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nt #rW?ciR? DAILT TK.Bl-ll? ? H-BLIM1?
At Tho Tribu?? HalMlM?, *?r??>r ?' *??????
^ NWMI lUTMU, o??o?lt? tho 0?V Hall,
?i?ftrforod to City Mh?cntwi tu? IM "^?,p^wn"*?
Lr?ll ?v.1 < ?- rv ""I?
0 ?m otV-?. ?*>?<?? ?ora? f? flrtxw iba? 'Do?? of Tt?
?*>.. ??,? t-r HA ?M
luMnl ???II,?*. '" '
KkST^t! .A? * - '??*????
jtfMe?ov? ?dt??"?" ?' ??? ????i\?u
?jdfcufa?i |n?iT.Ti'i?t, m>l e?e*edlct 3* word? wU)
l^??l 4<lT?rtteern?>at?-At lfc? mx ??? by ib?
AliAdr?nlt3ia?aulni?'V <?? *,.??/ u*a ?
at Morning and Evanirg F. i ?
Rtbad ?v?ry Raawtfrf? Morn?..? t: -.?j low ?rtje ? j: por
aocc It, ?riMMI '.._?-,' I''l!'", ;r:.r .-.. 1
? ?o? addriw? fer t*. ?nd iho paper ta ao cm? eronae.
tovea? lb? ?ice for wblcb li :
Advartteoeiecu for thl* rtMl will t* ("vzvi .
tm ttM each UmiUos._
THE 913?-W ?.-.'21. Y TRIBUTE
? ?oblLtood every :r.?n??,v Ulj Hauriay u*r?a?<
frtee ?S PW aniuua. Two c^ple? for Hi
AdTcirtlmimm ? etnu a lia? each Inanition
Per KarepeHa < irc-aliutea,
M pobUabed on the deparuire of each MaU 8u\raer lot
brrerpoo!. F rice 61 cent? per cap;, oi R< per year, po?U?.
(NEVV-YOKh T?rU?^t?.
Lying in ?Kite of the l.wte Pr.?Meiit.
Wiihibcton, Ffld?/, July li.
The remaini of the late 1'ra.idcnt were deposit.
ed in 8ute in tho t ait room tliii Aftenio >n op m R
jDignificeiit CAtofa'co <,f blick velvet, triinmod
with white latin an<) lilver lace. The bady w?i in
a lead coffin, incloitd in one of m&hogony, wita lil?
ver ?if duration.
Tbe lato I'rei'ilent'i cciuntonknce K-wiinf an'
rhiDged. Hi< lief a* if in a c?)m ilee.'i, and iaa.
neme crowdihavc viiited tho Whito Homo daring
the day to take a lait !o;.k at the old hero.
f he belt order prevail. ?I, in..ugh lotno little con.
ration wta created by aligl.t Itjtftj gentlemanab
itrtctirg a po-ket-bo-jk containing HO from the
pocket of one of our citizem.
A great number of itrangcrs have arrived in tho
?itv to wilneit the hou Ml ? lomutier
Mr. Clayton is reitored to hoalth.
Keccotlt)? of the Ni?j at 1'reaideJt Ta>lor'a
Death nt ? hnrlr-toa
Otliaa?THi, WeJneedav, July 10.
The intelligence received here thti morning o^
Oen. Tajlor'i (Kalh, produced tt deep lenaati <a
tfBOBg our eitizem. The flags of the ihipping
were all at halt m.it_
rraceedloM In ItaJtlmorr l'realdeni'a Death.
leAWiaa, ?*iid*y, Juiy |J.
Tlie I)UiUt??ru? ?! nrMitalna thaofli ial uiogratnme ?
ror ProctitioKi Uri CRKinoniei to b^aolea .
Batorday at Lf oc!.cl?. A !ju'.a.,t (Jenoral Joaca
bai iiincd an order to ail the NaT?] RadMUttR/j
8 ?t?.i,i. Tho hooffl am k) b? parAdul at 1" I If,
aft*r ?hieb tho lab-r* ii tho day trial ?caie.
Miimte g?"i are to be fir.d from snnriie to aunjet.
Oficcra of the Army arc to wcw the b&dgo of
taoaruiLg on their kit arm. and axord and ??Ian <
(?f the levara! It at 'i , ' t.iraiog r:>r a
l>ttW?\ t.f six un.nth?
1 nteral I'errmouiet at I'lnciunutl
mut f liiMburgh.
MtTi Kilda/, J iiy 12
Our ritizeni aro maki. ;>araUout fur
i al ??eifiiiui-i?-! ot 'the lato l'r^ti?ent on Vo
?. liahlnBMM '.vit'' '?'oto in Wathingtoo.
htt?R?, Friday, July ii
RtwnHi i,.-..;.. ,*.,<? kaU in ora ?iiy u*t
, for the purg?te o? "iikioj? lach pr?para?
tion ti aro Decenary for the funeral obieqaiei or
U?.n /.?chary Taylor, lato 1'reiidcat ol thj Lnitod
B*i TiMoKE, Friday, July li.
A liumber ol bouiei in tint < ity hnve been ??co
rttfd with ui'.mri iug to day, in hjnor of our lata
and much regretted Cruet Mi^ittrate.
Ail buiiiitn will be lUipeiuled lu tl,n cuy W
nAirrow during tho funoral.
I'rtpaiatUt? lor the hunrral t bnugr-. la OU
Art beider?.
Corrct?ondeoce ot The Tribune.
Wa?iiiiictoi?, Ttunday, July 11.
The proceeding! of tho Home, to day, comiitod
of tho merett formality. The reception of and as
(juio. entice in the report ol the Joint Committee
to \?bom vtu uiiigiicd tbe duty of arrati?jii?g for the
faueral of the late Preiiiient, was tbe iam t >ta?.
Ai I iu?jrmc? y,u will be the caie, a* long ago
u yritcrday morning,**);, til. graph, on the relia
U? autUttity of Atiumt?y I!. .rral Jtt'.iMton. Satur?
day haa been fixed at IBR day of the ob?e<piiti.
Tho two Houtet of Coispr?si will micmble in
UmrroipvcUve chaniWi at 11 o clock. At the
tour of 1% the Senate arc)mpained bv tbe Prcti
?lent and the -Cabii.et of ?M |?te Pretident, the
loreign Diplomatic C.irpt, A \, will proceed to the
Uail of Representative! i .:.-re tas tina Coa^ro?
?louai will be KruioJ, Rad procjed to the 1'; >
I vat M |>r>vnion
?? OftfJ "it oil?' ? '
Iak\ you wi?i>v it?itia?y the line
trratjtcment wluh Wiesel M well on tho menor?
iaa .?,?. aiiunof the ?^t.e.al i : 1'reaidont UiRRiso.v.
lu?eed, too plan HtRR ??' '/>'-' ^?? f'?1??" RPJ
tied throughout. As mon, th? mutary eicorti a:?
be und?r the comma d of the CDmmaoler in Chief,
'tl Scott.) incocaectiotiwiththe Uajor t)*n.
eial in oomuiainln: t i . kkDittl .?tien
?ral JtMUM. The plan vaj arrange.! iu the Cabinet
?tetin^ yeaterday momie,.' ; bot, at I in-brmedyoa
tliia, on tbe authority above mated, tho matter wai
r*f. rr??i to Contr?e?.
