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VOL. VII. .-VO. Ii,. *EW.YORK. WED^E?DIY lOllMMi, APRIL M, 1*147. WHOLE *0. !????
_1MW in?l "*"?' ,K "'"^""""'?"?Hir.D
?. Tribus* Ball?????, earner of ?tpnif?
*?S*mm ?tree?,aaweelte ike City Hall,
. ?jnw?? 10 City iul>?r1h?r? f..i H| Ct.ni, ,?,
PJ3 o, ?neo ir*-y prater, tbey ran pay In avance ?1
?TSi^ B ?'* nu,?"M **? ?*?>' ?? ?)? ?em?? r?f
2-Vf.v v. Two Csav?. Ball ?u!.K-rll*rs ?iveDul
Cftw?'".ui:..lB?,1?"n>*. ?QO i*-* paper In no <????
?2??*tf brTuoa I1? lime for which It 1* paid. rUil
*Tn-iri? lairo for ?fa month?. Three Dollars h> ad
**7m -^pCrod n ?. aerkaagei ?> ^h Country New?
!??r? Daily ?*??*? '?>?*?! ?i lM? office ?b.?#
Ktarehl?-'!? then ihoee of Thi Taisuac. er? col
TflM? 8? 4D?t?TI?IMW -i in .Ul?UK.J
?ajae. or l????ru?l Inanition..gj rerus
MB **" ?ash subsequent tt??riiou.l?^ ?
\.ieel??*??' .*> -
.IV? Llnea-ftr?? insertion.Sceou ? lia?.
{SattaeeMai tn**rtl"? whirh may be j
tSSGt ?* ?***'twlc*or ""?? "m*a Js c^* * '*c*
^?s? ?**? 0[,llon ?' *"* adverv???r. )
*.,r.i??rll?rmHU-five Cents ? ?Is? for Um
P^irtloo, ?nd Poor Cent? fur eaab tuhMKpimi one
k*T^? Mill! At" fl ?*?*!. NoTICK?, 4.C. >v?l f*cW
?U>?|??d*?,rtl?*ro?"r>l? Inserted Im th'.? jtsper eppoerbolh
^TpgoroJn en? io? Kventa* eoivlon
i.i*?*?4 ?T*rT Wiegeewet and UtnMi morxinvt.
'EL gs pe* annum Two < opt?? fur ftv
?lBM*<e,";',""!"?,,"<N|'"",l th? l>iW prve
"???erurcuru.ln ?-?v?a,-e. 10 < ipie? f.,r #15, or 30
jg?? g__^
Ireland In |St7.
('orrespond?nco of The Tribune.
I>i blin, April 1, 1*17.
I plenteous place 1? Ireland for hospitable cheer,
ffktretbe wholtsome fruit is bursting from the yt Ho
Ut'*J ?"?r ?
?ygtb honey in th? tree* where her misty vales expand
y|k?fereil peta?, ^n summer, ?re by falling water?
faaaed. 'yellow ??nd
Hgrtlidew at bigh taonude thore. and ?priDg? i' the
ALU ' that this is do longer tpptteeble. \VIj<>
gnid recof ui?e in thie the Ireland of the pre?eut ;
??y' A plei.tfou? pleoe 11 betas?] ' Due? it not
?oBsd like a mockery ? Mendi. ancy is fast t>.
fomiOjr the only staple occupation ti the people,
tad that m unproductive one, for whore the ;
{ruter number are be^cin^. there can be but lew
OgiTe. Oh ' how ur,hkc the period described ly
fct poet. The) re a! t> cd tunee entirely
"They re altered time? entirely,
A? plainly now appear?.
Ilis troe that 'Out of evil cometh good,' and
That tha Lord loretk those whom he cbasten
Ha," But do we in general submit the more pa
Btttly to ?offerin?. becauae of thie knowledge?
Oat of our present tribuiatiou may spring an era
sjIfBM and happiness?but when did the hope of
fatar???Pl>'ue,? deaden our sense of present mis ?
ery ? A philosopher might, even surrounded by I
ta? siaht? and sounds that appal the hardest heart, !
ipe-u ?t? npon the end of all he aaw, and tell us I
last the old and worn out externals of a previopn,
fjasj of existence, decayed ami decomposed, nwe
Lirtato a newer, it tnik;rit be a healthier, organiia
aoa And ha might add that this rule applies
MSjliy to the annihilation of a worm and the dis
??anon of a nation. True, for the metamorplms-s
ciO'id are tame, compared with the ever varying
stem of Nature But though convinced by' his
ifftmsnts. we do not feel the les?. Dor wnen look
?a|bope:ully forward, do we feel the le??. " V\'ho
ta? bold a fire in his hand by thinking on the frosty
CitoU'iS 7
This vary procesa of decomposition seems fotaaj
lajiidly forward in Ireland, now To use one of
tbsitareotvped phrases of the day?Society is re
tolrioi ltsaif into its nrittinal elements. " Bow
loossiy the idle u*nr hangetli t<>gether" cannot be
udsritood until the effects of the present state of ,
tbiags have developed themselves. Then, what
wu obscure will become transparent. Cause and
?feet art? wonderfully explanatory of each other .
??Basket will remain hidden m the darkness of
tat sight, until ita flash reveals it Is it neces
urj, alter this military illrstratiuu, to find or make
U opportunity of "abju.iug an intentions evil,"
pvticalarly aa I confess to a leaning toward Young
uelauditic ? In some parts Society is divided into
fnantagonistic classes, both ejorung out
"The good old rule, the ?Imple plnn,
That they should take who have tue power,
And they ihuu'J keep wtjj cau.'
But. tbank QtA, tiiis is the exception. A sense
of common danger is an excellent ? ?older of ?o
ciety ;" acting under its influence, men have met
tod worked together, for the first time. Ministe?
rial politics that were to the ninny a sealed book,
save as they related to Ireland, and Wi explained
by 0 Conoeli, are now eeuerlv aoucht alter?their
Coaunercial atatatiosM with rrareife States, tlnir
Na'igatioDLaws.lticr Import Duties.tiieir ?mu rrt
hoo Acts, are curiously studied ami canvassed and
ill their costly machinery for a forced and thnftleas
iodaitry?Labor Kate Acts, Drainage Act?. &?? Ac.
Young a? well a* old. poor a? well a? rich are be
?oauug politician?. The paaaenger? a? well aa the
orew of a ve??el are interested m the manage
esotof it in a ?torm. Ourceae it ?imilar. It u Ml
sow the preservation ot asi?emiancy lor oue l>arty.
e one sect. i>ut the salvation ai a nation
However, it is an ill wind that blows nobody
nod. and our calamity unprecedented us it is,
breaks not the rule. It baa raised one person into
?JBDence?need I name Mr Bojpsjf that U-h.-ver
is the nutritive properties of an intensely liquid
iliat In all the village? an?und. eaaa kitchens are
Utablished. where the poor receive a fatal or e
jutrt, Booorduhj to the number of their families.
Theaoup is not distributed indisi runinately to the
poor. The recipient mint be furnished with u
ticket from the Keliet Committee, and they will I
then be ailowol to p.nhase a quarter of a leal K>r
I penny, end receive ui aitditnm either a pint or
a quart ot soup To many, the necessity ot pur
chasing the bread amounts to an absolute prohib?
too. and they complain, with a show of reason.
tat the lnat?tution injurea rather than benefits
Atm. tor iv lessens private charity. It seems
?trangely at variance with the principles ot a
chantable establiahnieut, to punish the excess e,
destitution by leaving it unr? hi awed, and to exteud
teair aid t I those only who have a something
though miserable in amount, still a something that
Mrvt? at a barrier acain?t want However, there
i?aa excuse alleged, liquida Woeld induce d_\seu
tery, perhaps te\er. and to prevent as far aa pjoeej
We' the mere?? of these fearful diseases, the
?Dove expedient haa beer resorted bO The soup
?dietnbuted on all davs but ?undaye. and every
d?v the same sad spectacle is presented?groups
of 'miserable creatures waiting for their turn A
pohcetuan stands at tne dott bo urutervt order,
todtoadmit but mm at a tune 1 know- nothing
?"??painful than thie?human beinir? etandim: La
?eeoold and rain, lue creatures of another species.
toraeeiTe alms, doled out to them in thts uns\in
pethijiag manner It le a debasing process tread
?*! down teal] feeling ol independence, every
?er.timeut ot gratitude and evetj k) let of eelf
reliance. Could no m<>an? be devi?e<i to feed the
Peopla without degrading them I Could not the
?anev thua expeuded hava come to the MOI bt
tha shape nj wanee? not alme Lady leWfmB
eave. somewhere, that pol?tica cau never be a wo
?an s science [ kuow nothing oi po tica eaooo
By?very likely I oould not comprehend it, it I
would, but I fe?l there muet be eomething wTOng
in tha system wbieh pixxiucea such resulta. B>
tbeir fruit ye shall nnW them
While on the subject of Public Chantie?, I ma\
mention a collection of Painting? now exhibiting
ID Dub.in the pr.^eeVJ, ,^ whicdi are t> M to the
poor. Many ot the nobdity and gentry have tent
a very valuable painting?, enaaBy work? of the
eld M??ter?. It i? indeed a pleasure to ?ce tneui
Ouidoe far famed Magdalen is there, beautiful,
exceedingly, in iu pale bveHneee. a ra> i
fall? ou the upturned daturrs beaming With hr?e>
Wee The Assumption of the Bleesed Virgin. b>
the same artist, attracts etleotion by the beaut-, o|
??pression and want of colon in: r..'traita, \\be
heve, have a peculiar attraction lor evt rj
ted who wo;, u* not eajejM belore the likeness of
Cnaar Borgia, by Titian f \\'ln> would not scrutin
I??, with tager curu>?ity. every lineament ami cu
?ee?or to iii?cover il brow, lip or eye, wr
cetiTe of chara? ter I Ti.ou.h resoi.cd. u ejoetibac
?ofuid the countenance an n.dex. to the lumd. 1
?eld not. It is a dark and rather hendi?me lift]
|?e face, b.t 1 eonld ?ee nothing furtive ?r ferocioai
|n the glance ol the lustrou? black eye?, or sinister
? ihe expresen.i. of the feature? Tk? brow ap
Pear? low, but mav Ml ha. e be-eu so in reality,
>w muses of black hair fail 0*ftf and shade it I
eaald oul\ console mvself for the disappointment?
a? I have a great faith in phyeiortuuny?by re
^?**ing. " a mau may emilo ai??i ?mile and be a vil
I*1?" There is a portrait ol" John Hunyan. by
'linch. eloquently expreeeive of character One
? Mary Stuart. bjrSirJobji do'Medina, overturn
J"S remoreeieesiy ail ftftf ptOOBftOOivod id.es of
?e Scottish Uueen?it is a pale and peMadag
"?'??but I think even flatt.-r > eooM M MBaTthoT.
