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Slate of the Markets.
Tho Collins ?te?mor Atlantic, Capt Weit, and
the Bremen atosroer Hermann Caot Crabtree.both
arrived at thii poit j esterday morning Trie Her
mann nailed from Southampton on the 20th alt. and
bring? no dates later than those of the Cambria
The Atlantic left Liverpool on the 20th and brings
intelligence four dajs later.
Capt. West reports that the steamer encounter?
ed a succession of keavy and vio'ont ga'es, head
winds, heavy seas and fogs during the whole pas
tage, which has boon the cause of her making lach
an unusually long passage. The Atlantic, on thi*
voyage, has had a most severe trial, but behaved
nobly. The passtngers ap-sak of herperformincei
in the highest terms.
The Hermann spoke the Pacific on the 3d inst.
\ days out, in lat 46? 59' long 50? 25'.
The political intelligence by these arrivals is not
A farther advanoe has takeD place in Cotton.
The following detai's of the news aro made ap
from oar British and Co .tinental papers.
New? from the Am*rfr?n Expedition In search
of Franklin.
A letter has been received at Aberdeen from the
mate of the English whalesbip Alexander, of
Dundee, stating that the two American vessels
Advance and Rescue, were west of Devi! s Thumb,
They advanced 500 mil's since last heard from.
The letter is dated July 25, in the noighbO'hood ol
Melville Bay. _
Jenny Llntl us New-York.
The London papers aro full of comments on the
reception of Jenny Lind at Now-York. The fol?
lowing is a specimen from the Tunes:
There is a shrine for some divinity or other in
every human heart la thia respect tne Amerioans
are made pretty much lib? the rest of us Tney
have not much reverence for a sovereign, or a lord,
or even for a pope. In fact, their politioai engage?
ments have rather cut them oat of the old-fashioned
circle. But set them once freo, try thorn on a lit?
tle now ground, arid their Innate loya'ty will cone
out as strong aa their own rivers and falls. Jeouy
Lind, after flitting ab tut Europe aa frea 11 a. Isrk,
jilting Queens, suitors and opera lessees, has light?
ed on the New "A-'orld, and rnr.de it her own. The
Caribs were not mor? awe struck at the landing of
Colambug, thaD the Yankees at the advent of Jen
ny Lind. Our own countryman were mad enough
In all conscience, considering that, oftht> multi udea
Who raved about Jenny, not one in ton hsd heard a
note of her voice; and, thouthshe sang for chari
ties, she certainly did not sint< to "the million.''?
The Americans, bowevet beat ua out and out in
the pitch of their devotion, before a ooul of them has
seen her.
It is already their belief, as oxpraisrd by one of
the soberest of their journals, that "ahe has boon
raised up by the Great ejpirit to make tho rait of
the World humble, while thoy adore His power."
There is always t certain relation beiween tha
Worshipper sun tho worshipped, nod the na ist en?
tranced homage will oc issionally betray the coo
temptation of self. In the prpsotit inttar.ee, tho
prostrate multitudo cannot help being proud of their
city, Of their visitor, of themselves, and of their
own singular good tt=.?te " The Swedish Nightin?
gale, the soul of song, has at length arrived io the
JCmpiro City of the rireat Republic of the New
World, and her welcome her been cordial and
enthusiastic in proportion to bor fom<*. and that
intuitive lestiact by which tho people of New-York
r.ovcr fail to recognise and appreciate heroism,
goodness, or gonius." in this Pantheon of great
ticssi, which is most admired, and w.'ii :h stands en
thj prircipal pedestal?tho Nightingale, the Em?
pire City, tho great Republic, the'New World,
the people of Now-York, or fho abstract excellent
cies that wind up tho sentence .' Need wo hesi?
tate for an answer ? The i *r^ all in proportion to
ono aiiother, and tbo bonuty of Jennt Lt.d conusts
In hrr b ring of apicoo wtth \'ew York.
The nt>".T c unurd s)i Rainer Atrien?
Tho ext-rior appearance ul the Afrioais ss-iking,
ann prepossess a thn wind with an idea of extent
and magnificence She wsa built by Mesaro, tjteel
& Co. Qreenock, Lik* (he A?i?, her immediate
prodecosfor on the same line?the Africa meatu -es
265 feet in lenghth Her breadth exclusive of the
Eaddle box, is 40 feet, with a corresponding depth of
old. Her estimated burthen is 8,260 tuns. The en?
gines which aro to propel this colossal ship have been
constructed by Messers. N apier. They are 800 horse
power.andcousiructed on lue same principleastboae
of the Asia. The number of her berths will enable
tho Africa to carry one hundred and eighty passen
gcrs. She will bo manned by a fall crow of
chosen men?giving about oui third to each do
partmcnt. The quantity of coal ahe is eatimated
to carry is ?00 tuna, and she Ins capacity au'.li noiit
for tho transit of tioo tuna ofoargo, not including
tho stores of abip anil pH4sent.era {fitted up for
carrying guns, tbo Afrioa can at any time be con?
verted from her peaceful. riglnal into an Aimira'iy
ship of war. _ [Daily Wail
Another Cuumc s>*?niner.
Tho British and North American Royal Vti!
Steamship Company are about to dirae" the con
Struotion of another atesimhip to reinforce tliair
fino nquadron. Sho Will be of largo size and
power. _ Liverpool Albion.
ttltuft- ilitaeuil*.
The Moniteur publishes the raturm of the re
ceipta oi the Customs during the last month, which
amounted to ll,848,194f. In the corresponding
months of Isms and 1840, the receipts were
8.656,022', and 11,840,2081 respectively. The
amount rfceived during the first eight months of
1848 was 84,Q92,446f: 1849, 84.8r6.752f j and 1850
The metallic reserve of the Hank of France has
augmented in I'aiis 2} millions, and diminished in
the country bai ka minions. Tho discount ac?
commodation iu Paris ta not so great by ono mil?
lion, but.it shows an advanoe in the departments
to about the same extent; the amount of the For?
mer being 17 114,23If and of tho latter 75,623,64 If.
Tbe amount of proteated bills appears to have fal?
len so much away in l'i'tris. that they are not now
put down separately , both th >se of the Paris estab?
lishments and of tho branch-banks being summed
np together, with tho amount of 1,128,6-Hf.
On the sldeot the liabilities, thoaru mnt of notes
in circulation has diminished iu Pans 6,25O,OQ0f,
and In the departments somewhat more than 850,.
OOOf. The account current of the Treasury has In
creased .\500.0oof, the present am <uut being tJ|.\
794,M>0f Private aeoums current in Paris have
fallen offabout a,850,000f while those in the Prov?
inces have inereasen I SOO.OOOf. The whole amount
of tho metallic reserve at present is 456,750 OOOf
to 485,000 OOOf. of tio'e? in circulation.
By a decision of the President of the Republic,
Gen. Bonet, commanding the artillery of the 3d
military division, hna been named Commandant of
tbo Polytechnic School, in the room of ilen. P m
cedet, who has been allowed to mike good hut
claims to reiire. Gen Hubert has been app doted
Commandant of the Artillery ol the 1st military
Tho National publishes a document which it
has received from Home, and which professes to bo
tbe Pope's answer to the appeal made to him by
the writers of tbe Univers, against the condemna?
tion passed on them by the Archbishop of Paris,
la this paper the Pope expresses the highest sat?
isfaction at tho zeal which tre editors o' the L'm
Vert have a'wa\s d splayed in defending religion,
tho rights of tho Holy S.o. aud tho Pope himself,
la attacking anarchy ami infidelity.
He exhorts them to continue in tha sania pith.
Bot he says, that ii appears to the '? veasraoie
brother who governs the church of P?'i?," that
they have, to tho heat of discastiun, gone so ?r as
to occasion some prejudice to tho cause tnay do
fend; and ho accordingly recommends tnem to
" moderate the enthusiasm of theis zea1." and to
liiten to the eounmis of ttu ;r beloved fatoer "
Tbe following i* th.. text of the clausa ia Loji*
Philippe's will relative t,i his executors ?? I uamo
M. Dupm, Bairon l.apiago-.ilarris, CoQutde id >??
talivct, tbe Duke <i? Moi.tuiorency and ti 3 -noc
executors of tl ii mj wj , <nd 1 a:a Ul, ' in Jhu;
giving a proof of my confidence and sentimeats
*?lt b?'kTu well to notice that in Francs an ex?
ecutor is'no more than a lupervigo-, to see that tbe
diapoeit'ene of a vi" are executed, and to interfere
in case of need. Hia functions last out ay?ar.
Tbe uiuoh talked of fusion between tha h! lU'bon
branches, notwithstanding rumora to tha coctra-y,
aeema aa far otF aa ever. It appear* that tne Da ;h
en of Orleans shows herself inflexible, and the fol
lowing fact proves tfiat the mother of ths 0 mot de
Paris has no idea of abdicating Only a few days
since some Frenchmen, who were at Richmond,
thought prop* r to send in their names to the Duco
ess of Orleans. Tney were immediately ushered
into the saloon, wbero they we.ro received by the
Duchess, bo db g her son ny the hand, and thanked
for their testimony of respect and s>mpathy.
