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Inring fc(ie Jty
!0 ca visj
ryiVille by running the how of tho boat plump into
the mad of the shore; which had boea her way of
?nohoting at all the landings marie du
Maryavllle waa then a city of at leai
houses, <?ith high bop*-a '?(" more.
MI Nif
The next day we
60 miles above Mar
gaged & muleteer I
*>?u a hnndred. 1
Were informed that
rendered Impassibli
W<- 0. i.r'jrii d to > B
85 nil. K above Mi
Marj^vlle we left-tl
acqua i.tHLce
rather iow an
grew bolder *
: 'ami
mm yl b a.
ior Foster's Bar, aomo
on the Yubi, having en
tmr '? plunder " up for
toe day, however, we
: to that place had been
rceor fad of snow, and
while at lloae'a I! ar.
About 15 milea frorn
? and began to scarie
>, which wcro at Ural
heir style, butrapidly
till ?.?.'in their in irroers
etched Rose's Bar at
were <iu::e apruy*
aunr.''. after a hard
and li: ding there a c<
car.t, f <>t perm "s:
till wo could poceed
Bar the roout-taios he
contb ued all througr
snow v *s too deep t<
There, too, I to a
thoupti the place
out last i''fc?or., Ds
old dcrtrlcd claim,
sjpward of $200 in one week, though the lihosuo
cess cid not attend ns through the month. The
waler was a jtreat deal too high to admit of suc?
cess!^ operations.
Miners were continually co .dug up ao 1 pushing
on s% far aa Foa'.er's Bai
p st-earn. At Itoso s
"?ot in." T.i-ra wo
nth of Marc-, as tha
r>f operations above
,v first ledaon in mit ing; and
rutty much worked
ied our hand; iu au
and succeeded in getting out
gettinc any further in M?.r
after spending all their fun
get high up on the Yubs, v,
and believed to be mere
other region yet known
tairip, r.s well as in the val
to adrrr.t of the passage t
but few succ?sded
b, and many retu'ned,
Is in vatu attempts to
ere tiie go! J war, s?.id
abundant than in any
he snow on tho moua
ej s. w.ts far too deop
utiles; and man could
not carry their own pro, is .uns?without which a
long soj'urn in the mounii ins would bo d cagree?
able Finally, about the 1st of April, we learned .
that a '-rein of males b-.d succeeded id breaking I
their way bs far up as > midyear's 15 ar, ab rot 6Q '
miles n'ove Hose's liar, and that men could travel !
along hy the river 10 or 1
cludi d it was about time i
I would be in time for
party of us, numbf rit g fai
to take c?ro of the bouse]
vided . u;r.elven with pick
ets and provieim.g, con si,
dried vr-niaon, for a we^i
each men with a paoh of ?
at bis back, and pistols o
belt, we turned our fa'
menced the toi n >mo jourr,
of deep sn"W, grizzly ben
? and much gold, as we iu
Gras? Valley.some 17 m
our first day's journey,
trader bad pitched his *.c
pork and brandy?conside
neceBtrtrif'S of life in the*
nor is their re1*'Ivc impel
at the present day, ez cep
persoded by Iresii otd
on the ground beneath tht
oak Boo slept quite comf
next morning brought us i
We passed the night her
quaintai e of one of our [>
three of ns (the fourth h*v
lame to go further; coutiorj
lowed the mole triii, not
rapid--for woaccounte I o
era, all?we frequently p
mulea aid men, Collis. fi i
selves. A bout noon we et'
oar journey began to be
As we p
a farther. 1 con
a projecting," if
ch diggings; so a
vid staid at home
d out, having pro
?a. siuvels, blank
tla?, was tho terminus of
Bere an adventurous
at, and imd for sale dour,
red the first throe great
r regions Rt that tine;
tanoe much diminished
; that p irk is raoatiy su
We spread our blanket!
leafless branches of an
brtably. An early ?4itrt
int. W
in depth,
with a six foot pol?
the southern ?l ipo of th.
BS '.'or pace was protty
rselves s^ sturdy trjve!
saed parties of loaded
'ho same gaol as our
nt noon weatr.?' k the snow; arid n,ar
began to be really interesting to us.
co up, the snow continued to increase
il. towards n'^l)', it was unf-ttrv'tnntile
[>: in exposed spots upon
nioui.teins, wiioro tbo
bare ground would sometimes appear. Incro?sing
one oi these bare places we lost the trail, and being
mislwi by tbe tracks o' some stray mules, wo wan?
dered lor away (rem the riftlit path before we dis?
covert .I cur error, too late to retrace our steps that
We were miles away from any habitation or
humnn bell c, many nitida from the river, digit up
upon the breezy mountains, 'oil' tiie trail,' a-nid
deep snow, and night fast approaching. Decidedly
unpleasant?tbe more so aa one of our party bad
?topped to talk to a friend he met upnn the road nn
or two bs. k, saying bo would overtake ua
and if be should he,-', the
ii.ion ? a atotit hearted and provident
?pulled from bis pocket nn India
k, filled with something that wan not
a ot )i
iudfri tl ho woult
a? well as slightly fatigued, before lie would t
take us Iba! night. At this oriel's I should y
bly have tat dow n In the anew and cried, had
mv f
water sa.\ log ; " What 's 1I19 \uc of feel
muxYd '! We'll meel with tougherdiir,
this, I reoki n. before w 1 ve doue ?rith C?.
Greatly einnitirag?d r.' I consoled by my
cheering remarks, 1 'brushed away the
tear,' (dropped fr. m the >?;. e o' the little fit,
?aid,) aad we floundered on through thai
hopes of finding a better resting-place for I
thnriK ton feet stratum of s;w* would afl'o
ing ami plunging down the tide of tho mou
two milt rt or more, into a dark end a'mosi
less ci fion, we crosti
deep wading, a for
roaied along through
?otne six or eight mi
ing up Hie almost per
mounta? ?clinging I
bery, projecting rookt
lay our bands on to a;
reached 'bo aummit
darkncisa had become
tber progress imprac
disoovered a little plot o! ground whereon wtis
?now, and gatheriog up the branches of a fallon
and dead tree, wo piled high a blazing beacon-lire,
that sent its gla:a far i.-.tt^ tbo oat hoe ss of the yawn
ing gull buieail', ami by its warmth we ' dried our
drenched ai d draggled dreaaes,' melted snow in
our tin cups for tea, and sat do* n to our frugal re?
past of dry bread and tough meat with as keen a
relish as was ver hr oght to boar at Doimonieo's
or the Astor, I flrmly believe. Throwing up nn
arch-hive covering of lir-treo boughs to protect us
from the whistling night-wind, we crept beneath,
encased us in our blankets, commended us to Hea?
ven's protection, andso.m forgot that we wero lost
in the mountains.
