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AT TUB tribune buildings. CORNER Of spruce ano has
sau-strf.f.TS. opposite the citv hall,
- * City ^?-^?
*nk ! or, when they prow, u~J ?"?s e ?((, giu?1(.
Desk foNta mraOi? w^^^iber?; Five Dollarn per
aopiea. Two Gents. ^ ? .= ,m(1 taken for six nomhs.
annum, in advance. Dou_, in advance re
lLti^^U&^*^ Cuntry Newspaper* Daily
eairta m ???.??*,?, Eia office whose torras arc higher tnau
SosIfofiS Tribune are not allowed any diflerence.
Payment required in adtaiee.
Bi'SifESS Notxf.s-12} cents per line, each insertion.
General Notices-S.x lines or less each insertion, jO
ecnts; over six lines, 8 cents per Bite eaxRday
GENERAL ADVEKTtsr.mf.NTS-fnTific-k'<rbll:n?=or'!r-ps.
?ach insertion, 50 cents; over eight lines, 6 cents per "no
^o'Jrle? Fight lines or less, each insert on. 25 cents j
over eight linen, 3 cents per hue per day, or 75 cents per
line per month.
Religious and Temperance Notices aui Mvrriagf.s
aad Funeral Invitations, not exc-.-eding 138 words, will
be inserted for 15 cents. . . . ,.
Legal Advertisements?At the rate nxed by tnc
Statute. , . .l
Ail advertisements inserted in t'.is paper appear troiri
fte Morning und Evening Editions.
$*__ed every-8al^^^^%^S^^
agjgB %Je& no case con
l?ged 20 cents per
_ne each Insertion. m
ro ?nblieherl every Wedneiday and Saturday morning.?
Price 85 per annum. Two copies for $5. Ten for $20.
Advertisements, 6 ceuU a Une each iusertioa
for europf.a.n circulation
?g published on the departure of each Mftt! Steamer wjav
SpOoL Price fil cents per copy, or $1 per year, >?ostarre
included. _____
for california, oki con and the sandwich islands
1* published on the departure of euch Mail Steamer for
__utes. Price, Oj cnls per copy.
* fc GREE1SYat McELRATH.Publishers.
A M U ft E \l E NTS
ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, September 11, 1850.
part i.
Overture?" Oberon ".C. M. V. Weber.
Aria?" Sorgete."
MaoLetlo aecoudo..Rot?J.
Sung by Big. BELLBTI
Beoneaod Cavatlua?" Cast* Diva,"
Grand I7u?tt for two Pianofortes....Thnlburf;.
Messrs Benedict and Hoffman.
Kueit ? ' Per Placer."
(I) Turco In IutllR).Roialnl.
Mdlle. JENNI LIND and Big. Bellest!.
part ii.
Overture?'? Crusaders."
(First time In America,)
Trio Ooncerlante?For Voice and two Fiulea,
Camp of Silesia? Meyeroeer,
Composed express y for Mdbe Jenny Lind.
Flute??Mesirs Ryleand Siede.
Aria ButTa?"La'go al Factotum."
Big. Bellettl.
Swedish Me ody?" Herdsman's Song,
Known as loo Echo Song, sung by
Greeting to America,
Prize Composition, by Bayard Tayi or, Eta.
Benedict....Composed expressly for this occasion,
Conductor.-.Mr. BenedlcL
The Orchestra wtii consist of Sixty Performers, including
the first talent In the country.
Trice of Tickets &3. C holce of places will be sold by auc?
tion at Castle Garden at h'i o'clock on Monday morning,
September 9.
Do <rs open at 6?Concert to commence at 8 o'clock.
JfQ ch..ji.? ?til h* laaned
BT" Mdiie JfiNNY. LIND'8>econd Grand Concert will
be ytven at Castle Garden on F.lday Evening, 13th tost.
Choice places to the second Concert will be sold on Th?rs
?ay morning, 12tb Inst.at 10 o'clock
Cblekertng's Grand Pianos will be used at the First
Concert_s6 it
TtH?y 1.1 #JRSt VhNVBKV. -two
sFTJc rlco 4>20 each.?Tlia advertiser was
ajr>o. ... .,m cf the purchaser* at Iba AtieUoi. ?_o
ot! >a?iird?y, snd bought a choice at *eat* wben notmo'e
th*? fifty oi the fivu thousand seats had been chosen. Of
scats then selected he, will sell et ?he shove prl.Te, two
adin'ri' t 1 . :;i?1.? unsurpassed in valuo, as
they are ?lluated with n tTrtmly feet of the spot where
Jerny Llnd will aland whte ?loglng, and their occupants
Will ba?e an unobstructed view of me performers and iha
andiente. Addros? J L. box 2,411, Pott-Office, bofor?12
o'clock this mornlDg. til It*
JEftfaY LIND'S TItiK_T.S.-all tickets that are
oicslicdfor br fore 11 o'cioca this dav. wll be said to
t>i first comers at that tou', at the ticket r dice, Castle Gar?
des. H. U. LEE JS Auctioneer.
authorized edition of
THE SUBSCRIBERS leapectfully call the attention o
the public to ilie lubjolned letters from Mr. Benedict
and Blgnor Beliettl.
The aubscrtbers have claimed to be the authorized agents
fo<- the publishing of the Jenry Llnd music, and^ihey be
heve the subjoined letters satisfactorily prove the foanda
tloos of their claim. ? ?
La-ndon, August, 1850,
To Samuel C. Joli.ie, Esq : Sir?Wo herewith assign
to you the full UDd exclusive right to nil the mutic sung by
Mdlle. Jenny Llnd in America; also, all the music com.
posed or sung by us durirg our sojourn In the United
Irving House, New-York, Sept. 6,1850.
ToBamusl C Joli.ie, Esa : Sir-l certify, wilh pleas,
ore, thai your edition of the Jenny L'.nd music, In which
you have associated the name of Firth, Pond it Co. it the
only authorized edition published; and further, that each
song Is duly revised by me before publication.
TICKETS for thest? Concerts can be procured at low
rates on appltcatlou to
_239 Broadway.
A Mined on application lj WM. HALL _ SON,
?18 311?_239 Broadway.
