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QT Im order lo accommoflHte 001
readers with all the news ootof Mad
our advertising friends with the in-or
tion of their favor*, we this morn ins/
issue a Supplement, whit ii \ww com
mernl to Mark notice m txmtUR?ig
matters which will pny for read
"A Paltrv Creature " who <?<;- Um
Demon Review is therein in?!;r-e,i ?
it contain* also a Protest aninst live
Austrian Oppression and JVihdv bj
the tTMMgintn Refugee*, now arn'?n_'
ut; two columns of Reviews ,ui<1 Noti
reu of New Hooks J Letter? fron W
inp-ton ; doings of the Legislature, \rith
a great variety of other interesting at
The Ca.vada wil' irrne at th.s BI Ti t ?
moraine We ?hell Batttsh Ml aMMBM oi ttM !"?
retro N?ws it. <mx Y. ? V. ..?< t
rF*T" RMMI r?.u Tiir BCBelAJUAJ Exir i - -
The City Meetirur aitlie Tabernacle, t., ?. | |
to evince the put-Ik- syrupsthy with aaBMftaBBM
Hungary end her e*il*<! I'atricts MB n " M
U, be, mint be, en overflowing OMf It It mm
?'ui probeb.y will rn> tho last ooe ever baM Im ra
with tint diatinr-t purpose. .Ioh.v V*v Bi fir", :?
H'-wnnoi llM and jAttre 1 rlKAnr have
certainly promised t. ?;.. nk, while Davi.'i f j p. a h a m
end TH?of>oRr Sr. Down k will do to unless pit I Ml
*d by MsM i* iiliiCM Wo trnat th<: house w,ll b*
early filled by Uv>se wl>o ere st.x'ous thnt I r ; ?
?hell foel that the vn-tnns of ki.".-y pejfMorv ?nd tn
overwhelming force of allied tonepiratore air an a*
the H elite of Man never a< > k in vain a ?'
Mf a home in tins country Wo truat Una vt m
a meeting to he epoken ol with pride hy N'-w
Vorkera and with admiration by lover* of Lit>criy
throughout the ein ized world. Men bi lirurt BMd
souls I bo early at the meeting to anfiel
The Hold-Over (inane.
Two years or more ago, our Leeialature er-at o
the office of Cominiaaioncr of Jurora lor mm ait*,
takinc from the Sheriff and givin? to him KM w I.
b'lauieai ol MMN ting and sunirooijirig JtVeVI I
fity, receiving fines, Ate A' The MMa MM <if laid
("eromissioner waa devolved on thn Supcrv.sore
and Judc a of our ''lty, who neiv.rilmRly fn**t soon
after snd appoint".) Mr William A Wal'o.- W<
believe he had ear majority ? n majority not of tl.
Judge* snd Supervisor? aeparstely butot the MraMalt
in joint meeting. It wss s BCBWutJ msjority iad ?
polities! sppoititment.
Mr Walkei was formerly a zealous ami active
Whig, M thst did not pay so he turned MM eoat
whiie a member of our Junior General PotaBllltns,
and enliated at Tammany Hal1, where he has had
much better fortune tLau with ue It *? miataki
r.or, re baa Leen in oasce at Icaat half the tim.
aiuro he mm us. This is all right?Ins Man sb hi' I
tho [lower, and if ba rrwle thotrt rntherhard lor a
neophj te. it was their huainoss, attain Hut in
pMH ess ol time the MBit has torio d na'xinL him.
* that ihe ft syoaSMSTaM a la aha appariaaAaaj pcrwei
o>erlnniis W hit- Hy that maiority. Mi J. H.
Hohart llsws has been aeleeti d to Mooted Mr
Wulhei, and the i (min? .Inly indicated. Mr Flswi
la a man la no respect infoimr to Mr \\'aik< r?w?
think in most his superior II? has seldom m m v< .
held an office ol profit, though he tins seen more
political MtVsM tlisn Mr Walker, tBaaAaMf BM
Isttor a ellorta on hoth eiitos While Mr Walker ?
Iricnda were iu powei . bt held OSaVst with .t l I
JtatMM nova that thry am out, vac think In- OMgBl
to he willing to shsre in. n lortunea The MMtJ
tution ease i lti. ee ol which the tenure ie not stated
aha.! be held st tho altBBBM ot the tppoiBtin|
power Imt Mi W tllvtl 'e own plensure ia ' It
and he in? aus thai tins ebsll overrule that ti I BM
lurity nt lbs sssemhled Ju.litea and tsup* rviama
rio he holds over, and puts Ml Haws t" Iht I >
penae of legal pro? i'oiiin". to oust him This ia
game to whuh Ins politi. si BM thr< n art < Bi Stalvi
ly BtMMMMa They IBBMBbI u? ?d Htlatch'i ?<
nnurit of our Italian iniiau nl vieiters,
" Whon* ' leal farewella' ?iui Unter .. si i -
And, like a mm < ?'. Bat t| m M *
We loatlio the meanness of teal II ttstj wlD
unite with u? in' proai i ihing ptoai i i('l. ? ? . '
w ith two thirds ol tho W luiis.stsud ichiI Bk tMtl
into a eolemn and BttMMM? i mlrai t M i i t M l.n*
any man removed trotn OMM cM ept tor wi ? <l caue
other than political, but ao I. dj as th y raAsM tl
and insist that ' to the in tors beUuu; tho apoila i
the vsii.)iiiahcd, lli??y 'oinpel ue to meet tl.em i.
that grrnind To keep them in while thes BsMl i
rhsiu e to torn ns . ut w. uld n >t beprosei ihi 1 il
lewsrdins proaeriplion If they were Maly, tin1,
would aconi to take 11 lawir they va,,j:,! n, t ..;\c
Mr. Walker baa been two yeara t'ointn.aaioiier
receivuniseonipenssti. il tiiat of tl.ono ami iiin-e
ol tl.SOO per Sillium, under a icsolution ?Iii' h ox
l> essly asys that hid snd lus clerk a aalanea art t.
" bo pant out of the receipts ol asni oflice, t-ki a
rxml iaM f*< af^tMB*MW.a Hut tlM>se rei e pie BMSM
Aoiv been ? paid into ih,> Trcaeun al tl Omti
be paid over BMH) as surplus remaining in Mia
hands, but no regular returns or receipts have been
made by him, much lees any recular ps\ to - oa m
and drswuig his salary as the resolution rc.j'in ee
We believe an honest an.t thorough tMMMMI >'! hi^
ItMBtftJ aud disbursements would shew hun a.lrhtoi
to the t'Uy this day to s heavy MMBMt Yet bt
withholds hia returna snd bosM on to the office,
keeping tait his sp|avinted aticceaavr, and Loco
Foviiam upho'.da him in hia ivurac We trust thr
tVuilaaiil ape. Mi Haws and the t t>
.luatice _
Oar Town Kleciteata.
The Whigs of our Stste hsve gcnersHy been ui
HBjk} in tho Charter snd Town Elections tln?
Spring and mainly for a MBBM thst BBM not tf
pear on the face ot the tclurna The uuesuon M
licensiuft or rvfasuik* to license tbeta'.c < t Intoxn-a
ting Liquors has almost sverywhere been s con
trolling one in these Khs-tiotis. overbearing and tf
facia?; party lines in msny rases. Now the greatet
number ol tho Temperance men a \ ^l .a ? : . .
a avajority of the li.]uor-i'riukers with nine tenths ot
the dealers are of opposite politics Thus s MAM
t roportieu ot" the Whi] BfMMtM ?>'r Supervisora
and JusUces have been Tcmpcrauce mco, while s
like msjonty of the oppoein^ candidate* wer? M
tavor id ? the larsest liberty in turn se'.luur anu
dnubitig. This lact hss compelled msny Whigs
who like a * aocial glase, or the profits ol"dealing: h
out, to vote tho L.s. K.vo t.Aela or r, a . boat
votiug alto?:cther. in some instanees. the ataMk i
of caudidatcs was reversed? the Whig *vin< t v
'License' and the Loci> Fiw 'No License.' in
which case many Wbics baited, whue the Loco*
went the regular t.cktl any how N\ tuiaatc as
either party may, the Temperance .jueatiou alwaya
did and alwaya meat damage ueiu Town Klectiorie
when it operatee at ail. It has been universally
effective this yesr, while our ?: :a.-. ? .ats hsa?
been thoroughly united, as they hsu uct bevu lot
aauue > ears bedorc. They have made a ,'ood thing
of it generally, ttaviigh many Counties have ?knie
unusually well for lustamc
(VMllt?A CO -iSupervlaoral
M aas M av l*v La,e
A?x N MarMbed, AaoaviDax, Komr,
Aufuata. **?"?- l>?wrt>. ,4. ?aiteaeweesd.
BoouviUe. Stewbeu. Koieoc, Tieouaa.
Sodsewate', I'tVa. N W Shrju. ( j^a. lal W
CatJea, tX? *> W Le*. Vaano*.
Kuk aad, Iba I h W Many a wauae.
Jdaian*: , \erv*a, Keaaeera V\ ?
Wlnieetowc- 13. Masuncie-and-ia,,
Uoar.1 feed- TetopeartUKa loat the Whig* the
Superviaoro of Trtiitoo, Re ma en, atal Westmore
MlSj Mae*. Ur*. fos*.
Autvjra, 1st W, I..<ae, Auburn, tib t\ , N^ea,
Do. M W , Meats. Aarelbaa, S.srlwa-.
Do. 3d W, Owaaco, Hraitaa, dcipks
Caio, HprlafBort, C.eaoueet, seen*a? a>.
BBsunce, MaaVai UUi, Ira.
Owuo*. Veeilce,
Uttverd, Victory-14.
I Mora vis aad Semproeuua to tear ftras ]
?Tb? t rinn' praising Mr. Webeter!
for th.- ti'ft true, wc are confident, in hu lOJ s
and eaasaasB r?r^r. Dtun. Wraarr.K Ihm -arn*d
the un<-jUB.itie-! j ra ??? of Tioma* Rt><-' ? "f Vir
pisja k l{ Edmum i Bmm af ^w Hampshire 1
Th"ir BBMgs, MtaMae, like Tar //Va.'d' Bflre, tMajld
BM BBaaMBSJ tat slArtory. ?tateerrAnh'r. I BOTISaMibll
oi ?t . T?>:..r a i. r Mr ' ay a i ' ? '? : ?
fr) tiie adjuetm?nt of the flt'ery Bentation- tnv h
lese of any Northern Free) Boiler?it in raptures
with M-. ?ter'e i r"*jo?;t ? ..? '': " ' ?
' (hol'
?? .'. | Utm - -Pt.K< !l
Tbl* -cer^rfo! en<! n? rj epeea* ie Mo ho? of ine dar It
o? .. . .. . -. : v~'eMe
u * i.??" real ? ? aaeoea biNeeaeseflesa *
he'.de of oi- '-p-r-r-s. and ?- ??- -?
v-. , ' ;..r... " . v ."? ?.*-? Wr ?!,??
V??.lj ..f, ?.).??> iti? ??.'? ?'. l'.o-.r'ri wc er*
es.,'.. ? ? leeei ? end r??.. . awj .? ??
,t :-.r s o'i. v? .. i.m atl ?'?k?r m d.i* teaera. f: . ?
'.. ? a . in
?;.?*/! f/tn* ? hie i irr -.??n'e *??,?. The'
waem na' ger Discard was treadle -.? Lea ?
Bei .. I .' a ??*? ? ?? aasas I wtea else* n aa ': i
eoteil^'mti w hich la einaceaaerT ia a roofed?, tl ana
? u. w ' <?..! ?" a a- ? r . ?.; v a- '
? ? ??' .r. 'a tX .'a,.* wt di .a v. strnci n nr-.
aseeatkas, am.d iaa rJeaaors M faction *..d Dae nary ..:
seed aa ?et I mere w?r.tiag ag aase*, the cr.cs.
? ? .; -? . . et.evl ui*-? in Cnnre.. were
o.'we't '?? r -a "" r.tn :..- ' r-??-f, ??} se?? "h".'
country T'.e i'j'..' v.. .?? re/?n ;?, t . . or the Senat
'rom Maaea't.'iee'ie lo tf.e r- .,f B:' t.ed '?? ?
