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N -v'r''' ?"' ",(.at portion of the OUy
Tola oily em_ !!|; ? D tha old
h o tub J (a/vMirl fO Eiabty-alsth sts be*
' the J-rNi?ct*et?-h Ward. The wh?j# popa*
''^ i , r. riv .po ii '-st. io 1840 was 1 l,f~.7?.
o'clock on Tuesday cvt-ido? t'-ie beautiful E^iae
0/ y^nk/in Company of Philadelphia w*? drawn
'join Fr-coh* Hotel, where it stood duiin? ?he day
by 42 Empire Co. to their honse in Murray-st.?
There the guest* wero received with nine hearty
cheers. Soon alter a regular m-ieuog of the Com
psny was held in the upper roows of the machine
bouce, Foreman 11. Cokkell White in tho Ch.tr,
Mr, White said bo a?u the Company fel extremely
happy to meet with thoir fellow firemen in this
rocm. i'< ut before entering upon this question he
was bound to explain an error wiiioh had produced
aii orcuirence that never before bad oeen heard Of
amor g the Nn?e-York Firemen. He spoke of the
fact that their respected quests bad not been re?
ceived at their arrival with sll the ho-ors due to
Od BuLosy last be had seen by the pablic press
that Franklin Company wnaexpeeiod toooui^ Lore,
but no other ofikiel communication bad b n re
ct ivtd. At a meeting vi too fo-emon of the di.Tor
fi re;.r Companies be mentioned tho fact ani a Hod
ti ?i Kp pire 42 wmiM he glad to receive Fr-inhlin
as ihr-ir guests. Hut it was held toat thoso C ira
pa i??,'o.wbrin the oivjlitie* del hospitalities or
Philadelphia bad been tendered before, or who in.
tendi d to pv friere en an early day were better en
lith cl to lolfi 1 this agreeable duty. How great was
his ?atornahnient when, in the afternoon, he was in*
foiined ibfit ' heir Pri'adeipbia friends were not re"
ceiv.-d by any Company, fie would not ac ;u40 or j
bltuienLy oiher Company, and he bclievid 5hat j
seme error er roit understanding was the cause i
but b?, as forernau of Iii. felt it his duly to etil upon J
the members to remedy whateverhad brenooitted
and they had most willingly responded to the oall.
He hoped thai the Franklin Company would bo
satisfied with this explanation, snd also accept too
cfier now tendered to them wi*h the open heart o/
a New Yorkiirewau. Whatever they could do to
make their stay agreeable would be done. Mr
Talley, Ihe Marshal, answered for bis Philadol.
phis, brotbe ? in a very happy maaner. It wat
thou resolved tj visit Brooklyn the next morning
With their engines io cooiioqurnce of an invitation
received from Companies 3 and 14. After some
appropria'e fpeeches of Capt Renders and Mr
Mabbitt, c-x-fureoian of 42, tho Company proceeded
to the house (f the Chief Engineer in Mutt st ?
Tho Philadelphia Band (Mr Becks, leader,) played
some line piece*. Mr Carr u appeared a*ter?orti3
minutes on iho windo w, in full tireruau'* dross, ll'
Was about 2 o'c ook, A VI.) and expressed his aim
cere thanha to the aaaennly. Tlioy then rolurn?d
to Murray-st. where both Companies were oi*.
BT Wo are sorry to hear that William C.
O'Oonnell, the bravo young mau who aavod tho
Jives of three persona at the Pacilio'* pier on eiatur.
dty )a?t, was seriously injured during hi* ell'irrs by
a pieoe of timber, which bruised his arm and side
bad y Th's circum.itanco, md the fact that ho ha*
a widowed mother to eupport at h's residence, 213
Avenue D, ought to be good roasons for those in.
ttreited in the matter to ate that he ree-iivei nli
netsiary assistance.
A Baud Case?A sailor named William P!a*e
came to the City Hospital on Wednesday morning
ho having broke his arm on the fllh of September'
1H8, while on biard of the ship Anna Maria, Ca^t
Asgood, of ?alem, Mass, while lying at Priuoo lid.
ward s Island, near tho Straits of Malacca, on the
M?)lay coast, who left Plaoe iu the hospital there*
witheut a diachnrge or any provision for him, a'so
carryh g h s clothe*, leaving him na?ed, siok ai.d
destitute in that far off land. But the worst is not
told. Fhe broken bouo of the upper arm broheu
in the oenter square oil' ha*, by negleot. failed
to unite, having bea'ed up soundly, so that too
arm will turn any way iu a mmmur m.?st fright
ful to behold without pain to the owner. Tai* is
one of the most remarkable cases of the hin inn 1
record. An attempt will bo made to unite the j
bone* under the direction of the aurgeous of the j
boa, ital. Oapv Asgood is now absent in the auip i
Valparaiso, ou a voyage to Oalii'oruia. Mr. Bruwa>
the owner of the Anua Maria, resides in thl* City '
A suit for damages and wages is about boiug oom. j
Body Found.?Tho body of a drowned mm was j
picked up ytsterday moruing at the Uurantiuo ;
gtound, 8 1 by Mr. Paul Cornell and D MoOI.-nan
It ia no doubt tho. body of the person who commit- |
ttd suicide by thrrowing himself through ihe privy
teat of the steamboat di?ten Isl?nder, last week
Be baa black enssimere j'ants, biack cloth vest, !
? iblit bail a^d ho whisker*.
Another Trial Trip?The maehinory of tho
ateaaikbip Columbia, (low lying tit: tho Novelty .
Wotks,) ia nearly completed, and ah will make
ler trial trip thia moruing. Tno Columbia is a
slauneh builtvieIC1, md she is iultudad for a U.S. j
Mail steamer ou the Paoi?o coast.
Extra Trains ?Tho New Jersey Railroad Go.
announce at the usual hour, extra trains on the
evening* of Thursday and Friday of hia week, ou
account -1' tho Fair of the American Institute now
open at Caaile Harden.
Tho following property was found adoat at
daybreak yesttrday morning in tho North tlivor,
by C. (lurrkcr and P. Hogaa, two Whitehall boat?
men -. The uil'rail and daviea of a arxiall vessel with
a yawl attacbeo, about lu feet long painted green
outside ana Uad color inaide, with the name of J.
Dotnelly of N. Y. marked on her atom; alao a
sniali trunk el elotbiug, the trunk marked J. F. wiih
brats Ltii'.i on the top.
Bf' A gectlomao named Joseph ChamberliD
h^i's in Poarl it ctvt ??ith a painful accident on
Tuesday afterttiOD, on the comer of Futtun-at. and
Broad*ay. 11 o was atteio >ii...; tj erms F..lcou at
anu ?ort fco g0t ?alt1 way became complat?ly sar.
roun.iedbj vehickt, and while trying :. a.-oid ha
h>g rui, 0v?r, hd ?ttl aip'e-d to jump u j >n a truck
and loairjg his foothold, fell, and una ol hit lo-j?l:p.
Ding thruuyb thaapokot of too wheel, his tfci^n wax
uuuntly UsWcattd and tho ancle bonofraeiurod.
as^'u-^11 Toe8d?y morning an old woman, aamod
Mary Kiliott, wa* dreadiu ly injured by nointr ran
ovrr by an onu.it>u*, wmio erorsing Onatoam
?quare. Her tbigh fra..lUrod, and she Wit* ,
conveyed to the City H,npitsJ.
nPC eAo (?WT " Wa"led " ft? Olli Je of tha j
Chit-1 of Police, fur an orange colored anawl wh eh !
was recently Iuun4 at Caatle tiard-n Inuniraof !
Mr. MeKehar.bcad Citrk. xu^aueol.
arri3t for 8rABDlNa A WoiItS ?Olli'* ? ^
DowdiAn of the Sixth \Vard ye?terlay arwated 1
a woman named M?tii,U Green, ou a. char?Qv 0f i
stabbing tue? Sarah WaIlatie, ro?i?iug iu Cnsaa-at I
in tho n.cu.h, ?overii g ehe tomjue nearly off aui '
cutting herlaoe h.-rribly. Tos IMf Ootjarred ou 1
the door steo of a grocery, ooraer of Mulberry an i
Cross st*. The woman was taken to the Hoani
tu1, acd the .aucus-.-d ?as eommitto I yj J ?g.\\
borne to tho Tomb* L t :5aiuio*tion
E.YCTJBaior?.?The "Herrbj 8alatnander Safe
Onardf," Cppt. V ykhs, tu'ned m* on a tsrgdt ex
rn'hion jes'erHsy, to Harlem. After riddling t'ioir
firpet, th?y iat down to a sumptuous dinner at
Jurisons. during which tbt> prizes wore deolaredi
atid speeches wstce b> Mes.rs Herring, aud H. J
Rejntpnd of ihe Courier. Toe Honing GdiiJs
? ? tt Her 65 niviietr, and are a fine company. The
r< "o? ii i' it a liet of t^o prizes :
/tret Prize...,.,..Butt of C oth?e.Mr. Aiialre.
rWiLt Pi'/e."i.ver W*ifh. ,.Ur. Lldeeier.
Thirn Pri/-. .Prize Musket.MrL'udeley.
Piunh ft.i'. On d F!?u.Mr. Boater.
F.f h P'i7h. U>'a ?nctl.Mr. Hamtlmn.
n~x.ii fiiz.Five t)..,il?r Iis!.Mr '.V,uini.
H vt-r r-Pr e... .F.-f E?.'->.Mr. H?nn?m*e
rfb'b Hi lie.<!' palrof Boon.Mr. T-mbroke,
NiLih Piize.T.'eTa'gei.Mr. Wel-oaa.
Target ExcoRstoN.?The Matthew T. Brennm
(inures. (65 Baskets ) rommardcii by Ospt Ohas.
Gordon, passed our office yesterday afternoon, on
thtir letorn from a target excursion to Mount Nor
ri??Vau Nostrand's. They presetted a due mili"
tary appearance, bigh'y creditable tojlheir com
mar.dtr end to themselves. The first prize of an
elegant silver enp, was accorded to Oapt. Gordon,
?the second, of the same, to James Glass. The
Ibirdj of a gold pencil, to James Costeilo. The
fourth, toNfpnlson Wooidrdge j the fifth, to Hugh
Bheartn, snd the sixth to Charles Adams. Tbey
were accompanied by Mother's nsw band, which
rlisconrsed fine music.
