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voi^iri^Ko. 30*. v.voRK, l?fffW?f noH^riwo, iprii. ;?, imt. WBOLB WO. IS?.l.
-gj^. I I 11.1 I
|fee Trlbmi* noii.tln??, center of Mpruee
^4 >???"? ?irret?, eppoaite the City Hull,
i#l???t*4 to City ???>?. rlner? for 12i Caur? per
?**_jiV <,r, when they prefer.they r?n pay In advance ?l
' i,^,? i..r ?Is month? i? ? year ai ih? Mme rale
-BilifoptetT*0 Cants. Mall ?utierrltier? ITlveDol
???renBom. lu e-Jvaoce, And tl.? paper In n.i , ?m
TLhi-' I*r>iw1 lli? time for whl. I. It I? paid, (tut.
2Si5dM ?eel) for ?li month?. Three. Dollar? tu ed
?LVe* ree?1"'4 ta ?)'? ?rrhabue* wtlh Country New?
*T._Ually pal*"? received el thU office who?*
2m ?r? blfber tliii) ltau?r uf Thk T?i?oer., i? tot
?jawed HT .: .fWeii-e.
uiM or ?P??Tiii?6 f /* ^Jienrtj
I tatti "T I??*? first insertion.Ss Cent?
?? ear? ?uheequeul tneerlloo.19| "
,< fthetBeMe" .? "
?Itn ' ,of" rtr*' |r,rrll>n.'rent? ? lib?
(H\(MM> ????rtlan. wlilrh in?y b?>
^?rr 4?T w onr? twt< e or three ?(mea J Z retU ? line
^L?ea ?i lli? option of iKe ed vertieer, V
'771 ?-TertUemenra? Five Cent? ?
a^veruaeenenra- rive Cent? ? line for ih?
" ne.
i . a i
?V. I??. J' cent?,
? ?:??.lT*rtt?eirenl?lri?ert?J In tl,i, y\y%.i ?bf*?, feotb
i u'onii-i ?r>4 the F. van In a edition
Hau||pdiwr*WiDii<Diruk1 aUrvXD?? m<>ii.tnf? ,
PHC??* P'r ??nor? Two r uple? far ?S
. . ?V Mo* ?inc. M Ihn ?..* pnce
?raj|*r ?nnum, Ig nlvauft?. |i topU? for ?I >" 3b
i ior tiw
,??. Prealdenl?? Opinion ol the W'nr -Vieil IO
Jlaj. <?c". Huiler iluiile ol Hue?i Mninv
v.ni.antlon ?1 Cm. Th>Ioi- Isi the I'r? ?I
V rom uiir own Correspondent
Washington WeJi?e?d?y. M?r, l? !
la tl h .t.uiioji of the Preeident the Wir il near
X? terminaron He due? not think there will be
Siting He did not think there ??ail tea
y,\ ?' ws? t i be a " bloodies? Annexation.
| called to-day on Major den. Butler M: i ut?
i riw\! Hit wound yet paint him?but lie
lepe? ?oon to be ab!? to return to the ?eat ol ho?
phuo? It i? hi? ndvi.?? thai the roi.te Gen Tay
laiUioklr '" 'luruui.o to Monterey ?houid be h?'.dfn
isd fcmiied. H? ?ay? the vicinity i? healthy
??itr !!?" '-??uutry in the immediate vieinity ol the
flK> (irande it tar from beinf to. The line that ha
^ropoif? WOoM ?erve (,<* an efteotual barrier to
j|c??:i'i iiivatiou a? well a? the Rio Grande itself
8? think? that Taylor mutt have fallen back upon
Joeni Viita afti r one day? iliirniiahing, und there
gjde ? nnal stund. It was imnostible to throw up
Hj-eotienrhmeiit? at that place, or at any other
upon the route, trom the rocky character of the
iWatr) bnt the natural advantage? of tlie place
?Mthave bt -:i ^i much ?rrvii r> |e Taylor.
He taya there wa? plentv oi water at Buena
Vista an 1 that, in fact, Gen. Taylor'a army were
protectod fit? one ?ide by a creek The rea?OD.
Ifcerefcr?- assigned for 8anta Anna? retreat to Agua
Suera, viz to procure water, rauat have been a
prtteti ?- The precipitancy of the Mexican Gen
(ftl's retrf at waa too great to allow the (arryini?
larayofhia wound?.! who wer.-. aecofdiDfry left
or.the fi'.ld of battle.
<>r. B ittrr doe? not think that more than three
ksadred Americana feft in tht- tattle?but that many
?ore, unlouhte.lly, wer?- severely wounded He
jaut inclined 11 believe that th<? lighting is yet all
I?e Caatia W Ver* Cnta, \.*> think?, will hold
gat at leant ten day t aeainat Scott The wall?, he
?aye are U twenty feet thickiiei? and wholly irri
?errioa? to cannon ball?
Be ?pr-ftk? well of Gen Taylor (the report
tut there were was a eoolneaa between them waa
ndcabtedly a fabrication of Hardtn. of Duncan i
md o? rther officer? he alto mve* good account.
Gen Butler teem? an intelligent officer and he
certainty it acourteou? gentleman
Tne victory obtained at Hnena Vistfi?the aaaat
rtrairkatle < t modem times?h tfi be ascribed
ajkaytoOea Taylor TheGoranuaaatotganbare
all repudiated the idaa tlat Taylor? advance trom
Moot? rp) ws? ?uf'^e?ted ordetircd by the Depart
nent Aod Ucn Hott, m?ntlis o/o. advined Tay j
lor to remain in Montfrey arid irpote vn hi< Um '
rrf?. But Gen Taylor derided that the invcsim.-iit
M Mniiterey by the Mexicana would not only have
abad noral etlei t upon the compaigr., alway? to be
aroidtd, bn muil i.eceiianly deitroy his OOaajM I
?cation with Carnnr.w He |wiajwl wi?ely that it I
waa better to riik a battle even agamtt a trcm.-i. ;
dftu? numerical inaiurity. than ?urler liiinaelf to be .
cooped up at Moab ray arhUa an in?olentt''e?hou!.l j
retake n, hia very preaence all the coaoaaata he
bad made He therefore advanced upon the ene- ?
?y but with the caution n? chara? teristir ?? In?
covra^e ol hie militan- capacity. He ?elected.
tome time liefura the atiack the groaatl whati I
would receive it. and the result show? that he ae- i
katod it wi?e)y Wellin?'t..n'?delenceof th-' lines ;
U ii.i'Pj Yedras wat no more brilliant aoaiava
ment than Taykw s aweaaafaJ ?land at Buena Vi? *
tl It V?.HS li'St Bil.
The ret renient oi Gun. Taylor from the army at I
tee pre. nt crisis would be a public calamity and
an e\ent is to he anticipated lor vote
received the nomination oi the Courier A ?
Enquirer (o the I'rctid.-ncy and baring (Am been '
pot before the people a? an irrtiittitlt candidate !
fur that |c-'h office, a aenie of daUoacj ma\ induce'
k:ni to resign hit present roinuitusioii He may be .
?Mri;ih]? to hold the position oi Major General <? I
awe and the Preanlential offit e / -< ,??
?J- Ettquittr be induced to !
? I Scott inataatl of Taylor 7 The advantage
to the latter in tuchcaie would be a? great, and (it
Beott could imitate the courae abovo apprehended
?*aa tafiarj to the country perhapa greater. That
paper l^mnmM to be the official Or^aii ol .^colt,
and, according totheuaual practice of Organs, may,
?a trifle with In? reputation Or mi'ni.iate
I Patterson or Polk?nominate an\)?ody it
??ahes to deat'oy? so that it ?pare the man who
aeree ?pared in? couulry't toe? '
Hor. ihomat Butler hinp amsed m this city ihn
trom Vew York, and Intendt leavinij im
?lately tor tlit loaaa
it ha? aaaa reported m aaaaa < t the ?wv?aa?pan
toat Mr Burhaoan wa? going to \ era Cmz to ar
ranve a peace between the Tnited ?tates and
Mem aj Thi? 1? a mistake He hai gone to Har
r ?b..rg to arrange a peace between the Shunk
uei and the Anti Shr.nkite? M.
Awni.i.Y iit-Tiiunib wum.
||?ra Orleana ha? not. lor a great length oi time
hern visited by aa laatoaeahrs h t;re a? broke out
at about 3 o'clock thi? morning.
