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General notices.
gajr ({anrter'y Report.- aCI?3 '? ' " '*'''*?
trueconnIdono! UseOce?o 0j Saturday i' ? "?i
is Associated Birk "t me -a
i?j of September, ltfw 3URCFS,
Loins and Discounts except w u- - .ji.r i (33 !i
Bruswn.?? ???. ' 'i 1
All torn* dte from Director*.?. _ ?tj.2r8 00
Real t?l?t*. "Vir?itad SlatM... IU> 181 33
Sicrki vr-York . 13.?98 23
Lost ?cd Fxpec?e Accvaa . ?. (;, |v( jq
Sped*.Vt";:'?ni'*Orafta on o;her
Caab lieora, t)z: onec" " ' MJJ . i ?. m 21
Banks, [?",;"!if;,ri h.id . . <.
fotal. -
..'. 8750"00 00
Capita!. . 69,56103
MdD?>l/emrned...I o0 ? 8
Less registered no1*' cn htD -
reaves Registered Bar.k No ee 'n ClrculrUun
Da? De X"ltor*' on !) -m *'rt .
poe City fid Country Bidsi, on Demand...
Cwnty ?f Sem-York tt.- Nathaniel Ww
ixdJanei S.G.bbna, Ca>h!<" of n'd Ban,
jworn o' affirmed, *?v>-ra!iy d?p"io md rav tha- tn?y are
the President ar.o Ceihtcr, ?? aiorsieid, a'd that the f.-re
? olEfr I?, In rearecta, ?t'ii"i ateroei' of she c -ndi i >c of
ihessld Sana, before ih? lrane?ctlon Ol anv nuetaeii on
iheao'rltig of Iba 22-b cay of September, 1850, (being ue
day specifi?i In the notice of the Controller, Secretary of
Bit?. enC Tr?nur" n>-xt preceding the da'e of thia report,
requiring ihn s*rr:? | arrr.rrllre to h? to-stof their knowj.
edge and Irellff; ihet the aaU ?-'i? Is ?.n AttocliOed 8?*,
and la located In the City of New.York, Ur tne County of
New.yora. where It baa a barainj; haute for the transac
Uon of it? bu?!n??a; end that from ihn Huh dayol Decem
ber, 1819. (being th? day th?* aal i ?a^k went Into opera:! in )
Bplotbeday of making tola report, the builnns thereof
waa tranwted at tuch location.
NaTH'Tj WEED, Pres'ienl
J M (} \ BB9N8, Cathier.
gnb?cr,i>edaDd affirmed or awn-" by loth deponent?, ihta
eighth day of October. 1850, i-for? me.
"in it Jf? Hi:g?.m?.n. Commissioner of Deeds.
tV Tlie AIHtaBce ?The members of The Alliance
are bereny noiiried that their . ext reg liar meeting will
lake, nlaro at the Orand a>. H? I, - '? I n-p -?i.e the
Broadway House, or, THURSDAY ?VENING at 7J
o'clcrk All who toe In favor or the ?< Union of Ibe Whigs
foriheiakeofiheiJnlon/'arii-.-.i' Itoattemd. Addresses
will be delivered by t-vere.' dlatlnenlshed anetVers.
w. B. WEOGEWOOD, Pretldeoi.
Luthes J.Cate, leer eta ry oh> It"
HP" Frnof I? ri better Argument thnn Atpcr.
Hod?And f?cia are m re coecluttve than theory to practi?
cal inlr.Ca- In form?-r ?-vr t? rnenta the proprietors of
Khapp*! Health ResToaATtve Bittkrs harr? irnwn the
philosophy of itaouerailnn In Iba fo lowloj cartificato,
af'er'ed fjr'iii p. lar*;* i umber recontlf received, tbeTuaques
tlonabie pvic-nre <o It. eoratlv??lTec!s Is ?xbl'ilied :
Wkw-Vork, auguallO, 1860
Di:iR HiRf t ?I hnve not be*n ?t pro ?pl In rjendini; you
mv certificate hi I rnip11 have been, h?.r' yon r??mt<d ioat
tschmore ralaeto arilclei f ibatktnd. 1 wts reidered
nrlterable for a long ilrne by >hat hr>rr''>le d!??Bne Dyspep?
sia, accompanied relth a general prostration of the nervous
system, and every attempt at reliif seemed bnl toaggra
v'aie the dlseatn. Providential y. 1 'tied your Blueri at an
experiment and w?s entirely rured L"arn'ng Iba', you
were anoutto advertise I olsh mv l??tlmony to goaorosd,
thu othera rfl!l-ied In nk" msrn?r may be benefitled by
th/ielv re?"r'.lrig to your truly Health Reatoratlve.
vVur., Ac. OLIVER UOLwEMMGreenwlch-st
to the Prorrlolora of Kr.app ? Hraith rteatoraUTe Bitter*.
