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?. MW-TORI MM tk.h.'?i? ?> -^.liKIO
ITEM ?oRmUh. 1-1 -.(??Ti ttK?FTI
AC T*? Trihue H-tlMI???, c?rm+r *i "???i--??
?^ Numb atroeu, opp^m? ?** W* l,ft"'
-j ??ovar?] ? City ?u'-rnh-rt tot IM ??>/?*. ?gJ
?U r.2Su Meflt????"? rr- r> '? ??? y"?? ?
I??? ?r* un? ?lio??! ?n? <?gT?w*_
prottfJin?? of Publie Bodies, Civil and
Washihgtoh, Thursday, July 11,1?50-0 I' M
The remain? of the late President wi i be laid in
State, to-morrow, in the caat room o! the Exeoatne
Keostoc The room hat been tastefully decorated
in mourning. Visitor? will be admitted to view
the body, after3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
The Inited States Artillery arrived here thi?
?oixing from Fort McHenry, and will attend the
The foneral will be on tlie mo?t extensive scale,
every hi'dy being anxious to boner tho memory of
the llluitriooa dead.
Miitaryatd civic bodies from different parti of
the cour try arc arriving bf almost every train.
From Another t orre?pondent.
???trial Ihii.uUk tu Th* Tribun*.
Wa?hih?.1 on, Thursday, July 11?12 II
Tbc Committee? are now in session. TLe fanerai
will not be till Saturday, aa I notified you yester
day. This is done to give time to the military of
neighWing Btatei to partis 'pate in the c?r?monie?.
The military arrangements are referred to the
Commander in Chief. The plan will be that adopt?
ed at Qen. Harriion'a funeral.
(lie President is itill at Wiilard's Hotel.
XXX 2*1 CONUKkMH-FlntSeeelaa.
SENATE....Wa?min?.ioh, Thuraday, July 11.
Mr Du KiKsoN ?aid he hoped that no one would
object to the motion which he was about to make.
Be knew that it waa not in accordance with ralos
of Senate, still as good, tin i and fraternal foeling
was now prevalent in that body, he anticipated no
opposition to his moti >n. He therefore moved that
the Senator from Alabama, Mr. Kino, bs appointed
President pro tern, of the Senate.
Mr. Bikiuen seconded tho motion, and it wu
unanimously adopt, d.
Mr. KlM was MMfted to the chair, auJ returned
thanks for the honor, ai greater, because oniimed
by the unanimous vote. n.>t by a party or ece'.i jnal
Mr. Wehster reported the arrangements for the
foneral of President Tayior, being the same aa
those adopted in the House.
Mr. Underwood said a few worda in eulogy of
the deceased President.
The Senate then adjourned til Saturday.
Pr?parations far (he PrrMdrnt'a Fnnrrnl
Washington, Thursday, July 11?12 o'clock M.
Prayer was made by ttev. Mr. ' li RLIT, Chaplain
of the House. Art<r th? journal was read, Mr.
Conrad from the J'dnt Committee, eppont.d by
the two Houses to mako the necessary arrange?
ments (or the funeral of tho l-.te President, r. port?
ed, that the funeral would tike place fro"i t':e Pre?
sident a House, on Saturday next, tho ceremonies
to ccmrnecce at IS o'clock M., and tho ; recession
at one o'clock precisely . that the two Houses of
Congress assemble in tinir respectivo chambers ou
Saturday next, at 11 o'clock, and thence mj\e in
joint procession to the President's house, that the
Chaii.bcrs of the two Hoagai be Mag in black, ar.d
that the members wear t!.o usual badge, of mourn
? ??
Tin' Committee fuitber report, that a programme
of all the ceremo.iics propostdon tho OCCMsM will
11 punished at the airillsS momcut.
?BUM] snd uaval at rangeaient? will be un
cVr the direction of Major (?eneral Scott Com?
mander of tke Dated States army, oi CumsnJore
Waiimnoton, the srioor naval ollioer, and the
President, and will conform in all essential rospocU
to those rules adopted on tha orvaeion of the fune?
ral of Psesident Harrison
The report was adopted, a-A on mot on of Mr.
Bti i iir.Ns of Ucorgia, ordered to bo entered on the
The House adjourned until Sfttu day at 11
o clock.
NeW'llsimpshlre Legislature.
Bo?tob, Thursday, July 11.
The Legiilature of New Hitnpahire was in ses?
sion when the news of the President's death ar?
rived. They passed a resolution praising bis abili?
ties as a soldier and a man. unanimoualy, and ad?
Ftml Dlvlalen Net? York Slate Mllltlu-?>?>U
Ion Ordtra Ne. tii
Raw^TOM Wodretday, Jaiy ID.
T! e Ms/er Qe::eral un:...u:.;-es to tho l)n
With Unlinks of profound re ret, the decease of the
President ot the Uatted States, whr.'h . vent oc?
curred hi the ?ity of Wash ogton '.'ii the eveuing
LJ the tub ins'.
It has rarely falle-i t > t'.j lot rf aay j . til
? \ s? prosa]
tic>no! his ootawporariee, to share ?.> largely m
? in.!. n-spect of a)l nations, or to p stess so
? ratio.i, a:. I tho d;i
\ r.-d attee) metit of his
The career of 8 a? k>
detd been memorare. I 1 w? of our
ln.?tpt: - brarerj a-d skill shoaaoat< n.
. ifiee ot our history. ?uti;w?
I d lor a ?utu y to draw? .
' ? ?
t?hty his esta''ity. linn:, ss, perefTeriDg
anu uusurpas - i as a great
:??n. Tho rfctatiei achieved bj hita ia the war
' aleo will ever eta .-i i.ihist.>.-j,
?Ld wU enrol his na-ne an ing tn? i laa^bae war
n..rs of all agre
Called hj ti aatrjraua from th.?
Ccld oi . of jh^
v*i>h h ? ' r, '.'j,,;j
of the peats?
B ? ' ? I Ol usefulness, and
? .jovu.tiit of a .a ..?? .? c.y Oqaallad, tn
ItagaUl cd i*. U?er ad M
?down by the bead 'f ilcath.
It is Ucouong m fiti?fr,?, o? ad tIk?*1! tul
.'tis, to mourn such au event, and to render
I >>..> . ? of regard for one so highly
estitmed. But it is peoaliaiij appropriate for the
" oicVvr, | f th?4 mgj?Efy ^??. f pr(, ( j ,,<? tf,eir (.-n.
i ert:jn *ith a service which hu received eo much
'??' r (ru? the chara-ter and deeds of the de
.v^evux,,,,,,, igmauner, their re
feei.r.B\h?Tof ?';?'i::rwu??'??the M?*????!
