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??m stW-TOPUl dail1 >Kl?<>r?S 10 eUBLISHSD
STiAT *oH*ir?u. is?rirj/iT? e.xcEPTrr..)
Vi&vas or t?vttYi&nKlk.
...,<?.*< SefTTf^tt f? abAKSW?.
aulMH Rollo??.-IS* cents p?' Mo?, ?t?? b??rtion.
%22kmTfoti^*~to ili>? w 1:3a?, *eco insertion,
W?S tot?*?.? ???1*1 *w*r ...!iw adeems
**BtSf?S-*ibl DOM er r.? u*. a loaerilon, U eani?;
J^JJhl ilnoe/lWv f?>r;:n? ;?rd?j,or 7i??wt? per
?V.TViii.c. ?r? V?*??i*-iica -Jotic?. ?od aUaajiees
JjfcaSkAL iMTITiTiON?, 00] -.i-K!lof SS ward?, will
2 Ii iMlrUf for I* c*mu.
L?**l A^TaTtiwrra^Is-A? Um rM?* fixed by the
3*^iA(S>?rtl*?r?i3ali !?wit<; bl ttril Mioer ?iw bot? lD
14wota< ?n?I K?M?".g Kdtttons.
. vf?* bA&Ot, PAPKB rC Ii I ?? COUNTRY Jspnb
(us?1 rrrrj On.Wvd iv v-rv--y. st t low price of *2 por
^^?or-n?. f Chi . ?i Im fi r Ii?, or ?weoty =opV*
?S?iMrte? for ISO. lad I a in s* ?*? con?naed
- ?????
jtt OB? ?eh tesertl?. g
l. MlWl.r,ed every fT*i*t?da? *?l,"'r?'* ?"S1'"
KilatttMr ?wto r?; cople? 'or t? Tea for 820.
T?Tm*?ra?? * cent* t line ;sco m.eruon
Vor" E?tr?fjeun l?roolatlon,
. ^??Hid ->n -o? deiSinoreol wer, *r?! Stearaar for
t?V'c^l ? - P? - V r, o? * P? rear, poitaj?
*' 'yttfjtetA on. "it. d??s*mro of 2?ct Mall Stearo.ir for
**?*''** #RE1 ! '" .AATIL ruWtohor?.
flitBf ?PrBAitANCE O? 'fDLLi? JENNY UND,
IkN WEDGES DA'.- EVE V Nu, September 11, 1850.
I) tti?O A A MMilr
part r.
tHertuie?*' Oberen ".0. M. V. Weber.
MaoLrsfo ?econdo.Roilnl.
Bong y Big BKLL^PI
Scent ano Crvailia ?" Oaita Diva,"
Normo.Bel ml.
Oracd Duett for iwo l'lano-forle?-Thalburg.
Meie. Bunedlct and Hoffman
Duett ??' Pur Ptacer."
(II Turo in Italia).Rot.lnl
Mdlle. JENNl LIND and Big. Bellel?.
part il
Overture?'' <.ruiader?."
(Ktrit time In America,)
Trio floncertante?Cor Voice and t<ro Fintel,
C?mp of Sile.la -Meyeroeer,
Cempo.ed expreie j for Md to Jrnsy Limo.
Flutoi ? Me.?r? Ryleand Siede.
Arla Buff??" La'go al Faclwtum."
?arbieer -Boi.lnl.
Big. Bellen!.
Swedlah Meodv-" Herdiman'i Song,
Known dt? t;.e Echo Song, ?ung by
Greeting 'o America.
Prtzo CoroDoittlon, by B?yard Taylor, Etq.
?piieQict....Composed expret.ly for ihn occasion,
Coodaclor.Mr. BenedlcL
ttif) Otcbestra will c.oniUl of Sixty Performers, Including
the fir?l tatent In Uie country.
Price of Ticket* $3. Cnolce of places will besold by auc
8oo ai t astle G.rdou at !' ? o'clock on Monday rooming,
fcpteaiber 9. ' . , ,
Do r* open at 5- Con v>-t to c mmence at S o'clock.
No checlrj twill he ltr?"?i
W-Mdlle JENNY LIND'S.Sscond Gratd Concert wUl
be-?iven at Ca?tle Garden ou F<td?y Evening, 13th lost.
Obolce places to tbo second Concur! will be ?old on Thura
?av 4tbrnU)g, 12tb tnil.ni in o'cloca
?,blc?erluV? Grand rtano* will be uied at the First
Concert-_,6 61
H. H. LEfcDS V CO Aii-ll ineer.
J or lite ftr.l Concert, will ceitvered alter 8 o'clock oa
H0NDAY 9th lost, at the gite of Castle Garden. AH
winons paying, or hiving paid, for admission to the sale
?. Cudie Oarder.iw.il he refunded tin- ?ruount on payment
of their ticket.. Continue; re of ss o of tirkel* at Caatle
cutiUwni take place on MONI) AY. Bti ln?i. MIO o'clock.
lb?reare'now rem> Inlbi* about 1 5i d of the cholcett *eat*
(triedisposed of. Tbe tale of ticket* for the second Con?
cert cf it-, t.v Lu d wilt t-.ke pla e al Castle Ga den on
THURSDAY, Sett. 12 instead of Tueiday, ldtb ln*L al
iq unlock. *9 It
'j HE SUBSCRIBERS rea^actful y call the attention of
t> a i if lie to h" subjoined letter* from Mr. Benedict
Ud Slgnur Bel eltl.
Thesuusclbers htiveclMmed to he the authorized agent*
for ihe publishing of fA? Jenny Llnd music, and they be
'liraUeiublolned letter* ?aitufaciorlly prove the founds,
iioo? uf their c'aim.
London, Aagu?t, 1859.
ToSamuel C. Joi.t.iR, Esq : Sir?We horewith anign
loyou the full a. d exc uslve right to all tbo niuilc ?ung by
?rJile. Jenny Lind in America; also, all the music com.
pwtd or sung by us during our ?ojoum In the United
Irving House, Nkw-York, Sept. P, 1850.
ToSamuelC Jollie, E?'i : Ssr-I certify, wlih pleas.
V*,that your edition of tho Jenny Llnd mu*!c, In which
Jcu have associated ihe name of Firth, Pond A Co. Is the
only kuiboriziid edition pubilihed; and further, that each
?oug U duly revl??d by me before publication.
0. vtDgafull and perfect View of the ' Father of Waters,"
from 1'b Jtacilon with tr e Ohio the head water*, und
returning to St Lout*, a distance of more than
3,ti0'' mile*, ou 7 miles of Cauvais! 1
Continuation hy Pomaredo
AlSls^patil's Pduorains Hall.ilJj Koradwuy, cjr. Walker
i'ROOR AM ,;1E.
Section I.
COMMENCES wlih n gre.nd Vie-*' of the Month of the
V'Ojto Rtvor, city of Cairo, rjrjd Ohio Cltv Glvlog the
!'"? promlur 'jl polrt. at one view, of ihres dlfls-ent
s?iM: illioniB Missouri and Ksntacky, with iteanboats
r>?'!'g up eno down theKivnr and other *cenerv, including
t'Bimeico. Cape Grrirflenu, Hercuiaaeuai, Alonlesano
oott.e, Uc
Diitant View of St. Lotus, and Pul' View of S: Lo ;i? us
1. ?ii previous io the Ore t Fire oMWO Mouth of ihe
?.??twi! River, and City o! nllor., vritli (Jcp su Orl. in tho
mi tere, concluding with a uoaulifut DUsolviag View of
Ik Town of Hannl -al
w , 8i.cn n 11
Ikaftfi* ?'Molnt,? Rtver' Fotl MadUoa, and Mouth of
Wo River, Bioomiogton,
Storu, Hcece, wun Rock Island at Sunset; View of Rsp.