One of the visitors u.tro-faced politics, and as?
sured the Dache? of Orleans that France a-de Jtly
desired the return of the dynasty of July, ani would
be happy on the day when the Count of Paris should
return to the Tuilenes as the heir of King Louis
Philippe. "May it so plets* God. and aooreail
may Franco desire it," repliel the Princess with
great emotion. Tbia toner is well attested, and
its meanirn' is confirmed from other sources.
Tbe mam object of attention io tbe political world
is a circular of the legitimist party, of which a vast
number of copies have b*en struck off and sent for
distribution into the departments. Im? document
may be considered under an indirect form as ins
official uaoifesioof Wiesbaden, from which water
ine place it is dated on the 30th of August.
After dwelling upou the numerous adhesions
which the Prince received at Wiesbaden, aud upon
the imporiance of this voyage in a political seuse,
tho manifesto declares that tne Count of Chambord
repudiates absolutely tbe system of aa appeal to
tho people, as implying the negative of the great
national principle ot hereditary monarchy. It re?
peats, as the main maxim by which the party is to
be guided, the words of the farewell speech of thi
Prince, "inflexibility as to principles, conciliation
as to persons.''
Finally, niter declaring that the policy of the
party is no: to be considered a< represented by any
individual or organ of thei pres?, it names as tue
personsges enjoying the cdntidenoa of tha Count
of Charaibord, the following persins: Tne Dakoof
Levis, Genor.il St Priest, M IJe.rrjer, the Marquis
de Pastortt, and the Dure ol '-'.t-i. It ia to be ob
seivo'i U a; S4. Berryer, <n plebeian extraction, oc?
cupies only the toirc! place in this listo; the legiti?
mate ministry ia ;.?.;<<>
To the above document M. de Larocheja-juelia
retii. s in a Litter to th? Editor of the Even*.nail.
He says:
'?I ani compelled lo answer to myexooinmnnlcatton for
all the legitimists of France, la- circulars signed ' tie Bsr
thelfeniy" are. ikniBtnouun. to toe au-.tienuc ?itn? ures o( loe
five personages nain>-d Id the msn festo published bj you
All equivocation on ibis point would ne a fa!se!?t? id. h is
then u uch to my regret H?t I have tu reply to an o:!i;ial
document 1 accept completelyniy ex-cotnmaulcaUua it
I?evident ilip.l wt-nsvr lo, ihn au:-.e principles. 1 do not
believe llial lej<!i!?iHcy If a mjsleiy. nor inM under tse Re
public, aoy more than under the monarch, the repre.enta
ives of France are Dot bound loobej thi orders of in- King'
1 Lever lno any noubt as to this theory He-)C-''or?varj.
) aiiliiuieuiury e-rorswlil bsve a came beyond tn-lr au
Iber?; this Is the consequence of tUe orders that have been
jtv.-n The legUtrracy of national right comprised lo n
sell tie exuresrion of ibe national sovereignty for all the
generations that have preceded u^ for nineteen hundred
>ears. I cou.u not lriisgli.e a title more hlga, more noble,
more truly French, oi rights more tuconie;tib;e than fbosa
of tin Institution n-nt'-'' whs (he ls?v of our fathers fir so
many reunites I sought a return by the estion to toe na
lloaal principle; I never soogbl io creaielt. Tne right of
legitimacy 1: m w represe teo. hi a mystery, wnico mail
not be discussed, wrnch It ib d ingerous io lcve?tigne; the
wlfh oft! e nsiioo freeiy .-jp.-rifed as sn infrnc'.ion of tiia
rights Ol legt ltnacy." ?.*?***
" If monarchy had been proclaimed io nrt-ciple, an ap?
peal lo iea*'i;i, iciculon, g: 'y the advantage of ibe pan la
favor Of et>liiiiisc;'would s.l >ae hive been ?u'h lent far
llesconlo not utirler p'fsenl CTCinislaricei, bU'su i:nlt hon
oiahly before ire national rieht of Krenc; of nice centuries,
a-hmifflecteri. and recslleo t>j t jo nalioa. This coarse li
ri-Jecltd. Fraii do n thing In ihe mmie The harshness of
ibe language of Ibe manllesto ia no- even tempered by o
?ingle word which holds account of good intentions I
i-hBll leave lo others the care of aefendieg Denceforwai d the
doctrines that I trroneoualy imagined I might mainiala
without bring pinct-d under the i ?n of pui;i:c opiutoa ?
I shall aiws>i remain faiihfulto thelaleretia of my country
In obeying ine luv? wnic? govern it, wi.uout being ao
rorlied* In deslrll g or foreseeing toe future, lo which I must
autuiiit. 1 ?b?il ne alhnves loaeep reiiguasiy tn reserve,
for the ?aitsfaci'c n of toy conscience, it s political symbol
which baa been hllherio the f?itb of my whole lire; nut no
application of It would, I admit, he possible, If themaol
feno you nsve publUhed bad ttieel "
1?ho Aflitlra of Sttecisrnl Hesse.
We have correspondence from Cassel of the 20th
On the l'Jih, the following proclamation removing
the go\e;nment to Wilhelmsbed, was pubiiabed :
We, Trledrlcb Wilhelm I.. l>? Qod's grace Bleetor. Sie-,
do make known--7'bal In couseij'i.-i co ol t?e disobedience
of ihe greafr nnmber of th? fuucllonarles of our govarn
inent, and die opposition io our constitutional ordinances I
(if Ihe 41h enn "io Ii slant, ana further, became It due* uoi
ccmpoil wlib the dignity of our gorerriinum to Inhabit one
ana it e mm- puce wnn our rebellious > ibordlaaleofficlsls,
wid e ihey inalDiato inelr disobedient tttliufle, bavo reso.v
ed in remove ihe .eat of our government Iroai tin capital.
We will mat e it our most anxious care tnat ibe course of tne
admlulstrallon of government ?h-.l! nut sutler interruption
or r leimli.r.ce, and triiBt iu ihe lawful dUpositton of "ur
sul'leris that they will res:-i?l in In uphu'dlt'g iba couir.iutiuu
ol ihe land, and the niouarcblcai ln?iltHdOQ ?rhich nitee-s
sentlul eleu ent, and thallhey w'h support us by reuierit-g
willirgly ilmi ata without which no government whatever
can be carrle.l on. We will ink-, without delay, those
measures which ure required for Ibaadmlnlstrattoa of tin
taw, snd in particular for tlio rejuluiiou of ihe Baauclal and
executive de]>Kr'.i!ier.ls ef Lovirciueji and hi-reii, rexlnd
all ihe servBiJi* of the state, highest as we.l is ?ubord u*ie,
both of their duly snd ihe Inevitable consequences of oppo?
sition lo our constitutional ordinances. Upon me prop >aal
ot our collective ministry, we oider the r;mov?i of lbs seal
of our government to W Uhelmshad.
" FaKinsii'h Wilhelm,
" WUhalmsbsd, Sept 17.1850 " ' 4'>A ' * * '
Tt:e Directors ot tho fttate Treasury have ai<ni
lied their ability tu provide for the payment of tne
salaries ol all officers in the civil department of the
Government to the close ol tfepft nuber. It ir oth?
erwise w,th tho pay of the army; tha mi'itary
chest is so ncRrly empty that it i? doubtful whether
the next weekiy pay can be given to the soldiers.
She A'ete Hessian (.lazttte has an article on this
subject, in which it points tut how impolitic it
would be to permit, in the present conjuncture,
such a disorganization of any Department of tho
Government as would afford a protest for foreign
intervention; and mat it would be m?i.'uit to pre?
dict the eileet on the army ot a faiiare of its in
oome. Since, however, the country has governed
itself during tbe peregrinations ol its Prince, there
is no reason why it should not take Into its urn
hards the arrangement of such affairs as are not of
a nature to aarait postponement. It is, therefore,
prepoMti to supply the delioiencyo! the K'ector's
pay to the soldiers by a voluntary loao, to be made
to iho tfttts for this specif" ? purpose.
From Vunua.1
Reports from Vienna state that Ihe Austrian go?
vernment intends to intervene in the Duchies ia a
senjo unfavorable to Holstein. Au Austrian min?
ister has lately said that it tho Holstein professors
can prove that the two Duchies a-o indivisible,
that will only prove bow great was tho mistake
ever lo ii elude Holstein in the Germanic coafode
ratiiin, and that tho right ot* inseparability would
be fu!!y ?at'?ti*d if both were nutted to Denaiara
in tha same way at Schleswig hts hitherto bjea.
This Machiavellian policy exactly corresponds to
Ihe 1 sse and traitorous policy of"tbe Schwarzen
berg cabinet in all its rjlatione with Germany, and
if tbe above report wants confirmation its truth is
at least exceedingly possible. The noxious int'.u
eccc of this government finds new ways of assist
ipgitself, A staoip duty has just been laid upon
newspapers. The new orgau'c law la Hungary is
a uew proof that the Emperor has no iutention of
respecting the promise by which he undertook not
to violate the old rights of thst k'ngdom.
A ministerial council was bsld this morning at
10 o'clock. M Puttkamrner, ministerial director,
wr.a present, in the room of M UariteuiT?l.. who is
absent en his journey to tne Rhine.
The Berlin Staats Anzeiger of Sept 17, contains
the proclamation of the Grand Duke of Uecklen
burg Schwerin, by which, in pursuance of trie judg?
ment of the Court of Arbitrati.n, the Constitution
is abolished.
