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IN F?'-'-'?*'? i i ______________
AC' , _^_.... _
"'?tore of the Doy '-t. i.Wr-m aad P
?taf JiiM.r.' >Hmo?< 'Miartia.'
auditorial Correspond? n e
l> TMB I.AKB? June - 1-17
rilett. ?u,ie*lea?iri^ Sew Y .-a, vMsj ? n.r._ ..
.led opportunity to devote nim? hour? u? *-??
eraie peruial ot a few lately issued works <>', i
oiarkablc character, ! with to apeak ol them in i
r.ial or ooiitiruis.iion of what may bave airea
beeil uttered
?8t. Oilei ami St James' by Douni.*? Ji
K.ft.D. il by lar the beat work I have read troto t
pan of ita author, or indeed, of any ?iving | ontr.r,
UX to Britiah Popular Literature Carly Ig
captad. It is a p<iwertul paga] |,_t it? ment ?i
not in mwt Lot m the ?i.-ep glgsya ffrvdaptPhik
thropy which impelled aad anima'ei ?t It is t
atronge?t proteat y et addressed to the popular u
demanding; and heartafc-eu.it the id?, k imuiti
of oar Social institute? and usaircs ?tilth du<,
Whole claaies inevitably to live? o! ignorance. e<
ruption, depravity and crime, aod '. ? ?
Cldal barbarism <d the enginery ?I ? liBim, du
g eon?, prison whips ami gallows ropes whereby I
body politic attempte to repress the evil prop.
?itiee which it? own aeltiihtiesa and wrong ha
warmed uito vitality aad (earful tnertry The M
Or<_f ' St. Gilet it more wholraoine. Iroa ?iajatri
tire and anan tm al, tti?n that ot Kuiwer s Pi
CufTord. and it it in no wise tfeWB-MM t" '?'
charge preferred ?gaunt the ? orrespondiug prodt
tiotil ol tine o: a lax morality wttl, regard to Ml
nage Awart aa I am that _U Adam it usual
' too ?trono t?.r jrotobj Melanctl.on it ?foe? seem
me that the ..eneral perusal of this M-tjH work
Oaongh to maure the .<? Tthn.w of feo
and all other mt. f.lnery .?) viiidn tiv. buman pu
uhment Why abosjld _ot a t:?,n? ert.-d eth.rt 1
made by Reforineri b> k'ivt- it Hi?? wide? peaaib
circulation '
?.(Imm by H_kma?i Mgi.viLLl. ti reple
alike with the merit? and the _bbJbj ol it? torgsTB
u>r, Typ.-e Ail ol u? were /nntuken val
thoutiht the taai ination ol Type?- ti*ing n.tin,;.
Its ?object or rather to tbe novel and primitiv
atale of human exttten? e u d?-?. nfi'.l Oni??? di
pela ail sui h illusions and proves the author a bol
genius, with tew superior! either aa a narrator,
det'rtber. or a humorist. Few living men BOB
hare inrette?l tuch scenes, incideutt and pertoi
aa figure in 0-MB with anytbioir like tbe I bar
they wear m Melville ? graphii pages the ad?e
turea narrait?! wight have '?-corred M any ">?>?? t
other? equally exciting have dune to thouiamli i
voyagers in tin- South Heas . but who ba? ?
fore detcribed any ao well ' Typee and < >n>?><
doubtless in tbe main true narratives, are worth
to rank in interest with Kobtnaou Crutoe aud in I
racity with the belt ol Stephen? ? Travela ?Yi
the y ara unmistakably dele, uve if not positiv cl
diaeaaed Hi moral tone and will very fairly be CM
deinned at dangerou? reading lor thoaPof unmatur
intellect? and unsettled principles. Not that y o
can otlen put your linger on a passsge poaitiveJ
offeoaive . but the toa. it bad and incidents of fe
ntHhit objectionable charicter are ilcpicteii with
racy lightness which would once have been an
mired but will now he juttly condemned A /? i
chant for bad liquor? ie everywhere laildly prr
claimed, while a hankering alter _MM company BC
always of the masculine order, it but thinly <tit
gaited and perpetually protruding itself thrnughou
the woik Tim i? lobe deplored Dot alone for th
aothor'i take, nor even tor ttiat of the large clat
which it will deter from peruting Ina adventiini
We regret it Itill more bccauic it Will pri cut i i
lucid and apparently DBBM-hl ti'ttii'ioiiy with rtBJBfi
to the value tin? ctl.'i t ami the 'lefe. ti ot the M if
?tonarv labor? an ongttie South Sea lilamlers Iron
having im due weight with iboae moat <l>? [ 1? I
tereateit It it gaTtoUoJB kBN to r. state the I.to k
neyed question ?s to tlm proper modo .1 ctlrctn
the desired renovation ol s?vn_c. heathen tribes -
? Preach the SeapeJ to -Bato barj feo laaaat 'cot
vert -Bato io (in ist mil ity and their CirUiaatioB fan
low? of courte-? Nay interposes another cla*t
' you matt civilize Wem, to ggaM extent bclc:
they can non I BBB| Tcheiui Chriitianlty. much l?a
truly embrace and adhere to it. ?The Truth ob\ i
ously lies between these aatertions, or rather, em
braces them both A Christianity which doe? ao
Ioclode Civilization a Civ il i ting which doto M
involve Christianizing, will not answer Abov?
all. alike to tbetr conversion nnd their civilization t
change in their H?h-i?1 condition and habit? i
chaoge from idleness and irirtVn u my to regular an?
well directed Industry -is nbs< lutely essential?
Without this the convert ol to day is constantly u
danger of relapsing into houoI ?ml in\oton,i,
heathenism This is the moral ol Mr. Melville
tacts, at indeed ot all other impartial testimonie
on the suhjci 1. H.iteratn o inv leu'ri-t that he I h
(boten to to write that hi? statements will not hav i
that weiaiht wiih the Inem!? ol Missions which tie
interest of Truth requires. 1 bid a.lieu tap ? Oimai
?? Maktii?, Tin Foi m>i um b*-Cvasai I ?
?let me endeavor to do ?oiiie ?oil oj itistice to th:
noblest production ni a generous aud ardent soul
I mil feral day? ?nice. I had not hkBhod int. tto
work, having hear<l that there was something i
the early nuinhct? that shocked the moral seiisibi
itea of the Messrs Hsrpers sn.l <unstrained then
to abanuon its publication , and in view ol tl
character ol tomf works they ',ot< published,
lumped at the cooeluakui thai u ta?>k they bad ?In
carder! on moral .rounds must be pmrligate
lu Uli? 1 did groa? wioiig to tbe author, as thus
generally ?lo who judge without reading It ev<
araaAwa? m the huheat sense inoial then
Martin deserving vil that distim lion Tue it ha
?Veuce aud narration? al BMBt r.volting depravity
many readers ol sensitive delicacy will be repelle
by tlieiu?aud there, are two or three ?hull n.
being abaolutely essential to the enforcement ol th
great lesson? ,?l Duty ami I'nilanthrvi'v v? :
' Martin was intend. ??! to no ?all ?te I heart i y w ?
haat tieen omitted Yet ev? n m tin? view tie baa
is not s<? oh|">iioiiahle an tlH??e productions of I.
8aite.S-.ullet. Fielding. Sterne eli to t?y le.thn,
of Hulwer i which the w i?e worhl has Uiug regarvtei
With scarcely qualifie?! admiration, and which tim
a place wtttamt rebuke m uearly all eonaiderai?
Itbrariea. But it u not lor its exhibition? ot been
tiousue?? and depravity that this work will be Is
booed by the leaders ol Opinion among the uj?p?
too thousand, but tor the MOM made gfj tbvaic ggfej
bilious. u> display in letter? ol hre the wrongs am
oatrage? to w huh the paair ami the !. va ,y are t v,- j
where BSjftjjirtod?-too general heartleaaueat ?>r ig
iiv.raiac? ot its duties iiiaiiite?tea\ by \N ea.lh the in
?-BcieiH'y >?f eaaual Ch?rily m relieving the ?,vi ?
co-ubata. and the absolute iuvce?it\ tl Wealth
Wisdom aod Powor would avoid the judgment ??
Caio. ot sv.? revising and racaating our Social luali
totoa aod usage? that the diatuhented classe?
ahallbave so.td guaranties of KOCCATIOR, Food
Opportchitt to Laiuik and Jvn __BCsM_PB_bbi
th era Wvr Such is the great, distinguishing charae
teriitu- of - Martin ' , hut it ta not preciou? kvr ttm
al?ito- W itho-t satfermg tbe intereot of the narra
tire to flag, the author has enriched his pages w ill
Iroajaeat a_ul valuable hints !??? improvement tt
Karal Ajjnculturo, Dome?tic Economy. Popular Ed
acation. the Prevention of Crime, Ma Ac. BM tai
thus m fact the oobleet work of imagination i.i
which th? Spirit o? the Ago has yet embodied lUe.t
I have already said that great (suite are ovulent
throeghoul the work lau.is o! education g_ taste.
aod ol lax morality?yet so compietely are ?hoy
ovorbala-H od by its lofty and practical eaceliencie?
thatl do not believe a ample reader will be injure?!,
while thousands mu?t be enlightened, improred
morally elevated by its thoaghtful perusal Its ex
tiagragaacies. improbabilities laaities. leprous rove
tarions, will ecarvely coU? and cannot check the
rushing current of manly sympathy tor whatever ;?
generous and exalted, ol tender and intelligent
ooB-pAssioa for whatever is wronged and blighted
which udivales and vivifies the book. I can we!.
understand how his enemies vaunt (hat Sue?
wroiagj have lauen off in popitlanty aiBot) hi?
avowal and open advocacy of Socialist' or F
rienst ' the-ones It is __?_-_, to Bf recurring
ins of feo son ? feat off-l-fl-M
The educated and comfortable thootandt who f(
a. buying publk aro in good part repeli
while the datab millions especially of tbe <
Wor.d tor whom he pleads are sank :
? -nent? lgnors
pion, an?! but half comprehending even their o
? listai I I miseries Let u? trust !..