?a - rrure an meet Baa eeeaetea 1 Was Bw aaaaaaad I
nek eveclfing '??? nie rnon're' There were anxious
lo, . ? i.-. <-ra r"0 a ? . ? M rh wea aa i a. -. n. . i - ?
? ? ? Tne trial lar r. r ?nd h- baa | e?e~1 BM I ?r\
>rd*al. Ill o-ill pea?..re f. eav'r.ar Mr Wei r- ??
e?en exceeded ibe " public ee|er'a.tKiti Ha Baa ??**?*? a
? 1 vet ro-n i. airov r . .ii- a a auiiabaa to Bee aWaaej
via the eer* ceeuharti ' 5 * iiueatitaaa eeBerjeea theaatf -
f t..? eearae ? ? ? ? Mr MfeaaaaM baa .a:
moral enrage to r..a I. aaaati f r ata t .ur.irjr Ha
jiruft ed hr 'he rare oj pnriumty arfelrh preeeoted it??.f. and
arweed btaaaeaf weedJaj M o.e .?-ra?-?? Aad eran ?
low ef,y<*rele wl.li him in ihe ri??rio-ja caure which he l.a<
^. d I a eeeed ' tVaa wil uuhe wi'a him tn uie ad ?ai to
?al;i retail U e lorrh of ciril dlj^-ord. ard t" ae>'? tr.<- I I
net..' "f '"1" "kl bj a linera' ?jretem of r'm
piaaalia ai d i i geeeboa I Trv Coneti.ot.on waa tram?<; la
tin ?,..ni of comtiiomiee aad eq'iaiitjr; and hy ti e eatne
aelrtt U aa i?; ba Beabaaaiaad. In ibis epirit ail our | reee-1
l ?t"vr n ? can he ad 'naied, and the ehip can be ee?ed fror"
'<* pert IS wtilr.'i 111. relied It.
?Mr Wfebater hss a atom;- head, and we tniat
-ai su'.-'i Ustterics, ar.ticipstory or comi'ensatory,
trim aaffed to tum it. Ha wil jmt find that the
art hut Judas UstSaV "i -cti ko rn.a okd a .d betray
They were dearly earned, and will vaniali like tJbfl
lews ol sutiituor M. WabatereMMsMtoaAbialIII
Btirhai.ati it. tho PlO''ai?a;ld!ste, isvor, Bt.d if i.
ou)d his etre>rl intcntm. s Would Bfl I itilo. Wi
liiuot wlit thrr ho ca.. i arry a sine* ? Noitb. :r.
Win/ veto bes.de his own even to t..-; ext' i.t ...
In ated in I.is .Speech 1 i ain.rt the sp . .T
i betel 0M I i.- a., pr.rties cneattcd in it. They ban
mis d. r;. ived cs'ii ot tar aad oaaaatejtaasad them
? The .Moral Tliealcr.'
Such, if wo mistake not, wss the chsraeter ea
;n>. ial.'y aspired to by tl." p.'n.. Ii' itee in r.ur ('it
which MB s un" io i.tl.e j.net hss aTBSBt! fat at I
asaalar db tma seareela inlaniiliMtd pfiifia iaanrr I
i BBaT rrtBlsfl irtlBtl eMessfan1 ' The Hi iiout Fan. J
\"nt bat itaj aecn tins pia\ leir v iailed the thesti .",
are obbMaot safelj criticiBoeitber, but an admirin.'
FssaaOjBl BOtB (' K.nt j writes fully ol them in the
MeaseJwaraaf, aad rerj doli?bte*]ly la the ma: ,
"it with a slight demur in relation !<? t. e . o |
?he plaj . He sh\ a,
? ? "Iaa eiittr i M 'Tea Isrtoaa ran y' dls?nctlj
?h 'i>?ea to have n n ?rn_ uri 1 '?? 'i .iX" .va wink ml.a.-ivie:.i
.. IIa bSeUlOeUflCL It l? ;liei"lore bm uiitair bm i, .Lrrai lot
m to taaadre what ibat Boeal is i wbeeAear B is aoaad aad
?s ... . ... tie. eaaaarewj. Tt.e aaeeeaa wtnc'. Ibe s-noi.a
Kattnly la sppsttmi> Mbrndsd so convey may ba expressed
ii a saw words Seppees Mr Tnilaese, si Sba eeaesasbsa
if tin-plsy, lusilvaiiceinilie tootUrbta and l<> hi.'.ounce it
.ii ilna brli feaUogae, Leun ? and > Basb aa a at low eenrsr
lers tkruii^l \il* to aoui" haven ei other von peic?ive lin.1
?lypocnav nrallgaoa moahoeesnd rtdicaloaaa' tbeeel . II
ia heat to I.eve nomine, particular to do with reiiflon. It ia
oe.? bba, vou see, to bertebte. iiaoeaaasaek. Iberefore, pi..'.
ab!y. It w'. uM he baM not to lie rtsbtBOBS el till BbSai M ?
uevolence and he^^iuj-lellei charity, von obserrs Is s lu.li
..r?.ua Iiuk'.i.i ?a . Itiereiure nie.ljie no with afy seh?-ni" . i
eaiaaidad beaaaaroeaace Kst, drink, snl be bsstt/, ye itet
aase aaaaaRi er i nti.. end. as ih** lacei.ous CartrMobeareeek,
m\ tae worldaiasaad >ou gaaiei iir..ieha* .i i.ker. v.a,r
epplauae ah'-wa that'heee inn decidedly a our ae ;.:..i;> i:'-.
Bad acct'tdinaiy tats pbre will be repeated i very evening
mill turther notice ' Hal! ol this spoecli Is true aaottfb.
ihe o'.het hailla.u. j fiila^ . tt.e premiers are ?01....I.
Meeaeeauuarty iaa taaMfary. It M the tralh. asoveoi r,M
MB mot a! ? Ba a nth Hie and:. BCesa BapatBaSa I 'i* truth
Dbs) roll as a saaM aanesM aader Oss?r toaeees int met?-i\
let the . ?. ? i reflection Mr. Bsraett renalult
wou.U hoi del.berate y make mr ?mtniaiiona ma...?
ed. m i it appear* lOtVS pr. aeni wriier la 1 In *a> leflei 1 are
?i"a' 11.C? 1 thai k.n|.r.' eVw ? take 'l.erit W. 11 I 11 1...! I.e.
? . peseta e. ? .iiiout Baysstafl N i?r n* laaBamaaMl parpess
..f saewlaliniiK he npn 'a ??' .10 hevi a- otdo.1 Hi s ttrrai Ue
icci i Tim naji ?i> b'i akeeusat dee toe for diet ..uiminn Dae
sleek Aauaadabj sal ailgM no: h lew weeds bare been li
rndaced n badaeaMM ttie aadteace that iaa smaadpeatd
i I river wan III dilute gl . | Hot merely lo el; ay U.? plea
urea of 1 Ma rash sad ataOoa,' bail also to perabees aoeas 01
iheir aartaa ' Thea Iba iMug would hau t..-..apb ?
aid salisiacKuy. ih" wbi le moral n und and pood Km 1.
se 1. aeaar Hsll and f?; t>*. k isaehy a|r?a Oaau .
so] 1. arUI not qa M <iu"
Now the ti Hb ana wkkk 1 K> M I. ra b bm b|
patent main e lippnes to l'? ih pia> mbbm I" Ui in.
??? it . eat bbbjt oiben ko llMlBI<Bliia BM sp rit
aoapa BMd drift ol tha setsd DftaMtv Miadi M is bo
anil play taustie ? be mskes ?M Bboi | i Bgfl ItktMM
bat aa adBairirbj BalogiM both oi tha play aad tb<
ihoRtrr <i i IwBatj II t..u,ka 1 The Bad msm ham:Ij
Belgbt have been renlerei! BBON OBaTOCl will Bl
baaBf IcSa attractive, but there van de.i.ledlv ?
iroui laii 11. anil maintain that the uullmr sppr. riBttM
she rullll.' taste I I pltBJ itoelS bt Iter 11,an the ? et ?
does The binliniit au. i i as ol thr p at proi I tl tl
Mr BsvrBBUBjadarsMsod mmBBB/hal BMri areraa
tuie SO say that any altcmi't to BBMfatMM in?
niora. luiiieate.l 1 > ' Kent, aoiil-l Wesl.en the pun
eeuey ? the \ Ig] its zeat its s laptBtioti to iht
tsates ol the MMMM of its Bilmireta Si..I it tin
'n ;:.la r| Bag l?rauis. in view ol ail the lacta n
'he essc, will not a. e why it is that grave Bad
'Silicat men atanl a! a>f even Iroiu wlial protesa t.
be'Mwey aeaBMlari. thejr hatg legs aHaoatataMal or
:ess tOMBrlantinaBnaag than we should ooBkMBas a
lair a'lnw nnce
From t'l Birnl Aoieilcn.
By the l.inp.ie Fils we are in pagggBSMBI "I Bd
rloag aVaat Nicsrseus and f?sn t*sh sdtar ilown t
Feb. 11.
ihe MMBJMgr Ong atT.-cdat UsB aaMBath of
river !*sii Juan on Jan %% hBVBMJ on BOBtd Mr
D I. White nnd hte aasihtatila. wuh the tVaalgja
gf aacendini; the livgg and Lahe Hi araitua in COM
uoctioti with ti c anrveva b the iMBM M ea ifl BBBMI
It is said that witn the aid ol thta steamer pagM
trers msy now be conductral from sea to sea ? itl
< nlv twelve hours Ian.I ea riser B) kl ia route, it
is ttkoielit that the distsoc ? u New York to st<
FrmiiciSvt? msy bg ahortened a.a or ctarht ds\a
Toe BBaMBMBMoa ol 11' li.MO Ii ;uora into S .-a1 a
is'us is dtvisred contrabsiid at any other (-orte thai.
San Jus. del Ngrgg ai .! Itt.alehi A prta lamat oi
has bceu issui.l by .he supreme director ol
State lor the oresntzstiou ot the mititis thst uu s
sure seBsBB BBOSgBMI] i.i Im I ew t .-uarXthe in
legnt'. M hei ternt.uy **
A pmuunetanu'iito Uaik p!s. ? in Ssn BBs*thsW ihi
Feb but the ins iritenta wire pul J.an w .thv-us
much ditbculty b\ the ii> > ea ol the Gv.veriitu. i t
The I.eeta ature ol Sh.\ador w ia
?2b in the opening epeevho: the 1'reai lent, l>o:
lX>rsteo Yascouselos maimus the Legislature thai
an agent haa bt'on spptunted to lorm a t ut\ '
trictalslup snd alliance- w nil Mr s< us tre M.ti
ister ot the I'mtcii States Sm I. a t:esty has K-t i
made Slid ia Sia.ui to be submitted to tne I.e.
larurc for ratification The IVcaioeui ol that hatrj
ui hie anawenng epsech. ss> s thst.
"Since 1U3 lit* peop.e ot Umi. Sa^ador. fall of the a?ceu
gvely ewMualaem. BBS aspired BM on > lot be Msageh , ot
n>a< itreas anu peaeiflsl BeWS . .i aBfl uioie. to t^eook
ilssacted rights swaml u: .'.er the influence of iLei pa-rtct.
toue constr.,aller "
The organuauon of s Nstionsl OoaaMaleVttl
the Central Amer.cati Ststes ia favorably and Nope
fully spoken ot m their officis! speeches
Aktau ii IbMBBTBI Tkh am vvt ?1\ r
the Ans ta us?a-y slow, K.i laoer couiirv we are ,e\: i ?
expect that what we have deeereaiaeU to do, abah sue
ceaad, aad - aaaaai f ~ AaieOcan Cast BMMg has Naan aasdc
ia U. a coeeaery bei a veer iy two, and tiae aUanied an e.a
eeUeace that debr? coenpetiuon Ii has tvee maeuiaciuro:
^y a party who never saw a poan.1 cf stew: mad- ..
duced by hioeelf hut he 'e a Ver.ire-enu haras ban pal
into bis heads eoaee ot th* bow c?>bca:ed Adirvndac t oe
be worked ard iboagfc' fuaad e?u persevered. .
produced e steel pnesnaseed by a pmn aad|rea an ea
.e.lrd ! v a-v .-it-t \n la* w.r.d fw 11 rw.Ja,- .?
