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^KKlV-Vl^r.r8ATrRDAY MARCH*.*""
iySElOlT?ll)K 41F TO-llAY'?* PAI'HH. ^
r-?r- Adver-semenU 1er the Tribune of Mon**'
*?nt to be sent in bet?re 10 o'clock on .-?an??*l*y 0T*n
tpjae the PubHoation Office of thii psp*?r H ?<* ?r*u ?*
?^e^nhers lo the city who do not ?????? ?X
., a? aas* hour are ,-equMted to ***?J?? *l?Z?u1*.
ti e*?Tar?Bri8*ri4S?U ? tucfe- *?*Dl? *** .^i"^
to ?at ll^-tiXthair route* betVre sevaa o clock. Car
rlXlSsiC .ax^pTfe at?* will a? rtr<rdr*d to give a,
' nSL!!!?*BS-BB*t<-i The Ttltmne left at their dwellings ?
.^oTbli-i^'?--'1?,-^^ mnrHn* ***- 5r
-iavTSB-*?^?-t-r-e? at the Kbliahing Ciffice. or send .
?,tl\r*e?^** Po*Offlce Terrns. I* cesU a week
?eaykbie at? tbs Carrier. _
tm** |f " A B?neme Frutad" ?tippooea tbe Editor of I
?seer, however coaatsntly at hi* post, t?n read and ex
ftrBlse B cee*or*h;p over every edxartueeient Ibst finds IU
way law a dalty ptper, we iroit bit friendthip it mon
totease than bit wisdom We can only lay down geoera
rales with regard 10 such matter* a? h? bring* u> our notice
Seek sdverilaems-nu as ihsi of TheSubterraBaaa In yesier
tisy's Trtbaiie ??ill be eaduded bo far a? possible.
Tita Kxelae Law.
0*r readers will have remarked tbe resolatioi
submitted to the Assembly by Mr D E Sicklei
of this City inetructing the Committee on Excise
j?-e to bring in a bill repealing the present Eacisi
Law. Aa it is notorious that tha provisions of tlia
law do not extend to and have do effect (other thai
a incraJ influence) in our City, it is a little remark
?hi* that our distinguished representative boouIi
have been impelled Is take this step. In whosi
behalf is h? acting7 Not his own constiiaeuti
sorely, nor any portion of tbem , for they are r.o
affact*d by the law be drives at Bat if it be tin
thirsty souls of some leas favored locality who an
pining for s chance to sip the nectar dear to thei
eoals in some congenial drunker?/, why do they no
r*x-v?tbri?ugh their own elected Legislators? Wb*
should New York, rejoiciag in the unfettered h
c?db? of three thousand i?rogg?rie?, be required ti
tarnish tbe claws with which their chestnut* ere tt
be polled out of the fire T Can anybody bolp us h
a aoJatioTj of this mystery ,'
Oar City Coarta.
The bill submitted to the Assembly by Mr
Vf right of Sullivan providing for the organisation o
the Cl*nl Coarta of onr City containa, we believe
4he provisions sabstsntially which are approved bj
th* great mass of those who desire that Judicia
aad Lag?. Reform shall extend to oar City ss ??.
?? the reet of the State. By this bill, ail oar pre
sent ?Bomfelous and cambrons machinery of Circuit
Popenor, Comet?n Pleas, Chancery and Mannt
Coarta are to be sapplantad by a single Court 01
r*fafeS Judge?, ?l??ted by the Peopl? for four ysars,
paid fat.900 each but no lees,; and formed into
? uob and so many tribunals aa may be necessary
for l?? hearing and dispatch of all business be
taisa that of Ward Justices' Coarta and that of ths
Mat* Court of Appeals. By Mr Wright's bill,
substantially devised and framed by the friends I.'
Jadicial Reform in our City,; each elector of our
O??*/ is entitled to vote lor stx Judge? only, while
th? ?stfet having moat votes are to be chosen?a
rood idea, bat we have doubts of the feasibility of
epplyisg it to a part of tha State while oaknown
W? do hope the L?gislature will m?h? bute to
??ass whatever bills are necessary with regard to
ths Judicial Districts sad Elections, to that tbe
Patrpla may begin to think of candidates and de
?>*? on th? relativ? m?rite of thos? suggested ?
Ivery btror'a dsliy increases th? danger of seler
t*OB8 by cabal or at hap hasard.
Th? < olle?a Question.
It seemt to as that the advocates of the bill be
for? lb? Alterably proposing farther grants from
th? Stet? funds devoted to Education in aid of cer
tain ?f oar Colleges do not fully understand or j o
aot fairly consular tbe arguments of their oppo?
nent? To talk of tb? utility, necessity, Ate. of
Colleg?? may be very woll in its way ; but is it in
point 7 Theological Seminaries ara also desirable,
and Astronomical Observatories, and gigantic
Telescopes . yet the State does not propose to en?
dow th? first, erect the second, nor p?rchese ths
third The question in point appears to us to be
a? follows : Hort) are One Million Dollars, we will
say, to be ??pended by tb? tt ate in aid of Popular
Ed no? den, and nearly One Million children in the
State to be edooated. The Legislature represents
the parants of these children. Now there is a pro
position te take a part of this common fund and ex
p?ad it in giving a special and superior education
to On* Thousand or so of tha children at various
rat?? of t?n to fifty dollars per head. Have the
majority aver understanding^ consented to any
sooh appropriation ? Would they probably do so
if tha question were directly submitted to them I
Who for one moment believes tl.ey would ?
Bat again Suppose a certain portion of the State
Educational Funds are to be set apart to the sup
port of Colleg?? : On what principle u (hat portion
to be dulrtbuftd ? Shall it be divided pro rata, ac
wording to the number of pupils undergoing educa
tioa in aach f Shall it be distributed ao much to
every pupil gratuttotnly educated f Shall the fact
that a College has been well endowed by privato
msnifioenee. or ii amply supported by the number ol
iu pupils, or has already received large Bums from
the Bute?either or all of these dsbar it from fa?
that bounty ? Shall the fact that it is poor. weak.
aad baa few papila, entitla it to a doable portiou ?
Shall it b* understood that the present Colleges
ce-ry are to be aided T or shall those which may
hereafter be set up be warmed into activity by
Sut? Patronage .' In short, shall the character
and measure of State aid to Colleges rest on any
principle at all, or depend entirely on unscrupulnui
log rolling and dexterous boring ? Why have tu t
the People a right to kuow I
Bi.aaSiNo Psisos?Harmon Eldr?dge. Kao,
who bat held the office of innctpal Keeper In thii Primo
for several yean past, has sent in his retlfuation, to take
erSaet from tfee 14th of April uext A great r. form In
Ihe discipline of the Prison has taken place during Mr
I i edminlttration Ihe use ot the ' cat' ai a punlihment
has almost entirely ?seated, and with the happlett re
?aJfev Daring the month ot December not a blow wat
??reek opoe s single convict, sod only ?ome twenty or
thirty; w*rs Inflicta- during each of the months of Jaau
trT *** fabruary. The prisoneri never worked mure
raitferully or cheerfully than during this period. The
laaportaace el this change In tbe discipline will be ap
preelated wh-t-a it u remembered that formerly from
lJfJO*o \OXJO Isee-ae sBaaa Inflicted monthly. Mr. El
dre-de*. s sneeaesor Is not yet appoiutsst Ws only hope
that tha Ltoard of loepecior. still he fortunate enough to
?aseare the services ol s sjeaueman as well qualified as
Mr. I for ihe place, aad wee wta c^ry oat th? reform
*? *n?p4ei(iu*ly begun
Mies Csbolik? L Bbxbs and Mrs. Matt A W. Jobk
??It, Aseiitanl Matrons In the Female Prison have also
retkemt? , tfee Utter feaviog accepted the appointment of
Matroa of ' The Hete*- in thl. City.
Fbo? GcaTami. P. R?We learn irom Capt
Heed, of the htig Ella, 18 days from Guayana, that the
erofs bad bees very bountiful this season. About half
had been brougat in ; the greater part had been bought
ap for th? Europea*? market Sugar was Arm at 4| aad
Molasses 17 eta. The markets ware wall stocked with
latarieaa produce. Flour $14 aad $15 hfel. White Tine
Saber. a-*.*. , Pitch line. *0T7, Freights. 40 eta. par 100
'he for Sugar . |3 and 3 50 per hhd for M latee?
BB_r OioBRsriiT op thi St?ti or Ni4\
Yea*, smhractng lu Physical Features Climate. Geolo?
gy, JtOaeralogy, nouny, Zt?oiogy. liittory, Pursuits of
th? f?ople, Oovaraatsnt, Education. Internal Improve
Boeats, ?fee with StatUUd Table? ?ad a Separate Das
?rlpr*?*) tad Map of Kach County. lor the use of Schools
Faailhee. ?V?. ly J H Matbbb, Aulbor el a Series ol
Oaths* Map* sad a Key. and L P Brogfeett, m. o." U a
cheaa, plaie llhao of 43? pagel just received by M U.
lta<rsraseB ?h Co. sad Ko? LocJtwoof A Son Thoogb
told for ?S? cenu, there U no other forra in which an
rqaal amount of toformanon with regard U> oar State
.aa be obtain?-? for f va licwt its price. It ou^ht to 6__
lu ?rey speedily lato the ichool?. and etptc.? v .:.,.
?School Libraries ol our Bute. There sre few ?tu.; t ?
which might not derive both pleasure and prof t lrom
tti perusal u
?ST Chimbs** a Chioi-kduo* E*??.ii?h Lit
ejuirr-t. Ko. 7. i* ??i isle by Loag & iroik'. M Ai?-*?
CutTt*p***4urk->gu?tmratm tita Wtdr DepanaaM
moi Ce?. Tapit?.
