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l*rhntr- In HieHceae-Klehteef Celored "fien
te I ?i.<i Its Oregefs. eVe.
CwresftJtideeee of Th" Trlhon*.
WiSWaian. W-dneei??-, May ?
?it? - ! w.th jib'ssire, ere thia
, * sanc?
tion to a Bfi ? "''-J' M?d also
orie j0. . . - ? -avoraUe than
was gaaarnlty anttelptste-J. Tbe arbole day wat
ooniun d u. ' ??? w*'
B dh> better ip. :.?. tbna
?ion- pcihapi cm t ?
tails l Btaat refer 30a ta foot regular report of pro
i ee<- i t
lull from tl>- I i' *???"
pointment of a S ' ??"??J
land, in ' li ? nations of land, to actnal
settler-. . }** ln
thelloutetodnv. The particnlar jiotntot .mien
tion ?aa a , >
colored sett.tr* Ire* me tanda -aoposad to bo
dotintt-d. Mr. On ' "SJ
ta.tbr-al.pee 5J?1AS
?know on ?In! ' ******
w tl.eio an?i gr*nt? H
colored pipula'i.oo I
even W?shiii?'iori ??''?? i' Hopota "poser to the
Democrat! .who?
aikin. -
diacipki of Jiibrson lould ounsent
Oregon those in whole ? sinS I mi sed the bio id of
Thotnss Jefferson ? There was some sneering and
jeering on the ?Southern side, (?s the Loco side
might be called with injustice to very few mem?
bers, all things considered, while Mr. Oiuiiimos
waa speaking, but Bothing like tbe degree of that
aort ot feeiing once so common. There wa?, in?
deed, a remarkable and gratifying spirit of tolera
But this was too temptng an opportunity, for
two or three of the representativea of the Chivalry
to lose. Conrad ot Louisiana fired a sneering
shot at Mr. Gihuim.-'s "taste," Ac. He com?
plained that he hail repreiented that the Caucas?
ians were inferior to the colored men referred to.
Mr Giduim-s replied that he had admitted that
tbe white? were quite ai good ai the black?! Mr.
CoNTUD Opposed the exclusion "if the colored
seitleri, on the (?round that the riouth wanted to
have the colored pontaattan dilluied. What do
you suppose he USlsjncd as the reason of this
wish* Why, that it was everywhere adstitted to
be a curse. 01 course, then, be ii (|uite willing to
dijfutr a curte I Bari.r took the same view as
Comiaii, and conteiKKd that the course ol lbs i'er
ritorial Legislature ol Oregon, in excluding free
black* fron citizenship, had acted in violation of
the spirit of the law ot their organization as a Ter?
ritory. In applying the principe of the Anti
Blaveiy ordinal.CO, Ceaniass did not anticipate
that tbe South would be UHU cut off from a i outlet
for her redundant Iree black population in that
direcrtion, wbi?h be alegad to have alway? been
the chief obit arle tu K mancipation. To hear him
talk, one would realls have supposed that the
Bou th bad assented an tl i racioaaiy to lbs ap;>ln-a
tion of the Proviso principe to tbe Ores a bill!
But the rieht? laatare o thi? debata wa? a
speech, in particular reply to Mr. Qiooiaas,by
Col. Mi Ml i l ?t ? Virginia. He wa? wry ?ter
sor.al?so Diiich ?o tliMt he v? n* oalled to order by
the Chkirman, iMr Stsobu.J He Indulged in
a numbor of thole ppttte Itagenl misailse. whose
points have been worn i tl by los ( hivairois prole
cesser?, throutili Ircqu-i.t me lie complained ol a
grievous w?nt ol gratitnde on the (tart of Mr. Un>
Ul M. l, in thu? iiiiullii.? kit ciistitueiitl, alt r the
favor he ?list him, ?one tafae ago la moring the
floor fur him, when he appealed to bis frienda to
make that motion. Toe nidonbtal) e \ 'irriniaii then
launched ft rth into a ?tri a n ol frrandil , lence, in
the midtt of whicli tbe haunti. r l.-il, leaving as hi?
laai word?, th* ataeaBf-ata*ei ?hat he * *is*d r, i ,/ , r,?
the twerott nil >?< dt*, by t?o filtsteBun from Ohio
?rere ?*.'*(<->iiirij,i...i thrjont ftmtlmt oj i'l-jieta
ii the " F. F, \ ?' The lallant CoIomI sat
down, with an svldetit feeling oi self .?atisfsiition.
It i? true there wh? oosMMermUe langhtet. but he
approprialeil tin? to I.un?. .'. of course, n? mltn-eil
by his wit! 1 should Blases! rtvret tu ditturb his
It i? un.ltTi'ot ? I tbnt It is McMullen'a Intention
to reply spec iftily lo Mr H-tmoini ol Whi
that hi- ha? I i u ?Hitiii!,' im In? ?p.'ei b B ?
see that there .? at taeai ene " tr? at m ?tore.
Another important qiofiou aiose ta the oonisa
of ?the kmg, excitii.c, and ?!.?. iii-il,) ilitonlerly do
bate on this Oragi a Bill, Tbs di tastnh ? ?
of N*a**a*aMB SbOWS ill head frequently. It wa?
resisted by Mr. Stih.n of jtrsrdnlogal
others, in a ?pint oi praiseworthy msnlinnsa On
tho ojaestion of desl action ol C lor in .?rant? of
land the vote whs mainl* ?ectiooal Theescep
tit ne were, t. r the ? ?t part, on -ag the Western
Loco Foco* --..n .' oi ibeee rated openly for the
BoUlh?other* n 11,4.1, ag in tin ir scuts, wl
priK-c-t? -*| J- ? H .j-. Ugh the telle -
te.t ol Iheir | i ile . ,11'.. V i
eertion of tbnword "white" *?tood 68 Yeas to SI
Nay. from a thin llene
A general and ii.lnrmal under?tan?lii,g wa. had
before the Committee ol Iba W li.'e. att'Jthe re
aaaptiouof the OfBfsa I. ?nd bill at nu early ?lay
out of whn h a iceiie ol tireat confiai.m ?-rew, wheu
the Committee nue. It ?.-.it mixed up with the
California question, which cxi ?ted not a'uttie )enl
ousy. The Chair lia? ni; (?cci.!.. I tliRt it i
un aii i mou* cousent ki entertain a in ilion t ? lia a !
day", Mr. Gidmbc.s objected, and consequently the
House adjourned without au anderslsnilliig on the
subject, after all. Tin? dosed its doit**-, and u.i
tloing? lor the week The "Sf-sriiktj .
coinmeiice ttj iiuirrii?-. BlOKA.
7?. tataStar-- Jfr. BiaHSIIsi ? ?T??l?jrfc?a*?? el T ..?
r.*"'."., P'"-?-'? -lo-r.irv OtnmfmUmg -i.-.j,.c(,,?
Canal !?>".. ?Vr *c
Correspoitlenre of Tii? TuLune.
MuN-ae?., MonJay, May 6.
Our weather liiisbceu unfavorable for farm,
?tions, the tiuai.tity of rata wbich ha? ial an envina
renderetl iba lantls ttni DBOlal lor ?..win?; anJ plftnt
ing,'kbut the grais Un. s aro in high i
much to i!io BBlia?H.titiii t.f a i opulatit.n ?\ ,
pr?vidolix monthi wit,it.- f sdiof im tbelrettttle.
