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New-York daily tribune. [volume] (New-York [N.Y.]) 1842-1866, June 27, 1850, Image 5

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""?h?. *7amii?atio!? o? Or.?. Lopbz. ntroat thi
r?Ca5?i 7o,?^-The BBamtnatt.? cama to
' C i^ iUi*?"*m-? y-'^rtiav- Whilst the able
?KSSto ?*-"?*?* *e Government olrl-er
S?aiaSS the pros^aiion. b-fire the ?.8
WOt ?B?M??9_ J the f>lftrict Att d
S^EcSeb were plying the (Iran.. Jury with
?Xar-nments airaiost the acamad, in the Court
Ea? The defense, then-P.re, fimlinethemselve?
fCed between two Arcs, ooncluded that it would
?^better lo brin-? matu-ra 'o a pcmt at once. Mr.
Eant therefore, prooosod that the casa shoo'd be
mo?herore the U. 8 Circuit Co irt, so that there
?nicht be ?.atone prosecution goingon against Gen.
LritUt. TA? ?ngaesticn was readily adopted by
.gS^patty. tN.O. Delta, l?. .
?The Recluse," ?s an mi tend as in press by Tick
aor, Heed & Felds. It ?j oaly jas*, put into the
printer's hand? ?r> Lo-dn, so that it will prib
ably sppear sim*.lun?.c,*vjsly in Entrland atri Ane
jjca. [Boston Transcript.
OT ?texaky I*l??wtnt? ,irna Beater H?U.?
Bjisp, Comer Tina ?asd Na*-?*~'veta, lav-ltss th? art?ctloa of
Us e-sstomera and th? pub:)- to blabeaiitiftil W. te at-d
Br?i, B?Mver Hala. Tb*.il|rt?u,*?a?and --enf.l'.tr of tils hat
?and Us o*a~nsl?*? na? las*, s?-jco, tas laiaced hin id ?ret op
to? anieM In the mott rtea tiri el?j?i??t roaDner. He has
also a Gee ?astrortmeDt of (?ezuemtu's tysw and atoar Bata
?f the lautst ???Krip^t-o* BIRD,
?yll ewU_ ccr fta? and Ma?ttM sis
Nevr-yoaK. Joe?:*
tr Te McAM-ra. ?Urrelcy Ac BAeB\Omtos.-aftAton
, s/rribttrie- SiBii I i '*: The TiibnoO'if ole
?th an account of a deai.i puTirr'n?* to have ittnn tfnes
In the haee?snt of lio-Jie N > .".' Secnd it N Y brsr >?
?lexy, of one Anthony D?.?y?er, negro, born In Virrinis,
??veeri of age It further ?tated that tie decested k?v: ?>
?eiectory \r. said basem-."-, tioJthr.t a-i ln<*-.?*s* wat b'ld
upon the body oe Jone 2IUi-ill of witch Is wreng ? an 1 I
Ins? leave u> ?isle, t.rtt. that ?ir-e?Ased did not live at ifitt,
buisl '.'x>? tad thai he did not keep a refectory in ;
rr.e'nt <?'?"' h?'ii?. ' ? ? t*. I ?? ? ri'?rt flior of bom? Ni.
ass-, a-aS farifer, that ??"uil'icame wa* not l)jy??r, .j'.
Doile? ; fxd that deceased ?M not a cerro as ststed ; aid
fintlly, it.st there wai col an inquest held either over tin
bedy or at the boute, ?And that ?aM r?p->?-t t? f?!i?.
I wcild further rec i i Kep.irter, or Coro?
ner, to first learn the Englnh Artir lag??, and tistileira lo
count t-.d ?ell, and fi-aliy . ?ara M rep rt toa truth, or
reslsn h:r. cfc e, snd nuue ru.iru for so.ne one who pos
SfSaietttciequsJ'tles. _ I',?."7 Ir | E. (/. J.
tr Tbr Vnrnliaheni und rollabera el the Cltv
?f ??v.- 1'oiU an-, rajaesied to attend a raeetln-r at the
. li War?-! Il tel,?, ?: of (Jrandand
Eilzabtth sis on Thursdsv e-- -nlrif, June 27. st 7} o'clock,
tor in? lurpose uf li'.ar.ng tl ? ;-ii.rtof the Cotninltto?.
Byordtr i.ftliel* miinltteo.
fOr Te nenn II?ilarri?? I
Hoiiii'i.iu: ?<
127 Orai.rf.it.dail/. I. ;?? ?. A i?t*?9 P M.a?id o.? 8oild?-y?
from li luA.and a ktiei.er la i 4sm la av.
?very facility lo r?^es,friii.t t (Trc.jnl?-,
OT writing U> the llouati for
. ' 'AI?BAlJE*l,Xe?p?r.
Jas BoBsaTM??, Rbc Kec^_ W'
f1 "far* l1o?er ('Hrprntere' A--oc!attoa.-T.iim<un
er* of ib?* Awoclaliou aie ret] ?<-,i?-? m be punctiial lo ?it
tendance tin? ?srMins;, (Ju ? ?
Oil whi- b ? i ?ce.
AJlwliodejBreii. i i an- ? ?'.npra.
ten?. ?? | A C. DfiPEW, 8ec'y.
?*#?? IHnnltou ni>'?l?.. -?o *.'??-*l. of T.-T ?
Bienilnie wl loAs l)w,.
l?r ro?*?<?lliir ir*?? T?.?!.? I *h-n
iiuilneei of T.ial mij.url-'. n
Je271f HT Mlrl?'HY, il S.
? -
r ta** Notlrr.?Th.. Si,.-! l?j iiomiTitttee apnola'.' '
?ever?! pelitloD? prf i- ird of Aulitant Ald-r
mea for Railroads In] ? >t/s. a id
other slreet?. her. by . thc-v will rn??at atl'n
OCceof the Clerk of tba BoarJ of Astlsiant Aldermen ,n
Fridsy, 28lh lost, at 3 tVelo. k T '.,',. All per?oa?, ?
fsvor ii opposed ?o such ? .. la, aro roipi?.-'..
folly invlied to appeal an.I tii-? ,.t il.elr views In relatl n
tberelo. AI.ON/.i ) A. AI.VORD, ) ,??,.
?L'DLKY HALEY J r?,5??f*L
JeTI 2t? S. L. H. WABl), J Comm't^e.
HT Lone Island ltu.li-o.it? Company. Tin
stockholders of ihe liting Ulacd Rallr ai Compaay are re
queated to attend a meeting s ' tba Company la
the Citv of Brooklyn on Tu-a ! i. lb? il divof July ::- a, n?.
{o'clock P M to take Into c ...tid.ratl >n tha pr?sent an l
proapr?ctiv(> condliion of Hie affatr* of fae C ?inoanv.
Je2ltatf ISAAU t HAVILANl", Prctident.
tW Wnter-t'nre Ineiltuie?-rtty and Conn*
try.?Ur. Trai.l nscelvet putientaat hiscommorfii-ji city
establiihment, I5 l.ainhMt and at Oyiier Bty, L I, C >oi
muDlcsilon Cally between these places by steamboat snI
railroad, (leneral practice at. adedux CoBsallal
Ie5f7 lm*
?nr Be t'nrrral.?Inclpierit t?sldn?9ss tsiy h? eaitly
check?'?i Hoot ?.'s II', j.eri m 1- uld 1? us b?3?t pr?ventive
that is known, its restorative qualities are highly prized,
as alio its properties In t.-autir,!:'? and itrengihi.-oiii?; the
Hold bf the Inventor, Wii.: UM Bogi.k, 7!i Wa.
SU Boll?n ; siso ><v A B ,?? t? San:?. I'll KuR.in-.t.Rueh
tota, Clark A Co. 11<> and 273 Broadway, New-York. ,|22
- ??? .??
mam fo, other tieneriil Vntiee,. att ?Id Prt??.
.1 W. BAItKtK A CO.
Catherine-si. cor. Honro?,
A III. NOW SKI.LINO lb? t.alan-e or their very large
and excailent slock of
8PRIN0 I * .'. 0001)3,
at |{r<t?ily reduced price?; ? I ?if Ui? !sr?esl
and l?e?t ni .-t .1 itotkt
IncludiDg evtary detlral??? a-d U- - if Oreas
Ooods, Ksi-cy Ooods, snd G teas for Paniliy uie.
Ladles f-tylD?? this t'.ocli ?tstl lin:r.??J:r::o at.eatisn aad Id
?pttcllon. ?will ?ocure (?resi li?r?;slns,
Evory article bas mark?*d upon It tbe lowest prie?. 11*
JN all tbe new style? of all colors, t Lid <??', ?.lu?e? and
Children's ilzei) ail of which we will now sell at l??wer
prices than jou can ?>uy tlematerla's for mtklng then up
S. A M E.TOWLE..31 Grand it.
J?27 h Columtilau Hall.
IV t ou wuhio gel full value f.,r vour money, r , to the
?/.?tal Ote Price Establlal dm ntol
8. k M. E TOWLE, Ul Orandst.
Jt?S7 *_Columbian Hail
Pkm'akath? nut rueroi ttaor jvly.
?Me?? ?- C v a. C. I'uiLi.uN, ?7 ?Ustharins-st. New
York, HA". ?. JUST KECtlVED
from the Europesn markrtu
?1 ca?n ot rich and aew desljrned (rrenadloti-bare?es,
all colon.
Si) cases of tissue haregea, Bghl aid C?ci, among which
the most ipie.'.ti'd c lort cl;; Le fua?.
2S cases of light \\r-t, blue in ! p-a ereen hare-re?.
30 caset of beautiful eheiles of tiroAB, drib, crimson and
torn coloreo 'oaregtaa.
Jts caati? of toliler.es, stripes, plaids and "-grared.
SO caeetof elegsc t
which enil.rsce every style, c.^aiuy and ?lor, (at 2s 6i 2s
Ml, 3i, in) it? maiket, tojetirr ?rtih u.1 the best and uivxi
laahlopatile dt-icripiioni of ? u.-l?c? dro?? good*, sai wall
as every other kind of suiiAbi?? Summer dress goods re?
quired in ibis climate.
Th? above goods t.a .?v.ated with -it a view
to ipect..*tl m, tfce fi-m Wv,:;.J ?uoat re.poc-.faiiy invite ihs
?Atteotlos of all purchasers to the Bjo.o new and splendid
it has never txaen C. k A. C. F i lo'.anilon to aid any
Bind of lun.ni.r go. ds
seeling aaiured thai tie ?e.? t-xuj?.?;,-e *;ore? w?juld furnish
Um deu.auJ for inch .
