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New-York daily tribune. [volume] (New-York [N.Y.]) 1842-1866, February 12, 1850, Image 2

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Ttae Trtkii* far CaWer*^^**"
Wa ia.ua m*7m\n^?< ? *"?th<r nara"
btte.t munif/ence fro? a" P-rt. of tbe I root, and
tb* ror*.rr. rtrw. per Eeropa-wi* ? rr.at
ry of bat^ra-sto* fammarie. of eveat* of pta* lad
r*?**t ,nterest. IV pej-ticmara iotirfer.t* *C
rted with th? ;ate Expeamn in our <",?_. *
, see w detail?amompanied by a oomplet? ;:?'. I
the kiDed, wirundcd and miieinf hy lhat tat*fi
disaster . aiao the proceedings of the Grand I
railed to inveiUirate the facta 'onn-ected with thi*
mefaaWtoiy atair Ml alone w.ll be a matter mi
pec-uhar interett to th* reeideots on tbe Paxile
who Bailed from the City and neiirhlaoriiood ot
Jiew York A eyn-opeis of ii>e leading teato--.
event* who h have trtnapira-f tince **? last ;seoe
alao arci-mpariiet thi* aheet.
Tbe Empire Ci/y'i man* Coteatl-'M Paf
?on* wishim.' to lend .epien of tmm ptttaOI t I AM
frtenda in (Hhtornia and elaewb- m on the Pact ?
Coaat. ar* deaired to make early application
Price, ?itiftie copiee, Hix Cents
Protection door Krnarn.
Mr. William Brown. formerly an Arneriran tww
t British me'thtnt. has i .'f" t."l an cpiitie ? |
retary Meredith, Vi .et Mr M know how MM h i 1
the *aid William, i* shocked and acandal I
the Be< retary s Annual Keport. so far aa it
tbe policy of foeterin? our own Induatry M
Brown ha* hitherto evinced a like interest it. tL>
affair* of thi* country. 10 tar aa they h'.;
affect bia own chance r.f making m'rn?; yet noth
ia** unite *'iual in r/roliutie to tin* letter hat a* ? I
before flowad even from ai* pen W it bout on
eentine a atnrle new idea (*? justdy bia eaa* at
sumption of imrneaauraice anueriorit.v ia pO
economic knowledge to the Hecretary mi a rival
nation without a'lding any-thin-,- to wfiatlia-l tn rr,
a huartred timed <>tf< red mi hi* mmt and OOaatdi r. i
lay nore- -Without really anewermp one argument
relied on hy the friend* af I'rnti. ti"ii - Mr Brown
lauiK h'w out aa Bm *t. ruiy ?ea of psaaaaeoi aa I ?'?
" It wu with regtet en.l atirpn**. lha' I r..t.l the i'r?.
uei.i * M"****-* andient Kej~,rt to Ceaaiean rm ma*
Ma ? reeoirtive jioltry I canti..t roeimella .' ?'.
when you i'm>*i la one ?"?! o.e ?aiiie I matt admit, ".at >.??
law* aVaakl be p**a??l On r l.r n* ci*!"! Ik? ?li"> an-i
ymi reromeiernf? (?ilirr ti.?: ?1,, preMef a I laeol
pee** . ( the nation Ifen! loo mutti 0*t*V***ed ' ' '
pruspenlv aa adding to *h. araapantf of a., oliiei rm: oa
wltli wtreim foa trml?. |<ar*-r>ilar:v to I at .t loea- Brtta
aot lo amrlea . ''Ui in aiioe. lite fallacy uf real reaeotiing
I* aurii aa I alemid l>?h tor I mm Ilia' - !??? who wet
tir adramai'ea at Hie eapenae of othera. I al not from a
?enuamBn liiilitiua t*e ?iiat.nv.iiaoed puadiiaa ol (tacretai
of laeTreaeurr to ajjraai and **dl*Tm>an? I pa I i
Mr Meredith, it will recollected, Intd plainly Bad
lor. if ii y BaWaad thai the PNdjl * 11< a re. | riBii.|.
hy him waa not I ah ulated, at had been represent
ed, to benefit <>ac ? las* or any portion at the i
pi ma ? the re*t, but really and tr til\ to bei
our whole I'copie Mr Brown teti au tie* da.
by hia own aa*e*in.ii that I'rnte. lion imj lie* ad ru,
tape to B part at the expeuae of the re a', and can I
poacibly mean anything elae 1 Nay, more he | .
ooraiteecend* to be amazed that a man holdtbs Mi
MrruOitb a exalted potition tDOaM |.o(aih.y h.
?tu b a state ol icnornm ?? and aieataJ darkaea* ai
toadvocatc I'rotei turn ' KmVI <>t vnoramn* i Pn
lectiorust inuit be in Mr Bniwn ? |iidrmeut, Bad, i
be ia i a. ..a* ?: l" h* I hatitahle, he leana |o attl
lenient hy|Kilbc?ii, and pra eeda to read tbe
tary au ea*y lalim m PalittCtl EcotBOtllj rj I
ed for the ute of bei'inin ri - Let u* ei.di n\
prutit by Ins heuigmty Here la hit priu ipal
"Mall romuirrr* Is I trter. \velia>'e to part Brim*BBSOl OBI
ladattry to prorate more of thai ot utter reantrie* nt, i. .
Ww Tariff tlian ol a liigii oi l. I.ri me r < ? v.. n ???
lustraOuc of Una MupiHMM) vou i au l.uy a iwle ol Prea
?Ilk* tin .Vai dollar*, tai to prnterl voiir uiaiuilai mill *
maaayea pmee oa ti aa Import duo of lto per real ? .
In( Ikeeutt n. Ihe ror.tuin.u I.iaa> Uollart Nua it I
pat real duly .11.1 not etui. |tt harrela of flour al t ah in
par liarraal. w'iaild have paid few tttea* ktlk*! I io By Ihtsei
Irailuty y.ai viiher put ii md ..I Bmmamar/iori aamw
power lobuy, in de murt pav V"1 Larrelt of Hour M I BM
dollar ? Bl
With duo auhii.iiiioti. h i ua endeavor to tli \v
Mi Hrnwn tome ?I faaji ho deea not BBBta ?" kW .
at iliailains to ixuiinli r
In the firat place, wi.i!" ba think* he n talkioc ui
a Pmtrrf.it dull, he It in th. t ifeRiin. ex. uaiv. J
wuh a aaataai oai B i aai Ba oai Bl ka am
continue a. Lo almost WsmaTfj tBHteetwd amaaW aaali
a duty h* be auitceat*. that duty would have Ml
Protective efficiency It could onlv begin toopei
ate I'r. ta. lively by iliniimshin* the am Hint of lot
port alii in and replacini.it by Home 1'ro.iui ti..n
Now (die moment Home 1'n.ilin tieii, to any ivn?i
era hie extent, brenn to topplant linrjHirtation. i
Met would be evidence that tbe 100 pei I M rl
?Sil mot increaae tbe price of tbe article in our . oa
aumera Iti) percent nor vciy near it lot it il i
iiave that ettact. (be laiportatioii wouid not i :
place to Home t'oiisutnptioii I'sthlou and I
natural prejudice ot ivoniuitu r* in favor nt tbe arti
clea to which they are aecuatoined. ami ot wl I
uuaiitiea they feel certain, aa contrasted w ith I
crude pnalucta ot an intanl home iiianuU. tun . a
biueil vvilh the eoniiiianJ ot all (be advents. ,? ?
vbaunei* al trade by the tactiara d the BaBBf bill I
eat. would secure an baMMMM advaiilae? to lb*
Poreigai Hilk?, eounterv ailn.c in part the buh d I)
and rendering it nreesiary lor the Amernwn ? 1
makers to sell much below tiie pm .? I etc ot i'e
Foreign lahnce ol like <|urt 111\ in .udei toOMBpelC
with and gam MMMJki Bpoa their iivala A i
ma' market, and tl>e BM M HMMJ ? taa tin*, a
impel tbe k'oraia'u aoppiirrs ot eatBBBrkaM to] i
then fabrics at the kiweat |aunt. so lone aa th, \
could h'pe to maintain the tlrugsle We lay.
then, tint Mr. Brown ia clearly wrong in hit ?
sumption that a Pivteetne duty of lm> per cent n
Silks would Iticreaae iu that ratio then
to our coi.tu.unaa
Tliis ie at the eutret. vv Im h is Ina (.est B0BM
Auiencan Silka BBaMid paoie able, under tu. h
duty, to atari iiito lite to make tor themtclv aa I i
uela oi approach to the aBBMMMBB t<> cetablith a
reputation ol relative clietpnes* and exceba
they could not fail, atter having BMJM th a ?
aJaedad cheaper and still aheaper flfMliBi i
inreotHin machinery capital. iMmpetitKin. mark, (a
?evarythtng would tend M cheapen the Amen
article (rom the day that it slum Id be deimmstrat |
that 11 oauId be profitably pnalu. ed bete under t1
?xialarvg duty The duty might remain ancl.a
bat the |rtaa would bs irraviuatvsi by the dimmia'
ataf coat ot prodaction and H fall ultimately to tbe
octet of importatam if the?v were :.. dsf II va
thu* (Mat a rree l>ra,|(. batBBjail was OoM tl
wbea. tellioat a batea?r ?iat be wa* taxed b| l'
(en^iou nine cenu per yard on the von tb. i
then wore, he waa enawered that it might be a.
