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Arjr.iKTiflEXKNTs.? For A rauaemeDU fee flnt
ptgo; for Aoction? ?ee third page; for California
gtttmen tea aeventh page.
The Oppooitiou Ticket.
The following i? tTie j,te Ticket nomi
Dated at Syracuse:
F*r (rotrrnor.HOR4TIO SEYMOUR, Ooeld? Co. I
?? 1A lioterr.or.bankord E CHURCH, Orlean?.
?? Canal Oxn'r....JOHN C. MATHER, R^aweiaef.
CUtko/Aph ... CHARI.ESS. BENTON, Herklmer.
?? SU Priton Irup'r. .WILLI AM Ci ANGELL Cunfgv.
Meters. Church, Be.vto.v and Angell
?were Barnburners ; the residue Hankers.?
The Convention adjourned last evening
pretty well harmonized, though the ultra
IIuDHcrs from this quarter did not seem to
share in the general .satisfaction. They
will1 come to their milk," however.
The HyrncuKc D?ing?.
We think our friendH opposite have man?
aged as well as coold be expected at their
Convention. Their failure to present an
Address shows judgment, tact and discre?
tion. An Address would have involved the
awkward necessity of an explicit declara?
tion of principles, which it was expedient
at present to avoid. Indorsing the reso?
lutions of the three Baltimore Conventions
that nominated Van Buren, Polk and Gass,
and expressing gratification that the Terri?
torial questions have somehow been ar?
ranged, and maintaining an 1 expressive
silence' about Dickinson, was the easiest
glidiDg over the wide gulf which separates
Hunkerism from Provisoisin that could be
devised. This will lie understood by Hunk?
ers, in the State and out of it, as coming
back on the old platform of ' the Party,'
and repudiating all interference with ques?
tions affecting Slavery. So in effeofc it is.
"We think it would have been but fair?nay,
it would have been politic and generous?to
have taken one or two of the best timbers
ont of the Buffalo Platform and mixed them
in with the Baltimore stuff?say Free Homes
from the Public Domain, the Improvement
of Rivers and Harbors, &c. Perhaps when
wo have fuller reports we shall see that
something of this sort has been done, as it
plainly should have been. The old jug?
gling wands are vory powerful, but their
virtue may be exhausted, or at least over?
taxed, by incessant usage. A little young
blood in the old body would be found to
luicken its energies decidedly.
Mr. Seymour was just the man to put up
for Governor. Ho is' a Hanker, but not an
ultra Hunker'?that is, he is not above re
oeiving Barnburner votes, even -lohn Van
Buren'B. He is willing to let the Barn?
burners back into the party if they will
ieavo their Free Soil prinoiplce behind thorn,
or keep still about them, and they are wil?
ling to Jleavo anything behind so that
they can get again within reach of 'the
spoils.' They know wol! that the Hunkers
not only detest their principles but detest
thorn personally as pretenders to principles
thoy never really cherished, but merely
caught Jup as a means of dividing, distract?
ing and thereby defeating the party. Thoy
'inow that the facility whorewith thoy
?agreed to drop all disputed points and join
hands a year ago when tho Free Soil con?
troversy was just approaching its crisis and
itadeoision, strongly confirmed thollunkors'
belief in their hypocrisy and faotionness.
Thoy know that the union now cemented is
not an equal one, nor meant to be?that
J;hey are expected to eat cold victuals and
occupy the back seats for a good whilo yet
?that, though they had tho larger vote
when the two factions met in open encount?
er, yet if ono of their clan had now been
put up for Qovornor the Hunkers would
'have bolted in thousands and smashed
<ap the ticket. Thoy know that their
present harmonizing condemns their past
oppugnancy?for they boltid and crushed
?be ticket nominated in 1847 on tho
pretext that the State Convention of that
year woudn't pass n resolution express?
ing hostilirv to tho Extension of Slavery?
a resolution which they daro not oiler now.
If thereover was an utter,humiliating back
out from a revolt, that of the Barnburners
ie such: and well they know it. Last year
^vihey fell into the ' union' ranks on the pre?
text that' tho masses' of the other seotion
were at least Anti-Slavery, and that they
united mainly to be in position to bring the
whole party up to the Buffalo standard.
JS'ow they dare not propose their Anti-Slave
jj principles to a State Convention, but
think it rather valorous to avow them as in?
dividual opinions. But nobody objecto! to
their holding them in that manna* in 1817.
when they bolted because the Party would
not adopt and avow them as its own. Cer?
tainly they either were factious then or they
aro unfaithful to principle now.
Our City Hunkers will not be pleased that
John Van Buren was' allowed to rule the
roast at Syracuse?that Dickinson was left
unoommended?and that there are strong
symptoms of his being Bold out to secure
the election of Seymour & Co. But they
are unreasonable, and will have to come
down from tho high horse they have been
riding for some time past and accept the
Burners as oolaborers and brother Pem
ocrata. This being inevitable, they can
hardly set about it too soon. Tlie Globe
may make a wry face, but it will have to
swallow tho Syracuse ticket at last, so it
may as well set about it Again we say the
Syracuse Convention has been well man?
aged, and has resulted as well as could be
expected. There will be some squirming
but not much actual bolting, and the State
ticket will poll Bearly the vote of 'the par?
ty.' John Van Buren is a match for a dozen
old fogies, and if we ca&'t elect a Whig
Senator next Winter, we hope he may be
4hs man.
t&" For late and important Telegraphio
dispatches see Eighth Page.