The Steabian Mercury publishes the outlines of
the new Constitution of the Germanic Oonfedera
i tion wl !-.-h Austria propoaes to submit to the consid?
eration of the Council of States which i: hts as?
sembled at Frankfort This Constitution is acorn
I bii ation of all the projects, which formerly have
been started to meetth? difficulties of theqaestion,
viz : a Directory in which Prussia and Austria'
preside by rotation, while ihe lesser States are rep
resentedtn batches t'gntpfieKveui.- ?' and, in addi?
tion, a representation of the people, or rather of the
peoples, proceeding 'rom the Diets of the individual
Statt? The Austrian monarchy, with ail its crown
lands and dependencies, is to form part of this Con?
ILnteat from tha Seal of War
Ccnespcr* ence of tho Loidun Da'lv News
Hexdsburs, September 19.
A sudden movement oa the Dsmisb r?'u ?ring
during Tuesday td^bt led to the supposition that
an at Seek on tho position held by the troops to tno
couth of Frederickstadt was abort to be m?de,
iDd a brigade under the o.mmand of Genera! Von
3er Borat wu hastily oUp?tcbed tr.assfet a the
d L.. The a'arro h. Rendsburg -vhen .hi gen
0 le' walbeaten betten 2 and 3 o'clock in the
*ices werS heard in alarm inqu.r.ug wnere the
^-T.^he Dane coming 7" was the general cry;
and ail haa ened t" <1on more decent clothing, in
the expectation _of bamf to appear before the
DaniBb cnrnmanCer in rht-f. The soldiers, ho*
Pvtr :<>"h thing* muchcojler. Ineir prepar&tnn*
we're made in enod order, and whh great rapidity.
Tic two battilion* quartered la the town ware cu?
tler arm* in the mirttet place, an i in full ma-chiug
order, within tw?-r ty minute* from the alarm hav
Irg been given, and in ten more were on tleir road
to tho rieztinatinn ae*'gntd them. Tr.e a!arm
proved to be a false one ; the Dt te* remained per?
fectly quiet in tneir camp at Lesmsiec, and though
hunted by the troops itationed on thi* side of the
Treene, re'med to vet iure out.
The brigade under Gen. Horst marc'ied into the
immediate nigbhorhoorl of Friedndtata't, where
1 left ihem yesterday st norm. They will return
to morrow mornine. Tha e.vcr-t* of tho lait fort
tight, particularly the cannonade at M-gsande. all
?how the unwillingness of the D&ne to venture
bejond the range of hi* works en any point o' tho
line. Gen Krogh is rr ported to have said at table
e few day* ago that he ?hmld like to know
whether either would be stupid enoa?*i to attack.
Teat he will not do so is perfectly clear; bat with
regard to his en?-niy, Gen, Willisen, the same ctn
not he said, and ir.era is every reason to believe
that sooneror later an attack tu! be :iada on some
pointof the Dai ish lines. While anxiously aws'ting
orders te tnat effect from their General, the Scales
wig-Holstrin army is buny drilling aud exer?
cising, two operation* which are generally deemed
most aborious and unpleassnt, but which htvs,
ttrongh the good spirit pervading every par: of the
army, been carried on wiliingiy and zealousl}.?
But drilling, A.c. are not their only oijopations.
They have another, which to them is t:ill more
pleasurable Every night !arge patro's are sent
out in all directions, with instruction! to surpriie
snd capture tbe picquets of the r-neray whe'e^er
they can. The S ibl-swig-Solstciners regard thu
dangerous mission as a hunting party, and tney lay
in wait for or pursue a Dane with the saate zest as
a Leiceetershirim hun's a fox,
Their success in theae bunting p^r is* has been
bo great ro lnnny Dir.es have been captured or
shot, ihn*, according to the statement of one tikeo
last tight the men who until nn^v fjrm'.d the avar.t
fcuard o'thr- Danish army ha ' sent in a numerously
m?i cd petitior prayiot; tn he sent to tho rc*r guard.
The consequence of tliis petition, according to the
Mtiit authority, was, that the Da niah avail* guard
was relieved two or three days ago. The night
before last, ton prisoners were ?*k-:n by one of the
homing parties
More Troubir in Piedmont.
Correspondence or ihe Dally News.
Turin; Monday, ?e-p.-ainber IS.
In my letter of the 14tb, I announce! to yoa tha
most important fact of the pxcounmaniea'.iin in nloho
ol all the Government Authorities, not only ol the
Island of Bsrdinia. but of the G ivernment itself at
Turin, by the refnrto'y Prebte at the head of the
Ecclesitsiictical dignitaries r.f Sardinia, the Aroli
l ifhe-p of Csgliari. Toe occasion of this was, that
being called upon by the Rjyal Cj.u mitsioner to
eivo an account of tho revenues of the religious
r-ctaUiehmf-rts in his "ioces-', as weil as the other
Prelates, he alone refused to send in the return,
end, to say tne iru'b, had the i npudence, aa far
b&ofc asiVovern erlnat, to publish a circular threat
< ning the G -vemmsut Authorities srbo should
dhre io ar-i against I im mi execution oftbe law with
t-xcoznn/ui'icntion This insolence net having boon
pu Dished, but trea'ed with contempt, the Couvnia
aioners proceeded to obtain tbo required returns,
the expense of which they, of course, cha-Re I to
tho Archb at op, nnd in default of payment seized,
?ecorcicg to the usual form* of sequestration, the
papers, See contained in an office depending on the
said pr*i:.tc-, end placed the official seals on tho
J have now to inform jou of tbe arrest ol the
Archbishop by ar'pulxr mandate i>f the judicial au
tborities; and ids trial will follow the aa:a? rogular
courae foliowedforthatof Praozoni,the archbishop
(if Turin Just af this juncture, wh-n, as I inti
n Bteii in my las*, th?re are scarcely any hopi * left
ol an an.ichhle arrar,g< ruei.t with Home (to day it
is confidently asserted that Pino Iii has re ^oived or?
ders to return to Turin,) this opening of the war
between the Church end the State is a matter of
the most serious importance.
' Tho Opinwne ol Turin, of the 19th, says: "Wo
have announced, pi"! several journal* of Turin con?
tain today i ? coi lirruation, that certain Bishops
have assembled at Villanovetta, in the early pirt
of tin* month, to onnaider tho dilfereuce existing
between the superior clergy and the Government
it appeals that 'he It is op* of Alba, Ooui, 1'os
SBtic, Mondovi, Pignerolies, and do Saiuces, Have
met with a v:?'*' of considering tne promptest
ineBBurt R to be a opted to put an end to discus?
sions which nit-iiace the unity of the Catholic
Church, prepan d an addres? Ui the Pope, p-ayi:ig
him in tne interests of religion not only to uivo his
nr.,riit t<. tl e l?w Biccardi, bat also to treat for the
future amicably with thi- Government in all that
msy have relation to ecclesiastical matters. Tho
Cioct di iSavota *ats it learns from authority,
though not precisely official, that the Government
has din id< dly rejecti .1 ?ih"? suggestionsof project*
o! law tet riing to infrii.ge directly or indirectly the
liberty ol the press."
The Sardinian journals briii,- oe^v? of the llth,
and contain no mention of the dmbrhance* or dis?
asters that are ?*id to have taken place on account
o! ihe conduct of the rebel Archbishop of Oaglitri.,
Tho Indicator of Sardinia sms thai all the pre?
ist?? of the ia ar.d, with the exception of Monseifi
nor Mur?nen, have declared thr nselve? ready to
deliver up tie documents relating to tie adminis?
tration of pious endowments, and to furniih all the
in'orinfition necessary to disclose the revenues of
occleoiosiical tithss.
The N. V. Ctty Industrial t onurees
Met Tuesday evening at tne new City Hall, P.
E. Day in the Chair st.d H. J. Crate Secretary,
Who read the minutes of tho latt mee"ing, from
which it appears the Constitution was net adopt?
ed, cor tha proposition of Mr. Willis for $1,003,000,
for the purpose of removing on the wtste land* or
{he State of New-York.
W. T. Williams (XlVth Ward National Re?
formers) and E. H Rogers (Printers' Union) were
received as Delegates at the last meetiog. and Mr.