General Depot, IffiJ Hudtoc-il?ond for sale by Druggists
generally, Wi cents per holt e o3 3:lseod*
W Jtnron hiiih, ? l-r-w Words ?0 to prove n
JKnct."-lt It to; for BoGLB'8 Hyp-rMo full for ibe
hair, Amole ft-r easy thavlng He iea'ona for purifying
Ibe sklr, ere in truth the moil po u iir cosmetics in use.
So d by the Inventor. WiLLUM BoGLE,277 \V<thln?!ou.
si Bettor ; also, by A B St I) Hands, Itm Kulton-Ht ; Rush
Ion, Clark it Co. 110 and 273 Broadway, New-York.
Sas lid Pago for other fieneral Notices.
BOAHOlMt; in BROOKLYN?A handtoine,
large fr nt room, wlm line pantries, to lot to a genl;e.
man and wife; alto, two or Ihrea e'.nglo g?nt!em-n can
obtain full or partisl board on reasonable te-mi. H >uie
pleassntlv located, wlihm ihreo minutes'walk of Kuiton
Ferry Refoienrea exchanged. 1 daudt st.
OlO 4110,11,16,17*
It II?\ fry pieaoant rooms "kj Un had. wllh full or
?i partial board in a modem built house near TompMos
square. Apply at 27H Ter,ih-8l olfi |i*
AYOURti GBNTIjKiTIAM (An Tni^c^Th^ng
In a priveie. French farnily uear KlfiO aveons, would
like en sgreraMe room mrite. T" a person wlthlng to ac?
quire tt perfect knowledge of the Prencb language, this
cfl'ers an excellent opportunity V-rms moderate. Ad?
dress Marchsnd, Box 1 nitS Pt-si-Oliice. o!0 2f
AYOI-'Mt; labi\TL,K.TlAM I? detlrout of tiriiaialug
* room or room*. *r.d n< A roirn, with breakfatt and
tea, In aiinrtll prtrste family, ; tnily located In the up?
per psrl of the city Would be wllllne ro pay ?'Jr, per week
for good errornrnodaUjcs Address K i. W. this olllce.
Ai'IIOI'SNHOK. oftbe I'lano-Korte, ehalcsn give the
l,e?t of reference aa lo quallfieation nud character, Is
desirons of obialnlng board in a fa-nlv where hit Inslrac
tlon would be a remuneration Please address' Profeisor,"
at Ibis office. olO 'it'
ALADY wishes to Instruct upon the Piano Porte and
In ilnglrg; wiuld like board in a fiinliy where her ser?
vices might bo desired. Addrest C. 1'. Tribune oflice.
olO 3i*_
W> A.N'TB l>?A room, with breakfast and ten, In a mod
v v orn limit house, w hh pi .v?.-t't? of bath room ; a small
religious family preferred. Address stating leims, which
must be moderate, O P B ai ills office. oin it*
PKIVATH (lO A tt O \ reutb-rnai and hi- wlf<,
alto Iv.siLgio gentit-iiirMi mav o .tain board In a pri?
vate family In H?aslon-st uear Broadway by addrettlng
boa 400 Post office._ol"3'
See lid Page for other Boarding Advortisenients.
(1 M BODINE will open this morning
I?10 cs new at)lea De t.aines and ChBbmeres.'from Is up.
10 caset Alpsca Plain Figured and Changeable very
10 esses I'araniallai and aierinoes. from Is tid to St.
300 Brorle Square Shawls, from (2 tj ?S
500 Plain Long Sbawlt, from 82 to $3.
500 Plain Square Shawls, from $1 lo f 5.
The shove goodt ateall new, and wlllbe sold 20 per cent
under ti e market price.
Three fiist class American Saletmen wanted.
ol0ThSi.M i
Biack and colored Fringes and Glaipe.
Aworled colored A'gerlLe Braldt.
For sale In lots lo suit purchai-ra by
olo lmeod* 84 fine tt ne?r-*i Naatau tr_
iTliXIN?^)^L?T>7e? AT HIJttDETr S Caeap
wbolesaiti and a et? 11 Dr.. Uoodt Store, lSti Wnlko -SL?
