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New-York daily tribune. [volume] (New-York [N.Y.]) 1842-1866, June 27, 1850, Image 7

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Tb? Church l.-tavda.
,-rr. .r.w itaee of The T. lb??a*?,
e**^ ' Toaoi?To,g*turtlay,Jttii?2?, IS50.
??une, abwt two ?clock, afier avigoro-a?
*T0r (?ir iiights, th? Ho'ise of Assembly pas
*^,Mr,Mtothe U?.?.*n praying tHat p>wer
K ???'* * ' d w the Ca: adiau Le??,?,-lturc to
-?^^ |if_ ?, r sach purpost s ss it may aee fit, the
^?elands rtsrnd by Geo. Ill, for the
'??art "f *? Pr(>te,UT*t c,erl?'* The ??d<lreM wa?
*?L\ by only * m"*J',rit> '' ?*"? T*3er*3 were 3
*j^, ?lu-igether, the ?rcater part of them
\\\Lm mtrh' ?*? * Prei?TT-hl0 t'> the principal '???>
???7?eT*??c?-^ri,,'? b?v a?riU> ??*wn?M ?"'?'???. The
?Arriad by a raaprity
, 0 or ???ti??- The rntj ?rtly woold have been
ag-er t,a ?the resolution if it were not that some
-Ijtreto favor of tasin??- these revenues from t*ie
?ecalar p?<rM?aaa,
', r way u? t?r, t.a by
?awi';* ? '
fgai?, nrtioci t) Ihis ct??r*'* *. fliat th? <'.?rt?y re
aayve r? venue? are now distributed unier tha ?irj
jgp, an lirt] "ri tl X ' that it do? ;
Ret * the Provicc II '- > repeal an
? Statu T ? on ?i n'lr-t'
??sta't 'hat ibe In., it -t ?rat pas?.
fjalii oft! ? ii-liai
'fas. '?'?'- Imperial Qjrera
?jjsat t. : ? ua tliia was a loeal ??.ii?t;.. ? ?
[ ?jsewBi tiled by tbe C?n Le datare. Lord
j-bB ?iuiBell, ?aIi.: ? i , ?
jsrtu tt> (Itcltre that it it
?Jjfrt?' I'lipi-r-al Fa? - ? In th" in**
I ter; si. ...
I **t*Bnt'?'!e, the very Goverunieet of whleh Lord
jobo**-? * uioiol" > .tarer to d?al
tritbt!? qoeatioa, Ukinjr j.t ??tho hand? oftha*
Lvftl I, f?islalure which tl. .v themielves had ?le
Otre? I .J exclusiva conti? i ov? it, and passed the
arsset.i. act! Tl.st is a spet unen of paternal Gjv
?r*n??ti The whole aminnt of land* originally
fru?- of wbieh about half has been
toLi.' T??-va!iie?l thelauds, an ??ttwatad by tho
Cotbe ? ol C.-own law??, :s tS.000,000. That
fjjniui'.' i?' 'i frura? aales is fa ?led and the intereat
oniyc? ? iout((lv. r> anBqaaiiy a-nontr tho ditl'eren
?icstnasi aAnme : lb? I ?of the pr?>c?eds
eors?. t.. tbe Church ol E .*'i..l a ??I 8?otlind
whift *? ?thar, donot aa*?ra*o nearly oTvhalf of
the pf'i ' * "?ara ?ver been a
??jg*-? of'he greatest ermtsntioii in the Frovi?r?.
?jtrjtli. r probably y< i ?'????'I to lead toa
lere-en M ol tho Colony from En ,'lau I
TSe (?i.vt-rnmDtit h?t? bc-ri n.Q'-h eentur.-?l for
jot mslviria.- this a Cabin.-', tjicstion, and BtaUnf*
j^eir ...mi-al fortunes upon the iisue. The ditii
caltvi? litis- Mr. Laf-intaiii.? held that these lands
eannt-it '??* diverted froni th- support of relitrion for
?jhit-h the) were originally -??ven. HaU probtvblj
jjraidt1 ' ' l I??' W r to intent to the vio?v I
by lb?? ? ppat CaDada luembersof the Cabinet,and
"toatiist'ii procurinir the dovotionof those lands to
BecttJsr ii'.rpose*. the precedent would afterwards
beusei t/.tiistorbthepi*iip>'f-y*(?f th.? Riman Cath?
olic Church in Lower Cunda. The rosolatio.it
l were inWucnced by tka l\?nimshi?>ner of Crowo
1 lud?, Bbi opposed by the Attorney General La
?f'Col DtTKEC was ruj^nt!\ ki l**d in Iliaca
eouiit), MiiBBssippI by his suuiulaw, Mr. J. 6.
Graves. The parlies had a d?ll'erence for some
time pre vioosly. On tho f th imt. they met at a
church bear Hruwoavill?-. (I ?.v. s le't tin; oharah,
?at was soon followed by Dapree, who approached
?bill and asked if he was armed. Ora-es, lr?,iin_
to prevent a difficulty, s v..I lie was not. Dupree
Iheoptiiieii Graves from his horse, and cut him
l?verai tunea with a kuile. when Graves drew a
pistol and shot the Colon:) thnagh theboly. Col.
Jlapree di?*d in about twn dsss. Mr. Gravea cave
bu&self up to the aulh intii s and wat an ?uilt?-?!,
til? evi<!. ni?' ftOt, i lit? j ?Ntiii ?hie iii)inl?:ide
PlAMI-rUKTBrt tftfU. HAL.lt.
Penon? about purcbaiior Planoa will find
it to their ?Adrantnife to call at BENNKT?
BCUMPANY'S Mr.nufartory,liiiriilloD-*t,
kssnii.. ?f ?roadway,! tboj bave a larr**? assorttnent of
losew" ? i'lino? conaiamly ja 'uAr.J; every trutrumeal
?ira-rar.ie t i-, twoya?ars. B h Co. bave Une names of mo-s
Bbb I,?' i r?-?-?E? th?y will ,.ii*..- u?, who bave purchased
fltso? ??? H m til ' * ' I'ive clvon nnivertal tarltfac
an ? bal ?r-biMi sny ?Jo-i'.j areerpressed a? It? thelrqaallty,
ajtaaymeiu juaj* be ?wlthbell antll uiUI ?u-b doubts are re?
aotai. Old Puno? ex-.b*is?r, ?. Maw and se?ond-nand
fa-tio* to 'h _ntltf
PI ANO-KO ftTK-H-rerson? about pur".
cbauing Plavio? will Gi.d It to Ihnir ativs'i
ust?i to call at P.. Oleon k Co'a Manufarti?
194 ruli-m-ei. I?m1 of Broadway.) A
ae?o?viuntil ot Mali,,i at.v and eVoaeiwood P?M.os
; on band, whl-.b w Q t?, ?wild 1 jw for casb or ap>
Dea'f.is supplied on lliieral terms.
B (ll.rNN it Co. 191 rultonat.
Bamr ' 'jrl
?pasnl ???..?:,.
I ? U A? ?t fl ti> W 11 : H *aT. cor of Uov.
?I J <V C riBOHXaVI (ate Nunot k
? ) oiaiiufactory and war?-ro'?m
. PKAEo-Bonta wiih rever?? bridge and pa
?attu'ie, ?*,"l! (-?aJru ated fvr t.- y r.,> in tun?. PlBQU Porte?
taasd, repaired aad uken In exi-hanr?. my39 tm
FOlt ??AI.K-A very fioe tonad piano,
>J6 1w Aucttoueier, 7 Broad IL
?.Nuoi.s It Clsik maktrs, will be sold very
Apply to
tj-T^r^^Trllfre-Ti ' ? to 7 oet.? ?i. 'n ranwood and na
I I W V CU>?tanT?-*s?? I AM THOMPSON t CU.
e'.i^...' taie ?alliuan <t fUnda.1.
at 7 Barclay?!'. v.<pp.??llo lb? ?s;->r-ll;jus>.
MlTAMllllMAItl.il. II \r*.-Jvi?l lial.br I, tu?
niost ?plendla article ev. i .?tiert-d. K!e?.'aul Kte-ich
Hillt Hat? at tl?a low prireof $3. usus'lv ?ill at Bl.
liso ?a ?t licit, at ti M. N?at H Ms at ti BROWN,
??Ha?1 168 Cab?!-?*, o-.eiioo? from Sullivan.
Jl'HT UECKIVKU from Saxon Oermacy, a
lot of the beat *inc;i?( nan Bird* ever Imported.
A'to la-ii K ivocbo? thai whistle two or three c?l
'1 tunes. ux(?tber wilb tuber fancy bird? and
?a***?, to be sold al Sit? Bowerv-_bila'
3K"Kh.M H 1IVIMJ BY HTBAlt.-Coats
?nd panlaloona and orMltary nulforttis cleaned a*,
tbori notice All ahade? of aille., coUon, and wool?
en ROoda dyed oi. reaionabls terms; likewlxa,
maw soods for wholesale dea'er* punctually at
Uwladi.. |..>ii.| K v.ABVVBDr.UvS?iOrand-tL
?*a ? . Till. LA'UiK.'aITtr*sorta>?--.lofB?*?lste?tis1
??JMS l'.eds, M ?*a?M and ??*aib?*iTS etet oferel tot
, mm m tSm\m ' \VILLAr..)*8 Wareii.ms? iMChSt.
Bafsta.eor.cf St? ,i??rry-si. The attention of hv>us?ak??p*?ra
Bb4 oiUrs Is pa. ilru.arly ea..txl la Willis's patenl rltrbt
1^1?*?????-l?ia?UWB?i. OUl^^sriaovairrdi eowwhole
~-Jl_ J?s24 1m*
INAL, SlPPORTiVU?, for lb?cur?ofwe^.
??a*?., or rupture, eaianoi t>e eiirpeeend Tbe*>
are (re* from ?le..| or bn,ee ?priur,*, aod WluV
?ulhar'e-pttd? All lauere (faoet-peiali Droraptly
aiim?d?d lo. liai Cattal-K
?MIS in?*
3VPRI ?it.
Ju-t-r lVHic.il
ha ?i
? ?'.'-." r .... ,, MK. - ,,.. . ,:, ,,,,., :, U..?.??? ',
?** 1.-1 ' - a .. - i l.r '.. ? . ,?.;,, ? ti, ?
>*-????-??.. ... .. ...,
*"???' ????.la??!??..
