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Th? ,1iii*t Svi.ca Brf.wkkt of the German
Innkeeper? nf New York appears to be su^-stful.
Their i has been priujed, a:id will be
lertto ? (?.-man porterhouse?. The
Con.ptny will tjtae BOO shares at HO each, thus
Ibrmir g a eaa4tal ?tool to omm-nce work ; if ne.
ce.sary. a hitrher amount i? to be procred by the
gJ^Sre -.?otwof.10. Nob-fy..
Swrd to take ?ear, than toys**? ?vary ...o
meet i
commence ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ahsll oe ?abievihed lor .
?nan i?? .u _|fcUJ fn (nc ro,e . |?.
The _
r:^..::. ?lddedt.the
llowrd to take m >r? t? an ten 'nares. r,T?ry ...?
all be aob-t rii ' " fer .
t?o soar ?
pri.i? : Ol I ' ' ,_?.?.???a
bU?eTwi- ? ,.,red U? tbo-in.keep-r.
?raVTeThai I - utd?aef arajwhibtiedeJI
inn it to lion -she'rhf .:er?, Ac
Griat Mass Mi*?? of IHK J?OMITHM
Tau ors.?As was expected, the demonstration on
Wednesday BsV bt wss immense, no lea? than 500
befrg presint, tho ro m at GarHck's 81xth Wnrd
Hotel, Center ?t bring densely packet! ; Mr D ?n
juli.t prtsi i. ? 1 no speech of the evening was
mado by Mr I. xard Mellen, and was an oloquent
production, eht alejl in vivid colors tbe grievances
Of the tratle, m d tl i remedy, association for Pro
lection. A st ale of price? ba? been preparad,
?b eh will be submitted ou Mou.lay, when another
treat meeting will bo held beside the regular
weekly mcetiiik' text Wednesday evening, We
?re rejoiced that the Journeymen Tailors have
aroused from th ir lethargy, and awakened to a
?en?e of th? o duly at last.
Kteos Co.?On Tuesday evening the Carpen
ten of Wiiiamtburgh held a meeting at Lexing?
ton Ball to take measures to receive their right.?
D. T. C. Bikp, CI Airmain . Charles B. Lewis, Sec?
retary. It seems the t-mp'oyer? at first paid the 14
?billings which was demanded by the journeymen,
but have lattei I? beea trying to edge back.
Tbe store k>- ?> .*a of Flushing have adopted the
plan for the early closing of ?tore?, but not Wil?
liams burgh
TheGerrr.an Wt rkictrmen of W?liamsburgh hold
a great mass mee-tiuu on Friday evening at Schon
hais A Buss, s
Mr. Tohiti's Labor Reform paper (The Indem 'i
itnl Pnt*J the; Asaes says, will nit be published.
The Industrial* ot Brooklyn, Wiliiamsburgh, A.c.
have just begun to arouse, and will no doubt give a
coed account of themselves
Wifcof?ix? The advert of A. K. Bovat a? Kd.
itorof tie Wuceutim Expr?s*, at Madison, Dane
Co. the Whig State paper, ia hailed with ,]oy by
the Press of U is radical State, without distinction
of party._
a ?rrrcMATic trkatisk, historical, btio
Or NOKl'ti-tM>-.i\ICA. Bv Oaniei. Uk.ki Ml)
ClDctnnail Wii throp B. smith fc Co. N^w York
Mason k Law. ? to. pp. 878.
The plan of thia wotk it of a very coniprehen
?ire character, requiring for it? successful exe
cution no common share of sagacity, patience of
research, comctuesa of observation, and freedom
from tbe influ? ice of favorite theories. From the
unprofessional examination which we havo been
able to make of its content?, we conclude that theso
craalitiet have been brought, in an ominent degreo
to it? preparation, and that it will not fail to secure
the favorof tboae who are better able than ourselves
to pronounce au opinion on its scientific claims.
The author cmsidcrsttc diseases of this country,
aa they appear in the Caucasian, Indian, and Afri?
can varieties of I ur popnlation, in contrast and
comparison with each other, taking the Caucasian
type at the standard to which the others are re?
ferred. The. intimate connection at risen? racM io
the United Suits affords a peculiarly favorable
oppo tunity for sin It a comparison. In addition to
the abo vt ro it .oil varieties, we find th" I
lian, represented by tbe Esquimaux tribes, and
presenting many points of interest in their habiis
and physiology, which havo not escaped tho ab"
?ervai t eye ot tbe author.
In the cominrii. ; ment of his volume, Dr. Drako
gives a general acaljsis of tho geographical lec?
tures of the teg ion designated as the interior valley
of North America, and then proceeds to the Sout.r
ern kfotbofTapbkal Basin, including tea flail -'
Mexico, the Deli? ol the Mississippi, the Bottoms
and Binds of tbe Mississippi above the Delta, tbe
River? west and east of the Mississippi, and tlu
Ohio Basin, oompletbsg tbo hydrographical view
With a ?leseipti. n ./th ? St. Lawrence Butin, i ,
eluding tho Great Lakes, and of the Arctic Basin,
extetdii | to the Polar Sea Thg author next treatt
of the subject o! c.imate, and of theuUectt u( phy
aiologi. al and Moiol circumstance?, in the tBodifl
catien of healih and disease. The reimarrt under
?his head are of groat value, and embody a lar e
collection of curious facts of exceeding interest to
the student of anthropology no less than t ? the
medical rtad.-r. In tho cjnrse of his dig
the author often It aves the field of purely scientific
investigation, and ladalgej in details that cot onlj
form very agreeable reading, but post?is no smail
degree of practical utility. As a specimen of the
latter rlus, the following enumeration of the
vicious modes of cooking whicb'prevail in the valley
is worthy ot notice.
1. Wuh tbe mu? of our population, bread of
every kind it apt to bo baked too soon ater tho
Hour or meal has been wetted?that is, before there
baa bei n sutti.ui.t maceration. But what it stdl
worse, it is MOJOO** ever naked enough.
a. Biscuits, as they are called, are baked in close
ovens, by which pnces? the fat thdy cautaia it
rentier? tt en |\r? Usatto and indigetti He.
;t. \\ hen M m afb ! r leavened bread, by ex
cess of panary lerinenlstiot), ha? been charged
With act lie ?citf, that product is not in general neu
trah?ed by the carbonate of '?otaah or soda, but the
bread is teaea sour.
4. Pastry, instt ad ofbotM flaky and tender, it
tften tosaaB ai.tl laid, tetSM tiroes almost horny.
5. Meats are otteu baked and tried, instead of
being roasted or broiltd, whereby they MOOBJ l irn
, and with ein,i\rou.i...vi. U?L sVttd n ,l ...... ^
ajaeaet] [n t
are overcooked.
6. Fresh meats, and etpe-eiaily poultry, are com?
mon!) . : .;l| ,
7. tH'up is oiten preparad frota parta deficient in
ge'a'iuo. a- | la fat, which attisai apoa
the suitace ai tl is aSMi more iudii;estib'e thta tho
mest Would htve beets, if eaten in" thesjlid form.
I, Kges are generally boned so hard as to render
th? m t. -j I, a:tl many are eaten fried in ftt, to a
??ill trawator aTOfrea of induration. Fried bacon
and rgs-s. eaten with hot unleavened biscuit, con
i and then but e-c<!, u ? favorito break?
fast in nisr.v ( s - tTSt) Vti'Vy.
n \. -ctAb'-s, aboaaaibRsj in ferula, such aa po?
tatoes, nee ai o pmae ate afttM Unled so little, tliat
at the stk.-iii aratofl are ?Kit burst open; while
- Lernen, a? cahhtire, are bjiled
until that eiern, it is !i m'y oi ItjllMM and deposit
?si ?n the strtcture of the leal'.