Tr.de is reM? inn with the ?'in. in : Spring
sbippini* impart?, aid that bepefal (**eli**| wIkci
invariably BLimate? the trader at the .
another \ car'? baaata ??.
Coi.i t.tc ! wfftboiaaraeene rnaj I .uoticed tho ap
?sab?sanat af Ta?er?as Bonttd lie. ta t bj Gaflaoior
ahip of Montreal. In tbe atm-ispheie of Canadian
politics, every n:l ul ti e CaMl H ' ?? ? ? | .
\ er?y Lot alvk a?s ? : ? B iei."./ and itapar
t?aht\ Tie . .mal? lavo a haphatiardbTBJ of
ms-kii';< ehai.ee uieititu,s tnflokntlj plau?i ti
varnish an t-'t.'T.'. 'i i ?!'. Hojthillier
tuay 00 cued to liluit ate tha lank ta informa?
tion v - | per? ? \ tuce, ev
oss- ' ' . Mr, II. i? not
knowu s? a in .?? ait . - , u... .a.Mr
B. waa educated iu a tuerchaut ? asnos in New
York , Beta to MtiitrcaJ. Coia
miuced busuiess on hi? own account, and having
' ? tor o? I ot.i , which
have cried Mr. H. down ks K-norant o ootn
ikieick' have e? - r 11 i.e. o the afiova facts ; and as in
prcvii u. instaiicf?, they wt.i gather ?:.
paper tl r.t u*hl to nave
fu?trshi'd their reader. 7 aad the
'Irib?**'* Mantaaa i\ rr> ?pondei .e la-n.sh the
PiU'l and ?Irruid with ?lebnteab e matter, which
naturally cau.cithe pub.;-1 > look for your paper
with iutercit and curiotity.
Tbe school rows in the vicinity of Three Rivers
are far from abated. The Journal de* 'Prmt-Ktv
tere* lays the blame on the Irish settlers in tho
tbaJowiiig taafanao: * Koaadaroaadire,pourIhoo
near des Oaaatttnna fran<-a?? de cea ltaalit?s. que
ce n'eat pai par eux qu'ont ????? faits les premiers
pas data la voie de la resistance ? la loi. Cette r?
aistatro a tm\ tcimmencee par la population Ir?
landaise de 8t. Monique romntaut envirou aoixante
familles Irland aises.' Mr Turcotte, Queen's Coun?
sel, end of course lega'ly employed in the school
affair, is editor of the Three Hivers paner above
quoted which in the pure French Canadian style,
abirka at the calium, and lusts in the Irish as old
offenders. The school ditriculty springs from a
pi putar demand, claiming for each locality the i
trol over its ?ncaUtTsirs
OBM of elective pni.ciph'8 BXMsSSJ oit _
M De Bl?ttere has < }?r?T. ,?
11 e '1
' torner ' ? * "' ' Vlon "
el goes to ??
BUB <.f the' ?red ?the
? ? '
ted t
-.-e important
tojourcorr? ? .,
.?.ly en
? .- meet
really in eai. ' tttistSBt, A?
I anadian I'ollllCB.
Cor-riprtLdt-nce if The T
The first week of the Parliamentary sessi??>?! hi?
disclosed the l?ct that the Miio-teriai nejority, If
at nil dr-.i.ii'-d ?'> ? ? 1 at sew n. .s?.'.
?owcrfi.1. for any p .rj-ose lad s.l'i'-iently 0
ous to do the biddiag of t^-e <J ivernment in any
eise. The Oppooithn without cohfsi-n, no ten of
ind no' united even on the expediency of t-l.-uiiii*
i .*. tl ? * . i the power, is very
i a house of 6 1 where they have
treaty Ibil g their o WS way The annexation ?(ues
tion his divided the op[iosition n it only out of doors
but also in the House. OoL H.rsy dedated the
other nii.'ht in the House, that he would support
the (iiivcrnment in gOsag to any length in enieavor
ing to suppress the annexitionists. More thorough
partisans among the Tories, whatever professions
tbey may make, will always lind an excuse for vot?
ing in opposition ; and thus by one section of the
party acting upon scruples and the other from par
tisanship, the two sections pull different ways and
the opposition becomes utterly impotent. The
Ministerial phalanx is thoroughly united. ?N'o
amount of argument can altera single vote on that
side of tho House, (if the -I members in the
House 40 are lawyers; most of them havinu their
fortunes to make, mmiy of them having taken to
politics with a view o! advancing their own ft r
sonsl interests, ar d not a few of them lookui.' to
tbe ministry lor shrievalties, registrarshijis, clerk?
ships and various other i B ?? ?. Independence of
action in such a body it would be fcfly to expect
Whether the French members be as ir-nera'ly
snorpst the expectsnts as the I ppet Canada libe?
rals, or whether their chances I f reward be as
greet,ItioBothB*Wj bat theirbabttaalsabsirrl
i-i.t y to tl l Miniitt r is patent to tho whole word.?
You will neily conceive that,iasoch sLegiile
ture, thoea measures only that are supported by tiie
Ministry have a el anee of suocess. Aooord
wt lea that tbe Pieaaiet has but to intimate his
? objection to any meaiure to secure its rejection. Its
i dot in lusfanti/t? i cues its certain as tleath. And
i this power the Ocrrernraeat azertaee with a hu-h
| hm ti. Two or three instances of sets the most or
I biliary, and unheard -of in a British Lecislature,
bivebi tratad already dariag the present
j seasitn. The lirat wss the re1 Baal to I lew H m.
H. J Heilt, n tt? introduce a measure to prevent
ti,, (,. Of}I for pir
11 s? s not ?:. ' I uslv lethoru id \>j law. it is well
known ibat steh e coarse is aerar pereeed ia tbe
liritish II use oi Common?, and that th- a i
?? f rejecting neasures is oniibrnly reeerred
sttoi.t. billa The inxt wm the refusal
tti receive u petition, reap* riu ry weeded m I
respeci informal, prayiog the LegieteaBra
i.ie.--s the Uu??n to (--rant the ladspandsaane oi Ca
li luis.
Whateri r aau he tbe cause parsaed by tbe
ted States with ngard to path
tie n s? nil. labjact of s.?.'ery or uy ether sut?
?i et, it Io-iiib m preeadeot 1er a Ceeeeiaa Legisla?
V. e profess to naasM OBTle risiativ... pr i
I i c? din?? m h'cer.iHi.it- with British practice; and
] it is notorious that tbe 11 mac? ot Parttaa
KnuUiid never relus? t<i raaaiei petitions on lay
'11 . rote of tbe H a ? oat.pn-stimmf receiv
I lei tlie p< Utii'ii in .|i,. Btksn canni't lie titkeu as an
. li.n.t iiiitn of Cariii.iiKii ict ?u.g oa the sal
I (.'BIlBlliaii lri?i<p?-1i'l?l.ce. 1 8-11 BSBBBBBaU]
! zantof the lact th h t n any Member? wl'.