Primary BIect??>n?i.
The Whigs of our City are called by their
General Committee to assemble in their
several Wards on Wednesday evening next
to choose a Delegate from each Assembly
District to the State Nominating Conven?
tion to be held at Syracuse the week ensu?
ing. If we do not misapprehend this call,
it is intended and expected that the Whigs
of each Ward which is an Assembly District
will vote directly for a Delegate to Syra?
cuse, and that he who obtains the largest
number of votes in each case shall be the
Delegate. The 1st and lid Wards, the Hid
and YIth, the XLTth and XlXth, form but
three Assembly Districts, ea<;h pair forming
a District; and these, the Committee pro?
pose, shall severally choose Delegates to a
District Convention whereby the District
Delegate shall be elected.
We thank the Committee heartily for the
Reform it has commenced and carried for?
ward. Appointing Delegates to choose a
Delegate is an absurd multiplication of ma?
chinery. All elections should be direct so
far as possible, and at second-hand only
when no other course is practicable. For
the citizens of a Ward to come together and
gravely choose five men to say in their be?
half who ought to represent them in a Nom?
inating Convention is preposterous. Who
should know the man to represent the Dis?
trict correctly if the People thereof do not?
We trust our candidates for Assembly, in
every Ward which form? a separate Dis.
trict will hereafter be nominated by a di?
rect popular vote.
But the Reform should not stop here.
What should hinder the two Wards forming
a District from nominating their Delegate
and Assembly-man in tho same manner ?
List year our First District went unrepre?
sented at Syracuse?to the serious detriment
of our City and our cause?because of the
diverse prfferences of the Delegates from
the First and Second Wards. The Second
claimed the Delegate as theirs of right, and
named a man whom the First would not ac?
cept, and so, after a week's wrangling, the
1 'istrict came up missing at Syracuse; when
had the People b< en permitted to elect, the
question would have been settled at the first
trial. There is no difficulty in the promises.
Let the Whigs of each Ward meet as usual
and vote directly for a Delegate: let the
votes of each Ward be canvassed and the
result declared, and let one of the Inspec?
tors in each Ward meet at a time and place
! designated by tho General Committee, with
a citizen of some other Ward also designa?
ted by said General Committee, to compare
the vote of the two Wards and declare who
has, by the highest vote, been chosen. This
would be easier, simpler, more direct than
the present mode, and would preclude a
failure to elect once in a thousand times.
But the Reform should not stop here.
Our candidates for Mayor, Sheriff, Judges,
Congress, Ac. should bo selected in like
manner. Let due notice bo given that on
' such a day tho Whigs of each Ward will
hold a Primary Flection for all officers to
be chosen at tho ensuing Election, and that
each Whig citizen of any Ward is requested
to repair to the place designated and deposit
his ballot for a candidate for each place to
be filled, or for so many as he shall see fit
to vote for. Let tho polls bo open from 9
A.M. to 9 P.M. with regular inspectors,
clerks, challengers, and poll-lists. Let the
reBults for Ward nominations be canvassed
and determined in the Ward, and .let tho
votes for larger Districts (including Con?
gressional) be made up and certified to the
proper District Committees, while, for nomi?
nations to be voted on throughout the City,
tho results in each Ward should be trans?
mitted to the General Committee, andj that
Committee, collating and publishing all the
Ward returns, should certify to the entire
City the person receiving the highest vote
for Mayor, Sheriff, Clerk, Recorder, rfco. re?
spectively, and declare such person duly
nominated by the Whig party as its candi?
date for this or that station. This would
deal a death-blow to the trade of packing
delegations and its product, the occasional
foisting upon our Ticket of the names of
incompetent or unworthy men. It is far
easier to corrupt a delegation than a Ward ;
and a man might be nominated for Mayor
or Sheriff under our present system whom
no thousand of our thirty thousand Whigs
really desired to see put forward.
The next step to be taken is the placing
of Primary Elections under the protection of
Law, by legalizing the appointment of In?
spectors, administration of oaths, vtj. and
punishing attempts at fraudulent voting.
Our Primary Elections are assuming a
graver and graver importance, and ought to
be proffered every legal guarantee against
corruption and abase. Having now but
one day in each year for Elections, instead
of the six assigned but a f?w years ago, we
should all be willing and anxious to de?
vote at least one evening in a year to the
selection of suitable candidates. The sys?
tem of Popular Primary Elections has been
tried elsewhere and found to work well, and
it is needed and would prove salutary here.
A Stcmf Candidate for Comgrjss.?We are
authorized to announce that Col. James M es roe,
who bas been once or twice nominated for Congress
by the Whig*, when there wai no chance for sue
com, intends taking the stump this fail on his " own
hook;" not, we presume, for the purpose of being
bought off, like an opposition boat on the North
River. When he fairly takes the field, we will
further discuss his " points." [Mirror.
Wben Col. MosKoa was laal a volunteer
candidate for Congress, it was complained that the
Whig Convention, by nominating him. " took his
?tump from under him." We have not heard that
there is any intention to repeat that act of violence
Maine.?Wasbbttrn's majority in tba Vth (Ban
gor) DLitrict is nearly 1,50c initead of 500 or io u
indicated (by miatake) in onr lait I? will very
nearly equal tbe united majorities' of tbe four or ava
Locr-Focos elected.
IV. Fifty towDft give Reed (Whig) 6,440, An"
drews (Opp.) 6,065. Tbe remaining towns (mainly
in Oxford) are said to hare elected Andrews by
about 100 plurality.
