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New-York daily tribune. [volume] (New-York [N.Y.]) 1842-1866, January 01, 1850, Image 1

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T.U,. IX. "??? i***
.-.<i?.U. Tit.**: : lOfl*-*^- I
UlttM.I ??,. 4710.
7kw-y?"rk t R1BUN E
?I llWroKI iaii.T trip.' ?* U ??
IHM ao* ???? RWDHI Bl 11 IB]
..fBe Trtbaae Hultdla*a. <arear *f
?d taasaa etr**t*, eppwette i h? ? Ly flail,
n teneared to City H'jbwi-.?/<??? for 1 4? ret.-.* par wee*
*"Vmc tbny prafar. ibey can pay in adranra at ihe !>?ai
B,, n. a ? ? reai u a - aaaea ??..<? I ?.??.?? ? '?
L cent* hfai, f.jt.errlr.ert Pire Do; art prat er.nom. 1e
jru>f? Beb*r.ripu..oi teaac f.rii; rt-- r iv?
J , i % f- ??? D tr? la a.i .tore pat a ?
Tgwra withCountry Nawipr,, ?<-? ;.;?;??? rtr?r?'?-'
*7gja o*V?. wf."*" mrm* a- ? ' I "
l aoaaa *r* not al ? <w?d any d: "are-ve
Pay-wari' raptrwad in AaWaaaM
factor** reetWe.-rji aaaAi pur |>taeeaBwaBwdt*B
teaer-al folWe. * r -. ? ??.?-?-? i
er?-** are* itr ,lr>?ae>*ecn tneertloo. 'route per .'nr.
Uaeeral Adr*rtleaaneoive.-lN?iDi?r-iCI*fti Baa*
I , rrw rrr-fc toeerUon, ? reel*; crrer eifbi jnre. t e?-.w
af line earn ?tj
^TeiDK---E:*bi neetta le**,eacblaeerBoi * rent*,
par *lf?1 Una.. ? -eva p"' ?"?>- V" -?T I t-'
m per rsutid). , ?
klleioaa and fta<ta?nc? Narataa, er-t Maaaua. t
ad fiaaaaL laviTanoei. am ?r-~cl.-.g * word*, an,,
aie-rial for 3f> <-?nt?
Uaiai Adeertleeaneota- A BM r?ni diary -y att
l ? *
i Maaa^aaaaatBlaaartaB It it ? P*l at *rr-*e'
at Borr.!Of and tmlog Vs. . ?
aaaHtir-d every rt'rd>,r?<irv and iivr-fry m orolr.f ?
V'r? tS par arJOtrtn Two r'.j .ai for BA
tjiertfeeairrit e mete a Baa eerh laaaiBna
~,?uin?d every HaJvrdav .W'>an>r,p, n: \ ? :o?r pr*a* ' t.
mV?Beum. 'n a-ivar at Ft<M at trtea Bar |i''. or twi-r-y
??*?*? t**aaaattVaaa for Bit., ani \?? x-?.t**t n a*
jjar Di?v| trryoiaJ tfi? tluie (O* ?Mr-f, ? pa.d
XJiaii1?eai?nai for Urla *be*t will *a rnarffed a4' raaai
m .?r.? eerr. laav r'.-r.
'JKKKi.r.V A McBLRATPI PawBaaa .
V- ? ? ? ^:?;t >k
Kentarky >fw < eeatiiatlan.
Ire Conttilctj", a! Convention of Kaf.tarky ad
,med on Sttar Ity :he IBa .ntt. alter a BBBBtati
rrc y twe'vs wanke Tne C i.tti'.rj-.iori . ,?ro
?_,<?'? aie<l wta Hr.aliy aiatied l-y a'l the Dele
?ataa ataapl Bas. OairaB Daria, vlwBa obja I at
t ? 'he popular election '.! 1 g-'i.-'-t it i-.ooret'.'<! t'>
?.- r t .nil" |IMa4 ol ? .at lity. 'I lia BaWtB rt' tat. ?.
rttu'et of lata N?w Cn'ie'.ittit ? \rr. a* f,!l.iW*
K'rc'.i' ar? t BBJ htl-l l.iem :*l y on tli?. I: ?t
B-ndty Aopatf . i'i twB JtatB II I, 33, v., \
Bf teninbeia al PiaafTBaf. <*f a H-rnate, a foil
Hiute al R7|>reaeiitativa*. A< At eat alternt*?
?" ? ott ifi a OoeavaoP, Ltaat fJarapoer, <Ve tr( t>
tf r i,..eert Judi- tal elertior ? are to b? iie*H r.f, tjia
leeoad Motttlaj io May of bava aaaaa yaa't Kl ? t
re are alway.- to ?? ote Baatj I aaj. r-f-ei't dumtr pi |
a t.*, who tnty *oAa by ballot
Uzulalnrr.?The ?rnate la to oornitt of tlrrtt
?.' t ineroher*. e'erted I >r f ur j?a-*, one half to
io out with ear-h H m*e, and ho raylaaaal at laa
tt'tuii-B e!artior> The aeatt ol the orat?r t 8er,t
? rt e-e all to tie ?a? att-l by tl>? adepUaa < f tlr*
C ttitut.on, a-ol Iho Mr-iul-e'a 11 ether H "js-?
i.' nett year ate U> aer?e one yaaron'y A
u, gerate la to he eh rten la 1131, ol vbtBBOM
tali by lot wi.1 Bra* 'of two yaara, tita balaaoe
tanlng four yctre, with a'l tn?vo?fter r>le-1<> !
I'oe Hi'taa will ? ->r>a>at oi r.n?- baadnyd iiort'tir-r*
lad for two yeare.
The Lcgialalure will pol] meet h enitta.ly, ea
rot when the Qoetraot ealai an extra ataalaa.
Tli* rJ:ata i* tt ho ai>( ?ttloaad I >r the i aoaoa i
teur.i * and Mf ruber? by the Li-pjitlature of ia.%0,
ly thai of iej7, and etory eiathih t ear thereafter
fta I an* ol re'ireeentatl n it Ika Mabai ol qaAll
led toten, at d to aecure uniformity a^d e joality
J ttpraaaotAtioo, the b.tio ia hereby laid ? 11 into
?eu Dittriote, #hcreof each ahall receive ita I ill
?hate of rc| reaet.tation that la to at, full
. j oi tttoaiot* a ra I ttapraaaatau*aa to wblorh
rarb Diatritt ia entitled ahtll l>e aaporttoatd
tiaon6- the Couitlie* ul that DaBtrict, ao thtt no
ptrt of tt a Btata ?hall lote a poitto i ' -; it* areighl
m the Legiaiature hy rasa m oi it* aaaaarioal
atraai.ftilt hetii? wattt ?I la aarapraaaatad fra< liai ?
Thit provitlnn 1? t,ov*l--*y we believe it the fol
lowiiiai, attd very <; >.>}. "loreoror :
"JVeviaet, Tukt wh*o It *h*ii appr*i Io the Ueoarai A*
tratbly that auy rlty or lownhatna cnmlier of .?
votert ttjjal to the r*ilo ih*n hied, tucfa city or town aba I
? a 1m-tied with the pitvtle?e of a arparate repiria'iia
.I'.u.lu either or both houaei of thr Oaceral Ata> <
whKb flail be relat. re ao ion* aa auch rlty or town itiait
(oulalu a number of q jallb-'l ? .l*ra eqaal Io the ratio
whirl; may. front time to Diu?, be flaed by law , and there
tflar, * action* for ihe rouMtv In whlrh tu.-b toy or town
a tduati-J tnall d?i bn held thorrli, | t>ul aurbrlty or toavn
r*iail BOt ha eetrthtd ma aeparala rr>: laaemailoo. ur ir?i
lurh couaty, tftar the trpara.loD. aball aiao ha entulisl to
ana or more BeprearntaltTra That vt benever a rliy or
urea ahall lie entitled I > a a-.parale rrprea'oiiaiio.i In
altber boute ol Ihe llenera; Aaariudiy. aod by to. ouw
-.ara ahall l>e entitled io mow tur *a* K'praeantaltre.
i*t u rltv or lowu altall be tltrlded, l>y aquarea whlrh are
tnadfjaea*, B? at to make the moat i- iiiparl form. Into
R?pre*rBtadre lllttiirta. aa nearly *a*el aa may be. a^aal
to the anwher of Hepreee'tattvea to which aurh rltv al
t'.au ruay tie eotltlad i and owe Koprsexutattvr. abau] ha
rla.-.rdfrotu earh ttlalrli l In Uta utauuerihali uil BllJ
tt town be divided Into Betiaiorla! tlmrlria, when, by th
i ? ,i,uieu'. niore thau OM Benator ibai ba aUottl I to
?urh rlty or towp, and a Senator ahall baehactod broat
-a'h Beoauirlal Olitrtri: dut no wa-d or itijul. ipai .1 vi?
lea aball be divided oy turh dlalilon of awaalOlhtl or Rtf
laiaBlaltve D.ilitrt?, anlae* tt be neraaaarv to Hftt IBB
I .<?? lira, MentMital or K? r-? ? ;a; ??? DltlrlcU "
Toe coiflpeiieatloii ol Memhcra it tlao l at e 1 par
day : tiave), Iti ivula |>er Btlla
No o'era'yman may be BjhDatfl Io Bay polilloal
Tne LeRlalatura tuuat not loto the t-reiit of the
t*;*tc. tnd can contract no debt above B ?
except with the eapre** t n.ioot t l the 1'eoplf,
aoleee it be loan to pty tlchtt already exiating, j
or to caaa of invaeion, inaurrecttoo or threatened
hoatl ttiea Every appropriation of more thau
? 100 mutt be p tatet! by Yeat and Na>*. and muat
bate in ita favor a rut iTity of all the membera
nh"*entoeach Houae.
> ;(rat/Arc.? l'tia (vorernor and LtwBl Hoaaraot
*ii! each ba chteeu tor tour j e*r*, tuuat be tl tity.
fire year* of age, a twitataa, and *ta ycara reu
le t of the State. Tno laaiBiaoi la laalajilila bt
t-'e term next eucceetluii; tl it . I hu ?t-rt .oe. I'
tOorarnor tboald dut la the lattor hall of hia
teim the Lieut. Qavaraot wrl **rra it out
the firmer half, a new () <vem r ahall be ohoaan
kt the enauitiR election to Bared oat the rr?idae
hi ttiB deoeaard Ooternor a tetui Conteatad
At ? i ?na for Hovarnor or Lieutenant Io be ?ettled
b) the Legislature The tr.iveruv>r ha* tit* p.-wer
?etutoar bil ?, hot a vet.< may be ovprru'e.! by a
a r ty of all the member* choeen t<> eaoh
I ute. If not returned with objection with In
tea day* .t, m . ** ? ,.i a;i Tirnnifat. aTlttila thrtt
i\l after the OfMtafBi too uvit ar**ion, tne
atj beoomr* a law without hi* ti.nature.
Tne tt ?rernor appoint* the Sfcctt^. ryf ?;t't
ah IIa a Treaaa-er te t > be olrOBBB BiaBMlly, Bad
tt Audit-*. Reciter of tr>e Ltnd Offlco ani At
I 'ietieral, are t h.-aen e?ery f. jr >ea'?by
l'tvople ITho Brat *!a< lion for Q .vernor and
t i cieietu ba ho'tlen on the fir?t Monday of
Aa|wBa, 1181, wawaaBBJ Ii v Ti tunden abort on*
year I
Judicuvy. A Coatt af A^pealt, to cone'tt o.r
' ur Ju jjjea, ih.teen by tre i >ar ,4*rt*ra of ih.*
Suie reeprt-nieiy, a ni ol about tnree ah? ' I mm
? t,uoruo>. it i'omtitote 1. Tre Legu'ature mat
twaoathe Judpjeato three upon tbacccaneuce of
I vacancy Etch .lu'tte te to aerve tor e^iit
)tkrt, except three 11 the I. ur fir?i oh. aen. who
than aerve two, lour aril a:x yeare reepeotur >
?*tbailba?a<-i<l*tlby lot The drei Jadictal Kicc
ifaitto be holden on the if cot. I Monday at May
'" Judge* of Appaala tnutt be thirty years
' H I of eight ycara' expe-ienoo in the law. A
"'** of Appeaia te to b* . ocaeu by the people tn
'AJl.aad every eight year* t. rreafter.
'be State -a lo be divided t y the next Le?; i t
Xtt*intotwti.e JadkiaJ DaBttkla, etch alaeHa|
-1*0:1 aitJadge, ;twelve luatead of n.uotreu at
r'rtent) a C 'tnru. nweattha Attorney and C.r
-ait Ooa.-t t iark will be ?lex ted at tbo ttaat tinie
atihtheCinu.t Jadge ItM C it cull Judge* are
?lactad for BBfl yeare. The L*. a atu-e may
faate cae addttioral Dutm-t every four yeara.
bBJ not tacra than 'oar tie w onea in a'l until the
P^palatloa cf the btata ahall excaed l.iOO.OCO.
^Joaty OourUBhaii ais > exiet. . ...*.?::: r of a
'?etiiag Jadge and two Aaeooiate* for each
' j" '.v. elected lor four yeara. (Folly, tint J
Finally, ?ach Coanty ahall ha diridod by tha
-??ulatarainto tut table Dieuio.e, aaoh alaoting
??odaaaiiiaaofthaPaaea. to aerve for four yeara.