?SBH_D. UOItlKT, PI?.,.- ? .
1*1' K- ts. a ?lu?rtir c^tl.?jmateU of lb? County 0I
^Y' ' uf S*ewf..rA,rI?.
*%t ii
1**?* B?*;-i??ia. uw tu o-. '-"? tr'*"** *-?.
chai . v, ,
J?ja lA<e??jilk Ja-SM lili ilAKIls. ' ij I ?
*? . , ,
? a??av
?*?t.-*j?i?vj ^ . j
^^ DAVII? I'I'KOT.Eitx-ntor,
^"?y* l??a?l?B? HAItllll.l K JAKM?, P.iervtni.
-J??Jt. Ix4aa? M ???. ~r".'*w?'*'^T**i*,*w**'******j*^-*''*'?,*T:
??j"*? ?aui.. ?.I? In?,???, itni-r
ass i.a.~?
M i
ty vii Ht
?M?H c. ai ?saTanTef ,
\ ^N I?.'-" * ^,r?11,,, ***** *OJ
* ''J?* *Vm* .**-**?' -***^'
r, el ISO
-? '...: .-t. su.-, . :
???? o< J?!? aaut-ll.taal,
< 8l'R?<l? ?
Tet?te o? U?e Cueaty oi
*ttmr: a^-.. ^ , ,'T.' ,**'* * ?'*.' -,*.. ?,.... , ,
V??>*-Mt?e ?-?LZr-mic*m' " Tort.Srtnnooi,
Jft'atm'momllsa, % VII""*""?' '?? '" *-A? tobectmsat, U lia?
l?*"*l "I '-.a -? ? '' '' :""' " "" *',*-:- ?" '--'? ' f ta
<? ? ' ,*-? . BS ?-?>?- i?.-^l
** ?I??- n'im* **** '?*'*'" tb"? vH?r,et?Jiett!er?
?????,, T* . Tu??,
?< aa, * ^^jaile? Sa| of Na,??cih?*l wit - Dalad, a|.w Yurk,
SUKLDtj? "?JVBBgLL, * 1-atBiHialiji.
SITItEMP (?im. l? ?a? nmtine of Um? inplrataw ai lha
Main?, Alllernt?, ?ad Comaanaahy ??f the ( v, '.f >?? ?
Irr? tl> tb? widern,.? et tief eXremi tee (_? na ll.??ou_?>e?ly ai la I a rar a
et. bel????? Brovlo.r and ??reaewich at/aat. in tha Th rd Ward of
???_ rit? Tl? . ? . ? ?r? ('omf.,_e?nne.i of f-timn?? ?ii A.aea?
??eat mike iho? ertii??. matter, ?ppni ?t?? By ? raatnf ?_? S?
?rea? Court o? 1 be Mat? of Hew York. enWwd ?a? tha *th d?y et tem
Umber , ? ;. innairt to tha raqairaiaaal? of the Art of
latnraef the Pa-wlaof to? Mat? of ?I?? Yorl.tatitlad 'A?
A.?to.me-,? a. ..,??,te?t ?.Art to r?. ere ???oral l?w. ratal eg
uarlatiUrl) t?> - . .n? Art, pa??
1 1 ?V?, tka? th? ?b?t??f t of lb? Balimat* and
l??i?neat nf tin ?ai? rnin?enm??? la the ?I?..??? ?taller..:.nla.n
i?j tb? name? of tbe ownvr? of Ike luU ta?*??ed, Ue? ?urn .-?
li.t? ?. tie? appMron tke map. of tke Ceeairn??-Tir.??r. ty .-.???
?neb m.|.? at. I Ilia anw.iint of Ui? A?*??- 1 raaaafa
.?II tlie a?.,1.1 U . .-. mat?.?, and ulhee duc????t l,
?rl|.< h ??.
i?ol \?-w i<,rt,f_f th? in?p?.?i -..l ahaaaaa? ?
i..r,,.r?. tl..-.? I. reiiu.n fur ?t ?-??I -!?? ,.???-?
Bii??w,li?i. nial i Un i li | i ri lu tbe ??id? it lit? Urn?
it.).1?.. Iiereri?ifi?r nx-Titiooed.
t . . ..i-.-i.nl t-> the
la.a?.meal. ami T.i?.
?adO tal) I ?.. w l_rk._j?d i r . ., uemrnl ?ay 1?.
..?o.a. ?a? imprnaed o? or, mpr.??-d I?" I
aad A????_iiH?al,
?__TSasX|el^Tw_?Xr?.t. ?n
.? - - ? ,,?.?..,I le?.'"?? '?'.-? -??
I '.V.rj of 11?. C U
tree I? of hmd ta tt? T..r_ w?ra oi ui? t-.iy
' kmegee the?or.h-r'rmi "_!*???'?''"
Of Dae. at, - -e-,e-?r l.rw ? ' ""-' ?"??<??
? ar.nlier'i ?.i.eia ?me ut C
?(Hi ? I ? '
.115, ? ?'?.. I?,
. ... ...
Bru? I? a?
.1 l<ad o?
? -?? t tu Hi in
? ?ndal~.?ll tie ;.treel?of
liokl .Irre! : ?U?el.
A ml kfc '
? - if Pejrl
Aad Ih? ?aid (
at tl.? 1.1)11 . . .
tj-n,l--r Ml
'.h?r..r?i. ?elca? baheard.
-I??l?-d New York, June I?, HW.
.Kills STEWART, JfO.e ?
PlBI.lt HOT1CB -?l t-KEI? CHUrlT-lo ??? -nattar ol tn?
appkaLuuul ti.* M?. . A;,?,. .-- ?'kJ i ? ?iifilxCity
.' r?a-??, T?.rk, raattiva u. ti.a o>>?i?.,i_ at tl.? E,.v?,tk ????u?
- Cluaaed
by |ha f. - .... .i . gtb nreet.
and One I .,...?.
Wars? of i - - - - ?> ?b? M?y.?r, AI
? 1 Hi? Civ of fl?w seek, p'ir.uinl loSlat
"* i: ? aAean nrmd??nd proTkled,'thai tie , ..J t!<? Hi) or, AU?r
i .. i??ri>?.
??linn in Hi? Siipr?-?. C"':rt of li.? ?I?,? oi New Turk, ?? ?-. |]
Termo! ; :.? halda? the dt\ Hal in tha City of .?t?w
Vorl.au - I Ja? of Julv, 1850, kl u>?op?uiu* li lh?
Court?m tr.at day, or a? ? ?-.a tli?r?Auar a? Ci.nr.a?! c?a l?o beard,
for tka ?ppniritmerit ol 0?aa__SSa__aa oi ??-:r.?t? tod As?*??
nient i? tLe ?Bares ?ritil???rl matter ; that the nat'ira ?_? ?t-- t
at li.? iiapr(.???,eiit i., tha op?i><i>e oi lit? Kl???ritii ?reQuafroro
Forty eighth ?treat. Is las pet* ??Lara ?aid ????__? o ?ro.aadby lb?
Blocr__ngd?Je road, between 0-.e-b'i,.J?e?l ?iidrnth ?trtrel a_ 1 Od.
h-:ndr?d ?nd ?igt th .lr??-I, in tb? Twi'ftb ?nd ?tincteenth Wrtrda ol
?aid City,?? laid out on lb? nap or plan of th? City of N?w York, by
?irtu? ol ?n Attaulilled "?_i Art ralal"? tn ImprotamenUi. tiinchirig
II.? btyin? ont ofStrwru?nd Road? in tb? Cit? of N?? Tork. and Im
?tli?r nirpo???," patted ApnlM, '.?PT.- -D?.?d, t?w T?rk, J?n?A__,
>13 UyK BENRT I. 11 AVIF.S. C??oa?l tolli? O>rpor?u>?.
1.1 111. 1 ?- tara .1 ?S? r.-e..!
Stile ol flew York. 1 will ??i.ie?? t?. ?ale on U.? Il U
?t IS M. ?? t!i? Men bann' ?tcbhiige m Ui? Cut of N?w York-All
tbn?e twoicrtain ' ' | lt??U lying and be
? i> - .'e . i I*?,.. sight] ??-..?-. in the ?ilteentb
(late Twelfth. W? ' IJ -.1 S-? ?..rk ?ri.i whuli t??.?i
li.,-?-tl.er are bi.ui?iej ?ai ,ie?< ri?rd a? follow? : begiriuin? on lb?
tree? at ? pun.t . . irod a.ii
'-?i?ir:) iriinthe corner formed l.y it
enea we..w,-. j
?I..:.? lb? - ? ?
the ?aid ?rennet.. -
? llmi w.tb
ties aaul -?
emthmetdt) ?...I parallel ?
ol the ?mil t>?.. ?
I. . . . |
, t ? deed ol eich.- I ?.,r.'.;d?iet! e t?>
and l--mt ?
,,! .->? ?? li rk ! ?1 ??*__? by
? ? - 1er m and
. ? i tni AMT
lli? rear part?, r.l :
i i
?.,?t??r.- ? ? "I rwelflh ?Wir loft
\ . ?I le',.: ? ? ? ,., lh. e.- ,'? ,? 1 . .
..I. l.'i.e
?nd "l.ree hundred ?nd ii.hi>.} being the -.
? ?
?? ? :
t ii.kn? Ei.???sa, Att'y. - ( awsaaATbU
l'ait?? St.t.? Par??? Of?,?-?. June II
,N Ui? prUi'.n ?? !.. I SWIFT, Ad
. ?Iin-h U" pur" ?m the ?Itti d?y
It 1? or i I at the Paten, I
. lnbrlk
I '? . I
-?a ??
III"- I'.H 1. INK. 1
I' I i -ad uk*x
bill? to lh. i .iiilite.
j?l3 1a>?3w
NT. Sll'llKM?; CUl'KT?Citj ? ? ? Tor?_??_?
. ue! J Jv'i???
a.l < 1 ? ??
> . r an
??er oil h? ?I .V.
t. .-?.? ?fie? lh? -
?ala? afiimaajd. (Iieplamt ff w.ll
? . ?
Htbe at
1- ? -. ? . ?
II Ulli A ? RAPO, Plaint:?"? An -
*Tli - Y..rk.
W. CAJtSUM ...'. MBLV1II lni.ii ,..,.,.?.r WILLIAM
r a rootiey d?. ,
' la aniw.r
--?w I..-?, a-.d -erte a ? ; .
