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Will take place In '.be abeve named Unit early in October,
ind that her Ccrcns will from lb*t period ;>e given la
N>w- York regularly until further nodco. Partlcularo bere?
ift? r. t'lb if
authorized edition of
U1E dUBSCIV BERs .ntpectfully caU tba ?ticnll m of
:ye public to toe sutij'.ilned iattors frf'iu Hr aeuedlcl
i&d Slguor Seliettl.
The subscrlbera have claimed to ba tno aulhorUctt agents
fc>r ist publlabmg of tAa Jauny Lmd music, arid 'boy be.
s?y?th? snibjoined letters sjilsfMiorlly prove ihe foimda
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London. Aogu?, 1356.
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ikviN?; House, New-York, Sept. 6, 1830
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ire, thai yorr tdlilon of ihe Jenny Llnd music, In which
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Iis t ii.Inrllishtm: -.,1?. and tho arruogeuienla for toe luxurious
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Pailt. the London Philharmonic, and th.Jfteal musical fet.
Uvula In Kogiand ai d ar&deirjet of OeKiny aud Italy.
The magnitude and pnr'ectluuof the voVi aud orchettral
arrangemeni for the occasion, eltber In sBspecl lo utimlier
or taient, I ave never before been atteirSed In the Unlirni
Sittel. The whole under lbs tola dir?--JHi of Aar. Bocbsa.
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AOudislon i6 ceult Doon open al 7; concert at 7J
o'clock Aileruoon concert on Wedttetuay aud balurday
afleinoont. .30
l>HS DllBs?LUORl' A?AUKitlY OP *'1N?1
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speo at the two rooms over lb* Hall of ihe Cbu'ch of Dl
riae Unity In Broadway, belwoen Bprlng sod Prlcee-St"
? om 10 o'clock A M IU110 o'clock P. M.
A.tmlttlon iffi ceuia; '??-.-??''?'????- <?? . ..?loguea
ISicenit Jeld If
411 Bkoadwav.
iadli s t.ud geiulfirieu, oigaut^rd on Thuisduy evening
iisi, hi Ihe rooms of ine Con.ervstory, will commence and
receive ihe ll/si irnon on Tnursdav eveulug, iho 3d lust.
"Srsdt-u'j'. New Method of leainlog io eiug l>/ Nile."
tslll be used. All persoi.s wishing lo connect ibemae vet
wllh the Class aie rospectfuli) Inv led Li oe present
t'2 itl?'_BRADBURY k NABU.
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KVBM1MO, Oci 4, iLclud'nj; the loilonlng sangs: " L-ind
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Mght," (new aoug ;j "Oh! wu> does me Wnue Mau fal?
low uty Path ;" "Mornlng.'Noou, md Ni^ht;" 'JohnAn
de.ioD, tut Jo;" "Lerely Auld Wife;" '? a Hoim In ihe
Retri;" "My B-jv Tatumj ;" "Lament Of the Irish Kuil
grani;'' "Lfi it Love line Another:" " My Nannie, O;"
"1'uiAlcno;" "Duncan Oray;" ard "Tea May Queen;'1
a'ckeia60cents. To commoiice al r> o'cl.-ck. ixiit
1 { A It N t?F'S-?JIKKIV AfT.? V ?t U U.71.? P. T.
.AJ?ailU?, Proprlelor and Manager ?JJUM OREEN
WOOD. Jr. AulsUul Jiautger.?Eilraordlaury AUfkC
Bot t TL? peiloimaiicet lu iho Saloon will take pluce
twice every day. THURSDAY and FRIDAY, Or.t 3 ajJ
4, In Ihoaflenoon the p.eie of HUN TIN9 A TURTLE,
? Dd ?'?<> ?t>? r??ce it TAINT UEART NCVER WON ,
FAIR LAD l. tu ihe evenlu*- and <m Saturday afternoon
Ibegreal uii.itslJ aniaofthe DRUNKARD Atlonuou por
formancet ai3; E*bL,lng a\7j o'clock. Adetlaalon 20 cen't;
(hildreti under it) tears, li| cent. o3
"Vlits. ftllN?lf i.tCL,'eJ ?JUHS?, a Or..ap in Hatblft,
A b> Charles Mut er This worA of art, wb rh jecalvrd
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PHiLUAUillUMt: S?CixtTt-Ninth season,
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eulKalptiona fur the four Concent of ibis iosahu and app l
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Pi 1 '* h *k?Kllwo*xtra lick en ts f.Jr e.cn Concert at
?1 io each Astoclalo membeiiolpt S5 each, payatue la
advance, eolUltog .he bolder to an admlsa'oo to um i enear.
tal. ai d ote, lckel to each Coi-cen wi;h ihe same privilege
foi l xtr. llckela at IbaJ of tubtcilpttoca The lira;-Joncert
will l^ke p tee Nov iti. wuu^r?
Bv Older. U. C TliaM, President
S Johnson, 8?creUt'V ol 6;ujd
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Hj'O UlMlillOKS 4JF L'HOIRS-Leade a of
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.tmcved to 25? Broadway 1BK
?LSikl&tt OfrE:*Js. HGU3E-ASTOH
-. . ft , :iK~vf ,: goJ, , ,,,,
*6i^ 8?XesV5A refit*: < fnr?ht <bni er, S5c*n
???? '?" Ctrl* THIS EVENING Uc. 5, tb
? ?;? will ten trprr? wl h tie trtrprdv ni
.*"< r-n i.'rh :*^fl?rd Plvrt'eF-tni-nt nf ONI
\ u core uce ?.i>n 'be inoH mmic t>?l'et
f.'S ^PT'NI vr.3
Decs opt a etti o'r'oek j to exwrmenca ?.i H o
r? ICKE7S.V ???.)?? t<> all ??n of lbs 3*1. or), filme
5 Boxe? Sri Doorsopen ?t7J;tocommencestflo'cloea
THIS CVBNIPG Ort 3, the wwHitrtK,. w.:l
cuiKienrc wio.- ?ri Overtore Alter which
To r?* f. ll-twreo by ballet paotomune eni'i::d
The who'ii !o cor elude whh in? tt* yrand Pantomime of
RAOIT'o. or the *li,?ir ?'ar.
i5 *t OA tr ? A V Til iv A * E K. - Doors o.-er- at ?.??fc
Orrnimenc? al T| ^nioelL~TflIS EVENING, Oct. 3,
Will be preiecte* lb? Play of
Pi*rr?.Mr Murdoch;
Belvldera.Mlts Rlcha'dron
To conclude wl b the Parce of
Prices of admission: To Dreis Ctrclo and Paronai 7*?;
Family O'relesnd Third r'ier. 86c; 9aHnry. life
UDKTON'8 TU EAT 2 it- Chau-.bera-at. roar of :ha
1 >C1ty 3 all?iba nearest Tbr.ner to tha iarge Hotels.
