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^m ??il? riUwOM >J PWMJMi
M*"* .' . ., ..,.*? il. r,
?*?*T.r^ ?aaaa^aaja, ror^r *f *pi
*< "ll?.rtrr*t., or"-?" '??- ??? ??"?
a?* ""TJctO mO-ato? to? |-^t r^?p^ ???"* :
^.A?? ?i? ft" ? i ? '" ?2?
?S,?? vmmZZm*MtUi ttaa ??a a'tat
???: ? '^>->:'"?* _
?^??j?f s of PuMie liilu aiiJ flffiiagJ.
? ?
PrcHidcnl rill in ore.
?ral ?T ike PrmldrnU
Wajhim-to?, Wedueil??, Jaiy KV
Tfce fusera! of Gen. Zaohart Taylor, lato
K^H^lrfthi?altedSl tei, will take place ou
a^gy, tU W* Jbi/.atM o'oV ck.
Proeml "*? ?t W'^ulng-ian.
?VMStUMTOW, W - 7 10.
TwCabt. i ?
#f i?,. Pf??idaat t-- ; - T' Kxecu
efgUTe Manatos natll ihe da,
,?,> w?:? probably bo 00 Friday.
Thi.'K-? at \V.i?hlas:on.
.m,! Tri'y i :
I h?
ties. 1' ?? taw a, i'< m "'
dices of h? Iba Dapartaaento. AM ?a ?till ai
death in tha Whits Boats. Tbc body il Uaaawd
IE .' ? ?
The Cabir.it aro hi ae*?iun but will ..t ,.r??e..t
?ifcew? arrsnp< sjajoai R?r 'he teaera] ? ?
gigtd in important mutera of Btata relating to tha
prelect crisis.
1 ttvr Mr. Johkion, tho Attorney. U er. er J. Ho
tkiiib? tl?? funt-rcl w M aot take place till 8a?.ir
Mr. Fillmoh*; will be aw ora, a? Preaidoot, a.
lio clock.
The City i? full of spec.ulati.ni a; tocli<n?ea i.i
we Cabinet, . of Mr
C??v.roKu, but lb*] ?va awt worth) uitj.ii
Drain of the VreMdtnt I'ublic Mcitlau fit
lltrrlilMii g.
tfnimi PitfuUk tv Tht IVAwa?
IIarkuburg, Wednesday, July 10?P M.
X aeetini,' of citizen? wh held at the Court
Uuase at 10 o'clock ttii? ?arralf?fl jv. jVhnmon
presiding. A i.umb<-r of our ni"?t diatloajaiahed
wtiiets, efiicera of the Bute Go ? in u -n?, <tc. offi
?ialtd at Vice President? and Becrctarici.
Got. Joukston addressed t.-io mooting, and paid
atributa in a strain of high < ul ^iuci to tho charac?
ter ihd eniii eiit foivkoe of tiii-1??.- PreoMeat.
ACornniitieeof Thirteen waa appointed t >deviae
nittble teatimoniali of rtipect. The otliceri of the
Meting, with lach citizem aa they may aaaociate
?Uhlhtui. ?. I fori? a ooiaaailOM t' ?- ? >-?-d t
WaiLiLfton to atUnd HjO fui.fial. Dai rut?.
Urnth of me freitldent.
il? T+frik) Bo*Ton, WnU:i??J*y, Jaly 10.
Tie Ciiy (1 ?vernrriiHit met to-day and ap;><iintod
i I "i ttee lo make arrangement? fir the fu.
raril obiequiea of Pretidcnt Taylor. Trie city is
U atoorning . ti e riaga at half maat, the Court ad
juried ; tho b? lia are tollh.f, at.tl the ah.>pa <ire
?iM*4 infilaik. A* ftpw?w? opt?dolhfo>fjhr
t\l ti o 8ti?te, ?iffa ?1 wee a?>pt-a'.
HKNATi;....VV*Miii?f.Tow> Wf ine#d?y, July 9.
Tic Sniflaiy called the deuale U) order and
read a letter addreased to himadf by the lato Vice
Pniidtiit. requcatitii,' him to prca^nt to tho ?enato
acoaniunication enclosed, which wai als.) read.?
Tte coiuiiiuiiii-ktii'ii l.i the 8en?te ?i.?p'y announ.
eed (hat in coMcqueuce of ilie dohttl of Za< hakt
TiTLOK, President o: the United t?tatej, he, Mr.
F:i ; Mi'hi. would not bo able longer to fu!?ill the
datifs of Presid? i.t o! the Senate, and au>;.resttaj?
that this aotitication might enable the Se.mtj U>
proceed more prurrptiy to the electijn o? a prosi
dicg officer.
A menace was awn ater announced f.'nm the
1st? Vio l'ieaiileiit of the I'uited States an.1 read.
I The MrM*c* will bo f.mnJ ?u the Pruraednix* ?f >t>e
Bsaid |
Mr Wkustir su?H?it?ed a reaulutiin, providing
that the two Housca ahoaid mscmbie in taa Hail
ol the H'.'use of Uepreseiitktives Ht Ito'olaok, 01
aitaesa the admiaist. ation ot the oath to Mlttard
FilloKire, to enable him to exercise the pnwera and
Uidischarge the duties of President darolra 1 u^u'i
him by the death of Zachary Tayl >r. i ate Pit aident
U the United t?tat. s. which wta al >]>ted au I Mat
to the House of KepresectatiTe?, wncaso a mas?
sage was received, iawjoawjataa rtraiinrronao of
laid Bouse therein.
Mesira. 8oule of La, Davia of M<isa and ?: .der
?ood ul Ky. were appointed a Cjoiai.i'.oo oa the
pirt of the t?ena'e, to act with th? litte 0 > n nir:je
?*#? House, to wait ataoa the Pr. s.ic.it .if the
Vme? Btatei and lalbnB him thai tha tvi Houjcj
*<Hild attend aod witn.'ss the a?uiii.istra'ii i ot the
To? Committee pnaoaodad so tha dlaobatf? of tha
dsty ?ssif-iK-d to thum, and a.?.m a".cr rataraad w
the Chamber, when Mr. 9>i'i >:, on the-r p-.rt in
h>rn.ed the denat? that the l'r< ?idunt ri.jmie.l
their immediate attention iu :he Hi I oi tho House.
The Beiiulo thea p.Vh-oedod to the Hall of the
Boase of Repr?sentatif?, and rv.tur:.cl a
Crammer hnuiediately after ti.