: tin? obscuration is b.t Ml a season and mat I
a a ti be read and honored ?
has a fearless adversary or Humanity a devi
lean h .
? I believe I have not remarked that the trant'.atlo
Manin Collyer ? ediiion, see-ms pao. ?t b??t am
many passages ohvinutly incorrect. To these def?
typographie?, blunders ?re sup?r?dded Would m
good translaUoo and editioo reward the publisher >
is a pity feflt "w so remarkably cheap as tin were
? ? t . 'ii i? ,? -inpatlb!? with chf
nets .. _
-Uhai doe? t-eo. Taylor waot I"
While the battle ratred fiercest at Buena Vu
and the lit Cory ws? \?t <io?/.t:;.i. Sauta Ann? I
, pat'bed a inetieiiger kg 0gs_ T?> lof IB i-q'i
" wh?t he oraj ??
The question was one of much pertmen
'? What <ieu Taylor? answer tototkj have be
.... . ; t ute opportunity to ronve;
to -tatoM Ann*. rnu?t be left to conjecture.
The interro. ?tory dernande.l it may be. a respot
' of morethsnirrimediSteoperatioii ?A volcar victi
' without ? -t-MBjejaato ? fei Mexican tliouirht Ol
Tajftof wsi not contend.r_- tor Ihe n.e'- :?.
? the strife? oarfaBB-Mi ftm??t m Av
? to Ml to'liera?it is not t?? ba ?ippos
would incite a Cknettan warrior t?. ?Ii losk
(lit. Tay.oe must lave |
? Ht'-nt intenti ???orne uadevelop
olWtin.ll the M'.'XI" an bad Bat ft.???;. i
pr,a?-.l by tl"' Cabinet ?t Washington, and win
he wns not bound to suppose the (ieneral Wat
: be juatilied in carry in.- ato
Till the decided demonttrHtinii M MM i>?
-?nta Anna at Buena V'ista the Ad.nin
tra'ion proa. ? ultiv at. ?I the b.-.ief tliat he wat t
a?-in-t aily oi the President A ..
lo it' d with the publl? pre?? who IS SUppOSl
more than any on?j else, to rt;H?N t the opitiion? a
promulgate the view? of Mr tv - retary B IcJmM
l>u ?tated. and with s MME authorative air tt
the tone of Santa Annas pro? lamations. and I
condu? t up to tin? battle, were uiiderstor?! b_\ t
Administration lioleed, m?ny entertained an
vincilile conviction that it was a part of tbe p;
gramme of the President and his Cabinet, th
fieri Tay lor ?houid ?ufler defest in order to flstt
fee Mask B_ prktl and indu? I the riation to Pear
Othert, more sceptical, were ready to Bflk-MP
ledge tliat m their opinion thn President look;
on the contest witli a teelmg of perte? t indirt'er? t
ss to its termination Santa Anna, or (?en Ta
lor?IYn 1'yrtunf? he did not rare which w
vntorioii?. "The free and gentle pa??age
irmi " r?f Buena Vista, tie bad provided for tf
combatants he wa? not responsible for. nor inte
cited in. tbe remit. Supposing, then, that l!
Mexican thought Oaa Tay!.?r mutt be aware
the views of hit own government, it is not at t
siirpritinc tliat even in the hest of the battle 1
should <ltapate li a special Hielten.rr to hint an
inquire " What he wanted '
Well, what doet he want ' What does liVi
Scott want' What does this hizmrf Admnuttri
i tion want ' feto Adininiitratinn with the app?tit
of the wolf and heart ot the stag '
Does it want pesco ,' lit mission to obtain it i
1 as ruin ulini? as its <ondnct of the war. It carne
on w w against seven millions ot people with a
army if.'.10 men, ns it in ils Itivor the fabiiloii
exploits ol Alexander wire lo be rW-fBw an
when, contrary to all rrn.nnaho? cxpei tstloti. an
III iplfo ol lit own Bpatlietle liidilferelii e, the mil
tary genius ol out general? ninl ll.e hetot. valor i
our toldters gam Mneeaiei ulmott miraculous, wi?
ll contenta ittell with ?lispht? hing ? Clerk m ? BO I
the Departmaati lo fee adraacing atmy of fe
I .iiiiiiiiiiider in Cluel. to seize an opportunity I
, .'laiideitine arrangement? with the cncii.-v I
.iv ?'a m- authority 10 that Ihai -ral himielt ? no let
? aptUe ?il dipi-MM y than teats o| arms. - M ?tit?
into lormal negotiations Par from it ! such invesl
nient ol powers might interiore with itl dometti
I'lrpoto?' It m tht i,.! In- /v/i/ic tii entrust tb
sword and the olive branch to the same persot
The Administration mm had tm Ii intention
The President and hit advisers wish to tusk
peace as they made war? tleiillkilit Theglone
ol war have not rciulted to their political ailvan
tag?' - scope, and de?ign thereof have t.een fea
luitnineiilU endangered pea? o may win back th
lionott thai are escspmg it pegkOg be pTBBW
through ? hnniiels ail it? own '
It semis to Mem. g theretore a kind ol ( liner If
Diabla misti?n a petion to treat, w ho lias i,
. ?eeiiiing and who. unsuspected msy ente
Mc-iiun Palaces, or Courts or doinn. ils. and tun
by the all potent power ot gold, the owner?' heat
to treachery ami peace' Such, askftl dft?swBSjaail.
in pea? ?. aud war, u _\our administration ( ? 11. all y
But will Una iniiliou. io contemptible in lia nal
tution obtain tbe detin-d end I We are assured H
apparent good authority, that its Head has nocen.
muuicatiou with the commander vd our tones, an.
i? theretore unauppnrtcd bj the moral influent e hi
n?t... and r?nova ft- hi? prow? is in armi and tai
coiiatdcratc conduct at er battle ?have liupressr
the Mcxn ans. Il,g employ, ol the Admin;?
liati.in is alone?and alone he is powerless
It is now the critical pernal ,,) feg va ar ti. ai
mies,' the Mexican nation ate ?iestieyi ,i . but tl.
national resources are really untouched lu mai
[ a har?! battle its generals have been worsted , bu
i art ??I Ihe population ta y at BMBtalWOSJ It u
! iu very truth, a matter tor much delib?raloa
whelbei we have not inaiie the nation ?iron.er I
v. eakcniug its tyrants
H. ? iiaiids, capah.e o! !>earuig arn
in Mexico, have taken no | art m the War. gagrj
i. iti ptovoked ?o to ?hi by sag] ?.wniuiscoi.
, du? t The taking ol Ms?iri?l and ui military p.?
?cssion _J few Punch, was not the quieting o! ll i
country thousamls o! RagM-Hto'l beat Soldiers ; rr
lahed atterward m tiie batt.e be..!, t-y ilie knite
-ggtjtM ??! the guenlia. tiil Spain was again iree?
th'Ui lavaaion v\? are dealing witli the samt
hl,??I and. with like treatment, may provoke cor
responding results
Wilfi prviper Couimisaioner?. we are induced t?
hope ll | pic::o.nanesot a Peace louid ba arran.
od with Mexico In that Commission, lieu
tlk'U.d Isj a?t,a'i?te?i butwe?louol lean
that tie haa been nominated to any part hv'Wei?
subordinate, m ibis mis?K>n of a iVpari.".,e_t Ctarh
To give such mterivir otticer luh ??wers of neg
ttalton, is absurd neither his cxpe.-.en. i
qualifications justify such uui'.mttcd trust. The i_
sult u tteiicral Scott otay It tax the present pre
tod but the danger u? all our hopea
, cannot be unconaniereai
There is. st this lime, m Mexico we think t
growing desire tor BstoN . it is proper toculttvaii
; and meet such desire To convince tbe Mexicaui
that we hope for peace, that we w Ml : M peace, an,:
are ready to negotiate kir peace, we ihou.d ?en..
I theai a c\vm__i??ioo. that tney must respect, and
j with the component facto of which, negotiation on
| their part can sympathise. It is as unbecoming us,
| as it is opprobtous to them, to send thither an irre
j spoosible agent?a man neither knowu as a Diplo
' matist to our country or theirs whoso offi |i
! him no consideration, aad whvag lwfaj_M
; imme.i.alc credit
It tbe present chance v?f peace be neglected, and
the Mexicans be persuaded, there is no sincerity
, in all our protestatations. who can predict the hi
lure character ol the war. or its final termination '
Kvery Mexican will be poo?e??ed ol the eunous
I spirit 0. r>anta Anua, and inquire o! each other?
What does Gcu Taylor want ?andan umver
?al answer to each other muti be. ail we have.
They may fight to the last and ?ail, if fail they
> must, after innumerable injuries inflicted and su?
ta.i.e.!, to the groat scandai ot the Chriatian w. rh:
: and with murderous and irreconcilable htpguliiy ba;
1 t* -oa Um Angio-baAon wd tilg Ceil |
J'y Th" .oWiii? i? a i extract of a icttar. ?Mb?
JaiapB, Mexiai May IB BBal M ?
A eifaa
?ayi it I BS return to lapjaite :
from it ?
hew n.it resal M?
t. . atoas to 1
Clerk Tn?t but itill we find in-ihine in the lett
i bat? :? L t th? '??? -. '
Mr lr.?t l? h.re ?r.d ?? ? vi.BBSBtoi ?
to treat 1 lea- I
Kg u.e ww'id batareca I rato???
the' of aVwBj ? ' '
here ne?r two y-?rs tee. n.a ?
,-i-mt thai -
I, ?ay that toa i
iperation caur.r.t be as
?OU 1 '??V ??re ?| If .
I r.-r. - m ? - I ba< ? -? I ? n3'*' ?_
?.be Preatdent ?n 1 rom ?M po?;ti
nave taken adv.ntage f potnu ?nd creumitti
' b' ?a
ther MgBBfl ? - -
? ?r?
I to tbe politic?
tweea (beta ? - ....