The remarkt on " Lodging?," are characterixed
by the pm-tical good ?ente, and neatnea? of sty'e,
which distinguish the numerous ?nggestioo? on the
pretervation of health that are ?cattered through
out the vol?me.
Many persons m tbe middle and northern paru
of the Valley sleep, throughout Winter, in rooms
warmed by stoves oropeu tirep'ace?, but a greater
aumoer lodge witivut Ife. Tue general opinion is
In favtr of th? lat'er, at far as health.ia concerned.
If Ore be used, the open chimney is better than
lie ?love, aa favoring ventilation. If a stove be
?.rcrl. a ?creen ?h,.m I !>e interposed betweeo it
and tbe brad of the bed, to tatereepttbo radiating
! bes? a-d evap?rate ahnuldb
b, ..er to bars wood toan coal In the bed *???*?
toi s? tie loiter is dytog ??'). ?'", '"?' ,,r4,.t u
tie p.,..- baa nearly ocacod, a ue?
. .ptr?..,ape..ndrA,nt..nm.t-r
ti .,.n%- .?ri'ins who ?le-p i'i c1 '?
' dividid te opinion s? to Usait bed. I
.,. n ab* Ol <froorr>". r"ea?her beds arc a'-n .?
uoiM-?ai???te.d, ?re met trh beert; a?wae
ill , and. m m ?t o? tba Valley/ t
?pen them in Bemmeres well s? Winter
? Eren i r?ons,are <d
i. o rabjeeted to thi? kind of lodging, In mi'
weather, leather bada sboald oarer he ased; ant1
in winter, tl oae who I as, a 11
those who live in the Soutb, shotdd I ?
t.i m A hard bed, of curled hair, Straw, ho?a? 0
ladies, etwa, or lone Baose, ia mach to be p ?fen d,
a? promoting the dens'ty and Strength o' the m i?
tie?, and hardening tbe Skis PeWOO? win have
lodgt 4 on bard in-.;. from I
ly prefer tl.ni. What are cabed ?* weeklj
ren tboaJdetoapoa ?methari lleebanioal pressure
is the nstural stimulas of tl B ?bin tad mus dea, 111
cannot be withlield at aighl without detracting
tbeir firmnets and vigor. Tic rule ?toel 1 be,
to resort to foaibersoalj 'or warmth; ?nd eoder?
itanc ? wh ,! at, in an ad
degree ?rabeas! them, tbej sboaM l>? dispensed
with. Thi? rule, rigidly observed, wooM banish
ti i m entirely from ? ()f t,,,> Va!'
l.y.aiidlimt'.them to tba winter lo the Duddli and
'1 ! o extensive, and especially the? Bum Tier, rite
of feather bed? in the Valley, may be traced btok
to tba practice of our English anoeetors ? tirtamily
. . tieutbansArserytsJes, ara tradttionsi.
But, in Great Britain, the Sommera ?va proearbi'
ally cool. and, atone?, wbat nay tttoN be vory Well,
ma] l?e prejudicial here It is aeoeesary, howev r,
that we should lodge warm. To sleep e dd it ex?
ceedingly tojarfosi to health ; for It ii p.atura', that
it ph\ ?lolonirai, for the perspiration, ?ensiule; or in
?enkible, to flow freely while wc are asl ep Re?
pose, silence, ?nd the absence of mental emotion,
favor it ; and if it be ?up iresscd by c rid, ium.-y to
health enauet. It is particularly njurioua fur tba
surface ot the body to be uncovered through the
niatht, and espee ?ally during the latter part Hence
it ?s beneficial, in Summer, to sleep iu sue'i night
clothe? a? will prottct all part? of the surface, not
withstanding t e automatic and ioatiuetive move?
ments which take place durinir ?leep. AH thi? i?
ore neoeraaiy for children thaa ftsr adalts. Iu
Winter, liaaptng cold may bring on a catarrh, sick
headache, or an attack of rbaamtttsm? in Sum
n>e r, may be tho exciting canto of cholera morbus,
diarrl o??, or dytentery ? which often coruoieucj in
the Utter psrt of the night, a? did epidemic eh store,
and for the same reason. All our physicians aro
familiar with the attacha of cholera iatentam, which
cccur at the same period of the night ; and 1 have
often ?eeii croup produced in Jane an<i July, from
tie same exposure, when children who tramara
carefully lodged, scarcely ever contract it.
Lodging room? ?hou d, througuuuilu? Miuieynar,
be tbofooghly aired before tbeir Ismattrs r
them. If a current of wind can be made <
ihn ni h them, somnch the bette r, batato d?mmet
or Autumn, it it right to let down ?he n> .
erwise close up the windows, before we go to sleep
TwoeBecto raaoJt Irosa this ? first, trie exclusion of
ma'aria, or the poison whi?li prod u es autu uual fe
v> r ?econd, toe exclusion ot mcisture, whieh, in
trie latte r psrt ol tho night, often chills the body ?
This rule is especially necessary la tho ?juth, and
? ur great watercourte?, where bid air ?nd
feu ? ?o much abound. In very dry lucaliLie?, and
fin in the Ne.ith, it it let? required.
The description of " Luc on the River," it true
to iiStnre, arid containt some hint? of no ?mall im.
port anee.
.The number of tuen and boy? employed in navi
pat ii g tur tiuinerou? ateau?boats, am nie? to many
thousand?. Tbe mutt expoted and reckless aro
tbe firemen and the deckhand?. To- diet of tue
operatives is chiefly brend a'.d meat, tl tli i iffee lo
tha morning. Their labor? are heavy, aud require
to be perfume el by night, no let? than day. Tney
are much exposed to all iuciemen i. s ol weather,
aid are oftei in the wateT. The Bromea put
much of their time in a heat of l?w?, and goma ol it
La a heat of I'd Fahrenheit, as I have sernrtsined
by the tbennometer, when their paisa? ri?e, in
Irtipuency, to 130 or 140 in a BStoatS Both classes
rre m the habit ot throwing themeelveeoa the b ?*/
of tbe boat where they arc expovd to a wind
equal to the velocity ol the boat. To eoea eracl
tbe effect? of these various enpoeeree an i irr.Ku
larities, many of them drink freely ol ardent epintt ;
ur.i tlic tin m. n, especially, rc?t.? l sou drinks ai
nece'tei ? to the maint nance of that perapiration,
which ci ols their txxlies at'i r appro
as? ??, vs h ob li ey feed Vi :th fuel. The experience
i .it th ? niost ? be srving < on ?.1er? is, b -
i il ?i linee and every other ciaa? ol steamboat opar
I ative?, enjoy lu tt. r health, and have greater
' strength wben tbej refrain l im I
j the dikcaae? to which the? ire iii"?t liab t II I may
I judge troru what I have Been iu the I
I rioe Hoe] ital, : sd theC >mm i isl ; I ?>? I
I at Cii cinnati, they are chiefly diarrhea, and inter
! mittant fever, with it? ?- spleeo,
anddropey. Hin umatitu tad puloiooari inBam
i ?nation era, however, nut uncommon, ri?a
namberara suddenly destroyed by i
| ical accidente, drowning, or scalding; an I a still
i lareer nnuiln-r are driven from ? ?* to ?lie
a lingering death Irom tho diseases prodacad by
inti mpe mine (nil river expoiure.
