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' ? Ii \ Pof-sday night a d*elhng house
i*r t- Hliizht damag**
. < -p? ?v r iiiht a lire broke out in
? , , ', A,j ir.jerjoll's new building, No.
th? 5th story u! A.n i ^c'
4SI Water at Siigbtdajn^g
r> dav afternoon tna National Guard
~. (heir ^ce*t(-?-ba National Laniers of
jj^i{on_at tho Apollo ?ooms, whore aonie fire
hundred persons were seated at dinner.
Ccl Dar.xea of tbe Seventh R>girn?nt pr3iided,
and M?j"f?'n Ssndford, Gen. Hall and other of.
/jc,.-s were present
The following bill of furo was discussed with pe?
culiar relisb, after tho fatigue of the morning
parade :
r?st CeMSI.? Roatt. Ac -Beef, V<->!.Lamb, Mutton, Tnrkeya,
CkieU??. !??????. IV". - A la Mode twi, rotted P:<?"t.?. rnc*.
Tbe arrangements made by the proprietor of the
Apollo Hoc-n s were admirable, and tbe company
expressed univt.;sal satisfaction with tho fare and
U.e attentions.
After the removal of ?he cloth, Col. Duryea pro
posed the tossts ss foUows:
1. Tbe Presided oMbe Do led Etat??. | fliree cheers
and "Hail Colaoibia" by tbe Bar d |
The Washii-gton Bias* Hand, Adkins, leader
fu Isbed the roos'c on this oooaslon, and did hem
selrti much crcc'it by their performances.
1. The Governor "f tr>e Corn : onwealta of Massar.hu
ie." ITii'ee cheers: Air? Yanser< Doodle "|
2 The Governor of the H ate of Mew-York. |Thr?8
cheers tnd tn a;r |
4 Tbe Arm; s-.u N-wy of the United States. [Cheers
5 'Jur Guests?The National L*ncers: We hall with
??- l-.i s of the alcheal eattsfa-tl >n their Hppaarance at our
festivei oa'd. ITtU was lecelved will three iltu-x tnr-e
h- the Gum r. sn ?' Tha ?M So'cier B >j' f. o-n tne band. J
(ien Bandford rose to reply to the toast. He
greeted the Lttr.ccrs with a soldier's welcome,
conoiDg as they dil frcm the very cradle of Liberty.
He wss proud to hail so noble r body of the troops
of freemen whodwell beneath the shadow of Ban?
ker H'll Monument; he greeted them as sons of
Ihnee noble men who fought on that sacrod gr.oand:
their preinnco brought an ovcr;vh?lmin6'raoolloo
tlon of old day s of glory, and with such men before.
birOi bo whs sure the 'lay would never come when
the hsn^B tnd hearts of the soldiers of liberty
wtuld bo lesa true or less strong than in '70. He
was glad of this fraternal fooling between the
H-.ilitin i ftwo saeb noble Btittes G *u 8. spoke of
the small Standing Army of the tlepublic, and her
reliance upon tbe volunteer a ildiery of tho States.
Be could not doubt that auch r?liao;e was we !
founded, and that wo m'ght rely wi'.h perfect safe?
ty upon such an arm of defense, in conclusion, Gen.
8. welcomed the Lancers to'our City, in tbe natu a
of tbe National Hoards and of ton whole military a^d
civil population of tho Oity. I Here tha ohoeriog
was loud and long, to the cry of three times tbrio |
Gen. 8. was ture that tbe soldiery of New-.York
would evtr stand shoulder to shoulder with thair
Eas'eru brothers in defense or the honor and glo?
rious Institutions of nur country [ Oheers.]
Tbe band played an air, and then Gen. Sandford
TLo Health of Capluiu ritrce of Hie National Lincero.
I Music. |
Capt. Pierce roie to reply. He supposed that
tho comp a By expeoted a speech, but ho was no
talhit.g man, so ho would only give a sentiment:
The 8e>entii Refluent of New-York, tbe NaUonal Guard,
wboie. hospitalities we are receM-ig. Ttiei' precision of
metienv. r? ?nd perfection of discipline, etand unaxaw
pled in Iii? I'iiioo.
The Lanoere returned the oheers to this with a
will, and the band played an approp-inte air.
Co. Duryea replied to tho sontiraent, and ac?
knowledged it with thanks He referred all tiui
perlt ciion of the Seventh Regiment to their desire
t>> suataiu the honor and tho interests of tho country,
He gave in c nclusion:
The health of ti'mrtermaater Brhslow of tho Lancers.
Tili? wes received with three times three, and
music frcm Aohit s's Band.
Uuu'ti-nuseter Braiio*- was grateful for thoso
kind sentiments to himself and the corps- Ho
tb< tight ?II hie duties as U'iarteruias'.er (looking at
tbe table) bail been entirely superseded. Ha as?
sured the Ni a* Yorkers that the Bostoniana would
wortl illy appreciate the unbounded hospitalities
thty -srere now receiving. Ho gava :
Tne Ml It rv and Commercial Emporium of our glorious
Union, the Capital of. ili? Eoipire (Slate: Where all iho.e
mauly vlituea ? btch enrich aud elevate our ri.ee hold e n
plre It, ihe hearts ol her rll!<:ona, woriliy of the progressive
Sge lt. ? hl( h vtolive.
Col Dutyea t ext gave :
Tl f lit alth of Gen. Satdford.
This was lit attily received, and the Band piayo 1
" Hail to tbe Chief " in quick time, audgreat ch-or
ing. Ueri. 8. replied briefly, complimentary tJ tha
National Guard, and the military (jejaraliy. He i
The Nsliai al Guard : Al ways lo be relied npon. [Nine
enters?a Uiir.J
Col. Duryea proposed
The heaUh of .-Pec Hall
This was received in the same cordial manner.
Gen Ball rcpliod to this toast. Ho was glad to
welcome the Lancers; their fama was aireioy fa
mitiar to his, and bo ?ras glad to see their faces.
He gave ?
LiurOufsia: The Bostou Itanctra. | Three times liree
?tnua'c. I
A voice: " 1 propose three ohaers for the New
England Guards ul Boston.' They wore given,
with a will
Af.er a general lire of cheers, Han. Duryea
Tbe Weihio^ton Grays Trroo: our u-sociat-s In this
Sg teabie cuiy. |Cheeri a:i-i uicslc.J
Capt Variant,! iba Wasningt-a Grays, gave:
Tfa NattOBSj U?ard Troop | Cbeeta a>,d n u?lc )
Gen Bandford replied, on behalf of the Washing?
ton Graya Trtop Ho s-aud that tha troop owed
it* formation to the Null libation Pro dtmatiou of
Gen. Jackson. Caj.t I'hil.iua at that time callad
Ott Gen 8 to say that a Urge nun bar of the old
tr> opera of the lid re^imei t tnd resolved to form a
new troop in anticipation of trouble. In ei<nt
dsya Capt 8 presei to 1 names of exampts of
tho old Tcird, a 1 them mister batchers. They
Werei organized, Ri.d three we^ki afterward tho
G.Atrnoror tha State presented thou win their
colors, bearing the motto: Tha Union?It must ba
P-c served Hs would therefore give:
Ti e Wail l gton Grtvs and their mono: The Union?It
must be Preserved | Cheers and music]
8ome one gave:
Ths tea ih of Kendall's Bind of Boston.
Anotha r gave:
thelealihof Col blevcns, ea-ctii:er of lh9 27th R92i
meot *
Col. 8 gave:
R^ifnn^rr^! ?? VUkX SsUoatJ Guard, the late John
B. ? tison I Du go. I
The tie At lOAat was :
Tne be:ltb of Ex-Col. Vermllyea alsocl the 27th Regl?
et will bro remtmbcirod that tbo 7th and 27th
B.t ein Mils are n iw tbe sarue ]
Cul V. replied. Ho ?a'J he was a New-York
Uutchman, and years s^'o bad looaed uooa a Yin
we as aeinetblng horr.ble. [Lin^hierl Then
?? ????noceaibitswiifatho Sitnaritani. [Laugh?
ter j Kut lt.te|y v?e have made ngr^at many rail
reo s. a. aiiow we ara SO united that are cannot
Ifi'. T^""" ifw* 07tiU'1--' and wo wouldn't
Msssatluseu ^he?r'-] Ho gava toaat:
huop i?tvec?cesiiniMj lo leaven the whole
nio'iTl lh'0B' of lb? ?wton L^cers. ICbeersand
:ur Glb'0D w" ?oo hoarse to speak, bat he
Th~ Red-Coals: Seventy ...
from tbe ell) Of New V ... y r* M^ lt'?y w?r? expelled
ce.v d m lb a. n I wide exiend^rm'^bU' n',<,r 8rB r^
< f ?.. dree ever to ba wweidSS *nd "''*? manlfesisiioua
|M...i,-snd cbee's.) pp!ecl?>9(1 by tbe Nsllonai i,sncers.