Already the R.-(.u!ar Panai ?*?? io;1.- i t: a i
wkkj pointa have received tinir order? to join ic
th? pageant; and I learn that aome of l?e ornea
?kao? r'tyiag Art.lliry itationed at Fort MoHaa
ry hive already arrived N> aRtat or ?xpeaM
?id ho fpared ia the determina i?>u to make this
fl"?"mi* umurpaaied by any prevlow one in
t?^Ti1:Uw?l bi *gor9mm ***?*'
*"?*? a^l^T' e:ery W?> WOrtbj H al? to
The city wT;^ "* *? ** '*tiOB
ttrtn?.. ., "*??ai to ^i?. Already
?trangers pjaj poario? in k.?. ?
?il.becrammed. ?i^^!^
?cramW.forWgbgibaVco,??^ *^?^7
Speaking of the?,, tr.;V?W -? * *
that the bar. proba ni ity of ?Sl? 1?,"'
?lready given ,ou, that tr -aaaSl? *
?hek^Mfrovntholaa. f ? 3?-?? ?*** ??
-?*. kh. treaablin; ?ore ^ wt ?!^
?n- of *. wWit, the ,.,,, bafkin*T?r.
; Hope, w ich ^.^hidd^^i^?
?f ??appoint..., fa, the.? r.aay J?v#. 0f J' ?
the gathering throng ii in parteen {> ?ted, ?
?ill ?well the L?e A ' tt.oo.mcrs' at lb
It WH rnrinu*. to aee how " hard" ?orne of thii dil
interested class to >k the very exp**ct*t:on of th
decease cf President Tiylor. One of the? M
claimed in my prr-scn- e, on Tuesday evenm*. tha
be iu "sick at heart from the contemplation I
the We possibility or su< h i AViov*/-aiamity !"
Tbe united end per?..nal call of the Wni?i of th
IVnLsy Irania Delegation, on the President^ las
eveiirg. it aaid to have availed nothine. M
HOfcS ha?ii"? tiird Ma mlmi ?? Mr nfi KnnoK h
Pern.-his heart, 1 msv lay, h?r were ia nodi?'*
that old atfM-iaiii.ua, ?? ? ?? "' lhe. ?,rT"
Congrcif. and of the nme Committees, and evei
the lame we ?*, has eDdeared him to the Prenden
in a peculiar manner.
I sent you acme ruines about Cabinet?
I doiotferl prepared for any" 'eliabh>
Therefore, I will withhold my li?t a day or tw<
longor. I Bay ' nay li?t," be< auae everybody yiv
meet baa one ci hia own made out. Sigma.
Drain of the Prealilent -OfflclAl Correspond
ence- Proclamation from the Treaanry De
The following correspondent-? p'.sseJ betweei
Mr. F11.1.MOKX and the Cabinet on the first u
nonnccmeiit of the President's decease :
D?r*RTMrMT or Statf,
W<?niKr;Tuii1Tu'-?di7, J
;o Kn.i.Moae, PruideittcJ ' 'ei.
t?ir : The melancholy and moat painful duty de
votv+a 11. MtaaaaMawa la foa ihai/uiiAP.v t?.
lat* PmidMi of lha I'l'iini States, la ao Bare "
ih* Preeteaafe Mantea? aal?a??lag,ataaM-yat lintel *??
.v.- ?' ? baaaf <" kB, *"?'] re?p*c fi,ly, your u bs
JOHN M CLAYTON, Hwretary of Slate,
?v. M MKKr.mPi ? ? - trout^.rj
T. KWiNO. (wvrelary of n? laMrl >r.
r.r o. W cba*KiRI>. ?niatary VW?r
I COI.Ij\MK.K. Poiir-iaii-r-O-aer*!.
BXVJ KDY JOHNSON Aitorn-y?-snerel.
Mi. Fiilmore* Rrply.
Waihikgion, taaaday, July 9.
?riEMF.M: I have just received >our not;
. ,uf U>e melancholy and palbful >plBlfl|afa ??! .h<
,.rr, w of Z.iLUtkV T*vi.ua, Uto Pre?iilen. of the I'ciimi
Sialr-a. I bare no lamroax* to exprea? tie em >llon? of mj
beat I Tbe eb< ck la eo audden and unexprvmJ that I an
overwhelmed Willi Brief
I ?bull ?vail my?e;f of the earliest m iimwl to eom-nj-.l
rat?ihe?ad lnl?!it?*M e to Coagroaa; ano1 ?null an.j'iHi i
linie ?od place fur taking in* oaih >T office pre?
IBB Pie?lo>nl of Ibe L'uitfd Slate? You are rnquealed U
be pieaent and ? llneia Ibe rereuiony.
tUspactfelly, Youra, MILLAAD X/LLMURE
To tbe Ilur.nralile
JOHN M. CLAYTON. Se.rrilary of Suie.
W M MF.R^DlTil.Srt-fe.ary of the Treaaury.
X. EWINO, iecri :?.? ofstelou 1
OF.O W CRAWFORD S^neiary of War.
WM BAI.I.AaD PKK-iTOS. ftacraUry iftb? Nv/y
J COM.AMF.R. PoataaaalarOeooral
REVf RDY JOHNhON, AitorD-y ornerai.
The following order haa been iaaatd from tb?
Treaiuiy DepirLment:
Tar.Ascar DnrARTM?fiT, ?
UixEBAi. OaDta 1 Wsjtiiiixujo, July 1>, liju. !
TheKulcrot the World apeaka to I. ? B
In lha dfaih of lia Cbtef Ma?tatraie, lenchi' g th? v.iruv o!
aaaaaa gii atoraa and ib? UD<-mia'>my of human Uli Truly,
a |i'*aln anand itreal MrKiatraie ba? rH)|. n T
fiiri-rta that an occaaton >o rail of aorruw lc> a wh <le people
ai,all t* marked \>y ib? uanal pul? tr* dnmorjalradjua of toe
nriin n'a Iota, Ii la airool'njfiy ? nlert .1 ih'.i the nificta ol
lb* Tr?-?aury D*pailm?-nl be lifted unti1 ?flsr the fuoera!,
aid placed In mouinlri; ; that the offieara of t n < epart
BM 1 wear the tiauaj bad ye cf mourning; for lb? term ol 1:1
li la alao directed that th* revenue re?tela wharwear sm
ployed, utille wtih Ibe niili'ary and naval aalnorv I
I'j? ibe hij?bealluneta) b?m.n* of lha '.
triotiB drad. W M MBRBOITU,
Secretary of me i'ieaaury.
a ?
From Ibe Nation?. ' Il .1.
The Oftlrlul Arrnntrmri f?
I'ertl.e Funtrat *vtemr.i!ir$and II: m '*UPrmt
unte/ '.ht United ."Ij''?, Utairal Z, '. rv ,".?
W* p : . 1.U7, la y 11.
Tba Committee of Arr^n^cmeuta of the two
Hoaaea ol C^Mgraaa, iiaving oommM '1 with the
-, ol ti:o deceased, bar, I that the
Paoeral if tie late Preiident be 1
Saturday, the Kith of J?'y. M Lto'i h Tun re
Inicua ?ervic?i U) be perfirmei by II r. I)
at the Exc-.itivo Mast t" n>e u?a>?o
if ?le Ki.it , 'u ?hieb i
. h.1,ai aaaallj wo aMy??
afterward taken from the Pnatdava's H lOM to tha
? 1* Beryinj (Ir^ui I. a ? , .i, v ad by a Milt
tirj ICtcort and Civic Proies..