As we were dlscussiug nur breakfast next morn
ing by the gratoful glow of r. well replenished tire,
our letrpuRrd companion of yesterday hove iu
sight, mmi:.ing tip tha mountain in the tracks tbat
wo l.r.d made. Hj was welcomed with three
cheer* and a seat at the festive b^ri. IIo had
loet tho trail precisely where_ wo missed it, and
atrvi V it tti the snow again In the same erring
.k afo-e
0 terrtlic leaps n:id
intain torrent that
towards tho Vuba,
north, and clamber
?side of the opp isita
?lioi of trees, shrub'
.tevor else wenoiild
toi'aonieascent, we
1 weary, just as the
is to render our far
mgs we t ad .
he arrived at
he forde.!, as
his b
St, pici
t: !. litt
oppp.?;ti- raonnta'c, e::d it greatly che
hi? gl). iny vo'uude
We K w shaped our course north*
river, as tho only way 1' itudt: t ours
and keeping well upon the rid es, in
hours' time wo oame in sight of a valley
depth, end thought v a could 1 i .1
like that of fa ling wattr, torno fitfully
breite. Climbing st | j-Jc Lag blo?'t
tain, that looked nt wt i wo saw,
ns, the vrhito foam of I 1 boa
da?bos! along rv.tr its - ry bed, belli?
were eoon refreshing ou
from the Yaba?the pnri
do bellevi, I ever t- I
our course alt 11 ?? tbo mar
wheo %. e were c raj
to ein umvent tl - I ig 1
that rose from tb? v I
frequent ocourrence. T
are, for neai i> i*a wb< < ? <
of the mou & tain that ri e
to sr. ;n-*;.? Die hi It,.*,.
at; I Kweaii
where the mountains recede alit'.lo, leaving a few
Bcre* of low tab e ;and by the river??janerally a
open ODe aide, though sometimes on both. I?',r0
rocky bt-a are eene-slly formedld the river, whic
are supposed to be rich iu gold. We paa.el a
number of auch during the day, on ?ome ot wnion
miners had already located themselves, tn J1"-'^1"
pation of a rich harvest when '.he wat ir an in oa
low enough to adrn't of their working xrii? 1
"good time coning' thathai notgol along, re~ao ,
to mar y of them.
Wo reached foodyear t Bar at sunset, and >n
csmped for toe night. " fee torts, our original
deitination, were ?n.ue rt miles a >ove, and there
we arrived early the next day, over a little the
mrtt perpendioulnr.overhani<iiii:. precipi ton?, jump?
ing ofl plar-eeort of a t-a.il wo bad ye: eaoountare'.
After reating aduy, we started up stream, travel?
ing some 'J or 10 mil.^s up the ?)u>.li Fork, pros?
pecting a'ong. in hopes ( f finding some p'ace where
gold could be found ft'iov-: the level or the water ,
Kri ws were unsuccessful, and returned. The nest
day wc tried the aame experiment up the North
Fork, with a like result. Tnere were then ab iut
CO persons here at this plao?, and mneri ware
scattered at interval! a'ong both -earns above
most of them engaged in prospective damming ope?
rations, to turn the current when the water should
become low enough, in order to work toe bad of
the river j but litt'e or nothing could be doae whilo
the river remained as h'urh as it tb'-n was. Thare
is supposed to be much gold in many places in the
bed of the stream A ema;l party of miners pen-3
trated as far up the river as tr.ie place late la?l Fall,
when the water vraslow, and found th.i rirer very
rich?taking out e!0G? day per man, tii! the water
rose in .lauunry. Kaur;-digf/;rf?s were not much
known here tilt to ist Spring; and th'jy are rich only
in rare spots.
Great stories have been told respecting the rich?
ness of this 'egion, based on the rur.cessof a fow
lucky individuals. Tho gold here is not as trene
rally disieminated through the soil as on toe Amer?
ican river, but is deposited moro in veins end
streaks, and is usually found in close proximity to
the "bedrock,'' wide in most of the dirt above,
little or no gold ib found. The ' dust' bore is riot so
fine as to trouble one's evt s much ir, worki.ig it oat
?averaging about the size of white beans, and of
any oliape to suit customers
Afrer prospecting Hbout for a weekor so, 11 Seated
myself on a MO feet-Bouiare claim by the river here
which, though it could not be vorscd to much ad?
vantage at that time, promised to pay pre'ty wo i
when the water should fall three or four feel. I
then sent for Davio to join me, who soon came no,
< plunder' and all, paying 70 cts. a po-md for m tie
rackere to Goodyf-ftr'a Bar, whence wo 'backed!
poor success for a week or two ij'-vid became dis
couraged, t>nd returned to Rose's Bftr. I heard,
about three weeks since, that ho had been joined
by. his brother Alonzo, and that they were shire
owners in a damming company there
Fork 'forks' ni/ain three times within five miles,
and tho other branch once oight mile* above. This
lithe main radingd&ptH in this region for maay
is namedDowuieville, in honor of Mahr Downie,
one of a patty of miners that came Up last Fall nad
who wintercl here. There n-o nnv sjvcrai thou?
sand miners lore and in the initiedialo vioinity
then enough to pay expenses. FSarly in the season
i: war supposed that the river would be low
enough to n.iuiii of operation? by the middle of
dune, nt the latest. It still remains at a ruinous
higbt, having fallen but little more than a foot in the
lartthroo months, and much snow yet remaining to
come down from the mountains. Wc had plenty
of enow in full sight all nrouhd us till near the 1st of
June, and parties and travelers inform me t?nt it
bundant on the mountains not five miles
first CS1D9 up here, in April,
Tit.li dear. ?9 onlv on* ort?
$2 p< r pound ; dried apples, beans rice and pats
tots, S:i per pound ; tea, coffee, sugar, m:t, saljra
tu?, Ac. S I per pound; brandy, & 7 per bottle; and
so along up As the number of packers and f'aciii
tics for packing increased th? mirhet became
gradually "depressed,"' until, finally, provisions
can lie got here now" as ohsap a? dirt in New
cents; bufer am
bottle; brandy, *
pscSed on ti
'. B
schools, churches end charitable instituti ins 1 ither
ti an the gambling Shop?,) till my next, for wan; of
room. Oanvaia is tun chief material for h >u3>?
bu Idlcghere, though there are four or live good
log cabins, and three houses built of split boards ?