THIS EVENING, Octchtv 3. will bs alayad
TO conclude wlih the firrrtt? oier.r of
Doors open el 7, to begta at 7J o'clocsr ?Stc-xea, dress
Slrele and parquet, 50 cu ; ratnliv ctre'e or ?^cor.d ttar. ?s
eu ; private boxes 63 ani ?S; orchestra sot.*.*, with ca&h
loned snu-cbatrs 75 cts.
Ineeitigation of the chatget ogarnet certain officers made in
the late Report of At/red Carton, Chief Engineer of
the Fire Department of iVew- York.
On tbo meeting of the Comtnitteec last, night
tbo question of limitation was brought up. Aid
Wood required that charges against particular
members of the Common Council be taken up.
Mr. Clark proposed to continue proof as to Bel'
Thomas JUtteson called.
Aid. Wood asked what was to be proved by the
Mr. Clark stated that he proposed to prove sud.
den changes, removals, protracted vacancies, and
the detail of ineflicient and inexperienced police?
men continually transpiring at the bell towers.
Aid. Wood though this related to the system
and could not be admitted. The investigation
must be confined to specific charges against cer"
tain persons.
Mr. Mills stated that he thought it was prope*
for the Committee to hoar any evidence which Mr.
Carson might offer to substantiate his report.
Aid. Wood replied that the Committee was only
to investigate the direct charges against Members
of the Common Council, the Courts, .V-c.
Mr. Hope said that it was well understood that
Mr. Carson might adduce any evidence he pleased
to sustain the allegations of his report, and further
that the proof offered does relate to the charges
against some public oiiicers, as the avils com?
plained of must be owing to aomo misconduct or
negleot on tho part of the appointing power.
Mr. Hills desired to know whether Mr. Carson
is to be permitted to prove tho truth of the whole
report or not; if ho is not permitted, Mr. Mills
says bo must stop here.
Mr. Hope askod Mr. Carson whether he consid.
ered the charges made against the bell-ringers aa
relating to the ayattni or to members.
Mr. Carson replied tout ho considered them as
relating to tho system and also to the appointing
Much discussion continued in regard to the mod6
ol preceding.
Mr. Brady read tho foHjwiug, as the Decision or
the Comm'ttee on tho part o! tho Common Coun
oil as to the Course of tha Investigttion:
" Phe Committee of the Counu n Council which was ap
pointed to invealg&le ceitalu charges contalued In tbo las'
Rot ort ofthe Chlor El glueer, Cbclde tbkl under tho pre
anihlb ami resolutions f.om wb ch '.hoy derive thetr authori?
ty, they iBVlle the moat full and thorough eximluadun of all
tbe " iialeu.enis or cbargt ? against tbo Courts, me J udges,
the Grand Jti y, tbe Me) or, Uesds of Departments, and tbo
lutimiers or tbe Cou.u ?n Council which, If true, the par
lira charged ilt&etve the censure of their fellow ciilze.s,"
but this UuUiiulitcr decide that uuder tho rbsoluuoa from
nblch they derive tholr powers tbey baro no autbor
liy to iLquhe whether or not any pabllc system
new existing sflecilug the JPue Departmonl it er
Is not Judicious, If no cha'gu In relation to It he
niBde in the Report of the Chief Engineer, whlcn
cbat^eij the Committee are b) tho resoluuou authorized
to liivestl^Btr). Aud fuiibor .hat the Committee lnvno the
u mutl lailtudo of p, oof in regard to tbe acts of any one of
tbo i i'i.'lals rttc: tuj to In the preamble wh'ch precedes the
reseluiloii for their sppolc mem, \vbt:h shows that oliher of
those ollict>l> hat been guilty of any act tu his public ctt,m
clty, teli.ling lo iho lnioreais of th<> Rlru Dopat i.uoni, wbt:h
according lo the ?laleu.onis or charges in he Uttt Itt-porl of
tbe piest-nl Chief Entlneer, would bubject him lo the cen
suioofbls lellow ililzfns."
Mr. Clark proposed to proceed with tho wit" i
i eises, giving the opposite party liberty to object !
to the questions he might sek.
Mr. Carson went into the bill to ca:l a witness, j
and in tho meantinia Mr. Clark was engage! in i
the pre paration of a document. Before ho hail con?
cluded tbe paper, Mr, Lacnur, on behalf of the
Committee of the Fire Department, read the fol?
lowing decision which the Committee had signed,
and asktd toe Committee on *he part of tho Board
of Aldermen to copy into theirollioial iuinutsi of tbo
The Committee sppoloted by the Representatives of the
Fue Department, h;>iding lhal the object of ihelr spp-?tct
uenl w?? fvr ihe pu'poio nfexaetlriug into the truth of al!
tin ?tat ineLts aud cbargt s contained lu Ihe rapon of the
Chief Engineer, bdt u. deiiuneiug clearly that al tha pro!!
mlnaty meeting of Ibis coicmlltee with that appointed by
ihr Bt aid of Aldernieu, it w&s understood and definitely
sgreed. that Mr. Cmoi: ihou'o 'eeat Uberiy to produi eaoy
preifho might de?lr? for ihe purpose of eit&biiihlog the
matten coniatued in h i report, aud believing further, Ihll
Ihe aregaibiis tbnl I here have been "sudden ch-Dges
nmovai?, protracted vscsnctes aid the dsiuil of
Itcspable and iDexprriioced policemen ai hell ringers,"
aie irecliic chsrgei sgalnst the party or pari es i>y
whom :uch chibges, re novali, vacancies sud sppji'it
menu have been ifi&de or cauied; and whereat tbe
Committee of the Board of Aldermon object to re?
ceiving proof of ang general charges or sutem*::!?,
and although, havie^ deeded to heir speclii; coaxes
ugalnil rliber ludtviJuali of ihs Beard or against the
8ierd Indlictlmleately, yet object to alow prool of ins
charges of ihe ''changes, vacancies." kc la the belt ring
log cepsrtitent Therefore, tre Commiit'e of ih- Kiro
Drpstimenl isitbcrtw from fur:her luvertlgattoa, &f)j re
fuse locger toact in the mutter, holding that ihe course
deiermlned upon by the Commltte- of ihe Board of Aiu-^r.
men is decidedly mdust Bid Illiberal toward Mr. Carson,
and not cilcuUt- d lo aove.op the tr i h or the maoer.