(hi both aide?of I'hartre? tt from Cultora houae
half way down to Bienville. nearly all of the ex
Untive eatabliahmenta there bave already been
The" R?e originated in the ?tore of Uavalet A
Uoet. below Cuatom honae ?t on I'hartre? : it then
croeaed to the oppoeite ?ide of Chartre? *t. At the
hoar of going to pre??, nine of our lanreft ?tores
?rith iiutnenae ?tocka of dry good?, 4*0. Ac. are al
ready bnmed
Aroong thoae wlnhave ?ulferad are?-Simp?:'
t?ney ?ry good? Kavalet & Huet. dn- good? Ac
Albert, hat ?tore Heilman dry good?. Ac ; Ger
ruixer. Yignaud, Loi?on & Mylreatre. Biinmouet,
Eroanuel A Co Duconge, Druggiit. Mace. Per
ha; ? *'<00,uo0 ia. a? near aa may be, the loa?, up to
the time of goiug to pre??. [V O Com Timea.-'th
A?KIV*1 or THE I' B. Bmi' DfCATlR at Paul?
rtioia?The Cbarleaton Courier o? the 30th ult. bu
re?rl?<?d ? letter ?t'M ? V. S ?hip Decatur, juet an
ehored 1'enwcol? Stth March II M." announeini the
?rival of that vt??el, attar a most boiiterou? pus*??
trom Norfolk. Thi D. proved hertelf an admirable ?e?
bo?L Night of the 17th in?L a few minute? after M
v clork, hlowing ? heavy gate, and the tea running high
while reefing toe main top ?ail. a man. Thorn** Procter,
ol rhll??1e!pble. ag?d 22 year?, tell from the main top
?ail yard, ?truck the channel? of the ?hip. and then fell
thin the tee. The appallin?- cry of " a man overboard
wa* ?uunded, when t.leut. C'olnn? and a number of men
volunteered to endeavor and ?are kirn in the boat, but
?be nijri!t was ?o dark that no object could be aeen at ten
fartl lettuce and the ?earunning?ohigh,It wu deem
? 'utit ? ? -. utti-rnpt At 4AM? heavy
?JF Tlf?f? ?u a heavy fall of auow We?t t?n
irtdavandStturday lMt fue tr?*k of the Railroad
between Waterloo and Peneca ralla w?t covered to the
?pth oi tw; feet
??>ur Est? of Vrtter Ji
Sum >*h! Landing of Gen. S< <
rtiDMiii 'i \ % iiiK.ii:? uiciri
Id? By L\|.-, -, fata PUUdelp]
>\c lia\?- raociv? ,i | copy of the Phi
delphii North American, coauiiu
dm following unport?nl inteUigei
fron? Vet? Cm/ :
By the aetV. Porti? at New Orleans, trom (
ritieio?. the ::>th, we have new? ol intere?t B
the land and naval (oreet cooperating be!
Vera Cru The Delta a arcout.t say? tro
wore lauded by (ieuerala Scott. Patterson W
Piilow Uuitman ami Twitrg?, witli their A
and the Topographical corpa, which ?pproacl
??or th<' ?Lore toward the direction (.i
Cattle the fUM of San .Isan de Hua open
I ti.o party, throwing ahell and mi
ahot. tut without doing any damage to the roc
noitering party?the round ahot either patting o
or ?ailing short, and the shell, although thrown \*
preciaion, bursting at a considerable elevation,
ing no harm?one the!! passing over the ?tear
Petrita, (the venel employed in the reconnoisant
and Rnother bunting under lier bow, without do
her any injury.
The reconnoisanre wat made while the tra
porta and convoya were ljing oft at Anton
zardo after their return, and the least possi
delay, transporta and convoya weighed anci
and stood to the louthward of Sacrificios, be
ing in toward the main land, with a fair bre?
and in gallant style, when they carne to and
the convoya taking poattoa in atacfa s main
a? to protect the disembarkation of the troopi
the lirtt. 6,000, being landed at I 0 clock P. M.
the 9th, and the remainder diiriut? the next di
The landing it spoken of, by person? who w.
eye witneatet, at a scenee ol miajaifioamce rarf
witnessed mere than once in a lifetime T
troops Unit?] amounted to the exact number
Alter the landing .the diffeient columns took
their line of march far the potitiona assigned
them in the important action and aie tie ol \<
The steamers \ ixen and Spitfire, laying und
Punta d.? Hornos, oponed on the City across t
point and in the direction of the Castle, with ah
and round ahot, which wa? returned by the Catt
but without eifert
General Worth'? diviaion winch, it is ?aid. h
been attigned to the operations on the left liai
of the City, from the factVil of the landing on t
South, and under Punta de Hornos, had necesi
rily to move in ?chrlon to the rear past tl
right, in order to nil hit proper position?
the execution ol which, it became necessary
attack and take possession of two restai
thrown up by the enemy m one ot which wa?
piece of artillery, and both tilled with infantr
The redoubts were attacked, charged and take
n spirited resiitnnce being made by the mem
who lost ?e\eral in lulled, wounded and prisoner?
our loss some ?even killed and several Woutidu
Ciipt. Alburti?. of the '..'d Infantry, wa? killed by
round-shot ?upposod to be from the ('??tie tl
same ahot taking oft the arm ot a drummer (a bo;
and Woundu a a private. (. apt. Alhurtis wa?
Virciuian, and tonncrly conducted a newspaper
Frederieksbure CoL Dixon was wounded iii tl
breart by a musi? t shot
The akiralahing waa, however, no check to tl
advancing column, which passed steadily tor?rn
to its position on the left and rear of the cit;
where if halted and commenced the work of i
The pipe? used loi the purpose of supply ing th
city with fresh wafer have b. en disco\ered i.i
broken up.completely cutting oil'the supply troi
the tank?, which are ??touted ?saw dtatance Iroi
the city
During the advance upon the rear of the ettj
Passed Midshipman Hogers. who had not yet I,. .
sent from \ eta Cni7. was bound upon a cart an
ordered t" be convoyed lindera guard, to the pri?
on at Perote but lortntintely they were ci? o.n.tc
e.l by our torces, and Mr Holers * a? rescued an
ii imw Ota board his ?hip
The city is HI completely unrounded by OH
troop*, each division havine taken h str?m; and ail
vantn^enu? position with intmtchmenta, (?.?!!
pleteU ? uttim' oll'all communication hy sea or laid
and at" the ?ame time ?re safe fr..m the tire ol tin
Caatle. The positions ol divisions were est ablithe
on the i .tit esfendiiii; irotn Punta de Homos, o?
the nebt, to Punt? de la Catita, on the lett. in on
unbroken line and active preparations were o?
faot tor the th- immediate subjugation of this form:
dable place.
So closely is Vera Cru? now besieged, and a>
entirety are war) means of eomniuni. ation cut ol
that in a very few day? the news must reach ?
that both the City and Caatle are Ota ftfdttj by ot
\i. tori,un troops.
The neuer?! impression seem* to be that tin
city will surrender in the course of taso days or tw*
week?. No doubt i? expressed of the ?ucce??fu
termination ol the enterprise
The Portia wa? delayed from the Uth to to-,
l.'th fcj the prevalence Ctl a Norther, durinc wh '
time the discharge of heavy ordnat ce wa? fit
quently lieard, which doubtle?? proceeded from th<
t astlc'
We lind the hsapaiiaaj ?MaMraj-.dum of the at
tack, m the Picayune, whnh we in?art. as it i? no
very ksasj, though but a recapitulation of the above
MeinorRnditin furnlvke?! by Cn|<taln fewer? o
the Nchooner Parti?.
S.-hooiier Portia. Capt. Power?, eicht day? fron
T?mpico anchorage, but was detained to the aoutl
and ea?t of Vera v.'rut by a heavy north gale unti
the i7th iu*t. Tie 1 mted State? Squadron ami
all the tratuport? left Point Ltttfio for Sacritirii?
on the 9tb inst with l?.lU? tmups.
On the morning of the 10th. a landing ot all the
troops and marine waa effected within three milei
Of Vera Cruz, without much opposition from thi
enemy, a? the landing wa? well covered by a con'
?tant discharge of bomb ?hell and round ?hot from
the U.S. ?teaniera and the gun boats anchored near
the beach and in front of the landing
Immediately after an organization of the Ameri
can force? ori the beach, the) took up the line <l
march over the ??nd hill?, to the attack of the eue
ray'? outpoat? and fortifications, situated from one to
three mile? from the Castle and torts ot the city
They carried every one by atorm, not, however
without lo?ing ??venteen men.
tin the llthand 12th the American faaoasl were
employed in throwin? up breast work? and digging
I'ltrenchmentt. Occaaional ?kirmishine t>X'k place
with tbe enemy, who were tksvarsasj ?bowers oi
bomb ?hell? and'round-shot from the Castle and city,
but without much effect. Dnnng this time the
seamen were landing provisions and ammunition
from the ships.
On the Uth a strong north gale set in, which cut
off all farther communication. We left during the
Norther, and as we were unable to make progress
to the north believe that it wa? impoasiblo for onr
bomba and ahells U> have been landed until the
IHlh inat. to that the bombardment did not proba
blv commence until the 20th.
There were tome featt of bravery displayed on
the Uth. in which Col Dicker?on of the Palmetto
Regiment. Booth Carolina, waa wounded in the
brca?t by a mu?ket ball from the enemy.and Capt
Alburtia, ot the 2d Infantrv. had hi? head ?hot off
by a .''4-pound ball. Thi? aame ball broke a drum
mera arm and took off a private a leg!