,Iwlii4ht View of Dubuque, and Dubuoatfs Grave,
?olrowejd bj giHid Mountxino?a Scsnory.
BncTloM 111
?"??.earlvdawn?A View of Coline du Mal, an.I Five
ro-MBliO?, on E??t aank of MlSfU.ippl; King arid line?n
??r-t?lt>; Vitw or v\0ii,thaer Prairie, covered w in IU.
eisti; E^eRock. Ac; We..u'i>tia'? Reels la tiu distance,
sMlfebeanttfol L?k- Pep|n.
"eawu,-, T,~ap> or Ma'det-.'s Roc*-, with Indian Wed
e rg Party; Lt.ti,. Crow \ ilk^e; Town of Bt Paul's,
rp,Rivirtr,,ix Riv"--i yi *nd ???th ot^
iJ.?.ia"'S,i";*'' "lltl efonps of Wlnnebago ladlans, and
IrLi ,s',;*" '"I Vlewol a Granl Councilor
d u?VKtl i:hwt ^af&nuutus tbe dtukymais An
^Wserkl.and ?pWdld View of the Falls of St An
Lv ,'d ll:'' P,-",'rU' f'?^?,"f lh?< Nortnwe*'. for more
?J,?('mu*?, enamg with a Diw.-iving Vlsw of a Prolrio
?,,Bf' Hunt^h^t^.'; Battle o-Bad Axe;
lar-e- n ' *?* ; Tt"' Morm^' Temple ; CUv ol Alton
Ci? o's7r?t,yiUL'^'llB<i tJ'?od ^.solving View of the
l' ? .,^Lon,,on Kt "' walrh hsppnoed on 17m May
?- t? ,l'"5,"d 23 "-?mboat?, and 400 boosm. y'
ijSJobm i? 0,>sn ?l 7; Cur,ain i?1 rise at 7J Prico or
?et? J C"'? Children iijlfprlcs.
!TKe ?"be fcb3Ve Scenery, with Indian
bj t",d st ib9 Hta Frice *m
tment e.\
?*?.. '.re previous arraneema .* B*1i<1 P'8V 5jooe' M
r- ctfrom a'.y desire on^^d^'" P?*-,?h.t It
J^V.d n t -e will ilv. a>?BLW??Mff^
*r,'?on MONDAY EVENING, Saw * r, NAPB io
A respectfully UatS
"ShTe -New p,l. nog, recemlv ainve-d fronrsii,h
??hieb I. - German,.," by K^h er. , work ot .Ti
??&'V",? T"e?h!M?on or palming, bv am, "
SSE^*Oo! ha* received maov addition., arid rep?uf
^?l*Br?T*?w,ke Hsllofihe Church oTD,
*?SJMi V," B'?8dw?y, *>eiween Spring and Prto-e^t.
a&fach A. M til' If. o'clock P. M. ^U
!JgJ*25cants; ?easonTickot*5(iCt?nt*; Catalogue*
._Jel9 if
w?rL!r.0l??V^ *"X -TROTT1NG.-TH?RS
'^? .uP Marteuyi "* O*"*-*?? ?**
Ct's'58 Vcua? ?Wer? b * Lady Motcow.
S????Mea. entw* ?,J*ck Ro*.iter.
tt* tu. 1T,],hu nw,t b * r-elhara.
n^?n *rin ill' 8oaib Br??*'y,Q. o'clock,
19 tit"i rfn,ne ?ooru are ov.v.
8FI0ER k Mc^ANN, Proprietors.
TICKETS W tect? to all pari? of um Saloon, rrtvste
5ose?. SS Orxir? open ?? 7$ to wnnvmti ?1 S e'elock.
Manager, Mr. JOHN SEFTON.
?erond week of ihn ibort leatonofibe RAVEL FAM?
ILY. 22 In somber, who w(!i app-sr In new enwriainmenta
durtDgthelrtbortieaionln New Y'-rk.
MONDAY EVENING Sept 9. the entertalnrneuU will
commence wlthan Overture; Leader, Mr GaManno.
Aftef which.'he augha'l. rem* Balet called
LA FETE CHt M PETRE or. The Ages Dancers.
Cbarid-reby ih? Ravel Family.
Tobe followed by, first Urn* In New-Y. rk. a Ball Room
Sotriw emhrr.d-f?ll the moat fasMooenle dancetof theday.
Ir!tTrmU.lon ofKbSll an hour. During the^erml.ston and
afler Ibe clone of tbe perforroan-e tte magn'iieenl hall room
wld be thrown onen where ladiea and farm lea may obtain
Ice Cream ard Refreshments of f ve y v.noty. Likowlee
ibe lower splendid Sal >no will ue thrown open for gantle
n en oi.accomp?nled hy ladiea
The whole 'o cor clud? w|.h tho new grand Pantomime of
RAOUL, or the Magic ritar.
in Twelve TanleBUX, composed bv Jerome Ravel.
Principal ebaracters 'it ih<- R.av-1 Fatnllv
] t KUAPVt A V TH?ATKK ?aoorsopeo at 7?To
l> commence at 74o'c oct_?THIS KVENiNrt. Sept. 9,
will be presented iho Grand Operatic ipectacle, in five
tableaux called JUDITH
Judtih.Madame Anna Blihop
Ellsklm, High Prleat.Slgnor No?ell
[sraphoel. * Spirit sent to Judith.Mile Adeline
To which will be adced the farce of Alarming Sacrifice,
a Peer a from Ta: crerl! tlx- O and Dvertltemeni of Zainpo,
arid a Grand American Allesror ral 8-ene.
Prlcbt of artml.tlor,; To Drew Circle arid Parquet 76c;
Famlli Circle and 7blid Pier, 25c; nailery. VJ\c.
f~M'UT?fV>i?i T^K/*T?K, CbB-riiwrt-t', mar of (lbs
?City Hall?the nearest Vbeaier to the largo Hotela.
TH let B ifJ NINO, .'--I lembi r 9 will be played the cele?
brated Comedy, in tliree artt ruiipd
Sir H. Courtly....Mr B uke I ?laik Meddie-Mr Barton
Dazze.Lone' Chares Courtly.B.md
Dolly Spanker ....Jobotton | Lady Gay.MrtSiwrrett
To conclude with the G-and E?tav on Liudmania, cil ed
Mr. Blarneyem, Jenny Ltnu's Manager.Mr Burton
The N'ghtlniBie.by Heeren Von Jausen
Doora open at 7, to begin at 7J .o'cloca ? Bozen, dreit
circle ard parquet, 5" eta; family clrc o or tecond tier.
cia: private boxea S3 and .$5; orcbettra tosti, with cush?
ioned srm-chtirs 75 ctt
Mechanic'* Hall,
4*<G) BROADWAY, above Grand it?Chrltly't Mln
t /Sitre.ii respectfully announce to their patrons and the
public ger.erally that they will have the honor of recom?
mencing a rerles of their popular Concertt In tb.lt city on
Motdny, Sept 9.
Tickelt 25 certa. Do"rs open at 7; coramsnco at 8 o'clh.