'oil.. xBtit n. bat whtei ? tiooiaths
! WM ron.ti ii'iicil by va.Ktii ; ,..rating
them. H\ il | anv a tv. in. .it
it nt i a?, ?I,
I ti, n ?,u?-?.t..-ii to i ard i: ?
j woiilti net? ?s?tate the ?nrr. ntier nl r;
I tluei.. ? Ill J tlpolitci UBI . i
leatiKfi t - toseeara a itai *. i
lot prepared to nahe. Beiide this, other
? rations of a personal and party character Laflaeoee
their ci -m.in t '1 muent has in
its ?-?.i,tu I ib, satire pati
tiai n,ai _v M.n.i.ia ?ti l'aihameiit ire fi|.
reronept bounty to permito! t
O? 1I18I.-V of thetn vt.,i.*H':v Mirrv
- usure As politic si \ arlisans tl
r n tti lo Wl
v, boa the* ? ?? ; bj
'il. d?bete i I the Addreoi m answer to the
i Irom the 11 >
..'. in-a.la ti.ft-. in l.n_'!'i:,d. i'iki latir? po
j tin Qovertaaent is overhialad aad connea
: Botta lit merely local and administrative Mee
j tuns flat ordinarily inter lato a debate of this
kii.il, hav i lit.? bs ? n mi i? ti ?-. institutional quest? ..i-s
.inv.st cliHia. tcr. 'Hi debate baa ?
lasted three die,?, ami on the list of these it was
prolotigtd over nidaight tin three o'oloch aeat
morning. The greeter oanber of the speeches
win- BpOB lbs .nations ot Causa.an liidepend
tasas. Aniie-xatii.ii, and of rendering the Legislative
Council ? in live. That ?it-bate, which is not yet
it iiciutlnl. Butt is t?i In- r?. 6ps m t tin Monilay inoni
ii a, has r-'i far lasseaed more of the character of a
debate in Convention to frame a new Constituti SB,
than the ordiaary proceedings ol a regularly oottati
tutid 1.
lor the renst'i s ali'tan'y ?tati-tl, Annexation pe?
titions n hv !?? vii? doe I lot the pr?sent, but no
Bttiiitivt observer can leu to be struck with the
n.iiti'e ..i,i... hat, within a year, has takea
piste lathe toMofthe Leg?iataie,ead the in
-renter chance out oi it. Messrs. II.ilmes,
De \\ iu, Bs^bora, M. l'on:.ei!, Papinelu, and two
or three oth? rs, bo .1 ) declared theuis.-lves in la?
ver of Am e xat tn, an,1 act into lou?; arguments
in lapportd their pcettoa. Except Paptassaa?
and 1 accept h.ui oa a? count of h,s antecede,,ts,
aid not his present proles?,., ns-there ls not one
ol Un Aiuiexatu'i.iSts m tl, ? I.e.ulature who cher
uhesthe slightest hostility to England-. but they
think the institutions ol I ,v ,'.i\ unsmted
to Canatis, snd that we have a rived at 'that stage
m our hiBtorj whin ?t ;i : irInttrosUu
heti.i.tit, ?ithl , , ,.
that the argumenU on tbe Anaexationist side ia
ti.? Legislatore v^
l'rinte, win, up toa reeeiit period, has b?
Qitra loyalist v riihie ? uhii
a m n. in ??? ?i toy alty, tea bo .
('ifiti Ii , itoj ping ?
Tn? i ? ?o the Addr.ss. inhriti
: the abolition ot the Ct art of Chancery, diitr
| parliamentary repre?? nt?,' i.? to popula
are all been vi teddowa. Those which have
y et to be dnpoaed . *. ia . ti.e right e? i
u. miteddii
i making disnnssa's as a punishment ;>r tiie exprea
sion ol pt.htierii'pi.-.iitns. and a rsTodorssiiti te
ire tht sent tbte. Ol
upen im \ -. - lo the
I stsOB ia ,:nen 1
menu. The success e f any one of the amendments
would necessitate the r?siliation of the Ministre
SL.l for that rcai.n ; . ???n tiem ore ? istiv
i ml iu tro otiur .u-l.t fan a mere trial e?f
pirty strength.
With r.-gartl to the measures thht will be
duccd iiit?i the Legislature in the present session, I
t't i it think that msi.t popular measures will pass.
The law..t Pria ???emture vvi.I ttrtsjuly be abol- '
ished. Tie ??uestam of making the upper branch of
tie Legislature eleciive willcomeup.butitwil'have
' sice ofteotees st present, though the .iay
is not distant when our ?Juvernment must take a
atie form. The Isury laws ?,
bsbly he abolished. The law of Libel stinds i fair
chanced ht in?- improv?,]. The present veryob
iectiouable Jury law will be amended. The Pub?
lic Kxpenuiture is to be submitted tu a Committee
of the Heiuae, who are to report upon the roduc
Uods that can be made, arid on '.hat report the <rov
ert.mei.t will trame a bill The equalling of toe
representation, cot perfectly, but m i jaiUiied
?erne, will I : i.e fate of the meas?
ure is cxct-edins-Jy uncertain, ns itcann-rt be car?
ried will out a two-l Col Prince wifl
, ?,, ? can betaken
- op the
t seat . rr a bill
ist session aa
i -
taab as ar* utterly oppo.ed
lan's fltttn pt to ?ti- op .1
I irthday, at
anil amused
? it sight witbftren
wtsrtr, ire but poor expressions of
iota. j. c.
A 'o* ricnti I nitnrl.'ui A??orintlon -tjunrter Cen?
tury Annlvrraary.
? - - ?
. at this boar, H
sang :
"Joy lo the world, the Lord It come," Itx.
Tbe Si "rttiry. Bar. Mr. 11 ? > 1.1 .am?, read some
extracts from the Twenty-fiith Annnal Report of
the Aaaociation. The idea of thi. body sprung op
in this city in May, IBIS?anniversary week.?
Abtut the aime time, a similar society was firmed
in LoLdon. Tbe etlorts of the society were at first
feeble. The report pays a tribute to the early, dis?
tinguished efforts of Dr. Joseph Tuckerman. The
Association was legally incorporated June 1), IM9.
Duriig the first years of the Association the re
ccipt? were ?mail. 8ome BIH.OOO have been re?
ceived the pait year. Ninety-three churches have
been aidi.i. Tl e lotsV ty have published mor.- than
1,000,000 af tracts. Our pressing want now is
Weitem laborers i for this worn almost every
Minister begin, to make excuse. The r-y-irt de?
plores tl e decline ol 'the critical ?tudy of ti ?
and the chantre in regard to the p? miauen*, settle
uit nt of the Miniitry, mu.-h to th.-iroisadvau'oge.
The leerles, and modest B-utcrot* has goa
u?, ?o among the clergy, Kiraland, <;
younger Wnre, Channing, Tuckerman, the Whit
mane, the l'esUnlvi, Bare one, Horen, Salt?n
stnllj Story, i3oodntte, nod other iiymen, have
(?one, ami their departure i? nn ine?esaent to as Is
"work ahile tbe dr.-, Insl
Samuh Gbieii, Esq. erf BoBtm wm non
cluccd 'o the Rudiei.ce in a very handsome manner
b] Dr. Gau.ett.
Mr. QbBBLB said, although Iri r. marks Bftigbl
be Jtrui, they ?hould not be Itmg. Uur manly ago
oda ol u? n.aiiiy tlloits.
The li?ti ry of our Asscc-ir:.!.! may be d
e .?.' bs, tbe epoch ol
i oJitg, Triais are good for
- aiil.owii b] ? v of i.-ir fa'hers.?
tor dt i, "?. . ? ? has hai
? m beii -' ' Chap? is ta S
We I "siaed h? n deaotstinaU in; so
much has bt'cu i-'aiiii d. Archbtahop TUtateon has
.ommendi d the got d ten . uriana, at wor?
th, ol n better es I ?' nitwian wri its
i own tbe saate go
la respect lo pbilantbrapy, wa bavarsoaa much
for Te mi Bran s ?nd other refera s. Tbe ministry
a*, large, lo tbe poor, ar. ?
