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VOL. TI? >o m?. ?IW.YOBE, IATIBDA? nO ******* H ABC H ?T, IMT. WltLI Iff?. 1M??
w ty-rlkaae Batldleas, corner of ?apruce <
' pass?e streets, ?ppoalt? the tit? Hall,
stored to Ciiy Sabscribers Iot 111 Csevs per i
a**** ?v. wfeea they prefer, they ran pay In advance at
"^j"!.? ?t?r its ntoii'h? or a year at the same ram.
'? eerie? Two Ci ht*. Mall ?ubaertSera Five DoU
eat a?esiui. In advance, and the paper In no rate
f^Cr* bevoSkt ihe lime fur which it is paid Suh
I tasen for six mur.ihs Three Dol?ais in ad
titui or *ovssTi?iet>?/A? Atrtmuet.)
t ten. 8? less-Ftrsl Insertion..2.4 cants
rt**^*r Bschsuftseoueoiixtserilon.1*4 ??
ak?_kttB?id#" " " .'A~>
Tea Llaee?P rat Insertion.Aeenis s lia*
,'**r^#l?Be6t lase'U'?n, which may be/
Kr?.|'oi one*, twice, or three limes > '2 c?t is a !lt?e.
*^uT 11 IT? op??-? of tha adveriHer. )
*Znu? edvertlaenienia?Five Cents a line for the
!^J_Lrti??*i.(kt!d foui Cent? fur each sul>B<?<pi*ml one.
'TirT? alilll?'".'-"1111' NoTICkl, Ac. nottzetux
^\tt.i?**,aS cette,
?j_r^Bd?*r*?sen???tsliiBerieidlnthl.ip?p?rBp,-*ar'><iin '
?Ljjortiiag aad ihe Evening . dm on.
rilK ?.fclMl-V* l.l.hl.Y TKIrtl >H
-jaheterery Wkdwsjdsv and S.riauav manlnga,
'fafpfot ?no-m. Two copies for *>'..
MH-IDKK WKIKI \ Tllllll M',
?efa??? every B?tc*b*v Moaaiaa.Bi the low price
', sj?er aoeurii. In advance, lu cupl?s for flS, or *??
^,? for ft?-_
jgw>vjmK rmhv\s?
I'erctg*-? Correspondence ul 1 he 1t ihur.e
timbling Xotc^on the CC-lb tDorlb.
I V, I.O.VDO-?, Noteuib? r
?ad sow we aro in London. A large sod 04er- 1
???Sting city I am quit? lost in amazement, not
tttfoV* ?epoct, for tingle objects never to r/rand
.??j_k* quito into common place where es ery thing 1
, g> |ikf?nti" and splendid TalaceB. a -aarcs, ,
jja-aients anj fountain*, these are but fragment*
,imoment atril iug and beaatifn!, but tho great !
'??as a whole is the. surpassing wonder. New ,
ratono mean place for sue and splendor?nay. <
.j?oght as I looked on its spires fading against
.a nasal sky. for the list time on leaving your
J0-B, that there ware tew cities In the world so
.*^lypromising. And I can tee m my mind?
^bs**? a c?ntnry baa flown, the metropolis of
? Western Empire?wbich by the way ought to
,# rag national name?huge and mighty beyond
utlbiB* the world has seen. W? bare tot the
t?mmx tohuild it. and the people to hold and in
????t S as such But New York, geographically or
^?sWtlly measured, ie as a village compared with
ImAem. and ao la even Paris. Here in London
?s ??? trsvel in a direct lino for ten milea, and
:>i yourself stiii within the limits of atoue. brick
?jaJB-ortar. Btreets upon streets like a vast ser
?est tottsouily ooiled up. Indeed so extended is
-? dty tkat the vocabulary is exhausted of uames,
ai thsy 1*8 obliged to duplicate until there are in
ras batane? 1 rising twenty streets of t name.?
?iiaeheaiei, there ia a little added, as Queen'a-it.
?jftei Circvt?OT (iueen's st Regent Park, 4c
ic fsiitvi the poatmtu) at.d cabmen ot otherwise iu?
i-n-jilble difficulties? The first thing that strikes
?oar eye is the greater uniformity ot buildings
tata with us, fend especially in all the modern parts
?aiaseity- The old English style, as particulail.v
-btsTvabls in Chester and York, two \ety old
?rt-is, which were once Roman posts?of building
a? ?Otj to Jut over tbo other uiitil from the op
;--*its tides of the narrow streets neighbors couni
litte hands from the fourth atoty, is altogeihor
uisdonetl. That style. 1 conceive, must have been
?Bah; Saxon, for it is observable in Wal-*. Boot
,i5_ and even iu parts of Ireland. The houses in
?.idgn are less yannshed with flights o( uarblo
ntBt and fantastic balconies than ours, v-i.h tin.
ucsptioo of the Terraces?and most of them are
Blared ?v?n with the Dag. In street, more de
?itfed to trade, the first story is a store???called aa
1Kb. ?bile to the top of the first flight of stairs is
.a-sd lbs first story of the bouse. With the ex
c?rs_vB of the West end of the city, about Regent
Pirk, Kensington and Paddington, tho entire build?
.aft of London bave a dingy appearance, no mat?
isr of what they are constructed, in consequence
of tai feigs, and the amok? of coal tires. The finest
?fek-ta? palaces, the beautiful Club-rooms, and the
iirest colored shops cannot escape iron? the Llar-k
ta-tg fiat. The houses of London are much stronger
balitaban ours, each having its wall, and between
tit boutes a party wall betide Tins, with the :
(lie roofs and coal tires, diminishes tho (lautrer of !
H and greatly reduce! the prit ea 0. Insum?;. I ?
sise? my arrival. I have not heard a tire alarm, 1
-??rasen an em.?mo in the street. In (set. alarms
its not given at with us by bells. Tho Fire Depart- I
-sat, which is composed of brigades, each dikided
:toso many companies, having a certain district
ungaed to them, bas its observatories ao arranged
it fes completely overlook the whole city, and
?mra I lire ia discovered the news is communi
itsd from post to post by messengers There is
t .ladvanta.e in this, it prevents a crowd of pen .
;t rushing to the Kres where they are not only j
' twjjes1 but annoying. Tbe firemen and watchmen
MT^sid regular wage?, sand certain premiums arc
ivardsd t > persons discovering (ires, and also to
??ch as distinguish themselves by particular bra
?17 at the tires By these means the Department
itimu'.itei its member? to the greateat activity
The Fir? Departments are also the Insurance Com
.ces against fires This, if nothing eise, renders
'.'.*m keenly alive to their duty. Insurances on
?it average are two thirds less than with us.
Hiok and ladder companies are altogether indo
itadent of the tire brigades Theso ?re the result
'? voluntary subscriptions, and iu every district
? to raativ inhabitants a pair of wheels, ladders
??-res. hooks, and a tire en'ape with a man to take
in of them ia furnished. I winder that our lire
^isaaxiies havo not adopted the tin escape It is
aototily terviceable in saving life, but ?da? in Ml
tiaj valuable property speedily and safely from
?it bjgheit building? * It is a'simple l.mg sack
at98 of tail-duck, with a stout hoo.i and hooka or
??rapa at one end to faet?n it the ladder or window
i- ?ban aiuiost every apacies ot tunuture can be
UM down through it Id?.? ladder, which is per
ainsntly attached to tho axle tree, is ?nado to slip
?own cr run out 10 joints by means of cords and
pillars, there being a couple of levers or handles
a the axle tree by which one man can poise tbe
??der, so t h s: if a buildine. wer?? quit* ou tire m
'?-! lower itoriei. he baa only to run his ladder to
?*? tide of the buildinav f?**m it ha? n ? the es- j
?ps attached, and with lua corda immediately ?
jaa the ladder out the required length, when the 1
?iaian has nothing to do but mount up. ssvo 44 hat !
f? ?sa and as he finds danger too near, he may j
*ip into the ?scape, or on to the ladder as be j
'looses, both being at the command of the men at 1
'<-* IsTera below The supply of water is sufficient j
?? the extremest want, thoiigh there are no hy '
'?tut*, like ouia to work upon fires The water of \
LoBdon will not bear analysis alone with the ?
Crotoo . it ia more limey, hard and brackish ? I
("lOagh ther? IS abandalice of water, introduced
?ato almost every house. 4 ou will scarcely find
1 bath, except at some of tbe larger mansions el
'?he nobility, t.r hotel? Tliey know little. compar??d
with New Yorkers, ot the luxury of bathing.
Trier? ?re some bath* about the city tor the public.
tt the price ol a shilling sterling, bat most of them
ir? two shillings, equal to half a dollar, and
?utly inferior in comfort and elegance to llabi
-eta a at that. 1 have often sighed for s lounge in
'nose line basins at the Astor, and tbe swimming
bttba off the Battery, but you cannot convince tbe
?t-?lteo very easily, that wo have anything supe?
rior to them. And another thing that will strike
'?au eye at nuco, is the rare pavement ot London
? may oooteae it excels all my ideal of ex <
10 that wav. There are portions of streets paved
*itb wood.'m mach smaller blocks than we use;
feat the greater pan is of stone, ?fier tin* manner
jf the ?uii p?4erneut, which your City Fathers
*er? about commencing, op|?osite Stewart s mar
aie palace, when 1 ieit. Tbe sumes used here are
itaaiier generally speakiri?. and the system ol
?ijiag them better than ours. Over the bed ol
?an? above tbe sewer?, is spread a deep layer of
travel wbich ia graded liver it.is the ?>'?
*?xl is carefully laid, being raised iu the center
?aflLientiy to turn the water to the ?rutters Alter
?as stones are laid and pounded, loada ot cement
?r? dumped over the entire sartace. raked k| and
ft* utitil every crevice is til.ed. and theu the sur?
plus shovelad off, when tbe street ta exposed kj
?fryfor a time, before travel is permitted
Once dried it seems to be a solid crusted surface,
?J*refletraule to rain The whole city is moat ad?
mirably paved, fend cleaned by a machine which
tweeps np all tho dirt, so that of a aturmy da>
'?-less one of Hood's fogs is about you rnay cross
'be street without wetting above your soles There
are do 'rots? walk s as with us. but tho condition of
to* streets is sufficient apology for th?ir abeeoc*
London Is also capitally lighted Thar? ara eleven
0u Companies, producing a good article, at tha
pne? of seven shillings sterling per 1000 feet,
which is vastly cheaper than with us. The aewer
?"item u ?lio admirable. Some friend of Sanitary
???provement? o?ght to come over and study the
drains of London, for the plan adopted here would
*wk still more admirably in New York, which baa
? *?*. with iwilt ??-rent on ?a*b side. Th*re
ara a number of main ??wert on a level with
?lark tide of the Thamei. running entirely m
the City. Into theie. whith are, in some par!