HI. Goodenow (Whig) runs largely behind hii
ticket, but ii elected by a small majority.
I. McDonald (Opp.) bai about 500 plurality ?
Can beat Taylor and Van Buren united in thi*
V. E. K. Smart (Opp.) ii 223 ahead, and is as
likely to gain as lose in the towns to be heard from.
VII. Nothing decisive from Arooitook. Forty-six
towns in Hancock and Washington give Pike
(Whig) 0,986, Fuller (Opp.) 2,743. Chances in fa?
vor of tbe latter iSee our dispatch.)
(iovtrnor.?Hubbard is renlpcted by the People,
Senat*.?Tbe Boston Atlas thinks twelve Whigs
to nine Opposition are probably elected, leaving ten
or twelve ' nn choice.' The Portland Argus thinks
there will be a small majority the other way.
House.?Opposition. The Atlas thinks by a re?
duced majority. It will be enough, however.
Io'.va.?-The special Election in the ist Congress
Diatrict of this State for a Member of the preient
Congress, in place of Wm. Thompson, jr., unseated
for undue return, has been ordered to take place
on the 2Ith inst. Daniel F. Miller, who was
chosen by a majority of votes in August, 1848, is
again a Whig candidate by acclamation, and we
trust he will either be elected or will compel the
Lcco-Foco managen to sfeal a poll-book to defeat
him. Delszon ivulrrarly Delusion; Smith is an in?
dependent candidate aga'nat him.
Honor to Old Oneida ! ?An Executive Com?
mittee of the friends of Free Schools has appoint
ed a strong Town Committee of two citizens each
in the several towns wbereof the names/or twelve
'owr t are a'.nounced in full, while those of the re?
maining town are to be announcod as soori at
their acceptance is signified. The County C >m
mittee say :
" it is earneitiy hoped that ihe friends of Free Schools
will pursue an active and vigilant course in prosec-Kin,:
the canvass this fall, and secure as large a vote as poseitile
for f'nieerinl Education. The Committee '"eel confident
thai l! ihe question Is fairly p-e?ent?d. the Couniy of One!
da will sustain the law by a large insjority
Oneida is one of the Counties in which the
enemies of the Free School system have made the
moat imposing demonstrations of strength. Let
them be met elsewhere with ejual spirit aod Free
Schools will be sustained by One Hundred Thou?
sand majority.
Missouri ?We have a St Joseph Gazette of the
28th inst. which has unotli iial returns from all the
Counties in tho IVth Diatrict but one and the re?
ported majority from that, Selecting Willard P.
Hall (Anti BentOD) by 100 majority over C. E. Bow?
man, (Whig.) It thinks the official will confirm
this. This is the latest account from the District,
and stands good til! we fret a later.
P. S.?The St. Louis Rr mi Micanol the 5th inst
concedes Mr. Hall's reelection, by 91 majority. It
We regard the F<?trth District as settled. W.
P. Hall is reflected to Congress, by a majority of
ninety one votes. We supply the vote from, the
misaing county, and then the totals stand i
Kor VV P. Hall, (An'I Benlon).5,606
?? Oardenhlre, (Benton).3.85i
?? Bowman, (Whig)..5,511
Ueceired at The Tribune Otfice for the Weekending Sept. 11.
The Literati. Some Honest Opinions abont Autorial Merita and De?
merit*. By Edgar A I'oe. With a Sketch of the Author. Ily
Rufua Wilmot Griswold. New York: J. 3. Redfield. 13mo
An Address delivered before the Aaanciate Alumni of the University
of Vermont, al llurlin-tnn, Vt. Aug. 6, I860, Ily Henry J. Ray?
mond. New-York: Baker A. Scnbner. 8-ro. pp. 63.
Sliakepere'a Dramatic Works, No, 23. Boston Edition. Boat<
Phillip?, Samp?on Jr. Co.
Bapt al Memorial.
t. P. Hatch.
Sermon, occasioned by the Dead, of President Taylor, delivered at
Glimpeea of an Improved Medical Philosophy. By Edward King.
Prof. Sluari and Slave Catching. By G. W. Perkiaa. Weat Men
Harper Si Hrotaera. Umo. pp 604.
The History of Pendennis. By W. M.
York: Harper St Brod.ers.
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OtSce leihe Tribune Suldings K
ry Many are anxloQi to fet a aood portrait of Madecnol.
?eile Ltnd, and yet do not bny from not knowing where to
g?i or.? thai Itrelltri!*.
Th? following untolleited t??tlrnonl*l will, therefore, be
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Naw.York, September J, 1*50.
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Tbe expreitlon of tbe face, tbe feaiurs?, and the ityla ol
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Allow me io congratulate you on your suceem hi getting
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Yours, retpectfully, A. H. EA8TMAN.
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New- York. 12lh 8epL 1850.
Dear Sir.- 1 beg to acknowledge the recoipl o my
??? yon were to llnd at to i?od me, and thank you
very noch for thlt attention. As far at I myieif am tola
lo Jndge I think It a good likeneit. Believe me, dear Sir
yonrobitged JENNY LIND.
Mr. E. Anthony. 205 Broadway.
late Mayor of Albany.
Ma. E Anthony Dear Sir: I have Jutt teen an en -
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Youn reipectfully, JOHN TAYLOR.
Albany, Sept. 12 1S.V) il3tf
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'? He ca?t* cut devil* by Beelzebub, prince of devil*.''?
??Baian eamxot cast ont Satan."? Jetut Chr?t.