Gtr. tia'i rose and ssi.l K? . . ,
m n who had done g "t horor? " ft b04r1
the best Of service t .'oatro aZ ^ ^
The Officers ol the SI st tofiZlVot N Y ??T8 v
Itars IG.eat cteeimg and moste 1 8'118 V
Caps. Geo. Hah replied by givin*.
f"e M?ssachute:u V, luci-era ?'
T".e M
This was na warmly received bv ti - .
Col. Dane* gave,.- > U' "atpiny.
The hesithot Major Al'sn of ihsN'atl mal La_
< Cot A len rep [ed, b?t hi^ rema:?/w - i'\ i
ble. h? . -sau-aaar* waraiaaudi.
-.ra ever real7
Brto p tb- Ni t- ; e L? --ra. | Chefin find Musi- |
tievcr?! nv er c implimantary touts wera given,
and theo (about 4fo'clock) tb? p?.rt;. brosa up, ?.nd
went into the se.ddle.
Tut Mayor andthz [Ieview.?3tr-?ng cT;ria
have been tnai'e in a shameless ind recfc'esi morn?
ing paper to create the imoreasioa that a?iyor
Woodhull was intentionally absent at the iima ap?
pointed for the review of toe Boiton Lincors in tha
?a;k yesterday. To those who know the paper ?>
is unnecessary to lay that ihn story is .?eaidy nod
malxicas'y fa'se The Mayor had accepted long
be'ore aD eDgEgeme-nt, vbi"h uceapectediv t-ecain
ed him until 13 minutes pis: 1-; the troopi arrived
at 1, or very lcsj- it, and Iff; at 10 minutes past 1.
of course tbe Major w?.s thrro minutes too lit*.?
So far from a-y slight of our Boston friends, Mayor
Woodhn.l wes extremely anxious to meet them,
acd entertains feelings of the highest regard for
them both offloially and personally.
Whic Ward Mietim.s?Tne Whigs of tha
City, in accordance witn the arreng-roents of the
Wbh: General Comrn ttee, are called upon to meet
tn aioj.day evening nest, tbe Hilst bat. a: 7^ P. Ai.
' or at such other times a? the Ward Committteaa
. may designate, to elect the following Delegates:
J ?Three from each Ward, to meet in conven?
tion at tbe Broadway House, on :ho 22d, to nom
' ir.ate a candidate for Major and one for Governor
of tho Aims House
11.?Three from Cdch Ward to meet on the 23d,
to nominate candidates for City Judge and District
Attt rney.
lit?For tbe Congressional tominations in the
teverr.l Districts: JTivo frcm each vVard in the
llld; bis Loin each Ward in the I V'th?the twen?
ty four thus elected to ohooia one from the District
at large; eight ftom each Ward in the Vch Dis?
trict? the twenty-four thus chosen to elect one
; more ; and five fr< m each Ward io th-3 VIch Dis
' t ict. The delegations.will tbns consist of twen?
ty five h tm each District except tr.e VI:h, which
will have thirty-Dve. They are to meet on tha
evening of the 24th- those for tho liid District at
No. J Broadway ; those for tbe IVthatthe ' ("ast?
ern Emblem,'' in Grand tt.; the Vib at tha Broid
way House; and those for tho Vlth at Constitu?
tion UalJ
J V.?Eieven Delegaten are to be chosen ia each
Assembly District to nominate a candidate for
Assembly; il tcere are two Wards in any Dis?
trict, escb is to choose live Delegates, and tha ten
thus chosen are to elect another i'aese delega?
tions are to meet on the 25ib, et Buch hoar and
place is tha Ward Committec-a may designate.
V.?Charier officers, School Trustees. Inspect?
ors, Ac. are to bo nominated as too Ward Com?
mittees may appoint.
I. (i. oi 0. F.?We have beforo us the prooeed
inga of the Grand I.odgo of Scuthsrn New-York,
from w hieb we compile the fuliowitg statistics :
Number of Lodges under tha jurisdiction u!
Southern New York, July 1st, 1850, 213.
Total number of members 22,872.
Initiated during the year ending July 1, 1850,
Total revenue, $84,169 85.
Amount paid for relief of sick and distressed
during the year ending July, 1850, $5,013.
New-York Law Institute.?At a staled mscr,
ing of thie body, held on Monday list, tha following
resolutions were unanimously adopted, to wit:
ibsslecd, That the ihanksof tbe New-York Law laslltuta
sre beie .y lei dered lo Uei.ry S Uod/e, Kar), for iho uvi
lilliceLt donation ol books lately u.nde by hltu lo this instt
Utmlctd, That thanks arc tiao due to Messrs John An
tbon, Am K n..e, Ti b. doro Sedgwlck. acd E. tLO*?u,
fur v? lue. .e aoLRilur.u of booa.-made by thsui al vurli>U4
tin ea io the anno
It.buifd Thai bd Invitation be extended to publishers of
Law Bunks, lo preseti one copy of each of their publica
Ilm !. lo the New-York Law Iii? Huie, to be deposli-jJ In the
1. biary olmid Inslltutloo, a:.dkepl ftr ih-.-e.tuu.laa:lon of
.Im u embeia o," the bar who are Interested in toe p;ocha?e
ol mid books.
No notion was taken as ..;.:?? patod, tpon the
propriety of purchasing the bust of Chief J.iatico
Marsball, which is the property of Mr. John If ra?
zee, vt ho is the sculptor of tho same, and wr.ich is
now in tbe Library of ihe losvituie for enaniina
tion. The consideration or the same was postpon?
ed till the next legulttr meetiog, on Monday, the
14th inst. at 10 o'clock, A M.
g3?*~ Tho La> ing of the Corrar Stone of tha Gir
; man Joint StocR Brewery in Forty fifth street took
1 place on Monday afternoon, and wab aUonded by
i a crowd of visitors. Tho President, Mr. Hochtal,
i opened the ceremony, and invited Mr. A. Kriier to
; armrest, tbe meeting after tho Secretary had read
1 the decumanta to be included in tho stone. Mr.
, Kriier responded to the call in a vary appropriate
1 maui.t r, speakii g of the power of Association and
j the aoral influence ol our Gorman citizens upon
: Science and Morality. The bottle cootaioing the
. 11 cun.e.nts enclosed,also c.iptes of theloar German
Journals appearing in New-York, aswci! as the
! A'tte Yt rk Daily Tribune and tha Herald. Dr.
; Jonassubn delivered the concluding address, no
i til ing the exertions of the Comniirtcse a* well at
i ol tho Architects Meiers FleNaMER and d.asi.
zeR, the Masons Messrs. Carpenter .v Jaques,
mil the Carpfcucer air. Pierson. Tha building in
to he liuished in the mon'h of Decomboc.
Cooperative Labor.?The Editor of the Bos.
ion Protective I rnion made a brief visit to our City
last v?t eh. While here he looked in upon some of
cur cooperative shops, and the following are some
ol his notes thereon:
The fir*k sioio we visited was that of tha Gar
maa Tailors, at No. 7 Buwtry. It is situated in
t i e of the best business thoroughfares i? tha City.
at.d their steck of cloths, clothes, &o. is estonsivo
ai d well selected. Being unable to speak Ger?
man, we could not ascoriain the p'aa on which
Ibis Society is organized! as none of the man spohe
or undo'sli.otl English sufficiently well ti enable
us to comn.-uuctu- with each other with satisfac?
tion, la this they lab r under a disadvantage,
a; fi it would bo will if it was rurnovtd, by placing
at least one person in tho store who can speak both
German ami ffinglith
We were next i. induced to the "Taiiurs' Co?
operative Union Store,' at I'll Nassau tt We
feund here a very choice assortou'ii: of clothes of
ti e prevailing fashions, which denoted good taste
and judgraei t in trie person who selected rharn.?
Th's store w^s opened by the Society on U today,
the 18thinst. and, consequently, tha stock oi ready
made garmtnis is smal ; but, juogiag from tnose
W? t;: i ace, we should s?y they are xi tislefully
cut aro as well made as it if pcssibl-t t > rnako
them. The Asaociat ou nunibai* at pre-cut one
hundred and ten raemoers.and tna capital paid in
is 81,000. ThoEffiount of each ?h*re is 830, oi'
which it will be seen 810 is already pitid in, tnd
" the remainder to bo paid in itiataiananU, n it to
exd-iii one dollar per week."