Tiii? correspondent'? n coniinued la t' a Union i
Wednesday We have tint " Memoranda for th
Chiefi of t* Geaeral Staff of the Army at Waahin
ton, iianed by Gen.Sett. Thii paper reltt?
chiefly to tbe arrangement? for furnithing inpp' I
We ha? o next a letter I'm m (ten. Taj lor date
at ?MatamoroB, Jana 3, in which he spcaka of In
necessary detention at that point for want of amti
ble trans|Hirtation to carry on offensive operation
He aay? Thnre it not a iteambcat at toy on
mtn?l proper for tha navigation of the tt'o Grande
aod v? lth-mt ?rater trapi'iorta-ion, I coniidcrit -?<
leas to attempt any extensive movement,"
la another letter, dated Jtu?a It, be speak
with ajiil more emptiuii
As 1 bsve previously reported, my operatl-us ?re con
uletely poroiysed by the wsnl ot luitsb'? ?*eir*.)?oats t
invigile til- Ru, Grande B-BM th? .-th of M.y.th
?,-iiiy has Urn In camp near Ihii place continually r.
ceivlng heavy reloforcernet.ti of men but no fa, i'lty tt
water tran?p? ,rt. without w.'ilcb additional uumberi ai
but an emt)?rr?-?raei,t
I de?ire to pl?ce ?yielf right in thli matter and to I?
the Department see tbit the Inactivity of ihe army rt
suits from no neglect of mine. 1 muitexpre?! my aitoi
libmcol lh?t lat-h large reinforcements h?ve Ml let
lorward to Join the army, without being ?ccomp-nie
by tbe mean? of trantportaUon. both by land Bnd w?ie
to render them ?flicient. A? m?iter? now^tand. wba
i ?er may be the expectation! of tbe Department. 1 cer
ootmo?e?ro__ thli place, ?ni unless Csptaln fandet
?hall succeed in procurli.g boat? of the proper kind,
can give no assurance In regard to future operat?toi.
On this letter thor- il an eudorieineiit by th
Adjutant General, itating that the large reinforce
menti wore sent forward by Gen Gainer vrh
iitelectorl to iiform Geu Taylor Of the men aao
bv the Executive the General wa? notifled.
The Secretar/ of War. in reply to Gen. Taylor
repvetentstiont 'Jaly i , lays:
(In receiving your diipsfh No. 31, itating your won
of mearn f'.r transporting troop?, ?uppllei. i.e.. on tb
Rio Grande. I de?!red tb? QeartBtmaatat '?enera' la In
form me what meaitire? had been taken on that BBbjee
1 herewith ?' .id y., i his reply. I tru?t that th? Bteij
taken by yoi: order*, and lacaa ef the Qu?rterma?tei
? ?eneral here, will have turniibcd tbe meavii to ?nabi
you to proMeute active operadora, ?? luggeited in m;
letter? ot the __th ot May and .th of June.
The nieruoratiua of the Uuarterroaiter Genera
states the measures adopted by him to obtain i
supply of boat?.
The next letter is from (ion. Taylor at Matamo
ros, June Kth. in which he says
No steamboats have been sent out Irons New Orleani
for the navigation of tho Rio Orande, aad In the abaenci
of all Information on that point or respecting the view
of the Government, I sm altogether In tha dark a? to ou
future up? ration?. I must think that orders b?v? beei
given by laperior authority to ?uipend the forwardlm
of meani et tramporution from If ew-Orleaui. I canno
otherwise account for the eatraorolnary delay ihowi
by the Quartermaiter'i Department tn thstctty. Evsi
tbo mails, oontatniog probably important dlipatches fron
the Government, ?re not expedited.
AportiouoftheVnlantoeri.be ?ay?, have -beer
lying in camp at this place for nearly a month, com
pletely paralysed by the want of transportation?
Exposed as they are In this climate to dlaessas o
the camp, and withont any proapect, to ftr ai I rai
see. of being utelully employed, I matt recommend
thtt they be allowed to return to their homei."
We have next a letter to the Secretary of Wai
from John Sanders, Captain of Engineers, who wai
sent to New Orleans by Gen. Taylor to procure
traniporti- Gen. Taylor had ordered him to pro.
care four steamers of light draft, and the Captain
aaks the authority of the Department to doable the
number. Only two, he aay?, could be had at New
Urlaatii. For the reit he would have to go to Lou?
isville and Cincinnati
To this the Quart.rmester Genora! replies, grant
ing him the authority asked ; and ("apt. Sanders
tobiequently reports 'Pittsburgh, July .,; that he
lia? completed his purchases of the necessary boats.
In answer to thii tbe C_aartemiatter General (July
. j itiyi i
I am disposed to suitaln Gen. Tsylor to the utmoit :
aod as far as the mean? tbe ? m rglei. and tbe credit ot
toe Department shall ?noble me. he may rely on ?11 that
I can accomplit?, for him. I ?uitained him tot more
than two raontb? by u?ing ippr-priatloni for the ?er
4 ice ol hii array which tho President would have been
?inpeschrd for using. It was contrary to law to divert
tbeoi from tbe objecta to which Congren Intended they
should besppiled . but I considered that tbe situation of
the army cauied an overruling necesiity which juitlfled
toe course which 1 adopted 1 shall never lurget how
talthtully and ably Gen. Taylor ?uslalned me In Florida
This passage wa? firit brought to the notice ol
the Decretar?,- of War while preparing the dorn
monts to answer tho resolution of the Honie of
Representatives. Gen Jeiup. being, absent, wai
written to for an explanation. It wai feared thtt
the passage might bo " used to mi tain a grave
charge agaimt the Department." The .aplana
tion of (it".i Jetup ii at followt ;
The clrcmmitaucee to which I alluded in my letter
lo l'spt Banden are tbeie Tbe appropriation! for tbe
active ?ervlee bad mostly been exbuuited. '1 hpre were
large balances ol other appropriations subject to my
control. Congress was in isaslon, ?nd the President
could not mike a transfer. Without consulting you I
applied large amounts of thoie h?l?nee? to the ac Ive
?ervlee. Not having aeci-M tu lie records of my off ?-,
I cannot s?y wh?t ?mounts they were, or lo what offl
cere remitted . but Lieut OoL Hunt received here one
I. ndr. d and five thousand dollars of those balances,
and applied the whole to the support of Gin. Taylor'?
General Taylor had compla-ned of the yaarierni .??
t.-r's Department I had received the impression thai
ha believed he was not cordially supported by the offl
cera of tbe Department in ?erlting to his confidential
agent 1 wished to show blm that I was ready to ?upporl
him. not only by performing all my ordinary duties, bul
by assuming any responsibility tbe exigencies of the ser
vice might require.
When I remarked to ('apt. Sander? that you or th?
I'liaiUi'i.t could be impeached for acting ai [had acted
I etludid merely to the illegality of applying appropria
tii'Oi to object? different Irom those tor which they bad
been made by ("?innren, sud to the wsntol legal author!
ty In either to unction what 1 had done.
I did not nonsuit you on the subject of using those
balanoei, bacsuie you could not have given me any leca
authority to use them I considered the necessity of to?
esse, as it edited, lufflcient for my own juitiflcatlon
should my conduct In the nutter ever be questioned I
Intended no reflection t-ltber upon you or the Preildent
nor did it occur to me thet my remark! could be ic
understood by sny one.
Next we have a letter from Gen Taylor to the
Adjutant General, dated at Matamoros. July -.*"_. re
porting tint Ct-MIfQ had Km taken . that he hac
several steamboats in the river, and that the busi
iiess of semillo, up troops and mppiifiwti urged ti
inucli ai iH'tsil V As sih.ui tt he could complete th?
uocetiary arrangements fur throwing forward the
volunteer troupe Ui ("amargo, he proposed to eitab
lieh his head quarters at that point, and organize,
vi ithout delay, a marching column to mova on Mon
1 terey
The next letter :? Iron. Geu Taj tor to the Adju
! tant General, dated C amargo, Sept. 1, which wi
j copy aa followa i
Sib; Before marching for the interior I beg leave tc
i place on record some lemsrks touching so Important
branch ot the public service, the proper administration
ot which Is indupeniable to the efficiency of a cam
?dgn I refer to the Uuartermaiter i Department
bare il at this moment, when tbe army is about to taks
np a lone line of march, a great deficiency of proper
means of transport aod of many important luppllei.
On the -.''?tb April, wbeo first spurning you of tbe In
creased fore? cilled out by me. f wrote that I trusted
the War Department would " give the iiece???ry orden
to the ?tar? department tor the supply of this large ad?
ditional i.iree ." and when tint advlied of the heavy
tore? of twelve months volunteers ordered hither. 1
I could not doubt thnt lurh m???ri ot troopi would be
accompanied, or preferably preceded by ample mean? ol
i tian.poi tation and all other supplies necenary to rendei
! tbem rflii-ii-nt Hut MM- b?? nut been tbe ca?e. Su.ta
b.e iieamboats for ihe Km (uande were not procured
j ?ithout repeated iflorts directed trom thii quirter. and
man? weeks elspsrd Mete a 1 -dgemrnt could be made
? at this place the river being perfectly navigable.
Afier iiiflnite di l?j? and i mr>?rr?Mu.eiiti, 1 have iuc
I **'_?*?*' Ul bringing forward t portion o! the trmy to
this poiat. and aow th? steamers procured in Pituburgh
? *re ?,u?l ?''??'tag. 1 hasard nothing In ?sytng that if pro
per l?>*_?t|hi and eoergy bad been displayed In ?ending
out suitable .?_?__.? _. o.v.jata tha Wlo Or?ade. oar
army wou.d long aa?. h,ve t?xa _ ponemlou of Mon
i terey. _
Again, a? to h*_.d ti-ao.port At thu momtmX OUT w
train i? considerably leu than when we left Coreas
Christi, our loro? belog incre?.ed ire f_'_\ H?d we de
rended upon mcau? ?rom without, th. _r__, Wuuld no.
ave been ?ble to move from thu pi*-?. hut foI tu-%,e.
ly the means ol liad transport existed to some extent
in the country in the ihipe of pack male?, and ?r, _?av?
formed a train which will enable? small arm* to ?d
vanee prrhspi to Montt-rry. I wish II distinctiy under
itood thai our ability to move Is duo wholly to raeaut
created here, and which could not have bocn reckoned
upon withaatety tn Washington.
I have adverted to tbe grand poluta cf water and land
transportstion. Ot the h ?ut et minor luppliei tbe simj
ha* aullered more than enough The criing dehclency
ot camp equipage Ins been partislly relieved by the ti
loe ot cotton tei.u of li,dil_ir?tit qua'ity. Our cavalry
haabern p?ra!).,d by lb? want oi b?ri--iboes, hor?e
?hoe n*il?. ?ud rvni conimon bi?ck?rjith'i tool?, whui
many imaiier deficieticis? are daily brought to my no
I rllt?fCtiuU'' ??*,??-?? -*>?? the above ?tatemen*, which
trctor.i the G, , , ,_,? tbMmmtmm i ! ,\ .