?ion will ?Lite JStS^S**! lv"i?h ta0 ?,vl
the last hr-^rs to th. ? ?W i'l,'?e"? ??> 9*9*9
dent, ms.chdtti.M ?"1 tba iate P
doty by the Corporate An.i. W ,et *?*n *? * -:
Roatar C ?Tiriseu Dlfisioa iSJ?^*"a?;-;
JpPMMaaa-ere. '. 'S ?tft?^
a? las? l'rM.d?ii. arri <>f rrrroifur^IA,*? w?siJry e
M ' ' ' ' ? alara,
Prorlonntlra of the Qmmr<
?tat? or Nm-?oii.tiii'iiiT. Depa?tmibt, >
Al?aVv J-,1) 10. |?t
Id the absence of the LeKontore from che Seat
froment, I have. |n ant? unce to the P
the Btate of NewYrrk, tha nmt painfal intelli
..I tb? death cf Z/\CHAHY TAYLOtt, the
Pre?:?c et of the L mti I t?tates.
The inscrutible wisdom of the A'-nifrhty Ruler of
the l'nivf ne, has See n fit t > remove from the srene?
of bit eirthly power, ?nd from the midet of h if ?ft
te??ive usefulness, the Chief M?giatrat? of the Na?
tion, at the moment when were withered ?round
him the hopee and the confidence oi the IV .;.!??, ta
full reliance tbat his patriotism wisdom and hrro
nf ??, would pro?e a t'.wer of strength and o'safety
?honld any calamity impend, or any evil threaten
our coramoa country. .
Tbe Constitutional head of our cherished Nation?
al Institutions hss been stricken down ; and it bt>
cornea tu, aa a People, to bow in submission and
In reverence, to tbe decree which haa pone forth,
wboae wiidom we may neither comprehend nor
question. We ?hou'd humble ourselves before
Hiru in whoae h?rds the Nations of the Earth are
but aa doit in the balares ; and should implore him
to continue anto tie the favor and the protection
which be haa hitherto vouchsafed to ua. With
cbaatened feeling? we ?hould pray that harmony
ard moderation and wisdom may guide our Coun?
cil? ; that chsrity and brotherly love, and mutual
toleration may cement and hold Wether the most
remote and seemingly antaponiatic sections of our
Confederacy ; and tbat our country and its institu?
tions may be preserved under the trial to which
they are now subjectee, alike the monument and
the protector of Universal Civil and ?eligioo* Lib?
Of the illustrious dead, I need not apeak. The
virtues and the services of his life are a rich legacy
which he hsa left to a Nation which monrna his
In announcing the aiflictive dispen?at>on, I re?
spectfully recommend to the Judicial < rnsoatl of the
Bute, and to the Municipal Aatborities of the ser
era) Cities and Towns in tbe State, the adoption of
such testimonials of respect for the deceased, and
of sympathy with tbo sorrows of their fellow-citi?
zens, as shall, to them, seem appropriate. I fur?
ther recommend to the Clergy and People of all Re?
ligious Denominations throughout the State, upon
tbe next day ofpablk worship! to unite in an earn?
est invocation ol the continued blessings of Divine
Providence ujxw our beloved Oant^-y and ita cher?
ished Institutions. HAMILTON FISH.
General Orileri*-!*?. ?41.
State or Ncw-Vosk, Hea? Ui-abtes?, t
A DJ l Tant (jenkraI.'i O? Hi T., >
Albanv. July 10,1330 )
The melancholy duty lia?devol\edup.m the C >ni
mandcr in Chief of announcing to the mihtiaoi this
State, tbat information 1ms been received of tha
deathof y.Ki HAR?'i'A?i.on, Presidcntof tli
States, and Commander in Chief of the Army and
Navy thereof.
As a mark of respect to the memory of one
whose life haa been ipent ta \\ m n ? of his
country, and whu has been so eminently distin?
guished for his virtues as a man, and his abili'.iesas
a soldier, and as astatesman, the foliowirg arrange
RM iits will be obsorved 1 y tho militia ( f '.his State.
The usual bsiJe of mourning will bo worn by aJJ
the commissioned officers for the next ensuing six
Tne commandant? of regiment? throughout tha
State, will ilirert the ootnraindant of tue artillery
company attached thereto, to cause a gun to be
tired at every half hour, beginning at sunrise and
ending at sunset, on ti.o day ifttl
tii i i order.
The commandants of divisions, bri ados anl
regiment? will alto cause the onftionsJ standard,
dressed in mourning, to be at Ute same tima dis
pined from their respe tivo headquarters.
Tl.e Commissary General and the Military Store
Kcepers will furnish the oecessarv Un
ammunition to carry Into elle? t Uiisor.kr.
Officers receiving tl-n order, * *tothe
same without delay, tiirougliout tho bjjnii of
their respective khi.ii,ai it?, sad vaparlatMol its
immediate execution.
By order of lb? Comuit&.ier.ln C . s
Mst.-On Wednesday evening the Cooini >u
('oui.ci! of New Haven, Cunn. adoptod an appro?
priate serie? of resolution? on the death of Presi?
dent Tsylor, aii'l at ?un set the bo.is w...
aid minuto guns fired.
X3T 1" Trenton, N. J. tie city author; t._ j
ad with tie ritirer.? in mourning for tho
i)en:hofthc President. Tho bells were rangosa
Wcdncsdsy, nrd an oration was delivered on the
character of the dectastd \>? He v. Mr. Ye
Psstcr of tbe Presbyt?rien Church. A lar^J flax
with thowo.o? "Taylor and rillraore"
wi.h feeroosn l! black, crnpo attached to ???
rettt?, was In : En ? I
renst. _
The iVtrffr* Daily A?mt?* r ssys
Tl c follow]
Clerpy of this Diocese, which we havejast
ft? no H i ?hop Doane, with nn appropriate j ?
he need in their several Chorabas on tbe
? Sabbath, is the <ir?e B iremos*! of the hi: 1 that wo
have noticed in an] .?? ti i Btatee as \ tt
To tht Rrttrmt t'lrr?/\ ? ' tht ?>i->ctie e' ,\t\- 'irtcy.
Uotr ?nd Revi-n-n.l Ifivtar? -K-t-.-. ? [Um Jt-?-.a ;f
. m TAVLOsasaaraal ?mmm eal?olrv, and oui
vt In > oallun ?? OSM ? r- .. ?? il ,'i:. ly, I .
rt <;i'?-M lh?t, on Siindny r?xt, IBS ttv- ltd b^-- Trl'.lty,
ji.u will ua , tbe Prsyer wbi.-ti fbUows t>rt >n t!i^ two fio*!
rr?)ni or MtTr.ii ? and fcv,-tiiif Ouvtea- WaahaU?o
wili tokumWecursi ? ? . .i v", AI
for bu de?r son's sake, to
|>kid?n cur asntfcU HSnsiiseeiUlS. arj 'o '.urr; i^vty Ht?
