav? been |
? - - - ? . ?a? from the
.-U"e. ??>?"" In the Bt.o<ii!N.iC*xt Aitux
. '?on? he?e be???. under treatmer.i ?
and of t?eee l.l h?v?? died | ? im
proved. Tbe evpi miliare? and receipt? have been over
%?> lA? and the .-taU- pay? S
?uch ?????a?????? ar? an bor. ir to America, and .t un?
ireful supervision, a? it n prviutned'.r. y :
?? sccompiiihed much good.
A t'ummittee ol the Senate have reported, w??
in aid of the const ru t: on of an Aarso-omcAX Oratav t
tobt, to be located n?.v New-York and placed under
the ger?? ra : the Truetee? of Columbia College. \
r -an be got toward thi? very de?irable ob<ecttmrn
the Manner? fund, and tbe Uieervatory could not be
better h?nd?
I hav? at length met with the 4*tai ?_ official accounu
of the Hud??n Hack I ? ?nd ol Meeer?. \ en
Buren and Butler ? cunou? a rtMs :raniecr, ne
therewith connected a? recorded in tne journals '
Be fl I ?ha,l ha?? the test, ar.i they are very in
lUid f >?t?< lear ?nd ? .?.1?hea'thy. .?????? weather
da?:: . a lovely moon
? ? laM night?!?.t -read ?nd iu.?r ?r? ?^n the n?e.
> ? very high ?? mon ? tin:? I a
r;?n nikn s wealth I? hn ?tr?>r.g t >wer . th?? ?kaarat_ta
poor i? h.? poverty." !n "?enat" to lay a member
had an idea th?t the ch ,1, '? w-.u.d retara and kill off the
I ,*?,)? Iloiibttul ? v?ry I'm glad Wal?h ha? returned .
: h? 11 help to ?nhven the dui. mutine ?nd th? dty details
I of our local legisl?: ?
" C*~ I at BB-MBB of Hatticld Mas? have contri
... ? ? the Iruh poor TbePeyPo
Im ?? Boston have given two day? pay ??!??> for the
i r?liel ol the l-.-h I! tii? i'apiU.ist? ti th? County
I . I . :-. ute two daya aatnt whi? h tr.ey can
' much beMn -I a l to do than the ?allerer, what a boun
teoua ?um would be raised
[jT Ut lltgrdaa. Ilta tnajaiael th? la
tension ,I Blavarypami the Ma??achu?ett? ll"U?e ?d
i.apreeenutivei by a unanlraoii? vote
x3nuT,il D?otuce.
G??" I.retore? on lairnnoni) In Hrnoltlya.
. ?- " stl wtllde ver a
? -p?, ?rn-.rti- Bg ?il the re ?
- aeleore, ini 1 ? . ,.ir?ie.| v.
U Refe? ir ol ih? ? b ?
?iooklyn Keina.e Academv -n Tu.??
? ? . ? S ? . . ? ?
g. 3d of Ma ,.,..: . , ? ?
,?y he bad ?? ? ? Booti n and
\ tie.
. . ...
Do. -, -????? ?? ????., ??? I
- ?"??. I
rickeu en?., to be had ai the a .?
. ?
CtT I.enure? on Astronom?. Ilev s Ft Cox D
" ?? - .? ? '? it-oj Tal-macie, on Tueaday
.?.. Maud ? and 1' ?? Lectura? oo Astroaotay.
with pari.n. ai ref?rase? lo ti e rwesotly discovered risii?
? s aal iiagrani?,
? ? - ?ni oh
? ?? atlf paw? - ,
? had Bi Ik? -- ,
?tu. id way, and ft.?? I.,*-kwood,
- ,r atta??
! ? ,v- The (.eiiinin IIimih. rniu- \\ hit taeocla?
lion-'f N-? ? ?-.. I ibelr flr?l Annual ??;;.??
? , ? Ilari ti t, at the aV ? ?
: \ . ? A ?ini Klr?t-?L for the benefit of the
? ?
t 'imiti e-sple-icetheaiaelve? lliatihey
? e
Ti ?y liar- --ng?ged Sri ex
? t-s -loor ?lo he under Iha
C immlltee.
ristai each?loi ? bad S n Ihn Seventeenth
Ut : Il .
? ? > ? ? ' ? ? ? ? ? g h lesinili ?'..
........... ?*? lawnhan ? *-?. Rupp,
. Wa.ei- O. ?chwart?, H .?- lurttBf, St
I' U si, ?. ?. OlOSSIBg, 11? .?? ..I- Lou. Se.eo'.a-sL
. between A vim .?? A and ? : ? Kerber, 111 II...i.tou-i:,
? gobant l?#s% ? lustrer I ?
r" G. TiMchuaziii. lalTbi-d ?'
tgr The tmweewtTwtrrt ( nnioound ol Yellow
D?rk, prepared bj Dr. IHUtvvOLOal Ml Braadwap m
e.iy adapted !.. the nature of
scro'ula, as it is now It all ita various forra*
?ii er a patented or secret medicine, m t? formala
ha? I ?en ?ubmited to a largo nuetner of medical men, by
whom 1' ha* >"??? u?ed tie ??jt ye?,, and froni their expe
- H i? presar! that it wi.l not only cure ?cr, ?ila acd
,?r chronic complaint?. b,il will eradicate ten he
? ? tiki pre.l.spositi-? to tin? fast iocr??-i,g ? ?????,
lUtttoa Bis advertised, that a greater lumber
may avail lhen:?e>?? , f Uie henel.t of II? u??.