But on the aatie day the American army bad
gained complete poaae??ion of all th? fortitications
of the enemy which were raised by them to ?top
oar troop? from approaching the City All the wa
ter-pipea ??ading to the city were cat off, and all
the communications effectually ?topped General
Scott landed in person on the ilth inst
A French bark ran the blockade, and moored un?
der the wall* of the Ciatle, on the morning of the
13th : and many of our trasaporta were ready to
thi. : t
The iV)',?rr .: in? torii^mpl?:*'! ?'Urs uj
i '?: ?pp*srf 1 : l;i''C ,,*r>iti.Li f. ?
rei.ed tie drawtag ariU dt? ?<????,.
irou. ko s ?r ?narked lo Ike ?sped I
noi exe. ? v r?f*r*r-,re v, m?llien-.?i
redoes? in ttie ?c?'r, batt Is simply invodeJ io repr??eBl
lUe reUtive portion of piare?, ?ad to gire ?a MUitM at* tt.r
prouotsj Btoat ?! BSHS?ti
D ?ri tr.e r it Jf-Dote? tlia po?itt<M>< 9*0 An'or. ...
whprp the Arneriran trour? wtre tu iur.il. *? .; I
uated about nina miles Souih afska l
A repr???Bi* ihe ('uitit "i lanJlasnaTI/kfa, gai ?
bf l&uomeo. A bridge. 6i?' yard? 10 ien^'.ii, rues ir m ?H
City lo liie Cattle. Tiie iront toi re?r w>!ii ot '.!,? Oostlo,
aad of Hi? Ciiy ?dj Cattle I
figure? 1,1, ?ad 3, '.I, ?re ?;.\ ftl t iMck, wliil? Ik* ?id??
ou lue North ?nd Sou'.li. destgoaied ay ?, ?, ?re only
three feet thick.
The latter? < , < , insra tbe position bf sQadMtaaa
planted oo Ihe East wall of lb? CHy.aDddlreciaaTinini'ivt
MjT tow?rd the Gulf. At L, 1., the NortfietsUrrn and
Sotnh-easiern angles ?f the City sra I, ?re two l>a*t?ua?.
earii mounting two (run* polntlee, a* represented kj ?
reaftw aod Both-wie rn d. r- ? Bd?*l?*natM
I 'on of ? .?n : .-;eT?'.cC*ao?t
i!'.*t?r.L It la tks
. uar?, and b>?ubi ti with ikeattlBary.a? pl?vnpor,
. - - - ?flaaaslof
:!.?l *f 0-3. ? ott srfl ? .
i. m -.n dM his
IHM ?: Um lentil aatt i
able io :? ? ? i . -i f,.n It? t
a ?As* tat? la ik?r? ?r? u> ad?
vance at K, ?nd ?nc in ti-!?>???'? >| f?p nmii i ?; ? ?
mat ad
? ??: ?oat
.t R--g-.m,.r,t. ?Im ?re tu a.:
a ir-ara <-?n b? ?f.
f?Clod'.a t!w wiiii it U-il poiri. T.'n? writer ?ay? thai he
is not <-?rt?!n list tie? will I* (M Svad po'ri oftheai
?suit of the Pah ? ! ladbraod
I - ? v.?. .
of tbe City.kO'i ihatwkOa Iks '??>..? ? ?
eve, lb? SvUUl C'aiol'Di?~" ??rti? m?rcli ,>o the other
?cave for the United State? as ?oon a? the ITor
waa over. Thi? ve??cl ..ring?<n?pat< i,- i
bae? from even, ve??el in the Gulf Squadron t
at Sacrificing.
From the Picayune*? correa
make the following extract? Mr H-, . ?n
from BaerfScioa, March 11.
Day before yeetordny the order was gtvea
move fron Anton Lizard.? p, tfaia plai t
pied m lit I f the Jay, About i .. ein k 1' II
'??tli- Ilion Gen '??'.' - taken (ta plai i
the anrf boat? The cjuboau ran m elo?e to
shore about three ron - - < and auci
One of the email naval ateaaaera
ahora end tir.-.l a uun ?it the place oi landing i
lech r. to B'ccitaiii If c?tsoealed ba
rie? or Iroope to eppoae the landine- Nothing \
revealed and the order wa? given to adran
aari bouts, about fifty in nomber, ea b
frota eighty t' ahandred mea m
it) le and in the niutt perfect aider
As the boats approached the shore I
to touch ground, the men leaped oui and fora
lines by ooanpani i ni ! ma i hi d aal
poaition was offered. Gren. Pattaraoa'a divis
the v.!, next embarked in the same manner. ?
were followed by the Ida ? II divili
it was past midnight
lag Toe aari manned by tl. s'i i
mo the I nited Bt
right gin?! will. 'I ' Navy ha
done all in the r patPI r to oiio.t the
About two o eh* ? lie neat morning '
alarm In the line whi? h extended along the hen.
The traapa naeered ai d thoee .* Im ha
ipoa (?the sand hanka apraag suddenly
their arm?. Dw pfckea-ajaard k?d appr
afi. Mexican on-, were watching <
mayamente, and bat? receive,i one ?? ta m
About IihIi an hour iJberward ?
iiicii tell m arita some thirty ar forty cavalry, a
l?verai \olley? were tired, the balls ol Ih
failiii" into oar oolanin bat aerioualy
At lamiee, Gen. Worth led ruf his divi
advanca, following the beach for tome ?naaaaee
ward the city, and then Mailing Inland
light oi ?everni hundred Mexican cavalry, drai
up ubouthali a i.lile trom the ?h?re A email bo
itser waa baaaaediately tlrawa ip : toa
sand hili end a Bre ?raa opened which *
tered the enemy The diviei
trate to the iateri -
ienns retreatine before tl
The se,- md mi third divisions fol lea
took poaitiona. General i':\y
PUtow'a brigade to the ii bin do
tion on the left of Gen. Worth'? divl?. G?
rwigsa took bii ;
An old t'-ithedra) waa taken poaaaaaloB oi bj Ge
Pillow, and s"K'!i afterward n magasine enntainii
! KJ hexes of men initfc . i '
enemy Kept op i ?hot fin
the town am! Cent a our lin
and those oVaag bo ham.
Ate o'clock A M thi little I art? Btal
er Spitfire run laeloae to the town and tired a nu;
her of ?hell? into the place receii ing a Hre rom tl
Castle in return
Thi? morning oui army moved il
town?Worth'? diviaian on Um right, a:,
on the lea-thore, Gen. Pattersju'l in the cent
extending back into tie' country ami Gen ,
diviaion on the left, still (artner to Ike totano
They have approached considerably within raag
of the guns in the town, and can aa re?, bed E
those i? the Castle, from both ol whi h a b
lionaditU" has leen kept up during the ds\
The one extend? aero*? the railroad, win?
goea trom the i rara to the Baaejaadaa, an.) th
aqueduct which aappHea the city with water I
likewite in oar pass--??
fairly invested a:vl oeaanaanicatioaa bj the mai
road cut on". Iwlraarhmanla have been marke
out. (and will be worked aa to night,) which ar
near enough to the wall? to tender our he
The?e gun? have not been taken on ?hore Stc[
toe? light battery with the horte? have been land
ed. with several "piece? of larcer caliber N'eithe
Dancan'l or Taylor s batten,- ha? arrived nor ha
Col- Harney reached here with the '-' I Dragoon? .-?
number of vessel? with troop? and ordnance, whie]
were due a week ago have rnrt been hea^-:
It i? ?aid that lien.-ba? been cut off from tin
city with about Soo 9 men He was down oppoiiti
the fleet at Anton Lizardo. probably thinking tha
the troop? would land there It I? ?aid that ther
are only about 1,300 t roo pi in Vera Cru aid ti
The bark Tamaroo ha? ,uet been tamed to a r..
?mon convenient tor landing the ?iege ^uni w tl
which ?he ia loaded.
Cam? Nx-ia Yxxa C'mz, March 1-, Mornn^
I wrote you a huty letter la?t r> ?
?iKirt account of the movement? of the 'lay Alte
It wa? closed the Kifle? under Co\. Siu-th had 1
brisk action with the cm. my ... which the latter
after a partial ?acce?? at the cruet, were ?Virai
back with considerable loe?. Thi? ?aanta?] tkd
line ot investirent?inane Ave oa ?ix aaaaa
tent?w.?I pr ihabty be com
1 do not think, from all that I can lee v
that Gen. Scott will be able to plant hi? batterie*
for ?everal day? to come and until he can make I
good ?how he will Bat ojhi. Bptm the town at al
When the bombardment dot? commence it will l><
in earneat.
At the magazine, which wa? captured day be>
fore yeaterday, a considerable .|uantity of ammu?
nition was taken It *M evnlent.y ot Knelish or
American make, at it wu labeled " abort range.
'Ion? ranire ' ato, A-: in good veraacn:r
Mexican? managed to get otf* the larger f
their ammunition, and it it mw carefully itowed
awav m?ide the city wall?.
f^y? Cap?, ??kmrt?, re* mm ?
?aa tiitins (it 'he fmi <-/ <i tree at the Um
The h.ii carru'd away almott ha entire
head, took off the arm "f J Jrummerboy and round
td a Corporal eVtiJV It had gone entirely over one of
the /VniwyIrania Rerun ''?d tht
?pot ichtrt the htivtbul unfortunate Captain urn
Capt. Y'inton of the artillery ha? been ordered to
take up a poeition at a lime B ? I laaaj to the walla
of the citv, and tina be ha? effected without ioea ?
Anticipating an attack upon thi? point la?t aagaa
Gen Worth went oat, after dark with two com pa
i nie? to ?upport C?pt V but nothing occurred -
' There wu ?orne little ?kirmnhing at the dUiereni
ot as vet tarifa
eetW it is m
that a : which went f
?til of S|
rie, aawell is vithi
All tl - . -? 1,,-en i f
tired i i - ,. I) if
' ?
? (he IMVr
<<en Tv ?them si
F the cil ins in captar?
' .in- in tl i- Id Ura^ooi
i,', i to ad
on the afl . ,mw spec)
i 'e hs? probt rk toed in Amen.