Target Excursion.?The Tenth Ward Miller
Assocoialion, 8 newly '-.rmed target :ompaoy, no n.
h r'ng 50 muskets, John La'or, Captain, made
their first appeHrrnoe yesterday morning, and at 9
o'clock prci-eeded to the Red House for targe: prac?
tice. The compar y is named after Ez-Azsisttn*
Alderman Miller of the Tenth Ward, and is com?
posed entirely of yourg men.
Excursion To Day ?The Ninth Regiment,Col.
Eerri", goon tin excursion to day to Biddle's G: ;ve,
of moonl gbt memory. The steamer leaves the
foot of Fif'h st. ai 9J o'clock; a 'arge n?mberof
goe'ts will accompany the corps.
Sixteenth Wahd Mission Sabbath School,
(in Eight eerth-st. near Eighthaven?e,?Taia
School, we are informed, was commenced ab >u'
two moatbs since under the auspices of severs
ladies an., gentlemen of difhirent denominations j
for the purpose of blinking onder the infloeoce of
religious instruction the children and you'll of the
Ward, who but for this agency would be loft to
grow up in vico. For tbe short time it hai been ]
in operation, this association hes dono wonders in j
ameliorating the condition of those unhappy coil
dren Nooneean visit the school rooms and wit- j
sees their orderly ?.poesrancp, their neatness and j
good behavior as cor.tre.eted with their former con
di icn, without being at onco favorably impreasod
with the effort or tbo fo-v ?e'f doDyto? per iouh
who have undertaken this woik. But tilts under?
taking requireu means to sustain it?money to pay
tbe rent of iho ? hool room, with fuel to warm it?
clothing to keep the children oomfortable during :
the inclement season just approaching, and hook*
to snstain the interest of the children in the -i '.hool
All donations in money, books and o'.otbing may |
be sei.t to the superintendent, Mr. J. D.Td'-ssley, j
Mil West Sixteenth st; to the Treasurer, Mr. 13.
M. Fow'er. 84 West Seventeenth at. or to Mrs.
Brown, Ftmale Superintendent, 09 Bank-st.
The Nsw- Version Question.?The first annual i
? meeting of the "American Bible Union' will be !
held in the Baptist Taberuaelo, Muiborry.st this |
afternoon and evening. The afternoon meeting
will commence at 3 and the evening at 7 o'clock ?
The speekrrs announced are Rev. Stephen Horn
iigton cf this City, Prof. Eaton of Mad-son Univer.
si'y, Elder Alexander Campbell, President of Beth
amy Cuilege, and others. The gsueral interesj
awakened in the proceedings last 8pring will no
donbt impel u Isrge attendance on this occasion,
Bohghese?We learn, from a very reliable
source, that there is no trulh whatever in tha ru- I
mir that Mdlle. Bori.hese had retired to a Cana?
dian Convent, and intended taking tbo veil. The j
vtori 'a vanities and ?exatioi s are still free to her.
_^_, I
Education?Closing Schools.?At the meet.
Ii g of the Board of Eoucalion, on Tuesday, tbe Fi
nsi ce Committee on the tnbject of the genoral i
:: ? ? ?; of the Board reported that the balance in
the t easuiy at this time is *7,'J00 ; of this, bow
ever, a little ii ( re than $t>,000 is enjoined by the
Orphnn Atylom; consequently, there is not at
present more than $1,000 for the purposes of tae
Board. Tho Teachers' salaries amount to $'.1,450,
about 11,?.00 more than is in the treasury. It con?
cludes by stating that it is a question for the Board
to detetmine whether the warrants oan be dra wn
lor tko Teachers for the past month or not, or '
Whether it is incumbent to borrow too money Or
leave it to take its course, Hod our Tea he's wait i
nidi the Orphan Asylum sees tit to release the
fui i!s lor their use, wbioh they cow hold.
Coriide-Kble discussion fol owed the readh.g of i
this lie port.
Mr. Seabury moved as an amendment that tho
ti at hers be suspended and the school* closed until .
tl ; Board w at. able to resume opoi atiocs.
Mr. Halsey objected.
Mr. Baybs, Chairman of theC inmittee. defend?
ed the report, and said it suggests oiauy ways by
v> l.ii b the dillicuity can be met. Tbo ct o at la *
is tot jet decided. If the claims of the orphan tiy
li u s were sustained, then the Board wooio-nave
to appropriate iti.OOO more than they hnvo got in
their treasury. The objeot in closing the schools
vt as not to throw odium on the orphan sob ?1?, bat
to see bow they were to reosive $*iQ0? Wbioh h*J
been ignorantly appropriated. The discussion was
Icrther sustained, but the general opinion was op?
posed to tbe policy of c osii.g tho schools in tno
city. Many were glad that this question had aria
en, as it wou:d direct public attention to toe sub?
ject, and show tho position in which tbey were
Judge Greenwood, who had e.itored the r.ssenj
bj sometime after tho debate bad commenced,
rose and said that this was a maitar of sur iHse to
him. He had no hesitation iu saying that this was
nut a debateabie questt n, a:.d Utaf it would bn
bigbiy leprehecsibio on the part of the board to
close tbe public schools of the city. It would bo
the mean* of throwing thousands of children into
the streets to become idle vagrarns, whore they
vteuk soon become initiated iu vice end crime. He
thought that tbe report teemed an exhibition of
feeling nooro than of judgment, and he hoped that
ro gentleman would allow his bctrer judgmont to
bo n fluei ced by such a c; urse. After stating the
p.-^bable consequences of the lejal proceedings iu
rejut on to the mandamus obtained against them,
he concluded by voting against the report and re?
commending the Board to obtain money oa their
toi d credit, ii they felt necessitate :.
Dr. Thome offered a resolution tn?t so m;toh of j
the lleport as related to tbe cl-aing of pjoho
Behl eis in tho City, bo rdum d to a Special Cjui
in.ttte i t'oi e person from each District, to *nt v, i;h i
the Cotuariitco cn t'utinco and re;.a: ;ho ttoxt |
meeting. In tho meau timo he was in 'n^or of
giving tho Committee poorer to .-aLjj oi^tioy for j
leapaiment of tho outstanding liabilities. Tuis j
*aa lioaiiy adopted. Bi.&ru a journad to tho 1st I
MoLcny in November.
Tempep.akce Uixtino?A Pemperanco m?et- '
irgwillbe held this evening in ilia H*li cj.-uer
Fulton and Concord sts. when Col. Snow and Geo. j
Hajdock will deliver addresses, ttking a national
view of tho subject of Temperance.
BP We learn tb*\t 3*mcel Hictt, Eiq. Nav^I
Coiiitructor at this statten, bat b^cu ordered to
PoitsOjcutb, N. H. to take ehs.-ga of the public
woris at the Navy Y?:d at that place. M.-. H. is
oio of tie c-lcVst Constructors in the N.-tvy, aal
many ol our vessc'a ?ro uioi.u.n.>itj cf h s skilL
Bdijaotin Delano, Etq will probably bo hii sa>
341 Gr.'d-gt r.nd stole soeas silver spoons, knir?.*
ar.d other article*.
Ar-out the i>me time some ?poona and r.th*r
articles were stolen from the premises of fl- Hs'e,
f?o. 12 Joraleormn *L
A bonse go the Flatbaah road, near Raymond at.
was ertered on Tuesday morLbg Hy some t^i if,
and two eo'd watchf* and other articles ?tolen
lioHNlfic Star Lodge, I. O. 0. F?This ae-*
Ledge Via- instituted on Monday evening, and offl.
cers irstal'ed in dan form. Af'.er completing the
customary business of the Lodge, tho members a !?
joomed to he hi us. of Bro her Holdbrook, where
an ample collation was ready. Addresses an!
scrps added to the cheerfulness of the onter ain
meet, until ibe hear of retirement came, when the
rrembrrs retun.e^ to their resider^** *r>ll plena 1
with the. festivity, and the prospect of b'jh pros?
perity (or the your g Ledge. *
The r flicera installed were John Hesler. N. 3.;
.loseph T. Miller. V. 0.; John W Hvght, Raoird
irg Se-retary ; Peter Lespeness, Permanent S:
rretary George Long street, Tieaturer.
Court of Otfr and Termlver-B i'nre Jadgo
Ee'rarrdi and Aid Bmltb anl Chapman ?In the of
John Sutler, b.ou*ht up on Habeas C.rpuito he balled,
the Judge laid he had Ic Aed Into ibe matter, and read Iba
lesiimor.f on die trial r-f Charlt-s Builj.\ and he baa eome
10 it> conrluilcn that the rWerjdaM ah u.d n,it bo ad-ntu-i
to i R'l Ttie leallm -t j la very c't tr ;h?i Cbariea and John
werej ln'Iy etgajed iapts?iog a v.-ry Isrga h?trh of *l
te;od and ct unietfeit aotay?and there la no doubt, *op?r
ently, of Its being a c*ae In which bail should cot bs al
ion ed
In lesprci to ihe trlr.l of Saroasl Dnry and Simno! D-.i
ry, Jr. ltd eied as to couDl.if-1. .noner. 11? District V lor
rev laid he c u d tot go to trial n?!r ? to the a^i^a :-' of
J> nktr a. en* r f tr=i wbnerse?, who la In PhiM-lohla?nod
a'a,? of a witness turned L i B?ron C ir.si lerable
i s?!d In reenrd tr, Iba rrattT hy c^unse' fjr ? e'en- and re
1 piled to. 7hs for.-por inado a u.oli >u foi the dlsclur: a of
; Ihe parties, bat the Court sad It hid no authority to dlt
char^e. exrept on motion of ine District A l >rr>ey. Tue
AUortey-Oro'rr.l ,.loue ha? Dowe- of nis r-?u volition. t,>
! dlicbs.Tp-3 Mi-ft's Grabsmand McK-on aald they would
: be willing; to abide hv t.--e direction of Ibe Court, whlea,
; bo* e-.er. laid It rru'd rot take a: v responsibility 'bat did
; rci hrloojr to It. The Cooit :': niiy r,ii-re t tne* hall t > be
di'Charg-J, and Ihe defendants to elite, tie'.r own reo'g
i ni/.*cce.