The residences of the nobility and gentry, however,
are in several inattnees entirely different from the
con.mon sort, pine boughs being the principal ma?
terial used in their construction?ot" which class
mine is considered a model of '? domestic architec?
ture ;" Rioi, since the rainy season is'"airly over,
(our lost showor occurred about tho 33d of June,
sue no more rain is expected till late in October,]
this style of building is getting to bo much iu
vogue. My villa is located on tho point between
the two rivers, iuet at the foot of the hill: and In the
immediate vicinity are the residences of some fifty
gentlemen miners. I keep bachelor's hall, and do
oi! ventei ce, and my cooking rer
upright, foiked sti.'Ss. supporti.
iri m which is suspended my tun.
e morning at the ringing" ol t>
ed by robin redbreast, just as tho
tree tops on the mountain at t
;d alone since I 'avi
-thouch 1 have mi
pretty tin roui;l
to ans of them ?
as Long
Tho w
allowance, of br,
Itut the math '
twei :> I itn r i d
in which ti e g
ard ia im? I
was tried b?fc
rirted '.bat be
T.is c>ward!y ptabber
ie and a jury, who da
-?o forty Ushes ?'>th tho
n^ht in these di-.sintrt
t t:?d to
)f tha
n last eu
n ten'.
time, I tbin
pu ni?! mei
Y m rcq
ppeotinp; baa mesa
? his gone no..
Oh, enviable I
im loae you a
ted a few days i
to a?
I may present It to the
Youri, sa ever.
?> long ao
pinion re?
in New
iboat i; as
have de
,che? you.
- inform*
and" it
i which
may be
i bo ne.
Hfform State Oonvertioss,?Thehu. Young
Amei ica pubiiihee the fo lowing call:
National Riiorm State Cosvsktiov - Tb9 NltiouM
Rr formera of tbe 8taic cf Ne?r Vork ara invited lo eead^
Ueieiates lo a Stste CacTBCtioo, to he bed at the Cltj u'.
Albany, ?n Wedr.e*iay, Iba id of October, 1 '/'. tjc.'ini
r.atr. candidates for the offices of ?o.cruor and Lleateaant
Governor, Catal Cotnnr.ifstor.-r, Inspector of tu-j Sw^i Pri?
sons; and Clerk of the Court of Appeals; to tai? irnsja.-?s
for the urgaslrailon ol an Industrial Le^lsiaure, and to
tranrnr.t iucn other buslnen n; rca7 ?pf>caf necessary to
the inecws of National Reform. Bach Association la la
vited to send nol more tbsn three (J-;ec*;=s, aci the I!e
foimerf of every olace net yet orjEbiz-^J S'-e ur^ed la form
Assoclstions of five or n or*, and sec-1 ?t least one Dele*
Mcchanira i
time has arr
peak | to ns
Indus trial ai
Citv Hail, A
10 A.M. A
Cent;-! Ci
called e. Stai
and place vi
members ol
iou!d be ap
horn il
at Alb
Conventions havo
lerty party having
and the Wnie and
the Wf
Port J!
ely iu the chair and
Iiis example of the
ising a ae.iSatioa
Manchester end Pittsburgh. Like toe 'industrials
ol Now-1! orb, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, etc.
they have rhcir general nnd/special Industrial or
rramxaiions also. _,
Thf. Seamstresses?In Philadelphia kboy are
forming a Protcctivo Union Jo be under tbo diren
tionoftbe Sewing Women themselves, and to be
baaed onregularprinciples of co-partnership. Why
is it that nothing has been done in New-York for
the Seaiiistrf sacs 7
Baltimore?A very successful Association has
been '-'rued bj. the Tailors of the Monumental City
for the protestion of their interests, with (Jordan
*ml American officers. The firooer bran h have al?
ready established a joint stock shop.
talking of running n separate ticket, to secure the
viBJcirr: of their measures, and are holding publio
meetings for the proclamation of their views. At
a recent meeting it was
i? ? ?
With a view to elevating the character of their
profession, by raising the standard of iti qualifica?
tion! , tl 9 8 team boat Engineers of Cincinnati have
former; an Association, under a suitable constitu?
tion nod by-laws. The chief object of the Society
will be to grant to qualified Kngioeero dif>>o>ms
attesting their competency, ro that none others nan
be entrusted with an olb'ce wi:i :h involves no lar^o
Iy and continually the safety o? life aud property.~
This movement ia a very excellent one, sad shou'd
be instituted wherever the necessity for it es<5ts.
Nbtl ins could more certainly tend to lessen the
Association among the F.-.iineers on the Las >t
If none but really competent and careful Engi?
neers wc-ro employed, we believe it would avoid
two thirds of tho explosions aad loss or life that
now takes place ea'.'h year. [Detroit Advortistr
/ -"?-:?!.?!i r-M?. " i' \f ..-:if '.Vf.tEfstj;-!;. -
V-JOUN C. HUBERTS, 102 Jonas! oners for sate low:
6,i I ti teams b:ue ar:d while ru'ed Letter and C-.p "apsrj
? earns Cap Crown asd Poilo Sirs n purer*.
? I reams Cap Crown and Folio Papers
8,(H 0 fsms wi-ite ar.d colored Shoe Pap.tri.
0 ?? so s of i ood wbtto Tea Papers.
Together with a eecenl assortment of Hardware, Manilla,
Beg. Cloth Printing and fine Wrapping Papers. s.-J lw
i 'UCiPHl/..'' will resoaie opereCoos oa Mondsrv cJi
September, andiwiU be prepared to eiecnta orders for iit.
J P, MSRRIASl, Providt
?VO SUlPPKltH OK BUTffKlt.?The sttbscitber
? !irj alwaj i on .st:;.1 'Je:-;! r Sr;t.-r of 130 h-.s'. rjuai Iy,
lesmel packs s, r< packed esprezsly fur!.-2.-- voja^ej.?
b ivti z had ? o s fififcen yeara' c-ir-crlorjceLt too trail, ha
con?d r. !y refers to the first hanssjba this City, PhRadel
; L s ?.' a .v'a. has ?'i brand, and Is rca
rscteed t> keep for two years A KEMP,
t61m*_116 Wailat New York.
BTIr/iC'IAL LSKCLLES *l?eandre'a1 Artificial
?L? shea, ap, v , by.ii L-? , ? . .-.a kive
>fi j an t
rvi be oelal itien??a cf rMUctryj j% iana &od
a each share 0
'lH s;rne paya
owners and the p'o! Ic Tlwy are strooj. not likely to gel
001of ereer, sdn| e lm cocsiructim, wou't^burst pipe, nor
"7 '" ' i.f- ruceln<, ?j. ng seUariinf; are
; ?BHt Bat be ? fl !-:v:;;'-e-s ^-u-.rVnv. l-Vtr-ry
I .*. 1 r-: IJS I 1 '> fl dt tVEri \i \ ?-. It Sprul ..i
? ? * so 1 atrni ?*'. ? n t -(v riousacleatific
rrcfsursli s. sn pr pi mf n s 1 Pannel?e' ? ?? ia
W "t-o^oatrapblf -'ubi;.;?iSo33 >i' ?? wrl a
Aodr.'ft'ii lie'.'ie. rnXtslied so ' fi c it l
j-. - ? ;wD&;OWHf.?*OW.4S
CrT Water Cure -Apenon expert*-, ad La pack ag
ar.a givlnc barba of every deacnpllon rn iy be n't'. ?J my
time this week No objectloo to the coabtry Bestrefer
etce jives. Address C W C SMbrifle office. SI a*
tF* Water < a?-*.-? L NICWOLS, MJ>. and Mr*.