' Evil cannot ca?t out evlL"? Swedenborg.
" Like coret like "?HaJinewsar.n
Which 1* right, Hihnemann or bit anttgonlilt I If the
Homeopatblit 1* right, the olhen are all wrong. How are
we to know I Investigator,
ry Freckle*, Tan, S*Jiowne?*,<Flrnple?, Eruptions, tad
all itln dlteate*, are, it 1* well known, podllvely cured oy
oitng Oooraoo's Italian Medicated Soap. Tba Poudrc
8abtlle eradicate! hair from any pan of tbe body. Liquid
Rouge for pale tips and cheeks. Lily White, for rouga
finibed, ilnggUh complexion*, at 67 Walker-it. first Hare
frrra Broadway. Cailender, Souib-Thlrd-at. Phlladalaha
tl3 tfeod
Knapp's Health Restorative Bitters?The pro?
duction of thl* great tlomachlc, wti no mdden thought?
no money-miklng ipeculitlon. It had been teated and ap?
proved for a terle* of year*, before it wa* publicly an
c ucced. The great demand wbleb now exist* for It I*
bated upon the moit extraordinary cures of indigestion,
dytpcpila, broken Constitution, chronic weakness, dlaeaie
of the kidneys, blllou* ccmplalnti, depreulon of iplrti?,
4c. that have ever been accomplished in medlcsl practice
General Depot 362 Had*on-*t. *7 2ilaw8?
The only article of lit kind that require* no puffing!
Will positively lubdue the pain of the ?-.vereat burnt cr
tcalt e (torn 1 to 15 mlnutet, sad care the wouadi without
scar '. It I? infallible for pile*, tall rheum, eryiipelai, old
aorea, cuu, wound*, mJammaiory rheumatUm, lore eyes,
and (mind mothen) sweUed and broken brsast and lore
Boy tbe gennlno, In the new envelop and the large
boxe?, and avoid counterfeit* In ihe old wrapper. Em?
blem* on ihe new envelop: Son, triangle, ?erpent, lioa.
dove and eagle. See printed pamphlet*.
H. DALLEY, t!5 Broadway, New-Yorfc.
OEM. Scott.?Tb? marn'ricenl portrait of this dlsUo.
guished chteflaln Id No 9 Gallery of II.uat/l?us Amerlesoa,
together with Basov's Iniinlishie Daguerreotype, may be
seen at hl? spacious Gallery, 305 and 207 Broadway, corner
K?iioc st
U?DB*>fH?Ti. Daawr.aa, lie.?Gentlemen about pir.
,-hsslng Ihese articles, wou d do well to call at J. II Tair
i.es's, S06 Orandsi. (neiween Burfolk and Clinton sts.i
Uta Ladies' Patent Vesta
CW W H DlSBSOW'S Btdlng School, 20 PoarlhareDue,
near Aator-piace. Upon dally (Sunday's excepted) lor la
die? and gentlemen. Honrs .for ladles from 8 A.M. to i
P.M.; hours for gentlemen from 6 to 8 A.M. and 3 to 7 p M.
BC" Dial mom is Dead, aro.tbe people are aa mich of>
one mind In lelailon to the Compromise Bill aa thev are
In regard to the excellence, the bemty, the unriva led
cheapness of Brooks' boot* and gaiters at 1V) Ful'.ori-st,
We could not say more, fill that eilablishment It as firmly
fixed In ihe eonfidei re of our dtl/ena ai the Union itself.
ty N. 0. Bugars, 3s Od per 7 lbs; also, a variety o
Powdered and Refined Sugars a: very reasonable
prices. Also, a variety of
peaches AND pldmi
for preserving. Good Green and Black Teas, only 3s per
lb ; extra tine flavored < 'olong and Young tlyson, 4e; best
Creep Impeilai and Gunpowder Tea. 6a. Good Coffee,
burnt and groord. If cts and Is; best Java, fresh ground,
]s 2d. At Parker's Temperance Store, 2+1 and 216
Broome-st. corner ol Ludlow.it all 2l
rs.KJERvi.Nc; Sue a as, Family UaocEaiss, ?cc.?J O
Powlkr has connantly on hand at his large Stores, a large
stock of white and brown Sogars, suitable for preserving,
lie. Also, fine Ooiong and Young Hyson and other Teas,
all of recent Importations, end Family Groceries of al
ktnds, all of which are offered at the lowest market prices.
His Stores are Sib and 428 Greenwich, 76 Vesey and be)
Grand sts. __
CP" Riciuan Kingsland, wholesale dealer In and man
nfscturer of Looking-glasses and importer of Looking glass
Pines, Large Pier and Mantel Glasses put up to order, 3-i
Coruand-st. second Boor, opposite Merchants' Hotel, New
York. auil lm
Apprentices' Lihrarv ?The (ieneral Society of U*
chanlcs and Tradesmen desirous of affording the greats*!
facility and encouragement to the Apprentice* of Mecha*
ic?, for ihe improvement of ihelr minds during the period
of their apprenticeship, by the occapatlon of their lolsnrs
hours In plessant and Instructive reading and study, rathsr
than in the Idle amusements and debasing associations of
the City, have, daring the reevti of the Library, made sues
Improvement in ibelr building, the Mechanics' Hall, as
will give the Apprentices the advantages of a large space
in the Library, conveniently fitted up and supplied wltf
periodicals itc for reading during the evenings in addltiu*
to the gratnltoui use of the Books of the Library,
The removal of the Library io the second story of lit
Hall, with a pleasant and convenient entrance on Broad
way, offers addItlonal inducements for all Apprentices t?
embrace ihe advantages which the liberal philanthropy ?
the Society has provided, and prod'ers freely for the useol
ad who furnish the required guarantee for the care and safe
return of the book*.