Afternoon Cot cert every Saturday at 3 P.M.?rh4 com?
pany eomprUing an efficient and vartt'.ile "corps" of la?
hmte"' and experienced performero,under tho management
ofE. P. Christy. a9 1 wit*
late merce's mihstrei.s,
At tbe Society Librsry Rootnt, Broadway, cor. Leonard tt.
ON MONDAY, September 9, and every night until tbe
completion of their new H?ll on the Tattertall't ground,
which will becompleted about be first of next mouth Tne
great tuccest that hat favored Ihn Inimitable hand of Ethio?
pian performeis for the p. ?Isens n, <vbenm>st all of the
places of amusement In this great Metropolit werecloied.
while tblt band wot performing every ovoning to cro srded
h inset, hat ttamped tbem at being the ne plus ultra of all
Ethiopian ban-s?comprising a companv of thoteen per?
formers, urder the Immediate direction of J.B Fellows
They will have the tonor of giving their orlglaal and lnltnl
tab eenierlaUrneDli every night, until further notice.
Admlsalon 25 cents. Doors open at 7oclo;k, Concert
coinaenceat 8.
An Afternoon Concert on Wednetdaytand Saturdays,
commenting si 3 o'clock, P. M. S7
A posed of the best class of talont, at well In singing at in
Ethiopian delineation in the newest and tnos; approved
style, will, under tbe management of Max Zorer, com?
mence performing at Bleocter Hall, Bleecker at. coiner of
Morton-st on Monday evening next, Sept. 9
Admlsilou 25 cents. Doors opeuat 7, commeaclcg at 8
N B ? Ornnlbutiet from all parts of the city post either
by tbe door or wtlum one or two blocks of the Hall. t5 6l*
IVB R. DEMPSTER'S Second original Ballad Britorlaln
LT1 menl will bs given at the Tabernacle on M >"dav
evening, Sept. 9, Including the following longs: "The Dark
Eye hat left ut," (Song of Indian woman), "Tlusowt,
Love" "Morning. Noon and Nijht," " Tho Rolay Day,"
'-John Anderson, my Jo," " Footttopt of Angels." " Dying
Child and Angel of Death." Burnt' songt: ' Oh! oooribh,
cauld and rettlets love," "Highland Mary." "Duncan
Gray," and his cantata, " The May Quoen," in three parts.
Tickets 60 ets. To commence at 8 o'clock. s7
BARUM, Proprietor and Menster-J jlliS GREEN?
WOOD, Jr. Assistant Manager.?For tbe whole of ibtt
week, commencing MoLda?,Sept i), 1850, iltote exlrhor
dlnsry infant pbt noinena, Kalo and Ellen Butemtn, will
potitiveiy make their veiv lutttippearance here on F-iday
next, until which time time they will enact tomo favorite
ccruedyor tragedy every afternoon. ' Tho Drunkard'will
be performed every evening tblt week, and also on Satur?
day aftermon A Million of Curioslllsa fire to Le teen at
the Muteum ; Mod. Lamont, the great fortune-feller, the
Negro Turning White, Ac Afternoon performances at 3;
Evenirg at 7j o'clock Ada ittlon 25 ctt: chlldron 124 ctt,
IN ?Meiert. BBADBURV A NASH will be happy lo
meet their pnp'.lt, upon their regular dayt and hours, at the
roon i of the Comsrva'ory, 411 Broadway. Privateinttruc
tions on the I'i&no-forte, Violin. Stc. Ano, private Vocal
ltttocE given at all bourt of theday. s9 li*
^Hli WONUEKFUli IN 1)1 A5t I)\VAUKS, that
? have juti airrlved from Central Ameilcs, Ibe greatett
curiotity of the age, (to pronounced by gentlemen of lrttel
I'gtnce,) being much tmaller ihon the renowned 'Tom
Thumb ' They areb^t 24 md23 Inches high, their combined
weight but 3?J tin; their sge 14 and 16 jean They will
be exhibit*d lor a short time, previous to their departure
Souib, tt the Minerva Rooms 406 Broadway. Will open on
Wednesday, Sept. 11, 18.50. The exhibition to.tako place at
2 In tbe afternoon and 7 o'clock In the evening.
Admitiion 25 cents; children half price, a9 3t*c
Industrial Reform Meetings this Evening.
?Smiths' Beneficial Booioty, Keen's Fourteenth
Ward Hotel, corner of Grand and Elizabeth sts.;
Gerrit 8mith'? Beneficiaries at the P. U. Bakery,
corner of Seventh--v. and Nineteonth-st; Clothing
Cutters Bent licial and 1'rctective Association,
Broadway House, corner cf Grand-st ; the Ship
Joiners' Benevolent Society, (who have do D?le
(jates in tho Industrial Congress which meets to
m rrow evening at the- Now City Hall,) Bachman's
Hotel, 415 Grand at ; The Tailors in their diffireat
Halls; ami the Protestive Hnuso Painters, " Head
<]uartcrs,'' 820 G.-snd-st.
?The ' Last War (1S10, ,Vc) Soldiers" meet
this evening at Military Hall, Bo^ory, and are
Bt-i nt to make arrange merits to secure their rights
to Bounty Lands in cste the bill now bufore Cun
Kress is permitted tobecjine alav. Save.-al of the
(soldiers who were pri-stnt at the lust meeting ex
i'rctstd thfeir approval of Land Limitation, and
their opposition to Speculation in the Soil. The
\cteraus ,vfcj thirtj six years ago imperiled their
lives for the defense of tLeit homes, are strong in
.'averof Industrial Reform.
The Operative Bakefs' Union.?The rogulsr
weekly meetings of this Association aro still kept
op, and every Saturday evening the CDmmrxlious
House of Call, 127 Giand-at evidences that the
Baiters are awake to an amelioration of their con?
dition. We have been furnished with a report of
ihe iast meeting, but the crowded state of our col
vans forbid its publication, beside, tho very beet
ihing the Society can do is to keep up their House
of Call, and coctiuue Mr. Hallbsuer as Keeper, for
a more ^attentive man is not connected with any
public institution in our City.
Tho Secretary informs us that donations have
been received from a large mnjority of the boss
bakers, and several philanthropic iodividua.'s, and
wo trust tiie Journeymen will beauttained in thoir
pi aiscwurthy elijris lor the moral, pecuniary and
istelleotut! benefit of the members of their craft.
Tl ey demand r reduction of thoir working hoars to
l". wbk his quite reasonable, considering that so
many of cur JYurneymen aro seeking for the 8
four svfltem w horever it can be efi'ectsd. Tho
Bakers were among the pionerrsof the present
movement, and rather than see their House oi'Caii
discontinued, the other Industrial Associations
would contribute to havoit sustained.
Giant 's Bonf.s.?The Blixabethtovn (Ky.) ft*;.
*?i*/er saja that u woek or twa since Mr. John
Harned, ivitg on Rolling Fork, about twelve miles
from th=s place, diteovered a huoaan bone protrttd
ipg out of the suui cn the river bank. It proved to
i'b a tiiiL;h bone, \ o.-haps tho largest everseen. It
ibeatuad about six times the number of cubic
incl os as that of a common sized man Judging
frr.rn tbe sixe of the bone found, it once bdlungod to
a human being 12 or 13 feet high.
txW Persons wishing THE TRIBUN E at their
iTtolilcgtor placet of business In New-York or Brooklyn,
vUl pleate leas-e their sddreas at the Publication Office,
i rner of Spruce a/id Nastan sts Price 12J centt a week,
ayabie to tbe Carriers.