Ben I nee explained the course pursued and in?
tended by the Questioning Committee this cam
wa* reseivad
On Tuesday night Theodore _
aaa delegate from the Manufacturing Jeweior*"
from the Yorker's Carper ters, and D.
m from the \\ orkin*nsn's State Or
r w ^?.d,/n,m tReC'>aimittce on the proposition
of Mr. \\ illis. reported as-fallows;
Tour committee woojdstate, thttthe resolution which
las l-cri! rtlerreo to them ia.oives an Uea winch haa en?
grossed mach of ihelr stienl'. n lndlvldaallv aa rar?rmara
ardcolleci'.ver, aaycnr C in-n lira Tn^ o'an n- l.nA/
lb* West have 1 mg been considered Ibe pro"?' ooU? for
drs'ntoc ite imune ClCes of tit Ir iuaerfln'ous laii-rln^
. n BUon;tBd ?tu* few Intel Igent workhwman can bi
foouj to oppose the principle of nws\lg the unJ Iree lo
ac ual settlers in tlmltcC qaan'.llles, jour Commiitee woa'd
eamw-oy et-trrattheai to reflexion tbe absoiutt ne t-siUv of
orga-lz Hf;i>e wo kltg cissies a wiaily or polltieallv for
the purpose cf due've-lrjf who .te aup*r:l lous lano-era
are, ate In what numbers they t-xlsi also la mt.nm
tb.-ds for removing said lahorers' lo their f--e Kornea! and
seen ring to tbeb lamllles tho.e comforts avMehhavabe
ccmeaftuan-ces,i.L..l. n-r.---.a- 1 .r, ? rW:,u-i
coarmonlly. Bo far as political action is coocer?ed a net?
ter rrethod ihm: me -'ce> contained i'i ih.? Ma . .7,, A . a
hsidly becevistrd. rujrr eapectali] lor inatdaaa olrlti^n.
wtoarennth e, frcm the win; 'of lci-llert and s i *Tinr
etrrottstar res, to benefit th-iu?* re> ??i- ?i|t Yo r c >ti
muiee wonld ask for aa ensoai*-n , ( time. mervtAir ? hair
final report ucrll a further period for ibe purooae ofaw
bed jtei; ia it some Icportant statist is u 'inihe nesr oLn!
sus. " vcu
Tbe following, by H. J. C'-ate, wa? o lopted, af:*r
a brief discussion bj E. H. Rogers, W. 8 Grerorr
D \U-sh D Willi? r r?" , ? R ry'
-?Bf?t'. l>. >> inl*. u. Jocassonn. J imfs rixssett
,3r- ;
i!:? ?-c< tc Article of Its Consdtnttoa ? T-.at lLu mea are
i""?1* l'-sl "* eLd ,wt : "?' ?J"'r Creator ?rm
certain ii,aiUnable right*; am'>Ds which a * the risht of
Ll'e ?rd Ubtrtf, to ihe f nt a of th-i: labor to ns "s9 . r
such a portion oi the earth and of-e.- a cme.i-.. a, sha sj'
i cotoprovloe ttern wnh toe oie>ans of subsistsnee aed
couifoiu ard to edDctUun and paternal protecdoufrom
sodetj ? A-.c wbero.s, this Congr*** cauooj res.Mntze
ihr pricctp - that the clrcuros aoce ol e dor or -ac - .t, - .-,
aayu.anofifcc-seta.j.a tights; that iWs Corj^rsss fells
cotLpellrd emphatlcaiiy looeclare Its dUsrwtatidmdla'n*.
t casttne.- a:,-g ?.w!ll ., ? r? ........ . . y; - -
the Ibejtles of tbe people isue esptnre aid abdrjeiton of
Jan es Hum ei. a?d >ht tr tVrc ?>?taf hat tha Ac u' c
^irss uic'er which sucr ramu-9 nrd ar.C':c";'.u was'in"J
ii nncocatitadoi silt e;c?-'ia oir-ci on > \ -'JC ... T
b.-iiele oftbe Cinsct-i-cncf?!?. Uc'-;-d S.?i? ?nShUJi-.
ft d'iret lerdrr-rv It dn-ulern- 1,. ? t_ ,3 asvtou
finally adopted, with a few additions, and we un?
derstand the Secretary will soon furnish &a orfl
cisl copy fortbe press.
The eight hoer Carpenters' Association project
was reported on by Mr. Baasett, win presented
the fallowing report, which wai received, and laid
on the table:
TheCi.mrr.ltte? of tin New York City IndaatrUI Con
re., appeared to report on ? uxomwt eTaaefef fr?
l ie House Ca.-pfnier.stinePi.,r.r,rTe-i~? N , '? "j
lin- H?gbl-honr f rojeci, report as fjihTwV
Yixir Committee n.dd. mat tbe greatness and prosperity
0facoa8trycoriataU,B0t In in towelng rajname-its nor
cosuy palaces, not in tho velocity of its steam ?hin? nor
rspicliy in lit engine, of war, not In lu eantc'oaa prisons
nor exier.ilvepoor-bnnscs. but In the happiness t"d ieca.
rttv of vlrme. tnt?.!ii<renc? and sobriety of iu cttlzeas.
An-I, we, therefore commend to tb? ftvorah e c ri?1der
alien o tie Congress the recornrn-ndsttons of ;h.; Hin?
tarper.ieis, wh|,-h yonr Coroc Ii e? mink, wlm ioni tng>\
a teranoi a can be at once redaced to practice and tie made
universal In Iis applicator..
Yoor Conmirtee in the consideration of the pro;-rtety of
recncing the hours of labor per day, coma to the eoYlem?ton
that it ii wi.e, safe, ar d exped ent... io do, they of an
opinion, ihat the brursoflaior should be reduced la the
proportion aa the prodacitve poweri o machinery In.
rrea.ea. ana ibat every I op'ovex.ent which !? not succeed
ed by a redoci'on of the honri oflahor, u g .firefnl rur'sa 1q.
s.eadnf a laailne ble.sing iossnueb aa It displaces ice
Uber of ifcechiz-n and rendera hlra ibe he'peas Slsve ?f
thoie (by hi. lsbors) he hsa to hoa.e, feed ?nd c'otae
Wb?re.a, If n reouchon of ihe hour, of labor, sha'l follow
every advance in iclence, 11. healthful inilaanee woald be
felt si d seen In the rising greatness ted mtelllgeoce of tha
whole en mar liy.
four Committee highly approve the sn;jge?t!on of the
Carper lermo build h?uie? for ibemseivej aad escape from
ibe lUihleia grup of the landlord; out they a-e of oplulon
ihat the inesaures suggested are not omnensurite
with tbe object to he t loa ced, tcrtsmoch as thev a-e too
lardy stdexpeniive ?nd ihey therefore recommend in
foraatkn of ajclniSiick Builctr Company, who shall
establish a Bark for Savings, ihe investment In which
? honld sal> be m*!e In land and booses, and wr.lle this
won d (.'reaily ftcll tare theohjert we ha?e In view.nane y,
the prufluicg of every mao a house, It wou'd also art jrd io
the public (tnat which they have long sought for in vain)
& aar? investment lor iheir savings tl a fair per cani*ss.
They w.vuld also recommend such Company lo bunow
at a fair per centage ?py amount ol capoal ihey nosy deem
eicedleni, hr a specified number of ? ears, and proceed to
1 ur< hiae land for null, lag purposes
We wculd slso recommend such company to purihase
lh?irlnmti*r In ihe wholesale market, and lo transport tt
here themselves, which won Id be an Important saving In
price and quality of tbe materia's.
Your Commit eo sre-of opinion that if itelr suggestions
are canied cm in a spirii of honetly and emerprts?, upon
a lar^e and economical scale, thai commodious and corn
lorlahle bouses csu he erected for the .urn of $600, whl-Ii
an ount of money almost every mechanic pays lo his iand
lo-d In ess ihan six ye.rs, to say noiblDgof the expense
of mBklrg and cle&nlns. 'erovailng and Imnrovlng the
piopeny of others- JA SSE? BAS8ETT, Chairman.
J. D HKNraagy.
D. -VILLI ti.
Mr. Crat* announced aome vacancies in the
Standing Ollicerg of Congress, whereupon the fjl
owing gentlemen were nominated for Vice I'rc?i
dents : D W|li>?. Jarnes Basset I, and It ihert J.
Pond, in piact> of three gentlemen vfao had hu? sei
?'r<ni attended. The vacancies io the Staadiug
Committees were pestponed till next meeting, and
'he Congress adjourned at about theuscis.! hour, ef
fectu g an unusual '[saatityof work. The proceed
?-'?.t of this body are attracting a eeneral attsittoa
r:rd every Tuesday evening draws together a large
;.umbar of the friends of Industrial tteform to w.t
r ess the deliberations of the Workingmen's Deie
f ates.
SP" Dr. Slicw's Wnter-Uure Ioatltiitioti.cor?
ner Twelflh-st and Dnlvarstty p.ace tail tf
S?" Dr. Houfibton'a Water-Cure Establish*
rncnt. No. S West t:ev. rih si. three doors from 8-oad
way. sis) im*
iry U Chrono Thrrn:al hyatern of "Tleiriclaa""
(Dr. Tamer ofMew-ycrk, Editor), price
a31 1m* _ _LU.-iG, it Ann si
Cy Wnter Cinc.-Dr. f h. Nichols and Mrs U.S.
loVE ftichons, 87 U es. T wecty Srj-jood-si ihtrd O.iaie
fron rinh evemt?. Consultations from 10 to 2. Patierts
- < clved f;:r board or daj trea'.ment, or vlsttad at their rosl
dencrs. o3 lutos*
ty tVntoi-Cure ln?tlratt>?CltT nnd tloun
tr?.- Dr. Thai.I. recelpatieata at tr.e roaiuiodioas o ty
establishment l5Lalgbl-sl acd at Oyster Bay. L. I. Com
mnnlcatlon dally between these places by steamboat and
,-atirciad. OuLertl prcitlre at.erdsd to. Consultations 3".
t7 1m*
fy* Ornnste .tlountaln Water-Cure.?Dr. Caul
Cioactvz hassticceeded Dr Msckurin the ins'teal direction
?.f this iDstitutlon, The establishment lasitostod tn South
t-.'range,, Kssex County, Now Jeraey, one hour's ride from
the city, by AiorM. and Essex Railway Vliltara lake the
(Terry boat at the foot of Cort!a?<U-sl. si S A M. and lj
? fit. Prlvsla baUu are aitached to coal of tho patlenis
room a_.27 If
taf For Hale?A 'Vhig Newspaper w'.th a eooj clr
eolation and arivt-rtlalng patronage In a C'.unty of this
Stats Tbe present proprietor wlsnes to change hts liusl
. te- r-i d will sell oat on ravoraMe leiras A part of ihe
parcnase mon??, only. wU he rrqutred If the parcaase^de
slre it. An active practical printer, who has a small csotlal
. rj can do Ms own editing, can do wy'.l by purchasing,
ir.ijulrc st this-If.ca _ si7 u*
QP' Plcvr-"* ork t'nlvetelty? Me:!i;?iDepinmcr.u?