? t ?a pal I)nifgl?t? It" "Ughonl the city
f?** The Amrrlenit Improved Ilyaelan .?ledi
cine. ? Ban !' > ?> ???'. con?
iai u h , ?.?? il na ' Kor ad?
I ihe ?lomach
and bo??? ? -.'? I tli?y m?y he ful.y depended
upon. BBd a ??? I Ol th? *ir?t ?ppear?nce of
?y are
-,. ? g?n?i? ea>
?? lyatsn sad ?j ?'?:?:
??' o in all [lager?
- - ?. .man.? sad spas
? - ai'ons. te. No
,- a Lboal t*i?in
? ' . ? v'llltin.
Broadway; Cool I ? ? Bus?, l-i
MaatBroa-lwayi lira M? ?a. 1 '? ? T ..ion ?L Brooklyn. J G.
? W .? ? I iTbaietoetf |
Ce*" Water-fu re.?Or. ivi m, having returned from
? prim??? tm? new ???:???? al hut Irmiiullonlfland
- ti Bt*s?) aad la tea dtp generally. The WaierCure
r-OBihly) bylir. Ihew, ?? ? lu.iahed ai lite |
il a year In advance. .if bar*
lUc? i cinee.
I vtciu?t .11 >??? ?isc?.
Ac. ai quarter price. Other silicica la proportion
A? certain per?oOa?re olTerug ?purloua niiiailooe of Dr.
Chfjile? (?a.var.'.r Ring?. K;u.tl, ir. at half ptlce, the pub
lie ar? respectfully informed thai iti? ??me article? may be
bal at one half of tbsir price?In other words, the counter?
feit article? may Ire had for one-quarter the price of the
ge. BJBJ
Cine ihonaand d,niara will be forfeited if they ?re not ine
? ? ?- Maus meo
-? e?a.e sx,i Raia.i Agency l<2 Broadway, oetweeo
John at- and Ma.leu-.ace.
G?" I1 ? ? U*iv?n!c article?, which are
achfev. . eeaa and ca.etv.ty ihai new
COuarerfc.'.?ar-a-ar ?.erv day. can be .*uUn?d only Bl
??- 182 BROADWAY, ,?J
which li '.ht n.o p.ace to New-Yuik wLure ibey can be
He?? ? ' |r |. , , end ?rut Hurt, ?? noce of then
-wed io keep Dr. Christie'? Genuine article?.
G?*" Chn?t;e ? ? ew w)r? on -? ? lai vanissi and li? App.l?
calloe M a Remisdlal Agent. ' may be had gran?. IIP l?ipt
itri.iM, -.inri. I aa ? ??
DR. IMOULDS?? 9 aTEl 1FIC emanate? from a regu
.ar I'tiyt'.c.s... i? platees? le late.au.: perfect y harmleee
?. ?- ?-v.?? ?.e and femaie. old and voting.
BS thia medtciae hM a ger.i.e action on th? bowe... and
?eat :? easi.y removed ?ail the digestir? organ? re
alored lo a he? -, .. boal any perr-pi:r,.e efTee|.)n
- . ' ?-..?. m ran he proved brper? ?oal r?v
- . ;ersoo?.n:any?>f!heai pbya;
- seal y a., reape? Abie drug g let? Bad ep
? : led ?ger.j In : jwn and coumrv, and by a., the agenta
for Bherma:. ? I. /eng-? ao-l Ba.sa-r. Olf.ce !'"?! Nsawau il
t - H Mr.Hit?. I jj P.i.too ?t. . Newark.
J E Trtsea,C. W Badger Wm ? Mercer ?f tmeodlsip
TUB MCI red addendum io the toilet, ?nudi
| . -?ii-g an! pr??erving
ihe ,?Aio aod a -?.?'.?' ? -?.
t_BSplB| ?ml outer palcruld ??order? of the ?am are ?a .???;
by t'ieet wit?d?. the be'.efieiai effect? of isti? ?e.aeuai f*
melle aremoet p.eanagly evinced. The augu?t patronage
Conceded by Ihe several Sovereign? ami Court? of Europe,
the au; - "' ' lidia, and ihe nnmerjutureumoo.e.?
?lora, are, ?a tbea?alv??, ?ufL
oeiahileJl ine ?uperior.iy of ihe article, without
? ? v.. r ? ?A ?mall ci argument of
lie shove ?ii'iiiMcn received, li ut, without douM. the
f'eaieei ? embellisher* e?er _tlr>riuced Into '.tua country,
tie raJla-1 u.oom it Imp-ru, the eoflaee? ano deiieaey
which ?l induces oo the cheat, lender it :n,?spenea_.e lo
every to??*.
To be bad wholeeeJe of the Isspiiima. HOBBS k CO ,
whu.eea!? ici reu;, ai xeD? Esca ?;_o Temple,
?? Broadway In1-?:. ? - '? aal ??? cents. 6f lmlsp*
???G??G? ? Will UO**T*T=T' ihe Gaivaoie
K.-?? Bt.ls a_l Be.te wniea are su:d al IW Broad- ?
rei of J jhn st ai naif price, are counterfeits, why
d at Or. Chi'ae.e or tu agni publish them as ?ach m ?
? .?.a uarna, so that Ite p_t?,vc caa uaderaiaod Ote minar ' j
ti- ?a.-? - - *--' J' ?iep.ia inai the seme man
ira: manufec?-e_ the** has faraute* han foe the peat two !
year? Aeinemaer -?ea-* price Batti M Broadway
?? lmlsip _
U. .*?.?*?I M.'*? lOlOiU t A>DV ?a l?e beat la
., _,? . -. . a. ?. ?.- ? . ?? w
k'jWT tha? ? does t-rt retire any piia-tr. for aa.e at
loa art-ripe? dng store? :a '-._ city. Bruocyn sad
_?_?__?a? the l'=.~M tuie?