B)it>?4ter?j(( tho oath to Mr. Fi?rn no had luo.i ooja
Mr. Dow is laid,
Mr. SecreUry, I lisotta ajc-ab r :.r Iba L'.z.-x
boa of UieBtat? whose citiren the late Pr?. i. it
cf the United dtates w*s, to o'ldr n.2
hall to the occasion. The aaaoaaoemaot of his
dr?ih baa already be< a m*'.<i olli LsJIji ?, :o fcJj
tlaswhere; and on tho wil,<s of h^htaiaf, aad ai
?o?l as ewiftly as thought, the sad
has been conveyed to remote pfttmj lyj
t^is (treat Republic How MaHaaa as wed
*a hxlancholy u the oc?ne in whi-h we
?ra tow engaged. But i fee da? ataca I
than ? week many of u? sat n. ar the Uta ??
aJaad t.at.a, atd aa!u: vl a in hoaiin at
t. ? bisr (>f that m >nu'i!-i * o ha ids of a
V?teiiii poatentj arc DOW I
Jba first and greatest of his at^daoaaagrt in
wateimaa Ilk? huaa.ilf will assembo t.) r>ay d to
Un-lo the meaaoey of the asar, fret h W?r, fl at i i
* i". otuUS*?** .the krajaato of a:., teal
rf our anc*-.tora. IJZ r,^^* J ' "
>?. there .at uuict lu?h?"^ m ' u ">
brcae ?m? tbo Potomac tffeoo^d h" L1
baw.tWsaaawboaa T,ry ZSSS^9^
Caam school house m S^J^l ^ * L *i
?as beatt by the toroshaa-ka ofth? . y ?10M?
?ho had paased through io.tr wars .^'**0'* 4
J. bloodieat tod m at S rkou. fcJSa?, W,J?
25, ?nacathed at the head of the ????? > '"
*?? j.. apKoaeh UJ d ?. ?hl?a?3i? ??
????*.. o? ?a? ?mmuwo? ?iem** ?_. ^ _ . "?*
In c Lc'udiDg, M
BM :
ti -frit It h?? r ????<! BWVtM Pr t?'.--? ?. -???-> -
? .- /.?. U.kY Ti'il-O?, HtM ffr? (I
?f i a.? a
*"?.>rd. 7t? t C .-?.?*? e
t^.tiiiiid Kr K >'"?:"?? ' ?*''">??'"
<o m?tt ?lirti C"BiUil.iae k< * *> be i,,!? im-<1 ?>' -
. ! hr,r >rL ??..'?-.*, U C iu'. I ?
. ?? ? ?
It was orCered shatth I ictsry of the Seoau
ooamaoaica etbaforaajoiag n?'*1" * "* "**"
o? Bcar?NBtati?es< ._? .
Mr. WlBST?a-Mr. R-*cretary, ata tin
k?liUta^ha?uh.ppi.M?? luroughou: too arhofa
country it im fUuU? Divlaa Pnrt?.i t? ?lei
tWoBoMM of C^grcs?, a^d especia iy to.
Heute wrth repeated occasion? fur m U
Il m ? station, t??a. e the pwmifnwtmenl M t;-..
it??im,we have followed tiro of oar B
tothtir last home; and we are do? otilad I am
in ron';ur.eiion with the other brau-h of tii
L<. ?suture, and in full sympathy sj
tone of affliction whie-h I am s...- I -
U| 1 -all the country, to tab
port in tie ?oicmnitie? of tho funeral of th.
Ule Pr? slot lit of the Paitad. Out.-*. Truly, sir
?ttitcaid in tbo oomaiBDtradon read tow, tba
ll.'/ aj? las f.JI- n a.uuii^.' u?. Tue l.i
df.tof the Daitodfttai ?, originally a ?oldierbj
? U rii. ii, havii _? . ignalong auiapic.i
! mil] try ? ... a, bad, at the oboe o
iba late war with bleak j, become i
ed to the people >?t t - itee, and tu
aspired them with ao bigh a degree ol
andconfidence,that ?i boat aol Itattoa nr appii
a, ariiboat pari aing a..;, dei
!?? 1 fy, or t'irnir"? a hair ? t?r ? ad I i t) U
crtothe left from the path of duty, a i-'reat a,,
powerful and generoaa people saw
vi.r> and .i-i? ?? to
aathority lathe cat.o;i. Wacannol I
( :?.. ao m thie, tba pub i IFea ing w?
?on aid carried awav in idc.r?, by I
i.i m i itRry renown, bo it hat neea alwa; c, r.v
to it always wid be, booaaaa hi
noble ft-ata in arm? has been and ul-#aya aril
will be outpoured from the he?r's
ban ol a popular trover .ment. Hut i: aril
I..- a prest mittak? to ?app?ta that
Preiidext of tho l.mted tfutci ow..d bit ad
?encea>ent to.thf civil trust, or h a groat ac
(<l tit,uiTy with the people, to mi.itary talen
or hbiii'y alone. I beHav? air. thaf aaaoeiatod w tl
the hlgheet admiration lor tfaoaa ?? i J tir? pwaaaaei
by Mm, th?-re was aprcad throng hoot thj e .n;>) :
i [tj k lii^li desjroe of i rafldenoe wn-l faith la hi'
u.ri r.-rity, and hocoranJ upri^htncai aa aman. 1
I., here be wm oapeeially r.?>?aH"d is
hrm ai.d a mild man in the aierrUt of aal
And 1 have obierved more than oacc in l HI
aad in other popular Qoforoaa a, I |
prevalent motive wit'i the mat??! of r.
lor eonfaiamg huh power o< lodividaala, ?* ?
lenca ? t : . ;
t. ' tkn is regarded at of a ?ure and aafe eb
'?e people nataia:ly teal ta!?; w
tbemaelvea to bo andei
ot sober com.cil? men of impartial ininda and a [en
aral paternal aoperiotendenoe. Iaoppoae,
in i use eTer happened la tha rarj bust dity? o
the Roman Eepnblic, ivhere any maafoa
?it clothed wiih tb(> bigbeat authority in t-?:
^tatc under circumatarcea m^ir.- r. ?. | log all su?
? ilion of personal application, all aaapicionof pur
suh.c any cru. k'.1 path in politic?, or a I aaepi
ii if having been actuat .d b/ lini?t t
and parpoaeo, t'mn In tho eaaa of tba
and en iiit'i.t and dutn. Biabad and good
mea. wim? ?lnaih va aow deobre. H.>
bas left to the people o? hi* ooontri a
in Ihia U> haa left them a bfigbt exatup e,
wi.icb addna'ea itsell w.th paoaHar force kotba
joungand rising gencrrtion, I ritt,, s them tint
there is a path to the hi boot degree of r?nova,
?might onward with n: change or doviatioa. Ifr.
Becretanr, mjfrleadlfrom Looiaiana, (Mr I> v ?
has detailed, shortly, the eventa in th ; multen oa>
r?-er ol General Ta>lor. His services through Ins
nli were m. ?tl> rn tba Ironu. r, anil alwA)* a ha-d
icrvire, oftfn M company withth ; tribes ot ludiaas
all kUnig the ftuutioiB?for ao many th-'usands o?