Itt line tin r -, oM than ?even
in waa anxious
be Brat?the) pronged tato m water want ?le?
Stir? n>:
rash wi
' --? and hu
?uradea ?till on bom
and meanwhile ti
totora of
who witnessed il will e\.-r tear?*, tl ? landia
y\ by the Mexicana ?hd ?** ?pi?o?e on, is ?
great adva
The troops, both Regulara :m<l \ nlonti
?offen narchii
bn>?! ' it will
ra win.
I h\ c fallen r>' oh I : too, to a i onttnai
mur baa been hear . ? ted wit
?V. h..
I' .- -\ if ., V, hi A '. *ny (
ICIO? M>irr;
At :
mj < i ? niv fits
in the Cast!
?ky at timf
wn? completely lit np by 1
? nil short.
In ! polled t" ?
snaiii ' ardent duty
i to itnk
; in the > o? i
til ?IOH*. OK Plllil IMIKtT,
? ICI at in >:.v<
\rr:\'I ??r \ nlniif err-, nt HrH7u*.
the mouti
and'- having l?fi that plena enifjr a
the liiomnv ol the Uth It Wii re|<orted in Mat?
asoma lenthad take?
p!a. ?? farai ? m irom Canaan/ kd
: HRK? and - 1er Cole. Cl'a
naaiDui i k Urron arts* ?Maotadl ?rU
looa 'I his ioi t aeetot
entitled to cm-h ????;'. : arrivals las
e\ening from the Brar.t .? . i . ??
The Mexican army at B lesM V'sta I a? been e?t.
mated it 13,000 U I all
. . : ? I I'? I left .-Jii Luis prevloU:
? Auna, published m thi
Repnbhcaiio s.me lime aco, amounted t.
and it ia a I I nta Anna col
eis whole available tarca to attack I
flu ' arrival? at New Orleans a
| late as the tCth all < apt I."wd. a? the Sd Artil
lery. ha? been relieved tr-m tl e oonasnaa :
) Brown and ?et irn? home on ?? ceint of il.
i are ar-ivin? tt the Rrazot in gOI
? numbers. Two companiei ol the North t'?ro!mi
! regiment am?? ed on the "th inst Bad three ..n the
? -iimpaiiie? of the Yinrina raaji
| ment arnvv nst. aaatking eirht or nin.
I Cornet! * eeiment which have -cachedtin
' acat o! war. Three companie? ot the Maaaachu
?,>tt? -? the 1 th ?nst. being ondei
the cnaaVat* ' ' *' :uiPtlicr rested
>.; day
liable authority aa>? th?
, Matamore? ? att tn*t there ar<
* m lull re*
! In? avtncii al oaVen after th* Bret day?
i ment, and that a retreat was then ?trenuou?fy al
\,- aj
Before tiie batt.e commenced, the klexica -
lav or woaid r*tire bet?re theii
i vastly sup? rior i.umbers, and that in his retreat
j they '
! whicl ? I ?almost sts
Find: ? ate, and .let
! tor '.heir eatable? w:th the !,
? ttinttT a datai
i them, and deemed it ?.. -
Colo.-.? i 1'irtm u.a.-ch t-om ( ama/?o. to offer
teat, I rrea. ssys the F ?* app- a:s :
, ha\e opened powerfully opon that General with
| out r;?km* a battle, the ea.iint Mexican. I
ISytOa)ch<:?t?n troops. '? all dressed in \tll
I ?kin." pr?cipit?t -ly retreated towar?! T lia Pa??
For Liverpool ?Th. i Hibernia left
I tbii port ?t 10 rain?t?* p?*t 1 n clock tbit afternoon, fur
Halifax anl Liverpool. She Is crowded with p???*'"
ger?, taking oat HI te Liverpool aod ? to lUkUx. It
offleer? have pven up tneir ?Ute room?, yet ?ill m?*y
?pphr?ril? for berth? Have b*?o !
The Hibenii? r*rr.e* not abuart SOjOOO -l' '? ?*J ?
large quantity ot now?pap?r?. .E-.Hrt Jour. let.
i III ?(Hi: OK Watt.
Farther Particular? of (tie I.nie ftnltle Mflsjak*
ment? ol the Kival Forces.
rmiro?. Tin ?at
? 4rriv,si \ e?
sr?. brought
verb?. t that Sen ! rre?,
?a ho had occupied tl
C irt.s. and ;
The follow. tened n a ?lip
... .
? ?marfu and V ? ?? J|h In?! ?
-? wa* ?!at:oa-d at
Carawrgn ?t tr. ? ittsrk
? h? 1?bt !??:?
?< b'. n met by ?npe- ? msi.
ased : ' > ?a* in an un
p.eataat Lb. m in? sekb
waa eneourae-d by the tim?!y ?.J si <""i Dr?ke
who 11 mmeneed ? ihirp rire \iv a Baa enemy's rr?r.?
As ?o u *s tiie Iriag w?? boor
at* .-turre *n,i ast?ete? a at C
Drake which mtbW them I
I'rre? ret i ted the line ri commut?e?, i
tiou? on i
It i? rspnrtnd that (Tea. Taylor h?d reached M ai
?n,l waa on hi? w?y to firm:. ?
tu open the communication between the two point*.?
I Is nerely ? rumor."
arrived oaneetroaaasvj tritm the
knee? an* o* lefi there on the 17th and. a? ire could
not sacert-en the correrme?? of tin- abosa) nanee, we
?re .nruned to .,ue?tion it? ?uthenticty ? Ikongk
< .rti. has met with the force? under I rrea'i enmniani
there run b* no doubt a* to tlw result.
i'-tv* fter*.? Along tba ssbesa one al ska
Gr?nala ? f ?solieilisa yei
rodtngonr nreeoa and Whrw-eattstnmi sojourning fare
r located i m?ny point? of oecnpstton. in
snatsrireenee ol the |?as iwsrtosta new?, [n Tex?? also. '
?rh . snd triumph <'x*n
em; 1'aylor seems to r?v? pu' uiecrownm?; stone to the '
nona n tlii? War. ?nd is cited by
ur.to'd thousand? asIba pride and riory/ol onransy
ivTFf-- tai ? We li i in iba G
an ot the 1-th. which r-sme tn hind by the
schooner Kairy. lume detail- of the lala nght which i
kaw not tefaea reached an. Than/an bnatasta
true, and we *ee no n ??on tn doubt their ?uthenti.'it;
in the ?btence of ike expect inatekee ireaa
f?en Taylor. notwithstanding the statement? published ?
pitne0oi Li m nklek ???n?raelad se]
copiously yesterday Illa there stated lL?t the Mexican
Killed ?ni wounded wh*-4'CO men ?nd Ijt
priioners?among the latter Oen. Mejia and their Adja
i?nt QeneenL
The discomfiture of the Mexican? i? dearrtned a* com?
plete, and the fugitive* are repre?entrd to b?ve been
pursued by our troop? a? far ?? atgastaM m?e?. ia tome i
? l'ii Taylor, during the bittle ?. nt live hundred ?
ohm rtmnd to ocrnp*/ 'be p??? in the mountain*, la
tiie re.r ot the MaorlCM army, .^snta Anna, with
B ??? the OH) t.. retreat, and had barely
time to esesjie this detachment. The temaindrr i I
th* Kesdeaa ?nuy. by the aeeonnts. were hemmed
in on tl.il tide of t!i" Pa??, and rai, only effcel their
?tetwarea ??. beside ike dUaeelty
, --? m?UDtains. tiie desert lies
beyond theni in the direction ol ^xn Lui* I'otosi. with
ont water or other ti 8* 1 I ?? betue-fl "id lie*
? ? ? ? ? .n use an no
t?ini s?nete t ... ,,,,.? ,,, |gj ,
after kas ? ? ? J ???! eeraped rrnaa their gu?rJ
PtaraTCttRS.?Tkree ajeaiean?, employed In rxrry
iu; dltp "I-?t ,,ii. .r.-a ??? point' ?bOVO, have
bei n rtnlurid ?nJ e ?? a. Two
!? tut leree, wk? were employed m Lu in?.nit tiie news
> re killed en the way.
foreign Iieins.
Il ?tAMI I Ol I. I II PlHI ;
.1 Ceaamaaa ou thi
February, a fact highly to fee credit of the pre?
i-i.t k.ii^ o! Iranceanj ?..s Minlsti r?? thii. wh
preama b?J been s
batead u >t*;th*t4iiJ.iiii fee ??rttiut reeesvadbf Lert
J.-i.n Raeaeil ?? t. ? eatactive h?rv. ->t ta ter ? ?? I
Gutzotsnd hi? Colleague? bad bought. In I.me. not If?,
thsn two million? of iiaarters |eighteen millions ?>
I] of grain, and it wa-? so ataaagi -I that not a man
w man nr child had oi'-d in Fiance otstarrati ?!!. Sever?
to B
I [rom ?heotoai waatal .mm nd u i? stated
that such is ? -'tibulary ofltjee
at Datte.
im?H Paorararoas?White Americana, an,
Irbauaaa hi Aaaaaien ?re enaartteltog with tr?i!>- Catii
iikii hiHTKiity n. the reMet ot aka etanatata <.i Ireland
and the .-,? .tub fti^hUnd?. Mr Itoebuck h?i ruiii.iilctl
ti.- team <u Cumin.m? ot h t?ct ronr.rnicJ Ly th.