Baa bawe iraed al our Narr Ta/*a Art*, rie?. Mechio?
> , a. Katlroeda and to CuUaary 6^*, edge tool*. *er
and bas '.tie ei-ocgeet roaMtM bksttsnoay of lie soperta:. .t
.. ? *AV coromeod aucb as ertjei* an the support M e.'
t: .e inesde ?t Atneevsa l.tdi.at'* a d pa.- c..ar'. as ?,
MagB ta warrsalsd, sad compeaes to prtee wah tb* be
ported If Amerteasedo Bot snstt'.ti such important ygB
...'li.'k . 1 .i.e.: .-wa. wt-e.o .v. we .ova Vi r.
tSeai ajvr.iiaaaaeat.) _
"?Mia Coilbos ? At s mcetinc of the Trus
, tee* of tasaveva ('.vir? b*ki March S. b*? ?? I? Wileou
Oil waaappotnaed Tro?e*aor et Mora, acd latroectu*.
Painwoi*} . b*v. kendikk Melca-t AJt. Treleaeor ol lir
(.reek and Lean Laaguaetee and Lueratur*. and Jona P
McOraajor. AM rrossawor ol MatneaaaUce aad Nsmrai
I f bhasepAy
For C allforain. Ort-^-on ami :?d? Ir b Ish.nd
j/i .< w 4 (.14ii tbm CMJrnpkk i p*i
W* aha.'! pv .ah r i *? if ?t?ar ..
(if.-yrt'a, whirfa fails from this port -rrith? 13th i <%'?
s: 1 o>, *-s. r M - V: ni...v.r '?' .Wr } -
TVabsnt sVrrMessiassoa :. ti.e Par-;*- i.'oaet It wi;
M p"T'*r ,ri,h ?f" r;*' reference tS the wants c
rcudexts .-.thst rescort, or persons osaisrstias: thith
in Sab;r?c
r? fi
Ti - r slxere bare erestluued to *d.-iut a limited i
SmS/WOMsI ?' r-usrter ??' ie f\- be.
linptrlHtil Irom wnnli Kc 'lor* In-?ttn !>?
prr dnt'np- ?.'ni > irt'iit? of Troop*. cV P.
8t IcOl i?. S*-u*4eT, Sla-ch ?
A tew sierwari s auereadli s ??<-?) i f E. ? ? ?
hVsed s?1 SWrrl?r 1 % : 'iher xf M?xicai.e. and ?'ur e
jjrre gaaattty at* stock
A st'-: '.if * '.c-. a V.-.'t re. ? h.. ?? ?v?
log to Sent* Ft, e-icou-.tered * .tito party of A; art e ta?
ller*, a severe debt eesaed, ts w> ??!> >?m* ? f ih? in
M a: ?er-a F* Th/
Mr <;ati e ?.? Tip* a, ?r.l :.. t i
?M s test Tot? iii the t**ft'ftfSl eleeuua of the leers
l.itlr olnl I .ii ..or' ml Neva* Irani t cnr / m In
Thrrnit nrd BloclUtSHS of ihe t onal hv ihr
strilhtfe Ar'niir.-.l.
f'iiH.?r.ri run, - jr..le\. ils
That bark Ti.oa Dalle? arrived tine altern...,:,
ot I stase Itv ii. - ar- a ITS ?a S rect red mi
Crem I srscwto ?: 9 tb . ? The tarl ofDet i aal I,On
msaeerdn>Cb1af of lb* ltnrt?li West i .ji* s .udr.r, r.a.i
er, Ai the rxp.ration of which period if a sstWhctorj
u i ees a na eel gfeee, ibe <??.*?! areeld I"- M'rckaded The
11 dsys were to expire on be Seth alt llssassss w ss ailsh
out the least im?oaenient. lien FeoocoMfcioed bprtsea,
. .1 :.e <?;??( i .: l..s .' era', --t soon, al 'lie irn'a
Bntiab Admiral.
.Mexico The T ntiniilipn* I'miiuiirlnnenln.
The* part it als 11 oi tha lata proseai ristaaatn at
?'lexbrla, the capita of Tsmeatlpas a'e ss katlowa Oa tha
Jth oftOb Francisco V.:el Fernande/, tormerly 0 rrarai r
>f tr.e Htat*, sttaekrd the cut of Vtetorta, at lie'' h?ad of .o
ie lleancr . ? .. ris-the Uovernor, Cxr ie ?.
i I ISkl c Ibe reins i.f | o<* t iron his own hand*, Use other
Mlfcorittes bavin? taker Big tM I a^peata that Iba c tv waa
<"illrei\ defense.ess. Ciru rnas lia i'.c dtani'Med. a'toal the
??i, I nf Da Siabet Iaa'. the i re-m o| ca- ao v and I' lasan ...
the National Oaard thai garrbanaed the capital Vital Psr
? a.ider. aided In Ina? n . i ., *?.,! , .
:ard Kr-i.r ? o ?oveln. ,nd ick< , .... i ..( .... ?r?e-.,
ni l a j ara . t arUli*!J It.-.- ?.->??. ? I*, 1 - .
Sad ash tiaUj laeraasad ail origiaal fori s sr. l ;aa-n teras
no a to pspalSS at ?. at ack .' ai vi cL' be n a.'e on ..in The
pcoph) on firal aasitsg the crie* of " Hurrah forden.
ra Baader,1 asaeansrle* lar^e Bmaaers lo <?,;?>*.
Una movtmem, but ihey etaufl ptoeare bo sraas- 1
They, however, adaaaeed le tb* ureal square of the city,
?la*n y?rusndea, who sraa there pneled with his men I ?:
.1 sea a . in^iwearxLhsperstriir tv r.ai. The snl-io- I
t'o.t. thnaedialrtrlj , l'ie iatiet n rejoin lien t anales, w ho
..as a' Piasaa ani aim van? lakntsaaeeaeresm .narrh
ai-ao sl Ken r.i. !? / Ti.? 7 > in .r > -.lea sav* that the pro
lenriaaisai. red on that Iah Fehraary, aad aotea the
.'> n Januarv, as was sian d in s me "I ihe oUi. r pap.-is -
T'." Isst iuelllgei re k SO .urea thai the I .r as id IBS bagl ?
mass aaihoalliee were at inegssaa ef Varioraa, thai K w*a
expected Cardenaa ? I sooa b* rexarxaed fteei the BBaBS
? ?) rasaaaees, si I Aaa ?. aadei araaM aa resanved
I N O Ticayune.
\.':..nrnn.'nl i.l the thfyhBad i.cai-lnlurr
*>hl|iplns: 11.1 r 111 al e ii i i . Ar.
IttLllxaoKI. S.ludav, Mkirh I"
The .Ma'} lan.1 Legislature ailjooroed tl is Bkora
ins af Cr paasliii .*iVi las .
The brig New Wor d, from rkllanalphle.arrim.l al Now.
Oriaeae oa the 2d fhabi tj M Claytn ? a Voek,
arrt.r.1 ai Mol.i* on the Ellas' The achrs Virainis from
New-York, I sit Ie from Pnlladelnbla, end t.ri? tarrurl
h own, frea Issuer srrtved al tevaaaab ea the Sh laal
The renaacol* tiofUt of ta* 2,1 insL announcea the ar?
rival there ol i. e I me i aiaie. Bctwonei I' Irl ?teetnei
Via a ! gieemei aVs ker fi as Vsrs i ?../
Nu. M. ,.e? ... -?1.1 M ? , ??
i a, I Thnfl of ihe r ip UIMwa vv as arre*:e.| al .-V enah
i a charge id a .dm- ite *>-.;,-..: si... ckiie |e ? .t
Mm kela. a\ i .
S i w-oai i aa.. K' :?? Marrk i
t'ottos :?, - ?s> balaahavehaaaaaads
PrsBSSei.lei i ?. . ? ??...:?..- have I et n sales
ai an ei, l.ih dec i ie i ...i ... i| ...e at I j - i ir <i??.
K'o BO OAS and M.i.aaaia are luarbaegej. tVniaBV W
.a. cenu
Tliliist? BI llnvaan.
Coin spun.!ci -a Bi Tin- Tr.'.in e
II ? - ?a?. M-n-isv. Mirck I I ??
V ..m Uewssr| <\ M Etrasl
Tin- t rt" ei.t l it* ' a. i '..i for New O.lears
i n-' Chagraa, aataraa! thia I.mis t at an i am bo ig oa
ll.c no: in.-? ol the -Uli u.t s. .1 Ii t tie evfii|iu;ot
that i!sy. I.n.inc DdJN L isino.1 t?.- <r thre-- Ixoira
ba il.e M Cg| tsin M the P..r: t ?. ? rgaal rj to t? i
papers The ' Csww L:at. lajaMthMw ia the I'.iy
t '. . v. York, ami a new one liail lo be pn pare-i
bgra, wsBbh aaaeia a l the iHsWcasty, aa I basVara
tin \a-as< I es. aped !?:t. ? fined liimiisrli the fwrhear
anee ol the port otbrer above a linled to
The slave;. brig i uettuia, cUaitd for Oaaaa on
the -'Mil .1 si .', sat.ed toe nay toi.uva . ? .?. a
lull lt.s'l- We s'.'ili ii..: hg likel} to a | hat a?sm.
as s'.e l.a. rtisde um | s 'Ls' > v s.-e
T.i" la a.- item a r.tnr rt! 'r in ? ? ?. ~
nor ihrea' ?!*;.? .... t. v.-.. s*u*iied by th* eei.eral aswur
e .c* ol .??' a i it 11 .. .1 :?? ' e '/<aie->a. ..?*:.? . . ?ra.
r. d li t .r 1 : Je t > i .* ' ? ? at. 1 . -T-a.-t-rs'.- i tale
svt :..
1 ??.* arrived yreterdey niertilng si C oc .ick. snd
w e??* ai ;l.a: Imi.r ?.- is- so '.' vi I ta.e ? ue ?
give il . dsnslla ol Ihe assrhahi If .he as w a u> c
?be laeKe. due s>.tn? I' ree h.airs m- -e s'..?.;.l bS lev. i?
Bet a arge t usiness will be done ihre wcark ia augers snd
tno.aeees? a..d as a r. ? .?? ? au eivejce :n ? ? ?? -
wilt le tea..xed. Th* ..?1 .1 ASBSetrsB veas? t tBaasttS
Jimtoishirg. many .ee>inet in la. aal tu Nia -o r ...? si
SShaS Arne.xan uu.f fot^. wt.i.e neeny ai. the i.n.a "s
selsra.e t?en laker up el the ow raies. lo tv lo*u*d ai
tan per.s Thar* la ao laaebvr adoal uneoid?ore cargo ot
:> I a.ifaxi for which .1 n*.s ia?* been offeie?! -? .
, et i . s J I' ?? i..s.iis- >et. .t . .. j ;.
At out two '.und red end flity f t.ihljig vessale .9 tviri
\\ Uh ir.r i rc? e d. v ours si I' 11
tlc-all.-nl a'e bee i i oiiimrn.rmrn Drnlha In
rhllitdelphia- .tlnrkci*.
CorreepoLdence il t'r .-.
fMiLs; ii run bundav. Maim ;
At the annual txuiir.encement o: the Jcltcrson
Medical College in thia c.ty aeatenlay, the desnre
ol Dvrctor o: Med.t ine ax ss a ulcred BB the lolU.w
mat nsmid xtct.t.t incti .1 New York State Wm
8 Hrow J hV w ll.i ..a k. H-i r\ i ark sud Ttxo*
Balcii Klhot.
D?nin.' the week endmi; yrsterdsy there wen
1M desths :n thia city. Of cuosumptsoo 16 . scar
tt ver '.? Ta-.-dcstha wereol perae a -??? r
veers I ! see
T:.e Corroa niarkei rexna-na u?act ?r ard a ri rei^
Bcvts t.? gat Canada ia ^' a?vrxihla^rric** are s.h. a ?.
u-.se: .ti i .. ? ...*.? ;.*?/: jc.'?*??? Ls? -s
aad etio. so?S b) BMattatsa vce . a . a. .. i I I cm .a if .(?