Wtntoeai? Ageeu. Jas. ?. Aspicwt? M wUlanet tad !
liraei M_cr .
G????,??? ?_?! ?o-i. w!w.?e*.e atei re adi by i. Jo***, I
?*-igg;a---?r1ia?Bna e?, lacDo<a.ai ?t. i?i-b*TuT?I
CAN BE CL'REl) with B-rwghtoB's Tono--?? __?__>.
?ty. watch never U??. if properly ?rtplted. Prepara '
and ?old oy
If awiw? ?. ? BO-'GHTO.Y ? DivUton s? ?. X
?"???? EXTRAC ris B?af BeaarltSstMsj, ?'???.?????
?mai , pleaaaaier, and warranted s ? rev lor ic mg
?old. It cure? disassee w.i?chU rasstutag *s"f??g rtceov
aas ??* -ie>..u?ri?g ihe patient
The rreat b-autT and supenortty of tala Baraarwrilia
oser all SSba? rer-?d>*? BA ?"-...e ;? eradicai?? dtaeaM?. It
tnvtgoraiee ?he h v
wo?? this 13,000 mam rmi aaaa
r.uoti n <r< m mam net m
?.00? ? tanni ??????????.
j..*)00 aaana m emanasi, p??u?tv. and warn of
Nervout Energy.
,?,???? ???? ? ? -? ? >t? t!?p es?.
7,000. ? ?? ? 'r DMnsnm
01 ihe B:.?vi. rts 1 ?ess Be ta < r ? ss m. Sa.t
R-ieum. P11ap.ee on ?B? fa.??, kc Ac logetner witn numer?
es;? t-aaee? of Consuoiptl.T Llver C t ? a si?. Spina. Af?
? k?. Thi?. we ?re ?were, mutt ?ppeer tncredlb.e,
.1 ?s- ?.??.-* ?eiier? ora r:.??.. .. t ?j! our tvepu fr?*a
a r?-? of the l 'ed Slate?. Informing u? ?H ?xtraor
d'nary cur?e. R. lu Buskirk. ??? one of Ule moa? re
?.* ?a Druggists tn Newark. ???* Jersey, :r-,;'ortu? us
1 refer ?
Ci'.v of New-York, whlcn we ?','? refer lo ?? uh p.eeaur?.
that he can refer io mera tran one hu-.l-etl and rlftepjasee
tn that p.ace aione. There are ihouMid? of ca?e? Th the
Cl'.v of New-York, whlcn we w.l. re!
and 10 men of character we,: known.
More than s?? ihouaand ,-a*e? of Chroalc Rheumausm
have '.een cured by ihe um 0/ Dr Town?eed ?Saraarwrtlla.
Naw-Yoaa, Dec U lis?.
T0D.KT01T is.ra- BO I think It my duly 10 return
you my earn sincere lhanks for the beeeiSt? I have expert
eeced oy Ute um of your Extract of Sa-MpaiUlA 1 wm
aiTJ'.cted for many room:.? with Rbetimiti? p?lns, aa.l also
Inflammation of Ihe L?er. ihe aufJeriaga which I endurad
from ibeM ???ease? "iiJir-d m; ,:fe a burden to m?v I
Irted ever? remedy inai wm prssrtlbed for tr.e. from ihree
of the beet phyccian? in the city, but without receiving any
rernaneot t-euefL I eoosMeroa Btysstf incurable, but by
UkStdvteeoft friend wm Induced .? try ?our Compound
I bad but faint hope? of ?urce??, tut I am happy as uv, I
had not taken mor- a?a ha.f a botu? before I experienced
re.:ef, ih:? Educed me lo persevere In Its u?e, and two
bottle? has? effected an entire t.ure It ? now acune month?
?Ine? 1 uted yo.ir rsaaady, and I ant grateful and happy to
Mv I never enjoyed '?e'.ier health.
I a*mB take great p.eaaur? in recommending li lo the
??T ?ted, for y l's ne 1 Ira ;. I ?Bave my ? e ara? sa- ei.
Wiih the greatest respect a'.low -ne ?,. njtiscnbe tii)?elf
your grateful fi tend. WILLIAM ? MilROAN.
Id Cana, ?u .-or- er off Broadway
Naw.Yc.sii ! :'t??, t?W
Da Tow-asmi?- /v?? Bar Kor the Im: three year? I
have heen ?orely aftV.:?d with severe rheumatic paiuA I
have been al lime? tn the creaieei a. -1 ?,?? .? ' a, sad una?
low my einploviiieni. I li?ve tl.o bail ?ever? at?
tac?? at the lumbago I read a.,rne ?.count? In the pacer?
of the vtrfaas of your Barsepert la. an '? thaugbl I would try
u. enH ??? tf I could obtain ? BtSSafe h?s left
me. ?ltd I experience no'it?'re .'liny rheomai.r palm Mr
g?rerai heaith hM beea ntipro? ?.???- el. inrmefired ? "h
It, f r trtst h I am very ihai'kful. and hope you will meet
the au.ee?? that few) reriie.lv lor ihoa? ?evere .oinp.einia
inerii?. Toer.tac.tae. ?????? i"N.'s
- No. I Dover ?l.
a?-???? raeiuaoar.
S?sTtM?i.? b", I'*?.
n? Tew osano tmm Bb My wife hM been for ?ever?