I_< IvaeKvuif, lwur WM ,^^?4 w _, j.^^
Mi-tf ?ster Oebsra] by tb? Ifaretsry of Wa*
?ommunleatios, of which tha followiag is a on;
A 'et'sr of MB'or Oeneral Taylor of ?he let l?-i
addrested to the Adjutant General and by him '.a!.
fore me. purtusnt to the reqiett therein, it of tue
eatraord'.Dary character and impartie? in ?uch un
i? d trtriris the m?nig. ir.et.t of that b'ar.i h of the pi
s rvice committed to y j. tbat I bave deemed it to b<
duy d i.rder a e..,.y of u to be placid In your hi
and to direct your particular attention to it
Tbe avow?d object of General Taylor In preset
these complainu, or rathtr a? cu.-aiion? again?!
Quartsrina?ter ? Departrnetit. 1? to make tbem a m
of record. I am extremely unwilling, and I pre*
you ctnnot be h ?t M ihRn myself that tl.?y ?bould t
remain, wi'h.ut expiar.anon or InviiiugBtloo. *
I at? laity aware ol th? trent difficu.tiet umvoid
In tha miL?g..m? Lt of the Ciuanermait' r ? Drpartr
on tbe luddeu occurrence ol i war when tne cou
wat not prepar? d tor tuch an emergency Oen.
lor mutt be ?.remaied to be ai well acquainted wtf
.'Jistantci o? emba? reaiment attending
Quarterina.ter ? Department ll my other pertou
yet bu arraljin ? ,ti?:i*ed by ?nv allu
tothern Th? iofer-nce le, that, all proper allowai
made.be confidential 'he mariasenicM f ?*?in of
Quartermaau r'f D? partnuut hs? ?*rn ?uch a? 10
serve rentare. ?-uch ?ppe art to me to be hti tnest
?nd lucb, I apprehend, will be the gsner?! Imprest
re?ultiug from the perussl of his letter. If this c*ni
is res'.ly dele rved it it proper th?ttbat those obno?
to It should be sic. ruined and dealt with as their (
duct deservet. but if. on the contriry. it shall be fo
ftiat tr.rtfTlcertof ibe Qmru rmatu-r ? Department b
d .u* their duty lu a proper ti.d ttf.cient manner, .
truit will be th? ca?e. at. pa mult I* (ak- n to IBB
the erroneoui Imprestioo, and vindicate their of?.
To tint lien. Jesup, Uuartermsttt-i QaasrsJ
plied at tollosa ?
Niw0u.lu.il. Dec. X UM
Sib When I received your letter of the 9lst .?-epu
ner. on the tutiject of Major General Taylor's c?
plaints, I was sppreheush?' that neglect or omlssi
had occurred on tbe part of tome few? or more of
tubordlnste officers of the Drpirtuicrit bv which
operations had been seriously em'.irraiit d . but I hi
looked Into tbe wholtt matter, and 1 am bound in Juit
tu tiy thai no clan of officer?, n .t even Genera) T?y
and tbe tnoit dUtlnjunlird men around him, bev?. I
ter or more fslioinHy paitorusad their duty . and if a,
tulng has risen wsnflnii wn.di they cud have iuj.pl.
It he? been ber?u?e tb? proper orders Wf re not given,
lunely requisition? made
In vino nettag a war it it the duty of th? (foreran?
to Basslgaate the ? BesB?llSB?sd iilitieni
f?ty (.1 the OtTM ral who oo?f*cts ?
lor (he m?at* re.^ti.r. .1'
fail* to do in, be i* l.im?elf reiponslble for all the ci
sequences of his omlmon (Iciieral Taylor complaloi
want of water and land traniporutiou, camp K|ulpi
and ohoci lor bit tavBlry h?r?-!. Ai to w?t?-r tiansp
tatl a?, I find that h.? call, d lor s iln/ia lliiht-draught.it
mer early In May Lieutenant Colonel UuBt could I
-t once obuin o lultable boat, butbs ?secuted the ord
it? ?oon a? it wo? po??ibIe. Lair? lu May. oroarly iu Jui
(?eneral Taylor, considering lo.?r boat? nece??ary. i
pointed hi? own ?gent? to obtain them. I wat at t
time tiling meamroi, under the i?rdori of General etec
to obuln ?attable boats for the navifttton ot lue F.
Grande , but having no reliable Information In relation
tbe navigation of that river, and believing Oen Tayloi
agenu posiesied of the requisite kaowledKe. 1 prefern
(hat they ibteSM Bat8*?*B his order? ; ?nd I limited n
nction In the rustier to doubling tba number oalied f.
by (?en Taylor, and authorizing a farther Increase,
cormderad neceiiory by hit brother sud one of i
agents. The number required by tbe General wn, 11
leve, nearly quadrupled, ultimately, by the officer?
the Department. Ai lo the complaint of the Oener
ihatthe ?teamen from Pittsburgh wers thin (Sept
Ju?( arriving, it Is proper to state that these were tl
very boats procured by one of his own tirenti. Whi
st Plttrburgn. I Inquired Into the delay of those boa'
aud lt is but justice to Capt. Canden, Gen. 1 ay lui
agent, to lay that no effort w-.? spared to get them in
?ervice at early at poiait.le.
At to the complaint In regard to ths wont of In:
tramportstlOD It i( proper to reuiar<, that there ???( r,
loformation at vVasaiBstoa, to tar si I wat Informed, i
enable me, or the 4V?r Department, to determine who',!
er wagont could bo used In Mexico. Ot n 'lay!,,
though be had both mount? d troopi and topographic
engineeri, had not supplied the want of tout Inform
tlon i betide, he had not. t?i tur at I know or believe, ll
limited to any department bli Intention! or withet 1
regard to the mean? of tranapoitatiou to be ui*d It wi
knot? u that he had a wagon train amply sufficient fc
double the force he commanded before tbe arrival of th
volunteer??added to that be had Gen. Arlita'i mear
of transportation, and he wa* in a country aboundin
in mulet, the meant of trantportlon I.?it adapted to tb.
country, ind tbe only meant used by the enemy. A get
eral It expected to avail himself of the resources of it,
country Iu which he operates , if Gen Taylor failed t
doto, and wat without the cecettary transporutlon. h
alone !? responsible?those mean? were limited uni
by bit own will. lie had officer! of lh>? Quartermsi
ter't Department able to have executed hit orden, ani
willing to carry out hit vlewi. Hit suthorlty slone wa
A? to camp rqalpage. you are aware that the appn
prlation which I asked tor last year wat ttricken Oui
?nd thtt not a cent was appropriated which could be It
?.?ally applied to that object helor? 9th and )3(b of May
4Vhen ths appropriation! wi ro made, inc. offnen ot tt.i
Department were compelled tn obtain material! where
soever they could get tbem, and ?uch h? they could get
Cotton cloth was neceuarily tubititmed lor linen in tit
fabrication ot tenu I have no doubt a great deal ..I tbt
material wat ol the quality repreaented by General I ay
l..r . tin? that wa?. under th? clrcumitance? unavoidable
The officer? obtained the U??et they Could get. and de
Bar?? credit for tneir oxcrtlom, In place of the, cvuiur?
they have received.
I am ?omewhat at a lot? to Imagine why tba deflcienej
ol ihoet for tbe dragoon hortet wst made a subject o
complaints against the Quartermaster'! Department *
blacksmith i? allowed by law to every troop of dragoons
lt Is th? duty ol every cotnmunder of a troop to have
bis ?hoeing tool* complete, find to have, at ail times, th?
necessary shoe and nail Iron , and It is the ui.ty of the
regimental commander to sec that timely requisitions b<
made. Now, if tho?e officer? ftUltd to bavr? a list wu
neoes?ary to the efficiency of Itieir comri.nn.Is. let Hen
Taylor hold them accountable. The Quartermaster'-.
Department I? Dut responsible fur their neglect*.
A? 1 came through the iVeitern country to thi? city I
wai informed (bat ? report was circulating that Gen
Taylor would ha?? taken forward, to Monier*) a mueli
Ittgtr fort? ut ?liiunt'-tT?, but fot the BCgleCt ol ihe
Quart! i matter? Iieptrtment to furnuh the meant of
trainpoiiatioa. in reply to that repot t, I rsapaetrally
??k jour alteution to the Is?BBS of Gen Taylor ot tbe 2d
of July, to the Adjutant Genera! There he tells yrm
through that officer, that he propose? to op?rate troni
(nmirgo to Monterey he teilt you that he willopernte
witn a column of about 6.000 men . that he mull rely on
the country tor meat, and depot at ('amargo for bread
and adds, as the reamn for not Uklng a greater force,
that a column exceeding sis ihoiiaand men cannot be
supplied on that route with bread sloiic.
I feel, tir, that every officer of the Department his p?r?
ir, rmed hi? duty laithlully. If not ?oly, and that tb?;
charge? of General Taylor as? both uuji.it and uninen
ted. Ai regard* rayaelf. I feel that I bave performed iny
whole duty, both to the country snd to the army, and if
tho tllghh'tt doubt remain on that subject, l owe lt to
I myself to demand an immediate and thorough investi
? garion of my conduct and that of the Department from
j the commencement uf operation? on tbe Texan fron
, tier, as well previous to, as during the war.
We have next a letter from Geu Jesup, dated
! Sept. 27. asking for orders to proceed to New (Jr.
i leans to direct in person tha operations of his tie
1 partaient in the Sooth-west. Waivini? allronsidera
tion of his seniority, by brevet, to every officer sen
? bag iii Majaste*, he proposed to go in bis capacity at
sVaaf the start, tumij tu obey the orden of
; Gcnpral Taylor. General Butler General Patter
^ son. Genera! Wool, or any other officer whom tbe
? Government Of the amdciits of service may place
in command of the armv or of anv separate division
: of ?t.
To thia the Secretary of War replie?, that, though
he doet not oonceive that Geu. Jesap could tske
any command in the line without an order or assign?
ment thereto by the President, yet hit *.vai??r of
any claim to do to. and hit proposition to go in hit
capacity at an officer of the staff, removes all diffi
' inities. Thia proposition was thsreiora approved,
, and be was directed to proceed to its execution
without delay_
HP* Mr. Clote? o? the New Haveu and Spring?
field line brought ui a copy of the Button Allai lait eve?
ning In the midst of the storm, for which he will receive
', our thsnki. _
A.voTHE- DiSTKi.Tivi Fire?Another de?
structive fire took place in this city thii morning, the
' 9Utb. It broke out in a large wooden wsrabouss.