? ti'iiil?.
Tbe Military arraxferJMBia ' . l.e
re ction of Major (l?serai Scot?, th-? C.-a;1
aVaffj?iaf in i hu? ol th.? Ar?> y of the !' ill
and Major ?enet ?1 \V altor J.
(.'? haa :-?.
Comwciott \\'n
i.ow in tbi riiy, |a have the din
The Martha! ol' tba (>?? ibit to have
tbe dirn-ticii of the Civic ?'as taairm
All the membera of the Diplomatic OoTpa, a ! A
OKI of Uovemnifi.t, to?- Clergy of the Dutricr nnd
efictt here, all Aisociationa and Frat rr.itiea, aud
Arid ?t is -cipi cttuiiy reoriamandcd to t?
nf the (?'ivfrtiintiit that tivy wear tbp uaar..
Ku. ? ,?' Eacoi 1. "? ? ttaaai ufaiai 1
? i- if the Ainij iuo ibe M;Ml!i ai :
, 11I. or ra niay rrp.'ii ?/. :., i
f. r duly on il.c orraalon )
rivit I
liaaMaraha -;rxb:a
noJ hit Aid,
Tb ? llatot? 1 f \Va?bifi?nin ax * r.
Tbd Ci Ba?les of Armutteinei.u of the :?o ?I jieiof
71.1- Chaplain, of
ufata < rartya
lltaaaMag Fhyal naaa to iba late Pi ?
I al ' iCAarat:
11.... Utary CUy. > ?lu?. T. H
j;,?. 1.11,'iiCiiii, i il?* /?
1 Ij?. J M. Hm run. Hon. Trum- -.
Bm. H C Hnthrot. ' I! ?. / . -.f.
Ha?. Jut. ?clk,u??, Haa ,s p. I ?
itv* ???.^h H h.it. faavJatawJ Wmm,
(. H /'. iV,fu,AV "? ?
Ck^/Jmtm ( '
Major ( 1 nierai J? twr,
i?a,i.V'i huUmrtl, j Hrtg Urn lic-idrrt,*.
Tee Uorae uird al 1 law ral Taylas In lie '.ats war.
Fau.l.y asd re tUVM ?( U.e l?;o Pi, .
Via rrcaldenio! tbe Uahaa S.*?ea aui Ute Uo?J< uf ??
* pa/lmrnia.
Tbe Berceani-ktArma of the Se?ala.
TLe rrea.e of lit 1'wu.d Su. ?
pro temjport and Socretarv.
TbeSergt-ast at Arm* of the liouao 01 ;ta,'-i* auvea
: Kepioaaniatlvat, \>?,:. .
and Clark
XaaCUef Jaadea and Aaaoataie J...
.. f tbe United State, a j .
The Dip oaiai'r Corpa,
t;?;,,.Lui? im o.?.'?fc'.j ran
tx member, of 0*>l ?>
MrmVri of 3tal- L
Dlitilct Jilw.f ' -> , .
JuJge? of ibeMrcutl and Ci >uiUiki Court, '
CohiaAV, wua iha M -a vf lha ?..
Offi-'eit- f ' 1
Tbe Jadae? of Ihr m
?irr.llrr of ibt- T
asi. Solicitor, and Comer? ornee,
feLtiona, laaiaa Afaira, P?i .ii_i
fubtlt ? . ,.
T f l erk, Lr. of lb.- aoreral DepartmeD'a, 7 1 r-rded by
'.letr reapt.ilve Lii ? fC <';k? . ax J a., . .-C.rU
- -noeet
.^.^ oflha Dm , UrRc?re.
. ? ? . ' .
orpoiaie A oi.ruiraof Waahlar oa.
^1? ?,"i AaiowUaaa 11" O iir^'.-i ??&.
? Tioftaaoi, a>,d Snideciaof ihe 0 <Jefe| ai the
1 of CkIowI.U, Orncera anj 9j;d! ri w\o
a?v*d in in? war of lll?, and .a
Uto late ?rar
? ?i.d Kfairrai.lr? a? BJBJ w aj ' > j 19 the ?rt>
?**?** ,"r?',H.ttioiheMArahiUi'fih!'l>ii.tct.
? b,.wtll ?aa!. -*p?
o?t p,. ? .
Th. proawea >,n ?., ?o?.- frmii, rraoi<.r.:'atta?iaat
1 o'clock a*?;*?,.v, or on the r>-e.a*. > ..? v
4raay frayerai Orara.
WAaDarA*i*ii st, XtavTk?jGtat\AL? Urrica.1
Waeaaattee, Ju>? n, v ""J
Orara il. Oanra?, Ne.2l ?
The tollo? ii.ji order ?v the Preaident of the Uni
ted 8tatee arnoonee? K? the Army tb? iarnented
death ol tie tlloairiroaQaawrnl EaCfiajtY Tatlok,
late Prtfidaaitof ?e liatted Statct:
W*a DiriaraaitT.Ji'y U, lftja.
1. ?V PrawtJa*-? *4 lb? United Sia'.-a. #-ith pro
leuad torn*- ?junoar.c? a to the Army, the Navy,
and Mwi?aOor?a, th,> death of Xachart Tatlob,
late p/tardentar the I sittd State?. He .iiedattb?
Kzrcoiiva Mai>a 00 00 the night of the f?th ioet at
lia kaat pahn<- aopoaranca waa in ,'?rt:cipating
.1 loir, BMBjari of ii, National Aooi.e-aary at
tha'iae of the Monument now rearini; t.ithemem
?vyof H?.Hi?n..i His last oSoalar: ?aa to
?f?x hif. > gn?T.
d between the ' ? and Gre
The vigor of? atar?, ?i
l?tc yi-trt, h'cowie impaired by the ariooni toi
and ....
Boitly enartfitd in ayaJsata \ *x ai
idv.Lcitg the gl rj < f I t ooaoUy,in ? career
fort] jin-iir. toe army of tic Dotted Stict,
> ' ?IfjraBl au.I Blasts lues An u
Inten current of BBeeeaa and victory, terutinati
by aa mblasaaaiBt astswrasseed m aaraati. ? I
I if to be i< i > fam3.
Hi"' ''it! a tn.i -v-er
imple d ('.tare, ir> !, ? ththe crowning virtu
of n.Mlertt.on ti.d buujttity under all cir
.it, ttid eiperially in tin- moment of v..
reaJadtobia ctut-trymenthce gr-at and ?
ilin which indued them, naoHaitot). kB
f< m h ? Mgh mnitiry commini to t<
? ?r ?ad t'utt in t*-? ftofl
he cet.n d ? he tint, but that be waa felt to I
W( illicit.
Theiimp l harar'er, the lirgloa:?!