(Stgnec) ZUPa*R tilLLS,
.Y.n> Vor*. Ocf. 2, 1850. JOHN P. LACOUR.
The Committee on behalf of tha Gocuuion Cojq
cil rt?d further in dcctiion as follows :
"Tte Committee of ihe Common Council thlnx it due to
the public to retire thM Mr. Carson p-oceed lo furnlt? all
trot-itsilmory in nli power lo ibow orb:tal mlicoaducton
ine part of aty perion, tlais or body rtfurred 13 In hii re?
port, and offer hiai evory facility which he may reeseit to
procure iu h testimony. The- alic reqaeit htm io on psi
in h,i ,.^a',u ?* l? lh0 ,rulD of SQV cturgei coutatned
n hli ieporitHecllng ihe conduct cf any pu*l!c officsr, or
frC el .m- ?r .h-if?J n hlch WUQW " COUld deierve
the ceuiuie of their foliow-citlzecs."
Mr. Mills asked if the Committee ofthe Caoamon
Council would admit tho testimony oilered this
Aid. Wood replied that they would not.
Mr. Clark then read his answer in behalf of the
Chief Engineer, which was in the following words;
"The Chief Entloeer has cojse befora the Committee
tblseveiiig with testimony to prove the tru.hofih* charges
contained in his repoit relaUve io the suddm changes, re
rrovs's, proiucted v?c>cclts aid the detail of locaiiiblo
ird Inexpeiienctd poll. eo" n, which continually transpbe
at the Beil Towers, s.ul wnich was most tettsui y -t ,;
ihe effciepcy of ihe Kiro Depanrnwl Tbli su'.Jecl of ine
Bell R'Bgi it wie, ai ine rreliicloary meettog of the Com
ml.tee, diiected to he made the S.-al >u ijacl ol Icoutrv and
lie leiUrrce? taken la?t evening was, In. ac<-n r'an'" with
the diiecsl i>-of ih^CotDitiltee,cnafiSed lo ib? por.lonol
rport which relates exclusively to the bell iia<- s
What ?:.'...:? ?i i '! eed too Commltteeof tos?' Common
Ci-onciltOSXClOdetbia evening's teitimoty of precisely
llruilBr citiciiptloit wl h thai demoted last e?en!oe, the
f blef Erfcli.. i-r i?b: 4 i.?s lo diteraiine Ha w w deslro.i
it, fottple-f iha prutiBc loB of ;ne tnony re aiive to t?i*t
portico rf ih<- R<-;.or.. ?CJ tuba.e iho?n more- conclusive?
ly hip fc? has yei -xht< i ed ib- n-???rlu?!e of tbe evils
t'< mj V.if d or In the lUrort. The Conimuien of the C- m
mcn Codec ! having determined not to pensll ihe It;,
ir, .-trjrttori of fu'tb*r ttiumoty op a this mSje-.t, Ihe
C b er Fcglc-er proteins a,.aUil lach determioailoo *?
DDju.t to ihfc pcbl'c itd unjuit to blaneir and rtiinerli t',a
un:^ 61 the cb&r^f? In lhe'Report relaltv? to the bed rl-g
erssrd aeroismeBasremert of ire ?eil T..wo-s stated In
ibe Report The Cblef Sigme^r in-iooied at tie tine
tha: Letltried upon tee li.veiiga?on thai tha Cimasiilea
frc m tte T'.re Depcttmtat were lobe permlied lo t?te
part '.z tbe Cecil'' n of a,! qaeiiloui as lo tha slmlislon or
rejection o' :i i:;ui> t\ wl ic h tnbhl ailse lu the progress of
!h* lcvei;l, avion, aid bjt for this Impression ?roildDOt
have spreared before a Committee t f the bn,v agaioil
wtrroba srcciiilots hue been directed He lsetiap
pttr:(d firMrg ttr.t fe Crmtrtt ee of :bs Counna
C oar cues me to a de errr tnath n rf the qieuloni arising
In tbe course of the lr.ve?il;at'on wlthojt consultation
wl'b the Cr n mlltte of t>>e l"l e Depa-tment and he there?
fore ft r!s ib;t he isCep ived of ine protect oa which he
ccrce ved :b?t tbe at poiDtmeLt of tba comtnl lae of ihe
Eire Department wsi Intended tn sfJord Under lh?se clr.
curri'anei. be bis come to the conclusion ihn unleaiibe
Coramhtro free tco Kke Department car hava ?u ecwal
vnce in the dcchlon of all queitloni wMch may artie In
ibe coane of the Invenlgai'on, le would be pd'UitttlOj
palpib e itjuitlre to ho core si well to h rrne.f ai lo the
fire Deptnatnt wboie Intereits be baa si heart, by sub
tt into % thv maners en.-hrared In h's Report t) ihe declilon
cf a tribunal wh ae poweri tre to be exerels'd soley by
men hers o; the body to whom his Repotl principally re
Mr. Bra?y proposed that the Commit'.eo do ad?
journ cntil 7 o'clock, Thursday evening. The Fire
Department Committee were then leaving their
s^ats, haviDg, according to the spirit of their docu?
ment above printed, withdrawn from tbs investi?
Mr Brady served notices upon them individually
to meet at tha hour to which the adjournment had
been named, but we understand that they will not
do so.
The session was then closed, very quietly, a?d
thus the investigation amounts to just nothing at
We had hoped that a satisfactory reiu!;, so far
as the public are concerned, would have been
reached we have waited for this Inquiry in the
anticipation that the real truth would be known,
and for that reason we have refrained from any re?
marks upon the celebrated Keport which contiins
the charges that were to have been investigated^
We must wait still longer; in the meantinto we
give the public all the evidence and positions taken
on both aides.