Thai the young Mechanic may col be dsprlved of lbs op
portunlty of Improvement at the exntratlon of his appren?
ticeship, Journeymen and otlierswiU hereafter b? allowed
Lhe use o( the Apprentices' Library, including the Library
bequeathed to the Society by the late Benjamin De Mill
and to which Lhe bequest* of other member* of hi* family
will enable the Society to make frequent addition* for lbs
small charge of one dollar per year.
Members of the Society jand the widows of deceased
members will find the Library conveniently accessible foi
the femsles of their families, who may now participate is
its advantages.
The Library will be reopened at the Mechanics' Hall, 471
Broadway, on Monday evening, the 18tb September, and
open every evening during the week from 6 to 9 o'clock.
The Reading Room* of the Society will be open every
evening from 5 to 10 o'clock. Member* will find the late*1
foreign newspapers on the tables, upon lhe arrival of lbs
steamers weekly from Europe By order of the Library
Committee. J AMES VAN NORDEN, Chairman.
John C. Swa*, Librarian. anSO 1st
For the destruction of bedbugs, cockroaches, moths,
ants, fleas, tiles, be. Insects on plants and all other Insects,
has prompted certain parties to prepare spurious articles,
and offer them under various denominations for sale.
Few of these Individuals dared to give their Impositions
out as "fieaof poison." The proprietor of the original
article has, In this city, only the under-mentioned agents<
and the principal dopfiils 420 Broad way, where also may
be obtained Pills for the instantaneous destruction of rats
and mice. Beth articles are warranted free from polsou
and their efficacy has been tried by numerou* gentlemen,
Weird the folloming Letter;
New-York Hospital, June.5, 1850
1 have analyzed E Lyon's Magnetic Powder for the
destruction of Insects, and certify that It Is free) from mineral
or other corrosive poison. As the result of my examination
1 would say that It Is a combination of various vegetable
substances, having a peculiar Influence on the Insect king?
dom, and that It may be used with perfect safety. With
respect to lu utility, Its effects are astonishing. I believe it
to be a skillfully prepared substance, by which a valuable
result hi obtained, which does effect what Mr. Lyon sayst
and is well deserving of public patronage.
LAWRENCE REID, Professor of Chemistry.
Further reference?Jonas B. Phillip*, Esq. Assistant Dis?
trict Attorney, N. Y ; John L. Room, Eeq Superintendent
N.T. Hospital; Daniel D, Howard, Esq. Irving House;
Preston H. Hodges, Esq. Carlton Houae; 8. P. Cozzens,
K.-q. American Hotel; Coleman At Stetson, Esqs. Astor
And many thousand certificates of similar tenor from the
most respectable citizen* of the United Slate*, may be?een
at the office.
These articles received the highest premium at the late
Fair of Ihe American Institute.
a?ent5? new-toss citv
Cllckener it Co. 8i Barclay st; A. B. it D. Saids, 100 Pal
ton-st; Havlland,Reese It Co. 8n Maiden lane ; Rushton,
Clarke t Co. 110 Broadway; Oreenleaf 4 Klngsley, 45
Corlland-st; Schletielln, Brothers Si Co, 1*4 John st;T. 8
4t R. Burnion, 274 Bowery; Kerr, 746 Broadway; J. Stagg
V Co. corner Ntn h-avenue and Twenty-fif.h-st; B'lgham it
Miller, 17 Avenue D, corner Third-*!; Dr. Lyon, 472 Grand
st; E Cook, 305 Orand-sL Brooklyn?Mrs Hayes, 175
Fullon-st South Brooklyn?Mrs. Ayres, comer Henry and
Atlantic sts Jersey City?Busklrk, 59 Washington-it.
Sag Harbor, L I-Dr. E. Mills. Stony Brook-James N.
Gould. Potsdam, St Lawrence Co. N. Y.?R. M. Munson,
Newburg, N. Y ?Fowler It Co. RusbvtUe, N Y.?Mr
Warfield. Buffalo? O H P. Champlin, 251 Malu at; Hud?
son, N. Y.?Roiman it McKlnslry. Newark?Mr. Hinds,
Markets). Rabway, N J.?Mr Tunlsoo. NewBruos'
wick?Apple,ate it Son, 63 Shurmann-st Trenton, N.J ?
Mr. Sharmaxn Pateisen, N J.?Mr Douglas*. Camp,
town, N.J.?Mr Crawford. Providence, R. I.?Bsicblt
Son. Boston, Mass.?Redding it Co. 8 State-st. Phlladel.
phia?Garrtgues, corner Tenth and Coales sis. Baltimore
Polk it Co. Barnum's Buildings. Cincinnati, Ohio ? Meek'
lugs, corner Fifth and,Walnut su. Pittsburgh, Pa.?R. E
Sellers. New-Haven, Conn ?C. B. Whlt?esey, 153 Chap?
el st Charleston, 8- C ?Havlland, Harral it Co. Augusta,
Ga?Havlland, Rlsley it Co. Ann Harbor, Mich.?Holme*
k Sons, Booksellers. Waynort, Wayne Co. Pa.?Charle*
W. Carr.
None genuine unless signed by the proprietor, E. Lvom.