, ,- . tbat be a? ?tadtsd tl
?ubteet?* a atareaoian. and w u
the preaideot tre eu?try aad biaweM
?sjaraat I ??"
taatty ' ' "v. . ?. aM aa r.th wm
Ihe - ? '
eaa nuJtj '
and what ? -
i BawM ? t Baal a? tarai i ? - ?un u
. ?- nt s vie?s h m?-.
the important ?n-1 ?Mal fa ?krBJ Wai Wi
y - | ?. -
pjF* It it eajd that kit Polb .* by
BBJBB BO I I ' ' ??? I
M- xi - aad aban iii? ?? '
bjeii - -
?ml. ? ? ? Bill it not
< ha; bM " ; ?
idr. Poik may ta m lo i
din-1 . - rod t?ar?ta Ana ?hat I
tea |i Huet tl
the pait. that Mr Pplb ?ril Bpj Bt Batola Am
?.- . ?
:, i 1. a
count "I Mrs Hciitun s
... lof
?..el to (.?vet* ? I
deipur. lie promiaV
Mm mr aad -,-. bt ? .- ?- v.'. ?
tn BS read t- I IsOts.
i it tin- tu a, *
contribution . a? in? preaeacs miL'tit have a tendei
cy to iliiturli the baVajajarj ? BttSfll
_?T Col DOBIPHA? :? .':? EM -.iinent?
it i|ioken of at the Whit: - a: Q verm
..I Mi??<'uri. A? tin- victory at StatTBJBsa?a did BO
like that ot Buena Vista. ?aBBffBBgfl the ('?hinei
rt-'l prOgTBBABli c4 th- war, t,
id MiMouri may perbapi to i . ertaifl extent ?u?
[ant Coi 1> '?ii;ih;iii ? iircterilioui.
lien. I'lllov?"? I.ii?l :
? The iicrin-e I have made ot the a in! rti
ami society ,.t tn.-nJ? far tba rtfori hi Mm leato
rea dan bm < ?pav- t- ?; araatoto Mat many instance? ,.
y iireate.' prop wttuaet? ?aerM ??? ?aaaBf raaaa
te-rsio th-rank? to serve their country during lb
paat twelve month?.
The ?amlice It ha? tnnk- ' !' Oajej l'alow i
not ?? the hraveit o? tlio Itsvo
of the '"'?'I
Here i? kit tarnt ?
..rs ril I.'. 9 i.\ atWBBtll wir il rm IUUIBB tTATM
Itim*. It /-'fut
To aalary a? Major ByDtgyiBf aewDrtefcfjfJvW 0
dener?!.B600U Lo?l ol ProlOM
Io PI eking*. My.. lOOOl n.nal Service* a?
Total .1?. Lawyer perhaps ."A) ,k
^ New arm sleeve for
Annual damage' to B. l ""'^ . _!_!_*
Itattod ^tate* |7.-i'a ;.o fatal .13019
We Impe theie BBj riti- i a 'Won t I
or MM - ."intry will be r_ I
QlRRRAL VaLRRCU Tvvolw I .-niimBktS, ?a\ i
the N.i) Coin lmies.bavebeentinit.il under this i It.
cer Th? chi.-ts BaM oAeer?) bowwrer aa not ?ho?
any disposition to malen ??a,nsl lb- l'ua-bi?--the ?al
dier? and other i (fleer* ?re all ardoi lbey weist'
leave the Capital OB the r.th alt
I'i.CM Kin?The ship Hazati. Capt. Simpen
arrived yesterday trom Rio d- Janeiro, whence ibi
?ailed on the Mih "I Ap-ii t apt BtaBaaM .nlorin? ui
tbat when hi* ?e??-l ?ailed h lour wa? IwtoJJaaBf, at -i mil
rea*, Small ?lock in market I n-inhu biarb. Corle?
$1 10 per bag. Sugar ?elling ou board at il Hut Ic?
ve*?els in poll
l'y The Alto MM t'apt EbJraddJB, Ami the A*h
burton, ('apt llowland anived yesterday Inn
pool They bring of rourae. no later date? 'I h?> Aah
burton (poke the ?teamer Hathmfi"* in longitude M
on the Tlh At this rat- th- Washington will not arrivr
at ("owe* m le** than r It-. I i i ?bat? n day* probably.
C?T By the arrival of MM I ?lia Capt
Hatch trom Pom- Part? BJeo ?Ik n.
the loth mil. we learn that the weather continued verv
dry. and lean ?-re ililertaiued that the cr >pi Would
tall ?hurt. 1 be maiketi w. re well supplied with Ameri
can produce, and ?alea were dull.
i un,) i Wi. -i si ami .i,.i Locksoi K \ t. -
A wbiin*ica. ?tory ?tiytoaM Bg in ihe I'n.ladelphi? Chro
nicle, with the ??.ove ?aftsi I i? taAii'? gae r-unds n
twajBaaara W*kaeetBaaataorUy of JJoaepbL l.ocie
K.ij ol fiye. on.-oi the Banoaaaai ?or ?.\.n? that it
> a itross bunch ol lalseh-oda l.aaed <n very ?luht in
? i.ta ot truth He BBVBaWaw t-, ma?.- bM -an ?tale
ment and addr< ss it to the Ptiladelptla Ctroatos?
Pat t.iiiouth J >urn?l
We read the ?lory ajtaa/tj alawawa t?' m a Boiton
piper, but gave it no credit 1? t.-.. ?:- ?
with Major Locke ot Kye. arid entertain t..o b'.gh an
ipialoa of him to ?uppoee lor a mora?nt h? c
i f im the ridirulo'.i? part aaaigned bun .:, the story O?
the rblladelphit paper
i'Kr.'i i.u ) ?AsAtltei i H.-ain H
1 Iai at t ?u educated and high y re?oe,t?'.'.? colored der
kflby ?in in the rtramrr
, -ar?ua<- the other day wa- .
BBS ?tine ?.-i-..nd table lndcterei. I
? | ol the t?i>. BjM tirst
table had BBBB c.-?'ed aw?y supposing th?t h -
? ad BSBatS bun tj a place at the IwBBBsJ wit), BR BJ .
j Alter he tia.kni? ?Bat, however, he wm or
dned aw?y ?od. i. |
I UMl be/??t?i ?udperhaps/rayaauo until hi* arrival
? al Burlington lor the rein .??:,!:
i ?ubiecUHl bun to *o m?cb ?anoy?uce Mr i lainet aas a
i that at least two who sat ai . , drunk
ttial they were scarcely a' w> to navigate. But It m?tlrr
I ed not it they were BS ?
?*" Bakkiik IUR>kLi.ol Nantuiket?aa-aimt
whom tht te are ?Oil ?ndiclmenu pending on account of
MS conduct while lascirr ot a Bank at that p,ace?
having obtained bonds lo the BBmmj* ol |l| .?Ju bM
boea releeaed troco pruon He bM ju?! been ?
on one. and. we believe the principal indictment
? Th* Count taji M? i v,
Uvkett. i'ubli?her?. Il' hu.t.Hj ?t?The July number
. t BflBt the mo?l. BtBj popul?' I the three BatflB Ma.
??ine?, open? with one M ib?, i .t -ng u? ajeajaajg w
a?*e atoeaaa Bmbb Bat pro... M Mattasaw?toto em,
>ugaruig U? The BBBaMbtJ expre??i .n. and
general composition do great i reda to th? ?nut. who i?
clearly nuking rapid *trioV* ia hu pruteui-ia. The sec
?to u N.vy l?l?ad one ej B?rt. ^* exctdieal
aafJM?H ot American scenery There u also a com
nui?aba* taahloo plate. Ibe ?trmgth ot the number U
aever?e!eM in iu literary matter wnieta could not be
j easily ?urpaaacd M -u w?y M.-. ?Ja^Bad Mr?, tfigoux
j ney. and Mr?. s>arab lieien Whitman contnbule poeta?
! ol high merit?Mr? Wbitaiac ? ecLi.rd Line? ^n B?a>
? -' ???? . . -ai. Adimr?
bu proM paper? ?re furoished by lnm?n. J N. I'aniorth
i Mus ????Ma, Mu? Browne, T ? Arthur and o_?r? -
; A e must not t.rgei ? moat p?4u?ni aad graceful ?attar
I to Kale Carol vMrt. Oagood trorr. u?e acc^ir^.iabadaad
| gitkai Mr?. Stward
It)N kfeB % ia lAJFTi Avat -i,,^. V
, ?bi-m ?>?iiu Ann? J?-oounced tor e want ol tfe ^
eourag? at Buena VkMa, t?s , -? %, sMjtJtoaa?
? raf?ataOB of l?e cba/j-e brotigtt a??iLa: ~.t? Ue ile"
c.arr? uut ihe at?.."... u ij a_u Aai_ oI _, w_t Jf
p:oru.oO?aod wau-r .a ia? army, i? a t?ueao->d. Ue
?utr? tbat be tunse.l bad celt* M tte nuauber ot na)
a- ?J be?:i? mai- ? : ebjeb 0? ?oajiaad
Santa Ann? He tarther aMeru that _? laner ,
? wm un;u?tsfiable tbat -.be niaxner . t :t wm ?till more
; ?o?moving o? :n lhe dartr. -?
b?dred*^i tu p.* : t, s'u tbeu tale on
in? Held?mor? i.ac a Iug.i.ve hu.ng hoaui ??ayeM
ibaa a general reuriag to recruit m* t.reea.
I? u Co? l-.oaea
tW Military !iorK>ci were pt:J IB the remain? ul
^?iii^^i1- ^ l -*T C*?"" VV-'*- *->???? Vaut-b?k,
?ad fnrato Troctar. at Jtew Orieaa? <m _i Uto ibbl
lanlrr from Tic.ico.
Array and Nivj Inteliigence.
. June .
Tne ?te.*x.. W-OtUum M
There was
The lever was tncreuinr a: ffttll Crux, and
beat was tnteaao.