II?? not oar. cietydonc that gives ;t
the'claim < I beta g a ebrtati i ?
We heve getaed in apintuaiit^, bat there is .HO
IOI Di ' ..-lit.
He v Baai 11. < isaooD **f ? ??? ml i
Bfg) mod to
i tob ... re. Wssaid, wl ) bel et n ?
i bitsrisnisrn natnrally aroao
.?i me abo '
? tic?, a?' Christ tbe brother, merely, of great
\.'i- -.re ?till pros ?
? e ira
.r i. <? c i te. o l orne We are tl
w\ : land Calvanists W
tti.i?that tbe Fatl ihaatanaonl
thrcueh Christ
The i I. ?if
I SOB -in re
?P -it, mon devotional feeling, more oi i.
Cha.- ? ebnrcb, an I I
on more- as a pa*'
\\ i \? i.i.t n * ;. -
Oor Cambridge tbeol
aid sq
priictieh! In th sn . yuan ;
indthia snd we re isl le. I
i? a? . srlai pesce.
HON. MR. rtU | II.
gentil sana, who bas . tel . of an
electi. n lo i . in.re-? in tho 1', -, eeU
that be 11 te t i ibe sais ?t j thirty-two year, ago.
There wer- then but tWO . rth ? ox c^ur.
Boston. The I nitarlan ooatttrversy wa? b
'li.esTi.-e >ear th.- tir?t ' litar?an
was frn.m? st tbe South, over a
was settled About that time were Is
? of the two 1 ait . lea
. a Dr. Ill;
i I WS. With U|{ lie. i i._-,,,; , [ *,Ie<;i,,r.l waj
was with u?; Beverly gave us the esoque
Abbott. In tur BoetoB Aseo ? 1 Dr
i it xburj ? i Plaint
? Dr. Piaren.
Dr. I rtemani I King s Count) . n alone
in sympathy. I niurianism did not rise in the
irc?s?it ??i . lL..-a
t.. n ! P ni O t.. . p .,i nth
wa? v rere I
Mr Abbott ol Si,1,m, and hi? .?in ?- '.'?a--r.
and younger than be, and ? ?temporary,
Mr. lir. ? King's si, an I Dr. i
Ota] were the Pe.
reUow.. The ij?e.ktr .j
them i
"Piety (ndi fr '--adt ot ?eomag," kc.
There were nl?o the Whitman'., K rkland, the
r-rsmprsheotate, who held oflcinll* the bend
ktaBancbnaetta G r\ Then ': me won the
\\ ar.?. One ha? ?aid ol
w?? the happiest man he i
write tl . h.story ol tbe ? :
v.. r. . - .
.t. Thfte walle ?
m si . , tbe i
I have mentioned many Cnitarian name.?I
have omitted maay. Otheri ari-f- to take their :
i.icei. May ? d Biota them. ?, . xteadintr tho
This name, known in j our city as that of a pastor
? I r, was :: t ad ced a- o e ?hose journal
exert a eighty itsts nee rom Canada, to the
private heme? of the West
Mr. B..1.C?? b. can wt a modest exordium.
He wss to ip-ak of tbe literature of our comma
He sad it sn uld be drri: -uit to rind a litera
tara that did w t ?prim- out ot Hasaal ittaiaitatali.
?ttariani.n. in name, but other liber?.
tin? The laity are not conipe.itd to our pul.iits
? d food u books, and Iromuther
? ? -tme?.
Trere it not a popular mieaxine. not cne quar- I
- ?rnewipaper, that ha? I
i-oi lib?rai Christianity. We otisdnatod
iu a ceu.e va?tly greater than ouri.lve?. We lire
row only eo-w.-rker? with o'.hert, wroee individual
rime? we do not wuh to bring up here, and th is
bring here*; hunters to porsue them Thou -h the
irjfluei.ee of trur eommur.ion may not be as much
needed row, atd though we may not bo destined
to grow as fast as we have, yet we shall maintain
It ii difficult to get ministen
I now in all the derw'Bninatkms. I do not rearet
, this, fir the ninistry is not apn?A??ciated. [f the
; ress i sn take the place of the clergy, g ?tai ?Ve
? ire But t! u.h the clergy are jt.
. the wine,' they will be I
?nd will f?t* a ?;'?-, as nev?-r before.
g'ne. They are emu _? ..n the platform of other
led I ? re the) sriD be valued.
..... ...
- i4 a-id
? lieht on it. Tli
I roper authority, on the true p'att'orm, mat Bed
- .
will list
He <
The h'uie was r- ? | .? ?o-ris?*s w--r.? of a
?? .-_ i, rited el?-* ter, ml th ; aisembly did not
separate until paal
Other .Meeting*. -
The Pastoral An oration of ataasacheeaiB. wai
?ddrei?. ?: yrstatda] at 4 P. M. at the Central
Church, by s?st*/. Dr. w..r. h-tur of MaaB? ?rese
I of I'm!, i. Cor. 10 h chi?.i. 3d, Ith ami "'th
I The ihjt ' - ac'ier woe to s:.ow
with what sincerity,
- , an I H.m .,
A ?. er;
Were sereral > -lurable men ot more the.
' s?. re years and I
11?, v. Wrs. M. Kor.uK? preached the annual
sermon before the Massachusetts Home Mission?
ary Society last evening. The Society has beeu
organ zed ?l years. '_Nivy LnglaBD.
From I'nnnma-Deaths.
Panama Correspondence sf The Tribune.
Pasama, Monday, May 1*.
1 have to advise you of the decease of Mr. Ed?
ward Ferris, (farmer,) of Peekskill, (f. Y. Mr. Fer?
ris had been si'k with a combination of diseases
for ten dsjs past. He died on the evening of the
10th iitst. o( small pox, and was buried by the sido
t i I is fellow passenger and room-mate, Mr. ltibert
( i Christian
Mr. Arthur, of New-York, and Mr E. J. Daven
Cold Spring, N. Y. have both beta G instant
- need m their itteatioes to each?itpecially
the latter, win nursed them night aid day, and at
l< i ded eoi i: to 'I i L-rivo.
Mr ltawson Ni-winriii 'i.'jntv. N'.Y.
died a so on the 19th inst. of dysentery. He came
n the Enpire City, March 15.
reata, (iHAN.NiNH.
-?a? ?
Menilin? I.< lier? to rriliforniit.
'Kxtrartof a ln>r l'r in |?JI Phami-.o Mar.-,
Now tor the benefit of those wntinir to their
s in Cr lif rids, let me say that it is
tomarj for bOBStS here to refuse 11 tlhe from t'ie
Post Oflee letters sd Ire-ssed to their care, unleis
the peistape is pre-pait). Wh i yoa hear that it
is not unusual f r t'netii lo h >.--?
fers per each steamer, an 1 naayol than i t time
vvl... are tetirt stTl ii-'eri, you will see that I I ?nts
i , makes no sma'l item to a h laot on letters
? ay r.ot be es.ll. 1'or in month?. Wht
tics here have t,iven directions to have their letters
IBtd to the cire of otheri, let their triends by
ail mcsris j re-psy the posts??, else their letters
nmy be h im ii. th ? Post < iBct while they send in
vain frein the 0 in s tj 'heir c grespo dtatS in Sin
Frsnciicofor them.