:'??? .
lar?, with intere.1 from -h? I'rt!. ?? ?
I i.e. un II? ... ? ?
i. .il!, da] .11 : ...let ha tuat? of Ibi? ac
AbllA* ?AAkEMAN , kttorney
? ? ?Tl, I3l!e?kn...r, ?t N-w Vnrk.
._ ?nu ' -I,. , ,.
M '. ll.I.UM
l'HDKKMlLJ ? l ii
re... er. U
J.at? _!?_?.
?*?"''-| .??????7c3?_i.
? * I
oftbrU-- , Iweued,
5iau-ofN-? i .? Iwillasaaas i?k ????, on th? l?t day of Jnlr
- ? ?t tie Menhv t?' Ei. ?aas?
? .?f iand.Tiiuf ?ad
t'- nuruei:y . ,e , i i .? 11 r-.: ?. ? it.? .:.-?--.-. o-i?- lOa?
\':r. . Y- ?,,: ;.?',:? r :.:-. ..
v . '; ?' ";- *," '.? ? " ' ? ? i?
a ? ? '? ,, - .' , ' '?' : *' ' ? "??
.. ."' '. ; ?' *"' ,, ' " ."? * . --. ? ?,. ?,
1,1 s
t ti . ?., 1 E??r?Ur?.
\ '
?1 . ? .... i - ?> .. ?.?,.?.;v...-,. ... r ,?.,-., .,
? ?curher. thetaoT. to the nia-, o?r. At,
.' , ' '',"'' "ti'.' ,"*??*?* ?'''"?'?.'??- nd
'?'" ? ? .
? teoftUClti
???-?- - -? ? - . I *- - - , .-..., m
? l<-?i.eaMk?ft?ailw?e?a??h*Vo?rOci?earMaL
.?Jaaaiat/I^li.l?!!,. V ?.xiaaassBi.
M l???ka* aAK? F. CRiSBlT. A?a_B_aritns.
old nod popular _??'?!, known a? ihn MHaraake?.
H?u?e, having :>?-e>n re??v>?ed to ?ad ?ocai'id oaih?
soolhee?! comer of M ?le and Harne ? re-?u, lo Um Cltv <?
Mllw?!)???, with s saw brick baaecneet twelve ?set ?if?,
and s larra addttloo mili ihareio, of twaetynwo rio-n?,
aad kasen>aat ?tillable for two stores, whwb I? bow ren?j
to t???Bt Tha lorailo'? la a moat central aad e??a??ul?aleaa
as c?B im foaDd In i*e rliy, and bo pains ?hall be ?pared a
re? tins the _???vblUh?et,i and pulling H In il?el?eai p_a?tt>ie
style Voruerme.kr ?spiy ? mmn^-^e^enlmho Itittn
:,.r?r \\emi2m) MICHAEL WtAlMA.
? FAHTOI- A UOtSK TO LifT. ""' rturiy
t?-i-ri-*. er? ?leer fron Broadws-- ?to?se aew sa?
eoBTeateai,- the ld.Sd ?nd ?Rh ?tort?>?, with ?nie? t??^
Beet, will be let lofatW oriep?_r?ie Btagei lease tir.
dre-ererery fiTerri'ri'ei. Apply on tha ?J i suilaa?, or of J _.
COLEMAN, ?a W?Jl-?i from ft to I ?yeloek atrf'tf
'd?t TO ?.ET-Two c?i?s?sl -J?reo+*arf boueen eoaiala?
\%\e to? all the modem Improrenae?? In Had??.----?.?.-.?,
***? (?nilrtr-f'-Brthat.) betweem Ninth and Teath ?Tenue?,
?est |avi.|. Applv to J.W LATBOM. IT? Broadway, or
B?.?fTitng ?____ eTr__lr_y opon the premise?. _Bv7*ta,*ti
? TO l.KT?tv>?e?r?l getiteei booaea with Crotoo wa?
ter, *??- lo Tblrty-luunh-?! b?w?#_ the Nlri?h and
Teolh ?venues Apply to J W LATSON, 170 Broad?
way ?>r nmmlne ????) eier.fni- un ?he pi** .-? ?lliawlf
BIlOl-iL TO LKT.-O-ie k?f of Houia, 61?"?
?t. a first rate location for MFbyf-t an A?
p-y on the premiar?. Je?? lw*
e"TO LBT?Ad otr.re. Also, a room, aultahle f.? aa
AcrUt A'?.i, flim'.?h.?l rooms. Incurre 9S4 Br.xsd.
wsv. enlrar.r,.,,. FranUln-st. mvTttf
etc AHBOTf FOUO.-K.r ?ai-, J?r_i VlUa lot* on
Up; ite tine? ? Inntc?fro? Thlrty-aee-JUd-et
??"?"?kyibe Haillon Rt-er K?llro?_l. Ttst bvdutlful ,pro
?n-?-d t,y Col Jame? Hami;'.--.?nJ Dr Uat
,?' Perry sud De?ru-.?_i, (1 tal . '
II. R R R bubeen laid ou; miarle tUIb
loti of grest b-sarv, each lot comiraodirg s ma_r.!ce;;t
, the Madson'Rr.-'.r a--.?* Tar psa /??? Ti-is ?.roporiy
\,:9,.t .-d on aceo_03i?>dit!.-.g
t?nr-iof rayrr.- . i will _e erected !>? ?street.
If de?ired. Trie cars le?ve the d?p9t st Cbarr'jrri-st ?New
Y ors, ai 7 and KJ A. M. 12 M. and J and l| P M ; acd re
turmr.z. Ie?ve Vrtrwac St tntertredu'e bJur?. Refer to
. the ?*ent on'.he premise?, ROBT H. ELTON, 9" N %?.?_
?t n?i I'M Pes-)-it _ jel3_w
*FOR NA I?F. OK TO FF.T-A d-iigblfjl country
residence situated on the banks of Mnunu? Hirer, at
ih? hesd of navigation, where the packet? ply twice a
week, on the B.isioi. roatl, between iiorse.-K-s and Stam?
ford, Coi.n a vrrv ?bort dUuxnce from tbe New-York ?id
New-Haven Railroad, pacalng ?is time? ?day?within ?wo
hour? travel of the cltv two ?nd s hslf mile? from ?teara
b..?t landing. A neat twoitory dwelling: perl >r with
?tiding doors ; kltcl,? n sttaclied'; cellar iirnler both, plans
fror.l ?nd resr, a good barn and other niveasary bml ling? ;
s? exrel'ent garden ?bout ihre? acres attached, ?H.nnrllng
wllh choicest kind? of fruit To a man of b-iiinees or of
an exrel'ent garden ?bout ihre- acre? ?inched, _'.
with choicest kind? of fruit To a man of b?i?ine?s or
lea?ioe. lit? not ?urpaeeed bv soy. For term?, appiy
GEORGE A. rFXK. IM W?w-?t. or lo ihe ?nhw-r.ii
near the preriii??-? tjs?j 1**1 BOLOMON PECK.
M F OK ??ALE-Thepisceknown? W'sds worth Col
laje, i'?c?;ed on At-i'im Hill, about a?1 rodsf.-oni the
Stste House, and 12? from tbe Ueawal Depot of the
New York, Providence ?nd Klstikul Railroad.
The gri.ut.dt ?.f the place contain about 9 seres ofb'.phly
rultivaied iscd, w-u Mied witn ehjic. frull. ?bade sia er
?rer? sa trees, with a large barn, green neust, ite-hJn??,
?t:d all the ?rat batldtnui req_i?ne to make it one of Um
mon deligbtfuj and convenient reildencei In the c ?unlry.?
11 ha? a front of about Lit feet on the K?rmtngton Roed, and
rtKOt the ?erne lctgt". of rear oo the River. Kir farther
psr'ictil?r??ddreii H. 8 BKACH
Hartford, Coon. June )a22 61
?AT I'ttlVATFHAI.K-Av^tiai.lehouaeandlol
?...?. ?.'un lb?-ea?t?,.i.-..f Tiiii'1-ave, ?
of TMrty-sevri.ili-Bl ?aid lot batBf n. ? /?? ?-'i Te^t frool
and lesr ly |M feet In depli-. the hou??? is 2'? feet by 38 feel
In depth and 6ni?hed In goou ?tvie. A portion of the pur?
ch?ie inoi.t-Y c?l rermir, unl.ood ?nd ni.,rti_?re K ,r price
and further p?rilcu'?r??pp'iy lo A J. BI.KKCK F.K..
Jeii', lw Auclli.neer, 7 Broad tt
?FOK <*AI?1C?a sewuua?utry cotiage, wnaei
? _rd itj ?cr?aj of riod lscd, only five minute?
wslk from the o*poi of Tarrytown. There m a Mue
(rove of forest treea on lt,tnd a nreaii of pure iprlog wa:*r,
nowTi as the Andre Brook, runntif? th'-'jgh tii? premlee? ;
-xtenilvi: view of ihe river. It wemd be ? dostra
b!e rendence for s g-rtieman doing bustnej? In thI
Potanat or. p,v?>n iirirn??dl?-r?ly, snd bat little caih required.
App??/ s??b?>ve, lo (mylTtf) B N THOMAS
AT PkTv'ATIl'rlAlTB-Four iplendld building
lots, ??tutted on Psctfic-st, ?ll?isntI2. 'wai f.om Bond?
it In i he cl?v of BrookWn The ssid laM being esr.h In
S'ze 25x1'* feet in fepih Also, four lots on Deso sl ne>
weenFialhuib avenue and PearnlNt, dUtant lim? fe-t f-om
I'esiAtl ?t.. each _-*,xl'Ki feetlndepih Kir finher ps-t.cu
lars. pr-ce, Ac., srply to ANTHON Y J. BLKKOK KR. si
lloteer, 7 Brctd??L where s map of Ik? property can be
^_ Jsl_iw
?FOU HAI.K?A ilee.ratne rietntry residence lu tne
town of Wilton, Conn ?bout 4J miles from Nor
walk, sadaboat?jo?k ?ar'srtee on the New-H_ven
R?llrr??d. Il ron.l?t? of I ?ere of qori lend ?? ! ? -
r?ucd??d with ih.ui>h?-rv 7!i? house Is In good order. It
It t? Ihe Dcnl.ury road and will he ?old low as ihe ?ub
? : 1? no Ua-f. r it lurj.lr.-rf
JeUlf UAC.-.T ?V UKRKIi - int
gp F??It SALB Anel'-vaUMl Kulldlng ?ite, w.tb s 6ne
K? vie?, of the H-j-l?. n Kiver, two mile? from T*rr7
-*m?^- tow??, on the Bedford r-jad, with from fojr lo thirty
five acre? of land, to ?u',t Ihe purchaser ; if a larger qi?n.
t.ty of land I? deilred. th,?? 1? s brick hou?-_, nearly oew,
will he lold iviiri IL Inquire of the ?obeer1t>?ir on the
premliei. |Je8 1m'| HERVY Rt)(.K\? ?