Jamtt T. 11 ?riiwas bronghi up on a w;|t of Hainas
i Coipes f> r elichR'pe H=? hid been commuted oa
crnpklM of thlU'ideo, Bess it Co. 73 Br irl
I way. fft oblalr.lrjr from ibenj ihr'e pieces of black i"iik,
?s? ortii ?;f!9 . tvhirb hf cansej them to seed to the sure if
1 rhsde). Peamil fc Co. fron wh'c1! ihr 7 wera aflerivtr .Is
drown by an order slpnnd CbHI?r<lon, Bliss Si Ci per
Wklapr. TLe laid goo's, tl Is allied, ?vere oht?la?^ uy
drf-i dant eni^r'n.' the alo o < I couniiaiLints ""Dd am:<v If
' thpy wem >n ihe habit of deailcg ?vl.h U.P i C > aiJ ou
bi'ng Inf.'rmed In th?- Bfiirimtlvc, aelecled Ibe irools In
question and ordared ,hem to Im seni to ibe store of CT. t. It
Co wblihtle^ were, and charges' 10 ibut lirnj.
Tboridnr oa wllcb lh6v n are subse^uaully ojialQjd
from 17. P. It Co. * ai ai follows:
" Genllfinen 1 T p%s>j seed hv h?nrer Ihn Ihree pl^cia of
silk left at your bouse is o,p pn rtsser? ?m InerAatwant
of ibtiu lo-nigui. CBITTSNDE S, BLISS ai CO,
P^ir Wtiker."
No pr-rson r arreri U'aik-*r wac nmployod ih.To.
Tbe yooria, weh^!l?.vp. wern tf or??..r '* recovnrpd.
Mr Itussnll, on behalf 0.' lh? application conlendftd tbal ;
It Is no; a rase of fa sc pretenses, as ibal la defined to be
obtalniDf; credit under false ptelensea, and 'h^ most that
can he satd of ibis CAie, and th?re s-e English auib 1 Ittes 1
to susuln It. lathal It la a ln>, whlrh la col Indictable. Ha
offered aretimer.1 on ihj pnlnt wbb^b waa r'-plled 13 bv ibe
DUlrlct Anorr^y, wlio al?le^ ibat ihere vri>ro otb^r |,jla>,
b*sldp? false praienies Involved In Ihe mailer.
The application was den'ed.
U. S District Court?Before J.idgo Bet's.?
The Jnry In t^a case o?" Kf'ward Ka^an "'?d for lircen^,
In Helling a qi'ntltynf sov: ,elgna md half tovere'gus
from t frllow pasifrger on beard ihe chip vv4!eriaf, f.)un,|
blm gDl't<, ano be *ras sen'en'ieT tc pay a fV..e of 8*9 au I
h? lmprlnoned six rnoLtha. Tbp mon<7 recovered w\t 0'
d?r?d 10 he jriven up 10 th? par.y from whom II wi< tuer
Joseph Newman, c?n?lcita of fiatldaien ly obmi'dng
Iftlprs from the Toal Office, end wto h?g fieon In pns ia
siren May'asL vna sett-Dced, after an idinoclllon from
lie Jadgs to '.mprlsonmerl 'or s'x moi;tus.
Court ok Svssishs ?Before Judge Johnson and
Jusilces UllUweli and Corielyeti.? The Court opsued yes
The fol'owln? sro ihe r.ai^e* of Ihe flruori Jarot* sworn
In: John Led a */, Korpman | Qp.irge Lttt'e, A'm Jp*nrer,
Lfvl D.rnee, FtBDto.i. Bebe?, hrawster Valsnttne. J isr-T
Corning, Jsrnes Sheldon, Warren Rlc uond, Q-a P.
th.lds. Am-s Madden. Ell?ha IV B?llev, y?i.tD -i
Flelcber, Danlfl Bedell, A T flar.d J. J Btudwell ?Vji.
Jar.kson ?nd M H T^rry.
Judge J<hn?m ihei. cbar((ed them lu relation to thi
dnltea which ibey werec?llrdon to perform,audespecially
dl e< ift ir->lr aoetllou 10 >h? nil'- erou? burgl*'!- ? -?Uico
have recently lak- n ,,:?re lo ihia dry; ih > iep? u^d v >ia
ItOD of ihe laws ri-l?ilr.g to usury and ihe vend tog Of hitter*
tickets; r 1 1 the llln-vi IraptlsoLinent of r>irsorn wli 1
sera 10 ihe County j.j bi .h-< Jusiicas 1, wltootit com
in iiLPLts They iheu reilred f-"in ihi C lUrt, an I h r"eiit
Jury enit aneled for Llie tr.al of a boy named Oaorge
Mm Lt. fat buic'aiy In ire tbtrri dn^'e?, f ,r breaking In >
the store of'/i<-h A Cralg, la -Vlillaioiburjjb, 0? ibn night
of Ihe Iii of August acd a.eallng therefrom a i->x of 1:1 gar?,
valued al |5.
' ' " A true riiyriblican lnolts with aympa
thetic ir.tT'it upon a^l cla.'fcs of moo rhu earn
their bread by tbe sweat of tha brow; but of course
there muse be vocations fur which one ha* a par?
ticular regard, and Wo confess that among thaaa
wo know of ne::e mors important, mr of a clasi
more general y uielul, intelligent, tad at thA niua
time nnfortuniic, tbar. that of P:inters. FrOi? a
long daily and constant association wii? thorn, we
have learned to look on them us one Urge family?
nervous, joviai, ihougb'.fui, witty, bilious, poor,
prcuo, wiggling talkative?in relation to whom
we stand aa a sort of half-brother, or second c iu*in
on a long visit to them. Tue-re t,h>y fitand at tbsir
o*stn? breathing machines, magcaJ automMH?
dptjur rreotyii g, a* it wero, the paaiio^ acane* o''
life's changeful panorama,sending ?o-n inw tie
wuld the world's biatory of itself, with inch a 3 ?n
erally cceor&to minutene**, aoeh order an I puno
tuahty, tbut the unadvised world conoetve, if in- j
deed they think any thing about their benefa tor*, 1
that the toil is net only easy but am'ainj? the I
printer ha? such a lino chnnca to g^t the iir't ;
Favored race ! tho averni,e duration of a p i t '
er'i life is estimated at twenty-bi^.ht year* I Agroe- '
able aid healthy nrist be the oooMpation that has
auch an cli'ect upon the ?y?tt-m. A printer!* hcor- I
ally a gaiVey-ilave, though he i* nominally jaid for
his la'iors. What amotnt of w?ges w' I orruTi
n te him for the !or* of proper esoroisP, pu'o iir !
ai .1 leaaonsbie (ilce|j ? ?ow majh gild w?l pu -f e ?'
Ihe load from hi* system 1 What ecttitic anjoy- j
rnmt \s there in hia emplnymant wri-h, in t':e j
riurd of ld< abbreviated year*,will compensate !
him for the year* ho i* deprived of I rf-3 lootca ip in
the fairvhjtatif a ?? ha4vy old age'' at Mnu ?/,.*-. !
cd the )*nd hf promise?a vision of beau'.' u-,5 !iii j
fortune to re&'lze.
We really think that if th< re is any?itng w-u ih
sn a,-;e el iLteJlij.-ence like this ha* to rapros 1 it
self t? ith, it is ii? neglect of rbo p.-intem, to view of
their scanty rewards and their bopel **,refu :eleas, j
unhealthy drudgery. Emp?y pr<i?-s maybe b8- 1
ftotaet! upon them by sbmo artful, political d?m?
gome, aid tti"} m?y be toasted at festival*, in a i
conde*cei>ding way, but wo.d* will rot r-wi-J
them, nor burd an ?*y!um .'01- the consumptive, nor
put breao ir tothe months of the priarer ano ?-,'*
f. rr.:!y, when tcoij-'orarily or permaii^nily tnrovu
cut uf work by doi) hn-i lesj.eir the ?icsocaa ?? - It
ioafrom bis vocation. Hird I/o. and ill rew?.rd-d.
jt p. a. a & :o 9
FLBTtlHIK M. 2AtG??t. Q.Ht-' -Ill?3A>i> V AJi',.^'l
? v\ iLiiEK s e*rtN 1 3<L\.naMjr ri JaFE'
J!j ttUW A*? ?.Ae? JiFfcN for a lonf ?EM '.
S.:'..?e? e. r.HsJUK* J 3aVI<BE U? U qow ?j-J
ati bPtnonler ?n order of h? C'rtoli Coarl of ih* U.
i ?Inee Jr.r.* IW7, *vbsa I obiainad judgcmeiit, t^ re^
1 , c-ontbiy hi? account undei cat), to said Oouri, cl
ail Sfafet ni*<ir and ? <?' by bio;, in violation 01 c
test, and h. Sothuli there1 f sbai lAjuncttoo issue forth wlih.
Tbnufore, ihli li to ^l?e ooUce .0 til wbt> have or mar
ic Sales '-f t,r:C' 0?j t<. It rtolailbii of said P<iu.-ni, Jiai 1
1;.?'! bold th'to lo damtgea, aedtr he Pate? L*w, *> I ??'
' re a?hi "in' r . be IrresiK-nrtble Acd I wonldre
.-, fuia renund ad who unicbaae Hi,*, a lo I00W u, It, that
be 3?fr. ba? on It "WJTjDBR'S PATBNf SAbaJlAM?
.??KR c AF*V la ortier to be tm - of ihe geculne.
- - s. aeodtf a Ci wifVQSR.P^jn ea
i (Nil fSAUB.
\ SKATBKg tfc OO'.M Ht l.i.CTW.
i.3L.5,e0ti ih< 3.11 Pak?ii Tmlsa for Vtvy. ?C.
l.eeo lbs an aM bill do ilo.