but (die wearer id the thin .void at tee km aj
he had only paid etgmt rente per yard We it
But true is only bait tbe error into ??ah bt
Brown has ptunacd He aaaerta that cur Bi ?
under I 100 per cent duty tuuat battMablB i .
aot only twice aa much MMMBj but twve aa mv 1
?mmtr (awid the prcaluctavw larnitiu/ generali viaa tt \
would ander h>ee Trade- which at .pnte ataHi..
thtn-r We eee dearly that she 9iikt would not et h
aot vvat tn ice a* much ruxuiey but that rv,
aaoary they ?fad coat would reprveent a mm *n.a i ?
pro(?vtaoa of tbe products of i>or Itahiatra tl at
aow (Vat* Oar Silk Grower* wcold nta-eatar'v
be drawn from the rank* ot our idle and mMmV h ? '
inmuiatao*. who are a direct and total bunleu oa.
oar PwaJuctiva Labor n, wlucb case their to:
produot would he ae- much added to tb. acgrec
of (W National wealth?or they mutt baBBa
from abroad, and (bus swell the rankt ol eur feaa
era v oetomtara?or they must be diverted fnn
(?her brtnebee M Home Ibduttry. t?ea\vnniur cm
totnert uattead of avals to thue? MaJBanaJ therein
The advantaaja of auch diveraxm ia ataiwo iu tl *
pre*mit ?t?te ot the Cotton market-a report? n
deficiency of one itth oi an ordinary i - . kflrrj
raised tbe pnee of the entire product ot last yea i
at least iAy par cent. In otber word*. ?|
atare tor a crop of a.OcKi.tXK1 balee than we abemki
hare otrsmiaeai tor one af v\500,iXW How ia it that
Mr. Brown tail* to eee tha Ueann*t of lint tact '
Would not the permanent and profitable diver*;, n
of oae-tiard af abe labor tataady tataMjad ia Oot
taa>i"rtrwine- to the production of the 8iik* Sort'
Spiree Tea*, m required oor I wn BBM, If "
ji.e eff.-r-t of n. rvrrifi.- ien?il.iy the pnc? 0/onr
Gutt/m * An : eo oi - ' ? - ???; ???
But we have not yet <7irj?idered the who e bet ?
fiu / -epi* ..,?? F ?re;.-, t. >.rc ?tie -Avr*
The HUk irnwcn wb', are ?? rr.; t-..' t- a:
ua by tho duty Mr Brown aairr'-atJ b- ?
?arnera of'oar >*riiU, Veeetahiea. V .e ?:?<: I
dreda of arta-iaa which ari]l not juatafy trinaporta
tloi, to : ???..-. BaMMMBB *Vo aaTafaa IBMb1 BMW
Floor and Meat t FhM a M Tf. y BMl ?? IB BMBl ?
ot tr.'. *r.i< ie-whtrh ihe.r fl .
expended, if reeident amoio? ia. * ?ild r 1
pav tramjiortatiotj to thein while Bi Y.iroy;- htwi
tbeae articlea are n.evitalay en 1,in.. ?' ? ;? *
our Frodurert h\ the .-.at'irtaiizatio:. and eX'ttit.or
of Manufacture anaone u? PotMbMM, Oarfl '1 '
den Frodoct*. Fruit Wool. ?fcc. 4c. which ran
hardly be aoid at all in an inland reeion devoid oi
Manufacture!, apnne at owe bMH quick demand at
remunerating pricei np.,n tie eitablnhmei.t '
Ifanutatt .r*a thwii. 1*bo?BBtoTOMce tr. our f'arr:
era between prwla. inc th'ao faf If iud ba*.
market? within revh for aoBniag bit Wmjm t ?
and BM h ' Bat rBtapbM ?> a PM 1 I I ?'
M I MOfM, 11 very great, aa may be verified r.y a*
. MTImmmTBJ the < aih valuat). n of farm* M BBM
where Ma.. u-Vtursi Bboaad and mm panne IMMB
with th/*e "f farmie' iua. . r-vri where Ma:, BMtBB
have no eainteuee Instead the re tore, mi Yr- >? Tra.;.
gMbaj our Farmere a choice mi market* a* la t I
favorite phrase, we maintain that it pee<t. i |
limit* and narrow* their nisrke'*. BJ BBBBpl
them l> produ. e main';.- tMll arti.li ? at BM] '
tent and nid abroad, t" the 8b)eJMB* n of BBB H -
laiarer and more profitable rlaai.-a ot ; -duett
whirh ran only be sold when our farmera i a
something elie teat. turn., ri fie tne.r aeigi b n
other worda. when our Labor 1* diversifo-d tt,.|
produ^r* aiel 'onaumer* are brought tBgOtBMM
Suppose that tbe .S ki annual y eoaBMBMal b* tl ?
country coat ua Twenty Million* abroad, ar.d U at
it wool.I . oat Thirty Million* to nnd'ii't therr, 1
our own BBMBtry, BTB eiiiritaiti that the laBj ?
woeld atili let-really tie r'.gaper- tha* the a '
??et in our eseauMaj Bant t* Ml rid at
greater who.- ti,.. nat irau/nt ?. ? 1. of I I
braie h ? 1 Industry vv , .1 ?erure eaiy and ??f. ?
abie rmp,o\ment lo tetit of ti...uaand? of ? !? ? repil
enfeebled poraru.a women a ort rbildrei mi 1,
have teittiio^ lo do, and in?"tite jueni e are nil". .1 ?
pendent nt?l pauperized, and oft. B tendin.' t. | .
w*;.l of 'liMtj.ation and viee. I.sU.r 11 the Kdfl
1 a'Km ai the Race wbi'h .an n< vi 1 bo per? '
mmmb mm laoMatrj Bi ? obbm mmj ??, t -n? ? i
ITTQ Mtlaai ["ii*oi? no matt'rot M hat 1 bm i t
? Why i* it that we are compel! ??! to ft)
I and over tl ,1 fTTtflld ' Unnply beicMBBO to. I':
i'lM.iere fn.m day t<> *ny reitre-atf tlr?-ir old utter
tiona and Lever i.ir.k at our nutw?r* Hnvim-tn'.. 1,
MFglMBtod tba? l i.t.. ii...i aae'in* IIOM-pol ? 1
I'unii. ii. QOCBMa M OOtrtBM CBBM BBaj BMnW pi
t'ii'iar ein umttfiii. > a iti terma burc b.-e . tin .1 !
cover claa* !i.|."*lation, Ihey ahut thi 11 . < Ma
that il ottered ttt our tide, and tall. OB WM> M M
MM^MMI 11I excluaive *a ladum end kpjowlod
whi'li oueld to diBftaet all impaitial obterv. r
Weatudv their arcnmenti we do not |,.. l. n.
but thin k wc ice ihr, ttjk them . th. \ tri.ta
.iiit that wo bavo or 1 an have any ti ;in. 1
<i!l*r To 8 diacoriUBf pMafic vte 1 onti hit \ ..
a ir H .lUst d" 1 :? .1I1 bi t .1 . efl nr.
H"n Darm WiLMOT ia aeatained 1
ciMittituent* iu hi* tt. adt.itt rafuaal toanpporl Pobb
for >|a.??ei or wmttttf for I lei I, I CMBIJ I MMI 1
tlie j.artv' in Brwlford I ounty mi MIBM aWWanBa01
BM Ma, Meaaei IMkaMMea M m> leal Taiea ttt ifOMeCoi
ventwMi, when NeeMtMM ti .r. . '.'?. ; roTtag M W
mot', cuiirte in.,I r.iti.li rniii'if I . imttiiaiill WOTI
hy ? vote of Bj 1 g 'I M !? I BWMuj II.1 1 LMM
4 iirvmtj Tlia! the tn BOM WVB wMck Hie Moo !?
aTiLaKrr aOMirea 10 Me prMclpMa of iM leOMiaaaM
nan.ttt tn<l Ma BaBMaMoa boMOaM wa* which M an.
rak** [lie imiaiialliai ol Kiee Territonet from Hie e?u.l>
mi 1 I of Slaieir ll'.'tel" kaet . l. illet him In Ihe Ihanki > (
Bm Deaaaeraey uc* Ualt Coaar* wtanei rtew* he reOecti
|*mm I Immmm Iirival ot iio- 1 harakee Re
eavrrv nt .Mta, IKn mnnl.
Toe ?ienm.li i. CaWOaW, Cflptahl H Wim.-"
arrived lav*, ivemm; frOM CaMBJMM, via Kimrltoc
Jaaaaii a The c la#l CaaajrM m tiie i tt i ? i
K mi'.Ion nil the ilh I Ii? t fJOl )>.!,., ,| ' o.: |
M va leara Btaa Mi Paibk, Paraer of tba f
kec vv 1 ira ht Pobbmb whoa Ibe 1 I er 1.. -,
Mr* K had raeovorad fittaM bar bate hMb%|*MitioB
but Cai F 1 health waa aol jf -! w e Badaratai
that it W11* hit intention tr?*i..iiie to Neva N
the tt. amer l'luladelpbin win. h will piohahlv if
rive about the lit of March aasl
1'hai.Tet waa very healthy when the ateamerta '
ed and i| mm * nuinb?o ?>! Amern ....1 were wait 1 c
an up|Nirtumty lo tail tor New OriOBM
TbaateaaaM Gob Hanaa bad been pal afloat aae
Maa rMMBMj up the riiaifn ? Hivnr Tba ataaairi
urn had pmrnt upthecoiitt to tmM Jaaade M -.
ra?'ia butitwHiundrrtti. dat Cbagraatba)
makiii! tevcral an.mpta the faiied inaacending
the uver a* tar ai had been antu p it. .!