Hi pnrpoie.tho ill Titan aDd ^atrtotimefhi? pr.
s ; bia moral courage, hii wiidorn, m nierait.>
at d power of command, while they have endear:
lim to tie hetrt ff the nation, aid to th* d. <
tette of the citi< nalca-'amity in the Ion ofa Chi
Migiitrau- wlimdeath iUelf?uld notai:
crLfticM.-.cia of "having aiwayi done hit dity
The Oflbwi of ths Army, of the Navy, a
Marine Corps will, ai h manifestation of -
IM t for tbe exulted character and eminent pubi
i(..... i of the illoitriom dead, and of tl
at to calamity the country hai ?eetatnsd by t.
ifBicti.g M'penaaton ni IV .idem >?, wear < rtj
cl the left arm and ?j?.n the I . ..-.vord f
II Inoi Iff.
It i? forthcr directed that fanerai honor, be pa
at eich of tie BSthtar* po?ti BCeetdlBg to gen-r
?Ulm, and a: navy yards, and on board ?
public veiseli in comminioo, by tiring thirty mi
ote gana, r at n.. ridian on the day aft?
the receipt o? this order, and by weanag their fiic
ht baaf ?a.t
By order of the President,
_ Secretary of V*/ar.
II. The o'ay after the receipt of this "Geier.
OriJ^r " at each military roit, tho troopi trial .,
paraded at 10 o'clock, A M and the Order real I
tl.? m, after which all labuu fir the day will ceas.
Il e National Fis? will bediiplayed at half s'at
At dawn of day thirteen gum will be lired, au
'Jicrward, at interval! of thirty minute!, botwoe
the riling and Mtting tun, a lingle gun, and at th
( Iom of the day a national lalute of .10 guns.
The Oflicen of the Army will wear the bid<e <
meurt ?i.g on the left arm and on their iword?. an
tbe color? of the l?verai regiments will be put i
j!L;r.?r, fnr tho period of nx tnonthi.
" By order, R IONES,
AdjQ'.aat General 0.9. A.
General Order.
Tbt i id S ti tes, with p-.;
fassd sorrow, announce! to the Army, the Narj
and Marine Curpi the death of ZaCHSJtl I
lite T eudent ol the l.'iiite.l BtataR He di-I i
tbe Executive MnnTt~l on the m^btof th
at 1CJ oi .
Hit last public appcarar.ee was iu parti,
in ti o OoTOI inn t i : 0 ?r N'atijnal Anniveriary a
tic baic . : : W rearing to theme m
oryof Washington His last officia] at was U
athx his atgaatare t the C.)aventi I
i beteten ti.e i litad btates and Great Bri
TI.e ?isi r of a bi ire, a .
lili) ".8, in l, Ii
later y i ?rt, hi ( .me impaired by the ar In ?
ti n ?zponrsa oi b?a mil tary lite.
Boloh eiuraaMd to aWafsiaiag t
?? of bia c.antry, ia a carj a." o
tarty yrti? in U e-rruy of the I laitod Stetsa In
rendered eimie>t lignai and iliuatrioai. Aa an
hrol?i san ess and v?, u,ry, lorai'miMi]
ly l?. .is, lad
i 'I ii tobt I BpHabed far Lia m'utary fame.
il s
utexsn:?ivd fortan?), and, with
t .. - ? . .
civU Ol : at . trtlot m the ?
that I
?of his
. g. i trtios, ni.' a
him to tbfl he h t of Bat nation, add to t
lenseoftt. ? m.ty, in th.: Iota ofh Chi I
Migiitrate vahon tl lotto?
?... m < :
1 he ' iLir-s ol the Army, 1 thy .Navy, t
I - a . i
I ?C !.'?
It ? ???ia. und of their ?enic of
tho rnlamtty tHe coaotry bag latttinc:
lingo tipeuatioaol t*rov!dcnre, wear:rapo on
taaleitRnai sword Ik nx
mont 11
It ii lurt! er dire, tod, ti.at luijeral bvwaai be ?Rid
at each o! the sanitary post! arcorliog to the ftss>
i si r?fsJatbiM il Navy yards, and un board all
public vcss.'s la commission, by ?ir.i??-thirty min .'a
pur? tg at Bforidian im tue day I I
toi th:t order, and by wearing th. ir lag? a'.
ban rael By ordar of tbe PiwatdaaRi
UM BALtARD f..l-.M.)N Secretary ofLiiNav
A.ir^ l'r, <ir m >..", ? ,
(103cl il notice?
A'.l effcen if ti e Navy ar.d Marino Co.t
i.t the teat of Government, to whom a i;
U BOt assigned in the programme o:
liera! ; vil! assj-a;!e at the N'i.7y I):
partrnttt at ? o'clock A M on Saturday,
it tt. w I ere they will be BCt by C -urn j'd
riavjttB^wbowfli Msigr. them a pos::
c isicn By order of the So retary rjf the Navy.
Tb> l 11 ki of tbo Na.-y DaniftlMUt Rod i's i'?
cral bureaus, will r.ticmble a: the Navy building
al I b i k? k A.M. on Saturday, the Uth tos? - -
is the funj.-.
Lato President of the Unitod BtRtes, at
bac at s of mourn i ?d.
rt> o.-.:. 11 tl e Navy.
Navv I), , .uno.!. J-: y ,
To in rro?, July 13, being appoi .:
Lcral tf the late Preside tt of tbo Onited States, the
) i ?ill cf Bureiui.thcir c!e;';i aai m:ne
tached to this Department, will assemble ?t t'atir
n ipt rlive crticei at iu o ado, * A 3d al
ihe I), par"
with badgu ? Ac"
Taiaiiav Dir?aTnrsT, rirusday, Juiyll.
N"nee ?The > ?.: ? , alBaraasaof
asary De? . v
ait?L 1 lb. i r.-atury baildin?.
on Saturday, the 1.Hh n*t at
Eurpcse of anil
it? Pi. ? ? I ( " - ' ;
tlaUUtry Arrival?.
Toe dne company of I. S :
l m. i i : afajoi
upward of ?0 men, witr, .:, kaal 1
t? arrived BSN y citer Jay m. ??ait,' iron? For
Ii Hecry, near Baltimore and took aatst lera at th
Mtnne Barrtcki.
Company C lint rep:ment o? ?. 8. Artillery,
commanded by Capt- Bo wen, also readied be:a
yeaterday from Fort Miilim, near Pbiladelphis?
Tbia .xcedei:t ?orp. ?.arad^i 4? mon, and hi
their eabres, tie dv.ance bssBJ too great, a-.a Bsfl
heat of the weather men. m to ibrbid tbe tranapor
tatioii of heavy araiameot
By lut evsa ng'i train of cars we bal also tbe
pkaaure to notice the arrival of a dataeb'oeat of
I B. httrinei. under Lieut Graham. Taey ais
frisa Philadelphia, and are detailed axpreotly for
the purpose of participating ?n the solemn ptgeaat
ofBaturoay next The two latter Com janies im?
mediately joined ti.e former at the ?j/ernmsnt
r?oCu upati. i in.m New V<>rkani a-vnher from
i rt Waibin,tor, will d-^iht1 ??? refh here daria<
^??7- iNat Intel lith.
'?'?t MatatO? * y ?* y\ h nia
; ... \ <
T, , _ *?? ?oaa, Jo*yl2 II?
'. ? M .r
." ?Ulffdtr ? ? -. .-, ? . ,
Bn** Q lloros sril o ir.
r?n ArtlHe-j, ?nd-r Captara lUyuor, to tira 66
B.iM.:e*uoA, [ niiisasassia * to ih? a?? of i.->
On era'.] ?rom ir . j H:i
? ? ?iv.al wh h
-aJ proc ?ion ni OaaoroJ Tay
lake place at W ?hi?ton.