The Loalarlila Caanoary Coart ia eontioaad,
10 '?P??1 hy tha Legitiatur*, the Cbaaoa*.
( ' had It area aJ of aalel Cowt la ha eootaa
by tr a !"pt rcatori oi L mmT* *? Po wt:h t"? P >? I
lie? Court! '. L : f ? e L*i... ft-.
Alfcarif, AUa**??, pUrk, ?j-reyi.-. Cut war.
Atfff*o: ?! J Jt.il- r ia t -.: ??. ^ taw ,,,, ;
?uartuf eiLi '.;?'.??!; \ | ? '<-f ?..?-?'e.ec-t .
Toe bfiaril. ? teta. t| t* , ; ?i-i, ?f. 1 r.e may '?*
ot.< - Ne*toBwe*j| after f.a* 'e la laerlgibae, a-. 1
n.a> not 'jf ?.-,? d?p,t> ' h, ioc eeecr. A <J :.
ataMe if t,) b* a.oe/r. r< oi.ial y :n ra'L J xiti--*
Kl>ntJ'intAj\> ?VN'fi i-ver br.tei or ftajaati to %'?
cu e er elect or, forfeite hit rfBoe and can eever
bo'd another.
Irdlviduele may lit the State 1 r.e Le*t-e etara
mar. ; ree---il:e wher-? end bow.
A-lo retore a-e In be proei led for by lew.
Vo Kent'iekian a tl'-twrd t/> Hrht a da? w tr
at' <tr er K--nto' kiln- lira *a lot af tke State being
racfaifte are -.reeum*, f ?r aaa ab*--ai laetl
thie ) Tr.e Letja'at a to pltrride je:.?:, ?.
Xmt 'i 'v'rr. r '.ay perd >n at er fir. jeara
Ttirer K-j-rie era < t BBa Law? ai tr* Stete a'e ?o
be rroii-r, by the r.'-a: Leatelature , e'J i 'l.ree
Uavntrl lawyce to ???a: a Code of P.% Ct**D
and Crinriinel
Kre kf -t la to oontiaM (he Boat of G ?t'i,
mr.-.t uoti! Iba Laglelataro ahaii reaaoTait by a
twotti-da rote
Tlbj rwkalllllbtl ia to be ar-rpte1 orrr .-cf!
by toe People f t K eotuoey or. tli* H at M a day
Bad Tueaday I f May neat The C B?*eatbBB will
tht%fi},\..e'n Mat Irel Monday ie Jaea, to fan
' Ii n Uta reaalt?<(? ??*? bartffaatd ooatriraaoa
fir el-.-cat'oK th?r pereon! 1 ni^-rtai!.-- gad
1 drawing ?llaaga fraai ti.e Trea?!ir_., alaca .i*
avdoyUaa by fifty Tbaiaaad ?ajorltj aoartaii
' Future lavfcioaa rt the Cental INI lea ar* t> be
road" aa hereto'ure ? BJI a C iBtrantloa called by a
rota oi HBB fiBghalglafa 1 at aad ibeu by inat ? '
t.ie Peop'e
Pa h hi t? raatarial faaia*aa, 'a t- e new Con
etiiuiion-.f Ken tacky Wt ooaaider it * ?r?et
itu, " rrment on i'? pradfcaajor, in ap ie '-f iti
in? .y de fee la and v i ea Praaailie.it an ong tit-ee
ia ita denial of the gra-a: ? i: dtnv Mil trutha of
the D<<lera'.ion of Ittdepi DOeBca, trel 'all 'j??'i
are bjrn Irre ai.<! eq'iai. and ' that, (leverr rr"?:.U
?'enve tbeir J j?t pawata [real Iba ??? aer.t of tb'
gi in ii-ii ' laetV a 1 < I tl.pae the K?ri':n ky ina:r o
iitent atBrcoa that It hi iotea>*)eiJ to ?<-<-ir? toad
the mitral life*. Ilbeatjf,1 A | and ra KiU ' t K i: ta
??ar'icature Dem'wrery t-a lollnwa
T..?- ih?? t"-r.<-i*', k:*-ji. a-j<i aaaaattal arti i ia ?? .?f i.
eil? anJ ff?? |oreretseal eiay t>? r'*c<:?,'-1*'"d and etta
ttabod. Ufa lac er?.
Bat. i Tiiai it: ftfmr,,. wbeo tniy f,> ni ? Berta I a
pact, am rq iai an i liial nu man, m ael of men, mrtn,\.
tird to t-iriua.t f. i-parai" put>.l<" BaolBBieBM 01 ;??
ea'ifn'ui IBeCotaaMBlIBi hal to r.jnai-lerailon of pahllc
a*-1 ? i. ??
:-. . Thai at>aoiu:-? arbitrary power orei Iba Hrae,
? .v, aa I i --? ? ' '..??./ ea'.ata i.tntb><i> lot B?
p . Bc?arrl vwii la tli? Ur?eai mal jil'.y.
Si ado i f Jt leaaoa! borar i ? ?. ajVaat t'-ia ttagaa
araaa aavttv. It ia aawartby
? The fi>:l....wit<g aro the (iiovinooa of Ibid Coro
at'talion roapeetief Biavt ry It ia oonaoiiog to
kn'iw that t!i y ooald aot baaaa4araaterla'ly tao*a
ti-nd'ab than thosB they aupplaut
fat ?n Tha ilahl of aiiipet 11 hi before and hljhaa I baa
a'.y < t ?tlibilui.ai aeactVaa. and in? rUtu of the .1? aei of
a aiare to aack ? e*a, aad ita iBCreeee. u il,? iuua, and ai
I iBriolall ?, aa ibe rl^k. of the owner of any properly a bat
Croorrai .a >,a?r<
M riOH I Tin- Oeaerel Aaaein >.y ahall tin * <-> bo power
to pa*a lawa for tb? rmajrlpadon of ?im without tbe
1 paaol 11 tho r nawn, or ertth >ul patloa their ownera.
prei loaa 10 aurb aeaaeilpalliw. a full rqjitaietii lu m .ney
1 >r i'ii> a a?->a au ?inanclpateit, and proeidlB| f>r ihelr re>
rnoaal front tha Biaia They ahall 1 a ?? 00 power 1, \ ???
rar I 1 a, ml drama tu ihla Blaea f'oni iirintrioft wi-b thani iura
I ?riiiiii aa are df-rmt-d aleeoe h] the lawa of any of Iba
Uuiied H.att-a. ae Ion? aa any peie-'n of the aame ere or
deecrlpllu] ahall he > oulltuo 1 in Slavery by ibe law? ol
ih a State They aha ! 1 i.aa luve to p-rtLil uw-jera ot
alavra 10 emancipate ihriu. aaai"? ll.e nabta of rredtior?
aid lu pieteul t hem fr .111 lema.aluf In .hla Slate after 11. ev
era emancipated They ?hall have full pia er la prarenl
alavi? ''-"Ir a bn nvfu lato ihla Biaw aa nirrchaudlae 1 aej
?hall have f?ll power 10 pieveul any alave? hriey; broe'hl
toi.? Ibla S il- wh > have neun, elnre ihefl ?u'ay of Jain
a*y, 17m. or may herea'-er he Imported Ir.lo a';y of Itie
L'o led Bla'.eefroui a IwrelBja tMBBbr} And I hey aball have
'u 1 power to reee anrli na? ?? may be ae -eau-y tool . . ?
iheowi.e'a of alavra 10 kraal them wttb hun.enliy . lo pio
T de foi Ibra neceeeary rlothlcc ai.d provtalot . to abetBla
fiom all Injailea 10 theiu, raiecdlnf lo life or r.mb.andln
caae of ibelr uer'ecl or refuaal to n.mply with lie direr
lb>t? of each lau a. to have taebekara Of ? at?? a^ld f ir ihe
hnnrlil of llrir owner OCOWaerB
it. The Ueneral A??riti'..y ahall p?l? IBWI proaidlnf
lhal any rree nerro or melaitt-. herraf er .111 i?ratlnt: t.>.
M batna ? warn lpei<-d 1.1. and rawaala| lo leave Ida Btate
or ht'lrjt left, ahad reium ard letue withn ite Siaie.
? lai ne drenied itilny of feiony, and puotihe,'. hy rorj
ftneiuer.l tn the Pentieotlary iheieoi
|l in ?ie proaacution of aieaasforaaloay.aahteaeethy
a tirar.d Jury aba'l be nerenary 1 but the broreeoioKe lu
au h proaecullona aha ! he reraiatrd by law. eacepl thai
ih? Ornnal Aaat-ml ly anal! hare no power 10 deprive
theei of ihe pilvllrye of an Impartial trial hy a pt ,1J iry
liar t'alllerala laeue.
In order to girre i ui dietaiit rcait-ra an i lea of
toe atated iaauea from thia OflW under the title of
iT?r Tribune fit Cmkforn<a, Orfgonand the S-m<i
rick hlandi, we pirn below the tab e ol content?
of tl a laat number of that paper. It will be aeen
thai the larate autount v'. reading-matter turntahed
ii tiie eiuht pagea of which ttie aheet ia eoajpoaed
la aadactad a...l made up with an eapreaa adapta
tioo t? the w ante td ll.e Ptaifaj >vmniunity. Mat
tera ol tntera-at la every departmerit of Home anC
Foreicn intelligence are careluliy arranged . and
when of great length, aucein*t!y c^titlenae 1?
while approfriata Kditona'a are given open ai.
a-iajra of intereal or itapoitance. both Homo and
Patabja Complete Commercial auntniarica alai
aeevmpany each teaue ? Thua it wi'l be aeen
I that thia paper eombiuee a great amount of tnfor
irat'on peculiarly auited to the wan ta of thue.* 01
t'-e Paciflo Coaet. It ia leaned, patkctaally, lo aea
a 1 aW every mail-ateamer h>r Ca'ifornta. na (It
erne ami Panamv f'rr*."!? trttmimg ravaaa ?rn' u
U .? tmudt, cam, kiitx lArra /t>rtrar(i>i> from .'*m
i>Jficf, punrtutuif?upon the departure ol ere.-y
Steamer from thia port?hy tendtig *? ike <t.l,< en
ie<i lirnml aaaa/Vr mf ct'put, iU tk* raltt aihrjftt
PalCB t"ln,jle cuplea, B| cU.--.V 10, 15 or JO c, p|j?
at the aame rale for t-acb paper . \- c. p'.a lor Bl?Be
the addreaa of one or twonty j??raona Punctually for
warded. I'ayiri-nl alwaya lo advamv
COMfSrS t>r IHE TK1BI mi i 'r C4llf >km?, OBBOOB
anp ihe aAvpvauH aBLaVMM ...Taeaaaaa, ra. a
KniTeaiAia - Aftalra on the Atlantic Cid', prepana'
eaprr?i!y BM Ihla paper with tbe newa Ironi aM pa-u
eiratifred by ^l?tea ac 1 o^r -
nla Corraapoaeyaakki Caldomia Mail t alharea. Ta* Hi
car..ua Qaeelloa. Anarchy la C-h!o. The Forelfu
M -w? tH mm
r. btbt ?T/he Wife'a Keply . by Mra H B 0 Arey
I 1 araar Ntwa ?Tbe Newa from the did IVorld,
tan luiiy aad luMy epikur ii?d. from our KorelfB 1 a
Key rk el Iba roaiii.aater treacral; Koretja and LV
. . . Co :t?,.-t deOar I", u.'i ' C [ .:??? A.- -a ?
MlBTBI I BiTT 1T1 Sketcbea of Teaaa. ;c^nunu*?l
S, irilua'. I", mu.uau-a'tona I n* I > Mini at l a;.ad
yma Calllorcia Eaatfraati ! Uta ol Martlaaaa aad
:?-?'ba. Ac A.
Ck** 7'kr r*rr.L?tij ?./"c.<s. puciiabed ai PrB
koala, CaBwAaaMjaaCa N V. bat beee i urctaerd ?j
Mr 1 I. l ottBB, a > man ei cvaalferaMe ta! ul.
ent-'j-ar ail . \peilecce Mr I tl-; tl?r
/'ararrUr > I'ipaKrr in company ar'b Hayard
Taylor, atv* alter Mr T withdrew from lhal paeaw he
Oavaiiaaed It tor aoai* time alone, aupf rartira Mr. Van
Karen fai Iba I'reetdeecy durtap tbe laat caropa'^n,
with aeaab ?plrli and eerier.
WllCt'??iv-Ac<iCanlit?>* Li the Mi.ran** Sen
UaCa ABU iVataur tbe todtiwiaj la tbe . Iflcial T?te of Wla
BJBIBBI r tioreroor foiilae, Whi^, ll J-ei . Dewy.
Leoa, lc.ieJ6 . Ckaee. Free aVjalj 3.8? 1.
I ce vote 00 r ree JatTraAf, aa retarted in the .fJiclai
(,:i,u e?ye the 5*eaar'. ia very defrcr.vr, tb; u<s
wh.iae laail we BBoW not Tbe vole of Rao.ce. Ci-.aa
bla, Waukeaha and Dodge, which wee largely ka /ceer
. 1 1 laskaaBwaeja, eadoi l<raai. Pvtrtaft* aad Sank, wfctub
aaa i'.oeed 1? icOrrly .-u n.?d Aa " t fleialli" eaa
vaaed, the ?ete ttaada 1*0 yea. 3.t?JJ no. The aa taa
roba waa much larger In faror ct free SaBrage.
