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For Governor.wash 1NGTON HUNT 01 ""?*""
Lievt Governor...GEORGE J CORVKI.L of N r.Catr.
Ctawl CommV....EBEftEZER liLAKKLV ur "U^o.
Gen ABNEB of
CMo/Jppeal...\Vr.*SF.LS SMITH ?rQueen?.
_?Dv?KTiSEl,e>r..-For A^Momeo?, see first
page ; for Auction 8.!?. "e third page; for Ca'i
tenrtaBtoan?w,aee pa*.
See thTVrarik and straight-out Rc
golvca of the Elcrtnth Ward Whig Gorn
?miftec in our columns to-day. They go
light to tho work. Mr. Mack kell, tho
Delegate from that Ward at Syracuse, dis?
claims any purpose of bolting, and goes
tho Whig State Ticket. He permitted his
name to be taken down by the Seceders at
Bust's, but he did not contemplate, and
does not approve, the u?o which has been
made of it. Such, wo are confident, is the
case with many others.
?The Whig Ward Committees of tho
Third, Fourth, Fifth, Eleventh and Nine?
teenth Wards, wo understand, disapprove
of the call for a Bolting Convention at
Utica. _
jf?r The Neh's from Europe, which we
publish in detail thin morning, has its point
of greatest interest in Germany. Elsewhere
?Vents drag slowly for ward, but there they
are moving with pregnant rapidity. Tho
Elector of Hesee-Cassel and his Minister,
Ilasfconpflug, after having abandoned their
posts before the legal aud orderly resist?
ance of the pooplo and magistracy to their
?revolutionary arid despotic measures, have
returned and reestablished themselves pro?
visionally at Wilhelmsbad, a small frontier
town of tho Elector's dominions, within
hailing distanco of Frankfort, where tho
effigy of tho old Confederation setup under
tho auspices of Austria, lias its scat. On
their way to their new Capital the Prince
and Minister passed through Frankfort, and
took counsel with their Austrian friends,
whoso inspirations they have followed
through the whole affair. Thoy arc now
in a convenient place cither to fly if ncocs
Bary, or to fight Bhould Austria dooido to
push matters to that point.
Prussia on its part, to avoid all appear?
ance of interfering in the case, has with?
drawn all its troop:* from near the fron?
tiers of the Electorate. For tho rest, the
Government at Berlin are pursuing hero
tho same sjetem of inactivity and delay
which-for the past year has oarnod them
tho contempt of earnest men of all parties
in Germany, while it lias added no redeem?
ing fact to their unenviable reputation
abroud. There is neither aocessity nor an
OOOasion for armed intervention in Hesse
Cassel; the people arc animated by a spirit
of order and legality, whioh reflects the high?
est ercdit on themselves and on the wisdom
of tho iJemocratio leaders by whom they are
directed; and there is now no foroo threat?
ening to overthrow them. But surely it is
not too much to ask that Prussia should
throw its influenoe upon tho sido of the
Constitution and laws whioh the Elootor,
egged on by his m istors, and served by his
tools, has vainly attempted te destroy. But
Prussia docs nothing ol tho kind, and tho
Constitutional party of that country are
full of shame and sorrow at the faot.
The real quarrel in tho case is between
Absolutism represented by Austria, and
Constitutionalism which tho Prussian Gov?
ernment falsely claims to stand fjr. Austria
is bent on restoring Absolutism along with
tho old Confederation; Prussia has long
talked and still talks about tho establish?
ment of a Union of Gorman Scatos oa
liberal Constitutional, principles. Tho Elec?
tor of Ilesso is for the Austrian side, but
his pooplo are unanimous for tho Constitu?
tional PnioD. Here is au additional reason
Why Prussia ought to stand by them : their
cause and hers arc tho cause.
But tho faot is, as we have alleged on
formor occasions, that the ruling powers of
Prussia, aio at bottom as desirous of return?
ing to Absolutism as those of Austria :
nioroover they arc under tho control of Bus
Bia, only thoy dare not throw off tho mask
With the boldness uf the Austrian monarchy;
and at the sumo time they are jealous of
Austrian predominance in the internal
affairs of Germany. Heneo their opposition
to the reeetablishment of tho Confederation
oflSl?; and hence too their shilly-shally
coureo in regard to every important German
quostion, this of Electoral Hesse among the
From all this it seems plain that there
will bo no real and eerious collision be?
tween tho two sides in the present case
Neither Austria nor Prussia wants to fight
for fear of a general explosion and of a
third party that would surely come in to
eat the oyster in dispute. They will only
Wage a war of protocols and diplomatic
notes, each getting what advantage it can
by means of sharpness of wits and dexter?
ous trickery, but never dreaming of any
but a sham resort to the sharpness of swords
and the weight of cannon.
As for Hesse, we see but one probable
issue, tho abdication of the Elector, with
tho maiutenanoo of the Constitution as it is,
at least for the present Tne firmnasss o!
the people has certainly been such as ought
to savo that instrument from both the vio?
lence of Austria and the indifference and
hypocrisy of Prussia. And, though n othing
bnt the result can answer for itself, should
it prove such as we now hope, it will bo a
real triumph for German liberalism, and
will entitle the Elector who set the matter
on foot to bo reckoned among tho very few
benefactors of Germany that tho barren
year of 1850 will have to boast of. lie will,
though involuntarily, have sacrificed him- j
self for a country he hag not the merit of
loving, arid for principles he hates with al]
the intensity of both nature and habit.
? From Piedmont there is nothing new,
1 In France thiDga aro goin^ on well, the ;
Anti-Republican parties doiDg what th^y
can to fortify the Republic through their
mutual hatred. From Portugal th?re are
revolutionary rumors, but they amouat to
nothing. No great good is to be hoped from
that quarter.
VERMONT.?We received two letters yesterday
from rained friecds In Vermont, complaining that we
had spoken of the protracted contest for Congress
'n the Jst District in terms unfavorable to Mr. Mi.
cer and his supporters 8ach was certainly very
far from oar intention. Mr. Miner we hare known ?
I aid esteemed from boyhood, and there is no friend
whom we wooJd sooner see io Congress. Vermont !
hasfewmen more lilted to bo useful there. Of
Mr. Lyrnen personally we know Hit e. but his zeal -
and efticier.cy in the Whig cause we have liked.