The Cbaaobae arbaja home H pmbbb ran aad
tlM,ftfl m cold dutt ami ipeeM beaMaa ... e<
aaaeaaM ia the h*nda ai tb* pMBoagan Bba h ?
brinita very iMporMMI (MNJMjaobaa firOM the Al I
can 1 aaaabt at Laoa NiaarMJM 'ml Kiaflaan J 1
man a
The lolk'Wiue i* a .i.i ai PaMMMBJNM mbJ
Cant Frviaoa, daat Biauaont and tvrraat, Mi a 1.
ton. Mi 1 ii" at. w 11 iu:. J L baa, H w i Taoati -
H Kooie. C Witherell. 1 apt ?Kkeraon. V (lav .. -.I II 1 ?
ve!. I? t eile, f Mem e. L PVot, J Ol We, 3 f H .
CMcMeUea,J I>-wn L M tVtabarelL, .1 B H*.i? a, H U
Bur-iit. I W Mha 1 BOeaa, 1 W Ei ... M I h rka li .
UrT llatck B r Cohn?*, Ja* K l?*> a ?' C herd. Ja. IM
t.re.1 A Kaute. B llrake BWtaae] I f. \\ aol Ha. .,1
Ulla..11 J M Kaniedeil I. p Mian L T hatto'i. I'ai ? II
oui. N * L.11.1, H W M.-riaii. ? 1 c . k ? K . . vr. .
A r J*> ^ui^
I'ua.eajrer, )*t ( trt.iaer '...a. Siairvhaa Mr tn.! Mit
laMtdaa faiaae. Mite Ii Meitt??r m i> KaMa a .
How.an.1 A At ,1 apt S tt.ei a . . ..- ?
ptawall. flWlinn w Burhahn A
F. M'nmni . tabs Pearce. Ba : I ?>
Mim"l,,uW"* 1Mb I ?.,.?
Rm I vvuik- vraieia in *<l tri at 1 Magna aa .
Maj uit
Hog I 'aceo.a. Haie? Ml laaM a,.i? (MM in la.a.
erhrt AlvaraJo. Warner, do. Maria, t/lieevrr. Houduo..
in lai.Mi paaraa 1 ark NurMaaa ? ibaaaaaagan
vl**ra>ia at Lenuai Bay. a> MBBBJ orvlra* vv m tea
Mio de Jim? iio MarkrU.
Corretpotidrnre ot Tin'Tn haue.
Bi.- m ftlTMT l'e? a. mp
N\'e hlv e acatii the pieaiure Iii a.ldreat yoa in
eoat.naati.in ot our circular ad?ier*.tn.1 :.f vim.i i.i. r,
lo the h o?i?g 1 nel uaLce ol i.. In [. ?? a? ! \ v;
K.i, ? ... Tlie reeeie*? ha?e t?e . )4. d a. k
taletahoul ?. ?> I a a ? racgir.* iron
Baiunaire ai'd laibei rniilai l.rwKla, aad IV.at'all ?? >
bid Km Richni.KHt t itv Mint- arith '1 * exeepUoe ol t an.a
.-a-go : Ha., i. ."e. ? i..?*i to.J a: : V ?v. an.l a o.e -
" ColBBilua iiaxa.i.' whir'i aoid al lOJUM Bale* Ba".
tH*n a-togertiei t > retai: The Bakera hetnf wel: tuj ?
aair- * ill cotiunue tor tome time hi W cosbneu to reit .
trauaartioua umi, apevaiiaiioi. ana. ta- uvuro l., a '
reduction of prvee* The alia-k in hra; handa i. t'-'t : .1.
t.ba? la a.: hen.)*, bt.ttv ht- a an.1 ? e oa.- uoi |aaM th* cai
go price* iU Ba.timor* ami other aim i'ai bread* Boom
TapM*-, nor of Klchnvoou CMj Mule above lJkOtaa pee bbi -
SS chare dales from rrmanihuco 1,. IJih lost BBkck
Chair ?1 *a.e, a.1?? !4.'a. Vljjtaik'in , v reia . ? ?
v.a ,-vt. aivt IS !?? a '? - Kt.:tnu<re and H: *Jr
brand*. Al Bnhia, 13th uwt?Saoca. &,Me hols Pnee?.
. s 'a t '.; ?-v v ha., more, arJ a " a a K
miMid l~lty M. 'a We liavr bo 1st* advices ftoni k ?
Ur?mie 01 ibe Kiver Plate
Antat, .va DoMBaraca?Tie aui^ ies have l-eeri n re
invited aaal eoniew hat higher prvet bar* oeet w tail.-?
?a* email BMeaM at reran. The n?> tn ibeprveofi
*>Mvtw ba* ao Mr MM vary little influence apaa ine ram*
or Brlnab rvaal. ??. , 1 .???,- VV ? mmM l>rtj* Bn*?
^;V^ Biawabed tirill*. Herne*, rood a o, jk ,
v TT1"*- to"*1 *kl*- .*Mi*ri* B.aK B ir l>r .
CatS ??b\do.r?*a . ... susit la.ba] -
.if .'T- -'?**"''eo pstieroa. in ba^a, av;n.
C?^i msanhaZ^fA1 **" ;*KHJ' 94?imii?a la**:* 1
^.Aa^ar,"''**' ^ Ht.? I ?
c.^.i.Trl^.'at:**- -ee.. a! a.
MBta. mat, aaoa, 3 " ~' '
mad* vaitrua a Jrsr dav. a* Ti-roea. and dm Paanl tin.
*l rail pnrra ? * do not ineonaire. took fc-r arr aar' Id
run* ia pnee*. ban uactute rather to uve bet.et' thai Vnl
Wkher prices than thcee now preeaiaaa wao be "thlmsTl
bet?re we can rrceare atv ir.^awtan. auppbas from ibe ar\i
.rop Ine-. * tt sent* ?;uc* tbe 1m Juae u.< Jwi|,,r
hea-i. Tv?.i*a> baga k*mMtf i v-V W **? year . ana'i mv.
mr. laa.a la twf. while to the I *?**) Mams fee the
t.sietWr have t?ea MS.> 11. hw-s. agaima Sju.??a *?<?, L
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staae. dvariLr the preeeui rn.fiit! have been MOT baea.
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HiMa-W* Muom ia? per lb tor large.aad IM per M
?ami. St.vk aboalMMB
kUcnsaak Mete very bra, aad wa Mara Mai etutimm
mi Maa IM ?' .'?: tfm MM ret done eajdii
?>ot? nf. but enw tx> o> .gad lo ft, h fir'
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i- , - w . i- : - ? ~ ?*?? -?'eie* !
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I ft, ban i TeJeprj??,
LflMBB from lion !nm?. 1 ernten. ( ape *'
I.nod flop*". A.c.
Bo?t M l. . to* -I P M
Wo hive pr rite aatacoo bum Horvlurai. ri
BmmBj M Jatuu-r M, which annoene* 'ba: Ml ? b
[?Mine Bt 1*1
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\ MMtMafjaj OrcsrrMK*?
C 'I. Sri!?.. N , M '.cv K- : - PV
t harle* arid (MMgf MM ot TaOMM I> Cot at
Ulli rlilagn, mrrr drowned in tb* Hod toe River verter-ta*
mf.. - p.eg l . *v- Iv e ? '
ron.pan. ? th then., who eased himero by crawling oat ce
tOe ire T! e:r bodies werv rerorsred sVmt 3 Ml "? ? ?
tbe ar.fortunata ocrarrence
fiestrerilen af ibe ?hlp Iftiaaln b? Kirr-Ar
rival ol the K.alcen.
Ri . Ohj -.?-?. r- aa pat -r at
Tha ah,p Hum.a. aMMMMad to Mil tr tn thM
I |.-r*. f-.t ??? t'?r-.? . -?.'.-i -?' ? " ?
?.rnvul mi ibe (.eorala at Nc vv.tlrlrnn*.
Ni * (lit i i?? , ? ft'
Tho mw iten'.i?- ? ?? r.-.i bom j
IU >Bi,l. Ml ?rr.-. ed
(?< oralu < onari-a?ifliinl ttenioo.
R.i T'M..?r. MliadaT Kef.. ; 1-9 P V
The ?Intl..
H.i Tivoli. M ."II-. t.' . * P V
One ?i tha back inaili fron '~ r-Ot aai | u
nvt-l 1 '.< -. ii ? ? ?? ? .. 'J-t?
?I h, R| I ii.nwlt> Hill.
Tim i U V -.:. r ??>. a V
Ban Mu i iv i i v i Boa lite - f i
.er. Ml '.-e ... ? ? ? I ? .. 1 -n - V ? .
M delrrale to WeuiiBjrton II C .ba Recipr.
rj i _
lULSlMCO^UMI -?? I Irai ??. ?>i,.n.
?CHATK?Waaaiaarea, Si ada? Pel,. Il
Ri a, of Ohio offered aa aaaai tu
Varloui amendment, were of*, red, and re.-nars. pre.
??'?i m Dana
Hi- agreed with ti.at Mr II -.i t. had ?n t the (art da
atalire lo dee petlaew aw*a Honk fandtaa |ueieiiual i
Ir. Haaavc ; Mere wetw wi ag^ ae bad beea said
|i i iod ??? piepan .t leraafler alwari i iM
gal Ml rer. o .ntr Oaeae agll .'in/ ivtuon*. ao nnn.r aiap. i
m iaaa H
Mr Cam I aoradtl rtgbl -i aatjaoamaaacb ai dr.
ll'.eSetlnlr I.e.i ...
