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galt*, and the other neoeaaary change* ooo*?iuent i
thereof. If ?o much money ?hall t>e reieived, aa^i if !
not, then to abate, la proportion to trio other ored- j
itora "
This wna in accordance with the Instructions |
ariven to Sir Jaroca Wr:-ht, Governor of Go <"s'?
?ythe Karl of Dm tmouth, on the IS* ?scemoer,
1772, preparatory to holding ihn Troaty, whoroin
...nid: ''The principal object of attention reco-n
mended by their Lordahipa is thatoare baiakenla
tbe negotiation with toe [odiaoa mat tho Crown
be noton any acccur.t oledtci eitl er to tha Ind a is
? or to tie Traders for the rtt-r"?^? of any purtof
Ibe debt due from one to tbe other."
Tbe Crown never aomittt-.d aoj indebtcdtiaas t>
George Galpbin, nort-i any of the Indian Traii^a,
and when Mr. Goodwin in 1791 pointed out to Mr.
George Hoae, the principal Secretary of the
j(((t1)iy. tbat there was no d aorim>oaiion ia the
Act of Parliament between (hose who aohered to
tbe British Go vernment and th., creditor* who re?
mained in the United States, h- rep?ad ''that the
whole act for reniunermii^ the loyalists, was an
act ex gratia, tod not ex deoito"
There ie oodata on which t<> ?. stimaie how mach
the lands hold in trust wouid nave a . Id for at that
^Tbe Traders petitioned tha G ivermr and Coun
cilon the 27th of March 17:? t < ta?t? th;j laud ia
severally, and to aeil and settlo it in five years.
This proposition w?j substituted by the Colonial
authorities on the 4th A il, i?7?, by anotheroie,
that the land should tie. sold, mri settled within
three years accord log to tha proclamation, of. tho
Governor issued on the 24ti 0 tobsr, 1774
A sale at tbattior-, and uude' euch otrcinWan
oes, would greatly have it isened the probability
that the full amount o the 11 aims would hare be n
The proceedings of the Governor and Coanotl
show clearly that the land might uot soli for
enough to pay tbe fxpe:.'9"b and debts, ami tho'8
fore they provider* fir ,. tying n rateabl jprop >rto:>.
The War of tfo devolution soon followed, nod
neither the Crown nor the Colonial Government
did sell the land and pay i aid debts
In 1780, Georgia, with s vie*'of strengthening
her frontier, and to have tho rich and healthy land*
of Wiikes speedily eet:ied, passed au act with this
" Whereat certe'r. parents el z "eof tMs and ibe 8 its
of 8ootb Carolina, and frle dl o Ihn m'epenrfenc-iof ibe
same, c'atnjlbai tee land, l ihe Cooulyol WlUtuwere
originally given up 0" crdedt lie Uoverament of a- at
Britain by tho Cr?-* an?" Chen -e- Int Ian?, lo satisfaction
tDd slscbargeolcer b'p b - s tr .<^e aus t,y ??w |a.
dien? to *eld cer.eiu perso s cotnuonlj callod Indian .ra?
cier*: _
'?Heil therefore enoetc^, Tb?.;, ? rij p?-?->n tiari'itf, or p-o
lending totem my > ob cluiir-, do I y Heir cla'tns a id ac
tooBUDefore tblsv'or some fui bUiu>eof assenbly, tojne I
cxatulued, and wbatl vei Clalu sba I be f >u d ;u?t auJ pro?
per, sod doe to th- friends u *.m ? ?Ii-.p. In uaid^by
Treasury cerofica f(> fo the who nt, payariie "?tt-ila lirJ,
tatsmaod four years, u dxc ? y ?> percent later es."
Here was an opportun)'} given to Goorgo Galphin
to ptove hi* claim, to make the amount certain,
which was uncertain befoi e, and plaoa it on inter
eat This he failed to do Georgia legislated on
this subject with a kuowledge ol what th* pro
ceedings were in 17711 ai ri 1775, and ?ho do'a r.nt
admit that any cUinic. whit. , might be established
were to bo augmented bj interest, bofore thoy
should be found ju?t and propsrby h-?r Ats -miiy.
8he bold in her aro! the evidence that the
Commissioners hud a lowed Goo g- Galphin tne
above-mentioned sum; and yet ?fie does nut admit
it to be a liquidat> d debt and requires generally
that all claims a d account* t_>t!n*t tho Indians
who hfd ceded their la,ids do pay their ind.ititod
ness, should bo laid before ? ei i?-;:i?lature to be es
ainlned, and wi.at par: *-s<ii juc auti proper, and
due to tho friends ol A tin o >. h?pu agreed to pay.
As to Mr Galphin, hi* t.v iotiam -as known not
only in Georgi?, h^.t in I.' la id, ind that knowl?
edge abroad defeated M.. Good win in 17UI in ob
tattling a settlement oi thi ol*im there).
After tho lapse of so iin y?a ? an application
was made to the Assembly if Goorgi'a to pay the
claim, which was r< i >'iv e *r mi time t'i tim?, d jwn
to 1639, and whether later. Hie doou.ueots do not
Tho claim never has bo< ti liquidated hj Georgia,
nor its validity adm'tttr! H?- a 'tilt reported, but
at what date do?? not appear, it waa proposed to
pay the amount in ten auonal ioatallmeots with
interest, (roui th?7tii December, 1794.
The claim was proseoutad against thx British
Government in 1791, and continued U'itil 17i>3, by
Charles Goodwin, ?tton o> nod agent of G ego
Galphio, aa appeart, by Iii? etntoment on the ill at
October, 1816
In it he mentions that, ho ?pp'ied to tha Legis?
lature of Georgia for the i'iaim in i*y i?Kn i th?
dato of the applloa:i'n wn? n-obaol v at-lected as
the day on which interest was to oommeuoe, if tbe
payment of the piini ipal ahou d bn oaauinod.
A Committee ol the Georgia Legislature ou the
8th Deoomber, 1818, reported a Kill fur tbe relief
of Georpe Gal^hi.. and also a resolution requeat
ing their Sonattirs and liepreaebtativea iu Oon
grtss tu ur^e tlie General Govertin ent to r.-f md to
the Stau? of Georgta tit" e.m of ?' 7!U 15 5 Stirl?
ing?beitif; the amount tbat the aavi Ltoj-iaiatu o
appropriated lor the rellel ol the legal repreaenta
tivca of George Gal.ibi", deceaaed, who waa an
Indian Trader, and comprehended iu the Troaty
Of 1773.
This resolution wa? prcenied on the suppmition
that t' e bill reported woo d otss and it estanlighe*
the fact that thu Otimmittoe made no provision for
The question whethrr interest shnll ba allowed
?vises on n claim in no ioal um e admitted by Geor?
gia, or by tho Unitud States, to he due bo'ero the
Hth August, 18-18, nor.by the i<'ius-i Government
U due from ner, and whatever a miuui ahouid be
paid was oontihgent on the trust fund.
It WM settled as a general rule in th? early his?
tory of t-this GoveriHiuiin th t interest was not to
be paid on olaimi u.-Icb directed by law
On tho 10th Ootober, 178?, Congress adopted a
resolution that 8outn Carol ua p?y to h desoription
of her officers the sum of $10 ?70 13, for winch the
State was to have credit mi her specie propjrtion
of the last reiju son n Drafts were drawn on the
Commissioner ul Loam i the shi.l State payable
to bearer, which not having beein paid, thsy were
returned, and taten u;i t \ the litiartt of the Trea?
sury, and an application * i\* uih i? to I'-oll re?* hy
the offloers tor the interest It wa* the pra itioe ?t
that time to refer new a-m impti tant questions to
the head of one of tha I) ?parttuenta This ws* re?
ferred to Mr. B a mil ton, ai d he reported tus optn-on
On 0>O IBthof March, 179U, a?.niiat a lowing mter
eat. (State Papers, c ai tu , ge o i
The Houfeof IV preaentattvesonthe93d M?.rch,
1816. requested W . 11. Crawford, then Secretary
Of War. to atatei the uu^.f thn War Depa't
Oiont, in allowing interoat, He an?*trei that?
"the general usage of th?> War Depar mont Has
been to pay no interest upo any ile.nani whatever,
without any regard to ts oiigiu "
He mention* 'Uhatduring ihr> War of 1819 Olli
Oers Bi d contractors had I i tome c no boon direct?
ed to obtain money on loan?and wnen bill* were
proscnted and nor i>R"i for want of funda, and tha
Banks had been requested t> take them up with
the assurance that Interest would be paid?in
these oases interest wss paid.
Interest had also bet-n paid on bi'l* drawu '? by
contractor*. aooordioB to tt.eir contracts and not
paid for want of ftu d-, and where it formed a part
of the agreement"
Iuterest wa* allow ed h\ general and snooial aots
in many instances during the American Revolution,
because the credit of the ti veruient needed tu ba
auatained, when the Treasury wa* without the
means to pay.
The same cause was ti e reason that Citrurress
pasted the following resolution ou the il l of June,
KtteJted, Tb?; ar. tn'ereil 6 cer c?nt per arnuui ahall
be allowed u> &'i oiedlton of tie V hrd S;?;rs f .r ?utipliea
faintabed or aervlrpi d< n-Ic.'iii i~ e it that lite pajrudot
oerante due?jovmal of etaOmfrm, c.*r 4 /,.y4t3
jEbatriaMfrom RttMutwny.i.t.u- n?i the tiarik 1783.