Baitr.i af SHareraUera . Satt.aeat
A haf af Mr Jamee R- W'bltkag k>r MM eaira faea
Wh:,* Dlitrlcl Aiioreey, waa orwared to be paid !Tbe
a la tad that lb* (bargee w?r* eery low |
Joeepb McAeoB ?11 rvMppouaad County Superintend
enl ol Corrmoo Bcboola.
Tbe Cofflatiuee ra ported la faror of corrrctUg tax le
j rar tout pereoee. Adopkad
A reeoloiioo waa adepiad la pay aVafna A MclBiyr*
ganu. aa A?a*ae?r of Sleveotb Ward
boao* ist: bi.la for c .eactx Oobii Bxare. ke were or
eerad to b* paid. _ .
awreaal peadoaa fer eceTe-calen cf tak were referred;.
aityaaraed as Wedaeeday aaxt
t? 1 'l RB4MBII mKii
T he I.end-, i >redle w am t..
T'" 1 '.--t?-J ? -~1 -W c--- ;/ ', j-.i R " ?** *? f.
reeda in* *aj*etef ? C rnra.*a os e/ Ii ;ulry 1st ?aated by
'?' V-r-j ? T r ?:'? ?*
.teraeare j tteary Maybew Aega* B
-I f>rg>et Ike third, beta eaanvied ?;io R??K-rarB pr?e
I'd. ? - l a'? ft i . ' ? . , ? .Ml US VlllH 1?n
eletated im ? ja tad ?? f Bgj ? tat Be ?
;rs: dhrre eeeIt M*t?-,-?- :e t had? of sBoei ..
w, me* i - ";?t?r,',f at in* ?.?? ?c ? * Btt; w ^i -^ ai
w? ? ? ' i '?w sai - % ????
T t greater perttea of thee* po r ereeturee. livtng. tt
lAey de, rar batet iaa seclel ? *??*. raaort to preecli
at a rueeci <>' *t\:rt obi t-.? I rn:a--*> aor.s:si*' c
wfcanevar tha wetaar* threatatva ibMr eaUortlon. that
? bay turn lr tu tha itrrec end pia;>-r;in. rant icoloen;.
ab.a Tlca Bir.ce Iba diie.ware* >f tbe J/trataj C"<n*tlt
uia^y ? ? ana Mraot ? tt?a f arwwwed tt neldarebie tune
of m..c? 1 to '.ha abate of thai ruroai b9t llatTVieUo*
aaaeeg loa teat aaeeaali d tett a-.d at- I ie*y
Berber! tat core* '-^ward to fjond a Soriety for pn at et
'.: e n?tr er .tranac
There it im,*" lag .ta? half ? ? Hea sf womea it -??
-??? ? f wt-: :: '>?-.: Britain . 1 ? ? t ifTeopBBdl |
'i -?? ** o a at ir. Btt S Mab Aui.r* an Caletdas The
Beetetyal reeaearleaedataaa aa :ri-r ihn* bit.???
k)epeiUaalatoeoabbat; BaduI >.opad. that wheaeaca
tltlBi part'. >'. G rversavv w. . Ut'.t: tt with fBsdl
0 t.t tome ml! ia t'snir" a pw / to Bat -a la
Nir. If private *Be?oi?t,ra relaee * STOB of ?f ??
ib't will tr.y rettete SjBta at UtaeaeTereri aw ? bra
U at, tebaae ahser.-" troaid no: '<e eosetble :e tbe mnr >p
? It woo Id rt Ore tat Ba at tr.at amount to .via
1 - tari t - pr .p?-ax:?: t. tad alee la aatiefj
w?mi of rt* ( ?':m rC ?' c .- '. r.
--ran h far Sir .ioha Fmnkllo.
T .? V Btt aal ?-t ,,.a?* t eari fuTjr'.or.ed :o ihe Al. t
i. i r ? - - need aa tba eaara peraee wtfh refaraaea
tttte fata of Sir J >hn Brant .r. 8!r J 'hn R.rnarit
et; I ri'-'t atreai < >; i that IkS mlati'.f r.xr?
<1 t a. trat t ethm 3c un ter rlrrumatatrea wh'.rh ara
? a wlthlit r?tr-peararr? Arrorilrt to Mm. ibe.eoJi
fr- Iba ce:tbh ihood of whirl, tba inet Rtpwdl?oa f. B ?!
?sott pr -.a' :r be I'.rted fc. ab.taed te attnala whie*:
Bdsbt eapp a tka ftl bte;aleree at baatd BatebtpeI ?' I ba
IA kataaial a I BlrJeaaFraahBa'earaatatoaebacoaie
to '. ?r r< i jrad at 11 be liadrr mta. w: n tblt aid to a '.Vir..
teVaeoaaaaaii ka Itteaet ibatr tba) h* traaaf reatals
- ? ?? pa,balraabar, I oae l>ody or iota. - ?
w. b bt ata cat dotra to re to be ]t?lilaooutb io draf orrr
Btatee, i ? - - -rajily f ir that porp >ta. w rjld ?r d-a ' >r
tot tt-Iketl ? ?/ -arlward la l.ar r?a:*r I >'ird ateoaiA
w?-1 to Iba n* I a-.d. aeror<i:r, la Iba locrlluJe in wn.rr.
tha ti pa wate arr et tad Oreai ttraea la laid aa Baa fact
lh?t to u)b'-" of wrr-t.o' of Bay ritf>r'.a:e to tha K.ipa
.. .: iod oe aar part of tba path attaag wbttb tba]
? t ra [ .???"' Tba 1 - ia.r,i?? sad I TreaiWau.r arr
t. e iMaenatety coeipped ibwj dBaaaatawtl at eaeatataa
Baoditlra Ii'arita. latrt la a~alt fart An ? rd?n Brom
v.; ha area ikatlka aiai by Babrlag'a Barel
I. ?? red f-1'.? w.-aiwari r'atl of Hiott i t.nd Pa ?
ry a Itbaadawill, wepretunre be rarefu..y raamload
UlBriBflBlB I-allarei.
i r i. atejww ant. -un-a , u htta af Maat ?
ha . f, I'm. a Co of um r.iy. owttf I it.teai lOI'.alLt 1
? n . dt I? ? ,.? ? la be ' It J Btatee, a ? reat; I rtl - '
wtitea will fall ea the ipiaran Prom llareburp y-r-a
? :i. we a>i" lof. rn.'d ol t- ? 'ai, ire of Mnn i Brhaa/.I
BfOlhert Co paueral roa.-r',antt I' d I at. ten. Bal ' " a
... i pan ri y tat all err'Mr i. tt Stay bawj taawrry baea
.-. . Ifaelf nusirret
a fin' cividrrd of t.j a the p..iod hn beea declared
- ? i. - -!'.??? . f M-tin C-ri.
I arable froai aayd altar Baa Mat ttwl
I i. :t. 'n itic .Appointnit nit.
T " f '.na nr illpi'.mai'.' appr-ICtOiat.'l a" a . '
:n t.'ie V'.-.lfrar tf l)er_ 14
ft toFaratgny k>beBaray aVttraordlaary aud Mo..i
ter Pienlp ????.'.rv A Bat Rep'tb ir tt ib? Coartef Brr It
Oea da Cajta.ba.j te to he Eieoy EilraoriiLar/ and
M - ?i?r Pi?r.'.polrr,iiiry at St Pataritmr^
II Delaeoar, whoerae raea rj from Viar.ea. bee baea
a<-lt. eopolrled P.nr, y Ksira >rjtnaryend Mlnltf r P>a
Ip.o.antiai t a' V - ir.a
Al .|h farr , ai. wl. . wai flril aVrratary of tr.a Preocl.
Miiatoa ? t:>a-u alao aWeratarj of n.a ateaaaaj a.
S. Patatabarg whoa Oaa Irt V ?ai A.nbeiaador, bn
>i- ti tp oiM'-l M'r.'.ili r I'.arip o.-t tia-r at ?.atlrtj.
M d'llarr.-ort. Chary* d'Affr, a ai Mutrld. bat b*-r,
appotated atlrltter of rrarc?, at Btatyja'd
*>wr'a \rw Hoola
R agree Bar the wal a" wa a II - 1 tka 1 afyttertee
i Pat a,' he. At i-*a mat putillahed a Hr.? warb, reo tart
tb. ?? Myttr, lea of tn- reap la. ..r. the Ilia tare of a Pun ,y
a* Wottlag feople braagl PasiTlatet i- ihta wort
ib.? author I .ai-et on Iba arena a fanmj of y,r. 1<I .rt ,ar,
whoaeaaeaelttra barelaBaa part la all ihekereli ttraa
gieet lertakaa by the people for Lii.er > BalraMaaav
a* ?' e portrait* of nan Bad w. men of tie lihor.uf
lliiiaa. be it'i.t t.la tiarcert aod eaatOBM Of olh?r
iiu.ee. be raeauate theafeaiy at tbe w .rtmtr. ihej.?a
aact, aad the beeraaolai fca aetaalaaaa,awaearw%a(Bi*i
btcauie* lean to fl >w ai the touching teeltalcof meadi
f i. in ?'? . f Ike v;..lmi of . pprraeton . and he ext-iiea an
bourded indignation at ihe airocltlei cnmnitlted by ibeir
IfpieaBIIIB _ ILtRepubilrj a
Aft.ilia in Home.
ne / ab-jra bat the flowing from Kouie.dated lb* Ith
'Tha fi it interviews of the Pope with Ott Btrag-jiy
I'M I 'art ha** nol .rd to the reeult which waa aad dpa
el 1 e Uer.ertrpo I > a i'ay el Nap.ai At ih'.S
i aaaai ike retara of hat netaaaat n i|:ain thiown into
ii at at atlair aVlikaai eaaanaaj bate th^haaiof ihe qies
u o wua ike Oeearal) tba rtaya u aald to have gteaa, at
the atotlre Of bit chaot* of reiolutlot.'. tbe pereta .> mt de>
Lay lag Ma entry ICO Koaie unltl after Ihe coociution of a
'oao. vtblrb would nermli h'.m i 'mahn hli return
leal with the luppressli n of paper money D- uMlett
Bbtiabsaeara weald be a rroet politv oae at Dbtt m.>m-.,i i
but ihe S a a la o 2II? ulltes wblrr readOJ it rert prnlilem.
aural?In tbe f.ret place, the real taiion of ibe ktea . aod
aaattilva ejaaa of paper in circutatioa
Tr.la cai sat, t.'iara'ora. be Iba real ototire of aalt IrriS
?leiay In tte leturn of the Pope, whieb la uiur.u to be re?
gretted, at 1. ::'-? Iba xoeo'^i^i ? ..f ? >.ne at.J rev vn
: ri of i f.rrs I'' i p.'e -rro are apt to cutpara wal
it 'Int h re wilt what li pswlne !? T'^ai-Bry Thai
testa ret Ooeerasaaal at kaaaatt ta r-p,ace tbe rouoiry ou
ittb'e t.nl t.r>a;.er. ;i tiairi T.'.o ?orertmenl lit ?'
Uttdatlae of lawa driUneil to tmrodu'r a wne aJin.' :? ra
Boa eel asedateAeliberty. It ferrret Lkaatorlt al
ea> rutiot! ??( apaelaweaaal inr.iayw.ao the far,lament
?ball (Ira ii.ei- .a aa Btlea ThlaBcBelty, tkeee proeft
I good lateaiieae, laiati aad satlaf] the paeai*. blo tba
boawti partybaeoaBee rvrry layatroager. At it t ?
tbe coatrary, bf tkera la aay roorrmact U tt a retrograde
Oae aloaa i f ine Cunatrlteiora namaj eltr^. i; ? m ?*
praprtswarbs wMh aay I blag Bbe t eeeee?ikai of NV ate*
ate ? Coaaaai la i ? arr therefori aantaUi madr *ai
al a certainty, lo fact, that the presence of Iba Popa w.? tiJ
a-rattwhal iheie n loo roergeilc to rrB.-Uor. ine move
?aal in advance U arrrs.Kl People feel Jealoui of Tus
i-ar.y Justice appears at iattto have .-r tb ? ? ?? I
If a rail eraeillDi of Ibe i.u'ortODtle Count Rotti A per
i ?i oi r lu^iy. whlie Leitr Iniarrorated oo an affair cm.
plstely f, rai i r to teal murdr r. a owed tome eipresslons
laeetepeatat waaab aautawaa ihe anaraioc of ihe mart*
tralas, and bo at teagtu obtained information si hi wbo
were lbs aciburt of Ibe crime. The band la divided into
10 aa eategorlee?Ibe lntutalori, the neruiloneri, * .a Ibe
accompilres Letut h >pe, for ihe lauafactlon of Rare -a:.
v?^?rar.ce. that louir if riot ihe wboie. of thos* wra., aee
11 ?? fa i tieoea .h '.ha bandi ef b?inan 'utile..