London more than a hundred 'pet below the tt
?urlace, poor innumerable lener draiua from
hornet, which are kept dean by the water ii
?lured troui _bo\i? When the? tide of the Tha
*ises. the sluices are opened, in rushes tb-- w
*.lir..u_-i, a;. !i... .:em ?ewer? ,ittl?_ up the ?
and as the t?<?,- ret? vals l.t-a-i i! nveny to the or
Hi-r.-toitir?. all this refuse of the city hat been le
to waste, but of late Companies have been lor
to save it by iiitor This mas? of tilth poorm*
the Thirnet i? dunbtles? what has made the w
so ri?-h and tnmoua, until it has come to be a p
etbthat Thames water only will do for Fort
All theae thin_t which I have to ?lightly alU
to are ainonif the things every one must admir
But a? thr? mail aptiioichet. 1 inuit cloae fur
pr?tent Hereafter I may continue thit strain
proves worth realm,?. It interested me beci
it wa? new, and as I thoagbt entitled tu a note
with, alone; with this l.-tter I could aiinn- an
I feel BBsared of the reu! dupoaiiuin of the tliinl
aiid better portion a. the _.ii_-lieh [?copie to
elude ail aaaahty ** itti aa, aithef ia word or di
Because the "fathma hiTa aataa itfi
ti.ey do not tliiiik the children'! tc-th ?_e<! be
on edge. Tbej believe that with ui lie? the grea
hope and trust of the world and th?;y are rejo:
to seo that the late elections of tho <'<"ititry -,
token that the volea of our people it lor pe
however well wo may and c_n d>, battle if
will?or there ia juit cant. '
BUM and Honey ? We hardly know anytl
more disgia;-eiul to luankuiil than the lad thai
thousands o! yeari they have icon, on hcedlet
cruelly wasteful!; _____****?_? the livei of tl
uteful and diligent iervanta the Honey Bee? a?
only practicable mode a. obtaining their delic
treasures. The process of smothering Bent i_
der to obtain their Honey is a libel on the Crea
who can never have intended any auch sham
watte and torment. In thit spirit we have ha
every improvement Lu the conttruction of the E
Hive calculated to permit the takiug awayoi
much of the Honey as the Bees can spare yet |
aerving these u?eful in?cct? themselv.s for fut
ltiduitry and accumulation. We trait theie
proved Hive? will be apeedily and univerai
adopted, whereby Bee? and Honey will be rent
ed fax more abundant and attainable than tl
have hitherto been.
A new Hive haa iu?t been ?bown ua by the
ventor, Mr. A?ron Colton, of Pittatield, VernK
which hat been warmly approved by the Cult!
tor, Ac. and took the tint Premium at our lait St
Agricultural Fair. It is larger than tho ordim
Hive, of a pyramidal form, the Beet occupyi
the middle of it and depoiiting their Honey In t
rowa of ilrawera placed one above another on et
side, and of course approaching each other at I
top. The Committeeon Beot at the State Fair
ported of this Hive?
"That from Its superior convenience and adaptai
to the habits of bees, they will accumulate honey mi
rapidly In It than on any other plan : that from t
drawers being arranged un each side of the centre
the hive, as shown In the rut, the bees will fill fri
lour to six ut these drawers In the lame time that tl
will fill two placed In ordinary way, ever the to
tiiat the bees more readily enter tho drawers on I
sides without disturbing other? than when they i
placed over the top that the horizontal entrances
the drawers, (two In each, 41 inches long, and H In
wide,) are much better than auger boles on the to
that the bee? will attach their comb, which is ustta
i i keek thick, to tho ?boulder, (which, including I
opening Into the drawer. Ii l| Inch wide.) end ?
sequent!?? run one-hslf the comb up through the dra
er. still IcBving a quarter of an Inch for ingren a
??greis : that the double eoverins, which, by this bl
the bees are allowed, Is warmer in Winter and coo
In Summer that to remove the brood comb ot an I
hive, by breaking out one half In one year and t
other half the next year, is better than any dividing
the hire, ? driving out procen."
|_F*" iV.'if? O Ircottftrd wn? un Thursday evenii
,-eiiO-iinated at Tammany Hall for the office ol A In,
House Commissioner, which he now holdi. Tl
nomination ii not well received by hi? own part
but ii very tatufactory to the Whigt.
.Mexico itnd tin- War.
I...- Telegraph.' Diipatch of tho North Aiuei
can ?otitaitii aome particulara of the lateit net
from Maske and the Seat < f War. not mention?
iu our Dispatch of ye iterdty morning.
Mr. Kendall layi lu hl* letter " By the look! and a
tloni of the Mexican population. I know there la i
truth io the report that Saaaa Anna has beaten Gen. Ta
lor In a pitched battle : on the contrary, then whole a
pesrain-e would, if anything. Indicate the reverso. Got
news ihowi too plainly in the lac.i of the peoplo to t
The Revolution in the City of Mexico took place ?
the night ot the -tun. by the National Guard? joining tti
Clergy. Gomez pariai wai deputed, and 8 ??a? ?elect?
ai 1 rt-iid. ut, while Sania Anna wa? continued a? UeL-j
al-in-Cblef of the Mexican army.
A letter from 8?nta Anna, dated Ti-bruaiy l'.tb, win
he war, at "?an Salvador, announces his intention to gl<
Gen. Taylor battle on the -lit. at Agua Nueva, and r
presents his troops ss full of enlhuiiaim.
\ era Cmz hss been fortified by digging a ditch i oun
it. Many laiiullcs hsve deserted that city, and move
into the interior.
Tampico i? garrlioned by the Baltimore battalion an
Louliiati? \ ulutiU't ii.
From all the accounts, it appears that Gen. T?yli?r
movement? are Hill involved in inyitery
FR'i.m TU Bka_"*.?We aro atill without au
fait hei aewt irom Mouterey. although there were tw
later arrival? ye?terday trom Hrs?oi Cantuso Th
ichooner Pinta. Cap?. Brown, tailed on the _lh in?! an
the achooner K. ft. Powell. Capt Powell. Bailed on th
morning ol the fth, and neither bring! any uewi. ft, l
eral paaaeugert came on the Pinta, but they give u? tic
e?en a verbal report ot nvwi. The letter? rrcehed ?r
dually barren of intelligence une pa??enger bad coi
versed with sn officer who left Mstamoro? on the M
Inn and derived from btm tho Idea that that town wi
in no danger fr rn the Mexican.?that lu defences wer
quite adequate to the emergency.
The L *?. I'.'well brought no letter? of which w
could learn. There were several vasse.s st the Brazo
to sail for this port, so that we may look for frequet
arrival! till the uncerulnty which hangs over the fste I
our arm? Is cleared up. |N. O. Ptc. lj.
Fato_r. March SO
X?\T The relief ship Macedonian came rcmni
from the Navy Ytrd yeiterday. and U now at pier Nc
4, North River. _
THg ORATORIO or 8a_iso!?? ThiiOratono. on
of the matter-piece* of the immortal Handel, wa? pel
formed l?at evening at the Tabernacle, by the Sacre?
Muele Society, to a well filled house. Having bo?
heard on ?everal previoui o.cailom. thit compoiltlon t
i too well known to require a particular nolle? from ui
| It abound? with the itrrcgth and the tender and ltnpa?
iloncd yet chaita m?lodie? which commute the grea
i charm In the work? ot Handel, and which have p.?ce,
bioi at tha head ot all composer? of Oratorios.
The principal part?that of Samson?was peraonatei
by Mr. Colburo, the well known tenor, who sung In hi
usual style. Miss Stone of Boston, as Mlcs'n, displayet
bar very luperior voice with excellent effect. Mia
Northall, a? Delilah, img the little music which b?
; longed to ber psit In ber usual excellent and artlstit
style The choruses ?ere giveu with a good deal o
precision, but were not so powerful ss uiual at the Con
certs of the Society. The orchestrs was well drill?
' and effective, under the lead of Mr. L*. C. Hill : and or
tha wholo the Oratorio went off in a very latufaotorj
manner. ??
FiRt ?The cabinet-maker*? ?hop of Mr. A. 6
Noyee. No. 5. Oro-re-it took fire at 11 o clock lait night
? and was. with IU contents, entirely destroyed. No in
ARRUTKi) roa Lahci-ny.?Jemee Franklin wai
i ..mrd.r srrested on charge ?>t hsving itolen a cloak
v??_edI ?it ?0. trom Jame. B. Quick I Wi*. I 111
John Matthews was arrest**d for recvivUg tne ??une snd
mMM ?I for _*- to M h ****** H Orangait Both were
committed. _
lT__M HT It' -MMM ol Thooiu Harmon. M
Ma- ion-it wai burglarlouily entered last evening and
robbed of 10 ?ilver spoons.
SrtAl _M O?UM ?Darnel Dunnivan and John
Reynold?, boys, were last evening srrosted for???!!-.,
! 31 yard? ol calico from the store of VV. N. Hiwki_?,
; _?*5. Orandet. _
CaCOHT at it ?Jamet Hen? yesterday entered
I u>? house of Mr. Galloway. No. si??it broke open
three trunk?, and had removed tho couteau as far a?
the hall, when he wai discovered t__ wa? taken Into
custody by officer Vandervport
TitL Ttlitl ??Thomu Judd, boy, was iaat even
in? ariestod for stoallug money frota Iks drawei ol
Cethartae Aauoe. 3 Christ-? st
.rata the New Orleans Plcsyune Extra. March 1?.
Depanurr qf Troop? from Tatnplro Retreat
of Gen. Taylor npaa Vlontrrr? Itevolu
lion In "Mexico hxpulatoo of Gomes Fa?
Tl.e aeto Home Capt Kenoj. arrived early thit
m->n.in_ from Tampico, having l.-ft there in __e -tb
in?'. Siieuent outude the btr t diy or two eaxher.
but bring! our letten to ti..- morning of the "iih.
Lttat G Barry, of the lit ?nfactry.came puiengerr.n
the Home. W* Inrn from him that all tb? tro? ,ps in?
tended ;or the -.ou'b had sailed from Tampieo A faroa
if abeal -.l"JO men h?i been left to garriion Tamplr..
namely, the fiaitlmore battalion, the Louuiant Volun?
teer? under Col lie Russy. snd one company of the 3_
artillery under Lieut. F O Wyse. The whole force is
under une command of Col Gatea. 3d artillery.
The two most Important festures of the news by this
arrival are : _r?t? th- retrest of rien Tsylor upon *?t|.
tiilo and Monterey without s general action . and see
??t.dly. a revolution in Mexico with the exp..!iton of
r ir.a? trom power.
1'he newi of the retreat of G?n. Taylor re?t? entirely
upuii Mexican report?
The Mexican papera, however, lay tnst Santa Anna
bad cut off this retreat by interp'ning the f ircel of Gen
,-ru.t Sl.fion and Tcrrejiu.
The resolution in Mexico rests upon much ?'
ground?, and there can be no do . - -
Tampico Mex.co. Msrch I l-|7.
TV rep.ru in relition to the m'jvernents ot Gen.
ra contradictory. Alrooit ?11 agree, however
, that a portion of hi? force? u already off Anton Li/?ru->
1 ?h- re It i? laid the Mexicans hive thrown up but? n<?
| to prevent our landing, and there are many who think
that the battle of Ver? Cm ha? been luuiihL The brtt
: ades ot Gen 'juitman and .-bielde an ?till here, as also
a number of off.-.-en who cana down on the New Or -
! learn
Lverythlng in and about this place would go t-? pr- ???
the so ?neaclty ol th.- Anglo Baxi n race, snd tost every
' thing is fut Americaniting Here we have an Ameri
I can uewipaptr. the American theatre, the I'm ted Btati ?
j Hotel, the Cnion Restaurant, snd an American Court of
! Justice.
Tastrtco March ? 1847?. o'clock. P. M.
It Is ssld that a report reached here this morning from
i the City of Mexico to the effect that a pronunclamento
I or revolution headed Ly the clergy, had occurred , that
Oomet Farias, the Vice President, bad been deposed ,
than an Editor of one of the paper? bad been placed In bis
itesd.and that the objects of the revr?)utloti bad been
! carried out In every particular. Considering the power
. ol the clergy, and their well known hoitiilty to G?>met
j Farias, there is tome reason In this.
The Mexican army Ii reported to be luffering to an
i incredible extent no! only tor clothing but lor the abio
| lute neceeiltiei ot life. In th* meantime agents are rid
; Itig through thecountry. exacting contribution?, in every
| town. At Altatnaira. only a lew days since, $300 was
railed in ihii way.
Hy the looki and actl mi of the Mexican population 1
i know that there ran be no truth In the report that danta
I Anna ha? beaten Gen. Taylor In a pitched battle. on the
| contrary, their whole appearance would, ?f anything. In- !
j dlcate the reverie. Good newi ihowi too plainly In the
! face? ol theie people to bo miiUXen.
P. lj.?March 7.?The report ol the revolution in Max
i ico Ii correct?the National Guardi Joined the clergy ?