KsseVeed. That si.cb t dice a ?* are uow tu ?evio-<aod
cot in ue iher. It. I.. .?? Ibe ? a-, .hill n? rtitlllei to
reicelvs the aunt t f fivo >rara fu I p*< tu tnoa ey, or aecurl
ties on tti'erest ai 6 per ceiii. per aiinaui n\ ir.o ?ptien ol
Congress Inslr ad 0( t^^ ba ' pa) pn mlte l 'or life by the
resolutlnn of the Slit of October, i'So.-Jjwnai of the
Con greet tui 4 r-><je 1"3
The principles mentioned by Mr. Crawford have
governed Ooogreas in allowing interest, and no
power ha* been exerciaef more uniformly, or with
greater caution
It is a power tbat has nut b?en delegate! to the
accounting officer*, nor to the Heads of D?part
menta, and it is submitted that it ?h.?uid no: be ex?
ercised by in^eronoe, n >r riHcaoa-the case is aup
posed to be a hard one. If it ah-.il be the pleature
ol Congre** to al'ow ivtereat in ihte caae tbe party
can sustain no damage by the delay. b?cau*e it
would be allowed to tbe pas age of tbe act, or tbe
time of pay in -lit.
If I were to advise to sllow interest, I ciuld not
fix on any date, before the demand was first made
by the claimant on the U u.ni States.
Tho earlteat application on file fixef this date in
Interest wa* not mentioned in the Treaty of
1773, nor do I a*e anything to convince me it would
have been psi'l if th" U td nad beau a >ld Wnen
Georgia invited in 1780 a settlement of the claims
arisin-; under the treaty of 1773 she did not fix on
tbe date of the treaty for tho period o( c >-nm?noiiig
ihr p?j icent of interest nor on the 2 i day of May,
177.1, but on the date of hfjr ovn p*oc.iedin;r*.
? The Commit'ees, in their repo'ts, a? has bnm
reeitbneO dt e/'ensled v e 7th of Dt-c^mh^r, 1791,
as the day from whxth to compute inte-est. i; is
?aid, in tbe argument, that tne United d ates bar. I
leg assumed the responsibility of Geo-^U, tbey i
are bout.d to pay the interest a? well a* the princi?
pal Gto-gia has at all Ihnes denied that any
claim wso due K>ra her to t< a said (int'ge G*I
phin, or to his -epreieutativ. s, and the assumotloa
of tho Uoitr-d Slat a, in tne language of Vir Rose,
as " an set ex p aria, at d n t ex titbito "
If it wii a ?!rht in 1773,1 on'i'.''t perceive how it
aesitnilntoe. to a commutation case
Tbe act of July ?'), lg.ja. has been cited, ir.su>
po'tofthe ciaim for interest. A brief history of
that act i?, tha' theSta'eof Virginia b) a Etasold
tion passer) in t^*- month of May r-'79 promiied
ccrthinof her officer* haifpty pension 'ii' ii'-j.
Borne of them she placed on the I et or Pet lions,
and paid tbem their animal stip-nds, and other*
fiom various causes were refused Boon after tbs
organization of the g^nertl Government, and on
tho 4th day of Angaat, 1790. the) domestic debt
was funded bearing art interest of six par cant ?
The pei sion debt of Virtf'iia ?u tot'uudad Tna
8t?tcor Virginis w.-n s ,?1.'? and sui s wer?, co ii
mercfd a^ninot her b_v ?oeerai of the officer*, and
judgments were recovered. As the payment* for
peneio.'S were made to those Who had served dor
ins thr- Iir.vo!ution in com moo cause, and as no
jud.tnenta wire in favor of the same meritorious
clafs of olli -er? ami *s provision hid been made to
)>ay tbo deb's of other 8't.tts, Oo.grets thotgn:
itrijB ht of d j i?r, to p'ty these debts, wh>n>i wer? of
a class that hud been assumed at various timr-3,
? no for th'ii purpose passed the aot of July 4, 1832.
The first Section directs tho accounting officers to
liquidate end pay the accounts of Virginia fir pay- I
mentis made on account of half-pay promised tne <
ofii orslytnct Commonwealth Ins set ml Sec?
tion diret ts them t-> liquidMeand pny ib^judgm-iuts
thr, t Hi t ig had re ivered ai^inst tto S:a.o, under
the act of Mat', 177!)
Tie: 3 Section directs tbeSecretaey oftheTreai
urv to adju'-t an-: b -c ? i th ??: e claims Vilich bad not
been pwd nor prosecuted, hot; which the S'ate
would b- bound to n*y, on 'bo principles of the
ha< ?pay esse? decided in the Supremo Court of
Api ealeol the State ol Virginia
[ b?ve beforeciced the. resolution of the 22d of
March, 1763, in which Congmes agreed to pay ia
trreston ibe wnwuutati? i ? curitie?, nnd the reso
lntionr.f June 3d 1764 in which interest on all the
public debt* wn;| stipulated 'o r>c paid.
As Is stated by Judge Ryan in his argument,
' in'ererti? not directed to b? pa'd b/'ha act of
July 4. 1832 " nor t the-e any necessity that it
ahnuld ho met lion. (I to carry incore*: in th-te
cast** This < rinclple *?a* <'o ided by M*. Attor?
ney Genera Rush i tbe casa of Mrs Hamilton on
the 2M;h ? f .) me 161fi
On the 29* of April 1816, Congressdirected
the accounting. ollber* to fi;'.'. i t;o acjountol E i
zUinh Hamilton, widow and representative of
i?esanriM Bamilton, d ceased, arid to allow hor
iiveyear't? full paj for the ?erviop* of her deceased
boaband, as a Lienteiant Colonsl in tbe iiovola
ttOBary War, which said. fivi v ear* full p*y is the
commutation of bis h?n ,K- ' r 'l'0,'? 1JV' ou'
of any n oM > in -ho Treascr^ not othersjite ap?
propriated "
A que*tion arose whether she was entitled to
interest, and the opinion ol Mr Rush wt,* rcijii^at
ed by tho Sec/eta'-y of tho Troesury; and, after
stating the cs*? iu answe to tho question, " Does
the spirit tod ttue meaning of tfie ju"1 a"t require
thet interest Ijh a!lo?rd ou thr- <ivo year's full nay
therein grocteji? ' he said : " I think it does. I am
given in understand that u hai. not been rhu rr-n ?.
tice in the accounting otllcers of the Trearury Dn
pcrtmrnt to allow interest npon an account ci t e:
ed to bt) sett'ed or paid bj hh act of Congress, an
lrss their be- in the act itself Bp. cir.l Words to that
effect. This ru'e, taken tr tt general one, it i< nut
my part to controvert, nor is it supposed that tho
above opinion w?l imply any c mtradictio >.
" 1 pround it on the fie- ulitr words of tho ant of
April 2y, lclb which, iskrn iu connaotion with tha
resolution ol March 22 1783, appears tt> mo. on
full consitlerttion, to e> force the construction fiat
it was the intention of Congress, not merely to
m> ko nn idependent era-11 > ICI'zabc'h H?mi<ton,
but to place f'er upi n a k oting v,( etjual ndvs.nta^e,
in all respect*, with the ollicers entitled to com no?
tion ui der that resoldiio i.
"The consc(|tienc? will be, thit a? '.vas the ca-o
with tbe olli -rs themselves, (none of whom, it is
believed, received tno aruouut in money,) she too
will be entitled to interest ol aix jie.- ce:;t, the rate
specified in the resolution "
The allowauce oi iut. rest to the representatives
of George Ftaher i* refiTrcd to by Judge Bryan
ia tbo fodiwitip lasguatre:
?' At.O 'he cla'rn or George Flahrtr, rec-ntly d?
oided by the Second Aurlnor, under att ojtni in of
tho Attorney General, i? b(bo adduced a? another
lnstanoe when tho tt-rui 'iuitre.W is uot used in
tho act of Consrpaa w hicn authorized and reij tired
the Bereu d Auditor to examine and adjust, and yet
in making the awsrd interest in full, to dato of
pe>nient, wit alk>*ed that olhjer."
Ho far ac the acts of tho 8-o md Auditor are au
thi riij, they bear on tl is ttase; but in this co .ces
sioti, tie jwitci granted for the relief of the repre
sth'et vig of George Fisher should be examined.
Ti e Beoond Auditor is requireel to examine the
c'a'ni on principle* of equity and Justice, aud ho is
to afford a fair nnd fall indemnity <or all loaaes and
injoriea occasioned by tho troops, anil allow t e
cldimutite accordingly.
Tin5 Iri g. b(jo of the Jutt is unusual, and confers
unre thao ordin?r) power*, lwtcri at was aiio*ed
fn ni the time the injuries wen- cummitted to tna
pnxnirt t; but I do not find that Mr. Attorney Gen
ert.l Tonet-}, or Jt.hiiou, decided a* an orginal
proposition, that interest ought it) bo allowfrt.
Mr. Toucey,on the so h December, 1846,gave
an opinion in the affirmative on this point:
1 Whether, inasmuch as the Second Audit >r had
ruled out prt>ol fur informality, and rep irtedou a
part of the claims, he could afterward receive new
evidence, in support ol the claims rejected. Noth?
ing was said shout ititerost."