Just received from auction a Targe lot of p ain De Laioes,
embracing all the choice colors i such as scarlet, crimson,
Ntzailta blue, purple, brown, sxlmond, light blue, bltrk,
drab, itc iic only la a ;ard These ?3 Ltioat make up as
prally as all wool, ibe colors be'ng qutle as elegant.
Also, from a fresh iinpurtaiKn, a tiue .olof Paris tnado
?dark and wr.ln Kid Oioves 3s tid a pair; N B T and ? P.
M. Rid O.oves beleg lb- bnetl mmle, 5t a patr, u.ual price
6s ; men's white, black und light colon dj onl- !a a pair,
equal to dollar glovet. QBO. C BURDETT,
05 l?li' 136 Walker-st, he wern 3ro?dw?y .V. Bowery
\\7KT ?i?OUH! iVKv"titlO?.s::-? hue i .i and
V? rrobably the last this aeaa n, of Swiss, Rook and Jar
orel Muslins, Swiit Icsertlng, lie. with ainisndld stock (if
Dry Goods, Bargalts from auction daily, al Prlll'PS'
4."-3 Hudson ?L 1,- '
???w??waa?w??a??t SBt uniai ? inimnmin ?im? iaiw??w*?ia??a?Maa?a?wra?al
I^I.l'Ttt CLL'BS-Ama.eu-t of the Flute wishing io
?a. Join In Iba private practice of Trios, Duetts, lie win a
View to ibolr tmprovemeni lo the art of yiaylng have a ra-e
opporui?lly ot doing ao undrr tue gu dance of an Orporl
??J?JG. Tor i" tasttusaaBt, by appl] lag io him, ai
MB Spring, three doo? west of Woeslerst arlr evenlcg
between 5 and 7 o'clcrk. oUi3;TtSH*
S V,*iV01j? -Alady exDorteaced in leading me Kae
llthbranchee, Frect-h Oeraian and D ?anL. and who
can give ihc Oesi leferotcei, at tv.-a from seh ?1 at from
some of iho rirtl families of ibe clly, dt-sires a siluauoa as
teacher It; a private family or s;nool. Address Box 'iv,
>oat-Office 0l? u.~
\\ANTE?-Bt an E-gd.v, Kr rch a-.J C.atscal
vj Tetcberof much exper.'e eeli a good ditc'plinarian
a iituawuu in -. school or family, ailhor in ibe city or country,
SI SKJ5*'lu 'he above brauchet. Ha? ?ood letlon aolals
.iM. J *?imsmoderate Addrtse Tester, su Kuh h
_QIC It*
Ff??11??-*" INsTlriTfi-Bca-dltig S-h.'ol for
n.TT.5Vl *r??***l0. Montis.-0.? CO, New J-rs IV the
may be naibyXie-sslnV ^ ^ in{j" ^D
??_O. R. WILLIS. A.M. Principal.
A c'?^^"^ English and C:as
at the PhUolot'callrlTir.. KSl*"0' '"ery day. Appiy
r^ totog.cai ic.Uiuio, iu plr?.aT baiwoon e-.rid
?-o!0 2tls*
LANNAYn Darting .td Va ^ " *'
mecce on Tuesday, ?d ir,,, 2T??{ } ? Olassea, will coal?
men. On V\ ^ceid.v, ., 3/ ?;v;?c?^k',! M f.'r ge-t!e
and matters. Davs of Utuucu ,n 2 Q J"r :?J;e,? mUM
for geel emen. In the Sve?'t?? 1*2**' 4ni ??W**?
alay^n the aflornoon, for sad'e. mi,?rd,"5*'*jr *nd s,:ur"
oio 2w "tttso* maitert.
Owln? io the g.eai nu ubot uf dj,,ii. . ;
tuoad.y and Friday f,r
commor.ee Ih). w.ek on wi aasdS and a".' Tl
?MUaga al7odcck After alx le..0d,V.h,f h.'. d.y
-" ' _ ?10 !wtt*
Soslid Pa,, f0r other Seb0ol Advertisaratats. "
in the commission I
count, and could ll I
exict-t, WO! rj jf> ??
ployer K it fa. I
tine Off re. slat : ?
N. B The Htutttnt
produce home I ai
VVANTKU- I WKi .gem. , ,
** tanil s a -i- also * ??ritt
?ort? Al ler e ; - rer,i,ige it
e.tfj t>e made st at toy similar
dress, postpaid "Tr" Americas
i'thment." 128 NtitHMt ic ttsli
r ?