D?bita .". r . a I many other hub journal?. " thai ver)
Baal 'rs ni Irit'i .snded proprietors both rcsldeu I
and non reetaaal had nerei contributed a halfpenny to
the r.'.iel ol foa paar, ?eaTvhaj people" Mr It. ?In
therfact taatsrhQ? the property and In
ri and Scotsmen 1.9 taxed dir.-ctly
the rich proprietor? and i.lle : wenlihy rcn of Ireland
are enabled te Jra;u tint oppressed eeaatryei it* re
marean and aat taxed at aH 1
m'iTimii or I.a* 1? u [ulabb la INI the
population of hi) t'nfons nut ".IT).M? and the area ol
lewd ta,ta?\aaa eeree. J i.e i:uni'?.r oi psweoae holding
luotownln,?; land vrai ?>l,i);t",. or with their famille!
nearl) ' the number occupying em ?nan
oa tr.ss of ground, Was il 40T or with their Itmiliei
IM paraaaa
An bUM I.''vit Ilot II ? The DaMhl '
thus ieeeribei the condition "i the Peer Howm
- k oi last February In Honi-Hou??
admit.. I ? '...'? birth? .'.?total 0,78g."~
D ? barged M dud, c.mx iiundikd and laaaraaa
sick in Cork Hnaptal tKt; outdoor patient? I
the Sunday ? pefeOM d.ed.
1. VMM oiti-i AIP TltaAjrta The Loiulort Muni
IV Chronicle glssal the particular? of an interview be
tween Lord J..tin Kusaell and ndeputation ni the Catho! e
Clerjy of Ck.yic, Ireland, at which the very Rev l?r.
Collins stated thai ?? mutual distrust rxiat?. which pre
vent? the estivation of the ?oil. The ?trailer l.irmer?
?ay, ' Why should wo cultivate the ground when the
-1 will seize ?II the produce ot the harvest for the
rent ? We have not seed nor money to ply for labor ?
If we tiad our labor would he of no use to our (?milie?.
Soi m. Omraa ta i. ? ?- -The (Rom tell? u*
that over So^OOIpereeaa ?re piuper? n-.w iutnate? affee
I nndi n V. ark Houeee?OO'JUOare .- -.- tdeOrre
li,?_anl from l l"0to ,'I??) who ?re 1 ine'ess andino
?-. arc nightly ?hrlu-red trom tlie rail 'without
refuge?" set ?part for tl
dealt, by cold hunger, and deficient cloth.ng.
hot'cjiTioN ok Tin: ?AII ?In the militar}
tournent cl !'rus?i? edueatlrm 1? furnished by the State
grstu.to isly. I r ?1 P?rr: ' i to ?end their
children U) school are titled, and. II p> or and unable to
pay? tine imprisoned. 1 he Mate declare? itself the
natural guardian of the youth of PruMia. ?nd compels
al! un 1er It? control to take advantage of it? educational
?'? ?hi ??> halfway. tndt..rni?h the free
?cooo!. England s monarch? bave a !??<?
'.1 tu attend the law-established
Church, but baa not enforced It much tince lfl8f.
From Soarrn Amiro v.?Tue Herald is indeb
ed ta a gentleman of ?hat City for tl.? followlog intr!
gene from Montevideo
Mcntividio. Jar. g
w7a have ju?t receised inform?t!', n trotn Kn/and thi
? Bpeessl Minuter wa* to have left on the 4th of Deem
b?r. to ?ettle th? difllculrie? of the liiv.-r ?nd raise t>
bl'witade. bnj 1 believe the settlement will ha anythir
tut favcrable for Montevideo, den. liirer? ni* b.-eii ;
. ?y since I !a*t wrote you
I after u?took Pl*?ndu.the French Battletttnaj
be had witii him became so lotubordinate that he wi
compelled to disarm them ?1!. to prevent their depredi
tiooa i.-n the inhaljitaata- At the *?nm u'me the hueu.
AyiSMI ? the town? of Menudee and L?
Vac??, and then Pitendu?Rivera retreating loto th
country and *>ihee<;ueiitly reaching got iiepartment ?
Mx:dr..i.i? Mr*. hUveraleft hat easbea*] m rttaath
?n i arrived here by water ImI week.
Cattle an' becoming very ?caree, and will have to b
brought (rom '.te Uo (st?nde: ??ato io: the city con
Tbe bark* Koealb? ?nd Muon Ramey. Capt. Scott, o
New -York are chartered tor the BratUa, and expect t.
return here within forty day?.
They were both chartered by L? tor?, the greet ?up
porter of the Montev.dear, (;-,vprmnent. lor the lett rW<
year* : and if we ein ;odge of peace proepects by bit
operation*, they are very remote.
I have ;u?t vuitrd Bueno? Ayre? where everything ii
?tau^oary. waiting the open in*' uf the port
There ?re *ever?l American vessels in Uie:'?IU*w aru
Carenado, but no freight? at high price? can at presen)
, be obtained, and all interests appear di?pn?ed to wait tks
re?ult of the interveetloe.
Rijumsamli Pn??o3ii:s .? ? Lutevenintravery
extraordinary ?t*te of electric.ty exuted in the at
moaphere. A driving snow ?form prevailed, daring
wfa.ch there were load thuader-clap? and ireqeeot
?harp :U*h** ut l.i.tn.ng. AU;at 7 arelooh ? ?J*h ?nd
rep irt. similar t-i :n?t of ? pisvJ. oeenrred In the T'-ie
grank office. The instrument waa, of eooreo, ieepe
rative. and we received no communication Indeed
we did i?ot look :ur aey beyond Unce The w.ree and
post* of the Telegraph ?re proetrated by the worm toa?
unprecedented extent in the eeet nert ?'. the ."?t?te. The
SOS atienes al thunder tod ?b/htntag In the midst of a
Storm we do net recollect upon ?ey fermer oeeeatot?.
1 ?aockaater ?Uneriesa- W ?dneaUsy.
FaiSAV. Aprfl i.
tTP - oar aw*/? papera to the Poet
-?ttrday morntrr sre reoived the otaetel ???
?nraneU that -'?.?? ??su'a* ?or ?? ?ear ?>? autW ?War*?? ?s* ?Jt-?
kad no a.tns (n araW Uea ra ' Thi* )* ?bout the COCSeat
i ?wtnd'..ng by aataor.ry winch he? esrr
conie vndi r our notice, itovemme'nt proasitet m iva
vey new*pspert ?rcn their puMtaiier? t" thetr ?uS?v :>
er*, an4 forbid? th-lr tran?mi*?i.\n in any other ?ray
and then ?>ry coolly refuse? to do to. beceeee it 4e? ??
f an individual coetrs-wr bed that failed to
fu.rUI hi* agreement, the law would compel him to do ao.
pey daaoaajoalnr hi? ti?ure TV Qsw*sroaoenl U
W? uii ntbts ?eciant ha? renerally tvlt-.ter'i
' ' irtm.-mly ?crupnlou* la per
?miui.T tieneral.Mr.
? v emirert? hi? impunity '.nt^ an al
* -vner. r he ?ce* At W* do
??nenth?? ever been worse msn
?fed th?n t'n? I It iVrta.n;y enr new?pa
p?** were never tvfore left behind, tie- !a<-k ?f <mw? to
r?rry th, ?
W" onpa M' J ?'?.neon sri'l take the eartleet opportu
ii.ty : -,nd ?i wxe-? t. r the ma.l servie* here Meaja
time our subscribers tnust !>o content eith thts. nuroety
vin? them with our psper, whjrh
the;, ? ave pa, I f -, The itovernment f. rbid* oor Mod
hjg th"n outtide of the ma.; l>ag?. and ?hen tell* ?? it
ha* no bar* to put them in '?Has not our worthy l>ep
uty i'o?tin!ist''r ?u*hor1ry tofrncure a few* bat*, and
char,?.? the rtepartment ? Courier .\ enquires
We coincide with every word in the abure which re
.ate? to the general nunafrm nt uf the Po?t OtBee D??
partirent. It could not be in a worse condition. At
ment there ?re al leert one ktrndrti c?r< ?W? of
newspaper? kjttg .a the Office her?' fat want of the oe
oaaaenf bag? to d,?patch them in. The whole iteue of
tosna paper? ha? already been waiting a week, and may
n St ?*' K-nt vi f.>r ? week longer. But the f??lt t* whol?
ly witii the i leneral Otare at Washington. The tost)
matter of thi* City r?ve timely notice ol the appnevh
ing de.'iciency tf b????. bul no aaweaaeaa w?? m?Je u.
supply It Dishonesty lu the management 4 puhtte
aaUaa 1> criminal but ?tupidity and iirileet ?re much
more vexations
Vkrin U ot F.sii'.RANrs ?The gsjlsjsjrataj it tiie
numl**r of patteuger* arrived at thi* port ia March,
rn n c.v.ati'.rtu.n and iFraaa Sweden. liki
Ireland.I ,- ?'?i From other port?._H7
i'rum Kr?r..-e. Ul| Tot,j....23?0
A?s.vi v.r *vr> Hutkkt.? Lawrence Whitner
wa* *rre?ted 1?*' n!,ht by officer? I.c?m and Rent of the
Third Ward for a virent a*Mu!'. ?nd battery on the per
?on of Phillip W?!U. He wa? detained fbr examination
HmaWAf RoBtKKt.?John Matthews aaai Smith
Corey were yesterday arrested by nttVer? foetello and
Henry, ot ?he ?sixth WaH.chnrsjed with !tn< ?eking down
'Dg Robert Hickey o( a gold watch, valued at
*?o. They were detained tor exaunnauon
Cr" James Juild wat last rdjkt arrested by
i fleer Corneen, o? the Fourteenth Ward, charged witii
Stealing two kilts of mackerel, th. property taf I'aker V
Archer Ho wa? detained fur cxamluaUna.