. i . .. ' , k UWI
lac aga M ioieiiii..laii"d act ? i gre?.
, Uie i*'.:it. n w In. h \l. i ?-? . , .
Mr Ceai rgp-iej that Ibe pe lUoa m -pie.te.i. ci
te.1 . rr??-icllon l\ i .ri^n-.a i. i <>l ?? -.;
i.v a new Stale n.r altu n - it a reed
m > a??-r>
Mr. Hat.a aaad u > ? ? m
Mr. WatBI .tiled QaU be l.a.i examined tlie pet
rer.., Hi re. I l! . nai-.l- .' I ? ? "He .<? It. . . ri, t - .
Da .. a are
Mr i .n.rra rloqeei IIa a.ldrea^.i i?ie QaaaM ?
tlie petition iu.i in itipp.irl i.f tbe t'liion. a
*.:.? ? h'. 'i nnni f. ? ttM. . . i ?i .1 .e,
MwaahteoM againai ? ; ? ? ? ??
S. . k !.? Irr . te?. d. ? IW > : ?I
Mr I M.?l aaKi tbe ..-..i ? . i..-.
me: Mr I ??? au I -U -r. bad paaMa oral lue real ?jne?
MM lud itaied Itie reaaoi . ? r ? .iirh l ier won i .- .
tb* prarer o| the |?*Oiloa They n uii.t '.betr w ..... .
Ha aaaMmaed MM Me twrweetoei el Ma paMMa waaaaiaai
Mr. Mw.ao *rt*hed the Senate an.l the roontrj diefaoctiT
t . uialerwaiid thai (lie ..... at.oii v. aa
t ?*...? .Ug Ibe I a.oU be j * * * i ? . ? a* ? .a.
tan ?teil iv ? hr-Jii r tbr petlUoa abouat mm racalrad. aad re
? I hau t.er T'.e -..?...? j
r. MaMa aatoa aMi al 'i.e i r. >.?-..! aaa i
? a i.a.1 t. -I ?aart. alaiee \ atal v.l.. ?l? ..J
>? a -
T:* C':e*ti-.i. br.ng tiien lal"" ? ?.. 'ereoe ?
petitsai waa oeg?n?ed. jtt* . ia . ? V. -. . Raka,
I te?e and >ewaid ? '.:..-. . > ir m,?~ e
1 ? . >e a , - , er, . .. . r. ???.rra::.-i r r '. r
lie preert
He Mat
and peace
...m all oar
h 3d ii
ta the b.eai
kt a.: l
od. haprv
M- tto
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tod. ta a..
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wbal kaa 'be Aooth a. > m ' Wan- waa it thai u.e- 'jad
jwle* Wa* it Oaeir roaaaaainaaal rlgM aa trrob* ohr Mi
emo of tbe la^heat iribunai in ibe l aaua. Jmi tie- aa -
raned upon u ? tve a* ' Sairejy earb aaaanaad cou^ aa?it
be eniertarned. He ien proceeded lo ekaatiee sora ?pe
rnV altj tnr qneatawi ot lie MM ol l\o?re*? M ^be ai I
aertot; apoe tne aaeetaai of >la?eer ta uSe new Terravrw*
?reauag agataat u*e exielence ot aar Mica power
*tiocJ,va. Mr Baam a (??e an m * anaion tba
mJor. ?C"* * ' '' *" '* .^?'???.????-J -' ~
MV k.aV^bal?eo^alw^^ rmlt, - .
urj otBnue ke aa7 -are,. Zimt OoZmJuot
. ?._ - __e^ ??<?>? >aa .n tae e-: .mm twra >*ra."
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t.r MMaa.a *.. a..., m
After ibe 3%uaecu??i w aoiiiuoeai
Maa* da* i'
A bom ?"ta p?^:a< (r,rz. ttt wee* to ia* ob tba tai .e
it 'airr. od eftCidM M A* n*f*Ee*?
> .Mo r lebete ? - . *?
?a went iguCMMW of tbe Wa>',? <o
-OBk ga muliimm re t:. r? to ro.,*er " ..f
J ?er? ront'.dered
' Mi-a . ? -*?.. ' - *
pwaanfti* IB tbe name* of i '
jf the T"TT ff tpeiiu.nt;
!<?!-? ?
m h-.okk I k. I ft i iTl'M.
?F.NATf. * Alitxv MamdMr, Feb I]
r: iii ioe?.
Mr. Coil ? mm "' Met nI Hew*1 ? ? ?
??1 from Befato to ?* New i..ta bM Erie Ballmad. |
QaaeMoOlew Terk bjetttattoa efcretl Rr.*-?**?*.
tpproi rit'.ur. to rtTMrf ..ut the obtoCM I 'he '
aTt.r*. of c.turns of Kew-Torfe for* repeaj
re;a.rtr.l i-ifarorof the Amiiu .
re in ? i Coerti In Meaner*
, mik i.'
I..: :
? i ".
nt- rep. ?ed ?ttlr?! tie- Mil reV la t .
kandolpb,! anaraufoei oumv .chna:t-n t'at'anuiutBA iCot
n. i-. uiilira !?? et?? renn?} ,ania Una la Warrsa runn
!?? - -telt.
Mr Oi i .Muni ie?.not mt moi lo make all CM ?
ir>l T'iwbi responsible t..i ibe presentation of ell Canal
.;?.i,fij.. -
A>sFMttM.. Finn m Ii? 4;. .? Kaiaaiin
M1 .Mr Bneraanfl . aaaiaal aanexme part ol w :own
r VValei ? ? , aa*
B-. Mi P.ii. M' v ik, M- P? .
??'?a ' ? ktWt BalMafllllf the et.e ..t ;nl?l'n ? :r ? ??
III Mr BillkTT to ronipe, the New-tort and Pr e
Ba !roed tn < 0 1 then real M 'te?.iae ol IMi
ttv Mf Hiktrri ?rij M- Havana (1 braimf
. tt tigt ta I
I;t Ml M .tic ??? and Mr Pa 41 1 il 1 10 tlajr eo. eett..
el rent* .mi Manorial tami*
H . Mr ? nxaagaMM aiter n< bebiatnJt of. .?Tatrd VVtM
! -he I .? - B> - a tt: M? !l a,. . M- Kt ?? '
ill Mr L ? -vita h repet. ??? ? ,a
Aaaaawi m- Leaaaasrweem au.i Mr. Foaaafakaalda
t ? ?! I fr;," a*- Mr Ltiom 'It'llV'
1 no man* for aaorai and asset*, m.iur* ot frees, rk
M Ch.ii.huw Mr P. *d "ir R R from Bi.fi.. '.. M V
tad Erto B, B M Bimi ..f Hahnetn.r,-. -1
M-J . ? ? neu '1 I ar-i ! Kian n-t
M- B.wra of a b:u -o enable tbe board of Buper. b M
the t i'Y ..f N V to raiee mooe* hi laa
Bv Mr i\,i!ii. a ?man report and MU In fee ?
ameodia* ike utury lew* TM report wm oa nauooa of |
M- ! - e e ; ?? ..a. tfieia?' 1?
er-e.1 ? Pr ?. I or rr ????.
il. Mr Pan a. a hoi mtaiatj awpfoprMlaoaa tor tbe tup
;>?? ' ?>? H'~ 1 ?}. 1 ?t?te
Mr I .' ??? I ???fered a :'e?rr' ? tf.| '-e -i
. Lbe l antu I ooomttejoert n itb fraud m e?t ? I I
narii *rir P*MM l?r the en^rrement and repair*.,.'
TM Hone* then weru mio C^nmioee ..: :ne wi?. , Bj ?
ta*B*ra am la "be i her. .* the bail m prortee ttt ?
iaK 1.1.. ?iitoel MMmmmMM Adjourned
Mtirkett N' - CM ? M, I V
Operator* m r..| pia e- w ::>.?? n'er tdvi.-et
tea * r ? T'..'*ae?t'e " ?.e**'ra?ei
r .-e? .-"air .< ? a .... . e.. a' .er !' I ? ? ? a tin 101
... '-a/-. Rio at late
Marktete Bai rM M Pnk ' ?a P M
Ti.r Fi I k m*rk? t 1* r.rmer winkj otlaer art
Mm remain uurcaL(e<:
??kip Hi
MEM 11 k. K \SS, fob 1- Arr ihip* Mar- 0
1 ?i. Vara, Phnadeipbta
?."HAELErTi N r~ I -Arr bark Ana. kN > ?
>l. |V \ t'l f.- ' . t 'ill.- ... 1 . I
' ireer. New-York
It'JSTuM, Peb ii ? Arr bar* 1 era T*e or New Ijrtenn?
krla; Keara, I arueia*. IM m L*T wur Mad?
km " '?-?
I BM) p..enabUr. Hutu Ko?f and Cantoe hart i>e
? are. Pi ntmiiatk. to MuMldf lor C* ?>>??? . airj.t:.