SI ???ia arTli.-ie.i with rheiiui?':.m She hM tried inaiy
fferent remediM lo obtain tome rebsf, but til ?? M pu?
pos?. BJke wm finsllv induced hy tr.?: ?< ?our a.lvertlae
tuent, lo give your H?ri?p?r:lla s irtsl We mili llisdsims
of 1'freni V'Hir agent ? Mr. Va? I',? ah?k ? ?riti tt give? me
pleasure to ?taie ihat after ?? ? BBS ??> .'eiieneed great
relief, ?nd wm in a very atiort 0me? porteci! J cured I wm
also ? ogether with a man In ?y m?lnj) badlj irnahlew
??uh Pi ?*. and b? u?iDg a sins . .;u?ntliy of your ?an?p?
rilia, earewnpaaei wrss ??wepietoli ?wrad 1 coaasaVat u
one of the beat of mediente?, ????! would ?draw a ! who are
articled lo give It a inai UAKItl G tUKKABRANT.
I ?I MarBet tu Newark.
At will te tho,..,!., , uts in sli. raer? ?etna
Cnt'ed S:?te?. areeaetiattall] ?ending certificate and lu
fonafalg BS of I juehi? derive. rrsMa .)r. Town?? nd'tSarsa
Da Tfewasaaa ts? BuaMokaeMnm|eains|saa*alataj
opinion .?f'.he v.rine. of y our < otapoaad lyrup <>f 9?r*ap?
eii now prep,,,.,? L, |i -, , ? ha-.?ua.*l it in my
?racuce and prei ,. ?..? month?, andmuai
glvetlmv .leei.lMd preferen.?. over anything of the kind
with which I am acquainted, ????, u ,,, ?,. medical virtue?
and the reasonable price atw ?ich you -, ? , . rofuloua
arferiion?. eutaaaouteruptlo ?.? ?ra . rspepsts, indi?
g.-?lion, i-o?tive habita, ani live? com ?. lai it?, | tm much
?- -?,,?? wtUi It? etl.-clA In tre??e compiali ta. ?? anv tuber
wi.eie teroraktUli dicala? , 1 .can a ih ... itaeai ? r? . m?
mend il lo the patrol ????? " tM profi ?. io ss ? valuable
?uxill?ryfnr roatOvitS il!>?a-r la socas of '? BMol irmible.
?tune foin'?, and 10 til, ?i a Ufa uid '-a lahla ined'einr?.
Htl.N.i.N. WEEKB.M. D.
Hi'ioalyn. Nov. ?'. Hai.
Da,T0WBSBBD /Vos? Having Tor ?ome lime past
[ heen ero'.cled wuh a ptilm mary arfe, lion on my lungs, and
a continual pain In my tide, ?> * ? ig : levning exposure In
j i,??,ing a/ier pipacti?ng.ao ? ndiig ray dliesis to latretn,
? with mu. h dilTicully ol lire?ih ng SB I oihjr ?.arming ?ymp
' Unii?, I waa a?lvia?d I.g a clerg?uian, a friend of mine, lo
: try ycur celebrated Sar?ap??"tf!a t dui ?o. and ???? ta
I king two or three (.otile? 1 found myielf relieved. Myep
i nei'v > ?? '?en menai, i find me.?elf iiiuch ?tronger, and ?
j nope reryioon to resume ne i?uel ?lune?. I have l?*?o
io great,y beat?tad by your atcaUOBl BsesHctao, 1 feel It '
my duty l? make known the fact? for Ihe benet.t of other? ;
who nap belBbnta? aa?n las ?ame ___eaktos that ? hav? ,
been l'or ?orne timepa*t- Riepeciiullv. your?,
SAMl'EI. WHITE, (-??tor of Baptl?! Ch-irrh.
Nor. M, Ita*. Uan? islsnd
Principal Office, IK Fulton ?t. ?on Building?.
ALMOST ? ????( ?,?.
Re?? rnr. rni i.oH'iwc, ?nrl doutitlf yiKi ran, that c,,n.
?umpUon canini he cured. Tms li omy one of the ?ev?tal
kniff? caie? that Townaend'? Her ?sparlila has cured .
H?,? "Ki.vN. S?pt H, ?MB?
ria. Tewaeaaa Baa Be I w?? taken a little ov?r a
year ago with a ?ever? , ?ugh and p?in In my ante. It in
cr?aaed on me very fa?t indeed. I ?u prounounred by
phjalrlsas in ban the ealsb nnaaanpitna I r?:????! Urge
nof bad netter, bad night iwnii, and ?rang
very fast , my doctor ?aid he toold go notbiag f?,r in?. I
w?nl lo ihe hoapil?! in hope of Mag ? w??
. e.i ih?re ?? lucrai' ? I ?as now /rea'.iy d'ltr?.??
ed at the lung? and cm, l hard.y lireaih?, I ?oon Basant
ssBaelaSsd aadespeeted lodi?, waeconilned t,, my bed,
and was obliged lo Iure watcher? , indeed. I taaan give
you any de?crli'..on u-at w-m d do juttic? ??' my cas? I
?ti (uppuead ny my friend? to be nel recovery, I bad
Irlei agr?ai number of remedie?, aod a.l ???????| ?o be io
no purpose. / read of seen moti eatrtor linary c ire? per
I -tied I.y yo'ii medicine, ?nd to tell you the trulli, I n?
pected there waasume himbug In th?m But I vu in
diced to try It, I done eu, aod am very thankful I did. I
cannot say '.hat I am entirely well, but am so far recovered
as to be non BJ ???????, and hoc? le be entirely wellio ?
a few week*, lay cough and paio In the ?tde. and night ?