? iigt-r Iron uf, MSI ?r periM. If praestrltj have tardened
?Mlcbalaeart; Ifwebavs eetUod,
unr SavtM ; In wbu'ever w*y we ??vr ^ffj&J^J Uui trL >
> . i'? ihe t'?"? ? i ? < i' :
be laiefwesl by es is that hnrallitv of sntrtl r?^d i
? i ..<-. ik... r. , i ?i? ?.'. ? .: ' - ?iiira ueeouieu? a* : .
? i.11 r?; ?rd w;t? v .
befbre j
nur bevt, ibeal
? . ? ?
t? bit pal ? - . - t iiiiin'i-.ilDi; ..i?
i -?"I ecrtrti - . . -
?slow, hi* M'ocltlet li i :,ean of
- ? -
n 'i lo \ "ur f?|itiful ;??? : --?
? . !. .
I'llt l
'. W l>OVNfc,H wop of N * Jer??T
IUvsbuos, .
i.; \
0 M?-rrlf-jl 0<xl, n i
? is ?. 1c thy ?
Ifeoa 1 loi in:: ft :c ? ? t ui w. h ?:: .:!?>. i- ;
? r :i? ' i i. ,'. :?. ner . .
ei.on. Bj.u w ? . :j tar t.eas?!
::;'"rl as Will .
? ii i .r i.uru. Jasan
s.miiiimim; ivtitTii i LAS?
Kress Wnahtegtea.
Ci irtipe-ndrrjc^ cf ibe PbUaielp?i.i U
w A?iiintT s, \\ . :o.
Tl .? capital ia sbfon?ssl in nsH
' s to mire. Ba b.-eathed hi? list si :
five minatei past lu o'clock yestcrdsy tven^z,
t?d Uei instate this morning at the E.
siansioD. ?nnoonded by hi? grief ?trickea nada'.
: family, it is impcaaibJe to ron\ey to you
in wotds tbeetftct tb? appalUaf news Ud up^w
: ds of s!) cm?i here, ?nd the ?ame sympa?
thy will be maLi'eit.vi by iii'uioi c.s.jriiere.
Kew men, Imi bit ex^..<?.; ? ttioMi as
Prraidrnt of the United ^tates, have borne with
;h<m to the giaie bifbarols?nss kna?n?tsna'i not
:ow, and few, wh. I i Jay or ag>*s past,
have achieved mightier t'i-ir.;ba U> render that
name immortal. _
ill? Ian llisea?, ?Vr.
1 vu'?-rilay ftit. i) t'ikt his in disposition b^gau
FasjiU On'.. of that c!*> he was.
to ?II B| p> arantes, s> und : i < xrelleot
? pirn? I,, nonspai y with his famiiy. au I sever?!
ol the Heads of Departments, be attended at toe
rTatk? al Voi.um. nt to hear Mr. F. i te's
der.ce crstup. snd even up ?o 5 o clock exMbite
no .jnpMjsof IhtM However, whde
u d, le paru ok freely of water; andtben, a't-i
erahleexeroae in walking, and ex|
the tun. re drove h Te. Arrived at the raar.s on
he "frit, as he expressed himself to Dr. Weather
sprxn, ? very hungry;' and without reflecting
that he was in an unlit condition to indulge f.-ee'j
in frui's. A ' r si me rtfrethmei.'t tax
ate heartily of cherries and wild berriee, which h<
washed down with copi?os drsaghts of iced mili
and water. At dr.ncr he applied bimself again tt
Ike > berries, againat the rem -natrances ot Dr
Wcatherspoon ar~d in an hour was seized by
r -an [S, wWcb s< en took th- f rmof violent choleri
mt rbus. His physician prescribed the usual rema
dies, but for a time he resisted, deeming the attack
only temporary, and that it would yield 8na!ly t<
bis naturally strong const tution. Toward mid
night, instead of rtlicf. ths attack increased in vio
let.ee and threatened desperate results, if notspeed
ily arrested. He eeatksaad m this conditi >n. with
cut much chante, until tbe evening of the 6 Jb. Il
was then deemed advisable to call in other physi
cisas. According'}, Messrs. Hall and Coolidg?
were invited, and promptly responded ; but they
thought it further advisable to send for the assist
anee if Dr. Wood of Baltimore. That gentleman
attended immediately, and in the same cars came
Colonel Taylor, the brother of the General, and his
family, who had likewise been telegraphed for. By
this time (the morning of the -tbi the disease had
made rapid encroachment! on his frame; but by
the united skill of these eminent practitioners the
visible stages of the cholera morbos were soon aftei
checked. However, fever ensued, and from a re
mittaet character, it took the form of typhoid. Anx
iety now began to manifest itself, not only amorjg
the exalted patient's family, tut among the physi<
cians themselves. His chances of life hung upon s
Meanwhile, there were other causes, best le
merely eating and drinking, that operated fatally
?aoa his system. To his medical attendant en the
etb, he said . " I should not bo surprised if this were
to terminate in my death. I did not expect to en
counter what has beset mo [since my elevation to
the Presidency. God knows that 1 have endeavor?
ed to fulfill what I conceived to be an honest duty.
But I have been mistaken. My motives have been
mist (.i.strued, and my feelings mest grossly out?
raged." He alluded dcubtless to the S.avery ques?
tion, and the manner in which he had been varions
ly assailed. I ven the sanctity of the sick chamber
was invaded by certain Southern ultraiste, who
came to warn him, that unless he took som-- ?
sary s'eps to prott't the South, thtyvcild vstr a
,, ,!,? j. - ?/, | ? isuiaef t'a fee (laiphin
bmtnets 1 repeat mcroly what I know to be trae.
On the -"'th, Messrs. Stephens and Toombs waited
upon him, as a committee appointed by an ultra
caucus, to remonstrate upon the same subject ; and
according to the facts developed, the interview con?
cluded with a threat similar to the above. It was
net until after bit illness of the 4th, and the confer?
ence o? the 'th, that the mind of the President seem?
ed ao sadly oj.preis d. ad which caled forth the
rcmr.rks just given. From this time forward his
mer..si sufferings were equal to his physical.
But to prccecd. Toward the e/eniog of the -th.
the chronic typo of dysentery which had set in
disappeared, and vomitmj rituel. Dr.
(?) of Philadelphia, who is eminent in these branch?
es of treatment, was telegraphed, and a reply re
ceived from him that he would arrive last i
but. alas ! t?o late to be of service.