Ibanee the First and hi? Q,ueen Henrietta, by
?ittdyk?. ?nd James 11 and A.nne Hyde by
? Peter Lely. Trir.ity College contributes,
^"^9 o?iare, a portrait of its foundreee. uueen
*uiebetb., a stern and atately old lady. On ona
?We are th? Sunny Landscapes of Claude Lorrame,
?a toe other the striking I'lctureeque Uluom of
eeJvatorHoaa Scenei of Flcmuh Merry making,
^?roouli of Dutch Boor and aura pleaeing Do
?iftB? ?MMft by Tenien, Ostade and others, con
W "?a With th? Viewe ol Vanwe ftwi Home
.<>'< UMUettoudWilMB niiwltiiiMiM' Si < M
ri?e a splendid work, and Ml Mtrtvr.iorr, ot
are likewise to be Man; tad a v?
pjeaaing; picture. the Uolntoj ot SoloBjon,
i ranks. The Jewish King is "dressed in aacer
tal garment?, mi kneeling'at the toot ot h all
dedicated to and crowded by the figure of the id
lie la offering up tnceuae. Beside him, and I
miatakably inciting bim. it a female figure, w
a countenance of great beauty; ahe ia an Etr
pian, and bat dark symmetrical feature? itnkim
?-on?-Mt with the kneel;nii figure she 11 half !e:
lag twar, and bit whit.- tad lowing rob? I m
wnttaa ?n thua far without mentioning the c
WMH works I n:ost admin-: M
but fwur ?mail p* tarM at Bel (? tin entire coll
particular, the Hai
laut ii a j?erfe<-t y.-m?such a picture of infanti
-? and intiorpiir- T!.. re ?re two bandi
'yac'.i-n picture?: among ?o many, !
I be particularized, bat there is one tl
must not l.u passed over, it is i lassed as heioniri
t > t'ne sr I, *,i of Jnhaai and is named the iU
Qataarar iba baitk in her hand the 1
Which siie derives her name?such bright ti
baaaiag loveliness aright justilv the poat's hyp
and make a sunshine in a shady plan
Every taste can be irratitvd?those I odd awn
portraiture would be delighted with the I*.
Rant," the "Huntrarinii Hors? Fair." and t
? BaW) bata the Ark Others might derive r*tV
sure fro;.i the Hattle Pieces. 01 Wariu illustra1.!
of tho graeaM Mythology of fliaoca
To return to Politics many are disheartened
the divisi aa af the Repeal Party, and t
enees amone its member?. I know ai M ">?
whkh has been productive of so atacb gi
thaw are bat an aggT igat of bdiridna
eeaaaqnaatl] maataeai the bapraai of b
characatf Now any proc?s* which d?t?riorai
the individual must exercise a like fatal influen
aa the national character. The total aapanaaioa
indep' aaaat "riiirrw enforced is Coacihation H
awat have produced, or would intime produce, su
an ?fftet . what ooald bo mora pit?bl than to ?e<
man anchaiahsg his oWfl mind, shackle j
thought lest it might escape him, Battling .t
mm iroald a spaniel in the doe days. If a man i
framed from usin? his limbs for a considerable j
riod they would become, useless, and could t
mind alo>;c sustain sucha course unharmed w k
could be the resu!t but a state ot superinduced m<
tal imbecility, more pitiabie than the folly of a toll;
No political influence they could obtain by unity
action?no booa they could extort r,o, not cv.
Repeal itself coold comiiensafo tor it. Then wl
should we lament over the late divisions when thi
have in a remarkable manner elicited a freedom
thought, opinion and action?a vigorous indepen
enco and attaagth of argument and subtlety ot re
somntr?a freshness ot intellect and literary c i
position?an hi toleran a af foreign rule?a baa
ancy?a aangniaa bopafalnaaa?and, al>ove ah.
settled chronic habit of self reliance. What is tl
breaking up of any association, no matter ho
tnit'hty. to the elevation of the national mind ?
feather in the balance. The Irish Confederate
?priagiag irito life from Batid the itbril of tl a H
peu! AaaoriatioB, does not give expression to the
Wiahaa witfi t.aled bread, and whispering li'imbi
ness?witnusa Mr. Meagher? Address to the U'!????
A soft, h.w voice is an excellent thingr in woma
but political ameliorations asked for in su'-h a tor
would be probably H'sreirardod. In abort tho ft
lowing verse, by one of their own writers, is
summary of their principles :
? Ti? mad and wicked to despair,
'TU weak to Idly groan ;
?I wrong? at other?' hands you bear,
The cure is in your own."
huch appears to me tho Youthful Repeal Paru -
If they carry out their own principles embodied i
their Resolutions, the achievement will be a nobl
one ; if not, the principles remain the same Nt
the least useful of their actions has beeu th
creation of a new literature racy of the ioil?non
of the puling, mawkish ?entimentahty. nor t' kin
tering. ornate nonsense so long su led b) this good
Dataiad age Poetry. I did intend to run over a fev
of its characteristics, bat the lentth this letter ha
already reached forbids. However, I will resume
or rather commence, the subject in mj next
Hcic 1 unruled to end. but bow could I withou
trying to express the feelings excited in every mini
by the unparalleled gene.osity ai the American Peo
pie ? The poorest laborer speak? of it \N bj
have heard the ven,' beevars talk over the " power
tul light" of help sent from America The feinn;
is universal?increased to a hundri 1 fold by ti;
manner m which it was conveyed. No pharasaica
oataatatk a, no oaattaaaptaoaa cnrelessuess, be
words of sweet and sacred sympt thy accompany
ing aaoh offering to M our own uuh.appy Isle. 1
it be true thai
?? The grateful heart by owing owes not.
but pays at once Indebted and discharged,"
then, ?treat ai ?u the amount received, it ii full;
liquidated. The casual mention of America make
many a face brighten and many a heart bound as
it beloved lriend were named. They are a nobl
People! May they, in the gladness ?f tf,ei
hearts find a' reward. Ami they will . for i
we ant know that " it ia more blessed to give tba
to rece? M ?<
('ouni-t'f lout - OMIcIhI Vote for <?ot. by Counties
Counties Rtsttll. H'luttleiry. St .1
Hartford.Ball M*
New llaven.UH W :"
New 1. 'iidon.SIM ?WO 31
Felrfteld.?*>? 4110 U
Windham.3? ???'"f, fi
l.itchfield.43T.? im ?
Middlesex.M* ?2S M
Tolland....im ''^ _U
Total.30.137 ?.4W 213
Blssell, W. over Whtulesey, L S73.S , uvei all 600.
I.nloni Ooiraae In t'olamblit County.
The following statement of facts we ropy fror
I the Hudson Republican of to-day
On Wednesday night last, about midnight, ten person
armed with guns, pistols, tomahawk?. M . aod dliguii
ed *ith ma??? and calico dre??. ?. broke into a house or
rupled hy Mr Sarnie, Coon? In the town ot Taghkaun
and turned the occupant, his family and furniture, oil
t Mm door?, putting ?nother person narot d v'?n VVsjji
ner, in piissessioo ot the premin?. and telling Coons 1
he was there '?4 hours after, they would p?y h:m anotdr
\ ?it Mr Coons received a severe wound in the tac
trom a kcil? in the bands ot one of th* disguised p? i
sons. The fmaea which the baaaa h ?itu?ted. h*? ben
aeeaatad bg Mr Oeaaafai ? paaraaav-aa?ertll??aa?i1nj
as we ar- Informed he ha? l>een repeatedly annoyed b
b..vi!'g hi? pbMah baaelaa ?awed off hi? harnet? cut uf
aud fSjkM oiher depredation? ?cd annoy snees comnii
ted. ?cd hi? life repeated!) threatened hy ?nonynrtou
?ette-??nd otherwise, if he diJ not leave the pMSaeMI
Vail A'ngcner. the p?-r?on put in p,.?se??ion ot the pr,
mi?e? by the Indian?, formerly occupied them f> r
?hort period, aid was la?; BffMf rnaa?aai by the l?r,d
; jrd in const quenco ol bis retu?al to pay his rent. F
a great number ol years provuu? to bein| renU-d H \ ?
Wagoner, the farm was leased and cultivated l?y lb'
father of Coon?, Ibe pr?tent occupant
The facts in this case, supported b*/ the affidau
? m ("oons. were laid before the Governor. Th?
lacts in relation to a former Outrage in Taghkanu
hariag also been certified to the itovernor, he ii
sued the following Proclamation .
By John Voino OeavaW of Ou Sta:t of tVnc York
\\ herea? it bas been represented to me that on UN
night ol the -.'?th day ai March l??t ?*-out the hour a
twelve o clock, certain perion?. di?gui?ed and armed, tc
the number oi from twenty five to thirty persons, un
lawtu'y a*?embled at Ihr dwelling hou?e M i'eter ?-he.
o,* in the town af Tagbknimv in th.? county ot Coium
I ? i with t sraa and violence broke and entered tht
?aid dwrlk'.g bouse aud forcibly removed therefrom th.
uerson ?ad uroperty ol the said Sheldon and his family
???to attoa ot the law? ot tbis .<tat-v, e.pecialiy *a at
ei.i.tl.d ? \n act lo prevent persons appearing disguisec
and armed. _ r ,,
Now therefore. I do hereby O?? r the lo,lowing re
wards for the sppreheusionot the persons eng?^d in
??sssinsj of the aforesaid effeU' e ; that is H ??y
far ato peraisa wan ?h..: aa ?hat araeaasi '.n? ?um a
Ive bundred dollar?, and tor Mse* other ot ?aid per?, m
as shall he ?ubarvju. ntly arresU'd. the sum ot
died Jo.lars each, to be paid upon their respective con
Aid wherea?. it ha? also been represented to me tba!
on the alfhl i the Usi d?y of April. Instant, h ti a
hourot twelve o clock, certain persons. dUg...?.d ?. I
armed, to the number of tea nersons. unlawfully assein
bled at the dweiUug house of one Samuel Coons. In th?
said town of Taghaanic. and with force and violence
broke and entered the said dwelling bouse and assaulted
and wounded the per*on of the ?aid Samuel Coon?, ani
forcibly removed oi* property from thu ?ani
bou?-? putunt in feai the a?id Saura. I Ceem aud faulty
in violation of the law? of this State, e*peclal!, I
said act entitled " An act lo pr?tent perton? af>peartn|
dii>?runted and armed i"
Now therefore, 1 do hereby oi.-r the fonowtn? re?
wards ?or the sppreheusiou ol the persons tagaged IB
the ? aanakefosj S the offence? last ?Ix-re mentioned
that I? to ?ay. for tiie pers.m who shall be first arretted
the turn ol nv? hundred dollars, and for ?uch pa/eeM m
?ball be subsequently arrested, the (MM I ! one biwdreU
dollar? each, to be paid upen their respective convio
And I do hereby enjoin all officers ol jnatice t'J be
' ' vigilant in apprehending said oflenders and br.nglng
them to punishment .
Olven under my hand and the Privy N?a,
(Seal 1 of the State, at the City of Albany this i*Hh
1 d.?Tof April, AH 5ft. mSTOOM
Hy the liorernor
RlNhl V. CotT. Private ?ecrelary
Keply nf (ien.Tallmndge to the tintement of
the < oourii.
The Tribune of the aid inst. contains a
wit " prepared by a Committee of the Council of
the t'niveraity, purporting to be a reply to my ' D.s
?ent" to the return to the Regent? 10th March.