Now we don't pretend to decide which of them has j
the best nomination, bu: we have taken an interest j
in keeping the District from being lost through the j
feud between their respective friends?thst is all, j
Wessid before the first trial that their several j
friends shculd agree to choose at tho next triSj ;
whoever ran ahead in September, with an under.
Standing that the other should be chosen to the ?
next Congreis?Bennington County being entitled
by usage to two terms. Mr. Lymm'j friends hive
not seen fit to proffer that olivo branch, bat insist
that, since he ran ahead at the first trial, he shall be
elected unconditionally at the second. To this the .
Miner men very fairly object that Mr. Lymir/g
slender plura'ity, five times over, was given him
by Loco-Focos for the express purpose of putting
him ahead on that trial?that in fact Miner had
much the larger Whig vote, and thus is fairly en?
titled to bo now supported by the whole ptrty and
elected. Well, frioud.*, Oght it out, since you will_
All tint remains to be done i: to see that ev.ry
Whig voUr is found at the polls, when tha day i f
election comes. Let each calmly Inquire which of
the Whig candidates is fitted to represent the Dis?
trict most ably and creditably, and haviutr satisfied
himself, cest Iiis vote accordingly, regardless of fa?
vor or importunity. Whigs! choose your best
man and nave the District?your friends out of it
have a right to require so much at your hands.
Zophab Mills, in repelling an attempt to
pervert tne Fire Departments partisan purposes
ai.roacces trat ho wiil not bo a candidate for Mayor'
iior for any other; ffico. t'iis Fml We regret it. Wo
know no man better fitted for Mayor, and none who
wou'dmakea better run. We trust the Whigs
will nominate some such man?one who does not
icoul but is wanted.
VVhlS munlauUonft.
Montgomery Co.? Dist iot Attorney. Stephen 1
Sam.mons, Foods; AsG.ioin.to Jus'.ic?, Rai.ru R.
Lath nor ; Coroners, Jamfs Aplin and /. H. BaR
net ; Assembly, 1, 8.1'. Heath, Amsterdam.
Ui'ee.ns.?Assembly?John W. Demott, Hemp
District Attorney?Wi'liam H. Onderdonk,
Nerth Hompstead,
Svperintendent of the I'oor?James Anthony,
Associate Justice of r/ie Sessions?Thomas Val?
entine, Flushing.
I or.nl Opposition Nominations.
Conokess, 111 ?Kma.suki. B. Hakt of the Fifth
Ward, was nominated. Charles Gannon presi ied
at this Convention, and Ira Floyd acted as 8ecre.
Adjourned without making any nominations, and
the following gentlemen woro put in nomination in
the Vith District, when tho Conventionadjournedi
[ John M. Bradhurst, Aldermen Shaw, Chsuncey
?tliaeller, Col. Curtis, and Auson Herrick.
the mayoralty convention
Met tit Tammany and organized by the choice of
Jka B. Davis as Chairman, and J tin Y. Savage
Jr. and Philip Collins, Sr.cret&ries. Tue " Bolton''
ticket was received from the Third Ward, and toe
" McCarthy ' from the Fourth, and new elections
ordered in tho Fourteenth and Ninth, in tho day
time, where the Workin'gmen nud o:her " incendis
riea' havu iieen kickirtfl up a rosv, as it would
appear from the aotiontri the Judiciary Convention.
Adjourned tili Friday eiening.
the judiciary convention
Organized by the appointment of Robert .i Dil?
len, Chairman, and arrived at the same reiult as
tho Mayoralty.
assembly and ward nominations.
1. Albett A.Thompson of the First Ward, for
Assembly. Isaiah ELynders, for Assemoly. ;i.
Henry J, Allen, for Assembly, and Florence Mc?
Carthy for Ass'stant Aldermen for toe Fourth
Were, both of whom will be hotly pursued by the
Opposition IV.iinlnuiloDM.
Monroe Co.?Assembly. 1, Samuel P. Gould.
Schencctady and Saratoga ?Congress, Thos. J
Maryin, of Saratoga.
Geneset Co?District Attorney, John R. Olms
tead, Le Roy; Session Justice, Miles Wallis, Da.
ricn . Superintendent of Poor, Lucius Pirks, Le
Roy-, Assembly, 1, Samuel Willott, Batavia; Si,
Pan Spragae, Pavilion.
VHth Congressional District? IIeslchester
and Rockland.?The Whig Nominating Couven
tion of the Vlllh District, convened at Tarry town
yesterday. Owing to some misunderstanding,
there were no Delegates present from Rockland
County. The Delegates from Westchester orgau
ized the Convention, and tbeu adjourued over to
Saturday, the 26th itist. It Is understood that
Hon. William Nelson declines a renomination
Westchester Couktt.?We were In error in
statirg that the " Duer (State) resolutions were
i tiered sod voted down,'' in the 3ecood Assembly
District Convention. We are aasured ;hat there
were co reso'ut'ous of any ki^d offered to the Con"
Massachusetts?Tee Opposition in the IV'th
District have nominated N. P. Banks, Jr. for Con?
gress R. FROTHlNCHAM is their candidate in the
aame District for tho vacancy. Hon John Q Pal
frit has been nominated by the Free S?ders buth
for the vacancy and the full term.
Massachusetts.?The Free Soiiers and Loco
Foooa of Middlesex have coalesced and uomiaated
a mixed ticket for State Senators. It has a queer
i?h look to see the names of Joseph T Bucking"
ham atd Her ry Wilson figuring at the head o'.
the Boston Times as regular " Democratic Nomi.
nations," along with that of C.C. Hazeweil. How
ever we live and learn, especially ir. these times.
Westchester Agricultural Fair.?D.-. D.
Pekego Gardner, will deliver the address before
the Society of Agriculture and Horticulture of
Westchester county, at Tarrytowo, this aftsrnoan.
D. G. is a practical farmer and an experienced
chemist, and will no doubtj give an eutertaing
and instructive address.
13^ John HUGH Smith has been elected Mayor
of Nashville, Tetn. by about 150 majority.
From Venezuela?We have received copies
of El Venezuelano to the 12th of September. It is
exclusively occupied with the address of General
QuzitAN, the candidate for the Presidency.
Penoioyl vnnla
.Tharr.at H Florence, Opp succeeds Lewis C L-?