&1 tf. OOVB HICHOLS, B7 Weai-Tweniy-seeond-sl P?
Ueatcreceived for fall board, or d?y ireetineoi or vis'ied
at their t^Cutct GoK?nltatlons from 10 to S aa27 lea*
Rr* V,'ti ;r !"-<_::: re. In?i!ta(?s?t.'lty an?! Couu?
trv.?Dr. Thai i receives patients M Iba coraniodilooj ruy
ealsblisbo ant, 15 Lalgbt ?>. and at O/ater Bay, L L Cjstj
nuuucBdon daili e ? sei these places 1.7 si^a-m?>*t nnd
?Je Tom! p,n?-,- Dnirtire attended 13 fiousu'-tuloce $5.
Toe Oniiigo Mountain Wnler-t'iirf, ?1
South Otu ? e. .o;-x County, Mo? Jersey, one hour's 1 .de
bv (be Mo ria tad Essex ??lr.'sd from lt.* city Tee et?
tsbltahment Bas rrjvae br?h? attached to moat of the pi?
noct'a rootna, Address Dr. CARL LORENZ wboiiaaaac
.?.,!?.,; Dr. .'? I ;-r. In the ;::edtca' J-v.r.ri nentoftbe Snail
Insion Vtaltera ?11! use tie boat at tne f K?t of C inland
at.at 8 A.M.and 4j P. M. __al6tf
p?" Association of Exempt Firwsjjpsr,.?Aspecial
n setine c f Ibli ?asociaii>n will be b< 1 st F 1 einen ? tin,
Mercer-tt oc Tu< saay, Sept 17. at J o'clock. P.M Func
in si attendance la requested, a: bnalaesi of the attnotitirn
- 'C t*'!i ' e j-.".g'it .?efoie the A tsiiclslbui *v order,
sie a1 13. W. WHESLEft,. So.:ieiary.
(5PW?iVcr'a fti.r-i?O?* iMrectory of S(n-Y'.'?k
fluy, for lb>-! ?TLlr? yei.r of publication; price 50 ci'.is
Containing the -i&me- a id address oi ail persons enirag*-i
Ii, burineet, clasalSod order spproDr'.r.? headings.
JylSS'.wii* JOHN F. TROW, U Iva-p.
pjF* Hotfcts?Whereas ietier?. pAUinl dave been granted
toJo?nA. Whipple *L? vsic. B. Jones of Boston foi the
Invention of tatting Photographie pict'ires or D.ignerreo
lype* on g.ass, all persona ,:rr cautioned aj?.".!jsl tul^^ .bs
mme, si any lofrl tenieut will ha dealt with according 10
(helaw m?e> and provided pAtent rlgiit? for .ale on rea?
sonable tera Adreaa JOHN A. WHJPPLfl, 96 Washing
ten Bt Bc?i -n. *i lm.
ay O'Rellly'a Ttde^r:'c>s i,fn^3, connectlnj
w-in nil i:<-.": i t/i :5e Lciii-.' -':stea O-.-iiCra.' otfice, l.?
Brc*dway. Opaa from 6 In the moraine; till II tt cl?hL
Viattorairt New-V/ork who arc accuatomed te traosscites;
!<? tine:- with the U'Selltv /.b ei In any iecu;r. of the
United Biete? will find It their Interest to leave their dis?
patches at 'Vf. o*tie4. m IctT? prompt s3t' -err?:*. !:-v.s
mission. _ |e if
8sF JCifea ?: Ha-r Ujre,unproverj so u 5? aale; ts
hair or ttI:; - era the moment^! If appL'ed without tt 9 't
Isjn?7?ii tr entirely free fwtc unpleasant odor, and ;ic b?
War:.*d v' ?' t'ts; !r.?n<?dwit?!? H
wtthO'tt wsJtlcg; to dry. aTjr ssla r sppUad] at ??!??? saa
?a'a WSj Faetory, * *Vtl!-a*. ray'WnTfc-J. fi strt
pi Hi n
prenilce? ard
? *.t*ndlti^ the
lo the rooms
>tlf9 Ml. |0,
snd Hadlaou-.
ojte ti.-. 10,
'a.-d School 11;
rard School clo1
ptiDe and Brt>.
ibUc school I'
in d 0 ore 1
12:h Ward?Ward School Bouss No "I, Eizllj stvth-st
near Fourth a1'
14th Ward?Wird S.-.booi House No. 17, Orange-tt. near
15th Ward? W?rd Scbool House No. 20, Thirteenth-it.
r.e^r Sixth a'
ICilt Wsrd-Putili Bcbool House No. 1-', Seventeenth at.
n;ar P.i^hltt-av.
'Sill Werd? "?vs'-d School f'o-tioNo 2r>, Twestletb-at.
nesr See ?cd r,v
Ifth Ward?Ward i?.-?;ool lloiiai No 13, FnrtlH? it n'\ir
Eu'b h nv.
the Female Depart/nests ofthe following School a lasest
i'.U Ward?Ward Bchool Hot.se N >. 10, James-at.be
tween Ohatbam a:id Mcdis in
3!h W ard?Ward ."chool tiuu-a No 2', CMrt at be
lO.h Ward?Ward School House Wo. 3, Ludlow-st nesr
11 tti ward- v. ..j u?t,.</,t M>, Hbinlon-st cor
r* r Sborltt it.
!5th Ward?Ward Scbool House No. 2n, Thlrteenth-st.
ticnr H'xir,-Rv.
loth Ward?Ward School House No 1 i, Fortloth-st.noar
Competent and experienced teachers ti^eiotm en??e;e I.
sjjd evorjthlng provided that may be r .?((?tired to condnct
theeo Scbool-i and r.r! irct tt:-..ro?;b i.nstr ir.tlon to the pupils,
free of crjsrgn. Application for admission mus: bei made
at the School Rooms >,* eooti tj the S.-bools aro opened.
J. 8. RKL'KI r'LD, J. D 1IU.1S
Committee on Kvening Hct iols
Otficcoj Hoard i.f Education, S/]iC 14. Sl4 oolt?jii
IV'IK. K. U. KAHM wUl k.v.? loallrailednumbarof pu
lTiplls lesions tr. Sioilae und ."hoo-fnrl?. Terni? at b n
resliie.'.ca f20. c at lh:? rnaldence of tho pupil .$j 1 pur
quarter. Application to b3 made tt Zli Spring si.