Tub Fbbsbbt on ral Kkssbbec.?Tht B
t.. HsBoe ? its to Sand if m ?rnin .-,
ti nt the riv.-r oootinued high, bat
ihirirK l* ** ' ' - * ware oileiliiiied that
tl i- wen! van? over. A- \ i ..-. m paitof Wi
ter strict was careered tarai leal desra, i
basement Boor ot the Factory was completely in
iii <lat. d. The m?, h r,. ?hop had start?!.I sonio four
or tiv? inch, s Iron :-.? '? . i . t u was
Stoat tune r. danger, ib I the saw nuls on the
dam were partial, Tht ?1 r
on tin-?? ill afloat Btveril booni had
^?v,n way above, Bod thousands of lo^s wer?
adr.ft. One v?-siel oi n hundred tans
her faatenings, si.! * 1 r, f-..- ? i doan I A brig
?1 d a t. p?a - r th.
wl srv es
All the Ii .' .!riv
Bath to stop the ! eta, hut it ? . .jsihle
? .t Watei lecnvd
? | '
?'. ?
all on the 8
'hat no pasiei ft rs can.
?v -."
? '.'eis bad ta'ioii the pi
Piss I
??ruer, to BatJ , State th ?' the river n -
B ?? day, bet do as
??-, t when it became sM i ?ry ; hit itwsesap
: iry ralas wo?ld eaese it to rist
? iit.p III i.? i oi ~.\j' c a? ,.? Dmi
i.d. L'union bis coattrocted lainstr
number of m?sica, c npositk ? [|
. ?
' 11 i nel: it can piiv i o muai ? i I ifseif.lt CIB pity
any music that may be arra'..red on a siieet ot ?ia
per supplied to it, retaraiag the sheet u
v> hi r. tin pies <? is ??in.?-. ? ' I.: ai.-rioi iasartad if a ro
! i im. n be desired, or to he reptsead by a fresh
. ? m ?
- to 11 coast ? of the
R Bl RSKB To DfllTH.?Wt
. m oer Machias correspondent that i
Ire a.-itl
v. as wl oliv eoosnmi d, n il
.t ?is to seven \eu- - .ner.
FlBJ i*- LkoBIBSTI i; I I it of the
- "ites that the orthodox Heating House in
.s'.cr WU8 itruch by i ahtnios a
i.d wa* tot h
Ce*" Mr. Ira Williams, a respectable mecha
r.ic and tarin? r, in Hethe-I, C"iin. committed sui ride
t>> bane ? wiaxis on Wednesday
last Cause, t.-in; orary ?',. ran tramen*.
Al A 11 li.-l-AKIo-LHi-.r-.N (fl Brand. 1?Thar? Is
scaicr.y ? 'i ?? . ?ses a? as ibe
? ??. ?>.; - -. . of iIm
prall ( tber .'? - ?.. a-, 1 Its \"?-c-iiin.-rii -, -?.-a? for
?..'?> a ? . ? a - ,- bat ii < aquall i
sat ibal lae ss I rrioa to Its rraaa.
a. ...
? . - ?
? ih? ua-'r Sis
- ? ? k , a
. SM luiter
sxjrsnei . Tl ll a-??i luaa-i u--? work more
I Pan? aireen a
laaa 1?
j of the '
mjrb prad??as ibb Parts (icasj aiwraarwl f it priming has a I
Z the sale nt?>? S 'iraa.i of ?
?ren ?wflri*
?J'Ust KAVE.>fa\100U CSMCfca? AvSOCIA
I . It N? ila.ii.?t t>r?a_,;?e?l 'luttr it.? a.-l of |?17 fur ihe
? r . ? ? ftraTi-| purchased iba
t?aanraia:if Ilowo as the Lore I.IaaJ Fa'ri:?. at Riv-n?,
wtxal, are now pr?-r arcd i<> ???1 Tots iu such as luve prefer?
? ? ?. - ; tied lo Biakis turvey? sod ?rale?,
rasants nsosss a? tb<? la.or depa/iraeot can be or
. ar /?': and ibev fcel rorti??ml, as ibeir gr.iands a~e'.he
iiavsl rt-wveewtM. so ibey can mahn th?rn tS? moit ?>l1.l?ile
' iiw city ; and thcrr
hot-? for r-?'-ri ntgr ALtX WlL'-ON. A?en-?
75 Nassau-?-. N Y ?oibce N ? ci max ouiMllasr
BT! V 4 lila? ? ?'
A Hon.?* s and Coonsellor? at Law
?xrtJS Irr.sod Of-ecs 4 Msw-st. N,T.
icr TWr
..T -^TteAB<?lfrg^?"?"8jaa?? ami Paa
llahera? C lrifxj Hai'. 131 N-tas??. ?i ear ih>? fa-l
HT Dr. De l.nnev i . gear fcuedaai.
Bay be eonsulled ?ally tram 7 A Mini P M my*- Im
I>r. Shew'? Unter lore lastlrvtttoa.
?If-b-at. ?nd l'.-.'v?r? -.-r a. -
rt)T l.ebnnoa ??prias? Wiuer-Care Katabll-a
ntrnl is now cp?r n las l
N RV t?,r - | -,
tM~ Dr. Iloiifihloii'? Wuirr I ure K?tnhll?k.
mt-nt.- No. s, wsel i
Broedwsy. myll lm*
t\T Mnetrrnih Ward.
leeaik v\ a ? -. y !?? 1 .?ai -
of Mr r ale Road and t
from h AM. toi
to till V s ' . , . ,
the diviston of ilie T?v- Wan BTordxrofi
ai m-,
IT" ??pleadId I.o?ble ri?lea.-R?>888Ts s u-wand
i . Door and NuaV>?r I*,?I????surely
Dew sad original desti ? - - ?i??'hiasr
new ai I > I to '"'?;. ?' -I Ba?
sa. A so a aplM ltd SSSUIlMIUl ot
-ij K-o. :? ?v. n-ar Prince-??,
tur- Notire.?Tri?? ?nriua. ?
ci. P ?Il
. -,
TV Tr l.fvvor.f II. Dlaaa,
.t?........ .?.I ?liW r?r.stl .?", ?n? from ?) !i> .1 anl 7 .
tlvesurarerv and '.<*<-?? eues
evtaerss. The office of the Scalpel Is al - Aslor H
my.'.? In . .
ra- Krmeval.? Philip Kisit, Professor of M ii'e
tua letch"! of the B.t-hm ?ni other flute? and the ?jtiar,
respectfully Inform? his frienls and the public tn rer.era',
dial be bas removed to i\fl Broadway, near vVa,?er-?i.
New-York, myin Smeodr
(7* llrm v iili-iil Din? .aancliilion. T' - !>.??'?
sou Ptnlihers wiil hold th??tr second ih?^i1dk next Priday,
Mal of Msv, at 7?j o'clock, in Mr. Rlchier'i meeiioe-rooin,
.'-'? Porsy'.h st. All Dyers and Kni'.her? are respectfully In?
vited to attend. By order ofthe Comarlttea,
Rob L?t, Sec'rv. mji? 3*
OP" Natlce.?Tbe Phsisii Bais. w.wterly. B. I. ?oca
afar tt was robbed, tn D??ct>rrber last, of about I1S.I1 i - *
pended the Issue of tls Bio? and procured new plates, the
emissions from which are dated Jan. 1, ItM).
Tbe Bank, haviti?; redecied nearly ail their old circulado?,
(with the exrerUoii of the stolen money,) will bere?r-rr re?
deem the old Bt.ia ai iielr curie?-, til of which na '?t?d
previous to Jar. I, I S.V.