Petit r.sRi iNirs? Mary Connelly wa? vest, r
d?y ?rretted by officer rW?m?n of the Sixth' V. ard
rh?r?red with ?filing ?10 In gold, 'on the Five Poluta., '
'.he projierty.il James Oonnolly I'nmiulttcd lor trial.
?ar) Jsne Lawrence was ?rre?t<d ye?rcrday by
-i kutaa ? ' ih? Sixth Ward, charne.1 with ?teal
Ing atable cloth, tin properly of Margaret Devta. H-ld
to answer... John HJkrf WM arrretM tall eighth* ortt
reeaf Ike taleth W?rd chiirged wtintealln,.*?
pair of hoot?, valued at ft. the property ol Kraecl?
Ol atlienuent ln-Une.1 ro answer... Ann
Nu. nt v, as arrested by Ats't (apt. I!ru?h ol the 1'hir
teenth \\ ?id. rharscd with stealing a shawl, the pi.ip.-r
(y of Mary McKenncy ( 'oruuuttcd tor examination_I
lohn Smith wus lart <n*ht arre?tr,t by Assistant Cap)
T>wyer oI the 1 r't ?Vara_lohn ii?<er was yesti'idi.)
arrested by Captain Kiisnrr ol the Fourteenth Ward
llBBrted with stealing ?n overcoat ot the rah? of |lo' ,
the prop....I TaoatM Plunkett, No i; Center market
Pis--.-, lie was locked up b>r examination.
Hpkcmi Baanoai HoahCain?oe?tealine:ava ,
Use and hatea?-, wm ?ent to the Henlu-ntiary lor il days
....Mary C i ihmon lor Coaling a ipiantity ot wearing '
appsre',?Penitentiary IImoiiths.U? I rankhnandjno.
Matthews tor stealing? clock?Penitentiary rV) days.... .
V'-s'.eti Steven? (while) and John Waynes (colored '
( *itn ci,mm It un j lour [??tit larcenies ?ent for six
mouths on each ofteno- . i.,hn Morns tor stealing a
haiiJkerchtct?Penitentiary ^ lays ? Win. Brown, for
atealln? an ovoreoM worth klO from IM?r Bahama, el
- Wei ?t Penitentiary ho de?;?. Harnet Iloraey for
?11 assault and battery on i-ianffi Usoii?Heulten
lisry liO days . . lames Miller for an M?a..lt and battery
on Ann Mab-r?Penitentiary oU days_Atter di-poainit
. I a tew other caaet of miner Importance, the Court
adjournc i until Tuesday next.
Fissmcia?. CoNDtTiov op RnooKt v? ? It ap
p. art that the outlay? tor all the msU-rs ol city expendi?
ture during the last year have been $t.VI W? U'?>, le*?
tr,714 ea\ which was cash m the Treasury on the 1st of
March The city owns a m.alerate amount ol property,
Which ytehi* it. however, no income worth mentioning.
D?atii ni an Antler.?We regret to announce
| the decease this morning of Jame? Pnnje, Ki<| of this
city who ha? ?cmired deserved celebrity as dettaeatoi
o' marine views. He had been ill but a short time?hi?
u.aoaso aavtog been ptralysl? His ? ??? was fifty nine
aad ,ie leave? a numerous lamily tc lament hi? loss.
, lie resided near the corner of Navy ?t. and Fulton ?v?
nue. and his death Is attributed to the dampneas of hi*
dwelling, arising from the inundation of thefow grounds
? hi rlist vicinity?thee, liar hevluif been filled with water
"lerefrom. ' ^_ ?hagle.
Fi** Michael Mnrrv wu ron | I ei by fee ear? of
ne Ttoy and On enbtin Railroad on the *-ll?t .ult. and
' hi? he?tl wm ?o badly cru?io? 1 that he w?? not expect
' rdto live
?ttuul Notuei.
rtr* The lini-rlciin Improved llyxrlsua tledt
cine. These Pills ?re undeniably one of ihe best r.im?
pounds of the day ss ? genera! fam!.y medicine, for ?.I
ministration In all temporary r-.mplalnt? of the ?lomar ?
and bowel?, headache.cold, kr. mey may l.e fully depended
1 upon, and a prompt use of them oc '.he first ?i>"'.?i?r.? if
j lndlspo?luoii wil'^variably save much slclne??. They ar?
pec iilsrly adapted u> all <????? of weakness and gec-r?: d?v
1 blllty?any derangement In tact of the system,and especial
; .y v. tih female?? he-e proved eintnent'y useful lu a.
I :ng complaints, dyspepsia, pulmonary, rheimalicand spas?
modic affection?. Aver complaint?, paipitattoa?. an No
I flrr'ly, ?fW ? fair trial, will remain without tf"W
j General Depot ISO Felloe ?t. 2d - ?r. ?kid ?isoby U'fin,
VI Broadwav Coofc, corr.er Urand and Allen ?la.; Hilv?, l-?J
? Ka?t Broadway; Mra H?jr?w. I ? > rultwn-st. Brooklyn, J r.
' Ourdan. ~r. Uraod ?L Wiiitnisl-'irirri *f T'.Thviaunif
'. f North-'.? eat .Mlniust t oinpeey.-At a meeting
? of the Trustees ut the North-we? l ? ?; -r Mining Compa?
ny, held >t> the ??.u? inst. it wa*
ed, Tba< an Assetsment of Plv.? Dollar? per ?b?'?
? he laid on the Asaet?enle fcock et' said t ooipany. payable
1 on or before the 2d day of May, 1*47. at the office of the
. Company. *i Hanover, rjesr W?.l ?t
CHAS A- SF.COR, Presideeu
| D. 9. H i ar, Secretary.
, New-York. Mtrch 2v. 1317. ? m.11 2awiw
Fuit rot MO LADIES -MRS BAM.M'ha-.-iag ntaae
?rr?Dgenienl? bien large her e?te.',lt?hioeot In llie r.jurse
>jf th.? Spring and Pell, would call th? ettrat'.on o? parral?
??d guardias? to the edvaniarrt oterM the pupil* la this
Irntliuiion, t<>t acquiring a thoroush anil acruteyltahed
ed'jr?tluo The ?emor and Jnai'ir liepartnieni? ?re now
p.aeed andar in? direction ,>f an able pentleman frisa Phil?
adelphia, who hat had rre?t eipeneoee in tn? leati
ef you 9 g lad la*. AJiittor.ai tewher? *r? alao employed
la tbeeeacd the outer Department?, and au wDI se -
to Mr?. Bailey'* -.mntedku? miperridoa. Kvery effort ?*
mad? to render the young Lad lee happy and eoaUMtad : to
Inculcate kind, polite, and ttmithie manner?; and to s'tx
uiale them '.<> snoattatl eteriloe* tn pro?r??t ta their
?tuiilea. by renderlnr lham, a? far a* poaafhle. atirar:">
?ad pletM.iL Ti>e ?citooi t? furnished with ir.art?, nape,
? excellent Pb:.o*ophlr?' Apparat?*, with a aim
be r of dtayram* for the Saadlea of t*>.rne/iniy and Osoree
try. Th? le*t teacher? are etnpioved la the Kreneh D??
pannent. Thi? '?nguac* I? tasgbl daily to alt the pupila,
and, wiibihe Latin, '.a included in the tenu* tor Kcguah
Vocal Mu*lc. both Sacred and lechar, i* alao
temrhl ihruugh.jui Uie. ?rbool, >.y a diaua?rui?had PrufcMor.
? il regular Tarta wlii commenc ?a th? 1st of May.
T'.-se parent?, i*)Wevrr, who m*y wi?t? t? p:..
dsusViieriei tins in*uiuiion '..tint* that Dm?, w i,l find it us
their advantage, at they will eater lue elees?? new bear
ir.?- fur '.he Spring ?nd iVi aimer.
fenn? and farmer particular? may be ascertained. either
by poet, or by peraooal explication tn Mr?. BaisT ?' >f"
real lucre, I" Carroll niara. Dleacter-tt,
asiB ?uwMTuThe.a?t?w uip _
LVs.>HLi HOAUUIMi.-t Mi??##.-fh-^.t^rn?
r ofMr. and Mrs A-SrlBfcL ?< LU?*? *^?T?"/**^
/er H**t md H.rU WUi commen?a StA P SU. Tbl* School
l? located In Kent, Litceneld ?Tes?'/. CoaB ntr??e?ly on
the ira* ut ti? Hoawau?*: JseJlroed. 5u rnLee aorih of
lirideepon, five hoe re-fitefrom the Ctl* ol New-Vov? -
TOe Dumber of putt? le *?'"?? "' ?f** *? thu' "n,,t:
lac their School u,T~^ ??? ^"A^fALi
etrirtly what it essaSjeee* to be ? Family BChool wtere
nart* n?- ?hii *? aodar the<r . ??tant rar' an? eer*r
v5e?i^n>i? will be filled for tm.ege, ot their ?tedie*
?d*oied ??????*???? ?*" amr r***?? ?? v' U;T" i""*"
?uri?iu. ClrceJaramayhe had al Shoeerd'? Rookeioro
^Bsoewwey. Toe Pnir'.pal will be 5 ?ew-Vort from
LhVt?sh to um? 3UU of ApriL A e*rsoo*l huervtew may
M heal hy thoae who With it, by ieeviag their adir?e? si
4X Wees W?e?t??>loo piece.