II..JOKPH R. Ch.mw.er, Whig. reSeitad.
III. .HrnRT D. MoaRB, Whio and Land-Rtfo m, re
IV. ./?Ati Robbing Jr. qpji. reflected.
V..Jonn McVair Orr succeeds John Freslley, Whig
VI.. TAoaant ff?? '?/?P. probably r?? -Cied.
VII..Jesse C Dick't Wkig, probablyre?lscted.
VTH.-TniDDEL's 8teteks, Wb'g. r-tVectel.
IX..J. Gland Jm't, Opp succeeds Wm. Strong, Opp.
Xn..tVaJ??Aa ^. Oouj, Oy?p. succeeds DsvlrJ. WUmol,
XlV,.TiioMs? M. BtBiciiAus, Whig, succeedsCharles VV.
P imsn. wi I?.
XV..ff-'u7iam // A'?irrt, (ipp probably juccesds Hanry
Res, Whig.
XVI .JametX.il L jnaha*, Opp ree'ected.
X\\\..Alnandtr Furker, <>pp. succeeds Samuel Ctlvln
XIX..Joseph H. Kuhns, Whi,j, succeeds Job Minn, Opp.
XX..John ALISON, Wfclsr, succeeds Roher? R. Reed,
XXI..Thomas M Uo'.ve, W'hig, succeeds Mos?s Haap
ton, Whig.
The returns leave the XTthand XXUId Dis?
tricts doubtful. No returns from either of the
XUItb, XVIirth, XXTM and XXtVth Districts
In the XVtb I' strict, Joel B. Dinner, Or>?. is
probsJi'y e'ected for the bilaece of the term of Hen?
ry Nes, dececsed.
Michigan?Candiimtes for Congress.
Out. U'h<9 and Free Soil Opwtitton.
1? 13 J Penmmsn, W?jno. -At.ex W. Bon, w?rne
2? J.R. Williams, St. Joseph. C.E.Stuart, Rtlamtzoo.
3? * J. It. Colcer. Macom"). ( C. C. UascaLL. t*en"aee.
j'K 8 Bin<;iia.m, Indiana.
?Alex. K. TifisDy of Leuawee, one of the Whig
csrdidates for Judge of Supreme Court, and Gzo.
Thomae Clerk, their candidate far Treasurer, have
both declined running.
Ff.om Bermuda.? By trie Lady of the Lake, ire
have rrceived Hies of the Uermv.dian and Bermuda
Royal Gazette, to September 25. We Bnd no
r.ews in them except the announcement of the ei
tablishment of a stesmship line between Halifax.
Bermuda ami this City, whereat the Bermadians
are exceedingly rejoiced.
The weather yesterday was one of the
most glorious specimens of the glorious American
month of October?the Indian Summer?which be?
longs to and distinguishes the climate of our can
'inent. The crowds of persons upon the side
Walksof the most frequented streets of the Oity
were probably never denser in tho world thin
they were during tho Bfternnoti of yesterday. Tne
weather called forth our o*-n citizens of both sex?
es, while the number of strangers n,>w iu the City
surpasses anything ever known before. It is nat
unusual for new comers to bo driven from hotels to
the number of ten or a dozen bsfore Unding a
O'"' Great fents in telegraphing wero done yes
terdaj between lure and'jNew Orleans. Tne At
lantlo's news was received there and published in
the evening papers at the tame time as in this
Citj,andour telegraphic dispatches show the ef?
fect it had on the market there. Tnis bents any?
thing yet. _^_
We learn by the Atlantic that the stettiner
City of Glasgow made a very good passage out.
She soiled hence on the 7th ult and arrived in the
Clyde on tho 22d, after barring boon Uf;oon days
and two buors at tea. She was beaten by the At?
lantic only tvo days. _
8aili.no of the Niagara?The Canard Mci
sti Bmship Niagar i sailed yesterday afternoon for
Liverpool, with Til patBonters and tho following
sums In specie: ?111,9(1(1 in American dollars;
815,000 in Mexican i ollars; ?19,000 in sovereigns
and J- li'7 in English silver
The Steamer Atlasric.?Previous to tho ar
rival of the Atlantic, a meeting "I bar passengers
was held, Co). J W. Webb presiding', and a Com?
mittee ol live was appointed, by trhioh the f il'ir^
ing (.tatemeiit was prepared as exp't-ssivaof the
tense of the pasteBirers with regard to this noole
ship, ard ws* unanimously adopted and signed by
them all:
The undeti'tirfd. Paitengera on the steamship .-trliintir
sali'rp rruiti Liverpt id nn ibe 25th September for New
Vim a have gieai pleasure In glvh m tunlr leslltnony In far.ir
of I'tr ado i.stne performance during h succession of so
vne iiti'.rt aad hehil wll d?; acid thai iaaiu< lat i cjaslu?.-?
lUij all the clicuiiniaLceh o' ex'rr !ii-?ly h ilne'ous aal sfl.
vr ie wtBH er. std ihe nine tsfcen t.i cuiupl-ile tne vjyave,
lh.ey ft ei authorized la uottl g In a general assurance lo the
ruhl:C that Ihne is DO rrasjn t-. d .ulil thai IDs steamer At?
lantic, In the perils or weather bdu sea cotuiilnes in every
n apt cl eon lort and tecutlty uaau-paaaed.
October 8, 18.'0
The LasCSRS ?We have barely room to notice
that the parade and visit tothaBigh Bridge yea.
terdsy wbs a splendid allair. lu tns evening tha
company visited the Broadway Theater. Tney
returned lo camp after the conclusion of the lirst
piece. Today they visit Brooklyn, where the
honors of the i ity will be performed by Captain
Neeley's Washington Horte Guard, and Captain
(Jrahani's Ringgold B?rse Guard. Tha Laacera
will cross the Catherine Ferry at 10 o'clock,
where the reception will take place, and thence
march throogh the primipal streets to the City
Hall, where the whole column will be reviewed by
his Honor, Msjor Smith. Tbey will return by the
Fulton Ferry, and on their arrival in NifiA'-York
proceed through Fulton, Pearl and Wall sts.
Broadway, Battery-place, Green wichst West
Broadway, Canal, Varies, Carmine and Bleecker
sts. ar.d the upper part of Broadway to head-cjuar
tera. Note?Our account ol the dinaar at the
Apollo should beve been in yesterday's morning
eoitioD, but was unavoidsbly omitted.