Frrm tbe National Eni
Thanks for thy gift
Of Ocean flowers,
Born where the golden drift
Of the slant sunshine falls
Down the ^reen, tremulous wails
Of water, to the cool still coral bowers
Where under rainbows of perpetual showers,
God's gardens of tbe Deep
Eis patient angels keep ;
Gladdening the dim, strange solitude
With fairest forms, and thus
Forever teaching us
The lesson which the many-colored skies,
The flowers and leaves, and painted butterflies,
The deer'a branch'd antlers, the gay bird that
The tropic a uns bine from its golden wingt,[ flings
Tbe brightness of the human countenance,
Its play of smiles, the magic of a glance,
; Forevermnre repeat,
In varied tones nnd sweet,
That Beauty, in and of itself, is good.
Oh, kird and generous friend, o'er whom
The snnset hues of Time arc cast,
Painting, npon the overpast
And scattered clouds of noonday sorrow,
The p-nniiso of a fairer morrow,
An earnest of the better lifo to come ;
The binding of the spirit broken,
The warning !o the erring spoken,
The ocm'ort of the sad,
The eye to see, the hand to cull
From common things the beautiful,
The absent heart made glad
By simple gift or graceful token
Of love it needs as daily food?
All own one source, and all nre good.
Hence, tracking sunny cove and reach,
Where spent waves glimmer up tho beach,
And toss their gifts of weed and shell
From foamy curve and combing swell,
No unbefitting task was thine,
To weave these flowers sq soft and fair,
In unison with His design
Who loveth beauty everywhere,
And makes in every zone and clime,
In ocean nnd in upper air.
" All things beautiful in their time."
For not alone in tones of awo and power
He speaks to man ;
The cloudy horror of tho thunder shower
His rainbows span;
And where the caravan
Winds o'er the desert, leaving, as in air [there,
Tbe crane flock leaves, no trace of passage
He gives the weary oye
Vhe palm leaf shadow for the hot noon hours,
And on its branches dry
Calls out the acacia's flowers ;
And where the dark shaft pierces down
Beneath themoantain roots,
?ecn by tbe miner's lamp alone,
The star like crystal shoots;
80, where the winds and wavea below
The coral-branched gardens grow,
His climbing weeds and mosses show
Like foliage on ench stony bongh,
Of varied hues more strangely gay
Than forest leaves in autumn's day:
Thus evermore,
On sky and wave and shore,
An all pervading beauty seems to say
God's Love and Power are one ; and they
Who like the thunder of a sultry day
Smite to restore,
And they who like the gentle wind uplift
The petals of the dew-wet flowers, and drift
Their perfume on the air, [gift,
Alike may servo Him, each with their own
Making their lives a prayer.
The Free School Act Uflconstltntional.
Correspondence of She Tribune.
Beneca Falls, Wednesday, Aug. 28, 1850.
H. Greelet?Dear Hir.- In my latter in 7%?
Tribune on the 8th inst. I intimated an opinion
that tho action of the Legislature in relation to the
New ?chool Law was unconstitutional. You say
in reply;
" If an act duly passed by Ihe Legislature and approved,
by tbe Governor is to hedetmed a nuiily, because the Peo?
ple have expretsly allirrxod It, it Is time the fact were
I shs.il t ot retaliate upon you by oalling this Petti
foging ; it is not my way; but I will briefly state
the grounds of the opinion I had tho temerity to
venture against somewhat high authority, and the
opportunity it presented for your ridicule. Whethe
tbe law was duly passed by tbe Legislature is the
precise question. I did not say that the law was
made inval.d by the popular vote. Will you say
that the law, If invalid without that vote, was
valid with it 7
Tho sevor..l necessary Governmental powers are
devolved by the People upon different departments
or agencies: \\m Legislative upon tbe Senate and
Assembly: the Judicial upon the Courts : the Bk
ecutive upon the Governor and other Executive
and Administrative Officers. The People have
settled by what agency, and in what manner laws
shall be passed and repealed, and have no more
right to disregard the Constitutional provisions
which are intended to secure the rignw of the mi?
nority, than the agency has.
'?Tie Legislative power is vetted in a Senate and Assem?
80 reads the old Constitution and the new.
Now ia this vesting of power partial or complete J
If complete, the Legislature have no more rif;bt to
invite or sanction tbe deliberation and ac.ton of
any other set of men?not even the whole body of
the Electors themselves?in tbe passage of a law,
than tbe Governor has to appoint a deputy to ex- j
e-rcise tbe power vested in him.
Bee. 14 of Art. 3 prescribes l ow laws shall be
enacted :
"Tbe evading clause of a'l blU* shall be 'The People of
"tha State of Nerv-Yc/k, represented in 8eaate md At
" if-mbly, do enact as follows :' nnd no law shali bs enact
" til except by bill."
Without such enacting clause, no bill would be?
come a law; can a bill become a law with it when
it sr-pears upon its face that the clause is untrue ?
'ihe enscttng clause in the New School Law, to
be truthful should be : "Tbo People of the Stata of
New York, represented by the Election at the Bal?
lot boi, do enact as follows." It is a insjority of all
tbe votes of the State that makes the act become
a law. if it be one.
'? In case a majority of ail the vo es of the State shall be
"ccuagaUitibe New School Law, this act shall bo null
?'tic vo'O ; aid In csse a majority of all tbe votes In the
"S'ale shell be cast/or tbe New School Lew, men this act
"?ball become a law and shall take ? ?ect |on toe first day
"of January, 13-3", or as amended afterward] launejl
Now, have the Legislature duly passed this law,
as )cu seem to take for granted? What vote gives
it vitality?tbst of the Conslitnii ^n&l majority of
tbo members of the Senate and Assjmhly? or
thr.t of the majority of the Electors voting upon
the question ?
Again, Ia?k. Is this vesting of Legislative power
in the Senate asd Assembly complete or partial,'
If complete, can tho Legisltttore divest itseif of this
power or any part of it? A few years ago, wa
wanted the Boards of Supervisors invested with
certain Legislative powers. Was it supposed
that the Legislature could confer t'.ese powers?
No. Ar amendment of the Constitution was sup?
posed to be Necessary, either to give these powers
direct, or to authorize the Legislature to confer
them: and hence the provision which ' knuw to
have been thought necessary^y as wiie heads as
were employed in framing the New School Law,
"The Legis'a'urj may confer on tn* Boird of 9upervi
''tors of tho several counties of the State such further
"powers 01 legislation and d ..?.ti.latrstuu at they shall
'? fiom lime :o time prescribe ' [Secl7cf Art.J.J
Again: tbe act provides no mode of ascertain?
ments whether a majority of all the votes in the
Stste were cast for or against the New 8ohool
Law. Troe, the local inspectors are required to
cer.vass the hat'o^s and make return thereof, in the
sane meaner as voles siven for the oflija of Qor
ertor and Li-utentuit-Governcr, bat no authority
1* given to ai.y tribunal to d.-cida as to tho legality
1 r regnlsrirj of these re'nrne, or decide ths a^gre
gate r< wit. To authorize hi tfrms the Stat? Con
vassers to ascertain, riecidr and declare the result,
would perhapi be a too glaring division of Leg's
tive powers and reiponiibiiities; and to tnis d*y
there is no tangible evidence of the result abort of
en examination of the returns of the local inspec
tors, f'sn it be possible that such proceedings
crea.e c( nstitutinnal law or repeal laws before in
existence ?