The following is the resolution of the Board of
Aldermen ordering the investigation. Whatever
power the Committee possess is conferred in this
HArrem, The C hlef Engineer of the Fire Department,
in bli last Annual Report to tbe Common Counc'l, maSes
sisiementi or ct arjei againitiba Courn, iho Judges, the
Grand Jurv, ihe Major, Uehdi of Departments, and the
member! of tte Common Council, wh'cb, If true, tbe par?
lies charged deserve the censure of tbelr faliow clilzeni,
but If net founded in fart li Is due to ihem that the puollc
should be Informed thereof, ihere'ore,
Ilmoltrd, That a Sperlil Committee of Three he ap
printed (and this Eoard lecpectfuliy Invite Iho firemen of
oar Cliy. through their Representatives to appoiut a Com
mluee lo sit with Item during ihe lnveitl^atton of laid
ctarges) said Committee to have power io lend for per?
sons and papen.
Btsolted, That the Clerk of this Board be directed to
trsnsmli a copy of ihe above to ihe Preildent of Ibe fire
WARREN CtlATM-AN, > ClerB of Ihe
JAsMe-8 M. BARD, ) Committee.
Tho Committee of tho Board of Aldermen wllj
meet at o'clock, this evening, to go on with the
investigatioa, should the Fire Department Commit?
tee be there, asd both Committees agree upon the
mode of proeeeding.
By Telegraph to The New-York Tribnne.
Tbe Workingmeu's Convention.
Albanv, Wednesday, Oct. s.
The Ccnvomion was temporarily organized by J
the choice of Watson g. Hay.ies ol N. Y.as Presi j
dent, and George Hackett of Tings, as Secretary.
The Committee consisting of Messrs. Haokett,
Murphy, Wittenberg, Kelborn and Heath, ap?
pointed to nominate permanent officers of the Con.
vention, reported AARON H.\1.L ol Troy for
President ; W.u. richards, F. A. -, W. Q.
Haynf.s, - Young of Buflalo, J?o. G. Muk
i'HT of Lockpottville, Vice-Presidon s; T. C.
WiTTlsuEH? of Poughkeepsie, and W.u. I.
Finn of Auburn, Secretaries.
The proceedings of the Workingmen's Conven?
tion, held in October of last year, were read.
The Committee to report Resolutions consists
of George Evans of Now York, and Jas. Cassan of
West Troy.
The propriety of nominating State officers, to be
suppotted at the ensuing election, was then tnken
up ; and a resolution was offered by Mr. Woodruff
in favor of a separate nomination. Upon which a
debate ensued?in tbe course of which Mr. Wit?
tenberg introduced a letter from Horace Oraelay.
its reading was objected to, but the aubstanco o^
it wss seated by Mr. W. to be to the effect that if
the Workingmen were well organized they had
better nominate an independent ticket; if not ij
would not be policy for them to do so, and it would
be well to select from the tickets of ths twoportios
'or Governor.
Mr. Greeky recommended Mr. Hunt. Mr. Gree'
ley's reporter denied that there was any such re
commeLdation in tha letter. L'oitner referenda to
tbe letter was objected to, and the Convention ad?
journed for c inner.
There ate about 10 delegates present.
aktek.noon session.
The Convention mot pursuant to adjournment.
Tee resolution as to the nominatOn of a separate
State Tictet was laid asitle for the presen"., to re- I
ceive tbe fbl owing Repirt from ttio Committee on
Rt solutions i
iiisareJ Thai tl eEmar.clpatloa of Labor miinly Japands
on thb ibullt on of J.?na Munoply, ana that tbe most t-ilac?
tual mtl^i u to sec inpOihlr.g thai result is io wiubold *tl
fu'tler iupf ort of po iilcal panlei till Ihey a 'opt Liir.d Ra
fonu tLtsiurti it ihttr reipecttve fjhi
heiotved, That tblr Convention approves of ihe plan o/
at iton iecoiiiiiJ< ictd by ihe lidUslila] , ?.
Heiiliea, Th-t we approve of iho recommendations of
the iLOustrisl Cong> eis io oiubiltb sn Indusirial Legisla?
ture In every Stale; that we hereby sanction icecall ofaa
udusillat Leg s sture for ibis 8'a-e, lo meet at Albany the
first Tueidaj ir. Oc:o er of evb year, to he constituted on
the san e hssls a? so Industrial Congress; that a Central
Committee of one from each voULiy, io Issue a proper call
In die st-aioc fur ttetnemb tng of the ? aid Leststaiura.
?nweed, Tbsl tte recent blooothea and civil wa- in Cal- j
Ifoii lB arlilng from Lmd Monopoly, is additional evidence
lo Ihit effect lo that irT.^rded.by ihe Anil Rei.i comtnollons
In ibis 8lale. of the recently of an immediate adjiilment
of tte Lai-d Qaestlno In accor -arce w'tn ibe r.siural right
of ill to tbo acll?tbe only source o.' indepeideni sub?U
Ii,iolv,d ThBt the President ie requeued to use all his
coin.tntiot al authority to c*us? a soipension of all seilen
under the Bout tv Land bWI erroneomiy engrcssed al ihe
recett lesilon of Con?resi, aid that be be respectfuily so.
Pclied io recommend ihe freedom of the pub'le lands in
liu.l etl qusnilnes for ihe exclusive- cse cf actual lettieri to
the neat seaston of Congress.
Hetolved, Ttai we proceed to form a State ticket in accor
dshce wlh the plau recommended t-y the ludust/ial Con
httolttJ, Thai a vast a: d unjust Irregularity 6xlHs In the
rempenihlli tsof lib -r as beiween UiOuia' and artlsllcal ou
He one hand end mecti?lcal ai.d oidloary lauor on Iha
other, aid ifcat we iscomtieid io our tireth-eu Iheagita
Uon ?f ail qoesiloBI calcutaied lo eibance >ha va ue of all
n echsntCBI ncd ord'nary labor, and to something nearer an
equality of cumpetsauoa fur Uuie spent In s. rvica to ihstr
Tbe first resolution was agreed to, the second
prepos'cg an organization by the plan recommend?
ed in the industrial Convention in the selection of
candidates lor ottice, drew out a long debtta, and
was Bnaily edjoirntd until to-morroff morning.