EJ7" KeHslouM Notice ?On Sunday morning, Sept.
l:tu. Dr. S E. Sheparu wtil deliver a discourse on the Doc?
trine of 1 Election," from ihe 'Jib cbaster of Romans, in
the Disciples' Meeting House in 8eveateeotb-st. near the
Sixth av. Service to commence at li jt o'clock. 8eat*fre?
ard no collections Service again in the eveoiDg at 1\
o'clock. Discourse by Dr. Sbepard. sl4 it* *
OF" Religious.?Elder J. R 8tome, pastor of the Be
r?-n Baptist cnurtb, corner of Bedford and Downingsti|
??ill deliver a discourse on To morrow (Sabbath) Evening,
with referetceto the death ofibelate Missionary, Dr.Jadson.
Trere wip be presset on the occasien tbe Identical table
used by him In the translation of the B b!e into the Burtnaa
language, a copy of wntch Bible will also be present, it
TW A Wesleyas) Methodist Church will be or.
gsnized to Yo-kvnle < n Ssbiath next, al Uie Yoravtlle In
sutute, on Elghiy-Sixth-st Prea-.bing at the usual hours,
rtortlDg afternoon atd evening, Dy Rev. Dennis Harris,
aid L C Matla-k._ _ ?1? if
ty R*v. T. L. Hams will preach in the 8tnyve
sant Issum:?, Broadway, oppoil e Bond-at. no-morrow
(Sunday, Sept. 15) at Kj A M. and 3j P M. sl4 It*
S3T v.'nion longreccuiooa! ?Jhurch, Fourta-st
near Avenue ?, preaching by the Pastor, Rev Chas. Par
ker, on the Sabbath day and evening. Seats free. sl4 li*
tST!*eea*d Ckrlatlan ? hureta Knickerbocker Hall,
coiner of Eighth-avenue and Twenty-thlrd-?t Public wor?
ship eveiy Lord's day. three time* at the usual boar*. Oo
to-morrow, by Elder J Hazs.* of Albany. 8eatsfree.lt*
EVFrench Uburrh, Franklin street, corner Church
Tni* Church will re-open on Sundsy next, at half-pa*'. 10
*??????? a? li lHlt*
FOil HALE.?A weil established Ladies' Shoe Store,
now in fu'l badness In one of tbe b?si street* in the city
Vein* about im. tot particulars adiraas Shoes, Tribune
oSee. !14 jf
VV ANTKD-lriimedtaiely, >n ?n lotiltndoo of big?
TT rtrl.a genulno Frenchman, (experienced tod tu.-.,
ceitfu :d letcMog puptl? c f vhli City .be Frenrh language i
totnil-uruhrm ?rgecla?teiln French, at n* f in? income
of 'he department. Abi Ity t? g 'Tern w*ll, an ) to I upa't
a borough knowledge and fluent uw of inn l?or;tt*<;e in
?peeking acdwritirg. it rtaoonal. The com jenMiioo it
f.x-d a-d turn, lha tituatlon permanent, and '.he ?.?>?.??? >r
nun b- a'tiiperior character. Ad.ire**. with rwf-i'enrea,
'?Ken',''Tribune office. _?14 ?*
VV AI?TKD?SltuaUooa, ov iwo .^art y?ung m-n,
'* Arrerlcan* row employed lo ih't City-or?a* roach,
mtn. porieror cr;ver; ibeolherat bar le?p?r or waiter ?
Ti ey ri*f|re to he In the tame hotel or family it pott ble,
but certalrly In one ctiv or vlliage. No o'-;eci|on to iae
p uniry Saittficiorv 'nn-rrnre* ?lr?n. and ?--ra'lty. If re.
t.:' Addret* GEOROE & CO. care Mr. Spi<>? 4'H
Brvcne-tt. lr*
IV?jStKi?-ATluTaltonTby a young man of ttneacsp.
; t tiocabie ? ..... -..r, who underiuiidi the care and
management of bortet?alto of ve^eub a garden; ba*
no i ?'?nil n lo wot? or a farm and nake himself jreierally
useful; *?tet not to much an oh)r>ci at a permanentatl'
oaitoa Andren Michael, care of Mr Spin* WI Brooms
????. The >~tt of c'ly r-f-rencei wil be nlvrj If nec-*?ary .
VV ANT b.D ?Situation* a'e wanted for t*e man i
'w American, 7r;nt.th and 4 Scotch girl*. A to, for
about y?i Irtth glrl?, mi illy Protmtanit. cookt chamber
????>. tu, . t anrtea, la andre at ea, teamt uettet, ate Alt
are in art, lidy, nod Uvagood ebaracler?, at " KLMORE'S
?e-iecl Prou-tuni Employment Agency. 7 Carmlno-iL
i)2 4111'
\VA\TEU- A illuettonb) an A'rerican young <ro nan
tt to root, wmh ard iron In a privat. la'Uliv In town or
crur.tiy, oi the bouie?o k i f a toiail ...... Sh? can give
good reference! for rha a-ier and ability. Apply ai 93
Leonard-e< (Carllon Houie.) il4 u*
\\ \ N I 1 I? Bv a re>pe.-Wlile \o.iat woman, tuui
* ? Uoi to no tcLerai bouiework. u chambermaid, orlo
tike care of cbildrtn and ai teanit'.reti; ran gtTe gcd re.
ference Apply al H5 Tenlb-av. between Sixteenth ard 8e
Tenieenth tti. _*H It*
vva^T1''i)-A dnig clerk of i; ?od moral claracuv,
M Wt.'| educted ana compliant Iii hit prof-ttlon One
famtltRr In the Trench laugnage prelened Stlary liberal.