P:'R?LAMi . ^ Arr bort L^i-to Ettjc. T-tBatv:
> 1 -t ? -a ' ' -
a I 1" e* . . .
rorwj aim
f .- F . . - ' e *
PRi 1. fULNCX. rat., ft-Arr bark A.amdw. Mobile: MM
a: - ' ? >*i . 1 ? , 4 a. :* SO' . bl'i
? - . A... ... a U --r , ? 3f 1-. if.
r e- i\ - e. p _ v Chat Tartar. STarfc; i.ptUiaH
ia***M BwMM laaand sad Blncascoae. WY-rt
fjF* Wb note-e an a.l?rrtj*eraet.l i a Caioipi;
Befecarr Brest: : tn* isle tffsat of Oaaf^'i B*lj. wnitb
adj do.U.*m meat wnb tk*ar from 001 maaM a3*Mi paa>
for ttt futSaw
?Mf.CUl ?? >A_r#. ,4r Ms MM
" Mo " Meter tbe fhrre tl tb) tkraktom *ba~ tread
00 :a* .an.! Aal wa* ?- .-<? ?
N r ? ?_ r~; yer :? I-*?::: u tt* --awt* to ? i -
s ?? . * a* v :?*!?!'?:-. s ? ???**
? N. " MaMR. r. L^s.l. tMRl **? Freem*r 5 .be*
r- ill ?'ui iBarlm aad ?Mr **^' **** M-~'-?*naff
i ibbi mm ial i>?i Me bbmbm -a****.
MBB rove that Mali tpeak ia a taaaVar rafnta.
.* ?.ar* ?aa.. iwjcakee ia au SeMi agaaa.
N S". . ?r : j .arane?? I'd ? ??
;. .... ? . .... . . ? . rt r?-. rrotr. .?? 'fk.
N - .?? v m.-rr.-. .: .?*er. ne.l.vr.
< >f ire ?!> - : iba: ?tna* is in* itooldom of nicht
' So - IMBM Bv r-.tit aa<t La* Tnaiph of R fm\
Stu?l tb* Slare breathe a ?ig* front Ml t-iir-.-ordered brant*.
. ,??.?*_. ?:'??* ?nd? and hi* sr.ab .
While tb* nnftoai of rank tad a bona? and a reel
W Mia the Freemen ofOom daail avail id tba Wen
\ Vr-r a antta .a i-.e I MM ?ha:; weep
i.-..-.'-.! r. ...? wa. to -a* Empre :
V.-r i ..*???? ::.? a.-amt.a* u.a.. a**p
aaraMl mMt Ik* dawn ot" o> dir to be ??>*:
Let tue V etigeaare of Wrath ob -be M.n.rr i "'?
~ j . .. i MM .-?* a K-* aiart for tie ata-e
L<-t th* \ eea*anc* br b'.r.eit end tb* ? .try ft* told
7 a: ? .?. a. ??*?. .*? : . - w ?:??'? w*
Aad tbe ?ulleo ?*e r.>. ? o'er ;c? r *c* tt'a *T**e
r -\ vv of :h? Freeinan :? 0????' for it*
k ; ? r>..'.-o; ?*????-? ?. ?? * f '.-v r*a
4- : < .. F.-ea : at tbtne* ?' . . r -. *d ?f
To tb* Sodom ,n' rbaui* bit dark rtator. :? cast
i: -: - >ar: ? a.. i: aat.
And the atratra ah* aw* , va, ttm Ma LaiiJ and Ma MM
. va. - t Ma a ..: . a t d a ??. ..?> i.
Aad n i ?ptrl; ?bali bow aMBM b* oowe-J, Ml at;re.
\v '? ? '? i.. r < ?.*.- , . <.** ot :?>* K*r*
[ ^ ^ .. , ? m ?' imi r. i h?'
HttTF i it rail S' rrrnir* ? t M Trcaaurrf
1 I >.?;?. < .aamittre of the a ommon toonci! a,
l ?> ?'J?;*? lb* r*c*:, . ? vra Tlav jf mt MBI M p\aft ?
M Ma raM f ? ? MM af 'ar MM raiaairoph* tr
Ha.?:*????**. U* i'ta.a : :'?:.*? '-. ? .*i oatr.t-j:i-. u* .::
th* Earning Edition
Sfaauu ?Wmf im mal aMaaalj iarmj (Ma pna
eatieni.' Mt a laMaMTa (MMtaait IM i rm
i Mm -r* NM Ma .t*o?v...> *f baa ta.'*r.i?.l Jau^bt*f. I ?
o i . . . a a,;1 . , . ? s rr .?! .softer ??
aiM i.tv -T:.e He aim a| A?i>r i* afttftl I
b the deegttful neaa? that th* .Northern MlgMMfaMi*
MRajt Ainrrt.-a . th* MaiM tl ?'' im* we
? a ihne* of cemiui end \ irtn* ?r* madi
Ui* Mm of Mf *4r*nt: tbe mu*i< dreier* will a aa
ir no beert Nit that of tbi* Queen af Song, and no n>?i *
I paw at p*' et'**! MaMtMi by faMTJ Ltnd.
? ?-.- ? laaaaMteMtln MgmRi ? iea
ner far dift rent - .ani bnc a mo*t ?*? ??
ar aahirh hai awaiust aMrVJ i.i Ma MMaMMl Ml M
1 ".a-? ii ?lied -.1 '.- ..e .??? tt-f . .ea-a Jenai Lr. I .
i r ? kaj a repu'atloa beyond [ara... . m i
ilb-ng* : warnwel <a- ? oi ? w*. ai?"?:
; ee- Ma Beaut Ml an-i tb* tat <iaad .van rail torn. W.
leara '.bat in aceptini: 'be propocal* arade to her to lodoi e
. x, ? . ? -f.ea "h i .. -I' ??? at i ? i ?
%x r ere *!?? ;> a. ?? i >r enar : it >? purp? - ?-- i ?? .
: ri, ? ... m r o:e I ,.|.e*t i. r n a p. .lit xa'.o.
: , Mfheal aaai ?** ilraady her? TBa aBeeM ot tart
a .'<. r... ' t w .1. n> ? >fii?' tier. .:??..
!?? reed with a aatiafaenon no Ir**.
?i:,. r ? .. mt p BM wl art i *'??*?. i M| pe aamM w... 11
i ? pi e .,..?, .er? >',. ,ui ?. ra-tfce ihow.
a^ l al.ow-w omen of th i and other .?:?-...? t. IM .*
. Mia alette reMMd IbrMfaei a* a BMaagerM ft tm migi i
rv.,:., e BB I a ?MB|Bl liger. at.d Mga MBM n Ml I
lit ail Kf-h.on and K..i... '!?? . ir(?-ae ..f .i.-auu .
, K>i:f. ant *a,:'.ea a few ?Ute gier.i'Ca trom ll*
. Mai mbw to tr*/.. apM BM BapeiMi meaaWi aM
! a rue l >i au.l J.aapi tvPin-i.! T;rf .a .a nt ne aa .w
.?.-r I iiav.? a'.tnoat w.-rt -?! i ?? ?? .' of |. r ? . ii
BieaMB : indiaat. MM bai naidlr ?**" ? day ot mu la BM
maa III ib'.ugh tuning i'id lefnamg tu be thui ruaitrtaod
p. i..I ....... ,| nil . ... t . tb. ... -i ropi.
? ? I.' .'v ai ' ora ,., ... ti tm. ...? iit.wortb'. rtaller)
... . w ?pt.-ll i -ie.riietl i.i ?*!' VV :? ,.? .|.e. ? ... i? e
, il 1 . ??? e u.er.??. *l ieatt. even .1 tney et.0 ? I : .
Lili* giaa) warn', to ilhiw bar IM pri'-iieg* ot ..'itgo.tig aad
f . . ,i r nuh a KM rr.pe, 'ai.ie .legrer ot liberty
Itiili^ lira i;??To to tit Am ?:.? I'atti t-ik. ??
tin en* ?? il otfera N'ornia ?? an aiirartMa MMj hi
Mit iv .... man. e mal I ipera ttt -eaa.? B?jaara Bm I I
Paiu n.i. the lo.eoi \..i..i? and ?? tr ial .e highly ain at ?
m.t t.^er -,k MaM ? BOT will h*> e a aul.alartial t enet t
.\. re..... Mteei paHM ma wl'l tal
.i T n.'*dfc . .a?:e.i.l . ' NV'-diiea i u i'l.e Uj .-ra >
la lion le .eai.ru for the MBMM
HcaJiTM of rax Citt*? rtM tt- aar! .t mm i I
Inepertor in tin* momiua ? paper aboar* ? ront1.terat.ie a
MBaaaM niortaiii? orer Ma reprn of the prrn.all wea 1
IMBMffBfafl moi 'lor .?..??eaae ;a rea.ttlv arro.iriltJ I
bv the late aiplnabm In H*rae-*i. There ar* ?!*<? *ta rt<?
. . irtial ir .in VV ar.| ? la and Tl rrv tt t
i ....... \! ? in .a -..-ar pever II.? ?
:., t u*!.. Hyaei.ti trid Hi I tter Ji*e?*et n .oa
Ma tt .iei the aaai* at for the pirn..u* week The mona.it
among tmall rbndrrn ha* tnrreaerd IT : thai of adult* ?
mainl? I t 'he MfMlMB Tt.ere B)alMfM ; ropotuoii .
Satire deatl.i in ihe .aat report. u? u.g lo tlie lucreee* .
? a a" Bfct Irea al i iM iatge uumber killed .