TfOUR TICKETS, Noa 3.084 3,025, 3,02fi and 3,027 aune
A Mor seats to *eo or bea--Parquette. Inquire at the bar"
of U>e Easiern Pearl-sL House corner of Feiry-st. It*
Tte&!BTiS .F01. JKNNY UNO>8 wrst CONi
ja t ERf?a limned number lu fca'.cony or Parquet In
smtttoQs a? got d os any in the h"ute. foi sale oa reason,
afro terms, t,y h'ram DIXON. . Maldun-lana. slO 2tU*
J A^fllai*^uN_J'i*.CO?,',,IiKT'-W1LCIAM HALL
f k. SON, X39 Broad way, bBve a.few seats left, which
they can dispose of at .5 each all It
A- idlspos-dI of The parcbas?ri can proenre U.elr tlckou
duiro? tnls day at iho ^tlice at CasUa <3arden. Those hold
tog y ellow tlckou will the better secure their seat* by froln_
on Wednesday night at about 5 o'clock. Those holdln.
r?a_o blue ticket* should arrive about 6 o'clock All
places furfoiteo unless pnatestlon Is taken before s o'clock
A few promenade tickets may be obtained at xht American
jMuseum. Price $3 No money will be taken al ,he doors
od lue night of the concert. The gentlemen engaged at
eshTg win please be punctually ai the garden at 3 P M on
Weduesdr.y. In older to learn their dope*. Ticket No. 512
kas b"en tr.keu by mlsttte. Instead of No 509. It must be
Hxcb'nsed._Islli 2dst) P. T. BARNUM.
JliWNY 1.1 Nl) SKR_3MA?E.-OnWedneaday even
I'S apt 11. a large stearuboa. aid a splendid Band of
Jlcsrc is eng&ged to give Jenuy L'ud a eompltmeuta.y
jjereuaJe. The boat wilt >ave ?'?ck-sllp at SI o'clock, P.M.
Cau-l-it si bj. Chsmbe's-at at 7, rierNo. i at 7}. and lay
?ff C.-sUe Carden Fare ao cent, genUeman and lad;- 75 eta.
*|>ABhR>ACLE.-Mr. DEMPSTER'S Third OrigT
A aa B?'iad Eniertamment wtd be riven at the Taberna.
?th*r lei.etion of b's choice Scgs, including hit tow com
TjMCIo,, "Mort ;dr Hoop, anil|N'gbi." and hficauuts, "The
Ha\ (juei n." To commence at S o'clock. *in
, *V *'"netuwl0? t>r Nic- Ac?The Anulversarv
Celt traxlon of Mor.iianla Village w?l ra_e place on We/.
^____?S _if ral0-v' DC Xt Wr a8?- ?be exercise.
? ,.^?P"v/raa ?.!U.e< fcotc ati oxha-ed sU poimd
Di'^ w?ntf i R?y Gr4Dl5 P<?n?m*> precede,
b, I).H,wo,ttf . Bru,, ,,uJ ontloes by Horace Oreeley
_F I' irn'J of ihe?"l?erri f lti?'e wt^O wlu, at 50 cents, by
toL- u. dsvr is di ,^,!lc;Vbi(,lel fPt" ??rks in the even
% Ar'?ter?? f?0?^ ?
be there of courae. aid the ?S ,r:ly l'f.Morrl?*n~ w"'
toviten to lie pre*ent. C.^fo- - *,:, ' ^rfi ?rgently
?m tx^r.ton b&a been fia^ovt^?S p^,38 for
?Say a. .2{ ce-nu each ivav. -ei^.,U.*r T.RaUr0f^iCom"
JBave City Ha.l at 9 10, Yu* ? & V foll?'r, 1
SSan a: 2: /7, 4 : 3?. 5: 55 a-d S*?t? T
j'clock morn
l^lic'areeVrtWiv'ln'v^ ImaTt,''} f*^100- ?9
me arttvlrg In time to loin Uta v.! aireAto?_* u,J,'DlDe
By o:<er of tba otm ?"?nto??
J^^gA_Ul.rwEl.L. Becreiarv. ?h%???
_LM: , ZPfZ ""P? "coniiy arrived from fcarooe
?ovg ?tdch 's Germania," by KocLler, a work of ?mp?,
J> Attest tuut The axhlblttup of pair, tegs by artlS of
bas ?ecetved manv addnioh.. arid rSSSS
HTT n' '?n,t*%-<-u>*o.*flha HaJlo.'the Cc:t ch of Dl
W> I'r-.iy in ?ra?Jw? f,,MWPe? S{,rt,g ?j Ptuwo-at,
?5_yi_?_*5 A- ** l?f 10 t/i Vck P. M.
*'-y*^???sjo*4 E?MHinT,'-OUif>c?iiis, v-'aodorruej.
TICKETS 69 caots to ?11 pari? ?JL^lf*i^*a
Second we " .-on " *? **? ?I**'
WU After wTeb.T?gh.ol. Ballet Pantomime, called
Aft*r yArja LOVERS, or Harvral Home.
Characters by the Ravel Fainliv.
,. he followed l>y splendid feaison the TIGHT ROPE by
Francois Ravel, La Petite Elizabeth, M'me Axe and Leon,
J*l^terinisslon of hall an hoar. During- the Intermiiiion and
aller the close of the performance tbe magnificent hall room
will be thrown open, where ladlea and families may obtain
Ice Cream and Refreshments of every variety. Likewise
tbe lower splendid Salaon will be thrown open for gaatla
men unaccompanied by ladles.
The whole to cor elude wilh tbe new grand Pantomime of
RAOUL, or tbe Magic Star.
In Twelve Tableaux, composed by Jerome RaveL
Principal characters by tho Ravel Family
BROADWAY THEATER ?Doors open at 7.-To
commence at 7J o'clock.?THIS EVENING. Sept U,
the entertainments will commeace with the Comedietta of
PERFECTION, or Tbe Maid of Monster.
Tobefollowed by SHOCKING EVENTS.
Grand scene from Donizetti's Opera of AcsNA BOLENA.
Anna Bolena...M'me. Anna Bishop
Grand Divenlsement from Zampa, by M'lle. Adeline, Sig?
ner N'ri, and ihe Co ps do Ballet
To conclude with 8 peculiar and characteristic
Prices of admission : To Dress Circle and Parquet 75c;
Family Circle and yhlrd Tier, 25c; Gallery, 12fc.