N 8 ? Ore La.f of the time he it engaged If the New
Yotk CoD^ervl<'.orJ, of Vj^jlc lli Broadr-ny. sUd'.tiod*
fMT"?'<irs'.?>t INST"f'I'iJTWX for the Education ?f
A Boys will reopen on Monday, ri*ni 0 Clrctt'^rs ?nsy
be loQi,d at th? u.hhI plucss, a::d furti -?r loforuniloo .? to
Ihe piliiclpim upou --vbi -h Ii I? ejpi.'nci^d ?uay b'' ob.nloed
of He Prtaclpal, J. H. PATTON, I5J Orr.ono-at. nu*r Ciln
oc'plnce. ti lm*
"? YOUNG LADY, a?;ird il, acenstomed 10 tulilon
/lnci! svariniy attwtntri to chtldror, dfil-ee a iltus'.lon 43
teacher. In Kdditi -n 1c the uausl r.'aijilili branches shs
whl IcitlHte pjtiils In music, if reuclt r.nd drawing Moat
satisfactory tesitntcr.ials eivua. Toucher 3'ij j.-aod at.
iTl Sept. 9 it lb Gar roll-place, Bieeci'-r-si nuM lm?
KIW'n J??^?? tx^jrw ?MtWTMM?-V.^,^-. -r?<??l?:l?3JWI).1W", l
No. 13 WOOD-??. PITflBDRGH, PA.
pOl-IdBC P10NS made or ail the principal Sil - ol
Vs' '.tie feite?] rju?tt<?. Reference ?c f?tv-Vbrlt, Etcsare
Wlntlow, ienlcr it Co b-t V, a -n. ny >7tf '
A TKAVERS fk (JOV. llVl,\.I<?J.Vi.
* I ?5,1 0 Iba S ? a.a 1'ateni 1 fv?r;o ijr Oru,.ora be
l.eco lb* sreall bid do do. '
5,000 lbs F'hx S*iae Twine.
2,110 lbs Linen Twice, (dncv c Aon,
2,000 lbs. Variegated Couon Twine.
II 00lbs Llr.ri Gill N? ttTwIne.
Also, an ex..o:i-a asaoifi'-. 1 of Hemp Wraopins'
Vwlne of all sizes Flax and Hemp lor sale by Ihe Me'.
Twine of sr;y tied made to order by
ti ltn eod* A. TRAVERS i CO , 31 Maldon laoe.
Ij oust, Ac rial, iio.no.enda exd- atvely co diseases of '.ho
Eye and Ear. from 9 to 4 o'clock, ?taliy, tt hit <?'.. 1 '?
VVhn-fc-si.corr'-r cf hrondw'ay.
Dr Powell's popular "Tr*a.;t'se on the Eye, its Diaessag
and their Cure," :t,lrd edltlorj. rritli plates, prlco60 cents,
ton be had si abeve
Aisoafrcsi variety of benn?ful Art'.'clai Eyt's, r'ti'.jh
cic be inserted without any pain cr operation, and will
move like the n&icra! eje.
Dr.PoweU'aSelf.Acuns: Eyeand Bar Fountains forsp.
plying; water in the moat efficient way to these dellcat. or
tarr, can be procured at bis ofiica lu numerona r aesthe
??es have l.?r*n afrengthes ed a^d vision restored as ' a'so
lean ?*a entires removed by ihotr nie, t-.n oodlm'ts'
" WILT'EH S P.M'..n
's now Arm hai
t-.ni, at d in ttU. i.\ thereof thai ? j ;ncf in i-s01 - ,s-:;h.
Therefore, this ',3 to giro notice .0 r:l w 0 eavi r .7
buy sa.'?a of j Baylor to violation of said Patent, ,l at 1
ih.r.'.i h:>..! :'????n damage*. und?r<- the Patent 1 aw, a :?
Sieve eatd Oayiar 10 be i-reapeniiijin. And 1 -wou:.
r- 1 fa?7 rtmmd all who purchase Safts to look to It, I
t:r- hefr !..-.? 00'.; ?? w? ',,>; Et S PATENT ; . - ?
DER SAFE," to order 10 be sure if the gentries
?.08 3\ treed if 8 G W : LD.ER. Paten? ?
V (?ti'..-,nN' ? -: >
V7 CARSJAOES.?Afford.i * i
steel croaa bar 1
Hacstos forpleaa
A rlteei Die '^2
11 edtoallcai
The Piat-.-s wi!
5 ?: ?:, I : : v.
ri^ABLB AND DAX?H 8ALt?ThePacffecRoc*
1, Bali Company bavins; perfected their arrangements fo;
leaoslng acd grtnding pnre Rock Pall for tar*!* and dairy
if, are 1 :?, sied lo : nlfh tb- traue with it to packages
?I every deacriptlon at i1!* loweat rates. The 00 scttona
?ercto&re n;.-c? by consumers < f ground it..- * 8 Jt, cn sk?
ia! t msnufacuired >.; this establUhaienti as evary parucleof
t la pertealy eleanaed before f<i'.-*'.-.(i. for samples and
N B ? L'r"vt"r>ed 1 round Uocs S!>'i, the d seil .
ttfiirjav a *r tl s re ?furslabert toor?ei [reduced
tanflSmrorj*!_tt KAN>-n*t Agent.
!?X -i?A? T OF LOUW??Dand Cut Dye Woods
L*W uV tirst quUlt7, tnariuficturtd oy ihe NenperSam
iauj.-bt in the r prti i lp
\t,f Of tbr' Usl SOIhorS.
and euiv provWh n will i><
Isb ?od German.
Inj Rts^liif, Sp U , W
Ge-og'trh., i i' ofGJobei
Occasl d?I kscmres w;i
oil f>r bi p.rrb-n tf Nature!!
Religions lofirai I oo
Scriptures. fJoon of Ou:;:;i
[ember, a d end on i ie ?er.
Februar; , a?.d <. on iht, ?
JJjOARPINO Sot-tOOL FOR BOYS at Cornwall, Conn.
(>-.rpo winter tern of t?s*j tch >ol will commence on the
first Tue#day of November and continue five months "be
i- arseof IsMrncdon emoraces every Vancb that enters
In'o a thorough English classical and mstheinadci educa
don together wi b the rrtn'li, O 'rmvt and 8ps i>r. iaa
gt:age? L?co ? In vocal motte and on iae p'ao tnd or*
gain ?r?- pItmp by v trcompiur.ed Gsronn proreasor, ?rb n
vf?tred. E.Tjifnie for board and tniitoa in a'l "ii" above
r-nmed ??rt? che?, except music SlOO per term of fire n mini
The following gentlemen cor?;nute the Board of Instruct
ort, re?id?? to fe ???<?;.? wtm in'.? ichotan, ud are exclu?
sively devot* d loth* >(?res*a of 're scbor.i:
" i ?? xv ANDREWS, m A Principal
JA MKS SKOOWICK. M A associate Principal.
A- FfiOLICH. ? A aGrsdnv.eof toe University of
>"rance, Teacner of U-runn iud French
Senor H. DE M ART1 of Cabs, T- tcherof Spaaiab..
R THBI9S ol Germany, T*E,her of Music.
Nt'mher of scr-ola'P limited to l?