How xealouif>r 'asllce ibe /trAo'iand all Ita Bribe ire
a -n lomc popular odeoee It to 1 e put.utaj . bow loier
a:., of the ri.njaa of ralert t'.d Mat mymnooci
I Ad TtiS.w
Tue Ia ft of Turin iiairi.'.-crn Rome, .be tod Nor thai M
Barel aj I M tat l li retarded wlib Jilt -oil by Ike roav
- lit.oo of Uoverbtnetil II* It repreasc'.ad ha nave mi
t < ibroi t'tal the I'leiiJent of toe rrrorb Republic la not
ditpvtrd to put up with certain acacdaloea dulogs. Tbe
Romirt bt.emtlea sort of oaoolrf e,->!grara upu.. Lit
o-.ni?. hy rtia-ftsgtt let - Prar-gnat preventer of miafor
Ilia at '-liowi
- Cti tare . la Ii % il a..t larr .?t
t t. ara.bati rat ? -
V. ?. .. Sc. Para (al. tt.aq*l vaaita,
l.intupa.irii-.. '...:?
? Beeaa ?i thai <>or mtsforiueei era ended . oibers thsl
they bare I.ut ,'aat heguo Aud y tt Air Para gaol wbo
coiue ovar bare, do ecu baf te or ?t J tsera '" I
Tn* lame | aaraal aaaaat from Nap.ee. ibe Batl Bbal ibe
ti ?rir.r.e^i al ifta Two Bldi'.es Is forrifytcg. :a great
tat e 'laanaud the wtto.a of tbe PeadBBaal Baathai
r ? t. >??. :. Jt f./ssj .f if.* m ?r?. ?n.-rs Jte de?-tura-a
pf Oe Roeio.ac sod M d? Ca?teilet for Pouici Djo
Ut'gi Saetareltl. a pi leal, wbo la September .ast itvi rt
,t l ? ke | aaaa ef Ike Holy OfF.:e. has been rrs
rraiaj w: R >rr? T:ia RaatB Bad P-tscatl Rai.way lio*
bo ? -? ? ?'- il-'vrr : f t inu.'ii...' -o a
r aatyaay a faw -. aaeef Beelela Pta l.auea
r - .'-"I !i A ai ' J...I.' ? vt.-? ; i: N - I .
larelB, .ate adja an: if lb* tblrC r>atl*.1 >a o' tbecivu
? IS ..a 4.?l^.<asi !.a :;^ ooU.jed M Sadl
e ce of ihr :rr: u...-nt cou.aiiasioo prraeated lOrmitJ
Itt eo:c:oyn eul acd the \B.z adlale pa?jec; kl ftM aad I
w..L i-ratrt-'lrmem to bit manner drew ae0.i*tu>. and
i3ran?i-o: u? bill biotsr .' before ihem tnleee they c jtn
p.'.aj with his dautaad Tbe raea beat of the eoraraleeloa
at.aeip.ee! |a soutbe his farUres. acd caiiad tbelr atteod
aa:i. bui. before it was poeei.'..-. to prevent hi* be atao- <
bed aimee.f H'a ss atAee it-, prison ta a danawroaa ttate
The Paajta aad ihe I ardlaaJe.
\vs utAe ibe focowtag fro* ibe aVaaaa Correapoadaece
0' Ihe l.-aava Afaraia? t tvaaattr
T-e e?i#:ic# " ffareoca .f opinion e ween tha Cardl
aataaad lka nat r-eiwaee tee in.aeUoaa of lb* latiar
a d ,:e icM of tbe fornarr. is so secret, end becomes dst.y
B ? r r..^-.. - a santaoi waicb. if properly tu.-r.ed io BO
y Praaee .t -t Ola Botosa L.:^raja Btghl at
t . la ieadisg Pius '.X bate Baa paut af rafomte. aod save
Iba! aahappv potectt * acd bta anfonuoate dorstai rot
fro ii ai et rats Itaa XI is '*jtaninf te rr-'w ia pan ear.
i ? rydeesaraai in* ipar es of r.ariiar
eats clarc at rd oreB.. Dim by ibe Ca'diaa^s. BBO baa .a.
g'.vao a proof .aaita is itciiaad to act for atmae.f Vor
lustaace, tha day before yeetarday P..ace Const, r-arn
m-i to Rome
1*1 r Prta-e. who waa one of ihe three aerabere of u>
tru.tr j ji sztu who p K' Ltai xi C JOsUUiect. was as
eta J*d ttt m ibe hmet is of ibe late araaesty Tbe Card,
tal CaTraaaaatatiea arare i ?. \ ktaiee eeasababad at
bit aadsea return, bat ibey foe ad to ttv.r sdlJ greater aa
leeubsraot :b*. be carce lo Rems ky paraiasl jo of aba
"ita ' ? laheei r ? nariaa coaeaited teem oe the
? it":i? t
Pr.mo Bttalaaat ted Bearaaar] ' I t t fTta Bpaab?
- I ^a'y rut K T?- iaeelloas tbac
artea Cat .b- Pop* reatala ai Rome wi.boet the seppon
of Ue F r . \^d whal w'.j be ibe rrea.t of hit re
t aaatt
Traae are QaraOoa* waVa Qme alcn* can so vr I fear,
however, ibat Ute poSltcal q***d*a will aot o>>iata ? *o
laaee by h ? retare. aid tbe Btaari of tbe CaercA are
ccauaed to be fwatxae ttraa ta coate idtaaaa to tbe 'ua
arj| :??? fjrus of sails.: a Bl t |
and ibe eee: of ana. e*y aaddUaard. ltwti.3a?u wo-*e
with ta* rei'ftoa* qa**tlea, a more ?erl?s* potat for eoe
ra: tae :rcr t*o.-e f wttatB ba* aot baae suftd
aecy -.-nsiOr-ad It Par-ope It to evident loet fbr some
urn* past the Court of Rota* and iba Papacy do sot pa.,
wej aijettitr. aot only via regard to tae pro free* ef
ar*ll taooe and scieaea. pal wlu tba aswrai optatoo* pro
faeeed by Caibollot, aad evwa ky the Cathode clergy to
otbtr Stalte of Earope.
A reform has bee oaa tadtepepsat 1* tf ttjey wi*h io avoid
aaoeher levoianoo !a lb* Caiboilc Cbereh. or, wbat te
war**, the dieerevel of raJgioe* cradacce a. tog nft ?
Bat iht* ref ? r m i* ???c more ifllUali te ba at aa Bart tha*
pobataa taaaat. Pta* IX sttgai ettai eetaaatpes* ttaiiB
I trjc n* Cwti. mat and e?? tl ? reir ? uf O ov-rsir-el
i wl . , - t .ueiter*. ? uuar ,
u b? h*T"? t> ~ * z~. -t. bj ie.rd A: ...
I '"Tr; -?t ???: -? : ? .? ?? i t .i IX ! *. . '.??;
i/foH f.??i e ??-????.: i.. r?:.*-? ?-.:o: a , rj
' -I.*-'? aee. i f t: t ei-.,..
y a ot-f-.: r- ?pp ? i. eaaM .*r.i ??t
the C?r^ ra a ? Bit ????? ?.: '* ? ? ?'.-:?.
'i.e.*. a: _???".. : r: i ; ^
.r-:! ? e J-i : - ? ? i Pa-.-r < -.
U :. ? : .? ir -n in n: Boer-, a: 1
I the *.'?r-?. C t . ai .-o- t HBf ia? no.-rvre of a Mae
? P - w%t - ? i . < a: .ie r. '
<i- ar /t.>ae. t: .*??;.ra M"axac3 taa eoostry ;a rMeg
to iis? dot; ? T - - aecce? ar* ;n a a.-a' dep.irab.e 1MB?,
acd 'or uia a- ? i iBay here een i-radaa^'y aet
at?a': ?i?- .'-.:r# Titaf .*-" heaa ttur-aa?-' hat aa aa
?r< A us haa ?>?*". tpoaee of aa te-ltf aaa
ended at '* r-- - ?? | a> bj a iIth' I -re. '?:: l -tceoia are
oc.y at ~i. aad-edar: lag .. ? l per rast. tapaaeeaBBhj taa
'"??.-reel ? *y a-? ?d--rd ? ?" I: a Tolt? ? *ar tha; :t !a
impoea'.h " !.'r?a DUa'? a I a*- r? :t w ~' r*?-ac: i
haa aatBaa?,a , weak! be a 'er ruin to tr? r) j:
Thtaae In ihe Kam in iHlBBi
The l.'tf ??' T nr. aaakta that 0 aeraj Reragney 1*8
>??? aa real a. : atroagr) with aaa BwaararaM
i a-t ^e.? -..-:.-?.? .a i .-> <? edirfi.and aat
. " *? ? . ? i :? - a.: .a: .be !',-? a leci '
ibe French rl-r. lew - l toferue a p ?? ? in. -? a ef thaw
Hr.Tweel i at ."d-.uir-e r aaeh Pr ?t>?uat reet.e
r. n.?ir':i- ? a: R aee, reaaeaaBraaa a.alcet me
i impriecctneat o'. ii; A'bi .l Thef have haaa .'ar a ,
; .... Ra-i. - H . ??. art' It'? aat
lb*-, in or.?r 13 a- i a e.. deine with the FeereS a-d
a.TgtkahOniaeeaeeaia,the Carcttii anH Baaataaal t'r
A e eaca f a
i'T'.ita ' ..? :..-.%:. '.ae* mar fee:?d .ben.
aeieeeaaaaae Ifea ra:?: trneaa Ciirtof- Djarr: w.
Bka Preau ? tr-re ree-oily rataed t>? e reglaieet of dn
TawTreeetiry ?' K rr? ie :na i.?rat. n ia aeail- i t?e.
:a',ei:.a:.' ';??? ??, ?' j< ,j..r ?j.lef-, tie -s-er
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Letter! from B m" . f .a? V ar i tia.< i"ei r. ?
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S^anlah Iroeae ?er- ujlrr irj'ta lo return t.' iheir cjut
.ry on the of Ti~"r kar T . ? fi; i ?. lit ??'.r>a hvl
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ei aot beta* enie toe <,Brati.iate yoe ee tk*daBa'ura
eeaahUihiiit ef a Oer an? i ? atari t a doe, eechaa woald
eailefy the *i?'..? .1 h p. ,p ? a- kaaaa i N au
LTatry h'rl ,.-r mn I aey that the utoeuor. .-f ihe - u.-.
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laeeaaat beat learai hat ae r?j.'o; eoier.ain it ? leeei
.. w re*] act to tba aa aa I w'.trh the tree .? ,.
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latloe a I earty eira**"Vae 'urnr-.i.t-ot. -.6? |. ;:y
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init.o:*: Ulteraete. Bad a nai la m^re Jeplural, e '? thai
aha ordlnery rerelpta "f tae duals Bare bec-an* leairf.cl'oi
by eoerte attiitaaa i .in .i| .rn?t Th.e o>v-r..
in-.nl will, h ?i"n.i.' net I I ft I or; ll.ie p ??? ? laa i I
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??r-if> y the Oa<e>Bweeteoaeklere the Nailoaal Repr'
lealallfla ibe nien lir.poria/.l |olni, and IfeiraBa ll jree-t to
eaiabliih It on a tew I ae:e "
Oprulaa of the ?rHa?n I bumbare.
The rJe? 'i. rhaoi e a ?,I ,u t .e .a-., i e:
fl.eede.j Ic IB* royal ep-*<r\ lh? Kmc. after a. adlB| lo
Ibe '.ait D'eeden '.nejrreriloe, piuiea.ed that alihouali the
IIBBdard Of tier-ma-, I lilty aee '.e^'a^-fi, In -1* h?r..'e
f r *a v? ?, . aeiaed it f.* ;ri. rr. a llua f lhair rrl eh
i yet ha fall lt area la* deiy of hie u >/-rnm?ei
10 abtila by that baaeei ail he, tarerefera, lo eta
aiaae ai Oaraaea OaaaiaflaaatB. whara aroaaiaaa a . r
in? OarBBB i.i .on a rj^ramiuit pracucai Coetlltdl, ?
? it It," a-lde.1 ,he Ktr.f. " hju,:h I etlll pu poie 10 dor jte
. ? i.err'.ee .., :? el t.:,: o-.j-r.. I .?*tn<>; he aa ..*?: uf .
I Bare a ibbT < i i fnaraaiee . ?.i.- i.. raialaa 1 .-, ?
da, aad Lhat ear eeaatry will rtae aalten aa i eti or.and
? l l .rt. amuti r a I ?-.?aer^d fi ra ibe .a >ora af tie fe
renaratioa . Ibal our aara Baaonv will Bud tta reward for
the earrthf?e :e r-aiy lo maa.. ir ;;a ii* i <? per
i i.-e lu a (J riaai- uu oi I , a-y other-*ni|,lre "
Fraatl kl eruteal.
Tb*. Peaaak journa a aaaaaaee .hat ,h. K'.-g *;n aeaai.
adbbababrealy, iir.?ia ? teawreaeece of the note
fr."? Adatrla and p'ueei*. I h?e a'fnel u '.:i b e rtiaitty
o' Dine of ii lateir. aad taaaa I *
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>a fl 'tea ul I iiinirinnec.
Barne na?n*u hae !??urd rawrataaba Cl irtaJwt
Jj cwrTT ea the r' ?? eeon.re a. ?: ?? all il if irjip.li _
I" :0e llUDeafl.n iBtLfie'ii.if , aim, lnu!,t< i<Lc* to Me
piPtlaeBlttlU of .1 e \%; of Sep'em ? r rurret ur.-rd thru.
?e.aea to Ibe autaurtt ?a. arb ? i .:?-p- ? mi; Ihrm of Iheli
:y, eirepi a hue laave BfaealBibM prooBj uf in*lr
? c ? rt . ru. 1 " ..' e-rij" fl aa rant ? : ?? T "
baa t. thai au il aa *ho rohaaterl 1 aarrewa*rad
ralvea rei ?? ?t ae v aal Ukaae ah > may
lure do ?1 Will erj jy me aatoe pro. ire;*.