BCKTON'8 THEATIR, Chambers-sL rear of lha
City Hall?the nearest Theater to the large Hotels.
THIS EVENING, September 1), Will S?e played Col
man's Comedy, In three acts, called
Dr OUapnd. Mr. Burton I Emily Worthlngton, Mrs.RussM
Blr R. Brtiu,ble...BlakeJ M ss McTab.Mrs Hufbes
To conclude with the Grand Essay on Llndmania, cal'ed
Mr. Blarneyem, Jenny Lind's Manager.Mr Burton
The Nightingale.by Heeren Von Jausen
Doots open at 7, to begin at ~\ o'clock.?Boies, drass
circle and parquet, so eta; family cire'e or second tier, 25
cts: private boxes s3 and $5; orchestra seats, with cush?
ioned arm-chairs 75 els. _
i,ate pierck's minstrels,
At the Society Library Rooms, Broadway cor. Leonard si.
ON MONDAY. September 9, and every night until the
completion of their ne>f Hell onjhe TatterasuTs ground,
which wLl be completed Lbout Ihe first of next month. The
great success that has favored this inimitable band of Ethio?
pian performers for tbe p. st season, ?rhenmjsl all of the
places of amusement In tbis great Metropolis were closed,
while this baud was performing every evening to crowded
houses, hss stamped tbem as being the ne plus ultra of all
Ethiopian ban" s?comprising a compafof thirteen per?
formers, UDder the Immeillaie direction of J.B Fellows.
They will have the honor of giving tbelr original and lniini.
tab e entertainments every night, until further notice.
Admission 25 cents. Doors open at 7 o clock, Concert
comrrence at 8.
An Afternoon Concert on Wednesdaysand Saturdays,
commencing at 3 o'clock, P. M. s7
X posed of tbe httst class of loleoi, as well In stoglng as in
Ethiopian delineation in tbe newest and most approved
style, will, under tbe managemen'. of Max Zorer, com?
mence performing at Bleecser Hall, Bleecker sL corner of
Morton-tt. on Monday evening next, Sepu9
Admission Scents. Doors open at 7, commencing at 8
N B?Omnibusses fiom all parts of the city pass either
by the door or wltnln one or iwo blocks of tbe Hall. s5 6t*
Giving a full and perfect View of the' Father of Waters,"
from lie Junction with tbe Obto Ibo bead waters, and
reluming to St Louis, a distance of more t?an
3,000 miles, on 7 miles of Canvass! !
Continuation by Poraarede
AtBtoppanl's Panorama Hall,398 Broadway, cor. Walker.
Section I.
COMMENCES with a grand View of the Month of the
Ohio Otwor, viij of Colro, and Ohio Cicv Giving the
grand prominent points at one view, of three different
tatos: Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky, with stearthoats
passing up and down Ihe River, and other scenery, including
Crmmerce, Cape Glrardeau, Herculaneum, Montosaoo
Houie. kc
Distant view of St. Louis, and Full View of St. Louis as
It was previous to the Groat Fire of 18-19 Mouth of ibe
Missouri River, and City of Alton, with Cap au Grts In tbe
distance, concluding with a beautiful Dissolving View of
the Town of Hannlsal.
Section II
Month of Des Mo'nes River, Fort Madison, and Mouth of
Ohio River, Blobnilngton.
8torm Scene, with Rock Island at Sunset; View of Rip
Ids ; Twilight View of Dubuque, and Dubuque's Grave,
: followed by grand Mountainous Bcenery.
Section III.
j Time, early dawn?A View of Coline du Mal, and Five
Point Bluffs, on Eastbank of Mississippi; King and Cioeen
Mountains; View of Wabashaw Prairie, covered with In?
dians; Eagle Rocks, itc; Wenoona's Rocks in the distance,
snd the beautiful Lake Pepln.
Wenoona's Leap, or Maiden's Rock, with Indian Wed?
ding Party; Little Crow V'llsge; Town of 8l Paul's,
Mouth of St. Crolx River; St Peter's, and Mouth of St.
Peter's River.
Fort Scelling, with gToupn of Winnebago Indians, and
beautiful Prairie lands, and View of a Grand Council of
Indians, and the Chief bara.nf.utng tbe dusky mass An
Indian Funeral, and spletdid View of the Falls of Bt. An?
thony, end the Prairie Plains of tbe Nortb west for more
than WO miles, ending with a Dissolving View of a Prairie
on Fire.
Section IV.
Grsnd Buffalo Hunt, by Indians ; Battle of Bad Axe ;
View of Oalena ; The Mormon Temple; City of Alton ;
Upper Ferry by sum el, and Grand Dissolving Vlow of the
City of St.Louis on Fi'e, which happened on 17th May,
U49, and destroyed 23 steamboats, and 400 houses,
HP" Doors to open at 7 j Curtain to rise at 7J Prico of
admission 25 cons. Chlidret half price. An afternoon ex?
hibition will be given every Wednesday and 8alurday,
commeLclng at 3 o'clock.
Books, descriptive of the above Scenery, with Indian
Legends and Anecdotes,can be had at tho Hall. Prico !.'-:.
s7 4lisua8M\VU-'r"
Mechanic's Hall,
A'JO BROADWAY, above Grand-aL?Christy's Km
rr I /-wslrels respectfully announce to ihelr patrons and the
public generally that they will have tbe honor of recom?
mencing a serls* of ihelr popular Concerts In this city on
Monday, Sept 9.
Tickets 25 cents. Doors open at 7; cornmsnce at 8 o'clk.
Afternoon Concert every Saturday at S P.M.?The com?
pany comprising an efficient und versatile "corps" of ta?
lented and experienced performers, under the management
ofE. P. Christy. s9 lwla*
BaRUkf, Proprietor and Manager-JoUN GREEN?