?waau, have left ma, and ralae but very little, and am fast
gaming my usiti atrengUi. I fell tl a duly to giva you e
?tatement of my caae to puhllah If you please.
G???? BROWN, ? Luti??-?. Brooklyo. 1
Dr.Towneeod'e Sampariila la a aovereign aad speedy
; eue for tnctpieal eon?umpiu>o. barrerme??, leucorrnoa,
1 or while?, otxlrueied or dlmculi aiendruatiun, .ncootin
saeeef urine, or lnvoliintary dl?chsrge thereof a-id for
I Ihe geoere. proetrailon ol the system-no mattev wi.eu.er
? the reMlt of lahereiil eau?*?, or produced t,y lrreg,
lar :y i,.ne??or accident.
Nothing can be more ?urprulng than ti? Invigorating at)
! feet? upon the human frame. Persons sil weakneM aod
.?Mimde before taklog It,at once become ro'.mt aod f... ?
mder it?Influence. Itlmmed.auiy co?, >racu*,uie
: r.erv? ?eenee? of the female frame, which I* the greatca?*a
1 of bar renne? a
H will not b? expected of BB, la ca*e? of ?oddlcate a ce?
lerei lo exhibit certificale* of ci re? performed but we can
' Basure the adtlcied thai biiidred? of c??e? have been re?
ported to u?. Several cs-ee, where familles have been
wiitn.il ehi.dren. afUr uetng s few bo?.t.e?of Ih'? tnva.ua?
bis medlclae. have beee biaeaed with hea.thy < ?iprln??.
"Ds.fo*??a"D -My wife ?-mg ?reai.y diaireaaed by
reat?te? and generally dev.l'.ty, and ?ufferipg Mattalia /
by pain and a ?er?ieiloe of ?earing dowe, fallln?; of the
womb, aod wiU oiher dlfl'-u.Ue?, a?d having ?new? catw*
where y?*.r r_?di??.-? hae etfeeied great curee, and eleo
?ariag it recoeuaeoded fors'iec. case? as I hevedoerrlbed.
I ...?'la.ned a Houle of Enractof Sarsaparille, end followed
the direction? you gave me In a short period n ran
bar complaint? and reetored her to nea.th. Being gn
for the benehl? ate received, I take pleasure tn urn
knowledg'.ag :i. ar,d r?c.,m.-nec-l ig Ilio the pu.vir,
M D MOORE, cor of Qrand aad ?yd.u? ?
A!eaay. Aug. 17, lHt
Ds. Towssaaov?To sii wh</tn Un? may concern This
. e-ufy. that my wife need owe bottle of ymr Sarsapa
rtUa pre?.., is w bar confinement, under the huki ?.arming
and delira.e drciimataacea, betnr troubled with the drop
ay. tweilmg of th? feet, nervou? affection?, and vei y much
a ed. W':ih my perauMion, and'Jierecouunend?t.on
of thoM who had u*ed it, ?he wm Induced ? try It, with
...:.' r nofaiih . and ?utVee u Ui ?ay. the medicine had the
tat ?ewet, ooi only in ihe hour? ? confine
at?at, but after me. expiration ot one wee? of lia - ???
drop.) ? ->ctien gave way to an Miocahiag
degree, and ter hasMl ?? now better than l. had been for a
l'un? wtii be if any ?emee '? pst, tf ?ny one who
douous ihecucce?? of ike medicine, you are entirely wel?
come to il I subscribe myse.f your ?ioti obedient and
otniged ?erraci, ?. S. JAM?-.-AiN.
Dr Totm?end Is aimost daliy iemlvha| order? from pby.
etc.au m different pans ot ih? Cmon.
Thi? i? to een-fy that we, u?e underatgned Phy.lclaa? of
the city of Aibaey. bar? in Bumeruu? caaes pre?, rtbed Dr.
? jw-ueod ? BarMparnA. aad b?ii?ve .? m be one of Je
moat vtuiianle pcapar AUooa of the ?ar ?apar ilia In tae ma/tel.
? ? Piling, M D. J. WLeon. M ? R. g Brigg?. M.
D ? E. E.mendorf. M. D.
Albany. Apnl 1,1*4!?.
The fouowine U from one of lue most respecta1 'e pby?l
?An? cm Long '?land Oactaroar. July .?, IM6.
Da. Towxibmd?liter Sir 11 ta wl-.n lausf?elioa that I
My to you, laail ha?? reeeat'y wtioeased.iaaesera.caM?
tae tnoei beoenc.Al re?ult? from yonr Extract of Sar??pa
r.-la Being engage 1 Is :he practice of medicina, 1 have
pr?w.rj>ed ft m teser?, ese?*, and never without benefit,
la the removal of die????? ?rt?tag from ? deranged ?tete
of ire dlgeeUT? organ?, .aund'.ce. A.c. it far exceed? ?ny? ,
thing of the Kind ever before ottered to tae public. Toe
Wuj please send me two dosen, Ac k
Respect/a..y yours. ?V C PRESTON, ht D.
Principa! oaVe. 1? Pu.iotv?'. San Building, ? ?, Red
<tat| A Ca. No. ? Siate-??. BoAloa, Dr Dyotl .. does. \M
North Iteccmd???. Phliadeipaia. ?. ? Henee, drufglet, Bai
Umore; D?nn A Co. Itirhiixood ; ? M C-heo. Cbejurij?,
VVrtg tu k tu. 151 Chartresvet New-Or'.eana, ?? ftoorta ?