A Mffg t-aia >;: on tne "th inst lor Paebla a
the mail and three hundred thousand do, ?.-? ?
cie. under an escort of ei_ht hundred moa.
The steam HcLbm
tag? Steamer Telesrralb 1
? ton via Hr
- m and Uarj
rhrgsi at \ era Cru- with ft
? --r from a n_vai o?:er beiu I |
t?. k-fcad
? feo innatnt?..-a I ?.m Perry ?
. - . ?
? v ird.
-a\ l feat
? ata)
I HlLADKLrH-A. Jur- ?
A pf ? m ? ?- B ??
t J hn i '
? beckman aaal sj -1 I.out? R.i
ast night which c
, -..,??. ata
: ? ->,'..
?ortota p-BBsraaj feara ?ana __tao af a M
- ? ?? i loar ?? i"
li.-wsrd ??
We h? ? t..-?
;.. Tl?. MU IHfcKN MAIL.
Thins? In ??hlio.ielphni.
I IULAl.ll.rtJU. J'.: ?
gaol I 'tl one Joor BSSJtl
?? ?men in I
o .. wa- tak.-n out alee but tl
? -liar had
a? ?ome -MM a.I 'e
?. ? y rainy a
?, ?dally to day Hut w,- et.d'.re it very paUe
.y now ibat recent ?"-rutt hare led ut ?U to watcn ai
,. y '.he j,p ?i*ct and pr , --
.?rd to the latter I h?v.- the tatit'a
? l I bW duty ?t th- ?
,. weil as oka ?... ?t toa .ranary in UMT.t
?hall bave a Wn.g ? ,r next l'r-?id?'nt I aaw yetterd
tome tpeciment ,t tn>- yet ?recn and milky wnett ta
-? '. Idt in I'eiimylvania U-em, which, togett
' with what I had pr>'vi..utly taaraod 00 th.- a
Ios.*-MMm| ti ? . ?? tully an everig. one,?
.^ALr? . t -rn, a? ?? ? ('
- Rank. 41
-?. ? reiaslf ? V . I at ,
i - | RR, e??_. .'t.'t
,; i ' t n:on Car,? i i ?
M Kotos. ; | - ? i ?
?_h M I.osn, ? |.
Mm Coal 1.. lo i
rard Hank. I.'ll . lia. M Am ? ?,! Bom
o A. v COS ? |
io do, ba, a'i. ^^^^^^^^
1 oie ol ihr "cnntecil < nnnecttcut on ihe Hrldi
iliH-atlon- Del?gale? lo the Hiver and Hn
bor I (invention.
Correspondence c I The Tribune.
?sABTgaBBS Ct June 1?. lr-47.
This atteni.a,i ai alter a brief di
? iittion, the Senate by a rata "I I I to It* decid?
Bridge or viaduct i7<rn
in the ' \irhtio Road, via Mtd'lictown- tl us di
agreeing with feg H ,|. nl;l. bj 31 inSorit
decided yesterday intavorof Kepea!' So a Wm"
?eaatoBaei deed, concocted and carri?
feraatMby fea Ctaaarsttao ?wftauy Dem?crata M ti
-1 !-a..ture' And ? I>?tti; ?rattr ' membets ot tl
Legislature. n<>w ?n ie?si..n. wh.i teto expressed the
borrur ? n il,. ii -i?.- at th.. id? a o| grantir
coi potan-powers to a Baptiat Cbarch, to etaal
t? own oam?' basa itr?riuouily a
I , : atloll. u
a.-- nt. to viadu.'t? mat I
?av- enihty n
????t twenty I - ? hea.l ol st.xutioal nan*
tlou Rut the ?pi? ilion it led yet -?? i :..- J N.v.rai
the cilir-nt ol Harlh.rd re,ax ?,; honorable exertions
preserve feg navigation ol tk? ri v. r teil ,????.I ip
I feasa by a Bsteorfeaa any ? ?rtaly power. It will i
a unie a new ibape M at Wrek
I.?at evening a meeting >t member! ol the l.egttl
ture and citizen! of thi? Mat-, wai helrl at the ( tty 11?
ID chix>?e de|e??t-s to represent lb?' Htate of (orinec?
k th.-,V.n ad July, to tbe Chicago Convention. Ii
v n | Ko?i?,?o> i ?a, wi? ca,,ed to ihe < hsir. an
?a.ataa? ai BtJfMOSl Ka?) i ho?e|i t-ecretary KeSol
boasapprurt?! ta I if'" Csaweattoa ?.i
? , It wa? vuled to ehOOOS I;
tassas baaB each county, giving them po?er to ais) I
th-ir number.
kaaaag fea taaagtato ?i- atoa '?me? Ma
\V lloardman J hn A l?>?ekwe?| .-?in ?el ?i Hubbar
and Truman Hm lib. \ HUNKI.IN
Kr?nt ibe i'lnin*.
Mr Hi. Intr.N arrived loro y eater?!?;. Inuu I or
Laraun? wt ich i , e he left n tot Ik ' M -
. -.ny with two oilier trad- r?
iban Mpocksol robos Th.-asparIsMaaaa have beei
?ft dunu? fea Winter l.??t March ? party o
Nemaha? -o in Lun. ? \ Whei
ii their w,v .-oulh |
tgai dta i'awueet At Ktoj Orosa b?- mm ? " Dstaaratto
?"naafiie?? fta. ?n feoir W?J a^air it fea I'awnee? The
. 1 ? y th?' ( ?wa two.rthr.e
?ti o-ig The an w it utiuaual.y d-ep -r the mountain?
SogBOtS . , ?pectard in ? lew wi?k? Th.
tralei? hav?. (ly well
I here w.? ptoatg , ; I .'?. , a tne l'.att-? a? lar ?uth u
II,met the ad ranee party ot Mormon? ?I Rig Island
a mile? it m the teitleinebtt I b? r.i were one
. v ,4 BS I IM i"Vl party I I in.
I oteph Mf wele Illel o? tbt
great N. inaha. und nuiiif^red sixty b.ur w?go0t 1 n->
| . .a tvilh hue . att.e an 1 h !????
traveling 'r OB t*"nty to tw, Mr} Bra MIV ? SOS* Jay ?
sad I ' ?Tala. It wa?
,' ? ...
, Isrfe this ye?r??
. -. | out A party ?t H
wa? ?:
? M ? * ? sesson
Il .o?
l-roo B h SOI
.. ? - ' -.Wr-ec? Wh ? M eljjh
Ici ??wh. ?? t!.. -
h-uJr.d - for Ih.a .?ped?
io n uuu? r il
I ?aaiAsl Ule Pbawi,, et anc threat? u l - ex:
VtBtMmXi k -1 i.e !?-,.' 1 a' r.i v. New t irieans,
from Lag u ?y re briuns t aie? a? paper? tu ihe
Boa , . ...? ?ays
laota appear! to be teal ?ell. ngu ,wo lato a stale
ol Uat?nuuul) i.i, ut and iiiUusl-') Ine ? oii(ress
~barh TrassoosiIn tafhiara bag wrou(ei in. .1 ???or
tartag Ihe wDo.c ut Uie MBSIuU, to oi?*i.:JiI? Ule
o.al.lulioLa trj auJ M aMstsSSTOBB ? ?
:.???! |MI uOJc,',raiiJ lUJutlry Mucb. ?ay? tee
Litter?, n?t y ciiu M J Ms ?nd net i )<ar. warn in?-y are
to r.aaeembie. in? y ?. lasaM ineir laOor? wiin treah
ardor end reuewi-u at- - nal ? uimuted
the puntihinent ut deem. aroMoaaaad oa Aagai
? -. ..,, racy, ra . c \ into tm
priavnmrnt lur VariuU! periovU. lour |,i tel |?a:i a
mat lhi (;uvr:u:i.' ? '. Ie? a .ttril Su?-'ien?y iUulijj
t wun clemency 1 be Senate a^l tl .a^ >t Krpre
. .aie-J mU act , .- ? l.i-.
, ay into: , i ;?.e bttolOSl and genera. UayoMaStu? of tos
- :.. ; 1 - .: a.- atete? mat ? turn ol
moaey, I t mure mi ,ese man ine leulb part of tne cap?
U.. tba.i be aun ai.y ?el apart lor tne payment ta toe in
a .J in? tra?J jai exuncuutiot Uie Jctil. il Stac?a?e
? - . ..... -,
g '....,._;- a '?',.,. wtl?
BsTatM?teM jetlerJay jreaUy l.uai tren, lajiort
vaint- ?c ,,gu t.-.at the tr?~p? at Monterey and se-L-o
eajuy nataBMBl ueeiir. Uta. Taylor? pre?eut torce
consul? ot ue M M ?? ?? I . BMOBia, UM lit Msasa
c&uaeii? r. ?ajtj a: ?. txe hortn Caro.in? vo.uateer? and
t?- virjmiav. .aut^er? aume Uurecompaniew ut Irian
vava-iy u.e .' J. and .-in .'ei'menU ut m Ian try , a ?le
baeCUirUI ta! .J ?id -al ' I sTBgouMS, Wife
bra*;? ?- VVaahingtoo ? ana u Unen ? beUenc? ul art.l
? !erj. Is? .. .; regiment M^?ii?ippi vj. on
teer? Uadgreaiiy impr vej Nj vasaw ut sma-i pox were
I rececuy reported amoag them. [M.0. Delta, l.tt.
lean I ?Jeoator. ^ThuDat.
irrtaio? Cut ar ?i'a^ui?ed 3S Satuxdsy
:r Cocar ? I a loTTj.
-'" lo tl| <J? to ?O mc.-a.re
OogggMg] |aa?aa.--l*an t?Mto : J * "
-.?.-..-> t . i ? ? H -
Low ( oarta.
-m jT?ras CatosaOB & ?.?i??Viu.-s Judge Ne.