Clrculartcortalr.lnfr foil information, can be ob:ab? I at
Mark H N'wmai i '?'o.'i bo-jk More, 199 Srosdwa'.', or
b" crpilca'lon to the r'.tnctpil. ai Cornwall, Conn. ilS 2w
4 () r. BROADWAY? Next door u the American Ar
'1?*?/ Union ? ?h'>subscriber r-?iw.fjlly announces to
his friends and the public ? rat h" iutendj giving a new
course of hiiions at Ins Drawing Academy; ?lsi an e?ec
I c >?' <u ->-r- n"i t-i co i: s ?f>ber ! Io?tr>i-".toii will b-ntvn
In Drawing and Fainting of sM kinds, Portraits, Flures,
l.auds^opi'? Ofcaaents ard Flower? Figures after the
?i ?!- ? .-f r'.Kf ? - ?!:>? ????ienrt'- .! r>,f Dap'tti of Paris,
whose nothod was acknowledge as the most excellent by
the AccOrolo de? Art? In Paris Ora'vln^' and Painting
from nature, fainting in talittature, on Porcelain, en i
aqnart e, particularly.fitting and pleasant forUadles. Oraw
logon Sioco. Keparatf. c-utrsa for ladlo?. Specimens of
?II the above, both of mj own and my prtplla' work, can be
s?en at my sotdlo. Pupils anendcd at thoir own realdeac=ta
Fi r par; icidcre apply to S SCHUSfBR,
?16 I w* Prof-^aor of Drawing and Pam.ing.
a nt:L.I&WZ BOAJLDlTiU XVVitOU for Soya.
A it Varrytr.vru, N. V.. A. NEWMAN. Principal.
In tbia insliUiilon young g'antleman will l.-o tboroughlv
;.recte<i lc all iho brancnos of an EtigHih eau CLtta'oal
c.J-Jcatk'0, rMjOf:;.? fcr coairnciciil pursuits or ant?:lo;
7hers are two lo.-tns in a year. s*cb five aiontha 7h?
Summer icnn commencing on ito first of May. aud las
TVinioi on ;!io firjt of November, Terms reasonebl?.
Circ'iiim containing pnrlicalars. .?ofci'BDCoa, {to. can b;
ebudned at Bpaldlng Ii ?henhard'a bookstore, I8fll Sroa'
wcv, New-Voik. o.- :.y a.idrsuLng e nuts to the 'nsalpcl,
BV20 to-lif
t'tio <?reerie-st Family Ruidence 11 La Favette-niacs.
r^^lIK FALL, TERM .;f this luidtullon will couraienco
ol or Monday, September 9 Voting ladles from abroad
are ri'cc'ved Into the f/tmlly of Pvcv. John 9 C. Aiibott.
7or circulars, apply at th-i Institution or by mall s'.ndw
fJlJLL'S AitAOKOiY AND ?8el li.Y ?fc7?il^
S A NARV ?Pupil! of Bl y ?gn end of hotn seres art>
received at r.uy lime Into ibis Institutions and are favored
wtili i'verv d wimble facility for obtaining a thorough and
accomplished education For heslthfuluess of location a'id
arrangemenls, this Seminary may well challenge a paral?
lel, foi not only i\na it jevfr hail u pnpil mvlia? in health
while a member hut many who *iav^ ?ntnred feebie and
?,vet> ?lc?ly, i????<? beco..it< comparatively strong au...
=?hiK lintlPitlon 1? eary of sccoas by dally sieartiboais
from New-Vork, Hartford, Greenport auiX Norwich.?
Ttvma SSfW a year, Circulars pan be had ol John U Las.
tii? Esq. 6 Broad way.
Referem.es: nvv S. Cutting, Rov. Dr. Dowllng, Won.
Elisa Ely, E U Utiinurt At Co John 8. Lassala B?q Uor.
many ? ?"....-.., .-: Kork. Roy. J. U ll.t-J/e, R?v. K B.
Mturrn, A. tV . \V|i(:Cr |.)?q. Brooklyn
i".?s>-i Conn. Sept,
108 LYON, A. J?. PrliK'pR
*-Oaerut!', Connenicm, 4.i rntl.-t raliroMl from
York. This School I? one of the oidost ha the fit"
the beauty, bealibftiiness ted convenience of I ? loo
fa believed t. be rsmirpMeed .Vor particular Infi tin
Iho Fr!":lnal refers to some of bis numerous patrons
places of buslc ess and residences maybe asserts)
reference to Ms Circulars, w bich icay be obtained
bookstore of Clark, Aoson ,'< Co. 20? Broadway,
ivKyr.or'?, 7C Bo*.'ery. i2
I iftn^iwsirv iJK.Aia.nAJt sotlooE?i
"j fessorE A. JoftxaoH, Rector, n.'i first ijuine.- oi
school year begins on September 2d Pupils aw fitted
College or buslnes* The r*ri?".rv Department, f--r e.c
yearn ander the care of Mr. M. M. Hobby, recolves | tpil
u -?rly ax s-;e :: rix or e^van years Application for id;
slrm may bo made, at tbo itot ms, lower floor IJciv;
Buildings. C'.rcttlcrs mr-ybe obtained a1!, at the bo
stores of i'.fj. L :kw io I I Boa, 111 Broadway, Charlr
I*rancla Jr. Cc 2'.- Broad *ny, aud Samuel Baynor, 7C i!
e;y. |auSI-Sui| HE )RGE S. PARKER, Prl t. Ipa
1171iVANT.'8 PRIVATE Boardbag School foi Boys,
v V at Mule Ferry, nine n lies from H >-?uken, ?V J Tals
This school Uiuid.fr the charge of A. B WINANTand lady,
The number of scholars Is limited to sixteen, who naj ?
ter Ihe school under twelve years of ago aud be fitted for
bon'ceis Vorm? for tuition and board from 6100 to $|
per year. Ct/cclsrsms] be obtained at Mr, ?L Ostrttnder,
corner Ciual and Varies tu N?w>York. slOlm'
I ;MiiIteif> o.y 1 n K < irv Ot NfCW
VORIC?The regular:exercises of the Uaivtrc-ty for
the ensulDgyesr,wlllberesumed du Wed ta?day,thelUthof
8eptf rnber, at :?J A M. Candidates for admission wlb. n*.
examined on Tneidav, the iVth. atliA. U. Provision
been made for the full instruction of ail the cs-a-s of tha
Dctverilly, i?y o-dtr of the Council B.LOOMtS,
sI2 61 Secretpry of the Faculty.
IvTi:; iit ?c i i77(Ti. - e n glIsh X^rvTx ? , i c ? i
11?Many f-.^vo imj, h'?.erto, no means ofelucailng
themselves, ted eaenot stl 1 ppare th" lime foro ven so
wottby an object during the day. To such the adv rttser
gives notice ol his desire to n^cn <. Night School tie in-ty
be aeotj on ?jtnrdiv ov. ? lc u'll. a'id only ?.u that eve
Ding, at the N. V. fiiiOtury Hsll, 113 ftowery. aid 1W
i'i; ;?;>< !l OESTtikiSlI-:
tlr't to ob
Kchcolor in
Post office.