On the 18th January, 18_4?, the Seeoud Auditor
having decided tb aliow interest, toati'ird a full
(ii.d f'.ii indemnity, Mid having reported the al
lowauco of interest from tbe 13th Fohrmry, 1832,
be asked the opinion of the Attorney General as
to the time when the calculation of interest should
bt 1= in. The Attorney Grm-ral sa\? :
" It being held by the Second Auditor that the
va'ueol the property tiken or destroyed with in?
terest '? upon it. is |o be naia" a* a fair and full
ir.dtmi,ily, it would teem to. follow ol course that
tbe interest should bo computed from the tt ua
when lie property was taken Mr Olsyton, on
tine? ecug air. sJc"'aila, 'ound this opinion on file
of the Attt rney General, ami he requested the So
cretery of the Treasury to obtain the opiuiou of
Wr Johnson on two points ???
/?'.'sr.- Ib the opinion of the late Attorney.Qen
er?l upon the. decision of the Secoud Aaditur, obli
g* urj on me f
Mr Attnrnex-General Johnson dee'ded the first
qt estion in tee tflirn'ativ-.
o'ft''itrf,- He decided that the alliwancc of in
t.-t.t under the aot, was solely within the p--o
vince oi ihe 8econtl Auditor, and whether ho had
I acted discreetly, was not for tbe Attorney Gcne.-al
I U> dedtte.
I So that the allowance of imarer. in this cue
I wssthe sole act of M'. McOalla, aud depended oa
iheuiu-ual phraseology of the act reqairiug him
to allow '? fatr[and fnil indemnity."
Reference ia tu n a'-e to ti e claim of the B,e
pretentatives of John U. G*lt
J.hn at Gait w?? a Surgeon in ti.a Virginia
line doling the American Hevo'uiioo. and a autl
hiving been commenced against that t^tata for ti - a
yeirsfull pay?a judgment wii rendered in the
Circuit Superior Court in Jure, 1847. Tne dattn
wat sttted aod paid, -.oier the provision! of tho
A.-l of 4th July, lr-3-2, with the usual all iwtnca of
interest Addttioi ai evidence wa* p-uduoe i by
the certificate? o' the Auditor of Publi ? A -cmnt.,
at o ol tbe Attorn?}--?t-naral, that interest wai al?
lowed on this cist* of claims by tne law of Vir
The opinion of Mr. Attorney General Taney in
the oase of Wm. Thorp is rt f. r-ed tot > sustii i the
p< sitii-i, that the Secretary of the freasu-y cm al?
low interest if he think* proper. Pape 841. Opin
ini a of the Attorney-General.
The Secretary of War desi'e.l tbo opinion of the
Att?-rne\ -Gei e?al on the question wheth-r he
' could show interest Mr Taneyst)*: *? 1 answer.
, ?hat 1 um not a??are of any statute of the United
S'a'*s tbat forbids the Sec-etary of VVaror the
accouittirg tfiiceis to allow in ereit to a claimant,
it itihouid appear that inter. ?t is justly due to
him. A* ti e United Spates are always reacy to
pay when* claim it presented.?ui>p >rted r?y proper
voucher* it can rarey, if ever ha.ipen. that tbey
are justly chfge?b!e with interest; because u it
ihe Unit of the c't-manr, if he delay* preteniin<
hi* clttim, or doesL-ot bri:g forward toe proper
ferred to on |
Mr. 0"8i;i!i<
Hit rnabe
which was '
CT.! bh<i poll
Buei < t A>r.:
? 4 Ut.
of the Tree
?' Al'd tn paj
be shown
In B'ccrta
Gt-ners.1 th>
the- * ?tue ol the vhh'1. Tr-a nr. rounti
tho act were olothtri with ihe ?nue ;
jury is in giving damages in a case ol
arri>ed a? a result by considering vi
panying c.iroom<it>ii,nrs; ^ud iotere?
?r? by
hit a
0 '!) R
is Oi
?f CK nape* th
Your attention
A; tor ne> ? G er prr.l
Gilo*, a* roritfcit i,
imvt- governed th
Hears of Depart
w I o'hr-rinter- at I
Ou ibe3.t M.n
f. r the relief ol A
jsaned hy B Linou'n, dutr
f n prteiilrip Oi i's face to hi
balance ol I1'* pay Be a Me
hundred collar* Tne Ac
cir> ctt d to *' ttle the claim
Mr Giles having claimei
the Attorney.Genera', Mr
five u p.* follows, viz:
"I ha?e examined the ewe of Aqn.il t Gi'es, and
sec no reason in tbic instance to depart from the
uhiir! practice of the Treasury Department The
Aotol Congress does r.ot direct the payment of
iLteieat, nor dot* it as in Inc case of M'a. Hamil?
ton refer to any principles of settlement, fron
which it can tie inferred that intereet was inten 1
ted to benlnw^d The a:t merely refers to t'ia
tvi'tf nt for 5?500, a* the basis of settlement; me
warrni t thus referred to done not carrt' in.erer' on
it*fane, end 1 onderata
Mi (Ji't-s himself that
preset ted anl paid or
nature of damages fot
in of Vir.
f Aqail?
and the
i in deciding the (itestioa
be a'lowed.
lr' Congrt-as passed an set
l wa-ranc
Huers ?re.-e
to opinion o'
asked, and
t of
the. party
Bn here
fot pay rut
i not.
i own
: Mr.
v the
of the Tn
before Cc
d be
they Cid i
The res
t fbi ert en
nn (mpt;
tlcers en
money I
?f ere b
Bath* h.
ii ten (?(.
oi a'.: ii bj ci utrector*
[IB tri tlT W HI t 111 f.Ullis
Fourth: When into
cnt.'tact, ai d an n>:t i
oi ntractor directions i
in the case ol the H^r
psnyi &2 i August 184
Fifth: During the
8 at- s eitpei
ted Stties
State and in
but when ih
olthe Slate
Vlisln'a, C
p.- i.?bie,
interest in the com
I of
i not
idi d nn
iieGeld M
lor tho I'
'urnrt WC(
ting (Join
?al of tho
if the Uni
-.1 hy ton
33 repaid.
1 Wltho.it
.paje I]
rh : Ti
tereat u
.pair** 175
.paj-e nit
;vo allowed io
bv C ingress,
,i/iu' to a elan*
inriicaie t"f.t u
n t- Hkt ahouh
?um- it in the
piincii ai whs
it,t. n n ? ?S- tl
I r.rn obliged to diMr nt. Irom this ??
Jn my c pini ill it was strictly witlii
the Secretary of tr>c frensury to t
iwer of
and Council, or
i'or* in 177i> 81
ha^e bei n ri dt
an app'oxiniaC
'o an ab-,
night have
< a eh
in i hi
Iis, Riid at sn ih
all things m go id
.:, n? to tie time,
v. Wriaht io his
irtnined and ectahlishod
-re wr.? uo necessity to refer the
iLtt-rest to ti e Secretary of tho
metre without reatricrioi
hoch lime n? it thooght p
price aa it could obtaiu, r.
faith. In exercuii g thl*
ihrfe yeai* were lim tec
If the principal t** as
by Cut arei
Tri 'sury.
If interest bad bpen in the c intcmplatii n of C in?
gress, some rales would have been laid down, ao
ct r< ing to prt cedet t, masii e Unown its will in re
paid ui it, or its views wooll have been made
hi own in some other way. If further information
is desitec aid time ?hall bo i.Mven to me, 1 will en?
ter mt re 'u! _\ it to the examination of the ijie*
tion ol interest, by referring to numerous repjrts,
?Ld trscine ou tre action of Congress ou them, and
b; f pecia! acts allowiiip? interest, and setti'ig forth
the circurxistancei attending each caae, and ahnw
it e the reaaon for tbe allt watice, witnoutdeparting
fnmthe general principle that interest ii not al
lo* ed on dt b-s atisitut the United States, and tie
e?aniit ation will ^l?:ow great harttoay in the vari
ou* deciaiotia, by tlic ?ction of the accounting oili
cers, the Heada of Departments and Coogre**.
I im nut ahlc to record rht> extent of niy ejani
inat i n in cocteqaence of the Buiiaef s of the oili 'e
reuoirirg niy undivided attention during the day,
aro the prcatlrg importunities of tho rep'e?enta
tire* of ti'e claimants forbid* my a*ni g for mere
tirce. Most resnectfuiiy submitted.
House Juumn
Mr Howard, frem
ihr petnien ol Mi le '
! tirorgui/ isJ?,page Ui).
> Corr.mittse to wbom waa r?fer.-ed
Oalpttn !u behaif or blaiae.f and
o'.l.rra, made a report IherSOD, which vm re id.
Alio a Mil t.t mnrrlirf of the le^al reprei-rtative or rep.
reirmativea of George CUIphtc. deceued, by rarrylng tew
??rctlte twenty ?<-ct.rjd a,coon of an an fjr tbe mire
apred> and rffe- tu?l teulins; and il;en?.hentiK thia Sia'e
pattrd 2M December. 1780, which was read .be firat time.