" Tbe Electors shall determine by bspot whether tils act
u tbalt or Stull not became a'aw; |}ec It) I and tu case
?' a majority of all the votes of the Sitae shall be ca t for
" the New 8< hool Law tbrD ;bu act sba'.l beC'Jta ' a law
" aid ehail tiie efier-t immediately."
Beautiful provision! in disregard not only of the
Constitution bat of every principle of right and
justice. This New School Law, if it be a law,
imprsed penalties by tine ar.d imprisonment, and
repealed Important existing laws the moment
the majority of all tho votes of the Stato were
csst in its favor. Every parson under the ne?
cessity of doing any net under the Old or the
New lew is bound to know the result of the voting
all over the State tbe moment it is coi.claded.
Reshy the old tyrant law-givtr, who required his
laws to be pciied so high that the People could
not read them, did not exhaust all tho moans of
entrapping subjects into the commiiaion of offenses
ajaitst unknown la*vs
In 1833 ?law was passed providing for Boards or"
Health in the towns and villages of this 8tato I:
hao, expired, and in 184L? the Legislature passed a
law directing the Governor, in case tho Oholera
should Rppe*r, to issue his proclamation and revive
the expired law. Tne Governor did so, aod tho
Courts have declared this act unconstitutional,
upon the ground that tho Legislative po?or is
vested in the Sfncto and Assembly and by those
bedies alone can w exercised.
Yours, fcc. ANSEL BASCOM
[email protected]" As Mr. Bascom intimates ttut he
should deem it impolite in us to term his
line of argument ' pettifogging,' wo will say
no more about it, only to ask again why the
question is not legally made and his argu?
ments advanced to the Courts if he believes
they would decido na he argues? Suoh con?
siderations are not calculated to win votes for
bis side from the friends of Free Schools'..
We do not wonder at the disrelish for Po?
pular Voting to confirm or invalidate laws
evinced on that side. They have had reason
for it, and we trust they are destined to have
more. It shall be no fault of ours if they
don't. [Ed. Trib.
California and Utah.
Sjitciul Vitpateh to the Tribune
Washington, Saturday, Sept. 7.
It is sr/anged emorg the compromisers and
dodgers that Utah shall go as a rider to the Califor?
nia bill, in order to avoid tho Proviso. Mr. Boyd
is to move it.
Senator Cooper is sick. This is especially un?
fortunate, in view of the Lewis case coming up on
Monday. Sigma.
Rejoicings at Washington,
Washington, Sunday, Sept 8.
The greatest enthnsiasm prevailed here last
night, owing to the passage of the Texas Boundary
and Califirnia Bills, by the House. At sundown
one hundred minute guns wore fired by Capt.
Buckingham's Artille y- At dark there was a
brilliant display of fireworks set off on the banks
of the Ccr.a', and a Calcium Light illumination at
the Capitol, ntd through the entire Avonae,shortly
I sifter, large crowda aiaembled et tho National Ho
, to), and complimented tre defenders of the Union.
I A ?etfcf.de was tivon by the Marine Band.
Messrs. Clay, Rush, Houston, Webster, Douglas,
Speaker Cobb, Hilliard. and others appeared, most
of whom responded in appropriate remarks. Every
b dy seemed delighted.
friary land He form Convention.
Baltimore Sunday, Sept 8.
Ke'uriiS have leenreosived from all parts of the
Stale, showing that ihe Whigs will have in the
Reform Convention a majority of 7.
niarylnnd Convention?Urlg Waknlln, Sec.
Baltimore, Saturday, Sept. 7.
Trie whole State has been heard from, and the
resrjt is, thai 56 Whigs and 4'J Loco-Fooos have
been elected.
The brig Wikulla, which was destroyed by fire
on tne 15th u'r. 1 a i m board, at tho time, G30 bales
of cotton.
The Vermont Election.
I UB.LINGT.iN, Vl. Sept. 7, 18.50.
Jadge Williams i? elected Governor ofthiaState,
by a majority of 1,200 to 2,000. Of tho popular vote
in 8l tewns, Will.am? gaimd 900 over tho Whig
v. to in 18-19.
Serious Riot,
Baltimore, Saturday, Sept,7.
The p-cc:ision of last night ended inariot at the
comer of (lay and Baltimore >ts. between the
Turner and Anti Turner inei. Guns and pistols
were used, and a number woucded. Liout Patter?
son of the Watch was shot over the eye. A
young man named ltose was shot in the leg. Wil
liara 8t was shot in the ar.n. A ball passed
through a window of Barnum's Hotel .nd a board,
or hid a very narrow escape.
Snppoat'tl Wreck.
Baltimoii :, Situ.'day, Sept. 7.
The schooner General Taylor, (Patterson,) of
atd from Baltimore, for hling-.t'-n, Ja-, is supposed
to be !o?t on CirisT?rd Reef.
The I nnutlltiD Attorney Generalship.
Montreal, S?pi. 7, 1850
Jt is anEOur;ced that .Tustioe Rolland has resign
ett and that Attorn ry General La Fontaine, is ap
pci rue his mccesicr. Solicitor General Drammond
has been appointed Attorney General. The latter
appointment is unsatisfactory to the, I. jjyer Cana?
dians, who desire that Mr. Cartierthjuld ha/e the
place. La Fontaine 9 spp-intmsnt will gi?egane
ral satUftcticrn. _
Acqn?tnl of a Suspected .Murderer.
Utica, Saturday, Sdpt.7,1850.
The trial of John Alu n, for the murder of a J ew
pedlar, was brought t3 a close yesterday, at Her
kimer. But ore witness was called fjr the de?
fense. After commending the vigilance of the peo?
ple's counsel, Col. Judd, (than whom there is not
probab!y a more thorough and indefatigable Dis?
trict A'-t. r: cy In the 8tates) tho Court expressed a
unanimout opini n that the projooutiua hid
failed to criminally convict the priionerof the crime
for which he was arraigned, and the Jury agreeing,
John Allen was at once acquitted, and dia iharged
from custody. Ho maintained groat composure
during the trial; but on the rendering of the ver?
dict, he burst into tears and was deeply affected.
Trouble nmonsi the Israelites.
Albany,Saturday, S-.pt 7, ITjO.
A d'sturbeuce occurred this morning at the Jew?
ish SvnR?rgue in Herkirner it. which caused a
division m the conjregbtion. One party deter?
mined to prevent the Rabbi from performing the
setvi e, while the other wanted to sustain hm.
Tbe sheriff and police were called out, took posses
si, n of the house, and closed the doors. The
course pursued seemed to quiet boLh pirties
Revolting Narrative.
Bet valo, S-iturday.SepL 7.
Wo iearn by a dispatch ju?: received from Da
troir, tbattb* steamer J. D" Morton pbked up a
! u an from the spar of a vess I, on Lake M1 hig* >.
! The vessel vu c?p?ized in a gala a week *<??,
j a'r-re ?h ch time he has been driftine: ab.wt the
j lake. For the want of u od, he had eatiuhia Ho?
gers off. He is alii! alive.
XXXI?! ?ON?KEMS....First Session.
Washington, Saturday, Sept.7.
Mr. Asm asked the unanimous consent of the
House to record his name in the negative on the
pssssee of the Texas Boui dary bill, having coma
in to ihe Hall yesterday after his nama was called.