Bui btai.ry ihe uulversalcry
?of ?Ui pv?r n ct dr??s .her? are In the mar
tel. ?AD,, ttisi no ?wre? k?;ep as assorti.ieni, C. A A C Poil,
on immediately iwt to their ag?-.u tu Krane? and lam?tm
lo for ?a ?r.l l..?a,?u.u..:e k.kx1) foi ?..,? pre^nt demand ; and
BOW loaL Lutchaaer?, axd am., nun
par.icvilatly to thou ??die?
v. bo have l.^dttAllki ?r.d crane ?bawl?,a this ?stabBsn*
nieul. tlio?? dree* goods wlil tm sold ai prl,-??, of la ?. si
1. Id, la Hi. as. S. o? pe. jard Isi {V! \\mmm*iotmM
Urs? la? rel?jalo?, attx k ? ill be not w ?uf ,.,,? ?"th-v d-,
not taietd to keep an>thiii?; bot eilt? and ?hswia af?r'thls
SS?*A iWmm 'I Ca;:,?rlr.e-et. New-York
UAMS, Ac. Ac le. al a groai roduoioc from former
atlsas, tb? greatest btrgalc? evt-r cdWred in all colors, la
cladtS| riaka, Blues, Coin. LLac, Wawd, Broivn, Ac. Ac
S. A at. E TOWLE, Importers and Ritalla?-?,
Bttk_ ;il Urmad-st ?CoiatnblaaHsJL
HLAt K LAl'EH.-rETKR ROBERTS, 375 Brcrad
ilallVo^i* J** ?"?**''''???'???-?* ? -I'tc* lot of Black KlTurela?
?i^^??l^ lta'V*rior B:?ci Bnawisai-lv, usually ?old al
?at'ri. tSS^1** -*-**- Hoa'?'fD Colisas, from 1 V? and up
j3? iw* ^ *mA ?"^ Ml,u ; h'p*r*d NeH**fcc* kc
J^J^J^L^ 0<Xh<* at-*^**rti*?*??ii-e?i ?? rut r*i,t.
A'er??ANJ?!!?5? *?? ??**--? ?ad tb? t-Jattofr?.
^asi,siio^TaatT}t'^et '? ??e?0nIU -*?*??*->?V m se
?**?! WsZ'?*1' "^ .d0?!ro1?? ?t making an arrear?
-*?*?"*???*? ?*a???ce ?SriTiff t?Qam ? ?ffi'n-^. -A" la
tAAswti^ra^lJL^^r^ of ?itaiid-Ard booka
*-? ?^w^t2;?2!?tTaT * "^ Prtri>*t*> of ?.or?, tipil
*-**+nmn?me^mlarri alt ct^bt 5* ??-*
A*iim?iavo\al\V-^,,T,,^ ' Jm'on ??'S'aaileapi.i,!"
???oaV?Mta,'l3r' WlU> "? n4m?. '-^'inJclsiTa,*
WA.NTICD- A ?m?rt, udy girl to cook, wash and Iron
fnt a ?nisll faiDliy. One wbo is a Catholic In culinary
?tialcniec:? acd a Protestant a_?_?rt over-form of uneleaa
ltness wil? he preferred Cread or country of no ente
qoenee Apply to Mrs. Bailey, East Twenty eighth st ??v
ond bou?? West of Lexington ?venae. Je_7 I?*
W.*>TKI) R ?;..???.???. ?
?tore, be Is well acquainted with the badaaas, sal
can keep ?r.-ounl?; he can come well roc .nuaeaded from
bis last explr ver tor honeslv and ?ol.rle-.y Inquire In loe
fror-er. store If** EHhth-sv. betweenThlrty-Nlath end F ,r
tleihsts. J?28 It*
\VANTFD?A ?iiuait'e-i a? plain eook, wtMber and
v v linr.e-r, l.y ? ?teadv B'lWe young woman, who h?i a
tboroughknowledge of l.?r hutf'neae. Ha? goad city refw?
rnre. Anv command? sddrn??ed t>-7? Ellzibei'?-? ?hail
be reipectfully attended 10. '-' W
WA )>T KD?A ittuaiit?n by a very competent girl ?rtih
k"< ctty reference as chamiiermaid and to b?lp aa
??. or ss mir?e stid eenmfjrua \n a privat.? f?-ntly ?
Would go in the eountry as nine. Csil at ft 9"l_t?i ?maea
In the tvig ...ore. ____!___!___
VVT?TKD-ln ?wholesale *b??a h *m, a clerk "from
v v it to lg years of sge, wV> bashed some expei-l^nciia
the tutine??. Apply at 26 Cortland-at trom 3to 11 A M.
and 3 to S P M. None need apply ?ho cannot eoia? w,.|
recommendad as to ebaracter and c_pacuy.
W?NTKD-A ?'??: * '"'" ''
Bhe mint he a good washer and lroner, and good
plain cook: to ?uch a one.good wage??nd e ?t???m ?impl ?y
ment will be given. None but Protestants need spy.v (Oar.
man preferred) ?t 14<? Madiaon._J*?? -?*
WA1NT?_II?A aUnnXsan by s man that u_aer? and? tus
busttjess, its engineer or martin!?'; h? tmt t,* w*?l! I
? ;.ded. would h?ve no osjesilon to any part of the ?
State?. Address Engineer, 1
WA.-.T? I> T(l IIKNT-A r.H.m. with or w
t.oar.I. i.y a ?Ingle ger.ilei?en. In W??i Thirt<,<-ath-?t
betwten Blxli ltd Seventh ?v?. Address V. U. C. T
_JnTI ?f '
WONTl D- By a respeeuWe liealUiy woman who has
s baby ore month old, ? ?Itusilon ?? wet nurse. Ar>
tly stm<>Thlrd-sv. between Twetiij eighth snd Twenty?
pta-tata._J?-. -
WAiyTHl)?Inalswv? rsoiTic?, an active boy no-?
thin I ? 5 ears old, 10 whom a reasonable r.nmoeaiv
?on will be given. App!v,ift.-r 10 o'clock, st 2"? Be-kn?.
si. t..?: 11,-ry, front office. '
WAMKD-By a n
in -i ... ? i?..-,.,'?aaasl ?????, or I?) d>> gener?'
woi?. (:?.i I e> ?et-n from ;.? n I i.'r.loek al 7", N'n'i
lire.-(?ay?, (ily relerence _ ? ??,?,.
v v maid und waiter. The beat of city reference? I
? ateaet .1e27 2ti?*
11,'ANTKIi?A situation'..) n.i.i. wa??, sr.d ir,-i, t?r u
.1 do general hnuiework.'.varaspiictab::'. ou-.i_- w.niin,
wlih good reference!. Applv at H I ' !
AHEM-M'TABI.h rrotaatanlwo sin wants a alt
la ih_ e -il ind a jfo i ?ratear
:ei?t?Ddi her ?i?noob)ec
lion log? to 8r>. . ? I at lia Woo?w?r-si. la Iba r t\
w:il r?"r?lve calls f?r two dsyi jv7 2i*
BOV WAN-_-_???One Uvta? In and a
lia eU., ?boni 17 ya?r? of
lung bastee??, .?'alai-, i ?i war SS& Addroji I
Journal or Ciu merce ?fl.ce, la the liasd n
pllcait. _ -T i*
b'.v a-.i ni i teit'iuf ?I?. Apply to
151 f util It.
iUMOP .VA?TKI?-F?i for a t
VJF bandl I bava, and Fifteenth h ? Tblrtleib?ta.
...,.,.,,, ? -, ?
? -1 a- ? low rent. Addreii S. A. Tribune O
I'll rttlNTf-KN I? waited u
lakerbarsa of a JobPriai_a_Otao? in Iba tM
it pre?? and . a?e 1? r
To a suliible person Iklr wsgea and prompt psy ?a
i ... erg -es.
A,Idle?? " V V. ?." Trillin,?, Oil.re, for lire? ,1s.?
Or PoroUirr tknntt teethe lid Page.
BIIAI'f? -.?. .!. BpleaiB?t front parlor un
ibeseeoad fi .or. with t,edro...-ii aitacbtW, ? iltao ?
? h -t.;.-_,-tl-msn. Alio two sin?l>? room an.) a
bath for -.' t u?,, of ihn boardera A ?lagert,..
d.'i.rs of the house. Iiiq-J'.re of C H Ring, coroar of Broad?
w?v ?nd John-?t or at S-'iI Brjoxe-it. 3 doon fr.i
?on-?t- ? jiTTIw*
HOARDING.?Two or three ?r??ntlem?Jti rar- be a
D coaimodaied ??'-h plaeeaat ?Ingli ro'-ms ?rd boird
Bl 54 B?rri?> ?I oppostta f ni.?r?-[> ?"- also ? p!eu?r.t
?ulieof huhu? oa ?a floor, to siafio gentlem?K>. or
without children: references exchsnged. je.7 1w
BOAKI>l>? 1 bodroom ?liacbed oa thi
??rond floor, with board, can be ot.ts_n?sd at :
Broadway. Kelerenceiexchanged. jn'/73te??U'
ri?VVI> I.I..N ."liK.Hii.V ran be B.?<-ouiui.id?ied win
1 ).ariia! board al the north corner of Poplar ami ?
blasts Brookljn. The rooms ate very desirable, command
irp n fir? view of the wal?-r. jeJ7lw?
ROOMS TO IKT- Y.-ry desirable, slry snd plessact
nom?, teaily furnished for single gentlemen, without
I (a.., may b<_ had by spplyln? at B?) KrBnklln-?t a few
dorr? veil of Broadway. }n?j im?
ri'O LET? Wiitout hoard, a large, well furnUhed roucn
J wlih pantry al!ai?h?'d, oa second fl >or. Also, Blarge?
square attic room, on third iioor. Inquire a'. SI W?rre:i-?i.
trmr fier iifirr Hoardii^i Adeertuemcntt tee ltd Page
I."? RII
. ? ? of the Army, ibe frWiidiuf ?h? ("si- -
? patron?
ed, tofoiir? ibein tiiitt IIk? VV? al l'on : v open
?C?r?p??!.-?, and grea.,., Improved in i.? g
ian>eaK I ml mlnak? ot ?i ?biK it
bile thai lb? ?tea?nbo?_l? bave c??ii
? ...'a \\tl.r! Bb
- I -, 'O CO',.
laeogers to Wr?i Poii.i lVr?.,ii? irafr m? oy rau
wp'.. vi'1 ?2 p ?I Cold Spring, wber ?!>.,?.!? a.e a ?? a^i wait
-i?-v ilii-ni Bi-ri'SSltio liver.
ri'llK Plti-'PRIKTt'K ol ibe Hotel st the Kail? Informs
A ibe public that he ha? gieally ?iilsr^t-d h-? ii-iuse since
the lait ?eison, more than duublms bis fo-m?- B^e-mniods
fom, iDflcd'ng in nil Improvement! a new an i spacious
dlctrg rctmi.