1 Malta ii Preiident. -Santa Anna at the bead ol tha army.
Papen by next veisel.
??en. T?y!or bai had no flgbt, but haifallen bark upon
: Saltillo and Monterey. 0.-V K
Taviico, March 5. 1847?3 o'cloc?. f M
I send you a file of El Republicano a paper printed
| at the City of Mrxir., as laie ai the 24th ult. A Mexl- <
I can pap,r of the ____?_,one day later?ii In town. It
, contain! what I? laid to be Santa Anns ? plan oi ?tuck
; ou General Taylor? poittion. I have not ?een this pa
I per, but know It is here. The plan of Hants Anna, ac
i cording to thia paper, was to attack Gen. T on the lath
j of this month, with lour divisions, each led by a general
| officer i one to approach him on the North, one on th?.
South, one on the hast snd one on the Weit.
Wa are juit on the eve of a great battle at Vara Crui,
1 II the Mexicans make ihe stand there it is expected
they will, snd of course it would be the policy ot Hanta
; Anna to diitract. a? inurh a? ponlble, our operations ?
Us?es thil ficiitioui publication of Intended operation?
i Hot 1 tell you It come? too late Our force! am already
I gone?with the exception ot f?en. Quitman? and Gen
. Hbieldi'i hiigadei?to batter down toe walls and de.
?eiicei of Vers Cruz. These brigsdei?Uuitman's ?ml
| Shield? ??will sail In the course of tomorrow snd next _
; diy. Look out for thejnewi ol the fall of the Cailled City '
; in a tew dayi.
In one of the letter! above alluilon ii msda to an arti
t In in the Tampico Sentinel of the 6th mst. We copy
\ it? though the editor? themselves, as will be seen, attach
little importance to the tenor of the rumors contained
; in it
RvmobkdJBattl??Hants Awa???ii. Tahlob. 4c.
?Our city was thrown into quite s tever yesterday
! evening by the lecelpt of ?orne rumors ot s battle
j betweeu Gen. Taylor and the Mexican forces under
.-?nta Anna
f rom .,11 we can loam, the report of a battle Ii found
: cd ?n anticipation apoa a letter from .-anta Anna, da
t.-d the 17th ult. and publnhed In El hit Etpanol, of
1 the 21th ult printed in the City ol Mexico From it
i we learn thit Gen. Taylor had encamped at a place
' called Agua Nueve. (New Water.) about '?V league?
! from San Salvador, Irom which Hunt? Anna datei hil
lutter to the Mlniiter of War.
He alio itatei It ai hii opinion thit Gen Taylor had '
\ Intrenched himself there for the purpose of giving him
? buttle i thst he has forces under him amounting to
about ri.??U men, with twenty pieces ot artillery, (both .
eitimate? uulvenally known to be falie.J and ?dviiei
hii Government of hii Intention to give t?> Gen. T?ylor
battle on the 12th. I we preiutm- the 21?t ult. thotirh it
| liprlutrd the 12th. | aud anticipate? the moit decided
? urce!?.
We have no doubt of tho rumor? afloat being based
1 upon tho above tacts Now, by wsy of the Brait? we
have information trom the torce? under lian Tay.or to
the l"ih ult and he wsi then on hli wsy to Monterey.
! having determined to abandon bis intrenchinents at
Agua Nueva, aud it li poiiltile tlmt Hanta Anna was In
punult and may have come up with the American forcei
in time to engage them before they reach Monterey.
Tbu ?eemi probable from lome remark? which we
i find under the editorial head in El hu Eipanol . the
? litor ol that paper ?ay? (and no doubtfrom Information
derived from the Government) that Hanta Anna had til
. '? 1 hi? inlarrtry tuto three diviiioni. the (Ult under
lacheo, the lecoud under Loinbardine, and the third
aader Veeejeei?that it wai the intention .?i iaaaa Anna
lo attack Gen Taylor rimultaneou?iy in Iront and rear
and that Hanta Anna had warned those officers und, r
Mat Bel to Ml ike a blow until he gave the ?ignal l.,r the
' attack
i ne editor looki upon the battle, then about to lake
place, a? calcu.ated io decide, the deillpiei of the couo
j try?or, at he lay? the ? lite or death ,?t the Mexican
, Republic. In hit remark! be aays thst the Mexicsn
j traopi Wale marching upon tho Aruertcani with excel
1 lent ipiiiti snd great rntbuilaim Hanta Anns ssys the
?snie thing In his letter to the Mlniiter ?.f War But. In
; a letter dated the IStb. at a place .-ailed I'edral. 1*. is ?t?
ted that they were then in the wont iptrits. snd that s
1 number hsd died on the route for want at care, ?nd the
! fxuaordinarv cold wratbtr.
Tbi? ii confirmed by ? letter d?ted th. 17th u!t at Han
Luis I'otoii, Irom which we le?rn that the bad weather
had commen.-ed?that snow bad fallen to sconilderible
; depth, and that the westher had not been known to be so
i bsd for twenty nve years previous. The letter siso iiyi
that Canales had taken trom the Vankeei." at Mier.
' 497 mules. 4 ctrU and some other trifling things, beeide
i hsvlng taken prisoners, un varions occisi?n? to ?bout
: 100 men. It reiterate! the statement that Gen. Taylor
: was entrenched at Agua Nueva, with-.(XX) raen and 20
I pieces of artillery. Minon was at San Luis Potoii
[Thl? we hsve no doubt whatever Is an error A let
ter from Han Luis dated the .?0th i? published In the
' Mexican paper? which pitees Villon between Saltillo
and Monti rey ? id?.] _
f&ennai ?iotite?
TV johiiKon*? Toothache Drope.-Toe Clara
Auodyne (or the Immediate and permanent cure of pain
from decayed ?eeih. having, from its totrlnatc value a? ?
remedy, become tmn-eoeely popu.ar with ihoee who h??a
u?ed ti, many Imitation! ba.r laie.y been ibrvii opon the
: niaikei by unprincipled peiioni and ?old a? iba original
1 ?_id genuine ?nicle. Th? oi.ject of inla paragraph 1? ui
' eauiioB ihe public again!? all ?ueh ?purloui compound!, a?
. oo Clove Anodyne can poeetbly le ?he genuine ?nice, ?o
long and favorably known by lhai name, but thai prepared
during four or Ire year? by A B. k D. Sand?, and for ihe
Bat year by Henry _o_n?oo (_ucre?Bor lo A. B. ?and? _
Co.) who is now ihe sole proprietor Tha only safely for
purrhaMr? i? to t_? ?ure and as? for Johnion'i Toothache
Drop?, and to examine the wrapper of u?e viai. ?? evary
oce of the _enu;ne has Ihe ngualure of Henry Jo?inao?.
Remember Ibal the True Ciove A-iodyn? U in ImuieJla-e
euro for ibe uiosl violeni loolhache or r*.n In irieguuis.
aid ihai ll ts manufactured genuine only by HENRY
JOHNSON. Chamlii and Druggui? No. tri Broadwsy.
wen tide, m the Granite Building. Bold also at 1?0 Fulton?
ll 77 _,a?l Broadway and ?JO.. Hudioo-i- Price ? ceois?
dl? If _^_
TV The American Improved H??ci_n .Medi?
cine.? Tliei? Pi.? ?re undetiiiri:> one of ihe ties? com?
pounds of l?e dsy as a general funny medicina. Por ad
rain'itraiton In a.*i lemporarv compla-ai? of the stomach
and bowe.s.headache.eoid. Ic i.-.ey may hefuliy depended
upon, and s proinpi uie of Uiem on tt? trii app??r?=?a of
IndUpoaltlon wl.l Invariably aave mucli Sicsnes*. They si?
pecu.iariy adapiod io a.l case? ot weaknaes snd genei?. de
bl.'.iy-aaj JerangemetiiL fac? o? He lyitrm.ind eipee.a,
? lv with feu ales?have proved emlne
ing comr'.al-.i, dyipepna. pu.nn * a;y .?eumauc tudipM
mod'.c ??ect'.oni, fiver con:p.a. la, palpilB-oas, At No
faxi.v, after s fair triai, wl.l remain wr.aout itioin.
General Depot 140 Fu?on w. N floor S-old ?no by Otto,
yi Br .?dwav Cook, corner Grand and Allen eta. Si.vs 1?>
_.a.t BroadW?} ; Mr? H?ye?. 13S Tuiton-H Brooklyn. J T
Ourdan, ?n Grand s- \Vt;!ismsbur?ra M TuTnaJau*?-*
TV Dr. Banaloa'a Bedy Brace i* an etbaeci r*>
lief for weak-sas of u?e vole-, itiags. ipuie and iimtis, par?
ticularly f.?r dyipopala? constlpanoQ and p..as, ?alia waaa
nass o? the elom?ei snd sldss. wessly fanialss, f-it grow
ne eb'.ld'ao ?od ?:' dUpoiat u iroop an. are ??-len_?ry.
a.pecia It iplnal ?u*?j?cu. will be dailabiod with ittsc
lion Reference given to many dls?ag-Wiod ?lergyasa,
who tav. bamn rascuad from saperancuatloo. from 4e
L-.iiiv and brocchuls Pan.pb:e?s sad hook ?? Commoa
?-?_-_,'? giving information, can ha lad el the otAc.4_3
tro-dway. 1 lady to aioodanc? oa ledlae. llfaodif
tSV Ce-a-B-aaleaer fer t*e ?tato- **?J3*
JUSSSS Tammaav Ha-. ?' ?
Frem >Ie?.lea Direct.
The rUvannah Heput aran of the 52d contain?
the fallowing as received from an oflcer of the refalar
army Uta? F , who was going p*st Baste to Washing?
This o-.c*r left Monterey ?bout the ?Ota or list nit
our ?nfortosni it not certain wh'ch He bal an escort of
nine men. and was o?s(?^e<nn a ?tinofeoos? f.^-j. hours
by Rancneroi whorr. ?? It u a i?et, he *ey*
that toe et.mmor.icati *? ar.? cut o?. aad the enemy's
csva'ry and Ranchero? were **?ar:.
-.hat order? had been trantrmtted to seatf
OBI a very I'roni ?
It i< iear?-d that ( apta.;. James Irwm. of the regular
armv ha* been cut off. But at the posts all wa? go.ng
on arfaV all wer? In good ?pint? and there was ao cause
for alarm or apprehension. Lteut F. had teen, ?toce be
lilt M .nta-rey. a letter from Cien Taylor to hts son in
law I)r Ws-M m which b? says-that he was ststevn
mi.?? tr.m .-'??til.j. wi?h hi? own and Wool's command
amounting to 5.*0tj effective men, and he was retinng
fab? y no M'>nt*T?y.
H't outpoitt were conatsntiy retreating bef,tr?j the en?
emj t alvar. ?> ? . "i to he an ad
VBBcef i ? mtu commanded by -tarn?
Am. a
The men under Taylor were all in the .vthes
and ready I r a contlict. The l?en*?rs! himself, in the
letter ?lliadeJ to, t?y? he wants la ?-?-t ?
the i .-?ora Auna wants to dut l
irui?b bin?.'.' he tl he d-d ?/ he don t gr?e htm a
battar.?? of the regniar artu.vry with
T?y..,r ar? .4 'a?r.;ngt..:. ? Webster t, "berman t and
?24 pi?ces.
Tn.rr wer? at Monterey our infirmant says fall ra?
tion? t.?r ?' fff m-n for 1/. divt. whuh could be made
to hold ou: nearly ?!x moouii in case of necettiry ?
,aucb 1? the luttitaiic? ot (ne verbal itatenvBt* :.
ui. which miy no do'i.t tie confidently relied upon.
Dm son ; I .. -A -? . v ?-. ?.