5,fof) lbs fiax Stioe T Jvtne.
lieo 1 os 1 >ueu Twine (ancycolor|.
2(00lb? VrVji./deuii nTw'to.
3,000 jbi Ucee Oll> NetiTwju. iv^nni -.
.also, tc ext'-u-tsa Maortateal of llemp ?ripp'-t
7 ninr of > U alz- a Flax and H m? for ss;o oy l?o ca;*
'wu ft uf eny ?li'd , >i<ie 10 order b> .
.4 1 oa eod* A TrvAVEB k CO, M Maiden lane.
paitLl'eUlO.t 4J.VfS 01 til -i-a,?
* *v*it;ej cUcrtardi. Cox'* ?, <r.c kc ?0 v
.'?&;. 8i:ot Voucbc?, Powder atd Llqc-jr Pia?*?, ?unmcuj
trd flporumxr't Kt),vAs,tr. great varter?. td J. ?W '
'IL^MClti ?OHES li so3?
lex? rwirf T jfaid*s>tarw. Hew-IC era.
'S *RTH.-r*ew-Yor? Daatal ?oonW, *?i*'i*?T??
* A lo.u. i,.?oui..e bs ih a ... <-.e i?r---?e Mdcnc?P<??"'
,1'? t, '< , 1 1 ?ih ?? i- ' SI u Li ac 1 w*r??'-t
St ' .... ?jfi V 91 \r\r. Or. 4 ?
1.1 >-?r?? pr?/-iil-v f?? Uat and feceWtfd * P'-'^ :nl
but two gre^l /ajrs. ' ' ??? iJ56i?od"
h \le flO?*DIV(3 SCHOOL AT WILTON, conn.
AfJKL WHIfbOCK, Prl?iip..
rIK*Of*8 Wtsbles; io'o ruMton of tits '4-hiol are '6
?(-(?'hlij Idled to p.-ruse its ?i-ruiar?, wlih nauins of
D?in ci i" wNiui rw'recce ? ?iar'e
thr Bcfcool cia be ruOTtal? Ih vliltej \>\ .h.j Hi j y - k
, Rill" *' fhlcb ?tT>rds an o^nanlty o
: return to the city i>r ibe s-madsy.
' Tberntnberof untili lotI 'tb 9an msi sub?'ii ?b:ni
jf, oiosly from N if Olty
fe.j. ? w.cr E9 <?%--' f ap? s'P received a: ?30 P;r qusr
|fr. wi bPO -jr* ebarffs
Cirenlerscan h- hid at IMBroafwey, 76 Bowery in 1 7>>4
Chatnun-sl K. Y. ? ?? . ??
A..> pe-ton lasting htiaidressal <oj caataam st will
recthe a call from Mr W._saw 61
SEXuBCV HOAhiUfltf MlUOMi, fOj Boy*
4iV ;?*vrvtowi., N. V, 1 NEWMAN, Principal
i r, ,s, IrrjUtBt -td roans 'uni'eni-'a will be Ihorona ..
frortfd in 01 Ok bTMCMi of in Bnghsb am! CIae*?.'ti
?incatic? --?)??>- Km fomnw al -r--:'? w rater
?pDefei , ? , ,
Ther? as two wrms to s year, step ate -jmna s..
gammer torzr mcamendog w :te ?r?i of SayvoBtl ...?
?Vinter "?? the lii^i of Nceronibsr. *-?r-n? assonab <
Clr.;u.?r? cot:taUi"i< p?roeuiar?; refereae*? fee. etc ??
Stained ?I Bpajdine fe Bfcephari'sbcokatore, WMSi
way, New-York, erbf idrlressln* r. n<.'i? to tae . ratfisf,
.?Jy9l> "Hvllf _
UtlA :. n?il? tMD U^??U.NY.-CHKVTS
. SYSTfcto.? M. H. RKiJMAl'LT win cnuima.ee ia
M<-?diy. Oei 7.h at 4o'clock, P. AI ae-ion Tuesday, Oct.
j'h, sir} P. M. iw" c;?t-e? upon ihn cn eh-a^da stem.??
Toe instruction-? 01 be completa tn 3tx ra tnths U eetn>
prises a ibeoretlca] sccount of all tucrtcal facta, th-> reading
o'nji.t'caul?'it withoutarjiratnuieLt,i-jd thaknowt-'ilce
al coo pf stiu d. Perser.? w!ttt-gu |oln toe cliases, ??!'!
!ea?e tbe-r tamss at Mr R's. o uis. 5 Amtlpst wa?ra oe
?Iii hehspfj to ?fford ait fartherlnfbrmatloc. Ths m :i
IBlilfsCtory 'eicifnci ^ivt-n. _ ol 4ieod'
JpOR dOYB Blo<mi6eld, N I.?The Winter 8eeslon vlll
ecmuietce ot ihn fir-i Monday in November n?it, iid
ten lECP fivo moitn. Catalogn-i coi :akW>j full lofo- m
tlo:i, with frRravirjiof ?ch'...l iiulldlng, gyoioaiium, lie.
can beobtatoed of a. W. Dodd Pabllsber.al Brlrk Csurcli
Cbspel, Nev-Vuk.
BtrrBENcFs-Rflv 0?orz? Dnffield, R L. Cooks, E'q.
t.'o. wi:-d, :i J i Slaiihi.-.J IV Ui7. Ks.) . H '?' D.iud,
E?q, W"ark. N J : B. Rohlosoa. D.O . Prof. Jobrj J.
Owen D.H., O. 8. Ri.bc t. E.q.. K A Lee, K <i, T. V.
Rlebards.Eiq J K. Herrtck, E?q. New-York City
SluomfielO, Bept 10,1850, olSteodj^
i [S'j i 7 v aaA a a.s ?* ??jaoOit.?r??
?elio?i year begins oo i^-i'. 'tuDor Pupils ?ro EUed foi
Qnj]?foor-bt ii *? n > PrlmfttvDapartment, foreieveS
fears ander 'ba care of M. r^ Bohoyi i-^elvci pnpl.'j al
as early an i<;e ?* slsorsev 'ayb?rs SppUcatlon for idrais
sion: may lie made *i the ito.ii>? iownr diKir University
Snliilbiss. Siruubu-i ..t.?j be obulned si ?be book
rtore> of .Iw. L-< kw.iod *. ?Ion. ?II 3?"<*<><**r, Cb?ri?o ?
fn . -'i i Co 2.S2 nrna.i 'Jiy ind Samo-I Raycor. 7? 8 ir*
?rj |eo9(.9m| OEORs>E S. PARKER. Prinelpsl
^* (.l.tM"." i'Rit .VrK r\o?.:cAU{4 BCOOOlfor '-otj,
*v at Llt.le ferry, jinn ;? oes 'r."n Ho"o*i:r, N.J Vats
rblsscl M la ander t?.r ctarjnof A. s win a nt and lady,
rhe nu: ber of scholars is im.i-?d to sixteen, wbo may ctv
er the school andei twelve :e.trei)f i^eand be fitiao for
')r?;n??s Perms foe tuition and board rr..;n 41 K> to 8180
per Ctrsulvs n*s ?-o obtal::eo at Mr. H Ostrnnder,
corner Canal and Varlck sis N-w-Yort sin tm*
1?l>UCATJON??A geverreis wlrhei to have lio ta
u Itlrmol iDL.; nltetouo^ pup'.b la a^dlilon t;> tin
oiuol V; tilth irs--:.n ?h?. Is corrperent to 'ejeh thfl rull
m?nts t ( Kicrcb, music and J'a* njf. Will bo happv to
make htjrse f lorlal anl ig. ee?r>|-In a famt y. TeaUtnoni
als ftlv-L b: d ternis modemte Mn:J 219 Elifh'.b av. ol 'Ji*
Ahl KOfkAl 5, 11) Y, who iias nad mu.:b cxper
lenn. a; a lehrUf r wuiild wUh lo f.:rm an ei)jj?^fl iienl
as K.rTt rt'is. Would Inttroet in Eojjllsb, French, Music
ard Dr>?|pp. Hat no objection to iro Snutn or West ?
Mi it ia lsfartory refcreucescan oef lvon. Addres A. M. A.
T.;bui.e Office. ol3leod'
I^?L? .TiTJ??fV Ai .?A Tf acliMrof ihe Enillih nraaon
> e? iticioitins Muri*mal et iua ihn Natural Sciences,
llLfirpl. yrU fr. ni -.J lo 5 e SS d?.ir?. an en?-S<aiant
eiiW In a ?i>hoolor fsmlly AMreis " Teacber," 8r.nl
way P.'si-Office o2 3i*
PtTACTJtJ.lil. ItONVK-fcS.aTlW!" in sue frsucb
lanjiua^o win Dr. VluNlS. leador of s Pruned iod
Amesesi Sodao,. Bmool. He ?e'-p> from hlspuolUihs
oe?i refiai ences of tfif c'.iv on b!> titty and morality ?
Hodson^i sl3 lm*
?!'. (;OlM.71jER?lIAL A.HI> t)L,A-sJ4IlJAJJ
1 Si UOOL, 7^ Ueury.sl ci/nsisti g of mree departments,
la complne r-rder. Is now apeis. 3ee fu.l ad *ertlsemont
?;f at()f/>*t(3N JENNER, Principal.