The Faculty cf ihe. New-Yon University ukegreti pleaaara
In announcing ibn'. they have filled the tsvo racant Chsl's tn
t'ostrlL-sdnilion '-'y gentlemen of pf?uiineat a<?- ????,> in their
respective deimruuent. Dr. EiUha Bartlellj Profeasor ol
du Insnlutes ar.d rracttce of Medicine In the Louisville
UnlversllJ, an. Vi Samuel D Hro.a, Profesior of Barbery
'& Ihe Lonl.viile University, having hoih realgned i?elr
Profrssorahtp. in Out Insdtnnon, have le-en ele-teil u> and
accepted, the one the Chair of butimtss ani Practice of
Meclcin-, the other tho Chair .'f Surfer.-, in ihe University
of New-York.
In these ejections lite fscuhyhave loosed only ai the
..rest knd peimsnent Interests of thali Schojt, aLd ihey
feel that these sppolctmeuts, wbile they must secur? the
aclversal acceptance of the pr.des. ion. will atford an earneji
?bat tiiel-istltun'on will l.-se noih'rii' of Ha f rmer procpenty.
The Lectcrea will commence on Monday, .ha Zlsl of
October, s.nd he continued lo ihe last day of JViruary.
OiUnville Siuai-r. Pattiso?, m D. Professor of g^ne
,t1, deacripilve and surgical Acatoiny.
Bartvn PAir?E, H I). Professor of ttJterla Madien aad
Ot'NMix: 8 Br.tiFORo, M D Prcftssor of Midwifery and
Dlsei sea of Wrmen and Cnlldren.
Jon? W. "ultsrr.a. M.D Professjr of Chendslry and
F.nisiiA B.arnKTT.KD. fio.'e?orof tho Icstltuto? and
PiecUce of Utdlclne.
BaMOUL D flkoss, M.D Professor if Margery.
I raur./tratoT cl .1h.j<*?v?WilliaS? DaHLISO Si. B.
Tlri ifacuily, It will he seen, have ad.led the department
of I'hyuoiogy lo the chair of Chem slry. and Prof. Drsper
will, to ruiii.-e, In addition lo bts regular cour?? of Chemis?
try, give two evening lectures on Physiology Theadvan
taieof this ?o-reBf-einem mnst be ohvloua to ?very one.
?be Profsssor i f Anatomy will also deliver an additional
lectmeln bis depar-men a. an eve-ung h.ior In order to
afford ample opporutnltles lo their pupiis for stadTtngdls
ssse pracocally the "acuity have determined to open three
areekly cltnloues:
1st. A 8ur?1rai and Me<itcal cllnlque to ha aeid by Prot
gross on Samrda^s.
id. an (Jbaietr c cllnlque, to be every UooosT under tha
jlrecllonof Prof Bedford. Tne most tuterestlng dlaea*es
?f Women and Children will he brou?ulbefore ihecl?.s, and
full* lectured nponby 'he Professor The class will alao
have an almndsjjt sapoly of Midwifery cts*s to be allendsd
tl Ihe bouses of ihe palieuts.
id. A Ksdieal .nd Sargi.al dmlque wll: ue be,d every
Wednesday under the dL-ocUoc of ?: ofs Ba/t.cU sod Pa>
In addition x> ihr*? meacs ?ui^yl-ig diseaso, ta?
New-York Hospital, lbs Bellevne Hospital, the r}esnd
Ear Infirmary, Ihe various Dispensaries sad Infirmaries
are al! accessible to tbe slndoal C.inical instr.icUon Is
.iven even- day si the New-York Uosplial
T^" dlssechng room will be open on ibe 1st day of Oc'.o
rjor, and ?n ample supply of the material will be provided
fees for the fnll course ef Lectures, ?1= ?; atairlcuiailoa
fee. i?: Practical Anatomy. *>3; Uraduatloi fee. t*iL
Tbe rca'meccemecl Will t?ke r-lar- esrjy in March
Secretary of the faculty. SR? foarinsl.
r S.?Good board fiom j-.' j?i lo to per weeS. dtadsois
?J arnvli?; In town will pieaao r?U ai tee M<*ilc?l Colioite.
tso Bro?^ ??--?, acd tit for the Janitor, Kr. Polmsfi, wbo
will conduct ~>r,rm to t-oardlaj houses
?6 Sisw.Ui-' and BUWti _
rTT" To lh? ,oienil>?rs of tbe Protective Calon.
_a*i who ire Cetlrou. ef ssceriainitg Uie facia r^iattog to
tte dispute between Georg? Aoam sad aome of ibe rrts
lee. sad a few of uoe n embers, are re.; iesu-1 to a.tend ihe
resular meetln. on ?^??.?Tf^?^i u *?
F ?? Wc-.se of OalL In ?raod-bl near 8r j?1 way.
ajar u'ii?uiyH ?S's.leers.sih LtoM .^ectu*
wiJea l renloo/'-f kho United Bute.. Uenerai o^^c^ 1S1
s-m-dwav" Opea Ir-um t Is the momirg till 11 al night.?
V's'uirs in Now-Ycrk who are accustomed le transacurg
r't> u.< ? Rell'i L'r-1 io any section of ih4
nr. w'-ll firiu It thel- lnteresi io leave their dis?
rar ?tirc ? Ofnceraand Memners of ihe (j.-aad Conn
? ? r E l. 8.ic w social Union ?.f the c 8 of Aaerica
_ you are i erebj notified toatiend aa sd;mrned meeting io
be ^e'd at the Brosiws. T?o?rctc!e cn Tharsiay erenlag,
Ort' 10 at 7 ocioc?. In fall r*f??a. for the parp<?e of re
erivlie th'OCKh ihe Orar-d Gnar'.'.an Star, a Bible, to t>e
.-ni-d '.v ire 8!ai>-rs of the Order. By ord'r of the
f-r-Jf A'ta-i-e ecu l KELLY.
Cirxm-i-tei-t J T HtLL.
,3 2^ GO OO0/&BY.
rP"r?otlce to t putrnctora.?All contractors whose
rr^fev la col ecieJ by asses-ruent s-e h"reoy noUSed lo at
wndameetirg to be teW at ma Weatcaestar Branch ri>
i-i ^-orrer of Twenty seventh snand ifourth-av on Taors
jav evening Oct 16 at 7j o'clock. o3 3t*
tST Ur l.utpcer's rTar Inflrwary, it Warren-sL.
uear Broadway, open t:om 8 Uli i for te? exclusive u-e-u
neat of "ar ui.ea.es, deafness, dt?;Csrges froa ine es/,
trx' ail atp'-easanl t-oiacs In tne bead cure.J Lb a shsrt nine,
vit.h.Hit risk or t.la Coasniiario; fee gl, by letier or oth
.rwij* Prrpawtettersretnaed_tlS imDSiW*
?fTOlll Oll! Dill?Try McDowell's e'oraty-cen:
vs i ter On. a '?eaaufai a-'Ucta: will bare clear aid bright
w'Uject smcke or gas? : warranter1 to mrs ?Ii Bight
?? j Lm" OIL STORE. Iis DlVlS!ON-8f.
3aT' L>i?*-4t Hast l?j?h .-^u'*.
aclr or whisaer. tbe momcaC.t u ?. . ed
?5U i -,<?;.' ?.
. I.Ncogr-RiTiD BT in act or tub Lkcislatcbs
A N ACADEMY ixd Boaraine Bcrt-o: for Yoaur L<d'ei
XAiOd Oectlemet?ih; \etu piceDOT? ruos' ini-on*-]
? nd prsnicsJ Scbocl In ib.e country, particularly adaot*d
for leacfcers. every pus!' being required to d imoa?tr?:e ih?
lime ii Id tie Slate Norcne! School at ?l-any Mr 1 i?ri
r. Stoddard. Principal , Mtia Clr-dere '? ?4 G eg iry, s ---
Pr'cclpB1 It 1? coino'ete in el' Its cepartm-?oti, *;n<:iib,
Classical. Fre.T b and Orramectal; si ?c-o npim?d i"?cb.'
er forLtibea for rath. Expenses?For board, *ur~;
ilibtesnd milieu in all'be Erglteo brsnchea, abiitjiixi
per scrum; Including (French and Ma?'c on ptMOHtVsrte,
?tont $H" Tee winter le-m comreec.c-e on Moadsy,
Od 2S. ?nd conilnnet 23 weeks Pupils wl|i be tske-i un.
