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ff? NEW-TORK DAILY ?*? *^r??
rrZ tk'^ nk ,,,u?v- i ornbr ok spruce and nas
Seek: or, when they prefer, ^.^W.^ rate Single
part -or ?bt months or *J?*JgL"fin Do) an per
Spies. Two Cents > ifj^'^m for At monf?
aw.om. tn advanc- ?ul ^ ?oM? w advance n>
gar three month* ?1 c.1Iintn. Newspapers Daily
?eired in all exc?an? ' ??; wrjo8e terms are Ui/bor t?
rapers n c-tv.-o at ius.???;;, (lir..,, IU1V difference "*?
b*cC ol The JWatne iw ^_
jflf&MS OF AUV^TCg(KgL
/JuirwimtfV.jMirrff m Aefcance
nietiNtss Notices?12J was:* per line, each insmlon.
OmaA.. NoTim-Stx Hues or less,each insertion, 50
? ?Ii' over six lines, t eeais per line each day
GsiissAt ad*eKTiskM>.s-rs--//..i4tV-r:it-,itiir,e'.,,r leas
t^taxtOjin,? centu; over eight tines, 6 cents per hne
each dsv. ?
0?*?^??i:is,'>'t Hues or less, each InBor?on, 25cents;
,TWt4gbtliiies,3ceaUper tine p?-r day, or 75 cents per
(toe j.er ruoatu.
r8l16i00s and Tcmperanck notices and Marriages
ud Funeral Invitations, not exceeding :? words, will
reinserted for 2!> cenls.
i.m u Advertisements?At the rate fixed by the
All advertisements Inserted in uns paper appear both in
the Monurig mid Everting rvlition?
b published every HVdnesrtay and fi<iturdtiy morning.?
rnc<' ?Vi per anniiin. Two copies for $?*> Ten for %?).
Advertisements. 6 cents a line each insertion.
AMliSKtW ft N TS .
ITAjLI?? OPERA HOUSE-astor-PI,aoe.
Max MA?ETZKK Soje Lessee and Manager? Parquet
and Boxes. fin cents i * no nt? theater, iAeents; secured
seau. 71 rents. THIS EVENING Oct. Id. the entertain
Bants will eoimner.r? wl.h the vau-levillr. of
After the vaudeville, a new Grand Fete Daoiante, by
Mile Celes'ine and M le \ l-torine Frasck, and
Leen M EnMnosa
To conclude wl h the c >rntc ballet
Doors open ate' o'clock; to commence al % o clock.
italiak opera house astor plage
card-Ml N8 LEON r.SPINOSA has the pleasure
._o announce that bis BENEFIT and po?ittveiv !??t nc
earstce In New-York, will take place on THURSDAY
jVr NINO, October 10th, wh.n a variety of attractive en
tertairn en's will tie preiented
Particulars in future announcements ani Mils. The Box
boc k Is now open o9
niblos ?ahden.
Ticken 50 et? ? Private Boxe?, 85 ?Commence at 7J.
1 LY on ids TIGHT ROPE and In a new dsnce of
After which, the cmil! pantomimes of
BKOAOMr A if VUKATKU? Doors open al 7.-*"?
commence al o'oock.-THIB EVENING, Oct. IP,
aril) be presented trie drama of
Henry Bertrr.ni_tir Hill I Meg Me rilles, Hiss Caibman
After which, a new Pms rle O'.lx, La Veto Champetre,
iiv Slgnor Neri and Mdlle Adeline.
To conclude with the new dram?. (2d lime.) called
Prices of admission: To Dress Circle and Parquet 7*?;
Pamir? Circle and Tblrd Tier, Xoe; ?sllery, IStC
BUKSV'OJt'r* fUSATKR. Chambers-st. rear of lb*
City Hail?'be nearest Theater to tbe large Hotels.
TU Ii SJVENIN?. Ocioner 10. will be slayad
To concluce wt b the Karce of
Boors open al 7, to begin al 7$ o'clock.?Boxes, dress
alrcleand parqum, AP eis; "lmliy drc ? or second tier, W
cast private boxes e>d and $5; orcbettra seals, with cuah
tenon arm-chairs 76 eis.
MADAME Da VKIKH?The 8econd and lad but
one performance, of thia ctebea'ed hunger, will take
place on KRI DA Y l?xt, when NORM.a will oe produced
at A?tor Opera House. o9 3t*
Machanic'e Hall,
yl'J'O BROADWAY, ?Uova Grand-?t,-OPr,N EVjr,.
I /4rY NIGHT durlne tbe week, uotll farther notice
Tbe original and well known conatys atn.atrsla com
prising an "efficient" and "versatile" "corpa" of talente?
bnd esper'enced per torn era. under the management of
tC. P. CHRISTY, whose Concerts in tblsclivfora sue
cesslou of four >ears, have been received with favor by
highly respectable and fat Dlonablo audiences.
Ticken ifi cents. Doors open at 6J ; commance al 7J
Afternoon Concert ?vnrv ?aiurday, commencing; al 3
F. as. o71wis*
MR. BAKNVM baa ibe bonor lo announce tbal tbe
Seventh Grand Concert of
Will Iske place bo tbe above named Hall early In Octobsr,
and litat her Concerts will from that period bo given In
Hew-York regularly until further notice. Particulars hero
after._s2S. tf
aUTHORizr.b '.on ion or
THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully caR the attention of
* the public to the subjoined letters from Mr. Benedict
and Signer Belie.lt.
If he eabscrlliers have claimed lo b* the authorLied agents
for the publishing of rAe Jenny tihod muilc, and ihej be
. ? v, ..? a j.,.. satisfactorily prove the foundn
tli-ns of "their claim.
Lore don, August, 185?
fo ikuvri. 0. Joli.18, Esa : Sir?Ws herewith assig?
t? you the fall and exclusive right to all the music sung by
Mdlio. Jenny JLlnd In America; also, all tbe music com
posed cr song by us during our sojourn In the Unite-.'
Irving House, New-York, 8ept. 8,1860
TotiisiuRL C. Jollie, Es?.: Slr?1 certify, with pleas
are, thai yopr edition of Iba Jenny Ltnd eiuslc, in which
yea have assir'aied the name or Firth, Fond it Co. la Iba
*&ly authorised eOtlon published t and farther, thai oacb
eong Is duly revised b-ttii before publication.
?rv Bifbl this week al the Minerva Rooms, ii>6 Broai
way. It Is a moil ?pleDdld wo. k of a t; exhibiting rao?t
beautifully and falinf.illy the cltlea, country, mouataln?,
and Inxurloii? troploai vegetation. AI?o, by pictures of
surpassing artistic merit, the social cuilouis of >he Cubans
aie llluetraied j magnificent views of sugar, coffee and to
bscco estate; mahogagy, cedar, ebony trees, and royal
palms Doors open ai6jP. M., panorama commences to
move at 7J precliely. Adm ltance 2b cents ; children half
price. o9 (hIs*
every evening during tue week Tue original and well
known Campanolo^ians or Swiss Bell Ringers, Mr. J.