He Is now prepared for the reception of visitor?, and
fatrillca w'iMrg to make a-rinceineit.? by tie week or
month can be lumuhed wi.b ?uite? of loomicapaci ,m and
well vert?an d. M. MUURK.
There la tow ? pl?nk road from I tic?, and peraon? le?-,-.
log New York In trio eveiinc Imut can arnru al lb
before 2 P M. of thenert day._?e?7 IwUDa.'.W.3
tgr ffae other Summer ?ietreat?, tee ?Id ?'age.
AND STAIR Bl'lLO.'RB.?The Modern (Jeometri?al
8i?lr Hul.der?' Oulde, bdr.g a plain practical lysie-n of
Hand R? .i f, einln?. i,.g all its necesasry delslls, ?ad fOO
metilckliy 111 ?'.rs'ed by 22 ?teel engrsvings, to^etlier with
ih>? u?e of the iron lmpi-rlsnl principles of practical (ieom
eiry. By 8__?>-Da Otaff, Arcbllecl K?r?aleby
?e.7 lllJiW' C. M. 8AXTON, 12?. Fullon-si. up stairs.
Met?i k? Plallta, Palladium, Nickel ani Cadmium.
Oxii)?.??-Pure Oxide Mang?ete, Copper, Iron and Ira
Mam-be.?Sulphate of Amraobla, a.J the Chemical
Poiions?Paicboullv for Moth?, Fly Paper, fresh pr-?
Pared Rat sod Cochroach PuIaoli, Improved Bedang
Polw n.
Soap??TrlLiparet Waibbaila, Miillary, Myri.e ?-._ ?and.
M-MCIBM, ?>??- ? L'riaduiterited Cod Liver O.I, Labar
raque'? Chloride Sod?, bad lll?,ulecUn< Kiui I, French
\\ bile Wine VlMaar, DiaiuLUtl Cemeiii, K.??enceof Sar
SBpsrill?, B.eiwli.a Shellac, Starch Poiub, R-;. led Llcorlca.
Ai model ale price?, for ?ale by
1,1 Maulen la_e.
I. Tb-?U'>?^rilrer? have now opeue.i, tottim tWmtkmW, at
- ' immense slock of siaple and fancy Fire
Works, r-in'ralilDgan??Noruneal of ?eversl ihoii?and grast
?>f .-.?-?i?, Rouaa candlea, iriangles, ?croll wheel?, pin
? - ?, rrs_>??ho.r?Bers, Bengols ligfct?, pulling
I .wer pets, kc.
? /-a, sr.il lu the h'rea:?-??i vs'-.e.y, sre
-^iraiiie.! -ein, 1; totiufrer.
or, to ?ny i ? -r ere work? In market
Tb* MMaaaaaf ccintry merchanis, desiers,p? rites of
rleast!''e ?nr( of ftumlUes wi?hinj small worrs or ibelr
children, art.-part?cula . .cali, as weeenfldeot
> 10 ?atlsfy su, eitber la quaiiiy or 1, _BBdry.
N. B?Colore, f, 1 and 2 pound rockets, ?cd tcedlfisr
eat ?la-d Ronen caodlea, for sale hy
??AaBNtft .- Caainamst.
ystti, 1 rec'y opposii-Ns_on*iTbt?etar.
n. r__TINJ_? A new aru.ie?dark and llgbi subdued
eoioi?, 1, ^-aiu make, ilchiy dyed and oil pa.?ied, ah wool,
,"_ al P*thci In palu-ru lormlcg bvquela olliowers,
wittil?i'e,-i*>, ?iToils,fce equal to A-.iutt-.er, for sale only
t.vih.ir?,ufaciurer, al #1 per iq-iare vard, wbo Halters
bimselt D.ai an experience of upward of ?ivear? la manu
??cil. -ii. ?no In,porting fancy matea, carpeim^a, oil cloths.
wird<iw.,bt<.e?and niait,-,K,, sitiUlmuienseastabllshmenL
r't'l VPZ '? L8 ??, ? N '*"??? ?????<-?* first d eJiTiow
Ch.isi Cbutch Pbilatlelplil?, win justify his ipons_rshtD
to si irt c -, ?er- way ?quai tu K! IdermlusteV, and not
?-.?Ml.rd He price. A beaunfui s?lectif of Brussels and
T .,V? _l7.ry'.h"W p,'y ?Md '?'^'"?i'psiBirs, wliho?!
ciolh?, ??,1 be di.i>o?ed of al very low price?, (a,ea?b or
city ?icei-UJt???, (lt.lare?tadtl?d,) 10 male room f.r hu
?"?"??*. [J*27 1mJ J.SIDNEY JONKS,
BLISAKINSOP cen laue?to ?ire a perieeland unique
??icilrt'on, In writing, of the feeling?, babtta tastes. ?_??_?
ttona. kc of tndlriduals, deduced from s sr^lWofisalr
bandwiillrg. Ail persots wt.blag te ksVw tbamselTe.
n.ust addrtis a nota, postpaid, to the Profeaaor. sutlnr sax
?tfiW?ksui- c "'M ' **'bcx lm *??Q*?*
TO KA1LKOA? tO nPANIKH ?_H?ui eoaunaoo
Ir I-befara you cooimecca sea Utas? baenbar wao wUl
eater in:o eng?gatn<n_ wtib you 10 asa ?a tnvaonoo thai
arUI .?sift the eoat of your paqnsasat eny one ba.f ?1
laasL Oreaier safety with greater ipead Usorad. You
will fnd this worthy your stleaUon. CommunlcaUaas ad.
dretasd to J. W. WILJUNS, TrtboneoSce, ?nil meet with
proBpia???uo_. )?ttJiwU
To-morrow Mornln??,
mi m ?Min .AKt.L?a.
WeB a SkoUkoflkt Anther? Li/*.
THIS WORK contains a tall arcocnt of ta? Author's lo
t-areeraiion In lb? Tomb?, la New-York City ; to?***lb-A*
, with a Sketch of in? Last E ght Y?*ar? of his Li-"
Sketches of the Author*? Trawls and visit? to the (?1'owio?*
i towns and citi?s:
New-York, ?Boston. Bsltlmor?, PMl.??M?iMa?'Oto<"lBBa*
| Pltubarih. LoalsvtU??. St U?ls, Wn???!io,f, Va, RlcomoaJ,
Va i I*?er?->urib, Va; Lynchburfh, Va ? Whit? Sulphur
| Bprtr(r*,Vs; Lewisbtirgh, V*s ; ChtrlesIoB, Vs; Washlir
I ten Ctty. D C ; Lexington. Kt. U?Arrodsbur??h, K |
I ?nil?, Ky ; Krankfort, Ky ; Day too, Ohio; Columbas, Ohio;
I f uttB?, OMo ; Z?a?..*?*1ll?, Ohio; MtrietPA, Ohio; Ciev?
' lard, Ohio; T.'edo, Ohio ; Portsmouth. Ohio ; Usnisbar-,
I Pb; Detroit, Mlr-h ; B?llalo, N. Y ; ?BrMBBBM N Y ; 8*ra
j cu?e,N.V; Ce/enovls, N Y; Ultra, N. Y ; Albsny, N.Y;
' BlnghamtiTB. N Y ; Bridg-p n, Ct ; New-Haven, Ct ; Hart.
I ford, Ct ; Fall River, Mus ; ?Srrincf.eld, Mt'i ; Liwren-e.
burgh, Ir,d ; Uadieon. Ind ; Indianapolis, led.
Price ?0 ?tents.
Published and taff sale, who'-sale and retail, t?y
W. P. BIROESS, .*.'Aon-SL
Also, sow resdy, new editions of
Trice ?> cents each.
All of the above works are fer sale by all r"*n .diea: aili?
ers in town 01 country.
. ? w. p. BUR?ES:?, 22 aa?asi N. Y.
?h I.n> atii'sr., Ann iot/BNAi. or Books a*?D
OriBloa, under the aieove Hue, woi.-'i ht* some peculiar
? klar rt'ialltles, coram*
aiv t.tier Newspaper, Magazine,or K - "aun'jy.
I. A kadlBf oaJaclMlo preav-nt ihep'tiiiir, wr.?, the atme?
. end el the cbtrapeel poanlnle ?rate, ne ta??i of thote
workilt? P.?; mar Literature wfch are appeariaf ?Abroad
In ?erla'a o( IB ?epsrate chapter?.
II Tii? foreii-ri *>*jf1odlt*a?sareeoettrraally rich In novel
? ' at of fr? in iwo or three to a do/en chapters, which, bs>
i i r ??paral??rolatg?*?,ar? rarity reproduced
at all to iiii? cvsjtfry. Of tl.-a*** irj*? ?editor? givo rij
III. Of the Qusr'.erly Reirlews, the most admirable pa
, ?tirs? are ?nail cases care
? .?.?* pusages as
resder, to v?
? ib?y ?pr??r troald m asan
lv TbaL'U ry, Religion?, rotiilcal aod 8
?-?pe-? ?. -, ?- i rot 'ed for whttev r will
-i i Tn ?
lead.re a me* phi.
Ar...? .tr?. now very iirf?-??; i*n'ly reprinted In Amer
and combinat um as to dup.sy the springs and process*? of
tac ?.nin.
.i, nnr a mere
I lie a S instant
i rnoit lnf rrttings-.d iTi-ioriaiit 11
the American; e;:<i in Its origins, portions It will be sup?
ported by some of the ?Ablest writers tn all tho fields of
knowledge sr.d opinion.
\l. Aas Lue't-y Oar-tie and Exsmlner, It is bellav.'l
; mi ?icy work now nr ever print?-1
in the I'ci'ea Biates. It wi.i contain the eat
n.eoti of What- ? y worlj are ??f
si readers; Its - t< wi !