CoMMon Council.?The only business worthy of
cote last night was the resignation of Aid. Wood
of the Third Ward, to tske effect on the 1st Jan.
next. _
Second Ward ?The Whig meeting at Stone
all's to choose a Comaittee to act in conjunction
with the First Ward Whigs met last night and
organized by the sppuiutaient of Augustus F.
Cc.vmetsr Chairman, and M P. iluasey Secy.
Messrs. Edwin J. Mercer, Geo. W. Elmer. M F
Muasey, Mr: >r Lines aoi E. B Braiated were ap.
jointed Deitgates to the District Cunveatlua, to
be held at No 4 Broadway.
The dangernut habit of driving cattle
through the streets of our city is Lot jet abandon?
ed. We witneseed yesterday, dlrect'y in front of
our office, a regular panic, created by the freaks
and peilarmances ol a Mad Bull, who would have
beer, a retperate aatsguniat. lor the mat adore i of
of a Spanish bulMifjht. Several persons, is we
were informtd, weie thrown down by the infuri?
ated brute, though, fortunately with iut serious in?
jury, aiid we were ourselves deterred for several
minutes from crossing the street by fear of an at.
tack. An immense crowd was ?sirmbled to wit?
ness the result, and the intensity of tha interest
eacited, showed cleariy enough t^at humin naiure
is the same in New York and at Madrid. Every
bi dy seemed sadly disappointud wr.en the f-ight
eDed scd eursged animal, his eyes ^lariag with fu?
ry and terror, and bis tongue lapping out of his
mouth, made a rash through trie crowd, which dl
vided to the right and left before him, and bet'jok
himself to parts unknown.
Wests should bo taken by the authorities to pre?
vent such dar genius exhibition* la future If we
must have ha 1-Sghts, it would be better to have
the weil regulated and well-directed Corrida de
tyros at once.
Americi.i Institute.?The Anniversary Ad.
! dreii which was intended to be delivered at ths
j Tabernacle last evening by 8. Green Arnold,
Baq. r.f Providence. H. L owing to a misunder?
standing ai to the day. hai neces?ari!y been poit
poned to Friday evening, tne 11th init. at 7J
o'clock, when the Address wid be delivered ai
heretofore announce!. Toe Music on that occasion
will be a voluntary by the members of the Har
monio Society. Gen. JaMsj Tallmadge, Praai.
dent of the Institute, will preside on tha oocaii in
M. S. Amin Bit, Minister f>om the Saltsn, visit?
ed the Fur yesterday. He viewed the few speci?
mens that his time would permit with great aston
ahment and delight. His engagements compel
him to go to Bontou to-morrow to visit Dtnie!
Webster at MarsbSiid ; bat he promises to ro.arn
! immediately ana spend soverai days, all taat his
time will permit, in examinations at the Fair.
His manners were extrexeely courteous, and though
UEable to speak our Imgasge, his remarks were
very interesting.
The Field-sports of the Instituts coma off to?
morrow snd nest day at Tsrrvtown. The testing
of Plows will taka place to-morrow at thit place
The Plowing and 8pading Match will come off at
tho same place on Friday, iith inst. Tne Hud?
son River Railroad will pus down those- desiroas
of attending and examining these sports oa tba
ground to be occupied. The whole will be in con?
junction with the Annual Exhibition of tba West?
chester Agricultural and Horticultural Society
We are assure'! by the Secretary of that Society
that every arrangement aas been made to facilitate
all the contemplated operations.
The Fair is cr.;wd?d daily by a rapidly iuereu.
ing number of citizens and strange'*. The ex
presMon is general that the ' xhibition was never
better, ted that in ncany respects it excels tne cf.
forts of fcrraor year*. The Machinery is toivin
ml and successful operation, and attracts much at?
tention. This is cne of tho most intereitiug por?
tions of the Fair.
Oars, Sueept and Sculls.?Mr. E. Page of No
20 West-st. manufactures the abovo articles in a
superior stjle. Wo have had some of his oars in
ose in out news-beats during t.ie past seaion, aid
our reporter informs us that they are an excellaut
article. Mr. P. has In his employ 120 men, and
; turns out from his manufactories over a million of
[ feet per year. They are made by patented ma?
chinery of f Is own invention A specimen can bo
seen at the great Fair at Ca?tlo Garden, He ha?
also in construction some splendid specimens for
the World's Fair to b?5 held in England.
A Lost Child Found ? Sornn (Ivo years r.inne ?.
poor woman of the name of Moore, seat her child,
then shout eight years of age, to the grocery,
since which time all attempts to find her where?
about hns proved abortive. A few days since the
now grown up girl was recognized by ona'of hor
old play mates, in a grocery store upon an errand
from the family in which she resided as a domestic.
Her play mate sihed ber why she did not go home
to her pai cn'.s, she burst into tsars and replied that
she did not know where to Hod th.ta;?'.hat the/
were dead, iVc. Th-i young friend watched her to
he r place of residence, In Eighth street, au I urged
her to go home. The mother being apprized <v
the c rcumstance, immediately sought out her
cfcild, who gives the following history of her caee.
When she fir?t appreacbed the grocery, she was
accosted by a man, who enticed her to go with
him in a waggon. She lived with his family (thsy
tad no childr. u) near Tarrytown, upwards of two
years, when they packed up their goods, tfco. and
stated that tl ey were going to live out west. She
did not wish to go, and lied to a neighboring f ar?
mer's house, where she found protection and a
homo. She remained upward of two years with
this family, when she came to the city, and was
living as a domestic when discovered as described
The mother and father could not recognize the
child, t ut the child at once recj^n'zed them. T.aoir
bapptneil was complete.
Row at a Ball? Stabbing and Arrest.?
Ab ut 1! o'clock yesterday morning a distirbanee
occurre d at the Ripton ball which was held at 103
Elizabeth at. It appears that a ninn named James
Wiliis insulted and struck a female, when Mr.
(j^orge Butt expostulated with him. Widis be.
c?me e..raged, and drew a large dirk shoath-knife
the blade of which is seven inches in length, and
stabbed Mr Butt in the left side, inflicting a ghast?
ly and probably fital wouad. Mr. Butt was imme.