Instead of calmly meeting the matter? in quea
?am? after a year of delay?the Council, by their
ittae, 'have come down in great wrath.' ?
The ?? skataaaaat bagbm withthagrana '.moraia
tion that Qaaaaal T?ilrr.sdgc was never President of
the laaMtalaal Tee lanaartaana of this fact will be
du.y appreciated and iu authors sre entitled to |
benefits of lu discovery.
The Charer and the Statutes aaaata A Council to
anaarn tne Lniversity. ?nd provide fora " President" '
theroot. General Tailmadge was chosen by the Counci)
(and without his solielta'.:on< a? such President, lie has
devoted nearly thirteen year? of service to the concerns
of th* institution. It is proper tc. add that the I
ot the Imvertity consists of thiity seven members.?
tbst th? QsnMBssW of the laiveriity rtrnrtt Kit appoint.
mi ?,< ft m iKt Council, and is not ?r officiu and only, wh? n
so elected, ? member of the Council. And the Statute
declares that : "he sheil derive all his authority from
the Council, and shall be c >nt.u? r-d a? lAcir Execute
And also declares. " that the ConnrU shall
from time to time designate the branches that thai: be
taught, and presen;* genera! rules re?pectlng the gene
rnment, the terms ol acmltsion. and the several
courses of instruction in the Department? . but the irr.
mediate superintendence, and all the details of instruc
tion and discipline, shall be under the control of the
? lor and Faralties r> tpct,\ ?y
Thus it w.l! be ?een thit th? Qsaaaf governed the
I'niversity. ?nd the Preti lent of that Dody >s th* preaid
af the Inttitution. It can hardly be imagined
that if the Members o' th* Oanarfl whose nsmes appear
to the "Statement in q'i*?tion. could have seen the
document before publication, that they would have
sanctioned such iptru? pUadivg. The firtt section of
sha Statement is thus not only indicative but declaratory
of th* ?pirit of the w.-.
Passing by. as unworthy of notice, the sneums aimed
personally at myself. I very cheerfu !y concede all that
has been ?aid in praite of Mr Frcliughuysen? juttly
di?i;ncui?heJ at tr.it gentleman It for private worin,
amiability and philanthropy. N-i'her aatnia upon my
acts and motives, nor encomiums upon Aira, have any?
thing In common with the finances of th? I uivertity ?
Thl ?internent " that the drift and character of boih my
pagan indicate that they ?ere directed mainly against
the Chanrellor. "?and the allegation ' that I have aimed
at violating an agreement of a basinet?, as well at
ary, character between that officer ?nd the I'nivertity"
I deny ?i.nd r, f.r for refutation to the paper? submit?
ted ?>y m* a? well a? to th.- staeor?s I f th* I on
i he i anaafl ?rt. al lendaneet soO< a Talla? .
and, In farther BlnoliaUtsa, t maghoal th, lr statement it
i? reorei-eiited that h? ceriirted. wi'huui oppi>sin?n, sun
dry mcature? wiilch he no? opp..?e? and especially.
that alter oppotinf the return,' he bad certified it. i i
ha ??Sal aa u, the logent? Candor should h?.
vent, d su.'U a statement Who ,i? ? not ?now lhat It 1?
. o| every Presiding Osttei to Bertifl *? ! -,
tlcate the proceeding? (d any pub'ie inc. tir.g ,r body
over which ha ha? presided, and ihn. too, witnout re*?rd
to lot ana individual opinion , ? ii,,. mea?ur? a? adopted
(,r rented ? Yet th* parMnaaaaa of thl? ? *.jt> i? ? ,w
mide ,,?<? ? ' parnNM attack, ai.d furni-hes the matter
for annrl) < oe hill of the Statement It the ?uthors of
the suteinent find pleasure in tucb representation? -ind
til the language they h?ve u?ed. fhey ?ha!, b I -It to
their enjoyment without competition or farther remark
from ? ?
I ? ? sec tion professes to spproach the tubject of
shn?naa an,tnraeaatda from tbe matters objected to.
and tells ibe story of the election and ' agreement' with ,
Mr Kr? bnghuyien , ?nd tutrri?. a? If I'. bad been di?
puicd.tr>.' Qea u,!iui.i.'.. val to. ana of tha Con
initi?e, ai I had agreed t>> U on I he ( ,,mm;ltce. March.
?Kf. had authority to otter Mr. Krelinghuv?eii gflbOOO a
year and Ihn houte Ihn he stoats* 1 The Commit
tee theu pnenaad to adrtn ato I ? ?. ? ? ?
ma lee w.in u proapttct ol othl.l U-:.,a ?11.? Tlo. he .
also declined, os aa unccriat'itii, ont ottered lo com? lor
$3,000 and ikt house. ThlaWM reported by the Con
inittee to the Council, and thereupon the election wa? i
held and the reeesaMsaa? ?-?^*?-?,^_
M vRt ti 18, lHSI? " Unnhrd, T*t?l Hi* ?alary of Mr I-.?
linghuysen, lh? Chanredor. fiom ihe nm? of el lerlng upon
?he unite? of hi? ortic*. be at the rale of ?>J,'??i and die
house "
I Mi act ?s Chairman of the O mmitn-e, and did
??sent to thu Re?olution. and have uot oi>j,-< nd to it.?
but / did not atttnt to the art ot the (?uni il. January
17. 1-11, giving to Mr 1 relinghuysen, in addition lo the
?alary of ?3 000 and the house. ?10 or one halt of th" $. I
required lr|im each (iraduale of the Med;cal College I
wa? then in Cuba and did not hear ot the resolution till
long after its pastage.
The Medical Association having failed to obtain a |
charter, applied to the I'nivertity po etUbltth them at
a Departneat, to remain free. In sepsrate ha
?nd dependent on them?elve?. and without any
ties upon tho I'nivertity II wa?. ater much neuo'.m
t;on, agreed ?o to e?tab!tth them for tfc
to be paid to the I'niv,r?ity tor each graduate Tbl?
mm had been psoepoctteaty 1 lOhod to ?nd tpoken of,
as to come greatly to aid. to make up the extra one
thousand dollars, which had been given in the salary
to the Chan -ellor.
Much it ?aid ?)? out ? ihe Kirrtdntu of th? <vy ???
fixing the ?ai?ry of the CbesteeUor at -fJ3,00L ?re? Ike
house." and I arn held up h? tlototCM tbe fa.'h of trie
arrangement which I had aided to eatat-lish ?It .<
considered tha "fAOOQ ?nd the bosjee" s fair
salary to that officer, and as high at th* condition id
the finance? ot the Pnivi rsity would lustily?but I have '
i to th? ??ter and larther allowame? The im
piiut.ou that I with to violate the agreement " for the
salary ol " $3,ti<X) and the bouse, ran aa j terve to
conlute and divert from the single question ?>/ f*? a
prdtrnry aid preprifty vndtr th* clrcum?tance? of lAe
; fvtkrr iiiUnoancti ta adduvi lo iht tautry at agrttd upon,
l?e ?-?liry ol Mr. Kr?nnghuy?eu as it now stands
By the agreement of 1830 salarf. HOO0
House. 1IXX)
?Jo lniversity graduaU-t. l-*">. at |V . M
Hy vole ot Council. I?4' |ld ft r ea.h
medic?! graduate . n turri !"4? ?how?
IS) graduates at OJO, ?'."?-?", in. 1.310?1,435
The salary of the Chancellor M aUov*d
by the Counc!',.. .... .'.. M
? ne ha.i of tie |10 relinquished
by the Cbanc, Uorln j J.y. lMl.ee]
graduatei at $?">. W3
Actual rrcnptt a* \#r returnt .-*
Thl? ?lluwanu? ol fee? I have aiwayi? c..ntend-d
?honti have been applied to aid the general fund? of tbe
I'nivertity in it? de? eased C I doa
Hut t have made another ohjeenon atoo i.?pleating?
. which Is, that in a Return to th? Regent?, pr ?taHOag S?
show the true couduion ol the Univertuy *lS tr.e ssaaa?
r H n ni- at . ??
:ght to have "M-eo M t form in the Return 1 be
Return ?tated the ?a'sry of the Chancellor at $3 HO It
,.?;?:? i (o ?late tbst h* alto h?d ibe houte and the gral
, ua.ioii firt. wbl f ll c?4 ttate the perquisites to the Pro
fettort '
The authors of th* ttatement however refer to the
practice and M -. .- ? ' asttrj the wilfc
. MstHng the inform itcn from tne- Ft. turn-? lo which
i oi.je, ind Tne practice ?ud u??ge? uf otaer . ?
y can have no erf-ct on ihe paretctslaf ag-ee
? the Cniv,rs:ty with the MeduaJ Depirtment
^urh rea? ui'.ng ! a: least deem Inc. rr., t ? t ? .uld lead
to' Return?' unirue and deceptive The ;dea that ?Ly
pm.it th, graduation tees acquired trom the '?
College under a sgaenl contract can be ?iVcted :y the
usage and habits ot other colleges cannot be tolerated
or juttity tbe omittion n discb??? tbe tacts in the Re?
turn of Ui* I'nivertity lutli the .stt year I bad sup?
posed lho?e tees include! in the Return ?r.d embraced
ia the get? ral sums?and I on.y itoeofered th* cjntrary
while examining tor ihe Hern? of the account entered
in the Return? ??artet U> Proftttort. 4?c |U
and tlaled m the Ut?*-nt a? follow? :
??1L.J rsaanaaaas^fassWhWla Professors, he..011/6? y>
! "It will give some ssghl ioex,-?ls iheile?? of
in.s ?uin.
, ?'TolheCriacc*..o- .
? Proieeear of Religion On n
P.-olrMor?. .. - . -
1 ?'AddiuoL?! ?i.m i f - . ?!>?? r undtr
th**" i t ? ? ?reaen * r? ?? < ?
snagat.r. -
"If tbUeaplaaadon of it.? ? ? m
?ahstaatiaily correct it ?how? that ine estra ?..??aece n
.he Pr, lessors, over ibeir salary of 0. rtl lo e??h. t? 'uv
:ludi^l In the above sum of On.i**- wbi.e it ?l?o ?how?
thai no allowance ? '.??,- udrU nsyond the 0o taai to lie
lor. I nave ioc?i*l over '.he return? wi.fi car? and
? and I donoi find iherrtn any siaiemeni or inc.
um.ou of ?ay alioA aace ?o ibe Chanen or beyond in? #'?
ill), a? ?bo,e ?la'.e 1 Tie? Retira ir.?rvf.<r? recre??ci? 1>
ih-> Regem?, and lo tbe I ?/u?jh,-? \h*i u.e Csaassottot
serve? ihe I'c.vert.iy for > ? . ieem lacorreri,
an-, lo ih.t 1 o?jeclee '
The Committee L-t the I'niversity have turned ss.ia
and given an imperfect ?toatary M the circumstances
oi ihe naohssaa t ia?anBWg**hajfnaha
Chancellor one-halt or glO at th* graduation leee from
tb? Medical Student?. A Report (ran t:ie Treasurer
c?me in at the rirtt ni'-etng of tbe Counci in tn? Cull,
?nd on thai occa?u? lb- re?
ceipt? from the Medic?! U?p?rimeni having becotne of
contiders-ji? ?mount and In view Of the Dnaneial ?tn
barrassineiiU ol the inivtrtity 1 p.?ced M the tshhl
the Reeoluoon In que?tion a? a notice lor future dleiu?
tion The Chancellor wa? abttnt at tha time, and no
| action on the subject wa? proposed by me. The notice
wa? not Intended as an attack upon the Chancellor ; it
| wae a question of finance, and wa? properly a matter
1 lor discussion, involving in no respect his character or
' ^aT the next meetta? u< ?ha Council the ChanoeUor
was absent, ar ! ? ? . A mo.
