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!?)** ?Va article on Ike subject of ' Oar Land-Laws In
reply to the Commercial Advertiser 1? crowded, out thi?
satwuiag for want of room.
Htnetlna of Judge?.
The Slot of May, the day of out Judicial Election
to rapidly approaching ; and aa yet we aeo iittlo
preparation fur the discharge of it? lofty reaponai
bilitio? In truth, our citizen? wi o manifest a
propar interest in public concerna are so actus
tOEond to act only through their established Political
organuationa. while a far larger number usually
Inn?/? affairs of State to take care of themselves.
thai, in Tiew of a proceeding so destitute of pr?c??
dant as the Election of Judges, the People are
completely at fault. Those who would gladly act
tear to aeem preaumptnou? or meddling, so nobody
stirs and there is great danger that the selection
of Judges will be loft to fall into the hands of the
solilsh and the scheming, intent on serving their
ova ends rather than those of the public.
Bat this must not be There ought to be t Pub?
lic Meeting at an early day to determine the mode
in which Public Sentiment ah?!! be developed and
concentrated with regard to our Judges. We
would respectfully suggest the recommendation of
a City Convention, to be composed ol one Delegate
from each Election Diatriet ot our City, wboshouM
assemble tad nominate candidates for Judges. Ice.
Bat after they are nominated we shall claim
and exercise the right to vote lor any better men
who may be presented, no matter how But let us
have speedy action of some sort
To Ou tioor ?/ Tki Tribunt ?
Oar Judicial election 1? to take place in May. and Is
just coming on us.
Tb? City of New-York is to elect four Bute Judges
or Judges who shall sit on our Supreme Court bench.
Judges ought to be elected without regard to party
politics. We heve no confidence In a Committee got up
by either of our political parties, after the manner
things are usually done by the wire-pullers ?t Tammany
astdNatiooal Hall*, or at any other Hall where politicians
do congregate to settle the affairs ol the State.
A Committee of the Bar has been oriraiiired at lb?
Viee-Cneneellcr's Room In the City iiall to nominate a
ticket for Judges.
This committee consists of eighteen person?, who
are mostly from our most respected and learned mem
bers of the profession of the law, and have been choten
trom ?ear ninety of the lawyers of thi? Ci'y, who have
signed a call for a meeting, and pledged themselves m
writing not tn be candidates for Judicial office at the
ensuing election. We think the committee should he
increased In numbers to one hundred or more, and
that members should be added to this committee from all
classes of citizens. Let our mechanic?, merchant?.
physicians, printer?, manufacturer? and every occupa
lion be represented We want sedate, re?pcctah)e m
tolllgent and honest men In tbl? committee, and If ?uch
a committee nominate a Hebet for Judges without re?
spect to party, it would be sure to be elected. '78.
From Luke Muperlor.
Several of the few Mining Companies which have
kept their works in operation the past Winter have
recently received cheering accounts therefrom
Probably not less than 2,000 tons in all of Ore,
averaging 30 per cent, baa been raised on Lake Su?
perior since last October. Not more than eight or
ten companies have been at work in earnest, thou irk
many more left ono to three or four men on their
locations through the Winter to prosecute explora
tiona, take care of property, dtc. Probably one hun
drod companies at least will be actively at work by
the 10th of June. The far easier terms ssjsjfsrrsjsj
by the Csnadian authorities to miners on the North
?ido of the Lake has drawn thither a yood ?hare of
enterprise and attention, and we understand thai
some remarkably rich veins have been opened
there. Still, the operations on our side greatly pre?
Snow has fallen on Keewenaw Point and viciai
ty to the depth of thirty feet, rendering locomotion
?try difficult and transportation well nigh impossi?
ble- At the date of our last advices March ~.)
the ground was covered to the depth of ?eren feet
with compact snow. There had been hardly a
thawing day since November, though the cold hid
not been intenso, being tempered by the vicinity
of ths great Lake, which, owing to ifs \ est depth.
noror freezes except for a mile or two from the
?bore. It began to rain on the 7th ult.
The ' Superior Copper Company' (Jas L> P Ug
don. Pros't.) which has hitherto met with discour
?gsmouts, and been threatened with the loss of its
location, haa had its lease confirmed, and is now
going to work with renewed energy. Dr. Chas.
T. Jackson of Boston, the well known Geologist
has boon engaged aa its Mineralogist, and will pro
coed to the Lake to direct the resumption ol its
operations at an early day.
The Kmlstrant BUI.
Mr Harris has reported to the Senate the Assem?
bly bill to provide more effectually against the tie
portation of Pauper Immigrant? on our shores, with
tho foarth section amended aa follows, which t
will bo seen, takes the whole subject out of the
fluctuating vortex of City Politics and places it on
high and safe ground, affording Protection not to
oar City only but to the whole State We trust
(bo bill thus amended will speedily become a law
v 4. Wllllsro P Hsvemeyer. James Koormao, Jacob
Harvey, Robert B. Mtaturn, tiullan C Verplanck. and
David C Colden, are hereby appointed commissioners
for carrying into effect the Intent and provisions of this
set The Mayor of the City of New York, the Preatd. nt
of the German Society, and the President of the Irish
Fmtgraat Society ot New York, shall also, severally, by
virtue of their respective offices, be commissioners at
aforesaid. The said commissioners shall be known as
the "Commissioners of 1 migration." and by that title
shall be capable of suing and being lued The money
so as aforesaid tobe paid to the Chamberlain of the City
of New-York, shall be paid out on the warrant ot the
said commissioners, or a majority of them. It shall bo
the duty of the said commissioners to provide for
the maintenant:* and support of such of the per
sons for whom cominutatlou money has been paid
a* aforesaid or on whose account bonds have been
taken as aforesaid, a* would otherwise become a
chars? upon any euy. town or county ol thi? State
end use said commissioner* shall bave power to sppro
pristo the money? aforesaid tor that purpose tn such
manner as they ?hall think proper, having reference to
tato Indemnity ot the several cities towns and counties
of this Stale from any expense or charge which m ?ht
otherwise be Incurred for the maintenance and supp?t t
of the persons aforesaid. And the more fully to effect
the object contemplated by thi? act. the ?aid commis?
sioners are authorised to apply, in their discretion any
part of the said money, to ?id in removing any of ?aid
persons from any pert of this State to another part ol
this or any otksr State or from this State or In assist.ng
them to procure employment, and thu* prevent thi m
from becoming a public charge.
The said curmnt?*ioner? are alao authorized in their
discretion, to apply any part ot the ??id money? to the
parchase or lease ol any property, or the erection ot any
building which they may deem necessary for the put
posse aforesaid _
O1* The Erprtn. having borrowed without
credit from the Whig Almanac for -to the aggregate
i for Clsy and Polk retpecUvely in each Congres
District of Virginia Unding that there 1? a blunder
In the addiUosi of one Dlttrict vtheXlMh^ hatten? to
charge tasat upon the Almanac, although the return* by
Cswucsts from that District are correct throughout, and
ton stogll error to addition was eau*ed by the delay of
the Aisaaaae for '45 to await the return* of the Presiden?
cial Eteeiion, Nov. '44. when it had necessarily to be
Shiran to Press with the greatest possible rapidity. T ne
trae additions for that District are 3778 Whig 3744
teksjsdtotns fair thing to borrow frequently and co
ptoasfy tram s work like the Almanac mtiwut credit.
tam snsn charge upon tt the few errer? almost uaavoid
?bio ha such a work, especially if put to press in a kurry ?
iy We aro indebted to Mr. CtoTks, of the
Sprtngasld and New Haven line, for ? copy of the Bos?
ton Attas of yesterday morning.
Qf Jamks (Jrhs. Esq. Seventh Ward, wishes
to repel the Imputation that he Is an applicant for Clerk
of skis Board of Alderasen. or tor any office whatever
Stiax Conatt'NiraTio.M with tmk Wist In
MM ?A Company bas recently been formed In Charles
ton (8- C ) with a capital of some $60.000, the whole ot
which has been taken, for the purpose of establishing s
ccsnusonicatiiio with Havana. It is in contemplation to
?uild a sentabas boat for thi* purpose, which will also
loath ai Key-West She Is to be placed under the com
assssal of Captain Barknaan. who has been long known
as the commander of the ship Anton, belonging to one
of the Hew-York Packet Linea
Sr* A Cosscord, N H. correspondent of the Bos
ouraal writes, April 83, thst the Merremac wss then
rapidly rising , that much of the work upo? Uuodwin t
Potat bad been carried away and that the cars could no
iosjfsr pass. Much more damage was apprehended
Qr* Tho woolen factory of Messrs. Christy .x
Shaw. Philadelphia, wa? set on Ore by incendiarle? on
Ssutttoy. like ire was extinguished with considerable
toso to the stock
?EHATE....AtaaKT, April 26?7 P M.
The bill in relation to Madison-square, Lf. Y wo ?
ordered to a third reading.
The bill to amend the act in relation to sick and ;
disabled seamen was reported with amendments
The bill was then sent back to the House for infer
mality in its passage.
Mr Join by consent brought in a hill to amend
the act incorporating the Merchanta Exchange
There has been no agreement yet amon^ the
Committee on the Judicial Districts bill.