H. Hsirun, fne ceietira'.ed Campanclo, Miss Julia Gouid,
the arcouip!'.?hed \'ocall?t and Ploulst, from the principal
London tin atera Tlckrt? 2? cents. Door? opeu aulj and
Concert lo conitr.ence al o'cloca. Chanjjs of pro?:ra"ume
e*cb?venti g. oil 4 l?"
I>ARMni> A-tlERlCAN MUSK?IT1.?F. 5
A^nARNUM.Manegei and Proprietor ?J oliH GREEN*
WOOD, Jr. Aaaitum llansger.?CoinmecclD? Mondar,
Oct. 7, mij i2o week of tue DRUNhlARB. Every ave"
;^^5,*'?."?,s*uri?.v ffternoon, win be performed the
f???V?\y*S?$ f813 '"?I'NKARD.with MLaChap
CatU; ahlldren under 10 7ears, I as. cenu O?o
X INSTITUTE continues open to iha ruOucfrom l' A si
nnuil.i P. M. Tr.e AnnUerisry itc.rL, b., SmoS
yoldably postpoced until KAIDAY EVENING the Uth
lost at which lime Sami-ei. Okee.sk arnold will ad
dre?? the ln?tltute at the Tabsrnaclo at 7* o'clock. Osnsrai
JAMES TALMADGE will preside The mu.lc by Msrn
beraof the Harmonic Society. The festlug - f Ptooiba
MESS place to-day al Tarry own Tbe Ploughing ard
a ? V.iM"Ih !.! ,he,?me Phtee TO-MORROW* Toe
silver Rallrosd will tike these dlspostd to tvltneoj theie
exhlbiitois dtiacuyto the held. ol "
. 1 . ''"5l ?Tue public are reapeclUHv informed ih.I
SUbScrlp?OOS for the four Concert, of ihn 1,1 audannl
csik'.ns for Associate Mfm^rshlp wiP be ? .1 frii*
rru?lc ?iore of Meiir I. 8charfenr*re A Ltil? K? K m"
^tbe holder to three tickets to each Con. en and the
pri.llege of tak.rg two extra Uckatls for each Concert at
?1-0 each Ansociate memberships St"> each Daiat, m i,
sdvttcj, attddtog the bolder to an adml?o
for exva^'k ,ck<" '? P*rh C?Bcon w"0 tbe i-itne prlvUega
?l??^ snbscriptlons The firsrConcert
^??eretor, H ? <1?'V07^
TU* MI NSTrTKr>?t iTrTa,^
by Cbarle, Mul er Thl. ? Group In Marble,
tbegrtst gold roe,ta!at the. nIh'* ?,'^ wn cn Jecelvoj
An? la Paris, 18*9, U now^e-Tf*^ ExhlbtUon of Fln?
rooirs of the Nauonal Acaj Sb*,1*'''lc ? too o^w
epoosite 8ocd al Adml wTJ'c? Deil?"?- 663 Broad wav,
Oi-en from 9AM UH ir. f ?<*?on lick eta 6f'
aT^-.T..T- -^r.?- ?19 Im
ftS^?*? *? ?arlwojtestinltolisao^n110!?^
Black Shakers, In.tiumentsJ Solos aid v%** ??Xch 0r^
Ad-nlMlon ?5 cents. Doo7. X f^SOU ?10?'
^^rnoon concert on (v.^^J
15 .i^BIW!w v"c?' Music on Frl'a v-.... Ulltt
J"- *l 7J. tn the Tbtrir?mL!at r- . hyr b*' ,U>'
"?"ten ike Cth and 7i'ha'vs L\fM'i ^
?X 08 4.US*
ry Becood Ward. - Tb? Whig* olths Second Ward
tj bi ai Gomel's Hot*-' on Wedneidej 0 - 1 ?,';,'"'
? ban: to a rail of iba flwral Co-oml "?. ' ? ?- " '
fixei to th*- Ctttriet Convention 'or r 1 pote 01 te est
lir? chrrirsi? to r?-pret>r,ttbe District ia Coa ret non,
be ba'd at Urica on Iba 17 )d?t Tfccn's'rr ?**
oner at 71 o'clock B VV B?r*on. Eiq "ai '?i'> '.'", l
Ibe Cbalr, Messrs A. A Career and Tnatnts .% wmnoj
chosen 8?crettrief. ,
On motion.; Messr*. Johi L. Lefforu. Jsrvl? csa e . c
Eniere.'d Wheeler, were appointed Iwpec'or?. aoa ire
meetlDg proceeded to ballot, each velar giving Ola MM
e.-d r.i'<"rr?. Tbe following gentl imen were nuan
The M'owlog resolution* wer? adopted 1
H mired That we dfctoedi? approve of the cat'-! pur
med bv our delegated S. Collins. Esq.) la the late Bate
Cor vtctloci and tbank biiu for 'he faitb'ul manner ia whl-h
r or views were reflected in ??tri Convention, as wail aa at
Ibe subsequent meeting held at R'-et's No-el.
Reiolttd That tho Delegate* el?cted, have pow.'r to nil
in h vscmcies aa may occur In their number.
On motion, the meeting lh*o ad-ourned.
B. W. BJ3NBON, Chairman
Jarvis Chase, lSavitsxlef
Al.rtr.rt A. WaBNER, j
E3T Klazhlh Warrl-At a meeting, held at "Tbe
u . ,ur; Him re." Hi MerCer-et. on Wednesday even'o;
October 9 of Ibe Whig Delegates elecie>d in tbelr isve ?
DIbIi ci?, In treorriscce wbh ibe rerommenoa i. n n't'n.
i^.-n Conirriitee: On motion, Mr. THHOOOR.K K'ili
LEY was appointed Chairman, and James Oridliy Sec
The rbjeel of tbe meeting belrjj,' itated by tae Cbalrrrun,
on motion Mr. JOSEPH N. BARNES was unanimously
elr-cK-d by ill's Convention es th? Delegale fr im this Dia
iiiet, to represent Ihl* Assembly District In ihe Utles Ceri
ver tlon. to he he'd on tbe 17tbOctober, inet.
On motion, Mr. George Bovd was unanimously e!e:'ed
ba a substitute.
On mollon, Resetted, Thai th'a Conve' Son most 'o'd'a1
ly approve of the course pursued by the m aorit; uf ihe
lielegaies at ibe late Syracuse 1 onven I .t.
On moiled, adjourned.
James GRIDLEV, Secretary, olO 11?