The Werkinamen"* Convsntloo.
Albabv, Wedoesisy, Oct C
A pr-l ic meeting took place this cveuin^. The
Capitol was filed with an attou-riv* auiit.ry,
whkhwas nddr.ssed by Hon. Lovi 6. Ohutfield;
tbe Attorney Genera), fte. in favor of La,;d Bo
firm !n lt? fuiitrit rxieo'- Tita argument of
At'trte) Genera] was listened to *iih brevhless
sUn.i . a. Ho ?efi -;,a '.he learue I , rifoiaious
? i u PUtTa'Dgbt* bade! rosj-.s ?heru by certain in
eividoal red rostra ft., con-!a::i,n, be auid ha waa
heart tnd atul with the L?.uo ftefornier*. James
Kjib uric- ol..atci Mr. Cr. aifi*Jd, In an eloquent
aj-j.e?> "?-r tee rig'rts of the WorkiugnjtJD.
Pi oi? stunt Episcopal Convention.
Cincinnati, Tuesday, Oct. I.
The Horf-> of Bisropj >re now in secret session,
ac.l it i? nn'Iera'oo.1 that they have the ease of
Bi'hop Lcdtrdink under diicusiion.
Tbe Coi venti. n will aasembl* to-morrow. There
arc a kree camber of Delegate* In attaadance.
Eplsropm invention.
Cincinnati, Wednesday, Oct. 2.
Tbc Epitcopal Convention has been organized
? rid elect?d Rev. tjr Wj?t of Baltimore, Preal
Cer t, srd Rev. Mr. Howe of Philadelphia, 8ecre
tary. No other boair eis was transacted.
There is a large .v.noourie of people in the town
sr d itrargers cone bv every conveyance to the
Convention and 6?ate Fair.
Whig Nomination- i.oas of a Steamer.
Milwaukee, Wednesday, Ocl ?.
Hnn 0. Cole has accepted the Whig nomina?
tion for Congress.
Ti e ?te?mer A. D. Patchln, which went ashore
on Point Shillagaile last Thursday, will prove a
total loss.
Maryland XCiectlon, dec.
b ?LT1MORC, Tueailiy. Oct. 2.
Tbe elec/lion* progress qo. etly. The vote will
nit be large.
Maryland EiecMon?
Baltimore, Wednesday, Oct. 2.
E'ghleeD Wards have been heard from. Lowe'*
majority is 1,800?he will cirry the city by 2,300
n ajority.
1/itjatch ?.] Baltimore, Wednesday. Oct. 2.
A'l tbe city has been heard frurn. Lowe's ma?
jority is '-'.777 Blad. nsburg, Prince George
Ctuiity, 29 majority for Clark. Tay lor's maj jrity
mi 1. Ihe County supposed to give Clarko 300.
Mar; Innd Election,
Baltimore, Wtdnetdsy, OcL 2
The following is the vote in Baltimore City:
Ward. Lowe. Clarke. Ward. Lowe. Clarke.
J.676 3761 XI.586 485
II.661 276 XII.615 594
III.606 635 Xlll.288 421
IV.411 596 XIV.440 546
V.352 308 XV.?41 573
VI.658 455 XVI.427 358
VII.(556 345 XVII.642 270
VII!.992 342 XVIII_1,000 688
IX.484 357 XIX.550 428
X.303 431 XX.570- 321
Total.. 11,564 8,305
Majority for Lowe, 2,764. Lowe will be un?
doubtedly elected Governor.
Majorities ?Frederick County, Clark's majority
245; Buckeyston, Lusve 13; Newmarket, CUrk
70; Woodford, Clark 13; Jellerson. Clark S ; Ur?
bans, Clark 45; Fre'ieri'k City, Lows 206 ; Hid
dletowD, Clark 23. This cunty probably goes for
Clark. State Senators ran about with Governor.
Allegheny Co?Cumberland gives Lowe 179
majority. The whole county, it is supposed, will
give him about 350 majority.
Bnitxmoie Co?Lowo gaine 47 in Gromstown
and Xilih District.
L'on&rcss Election In New Orleans.
New Orleans, Wednesday, Oct.2.
The Eeioction in tbo Secend District, to lid the
Coi rad vacancy in Congress, is coining oil'. Henry
Johnson. (Whip) is supported by the Opposition,
and will probably be eleetud, defeating Ballard, the
regular Whig nominee.
The Bounty Land Bill now a Law, &c,
Wasiii.nc.to.n, Wednesday Ocl. 2
The President withdraws hia objections, and tho
Bounty Land Bill is now a law.
Mr. Thompson of Indiana, declines the appoint?
ment of Recorder of Land Office, aud Nathan Bar
gent has been re?ppon.trd.
[This information about the Land Warrant bill
leads us to think tbe one yeaterday and this to?
day are trick* of the Warrant speculators.]
Janay Und.
Boston, Wednesday, Oct, 2.
Jenny Lind sings at Providence on Monday eve?
ning There is great excitement there. Toe
tickets are to be sold at auction on Friday morning.
At the Concert in this city on Saturday oveoiug
next, one half of tbe programme will be devoted to
Bacred Muaic. Handel's" iieaaiab'' aud Haydn's
" Creation" furnish the pieces she has selected.
Proclamation from L ov. Oultman,
Jackjo.v. Miss. Tueidsy, Oct. 1
Governor Uuitman baa issued a proclamation,
calling a session of tho L.^islature, uu the 23d of
Novemoer. Hn gives as hn chief reasons, tne ad?
mits on of California into tho Union a* a 8:aie, and
ti e passage of the bill for the Abolition of the Slave
Trade in the District of Columbia.
Fugitive stave* In Bomou,
Boston, Wedutsiay, Oct. 2.
About thirty Fugitive ttlavea arrived at Boston
tr-oay from Now-York. They say they will go no
further, but remain hero, arm tbemselyes and abide
tbe result.
Peter Williamson and John Brown, seamen, both
of New-York, oied on boa.ru tbe brig Alabama.
Fugitive Slnve Meeting In Springfield.
Springfield, Mass. Wednesday, Ozi 2.