WOOD, Jr. Assistant Manager.?For tbe whole of this
week, commencing Monda?, Sept 9 1850, those extraor?
dinary Infar.t phenomena, Kate and Ellen Baiemzn, wlil
positively make their veiy last appearanee heie on Friday
next, unlivihlch time time they will enact some favorite
corned} or tragedy every afternoon. ? The Drunkard' will
he performed every evening this week, and also on Satur?
day afternoon A Million of Curiosities are to be seen at
ihe Museum ; Mad. Lamont, the great fortane-ieiler. tbe
Negro Turning White, kc Afternood performances at 3;
Evonlrg at 7? o'clock. Ada isslon 25 eis: children 12} eta,
4 have jnsl airrtved from Central America, the greatest
curiosity of the age, (so pronouncad by gentiemeQ of Intel?
ligence,) being much smaller thin tho renowned 'Toto
Thumb ' They a>eb;t 24 snd 2S Inches bigb, ihelr cr> nblned
weight but 3o'i lbs; their age 14 and 16 years Tbey will
be exhlbtud lor a short time, previous to ihelr departure
South, at th? Minerva Rooms 406 Broadway. Will open on
Wednesday, SepL 11, 1850. The exhibition to take place at
2 in the afternoon and 7 o'clock in the evening.
Admission 25 cent*; children half price. Te9"3t*?
t-v'DAY.Bept 12, 1S50, al.3 o'clock-Purse $300 Trvo
mile Heats In Harness.
George Young enters b an. Lady Moscow.
Oils Dimmlck, enters b. g. Jack Rossiler.
Wm V\ heelan enters b. g Pelbtm.
The rsrt will leave South Ferry, Brooklyn, at 21 o'clock,
and return when the sports are over.
?9 441s* SPICER k McMANN, Proprietors.
i?-ia?????ejM??m.i..??.i?gm-iiTfnrfiiiii mini i |i-?..n. -.m?^e-i
Notice to our Philadelphia Readers.?The
DAILY TRIBUNE U regularly delivered to subscribers
In all parts of the city at 65 cents per month. Those who
wish to be served with It will please leave their names at
the Bookstore of W. B. Zieber, who 1* our Agent for Iba
Valuable Lump of Gold ?Messrs. WiLis dr.
Co. of this city have roeeivtd by the Cherokee,
from their California house, a large box of speci?
mens of gold ore and cinnabar ; alao a single lamp
of "cold quartz,'' weighing twenty-four pounds,
worth about five thoaaand dollars. This extraor?
dinary lump baa been purchased by a returned
Californian, who intends to exhibit it in this coun?
try. It is said to bo tbe richest mas of its size that
has yet been discovered. [Boston Post.
?r1* A suit has been commenced in the Court of
Common Pleas, sty led Henrich Boernstein va. Ne
hemiahK. Cormany?the former gentleman editor
of tbe German paper, Anzeiger des Hastens, the
latter editor of the Deutsche Tribune. The action
is brought for libels alleged to have been published
against Bcernstein at v.irious times, and the dama
cte have been laid at 810,000. The case will be
^oketed at the next term of the Court of Common
P,eM- [8t. Louis Intelligencer.
onF week. \
De?. line in Cotioa-AdTaticc in Corn?
Flour Firm?Money Murket En-ty.
Dates from Liverpool to August SI, London
30t_ afliraris -20th.
??-'^>? .?
t-legraphbb to .the tribune,
ovkb t13s
N'ova Scotia, New-Briu>*i*ei and Maine Lines,
to portland, -il?OIjTlikNCE over
Bain's Merchants';_i_e to New-York,
X3T It was stated in yLfcerJlay't papers that the
Asia had not arrived at;~\Halifa_ at 9 o'clock on
Monday night. This annnoneement was made
after ir.quiry over the wires of Bo?ton, as to tho
condition of the lines through to Halifax. Owing
to some misonderatandirig among tho operators in
the Boston and Portland offices, stud to negligence
somewhere aloDg the line, word was sent to as
that the wires were in working order through to
the eastern terminus. Notwithstanding the sever
i y of the gale at the east, spoken of in our dis
pttcb, intelligence of which should have been sent
to tho several offices westward, we were led by
the misstatements to ns into the error we have
Halifal Telegraph Office, )
Monday, 10} A.M. 5
The Asia was telegraphed at about %\ o'c'ockv
and arrived at her wharf at 10J. Yesterday and Ust
night we bad a heavy gale of wind and rain from
the eastward, which has undoubtedly caused great
loss of property ani live? along the coast. Toward
morning the vti.d shifted 11 the N. W. and is now
blowing very heavy from that quarter. Tho wires
to the westward of this city are supposed to bo
badly breken, and this dispatch will be forwarded
by the New-Srunsw:ck Express to the first office
having a western circuit.
Louis Philippe died on the 2Gth of August
Louis Napoleon is still on his tour through the
Queen Victoria has gono to Scotland.
Austria has given in I or adheiLm to the English
protection on the Danish question.
There is nothing new 'rom the saat of War be"
yond an account of some slight skirmishes.
The submarine telegraph between Dover and
Calais has been completed, and works well.
The Asia desred from Liverpool at 12 o'clock
noon. The Canada arrived at Liverpool at 5}
A.M. on the 2Cth. Tho steamers if the Canard
liDe running between Liverpool and New-York
will hereafter run direc t. The Asia will not call at
Balifax on her relurn from New-York.
Cotton has declined Id'rrid !!>. Committee's quota.
tloDs Are now : Fair Orleans 8}d, Upland 1{d, Mobile Bd,
Middling qualities 7Jd'S7jd f 16.
Indian Coxn advanced ls j Yellow 27i (id?28s, White
28s"S28s 6<L
Flour firm. For Western Canal 22sS7Ss 6^, Ohio 23s'a?
21s Pd, PMladelp! la and Ha tlmore 23s 6dr/2Is.
Bugae?Advsnced from 3d to 6d. Large t uslness doing.
Tea?Fab- business at about previous rates.
Cofff.i?Ordinary 1? 2a hlgho*.
Monev Market contlr.ues ea j. BeversJ leading bankers
have lowered their rates of interest on deposit Consols
96{. Little doing In U. 8. Stocks, and prices continue as
ast week.
Trade continue! brisk In the Manufacturing districts.
Tho weather las been unfavorable for harvesting opera,
lions, and the yield Is nol lUe^Bp be as great as was
Backville Teleg raph Office, )
Tuesday, Sept 10-tJ P.M J
A part of the Nova Scotia line has been oarried
away by the excessive rain on Sunday evening,
and is not in ord r.