Tne Union is governed by a President, Vica
Presideut, Secretary, and a Committee of savoo,
acd the, business oi the store is managed uacar luo
direction of the President, who is eiap'oye l con
Btantly in the s-o-c The presont ollicers of tte
store sue Mr. E Mailou, President; Mr. O'Byrne,
Cutler, and M.'. W. dr^r.go, Secretary and Book
kieper. Tney are. respectaoie, intelligent men, of
good sr'dreas, hDd seem well acaptad (or the offijes
K^wr.ich they nave been appointed.
The amount of business done by the 3odety is so
ar very cheering; :t bai been principally custom
work, Ban hca given fail satisfsotion. Tne rent of
the store is 8CU0 per year, and. considering th? it
lx*led ln one of the best pnrts ol the city, is. as
rents go, very moderate. We wish our Liouds
every success, and shall ba slai to hear of their
continued and increasing prosperity.
The ScsJe-aiakers hate also cjuimeD?d a Co
ope ra'ive Society, and ara doing well. " The Pro?
tective Uuon Bakery'' is now eitab isbed some
time, son has met with extraordinary sue vis. Tue
Blacksmith and Wheelwright shop" is aso douv
well. The Shoemakers have n ?tore at 222 Oeuter>
st, and are doing a good business; their stiro is
tlso in a ge>ed location. The Vytndow s'iada Paint?
ers lia.ve also tk.mmi.rced busicess, and, we are
informed, have ever> prospect of success. In iddi
tion to these, a daily p?pe-,L theGermanlangingfr.
is published by a Uoopsrativo Socioty, but we
were ur.abL- mascer'ain what ate Its j rospeet*
M. ?? i05art LvtellioEace.?The monthly meat
ing of inquiry of the American Bosrd was held on
Mon bj afternoon. A letter was re\i dated Bom
bay du! r. A nnmbf-r "I scIkx in have b-en es
ble report! respecting ?be resulta uf missionary of
fort ?wcr.p ihs Armenians. Two years asn irrere
o- >a mm? than 30 or 40 dpriiflnH Prnt'MtrUJtS
live nordon of the piotc-iUn". Armenian Courio
; recently held a Ccnfere-cs at Constantinople, for
, the pcrprsp of reportii g 'be itate of the churches
I Rev. Dr Arismt read an extract o'a letier recent?
ly received from the missionary kt Maiura, indi
cati: g toe prepress which ths wor's of Christian
: evangelization oas been mafcleg in the East. It
was of an encouraging character. The belief is
everywhere prevalent that Christianity is destine!
' to upreet and overturn Uiodojisai. Too Doctor
also mentioned that he had received a letter de
ssribir.g the gre at degree of religious interest at
, this time pervading the Chinese in ri*n Francisco.
There is a universal desire to obtain the Bible and
religious books. Mr. Biisj.cfTrebizmd, announced
: his arrival at his station, io a letter dated Augast
] 17. Be was amazed at the change vhich had
taken place during his absence. Tuere had been
much oppesitiorj, hut the spirit of (rod s truth was
pervading the masses more and more. Contempt
snd hatred were .'ast giving place to esteem and
approbation, and the missionaries wero cordially
welcomed to the society of those by whom they
l were formerly discarded.
Police, tuesday.?Caspar Richards, a German,
who had robbed John Leonard of 6100 io. silver
coin, wes arrested, and on the officers proceeding
to bis house the wife resisted their search, b t
et entua;ly the t fficers found 866 bid in a basket of
moldy boots. They theref ira nrrestsd the wonan.
John Cavansgh, Corns, Gallaghan and Pnillip Far
ley was arrested for an asaao t with intent to ki!i
Dr. Motean. Anthony Ke.iler and George Rickett
were arre?t-~d fur stabbing James Cjllins. Michael
Bhine was stabb:j;i in a tight at John Regan's house,
i.n 12tli street, last nighf, and received several dan?
gerous woundr. Regan was taken into custody.
Casualty.?a black woman was ran over about
neon by a horse and wagon which had got loose in
Chambers street. The woman was apparently se?
riously injured.
city postage,
New. York, Tuesliy, Oct.fi.
MB. GkEU.lv : Ploaso inlorm us through the
columns t f your payer, whether the letter distribu?
ter frctu the Post-Office are entitled to oae or two
cents on letters and oblige many of your readers.
J. S F.
Carriers are entitled to only o/n.'-ent. When
they ask two, make a note of it, get toe carrier's
name and inform Mr. Brady of the swindle. Wo
heard a carrier asking seven cents for a letter at
a store in the Sixth avenue below Tenth st. a few
days since, but being in a hurry at the time, we
did not inquire into if. Remember that ft charge
of-more than onecent for the deiivery of regularly
mailed ie ters 'ts as imposition , don't pay it.
Akkfst fur False Pretenses?Two Ger?
mans, named Philip Goodman and Randolph Bar
barnril, were yesterday taken into custody by of?
ficers Elder and Edwards, of tho Lower Police
Court, on a charge of obtaining 6600 from a poor
Irish womsn by false representations, it appears
that about thne weeks since tho complainant,
whose name is Elizabeth Con way, went to live in
\ the family of Goodman as servant a few days a'
: 'er this Goodman and his wifn ascertained t'iat aho
hsd S'iC? in tho Savings Rank in Criambers-ol.
With a view of getting possc-ssioa of the money
they stated to her that Barbarnell was a wes.lthy
mm, that he owritd a house and fur manufactory
at 331 Rivington-st. and was in want of fun 's fur a
few da; sand would like to borrow of ner. Baroer
noll was then introduced to her and corroborated
theno statements. The po ,-r woman believing tho
stories to be true and being very urgently pressed,
finally allowed them to draw out the money, whb.lt
she hag since been unable to obtain. She stites in
her sl?davit that she is weli convinced that the
statements nre wholly .'also and were made with a
view of defrauding her of the money. Them >ney
which these fellows have thus obtained is too sav?
ings of many j esra bard ltln,r as a servant, and was
to have been applied for tho bonolic of sorneorphan
children, relatives of the eomplainan*, who is near?
ly fit) yiarsofngo. The accused were locked up
in the Tombs by .Justice Usborne to *w?i! exami?
arrest of an esca ped CONVICT.?Wm. Braok
ley, who recently escaped from B lick well's Island;
was yesterday found intoxicated in Catherine Mir
ket by i Hi :t r Simpson of the Soventb Ward Ha
was taken back to the Island, whore tie has yet
four months to serve the State.
Assault with a Slum. shot.?A man named
Michael KcWannca was yeaterdav taken Into cus?
tody tharged with assarting officers Wood hull
arid Wilkinson of the Seventh Ward, with a s'Tiig
shot, ss they were about arresting him Lr disor?
derly conduct in the street. He was held by Justiso
Mountfort to ar.svrt r.
Body Found.?Tho body of a man, supposed to
be LawsoD, the Swedish sailor, wno fall from tho
fttimship i"re.chlin a few days ?ine?, while she
Wei making her trial trip, was yeaierrtay found in
the water at tho foot of Wall st. The Coroner
was notified.
Suicide ?A man whose namo was not ascer?
tained, committed suicide yesterday afternoon in
tho houso corner of Eighty-third at and Third-av,
Excursions.?The Young Mechanic Guards cf
tfcis city, under the command ui Capt J J. Green,
went cn a target excursion to Tiliiotudlam yeitcr
dsy morning. Tho company prGs? ated a handso as
appearance as they passoi! up Broadway, and
stowed evidence of close drilling.
Seventh Wakd?Whig Nominations.?For
Assessor, Hiram Farr'Djjton ; for Aldermen, Sey?
mour L Hinted, James McKee; for Constable,
Rufas K Williams; for Commissioner of Eseise,
Theodore Fortran; for Inrpeclcrs of Ekctioa?1st
District?Clarkson ?Dderhill, F. Scholia?2d Dis
JUob'.lt-, Alabama, to preach for :e<s Unitarian
Church at the latter- city, wss ordained cn Sunday
night. Re-v Dr Bellows delivered the sermon, and
horse attached to a wagon, belonging to
ecu, tosk fright am ran into Front st c
kicking and sinking his hind legs again
caning one of Ihcru >o severely ta to la
such an extent that be was obliged to
of Be'gen'and- Hoyt?atVwas eate^ed^by^ms
thief or thieves, between the hours of 2 and ?
u'coct on Saturday sternoon, who r.del 103
dlsing-room of a quantity of silver s; ooc*, forks
and ctrta articles, beside taking away wits t~.:m
two promissory notes?one for $190 arid liie omsr
for 350?1< getrer wi'b a SS0 bill on the tfew-Or
leans Bar,*.
na i ed Letmion Francis, on a charge oi stabbing
and afcootkg chickens in the neLhborcood of ?o^'
acu?, iii t!:? Eit.hth Ward. Ttci manner in wfcnon
he ace; mpliahed tho theft is quite ingenious, a id
const teuin decoyij,- them icto the adjac-.tit woais
with corn stolen from the larmers' sboc'.i?, and af?
terwarn itvTtirg trcm. It is si:d to 02 an utttr
iarpt'ssibiiity to keep an} kind of poult y whatever
in the outer wsrC3 of ih'e city. List yeir '.ne dep
redators used (isb books hiddeu in indian meal ?0
catcb the bipeds. Franc.s '^ss cemmited for ex?