?1 O a HAI.K OicTto i,hT-A baaaa m ? ?
acre? of land In the H?.b.rt<?d_, ,?. t.'.e HuJ?
Ral'road, twu mile? ?.?nib of li?rrla...'? K?i:r.-?1
Btailon, nta/ly opf?i?lie C ;/-!.,'? HolaL Tbe boo?? i? I-i
good order, ??d inn.ali,. ?-.e>n room? It will be ren'?v|
for |60 for ? ? r one ye?r, or ?old I
liqulreof DAVID Ct'RKY. ne?r the ?jfaa_aea? Jell Hi'
hALK - I ? i ' i
??larntelv Term? tn?de e??y. Inq .Ire ?t 6'? Wil
ltftm-?t. Nevisrk, New-Jersey.
t,'??M< leit paru of I;
i . a .i. -t
A. ; v ?I U Pine ?t up ?talr? |-I4lmc
KAlvi\J> KOK t?
??J?-?f?ri. -. - ige of H asttax?,
?I lui e?|?. ?h ti . -. . Theutxise l?ne.?r,
? it ?.itnisn-.'?' n'?nn?r, la m ?derr: ?
it riiumanding views o? the
' adjacent scen-ry. It uclie? unmua! picuire?que
pro?p#ci wiui ( oaiout. Tbe grounds
are in lhefine?i order, wen ?upr''"d "Ith engrem variety cf
frull 1 ' ? :. la 11?
proprl--? ? ? ?on'.heHu.? >n, N. T.
mtV.M'.M FOR -AI.i: la -VayaaToaaaM? I'??
realct'o. NJ ' ? ? ? ! p .-??.
^^Blitl. CJ_tlOt_,ni ai l'ai ?r? n ??^ ml leaf o u i.n? cuy. Tob
g? consist of t ?ta .i a Am I" by II 'eel, cote
house, ard other lii.tl..ii.?.. n I in g" '. ? , a of ? i
k.-.-tv. -, :>.? ft-m. Parson? ?rtsBlBg a good
f?rm will do well to call ar.d exa ?.In? |ef,re p.i,:a??mr
c:?,-.tr.ri It. f?r, rcfican be had of D 8. I) i .
? York; of C . ,1 si. N-w???,
a C? ..ae-r:?a,i?
BLdon the prem'iie?. of [lf'a>lm'| HENRY D?)R.?
iVORBAl I. I ? \ tl>hl. It-?- I ??, mi,
., ? e . | . ', ?r,e. ... n
.1_,. B_l_- !.. . .,.
?f*rnopEP.Ty -a good i
raaa Poaa?t__aasaVa and
Hjde Park, iw_ u.iit? frou. t? eim.'.jai and KilCu ?id
leg fui_t.u,wtic, ?i., il Fot partlcalar-^
lotptreof A. M PANNINt?. )2fi 8-cou'-?I.
J? ?7 7:c s* before 9 A M . i to 7 P M., or a? 63 Sin.ton.
?Pm TO I I . ?ii- F?IK hAXtM?k
JFJ'tlr?^ ?lory ?nd aille bouse wi'h be?emeni ?ii
?"?"?eree.I??,It Thlrty-?e?ood-_l beiw-e.) R-.,?.; ?y?y?.'vd
Pif.?.-?\ nom i.r l.i ?J sad read* I ? oeeapailtMa, wi?i ait
B>emodeiLiiupi?,veiii?i..? Pr,.e(i ?,??., Inquire of
CHAS T. PLATT, l,IU B .?a-lway,
JelOSw* heln.e i .- (?
WA M IIK?? \\ A ? ? 11 f. ? ! I n?- ?. re
ri-iveo (rotn tnv agent in L"?erp >| ? i :nvji_e o
K*^ "1 Pit? H l.evrr \V?-.-nes, which I am s?iU_nf at the
Jl^j^i'iiowicgiou- pnet?:
bt-?.?->'?cel"br?lrd Patert L?-v?r?.$r.? t?
A very ? .13 of)
Eng:_sbi_".d P?ie: ? L-irr.w low as.iuuO
spine WsH-Bea, jeweled . 1" ?m
Sliver 1'e.kCi.r ve.?. l.i i?u
A watches sc.1 by ice sie waer-^,..,.,? Iu _,iTe tl.)tf_e,ir__
lo tee bujer, or the money will be rt'
Je?> lmeod* between P- - R Y
Kl.llt;. AI..-PBE?. W. rACHTMAN.N,
Ww c.? .-caker ?cd Jewe..r, resp<afjliy it?f
roitomer? an: eneral. ikta be ia?
' ad from 9? to . -
is. wtere ta keeps, as ut.aL, a. Bit oJ ?--?re.
? Isrge Bstcrtzricnt of fii . go
and sllverwsro. of every doecii! '-oc, Ac. waich he ?ill ?eu
at thai..'.
repreeected. Wi'risi Jeaeiry s. - ._..-?? ware niade to
a.-aer and repaired. . la'
f? FIIUMALK-Tb? ?rto.ks.dl'xnire? of? wa^b
it\ t__.^ jt.ii; ?.ore, ?imstati la oaaof taegrna ml
BSj ??.ot^tik'-.fuet In this city. Thr-xi/B loo? slek?
tage? Apply to Mr. TUOMPBOiS. Eagrsver. I?H WiU
Bain-si ?lltBlir
_/_i FOH LI1 IHPil'H,.
?C___ i ? -i ?? ? ?- ? ? tOM
?... as ?oove, Bar
BPOIFOdU. Tli r.if- 'N A CO. ? Boni?a.
^?mYICUT rOM. MA_LM7-T??a y??eai Bi
*^B?-tigged.eopoct fenteamd. ono^rmi ^?fi
*mWmrefrU:ert lik. l??__?. Bi.? Is Hi h-rt ??*(?-, tt Mel 8 trtsaaa
beam, 7 feet 6 lache? deep, ??4 aa_l -v?aad la every r?ap??t.
For further par urn'?r? applv to
a\'al, O RANT A PERICR8?)N.t^K^lli-al.
BB?f IF-T? aaos.?? ANO 1M.OT t?PPBR.
?A fun ?seufii???iii of toe itaaa'araira o? Hampar??TB
"T^ln M??aH>u.??v.kUA
AMI W-??t?olj?_?e?>o li ??A do Ne... ? ?? ?
i?iai_sBkCUUers pf kcea, bv
OAt ht a PERRICUOh, l^*?eiAet.
. TBHlltCH l.t-tR TO CtlilFO?.
,w|A_THEIi i m Ali.irr ^t?"!-*;i?? rnvi
CBari**toB and Bavansab to land and reertr? pass?ng?rs
and malls
Tbe new and spl?andid steamatrips
?Cttpt James Ftndlty iVhecek, U S Ilavy-S,0OB tons.
Capt David D Portar, U S Na?ry-l,000 tans.
ObbK H. J H*-*fst?Aln, D. a. Nsvy-l.BOO tuns
A:: lb? tassels of this Company have doubl? ?-.ftne?! of
the best eonttixcUon, a-vd *a-io*aini>ia!loa for psssan-cers
that are-T?? il.
Tto?te??hll>OlllOa-?in-*ll on her refalar day, BRI
DAY, Jar? ath, at 3 o-cJoci, r. It, turn tb? piar foot of
Warr-fi-at, North Blem.
The |>M?en?*Ar( by the Ohio I? Cha?T?s will b? tra-isfer
red ?at Ha-rata to lb? Fa^oa, and proceed ?direct frota Ua
van? to Cnag n?a.
r.?-AbtU>N?wOrl??sA?s'4Sc?nup?r'S>o^(cublA:) Spatel?
to lis vana bail per cent
Forfr*i|btor pmssta apply at tb? office, c?ra?r W?tt
and W-ajrec-sta.io M O ROBERTS.
katet of Potoctao Tttrenan,
N Y. Panama to
to Charras. Baa Francisco
Stall* Room.#lw) ^
Blandee Berth. w ?JaooorSiso
B:-??-?^t%'rbi?T.dri?d'?v-^bt)ard... so %\vi
Rs'e? to Hi?ut aad N. Orleans
atsteKorm.a,?-. ess)
Stardee Berth. 55 ?4
Reerare, found bed ?and board_ 25 ?
je2b us u
?Tg?fshi)ti t'ALIPOlt.MA.-Tar..uga tlcbets
estaawJajaVaBafor Sail Brar-cUeo via Panama, to leave New.
YorB July 1, by stravnthlp Craaeent City for
CbBgrM and ?leaiiithlp Qen Warren from Panama lo Ban
Francisco may tes bad on application to
.?-- S4IU* DOLE k CO. (3 Front-**.
CISCO, VIA CHAUBER-Th? oew and ?fa
vorlie staernahips
CUERO KEE.1,?" tans.. Cap lain U. Wlx.ll?.
PlULADELFUIA.l.lW rc.is..Cspt. RobJ, H Pearson.
Born: the oo'y direct Une betwe?Bn New-YorB ?and C bagre?,
tad la conn-icOoa with lb? United Slates Mall *A?am paca.
su in Um Pacific?a -?ml-roontbJy lln? through to Baa Fia??
BBDccio BATBs or rsaa to ciuatti.
CheroBee Philadelphia
After Siaioot, State Booms,.B'.ib 00 tl?5 DC
F '.--ward Saloon do.100 00 100 00
Iiower C?lin. ?20 00
All the above dine at tb? sane table aad Lav? to? prMl*
are of tbe Saloon.
Il??raf e (found wlih gniriuii
a?d board). $6t 00 BUM)
Fretpb' to C-iarres *** rents per foot Ex-?0i-ses fa lbs
IsAfccvji ?are born? by paseenren
For fr.'eh*. or paaaa.e apply to
Tb? Unitod States Mail ?i.?aui-p?.-?eu
PANAMA.1,087 tnns....CspL David 0. Bailey.