,\|Al)AiniC U?UTAH'S *.j?rdmg aud Dai Scnoel
I.? I for ?oohj! lading, HfiC 8n>?dwB?, r>**r Dnlon-aqnare,
Wl'l *i? reApured on Mumla.. S^pt 9, s6 lm*
rini 18 PRr' i'AKVTlON Iri (<iOT MERELY A TONIC,
j an B.iO'Bttvn or a restora lve t>ui a O and Coiuiiinmon
uf t. t Ibr. e Ii ye ,i y ti iiinlsiei *)> its nir nge.it proper.
iie? lb* relaxed ?i 1 loiplo iiorLach?ailwrf ibo condition of
ilh ?rcri-ii. D?, ?nd ibrouf b ihom o' ins on ed ? ruaov^ies
f-.vi a' xk* ti n dw'i'sin ?".-r. :.? ? of ibe pby-tcsl ?ys
teifl nni: ny nu.psihy ImproVbS ihn annual spirits To all
wbusiitf'r from lorlytstion, Siiloas Disorders, Nervous
excliHb! i>y, sic j lKiie?rti?, Lest of AppeJte, Piinit?<?,
ep?im? l' ihf mi [r?rn. ruins Between itii Sboalders or
scros.ibr- Kirucys, Nightmare, Pevoitsotoss. Oiddlaesa
Biio Otumess of blahi, BbooiIn?r Psln? la tbe St mach. Up.
r.iMit. l at er Je/ls, Lowl-hi or 8p rils, UbrontC OlBrr
hM Irregolaihy of U otlowr'? Dropsy, Jsnndice, or any
of Ol? .r, 'rareHlue lo lodlgeitlon, and a morbid cm
dltiou 01 tbo stoaiacb. nerves, r,er, bownU, or ?nj of in?
lecielivc organs, lins pre|.'a.anou Is recjmmondod as an
absolute specific, fir hys:e let, falDlln? fi:s, ?? il a iu?
Jo'hy of Ibe onen?. t lo ^h!cn ^wnnu'i fragile system
retrer? l>r pecullirly liable, It will be foucd a npld, ??fa
aLd painless remed-,; a'id bj a!rInvalids 'f e'ir.ers'*! wso
r'rs' e io> possess tb- jteiifn of temporal bieislo?r<?"a
loand ffilnd Btd ssound bod;"?It sbonld no bal.ed a. its
ilieei scchor ..f n spe ai.d h-sith
Ihe follow tiit;'? sn,"--1 the rear y evidences nf too 'joao
fii-Jt' re?u ts i.f K riapp'i H.'elth A'-s'ure Ivo Bitters,
lo Dm. Knapp, jb? fhidton .lernt.
Ol KTLI min,
H-t\rg ii-rTi deluded liy tho ij-any "trfr.iusin reme
di?*,' 1 iin'rs. 1 bad UMe expectation thai your a.tiers
wi u!d f-il-vo u.e .'rou! lee dl> ii^tl -i njalaeift w.ib whijli
1 was etil c.cd. However, m a drownto^ mso natcbat at
straws, i Wf? del, 'u ii.ee. to uive your preparation a trial,
t d :m iliai i(i,| ihm 1 was riluced 10 in so Ii wts a fortu
BAte resolution forme. I hsd-nei. ??j.O-vrlug 'ir.i, f.- nn sr?.er
I?as,i, und Ion rf vjiretea. tret subsequently my ul^jstton
berime oipslred, -td djrprj iIh with e.? irtfn of honors,
:H*'e( i'd noon me At) the "t"ai resoureei of dlspepti. $
wr re van,, nu i irieii ti- Hlalih Restorative Bitte as
si- s iaa rtvii Tee fftd Iba! 1 iui tompUtely cured sbou d.
beImrrediatKly knossu. u'd jeuaro?! ubarly lo uso ttits
Ctitlficatft p? d ay set in to von oest.
E.D a HRl> t:. tl ' Zauo, ii\ Ureeuwich-sl N Y.
P lie 60 cnls a hottl*. Aud lor s^io by ibe p.-'r, ilosj
Drug^tsit Oei.eral Pfc;0."6.' Hjdsun st. Ol 01?
CURES, ,?M> -DT \ 3INOI.P ?-AlL,L'.tr.!
I 'ELEBJt il ED tnrouaoout hoih eonlloeati fori;? won.
lierful our-.s u' conmmptlod, astbrtut, .lc?:l!n- jn'.iln^ .W
bleed, nlgbl sweats, difficult breathing, congbs, col.is. ?? J
all dlsea?es >( ihn clu n und lutvs
Hit ertr r| opon tbe s\-.em is n M ifid j ^jihic/, at "jessuttS
uir.e certain :..ia trfn ir;..e.i ..;wi?iy fstilng '.<> tin relief iy
on ihr first s,") l:ao- .':. ?ed r::p?> ;r;j( U ifeviln'>i b
pennaneni euro I? effected.
The ptoprietoi iberefore, no', ouiy recomuieods nts Nap
tea Syrup, ' :n ?arri u n :^ i.ore. He wurracu ii 10 aei
jDou eh; if icd purify it; be v?ira,.t? tl loremove all
ii :r,^aluiL-.:U rvh cb rutard 11,0 frOu ci.- ulattoi. uf tbe 1?! -.i',
w warrants It to open tio l-.ter- al iud ?xtornal pores of
tbe body and xjertallthe oiir;.,? l..,u? parttcit? *huh hevs
accoinulaied In'.?e ty ;."..a; lie wa. t'%nit a ?? a oever-fsUInf
Ctcilc fevrr. ui,t)U ;v, =bU dyapeo<ia. Ilv.-r comi>l*lai?,
^?ti Ic thechesiand tsilimE.; it Ibewatrub.lt to ?rrosl
it* fomiatlOD nr.nti^ie.:, ? In tb? lrul?s and :o !ii>h1 those al- '
"taiiy foruii-u. ?o ifmt prrtons m co. sumpliop m sy iaSo It j
?* lin ihcnimi positive confidence of ?cor?, f..r Its jC->-ti s^ai
ofactlori ? '.he I.jii?;?, wbtch II peoetrsUs ic ^.1 tflrecrl' .j
niiriri inj. them ".' everytblug obnoxious .c .ts pr.?(;'?'??, <cu
whlek. 'I ?ppilexl ?e,-o J'.u?; uj a|rectl..tis, csnnotfali to ia**s I
in ? p^rfecl r e?]Uiv cririrtltlnn
Di tlaitiL^s' Co/npouiid RyiG,. of Naptba I? highly re.
C?trmtoded dj tbe a.cdir.i pri/fesilon. Thal mumeul |
pbjsldan Di ?loii uf New-York s?j? "ihatas a pueuou- ;
[c remedy it cannot be too highly praiaed." Dr Araold, ol
Ibe Mxr'ne Hospl el, Q?v?uuib', Dr W?r-j, of blverpool, ;
Eiginut'. Dr BovJ. of Laoeasier; Dr. fla.iillton, ..f *?th:
slJ ib..;.. ?,}???.... '?? ?..? i pubtteatlotu, uie Uojdon Las
cei ihe Mfdieal Journal, ar.d Brsdtbwaiter's Retrospect, oil j
accord to li ihe most cooviDeJng cttrilficatea of 'is ?irtues
Id ibis country It hut hoeu use.i wit? dlsttofuished tuo ;
Nooe genuine witboui ib^ wrioen s'.v inari of H. k 9.
HARRISON on Iba irrtipp^r PriceJl per bottle, or six
boitles for $5. Principle OiSce, 151 ?J.eea>ri.:r>sl. i'T^;v
Sold In New;rkby R Van BusS.rkt la AJt>a/:?, t,j C.
??'roth'nghoni; n Bosion, hy P.eadl ig k ho ; Mi PB.:i?-l?l
&ble, by Zelbei k Co Tbird st. below Cbeslnut; eod to
? Hui.-? hy 6. 3. llaacb.
Sole m Ntw Y .ra ov S M. Galoi, r,7 Rowery; H. l.
FtDders,a2S 3r?wjr?: Jobn B Do?id,"Vi S'.ihdwsy, a^.d
<-? dbgloc, 'AI iiniiiij st ?13 '4 TuTh.tB*
(V O Bl 11N st h?? j'.cu dl.c vored lha: ts to hap
I^ pliy -ldspier >o u?s tnterejs'ty ax dtops 10 bo :iXen,
o' c yri perform su:b w.,-ccrs wtia applied externally u
a "?i-'i or -tub, by bleltoo.
a Yo a ??liJtmi; (i2 eee ?) Is ill ycti b: re to rlss to try It;
andss Ibat?um tsa oe no ct je.ct to .1: propilet07 tils
hoped that incb a price can be co obstacle to otiy laotliy,
will n-v r preveci Its trial
Tb price, bom twelve to fir.y can's p?r bo'.tls, according
to he ? ze nil; trubleall to ose it Ifyu doubt, be^tn
wlib a 12 cext bottle, anr! ibat will removd your doubts,
.->u m.-ilie j.jU lt<ij. r.Ld uj^ a'.d f .; cmotl It lo your
f.. L''?:. .;e :b-d a ^t^nf^l.:J >ir ific.itjs <v old. Wuo ?ill
J.- Ia :ry it iLll, ti_a save 1 fa ir.d ?ufTmlug "or a Yora
ih:? - Pain K .ilt." miiy I c a.ed . *.. ce*? ist will
Btt.e He tbe twboiwir t.ou.Lv. ) sii thefo l./wt.jg ?Chol?
us jsorbac, Dlst'tMsiag Dyteo'ery, Psvn In U>4 Btdo ?Ad
St tcsrh, C ir.s C-t?oi,.: ,? Cb let t .fi.itaai R-oa
rt.it'.s. Hos?ne it'if'o cn Ma- or ?^,?t. Children re??itri,
BJtUisg Blooo, Hovm Lett U . ;i -y u * f v r.uura, Cali
oliitsjcd frosted feet, Sptiuis, rr^voot a sits.*r froa
Hunu.Broken 5re its, Mttvsies Ci?u.r<s, Hurts, acra.ch
er, ir7r;ri PrSth, Bl e. irStli <s
Certificates to r. t -?? o;,e aught --e ..ah'.l.hert saow'.ng
the*cto!er! i eCrc s c'-'Mrs. ?ro?rr.'? P?in K! !er," bat
Ussy sre t^-> common *;d <<setifor a:'.-e;?soi noiserlt:
^iid* tbe O.-:-3b: Bug ^ ;1 do ncia ?t;a arbonstad
..isisu ou-.tsto e nvlnce.lbe user
CBUticn.?Call ?rj. Sr" xn'i Vi h i'li"er, acd tat 3 uo
ti?Ky U , EBAJs3KBOI?. ;i* ?<.r.tb-Sl.
^U'CTioN 8ALKS._
_ A a ii:,s > in, tttcooeoer.