?bra tr.? Rv?. ation was
:y ? dm saber ;. : :?v r?
I tnei. stated :r.y de?.:??
genera: r^cd boa oi the Uni?- rs ty sad a.?.d ,.
?-*?'? tb? Cha:.- end *\t.*.b ray tu-*? Doctor
De W.-t iherr.^v? movej an ?ndrSait* eMernoaeaant
of the Resolution. A ?ll|bt pause, and the question \.u
?Ml >h p-t ty me and c?rr:?d. The
Coreo.::, .re.. eMefl Oen Ta-madrewa?
ful.y beard upoo it. and on motion of Doctor De vV;tt :t
wa? lndefir.it*'.y postponed." Ten 1? not correct If I
b?d bat n InBj be?rd a| i ft, arbvj ?t ?aid 1 b?v? ?jked
art <
In another sectkN tee repeat the eseer
m I
ths i i ? twaanat ?t I nad 'p<??o
I ? j ? . :T ??;e*ir,tl:uutc-:.
? ?
i -?e bave argued meely to shew what,
ha? not been ;
?ity. ?hirh stoo<i st a- ? ? '. " ? ??? r the
o! the building?, ha? been atl
? ? been msd? by the muo.ioec-e of its
benefactor-, ?nd the li-wr?! s : Baft and a., t from
any earn agi ai Bal University.
y tb?t the current expertes sre
grettj beyond the income anJ are ?re eddinj yearly to
th" ?mniir.t of the tnde'jtednet?.
Ricial returns may ba mere accurate than the
t the ''ommitve of the Council
Dibt rvx.
Returns. 1842.|6e ??? Returns, 1-4',.|T4i<0
Return? 1843. I -<
? 1-14. "
: the (" .nimittee ol
' bey add. "do lacttaf the accounts due the
tone| ??"??' 114 *?t out
would thOWtfteei tglgOC ?s? r ?bout
se*l r sen H require the tuition to be .
ni?an". There can M hule hope of theae col
'*. -tal returns dem .nitrate that the debt a] the
t'niv-r?ity ha? taereesetl g*,?98 the Ust fire yesrs. '.n
the ftaa afoneft helft bai Cottweloes t ite Com
Bat? the prosperity si aba [Jereei ? ?
Itisrow roncrdedthstthe m. IgegeofglS.OOO, forth?
Protesaorsbip of eVftgleev oeebl to h?ve Ven ?uted in
(be retara. Tbi Uereerstty hen recorred ihe ?
. v'.lr tr the interest, ?nd in detsalt. tbe principal
.... |1500C Debt... . g76.SK
the University.?
It w?s before ?hated I BM ?t ?bout $12.000,
Hy the law A '?<? Calvarstty the tain ? la r.ie.i ?t $;o
for each pay in g Ita?Wnt, ft) be p?:J ?a advance , bat
aebarswoi t lor library and incidental expanse?, to
be paid ? ? lent?
? .1 ? . Students, ' |r * ?"
Deduct 131 student? at flu lor Library, ata... l ..in
The ?Ti. un! r?turn-d for Hatten.|4.7ne J7
Thu? the in ?ma ?r m th- tu.! ua ?i*t sppesr" I
?jeeet aa y ab ti adequate to ?roete? for the Cham
It may U-qu-stion-d whether aba liadallua uf J3
> ? year eel of a ananlatJ m of 400.000. justifies
tae greet > xpendttur? that ha? hitherto been irr urred
lo.- abet end ;?wai wbsihe? a tnodirVatjon of n
' ? ? " ? BM M '?? I It the want? of
that metropolis might tDt be denn-.l by wm.-h ?nltho
?ease expenditure of meant a tenfold result mi^ht be
?'?_ Bed A' y ' i. n ?ii..???!. m or any fir >pu? I
ta B ? ??jnaganeent ef the
rjarrersiry would prnWuv be enatggevnd ?n ?tt?rk upon
? :"or,
la regard to tbe gmraheai eaetriteBM c!?lmed to be
y the li.iver.ity ?? lo eeOM hundred? ul young
ates u is arota r to reft i ho leas fttal Mae el tin1 I aivi r
my on to? ?u'.je<t lane aretMe abt tea loneta ai aba
? i snail be (tiv.di-d into ?hare? of
: rs ara en: i teeoftj
' rial eaneejoi
Ol till'
Kn'ti enereba ' itnnnt irf glftflfl !? eeritled
to a free $dtn art. end 10 BM MHMnt of |19D0
? iabolaraft>B ?n aas^MoBf, end lei Iree frum
rea of I ?huh in 'b?- c??e ol student? nnt
apea *w ? * gtQ Tbaialuia tna tr?
MM iu?tru'"ioo arateb I ?<.?'? ment ?i u:d c'.sini a?
ii.nterr.'i i.j gai r lereisj ? i OoanaHM ' mini
. .'? . red by the ?bare
holders wh i bava paM tor tee pr ?llaga af the scholar
se?an and assjreeee it ?? ? rtaot m their ftanBtai and to
baaeow upon friends, a. .-o dtae, tn their otra s?lection.
Otataitoos laetrui-tioo ?- ? - ? means thrown yen to
lie a? wojIJ ?eem I" i e rnms'ed In ? ?..turn?
?ut- tost i at rd the ?> ? ?? '. ??.
there are . sktpa, which, with II
aartaal cou;?.! Hnetaata, aagiag onh lor p?ni.ui*r
branebei . . | student? m tbelni
t the City oi Hew Tara '
ibaeiTafttaM fw aboee free ?chi#?r?hip? ?mi the
i ado WO ? ? ?? i lor Ut? ere.-.
. as, i c and the Cot
ver?ity i? now depi adentoa the tewpaeiof ttudei i? th..
yearly allowance tromthe L?gislature and eontrll aiioae
Iroin it? friend? Tbeee rnrtrtbulioii? will but incre??e
the ,r<" ? '-'?!"P" *??" Inend? aud relatives, and to
that extent are hheiy to lanaass gtj BMsbeT Of full pay
in? students.
I'? e statute? provide thst the Council mmt e-escrlbe
the ?; neral i u- - ul government, the drsnehes that >k?n
ba tsuiiht. ?nd the es ?eral cur?- ? 11 Mftraohtao hi Ute
depsrtmenu oi the in tgeetrre laenktai s ?a ?u^gei'iou
relating to "the )?r?de of rlss?lr education - therelore
hi i no reference and was not intended hy me to be ap
plied to the very able and taOfSJOl prut-??or? who?e
name? have been unneceuarily drawn Into the disc us
I b?vethus. I heuer? glanced oTer ihe few mstters
In the statement s.-emi"? to requite aMOrfOataft from
me . and .1 tti. I'n.v ersity ?bail prore to be ? in a healthy
Bad 8 ? ? ?.ton. a? now represented hy itt
It will aflord aeaeb peaH leal ale kB boodon
and early Iriend?.
The Council ?re made to pretend tendernes? to '?en.
Tenaaadgl ' He craves none from them, either as indi?
vidual? or In combination. Hit forbearance will be ?p
?jnteer? whose narr.e? appear to a
>; sat which th-y ?i re in t pre?? nt,
and ?ome of thesn at t?e ftaaenot aaetebers ol tae :
? itare eoaraa of this tba .?? on la regard to per- '
sonahti. sis left to I l.ers.
Um Ven. April gS, 1-C. JAMBI TALLMADGE.
JOBICIALCoI 111 ' x' --To.- Wtaga of Hens?e
lier are to hold their Convention on the 13th of May.
The L6co-Koco? of ham meet on tbe ?ih.
The Whig? ot Washington County hold ?tftb Conven
lion on the ?>th of Apr..
fyT ftntra I O? a letter from Father
Metrew. we 9nd in the 1 bfatdk ^n.a Inquirer
i- I It March Igel
We are n s ttaalorabto C Steittua r?i-n incur wea thy
" re t>.?ri f:u :. th aaend lentil
? ; ;:om the ?en g district? rkte e?
.:une and staBB. The awfui consequence ot thi?
? muery has been the bre.f.h^ out ot ? fear!a.
? vhich is tutting oS cur mo.t respectable l.u
- The Ute deiubtfai eeeoanta fresa yesar glos
-d inr.mte gioJ by lowerieig the
price of bagfcan Cera The) have .-. tnp.-.'.ed the heart
lea? monopohsts to sleeken their je.d.y gr??p ?nd open
Ih, rtaa . ? The ntaltitudiaon? arrivait
- tr- aretl ntned charity of
our xini r-enet.cUjr? io your r?lau-s w.ll 1 eoai
? Ter trietr uLho.y hopes
Thi Sr.iDvi Mau. H?ejr.: ?Barnabas Bates
I".?", B ? letter to the F>c?t?.u Cnron.type den.e? that be
i? the sutb( r B ' ? ? c.c?reted ?uudey M?'!
Report H- ssys
JustW to tbnt gentle:?.' :r.e to s?y. th?t
alth' \iia I conrur with h:m in opialoa, yet I did not
write tu- R'r Me .Mil it wa? ?/ ..
lntbep?p,r? ' reTtreod gen
*.!., wrwn baa I ? ? i. to Wa*b
and to arhoaa tne eanhoranea ha? t.?o been as
, tl In e csaavarsatton anea the ee
th?t ' Cm.one'. J..hn?oti ?s? s? tmrj ihe writer of that
? m Lis namesake sra? of :r;~ Ramr.-r BmOI
tj wuom honor :? dur. u my snoOn."
Ki (OB ?JiTUt Ccwtciiv1. r.?The meting of tbe
?now at the North b?? caused ? ragidaad
C .nnecricut Ruer. The water is aU.ut tweotv
above low w?n r mark. It cover? near; y toe whole ot
Commerce st. and I? in mo?t ot the eel.art in th?t ttreet
Toe meadows ?awaoBft ?s Well a? above and beow us.
?re completely inundsted Yrsttrdiy the water fe^i
?jout two In? be?.