Tba etostohoatriver-pilots have a peonllardaty
to perform, which might be e?p< cted to atlVct their
cy ta untuvo; able. For twelve! hours out of every
twenty lour, they ere kept In a ?t?te of active
v lioti ; at nicht ttraiiiiiii,' t'ioir ey. t to tee I.'.s
by a dim Hght, or through tho fog?in the day, hav?
ing them directed upon a watery surtaxe, which
anea redkots an interne light OptttsJmis and
?maureisis nnght be SeppOSeci to result f'iom such a
life; but I am not aware that they haveoftea been
The woik.which coLcludi? with a ?pecial discus?
sion of tba Febrile Diseases of the Valley, it will
be perceived, goat over a wide range of topic?,
n d at BOed with a great variety of historical, top h
graphical, statistical, and pathological information,
which make? it one of the most useful contribu
t? i.a to popular science that hsa recently been
oilered by any American writer.
|3f*"Thk Rostra Amjlukan IIfvuw," (July)
ope is with an thle sketch of Sir Powell Buxtou s
Isbors ta an opponent of 8lavery, notice? Trutn
bui!? "Public Records of Connecticut'' ia a fsvor
able manner, and proceeds with articles on
Winckeliuanii's " History of Ascieut Ait," Coop
rr'B "W?ji of the Hour," Hawthorne'? "8earlet
Letter," Alltton's "Poemsand Lectures on Art,''
" Bir Jchn Franklin and the Arctic Kcgiont," " Pub
lie Librarie?, ' and tho "California Uuestion "?
Cooper ia criticited with unrelenting ?everity, the
review of tho "8e?rlet Letter' i? sbaltow and
cemmen place, judging that extraordinary work of
genus with tho narrowness of a pedant, a warm
and el ??criminating tribute is pail to the merit?
if A!'?\ n, 'he ettvle on Li'uraries pre?euti many
?triking facts in the ?tatittici of bibliogr?phy, anu
tiie discussion of the Caliloruia question xealously
defend? the courae of Mr. Webster. (Nea-Yotk:
Bold by C 8. Francis A On |
Cy "Tr^vils ii? 8iBERU," by Adot.ni Rr
translated from the Herman by W. D Coo
In, in two volumes, LI mo. A highly instructive
L . k of travel?, by a wrier who for accuracy of ob?
servation and kcenncBs >f smfJoaasrfkJesJ ssgacity,
has been compared with the great Humboldt, and
,...ip. Lot altogether without some shadow of
justice. At all events his work will be foand to
contain a treatury of curiout information, on topic?
wlieli h?ra rarely engaged tho pen of intelligent
travelera. Among other aubjeett whieh be pr??
te Ltt in \ ivid colora, are thu atrango life of the 8a
moN ede at der the polar circle, the thrift and pro?
;. r.tj of the Ytkuts under the rigors of their aas
tere climate, tho trace hetwe n tne atoatotoTl of 8i
Uria and Bokhara and Taahkoud, the fisberios oi
the O hi, and the general aspect of nature aid vege
tat? n in tha most Northern portions of tbe Old
World. iPhilsdelphia. Lea A Blanchard )
ly "8orrL*agsT to Frsks Foresters
Fish ?m> Fi.-hiso or the Uritid Srarss," by
WiiLii? H. H?K?iRT, u a b??oMfu!ly priuted
volume, intended to oorreot tbe error* and omis
?ion? whit h had crei.t int.. the trmat work of th?
?lllstsT. and li furnish the addition?! inform*
the auljeet which he has obtJ ? k|? i>"S
wtus put.'-stion It will be welc I i
?Uci-s by the lov.rs f ?port w'u wish to take
their gaOM in a ici. ntilic man ..r, as well a? by
'cadtr of taate who rrlishx? the rich ?]. tarif
ti. r a r.f Frrt' V PoftOr, whi-h a e hsr-lly
? >! in this btod I. .?. .in of
Isaac Wat . of the
' means and ?ppLances ' of the gi -, . srt is giren
?taita ai to ??tief. (
..eil novice (Naw-Yari . - | T.*q.
send ) _
l'a** '? Tu r. W it - [ttDIMAXD .iKiii Aar.ui.
. a, in 1040, bj stV MOI lWiKD. is the. tit'e of a
nw velum? of tntvMia bv * ? ms i .;.-, loot wiodH,
trdtoa? Scott h advocate Who seem? to have ruada
tfi '. - th.: bent | t
beslih. II the work showt no remarkable br..i.ancy
il description or Otisjlaalitj of IboagU, it is free
fn m th? vulgar ?.brise with wU fa M nisny B-it:ih
travelers have tre-.ly beepriokli tbt .- Ame ican
adrr.irers. Il ia vory dull ami perfectly har.uie-s
iPhiladdphia: Lrn .\ Blanchard. Ittao.1
iy " Mono r-- o) mi Wui aao Oooo, i>y
Jaatl H (j-- ?, !< I) M'j.mo pp IOS,) it iooBm
ti. i. of striki ? . illustrate the
; wer of maternal i ootheebart
men who have atta'i.'ed toeraJaeat diada
the van'on? waiks of sw.it ty. Brief sketches are
civrn of the mothers t ' St A | ': -,' the
Great, Lord Baooa, Praaldeal Bdwardc, Dr. Dei.
drirlge, Sir William Jonen, Ober?n, Baron Cuvier,
?ad a boit of other W Of tille? in every aire !l< wtoa:
G(u!d, Kendall, A Lincoln. New Turk: L. Cu.by
A Co)
tH"1 The Seco:-. OriBK," byJoHl
>'( Ci.iMorK, (ltsao. pp.347,) i? intended aa tho
coiii(leiion of the elementary series of Greek and
Lt-tin boohs of which tho former volumes havo re
ceived l.igh'y flattering encomiums from experi
ontttl toacbera. The present work o insists of a
rail Treatise on Syntax, a litt of Partic'es and
Phrafes, a series of Reading Less -as from Xeno
pl on's Anabasis, c syitem of Prosody, and extracts
(torn Ht mer, Anacreou. and fio Dramatists. The
method of drill la tbe Aaabaai? -? ? ?nmeaded by
tie author mutt bo eminently elfo'-tire, carrying
the pupil forward by mi t asy gradation to a knovl.
: ili ? priodpal idiomatic ditihuties in th
Greek ceasWactioB. iNow-Y. rk : Harper A Broth?
ers ) _
%y - BoTOitL's iLLOtnuTioea of Bias.
-i nil," No. 19, published by S Bpooaer, I I.
irty-s . contains a supeib prir.t u: Nortboota'? eel
ebrutud painting ol Richard Plaatrageoet, Morti
n r snd the J eilet in t: ? Tower, and of the Witot
Scene in King H.-nry the Sixth, reprcMBtlnaj t'.e
incantationi performed b> lue cunning Margery
Jourdain, the Corjurer Bogt r Boliatjbroke, and
tho Priests Hume and Southwell, at the request of
I ?? s'ipt rstitious DocbaM of (Hotter.
|jjr" "ROMAJJCl 0? TUB OCEA.V," (12 mo. pp.
SIS,) if a dilute 1 betton describing the voyage of
the WOdflre to Calisbroia, by Panai Polit. It
hat tome touches of humor to relieve its general in.
eipidity. (Philadelphia : Lindsay A Blakeston.)
tpJ "Amy IlARRi.M.roN," (II mo. pp. 300,] it a
n pri?t of an Enehth religtOBl novel by the author
of the " Curate of Linwood," intended to cxpote
the "fat.taitic tricks and tho faintly duguised spir?
itual despotism" of the Puseyite movement
(Hew-York: J.CStrik. r.)
fPf " EAK>r.!TNE.".t, oa I-- re THE
Lira of AN BaoLWH Bitaor," (No. pp 100) is
tl c rt print of a popular religious novel by Chas.