Btfrmat? Miae ruMrn? M. 8 aoc ? na, Sfjrleetith
at>| M'. ?nd Mr? CsusLrs leMtncn, Leoos. Mae* .
TeaeoeKr Sen*, wit?., tfea. ?4 W?! sl . Dr. Kim
r?*rv, <s* Llbaity st, Koocana Scimwick, 12 Weet
Weehlng?ae piece._??tt lesel'
MK-lis. til lili-* A < ItKhK ..' -???wed
their school to (he comer of Fouith sad kt'Doutrel
ata. on n/tetttngtno srpare. The tehoel roanu, i-uttuue en?
htstroedon provided h?v? been designed (or ? htgh order
of ?ducation tn all the aWeaftmeets of jsreadn and youthful
[?ernrag. Tke loeotiu? l* eeetral and peaaan: an i eear
sA eeeeee front ail pena of the city. The ?caoo: m t*w
open for the vUUail? of 1U friend?, and thee? ?rbe ???tre
? pittt lit vae edestUtft 3f tkelt sou. at? tinyl'
W**TKD-irwo ktemtoflbnafeaa?. amate toa 4M?
\,HU*! Bch0''1 *** aaoteer for (be pr?*?ey deaari.
?/???*?* l?? t-oioe Wtt/irt g,*,,,,; ? ?iJr?gisi. New
? ?'I'? J&ZL' ^Jf* fc*"? *ted ?nal ?? the letter ?*>?
An *ii.TiioeOosi of eaadtdate? ml of >w?x*oe?ale win
? i-^-*-^?w*e?**' ?*aee m fteey-ei Barbo?*.
ssa?nlTBfatk?W ^^IKTToV ) er Tre?teee.
iswtaoi yeaujf w-oswsu
and welter; e ?Wry r.
uulag to the conn ay fur the ?eaaater s?sts?e pisessnil
t em ?a . . ?? k-.; n. *a H? '.?1*1. ia the rear. *
eetvee calle two day?._ _ajfc*
WANTKeV-By erespsctabt? girt.? miiieUea wpsss?.
e?ok good washer and 1 rower or gees??. a>i??s>?H
er 1 he? good city referatxe. Apply 1st Atoe et, U ta?
ram a; tv
A.NTKD-rxmtiie? renaiwav-s ?are? ?amwal *~i
.ot?|.?e?,l dovc.seuc* w?U ricnsaewedf s. for ?til n
c.tniry. ?t the office lis Utsjad-et. eesv tee Bowery
mol V_'_J WiTT?.
WAN Veils-A ?unailoo a* | 'alai i ik. m ?nasaas? -
aed It-iires?, by a yeeag woaaaa with good refer
-???i; ?. _ su*9t*
Ws vf KP-Ar.>e"isJt^a7?wf^.iim?>ts?< "? ?
ai ? ' Broadway. ?.'!??
rpo TILAt UKeU?.-P?r ?ese a rloerUeteg Fees?e
I - ? ' f'irnllure.aalures and goe?l w',!< os*lls pee.
?eal aaecser Possession ??vea tue Ira of May T
?ocre tsau?u?oa i? le one u? the must destrabe locenon?
le the e'.:v. and u> a ktdy quelrted to teach the higher
?rsneaee, and readari a ?rhoot. thU it a rare eraorwnilf
It require? two female teacher? v-otiatastiv la school. be
? .1? s-?i?;s na Terra? cash ?a Je.lvery of the Seheol ?
Addrees T. P Trieeee Office, rating where an teteivtew
?ay w? tad. _ ?tat at*
TUTKACHKK!*-" - proprietor ~o/ a large a, '
Jt anerisfciag hoarding and Das School for voevg ladle?
i oeeted us one of iSe prtss.pai riuee ef New Serery ) raeros
about to r?rm?ulah the charge, n would !<e dtspoeed ef
upon reeeotiabi?. terme. The?stueiloo I? deniable aed U*
rent of the batidla*? mod?rale. Per particular? addresa
A ..-u?ui? al UieoaVeof uua paper. re*? ?V
Ai;KNT?s W\NTBD-?or~?he \W?ti e?*~wd
oserai artl-le that can he ?old ? every fswiUy ka the
I'mon, sien of enterprise aret raislnee* Ulms can mat -
i-. : af -c-,Tear. C ALDKN, 117 Pulton ?L N.I.
A . eiiers :uu*4 be post peiat. _tan) 1??*
A?. 1TI t TIO M W A MTK D- B y als^seml?? PrTT
teetaal vouag w osean in a private family a? caasstber
mald ?nd waiung or nurse, liood rirv rcA-reece eaa be
had. P eese call at Mt Sixlh-aveaue. Nwtweee PlrVeeso..
?ad Sl?tee:.th ?a. ai tl'
?iTi ?TION W?TfTf iV-By a reapecuhle Prv"
i <> ?< woman la ? pr?vate family aeeeeh.
washer and ironer, or laundress, 0o?d city refeesuce ran
be had. Please apply at Hi ?uni-?ven?e, between Pu
-.ee.uh aod 3l\te?ill: ?la._aJ ?I*
SODA V??ST?TM WA>Thl^Any?sr???jvi?er?
_ goo.1 led? apparatus to dispose of. with all the uXWr?*
,f"ri.iir, g*?ometer, pump, fountain, fce. romplee, may
bear of a purchaser by applytngu? A. B. h U. BAND*.
aJ It* lie Fulton-?? cor. (,f Wllllesc
PHART?N WAMTKD.-Agu.id sobsUaual i
hand TbaetoQ wanted lnmic?aieiv. Address Boa a*
r..?i OflSee_at *??
?oorbing. _ _
BO t K 0 W'Ac?TBD-Penneneni boer.1 by ? fenT.ly ?<
three person? In a respectable house in the upper M"
of ihe city from ihe 1st of May eett The? will eemilre
two good WiliiMBS, whu-h dwy will rurotah. The vtclntty
. f I ? -i.-n ?.|iiare prefer?*?i Beet of city reference give?
?ad reuulred. AddreM, stating term?, Ac. '? lloene," el in?
otflce of thl? paper._mdl Ittv
ItOtltD WS.VTKI?-' f..r ?.?nlreins.-i wlfe?nJ gs?
I'vaiiL An ?ufurn?died fr?t room oe ?eeood floor te Uie
vicinity of Broad w?y and Bleeeler su or pel of a hous?
at a moderate rent would be remad. AddreM. ?tetas?
term?, which mutt be moderate fro other? will be an
?wered I u> Family at the ornee at The Tribe?a, al dt*
BOAKOI.N4J. -Pleasant ?pailiiieni? tu be let w'Ui
board, m reuilemen aau Oi^ir wlvee-lmsaedtately ei
Irosa the rir?t of May ueit, at 1? Orchards Oood reier
e'ices ?xchanged._??? ?w*
BOA Kill Mli wTih"privatefsiaiiy Ap'pty a* a? MeOou
Kal ?t^_??y? \S
BO A It I) V '<r ^md?rnei"end Vnd^??rar Hklfee, "oe in
<ie ^euuemen. at ?i Ea?t Broauway. mg^liutr>d^
?"jK>Tl.lTv?.?N and hi? wife or iwo single genii?
men m?y obtain a pleeeaet ?Him, wlih hoard, on the
..-??.."if rl...r. by applying at N \Vhlte-tt. NI. Nor?
icovtl on the Hi of May_ m?? la*
KaOJIN.l aiahed or u?f?ral?he.l,"wtih bre?kiketand
i?a if required. In? beautiful location near Bl. John'?
Talk, to let, i>y s private family which doe? not rea?ev?
on die 1st ef May a?mr?oce? ??changed. AddreM t
?: i.iwer FMlOrtice. ?1 ?f
A> OI NI i HAS ? wie a ?malTfurniwed resite? wiiti
plaee, In prtvsle family, or where Ihere ire but
few boerUers-" tho lower pen of the elty prelwied.' -
PleM? a.ldr?M P. II ?. TrtmtBO CsVe._a??*'
AllKNTI.rl.tlAMwIhUwIfeaod osm. ortwosAagle
genllemee ran have full <w half board, te a pr?vale
family, In a plswanl locatl.a, hy applying at ?? Omttrttori
O I.K.T WITH BOARD lo ? gentlemen and wire
m in a ?mall private family, a pleewat froe? rooes, bw'
rm,m tnd clo??t-?llu?lion pleasant ?l?ge? paM ibe deo?.
Apply ?t VI* Heveetk?!. >1? .