The e_j ress mail from St. John, N. B. arrived
here at 6 P. II. a< d the following dispatch is con?
densed from the English papers:
Oreal steadiness bs* prevailed in business affairs during
the week, and most descriptions of Imported produce
coromands a ready sale. Tie prospects of most articles
are cheering, and money Is abunisnt.
The present week has been one of extreme dullness an j
depression In our Cotton markot. Prices have declined
one-Mghih to one quarter \ > 16. The sales of the week
ending Aug. 29, were 23,1(0 bales, of wblcb speculators
look 6,290 1 ales and exporters 1,68? balea. The American
descriptions sold Include 4,960 Up ands at 75 39; 4,500 Mo.
btle'atfJ?SJ i 1,670 Orleans at 6\ <:1. and 2.0 .-ea Island at
12@21. Thecflica prices for Fair Upland,7}d; Mobile,
Sd, and New-Orleans, 6$? Tho estimated stock of Cotton
at ihis port is now 505,000 against 5,7,600 bales at same time
In 1849.
The Havre Cotton Market has been exceedingly depress,
ed during the present week, the total sales on Monday and
Tuesday not bavlag amounted to 450 bales, and price (H2jf
In* ordinaire) at which the market closed on Saturday, was
barely mair-tained. and was expecle: to decline still more.
The tola! asles during the preceding week amounted to
4 C00 bales. The stock has not been Incr eased by imports.
Tbtugh tt.j weather has net been very favorable for se?
coring the h 1 ast in this district, It has not had any Imme
dlhit) effect Uf n the grain trade.
It is iFough' -st several speculative purchases have
been made Ih ix I Wheat and Indian Corn, bui never?
theless the general opinion Is hat the prices ol all d? scrip
Hots of b;eadslvfi's will rule low throughout the year ?
Wtttem CteslFlcur It cow quoted at 18s ii 23s ^bbl, ac
cordirg to quaMiy, Carada. 22s 6d, and Philadelphia and
Baltimore, 23s 6d; Sour, 18s321s. Indian Corn, whtch Is
st!U 28s for white, 57s@28s 6d for yellow mixed, is sailing
si ifis 6d p qoarter, American Wheat is quoted at 5s ii
a 7s .rd 4? 70 lbs.
Tt? ltcpurts from America for ifca week have not bees
Tre den.and for American cured Provisions keeps
1 he I ua'nete done In Lard has been to a good average
t mount at very steady rates.
There has been much done In Bacoh ; on one or two
Parcels a slight ccr.cesslon has been made, but generally
the market Is fi m. Shcolders cociinue to command full
Dealers continue to supply themselves very sparingly
with Beek and traisarJcns are consequently eery llmltsd,
prices being uncuangtd.
A Four foid Suicide.?Mr Daniel F. Beik
nsp, of this town, cxirarniaed suicide on Tne.day
in a meat shocking manner. He cut his throat
twice with r razor, nearly severing his windpipe;
th-.n with a knife stabbed himself in the ration of
tha heart, making a gash abont three incnes in
length; he then tied round bis neck a handkerchief,
which was spliced to some others, and fastened
round a bed-post, and then jumped ont of a cham?
ber window, but the handkerchief gave way, and
he came to the ground. He neat started for tha
water, with all the speed in his power, from which
he wrs rescued by the people with whom he board
ed. Be commenced tho act about 12 o'clock, ar.d
oied of the wouxr! iD bis body about 4 He made
several stabs at his b< dy before be effdeted tne
mcrta) wcutd, the ribs affording protection. Mr.
Bc-IKntp had been insane for a long time, and had
been at the Worcester Asylum for a year.
I Dcdhita (Man ) D ? 1 o :ral 5th.
The Concert To-mcht.?To-night will bo a
new Avatar In oar musical history?the tint ap
pearacce of another divinity in the world of Song.
It will be an occasion n irely unprecedented in
tbia country ; for even the divine Malibran asng to
comparatively small audiences and to a much more
imperfect musical taste. Jerny Lind cornea among
us in the maturity of her powers and the zenith of
her fame. The sp endid reception which has oeen
given her, no lets t-n account of her splendid be?
nevolence and lofty persona' character than her
transcendent genius, is an earnest of the prepos?
session with which her appearance to-night will be
baiic d. To justify all this inordinate expectation
?to fill up with i.a!pable truth the outlines drawn
by so many escited imaginations?will benoslight
achievement; but we believe Mdlle. Lind is equa'
I to it. The power of a name that, without actual
performance, can bring together six or seven thou?
sand people, at a cost of some 835,000 for tioket?
alone, must rest on a msrvelou* gift Indeed, to re?
tain its spell on the public mind. Nevertheless
we have no fear that the spell will be broken or
the gilt grow dim.
! Even leaving cut of view the expectations which
will be gathered within the space of Castle Oar
den this ever in//, the sight of the hall and the au?
dience will be woith at least half tho price of a
ticket. The improvements are advancing rapid'y,
and every thing will be completed in ample time
ftr this evening's performance. Mr. Barnum has
furnished tickets tf admission to ten Boston and flf
teen Philadelphia papers, every one of which has
signified its intention of being represented. There
were only about -100 promenade tickets sold, when
the sale was stopped, to prevent an inconvenient
crowd inside the walls.
To mcrrow morning the tickets for the Concert
of ifriday night, will be sold at public auction, in
the Garden.
We are authorized to announce the following
regulatiors for the goven ment of carriages and
hacks, which are made to prevent confusion this
evening at Castle Garden. All oarriages will en?
ter the large gate at the corner of State street and
Whitehall, and pass out through t! e gate in Bat?
tery Place, at the.hesd of Greenwich street. At
the close of the Concert the carriages will take up
their company in precisely the same order. When
a carriage arrives at the ent-arce gate at the end
oi the bridge the names of parties will be called
out by the Inspector of Ha<ks, and if not present
the carriage will pass on and come around again in
Persons who come in carriages are advised to
remain a few minutes, in or 'er to lettheother por.
tion of the audience pass out first, and those who
are not in carriages will have the kindness to pass
out without delay as so;n as the Concert is finish?
ed. Particular attention to these instructions will
prevent much confasion and materially expedite
tbe egress ar.d comf.-rt of the audience.