The Suffolk Bank, B'?too. will ce-itlnue as asnal to rs
deem the n.?w Bill? of la's Bank. By onl-.r of the Directora, |
Westerly, R. I. a arch 4,1850.
tV Notice.--Pli? ,am ad lbsCharter
.'* I'SS?. .
ed Mardi - ? , ? .ok? for "
. itock of lbs ?all Cor?
.ed al Ihe office of Va M V
Pai'?N. 1' Jaio eej? ,-o'iri, >.i Wal, ?1 In lim City of New.
Tori, or the ?MB 'av .?( Jone next, at II o'clock, A M.
Dated May .1
J \M11S PtH\ Kits.
il rs BF, vrii
S SHP.RWOOO DAY, )? Commissioners.
my23 lm JOHN VAN VI.M K
IV Klieurmiii-io I". - Btavs - u ctenp'alnt In all
i<> van* it form? may 1 Iv anl penii?n?-'ii y
turad, a? .1 fSBi ra. v ? ? i ?
- h Lu cation, r?. -, i.v brought ?y aire-.i!' uian from H ir 1 e,
and km wn 11 ere 1 ? ? Sc for this bo
ni?.v be mure particularly 1 xr airy-,t',-. Inqnl ??!?? h
t'lailes ltolei. li? BroadWBT, New-Vor?. ??
n f?-rer:
? n-pla.Bt ?vlii ne f,n ni.ln-d. my.'i ?V VVi?r'
Of I.meat I nu.rovraieai? la the llaanerrena
Alt.?Por a perfect I'lclure In ???-.?->? reepecl ?;.' lo Uta
ni.Y'S olti -sial.'lal.ej ?atler. I way. The Ule?
? ... ? iakeu by bis new price?? are uni/era?ily sekaowt?
ed?e<t lo i.e superior IB IBJf has? Mb re -aseo in thli coun?
try, my3 lm*
taT* W IB? IT"?- To?u?ea?.?Batchslos'i bsM rated
VM? Pacorj 1? ai 4 Wall-?? where al all times can be
found the lar|f-?t a??, on "il In ihe city. Stra-aeer? ?nd
citizen? should call ami Hiilr?? for themselves before pur
chtt;t\g eiiewhe.e HiTc?ti.iia'i newly Invent*! Wt^-s
ol lalned a silver medal ai ihn Pair of the Arner'.an ln?0
file. Copy tbe ?vldresa. myl.MWi.rir
rfWI??! Mian! \\ In?! ?Cin/.in? and strangers
at Hii'I ..e?t a?? siaieal
of wi.?, half.? le?. ?oaBsaa, braids or loaf hair, and mhar
ornan,1 M 1. SB ? .1 al MaBNVBSr A, lllivan'l,
'SI Mai.len lane. The trade saapltad. ?nyUejJIm
np" Pr. Ilniiilliitii'a \>ui?-r 4 ure Inatltnre. al
Hits. Haraloia Sprlars The use of 0
Wa-.r 's ii.-l.'neil ?i?h ihe H.ilropalhlc Treal'neai ?
IV-?? re i'Jesis will Hud i-v.-rv sceon mo fall in.
Ai DBIDilK * PALMER, Proprlewrs.
IV M nier ( ure laailtaiea I'lir unS I'oua
11 v |. 1 . utents at bis commodious city
1 d al Ovaler Bv,- 1, I C "".
rntirilrailon .la1 y leivve,-,, lhaas (ii-.ce? li. .'t.iaini'.iat and
" ?? .011? $0.
f\T tVnter-l ure i'o .- M D and
Mr? M H'lvnt-lan?. m West
?-C ? d ?t I' 1 ; 1,7 treat
BMa^or vtssksd at tbalr 1 ? inronilt
l)J(V ?noib.
WTA'tK ?III.I.?? llldli.lMi?.
1 stoat, and una
r"tir ?a ?? liy
NESet , . 1 ?? a I .. Ptn^st
I, IM I >Hi i m lit 11 D?TTONS. -
i. Med*
1, for s
C'AI. Ill? t'Kl.Nlhlt?' 111..?. ?11.. I-, lei,
. 1 ?.er?
1 - ? ...
m-,11 - ? f,f. B.iiKiw,..'. Ptae>at
i ? I.t tf I'll I >-l'-.? It?' case? AJam?'? bias v. ?
it tt .1
l B LE BAttON. '?. PU - ?
BU OU > -HU TIM.?. '...i?? St.s'Mrv.t?,
It hawk Valley, a?. 1 other stylos, for?ale low, by
styl] C B IK BARON. V> Piue-si.
IM.lt A*s? 1ANAR? PKIMT8.-A new and
aS?u| erlor ?rtlrle, fast color?, for ?ale I,y
myll C. B. LK BARON, v p.?^-?l
/ ? MIAN tVUIN-TM.- JO case? (rreen sod black and
4J i;reen ?xd biuealb| 10 Set?, fo^ sale kv
rn/lt C B Lit UAKUN, V Ptne-st
? > 4 III.KAI Ht? ralllMTIM;*?. litt eases tas
* J*~a anc ?ow priced ai J 10 u eis, for saie liy
myl! C B Lfc BARON, ?'? f?tne-?t
COl.OH LO (.UUIHIi?, :.. -um iirfbt and
darS MSvrimeLi], from 1| tub 1 u. for sale by
myll CU LE lAJtOM,? ftaa st
?J_ i lil.hAlHKI) MIIKTIM.m.- l-oeasaal >w>
4J**~t . - na? a va sty of styles, for
salet.y Imjb) NESMITU B CO. SB and ? Pi-.e-st.
Ol .NTKKPA>K*? - W '??e? Mpartof ABMrteaa
q Ms, for sale by NKsMlTH f-CO.>'aud?. Pine-si..*i
I IS :? PULTON-BT ai the
..a fiasiiarlna, that my
Stick ol - ? . .
ii,!??ivar'.?ii. both to stye and price?, that ba? ever beaa
Draaa ?lo lrro?-a t.*t?. from Pr?neh ai-l -
C.otb?.Si M lo?
OaVasadB - -? I rosa c?*?.u..-rt;, <;.??
Tasad, A.?r??-CH. and l.ln-n $1 Of) to Tie
Vasts a SB ,:.ai? ?id taacy ei,k?, Hail/i, and
Mari-. es. T; to 5 ?0
B.v? F ? Cloth,
, I.11.T v-.
.,.....?. I.--.. ?
??Vests .
Als-v. k spies , Cassoner-? and
Y L BOOl K - " e 1
Salt aft? inrner I' ?'!. 'i.- .' r S. aj" .mMWP?
? *K.>'tl.K.viKNei P4PKIM. A.*4U ?4t?l'lr.K
" VA KAPw?Wm T Jenr..nrs4 Co. ?rsr-ws sed Tailors,
Plr?i qua.liy ready made c.iitdni, i-c <?31 Br *<w?j,
American Hole; sollen on InspecOon of ihelr ???
ol new and seasonable foods, which ?a poir.i ot . a?
end vsrte'.y rar eiceeds any previous 'Ser-.n?; r.Dmin?^?u.
rata os II Is with er^astve aid.dons 10 ibs rmiBlsas,
wh>b siTsr.s a wider ?cope for uvtr i?ustoes?,ln whl.-Ji irssry
wll. scdeaTortomerlls coaiinitaoce of the linerai patro.
cage which has recus-.lx.xl th*?lr ?-arnienu as the moat
eauaeemtenl rit and finished as th-<, are fa a ny'e but rarely
aouoilnd, an-4 srlibal dispose 1 * ,
? ?