B. Tai i oh, wMeSl ia said not to be inferior to
either of the former productions of that f.-trorito
writer. (New York : Htai.ford A 8worda )
, 13?" " Tur \ ai i oi Ci .tu-' h kba BH
laat work of Gbacb Aouixaa,before h rlaraaated
wi.it h t< .. 17. Ili i
? rj powtr tod lot
Appletoo A Co)
? ?
The Itlnrk lllvrr Kestlt.u JefJc\?on t'oun" -
fliariv Ce , <Vc.
ai Correepoat'
S??*. ti,', N. V., Taesd '.'. J llj
I l.ntw bl fore visit
Ibe best Ccaatie? in cur ?State, Lut I
better than I expected My three da)s wer-;
mainly spent in the seal ha'f of the
Ceunfy, which I balare is the batter half, and I
have ran Ij seeoraon [ratifying avid rj ??< il -t.
neral fertility and thrift. The dwelling? araatMt
and substantial, very lew log liouiei rtic
the principal rond?; Wheat and Bye ar
ttouch not very abundant; Corn and Oatt are
thrifty though backward ; the applet promue fair
Igh this it DOt ri fruit I aatry; lad at to
Grass, tbe world cannot heat it. From Rj.no
northward through Oneida. Lewis, and Jefferson
Counties to Water: I I toutli westward
tw?.nty.two miles to Ci.isLurgh, and tbeooe
by-westerly to this City?in all I TO miles?1 t liai
all the Grass I have seen?and tie lind it half
covertd with i'.? wi!l average fully a tun and a
half of cured Hay to the acre. The Pasture? are
likewise green and luxuriant. Potatoes never
looked more vigoroea. The raint of Tuetday,
Wednesday and Friday last week (we had a
short, violent shower and a severe gale at Water
town en Friday evening, but earlier and less rehe?
r?, i it than the thunderstorm in tiie Mohawk valley)
have supplied all that was wanted to enture a
bountiful harvest- Wheat, Bye and Gras? need
no more rain, and arc sure to be heavy; Corn,
Oa? and Potatoes can dowth very little more, aud
witi.out any for the next fortnight. I think I never
saw, this side of the Ohio, Corn looking uniformly
so well as it docs through the western half of .lef
ferson County, especially in Eiiisburgb. The east?
ern half of Oiwego Couuty seems to have bad less
rain and to be urder inferior cu tivation, though
?vea here there is much good Grain and better
Gran, whiio the Dairiet are doing excellently. 1
examined at the late Col. Meacham'a 'Agricultural
Had' the finest cheeses I ever saw in my life?
1 think not less than a hundred, weighing from
ISO to tea. lbs. eich, l b?lieve this year'? Dairy
Proteo? throughout Northern New-York will be
twenty five per cent larger than ever before.
Jt tlenon is a County of extraordinary resource?
'lie Black River through nearly i:s ?hole length
K?thes and fiaras over abed of limestone, falling
twenty to thirty feet yer mile, its narrow, s.|aare
sidtd channel being cut through the solid lime?
stone and reaching down but a fee feet from tbe
surface, so a? to atfbrd more water power at less
c.tt than 11 ver taw e'sewhere. I am oon?dent
this one rivtr and Hi tributaire affjrd ?uwer ale-'
quate to the spinning and weaving 0f all the Cot?
ton, Flsx and Weal grown in the United ?tate?. lu
the West part of the County Sandy Creek pour?
in like manner over a bed of limestone, affording a
ual waterpower from its source? to the
Lair. Add to these aa abundance of fine Timber?
with Iron Ore in th? sou-b eait ami Lime a'raost
everywhere, and you wili not doubt that tbit
single County could eat ly employ and sustain a
pt pulatito of hundreds of thousands.
Watertown, tbe County seat, is a village of fire
to six thousand inhabitants, with ample water
powtr to employ ten time? as many, a ?*ry;prodnc
tive vicinity, an active and intt lisent body ofrae
chsoirt.and three tpiritcd and effjctive Wejhly
Ni ??i B| ? rs, all il haBere) arallaappmlasl ?1
Norilirn Journal' iWhitfi b SJSttto proliltthle. |
richly iKserves to be A good |mrt of the b'isiu
aas lbs? al the tr>wn wss burnt last petsT, but
b. ? ? n ' It in letter ft; la, and the town il a K
er by the conilagrat.ou, though trnnc iodiviJt
wt re great lot, it
IV beet tab ? I ?<? h W?Mr\vm% wat
. \ W? I, it M
i.r a dry tri k on T. mpo.-tuce, thj n
I . st e aa a r.. w Portebb] BtOasa ? ,,' ne' i ivt
ti d si .1 maaufw t.jn d I
tl ll I
; latt?: liaif a beraa-powef t7S| one hjrse Ot
- ? bar h -te II
Tbe two bon I examined w*t r i
ss briskly wh e> bur .' i, a
?a?ttcb f..el ii k c,,ii,ur.n bitnh?sirai
tan iy, ? tor. it pa? eaal troa .1 aaapry ?sal
I ne n:ust be at haad when *v
, thrift) farmer, with nearly t,ver> ?jet, .
rave auch an eneio of his own, und
str^w, tai (toee, eben
?ritt I ? I to be
manual an.l beOOaTsa a m. riar.ieal o,>erat.
Priattag (?artia? ?rorbj by head must rap.diy .
?j.|.eiir bel ' -n ,( -Mi
will be running ca wt;eels and d.i t:i4'a ?
it h draa ;^ a plow babiad it within ti
; years. We have beroly begaa to uto steam
I yet.
?B .t I must rJoee, with tbaaketo (be ma
?da Who atada my journey tiir ugn the Hi?
?continual pleaturo. Their regfcw hat recen
; brcugh' itself into lay light by ltt I; Vrai OOOJtrt
tionof Plaak l'on!?, (tbpagh the tt?tet absah tr<
! erse them are iu the maio unreasonably tljw ?) a
i ?con a BeBroad from Rome to Watertow? a
I Cspc Vinrent, ntersec'cd at Blheborgh by anoth
! from Sackett'a Hr.. bor, wi.l bring the entiie Bla.
1 llS-er <'? iintry within tweiv? to 1 tceo BOaraoftl
Com?a, r. >I Kraporiam. Fnim CapeViaeeat
! Ogdcciburgl'. is a link which will n t long bo wai
i ing, and th*n all Northern New York, except i
rocky and DMMati - tor, will be at ?.-ees
' ble at Vermont or New Hnmpthire. Tnen,
1 tpite of 'f' r c ? I rHmtte, tai ' th;? be wide
known and n !i:.ir : tbe noat prodoetii
and hea'thful portions of our migoin'cont Bl
?I stay here t" ?ti .1 tbe Prea Ssb - il I
: tion to-rrrrrow ?t ; tbi r .
Oswego next day; tftcr which I sht.ll hau
homeward. H, c.
? ? ?
Tbe iHyatrrlcu? Knorklojrt Again.
TotMt Kditorof Th' '"' I
bu. About the ^"'ih of latt March I went t > th
';??, of Bocbetter to traasact btutoefa, and whil
tVtro (.card much said eoet^raiag "The Ifyater
tua Kaoebbsga?" aad more to gr*Uy oarioeii
than fmm any other motive, I vitite?! the; famil
tab :o thi-'e ItJ I ? lal 1 t
trantpire. V.'t,?t purported to be tho tpirit ol m
mother, wh . tlietl lo.,, e ti.tu thirty year? ago, td
me how lo-g it wit sine; she died, bow old sh
WM at her decease, the day of the month, and tb
month that tho aspired, and her i 'urittiau naaie.