I i * if tha respective Cor, ? \
'the an munition rcpircJ tu
mfgMmf r. , H, ._, ,.
t HARLES w lajrovoia, m?< i) n. Commandita.
Citt Bau, :tew To'k, Jal/H, t$50.
A? a airctlrg cf the Coxmittee of Arraagemonta
an "i-ttd by the Corn uou Council, in relation to
?COOOO ofOajacraJ Tay'or, late Peailento'
' nited State?, bel 1 in r om 4, City Hall,
this dsy, tl^e fol'owi: s resolutions were adopted:
Tt-rlt'd, Thmh*, '. h^fioeral. |
, ?*?* fra
He>U of ia#Uattad Otatee,kaha pia-e ?yieinaii
!?" I n rr,,i. D io he c mr-ted of tb? ?llitanr, ?-.1 |-.a
eiftcr*t i orders, ???ce',-, sad n'tr-ra of New-V ora. aid
fer ' ? ? ti-* r!?.
aw-) ?? it
? ? i
and that all orders, sod i i i i assa talions I ?
riiirer?:e i, ? rrajaaa teata !?! the Co arm!'??
ion sai -i ft c o'clock, P M, siroosa 4
Cil} Hall, lc ?
akaawtoearr] alas "fihe day ta .
ft a'em?Et.-r
Btto-ttit, Thai the An y -.cd Nvr7 o' the Unite I i
m in? ??,,. n, i?e r- , ? I < ?? :
rrlnee !n in-kirg Ik ?
teem M I.nary he ?erio-at-n kseoaaa "?'rate wliaibe Com
n aid?r, of'h* dirt^rem ? * < r,
Itr?lttd. Th?i i. ban net bearte? I "?1 device? cr la
SOtadOBI iliaii ff aurM! *d in lee Prccea,l"Q
hmJrid, Thai the Commi tee wi.l ht In ,esatoa daily In
Ri om 4. Cliy lia:!, from the 15:h lo lite ??d un, from 5 to 7
o clock t M
SAUL Y.L DtHkAr-.a, I
JAM M H. COOK. Mia part of the
JACOB F. OAKLEY, f B'a/i ol Ali.
President. I
* L H. WARD, I
JAMES AtKEKMAN, I Commilt*e on
HE.-l.Ki HMiTII. ; tie pan of Board
at I
N B ?Dae I
pera, of the fu?era. ? ? lof this d'.y.
Naw-YoRK ClTT.??' H, Saturday,
July in. In respei t to the ra "ii >ry of the lite
President M'ibe 1'i.ut'd State?, and in pursuance
of tbe rercirmcndarfon of th,'
1 nansj C-iu . .!, th
this Court will be cloaed trr? ilay. Th*
Term appointed fcf t'ois day will oof be hoi I cota
Mjr.iiaj. By I
WJ1 11, AjUBaTfROsrO, l ISsta. CSOa <
M.T''.? The Pmi?tnft Fi:ne.ra'. ? ."
B.?In view of tho ifHi t e ilijpens ttion pi
. .1, ?bo, ii,
strickr-odo* i t i B :l i i I tba Notaos,
. . if a
aid as ii.'i-iilaali. to btusb?e oursjlves
(i, '. It a '?pt.n u? to b.-ar o
: 11 the d?par?
ti, a'i i.' r, ?' k ? ? jve, our
rVith ths viow, and
lollowini ib* BJiBjavpla of our sister city, I
mend to the eWsaoB of Brooklyn, ?juieralh.
Bararday. ti
and th< afilpploa in on; barbor In di iplaycl it half
mast f:oil) lUrua to , ir.J't. that al; tl:,
odices aud stores l.jsod, and
?HI I?, si j rarkut
il Ban i, Uiyor.
Brooklyn, fary 11. !SiO.
Tha o" .-? of ihe Kitih Brigade. ^:
; ito Militia ...... s
ihr y pasiid Rtv to unite io tb)
i n metnorati 'u o! I
laWBCT T" 8l>. T.tfl.oR KT IIVHWVV -TliO
? itaens of safslWtJ, It J w i; have a pr;ce?aion
y (Saturday) at 2 P M. and a'i ha.ineis will be
?Vied from 1 ?o1 '?
I ri, Taylor'? Oenth la llaaoheater, N.'I.
're of TheTr.ijuii.
Mxatn: stc?, N !1. rVadaawiaf July 1".
Mr. ObbbUIi Our spimllo ? ?ty, usually io
crowded with builncis, so fill of labor, is this after,
noon pervaded with the stillness of tho Sibbath.
At abou* 1 '? I rk tlo cows of Gen. T ay ! r's death
i aphic dispatch, and tho laoje
bell of t!,o Cty Bol i-oinmeiiced to toll. One by
one tbe Church belli joined with solemn dirge
like monotones. Various ;h.7?, drcsied in mouru
ir.c', wrre raised at half mast ?n dureront parts of
?y, und larger OBii, ??-ailarly dressed, iai
> ?? utin streets. Tu I ood
spresd arouid ou: city, and by 10 o'clock t
?as in ti.in.mirg. At 12 all tbe shops, Iar,70 a-i'd
srr.i '. ?Ora i <til and thed?or S.n.,1?
bistk orope. At that tiite, t. \ the gasM wj-o
rJaaod at oil ti e milla, and by a ipoatajM mo h Oft
' ? tail W citizens, all work was sus
1. A?itp?alst jiervadea the eat]
lace is covered with sadness even the tor: <
L AU H ?! that taM
J has sustained a great l-xis? il at t If '.
great rttd 'roo! m?n hu fallen.
Tribaiea of Rrapect to the Inte Preeldeal.
Alba>t? At Albany, on Wedaeiday, a Special
Committee of tbe Common Council was eoiTcned,
at wi ich tbe Mayor comxunicated the melancholy
ittellige.Me of the PTnaldnol'i ilaoaoia. aod appro?
priate resoiutiona %-:q o U n i by the ?ecorderanl
unaoimonaly ad' i ud. FloHoolo public te?ti moto ais
cl ISfMcl will b?j oriOfifOil In tiie Mayors Court,
Mr. Whiatod , i c-.jt in a two? c>
faja :.l remarks. Tte Tocog Meri s AssoriaO
oapeciaJ meeting a:d ai ite'i r?soiutiona. Tbe
11 e -. i a a J^ u r iuil Bay a : VVe are reminded, by tbe
fca i ?curly diatbarges of cannon, of the sad event
wbu h occasioned Uni tr.buto. The colora ol the
shipping- at our wharves which ?ere letat hail
nistytster?ay, reamui?n that ?*;tiiion.
The ,/lVaj'iays: lu obedience to (leneral Or?
ders issued by ibe CjmmanJ .-r-in Chief, Cot. fp?
by caused balibour sun? to be d:scharged during
tfcis day Capt TriOiinisOl ?at detailed aod su
perinten It'll ti.e tiring.
The National standard ?aa displayed at haif-sta J
on tbe Capitol, State Arsenal, and the icve.-i
tary armoriei in the city.