A i.AOV iiK&l . 8 PI)
Semlnaryln iho Stole of No
lfied 'or her boslnes?, having t*ri
teaches the ll?jp, rtar.o. Ooliar
wtllirg lo be -?eaeral tute -
dreare'd to " Ii'-. na,"'aBd dlrech
masu-r, Boston, tjass will be att
VOWG LADIES* i'r7i.1
i SCHOOL 229 Nlnth-st Mil
i rary end res ?ng-rooro, rurntit
Eecll'h ard Ftenrh HtoraiU'e, Is
for yi i g ladles - bo have gone
trnni t< ?bocks
P?'tma ] ' ?
courac ofstudies ro the .??> ;
Monday, B< p:e,- il er 1 1850,
/ rncrie d Socialist School. He
?. r;'ii;
may !?>) n:ade from 9 tili t: rVcloc
3. rnjpencn fdocdav, i..t 21 di
20-1 iw Li. W BTJ3VBN8,
<VkW MBRCHAZTCd'?jCilOOL rtvopess tseStb
a laatantet 1'j.) Macd<;;:;c'-3;., c-.rnerof Oil tton Place
_?^8l^_13A&.C GEORGS aCSBS, PruclptL
i'Jfor Young M<s<ea winredpen on Mor.-Jav the Jih g .-?
tember.teit. Beperala departmeci for smetl boys. c4)
h\ 3 A UAflLB COUTAW'a Bonrding and Day School
f'-f for young ltdiej. fOo Broadway, naar Uclor ?*'( ive,
wl l bft reopened on Mocd.,1. ii. ot o. afi tm'
?JCHOO.1, FOR-sT?Yrt^atscmsu^or"Classical,
? '?tC )? L'r-.ior U:e care of Rnv.jWAAC PECK, irtll r.
open en itortfay, gth September,/al S8Amity-?I au3l
r|"-il)r. T.I?*?!'H JVEsJ w?U rvopeo thotr H->>: 164
!. itraie? A:*.- motba popular work jus?.pn;.
' ? 1: ' ' ?. * >y . ' "tc jiia wo t.. a<
, o per eenirj-r taoflared 10J u. 1I th xum can b?. raa-U
as ll any ctoes stmtlai oaublUbmeat. Call or tvUItma
pw paid ? > ? ?' ???;. 7*i..1!? rubOcatioa Bsiablial
b?pV IS Naaai i-ai NS up stairs, aul. Inj?
ti\'Ar*T-i> ?iimttloi bya rcapecttbleycaaiM wotnan
T? ?,r?>. n,.,,dol|M,coo*lot,wa?bfDg aad lr Dlogln
um In? ?rty anooivea wttb ?t >r -?--ni
- : ?. n'h-ihlrdu ;or,cfirtr>? 1-Too )j.
teei r< r 2 days a|C
a inii'l pri'
erence r. .
Ca i to 132
auf up. ?7
idon by a young man of fooxl ad.
iB.o e ; also und? standa tbe care .f
boron jo Jy a -ipiaiolsd with r.uy
rjneoaa io c ^?r ?td cspabl Ity
IS *.? or i toe P.M. at.'i. ana it,
_ lb li*
?I! D.Oj.' C'Crk lo rdmi?y|v?Dli,
h knowledge of o-ugs and of p0(.
' gnoJ ,ddio? D0I afr*l. of work,
lafc.-tory references for Ii tOStry,
?M?-r fi'jt \ca. fSOO. Add/Mi,
Post Office, alt) 3.
ity ANTJKD-^ttuattoM ? tioictw of azceUacl *:r ?
and children, recently arrtvud, ?re?> from dry baa til
?ml association, and w tiling to work for ciod?rM< waj;*;
Application to be made al the orficr o| Coaimle?!? *t
Cl!l!?*at!or 'n lb- Part No <-huri? e?< tf
/ Ai\Tfcl/~P aid lu a private family, loca l.'.: bound?
ed b] roortb nndStxteo ih-sia six,h sv and (lower/,
for a young Lady am
B P c lni? i Hire. :
M'se Alln.:
Iresi ?! to R
sit u
hall rju I
dien, i
ply al 1 8 P.o?:-av.
rvorit E~* - r=
i 1 Res!<'rt.r-?~A <?
like to tHko cbarf e of
references given ?a to
TtR Trtbuce Office,
'? on..;o a pll'i alion by a TOong
b ?? CltT.wbo wl4hi<? oi work
h. Address Box Sil PoalO'.
al6 It*
' Dane r.|Ti (g (j? tttice S ?I-^k
New-York, snd giv^ ?n
.'. ai u.ij office,atatthsj i-rm?,
_ sic it'
:ook and tvis? who U a
,t in pert .oi w.a hrib: r Ap
r?.urnl./? from t'ietr Country
sbli- man and bis <*!fi< would
:e for Iba Winter. SaUafitciorsr
aslbUlty. Address C H HI N.
I. ?16 ill*
O laWYHK*l,-? ?soong '??'V-fs" I ler -Mi of?
fice bniiueta, ans irbocan furrlah siiufa-lory ?.llino
.y Ivso bUO irrnl
? III tin given A
T I I'.N.vl -''}
Board i? williamsbdrub-tAj^idam**
3J and bis .vllo, <uirJ or.f or Hvosirigla ^_uijt . , a OS
accbnunodaled sritb pieasani roons tu ? privat? . >, i
flrst-st., ovo islnutes walk from ike Pf-?*? . I :y
gome nr. every five minutes duri.ig the day Lo atlos
ri y ai -.'-?b e?house f'icing the water,commandtug * Bos
?low of Brooklyn. Nr-sr-'/ork, c.aji ilor.<r ?o ;rr
S ?OA 11 D?Two or ;It'0 geuUem?
l^liOILO. Wllb foo l mcc rnuuodaiiu..,
p'orrarji furnished or ODfuruUbed front room oulhe secood
floor, vi. Ith or urlthout tbe b?cs room, and breakfast alone or
Tvlih t'R ?nd do uer on a.jndr.v Tern
Bivli gtoi -a ir.ii and pleasant loc
- ?O? h I> ' >?.'.-A genilfiiian and
MUy and two or ihr-e slogl? gentle
di-o-d wnii fbJl or pir?al board at l .s.t
s9 4110,16,17*
} per wo * 7,
o i\'J Inieod*
mall fam
|?{Mlir3.s TO K?NT> furnished or unfurnished, with.