The citizens of this place and the Fugitive eJlaves
here held a niet-ting last evening, at whici much
excitement prevailed. Inflammatorysoeechea wore
maae against the law, and Iho Fugitives wera re
commendad to arm themselves against the Slave
From Buenos Ayre?, &-o.
Boston, Wednesday, Oct. 2.
Letters received hire Irom Buonoa Ayres ul July
24tb, represent, thai on the Monday previous, chat
place was visited by a severe sea galo .a which
many vessels were driven oq snore. It is suppoied
that the severe gale caused greet damage at Monte?
video. The thermometer /eli greatly, aud hundreds
of animals penahed iu conaequeii :e of the u.>ld??
Letters alto state, that a treaty with Franca has
been made, butdoubi* whether Rosa* is honored
In tbe matter, ac a treaty of peace will advance
Montevideo at the expense of Buenos Ayre*.
U, B. Steamer Saranac.
Nokto1 k. VVeaneiday Oct. 2.
The repairs and alterations to the United State*
iteamer ?aranac are nearly completed. The hand*
have worked Di^bt and d*y since tue order* to lit
bt r out were received. She is tobe commanded
by Joseph TatnaJl. _
Extensive Fire- $30>00O Lsas.
b?ston, Wednesday, OcL i.
Tlceelsrga buildiugs noar tho Stite Prison in
CharlestowD, occupied by Murdoch's Saw Mills,
Phiccer* Coffee Factory and B?rde?'* Bash Fac?
tory were totally destroyed oy are last night. The
fence of the PriBon wa* burned, and the roof wa*
several 'dues on fire Tne ^Prisoner* were not
taken out, although the walls of the Prison at one
time were quite hot. Tne Ion is ?S30,0UU,?only
83,C0O insured.
Tbe Double Execution at New.Haven.
Palladium Office, ;
New-Have.s, W-idreeday, Oct 2?noon.!
At 11 o'cl-. ck this loreLoon Henry Leandtr FoJta
ami James McCaffrey were executed in the Jail
Yard, New Baven?tbe lirst for the murder of a
joupg girl named Emily Cooper, and the secotd
tor the morder of Mr* Ar:n3mivh on East Rock,
rrsr this city. Mr* Smith's hosb&'id was alio
hi led at tho same time and it ia supposed by tbe
same hand.
Rtllgioos service-* wire had in ths prisoners'
cells, at an early hour. Both prisoner* expressed
contrition, but 'McCaffrey denied fcis srutlt to tbe
last They wer? b. ough; out of their cells at 10 mia?
ute* before 11 o oleck, attended oy tec clergy. Mc?
Caffrey by Rev. Mr. O'Reilly, Caiholic,?he said
rcthicg to tbe spectatr-rs, but continued ejacula?
ting?' O God, ? Christ I" elc
Atone mittite past 11 Sheriff Pirmlee stepped
on the spring of tre drop, and ir,*:atitly bcth prit
oners were suspended by tne dh'K- McCaffrey
died with haroly a strj^gle, bat foute suffered
moie, the mxne of the roye ??ppi i^ aroacd tow
ard '.be Lack oi hit neok. After d.fcv rcinat s f
hard ? truf.glp, however. ?ii was o?er with him
j Thcj are jet hangir..: ap >s ibeK*r7o!0\
Bxploaion of a Powder .11)11.
PoATuAXD, Me. Wednesday, 0-:t 2
A Powder Mill in GorhaoJ, Me -xpMeiy?aten>
d?y forenoon, hilling one man. T-ie shock wa? ter
rirJc and resenib'cd an earthquako. It m d!g.
t ncVy fell at '-hi* place, a;tcuagh a distance of ton
mile* Intervened.
(ieD. Pafi,
Philips!./-!!!*. Wednesday, Oil 1.
Gen. Paez arrived hern at 2 o'clock this after
Southern Rials.
Baltimork, Wednesday, Oct 2
No maii to-night loath of Wilmington.
Yistxrday ?The weather yesterday wi? a eu.
rions mixture of October and March. The marring
came on dull and drizzly; the mist thin ro'ted into
cloud* and lifted from tho earth, with fiaotaat;ng
gleams of sunshine between, till nearly noon, when
the West broke out clear and bright, aud we aap
posed tbe weather was settled for the day. Not
so, however; the sky wa* soon again ovorcaat, and
a black arch of cloud roae beb'nd the Jer*ey ?h?re,
casting a heavy shadow over the wild water* or
the Bay, as the wtnd bogan to Mow, procurafve of
an approaching storm. The gray wail of the raia
?ood followed, bat It wss much less vbloat and t
drenching than we had anticipated. It was span* j
n a few minutes, and tho ?ky aftorward cleared
up cool, bright and calm, a* wa* beiitting an Au?
tumn day.
Tbi Statue >f Calhoun.?We have received
news from Fire Island up to Tuesday evening last.
Mr. Johnson ? yacht, the Twilight, and the U. 3.
Revenue Cutter Morris are both lyicj near the
ipot, waiting for the sea to beco.ua quieter, in order
to raise the statue, which may be seen in smooth
weather, buried at the depth of six or eight feet?
The coffer dam is in readiness, but owing to the
rougbne*s of the sea, eo use has yet been made of
it. The statue lies in a slanting position with the
head downward, ncarl. covered with sand, and is
believed to be et tirely uninjured. Ihe parties oa
the ground express their determination not to leave
until the statue ha* been recovered.
Harlim Track ?Ihe new rail* are down as
far as Canal-st. at the lower end of tho road, aud
from Seventeenth st. to Twenty seventb-nt at tho
upper end ; the new single track through Urand-at.
1* nearly done, and the work will be ooulinued with
all energy until the entire track ia renewed.
The Address at the Fair? Mr. Editor - The
American Institute has for some time past an?
nounced that Hon M Phelps, United States Sen?
ator from Vermont, would deiiver the Anniversary
Addree* at the Tabernacle, but owing to severe
jllncs* the gentleman cannot perform the duty ?
The American Institute, howover, are happy to
announce that they have secured tbe acceptable
?ervicea of Samuel Greene Ar.ioM), Ksq. of
Providence, B L Mr. Arnold has spent vary many
years in traveling through Europe, Asia aud Africa,
and has recently returned from an t?tmuivo tour
through South America and tho West India Islands.