? kV r ri .. . wtih ^reat eeeerliy A
I r irretp n d :.l Wfiur./n \ieei.a on ire t-i.b all aeyi
tbe ii,.'* c^nilouee Ixmente taa pa aarrumb?r all
e.reeia ai c aeyaarea The fa,, eaema to bate beau am- ra,
.;,t ifheai Buaaal Kerepa The Warth Raii'tai 1.
: ...1? i r.'-e ?.. df.for, and lo t,
lion aim Pre.ue and Benin le eooip ete,r aal I ft Tie
aeaaeav 11 eaeeale ou m* d teal e fn up ia tu>m*n*e
t r.e laflertlea le aa brtl l*r.i ae I 1 inaa' n ?h. leal 11 a
etoedwd day. Bewa with a feebie, tu rn-d aaaea 00? r.u
feed a paper by ib- aowwllabl ThalaaawreaaplkBel*mt
n ', ??.'.., r- f 4. a a . .. ' wen r:iy r.aa
a elc/u ar eft
T. - n't,r.rr ittini, ewawatas aa lalttBl aaeoaMaf a
1 ? ?!.??.. . -? ta.- . arrv Adeir.e, Pa ma and
Mire T - Tr-e.y mal' ? :?"? a I . .-e. e. for 't-ij
which 1 Caan i.ee eaaaBwaed mi B-trraei..aiitea af
Iba Ihre* Oorert.mee.ia ar* i 1 ir.< .1 1 1 V.rn: a. " tl, oi Jer
1' cone, t r , .vi.rrau.i. .-: a t .eiorne Iniuu
f r Hie apace of f ee yrare. f.y w?) i ( ^ip r.o?i :
?ear, loaerrr, tmuprra'iie linceiimeota 10 ih? a,ie ?
11 aahaald ereeeat lhasaerraaa tba Ceareatkaa wblek
aaa concluded between Auiuia and M.il-..i.'i d od
J. !?t? and ej'at., i?i. .? acceded lo t)> Parn a o ;ne
ii Ju y 1 .Ii. ia lo remain It Id,I force.
A le.earapttlc dlipaicb In the Cot par Utit.tit. a'atad V
BBBwa, Dei Maya 11 a. ran a t w- re afloal .1 ihaAiatrlan
1 tpua of a wlf ieietie. male ..wire ?> a in.eu' de. eland
bag heiwean PrUice Beb war a en bar- and ihe Miaiaier
lech The |aWat, tl waa laid, would retire
A u-.egraphlc dtepalcb da.e.) Vienna. BlB tan hi'
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p erallrd In thai rlly In c i?etleece of Ike pahllcailou of
?eert )ourna.e. lacludlnf ihe fareet, ha*tog i.**o IBageaa
?I hy tbe OoTeruTeol of VaWABB
Tbe ICefagce l|tie?tlaa.
In r.'aaequeryce ofdlapaurtet from B. Peaeri I
ar need bete on the Bah by tie pacae: 'ioat f BB Tl 'eiea.
M Fa : Tile If remili'd a note iu toe Port* BB Dbt *.h. at
B'.le anowc ihe letentiotie of ita Cabinet The Cur de.
a ea from tie d-i.ieud ef ine-ai/adilKm of ibe Polteh refu
***? who bar* lakre e*rtla tfce HuBrartan war. bat ha |
biaaee two i'iw ie'iiar ^e a i*-h a a">;l
i 'nc and ladt ice eefotiailoua He jemand?, 'a IB* 1
placa, thai t??ter?i B-m ard the .H.-.-T Poeeb refaaoce J
a I, ? ? av. ?3 ? ra-- J le ic iti ebefl s? a- Uia?rad and !
i tu-d ai Diar' .it' and le-ocd.y. lai at, He Pule* f
a Ig Ii Iba emtrralloo. and furaiabed with rorelga
aaeeMrtB, *?ao if ghay araaaaanaabred, tf ibat ceu-a aa>
il >c sei eaeo made witbout lb* coaaaem of ih* Emp*rur
afa. >>e eipel.ed acd laierdii-ieo fronts* Ouomaa ler
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M FkbwTaiee an none cad ikai he woa.d sol rawim* h'.a
I Wttfc the P - a ?. '.a 1 *??a
(tr*o le nla Caaii on lb*** point*
Voa Bajm*r who bad anr ouecad ic*. he wni.
Bum- h'.a -?.a-: ? aa e ->t. aa ; e p.acea of lead-ar* if I
in* Huaaariac rrei.-eea ab^u d nare teen leelrnered. haa [
??ren i.nice thai be win cot teat-1? ih.a- ie ?'?? oe
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Ii it aaaeahai rraivhabl* that Cocet /i-imiriii
liar-'ai Oaa-tirel: ar* calr-iei h>;h .iy Aiip.i aad f.-.a
aia, tae hrratai jenindi ih-ir Beatradaai ? a: m
their eapnlih e, frcm ihe Uuoomb lanitjrr Tba Port?
m.tat wait* nil meaa two p rwera are egreae oe lai* point
H -in Chili /.arr. .'eey and Dam tiaa: are :.--.??.-: ?
- - BM
Tie Porte ?est btl ep.y M in* Baielac BBBBB few de?a
Blor? la It ab* declare* baraelf ready w *xr>-. freai her
territory all inoe* oeraona ?rr > I-i , aVei H-aatary fo
the pu'poae of aeeki'rj arr ??) ntt isere. MH aa tm k*B le
Men 1 tor tr* Beta***] aaaea *=d leaaBseaaa mi B*w. a>d
iboaaof Ma coeipacl na wao ted ? rtrrraced It.emUm
faPj.t- anaer.La-lo 1-e ie-k ? ' -he i.eeiy of Ku rhih
km.', ? . f "Tra .r r- '-eed r ~; T t-.e ir.i.Miai
tatet protected -.y u**Urt ahd hy re .c on?heini, :i fati.
jermt o.' loe BuIUl . addlf-c -'at th* P -cie did Bed
lOai Bert. hi.l a Murad Piece Ibal If BIB I BM
?tie ea* "rn o' the r+nrun ibou d gite rte* t *-y
ate Bed ree uf c.n.p.?u'. lb* Tnrklah Unercnei:
" ir~o aiely a';. BM M -:? I MMMBNa
I with regard 10 lb* *ipje?oo of au lb* -Demsera .' ice
Po.iea eaT?T?xoc w*.. mtrhi ie fjeid tttim. acd BM h?
! l*rd'.CU-Ml cf ine arrrtlory to ic- peraota -f trial raiej jry
I t5*y beleg furBiabad wrtfc rinp'r'i and laea* paaap-.-ra
bataa Ksa laa aad Praoce. 11 wee : . M . - .3*. the
Pun*. *' h u. .ay o*taaiais.t Butt* bat ibe am: of ibe
l-ar. Bawall adopt any meaas-ea Ibat a.u'4 lo/fUf* 1
apoe tbe rtania of tbeae Power? tbat. coca*sa*ai.y tr..?
waa a pulst ap-jr wo. m Buaa*a trial com* to as under
rx'.f.-cd wab 1 - otie' P.-wen.aaieap*cla.;y rii lot
lead and p'raec*
aBatfler ibie rep y wi : aa? afy Ba??i# .? aaceruri hi
Voa Tliutf baa uoi rep.ied 10 lb* tor. but a* baa aform
1 *d lb* Port* i_*i a* abou d iraaam 1 aba a >:? tu St. Fe- |
teraburt and c ismeuOcaJ* ibe rvpiy of baa Cabinet
r ??*.: at Plltrakiri.
Tie lea a'?laue? alB'aa Uei a Mkawaw BM a: n at
*-.t-a laa ??:..! It :ae Ne'B .'r.-ea lhal/ oad *uj rar"?l
tbeta lowar! m Peueraou'ia Tb* m?i?t roa* a
*raa: raptJiiy isd an rial Bm Hut H r l -.<taV.ee
! Uaordtnery la?ei ?eaaravi W rr .r p-eeaJ.ed, a.arr guai
wer? :m| .eery qairter uf at bour f cm ute RaeBa .
' a. . ? ? fa waa ar.ieu away aad r - r ? -
4aa . Oewirw waa coenc.e.* y cat eff froea lb* try and
pan.y ?O?aerjed
Thai part of the etiy ea,.ed Oaewae waa ao Brwdad
that lb* laheitUaaia wer* :-. (*? u? tak* r*f?(* ug ia*
roufb o/ioe:r ajuee*. aad >>e in* AdaKraicy eld* ita wa?
ter ?aret it* <,aaya and ?.ilaaUauad ta* ?v-ecte da? |
ai ire o'rrock 1b ih* a.'^rxoa.<a. ibe w.ai charged, tbe
Neea rradaaiiy re tarn *d 10 tt* bad. carrytsaj wtrr ti ac
tataeta* r-ae^i'.iy -< propany At ".Veeai 1 Oairow a
harge ? 1 ?alert ahip aaa f?? tato laa eery h ltfai of I
audaf.ar iB* '?.-?? Bad BB?eel waalef. arand
itf aci'.t*? a ?iriei 1 ??? col appea- mal ary U*ee |
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Hoyel Pr*?pecia.
A telagraeklc dtapatcb waa racarad ky tke Frwacb Oe
-annae-ei f.-om afadrtd ta JM afwraoon of Wedaacdiy,
a area 11 e'er ibaa Her If a e*:y ab* Qaaaa of By Me. hae
awn Ta* pgMBBb aaa !aawa*dl*aaly aflar 11* race p;
c bbbm Ji.au! at the du* uf bv. earn jar, daa Svaf Btb
Baiiaaaf-arat faria. Tae :oetaaaica*lea bee haaa aede
t Ibra ?? Hm siihatty I medicA *;:*rd*n* M
sdrd :j .;? .tparitb. i3or-.-:.nr*-:'
Urewo, -tuelev A. (. ?'? I Ireeiar
umt>?ra ef TU Transe
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M ?ariag A ?.?-*!'?. 'sn k< Id-ri '???.zt *f.hlz coat
:*.--!: - rf tl p?r : ?. la o?der
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M r- .;. :t *tmi ? pee i.?? ors BBS tbe trade ?.atBeea-'y
;i i .';-?? preaect-a-aee. p-ve* re...*d B0w*l :i per b.
ret tee irrrixd Sef.ng f >rr.p*rail?e.t -*au>?d ;a .a* .aa.
i? .?yt j-? ?o?-|?t :t? re.tpsed lei ? rtioui da..
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?*Ab".,b-rg the dae.it* la ail daacrirlt -Be of fi per I >.
fr- a ibe q rota Cone by PkO hkM t'eenv-r
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k*r-ing tmprored tie poeliioo of (planar*, ieea ecate
ty te s ?nweetad on th>l- pa t to raeerl i. irt.ier 14 Ue
rrdeeuoo of the hnore of l?V?r*r?
TS* sei** oft" ?? a Ik* Bka w?-s aa : -r " i
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et**agar* *alwd?tad bt.ae. ? I wvca ip-.-u eioti hare
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? r j t?--.e wi -aa ?.--a loe l> aril -
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.-.a i.ooO K.oor c.reuritaa ia m-ders'? ra?
tal a ? aaari t-: taw aTeaaaeaa *r* *iat**iao
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0' w vve*i*rri. >? ? 'JTa Pb'iade pb-a and Ba.Umore
? .'t? ?' f. ono |9a per hh:. Wheat, it *d to I? ?1 pat II
f : - rti'tr ?or- -.rrni-t iBdtan Com M*a: i--?
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pa?> * tc.rs. I eine i-oaAee-l M I **> bb.* at I* 3d ? *e *> 1
?'??w. . t kM.C aa V -r.-an Real-i told at BB? I
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atut I n Ah A xtltl'a ( Irru nr.
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era . t?. i, ?.-.-u.dara. i i iBBatN
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? a-), i t (aa j SO -' n i.e. Idea* r<-i n*w.
, .. .. , irdtaaryaad hi, seas; i'r.m? o>?o*. Katra |
ladle. Patty. Be, par uetee,36* a ?*
Rama riieaa . Bka a 3D*.
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l aa ? Va r.?a i .t r.? p-w > '?? .-. ' White
*-i atira,' ? i >; i ?i. ? Caeadtas Red, ? M a . ? .
w ? - ?. M * "?.' PtoBi -Wnteta Canal par kBI ??? a
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f 'w. n*9datt*td, Wh;ia. Maatei (adhta Meal
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H,m. _Baiot'd or or* to ranra*, per rwl, aoee,
t.tt ? a.'.. ,. ? . ? , Jij
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L<an ?r.atra la paUa, ear cwt.'diaMt. ;,ae in kefa
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T iia - Prime Rial ew p*t kbl, B* II a lit ? '-j* . Jo
ron- Mrtr. ait a In? . Phmr, .? a Ha.
"i r rarnllae draaa?d. arrl BiaBly. tBeatlsi faced
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Rraia -?mter and Tsllaw, per cwt, 3? a 11a.
Tea? P*r bb I, itsBI ? fid
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? tea ? i?al raihar more fraa y at .0? pil'H
Itaai ?B at* of !ati r-r-irt Bke *.-r'?al* h*?*b??n
ak i mbi i ?atdaj leaded, turne?i oat i>> te at
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- aee ia; | baet *r.d no ta,-t bar* t?l been tnt-l* V ary
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at S per tlarce.
t ?-> \x. f r a- cj- rr f Iii* baary ttup irt*. an I :h?