Attempt at Hoebekv.?Patrick Hogan, a ma?
who has served his time out i:i the Siatd Prisoo for
a burglary in Atlantic at. some yr-ars ago. was ex?
amined by Justice John C. 8mitti on a charge of at
temptingto rob am an named Wm. Powers, on Fort
- bftry
is ?ai
, in ad
Bonr Foosn.-About noon, Monday, the body
of a boy, seven year* of ace, was found floating in
the vicinity of the Cunard Docks. Tha ojdy was
taken from I he water, ad identified >? that of a
son of Urs. Myers, of tbe Philadelphia Hotel- Ho
was drowned on Wednesday Isst.
New Flag ?A fiD0 new 2ag his bean provided
fortbeCunsrd Wharf at Jersey City, couhiu'ng in
CLe p'ece cf butting both tha stars a'd stripes and
the cress of St Georee.
EF Tba Essex Coumt Teachers' Associa?
tion meton Saturday. Tile f liossm^ persons -vere
Bobl fj Cocke Prestd-rt- Sldera Caiae, Vlce-Prssl
dent; J. Runir, Corretp ? ding Secretary; Isaiah fe^abim,
pec Secreisr- ; J 3. Smltn, Treasurer.
Tbe following Resolution v-asunanimously adopt
ed :
Beio'.ctd, Tbat this Asacclidon recomm-nd to tha Peiple
of ib'j seTeral Tuwnar.tps lu tha County, tha rirculs'ioe
throughout thu Cuuntv of petitton? lo the oext bagtalaiore;
asStnt: ih?m tn re-nove from the a^h Law ail rmlrtcttoos
I 1? rtga d t" the imoaiil ct u.oney raised by tax f>c public
Ktcol purposes.
g^p Ti e Grist Mill of Peter WyokofF, naar
Htg .it'owj, was consumaJ by fira on Situ day
week with i'i ccnr>?ts, consisting of 1,500 bushels
o? ?1
I which ?83 insur
The mill sva; valued at $3,000, .$1,000 of
Loao-Foco Convention
of I5, ica, to the Hjusj
cf An
Court of General Sessio.-ts?Monday?Be?
fore tie IWi'idfcr, and Aldermen Cool and Bard.
Iliaiid ./my?The tvliuwlng peraoni were swora In
a' Qrtbd Jumrt for ihe term : E.las G Unke, Foremau;
Jann-sT Bertlne, Enoch Chamberlain, Joi-i U Pay, Wta
K GIOe\. Albert lianaey, J Hit.ion, James <J Jacohu?,
J hn Mason, IVl bam F Prom, John Tn.ker, Ollv-r 'f
IV? . e I, Ttiotnai H Bro-an. Bbenezsr U. Cook. John B.
Gidtfn Bowlrnd BUI. Jos li'ttle Kn.x-h Mo-tan Hutn
:?' B.l e. Cal. b a Meritlt. Robert Mc Gary Hlran Pur.ty.
Ti a Grand Ii quest were chvged by the Recorder relative
to their du.v?. acd r-iired t.i eminence met- labors
Vtiitlfqr i;r,?.d LardBy.-iloherl Adiiesard Robert
Pavls were rail d to t>ial on a charge of burglary In ihe.
hr?t degree, In h. 7i-.g on ih- ntghi ufili < iCin uf Visual last
juf Betty Conr?er,of2B2 ro.m it.
. tbe vaiueof 8^70 Previous to he
.rj-a withdraw hit) p ea of not uuil'y
grant) larceoy, wbi.h pies w-ts ac
, n-v's ii ?is dearly shown 'hat'io
ni d lud l/e-a ?U'.j?.t tu Ii s of de
Ih. Hr. whs irquiued. Ad?:n4 was
ed an i ac
ijf. wu ih Stluii rrora we scn-rouer anr.nan. sn.-i pr? j?
rlv obs f.und In possession of .he prlsjaer, hit ha
med riinc inlv-'y ibsl h-> had been au'horlzed lo takJ ii
Bobbery in the b'i'st Degree ? F--?trlri I'iunaet was cal ed
;o trial, Ci-ar*? d with b< v he, nn the iotli ?I A'i?U?i iasi as
lanlted and rubbo'l Patrick Daiy "f a,''i(l coin to tbe value
r.f $141. ilily being awo n, lesuli'd lhai nn the 26thof
\D*uai Ian le errlveri la ills cby from Boston and pitao
it tin Louse nf the prisoner, who keeps au em uraniooard
kvliuuitibl"* WaihlcguiL-i l As he was ah nit r j.irtn^
for ihe nigra PIi'.-et cair." io Mm an-i told him he mast
'Ue him hi? in irey f.irsa'e keeplug; it.li lie reidiel to So,
Court of Sessions?Before JVI -e Johnson,
d Jus Ires 8'liweli and C inlyotl The PwU xm\;t\
io at Bibbttling The prisoner was a-ralgned y-st-, d y
*, MAK NATlti THi.E?KAl'dCo ePAJiy,
?orst'sL'ce) ihe first ever eatabll.hod bvr.n, com
R'k'w a r k , *n k tv!lj in in a w i o k'' p ai ncbton!
VHt'ftTUN, wilminuton ?-d BaVRB ijw
GH.m E; ihe only line la the country at the pre?ant ilnio
palra, acd U u-iw prepR ed to tr-.ca nlt em i d-liver anv
Bnd ficelity hitherto or at tbe present Hum lineqaa led by
any other line, This ore connects with other companies of
bSiine's i|ije-?, exlecdlcg a'ready ovor filien sbOnssnd
a l es, i" e ibtrof wfcic-i toessa^es ard piyir.-n:s will be
Oeliverrd ts dniied Tho uianii;ersol ih'a ilse hav^ lately
n:"i? lhorout;hli siatf-me .'zed 11? l.ccln-jsj, In both Us
IrassmlitloD uud mode ol delivery of mersai-e? Iis cha-ges
a i-> equal to all, ulth sptclal favors to none It Is not ruk
possersod by the Company, we lnrit's evi/y one to try it,
a; d see ii ibej ao noi ficd ihls the mos; reilaolo line for
The Offices o'the Maj-c^ttc Te'etfraph Ccmpscy are:
New-York?5 Banover-st corner uf Bdater.
Philadelphia?101 -ri-??t?et si. Qnltcv Grar.ite BulMlnz.
Baiiltcore? 2 He'rhani's tlichorjj-e. Clay si.
v> cahiiivtca?Coci;ri-ss Ball Pennsylvanla-aT.
c4 lw " Wal. M 3-^'AlN, President
FVOTiCE.?A Corporal? Company la about lobe form
1 led und-r ihn Act of ltlu. for '.hs pu-poia of yulllr.jflnio
oi emtion oce or filihop's Floating Derricks i-n Lake E-le
Persons ceslroDs of tinitlrg tn this Company will please
cull on A. D. BIHiiUP, Esq. n: hU renld-jnce, 121 Adarns-at.
Brooklyn. a281m*
/'AH BE HAD ONLY Of S C. UHRtlMi, 135, 117,
< liy Water-sL; and of a. s. hi ANIN, i-$<>- Thu genuine
Is rraried as above, " V\ lider's Patent B.la'^auder Safe "
olltf B. O. vviLDtiit, Pateutoo
Wm. Btcbgf.s, Jas. f, Adams, N. W Obaham.
Korwardlr? t Com. ii erchania, ii* Poydras-s'.. tl. Uriesns.
Hrt lift -sc *s-Geo! "'coe, Esq. Cashier. New-York; J.
8. A wood. E?q Caihirr, CtlllcoiLe. O ?1 L. WlUaa.Eiq.
Castler, jalarletl?. O : H Brady. Kail Cashier. tVh-ellnf,
Va : Nli b. McCarthy, E-n. Indianapolis, Ca.vtu F etctier,
Erq do.; Wesirs. 8iurgesi. Bennett it C". New-Y'iri: J.