Apply frrm 12 loS at 1SS Broadway. _t!4 2tt*?
W' aJlt'h ll? A tiiua.l a oy a retpeciaftie youag wouj
Yt Pn at chambermaid, ?aauntreti or wstl?r lbs can fur
oith the inotl s ilitlactory re'erm cet nt lo character aud
ability Inquire at 444 Foortb-it. front biaemeot tit it*
iNTKD B .-. d in a privat? family, o :s.lo i hound
ed n> Kmirth nnd Btxteeoth-tl* Slxih av and Bowerv,
, ?>,ung lacy an.i a Hole Mitt A line adlreatit to B.
8 1? at thl* office, wi l receive attention. ti4 4t
\ NT Kit- "'pban girl will h .1 a good h me and
? ? he laughl tl.e d et? nmalog huslneti. Apply at iM
flrand tt ova-drug t'.'re, near C-nier ?'l l?"
W'ARTKW- A girl to d > g.-neial h mo work in a tmall
tanillv. Good city referencea required. Apply ?'><>??
9 A M at i9 Beek'ran-it._tli "
WI A>TKl>?A 'oung woman, well recommended at
M Darie Snd to mate henelf generally utetul. Apnly
at (60 Laurent it. _*'* u_
\NTKD?A nu.ation a* rhi.d't curt- or to no chanv
i erwor't, or the word of a iinaO fault y. (Jo "i "> o<
* given Apply "2 Lex ngion-ay._aJjT
AN I KD?A young man to learn Denllttry, Ad
- - drei?, pott, hld, Deutltt. b >x S81, Palerton, New
Jeriey._ __*" 21
ANl Kll?A iHd who hat tome knowledge of the
leiall dry goo.u butinett, comer of Teutn it and
Third Hv-r un_
WAftTtl)-* worn*. to cook and wath. who It a
r ?? ii'ttml and very Leal in pertuu and habltt Ap?
ply at 17? Pir.t-av^_,M
iTci^^'AN ? ftl) In a?h)letalodry gooda ttore?eala
!)r> fiflj dollars. Addre?? " Jarkton," ?lihlt office.
A-, (MM; |..\ll\ VVA.NTKI? to lea-n the Da?
guerreotype Imtineia addrett ??Jane," Daguerroaa
ariitl. Patierson, n J._?? *t
fJ'O TA1I.OHS.-A tint rate cutter la wanted, to go
1 to a pleatanl my two hundred tnllet touth, to whom a
very liberal lalarv wlh be given. Apply at
ill 3f W. T. JKNiilNOSJk CO. Broadway.
[.'lilt THK BOLTII. ? Wanted Immediately, a lirat
r c atiorett maker, rarable of taking charg?. To one
with goo t reference at to character and capability, a plea*.
Bnt home and ttrong InducemonUi orTe ?d. Apply 2!l*{
Brotdway, up tlalrt. ?14 11*
? 8 O DhNTlS I S.?A young man IVom Philadelphia
1 wlahea em 1 meni In the manufacture of tingle or
block Teeth : or pi Hing up operationt B,.ecloiona of bit
? kill ihowr, and leferencet given If required. Addrem W.
P. ? Mi office._*14 2t*
Til !,A3)\ wh?> dropped her cird rate In the Salloa
|Kf rry Stage lait week, detiret to return her moil ?in
c?re ilankt lo the genilemau who took the trouble of re?
storing li to hi r. _s!4 It*
LOMT?Onthe7thlntt between my store and the flail
road do to-, a gold lever hunting watch. M. I Tohiu
k Co. nidkert, No k6,536, with an old alyle lino tlraad fob
rbtir, di ne up In a heavy chated tilde attached. Who?
ever bit f. und laid watch shall be tailtfactorlly rewarded
by return nv Ihe tame lo the lubicriber or giving Inf j-na?
tion where Ii may be found. SETH THOMAS, Jr.
Plymoulh-Hollow, Ct. Sept 10, 1850. ?14 3IU*
"i^fHTl/Wt"-WANTSD~F?R Kl^ifi YfiAKcToN
rjl "/'/ BOND AND M0RT8 AOS?fonr thou,
land dollars oa Improved real etiato In the clly of Clocln
nail, clear of ail lncuinbraucea, worlh over one hundred
thoutscd dollars, cow on rent of ten ihoutand dollars a
year, for which an lnlerttt of nine oar cenlum per annum
will be paid teml-annnally In this city. The lawt of Ohio
authorize ten per cent lnteretl lo be contracted for. Tboae
detlioni of lending on the above lermt will pleato call on
WINSLOW, LANIER k CO. 52 Wall-si. for furiher In?
formation 810 lwl*
Son lid Page for othor Wants.
BOAKU?With coriTBniencei for aalt water bathing,
can be tad at Ulhb'a Houie Barenawood, L I on ibe
Ea?t River Accett In 2.5 nilnules from Peck-tllp, New
York, by the iteamboai Atiorla, wblcb males I' >ur trips a
ray. A umall family or toveral tingle fonllemen can ba
airorr m dated wMi home cornfortt. SH It*
BO\iU> I?? IlKOOKLYN.-Oeniiemenahoutriia.
king their arrai gemeuit (or the teason would find
pleatant rooms for their famine* at 155 and 157 Adarnt tt ?