It baa been justly remarked by oie of the moat
elcqneni n.iu w;.r i. , aaar boardiatbeaa
Im ?.? ?, ' that it n rot in Indian wrs tnat baroM
are celebrated, bat that it is ihara that the/are
tornod, V e bard service, the ?tern uiicip:inj (?c
v,,lv,i(g upon iboaaarbobare a ^roat extent ol
froiiUir to defend witti irregular tn.ops, b
?d ?idliliiiiy bato eoaaaot wWi s^vie-es, I
the habita of the savage lilo and savage ?rar,
in order to forsee and overcome tnair a'jati
pirns, all thue tbmgtvtaad to m ika hardly m>
itary character. For a very sturt period, ii-,
1 had a fwamorrina with the XaaeanvaOoVara>
mentof tbiacountry, and all that tira- very perilous
and ombartaaabig OBroaaasaaaoea existed
the United States and the Indians on our bordi ra,
ar.d war was actually raging betwe'-n ihe I'nited
ftntes ard the Jflorida tubes, and I very Wrll re
member that those who took council to0T I
that on-ASK i. otlifially, and who were dtsinui of
atadag the m'?itary command in the safest haa is,
t ?in?' to the conclusion that there wa* no man in
the service more fully aaJtJag tho ijaaliti s ..!
military ability and great personal prudence than
/. a( hakt Ta) l.oit, and he was of course appo ot
ed to the command. lTnfo'tur.Mtc!y, his care ,r at
the head cf this ^ovennnii.t was short.
For my j?art, in ad that 1 have seen of him, 1
bave found .much to respe<-t, asd sirtMag to cijo
demi. The circumstance? under which he cod
ducted the Govansatal for iba few months ha was
at the head of it, have been ?ut h as patbapa not to
give to him a very favorab!-?, cvrt'imly not a RMBg,
opportunity of developing h:s priooipl s hud In?
policy, and to carry tnem out. 1 baamaa ho hai left
on tlie n.ind of the country a atnMMJ ?uipre*s;o:i?
first, ofh'? ?btolutc honesty andint:,Tiri-ofchir.x;.
ter andhisgf^Ue, ?e; an"! 'aatla.af tM?aa?ls?aaa,
kii.<i'cis. and frier.d?Lrs? of:.,'* taaapat kaward
?Il hi? countrymeu. Hut be i? gone! Hj i?
our? io more, except in the force of his ex*'n :.? ?
8ir, 1 heard witn niiuite debout tho ?ou: nient i ex
pr.js.d byaaj boaorabl n LoaUiioa,
(Mr. DowBt) who La? hut mam U faia Jt?it, -*hou
b.- eiin.estly pr?\ed ti.ut thi? ev0i,t ri-i^ti'. !? ? cj i
to s?ften the anim.suies, to a!!?y party i
liii.s, and restore fel.o#ship a.',,] -.?J
amotg the vajiosji aactioaa <.f the U?o
?? re?ar?. great at it our baa to lay. .f t'i m
h ? ?iijuabie and rnapprecia i ?hall
have Dftti aaaajnd to us even bv thj da&tb of
Za(hakt Tatloi,tbajaavai . ..u,?u
at tcv high a pr.ee, and If at? *p ?
? to wb ch i- has ascn'cJ, could see taese
resuit??coud se? khathe bad oat rin da?
laurel around a m.irtyr ? crown, ho woo d aay ex
ly, "happy am I that by my daath I hav.?
dot.c rr> re lor thai ccuotry. \ ? lovej
and avrved, thiu 1 I do by all ti:e d
vctif n and a,! the assorti that I co .11 naka in her
? luring the ?hort span of my earthly ex?
istence." Mr. Baaratary, great as this caia' ui'y
moura but bot as thoae withjut h3,)j.?
>\ ? baa? seen < .. t,?,.f,rit ma-?, and i
emtoaat man. ai.d nt lut a ataa in th ?
""'".;' ,,'?-:i"'. f*'l aw?y f-om the tmdtt of
us. Bur 1 ,??Ubt uot tu.ere il a Potror aba
? <g over u. kbM par,nti. cv< ft .
4 .ur P;w?'?' *> maayyaata. I ha?e
' r' Vi ?^saHrtS uf tbe departed will
be supplied, that the k, ,j, ^.lt.9 ,,, f ? .,.
j t? : will rt? ba w.th tu. au l that we abail
??and apwardaad apward.aatba
wires t^ sustaiDini; Providence. May (i>d jrraot
that in tbo time that is before as there, may not be
Wf.r.;i..s too? wise n.en, a? ;?ood men f,.roarc3Jo
ie^oTi is he whose f-wural obeciaies wo now pro
Ifr. Pi ?Ret aa'd, I mu?t uk the Sonata t.) par
?ol mo for vaatarmg to tai to what baa been aad,
tie ea pre>siem ol' the profoacd regret with whxo
?Ja and the cotiutry have learned the aad
?ra ; M ? hi: h bu been aonoocccd to-oa,-. A ..? a|
public aaraiaaj hardship, aaajat and g ory haa been
at ddciily closed. That Providence which protect
tA the late President amid the peril? of hia brig,
laithful ar.d splendid military career, and which
p? i milted hi in to reich the harvest of adtniratioo
ard ati'rciion which had uro wo ap for him in th*
h? trts oi hi* cuun'ryint it, ha? removed him fron as
'-? or.- the meatere id his u ie lulio m *u fall. that
?? ?I (hwas tlwavs devoted tn the ?orvioe of
ma couury, wu jteldcd a? wn?o bo wu ta
nun by
ie trusta
itairrad lite,
r atara integ
apar, of a*
. ratai ??, a-1
-.red hi.n
?ti b bo erar wankt to oaodarata ami s : ?
laatha d.atn of Zacaaas
IOui '? >^ktch r'o?rj -..?????e
leal t:cci:J'.ig.tn:heSfra:- ]
Prcrrrd?njs In the Iloim-of ;:fpreaer.tatl.f?.
B/?| i ?tTo?, W?Jn<wd?y, July 1?.
At 11 o'clock, He?, "r il "?ft. tho Cbo
?/.ate, delivered a priyer s?, ropriate to tho
ccrasion. Then after an interval of tire nwantan
the Speaker took the Chair.
On aaotioa of Mr. 8ta??t.t the reading of the
al *h dtapeaotd *? Itb.