' ?oav?JeAa T oiaeoa attd Jmu?j >>cca?a*a. Captais and
I'M male ut the Oara Cbatvcel:or were erraigQrd oo stot
I -'a the tsdictmetiu? charging inem o.Ut lervtog
Ba jovd a ?lave vcat?r. In. y pieao not gu^ty Mr
Uavid tiranam is weir counsel tie expresaeo s duabl
BS to beia^ reeoy | - l.-.a ir.,? term
?A?? ijiLHf caar?*ed w.m end? av rtag t<> make a re
y disooeaiea-e. sxc oa board us ?Sip Pboraaa.
al UK BaaMtafegft ...ac Jt, put a? a ;
Ltmch Law?The Cha too Mist Whig lavs
ma s wr-tch na??, : / n . r c-a.
, was rt .oat rail atvu dUvted I-r sard eclsg
toe toatahsr ol ftjg iliggaMt arftja.
Milk Bur UJO Ki'fl -One t MM bjsrI
turn Baanof'
j Rtoto?. i? v.tu?led n lb? H. rtn River it tbe ?ggg
I tProth *t :n t:.uC:ty An v.?erve' viewing It from the I
aoeth. sea ? IWB great chimneys Bear the S .nth areaee. I
I - tbe ?sata building stand? and thence ruaaiag
?ettwtrd to the nvi - * ?cd cab.n ,te ?Bed?
th? wb.la being Bale il aay taM thaa a quarter 11 ?
?n eau et ?ad reafabltag ?oeaewhat a huge ?tnaiahoal i
?.th .U bow? directed t. ward m n park- rtaaaVBtt
th'ue chimoeyi the ri.-e* t \i* the engine* w- rk. ?nd
tbe (team chafe? night ?nd dty Sundijl a. t excepted
?nd in tho?e inedt ttand or are propped ... - a.
more or le?a l.?rge tack? receive tne ???..: BfeflBtflB
d util 1er y and it l* thence conveyed by main and branch
. > mr.ugh tbe wbuie range ol ?beds croMing the
Tenth ?venue by mean* ot iron pipe? under the ?tree!
the tanks and BraflBjJbs ??.n? rtpe?trd Iroiu mat to the
The e?tai,!:sbtnent may be cai.ed pr.aJuctiv
? bj
famille? or between . ?ar? annually
WaaB?e animal ceatv* io (tre i pr.-r.i.
the precious . ' p ?nd
- . .
newal . ...
lev-r? ? - -
Il r tboBt ? -
nement. and 'rom ti ? ? -? >
? in the id.: ? ? i th- vi
? a I w wag
oiisumption .. ? wheh
?n unknown number ?re M from the dutiliery, aoJ
which eat up their fellow boarder? wtih surprumg appe
I '?? 1 bM wm the r-ad:est m.>d- :e car
thu e*t?bli?hment , r-bebly exceed* S000 bus:.
It may ewi y be conceived that an Ml
? ? aaaRy at po?iible.
? *l -d ?l'?i catre which KB . -
? . . - tl the
toe whole < ? . that the ,
.nbabitanU ?re Ire,lent.y
n ? a*aM*a heat ot Beat
. ....
.. who have Raed in tbe v emit) lor year*
pa?t, ii remtrkaole and*. to B dup-ut: o to
?uiual growth
? . iban nban i th- ?
bM Breas
district, with. I a?a ?nd they ?re now.
a'ter the BBBsBw ol personal rein? uatrance with the
..wi er t., ? ? -,-t ti abatement, endeavonn?- to obtain i
drei* ol the grievance by application to the City au
ta-ritiei Ihe population ot ttiat part ot tbe i'ity il ra
pidly on the increaM and w.tbin a radius o? ball a
mile, not fewer than a? <*"J people are lubjected to this
n.y persooal comlorL but health, is endangered
by the existence of *uch source* at BMb in the he?rt ot
the i ity Al a nucleus tor di?ea*e. the concern ?
-ne ol jmrral awas?I to ?very ?jbtJBeJ citiien?. It ii ,
.iittint thit contagion spreads I ?a
. The use of unwboUome ?Bed i? ?l*o a fruitful
cauie of disease It cannot BS doubted that a I
tn usan-i <marti ot ?will milk, spread through ?II parta
-> mult be a predi?po?lng ciuie ot
. ilckneii.-ipecii.ly iinong children. No family, how
itant trorn tbe institution, can be certain if i ?
caping it since the carti are talMly labelled With the
BSflBS I ?'-n? a.l.-er.t Cunty. Tbe same liability ex
i*t* with regard to ihe raest. It I* mixed up ndlscriuii
nataly in the markeU. and the mml c?reful buyer? may
I be deceived by iU appear?nce. however much they m?y
> suffer in health by lU comumption.
We have law* aeverely punuthtng thcaw who orter for
sale the meat ol diseased an?mala. Is it not it leait wor
nitderalion wheth-r iinillarlawi oughtaotto bt?
? im ted to prevent the Mle of milk obtained lioin cow?
ted on dutilkry iwill |
Hosts to I.'.trr ai rtl TtBRRffifl? ?Et
MM i Egv'n. which the rotnpo?er c?iled *n ? Optra
Sf'ui. ' ?nd which lor the present occasion wm called an
< )i ?torio, turned out in iu performance to be little more
than a musical 'arce Ihe ui.-ht being stormy tbe abbat
unpopular, and an Opera minus eoitume, ?ceuery and
,ut? linall audience wm collected
? The TflaMStflSBa at th.- b-it a gloomy ed.llce wm etil 1
more *atile and caiernou* Ir-in ttm negVct ot the Su?c
Manager i?bo we cuiieiuue wm the awaSBB) to turn on
tbe gas till the close ot the fiiit act. We ?uppuse tin? to
have been from neglect, m there was Bfl other attempt at
i ?Beeile repr?sentait..ai . yei we may be mistaken, ?mi
! i- whule have been don? lor the purpose of repre?<-u
ing Egyptian darkm-M Tbe pertonneri. evidently
t bjaa red e'lb-i ' y the place or ibe a.. I
ml. ol ?Bane, *?n? ludit-rehtly well With their great
I est exertion?, however, ii lo?. choru? ?nd orcbettr?.
huddled together m they were, the effect Could Bot
have been ple?*ing. Much oi Ihe Oper? wh< left out In
th" p^rlormance. which we think unjustifiable. M BBBM
hundred* hid pud their dollir a piece, to hear it That
which WMperlormed. wm hurried over m it the main
thought wm to get to the end. The celebrated prayer at
the close wm done alter a fuhion which could by no
mean? be called artistic to ?ay nothing of lh? great dit
appointmeut ol the audience in tin- omiuiou M the
? piomited peibrmance ol that beautilul piece on tbe
a nj-rful double b?M ol B?te?int ?nd the violin ol Ar
?lit! W? h"pe tbe company will redeem their ?tl dit by
giving tbe Oper? M It ibould he given with custuoie?
and scenery
w take t! n ssflash?to tfsafeof some thmgi per
1 taming to th? urchettr? ol thu company 1 in-rc n u
it s?-ru? lo us i deterioration iu tbu departuienr ?.nee
? t appearance of the company in thu I
t m their visit to | litoo Thtt there hiv? been tome
i changes in it and some mstruiuenU added l* e?;drnt ?
? At the first appearance of th? Company the r.-he?tr?
, wm admlnd'or iu . ' ,j.ctudeand syuipa
I try with the ?loger m giving coloring light and ?had? to
tti- mum, a thing peculiar to Ibe Italian? Bui ol MM
' we have all tu?! rMptng of the vioiini and thatgyarn.^
i ot tbe braM initruinenu which wm ?o vexttloul at l'a
? mo? There i? another evil Iba(i?/i*?v>i
ikaaSBBJ - *h.ab in hi? cx-ilem-nt bur????
a ?real annoyance and it in general entirely ?u|
. | It tin Ba i? eiiip yed m an instrument ecce??ory
icbeitr?. we ?hou.d like to see the part BMMMB
Mr In the ?bience 'I u.- ??? ? .??
a -?tur.'ay ugbt it lh- . ?
? .-tlmei at each note for a a I - a. u ! meas
un*, exceeded our power ol eudurain ? V\ - uaiSt th?!
'.eatr? .I,.)er ?? ! ?
M to be led without ?
-i-,- . Mayor ?ent R SMBSBfJHt Bt BBS
Common Council at it? Imi ?uu-d u.?. t.ng ?'.ggesuug
the mean? ul removing teveral nuuaoce? ? i that the
may breathe wr...?.???. me air w.tuuul which per
. tact health cannot be attained. The uendon Buiuut
I .-'.Butai ? p.an tor |W?a?l lleg to tbe ant lent M
Smithfteid IU slaugbtei bOBBBl ly ti.e er~. t.. h .1 ?pa
| ciou? apartmenta tor ?laugbtanng to lorm <??*
', teet below tbe whole area ot in? market, which would
, be well lighted and oaai.y drained into tbe Thamee be
* indon Bridge. Ibe plan .cave? abundance of
and m tbe catt.e would be driven into the market
in tbe n:gbt and slaughtered on the BBBt, the main oh
vctiu?i to "he preter? ?yitem w jld be obvuted II yW
lar luck ?, an would auit auine ut our market? w-i have
not considered. I bo?e ut mem which are scarcely
| raised lour teet above high watermark BBBM a<t adopt it
Ibe tla-gulrar (icnerai ut London? return, which tp
peart lu ue written m the spirit ul Mtyor Brady ? ?
Umrd ?dvice s?ys IQo Ibirty six d?triet? ot m?t me trop..
a: r?r:geil '.u lh->. rel?l;ve rder ot their m?a.u".n
ty , tbe Cuy a? Londjn w.inin tne *i,i itauds mala on
the .ut, ?tileltta city without the wa.1? ?land?, wiin
, Wbttectupci. the lut?tbe unbealihie?! of the thirty
m In thu dutr.et aloae, My? the Mtaval ?IbmbJ
w.u..-. the thvrt ?pace ot atven year?, OiMj udivuluau
( bave been Consigned to the snenl grave, who u ?t c?d
not been I.r h .u?e? Mturated w.m petulentia. vapi^r?.