He al?o laid o? ?i? uhlo reaulii.'oua re.at'.?>! to -eqnesit.
tog wir Senat?,<a end EtepreeeoitatlTee in CocgTeee to wta
tbe Oectral UrverntGt-nt to .?fut.d u it-* Stats of Ueo'tt'*
tbe autn o( it'TSl liijd iteriiiif money, &c being tne
BDuouLl teal ihn Le^iilatu e b>a aprrop-iaioa for the r?l ef
of the >?al r-p'eaei.tiurei of George Ga'.ptin, d3c?a?*l,
arW.. w?t ac India'- tradtr, rorcprtheLded in the treat? of
1T70, which waarraH.
Ouniouc-n tM- Su i-fc of T?:m!l,
hrtijrtd, Tb?tSOO c pie* of .be report lO]andreaoht
Uons, w it'i"", cempa-jiiKdocuaiBLie beprtnted fjrih*
ue- ? i I' <- HoUsl
i"iif. 2l<i ? ? A bllt'n' ih? rH!-f uf tsolejtlrepreteoiat'vn
orfepreaeAIBttve*of O-o Bt-tial.htn, dere*,i-d, b? ca^ry
It g tutu ?fTict th- tin a?cit .>o of -n*c. for ^e more spee ty
atld etlrCiUal aenriDg and ain-rmbeni'-g Sale, p used
en de Sao* J?i,rar , nut'," an r^sc aaac .ca UiRe and com
c lued to a Ci mmii.nc of tao Whole Uouae for a tit rd read?
House Journal, f Georgiiij 1839, nage 3tD.
Mr Toou.ba. fron ibeirajoitiyoi Ibac.oannuieeto?him
was iel-r e<l tbe irro-io' Uw CcqDniljjIocera oo he tia'tn
tf ?>l li<)ieGalt.tiiu it h<-ball o' bunaw' and olden a*-rp
rMeiuativeaol Gccr^e Gi.pfcin, maietbe foilowin? ro^rl,
Tt at tfcev beve. c*-tfnlly examioed ail iba lart* and ?rl
cet.ee c ciaiiHd in aa'd leoo'i upon ?bleu fe rAuiac*
have ie. ee, to ettahlfah ihMr elaitu, atd Bra dearie ?f tie
oph lea ii ai toe S ale < f Oeu-rta le o -i lltMa fdr deM.
fend die Ct-Bjn Ute?. ?ul y coorar wldj tbecjocla.ioa 8r-l??4
at hy u-e Cenniua'orera. wts., h,vn lue-atyau-i ibe ^lalss
Uiat the Pt?U-o' <W<.rala la n< t> -unc lo laanceo-Miilt to
pay It < r *r\ pattl^.ieuf Sijtneo b. 1
And ?tesamo feeing reatJ, Mr Tsomb* meoaaftiatrtedI las
fp'lowtrg sure report nf ?ttrcnorttT of thtCa.-ora1itf3s.mil
off-red it- fir-Lr at a stsnstf tale tor tha in.jjnty report, to
Tfc" r.d<r?li.rt>d. a pan of th? Special Ceuar.t.ee to
where wereteferrtd tha report ol ib-i Cuniultt'ou-ri. 1 ?
p? irji?o ly the G'-viftor ic pursuance of aresotut' n of tha
Itt. L'gitiaiore to invest x;iii? b-c renort. to ih i General
An-r r..j re firn ronti-C ed wtlb lh- ciiim of Hi pl'ri
txd others against the atate ito h viu,; bad ibat .uis it er
rrii ?Ur-Bii: n, ?. fv at r rticefLS t _e c.'elru Ot ?l J? ?, bej
leaVe to rrpor ; Teat from th- fa-nt rep -rted t>y the Corn
?he following fe<-ts are nie? ly ?nd indtt mnly ,-, ?i,
?i h . bj the rr port of tbe Cvi.inliiioiovs: Tnat Ibe treaty
o-r'ewt htne Ci?ea.t aort CDen-ke-e Indiana la 1773 w.,,
i:-.ce wttti ite loclaea with the, * la v.e?- ot paying
beir debit to ite Iteolec traders; iltai lha Brltltb On*
etnn.er.1 accepted ihn 1b die nveyad hi that treaty, wl.b.
ir? express stlpa tltot .os-i' tnesur:- e.al pay tne debts
o'l otetrafien wlibtaa p?rt,inal proee-rie thereoft thai
Ci- re* Oalpl't;. ose of ibe iracera, fur whot-i ftsnsil
ifce ?j Id tf bjj rm iitir?-iii?t ?'.d aecoar>'a a;i!n?t mo
Indiana were euetteo, aid ?etiied it i:;a ttm s *'?r<??t d, in
?.: elf
tmi *i
red bo h ine
pavm sat or
miration In favor of the Connies. p?ts*d ibo uastftad
nine ihe cor noli ftbeS ateof Georgia; tb->i tue state of
Georgia convened itioie itcdt (the t utt f ,rt'') to bar 'i <ta
? it> t lihi ui paying off the claims o' said traders; -.nat tha
Gei eral Ass u :>ly <?f (jeT^'a la 1730. ? Ittwcil* aim'tted
tust ri.r ti ok Ite lanr.i ir question, tabjeet a. th- I? 11 to tb j
pay uer tor ihr <1 Ohls of suib of 13* ?*li Irtdiin trad 91 as
w rre rri-td? uf 1 e it dr pendency cf tent 814 0 All of ideas
fielt bt'..'? rlet.tl3 etitblttbed by tha puVlc -erord of :h.j
cottr.iiy. etd rc-t.-rtt d fi> tbt? H-:"ia by trie Cocoraijaloa
ers, tlcv cone ntltely tbe amou: t due the heirs of Gal
pbln, acd the liability oflbe State to p.y it
l-icvlutu to it e art of pun, U-.u.(h ii-cuj- nou'id io oty
lh? febt. upon every principle 01 h'nor. ,| i?il.-a a-id inter
Datier nl Jaw. Tbe tucrett of ber ?rrr.jve.va her the no*,
flatlet of their stfarc, tu J etil 'be tr.cumberaccetha e
< n .- f>j spprppraock- cat ru<r.' tubar ow-, u.?, ?be ita-aice
llih t i" pay ill tbe '.ccoirjuercnrs '">"E |i fro n th-i T.?4fU
ry? apeb wat the Ithlllly of Great Br im 1-ihe Re-'oiu u>n
only cbecped ihe Truiteo. Tbo ni.de* ti. no I utterly deny
Ibei r oflllouiuiumed by theCotnmliilonert tbtt the .t.?i-8
of ?eorK'a to k a clear r.Dln.'Umh--red nod lndlapulable
title to the iar dt In qnei ion, hy tb-i tttccefl of her ar m j
or it Bl she trquired env ?urh tit!" tu any portlou of bar d i
n.n'r at iiklerj In ihe ComrnlitliiLei t
ttilt 8tne hy tho Dec aralloc i f iDdeperdenea wfcleh
Ibe totetrer with bor ?luer ta.-eetafall* iniintalti-d. t ir:
ceedea only 10 'bo r!cerg,.ith? SrliUbcrownovnr thalandt
wilbtn her Im it V4 hatever title ttlt. S' Uli r.tovn rieid to
leedt ? Itbln t*ili 3'rte erevlout I 111'-' Rev i'u i n the St?te
private propettjr. Tl<> il-?rnit unneceiaary to add; bow
noch lettappi*i*.ai> e tuch a doctrine would l?a wh*-n ap
P'l'd not io a eorquered l eonlo hut to a union of froi.
men, di?ie< tr1r u by 11 e iw rd ihe bondsjWBich bjunl them
Is v' tir. kpr to t. foreljtr power.
Thr Cotumli'tonen vtrtnally ?i??',t thit when onr Re
voluilonar) laibert. hy tbe 1 tccen nf ibeit anm acquired
Iherlybtol telf eovernme t. inn. lost 11! title to their pri?
vate property 5 and It reoul ed theoislnleni cenf i'ijt? ich
Kl ahtnrdliy to relieve h?St*.B from ihe liability t'tnr
Ibis rlh'm. Tboniaii'<s nf the culzcnt nfthli Stale norr
bnlrl ihelr Ihndi under t riir'? I 1 HI ih- Brlt'th rpi?n.
If tne Cotnurlntoners ate 1 >%ti, tnej Kro t.niuti at ihe
wt I Of the ;l ?tri
But, ever admitting that tho nnderilfroed ire wrong, and
'heCouniiit'ctiert ir? right, i ? tu ?i-w uf lue tubjest,
yet ihr 8iatute Po'ik o: init S.nte furnlthes ineontMUble
evidt nee ti at ihe ?'n'.e s > presalv Ii -und b;-rir-lf to pay oil"
all Inr urr.lir^r.rei upon said isn.'p helj 1 hy the friends of
tie tooeper.dr-nee 01 in- Su e,'' Tar-*, urV.'-r tne act of
l*8t<, tbu queailo-j It narrowed rlow , to tha ?t g e ioqiilry,
ytbeihei nr cot George G*.r!iln wsj , r rn 1 u: a "f i-.t I
tf tlis lnii p-rccr.rb nf ihlt Ptatet" lf>ewai his .t'a'in
Is clear y i>nd 'xpriiil-,- within tha letter tne spirit ?ad
tt.rfn.tnj. 1 f the act.