CoinlLg U. Co. Se*-rOr^e^ijs; vV'o a'.cr i: Hart, 5os;;ja;
Jro. Lnr.dstreet k Si r. Bal'irnore; r5p-in-;er i: IVhttmaa,
C U ft T t> I it MATERIALS.
r-.n.-i for pv-a: ns who ar8 obllrr-d t >cout in ihelr
lonis, tt Is just the article that ts u eded. Also, tha
id Indepi ? dent Atr-Tlgbt Cock, U'cais ualv-iraa'
led io he De best bskU.jr stove In the inarkai, t e
Troy, a rplc-r'ii a t cle, with TiTo'vInz qc^.e,
wth its lari'e:-. ac.1 bett assorted sto^k-.f par.or,
c.'fice itcvt:. a-.d s^ie-d'd Rnsala Iron druma,
arranted as ri, reseated. N L. CORT
7 r.o. a we:! etccaled pcrutil: uf a -a-ouiaa ex-.;ia
the a.ir.d cf any parson whose taste f r the line
ts tc?v be even urccJilvated; bai how much greaser
the tarr'.rilicn ezel ed rv tha J-.-iLg ana lovely onvi
'I. eipeela'iy if ihe lady's 'ace Is free from spot or
erclsh. GouaaCQ's Iiai'ar: Medicated Boas is ihs oaly
ucls lies to ibem!ttr7 which will effectually re?
eve every venire of'.ooie cdlous dlifi-fureriects cf the
in, n r.'.cfc arpear In :hs shape cf tan, pimples. Irccfcles
el urn, era cr tiers, cl-srs, chafes, eracts, aid all skin else
.urentxis GueaaUD's ?ocd-.ritil Pcadres Saht'.le are
irtaln lo eradlcBt? superfluous hair from say part r.f the hn
?cfiErce. Gonaatrn's tiquld Vegetable n^j-jga iflvas a
oubacd's LL!y White for fluifc-d. ron-jh, eillo-av skins.
ooracd's insia-.taaeoua Liquid Hair U . e cuiora red and
ay or whbe kalr a beaailful zi -say brown or black.
ccraud's Bair Rettorattve iri&l bottles 2a each
Be verv carelai to pur.-ha*e tlie?e artlclea ijcnuhm, and
ii can cr.ly he doi.e by piocarinu them at Or. uouttAUO'a
ell mown dtpCt, CT Walker-i? ti -m suirefrom Broadway,
all??i:der 83 Bouih Third-at. Philadelphia o3 1m
?Tha InaUluil n Is cow tpeu
d Sat
a U Ht,i?-VIN, 4<lC*!ou6?r.
]>? BANGS, BROTHER & 00. ?X Broadway
a ? Caan acv.-trrres made upoa ?J! C ns'gHDears.
E. ft i. CO o?i? ta prcp?r?i|iii!, to M sold ;sa?riyl3
f 'c:oher ?f et rumai.ec-? ?*i!i permit, a catalogue of Jlog
Qsb Uih ??,juu (fcniT~d. in- uoi"u on<? of 10* iargrtl coa
llgniBiJOta r?. r made hy Mr. k.^r, w^i writ 8t MTsral
alow b ofi attractive invoices from ?Iber f, iad.00 pabiisb
eis snd. x iificr? It ?v |i t-.ci dea'soms.voices'rom
Amoi ?.. .h-r?, wood * ut \ Q (S Books,
Uta?piiair handsome bib dm, ? <\ ''?,,?-??< Books
adapted to the ap0TsrrcM>g H 'v-iy sexaoa
* 'V1 ?ijormar-ai of printing and wruing pacers Also,
?obfi'i very valuable a d p- r>'ti?' ??vies, ander ths llUea o}
Iba atiai dar.l Libia y, lb* Cieastcal Ltrrary. tbo Arnicas
rt'J Library, the telei nfie Library ?? a i-p Illustrated Lib?
ra'v, each egihr.cn g t>,? tw-st hooka tiiutd ta lbs beat
itjle.. aadvCiipsra sied la cheap Tha !ati Ur:si,
arblro are jnat received, are i ?? ? coed volumeol the cow
esMttouof Jnnlos, Vaiana' L ve. .,f paimara, Seslptu.-es
?n I A collect?, ArUtatlea Nlcnomscbean EtMc?, tranalatel,
with notes oi ig'ua ?ud (elected, an analytical I ^urxlucitoc
Ice b" R W. B'u?n?, A M; a"d C'uta jh?ns.?. ffinsa
Cr oa. es sec a dessert with lllus r?t <ms Orders for these
ind all the previous vnlriri*? p'ompt'v executed. a.'so,
Lariti t/'a Lectures on Science snd am. Eomara's Uydrau
?Irs and >-ai ic?, BTOf?i-? Doub.e-E try Book-Keep.
Inc. new edidon, ic. sic Ar.
adman ? Ml LLK?, Auctioneer.
Im.hgant UOtSbHol.l) Ft/RNITUIE, made
J bv Pbyfe, Boui Ji B.-s-be?so d br order of the
Executors ol the 'ate va-ninm N Olbert?ADRIAN
H. M ULI ER will sell nt auction on THURSDAT,
Ocioher I", at 10 o'clock, at No. 92 Prlrce-tt cor. Mar
erst eegsnl huuit>?<-!d fiirD"ur?, consisting, In pa t,
of richly car??d rosewood cr-at's. arm cbtlrs, dtvaas
SEd sofas, euvered wiirtvelve ; 'otewood cost r?, lounges and
orimsos. co??red with ills ; maftogary ch.lrs, ctvais aud
0 Ion ana; si 's medallion; m&hojjanv Inlaid ar:n chairs;
rosewood center ?r;d so's ri,i>'es, marble n>ps; elegant
chandeliers, pier glasses, 1 lifjSS inches; martel glasses.,
7iji8; bn e^ecarr'i'labrrii clocks. Ac ; rieb tntln damask
v*u ri w cQrt'in?, rrercb Cblra aVis^n sau; heavy cat
1 tnwnrh; ii Brble lop bureaus and washstucds; mahogany
Fieocb bedsteads; hair rrratirrsies, feather beds, Brussels
carped, ollclotbs kr kr. Catalogues can ba bad at l?e
offce of the sue ioreer.7 VVsi| it. (707) ol b't*
tv 1LLIA W H franklin, Aucttocoer
PEBEmpToay sai.k of 575 lots of
U.ttJLND, hH3g part of ,te Real Ettals of John H
He w aid, decea?i>a and sold by enter of William C. VV'et?
core sorvtvinp Executor, 11 Bated uuooib? Bl ).iiulu<dale?
roid, Klavtcth und Twrli'ih ura. tli^ Railroad aod du .'son
Rive', eirrnrtlcj! from EUhiy f>urin to Elghty-nlntbStS.
Irciodtrp the ^-.ter right li. froot of the. prop-. tv ; to<e,ibsr
wllb tse t*c'a^'P ;;ro-s!nc Hous's a^d of, ar buildings
tberecr. f ml.rr>,-:rj: lh? mcsi desirable property that has
evc-r b"rn cft'er d at pa'llc auction-WILLIAM U.
KPsPKLiN, tON 1 Co will soil at suci'.ou. o^ tues?
day, Cct la. at 12 o'clock, at the Eiercbanta' Ex-Jiiufe,
5*5 Lo:s of Ur. iicd. tllmtf-' anon Iii? S.o.unlca'da'if-road,
t.lever ib and Twelfth av? ihe Railroad an i Hudson Alv?r,
exterdire from Eighty fonrlh ?cd Etgb-y.ninth sta. u>
gslbfr v'.'.b. two Uu*|o uucilon h.uses snd othir buildings
a!:o, ihr Writer Right In front rf the ent!-a property,
eiierd'n; ;,u: ;o theTblrleantb-av. tha eitr.rior lute of too
city, as Bstabllsked by ibo Legislature, em.-, i ..: a svsier
front of about l.li 0 feel.
Tr.a.MS: Ten per cent, snd the auctioneer's fees lobe
ps'd on the dsy c f ia>a A llberr.1 portion of tba p irchase
moD- y mav remain on bond and n ortaage.
Lilhogrsphtc mats majbatMlaiifcaorT.cn of the auc?
tioneers. J Bread-st. Wfil. C. WETVIORE.
MtlA* (1.338) Surviving Eiecutor.
R C KEMP, AuctoneeT
Stobk 359 Broadway, near FsaNKUN-st.
RCJ. K*.>ll' will Kive bl? p-rs -nai aiteail hi lo sales
? ofstorts of O- ods R"ai fiitsio arj.i Faroltnre at
p tv?ie dvvt-!iir.?S, a".l woo d re?|i?cifally solicit salas of
tbla kind THIS HAY, Oct 10.