Two flo?KS at Keheausal.-?The second re.
hearsai of to-night's grand concert came off yester
day at Castle Garden. About 100 persons were
present, principally musical amateurs and mem?
bers of tbe Press. The Orchestra is composed of
excellent material, and with a little more of Mr.
Benedict's driding, will eiual, if not surpass, the
beat wo have ever had in this country. The Over
tares to " Oboron" and "The Crusades" gave
ample evidecc; of its capacity. Of tho vocalists,
Belletti appeared first and sang the " Sorgele"
from Rossini's Maometlo Secondo. All present
were surprised and delighted with the richness
and purity of his voice and the remarkable finish
and gr c- of his execution. He is, unquestionably
the most satisfactory barytone who has yet visited
us. Molie. Lirid was about to commence Costa
Diva when tho first of the hundred guns fired for
California, New-Mexic\ Texas and the Ten Mil.
lions, thundered just outside the Castle. The Or
obettra la d d-. w.i their instruments and the ex?
pectant visit rs were obliged to wait fcalf an hour,
until patriotism could be satisfied. When, at last,
the strain was resumed, Mdile. Lii d again came for?
ward. She was very pale, and seemed to exercise
a stroig efilrt to < onamen e the first notes. But
the sound of her own voice ri fissured her, and los?
ing herself in the inspiration of the music, she took
her hearers with her into a region of wonder and
delight, where cold, unsympathetic criticism was
i thing impossible. Her voice is electrical in its
effect, and we do no: think there is an audience in
the nation capable of hearing it unmoved.
After what we have said yerterday concerning
her performance, and what expectation* we have
still reserved for this evening, it is hardly necessary
to foresta'l public curiosity by a further account of
whatWf have heard. It will b? enough to say,
that the favored few who heard her yesterday
were, to use a Southern expres ion, completoly
" enthused," and that there is no difference of
opinion among 1 hem in regard to the effect on the
grand audience that assembles to-nig .:.
The Democracy aud the Slavery Q.uestio5.
?The meeting of the Tammanyitea last evening
resulted in the accomplishment of nothing, and
they adjourned to meet again this evening. It is
not the Ui.lon which is in danger now but the
party, their thunder being almost gone. By to.
n ght they will learn the action of the Syracuse
Convention on the contested seats in this City, and
tha "Democratic Republican General Committee"
will then see whether their proceedings are con?
sidered " regular " at " Headquarters " or not.
Movements are already making for the reorganiza?
tion of t^e " Democratic party in a way to secure
tbe confidence of all true Democrats." 8o the
calls say. These organizations are to be formed in
all the Wards, and are to be styled " The Demo
I cratic Union of ?-Ward," and the several As?
sociations will contain the names and residences
of all the legal " Democratic " voters of the Ward.
Fraudulent voting can thus be prevented, which
will be a severe blow to the Committees of Tam?
many, and the Ward Committees which have b?on
recently " legalized " by it, awl carried by rowdy
ism apd browbeating of the voters. We he.ve
been informed that '? the Democratic Union of tha
Sixteenth Ward " will moet on Thursday evening
Sad Accident.?Gracie Lawrence, the youngest
son of Wm. Beach Lawreroe, Esq of this City,
lost his life at Newport Monday. Ha was gun?
ning on the beach, wb^o, from sous unexplained
cause, the gun was discharged, and so injured hiai
that he lived bul two or three minutes. The ac?
cident occurred about a mile and a half fr.on his
father's house in Newport, where the Brit knowl?
edge of the sad affair wrs the bringing horns of bis j
lifeless bedy. He was a talented lad of abnt 15
yetrs of age; and the knowledge of iris death wiij
be a severe bhw to bis father, who is absent in
W Rshingtcn
BP* The Tailors wer?, from tho exertioas of
thi ir l-'.u.scI, Me Cbedsay, ill bailed ou'. oa Vlon
Thi 8*lutb Yistirdat?According to the an
rjouncr-ment yesterdsy morning, a ealato of one
hundred guns was fired from the Battery yesterday
neon, uiider charge of Mr. T. H H. Ward, the Mil"
itary Store-Keeper of the 8tate Araenal.
The following proceeding! took place after the
talute was over:
Ai a menlng of citizens envsned at the Battery Hoase?
onTuescay Sen 10, immediately after toe firing of in? sa
luecfonE honored guns?upon ihe pwstge of ihe Cony
rromue hi la, on ruuiun of Ja? H. FincSney. James D
Taylos, Esq. wai ca'led to the Chair, Oen. Henry sionua
aid Geo-ge Boyd. Vice Chairman, and A. H Sioinea
burgh aid Edward Colilna appointed Secreiartea; waen
ibe following resolutions were offered by William Taylor,
E?q and utanlmouily adopted :
1. Re.ot-d That we hail wtih heartfelt pleasure the
passage 01 ibe bid that adds California Into these fulled
3 .Recited, That the Bill (Just passed by Congi-ess) ad
tnittlr g ihr several territories, allaying as they do. all hos?ie
and sectional feeing,!* received wins pleasure and approved
of by tbe order luv? g citizens of ibt> metropolis.
3 Rctolttd, That ib?r*e are du? to the Hon. Henry Clay.
Daiiel W eb.ler. Lewis Caas, DaoielS Olcklnstn and o.a
*r eminent Siatean en who, to c-nneclon ?lib our Ctty
de'egatloa in lbs House of Represents.;^*, sustained tri?
At the couclnilon of the meotlng thirteen tuns were fired
in honor of tbe Bena'e Committee of Thirteen.
When, on notion o; Gm. Storms, three hearty cheers
were given "For ihe Union for ihe s?he of the Ualon."
JAS. B TAYLOR, Chairman.
Gso Bofo V ^T0RM5' I Vice-Chairmen.
Railroad Accident?A laboring man in the
employ of the Hudson River Railroad Gompaay
waa killed yesterday by tbe 7 o'clock morning
train. It seems tbat he waa run over about 200
yards south of the sawmill, near Yonkers; whether
by bis own carelessness or that of others, ws
cannot say. The train put back, took him on board
and left bim at Yonkera. He was almost iastantly
killed. We could not learn his name.
Mock Auction?At 2 o'olock yesterday, a Mr.