It.cii?Mn:?Ti I h ,iocral o? Wed
neaiiaj says Hii Honor Major Uit-hardson, apon
tbe rec?iptof the mournful intelllgeoeo cf th
of Preiidfct Titlor, pro* . a ail for o
public meeting of i-itizens to aoko appropr.at? ac
| tloo in r ?? rOJ re thereto. The ? all ?u res;
to by a large mmber cf b >ih political
parties- Boa Lrv; A. -1 tbo osaal
reK-lutiona, in accordance w tb v ich a Commirtee
of 25 citizecs wa, > make arraage
rcects for su h pub!:< action aa tbey mixht deem
appropriate. Tbe Committee oil se juest?y report?
ed tbe programme of a proccsii-ro to be formed on
the day and boor of the funeral eeremontea at
Washington, on North Sophias*., and march to
Washin:ton-iquare to iiiten U an Addreu and
Prayer "Tbe merchacta bare be^o reja:s:.d to
close their a'oree, and ci?xena generally to s upend
business during the time of the pruressioa and the
exercises on the square ; and the different Clergy
mes of tbe city to preach a sermon s attable to the
occasion, at their own t.me and convenience?time
tad place to be annoanced.
Bcffalo.?The autbonties of th? city, at a sp?c?
ial meetiitg of tbe Common Council on Wednesday
after?on, deeply regretted the loes of Gen. Taylo*,
ard Mayor Smith, coaomoaicafed the death io a >
rUquent manner Tbe City Coao.nl Chamber, a-il
the public i (Roes are to be At.ntefl in nmurn'mg for
ibe H it n month? Tbe acjkiritiea iotand to
ai fre * ?-h i
i teyi?gnch funeral honor? as by th.? ?
i deemed beromb g and a rnei-iii.? it h> he hetd os
Tue?r?y aveaaag it th
rttT: A .1
party. At in other town, ttv
l**e ' i ? ?
? ? : #aei ai?d.
Svksi i -i ?on We-itetday th? Peopl? ?
ol ihn city (the corpora'? ?utrvinte? <?
:.t scries of resolut.oc?, oae of w.
i|unte :
Rr?Jrr*. Tr.st oc- f t? M tht unexpersd aid ?
? i?-il ?) ihe rvtiicilja that :'
ut? looted tvtBj hepeaiKi eooMeac??? at? ?mess? e>*>
of Oeo Tttt.ua, to alla>>.? lb.
?. ? uiTttad heno?? w
| o?r Fi^i-r?! l.-?t?i?T>r?, ana wbtea a??? r?u?-?t -easy
f, an '??< tat ?ut.nn, tad well '.'t \at ol us? ?real C
?.-wM'h t*'* I'lttui-ui deceased was called by at?
? I ilif en? lu prrstJ?
T'tica?On Thursday evening the citz
retocoovene at the M
by call'of aba Miyor, to appropriately notice the
decen. ;. Taylor.
RiaH t'srsHiKi ? The news of the d
Pre i drat lay :or retched Concord, H. H. oa Wo I
eaodaj awd vti announced in the Legit
litore, wh'.rb wti then in ? it >n AC
wta appotn' d to com
prrte.l the foUowlag resolves, shioh" were unni
moutly adopted i
Riu^tcii by tAt Straft u?? H,um/ ?ajreareiaiit't ?'?
tinrrcii iiui: ii.. i????, Thai uie tai buelli?ence ,.t to?
' ?
fama m? . r ?.
c n n.K: ? tai ni, u e: ..*??'.. o >><?. .? i til !??
II?Ttcorioet In tv-nv ti. id?jutt, hum?ae *n t c<> ??
alelo l.?? U uu.pba?1 ? bit ?. ?tal un? >?. ?
rer/ul* M ? . i '
i i . i datj
whir", b" ha? bee.
1 tttt I h ? c..ui.tr>n!?.n BU d?til ertll b? da
un .fii.ee
Bmchii, T?.a: Ills ~> M Mr, be reiui-st
ed to ramollir Into a eSOyoflSOS. n'to?iiloui to (tie sur.
vlvjir family of lb? deceisrd, at an rvo tu, n of our
ceanfelt ivmsuay for inem uuder 'his moM sever? and
aff cunir dispensants.
Some very eloquent eulogiei were prououa-ed
by Mcisrs. Kdwaidi of Keene, Duncan of Han?
over, Allen of Newport, Pierce of Hil thorough,
Goodwin if P. rtimr.utb, kl r. ?son of Ma:ieh'?scer,
and Qatncj of ilurnney, after which tho limo
I adjourned. The Senate unanimomly ad>pted the
above resolutions in concurrence.
Boston?The following are extracta from the
| Address of May or Bu.klow of Boston, to the Coa
! venticn of the City Council:
It was but a few days since that we were en
! gaged in making preparation, to receive General
? Taylor, at the gueit i ! iloito:., u^iou tho adju .ru
: ment of Coogren. Wo were to btve gone to our
gatei to receive him on the spot where our lather?
recettes] Washington. We were to receive him
with mere than the ordinary respect tender. .1 t > a
Chief alasittrate, Incauto we believed that he
wat like Washington, in the chief BassssssatsRI of
bis chtrtcter.
We were preparing to meet him who had given
proofa tbrtt he bad taken Washington for Mae?
??pial We were to lead forth our children tos mj
bim. We aer? to ahow him our city?our otawak
inaiitu'ioni, and extend to him oar profuie haipi
ttlity. Not became be wat to come as a ?>u
queror, bar aa coming with l?r ;-ea:.r h I ?a tfttn
< of war ; the glories of I personal char
?cter, *fich do b- nor to rium.initv ; fo.havi
mnre eoaa] basai for bit human'ty than far
ii'ie?ti?a humanity far inure glorious t?
? .i ..n the bluntly annall of the battle?
field. We ?speetsd tu meet Mas, not ai eutasas;
fmm lb? tr?nke and tSSSaeja of ?a I
| free? the heMassd wal'i of itorme-l aWa?
Dot a? he rode in triumph over the bloody
ihe lar distant S nth. We expected to lalcte him
at the victor over heart.?a. triumphant over the
di >.f a grateful people. Bui he I
more?he will ncvercome. That iron fram'
for fo maryyetri rensttd the norms of :
menti and of wir, bu sunk beneath the power of
a cii'iut-rnr far mightier t I ' of the
filobc. Tlmt htud 'which awRjrod a?
empire bat relaxed its graip forever?that voieo
?In. h oostsstsad the tide of oittle, and spake in
m er t? i I BMraf ro the vanquished, i? ai!"in-e 1 in
daatb ' tbal m alM 10 afan itarnly glance!
? one the tertved rankt of gallaat troops, arrjyed
lor conflit, and which bot yosterday baaii".! vvitli
a'l the hi ?ne?i nf mi ml all ???tin s. im :
luster, ti ??: ?.?'mined Im-vr-rio "tho shallow of the
If II I id ?tevtr pest?t a? lostg ts the
rice ?ball retnin a ?. i.te af Iba virtue of humanity.