.? ?? asrs was apeet on Mondty nl.ht on the turnpike
I -Ctrun and Koyalion Vermont, and t_edn?er.
an Ko g', im ?u.pm??tr: t apt Jota Lear;, a ho was sent
out from Fing and to take command of ih? ?teamer John
Bonn, whlcti ply? between Montreal and Quebec and a
iady fromMiddlebnry 4 ertnoot wer? mitantly killeo.
Five other passengers were badly braised and the ?tage
Itself wss broken to pieces snd one of the horses wse
killed. The sccident to k plsce In s asrrow part of the
road which was ?helving and c(-?ered ?nth ice.
1 Boston Trans.
General Notices.
XV Water tare House.-Mr? M M. i>a-.a conna
uas tfi rvieve pai.->ci? at Be? hot,?.? ?_?) I .h-iL New
Mrs ?;. to** etawS Baffe? ?ii? rn..orensll*i??lr bornes, and
five? dlra-ll. nfxr thearp Icallnr A 44'aier Cute sK If
?AT T. J. ? oiernan, ?.?"chniae Itrnuer. 1Mb. ?3
Wal, ?i. New-York Dsfearveai tetarme h.mghl and so,d
| il I anrl ?liv.ir ?jchanred ? note? an-1 draft* colectad oT
arraQifemer.'? - ? - ? r e?istiii?iiin?nlia ibecourse .
of the Spring and Pa.I, WOB d call Ihe sltenitoo of t trem?
aad guardian? to fa? advantages offered the pupils In (his
It.ii'. iM.iti, for ?ciulrinjr a iboruusb and accotnph?h?d i
ed icaii .? The (?en.or and J ?nior Drpirimeois sre now I
p seed under the llrrcl oa . f an ?o ege?.iisioan from Phil- |
adeipha. v? ho bat had great e-peneoce In (he io?tnc(lon |
of voun? ladle? ,4 1!. lOBBl le?c!,?r? a-e b.?o rmployed
In tn??s and the .'!,vr OefiariroeBU. sr.d all will be ?
to Mrs. Balle)'? immeo'at? supervision. E??rv effort 1?
insde lu render ibe yourg ladie* happy sod contented. io
incilr*'? t'.ni. p<iiiie. and an.nb e manner?, and to ?dm.
u.?te them (o contient etenlun? lo prrgre** In their
?lulle*, hv rerderini? (hem. ss far as possible, aitracin-a
sod p,casant. Tfeesefeael i? furm.hed wi.h chart?, sasps,
- ?icellem Philosophical Appsralui, witli a num?
ber of diagram? for the lliiatei of Aitronurry and O-oro?
?ry Tl.? be? lea.-hcr? are employed In lb? f reach I)e
pkrtinent. Tlit? lanKuaire Ii laughi datiy lo all the paella,
and. with ihe La'ln, !? included In tbe'ierm? for F.ngll*n
TalttoB. V, ?si Mui'c lii.ih Sacred and Becu'ar, t* al*o
Uiii hi throughout the sctio ?I, by a distinguished Prof-?sur.
The nexi regulsr Term will commence on th? lit of May.
T'io?e par-n'? li.iwt?.??r. wliu may wi?h to place their
daughter? a: thli lastitatiOB b-fore ihat lime, wlil ?od it io
an;?.!?, si Ibe* ?? ;.. rtter th? castes now form?
.ng for ihe Spring and tiummer.
Term? and fsrtlier particulars may bea?rertalned, either .
by po?i, or bv personal appliealion to Mr?. ?3a..??, at her !
i?, lesee, '.. Can.... trace, Bleecksr-11.
m2?i tiawMT _ ?
MIDULI'.T(?V4N (ONN.-Tl<ene.vt *es?1oB of tweniy
iwo week* wil comment-? May I J. Charge for beard, ]
lniiructloB, fee. fiio, in id ?mce. Greet care lies lowed on the
health and h?ppine?? aiwa.l as ?tudies of pupils Refer?
ence may ba made lo T. McEirsih fciq of ihe New-York
Tribune Circulan wirk minute Information and extended
rt '.?r?m-r?. m?v ' e of ??:? -*d if IC ?'. H. Chase 44 Market
?t where ih? principal may be ?een from M?v lit? IS.
m 17 lmeoife'tiiav4-_U H CHAHK.
?^A.tUL?^UMKIHNI.--' HIM!!. T It vierm
..'Mr. in.) Mr? .4SI'" Kl. F'' LI. KK'S Hoed, if S, hr,A
I and Girl* Will I .Ill'ieic? MAY ?'ii. Tbisl
- ? ? n. directly on
,.; ?? ? II .-atonic Rklliosif. M Billes north of
>rl. five Boars' ride from ihe Clly ot New-4'crk ?
The t.umi.er of pupils is limited io ree'r?. Bv (bus llmll
lii?- Uieir School lo a ?mall nunib??. Ifeay lnc?n.l to make U
what it prof???es to tie_s Faintly School where
each one will be under their eonitsnl care and toper
vinon. Boy? will be fined for Cs*S*B??4 or their ?ludle?
aiajtted (o the design? ot ihelr psreais ss la their f'llure
pur?till?. Clrcii.ar? miy he tlBii ?I Sliepard? Rookdor?
in Broadway. The Principal will be in New-YorB fiom
the ISlh lo ihe ?Oth of April A pertonal interview may
fee h?.l fe| iho?e who wl?h It, by leav.rg ihvir address St
4? 44>?t Washington plica.
Reft-enees?it;** ClTBSBIBB M. SttibWi, a, SixteeBlh
?t.; M", and Mr?. Ch??i t? SaBBWICBi I.?no?. Mass.;
TmoDoar. SbBBWIC?, Km ll 44a.. ai , Dr. P?T?.a
P??n. S?8 Ltbriij it.; Routait?. SaaesricB, 4^ 44*?t
44'aihinKlJn p'.Bce._mil .???
,'|4I11.V KOAHUlMi HI 11(14)1. fr B^y?. Uan
bur?. Conn ?Circuir? may he had of Menu. Flnh k
III 11, 1 Franai.iiSCiuare ? Firth. Hall k Pond, 138 Broa.!
way ; Bell fe Uould. Trlotine BulMlngs . Pinkney It
Cr?ne, e4 Wllllani-ll., sndofKev. J. W. Irwin, Principal.
laper and Shomtr Bath,
SOB 8XBTLBMBB, i. ?Dir.? ?ao cHiLNira
No. 31 Ann-?' New-YorB.
THIS BATH i? Bciaoaledged I.y a.l who have used 11
li oe ?up?r a sg ever msnufactured for thai
purpoie?took the premium *l ihe late (air of ihe Ameri?
can ln?ilt'iie. '.: With Batrt* celrbr? ?
au! l?verai oiheri. aaf It Btghrf rtacoinmeo.:ed by ifee
I r|.
II formt an orramenta! piece of furniture for a bedroom,
v ?y ha uaed ?a a Shower or Vapor Bat1?, aad Is so arrang?
ed wi'.h boots, thai when nut used for baibing purpose?, u
a a SB ? . ? -ilenl wardrobe for IsdleS' or geOllrOieQ S
ese 1( occupie* but il or **} li.cbe* ?qu?re on Ihe doer.
? 1?, when Bs'.e?'i t>a;hi, of the time
nie. ?jralftJ 115, Ibas reedarirg It portable wllh perfect
e??e from room to room.
The cont'.nicilon of ihe Bath i? tack that the most den
e-aettBaa?} can manage li with perleti ease. The fount
t* lowered io receive ibe waier I.) a ?inali crank. ??bicJi
can be turned by a child , its? (??en raued, ?nd retained at
act* requlrr-d helghi for a rliild, lady or sen(l?man The
baib li ?urn nl?l?ie 1 bj p ill'.ng ? emajl cord, which open?
fibe founlaln. and may be closes' si
plsaears. rhmtj saiKltl * s.iv of an?ivoui trrope/s
meni io t?ke from oi.e lofive talion? at a lime.
Il may be convened inu? a aim pie or medicated vapor
haib iv ?na hit.?' a ?all separateswu? a ?pii.i .?u,p
which ii told wi'.n the bsUi if requlrtal.
Manuitctured tnd ?eid. wholesale and retail, bv
JOHN LOCKE, Jl Ann-sL New York.
Trices range from ft io fit 8l?jam Generator, wtife its
appurtenances fi Pa'so_s at a disiance desiring further
iiifCrmsxiori releiive lo ?>ie, ?tyla of finish and prices, can,
by addretsing ihe *jh?criber, be turni?! *4 wtth a circular
eoatatnlag pariieuiars_ m*Hjew9*tly?^_
DRl'OOISTfe. APOTHF.CARYT7 Kasi Broadway, cor
Markrt ?i ((.truieri) Dsvld Satins fe Co.) mould raepeci
' f.. v iLfiirni klB frlen.i? ?nd the puulle geaeraily, thai be
has on baud a choice seiet ton, of drug?, medicine?, cbetal
tala. perfumery, fancy anieles, fee. a.. Of whltii h?v? been
se.ected with grest care, expressly for retailing, aadevsry
ajttc.raoi.? ?t ni? ?tor? e-arrano-a een.i'-.?.
Pan cular aueaikm ??ill im psid io pby?iciaor |-r??crip
i.nn?, snd * co-ipeieni perton wi.i be in attendance at all
bourB-day or r .
Superior Swed.an Leeche* for *a?8 or applied by an ex?
perienced rer?on._mil if
EXTENSION DIMNO TABLES, with premium metal
pated suds*, loag NvoraMy known a* the *.?i dura?
ble, elegant and acooomic*! Ex'eniion Tablet, warranied
nv? ?. to f et out of order. A la'ge assortment?the larKest
in ifi* city??. mp-ls'.ng tables for pii'B'.e par,ors aad
dloing ?oom?. boieli. iteamboai*. fee . together with a gen?
eral BBSor:m?nt of e's-raat an 1 fuhlonab.e Cat?ine? Form
ture a'.wa?? ready at the macutaerory and warerooms. 443
Broadwa?, where Ibe puttie ?re r*?pec(fully Invitad lo
ta . and examine [sBStfra*! ? F H'rfC ?43 Broadway.
L C"?ri?r l? JoHvsr. f?f ?T?ias.?
INVITE?! THE ATTENTION of M .reu and .ihers to
Maaaaea*SB*atel Stra-* Bonreu, wnlcb ara manufac?
tured a::d impened expre??ly for Si*bl?rD?bie mi.Unery
irate and re otfers ibem for ta.e ai Ihe lowest "cash
pr.ee?." Also. arrf?-ial iowera, batJboiet, fee. ?Va
, mlttmecaiSllltVV
MILLINI?KY.--4IIS. H ?ZEN. ?Vol Broadv?sy, cor.
of O-and .t will open t?o Tuesday, ?oth March, her
assonmer.: of f?*tunable Miiilnrry._ml? 3t*
CKUWAHD-* L-tSTKB, Aa?eri?-?a Coasul ai Oe
? noa, r-a,jesu? aU his friaesle and o> it ates?dsela lo
forward ibeli c?.?"maBlcsti. n? to him lhro./b Rarnden It
? 11 res? ?i ,-|-? p ? puU. ot they will col be for
w?rded '_?f *"
1-4 UK LI* 4 ?UAPE VINK**-C.i'.:vB:?d by the
? ?criberai his ? ..e?*rdi tad residence ai Crot?n
Po-i Wsaicheeter Co. K. T arec-fa II r ?ale in lots to
wit purchasers Orders left wi.h Hoily ''ayran,? Ptae?
SL New-York, will meet w.ih prompt sileouon
rwntt ifyjj'u't'htmH.-Por ts?e a second hand A a he?
1 MaUBaTPiBBs palas? in? by?inches?iho-.osjgkly re
-aisj-sl and -Tapruvtai App.vio
??>?** _F J At STlN.ll Aat-t
S~ TBAJI POWKB for s BBl machine, or l'.gtu aad
c een B*an-f*eiunn? baslBees vo let, with pan of the
fourni iiory of the Trtltiuie BuUdiaga Apply at Tnbaas
O-fiC?- **""
aTtkl* |-UvVKB-To?i-rfibrajaii ApFlvat No.