A Metiago w?i - iho Praddast
of the y ? 8. and read as bBoWl :
CitixtnMfiftie 8enaU aa ' HokH of R*pre*e%
? I bave I ; '
t.? um that [I baa aleaaad Iba ?V
? ? '
l, ,, lato Prcald
hit evening, at 1
P. M . la II ? n ; !?t of I i? family an I so -
sate I.-.end?, calmly ar.d lafs asina
01 I I ??
i ra7?
.. J I . u I. 1
I.?? ?.- do beart aitl
BB?BO, it rtBUiaO t .r OsO to Ml
tisy at II h oca, ta the Had of toe Hooaa of Rep
n ?? atativaa, in the p. i
i rest, l loribad by U
? .
the effica Which u.i? event r.aa davolvad (?n m-t.
iiiLi.Aau ruibtfOAi
Mr. MoF.SK, in obc dence to I
taiaed ta tl ? aaao naasasat, aaoawd
thai tUa Bo M do now aha a recoso
::, at v. hi :b time-the House will be .
?aal to receive tba 8aaata and t i ?bt, who
will lbs.. I Boa.
Mr. Wim iied to him :
eat,] iparpoaal
, it would 04 ?'- than respect
seid a ftfooaago by a I
bim that tb Hoaae ara read; - I ?ra.
Mr y ... B.
Mr. WiMHhoi- moved the appointment o? a
I tteo of Tbrca to eo6] rs.t_ with su i
as reicht be ?ppoiatad \ij the Senate. Too
???a agread to,and Meaora. W\
Morse and Vurabaad waro ip| ttao I
House tbaa took a recen until 19 o'clock.
lb Hoaao wa. ? oral lock.
AaaeaaagowM n .he Senate, t?at
ti. _ I ad appointed a Commute? to wait oa Ptwjt
dei. Filtan ra.
( . DJatiaa of Mr. Amihin, aa the House had
I . i li*i? paaaod a?nanilaf reaasaaaaa? It araa iaid
on Iba table.
Jadga Crasab, of tba Circuit Court of the I):?
tiict ol L\ :unibia, came into the Hall, aeooa I
by Mr. Morse of La. and took hi? act at tiie
Clt-ilt'a desk.
b> ? n after the Senator! entered. Tho Member?
;' ta rcearvod iheaetondlng. Thoa..~i
Un were then acattd in the ??I fro..:
Bpaaker*o chair. Every part of tba had, loot mid
IW( -?d.-d with ladies and gentlemen.
1' dent FlLLMORB and the Cabinet nextcamo
in, cd were K lir< ! itaadiag. President Fill
more twok hi? scat at the Cietb'fl desk, and the
Cabinet Immediately, la front of it. The Speaker
of tba Houie said that tie oath of office wou'd ujw
le adantaiatarad. Accordingly, Jadga Craacb ad
n laiaterod it as laid down in tba Constitution, and
bbi Pn awh i.t. tha Senate and the Ca ?inet retired.
At twenty minutes ; ist two a message waa re?
ce. ...1 from the Praaidaat <>f the United S:t.e?.
Ti ? S-eakkr remarked that the session of ye?t. r
daj whs brought to a dose by tbo announcement
it thedargerous il Lei? ol tho late Pu ?ide.it. It
? m bis duly ?<> .lay to 1-iy bei re the H .use au of?
ficiai umsiunication of hu death. It waa nia pur
I oso simply to make the arm- luncemeat, not to
dwtfloaiti that duty wuTmoraproparrj dovofro
on other?. While Ibtabodj Iijj Deeu paoaliarly
aaaaapt from fatality dariag ti s prxracu-d aooabsa,
we should not be ragaralooa of tba solomo warning
which Providencio baagivanto aooftbo death ot
ticie usotiaud with us in tho aJiuin'atratioo of
the General Government. For the lira: tin.
biatory baa t!,o I it - Natioa Lee.,
?tritkendown dariagtba icss.onof Cuadren. It
devolve? a nov. :.i aoloo) i doty on tbo ri-nresea
tativcaof Ue paaala. As the ..r'?an o? th-j H ..i.e,
hi fell it proper not to indulge ta au ex;reeaiuaof
his own emotion?. Ho could aot forbear, aawovar,
?iterii? toe assurai ce that the H jase would in
tbo meU^.i o!y saticfa.-t u.. o. adoptiog oaab
nieaiur^s cs w..ui.j ? irk thei.- laaoact?or t
pry of'.he dJ^tingvliybW patriot wt^tiaa I
tad from hi? blab I C aaf
MafiatratW, to which he was called by hi? grateful
irjccD. to the r. p;.if of Iba grava.
The *:essaeefrom the President wm then real,
0? follow? ;
I ' "/? Ci'izent if the Sf.aif and I lout' of
at m .m has Idll-jn amjai;
I ? i 10 t
-? ap OM -.'?"Teral mou--.
riccrr.meLd the two Houses ol Caajgiaaa to aaopt
M> h measures as in their dsliTHaja may aoo'a
*.:h dao sde'u ..ties tne taaaral
Zacbary T?;. - r Praai I at
I B ?.1 ' -reatand a-i
st-.- rt.ard o! the American people for the lueru iry
?l ?othe pub ic ser?
vice?whcie career in arms!.as u.,t be. o aarpaaaad
taaaaf ?? y?arbo bao baaa ao i
!;. ly the a..?(.l;citrd v. iie ofth ? Itoto^
t authority in the government, wh: h he ad
? - and advon?iiga to
try, aadbywbai .thso mauy
hope? of luture c?efu!..i??? have been blights .
e-ir. Toyoa, Senator? t otaOvaaofa
nation, in tear?, I can lay n:thuiL' whicn < -
viatatbaoorrvwawithwhiobyoa .re o^^.-ts^cd.
I so, . ?id mo aadai I
otaaca which aarroaj barga of t-.j
i':.: cs from which, bowavor t&ocblaaaj ba ?.,>
praaad by them. I may nut ?brink. 1 rely upon
him who bold? in Lai.. indi - dootintuo ol "ft'JT1*.
lo i i.di w na wilb the requ.*.:e ?treegto l*r tho
task, aid to avcrtff. .y the evil? ?u^.-e
fcended f om the heavy calamity which ho? b. taJ aa
u?. I shall u..,?t n adHj oaw ur in wnatever meas
m of the two Houses may saut?t a?
btfiui. i: this me!?. ?iou.
????trfto?, 1001 Ju.-;
Knlogie? were then delivered on the character
cf deceaaed.
Mr. CuaRAD ro?e to offer a rescdution. Befire
do r | so, b- felt it to be hi? ?Juty to bis ovu I
irp?.a?a Hepresentative of the State of which
^irkm? deceased vu a bright oraamo-it,
acd in accordance with the wishe? of Member? ot
aMO Hi?ae, to offer a few brief remark?, appropri?
ate to the oecaaionv Seldom ha? occurred a snor*
?trikinfr il'aatration of the nncartainty of human
life and the inaubility of human greateea?. tiiaa
tl.at whiib was furni.btH? by the ?vont which t ley
were?cal 'td apon to aourn. A lew day? a?;i.