Tb* stock tn first baud* is s^i*.. He frtocta ?arks
eWShaft >OJto of >?' harrel* c,tune.i.. a ? .r >
maul at |-*.7S ?* bsarxaV a: which llswc a c more .. rs ins;
kuvete >a.ce h-r c> a ls.u pu. t uf exMBnaun and c.'k. cr
brands a: gl.'.i i . sxtra renosylvaais gild . ' a;.:
New-loth toe- . a: # . - " - f- harr?, hit tt i a
se. i pi i i: j" las Ml*' It
M: a sa ?. a. >. ' .? I' >\ h n ? . ? ? a--.:
ihrie art ?. sa es :? aa. . T.t; ? -rt.a- ?? -
pore... , -. I xs -jt .it fe r dettiai. >a.rs : Ye. ow
BlASceeia. C>ay?? So change. Pa Meiose . ! a?. axed*ere
\\. -s' its -i.e. -a .. a 1 soaaaeaus
?aiceau* Kosat-.sVv.rea C- ?a. tl I?
J>,.;? .eg?C'\K-s.'...r.'V ... f?-s S*'s. <* - "
K s f K es. hi s a' TS* I ... ..*.*.?.? r
g git IN es *'.' v*' t*xssv Bda, ta. ti, #o
.... s .-- ?> -? i ?'? ? ? . ????? l<
r. " I* beb Nai at a. . tj> M. rr.a C*
sal, Itf; do do, bo. 1 r ?. . sj fv-s-t i a?a_ he.
11 * i 2?S' l ak* Ceaal. 11|; l* 4* k-. 1.,. . i are sad Daj
at. I a ti.rarj P? Igt - ?. > Hi. hi SSV flac'- ? .
hi .a* . . K i a.' Sx ? ? k'.hS.- .'? 1*.
.Vriisi ?c KP. o, ^ ? : ne*v*r ht Ast, ao. .i tagsB
N > .
Kr.-v ?a / -?...- l. axt Td - ? '? . s-s
? ard hk ..1 . a* I t .?r 1 at e. reah. . -i . . ' dc I. i. .a
Mort.sCana ' .-wn. lie; PCd>. .1. je do. 1".. I* eteeO
rs.r? K - ids IH . *^a SlorTl*!
U.s Vs B\SX 4.,. tki. It Ii-..!. -a
lag) \ivSacairg Id. |SAj f" ihi "rsdlagg
lUealiag A4, ?a J*s Jv Oti . gZ,SSS de. ?Ii
?..?> sWiUa- AU. bi, jet. i him. hji k,r
Th- lr.en?-ntle:i Ratine** The Berewd Dle
irtrt-TBr I.egNl.nmrr iBipntwt" *
MM wonted.
Corretpsad-eve sf Th* T ???.3*
84* r*?*^i*c3. I" C Tbi-aviav. Jen J: I*-*
Di*b S'R The Btet.-n-r Psnams wi.' lese
he-e ? rm ? w ' - Ps-.ajrja b:i 1 nderits ' tber->
: h? tint prt-ti far return ptsasre ?? hy
the previous boats tickets ??? which were soli
he'e far s preau-'iu and ss eeae of the specula
t, ?..- rs hv . p-ratcns ia t:-kcts'cr
th?j Qragtas, they have beea rather wary this
Wt bass h;l rsu n>r* r.i?? c?e-;. day tru?
? ? . '??*?? red oor streets almoit im
pistshe far aMa St beast. Toe cbsrse'e.* < t the
so.I b?' r a*. a ..J ti.e f ? : t ?.
; t <ose rs-at'.-d behraT. In many iaataaccs liic ma'
s ?i water ? r* i : tea ia trie itTseta
as a matter ol < 'in*, are .upave-i. Hefa Stale as
Y . rt ? -? :? a: a ?? t- b .s:. ess :.?
:??. ?? i* -a w t ir.-. ar--- ;
die-- ra:i be taken t\ ar brone?t froui there snd
t ? ?' i>: tr*..a," t"t :. ex:-cs>e .-' i- -" ?? ?
I m"*t cases have 'oexn employed to carry >u the .
'?a ? .s inert i.-, a- . , :.: ?? matcr.e*'-'
i f rent parts of the hrara tLas a- the rata-of traces
Yc i Coubtlees hsve heard before lhto( the in
?s a > !i *' ??"'' - i*
! as: !. ??'is we-o tjeatre;...?: by the m< ' ?? ? a"
in the ri - T astateofl Ice wj? pre.!.cted by
1 th .ie who were ar,ja.ntcd with i* position b-.t
iti: u< precaution was taken is I ?'
a??re* The water hat tebeide land the ?:-?*.-..<
a.-- " .(c runre nsvigab e : r pe.??e;'.r -i ?
A t hooch there baa beeai Baattaswreswe mo**
I northern viciuityot the A sam#< yet I wss told by
a pe.t tn ?tu h?s Ue . stwr < at the iferhe"
I cinei ad Winter, sad wai jut from the Sato
?nan csmp. that iittie or no snrw feii where he tad
I his comriany were at work. He itstes thst ?hey
v i b t ? r] u; v.r., aral ? I w ttm . a 1st m ?'.
a?.?-'? i .- .. J- per dsv ea '.. a p.- ?
.- l va.- .:. c :??? ?.??>..;?::. pc-in-ia ?> ?s
found s short time sc.? in that region, si gbly
m it I ?* th ','iarta Tn:s pia iaa ted bi
i" er? day it was foo 1 by a Mes.es:.. i ? ?
in iK.aaessr 'i of s IradeT Other report* speak of
a min h laar-r pieoaof K lbs havriag heea found.
I but sa vet I < <i; aider it but s report.
V. sa hi mtiaae ta sm.e daily, "ften from H ???
per ^sv a n;e ? th ful. rariroea, lumber, hou.ie
Hi rt aw .u a -reat mtasure put a ;? t
tra.'e w.th tie up costairj. msny artr'es hsve fallen
in i nei *n 1 as sli kinds of merrhsjidise sre sceu
malstit e on tic msrket s fsll in price must be the
I conee'iaenre, tt there it little or no outlet at this
ui :n- .t Pi icss iiowever lor every thine have ruled
rsther high hi the Fall. Merchants fei sat *?? d
that business will be good when the weather ia
. . ". a.::;,, -nads t.. the niin a are puss
? -to-.nia Ti.e ?t:m ':?<?? :.ais.i.ers wie? arriv.
I by sea snd inhnd. and who are rushing into the
variant di->'.n;a, w ! v> .iotiht make a street de
Itaaadforpi > ? I and Other artacl a tl-it r-priug?
it cannot has oUerwste.
Tee a-ea wnt h was ieir::t over ; i the latter part
of Ii.i: ? . lad which Jeeliujual uoaeldtrabls
pi UM Sitj ami niffi Ssndiae, is now iiesrly all built up
n .-nil a": .! i i n '- ??? .li. ? . : dry '.veath- r w. .. ! U
difficult to recoctise. Improvementt o?ntinac in
tl pastjol the hirai taaaahunbor and ho'iiei
art a a aaaoh 1. a ia priea, titan aril be tstditions
iailuternten to luild. The town bat told 100 or
JOu lota arithia ?R last two months, and ss then
treasury is mis aup|.li<d. msny Lanroraaaeatl
have hern onierd by the Coum ii vti i streets,
tawail Had whafs, tVe sVaOthet aalutary ordi
ntoce bat been tat tWiahril by oar Coaiicil, by es
tabfithiag a new -ompany to work for the publn
ayjod, sis a ehaiagaag to a ck oe the itraeta aad
.'.iier pa bib iinprtveruetits. The candid tted ar.
thstc!*.e..f geatJtatvaB who tn oppooed to all or
d i ??! taW| atld wboare tre.p.ently caaajtst laaataa
cv. nios t:ii<takin?t other peoples po kali fat ti.ti.
Oar " State Lagialstare ia now ??ateioa a
taaJoadi altiut 90 nines frvaa heta, vhith place
baa beaa ctaataa as too lest of Qua at??aal but
wl -il t i y are dob c " ?piici sshe. no >'? 1 -i't msk
iag ntona) '.-rtln aaebrai and Uwa tor tha pao]
Ofkt thtttl ia . ertani. the " ' ia .nakii.s; i.
debt an I t! I p. op e W?. lisvu b> make provisions
b pa] il Tiie mo-, einen? is i ntrely premature,
ii...! tin- l ? '.| 1c rt' e.oly beam t- th.d it out hut til
pal lie at d .'lon'r f '<d |M>litieisi.s ha--" a ?????!
;. Iraariag the aaool owas their eyea tad BMdt
Cir themselves comhirtsble and profitable ottooe,
? i I l>aai.k av . \ rtj ij tiiem ftT takn a ao rn i.-l.
(va U I ahall ba hearts!] glad wbea I ehafl be
able t.. i ntf tl.ia -. .'. i of eJteitemenl and .'.t
aaora Ptinsrle with sa ?<?''> asaar aiiatt ol
s home
Among . ther eacitctnr-uts va e have had a
ania-f ati < k ot an t arth piake For a lone ti'i.e
s st-i II in the evemnst tiin.ui-h the tinino-oua
_ n ag l?iuii a wss nur muh) atiuiaement \\ .
I ave I,ova inure ratio.ia smusetn -i.'.a. a circus sn<!
tl. ate- with s small 'i.inpanv. aie hsve also a
iaa alar theater nearly ready, afs-ut the mmm "l th. j
i llj i: pic in Broadway, which will opo-t aho tlv |
That ] DO per. ttee Ma ri, idly verume into a.l
the Insui ? s ot s large ? its
Tl I '..i,:ovfiuenta in IBS alsiut th<- town wi... h. I
Bmh rstsi.d, hsa applied tor a t haiter trom tue he
? itaro ar. I a better chsrai tor. t r . latt, than
those IWebtd last yesr, and I waa lafataal .
psrs u here, n hui der, thst s tine ijusrrv ti ttOSS
? ta ..??-! w.thin twenty no! a.' tl.-'
? <: waabh taaahl laewar astrataei] wt
liag purp*- ? and aa ..ur 11 Terniuent will
have Maat v. ry Isrge huililiitsra t.. put up t-re I.un?
it will enable theni to oouatru. t tire proof buil.iiiua,
wh h I ? i iiaulsr ot alaolute loressity here, tin
til the W'SMleii huildina-s sr.d tlie si.-est .lane
T...- in.a: . a, t". i.-a are rradua.lv ureas
itis? thoal b>wn and I?> tmskera, tailors, t
I I aan.i'i a ; ..i n. .W Ac are now to '.- ?
i. . oai streets We have now three news
pap- ra printed 1 ere. bot sti 1 the prieea are ex
I'tOsMisgn Inch. The Alia C.dif-nnui, nnje sheet
' ta r .Yra-/, .so cts. Ac. Our hsrlae is
? w ,-.i; ti. , p. a't.k'Uith many are daily leas
' r hMte, Seamen a wastes are mach lese
?! i !? et et. tire many ol the ta-e hav e been to th?
?l *a ei l seen tlie e.epl.ai.f, Had are BOa aat.a' ?.:
t-. return to tlieir old vocation, ta here they |ad 'ess
. -i i I ? Per .(H?rtere, snd ; ? as sttxi.1 pay?
There are sevrrs. r-ruisr liaes ol \-sse e r laa?jsj
? m I e to the r-stidwuh le.andt Oregon. Co
und ia Hiver s:.d roaatwiie. but I am tf the op;t.
ioa that staaan Mticatstsa will m time be the oi i\
Baaaaoi traealaatadeeaeaaaad a ir bays The
smsl'sal crsft slrarady Uein to feel tie tftert..:
I I ew ateamers en:; | yad I I ur waters Atv th
tf Usta'h of trade t r msnu'a-ture ;e rt. . :,ai t. ;
t -iouisdr.es stid machine shops, euciue si - ps
,\ - -."i |t?am saw n Isar erc.r.
the w ay . one of ta h.eh is in pmi-reaa. I unstru ti
ab ut n.ilcs fnirn here, at Bndeita. where there ta
a ? tad] a steam asw-mill in operation, and when the
Alo e it complete win be able tottw l.sn.uoo feet
per Breeh A rs.- m?ssre under tlie auperviaxio
at..l ar- . at y I wned by an enlerp- liag I t rrr.
bvaa Hsrttord Caaaj -*ho. 1 thjik. wiu mske them
Aa 1 hsve bei-tc atst. .1 to -. .u in my i rmer !ei
lers. s I . ue! Metes Idiot ia m-ich wanted here,
auu 1 hope it w 1 Iv < ne oi the first e\!ne:derati"t.s
Caagrtai It ?s.. | rev am much of the I at. re
I betag teal irea i.?-r* w fasaassa aaataaa
At that teaaoa we hsve thaasavaae ? stame
Ure ? LH geese, ducks, curlew, snipe. [ HtMgaa
trat ????:.- ? sbuadauce, fr.i t bear, w . .