?Y HAIMOS, SKOTUS It oV CO. 2"4 Broadway.
?..?an aevtnert Dn?4? -p ro Ml c
a. o i co i??h in piepi-r(i .n, lo a* wM'ttdirlylo
-riobrr?, ci rurotWeei win pevaiU anUl'Mraa of Bar
li?" B.t! ?.Jh., ?c?-v?(. Including oni of tb* Hrg wtc >a
' 'rn i"d'" rt'r "i'd" ey ST. ?u*rj, t> w>-it n Til
id I i. oil attractive iuv.h:m front oiher L j|.id puli liir
1 1 '' * ? ' >'' cl do a'sa many Invoice* from
?;, . V' *? ''??? "' V of '.. Btla l; n Book?,
ltd woikl b.r,:*on?- btod rjg. fc. ,i n??.......j 3 0ii
?<*iptfd lo Ibr sj-.proscM. k- tl :.,-3y , ,'. "
?t PRIV.tr 5 11.1?
A arg* assortment afprtmlt ii and willing paper* AI?o,
8, bt'. vpry V,,,.,,.., a ? ? pi,|n. M.r|M| jerKth,
*? 3j??d?r'- y. ?b- Ctanslcal Li =r?rV, iha indqu?
rtio Llb?ry\ en- tTcfei llfin Library u dlbelllttttrated Wo
raiv, each embraritg the twtt hoots Issued in th-. >wsi
j)'?. ted nnparalieled in ch?*p eaa. Tb? Ust um??,
?hi'-b art) jail received, ar? ire ?ecot-d vo utnao* the no*
I eelilcn of Joolna, v,??'!?' fwpj if p,( tort, Sculpture*
! 1 od Architect*, Arlstanes PUcnomacbeao Eth ci, lr mil ta 1.
! with tioies uitg n* and aelec ed, an analytical lut-'x? icttoo,
I Ic !)? R W B D"hp, A M; a'.d C uikahaoia, fvae
1 Coos ea acd a deasert wbh H'os rit om O'dera f >rthie
! and all ibe previous vol-mes pf-mpov ex^cut-id A'so,
! Lardcei'* Lerlureaon 8rl,i,ce?pd A't. E?'H'i'i Hydrau?
lic and Meenaides, Benno Va Duub e-fi! try kooa-Keep
IDg, r ?w edition, Ac &c &ir_
tu'OK KAt.K AT At LIT!ON-The following de
17 sclbed pr periy wt 1 be so'd at auction, at Iba Uer
charts' Exchange, on THURSDiY. .he 17th day of Octo
I her, loft tt Ii M unless olaposcd of In the meantime at
' p'ivaie ?nie
FOR SALE-Tre fol'ow't-g parrel? of Ijin', In West
1 ehester. Code ty, tear the VUiage of Weal /arma, 3J milea
' from a/0it Haven :
1 Lot No 1, coo'a m 3 16*100 a-'ea, almaiea'. the Junction
1 ofthe read leading from V* pal Ka-ma to Wp? cheaier. and
; Foa a Lan?, and ??tih'n five mleinea wulk of the village
Lot N". '2 c<" t?ba I0f8-|ie ?rre?, aajjlnlnj- ibanbove on
: Foa'a Lane, tnclodea about 8 ?crea of woo land.
L"iNo 3 contalna 2i Si-loo arrn, neat adjololne on
Fox'i Lace?iociudea sbouiti acrea woodland.
Lot No 4, roElalrsie r9 H O acrea. next a ll doing, on
Fox'a L-ne-leclwdra about H> acrea of woodland, ai-d
about 12 icrei of a?!t rren^ow on :be rear.
Lot No, 5, c ntali B n o acrea, next adjoining, cn
? Fox'a Lane? Includes aboui7acrea of woodland, aad 13
: acrei of salt meadow on ibe reax.
bot No 6, eooiaka 26:s-i0n acrea, wi'.b the bulldlnga
? ind Improvements, s) uaie between fox's Lane aal me
; Bror y, Immrdlately oppottle 10 wMti Ka'ms vtliag".?
The linf rovpmenla couaM prlnr.loally of a moa; au'iatan
' tl?' P "Le Manalcn, SI by 52 feel, two story, with b.ae
n ent md ante, a-d pUzzs 1-ont and rear, 'arn h >uae,
ba'rs. itab.es, cattle pens, laundry, lco and smokehouse,
ic. ate
The divlilnn rf ibe above bat bren made w?h the view
lo srTord lo eacb parcel one or mure e't^toie ? d ele/ated
bulldtrg sites, wlib oiber cccverlen es as to iha a-raoga
njeni o1 Ibe grooids In tbelr adaptation to separate occu.
! pa l- n
The greuuda gene-ally are of a picturesque character,
snd ?'p situated ic a rtcat beautiful and rapidly Improving
senior cf toe coiiLiry.
For further psruciila-a arplr to HARRIS WILSON, 10
Wall si. or P. THEODOR E MARTINE, Twenty-Elgh'b,
si. between El(.hih atd Ninth avenue*, where maps 0/ the
property can be had. e2il.*
HKNaT alUULMCISTER, Anntonoer.
By ItUUUN OV IMVIK, at their w*re room* 54
Beekman si.?Tnls morolbg ai 10 i.'ch-cs, will be so d
without reserve, a large assortinent of new aud second
1 hand lurnlture, in i ose wood, umbogmy and black walnut,
I entered In p'uih and hair c'olb, eooalsdugof o4rvpd *of ?,
' couctts, ouomuns parlor chslra, arm chdrs, rorkera, mar
! bie irp and other coLtT, pier, card and work lanles. hind
'< some iiikhoynDy dre<nlny bureaus and wasba'aoda, mahog
an> Fierch and goihic beJaleaJa. cane seal cn-irs wal mt
?Dd tmlttilon do. bedsteads, superior painted bedroom fur
nllnre, best pure cur.ed half matirasaei, feaiher beda. pil?
low s scd bontera, Sic. i.e. The ?b >l? of iheaa anlclea
' have been made for cutout oade, and pant's In want of
fum.iure will find Ibis an advantageous oppormolty to suit
Ibemcelvt*, as every thing will positively nesold. Gwii
safe.y picked for shipping on the prernlies. o3 It*
D S HOUOH. Au.'ttoneer.
Til. 8 DAlf ,*t H'i o'clork, a! 17 B-iekman-st the entire
fuiunureofa t itori homecmpri tiigalargeassorimeut
of sods, sofa beds, bureaus, war robeg, ->ook cases Kreuch
bedsteada, pa-lor chalr?, ceDter and dtui-g table?, rocke s,
ea?> rbftlr*. ihr-.- plv end ln^rulo earppca. ol' clotbs, rilifS,
hair n aiirenes, feaiher aed down beds, piitow?, comron
er?, bedding, 1 superior cimilng aiova. niaelel Klisies,
gbandoies, Behrudsn vases, aed a very large "a'le'y of
cblna, crock* ry, and glais ware togetaer with the kticaea
furr lbtre. Also, a gr.?at variety of new sofas, bureau',
Breech bedsteads, parlor clulra, rociera, featoer bed*,
uiall'esf es, ca1 pets, Jic. o3 1t*
BKNJAitllta ItlOONKY will sell THIS DAY, aMie
&r.c lon room, batdwarn, farcy Kood?, be con,lsiiag of
sctvrsand forks, pen 11 d pocket knives, aclisora. apoons,
backg&n moD bcatds, lea trajs. clocks, but.01,s, bras* can
dt'iicls, rules, fiuisblng Da'l?, pencils, pumps. A ? >, a
larj.i iLvnIre of bruthes, consiaeng of borse h ,lr, shoe and
st'-vc brushes, be. Al>o 1 cask fiv*. damafe 1 00 the voy.
age of Inipr. latlon Hold cn account of wboui It may cod
ce/n. A'io, 2 stove* o3 lt?
A D ft I * N H MUljLKR, Aor-tlo^eT
S iT'Tril Hl l HOI H Fs.OWKIl tlOtlTS.
1 *(!R? ENHOUSE Ahl) OAH.?KN PLAN fi. ?allAf
AN 11 itl'LLKR will se 1 41 auction on Tnursday, 0:l
3d, ai 114 o>r. ock si the aal< a room, 7 ^all at a choice col
lertiou < f Oreenboose Plants conalstlng lo part of C?m*
llss Oraige and Lemon Tieea. Pli upu uns Azellts,
Aloe*, Rhododendroi s, Ae?clss, Bopbobl**, and Ssgon'a*,
t s riher wbh a collection of rt ulh Atnerch Plant* Alto
21' ci.?ei Du rh 3ti hi us Fb.wer Ru.la, hy ihe pack?4e f'ocj
Ibe i> eb.aled Klurlst? Van Wav^ron k Sou, Hat ie 11 Hol?
land, jual lei ded er.d lu fine order. ol 2t*
p 7 A I?IUJ.-DANCINO AC AO KM V ?,11 r BiK
rfggftilTT, Prdeisor of D-nclng (Puuii ,f Wnnslet-r ?.
jfifwi t union, P,i)'(iuo'oi HaurOn* from Parbs'i'uiu eat
G-TJ1.M-rlt.orf u^b a! Lo. dun. &c ) bo*-* lo K.-anuwio l.-e,
?* ..n h'Dka, ibe Itioral p?irunaj{p he has r",. .ved, aadbl*
Ho in oor 10 ?iiriuoDc* ilia- h's acade.iiv foi Osnclos I t?.
moved horn 639 Broadway lo ihu Apollo Rooms 410 Broad?
way. Tue ae.deui) for ladles, miases ami mister* wt 1
ribpen on iraiU'day morning October 6, at 9}; ali i 00
Trcuray Oet 10 tt 3o'clock, at the above room*. Gin
lie men'a evenlcg ciraa on Monday, Ocl 7, and fhursJay,
Ocl 10. at 7 j.
The byreum fBStltule, Brookljn, for Itivsnl es, on T-i-s
dsvsano Krld^a ai 3, and at 3 o'cioes, for gentlejien ?