At 10 o'clock, at trie I?'ve sRiej-roorn, 669 Broadway.
Knrr.lluri-. Pi^n'v Fi ne Ri. h 'iiccy H"Ute Furnishing Ar
tlities, bj Caiaiogne, viz ; a large an I splendid assrirtment
of rosewe? d ru d mabogi y parier, dining-room, and cham?
ber furniture, of in? best ?.j le s'.d -?ort maosbtp, ''inch was
nude lorcl'ycast'mtrade,snd *l-lb?sold wlnoutresarve,
to close a Imnknii t e?uiM c.inslstlrg of rose woo I parlor
furr.ltoi".- en sulir cover* d in rich crlmaon and uiiroon bro
catr-n ?nd ?Uk velvet plusb; roa-wo "i bo t.c?se; '''.bogp.ny
aod walnut librarj lio.ikc-s-; otrvee m ibpgany so'as, iota
a-ie:n; easy and parlor chairs; rosewood mi li'e top dret<
sli g bin e?ns ard wnshstur ds; carved rosav/ood bads eids;
walrjul and painted bedroom furniture, In se a to much;
carved mahogany French bedsteads; b?l' matrrasses; ^al
lii-ses waahstands; marble >op enter, side ani fancy is
|.|n: dining ?nd b'e?kfa-t tab'es; rl hiy pearl mlaid w )rk
tables; o-a irays; China lea tels; r'cb decorated Ch'iii ?ites;
girandoles; cut g als ware; sionei China toilet ;e;#; Boiii
rn'sn ( ria aare, looking glasses, kc.
C?tal'-g'i?-? < n tne roi rotog of ?-l- Goods p irchasad to
go out of the cliy p.cked for shipping on ih- pre ::ls-;s It*
HEN^Y S?l'Hi.-*USTK?, Aueilooeer.
S MTL'BE, by v nue of r, M iryige-BHOWN ii
D A V18 will ?eil Till* alORNINO, 10th I isi at th -lr
waie rc.< ins. 54 s-eekinsn-?! p sltively and w. bout re
srrvc, a I,nanny of w>-:i ma^a Household Fur:;liura,
Sioies, Ac. now nn er nmr gage.
Also, a l?rge collecili o ol superior Cablaet ?ndfalnml
Chan I er Kiiml riir ?Bett fps her l>rds p'llow?, -jo'slors,
i me cm f d h?lr ri Kil'ea?. s cemfort-rs ke. Bror:zn Iron
bai riau.1" >rd iniiro i, girandoles rtcbiy decorated, China
Vbtrr, toilet aid g ass v-tt^e, t'l-'i'd wsr^, Ate. .Vc.
Bate at II J c'clock. Calalogu^a on morrdng of an'.e
wm SicCOKatlCK. Ancltoneerr
l/aUNiVritft nil.St IN HKOoKI.VN.?WM
1 ?cCOHMItK k CO "i l jinl THld DAY. at H Unt n
plsre, Brook I] D, r <-ar li.e Bamllion Karrv, ih'. V jrr.t'.ura of
h 'nrMiy giving up hocse-serring consisting of marble ton
euer tat.n, bureaus snd ?-"ish a'niics, carper*, oil Cloths,
sofss, mahogany chRirs, ball, parlor and coDXtng stoves,
i or i Kr.ii dint ^ tutil-s, wiih a g-qeral a?? >rtiueut of eical
lepl parlor, hed room or d nicr.en furnttaro. o'O It*
L. G CAlf.I.vl rt)N Auctbirrer
t'A It TUE N WA K E, Comuinn and Kini .'jasswire,
2' I ?e s Cblna, rich ftl.n el Orri-no-M?, l i^.I r-unned Tea
Tr.ys 15crates Yello*warn, ?m. Blue Printed, 16 ?Jo
llowr-i ftlu bf-'rv and Bb.e Ware, 2?i < o White Ors i t ? BOO
d. i. En*!:s!i Kliut Wines snd Tumb ers, hi UoxsssDdca<ks
Arr'er'ca' 01ataware In loU to suit whnl-s.iiei and retail
dsller?, f r t c ri ? od tba ronuirv traJn The sate I ? peramp
l ry and evert lot In tMs catalo? ue ?I I he %>i A lo the nigh
e i bid er withntll auv re.nve whatover, JACOB B.
Pi. La TT wl ! sell THI3 PAY, a. In o'c o k, n tbo large
ss.'e roon. < ?er ? e snrtu n ?tore 23 P ait-at ssabove.
K. B.?The flowed blue und mulberry consists of Jags
dinner and lea wnr-, iv\ ei do to malcb, 1i11 light Mine ware
the mo e tf-a v=hile grarlle the kiiio A'ao, dipt jigs
and chambers, CC do, yt-'low chambers, j^ig?, mugs, pie
dishes, I.alter?, bsstns, bowls, c?s? pana. rupjil-a, ,,va|
base's, butter tuba sic ; glass decanters, dishes, tumblers,
vrires, smps.cruels, spec's jars, aod als painted earthen?
ware. Also, elegant ?ois or tea lray?, Ivory ?ritvas and
f. rts Insets of fl plec<?, 250 sets of eisorlc i mlves and
forks, brass candles icks, kc. kc.
N B ? Tne at enlii n u. tbo tra le Is dlrecta? to Ibis sale.
Catalogues at tie auction room. old n
WM. W. Sfl I RLE Y, Aucaoceer.
jT? Ucl Klltl, al lUc'ciocS, 9? lh'3 ?tore. 16! vVUlta-zx m a.
teutral a??oitm?-nt of new and second band furoiiureto
pay advances?csr, eds cns'rs, tables, 'lurraus. siuerrwr s,
sofri?. becsleads bj??lng, ?rirancl-, plated wari. Ate H?ia
positive. olo li*
BENt MOONKY, Auctioneer.
j.AMA(>Ll> H lUUWAttB?Stock of do. &c?
I'Bir.JAMIN MO'JMEY will sell T'flrj DAY, at ,0
o'clock, at tbo auctlou room. H Plif-it. f<r n_cTjnt r.f
whtif. it rasy concern io English doable guns, damaged;
also knives and lorks sci.-a.ra, kc. A,so. to c.'osa an agent's
aecbnnl, screw drivers, ;acx and cati hti.itj.-s, castors,
tiiea er A reap?, rj tr, rsrva pian?l-ons braces, small bells,
saro paper, kr. AIsj, n iar^e lot offili ilng-r ilnij,
b east pins, tie.Itc Also, Witches, kz o20 H"
rj^j. ho H ET I0* vv o ?? k Kir-Tc V?P7.l\S ?N0
win ?eb at auction ?HI?J iiAY, Ifbariday) October 10,
1 .'0 In frnnt of their store 1C8 Wall st a lot of noop iron,
sbeet Iron >nd uailrors J^anufACtniers utisg ihe?? art!
elm are rrijiiaa'.rd lo stHnd olO ll*
'V yitsualf MOSMNO, Oci 15,at )g o'clo-k. at ma
t-;,-h. d ? ot m, sale r f Dunl-.p's Orra'. Blstorlcal ?ilrA ng of
Des h on me Pe,a Hor:e. The Ooectc? if t?n Erst F jur
r?els, or Deali tntba Psla Horse; p?nt?d 07 tiid U'.e
Wut Den ap, Etq of New York, pn;ll of ha calabiatdd
V-'est. Tills plc.U'a Is uienfroj au-l li:ai:ra l/o i,f iLa
Blxtb Cbapter 0/ Revelations, embocylcg a large 0 ??. -.lou
of ibe bftnlifnlv.fion k..d bv jobs, the bilo-i-d Duclpie.
Ills jost.y celebrated ibronebput the country, und is const
der? d tr e " chef ('osuvre" of Ibe anht It covers a surf i :e
cf wobucdred tips are teat snl contains about 50 figures,
mini ol ibeirt the size cf iifo
vi ^ pnlmir p i? in a ric-.it'.f d s'a'e ol pretj.-vi'.lin. and
will be sold without asssave It Is the work of ao lu
cu riTj fe 1 iw-cnuntrymnn, and Is sow cn exhibition at
be is es ooiu, where a diictlp'.'.VBca alo a:ciiiba olj.
Any enterprising msu might tska thaa.ova spieiild
f .: &r..' e :?o thr usand dopsrs per 7.;;.; out of It,
by Mhibtltog it througbuut the Utltea tsiatis, o.- he mUltt
tu? a* ni a- ly r.s tr.ua ty txtiblUsg It io tils great etnp.)
ilumc'fN rtb/ rxL-rica wr^re nere a-c sa many strangers
rocs'.t't.'j arr'.vlca Asgcod a itiiLCJ to mik.i uf.rm iB
mst r ot arr-n a. a'.n occur This oalrt'ng has bean valusd
S5 bljb as trn tir.u:inJ CL.Urs, nut ivlli ao-.v be sold totho
b fhtst bidder.