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I .*i -iir-l. act prirn \r-.n i! ?rja ?d , HI,, hold are are
Ina, and aa material rbepfe r?n ba noieJ
ia, Ac?A'ace Bke talttaa >f 'be IliharLla, lltll*
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?tale at raeorted la "or iaal Tl.e !atl fa??- dayt
I .Jan have eautl'it*d aeU(bt deiree ul him taai, ai.il
yera i!. al a-eru t i |e a to 'tpariifly forio*-?' ,". -i
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?rl !- .)? C rn hat la tweStejSSMS tdrin rd It At
a m a ntartat i.h?re wtt a atoiaiate a*i*olcf buiinra*.
I.- rat for all artli ir*
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? a. i.h , \a per rwi
LaBB - I M.r let, we q i ... .1 Ltrd aa I t . a. I t re
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a* -? aerated deeiasd derlaa tea bate few depa, sad
i la artaa lu ' -a- rat ? :t,? marBat el >t
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<w A ima ;ar?--i ,f cwa ra* Jn! errtv i but It aol
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Kt'ia -I in bhls bt?e ,-an told si ilixll from
a, a: ' .? al ai I it id BWtB itora, for ei.maoo Am'.ar
nrarsBTtaa ? lBBbbis ef good Roaak bat bean atid *t
. > r.-dicad price ef ?-a II p-> ewr dplrttt are ttraiy. at
It lor gnod Amer'rm T> Urs, Ar
Kir .arrtion IIr th*ra A Vt).*t I Irraler.
t .-art . ^a . ? .1 I. ? I r.t? utm
'?^(?ta.t.t.j Liaasroea,UtkBbA it .
KrirstrcD Pairapi AfW the Jap?/t.ra of iU-> net
v .- ur Cakkaa mtriet eurtrt dull, lad tbearrouata
Bleed by o.e Cambria had :?* f1**.-! of farther tfepre?a
Bj Iiie'tet, tad C'lie ?li- i we.e ?ad*) s' I o'--.- (tie ef
? I ".r, s was. 1. j?- '?er. ?o-i- ? t t!i it at tha
? 'Xtuereaj-jani cf tall weal, but II Bit no bOOB StBIa
1*1 sad, trj we must uio'.e prlcri | to ? p>r I ', ur dar Hi. #w
Carre*I at tha de.a of oar iait circular Baie* of |C* tort.
nl^hi II,'?!? bslrs of wl ieo toe Trada hare taken T? |IB
... t. a . i Kt.'ori-rt I" .a.ei The import ti l'J.7
ra -? 1 hi cartel i.oaat .j jlrt atHd :>rr t? : >r Mtdditaa*
?nd per lb. for Pair l otaodi. (t r| par lb for D-dtoa
ry. Id for Middling, and 'yd per lb. for Pair Orleans
Ataa*are*teedyal3BaBaper cwi for M 'iueai p<>i?,
? i is* Sd per cwt for Paar.i
aaSBaciTBOB b < t? !* oeglec ed, Bed parcel* ar" ..(tared
by ?.'?alare at III per |wt froa< ito.-r. me fu.. stole uj be
"rlBtaed tteai travreaal balnr I ? liter cwt. for nr*t
; taliiT Pmiac* : bla Common Real I I* *d per rwl Baee
? ii x-."?'i i par en Bio? Winter bsafged B^erm
d I per tun >iturner bagged l-etug bow uoaaieabH ?
rVkala DU wan.-I i. Bat la t ft p-r yji Ts ba*
bssata -tetter demand, a'.d we qaote Vi to JA* >>d per cwt.
the ??? -it f .br ,?it Norib-Amerteac L.o**a>l Cases
quite Domlatl at ?I per Un for tr.lca, sad SA kkt to An
Iii per tun for thin
',',. let .i sot it ai. o?a-tu<:a*d, and ' BM
a -?? *r eooa eels te wa may loua for ? goal tBaa
- y ' ot.and, though with tbe q tantlty ramtaa* pi Ices
nar* further gt'sa way. and toe goo! sweel quality can i
be obtained el 33*todd? ad per cwt.
iit M ? ..era t :. j -lange aitliar la latnaad
at raine. tit* old moving :S tiow.y at about ?? par cwt;
?.?tue bat aril red a Met ti Cot In fond c-radluoe. and
no baycri v i . aaBS ? Bar* ' i. T - 1' in cured 111**1
ti s* l-.g LB tha E-g.!*h mart. .1 at Ml n under tut yaar'i |
prlcre. at 1 we ctn 00.y .0?,? fog a good '.aelaae*l.i Amer
;-a- aftiI* teal m taiiailoat r*u-i, acd for good , la.ity
we . ttB for ? de aa od af<?r tha New 1 ear A->ou. l.tOn
let 'aw Href Dare aiiaady BrnSwd, *oa>e of whlrb 1*
.1 . .oe n o l-r* are drmir.c.-,|' it to a*a per iirree,
bai in-f* are Bet any ouyer* ab->a< e *: eg ta MM their
rtOWl Old Waete-n Prime Met* w* quote iii to HSt j
p*r'.lar-a, and i.'ii, 3?*f it tared at We par tMaaa
B/eatari f - M-n Port of v -ry good ?? a.lty ba* t.aao
1 ! t; It* pai ? ? tr : >-a iriao r 1 . w ?,??-?; 11
tut per hol Chr**e dull, acd we niute fair to good qual?
ity Sie tatJ* pet cwt. daty paid
.. ? -0 ? ?. ., -a ?' .<'"i,-n t^rala tad Blear cosfhaee M
'*? erot 10 tb a aed all the .aadlag teirktu ef iba t\mg
dow, wlura ualbg ill., art by f/ae delfrariai froou SWT
gr iwer*. h*ta a-pi te* irade .z aa taaeimata state, aod |
e*t ba; 'tu.- mat'rr f a Comment
1, a aa aat pncri tea for a., ax Is of OeaBB, a aaaa si
- , 'at'.on i*??.need '.utnr??i. apilalln tbea, aitbouga I
? it et->a".-rrad 10 Unding tup,u>meol for
T t trait-1 ba**hsredl* tie ilugt'sonese we bareao
ticed ab-'v*. bal as p'ica* are bow *o low, *oata bolder* |
a;b*ar ttvliced to avail tbe issue of tbe W ater. m
eg IBS I - ? M Is let f -reign V\ teat* , Seace aany of !
. t.e arrtaais beta uaee p.ay ad 1* wa/enous?
u ra lard to A ma iraa Pi..ar. wa bare r. 1 change >.o ]
raprr'.ia tri? raice c t*ta of lb* trade tor :ae oeat , nhr
ue* of toowa *trasgui and c Batf *o<-a etat naiag to be J
?o-jga' after and sen readily, taltat lofeil almdssrede- |
. a >rae 1.) aa. ?cd S'e ? *-r-- g . war S-eteieie*
At pa aoae bate bcee made a- IT* par eat sad fine* i Sa.
Luapy aad musty perre ?her? b**o rery mart oegieclel.
A mWt ajreiiqu ry hs* ?iUt-d dirrg the fortctght.' jt
lad.a:, r. ru for iBipm-n- i. 1 r-.ino aad ? '?w par -.1 .'.
ritae ft** nate baas Into at 2ti. aad tease par*!
U ait?ai?9slo< ?s*d per AM . ? ? ? aid 'a taatf-|
alBcant. and ie mc of tb* lr'*i por 1 **ie* of prime
OatBir n*?* beaa and* ander lb*** Igare*. Penberiup
plieiof B.scBBrB Com c auiui 10 be reprrrted ?: CorB ]
aad Pa .mourn Cor* Meat q-itie ear ica-ied
A r 5 rt ba* tree t* g eeera. free atj.jn that a pr opot
win be mad* ta tea aesaieg ?assioa 'A Parliamaet 10
itoposead?iy (for Re-reeaei ae f aretga Oral* aad P.oer.
?? ti teat '-be t>irwraar*ei who *aacdoa eocb J
1 meaeura s: iea*i ie die first or sac-red year of " free '
L ade
At a? aartet tail aorn''-.* tbare waa -atAar mor? dotag
? aad 'ore<r*a Waeat tbea Baa bar0 i"?tat
Bla * Pf *y 1. ataraat for eoae w-ess acd tae Ik .
price* wbieb bolder* daen?ciad bat roald tot o-iotts '.a
g ef tbe wee* ware conceded by beyer* ?
Tbare wa* ?ocaangwU. tit: trad* it Amencae If ^tar acd
lean eocoaaed to be ',ut uuwi scBght alW ladlaaCora
la aodermte reaaaet; Jar beet semi sa ar* se.d fir raiAer
a "a a atay bet eater* wcaid But exc-ed 2* 10 JB* 3d
for Prtaa Ararr -an Te lew sad bat a sss**i ?artcea* r?.
*u trd '.tat* and CtataaeaJ Bra. ltdtaa Core M-*. MM
par harrei . _
Tbl* day* earrtwBoa* fw America- BtsAa an-? g .>-? are
wa,a Wbeax. ti ad to ft 1*4 . U'ttyf.U at t*?d , Red,
? Praae T? w Cora ^?'? .*?3' M xedTTa
te Z-Ji *i. Wait*, Ui Al to ttt W ZfJ* P' 1 sds.paiaacd
ha.ia.ore P..-.'.-a a-i >?.?.-? Cac*.:aa-i V> raters, ZU ta
-da. Sarcjoda.-y mt u? Ht Uaated. 8>art sad Pwta 1'* 19
Hi per bar?
In-tori oT Cora ta tae law It Beys, llAJf gri txpo.I cf
Coru dcrtug saata rci * CM v*
At a r?ata -? -tni_?
ABAiraL or trii H M Srtaata Thuu ?
Ttt Royal Watt laaal ?a- itradx-er Ts sates. Cape
t. - t arrtrad la the tower pay yesterday mo ruing
witn-n sleety acnes troaa - era Cret. We ue Indebted
to Mr I;. wear the p-tlot, for* la of bty-tn JJ*part.
hat tad BOthtsf of aay aoae ta tawaa. The 1 Bam-i
bteaajhl la *pa?s>. Bs Bau for Mobtla, B3-.TJ! few New
Oi lean*, aed B-jfdtXOOt) for England. Also to paaamgera
tor Mobile, of wboan the teaiowrag are froaa Cedforela
rl* Meatro, o??r*ttd 1 Dr C P. Wtwaow. Dr. Piaaiaad,
aad Meesra Me,>slaa. GrUwo/d E B. natu. Raaar
?aaal Ie.. g . M o ?U Uera.0, aVl
*f mmmtrm Trier??* frrm AaWe?e.
p.... tv. w li'-aarooL, Dae. li
mir. -Tu'Jt. , t???**?*--? ??* romor. mat
?? th? ?teenoy. el Fat
---cir-i . (.I try. ..>? N?-. ,04- o?*r?, _]
, W Seen dieeolreel by a J-er** af, the Pr-eata.el
.are alar km teao ** !r**t?J T Me-u*t*r -?
. V\ er lo lb* AdjAtaal I t?- rvaloa-.au ol ta* ta*. aora
mandlrg tbvarn mmt ka inter ur pereoae prvtaaeta* aa
; tr* - e ( pimoee. to enter the* berra~k*
The cae*e raeemo.icg Ctwaare teal ippcan-d at I y
I oata, hat? nmt bean loJowed by lerloni reaulu j ?r
ictny iaya ptat aoi a tingle cea* kaa occurred at l.y
on a
D>? Bank of France t return* ihow aa tacreeee of
4 OCO.OUK la goid. N ibm In clrcu all ia 3,it\i.otV leee
lllMI BB rr-eeury Increased t,Ct>H>V
i abii Bo. bib ? Flaaa 91>. lite , Thrr*? kat leak
t u ?crapklc Jlipelch aaa r>oeiT<sl >n iburedey
cent aith neae from Vkaaaa ol torn iXHk, aad Berlin
.ih. tmt fun-la ha t item at bulk piaeae.
The K -man correspondent it tba Oaanrni-ar.
. am - Tb- i ve weuid -?tu.-a Immediately to
il M The Ma -t alatva tail be ce-iror. uu:ii be gel*
llaaai ao. l?ih ?Tbe r.ibe coaBBuee to freeae alow
|f( bat wi.> aoaa be tn aea . Ter.
<'***T WaiTBB.n ICaitwar--The L***U% ffara.d
be lerea the JlMdend lor the pr**et i he. year will be
at Ike rate of I per eeat. with a tarr c >atlij?reb4* b*'
?MB lor neat Jene dltljej. aay Itt??9 ilerlleg It
? ?'. tilmal* r>- BQIICCB, a .':>..ler.l it If per c-cl
Biel ka paid, end a baiacc* mi a H Ml carried orer to
UITT 11'Lkl?.
Moaon .1 r ri a.vo.v IVe. K
Tut MtiTiKiofi Bot?The aVaXkaa of the
? > it r'jir'a.'iiM Sea ;uil ,'je.i In a'ditar i,-a ih*
' tty I a Mhaa lafact. whl.h waa i-landeatia-.t | i
J wn trora Ibe rear "I lb* r raak tu Ta -*i*>i, into aha
I J'Wteh burylBg ground lo Otter el 'twtabuiie.
atad->ptbol a >< utI-et 1 a* I ironer waa ootia.-d.