Permission was refnsed, and the House resumed
the consideration of the Report of the Select Com
niittee egaicst the payment by Secretary E viag
o' ivrotnutat on pay and compound interest to the
Administrator of Com. Harron and the improper
payment to Corcoran & R;gsi of money due to the
Mr. Hichakdson resumed his remarks in con?
demnation of Mr. E wing's course, and said that
tho Whigs nere more successful than tne Lo"o
Focos in prosecuting claims before the former
Secetary of Interior. Caleb B. Smith, a distin
i nisbt d Whig of the Board for the payment of the
Mexican claims could practice before' Ewintr, and
Ewing bet?re him. One public ollioer practicing
before toother was wronij.
Mr. Vistos replied to the gentleman defending
Mr. Ewirp, and any io? that Win M. Gwin and
Corcoran k Riges, were Democrats, and Inter
ested in these claims; also, that Mr. Earing, of
Mo concerned in tbe Cmckasaw payment, was not
a relative of tbe ex-Su-c/etary, aua cot a Whig.?
He et;ten d into a legal argument on the subjects
in tbe report, nnd had no: cmcluded when the
morning hour expired
The House proceeded to tho consideration of the
bus'ness on the Speaker's table. T'te lirst hi 1
was for tho support of .t military academy as ro
turned frtm the 8*nate with amendment* relative
to salaries of professors, and referred to Coniatittee
of the Whole on tbo State of the Union.
The House next took up tho California bill from
the 8enate.
Mr. Born moved Utah as an amendment.
Mr. V in ton raised a point of order.
The Chair was appealed to and tbe point sus?
Mr. Vinton appealed.
A motion to lav the appeal oa tho tablo was lost
by Yeas 86, Nsys 116.
Thp decision of the Chair was overruled: Yeas,
t-7 ; Nays, 107. So the Utah amendment wai do
clartd out of order.
Mr. Thompson, Loco, of Miss, rose to move an
Mr. Me.uie, Loco, of Va- caused one to be read
which he wished to offer. It wa<, in effect, that
tho owners of slaves shall have twelve months
to remove them from the limits of Callfornls, and orovtd
ir g for the recovery tf slaves who shall escape Into that
The Speaker said it could be offered only by
lintLluicm consent, while the gentleman from Miss bad
the fioo
Mr. Thompson's substitute for the bill was now
read It was similar to that of Mr Soule's in the Heuaie,
viz .- that bs soon as California shall have passed an ordl
nscc In conversion relit qulsblng the right to a primary dls
poial of the soil iic ana restricting ber boundary to So0
JO', the President shoti'd, without further action, issue
bis proclamation declaring; Ca'ifornla a Stale ol the
L'nlon The portion of revenue collected In California at
the t me oflssulrg the said proclamation shall ha paid to
thatBtae, and tbe Senatois and Representatives already
elected shall be eu ithd to receive mileage and compensa?
tion from ibe tlmo tho California constitution was received
bj Congress. The suhstltuto further provide* for a Terri
U ri-| Government, lo be called South Csltfjruis si nilar to
ihe Oovernment of New-Mexico, soutb of 36? 30' to be ad
it nit '1 ss a state hert after, with or wIiLjUI Slarery, a* the
peouie may deslie.
Mr. Oku, (Loco) of 8 C. moved to amend, the
o-Llnal bill; bul a* he could not do ?o, Mr. tnompson ac
c-pteil 11. It restricted ibe Southern limit* of California lo
3b? 30'.
Mr Thompson, of Miss then briefly advocated
the amenc mem, saying that the limit* of California were
too large, and showing the gros* outrage oa t-.o Souto, if
it should not bo adopted. It would he the moan* of restor?
ing peace throughout the Union.
Me XlicHARBsuN thought that the subject hvl
been discussed long ocougb, and movsd the pravious qu ra?
Mr. Hoi.mzb, (Lacn)of 8.C. unscccessfullymoved
a cbII of the fl?sse.
The previous question was seconded.
Mr. McCi.ernand raised the cry of "order," and
o) ierveo mat Mr. Tuompson could not oiler a substitute
ar.d an amendment at Ihe isine time.
The Speaker said thai objection oame too late.
The question wns takon ou the amendment to re
Strlrt tie California boundary lo 36^ 3(/, and wa* dlsagroed
to? Yea* 76, MbjS 132.
The question was now on Mr. Thompson's sub
etltute, which was rejected?Yea* 71, Nay* 134.
The qnestiou being on the third reading,
Mr. Huj.mes moved an adjournment, but not
mo e ihsn four or five members voiod In ibe affirmative.
Mr.Thompson of Miss, said that a decent reaped
for the House required ihs bill to bo at least read.
The Senate bi.l for tho admission of Califonia
vtss ih*n read for information.
Tbe third reading of the bill wns then ordered?
Yes* 151, Nay* 56. .'
The bill having been read a third time,
Mr. Feaiherston, (Loco) of Miss, mrved 'o
la' H on the table, wh'ch wa* nots^reed to.
'The bill then passed by the following vote: Yeas
150 Najr 67
Yeas?M-anrs Aiberlson, Alexander, Allen, Andenon,
Ancrewi, Baiter, bay, Br?nett, Ringham, Bissel), Bos.ee,
Booth, Bowie, Bow.in. Bruck, Briggs, Bro. ks, Brown,
ltd., Bur!. Burrows. Butler. Penn ; Butler, Conn ; Cable,
Ohio'; tola well N. C ; Ualvlu, Campbell. Carttar, Ca*ey,
Cbardlrr, Clbrk, Cole, Corwin, firowell, Dicker, Dim
miik, Dlrney, Dixon, Doty. Huer, Duncan, Dunjam. Dor
see, Eilet. E'-nos Md.; Evans, Obit); Ewlog, Flieh, Fow?
ler, Freed )y, Kuil?r, Oeniry. Gerry, Glddlngs, Gllmore,
Gorman. Gull O uld. Grlnnell, Hill, Hall'Way, Hamilton,
Harlan, Hi.rrls, til.j Hsymond, Henry.Hibhard, Uoagland,
H.eji'jn Howe, Hunter, Jackson, fl. Y ; Johnson, Tean.;
Joneses Ky.; Jone* Jul.'nn, K?;rr, Ring, R. I.; Klug, N.J.;
John A. King, Proton Klug, LeUirr, Levin, Jjtiilofield,
Mtnn, Mae-. . Ham. Pain; Ms'snail, AJason, Mstuson,
McCiemanc, McDonald. McGsughey. McKlfSOCk, McLan
Bh-.n McLsr.o, t'.d.; McLean, Ky; Mea-b&m, Moore,
Moiehe^d, Morris. Nelson Newatl.Og'e, Olds, Oils, Poas
'ee, Pres, Phelps, Phoenix, PI.mm, Potter, 1'utuam, Reed,
Re. no os, Rlcbsrcsoo, Ribi'La, Robinson, R>ot, Rose,
Ross Bumsey, Hlc\ott. Saw teile, flchencS, acherraerhurn,
Hchcolcralt, nllvr-?ter. t'prague, Stanley. Siemns, Penn;
ThurtriBr, Tar m;soc. Ky.; Tuck, Underbill, Van Dyke, Vin.
to, , Waico", Waldo, Watains, Wenlwonh, Wnite, W?lt.
tir tej, wruiick, Uiiiiau.s Wilson and Young
Nats?Alston, Av- oil lla)l?y, B*?!e, Bowlon, Boyd,
B.o-\n. M.stlsiippi; Burt, Csbell, Vlrgbla; Caldwei,
Kentucky; Clirgman, Cobb, Alabama; Colcock, Dsclel,
Debtny, Edmucdson, Keatb^rston. Oreen, Haralson, Har?
ris, T-i.r osji e Usrr'*, Aiaban a ; lil.ila.d, HoltaJay, How
? id. Huhnard, luge Jackion, (le-rjjla; Jonn?on, Araansa*;
Kanflinan La Sei e McDowell, McHul en, Mc<.iue?n, Mc
W;i, e i$nde, Ml l?ot; Morse, Morton. Orr, Outhw, Ow?
en Pwkir. Powell, Vava?e, Secdon, Shopperd 8 aob)n,
T-i.r.oj?tfc, Siriuoti, Kenucity; Tnornpion, Mississippi;
Toi mos, Verable, Wrt;la e, Wellborn, at.d Woodwtrd.