Al ^priDgO.iJ. at 1 P. M on Saturday, ss ?e learn ir. ui
taeftn the water was w.tLin torre leet ol the
.,- ? ?t land a| 1-4-t. the
? iinre J-rferionfl <h1 ?l i -.ut one
inch pe- w?trr h?? tour da channel, u in
i m tbe reed he Waet I . i * ? -
a bridge, and ? * ? i ta ftabaV
ty ?re ::
rulvert? of the Cam ? oad near the
Had.ry I-a.is. have sustained c :.. ;ryl-.m
rise ol w?l>r and l| ~* 'r^k ?.? swept
?w?y on Friday alebt, h-1 *a? r?| ata lee ?? to be pas
sab.e fur the cars 5>?'urd?v mornuig
Jlartfvrd Courant. Monday.
tarOBTftn M ;vfjfi>r ? We -?ndentarid that
the M?nut?cturiLi Companie? of th:s eltf bsre reaoved
t ? ow after m? nrst of Bay. three^o?rters ? : tn hour
laahjeej and lb? ??*' t >? dinner to tne operative?.
:jre they h?ve b?d three ?Jtwtlare of ?c. i
dinner du":.g me itlUOlbtol M?J. June. July ?nd AugusL
and only halt an hour dunng tne other eight month? ot
li.? year and ta-i an bjom Bf breakfast tne year round
(Lowell Cour*r.
Mr. Trisi ?.
9,y,_ \\V ?now lr.,m the vny be?t eauhortty tn?: tee
Vi- 1 rut ., a? ??eiil'?!'''??rnmer' are wnoliy wit;.
at a? a .'.en.
taataai ?a Bs ataa '-a: t<?
? mm ojk-Mi capacity Kksirttr H.? rrs p^rpos? u to
. , ataft broiaer in L juuiana woo u In charge of s
sugar plantation belooaing to both of tbem. Mr. Tnst
baa not seen bis relation since bis re'urn from Cuba "
ty Fonr of the pertom who were icelded br
] the recent explcion of the ?teemboat Wew.rk IBM
! r.nce died Their name? era V? n Hubhel I ?i>cJ and
, ,?,>?;? Mr BtaM ha? l-ft a -Ue and jtaroMlMI^
I.eflalature of New.York i niKttft'iii
.'-Ik ski i ?.?#-? ? ?an.iiTv ?* sVsWtaa) -Bagf wu*'.?
Briff?A /warn"? Jutas*
->? < ? - ?*? ? to Urn ) ?*?? Ory O-a
jy ? i?i^r? of turn? Tit Jaraav? ?aa tu :aw Tati
? r?4 r<ei*Ti..? ?an? ?id ear ?tana Ctanraai?? .
um?o\?? Tin* Fog.
Correepoodence of Tbe T ? -a*.
A* ii>i M?od?y. April 36
The House waa ssfjn] yed dunnc the morni
?e??iOD. chiefly on matter? restive to t
:r?t;rn ut Juttice. In C< xrctfrt v
County Couru the S, i axes took .^casfcn to decli
that he bad bis fear? ?s
i..;?. Ktontone. The elecn rs might, ?nd prehal
w, u'd mtke s w;?* ???'., rt;on at CsMsWj Ju Ajee, a
they would do Un ?air j with reference to th* Hupr*i
Court if they had tr>* s??-- ,,pp->rtur;ti*s of knowi
. .-?lions and Magna w.rvh af the various ci
A b:l! Is in progress to preven' the commencement
, . * ?
keep that day aa ether f. Ik? ?re taught to keep .?undi
it wi? orobab.y become a law.
Mr .?m-?* >i rep,. U'd? hi ' in-m the Judiciary On
? ? ?? ?... , -, e that privan taadreM
als should have the sim? power to licgate claims ag?.i
? hash it now ha? against them.
A bill ;? on it |t>?*totoalea travels und?r tbe aspee
guidsnc? < ? y ?r r Pr. i:-\ I - tast Object
??men is to aaO Dan i lag g Uhu Bragg \\ ^y not >'
M r F L a N D r a? from s
- ? . ,
shniaoaa ?? nthnat their swaaVnata own
lhanataa ,jters? p*r;y'' This read? a
?en?? Why not h?v- in,-;- tcttiraony I
Mr AlLaSiN introduced s ??* Pelsws
County irum the payment, ?a the Mate id $4j.i 00
? i 1 out during the Ann Kent umes ! r gunpc
d.-t gui.? ptoBSBJ psrsont. doctor?, du'.'k shot, c?nni
talla, 4
y Mr. Rowdiiu. rdstive to leaaes or i'?nt?
ral Lande, wn refera mmittee i
Landlords ?,.d Tenants oo.ish the orfic?
County Superintendent of Common .-? hools was, i
' Mr I .-vitTii, ordered to a tuird readu
?I SSTS IIW ?a ?.
in? bill to provide tor the ?pp,nntment of Notarl
Public It referred to Me.trt. ."-ickiet -~cumw?y ai
1 landers to 'ep.irt complete.
Bhli oi (? i S* ?mtitrtly Dmpotcd c
Nearly a f> zen of bills, m *t mi them M great geuer
int,r*?t have been eii?rn?t> d ?nd ordered to a thi
. nearly allot them without a m.nute ? discustn
m sha "??i tnpsianana toCaaanitnaol the \\ ru ?? Th
Isa tuaimiry way of ,. ..endi'.g the Revited ?nana
?ad caniet r>, too ?even I) c ..ndeuined. It convert? nin
Oai I lhete bids I? relative lo th* ? ? ?
put. an i tne uumits;wi of Cr:nie.-another ?hout l'?
en? and Children?a ltd about t
- ?
i.g <>r?nd Jurn ???OahaboM the Mai? Miiilis?almo
a., ol ttsenh reri?? the Rented Matutes. I do not 1:1
to trouble OknClatO tor the bills, and if I bad Ibera
w , : ?t.,. hase H r, 1er to the ?nan Law? ;a crier I
a?c ai '??-ii na ? anM at th.- ? ?ana
? York Inf. n ' i rit.
The lnclo?ed pamph!, t witn a g'.-n .-over was place
on aantnanan nonoare today, and aoasahn a) ?hi
? ? sMist ra/sri ? t Crim
rummtUm it I Nan lor?,'tu ? CM
i . ?'.urt wuh Otgbt Juttic?* tr.on aha 'mal de.-m. t
ot which it to i - ? ? tarry appnels n anna so A
rtuai App' a.? i . ? .* \ <n a City I).
tn<l ( urt . ' - I 17.? ? Court of la
pencho . . '?!)?I'o.ice District Couru q t
a City Cnininal Co . ? _? Court of ispeen
ftoaaeona, (teenoa TO)?a Reeorder at 03,900 snd his A
. atgSVnO?to ? ? t. Tin? bill is endor
ed hy Metsrs L [.uiugitou. Kmanuel B Hart and I, I
Ink ?si on, Coiiimittee, and prmled by the worshipd
Bos'd ai '
ild this bill pasa, the worthy citizens msy lac
juttice. but Court? ul Justice n?rtr How ui?ny ttojl
rior Court? there are to be. I do not see?prubauly ?
equal LUUiber tor ( f ubilournly s ?ake.
ajrassto?( 'oat M '.. an.
'I"he Att*m')ly_/ix/?i the Canal Appropriations. 1"n
Senate ,? nn^ ihem ?II over ??aln This it si ,1
t?i or were to make ? co?t ?nd ?s-nd It to another tallo
to I ike on >-vi-ry >lil, h ?I he | n ?,? ?ad make ;t all u
?.?m.each uiior enargtoa fit a day,on y oaa aatonrae
out ?Her all. Money bill? wnu-h pen th? Cosnaaoaa i
Ln^iand i-tunoile amended I.y the Lords Wh?( nt It
' : . , , pfiu ukl, no,hjn
k H I ...n,..i, ..aw ??d ?loinim^'fa-r/,?tifo" tailors 'takiu
t,,e ,1!. "' iritt-tee VVie to cut and SOS? aud the other t
rip .p again.
/.,?,'?'? fssann tmpm'f Mr. Hadltft Rtpor
. I men in on* tne hank !.nd t ii ?at wfitt I? unju?l
reprehensible, and loju - I i - ha? hajn ooa
witn impunity, b] BBprlMij -? i 1 ? 1*1 os in another Ire
beak, the example msy aaOOUrafB t!:eiu to pret.-rv
po?--.. a??t ii: ? . ? or p. i ,,rt tiielr p.,*ers I
sinn.ar means I to " >t ?|?(''y thl? to We, IJaiisviile ei
? ?eni. bnt sin glad that ihe lioute Bank Com
ntttee h?ve been thwarted in !fc*ir endeavor to conce?
the whole of the legal evidence t??ej before them
a resolution ot this morning, by Own. fd
lcston ' of 1 dvhntston, ? mo?', uuarimoutly adopted
and which recnine the Hank t'nrnmutee to report
v\ :,, tber the n tfttoaan did not ?lodge that ne traa?
. . Mr v\ f
Ca? ft '?p,irt Hank
tknCnhtor,aebort hnal Maorevank
n ? -ted m i-i i by i aittog eat of H ? aaaai tin 0
?? Iront Mr. Iluaea. oi ?t.., k. although the laid
Stock look containeu ? pri.r transi, r ol th? very ??in,
stock from said House to tr-. anadahl
due to
And that ??id Ca?hl*r ?Woodrutf] did cast 70 vote?
laid Sl ? tldaiagh H w?? tne property ot 'ht
bank itsel;.) ?t tn* next eleetloe ol Diraetora, which
wa? more io*n 'he msj. rry then g ran for na Dinat
or? elected I mee atoo aea whether aka Cto?hsi
ad to hi in talk a -ty oi ine I'rctidem
or ?ny oi Iks) Beak Otoen
And wi.etner the lurectors who th.;? owsvd their elee
tion to the ('??bier, did not meet a? a Board ard appro??
ol the ?eld mutilation and very Improper rottoa ?nd
they a-< tbat ?,. tr--.- ? rWe?>M laid aafora the Hai.k Com?
mittee Mer?r? H?dl. y. Li.llup. He ?Vast, Maawel! w.d
Crotbv.j on and aoanaetad anh these .-.?tier?, may be
ra th? Houte
Is It not reniaria-o* tn.t On Bank Committee, in their
?ring and el? - ? , ? I h?ve been entirely
?itoat on each ekarpt? il h la hopad that 0h?|
?rill be able to eipuif. ttttoaltosiea. Th* ?onto ?uppresa
th? te?nmir.y, notwithstanding much lobbying;, wa?
on.y i ?rr'.ed ?y two vote? I would have directed public
. n tc.to.? ii.n't r esrlier, but he?iutcd to eacite ?
. ?idler w?y w -tigatt. n wa? in pro?
liot'J? Of AS5CXBLT 5PM
Xbf ' ?koto oa Cenan/ Cauto enm
i for h?lfe doaea otaar thing?. re?u
m*d ?t fi.ur. ?ud ther i*t k B aha power? ,A these
Courts, l.ke that at the c ns*ntt,,n It apparen'.'v in
t,..,n.n - are but lew ?pec'a'ors. Ihe house is
Irin. vaakf ber?elt have
b,en?i, | hy in* enfl-ts ?imeness of our
y CourU were ?? b?d
at s<ime of our lawyer? ?ay they were the llrgaau m
t?;c.y deserved m ich publ.c sympato/.