? ' |?Bl ; Bad *ti i-itrarts, when i
be given in acvRcee oi the publication of tiv? w >,.. ?
Icest and moit vattiAi? d p ? ?
- hvrocrliy, or the influence
feeble-mlcded i . -.tpiraoit In I?
oanosal Misccl.ar.?; trill in ibis n ?;et-t,thepu'>:i*h*rs Bast,
vrln and pren-rve the rcipect and rnoflrtatir? of all wb<?
lotA to f* ...-, reatl
iLgor purchase of books.
Wliha vier-to the m >re ?ucees?'i * .be de?
sign lo make the International Misce'lanv of th? IrM ?rasss
InOrlrlr.al Per..id?ra! l.:'.t rs':.r?-, as well as Id b?
and Abstract? of what li slrralv before tl.e. world abroad,
cc.nulbuu.il l.svi- In- n e3g<ag??id to represent the flows
. > firrlih ?keu-hea of man?
ner?, ?vi- . lutrias IvLd the different se?*iioni of
ocr own; the proceedings of ?earned societies will be
noted; lii?*.tiry, Biography, ata Arch.? oiogy will receive
alter.Con; and In forOgn and American Obituary, ??irr. a
record will be kept a? will be of the most p-rmane.it h"-i
attrar.lve value.
The iMTfiaHATioKAi. Wsr.ici.v Murrt t.tiv will b?
prli.i?-?: ' ;isy. In curoliere ?if tnlriy-ta? .
rial octavo page? each, from a new and ?????jllt'iil Bmrge nt
and Mlnlot Ijp?, i.r.d on paper of a verv finer, lallty Prie?
?,x r.r'tper niitr.tver, and Bla year Addrea? Ije"r7?tl?
STRINOKK iTOVVNSKNI),.'.^Bri,^way,NAwYork.
h ...i .vi.vei, ,.-r, ] |5 r.?ntatned an adverUaemenlof
the trr? ? o-Thr'iiial H; item of Medicine, In which the be?
nign aid de??rs? ,e -tiecti of its adoption were ihadowei
firtl: m the followin/r Imaginary quotation from ?"ruira.ii
Sbard;. i
A ..--,. -,
- ival ?..I ?? l\ ?,, ?. ,1..,|| |IV'. ?u UUI
? \Vli?t, ?11 . f '??. " a-k' 1 Iba r.irp.ir?!.
? Teirf,
?? r in,
? I ? . '
Ourretd*is sre wilriets?. aeaery ?ees, throiiirli theoili
ciel te;,orts of tl.aCity In?p??ctor,of the tendency tn ? n-?|.
?n quaintly sdambralad in the faire
:.rn thai the doctor?, the " r?gul?t?, '
^:.y p?-t?.tvl :, - tus city,
-? lierri rur.Lii'g to lite City In?r .-.?;. r*? oil
?m'.Lehl? report? f.r IbaasaMvaa, Ins'iting np.,1 l: there
BiBstbaaoiaa mittok? li.. i
I? i Varenougb Th?ire are near.. 1'.n .lorinr? In this city.
Wllh few eiropt'on?, ail tn rrets,6m
ymri ago, In the liuctrlne that the lancet, the leeeh ?id
i all ?li?-?"-?. t?i*
. of ?r. W?.hlngtoa s f.-?* >r*rs sgo; aid above
eut ander which Dr Houston, of Um N Y. Hersld,
tsok laut bun. a ' .',- pu'illc, and iub
- faculty, who were compelled to
? - ees I rational and bir
, ,?; ? ?.-?,,-e tl - commun ?y ?.i tne dimin?
uido of ?le?tin ie,?.rio? weekiy by the City le?pe?etor.
|li?. Onivene.
The ( -, Peoples'ed?
Hoc, ?24 l ?gei, price |
LOMO ft BRO. II Ann-iL
Posten? to ar.y put of the V ?. 11 J-/7 It
M'i'A a eine Fottratt of Jimet K. MurdoJc.
Ready T?-inday, i*Ti?., il 1 i o'c.ok.
1. Social Distinction -. N P. Wll.lcsand Mr. (liu Id's New
i of Puhionahle Life In New-York. "Ta? very
Are." '
2. Old Baya.
J. An authentic Life of James E. Murdoch.
4 SMlre at the I'nlv r?.ty.
i. The Obost of John Kish-sr By a mem'ier of the
I'tark Pit
G Koote and Uueen.
1 The Theater In America.
8. The Sea Serpent.
9 Mr. Kt-ni.imure Cooper's New Comed*- at Burtoi's,
l?. New M ? Ulco?
11. The Broadway Tl.? nn-TV Bowery?The Nsuuntl
12. Miscellaneoui Anecdote?
Prie? in cents. WM. TAYLOR A CO.
FabUtbers, lil Ns**a?i-*t
Copieiof No I wnh Liie and Porualt of Miss Ci'irman
csn util le bad
Ain?, No. II. wl'h an Entertalnln-? Life and Portrait ef
P.T Babm m.
A MORI. SPIRITED ?And entertaining; book cannot be
' for itietrt'.?. riz pohlle, ellber by lia or ?and, to
California <r Eaiups?, In the railroad car or ihe?tuau?boal as?
loen ; in the *!len? rt-treat of the Cvjunti-y, or the crowd-*!
. if the f?*h"t>nable, than Rev. W.i.Tca Coltom'i
Deck and r*ort, cr -.he ?ja:iy Incident* or a Crui?? to Call
la I ap? Horn, giving it etches of Rio, Valparaiso,
Lima, Honolulu and fc.ix Kranclst?. Prtc^ $1 25
Put?ll?*ted by A. 8. HARNES A Co. II Jonn-sL
iHPaEis-On the hrst of Augun A. B. Barnes A Co.
wil: ruiilish Co.toc's Tbr?*? Years in Call.'-xnla, w.th eo
r?vinn and portrait?. ]?18 l?tlsaodDAllw
IN TREU.-, ?and ?itoruy lo be bad of sli bo->k?e!l?rs,''Th?
Krniark?l?le and Poeiil.? Teetimony of lh? let? Wm. L.
Sion?. E?q. Editer of li,? New-Tork Commercial Adrar
?? -i!r*??rdl?-ary Mv?!eri-?ofM&frneilsn,
?a i.Kh t- M er f.r?- ted lo lb? dsy bl his de?Alh.' A genu
u ne s->d uo?o?w?T*?d developnt'nt, trhtcn cimpleteiy
da'crr-. ?ci ?jtd pervert? mtiifuiiaiioni of
the iimp'r - R. ehester Kh'><-k!nkl " je.*7 it*
JDBT Pt'BL!S"?!EDbyth?'Aat>?a--U)??A-?SBB?w?*il*mol
Xt Larr? if tie Staie of ftt.w Yo.a ^ r?l?il^ as Kei
flnut Irccrporaitons, with ail lb? ameodm?ol? bo lo lb?
.s la -rarap'ilet l*i?-?B. trie? \%\ eeii?.
Pnbtiihfid and for sal? by |n.? til BEIaL A IsOuLP
* v wUi 1 WLy, do til jour waabln?; b?for? bi-aaafaat.
:,o rubbirg, no add, uo macbJAe ; roaiiertal t*Ji<s?.-?*r iban
aoap ; wa/racti'J not lo Injure lb? clothe?. Pr.e??l No
liousewtfeihculd be ivi-Juutlt. [ fM. Cbristla? lottd.
Apply ptrsccaiiV, or b? l?U?r, po?t-',?ai?l, to
H. TWELVEl-REE. fi Sssssa-st. H. Y
flprcircens snd lestlmotilais may b?s?*o. j?g7 It*
A KAUE I HAMH.-r.r e?J? for ea?h an "*?tal>
ttabfMl sued for lb? Rat-all trade of Booke, Siatlooavy,
and Fana-y Artlds* Vocale lu oo? of lb? b-J-it onsimm
parte of lie city. The occopivOt la dolnr a food eaah ti?*isl.
BBB 111 b?allh la the ran?? of his vt?isbla| ??**-_,??'
p-uuculara apply al Hamllioo P- Dexie^s. ISSEU-bt
i.rii' Jel9?w?sodls
lv n. TEETH on pivots; Filing 7.*> eaots to Bl : ?.xirse}
nTg ii> etnts, Ac -Notwlthsisnjiiif Ibma rale? ar? tally ?S
per ?*?**-*. lattlow tba usoal ?-Jj?r***s, oar o-e??T??io?s are fTiar
ante?d to be tqaal la ?ve-ry partlt*AUBiJoOma oi^onrn
in Now-York. Weemcmrlnmikm^emAmli^Aeetm*
acier of Dental oper-tUoo? is not r?--*Ja?d by 'pj*?*
ytZi It* 31? Bf-ead^ar^ T. J ?. 1
lOHN VIALI., of tb? ?aliarai -sj^-"^"j""?*
J r.o. Commise!^ l>N?J?r tn Boom, Owe? taAUiilstU
% Barroit-st ?d door froot FaJiA**?, ttah raar of Bbtx. scd
Leaihet ??;. Binsioa. ^^. . . ,, ?
N.B. C?j-*s*?jo?B?BisBt*?*l?-?Bi. nmtnrwno ntrtmnm
J_JOH.pi.Al It?PBttA HO.gK.-Tbecaia'ii..
?ae Hsvtuia lia'n-i <>p<?txC'mt??_BV ander rt?e .-.u,
aae of Blcaor F B.iItlAL.1. Ob FRIDAT EVENING.
?5r*_i_-?_____-* prmm*"* "OT ??*? ^ird aan *? ??? coon
?vy. Mayerbeer's <jr?r . <>r??rs
??laritadl Valois. ,.StfaoraBoslo
??coetai11 Never?... ..Stgnor D Col -to
?j!?m!?1.BtattorT B.-?!t,nl
EES*.?I?otF B.diBit
EST.TSlraorB Candi
mC? -I*.*'.BlgtmrL Marttaelll
Heil *r ,. "v""'V .iignora
? _ji . r , ??tj. .....aignor oaiaaaaa
^atS\m>amV0m of?m Cm,rt_ m**tm, CitLteas,
T, . " -er-., M ,-i, ?4?, ?i%nf
s? r*? ?,,,rtBI '?'? mo,lln ">f *?>?????- Tba
merre al l o'clock .,,_>-,
UHOAt?W?k TUi-ATKU - - vh .-?-ipet. s? 7?, c-7
a^tsli ??i .-ls? n rj.-THlB EVrsiNa. Juae ti, iba
ec^Ttalsmecis w-'i commet?.-? w?t?_ t!-.?new driaaof
T?. ?_. ? ,, FO<Jt* *-?-:'?-'--tf< WAJ_T__A.