1 then inquired wbatber the spirit? of my other ds
parted friends were present, ami the answer wa
i that they v. ere. I reqeeeted ?ach relative iu th
! spirit-world to rap: seven dtolinct knocks followed
?nd each sound different from tho others. Thi
number rorrcspor. : I r of near r!i
tivt-s tbat I bad lest. Ten or t*elvo other ioter
rogatories were correetlj r- so inded to 8 tcpt one
which was not accurate Though I hud never be
fore set n mi.y One of the many pei too? at that tirai
la tbe route, yet I thooght it ,? ' ?'? I th.
girls, ni it vtiii--. perso ? | station
take place, had ttm rapping oodi r their direction
that thai rirtht by subs it'tu^.* oftaaoa fur
gaesasad out tea a..a*vrs, an.l that i: ?t we? i-l' t ?.
i.y s. me ui.se> n r>ia hinery, that ? acnioe'y must
either b?- ?ttacbeti to the house or to th."
To t. stilus th* young laities went ou tot Hie h?te.
ttrb?ro Ule Boisa wa? beard as diatioetly at fa it.
bat the tooad . soand ?
or?? near bat the sybil?, ta.-y
I two feet !r"in t'- aad to rapjin^
' tad ha'
(, I, It, I pin
knotki ? '; What chance there was for
machinery to mat - ? i che h >u?eo'
. r.s of the young tromeo, the re? 1er
artth tio gii '* an I a you .- ata,
p?Med i t ' it room in wv ? i
. t b< f re been It w-a ?b rat lo'i . k IWI
'-. M to? Si'i eh
?. ily, 1 still, W |
li?t IS 1 answer was, Ves In ahn', a
?at one
Tbe rntveint-lit wat tjuirli snl decided. I
' ' ' . A .
rqael distance It en made the ivqeeet tl
time, ai.ii H(;aiii it moved as h it?i a. 1 tfresr out
the drav . r toaeeil I could Bod machinery; an l
at 1
ur '! it tin re wai n? ?re, 1 was nol
to lir.d a trat'eol it. I went away ooaviaaed th*:
what bad before, app' ired -o m^ mu h like a atoe
p'ump bumbag, deaerved laveetig?tion by the beat
mu r i uooag us. C. dvjiTit.
A.t./.rl, .V 1 Ju'h ?
? ?
Itllnnraotn-1 be Pats? of *t. Anthony.
Corre?! ut.ii.-M-r of T'..- r. -
Fui-.to.si As;, isnr,miaseeta,Jea?
A few yeara ago this was a locality seldom
visited by the pell '?'"?. but now this ?thai?
of country is in a transition stite ; the trowel, ham
rr>er ard tpsdc are in p-eat demand; tho whoop
of tho savage and the sound of the piano here
mingle with the roar of the Falls of 8t. Anthony.
Minr.et "ta it a compound word rnrrii. an I ?-.'o.
taken from the Seux Lilian language; tho word
?. m mean? water, and the ?econd, totak, mud ly.
B nepin vitited tho Fallt of St
A: t? or y, which be named after 8t. Anthony, of
Padu?, the Patron Saint of hit expedition. Lake
Pepin wss called by him tho Lake cf Tea-*. I:
ws? at tria Lake the tarace captor? consulted
?tout the fate of their prisoners, a^d those who
were in fever of mur.I ring them, cried a':
in order to i:.du. e tl.-ir companions, by fieir
tears, to c usent to thei. death. The river at theso
l'ai's is Wl yards in width, and it divided into two
unequel chani e's by Catarac'. Island, which ex?
tends several rods above and be'ow lue Fails, and
is about loo yards wide, on which Capt. Smttb,
the popular commander of the steamer Nominee,
with a pic ature party t??)k a pic-nic lunch, while
jour f ircipontfent waa engaged in viewing the
tuirtiunding t:urit>sities. and laving his f et in the
waters of the Fallt. Cataract Island is an elevated
y spot, coveretl trltb trooo aad ?hrabhery.
jhe rapid?oomm net ist: y r ^isa ?jve th^ perpet
dicular Falls, the water ruonm>; and boiling with
treat violence wherevtr it meet? a rockorothe'
obstrue'.ion; Kaehhg the nage of the catara t. it
precipitate? itiell from a perpcndicalar h -
t Such ? large volame of water fa! ia;:
that distance would naturally pro Jure emotions
of grsm?eurin the mu.d of tie beholder. Hero
the rfleet is increased by the air of demolition and
I V.I.? h the teen- ?. . % m
The ft'lt are called by tbe Chippawa? Bar -s
or Severed Bock a \ Ut, Bj-u from Ir
win, to lauf.h. There is an immens- *i'T pover
here, which :? ie sutCt-ss'ui use . two saws ai.ne,
l at the lowest estimate, cut 13,000 feet of bia-ds
daily A very large and commodious hotel ii ut
comr S ted, at d in eve') direction that the eye can
turn .i?eiiirg houses are rspidly g nng aa, and im
ntovrmenU rapid'y advancing. The country, we
think, it somewhatoTera-ed and yet it erermutt
he an importait region of Ur.rle ?am? d imam and
?t.r a ; asure and beakh seektngjtunt, with such
sn e arehent steamer as the Nomnee, rnauned by
Cspl- Sm th Ann hi? Courteea? assistant, Mr Mait
'serf, and young Smith, first and se^md Clark, to
n-tl -?? *itb the romsr.c" of the excursioo, it ruilds
out mo'e rational md?remenU than all tbe Strato
et? in ut'per ter.dom. If tbe invalid ?? .u! i s.inod
r:s n?? <*> m ? journey to this pta<*-e mttead of
vuwig't in ru ?tnuni ad quauk medicines, he
? . *l oil ?a re
"V itninee !-?.-? s srary
i here,
? -ur:.t tfcr tame ?
1< ? ctt) of 8?in | a . ,
? '
the ?at a ?n, i, ? ?.
elevate.; seairto, with a ?tentlc tiun toward
? ? ...
?-'<? s. .??...?. 1B tu.. d ?ntbei -
ry str
agree t
?'*'' ' ' Il A- M 1
; ' ' * Y..ra sji ..
Fal 4 I I
t?. t.k Bs| ? t d ?
ilton'e r!-?t
tttt!' Hodnt* < i
tWO ?. A.
rorkof a nail ?toasts
?litotes r-*iii crsA [t, however, answers an
ni well I iViunebfl
ru a ii .
' !" v vV ninati ? i. Tu"
Bgents > ?y m tbatf re u 'v?l
?t? he-e with
tnarbeddisapprobat) s. <? iv Bameey M.very ae>
hs aroorte tO ?Mere arro'y I
t and C pewa t
enemtea to eti-ii oti.er. A council of said
tribes ander the mediatice oi ii'< Hi-"? y, was
held n V w anye Bince at fort Seelltng, a few' miles
fnmbere, wlwn an armistioe wa? agreed to until
?M J i oui,: I ? (J,-v ai Pallier at Wash?
ington. The Hioux Indian? are a very bfeodthirtty
?nd ferociou? tribe. " Hole*: the day," ill a
of the t'ni,ipewas, is quite an orator, an', il
phat i gil) a Lion whenever la toara, Ils fe ?
? ? xpr^tsive.
Yo- eotveepocMient ha? ?number ol
tions trom Lake ?t. Croix, and other parta,i' I t
bteretting relien of country, for yuur theat. if ae
c. More anon. Bt'entTS,
Crop? In Prrr-avltent*?