Iz the counto and in a^il cf Jbo cilies churefce* esc al*
wsys bo had for cctbiag by ndmltlisg the Sabb?t'i s :hool
gra isr. Terms, lh-i e month's credlu A splendid L c 'ire
a<-co?rrar Ii s the palming. 01O it*
OR aAl.E^T^AtiOVlON?The followTngdT
scribed property wl>] b? sold at auctl-j ti lbs ritr
cbania' E^cbac^e on Tr"U'R5D*Y. the 17'hday of Octo?
ber, io?t at 12 jal. un.aa? o'.sposed 0/ In >!ie ut-.ant'ms at
prlvuiesale ; .
r'l'K .?>??.m.w.i g pB'.-a.?. ' f {.-.:?, in West.
from s?r 11 Haven :
Lot No J, contains 8 86-100 aTes, sitn&tea.the jirjctioc
cf the r?'Sd laadtng fr ru SVest r'arms to Westchesisr, and
Fos's Laos', and wilb'-n five tnlnoies ws.H cf the vtil3?9.
l>.t f-'.i. 2 cor-tait * 1088-li 8 acres, adjoining ibe above cb
sToi's Leu-, Include, aboot 3 ?cre? cl woo" i'irjd.
Lot No 3 coiiUica 2i -o-iin' vres, ten adjolcln:; on
Fox'n L* e?ir.cio<>; aboui 8 acres wood la: d.
Lot No 4, contains 60 ?9-100 gores, oexi a^ ioinlnjr, on
Foa'a Lir.?li ci-id's 1 -. c; 10 acres of wooalasd, and
sbout 12 4i r>-31 f sail d .-a. iiw en ibe rear.
Lot No. 6, 0 ctalns |00 iic.-cs, next adjolatng, on
Fox's Isne?Includes about?acres of wi vlls^d, a ! 13
acre* o* sail mesdow co ibe rear.
L-t No 6, eontaios 2RS6-1W1 seres, with toe bu?dlrzs
snd improvements, si.nata between Fox's Una and tars
B'o' r, In in 'dtstely opposite IO west Farms vilisire,?
Tue unprovetnents cassf.? prlodpallj of a
llal Srone Mansion 3-1 by -2 feet, two story, ?'!0J"?
near ,Dd aj?c .H gj? .? "J^JS'SS.
ba't". st^b-es, csuie ;iee*, laundry, ice *
itc- Aic j_ -M.f, the view
The division of theal-ove bis ?-?-n ?? ? d elevausd
lo aflWd to each pavee. B? or Hi ?'- wgip^ ^ mfnet?.
memo: tne grcm d? In ' ? ?P
Tie grousda gene's'iy sre ofia Pjc ,,-ij.y taiproiag
and a**siniated m a rnost n?au?' ? |(
?, :i, ? Ol tesseoortry a.gslil ?* ' -V ,. L
Wt 1st rrr?o PH BOD! ft B ?'?<? ? wfcer*-'*.^'" j?e
. ,,^trr. Eagf ?''?-'? ^.?'-atv tun
prnpeiry rsn be bad
K K M -m u s
Hr.tt;>% au
Kafffll'VAJ.. *?/>?* -ai;.j6 * zun? teT?7mtma
Lhf' iff es o it <;h?j)??iar Orb--? ihm/i hen i ju
?s'elc-ei, i ll icd from i 10 !> uo 1 to j, f M.
T"ey ba?e op*SHed B M*)dieB Md ^nrjyjsi .'ri'tjurr
wtMrat i?* poor will b? eilend?-' gTStSMoaaly oo Ta-rfdny;!
t?hnr*daTt acd Btttu !s??, (rot " 11 >'::*?, A M.
i)r chlW? wiii g*?* *? ?-atJar ?? w - '?i-it.ns-s v( tic
tatest, loar? (?rd t*sut
D- rorS.n Ks*ls\*S? ??' "?? ? - tad T aad is UtTpsC}
tajuM ?-#n-?raJiT 'f'7
T<Hfc L.
-I well
HA Kim vi? b?.
paper maker'S WIRES.
LARGEST STU Kl.i r H E <' N11L0 31ITES,
11 aatorled, eaoststtl g of t urdrlnler Wires,
from 36 Irchtt to e>:> tccti-s wlotj, No? ?SO and 70, and ail
nun hert of copper bjjC eratt -?ire <:\.ih? for saie oo the
lowed lerma, lid warranted lu everj respect etjaal 10 the
Imported, it ih?. offic- !?? I id ,i New.Yora, or St the
manufactory, Beliv?iaa, New-J-rsey.
J?!? 3t?* IVM -teKPHENS 4t SON.
SOONton t:i *? NAILS
AH A^ORTDIJlNv eoe.iriia v ,m' hand and for
??!??>? DUDLEY. S FULLER <t CO.
oo ImaM-d*_lSHtline-iwirh m corner of Cedar-tt
PATENT KM IKK ?11 Tjtil^C?lt UM-Ot t aap*,
rlor Quality and variooa patterns, for wbolea? ? sad
rttall lij liUUMJi ELLIS, Maoataciurors,
S3' ?w_ ino start, n. Phua.talphla.
/^BAIN OAJBL8?. ?A lar^o a<? >rtuaai Kaills!:
V/ proved, from 3-d to 17 3 Inch a for tale i t
ana GAUNT 4 DRRRICSON i k>Sooia-st
OFFICES 67 WAt,L-st 4. 167 BOWERY.
1 Si,"ill,000,
and a larse aurp'us, secuielt toteateo:, continues to Insure
aaaltstloss or damage by Fl >; on owmiing bou*e#, mor.
cbaedl?*, houseluld 'umiture, hc.i ?ii deacripuoos cf Per?
sonal Ptoptriy, on die moat favorable leruia
Jeremtah JehDton, * I Hsiu J. Valentine,
AUt 10 A. Al'ord, James C Bsldwta,
Dulel Su/u-aMl, Jay lartis,
Wllllat'i w ullace, J-.hu s Harris,
Thoma? MrCilBlb, Robert A%-Kiey,
Luke Baker, F sards *. Palmer.
DANiri, BURTNETf, President.
Jamk> M McLfan, Sei-reiar>. Oi if
TIRB lwauaANt;!-: cussrANT,
Oftice, No. 81 WalL ooruei of f earl-ai. n. 1.
CAPITAL fjia\n00,
it tiilS COMP ANY, bavin, their capllal aU paid U, ia
X caah, are prepared Ic Icitirr Rntnlnn, Mercbaadlss,
dousehold furniture, Vessels In Pore iholr Carios. As.
sjjalnat Iota or daicajte hy tire. ?!io, ids Risks of laJacd
ffavl-jsiJoL and Tr* .-sportaiioc .'n iho most fATorakle
IsnDJ. am losses pronipt \ ar.ja>ted and pali.
RcruaSvoav, ??osk-i ?,n oa, ilaiirso? Mocao,
?kvku Mabtir. UaoaiiE Mi.orb, CiiAa.fuaBnat.TBn.
r?Ancu Skimdv, Benar Edby, Ah 8. Poarsa,
Jas b.Wilson, Atta H. ti?a>r, Wm u. fosrss,
Ks? 9 .Shi Bin*, Maasiiat.1. ft, min, Uaac C. Tavlok,
8AMPW(>N MOtiRatPrasideut.
J. Miltoh Smith, Secretary Titti
t\V THE CITY Of NEW-YORK, jtbce Ocean Vtrt
VjrBulldlr.?. coiner of Orn.. wirb and fallotj sis. OSSB
sapltsl, 9'ii 0 DOO Insaraiice ?s?ii.ai loa? or damage i>y ore
CltiV"- k.li, aus MB Preabloot.
Osoafc* W. ?a?auS. He.-ieiara !?70 ?
TaiiOtstt.s.frs. HKS I.IM'ltAWCE 5UMr.?Jla'
I>?U*re No t HorrbsvU' Kaebanro, Wa)!-al N. Y.BCSl
4S fulioo tr r?rooklyc WM (UaABWOKTH, Prast
A. 4 Wtuvbisi. Secretary sot Sag*
Urocsks and Commission Mrrchants.
I IBKh-ftL ADVANCES ij.i?Jo . ocooalgnmoiiU, aadsU
B-Jayf t.cy biialijcjf promptly attended to. Hefer t >
U A. fSHNBSTOCK k Co Nr.ii York.