: known as Harden ? Warehouse, but latterly occupied
by Messrs. Hail ?V Deoluis, Agents tor tbe Lowell Kac
t. rv Companies ?nd was owned by tbe Bank of Mil
ledgeviile The fire wai first discovered about 5 o'clock.
and had then made such progresi tbit all rfiorti to lave
the wareboaie. or cotton ind good? iu>red therrln, were
lound unavailing Tin- w?rehou?e wn bnrned to the
grouud in an incredilly ihort ipace of time. It a 1.
taincd about l.'.fl bale! cotton. Tee whole loss m?y be
estimated. In round number? st snout mOOtt Tbe
ore wa? beyond Joubt tbe wotkol an laoeaeaarjr, a? there
had been no lire in or about the warehouse tor the dsy.
[Columbas (Oa) Enq Extra March 90.
The Labii?The ?earner America arrived at
Rochnter on Wednesday from Toronto, s-he ?u to
leave the next day on her return She reports that
there i? yet <*on?ider?ble Ice In the Canada harbor?.
At Buffalo on Tuesday th? Ice bad blown so fsr off
shore that there was s clear space In the direction of the
lighthouse, ss far as tha eye could reach. Tbe Courier
thinks it w',1 be some dsys before Lake nav'.gition can
be resumed
At Cleveland the Lake was clear of ice. and veiseli
were leaving for Black River, Huron. Ac. The steamer
United States wat to leava for Detroit on Monday lut.
Hon Jons M Hollet?The Wayne ..entine!
of Wednesday layl " We are rejoiced to hoar, that
ait? r having remained In a ttato uf insentibi.ity fat
several day? Mr H.u.y is now rspid.y Improving with
? fair protpect ot c: : \.i Argus.
HoriATOBtc B?i_b?>-d?Fai*_ RtorciD ?Tho
fsre in thu road tai _Ugh to Sew York ksi been reduced
to to Haretot .re It __? ___u $5. Tho redaction take?
place on and attar thli day. [Alb. Argui, 2_.
Hf The Receiver? of the Plainfiald Bank will
i-onimr-nre isiu'.ng reniri.-itii t i
riu?-C? i I ?n m irr la Ct.
DlBfATOHiS ro? TM TtllUKl
t_?T W? are indebted to the Philadelphia Nort)
Americaii fir the '/.??wing Dispatch tn advanea o
it? appearance in that paper.
Hill.ID A*?t? WOIADED.
rertllily ?nd Wealth ?f ???la ft.
PiTTSBcae, Msrob 04.
The St. Louis Republican, received in slva^tc
of tbe mail, by steamboat. gi*es some sddition?
particnlars of the battle near El Paso
It appears that tha M ??it ans* lost ah?..:
killed, aiid b grea-er number wounded how njanj
is uot definitely stated Their commander. Oen
Pu.vr, was taortall) vsuunded.
Letters from Santa Fa speak of the oountry aboul
there as fertile in the extreme ?
A new gold mine hat been discover?>d fifty milsi
from Santa F?.
.*-LNATE....AL8.tJnr. March ?t?, P. M
The bill to amend the charter of the Merrhanta
Instirsnee Co was re[torte?l con:
Tha bill relative to tha acaman s Fai.il and Re
treat ?ras referred to be reported complete
The Committees of t'onferenc? on th? Judicial
District Bill do not agree. Tbe report wbb laid
on the MM? to await the action of the Honte
The Erie Railroad report it under debate.
The report agaiuit the change of location of the
Ra?vrsj was hrreou to??7 to 1.
1 he ?pecinl n.-le? of the day. th" bill f >r the sup
'?-?.. wai
taken up in (.'??n.itiittt.e.
Mr Sxiii m *???**. tn aniendmeiit plu mir these
? ? ander charge of School Commissioners
The bill was not disposed of iu Commute?, but re?
ferred to the New York Delerstion, t<? be reported
The consideration of the Code and Practice bill
was resumed. Mr Bivuoitt moved to strike oat
the name of Louviis, as Commissioner of Practice,
and Insa-rt that of PrTf.ns. No question taken.
The City Bank has declared a dividend of 4 per
cent, on its capital. 30 Recruits have enlisted at
tbe D*pot here siDce Mondsy last. No boat yet.
One Is reported to be nesr Castleton?donated.
Raia sod snow.
PHiLsaiLrau. March 86?10 p. M.
The Soatharn Telegraph is not working in cons?.
queue? ol" th? storm. 8now it now falling here.
Our market bas been dull. Flour firm at M. with?
out demsnd Whest |l *'"?.
Latea! froni Gen. I .?? im ? Artny-OfBclitl and
Prom the 4Vashu.?-tou Union of Thursday Night.
At a lato hour this eveiiing we received the fol
lowing Officiai Dlspstch from Gen. Taylor's Head?
quarters, togsther with other authentic oommani?
cations, which we hasten to lay bet?re our rssder*. as
calcnlated. In * great degree, to relieve the anxiety of tha
public mind In relation to the present situation of Gen.
Taylor's command. The following dUpatch from Gen
Taylor is ihn lstett communioadon received from him
il tbe War Department :
Headquarter? Army ot (Joeapttion. I
OaoxBi, No. ll. Aer? Nr??* a. Feb 21, lgi? J
Col. Morgan t raniment (.3d Ohio.) will concentrai? at
Otralvo, and move forward to Monterey with as little
delay as practicable. Col. Curd? ? re-ilmaut, (3d Oblo)
will be relieved at ('amargo, by the Cnt regiment of the
new volunteers thst may have arrived at that point, when
It will move forward In like manner to Monterey. Col.
Drake's regiment fis* Iodlsua,) will be relieved at
Matamoros, by th? Brit In order of arrival of tbe new
legimrtitt that muy be there, at the mouth of tb? river,
. r iba Brazo*, on tha receipt of thlt order, whan It wl.l
l.kewtae come torward a* above, ibe remaining toot
i - g ini-iil? of the new volunteer? will proceed with *a
Ttile delay as possible tn M uitrrey. In marching from
('amargo, the troops will in no case mora in less num?
ber than a leglmeoL ?ud will hold tl.fin.elve? resdy lo
ti'l?el attack up.n ihe road their cuni-mudci? oxei
? i.ing the greatest vigilance, particularly in the camp?
at i.l.tjt. parking tb-'ir ?v?gon? (or defence. They will
taku care to be well tupplied with ammunition before
laavlug (Jamargo. By order of Major General Taylor.
44 4V. m, Bi.l.S.-?. Aa* t Adjt. General.
Kndorotenmrtt on the above order.
Opt C'ronraan will please turtiUh copies of thisorder
to tuch of the new voluohor regiments at may arrive at
Cu margo.
ivrralvo li kB be broken up for the pr?tent Col Mor
gan ha? been Instructed to destroy such stores as he
cannot take with bun. By order.
Fib ill W. W I MJM, Ant. AdJ Gen.
It wiil be perceived from the above that ?leu Taylor,
not hai inn irtt Agua Nueva on the'-'Ut. wai moving up
fareea Irora tho Rio tirinde to Monterey. Neither hie
ni irr nor the ?lib?, queut endorsement upon it make
arj ineii'.i.iii ol the ad?ame of the Mexicans u?r ol an
expected engagement.
We add the ?ubjoiued letter troin one ot tbe pay
m i?t, n it tn.. army ai Muni ?y which was received try
the Pnymai'-er-'jeneral thia evening, ?nd h?i been
I sly placed at our disposal. The order from
den. r_l Taylor lor rcinfurccinent?. ?lluded to in tin?
letter, li duubtlee? the ..rder No 11. given above.
Mo*.TBBtv. Mexico. Feb ... ??IT
iilMui. We have had quite an exciting time hero
for the last lew day? It ha? Bfu a?,'itemed beyond
?li.u t thit ."Janta Anna with t larga force, h ai been ad
?ii.'.ii.vu bslullo to attack Oeneral Taylor, who ha?
bean encamped twenty miles la advance of Saltillo at the
pan of Asus Nueva. We bave alio bad it repartee' 'bat
', ral l'rr.-a wai advancing on ihn place with S.OUU
cavalry Irorn toward Victor!? and we bave been very
t.u.ily enraged preparing to receive him We have but
two regiments of volunteers here, but the Black Fort or
Citadel Is so fsr sdvsnced toward completion that I terl
confident if they will give ui two or three more days
tbtt weihsil be ready to repel any force brought ?guait
us. Wi- have a larga lupply nf provliioni. more than
?ix moDthi, for our present garri'i'U, and tha supply of
ammunition ti unbounded . and tn one day more wo
? ?hall ha?a our magazine! perfectly secure. We have
some seven or eight pieces in each of ma bastions, some
thirty tn all. mounted. We have sent ail our funds to
the tort, and have them s?cured in on? of the msgssines
I key _???_? u* from Saltillo under dal* *f tht Ulli, thai
i lylor ka* fallen back on flaMBa and mill tght the
mrmy '?? lit AIJi immediately Wut ef the City. Thu pori
tion it flunktd ? ' end r* an rejmrtd tha'h*
km '.then a. a* ui iuv ful confident of the ritult.
C?ptala I'lentiu'i Company of the lit artillery left
here yesterday morning with two I* and two (?pounderi
Bo tbe General i regular torca w',11 comiit
ei .' r-oinpaniM of artillery, (3 light and 3 heavy.) ?nd
two squadrons of drago..ns.
Tb? mall leaves to-day, twenty hour! m advance of
the recalar mall. In cooiequrnce of tti containing an
M 1er tr.itn Gen. Tiylor for reinforcement?.
I na?c the honor to be, reipectiuily, yun, A.c. A.c.
L'poB the whole, we lee ai yet no coneluiivs reason
to ?uppr.se tn?t s bstiie hsi taken place , -till leu any
ground to believe that any disaster has batallen our gal?
lant army.
From "?leitet, lin? ?resting.
From the Washington Cuiun.
Tha foiiowine; memorandum hat beeu furniihed to
M for publication. It wss received from s sourced en
titled to cradit, under date ot February 17 1847.
The Lomotor mentions a rumor that fpain ?u about
to Interf?re, together with England and France. In the
affaire of Meiico, and establish a monarchy In this
Coi'gress Is itlll actively engag??1 ln pr?rf'J.cl reeour?