? ? N I by ia the ouly fst mest I hsve l een here
kr I I .lit two mot. lbs As the town mmm BBM
?art i v. r :<. t touie. muib beef is wanted, at. ?
it has now to be driven in 1'rvm s circuit of io to -?
a tad a-r,ves here tu s mis-rsb.e poai state.
i 'att.e are croe ;nc scarce aready The prieea are
very hiaih?i>ce- .. ta mutt i. ? I per j iarter ?
; i.-.. ? .a i.e.- Li-ii?partriiigea ? I each, docks,
to ea t.. I \ esretsbles are brou-'Lt t- ? Or
e. . a... liie ."an .w .-h Ii.ati :e. al ii i I. hi. fc .-srj
?. a art U-uia, made in the environs of tins
This, trvet.vr w.th stetmbost uavigstioc. va ffl re
Juee the pn. e in a few months f. W. M
A flair* ia ?aa Kraaciace-t.rewtts ef the ( ttf
-Tlvr Kleed Meaasboatint - Polltl. * I?e
cllae la I amber. Xe. Mlniu? Preepects,
A.c. ale.
C..rre*?on<Je-,-- f T:- Tr tnne
Hsrrv Vn.Lev.ts? Fa**cisco, Feb. U 1US
The steamer Panama aaila to-dsy for the porto'
Ptrisata. and 1 cast write you s few lines if oaiy
t tt ?'. k.vw :!.at I am etui alive-with head
abo- gat m^d, ^ a ,-xy .ji.te as res. j--ksb.'e b.r
thst ue'eetabie af.c as : : < ? - t w
tisaee to crow as rapidly at ever, notwltbotAadbaj
t.. s -tak.ncs ?>? ralav prx j -.? *s '
'?'-?'-?*. M ;? .a sti ! p.cnty st tie -.sub. ret.
1 M per cent, per asoatb, aivd lots in thji snd cth
..-?.. w:e "^t ra* :.. . n.rr?n-i era rtm-isiy bieh
(.r 's \\ areiajuse dwelliasts ami ther butJi
I -? sre eoinc op with ssbmistunc rapi i.*y ... a,
a.-.s ,. t c c-.:y ila. D week ntatena-.y -l ances
sbe aspect of cor piece
The Ccntrsi \\ barf Company have declared a
dividend of 10 par cent, far the first three months,
en., the LitrCotincd nave spprrwo-.steai glOO.OOO
to bajiki snother wharf st the taot tl Msrket st ?
Ad,-ther wharf a also to be bout st the foot of Mat
eou-i at. Ia fsct the wbcae front of the town am,
e ' - w ' - ? ? a.-v s
Emistrsctt c-aitinoe to arrrve frocs ail countr.es.
aad smoog the ateet ar* quite a namber of fe
ma.es wtioee preoaoee anil do araeh toward ctvj
-aing aad ChraruaAa^g society bare
Our ha'bcr mU a rioe appearance, th-*re
%. ? . x ? r RMM * ? J- ?! pe'te of I
w .. ; a: ?: no p,- habt tty ol ? de- 1
i * ? r very ?oen
Yo? wi abSea, bet?re the BtiitBl of this Utt-v,
h?ve |QA*?>ea, h?" perte-ultrs of Ihn deetru.-tive |
? a -,.f??--!.to I >em that n ne p?-?>M
nra .-ow-ied on th?? Bter Ba- ?f the Amercai
F rk ii,.! I har.d-e.is I : esttie and ho-aes rave
r^en dr"w-*-i m th? awMtesMSMw Valley The
i??tT?t-ti?i if rroptrty has been eaefMMM Msny
,.... v - -e . : from a- i n<-?j
lasl errott j ? tbe new ttesme- I Do
rado" hss been tiiiished and put 'ii t.e route irem |
-a ?* t. ' :;? f ? '.i * ii... r??t.
i st power, ?ad asstkts [
*. : rrs apathj basing rtnreof
? W bat ? t ?. ?? u?usl We hsii a L>?'o?>-o
as i th- slaeraafatehrehepereeeeof eegaaM
>?: ? the party tad tataiag t--.e lines, tal it end
lia t rat i tr row We tre t> have t:t election
.- r;*i ia t lew ds\TJ? or t? t>on as the covern- !
...... ., n :|; T ? x ?: mWtm i? worth :. ..
JO ????.? to 185,1 0 per ann db, iviise.iiei.tlv there i
i n nte a number .-** patriots wiavajlfetttwa? *rr. bbj
, -.. y- Town. WI c. Ma a- hi fa. tt, 1 ?
i- rtarrr.-> ? ?" Wa-1. Lo.. su.i eev.r*:
-.-? [| the Wh-.-a tri -afaaita here tad eoaas J
.?? , i ? a: ,.- .i . <? i th" I. ?i?a
; r-e.t river. We are very maeh ia need af I
? i: tat ar the er.trs-.ee m the harbor, and 1
. * lid t . the atten'ie.i af t e 1 Powers
v i ? i tnbjees Tha sttad tl Ihe BMriBM
h stt, ? .: t: H e se of s L?h: House wou i
. - *" ? a -.. a- tOB w 11 its haimis benetit?
' .-? - ti Baa Prandaee baa baaa oareeyed
rad Ml by L ? Hiaaj i, who has also
? .i s i-v- - t "a a., i J ^ ;-i
?ra: -s are m plenty as haavkberriei H u
try atesmer-o*a home w.tr. some oi tl. ?] ? :
its MMM deeced 'rom the ?treen uns tu this Md
. i ??'??? ". e pr..e ol umber hss ie ,...<
? lerfuil] ! ite I hesr it sales st ?"?? per
? .ss . ? !?'??? T f.rice .>? b i in * has sl? 1 ver>
??.- a -. Laad I saw a la.'l' tv IkMM ?
v ?o bet sold the other dsy for tivt Tlte tm
-tar. . ' i eped ? of piopejftj BM baM leaj
: cat-r -ii th-? ^a ri'ttai r ? :? ra aw slowly.
ias da ara arattsaa tor a MMM baaa aa eat
?er From what I ran learn from the old miners
11. I ave ? ist come down. I th ..a there will ba
?e fold taken oat this taaaM tbsn anv pMtftM
. ? . nit . ? Ihn immei ?e 'all <4 rain, whii !.
ta washcil . 'it 'a.-?o : :a-r.'. oa : cold tr??m tb
tatab a which w.. be | be : tf b the ? . *ttt
It lid ?ay b> the '.u. hy lew afsW fesi sM
Tlie steamer is off, and I muat eloae
^ an) dos QtTIXOfTR
CITY iteiyis.
tlr*' The rsn'y of a bes'itti il day yeetc-.ia;.
trrar to the ett>--s two hundred rburehes s isrrer stten.t
a- - a-i ?H?t>.- e..r:s.t?t*d t r insnr weeks Tbe w.s
. lerf Rr. a 'way and ai: the fasbiensh.e tp-tew ' siree-s.
-\ 1 rs-.;n.Scent BatTBaf psr.^ramaa of th? ? I <??
a: ks si.! s-i ?.'si fa.-. s. -neir .ta/tlint-tiess sometinies
-a'h-r aM auiibeilv rel.ered bv ttie Jsrk attire of their
fall H ?' BBS l.lnminsted hv t :e nlortoua ?pnoe Sur.
ami waved sen'lr hy ih? wm.l. which seen:-.) to have a h i
nai partia.iiT f.-r tbal aide af 'he street, Uie tpttaaVd Pan. -
l i tf Bee ity morel e'ow.e a'onf like the Stat ore
. i ??? it > s aeee ai sleep end wake. sick.na- away hei
aad there with the ehasur.c . Iiurch srrhwsya, as the vision
Mm bast aaabfaagBMi wafle iMbodyMbi in'o real eiun
W?a!nkin( eway Into Gothic portale snd sti'.si.llr^ In r
aaH rustle .lown the loost belf lit a:e.?a, wect t e Btatg ttt*
ttt wsr.feitner wit.d eifbinc over tm departure am!
aa Bi ktlM .lusty street i a.klnt .1. il.ly do-ary from the
aaM rv re f ttt rontreel
y \V.. are happy U' learn that a tu<vesslu'
?8..rt has been merle tn collect many of Ibe half-vetran:
?in .Iren labs Sunday schools during ihe pas! few moniha
fat Bty difficulty that now stands in the wsv is mm wsn'
of leaehera Tieis-nl '.f :j? (';ti- Traft S. c:-'f aaauris
.a ihst uuieh gaad may be effecte(| :f tesi-liera csn l>e ttt
n >.| ei... ? . ' - fa Ifcful anil csi-ieal ;o iltelr elforts to tr.
Urs ? .. IfM plsced under'.heir rhsrte There a-e
:l. mssnds of Intsllifrent yoanK |CataMM and lasatewae
mar do this noble work Will ihey not step forward s'
\~f~ CaWbraiaM are praetioM plenty ia awn
: * . arr per Oeor^ia and KinplreCity It le curl
.>us lo see how speedily tl.ey are eitendel to tn ail pub! ?
a a. ea Vour plain cltlren, wbo nearer bad the fever, i
,4 r'.l; r.o iea wbeii three siip-.^eed lo heve-a piKk?-'
f', I sf leebt pi-ofle heav.- In arl*c lit. OsAtg St t'a.lforr'.'.
was a ihir g of escl'emeni a :?w ?.f?t alcce, but low pe. ?
pi- a nler a few days w.th tot nislsiiy and ere aktsTfealot
w m me rapidity of s sreain voyage, and uo one aeen.e aa
i : .1 So mo now sj-miich sured et at d run after re
.sMasajsaaas aaai #.. oorwno win k?.ttft
w.a-let' esr-c slly when our sharp tredremcn Bi.d them at
1- ata l:k* ibe r.Cfc-rb'? reweum, n>>t s?i berrv tat ar'er *
-.>..! beemeayea*tea eeyagososaass tsaMwatdM
?ri-ite s'.rnta^llal evldsnce of ibetr adventures than a sm ti
aaacAol BMreaaaaa K.sptian* isla?
l^i>' Liha t. e I.-at halt MtaMMMM tbr..; ol lov.
aaM ? i. ?'"'s-n . ?i sieels ilirotir'i s ' acd eaiih tha aro
BtalatafcJaBs of aha seaaaaj spi isir Tl.? bioe es? pe pi.
istee as with the beatlt s" of l.e winjs uf h r-)s yet ?,.,,.', ,.
? !?!>? ? r.-.a.i ?.ra-chee and lie lea.l f. -eer e'en.s. e
i pa per>.*cbaa|* hae mine over tbnn, even
e ?p ui of frere had paaael and l.-ft ih> m . n ,??
a e cMra Oal (abeM iS Ihe coucirr. one cat.
a , a: leer lie tender tudltCse cemmui.ii.a- who ibei.t
Maas aM ?eaBtkTaej If .< * pal I me M leave ibeir dark
T -.'er rel s Tlie mejinauoa, lirke.1 indiaeolubly w lili aba
spin! ef naiuie, fee.s the sweel |M irncee ol .Spring Ion,
..'f'Ti-tn f.? 1 j rlnte se i ra.. rabie ihroueB Ihe pallia ..I it.
visible eenh Eveu heie, ahnt up w.it.in Ibis tinek an.:
n.. ner i risen a-.d ?.?*m.r<\ ... tale perpe usi tieedei:
si sole ?i k wereineo.ie. .? -e MtBat) thee.