Gr?" .Eleventh Ward Opponeu to Lelnorganlza.
tlon.?At a full meeting of tbo Democratic Whig Commit,
t-e ol tbo Elevenll Ward, convened at their Headquarter*
comer of avenueC and Fourth-*! Tuesday evening O^lober
8tb, ibe following Preamble and Resolutions were adopted :
Whereat, A number of Ihe Delegale? to the late Whtg
Slate Convection at Syracuse. ?bw fit to secede Irom that
body, Bnd.repudlateiis action, by the caliiog of a new C in?
vention ai 1'ilca ; and whereas, it Is of vita! importance to
ihe Whig party, ?nd to every member or it Individually,
ibai (whatever pretense may be put forth) the irue ground
ol difference should beclsarly understood,an-i an expression
of sentiment In relation iherelo given ; therefore be II
Jietvlved, By ihe Democratic Wnlg Vvnrd Committee of
Ihe flleierlh Ward (composing the Ninth A-sembly Dis?
trict) lb?t we have reed 1! e resolutions cmanatlrjg from the
Byrjcuse Conveuilo", aud serutln/.ed carefully Its entire
proceedlrgs, and c?n lind nothing therein to Justify, In our
judgment, ibe.witbdrawal of sny Dele^a e therefrom, or to
render necessary or expedient the call of another Conven?
Httbhed, Thai, while we are, as ever, opposed lo any In?
terference with Slavery wbeie it hs? a Consii.utional ex
lslence and to any trrinrcetsirrp, indiscreet, or fietnvt agi?
tation of loe subject, here or elsewhere, nevertheless, we
regard opposition to Ibe existence of human slavery to the
Territory now free, as a cearly cherished Woig principle
?ore wblrli has been regarded as a fundamental urttceof
the Whig cieed?and which Im? heen affirmed and red',
hrmed by Conventions ard Legislatures. In limes and
p eres almost wlihout number, ana In support, and defense
of which we hereby plefge ourselves anew upon tho altar
oflruth. justice and" a common humanity
Retoivrd rbat we consider the Whig platform us it is,
sofhcentlv broad to accommodate every Intelligent patriot
In the a ul'ry and we regurd any and every attrmpt, let
It come from whence il may, to erect a new platform for
ihe Whig party, to cnange its prlncioles, or to baptise it
Into a new THtne, aa a moat u-auihurized, not to sav, im?
prudent assumption.
ttemlted. Thatwe recognise In Hon Washington Hunt
and the other gentlemen composing the ticket nominated
by the Syracuse Convenll->n men of slerllng Bblllty.com.
prebenslve views of public, policy, lolly patriotism and
unblemished reputatloo; and as such we confidently re
con mend iberu to the;toppoi I?not of " National Whigs "
or "8ewaid Whigs "?but to Ihe free, unboughtand unbi?
ased manes of ihe Empire State In general; and especially
to tbe Whig parly, uncor whose glorious old banner wa
have heretofore fought, and where we are ?tili proud to
Hand, either In vlclory or defeat.
Od rrotk'D, It wa? directed that tbo foregoing preamble
end resolutions be publi?hed In the "Vhlg papers.
Jciin H. Elliott, Bec'ry. olO It*
Sfft" BIOTOtalta Ward.-AI a meeting of ihe Demo
1 re ic VMilg Blector* o! tb? Elevenlh Ward beld at Union
Hail on Wednesday evening, Oct 9, In pursuance of the
call of tbe Wblg Genera) Committee for the purpose of
electing a Delegate 10 Ihe Ullca Blate Convemlou, JOdN
A. BOUTELLE, Eiq wa? rcaM.d to the Cbalr and P V.
HuSTED appointed Becrelary, whoo tl e meeting proceeded
lo elect a Delegate, and Mr WILLIAM T.MACKRELL
was unaLUously elected.
Tbe meeting then iidopled the following resolutions by a
large majority:
in- hfiolerd, Tnat Ihe Ibaeka of the Whigs of Ihe Elevenlh
WBrd are due 10 William T. Mackrell. the late Delegate to
Iba Syracuse Convention, for the noble s'and he tbere took
Id common with the seceding Delegale? In behalf of the
Whig party of tbe Union,
Retolttd, That we heArtlly approve of the high minded
and patriotic ccune of the General Admlal?tratlon In Us
efforts to sellle ihe unfortunate dlffii-uliies ?0 long agltttlng
Ihe country ; and thai any attemp on the pa't of any Indi?
vidual, however hlph In office, 10 further agl ate tbe ?uhje*l
I on Binlcabl7 sen ed, or to connect the Whig parly of tbe
United States with that ?pecle? of abolitionism which pre.
iVrred James K Polk lo Heory Clay, will forever meet
wbh our UDrembled and determined opposition.
Retohed. Ttst we a>e, as we have ever been, opposed lo
the extension tf Blavery over free territory; but we are
oppoied lo engrafting upon the Whig platform of ihe (iulon
sentiments similar to those adopted at the late Syracuse Con
venllon, wblcb, If permitted, wouid drive from our great
ard glorious parly ihose lime honored Whig States, Ken
tnrky, Maryland ard Delaware
Kr? .lred, That the ariion of the twelve menbern of the
Ward Committee during the ab?enee of siveral of the
friends of tbe Arlm'nlstrKtlon, In refining to comply wlib
II e call of the Whig Genera! Committee, mems with me
' Uspproballon of the Whigs of th's ill trict, wh > belteve It
lo be their duty 10 sustain the Genernl AdmlniBlraiton aud
the Whig General Coramlileo In prefeieu -e to lt-dlvi.-Muls
Hrtotrcd, That the ayes and noes, hi gu-eo In the Ward
Comailltee last eveulng on the reio'otlnas offered by the
Captain of Police refusing to comply with the directions of
ihe General Committee and against the General- Adminis?
tration, be published.
In favor of sustaining ibe General t' nnmiileeanJ against
Ibe Seward resolution. ?? follows John A Boatelle. Jo?
seph Bonthworlb, P. V' Basted, J*me? lyicss, Hamilton
Wade, J. Vaniassel, J H. Eliloit, John Landers Richard
ToiteD, G. Van Cotl-lfl *
Against the General Comml lee and In favor of t*e Se
ward resolutions 1 - D-urker, Geo. W Rlhlet, Peler
Hsmtnlll, Danlei Hurrlck, Pe er Sipirea Hewlet Smith, J.
H. Thorne. Porter G. Sherman, W C. Enni?, John Harper
Sam H lie Moll, C. Pe-ley.
JOHN A. BOUf ELLE, Chairman.
P. V. Huiteii, Secretary. 010 11?
- W. T y&ckreli and .loh.i Ryan e r-jsed from v .".i-ji;
rfAt a ITIcetli? nf the Driiiocrntln Whig
Klrrtors of the Thlrtepjith Ward, held pursuantio
Ihe recoiii'neE'iallOD of the General Committee, at Thallan
Hall, 46t' Grand st on Wednesday evening O^t 9, Thom .s
J. DoLYE wis called lo lbs Chair and David A Korbes
was appointed Secretary. Mr. J AM CS DE WEY, Esq.
wbs unan'moasly elected t"> repiesent ha XItb Assembly
District In the 8tate Whig Convention, to be held ttl L'uca
on the 17ih lnst. Also, reso ved, that Hie said Delegate
have power to ?ppolnt a 8uv'itlmte, If neressary.