Uaar i. Young, Ptiliadolohla.
co iiossev. f. M Bowbs William Labimbb, Jr.bj,
MriBLSToa. Putsbo-<b my* Sui
A. J. DOWN?R ? ilU
i.- i in Stir- Vor* - J ? T. atranasaBsl, 74 UniaC
xir. ; WltllaiDs, ?radford u Co It Cortland-sL; iJi.ar?
Sha.dca at Co. 15-1 Brosdavn-. . ."Luihwoitb, Slauson V Co.6
loud.a s.U. i J- L fa. L Uri.xJO 111 Trout sL ; Aliea ?
Rogers. Fron: at ; Uyalop li Coffin, l< Vr .... si , Caw
: lev it Co 10 Bonth-st.} E 0 en.-:.'. ? c . c-.
J. E. ?:? 123 SJaldeti-laiie , - Rod, Newark,
N..'. Sler rr-n rirrtla,''?!.??. ^ V anl7 ?n?
isTnxyius hotel/i.
I _?_ } OOKOOHA,
rrtJBE IRVintf BOUSE, at ( -.^rea, Wsj.aceW. Wt>
1 llama,assisted oy Bngn Wlii-.r
HIS PANAMA RAILROAD HOT fib, al Oorfons, at
dar ihe iiiana^oiiirrt of A B M'o-ir and J. W. Conger
71lr". AMERICAN HOTEL at Orucmr, nodar "'i-. .-. .
uj-euieiiiif r,. R foleer aud II Miller, Jr.
the naOatrettMIDl Of Adrian 3 Si'l-e- j?| dj. Cat
J 'AL J FllMN A t>Ol 1) I> . HT Sanda and QawU
^./wameii by SOLOMON it CO Gold and Silver Redn?
er?, Asaaje-s Bwenu ftle:i.-rs au.i Cleaners of earth's
minerals acd Bll kiiown subatanr-ei that co t-tn iho above
melaij. O d k Id, a.lvi-r, dlanioids a id precious stones
boocbt. Je^eiie-s* and silversmiths' swerps ores and
til nard suiisi-.rire? g.ound ?t tin R- linery. Refinery, 45
Atn-si. N Y. N B.? jI. kinds of jjuill and plated -natals
wanted. oil lm*
DH. BAStflaOH1 COMPOOtiD s vmif f/K NAPTHA,
/CELEBRATED throoKbopt both cootlneula for lu woo
V--derful cares of consumpilon, aatnnia <1-^-llne?, aplitlr f ol
bloud, nlgbt sweats.difficult breathing, ? colds, and
all diseases of tho cheat and lungs
Iis otfect upon the system is u ild and souiblne, al Ihn sarn?
time certain and eitcaciutia rarely falilngto /Iv? relief up?
on the first application, and 1 >- repcddoi; It a few limes. ?
permanent care It effected.
The proprietor, therefore, not only recomrannds his Has
tha Syrup, but vtrmu it to euro it.. <r>rrum n u. set
open the chyle, and purify It; be warrant* It u> rotiiC/ve all
iinpedluiepiswblcb retard ibefre-ecir BlaUonoftbe bloodji
be warrar.ta It te. cpan the inter al ai.d ezterual pores of
Iho body, ard eje^-.t ail the ol nosl -ea p(.rllcl?a which have
accumulated in the system; he irarranu Ii as a nev?r-(aiUn(
remedy in
beeile fever, night sw . :*, dyspepsia, liver cornplalnia.
ps'.n la ihu chev. and ?. ttma: anil he warrant* It to arrest
the formation cf tuboiclca in lac lungs ?na lu baal those al?
ready formed, so that peiiuna In consumption may lake It
with ihoccit positiveCOnfidi nee of ?r iro, for Ita great seal
of action !j the Luria?, whlcb ii pooetratea In all directions,
purifying !hem or everything cheououa In lu prog.-?M, and
whlcb, lfappitcd according to stlreclions, cannotfall u, leave
la a perfect !.ei!''.y coodlnon.
Or. Bastings' Compound Byrup of fiapiha Is higldy ras
CTrr.fndcd by the aicllca jj;ofe,?tlon. Thai em'.cenl
physician. Dr. it at:, of New-Y . k, sa >a "thai?? a pulmon
fc remedy It canaol be too ht^nl, prsiaed " Dr Arnold, o|
the Mariue Jespi:al, Bavai.o.ir,; I)r Ware, uf Liverpool,
England: Dr Boyd. of Lancaster; Dr. Bauitltoo, ^f 3ath-,
and th .:e eminent Engllab publlcationa ib? l^jadou Lan?
cet, tho Ml d: il Jea.-...J, aad 3. alth white's Rcirospocl, all
accard to It me most omvinclng cent&cates of Iis ?isiac?.
In this country It lu been us-.J ssitb dlsUngulabod tac
None genuine w '.l?oat the -wri'iaa ?)/uataro of M. A. 9.
HARRISON on :ha wr.:.po?r Price II (mr buttle, or ?I*
botlies for $6. Principle OILi.e 164 Cireeu wicb-sl. New.
Bold Ic flCTr.raby R Va;-. ?n-itirk: In AJbanv. by O.
frotbtcgham; in Jtcston. by Be?.iing 4 Co 1 In Pbiiad.?:.
phla, by Z^lbar t Co. T turd-SI i.-^low Chastnulj aod la
Baltimore by 8.3. ilaace.
Bold In New Ycrs by E U. O'ulon. 137 towery; B. L.
Bandens,oia Bowery; John ? Ib. id, 771 Broadway, and
Ccd'.rgtcc. SOS Uadson at. s!9 M.ToTbiJI?
rSHlE PATEfXIP OFPIOSC navlog decided la favor
A ott.M liej as the hr?i ??d true inve-jlor of the In?
dia Rubber Railioad 3pr:ng. ecd agalast W. C Fuller, who
ban claln ed the srine sa lji? I iventton. aad tl whose lnsd
Sition atd list of tiora'e H Day (-vho has manufactured
e meiailc or vulcanized Rubber for such springs ) several
Railroad Companies nave Infringed, 001 only npon the
rlgbu of lh? said t. si Kay, and rendered tberntolrss
Uanle for itr^e carnages, but a > a upon ihn patent rights of
Charle? Goodyear sgainn all of whom solus for damages
for lofnt geirieni wll, be commeoced in ih?ev?ct of fallare
to recover ci.mpenairlon speedl-y a^n'ost Horace B Day,
Bgai-it whom several soils a e row peudteg.
All Ranrr-ad Coweanlea B'ecann ii-n agalnal InH'iirtnsT
npr.n ire said patent ri-c:i ol j-. d Charles Ooodjear,or
of K M Ray, oy the us? of s-jc? ir.dia ftubb-r car swings,
ana f r ail fa-are inirtngements bci! i ? ?vUl "-,m^'(V,
by commenced. V M RsT, OB*f-B'fig*rjm
Arc-.ted Is a copy of ifce ofJicJaJ cerudea??
Ccmai!?lor.er of Patents:?
C0PV- aVaaiiBrireTO^ d C ,
UsitedStattis PATryrrJirice."*3'
U'lb trpwet,jx? m9 ef,t) ol Iho h>
S'B- Y 'isretsreaylatv roed is?! ? o( w c Killer,
tefflren? between ^VlJStZTiS.
on-^C: a,,P--?
of ihose ecsMwrned. ^^'r, WHGk.
Signed ? P^ctu/C ^M'-aut' ut I**??1*
Hr. rsvW^^rt_ol
J?J1?-?t^nv 6$ Murrsy St. pernnoeni y com
,.u, K.*-,,','r7dlr ed with - Proiap.nt Uusrl,'' or
i titic- <ej?*tvamb ?tiec-ed w'th b-ar:cg do?a pain
v.l iriror IB'Jv.tAm rod eitrr-nlt'es, Sic A prsetl-.e of
were couhced to
for years, ac
. _ lmmedlatelj. R&
ab.es Btnaw ? krtl mrgt00t ;d ha uty and c lonlry.?
ff *c,e for edvre PatituU, If ccesaary, visited at
t!m. ? ,..-.-,'-? No a'-doxl-ai tapsorters nsed Office
tfa" A-M.to6PM._
OfflSIitiSrosj pai'Ht WAtt?HOO?aV?
jOBf C. roberta iw!J *eal ? tfi ? for ?ae. low
I, ? re 1 lew tu- rtu m 1 ol blue and wau? ruled
I -is ->.r??v rag ' a ah >u bag, uiaalliaj,
B.l?a' f t- ?'?<"- -r ?',-aytrj of All *l*?aar.d
great ve'if. o7 1w"

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