1 -. - bod)} waa wrapped In geu*", each aa Ibal nae I y
?VaI ! . irl'tia who Jeaeerat-the t lly al that l'bet
] tar. -
CfT* Ti e ? 'Bat fiurvey atea ner Hrtaol, Lieut.
J bo K.Mlae-a I unmandl.-t loll Ibla City u M inlay
iaat, to e roiii -n..' the b)Jr^grapby nl lb* Horlda
H t ar.d k-yt 1 wo oirtl pai tie* bate be.>n *agag-d,
IbwM i ?t y lu RejVMBawf lut io iiteaauriDg a bee* aed
trt.oau.adng io the aame quarter
arlOkaSk r?1 "* r?t Leonirland rWe-eaut''
'?y. ' lawSaeaBal Ward, an SurJay ulght urtatedl
m kael aawn f.-r alt Iking Wm h . r.t with auung ab-.|
BadW un.iin^ him ao badly that n- w.a takea |o the |
Bewpltal, ?b-r- u it '?arej he wri die
ff T1 im f.1 Jaaaw M rrki we.p ar-.-ttrd
y . 1 -er M-I.eaa ti Ihn See -nd Ward, tut robbing
I'aarlwe Weyer,al a lodgtag bcuae,J lultou at of h.< M
Hi.tiirtt? Jane ttaeeett 1*11 lakB the North
<i tbe t ..it of Har-lay af and w.t retrued fr ra
drowalLg h| it? mm Harsum and Cilua m\ tue l'blrd |
?V ard IV. lo*.
Wan ii ?EUao 8iitlh waa a.-rretol r>>- tibi or |
llailiiiger, of tha Beraath Ward, for ateallng a gold j
watch ard ctatn. lb-< property oi John Iiaaen
XIWT .1 hn I'liryatai a.-reated In t'ii Seventh
Ward, lor Ibea In? a ?uanilty at Iml
Arrtarr to CMwlffVlciOl laaallj ev,ii>ir-<
?ti ul i u eiock, i i ? Mine..: a ua'lre mi I'uglaBd.abo
? it town lu this ( :ty about 1 waaka, and reaUlnf to
aaibam it uiad- a deajoeiate attotii, I to c mtnlt tut
ol le. He ruabed down Albany a' he mmm wabar, tadlaw
I a n wd. and )u*t aa ka pm t > the eakjaal the
. a, hetweea Ceafei ami Aioany m h-tiilpped upon I
and fall tf m ?I? keek, when Mr Marne, el the I
i nlei a ' I '*, auJ i Ihr r Kolaulioo, ol tb-t See md
Ward I'ol're, lei/ d liitn , bul aa loon ii h i gained hie
tieti, he ?' ii-t th-.tn Ir nn him 'I ho crowd, bowerer,
waa too true t ar aad hjafl I, pt-rmli bim to u niuiu
aaaaf dM art al tall ieMiwaak ? No aJxiuaie ?- ...
ttM he eeelBBeal tor the aek li t talked tnouhereutiy
, it kle eaekker, ladeaaaa we ? hai g >t hie money,
a id a anre.nl |Irl , and tul-t thel be wit Inlucjd to
BaaM the ant lor lb* purp. i I aatlog - there lie
appeared > - k* f?kal Bad r.'rn aller he waa liroughl In
loi fnl.-J VVaro atallot, hi mo.
I f l?:t.-ti w;ilber:i im! Hophinl, of the
! ewaf P ilie*, amiete-J oa Sundey a man by Ibe nemo
,( lurid ((> en. ob a warraul laiue,] hy a Juiil a of the
hi In I vmgei hi I'otin'y, In tblt .-iin wnirn tbe
aeeaai I ? aaatraed with defrauding bii etraeaaara of I
about A 11? 'I <*n yeetorjay a week ago. K fan came
- tu'a i'liy with lie p-. ????ndt ol Ihn projinfty aol i by
him t.elorgtog to tbe credit..ra, ard waa prnoarlrg him
a. II to atari Inr Ca Uorula toy Ike BaBH p-rket, when
reefed yee'orday by the ab ito i fticore Juillce l.o
inrop comn.ilied ike aecuaed, uutdi lurtb-r ad*loee
arrive from Llrinealon I*-iuoi>.
Lo" um Jin M,ir.-. ?rr i'.ei by . ffl.-er I
MaCteaky of baa Besah Wttm\ lea it>aiii g ib-we ...
Miry 1 irl r, MrMenui. - im. aBj eilog 11 .. Ki*der
1 X Henker ai d jeinea Wi .ami Mal iney and blither
- i n l. au-adug cotton In.in Hur:mg a.tp, end meet j
[ m fuiloo MukeL
ltR.iKaie Lao ?A email boy I? I in Uitiaom at
n Saturday -rrning and bewka fc'a nrnf, He waa attor,
>1 d by Ur. llutioo, aad lakeo lo bia borne ha Meogta ef.
try Ibe Keren tk Ward Police
licith ?Obloa V'eraalbruii, a oalive ol Fra . e
?tat ttt-d dead ai 5C" Huuatoo at on (faaardey Ta* i
ironer I /ury rendorel a rerdl.;! nl '-ath Irom dye
enter y an I etpoenre
OaaTWa Bi nar ?The pip* bj tr s baaemar.t of I
OB Waaaral "tt atBafaraary afay^kit aatf i oiedihe)
jirniitaea _
MoNOar Arraaeo. s I?ec .11
iBroariBT Scit ?An act;.aj waa wmmen.ed |
,a Prldiy m.irnleg >lore Jaatlce Hrifga araleat the
-rry Company, by l oltui Wtexl, l.l'( U* elalmi
laawafM I I aUM ea-uael Ice < irripasy. I r IBerlr rnuaej
terry Pit turn a. r ?e IB* nur
Aeolker Card f rmm* Horn. Wllllaai J. Urtwa.
The ow.n< aawe aa bkj i .?tit-ienta. from Mr
ir .wn, la pabllabed in la lollan. 'Mi Senitntl
a c.an - aBBChoeed la a ear l wat-n i ?u mabad ib ia*
<ai? la rwanoa to Bba .ale rociaei for ipeehar Ii
ep?ati for Haelf I aal yea lu p jr.Ueb tt, wnh the epeern
hlr WlUaoe. It eiplalna ibe rlrrrauuiaaca* arular
which I waa rated for aa Speaker I I?. .ared toib* Prae
Sofl men that. If eler'ad. I would appoint Comaltiaw* on
ih* fiidurtary. lb* dtatrkri nf Colurnhia. and ?a Tarrttortee.
f ah e arid liapartlai memr-ert fro-n hegb Iba II rrtb and
i . wk anejhi er i fairly aad aal aBBe aaa gatilli
a by refiatf.it to report upon tb i Important qijeetloca
if I a eery tr.al ml?;'.', ka preaan'.ed Tbla d?'.ar*uni
d* in a .od 'elib and bM -*an-l rr '.aa been d*o'i*in<-*r| r>y
i.bere men aa treachery of ihe irieeaeet ebaree'-ar
r.oui tnia rbarae I appeal mt my I HiadtU'ot*. Bad lo in*
freer of Uie Norihrrn Stetee <^Jahl ' 10 bee* acted
IIB*iwbaa' I a**1 rather "reae uefealed Wllk lb* roi* 1
1/td, I ban eeacied u .der a P ede* 10 P*cB In* Cora
?tiltiee* f.rr lb* bwnef.i A the H aewhe dinj niareat r \
aViitn Hut ihe da* baa r m* when it* N tnb will eo
- ? he'erit, ? - a tTrr-rary o' ibo aV,uih I
gh* riearl I - eaiiif ed aha modern* aed e
larreBre iupp<xt. hail you mual lercotne to* dsfandnr of
i?r'.ttuwii..aa If yea aw hi aa fa ?' yxi a/Bdaaoaaced
.? a ? . ? . ? w ? . t / a" ,k - t . i'- .? .a.
i dlaeolv* ihe l ajoo. Theircaeraaof coeda-l ka*
tmra'ned in* geief e/.ie lo bet'endiita e for
Cea'graee My ' >rert-r.ee ic.u m* I Bar* i oa* nghi. and J
I kaow a geaa ..a. -^?r-joai'iueecy wtr?ueaJn
,, .... ^ w j ?B'rwn
Freai 1 aeataa.
iiy e a-r:ra! hare vfateeday ol lb* aiip D ana,
I ae fr.m V-r* Crui taa 7Ik aad Steal Ike
2 Iaat we bar* recited Ute Bar Id a fWatra OjVcial
ike UUt ?a*A Ucieule* Tba war batwaaa Ike
-i .-1 ad'eta ?: .loa-re . ..o? -eyrn jjar-.j
I lei ;r i M c-ooae to aay i~a!*lt* ea.efl.ci. i a* iadlaaa I
aeeia to rely oc ta* L.lr.r?enlloa of tha fag'ith for
aaal j adiaalagaeai term w;ia aba wbiaea The
: lacataa LegUiatar* haa av. -jtmrA tne laa -if oa* Hal I
acd a half a moatk oa each laaaoitaat, acd Impoaed 10 |
per oett aa the anaaal pnAM ol capital La Uaru to*[*rX
i aj toe paid In ata mootha, a third part tt avmlhiy,
aad one ' i.'ta wt : ha recrtr-d la .*uu>, or other aap
kM kat tr-wpa Tee B*eeu* a tba lAh m- ndoaa tb* |
?rteVal at ' ernpeaeby a BBBBa of tkve rtntgraata arrack
al a ice lai* of Ma jure* ta Iba SUUa rrkaaa. They
were Bgkt tb therr ta T-aw..a JUp*ei-<d j, ike'i t
aebwawaw to IhHr aaatataac. when Inf irataOua o. ae
?r- i waa r c.iei at <.emonatey O j* BarbackeCo,
nyrni aaa tMaawwaawA\ deeerte high praiae for tb*tr
Pbaaa wer? upward of 300 par
Kebew - an: . i alhtaa wir? eated. aVajaj of ta*
ta jra. j we bate already atau-r!, bet* arrived ia I
liw ').->aca THe kirk Ware, Ce-tala L'bb-y, iMht '
Iroaa Siaal fI -w York. 'A the ?th Drawm'-ar.
Raw 'r.-baaca Pic flat
'. -ivicTloa AMI gCBTIBCI f>B blt'?????|
A m. K. Ktowlt.n. who kaa taeea ea triai for tk* mar
der cd Predcaii rj. Aracie. s glri cf ij yeere. mt La
brtiaa, r.? tba Jiat t-t January last, waa uued guiny by
BB .iry Tue detece* BM iaeaBity.bat li rattraly
failed. The *Tidaa?e, aed Kooaluoa e owe won fee* on.
piaaoiy aauwed, that while ander tea ltdaeaee of .uauor
aad ;-*j)Bay he Indaced ikei daiaaaarl lo ga up eialra,
wa*r?, alter laaiaaiag lb* door, be |are bar s kiae ace
IBea cat Bar ibroat tie ?flarward achxowledaad that
be aaeaat m> hill Bar. aVeatawe* of eaata by beoaiag
waa imp-r?ed laia aBoraiag. Tba father of tba aecaaed
waa atatad by oaa of Ike a IM I aaaa ho aar? died la aa
uaaew of gelling mloiieaied. aad lying- oat all aigbA
by wkiek ka waa froaaa to eaaah. Hoot Tree.
To aa Hvaa ?Janee H Ctmtiy, ceyarhated of
ta* atari*/ of kUekaal UeSarauaB, wee to he ksag hi
0i lie a.- .-.day ieal.il aiat
Htaterr at* mm Kt?pU?e.
for The TV *e*e
Might? r.?n ha*e besa tbe eabjee*. of bta-ajrap hi
tb! vnUBti tn every ago . why Bit-oeM t a greet
es.', power:?: esimaJ race res aa e^esi de?-Tee of
hoior' M?a wboee xoet prominent coaractsr
? ?? ? i?e been Cieir bnttaJ propwoaioaa. bara
bed their tew* handed down ho prwtwnty to th: h
?uartoe Why aot. then, devote e few peraajrepbs
- story of a brate whose tnetioct apr?aarh
? ?? aserty to humaa inte.igen..e aa do tha we>ee|
peeetoee of aaaa to brate ferocity
I var, tne eabevt c! lbs thetrfi. war bora ia
Ceyh>o. it ia euppoea.1 aj dieueaa.abed perentasje.
aj ? e was ae:.s trad by aa Indian Pnnca to rep
react t h a race in the -aingreee of wild anna si
? r I ? ' ? '?? -j aaa Tower of
we* mt area* a eoarea ofuto-o
lebmrnt end -r-atib.-ai aa to ire ouiaernae oueau i
o*u a wboviaited Ibbbbt natj tahbllaaa in ererc*
tj ? d esv-uement. la 1994 he fed ajbj
aaa haaaaW of Meeera. Ja.ie. Tune a Co. by whom
oe waa roeougbt to Amerce lor eahihttton, and he
I a aad] in thie country eat*, laaa, w hen he Beads
? ? t ha ?bt aub^ecta of Uueen Y:cbieia.
it the Brgaaa a ation of Mr Van Aoibergh ?