Tro undersigned baveread t^Ii'j indlfnatlm nnd !?<rot
tbht potp.r t f the rep'irt i f tl.o Conim-asturiers wniclt
Serbs Indirectly to 111 the rh?. an-'r ead "lot lha rejun
tit n of Mr Ueorgn ?* ph'n : pirucitlirly wb-n lh-y .ham
lel? t s uru'sb Irjt) bWhf ?t ar d oioit irr.onli'stib e ovldonen
irr.' be v.?. b Revolutionary paulut, and stood firm y bv trie
Uhnrtles ol (1 ? couoiry tin ,y fifty (ivh years ago the
tr^ve cio?ed i.ver tbo mortal rem iius of Mr Gtlphitii Sa
i ii'cr); lirrebeen h^yond ihe, reach of praise or ceutdra
Bu; tbi cbarnett a- d memi r* of tbt -tum -1-it !tev.ilu;l 'n
a; ; 8 run nave become 1I11 eommou property of their
CCOStiymet tv d we ehr 0 d ua ie,-ro*<it to our duty tribe
Hvii i snd Ihe di ad, ncd uaworiiit to 91 joy those p*t'/ll?
v t and ijl ??U which wi-re '? pureb'sad by .ha loll, sul
weroe ealed bj> be hl cd of a / u lout ancestry," did wo
bot r-ieu? tbe stood name o.- tho buinolesl ica a tua;
' lha
1 tar
01 (j c'l
a. p'tr ?
t>\ 11
r> - ti
of G.lptlu, sckarlj wi n u trt? of m
Tb? cntrsrst.n-d f-?l tstufi A ihat f ?tn tho foregoing
stateiiet 1 of facti V at none c?"douhi lufnt, (1 >-g*? ?11
cu.ee lla'de to pay sail claim Hat t4?ofer 1 s Uiarged that
??I i>? becomes tbe ony rttualufngtnqilry. XheCdui
mittloceri do cut ie-111 iktlsfi d with their own nog,
which etiles that Georgia ever * si .iho ui pny ni? ciiiiu,
' U r th- > ? hif canily p'n'-i-t! r',-r.ji n i f thuoljlm ip .i
: ihe ftel ll ?' It 1st 0' 1 been pud 11 '? <?>?tb-.t H h tt b ? a
: Ir qtitells bef< re tne Legislature, tu ?Ii ,-?er. >i ,?-..-d uj or
! r-lef.d. TbeJutt;ceof a claim .*???. ?t car.afnly be pre
i ludio.ri bj a tf-f..sal of Hh rie'.ior t ? p?7 ll When the ob
1 ll,?ucp uj :n Ibe pt^t ? f Gai tjU ba, .;- .1.... eotiabiltb ,1
? to pay ihttelalm. the bardea ofproof 11?? op nbartnsh w
ll tt'erei performed tbtt obtigitton Tie oniy evi -.ei,crt
1 that ibe Criuuil?tiooers furt.lsh if lhatf.ci is, iiti od-bis
reHtrd to perform tl Builndepeutdectof thlt vt> wofibe
CS?-. Ibi ui 1 e ilgp. d atli-in Ibat the 8ute ht'/lrg cloied
he- Cunt is ?galnii ber creditor, attorned ihe right 101! la
jadgtcenton her own llabi Hies, ihoa <s be exemp ary in
ttrt jutt ie tird In a;l cat<-s hoa n- and Ibal iiusuSMuiity
wMcl ibeoldcnertctertza a ??'??ei^" d-mand :-mi she
ttoulc In B1) castes ;lve tf)e '-n?*it of bof d"?ht| to appll
Cill! tvt'.r gen-ro?lt-or h-'Jut Ic- 8 i ed,
RUB t. ruilMSn T M ?KR?iKN,
A U.C'-lAPt'ELIt.
Aid same heIr.i read, MV. Chtpue:! c Bared the f.i lowing
at aafcttendrfiett for the report of ifce-uiuo,!;- .-f'JieCoca
iu tire, lu v It :
Brultd frit lbi? clslms.t's be p?-rnitted io 1 'j-ltrre a
ltd a^eiittne 8:ute. In tbedi.erlor Coi't of Baldwin
Com tv, at a that the d-cisl' n Io tat I suit ins 1 be fiea, tod
ctrr us boih In regard to .no iltid.'lty f ?aa -i'aieo'i laid
clmrt avu the Btuoun of said Ublllty.
IH' Hercefersii-i foi tbe p'evi,us q :e.t!r"! which ^as,
?iret tgiu tte orlglOBlrepoo, wni.-j .acoudoi t.y tt,=
b' use.
The queatlcn wai. slmll the previna? q'eitlen bee-t-"
tn'tro l" the ?on?p, wtich helu< dttwmlrp-d Intha aflr
malive, and Ibe House b<v|n^ l-:e"nt/-d t it Ita aalrt
uuearlonaballnowbe put. whi-hwt? 0 in tgraetnant to
ri?it 1 f ite mijortiy uf b- eommtttea
trVterruror: lie Yrti and N?ys we.e required 13 be rs>
Mrdl'nd"rwt?VMeeS7o '
J?r Serriin of Bu.-le, l':e-i ofarel t^e following, to wit.
FWrreai bj th<- treaty of lTti, a ia g? trkc* of lanl. sun
a-rd fn ise then colon J of Oa r^ia wat.tadeo by ma Creek
tpd Cberokex IdiUOS 10 payr rr i> ir,e isla ih-r-n. f, tae
debts 1 ue by tueury prrso^s ca'Iad iu.tt?ns traders - anj
t, i. r- tbe foil execution of tatd treaty, t'te m of tha
t evolt uon bejtsn waicb ttspecd?d ail f ir.har artljo uu
derttid trety.aod wtereas George U*lj*tln, who wat
tt Icdl'ntrauer under ta d treaty U-ol w:4oa aiiouotlo^ to
plLe lh tirsnd trvei. bucdred a. d niaely-?.oo pounds, fif
letin thliltr? i at d fi?e per.ee. wai b bas u-?e-bean ptbf,
owing to iL- lireaxing out of ssid war; and ?LSeti most
or ih-i?r e cen nrebetded In siid trcatv. was s part of the
COtrti tllal lolclcy land, cedoa uairr ib? a-tiburtiy oftalil
'S U therefore reiolrrd 6), thi Senile and Htvie cf R-prt
,/r.n:ti?ri oj Ute ?itatt uf 'rrurutu, Tnv. u"r S ntlo,? a-d
ji-i ,nr' i?nv>s in ( o-jgrett t'urn lb- State OfGeortlt, bi
nq> etltd Io urge upon tte Governnieni of tea United
Si?i--t ihr pi*> n.tci of ih* clam rt Ge-irce f?<loblo, and
that hit Eue leney the G .vemor be rtq jetted to fo-srard
to..ur Betu-lcrt axd Repreaectalitts, each a copy of tba
afote, etj k p-eattibie ana 'Ols rtwo'utlon
W; Wa'itra move* to lay ?ietame on tne table far the
ba'thre i fite seta'on
V\ terecpoo, tt>i >e?s srd na?s were reqalred to be re?
corded : and uro Y-at 3e.Ka'ti2
CKA*? bit 1*. ?i t_ routes ?tiar dopln ans
Bhlp-'urtaahln* Wareiwtua S60 Grand tl Nsw
Tora, where wtil be Toand a complete aseuruxtect of tbe
Ibilowlng ari'c:*?: tealbert, hair mott and oust; also,
bV.s. msutr-ttt? paillasse* and cntbioes; alto b*xisie?d?
of every description via, pateui s.Trew, iron Joust, lode
Jolri. Imp screw, couat>* acd irttEdle, cou Ac , also, 1
spler-dld variety of window thado?, paper Baagln^a, bor?
ders tic ttr C. woo Id call par-ictj.ar aueodoo to hit
oew style of bair ?sd spring x?iir-?r-s N S ?Old beds
and maltrewtea rscovaled and ataJe over erjatl to caw tn
to?t Im* W CRAWftl'CH. 16P Gnssd-at.
P*J4t_ t??i*>f* OAL^BofaiiStiKl?, Wa.'kars, Eloy'a.
tVaoiiey R^nardt' Cux'a Starkey'a, *x tc. Gna Wad
dtDit *bo rnrjcha*. Pcrwrlar and Uqoor SlajB?, -"untlcir
tld trww^n'i BLaive*. Is gretu eartetj Alto, tola 4?ep.-5
mtr sasry't f ateet vTtrtj and Lnlrrtrau Shot Cartrt/iie*.
>?* eodit t Ifaddeo-lanrj, Ntrw-Tort
SSrT?n?:fU!^i and I.'aUJrrny-f
jsy Dr. Hon?fit..n'* VTnUboGtirtJ KsCibilat?
?rol, No. S Wmi ao.?<r*ttth.ai. ihr? dc-ora from Br..>*d.
?II. ?13 lg??
ty K ' broUO-Thennal ryntrm of nnltciiie"
il) Tijrcet of iiew-j. u;K. Editor), p.t.eSl.
?31 Im* _ _41 A-'D *L
ar Water Cur?.?f L NICHOLS, vi D. ?ad Hx*,
M 8. GO VI! fcOCBOL?, 87 We*t-Tw*'.t?-e?r:.r;-..*t Pe
U?ct* ,-k.rivfd fo- fnii board, or d*? Inmlnjooi, m ti* .?.i
?l ibr.tr residence* Co..'1'.e.noo? .'fn IQ lo 2 a.iT. !,?'
jy Water-Car? <B?lituw>??* li> *tnf t'???