To be followed ',v -he Parre 0f
To conclude with the _??
o~~. . ? Tt?K THREE C'-CKOO
rnees of ?dtri'ssi ,c To Drew circle and Pa-qoaoa, M
"'' r .'.var-iTa. : Lit. ._ . -?__,.:_ :??.-- :.,-- .
rRTO*^>i TIIK??TER.-Doors opee al TI ?
eomaenre at ?-THIS t\ tNlNa, Jons 27. w'.'l be
Payed tie Drama ol the
J'tcay.Mr i bsatoal Msriusduke.Mr. Burt-n
??"?e??.Mr?. R???e_, | Bell?.M'.u Chapman
After walch, the
',,, Lt'TTtlRY TICKET.
Worm weed... Mr jofcn?i.ir. | Mr? Corset....Mr?. H
Cone ude ?rtih the
A. Kerr Mndgeon...Johnson I P. Blanieyum.Horn?
Harry Hcax.sy.Jordan | Dr. Dabble L. Dee. And. or?
rV IIII.I?'?.?Managers? Mmsrs. BRIH'tlHAM k W.
performance will comm?_ee with an
O<?-rt jrc.Iv the Orr.bei.ia
After ???? Jiralar entertainment called
Uniting? rbresd the Ore?!.Mr. Nicker?.n
Prii.ce Pii-uipbello.Mi?? Hk-bars??
Count M. r..:ko.Mr C
I Carbuncle.Jo.'.
<?n of Pnsri-i.j.HfeVaraee
.Mtoslauaa r?.
Lady Fide!'?.MtuMar.T.
8c,ulreJoUvbov.Mr N
Horatio W?,..:. ?.Mr
John Onin.p.Mr Chlr
Dr. Bauifru.*'
Mrs I'retu mur,.M r? Verni n
Mrs. But?'rss.Mrs. John Sefioa
An Intermission of bai, ai? li.mr, when the in*- I
B?:: Buam ? ,-_ u? proMENiDR M '
SICALK, wh-re Ladies s.d PsmlVes msy obialn I.?
Creams ?M IL ttmOm
ill? toali p????? ' .-?'iipra
at *1 o'clock ; to com-ienee at I.
^o ?;; BROADWAY, r?, -? ? iBroomecu.
?<n EN I - NliiMT DURING THE '
Tb? oritrmal ?nd we?? ?,i.,wn
??- .,..,. ,-^ri and O'oett o'grn'ied ban
iitiptis'ng ? c?'j-i-y o? iw
i,. F.C.-r?iy Ti*y a - I .-* boner
.fgl?,. ? rlflnaJ a serery
alenianii'' fjriher cotice.
A?J?Tii?. ? -pen si 7, ?.'oncen wUeo__
SKMCeitH irr.-i-k
in afternoor .ooce'i on Bai:rday, c.'r__ienc_i? at 3
? P M je?4 Twl*"
FlitKi !?:?- SUN-FTBSIA AT TH?. .Liftri :
Ft i - "i ? I rtas b?en recently r;
tiled snd>ecii:aied for ihe .?--.i-nmer sesi?n, und il ti no^r
Iba aw?l eijailortabla reao.t la ?h? dty i ; diuc
cii that ha? favored this inimttsble Band ot E htoptan per?
t-riTier?. ha? i'.?mp??d ihem a? being the ne plai all?? of
Ne^ro Harm.ni?is.
Admission SS eec'?- Door? open ?i 7 -emeert st S P M.
An-rn?x?n C-mcir. on ?Aeji,-.?asys ?ni Baiurd../??
Boors open ?t 2?concert ?t 3 o'eioca.
('.;n.pr:?lnir I?". Porformer?.
VEIIV .HONDAV. Wadaaa-B? ?nd Friday, from
3 PM to? PM. Ferriage reduced u> f.xir cents.
N 3.? In c?_?! me wtiall.ar Is uufsvoraine, lua Concert ?
will come oStl.e frst fair day. JeI7 lliia"
BAHNL'M, Manager and Proprietor ? JouuUrewowood, ?
ix. A??!?iant Mk-ikgtr ? Performance?ai ">\ and 7} o'c oca.
Nils beautiful and Inomen?? eaubllseuienl, having entered
upon tie set'ond week of It? rec.psnln.;, is now realizing,
tu every aeo?e, lb? moai Kiuinpbaol aucce?? In Uwaaw
?i .. r.'i.Kiu? Lecture Boom will be pertorinry] the mural
si-d domestic drain? of the "Drunkard" li attract?!'?
i.- i i ?^ h'.ute? every evacdBf. T ,e sfiwruoon perforuiau?;??
are of tbe mod lniereallnv snd aimuing chaiacter alto
Mr. J. Haiiliigton, the wonder.'jl Magician and Ven,rin?.
?pilit, hein? rei'nkra/ed, wili ??.pear every ?f?rnoon this
?a?- A Hi.nloN ol curlo?lli-?? ?r?s to he found arrayed la
nut u? ??loon? of Ibis Muceum. Among theni ?? the?
cinisge of Q._??_ Adelaide. Atimlsslou _i cauls: chil?
dren under II var?, l-tcaal? jumi
I>AKM *?I'S riIlNK-H 'Il ?M U
I>vt?y, balWBea Si-ring ai.d i'nuce s??.?P. T U II!.
Nt'M. Pro; iielor Bid Mailer.?This large snd lT.ere?t
Irg colleri-on remaiti? but a ?hort time longer. It I? the
i. . ?l m-.*,..;.. t_l exbib i on of CbUM - ?Ilia?.
'!?,! ?peciinei.? ?.i Ingenuity, Ac. from _ba Ce:e?'i?l
. .inn.ediateiy e
?1 Im':.I.?, the religions worship, ibe .n-r.-a.
t...?.t ? ?? i - .ibaCoi
tie..-, lu? liiui':?iraily *?lushieaiid beyond description, in?
... ilng and an .- Upen every ,lsy an! ,
I from 7 A. M 111 I" P M. Admission 25 caata;
rbltdii ?. l?jceat?. Je.6 tfi?u?
("?A??TL__ (?AJiliKN.?Tiie propr.elor? respectful'y
.-aiiriounce i?iai Uil? ipl?_dkl pace of aniuiemeot i?
? :b ? ?erle? ?f CONCBRTB.B Is -
?i reciloo of I - ? "?-i Loder.
?SUMMER BALL, under lb? direction of Mr Conway,-.he
fa.-orlie profe??nr uf dincira. No place of ?.ime-Ti-Mt in
the city can compare wuh Ciilln Oarii.n in b-m^adspi-id
to the wants if f?mi;les, wf? ) eau here rallona ;?
? e?, wit? fiel?h ? r, r, ??Je ?nd <!?? ?-ing, aid e c,,|
!.. m. .?..le. r?.? posiponemei'i on account of tie weatb?r.
ARTS?New l'airrln^s recently arrived from Enr-p??,
BmoDg wbiciii? "iieru-a?,ia" by Koebler, s worl of Art of
Ibe !,Vh??t clai?. The exhibition of l'a r.ii(<? by Annu
< f the ?.luve 8. ii.iol, lins received many a Mm m?, and re?
main? opeo ?t ihe two room? over the H nil of Hi? Church
v In Broadway oetween Spring and Prince
?is from 1? o'clock. A.M. ill! I" o'circ?, P M.
AdmiMioo, _B cents; 8ea?on Ticket?, M cent?; Cat?
li gue. uj cents j"l? if
v? Nighuy crowded to ?ee Hanington's wonderful Mov?
ing Di irarras?The Creali'.-i of the World. Tue D.:u?e,
Tlrtur;; k' .- ? T - 1'olsr K?gloc?, Rlv-r RWaaaeS I'.?
lan Fu?li?ei.f (?pen everv eveiin^ at I o'cl?"?, ao?! for
???criooli ev.ry day at i_ P. M. Tlcseu -? c-jnti ; ch ldren
bsltprtce. ?nil li*
EMERSON'? Pstent Corre?ponding Ventilators, man?
ufactured by
Theie \ eatllators are the result of a great variety of ex?
periments by the pal?ale?, scd sre believed to be superior
10 all others in use for ventilating ships, steamers, kc.
The following Is the tostlajony of Cspt? West of lha .
steamship Atlantic :
New-Yo?K. Jane II
_t..?rr?. Chilean, Allen. Walker tt Co A31 liroadway:
U? mi?hu . It ?/Turds me great pleasure to tal ?,
UM-tBtbOM portior,l of the steamship Atlantic to wbu.h I
yen have sppfted Kmerton'i Psient Ventllswrs, the ope/a- |
uon Is mceiperfec- Tbe bilge wster odor ls ?rholl, re?
moved from the ship, s-.d lie Piremsa*??!.-.
derad ?otlrely eoai?ortal !e. I ?:n ?o w ?'. ??.?-. ! wl-Ji ibs
uilllty of wfcsl has be.u do:e, and sj ful.y Impressed with
Iba Imp?rtale thai I __?. oiien.t l ?
laCl-B Ui other por?oes of toe ?hip, and ho; .- the dsy is not
for d'.tuul ?JTbssi every vi ?sel ios; rt?>?U will be thoroughly
Trntl'.sted. bsvtng stall times? fresh art
. -, reannly, jameb w_sp,
..eod'_ _ L' B.M. 8 Allan tic
VT Broadway, opposite City Hall?rooms It and 12, S4 Soar.
AFRkE SCHOOL for iBdrnctJoQ la Piano, Quitar,
Harp, Vl_?_a sad Vocal Music Ii-Ii-cUob glerm m
?? ?y?'.e.-_ of L'liuL >_, or both, si ine pieaaue
T--n-.? In c!?i??.s,|l per moolb on .
ef MnaMBMl pn??te lea?')??, i35j?er qoarter ? '
?oei ai Uta Co_*ervaior-: do. ?Jo. |W pa? qasrter at?????!,
aaneea _ arlllM
LOVERS OF THE FINE ART? arelavted t. e.s_)_a
s Besuuful collection of minisiire t_ni.ai.oai in
ofine classic work? of TaorwaUso-, tte gresl Danish
Sc-.p*or, eoastsnag of i:a_i>--e? ?ad ba?-roll?_i of lha
cbe'etit pr.duellers of the great ar_?:'s master<__sa_
Tl*7Bre?r_:hibltedatORITTON*S37? BrJad?B_y. wbera
auo'a few dupltcaiea are for sale
0FPHFOPTHE1N. r?a%s-.-t?-a?C>s Mttn.