The bills making appropriation for the Canali
were recommitted with instructions to report sepe
rate bills The bills were reported to the Senate
forthwith, and that relating to the Ene Canal was
taken up and after debate agreed to ai reported, j
Tho bill relating to the Oswego Canal was token
up and pending a debate a recess waa had. The
Oswego Canal bill was agreed to. atso the Black
River Canal bill, with an amendment that the Locks
should be composite and not stone, also the Genesee ;
Valley Canal bill and tho Ooeidfi River improve ;
ment bill
A di?eti?ston followed on a bill for the relief of
Mr. Barms a contractor for furnishing meats to
Auburn Prison?in reference to the character of the
supplies The bill, as well as one for the relief of :
Mr Bradford, a contractor for similar articles for the
Auburn Prison, was passed.
The bill in relation to Railway Corporations was
referred to be reported complete.
The bill authorizing parties in civil suits, at their
option, to obtain the testimony of adverse parties,
was reported.
The hill to abolish the office of County ?uperin- j
tendents of Common Schools was reported com- !
A message was received from the Governor, cov?
ering a communication from the Secretary of the ,
Navy, asking for the transfer to tho T'nited States '
ofthe Jurisdiktion of certain lands at Plattsburg.
The debate was continued on the County Courts !
The debate on the County Courts bill occupied
the remainder of the session, and was not com
The Governor has issued a proclamation off
a reward of I ?00 tor the first person arrested who
wa* concerned in the o'ltrsges upon the Sheldons,
in Columbia On, in March last, and $100 for each of '
the rest of'the party. Also a similar reward for the i
arrest ot the parties concerned in outrat'es upon the
Coons of the same County. ItVsasJ the present
Markft? -The transactions in our market are limited
to the trade. Demand for Hour at 7 7.r.<$7 P7| ; Corn I
in the streets, 'M) et? ; Rye.to} .?ales"4000 to Western t
Hams at HJ, and 4000 do shoulders, "I. Stv.r*?.?Psles
Commercial llana, % ; Mechanics' and Farmers, 126| ;
Csnsl,7.i; ftsfesjk Hank, Iff.
The Western Mail is not in. The Pittsburgh ?nd
Baltimore lines ate no* working.
Virginia Kleetlon?f'eaerrtT
DUt. '47. Whig. Loeo. '14.
II D.W. Boiling. Dromgoole.? Clsy. Folk
Dlnwiddie.12".m?j. ."70 31*
(?reentville.03 M. 83 14?
Pruntwlck.140 226.IM Ml
Nottowsy rst. M ' .1-7 IM
Mecklenburg. 41.1.276 61?
Pstorsjhnrg_.Ml IBB...
Prince (?torge . m?). 18.1311 226
Amelia, np . 47.150 274
ToKl.T??i?d MB....!!??] 2.51?
Maj. for Dolling 23 , do. for Polk 824.
We fear that Nottaway has not done so well as
eitimntetl above, and that Gen. Dromgoolc is after
oil elected. The National Intelligencer of Monday
says 'that the mail-carrier braucht to this city a
report of the retlection of Mr. Dromgoole by a ma?
jority of some twenty votes.'
IV. U. P. Irving. T. rl Bocock.
Fluvanna.BM 145.3n."i JI4
Csustbssrssssi.i or. m?j. .ni ?07
Buckinghsm.371 330.54rJ IM
Prince V.dward.234 '?79.BM 377'
Campbell.110" .P33 656
CharlotteC.il. mij 13.337 346
Appomstox (part). M M-. new Co.
Totsl. sofar.II I 7r49.... 2.566 2.426
Irving ?bead M Clay's maj. 140.
Luncnbun; which gave Polk 137 maj. to hear (rum.
There can hardly be a doubt of Irving a election
V. W. I. C.oegin. I.V. I.eske'
Amherst. 16 m*j.451 461
Albeinarle. - 537.\H<t 7(?
Bedford.3V!U ? .941
Orange.279 266.BM BM
MadUon. 90 577. 65 512
lireeii . ?0 306. 6(1 300
Mm......170 m?)._..443 2i'l
Total.1.793 1,6.-6.... 3,117 3.193
Qoggtn's majority 107 ? do lor Polk 76.
VII John ' Jont ?. T. H. Bayly.
Aecom?e. m?j. 354.Ml 47.'
EUiabstbCity . - I.IM IM
Northampton. . '.v ?? .J40 116
roth. 15 .113 109
Warwick. P " . 67 V4
JamesClty. ? ' .103 39
Willlamsburg...^. 4 " . 66 50
(iloucester ....maj. .233 Ml
Charles City. 81 " .202 43
New Kent.... 30 ? ~~.. 20 msj.
Total.....22U S56 ?743 1206
? Bayly ahead 136 . Clay's msj 537
Mathews. Lancaster and Northumberlandtocome
in which will probably increase Bayly s majority
|y Whin Delegates gained in Gloucester and
Elizabeth City and Warwick reported loss of one
in Charlotte do gain of in one Buckingham.
VIII W.Newton. R. T. 1. Besle.
Caroline. msj. 43.476 463
? rue .IM 112.165 117
SpotUylvnnis.367 4J6.4 Id 442
King Wllliim. m?j 200.109 Ml
King A- Queen. ? 70..2S0 Ml
Total, sofar..4*1 861.1433 16e7
Clay in the Ui?trict M Bcale certainly elected
The Philadelphia North American has a tele
graphic dispatch from Pittsburg stating that I A.
Thompson LgsM? ha* been elected in the XlVth
Distnc' There is also a Telegraphic report that
Hawkins. Whig, bas run out \Vm G Brown in
the Wheeling XVthi District Some pspers we
see put Hawkins down as a Lsjgsj Poco but the
Richmond Whig classes him as a Whig.
' Member? of the last House.
n?" ? Baltimore Haut News ' is the name (.f
a very neat looking I>aily just started in the Monumental
City by J Adams. The paper Is devoted to I.occ-Foco
ism. and in his manitesto the F.ditor say?
" Believing that all men are rVi-n frtt a\d M , ,
political truth, we shall ever advocate those doctrine*
whose tendency 1* to make ibera ?o in fact
Now who that has never read I.oeo-Foeo newspapers
or know* nothing of the tactic? and gull-traps of that
party wi.uld possibly guess that, after getting ol the
above nice bit ol incendiarism, the F.ditor of the
?N->ws' did not manfully stuck that system which, in
his own State and City, makes merchandise of a por
! tlon of those very people, all of whom he tells u? ' sre
| born tree ami equal.' but Instead begsn to talk of re?
strictions upon trsde and monopolies thereof 'meaning
I a Protective Tariff, probably ) as tbe grest evil to be
| combatted ? Of course. In the estimation of this Repub
i Mean Editor, the robbing of a portion of his fellow beirgs
' from their infancy of every right common to roae_of
subjecting them to s lite of unrequited toil?of mental
; and moral degradation?is sot to be compared to tbe
? atrocity of Protecting the Industry of the Country from
; foreign competition by wholesome restrictions upon
I Trade ' Certainly not.
Gif H'i ?ton?Thi Mevica* Wir-Gen.
! Houston was at San Augustine Texas, on his wiy borne
i from Washington, on the i9th uliimo. l>urinr the few
. hour* he tarried, he delivered * short address to the
people. Alluding to his speech, tbe Sen Vu.-uttine
i "?bleld " observes
" He stated that the commission it Major lieneral In
I tbe Army mvading Mexico was tendered to himself and
j hi* colleague. Uen. Husk.) but both had declined its
' acceptance. His own reason for doing so wa* that be
! differed in opinion a* to the proper plan of carrying on
j the war with the officers who would have been bis
1 seniors lo rank, and he would not assist in carrying
| out measures directly antagonistic to his own judg
I ment ' _
The I'mtid St\ti? a?jd Hssover?In the
! "t'nton" ot Saturday nigbt I* published a Proclamation
| of the Prenden! of the t'nited States announcing the
! ratification of a Commercial Convention between the
1'nited State* and Hanover, which waa concluded on
: the 10th dsy of June. 1S4?, between A. H Mido on the
I part of the I nlted Stales, and Baron De r'alcke. on the
part of Hanover, and the ratifications whereof were ex?
changed at Hsa irer on the 5th of last month. The rati?
fied copy of tbe Treaty brought to this country by Mr.
Manr the Special Agent by whom It was negotiate 1 Is
published at large In the " I'nion."
QP" The Richmond Enquirer states that Mr
Washington Ciroenhow has declined the appointer? ot of
Consul of the 1'nited States to Bueoo? A y re?
To Wbioi? The Whig? of th? City are can?
toned ?gainst s person calling himself by three or four
different name?, who has been collecting money under
false pretences for ?? The Ashlander?. ?The Society have
never authorized any one to collect any money for them
whatever The person sbovs mentioned Is not known
to a member of the Society, and will be proceeded
against immediately W J T CHAPMAN Pr?s t
0?o TaTLoa. Rec. See. X Y. April M, ?
..mtinn-?ted |
Lecture? o? A?jocutiot?Mr Godwin s lec?
ture, lut evening, gsve s clear and impressive account of
many among the slmoit numberles* institutions n'W
grow??; up In civilization, based more or less distinctly
upon the principles of Association of Familiei i
tve I.sbor snd Unity of Interests. After noticing the
evil* 01 Society, snd stating that st this time in i
there were fifty million? of paupers, and that pauperism
was increasing more rapidly thsn the popu'.st.
wss only perpetuated and ?ggravsted dt charitable relief,
and speaking of War as s axed snd inevitable fact in
Society as history testifies, and touching upon some
other of the gUantic evils that sfflict the earth. Mr. God?
win wilt on to lay that tbe eiacient csuse of nil these
suffering? wa? tbe hostility ol interests, snd consequent
selfishness essential in tbe Social Constitution itaelt
snd that they could be removed only by organizing in
society tbe Cbriitkn principle of onene?s sa inter?
est*, making mankind practicslly s brotherhood, ?nd
l.ringng tbe ind vidual into sccord with the geners! good.