(>.*,?Dr Tkaoi. receives patirnu e,t ihr co."jjjo Ii km -
??^?lubtreut, 16 UijiSi tt. maf si Oys n? ?ay, L I. Cotn
man'esiloo <J?i!' he>ti?reo the*! pltCO* by Steamboat und
tjnirvti ?}euer?l pracOea iwni'v to. vtoa?'::urioae $-V
ii im'_
gy Tue Oi-Hiigc .Tiouut <iu VVai>r-Our?, tu
?V.litt) Orange, | ?tri Cour.tT, New.Jene/, o.:e uou^t ,- de
?jy ihr M > ris end Esaex Rallrosd. fr-in tbrcny
ist. isbmeot i'?? nrt-a e baih? ?nached to mono! the pa?
tient's room* Ad.' reu Dr. CARL LORE NZ whoba* WC
eerdeJ Dr kef-ker, in iho medic*' department of ihr. losti
padoo Vitiler? ?tll t??e ihe boal at Us foot of Cortland
St. it 3 A. M.acd 4j P. M. _ *lblf
BP Dr Lnisstr's Knr Inflrmury 2* Warwa-st
era- Broadway, oprn f om 8 Uli 2, tor l*e exeiusltrr treat*
mrnt of ear diseases deafness, dit.be'fee fun ton ear,
arc ail imp i ajier.i Doltea Id ihr ha?d ru.ed Ic a th >rt um -,
without rlak or pain. Con.?u ta?on feefl, by Inirr or otb
?rwiso Unpaia letter* rrf.urd |I9 ItuOit.V*
Ctf Holies*?Wte>ee* leume pairni n??e been framed
to John A. Whipple ai'd VV m tt. Jooe* of Bo**dn for lbs
Invention of tak Photographic p'rciro* or Daguerreo?
types on gl*??, all persona x e exudunod *,-?? t s> tUUtg Ifie
tame, at any infrl ojemrnt will tw drait with ?ccordlo*; lo
tbci law made ana prodded Paieni rl*bt? fur isle on rear
tooabl* n.e Adree* JOHN A. WHIPPLE, 9S Washing
t;>2 Dt Boston. ^_ ?4 lin.
SjjT U*R-?llly'? Teinnrupia ablotse, conoeouii?
with all sect), i.? of Ibe United Slates. Onneral office, 131
S.-i ulvay. Oprn Iroui S In the mon,iui ill! li al al|[i:i.?
Via'.tnrt \>: N.<*?.S'ora who are accuatouied In traaaacitof
bnvlses* wttb ttin O'F^jIHj Lire* In an? aectloo of th*
Unlttv.1 Blair? wtll f.uZ it the!- 'mrrojt to leave tbetr dta
palche* al ti'-s uiSca, to tnaur* orompl asd correct lr*r,?
?alai'on _ _ l?6tf
i5jf"\Tll?iorj''?Bualaoaa i/trtjciurj of J?ew-?ora
Clr/, for 18.V -I ?Thlr?" > -a/ of publication ; price 50 ?? tj
Coninlnlntr the ?amea ar c! address Ol all persona rcv-i*'
Id hnstneia, ciasJlfifii under approprisir hrfdiny*.
Iyl8 Stwlf iQHN r v iitnv, ,9 Ana St.
CT" Oil! Oil! OU!-Tij McDowbll's elghty-cenl
W li ier Oil. a beauUfiil a tide: * til burn c -ar aod orluhi
without im-.ie or e'jBi ; warri: :e 1 to h"rn all nl ht
*S5 lm* OIL STORE, 153 DIVlSION-jJf.
W ililsjst-d UaJr i?y?, "uprose ?e
aalr or wroaaers the tnomecljll fi applied
Inlury?Ii U entirelj froe from nr.pieatanl i
Wuibcd "tIu, too ?tiongeal acap ix.mexiin
wtihoat watttin lo diy. Cor isla, er appi'
?C.wi, r-rvn. ' wa.ll
|?EO TO IH KORat ihetr friends ?na ihr public Ihsl Ihej
Pf)hAT0 opened a i.oro tor the sale of re*dy-ai*ule elotblog
\: Ihn
They beTfl * stick of litrTr,t ar.i W;oU<r joodl 00 bad
and are at.ie in t.-:i the lasir? at - w.nu of their euilonieri
V\ 1I I.11H 111 r-t I'11 I (.11, We cbaut *?tlor, o(
V* i Ve*ey-il ??tor II u i", iif,i to Inforin hli
frlecdl ar d ilio pu'iilc (,'enenliy that be ha* Just r-'iun ei
fr"ui a bctlnris dip to Europe wnero he visited tb^ liem
niaLUfartottes that cmlil be l.iund. and from winch be on
ta ord Cloibt, ( ciitiuici, 8t it und Caihaiere Vesting*, o(
the best fciirlc th i c?n lie produced, s"d > f iho ve-y uir?
*i!d mo^t apprr.?ed itylrg. Ho wi U'd r.all Bt'.t>:i'.iua 10 this
fact and thlr.Ss he may venture to say that ht) b?i a style of
*o d? now in bis stor^ thai mi not be excelled oy any oih
esttbll.hmrni in thechy of N?w-Yor?.*H ImeodSruhTh'
1"l?l>Kb-l**UluTsi AMI) OttAWKaS.-U .ml
Umen aim n purcbastDi* ihr-tr winter uudrr-?ntits and
drarers will 6cl a vrry deslraW'e assortment n(nxi al?v
vy aooPii and cotton; also, hce merino lamb's wool,
Srotrh'ant'e wool, New Britain and Shiler Shlr.a, at
JOHN 11 TRtPLr.il d, 396 *raud-st sdjolotne tbn M-v
cl anlcs' tk T'fltrt' B.n?, beiween SiifJo.il sad fJUoton als.
Also, Isd'es" p'ttnl merino ?es'?. s25 WTbMi.'
TABLIeiHMlsT, 134 Na tau-SL one door suutb of ?res
man, I* now oprn foi busiaes* and pu'ilic Inspectioa. Tb y
luvne their fu low orit.?r;s and riilzens lo i-h mee a ca
Dieni from a api-nd d assorted otur* of Kail and Wloler
<3oo<l?. E'rry g.-inrnl la warrsnlnd lo til and uiaile lr
the tno?t fssbV Of blr, ,!u'*lile style Wa say lu a word
eonie an" seo wi at working mcchsnlcs ba'e doao, can
ar.d will do l?l? lm*
N. 15, livl Na**an-?t one door sooth of Srrtnmn
i' i?ieaiiie?ieaiBeaswia?aasBfsiiiia?iii,siiM. iiseMeiia>sie?iisisiiiiiiiiriTr-ii
r;r-(pbaris & im?w \ v. \*t??r
Grocers and Commission iMerchants.
! iBtttsL iDVANCEd made on conslgnoienta, nodal)
,1.1AM ItSRIMSa, It D
aov3 Sib
a. J D.UWNCS a (JO
8 4fH.il U BNTO CITY,
??. fn .-.t,. vv**'. i 8 r Btrasabas, 7* ?roava
.nl - es ?radford U Co. 14 'iornaud-*i., Uaor
( 184 r. roadway; Uoatbwonh. rS.auton a Co.J
?!i ., j L i. H. i. l?n?wo|.|. ?> Kr.n.l sl . Allen *
251 From ?) . Byslop 4t Coffio. 13 front ?! ; Co?
?: Ulb-* , ? Lltchxisld i Co. ?? Penrt-d
?rlppa. li' Maiden-lane t flobari "od, Newa.-t
irjona. tu
r .an ".?-<
i *lio a d ??i,-i'
not -eeponitn:'
Via char^r,! U"
60,000 WIftilOW SHADtia
?J* E\ f.&V UKHCRIfflON,
TT lot
docn ft
ELTY k RIKEH lit Cb?tb?m-*t. ca t the atteitlon of
pr,-?.,i a wanilnK Bbade* to th lr ??iori-i?n of
Slides ard material* fur u.aalng ard bnunxy /ihndos
Ti*n n sae ite lies', qua Ity t.nlv, ai 1 sei al prices full
per rent leu than any other tnaoafaoicrsrs. All ihn o?
warrn.ted not to stirs or curl. e2! I ti'
W IfibOw ?HAlifir*! OILT CORNICE?! OCA
"* PERY M?HLINS, kc?ramllle* s ioui tarnb
ICotr witdoira wltti i.'je a;.o?e tnlcir?. irtl] And at J C
?VOODFORD ?. 2?i Rmaderey, dw laTfjeal */,d "??l it
anrvmeul ta toe city ; aeT-raJ new stylea ceerr before irnr.j
dacrd in New-York. Laco s-aJ ousitn eartadu*,drapatrj
tasaeis, tool,*, sins, cands, corclcae tu: /amlitne our
ehsustnj of tor aQ'.ecrltirr may r^ly upon getting a first .*i
arUrie. ?nd as iow is Ii I* poeathie u> Import or maoalSac
tore it Merchants baying al wholesale will ftpd tl drclded.'y
to Lbel/ stdranUg? lo callbeforr purchtMiig ^isrwnere.