, e.s*t r ss e? :ne awak- i..I the elori.-us Spnos, st ,
-a-' -a s .a ? . e w s.i for w :gt 10 dert a' -.v
s.i 'be liesvy snioia and stunning turmoil and inin?*teai Oka
'?et;mies ..' 'print which Naiure. slive in all bar mvr sd
bet ale, ia .nee more preparing
Dm Rcriai.iKsreeR, \ Tmi K--, ?'?'<? ??> .Sm-I
? - ' -> "??man de..v which hea ,uat l.wr
commenced in thie C v. sa an -ip..neot end dct-nder o:
end policy of the Whls party. Iiispublieb
ed hy II. Diihmar. a' ii Spru. e si ;n a neat form end wbi.
??.'! w;'? . .er. ? ,a-k .f 'eete a el la en' in .:?
.. * ar ! appearencit The BrtMbl |J a year end I cent e
ainsrie nun-oer lie editorial -ol mine evince al ..:ly, indus?
try a/id e rernim* Democratic spin; T'.e r.utnber of Sain
.. ' a;a?l e .ead.na; aa.. .a in fe?or oi Laad Reform
Sronr roR t'HiLDRt.a -rjome boys of tins City,
-wLo are partica.arly noted for liietr Incessant attempts t.
to eene-una etart.me, thai ibe tx.sy world may bar made
awar" if iheir ex.su-ace, tbough the busy world constantly
persists .. I '.? .-net momeoious feel. ?ara gaauag up
a h ? i .?t.en tbey .:en. ml La e :be - Phantom of I) sunloe,"
a kil l laey propose to hum tn the Park for the emusemec
it ibeinee.vee and euch otaer cbl.dren ae 'nay cbanceto be
out. We dujbt aot ibe stair will be a m> uater indeed
since tt le Iba joint product of several of the smartest cht.
Iran :o found at ibe Tomb*, elded by the eboic**t spirits
..? b* bad at tb* ley Green Conjured by petrousm :n tae
Je :r .rr '. ,-spiration. and r>apci*d in the am.oepbervj of
L.ai-et. it ie snppoeed (bat old suckers will rec>(Rir? the
creature ai IBM se 'be predomtosnt fijrirs la their v.eiore
after s remarkably hard apree. W*il, tae ebndrvm must
ave -.. ', ????,;; |,< ' t?- ,-ers. r..
-.. er v :l Jsey ebr. u'd ?ri e few men to take bed an I so
(iv* tn* eport rouLienance
School Notices ?The Annnal F.lamination of
Public School Mo \ in kfcxi-ac win a* held to-dey at I
- ItSaB, P U by A* b .ard of Kaan,mere
Tt* Superintendent, Mr M-K-?-n. wi.l eaam.n* Ward
Scnooi Nu II. .u Thirty nftli-si on Tuesday, st #| A St ?
\ ? N . 11 a Brxime-et on Wadneedav
3?" Cai Fstai ar lass this City on Satardsy
for Wasfc.n|ton. where we trust n* will soon be allowed u
aae tu erat es e Mem'err tf the failed Staiee Senate
*7* The ateamsi.ip Kepubuc. whicn baa been
boufbt tor tue (.anforme trade, aae /.et arrived at thie port
ir?n FBLadelphia. _
S"p ATTDirT *r Firi ? Ao siarm wss got up
1 J no n near Neaweu. aei night about la o'clock, ceased
ay the earaiaf of some ruonten a en area. The ftteeaea
were laere, -.tit were not needed.
Triff Sanaa, t a Blsciwilli Ijlssd ?
?r .?tt-,. :s.a ?Ta* MaMMBtM loos pave* jeaarrley
UiisTL.: < tsefore Juecc* OaaMM) ibe tuowtn/ leeOtnoery
wee m*. 1 ?Card
'?rotm H*rna, a l?p?'.j l*ep*r ft the Peoiteaoary oa
E*r?*r..'i!ix. , ?..ti* <: as ? T'.*-1 oa* E-ost-e
oce of x* ecc-a*-: ataiee to a an usai Wm. vV ...am*. j .an
Jenes and Outer'. Crusawsu,' prMawsers) Md proposed m)
baaa to pseeare anaaa saeryaaa* tw pat Sato tb* code* bI
Qstaaty fleweU, tae aitatfasr.. and aat tittr xe mur
?r.;a* aad taken *tC*ci snd ta* fsard was esieep, tne easd
C rora we.. w*a to opara hi* rssll. knock 'Jar fuard Sowa wuk
e cab tare taae uw aeys fnm aim. fig aim and ocs mm
up in s c*._ sad uwe releaae in* prisoners. aad aar?, insu
bs) ? --?es i.:-, .-.r e ? 'te* . eup' .y taea:
se.'r* with eatetBIBt aMgoosT Witaaae tw J?t staled .ea:
:. a coevarasOcn wuh T?an MBBB uo Ml *?-&,?*?? a* cor
? '? e.; ? ?? R ^r ? s,t i Mi *.-. :s^S-. ?*: bi
was concerned a tb* said eoesewacy, aM ia ease daey
*U ?y.aTMW mm a Fi*c* of u,
saa or aonerts tne aa?u p?t ji
Jatm Jfslier, sow oa Ijcis*.
Sen tasi oe fnday araMtTaoata
?MbsM -alniaasd Ma Bat Ba,
Carrots /Wi
? -rj ,-cK?r? bad 'onaeai a ? larv f> rr.! poaavsa into th*
? ra bo ecard eveeM b at aigbc and ifcai rtw
mmA cot l"ae- re R.MiK. ihe ?vici 'gt.ier. to put the east
. .. . - - fee sad pnHX-r.! ?IIb mate ?< taern
{TXTaiaa W tm-e* u-?da?reio.?d m ::>* ronaereatioo of
J? . , ... i , : waa lueir tatecn-m to kt.l ta* night
r n a.n.1 procaere tlM ?-? al <- ??>? rr romt A*
KSLaarV an-aeaw briber Mil ' i a ? ' sn another oe
- r ssrvi e' ' ra to procure * ho*t and run ???7
?? ,l ,?" ? iifffct-faawd. bet-i? ssrora? Stva the;
' . ' f Qj week. 0 tt?B?s Cr. T.w*. . on*.*
'V : 7- ad* ? 1 a :rn p< to ee-are bv epvUg-.ag tb*
M LsVreastsuW rt '1? U'(t?4! !*?< ew.-ra -Pepo***
.P7? . /.Vtt? .. ? .1 H a.k*r ? :? ar <
? ?* ,-?ree ' f ?s. a. ai' i :.*? ' .av- ra*"' as to whel 'tar
mm should pat tb* Jrng. rvolie.1 that 11 era* for a partteuiar
- . .er ?? j re? -so.) ? . a .* a - at .-fa.- >m ai:s'-?*<
?? ? ? ' ? '* wea' "' 1 tb* a. :a . / I a ? ?
i -e-'e j ?fir. In*** 1*1.her? Cri m?*:. Wm W .ran ?
t! ! Tt a i > ?? " ' rno.rd to pr*..i i 1 1
? ., : . x ?. ..-i.-toN A man named .'air a
a*a iresi aaj yeeasealay Bffsassssd aaat a* Ii ?>?a- ?.
ontaustvc '00' * ? a of l ? perecae* asnhei aesaSSSee! aa
j,, . rraoa of Mrs R ra anal bei -.???*
TbtftJ atn'lie
rfp>- pi 4 Itaatw Mm j* m ??y. a*att h* aril
,n Tt .??.!'?'?' nvs'e V ugh t-* ra. . -,-re.a 1!? a-.ewe v
prareeea! J>> t. ? m m* d*!-*te* ai ta* faireren? Chap*:.
Starbt* lb* !a?l four Saturday ereainge, 00 tAe cta**Uoa,
-.1 "t'l ? >ge*o' iui? .-ountrv maaat t (??*?: 1 a ra .a: .
?' ' ro.it ;? ." ?? _ _
BiMtf it N Mit? TRarHir. ta ? We Iran; tbat
M- Caar-t?ev ; r -or ot :-- ranora.ua of tb?> Kb**,
.i*Tot*a i? ea*** f ><**V* of niia>**hib::ion on at.m.
dar rar-:BJ mmW i *???! I" M'? Tr-,'rie>can
?Ba lady arBo** unwrart*d atten'.oa to ata*> BatM and
wounded br :"* |r- at ?J.p!.**.. 1. ?r. i. J T.r*' ? t.i* ir >r*
??.?..:? a .*??-) .a-. ? r!a . ' . a" - 1 ??? ?? wt
? a.*.' .1 :< t ?<? aeeark at ?a - ? i '?"?"? ; ' ?? ' *??:?:
ilii Kihbli'b SaaRtrtUAJ In ?im Tie
?,.*r.dl r.ti *?? ttiiartatniii'i.ta a-tarai hy Una la.i? ta
irr dramatic f? i ar-. ?? : * > " to-' . - !.*??
. .. R vor . I M Soereiy L.! rar? Ta* p.a? B?k? mi I I
.. eaM . Part .4 K t? llrury IV aalmi.a
. a.iay*.! foi ;r>. J ?p!a? ol brr ?*r?aul* lairala, and aa 11
bb w?'.com?d ariib ratMataatn b? a . roerdad BBalMay
IJff A I ? * ;-M.M?>T ?RT CORCSBI b> Mra
CMltM E Horn. ? idow ot in* dla!:n,-u!ah*d cmp Mi ?
- ?? ? -. en a: N h I a Concart Rooan on Tl ure.1*? aaMMj
i^aL An ear..-.?.? "*w cantai*. millW th* " S*>vi?n Aa**
t BaM"'.?'<' ?* pr '. ic*.l. ai .1 Miee J i.ia Norih* .>!?????
Timm. 5?:harflaLh?r|C. II timer. !?r. Lvnr*. I.*a.-h and
Ramatnvi ar* to appaar
ThRIN 't t! !??>< I eti < L Ei ti he* - 111 co.i
ar.pi*n.-* of ih* 1. :-aa of V: S.cU" a no Vrtur* will h*
s-.v. 11 th'a errain?! _
Tu a. Art M eadVAattM -Tin- tree iviiraca of
BtraMM in tb* Art of KiaauiBat. b? Pr f ManJ.??i >. ai th*
il ft Caap* an I at the Pu' l c Sohoa l aTaaMy aVtaaal m
Oraad-at. ara rerelred w/h ;.>*;r t MMt The? are ad.
irraard 10 ail Teach?ra of MMM ? the City, and all p?**>?ne
? ho dea r* lo BTtMBB an Improvement tn the Art or Read
tag areinriird lo atterd
BaTMOR Kmer Han k iai' -Hy an ad?artiae
natil tn nvday'a paper U will he aeaa that it.e Ii .-ira ol de
partute on thia linear? ao:n*?ahat cbana-eJ Tratna will
, 1 .M .tida?. >?v* New-Vork at ' a> .1 t*t o'e.. ek In the
BBialBB, and at .'I Ij and ? o'clock, P M ?a.hday. Sutidaya
?a BJ mi -??
Thk BklTIR Hhini*?Thoae persona aaho e
apprec.aie a splendid work of art, afould not fk!l to er*
Mr ChBtapuea'a picture of Ih-.s nv*r It surpasses o , u<
of BAB AMI I 10 'r* t'ahlhlied in l.'ue cry lt?sapaint
ed :u Pans from sketches ins Je m ibe ai I'st from Na'i.re,
and is eair*me!y truthful.