?Jl the 17ib Nov. Appiv lo Biliiweb ft cici Co T2 Cort
lend-at orCornitB. Lamport & Co.367 Pean st. wber? rtr.
enltra nay be obtained and every reqntilte Information
?iv?n. JOHN D Kl N8. M. L>.
c9 lw Tonnder and Trustee.
ABEL WllirLuCn, Principal.
PXSSONS wishing Information of thii School are re
JL spectfu?y In med io peruse us circulars, with names of
patrons to whom refe-ec.ee >a made.
The Bcbool can be convenleatlt visited b; ibe Now Y::k
and NrevHave:: Railroa-. which affords an opportun'.'^ n
return tc the city on the same day.
Tte rnmber of pupils during the Summer has been about
It, mostly from N. Y C'rv.
Bets under 12 yean of age are received at $S" per quar?
ter, wish co exira charges.
Clrrclirs can be had at 139 Broadway, 75 Bowery and 7t\J
Chslhsrc st R. Y.
An Interview can be hai vrlih Mr Whitlcclt at 199 Broad,
wav.on each Tuesday In October from 12 to 1 o'ctocs
_ s3" 121?
A at Tanyiown, N.Y. A. NE Was" AN, Principal
In 1Mb Institution young gentlemen vrlll tw tborougeuj ir
sanded In all 'be branches of an English and CiaMtat.'
education, raonalts for eommsrcUd pursuits o' ?atarig,
There aro rwo lanrw I: a year, ?ach rive Jioulli.. To*
Summer term commencing "oa the first of Way. and lie
Winter on the first of November. Terms reasonable.
Circulars c.-nialniag particulars, re'eroccos, i.e. csi. tM
?btalr.ed at Spaldlng k Bbepbard's bookstore, 1S31 BroaA
way, New-York, srb? add.rs??lug r. noi* t* ih? PrnetJM?
SBvSf ?odtf
fjyQ HCB??LS AND FAiMITlBet.-That all
1 may ktiow ire beneficial results of toe United states
School Agency, 293 Broadway, we hereby announce mat
all persons aripMug bete for Teachera on and nfti-r this
dale shall nave iretr first order execned free of
e.xper.se. provided the same does nol exceed $10,
at the rsle of two per cei.t. ob oue year's com.
pemallon. Former palrot s who have paid prjmptlynol
excepled. Teachers'registering fee, ii lo advance. Best
Wmlc Teach-re wanled. Ar>;>"Y earl., lull, a"d post-paid,
Referencea ncharged. E H WILCOX, 1'roprleinr
Eslahllshed I M7. o9 it'
l\|?tlsT PUO?I'atejTinsTl ft'Ta! TOK BOYS
Lvl - tc ? Schi'oi Is del'gB'faliy stUated In Wen Bl join,
field. N.J. Ii miles from New-Tea acd 8 from Nrtvr&ri' '>n
an ertiaenen of S00 feet a'jove the ccean. with a ri-e view
of tbe cities, the Ssy. Stc; noted for tu h^althfulneis aad
hesuuf ii scenery, and p. ssesies all Ihe requls'les an I ad
7sciise of a good School and a home. Kur Circulars ?r.d
funherpar'.lcularsHpplv lo t. U. VVILCOX'3 L ot ed Ststes
School Agency S93 Broaiw-av, ab -?e th.i rar? or i Iba
subscriber. [o7 7s*| WARRSS HOLT. Principal.
I \mfRR?iVY ?KAin^?H-l^:tiOOL-?ic.
" ) frsaor E A. JOHRSOK, Rector.?Tbe first quarter >f
?heol year bt^ln? an S..ptember 2d Pupils an Slt..^! foi
Sollrge or tmalteaj The Primary Department, far eleven
years ander tbe care oflslr. .*?! H. Uo^liy, receives puplla at
as early an age as six or seven years Application for admla
?ic!3 mt.j be siiade at tbe Rooms l?wer Boor Unlreroli'..
Sulldlngs. Circulars maj us olnalued also Bt the hook
stores of PkOe, Loc> ?vo.xl k 3oa, 111 Kroadway, Charles3
frani-l* .'. Co 252 Pros?nsv. and Haiuaei Ha- nor, *o Bow
try. lan2I-!ni| QEOiiflir; 8 PARKE*. Principal
VV INA.NT'X PRIVATK Sl-jaiuuig scnoollor Bora,
" ai Little sTerry, nine n. ties from Bobokeu. N.J. ITbls
f bis school Is under the charge of A. * win aNf and lady
The nanOier of scholai n is united to sixteen, who may en?
ter the school under twelve yenrai'f ag? an" lie filled ro?
bustness Terira for tuition a;:d board from 1100 lo $\e
per year. Clrrulsrs nisy l'e oniaiced el Mr. 9 Oair^ndar,
rorne-Canal and Varies bis N-w-Ynrs. slfllm*
BO.tlH:irHJ ?((l?Oli AT THE .111011 LAN OS
(JIT THE tlL'?SON ?Tte Winter wm of Hie Psi-ts
klll Academy and ?uardini- Schou! f ir boys wl.l lie-in Oct
23 A ftw new itnd'nla can be rei-Hlve i io s ;pp y vaca".
clcs. Circulars, rontatnir.g terms and relereucea, can be
hud on application to ihe au-.acntier.
ALBERT WELL3, Prinrlpsl.
Peeksklll, Oct 4 1S.V1. o5 tHov l*
nittU'a;S4?R OF OKAlVifl? ?nd Teacher of
a Drtcilptive Geometry ai d Its applications lo Arch1
ienur- std Mechanics?5.^9 Houston si. u*ar Broailway.
R." t't.BRNCRS?Rev E Rolilnsno, I). D 2i7 Green-atrest,
Ne?-Yo:k; L Agassi/, Professor at the University of
CsmbrUge; I)r Asa Gray. Professor at the Harvard uni?
versity, Boston{ Joseph Henry, F, 8. I., Washington, i.e.
kc Ac. o3 2vr*
Igcr llenian. professor of tte riani-forte, familiar with the
".: and G< rinsn langoagea, having a fiw hourd uoem
p o> ed. Is doiiroui to p.ve lessons on thf Piano to a few la?
dies ai d g?1''. e:ii?n. Terms rersonible Any loiters di?
rected to "P-of-ssnr cf the P!su.?-forte," al ,r.1 P ill irj
Brotkhc. will receive Imojedla e alteotlon. o3 HI*
S9 Ta ST .) 4 W rlri his ihn honor lo Inform inn ladl-a
?Jri<<tQ gentlemeno( Nt-w-V rk, ih?t aho will, l.y the
BiiA IStfa of October, open an Academy io tonen tue ele
gsi.1 trrompitilimeni of Dancing In nil Us branches, having
Ct-iertiilni'd to ri-ttre from ihe ?l?ge, ami devote her ?nihe
limesnd alleriltn to Inst-ucilon Ma-siue Aagusla hag
insde arr?i-gpmenl? wnh h-r correspondents at Paris,
Messrs. i'Trit Coraly, Mazlllier, Celarlus, Mabl'le and
Be o to receive all ihrlr rew cninpoaiiiona for U'iadr.lles,
Wsuzse, Polkas, ColllloBs, Allemandes kr, kr. \od his
alre?dy recelvrn a new ?Jsrinan Oaure caileo Moil an, also
tr.e Dieer snd Mazu-kh Qi"iirlue She win also leach all
ira Spar'in and Havana Uiaorlilrs Milane Augusta
w|l be tappy to make arrangements ?Ith Principals ol
Lad'es' B' arc'ng Schools, and will attend private classes
of not less than eight at tbolr resideuce Entire re t?nce
may lie placed by parents and giiarcimns on her expirltnce,
capccliv and deierinlasUon ;o linpa-t to her pup la all ihe
innres rf ihm popular aecomp lihmeni. Application lo oe
? ace at nor new dancing rooms, 'J<! Prince si. weal of
Bri.acwey, from 1 o'ciocs io 3 08 2w
*? isAlvsTiriG AUAUiti?iy.-aiaNOR gheX
l-'jjl akdI, thankful h' the klnd]patrouBgeof last seaj in,
reapectfullj ? gs to Infoi m his patrons sxd the public
fcrVlUM hit Dancing Academy, 811 Kroaiwav, will b*
opene?' for ihe reception of pupila on a&turday, Oct 5, 4t3
o'clock, P. M. Young genlleiuen'a day at 7 o'clock, P. M
Private classes 1c school or fsmtllee att-ndw; to. Term*
ro:de known cc Replication to Blgnor g.
s2.1 MT'-VTAPlm
o2 im.7tTiiT.VN oA>iiirs<^?<;?t>E nV.-K
cVJ[ >. SCHAKFER'8 Private Daociog an-l v-Vn|izintf
/*_Sk /?.radeinv. rrai altn Buildings, n-ar ihe corner of Or
ia-i*r.->!e and fullori sis Brooslyn. Dava of tjltlm,
rt roueaday aid 3stirday afie noo- a, at 3 o'clock, and al
7$ P.M Kor further parilculars, apply as arov*, on days
of tuition, or at Mr ? s resid-uce. near toe corner of Clas?
sen and Fullon avemii-a o,"> liieo.l*
?--3 LYN-Mr CbtABRUAUO and Mr. LAUNAY, have
^ p tbo pltaiare lo Inform the gentlemen of Brook.yn
gP-jtihst there will he an evening class un ier the Inst-uc
nun of Mr OGILV1E, on Monday and Taursday al 7J
o'clock. PM ljr/;mmeLce <.n iha21it lnst. atlhe sssemhly
room of the shove place o'J
T7HANUEL BRANDIK8, late of Vienna Professor
-I-iof Piano si.d Slr,ylcg. th-rougbly faml.lar w in ihe
ELg'lsh. French, Italian and Ge-rjiau !anguag<-s. p jsaess
lr g a very expeditious mettled of musical last uclloa, re
speelfu y i tiers his services to the pub 1c eon s-hools of
New-York sr.d vti.lr.liy. Ho Is r?ady to rec-ove pupils
sillier at his residence, Hous-ou st or in?!r own.
terms moderate Apply 280 H"Us"'n St. netav?eo 1 and I
or 6 and 7 o'clock, or al G S3 Oould L Co s f >rm?riy Ri
lev k Co's music store, 597 Broadway. Rtferences if 'e
qulred. on 'm*
EXCELLENT GKAPE3 for deseri from 6 to 1U cenU
per lb at ihe ie^t ior Cozzena's vineyard,
Al Dobbs'. Ferry. 9 John-s: New-York.