?l?tf J.C WOODrORD W ?r,,fd?aj
'? CA RR1 AGES.?Afford* a lighter *na sir.i.j/er ee>
hide thsti. can be o'iialned in aay other way; ane wlt^ a
ilnel cress bar tiehtod it surpoa <s? all albstr tcoAv* . ?
clanging for pleasant and easy moUoo.
X Steel Die has *vrein procured for sirtiiaj jriil?? to ??
BttacRrd to a!! carriage* -tilli ander tbl* paumt.
Yb? Platen with the right to a?r. wgeiaer wite t??
iprir.ga or ita alatas seperalcly, aaaj -to tad of iho asaatf
271 Pearl-iS^ New-Vork
Sole A.teci* for Hew Tora. Near Jene'., and Cons.
Ali per?.-a* in'rartcg upon Ulis pauoal eltfwr ny inaji?sj,
ajdag jr -elilng wlthoal lie places wtjl be held s'rlcily a?.
eoucutble therefor, by proceodlcgs al law. ante** Iron*,
dtwe ?eni?tr.er'm -cii? with the rsientee or hla Agep; *i
ioorneya ?HA?LfciJ I. WOOLeW}?/
tyS T.YhAS Pei-nrr* C!?'??'?nr', OM*
paper HaNoiiNas.
HAIR {rI*.TT?.fc;?fH^!a, psavbeu?, fei
REDS, Jtc , with a genrrai as?jriment cf UuaoUtory
g .ods, as wholesale ?cd remit by
CHILDS Sc SMITH.419 P*a?!-?t.,
?S3 2*w3rr.? come' of Wimam-?t
;ra?Lt ARD ??iii ? BAl.i?.-Ta?Pacloc&oca
A Bait Company harmg perfected their arransemeou for
&lee?3lng asr grtndlag pure Rock Salt for lanlo aod dairy
ose, are prepared to farnlth the trade with it in packages
ef every description al iba lowest rate*. The objecdoo*
heretofore maoe by ctnuamen cf ground Rock Bait, on ac
count of the tmpundea ii contains, ?rill no longer apply ta
tall manufactured alibis eatabiabmaot. a* e**ry parurl^of
tt I* perfectly claanted oefore grinding, tor samobos and
terms appt-t *l the otter ite Broa* st Now-Yort
N B?Unwashed Ground Rock Salt, the deaciiptloa,
asnaily *old In tfal* market, famished to order al reduced
rasa*_Iao? Sreaod?I B. RANSOM Agwrt
J 6-refc tueeortmeni of En<ti?fc Osobta Genu, saMaaM ut
?M msui expreatly for partrtdf a, quill tafi woodeoajt
sfeoaOag. sons rary tut?, Jnaa racelred by
!*? ooiii IKs^aa^sos), How- fort,
BOA m>!\<,
BOARD?*WOor?>T*? rentlt-mei
huu.v with good tec .;umxJ? loi
rattan fUmlabrd or OLfUrutanr.- fr m
fio r, with or wdioct re btrt r? m.tntj
wlib i' n ?Bf d-i c? on rlr-a;'?? T?m?
R;v'ri(ioi -*l Cel trV ?r,d pl-aaanl locall
BOARD.?-A ^wiViran *'d lit wt'e. oca-,-, i ??
aic. e> gentleman m?v obtain hoatd ?tid pit u?n -a :(u|
at 48 V? Waalingloa p <?<??>, a abort dittaeeo from >v?t^.
h-gii-n iqitvr?. Tbe bou?e la pltf?ttuiliy t un rd. knd hu*
bath rocm. KatereDr-t ncbang-d. tppylj ii- ?r-x|.
?ft. tit it*
}r,?Ti,:!) - ii HtTTii-.r. s-u r H ,? ? ?r^67.
' ? .""r. r ??'? CtitiTh u a firti c-?t* hoate, a at**n ii o,
taicltced or anfurrlthed aulvabie for age^dem&aaad aar,
? " iw*-. ttr*|e ge-t .men. In a fm.liy < f lew p-rtora |j.
qaUeat54 riar-iton-tt i2$*jri
U O A It ii \vT>T*1l"sv a ItrlttrTitiorMdr.^
??a tr?p>ciatjN family i < i??fn rt':h ?nd y -r ha'A-maa.
Tern im-at h? m. t'urato Atplr at V? Watt Tw.
atcctcti.j? JS9 P. an.ti t.^.V
O *H THrMi?To lei, wvh board. ltrr~ f?-i'l> Thkb*,
n 10 tccommodailont for ihra? tiavi? ?am omen ?i T?
Murray at. * ,2( , ?.
Rooms to i.fcv. wiiV ?-,.?-... .ui:??-~^~7r^?
men and ibelr wir*? o' tingle tent lernen, a1 It- Had,
ton'i oppotlleBl, Jobn'l Pur?. inference* ??cba.i.-?i
?7 lm*_ " ?
. ee tjccoivn?<d?ted with board ti * prtr*ttf*al'v ttftl
JUndetl Brnrklin r-a Palt?n F rv t'S t\<
ROOM** TO I.KT ?IT? HOAKU, lu oue^iTb?
moat pleasant kcatioot In the cltj on ? a'.a,?e roote ?
Tbe bett .->f re'erence* ^lv-n and r~q>ioa.j. Apply el ike
fj jr; r><r of Thlne?- Ib-tt and .??tanih-?ir t)lm*
\\7An?l^l7^T.r:be Pi,p" ?'r?- ? ' a**'*!! n HrtgHtt
Y* a f.adv Roatde-. faifc competent toieseb wfcsftMSro
yonng ladle* wobld take leasona In par pa-. A'to att>w
tame p'tre a fnrplabrd rootr In let t" on* or two t'
?entlemen wlibfct board Addrtat I' by latter, oth's* of
lhl? pi per. N B ?There a- e no boarder? In the family
?24 lw*_
AFI'KMWllKn KIMIN *l'1.ir Wtb.'.i. - tk.'atj
ard lea. Id a amah nrlvate fatvl y, 10 he ) 110 a all ???
gent>inan. Inquire at 2S6 Foonn-at, oppoalie '??at'ilrn
nip^qtiare. _tl t geod*
I7URM8BEI) 8DIT Oh A Ii r U B..N ' > . a
I i t, >. r. wtib t itemeot. in rent to ?family er iw.ior
brea Apply at4-0Oreenwl.-h tl o*?r Baaeh til in
APPJtBHVlC?S' LIBRA k k . -The SenttrtJ lo
clai) o, kacrianice ?od rradtttuien letirontol aif'rdlc|
tbefTtitt* fa.-11'ly and onctinrasamrni to ib? ?iit'renOe?t4(
atectli litt.forihelmprOT'Dtani oftbatl mlndtd irta? Uwe*,
rlic Of thet- apprenucethlp, by ihe'Vcttptuon odeair inltor*
houte Id pleaaanl e-rl Inttmcit?? reading ami atnuv ralbar
tbii bithnldl* amuaarnasu ?nd debatln?; UMBttj?tlUl(
the City, ba?e, dr.rlrg the r?c-as of ib* (.ibmry rot.t? tw?
iRiprOTeRtenl I" 'rutlr be tiding tlth-hanleti Hall, at
will fi?o Apprentleet tbe a<'T?nt?r;e? of ? l?rj.? artta
In iho Iiliir?"y, con.T?jnt?ntij Btted up arn tttnoi'iM wli?
perlod'cFJt, kit for rea flnt durlUf ibo e??nln1'? In tddlftst
to tbe gr?in<tr.tu u?e of tbe Ho"?* of lb? UbrtT)
Tb? raututai of th? [library to ihr? teeond tt,,r, or tea
Halb with a pleaoani tnd eon?ent?ct tn' tiir-t oe Sn. ?i.
tray, ?fter*, additional tadneemonu for all ApprenOea
??tttirar.? oie a<lv?uu?get wtitch ib* UboralpbU ..ropy a
Ibi Uoclely hai pru^do.?, and pnilfort fre" ?ortbvgM '
muni of iht- bouta
Tbai the youni Me?oanJ? ma? noi oe dapritad of that ?*.
>. rtaniij ol irn?ont?nt ?i ih? et ?nnuli* of nit avrrest
al.lp. Journetuieu and uibe.. ?i l r,. ree?iu u? ai:owa4
the nee of the Apprentice*' Ubrary, Inoladtng ine t'.ibta;*
ne.qtieatheo to thn tiorlet? by ttie- !?l* Benjamin Oe ?11(1,
?iiri ti> which the beqnettt of other metobert of histautiiy
r'.ll enab'n th* Society to tnato frequec* tdotlfoat for igt
Wiall Cbarg* oi one dollar pei jes
tgerntie.t of tne Bocloly acd ita wUja t of ,l*.-^titv!
o: mbert will bed Ui? f,lbr?ry r.onTonleno i acrrtajiiigfj,
?e fem?l-a of tbeir laiutliaa, Who uivj uo W partjrjpt.(c Ii
It* adTaitlage*.
Ino Library win be re?pened at the atechanlct' fctaii. trt
ito?,'.w*>is on Moiid?y e??olut. tie i*ib ?fepierurt?.,via
'>peD *?ory ?iTenlnK daring the wosi rroni n to K o'clutcl
Tbc- Reodlcg Roontt or the Budetji will r^> opa0 c>?.^
evnrilriif from 5 to in o'clo.-t Membert trill rind thel*Mtl
foreign uewtptpert on the tablet, uroo lu* arrora, of tin
lieatnera weekly from fijrop*. By orii-r of tiia hlbrtrj
Committee. JAM KB V Ad NORD KM, Chtirmw
J'Oin C Llbrarlai tlDIII
*du eertificetet tri I a favor,
NO 0VHSR8 aeeTrlbu.aaf Wcduettay and Jlitoi.