Peterson, a 8wedi>h peddler, called at the office
of Dr. Jonasiohn, 10 Dnane-st stating that he had
bought three watches at an auction store in Chat?
ham st. which had been sold to him for genuine gold
watchei, an! for which '10 had paid all his savings
$?0. He soon discovered that he had been cheated
bat through the exertions of the Chief of Polios, as?
sisted by Mr. Cairo w, Dr. Jonassohn recovered back
the money.
The Western. Railroad Accident.?Oar
telegraphic dispatches record the ki'ling of " Col.
8. G. Mountford," of this City, by the sad break
down at Washington Summit. We understand
that this person is generally understood to be CoL
Samuel Jone? Mumford, lawyer, of No. 9 Nassnu
st. It was kaown that he had la'.ely been travel?
ing in cc mpany with his daughter.
Niblo'3.?This popular theater continues tobe
crowded during these pleasant September evon
ings, by the multitudes whom the Ravels attract.
Nothing can exceed the lightness, dexterity and
comic humor of their performances, which is an
admirable thing for weather like the present,
when it is not too warm to laugh.
Fire.?At 3J o'clock ^yesterday 8. Are wan dls
covered in the grocery store of H. Kroosey, 103
8ta?toii-st By the prompt arrival cf the Fire De?
partment and the Police, the flames were extin?
guished without carious dannge to the premises.
For Chaqres.?The steamship Empire City,
Capt. Wilson, sailed yesterday afternoon fir Cha
grea, with about 150 passengers.
Movement.?Mdllo. Lind removed yesterday
from the Irving Hoase, where she hss been stay
ng since her arrival in this country, to the New
York ILtel, in the upper end of Broadway.
t3T The Jenny Lind cane? are manufactured
bj Mr. Rosi, at S7 Reade-st, Instead of 47, as misprinted In
jeste day'd Tribune.
Fire in Brooklys.?This morning, about 12>
o'clock, a fire broke out in the bakery of Mr
Balfe, on tbe southwest corner of Pacific-at. an 1
Kelsey's A ley. Before it could be sabdued, some
eight wooden buildings were totally destroyed, aad
the interior of ten or twelve brick buildings more
burned. The buildings were tenanted by about
1200 families, mostly Irish. Many of the inhabitants
had tobe taken from Ihe upper windows, so rapid
was the sproad of the flames. Some of the brick
buildings were owned by a Mr. Clark. Wo ?ould
not ascertain whether there was any insurance ?
The watchmen were on the spot before the arrival
of the firemen, and were active in BSVjiifj jjve4
Real and Persoral Property.?Assessors'
valuation of real and personal estate, in the City
of Brooklyn, 1850, prepared from the reports; made
to the Board of Supervisors :
Totnl Total
Real Kit lncreatc Perional Inc'se. Dee'te
First Ws.rd.3,102,330 24,SS5 531,100 76 W0
Second .23i945S 16 120 1.2I0..M3 41,213
Third " .5085425 252 300 1,290,676 337,275
Fnirih " .3 433 175 4 9 700 366.700 13 150
Slfh ?? .2,079,050 121.748 6,000 2 500
8lxth ?? ) ....5,040,930 M7,.fi 98,000 '
Tenth ??}.... 3,3? 2 040 5a7'248 39 000 lil>m
Sevenih ?? > ....2,4Wi,?i2 , ??9.0 67,600 0,onn
Eleventh--i ....3,2119,iiO l ?i?w 8-1.801
Eighth . 809,537 70.IS0 169 601 14,3- 0
Ninth .1 014,921 307,360 37,500 1,300
Total....$32010,711 3,(82 233 3.960,589 564,988 v?j?
Real and Perional Total Increase
TotaL Real and Pertor.al.
First Ward.$3686,450 $101235
Second ?? . 3 569 968 6x333
Third ?? . 6 376 000 589 575
Fouilh ?? . 3,799.875 36 550
Fifth " . 2,5i9,f59 121.248
TeStL "'};;;.'!:;:";'8 ?j81-636 ?3.3*2
Seventh-J. 2561.462 (TM(U3
Eleventh"'..... U3S03;0 l, Vi?, 042
Eighth ?? . Mil. 138 84,180
Ninth ?? . 1,102 421 306 ?10
Tola'.$36,4-'6 3C0 $1,494,371
Burglary.?On Monday night, the home o'
Rodman B. Dawson, 241 Jay-st. was entered
through the grating, and several of the rooms were
ransacked ; but jast as the burglar had pecked his
plutder, he was discovered and pursued. Tbe
pursuit was unsuccessful, except that the thief
was compelled to leave th: spoils behind him.
X^f* Henry Seaman, of Babyloi, while sailing
in tne bay of Babjloo, on Monday last, was knock?
ed overboard and drowned. He left a wifj and
six diildren.
City Charter.?The Board of Trustees, on
Morday evening, appointed a Special Committee,
consisting cf Messrs. Houghton, Green and Lay,
wi'h tho President added, to draft a law to bo pre?
sented at the next session of tho Legislature, for a
City Chester.
f2P The Loco-Foco General Committee of tho
Citj of New York seem to possess, or to exercise
'at all events, a singular power, wbioh is no less
than that of deciding whether delegates chosen by
toe par'y in their primary meetings, are Jegi'ly
chosen or not, and if they determine against adole
gste tnorder a new election. It may bo all ri^bt
in a democratic point of view, but such things
wimld not be allowed or submitted to amaotf
Wbiee fur a day. No rommitteo among the n un
de takes to so. aside tbe act. of primary
I?ougbaeep.le Journal an 1 *.?*-".