York. Juna?tliiSti.
Mea-r? R. U. Navio? ?cd Chas C. KJnf, Esqs:
Cent emeo?I sm In recelpi of yours of Uia-Is? las!, lay?
ing il ?t ? ?i_ce the public?! it? of aa adverfO-asmeBI by us
aaTt-stet. for the ?ala ofcartaln lots Ifl Dankuk, oa ths
Sd-.taa-.tb-i baaa ?joeirtoeed la?osaaQB-r<??ws ?rbelbar
Simisrminoso. the nTTE. R. R Is toba M Me P-aco,"
Uta lermtziu? o? i?e ... a.__..?- ^ ?? e? ?? ? -?-.
and deeli-lof to kaow? iba d?r?wmlnailoo of oar Board bm
Iba labjaci. I n ?runrer to yoar e?-?a?m_^c^?JO wonai re
Et ?baiitba Wasiara tat-O-oa of iba N T. k E. R. R. I?
ed.lD_n_lrk. whlcb ?Il ?f/IT^J^^A??A
Blood. Tt? wotk oo the wboie Baao? aV? wad to thai
place:? under contract aid to rspJd proe^??? e?*Miriie
aeaV PraBatlrarv srrsBget_eel? nra now beta? made to
. JiuiTTiiMiy "-' ?""t- auKUaa ?koe?, le ai Uni
place, aid or.ly wUt tb? ?r__ sat?J??s_aBi of iba (jaaatioa ra
f?Sngto ihetyoond? tot J_alobject to eo?meoea their
?s_i-_c?_??_. A? iDdapeadan? roed, ^?'???fr, U> bow b->
S??bBt?fr?^ Br-Olr-ITtT Erta.J? ?,??'-.^?> *?*?
_*_ _uii_rmus.isi?an?rt-iTliT la-?**? T ?-?? a, a.
r \nr ?-rsaaTaCsTB?? ss r?_eora ?a?at1i>-??l the W^iara
tASTlSf.?. T * E M R- to ?I leanklra, oa U?.
'?^lwto (?^jiaS^Ir.?^
?ON TUE EIGHTH A". ENTE-Lota for ?ale
Thirty dollar? to be paid down, balance on bond and
nor'?****'? for toar y ?an IT requlri-al. Lote cannot t>e
bought to ?dia Mighbarbawd for doub e wAai I a*A Tatst?
? fio? cpportaolt?/ for ?vary oo? la otodaral? rlnTimMasyas
to part-bas? a boia. Oo Jacoary 1st a twa^aieavl U ex
?apt fot ?1.C0O. For maps and perJculer? Inoulr? at
JsBBBlU* 1-5 A 177 Wl'Uam-ai. Window SanJa We-eBotia?..
? KIIK NAIiK-Tni . . -
nsnAaAtioomSo-ti between John ?and Fulton-aU , b?.
in? two lot?, e??rh ?V.? I?*?, formerly .?.-rupied (?y lb?
?oath Bepilel I ? .? ?; tut-m-.vageiHjit.y \anani lo
?Ad In live ormpeit? n ..f Dr ? P T??wt ?end, ?If. ? ig B
eure ?id profitai..e liive?tm?rt t?? the pore?????"? T?'*St
ture? a..d l?*i( in.emenl? letely put upon lb? properly wtil,
?tibe esptratlol] ?>f lb*. le???, revert |i> lb? ?at ?-' ?' IT?
f???. Tb? ?uherrt.>er? er? au?)..??/el t > make i -?iw-Hsl?
and poeltl?e sale, t ?S ?noney may ?**?
main <?r t-orrl ??,!? ni,>?'ir?,'e f
to BirUARD A T?
wleiv?l, or THOMAS g. hOSSMKRS, Ai Wali-st, Je'in-***
Court. _ J-2ai*wIs
?IIOtfE WAV- l.r* i moleral-Tor.mall ("izad
t..'ti?e in a --?ra-csaei? BeigUb.irhood.cJa'JiiQing bata,
? water, ic ?ulttb- for s ?mall, genteel family.
L<?rB"?>n between Foorta and Thirtieth ?ts ? S-w-sotb-ar.
?ni Avenue A Bent must be low. Audre?? T. Pickering,
?e Or?if?, ?-.ailcg terms atd l.xatlon.
? \1 ANTKD-A soil
racre Coti.par.y, loeited !r, Wall -t or In Br.a-Iavay,
Hi'ili-, IBM and Wall?! Apuly el to?
' the Cltlzeoe* Pire losuran-eCoiupaD. ' * Wal'-eL
S h 11B -?A I K^ThX?'HAM? M for ci?y proper
- :??i 1? and, e y ??it, w::? i |
of a mile of T??tien A Bentley'? !,?*??-..? w ???? >?vo
Sitplydailv c*"?ntirg of i ? ?icre?, a new moler?
? -, *?th wirr ? ?y ?ays'work i
bam, carriage h,,..*? fowl ?..???- ?nrj rxhei ta.
Tue s.-.usUv-s-i
for ?|?w r"T'.' I??'?rr-?e??d I -"tire ?It i ? L ?X'Eg! 3-AT.
before tl A M. or a ter i 1*. M. of
je? |??j?_J. P. WH1TEUEAD.
r* for other k.M Uttott Adtsrtuemti.ts.ttt filth ."
??day 8,-haaoi ,-u'i'??v.-ii*d wiin ?He
*i ? ', V- iv^tl?. ?t S ??lew Df I
pit?, Murrav-et, will inete UieAr annual-<Xt-iiraiiin on Tn?irs
oey June ?Tib The large end r? ii'i'.-ii.me ??.-?.
Anieilra baa been chartered for theraccaai'an, a?--.'
by Dodworih'er-iel.rated BraeeBend. T'?e>?.??lw ?
pier foa.i.if 8pr1u<et quarter lo ?ran ..'.-lock Mil'
pin, Murray-el, w
day June ITlb 7
America baa been
by Dodworih'acel
pier foot of 8prlu|,
i?i?rler paet ?even, Ma.a-t ?t ,, taxiert toH ?
w\ Jtri"1* M C**0U' ?" ??*? had ?.f i ..
Br.-Adwf-y, it F i eia-taon, Ai.' Pea.l-ei, VV. O SA
fi Mal.)?., lane. J '
. , M U
rent landin?* OB 'I
m " ?i ?l?T*n
-'i lane, J Again, ?ti Br *adway', ? A P-fre-'n'
7 Cei a'?., M Wt la - a-et,aod at ?
rent Iandln?e on tb? morning of the excursion
> 1. N . i O II K AMU lilt KEN.
-? wlihmg to ?rillt Greenwood Cemetery,
i-y '??1!??'? ?ny of the South Kerr7 Stages in New York, and
cr.?i:rg ?.he Ht-B-Jltoa aven-je Kerry,
wt ' too Hagel ???ways ready to convey thft.-n I
woA-d by the *ft',n?t aad mo*t clcaaant route Karo ??nly
6ct*. |;e?jknis*] CARLOS CA1.NE A Ctt
r%? t\.r other kU-aesamt ??? tilth l'.iye,
JjT*I1J.-"~C"r:-N*-"?*? ? NEWPORT AND BT0NIN0.
mm^^mmmm^Tt>S -New arrangement, commeni-lng on
Saturo r tits accomii;.?dation of !.. ?
travel, the business public and otheis proferrin. ? r?i?a??e
to theaicve plac?i by daylight, wl*.h an op
I ?cenerv and bracing air of L??n/ I?!? id
?id ihe msny oimfortsaUvirded by Um elegant and
".rai tteamen of this Line
1 ?trough between New-York and Boston lo ten honra. In
ci-inn*?-' ,
Railrt-ad?, dailt, Sundavs ei?*eptrtd. ftem Pier N? I
N'.-h U-.-.er, hist va hur? ?hove Bei.ervplac?, at 7 A M. ;
from the Depot Boston at 3 S;i A M. ; I'ro?u Provhlen.-e ? M
A.M.: !tcm8'..ning*.,n 11 30 AM.
Theiteamersof ih? Day Ltne, after ladling paa??i<{?rs
.-and Bviiton. ?l Svonlogtou, wit. In? n-i. ?>-a.
ly proceed to Newport, arriving there al?>u. "? A M ; re
lurclE??, ?iTl'l leave Newport at 8j A M , lou.h al 9
tin, atd reach New-York about'6?; P.M.?Iba? ft)
- day rt u;e direct between ibis ell; and that celebrated wa?
The itaamer NIAOA.tA, Capt. F. C. Welker, will leav?
New-York Mor livi, Wedneeday? and Friday? ?- ?
Newport snd BtOBlngto? Tueeda i, ThunJaya and Sat?
Ttes-eanierCOMMODOIlE, Capt. W. ?. Fr?/?e. will
leave New Y(?rk Tuesdays, T'kiimUvs and Ssturdsys ;
leave Newport and StoniLgton.Mondays, Wedoeedays aa i
Breskfait and dinner oo board
Kor further partb-ulare. apply oo board the ?learners, cr
?tf-.et dree, 1'ier No INK and in Ballery-pitc?
The regular Mall Line via Stoiington al A P M will be
cor.tlt tied aa heretofore. Je.T I wis
PHIA D1RECT.--L'. 8. Mail Ltne
through in I hours
Fare reduced M *3 M for 1 ?t class. B. 50 for 2d clsss, via
Jereey City snd Newjeriey Railroad.
I>av.? New-York al ? and 9 A M. and 8 P. M . from fool
of Liberi}-at. Leave Philadelphia at t> ?and ?J A. M and i P.
M , fiMiiof Chestnut-si. .7 Im?
Ssta^SrtJe KK.t'T - Tl>.? ?pl-nlld ileaiuahip ORK.SCKNT
^^^^^^CITY, !,*><? tuna burda-n. Chas. Htoddar.i, C?en
taar.der, will leave for Chegre??, ?looping at Pon R??yal to
?and ptuienger* and mall*, on Morjday, July I, a. 3 o'clock,
from her dock, plor No. 1 N R. For ptitsn *- apply lo
PfcWt-jTl J. HOWARD k SON, H Brijadwsy.