Prrnd.M Taykr wa? in the enjoyment ul his usual
rr.buat heakh. On tne tin of trua month he attend
en the oeremoue? whieh took place to aoauaem
b be incurred on
i ? ,
? Ih rfO are n>
, d- k ?: i |? -
In?? a
? ?.
' '??U.lasi.
rd bj a a, irit of universal benevolen .e. unf
> M
?tdftaihaauol character it.ctpable of d.
,!<??'rro!afi n. That?wen \ Lharac
?I: (h endeared him t" I . ^ eh m an up
? n.?r.. a ya'oable citizen, i i . j has
? f'?,i '?''? ?' -:-:, a kind and in
?at muter- tj
n u-aee ibree more conapicoo s. is tu bri liancy
i ?aha i of m >r?
.1 . oxoita
d ao charm for him?4m was a
?aaalwajeocpcaed to political controversy. Tin
lor ( f th-- President
taticn for the man who was mvkod fir bi
city. ' Igb da
lu i. .. i . .. i.?t: ? .11 .
thtt a man of tt
tata I
?add ' '
rey the d ?
of tie i'ln:- I ?
let ii? i ot ?i. ?? Ir i f iba tali
?served, an :
tha t :
II kOMS, It I l
V TaVLO?, la
' ? . . .....
?'a. IT 1 ? Ol.TSl"!.
tt.c saet? wi ...
lrfo der to loot? i'.j ictpcct .i-J tircUon if C>.
ctstart sirtr?! x"?u fur l.li fu ?. .d.
ft, K ?
Hr. V.'inti ? i' of M*ss responded to the voice
of Lcaieuna. i? .,u,o i., iba ?.- baattarua of
ii d? rued. Tbera a uj, hy uid,
- :iea oa him a? or. .
. ...-. .-as no*'
r. tt. Bat I
In tba wont of oar peril. I- :.
bt ea-.-my to
n hieb be v. as forced to tunvnder.
Mr. Baata of ill wa* k ltd in bia arafoaa of
PrtaidaatTaylor, by sa)i;,g taal in*
ubel ol tba br&.c smell sweet and blossom
is il ? iaat
ilr. lUwv. m' ? ' , tal vi- of t'-. ? native
State ol Frciident 1'avl. r, laid bo aaraf n. .
i and bei B ,
i tt td, tb n wat to Blata
torrowfol for Ma ?bath than the one arbieh gave
b;m b.r:h. In fc midafl of tha saarm, w
t mpaal ajj .' ?? -i, tno Chi :
h id tha
|toi latbto < rieb tha
hi , ,.f tUata I? to be ?*v?d from t'ie breaker?
. it; ai.il he hoped ?t waa not oat of plaoa on
ihi? oecatioe to Invoke tho patrbtkiai of tho Na?
tion. Wf i.;-. I '? to show to mankind besOafkor,
och hga baa s-vept from Christ
raoam tie vt-tt.gss of Liberty that Ihia
his been ?coked o-i aj khi ?.It-u-t Ararat o.i
ok I ?'the Aik of the lu?t bopoa of mankind CU
reatto tafery. Shall we now uindle io it? bosom
ti a btaraal area - : it into a dret.i
vele ano, to vomit forth ita terrible I .va. easting de?
olatka aid biabt around and roal;o it an object
I terror 1 , to bj avoided ntiicr than
' He t. !u??H t ? if to-day ; a
i ? dmii i?tra'. i n oaha and ?oleum wi'.b
rut n ^ of war la tha was a ucw
h.*...,, ?i .i,. n of tha baaa - ?? irpoiitical sys?
tem, kli ttrs BiLLuaool ?la. JuH? A. K
N Y lie Lt^ of Md. ard Mah;haii. of Ky. also
delivered hr.?.! ?peche? characterized by ab
(in n ti, n ef Mr. Whiti, the blan'i in Mr. Con?
rad's raaobtba wa? i rdered to be tilled with thir
t.m n jaamhara, and the Bpeakar appobtod tno
???? .;g gextlemaai Ufemia, Coarad, M Dowel),
Wbthrop, Bbaall Duer, Orr, Breck, BtfOOg, Viu
ton. Cabdl. Kerr, ?tauly and VVotbortSeld
The House about I o'clock adjourned till to mor?
Cerporntloa ProceedItit-Keapert for the
?rlemory el the Psaaaaooa.
In Mi <.au i>r ALDcaxe?, 1
WeJnesasy ETantD?% July 10 J
Bo'.h Boaraa me? at the usual hour, bat in conse?
quence of the cemije of tho President transacted
to tusir.eis. Action appropriate to the occasion
kaaa taken, the too Hoard? immediately
t ned.
Tl e reading of the micutc? woi dispensed with.
The following communication waa then received
ircm Hi* Honor tho Mayor, and read?via. :
?l*v..as?rricr., July in.
7* las un. Vu dmm?..i c Bacal
?y JA? Cil y of \tio-1 jt? ?
GlKTiiai? A tiuly great man bat fallen, and
t'r :: sash L baa been tided with the dtepett gloom.
Death haa closed tha nertu! > arecr of it* ?
kiagiitrite. Zacaaat Taylor, Praaiaaat of tie
I piled <?:ates, expired tt ten l>c?i,Lnr'; MaQ1;?n)
lttha8eatol Qotarameat, laat avaaaaf. Hi? latt
words were : " I am prepared?1 have endeavored
.. y duty ; ' word? which well befit the clcte
of the life ot to eminently laat and faithful a public
1 ?ii. r-ct attempt the task of portraying hi
B>tty i rival? virtutt, nor tne exalted nature aai
? pablie service*. A grateful peopl<
on! award the full measure of jiatiee to him, who
I. y hi? valor in the hell and his wisdom in ooam H
bis, m a Bta?aabaal aagraa, added luster n th.
g ry i f h.i ( ( aatry, and advacced the laatiug wel
itre cf bat people.
V> hen D( ttb? the common lcv#Ier??tribes al
the head ci a nation, it become? the people, with
i m .. to an AH Warn and lnxcru:eb:e P,-ov|.
dcice, to paaaa and relic : upon an event Sj ap
and eaJamitoaa.
I vu. ..-t.?, -i nu.ly recomraend the a'loption ol
ic.a c uarafthj tha Comsaoa Coa noil) at the
lieep solicitude of the people of tnia City, and the
njtyof Uie uciat.oii, meg be deemed to re?
quire. (Signed,) & ti. Woophcll.