Single tentlemen would find Ihltadttlrablo location being
convenient to Fulton Ferry. tl4 lwla*
BOA KD.?A gentleman and wife, or two tingle gentle
mi n. ran have a furnished room on tecond floor in s
pleasantly tltuaied bouie, where there are but few board
-rt- .1 Jay-it. sl4 It*
API kni'hbd li??M with or without" breakfast
anu tea, m ? until oiivaie faml y, to be let to a Hugio
gentleman. Inquire at 286 Fourth-it., opposite wathing
lon-rquare. al4 6teod*
rj'O 1.x.T?Rooms pleaiantly tltuated on the Brooklyn
1 Hiybit, wltb fun or partial board ; lenni moderaia.
Fo font er parilcultra Inquire 12b' Columbia-it. Brooklyn.
Seo lid Page for other Boarding.
WIJ l-IAiTl IIINDHAUIHI, Me'chmi Tailor, of
1 Vetev tl. Attor H..u?e, begt leave to Inform bli
Mendt ar.d the public generally that he bat juit returned
from a linilnrti trip to Europe where hevtiitnd Ihe belt
maniifjrtorlet that crold be found, and from which he ob?
tained C'oiht, Cats'meret, Silk and Caihmere Veittngt, of
ihe betl fabric thai ctn be produced, and rf the very latest
RLrt moit approTed ttyleo. He would call attention to this
fact and thlnlt he may venture to tay that he hit a ityle of
go* dt now In h't itore that cannot be excelled by any other
es.iohllihrneni In the clly of New-York, ti t 1 rneodSf aJtTh*
rpHIJM DOLLAR MDITH.-A whole sntt cleaned,
a dreesed, pressed, snd the color restored, for $1; w >olen
drettei dyed from 75 cents to $1 60; Hlkt watered , toawla
of every deicrlpllon cleaned, alio white crape ; carpala
cleaned for eentt per va'd ; alto, table coven, bearlb
rugi, lie by T SMITH, 70 and 70i Allen-it. near Grand.
BEG TO INFORM ihelr frlendt and Ibe public that tbey
have opened a store for Ihe sale of ready-made cloning
at the
They have a itock of harvett and Winter eoodi on han1,
snd are able to salt the tauet and wanu of their cuHomers
at the tborteii letter, and cheaper than ony other ettabitib
ment tn the trade. tl4 2w*
fL'UK WALK- A good fathlonable Two-Wheeled Qig,
x hol Utile med, will be told low To be teen at
ill it* WOOD, TOMLIfiSON k CO 410 Broadway.
r\'O HOOK HINDKHS.-Kor sale, one of Hlckocke7s
J Improved ruling macfaloei, and one of Edward***
pttenl pen llfteri fir tlrtklng the red linos in ru lng.~
Bleien' Lea'her of every d'terlpUon, contUUng in oart
of Eng tti colored tklvert. French Turkey Morocco, Rus?
sia red leather, and Kroccb, German and Amartr.au marole
paper For sale by JAMES COOK.
?14 2w*_ 235J Pearl st
#;;UNS: GUNS! GUNS!-A large aatortment of
* * Doub;e and Single Engllib and Oerman Guna, by
the cate or tingle one
? 0 Englth Double Guns.
1,0*0 German do do.
?00 English and German Bingln Gnni
5,000 pair Belt aod Poekal Pittoli of everv description.
Revol?ert of all kind*, Percuitlon-eapt, Powder flaikt.
Shot belt*. Oam*-hagi. Ch-^nlng-rcadt. Unn-waoding,
Drlnklng rlaik*. together with every article in the line, at
u.e lowest market pilce. For tale by
? 14 2t* .'I Maiden lane.
LAIirK'8 ?:h*mi?ai. cowpoupid haik
TONIij?For rettoilng, cleanilng and beauuffing
ibnbair. Tbli compciitlnn la anqueitloaaoly one of the
belt for the Hiir ever offered to the public It prevents
the hair from fi ling out and turning gray, itrecgtbia*,
darken* and give* ll a beautiful alky appearance la
case* of baldnet*. where the hair is retloranle.lt will re
procuce It wijh ?11 it* original beauty, remove and pre?
vent dacdrufT, obviate ll-e nece??lty for th?mpoolDg, give
the >kin tnd balr a healthful moisture, without being
trea*y,aid 1* a mo?t excellent anl cooling remedy fjr
he?d*cbe Ladles will titd Iblt Tonic nanlcolarly adapt?
ed for lh*tr toilet, ** It keep* the hair in any detired pe?
tition, wltboot being Is the leatt iticay The proprietor
bat devoted much care and time lo perfecting tbli Tonic,
and gna'anieei ll lopotiea* the qua'll at above aaentloaad.
and further agreei to refund the price to any Individual
that may try tt and can find an? reaionable objection U it*
properties. None genuine onlett the following ti niowa
<;c >be bottle: "Lanck's Chemical Compound HatrToute,
Hew-York " and lha signature of John Lauck on the wTtp
ner. Price per oottie, 37{ ceti*. or ibree boit'e* far %\
tot tale al lb* proprietor'* balr-dre*?ing Saloon. IS
Bridge-it near Wbhaball-at New-Vnrk; *l*o at Alexan?
der Boyd't balr-drettlng Saloon. 86 Wett Broadwav, near
Rllery'* Hotel; Mt* Steinhart'? Fancy Tnre?d aod Needle
80 re, T.U Bowary; aa?" at Henry Trtrnmar'* Dnig-?tora.
27 While ball-it. ??*5P

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