(irately taken to the City Hospital. Wiilia was
arrested by Sergeant Sharp of :he Fourteenth j
Ward Police, bat raansged to escape before he
was tfken from the building. Ho was, however,
"ubacquently found concealed behind a chimney
upon the roof. He was taken to Essex Marketi
where Justic-1 Mountfort locked him up to await
ihe result of Ihe injury. Mr. Butt is a highly re.
spectable man, and keeps a wholesale wine and
grocery store on tho corner of Batavia and Rose
velt s'e. One of his ribs was completely severed,
and his recovery is considered almost hopeless.
Wm Henry Blair, of No. TO Vfott st. Treasurer of
The Franklin Theater, was present at the time of
the occurrence, and saw Willis with a drawn dirk
in his band Bia?o a i. lunge in the crowd. This fel.
low is said to be one of tho Cross Boys, a gang
who infest the low dens of Church st. and is knswn
by the name of Hawkey. His character is said
to be notoriously bad._
Case of Wm. Smith.?Some errors having oc?
curred in our acknowledgment of donations in aid
of the redemption of Wm. Smith's sister from
Slavery, we republish tba correct list: From L. J.
W. 825; W. R 8. $5 ; R. B.M. 810; G. H. 810 ;
W. F. M. S."-total S55.
Watson G. Hatnes.?We received yesterday
in behalf of Mr. Haynes? From a friend, $10; do
82j do. 81; John Riley, 85; a friend, 61; E. K
$10. Let us crowd it up to One Thousand.
P. 8.?A friend sends us $00.
Obstructions on ths Morris and Essex
Railroad ?We learn that the down freight tram
on this road encountered yesterday naorniog. be?
fore day light, in the vicinity of Rockaway, a large
atone, which threw the engine off the traca^
oreaBiog the cow-catcher entirely to pieces. A
bole had been dog between two cross ties, and the
ator.e firmly emSedded, filling ths space almost
entirely up
j A Black Male?A reporter of the New-York
\ Herald frj came into Boston tad stopped at the
Revere House at the same time with Jenny Lind
j With the characteristic assurance of the tribe, he
i booked himself of Jenny Lind's suite, and re?
ceived room snd board gratis. Oace well wound
in this way with Stevecs's choicest fare?cham?
pagne d.?ubtless included?like toe snake in the
fa''!e, he slips out and back to his den in New-York?
where he bites beautifully at Barnum, the Revere
Booie, and a'! Buaton. The fellow sho ws plainly
enough what he has been after by a chapter o'
doitful complaints of Barnum's ingratitude to the
press He, it seems, wanted not only his dinner
and champagne free, bat a pocket-fu.il of Caiifor
oia recks at the end. The press, we reckon, will
be perfectly content to go unrewarded for the aid
they feave given to Mr. Barnum's enterprise, if
rbey may thereby escape participating in any re?
turns wi h so mean a dead nead as this scamp of
the New-York Herald. [Boston Chronotyre.
connection of the erie and hudson R vtR
Eailroads.?I| will be seen by reference to the
ad vertisements of thess great Roads, that the two
principal trains, morning and evening, westward
now connect at Piermont through the Dearmsn
Ferry. Tbia atep had become e.aential for the
convenience of the traveling public, etpecially
:L-o?e residing in the upper part of ihe Itland,
who ars now aaved the time and expeaso of
reaching the Ere boat at the foot of Daaue st. and
may take the Hudson River Railroad cars near
their hcmes, at the various stopping places along
the reut?. _
\3T Messrs. Bradbury .t Naah's Elementary
Vocal Music Class meets this evening at the rooms
cf the New-York Conservatory of Music, 411
Broadwny. All persons wishing to join are in?
vited to be present. No pupils receive! after to?
night. t
Dancing.?Wo see, by an advertisement in
another column, that Dodworth has been obliged J
to form new classes to accommodate the friends
who .'lock to his academy.
Beautifct. Specimens of Art.?We have
just had an opportunity tj inspect a set of arti?
ficial teeth made by Dr. A. Johnsjn, of 35 B md-st
acd cannot but expresi oar high satisfaction with
them as a specimen of olegant workmanship. Not
only are the teeth fashioned in the most exact ac?
cordance with nature, hat they are set In artillcial
gums, so true in form and color as to deceive the
most practiced eye.. They aro so fitted and ar.
ranged as to sustain themselves,oa the principle of
atmospheric pressure, to such an extent as to make
it qu'te an effort for the wearer to dislodge them
frcm their position, whiie, for all the purposes of
articulation, mastication, .Vc. they sejm almost
equal to the genuine articlo.
?r" In crder to prevent mistakes, it may be
proper to say that there arc several Wm. Turners
;u the Whig party in this City, beside the lata Del
Ogate i f thftt name to the dvracuje Convention,
Charge of Corstructivr Grand Larcenv.?
Office'? Kninrsid Edwards, of the Lower Police Court,
jes today arrt'si-M a wcrcan of 'II rrpum, naiBod Mary Ua
tpic, s ins Mury white ?ml a notoriouscharaetir kriiwn
?? Nor man BsgIey,~on com plaint of Arm Wt lglay, of No,
62 Kui on st. F'um her allidavlt It spp-ars thai on tne .7,i
of Bepteniber she called ai No S'1 Thomas-sl to seethe la
n ale prisoner, btvlcg with her a goid watctt, chain, uraca
let and por.cli case, wor.h In ah feU, win :b ths wo nan Da
v*re wished tu borrow, as she was gulag lo lake a rid"
wl'h Bugle", promising i 1 rfiurn them in? aimaday. Toe
articles were lent to har, hut nli? D>-;{i?<-iod 10 ro.uru thatn
olC when called upon for th-nj jbe at li rat statal that ?a
h?d carelessly left ifirro al the AMiay, and subsequently
tfcat she taa lost ibem. It u a together probaoin Ibal 0?^'.
ley, ?bo i? weil ?r.own to me Police tni ?oid trio proper
Is and appropriated Ihe procseds to his own use. Tne ac?
cused wne tocaed up by J'utice [, unrip for examination,
Death at the Citt Prison ?Tne Coronnr he!'!