Ire aahjoiaas] HeeoiuUon? were then oJered by
A!J. If KASKLiN, and unani.aoaiy adopted:
Wkertaj It hat pleated Almighty God to re?
nto e ire? ut ly >:cath Zaci.ary T*;, -
of tie United Bute?, and one wnohaasuita
bt,?.erof Id couutry upon tho U ;.i, aud Baaa render?
ed ?s.ivi^e fur * Lien the wren ne ha? wja a? a
fictori -?.'(iier was bo cntapaaaaraua,B i? bs
: BHsod bj a raiura
aai grateful Pi. ala D '-ply iymoubi2w<
wih bJ ic.s~c.ate irbadl ??.d in? oboe uauuu m
their beeavtrrent : Therefore
i! tha Baaed of Assistant Aldermen
amatar] That the Common Council cf tne City of
Paw York have received with deep f-'eiings of re?
gret the foUliigcnee of the d<.a:i o? ?.-uerai Z*A.i,
try Taylor, Preiident of the Pseud Bta'.ei, and
thi) ccrcjahy participate with tbe.r feiioo-oitbaaa
in tha ?rief which it felt at tbesuiden less of one
trho wu endeared to the Nation bar hit Jevaiou to
the public service a^-d the paaitl of hi? p'irat^ char?
acter, and the exalted aUtien the AmericanPaopb
had railed a poo him to rill.
Rrtotred, Ttat a soluble demonstration of re
?pert for the memory of the late President sbuaxl
be rxsde by the pool e author.?e? ?a 1 ci'.izeri* of
Hew York, ?od that a Committee of five me ob?ra
i,f each Board be ?pj-orated to make su. 0 arrange
in, ci? ?* tbt y a.y deem proper.
k.fUnd, That tbt; President of both Board? of
the Cou.Ok.ii CvOicJ cause the Chimben of tbeir
.'? A-.li lo be :
s, at.d that each memo, r of loa i
.? 11 i
Tb at H is
., of tua de.
The . kaiaa bakaJf ^f
li o 1'osn! ( f Ald'--niprj, in i - i x
? FaUacua, D?la
1 maTIR, Cm k OoafsTU?, OanXsTfi and Praaidant
Tka ?'< cumeotf, upon which ?rtim hal that
? b?en taker, were ordirid to bo t ansxitt
of Aawbtaat Aid.
The Board thru adj- uroed.
Bo??o ?? v rrasrr ALoaaaan,i
Jaty in
The Preiiicnt, OacarW.8tartavaat, in'1 ?
? | aaksataji ?
p.rsid with.
/Viy/ir? Asawtaat All.
I Ward, \\ ? ooa:
1 rufNd u? u.?i tb* o - ?SicmaY
T*>LuH IWi I ill P. -...:'..?
A.'J icW/ai
. i
\\ . ? . m SlV
... ......
? ly
/i?. .' -
:! o ?ft!
. , , . \ h. nr f ijow '
11 r i : it..- i n m ib- loas of
/:, rfn
,'..?? C
we Ioti-8 rt-i
?onr 139 ss:-_i) sanMaai of ?
. \. m ihf? ilsy of the f irvnl In Was
Cm, iba Nallci ni ?
i i
I on i*\< i"iy f on .he B .'.
, ?ueeventLg.
, t n Coa-fina? of Iva ciihipir:
..^r.l.-| will
. . ? a Msyor, be aps ? : . ? .
. i i...? (i>.wDti us ?re du- w I
ti <i <-n
? ?d, That a eoay of the forra Isa r--smVe aiJ r*?
?inhniniralaa by Hi? H -., >r the M?T?r, bj
.-.1 lo i"- ?IB '.-il l?!"i:!y ot :
adoption ol the iwaolnttouo *?
?n appropriate resaarka by Assists^ \
'.V'jil, and una..i i.
i ? pnaiatad Aaot Aid. Ward, A .
rrnr.sr, Crane, Su.it>'. aod MaOartby tho C
tie on the part of the Board, to n..; h tho Pc? -
i daat was ad
T ? -i"r-.'ol Hs Honor tho Mayor, pi\.?
!'..,.a,, u Cooncsl wa? rc.i', and the raso u
tions of the Board of Aldermen in rcUciou to the
death of the President concurred in.
Tbo Board then adjourned.
D?ath ok nil Paaoinnai ?r run Vnnni?
utatis?On the opening of t'ne Now Branch Su?
perior Court yeiterday, Mr. Gco. Wo>d raaaaad
announced t.. the Court the death of I -
Ideal I rad sn.ia tka n.lj aaraiaaal of tbo
Court; and " out ui'respect tebtadtatingallb
lie service?, eniinent station, and t?o lo'ty pri. at
character of tba deceased," moved that the Court
ai ,ourn.
Jadga Deer (the presiding Ju.l an?) granted tho
motion, expreising "the ?ympathy of tlio Cra-t
with the people of the country on tho disajtvuu,
The Ccurt then adjeuraed to Friday.
In the Old llranch Mr. Daniel Lord, aftor appro?
priate remark?, ramie a ?imilar motion, whloh we.,
re?j ondod to by Chief Justice Oakloy. A ij .
In the Common P cas Mr. F. U. Catting r>?e and
airo moved the Court for an adjournment, prefacing
the motion with suitable rem-irk?. It wa- I
to by Judge Woodruff, and an a-lj inrcuiout or
don d. The other Branch also adj luruod.
The U. 8. Court? are not now in aession.
Tm: Pi-mrsi. or nu Pit?sini.ir.?Tha fo'
lowing arrapirement? bave been made by th ? J
Sptcia! Committee of the Common Council:
City Hau HawTaaa, i
Wednesday. July 10, 1*50 {
Th' O n m"l?e of Arrangements, appoto'ed r>? the Com
?eoCeOvetl, In relation to ibedecetieof llioaral Taylor,
lafcl Preeweal el iue Called Uuiej, met at Room No. t City
11 ? :LI* sfteraeoa.
The foilowirg Prearohle and Betolu'tcn wer? adopted
tr.il ordered to M puj?itied In ihe ?e?;;ial pu'iiU: paper*.
H ???mi, |i 1* aneourced that Ihe fuiiertl of in* Ik!?
Prendt-Ll ol ihe Li iird ?ta'r* wtl tale p.ace la Waahtng
no Cliy, onBaiu.-day the iSib Inas, at U o'clock, uuiu,
Thr-r-fere, III*
ftf?W??i, Thatour fellow eltlzees be requested to close
ifcelrtioie* ard places of business on mat day, from ih
l.cur o/ iwHiveai noon, until?uatet, and al*o all place? of
|ua>bc (uiutcii.rci* la the e-eclnii of *aul day.
a r at h>- b<- ? n'Ti?. s-vert: churent?, ai.d the Gr<<-?J?rra
helle M U.l'ed from nooo Ul?o'elocS, P M. and Dial ?Ifiy
*ix m.i alegan*, (beleg ibe age of the iate President, ) be
fired from ire Bat ery.