David A. Forbes, Secretary OlOlt
tST Slxreenih Wald.-At a special meeilngof the
BinefDih Ward Whig Committee, ibe following resola
lit es were nnanlmou? ad; pied:
Retired. That this Committee tally and unqualifiedly ap
prove of tbe course pursued by tbe Minority of the De e
gates lo ibeBjrsctise ConveoUon on ihe?ib ultimo
Rerdred, That we concur with the reiolu'lons pa*i?d by
the Whlf General Committee and ihe Yourj? M*n's Com
miitee, In regard lo ihe proceedings of the aTordssid Con?
Reeotted, Tbsl we hereby recommend to Iba Whij E'ee:
or? of ihla District lo meet on the 9th lnst to chooie a Dele
gale to repreaet l ihe District in the Coavaation to be held
at I idea on the 17ih tnat.
In accordat ce with ihr. above resolution, an election wlU
be held at 271 Sixth av. oe?r Seventeenth-it. on We<tes
dsy, Oct. 9, ISM, between the hour? of 7 and 10 A M
w ?H UILL WHEELER. ChairmBn.
W.HoDCKissoa, Bec'ry. 03 2f
w?r.^TTKl,J"'D(b WarsL-lt at Election of the
HrnL r l.hKSe,?n!*entn W,r<i ''"id 'he il-rrv Clav
PRVWvsfK,bw 9 al7; ?*-*--Uoa MERWIN R
rf;. .y unani'""n?!y elected as delegate to ihe
aM PonTsaitteo, and Nathan c Ely a, su isUtote.
M. B C11AHE, )
olO Ii? Sr;vSp.LS?OOS' > Inspectors
y"^11. ..,.^,",r! . V4KD3 ^
1 s-pproied patter i t f rrmrs St.tndird tioid ieaUt ad
iSl^?l%S?d MM Stand,rdot^
si/e and weight Tbes-sca es are so mado tnat tbev -1
bat very II l ecompas. when p^ked, and1 arermncSim ire
re?U, and conves lently fi, lined thai eUhw the BoS h
Qemto, or American knlcle. Af we haT9 u ^f'^
made of ibis pattern, parties having orders lor salnment to
Cai'fornla are solicited to examinefhem before oa?? a"ng
elsewhere A'so for ?sie a vsrlets of Fren-h fan y esods
Bccorceons,.Vc. E FA HEGNETTES, FILS 4-, MO R RA
1 CA TCWS No. 2 Boonion Koandrr Pig iron
lOUa*'.. No.2 .. Forge .. .
100.. No.2PomptonCharcoal .. ..
100 .. No. 1 Hcoich rig Iron, " Gtrtsherrle "
**or sale by DUDLEY B. FULLER i. CO.
cl lmeJd* 159 Greenwich 1L corner uf Cedar-sL
tl. PA UK'S \TLYiniX?&\Lvk tor the cnre?f
iBcrolua, Calt Rheum Itc. for *ala bv EU8BTON
CLARK t CO. 110 B-ijadwiy, 10 Altar HotUA scd 275
Brosdwiy. ,30 3m'
Tribune's Special Dispatches.
C'ou?re*!ti??nal rVoruina.ioii.
Bingiummmn Wedseo^ay. Oct 9
The Opposition Convention to noaiin ite
a Congressman met here this afctrnoon and
nominated John J. Tavlok, of Os wego. It
dared not pass aDy resolutions.
Aiiti-R<-ut ?<jHi?- rVoniiifationSi
Alb?my We neaday, O'.t 9--I P.M.
The Anti-Rent State Convention have
nominated Washington Hunt, (Whig.) of
Niagara Co. for Governor, by a vote of 20 to
8 for Horatio Seymour, and 3 blank, on tho
first vote ; Sandford E. Church, (Opp.) Or?
leans, for Lieutenant-Governor; Ebeuezer
Blakely, (Whig,) Otsego, for Canal Com?
missioner: William P. Angel, (Opp.) Liv
iDgetoD, for Prison Inspector; and Charles
S. Benton, (:be Opposition incumbent,) Uer
kimer, for Clerk of the Court of Appeals.
With the exception of Governor the other
nominees were nominated by acclamation.
Great harmony prevailed.
Wnnhinyto;i Affairs,
Washington, Wedneslay, Oct 9, 1E50.
The Secretary of War left this afternoon
for jour City.
Bon. Wui, A. Graham is acting Secretary
during his absence.
Mr. Crittenden leaves on Monday for
Several removals were made in the Post
Office 1 irpHrtment, to-day, and a few in tho
War Department.
California Appoiutm???'*.
Washington, Wednesday, Oct 9.
T. Butler King was appointed Collector
at San Francisco to-day. No appointdiieot
whatever has yet been made for the Jud^o
ship in California in place of Benjamin.
Graham still hopes to get it, but it is douoc
fol. _ X. r.
Another Dispatch.
Washington, Wednesday, Oct 9.
Collier declines the California Judgoship.
Tho President oilers him the choice of the
Bureaus, which ho will accept.
Graham's prospoots for the Judgeship
tolerable. _ J.vo B.tow.v.
C3reeh81!cr>; Wrdnesday, Oct 9 1850.
Rtjhns, Whig, is elected in tiiia District,
by 1,200 Whig gain. Glory enough for one
day. _ _
I Election Keturne by Telegraph to The Tribune.
philadelphia, Taeiday, Cel. 9?'.'1 A.M.
City.?Charles Gjlpin, (regular Wrhig) has
been chosen Mayor of Philadelphia by 2,373 major,
ity. [He was beaten last year by .fool Jones, in?
Congress.?lit. Di?t.?Oo\. Thomas B. Flor?
ence, Opp. is pretty certainly elected?many Whigs
refusing to voto for Levin, throwing their votes
away on P. B. 8avery, (Whig,) who had doclioed.
II. Joseph It. Chaudler (Wnigiis reflected
by l.fiOO majority.
III. Henry D. Moore (Whig and Land .Re?
former) is reflected.
IV. John Robbinx, Jr. (Opp.)ti reelected.
IX. Berks.?Gen. Wm. H. Keim (Whig) has
gained 1,361 on the vote at the last election, and it
106 ahead in ten townshi.s. He will be bsateD,
however, iu[the baJanoa of the District by J. Ulancy
Jones, (Opp.)
VIII. Lancattcr ?k light vote, TflADDEUS
Bteve.ns reelected to Congress.
VI. Bucks, c)-c?Partial returns leavo the Dis?
trict doubtful.
X. Northampton, A-c?MiloM. Dimmick (Opp.)
is revlected, being no opposition.
XII. Susguehanna, .Vc?Partial returns Indi?
cate the election of Ualusha A. (hoir. (Opp) In
place of Wllmot by a small majority.
XIX. Dauphin, i$-c?Thomas M. Bibjghaus,
Whig) is pretiy nearly elected In place of C. W
Pitmsn by a reduced majority.
XVI. James X. McLanahan, (Opp.) is said lo
be rr elected.