?^ j.;? -f ...iK ,.?-. ? ...*??? ?< *Sw??fv ?Site ew saw?
F??iK t*kl.?U^A?oc?LuLl C\?u^*-rt, -aaoei, ant
?mr*. Shelv-e. fee- ^-^^?V^;-.,' Ar. ,
'??i 9xe H* fytlttFtet*.
?.i>m__i.y. Naw-Vor?. Petiruar*, "*? IT "'karsa?
the By-.?w?*djt>ted by the Directora o? Ule Loe g li.acd
Ra.'.r?Mid Company an ib? ?.?. at g of Miren lit? pn>
vids nal
" The Annual Meeting of the Sioek.olden of ibis Com
?a ' ? I ' thl'teen D'.recioi? ____) be fceid oo
the third M lodiy In February of each year at lb? otaca of
- .-1er Ute dire-ciion of three
e open frxn ',2 trcl.vr? ai sooa. ?ad io !->
? :-n tnni 2 oc..?-?, p M.''
I ?c?reas, by so inadvertence such by-law and Uie
' ?-.. r. ineeu,.' ha? not *eeo di_y pual'lbed a? re*
?juired by a- -. , - _?/ ea
4-mg be*?*-, held?Tnerefcre Raeolvad, that an elac
?oa of thirteen Director? of Ulli Company be be!? at lie
Company ? n*,? in New-Yor? on Tj??d?v, iba 6th day
of April nett, ander the direction of three loip-Kton. and
in accordance with um Rev led Statue?. The poll to no
??pen from U o'clock. a.?**, ur.ul 2 o clock F M.i?and
thai lbs Secreiary cam? a notice ihatr-of to be Juiy p. .
A irue c..py from the mm ,v?
tmmm DAVID S. I VES Secret?-.
NOT;' > . ---i ihm . .e ?anan inaeUBtf of iba
* ? . 5e Locg Uland Raiiroad Company forth?
? arid he held at ibe ode of
?aid tompa-iv.ai No 42 VVii:i?m-rt Merchants Kxcliia??
tc the ci.y of New -York, on tha eih d?y of April next.
Toe poli to be opeo from 1 o mA*M ?I noon until I
a*__a_k, P. M. By ?nder o.'ihe Boar?.,
DA*. I Da,!. ES, Secretary
N?_.\,i-t. r?r.ru.|? II l?-?7 ?flApvih
? TO ART1.-<TS ?Th? ur.deri'.go-d _??!__ leased the
Uail of nie " Melodeoo." tn the City of Cincinnati, I?
receive work* of Art for eihl Icon ?ci ?ale. For
' ? .,..,_ -%| | u (?un Yja xgjntfd ,'
M partie? ?ending and receiving Picture? ?old
a - temad ten per ,-er,L The ?u'iieeti de?i_ned ?re
Scrip'..-.. llyihoiOglcal, Hlitorlral and Landscape. Ar
i ? ? d??irv>u? >jf a.a.hn/ themselves of tbts world-wide
' e__menlln_ tneir fortune?. l_?'r fame, and laelr
..-on lhe pu-ci-i? ,.v ?ad devoted
cen of the u?'enliser!, lo do adln !ii? power to?dvar<r_
thecauie of A't, ?id render more tolerable the weight tm- '
posed ou th? ?houlderjof hi? feliow-isborers In this branch
of civiliza ion. TI-? lat? .toa has the belt wtsbos Bed I
?urport of the wtaaat ?nd be?i men of the city to which It
1? located. [m* im| T. VV. <*HITLEY.
Addre?e T. W. U'hliley. Por??t HiU.Co-/l-_b-_. Ky.
Ry \ ?*<>????. FOK I -IM, COr-ANT'M Paieot
lit. In? a libor-wvtag lnveotioc.
id li does not daeiroy ihe sacchsrlue Butter tn tha Soar. '
3d. The bread baked wiib ti Is leiier than can be pro
dared in any other way.
lib. Bread mede ?il. this yeait may lit used by invalids
wi-.*iouttbe ?ll.hieit Injury.
Mb. Bltcuu mad? with it will be lighter sod sweeter than
If mad? whh common yeaai
?th. Buck ?heal cakes are infioliely better ra?ed with tils
yeait than ?rtth ?ny 'Uier.
7ih. The t-read i? ready for liaaln. as soon as It ts mixed
wlib the yeasu
?ih. This yeast bas received Ute premhim ?i the let? Pair
of the American Iniltciie.
Sold, who.etaie ?nd retail, by
lit.'._OASSNKR V YO! NO. ! .2 Chatham?
\| I LI.Kit?*? AldiM Y. -o*re U-7 Broad-St. Hear.
.'I FotV? The suhscr.ber oferi his services as Agen? for
Millers, in (be salectlon sad purebiie of M.I Stones, Bolt?
ing Cloih. Screens. Belting, ke. end for si! oiher srtlciee
uied la the conitructton or running of Steam or \Vat?r
Ml I? Will siso furniih information or plans for their con?
struction, snd cor-rart for ihe building of the same, upon
the bob! approved method.
v. . ?.i.iK-1 ?i Aiient for Patentera (or all machine?
?onnecied with milling
h aaaalCSIinoSi po?t paid, addressed to J. PAYNE,
127 Br ,.,1il New-York, ot Brooklyn City Mills, Brook
Brooklyn City Mills, tit March. I_47 in* DfcWtf
PAI'KK \VAREHOI lait, I i r_'uq-.l-BLBnTp
a H ABCOCK .r? -r for isie-B. ok Book Papes, Hud
? a ? ?Valak'l B iW ?"t'i and oil-er m?nuficture?s; Fist
and Cut Csp?. ruled ?nd plain. Polio. Ptrkat and Com?
mercial Pom-, Letter Pape ?, ruled sod pisin. of ? 1 qual?
ities ?nd varlou? manufacture? ; lluhbaidi tinud, glazed
? .?red Papen, v?riou? n/?ii Tlnue Paper, white
ai.,1 co or. d , newt and book Printing Papers, of vsmous
?uei, cooitinily on Lan,!. Any me mid? to order.
Binden'. Trunk, Bonne!, Prni ?nd Csrp?i Boirdi. Sola
Agenti for i?__ ??'.- ?f Patent Manilla Envelop and Wrap
ping Papen. Pa'ent Sand-paper Block ; B"?ion Muih
and Plate Pip?r? Bleach-ng Salti, .lira Martne Fail?
le.;? _.C ?.c for piper i->?k-r.' i?e. _m l.eodtf
C'llll LED \>li DU. *> .>l^kOL^?^.^h?BUb.
. ?erir>er? would triform the lr?n-Maileri throughout Ihe
t,ttattbeyare eu-n^riely eniretrd In (he manu?
facture of Ctil led and Dry ?and Roll?, ?ad ihe Machinery
i -r.gM'iil and "'.her tree VVorki. in resit, el of
il-.e q i?.nv of ih-ir manufacture, they are permltied u> re?
fer to lue following .eniiemen, vit. Henry Burden, Troy
Iron and Nail Facio.y; Jn?_ p. Wlniloar, Albany Iron
Worn . W Bui.i, Cuer Iron Works ; J. B. Bailey. Peru
Iron Worts : J. A J. Rogen, Au Bable Iron Work!; and
M ??> ? .BUI k Co New.Yo'k.
'_? I v Townaerid'i raraaea. Alhanv. N Y.
ElBBI ""TiOOUrH.-l.";?) 1-ro.eJyeaf? Pneni Elas
iii- Bra. ?, warranUHl nerfeei and full length.
l.i ?" pilri Meu'i and Mii??i ?nd Children! liupuriad
l,afi pilri Meo'i Metailie Owiiboaa.
Lii'ja" iaal i
?' " " B.lppers.
? Sandals
i lav? assortment of every descripilon of ai.-tlaht
?nd water-proof Ooodi in uie. fur isle l.j ?ny quiniill??,
in '?voran1? ama, by the Newark India Rubber Manufac
lunnit Co. ho Malden-ian?._ hIk If
??tT.:*vC*II WINDOW 9I1ADBH! Out Cornice?
T Uripertes, Tsite?. Band?, kc-J. C. WOODKORD.
?dway,will open ihi? morning i case? French Win?
dow Sliadei, rmhracinir a nev? ?tyle I indicipei Ooihlci,
Kiowrr Viie, ke. wtiirh will 'kj offered at pncei reduced.
TV A mi. I caiei (III ? omlcei. in every .?rlrtv at pil
lerua. Giit Band?, Curtain Loope, Tim,?, Cordi, Window
Br-<?ie?. Ac.
Favtlie? intending to pirclme for the Spring, me.-rbanii
?,l.'r?r?ni cine?, and thoie Inlying '.,. sell s?'lln,
Will do well io ?vail ihemielvei of the preient opporlu
nuy, ai the ai??irti!ien' la not lo be en-e;:e?l in ihe ,-ny.
I doors a-m.e Ke_/le ?i. |.?f?r_e Hull.! I
('ll.T (IIK.MIK**, rrencn Window -??d__7Curla_- ,
"? Trimmings, Ac -J C WfKJDroRD._?.? Brosdway,
will or?n this m'mine an invoice of Otlt Corntcee, Win?
dow Bba!ee.?*uriit>n Trlmmingi, whtcb ?rill be ?old ai a
?lscounl from former prices <o close ihe Invoice. Th?
above Invoice cooisioe mauy v?lu?ble good? of the kind,
and a? ibe ?ea? n hai far advanced, will be offered at aa
lnd??e?mnrit Lafirie Bnlldlnga. sear Re*.l?-?i d_l tt
CHOTON HOIK 1)4. s Puent ?Trie :n?enu>r if
ibi??rtirle otf-r? It f.r ?ale, pledging bun?elf to re
I place it wi_a ui colt If It bunt! during one seasons' us?' ,
The new mathtnery for roverm?? ihe rubber lube hevtng, j
srier many expenmenii. been perfected, ihe Hoie Is now
. otleredsi 'he perfect article orgloally cor lem plated when
the Invention m<ii patented li is now all right, for ?ale
st 23 Cortland ?i. \mK] HORACE H. DAY.
lice 1? heretiy given ll.ti ?n BMemmenl of one dollar
on r?cb ib?re of !'.e npiiril s'oc? of ihe E?sle Harbor
- Mining Company I? m? and payable on the 1*4b day of
Apri., Iil7, ?i my o_j ?? of the Board Trus- '
leee. II1.NRT DOTY, becretary and Treasr.
Detroit. March ?. l-l" mid la*_ j
LANUI.OKI ?' AND TENANT*?? Agreenienia.
The most eilen?,ve ?esorimeol of Aareemests, U
wed ?? sli other ??gal blsnki, sre lo be founo at
n,4 i'at? Jmien V Bell.) 1 It N?asau-?L
| *ltaNt. ?V ? ?>'-> I ?II.?KED-FAPKAII?Tha
V. ? itiicribers, sole Ag?ms for New-York.offer for sai?
an assortment of superfina (.uel colored 1'ipen of the
' above ce ebrated mat. ifaciure, acd can recommend them
. loan? In the mai in
. -r CYBL'-i W. riKLD k CO 9 Buriin? illp
A I?It?Tie highen market pnce? paid In rash for
Ka,-!. Bagj<tng, Baie Rope C-llinna, ?*unny B-ggtng,
Oral? R >p?. Canvas, sod ail oit-.er kindi of Piper Manufac?
turen'.lock by CYRUS W FIELD k CO.
13f | y _4) Burlloy ?Up.
OWK*? b\ IUKI.BI T'!*) P..PB_-"4.-Tne ?u'?