Pearl-?. Adiacy ? R- Van Bueairk, 'Ml Bi -avi. cor. Market
?t. Newark. N. J , aad by prlnclp?: druggiau generally
ia- rugivout ibe L'nlied Hau?. W'eet Indlee.aod Uta CanadM.
Noue g?nalas. ttolM? pail up lo the .arge ?quer? hott tea,
waicb eoniAln a guari. %aA ?urn?**, with the ?Title* atfat?
tare of ta P. ?X>Wria?xtD. sod bis aatwa Mows oc ita
Class ?thi t^aTsTatae '
?iuietum*, &t, CDaitU?.
\?? INTED A perern a IH ?**, h?.:' ca?h, ???G??
v v ?eeartty aad who aroold Ike ko traviai This Is alatoei
? "t?iary or making a fortune la a vary abort UBS? - ?
?e.lint out Bauet righi? for aa irwira-em for boiling wa?
ter, tc The aesanafc_nmte*gMi atarntkf bnagas?
c.aas-aiod wirk - -? -?
WlvreD-PJrehaeera aw -?. --?-. t-,-^ ?.
usci Mae*?e. Ir?* Awatage. sad ali ki_4e o? ir?.
work. UtraenlUklBj* aad Bail Haarier <wi uintli
term? by Dl'NCAN * Wg?, 4 Unte isVeaa ea.
nj_Near Matoea-laaa. ? ?
WAVTKD -il.1"1, ori bond ani mortgage, et t pet
cent, oa property in the faventa Ward. Apply 10
trflw_ 7 Broad*?
\ t * ? ? ? ? D - A situai ?oo bv an ?ngt?hraar?"?r?o aeeer
? v ?and* r?rmiag la all iwbrancbea PUaea taeatr* ai
.:.. H-,i?dw?y._m a
a?" ANTKD A i?t??eTin a prorieh e and hie?reb.e
? ? hueme?? who can fti'^eh tV?am B"-v?* to ????G* Ad
-.? Justice." Tnbeae once. ?V 3t*
? ? ? ??? M TABLR a-arrual womanide.ire. a ji?a?
a? ?rt ??????. Appiy at 110 l.aureeaaL SVSteod*
(Viali ?????1?. Anaciive .. ?.. man. "well
? ? ~i with fkncv good? hura?*?, aad having at
hi? diapoeei a leige enr?ler of geod <u*lo*t*r*. bal er?
c?pii?i. w ; ?be* io ???iato!?? a hutuneet wiih ,?o* who can
c ?enmand f.' av ;o Ba ,??i t? ra?h t'nijueeikjoebte iSsVi
< -.r ?? ? ??:. ano ?? ?tp.anei. ?'. aiorde.1 of the el?
t.lliiy and proti of lb* bu?!??*?, bv fcldreeeing " NeUoa."
at this o??es, which will be cootdenua.lv coo?tdeiwg
t*t jf___
? All ?1AX FAttOkV. A bmboo w^l acaeetot?
ed wir the manufacturing o( nal.s and who can pur?
chase S ot Be.iWS of tbe anca of the oowpaay, te warnet ?
take the ?uperinieadtMceofatVu>iy oo? lasucceaeful op*
lattea, m a part of the coaetry where e ?al? are had aiaigtt
rent? per bua-ei. sad pig vos U aba-Aaace et low prtcasoT
ihe tirai quality 11 u *a* of the b*ai loeeilcotU thi? cotiatry.
heaithv ?nd ?bundeec* of waur power Tbe beaann ?sea
??a wail for hi? aer-tcae, aad a
not fall to re- aid a per?.
?- .1 aalary m
leaa ih?r? a
llf IrtKwTh
? ?? -'. salary will B* fivaato >n? In all reaped? ciaap?asai
Nona other? need ?GG?" Addreee by malt or otk?ewt??.
J. DAV-NrOBT A CO. IM Frosi*?. ? V
ooar?ine ano 4oUis.
TO WIDOW?* WIIONK MEAN* ara united
A middle aged man ef retiring habita would wt*k to
- ?? with a widow (of a religt ?ui u;?? of miad,) Medra
d:?' m Bapil?i-no Roman Catholic?who ha? got ihr**
room? or more and no family or board???-, To a p*raoo o<
th ? dee. ripiiou n? would pay hi? board, ibrea-faat. tea
end rootne. dining down iown.1 aod MSB aaetet to pay lb?
rent of the rooma H? ha? no connection? in the ?ny A
line wiiii the lady? addi*??, directed " Merchant aad lert
at ihe Tubune .?trice art? be attended to. .??f ?V
BOARD WANTB???Wlih urTht-iched F*jlor~aad
bed-room aiiached, for a gam.?inai. wife, and Seugh
tet ?;?????,.! Location In Eaal Rroadwav, Henry or
Madtaon?!? Of ?oin? of ihe ?tree?? tn that ?Irliiuy. Woald
in? ? , renala uexi year if agreeable T?rma aauit not b*
mote than $? per week. Please addr??!? Frankila. Tributa
otri e. tuning locailoa, Ae _ Bef It*
BO ? ??? ? ???" eman aad hie wile and iwo or thiae
?ingle g mienten can b* ..inventen t. v accota modelad
wat good r orni aod board on reasonable term? by appi>
mm at 1* BeeAnianac mi ihe Para. Re?-tenca? t?
quired._Mf lw?
BOA H S With choice of ??* unen ?. in a pleaaaet aad
heaitnv location may b* had from tira? ol May n*at bv
applying ?? io* Henry ?t b*iwa*aSand ? o'clock, ?f I?'