Locce ripe and Immature Isabellas from 3 lo 1 cents
per lb.
Of choice variety from the above vloeysrd, and at whole?
sale and retail, with Instruction! lo pnrchmers.
o2 im' J. C0ZZENB,9J?ias-st
rj iH? Sabsc.-H er, (sols a^e=t ir. the ?ulied Btatiss for tha
.1 sale of ihe celebrated \ ivano Pleamdeur's fire arras,!
U -^repa t*i w recelvi, acd execute aJJ orders tor guoa,
pljtol*. i.e , Ac, 9t ail deiertpiloiis on th? moat Ikvoranla
terais and wl.o dJjPBtch. Tot paitrras atd fanbsr ?artle
aiarsapply t* LOUIS L. ECLL'iE,
aif im' M Lli^nt atraat.
0L?17EAD d PATEfiT 8TOV??
aaLt-a, CBUACHXS, stobbs. eaiLCis, ..... l-.. ao.
r|iHE BLB^CKIBER srooid call ina atuscdon of Uaoac
I tn want of ftiovea to Bit complete assortment of lbs
moat approved patterns of bea>iU.g and ......... l
Also, manufacturer and dealer 'n pUlr ted Japanned Tin?
ware, Britannia and general H.>ose>fhmlshtngG<?ds. Mica,
Stove Orr amen is and Trlmiulnga Sioves c.e.nol prs
paj-ed aad pet as at abort notice and tittle expense
Succasaor to T. H. Trowbrtdga,
s!7 lm' 210 Waters
LA31F?-*?.'5,OUO ?Having added Is geiy lojiyfor
mer steck, I now hava on Dand tbe tar^-st and h*ai se?
lected stock to he foaod tn thl? city, consisting of ail the ?a
rtons ityles of Lamps for lard, oil, ea-nphece, spl-lt acd
phosgene gas Also, hall, street and other lanterns, glcao
doles. chsr.dellera, candelebraa tab ^ cutlery, faocy oma'
meEia, kc. kc. toll, CAmphene, spirit gas, pboagece gas,
wicks. gi?si*s, kc
N B?Just received, a large lot of very -leitilfal China
Vis-s all of which will he sold rhesper than at eny otter
besse In tils cliy Mooes loared for paruea.
flHABT.KBFULLER 213 Greenwlcb-sl.
oi 2m' between w arrec acd Chamvor* sis.
jl CA KD.?Too andenlgned oegalearc to draw Uia at
A tse?cc of Architects Er.gtaeera, Macblnlsta, Opucla-j,
TV'iJcbmakera Jeweiara and manraenrers of all ktcds of lr>
.-. : - : to hla new and extensive a*aortmsLt of ?? . j '.
his Imported and owr. mau; facie red UATHEMATIC 41
DRAWING INSTILMENTS of Bw ward English styl?
which ho ofje.-a at vr>7 reasonable pncei Orlers for anj
itcd of taaim-nenu will be r-o'r.pt!7 ex^srme?} by V A
?1BBNMAPR, lor-rte* of Wa^hniaveVs and Jeweler's
Pili-? aj.' T>-'!s SM ;ia<lOitctanH ' Math. Itau-umeaU, 1?
Fulwn-si slS las'
i?OAl>i? ll* \? li.l.i.i.Tl*Ul'Ki?U-A <->a?es?a
a ? ?i .i bli v? ?.,,, otr or iw hi (f t*ut -.jiea cvq ou
accon n-?c?u d ?Hb preasavpt rooms ta ? private fasti)} at
It fir tin. one BltDO pi w?ii from the Pr-*a slip fWr?
Bests ran every lire nlrpiet Jnnof lbs day (.?k-ltlof|
very desirable?souse ftricj the wai-r. commanding ,
T!r? of Br. o? yt Nsw-Yora, Es si River, tc eiSay*
BOA RlilSlJ To lei, sntb bo?rd ? suite o' Rooms,
suitable tor s fsritv or three rr four gento-mer., oo lm
2d ot Sri fioor. !o s hooie?be.-e 'ew Iwarderi s'e k?pt?
stnr'.t rooDrs also resa he bail None bal select pstjos,
whocan ttv? ihf best of references required. *, - i u
l>f.r.?'-w..i s^2??
iiOAK l> ?Two of inr*?i ?ein.^moo deslung ? ppsaaaa)*
LS borne w-.tr ace ?mniodatloo, cus havi- a larg?,
p ennri fUTTUsbed or CLfuri.isbed (root roots oo Lhe secJal
Boor, wtih rr wi haul Die h?<-? r.w.m, and 'reskfaii ot
with osioa dime- on KriD.'a? Te-ma $S per week 7,
Rivtrgtoi*! Cer.tr?; and i-i-asv: nation |I2 laeeaf*
;^ (MKIl-lo tl ircionii t?.-o b Rroos.vn op >->s'ie Dr.
I ?8lone/i Cn>. rh m s rirv c >?? home ? denial room,
fjrn.N^ 01 ai tarnished tollable for a wuenMn and ady,
or iwo slnsjl?. sei t .rnt-n, !n s fsmlly of fe- perrons. In
quire et 64 rJsmtoo-sl c,| rt
[OAKD.?One or ; a-ogemtetjjon can l>? ac-otnaHdatsd
? with Dlesstnl rooms, run libra or uofun i.b-J witn
tveskf.si at e tea, in < privets f.mUy whe-e ihe comforts of
a borne may be enjoyed, References exchanged sooty
St S3 RlVlLt'tOL St. Ot Si*
S>?sAKOlNS-..-Tri? Urge bouse So Srar.a'la sTa~r?w
1/ dnois east of Broad wav. hat baea. nnwli Moit.h^J ?
hoarders, si fr-m f2 60 to S> per week A limbed nam^er
ei!y will he isken oSlw*
HUAHU?A Parlor und Bed Roo* on id ttoer,~ra7?
rtihed or ncfurnlshed. with board may be bal y
No 11 L-'ov Place. Backers! ol Twsod*
rj^O YOlfH; Jlh> c?d >e a.-c numoca.rd wtih
1 B. ard In a p'tvMe fsnillv a tew siree's east of lea
BoTj-frv. and witMn one W ck ofthe O y Dock (9 and IL)
lire cf sivaes Adoiess B. Z Tribune office. Refere es*
exrhsEged od 3.?
HMSUEU KOOMH TO I.KT to sloirle ;-n.
a liftiei?Thr f?mi * Is imall snd no children la th?
honie App y *'2i Wooster-sC bet*eea Bineck?r and
Ami.y sis._i^ :ii*a
'j'ti I.KT?A I'aiior and Bed Ro-m, riirnuhej or
I Do furnished, luitarve for one or two at) gle Oaa ieufc.
In a PrWate Psmlty Breakfast and Tea If reqilnM Ap.
rly at ?^ Vessey street. o9 1 w*
ROOM WANTEO.-A gsndetuau ?1 hes to eo?ate
a pretty nood sued furoiihed room suitable for the
Winter with grate ?td pantry at'.ached, without hoard, la
a respectable private fauiliy. Terms must tie reasoust) e.
References of respectability: ?Wen Addres? R. S |wlia
the tern si at the Trlbnne llffice o9 St*
ROOflUe? TO iiitT, with board, aotlabla for aentlt>
n eu snd their wive, or alrgle nerl'cnen, at 145 Hud
son-it opposite St John's Park. R?f?reoce exchanged.
o9 1m'
ROOol WAMTtl) By a single g?at>man, with or
with nt hreaSfssi netr or wen of Broad?sr, he
twuen Chambers ?.Dd Csr.il sis; with haih pre:eried Ad.
dress, with price, K D at this i.ffice. o83t?
?tlitlr? TO I.KT MITU H?IAK?*,lo one oTiba
most ( lessani U cations In ihe city, on a stage rorue ~
The best of references given and required. Apply al Um
N E cor of TUrow.th-at and 8?ver,lb-aT. o5 Im?