???#ff*?a1K*,r',KK ? ?TY l.IMK KO It BAN
CMsU5KRANCHC(?viatlI'A(lRr.H L'IRH?. -
"-'???^^""splnndld ?la*??nshlp CRESCENT CITY, !,.MC
Itir.? l>ur?.i:en, Chaa Btoddard, commander, will liavo foi
Chagiea direct on Monday, Ju'yl.at Sor
d"<-s pl.-r 1 N. t\. F.r freight or ??A????re apply to
JtMDvVWilyl J HOVV.ARU ?. -.>\, U Broedway.
iT\_IIUItSK FOR MAI.K-A (?.?anuftl dTpp??
Je-yV^'ty, ha Jtar* old, 15 hand* oue Inch big1:
*""*-*-*-?mgle a-id ?ioLt.le harnea?, a ?tyiiah ?driver, of g?-??t
?--dtirtLce, *:.J Uglily t/alnod a? a ?ealdl.t hor*.?. War.
To-'t ?'. In every r?sspeet Can be ?eea al DU'ir >v? '
irth avenue. Prlci ?*?
?? 1.0*11". A LetmoU ..d vv?A.;t, end Ciialn, with
?g^N iwlvel ixd a s.lde, in the form of s hand, by a lady
fS J l:i walkiBg from the Altor House to A. I. S.ew
?J^jP^Kr.'?. there? r'dl-ig In ore of I'm t , ,th Kerry
? a.ra to ihe Bowitng Orcen and walking up ilr?-onwl.-h to
Morris-*! Tlie fi.dor will he su.lai-lv rewei led '?y ??laving
it at the drug ?tore cor. of (Jretwl f. ai.d Moiri*'?i* I.
ilgred havlrg purcnated Mr. Willis's ltiterosi In ihe
Bnn of Wliil* "? *tx:->i, wi.l rontln le ih? Oei."J?iut,ir?
Furnlthlng and 1 ?u.oring buitneM al H1 Broadway, wh?r?
car. ue f.?urd every article appertalrlug lo a genllematV?
wardrobe, comiii'ng in part of ?lia, merino, colloo end
lan.be.weol shins and drawers, gan?e, merino, silk and
eoti'ic shiru and d rawer* ?ultalil? for Summer wear, pocket
bacdkercti-.f? of every deacrlpdoa constantly on hand;
Uk-wl*? Hockt, cravats, CJ..?r? ?tel suspecdor?, Ac Ac?
Al?. *?*,? en hand a large as?jrlment of cloths, caa*liiier??
and vettlr.'i, which will be made up to the le?el mauaer
and at ihott notice. WARREN SAXTON,
Je* 1 mis dll Broaoirav.
JafaKES, 3EEBE Ss ?00.
HAVE REMOVE? >?> ill Brosdiva? ?ad cornsr 31
R-iad? and Cantar ?(*. where can be <J*t>und ail kinds of
?rn-.u-iavi-r ?c? warm-air healing and v-ailiating appa.-a
.-? for privai? dwelling?, ebarcM?, s?*minartea, hoapttals.
i all?, prl*on?, b?r,iru t irai '???'idt???, Ac Ac.
AI??. BEBAK'?* r^le!.?!?*d c?/- sing rang?!, cook!-?
stervil*, lapp?pc?*d b??M and ?i.ver plated i-eirUtor???
a?w arUcte, sup?rtor lo ?eyth:-:?: o ?A? kind lo ties martel.
BiyS Jmls _
. rd lo W Broadway,
my? tfis W ALTER M. Ui BBO.1
Ohre Norwkm A ?Aaam.1 Kai?.koao Co i
Norw'.i-h, J . .. {
T?1EHT?! KHOI.OliUr.-i hi .Norwich ?And Wor
eerter Kalir< id Company ax? hereby no'lli. I that their
>o? IJ.r.-uots, w.i. 6? hei'.d at
? ? ? .i i-'co.-id Wad
oe*d?y in Ja'yr-x , ?t r? o'clock, A M. Ukewt/M u> an
cn sty qu?BBQoB. pr-p?ly brooch'. I.afora tie ni?etln?-, coo.
Lecud w ;th iLe^iotc?i ol th? company Per order
J y If Is r.h%. T.M. ANDREWS, C^rt.
1 . '...? laatAtaia ,t HUM g
IT ?lllla
1...I ? I I
ety, iliitee? I. that thaw ore rensutod to .?.
???A.?aera ?? M S "Ji.et'in
sa or i>*?rvretav?
JAME? li'MlllM?."?!
PETER DltvriT. !
a s i-1 |. -i , m g. el a? ?ne'er ef the ?arrcat? ot ttte Cvaalf ?al
J - r?Bl ri?? lo all ?wiue? teveajt eaiaaa?
--.-. ? . - '-?-??-.. .,.-?. ?..--!' -.. ? ? - - .->~ ? ?r,
el ter eme'i e*i W? (W VnemXraml. .o Ui.- ?
- ISM.
IB rVBSTAIICB o. ae irirr of tke ??.rr.ejau -it Un? CiatHf at
. rt, mSscn m lM>re6jr givee lo ?S t-amno kit? ?Mi*
I in - CALUM (iiLT'iV, la!? o? tk? C?*/ o? ?.???1??*. b??>*
li?l r, linail?. te ommiil tkae aaior, wrtk ?oachaar? ta?a?e?. W Uae
I i-1 i el ffc? raBV? o? K-ta>e?*i C. Cl.??.?, Ho. M 'ekeatrea-t, >?
?1.? C?> ..i New lurk.eai otantata ?ib? Ui-rtart* ?oj ol tmommatt:
teil - ilatet Ifew 1 vat.tl?? ?.????.' ??til oft of ion?, let?.
EDWARD C. CKAPIff. nimmsMitnun.
part I??-*???vTh* SVSAJI M. COLTOF, Alaratatratrs.
a ?se Basai? ?_?_?? H?,,
T_a Ufewln? u the L Bad Bi^-t-TVi.11 .
bmm? m. mm. m t.^lmmVit
** *" ?________*,',*",!r ,*,,,, ** ??mr*t? ma e?kmm? ?__,
pori-neal En ssr - - s??i?ai8'_i_i -?J , v "?'
??1-bn.eaitotbaiarv.e, . ,...,.. , ? _^T.r0'??
??rast Brttala d?wla?-d by iba Utowd bS?^"?*?*
?fja^llil.?,!?^?? iSl%_e_T,*>???3
aarl, ol iba can,..?,.-cd ..?Beer? who was ?mag^li^!
-er.i.ei.f iba ITsrllad .?are, la ?Aw i?5*We_i_!
Me\b o ?hai: be ?xi.iiIM. fw t?re.v- re^etr??- service w o__?
hundred sed ?isiy acre? of larri ; for ?a ?Bit???* ??*-. eu u>
M ? ? ?M .irthre?. monfh? eee-te-e tctor
l> acte? of land Prorated lha perso? so bavtag aaaa ta
?e?vice ?baji n?.i r??ce. em ?aid l?n<?. <w any psn tfetreof ?f ?
?la !?7?e?rl,? ,!?e e-iinar r? l,?'bis regunaetor core?ikat
badecarted or me* n enememu^iy ?mwtnwfnt from se???ve.
or if be baa ret? lend or i? entinad to a?y land boaaty aaeer
aii? se^f Conjii-M lw?!,>f.>re pass*..
See 3 That ?acb mrani at^?>oed ant am riiamlntmst
orl ?-?w, no 1 ?telar, or prvBtefir wboss p'ovtoltia M a??da?y
it-? lirtvt sad oa bei rot, etiei reentre ? eernlcais or warrant
f.. m "e Depart - ?M of the Icterlor for the quantity of.ani
?? h ")>e may be enrtilM, ?nrl which msy be loca'ed by
Um warrantee o his helra-aWaw ?t any laad ot__c? of
toa I'.'tted Suir?, in one body, ?ad la eonf???_i;?y to
the legal sub-division? of the par. 1- land? npoa of n _?
'aiMts in ?ueh dlsris* tbec sutcc-, to p-tvai?
?ad uwKi 1 he ratal- of ruck cer?tica?* o- wor
rai 1 with eiineere of lha leea*toa lb?r?of banag
'?????- legally D.ad<% to lb? ?J-aaaral Land otfc-a, ? pawij
abajl l-, iwned tut? refor. In the ?vent of Uta death of ?ay
corra???? 1 o>__missioned otheer, murtciaa, or
prWaie, |,n,.r o? ^,i>te?ju?M ? the paseigeof tot* ae'-, who
??bail bav? ear. ml ?. ?'r-re?e.d. sod arbo ?kali aoi bava ra
ce'Y?,t Ujjrit- laedtor mi<1 ser? .-es, a baa cer_t___?t? or
w?'??. t ??? I i?eii?ued (nfavxir acd inure to the b-naliof
ow: JJ.i?-,it?<iih?sii n-amed to ?ne* offlier or
?t'i?ler bef.ir? the eonciodoa of hi? ???rvlce, and is unrair
???d at Ike data of her spphcatton : _'(.??_.?? >rtA?,, That
p.- ?nd w?rr?rt tawed ander the btotUIobs of thl? ?ct
? ??1 upon ?ry land cf the Watted Blata? to wb'eh
ibara ?ball be a preeuipi.-n rifbt, or upon which liier* ?Ball
be an bciubI ?ru.enietn and cul'Jvattoe, except with the
coesent of such senler, to b? tatufactortly provea to tea
proper land olftesr.
B?e.S Thai all i?*?*?, m?rtg?gee, l?C?r? of attorney, or
oilier '.rui/urnecui of wmtng. gcicg to ?Heel Uta mi? or
claim to any warrant or certificate beretobaibre provided
lor, msde or ?xeetitM prior to the ?sine of such warrant or
ceruricata, ?ball be nul! sod void to si. latents s_d purpc?ea
whatsoever; nor ?ball inch certr.^ste or warrant, or ine
land obtared tberebv, be In anywise a-sc-td by, or charged
with, oriubject to lie payment of say debt or claim In?
curred by ?uch officer or ?o'dier p-lor to tio Issuing of lb?
patent: Premidrd, That the benefits of this act shall u 1
?cerne to any person who Is a cin?ber of Iba ptesent Con?