The condition cf the patient was tew at itt
criiial pt Int. The sick chamber was res
telemn silence, attendance placed oa
SLd i. '.d to enter except the ,
clans. Tl.o family of the President, v..
il ii end other relatives of the decease I, o
a r.*.ni adjou ing, where they remained, over?
whelmed with gnei, and r. ?using even ;
dalgeaeci o. aeeeaearj repuse. Bu letins were
boorry sent rut, to Inform the aaasaee oi thcchinges
observable in the pattei t; bat these so slightly va?
ried for the better, that all hope of his safety was
dispelled at ll o c! ck. Prom that period until
day ???lit 11 .:? Btnoe! anxiety pro-ailed.
The ninth dawned, b'it gtOOmetill sur.-Ouiilci t a
l.xecutive mansion. Thouta'.dt began to flood the
avenues leadii g tbitl . r, ami : -
Bteeeeaaer was tetodoortoaa
a??.-r the iot ? tint Wan ?
pour,., | y
. that the 11 ?ad?all P at
that ho ?* at di ad. The
aas 1
'im ut 3J, thai ' ? ?!, a-.d
that I,.- was i
rai..- tbe boyi ia the streets lit
bot?n < ? and shout, .i in sfa ratalatkM
stresin now to tl . .te -?-as greater t'itn
ever, 1 itaboat* iatke eveaiag the pall ol
again ebroadedall i ?.foritwaaan
the Uli t'lkts 1 ero w?s ?
1 wil ; t a"
tkat eaeaed M ? e l'amtcd -
cetsofnp;: ? ;cl Bliss, who had
never ?bed a tear perhaps upon the hat.
wept like nn infant At .i?two honra previ it?
the physicians re'used to administer a j
medicine, cor.sld. ring his cato hopeless, and toI ?
bands of Ood. Th" flea's t: D partoaeat,
rste aatboritiei dt^e city, diplomatic bo
c thVi rs of the army ar.d navy, paid I I I
. toad ufa ? ''
feelirpa oil SS rythiag
l thst i bate to th? comfort of the eise,
| ther.reforwfc-d, wss ezteaded; but the ?
? a I run cut, and h't hours were aambtr
At aiae the vomitirg partially ceaoed, ai ?
! hao ditap^f i ir in the after iun. But
j stem bad ? ???'
a ly leak beyond i -;. Oreea natter ?it
thro? h from lit itomai h at iotervals until tventy
*l 'hat pecalia
; itienUtboj -
it 35 minutes past 10 his
1 's ls?t i arthfy a li?e?a ? ? ?
a wit! bsjj a tear. It maat be re
? at Is mi i . : his be?
loved , .
husband ;.
?*<.< I' | fa
ihr LssM .Tla:riettt>i
At a i ate t.n, at 1 nav
. iiUie .
ytel.it d to tl
Trepare for the approach of the Kine ?
But there wss eotl ing in the conduct
r U/in^iCAU .; ??a,p.
who ear tsy tl ut he di <1 rot a Chr stian '
prayer he seemed rafteebed, r."d cahed for a ??'?jj
of water. It was g? en hm, and t# drank
sia/inti'v. He tl I ol D? Weetker
, sroen, l.u*
the 1?" rjj, for ntny
ytsrs, bat, tbiakb? this a ucleae deceptioo, be
added, -1 fear aot, many hours ?? I ka ?
was the rcsr, . i .. auaiaf a a
he asked for The] *
and sron etti'td. The interview was inde
scribaUy kffecttofr?Mn Tty'or proitrttir..
' a*, tl e tcdsi-;. . I : ?.dren clinging around her
with sobs aid groaaa expressive of tbeir agony.
The pain, which had alll.cted the patient in the
side of his chtst, ceased; and attended by other
symptoms of ease, it was thoaghthe might endure
till morning. But he himself knew better, and so
declsred in a quite audible voice. He was asksd
whether he ?u comfortable. ? Very," hert;. ie-l,
"B-.t the storm, in passing, l.as swept away the
trunk. ' Fbatto, be sdverted to the subject of his
previous brooding?? the Slavery question? and
observed, ? 1 tm about to die?I expect tbe autn
mors stnn?I have endeavored to di?charge all ay
dures faithfully?1 regret aotbing, but am
sorry that 1 am about to leave my friends. These
, were his last audible words. He essayed to ?,>eak
to his wife a few momenta before hie demise, but
bis voice failed him. Dr. Weatherspooo adminie
tered a stimulus, but it was powerlea? in reviving
tbe functions. Tbe foul of the hero had fled.
"T?? Ivfcmirfa may f?uh. and lb* thunder mar rani?,
H? b?KJa Dot, be h??r? not. b*'tfr*m from ail paVa;
H'>"|i m? luur.f hehaafufbi hi? laMhaUK
ttoiouDd ran awaioh'm W(k<ry afaia ?
Congesti?n of ih? brain and stumach begun at
)?.f? ?st p o'clock, so that no earthly power could
stsj the fatsl result whicn has plunged the nation
Th- unwearied attei tas s of the med?
ical advisers deserved credit, and their skdl is uo
' <r,?b>. It i? believed, however, thathadtne
rr r.d of the Pressent not beosj UsWsasj under en
arrsesa>entand atlivtion, proceeding'mm cause?
r?rr.er|,tbed:..?,o led and
? ?<-? saved. But now that be i? gone, it t? v?ia
to speculate. *?-rinfs Mai Trim? mnhlri
cess is tot qai'e m keen, because intimate with
?II the trial? ofsotilies, and therefore possessing
fortitude sufficient to withstand them.
Those surMundirg the dying President at the
I ?'"""f-were hisown fam-ly, Lndadteg Coi Bliss.
( ol. T?)lor ai.! fart,i y Jefferson Davis ?ad fawly,
\ i<e President Fi?more, several Senator? and
, Member?, several member? of the diplomati ?
IVf , f' BeLton- Hale, Wood, Coolidge and
: >7.e?,herfPo?n, ?ad a numberof intimate frianls ?
, V, ltbout the mansion, the groun.la were literally
covered with animmewe multitude, wno coutia
ued to linger in group? until *rter mi l.i;ght, scarce
ly crediting the inullik-cnce, though officially an?
(ien. Taylor died withr uta ?tr?zale. It was a
kird of sinking into eternity, without feeling its
pain, or experiencing its horror?. Whan all was
over, tbe chamber waa cleared, until the under
taker? bad concluded their duties. The body ?u
encased in ice, and ordered to remain where it
was until this morning, when it was finally robed
for tbe grave, and laid out in state 10 tbe east room.
Thus ended the melancholy aiege of disease against
a strong bulwark of nature.