BMfBMt Tbe utimber of deatii* In tbe pul.li* uiMtrailon
rea. be* at. or abonI 46 per rent of tn* whole return, i
... ? iea'i.t wer* ttnui.g li.e Imai yraiiit*t W?...
at moi
W ? i ? ? I '.v any MtaMaaMMMBf to
... .. f ...urrea ol de? a aat wee* w. r
either oo: of tbe t. .ty proper, or by irry n'.raord.nai
Cajae. w .11.11
COKTOXATKHI DotBBa. BtaJl H la-di wcrc I
a?*a 'ti aat t. gM JM A. MrBMB BJI * .*'* MM I 'lie Am I
ii ? . ?breebour?. T'e f.mier arted ? I c >n?u.'. i
a BIM Ml bBBBMi |.*eri? -inanv ol Uurtr. of aeieb fub
I I .'it.-retl tnd MfBlMaaa W* ire able BM iu BBMaj
. I I ut ear* ????? ti ihe au'nertt J.*i aa*?i -raeen.ng 1^.
? .-? I. ? ? ii r.f 1 .1 .... a ??/ ety ? I ??:'.'?' .....
? * *t:....y Ii,p. ??.v.c .. 1 VO i?. .1..
Tu* h on i it DttaOTBB an rag Cottsw
l' ?. T'e I ..n.rp .v i *?: r-.. t ,ng i a*?e.| t r -
- t .l.anki at 'he mamBe** af our Fir* Departoiei :
. era i ' ail .... raea.g . If. i i a. ;t... ? ?? ,
i mtbmmm Another raaatMntaaatrad th* Mm ??
tve I IV amtvLrti. fire ' ?>? (? ,t S ? .. I .
a .a .-.r-..-? V " e attie- r a*. ii,
A.d Mu i at r,t Ii? XIJi timed BBB M nad leaen led a
??. ' I ?? i. ? I ,. 4 r?..?:i..i i,, .he uieaei.re* ..i
? . e; >.: .?'?! '.? e ( .?.,; .1 i ?, ... ? ?. ,, a
?ilb ? member ? ? * .vi.*. w . r- , a.eige ,,? ....
ee '..iieciad, bat which ?a* taarMa Uiat ttm amun i
w . t e a ; ? i i'.- .V .lennar: ? ?
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?Sd. r?e tb* action ot :.? lie i i . ,*e f,,] r.-red .
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a ? ? ? .i irti fee A t ni'li,a ro.r
. .i rened that ? K-por .f *.i 'be metier* rueneri.o
? ? e -a;a*iropne lain preparati..a, and wiii prohai
M made at ... al tbr aeat ineeOag of the board M M -
la ? rerui i
?Tbe Speemi Coaumue* afterward prevented a i nnima
atcanim annoenrlng to Ue; 8<*i J be *. MMfBaMBM .'or r
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. ? riitmbefi ut Lb* c miutob OaBMi a*aen.i. .?
al 10 o e i*-i :b.i m.jra!ng al tier CMf r|a.', (.reparatory I
MaMMJ -a '-a* ao.emmur* ad aw dty
h>:L!Ki NOTIC1
tiTV Hill rndav feb ?. BMJ
I a ?airtng of tbeSaacia. i. ,mn..:tee iriiilttil I
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ti a'^L'i'Lanu'.iTTaOawmen te* tbe t it* ot jiew .tei
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r . vi Vb uh.FF.'.V ttatrrea
a;. Kit :r retai .
R? . aIk WiRti Lti tcri? The lecture U
t*r* tbt MmreantUe Ubrary Imiu lailnn UbieTeemg oy tm'.
mit I IBM W.ai of Boat.an. w... ,e ?n *ur?.b?e .jex?*.ut
to Me aaawrriaa friend* who annoyed tbe rr.nmge cf ta.*
paraoaai arnaaiaianra wbil* a reeidewt of tm i ay MOBl
*a to the admirer* af bM gem** to wbem tm m MM aa->a a
aa me j.ltec tw aur of am - Urueii from PtbnTra" Tk?
*?' " ? i "~* mnmwt ? 'MM '' ,> mt -a Be ? pet..
^*r y paMBi M r??n>. rim Mj re. eat rvn: .. j^.-y a^ ,
bagjk *apim I art lie wf eeery thing n^unf to BM I in* Art*
We aaieripebt one or' uw taoet enuiant aooieare* of ib*
ail.t, mal a rtre iB'rlawtaai traaL
Ma-m BtLt -The Fourth Annua. Bail of the
AeTtnm Pand *> ibe ?opp-n i^ taereepec.,. , aged Breth
r*a of tb* Manoaer fraterairy. and tBanr widow* and or
pMaa, ma** plat* *t tb* Apelio on ibe |MJ tea TU
iMject* of no* ec aara^Baaaau and tbe cbeevcter of in* Trca.
mas aad Maaagan warraat aa ia prtmitsag a fMaaaat era
- .aj to Aun * ho auetvi, aod ?- -noTnty i ? orameiiJa.? t
to BaurabM notic* _
T*.t*t> TkUCJI,-A.?jw mm t v.ur*'
UuBiitof*.. H aSeotloe tt tb* lotJiurluee of ihe c*t<h
[ kawwood to th* eufraa-eoaA* ?'?"?d*** f ? '*" >'*?"'? "
Xtrtth Ward. who "??*??? end down th* atrea . ?
?*..?. .I ?.?.tt? ?'!??*' ?:???: ' n ?* -?<?
^j;.,.,,,-,.:. -\ t :-:<bt t j- h* ??:.b*B*?. Oo* *ve
anj- la*t weea t e\ ato; ;-ed lel?*"? a r. w (J k^m*** 'n oo*
tl t*J rro** ?treel* and ai-reamed tire -BOi ?vrrxPo.lv
id -mi the wx-b-w?. wh..-a f:?'-?
J.e* F*rr?t?i3,\ Iber lb*B ?rteti jut in tb* root*** maccer
,o*e.V*. Tb.?., co*. t ?i bBM bl fatft, 'vaiJ b***r
u. bed a_*-a " Sue. weuee ?? lilt* *r? BM '?'*
MT b* raw?-*.; I - ? Ml *i*ht ID llj****'? *-""-*?
,???* \\ %T < . ??*?* * ' ? ? *Tt**' * I*1.'
had tb* muter* ot' ta-au* k?i; ?? *k* -learn all nig' M
ra.ua>**. bv tfct* evil WM u.n o*r Watihaieii ??oa W tb*
nei**ht.?> ct*w??ip*^.**.aadabataiMaaataaa ?
Heart to - Tl -' '?.?*..: *ii. .? 8 A \ri...iftt M
?aeeM-M **? m:*r**l i.*iwe*c in* b.*ur? of J and > ;ee
BMb] BJ ?o*a* Jmrmg ihn ?1.0 ?u :? *ia*ii$',}< wort! *?
ti.,.t*t? bim irp-tr ai*! ?.????? ?{ 'a* .. h. c a'-rt.; :.e
room Ttu? na.?-? rr ;? . : to* tba hoc** baa box. rat bad
HRi" A>:t..it> ?TV ?' . v r. m-i ti -.tr pa. I
. ?t a.-:- ..i tl H - w M Jure* wbon I PM
1. k.?' V . t. Seed*- - W* -*?? art to ram .hat ha.'
tr. -. ??: :-* r >*? ?? tt ? ??. .:-?.? ft ? *???.,?. -
aa. tho ???*?*. *i.. be (tot ot! opbotit MriaM . Ra
? >? . _. ,r. .j . ? .' W dj ? ..?'3 " ' .:
Vr?- tASt I ttii t?ia F??.n tt - A k'f<
??.? a Ler-w.f .ta- **v*rv I n?er?*tl?i *.., etie* ot N. i
V. ? a. i? ok v bp.! W- ?f> rt .t. w ?* ?* I ?
At. .lo R.???::?? i. HtoaJv^a.. oo VV*do*?.lBT ?tTtwitRa* M
? ? ... i'1..;..!-,.*;.,.. ? t? ??
? ; .-a ? . >?.' !.* ? ' ? ?' N*w t -a I .????.
I?i M'-? r ."? >? ? ? ;i * * ?' ? ' ??"?. *? ' ? "'
. i wo :?! ?? ..-.??? . t! ?.:.???.? ?.- *?: '? *?! ir.-at
... . K ti tl i. ' K?- Wt. S tt*i? ?. h-? t* H ?*?
Bad olbrr diaUBtuWbrv! ip**A<" a p?j ?er?., i r.ri i ."n.?
..?..-. m r. t Vrrraoii toj.a.- '* ? oipana
I.KiHtaBilirP -Tio Drurv* tathora.,1
?.? .f ? **r Aat.- ?. * f a.-rrt
Rr*t Ertarr ? Th*lotlowuut NtMNMi,
. ..? J Bi**rkrr F?br?*rt tl ai :!?* Mrrrha. :? Bl
11'. ?!!?? ? k H ?'. i ! ? t! a Wo haa ?? u-'i
I- Ivraj ihaaMadl* :.?,??? fit i?* rii'iat*-a
Pw*l v-t'i, h. rvt.'t? t.inh aad Tal ?.?;?? ??? Pirna .
rai atvan ??ra ot toil, roawibar wtdk tbaaiaralad arada
at partic?Tar ...-an?. iaak*a it Iba in. at aVatrabWi al
, ... a..! ?? ?? ?'? mi Ml abba pan f rap |
Ii rrraan* rtta . at! ?r* '*?r- that ? ?>?? n*ar!. ? I th* '? ?
ii? mta?dl?ba aicimty h*** baxai parraaaad by paaaar td
. . ,. kal rr rti g id ar k mm a- .i m*U) baiUl
>. . i. ? ? . ... - . ...I ....tat a i.i ia? '
' mi t* ar>. in rap.d progr*?*
BtTtTTtxaToar'a Paii?tiinm -v ?? btliata ?'i
ran :i town b> viait tku aalla>ra ?I Ita- An I n|o% Tba Al
?rr . ? ... ? ? - i...: i I ? la u-a lad 1 aal
. v . i ; aa tb a.!?tv ? t Otalfe and BBBA] Oafea) paMB*
; .? Wa ara utpuy to kara thai OUaVVai * N
..... *.* j? ??"?to <f th*ataooai Ta*artaal auba
r .,. .-h.., .1 arr.ini... ... i'a. t) ChtMiaO BU) *r* It
Mr?, ra Dobii* aad h.onii*?l? < itwOOBI rwit u tonlajr.