Mr. Arnold has had abundant opportunity to oo
servo the governments, institutions, nommerce aud
manufacture* of other nations, and we doubt not
he will greatly grati'y tho audience. Mr. Arnold
baa hiiidly consented, at a few days' notice, to un?
dertake tbe important duty, and baa placed t ie
American Institute under obligations for bis polite?
Colombia College.?The Commencem-mt E.t
ercises of this institution will be held in the Eighth
at. Church, head of La Fayotca pUoa, oa Tuesday,
tho titli inst commencing at 1u o clock.
|2r~ Carlos TJ. Stuart will commence hi*new
one-cent papor in this City on the 11th inst It
will be independent in Politics and in everything
else and devoted to News, especially of the City.
It will take a hi^h rank among penny paper*, and
we preoict for it a derided success.
For Africa.?The baik Edgar cleared on 3it
urdsy last for Liberia, but did not get offuuttl yo*.
terdev. Ex-f-fovernor Pinney publishes tiie fallow?
ing cord in reference to tho ship and her passen
Colonization Office, New-York, Oci 2 185?.
Vr u w II' lie glad to hoar lb*l tne txpeolnon for Lloe la,
per bark Kdgsr, Capt Jemen P Klii?r Hoed ont Oy tlie O no
i.i.-ailon Society of tola Stale, hai ihl? moroiog set tall for
There baa been an unexpected dolav In ber departure
ilnce ber cutli,m houae clearance on Haturdav, hm we
irun thul even fioru th?t eveui advantage will arlae. Tne
! Edgar Is expected. If a prosperous vo: age Is male, to re?
nn c io Ihts port before lb' closeof January. Th* e-nlgraai
1 11?' comprise ihlrly-iwo names, lnclo,:log DaMel Willtauia'
? fimllyof twelve from Nawhern, Nonn Carollua, all In
' kooo beaiih, e.vcept bis wile. who la quite feeule j Bar-la
Lewis, fsmlly of four from VV llli.mslmrtrh ; Ds/tJ Benson
rii.il wife, from Boston ; Win, J'mes *nd wife, Pblladelpala;
V. m VV blie and child. Mulone, N 7.
The renualnlr g twelve were m<i?ily ilngle men In the
? prime of ,|fe. May their lillueLce air-ngiben all tbit Is
?' good in Liberia.' Prom p eseM Itdl^ailen?, wemiTeatl
ci|-aie even a larger con pany If tbe Uoci-iiy feels a ;le 11.11
oui aco her expedition when tbe Ed.ar returns
A Fast Sloop ?The Boston Journal of Monday
1 acknowledge* the reception of a Now-York paper
ten hours in advance of ths mail. It wai brought
: from New-York to Provideaco by the sloop Freder
j ick Brown, Capt. Gardner, of Bowon'i lina of
? Pmvidence and New York packets, which nude
! the passage in seventeen hours ; and leaving oq
Sunday, when there is no Jttsmboat or Railroad
accomma-'ation between the two cities, anticipated
the mail by ?everai coun
I5P In the notice of the arreat for grand larceny
of Wm. Jone* and Henry Anderson, in ye?terd*y'?
paper, officer* Bedell and Kain should have bad the
credit of making the arrest, as we understand, in'
stead of the t dicers named in the article.
Mb. and Mme. Hilly er's Concert.? The first
Grand Concert of Mr. and Mme. Hii.lyer will be
given at the Tabernacle to-night. The programme
contains a very attractive selection of favorite ope.
ratic airs, among which we notice ,: Vndit-eity'
Lorn JtoU/t le Uiabie, an aria from / Furatani, the
popular son?, "Proudly and Wioe," from Fra Di
I arolo, and ?? France, I adore thee," from La Fuiedn
! Regimen/. Tbe Orchestra will gi/e ih<.- overture!
! to Dei Freisch?tz and Masantello, and Messrs.
Henri and Jules Schumacher two choice duett* for
1 piano forte ai.d violin.
Sales Real Estate ur Adrian H. Miller,
'? Oct 2 ?1 lot northerly side 8ixteenth-*t between
Fiut and 8eeond avenues, 25x^2, ?2,100.
* ? LJ
13^ Tro extensive sale of choue Grden Hou?a
Plants will commerce tola moining ?! tOj o'clock, at the
Auc Jon Bocro, 7 Wall ?:. They we in excellent conlllton
for parlcra or conservitorle*.
gg' Gen PiTER 8ken Smith, of Philadelphia,
informs all the world and 'tba rest of mankind'
that henceforth he will act with tbe wbited sepul
eher Democracy. We rejoice at this. Peter wa*
one of the father* of pro*criptive Nativl*m, and, a*
that died out, he wriggled into co-party Tayloriam.
He tried bard t get appointed Collector of Phil*
delpbia, but Old Zack'? knowledge of men wae too
j good for bim. He ba* fir ally gone where he natu"
rally belong*, and we trust those be ba* joined will
give him ?onetbftg-or at least tbe bopeof *ome
I thiEg-?o a* to keep him in 'hi* own place, ae
' isn't wantedei?ewhere.
?rare of B??a., ^ iMSSTJHF*
Hortlcs-.-Changes, fcc P s??-*m?Old
U ft probably impossiblsto state the exact da#
or even y*r in which the "first omnibaa" wac
started in this City The change from old mai?
coaches to tbe side-seated stage was gradual and
slow, acd little certainty exists prior to 1622 as la?
the movement. Bat the original cause of the es?
tablishment of City Accommodation Coaches !ss
found in the sudden migration of the headquarters
of businers from Wail st. and the First Ward gea
sraliy to the village of Greenwich, caused by tha
Yellow Fever pestilence of 1919 and 1883. In the)
'atter jear the plague appeared in July in I tec tor?
si- near Greenwich. Non intercourse was the*
method then in vogue for treating epide mice, an J
early in August the Board of Health ordered a re
moval or the population of the infected district, and?
all that part rf the City f^ora OarHsla and Thame?
sts. to the Battery, west of Broadway, was fenced
in and declared " dargerous." The North Rlva*
beats landed their pusengsrs a; the " North Bat?
tery," foot of Beach at; the Post Office and Ous>
torn House wore rem wed to Asylum st (noar thea
jucctior of Christopher and Fourth sts;) a majori?
ty of the Banks and insurance Companies fled tot
Greenwich, and ctbars went up Broadway above.