XIX Heslmoreland, etc. Josetii H. Kuhns,
(Whig) Is CO a head in six election districts over
his highest opponent. Ilia election is generally
j conceded?a Whig gain
j XXII. Allegheny. Whig ticket elected. Thomas
j M. Howi is elected to the next Congress by 1000
I to 1200 msjority
Erie, Penes. Wednesday, Oct. 9,1350.
Erie Co. gives John H. Walker (Whig) for
j Corjgress 1,500 majority. Whig 8ta;e Ticket ditto.
I County Ticket all Whig.
[Tins is fully up to tbe estimate of Mr. Walker's
friends, ar.d gives a good hope of his election.
Ed. Trib}
Honesdale, Wayne Co. Wednesday, Oct 9.
\Yay7iC Co.?Freeman (Independent) is chosen
to the Legislature by 200 majority over Grier
Philadelphia, Wednesday, Oct 9.
Philadelphia City.?The total vote of the City
for Mayor stands:
C. Gilpin (Whig) 7,463. Scattering, 50.
Joe! Jenes ;Indep.) 4,e?0. Gllpin's maj. 3,573.
Kontrose, Wednesday, Oct 3~: P.M.
rieventjen townships give G. A. Grow, Opposi?
tion, for Congress, 049 majority. Tho Looo ma?
jority in the County will be nearly SS0. State
Ticket tho same.
J3T IIcNair, opposition, is said to be elected to
Congress, over Freedly, Whig, in the 1 'neater and
Montgomery District.
Philadelphia, Wednesday, ?:b Oct 10.41 r m
Per.cs> ivar.ia fcjtate Senators elected, ana it is
conceded that there are 6-e Whig and three dp
position, oat of eleven to be elected?Assembly
43 Opposition, 3S Whig. ? 4 Wnig Congressmen
are replaced by Opposition-men as far as heard
Pittsburgh, Wednesday. Oct. 9.
Allegheny Co.?Howe, Whig, is elected to Con?
gress by l'uOO majority, State ti.ket the same.
Allison, Whig, is 250 ahead in [leaver. Kuhn,
Whig, is elected to Congress in Westmoreland;
his majority in the District is about 1,500. The
Opposition majority on the State ticket wii! not
exceed 1,700.
Harrisbcrg. Wednesday, Ocl. 9
Cumberland County gives 230 majority for Mc?
Lanahan, opp. Franklin 050 majority for Bard.
McLanahan is elected. Lebanon gives 981 major?
ity for Bibighaus, Whig, who is elected. A dis?
patch from Lewistown states that Parker IO?p.) is
eleetsd in that District over McCu?och, Whig, by
3C0 msjority.
, Fottsviu.e. Wednesday, Oct. 9.
SekuytJti? gives about 100 majority to Oppo?
sition for Congress. The Legislative Tickst no
doubt probably one of each party is elected ?
Palmer, j Opposition) has most likely beaten Neville,
(Whig) for Prosecuting Attorney.
The Oppogitioa msjority in Warren County, Pa.
is abuut 330.
Harrisbl'rg Wedaus lsy, Oct. 9.
Uauphtn Co. gives 5-jO majority ftr the Whig
State ticket, and 100 for Whig Congressman.
/'.' OrroaiTio*.
1 'Da id V. Dimty
5 Alf re d P. EdgtfUm
G Frederick Hr'en
7. Dr. K M ElUbtrry
ii tleoryt H Hntby
16.' Motet Holland
\T Joseph Cable
18*David K. Carller
Bobbins, Opp., ii reflected for the tr.iurtn Dis
trier; Dickey, Whig it rejected for the Seventh
?dole roil". Ke\?er. Whig, '? elected t'oiioe
Marshal, ard Wru" H Re-id, Wh'p, Proaecatths;
Attorney. The whole City and Onority and tbe
County tickets are tli.i claimed by tho Whig*;
Illegal vr,trg and the glaring fraud* in Ihe First
grd Brrnrd Ware?, Moyamensins aod Tnird
Ward, K?r?ir.t;ton, muit vitiate the entire vrte
tbcre. Tbe?e facta uro producing grout lentalijn
in our onrj.niaiii'.y.
Cketter Co? Whig State and County ticket
elfc'.ed by 600 majority.
Bingimmhton, Wedceiday, Oct. 9.
The Kjpre-a ia not io, and it will be inpossibla
to get the result o' tbe election in Ti?g* County to?
night. The cars have just arrived, and bring no
i.ew s.
Cincinnati, Wednesday, Oct 9?a at.
I. Hamilton Co.?David T. Ditnsy (Opp.) is re
elected lo Congress without & rival. The ' regu?
lar' Ticket has beaten the ' Independent' or ' Trua
Democratic ' Wcod for Governor baa 2,000 ma"
II. Butler, i$-c.?Butler Co- in part gives a re?
duced Opposition majority?iso lets than in '48.?
This nearly secures the reelection to Congreis of
Lewis D. Campbell, Free Soil Whig.
IV. Ciark Co. givea 1 000 Whig majority. (Tay
'or bad 1.231.) Benj. Stahton, (Whig) is chosen
io Congress by a lsrge majority.
XVII. Cohtmbiana, Sec ? Jefferson Co.gives 100
Whig majority : [It gave Calf 84.) Joseph. Cable
(Opp ) is reelecttd to Congress from the District)
whi h in Btrongly bis way.
XXI. Medina Co. gives 100 plurality for Wood
Though there are Whig gains in nesrly all the
contested Coun.ies, yet the 'Free Democracy
management in the Iletervo has doubtless elected
Reuben Wood, Opposition, by some 10,01/0 plural.
i*y. Mr. Conover, the Whig candidate for tbe
Board of Public Works, is beaten by a smaller bat
sufficient plurality.
This is probably Whig. The Whigs and Whig
Free toilers gain a 6enator from Summit and I'or
tsge, which gives to them tho 8enate, unless over
btilsrcf d else where- To tho Aisombly tbe follow?
ing Whig gaina are reported:
JelTerson,_1. Coshocton... 1.
Franklin,-1. Summit.1.
Cuyahoga.... 1.
If to these be added two from Licking, a3 re?
ported, there can be iittle doubt of a Whig aicen.
dancy. A U. 8. Senator is to be chosen, both
for the full term and ths vacancy.
Members of Congress chosen.
Dil. Waic.
2 -Lewis D. Campbell, K.s
!> Gen Uir.im Bell
4. BENJAMIN Stanton
10 Bamoel Galloway
12, John Welch
14 alexander HaRI'F.R
19. lllEN newton, T 8.
mt-irispajr rm poilis.
20. *JoSHUA &. OlDDINCS, '21. N. 8 Toionthend
* lie-Elected.
Cleveland. Ohio, TVednosday, Oct 9.
Cayu'ja Co.?Johr.son (Whig) has 170 plurality
in six towns. Whig and Free 8oil Member 270.
Ho is pretty surely elected. [Giddings for Con
D Cleveland, Wednesday, OcL 9.
Franklin Co. gives Johnston 600 majority for
Governor? Galoway for Congress something more !
lAJrain Co. (ten towns) gives Towushend (Opp.