an iLij'.ejt 5 esteriiay. at ila City Prison on the bods '
Daniel Croseen, a nai ve of ire,anil, i'l years of sge. Tne
i!f.-wii.il wei arieaim on latarday last for bel?g droit
snd disorderly In W atMnglon-si. sn'i at lha t me resisted
the attempt of the officer, who struck him upon the hen
wllb a club. Tlia Jur> reudarea a verdict that d coaae.l
caaio to his death i)y apoplexy, caused by Intemperance,
and tbal tha officer who ?iro.es bun upon ite he?d deaorves
censure, Inasmuch as, u car the clrcunislsaces, wedouul
lilek lilm justified lo ..!??.- t him
tOf" For late and important Telegraphic
dispatches sec First Page.
f"^> Barnum's ameeican Musecm.?We ein conselen
lleual* comniOLd this puce of amusement Tne perform
ai.ee? here are always unexceptionable, as wall as highly
uniuslng They mint ter a good lane and not a depia/ed
ono This afternoon ih're are two places done, botb
comic This eveclng " The Oruuka'd '
fSr fowi.aas Ji Wki.i.s, Phrenologists and Publishers
Clinton Liatl, i jl Nanaau-al near the. Para.
Or CuuRsn_The cbarmlnt- pic ures made by Root,
acd now exhibited at Ihe Fair, create a gresl neasattJ?.
Root li the nesl Daguerrroiyptsl In America, ills pic
lores are plclu.es ledeed, ar.J bare ail ibe unllcscy, sof.
neia ano tinlab of splecdid ? nKravings. His elegant rooms
Rie B VV, cerLer Broadway and KranSllc-at
?y Yt s, we actuiUj saw ibis Individual jejterday, walk.
r.t> up Breed w?v. and wo thou,jbl b(- looked abou; as rn'se'
able sc a rnsF Wtlh a linen coin on la a inow 31.-rm. We
hadagDod mind at the lloio lo recjuimend Ivu to go io
Messrs. Raffektv it LK*sn'j, at ibe corner ol Chatham
snd Pearl ?t. and procure a clacsnt one. oil 3teod
n?' It Is r-. adlly admitted that nothing detracts io muc i
jrem thf appearar.ee cf e.u utbarwise wan cre.sed penon,
rcan a ruiiy 'ihabby, genteel hat." It need not be crown
less or brlmless, or even a "auockliif bad bat." (iaoila
men whose limewom covering i"dlca ?i ibe approach or
ibis predicament, aro reminded of tho bsauttfa] and favor
lie new slyle Just lnu-.-d by WAKNOCKS, Hailari,
olO 3t _203 Broadway.
An "Item Worth Pre?Srvi.ni;."?Tha " Items'' Ihs.
make up the assortment nf Kmux, ibe "tlsaer," araun.
equalled lo quality, sljla and excellecca, and ihosa wli >
have rot yel procured a fall Hat, should call ai [58 Kulijn"
si end mbke) a selection, tils price for the vary boil ue
ncrlplion of ball is tmi four dollars.
ti1e INDIA aCRKES cask.
f3T I wish to Info-m my friends thai 1 have not and ihsl!
net de drawn into a newipapsr controversi ; and that none
of ihe various long acd short ari:cl?s, procured lo ha pub'
llihed emaeale from me or my friends.
And where such purport lo ba ibe Judge*' charge to lbs
Ju-y or decision of Judge Oiler In any matters wherein!
have been concerned, ttay d!fl'?r very malerlsily from ill a
?ruth. Many mslerlal IblDKi put iu wore never spokan by
Jndge Orier, and many laft ont wblrh were spoken by
Mm, being about ai mach alike as a cheese snd a c?rt
wteel. I tin quite latlitied with lha full, unqus tried var
d'et of lbs Jury, and Judgment of ibe Couri In my favor
Thai ibe ccrxblnstlon ara nut satisfied Is qilie apparaal
from ihclr numerous special pleas In ibe newspapa-s.
fjsr The enilre sKKk of Eoglish and Atnarlcau Carpau,
Uruggeis, Oil Clotbs, Rugs, See. In tbe six spacious Sales
Rootr? of the famous Csrpot establishment, 99 Bowery,
HlBAM Asmsasosi's, are now otfored at a reduction of 1")
per cent, reducing ibem to less than lbs cost prlc?s of other
establishments, belsg tbe dllference of cash and six months
prices. _
iy A large atsortmem of Sugars of all lha various
kinds on band and for sale at reasonable prices Oermao
Crushed 5s and 5s6S 7 lbs : Refined 4sbd; Brown JiSd and
""?. AJso, fine Black acd Green Teas of latest Importations,
Coffess lie. Saperlor Solsr Sperm Candles 2.?J ; Wintar
Limp Oil 6s, at Fowler's, 2.V) and 428 Greeawlcb at-; 7-i
Vesey-st and 109 Gracd-tt. White and brown Havana
Sugar by the box ; Duich crushed do. by iho cask. olO 81*
The Reaction.-We anew tbai people would get tired
Of buying worthless Boots and Shoes ai tbe ready-made
ccnniry boot stores, snd such aopaars now to be thi casa,
by ibe crowds lhat are flocking io Watbuns's 114 fuiton
st. who sells no Boois bet those of nts own mannfsetur?,
and at prices lower than at any other establishment Ln ihe
city. _ o5 Stood
jgre- talp.oTvpEi, or Likneasaa on Ivory paper. Tbe
advantages of theso new L kesesies, gain for ibem greater
popularity every day. We are prepared lo Ilka mem of
ai! sixes, even ap to tbe size of life. Vaiuabla Dsguerrar
types copied on Ivory paper, and painted In oil or water
colon Daguerreotypes taken ln a peculiarly a'ttillcil
stylo Tbe pob:lc aro Invited to examine specimens at the
Nauonal Miniature Gallery, 247 Broad wa?
_ LANGtNHEI bl <x CO.
FFTui Plcmbe National DaGOEaauti Galleiv
251 Broadway, contains tbe iurgeat and most tctsrestlng
collection of portraits of dlsnnsnlshed men la this country
UP" A Carpel Bioro crowded dally with customers. Tho
people will go where tbty can buy cheap, and gat a fin,
rate article. And wo do Ihlnk tbai j. Hvatt, 'Jl Bjwary,
sells Carpets Oil Cloths, beartb Rags, Door Mats, Wia
<tow Sbsdei, Ilc. a illtle cheaper than any other similar
establishment In this City. ?10 3i
"Now would I be rteasared by my Sof*,
The Bool's ihe standard of the man."
tW Though lo obtain a correct standard of taste, tha
Boot, Shoe or Galier sbou.d be procured al tha celebrated
Boot and Shoe Emporium of E A. Baoosi, 150 Fulnn-st.
who bss the largest and best assortment of every variety
of any estsbUihmenl In lie United States, which for style
ana price and exquisite finish can't be beat.