HoftaUSU ArrR*T?lu Georgetown. Mere
? i?y . nftfttaxe ecurred a desperate a
H i? >?r?y A man named Burr had misused a
bantMUf nina, Bad tne neighbor? t?k.ri her part, <
Maatnad to t?r und leather aim lbey sccordio|
went at el ? * he was and commenced an
tack He wat supported ty a womsn wno was livi
with htm as a p?r!.m')ur inn her Maadft They r-sist.
'..e a'-?, i. and ? le?per?te fw t ensued. The ???alise
?* ? : -moer, ?nd ratner superior B t .e |
Pia perscc? were wounded in ihe ?irsy four
? ? atOajtaftO W'ick ?nd tieori
.. it it suppoa- In - ;r h.insed was woun
ed bat it i? theoght he will recover Burr ? p?r?mou
whose name is Stately t.ught In h:s defence w:tb I
?I. end wounded sever?. Her father wsa ?moo
those ?uppoted to be mortally wounded No arr?t'
have been made. N Am 'Ui. Luipatco, 27th.
Rar* Avis.?A white pelican wat ebot ou Bu
lington beach t few days since I:? wings atnaaai
nine o.rnrs frota ?p Ui U ? fr re T.. p.Ant of it? bill I
U" l* '. it measured lour leal ten .nenes? tbe blli Itse
to tbe opening ol the mouth was tourteen inch*??th
perpei : \n*. bird wat two leet el^l
inches. It. t I -1 (Ml we has
ever beard .1 bei n? ?rot in North America. The wbil
,:. ?.? ? n?ti'e ot Africa, and the peinan? of Amenci
?ccordu.i to Bu?oU. -re : - ;?i, . s. [hh| ti,.? wandere
must have ??own a I wi hi? nati~< shoret r>
I nitde hit tn?! detcent upon :nr beach. Orn
tb ilogist? represent these birds as being exceedingly u
doient ?nd vjracious. They never leave their restln
plant except when impelled by hunger, which teems nc
to be rery seldom, l'beir nights are confined to th
\ coasts or over the shallow water wcere small ft th are t
be found ia .arge quannties . and how this one oappenei
; to make its way to Canada it a mystery which we can
: not pretend to unravel. t Hamilton Spectator C. W).
r ?thek BlT-?It will be remembered that thi
reverend gentleman accompanied the army in Bextei
a? Roman Catholic chapla.n and it was tatWCjd that he.
bad been either ki.ied or taken prisoner 1 he Free
mail ? Journal announces that tbe fear wa? unfounded
the reverend gentleman took refuge w-.th ? pious Bexi
can fami.y and i? now anaonbtg in Xitimo- ?
The LeTfBBM < -1 I * sr.v use ?The Boatot
ptpert contain account? of the hiving of a twtrm o
ate r fttaexMaenft) u ot their adbata supply of honey
?ring th? little workers into ? sound oblivion o|
what was g jing on ?round tb^m (or half an hour or so
Tbi? w?? done in Cambridge near Boston, the Letbeoc
? being applied by hela?otaa ?"to tbe biv-i by a ehl?fu]
band U there anything in? under tne san I
Nati?atio.? or Lakx Chabpla!.? ? Frjtn ?p
pe?reac*e, says the Weatport| Essex; Patriot, we should
i Judge that tbe lake will be clear of ice In two or three
day?, and that tbe boat? will commence running this
flT* Ifftl ftftWataBBBiai Lakes 0*?4r?u end Erie
l n-?? tataiy open
TrisoAt. Apr?! 27
Tinrtet?ci ? The Ninth Hard Temp?rant
Society he'd their Annual Mecen.; last evening at Re
Dr Maree, ?s i Church, st tbe corner of B.eecker aa
Aast ttt A brief report of tbe proceeding? ?u rei
by tne Secretary Tbe audience was 'arge and reap?
taV.e. ?nd very ?ttentive to the preceedlog? ef the met
Ing Rev Dr thjWflft by aajfjg j|?r request, addrveta
the meeting hi? opioton on the su' ;ect of total abet
nence fntq all intoxicating drinks was termed as ear
as the flr?t :nstltutnvn of tbe New.York City T<-mperan<
Society -I which we were happy to hear he was one
?-.e | BaanBan Board At the close of tbe address ?
Society circulated their pledge and obtained a l?r{
number .1 ??tier? lfcey then elected their offloen I
tbe ensuing year, passed a r?solut.on ol thank? to Re
Dr. UeWitt for hi? able, eloquent and instructive a
dress, and adjourned after prayer by the venerable f rt
iue.it of tbe meeting.
Pho> oRAIHY gfgfljg THI CltlLDRKS ?-\V
have received and examined with much ?stJsfectio
several specimen? of Phonographic writing, exocuu
by a class of oh. dren who have received twelve i
fourteen lessons from Mr KVjIe Among many olhe
of great merit, is _co MOBBOsd by a young M:ss of Tu
(ti taghOol So 4. who i? not yet twelve years old, ao
bu only received thirteen '.e.?s-nt ?he already writi
st the rate af more tban forty wordt a minute M
Boyle intends giving this class one lesson ?week u
nine months more, at the ead of which time they ? .
mil bt mbU to fo?mt a iptaia- verbatim How long will
be before the proper authorities will take the pains t
Investigate this tu bJoB We predict that the result of sue
an investigation when its takes place, which must b
before long, will be it? introduction into every sehen
o? ibis City. _
iMPRovKMtM BJ Cakki vftfj ? Wg underttan
that Mr. Rox.aia, ? Dutch Cavalry officer Bow in th
1 ity. bas luvenied a new mode of constructing the tor
wheels and axle of carnag-s, by which tbe wheels mov
in turning tbe carnage ?udependently of the axle. It I
sa: 1 that tbe strength and cheapue?? of the carriage. 1
well as ??lety in turning, are all increased by the plai
while at the same time it is more elegant than the ord
nary mode. Mr Roemer has also invented a new mod
Of banging carriages, by which a more agreeable modo
is ?ecured.
Law Prices ?The (MA ?ay? that the poor wr
men engaged In ruakinj bags in which to forward cor
to Lurope. get only I of a cent for each ha? They hav
to work at these rstes. do doubt, in obedience to the lei
of supply end demand.
CtBVUUBf' ?A sword anil belt, with rovotvin,
plitolt. were yc?terd?y presented to C?pt. Thomas Pos
ley ol the Tenth Regiment I'. I I. previous to hi? d?
parture, for Mexico, by Iren St?rmt, tor and in behalf c
the officers of tbe First Brigade.
HoRTirrt.TfRAL F.iHiBirio"? ?The Aniericai
Agricu'tural Aitoctati n will hold ?^exhibition of Flow
en, early Fruit? and Vegetable? on the 19th of M?y a
the Lyceum.
KP* Hon. R. P ftMniMM* left yeeterday in thi
packet ship Liverpool, on bit wty to Denmark, to re
lieve Hon. Mr. Irving, now < barge, at the Court ot Stock
holm. -
Fika.?A tire wee discovered thie morning1 abou
2 o'clock in the rearof house No ID' Mulberry ?toccuple*
by Andrew SCrnmon?. Usmsge trilling.
A Sailor t Wife - It 11 thecuttoniof affection
?te seamen, when tbey go long voyage? in goveruiuen
?hip?, t" l-?ve a portion of thi ir wane? to be drawn b;
their wive? The Paymaster here thouiiht a while ag<
that a certain woman c aTs] oli> n tor the domestic shan
husband? Wage?, and on an examination of Ihi
matter he found that ?he sil the wife ot no leas thai
five dirt, rent seamen Whose wife will ?hebe arhftft thi
Ladle? Hospital is established 1 i,,r ?buhad ?a many hut
baud? a? the woman of ?amana. I Jour.ol I "?*
AfciDFNT ? A Frenchman by the name of Picrr
I.oudenier. while passing down B'eecker ?t last nigh
fell inlo ihe cellar of the Northern Kxchange, and brok
Mirerai of hit ribs. He was this morning tent to tb
City Hospital. _
1'.o, ii.-K ? Klira Kelso was last run ht arrested b;
1'armell ol ?he fourteenth W?rd. charged wit'
fte ?ling ? merino ?h?wl trim Kachel Thorn Coinmii
t<..l for examination.. . JoM Fdwardi wa? last rlgh ?1
rested hy n?Ci r Mrdrath of ?to- Ninth Ward. ? barge?
1 with stealing aihawi Caaaaajl ted for examination...
William Powell ?si last night arrested by officer Quack
enbush of the Ninth Ward, charged with stealing carl
ebaiii?. Commit?.* for examination. Joanne ?lack
and Isabella Tease were Bad ht?ht *rr-?trd by ofl1t?ri
Centello Feeny and Corneen ol the Sixth N sr^^harged
with stealing 1*20 from John M Jone? Committed for
trial ... Dolly Jsrksnn (colored; wss last night a. rested
hy'tsxeeaf M?dden ol th? Fourteenth Ward, charged
with ?teal'og |ll"J horn Kdward Carroll CommtMed
tor examination. .. .John li King wa* last nlgbtarreati d
b? orneen Keeve ?nd Crosettot the Third Ward i??riied
with stealing wearing apparel and table l??enlo the
value of |4U from Capt Wayne, I; S Army. Commit
ted tor examination-The house 40 D iwnln? st wa?
anhvnd ysterdsy alterno, n by forcing off the n-isel ol
tin- hfent room d"or. snd rohl id of ?liver pl?te Mid jew.
elry tn the value af |4'l Th? thief Bat not beM d
leeteii . taflest Humphrey? an escaped convie I IraM
Kiacxweir? Island, wa? last ninht arreated by otficer
Heed of the Tenth Ward H-i was committed.
Sr-EciAt. Sttsio.vs ?tt,i?e Wallace, for stealing
a br?a? kettle, penitentiary r ra in'hs... William McCoy.
fir itea.ing a hammer rentMenave 10 )?>?_HsJIy
White ?nd Catharine M 4 .a.le for stealing iron weight?.
I'emteu ??ry .1 months .. lohn Mdirath for an assault
? i.i battery Penitentiary .10 day?-Willwm fcvao?, lor
an assault and battery City Prison 1 day?, and ?WU fine
..Patrick McAlear, for attempting to ?teal. Hou?e of
..tugo ... K.ien M?lone. for an a?tault ?nd balb ry. Pen?
itentiary 6 month? .. J.hn Kelly for ?t^aJing iron pen?
itentiary 3 month? ... Fr.uol? Michael for an assault and
Lattery Penitentiary 3 month?... (!..sann? McAually.
for stealing a flower pot and roae f,emtentla--y 3 month?.
....John Tbompwm lor ?teailng a chain. Penitentiary
rio days_James McNet) lor ?a assault end battery,
City Prison 'JO day?_Jobo Bsnftb, for ?waling rigging,
Penitentiary 3 inontht .. John William?, fur ?'?aliog a
clock. Penitentiary W dty? ?Tbe Court ad. curned until
Removal ?The Fir?t Presbyterian Church 'Rev.