?ertben offer for ?ale to BMoruneol of taeie iup?rior
? ?nd deiir?ble papen ?t th? m?rufa.iur?n lowed price?.
mib.w CYRL? W FIFLD A CO. . Burling -slip.
i^FTll-K*. AND W_?T_MM Mercba-isars oar
; _*. tcularly ret-ueitad io call at H7 Fulton at and eismine
, on aluda liai can be ud u> every f?muy m th? L'nion.
jjfi-* C AI.nFN
CtOlNT BOOH** "f ?v?ry d?crtpUou al low
pnce??M?nuf??iory ai 77 M?, den ??ne.
\? ? uxf *' i Wnr.ping P?p?rs in great vana*y ?t manu
, facture! pnce?. Bonne? Bo?rd
Pr?p?red Ouin in i*o or three ot hollies.
Copying Pres?es, Manifold L'lier Writer?.
liiioiit,!? In? for markiae .sen and citon.
D iimond Point Oold Fea? ai r?durrd prir,, u ?hu??.
asie and retail, by FRANCIS k LO?TRZL,
m*! Buuk-?n. TV Madaa-laaa
IN CASH AMD DEED BOXRH with and witb
.1, aimanuraciurer? pr.ee?. Elastic Fsper Hold
! en, v?nou? uzea. Prepared Oum In I and 4 ounce bot
' ties. Blank Boon. Piper and Siati _ery of?, kind?. In
! quaotltiea loiuli pa'elMwer?, at low ptii_e, by
FRANCli a LOCTREL. Manufacturing SuiUOB?ws,
| mn _Tf Maidsn-Utna.
UK**C??r*-?*i*> *?G_H?T?Jr_-*? FIKH Hook?.
II We have received per laia ?n-iv?!?, ? fun assortm-nt
of Rict.?rd Hemmln. k Son's "Oe-uin?" Llmenek. Ktr
by snd Round Beat Fish Hook?, suitable for salmo?, ba??.
pidiere., iront, i'.ick ??b, Ac Al?o, an ai-orusem of
r.-di. rr?.?. luc?, floati. linken, kc. i? for ia.e ?iio.eaaie
_s.d r?., JUHN J. BROWN k CO.
122 Fulton-it- "ear Nassau.
v?J TIN *1K>, a_ee4 Iron W?rter?, Ac??HKAMaN
. A MORRIS, corner Broad and Beaver, offer for ?ale
Tn paioi, 1 ?0 hoxee a??orled brand? ?'.xa?,
Iron wire, MM 3-_-l_?, from W. 0 lo 10,
Ru??i??be-?ir?i -00 " l*.
Fngliiti " ? l.uoo " ? '* i^.
Sh--ath:ng copp?r, i '.' cases assorted. 14 A 16 IDC OB?,
Bra?? ?etile?, ?O.i??' i. _og.U.1 ?nd i_??rW_ji brasa
Battle? wire cloth. _uii?i>!e for un tnanutaciarer? a!8
II BKOO^?TlrlT*iir-rr?;Tl?KMl?i-l?- bundle?
Iron Wire i..uii.( for broom maker?, aaa?talad and
bneh'-froiE S - ?Ble '.C .ois io ?u;t purcha*en.
in__ a H v. RM AN a MuRRIS. cor. Broad and Baavsr.
?MLKK PI.AfKa.-Tweaiy tona Boiler Plaies,
exe? _ to il wire guage, for sais
m_4 SHERMAN A M0H.R1S cor. Broad snd Beaver.
?It? IMO-l-iiWO? ConcoW.ngo, bard <;uaiUy. ?Ulia?
. Lie for ina.ni?*? or lai.road abor.t Tor ?aie oy
)_l tfv CA*?a WAR!. A CONQvr,---? Broad-et
P- APtM I.A.WP ?HAl?K_*-4_?J doien Paper Lamp
??auas, varlou? pauerns and colors, aaooaaa. Bad
Uto?rapba?l. For sala by
_?f Dir.TZ. BROTHER A CO. 1? WlUlaa-at.
BKA*?*? I.AMP I HAIN*?- * -?j-5 E??a and
bliebt !iraa? lamp chain?, for **1* b v
dfl PIKT-. aitOTrRS A CO No. IM WU:t__B-at
????AK LAJrlP Wit K-a>: gr? Bo.tr Lamp WliA,
ijutur'.ed lie? 'or --
IV DIET- BROTHilR ?. CO. W \\:".'em it_
THE NEW PATKNT 53 Burnar-Jiut re?airodt
?upply of thahnprova.! P?i?st G_? Burn??. For ?a.?
by [B_-6iw) PIETZ. BROTHZR li CO. 1? Wll!laM-sL
?HIP LA.HPf-.-oa_?io-.-? and *'^'i^*^Jm\^,'
Ostia by ?IM! DIR-. WOTHB? h CO. U? WUiaani.
'BLISHESS. BOOKSELLERS lad *haih*aers. it?
. B^bSwbt, New-Tork. Pua.ishsrs of feaderrs Bwties
Brsdburs't Mutlcsi *A ,'rks.
Hiiebcocti 0-o.or?. Oaie't PMloaophy Toaag Aas-y
re. Analyucsj Manual, and many other valuathle School
o ?i?
'?? sea's Anwi-t-sa History. School History fane?
S?tes, Comprebeustr* Chart, Be. fee 7 v. ??????
SBd cTaavs^B^a?ka5 *"** * ,*?*r%! **<"1!,,?, <* *?>?>>
hJL^mcLTZ'**'1* ***,**>!** w,*k,n*' w fMreham?
^rTiWi?_i.('0 T?? ? c%" **"* e ,?mtB-' ?*? 8eeor4B*eat,
Taeosogieai aad M'staals-veoua Books.
aJi\\\\iu. ,rt*1 '*"*''wlufh "? >?f??edai the very low
m la.
of New-Tork . Edited By V\'iliiaai C Eo-beru, M P.
No. U of this invaluable jourt a', it bow fub.labsd.
I. Cllalqna of ihe College el Physicians and Surgeoae.
M Report* ?I New.York M?d sod Sure Socle?.?
III. Reports ?if New-Y "S ps l.iln.'.c?', S.
14 Tneaincai Perfomjarcw ?i ,h? N. Y. Suata Lsas-feS
?.?yltiiu Bv H T.,dec B-vwt?. M D
?. C.inique of '.ne 1'rlveis'tv of New-York.
xX N. V. Acsdeciycf Mc-f
4 11. EuiToa s faBLB. A-alaes* of Mrv'ic.'-e. N v 1 -
Re r.artk t.e Case? iraxfonn?. ?a of ihe h urn SB horlv IBlo
adlpocer? The inhalation o( Sulphuric tiher ta Eng lead
snd elsewhere. Bi'.iiiograpittcal Notices.
ml6 DAMIF.L ADI'.E. UT F?llort-*?. New-York.
It ST Pt BLISHED. ih? M No. pnce SC cents, at the
' ?. I Fi-nklln-sousr?, (Pearl-sl I c ?ntalis the ?? Y*
bon * aoure. the Butt witty ?eure on the foi.?ee and Stt
per?Li..j?>? ,.f if-.e age. *.?o, entire, " ChrBtiaBliy proved
I ' airy." (Srep'iDl), ai*o, A Short l"rc,ulrv. ?? 44 ho was
- ? Brist.'" For ?ale. ano, ?ach of the atx>v? tn part*.
a ? ? 1st If o of the Quariery Beacon, containing ihe
celebrate?! Three Impostors.' N.B. New edlitons of
Strsusss LI'e of Jesu? Volne-'? Rum?. 4 ale*! Lift* of
Pala? l'?ine ? *4Vorki, Voltaire? litciiona?-?. and other
' ? works _ BfelSltBS
T(l T 11 l.4>K**.-Tb?li?cl>_F^
celebrated won ou anting ?nmerti or every descrip?
tion in a sty le of elegance unequsied is now published snd
r?edy for leiive-y. Those ?bo dealre lo avail themselves
of ihe greai advantages to be derived from the use of ihe
tnstructloos It contsin*, would do well to obtain S copy
without delay Th? book Is 11 by 17 Inches ?quare, and
contains IT elegant diagram? of all the varioaa ?tyles of
garment? ??cm ?t the preaeal day. with full and ample in?
structions for cutting m an easy and scientific manner.?
The following are a f?w of ibe many hlgn'.y respectable
mine* who leeitfy bo the merits of the book ?
Tlie nndertigsed being practically ?cqustntad wtlbMr.
Sc-emeC? Treedae on Cudtnr Oarmeai?, w?th plessure
recninmead II as a work complete In its arrangements, and
la tu practical application SB cu'llng superior lo any here?
tofore published, either In Europe or Amen?e.
P Henry It Sen, Daniel Culler. Stall* It Banker. Cbar.es
Cos, E 44 Tyton k Co.. B. F. H orne?, Jame* Daily, Jona
Havi.and. J. H Banker.
The above can be obtained of the author. 113 Broad
way. New.York_m9 ImeodDtlmeowW
MAP IIP THK NRAT of 44ar lo Mexico, being a
copy of lier.. Ariiia's Map taken ai Resaca de la
P? nia. with additions am correction?. Price ?S cents tn
???i??!? Also, s Isrge Map ?( Memeo Price fl .40. For
sale wholesale and r?iail by j. D1STI RNELL,
?nt Broadway.
N B. The ahove Maps are bow generally for ?ale by ?
tiook?ei!er? lWea?BOBt the l'mied States. tnii II?
8TATES._The B.y an? Harbor of New-York, large
snd email. siso Chsru of the Harbor or Na?v Bedford.
Naw-Hs'-ea. fee fee. beautlfulfv executed, at a low price,
for sale. who.?sale and re(?il, by
misjf J. DISTl RNELL, lot Broadway
witTiaa asw-voiB saax?ea or hialtb. ?"7 ?sin-it.
Blirr?L(i a. v.
DR O. C. VAl.'OHN'S 4 r-.tir-.T-BLF. LITHONTR1P
Ham, I Conquered,' la most eninnanraUy the case with this
article. Disease ha? ?ver yielded lo il* moat oiarvelloaa
SBSS-Bwaf power. 44'herev?r II has gone, and South Ame
rica, Englaud. Canada, and the foiled Stales have pruved
the lrti.fi of this siatemeut. ibe above, quoitilon, In a ?iron?
and pitay seoieoee, tells the wbolv story. luvaildi, ibe
principle upon which you are tired may col be known IB
you, bul the result of a trial of the article Is lailifaciory,
you ara reatored, and (he secret of the cura remain? with
the priiptletor. The medicine la ? comjMund of J* diitlnci
vegeiadle air?nolei. each Individual root has its own par
llcular, exclusiva, medicinal properly, couiicilim wlife no
other compound -each root makes lis own cure- -and as a
perfect combination, when taken into the lyttem, it duee i
the work which nature, when her law* were first esiab
Usbed, Intended tt should d?>?puiifies, ?trenglheo*, and
rettores ihe broken dowri.deblluaied cttnaiittition. Drop.
ty. la all lu cbaracleri, will he completely eradicated
from the ivsteai by tu use. fee pamphlets ta agent's
hands, for free circulation?ihev treat upon all diseases, i
and thow testimony of cures, (travel, and all complainu
of ibe urinary ornan*, form also the cause of ?real suffer
lug, and 4'aikiiN'* LiTHoNTBirric hasacviired uo ?mall,
celebrity over the country, by ihe curas il has tnaiia In Ulis
.niii???in/ . ?a? of ?rnlrtlitna ??? famed, II ??era*. I? Ibis
medicine, thai II ha? ihui attracted ihe u>i...? ?fon? of our
medical puhlication?. In the the November tiumher, 1*4?.
of the " Buffalo J.turnal and Monthly Review of Medical '
and Surgical Science." tn au Bruce upon caiculous die- ;
ea?e*.?nJ'-?olveiit*," th? ?vrter, after noticing the fact
thai the English Uovnrnmenl once purchased a secret -
remedy, and also aod inu tne nurci.ase In INS, ol a secret
remedy, by the Legislature of New-York, tiius pay? tiib
Ute to the (sine of lEe Medicine : " 44'hy do not our Repre?
sentatives in Hen ?le snd Assembly convened, enlighten
and ' dissolve'the sufering thou?and? of this country, by
Ihe purchase of Vaugha's Vegetable Luhonirlpiic, than
which co solvent nac the dayi of Alchemy has posseiied
one half tSe fame '" Reade?, here '? a periodical of high
standing, acknowledged throughout a large aeclioaof this .
country lo he one of the best conducted tournais of th?k?nd
In the L'nlied Slates, exchanging with the ?-lenllnc wotls
ofEuione lo our certain knowledge, edited by Auiun
Flint, kl. D. and contributed lu l'y men of the hlgn??t pro
foMlonal ability, thu* ?tepplng aside tu noues s '? se.
cret remedy." You will ?i oiee understand bo unknown
and worthless nostrum, could thus ??tort a comment from
*w high a quarter?and coDaequeniiv, unless ll directly
conflicted with ihe practice et the faculiy, Il mu*t have
been iu great " fame" which has caused It to receive this
passing notice. Kidney diseases, weakness of Ihe back
and ?pine, Irregular, painful and *uppre**ed meoilrua
U.m, Buor albu*, and the enure complicated trala of avila
which follow a disordered ?yilem, are ai unce r?llev*4
by the medicine. Send for psmphleU from agem?; and
you will find evidence of the value of lb? Lliaonirlpilc
there put forth. At a rented y for (fee Irregularities or the '
famsle tyatem. It has tn lAe compound a " root" which has .
been reeorted lo in ihe North of Europe for centuries?es a !