A so at 11 e Pol lee1 nie H?II. Warran at Somh ito-lyn,
on tVf dne-daya and 'laiurdays kl S\, for Iuvenile*, aud at
8 foi |Pnll< men
Pi lvate ao'r. e* ** usual fur pupil* and their friend* ?
Terms made knows ai hi* Ar.? !? my on the ?b ore days and
houra of leaching. Inairucllooa given In *H the nnv
danc a which are ai p eteni in vopue. ?ml uanced at all ilia
fasriloniible aaiembllea In I' >iu and London. ol Sleod'
DAMl'IM. AtlAUKiHV, No. M tloward-st.? ,
H'. PfcRAhCHlO, Ibe first profenor of the new P*.
rlilao osuces rus ihe hoooi to apprize lie pu' Ilr mat,
having eegsged Mr E Allleol a gr>-at professor,
j ia pupil, he wl 1 be able henceforth to undertake all ih >33
lessues which be h<* been compeil-d to refuse ; tad, alao,
rtaiaea of yuunK Udle* hbd geii le neri at ht> ac demy.
Prlva-e ietaol a lo families, ft hi odo Io twelve portans at
leprltd by A plan'tl, $6 Po.ka, Pun^aM in, niwly bivenl.
edby Ur P'nrrnio. i3"5.*
MDAN4 I1NO ACAIlKillY.-elvrNtiK O-lifia
An 01, thankful ft 1 the kltid'pauontgeo' iai?'uan,
re*peetfuily ben* to h / ? m ait pairoo* ?? a th? pub ic
that hl? Dtrn ir g Academy. ?1! iroalway, will n*
ei.ed for the rec-pt ol of pup'l* on 3-it .day 0,:t ? *t3
o'c eck. P. A4, foung gentlemen'* day ?t7 o'clock, P.M.
Prlva-.e rl-nes In ichool o> hinllles tu-ndeo to. Term*
tlMJ-OHrtJU jAiUr-t-TiJMWS;
rub a-ns. /ALL ?KAl)?.
^?UlTii it LO?N8BBR1' areioa? recelvbag <;-?!: SU5
Opll... fir lb- fall Trade ..-".?Istlr.g of ROY Ali ;'.?.Pf:?
aR a in *nJ otn* CARPBTIN?*8, comprlamg ort cf ta*
Itrveai, ttltwl completerand rtoiirto!e s?i"riraa:.is ?ver of.
.'e.eri Id ml* market
fhel' porebmr-s beieg titoe entirely for O ASli, affordr
ibeiR *o?v>*Bge? lu urnaing *e.?m-nuj* uiat but fow pots-Mr!
ti.d e/.*l>le* mem if, *pll rl iee lnweit possible price*
Er.gllah Tapestry Carpels, froiri lit to Ma per y?rd
Enj(iUI) Bruatel* Carpets, from <ia l 10* per yard.
Gngllarl Three-ply r>rpro*. from 7* 10 K's o-ir yard
Ai/iorlctn ynree-piy Carpeia, from 7* to 9s per ytrd.
Englub ind Amerfcaa aupo.'iie 1 [ngraltl ilaroeis, :roa
ia to 7? p->r ytrd.
En?ll*bAiid American fine logra</i Harpen, from la lo 4*
per yard.
Common Ingrain Carpe;?, from 2j 10 la per yard.
A' ??. a large stock of Engilsn and Anaertcao 71.-Oi
OIL CLOf Hs, ^om 5 fe?t to'.i t-el wide
DRUeJOETINGB, 8-1, 8-4, 12-4 aod 16-4 wiit, TVilb t
-Dolce assortment of rJJ olher good* cenriocted vrllh tk?
trtde. erjaaHy low. SMITH i. I/OUrl3SfcdY,
s-8 2W 14? Peirl-st tlxth Caroei *ior? fr-:m Ohtlhtrc-t?.
BAMK. 51 cilAuBf-Rf-rtT.
?.'I,';.'} BANK, chartered by the Le^i.Uure of Ihe Bta't)
I cf r.cw Votk at the 'tat teaatoo, n?a uteo the premi?
se* 5! Cbariibera at ea*l of Broadway, for lb' purpote* uf
Ibe BsBk. The 8tnk will be reads to . ? ... ,1 :., ?1,-,>j
Uondiy 30tb Inal and w<|| cunuuue open every day ibr-e
aflei, (Buiitlty* excepul,) beiar>?u 5 and 7 o'clock, P..-1.
Jcbn Nlrbolson, William Redmord,
Faenl. g 0 Tucker, Peter & ?. t . .,
J^wea Rerrla'an, Joaepn l?mart
Felix loi,i d?by, Jobo Mc>lenomy,
"*;'llHm WtUoQ. Andrew Ce/rlgan,
Hn?b Krtilv, Jame* Mathewt,
Jont. ss-'u' li-tf, Job'j Itilhtu,
Oiii ry Dillon. J hn P iieamlih,
Ttrtcce DooDellv.
??EOORY ?ifjLON, President
Jo<SPH Stuai. r, l*i Vice President
;? fil BAacoos, 2d Vice President.
Tahnihc C iucna.a,T'oas'j-er sl?lmeod
GREENLEa*" k tHelSXaflY,
?J New V or*. ?2lmeod"
First qnaililea <-f Qoods 00 tdTantajsona t?rics for
J ,.'HcacrtEs, storks. eaaLoas, o/vicat, ac.
ri^'dt dt.'e JCRI8/.R arouldcaU ihe aUooilon of iao*c
* ItiWant of Bloves to Ola muplete aaumrtmeot of 1(1*
moat improved peUerns nf Beating S'.d :?ok!oj aui?e*.
\l*c,tnanufa^Ui.'er sod dealer In pi lo jnd .faoamied Tin. ,
W.rr, Br.liri,lkii.-.l geeera.1 Hou<^'itr-jUhmg?-?>d?. Wet,
8'ove Orr.ajiiacia and Trtmin'p** di>ve? cieaoed, ?r#
pared and f?t ap at abort noilco *lH ii"1"^;*""*?,
J 0. A NUB.*/ "Si
- ^ Successor to t. H.
vTvahio Pi-oanrTi>?0a '
3c;,^:?a to tum kin? or ?u* %^ jfZ
bfcrl? er, (-ole a^eot la i*>* ' s,e
?0 'b
^itbcnj suesji.
:,.u-><.-* "?
, . patuvns -
,;.g v BCLU*il,
CHEAP* >^~?-w
J "WI v L ;oN3
UJ?DWAiE AM) fUKNuuiNo htOA*
"S* 1 #* S ,*?e-y. *??t,
g 'OKBTAMTLY UN Hani. , ,? ?TJr^SJL. ^
l> Cutlery. Br.lamt. W.rr>>T? T w?'^ Tib ,
vv?? j.p.o ?Lotio Ai?<, r/rffc iers^ftSS?
Tseks Locks. ?o.U, H.rgrt, ??.d Paper, ot ,e t,?
?Ii Inj*
TBE LARGEST STO Ki. fHB united *ST1*b.
?.?11 si<ort*d, eons'ittrg of r. ?rdrtB!M Z!Jr\
liou, 36 lnfie* lo 60 Inch'* ?i i? Noa to md 70. ^JT*S
nan tier* of copper ?xo r?r??? ? lr? Ci.j'h? for ?al/?? rV
i"?fil lern.'?, ar.d wirran'ed in every respect ?*tu?i I?*
imi o'U-d. ?i the effc? lrt> I-h-st Nsw-YortV 1<
nianr faeiory, BeilvUie, Now-J '?<-y. * ?*
J. IS 3m*_WM SfEPMEN? k gQN
I'.tUU OUf t4ilU AND 8pik,r,?-.A rVu ^!
?orur>?mt of al1 ?!??? for aa'e'?? ?r>" ?nh??;riS?r?. ,n,../,?
rar?. taio la?| C A J tinwino * co^ ShtML
I rtoi quaJliy and v.rU.u. pniimu?. rur site wholes/ ? .V?
ratal! by HORN k ellis, Mmb^?''^ ^
rtl 8w_._lf<> R*r" fbii? >iphia.
i --BA1N ( AHI,?3 -A i?r<e ?Moria?-? .??.im
proved, frou. 3-3 lo 17 s Inrh-a ft* ?u, , ' EoI??0
WmiMJW shapes.
WIM DOW 3 LI. .uE3
KELTY fc R1KBR I3i Cb.lh im-* r?d U?t^m., ?,
all peraoca wamlns Bh-J.-. to their %t*o^iti Jl
Shades and materials for mnuug and hanging BtedM
They make Ibo heal qu? ley only, ?ad toi, ?i price* f?U a
per cent le?? ibau any oih?r inanufactarer?. AU SkaJas
warranted not >o slick or carl ir,,.
PE&Y MUSLINS, kc-/?uilKa* about fttt^uaWaV
tbelr window* with the abar? iraciei, ?rill ?nd ?\ j <f
WOOP FORD'S, if4 Broadway, tba liegest and bm'u.
joruneni In the city; several new tvylei i??8r before ta-'o,
dueed In Nnw-York Lace end otnslin cortalna,drapc y
tassels, Icora, Pine, bands, cc.-alce* Ac Psatllles san!
cbaaliig of lbs subscriber may rely upon geitm? a first-ran
article, and a? low as It la possible to Importer saacrjfa-.
iure tt Merchant? baying at wf>o!e?aj? will find n decideS
ro tbelr -dTSBtage to call ho'ora purcbwlng sli?wher?.
al?tf J-0 ^"?n^ilO.fc? Broadway
auBMiUfinM lAa.Ac.icjtit/ saiftttnaii Z
O ;<K> r?t*? Yor* Preoilama Watdnsstla Iotbt a J
Ata?.rican Mills ?lperfiu? rfn ??Cb S-drtWt *j,- , .
tr??-?op<?r 71 '*<"* Inirtlnga. for taia bj
I eiyif_wyJaliTH j rfp, ?a Md q f ^
BROWN tJOTTONS.-l.?fto bates of different qaeii".
ties and wlAlhs among them may be. found Btark, Wt'>
Uiam RocklDgbam, Hookiett, Palo alto. Hope, Naw Bee.,
ford and other favorbe ?lamps. for ?h by
? 13 NE8SJ1TH it CO. fid and 83 Ploost
t? I.EACH KD COTTONS-?Icon 3-4, 7j3, U, 9^
> 6-1, 6-4 and 12-4, comprlauig a great Ttriety of ?tyls?
and qualities, forsaieby
,13 hkhh ITH At CO. 60and 62 Ptee-et
OTARR iSllLiL,? OKI 1,1.1 n?S.-?06 packst
Obrowo, btrtched, slate and biaa. uxtrs stoat, aed ?? ?