LgWISTOS, M.tli n Co. Pa. Saturday, July I
To the Vdt'xrvf Th* Tr&nnt.
Our wgboat this State, ttotwitbstaad*
they hive b-.en visite i
daring the motfli of Julo, are reaping a boicti?l
harvest both of Wheat and Ri -?crup
was also good, bat the oat? ?ill be \ei> ?
... itbar here ha? leen exceedingly dry sine*
the lirttof June, which, while favorable fo- |
inrtfe i?rein and hay, hut bce-> very injurious to
tbt i '. the dover, at 1 an ia
formed stai ?! itooetbe lirst catting.
it crop tlfVu^h, it of little m im
. t f. g . ...,i Theti remarks
will api !y more parti -ular'y to the eastern ptrt 'if
PenSyWsnia Hcjpec'.tu'ly jo'irt. J. C. W.
Hum. John H Hak>mnson ? We have h-v!
fr m ?sritiassnarcas, within the latt fe*r dayt,
tiht the he?lui of this gentleman it so much in
I ' y hit n ilderjca in Washington, that an im
no il.ate change ofi limate is deemed iud-tpentably
? ? r.ry by hit phjsieians. VVe have heard it
cobfiifently remarked by his friends that he will
Shortly resign hi? ?oat in Congress, the proper dit
chargeofbis otVcisl dattoa bein* rendered iuip >??
?il> a, by protracted and increa?iug bodily iiiinmty.
[Salon R aSflelLe I (taxee*.
NLsHAJ : -HI '
,-tr I ???. ?-A V\rll?,?iireiiolo?Ue?uu?? til?.
liaher?. CilLioc Hail, 13! NVaak . ?t
IT" rhonngriinhlo r-t?M? .ilion, of ail sort? by
Au?rrv.?i r>e. ??, ? Kit'Mued ? ? ? ?
jtaa??wUJiVVii jun.i / iv'- * ?o . ? i-?m
gar !>.. Hb?w'. VtHie,.<urA Icutltutloa, .- or
&erTw ?;': ?t ana Uajvotatty-plao? mi If
nriebnnnn -lirln?? tVntrr-llur?? Ratnhllah
rtirnt i- now t 1st ttxi? : ear of ?ui-reaafut operation.
Ful ii.foiiiiKi.uu aJdiea?
ST- Or ll:iUA>moa'? itmrr i.uro KsMib?sr:
jicr.c.- r -, V *?: loor? fron
ay_ J'18i-a*
gV* The'* Ortsata? unuueiiu tVntei <?'??
J ? i
?? p.-'vjim d?,ht a-i?.-'.
I ?,? Dr MY.r | . n?, N.J.
XW H.irr-i iirs - Ulf} atad < .i
ir ? D Tkh i. "?? ?
?aaahilsnmeLt, 16 Lala-bt?! and al Oywer ata*, L I Cm.
oa l>v t??aniboal aed
^'.' 'I!? t"l
,'e.t 1m*
CgT" 0J'Mell,'a Teie?rn?in ?Inei. tat
. . Sa ?TSMI? a. ?'?'
? ' 11 ei Olf il -
t ?
? wob ihn ei'R.eU, binea In any auction of lh?
.m t b strel ta i-a?e
* i si l'.l? ?tatos, m Ictur? prompt and correct trans?
- a?
Nkw-YosK July It,
r?r" Piullc?".?A? a mi'l o' i-i ??. i I <r cie in-iav/of
ii'in "i ?na "I" f^rel lor lil? iIhaIii, ? >
he ,-l> moi u_ ih-i ?noI? eoaairy, um F iblle o li ??? oil <?
-?lAiea'iri ihia dttulet, will tie close! during II?
?i o|e of Hateo ?lay, me I hit mat
UN Cintom H )u?n Will li->
??'r ri, only, ttotbe tran??-.u.iu ^>f l lit
i <-' sab e twatoese.
TlMBag? of Ine psblte buildings will bo hottt-d at half
Bssst. jy 11 ^t
CiT* The Alhimy Duichmisn.?Th<t popular jour?
nal ?<l ' I Ui? peMlcSUOB of a inonex
rHlsg Nove.eii-, iiy >*iTkalSaskbrldga\< ins m ti ?ptruej
wiin-r of th" day Wh .lesal-) A, enis, UKXrta % Hko,
?ii ALU ?l Ntw-V'-ra. Jyllfe
OT" To Boaa HHker?.?Too Up-irauv? Baker?' Urum
[|vij?t< of Lai tt-aun.'^ K om ami L'urary, is au* jpea a,
!'/7 Oracd.-l. 1*11/, frota b A M nil Y t* M. and oc ?uclay?
from i lo a. and a ?neper la a. way? In allea4a(i':<
?jT-ry factil'.y to Boatet, from city ur country, either v?Bitcg
?r wrlucc to inc Uou?- for inrn.
LKW I? HAfiBAUE/t, Ki-eper
JUHJN L. tti.NNt.Pr-:-'
Jas. ftosstT?o?i, Kec. B>c l-Aimil*.-.'
- ?
tT* Notice to Control tur*, atoited p-cpisr s lot
? e kTradlDii uiatoi ry, ?isigla? ?n?enlilll line ItrVtBg tfi?
iraca aid fiLet; g liie Ca .ixJa ? .a aud Cjreitag Khu'jaJ
rrOB C?Lan)al|(ua U' id? Ch-mur ?? ?to?roas wt.l
be r?e?l*?d at .be otBc? uf Jota I K'.i?!. Ci cosiracior?,
il r,ur dal(?ua, until tte tS\h day of July
fioh ?a ?? u pan ran lie ????a at 'he ulti-;? of the Cb'-f
t Dfurcr. ai Cauacdaigua, \Unt trie &>.b mat
T"? Read I? ?rum! i~> glliesta ?engl!;-:? d'.vtded Into
?? '? of one m'lee?fh
Btdtnul tie received on ?ln?'.e ??rrtlia? or for i
rjxllrd JOHN 8. 11NU kCj
Cacaciiaigua, July i, lg.V.^_ JyU UU"
?tjT* Netlre.-Tr-e tnbeeruierB w iha cap::?' ttoerkofrte
r?ier?oD ai.d Hackerau a ttat'road Couip-i. ?
-.'? Hole:, in Ta ;rg<
l"ih day uf Ju y ncxl. tor trie purpote of cBo?j?lni{ ?oven
fji.-ecui;? Tti I' o.? Will La open from 10 u'c.ocs. ?Vat. ~
Jo'cloeB f ?I -rafra - ) I IS, I
f t?AU!NN!S. J?t?N ACKKRMA.N, Jr
Mt'Nfty U. VOoaHEEMr. C^r-n;s?;ocers.
yeas *v_
ggr Hudson Klver VAuter.t are E^mbflsb
tnrnt. at Tarrytcwn, wllh evory eoo?Knl?T^^ toitataV
a ret, will be compl?t?e for the recpeoa of paUasts uy lb?
1Mb of July next. If or t?nu?, apply io
F. D. f E1BJJON. M O
Ts/rjxwu, Jar? IS, laSO. !??* 1-n
W *? Ur* ausi T??B^?J?u-nATca?Lc??e-.ee>rai-i
?? lg ?aciorylt a. I Wail-sL wbere at ail ttme? santa
?uao ib. 1VT..-SI t:?i.raneoi In die dry. Slraarari and
eiusec. BheeAcsS lad tosgi ?? it?mselye? before pur
etiUUL?O t f-er rraylai at Uto fair of use saie^?an latlV
tciav Copy w?<Sdr??s. fflllSHWaffU
.- ?