, ces for carrying on the war On the 30th January, the
Committee o? W?-s ?nd Maas? wa? ln?tr_-t*d to report ?
a bill for raising (.including reiouroee now available' I
f_00.0?. per month.
siitute of lundi w?? General t*?nt? Ann? ?t the
laet accounu. that be olfered to pledge hi? private pr?>- !
perty tor a loan ot I*).!/... paying from ??*- to three por j
BBB- per month ; but wt? uuabia to efiect it. even at this
***** 4.1 L
The Committee of Foreign Relation?, to which was
reierred Mr, Buchanan? propoaition for peace may be
expected to rsport soon, ln tsvor of rejecting the propi
?itlon end prosecuting tne war It will, ?t the ??me
t.me. laaw ? m?nitc?to to reply to the me???ge of Pre?l
dent Poik. and rindic?ting tne conduct of Me_ico
A propo?inonhai been adopted in tho Huuie of Rep
resentstives. to remit to purchaeer? ol church property. :
?ixty per cent, on condition that they pay tho remain?
der onrntdiauty one half in ?pecie, and the Other half In
paper. At tbi? r?_e. tt wlil be nece??--7 to ??ertflc-e
teventy ir* aillai of property, iwnicii doei not Mtit.i
I to ralie tne fittevn mtlliom provided for by law.
General Valencia hai retired from the army In di?*_t
with tbe Government
l'h?re tu a riot in Tueb.a on the '?"th January, upen
the publication ot an act having relation to the Chunh
property It wa? inppreised by the military
A proposition has been presented ln tne House cf Rep?
resentative?, to ex; e'. ?'.! American resident? in Mexico,
under me treaty ilowing mem twelve months to de?
Francisco _. Irisrte bat been appointed e.cret_ry of
tbe Treaiti-y -a.
nrkaeii prevmli among the troop? at i-an L?s
Pofon??? the me*_"e-> has ?ppesred ttnocglhem i there
were Jo. tick of tbe d.ieaie
Gen. *.auta Auui ha? formally disapproved of l/eo.
ent in Maxatian. proclaiming L'.m dicta
tur. aod Geu. BuiUmer.ta bas been sect to arreit Mora.
The Governor ot Vera Crut li ?.pen-tending m per?
l?n toe -or-tneation of Puenu Naaion?!. Aruiierut? end
two pieces of car.-on hava been sent thither from \ ers
A reservo of .,000 mon baa bear orderad to caceen
?-.- ?atXali .ene'lto.
, , , : - '
_? ?Wknimni ft i**.*. ??_l__? * ?
Lais T?ton. U? had tesas M?a??., h? ale bath saab?st
lo ?Barch toward Itxl:. ?nth Ua treat?* part ?f hi)
Tfe Easeurlra of Vera Crua iftatei hai been sntru?r
ed with eatraordlsary powers'' during the presse
Nothing hss yet been resliied frem the i?fe of churel
property?tbe oppoi'tton In It connnuci. ard it It doubt
ful whether It will afford the Government any meant ? :
Boost ITU? By f i-erry on the war.
Tbe Forcee ander the (oinaiaad er tien.
From ths Washington I'nioo.
We hsve been permitted to exatniue a ttste
tn*t.t prepared at the office of the Adjutant Oeoerai ol
tne truiy. tbowing aa nearly m can be ascertained, the
amount ?I free left under the ordert ot General Tay?
lor ?ru r the withdrawal of ? part of the army of occu
patlon torserviue under General ?cott
Acsording to this ?Utcment. the eggregate of force,
both regular and volunteer, under the order? ef Geu
Taylor, ai ih,.wi upon the mutter rol?. 11 U 910. Of
.'fi ?te r? guiar tr.iopi. 9.33*1 are volunteer! of
the levies of May and June !????making a tutti of 9.3*4
men. ea. iuuve if the a?? volunteer regiment* But it I*
? upposed that of these 9.374. u ?' in..re than about r?,000
certainly ?ho?. It It probable.
Indeed that or Ihe?? trewas S tae fetal, the e?sc?ve
torce msy not exceed 7.50t). To this numoer. however,
must be added the new regiments of volunteer? called
out In Noven-,'-.- .-4' ?mounting to 4.&K5. Of these,
not more than 4.0UO can p'ehebly be reckoned as stBBS?.
Ive. Th? whole actual effective force therefore, under
tbe command of Gen Taylor 1? not tsr from 121Ol).
The same italemeDt exhibits also, ?o far as 1? known
the tii?tri?iutii.n of iheaa troa-pa esel??ls?ofth? new
regiment?! along tbe Itneuf th? Riot ?rende from tfte Bra
MS So ' amargo, and thence along th* line of oporanV as
tu Monter, y ?nd Agua Sueva. From this part of the
?tatemenr. it appears that there are at tbe po?t* on the
itio lirai, t.. -teladla? Brasa? Iilsnd. Point Iitbc!. Port
Brown, MaUmoro?, ('?margo, ao.I Mat*, s total ef 1 4.14
troops. Of these .'-in ?g? at C amargo . SD1? are it Mat
amorosind Port Brown on the . '.her lid? of the r.'er.
Bat the new regimrott must have already relnf..r. ed
Some II not ail ol these posts . and the number ol troop*
now at t'amargo I* probably net le*? than 1500. The
g*rri*on at Monten y number? l.'r?T trsiop?. with forty
? l8??a el ?rti:,i?ry. Betw?i n tne po*t* on the R'.o Grand?
aaf M. nterey. at Toredo. Punta Aguada. Cerralv - ?id
Mann, tnere aie about 71?) tro-tps and th? remsinder
if tne turne, at aba*? stated, it ?upposed to be at Abu?
Nueva. (tha headquirteri 1 G, r.i ral Taylor, when last
haord : iad ?t th? pats of the
I.ateat Intelligence from t'illforiil.i.
From tr... l'i,; ,i..
F.xtract from a letter to a Mee ? , a tm? c:'y. dated
-_?. inr.gri HtanoiABTEa* Hoe.mXIMA
Weareittil oooteodina "aithtbeiaaargeateie th
quarter. My lait intortned you ot the success ?ttendii
our inovemeutt ti lite as the middiaot See*. 1.as?, mi.
which tune many oostacle? have prevented our uiu
rspid movement. At pr?tent we sre preparing for
second mirch to the Interior and Intend once more ma
Into our way Into the ( "ity el the Angel?. di?t?nt trom tb
place one hundred and twenty miles. We ?hsll ot t-our1
have to enoountrr some difficulties snd exposure tn th
uud.-rtaking. is th? rainy irsinn n tpproacblng, bi
nothing li too great to BBOOntpHlB' wc?n undertak?
with lUCh zeal is our officer? and man evince. TI
number ol our enemiei has increased since 1 last wre'
you. it we ctn judge correatly from sppasrsncei : bi
whether thsy have really iufflel?nt courate to give i
lair right to the field. 1? yet to be ????rtalned **houl
their braver? prove equal to their tre?chery, we thou!
have tearful toes to contend with. A want of prop*
management hss defeated some of the Commodore
weil digested plsns for secunng tbli territory to tb
Colted-tatos. Thii muit eveuiuaily be the cue. a
though attended with much trnubl?, which could liar
been avoided had the Commodore received the promt,
roflperstion ot thoee who wsrs ontruited with h!i I
der?. Every lacllity that money, clothing, and provu
loni rould afford, bas been promptly granted by L'on
-Hockton , and himielf and oAkeri hive bftu contttn
?y and vigorously employed.
The Ctllft.rntan?. slnoe I last wroto you. have place
tliera.elve? under the command of Gin Flores, n Mex
canofflser, whom he had tsk?n prlioner with a numbe
if other officers of ?.'astros army, ill of wb? m wer
placed on a parole of honor, and by their atrocious coc
duct have again tskcu the field ai. 1 toned into their sei
vice hundreds who perhaps prslerred remsining quiet i
their homes. The reiult has been to give ui much trou
ble lud annoyance, with the lou of a tew of our brav
sesmeu, who were killed in an action recently betweei
the enemy and a detachment from tbe davanuah. Th
expedition from the frigate Savannah su very unfortu
iiate'.y planned, or the reiult must have been of a mot'
fivorabla character. The advantages were all on ta.
enemy'sslde?they being mounted ou fin? horsas, wtti
IBBBB artillery, while the Amertoani faced them on foe
with mail arm* only. It ?? ?trange how tha party fron
tbe barannah oould ever think of getting Into ?uch i
snare , fortunate Indeed for them that they got out a
well BI they did. itiey met Ihe Californtaoi on a plaii
near Domingo'! rancho, aoout half way from San Ped? i
to tbe City ol the Aimeli?diitint about Alteen mile
from the ihip i sud how they e*. pec ted to overtaki
their foei, who were on hart**, with erttlUry, and the]
oh foot, with email arm*, remain? to be divined. Tni
act hai ilrengthened the courage of our enemies, am
deprived ui ot Important reimiriiei we tormerly had.?
They well understand the impossibility of our pursu
tng them to ad van'age without hors?-! i,u,l caille
aud 'nave driven them all far into tbe interior, so tha
they bave It in tliutr power to annoy aud taunt ui
?t pleaiure. althougn we now ?nd tnen get a ?ho
at them, which leave? their number leu. A le?
hories have been captured in occsnonsl sklrmlshsi
with the enemy , but ?o poor and un.1t for lerv'.c... tL. *.
break down ln an hour'i rldo. A party bas]u?t returnee
hum an expedition s few miles trom our esmp. Than
object was to cut off a tew of the horses snd cattle t
Warner's rancho, snd they partly succsedad in doing so
bul unfortunately tell in wtih a party of Cailforniam
double their numb. r. who moceeded In killing one o
our men, Wm. K. Manchester. Th!? man wa? in thu ac
ot '?at. .nig hi? horte ? ihort dlitanre frt in the mail
body, ?nd was suddenly ?urpiisod by s party of eighl
horiemen. who ruihed upon hlin with their spesrs. Ht
?ucceeded, however. In reaching till comrades, snd war
met by I.?eut. Beale, who was ln charge , and remarked
to him as ha panel ' l-Mr. I am a dead man ' and ex
pired In a few minutes Thli li the only one from the
i ?eagiaai ?l hsv? hud the ?m misfurtuoe to lee? We
ra | ii,' on BMMBttag our owu men. and befara next
Tuesday I expect our Commodore wiii rie a General ot
? snd that ws ?ball ail ue on our mnrch to Cla
d?d de? los Al?galo?., ?her? he i? resolved. If h!? life U
ipsred. again to h.lit the Americio I ?]
Appointment? by ibe 1'reaMeni,
By ana tm*) Ih* ndtict and eonienl of tJt* Senti*.
John I at_tr____M Barreyor and Inipector of the
Revenue at Copano. i .
Later from .Mexico.
From tha Plcayuiio Extra, 18tn.
By the way ot Tampice we iiave BUOOOBl? Irons
the city ot Mexico to the Irtth Peoruary. These are
fourteen days later than any papers from that city we
h??o seen.