?ualed La ;??rf*;ilon of mannfaemr? for sale by
' xiy?_ NEsM'TH t CO Wand ?flncvs.
17 BJxxls Island Palo Alto. Jlocktugbam, Hooasstt, Ms<i.
ear, Hos?, Waltbam and o ber styles, for sale uj
my* HT.mi+V k ?0 ?oand H Pme-sL
Bl,ANA*tTa.?Coloret slacjnuaw, Negro,Berta,and
the different slaes rtliS-oa-bouud family BlaaksAs HI
Ameiiean mxonfticmre for sale try
jy31 NESMITH it Co M and 62 Ploe-st.
Al.teo ein et-iflClie* Hi.ArtiiSYS. baaflaSi
and ilOTS Cloth, Type Prtoter? mod EavraTer?' S!?.??i
ats, sVoller, ?;??T?r aoi Jacket Cloths, for ssJs b*
ayll C. B LC ?ArtON. I'riiisvsi.
Bl.ANKKTS.?Negro, mattinao, aas fsmlly, steam?
boat and coating Bl?nkeis. lor ??le bt
sis NESISITH A CO sn and 62 Plne-st
BLAAsJUXl) t?TTS?B. .^uo?, cOQipr,jrlBf
a gnat variety of styles suitable for oiportallon.
JySl for sals by NEHM ITH 4 Co Id snd Eg rinsnt..
?fflII.TON rsUSJucTlNO?.-*?! caseTMaad 11-4
bleac'.'Sd Vbsisllngs Tor sale by
JySl flMsllVH t, Co N) sad ?2 PttSXt
SUBUHTOn KL.A^NB.i,?.~Ai' casos of tb?e
superior Csntoa Flannels lusi rocniTod For sale by
JySl NESMITH is Co 5ft and MPlne st
B?.U WIS ^ll?SVlNi?A.--i6< ualos Sailabo/y, Ekt*
gle, Mohawk Valley, and other style* forssislow bf
snyll C. a LE BARON,? P?w-si.
RAt?H, KOPBS, aad all kinds of paperrnaaufadtursr??
aiaterlals, bougbl sad sold cm Ubiral tnrms. by
?IS OAUNT k DRSHIOlttJON. I69?nd !69?kwU>S
?J| .4 Bl.rtAtJllfif.lB fSUIttTl.tWI?.-!?? SSSSSfirS
0-*4 and 'st" prlssd ?IS to 8 taut*. Jor sale by
myll C s Lir B a RON, *t nns-st.
lUaVB. A?l> UAMRV f-UitfH.-A ?*" <#*
"^saptrVr article, 'as' eoli i, .*l"by_- -
snyll 0. % LIP B * BOM, ? Plne-s
Gkexn PaiHT8*-6e csm i>^>" ^
grsass w.ti blue nl Si to S eenl?, for sale by
myll C * '.V 8 4RON. *s Plasv-sl
84 nvKAVimn shihtir*i??f*.-i40ems?>si?w.
"Tt KilctxJ BblrUuita, coinpi 's ug a ?arle.J of styles, fer
I silo by r<nyS) fttlsmfii i, no to ?n<l il PutMt
Bl.CJB PBl???^|i?.riiB, \d?m*'s blue sad whf C
and Iiis? and oraof? Prliim for by
sjiyn_? * i.v maion;m phkm?.
r^OI.O'lsCD C Aj31?KM,''?. -U-,..a,ai|lj!il*od dsvfe
i^tsSSOrtJBSatS, Bres* 44 <o ( i.oni?, /or <al? by
my It 0 M ..(.-. RON, s* PlB?>*?
/ lUVHVnXllVANZ? -**> ???* mb?irlor Ajaorlsaa
?? / qnllta, for sal* by WHS with * CO ?n ?ri4 ? finest. sr4
j''''OPAKTrs* ?flU ('. Fne ..nder?tgned hava this
" .-d?? a-?ocl?ied wnb ibem lu ih? newspspor, book and
S'alli Bs y bin Ines?. J AM rli o ?*Oi1RKST Tbabaslness
beren'tei will be roidurtnd in.rter ih? name and style ot
Ssn V anclrco, Angutt 1st I860.
The nrderstgned bave ai?ocixtFd themselves lorelhssr,
ander tin name, hud siy e ol h?ill, lonns;R U CO. for
Uie porpose of irat Stctll g ? wbolesul? and retail newspsr
pe-, teiok and stationery Kusine??, In Sau Francisco corner
of ?? ?i and Dupont >u std at Sac/autOTHO Ulty In the PHt
eei T-ri>e? I'u tdirig, on Becor 0 betweeu K and Lsts whore
tbe^ ?rnnow prwpared lo ?uppiy the tr?rje and the public on
the'mos'. ressofiabl*) i?rms JOHN H STILL,
Ban Francisco, August 1,1860. s2?2w
illJM'Ofi AND NKVV- YOKH TKI.hlillAPll
I> *os?raNY,i iCeeb Wall st t? euDdstor])-fhi* IIa?,
n?'n- Hou-r.'? f atenl Prlntny Instruineuv Is lu operation to
Th*> e!)patrte* srs printed ?y tt>e lo?iruuirutj In Roaiaa
Saplial l.ett/.ri?thus avoiding tbn r ee/mlty ef Irauslsilng
or irant- rtKlnj jiidcon?e(|uen> lis'illt'y to ?rror necosnarlij
?tlen<1ao> upor all oiher sjttrnis of telegraphing
Thepairons of tbls line may depend qpon punctual Irans?
mission and delivery of lb? r messages, as oo dispatches
will be receive* at ihalr offices onln*? ths wires are la
working order.
Pa'cr.s? ?or measag?*of ten words. 20ceGis; tad for
?'<?'?? addttlonal ^ord, 2 cents
JSMSS 6TU0.OI8, rrruldac'
MaKLIUS B, :Ji..\az, Clerk ol tbs Corporatloa
New-Vork, Sept. 13, !8rVi all ?
vpHE SUBSCRIBKRJ, a.enii i f ibe Now-jersey Ex.
i ] I ?<'?> aud ..:,?.-.>,? Compan h??n received fromth?lr
estet slve Works st Newsrk ? supji'o' the rMentZine
Browi, and Frai'.kilnaie Pamu, wbicb will b? disposed of
on reas.^ualii* terms
Thesv P?lu s conilsLof vari< o? ?bade? from a deep, rieb
brown up lo a deep orauge vnd also bl?ck j ai.d nt.lngc Jin*
posed of mnal tc "X'eee h-lr lasilag p?ooort'?? and e<:oo>
om> eaa he cot tiveuily re ioniwendad Tbl? .- a #su/ Jso
prepares, fro-o tbe same uno-i P tut? leeui *'ty v?ia?bla
for Ifce coating of Iron ar,d of In fjnulog the b?s? protec?
tion agnlnti ozldttlo. now known.
Tr.??- PbIi.i*, when epp led lo wood, form, also, a saiue
blo pruleclion agalno fl e
A supply cif the Cooipaoy*? betu tful Wblte ?xtde oi
Z tc, i ow to txlei slvely u??d In f?,'? and oilier pirlsof
Eunp? as tie mult v-.l'iubia ?r,h?in?te for wblie le*d?nd
other deieteilou? paints, Is ?h->f Oy * t peered For sale o?(tb?j
?ab?crlber?. |s2 2a | ?,T J ON ES it CO 63 getver-tt
Acakd.-'fneunderslguee nr.^t, \o*i? lOdrsw IS* ?t
teo?ou of Arr.bliect* Erig'neers, Machlnlsis, Opilel*n*i
sVatcbmakers, Jewelers and niaofur.uirers of all slri ds of ln
Sti-uajt-n'* to his new and eilfuiive ?io'o:r?iii ,''3,r?f'
L13H (?fUBB) ANDSWI8? tr-tLK.S aN^ TOOIeS, ?'*??
his Imported atd owi; aiaanf^uireri ukVP^,,X .ljtZ
which be o3*r? *. very rea.onable 1-*?^
Slcduflnsircmen'* ?rill be ^"^'^Tv^ Jeweler-.
81 SEN MANN, lnporter of ^^J^toitrumeatt,\H
Flies and Tools ir.d mMafactmrw- of ???- m
va ,?,hn roach optician,
.AHf h y. offers ?upertjr pistes of his own
-7Q N **8*V;S csierss wsr/aoted eq <al 'o any male;
/ v ^p"' ^!,?^7t' lc b st e lea, s^d all articles u*?d la
esse*, ^^'.rirV operators may lnclo?e money by leitet
lre ??Td? wUJ W> fetaraed by express ol 7t*
?jjj pje $w_?-? -?
W?? slillTH, 261 flrtad-s-. Now-York, aad 204
.rtl'on-.i. Beooklyo.Uoorautkorti-d ageot for ta?
i- nf our Campben? Dealer? la me articie s?oald do weil
Jre.il and ermine lie article aad Inqm o the price beforsj
hnita? elsewhere. It will be meMcred out la any traaa?
to fit wagoners at our regular price ai the above
phice* [STJar* I J. (t B. ^MOLB. Manafstci usts
Nc Ii vvood-st. Pl rTSBi r\iifl. PA.
/ <OLsVS0 riONel mad* -it. |1! :be priudpal Cltt* sd
\y tfcs Uriliasl Susie* Aefereoc? In New-Yer*. Ms*?irB?
Tflxstow, Lanier it Co, M Wtli-st. as?Tit

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