Il outboard, in ^ vo > tine house. Tim situation ts cou
Iral and very near Broadway, and In a qutet and pleasant
neighborhood Hot and coi.i batbaaud every convenience
sta an excellent rostaurant noar. Apply as soon cu con?
venient, Bt:589 Hons on .i. a roraarkably pleas vtt front
basoment rootu, w td be let as an office, or It would ic.:.mi
modate two grctlcmon. s'O Gliiol*
liOOJIB VO l.tiT?Pleaaant apartuienu, mally
Is.furnlsbed, for lodging, without board, may be had. bj
i i oif/'boM applicant' ? at IJ? JYarrlln-m. a few doors weal
ol Broadway auSO Im1
J HiOiTl.M stsi l.b-S", with board, ?ullabl? for genUo
tl nii-n anO their wtvca, or tin jln gentleiu.-n. at 145 Hud
?oe-sI. opposite St. Jolio'a PsrB. Roforencoa exchanged,
s7 lmA
IJOOITIS TO l.I.T WITH U4IAR?. la oiio ofiha
a4, most pleasant lucatlona In tbe city, on a at?c:" route ?
The beat of references Klv"n and required. Apply at tbe
N. K cor of Thtrteenb-at and 8eventb-av. sD lm'
rs'tf It.feT' V Kb hoard, ton suiall private family a hand
J ?ou i>"'jIi of four room* In the s;cond story of a plea?
taniy situated house in the central prrt of Brooklyn, offer?
|n> a desirable oppoi tui Ity for a famtlv sb -.tt making ibur
winter arrangemenu. Apply io K. MALBONB, 307 Pnl
ton st Brooklyn._slri3i*
;i "o lkt?lo tU.oib Brooslyn an nnfurnlabed rrontfar
? lor wltb paorrles and gas In the room, sutlahir. for a fna
Ueman and lady, In a famuy offesv persona Jfhehoe
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from lue douih Ferry, .?oniJ be n lillng ?> tain m boarders
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5i.cn w ti be g'von Address N box 175.: N V. I' ?t-nflics,
opal paid. aia i*1
a FUUNlBIIlil? ROOM with or vvltlioul br ikfiTl
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T^H^ri-st.ni*n~ann riFiTiT; w fv?s or two
xTI o. three ab;,.- e genllemed. can obtain 1 it isai I r ?-'ina
with board, by applylog at 41 Weal NVasbl gl n p ic i
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^|;RNISH?II ROOWS-To lei, with.tiool
h board, 400 Oreenwtcb-ai near Bea-.h Pnrnlabed bsse
inen! Id let. ? I tin
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XL two doers from Clgnth-av. ponurtr i.",: or t.?ij!?.iji
Boarders can have good sToard ana pleati n "b>
use of bat!: room. S im*
Grocbbb and Cuumission M erobants.
LIBERAL ADVANCES inedeoneoue , m taou, -m.: all
aagfoey bok'nesa pro.jiptiy Htt?n.'-?<". t ? '?'< '?? i
a A. Fahmestock it Co New-Fork.
H a ftr Voono. r-ullH.lMk.hla
C.G Hussev. K. W. Ho? r.n Wltr.UM IsaaiMaa, Ji it
Mr.ar.LETOK, ritisbargn^_ tnj ? m
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Re/treiuei in IFata-Fbr*;- J. ? 1 SI ., Broad
?pay i Wllilsais. Bradford dt Co 11 Cortland-SLi Banrt
flfcolooo it Co 134Broadwav; Soul worth Siauaon StOo.l
Conllca s'lp; J L. a N. Orlswu Bl P runt si ; A: nit
B.ogw?, 528 Front at ; Hyslopi Coffin 43 Vrorus. , Oow
Ine ft Co IQ Souib-st. ; B. B I Ichfield t i 6t Pearl-al
i E. Trlope, 1/fl /.ialden-lant j Bob-tri Dod, R*>war?
N J.: GeorgeCartfa,?tlca,N. Y ani
r.^.n?r. 13'J.-H>"rTUS UOTELIS
CHA?Itir.?, i I UOIlOO.fi
Olli ' KS, { } PANAMA
rilQE IRVINO HOUSE, at Coagrca Wallace W, ?
I lly.un. assisted by Hugli Millar
TH B I'A NAM A ILROA D HOfRf., at Oorgoaa,
der the manaenment of A. B. Miller a'id J. F. Concor.
THE AM Ei'I CAN HOTEL, at Crucea, undni l mal
ageo fnt of Jb. K Polger Bnd U Miller, Jr.
themanrgemcnt of Adrian B. JC'lier Jel DJ.Crf
??Al^l F?RKlAa?TranaporiatlonacroaathelsUimuaoC
y Panama^-ZAOi RI330N NELSON fa CO o Psnf
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inst bo of portable sl/ia'.i wrri^
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I In the irxr.,-;.'. The cbergea
paid la Now-York. >",? tarlh
LCHRISXON i: CO. 8f? tValf al
PATEJHT Zii-40 PAJ n -
nPHB BOBECRiSERB, Afscu cf tlie Pw+t.-*-.. A?
JL yiorlns'and Mining Cotnpai ,hi ? . ish
extensive Works at f-oisrarfc a : ply - l cl .'. it
Brown and Frnnkllntta f elcti .- tsi hi
oa retaocJile larrrj.
'ibc?* palnla coorlii cf TT.-1. :i rial
feronn, 3p to a steep orange, and so .;? a . rtlu
totoprsedof sei . ~ . ' ? ??" - us
acaso.ry can bo troiifideatly recoc sai la Cosft
cyalzopramares,from tl.c at r.e r-..'''.t. : ? '?
Viloaliic 'o. the cc.ir.5; of !r.;i an 3 Of do, f, ? lag ?? t :,?*i
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A aappi7 of sV* i'-onparr ?> ? ' '? *}
Zinc,cowao ejtisnaiveljrurod }a?ariasB(! rHbai ''."?'?
JCbiOpa. r? :.V.' tr>;-?'. f.: 'ute for wlilte Is --
e'fcerd'il^'c.r." ;*, ?sistJ I* tl ?. ?. t : . v 1. <twt*?
theMbtvHLsfg, ? S JONHS k ?'
ai 2oios
4.* V ITH & LOUNS8E ? 1 ? -. ?
K">. for th' Fall Trao ?.< " ? ?'?."'?.'
i.;1. S BP.U88BLS IMPi
OR A IN and other CARi'LTI!.' IS. c
largest, moat complete and 6
! ? in thli market.
Theirpnrchsses beb.? mad<s? ...
Ibex ar;vania''.ts In making at lac;lot 1
and enables item '0 cell at tbe loweal
..., bTapestry Darpe ?. troi .
English B'orr' , Carpe'?; fiom 8st
t'< j; ;iiThroe ply Can t<g fro:.-j 7s
American Three-ply Car sta
Engl ih and Ain
U tola pwr yti'd.
English ar.d Aroe
per ysrd.
Cornu'.on Jngi'O'i
Also, a .tri e 1
choice aaaortmect
i u) equalb I ''-T
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