Thai ibe oarer* and traitera of vessels In tbe barb -r, *nd
il ?? ' n piieior* or all public places In t.'.r city lie re<\ ie*l-d
to di?p *t ti>etr fUra st half-mast during tbe wito'edty.aid
irc.i i ur leiinw-ri 1/-1* he tlsn requeued lo ?r.-k/ ibe usuai
bilge or n.oii'r'og fur ibirtv data
iUiVH r.h OF LAM AT*.*.
JONAS r en.sr LIN, I Committee on
JAMr.8 H < COK. ! ibe pari of tbe
JACOB p- IMKM?, | Board of Aid.
?OK?'AN *)<-'K JAN?,
President !
8 l H WA?D,
JAM Kit aCKKRMAN, I ComniU.ee on
wtsury soiTH, > the pin of Buard
Prealdem. I
N B-Dnenr tire will be Kiveo, llir>.ugh the pablle pa
fit of tbe f-jneral obtequle* on tbe part of tola City.
IBoAK.o or rjiT?hnsoK.i?This Hoard met yi
terday. His Honor the Mayor in the chair. Aid
Shaw, Twelfth ward, rojc and alluded to tbe a*?at*
of the President, of his public career in the field,
ai.d the high p^ition be haa recently occupied, and
his excellent private character; aai moved th it
the Board, out of respect to hi? memory and sta?
tion, adjourn. Carried.
tV Ail tlte public offices were doted yesterday
fen notice from May or Woodha.ij in uuisc^iuc-i o?
the Death of the PreaidenL
DtaocRATir C<>r*?rTr CoivgsTio?.?This boJy
met last nixht pursuant to adjournment L B.
Shepherd, Esrj President, bticg alrsent, Ff.???*'
do Wonp, Esq. w?? called to p
Jcha Aujtir, of tbe Siath Ward, then otTered tho
fo?ow i?g resolution, which was paued, aad tha
Convention di?persed :
Btm-lrtd. Thai we have received ?tlh de^? an 1 ?V -ore
r*Jfai i-e new* of ibe decease of Qssv Ta-i ir, Prweileot
of ibe iV.ied ?-late* , and, a* a ou/a of our retpect for hi*
? e?.?er ?rd t'i pit.k>.lc a^r?'.-?? Ui 0 t
?Hs CotTeauoo will adjoora anal Wednesday evec.ug
Belt ____
Last Haasenta of Preside?t Tarier.
Tbe last words ottered by i'resident Taylor
were "1 have always done my duty?I am ready
to die. My only regret it for the friends I leave
It bin 1 me. This he uttered with great distinctness.
?Tbe correspondent of tba I'luLidtiphta North
Ameitran gives this account of the final moments
of tbe illustrious deceased .
The President wu sensible of bis critical eondi
tkn ia the morning, and when he was spoken to
on the subject be said he was prepared to die, if
it ws? the will r.f Uod, as he had nothing to re?
proach his conscience with io the discharge of pah
la m private obbf atiooa. He did not doubt that he
d iht have erred, bathe fest that be had not done
|. ' ! '.tiort ly
Thnrusjbeat the day, whenever ha was awake,
' ? -dt., I
?at, ?hub le laraaaw wa* in?.? uM? ?a4 ?!KT
h? avewrd that it waa ???.?rVvla
i -?-a -
>>>-v ir?t> ?Vu
Uta dyioa i?mh a ' ...i iii-ujj,
? ? m ce m posar? which h?. aadr oats aid ?to'ttaaaka
? f th^ battl^n^M. ?nn iii?-*?.?,i ihrta? ?rtr?
were resr him with a Svcib'e mn?ioi> iq of rua ?n
i Lint mnits >i s 1. n< m .? ? fnijotiaa
Death ?f ?;r?f>r?i t*?}l?r.
Caneapoalaara of ta? TV.dub?.
Tka CoaacOa tkia anaraJ i ~irot.
I unanimously a ?opt J I > o I "?i.g pr?tas
t'e and reeolu' | ?
? ?? y y*t p'r?ird?n !ere?a? rr
I 'vw?
........ o . ? ?'???.
? ?? ? ?. ?? % d p .
? !
? ?- l'iv-iHa*
? al ii?avwawof
? >?a>t?
? ?t ?>!???? ch?lr
?. .o i ( ib?> ct?U aca ? ? ? I -..-bar?
inJ m r {!?? I \l\ m.
> ? a'T *??-*>:?
?>? ? v.d iS?i a
.r ?n-o.0?^ ., -?-.-?Vn
?1ih ihr I'.? <-'nl..l,?fb b cj tHt ?u ., i -d m m*?' 1 ?
""mi) ?rrariiemea'? lo co.Ln.-.-?urv? iti'a cation?! ca?
lan t.y.
??/<*, That IS? Prfs?ilM ? , , . ?a*??;,
ed toidOirM a tel er lo iba r? u??-.
reued, espi*??t-o of tb? ea ?? so4k? ij
Lclr pret?rt il -i-nt
A t this meeting the Councils appropriated ?! 0 000
fi.r the ri lief ?t thoao wbo bave 'H?en rendered
?? by the dcitrucuve tire in . .? sjtaj iu.
The8teckBeird met tt. s m r. a .d past I
ail r '? "tion :
r;- Tajlcr v adjua/o.
UlULAI'.. l.l'lliA Cv-NtL.VG?UTION.
? amentante I.eae of Life-Tarea Il nadie*
lit.ua?> l"*?M?T?a-l.?e? saaaw ihtia a anaas
Uaa af Dollar?.
Proas the Pr-t'ade-th'- Ir ? ;'r?r.
I a wa? ;..?t : ,i bv a moat
i bal
> bay ?uw-rt or
<b cl Vina,
?. ? !
? . : Un,.4
il go. Tli.i In ? men Maton* d t I me au t and were
active j . tb .- b o w ak wh.
' ? ?.i it fr >ai , r
er or laltpctro. TbOM ?? alarm, bat
n.. Tony worbad ou aud tha
fi?mes '? i .ut l.ah'p??t l ir
a truly itartl . oaiekl f 4
lowed by ??...ti" r, oprsadl ? ataswaaraa?
tion. Beam? ot wood, - ? :.???. ni tsj
aud blaiiag shingles war? ibionra into tu.?
sir ami fell at graal dbtao if, i?sUin? tha ro^t? of
?av?rai etbai l eie? on tire
This lowevi r was the ngbtaat part of this calan
- Iba erow'o in all ti : streets and
i tithe h hail made a ruah'o ro a NO, by *h
? wi ra bread into the rtvar, atanj i ?
down and tramplad oo, i i
the falling baiWtagi. The live a bot oaao X at prea
rntbaaooartainad. But a ruiub r *?rc curiad
i il in a B?nalo 1 c ??. ilium, and ?avaraj ut.erl? ufo
'. ?a. The ma now spread w- h th ?