The li nal vote on thia bill itood: You, 155; Naya
?'??' : U 'b'.lowi :
^!l*_;?t"??^?^_.?i'be,nM'\A??x,???????? Aaderaoa, Ava?
rett, Bay. Bajl?.-. Blagham. Bissau Bococb. Booth. Bow
doc, Bcwle. Bowlln. B.iyd. Brae?, Btigga, AHeurt ?J.
!'.r ? -, W-.l'.iain J. Brown. Buel. Bui row?, Bun. Catatar
H.r, Cable. Oeorge Alfred C Odwell, CaUla l'arat?hell
Casey, C'bandl.r, Wi::-.un?OD, a. W. floha^OatoiM ?. ?:?> m.
Conntr, Dickey, Dtmnittk, ?lsosy, ?oiy, l)uac_?, Du?.
haa_, K?!mur.d?<m, Ewln?, Fealheraion, Flieh, Fcwltw,
Frcedley, Olddlngs. ?Jilmora, tiuodeuow, 0?)rin?_i, Ouula,
Oreen, (Jrtnriel!, 11.11. Halloway, Hauliion. Hamoion. Ha?
rs_son, Harlsn, Isbam O. HanrU. Bampsoa W' Harrt?,
Themas L.I1 jr.'.?, H?v, Uayinosd, He_*rJ. llikbard, lloag?
Isnd, Howe, HubhanJ, Hunter lu^e, Joaeph W lacia,,,,,
Andrew Jotir.st-n, Js-nc-? T. Johnaon. Robert W. Jobeare,
Jopas. JaBaa, Kerr. J?. O K'n?. JoIm, A Kin?. I.?*?re,l.H
Job Mann, .Marthall, Mason, ,-atte?.ii,Mi-C'at?_SBalt
M.-t'icald, McDowell. Mc(_n,i?hey, McUnahan. M.-r,?oe,
M?Mi_!tD, M, Ou-eo. McW 1 lie, Mea. bam, Mea.ie, Miller,
Million, Moore, Mon-bead. Morris, Morse, Mortiie, Ne^m,
Ni-w.)_, Ogle, Old?, O?r, (>?i_?y. Parker, Feenino, Pnca.
Phelps, Ph., nix. Pitman, Poiter, R~r-.I, Reynold?, Birhtrd
10c, l!?.bb!iis, ;r Uobtuvi-i, R. ??. ?avsge, Bawieiie. Beiier
mtr'ioro. Sedtion, Bbeppord, (iilvesier, BpaldlBg. Bpragne,
Kretltrick P. Btanlon, Ricbaitl H. 8.anuo, SleUHin, Binrng;
Bweo zer. T?vlor, Tb?>ni??, J??ob Thoaipcoo, Jamea
Thompson, John B Tboinjson. Wililsui Thompson, Th.ir
m?n, V'sn D??e. Waiden, ?VaUo WsJlaea, W??kln?,
Weiitwoilh. W bmloaev, Wlldricl. Wubsna, Wlimol,
Wtnthrop, Wood, Worfward, and Yoang?IM
Nays.?Messrs Allee. Asb*. Beale Koke?, Brook?, Con?
arad, Ciuv.e',1, D?,.? , De???ury, Dlxon, Durk??*,
Alexander Even?, Nalhan F.van?. Oerry, Ooi?, H?nrv,
HoUalav. ll..lu.e?. H?>u?lon, Oaalel P King, ?leorg? |>.
King, I'rt?i. 11 K.ug, llorare Mann. Oll?, Rider, Hoot,
Hi.ui.es, jr., Sacket?, Pchenck. Scnoolcraft, Siapbatu,
Toombs, Tu? k. V.nable, snd '.Vblie- *.
60 ?ie bill wai passed
Nxw-Mcxico ?The following ta the Proclame
tion cf l'ol. Mon ro?, calling a Convention to form
a State tiovornment for No? -Mexico ;
H'A-Tcri?, The People of New-Mextco, by public meet?
ings held in the several C.?untie? of ibis Territory, have ax?
press?-d a desire to hold -a Convention foi Iba ft?, ,n?ii?i of
s Bute Couslliuilon, ant*. 10 urge upon Congre?? the a Inite*
?'.on cf this Tarrltnry i-.io the Union ?? s Stale. Tberef ere,
I, Jobr Monroe. Civil and MUll?ry Ooveroor of ssl.l Ter?
ritory of New-Mexico, do hereby direct Uiat the <)U*llf!n4
Klector? of ?aid Territory ?hall a.Aeuible at Ibepreouci* uf
the respective Counties on Monday, the liih Jay of May
ct-.tt, between the rlsi-g and the ?ettlrg of lha ?un, to ?ou?
by ballot for Delegates to a Cunr. ntlon to tie held at Santa
Ve on Monday, the l-th of May nest, as follows :
C'c.?-???. fl?I??a_?.i CtrtM'M?. Oelngttet.
Tbob.S Santa Auna.S
Rio Verba.slBerntltllo.S
Manta Fb.3; Valencia.S
8?n Miguel.S'
Tl.n 1 refect* sball designate coev n.eat pteclncts In Ihslr
ran? ci, ve counties, and ?nail app. ,utthiaedl?cree? ptraOM
a- uilf-aol election In the ?evoral precincts. Oinerwtsa
ii-.n ?ball baotdurted In ins aaW and farm ?? pre
x:ri.?ed in the law? of the Ton .1., y uudai ibe Ulla of '' Kiac?
Hon. ' 1 cea) I that the Prefocl'i c!?ik of e?ch counly ?i?i',
with the ssaUtance of the Preft-ct. e??ml?ie ?nd csst up lha
votes given to eacli tuidlJaU), ?li?llgl/e?<:r rtllic?lo ofalac
tl.-n lo ilio pnaoB hsvtog th? larg. ?1 oumber of volas, aatt
?I,?ll traoimlt 13 the Stecrnlsrv of the Terrilery s fair abal act
of ?II tbevoirs given wlihlii four ??svs loin the day of .61
Oiven under my bend, st the Government House, to Ibe
C ;:y of8snl?Fb, tl_U_?d day of April, A D. I ?>.
Military and Civil Ooveroor ol New-Mexico.
C'(?mmissio.?i ?m Claim? a .ai.vst M?xico?
Wa mmfton, Tuei'Jay, Jano -?'>.?Tim Hoard met
p "iiiaf.ttoarljiiumment : preicnt all the mt.roher?.
A namcrr.u? c'a?? of caaes wa* taken op tor const,.
eraticn, but, without coBiir,.' t?, ?1 ?l?*,i?ion on any of
them, the Hoard adjourned until 11 A M. to morroir.
I'm 1.I-.I? ifllaaloe- ( uba I'rlaoaera? ?UaJpbla
ComMpondeoc? of The Tribune.
WsiHiNbToit, Tj.sdsy, Jane A 1?M.
Letten received in this city from Mr. IIaksii, our
Minetcr at Cacatantinople?, convey the ?nl'.rmation
that he ha? ?uccecded in prevailing apon the Turk
iih Uovernmoiit to ?end a Commiiaiotier to the
United Sute? for the porpoae of examining oor La
?titotion? and bacoming better ac-uai-ted with the
conitner? iai importance of oor country, Ac. One of
their moat intelligent of_?-era of Government has
been ?t le? ltd for that [.orpoe?-, and he il to bo acoooi
panied by Mr. Hi'.uw.e, the Dragoman and Acting
Secretary of Lcgat.on at Comtaati-Ople. Thejr
may be looked for at any momei't, a? they were to
embark for the Unit?.?] tita.?.? Uve day ?ubaequent
to the mailing of Mr. Marsh's ??jtter.
I kam that Mr. Marib write?, that owing to the
inadi.r?aa?*7 of hi? ?alary he i? limited in hi? u??ifof.
neu in tint coontry. The Tark? jadge of a nation
by the <.?tentation ami pa-a'lc of it? representative?
at their coort, and aa oor mioistcr ie more paraiinu
measly tompensated than that of any other Diplo?
matic Agent at (.'on?tanti_ople, ho of ouurae can
make bet the leaat displry and command but th?
leefl riBBBiit To repoblicsn ears this may not o-uad
very d?mocratie, nor comport with their idea? of
what should be the deportment of our ministers
abrosd, but if they are lent to foreign oo'irU for the
';urpc?c, among other thing?, of advaocingthe eom
!,.? ri ial interest? of the ?xtuntry, they should be ex?
pected to respect that old ada^e?" When you are
?ho Turk? joa mu?t 1T0 a? the Turk? do."
1 txse who are acquainted with Mr. Marah, hi? hab?
it? ? ;:d hi? clucatiop, will not a-cuie him cf ariato
cratic or extravagant idea? in matten of this kind.
Hi? ccmplaint in thia reapc-ct is consequently the
more entitled to considers? ..r?. Hi? object ie to
ttnet.t hi? country, and to opon up commercial ad
vintage? with Turke/not previously enjoyiJd by
u? ; a_d if thia can only be accomplished by an out
w?rd ?how and p?ra<ie, which m our estimation
may be an aomeaaiiag ceremony, let the parade be
? ; that the advantage? to the couttry are ac
|W? are n.terly rppoaad to addtof a dollar 10 Mr
y.?rsb's,K?*0?*f?*vr- Mo soBfbi tha Ta?___ Mlsatoa tad
man pat lo gal It?Is a roan ol fortan?, aa advoeate o?
H'gb Balarla? geaera-y, ?ad a deadly f?>e to JUueacbiaaal.
T_e ;o?t ba ccw holds bas earn eoa_p?mtly SltoS by (Bek
mm ?a Cora. Po?teb sad Daimbv S. Ca?? witboot toy
rcmptotol m to ?atory- If Mr. Marab Is skb of U, tot tose
drop at to? serna good mas W.? be found to tab? bis plae?
f,.r the tnftgi. Hit resigning It will not throw a Dlatrtot
Into iba wtod a? ?to radgatog bto ?sat la Cttegraas to gat A
Ajt\ IX Tri?|
The reported release of the Cuben prisoaars
tamed ?vet prtscisely as I supposed it would,??
hambag. Had _ny ?ach re?ralu tb^weil, ?Mr CobsbI
at Havane would h?re furniahed such informatioM
to the President as speodily as it could have bdtm
ccavryed by others to New-Orleans, end thence
telegraphed to the Press. Up to the hour of tau
writing, no information of any kind has been re
' eived at the 8Ute Department, since that wluch I

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