YABL18HMEST, 131 Na?a*o-sL one door soulh of ttooa
iin, Is now open for hnsloess ar.d pobllc IcspectioB They
uvtte tbelr fellow arlliacs sod citizens to ch kiso a gar.
meat from s splmdld assorted stu.-.x of Pail and Winter
;}fK>da. Every garment ts warranted to fit, and made In
the inos' fashionable, du-ahla style We say In a word,
come an 1 a', wbal working mochsrlcs hsTs done, can
scd wti'.do
N. B As ihe C operative L'nl -n Ins lajued scrip money
the-heg to Inform tnose who s-, mpaiblze ?uh their move?
ment and til pers ns desliiig In s .ch articles as sre mod
i ymembers of said l\,toc-coa!. t! mr, grocarlrg ic -that
for such scrip as they may accept Irom s.tld members f>r
money or goods, ihev shall io elve clothing f'Oin said U >
ion at ti per cent Interest for the t1o<e isM a^r'p lie not pre.
tented. |sl3 1m*| wu QRANOER, Secretary
>aTfi iVlAtn IlirsiMI Atllll. Me.hint Tailor, of
vv i Vesey-sL Astor Hun ?. leave to Inform his
f-leuda and the public geoerally ifial he has Jusl ri-uimed
Tom a liuatnesa tilp to Europe woere he vlslied the best
?nanufartories Ihal could he fonrjd, ?r d from whl.-h he ob
la'ned Cloths. Cass'rneres. Silk and Csshmere Vesllnga, of
?.he best fabric that can be produced, and of the very latest
and mo?t approved styles, He wc tild rail attsndofl to this
fscl and thinks he may venrure io say that he has a style of
gl m da now In h's slora that cai.not he excelled by any other
MtabUthmenl In Ihe city of New-York, si I lirnodHTnSiTh*
ilKrl'fa ANU HOVr?M'l.??THiraijr, Vholeiaie
'land Rei.ii, at very low prices. The sahicrlber,
IACOB VaNDERBILT, HI Kiilion st Invues bis friends
arrl lbs punl'c io his Kali snd Winter sloes of cio'blug,
- rli h consists of over ten thousand resdy mile garments,
eijusl in every respect 'O the lu st custom work- Also,
over rive hundred pleees of fashionable foods which will
hi luadn to order In a s'v e ihal rannol bo surpassed Your
i a r?r sge Is respectfu ly solicited
oh lrreod JACOB VANDERBILT.81 K-lton-st.
HIAI, - A fine assortment ol Antbracile Coal of a so
perlor quality ault.Vile for fornaces, raDgea, gratis,
.Vc. Conau. eia desirous of procuring their coal at a very
low rate, will do w^U to five ih? au'iacri ier an eartv call.
08 Im* GEORE ASPSKKH Mini 207 Praaklln sL
Cnj.u., r - n OK w hits; abII ? fne lowest niaraat
' price, Large Not, $6,60; .Stove and Egg $8; at yards
479 Brooms u. L?ar Woosler snd 313 Bowery
COAL,.?I am selling coal as usual of the heat quality
cheaper than any other dealer In tb? cliy, froro ?sy
yard cor of King and Greenwich ala.
v/ ELTY it RIKEB IS] Cbstbam-st.call theattetttionof
(Vail persona wanting Shades to their assortmeal ol
Shades and materials for umslng srd hanglug Shades
They make the heal qua u> only, au 1 sell si prices fall ii
per ceiji less than any oihrr inriuficinreri. ill ShadtS
warranted ri?l to stick or corl s2l Im*
PERY MUBLIN8, k.: ->*aui.ii~ auoal furnUMpf.
their windows wiih ill* si ovo articles, win nu.t at J ?i
WOOnroRD'S, &>b Srowjway, the iarKeai and liest t*
s,-.irmeol In the city . aeverisl e.>w atyles iiatur before tr,lr>
Jaced n New- Yoik Lace and ir,iislta ctiruslns, drapery,
'.assets, loops. ?!??!. oanils cornices he ITsuillies vxt
t:.asipy of the snbscrtbei may rely npon geltlng a first-rats
article, and as low u ll la eil'oe to Import "r msaofar
tare Ii Mereliams imylng si wholesale will find it dacldssi
j t'?*lr - A raatsge . call before pun-b Mlrig alsewoere
*1S|? ! 0 'A'ni>t>?,O?Il "^1 atroao^ay
t| as completed an edifice for me purposes of medical
II InslrncUoc, In East Tr irtetnth it tear Brnxlway
asd ihe Poonh ave un'lvalied In the facilities which it
alb rds the Student, both In its interior arrangements and its
pw!.! n in T- s.I'.n :o the varluua Uj p'iiii and Intitma
The ad?anlsges for prscllcal inst u -.lans in Cliemlstry
and Anan my are unprecf denlei.
Borsce Green, it U Professor of the Theory and Praa
tljr o' MedlclDB
Abraham ti C r M 0 profrus -rofSarg-ry
Jo>.n H. ?Vtltisker, M D frofestor of Anatomy and
Ph, sloioty.
Edwin Hamilton Davis, M. D. Professor of Ma'.erls
ttectiaand Pr'srmacy
B Tordyre Barker, ,M [). trofe>so; of Midsr'fe.-y, and
D'seasescf f/omen a.'.d Ctl died
R Ogrlen Doremus, M. 0 P'olessor ol Cheailitry.
EM B.undl^e M. D Demor iirator of Anatomy.
Alexander B Mott. M. U Prosector of Surgery.
A Eurgical ? Medlcsl and an Obstetrical Clolqae will he
he d wrrsly h> the Professors of ihe d'.lfireiit nranciies, not
In i ,!cr in tnu rest or rxiert 'o any o.hers in Ib's city
The Anatomical Rooms wll. ho opened on tie fiist Mon
q0-, In October
Tickets for the full coarse. 8lb.5. Matriculation llcsets
C IS11 c oblsuvo of toe subicrlber at No 88 Warren si or it
r Ci .lege, and the resu'ar course of Lectures will be
cert menced cn Ihe first Mccdav In November.
07 2aw2wDi4tW_t^ran of Ihe Pscalty.
i' 1st ? j;?t?l,bsfced Ujr lae acco'ic'iineot ol UJiesdeaU'
cua of a con.fjrtahle reslderre iorlog Poo'..' Corifioern'Ol,
nnderlbecare ol Krs MAXWELL, an expcrlenc-d ?c
coucheuse, jA Lispensid-sr. All diseases pecuilsr to UlS
fensale sex skll.fully treal-.d. 08 Im*
Y<>ViTtiVARTiLll OH YOClt 1?X?- ~~
W ten Aovbii run, the scene some sport discloses,
As o'er the track ibej chaie ;
Bat who sdrr lies the running e\tt und n?s?s,
Beei In the human ract.
No ore, of frum. there s notblog more annoylog
Than snuHirjg ciiarrh;
Always ihe pocaetcand etch! f emp'ojlcg,
To give the nose ajtrl
Coughing Is wo'se. A i ghl yorirccxt :cor neighbor,
Btorms st>'.ii' wretener; '.t*.
And slid wiib wind pip- '--d svlihlung jou labor,
from light till dar*
At church $'u crown i'. ? preacher's cboliesl seniaaee,
And sin can't tell thl" summons to nrpecttcee,
Krcm rank feocltl?ntsra.
And jet how easv to ? ? -? b- ? -i-.ee
L Mrs JEtlVia ST4NDX
Tendering i. ure ifcai is so In a f <jc seme,
With !.er h% g'-1a.'j har.ds
You?ihat to i-oogb and cold a constsni martyr,
Are fainiirg In ihe strife;
Her candy try at once, To save y .ur 7tiirter
May he to risk yoorti/s.'
Bcld wholeiale and re'ai1, bv Hrs. W. JEEVI?, ?J
Broadway i r.e door above Prs'-kilcst A gen's?
Broadway; 10 Astor U mo: Mrs H?7?a, lrf3 fjlwa-"1
BrooSl; n. and by Draggisis generally E?cn pscssgsj*
itvariabiv HjDrd S-.Re W JERV18. Be sure to sslt sW
Mrs. JERVlB's Co.d C?cdy. ol?
W(J KA VV it C ll K M U P H O LST E 8.THO U IE
s Bblp-runjUhlr.t Wtrero-oms io8 flrand-st
York, whera wrl!! be found a ccmplass ?sj/jnmeni c
foUowing an'.ciea. featfiera, hair moss and fciik'
bods, matutftses, pslliasses snd cnshiotis; also, bedssse?
?f every descrtpiton via, patent screw, Iron Jomi-J~,
Joist, Iron screw, cotlags and trundis. cols, kc .
sslendid varleiy of window shadfva. F?r*r ^Ir/t. Ml
den, kc Mr. C woold call par?cu.ar Wtoodocrts>m
aew style of hair and spring msttresaes N B
and mairreasws rsmovaied and mUe over <kus m? . ( ?
Ol Im? W CRAWSUCSL. iajlrlf^_
* B?JWSJsa_r aper. ?A000 r>uc,u^^
wWeJlffsreotqualttlM andI?.lorj ^^'J'J^L^
tarttspr^ f a'.OT at BiBRRJCRSON If Boais-^

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