?ure cure for Ihti comp.alnt, and a restorer of in* health of
the enure lytlem. Livor com plaint. J?undi.?e, bilious dis?
eases, fee. are l rutan il y relieved. People of the 4Vesl will
find ll ihe only remedy In mes., corcpia?iu.as well asfevsr
and ague. There Is no remedy ll?? It. and Do caiomel or
quinine forms any part of ihls mlitur*. No Injury will re
*ull in iu u*e, sod It* active properties are manifested IB
the use of s single *) ot. bottle. For fever and agua, bil?
ious disorder?, lake B? oihnr m??dlcli.e. Hheunmllsm,
giiui.wi.i find relief. The action of ibis medicine apon ibe
blo-ud, will change the dlsesse?which orig?nale? lo die
blood?and a bealihy result will follow. Dy?pep*is, ledl
ledion. fee. yield lo afew day?' u?e of this tnedicln? la?
Bammk'.'on of the lungs, cough, eoniumpUon also, las ever
found relief. Scrofula, erysipelas, piles, tunaaied eyes
all eauied bv Impure blood?will find this artice he rem?
edy. The system, completely acted npon by ibe twenty*
two J'?Tir?el properties of tfte mlilure, Is purified Slid re- |
stored?aa a partial cure will not fo.iow The lra.0 of
common complainu. palpitation of ihe heart, sick head, t
ache, debility, Be are all lbs result of some derangement .
"f the system, and ihl* greai restorer will do lu work.
The promises sei forth In the advertisement are based '
upon ibe proof of ?aba? Unas done in in? past fo<ir y tar*.
Tb* ?ritten testimony of l,"**1 eeeni?. in Canada, the
United Slates. Er,r,and and Soaih Amarles, lo iba pos?es
tioB of iba proprietor?and can he teen by all Inuresled?
It asasMasS demonstration thai It Is the bast medicine
everoSered to .aa world. Oet the pamphlet, and study
O* principies aa ibere laid down, of the me mod of cure.
Fui up la ?os. boulet, at awl M ot do at tl eaeb?ibe
larger holding I ot. more iban two tmail boules. Look
oat and not gel Impoeed apon. Every bottle has
" VsBfhB's Veeeishle Lithonulptlc M Miare' blowa
upon ihe glass, ?he wriusntlcnauire of " 0. C. V'augta''
on ihe directions, and " f>. C V'augnn, Buffalo." lian)p
ed on ike cork. Nona other ki geeatne. Prepared
by Dr. 0 C. Vaughn, and sold ?i ibe principal office, jn
Mim ii Buffalo, ai wholesale and retail. No attention
given'o letters unless po?t-psid?order? from ragulsriy
constituted ageau eicepied. Post-paid ??Hers, or verbal
commt;ni<ation? ?ollelilng advice, promptly aueoded lo
Offices devoted stclutlvely to the ate of ihts arucla?
111-*) NA8SAL ST. NEW YORK ClTT ; aW> Essex-at.
s?.*m. Maas . and by me principal drtigglau ihruughoul
IBS L'Ql'-Sd Stales and Cacada, a? ?d??ru??d te th? paper?.
Agenuta this City?Chas H Ru-g, 193 Broadway, cor.
Joio-si ; t- M. Oulon, 137 Bowerv, cor Orandst. . Wyait
fe K.et -hum. 111 Funon si, J fc I Coddtngton. SUS Hudson
il , 44'm B. Eager, cnr. o? Hudson and Leonard sis , Q.
H Monroe, cor. Madison and James su.
tjnly Ageaitn Wtlliatnsavorgh. L. 44',...ami. )"'. Orand-sL
Only Ageai la Biooklya, Mrs Hayes. 138 Fu.ioo-si jltaf
OWI.INO.? It has been hlgniy recominended by
Phvikiaas for sedectary men u? practice howling
dally, a? ibe best exercise for dlgasilon sod refreshing
sleep s* well as dyipept.a TV Trc??*?i. mad Branch
Routine Seitens, So* ni snd 300 Easl Broadway, aad
' No*. 71 Division and 441 Or?od-?t. containing ten Alleys,
hs?e been fined up in splendid styls with some new
' Alleys ; Bad, lo farther accoounonsi- hi* oumerous pa
. .runs, Mr. Blow?, '.as Proprietor, tees very ingeniously
. Invented a Perpetual A.manae, at sis ecu* each, or fa foe
' 100, and lwo large editions of severs* thousands bava beea
dltpored of II is printed on a very oeal card I on one
' aids is the Perpetual Almanac, and on the other is a (tage
1 .ickst to ride in either the Esst Broadway or <it*o<i-su
.in?, of stages to either of bis establishments, which be fur
' olsoea graus daily loall hupeirijci.whoarB from ao par?s
of the city aad Brook.jn aad many of the Buia?. Hfe"?
. Benetvee tor ifee past fifteen year* In tut? cuy la Ike k-usi-?
! see*, and his strict and personal attention to U sea to Ibe
comfort of Bu pair?os, deserves sud bas cossaasaale?! Ibe
best portion ot the public patronage. It te ereil aaows
that none bar ihe moet ?elect company ?tati bis t*?*** ?
Who wid not take bis card and rid*?p *** [V^JZT
bu pte* ' _ *Vti*mtif
t-OrchaH, Lehigh and a**^* }}T^Z.iU i*\\etma\
asme? C-oels of ihe bs-i estaiiry *^^mA*i*?*}0%a^
order free of cartage, are eow ufered U ibe foitow_if
low prices, vis . a? ?.???. ?...
Large Nut and Lu*?P ?see. 9b M per^lon.
Btova, E.g. and Brotas ? tas.9? pet ton.
SSi^20',endr'S,e0ri,,0f H^raiy-Bfe
tara? iciteivet-aeur-sJIp.eornerof Ttenut?^ gTCM
/TOlL^AlLY DISX'HAKtJINs? ?cdIssjMm al
I (rSiae?low Pr-ce* for ?a.a-St r*? sad Egg 9> U Nul
ogt Stove mitad f?, or ?Seetu add'.'..<^a. l^reened. and
I Soasad frcBB iha yard, aad w.rr^b^^uj R*4
mll?taeod*_?TBrasr King an i O?e-w *-h ?u
TR?A*?l HY NOTE*? ?? l ? ??*???
Treasury K?>*SBbee**rig 5 W per cbbl lawrett i Tiras*
ore feiotsi '.ear .ng 6 per esa*, tniersat ; Urtlutd Staus S? efe
bear-.cg ? fear ceut Intsraai, redeea-vaa ib 1*67 . a'l let
sale "T isaU aft J THOMPSON, 14 Wu tt
0it_u_ti_r__i. ?re. CDanU?.
W**>THlb-A tarn oo?m yaaat Hm vo go
?* ??? - ' ' n Ig im? fui a? ??Til if waul
Paaa?i*a--aB--fce peer aal aao?i Stj at-aam
aooia or
?^elity-oe?-tat?_?Wi?_f_li?et?__: ??iaaei'??-..'k->
yoviag ?nan. wbowunldb? wiia?, _, __, ai-MMtf
general? aeeral. ?ad wb? Is wall asBBBBifd with ika
etty H? *_?se?c for ihe Isa two years ?>??_>?4 a tbai
capacity Ui __U city, sad can grro BBi-aiaiiiMbli ramjr
.-??'- . e_-iiv ?ad ?bilirv ????> uedermadi ib_ car?
_/ hone? paHbet'y Address W L Bl lAl? oBVa. w ?s ?at
.-.I??? ?-I**
VV"A>T_D-A ?nuan?a by at laiUna yoaag w_7
v* __?e. todo rheavberwork, wash aad ?roe, ov saraa
aod lo ??-.a ??-na?-. Baal at* cty reaV-ea-a A paly a?
'..'*' ?o * ' * >?* fram *-*B4ve?.Uy placa m* fe?
\\~ %NTKI> 4 ? l_._4.ti -n *? privat? liner t SasiTlBBt
v ? tear__>r, or as a. ?s?t?tant editor Islsrsasas fftvea
??>?? sddrass lo A_4?-or' ?. __.. l'Ace mi7 _?
W'.-NTt-I?- ttaii.tr* c?a ?:?__?. kav? f_iib*_i aad
v v coo-neieni dotneaDc?. well r?eoaua~_-<__. ?t ib? etmea
_4 Oran, ?i o__.- Broadway. ??a a.-] WATTtV
A ?.K>Ti WANTED F ?r tb? ?ala of iIn. ?g
. _ _- n__?_ thai ran te io.d lo erare famtly ta B>a
Voi.-n. Km of enterprise aad Nu ?tan? Mfc-B ria iki
? ??? ?I -.?rear C ALDIN. 117 Fulua^c. ST
AI! .ettar? bum be p.?et paid. -a ? a.
A LAU Y accualoaied lo leacMog wi_be? ? ?tru?tt_aaa
-a. .. ?*i u* uiatreet ta EagttsA braocbee ?ad tii*i
>*> o_.d not oioact to leave the city. Add res* f "lia.
M Hammond a N Y_ m? ir
poraoB well act] ?la ted wiib manuiV-urer? of eoaoe
aad woo. and woo cao procure a favvr?t>? . ir.jicuoo
lo maay eisen, tn th? Slate? of Mih?'!.iim'|| R_od?
I?l?a?l. Coeoeeileut Ne?-York. Ne--Jaraev, r?aa?ylv_.
- ? -. ? ???.?--. Vltglata. North Caroltea aad
Qeorgte, )? dettrou? of coenei-deg hi ma?-?* la tiurtasas
i, ..h ? coraaHsstoa house s readv eslabi'.tbed. A ta? left
? * ? wii. Se ?needed lo.lf address*, vo _ T O ?1
*I*IIK ?OVKKTIHBR. .Hoste*, wiahlng lo rotten
A .ro.r 1-ntlnaaa .Atar* u, ?ell oat the ?lock, -??area aid
good wtl! of ?n old ??laM'thad rash retail ik?rv>. lotee a
rrofitahie '.usine??, wt.a ?very fad;?,, ,,, _--?-r'nli.