?id breexea taming aewen and excremental matter
m.ght yet a?ie l^eu IttJBjJ acuve bemgi. Ibu great
city ouy M ? tram. then, be ca.^d the grave of iu m
haoitanu. tor it tu within ltaeif much that U ujunotu
tu healUi ?tul taxai m-?le- AmI ?saI can medical tk_ do
?gainai lh? bbSbRw u^oence of crowded dwellings bad
sewerage, impruper veot?auoo ?ad deScleet tood and
clothing for the poor ' There u no: a fan ?eld tor the
exercise ol IU power? . ?nd dueaae ?..1 .?ugh to ?corn
?:. doctora' pot?a? so kxag at it cao recruit it? ?trength
tr.tn iu numerouKBd ottenr.me? '.ovuibie ?oarce?.
FiSE.?? Ore truke out ajajajl ha.: ?ut three
I yeaMBBJBg morma,-. la ue ?tor? o< Piuick
Murpey. M ?ad * RoktsIIii. ?ad the turalttir? ?nd
ii y ?-i:r y- i
|y M?.. Edw Wibster. t' ft A. trrived in
: wn Saturday. e% mmm tut Buetoc. where te aajfj ej
main a week for tte better rt*?l?i_cmen: ot eu bea.it
, He then wul proceed to jola ti? regiment ?t Monterey
?4 Webttar wm q?te nek at Ma?muro?, ?o mueh ?o
tbat hu pcjiii.a?ACiiu?erad ? Nenners tour ?Uuiuleiy
I a??a?aaary tu h_ moorary. Ha u bo? at ti?? togjaj)
Mar.,!, i* v Ali .as.?Tbc corre? pondent o? the
R.?too AU?* giree to? toJlowicg accooot ol thu ?raeithy
n , ,?. .r ?e ecent 1-?ir wm ?i-h a ?Ind'ali to
lindry '.nititutlorii of Wa ?
He bai cut ti bu r. v daughter with the ?mallert
?um the I?w perm?tied-stj- ? -a; ?ve ?
- .'.i the n ?tot bu fi'a'anlic lot
.--,.?? two bun
, , ... . . ?rob? i I
a r? ua> ? par . diamond ? ?r no?-?, for -?ample ?re
baouaaathe.1 I? ? Ho?; l? aad toa dr' p* wor" ?.
Paleoa. the opera s-rger ' BBT the pleasure.
My? the wi.' 1 n?d :r, bearing her ?iog once 1 he ?n
teaaa at the prc-rertr mrludng ?evrnty one
house? il Tiru. wm |WB Baft ret M a Ailgre wm ?o par
- .; w- if b:* ?? nai.t OBB Bay ? ? ? ?n.art
lo king nat be rei-nmanded him lor hi? ex-ravagance
v ^,v.. me I bad it ,roneo- ever
tag Ab ?_ M dAi?-re bul I did ??>t
know it ?eeJa be reit, r-d --here u the Irene you paid
1 will take the bSB." ?e-i he t.'Milerred the reno'tled
beaver to hu own head
fy The inhabit?:.t? fll MM wo?tern p?'t oi the
City .in tireenwich snd Che'aea ss we are letornaed.
| -ited to know by what auth nty 11 uting ho?
p.tal w, i moored ?t the root
.: Thirteenth ?t l( u ?ndente?:*! ?ay? ? ui
? that it wm driven kj ty ot WalU
sl by a ihow ot ni,o ?bt ence BS Bat part aj the neigh
?h rt Am?nerai ?nd unusual ?(.prehension pervaiei
th? Lut1 i" m'nj wth re'- r-rce to 'he hi ?'th .(the
,ty. mil, ?? - OB '. bt ?true
.. , ? ? . , . - - . I ?vat* with
. . ?l?rm
it l? in truth, a pen- t ?pel
I Bt I --?nt.ne
. M M m..* ami Ii -
. n .-atuiday a man c?i mg hinurlt
?A ? . .?.laman aii? a w--man by thenameof Catharine
? ?u?p'c; m . t beatos !,-vC cioe.-ineal with
Fraaek?Carroll i ah?> ledetbaaa.toraaOtogjaaBBBty
th? n?n- itriet i
ivl t, r etamlaattoa-A i aeeflBai
Puerto Ward a awday a ?aas a_ bbbbi
. M -?r et berk N M ? ?be M
i. drir.ng at a furMew rato c i-'ra-y to
. -, j . ? ? t lile
i ?... -e Juitic Dnnkei
: a .,; ahlch Le WM lnvk-J up
| ? and aorte? -. ?
too* ?wty der?, to ?w*u
M . 1,1 ?. ? i
atr Donald. Stn
Puerto w ?ri ? reefl d oa l r trad ?y ttghl ? m?u I y ibe
: J...h l'-araa . ... - v bous?- :
?t ?73 Wat. r at a c nun. I I l tb.
lOtJBat - " * m?'le ? de
?cent up n tr ? -
? ? \ ?? tofiai coininit
t-.1 tne a., m- ? ?.-,.,.
i'orbuah. et the 1 ilth tVard, aiie.li d 1 iiday ?I
. a yoaag Irtab ai man I y th? Beata et Ann i?)
!. p ,n in- a el to the North
U ver tu. t-t ilarruon ?t tor the purpo?? ol drowuing
baratat It ?ppeari thai ibe bed pawned ?Il lier clothing
Bad w*? BB?Hfl t ' priau'e ? ?Ituatiou. which she said
: iii r to atleiiipt the rash act. Justice Drinker
commuted her totoe care ot Mis loiter, matron ol the
C ty I'naor Robert lay wm ?rreated on Saturday.
night by officer Moran ej the ritieenth Ward. Satofffjad
with reeetrtog stolen go .1? II- wa? locked up?A
florae and wag >n Mr! "iiiUig M ili-orge A lloyt k ('?
? ry, wl.cn were haw ?landing, on Saturday, m i
thai near! m li av. nue were taken away li?
the w??-on were t. ur bnnde? o! clothing, mailed I'
W H.lmondi Martin 11. Sesea W K Taylor, ?nd Wm
Bet BB, none ol which property ha? lieen recovered..
Intel, ?ence wa? ycib-riay recer.ed at the Chtet ? Of
Boa that 1700 baa beta Maara Grata the de?k ot a tsaja
ii BoBtOS. 'I'he money condsted ot three bid? ou Ibe
Baal i ? i and two oi llu?each_
BaaaMOl lb- Third Ward yesterday srreitrd a
. mini d lie. rue I ?i.si i waiter in the house ol Mr
Keenr WMh'.ngton ?I charged with stealing Irom th
tile ship llitgenut a Hunk and mnw boxe?, containing
f to I V ?>. belonging to Mr? Isaacs,
an Kng nil Jewess The trunk ?nd boxes were toba n
ti ibaBiaajeof Ifeeur kvebeaioBaB and ?clock, ?quan
dly t !?ce work, a box of ornamenta, aVd to the value
"t I-"'.' stolen therefrom Two otberi supposed to have
b-'en concerned, ?re Mid to h?ve gone to b?flaw? t'
place a telegraphic dispatch liu taa-n
?it Fautel wm locked up to an*wer-John
I FrkSad wa* BrrBStod on S?lurd?y. under the M j
lowing .-irrumatance* AOerman named Andrew H ? ?'
man met lri-ni n Hatur.lay morning and wm invited
hy him to tak? a rble to the c imtry. and at the ??me
time told to depotit two h.tudle? which he bad in a
?rocei y ?tore. Alter leaving the bundle?, they started
for Catharine Market, where, a? Friend stated, hu horse
and wagon were ?landing . having got there, he put Hurl
man t.. ?land by the wagon while he went for ?ome
t Sag i" eat He then went into ? hou?e close ?I band,
and instead ot eating he proceeded to th.. grocery ?tore '
A the bundli ? ot Hollinan, and dress.il himsell
i i hi* c! -tl.e? Tbfl duped man. di?covetiog hi* mi* I
tan, When tl.e pi ,? r I ? ..- i t, - a tic BOTM and wagon
went and made complaint at '.lie BOfBWtb W ?rd Stall? o !
il us- and toon kJa 1 I rtaflkl ?a? brought up. sod
1 n ked up to atn?i i H< "man losei K dollars. ?
A person by tbi BBStS 4 Datad Colllu* wm taken into p
eustody yeaterday. by oBkOBt Hurley ol ihn Lower Police ?
i'? .it charged wall ntlMalag LOOcaw^of wwod,warto I
ii.-aer?. by Mtoa raaBasaat
?lions. OBI OTaboat Sbe I7to January last. I o .ins mad- I
StVfMssaStoa k? tne complamaul lor the wi? ,1 statin? that
he anas In po?*e?ai n ol ceitaln real ?aSBto in KlliK?
' ur ty upon which ri pre?. BtafBOM and on inquiry I
I Hiooklyn I'r BOawtS lurnlshed ?inn with ihe !
?road It appear? trom the record? of King? County
that foll?n* bad been po?*e*sor of real e*Ute io (hat
< ount/ hut that it had besn conveyed to BBBsfl other
persou previous to the tale ol the wood The accused
wm locked up to answer-Assistant Captain Hanuagan
and policeman Oregory of the Sixteenth Ward, yester
day seized "?I kegs containing Va) pounds of powder,
which were stor.-d in a shanty In Thirtieth ?t between
th" BtgtJt ?n(j Seventh ?v* 'I'he powder I? ?aid lo be
long to lleiuy I, Buckley a contractor ot sewer? in '
I??totb and Thirty second at* who when he heard
BaM the I'olice were shout ?enmg It with the ssslstance
ol ?oiueot hi* workmen removed the powder to *i me
lot* In Thirty tourth ?t. whither the p.iliremeii pro
eeeded. and took It to th? Magsxtno by order ol ihe
? Mayor. -
(Niyi i?r I '-.ron-r \V a!t-rt wa? ) eateWwSJI called
lo bold an toejMsM ?t the crn-r at Tenth it and Avenu
I ipi n lb - t- ..|y of an ui.kn wn man a native of Qaj
many, aged .'o year*, who wa? lound in the lut River
ml ol Tenth it \ - id ? I )-aib hy drowning.