Hut while pol.ticians and lesdert neglect the sjpsj
tion? connected with thit fettering ma?? of mitery ex
cept tome ?ggrsvstion of it a* in thecsseof Ireland.
for?es it upon their notice, there it an under-curTent by
which Society is constantly brought nearer snd ncsrer
to the principles of organization advocated under tbe
nsme of Association. Thii point Mr Godwin illustrated
at length by tbe molt striking examples, which we have
not room to ipecify. He concluded by taying that
whate rat satgM be the virulence of the foe? of Associa?
tion or the weakness of iu friend*, it wa* certainly de*- (
tined in the course <?: Providence to be the I ni venal
condition of Human I
bMM??u?in? -We took the pnis? y????rw?y to <
ascertain from the officiel document? the total immi?
gration into this country thus lar. for the present year,
and the result is as follows
Prosa January 1, li-17. to April I
Steersge passenger?.
Cabin Passengeri._74J
Of ibis number 17MB ?sWi srt.vt 1 since th? first day of
April. A* the BSSJM 'I tiie year is now approaching
sjrbssj the a: ,n ordinary seasons
great'y Increases over tbe Winter months, it is fair to
calculate on IM or 1?*XBM ?I th ' MM number
year IM
A Kliv Mr. Hil. y ,,' UM 1 . ib Wvi \
has in hi? possession ISM rem?in? of a marble statue of
William Pitt, which onr?-ornamented tie front ot the
Oovernini r.t 1!, .in Wallst when New-York was un?
der I'.ritish dominion. Tbi? long lost statue wa? found
in the relUr.if a sjjsjsj in Water it. ?here it wss left
buried in rub'itb. on the r? movsl of the residence which
formerly occupied the locality. The owner of the land
bought the itatue. after it had been for a long time !n
the handt of the Corporation, and ?tt it up In tbe ysrd
of hit dwelling. Knowing Mr. Kiley's paition for tuch
antiquities, he presented it to him. on condition that be
should pay tho expense* of it* extrication snd removal
Appli? Stand??The Oommnttiml A I
say? that after two or three notice? to quit from the
Mayor, served upon the dealers in apples and other
small wares daily coDirc^ted about the Post Office with.
out the desired t-rlert p- lire < ;''.,?? r? were tent to put
tbe order into execution. They were met hy written
licenses supplied by the Alderman snd A?.??tant Alder
man of th.; Ward authorizing the partie? to occupy the
?ldewtlk? with their Hands The (' imercial says that
these illegal licenses wen- not furnished without equiva
lents. Such Initancc? "? petty corruption tbould be in?
quired into by the proper authorities and punished
PhklnoLocy ? Mr Fowler's private lectures,
will be commenced on Tuesday evening. May 4. in Clin?
ton Hall Those desirous nf joininc this cla?? will do
well to obtain ticketa ?oon. For particulara. call tin
Fowler? A. Well?. Ill Nassau-st. Perhap?. It would
be well for unbeliever? to acquaint thcmielvet with thi?
beautiful SClonen, whlcl w.ll at once remove their *kep
ticism. and enable them to participate in iUolevttlng
tendencies, as applied to self improvement.
Free Bath?, for the People ?We have been
?bown a plan lor the erection ot publi- bath?, at a low
charge, for toe accommodation ol laboring people and
other? ?hi are unable gg p?y the price? of the present
establishments It is designed to petition the Comm' n
Council upen the subject TLougb ?JSS j>?illtular ...
rangements proposed do not itrike ut a? good, we com?
mend the idea to ceneral circulation, ?heap public
bath* would be in every way a benefit to the community
Death* IB the City ? Dunn- the last week
the death? were of Men. B9 Women -
Total. 389 !7 1 the?? were by consumption. lb! by
typhus lever and .1 ' by inflammation ol the hin?? Mors
than .ine third ct th.i who'..- w-r i IMroa ..nder live
yeart. Two huudrtd and fostl wen- Atnericsni
seven Irish and thirteen fiermans twenty two were
colored penotii and sixty nine wire inmates tt ?.?b
lie institution*.
CoHKECTluS?In The Tribune April ft, it wss
stated that Dr. Pasta Ouuraud bad been arrested on a
. charge ot having fabricated and published a certificate
! In favor of a medicine which he sells. We undentand
that the charge was an erroneous one, Dr. (louraid
' having received the certificate in question through the
1 post without any reason to suppose that it was an im?
position at it has since been ascertained to be.
fjy The House Carpenters Protective Associa
tion held s meeting last evening st the Hall. IM Woe*
ter sL The meeting was sttended by s good number of
substantial mechanics, snd was ably addressed by Messrs
Vsn Amringe. Price and Commertord. The object of
the Society namely, mutual benefit, it a good one, and
we commend it? principle! to the consideration and in
tereit ol laboring men generally.
The FofvruNS?Tin- :' jnta.n
hat been perfectly dry lor about two week? past
No loss. Too ran en.ioy th? sight ol the rock? bett. r
than it the water veiled their besuttes The people who
live down there and can contemplate them every day
are to be envied.
Goon KxtvpiF?Mr Joseph Davi? ol Morris
town. Burlington Co. New Jersey, ha? Uken from the
New-York Alms-House within the l??t three month? no
less than'J?0 Irish and Carman Immigrants. 1. r whom
be has found employment smonj his friends and neigh?
bors. -
T> etf.RAPHi. <i Wit?Tic ?tenlay
speaking of the Virginia l'.lection declared that ? Ironing '
was In iu opinion elected, probably meaning
The f.rprtu may however have mesnt to MM in iu dry
wsy sbout the ironing the l.oos have received in
that qusrter.
EfWMI Brit K.'N'.rR?? These favorite? have
?hifted their delightful concert? from the Tabernscle to
trie A;- la whir.- th. y p.-r: -?-. e.,ry: -Ml ? v?.. |
It it reported that they wili chime the Trinity tower
bells on the night of the illominstion. next r ridsy week
Tremesdocj Passsoe froh Alrast m Nrw
Voax ?The elegant ?tesmer Roger William? arrived
here yesterday afternoon at H minute? to J o clock,
hating left Albany half-past It This Is the quickest pas
sage on record.
iLLiJujiAnoji ? The public illuminations and sa?
lutes on account of the victories ovsr the Mex.cena are
to take place on the 7th of May
William Strut.?It is pmpoaed to open and
extend this street In a direct lice to Chatham at so that
it shall then be of the uiform width of 40 fe-tfrom Wai!
to Chatham st
UT Among the many places of fashionable re?
sort open for the coming season, we take pleasure m
. noticing that of the Yellow or Cheater Springs, near
: Philadelphia, advertited in another column. The esub
( lUhsnent U under the direction of the proprietors Dr
' I.mgea of Philadelphia and Dr. Hoffendall of Boston,
who hav? made, in connection with the public house.
j extensive arrangement* for the hydropathic treatment
: of such patienu as wi?h to try that system The great
water advantage* of th* place and the beauty of tbe
country will, no doubt, draw a crowd of visitors and
! when w? mention that one of the bu?JUgi i? that which
was occupied by Wathington ss his headquarter?, snd
another one as hU military Hospital, while the army
was at Valley Porge, during the Revolution, we asms a
locality of national interest
EpT Kev Mr Headiey the well known author of
N?poleon and bj Ornerai?, has become the editor o*
1 the ?krUtia* Parler Magaunt in thi* Cirr
f^P* By an article in your paper of i??tn ma
headed Quick Trip, you do the steamer Aid?
in;??' ce.and tn. ."tv > esmer Meumo'a a
than justice. The facts In relation to the ease, of ?
?o much it made are m follow? Tbe A'.id? >ft A'
10 minut?e afterthe Metamort. and owing to the m
wster. 'her boiler? being new ; they foamed ?o ma
tc m?ke ?t neeettiry to werk the engine clou ?hi
Thit is the reason why ?he did not pass the Meui
On the passage down the Alida did not average 1:
per minute, when ber u?us! number i? 2T1. The A
often claim no credit for passing such a boat i
Metamora. and only now notice your article fror
fact that they he.iev* thst you would not willingly
your aid to deceive the public The Metamora hi
the wharf here 3.S minutes in advance of :be Alif?s
t?? ?a?fj passej the M. lo mile? up the river, ot
this side of Csldwi; i and on Friday up. tbe Meta
,-? - min .res ? head rt the A and the A Brat*
minutes before the M The Al'.ds is in no Han, h
independent beat and only asks tsir p'ay and co I
- P. ?
ty* Tlie kiarm ot tire about ten o'clock
mgbt wm s faim one.
B hi. - v-rRvfN?President Jackso
the Chair ?Ttit i'.oard convened last evenin.- st
ant to adjournment.
The committee to whom wm referred the pet.t.
the Hudson River R?i!ro?J Co reported in t?vr
the (' impany to lay down a double trac
rail? in one of the Avenues to Sixteenth st then ?
West-st. to Co. motion, wm lai
the table and l rd"rrd I
?, ifly signed by Cerme?a, pri
that the ?? oi the proceeding? of the ?
?Mm I published m the State daze
A r? solution wm adopted in favor ofdiabandini
. the m-miers to?; pr.vii?
jjining other Cjrnpanies within two months.
Report in favor of appropr.atlng ?717 :'. rthe psyi
of claims on secount ol Common aV iiools in the
ternth Wu
rt in favor of l tticsj ?Tinker ?-V
account of expens ? incurred by him in hit delco
art. I.?id in the tablo.