Grand st. The principal traders went with thej
Barks aid Custom House, aod in a brief period
Greenwich became in fact New York The effect
of this sudden settlement was of our:e favorable!
to permanent location there, and a large papula,
lion accumulated The beau?y and salubrity of tha
place were sufficient to induce tbou?anda of ,-iti?
zena to fix their resiliences there, (and tbis, by the.
way, is tbe reason why the streets in that viciniiv
aro at all sorts of relations with the regular survey.)
Between Greenwich and "downtown," as weeil*
it, there was then a mile or more which was lif'a
short of a "howling wilderness." The site ol
Canal st was occupied by a lazy stream of wars'
from the fresh pond at the now Five Points, and it
tbe junction of Canal-st and Broadway was a bridge*
For a considerable period the Greenwlsh stage*;
charged a fare of 25 conts; they started hourly
and then half hourly from the corner of Broad and]
Wall-its. After the fever had gone, and business
reiunied its old station, they had plenty of oustotn.
The Orst Broadway " Omnibus ' rropor, we b?.
lieve was started by William Niblo, who kept tha
Bank Coffee House, corner of William aad Pin?
streets. Mr. Niblo had a place above Klpp's Bay,
near the 8hot Tower, where he kopt Summet
boarders, and for their convenience he started this,
coach. It was called the "Lady Clinton;" wast
built more like an Omnibus than any which had!
then appeared ; the doers, of which there were two*,
were on the*sides, between tbo wheels, and tha
wheels were covered with broad dashboards, si
that ladies'dresses might be secure from mud in
getting in and out. Tois stage suggested the ido*
of another, and in a short time Thos. Wintringhamt
Henry Kipp and Asa Hal! introduced the new st;l?
of coaches on the Greenwich route; Abram Browo
started the idea of a regular line through Broad!
way; the faro was fixed at a shilling; people found
they could live in the open and healthy district*
near the head of Broadway, and at the same tim?
do business In Wall st. and thus the Omnibus sys.
tem was established as a regular matter of bust,
ness, about tbe year 1826 or '27.
From the records in the Archives of the Cor.
poratlon as far back as 1832, and from souroes of
the first authority, we gather some interesting
items, many of which will be now to the present
In 1832-3 Hiram Kipp, an old veteran in tha
atago business, took out licenses for nlno stages ta
run from the corner of Charles and Hudsou-st*
through Hudson and Canal-si and Broadway to
the corner of Wall and Nattttu?the presou"'
Custom House. It was then tho faihiin to desig*
nato each stage by a name. Kipp had the 1 Gin"
deralia," "PbeotAx," "White Lady," "Relief,''.
'?New-York," ' Venus," "?traoger," " Whita
Eagle," oco. /
Asa Hall in this year ran ten stages over tha
same route. They all bore tho names of states?
men or warriors, viz : "D D. Tompkins," "Gen?
Jacltson," " Uarquls La Fayette," " Comoio'dore
Porter," "Com Perry," " Gen. MoOonib," "Gcn^
Washington," " Com. Decatur," " Baron Bteuben,*
"James Madison." Thcro were some four-horsa
stages, but not many.
James Dickensoii had live ntagos on the tamer
(Greenwich) route, "Napoleon," " Iudependenoe,"
" Last of the Mohicans," Ac.
It wai usual in these days to employ "oads/'
boys who rode on the step, called to passeoger,,
f?nd collected faro. We are assured that more than
one of our present wealthy Omnibus proprietors:
was employed in this capacity. Tho " Cad" syf.
j tem went out of use about twelve years ago. It 1st
still in use throughout Germauy, France an<l
In tbe year which we are considering, Abram
Brower and Evan Jones (not in ompany, we ba.
lieve,) employed a line of 8tsges from the corner of
Broadway and Bleeckerst. to corner of Wall and
William (the Eaebange) They had the "Ben
Franklin," "Minerva," "Broadway Ornnibus,".
"Forget-Me-Nor," "Lady of tho Lake," "Lady
Waihington," "G*n. Morton," "Good Intent,''
"De Witt Clinton," "La Fayette," " Gen. Vau
Bensselaer. '
Andrew Colvin had a stage, tho " Lady Clin,
ton," on the same route.
On tho East side, stages had begun to visit tha
Dry Dock. William Merritt and Saml. Androwst
were the principal owners. They ran tbe "Trua
Blue," "Comet," "Manhattan," "Patnam," &o.
<5cc. from Dry Dock through Houston, Colombia
Grand, Bowery, Chatham, Broadway and Wall-st*
to 123 Water St.?tho Auction Hotel.
John A. Carr, Joseph Curtis, and Michael Gor
f man bad several stages on this Dry Dock line.
Lewis Beach ran two stages from corner of
! Third st. and Boweiy to the Exchange in Wal -st
They were tbe ' Paragon" and the " Tom Thumb.'*
Job Griffin ventured the farthest from civiliza?
tion ; he ran a four horse stage?the " Henry Eck
fold"?up 8ixth add Eighth avs. to Twenty first-stj
a region then for the most part as wild at a West
em prairie.
The whole number of stages licensed from Msy,
I 1832, to May, 1433, was only 80 ? and we believa
this nambtr included several old fashioned stages*
which ran to Harlem, White Plains, *o.
In 1633-4 the number of stsges reached a hon
dred. Tbe first of the present Knickerbocker Lina
wssgot up by John Grey.whostsrted "Grey s Line,
No 1? and the " fied Hover." bam the Bleecker.
,t. House down BleeAer and Broadway to Waif
st. On the some route, George W. Human (stnea
well known in the Waverley W?*?
-the " Merchant ? and the "New York.
w .a .onaars in the ownership of two?
'^c'll?is?bepard ran the fimr-borte stage - Gid
Leo "from the Backt.ora Tavern in 8rosd?ray,
leu Twr.x,tj first st to Wsll st down Broad .
E P Bowel! ran three stages down (hi B rjr
ftotv Fou/tfc-ar. to Hii-ovoi square
Tbe<-e w . o e;*jU sieges Oi. in- lint whi :!i ; >a

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