OP. KOON.1,099 bins.... Capt. Carlisle P. rsuarsoa.
CALIFORNIA.J.C50 mm.... Cspt T?os. BuJd.
TENNEBSKK.-l^on tu?-?....Ca-.it. deor??? 4. Cola.
CAROLINA.... 600 tuns....Ca;l-R.L Whitney.
ONICORN. eon u.a*....Capt.J. Y Nlcbojoo.
are lotende? to form a seinl-monthif Ho? oatweoo Puaraa
and pon? In California.
Pai*en?er* lu the After Cabin ?are tiroiitsa? lieddlnf, bal
Bot wtces sod ilqaors. fa???..fer? in lb? Blr-wraf? er?
fosad vitri sueb rations as ars f irtalshed to the crew, and
with matress and Dtllow. All paaaenge.s will be allowed
! space for persona, bag;faf? trae, to Ute extent of 250 lbs.
w iA.Lt, L : rxct-aBdlOfj? In vueaturecent le:- cubic fsat.?
? Ffeubton extra bag,-??.i or merci i?,?l*AWbeu?*k?*>o, |i0B
1 per ton, aad 11 per ceot. on all speel?.
Packager should sol axceed W lbs. weirbt (or nul?
tarrta**?. Cabin. Sir?.
: T-aisHstrcmtsiistnaU>BenBLuot Usssiian.$l3A BluO
Saoniego. 250 I2S
Bao Francisco. SMI 150
lio stores to be Isaiei will be lakeo as bagg??'?. Charge?
'. ?fen.lii.tl.-n; *i.i de;?wklEg an?! all peraooal port ?-barge?,
! tncladi-jf bea.th fees and boat hire, to be paid by lb? paassn
I m-rs. No passa? ese.' u red until paid for. Acply at ton of?
' Iceofthetimipanv, New-York. 54 Snatb-sl ?Tit if
\a^t9rt.T\\Hii\ lilt LINK FtIK ?t> KUAN.
?**""*""**"*"""\r,'-Ddtd sieaiaisilp CllklBoRKK, H-ary
1 Wtndie, ?SjBirrender, will leave her d ick pier I, M i-th
. River, for Cbtgrvt dtr-ct, on Monday, Joly i, al S o'clock.
Paa*?-ni.er( are particularly rar? jeated to have their bag,?;a??e
on board the Sa'urday preViiu?
HdW'LAND L ASPINWALL.Mand 55Simtlvst.
( Al.lfOlt.MA IMSSKIIiKItt ?relii
' viterl U) ra I at BBS Peaietitrer Otiri., Ill Broad?
way, and read tbe " Californie Informa loo Cir?
cula'." Every body le Invited to e?rtd for one Tnroua-h
ttrk? ta tiy dlflerent lln?-?. for lale, f??r $1 oror the ?.riiriual
CM A.!dre?a, )Vo?t paid, ARNOLD BL'FFl'M
. .u?* _
1(111 *?*> KM AM l-l II, S.?.t?l -leo' If ran
rio-o aid the Gold Ra**l<*ai ?i/r- t/ht iand??d ?At Han
-FrMclero. Tbe A 1 pAr?ei?bio CLARENDON,
M S Brown, muirr i* now re-e.vin?; fnl^ht ?t pier 4 N.
B Paaeeiii.'-r? ?a,ho ?*i?h to ?.??'' t'e'?aei ?i.-Siy ?eeaoo.
das IstbtMs, winfi-d
tb?l ? n dun a Ural ram ve.ee., ha'ing e^ery ciaveuteor?
f.ir i ei ? _?.-,? t j???. ni"-r? : ??,-? - diroel to .S??a
Frai.clai'O under lw a:,- ron,mend of Capl Brimii A
I? ??' BOd I if* r?t?*H|: ' l
p*??'.?r ? ?i ? ? on ?oard, or t?
KB Hi air it, no Hroe?i?*?Av, and
J .?h.i.K.NAr ? . . ??-? ...
' In ?_T... !,?-? K ' , i
a. ?K18U1MJ ?\>i\
?^MUNr.- T ? - '. i r 1
. tl e,- rv ritt, ev .- i ? il. " v.
Cata! ?? ?ai i i v rb, Oratd. 71, ?
North Piver, 8 A. M. ?n-turtii- g ??y P.I .
Brrri \- | R. ' ? ?
der wtti Ire provided K??e ?5 cjnl? ei'b wav. is 1'
_, -r^*-?,.-11 * >i.??i it nr.MiLLo F.iit
&*tf-?7*-gl X? I il-l.l.*. ' r Kv
??a**"****"*'**"*-*'-*? , , , i i ?eat, ob app :
Cart. W. L B tXTi'i:, onboard,.
2.1 P.-sr'-i? rm .,( Pi.il |-. Iw*
_ -ir*??loi.hi t-uKfcX? Lit-.o'v-'-r-i?
,?.-,*,- . ..... , ?* ?A, ' I'll*
e- ?ir u - toft e,le- ?t ?-?l I in*
.K\? l I'-tlli*?"?. 1't- u- - ? 1 -?? u
' , -T. NICHOAaAi rail
at III Oio .cw'.ch-si. or lo Capiaiu on board.
|Al in
17!; Ctmn. tiM? .Ir.K-r.? K*H..l?>t .
MV^*U' ? ?til Kill '
*w**w.?-w?-?mm--*iiON**??T?i and I ,"i??f>r
l'a lot Bbtl 1'iillatle i ? :a. ?eilh eiiherof the foil ?*?
Le-i-nt.; NewYo'k on lb?
9.'. ? ? , u J . - i. ??- -?'. i i A M.
i ? raini frota Pi . k -: bis on tb- Kh J ''yin the '. P.M.
< H.anii
P.M Tia.ii
in addition to the u?u?i Oauj trains, wi I. in -reat*4 ?ac
.??irtvr ?sirs traini oa
the lltiji.lv i
L?**<D{ bi-anki'liA M .5? F M an?. 11 P M
New-v..re af. A. ?t 10 P M and 1 j P. M.
... ... f u
New -to'l at m P M vd Hi p M.
Rahway ai '1 P. M end 1? ?j P M.
Nrw-Y.-rss? !" P M ?ndll?P M.
N*w B-maw-li! 1 P M
New-VorSal li'P M
Oc Fr.dsy n m I -, a train will l??ave Newart
Bl 6 A M. leaurtUDR from New YorB at 7 A. M *>' I?
V*?l*'?- ? ? ?* "'- *\ ti-ilt-tLM ???a.
"Tji.l.'a. . TBBBBbI
**".' I ' . 1 ?
and Railroad? from New-Yo-i I . jiuato
V\t-,u,. !-_.?,'.?
B?sate, Mu-binsx, Isdiac?*, 1 ? ?
tbe Laxes fr? m b-r.
hid to snnex?*?l card. Otfice 33 Co*-ce?-? tp. e ?roar "loutb
ai Ntv?YorB. R URIFr ITU, Agect.
l^.d Tule:.) Lin? S.A-k.uer?
Ul'KEN CITY.tapi 1
O I* UKIKF1TH.C?i?L riule.
BlPtRloH..CaoL Waiia.
(llilll.CapL R: hards.
TROY.Cspt VV a . .
?Oae of the a'?jve ',.: eisia iteaci??rs wii' le?v? u? - ?
ky aad Toledo do-t. tcocbtar si tnleniiadial? por+ dally
ai9 A M. F?ss?.u?;eri tia-it-a. through from B- '?
F.'i fit-tah? ir paa????, a. . ?? * ?
^ r . TU, Adeui,
-ny21 eodlDl L"'.-? WLarl aod -
rODl.UKBKPf*lK ,,.,'?? *'? -PJ
BARUKB-Tl? .arge CLl*-TOS, Ceot
C.pt R.-~kre - 'V*':
o fOAH
""???1w^b?d wth ?sse
.., '. ? - .-???????? ?i ???; '*
,..,..,' . r . ?. ' s ?? sRaaas f-~
Rar,-??. OC to
WILI.lAlB?ON ?V '?All, 111 ?Ar? at. _?UT __
!ljT|U 'h* t* --T"-. '?" m-'adnamiaj, iota
- ' - ' . , r No 4 ?lorn River,) lo
H IpOFFO- -1=_
-^-mm\m,t iTZarTteetepm aatAalsm p RO iC 11" S,
tmwawn^J. ^fTreTrnTott, tmi smA Mtrbii.
,,.,,. ?. r.isrs? t*t s??a?iaai|i AOi
affi&.r I* V ti, Ut-fP^T^ tmamsksAk, ne oa I, nui.
?*'-?,,V;r No I SorinBst-r.enXastodai moreag at
iefdsKkwisenmlj. '***" **
Breakfaai aod ?oppe? on board iba ?wat
rs???..T?ti?i. ?i 6 Sn A. M ?topping ol_,
Boff-rr.? Cheat*, n ?hem MMdielo?r_r>?jrt Jervla, Mar?
m |iJfF-.a???r-'>IKW.YORK te MRIR RAO_.
Mmnmftfk'Ami? ROA D - K.K W ROUTE TO BUFfA
" "*~-**** LO?Bu rnBterArrangemeal-C ibbb aa
?tag Monday, May Trih, ItSO
leave New York for Btughasotua, Elastra, Corning. <?a>
aev?, Roetwaier, B?falo, sad _B??r?_?ee-ao atares daUv,
(Bandsyseireesed) By MeamboalTHOMAB rOWELL,
area pfar tool of r
ssopptngoely at rWr-Boal,
netaara. Tori Jerrla, Mer- ,
rowiborg. Deposit. L?ii?bbu.u, BttvtAaialoa, Owego. We? ,
ve?.), (racioryviL*,, Eiinlr? sud .???Tereoe, ?rrlvtn? al Oe?
ne-.sstt.VPM. Pam-gs?? for B?falo ?skkkg this Traie j
will lake t!,?? Expr?s? Train from Albaay at Geneva, oat ?
arrive at 6 o'clock next morning
Wat abo Man T?aib?Ai8 So AM ?topptaf stall laa ?
?uilons^^n-ivtngaiCorolsgthssaaeevaBiojtatlOaOtycllu ?
WtTTaaiH?i3 3np.M.F?rOi__ivUi??D? ail laMr__eaV j
NicHT Eiraii?r?tiN, ai 5F M ?vopptBf uri?>raK>al,
Buffern?, Cae*-,-, Ooabee, Mid. l?ao??ri_. Ot?svUle. PortJer? .