While the records ol mankind are preierved, to
long wih tiie memory nf Zachsry Taylor be en
ihrined in the hetrti oi the enligh? -ned, tne good
tti'l the Uue of every land. i
A Kenrral wiih seemi to M entertaioed, iayi
? /V, thit Mr. Wiathrop ilxiuld be ie
lectod to delivtr the wloej upon General Taylor in
thi? city. No man conl.1 ditcharajc tho othVe better
Hmit.il.-Isa Mayor of lL.aniry, General
Dearborn, 11 avaaed aeu braochci ol the City Gov
immcatot thtt city tbii .owning, and ommuaiett
t d :>' tl fil a Mtnage, f.om which we take th? Id?
h wing pasitges :
Three Presidents? Adams, Jefferson and Monroe
? er.did their earthly career oa the glorious Anui
vcrsary of our National Independence ; and it is a
B <st reatarksJafaesdaasaeaaa that a loarth, anl the
last, wat ?tri. kei with the arm* ol death at too
I,,,., ... i .? WaaUagtol Moaamcnt, m tbe Capital
lltpoblx, while ptnivipating in the cere
coi ie? i. rectal] . miratmg tho recent return ofthat
?hl? day . tad well miuthU ipiritbav.
?rep? ' ta of bia saaataaad asadaaa?
ton who had aicended tothe ri ? '"ta!i
ty, when w.th hit Ittt b-etth lie i add ealmiy and
lire, '? I ba?e .i'.vays dstM my duty.''
By tbe rectitude af bia 'leportment, iat-lligen^e,
? / ? - .:.-.., 11 t
, and honor of the Na
inch a lofty poat'.mn in the ostimitiou ol the
:Hat th-y ch>ierf.l y conferred upon hm
tl e dsgailsd tad respontibleolhc af <3hief Magis?
trate O? the I r ion.
Ho faut faUy, in.J. | ,1 ab>y asa be dii
ti! tbe gi\ at dutiei which wtt? de
open f.im, that he ii pre?'minen?!y BBRsassI ta the
'.'rt?itu(ie and pn/oand reipect ut thit and all future
generation i. tnd I am confident that the citizom
oi Roxbary 10 deeply lament, ai a great national
i alamity, the Ion of auch an hem it. lung-tr ? .
i shed loidicr and statesiuio, that they .viil
cordiilly unite with tbe Legitla'ive and Rs
branctii of the Government In the performance at
?och funeral ritei ?? may be oaiidered as I
fully doe to one of the moat renowned horoaf af
this or any other age and to a trae and zeabos
patriot, who devtt?d his whole life to the s
of hi? cenntry.
A Funeral Ontiop hi to to.-ro part of the c?r?mo?
nie! of the C
Woitrr.Tin, M-t?J?We learn from tbe Spy*
that aa ?oon ai the iutelligcnc of Gen Taylsra
dub vu r< Bctv?d ia that esty, Btaay nf tbe ?tore?
and places of basiiess were invt-tteii with th.ern
t I n.( nrnng aud the city aatborities ordered
. and loioutj <a s fire 1 from 1.
M. till 1 P M. which was carried laaa effect Re
feTicp I .x.-yof Premie t Fillmoreaod
tbe Slavery' a.jtationi, the i>Vjr says "May he
be enCowed from tl?v? with wiidom, pruienceaad
firmness, meet to: the exi.
Hu de hLtan?General orders hav? been is
?ued by the Afjntant General providing forth? ap?
propriate manifestation.. Tbe City Council of
Providence nave appointed a committee to devise
further me asure a _
Prejwmt Tatlor'i Last Letter.?The Pre?
sident was taken ill on Thursday. On Friday,
being aomewbat easier, he ligned th? Nicaragua
Treaty, and write tbe letter to K. P. Prootic?.
Eiq , af thi? city, Pretidant of the Sute A^n-ral
taral Society, which we puhiiihed a few days
?inca It ia probable that thi? n th? last letter
which be arrute, as on Friday evoaiaar he wu
farther ii diapoeed, and continued to ?ink until tbe
melancholy boor of bia death.
[Albany Eve. Journal
Br* h preparing Bnatoi Bill for the State Prism
faihi' n in Wrntont. plain marks of hard mag"
were aatVawWied opon bia back, which indictted
that h? bad ierv?d ? term at Botany Bay
laaawriautt fraaa W*?ha.v,ta C?a?^.w-ta#
The a ???owing dispatches eppa.rei ta two ?f t^
?veaifeg papera of thie ?.tyyro d y. Thay ?,
ai.oruat if tiue:
, . Waaai??.',? F-.Ja?, ?j
l learu from aa authentic j,.: ui.
all classe? of politi< I? < a .-, (? -o each'see
? tatry,asOVa s I N o1'S ?rery'aad
, r. OJSM b'ol? tw? balo, c the 3?uat? , ?
The Scuih? m roetnb- ra have ?rre*d to tha lia? ef
il as the I? AU hakt?
tta to beeng to Texas.
it is ttiiuiMu trat re?as ?i ? a??-i i to tsajj
I ? -o agrees t> tnM peo, *?1,
a~o the ? ?
jM't U ?
?t :s aio understood that t P.-eei ' is t.
; reaoas) Liiuse.f willing to ab : by : .a arra.--.ga>
i n.rnt
Ther-is however, an opp-?- .oo to r CaiL
? n the ?ame Un?.
T?? A. M.
\ The project a e&tkmed Rbore ? ol ?>r dis
aad I unde atan! that saWM s a a.os(>ect
t rat it s ill be carried.
1 hear a rumor trtat Mr. Webater ?ill preps**
te Mr. Winihrop .a the Cabinet.
oVataiaeTOi?. F .?lay, Jaiy 11
There 'i no doott that a power -1 ?nd eooipre
benaive messa?, by Presidint Tay or on th? gajO>
eral state o! ?aSSOOSSjmWMaSSij 'o-r bwaemaa.
s on to Contre??, wbeo Le SjaOA M ?i a doemuent
rilcu'ated to produoe a atrot,. . It i?
lionbtJoial Mr Fillmore'iprvKut . nw
mit him to sdopt iL
lien 8 tit ut lu re, and in robust health. He hi?
i.v,dtbe visits of many of tha Oatearaof lbs
M*xican war.
No dSOataaS on the Cabinet N rta are ma'' ng
{ tobnnginb-ui Webster and Ci\tt d ->? ha It tor
as Atu ral. Mr. C ay toa. ? a.ixioaj a
? retire.
m "k Ji Li.?Our exchanges jast received
ii fu 1 of paui.'tii -. ? .iioa of ths
i :4th AnLivfriary ot ti. . . os U ths
BSSthfl 1*00 ..ioso SwhlOR
at?! . ?in ? tne p i -' e S-uth, by
i the puboaVd proceeding ,. -J, toaata, Ac.)
brea-he as ? rainrntly nr. aal lattSj, lo South
Carolina ami otuar portiu ? | deraey tb?
reading of too AaMroessf the Xijrt tile Coores?
tion ?a* subatitut.-.. mou. ' and at
' toe Bi attorn e ,> br ?. s
ment ?aa rea/, th? sta esmen i I ?hots policy of
tbe North were oittcrly assailed, to th i ?xctejsas
of all bursts of National Patriotism.
A Corree I loa.