Ltloy, Th'.i I? the ure Jtrat
yet tdopttd. Call or ??n- to M Vha.fE BEAVKLT, Pi
tern Leui drett, 43 tr n tl (aecond IIoor) iNow York.
? 19 HiTtiKr Mo- a Ti.*
1JW1jO?'JI tl) UAKftTlKUS,
guh Tii at. gAL.1. riiAHr..
a^AllTH 4 liOUNBSCi&V are now rr,.nlvto? in-.ii up.
?."pllea far lb- rail Trade c ii .latint of ROY \L ^AfCi
Tfti?.8 BRUBMBL8 IM f* Kit I L THK KE-M.V, IN
BRA Im ?nd .ittir.' CAKPJ^TINOB, comprialng boa uf mt
largett, moti complete and deatrable aitorltnenu ?wg of.
rfa, eil id thla market
Tbelr purchaara bot,;^ Blade entirely fOI C AJJ.'I, tiffoiiil
ibnin adv^jita,ift iritnataTng r.ner Ibtl but fuw pua?*<?.
ma enabl.-j ibnrr, to t.MI ?I tbn iweal potfible price*.
EDglltbTapeatry . ?rp?.t. from 1 j in i ;t a r y?rd,
Eu,j!l?h Brataeit Carpait. frorn Ran, .>?
EngU*hTbrna-p|y Carpel* from 7.i t? jpa lmt ?rgril
An e-treti rbree-ply C.?rr,et?. rro-:, ?j i<,ya u. ' >ard
Bnsllth toe1 Americantuperftne In^r.i? CaroeU Iro*
M lola p<rr vsrd
ESnclithand ?oienoat, ?..^ ica.-aaj Carpet*,firoin4tU<*
Iter yard
Como'ou ltni?:u Car pan, from ?? hi 4* par- yard.
Alto, . I?rg? ti..,-? ,f iCnn lab ?nd Auo-riran rWJOg
OIL CLOY fill from 3 feet to 2< faelwldt
ORUOHETINOS b4. 8-4, IM ?u lb-4 wid?, ?tut
Cbolre ?*?ortuinr,t of ?II ether a-oud* crmnettled aritb tot
lr?d...e<iu?ij? low. rielfyHS- LOUNBBEJIT,
tK^W 44" fearl .t tlub Curpal turn from f>*lb?rn.al
Rid get) eld,
Ofh e 'n Ne/v V,.,k t p w?>,r.*(
Mtnofai .or an< I) ?ler In r It
patent onASPs
POB NEWBPAff&H, Letter? BUI* 6te. acd fir l?
l cuiIuk the bed-clolhet of cnllriren to iho bed tit ad.
l21 iw"
1 ? ft a M HLE'e f aTENT rKBMIOAf BELf-Vy BfOU
t* Ing-, moving noe* and dltchargioi a d*i--ui?"-d
f..r wart houret mine a, and a I othrX ? Ro?nectad arl'b Iba
welKhln? of ttrtlr nr teedt Patented Jul/ Ift, llj.'Sb Ter
niory t,,r iale or. tocb condition I om tli port mt puteb-t.
Inj; are bound to inata o imej tb't iri> took lha at.?er
Ti-es- e.t ire AOm-jj Stale fair Iriai w^-k I am ftt/ly .0
?}t*Fo?e of the f"i|owtrix Tarriti.r, tevftOI] coumiat, In Hi*
Slate of New-York (iu.-ludin< m- City and Cu.jtj ??' f4-iw
fork ,) Maina New Htriipabl e. Verm. OL MnttarAutal'tS
Conrecl rot. North ?j.p tou'.b ^arolina't. O-urg a t a'ia
ara, Ijntaijafppl f.oulaup* Teia, ?r,d Ark*n*(l Tbt
tjKjVe n-rillorv win be aold r.bear, f?f ,-M%i\ Tl|.id ?' 'f
h-;ralftcinbe |eeti tl (be NatloCal Hotel, Corllnrn' tl
and at the Pacific H ilel Oreer.wicp..?. tvbero I c*c afway?
be found frum . A K aulil 6 f it
8E0 *V HIVYT, A<enn
?1*2W' Or. O. Hi nil, At?*tianL
PATtgfT emu pjuarr.
?i 'BJf; HUBBCRIBEMS, A?eoi? of 10* N?W-J?r**i B*
I aiorlDf and Mlniov Coctpany, ???a -?cejved tio-fl
taiwjliv? Wurta at N?w?rk * fjppl* of tb? ftutni lit*
Iryvrp azid frwikl'-ntU f?inU nsS/U ""!?' fc? iisyMfi*I
n .-*u<rD*b'? i*i-m*
?hac* paint* cooaltt of tarloot toad**, f/oia,-? de**, rtayl
; own, ar le ? 4?ap orm.4*. And ?l*o 'ilack i tuii b*'?g
fC*ipait?o of aaaialllc onde*. oi*4i '?tlir-g rrr. y.-'V,m U4
economy ctu. b* /.oof.rreijtly -w oniitiein.^ao 7'ila Gwaft
ay tlto pra^tu-w?, b-oo, -b? a?oi? Oelde*, palctt *?cnhari*
raliiaiil* for tn* en*tiua ofiroc ?.n..' of Kb, foratiag ih* titc
arot*cttoai bialcTlMiloil n->?r kno-wp.
fb?tt)? paint* when %.,> ?'*>' tc orotxl ?jm ( tat?/
tie pro'ectlnn airaln*! nr?
A aopplj <>> tlic CoiiirManyt OttJUfoi WiDio Olf"ia *4
itac, 00-a.lto tzuititlte'r ntxl Id P*n^ Aiid ?1b?r??rv?l
Cnrop*. a* m* noe: rsh'ttile. tfohailtnia for Wjiu .'tad **?
j;o*e rje!*trnooa ??.'*?. U **-t'liy *v.p*MI*i tot jJ* *f
Caaanl-trH.?.'a. ?! f> .'ONKat k ?0
?25mo? if ??*>?-.' *4
W B. ???.ITH. 28! '4'and-t. n-w-Y...t tnd ?X
" ? golloc-tl ar.h.k.yu. la ou' aulho ,tni t^-t,\ tut ia*
tale of..ur Ctir:pr.enr, ae?le.-? iL. Um article woulfJ do tr**
o ail and ej^i/iice ibe a/Ocitl ?rid Inq-.'. e Iba pru:o r.tftK*
>u)lnf a'aewbere It will be rrieaauiod oiu In any qjto*
?le* to tnlt w?tf,n,ert a: 001 i-<'Jtar price tl ine an."*
place? [t7 1nj*| J. * 8. ENOLE, .Vfinnfteuf?*
No lft wonu-sT ?"it-rgB: IKGH
4 'Oa>I.fr:4:TIOrif?' m^onon t? tee prlndpal Cid?
Wtotlf-w, Lanier t Co 5V WaJWi ' n'Tf
HOO? HilH?at&t' l.i tVIlgtt.-f?. ??At?*5
Pa* oa ?^nd an-* '?co-:?iar.ily ntwreivira- Ensd?h Ctrl?""
gaivera, Colored Calf tkina, fr-nen Tnraav V .r-jecu. ?2f
It* Rer* Lettttar, Salted Cpllu ??,1 C-aif Ukint, rt-?>? c'r46'
M?'b(e Paper, aid every artU-.'e rrqnlred tr a W1
Alwayt or aaod a large ?Monireoi o' O*o Oudler'tWlf!!
rlor B*.-k ?kivt>ra sSna. ?beep tad L*w Ctl; Jk'M.
?f whlcji it efft-ad ei the In ?r-tt markrt pr-cet. it
?1028 lm? J AMES Civ.it SSM Peart*
ItWoVAlI ~
HA V E R F. 14 0 V F I) lh-l r Can l age R - v't Itorf ?* M*t^
'iseiory fIOm 2ft and 87 Car el it io*S ii;?!?*??
t2.S Ima
fLltt. JOt1l-IO*4 former* Su.ireoc D'n'l? w^^fj
1?! era Boval Ptmliy *fBn?la rf, pi-p-*?*. d1'-ff
ilorta;a> In Nttw Yo k b-iog eor an t-d by ib Mt"*'1 ^
aid or Iratmefon In the Art. P?rlteuia?a may rioo
hy tddr*Mtn? h'm at 4<> Warren tt^_ J.
i |IVII?BND.-lr.terwt on Mtrirrti a_n* B^W
i'leaiOblo^pe-et.t. ?oodt-Th? * ^*atV''ri.'t\u
Ml. n tre 7 par cent ?< ndt of tbe Cowdei ? M
Pbehy In ihe Bunt o' i hi* fading doeoo t?l?IW,
October text will be paid oo rrete !?? ?? ?f
ai i^rtnrerf WINSLO'V, LANIER & C?. 51 rv?^
N-w ?? rt, Ht-pt.it IBM._._
ZSm. tmmmM 9>&*2*mt&iEi ?U%tS*S

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