Oa the night of the 3*t_ February a select portion of
the National Guard made Its first ettay at a pronuncia
The Government had at IU disposition to oppose this
revolutionary attempt ?00 troops In the citadel, the 4th
permanent latantry, the squadron of Psjaca and thine
bodies ot the National Guard not in favor of the pro
nuncutntento. Gen. Csoaiito, as commander In chief,
was preparing to attack the revolutionary torces with a
column of 1(X)0 m?n.
We know not the Issue of this revolutionary attempt,
l.ut lacllna to the opinion that it will be lucceuful. Mr
Kendall writes that It hat succeed, d. and that Oen. Salas
is In power. Ho founds hi? statement on reports at
ramaleo. Our papers are not late enough to verify
them. The admiuistrstion of i arias has long been tot?
tering, and has in all probaMilty iu 'cumbed.
Tne iBteit movement . r .~*nt?Annas for?a? Is Indi
? at? .1 in a number .1 l. Rtpu?.icano ol the vSt- u.t It
Il pu il.ilied ?i very imp runt It is a letter trum ?r-sn
Lu:i P..t..?i J???xl Feo ?0 tai., h announces the receipt
ol marinst on oy a Captain win had just arrived, tnat
' the Vant?es had sbsuduced Agua Nueva, whmh point
they had t-rtlfaf, retreating upon flal tilla Our active
BfeBtaABBBBBS cut on their retreat upon Monte?
rey, by Interposing between Monterey and r?at.llu, Gons.
MiSonstnd Torrejon "
A letter it pubiiined from sant? Anna, dated the 17th
February, from r?an f?alvador. at 10 o'clock, A. M. By
this he tayt thai Gen. Taylor was iu loro? al Agua Nue?
va?twenty league! dlitant?and preparing fur a general
action, with seven or eight thousand troops, and with
more than twenty pieces of artillery.
Ue announces his own lnteutvu to tight uim on the
21st. and adds: "By the time this letter re sehet you.
there will bava been a great action tought, tbe result of
which will he of incalculable consequence to the coun?
try." Us rspreients hit own troops to be full of enthu?
Id regard to the advance of Santa Anua we And two
letteri dated from Matebuala. Fsbruary 10. They an?
nounce that tha army would move on the 12th for Sal
Hito. A postscript to one of the Letten, written the
evening of thai day, adds that order? had been limed lor
the whole army to mova at dayllgnt the following morn?
ing, and danta Anna with it The reason tor thu? hat',
cmng tbe march, the writer lay? be doe? not now.
Tbe ?ucees? ot Canaie? In cutting off train* ot supplia?
lt chrooloied with ??utiste delight. Ibe Mexican army,
lt Is ?aid. are in great need of them.
I ?tier trum Ceiira!. dated the Uth February, is to the
following effect
The army has been organ.red by dividing the infantry
felt? tnree bodies 1 he vtnguard ll ui.der th? command
of Pschco, tn? center under Lombardint. and tbe rear
?uaxd unaer Vazques. Tne cavairy follows uaaer iu
jreaer organisation. The division from Tula lt wcor?
ported already in ihe rear guard, with lu srtillery.
According to ail the reports the road Is without water,
and the haciendas without Inhabitants, staue they have
gone utf to the iho.qu?_i snd carried with them their
We are lurTering from typhus, and have left tne road
scattered with the itck. The loitet by thlt canse are in
compsrsbly more thsa by desertion ; oy which wo have
lost but tew.
Tba enemy, it appeait, it fortifying at Agua Sueva
and has secured the rosd ot ihe Rio Grsnde. It mar hu
h.? d< ?igu to receive us oy the putt of ?1 C'araero. where
vaiutil ill-'? to march it? o day? wnnout water and
u.?n to fignt us. Tni? is dr. a_li?l.
The Mexican Government ha* learned through Iu
s; Havana of the expedition ot Gen. Scott upon
Vera Crux. Troop? were accordingly ordered by the
Governm-ut to march at om.-u Iroin tne Capital to Vera
Crut but. a? lt chancel, the body designated for this
duty sad which was to mova on the t-ith uodc-r Canali?
zo aad Li Viga, wa* l-Tolied to a great sxtaiit in tne
revolt which broke (lal 4 day.
Vara Crus has been lorufi-d by digging s ditch around
it. ana under tne direction of Oov Soto families hase
abandoned the city and moved Into the taten r
b Antonio Vixeayno has been appointed rJeeretary J
War? Canalizo resuming an active mtliury command.
?ed in a
ligas ol
I ITV iTlMt.
!3r** The rtin yeitardty wti ditpeattd In 111
oral meiiijr?? ;, began a little after nooo. an.l kept o
tho prnir ng prr4cp__ ,,, , i._.r hnur than we have an
peri'ina! knowledge ,.f It wai given out as freely ?
i mv nyment under the t'iry Govrrnm*,nt Jut befoi
election time. Thro .gh the ev-mng it wai almost fea
lui lo hear t'-e torrenti beating on the window!. It wi
a night fir Comfort to gather close to the Ire. and ft.
Poverty to creep into iu kennel. The sidewalks Wer
vacant. ??,-? a? now ?ad th. n ? p?M?ager might b
dim'y seen itruggjlog ?long ?g?ln?t the itorm Tve
?e girls th?t usually ?weep the cr-??iu_s ,n !r. i
of th? Park th-itr- til! midnight, were driven from the:
wretched buiineu to retreet? perhipi even more mil
srsble, forgotten of sll ssve the Omnipotent I At suo
time?, when frteiidi dnw nearer together we cao ?(
praclste the ' - - ? lor!.- --trient
'.ess unhappy outcait? ?hall there never come a Uni
when lucb wr. tchednes? w: . jd on the whol
earth, but when Qefl rhildrm ihiil find the ?helle
and sbundsnre and the J y. that Hi* Providence w.iui
fain give tnem even now |
By our Telegraphic Dispatches It will be teen thi
?h.!- tt was raining ?o violently here. It w?? snowing ?
Philadelphia, and raining and mowing at Albany Th
Hi?Ji"n ?tn hardly fail to be open to d,y
OrtRA ?An extra pat_n__B_N il to 1'? .i?ei
thi? eveniug. at which Lucia will be preset u .1 i .- t->
Isst time. The many _dmi.<r? < t tbi? oper? will no
tall to ciowd the theatre. Unly t?) he?r Ba.NDtlTi ii
the jinale ?lone, a? hi? voice pourl out that " Bail ctlau
inaenoroio," which, once heard, can never bo tor.ott-i,
would pay for a journey . but when we take Into ac
c luut Babil i 5 exqu.iiie singing, to say nothing tt th?
other perlormeri and the iccouii?es of the y\<
not lurpriitng that Lucia inould have been more iUO
ceuful wan the public than either of the other op?rai
that the company have produced.
' *.. km?A Concert ii to be **iven ou llea?aj
l| next, at the Mmervs Rooms, by Mus M ?. Ms
.? ind Mr. Ger,r<e A Hoyt The b, r.< f! ianrs are
tiotlt graduates ui tho N. T Institute for th? Blind, and
on that account may justly be considered ss desrniog
ot s full house. We are assured, however, that thu I?
not their only claim to the public patrousge. and that
the lover? of popular music will find ample sstufactioa
ln listening to th-lr performance Ihe prico of admis
slou (._". cent?; l? within the means of all, and we tru?t
that the occasion will be pleasant and profitable not
only to thoia immediately Intereited but to aa m-tny
other pern..n is the place will ?ccommoda'e. Tbe Con?
cert li to commence at. o'clock.
Am-Rican iMTirCTt ?A Bill wii intioduceJ
Into the Senate, by Mr J. B. ?siiii on the ISth toit lin
powering thii Initiluta to demand and receive all
nioocyi of the Agricultural Society In thli City, formed
under the law of 1*19. The laitltute ii to apply lueh
mooeyi lolely to the promotion of Agricultural Im?
provement ln th'i >?tate, aid iht'.l report to the Lrg'.ila
ture ?n what manner thli especial land bsi been em?
ployed. The Initltute Is alio author! ted by tha Bill to
receive tbe booki and pipan ot the lame Society, aud
to preserve them for tue usa of Its member? and tho
| public. The Bill was read twice and committed to
; Committee of the Whole.
E-E04ST Embilush-D BotiKi.?The catulogue
t? 11 unrated workt advertiied by Menu. Gurley at Co
' lor taie tnis evening, offert an attraction to those who
bar. the time and meant to gratify their tait? lu fine
1 bookt, which will not be cai> to resist 'J be colleotion
i appeari to be rich in works on paiuting. plcturetque
view? ? avions bookt and emblems, antiquarian art, fte
ABRkiTor a Fonsios Fcoim*;.?Assist. Capt.
liarriton and officer Weathcrhy, of the l*eoond Ward,
yesterday arrested, onboard tbe packet ship Prince A!
bert. st tbe Instigation of August Belmont, ConsulOtn
?ral of the AutUtao Goverumeot, a perton named Na
', than Levy, titas Herman Bondcy. charged with bsv.
I l.ig absconded from Vienna with $10,000 tn Austrian
I Government Hccuritle*, the pr tperty of the M?*?i*.
, Kothichlld. It appear* that the accuied Induced a
young Clerk In the employ ot Metirt. Rothtcblld to em?
b?zale tke property, which they divided between them,
slter which they separated with an understanding to
meet again elsewhere. Tba young Clerk, howov.r, af
ter proceeding s short distance from Vienna, took a
second ?ober thought, repented, turn, d hark, confessed
hi? guilt ?ml gave up lit* ?bare of ihe 111 gotten tr?ia?ure.
Ht the ?am? tune? stating that Boutley intended to pro?
ceed to the liiited BtafesB. Information was accordingly
traimiiiited to inn country s?i?er-l months ago, since
which time officers hHVH b. en on tbe look-out for tbe
ttiglttve, who finally arrived ye.terrlay. He was taken
before the Chief of Police, and committed for examina,
ttoii. On n iireiiing hu trank?, etc. there wire louud
1,0.10 Austrian ducat*, 10?) sovereign*. 5 hall sovereigns,
7 Bsnk of Kngland bills for 100 pounds ?terllug each,
1 Bank ot England ?VoaS for 10 pound!, and 4 do. for 5
pouudi esch, betide three iheets ol Austrian !*ocurltiei,
amounting in sil to about Ifl.ll?? The aceitad, we un?
derstand, will be held on the old law whioh authorises
th?i detention and punishment of fugitives for bringing
stolen property Into tho State.