Free Soiler) 273 majority for Congress: Whole
'Free Democracy' ticket probably elected.
Huron Co. (G towns) 170 majority for JohnsoD,
and Worcester (Whig Congros*,) and 270 for
Whig Senator.
Sandusky, [Erie Co. gives W<>od (Opp. Gov
vernor) 400 majority.
Cuyahopa Co. said to be 700 plurality for Wood
Cleaveland City 433 of it.
tiumyntt Co. reported 300 plurality for Wood.
Montgomery Co. (all in but four towns) gives
Johnson 200 majority. Whole Whig ticket
Tuicaraicas Co. (15 towns) gives Johnson a ma?
jority of 300. Whole Whig ticket elected.
Cincinnati, WedneiJay, Oct. 9.
Utuben Wood, Opp. is, without doubt, eleoted
Governor. His msjority is about 2 500. In (Jhio
county Johnson s majority was 461, and in Mont?
gomery, 323. In Seneca county Wood's majority
was .-00. Hamilton county incomplete. Disney,
Opp. elected to Congress without opposition, In
Ohio county Stanton * vote for Congress wa* 4!|o'.
Cincinnati, Wedceidsy, Oct 9.
Galltn is incomplete-Johnson's majority is
517?Whig gain 36 Champagne, Jjhnaon 3U0
majority?whole Whig ticket elected. In Lot>an
Co. r.ine townships, Johnson 41G majority?Whig
gain 4:;.
Statesman Office,Columbus, October!?.
Wood, Opposition, lor Governor and Miller, Op?
position, for Canal Commissioner, are most proba?
bly elected by hand?ome majorities. 8wee>zer,
< ipposition, is elected to Congress in this District,
Clarion OrncE, Ianduskv, Wednesday, Oct. 9
The whole Whig ticket lost, except the Prose?
cuting Attorney, elected in Erie Co. In Huron
Co tbe whole Whig tickot elected Harem and
Erie Counties combined, have ele.'ted a Wn'g Sen?
ior and Rep eieata'ivo. To?rnshend (Opposition)
has 160 majority in Huron, Loralne and Erie, Mo
dina not beard ffcni.
Herald Oi fice Clevehno, Wednesday, Oct. 9.
Cayvga Co ?Weed's majority is over 700.?
Whig County ticket is elected. Rockland Co.?
000 to 1,000 lor Wood; balance Opposition. Licking
Co?Reported c00 majority for Wood Guernsey
Co.?A Whig gain; nu (igurea yet. Mtukingkam
Co?500 majority for Johnson.? TrumbuM ami
Geauga Counties,?The contest between tho
Whigs and Free toilers i* very close and doubtful
yet. Wood i* undoubtedly elec:ed from 3,000 to
4 0c0 majority. Legislature Anti Loco-Foco.
Cincinnati, Wednss.'av, OcL 9.
The majority in Hamilton County against John
stor. is over 3,000. He is badly beaten?the msjor
ity seainit him in the State being probably 20,000.
The Legislature i* probably Whig in both branch?
es. A* far as heard from, the Wtiigs sain twelve
BLd lese three Galloway, Wnig, is beaten for
Congreis in the Xth D strict, by less thin 100 ma?
jority. Licking County gave too majority aga'nst
him. The race between Van Tramp, Whig, an i
Otis, Opp. in the JXih District, is very c'oie.
Olds will prcbib.'y be elected. Ia lha X.\f?t
D strict, the vote is close between Woreaiter,
Whig, and Townanend, Opp. Tne result is
Cincinnati, 9;j Oct
The election passed 0:! finely. The Opposition
Congressional ticket wa* elected. Oar river is
falliig slowly.
N'evr?Hnuip?hlre Election.
Boston, Wednesday, Oct. 9,1330.
New-IIampahire held an Election for Delegates
to a CY-natitutional Convention, yesterday. Sj far
ss we have return*, the party dominant in tha1
State, were allowed to have everything their own
Boston, Waiceidsy, OcL 9,
Farther returns from New-Hsmp*hire show
f ains tcr Morrison, Loco, for Congress, in Wil?on's
vacant Wh District, ilscchtnter, Nuh-ta, aid
Nashville give Morri*on 250 gain, and he i* proba?
bly elected. The vote of Ksjr.e, Perkins, 3?? ;
Morri?uD, 117-, Marlborcugb, Perkin*, 75; Herri
ion, 22; T.-ty, Perkins, 52; Morrison, 27; "Swan
tea, Perain*, 59; Merri?or, 133.
Itlajornlty Election&c. la Bnlthjjsrr.
Baltimure W;-.o...,diy, Ociob-trO.
Twelve Wim hav? btsen beard from, Jerome
Wfeie, tairs 2,100 ovtr Lowe's Vote?Jerome in
probability is elected. Tne Whig! thai far bavo
gained stveral members in the City Council.
Scemd Diipatch,
John H. T. Jerome, Whip, has been elected May?
or by 410 majority, over Turner, Opposition. Coun?
cil is about equally divided A cireful adding up
of the returns may make a slight variation.
"Uatlonal" Whig suite Convention.
Utics, Wednesday, Octobers.
The meetingof the " National" Whigs, at Home,
yesterday, called a Ma?s County Convention at
IJtica on Tuesday, the l.">tb, to nominate delegates
to the State Convention.
Eon W.m H Beward will " stomp " the State,
beginning at AlbaDy next week.
Anti-Kent Convention.
Albany, Wednesday, Oct. 9.
The Anti Rent Convention was temporarily
organized, by the appo'ntment of Neil Benson of
Su'livan. Chairmam RobertT Johnstonof Albany,
Secretary. The question of disputed seats was
referred, and the Convention took a recess.
Mr. Benson, who was the defendant in tbe recent
anti rent suit in Sullivan Court, brings word that he
he has virtually triumphed, although a verdict was
rendered for plaintiff. He says they subsequently
tendered such terms of compromise as will proba?
bly b? accepted by all the tenants in Suhivan
county.?He has accepted the offer.
The principal point conceded in the settlement
is the reduction In the price demanded for a g wd
title to the land, from 87 to 80 the acre.
Opnot-ttloa Count; Convention.
Troy, Wednesday, October 9.
The Opposition County Convention met to-day
pursuant to adjournment from 17th September.?
The towns whose double delegations caused the
adjournment have mostly reappeared witi two
sets again. After a strong debate from 2 till 5
o'clock, a motion was adopted thst tbe Prasid-ut
and Vice-President appoiut a Committee of three
from the Convention to report on each case.
l'rot?stnnr. Eiilaeopnl Convention,
Cincinnati, Wednesday. 9th On.
A resolution wss introduced by the Rsv. Mr.
Stephens of Philadelphia to appoint a Committee,
to be joined by a Committee Irom the House of
Bishops, to whom was referred the memorial from
Maryland, and tbe proposed canons relating to the
outtes ol Clersjmen in respect to Episcopal Visita?
tion. The bouse appointed on its part the Hav.