?t in isvor ? f making an exchange of land
passai I .t auti.-'i./ing the paying of ju
r tttasndanM Km pted.
Resolution in !?vor of c?uaing the removal of all i
? in ilroadway from Battery place to Fourtw
Report -.nd 1 - favor of appropriating
a hccountI ? (
hool? Adypt. 1
:t in favor ot ?, -on sec
oi the Mmt-iJouse building. Blackwell's Island Ac
Alt.-r disp? - r.g ol some other papera ot minor col
:.f I". >ard a?ljoumed.
Boaj "- ? ?/'
o-"! l..iw?rJ Q nwny. tor a-'
his sooosmm
i iog ot Me*?rt Byrne, Msd-iv hn I Bsntth_By ansia
btiefca ? - ?cw..r?. To C
?. Roads ... i>> soai
1 of p?rt .- Pier No ? I .st 1:
i house, i .- ai
?JskantAM Dansjlkaftj to hare the sun bata
! and Warren *t pier? excavated, with ordinance Ad
! cd_By Aititunt Aid Feaba.thatsankana
i wt-nty l.urth and Twenty IiithsU adjoining Beta
?venue, b?- r.l.e! up To City laapector.... Hy Aa-i.
I Aid. Byrne, of hmastDrow.l rP H I North Rl
1 (iranr.-d_By AaaiaUnt Aid. Meclay.| f Mr? Loral
Mid Mrs l.amVrt in relation to the renionatranc
Thomas W. Tanker, one ,,i me Traak ? tot tne ?-???ni
Retreat. To tie Sp-clal Ci mmittee.
Rrporit ?i )f the ('. mmittee on Police, Ac. In favo
remitting fine 'o Wm. OnAsB Adopted_Also
paying bill of Wm F. Bell tor medical service. Adof
... (o Con.nii t? ?? on Wharv.a. fks). in fsvor of grsn
, - '- th Kiver to proprietort of steamb
; t-snta Claut an 1 Manhattan. Concurredin_Of G
Pan ' s. in fsvor af granting to Tlmmu lie
exclusive use 11 pier No || k to'ofl Hamilton I
ry. Adopted_Of Finance Committee in favoi
r aarti ?? ? ?t j. ? ?. rsaa mai
astoatod Of i ?aaaaMakm on l.andt ?nd i'i i
in favor ot granting permiMion to Herman F.tange.
Boelely to ? oeawy Court Boom '-?t H*ri. m Adopt.-,t
<n CommlttM on Roads. 4<- that a sewer aa anil
Twcllth at. from Avenue C to witl.o
??vnue Adopted ..Of the Special Committee
favor ol huilding ?bed lot boatmen at tv ?
?iiver Adopted_Ot the Commute?- on Law?,
rn-monali/e to alter the City in-p so a? to close Bfc
lourth it.between Fifth and Sixth av. lor tne erecti? i
a Mato ?naanl Adopted...of the CoaualthM
Laws, in favor of concurring to pay George W. ^
?ell Henry W Merritt. and other Police m?
tratet extr? lor Sund?y serv.ee?. A I . ? I
<jl the special Committo.; ?uatnat the paaaagc ot i
act giving to a private charitable ?oclety any portior
, the fund? of the Hearaen s Retreat. Adopted_('<
; mun'.cstion from street Commissioner, that $7iX) be
bad to defray evpente ol addition to pier I
, of North Moore-st Adopted....Ol the Committee
?h at between Filth and Sixth a
' nue? be regula!?--1 fed a iopted.
Rttolutimt ? By Aaaistant Aid Smith?That Joa?
Yeomant be appointed ln*? tons tor
ioirtii U.stri.t Ninth Ward. In place ot A Van Rip
resigned Adopted.By Assistant
That a.1 the paper? portainmir to regulating and aett
curb and gutter atones in Fortieth street, between I i
and ,-ixlh avenuea.be taken from the CamankMam
-, Inwlnj?. *?r>"'r?.-l?J- ' " ? >b .??.._
and referred to the Committee on Roads. A.c Adopt
_hy Assistant Aid Mullin??That the awning pc
:n Catherine atreotbe removed on or before the 1st Ju
next. Adopted ... By Assistant Aid. Webb?In favoi
atkafJ | 9. Wandell tor pav n,? Broadw
between Barclty and Chatntert ttreett. with block?
atonet. Referred lo Committee on Street?.... By
titunt Aid. Poiigherty?That an amount similar to tl
paid tor the portrait ot Mayor li<ran?sjfSnT be app
priated t-.r tho BajraOM M procuring a portrait ot
Honor the Mayo. | I ajdjaj
lamam ?In relation to addition
aewer and pier loot ol Canal st Concurred i i-In
. vor of disbanding Kngine ( o No. la, and selling Kn?i
knd Ijigine Ho is.' Concurred in-Same m to
gani/iag a new Company, lo i>e locab-d in house ot !?
I ... ?ame a? to repairing papera in Register i i M
_Same m to depositing money? to credit of Board
Kducation_Same M to petition of A ?aakBTTtusl
have quit rent released... In favor ot releMing Pet
: Valentine from contract tor ?uppliing freah beet to t
Alma Houae. Hoapital and Penitentiary for IM1 <\
curred tn_To relieve .lanet C.ark from nseutiion
"tun Ataettmentt. ..Th?t Av?mue B I
!??-en Thirteenth ?n I Eighteenth tU be filled in ai
? ' -iiin?tee on Streets... Same a?
otj between Ueventeentb snd Eighteenth ?ta si
: i.roadway_Un V
' -'. I ?eorge the Martyr, tor a conveyan
? of land. I"
? V? ^t> B. Aator, lor a conveyance of a part of t
The Board then adjourned to Monday evenir
; ? o clock precisely.
rOEBT.? A std abottl 'Syearsol
by the mime of EAaajfyj Ilevit ?hose pstet.ts reside
B- klyn ye?urd?y ?Iternoon fell from Ska lourth so
lahnt| of the building known m the (
lumhia Foundry and Mari ne ?hup. in Duane st. and w
i so seriously Injured that bis lire it dispsired ot He w
' conveyed to the iioapiul.
aralaint was prafstrrad ?gamtt
prisoner by th?; nsme of-Wstkins. fe> ? tn.ad
, meanor in doing business under a tictitiout name <
firm Mr. W having ascertained that a warrant hi
U-en Issued, appeared before Justice Osborne yesterda
afternoon, who directed him to give bail in the sum i
|.to>J tor h.s apptrarance to answer. ..Wilttam MeC?
and John ??rant w ?' bte arreat. J by offics
I Iha F >urlh \Sard. charged with aasaultii
Thomu Bast and ?rts?, a: MtjBf own hcsana,
with ? sheath knife I ai I BjajM detained to ?nswer...
Cstnsrin? Barr. Indicted at the lut term of the Specu
-eit na. ! .r keeping a d.?orderly house, wm yesterds
, a Unch warrant be officer Ivnni
Ion, aa for h*r appearance_A compla?t
was lodged a few days ago by Me.sr?. A. i( A P Sand
druggist?, corner ol Wi ,:am and Fulton ?ts. against Ar
- Jr. and Henry W EaoMOB, JruggiaU :
Water st chsrging them with counteifeiting t?
? and selling a ?purious art.cle for the get
uine Sands ? >?r??par;:i?. The accused appeared [a th'
Lower Po.ice Court, and demanded an exanunatlor
which will take place tomorrow.
? - j.e?terday a
the h . us- - - i.reenwicb at reaid.-nce of Niehola? ' i
?-. up-m the b dy of William R. Ogden a boy i
years o'.l. who fell from the b?ck ?toop of the hou?*
Into the area a dittanee of 12 teet Verdict decoaaec
came to hi? death by falling into the are? from the atoop
Coroner Walter? ye?terday held an inquest at 41
Weal at upon the oody of a boy named William C Ver
plank, aged ti year?, who fell off a ?cow. upon which h<
had been p'.ey.ng, into tbe dock at tbe foot of Perry ?t
and wm drowned. Verdict ?ccordingly.
Arrival, af Produce. dVc. by the Vn-I orU
and Erie Kallree-d. J >'. cierksea, -igrag.
Rtprttd tftcumUuftr Tkt Sew- 1er! Tnb***
Mobdav. April X. 1M7.
Per bargt Hrnru Suudam?Ji tubt r utter 1 bbl eggl
-a ASTrim ???iubt butter ?r.rU do J H Brown
40 ??bl? ?our, C S Roe-, IS tubt buiter 2? eaivae !' i necu
j bMkel?. tapi Wood. J bbls whisky, rUaik 1! tali
I buuer S calve?, Capt CaldweU. JS tnr? buuer 18 calvee "
I ?beep. 0 A Drake. 51 tub? butter I bbl eggs *??! bag? grain
' ?I calve? I ?beep.Capt Hoyi, li lube botlsr 12 M -
2 h?? egtj? 4i* c?,v#e Caai On?w-jld. 6 tsbU Sour. Terb-in?
h Turner . 1 box good?. J LeSeru k Co i 2 boxes eyiMe
Thompson k Franklui; 2 do Van Antwerp k Hubbell.
Trade af ibe lladeea.
, rVtdWr earn Cansare, Mrrcsasadir? ?rrtrmg tt Sem- Vtrk.