A Huit) Bi m, i. a n?The sleeping apartment of
Patrick ('affray in the rear of til Mulberry st was last
evening btirglanuu'ly entered by a fellow named Ste?
phen Wilson, who ta-MBai an entrance, oy mean! of a
?. rew.driver with which be forced the window. Th?
burglar took possession ol a ?hawl. $15 In money aod
then proceeded U) detach s watch which was ta-itened
by a chain around the neck ot Mr. Caffrey who wsa
sslerp ln his bed CaSrey wa? shortly aroused by the
operation! of the thliT. whom be knew aud attempted
to detain, but the tel'.ow made uood his retreat with the
money, watch, <*i Officer ?MuMamis ye?terday alter
noon discovered the wheresbout et Wilson aud took
him in custody. $11 el the money was tuund on bli
person and the watch was found concealed to the wood
bouse attached to his dwelling.
Amusr Of a F.oitivi.?Capt. Fairrhild of the
F..^hih Ward returned ta this City yeitorday from Pbt
ladelpbia. having In custody a t?male named M?ry Ben?
der, (brought on by viitue ot ? requisition ol Gat
Voting) coirged with a grand larceny, in having tanin
$70. in bank bill? ?ni silver coin, beside sundry art'.i-ltl
of Jewelry to the vilue of $i??1, tbe property of Law
rene? -cnriener ot 331 Third it in wboie employ ihe
had been a ihort time urevioui to the theft. f*he wsa
comm tted tor trial by Juitice Drinker
Arrest fob Grakd Larcint ? Officer Mo
Manu? ot the Sixth Ward yeau-rday afternoon arreited
Henry Norton, charged with having on the 9-1 of Peb.
in connexion with Mary Raid and Katharine Kenny,
robbed William Dunn of N. .. ot $900 tn gold coin
while at ht? (Norton'?) bouie ln Anthony it Tre above
named girl? were arreeted. convicted and ?ent to the
State Pricon. Norton tied aod w?? not ?oen in thi? Cily
until yesterday when he wai tiken into cuttody tad
liumui lied to answer.
Arrest *>r ? B"<Jt s Dm.er.?Officer M ??.o a
of the Filth Ward, ?netted on Friday a wet k ago. a man
by the name of John K 4Vood? on a charge ot passing
t-iiu'iterfeit quarter d ..?r* upon Mr Eugine Llupuy.
druggist. (VK* Broadway, corner of Houkoii it It ap
peau torn tins man ha* been extensively engaged in
making and pasting ipunout rfpanish quarter dol?an, for
?everal year? pa?t Mr Dupuy hai received, during the
last two years, several ot lhti?e bad quarters, tad. ?.?d. so
many that lt excited hn ?utpiciun, and be directed bit
clerk. Mr. Thomas t?. Dayton, to watch ?nd examine the
next time 4Vood* came In to purchase anything the mo?
ney he paid. He (4Voodi) wa* always ??king for some
?mall article, and in payment thereof slwsys tendered
one of the?e ?.uartars. Mr Day tou watched for his msn
1 accordingly. Un the 30th January last he came, bought
! some, trit-ng anieles snd paid with a spurious quarter ,
| and on the 9th February lie did tbo tame thing -gain.?
Thii ?ait piece of counterfeit coin was marked oy Mr.
D. and thowoto the Cnletof Police, who at once direct?
ed Mr. Dayton to arrest Woods the next time be cerne
to me ?tore, or it lie mould meet him In me itreet ?
Thursday of lut week Mr. Dsyton taw Woods pass the
?tore, going down Broadway ; be put his hat and cloak
and followed Woods for some two or toree hoars around
tr-e atra?is, he (Woods) going ink? various stores, svl
. dentiy pai.lag off these spurious quarters, until passing
; by Csnsl-sL Mr Dayton saw the above officer, snd ex?
plained the case in a hurried manner, and the officer at
once too? Wood* Into custody and conveyed him before
t.aptaln Perry of toe Filth 4V?rd fo.it;?? VVnile m the
act ot Marching hU penon. Woods itlzed s piece of pa
: per trom nit pocket and throat lt tuto tbe trove.
1 ? ?'.tempt, however, wa? truitrated completely, by
tae rapidity of assistant Captain tiorilg.J-, who thru?!
! hi* hand into the fiie. burning his hngers cenilderehly,
but tared the psper, which paper proved to be a letter
directed to Wood? from ? person at Yorkvilla. by the
name ol B-, and as Woods refused to divulge hi*
. place of residence, the Chief of Ponce, together wtlu
C aplata Perry and officer Maxon, Immediately i-aiUd to
Yorkvilla and found Mr. B??. Ue author ot the letter,
who at once directed them to the r?sidence ot Woods.
In F. gety ritte ?t near tbe Tolrd avtoue. On searching
the premises a press and all the necessary tools snd ap?
paratus tor coining were tuund. On ripping ap the floor
lock) worth ot taes? spurious quartan were found scaled
; up In paptr pacxages, erldentiy lor exportation, it. a
trunk was also tound about |150 worth In tba rough
ttate. not yet galvanized ; m another trunk ware found
something like tea lead pencils, a quantity ot ?mall
j pieces ot India ruDoer, tmali blat-k book?, drugs aad
various other uaall arucLei, all ol wnicb have been pur?
chased evident.y in exchange for ihe bad quart, r?
> i her. was also lound 8_s in good money, all in uve, six
I and ten cent pi. san, pri.tcur?-d In exchange, no doubt.
' The accused is an fci.g.unman by birth, and ?bout 4d
?.ears oid. ol small suture, dark complexion, tu.l eye?.
' of a downcast apptsrance and rlck.y.walas a lltlie lame.
i Ue says he is a tn-cb-oiai by trade snd has 1 een in thi?
'? coui.try maet'ien year?, iu Chtsrl v minuted him lor
a t?xt:.er eitamluatioD Much creu.l it dueCapt terry
and bis officer* tor their ingenuity lu ?ringing toe?e t*ct?
to light. All persons who have reoetvsd any ot these
, bad quarter*. wi*l turtter to? ?cd. ol justice by sailing
.pon Uve Ca.et of Police ana tdenntylcg the prisoner.
Srxcut. tissions ? Christopher aangsley, for
? ?ore? srtn.'.?? ol doming wa* i-iit to th? l'en.
-lonth?_Hartfe ti - M*> > in? an attau.t
feii'l mmj em (t*aVM -reitaaatv ?M ?rd?r*4 to per ?
lot .I? I.i ... W Uiiaa Sait- aad W_. _* W , ?-. _
itet.ng tieth teat were aeeb teat lo the ?iaiaan?n*!
m. nth?-Enteile?) Preeinta for ?$_____$ ? hat m?
????, wat?ent t., tbe Penitentiary fori* t-rv*_t_ ??
fred Turner, tor iteallng a '.eg of mutton ??, seat ?in ?1
City Prlion for I I day? ..?.?be.-,,? gur_ f_, ???J
..._ - v-....._ -?_?.-?, ,,,?,? renitaaturrfc.
ays... Wllliim Mussmtn. (or Healing ? ?L.T:
wu sent to tbe Penltentl?ry for 10 d?ys. . PsUt _?_i
f..r ?_-?)lng ? b?r "f Iron, w?? mi t,, tb? P?_la?__r???
30 day?. ...George I.awrenea. for ?teeJlrgeeraettVj!.
?ent tothePealteutlary f..rem?aUii .. 5?.i_n? Bma*?
for ?_??!lu_ ? bun w?? ?er.t to the Panitenaarv tea\
month! .. Etna Wllllama, for ?taa.in? ?l4_*_r,/T_
?eut t the Peni'aatlai? for 3 month? ma*
I eurt I alendar.
Coaaoa Ptaai? Mond?y?Part l. Nos 14. tm m
3$. 57. II? :i : I 11 .t i _M i? ?_ S! s. p^TiT
an, tn n M m MV??! an ?2
*_?? im* _ ' w**1
Leiter froin II. li. Onderdenk, I??.
Tn th? gilitor ef Tk? Tribun*
Aiiiori. ?lie City Itemi, in a lue Tribeae.u
wit stated that ! had been srrasted sad brought a tha
City, by virtue of a bench wirrint fea Ai tiliU,
mtitak.. I beg lesve to ?Ute thst ! hive nm been breagat
to this City, by sny one. Bat that I was tafamte. ?I
tbe pri '-edlng alluded to on W?dn?sd?y of !?a m
o y ragalat day for visit'ng this City. si?<l on -Trend?,
(Stiurh hour as lulled my own convenience) l?ligg?|
the r*H?tr:.t Attorney, ??certaioed th? par_._l_r?, ?4
give the ututl Itli.
The charge alluded to, It one wL.cb ? im ready **
meet, snd against which I sBail lueeen'nily defend ay
?elf? 1 promise you. It grows oat of the foU??a_.
triniactiou. 1 ai Pollcltor ?*ledacredltor'ibli:i?(**Na.
eery ?garnit oua Fink, and 00 1.1a own a_u_l??tj__
under o?th. draw out the fut thit ha held a BMrtgi?
tor $9*X) which he c.nc,?:..! fr'tn hli cr?diterai?
then upon pro-ured a person to cash this mortgage, ~^a
they locether called on me while In this City to ??h?
?et'.lement M> bioki and ?11 my piperi In the ?at.
were ?t my r*M.den?.'e and office, in Queen? BataaVth
U'.. nt reciueit, I m?d? here. 11 oorrect ?n ??tj.nta a I
f the coit? of 1 n it?they dec lining to wttt uattl [
could r.ti.-n home, make out a formal !>,'! uf eon?, M
ha?a the !*:ue duly taxed a ? ?" I propon,
to ?lo It Is u or ?Hedged, th?! in thi? ha?tv .itimit? I ?*,
dowu too larte a?imf r Maetrrttnd Skmf tftra, TkUI
daay: and I a . ' initt ihat??enlt I b?d dni? so?ev?a if I
had made a ml so?! cu ?ti on of 4 er 5. or$l() If yea piaaiei
In ? n-.|?irg it tbe ?mount of (Lo Matter'? fee?-_nohla_l
attach ?i I had not received toa blla ef iknm
offl'er?, and of ? our?? knew not whit wou'd be thetr
cbarge?. I heard no fault found with thli lettlesMelaa
til locg ?fter. nor until ?u exetttrs cootrnveriy had ii__
ra?pect!ng tbe eatenilon of ? Tump ke ln my riekf.
ly. wherein I wai tha Isrgeat itockholdsr and la whie,
controversy rayselt snd an influential man 'whosooBt.
t?r eommttted seit murder) were opposent? ?ad -!??>?_
as the leaders of the reipertlv. piit.n r?.?.tending (T_t
psriy now complaining, ?tun the reeoipi 0? Itrgt itaa
fi. m iku ipf'ot.i n! of mit.? tn that ountroVersy J
This same settlement h?s ?'ready b..-n before the
Court? of Qneen? Co . and tha whole proceeli???th?
end? It ts lotende I to acoumplUh, tad th? raoMv?| ot
tbose conducting It?are fully understood thert Tt
make It fully undent.) J kiri will require more tpmt
than you can be espectad to ?ford in?. Bat when It U
brought to trial, (and I am ready sod inx'oa?, eo art
part to try It immediately. 1 It will be found that thtt* .