Drs. Stephens, Neville, Van Ingle and Miller (of
Penniylvania), Judge Chambers, and Mr. Orton (of
Philadelphia). The Convention then took a recess
Telegrnph Feat.
New-Orleans, Wednesday, Oct. 9.
Tho Atlantic's news reached New-Orleans over
the Southern Mcrse line at Iii o'clock, having loft
Washington City at 12J, beatiDg time 30 minutes.
The news was published in the Picayune simulta?
neously with ah tho No-thern afce-noons papers.
A Fugitive Mlave Case.
Honesdai.e, Wednesday, Ocsobor9.
Mrs. Evans, the runaway yellow slave, has Had
to Canada with her family. Her husband, who
was bom a free man, is about starting to join hor.
Their passage on tho under ground Railroad was
paid by common contribution. A meeting is to be
called in a day or two in reference to this law.
Jenny J.lnU In Boston.
Boston, Wednaiday, Ocl. 9
Jenny hind's concert last night was densely
crowded, and great enthusiasm was manifested.
Tho sale of tickets at auction to the Charity Con?
cert, oo Tbursdsy night, took place ttrs morciu?.
Tbe highest prem. obtained was 83 25, and tha
lowest for back seats 25 cents. Total, perhaps
S12.CC0 She gives a concert on Friday night, in
the great hall over the Fitohburg Depot.
Jenny 1.1ml In Konten.
Boston, Wdeneslay, Oct. 0\
Jenny Lind sings in Boston all next week. Her
last Concert here will be Friday night, tho 17ih.
Bhe reappears in New-York on the 2:3d, and con?
tinues for several weeks.
Toe Frost nnd the To bunco Crop, &c.
Cincinnati, Wednesday, Ocl. 9.
A dispatch from Clarkeiville, Tenn. says that
from one third to a half of tho Tobacco Crop has
been killed by the sovero frost.
Several Railroad L aws were voted on yesterday,
and carried by an overwhelming majority.
Survey of the Columbia Hlver,
Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 9.
The Inlclligenci r. says that letters have baen re?
ceived at the Coast Survey otlioe, sta'lng that
Commander Archer had completed tho prelimina?
ry survey of the entrance to Columbia River, and a
general reconnoisance of the coast from tho em
trsnce of Columbia River to 8?n Francisco. The
officers and crew were all well.
Ilsallb of New-Orleans.
Mew-Orleans, Taosday, Oct. a.
Tho Interments last week were only 91. Yel
iow Ftver none.
A Voice irons the West I
Cattabaucus County was represented in
tho Syracuse Convention by two Delegates
who voted in tho minority throughout, bolt?
ed with the Beceders, and authorized the
signirjgof their names to Duor's Address.?
We have just received the Cattaraugus
Whig, (the Whig County organ, at Ellieott
ville,) which utterly condems their courio.
Its leadiDg article is long, but tho follwing
extracts embody its spirit:
" We cannot but regard the unparliamentary
conduct cf Mr. Duer. of Oswego, in insisting upon
the Repot t of the Committee on Resolutions baing
made prior to the nominations, as the leading cause
of the unwarrantable and disgraceful proceedings
? hich followed. The idcaof ila being importaut, at
this late day, when Whig principles, Wnig meas?
ures, ar.d Whig men have beeD, from the very
foundations of our Federal Government, insepara?
bly connected with and Incorporated in all that is
bright and glorious in the history of our country,
that a platform of principles (as if Whiggory were
something entirely new) should belaid down for
tho action of a Whig Contention, is too absurd to
be worthy of serious comideration. Bat so Mr,
Duer argued, and we are sorry to say tr.at there
were othe-men in that Convention, who were so
foolish end reckless as to add fuel to tho Ihmes
which his insanity had kiadied. * * *
" We come now to a particular consideration of
the culpable conduct of the delegates ?&?ingfroni
this county, jn frcrscending the limits of toair au?
thority, and forgetting or dijregirdinr? their re?
sponsibility to their conititusnts. They were
elected to r-;pre?ent: in a Whig State Convention,
the wishes and sentiments of the Wnig party of
Caitarau^'is. It was no mare faction, of any name,
that conferred this truly honorable duty upon them,
but it was the united Whigs of tbe whole county.
What, then, could be their pretext fur bolting from
the Convention to which they were elected, arid
making a contemptible farce by fooling away the
hor or of their offices, and passing their time iu the
meek dignity of an unauthorized meeting I What?
ever may have been the mtstsken motives for this
most extraordinary c jeduer, we are fuily ataured
by the unanimous expression of all Whigs whose
opinions we have learned, that it will meet with
the unqualified condemnation of tba entire Whig
nasses of this county and of the State; and that
the cand.dates, who were so happily agreed upon,
will receive the cordial support of their constitu?
ents, who will mske a triumphant olection the
proof of Whig onion and strength.
" As regards the refusal of the seceders to ap?
prove of the Senatorial course of Mr. Saward, we
tr ick that, inasmuch as his coarse hss been in
strict conplisnce with his instructions from. tbs
State Legislature, ar.d that as he is the only Whig
8en;,lor from this State, the asking them to at.
knowledge bis faitbruioe?? afforded, at the be*}- ?g
a very flimsy escuse for quitting the ?;)";e^(sra'
and thus disfranchising those to wborn^ tnej- (
indebted for tbeir offices. morg to
?' And now, in conclusion W*W?w ,
assert on.-confldent belief that W* V ^ ,lAre
fi r goat's wool " in tbe Con/'^^g- the Wni \
the slightest effect toward fk^^fijbt oo
reauta generally, bot tail tn y wj((1 .faa ftJ.
!-sh: ever," with cnftitermg zeai,
?arises of completing ,h? p,jjtji, , .
jug. a .Igaal triumph lli^?^A*J
nrnRr Boxrkstxi? and rasUt.Look ltt-rca
lu-.t.v ?Some two months slnoe tl,,, -j,. ^
publican copied certain statements unfavorable, to
ike reputation of Hl5KT BotRNiTKin, Eaq., now
Editor ol the Anzcigtr des Westens, at 8t Louis ?
Tfce subitarce of theie statements waa that Ur. B.
while residing at Paria, wa* a ?ecrot agent of the
Guizot and Duchatel Ministry, ami that while pre
tendi.'g to be a Republican, hs wa* living on tho
cor.temp':b!a wage* of a spy and traitor paid to
him by trc government ol Loufs Philippe. The
itat?mc.t originated a* wo bt-have with one Se?
bastian Seiler in London, an ) ware"8rst put forth ia
ti la country by tho Statin Zeitung In thi* city.
In rooc.'licg the*e charge* Mr. Bdernstei.* di?
rectly invoked our testimony, but we failed to tee
tho number of hi* paper containing the article on
the ?ubject.