111! % It DIM; Two gentlemen ran he accommodated
ll-H'i |Hilan al aa M ore? M oppiteli? College-pleee.
Ms?I* H I >ti ????????? t C NsltVTON. Hat
ter. ? it Eulton-?L would Inform hit frlendt ?nd th?
hai he hat - .al introduced hi? Spring ?tyle of
Hai?, and he ha? no beattauou In Mylng they will ? jual
:i QtiKurpM? anything offered in the market with pnrs?
a? low m ihe IowmL Reiusiubst ihe number, lit Bull?n
at_? iw?
MfsHKINtiPAHril?NPI. ~ Hau. mi?-Part?anus
skin ".sis ai pi. equAl lo ihoae aold by othera at I?.
?.to. elegant dre?? hilt ?? $i AO and |J . ?, ?upertov
.?' .' vie a- t f n.ah io thoae lu many place? Bl ?J . n?ai hat
at '. 0. ti Murch will be plee?au tu im hi? frleed? at
Ihta e.-.a .1. II ? III
?fur ?JEOROKP It BROWN. 1S8 Csaelet.
JHOUTH AND MIUIK.w.-Country inerchAai?.
?nd the retail li ade both in city and counuy.are re
?pectfully Invited to call and eaamtaa tbe ?ihecrt
bee? large and general aMoruneol of men'?, boy?',
ladle?, ml??e?' and children'? Shoe?. ?.???, Oaiter?, (tc he.
which will he told ti the lowett prlrM, by the ctee or
do /"?. and furnith tuch ?use? M may be rerrulred
?. ? ? Constantly on hud, a ?upertor quality of ladle?',
?????? and children'? Rid and French Shoe?. Q?l?er?, Ar
of our own inanifaclure, whb I are warranted
II ??ar.?.. - At the ?am? place may be found iwn double
?et? of Use.?, ?ntirely new, which will be aold at a hai
gam, or exchanged for leather.
A. D OALE, t:?? Pearl ti. up ?iati?,
ITUwDilVV corner of Burllng-sllp, ? T.
ORE ? dar for Mie al their manufactory
and waieiiMiiii. ?l'I Biee. har al an assort
meni of nwewotid tad niahogaoy Pian ?
j K?rtet, of finely carved ? ?..tin, and modem Panala.? tislat
. Tbses Piano?, fat mechanical cooalrurtioa, excellency of
\ workmanthlp. and rlt hueee of uina. ranaol be am |.mmS,
and where tae pan ha*er lit? any doubl?, they wtll be BOI
up. and any reasonable length or lime allowed lo Mtltfy
| Mm This iMMiig a uew faaatie la the buMc-SM, it i? la
I pur iar ? u> th? purchaser, M Ut? mar aei Is full of traps, wall
I ?. n a e? I to . aich the laexperltwcad. A reepoaetble war
? raoly. wnh --a. h Inalrume??, ft? ter, m e, to some of ?he
I fast Camille?, in tl.a city. ? ? Plano? to et- Af las*
PIAMO ?????. Kor ??le, tf applied
for ?non. for the ?inai1 ?ubiof $76, a nod
ero Plan.? which originally coat BiOU, Iba
owner ha'lag no farther ?? lor II Ad?
a ?? ?. IV tf
meiii of Bed?'??.!?, Bed?, MetliatSSO
?nd Pealher? ever offered aw ?ale SAM
Willard'? war? room?. 1?0 I liailiaiitajaB ?
of Mulberry The atleatloa of S-ium
keeper? and other? I? pertteuierlv called to Well??? paten?
righimi left ?crew Bedstead, which drew the premium
al the laie ?alr of the American lini:tuie
Old Beds renovated. Com whole??!? ?nd retail. Jf lai*
Remoti ale.
'l'?ir SCBSCRIBEfcU? HAVE REMOVED fiore No ?
? I to No 2 \????? ?t. where they have a ?plandld ?_*crrt
ment of ??"Id and Silver Duple?, Patent Lever, Anchor
K.?,-s|iemeni. Lepioe and Vertical Weiche?, aelectad from
the beat manufacture? to En rope, which will be warrant
??I perfect lime keeper?
A.??? ?omen?w paller?? of Ould Chain?,Seal?, Key? fa..
do do Oold Pencil ? ?m? and fjold
do do do Tillable?, Ring?, fina [Pea?
do ???? do Bracelets,with Sum??and Halt
? I.? do do Silver fork?. Spoon? and Piel?
All the above article? will he sold al the loweel rale?,
and ?????-.( ?,, be ? ,,ie, to the bed made la the ,-liy
M OTT BROTH KR?. Importer? of Horn Welch??, Ac.
No J Naseau at oppoalu? the Cu ?torn H ou?*
? ? -The above article? carefully rep?alred by ihe non
attirai workmen la toe city, aad warranted lo ?lve eaUra
??infer uon._tfrf two?
Rn-fM?VAl?.-The office of the TRI'ST ? IE IN
Si RANI E CO baa been removed from M w IT
We., at, a few door? beiow and oppoalu? ibeir formet lo
Thi? (orti pan y, with nearly an aallra capital, will ? ru?t, e
rnii .??? a?d dasnag? by Ar? all deecrtoinm? of nee,
dise, bulldtep, kc. sad la the cours* of lalaad aeW
gatioa. si the currnt rasas of premian.
EllaaO Drake, Mama Hoffman, Kdmuad PeaSold
?Am \Vhiiewright,Wra. f. L*gg?ti, RoM Bi tuauo*.