1 more?much more?In this proceeding thia nreti tho
nuhllc eye. It originated lu a private tend?It e. _ns_s_
from msliclou? motives?and will umtost? la My a*.
umph. It msy Indeed i_h?_et me to mash expensa
trouille, snd vexstion . acd will thus lubssrvs ths uite
1 rior purpose? of iU ortgtnaton. ta rflecluilly m thoogh
1 lome rial wrong hid been eomnallted Bevosd thls.no
bsrm will rasult to m?. Of thli ay frtesdi miy he well
That you may have some idea of the light ta wblek
this vindictive proceeding bit. from Its tctatntiiseis-t
barn viewed In Queen* County I will ?uu the f?o?. last
its rff?ct upon me bas been to Increase my professloatl
bu-ln. ?s for th* la*t twelve months to in im unt ?Heb.
1 preiame, wa? never before received by ?ay Altores*
In the County ?tace it? first settlement.
Mereh 31, 1147. U. 0. OKDIRDOWL
Un Thursday morning. In the l*tb year ll Imia
KATHARINE MAUL4*. lecoad daugkt*. of Iks la?
James Shea.
I he friends of the family are Invttsd to attend1 b?f,
neral on Saturday afternoon at 4 o'oloek. from tas resi?
dence of her brether, Charles t. 6hsa. 'Il ?roh?rd??t
Msreh 0.1, In the full hope of a felssaad tmra-Br-avllt*.
liev THKODORK StDOv-M.;* WRIOIT. Paster at S?e
1st Colored Preibyterian Church of this City In fks Nfll
year of bit sge
Hit friends, and those of the family, ara respestfoUy
invited to ?ttsnd hit funeral from hi? late resUsnee, 144
Weit Broad w?t. crin r of North Moore it ob Moadty.
S9th Init. at 11 o'clock A. M.
i-iMiBSL Oiiriirisi or Rav. Tsxones* SsMwtci
Wbibitt ?AH tbe various (tolorad Mai? hVnevaleat So
civile* of (hi* City. Brooklyn and Wiiliasasfetirgh. sf
; which aal deceased brother wa? a du voles' fries., si*
: rerpeotfully invited to attend his fonaral fron kli Is?
rs-ldei.ce. on Monday, 3*ib tint, at 11 o'oloek. A M
uith nxouming badges only The fuasrtl will sbovb pr*
i-i.ely at the hour appointed, and pioeeed ta tka Chato!
In the following order, wbere the eeremoelaa are to 88
performed. Tbe proceskloa will inuvs ap West Broad?
way to Caual It. up Canil to Broadway d?iwo Broadway
to Chamber*, through Chambers to Chatham lows
1 Chatham to Prankfort thence to tka Chursk After lbs
i en'moniei the procession will preeeed to tka pites oi
Interment la the tains order? patting from FrinSfort-sf?
to Chatham, up Chatham to tne Bewsry, tksass tfernagh
Hoaitoe tt. to the ground. raft XT
_#y That BievtaK diorama and paaeraata a' rkeUiteam,
representing the raeeral of Ntpolsoa BtiBBSSils.lt lbs
mostrare and besu'lful piece er art w a have arlis?s*?4
for a Ion? time. The Illusion Is to ?erf*si that job taa.
gins yoursslf a participant laths stand cerestsav. W?
preJIet for it a widespread p ? Bulerity. Tbs eitltluoa
ai 3 and 7| o'clock P. M. t? vari?e By other Is erstBsgwr.
formaase? fey Western. Miss VVt.ea.a? aad the aB*t?kl??4
lan.1 of I blopian mlnsne's ?ho ?ive a choice selseilcu
ef tiieir ??af*. duel?, .ef,?l0., a,- fe"
Uu-inco?. Notice?.
t g" Q___-___a_U-_ Hats, ityla for Spring. 1147. -_
be Introduced on Wsdnesday, Marsh 3. by
LEAKY 4 CO. Hatters, Astor Uouia, Broadway
?.'lrculars descriptiva ol our style will be forwarded
by addreastng us postpaid mltS
OiNiNt H .t STotc, til BitoiDwiT ? '? I buy my ltd
of Getiln,'' ti D"w the reply of every mi? of fushloa w_r_
his beaver i? admired. It Is unlvsntlly ailowsd tk?t Stall
of 114 Bro?dw?y Is. tn ths hst Usa. tha vary ' Bean Broa
me?'of taste. Ht kaowi tt once whit become? ?bebet!
of ihe well drenad man and It? blm ??eorllagly. I'.ipr?
?ant Spring nyle of Hit It it ee.nomtael aa It ti bet-U*-.
aad Mi i'y.? of lining somsthlng new sal oovsL
XfJ* k vox. 198 Pultonet. li now prepared te rapelj
bti patruni and the publlo ?vtth hit elegant $pt_|fss
i_9 lm
?rr __ fiLB Ut vim ?We are prepared to contrid
lor the driving Piles by Ptetm Power, far foundadea? bi
buildings of any description la tha Clip or vieialty ; mi
having tbe Piles on hsnd. will, whan deilrahle, do tt
work with dlipatcb. ferions wtihlag Pliai driven ?v_l
And it to their ?ntereit, ss It regards seoinmy ?#e_a_aj
and dlipatcb to give ui a call before eontreeriog a_?
wbere I _ J DI^OE,
tnl? 2. 27ap9* _ Ml SUlhtt
?*y DlAMOMB PeiNTCD GOLD PlNI $1 li toly,
pem-il included?tamo articls told eltewhert tt $1 30
Ttiete pent combine til the cltittclty and imr-othaea
of the quill, with to indeitruotebility whteh |?rt?-M is
them alone. In fact ths Gold Pan It tha miateeoeoaicil
?rticla in u?e. An axeelleut pea miy be bai of !? X
t'A VAGE. S_ Fulton it. for ten ibllilngi only. A ?H
niflcent Bagiey may be had for $? only, wblsh I? *??
oheapett and ba?t pen in the world.
UiAaor?? Poinran Uotn Past? If yoa waattgat
uioe Levl Brown ? Premium Pen. go to 1. W, GMA
TON At CO. 71 Cedar -it, they tell th? genuine Alt?
Q Bagiey'? tt $1 71 pencil Included. All other? In ft*
portion. _
jgt* -?en.ng ClaaTlio. IE Double Entry Itok-kie*
lng. it Wiutertoo't. 861 Broadway, It tbe lest Flvs DoV
lsr Class for the lesson. Those, therefore, who ??*?
Join this class must apply immediately. n___ llTb.?vV
*\m\** Tbe extraordinary character of tha eared tfr
complithed by Beekmin'i Pulmonle Syrnp in palmo?
_ry comumptton tre lubstautlated by tha inoit positive
pto-fs. CrfBcB4.. Curtltcd ?t. N. T.
?mi'i 9_a?Ar_*.L__-T'.s r.nowing it an ?x___l
fr.m t letter received froin Mr?, llevan, who bad -tea A*
fl.iitod i.r levartl yoari w.t. ?crofulott? olean, dyipaptti,
kc and recently with in affec.lon of the throat and ehaB?
K?. __ . IBIS - Va lire, it, 1145
41,1 a. B. *r D Sand* . Before I couimer.aad nil"!
your S_-??pen;l? my sufferingi were almost pest sxprse*
?100, ay throat ?u ?omplaieiy ulcerated,I bad adrvadfal
cougb, and ihora ware frequently week? together that I
Co aid rot ?p??k above a wblipar ? ?ad, i-e?ide, the Ul?a?
i mulo- from tay throat aiienaal to ny bead, a> loai ay
bearing wa? v.ry buco Impaired. After laJtiug a? oatm
- parti,a a ihoit uuie n, y tiea. b It? proved and iuy ihroat li
now well, I an. a? free from cough ?nd ilgbm?i? tt iW
clwMit ever 1 w?a, and can erar quite Catlacuy. mf
! throat has t.een weil aooui three moaini, the cut? ol ?hit*
1 un buen effected etu.rely by ihe use of your d?r#?jiarUia
Yo.rf.ieod. LOUISA R. BKVAlt'
Prepared ?nd _ol_, wtioleial? ?n?l retail, uv A. B. a D
?.VNl/j, \Viiole?ale UruKgUi?, l"o fu.iot>-?t. corear et
I \\ illlara-ii. S7J Broadway, ?au TI tut ?ruadw?). Ne?*
j Vor?. ? ..d also by Dru_gl?la generally through oui ?*?*
.'laie?, Price Cl per ?otile, or ?i* Lo?l.ei I.r $b>
TcV (Hi caa m * lrai.ua MtoiCiTto a.-*? for la? ptttr
1 u*e cara of ail ?iln dtieasee, .?. cbt? *;H ditc-i '??**?
1 f-aareti^'i tntmdre Saotu* for ersdoSilog aLTBB-*LO_e
llAlh. _-._r-__"i .ii> wkttt, liquid rvig?. he ?167 ?V__sT
?l. i?l ti.-.to l-h?-4 Biu_d? *y, ..?>?_ey tot BetciaDft**
. torn I \ajmi Hmtr Dut, ?jaiuy'i Magical Pa-n ban
traatm. I. tarn of Item, Btal*' Hair RettorotmA,
Pomade far 'Jut Ko,, ??_?*. hro.a? mad fair. Reiin-a?->*r ??
Waiter ?: ? ?:?p or iv?.. ( ?... Bl ad*?ay. wit itli allB
iifxrr* taBua ?reaae-aeaiae P_.it_m -X..* 9*9"
pneior of lit? above P.aiten would raapecf. ..y t.iora Of
public ?ad wUol??aie aia?tl?i?lu pani.u'.ar ihai h? BBS
?iva,d ? hraach aara ?t iso Pulioc *. w*__5f
! ?.'uve artice can lie li?d ;i ,?') Uiu?l piU.??. toi.i ?'__**
iMuiir^ ?e-e aara^-r

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