Pirn AOii.i hu, TVurtday, J ily !1
To th* KdiXur *f Th? TrtewM :
Yus have a report to your daily paper today of 0
lyhihrtwevD Uta Uttiotn! K?y\t4 C? and AuuU?tm IV
ymt C* of ifels city. Tbe re,on t, wiili >at f> isdad m, is
ire two eompaeras are oa loa best lar-na. fin ?|.| oft.
ier e by ibe /??mrrr of thl? mcrnliiXi 'Bat tho mi:., ta
baso eorertH to that psper, and tor th* credit of our con?,
pany we will thick you to make the coriacuoe also.
On b?ba>f of tha OLlaeni Enu-tce (' i
JO?L-H VERK.ER, Maojucr.
Tni Ali.\.-t Mail Hoir; ?it.?T?j examina
ton relative to the Post Oth -e robbery at Albany
waa brought to a close on W> .luoaday evening.?
Pemberb-n confessed that six diff?rent pa i
?ere stolen by him at ai many different times ??
Five of tkeae ?ere handed to Oay-lor within a few
minutes after their abstract1"!). Pembrrton pro
t. nds that ho never received or saw a .y portion of
tbe cor tents of these packigea.
Ptmbertrn, (laylor and Krauihall ?ere required!
to give bail in tbe sum of tl.cu-J each to appear be?
fore tbe U. S. Distriet Court at Uti a OS the lath
? ?a? i?
Nrw Wheat?The first that bna corns to -iar
ket this acasos, arrived yesterday. Two ?mad
??ir* shipped, nue of ."? s-d the other ol 71
sst-a?, in ail about -'iw bushels. The iimple bofitrs
M JOSSOOTOS,tso kernels bung lull. i,nooth onf
sound, fren from smut or oth. r imperfe-'tiouB. and
of a bri) ht red. We are told that harraating la
IBS Southern portion? of this Slate and Illimiia has
ful,y conmsLced, ami with a week more of favwa
bie weather the entire crop wit' b?vi< b* -n su mred.
The weather thai far bas been aa favorab'e aa
? i oU be di-tired, and the farmer? are makir,*- ^oodl
uieol it. In many OOSSSOO nilhof tsia city, the
w heat hat vrat ia over, or nearly so ; more than 0
week since wh.le tieir?s w. *e m tn? atkues s. %i..
lower coot ties borderinir on I i In St.
* bsiiol a> d other coqnties on tho Miasouri, tho
work I as o mmcDced. and from ev.iry >|uartar ??
)>?\e the niiat Battering accounts, not only ol tha
. 1 : of Uio forward'.- ?a of irr* , ?
|?> .
uFTKEKllKKStlHi?iiLSTAV, I ?ffT?Otf
IhjaMSaSSjSJSaaMawaf NslplR-if I
Mr. Oii'i i tho Com
rnittce uri[>"?Lt'j i .V.ldreso to
t?,i B i lots of our Stair, r . I the fal?
low! ti}?, which w.iri lorjiiJ^rcJ au J imuni
nn u.sly adopted :
Er.i.i.ow-CiTiZtN* of Nrw-T >ta
At the iostar.ee of your sssfSS i? w-ioakers, yoa
voted Isst November on the ju ?tiou of opioia*
your Common Schoo's wiiooat charge or disttuetioa
Pi all tbe cbi dren cf lit atie re^idin^ ?icnin your
State i and jour majority io fa-or of?uih o^oi.ing
was overwhelmirg Ia tbua voting, you did not
imply that tbe details of the Free School Ajtof H49
were perfect, tor were yoa oWOSRotssa as so de?
ciding. You left tbe Act opon to amondaieu' b*
eacb successive Legislature, whenever amend?
ment, not inconsisteit with its vital principle,
shtold bo deemed advisable. Your last Legis'a*
ture, in full view of these facto, instead of coriect*
leg any erro s which in the fust reduction of ag.oal
principle to practice ara well nitfh unavoidab e, de?
cided toroaubmiithe law,with all its alleged imper?
fections on its head, for yoar approval or rejo t?os
tbis Fall. In other words, the Leiiiaiature, while it
left|its own work undone, require'i yoa to do youra 0
OOSI nd time And now tbe enomiesof Free Solvi?lo
sees to profit by this neglect, coupled ?ith the an
far marmer in ?hieb the question is resubmitted,
? nd to it cure your suffrages in opposition to tho
Free pritciple, by harping on and magnifying t?o
defects and inequalities in tbe details of the law.
They ?ould have yoa believe that in voting with
us you vote against ax.y amendment of the pressai
Airains? tt.is statement ?e most erophati-ally
ajwat ?t. The ??tue ought to have been fairly and
tru'y presented by tbe act of tutse??ion, ' Fur Wn?
Schools or ' Against ' them ; for that and that ?oijr
ia tbe question to be decided. A vote on oar ?ids
simply affirms the principle tout oar Cum ana
Schools shall be free, a vote a#am*t us is, in off.*,
a vote for a return to rats bnls and trastes ex?
onerations?a vote to reestablish distinction of
i-sste in our Common frnciola, and ?unj??* a porci?n
of our children to tbe oitter humiliation of being
pointed out as distri.t paupers To reviva this dis?
tinction is to bar ia h thousands of children from ths
?. i.ools altogether, and doom then to iifa-losg igno?
rance, tbrcugh the oiieUken but natural pride of
their parents and kindred. A vote againat as if
the approaching eleoUon is a vote, to reoode l> >aa
the educational platform of Misaachasetts, in tus
direction of Virginia, Italy. Turkey. A vots
??air?t the ia?, as tbe question is now most un?
fairly presented, is a step to warr) popular tjrnSrance,
barbarism and moral n ?ht Wc are co< ndaat thai
no aueli step will be t-Jtaa by New York, in ths
Whoever omosgyrjo hsi had pitir o*e to W:asj
an opponent o? the la? thro;, rh his taWSFVsssssj)
o'reaacHBinF, ?en kjv>?a that h'? I iadel is tha as
??iDption that U u wr<i*n to tor one manto edm
e'e awotkfj'i ras/st en, anltii it bo the children of
absolute paupers This lisump-. sa, if concsded, io
fata! not to Free SchooU OaSFSry, oaj to any
rron Schools whaUvof. If elc uen'.ery edacat.^a
be properly and only a parental -iuty, then th?
State ahoaiu leave ?twn.iry is the voluntary aud>
utxb?a.rved efforts aodcomblr;a?uji.s ol pa'eoU ?
Then the taxation cf a d. t lildaaehxd
bouse, m usarpation ar.d txtottton. Then oJ| ths
laws which hove boca passed, snkin? compuU -y
prov?ks for CommosBcrjixrfs, o* ^.t*ndod to la
rrease thttr ?mmer.ey, are i,np*rtinent, agrario
aid cofJecaiiag. Vat lew of ?it opponents ?JI
ventare Ut take tl.U or any other rrouud of rail al
hostility to the Free Srhool p-m ip'e. Thodifl^r
aoce between their position and >t? is ma nly ons
of degree. Wc anvie consistently by thapria-t
piss en which only i to ?sy pab!?- prorlri ? for cf
?esrios be jas'ia-.'d ; they stop half ?ay, aad in so
rVstg, condemn ?!*ir own coarte in e-m-ig oo far
To th* asser.ion that it io wr....? to ta? At?
eldp itstruitiur. t r the 'bildren ? B, ?e roply Hi :
wewoulfl tax ' ?'? A < i B, fr tchorA pv?
earb in njrspsttsoa :c hs oh: :, t? i- a. ?oU bua

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