R J (liliciinioa, it? ? To?is???!, John task 11 Jr
Wm ? I? inaoo. Jaam Peeler, Jr. iota ? Ha rita.
rranci? Bu'.lar, Cbrurt ?abri-Ile, Joba .-?velaed
ELIAS <1 DRAKE. Praddail
Laaaaii? CHtiMia, Beereiery I If le
WORK IN THE VVURLD.-Wlll be published us ftat
.'!?,- f?b. '?, ? . ? S r'h American tceoerv, coa
talnlng Ule following view?, ?ogrtved frota origiael draw?
ing? a*er: ?? ir.? tpo- br G. ? hiutfieid ?1 Wat Po???,
and fori ?- ?nain S OiaSgo Lake, ?. Y. 1 Part of ?>????
bsevUls. Omo L Reeiiiaa?? of L. ? HaJdeaxa?, Else.
, ... 4i v i"'??' work ha? e.lcuad the rug ham aero
in.inuorihe pre?? inali oar u? .rf the country Single copias
V)cents. H. f.ON'i fc, BEO. SI Ann?e ?. T
P. S -To C ii.it.wirr? and Cub? I copie? will te? for
warded on receipt of |l, pint paid *M ttPtallW
t'g'iM i.'li.i iaDi.K?ij TUE ORA VE, adapted aa
.. .si <e./io bar inairectioa in the natural law? of hew
?yetem.eed all tee 4ieooM? of Bar critic?! p?n?S>. ST ES
waid H. D'xoo. M. 0 Pp ?t?. pru-a |l A TheKew
York J .r a. of Madlelne Uta Botto n Medical Joaraal.
Tri.e.a?. Eveolng Po?:, Mirror. Asmo A atari can. AiSloa.
Ac have gi ?en ine Blgbeet leeumoolAii of the value of ?als
popular work. All orders eatioetoc tea cam proasxty et?
teoded to by CHABXEB ?. ?UNO,
ictf lw- eorner Broadway sad Jsoe-et
ta.e? of Dry (kaads at the coi oar of Spring and Ttioanp
too a ? ? Mo.? formerly Belonging to J V Rlehardeoa) will
se coaUoaed uh aaiurday nsxi, Eeb. 29, waste the ?toro
w... -re c.otwd.ani Ui?Oood? ramairi.og on head ?eat dosra
loen to the A'Jciloo ruoou aod l.?poa?d of at public tale.
Tt?r? ?re many chuica guiada reaiaiaieg, ?ad wUl be aold
?lunar tin? weak st fair auction prices, which will be frost
2? io .50 par cent law? than cu*l The slots cosatele of
1 ,-j.i ? ?,?:?'(?< ?Mi'.e.j,\etti'.gs.T?..or'sTrlmm*g?.
Merino?, Buotatlaw, AlpacM, P.Aid Cioaaiogs, Ouu
bair.?, Cttkeoaw, Mous, de Lalaaa, a Uug? SMoetsaaat whit?
and coiored f4J.Mii, an eaisaei*? aaec/ruasot of Manier
?tad? for genti?saea and chlidreo, Caafetaore Shawl? free?
|i75 to tu, printed Caabtner?, Crape, ? a/age and Mou?
de Lama Shaw.?, BwlM, Book, Cambric. Jatoeet tnat
all otear Hyi?a ot"Musitas, ruh ?-4, A4 and VA bleck Ore
de Rhtai ?nd other ?:>.?? 8,1k?, Linee M tan Lewa?.
Linen Cambric? sad Linen and Lawn Hdkfs -, Mertae, talk
and other stylM of Hoatery, Eld, taiiS, L?ele sad otaaw
a.odaot iJ.ot??. ? bread and lmtuuleu Lacm. aad every
other article ?tessily found la ? Dry Oood? ?Aora.
-, 8naUda?aar?sa?!t?VMewh?Bta? Dry Ooods aw faatlly
ase ?HI do well to ?all befara Betureay, m Ute foosta srt?l
not be fer Mie alter that das.
The rUusrM, ..oristeuna of ?d-aible window sod tthSaf ?
ing Campaio? Lamps, 1 Blovs, Bioola, Ac. be. will bo sokt
ROHBBBV IN ??????.??-????????.? Be
wn? -On WedoMday svecleg, 24th lost darti? Uta
BiiMsoce of tae aaaa who sia* s oo ate ???atuses, Sad bs>
tweeo a ?ad ? ?Velock.ilMi premieeeof theeubarnbet? were
entered aod roooed. The drawer? of ikarlr ?nate test these
of tbe ?arveral workshop? were opened and rlaad of sae*
Locieaa. *? **""> moa? vsiaable, con?i?ung of s loi ?ti???
pencils em 30 or 40, a part of which belog sasrely aaaa
Uhed paierna, km compi?!?, sod a few Bavlag la saeh a
40, a part of which being aaerely ?
e compiei?, aod a few bavlag ht w
ru of pencils, chiefly of brass, a ?
ass, a ane ?mall rough ingoia of brsse, ? or l? aaaall ?Assi
tndr? j,coere,1 with tira*? of an oc?ense fona, aad 04*
?bout the leagth <A the ususl psacU csm.asaM stivjr tad
gold clipping?, tae Ac. Tbe aoov? reward will to BsJd by
j? (jf Ihe detection aad aires? oi tea thaevsa.
WOODWARD h, ? BOTHEB?, ?et//??/??*.
Brooklyn, ?xh Feo. lhs.7. f*U?
OU ?ALE G????-? ?^?as? *******
OorM postar, wiut ut wllhowl bsW??* twrw m
?^?mhmiertor. ^JgS*\VMtp^
M m w u* W ? Boar Snarrn-?. eea e

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