,M 'x.-'iv M -aaix. Ma'ch II
yp" pr Wibtim cMBaaaaMa Mb aaaoaai aaatM
of .retires at tho Brooklyn Institute to nl|flu,?an arrange,
aa al a Met Mraa greet MMaaMMaj aa it win BaaalB uum
liers te hear 'us lecture* who c mi not bMbI ' BBaaaMBaa>
? ra during Ml peBB bm t'oiira*
> .? Iiaie t hunh. hy He< I?i I., ..i. t.E 'Urlk A
I.KAMIT a R*w Tbfk, to MART. 4iaahi-r el Ja ne? R C<?u?>
.. ?U'en laUn.l
? 1 ? Meed ay, vi.r- kl ibsMib.*> aaa, BOBABRA, <
1 WiBaua a*es*\a*al laaabsersf rbssses C??t
1 .- -? .1 ?r? aa 1 i" aaa as Ibe i. ?> ly ?r* re-oaa. tt ? la a? t*.l ie ?t
lead kef Ikwaral, ia a MmiHar af?-ra.a,e. I Ith. at i u . Inek, Bean
MBeaaaayaaaawa>MaaAH ?1 MIHI bixnsi ? 1- aTM
] i.-i. ?...1 ..1 e. i ' 11 -.11' . .1 . I ' ...
lb* re lenses aad tt ?**a ot the fain ly ire res pa. Uul!> Iaa itavi to at
es** las (kastei, ue r-iese*>. 11 tn sat, al 1 eVhsrk r a. in?n has
.. .. race 1 a W aaee ??. Tb* rswsaiaa *.U be taken t? loss.,
e.-^l Re i.terioent mil IX
*. I. I'. Ml l<rA . .ii ages' lan'O'i 1 i ? ?>? I Hesny ?(*?
i asaagas and I saea
E. eisls ??! M lan. ? sie respe. ?!'?.. 1 m ie.1 in sllesvl U,a fui.era ,
base til II "'?"* st si I e'eaaai tins elVeracna.
a.esj .es?' Sab?, tlo Is.s sieee.ls.1
All II.? moer.i.eg J<\ ? oeU.a .
... s.igsis a** asasssl eass
To lb* arrue nf Jesae go I
OB M BaaB. * ??? a Eesti.-r K ?er. I ras. "VI . OROROI
r t nraoa,aaee' c .?si?aii.i Iassaahs,ssasai w uism i>?.o?f
il, t Lily
e' Is - ? es VI s?sr? h. -nrl. .I?-.S
Bee eeeeta aaaaa ?ui a >i t*se
? . . * eel ...IS.'. .... . .
i, asuar CLABB - . I***a*e? at
II . Vi I. sge-l ' ? .?
Al aen Irarassre. Jan. |i. a. lasTVSa h af?a..s. awreer*T ni t as
I e-. t. ?I
I 1 a. Is... M? r.. 'la i;i.l 4 Ju . ,.-..?.- s Mi " e
s ra J. *a? 1 t ? eeee sera ^r. ..f .see To.|
a, I,.,.* e.t . , !, n It.. a,.. *a ?. .* ' 1 BseA I
.ss 11 . SM He. UeaaSarlS n ..I ?..?...sss a St Isa a, aol ti.e Srst isia.
s-srs-e res'ao ad *.? [. e isiri.ly ass tb* ans'>sar*?iaat A bie aa^4s*
1st . ...1
a Valoabl* Dia. .vr.av - Dr t c BTaaai ia af htm
ell. hea .lia,-..vert.l * [Gruner prc ?ee of aa'parei 'ig |aU
f- ui awid sr..) ..'her earthy mailer w.ih winch II is found
?nued The eppeieiiia car be usr.1 by a..) one with p*r
feet sin eea an t eaae, ran r>? pa. ked in a boa II ..ichee
long by I wide an.I I deep.end weighs bul \i lb* W* thlr.k
.? :l e BM and mmt prohtabi" .i.vesuueut U.ai can BB mail*
- tho** g"ng ; 1 be gn.i! regions Any Inforinailon that
t wished, by persons iniereeted in hie matter, can heob
?ein*.l by ,e..uig..n Uie pr..pn-'ors al Tainmaiiy Hail or
[..e.e o. a IJ.iiel Th* epparaiue etnas ai e low pri.-r., ard
laafl it-.nr* iii.uy ur e?ery \ arson who .-ontemi ,*t*s ?tsi
llBg the (old leglone
Mrs a rearer*! sao CHiiuaaa's t i.orMia. Isai.ran
w..rrh . r BMBMJ mala in the beat inannar Adep>*.l n
?.ibet C '> "t Coualry trade al prices thai will defv e)
competiuon BOI'OHTON | KNAPP,
mlls'weosl li.Vfa. , . ? mj
BaoAi.wsv let. tta. r. I . aaraar -Cep t*. Cs>'., Of
I * i\> Breaatway corner of (snel-sl_Tills Company he?
ng in?ir cepuai ail paid, ta casb. em now pmpae.) to ef
'eci irisurai.cn on buudlage, inercbar.diee, househo.d turtn
' .re. reeer.s ia port and Uinr reignes. Ac sga.i.st loea or
damage by f re on the emet tkvoreh.e terms A.l loaara
promptly adjusted end paid
St III REMAN HAI.STEAD, freaiden'.
Joan Wasv, ilocrasiary
Applicators for .usurance left at the onV* or aM MM I
PcsM-tyftsr*. w:i rweiv* prun.pt ailenuon sBI n Thk Ml
1NSLRANCE COMPANY London and New York, eeiale
uaned in KIR), and incorporated by act of Par.lamer.:
' a; a.. A4??i,nio or $3.nee,000 -Maring a large laelued
end lnreaisM surplus, In *ddit.oa 10 tbsTtr capital, maalBsallj
presents IB Insurers tb* newt undo*bled eeeunty
laauraacee erT?>ct*d ?a the moet f**orabi* uarme Call
'orala and special risk* of all deeenpuona taken ai as low
rare* as the character thereof wui allow
Proepectusee aa.1 ail .r.lorniattoQ appertaining to Life
Insurance can t.? oblalled onapp icatlon to
Oenera , a L r.ited Stele*,
md ?awlta A'. Wall*t. New-York.
t\T W U DiBMsaeg Riding School, A) roasrtA-e?*nu*,
near Aaior aad LaAt/ene-pece*. opasn day and a?aolc|, for
adle* and ge .-.rrnec The Reception end Draawing Boom*
aad Ridmg Departrnenl are wall wersned, aad e**ry sues
li<an devoted to the comfort and graaf.csaUoa of eudents
Hours for Ladies from 1 A M t M
Hours for leant* from i 10 v and 7 to i t M
at ia>M\v*.y
in rsvoa oa
Post Aaa Merck V
Mtseei C V CLicasess b Co.?SkaaaV Yo* will re?
collect, pswaepe, of my speastog in yo* last Eel. of furnish?
ing r-i* with enow of scHaa.es Pa.asoaie Byrsp to eel
I have sow disposed of sii I base bad of Mr BV seace. end
it aas fsiied ta so ttsee 10 gnaw food eadetactioe end assart s
permanent care Two caee* wer* gt**n ap by the attend
lag . hjs tbsss aM one saibyact is the see of taree bottle*,
atsd the ..over 'a child 1 ia da* BM of one bottle, ware entire
ly restored to health.
Tt* aaa t* bow amre "eahy than he baa bean for Its*
r*ev*pe*t. and sppilaae aimeeif bj B a deny wr.rk with as
asoej ease as *?er If yoa f.^rnieo me the Syrup on
tn* MM terme se did Mr Bcnescs. joo wlj ptaaaa for?
ward a 101 ./f two dozen imsaee stely, Mj 11 la wanbad by
severs. . to my add rase at fort Asa, WaMmstooCo N Y
Yoars.ee H. L BR0L OHTOV
Bcasaacs's PaJnor^c Syrup ;* eoad at $1 per te<?ie, or ?
bou.es foe Rj. C V ClkbSbls A Co II Bercley-st are
tne i^araeral Agent* lor New-Tora aad vieiatiy
BBW-t0bs citv aaSBla
E H. PsvtoB. 63a GreasewtcAv?i end ~ Niain-e?
J A L CoontB6TCB, TU Broadway udsl Radeon et
E Lvoe |T2 O-aadet.
E f oot, corner A!sec aM Oread at*
i M QairriTBi, cocaee Dstsety and gatfotk see
? I fat mbu ZM Bowery
P C Wei.ls A Co sU7 Aveaae EiArAfb.
Or Paaxors wonderful Ueprovaaaeal 10 coins the hal
or whlasers, the moeneet It ls spptsed, without tajery to
Use heir or aB3a It can be wssBed laiaillaiMj wuhoat
dlsanarbtai ihm color, mmt hea ao oed odor It le applied
or eoad waolaMi sM ratsii, at PbaloWs, ISO Broadway,
corner of Dev-sc aad C P P*wc*ax its Cbaeeuiet Pall
BdelpM, aaasaa. >1, deebse as* ti it. m lm
r * tv? Mm
A mm Kfirmrlu ia r. laden la I oelame. Mora
pnincalarlv la regard i0 Hala ?nd Heiter*.
What are the true prireriplra by which a Beetle
man ?b.* .! be r.t '*d ;.4,s ,h;=< rja-i.:f ?,.?,? >-??
ung an 1 elegant r.>*iuan* ' VVhal ere ia* dWCt active mart a
of refined taavaa and correct j*d4n>er.i :a adapUaer Ore vari
oca at. .-'ea of Irres :o the re*, star derS ..f 'a.:* ?? reap*.
? * a. eppee/e-re '
That these are ?MMsasW *ie?ticns to Us* treat mass of
asaekted. ta tVly eeidetced bj rre fact in*, so srj a time
a ? I are hevsiowed o pen ther: r aoiaooe Uro*? 10
aeeeriakear. anesrer, we sha aid eey. in the area paar?. Hast
?or> art....* of dree*, lb* Hml la ramcalar sboa d b*
gracaeully prcporjooed to Use air* aid foraa of as* w*e*_
Scat, a da* regard to ecratpleaioe snoyet be read in ibe se
lavtier. of .".ore for the rloih.rg ?I ? .1 ?.? a .
? one will gtj other p.w .*<?. a (er^esnaa
p. ssesaSBg a aasr cue r - a. u. w. h . ghi reeir er.t bl i* eye*.
*'?***" . tori e-?i n.or* je.icet* co.ore to b*
BMM aim beet, wb..e another, wub dark oo aap sa aloe aad
Wk eveeand hs.r. w;.. tmi dec:.!?d colors lo be ra* anosi
ep| r.-.pi'e:* ? r htm ()-.Vre. c. rrhir'ng tho** fi'tena.
Baa rstr.k:" w ft d -k ev.? *.- t ??*.; u a. ?*r'i?w irv-a
?i ? >? ;? i a at. r.? u i. at i ?? .... ra p ace.! r -ue*
{- ?.... n besuch l??.l n.?l .fend ib* see** of pro** | ,
BB1 J M?i . ... r U heaetey wesee s gearte
man a/rated :o ac.-. rcaace wth'hr** rues*, wttk asVbMag
taoote. ard a '.ecoti..::, //.?/. |for aS.ve all anal before alt It
t* :a.< Hit w.tieh rtrat s'.ra.- ? auenuen, as upon rs appear
?ace depends It* ./.re., t. ? *,?
reel* apea hue with coaapieseei sei efac:a?n, nertlcilariy I
' < ? ? ?? avea . s . . ? ?a:cal m:nd erd gen
- ;? Lean we: el the) here it.e.e .e a '?'tam leaps* tee
tb? iniwr!, t g ol en at -r.. oa. ? ftItt, and we al one* pr?