('IMHI.h.? E. KOI.WKI.I. Draper and Tailor,
wora made io ord-r, +14 Pulmo-??. iieiwt?eo
William ar 1 rtold, bai fesH ptrctaaaa*, M c??b, a choice as
aorttoaci at e: ,ih?. enmslmnee ar.d ve?t:c|? which. wliL
low rant and seui'isf'-r casb. h?a I? ?nai.led 10 mak? up S
p?r cen? le?i iban Bruadwav pri?e? II-has for ?
etrhi years er byad s reputation (eveo by tho?e of the sassa
irfcc'e, of r-tUfitf uV t?.,( fii-.ir,; ?^nneDU. and a? lor lass?
and sorts be will fsiarariieo canno! be beaten. If ???juale?l
my Si lm*_
CI.OTillM. AND TAILOKINtJ. ? Imaasosa
stock ol fsshwaisbl? ready mad? etotmae, of evnry
desenpuoo; l.ii*' coals from $1 loSl^; V?Bi ve?U from
fl to |4, ?vJM pa?i? trom |1 w ki- To ntaasare cl ?ins,
caMimrrea and resili:*-?, embraciof even thlnr new and
Je?lrah??, a ?r?t rate Si ??ways ria/anteed (a ?in/'e lrla'|
will coovtece all), M per ear.t Isxsa ?i?n ?ny toase tn thU
cu? In Lssb- si tlliiaauilisr Ihr m mil ir' num-??r.)
cliy,M?ta?vri,aitrtsrsw<u mcH?r.i. CONWAY,
?g r. Im- lt. fultoa st. aeer Broadway.
The Itew??#rb Tribun?*.
- ? ..... * ta as***"
.<-i..r* ?<i*. and t-elle-** Uksrf
are aneftlr-. to foroia* a lar?*r austxtai tad ?ari.i- -if inf..?
r<! a* ?"-.???p la ??*?
oth?.i | . tuai* lb*tr D
I*) rr-i.si f a. ?- ? ? ?
? o -f i N? ?k1 fidr
w?i|rh t? ?aurai ? -' I?ri-e*
H?v ', no t-SBBf U)*b advance ?ij'.*<rir?-T?. *|.ril?B( ne
? ^trr|l r,.r ras "' *l* B
I ? - ?t ? .1 par* ft, -hey are
. ? Utur-ar-l Ai-Mitaor* ? .-?a,
'-w -?a ?a ??a,
? - ?
-en ..r sat?n . a
? eu' 1-.-. and al-**d- ?ever? "' <"*? mus? ?tiiiie?-?|
ih Oker* ..( il r ? ,r
? i 1 ? '? u
? pi? tui' orate? ' J- ' TB
to I* uroi?> *srali cue' ? ?* weekly *?tih our .-??.I?.*, ?**.,,_
|B order V?.-. ? ' *S 'r?-,rj.
?T*ii. t.* ut oar ?. < t'utof trti-B
? ? ?fis? illrrau?-* H*
hopa ?i the ??".?? !'*"? ""* to fl*'1 '-'"''ad ;n ass
i tasi of "o.
-irr ti-.d Home * orr-spt^Kia-jr*.
TVRMs -Paitv ? 'ay. ni-epied) im
>r V ;?er ar.rjarB.
? Bosi.UaaaLV Taiaea? ,r?"ir?
- . St f*r
V-tot % ft m k, y Taut:?? tdonJn?.
? ? . - - - i. - ,.
? ?-? e-i ?y i Bar i? -?? .-? Ivrj ?i par , M Mt
? - i I K-aaakw rat?**?
v.. ? er?? :.. | t |i
pei aouup , Sub? ?.
GBKlLK? i Ut KI.BAtU. IM Nssssa-st.
N*w York. Srpi in. IM*
Sinfki (?p.?a. ?1. u s ,m '?< ? *' **? loa.
1?MIS ANNUAL lia? '"-en prepared wun ?;r??t r?r* afisl
?rrurarv, and ta pre-euled lo the Public a? a ehe*?,
r-i!?|.'.t\ and land ?unimary of the Political History of toe
Tin-?-? It contain? nothing of a partlaan rltararis-r, hat a
Bill e-h-.Mi of the K.Vttons o/ 18*9, Ih* dorn?-? of Cose
gr*?i ?I It? lut 8e*?loB, Ih? Mdtiig? Krpott, Van Kveats
tif '--.?in Europe, Lin of th* President'? Calilnet, Mi?iiil>era
of tl:e pre.eLt Contre*?. Governor? of the State?, kc. ke.
C. sii.rtTS.?Arras of the t'niied Sint^, A*!.<>rioTilt-*J
Calrustion?; Au.:', Coii/rnwi rial Board of, rla.kirif
Siaii.liri; Brai-.di Milis?Ctoid CoUsSffej BriiiahCalj.nal:
t ar fur P ?:. Bo?U r:. N't? Y r?l s
??i*. BHlfi^h. Chart?loe and New-Orls-aas; Cad?
' N*w-Mexico? ("In. .?-... iimtu?*>
sal -i .iit'iT. ... .- --l'iatirs ni. r inflate,
last Session of; EeBpBBS; Krouoiiiy n the Pui> I? K a parad.
- - . - - -1
Statt?*; Elaetioa of Presid.'t i bj tha F il*.
turns; V . rtiiaoces of Vrti'ee) Stale* end flrssS
?rett-eei of the I .-d
... i: ?Dt Sup| Una ? ? . i- Cap?.
(t>W*l*T ai B?-w-Yorfc, H. - P . I ? ? Ma and
? II ? ? n-par?Leiii, BotMB O? M**rassaSa>
M l S ? Ml u*?" Ml?***?*-*) loauiiural Adtlre** of Pre**?
da Tsvior; Jewish Calendar; Law Btabrn ?! i
* and it
' ? - . '? ai Kor-u-T CoartSi Al.ihsmrnadari Cal?
Mood'? piar* ; Naval sraocei,
Nava' Pu ni ?hm mi?, IMS i Nhv?I Supplies, a".l Policy*,
Oit ce r? ai.d lirtre* rreai?-i ; Panama (Istnmusi Rai.way;
pi pn'alli ;; of Si?'.e? , !'o? ... I).un?-s?
il. : Poal.il Beforn. I'r-. '? . \,.t? PIH, Jtr . *?r,>.
l.ir.-.-i-T Pablfa 1.1 i i., Kn tt.iy* ai.tCaoa?fl
? roas N' ol? Ai: .-iii-a. ll.tiinir^ tal l'i? Ai'iiy. Revenue
(l.8.)( Wales; Senate
Mllea?*; SevMi.il, i- .us Aci Shtf I. lU-en I's I H
ani Rel>r:i..r ; S??( r.-i- CoBft IS. Tide ThI.I?', T IB?