The chiel incidents that transpired during his [11
ness, arc those embodied in the above. He regret
i ca in plain language, ?nd so miny words, t
sadc waged against him, and thought that parties
failed to do I im justice. The course pursued by
Southern ultraisti irritated him. but only because
they made bim responsible for conduct with which
; he bad nothing to do. He. deplored the strife which
j prevails, but did not hesitate to ascribe the cause
[ to sectional demagogues. Tbe dictatorial license
! assumed by Messrs. Tootnbi and Stephen? ?tonteas
' ed him, tod the more so because coming from a
; Landed organization ; but when it was hinted that
! hi? own friend? would move a vole of censure, ho
1 sunk under the blow and conceived that to be the
most fatal ?tub of ail. He wss resolved, however,
to pursue the line of policy to which he had tVia
long adhered, though convinced that gentlemen of
the South meditated h'S ruin. Tnis, whileit preyed
upon bis mind, on'y determined him the more t>
star d by 1 is doctrines. It is, notwithstanding these
facts, pretty well ascertained that had he lived re?
movals from the Cabinet would have ensued before
the expiration of toe month. The ?toad was well
nigh ready to burst, and in tho deluge created
Messrs. Crawford and Clayton would luve been
swept away. The conversation between tbe Pre?
sident and those who waited upou him officially, in
ciudiEg this ultra delegation, I am not prepared
fully to repeat, but his physicians do not deny that
it materially influenced his disease. Let o i,
? mao bo their only punishment
Action of the Cabinet
The Cabinet, immediately ?fcer the death
President, held an informal meeting, at which a pa?
per waa drawn up, arid signed l.y the member?, in
which hi* decesao was set forth, and officially com?
municated to Mr. Fiilrnore, as his constitutional
successor. Mr. F. in return thanked them for their
courtesy, and in a brief epistle, deplored the event
that had just taktn place. He further invited them
|0 a I a -ir 'I this n orning, ror the purpose o
tirg such mta?ures, as under the etammetai ?? s ?p
: advisable. These proceeding? terminated
the night. _
Men? ol .? ?umleg To-Day
At sunrise this iiiominir. tho national colors,
(1 in blsck, were disclosed at half mast.?
All tl. * ?? re obrad and ?'rayed in
tb? ?am? ?able color?, even to the national mmj
nun! T catJro mansion was literally cov?
ered "vith !? r. :, nr i tbe L>a,lk-e was won on the
? of tbe horse? attached to the Beeratarieaf
carriages. Business oi &<! kinds was snap)
aid a stream of living objects kept pouring into the
President's gToands, ?n<i besl ?in ; the e Un ? antil
ss !aic as 11 o'clock. From tho VV?r ?nd Navy
ail ?thto Departnaonts,orders were traui
U> Stations al I .igthoawfui t lus
... sntii ? P "J
iltriogwh ' iblicavsil J rherns.
the o? isit the reossioa, Tbog >
a btained in i ??? i Pish and Us > ?'? ?
(i Bins, En! . il 'l i m ?
The body is greatly ? :.? .a' I, I- it ih I lia< ?
e f the ' I tolera ly porfeot It is
jin[-oscd to embala th>' remains; bat tbe
ci nsent i ( Y's. Toy lot i ?;? not y el
It is pr. su.' , raise ?> < ob
laid or
?xpre:ied aazbt ? mi., -t the prs Perbapi
ti ?? death of W?.s; : igtoa did not inspira m
sorrow and atoi Prraidmst Taylor.?
Evarj -> i i, mrfo] ?hale, and none are
?o poor in rbarity as to i tbe tribute of s
sign. The [ tbe ?
Inst right, at d have kept up tho solemn concert
evcrsiLce. ?roopsboeetthacswwsri '
and not a naising i tains ae ju
tenstaoofgri !. The Mayor of the city has or
E?prorriate hoeot*, ai A, traly, it may bo
? aid, we live " with the willow and Cypress wav?
ing around us."
The Bodr-President*? Family, ?fce
I body ot the Pre?identwnl remain in vault
*: weak, when it will be convoyed to
Bat? n Itouge, Louisiana. It no vote is obtained
open the Compromise bill until that period, it ?/ill
be j oatroned until after the Committee s retara
: ?re m August. Mrs. Tsylor ?nd f?mily
?sill vacato the White House almost Immediately.
Thej will reside with Be stor Davis of Mississippi,
i raiew weeks, or go with Colonel Taylor *.
Mr. Primorea family will .
? the batliius ?^as,n??o report :
platos ?pending tbe warm mouths al
? en side himself.
Illness or .?Ir?. Tnvlnr.
? i lu? as fully si possible, /iven \ ju all tee
.y. ?nd 'woul I ex
asad far time. I understaud,
line?] . regninfi that Mrs. Taylor has
I witbl ? < aad tr.at ?he- is In
? fbarhnshaad Thesym,. ? . ?
und a? an earnest .ii this
. ?rard) s ? .mmntee of lsiie? htve
with the unfortunates May they sue.
sootl ins the bert-aved. Bneaue??.
Frens 81. Jet?, >. ?.
7) , :.?*.. MTSl
H M ? Sunday '.ening
f. r ' ?, c B ' .e, tue Scenoof dkaster to toe s; ?amer
i took on board ?orne pa'.e iron, .
Itoj : itstaa-ncr.
We have in our pi seess & ? scim u o. bla.'i
lead foo-d .a the . I ? It is of a
. anu a rangements are beiag
made I
delay, i ?? ?
isnai i ? a
di?Lk!, > . t -? to tbe 1
day, a. i that a
by thS ? - * ^ia"
Si . to n.ic't tfcere en the first Moadiy of De>
:.ext Xo t < ? ed?
it SI
This is l wisest ?
CiMcI : i u i. ?
tLeSt?te a better Ccn?:ita' ou th*n lbs
tbem! it body bas heretotora iadi i
Tbe Locus have ?cme M msj r,!y iu tbe C
tin. ?t<l after a two months' ?esii n b?ve *
p..?led comparatnely nothing, exce.it a/- -
at me ft o page? ' And such a book! Const,
maker? a thoossr.d year? hence may read
rxarvel at the wordy wisdom of tbe Or.io Solon? in
tbe l*th century?to present bipeds it i? hterauy s
"sealtd book.' [ClavelaiidHeraJd.
IST Michael Bracker was severely ?tabbed in
sn stfrsv with Christopher Fox at Pitubargh on
tbe Tib inst Tney were cousins. B'acSdri? not
expected to survive. Fos was a*rested ami com
[?"?ported r..'TbeTib?ae.|
ittTtn sissioBSTwiarrrot-RTH ?at
I* I.).id or ALOsaMt?. J
Thar, day E/ocuif, July It S
The Board bal a long session, and transacted a
fair amount of business. The hnai disposition of
the matter of Corporation Priating will be found
below. There waa little else of publie ?nteres'a-~
, ccmi lished , and, contrary to general expe
the Board again adjourned over till to day.