Or Kr-tnev-l.-I'm i ir Ka-.iT. rruleaaor of Most?
an- i-a? :-r >.f ii>e Birhiu and oiber ?u'.-s? au<! Uw guns/,
rt^tuH-irUi1' Informs bl? '"'-r 's ?n't lb-n.iu v tn ,f-..-",'
.i?: h? has r?unovwa lo *af Broadway, near tVaiB
New-Tor? myir'S'TiroV?
1U Ut.f\f r'Kri?Ml.^.'a.-Tuep.jWenol lloaiiti^ i?
- ' Er aanous dlsiresslug noise* and ?: . ?j
%r' ?"ar^a'i'ra . ' liai ?art rrnn?a>i trill >rt lliO'?' aritb"-!
risk or paie, ai Ur Ll'TKNEft 8 Ear lahnuiry, i+ Hroaul
way, si d ?\ vVairen-ei, Open daily, except I >
riiumoo fa?, by latter or otberw1se.il. t'a
palo li lu-rt r? fU?i?J. Jel8 lffl'
I 41 (A.MM.K ri.tKhltl.- ttieau.iaeriii?! . ?
1 ruiiy Uiloi m* ine u-Ada enai iney cab b? suppllad wiu
? asnos Tor eialu.g tie?rti.e, sperm, adamanune and
aaatott i-aud.e?, warranled lo i^of Ibe i<iri Ue?t q lalur and
WutassSBaSatc, at 'J?e oweai f. aulhlr prlrea SUifwenr??
flaro \f ?om? ofU-.? h-?i bouses In New.fort
)?lllm* W WEBB, cor AHesj and Hoentoosu
to ?T si? w ? TO LOA* ?* ? m ?n' un tBBjnasai
? 1 1 iVVUstoJ property, apply to m ?___
F UK ?ai k, -One i ....:-k e ?... tsnltoto
Is good arder. ?UM of pla;?n tixS7 t"b*, ? a,Mjl
,tt a ho? a co ? a?? S' avtw-?
/'B*^ t ABLtn-A i*/?.^??r"?r0'^ K,*?'ij
V prvred, from 1-S m '1-1 mrb?-? J >'; ?? - .?J. Jll?v_
otiS GAf;OTaDayk*lCs^W*l??V>flUV??
Ll 4.1. I. . ??, , ...
' /" "n ?just
Il . "sh-jiM,, -I /?..'*?
?i up stair?,
l??l i
W V ' t 4
? a
tt. > I I I I til ? r.w B n's
I ? v .
VV *s ' i
?? ?.hj'h B .
C? ' ? . ,
* ,
.'.. a fruta
? dsJiC
. . .
' '?t'a?
? i SMskjgaJ
- -?o-,.v.??;
bedesl-ed t .
" -vJT? a AJm%,m
>N.">.(}UO,Vt??'^ ? -...:?
lusuttar,. ten A ,Itio - - n . ?
jilllw A J. BltECKEE, tnaio?ser,t | ,
t'-v Turk ait? ???.-.?, jj ' ! ,
? - f.arC
- I '.?'.IS, ..|p i^^, ; , htT#
1.. ??? i K? .i*,^,,. Wkaassas
will itxnrn ssi'l poeket-li.uk ?ud m luey ... _,
..r o I S III !.!., ?|.... K ... v(. i. y
NINO? r f.',i.-...r ..f . - . c , weJ^
the above insu ami ?, ret? ? .
_ . ? NAtHAM ?ri*H.
Ne?-rssnV wtsir healssrCo July? .... , ?
?I ( a i I.I.KK WAMttu t-i HiLLUttav
bl it U ate toe i?.Oj? ??^ -, ^
a s-orr. n- ',ut, .->!,-??
?" <" P?l uttj.fcf :-? |
ta? vv r ; ? , j ? *?
. -. . ..,,. ,
BOAKUA1 tOK.NWAI.l....R?.MJ,;cuLNrT.
- d -l
*fu '' ",;l <afifs ranhod of ral ??? :-?
Mwusttatstttsartebw smse??itm?of
^ ""?"'-"' -'Mi!?? lUrer, wittiD taro
bears dtfnco of the ctty by Hudson k v?. ru..r>ad ,?r
, tt r>-e hcu-i ai;J a r.aif bv aiea:iiei Co um .us, ?u,t ? [<?
! daoy be?w?TB Cornwall v* N-w-Y -a p,r ??ricttisi?
' tnquireof BtLKNAPkUriKJUS. ?02 WaslUigtoo .t
J)S lw?_ruWLr.K tiRIUUt
BOAU.? l.\ Till. COtNTstV -A torn f.uTasj
ran tut ace mmodated with board ? shortdsuuirs frosa
(Jit D Cove, L. I. Tftti bou?, ,s a. MSS? If lo* s-t snore.
coLveiiicct fur tia'trftt. tt'ltts, >f | the roeaia ?re is-g?
tod air); !?? SOnool - I .a-euusur-jass-d
?sen In ilia! de'lghtrul region F?r pu.lcuiaistn.ii r? of
AI.KKi;T U COcK 9 Ceitu'neal. Jj?l*'
BlIAUD IN \VII.I.I4>[?lirU(;iI.-()n?orlsjo
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teACsat ?ad tsa ia a private tasait? M fust sa ?se
minute's ?s k fro n the Peek ilfp Kerry. Btwt m is -?my
Ash b 'r.uiea Lt ealton very desirable: h ?us? la ??? USS
w?t. r, common ling a fia? v.esv of Biuokiy,., Ne <? fura,
?last Rl?er, Ac 4c Jytf lia*
Ift'AstD If TUB CtMJNTstl, i i??tt??
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dsm?i oe*) ottll? mast dasiraMe ? uairyp.. -s ?,^
uirnd witM? half ? mil? of to? U trtern mad anl r> ude trr
Lite Ker fnrthor ptruiultr? taqiiru . f tt\
E WOOD,Ott H iwery. jylt J.- rnrraM
BOAttU? A ^iLiirinnii tod bis Isdy. or lau sm|l?
t< titlemci, cau a? pi. a.anilv aeeosassad *i?s-t in t ?nt
vats family. Booms furnished ur uufjrmaoad? secoudsto.
r; Arplv at 143 Wuoster.sl. L?ax Uojsloost ata,;? ruata.
j>llJ.* _
B?Attl'stEDIJt'blf-Atiba prtvttt? Manata? H nata
M (Jreeijw i li-sl Oei.iiein ti ?l.'i slligl? tHXl? and igJBSj
airy rooms, #2 Vi p?r westk tiay hoarders, %? p*r wrisj
Ir^in.ent li.?rit-ra, St. choUi p?r day Batha jrain Je/J |n?
HUAUI*1>'> i'?o tsiny rootns lo lot, furuUoaatt
ur.'urLlst oil, with l?eard, ai 77 Murray st. J IS Jt*
Col NTIIY IHiAltl) At L- tou lili, Nesr-Jatts?
Tito sin? ? or two married t-iit fin*? will heir faiart
11' s car tin StfOWndslad ?HI Buar-i for t?d 8uiioti-tr sta
? l v liM-ntrd si?>t on Union (lilt, h?t?e^ii i'h?|i.,m
and Madltoti, alwui eue Stile wrsl of Cbalham. Tim cars
Is ave v . tt ?start as .noa? ?t 7
'. '. . k ?j.d arr.ve m N'w-Vork s'niuI 9 o'doek. R- utj.
tnr, Irave New York k: 4j t,. Icr.k P M. ?ad srrtta at in?m?
? TI. ?i -i -iilo.i Is one ot the ruosl heaiiky
?lib? a - r-.i >..-?.. f tie? 0 vilsr?.