Absent?Messrs Ashtsun, Bowck, Cleveland, Conger,
Goodeoow.Hammond, Hampton, Harmanion.J G Har?
ris HavCesrgeO King, fcill.ar, Nes, jilsioy,Spaldlng, A.
U Stephens. Word-17.
A motion was made to reconsider the vote, and
that moth l wa* laid on tbe table.
eaiSAi;* of the utah hill.
I he House now went into Committee of the
Wtole on thy Senate bill, to establish a Territorial Gjvern
met!for l'ub.
Mr. McCi.ehnand in the Chair.
The first section having been read, Mr. W?nt
worth propo*ed the Wilmot Provlro, es applicable to all
the Teirltorle* acquired from Mtx'co.
Mr. Haralson, Loco, of Ga. said this was a bill
providing for tbe Governruert of Utah alone, and as the
an.cjdn.tct applied to .he Territory acquired trim Mexico
it was cut ol order.
The Chairman so decided.
Mr. Wentwortii modi.'ied his amendment, so
a* to confi .e tbe Proviso to Utah, and it wa* voted down :
A>ei OP ; Najs7fj.
Mi Meade offered an amendment to repeal all
law* h>r*tefore passeJ by Congress, prohibiting Slavery
w-rt of ihe Mississippi.
The Chairman ruled the amendment as oat of
order and he was suilslned by the Committee.
Mr Meade then submitted an amendment, with
a fevi remnrk* allowing Blive* t0 be taken hto Utah,'
un ii a State Government shall be formed.
? This was rejected : Ayes 55 ; Nays 85.
Mr. S-rtvENS, (Whig) of Pa. moved to strike out
ihe Piovlso in the bili, namely, '? tb?t said territory shall
Lertafter be admitted as a Stau?, with or without 81?vory :'
HI*object wa* non Intervention. It did not bscotne this
Congtes* lo ailempt to bind future Congroi?** u to tie
adrtirston or Stales, witUorwlthiut Slavery. This amend
ment was also rrj-cted: Aye* ?. Nays 36
Mr Fitch, (Lo-o) of la offered an amondmont,
thit the Mexican lew prohibiting Slavery thall remain In
full fOTO.
Mr. Mii.Lso.n. (Loco) of Va. proposed to amend
Mr Fitch's amei dment, so that the law* In exlsteaceat
Hie Hue the territory wa* acquired shall not be construed
to destroy 'he right* lo property recognized In the slave
holding Blate*
The Committee rose, and Mr. Botd moved, and
the House adopted a resolution to close the debate in five
mb nies
The House apsin went into Committee.
Mr. Matly. (Lo-w) of Va. appealed to tbe mem?
bers from tbo Soutb not to offer any other amendment* to
tHahlll wh'.h had - ?:<-.> ibr v-l? a* .- .
S, M!. r and tbe i?d from Virgin!.. " Vw ^/"'"JX
euer ? We. I .1 tl .. ps> fectl, eVtete "at Cuui.V7 -"*
rfWi of i>rnn<i?w ameidinema w,i. no ta keen u? w!?r.I
bete 10 n nrb ibe longer. i"?wao<ise
Mr. Seaport, iL'jo) of Va. replied that at the
Um? Utah vat pastel, the series of oatir**e? r>a1 not nnm.
ihm,'. It Was evide't mat tt w..? ibs) intennia of ska
Ni rlbxMB*** 10 fetter Stiftern is?<!'u I -n? I : .-. ? pnty
7rn'D?nt of terrltr-n. tinder tpe t-mr-:???!?? (>f not trttefven*
ttoo If he eculd not appeal to the 11 mae for J-tsttce, be
roti's to tt e people who are wronged sad omrst-d,
Mr Mtllacn g ?.rendruTt wm rejected?Yeas 49,
Nays 92.
i *e question now esme up on Mr. F.ten's amend
a<r. Toombs (Whi>,)of Gs. said, in r-'ply to Mr.
-> .'on.- thtt f ifc?re h?il b-e-. any ajrg'wislois on the
St.otb, ?V <?fd it'htWseM bv her I'ovn hart t and hv her own
sort. Let th- question bo kept In Virgla'e, and we are pro
part d to iland on It.
hr Kt, ca b amendment was r. jected?Yea* 51,
Nay* 83.
Mr ?rnnosren?edto Mr Toirnb?, contending
thti the g,,utb has Keen wronged ard that the series of
meatars* rontttmted e vre io.tr?,(fw Me no longer con
Hit- r, a the Sutea < f the Union on ar> equ illty.
Mr. ToouBa reauondeo, den - tax t->tt egression
ha-1 hreti <1 ?r?-d cn '-bn South aid ^el!->Tl0|j b* ?dmltslon
of California wa? no cutrai", He i ie: l?j to cooeettton
m d ?(?,e?lb cf tie peo-le-North E?t. Sou h ar.d Weat;
acd ire geMlen:?n from Virata ran tale the concession
for ? b?; he car rcsie out of it
Mr. W iLi.noK.v (Loco) of Ga off red aprof.irmal
amendment, Justifying bisvoief-r |Ve Boonsary tiPL and
fipi?'?ed bi? h?-iw lb*!the South hat juifored injustice by
ibeBdm'ssI n of Caltforn a
Mr HiIBB ARD, (Loco) of Alt. told an anecdote
aa oppitraMe to the encounter I etwr--n Meura. Seddoa
?tr1 Tocti.h?, ?b'ch caused aon.e i?ns;".ti'r. ?
Mr Bbsdoh again roio ao t replied ,to Mr.
Mr Brown, (Loco) of Miss said he always,
thong bt when people were fair y lotted t^ay gave ap.
i l.aurf 'er ) H? v?< uld a?y ?.o.h i g "If >iat?e touts Mend
fronj Virg'r.ta, (Mr. Si'do on ) who had been Canutes on the
ru-fit gallatiir) t?j bltraelf?? there ? ,, no u>? of crying
ivcr ip'.t n Ilk.'' After the t> -?.ilr> of N-?0 leans was
over, a loldle.- wbi seep firing )?> hir.self 8?ld ? gentle
n.an to bint " What tie devil are you dolt-g here I" 'lam
tia-tying on tbe war," be rep'le?, "on my o?n hook.''
i>tci.Ho la'ikbter) I trual, renarkei str. Irowa, tn
coric'uiio j, tbti we will a;i agree to gl?e It up. Tbe Home
a <-prepirec 10 paia the bill with >ut d.rtili'S an I or cress
IPK at let u> in rw pi. matter over to UV people. So
kelp iue God, I <in for reiuis' eel
.N':i.e. f tbe aoieadineDtt 6fier?d were agreed to.