A communication vu received from T Roraeyn
; Beck, Secretary o? the State Library, requesting a
complete set of the Documents of the Cooaoa
j Council fir the Library. Referred to the clerk with
pow er.
Vttutont? Of Murray Hoffman and other? fora
' Sewer in Thirty seventh at. between Fifth and
Msdison avenue? Referred.
The Governors of the Aims-House made au th er
commanUation to the Board on tbe subject of a
change >f burials, and a new location for Votiert
Ftrld. The Governors express their willingness to
?rt a? the authorized agents of the Comm-xi Ce-uv
ctl to make the selection s.id purchase of a suitable
site. The subject was a*ain referred to the Special
Committee of Conference with the Governor?.
Aid. Shaw subsequently presented tho following
resolution, proposing definite action in relation to
tie matter, which waa referred to the same Cj.u
mittee :
R,*J?d, That the Ooveraors of th? A: a? House be aud
A'? Mraay sataorUt?, ?S the asoma of tbe Haror Aider
Benanatormmnalty of ihn cut <>f New-York to enter
cbsoge the location uf Potter's Kleid, and lo purchase a
?Wee Of land fora Publie Cemetery or P. mtttfi -.1 un ?
City and Cstteti of New-York, at a e~rl not exceeding-_
[ibe lun of t3U,W0 has been named | lotlars ; and tj eava?
into an agreement for that purpose, and that lb? laatmsi
t.. r.eu sum be and htreO; Is appropria.:d to tbat
?pr. vltffd the Iceerlrsi aeieetvd s::a:! nietlha apposa: 11
of the Common Council
" M r..' SaHpi-trr explode '" This time ho-.ore I
query came up on the introduction of the following
resolution bv All. Haws anil created an a nut j
debate. Aid. Haws favored the supposition of'its
explosivenrts, and desired a complete investiga
tien. Other? differed from him. The preamble and
resolution follow:
H hftfat. The ditastroot loss of life and property by th?
recent 1res In the cues of Brooklyn and Philadelphia, aa
weil as tbe ocelo Broad st In our City a tew years slues.
waa ocraalonrd as II 'tgenerally supposed by the explot'JO
or tsrltlon cftaltr'trr 1
And v\r>?\,, Ills our duly as far at lies In our power, tj
tdopuuch rrevtnuve meaiures as wtil protect and ruvd
the city fron any similar calamity for the future, 'f cere
fore be :t
hnrlvr?. That the Committee on Ordinances be directed
to report 10 ties Board an Ordinance (if, in their opinion,
11 be derrred adTlsab'e) to renne: urprevent the sura?'*
r f aalipe'er In quantities In any part of lbs densely popu?
lated paru of imati y. _
These preambles and resolutions were re?
after debate, to the Committee on Arts and St
Fin mm for Philadelphia? The annexed reso?
lution was offered by Aid. Franklin, and unani?
mously adopted.
"d, That tbe thanks of tbe Common Council are
1 11.11 enti) due, and are hereby tendered lo J. P. Jsoksoi?,
\; s President of the New-Jeney Railroad and Transpor?
tation Company ; and also to C^pt. Wool.??, y of tb.? Ne*.
Jt nos Feirv associa .un. fur ilieir prompt and kindly ofTir
to convey Ni-w York PweSMSl *?IOi their apparatua to
Philadelphia on the occasion of ihe recent con:l*<rano:i la
said city.
The fallowing resolution providing for the publi?
cation of tbe Law relative to the erection ami re
?air of By tiding t 1? the City, tu presentid by
Aid. Com Kl.1.1, and adopted, viz .
?sstsstal, Thai BM Clerk if this Uorrd be and Is hereby
directed to rame ten thousand copies of the Act passed
Watch 7, 1M9, emit ed " An Act 'or die more effectual pn
.n ikoa of Fires in the Cuy of New-York, and 10 anienl
il.e A. 1* le-retofor? passed lor the purpose," to bu printed
Krpcrtt ? Of Finance Committee, in favor of re
? nu.g the Miaaaal tax of tbe estate of Geo. P.
ribirman. Adopted
( >l Cosaatittae <n Wharves, Piers and S i pi, with
a retolution directing the tleepeni.ig of water tloag
the btilkheatl between piera M and M hi. R?
Of ssme- in favor of excavating Fulton Market
slip. Adopt, tl
Of Committee on Rjids, recommending con-ar?
ronce with the Boirti of .\i?iitiinti in resolution
?1,1 ordinance foregulate Forty iiiiuli-st. from East
Hi.er to Fifth av. Adopted.
pit mi i.tary Beport of the Committee on 8ew
ers relative to the sewar la Warreaet Adopted.
Of Commiitee on Roads, in favor of suspending
rdiogi in the opining of the Second. Fifth,
bN v.-nth and Eleventh avs above Oa
drsd aad Twentvaeveathat unt.l farther
Ly tl.' <". n ? oa CoaacB. Adopted.
Beport of the Fiuar.i-o Committee on the Ry.tt
oi Ibe Hi ar York and Now Havon Rtilro 1 :
pai y for a lease of the block of grouud Ltotu lad
i> C'eater, Kirr, Frunklin and ^.Vh.tuttt - I
after considerable discussion, was laid nn the ttbld
n: o nier, ?i to be printed. The Com:uittce ree.j'ii
1.. 1 tl a I. m- 'or twenty ouo years, at au annual
rent el |6,M0 with tho taxes anil assessments. ?
No action hnt yet been takou.
Of Finance Committee?on the CoRmratio.i
Piuntiv., recommending a concurrence with tlie
action ?f the Board of Assistants, in the selectiou
ol the ioU >wiag live Da ly papers at tho ratos per
annum anaexed: Sun, l.'.ooo; TVtesae, Oi.ouo;
" freu, 01,000 i Ceaaaamiaf ?Idarrifi^r,
?1,000; and Frtnxng Vott, 01,000.
Aid. OAtr.tr moved to amend the Ordinau 0 by
ii ?crt'ig the Giule. Lost, 10 to I.
Aid. Krii.Y then moved to amend by aJ ling
t^e He,aid, which was seconded by Aid. DoDOB.
Aid. Franklin hoped that as the Board of Ai
sistants had already adjournctl for the month, the
Ortlriar.ee wou'd be concurred in without amend?
Aid Dei.amater believed the minds of member?
had been made up ; and moved the Previous Ques?
tion. This of course cut off further debate.