Dl Coi s; will remove tc their beautiful new house ??
ter the second .-undsy in Way. Tbe building ?nd fix
tures they now occupy, with all its furniture, ha? been
bought by ?ever?l genti*m?o ? f Oitigregat.-ju?! view? a
new church ?nd society of that denomination will con?
tinue pub le Worship there, alter Dr. Cos's rioctety bave
?*truiu. ??Otlfft?
nilll.Hi' A um.i.a,
III Naoeria.ec. If? Y.
???astonish?, ?'??H O'UKhM.*! four-?. ?*??
tf Letter Han? ?/a open ?i ibe uit ? of fh? New
Tora Trinuo? for all Foreign furs, and ail letter? ?nd
MW?p?pera deposited in Ulis ofnre will ai way? ha (or
w?r>d by ihe very eer.lest vessel a Thl? c ?partaient ??
under ihe ?pectal super/tsioa of J. B M?WU. E?+
well kaani for many year* a? lb? ?sper'.?nced ?ad eci
Cen? Superintendent of that foreign Leiter Leaparuneoi of
lb? Naw-Yurk Ctiy fociOnVe.
Bag? ara now open for ihe race ptloo of letters and news?
paper? for ih? following places, viz.: London. Liverpool
gtaaaaw, Ireland, Havre, Maraeille?, Aawterda?, Bre?
men, Hamburgs, Ma de Janeiro, Valparaiso, Bueno?
A;ras. Oregon, at??tco. f acama, a*. Thome?, ndagstot,
< Jam I Ms acias. Havana.
Ofice opste from 6 A. M. ?.:._lo f. at.
rW* t.ettere atad >ew?pap?ra wtd be received at
tkao?toe uf Tb? Trinase for ine p?cBet sTp BILVIK
UK (iriAadF.. Cept ?Udi, wmen sal.? for Havre on me
sin ldsl _^_
gW? Dr. Haanl na? Body Brae? t? an eflkleat re
O??for weaksa??n ice ?jire. .ungs. spine and Htnts. par
Ocularly for dyspepsia. eoasupaUon and plies, with weak
nen of iha aomacn and ?idae, weaaiy fauna.??, fast grow?
ing cnl.dr*n and all dl?po??>i lo droop ?nd are eedeewtry,
?apeeuv.y spinal ?ui.jecis. wl.i be dedgated witn ,ut ac
Uon. Reference given to many dUung\iUbed c!?rgym*n.
aha Mav? neon reacued from ?up?ranuuaUoe, from 4e>
btliry and broncbula. f ao.pt..?^ ai i v. a ? Curamos
Setae," giving Information, can he bad at the oBk?, tg3
Broadway. ? tad? in aiutv* ?nee on ladtoa. Uf eodcf
???* fa aterrare la r isTtadei?Uaw- Dr. BCHlEf.
ERDELHtR, having r*tu'ri*d (rouia visu loOracfeonerg
and ibe mjei *tttneci Water cir? eatablUhmeou of Ger
many and Keg,and, ha? reop?n*d hi* VS ?1er cur? houM >a
f tiiiadelpnla, ai ibe corner of Cneainui and Beech ?u-ieom
bining me ???anlagst? of a city and eounuy re?td?oc?)
ws?r? be pru?ers but best ?erva-e? 10 ail wbomay favor
bun with lae.r patronage His Sous? wa? ouili for a ooiel,
aod l*??ry ?rg-, ?d r ?'mem, containing 01 room*.?
?\pp.iceiiun po?; pe.i wU is?a?t wtih prompt ?latanon
?i 2a?t?a ^^^
Or Water Car* Ueaatsw-eirs. M B. (so** oouism.
aae u> redar? peu??*? at 1er boos?. 2ti lOih-et. New
Mrs. 0 also v?alas lad??? and unseren at Weir haaaaa, aad
g.v?? <I!-??et?aa fcw tawappItoantoa * Waasr Care a? if
in" r. J. ? ?leoaaa. r&icauaane Braaer, No. 63
V. * MB Nsrw-Tora. Caearreni osonov Nmgbi aad ?oui.
gefi njg gggpj BjgtojBjej, pngaj and dxaJJto enttoaiaA oi
o?TUTO? VotilM.
oxaiiTii ?
?aw- Tata Ba-aatlfal l^veattax/ '? -efsotrg te ?.
yyjfjyb waraed coi?v??j?!>ng laie..?geni physic ?:? act
?cisaau?r a,?? generally thai the following deerrlpi.ue.
HS . Df c??irr'k I ntM work oa the Bedu ?J
Appeau?, of a?,vMu?tB it la' believed ertfl be of interest
ver? character, end of
ibeOalv-enlc hing
??" P?hl*t?eper1aily the aBvted
?..,?T "'***? ?'? vwryesrer?
iwTi?? ^S1?*- *? i*"?* ?? ?PPtled ky the OalvanW ?lag?
is am MOMflft v? arrest the aantaaaa of ?tante?. and aid
^TShLSTI *mi* W?Bmmiii ste?tjssrtsa of
the <>a.v?nic B..U eB?ear, reasedU this owjecioa . any
degree of power itsu, rastrad rma r?d,.y r* tv*tal?e/.
aodoo-.?ip*!aiwhtra MMm)Mr\sM, agent .>f <)a.?an
sa, can enVei. wm fcll? ^ p^w,,^? r?j Tue
lla,vaii ( ?en i. ??^.eaKtfa, hjnaaai, of a/t, ?Wing aeieee?
tea lb? hlghea baaeictei raeu.t? ?,? ... .. .#,??.?
Ihm few tnveuUotis have ?a?, a??, ?, rjswfea-taaJ and so
geoertuly ??Kcaassfeu la Usaar eftac?. ?? | ^t,,,, ,.. ??._
s.ppoe. Ji?c?i..ft i?er?o? ?tateiad ? at in.iiae.vloo,
from any of lia ?aiioee ctases be eostaiau? U diiteojoj
?tomach. owing ;o the prodaetioe and i?teeuoe of aaranta
gasee? . - pain in that r?gion , general ???r*m\of ?. ?pin.?,
and to en . ta ordinary caeee ?tanatlasi? ?*, iMt9tl wqVe
by Beta ejgttaft oo the ear 'es aad OMM sj uv, ,ioei?<?
afford teaptwary relief, bat watrb leave the pettset la a
worse state aad wua lajared fhcalde*. after ta* ta.?
ihu? excited bee eeeee?. Now compara uv? wtet the ?I
?".-??H..irg (ruat the apaicanoe of the ft? i Tat? a
panent la a siate auxdiar to that we have atea toned-tut
the Be ; round the body and ea-ar the slower a U the asaa
re- m ?i conveeiecl Tie beat and m<>letur? fr -n the
?k a wi . ?ci on the poettire ?leased of the Be t, therehj
etcutac a Oaivaoic current which wt I anas I've 10 the aeg
?n?a aad iteeee Nark Male to the poenlve. teais keepiag
up a eosniou? Oa vaci.- .Irculeuon. Thais that uoat ??
""? caee? of ?VsptcSI A are ?sntaajMnB. ear?" t>| ?la?
p.y wearing ike ...... h -
" Thl? coiupiB ni 1? ?u prevalent, aad or'trmry remedial
?rforuj a-. Inadequate lo It* re lef. thai il U dr?m?d
proper io ?i ?i:j Ji?, iai??rk? of ? distinguish-?! physicar.
r*??p??Ka Hoi i lea. at D regardiag the enVri? of Oat
vannas in it? cute
" Kvsfwpaia. etpecfauy whee k ?"??at frota tervoa??
exhaasii.an. ? aiore generally relieved by vealvaruw ibaa
any other meana 1.1? well kawwa tkat meui.- Be? e?. Lea
or even do any t-<od in Ibis disease, aad u a ?aidem why
they cannot. There I? ta tatx?jBXtnga ?/ are???, ?awe?.
owirjg io lb* person ha? !i.g ??i?,sied u all la thinkiu?. o?
?une other proceM, aad ?That Is waetad 1? atiban in .?st?
and ?? ' ai fltfl Ute ?tomach lo r?gala us de? ?hare of that
natural ?. ? ?? .-r ??- e|?e lo si.-siit.iia ?a ertteetal power ?
Medicine raa neither cal, bach the lost aerwea r.i*,, at
givea ?uhMtluie, bat OeJvaalam wilt enable Ute BBOMab
lo ? ? . a? well e? It does with .-? ? f~ u. -,>?.? , it
Is ..-?? er ire both an etfi 'laol ?ad a Proper ?unetiuiie I feet
conhdect that nearly every ?aae ot Oytpepaia. u.iess fiera
b? ?.-?..?'.'?. di?ea?e of Ihe ttotnacb, ?Moo la seldoaa Ute
rase may be cured by ihe application of Oalvaa'tm.'
" Ic?.?m-e? lanuqiarable ?Blghl be given to pr?t? the
above were . neceteary 11 |? auftVleul u> ?ay that the
ttaivaaie Ben I? bstexvXaisl to be toe best and u...i sAVieol
form of application In ihi? paruea ar diaeee? A Sea- ?et?
u j?ra esas-ty ?asjlnsasl (? rraesaWr (As ?twreM ?/ aeers ?
!''-.-? physiological ??Tert? of ihe rurieoi ui .hi? lb? Oal
*anic hieetiti- ly ihu? le?e..ped. aris (.h?utb Uunercept
tblyl oa the nerve? ofevevy pail of tbe s'omacb, and atore
especially on those which are essential as U-? dige?-ive
process, the nerve? ?ri.-n tbe ?tasele?, the m .??- ?. an
tf.e s'-douilnai system?thefiatnl is propelled coward ihe
gaaee expelled?digestion ?Baa-led, and the patleol h?|>pl
?y relieved. Ho* beautifully baa each dls?a?e> inctdaoi uv
humanity been provided for by Nature P'.vtav si, ?a
non or vMt Ht'Msa avsrats is trracran st in ??> ia
Thus the hver and other organ? are ?steatteily t rnehte.1
v. these Oalvan'c apahance?. spasmi. ?pi'.eysy. hypo
choadilaclsm, kc. reeultlag from 4?r?iig?nieoi al U? or?
gan?, mar ihu? be effectually relieved ?nd aaalislj cored
The dittrasslng ?BMM called Mver ??-tpiaini, uigett.er
with it? -.?.?. actumpaatmeou of pala in the ?ale, goner
al weakneM. ar may be permanently removed bv in? a?e
of the e.i. which having an ?aVsct upon Ihe ??'??'? i?????.
po??ee?e? a great adsasiage over every other form ef gai
raidc ?ppllcailon.
In DistAitt of TH? Basar, whleh are of tlte reoeldaa
geruua character, the at-pllcatlon of the (ta va-'., tie t r??