Dnpbb Clothihg at Low Pbices -Purchasers, b?f^,
bey procure their Winter Oa fit, are inviied to exaeiu
tte varteiy of Under Stlrti and Drawers at Sasx?t's, in
Wllharc-st near Fulton. Every tlze and style on haul,
sod BflU be ?o!d Bt e.r.-oedlf g_'v low price*.
salb or $75 con sroox.
tST The entire tuvk of Carpeting Ol Clolha, Draff eta,
icic cow la tiore ?2 Pearl at must posiUvely be sold
befcre the 111 Decemrw neu. Having lasen ia? large
elegant store ?579 Broadway, corner Walle s". will ope? it*
?an e on iho Id December next with tn entire new stotj;
of rtch and elegant Campen, tc. Will sell their p-eeeot
Slock at first cotl. and positively tot more askoS. Thoeela
want shogjd trail ibcinselvea of the preoenl opportucltya
parohaatng Carpets si g-eai hsrgalnt.
o7 1w? tdiPeari-sl.
Gt.tTLEMEXs Fall a.xo Wistbb Weab.?Wm T.
Jenjiings it Co. 231 Broadway, opposite ihe Park Fcog
lain, will this day Introduce their new slyiet of Overroart
and olber Pall and Wtnier garmantt, comprlatug tn assort?
ment Ib style and character (ar superior to the productions
[ they hare heretofore rendered so acceptable to ihelr u?..
merous patrons, ol u*
gy*f'^ Broadway, nearly opposite Bond-st. hu con?
stantly on band, an aisjrtmrat of Shawls and fashloaab,'?
Dress Goods A'so, genera' dealer In every variety of
P. 8 OrOrs solicited and promptly attended 10
olO ThStikTuJf_ _
IV* Dr. Rich retpectfully tnnoancet that hit ir.attluilon
In t roths st one door be'ow Blrecser-sL Is now open sad
retdy for the reception of subscribers
To pertoct aafierlng from Dyspspsla or affections ol the
Liver, be would most earnestlv recommend the practice of
his i\ stem of training, as It will arTord relief In most cases.
Dr Rich will devote pariica'ar altenlloa to reniodjlnj
Irregularity of form, el'her lu sdalis or children, and he
wt 1 give private Ins.rucilon In the different dtpartmeatl
of Physlca1 Training, to those who may desire It, either tt
heir residence or at his Institution. old SleoJ*
g|p- Id reforecce to Mrs. JeivisU Cold Candy which wtK
be rubiished daily on Die cstslde of > Is paper. l1 1 w
Look in is olassbp.
?Jff" Richards KiaetLaNO, wholesale deale? h. and mas>
ahriurei if Looting glasses and Importe; ol Looking gits*
rirtea L?rg? Pier and Mangel Glastet onl uo toorler.dl
CorMtind-Sl. teccntJ flo--r, opposite Merchants' Hotel, New.
York._!sS3 lia?
Mbw-Vobk, Oct I, 1850.
i have icrMe a cbemtcsi examination of ihe " VEGSTA
BLE POWDER" prepared by Mr. Emamusl Lvois.forist
purpese of destroying laaecis. I do noi liud ii to comata
anything Jeie'erlouj lo taea.ta.or what might be considered
poisonous to the human species 3ul It Is very destructive
lo lLiecfs where they are forced to Inha'e the Mae panlclst
or dnsl ocrtslored by lb'i>wlng the p iwder forcibly la
placet where tiny frequent.
J AS ft ClULTON, SID Chemist
Such are me farts ai,d vlriuss of Lvu.s's Magnolie Pow.
ders" for th- destruction cf Cockroaches, Bsdbagt, Moths,
Auts, Piles, Pitas, aad other lnjarloas Insects lo planla.
Alto, LYON's Plllt, for the Immediate destruction of Rais
and Mice. For sale at the principal Depot, 120 Broadway
oil it*
For Coughs, Colds, Hoaiteneat, and the various throal
aril lung complaints Sold by Mrs. W. Jebvis, S6i! Broad
wsv, aim liy Dregglsia generally. o5 2ty
tStT t?essilaineu'a Huns, Full Miylo.? Biao,cornsr
rinesnd Nastaa tu.?The style lor the mining season wtU
sa ready for Inspection and sale this day. Tba atiaudout!
gentlemen of lam and discrimination tt Invlied lo tha tat
lorn abort announced, ander tho firm conviction thai It
will tatltfy the motl fastidious admirer of a handsome Hal,
Mr. 84. g. Bt. John baa removed from 119 Broadway It
the store of the subscriber, where be will be ploased to sts
8ts customers BIRD, cor. Pint and Naasan sta.
Angus! 30, I8i0__ tt Swts
Of At il illenlnu of me. steeiago passon^ers oa
Imard the 1'r.HnI Sinn Ma'l Steamer California Atlguil
3d, 1850 Geokge Kbttrunc Esq. of Pa. was called to
Ihe Lbalr, and Dr. J. V. Mllcneil of New Onesas ap?
pointed Secretary, Afier th? object of ihe meeting wjj
slated bj 11 e President a motion was made and aecouded
that ihe Chair appoint a Committee m propose aaltshts
resoiutlont f.r tie oBrldivailon of lee nienllng The
Cl air propr ted the following nan:et, n- i were accepled
Capl B.t | Green of Mass
H r De (i air N Y
Dr. J. B Honck Va
The Cominl lee propoHed ihe .'oilusing resolutions,
which w-re unaiilitio'.siy accepted
Rttolvtd, That ihe uuderslfoed do herohy render this
documeni unto Mr R r baiFoan, Kirti Man of tsli
steamer as a les Itnori, of our sincere respect and bull
reelings for his very gentlemanly conduct toward ad lbs
passengers, and especially thoso In th? steerage, for whom
Ids unremll'loi rare and kindness h?vo been so duly exor?