The Committee rose, wbrn, nrn lor the opuration
of t> - !.r?vtuu? a lesttOD, the U.ah i l! was pasted?YoiS
97, Nays 85.
l w ?a?M< AlbertsoD. Altlor. Anderson. Aihe Aver
Ml Hay, Uayiy, Rea'.e, Bl??e t, B. kve, Bow.ln, Bofd,
Brera, Rr (rir?. Brooks, Brown of ,ni ; Butler of Pa.)
Chldwel'o' Ky ; Caldwell of N. C ; t'atev, CoOb of Aia.;
Dnt.lel, Deberry, Dinjtnl.-k. Dl:rey. Duti>era, Edoiuadann,
! lot, Event Ol Md ; fcwli'K, f ilie-. Usiury. tierry,Gtl>
n.o e. Oorn an, lu ll, rJaralaon H - u of Tenn.; Uariltof
111 ; Hsjrnond, lilb'iArd, Hh.Uid, lto<i^l\Dd, Uouttoo,
Howard, Jlaekton of O* ; Johnson of T-*m -, Jobaton of
Kv ; J.-nes Kiu'man, Ker^, lia8*re, Lelfl-r Levin, blule?
fi-M, Macn of Pa ; M?.r?had, Mason, atcC ernand, Mc?
Donald McDowell, Mcl.anabtio, McLt e of <ld.; McLeau
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Owen, furker, rVasiee, Pttmiin. Pblter ttl- bardson, Rob
hlns fiot.lr.tcn, Hcsn. Boss, Savsge Shepperd, Staaly,
Slat Ion of Tenn ; diaijion of Ky ; *t:onir Taompsonof
Wlis : Theu pscD of Penn.; TD im ison "f K> \ Ttiurman,
Tooni^t, Waldea. Watalns, Wellnorn, WncricA, Wilson,
Williams and Tontrr.
h>ya?Messrs Alrrnnder, Alec, fleeaett, Blugham,
Br. wo. Miir.: B"rrows. Burl, Butler Conn.; Cable, Ohio;
Calvin, Csn-pboll,Cha?dler Clark, Colco"k, Cole, Corwin,
Cr-weil, D.ckey, DIiod, D.-tv, t);'.<r, D.tuc?n, Ourkee,
tlvans, Ohio; Kealherston, s*ltcb, Kowier, Olidln^t, Gott,
Ooild. HsI i way, Ilmlati. Hanl?, Ai*. Ht-btrd Uenry,
llo indav, HoiuiH?. Howe, Hutih^rd, Hunter, Inge, Jack
ton, N V.i Julian, King, R. I.; K'n* N.J.; lohn A. Klug,
Preaton King, Menn, Mats j Mateucu. atcKittock, Mc
Uetcbam Meade, Moore, Monis, Nelson. Nowail, Ogle,
Sscieit. Saw,eile, Schenck, Schoolcr.fi. Seddon, Silvester,
Sprairne. Stevens Pa: Station, 8?ietser. Taylor Tuck,
Van ttyse VUton, Waldo, VVallBCO, Weatwortb, and
A motion was made to reconsider the voto^but it
was laid on tbe table
Tno House then adjourned till Monday.
Great Enthusiasm-A Crowd?Rivalry.
Notwithstanding the p iuriug raiD on 8aturday
morninp, great numbers of pt-o^le wended their
way down Broadway at an early hour, to attend
tbe Ticket auction at Castle Garden for tho flrst
Concert of Jenny Lisd.
The charge of one shilling for admittsnooto tho
Garden, a mistake afterward explained, produced
some curious ebullitions; and in addition to the
min, which came down in torrents suflicient to
dsrap everybody's ardor at the. hour of cotnmenolng
tho per ormances, no doubt doterrod a number who
would otherwise have entered iuto the spirit of
the scene with ardor.
Atleaat a.000 persons, hoarovnr. were present,
filling the whole body of the Garden, and ieavlng
a goodly number to occupy tho balcony.
The auotioneer, Mr. Leeds, appeared punctually
at tbe time appointed, but his a'idience were com?
pelled to waii in a state of uneasy expectancy
for tha arrival of the oiagrams of the house.?
These, hi Wt.ver, having been delayed at the print?
er's, did rot make their appearance, and tho bid?
ding was commenced without them. A good deal
of confusion was noctsearily attendant upon tho
sales in consequen.'o of this delay ; many of the
seats were also destitute of numbers. Tlmso minor
evils will be promptly remodiod, and at tho next
anction there w ill be every possible facility for all
to find their places as well as make their bids.
Mr. Bakacm appeared a few minute before ther
bidding commenced, and was greeted by the moet
tumultuous and enthusiastic applause. He came
forward to make lomo statements, expressing his
surprise and regrjt that the charge for admittance
had been levied, and dr:l?red that no one had been
more astonished at thecircurosUiice than himself.
Although ^e bad no legal r'ght to the house until
Monday, he had it aa a inatte-r ol courtesy. Waaftve
attempted, said he, to do more than was in the pow?
er of human nature: it had been found impossible
to perform every thing that was required within
in tho brief space of time when the Garden wag
net occupied by the Opera Company; heooe the
seats were atili partly unnumbered, and the dia?
grams had been delayed by the printer. After tend?
ering his apologies in this frank and candid manner,
Mr. Barnun announced that with the exception of
a few seats reserved for the Press, there had been
no reservation of the seats in any part of tho house;
they were open to the choice of person* present.
Mr. Leeds now mounted his platform, and made
in orT-hand statement of tbe rules and regulations
of the day.
All tho tickets sold must be called for before 12
o'clock on Monday (to day); and, in case purchasers
should again bo charged admittance to tho Garden,
one of Mr. Barnum's agents will be in attendance- i
at the Gate to dispose of them accordingly. All
those net applied for at the time specified will be
disposed of to the first person applying.
The choice of Tickets was <? Id with the privi?
lege of purchasing 1 to 10. No privilege higher
than 10 was given. Now commenced the exciting
struggle for the
pipjt choice.
The first bid was 820. From this starting-point
tbe calls grew louder and more energetic. ' Twen?
ty- five'?' Thirty'?' Thirty-five'?' Forty'?' Sixty'
?' Seventy-five'?' Eighty.' (' Give me the $100,,
cried Mr. Leeds) 'Ninety'?Ose Hundred,'
(Aucti'neer?'I've got it!;? 'One Handred and
Five,' (' A very low price 1 Mr. Leeds.') 1 Oae
Handred sni Ten,'? 'Twenty-five'?' Thirty'?
1 forty '?One Hundred and Fifty '?'One Hundred
and Seventy-l'Ve '?'Two Hundred' (Loudobeors.)
?'Two Hundred and Tw*..vrir-Five' (*'M5-)
Here there was at last a stop, and curious glsnce?
were shot around to discover the fortunate candl
date. ' Genin, Hatter! was announced.
6o the honor of the first purchase is fairly won
by Mr- John N. Genin, the well-known Hatter, of
No. 214 Broadway. The competition forthischo.ee
w. very spirited, and there were many candidate.
SrtJe ta-op. The announcement of the.success
of Mr. Genin was receive* with a tremenioa* out
burst of applause
The beding ?hon proceeded with considerable
rapidity, ?od 'm comPara,ive '1^'?^??*, though
there were still abundant tokens of enthusiasm.?
The second choice of seat* sold for ?25. Tho third
brought #15. The stage-box on the left (four seats,
t% 935 each,) was sold to the New-York Hotel for

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