Ofukd Lonsa or Odd Fillows.? Ii ?rill bo
seen by our Telegraphic dieostn'es that there !s
irurh d.fficulty iD g-ttisar the Grand Lodge of the
United States together at Cincinnati Tbe reason
of this is found in a difference of opinion la regard
to the Irga'ity of holding a session of that body oat
of the City of Baltimore; U being contended by ?.
large r umber of representatives that when tho
GraDd Lodge of Mtry 'and surrendered bar powers
? i the head of the Order, she Insisted upon the
insertion of a clause in tbe agreement making
Baltimore the permtnent seat of trie U. 8 Grand
Lodge, or at least until the G L of Maryland
should consent to a charge of the location. It is
not improbable, therefore, that the regular session
of this year will be prevented at Ciccinnati by the
intentional absence cf members. Thus far they
have been unable to open the adjourned or con
tiuurd session. Should no quorum appeu at Cin
cinnati within the proper time, we presume >
special session of the G L. will be called at Bal?*
QT The election in Minnesota for a Delegat? to
Congress, has resulted in tbe return of Hon. Henry
H. Sib ey, the present member,by a large majority
Several otya previous to tbe e'ectioo, Messrs. Wil
cox and Olmstead withdrew from the canvass, in
favor of Col. A. M., Mitchell, who alone opposed
Mr. Siblf y. Both candidates ran without reference
to National politics, and each was voted for by
members, of both political parties.
BP* The Buffalo rtVp?6/?V, undertaking to praise
a delegate elect to the Syracuso Loco Convention,
is, by a provoaing typographical blander, made to
" Mr. O.'mstead Is a tttolmg young Democrat."
Of coarse he wilt be a S ib Treasurer when the
Locos are restored to the high places.
Massachusetts ?George Ashxcm of the Vlth
District dt dim-a to|he a candidate for reelection to
Congress. Whom tbe Whig? will fix on in his
place U not yet decided.
Meetmos To Night.?The old and well-estab
lisbed Assooistion of Sail makers, at Keen's Four?
teenth Ward " Headquarters," 220 Grand-st; the
Window -shade Painters' Protective Union, corner
of Catherine and Henry sts.; the Tailors, at their
several meeting rooms; and the Mechanical
Mutual Protection No. 41, lv!7 Grand-st. The In?
dustrials are naming the reforms they desire to
see carried, and are determined to carry them, if
Defalcation.?The penploof Bangor wcrottir
prised the other day, by tbe announcement that Mr.
Hayner, late Treasurer of Penobscot County, and
editor of tbe Bangor Democrat, was a defaulter tJ
the amount of $3,000. An examination of tho coun?
ty records shows many mutilations, errors and omis?
sions, which the Bangor Whig says wore perform?
ed by a clerk in the office. Col. Haynes has thi
reputation of being a man of character and pro?
perty, and denies that he has participated in any
peculations whatever, and many only have been
negligent in the premises. [Boston Courier.
The Present Condition and Haler? Franc?.
Constaniihopi.e, Aug. 6, I860.
To Vm Zdltort of The Tribun*:
Before I write a more acoorata aooount of the
real condition of affairs in this country, and before
I examinehow much the Moslem law on the family,
or fit least the Mustalman's law respecting the ties
between man and woman, parents and children, is
to bo regarded as the cause of that condition, I
think it better to turn back ence moro to the Euro
pean world, and to draw a few brief sketches of
tho actual state of its different races and nations
placed as they are under a heavy yoke which
weighs them more than ever to tho dust. Id so
doing I shnl! have to trace pictures which (so, you,
the happy inhabitants of a free and well regulated
country, may appear false or exaggerate', but
which are, nevertheless, perfectly correot.
And to begin with the nation leading or pre?
tending to lead all others on the way of progress
and liberty; let us say that Fratco has never been
worse nor mere tyrannically ruled than now. Nev?
er, from tho dreaded Committee of Public Safety
till this day, existed in Franco a rule so disdainful
of all political and national right or fooling as the
brutal and clumsy government of the Napoleonia
President. You are well awaro of {he ?intecedent?
of the man. His obstinate endeavors to Ovorthro?*
the established government of Louis Philippe, and
his repeated appeals to the national choice between
that King and bis own pretensions, bad impressed
the multitude with a strong belief that, whatever
might be the Prince's faults, be would strictly res.
pect the popular will and wo ill never revolt
'gainst it. And when, arter the February revolu?
tion, he oarae out rolterating' *-hat appeal, and offer.
iDg himself to the national choLe, it was that very
belief that made him acceptable to a greater pari
of the French people. The election was after ail
a very difficult business. General Cavaignac rep?
resented at that period the Moderate Republicans,
or in other words the incipient reaction. Ledru
Kollin was accused of pecuniary transactions unlit,
jing him for the Chief Magistracy of the country;
whilst Prince Louis Napoleon represented nothing
at tho time, but a great, cherished, and glorious
name, arid unlimited respect for the popular will.
True it is, moreover, that the various partisans of
monarchy had, previous to their adopting him, as?
certained his real intentions, so that their sympa?
thies were bestowed npon him, es the future des?
troyer of the Republic, the arm that was to over,
throw tbe barrier which kept out from France and
tbe Tuileries the young Count of Pari?, or the
Count of Ohambord.
Words are unable to express the childish delight
with which the President saw himself honored
with ihe apparent regard of the Ministers of tho old
regime. It wag the rapture cf the school-boy gel
ting suddenly on equal footing with his own mas
tors, gentlemen most dreaded, who had flogged him
only a fortnight before. There was he, the Prince
President, a very embodiement of power 1 All bis
rolics were then forgott.n. Those who had laughed
at him, shrugged their shoulders, shook their beads
at him, who had long given bim up as past all re?
demption from folly and absurdity, those very judges
who feared to inflict upon him any severe chas?
tisement, lest compaaaioD ahculd get the better of
ridicule, and he should be Ulsan uo au ?erienx, hy
some good souls?these same personages a.?^?k
him au ttritux themselves . no: as a culprit but as
the flat citizen of tbe Stafe, or rstbsr a. tha futoro
Enrperorof the French. Tuis source of uo
bounded joy, and to t ..to it co pr.ee,
... , ?,?m ba reckoned too dear.
yea'.' .mpr.sonment o W b ^
Stich a eelmg was corU- P
President's breast when ho ? ^ ^
and Mf^l^^eL of its more se
to employ him - ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
dim as n. to see that man, so little, SO awkward,
and so stiff, getting on his Hp too to shake hand*
with Irf. MoM cr try ing to look exceedingly know
fug while listening to tho wit of M. Thiers.
Ilut tli* President has boon lidierous long
enough, ard he has done with tiiatinoffensi'eqiai
ity Nobody can laugh at the mm who has sold
lias. If sr>d his country to tie present rolers cf Eu

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