N ' * af tmporunce happened to him aa Ms
**:e aaaa BaaBBfal BJ that ae was atopped etthe
l uau-m House on suspv.on of having eeaaaajled
eahaeoe m Bat iranh. but no ?eViai beta*, hosed
*? 1 area d ordertako th* taah of eaaauning aw
|Bga the . >a <*,> q i. t be aurajtanHated, end
a waa a-.owed ka case. Dunns; buy. a lay in Greet
? ? ?.i teat] partot n.ugiand and goo*
aed,d t;: a :--?- - uv: by a lysletnat'c indil
?eace toward lay aaoa tmuJ ab;*vaa a* tun
i *?* -alee etcetera, and by eemci. k a decided
I ' ???? I a i e:-<?tin< tbe >nter,or ?w teepe- t
ah i fTtraariafl B - ?ta , >e>ed a rv-auiduf chare*
? kl ?M a.era. and etfevUd a treat
a ?.-.eation la tea t,?: rt Jeparttuent. hta fonn ?V
NBaag uuiveraa 1} pronounced u <a ir^aaaabi*
A BOBrf dance, by htmieit and two lat'es. wee in
aa t v . w'tb r: aatv Icm.tatueliooa
euie. a:-1 in a ! hia Trrpetvha-rean eftvrt*
hie graceiuiueae waa e^uaied only hy bka apiiny
? efe i < xo. o.; i Within a few year* lie
M ifan aad to tHe, hia adopted country, making
Iba abfabaJ He ! in the Bos cry hia Winter
laaiaara, wbera h* acelTee ?sitore every alter
BBaa ard evenina- In tbe Hummer eeeeo.i he pur
area bbj traves. n'.akir.c ebeervationa ei met, and
Hal ariratfl 0 akraetai ia eaceiient, ? aae:*i>liania
He ia iu et Baal leawTeWBeas U untaiiieeiss,
tat eery ajaaaa to reaenl au ineeltor injary, and
i? 'tie rave Iahen victime t their
owa obatiafacj m turling vita him. when warned
of tba laaejef tbay * > li t ai'.'ciita
?? laitataealBfaaa He ae dmu eata more Iben
ui da I hay m a day, althonch he will not
? a . abBi ami another of Bppias or
. aa bi way oi d.-iitii rayaatj i-o niuty
htacbeat etwater wil ajaaaeb hiethirat fortwenty
kwjBawatS. He deteila drunkenneaa. but reUihei
atliuulanta io moderation, takmar a ga'lon of raat,
r BO BBie i ' ?'i in ? i i e. ? ? ii M r. by way
a laifV ?' ? iw torty yaari al ace, and
i ? a I ml laaa bbj tuiki are aS>ut aoren fo*t
in I -I gth, Baaj hia trank whin catende f tn Ita
itaaoeci ? packt* ?aasaraa ab >ut taa IbbI Wh*n
ti avelmc, hie uaua Mat a about four tntlec the
h mt, Lul lio can eaa y incroaae Lit apeed In ten
.... m a tl o i .in He ma li"> i. know n I i
? in lea BailaB hayfora a horBasttvrtua] at almist ih*
laaia laatBnt. tad 4rtvaa atbkl utmoit ipee?t a aid
Orertake bun bV>UbBI ii under the pertrct iMiilrnl
I In k.-epcr, m . I. aiik'worthy, and ol the canioo
taerifant,' Tu-k. ' . i Iba laatar, but ha will a^
a gebooBJke* maiten, and any one who
tbaaM attaaapl ka twaiaaf un. hai:i him, or maha
lay a.a Mi. u.itioee * l authority Bfaa ?um.
?uaja, in all (irubability, loie hta Ills lu the at
t eipt.
i' ,? avr. ! ta OlaatrafJeaal taa atrergth ajf the
animal ahallnloee tiai notice A f*w yeareeinea,
i* .? ct.?!?? it with Van kmbu'Kb A Co a Me
? itw>, ha waa aboa* rBtaraag a ama'i town in
naMediately bahiad tba aeeaaawJ ehenot
? \ ladtbBMad. Km BOBBB reaaon he
b mi | ! ,| ? ;h a pcrion be'onging to tbe
ratabliihaacBt, who wai walking mar hia haad,
; ?? .. i ? t I bfOW kg IfltBBB him high in the
bii i-i ibal bo lall aeaaelaaa Inka the chariot. Tha
? la I beat thea litte.l Uta aoaderoaa vchieie, whuh
wtnKhed . ifarfraai Iva caaf, upon hia tuaka,
a ngltaia feet, aidcwaya, and II-lahed hie
? at ii. t,y peabaafit, with the right borers at
lai ? d 11 It, dawa a ati*ep bank, breaking the pole
o| tl.e ear, and uiatiiit y killing nog] of tha horaee.
I.ere ned -ni.-i.ia Hnrkata aiseka, Ac
? ponder."" of I re Tilbun*
I mi ?DiLriiiA, Dat k)
Un Friday adaTba, W ! um H. Uckeraon, tan
iM . aged i I y - ai a, BaadBBbJ luteldo at Ibe reaideaee
Ck > M era, rWeiay tt Ma, IS, by a tabbing him
?-!| lo iin. bcai I I he cause ..I tha laah aal was lore
and ;.!?!? u?y. Tw particulars of Ike case ai* as 'ol
laaa Dleewreoa I ad Lnen payln? hia aildreaa** for lee
ast four yesrs lo Ulsa A'.by Btrror, a very handaorn*
'U iialln (in, r> ai ling wllb her molber al Na l."> Bar
. lay st. Kor a> in? HBBB pail an unpleasant I?. Ii g > a
fweea it-cm oiictnsiinc oul of the fact of e
dttslnil arlly ofdllp hlMaB I >.. karlcg bstog ol a <|Ulel
u il'c nature, wbl.o IMy, on Ihn ooutraiy, wae
rely Iv-ly. an I l .nd of gi log oul Into wieaety Tale
? 14.1 aftaira conUoUnd entll Wl'llaiu was Informed
tr at ii h* w old ui.l wall on h.ir. ai be should, bn bad
eHhar eeaeeale italic aaa a a .-i.e.* a, ei nie wbu
Weald 1 >" 1- rlday she wrote Ibe fnlloWtof Bole
fhaw BrwVaBW Bs I wtiB. ih* fair lo-olahi I
oi a i,i i woe Id ii iow, ka w so ibai run miahi dreaa
souraeir ber.,1* you roan* down . b<it If you d* er.I weal
i< . a win male no waalaW, I will go wlih tun? oa*
Asav "
Tkeleakar wag id l-eaaed " Tn Willlana II. Hhaber
? 1 -kta, at kit M.mii ? lalior abop
\s A I lau, ,11 i c 4 present bliaaril el ti.e .a use tad
time, A , jy left the BBjaaa In company with B fewjal*
h BBd lo rfsM Ih i Ball kkaal *% rawVak, and a abort
U ne ailer Uiny bad departed, be CBBtte Bad rauiesawd
Btaab aatonlsbiuetl and dlaappulnlir.enl at Hading the
had gone eel. He swiveraed with lb* girl a laotker,
tafBBfl that lb* had c.e.aed to loia him, Ibal aisa did
It ra fclm ..oi.--, tnd Ik' a a aiii.enaed cryiaa, throwing
hlmaeli upon lb- BBBB, In a highly phreeilwl >'a> . in
IB Btaal be aoranf upoa bla feet, tore ones lb* breaet
? ai, aod piusged the blade of a dagger lain bla
laa 1*1. wb-n be exrlalmed to Ihe mother -?? Tell Abby
Ina llseebl lhal I k**B her better Iii aa III?, better
Ikaa mf Qo4, aattaa kaaa an my o*.ipi?, aad fail in
of ta a :ne*aeto:* alab' He did not epaek aa
?rtb' r word, and ?aulr?d to about half an b/rar.
Wheo Au'.y mtaraed to her Bo* a* aast I ear Bad the
s*d tr ic. Isjeeca "I tne death ol bar lover, aba was very
nu-b afl-rrted, crylag aad tearing her hair, aad eber|
Ii g upcu baraeil the faalt of Bla tiAtluinJy teat! laa
loenn presniilad was truly sorrowful, tha arise of
Ike girl ' r im r-st..ret: I of her Wildes?, aad her
....ell-,r.e wer* h**lt-irndlBg
Tne Irlenlailp (-.re Looipany of MalUraoie pese
lawwaab -ur city ta ?arrow on inetr way hi Bww Vork
laaa K-ily. on tnel he I lilng f-rederick 7'beraa, was
jester lay o.und ?' Bot <?ullt?
Wl>y Wllllanui, convicted -I aa asa*Bll and 'ultary
Wtfh hjyAWM IO bill 1>I RlakbilJ*. has beea aeal ta the
teswirb l enluantlary to tea ihare aoaaaad a* e laaaai.
Th* nil wwathar l-aday. to?a??f? *? 9 ****\\\\
ran has mostly seeoeodai .eit-oTdoor iiaaiaaaa aaa
Cnrroe mar let Is raihar .ie*wu.'*d. -rwlaa io lb* !at* ad
etc.. fruea CBruaw, aotlar a* advatc* a fKtcas Tb*
fiotB aaylei la firw. and holdera dow deinar-d Bn
, .. e. a- rnisan advaare Oe ra? ttUmm ar* aa
i PatriT i.a/xe s*e tit levcrvs /.aaui Corraat*
at ?, d<* reel* p*r lb A '*rfo of bunrb BUlSkaa Bee ar
rtead ? ui la ive land*-! WeiiBT-Balls alowly at r*/t
, e acd Ot In Btda
,. , -r-ai fir.' />--ird tfl >tt> P?b* m. ??| .
, , Bt - P'.leburrhti BkV ?, Jl.aBtBtl*/
'? ,., ei is.' Beaaioa KB as, la, cash, 17?, IB sis/as
v, . ... Bsi.s J i e petn KB bee , I do Be,
Ablaaaa Hoot4? ?f I .MB Pen? U. *??, BI '?*' K**d
iof BB.Is, eaa'i, Bfa| i? abasss Morrla Ceael, s| . lad?
. - . be .s ?-1 ...l. Hots, og tt, II, V do do,
'"?a-id Bwawd -%,mh> i a Ba, tn ice liare a. *rbaay
.... i ii-.C-.f BB Is, trug ry tli,
?? mt do. Tl . } sbrs Weslarn flena. 401, S do Per.aay.
ra i* den*. .11. il do N xlAarn BaoB of Br. Ill IM.
I Birhaasri Bana of Put*, ckp. *. ai In Pees BB. bo,
M BM 11 Berd'.ir IE, 1?
At'., h^fi %. as Baadisf BB Ba, eaeb, Bit I
|:,'<?do, yi|, a^ oiiSav. ai, sAwn, ff)
Uaaaaw Tlarfcat. Bwa ?
We ->eg lefereeee looor report of tb* Ttb last. Fhaad
vance itea BaeaUocsd la ih* pile** of B?gw ha* bee*i eas
hUBSa Tnai.ocB la km band* do*a aari at preeaaiaw
e*ad t. ao a ayBM boxea We oedau* oar '?^JJ0'?"00*
-WBtiaeli * H tt : ebatc* ie a 1*1 rei r?bW**_**__1
.--an i e-.?-. ?? s 4? ra. I wear*
C VJjroe^Wforina yt-ld ef Uw t^ 'f?**
neue favor* ? . finudln, oaa.j ?^*? JJf,
cat Bte rartoue 4tmU a. ??? ?- &jXft tbHeit
;?T ??Tp/taai _er>d l.? a./?vl? ???? 4>?a eaaatl lam
1 . a...a** aad ailod tng TalleWe.
' VJZ*t tWJ! a-f nV- Mo area-.'a*., Ua*n -ad* al H
HaJala rbe?Tports Bad 1 rtas be** beea pail, dedeesa
a n teasj tafafaiirf
".' caaaaad for Coffee la rrautctsd. aod there Is vary
.!-!?o*-*rlrC l*'1'^ *"> ?'-?h, |H B lit barbaaj
eaid 'or eary rood lo arlaaa. ^ _ a..
.-? a aa e was taaca yrsiVday ai M ?4. ef Caar TtB"?T
T?* aura ia moot*mm aot aaxeealiag ' ?"FV, M#J
faiiaHi. cast-ioa. ?all jiwibb ?!?}~Jrtrl^\7^
:.-a.?.tr.,' 7a-io.a. Bpar Jft ve**e a
uk*a lot Fbibs Aitb acd a ma/a*. ttiU?s ^gffS ??
i,.?:.,rg ,.f. 00J0?? ??yZrZX. Vim urn
. ad n ? *w>es '->" Ifjnd-? ? ?waswewa Matrtg*
BWaa?aS? b*'* ?*->-< "~ \i% ,t re* ,oaas fo.
Bwa U?i 'b E*cI**I 'ort aara ei
S*. TN rt * ' oeTveea-ls froaa .ka V
Mgm4 mm ^J^Z^^t <* Btwttac ?Iiis ware et IB
. ,?Srat^eawsT >-!?.*** raaaTar. agal. eaksg
^,^^7^1* ? a. et ttmm.
Coaaiaioa os CtAiart abaibit Mbxico?
a-nliar? Priday, Das mt ? Tke Board aaaa-pre a
?^daT^t>*r?. The e^ ef Holbrook and ksC
Ton wire ea-Mtdaarad. but bot deeMM "r?*
asB. U A. at oa Mv-?da? iWaab bVap. BetA

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