The Previous Question was seconded, 1! to< |
and the main <|uestion wss then ordered by K' to
5. The BePQti of the Fina-.ce Committee was
then adopted and the action of the Board of As
sit t ants roan erred to, by tbe following vote?12 too:
A> > ?>- A de'men rirllTin, Wo^d, Chapman, Preslleot,
Smiih, hall, Uaws, Bard, Bnuop, Dsiainaier, Frankilo,
A dermen Uodre,Oakley, Kelly, MlUer, 8aaw?5.
Aid. Dosel then moved a suspension of tho
rules for the purpose of introducing a r?solu'?on to
employ the/liraid. The rules were accordingly
?upended and the resolution laid on tho table, upon
motion of Aid. Haws, 10 to 7.
Another resolution, in favor of adding the Ubtlt,
wss afterward proposed by Aid. Mii.hr. The
President decided that the resolution cojld 1
O?tTLST lista monedan adjournment. which
wss carried, and the Board adjourned till to-day at
I PM _ J
Thursday. July 11. )
The President in the Chair.
sen ?Of members of Hose Co. No.
a donation to pay *'as fixtures. Referred....Of
B. A. Balst-y, stating that Mr. Joseph Foulke c. a
p ?ins that U . . ? .* Mr. ?I foot Eighty
s.itb 1: .. to Astoria, project? in
front of Lis Itad, lad ukh? I
-?.1 r? R. fern !.
Rtpoi't Adci/'d.?TutXvwx lots in Twe'.ty
ti 1 ?- st. between fi: h a^d toveatt tvi
Alto en I'^urt. tuth and FsftSssTaOb?taV J..A ...
First ladfi ? . .
teenth ttt
mittitg Ruts \ Reed to continue t e Hiss Pave?
ment in Broadway to Morris it. ; the bloca? not to
. la ?.^e IC im l,ts h} 1-, ami approp:
17,000 therefor. Assista t Aid. Barr stated tuat
the descent commenrts tber?, and the size of the
blocks sioutd be smaller on account of th*.- sa'e
ty to horses, ami moved an amendment that
the blxraa do cot exceed 10 by II inches.
Amendment? adopted and concurred in....
To concur in sewer in Fourth st. from west si-le of
Bowery to Avenue B-Do. in Tiirteenth tt
fett e?st ri?coed av. to and through Firat-av. to
Fourteenth st-Do. in Delaory-st.from Kssex st
to Bowery-Do in F.thst from between Ave
tot C ltd I) tj Hast River_Do in Avenue A,
Irr m Twelfth st. to within 40 feet of Thirteenth st
....Do. in Oauge st. from Chatham to Croas su.
-Do. in Broadway, from E gbtk to Ninth sts. .
Do. in Second av. from Sixth to Seventh?sts....
Do. in Thirteenth ?t from 100 feet west of Sixth av.
to and thront h Eighth av. to Jane st_I)> in Sev
rnteenth it. fora 'X feet east Sect; nd it. to and
tbrocph First ?v to Eiehteeothat-1)3 in Four- I
teentt st frcmTeLthto Eleventh av-Tornear |
for basins andru!.tru sasrtbwcet and sosuawest
oreer Third a? ?ad Ki ?> treat* ?t.
1? t. r??w
s? aod
IriiiHjo ?o repair ie?rr cvroer wi^^ ^^
Koits's to (roton l)?;?itrn* t, witi ?.w,r*M
To apport ("oll-riof ior ???etsmrota m Bliag*?
'"?situ, aawuntxnft to f.WO, ? :th iaMNsaaataa?
( -mmumieottom ?Of Chief Engineer Fire Da
ptrtmebt, ?abteittiog w ti ?* of Ho?? Ci V ?. a of
bewej attacked by Hook ?ivi La.i<W Co R . ?
wt i -e goin? to ? fir? in ih* Fifth fWoo? ,,? t!#
?vtoing of 5th July-From lb? Uovarmr? ol tne
A uiS Hsuae, reiterating reepiest tur am?? as to
, ratine s new sit? fjr Potter's Fie-'d. Kef?*.**,
to the Select Commut?e with Prescient a-M?d.
S me i tier little besinets was doue and tha
ata?ed] a journed to tbin afternoon.
Miitikgs To Nioht?The several d'aaiiotj
Committees of tha Indastrial Congress, in tha
Ce mmittee Room of the Operative B?ker? 1'nioa
House of CeJi. Iff Grand st. near Broadway, to
act upon the varioa? papers iu the heads of tha
Secretary, and members of the several Commit
teca, and thus expedite business at the next
meeting of the Congre?? on Tuosilay evening at
tbe New City Hall the four div isioo? of the La
Urers' I'mon Benevolent Society at the Baker?'
House of Call, Grand st. near Broadway, on im
(ortant business ; tbe Dry Good? Clerks' Mutual
BeneSt and Protective Aseociat.on at t >e Colega
i f Phjsiciane and Surgeon?, Crosby ?t. to pesa
resolutions on the ?count of the death of tha
President, and then to adjourn ; the Varmahcrs an i
Pe!i?hers ?t Keens Fourteenth Ward lintel, cor?
ner of Grand and Elisabeth sts . the Huas? Car?
penters st Convention H all Wooeter et ; shtr?
hi der? o? tbe Germen Beer Brewery at Stuben
ferd?, it Meek man st. : and tbe German Working,
men cf Williams burgh at 8ch .'inhala A Basse's.
Let the members O? the varioa? Committees ?nd
Assecifttiers noticed above attend. auJ ?peed the
csuse of Labor Reform.
The New-YorkCitt Im i;n liLi'oic.RSSspaet
Tue?d?y evening in the Seprerue Coart Boom, New
City Hall, which bas been |*Wa*Bjd free by the Cor?
poration, for the deliberations o'* the Convention of
Delegstes from the diff;rCr.t trade benevolent and
protective aaaomfona. Iwh. ther .harter.?) or not.?
Owing to the change of locution, Congres? did not
organise until some time after she usual honr. la
the mean time conversations were guio? on on tua
various question? of reform now ?gitttniKthe woes
ingmen of our City. Mr. Bam.?t, the President,
? ailed the roll, and as Mr. Crat -, tnj r?gu!a.- \Y..c
ing Secretary, was absent, Wm. V. Barr waa
temporarily appointed Secretary. Mr. II. M.
Smith of Pioneer Temple Hou?efV?rpeoter?' Pro?
tective Association, presented a repo-t from tliat
Society of the reform? they should like to aee cir?
ri ed rut, which was highly protec.ive in it? nature.