?ad by ?ixo'eloch, upwnr I thus) w?rnia
Humes, ind tbo ensraagntsoa a'.li s .r. ailing. I <t
?ci m s at tli s time were tru'y b- ;htful. lYo?)?-?
of wimen and children was quita disti
?bile tho rapid removal of fornitura and g> i
alt lidei added much la tba ooofnakM 1* asVt i a
in several instancia bad to [ a wa in their p i
labora, tor they knew not at wi.-tt moulent an thar
explosion n.'uht take place.
A< night approached the scene became ?till mora
fearful, lor the heaven? pr.-s-r.tid a lurid appear?
?nee?volume? of ?mok?- I al i ^ ?| i.io
wind?the alarm-bells wer.? ru... laaawryqa*. r.
m .I the word wa? passed fnin dp ta ?if that tba
furious element Wks suet ping everyfiin^liof .ro it.
Btore after store, dwelling af-r iiiA.ii i..g was an
wrapped in llame*. Falling wat!? ?an blazing bund
?igawereitm on all ateta. Ay? aud a r.-eta
were OfOfOod by the fire, which, for a nine, ?ea n ;d
to all huo.an itle. U. Tne alaim at
tl lo ni no nt ? aa great. Philsot-lpbia had not with?
in the memory ot the o'dest inhabitant witnessed
su. h a scene?and the timid an? aaaarwbawaraa b It
tl'.tir heart? tail in their buawata. Sill the gallant
firemen worked on. D.itlcaUy and danger appear?
cd but to atiu.ulate sboboparaga, and many of them
ry ?x>: kiuhiu p.um. ^j
No. XIV.
I : i Cone.) i nil rwr ?I Tat TrJ art*.
Pa tit, Tfrartdav, Jaaeso.
"tt. ?r J Mate TW.er? arrived )??i?f.liya< M'vart'* lie?
tel lu it.e ?v. r.lu?r be ?blind it?. bV n.e'. f i, ,r i?, aceorn.
rt'fed li. H.r LU ward BUI? H* m'?tad at b* In'u^h
sa'th ted t ?Ml?, ?id s alolalned ?a arlm .'e.i co i??ri. ' in
willi ?ereral i erra I d < .rmutooert who j Ined at it. h>oed;
FalrceraloD, ? bo apiened tu liv? beos epp-ited of tbo
p.eier.ee ef ihr? FraoehsalSSeete?, ??*???*] ba?Oe*| not.e/itr
aeordlaJ greet!; g on bolb ?ide? ihe? , mmsSSM in Urny
coDveraailon for ton e ?ili.uie? f,.m iir i, >'?! Bro.|f hue
made hi* ?it down 10 tbe throe?, an r aher hi'? the Mtr
eul? uf Lau*do?ne, both nf ?bum SSttsi h .?id* wirb af.
Thlert ?lib Ibe uiiu'.*i?ppar.o.i bea*tts*es r> i hi?ior:ao
of tbe Centn late and k??t**re remained only for ? thort
lln.e In the H?,i? but during l,i* Mi' ?lay n? ??peered 1}
ba*e e>> ? f..r evnry Member and erary feature of ih jur
lurdtblpa' ncble t.ail "
Thus speaks the I'/unJon M?rntmfr Ciromib ?
It does tot ii.form as, however, whether M. Thisra
is going to fight Colote' Napier, who calls tha Hia
tory of the Empire, in polite term?, a pack of lisa
Nor does it explain the fact that the Members of
Parliament were wantir.g iu di/nity in taking by
the hand a man who showed the savage joy ot a
New -Zealti d*r on hearing of the late recall of tha
French Ambassador from London?a joy, if put on
to make eiltet along tbe kl derate yell? on the oc?
casion, not tbe less beneath the dignity of a man of
letters. The papers state that M Thiera goes now
to visit Loais Philippe, his former friend sad Kiog?
simply a? a matter of friendship. This is false of
coarse. What takes him there is tha succession.
The Legitimists here in their journal? talk soo?on
'y aa to which branch of the t?. y al families is to
succeed, that even (Joignant says they appear to
forget there U ?ach a thing as a Constitution pro?
viding the meats of a sneeessor to the President
No, that U quite overlooked. Tbe ?hop in the Pas.
ssge Choiseul, devoted to 'Henry V.' booomea
more braien every day. Formerly iu poetry and
prose, iu basts, bon-bons, and distributiv* political
machinery io general, were disguised anJar alia
?loas. Now ad is plump and plain.
Quid levins p ejna I Pu'? * <-l iid pilrere' Vantas
Quid recio* Mujer?. Quid ttu.ime ! Nlat.l
Notwithstanding this classic opinion, Napoleon
thoaght tbe Docbeaee d'Angooleme the m ?a of tha
family. Certainly tbe present Du> hesse | Orleana
t ut blown about. Iu thedaya of February aha
?ii the brave one of tbe party, fth? nowoon
tr.ves to extract aoo.OOOfrancs a year poasion from
the Republic, for which she Ao*t aothiug, probably,
but plot againit it, and bold out steadi y fur tha
claims of the C .mte de Paris, her son. The ob?
ject now is to get the two brani-hes of the Bourbon?
to merge their differences. Tba LegitimisU ara
delighted at Louis Bonapa.'te's pecuniary involve?
ments. He ? deeply in debt, having played Em?
peror without tbe meat? of paying the people, la
the Committee, on the question of raising his salary
to 10,000 francs a day, bis debu are openly dis?
cussed. Thu demand for additional salary, coming
tbe day or two after the signing of the bill restrict?
ing suffrage, de'igbu the Lcgitimuts secretly, as it
contributes to bis unpopularity, at Uaat for tba
present. Now if tbe different branch?e of tha
Bourbons can settle tbe matter among them as to
whom shall coma in first, ' Henry V.' or tbe Comto
de Paris, they hope to get into power on tha expi
ration ot Louis Nspoleon's term. Tne breadth ./
kl Thiera's soul is jast about equal to such a trans
Baile Girarr'in baa bean al?ete 1 Deputy in tba
Dr-parimt nt of the Baa Rhin. Aw.tber ?iguin-^ut
Democratic ?acceta. There were 71 '1C7 voU?_,f
the?? Oiraruin retained 37,3oti , Mailer, 29 ij>
Li'.ctteBberger, 13.W7. go tiuardm haa baaa ptv

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