TO I.KT- KI???jo furnished parier?. wltTTbed-r.??)??.
to single geni lernen, in a ?mall private mady, 74 Oreen
Wl. h ?t. Refernice? rr.julred. '' "
I'll VtMC HKI.T.
gtJTThU llennllfiil Inveolie? la beginning lu et*
Ir?' inch marked neiiie ainoug lulelllgant [diyitrla'is and
?clemlfic nieu tener al I y, that the following deerr'ptloti
lakeu from Dr. CHeism's r? eot work oe the Medical
Application of OelvenUrn, It I? rbelieved will be of lotere.t
to the public, -?penally the ?mined
' In si ne disease? of a very ?ever? character, and of
lon? ?tandlflff, the power ?* applied by the Qalvaolr Bin.?
i? i ?; sufficient t., arrest ih? pi igre** of dtaeeei, and am
meiely to restore health. The Improve? utodlarailoa of
the ((?Iseole Belt, entirely remedir? tbl? objection, a?/
degree of power that I* required CM readily tie ohiaiaed,
end no complalut which the inytterloti? ?gent ..f Hal van
Isin ran affeci, will tall to be permanently relieved. The
(Jalvenii- Beit 1* ? boeutllul ln?t?nce of art, aiding eclaoc*
to produce the hlghett beneficial result?, and II le believed
that few l'"'ention? have ever been eu peifecsed end *u
kT'-nerally ?urmsaful In their effect To tllutlreie It? u?e
ajppoea the raee of a peraon atTtlcted with Indigestion
from ?ny of It? various i ??sea -he compiti?? et distende 1
si irnacii, owing to the produclloD and retention of rertal-i
liaeae? , ,.?.,i In that region; general depreaaton of spirit?,
and so on . in ordinary caaee stimulants ?re taken, wblrh
l>y their erllon on the n?rvea and muerlee of Uie atome. I.
?nord temporary relief, but which leave die naileoi lu si
Worte (late and with injured faculne?, uf>i the action
ilms rxriied he? ceased. Now rompe-e thi? with Use saf
nrr'resulting from the application of the Belt Take a
patient la e ?tete similar to that we heve mentioned?tie
the Beit r mnd the body, and near the ?totaerh In the man?
ner moil i inventent. The beat end moisture from tiie
?kin will act m the po*ltive ?l?ment of the Bell, therein
"Selling ? fJalvenic ?-'irrenl * mcb will < x*? on to lie i ? ,
! thence beck egalo to the positive, tbne keeping
up a r .nllnual de'.tnlr rlrC'iletior>. Thus the moats
vere raaeaoT DVKPFJ>8IA ?re errawnraii? osrsst by ?in.,
ply wearing Ihe (?elvanlr Belt.
'* Thi? compl?tai i? so prevalent, and ordinary remedial
eftbrte ere so inadequate to tl? relief, that It U deetne.1
proper to append the remera* of ?dl*llngu1*tied physicler.
F?r.im?i a HoU.li g,M. U. regarding Um ellees* of Oal
vanlsm In it? cure
"Dyspepsia, e*pecl?Uy when H arle?? from n?r?ou?
eihai stloB, I* more geaerelly relieved by Oalvealtea than
any olfier mean?. It i? well known '.hat medletne? ?elduei
or ever do any good In thi* dleeeae, end It la evident why
; Uiay caenoU There I* an m*nJUtn*i) */ nerve?? ??an,
owing to the person besing eahaetled it ail In thinking, r
i tome other procesa, ?nd whet la wanted la ?lines to r?*r
and so allow ihe (Uimacb to regain It* dee ?hare of that
natural power- or eiee to ?..V? titule a? aruncial power
j Medicine, een aetlher ceil bark the losl aervou? power, or
' give e *ub*rttn<e ? bet Oaivaateta wttl eoeble the ?tornerb
l ni act ?irnos* ??wsfl e? ltdoee with the aervon* p<>?rer U
, I* tuerrfrsre both an em dent and a proper snhstteita. I fee*
coondent that nearly every eaae of Uyapepala, ualeaa the??
ie> ?sractesei disnea? of the akennch, which te eeido*? the
r.aae may l.? cured by ihe tpplkeiloe of Uelvaeiam.'
" l?etele*? innumerable might be given lo ?re?? the
i above, were It oeeeeeary li la eusSclaot m ?ay that o. ?
i?ai /ante Belt is bellevrd to be the beet and uioet ?aVteto
form of application la this particular dleaeee, A ft* du*i
o e/rea umfly tu?tunt fe tradifaU Me disse? */years
ihe physiologieai offeru of she carrent le inte: the Oat
veolc Electric ty the? developed,ecu (though Imporeept
ibly) ou the serve? of every pert of the eiomerh, ?a? ?aove
eeperieliy on tfioea which ere eeteeUel to the dlgee'tve
procree-, the nerve? act on Ihe maeclee. the mueclee oa
ihe ebdomtoal ?yatem-thefood i* propelled onward- the
gaee? expelled?digeetion sffected, end ihe peiteei heppi
ly relieved How beautifully he? each dleaeee htcldeai w
humanity been provided for iiy Hatera'. P.vaav tat??
r . . mi Mess*? svrrais i? arrecvao av OaLvseisa
Tbua the liver eed other organe ?re s?ee?il?lly beoeSted
by thvee oeivaav aptr.ancea. ?peetne, eptleyey, hypo
cSotidriacl??, he. reeuitlr.* from d??aOgOOM<(i 1 Of the or?
gan*, may thu? be rffretuelir relieved end retire!? cared.
The di?tre*?:ng di*e?*e railed 'iver compleiat, tegatter
with lie uauai ecctnaaeloi'-BU of pel? la ihe stoe, gee*?
?1 weekne*?, he. nay be permanently removed t?v the use
of Ute bell, which having an etwet ?pon (he ??Wir ***""??
posse???* e greet advaaiago trvec ?very eeter mm of gai
venic appllcetio?. _
la i>...??s ov th? H?*?v.?vWe*ere'rft*ee?oeids*'.
garou? character, the appll???^ * ?^?J^.'?'J*?1 h**
proved emtemt y ?oeiawsmt **? wenderfdl pow.r ?.
Ssveleped I. alw.y.ef *? moot hersnlee? ueooe ? h hi. I.
1? of C?jur?e eteende? 1? ireat.ag ?" delUaia an organ a? the
Heart D'aeaee?"' ??? rt'?rt u* geoera.iy Ut a Skfrve?.
riearartar ^??"seeeeafly <?me ?oder the pecaller r-,
?teenier ?- Vsntedlol ?grecy of Oeiv^tom The ( '
vantr Bel ?s certainty the SBoeteOataoloe? form *f app:
-? J arteeni known.
^ee?e?rrf DEAPNKtSthe *?>et wexderf-il end ueet
? r.irrs hare Meo ?Mat? by ihe Oalvanic Belt If the
_la of a arrresu rberar^ir the relief la c?at?ia, a^ J
fTthc orgnu be not lnjared there le e fair r tanca of rear ?, r
' II D'flV. _ .
Is *!.i. Ucrtt?! or rea frree the Oetvealc Bell I
been use.! with the haopieet reealta. The inmate eont
non of ihla portion of the animai Treme wit? she whose
errvoua ?y?ie*e, ha* long been noticed, and It le'ht* fact
wnicii causee Spinal CoespUtooi ei * ey? to present e cher
n/ ter ?pparently ?o aaflgerou*, *d hope ?ess ?nd alarm.og
Bui strange, it is Uui xrr$ fue*, which causea the wonder
'.. potrea t? '?? ? ??..sm to be ef ?nth bnmedlete evati, ?ad
m irtf many caeae to bare f>erta*atnd tnltrt mrtt wae?
they were pronounced beyond ihe reach of medic?! art
ani thi* by competent medVeJ authority' The ?eaae asar
be ?aid ?f Hi? Compiesai* Week?ot ef Ota Cheat. Bast*,
he. The effect* prodored by Oalveelam ?re seesfifsw? tu
?tedleisei ?gessey. a? ?re? tiefoto thowe ? bot hew nsSalie
!y i>euer la Uto ?se that meant which le*vee the ratlee*
deeldrd.> Improved,eed withirvcreeeed vtgot?admttkgA.
than lo u?? thoee of which It may iroir ?? eaid-sbat
" The Betnedy la werte ek?e *? df?*?ne.
tr It ?hueM he meottcmew Ss???-J? '^T**^"lj *l
uicdent apon u.lng the OafvaeKJ*'2-*f?^, " ??? bo
worn by themoet deitcase wit* ?*"8*i**2J^??r'?
^ety. lu ???recitan h^^?'?J^SffSL J."
doe* e?t effect n? ?ticary ?s?4 " ??ef he readUy aoot to a
PeTT o7 l^toe?T??" *'-ir*)SU ?>?o??a?ja?t?g U.
pail A v-"MV7erCA[:j?oH.^M
The ?real celebrity eed sty cees of Dr. CHBitTlEh
diiertl?rTeetiee ceueed aameroo? aifatnrx* to taaatear Osees.
4??? puMceve reepectfoiiy r?e?ded tffaieet ail iheea test
unofsw they ?re entirely Z^S^^^Mmtmmim^ ?a
SToely Age*<y hi Rew-Torh for CHBIBTltTB Oeen
iM Oalvaalc and M?enett> Cemdvee Is at
', OT 1? BBOAOWAT, Jj*
retweet I ?n-.i. and Maiden lane. ElPasealory ren| '
let? end the moat eeavabrtag teetim, niai* at?y s.w?y*
aad grau a
No Drug tuKe ui New ?ork wt ! eve? be eilewed to ?
; Di CbrwU? ? tr i?.ra aMT M^ketl '
^ea?"1 r
? ?V J

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