We now cheerfully give our evidence. We be?
lieve the chargei to be utterly false for theie rea?
son* :
1. We have not *een tho ?lighto?! evidence in
support of them, and can never allow a man whom
we have k; own long and wel1 to be isjttred in oar
estimation by the unsupported assertions of any
2. Wo have long been familit- with Mr. Boern
stein's writing* and have al way* found them a* con
*i*tent as able in the advocacy of republican prin?
ciple*. Never have we seen in them a trace- of tho
agent of Duchatol and Guizof, but on tho contrary
3. We ha l for seme timo in Pari*, ?fter the Feb"
ruary rev. lution, tho honor of Mr. B's. personal ac
qualntanee. Bisp ?itlon?nd connection* there were
such a* to preclude the idea that any such *tain
re?ted upon him. And finally all that wo know ol
Mr. B and his I iitory convinco us that these
charge* ere nothing but ilanderoos fabrications.
Lnbor liifortn-The I'rluters-Scale of.Tricee
Albany, Monday, Sepl. 30, 1360.
At a regular meeting of tbe Printers'- Union o
the City of Albany, held on the 2tHh inst the fol?
lowing resolutions, offered by Mr. Myron H. Rook
e R, were prjsed :
Resolved, That this Union bail with grati?cation
tho movement now going forward among tho
Workirgmen of thi* State, irrespective of class,
and look with a hopeful deairo to the accomplish?
ment of some great good to their cause; that tho
power of elevating the condition of Workingmeu
is wholly with thom*elve-?, when they are Urnily
united and their action is impelled by wisdom and
moderation; that it Is a duty which tboy owo to
themselves and to their successors, that they unite
upon some bails of principles, by which to abide,
through all the trials and vicissitudes with which
they may meet.
Reunited, Tnat this Union will cooperate with
any Society or Organization, in all honorable means
in carrying oat such a basis, and reccmi nond all
Workingmeu of this city who have not as yet
done to, to form tbenuelve* into organized Unions
for the good and welfare of their ro?pective trades
and occupations.
Resolved, That thi* Union has learned with re?
gret, that a part of the New York Employers have
rejected the Scale of Prices submitted to them by
the New-York Printers' UofoB,and that we recom?
mend that Union to be of good cheer, and to main?
tain their Union with firmness and undiminished
interest, while they keep in view and hope for
that "good time coming ' which is the inherent
right of the W orkirgnian.
R solved, That we wil; concur in whatever alter?
native our New-York brethren may adopt, and
show to them our appreciation of their rights, by a
strict adherence to all that is considered honorable,
just and fair, by the Cratt.
Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing resolu?
tions be slgnod by tbe President and Recording
Secretary, and transmitted to the Printers' Union
of the City of New-York, aud also published in all
the papers of this city, and the Nan- York Tribune.
GILES V WINNE, President.
A. If. ClIATFIELD, Recording Secretary.
Afirlcultiml and other Festival? at Clnclnnnsl.
Cincinnati, (Jet. A, 1850.
To the Editora of Tribune:
The town is jnuw quite overloaded with stran?
gers and dust. The numerous attractions being
presetted this week aro bringing tho people in by
thousands. A mong these tho State Fair, American
Pomological Congress, Fair of Mechanic's Institute,
and the Fair cf the Cincinnati Horticultural Society,
aro the chief. The Episcopal convention of Bishops
is also in session. All these have added a floating
population to the city cf not far from flfty thousand.
I have Hever seen the city looking so dirty and
uninviting. No rain has fallen for nearly two weeks;
and walks, trees, houses and men are thickly
coated with dust. With such a growth as Cinci?
nnati is having, it is quito imposeiolo that it should
look very neat. A ride to the show grounds of the
Agricultural Fair is enough to satisfy one quite
palpably, of some of the moat important uses of tbo
city; for such a mixture of stenches as meet the
nostrils, almost tho whole distance from the bounds
of the most thichly populate d part* to Camp Wash?
ington, can only be conceived by one who knows
by actual experience, tbe effect produced by a close
neighborhood of slaughter-home*, tanneries, oil
e?tabli*bments, coal furnace*, and every other
establishment of the like odenferous nature.
The grounds of tho State Fairhave been crowded
with visitors Tbe great feature of tho Fair is
" Floral Hall." Camp Washington, the placo se?
lected, Is as well calculated lor a display of this
kind as a place can be. The ground is handsomely
undulating, with a nice spring upon it to water the
jn'mals, and sufficient trees to shelter tbe multi?
tude from the sun. At the greatest press, yester?
day, there must have been 30 OuU people within the
enclosure at one time. The number during the
day is dillereLtly estimated, from 10 to 70,000!
The displsy, in all the departments i* highly
creditable. New York and New England coutri
boted largely to the display of manufactures and
fine animals.
The " American Pomological Congreis" organized
on Wednesday, aod Dr. Bnokle ?f Philadelphia
was elected President. Delegates are in attend?
ance ftoin most of the States ; but too greater num?
ber aro from the North Weit. Tois is the third
leision of the body. It will be very benefioisl in
sj Btematizing the practice of Hordooiture through?
out the country, aa well as bringing tho votaries
of the tut into more familiar connection.
At each session, committee* from the different
slate* submit lepo.-tsof the progress and adapta?
tion of the section for which they may bo made,
j The neat Congress will be at Philadelphia in 1831.
The Horticultural Hall of the Cincinnati Horticol*
tnral flccitty i* crowned fron morning to night.
All that is most bright and beautiful in nature has
j been arranged with tbe happiest effect, and it is
i really a'airy temple The society is ono of the best
I organized in the Un on. E D. Maisfield of the
Cincinnati Chronicle will deliver an addres* before
I it this evening, i'/evious to the addres*, a silver
! vase with an inscription will be presented through
tr e medium of the 8 cieiy toor.e of its Member* tor
< bis zeal ar.d successful exertions in Horticulture
One of the most interesting attraction' ?'J"1*
sala reek was the Agricultural B?? *? Barael
House las; evening. ? m WM very
The great dining room in tb? 'fl/* ?Sftj floral
iron alter dark changed 'Dt" " re<j |Q ?owers
Hall. Words of welcome 'V?, 0( the room,
?hone out from the <s"Uee^i<} .prices wore con
i while Bgricnltaral fflotto"' *her the votaries of
: spicucus all aroanrf. ^ ? reMOn m go away
i Ceres, Flora aad Pomona as w ? ,
1 satisfied. _____?
? BSarilCHASIT'S IfACAZISJtV Oct, 1* a
? m?f ii TTrsr a lit"" .,, ...
I ^ 7 han comwoa ability, and discasssi
\ ?mberotZ?' ot int?***? topics. Tbe first ar
j _ great '?/'Jjjarby, _<q, 0f Boston, I? a pithy
I UC'll da Silbern ess^y, entitled "The Union
[ W ~, future." Hon. A- 0. flang contributes
I'?c*Ed number on the ' Internal Improvement*
o/'tbe Bute of New-York," und an article on
?Amtrictn Keciprocity and BritUb Froo Tra-ie,"
by David R Jaquef, bandies tbo pretensions ot
Gr?at Britain-to commerciil liberality with eqial
freedom atd jcitice. A rich collection of statisti?
cal tables and lummaries of intelligence cimplete*
the number.

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