' Bhlppttu , Tri ?I a ?i.r ?iai"i*aii?ln*lthe l'ail***
?VI .. -ai ttairal Railroad ? War CUargBS
Kin-noil It. "jrn* rarefully n.-.vup fir :he Wtag Ana
? ?.. fron' Mato*, Horn IIta?| -'? i-, Vei-noei. Ma**ai->iua
d* Is -o I, i i.-'. ? :i. ill. N-w-Yurk, New-Je,a*y,
vula, Maryland, Vlrs-lnla, rvu id farol na, A.al.a?
ma, Miffdssrlppf. l.t"i*lsna, T'-ia*, Arkamis, Teaa-*?**,
clrnir,. a Kei,u,rky, cKilo, Imli tua. If i.-.hif?-, Iowa VVi*>
conslB. _ IIS.
?I^OB BALI, AT KRIM n ft I'.llDK STORK, ; I Nat
t*u-?i. L!r. SI,i-i i . ? r *ssy oi CftotafB, ittlftlrtB*] a plaa
of trehiiieiii wlucti til? | roved emiupuny ?cicce??fm
. lw*
JUST PL'BLISWKD ly th? ?.:.. rilier*. a new ?sdltfuo of
il:., law* of the Slat* of New-Vork In r*latl <q to Re i
glOOl liioiporaiiont, wtih ?11 th* aiueiidinaou up to 190
orstseel l n.e, cotni l"l? la pan,pl.ir.i fon Prie? lai c-mis.
Pnr?Mi?>^,' ?r ' r.irs.lfit.v |fr.Vlifl BKI.I, I IIDPt.p
TARRyT0*Jt7? instituts:.
Aftfcl.HT HOAKIHNl. ??< IIIMM. I.r B'yf,
atTarr.liiwrj. N V., A NKWMAN. Prmelpal
In tliis. :r stiiuiton yiMini; .h i.-ni-c win iw iriirojirhiy In
?iiii.T.-.i in all Hie liram-he? of an K?| t?h and C ...Irai
i.liieaiioii, rrx,ci?l.? for ciminertTal | irttni* or e ?
col Ir f*.
?lwie ?re iwo term* In ? year, each five month? Th*
r term ronimerclnf on the *lr*| ?f Mav, and 111*
V*- li.ter on ll.e lirai of NeflSUber, Term? rea?oimi?l*.
Circular, rinii.ininti partirun.., i.(-.. ,r. i. rjtn M
i liiatied al BpeMfa v (V Bh*phanr? l.o.ik?iure. |-??-ssj Broads
w-York, or l.y ad?rente!, a n.ile U) the Principa;.
nod if
? .X : ..? ..i' . and K.,.;.i?ft
, ?i)d Day Srliou from 4 l'ai roll piare IB |(il
S Mara* p'ar* near K1r*t-av T'i? i.-.w locailoi, ?
SB. hii-, u ? | - .- ,. .u a i ? ... a .lour>|*
Bee will, i-v-i si.e iit-.ie? Hi- ?*
hav.uit daiifhier* for whom ihey dealre, a Ui.in)u<h and
't?i ?-.??? eiluij. - .i i lie*, lu rail ?r.l BXatnkBS
her Is-eOBMnlall Hlie hi? h?il njinr.|tl>i1 t., (|Mr ra.eihe
dauahleisol many o! the lead a. f-Tiliie* of ibj? 1:117 ?rid
can reSsr to ?II. niy7 If
lfU*TlTI TIOW H>i \ m NU MIHKi. Mil/
I A'ni'' COI VAN m? ? the ??raau 4
?Ibato ?. ..-.- tflll rem'
ira r -cia^?.
1 - Mav S m-.
'I ?Ir- '1 III i. 1 ? -1 "?. ill -?anralUN OI ni?
? -i
Muy 7 C'-r . ?:. .1 ih* B .1 the
. 1 . .st mv? Im*
HIIAHOiM. -I lltroi. F'?K BUYHs lr.ni?:
. s TsiryliiWB N V. Pupil? admiltrd ai any
1 neniar, at .1 ? Broed-i av
i'?-" lui l? M r I.VllN, AM Prliidral.
\|l?? I IHIft'' *-l IIOOJ. HIK VIII Ml
Lvl M I -.*? I- ?? ? TwtllUi-tt, .?.iw-f, ftAB un'! Su S
-Term rurnr: "r , ^a T'o ? ?' ? Ma
Vi^uT ?PEABISI Blilil hV\ A..} * ?,.^'"
BBCBAMBVia 1 11 v.
Grockrs and ConnissioN Merchants.
il r.RAL AU? A.NCKH imvle on robaigninnuu, and all
A Baeucy Ini.lue?? promptly ?needed lo. Ite.'er to
B. A FtHNitToca k Co. New-Vork.
?iar ?V Yoi'st., Philadelphia.
C. O. Htriifv, V. M How?, William L-nxr.?. Jr n.
HrstiEToM, Piir*riurfh uiyKern
John cuaaEr,
in i???ciici), ..si,ir.)?"Ji*.
R*:BEBENCES-IIob AJJmsi Lett-wood, Sin.
N. Y.; Hob. William Netftia, P^e???il,, N T.; I??-??
Bevnour P*e|??|||, N Y: Merrltt, Kly it Co Oi.ri-rt,
Cobi. It Johr??.n, J U A f.ow^ry, J<ti,n A C. tlray h Co.
Nt-tr Vnrk Cliv ; Oeorj.? Le?|eV Troy N Y. al"? 1-ar
?It It TO
W. Ciaraa-raa k Cc Nnw-Ycr? CU?
B B Bir-BCLt/.*?. Sat, ftanslsss
AT 1 11 r POUT U? TW k.NTV PIK ri >
El riliKh ;.^.v^.VcJKK -Tiv aheee w,.r?. */?
tun In ?UCC*M*fui uperall.iu a. 1! 'le. ?ir,,tii^'.ir would
. ...
mer? ot die aril?-;- .0 ?/, *l?ni IIBtliBI tft ' ? ? SB?, "
Is warrsBl??a l>) tie- .- ?. -?seBlntHB
? -. .... -u?Tn. a? fully
Lal/y. A
fUil ass '. ?and,
whtrli lb* publie ?re r???p?!rifi.uy 1nn'-?l lu -*.l?ri?1 eiarr.ae
B* the office o' iiANII.1. AIIKE.
al ?. ,)>/ "ft ttuli'm; s r
? '?I HAI H - ITALIAN Mr.lUi U ' I
tl-IMI' "
tal. ?Id -, .1 ? ...
Hair B-*?!.)'????
forrinj/ 11
. ,. B * -?
,, . cc .
I^itil ?...aay. m\V 11
rillK .?I 1'-? " . H?M
I .?a,; - - ,.nreyeiyar{ -Ne
To-* Mi 1 BUI * P Hi?
1 - 1
"mvT. " V ' ?nClBW MMfl
Tt\ Kllll'** V*. A-III.M. row i?t-ii - ' '"M"
V V in?. , f ihe var? a? ? > ?a'd u? ne trot
ra. ?B wa.UiBf. It l.a? rjWMtM s bi-d ltd iha. the B?*?
? ? ' "!v?. a'?rt
? Ii ui.y b? cjliialurd by the ?*??
? r?l*e, aliri Oold It - . ... ,.|,|TT
mv?" I?' PRA-irB ? KWKI*T
'TO PMI>TtK**-Por.?.* ?ff^.!'
1 !*re.*ofH.Te'. mai.uf.ruj.e ?l'.al U-? W. ' " "
ts^ntiy mw, trout imt ^^S
/ ,AKtm-i-?1 ? No I : MS do flo S for sal* 1
l;M,1MnfcM,^4f*.r^ribr!rrnBirasr?N ivjbo*?-??
StBAO?noto?ff? mommmtMrnOM

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