?t?, and a.! ihe ?talion? W*?i of Pod Jervis- Pascugers
for Bufklobj thl? train proceed to Oemva, dine there aad '
lake Ike Expr?s? Train frota Albany, arrtvtac at Bnffaio
naxteveolng Patatngerafor Ithaca. Cayaga Bridge, aad i
towns on Ca-i.g. Lak-, lake the car? of tbe Cayaga aod ,
?BBSooelianna Ral'road a. Owego, which leave IxBor?laie'? ,
oa the arrival o'the Fr?e trains P monger? Por TIogaaDd '
Lvcomlcg countlr??. P? take the car? ,?f the Corning and
8. omI. ur, Ra_;r??.J s; Coming Siege? leave Narrowabarg,
Depj?;_, Laneaboro, B.i.goaui-ou, Outgo, V.'avei.y, (f?C- ,
t jryvUle.) Elniir??iiid Con l_g on ?rival of the trato?.
Ex rast? Tat ix leaves ?3*eeva al a 3? A. H~ etupplat a
Koilra. Waver.y, iFactoryvtiia,! Owego, ringtiaraioa
L*naln?rc', Depo?it.Narr.?wab?rg, Fort Jen?, klUfdle?own i
Oca-WB. Cli>??t?-r, Bufferci, acd riertnoni ?rr.vi.ig ta New
Tork at 915PM
Vi'iv A?r.MtiLT?Ai?i !?avea Corning st*??) A.M atoa.
plr.g si ?11 the ?talion?, ?ad an-tvee In New-York ?19 45 PM.
l.i-HT __xrsr?j Tas?n lesves ?Jeoevaal 1S P M ami '
Coming si 6 P ?' ? we??, of Pon
Jem*, sad at Mtddl,-,. - Crieeiar, awffsras aai !
at, arrt--1c?ln New.York B19A.M
Way Thai?, leaves Ousvt-le at 4 40 ill ?topping at all ,
the ?-?.?.'.?.au,-?. i ;.._.* in Nrw-Yofkatl'i-tti^M.
FW A St<v?l T-sin on Monday morning leaves Port '
J ?.? at 4 3d a M stopping si ??1 ihe ? (alloua, and amvlag
la New York si 10 AM I
Njtw?uK??H Bbakch leaves Newburgk ?15 AM aod 8 10
A M end 5 PM ciiDertlng with the tra?as gjlng We*
Leave Chester at 6 Sri A M and 1 IS P M and 4 M P. M or
oparii-is!. r the trains from the Wast Freight trains leave
NewUrgri ai 5 A M sud Cheater si 1 l.i P.M.
r?ri6i,T Tuim leave from pier fooiDusoa-sL al ? r? M.
rretgbifor Gene.?. Rucheeier and Buffalo, and aH places
?V e ?_, Laken by Expresa frelgh, train? and I* forwarded
through without delay
J*fMM_CHARLE? MIMO?, Superintend eut.
&_!=___,-.._._-?-'? < LOCK LINK . .Trmm?
???r^?- ' ?"? ?'i ??*?*"'> -*-*1*! i?___T
~-"-*"-- INTERMEDIATE ????"??____
LANDINGS? The ?t?-?mhi?at HUDSON, Cap?. Win. U.
Mel er, will leave the i'.-ambcat ptar f?>ot of Cedar it. on
Mo?-n- Weoneidsy snd Krtdsy. sad the steamer CO?
LUMBIA, Ccpt CF King, on Tuesdsy, Thursday aod
Ssrordsv at 5 o c!??ek, connecting with tbe stages at New
bareb, kirgitoc e-d C?'?klll.
Hfiiiti. abo RraKfHias Raimoao ? The pusenger
' -his Ri.sd, af'.er March 25, will leave Hudson sad
W? jt Stockbridge daily. (Sundays exceptad.) as follows:
Leave Hudson st7 A M aod i 45 F. M. and West Slock
bridge ?i 7 A M and 1 P. M.
Freight train?, with panenger car attached, will leere
Hudson at 11 A. M and We?! Blockbridge, ?t ]n 30 A M.
Ps??eeger? by the morrlrg tra'n from weil Btock'irldg^
n??y take the day bo?t for New-YorA or the boat for Paugb
keepue and ihence by Railroad lo New-York, by'?o'clock
F. M. Ftre by latter rcute (rum Hudson, not exceeding
$1 3b.
P???erger? by tho evening train will find the ateaaier?
COLUMBIA boo Ht'DBONalwaya waiting for them, and
the fsre of ihoae boau win be aa low a? soy other evening
boat on ihe ilver?"roui t" SO downward as Ike line i?oala
aav let the example.
?! r?uj_h ticket? f?m Weal Siockbtidge to New-York.
|l V, snd the ??me fare In returning. Passengers ihjuld
i -.hat this fare Includes berths, which Is excluded la
the ??re? of aiher routes.
The ttsini from Hudton. both teaming aad evening eon.
Qet-t with the trains of ihe Wettern Road? as heretofore.
Je5 6m J T WATERMAN, Bupt.
fi^_J_L^?L_i^ 'IOKKIM ANO _?l?aK.\ KAIU
T3r IMrii ?If tlf?PASdENOER TRAINd
*?**-"-IP -Leave New-Tork foot of Cor?
lAn.liUAM._Bd I? P. M : leave Newark fi] A M. and 54
Ptssrur.r? TatiM.? Down?Leave Dover6 I.*, A M and
1.4.', P M 1 Morrlttown, 6 ?o A. M. and 4 2*? P. M.: Midi,
?on. 7? A M snd . in P M; Summit. 7 20 A. M snd
BBS P M; MillvUe,??? A M. and 8.15 P. M ; Orange,?.?
A. M __BlSMP M
K?r.iBHT TatiN.?Leave Dover 3 A. M.; l?u?ve New
York 111 A M
Okabue HoR<ir Cab?Leave Orange 7 A M. snd 1.30
P M ; leave New-York II 30 A M and VI. F M.
Passenger* bv tt,e?e trslns sre received aad dellvenvl
etch w?) ai No'rlh and South Orange, MlllvtHe, Bummtl,
Ci?th?ii:, MtdU'in Morrl?town, Morris Plains, DenvLUe,
Rt?ck?wsy and Dover.
Al Dover ?tage? connecting with tbe A. M patsenger
train leave for Burksiuniiy. Bisnhope, Newton, H.ck??__
u,wn ?nd Hope Dally, Milford aad Owego on Mondaye,
Wo.ii ??day? ?nd Pddsy?. and for Sparta, John?onburg,
Blalolown, Columbia, 0- aware Waler OaP, Hlrong?
burgb, continuing to the Lackswanna Work?, pasting
through Bsrloavliie, Slanbopt% (Pa 1 Smith? T?vern, Nea
? leavhle, ClifUin, Dunmore, Hyde P?rk to Providence on
Tuetdav?, Thtiraday? sud Saturday?, and returning meet
tbe P M train? tor New-York
Al Denvtlie ?ta^-e? leave for Pawervllla and B ?onton on
the arrival of Ihe A M ?ml P H tratas from and nieel the
A. M and P. M train? for New-York.
Al Morrteiown ?tage? leave on the arrival of th?? A. M.
paMjer^-er nain? for Mendham, Cheater, Schooley'? Moun?
tain. V?. ailni.gion, Beivldxre ?nd Easion, daily, aa? meet
?he P. M train? '?, N??-York
Ale.? for Bailing Ridge on the arrival of the P M train,
re'urnirg next morning, connecting with Ihe A M. train for
In add iv* train?, sn extr? express tfsln
will coitiMii-nre rtir.u.ng oq July Slh next and continue un
li ''ir'? ? r , otic?.
New York from ihe fool of Cortl?nd-?t. ?t 10 AM.;
leave '- ?' ihe H A M train from Patla
delpl la. prin-i-eding dtr?-e?ly to Morrlttown and Dover,
where-rarriage? wi,l be in readlnea? to convey paistnger?
to Hch<H?,e> ? Mouniair, arriving In time for dinner.
Tt-a train I going up will receive and deliver p?a*ea
gersonly a? the fn'lowtrg ttttl >n? : Or?nre, MUivUle, Sum
-.ip. Mtdiaoa, M. r,i?i,?wn ar.d Rock?way.
h.-,r.,.,K wi'l l?ave Dover ?15 P. M and MorrU'owa
?til ft, ? ....ii.'ig for (.???enger? ai all tbe regular?!?,
does ?ad cm : et vwt i laa 7J P. M irsia lo New-York.
Psoei.t'eri ?re to procure their tickets before taking
th'lr ?e?t? tn the car?.
Ticket? win ?>e received only on the day wbea puichaaed.
ft. ____PM______C rtl..?lfiltit ARltANOEMENfB,
m%nrmn\mMWmma/efwi .Road
ltlrTr "?'-^^-exiendi fr,:ii _..i??b?thp??rt U mile? to
Uhl'e Home. N J .ir during ihe ?laglng between tbe ter
ii.ibu? ot ihe R..ai and r_??ion lo 25 miles, and t > School
in... Till? line iaavea New-Y??rk by
aeaa boat Rl;D JACKET, at pier I N.River, and onoec'?
v?i. rales ot le N v? Jei.ey Rsllr??ad, which e?ve New
v. n lri.ni foul ,.f t'oriisiid-sl ?t Ihe same hour A new
ou?e lo Scl?ou.e>'? Mountain, a .ill leu n-sglug ?han any
rtiscB?;?:? Tbaim Ur -Pssseogers "r.ll leave New
Tork ht ??. am' .?al ir.,? ^i?r I, N R. orb? the Pfciw-J ,r?ey
R? It nail fi in tif f nrtlaa? it al t EM aid 5 P.M. ?leave
! A?t/?b>ibu?WBst l" A M aodCPM.
.iiii..?.i? TatiN Dear? -Leave Whit?. HoUte Bt5.4*i
: AM ?,.u 1 U P. M ; North Branch at 5 >.. A M an? I H
TM.? ,?( A M.?id? i'.PM.; Bound B-.i??
?' M ; Pla'r.ti-l-iat . I? A.M Bad tl
I PM ; V. AM and 3PM. ; ElizaMlhlownal
l M i - I" M.