Trmj and ?rw Tom B?t Lt*t?A C Tefi?B-trg,
AJ? C Tmjt-?to Mis ?4 bf do flour ?0 bush midd inga. T
M Vail: 54? bbl? Aostr. W H Moore. 7a do A C Tefll. CM
b?f* corn meal. } Kricaam k Sob: 7 bb:s Mina, Wallace
a v* 'cks. II bx? medicine, owner 4 bx? ?ojaarm. Chart a.
W ilson. 1 bx do Cox a. Marshall
Bargt Kzcktmge. Ronkrtnt from Ptugkkitpiit?ZSOO
buaii oat? Hue do corn 25 cattle 3 row? at? calve? 16>
calva? l t?i ?Mae Su boah pouioe? SO hag? fesd and meal M
ions pig :-on 40 pkg? buuer 15 bols eggs l So bade? bay and
straw. CepH 40 ?ales goods. A Wilden, r htiadalobta.
// Carsenisr i Co'? Lbu?Bmgt Sttftrior. UaltuU?
100buoau??0Mil?ry?n>iir5?0pkg? batter 5 bbl? r?? aj
calve?, C?pt: k bxs to bUfood? '.9 h*to ?fg? 15 hit Vtoi
?5 bdi? paper 15 cattle W taVg. to vtHona aeratana
Smmntt Wm. Y*t%g. ?santas ISM Huh eon 13<0 do
?S?AAaaSM 3",P*<? ?uimrSabbU rye Boor 2? do
?taai Ao ?C btSI? Hate ij raid? COealvea
Thi a?xt - ? ralsal s a/tna sjptny Iste'y
arrived at New >ieaa? from Vera Cnii. are of opiihio
that ' ?en !*cott will be prevented from marching into the
interor of Mex: sa farther than the highland* ot Jalapa,
by the ?pproach Of the period when the term of several
volunteer regimenU under his command will expire
? tho?? term* will expire before tbe Snt day of
July, when the men may re?nlist or noL If they ?hoo*e to
return borne, the (?enersl w-.i! be underlie necessity
of disbanding them, and providing the meani c convey
lag them to their homes : snd this duty t? might be
ca >d upen t peri irm st a moment when it would be
extremely inconvenient to him snl harsrious to the
?rmy. It Is the pert ot prudence therefore, tt' rernun
?t Jalaps till he receives reinforcement? from the 1 n.t
ed Sute* r: >-n Taylor i? ?o far advanced
march a? ?? r?nder a -?ncf.on with him f??y and ?ure.
(1er T?y' r at II the *?me sttusti. n. The chief ?art
of hi* force rrn?i?u of, fafsmteer?. er.liittd for twelvs
month? ?nd though tieir term* may m t expire io . >on
S* tbote . -v-nU unde- Ooo. B( ?? yet
hi? ?Itustjon w Essnii st Ssn
? *i. cr in the vicinity of th? capiul of Menc
? volunteers f'.aime.l their di?ch?rge and no
troops st hsad ?a replace them. [B. O. Courier.
Br*" W"e are very sorry to learn, from a corres?
pondent st Allen t Fresh. Md that the elegant and eora
modiout d??::mi . i (".,i Willi?m D. Merrlcx.late iena
- .. *. wa? destroyed by fire on Thurs?
day morning BM in?t with about ISH halt si ;ti val'is
ble contenu The loa i? mederately estimated by Mr.
aaawriek himself at between seven and ten thousand
dollars, upon wl ? ti nolnsursnce The fire Is
believed to have originated in pure sccident.
Nstional Intelligencer.
Thing? in Philadelphia.
Correspondence of The Tribuno.
riIII.ADEI.PHIA. ft] ."il M '-*'?
;? open the sTt - ". du!.y But
few ?aim SsTSTS ?nd dealer! not being sbie to
come to term? between |*i 19 and $7.
Grain 1* involved in tbe common dullness. A small
tale of mixed 1'enniylvania Wheat at |1 W, and a tew
hundred tuthe!? Red at il M, ?nd 1900 buthels I
Corn at H cu &re all the day ? transactions.
Cssra Meal is down to |4 M, and holder? sn?.ious to
i> .
'ind in moderate request.
We are without local news The BsltsSnot
gisph bs* n.t W' iked to lay. which prorokbaftip ket ps
trom u* the re?ult of the \ u gima election.
rtshllshmssit of a ioit
t rSTSJpJ 1 ich'oi?. t i be known a* the Robert Raike*'
Union School?, excite? great interest, snd the plsn of
chanty will be vtgnrnusly earn? d . ut
Bales?o?Broca? ?rarstj k?*?100?SB
. - || ? M . i
! .
Canal. l"i 15Merck Hk. by : MBuaqCanal
('in Bd? - fexsso l If MOtloN
Truit. b?. ?l; K>oo Lehlgt ?- Morris
. SO Morris i , O Nsv
*> liirard. Ill MOO -
OMorristown ?
mgt n i |bnny Copper, Bf; 30Morris
I |b sui I ; por, 9.
- .
-uso, Canal. I?H -'i"i h ?? ,""1*
. -t ;o fnton Canal. 4J -Jitll-ehlgh.
enliany Coppt -
? ri?, h.".. 30; 1
ing. b5, - - _ uny ( "pper. s.l. yi.
t'onrt Ctilen?lnr....Tnii D*v
CiacviTCocar Nos I I ? LOB, ?UJ. lu.?. Iu7. no.
- 1 .il. IM, 133, 138,44, Hi,?S
Common Plea?.? Nos. M 98,36,37,
n 17. _
I,uw ( ourtM.
Vic? Ciiancet.lob ? Corar?lb-tore Vtce Chancellor
Sandtord.?1) ee i ? i on ? in I? I vo r ce? Jean R Su
Tiit'it aga?ut Euphronn? Suraint?Were married in
;?'... ty Cornelius W. Lawrence. Mayor. Application
for divorce on the ground of infidelity, principally a? re?
lates to persons in the employ ot roinplamant. Divorce
^ran't il trom the marriage tie.
Cttkmin* _!?? fllsw against Wiliiam E .On ?Wore
married by Hev I' 1; ' -ll Have one child.
Complainant left the defendant and went home tn live
with her mother. hav?ng hem indue? d to do so. the
v unk n 1 treatnr nt Mal wa? no", aware at that
time that h.. nai been untrue in hi? marriage vow?, but
...-t-oni- :nt'med of it ti'ice. Proof wm tak.-n Divorce
from the marriage tie
Janr Snuh.'.y her neu ?rl><.d ./-"i II1 ""? ?g?in?t Al
..,,", ?W.-re mi.rn.d by R. v (V 1.van? in -'. [ ten
-,, r IBM ISM awnsj to.'.-'her only five day*, md separated.
She charge? I. t-n tan! with infidelity a* relate? to cer
' tain p?r?..n? r SJSJOsI MvOftM trom the marri*.
-.'/ \/i-.<rr ?gainst Ihtrrw J tthttt ? The purt'.-t
Wr-re married on the nth April Application fordtvurce.
Mr? M. now comet in. asking for alimony, and alio to bo
allowed a tut'.ic.ent sum by complainant to defend the
nut. She i!, un t the eround of application tor divorce.
,not infidelity | BsM States that complainant it in po?
?e??ion "f a handitome property, on the im-omeof which
he Bens?that for aboi.' n mnith after th-ir marriage
ill-) lived tmpp-.lj- IttSJVtSkSr, when he l,.-s-?n treating h.r
ill. ?cl on ?eM-ral occas'ons u?ed violence toward her
so that ?he wa? compel?,-d t.. I-ave him but ?he yielded
subsequently to the wi'he? ot bl? friend? to return,bal
had sgain to lea*-t- in thr.e w.-eks. .-he went atterward
at hi? requeit i.nd *i?n"l a paper of separation which
was already drawn up, ?he having no legal adviser, ?nd
being unable to employ counsel. Order of reference kg
? a matter to report a suitable allowance for alimony
ptudrnte ivr,and wbat sum should be advanced to enable
1 defendant to defend th" suit.
O ther Dec i s 1 on ? ? Hoyara hu Ce v?
j York /V.l. <?<:?:( g>?'s /??"' ' v Iflsitsa ."??? ..<y ?satl SSS
m iravsSsi?, s / IV?naT| Catan h ?Application?
were made and allowed to foreclose mortgage? lor $9617
?nd |-' the i'rote?t:int City Mission Boeie
ty in l-.'',:i and 1834, "n the groundt ?nd church in Van
dewater st and also on the grounds Bnd church in StasV
U n ?t b?-tw.-f n l.ifx and Norfolk; on which Trinitv
bold? ? "iinor tn. ltrrige ?f |10M. In ? nc .t
j the rates two suiu of loreelottire vi ? re .-ntii..! and
i motion ii made tbe coit OStrf ol dm be ?llowed, as two
i suits Wl -.? iii.n .-. -?Hiy ! .
'?on?ideri fr,,m the cireumttnnce? of the cnae the com?
plainant* ?hoiild not be compel?, d to talce the ri?k ot but
Jama U' Hobinton vt. /?aa,; P. Sml;h and JJsasSJ 01 T
"<i$',rt. and j>h'Ts?Th<) iteamboat (uion. '??AJ
ton* burden sj - .'. rlttt-d f-r a night boat,
and lying at the tout ot Harrison st wat lold ?ft suction
under trustee s tale, lor ftirHXI. Injunction wa? asked
tor and granted prohibiting a consummation of the tale.
i Motion it made to dissolve injunction, which is opposed
i Re?ale 'M.-..? a?) defendant? giving ?ecurity. agree*
I biy to tbe lui'geition ot couniel kg bid |boO? Ir tiie
Steamboat, otherwise inunction dissolved.