S roved eminently ?uciessful. The w M.Jerfu. ransev gtj
essai tged I? tlwenaf the uio?i bannie?? namr? , which
ta of courte eaaendal ID iresllag ?o delicate an organ a? ilia
Heart. DUeeee? oi die Heart are generally of ? aera .j
cliaracter, and conseaueally come under lot peculiar cog>
Btnenee af tta remedial agency of ilalvan ?m Theiial
vanlc Ben la o-mny the most ajataOflBM f rai of npa i t
lion at piei- i known.
incasesof DF.AFNEea the most wonderful and un?x
pecied cure? have batea ?aad? by the tlalv?rir fteft, If Ute
disease is of s amww characier the relief l? chart I, and
If ih? organ b?ooi Injured iheretsafeirehenceof pane ace
In si l Diaasim or thb Srtas the Oalvanle Belt haa
been used wlih the happiest rsenlia The l?male . t
lion of ihn portion of the anima! frame with the whole
nervous ?astern, has long been noticed, ?ad It I? thl? -t.-i
which anexare ?ploal Compl?t?t? always io BreBaaJ a rbar
aeesf tppareatly ?o danger<?i?, ?? hopeless and aiamiltig
Rut slrauge. It is Mit atra fort, whleh ? ?use? tj.e tren let>
ftl power of i i?.v aicsni to be of ?uch Inuuedlaie avail, and
In very many a?e? to have performed ra/t? ratrr? wh?n
they were pronounced beyoae Ute reach of medical art?
?ud Uit? by competent m?dical authority The ?ame majr
be ?aid of Hin Cornplaiaui. Weakness of lb? Cheat, Hack,
he. The effects prodaced by OalvaaUra are analog<>u? to
medicinal agency, at was befoie shown , but ho* luto. .<
hp batter U it to ute that aieeae which leave? the paileai
decided, y lui proved, and with Increased vigor andsUeogth.
than to use thnee of whleh H may truly he ?aid that
The Remedy la worse then lb? dl?
re*" It ?nould he iiiomloned tbst no iDconvenisace is at?
tend as t a poa usina the Oalvenle Belt, and Utailtmay he
wora by tbe mod delteeaa with the most persacl eeee and
?af'vty. It? rou?rurtl<'D Is bulb simple and e.egant Time
doe? not effect it? eSJceey and It may berea-lUv seat t< any
part of ibe country lull direction? arcovapaaytog u
The great relehrliy and ?ucees? of Dr CHRISTI I'm
.' i.-over e?h?? caused ttuiiieruus attempts lo waaluM iLnu
The public are respectfully guarded against all these toil
tanousas they are ?ntirely woithlr??
The only Agvucv In New-Y?rk for CHRISTlC'b lienu
loe il?, .ai.i. and Ma*n? ir Curativa? la al
rat* lw.? kmoMH iv ?a
let? and 'hemoMconrlncug tnailmoBlal? mayaiwaytba
Lad grell?.
I No Drug Store In New-Turk win ever be allowed to keep
I Dr Chrt?!!-'? artlelee._tun Wastf teta
1HX mol siMii-.
rr*" The Alatael I nlrereel freveleucr of L'ver
. Complain, In the cima m of Ibe Uaited Sa??, r. oder? thl?
nod.lie ?n in??iua''le agent Few norlloni of ou' ?ou?
try ?re exempt frote tee r ?Itailon <? ih ? dlattxssing com?
plaint which Is ?o often mistaken for oUier ?Us?e??, ? .1
whicn, by being ermn? ? u*iy treated, terminal-? fatally ?
Aifew tioitla? or Srheerk's Pulasonle fyrup,. however, im
medla'ely deveiope tbe disease, b/ acting upon the
parts sffacted sn<l afTordlnr relief, If il l.apjver ? to ?,? ?Ither
or iie".ii?e??e?!'ir w.-iifii bis dyiups Is a lentedy Ifupoe
the dewlopsxavnl of Ihe dlsate?e. (which thl? medicine
,?? u'. ??a irrlv ?? warm drliik de the measte?,) Il ap.
p?ar? lh?l ueiiher tbe lu g? or the liver are alas: ad, M In
Jury can po,.''.'* ailse front ike use of <he me<t
cina.. Thousand of llvai have already l-eee ?aved by the
. timely t?. of imi tnedi loe In uv?f dea?**?; a? weil ea
cohsnmpsino. which wiihotit It would b?v? lalrep P'?e?e
lure vlcilm? to a ?partotu method of tresuti -nt. tW ".at
fa. t ahuodam test rnony 1? la the h?nd?af Ute laventnr.
Consumption, whu h I? ev?n more prevalent thasa llvatv
dlteases, ?saoilre.y mastered by this giant medicine The
d(aireas and a?ouy that thl? horrl'ile malady na? n flu-lad
upon the human family assumtnf ?very form that I? hsxtlle
to ihe existence of ibe vital principle, a? well a? t r
niennng to the k *ly of I ? victiin-can neither h ? pictured
by iba irnatfii ?lion nor desc ib'd by lb? pen. Bit lut ter?
rors have baeu solely propogated by pr.Jo'l e, and Ils
ravag?? continue by Ihe apathy at.tl Incrrd. Ity uf mea
kind. The P i uionir Syrup I* a ?peciflc id ?Ii eseea of Con
?ump i ii " Let falih vanquish preludie? and disee?? la
>n?arreed of It? lerror,"?eatd ?ne of rbe saatM ?mlneai of
ih? London practitioners. Aad who but rrfleri? for ? a.o
niant, must acknowledge tbe truth of bisohaervattoe And
who w. uid am have?oetefaith loMvellfe ' Win w.j.i.d
n >i reaounre am? v" judie?, to obtain eaee la tonare,
and "..a-.- n from aagnlsh that makee life a burthen, ?van
when <le?'.r. it not in ImmtHlatecoemquet ceuf disease '
P e?... none? that P M. Bcehrnu It no longer ?.. ag?ci
for lit? ?ale of the (JMDuiae Bheeck'? P ilm ?nie Bymp.
T'i? irenuine Puimoelc Byrupean he had alike Proprte
lor'? * e 4 Contend ?I a tew dourl below Itoedway
a? SiMWadhFr Ulp _
Csxvia Blttmi, Otoaea W. Haaais
ATTOR"*F.T? AT LAW. Mr?. I Boum ttlxta-?t. fhlladet
phta. Kefer i , Mr Joseph Tryoa, *a broad ?t Paaei
De Wiu. >:?<) HH Naasu, and Mr ttosbrod Birch, fci Wli
ilarnat New.Vork Bf iewt?
correa house.
Mo. lu Luv ?t le.istiLi ut Joae-ST.)
? I'. 'rn'I.
sfee? Tort.
Orm.aor ru? N?wYoa? m< Li?mv ' .?tr.?v ,
Apr: It, la? l
TIIK KHKHIDRNT and Directors bava-his day de
i- a ? d a dividend .four end one half per ? ?m ea the
capiial ?loca uf ib'? Company for ib* t ? av mhseauiBg
1st fe*iruary last, papahleto the ?*o sre.der? >n and afUr
Halurday, urn 1st May b*sl Tbc ireasfar bsiok ?1,1 be
c o?std Oom lb? gtih insiani uaul that <l?us By oid?r.
?l3u.Myl C L KVERITT. ieer???r?_
?Atit KKKKOTVPK l?f.?T?in.~L~B eliTNIf
a CO -l Wli.iasn st 2d floor, ttav? jual r?e?iv?d, par
la'? arr?sela, a full tu.pl? of Uaguerreui;p? Pa,*?. Ma
."? f and '?? .1 their bread ?o favorably Snow n ibroagh ?n
the CoiUtd State?, wnub they warrant equal la q.a.iy lo
any ever b-foia mporutd by J??m. Ti "J oeT?r ih?ui at
prate? ? vin, y raducad (rum iboe? of lea* Fait Clwea
ic?i? ? - . e.i ? . ,. of Uk?rMMlqu?.iiy,?'W?y?fi>r?ai?.
ant it' L. B BINNSE k CO. ??? W'lfl'am ?t M floor.
TXKK NOrH.'B-for s?l? or eii-hang? oe the pveei
'?*?, ?>\ ttprlag st, la? following a/Uc.?s, vis 2 good
boresat, 3 coal cart*. I spring, do, 1 Til hi wagon, all ?aw?
? g - fer, v? ?g ??.? 1 dowa Iowa cart, I ? Irt do. I pair eoal
?? ?,e?, list nu cart aad h*/o??t halas?? and I laiga e p
p?r satllar t"um wasting any of the ehove aril'- ?a
??in find li to th?ir advantag? to call and ?seai n* Wova
purchasing ?la?w bare. , a/llm'j (J. RKOAIitll'Rir
M~t.Nl.ATf?ilC~PAfrsl'fff,tU.-Mr i A. HlXJf
(jaLL haying returned to to? elty after a short ab
?anca wuu.d Inform hi? frleed? ead tb? public that be has
laten room? ot ZM Broadway, un tbe corear of St array-??.
In the f .umSe Bui.dings, where he ta ready lo r?. *? ??? ?.;
order* In hi? lia?. ?IV ?w
OK I H A I. KHA /. R K, ih? raia?ratod'Caaeer ') .
tor, wbo doctors on in? laelae mud? of precilc? or my
aseutani will b? 'mnd uih? i' I Hotel the third M ?
day *n May. for HV*e daya oaly, m aeeh and every mue i a
f->? the ?aaton, when ?p?ctese?? of cancer? eaa be ?aaa <m
tnoee day? watch nave been removed by Dr I* ofTroy.M
Y _el? las*
If \V. VIVIAN 1? at .?l?ure to superintend mine? or
It*?m?itlng work?, or lo ??lead to the eeaaal ?laaru ?
i.os? of m MB and mineral .and?. Would have no o*)ec
lloe lovitit the Lake Coucirtoa Raepactabl? cuy r?'?s
anca? gl??n. |aiT tsa'l B. W V a? Broadway
CY. ?vTE*BN8, Cabtoat raraltnr? kfcaulecnrer,
.117 cary.il?-??.-Ail kind? of ranrtaare aaaato k? erde?
of the best msu-rte*? and at Uka shorteet ?.atea. Wora
made and repair** with paae?aalliy aad dUpeteh.
ato Iw-kfWaB
MAAON WOatH, f ?aatevi?* and Johoan of nary
,le?rripi.* doae or reealresf, by J. CLAJOL Order?
r?c a?v?d a? Bll?y'? Lame Itor?, eoroar C?oal and Lalgal
?u aiikt? ?>?V* ?v?d?? IItebaaal et Brooklyn. ?14 lmT
vurim. ??AiiNII h CO. ?ws^reasoeedMailae
i^?ao ?il??? Wad and fia??te eppnette iba Cassoav
Bo >?._s? *f .st?
\f tHTIKttlH.TI. -All dlaaaeaa toat'ttoesTtTiiaala to,
i'l earad by Or. ASHLEY, ? ?Udaoe-st. CoofldaalUl
SjdW? t-ivoa In ad eaa*? *n*a?**r dettrad eS4 ???*_
(????H. ?Al.k-An eligible pa?7?"i"h? ?nid"ei*"al?l* of
??race Church- App.y to ASTHONT J. BLEECKI*,
?** ?*2 _ _Aocits*.?*r, 7 B>"?d ??
Al^ (Mill To LOAM oa bond ?ad m^rig.-e m
?J-t.JVJUiJ New York aad Brosikly?. I? -IrTc eel
ata^unia.by laTTfkl J. B. HOtt%M,?W?t*at.
-TUOIftJPaVOHMB rsis?BJt? ?a??*.
1 bagiad
I eat a'
?a ?lug
permnoat ajaan da

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