The Temple A??oci?tion of Carpenter? are in fa?
vor of forming a conatitution to be submitted ti a
Trade? Meeting called for that parp?se, to be called
"The Houae Carpenter?' Eight-Hoar Protective
Home Aisoe istion," having for its object the er >>
tion of a fund to protect carpenter? on a ?trike i*
wage? or hour? of l?bor, sud enable each of
them to get a home for themselves and families?
ncd the privilege with tbe me?u? toaajay it, and to
reduce tbe surpbi? of Labor, and ?to,> the yearly
increase of rents, which combined capital o'Tscoj
by raising the price of real catate entirely above
the reach of the producing class, who, io iheir pre?
sent ucorgnniied state, have no other way but to
submit to their unjust demands The Carpenters
propeje that each member of the ti ade pay an ini?
tiation fee not lea? than ?."> and ?tated monthly dues
to cr?ete ?t und Urge enough t? buy loo seres of
lend, or more if needed, on the line of one of tha
Hsilroad? leadme to the city, that every member
of the Association that may want s lot to buld on
may have one at coat, a part to be kept by the As?
sociation to build on When it hecome* iieeessary to
asaiat each other, with the view that when tho de?
mand for the reduction of hour? may be made, if
the employer? ?hall refuae to comply with their de?
mand?, tbat sach of the members a? may not be
prepared to build for themselves or find employ?
ment in compliance with their <<emands, to be em
ployed in building for tho Association on th* prop
arty reserved for that purpose, thereby affording
the mean* of ?apport to the member? wheuon a
? trial?, ???-ri in mlnra Mn/I?rinjr ??* "|-l-?U-i in
L?bor to the Association for what he receives?
The number of day? to bo employed each week to
be decided by the Association. And also recita
mend that individual memb.r? who may want a
lot for their own private use ah?ul I b n ?jueste 1 to
deposit money with the An? ciati.mni inatalinents,
or the eatima'ed price of a lot, as ium as there
?lull he a sufficient amount of ui u.e> paid in to
give co IdeSX >? to the ?ucee?? of tho wovem? nt,
the cbjee t of whu li would r>e to enable the A ?sod
atiento make .heir purchase .va a.xia as , ...
Tba Eaport randadssj with ? r-cmj neodatioa
for the consideration ot the Indu?tiial degress, the
siihjict of proposing ihussmo pl?u to tho M ???me
?nd ctl t r similar trade?. Thi? rape? I wits referre i
10 tba Vigilen on and Resolutions 0 u.m.tt.e.
Mr. James lists, tt (of the carpenters) mtde ?a
eloipieiit speech on the grievsnee? O? the New
York industrials, Laud Monopoly, Ac which waa
listened to attentively. Ho concluded l.y offering
a resolution which wa? adopted with n faw srocncf
ment?, to ouestion nil candidate? for Assembly at
the nest ele? lion a? to whether they were favors
bio toplacicg the earnings of the Industrial?biyond
the contingency of the employer? bunusty, ability,
orcaprice. Melar?. Basse?, (Carpenter?) Duwnie,
(Bricklayers sod 1'lMterers.j Davit, (Protective
I r.ion) Dillon,! Laborer?) Gregory, (ffnuae Painters)
K ey ser, (Stove msker?) McCarthy, (Meo? Bramo,
of the Cordwainer?) P E. Day, (Printer from tha
Brotherhood of tbe Union Social Jteforrn Associa?
tion, Brennen, (Loeb?miths) Hanschuhe, (Tailors)
and Hiihardsou from the Operstive Masons' Be?
nevolent Si? iety, were sppointed s Committee to
dr?ft ? bill securing the reform? demanded, which,
?Her passing this Congress, shall be printed ?"I a
copy thereof be sent to every candi fate for tha
Legislature in tie State, and a positive an? wer ?o
lit)?? <1 from each whether they will or not support
the same at Albany.
It was resolved that the members of Associst'ona
represented in this Congress be requested to at?
tend its sitting?, and tbe public generally; alto re
soived thst the Common Council be invited to at?
After many fruitless attempts to thank the Oasto
mon Council, and member? of it, f ?r the ose o(
rooms in the new City Hall, tho whole subject waa
laid on tbe table for future a? tion. when it was
found tbst tbe keeper of this People s Hall demand?
ed S'.' for escb ?e??ion of the Congre?? for troubl?,
Ac. The Vigilance Committee h?ve this matt ?' in
band, and will report at tbe next meeting whether
the keeper bss received such instructions fr >m the
Common Council, ?fter freoly tendering the do
preme Court Boom? to tbe Induttrisl Coaocil, by a
unanimous vote it was ?ruppoeed. The wh de of the
speskers were highly indignant at this demand.
Credentials wore received from Bn.klsyer? and
P.asterers, Operative Stone-Masons. and Ship
Mr Wild ? proposition to draw up and report to
this Congress ? p'?n for carry big into effect tha
proposition with regard to sending Dalogatioo? fron
11 s Lcdy to the various Industrial Ats?ciauocs of
our city, sed to organize Association? in tradea
where no societies exist, was adopted- Committa?
I tl ? propcsiticn, Messrs Hamilton, Wild, Dow
nie, Gregory ?nd Bsss'tt.
Mr. W m. 8. Grofrory moved that tbe Secretary
be re ?nested V, make out s complete list of tha
Delegates for tbe use of the Chairman aodCsv
aad to have tbe papers belonging to Congreaa
at all mectj.i.? for reference, a tu .
Mr. P. J. Duwnie mcvud tiitt the meeting? ba
ht.d in tbe new City HsU in futore oo every Toea
dsy evering. snd advertise -n three papers?adopt
el. A debate followed u fa the day when tha
-st should meet, but it su oa?uy ?ettiadaa
..t.uMtOL. S'orne ?iiacusston ?so
nicse tsto tviepal'iK.flg of tho Ion/Mis of Cga>
- ?' p one or rpr>re pspe-a. srd M- P nd's reaola
tien on thatsabiert is now in the hands of tha
Ccmmitteeof ThJ-te'u f rthe r ?r*ion. The Con
mittee of Eleven on oaeetiooine: csndiistoe Air
A*?etnuiy meets at tbe Operative Baker?' Ccih?
(.t M' adai evening. The Vigilaccv, aud Oomrb.^
tre of Tbtrtcen meet at tbe isx- plac j on Fri [ij
A ruis tu sdopted thst Congre?? should adjnarn
? t 11 P M. in future, if the rule is not suspended or
Much confusion will ha prevented st to the day
scd place of meeting also, toaff-n hv 'n<r perms
cettly fixsd apoo the new City 11 oJ a...- roasday
?Tbe Later, it I'nion BenevoZ/ot eVwfaWy i~
tt nd to I ave s j.;/rT.t mss? meeti .-? t . . .y ?v ...
u g, at tba Grand ?t Hall, near Bsafj way.

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