- ' . .. H.a. lo V a r. S ? >l *.. en
The I s . . S answered is .*t:e of eeenosnv, aad
re.atee to Ih* com; are ta* reel i f the d:tf?r?ri ?).. eecee ,.|
the asnoua i'U .o o.' irese It 1* w.ts.i .be *e ,-ea\ra,-. , 1
aim ?i*eery per*. ):, 'he' whai.earr ibev baaa* Saasa V*at
?Itter ft' t.i BsBBBS 01 n*ca*it? IB ruicbaa* a tret ret* ait:
I I And. a: a ta:.- BSSBJB ca>etip?vei.?eiy b.gb petes\
Jlai I'* 1 a>a has a * a a art r-.Kj a ?r e r.>ta,'?'..sa
aa aad ><e. *jd it . Ut.a fact w I.ich result luiniafl Ibe only
1 ie a.itwrr BJ be .juceii.'B
By adopting ih s ru >>, h* groio tr.e.1 wB! a.eau .ra: eats
<r*bl> fajoadter 1 </trad., so much la ?. t?e ai the paeeeni
da?, whereby an tatet 101 ei'ic.e :saasA'aetiaftk i?|re*ent?d
10 he a* ,-oaeJ as ihr i ret. ai d la thue /.ruled spoil 'b? pur
Baaaaal a setee fer sV.r it* 1 .-.T""''onet*-a .... aa ' .
soon r-.n 's 10 Me coaL This le especially the caw* with re
gar.l to ?it?. th* wear end appeaianc*. f wMft a. BaM
Ui be wub ib? pubic, a aut>'ect of paramount lmpi<r'anr*
tl e . iiaicatn hae now mlly a*tai"*al of |s*utng re..-, ar a a
taeaBaj aad a F*U ? isaa-n ?0 bat ihe grand Ma MfMM
0 be secured In pM baaing a Hot. B> thai tl ?bei. maintain
until live tern, nation ol It* respective ?eeeoi. tl e aua!1ll*e
wind. Aral rev. m.i.r'i.lej tt. 1 * ,te ek-ajw a?d feel'e The
lf.it iseurii by ihe eminent I.. 'f Ma??.s Wu H Bi >tt
af. Bi'ifwrv. as !*?<? >>>i?ii < jala-a f. r> .
eeea-e la perfevtiavn tte re.;. Mal I '? >h eea ar.l
8 rt?".. a its conijileie ? lepteuon lo the res'11 o r ;.u ih
s ..?. :i
In regard to the duiebtliiy which we ha?e a right 10 ??.
pect 0.un :', lie n autraa..' ui.l aue?a'a.e a-..aaaai?.,
BJBB i"> stc.l 1.1 :ta cheiactrr. MM be a sulbcl*at guv- ?
even a caea.e. a! *ei?*i :hs; \< w . . . 1? . ? ? u .. , ?
indeeal w hen we kr. w tu., w e l i'is: :V li'j'a 1 1 ?
by HaBBra llrrae k t'o not on I jr endure ike MMdfeM
ea'ae-m aa ith unatlinlnislird Inane, hal In iNaseande uf li..
MBBMaraWata Baaaafk two. three IM er? | ur era
aa ?. we aaaaai ka% i?nng aaarVBaaaw thai ia tr?p*ci bj
Itil; e:a'?e evrry sbMjs tW Beat are "if .Asnrei'
I..1 us : .oi recouinieital to every peieon, el evrt e'.illoD, lo
lest the truth ol out remarks hy |aurcliasing of Maasars Wtt
II. Harea V I'" SMB Ihnr H.it? *J fir ."/.ring kr^/r. es e*
*"? esstirasl the: 1?. ... I ?: \ uiipatt BJ mew pat s. aaj ?, ?
peflMBBB an uum'stehe'ileetr oi reflnea eu', e-'.l MM fa
itv I ut a* 11 reflea! upon ihe name ol lie ;a.'l: e a , 1 to n>'.
inanlv fati.lcetors. a rev of 'be l.rtlnatii lusli* which M lee
d-riveel from their untiring riforie f..r the adtancemeai I I
the Bet oj IMttrnf.
To Rutaia !*l.tSK? \Ve.4asaatar b. >l .?e...
r.iogrsmn.e ihal M- Hem n baarngagt*! n.ees aa....,|ei
j. fi.ev BMear Baa ateansaea Bar MMI uineia
It. . | 111 Tti* 11. .ii? "i K .en Matrmeti a . ?e..l 01 >
ftatat .**re of *<?. Ii uule short af aatraeaassaa BM leads
Sbak apeare ikea L UlpaMa Kenn, and Iter geetuns la as
.?nr. i as her s. c. 1 I ller sister Kale, en ae*rs i id, wN.
p a> s Be ..a..1 o> Bay, bs r I lea's l> .Xh or tttaeeae, >? asM na
^aawidared(hewneMreal JstBMsbat M bBTMb] sisier
I'nrie w ... I *a a crowd at liietr debul on 111* M isaanii boeri.'e
h - ' BM
le*' I'.a'r.a.-i of a ' ort of IIai ??r 1 ? I. Hain. va 1 1
nirr'v Altornry ilrnerai S'e'e of Maine, now ..| \\
WTaMMtl a, l?ec I, 1st?
Sis I iss" great peaeure In rr.-. tnrr*ndlng i V Kn
w ?HO?, K?.| as poal'.ae.'v Ihe heal l*echer lu rnar ch I na>?
ever known I huvs my eel I taken leeeoae < f vaiioueptr.
aoas, 1 .voof wii .:n w..|? f - iclinie-i, rduraiel 111 Paris
1 to-'k lessons also of Mi BMTfsBM and I faaeltel* n<* to
aa' thai h i u'eih.al of 'teaching waa greatly aupaacinr hi ibe
others Hp.Eoivsana itiaiiu. led ni> dauahtri niKoa-i
and although she i a.1 baa-n a:.id. tug Hi* MMBaJBMe
yeaie before, I MM I do not eia gerel* whee I **? ihe'.
sn* scquiteal mere insight MB Ihe lengueg* mone.d 1 a
Kiureeeof lea?->i.e, the* ail she bad acnuired .avtote
To ihuate, ihcrafo. e who 'niriid vlsiung Peru thie teas
mer, Prof Anwaaoa sirongly BBSBIBflBBBMBBSparaSSlsi
his cireu.ei, eoalaiuing leiins Ireut dleungulehed 11
dividual his pupils
l i. 11 lere to b* lit at >? 1 -aan g i.. ?.??.? \N ??
!l ll)de, isv Neaseu si . I boms* I'rowe*. V a Bn.s.l *s
and el Bat PiasiBBSf a rBSBMBM Iii Kssi K gliieenUiai
Peun.tee attend*.l ?1 IBM sari '<?*? '?? r, I
tf R*d icii.e 1 piicoi f I oa. al Rmraoa'a Vsi ?
1 ontpsonwi to .ar ripring, and 9 Christopher el inn
fj BMWtel BSaBM Tlie l'e?l Is werrsmed gi**! n l It
[V u e invite 'be s'leuioo u| . epilelieis at MJ sig* sale
of vsjue'." real es's .1 ly Aa ta ia? J Hirers, si.,
a: Use KairsMMj' Hiehengr, consisting rsf tb* lMMs*if
bouse et .1 lei. ki own ss No . ( enoll P.eee, r<>rtb?MS8l
uer of iiieek* end l.aurena aireru A'sa. si
eioiy buck bous* ei d 1. i on r.'d s'rra.', briwrru ih* d aad
.t A eea nee Also,'he .ease ..f 'l.e valuable b"*s* ei I
Mo II llultb eirrat . ne building l"l "n ilsl sireal, near
Lax Ui gl on Av*au*.sl? buiding lots on Avenue II : **r
IBtBBtreell the h n.se and lot No M B.'BMBJ s"*e'. n*er
A Uf a el 1 eel , two l.oueee end lols, know 11 as N"e ??*.') sr.!
?7| '.Veslil'Vt >n iiuvi, r.iin?i oi Ann s sfirel A ?",
sp.'enaild building lot* on 1 Mi e'reaT, betaa ?. n rtie ob end BS
Avenue?, the bouee end lot No. I'd K.lairldg* |MBI| (wi
velueb.a bulidirig . .'* ou ll'h street, betweeu Ilm >'h srd
M A ? ? .e? A.? , iiii-egore Ml directly ad;< iriiag "r
llihetreal. oue lot on ltd MBBB>BBBI tha 7th A'enu*, oe?
rat .-n llth end in.* .,'...11 I gib, st rea*. naei A vena* It. A ?J
Iwo nrat caiagn houses snd lots oa lath sir**', naei kl A>
*nue. and three building lets 1?,'Sab s'raef, n*ai Mn A?e
no* Maps et Ihe au. : ou room. No 7 Bioad sire*' 1 |ra 11
.?"fil.-sl .iaiJIAi. ABO M0?i:7 MATTERS.
1**? Baiiaw e/ h barks iff ??? * rwttk f ays
Bansoar, Msreb ? P M
In f'r*/a there bas been a lar^a aciivit?, ..n I
Uia advenraof iba fancle* baa been coL*ld*r*l.*a MofC?
want to I) .11 lite Street, but al Ilia BMBMl H.as/d 1*11 beak
in IS*? ih* principal buyer of the last lew daya i?ing tt"
seller. Kaediog went 10 ll| in the Blrear, Ml send ei V?) *
ties .Secenal Basar d Tne cause of the riee in Morris ie M
nefoiiauunof %nn.'**t of preferred etoc.s for >.ne rabiiildiag
of In* locks, be , but the Itnrneduat* raus* 01 the tea I* e<x
so eae.ly aecaneinsd The (iompsny need slemt |'iflM
u. complete the canal to Jersey tilly aad enlarge all lb*
locks, but the most nascesaeary Impraereraeo'e BBS kB effreasd
with tha arn.ru,' IMBMnamed Boasts will (ben b* able at
carry W> lo |M tuns *e?h. and the buaineee of iaa ( anal (a
very largely lrcreaeecl. The amount of boaiaee* le ooly H*
iiaad by the eeperi'y fj th* tenel The capital s tr> b* r*
duted from four to one million of du.ls/s. wlncS will repr*
sent tu? Ii', per mW which waa paid up by the siockhu,d*rl
sota* two ye*.* ego Erie etoce end bonle ar* su.l ad see
auf anal in deenand After tha Becifad Board tb*re was
mmm U) ecuve drmend for lha b<*>!*, and th* rnsvksX Ir
proeed I per cant w'.th sala* tf $3.'an al Bah 9'"
$??>>.ai el SS b iV), and |10,0un al SS cash, and thai prlc* ?>*<
for m..r? A bl.l ba* been rspaarted in ih* Asastenbly so pra
?*at corpoiatlone from pleading eeury, w hi ash will barlf
railroads eepeclally
In Kx'-I.anare tbern is uothiuf of imp<rtana e de
.ag dterllag w a/.ruinal si ?1 m*i tn good neaeee Pren"
In Kreigl ts thera is not tntsch iluing and tr*
ratsas are staaady CoUon 7 IM ( .rn Sd ?e,d . deed w?t<r.:
23* Al MB The bnstaese <rf ties lest three daye 10 IsMi
pool. 3SBI0,rsg) baiaheu Corn at id ta liege aad ad ia eu.e
l,i**) bele* Cotton, 7 tld d yd. To liaifu* I 1'" ljm">
tH 1 I Beltaet s Bnush vessel waa ?rgeged to load
Com si 7ft, and a BwadlsB brig for Uotlaaebairg tn lo*S
Cottoe, Ac oa p rival* lerrna To Be era ihe packet l*k *
full, snd that of in* jntb la aaaklagangeeTSmantsal mm
rates. To An. steed am we saaard of SOS bbls Beats at
and K?0 lea R ee, ?s Sd . sad u, Hemberg las baM 0*
toeei|arenr. To Antwe rp, See tea Bacaa, JeaSJa ad are
t>*>* Co'toa, t of s ceat, li tea* Pisetic, tfi*. A*??*?, %*?|
Uil, ) cents: BfaVM Turpeouae, 4 . aad Lard i of a cam -
To Sacrameato C .:y rates are rauher highe? -ssy 1 Itl*
1 a ? foot
Tner? is rxjore deraBad bSr Money, bat tlie eappvy
eairp* and 1?*? ranre are w.uveii cbange PapewtotaT?
per rent | loess o& ca.. Ir/r. per cent
Tlie Xorw.th aad Worceawr its..road stBteaiea'a
for Ptarsriiery shows a ?*ry fair gain o?er ?b* same mosab sf
.a?t veer Tt* reeeipu ere as annexed
Tb-ougb Peswangere.r? 7> V*"
Luemi do .AaoB?S .MR 2
freight.?VM2 71 ??."ir:
Mslia, sue....U*m ** _*|
Total.liTBMBJ en.Jg*
lorreea*initial . e*VM ?*
?Vie, 10 17 per carat Th* gala oa fcartgbt B large
At the session of the Near Jersey Le^ielst ir*
list closed a (Jcceral B^klnj la* was psawed *****
that e i'usr.Bg im this Biete ll aeeaae to he a wett 1
bia and will fiualah a ea?td curreesey We |kve kett/w a1
abeecaci a/ lb* ssniiaus??! r^issosvs of ikw btll
Bsc 1 RavfB-tsvae (he esagre?tat. r**r.sae?tng, me <* 99
" is aa.ck IMBI ' e? .ee..r,i "v o. Tresse.,'*? ? lljj* J
tt iMsasaks se* Mew Jarssy, MbmiMbms aad M L'sj*"

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