- n 111,:. N.J Take lha Mori it and Essex ?tliresd,
JerssyCitjr. If** ??*_
AKlKMlr-HKU MOU.tl ?pposTta Watri.uj?
square lo be let to a amfis (ent rtnan Inui're st at
PottrtB ?? j>li it?*
Jl> I K'l ? win. tiu-tiil * ? ?T t"i *?1- r rm ii? ITStl
fto< i, rn.rt. paLtry attache! at 71 VVa.ren-.t I j. I? at*
If ? (rmti-mea can i.? at ?? ?"iii f ?aat
it ouis, wlih boa'd. i i a <!? s ? n Eist Brnl
?vay Andresa " Kut Broiol?itV T'i'ii'.e?lli- jilt at*
t_rtttPtlftllKU E??.tl?-*v it, jr ?.'jiuti. ,*' ?I
board, with a prisais family, 4''? (1-ceiwtevst caw
Btatb. Aio run-tsi. ?? toroflseo. Jeiaime
ROOSafJ T4> I .KT-\ -> ydoairal.lt?, sir, ....I,
o.nis, i.eatlv furnish?) for single (r?iiti?in*n, wiisoat
board, may lie fiad by applying ai '? V, an a 11. si a fsw
1 awrsj i.r Broadway._]? r> 'n'
I^HE suhscrber, fropi rhe liripoMu'iiti-a of bis frt'atldSs
and contrary to bis original mtentio", has ojiaa-d tit
rraraion at the Highlands sor the atcoiiin da- ?i <>f (sul?
lies BLd s'rji'e (?sjUtttaee, during tie aenson Tue ?lwss
p.niritr, sli tli? arvan'agea or a ?:e-it<-ei rftrsat Is (tt
suTtner, bavmj an ualu'orrupted vie? of tn? ocean, artsr?
?very ship hoerd in and oui of (taerity, in,y he seen, and
?reuuds anl !:?'. rg, will |. -. '??"> rusts lot
?srti'sions are aoJo'F.lnif andatfiaid. roe rooms ar? IS
it? Leu order for co'!,fort, and the pruprleur ctn teroa.
r?'odai? ?'?lers?and wishes it dli tnctly Oflaf.
- itr if it ih' nid at aiv ti'nehe fill, (in prereal dttat?
.ni) au? notice will be/iv-n to Ike puxili.
? It,July6,1?40, WILLIAM JONES,
jyj ?w* FropHetor of th? Neverslnt Hoattt
\ r\v I 1 M a* o;N ?li'Kf.VKJa-CoLUHBIA
i'IULL - 1 his Hotel bas tw.-o gieaiy ?clargel If as
u:akiE,r 1rs er'lre length ab ml V?. feel, sai
capaKl? ?'?ceommndaung M? rlallars. A ?^ y largsnuav
ber t-f m ins are taken tor the season by families ; and psf
a?;i co [ 'ace con.htne? so mtcy a'.uxcuuoa be bea.m ast
ft) it-iiL,; tue K?rting cara by th? New-Hav?e asi
Mo-jsaior r BaitfOttct, or Hudson River Railroad, Mi Ha*
son, passengers arrive al the Nirii.gi ?l ii o..,./cti*jlt
i IT.ru ibrouth ouly |i j? ?Jj
'I'lIK hAI.|x|5l Hi IIUtMK- Situated In rAscaattt
1 of Ballstiury, Coon. IS Dow o|,uu for Um reto,
board, -s, *y the day, week or mnr,ih Betr.g In Iks VjC-oitr
of Lakel W cric aporcar Wasbtatngand 'Vnsftto?; noa+
rtit-rand Basb Pish Ks'.'s; ttottnt Rnift Sfosal B's--?.
aid many otter points of interest, the ?oaiioo is cuom**f*a
ver> deai.ab.e, and It wt.l uc th.-t .^issut cjaoavor ?r um
proprteior, to render the s 'tourd of visiiori ?lattsaat au*
agreeable. iJ6 2w?| HEIItT >? ?sO?W?t._
MTHK PKurRIKTUR of Ssss favor *a"< a*"?*?*"
place of Bu'iinier resort tsl-s pl?as?i'? m r.t u,t'?"
alientioD of Uj^ N?w-Von pul .. to DM tact ??? *?J?
oow pr?psr?<l for the rrceptlou a. . sttaatrtaaHsM l u' ru39r
? .?cniaT'res
? ,j ...... ika ????
rneru! ruhs I ?'" : "SBS
of "s superior aliracUona.in tu'lntof ewaiioc,scenery,4rt?a?,
a. ., ?^,?ry In this pant tol?r It has no eqnal ? ??
Hudsut11 ? T - -. ' ? , u? mtfij?
WL. --.?rj rtr:icacy , .* esrk-s sjbrd In a"1iro?' lots?
r.irf. ? f?., i-s tor rer-tlni N-?- '"J?
tlier? ai? I ? Iraaka > ' errs ?Sa*aa? ^aifv ?Hher srsy ?"?
Ne?/-York sid AILaoy. ?svly app IcaUon s*ould o? maeS
fora s? ?erion of rt?wn?. |J>M &n?| O tK'NADI.
t ? -
irla Hudson.>?Tie M'-rtest a?d esui etnenaiv? rosa
li, \**m- .-^?.?.r...^d n'.ees tt by th? ii-i^S')' rfv-T Rvtlros?
a- d stes'i' oars lo HiMson , HMoesj ., tn? Hudaou RaliroasI
i ' ? '. Sprigs.
,'!?:.?? i , ?. i*?
boats o.ay arriva i -h ? day
Passengers b; the emlcg Uu ?' tr.ft
nay rearh th- Springs tn? i?xt m arcing at ?H i^cluea.
Fwetrom Hudson u tie Iprtsn t> *'l.^.? ?.,_k
jeis Jru* t i 't< reatftN Bapx
Without I it bor
macblr.es. pi.uKders, rubi^ts, aei^s or '^.,-. t
. Irai icdoess ? a-, e-ssk?
bada/.vwt.er? Is s?M bv -.?<? ? ?? >? - p ..lag? Too*
sa. ds are s<cl e"?rv o?..Lif. |.v?o. . tt Uf .oty Cad
waeLdiVaOAJaE BEAVELT, I ?74
AnMl (???od flu"f ' N"" ? '* " JT I I r. M ** M
F-HEM :ii BfJAKDliit; AM.' UA , -.CHOOU
-Hadan? MIX baa removed h? f-er.". ?n^ K?glkS)
aoardltg au- Da> ?rboo. f. u. es ?? l*j
?t sia/ls-plac? near ?,rit-ai T1 ? ? ? ? -. M *fS?
aod aJri. wilt, t '?rr? gard?e, and ir? vu m?? a 13??*
sue srttl S? ar] ?
Savtr? .la'.?iu ' ? T?*?
? . -.ij^aliar ' ? ail '.rarx-h^a le - t- *"'*?
lar tsatlsBou'.ala ?h* has bac m *
laug.>...<' u.*_, ' <? i?aning'.- < ? "?r
tat -. '.r-e a,! a??^
EXTRACT OK LOGWOOr??* wparwrj*'?*
manofacmred and Co. sair by Ute N?r>.-f1ua? KS
MV. IV Wiismi a.'. Sn. '.L kjt?^_
BA4.H, hOrll?, and a i a?nda of pa??w ?**f*-^
ara nisteriala boo.hi and s.id no llhswai usrva? "?
Si". OAUM kllfUaUCKJ?OK.Ll*?uu?^,'v''*^

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