J ?'<?,? . ? h m 't M sas) ft ai?Mrs.
M. is the widow ot John M M un?ey ot tlie ?i-m .,l
Mounsey ?nd t'o. brewers She claim? that her hu?
?ned on- tii.rd ,.t UM wwery. which ?old for
leaving a ? irphas ! fXjOn over iu liabilitie?,
mtiking hi? ?hare a llt.le riling |1BjMB. She ?tatet that
a certain turn il due h.-r in her own right, cr that of
her child, and aski thst certain expressions in former
lings may not utm her right to take possession
under the will. Motion granted at the same time she
muit account under the w?
In the same rase, application I? made on tbe part of
J?-ne? l.ovftt. f creditor, a? to the ?urplu? 1'rsyer of
petition ?llowed.
Hrract H. fay vs. Btnj. C Brook* md Martin H. i.uj ?
In rel.tion to * cl?im for rent Motion for receiver
Kga.utt the assignee grirBsja
Morr . al v?. Ruben i ,i other?.
?The . i : it admitted to have
rttsinansi may bave a decree esublitbinj
their debt, but st their own cipenie. I >ecree ?ccordicg
ly with cosu to the defendants.
CofkT of Consos i'tkua?Belore .'ud.
?odreA Skancks vs. Folter ir H'"t ? Mettra F. ? II
levied under r\ecution agaist il 1'ullan. upon goods
Contained In store ?)Jj Blt?eckcr it Mr? .- sister in law
ot Mr ! I to own tin | It aad bring* action.
V.-rdict this f iii'iwii ? F'.r p sln?tl Me*?r?. Carey and
Campbell and Meeker , tor defendant Messrs. N. B Blunt
and 11 S. Suit.
CtacrtT Corar?Be! ira Judge Eds
lirotrn vs. J?.? ? I : ' . I Csnsjoharie.
1 on part ol defendant, agreed to deliver for K i li. it th.:
Twenty sixth st. N It. 7mm bushels oatt at II
! cent? per bu? ' - do so, snd action i
rar a I ?A) alleged damage. Verdict thi?
forenoon.?For plaintiffs Mr. W. B. Meet-h for defend?
ant Mr J. Spencer.
Wabd Cocbt? Mora Ji
trd v?. lamer V 0 paw ?Action farbreach of war?
rantee in tne ?*!?? of s thaw! The defendant is a mer?
chant ? ? M and l 'an?.l ats. and sold. It i? a*.d
a ahawl which wm stated to be composed of ailk and
! wool, but alterward ascertained to M manufactured
1 partly ol cotton. It appeared in evidence that the ?haw!
wm purchMed by a young lady a friend of plaintiff, on
! the warrantee abov? mentioned . that on examining it
. next morning, and finding it not to be such m represent?
ed, ehe offered to return it to Mr. Cropeey, who. howcv
er. re tu *ed to receive ?t and action i? brought to recover
|-JJ the ?mount paid. Judgment thi? forenoon.?For
p'.t t Mr. M. ? Bre w?ter for defend't Mr. Gridley.
S'ufusid ilLRLf.R? Wa learn from the St.
I Louis Republican that aenou* spprehenaions were en
; tertaioed at Independence. Mo. of the murder of Mr
Norria C -lburn. a well known Santa F6 Trader.
It is known that he wm on his wsy in from Santa (A,
with a large amount of money . but m bis arrival had
been prolonged much beyond t*-e expected time, and he
had not been heard from, sntpiciont of foul play were
A relative, who left Senta F? in company with him.
is ?aid to h?ve reached Independence without him?
giving out the? he would toe? arrive
fy Conmiion of Stand Judicial /hetrtci.?The
Whig Klectors of tM Countiet composing the new
Stand Judicial Dittnct ?re requested to send Delegates to
meet in Convention at the Orange Hotel. In the village of
Newburgh. oa the 1 lth day of May next at noon of thst
day for thepurpose of taking into consideration the ?p
proachiqg Election of tour Judges of the Supreme
Court fat said District, and recommending the proper
course to be pursued by the Whig? ia regard to it.
JU ciment of ?aid countie? disposed to nominate can?
didates, with a single eye to tarar fanttt rather than with
exclusive reference to Psrty Politics, are invited to at
tend and cooperate in these deliberation?
Committee if the late Secood ."Wmatorial District
QT All Paper? ia the ether Counties cotapoeto| the
District ?re requested to publUh thi? notice
ft? ?elm ?/ JtocA*. |s, sm r<ruru ?a/?.
The Stock Market wts firm, bat the transacts
were quite moderate Tbe ?alee of Fancies were BJa
ed. there being no disposition to ?ell excepting at
improvement For sound Stocks the inquiry wm f
?t steady ratet A sale of Government Bond? 1S56 *
made at 10... Treasury Sota? were firmer, there bei
fewer pressing on the market and sold at l??..
The Bill Market is moderately active tmi rat
arm at 6?j ?rfil for Sterling Some dealers hsve obta
ed 7 tor favjrite Signaturen Francs are I UM *>f
Tbe supply of bills is aot large
The Frfight Market hu still a rather a Jow
ward tendency with more tonnage o?ri-ing than ran
taken up To Liverpool the rate? are 40? tor he?
asada it tor Flour and "Od for Grain. To Ireland 1
? '.2d for Grain. To tbe Continent |1 lor /lour. -J5 c
for Grain and W? tor heavy freight Tbe 1'robu? to?
a full cargo of Flour for Havre at | .
A boot a million and a half of the Cambria i sp
ele bu come here from Boston.
We understate that the larce Washington t
kers ot the lste loan hsve let in to a certain extent son
< t our banks and large capitalists at a rate of premiu
much below the market price, m tho friendship of tbe
parties may be a very pleasant thing before tbe who
loan is paid for. The msrket today wm firm at the
The receipts ol'the Norwich an?! Worcester ItM
thus far in April show a gain of about $600 on tie tan
period of iMt year. At the Long Island train is not no
running the expen?e? ?re of cour?e le??ened.
Six adiitional miles ol BBS Hiirlem Railroad wi
probably be op?med thi* week, bringing the termini
nearly to the line of 1'utnam County.
The ?run of this moniinc state.1 that the not?e i
the State S:sal Security Bank at Durham were und?
hypothecation in Wall st There is not the slight?
foundation for the statement. On the contrary, ever
dollar of th'* notes is in legitimate circulation, as any or
must hav.i known who was at all acquainted with th
condition >f th?- I ncurrent Money Market. The di
ir.tnd for currency exceeds the ?upply. and all the banl
whoa?- not?? are ??-cured by New York State Stocks, i
thit it. could employ profitably and safely double the
present am mnt of c rculstlon.
Tho pad tie an- G i-it:?>uo?l against receiving mut
lated note? of tho denomination of $10, on the Fuite
lajjft New York. They are composed of. in part get
SAM two d .liar biot. and where the part? are joined l<
gether thcio i? invariably brown or new paper pMte
on tho bask M prevent ?utpici? u.
lam l'l.ilaiKlphia LatJga? says, reiiiisylvani
leas were a little heavy in consequence, m we lesrn. t
the receipt here of about $ 100.000 by the Cambria trou
1. M Cootiran has been ivelected l'resi?lent ?
tho Bank of Georgetown. ? C
The Hank ?'I Cupo Fear luis de?.-lare?l a ?run ,ir
nual dividend ot ! per cent.
J. W Dyer lias arrived at St. Louis with uear
ly f.100.000 in specie to be d?-posited in the Sub-TreMU
ry This money bat been on deposit at Chicago fo
| some time, and wm brought to St. Louis in a stearr
i boat from tome of the townt ou the Illinois River. Thi
| OftowaFree Trader notices its arrival there " In si:
i coaches." and seems to think that " specie by the ton.
I carried in thit way. it a very pretty thing.
The followiiiti statistics are from the Illinois am
I Michigan Canal Report
? Total expenditure upon the work, including
intereat by the Matt up to the lime it
was made over in trust to the bondhold?
ers.f>r>,009.1d7 5'
Amt required for it? completion. iilll.lrt) |
Total cost of the work when ?msflsd fT.TIIt.1lfl ?S
j Of thi? ?mount there wa? r< ?lized on the
Mia ot h .mis.61.783 000 Bl
Amount ot ilomeauc indebtedness in scrip.
checks. Ac. |
' The amount of bonds registered is.|J,74!>,I5:I P-'
Th| Report tayt
" Since the recommencement ot thit work, there hav?
been completed forty-two ?ecti ?m, the aggregate lengtl
i of which 1? twenty and ? half mile?, two dama one watt,
wier, three wo?>d culvert?, five substructure? and thre.
superstructure? ?it bridge?. The ?ctual co?t of the tin
lahej work wa* 6177..'In 74. and tbe estimated cost, in
rlutlve ot the per cent???' to cover contingencies, wai
? 179.114 19.
According to the report of Mr (iooding, tho
?gitregiit.? amount of work Hone and to be
done upon tho csnal. th? feeders, and the
hydraulic works, fkd.I1.140.I3U K
Superintendence and contingencies. 171 "-JO y
Total..61.311.160 el
Work done, including above items. h'04.973 17
Work remaining to be ?1- ne. 70?.l?7 oi
At New Orlean? capital is becoming more abund
ant. and accommodation* can again be obtained out ol
door? on lb? tamnl Uiai' Th? banks are taking a good
deal of paper and Fxchsn.e. Texas money I? general
ly quiet, and tbe rate* remain unchanged TreMury
Note? I I ?1 '.'jc. Interest Notes ?Hid? 14c; F.ight per cent.