UttX)*TJ.l N ITaaMI
OfOlbSI B Kl?? ?K? AliliTiiiKO lievr. e B Fltl
? 1..-.1 ?, i.i? r. ai irr.,?-. lit CttMOaa *anjr Tr*:**dav in.
fa' llo v aa lor a lOntj .u* l'r**i.P ?; . i I. ?? C I? ?: ?!
ii I, . . i. u.l a '?? . ?? i. ? aar t, ? Ko? 1 ? I f i ..-??? ?
H-'waaa iiirml^r of iha Common fuiimut fiom th* Nir,th
kVaai, a I aat .?? ? laatAMM *i. ti..N.r,th\v*rdo??rr
!.al a --?
St ICIM ?A man. a li.-ruuu, uamo lad laaru* ',
Lue? taaaaal tat a ban at Rai aad Nr. a. ta ajja .r, a ?tat.
tfaipanHy taaaatty, aio.it |* a^rtaat ou Baaaay, wt.i
Hb -rr ? - <* M rl.iLC'. a
Hi in.-a i oiiiiiuttiT 11 la.tio* a ii aa at ? ail
inrf at :h* Bro 'i. I taatatiM aavlag Baa art* noon ;.. rt- ?
,; . ? t i . i'.!.r llaa-r . RBbVTBN
'"?/* H< nry Oi ...- W i ? l.aa U'. ti appon.t .1
Ii t Sbrrtif of Kina* t.'< UiitT
OBI-KTKI) I n. >tr?.ia - \p| u at on walina ir
'alrnlay for wril ol *ar*r,ii MrOaa I.r Jairr? Ar.intp. i
? - l.ta i? t i r.r . r. i, hi hrforeib* llr*nd Jurv P. tn
. .n rr attaa m aat a, ? t |? Wm 11 !"*.? ??
I t'" in- Si?? tn Auiin.itary of lha llriai?iji.
i BBMai ti. r . r t an.l l.ibrarv \a.. . .ai..ui ttIrl.....
...iMat i at u>* Br r.K in laattfate
I'lT** l?ur Ili.H-.l.n ir.ou.ia ?lunil.l ,ii ?r the
.i \ \ Ai ? i ...' K ..' .ii Bnaafctar* an.l IM it"
? ? . ... i and I i rwada* ? ? f arveraf ,r aa t am
?.? -i ?a >ba ...a..,lar'i.'V "i r fiUbaarl B C'O B ?????*,
aalt ua** b. r?- >??' ? (hit.foil lor a lew .1? a
H IL '. I AMaHl UU I n Ml
CP'Til.- I ail mill I . atival. by tha la.lira of tlie
k i,. i ii. o ' ? I l . ????da ?? \\ . .alllablllrb
i.?.d. U. ..u Ki-ai-t a Baa aAmaaaaa aaai atvaaBaf al PM
ia- i- . il |M I ? MBMMl Li?.. i ?Hl ib* atf and rveointr
?'< ./ I. ? ? .1 l . Ill .1 , .a. r .,; iuee..|lu. Ml I f.
:end?B r i? i arue*'.v w. ? I
Si iI IM ?Du B M I"'. BafMI Join..Swan, a BoOti Ii
waa r. baaidBmj ?i Nat th onvrr ?t aaaMBMal *oirid*
.?? ?/?.,,? in. ,i ? . ; a lai. oil llr it?? MM Ml
BiaCti Brad ?BttafpaMMl| Maaat*hMj and a phydrian
eaa aaai Bar bat all aamrta ao aara Mt BM aiavaal aaaeatl*
.,? n itinl I tii .ai.-iy arrival ;? u.e *torr-*bip F.-"?
a.i . I a i i . .-li lep ? r.-.l V I -al t '., aa . ,.? ?,* w.aiid d..?i'. >.
? " -i i 1 ?? i ... ri i,.;,t i,,.,i.nai on Bm body, aod a
- ..... e ia . ataive (i?fm,.>' wai H ?
from Jainnlra.
H to* anival al Ih - ttaMMM Cm robe* aat para
Ulla ?? ba.e ft. a ?.| Ui* Airiy.f/a Jfn J.tntmll ... tbe til.
Inai. but nnit no cwwt ..[ iinpairian. r fb* Hoote ,.i Aa
?aaaWr/waapMaieajaM ?.v Ba* iiar.v ia MaMttaMaal
I .ie,.lav in? itav ul Mailt, .eyi i"i* follot-rti;* are
an...it|V MawM i'aaar.1 Bj Iii*-Ameuil. v, whVti MM "
? -1 ? aar . i ' .. i. .-er? .r i at .? , s... < ai. i
i 'H .r. i. e,:.. .-an ? l.rarii.a" Interval, Loan ?,' Mlt<>.'<t" P\
? ? i : - r?ni Ve?a*:? fmui ail lourmf* D?r?. Trab?
' r ,.[ Parochial Kapendnure.
A I BM Thai* - A train ? aiue inovorthd Euo
RalMtai )'.?'.rr W. MaBBMtbJ /.??? ???. .rArrf MM I
a.l iu I) ioadad with pr?der*, be The traia wa* a third of |
MM ui Maja? anu n probejuy the MBMM "Bin everdiawn
uTrr ? uieicbab.il/* roa.1 Amoiy 'be loadli.ir ware . i
?11 MBMj M 'i a?J ?l.**p, a ial any n MM) ot i?? iM lead
t?.|?. IBBI taiiiaky, b.- hi fbe boaiaea* ul tbi* Mad
a i,. i, i ir*, be. be Late w ui uu.'y be limited by .ta rapan
i. for d im* it
- ? , ? vi, i it yartiti'ii -
i ? :?? ' ? M.aa. oki.alia a i 41'. h i i. a i ..
- ;.'MN i HkUlf . -.
**r i .?:?'.,; ...?...m
Ae.a. it Mtu ?? ? 1 . add.tt.ib Ui tbe ;nr iincrtdMlM
n ona 'he et ? Ii a, ,f uaurai ?od odMr larMaMra
I*-.' ?' a I- '?'? 'he . a I lev b*a. Pa.-.b m.M..e ?*d . ou. r
'?? i. ..-..lall ,n? al ib:? 'aiat.itarinieri' are all. ?r.l.rr ,
? -a-i-d ft., urre.,1 ? Um teMMrj i.. *??.' w.o. r ?
T?'. i . *[.-. net BM paiitomune of "Trm Birth D*|
a?tr are aiir..,..':i e.1 f,,r afieMBOT MB BVBaaaB
si-Lt.suiLi AlOAL CABOt
PO*" Kf-aiared B tle rrvuK beautiful luatir.rr *nd prur-.t
*!.?.? ? ????? . , -,-ed -ai la
A ?i<" a.-or-r ei.t ^itt reei ived fr'.a- u.e nin*t reietrat* I
?uaj.utact'irer. n Pa.'ia add London at Fa a an* U ? 6Mt I ?
??? MaatBl ?nn rnt Ut Card?, ?'S Broadway, r..n,er l> .a. -
?t Bran.-b off..* 1 iV'ali-K.
f?P" vv u ante tbe aiwntaiti .f r*p,ia.i*'a M dm aeie Iy
A?Tn..*i i hi rrcaca .? ?? day. *l I at ih* M. i
? ha.-.'a Eirbarife. of tier fotitwrnf aaluabie prM"".*.' ?'
M Ma** and lot aa Ma aone-we.- aMBM of Junr? . p
atvi U't rt ?i ' re* t.eir-aUiry \,iun laj'.dmf*"'! '; ? 1
1 act Bbaaada oa I??.?>M E*?r Avenue I Ala... I e
.ra?e ,i MB w.tb 'he baleilaf* BMeeori 1 It Hon*tor.<t ai ?!