The itKive otara aa eze*l<?ei opportunity t?. ? voaag aaa
w i?hin? ?o embark Inhuttneee, who <?a ceaaial i task
?-?<*_?* lo flft.v Addia?? Heeto?. o*bea ot (kit
p?par m*a ye*
TO HETtIL ?HOI D_tAlLIIft-T-??_v?r__a?
has 1-..-11 Bjaco worth of ladia*. rniHM aad ?-hii.rae'?
??>???? at hi? command, wiih wh-rth? would Uk? 1? jato
with ?ome oaa (Im M?y) dolag bu?taeo? to a raepactabla
oe.gobo-h.wd. He be? bad ?sack ??parteare la that lia?
and i? ?eil acquainted with UMbucinaaa. A Una ?idreeeod
to R. N Trtbuaa oftce, wtib real same, will meet taaa>
Jiate 1'iention ?tu II*
POUKK I OHM WEAVKM W.?__d:\.irl_eil5?.
??,.??_ in powor looa woe-let. aad wlihiag uni
?bort di?i?ae? tntheeouatry ?raer? i_??Jy iwn' ????!
?-I , ?? J wagas will be g.eea. eaa apply lr_r__.i?taiy a*
17 Nimait mbi |_r?
FAR.vlBK AND a_r___nM?Vw_atad.^rsBaa
?c<*._inted with ?A? g?a?ral work of a fane, who la al?
io lb 'i-otitbly well acqaelatod wtib gardaataf. Ass?? la
$') \i It I \V ANTA? ?. bua?l an- mori??_? ea ara?
?),. It ft F ,-?,.,,. werikWao. for which T par eem War
Mi wi,l be given W 00 eoa-BbMioe- Apply le
*? If T J COLEMAN. M Will?
A -.it tU)*\ OK ANY ninth of Treasury
?***.>t',l rvH ?. ?nied, tor which ? prasataa wiu he Bald.
by [Ulf. J. THOMPSON. <M WtJVeL
NOTE LOBT.-H Uoakaf* Hot*, dated 8001 ??
114?. a? ?-. ??. payable t* oar order, at eae of Ihe Beak?
tn Tr.iy. for f.1 ) ?-> TA? petite ara caaOoead ?galaat aa
goitailo?- for ?aid Bola, as paymeai has ?>-?? stopped.
[mt-li*] HENRY FLAO? A CO.
?V?frOl- (BALI LOW-AUmX-bI W, S.U-W
JyanjS*. u0,oa. periWtiygaa?a, aad of laa *m*mm A-lieta
Bo tu in mi * .'.iiiiemaa aad hi? ?* saa be a?
>-omiu.-dated with pleasant unfbrotibed fr.nt room bod
room in 1 pantry oa the ?eeead loor, with buvd . aleo ?wo
or three ilngie gaat'.vaiaa c?a bo ?ceommodstad ?a _ke
lut of April and the 1st of May, a Charlee-al on? door
wee? of tl.di.m-ii. For fartbar panicu ?n ?p.- y 11 IM
.-'-.:???? 4.!,_,? two of thrao liarla gaolleiueg caa alee
la arcoaimodsiad. The family cooiuu of two paraona
mK) Si* _
BO IKI) WANTED- Bv a geeileman for htaesaC
wifo, two children sod aarta.la a qul?4 hoarding bouoe
ta the upper pariof ibecllr aaar I'aWe-c^uara. Addraat
T W. ?1 hi? ofica._ ******'
BOARD -A geoil?m?a ?ad htowlfa,or two or three
?mule gentlemen, ran be ?c?otamodelad with host!
and f oe room? ?1 *S Cbamhar?-?!. ml? It?
?) IK III Ml. I* ??saul apaiimen?? w 1? ?1 wl?
ri'ird ta gemleoieo and th?tr wivee- Immedlaialy or
m tb? fir?! .,r May neu, at IS) Orchard it Oood roatr
e? ? \. ? . -.1 m? 4w*
BOA Kill N(.-Twogoni.ea.ea caa ba ?comaodaia
?lib a ihinl stoty front room, alau two ?logte iooom 1
?d Murray ?i. ,'pp.xll? Collago.placa,_?aH It*
BOARD For geo?eneo aod aad their ladiaa. or BBl
gle K?ptieoa?n at ?a Cast Broadway. mM Itaod*
TO MUAMOItMa.-A raepeciebie lady alabeaJ?
lake I or S ??nilrman and ibalr wir??. ?i?? I or 4 Ma
gle (?n.'wi In a pksaaaat, hoallBy aod eeairel locatlaa.
having Croioa Water bath, Ac. Those desirous ot aa
comfort? of a boma may apply at IM MoU at botweaa
Oraad aad Brooma _ Bill 1er*
1VWO I.ENTI.KMBSTwlth Ibclr wive?"o? two .Ins.?
_?!iii.'in?n c?n t>a accomoiudatad with full or paillai
tioardlu? lo ? ?rlv?ka family by applying ?l 181 F'*urth-SL
Tti? room? ?re vary plea?aal aaa wall furnl?b?d with
cl.'??l?. Reference? ?irhsaf-d. ail? It*
M-H'KINIi KAMIIIONM. Hm (?Isis, farts mola
iktn hin al 93, equsl lo ibo?e ?old by other? a $4 .
?l?o, eleg?Bl dre?s hsu ?I #3 M sad $3 IS, luperlov
tn style sod finish to ibosa la aaay place? at ??, Boat hat
at I. C 0 March win b? pleased lo ms his friends a?
ihn ??lab I lahme at
? .1 Im? JEOROE r H- BROWN. Hi
?i . a . I IS . J 1B.B I. ?? li. IBBBB
mrdf**^mm1am' ?IPI'MTAf.T 10 pure-laser? of Piaaa
I F. K ui? ? _ Tb? atbetrtbar? kavtae parehaaei
tara B
in* provenant tn Ftaoo Fort?, ?re oww mann lac In r?a?
ri Hi John Acribar toa ??d.iil? rtfhl la
Ui? L'ntiad atalas lobt? rammt Harp fromm
very ?plendtd a.new.i.hd and Mabogaaaay Ftaoo Foraw,
which are wairauied superior la kioe to any aow la 1
and 10 keep la
?Ills In s most
Uon taking
a geoera! assortmeut of Iba 1
Soisbed IniuTUnaals.
i., IM EaltoB-at, Esa sida of Brood ?say.
1 A?O V?kLTkB ai vor? ww ?neaa.
?noB? ahoat parahastag Haaos w UlBad
ip ta vina much longer. The Improvement eoa
mnil treauilf.il H ?re Frame, poruflar tn cunaim?
ig ail kbe ?trato ot ihe?-riags frma UMcaaoi a_a
s most ?proved taod-rn MyUt Bv
It w a?tr advaaiaga 10 rail ai aV Okaae A
?' Poltoo-si (treat a.
?Aagaay aad Rata
od ria?i"?co__iaa?y ob hand, which will _->?__! low far
Co ? Maaufactory, IM ?ulu,nat (?rest <
oadway.) A gei_a?_l asBurnsoai
culi or ?pprwed paper. Dealari supplied oe liberal lera?
my/. ?- OLB1.H A CO i?m foaoo a
ag^^FDUHAIRiith? old stead N?. * far
?iujil oppoelia lbs A*tor Hoasa, a vartetF
ll-a*-__"?ril''f 'I, ?>|. ?nd 1 oelave Plan?. Forta?, o'
.11. Ua-rery vartay ?f Baiter?, with all _h?
modem tnproveroaou, lo rosawo.id and viabogsay eases.
-?rr.'.e.i In ?vary re?p?ri lo give ??iKfartti-n or BO tele
m in um LataTallaiaa A BaadaU,
fia~o r-fttiM t?n ?!???
WILLIAM H OEia, _> MbMbb) __ta.aa?
cnniioualiy oa hand a large aaaoreaei
modara Ftaoo Fortes, la mabogaar
, which bo lau oe aira Hl III 111
id hand Flaaoe which ho will dlspoa* 1
_noil la
P? ANO rOKT??^AT?i?d la? u?
piase. !u?l from lb? mBatlVtor/, for f
Fini en?? llr?t Mrved C HOLT, Jr.
TREE?? ?alaciad for ?ire???, city ?ad ?abarbea
_f?,d?o? aid oai la modern ?ivta IM*MMt?|
??b_ice. for ?ata by JOlEPH LOUIE,
_,^_. Hornier.? Depot, M HartaSB
fvB -A vouog man wlibas 10 hire a farts upoe aha??
or ?nilr* Alao, a gardaaar of good ret<iaa??l?il?e?
waois t pl?ce? _**** '"
cheap Boa? aad BAoo aere, t4l C_alhaJa-aL-.T-e
_u??rli--n would ?all B_B aiMBliOa ot imttt trnt
lomar? ?ad Ih? public la g?e???l to ?Aajrlargsod
wall a??oMod .u>ck orLaHe?*: Misses' sad C_t__*a_*e
u.itars. Buskioi. susa,A_, loiaKsr wlih a lajaeia?_ae.
M?<?. Boy? ?nd Tottih'! l?ou, Bhoos and Br-geaa.
wr. ?b ?bay wtil tall at uie followiog low prices
.-.. . tl?l Wa.i Calf Boots..aa?
'? Calf Pump Bolo do . |_|
" OralnH?lfW.ltdo . ***
* ?' Pump do .?. I_
" i.i f.'?*_d do .**?
?? ? I'ogeae do . ?**
leadiaw do-hl? Boto OaUars.} _,
?ta?-? . la.
Boskiai, frott.*?*T,*_*
" aitpa, .m.Bi asea.
Tto?? .*f*!_"'"
Cblldrao'i French Morocco Cac?eVfrots.'.'?'? ??**? _f ?_ J_
? ? ? ?- go taatm.h?. BB? IB 1
"-~laa -.,. ?or.Bgsiyls of *l*r*- Jktay '-^?^j;
B<A to oe ?urpasaeif for ??Boly, dtirablllty o* (hoopoes?, ?T
au; oaVred tn ihl? thy - - - -?a?m
ft_W_5^?__S__?__!*h^ ?
TL-?P..? ? - R DEW1T? C RELLINOERTlai?lll__?
ru** Lini-iecL This traly aetoadahtog ?sslit-B M BBS
only aruc?s ib uaraai tbai iba atRlctad caa gat a u-1 ?**
bototo iba money U paid , this it always doc* by iba Dee
u>r whan req'/aeied ; '.t ta a dear, beantlful aod utmpot
?_t luid, _i?b.y fragrant aad aorfaeiiy dellgbifa! M *****
? - aad ? -?|-*r.?_iy ??algnod to be praeeribad *?*_??;
or ex-erie../ ?ad!? warraaiad locura in * ttm4*rr*^*rm
1. oiaar remedtoe heva eaM. AU ra_4_a_? *W^t.
.on? seTacUoa rlagtrer?, teuer, haraar*?J**\M*m __TJ
e.ery ea-are, fro? bttet. haraa, aalas fa ?? ?ett?.aaa as*
fecitoos of l_? l]ilill l1?Mf1irl"~__*_^--^-.?-.^l-S
.untoaa, corna aad llll___l ot **ZLaialia-ie_ar4_
-l^r i\iaa^^T*mi*******??? S2?
la atrarttoo, Mas c?rtala mamr?_ _, r,,.,,., , i_ am
Ac s? u s isaa. aad alljfgi'ff^^.'^^SJ.^
paia.of*Zmrl*^mm\mimTaotmalwaya TohokU
Fev? and **^*2ai\mk\ ln**t***-u A Co ?B reeri. r?
wru^aa ? and rag????_^~ ^ca__-al dtp??. Harlaat
_?.^4 A'lmftmt &1-1-*?ae*et*ePf^tf ***4
R?i?r__- Ctfhm- J^/,?,^^ lAroaehoat the dtp tad coa?
an?* eat?? -*f^*i^^?___iyi_7--__^ call aad
?'T -?^_r_?ir__^_*-_5, ?d c-Ttry U ?o ihair tour* aatU
^a9K Wh ?>??? i-*?*
'oacmaioat- ****

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