Tie foikhdraie I wub paaaeogercsr? altacb??d) wl!lle?ve
.,?.. at ? .' A M , S
! aod i... boa?, al 7 J? AM. Returning,
. m .?il I.? ?(e?Bii,o?l Bad Jockei, from ptar 1 :
Motlb K v., ? I l' M
?il fr m New-Y irl ' ' '?T th?? rlwS,
D.u?. be? ,b? l?o?vl a? l.j o'clock lo tature being uk?_
tbrtugb ??iii?y .__?___._.___. _ I
- ?. .n ihe srrlvrt'. of the ft o clock
, Ukln fn m N''* Vor? ai ?n? Wbiie Hi?.?- to convey p?s?
' ??n.Fi? lo __4?ii?fj, VV': ?e.i,arre, Beihieaesi, Alieolowa, |
i hoi ?. P? ; s"d to rieming-on, Lebanon, CllntJO,
I Hiif.'-d B??h?beiD, Bl<e?ma"u(g New-HsmptiiB, W??h- '
i trgoi.? ? H- ? : *,- '.i 1 Oa lu-eti?:-, T,iur?d?y soil
'< Bai'irca? to t>ei???are *.i?r (J?p, Sirou.|??"arg, Bartotia
I ville, b ar.h?, e, Daievlile, Bucstown.scd l_sckawacinBlroa
I ?Auin.kr P?
N B. AM ?>arg?eeat'heri?k ?if the owi?n nnti! deilr
! ered r " ?tgnuu of the Com.
I p?ry, ?nd n.e. I?..r'-?rei_?.? : gi
-L.tl.tlhlt AKMANOE.n__.1T.
?p/MO -Change of Hour, sod so ad.
Itvdelpbi?. via at.aia?
Bo?U J? K liiSo A A-cioy, tbeuc? In frM
?ato cars lu Carodeo a.-. :
0:, a ? AP.-1I 'tl* ftr?l LloewtU
mgftf i'"7 Ik tsklngcarsaiSoott
linboi ' ""I ? ??ka a?
and let down p?s?er./er? ?i :.'. -.?ual Imena^ii e placea,
*???m m
t*. -t. ^ P. M. ?ud ru, n _,rf al
?'lUadolpida. nboiii ?>? P. M
1V,'. ,_ oogk by *lkrJ lice.,
forwsiJ ?eck pastaga.
Br-v_kfa?> an ' ???ao?? ???jirhlaal oa beer?! aeatalwai Joke
P???ei ? f i - "' -*1* ia* ?rug? si Wears
r - i'oti u? freak?. Id, ?71?.
** BMlORAin LIA.
a^?esoysi????a>erTR?N>?PORT. Cap? J ?eafd. al t?
; il. Fern t\ W ?lbs otonggngeeiiowmtenek
. carried ?a Iberia? ?Vilaowner, ba?
- o? ?>????td?i????d an hnttnre exceol menrWA
a Ulit-N .UUAJIUUI ?Ail?
_?RU Al? LINE for Pllli?r1??lp??lB M ?
??"o'r..?-? AM. a-.d II o-dock, PJt b?
.jnoai jt>HI< PorTr.l?. dal'y. Baaday? ?zeop'^f,
tamper No 1 NorH- B-ver Ove- Itnt cleat ear?t>
la?? ear?. %2 _tkXi tt
111 LI."? fr_.UrtV.TILLETlJ0Ll.s1
'.?kJ POK.T l.-'.K -Tte???e??Bb.,<uPRA.SA,
'C??pl R"?-3r?, at . run as ? t
I rom N Y .t???lt>f Brr_nj^t From Fort L?e
m N V ?.I?-.' b^rmg-etl From Fort L-a
? ?', 10 ? are. ft iMotKliy, ? l.??i ?
I ?ad I . ? ?: ": .? d *\
T!wr?d?>, KitM? Thursday. 1\, fi and 4?
. unit. in uri.y. <* 7?. ?_ sol i{
Bund./, H, 12 aad 5.
O OAK lilt.L
ajrV.K 1 aaeaoer? AlR'i-V,
?ei'?.:;. I A v rvs'.ea. aad BWALLOW,
Cap? J.Maua ? ? -?? ? ork f,-ota f ? A of Roolo
kit - <y da-r, at 7 ?rd 11 AM ard
?PM Irut'cr leaveatbe Ceesaeryat7AM-Uaaee
and 4 P.M. Toi.cA.tg at the foot of ImraM. tech w?y.
Jel? l?t?_
'?BdartarJaoe l.l?5r,: Mtt
' L?a?*New Y-"k?l7,1,1, ID, ILA M and
L t *!????-. 4, S, ?? a-~ 7 ?ycloek, P M. Leave VBiida'Wir?
r at 1.1, B, l?. U AM. tat i. t, X 4, K ? ft -1M.
*** "niiitBjJrr<~1* ca*"mmem ?-r *-? sBatsi_?
iS^^-J- -??-tt?. mentrmt^ ?S^.aiSB^lS.j?l?
-^??latwitaw b???ot*iV**? *-*-*?**?-?-*??.
^/?^/WCatvtaBa . C>*Wi.l.?/W *Wr*sS?.
J^-*y?-?-?*,U.?AltFMl. TkwdBF.T*???!
f/*iy.-'*{rr.-.J,al4FM. M*-W^,/?Za7r?.
l-twrst?ay.Jalyn.attrjI. ; Bwr^J?*!,*
For ft?*lf hi apply ?a board, al Plet No! Amorti atom
and for paasa-r? so *? ~ *****
?f-ar'tJyn aPOFFORD.TlLF.sTON ? CO ItB?lt s*.
lip IBA BEL, ll;l??*i tana bo ratet), )-,?????_.
Ca v\ a.: il. . ?',,- e-.t -e. ragul Ulpee?
Monday, Oct. Land ?sail w?-ul?r!j from Char!??ieio?a,B f*.
for H a-rai a oo the l?t and '. '-?b ? -<eoch riontb, ?sad frosa bta
ran? to Cb*t*a***xoe on the ?tb ?Aad 00.
From CbarlMMB sstd Savannah to Havana...
From Charlostoa aad Savannah to R?v W?at.
fiar tarXktM nartkcniars, apply ?Ml_
SPOFFORD, TafcaTON k CO. tt ??olb-sl
In Cha-feeton. to MJL Molt DEC AA
?*as*mMs to Havaaa. DRAKE, BBOTHBM 4 CO.
FsBSrwg??-? leaving Ha -ana by this ship caa reach BftmY
mtote by the land row* tb? Ma day, or by ?ja.*-!?*?, Bkt
tSaaireTs Nortb?>riKir et Boatmorear. reach N?w-YorB M
sama Um?. _f|
VANA, laving tM>aw detained in C jarleajto? ta*.
yord her time, wl,l aot le??? bar? till Thursday. V-h ?jnL
alloVlock P M al which hour sb? will ooelUraly *??
For freight or rtntii ?pply to
m ^Jt\T^*Js ?VOK Btl-aTON v i \ NKW PtIBTR
e^-"^!?-?-PPALL RI\ER ? Be tb? Sl.tMdld "MSd
^*-*****--****?~*ii?*?>^?-)ri?*??it!ers BAY STATE anl EM?
PIRE BTAT?.. ?afrre?! ?trerajtb -u.j tpnad, p-troca tarty
adapted u> the N?"*ir*?t???*i of L ?*g It ind S ?tind nnB'tsf
In cncrectloe witrt the Fail River and Oad Colony Killried
a distance of "-3 mile? M Be' n ohty
Leave ptur No. S North River, near the Rettery
Tbe ?learner BAY STATE, capt Wm Brown, ce Taasv
?laj*, Thutday?, and ?Aautri*?"'* at 5 P. M.
The ??-?arper EMPIRE STATE, Capt B-nJ Bi-aytSf?,
on Mt**d?v?. We?lre*?rtiT? ?rd Fnd?>-s, st.5 F. M
This Lire 1* (he only ohm .bat rue? dir?*! tor NswporL
The?e ?teenier? are tilled wttb cararrodk??!? ?u-e rjona.
and every anaaa^Mttvet for tbe s-cwlty and comfort of
ptssrng n. who sre afford?*?! by tali roste a nlrht'a rmt
on board, acd on arrival at Pall Rl? er pro-eed per rail
?read, rrarhlrg Button early th- following? morning-, or ran
remain on N??rd letting ?b?ir hreakftst tf tvlsbsd For, ?g*.
til lit? ??ariirg <>r ih? *?trrom*A>tidad<m train it 61 AM,
which reaches Boston at about t| A. M,
A baggage meeter 1? ?Attached to ?aeh sleam?r, wbo ra
eeives St tickets lb? bsgjjate, ad accooipaalos lb?
BBC? to tu destination
Tb? ?rate? for paeeege and the price of ?tale rooms, see
Sam? as by oilier line?.
A iteanier ?ran? la coone-iloa ?with this Rae to ad
(rom Providenre, dally, except Sunday!.
Freight to Bi)?toa t? taken at the ?ax? rates u by lb?
other regular tires, and forwarded with greater ex? ? I'?
ll op by ?an Expida? frelgb-. train, whlrh l?av?e Fall R ?res
everv m? mi tig. t Sunday exeeptod) at 8 o'clock, tor Boil,,?
?and New Bedford, arriving at lia deeunaUon at or a ?oat
11 A M.
For freight apply on hoard, or at tbe oflSce oa Pier, 1
North River For etate room* or berths apply oa hoard, or
tf It is deeired to ?ecu?-? them ahead, application ?a*?* sat
made.? T1SDALE k BORDEN. Areal?,
jelPy _Ta-stdnWtatlSt.
KKUt I. A K.tl[A 11. I.I N B H B>
l"\V EEN bostun and new yo
"Ron tog-too ?and Frovtdene?.?In,
roa i?, vrtthoot ferry, char-re of cars or bafg-ure"?Tbs
?ttr-Airers C VANDERB1LT, Csptsin Joel Si??-"?* and
COMMODORE, Capt William H. Fras-ea, ta eotmomkoa
with trie Ht'untsgton sod Frtrrtdatie? ?sod Bord?n an.1 Frov?>
desee Railroad?, lM-rtrif Now-York dally, (Sosdays ai
eepted ) frem Fier 3 North River, first wharf ahov? Bat.
tory Flic?, el 8 o'clock, F. M. and Skwlurton at t ?V?