TTI Bmieiil ii Ai?o 'be ?.aiae aoal lot \tj KUttrbvaveone .
loaiae ai.d .ot w .'b a ai ea in ' rear on T' ,f . ae-.*utb..|
r." p .-. h and Klbth ?r?r i?? '!e- li ??e of .ot ?. t
BM baolaiaf* tfcaareoa, en MtnUiceuue not.- Tlnrlj alijall
Me benae *nd mt kmrwo aa it P.Mei t' betw?tie
orand and Hrtiir eta . and the bona* and ?x i n fw.air
nttb-ar. near .NtatA-a.?n?? Map* at tbe aic'ioo nxim, 1
fb-OOLrat VVtrrt j ?Wanted eo<A.t ??? more rood Fad
a eea tr> po WeaA. where they W1? rereive |*M per tun,ar d
atendy m.ploy met t P?*e wiabiar to go ou*, arm c?*
r.a? e a* U.e I'lreace* are rapidly Silin? ap Er.oulre of
IM ? I BMIBB a (. Br| ?eiaai MerrhatU. Mark**. Bear
Pourb-et PblMdeipbia Pa?aaee* pabi out ?fieui*
tW IdMM it , i f UMBBatl BMBMBj ua it iaa.
laa Ennai CiT i. M* (Ml aa.-t, CHaauan., aa.-,
1 ia ...at i ity a^aattajM of every deaenptiua, b.r
.. a ?,-e ?-.ar. ?? - M MaaMM at onr ofhce, ai.u
?? and -atrial , <?i. ?^..i-.er..
aad ail part* of the (robl Mmra tn rta/re of a (peciai
aweeet jer. OaVeM Broadway, corner Wao-*L
llflw- ALBERT WELLS, ApA. Mtuae.-r
ataar._ j|? lv
OF" The j-real poyu an'v ,f Lr..a ? M*|oe'ir Pvwdria.
m of Beabaia Corknavrbea. end aj other
9 peruee to waaBtaciure a *wt
a fur ??.* aboal Ibe Mreet*. Tb*
proprtetor oi tbe onetn*. and ianair,? artice aa* ua *_m.i*
in tba* c uy. aad u can be purcbmmd on It at tba depot; ut
BrueateaT, ?baeu*b*r be 4xa.r.ed F:H* for ibe tnmaa
(>?t Day l.-Uer by Elertne TrUfrupk /torn L,
* Ja m mt I UfTJMhM I
U. i.i . ?f Rrm
Hy a.ivi.et from Turk*. ,.| tir iit.tt uM#
iea-ai that lieu B.-tj:. rfc?. H .mrar.ni. Fatrnjt ?
l*j'te-i tu ha?? died ?uddenJ?
?vtrH.tirr?*. td^taht. J,. ?;t>,
im K.p?ii itranjer hai arrive.1 with tha hen
.- " ? ? : :' ? .:>?!.* M*. ? A::-. : , _
are St I Trittietit. who haj MM) Lmie rr.pV
aa i:.' i r. m Ak. li. ?. an.l Sir W n. trowan
L. r.i t.-Wi-h w... ooaaa mm m tu* txt pack*.
IM I '.>?'? ? "? irthraltar i?n the 2oth
MM af tbr Market*.
MaKMatta Sa.urda* Aft?rtw?c
J ? iJr A'.* 'f ?Th* market ksjiv kj *o tmle? Owl it ,
? . ?? . rm,{,.r :? tew '.?? . .. . i .. gft*| aat *.-.
Thr M. i .?? and "itiere merkrt. io-d*y ha?? (?jea jy . u
Sena ? ?? -t ? . i b>* . ii ? ?itftr Jee.'tne Q'.guc. .
? ? m iraeaM .. . .ttt* a.
i .-;.?.. ? ? r mvt.ev * ? a
ana Pet Ceaa* a*,./ H
J N Wr.u-rn Ml-, a
? !. .-?. . ll.an??'
ra; \\ - ... rw t
r . . .? . r?.?r??t lu de\ it' rm mtt ttm.lv ? I .
'it .'hao.e In |?r:,-a>* rnrr*' ;? t ut.-deie'r a.'en.la...
I'r.i.l.. ??? . ? atuourl :o atv.^.1 * ?**> bale* .u tt
a amt ?.. wnart a:..".
. t a '' ' I Sur*' ??
. . "i J??' r.*>i nan
llitaui'-airt'rt ( ni*etro|.hi .
COROWEa'l I a*|i'Ati Tlu' ea.eiiiii.at am m i ?I.
- tir i'*?lrnph? ii H?tJ*?.. .,*?.,
HBaM! niumiti* l>*fot.. ? ?? t ttm r BMJ tana* rw
H *a e,at'?r I?. th* MM "I" BM MBMBMJ tl .-?I
U> .letrrflf II riya/. wa* it lard to Hi* tiaad aad t*.:
? M I NI 'I ttr.-adv.*), I Iwvr no BBBM I
ti a 1 i art. .?. 11 at d tl* .'????.? rt ?? . j ...
?aa MlMaeaaee a* M aaiaMM ?*? Ma tat *a
a ' . ?tat. lad ttt il * i ???' *?ued ti Ih* end ot it
a. ? ??1 *>Y all V\ airrinai. I , , , ,
a <??.. : .:?? .t ?:. '<? tl.r a*,taaie It.r..
/......' fwad*. ir. ?1 ? v ai N.. *, Iti^ti. *: ....
h*r k**|?ri f"r M Mi* tt ilijui rt in taid MM, tl
mtf ? t? i'i mt hai'il ti . >'n.', / to tn* b>n<t* firm ,N a)
Ml J?> t.'.Irtl.k afMllf Ina dy Ih' dltnb vvrrtbrt,
i. ttt a b* araaM nal aMM .hi.-* a w?*h. **??***,;.
a alaaa b**je* brealMl b? Iraak a van ?n ?., . tt?
? ? aa M taanibaf . t ia* ...... at.* I ban
? va n hi in I.? tmin titan a \ rti au.! nr. aa mm 1.11.10
. 11 ? ?. a . 1. r an. u .nt ape mm Mia* at 1
11. A I r?mictr ot Newark \ 1 IriliB**! ra*i.?iaiww
1 ail 1 km ? h>- ? ttm a ;n. hr? thnk 10 tb* taul
ry, and l-'incl-r? f>.*n l*t ;?? th* rea l, whtrli era* rv.
I wub tta :** ?' tie* * ta ta th* rei.ai ?ulk r.
??. ;. a- ?n KuV 'i. at I a
in? wi i! ii ivtu/nr. .|rd ?!
. BM and OB irlai I tucuJ M <a"-e >m
. .|rd al . 1.1 i. <a*
' mt ttm > t
...i. i.i.l ali.ni t t'lary ui. Iian.d . vai'ia '
* . 1. ?1. Urr aad tm mote M lefabrai aa 'h* . ??>?.
atU.'ll Wl M. tU ? !....'? Ua* allttril Iv BM Would bm U.
. ? 'an '?' ii.? to ihn tu'itir m, h , I lamar
. ... 1 - -lie- 1. rt >? .? ha.1 '..tt takrt
Ii araaad anaa aaa Ml 1' ih* nt* aaaaettt atiiuti
taken lontiiBiim tbi* eaavaMiima i .r.jur.n ,i .v. h
ti> ink* Iw* oi tha laactaMa imu. ih* kaildiaa and n
\. 1. ar'i ho h? I, I ?'? riri, 1: lha ion*ol lbe?t|
tiearmno*adBi. ikaai MtaMi had Maa irmr
Mr. i .? a BBrialf canm to ma imaabmMa. aMl mm
lion. it.at in" Iw.:'. r ?a.ail.1 rarry i**' ai. am. and I IBrrrai
. :? ? 11 <? n ... I., al tlie ?101.? nine .laadini
rroni of 11 a pet met. ..nCJn.. e .it ut afareaath, alter ek
? in te I 11 V ???11 woik it thai prettnre n-r two41
urrviou* . hi ??;...?.-ii. I loaoliktnfcmi Pniiueerw?
1 ..... ... .....i.i .. .1'? 10 II.v auntie 11..'Ii ttiibuM 1
. r .? '??. .. ii .?1 Ike area la M beMM m
IM waa a* at) ma ??an? .>in*i paatMa <>i .1; on ta* i
|>,. 1 it'tb* wttei pipe war Inn tt, tail MBM I
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NewUriean* ti Llerenparr, *a* $172.230 " U, wai'.tl fill
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r. al Company for January, l*"a*. wer*
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burgh tb* new la Engtttb RBaema Loan, ax to. *k*mrb* tb*
auer.uon of ibe .-bora war art bow Uumr kVtwck* ar* tot
V. H.to, Coupon*. Indian Mouey it 14P canal Mr pap*,
and Id', y rent M .oant oa Coffee, br. ia wturb tber* ka*
herb wild (paxmlaUon, toiiowed by a ter.ou* deed**-'
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Cniled Stale*ii*.|M7 Jta *ad Jaiy i'Hjd-<*
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Bem-Ttark Mia "m.laii Cluarurrly tt I J
New Y.ek rtJtte V* . .114* to vi taVaartawly tri e ?
>ew Vor? State ?a.1*??> ?auaner 1/ ha? ?im
>** iork Cd? to ... 1*65 to"7e U.ianetiy ? * m
Penntyiranu? w E? !).?..-P*b tnd A*< ?1*2
'AbwaJt.law Jaa.aadiaip. ? *jj
ohioto.1MB Jan. and Jar*. Ida ????
Mataacr.utettt Va alv bdt. iaM Aprti aod Ort IM ' "
I ..n.- tte.llTB Jan aad July 44 O tt
Mir . ?cd h (to bd*.- Jan aad July **m~
M.a*.**,pt i??.P,r* Bk.'aimlu Jao, **vd J*iy * ? -
Mai* fcp.b.1 .ion banb - May *nd Nu? I? * ?
A at.ane %.lMi Mn* and Nov. ???
May aod ?'ov. M * ?
Jai. andi.ly ? ? ?
iti. a.l 1.. ? ? *
4MMMM ?br bdt.. lBie-e-M J
V r^in.a to.1**4 J_ ,
VArriaml*.1M7 te Ii Jaa and Ja.y. M a* *
Ktmturay**.IBM Jaa and Jaiy tt d? M
Piorida 4*..- Jan aad Jafy M *> -
Tb* Bolivoe ia the Baaa uf Eaciand raacMa mlt'.?Jm>
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