Bonds l7*Hc Ten percent. Bond? V) a -X) cent? on
the doll?r. There ha? been a good demand for for
tign and domestic 11 ?change, and drawer? have ?uc
ceeded in obtaining a farther advance. Sterling 1034*
104|, Krane* .'. 4.'??\?.7) Billion New York tjO day? 1)
it ~ per cut diacount Chcckauar* i tier cent discount.
New-York (nitle Market... Mo.nuav, April 20
[By our own Reporter.)
At market, 1 150 Beef fettle? | Ml from the South.) 17?.
Cows snd Calves, snd 1000 Sheep snd I.stubs.
Beef Cattle?The number of Csttle offered were hard
ly equivalent to tbe ?upplles of last week, but there hss
been a tolerably fair demand, snd the prices obtained
are equal to those then current, snd which may be
quoted st $7 to I 7', ss in quality.
CVic? and Cairn? Sales st from |15 to %?&9I35. B?
trs. |30. All sold.
Sheep and ?.ami? arrive more freely, but prices hsve
undergone a considerable reduction since out last re- '
port. We quote prices at from $1 '??5 to 12 50914 50 ?
All sold. _
Markets-' artfully nmrnttajm Th? Tnbun*.
Monday, April Ml
-'-Ihe msrketi?quiet but firm. PoU are|59
SIB|. :'".rli b 50. The quantity offering is very light
and tbe operation* ?mall.
ION?The tale? today have been shout W*M \
bales, chiefly to spinners and speculators, prices remain
in; tbe same as on Saturday
H.ul'R AND Ml 11.?Then u not a great deal doing
un 1 the market Is not very firm On tbe spot sales to
the usual extent are making at 7 7." ?7 r?7j. the former
for Troy snd Western, at which they were freely offer?
ed st the close. To srrive there sre some buyers but at
rather low figures. To srrive by 15th 6 Uiij wss bid.?
The sales are IKKX) bbls Gencsee in Msy st 6 50 ; 1000 do
in June st f> 1 v.), and 500 In August st 5 75. For New
Orleans good brands on the spot 7 75 U the 'luottlion
The supplies of Southern rontinuo to lie ?mall and the
rate is without change. Sales 5UO to r*J0 bbls Alexan?
dria and Georgetown were made at 7 44 ?7 50. To ar?
rive loti are . ?;? rinfl *t 7 lily llrandywlne 1* held at
7 M. ?*< r Meal there were more buyer? than sellers st
4 50. The ?ale* resch 5000 bbls Jersey, North River
?md Kr oklyu at I H Ml do at 1 M and 100 do Brand7.
d>w:ne at I 7J. Rye Hour i? ', I'.'i snd quiet A csrgo
-turt? and ShorU ?jld st 17 cU for the former
snd 13c tor the lstter.
1 IRAIS?In Wheat there wss nothing doing. There
are no ?ample? on the market Corn was iu ?mall In?
quiry and tbe market weak. About 15,000 bushels Yel?
low sold at !>4 ?tin cU and MM do White snd Mixed st
Mi'.cu. Toarnvo in May MjBM bushels sold on
private terms. A sale ot MM bushel? Barley to arrive,
some after the Canai opens st M cu. Rye was offered
at rJc without ?ales. OaU remain firm but are less ac?
tive. Ia.e? oOUU to eOOfl bushels st4'J ?50 cU.
WHISKY?There sre few bbls offering. The market
1? nominally 2e| cU. Drudge ?> cu.
HAY?The tendency of the msrket is downwsrd ?
Sales 1200 dales st 561 ? 65 eU.
PROVIdlOMi?The market tor Pork is steady with
some Inquiry for old Prime of which W0 to SOO bbls new
at 113*1.1 IM. Mess is held st 14 75. New Pork it
13 75 snd 16 50 nominally In Beef there Is not much
, doing. Prices sre steady. Sales 100 bbls Beef Hsms st
t-20, snd 50 do st |l?. Pickled MeaU are firm, dales
15o hhds Hsms st 9c, and 10,000 lbs do at 'H eta. Shoul?
ders at A} 97s. Lard remains In good demand and firm.
dales 200 bbls snd 70 tes No 2 at 9faVJ4. Good Is selling,
300 or 400 packages, st 10910), in bbls snd kegs. But?
ter and Cheese come in steady snd sell at high prices.
20930c for Butter. if*Mj| for Cheese.
Oil?American l.lnseed is held at 7597V, Country
and City. Knglitb. 3oo0 gal*, has been *old st 7197t
ct* in Whale there has been some movement and
' M to 4000 bbls taken st 33 cU here snd st the Kast for
TAI.LOW?Sales 10,000 lbs l?ritne st M, cash.
RICH?The market has broken down st lesst 29c per
cwt, with sales 200 or 300 tes for ?xport Prim? U worth
about 4 37j.
LEAD?A sale of .1000 phis has been msde to Covern
ment st 4 3?t for making Mexican corpses, snd 1000 do
to the trade at the same rite.
BUNK?We note ?ales 10,000 lbs ?>outh Be? at 31931?
snd 30.000 do North veil st 30e, cash, for export
HIDE??A sale of 2*00 Rio Grande was made at IM,
. 6 months.
LATH?Sale? 500 Eastern Ml 50 sssh,
NAVAL STOaEB?We note sales 1000 bbls Wil?
mington Ro*ln at 75c 1)00 bbls Tar at $3. and 200 bbls
Sptnu Turpentine st 43? from the wksrt.
f- r.A 1 HKRS? We note ? sale of a lot of 10.000 lbs
Western Live Geese at 32c, cash.
STEARINE? ?ales SO bis White not prisne, at ?t cts.
InmtckmAip^ittarlmm?^frmn ?*a?>t-Ceptain Q |
Mstthews, Mrs Msttbewt, Root Wamnaan. Dr OSUb ry
E Bsnanaco. C lameern c Bure? n W Wedlak? it |
Evtn? M W Morris. J Dangen H Wright 0 B?rtoe W
R Neviue? '/? in the Btoaajme.
In set? Orpkun. from Litmyool- -Stock tonm H|viertoa
and 30? In the ?terrace. * -
In ?Afp A<7a??a*t, Jvwa ?a/aera? L Otsnnme F Q ?.?
nioe. M Gtaanin?* and I. Giannine
In packte tkip Ltrtrpool. for Lirerpool? Fdwtrd Dual
?an I Saloman of New York Rev Thatcher TVy. ?
Rent E Thurston ?if Newport Geo Dowley of Boatoa fj
T Rice of Worcester P J De ?met .f Rocky Mountain?
St M?ry* R P Fenniken and ?on of Penn, ''karge de
Affaires lo Denmark Jame? C South?!! of V?. Rev i t %?
Crowe and family af I esingt. r.. hy TV Kacott ted
family ol I oulsv.l'.e. Ky Mr? Haiderman. Kdw F.vf ;
Havana. Path I'laytair. Tboro m Bankier Mrs Ro ???
IVi-nnistiiun and -J children Au?uatus I.ansjston. Freer ?
River? I. Crochel and family E Kel??r Fr.?d T' rr
Mr Smith.
Ii packet tktp Sir R?hert Pttliir I irerpool -V C }{
New York. Isaac T We?tervelt do. Mr? PhtlUp? tfa, Mist
I hillipe do. Jm Barr do. l?aac Corduke? do. Jo? Lowry
do. Arthur Gray of Belfsst Judge Roger L Gamble
Louisville G?: R I. Gamble. Jr do Mr and Mrs Thomas
Stewart * chtldr-n and ?ervaat of HondurM Mr* Ore?
do. MissSkeltoo do Hon and Rev Wm Newport . h J ?
and ?ervant do. O O Har? af New York. Henry W? ?
Mr? Schoneld of New York Wm Hud?on d". Ber sm u
Biandey of /.aneeville, O, Wm Culbutsoo of Fhlls.!.
James Heywood ot New York
niaiATCRs al as?ase.this BmT.
ma srsi. | -nit atoon. I rtu ?as
Rise ..5bi Seta ..6 4M i Morn.. I M I Mora.. 7
tATBsr Darns.
London.April I I Havre.April ?.'
Liverpool.April I New -Orleans_ I
Ships Liverpool. Eidridge. Liverpool. Woodhull A
Minturn Amulet. Freeman. Ni-wHrVam J lu ,v
t\<. I'ni.-orn. Janner Cork, J Ogden , Fai WettiYw
Orleans. Davis. Brook? A. l\>.
B?rk? Nowburyport. Noye?, N.-w Maaaa, Stsatoa <t
Frost. Murillo. VVc?>dcock. Brazo?. J Atkins A Co
Brig? AU.ona. Clark. MatanzM Read A lioppock
Oldo. Danneo. Stetton Ma New London Schmidt A Ha
eben: Caledonli. BouJrot. ft John? NF. J II |
I'll Appleton. tiradtord. tialway. Neamitb AW..
Oeniua. De Worte. Sa?u? la Oran.i.M l,-.
Colby. Nicho!?, WatorforJ. Samuel Jewett, Rorf
Sehr? l'ocahontM. Smack Richmond. Alisa A P?\?. ?
?leu ? line h. Hsllett hey West Ann Heamao. i'stb .
Bangor; Kalos, Wood. Etttport.
Packet shtp Switzerland, Knight, from Laasaa aad
Portsmouth 30d*. md*e. to Grlnnnll, Minturn \ i
Ship Orphan. William?, tin Livi-rpo. 1. y>th March,
unit?', to WBs Tyson. April ... ltt 4J '<5. Ion !l l ?,.