?loch, P. M. or apon the arrivai of the mall trata frota
Boston. Tb?M steamers wer? bullt expressly for tb? tmrnn,
and are to every rMpect partlfiilarly adapttxf t? the oavl?-*.
lion of Long-liland Boond. The accoinuiodatloo? for pa?.
tengers are comwodtous ?and comfortable- ibe oSV-ears ?-*?
pable and expnirieae??d. Tb? root* being tb? sborta?! atad
vost direct between Boston and Now York, passenrers ara
enabled to arrive tn ample time for tbe morning tinea tt
ttuaniboau and railroad* ru-niing to vartou* point? fruBB
ibose cities. TheC. V ANDERB1LT will leave New. York
Tuesdty, Thursday sod Saturday, letav? Stontngtoo Moo*
dai, v/edceoday and Fiida7. Tho COMMODOKE tvIR
leare New. York Monday, Wednesday (Uid Friday, leaav?
?bmlngton Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If B.-Pst>
ser.gers, oo the arrival of the steamen al atemtiiguin, pi*.
reed liamev! lately la the splendid raUi-tia?. cars to Fro?
dence acd Boston, A bsjfyaire-master accompaol? ?M
Iraio to and from Boston. For p-usag?, batiks, state-room
or freight, applications may be mad? tolb?a?-?oU oa th
wharf, and al the office, IS Baltery-plac?. aS
1850? "_
Leaves PHILADELPHIA Dally, si t c/cloeb A. H. ?arad
4 F.M ?through In ?So boors 1 Th? cara oa tb? F-s-uisyt**?.
als Railroad ar? of tbe very best and moat comfortable ?h>
scrlp?on. New packets aavo beata placad o? lb? ItML
and Rtrotahed with especial reforanc? to tb? cooafort ssm
?convenience of travel?**? a/ford in?* tb? a?s*nrarii-s of a <
and ag'eeitl-'e journey tt" Pttuburgh.
Every effort will be made to raadsr this the most da
root? to lb? West
For ?eats apply at Tli Market-st and N. B. etwasr TMrt
an i Chesnnt, Phlladelrhla WM. COLDER fc CO.
Fortlckt'U and further loiorraadoo apply ai T Wa?i-st.
New-York. m 18 If R H H IND ES, .Ig-ttaL
jrahW-IUKH A.*?U XhtV-IIA
IVEN RAILROAD-On and afltrr
__ 'Wedo?*?d?y April St, th-) followj.f
trains will leave th? Canal? Stetlon, oesr B- oadwsy ?
: Passobger* also reertved at tb? Nnw-York s*.i Uariu?
! Railroad Office Twenty ?eveoth-ttt
1. Accommocsllon Train at 7| AM. for Hew-Rothell?,
Msmaronerh Rve, Foil Cheater. Orserivlcli, St?jiifi?-d
Darte?., Norwaik, Westpori Boulhport, F-slrhald, Bra?<?>
port. Siratfird, Mtlford ?ted New-lUven. T?aseos KB fr iui
the Way-Suti-r ? for Aitien>, uid the Rt?ilon? on th? iioure
i atonic ?ad Nangatuck Rel'r-.aii, will take this Tratu and
stop at Brtdgisifcrt P?u*?-nger* from Way Stations for Bos>
i loo, Pixivldetve, Worce*>r. Hartfcrd.iii ??"jgt?)W and Cor
> necHcul River Railroads, will tab? this Train and join Ha.
pre?? Train at New-Hsven.
1 Expraa? Train at 8 o?docB, A.M. for Rutiriford, Bridge?
port. AU??iiy, and Houietonic an? Nau7?(uck lUl.'r.ieds,
New-Haven. Hartford, Springfield and Conoea-.ttcnt Rvst
Ralln^ad, Wore? ?tier, P?ort?leii.;ti anJ B,i?.?.ij
3 Acrorimodatl r. Train at 1 A M t-.r New-llaveo, eejj
totermedlate Suilur.?, Haiopdon, Cheshire, IkiuihliieU??,
PlatovlUe Familncton, Avon, TarHTvii;?, wd C?OAilav?vlo?
Mlddlv-iAiwn, Hartford ?and 8t?rlugfi?Id.
4 Expre*? Train at 3 P.M. for Htiunf.ird, N?irwa?
aridi/et-ort, and lloucaloulc and NaujiaiucB RaljrafMtB,
ll.w-lfavon, ud Stauoua on tb? Cual Railroad. HavtSord,
SpringeSeld, Worce?i?r aod Bo?ioo
6. Acv.oi.inioa2atloa Trait ai 1 WM. toi New! lavan an?!
?All tbe loWruadla?8Udi7Aal.
C Comiiiut?tton Train at 4 JO F M. lor BrUlgepm and
?BUBiTMdlai? Stations.
1. ComLiniailot, Train al it? AM. froto Brtdfttptsr*.
stopplng el all the Inmnuedial? BtailuBa
2 Accon:?**odatl.>ii Train BI6I&AM. from N?w.have?.
itcppicg at all loit rmedial*. Sla.lou?, nacalying Psssiamssa
from Nangalsck Railroad at Bridgeporl.
3. Accooiintxlalluii Train a. MB A M fron, New-liaveaa,
ctopplng U al! lb? InlornMdlate Button?. rnnMring ptmm
sengers from the Il?iii.,id siA Ntit Harm Cana1 BwIitisj?
and Naugatiirk Rallroaal
4. Expreee Train all.In FM. ?In eonnacUoe wllb tb?
Express Train from Rost"i.) from New-Hsv?e, ?Uipplnf
(l B'ldireporiand Stamford, receiving f?a?iigni finea Iba)
HniielocV Rallnaad al Bridgeport
^^^^^^^^ ls*.f
??rs from tbn A? ?.onui^adaliot. Tra?a from BtMtob,) tr-tm
New-Haven, ?toppii.g at all rb? Inlermedliu? Station?
s Bb ?r?*?? Train al 8.1? F M. (or to cuonactioo ?riib Ra>
press Tiatnfroni Bo?tAoo.) ?topping si Bildgeport. NnrwsJR
and Sumiord, arnvtng ... Naw-York al I lil?. P H r,tr?c.
lag Train from Flu-Aald eonn?ei? with thla Traut at
Faaat-bger* era rar-aeabid to proeur? ?caets laeAir? tablaty
mu lu lie Cars. IrJfltfl R. B MASON. ?Sup?.
'RIVER RAILROAOd-Oa and *?*?*?**
?Mb of May, tb? trains laas? as follow? .
Leave buffo, u s DAieSl ?it
IS ryclork *? mio.AM
**- i.'r'tuek l*> it?t*t...... F M
??Or oa lb? a?rr1?*el of the Er^lrrJTiS^r*-?? <
t. -a.- New.lora a?
7 o'clock So mtn. AM
-*. .fR
leva?. ????Ten? ? OAptii al
S ?/?-Jock ?f-moA.?.._._AM
tr**j?e peiei?- | ai
TtydoeS-.-AM Mark?!-?
-?AM Pat n Lepan.
12Velork M Fai'e tt-.-n
M-.r .niP M FaTD Depot
?I Merket?!
litara New. Y ors U
So-vioea.. .rjd.
Le*?ve New-Fork ai
4 ?Sdort.A.M
4 ?-tvi'ies.P.M.
l.-'el'-irB .FM
lesas? Psiertm ?i i L????e S?w- rort ai
a A.M ..Maraet-?* J?t7?k>ck.AS?.
?4 ?VIS FM Fsioe ?Depot fSrydoek.PJM
Ci. B.?On Monday ravornlof?bm Brat trais from nutar i ?
will l??ave at 7 ??/? mm. of ou tffc? arrivai of im Tot- /?? '
?Btany stadoii norO of Wst-eoem, axee-it at t(o?ok<aa
ThetraltJt wntch l??avt. New-Yo't ai 7^ -retors s\ te.? A
? ?"etoek fff will be la tin? to me? the Una tra?a? ????
?Stf ??d mtawrog, goter w not ?*Siff?rn'i D'pa*. at
DAY.l.INB -?TKA-lktl- F'JB AL
WUB.L?,Ca? lUliA, Cae
Bote, r-... .*??.?'- ' ?- -??-????_*?'?? f Chat./*??-. ?tal y - -
BM i
p?-i!??'Ti-Mns Tor Bn? - '? ' Aam^iOK .
?Vais tt-rr"?'i. H?*"*r at wasi Pui..t, Nawiiurgi., i
\aaaata, RlngtV?, M.lden, Ca'?*?.:, H?4??** ??'
?jaalc, srtirio^ al AJ??ny, al ?H F. M- oosswcOat wim aV?,
press Tratos Rir B-a?l's** s
Reralardsyt of NE W.WORLD, M-i-ada-.? - .
aod Fr?ays, ut ALIDA, Tu-Asdays, tlBVSdsys aa 1 Baut
?AT Ail rtertsma ar? torv.d trisca* a?y -i?*axi-? mb*>
?Leant of lb? ahov?- txiau -N?w-York, Ma7, WA. my*K3BS
.*?i?lf EA-4TPOKT.SU., Bt Jon? N
'B^WrvDrSffor, acd H?..fax. N d-Thcni.?*r
V?-aoia? ?fe-v-jtB?-? COMMODOU.E and
FAIRY ?UtEEN wil coitlrae to mn t?-.tti??.i k?.
twreo Forttaod ?td tf-? above pi??--? leavicr Fita-dan? ?a
?AaBoad^ sii*?*?*a?o?T??sd>?y-aad Friday. TWa????>>?-<?<??
Ore laroasb ?U 6? ?*??rut?*b?-d bv ?lib???- ?a? la? pib?***?*.???.
JAMlSI HA.\FORD.MSiWlfclU-a?l-St RoSAVut?, ?x
ISAAC V\ ?VSLOW. Jr.TS Pearl-st New-Tork
Rosto?, M-ry. laafft_<?**-? SM-?tD?
JfAB?Tir?f?lL*l7?ni.-FOB HART*
X??t? to Hartford.?Tb? sow ?o-l e*>tec4ld
, NORTH AMERICA, Capt. Jeans S?-*"?, wl?l
Irav? from East River 8ie?viih??i.i F'a.-?, Pavk-sile, Mc*>
day? Wedieeraev? aod Fr"d?ya at 4 Vt'ork F M l*T?-lfbt
mkvmmrmestmtetkns. tet phawAtA mttmetkaeatyea
mewrtfrsamann. wmmu a7t,#l*

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