IIKL1 H ai ! UBJ
Ami -tri At HlfJMWAl ISBBBRI liBBB on Fri
day night, m Mr Walter Murdoch wa* returning bSBSfl
on the Jamairji Turnpike, a ruffian sprang at hi* horse ?
bead ?.lied ihe brldl? and ?topped him h>ing eccotn.
. IB 'h-r individual, they both ?prang out ol tbe
??K n and ?tier ? ?evere ?truggle managed to ?ecure
i.i ?i He waa brought to the cuy and delivered Into the
aaatady ol Capuin Higgin? ?bo placed blm in ?ale
krepmg ml morning On being examined by Jwtlce
I owning he gave hu name m Alexander Sweoey, but
reluied lo aiuwer any larth.-r r|Ue*tlon? it u ?uppo*ed
tlikt he had Mveral Ctmpantou?. ?mi that they bseaaM
ti ?ho tied "ii the approach at the m*rk?t wagon? ill*
? - *.?-_? aad ?inmutar tmhavn.r. u-nd ?trontly to
ihe geaeral opinion taal he >? a??.a-laied with a
i?lid "I ie?|e-r?'|.a-* who t,?ve tur a long wbiio lnte?t. d
. ? ri t ?le ., , ? _ tbe King? '
all wheie hg ?ill raaaato until a t?rth?r eaarnmati. a ?
?MM M the ?Salr.
\~?f N. B BBOraa, K?q baa re?igue?J Uie office ot
? Utorney m ai'-ouilt ol t.eing elected to the
beach ol tb? riuprenv lander i ampbell wa?
appointed hy the ( ' urt to r. : the vacancy until January
ue.t when the Ilutriel Attorney BfltBt will uiumr the
n?" I)r C-x pre? bed a .-ry eloqcBDt II
ait evening on Ihe death ?J l)r ( halmer? I ?
itandlng IheinelemeLt state ..( the weather th? attend \
- aa quite numeruui
X^T We learn that Mr Hotchkl?? it now ablet
?aa | abatas Ihe houM. and u. from all appearance? r?
p ? y recovering He u yet however. un?ble Ut speak.
and understand? but little about matter? going oa around
blm ?.
ry The. r/tMMkJ Ir -a?. H-peal A??r? iatioo wil:
in- ei on Wednesday evening at Freemen ? Hall, Sooth
hrooklyn, to take meMure? to note the event ol the
decease of Daniel O'Cunnell.
SBaTTO? r. ? i .kthar?.e Logau, tite omiubu? thief.
t? Mao tentenced b, t.ur year? lo the Stale Prtaon...
Chauncey t.". I.artin um Imcii sentenced to two.
on Tue?d*y the loth. Mr*. PiMLlI' J A HAUPKK ol
a I ?
''Uthe iJth initli t?KOr. U4TKAMDEK, ia toe doth
yaar of hts age.
Tha re?uvM ?nd friendi of the tamil y ?re recpectiul
ly .a?.ted to attend hl? funeral trom ihe reddeoce of
hu brother m .?w Is.iiiaiJ Woolcock *. .?^ beianey
?L on to.? , M aaday aliemoon, al S o clock, without tar
'.ber .cvitaUoO.
- Bsda?, tee .ii? in?t m the BM year of hi? ?ge
. IJ J. BoWKN fja of the ule ???orge Howen.
H.? l.-.eudaand acquaintance? are reapecti^iiy invited
to attend m* tun-ra: tr.:? M .nd?y; afternoon, ?t 4
s ?- -m r..i u"j re?;detee. ti Ttnrd?t. wl_out tar
?er tnv.taUoo.
Of brooxhitaa oo Sondsy morniag Mr. TARLETOR.
3 tARI. aged 3d year?
The relative! ?nd frieodt ol tbe 'easily and the off.
can U !* Revenue Department are reapectfully invitad
to attend hu funeral, oo Tu?*d?y next, at 1, o'clock,
! trom bt? late rendente, Jjj Eighth ?reoue. near Abing
? -Ar- tu .-: Iiumu i Church, where ?ervlc^ wlfl
? " periurmed. Hu remamt wdl tben t?et??in to tireeo
* 1 'or interment
Ia?trlcti'j> or THi Diaf A5;i Dins? The
next term in the Hew Vork !n?tltution lor the _?true
tioo of the Deaf aod Dumb, end 'pen on th? Srtt day of
^eptem>-r next i he [.??.???lure of to? *ut? of Rew'
. irk hM made provuion tor the education of one bur
ired and ?lxty indigent deii mules, rAo we bctnux lAr
Vu ?/(?Wm ?_ (nraay.t r ytsrt Those who wish to
?va.; lOenueivei of It .v.?,oQ la the edoca
t. n .t their children and ?ard?, mut make application
to tm ?upenn^tiJent of :o?TAmoo Sehooli at Albany
KelktiT* to the admitalo? : f thoee who ?re educated at
'.^??eipenM of theu ineuJ? tbe u^d. r*:gned uiar he
! ?Od-r-ied duactiy it PhURDLE PttT.
?raMdast ?i UM iMtuJioB.
Aw?, v.. Mi t. kv, t>- M,...?-,, of ?ht? eetav-afc
m-oi aee,?, ,? (,,,? ,f%r, r,? ,b# -otqtoet ar-l ?wer
of kW. ..... , , . ?eil-r .' n-a?! f, tnawre?,
?? ' r o. ?... at .' p -.'r
?'* ?' -?e-r. bUen/.i-m-eic , .
a few day? v
leace? irr? c it. Ttw? u.;>.tr,i, -he r ha, nee Psa.II*
Pete M rris ?r>d Iwtaara, apgear ihia alie,a--.,, et-i w,
inj ma varieiy .' pef'ofnanee? A. ?
.?. a^jwa, oiHspoe^ ferie,,,?,.
?? - ?? -1
UusiiicGo Xoticce.
fax?? Cards and ?c!?eri;a??neei? f? ska ?.?n???? v (
IVnv'i: Se * tpa.aeri are J? ,y received el ,?-? A leer i .?
f. B PavLBMa. WM? Ik ? . " ' ' ih*? paper? of all iba
tata??? Hi? extensive ?. ,p ,, 1? a cholea ?ewiloe .04
? ?i exrw't*?' eenable? h:s? 10 impart ???oabat ?v,
ma' 'i. He kaa no conneciloo with ?nv other twrt.,,, ?^
a ; of-lert ifeaaaghre thou Id be addrceeeJ w his?,, Tribune
[S ^^^^^
f"g7* CMIa ns and Siranaers. .?oe aod all. who with to
purchase l>ry Caejs at reduce*! pnce?, are tav-ihag tu
? 1 I! n.ik'i .-I Grand ?t ?here they rea BBJ ,
handsome uualin dress tor |1. aod beautiful prated
. fast colors, f ?r only !? per yard, very g?, ^
BagjtetoatarU ?aiii*j~
I de Latos It ?ul tola an! many other foods
e?tooishtn<'y cheap Call ? ??! SOS hon
loin ftoBB at ?tisBAT Lancen M ? J I eWassB,
n at a? ;- . ' I ;- u? hull '.'? -er.'? to ti 5t). witb
? v-r !? . ? Ait, ? bruit ant Ku-helleu ' Jiam-'i-s
point f-' only Tbt? it the t.at and cheap.-?? pea in ihs
Pata Pi v. r- ? - ,
. kg a 1) I P?au ol J \? <?>?? ? ? v
a air? 1 Th-V have Per, of ?,1 prVee?.
'? BBta IB i \ ert superior Pens tl .?. pttKU
I . I __^_____
MlAMlBAoai 1ILTBB ? Office removed to .??'.? Hived.
way. corner Leonard at wher - heads of tanu'l ? repe
. 'lei ?re'nvt. I to awe ;u ?p.ratloo that inve.ua,
'.?e pur'".?>r ol the Crot?n Water The pi;, . . ? ?,
and te"' 'ach S?e advertisement >-n Wedn?'??i?vs ?, 4
?v? _my.'l tawlmMI .v Ih
I ?ao- ? al??. ?. o I t -- Am -nj Ihe tfo .1 ?in? ,1 Bjg
via-.a. taB%taftMaM in ?ppearar?-?. bul of ??rwel value at t
1 tklug human augeruiK. la'h.i ru ?I Sar??t*>
,,? ?' e',.; .1?. .a ,1* .-t' it .? vegetable h?? I??, 1, greet
',? eubenced by ail. ?ud it it l?e.i.-?a%l dial in ihe hon of
Saod? ? Ki'ix'i ,1 Sai.ai'?'...? ?,, na reai.oai M IBBfto
.-? . e BSWaMsakOS in -h.ir moat e?Vcilve form. 1 a
?ciofula. ?ail rhi eryilpelaa rpi ??. ? ta .?? ; in, met
cavrtol?totoaoeo. toBptseasus sgla ? ??> e. m^ ,?? tk?
; nil?, sud ?,1 ihe MOMBOI of the uiu.o c? i id iMuea. lo
goakorwkti gaaaatoaaaftftpaf fea system, yield n> itu?
?awBMtej 1 i'ihei of the blood -for the blooat ts ihe chana??
ihoiua'i wuii-h ditvease f.adi ti! way to lue vai niui organs
of the body.
Prepared aud ?old wholesale and retail by A I ID
SANU?. WMolesale Druga-lais. ''"' eVilloo-??. corns, af
Wintern si PI Broadway, ?mid T) ? ?ai Broadway, New
York. Bold also by Drafftsls (enerslly thr.'Uthoul IBs
Celled Mlao'S Price Bt pea hotile. or at? holllei Air In.
fa*" la 0 iano 1? iherarili to caua'ng plants lu grow oo
a onoel hair- n a??tl. M 1? IMi ?Miele spofcOB Of below 10
l-?re, kaldL hair.eas ?calpa?caua'nu. ?v. forcing a heaohy
growth Or b?'r. d?rk and utunanl, 011 ihe ft.-e. h^ad, up?
and h.xly. or wherever Na'ure Intended hair to ir.,w.