cised In contrlbuilni lo ih*lr coin fort carlug the onllrs
passage fmni Pauamn io San Francisco
/fr?..ited Tbsl In car o( iLlon Mr tUlford has dischargsd
bis official dudes in a very prompt, energetic tnd skillral
maurer; and ihm he la amply competent and Jisily ds
strvlng of the hlghes' rosltlon In the line i f hit profoatloB
O P Dtilson. Mich Joshua Kort, Ohio
Krancls Smith, Mlcll Henry Young, N Y
A D Browne, N V John Connelly, La
George Gorn au Ky A B Hannetl M as
vv K Rots, La Be. J Cady, N Y
James Harter, NY H M B Sanford, N Y
>,)! Harr'man.Oblo P Otctl, N Y
J B Hi nek. Va Pe.er a Owens, N Y
Adam Rose, N Y John C Spsldlng, Vt
BeiJ Othorn. NY HE tines N Y
llaulel [Irani Mass Jas Har. Ind
Ivory Urai l, Me. Marks Marchard, Ohio
Il?rJ Tlckn-r. NY Ma ttolmsn, Mich
J W Hervdir, N Y T S andevtn, N Y
Jas Goltcliall Ind Rr.bl Reed, Md
Augusm? Puller N J Saial SUer, Conn
Al-x Nysraiib, la Chat Markland, Md
K P Ibompson, Miss H P MarklaDd, Md
E Mnrry NY DC Oliver, Me
Kr?d Rhodr s, Mlrh Wm 8ettt, N Y
Mllet Johnson, N Y J C Ayre?, Md
E D Trenr e'l, L? J P fthodet, Mitt
R P Whltlocs, ra Y oIO If
Oa*" Inlted Ntatee ftlasils for Ciallfornla.-Por
OtriCE, tnw York. Oct 1) 18.50.?The regular mall for
California Chapri-s, Panama, 4c per UnltaJ 8isi?t Mill
Biearrnr GEORGIA win be made no at thtt odico, ofl
FRIDAY, the IIIhlnet closing ai 2 P M.
Leiiei to Chagres 20 cents, io Panama 3; cenlt, both ol
which mast be pie-paid.
ol0 2t_wm V BRADY, Postmaster.
ft7* Inlted Hinten ^IqIIs for Knrope.-Ponr
Otucg Nkw.Youb. ti l 9, If.Oo?Tan flnl rd Statetmttls
lor Europe, to hedlsptlched p-ir L'Llted Sta es Malt steam?
er ATLANTIC, of the "C dUns Line," will be made as
at tbla clllcc on SATL'RDAf, the I2:h lost, closing tl lOi
Lflifrato iheconilnenl of Barop?, by this line, ?surf M
j:re-iaid2l cenls [ol08 | WM V B KM) Y, Postmaster.
rjT The l^ndlee fhilaatroplR Aeeor.lattot) of
the E L. Snow Bocial L'oions, will uo Thursday evealifc
Oct. lo at the Broadway Taliernac.'e, preaent lo the ?fiaa
Conpcll of the Order a spleoild pictorial Bible, the or*
ser.ta Ion by slater Conklln.receptlon by J. T Lacour, Esij,
? O 8
Hon James Harper will preside, and the 'ollowlng talent
Is expected to h? present upon Ihe occasion; Col. E L
?low. W E Dodge, Esq., Rev Mr. Perry, Rev Mr f*
t.-r, Rev Mr Marsh, also Mrs Wstbborn, (tba great far*
rue cf ih* orcer) f at kladlv consenl-d to sing seversl of
her mo?t poi a ar tongs, and Mr Karrenherg to sing IM
Drunkard s Wife?a large choir from all the Untoot, uiW
the direction of 8 D Van Beuren P. G 8 will sing s->'<
ral cdes prepared for ibis occasion Dr. Glh'is will pretiis
ai the Piano Tte Grand Council a-d the liffereot i'u.oai
will appear In full reiia la at ive Tahe'nae e ai 7 o'efx*'
Doors i psn for tLe Public at 7} rer?lces to nirairi'Wi'
3 o'cloi k. T'.ckela free, lo I.? had al Ihe d kk Toe frleods
of Temperance are respeetfallj Itvltad to tt end. o9JUS*
rjT Italian Btoevolent Hoclety.?Tht Ancoal
Meenrgof ihe Menu e-s of tfiellailaa Benevolent 8 >?ta'T
for ibe election of lu olf.ceit for ibe ensuing year wt I tsM
p'ace on Saturday evening nexL at 5 Bare ay si si7 p'?
Cl** ly N B ?The Itailartlu gete il are resptc-fadyl*
riled loalKDd. /< f> IlU*|C8A?. FEBIl'.RO, SecreisOfr
WBonnry I.unit The aabtcrlner wl'l g va oartletaar
aiteni'on to tte prosecution of clalma fo- Boaniy I*0?'2
der the recent act of Congrest Haviog t r0'D'^*7
Agenln WB?h'i'f ton lo alten'' n prese-.ting the BSiaaB
be wl 1 lose do time in procuring warran's
HENRY D. BKoGWICK Attorceytnil
c8 lmlseodiimD* Counselor at Law, -<> ?VS3*
X3T Notice.- Paaiengeri p?r neamsblp Al!,n!1'1
Liverpool will r.leaie be on noard altse foot of Canal's -
Sainrot}. Oo her 12, al 11 o'clock, A M and send SUJS
gtge not war led on the passage, on board PriJt?,'il ,r>,
11, marked BELOW,with the Lumbor of their oenn. <"?
ST rSotlre.-Vr. Na = h wl ide.tvesB Leera-eo?i *^
i'g THI ReDAY EVENING. Oct lo, 185?, IB IS* JjJJ
lure room of the Bereao Baptist Church, const oi f
ford and Downing ara aft.r whl-n he Inten-ls J'f'rL
class. Ah wishing to J dn will pleate attend St7|
BT To Straw Hat Preessru.-Tbe ^]rf %
Of ibn above trade are rea.eC.f\j.ly req letted i0 ? ' ;J
Crj.-al rn P Iday right, a> half pafl mess*
Grai d sl Pur c ual atlendance Is req ies:eri as^ons ^^
In portsnr.e wbl items before Ihe meedng ?y "^JJj if
(BT Prsacnred ? ?11 etru of Europe- and id
S.b, l.ntmltl J P -IWHOM**0*

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