?truck by ? whirl win I. carrying away tho in? n mast 1 y
the deck taking with it the mizzen topmast i
lii-ad of the miren mast fore t?'p ?nd for.- ?->p gallatt
yardt. 1 ltd. lat 111 66, Ion? II ?poke ?Kip Ashlaod fnm
t iv.rpoolfor New \otk: I4tb, Ut 6636, In 4
the hark Kilhy: SIM March, lat 47 17. loa 20
French brig Petit Maturin, leaking badly, ???km, I, i uv,
tlrtt port.
.^liip Charlemagne. Packard I?1 d* 1m NiW Orlcmt.
,? ttoti. Ac to Stanton A I rost
Hr bark Kllcn. Strartord. ><Jd? Im Liverp. ol. Ma Fayal
-.'7 day??put In there abort ol provisions ?ml water, r a!
, and ?alt. to G B Moorew?K>d Left at Fayal. ?hip Jame?
H Shepherd, Alntworth, from Liverpool, bound to Is?
ton. with SBB DMtenger? on board, put In ??Jj ?
Mstch. bavin?; lost some ot ber ?ail? and ?prung ?ore?
; ?pars??hort ol pruvitiona and water, th? bru It y
! Ho. Elliott, fm Norfolk, with corn, bound tnLtverpn.1.
put in lu distre??. hsvio? bscn di?mMt?-d. Capt Strati rl
report? that on tho 9th February, when in ?at I' -
: pMsed tbe hull of a vessel ?bout TOO tons burthen * '
1 ?tump of mainmMt standing ?nd bowsprit and bulwarks
I gone. April 10. lat36 14, Ion ' 1 4(5, spolie American ?hip
! Ambassador, bound to Rouen. April 13 Ut
lil came up with tin- bark Triumph, ot Baltimore Ireland,
i.'i days out from Greenock, with ensign I'uioo d<ian .
had lost mainmMt and mizz?n topmasts and toretop isl
Uni matt; on the night of the 1-Jth wm lyin, toa und?r
close reefed forefopsail, and a rail at the mitten ?rd
?'though blowlnij hard, hoisted the cutter oM ?
ed. and supplieif h?-r with two baga of brand BkdakM
of pork, bein? short of provUton* A;irtl 1-J. Ut > 44.
! Ion ??'* 13. spoke Ihe !>.,rk Lady Or o'lno from NYo'k ?
, April 'JJ. Ut 39 35, Ion 63 5S, ?poke the Am ?hip Kenslng
I ton. ot New Yark. bound to Hsvre. April tM. lat 4VJ ??.
i Ion ,'i'i 3?l. pasted a brig tteerln. East, showing a Pruasia?
I tlsg at the main gat), and American ensign at tbe b'K-m
t >p lift
?r bark Queen, Jelloty, 3'.? ?1? I'm Limerick In ballast
to J J Ktnstord.
Brig France? Lord, Riley, f^d? fm Bor?Ieaux. tosadB
Ac to order 15th ln?t, lat M 03. Ion 4'J 3J spoke ktrk
Manchester hence lor Amtier Jam
Br brig Symmetry, Towill, II da Im St John?. IT n
'.allas?, to I <V (I Laurie
Mr brig Douglass. !> days fm Malt'.snd. NS. pluter Is
1 Soule. Whitney it Co.
Br tcbr Exempter, Lockbart, l?dt fmCoruwt'll? NJ
' ;:*?..?? to Walter A Tlltord
Sehr 1'hraton. Illnckley, 5 ds fm Bstb Me, lath, to I i
. Snow
Sehr May Flower, Churchill, la dsy* Im Poln: Fctr?
' Gusdsloupe. uiolMses, to 1. Duberceau I eft sehr Vir
\ ginla. Hodges, of and for EJenton. N<" H'th April
? i'ontia of Baltimore, tor St Thomat.
Brig Harbinger, Winchester, fesjsj Hsvana, sugsi. tj.
Head A lioppiK k
Also, I brig unknown. Wind N vV.
Ship? Liverpool, lor Liverp?,.,! , Sir Robert I'eel. ds ,
Oladiator, London, and other*
" p
?r I
ryTtie Kihlonlsn Minsivel?, wtth Great Westers ri?1
others, give grsnd performscce? this *ft*rroon and evrst?|
st ihe Auisrlcan Musruin al i and 74 o'clork, whsrs.o?
grand moving reprntenlsiioii of Napulson'? Funeral el i
be exhibited
ijnsincsa Notice?.
Goi.n l'r r?s Stii i Low ia.-J W Oar at- k Co 71 te
dar st. sre now selling a gold psn for 7} ru . s rsil du
mond-poioted pen for Bl, snd the msguificect BAglsy p?a
(?aid to be the beat and rhnape?t pen in the city,) for #!
only, (silver pencil esse always Included,) snd ebesp'
either wholesale or reull, ihan can be found elsewb?r?
X3T GkrrrLi?i??r'? Hat? style for Spring, 1847 ?TW
be Introduced on Wednesday, March 3. by
LEARY ?V CO. Hatter? Aitor II jute. Broadwsy
Circulars descriptive ot our style will be forwarded
by addmsslng us post palff_ Bsp
Hats I Hat?! Hats !?K?sox, with hi? accustom?!
brevity, would call the attention o'hlsfrien!? tobisfy?
styles of Spring Fashions, which sre now resdy st hi?
Store, 12* Pulton st. He would, with his usual p?tUe
thropy. Invite strsngers to bis establishment, whew they
csn obtain Hsu of an equal quality and at loa ?r prie- ?
than at any other ?tore in the city. alO TuTbASat I
A Ca?d ?Persons wuhing to sdvertlse la neswp*
pers of the cities or principal towns la the I.'?!? ?
SUte?. Ca?ad?, a c sre respectfully Invited torsjlos
the Agent. V. B. Ialmxs, who msy be set o at hlioaV' ?
In the Tribune Building*, where he is prepsred tssrsi
1 on all who desire to make known abroad their MSpe
tlvq puriolta. A list nf tbe cities and towns toj?uv r
\ with the pricis of sdvertlsing, may be had gratis st
Agency. ^^^
Diamond I'oi.steo Gold Paws? Varthtr ludiu-?un~p\[
J. Y..- Av At.K sells a gold pen for 75 ctt. pencil inel'i??-?
Alto r-. magnificent pen for |'.', which it the bett s*<l
cheapest pen iu the city. 1'oinU warranu-d. Lsst
Brown'? pen?, genuine, at reduced prices. !iji, i t.h
Uke the number M Kulten st.
Omans' Da? Lime of OrposiTio* Boats res At-1
? AMY.?The Roger Williams and Metamor*. after 'I
pested trial?, established their repuUtl >n lor speed, ha-1
leg beaten the Ntsgsrs and Allda of the 014 Itonopu-yi
i Line, will invariably make all tbe landing? tdttrtmi ??^
1 their bills snd papers, and will on no account rsee.
InroBTAjrr InraovEnarvTS ?R beman A Co. otScs
437 Houston, corner of Broadwsy, guarantee to render
all old or new leaky tin roofs perfect'y water tight l> <
the term ot ten years at from J| to 3 c-uu per sous'?
foot by the use of their Aneriran OmpooHw* ss srsll ?s
sll or any new roofing st from 44 to 5 centt per sow?
, foot a? st
J0S1AH RICHARDS, Auctioneer.
Vallasi.? LitSAK? - Bim.i, Bichaso? k Platt, ?'??
j Broadwsy, will sail This EvanJng s largs and vsl??? ? J
i private library of choice books, laeludlag many aa-s tn
i littst edition?, together with a number 11 wort? rarely ut
Ifsred. *rT
I OowiiUA Mam?es-??i pieces 4 4, ?4 ?SS? * < J^ll
, rbecked sud fancy Oowqus Msuing?, Just rst?*'w??r ?"
arrival? s*d for sale cheap, by __????*
?26 M** 44? PsarlsL upposttcwltw*?
Sahdii BAasArtaiLLA? IntE? wlsescon"?y of WsW*
there has been distributed through ihe mlaet? '*' ''?tj?
ble kingdom? s variety of medicinal ?untaan?*-* u>?P'*" *"
the relief of various disssvise ; bul tits belts'-*'' ***% ?*
one product of the eenh are to many powerful ?*"?*'
properties coroblntd as In Ssrsspsrilia V??. a '*?
these latent properties prscticslly useful thty ?*r* rt '
velopmeni, combination and concnntrailoa. ?? \
BarsapariLa U Is believed all iheee objet? *"?? ?*?
fected to the fullest extent. It U now admtna? ' **' ***t,
oral practice sa a sura and uniform re?*?t| ? <**
scrofula. lepro?y, tumor, swellings of ibe Jtj*??- * ?
lUaa. a*yalpaUs, klag'? evil, and ?vary cokptah;' *]?9
tomauc of impure blood. Affection? of ite?"*?? '**
branes, such as chronic catarrh, sprsedlag OT' "" i
ml passages law the broochlcal asanbraase ?"
also lumbago, white swelling, and alp dtssaa
moved by this Invaluable remedy
Prepared and sold, wholesale aoJ retail,!?? A ??
?AND?. Wtoltnnle DraggUu, loo Pulton?* ? ?nor ?*
WiUtatu-st. 2T3 Broadway, snd r? Cast BroV ? /c*1
Tora, ?old also by Dru?Uia geswrellf Oh? k***^ *\
: all?, ?tai?. Prvea ?I a** bottl??. ur st? boUi a? *u ?. j

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