Botta. ISSllsI are ihe rea, and actual i.uallile? u( Joaxa't
I'..?a 1. Hai? lasOBATtVS as s-uee af the most re?pectakle
of our cm/ens have leanaei. Ii ha? the power of ? ui leg
??ni! um or dandiut ?n ihe h-al.?nd ll cures It perms
'\ Mepa h?lr t?i'ina-off, It ?ie?eea 11 and
tlvooMagl -non? ?pnaaiaara. rich j?ny and tasaroaSL ?'4
eap? tl sen, garb, ai.k 1 and l,?a,ml'.il. linee line? a? i.isg
as any other tutele Best '-e 11 COSM I ul ?bree ?hli lugs ?
fcottta huid ?1 the |t(n k,t ilia American F.?n>. n > i ha?
h?m?t. New-Yoik and 13" Pii'',??io?t Boaik )ii. le?l 2eog
raxe* Who woiill be wniioui par.y while leeih and
aweet nreath, when Ihey ran have til fir ?a eeol? ' Mssy
s hundred persons know this ?a New York, w fcs have dsag
? two toUHag toiile of JJoNI ? v aVMBBa Toot i Pvai ?. It
gives ? snowv w htleuea? 10 the leeth. a ?weei odor to ?be
toeath, and hardens the guias, huid In New- York at tt
Chaibaoi-si. ^^^^ jell Zieod.
iy It tssn honosltrulh ihst ?very vestir? of arupuoa or
? lt?r afiirenierii inappear? t?y the uleuf the genuine Jnastt
laMP, .-ovins the tain a? lovely as sn It fsni'a Mold ?1 the
alga ?if the American Kagle, a.' Chatham ?t Mstl 'Jleod
Bail Ktvs?. lluvia.?, a, M'l-h vs'uah'e Unie hu
?>? ,. ?o.? 01 ,iii|?iiklfiir aiioui ine contafto'i or dob cicUV
I BO ?( Ship Kever. Yellow Kever, Cli-'lera, kc Thl? II
verttiy of opinion h?i arisen 'nui Iftioranca of the trie
can?" >?f dlaeatn. vit corrupt humor? A person e-aea?
biooH 11 m,?re may einer the |r??i v?i??c ?M.o.ii'd, while he
whuie blood ti corrupt win inhale the coniaalon In lb?
?1,eel lu order, therefore, lo l-e fiee frutn Ihlp Pevev,
Yellow Kever. Cholera, or any other soppasod r^oolsgjeaj
SiosaSO. we mutl keep th- ttoad In ? il?te of purity This
c\n 1? aaxwa in ihe mon effectual manner by ihe nae of
ll.i/^fl rigStotaW ?*w?? Of tbO V?,(? .lateri.aa fuller* ?/
f/'.i.ry tierauae they remplein.y r ean?e if e aloniacti ana
' .eel! fioiti all til lout Inonort ant other tnipiirny, ang
drive every description of disease from the body. The
Istassa l riii<th?i /'lilt also al 1 ami Unpro.fl dlgeailon. ?ol
tei-iore 11,u only truth perfect lecu'liy iicnil ti|
aU loui 111a adv. bal *lv? new life in,I vigor lo ihe
? tytfeni. swWatrt tf fkgOl ('-?.iliil t'eamlrr/it/i Tl~
pabilc are eoBtlooed ?Kaniit the many ipiirtout medlrir?
wblefe la aeatei m doc ?a f. ?re eaitoa i.y naui?i aimih
lu fl'l IglWt f-lshan I ?,? Vil' Pfl? The only origina aa
reaaltnt Indmn I rtela/dl I'llll nave ihe ai^nalu'? ?>f *???
ll'ii??! Wimen avitb a pen on the lop label of ?a? ? ?u?
To counlerfall Ibll It forrery. ami all oilier? ?heu t to
?hunned a? puis, n New-Yoik principal office, JS" Orsea
Wlch-tt ??????-.?ww?watawa?
I U.UHKKI IAI, gU*fJ *l(l>fc; , ?IIATTKM?.
for Saiu ?f SuxJu, *<. u* fourth fag*
?lAii-anar, IV M
The Stock Msrket was very buoyaut to day and
the great animation emiuJi Ihe habitue ol Wall ?1 o(
the en itemeiit of Uie go-,t use lii l-l 1 A corner la
Caulon has carried that stock up to 4B|. Ihree quartets
ol lbs capital skek Is ??id to bo held by one bouse In
Wall si Harlem. Long ?aland and Norwieb have ad
vanred considerable Alter the rto?rd B1?W).0tXI I'reaaury
Note* sold at ? per cent, but ?t the cVcond Board a sale
k?i made at oj, I,.10 | hu market wa? le?? firm at the
1 lose than ?luring the Srst Hoard
In Bill? there ii little, oriiothiiu' ?lottig Hterling
I? held ?t I god. H rauci .'. I-'J
Kroicbtt sre ruther active but stoppers sre t-a
deavorlng to obtaiu lower rate? I o Liverpool the rete
it di '?d ft It 7 >? London It Several vissel? were taken
up at 10? Ud lor gram
There appeara ftp be considerable foe; about tbe
matter ot tbe Wabrtown bank. We bave ? to a leltrr
Ii m that place ?latin?; that Ule luna bad hern eu. re d.
ml the Walertown Journal stains tbe ?ame fact, while
Albany llveDlng Journal says
" W? are authorized to a? y that the Kiehange Hank of
this city ba? regularly redeemed and will roatloue lo
redeem the note? ol the Hank ?( Watafluwn.
AsMat |le*XXJ.0U0 of it ?hi litT? been debited with
? .- Controller ?luce January 1, aa basis for circu'snBg
nob? of the Hank under the tree ?it
The export? of this ?.??rt loi the Isst Wtek Were
I oil 117 ,1 which Just 10 per cent was In (?.?? it'o res'
?el?. The arrival? weie -.1 gajs] Isaoranoos ?*) t t which
?' ?erojjfeigu Among the exporu there were
/ , '.r,,u Briuun ?Corn. ?iJ t?II bushels, 11
I.MOS do Kl.e M? tierce! Iteef Y-M
? I' -k 170 du ir;...-?e |9 870 Ms K?ein. H.701 bhls.
? ? ? ,1 . ? v liutbels.
Mam? 4 ?, 1- , , ?,? lotion 11? nales .-'pint? l'?rp?niia?
I Kl, ?allons Wheat -., Hol :,u?beu? , 1 urpentlue, Jlta)
bbla . I'e-aos, r*J buahela
/ Praas? >???. I'.t? ',4. bbli Whaat, il.WJbail.
Whalebone, ',7 ir? lbs Hour 11 IMJ bbls
Th?- value of ruer? haioLse imported into this dis
trial exc,utive ul that sent to the wsrebouse. fur the
a ? tiding June l'J, compared with thai asm? perlud
laal year baa been a? follow?
l?4'l I'47 lacrease. IJavereaxM
l'ree.tftMjMI |11BBl t-t?l sfJ
specie. a.vi MatM JtJMB
11*liable . LaStojnt I.Oi4tM)7 .11..0-1
Cash reed . nil 44J sftaVtol 7u.4?
Considerable panels of Ohio, Pennsylvania and
Indian? stock came uul by the last steamer for sais M
this msrket. and bare been ?old. A portion must be r?
mined lor, which wl.l make a-ni ? demand fur f xchaogs
tur the next ?learner A etler liom l^oodoo says .
We have, within a few days, purchased to a ron?!?
?rable extent reansyivauia ?I W, Ontu f> per cm**,
- . - . and "7. and eej (,jr |*aJ.i?J0 Indiana fcraaaS? tv?
have just giveo 54 rh?-re is ? great demand for Bew
Or lean? Canal and banking ?hares ?611 st shout Hi ?ad
tor D f hank ?Bares at 17? b<1 ? -t
The tolla on the State Cana.s < ontmue to mcreaaa
enormousay. ? ?r ihe week ending 14th too uacrasos
w?s |re-> uou, eQuaj to 45 per cent Too eutire roeetpu
since the opening ut navigation bare been ?11 UitJrt
Last seasoo to sanaO data. 770 Ml
Kxeess io 1*47. tl.45.4Jl
There here beeu this year but 45 day? of Barigafioa
againtt r30 last ?easoo. Had navigaxioo opened al lbs
same time this year as last the results would bave besa
as foiiow?.
i-?17..tM day?.|l,3S5,0tJ
mo..60 days. TMUMI
Cxeess foqusl to 71 per cent,....I5t*4^l7
The fok'ow.nif statement shows the aggregate J
lolis recauvod during the second week la Jus*, aad lbs
aggregate amount 10 and Including the llth day of Jaas
in each year, cummenciag with . - * ,
Second week in Jana. Agg/esate to Jobo U?
;?4J.b63;js? rt? fi-i.'AJ ?i
liegt. rarjo?-i 735,1100t
?aggj . 7.TB,aW?
kOj . ?i .'?JO Vr> 77jeto Id
I 1947.?.sttVJBJafl 1.01t,lCr7 55
Tbers 1? 00 falling oit yet la receipts ot prodoeo at
cerdiog to tbe Argus.
The s/greajate receipu at tide water frota Iba
commencement ot navigation in lr.4h aod 11*47, to sad ta
clutling ihe I4tb June, nave been as follows :
Floor. W ne?t. Coro. rWkty
I 1147.OTj?j 8k?,e3t)il?47.l.oV?.oul 171.7?
I l?At.r/7 a?5 ?m^6 104?.H^l9* *B
? laeraaas-mtCa 5A7~?>4? lacr's. .1 #S,*? r7'?,,
JUdvKxng the Whoa? to Flostr feoia M sa saossa t?

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