ANTED -?v,
jARTttD-Id -adry f-ooda j bMng .tore, bp aoer!
. ec*o porter, who it tborougblv ?eauamtea witnre
Og end it dp] It g gOOdt and iind'-rtt-.nd? pi St.'p'n *.\
.d ihe Jj[jygg,Qti MOULTON it PMMPTOM,
. sti?* ,7 Brosdway.
W ANThll-Two young men uf the-bi. heal respects
Yv blliiyand?f go >d addrett Buch can no p'eatsitiy
andprr'lahlv employed by cr.lilag at 32 Howard at. sn7
day from 1 to 2 o'clock oS 3t*
{' ANVKl>? I? a whol"t?|e bar-iwtre ettabllantneat,
? an actWe clerk?one who thoroughly understands ids
Jobbing trar> in tils city. Addreta w. Tribune OtTi-?,
with references 08 2l?odi.*
V17 ANTED?A Ba'etman In t-.e Dry Goods nu?n-ss; a
' Igood salary txd t'eadv employment wi-t be ? ten
In such at have tat experience in the trade. BRI^CK k
RU88ELU fc ' Cenat-atreet ol" It.
rJMi LAWYERS;?A young gentleman (lately adult
I tfd) detlret 1. connect hlmar::' w :h ? law i,fa :e waeri
be will receive c :: od era'e compenaailoa?reference! tat
llfsetorv. EAddreil "Carlo?" thlt clbca, stillag terms.
o]P 3*
rVO I1AWMKRSJIITHS?Wanted ? goot tiller.
1 Api 1- to ti.e N-w York Cta tleel Worti, fool ofT wen
ty-founb-sn East River,? Y oifitf
a^ALES.TM.? \VA?TEL?-ln a retail drv <oods
? 7?iore In thii c!!7?an America yojcjr man ol exp<--!
eice, good addrett. and unexceptionable chartcte-. Ad
dreel A. C. A at ihii office. o'J 21*
\VANTatl>-A partner In in ?xce'.ier.t and respectable
Y? butloeri In ooeofibeheitlocatl nt la ihe dty, with a
caabcapital f.-om 83000to$5.000, The businessb*l beau
Ir-ng estsli ished by the pretest ocrupaut. A rerpectable
umn with "he above capital, by a .'drea.lng a due lu this
' flice, directed to B C Y ttsting w bo-e a-.d tvoin art irj
?1 rvirw mny he had, wn be wtlled upon pro a.-i'v r.nj
ci'tlidetitlaliy. olOSl*
' I A .KTKD?A person of ac Ive bualnetl babltalOUQ
1 ' erii.Ke the wholesale agency of this city *nd v cl Ity,
o' ?11 hritcle h?vlr.g a 'apld a.le and la'ge profits A ctpt
til of $300 to $5f'U will be required. Tin? it h rare chance
k-r an one wishing lo enter lain business- with a amallcapi?
tal, For particular! appiv personally to I. INGlilS el
Dunlap't Hotel 135 FullOfc-lt. from 7 to 9 A. W o!02itt
liJAeTrtBK WAN I'M Lr?A partoa civui?. uetweeo
a $<f,i'00ar.d 82,5001a cath, witaet to lind tame profitable
Invettment adv geatlemen nr-w eslabllabed In a reapect
!-'.!e builneat, ??hlch can be thowu to lie profitable anl re
?:v-!rg s little sddltlonal capl'al, will please addrem R. s.
*. to tbe care of Mr. (Jeo. Tru^adall, 57 tliin at. Themost
f?-lf factory re-ersneea glvea ?r.d r-qil-ed. o5 Iwta*
1317Ai*TP I>?* ai'uaiioD by a young woman 1 f uoq iea- I
* v tlonab.e character as lo her bOUPSfy, toorloty, a d
capability as coo*, und |-h? no ol |actl m lo aaalst In the
wsshlnj and tr.-r.lng In a peatee: p ita s fa n 117. She
l:aa lived In tbtt c'ty theJstl l-l year?. und peif.-cll? unlor
Binds fcer luis'ress, hav^n? alwayt lived with ihe fi-?t
families The beat city reference given. Apply at Na. 14
K.-rnaHn-s'rr-et re.ir bni clDg, front room oa fral !l >or.
Hours from 10 to 4 o'clock. olo;2i*
'a*,'ANTKM?A tuuMion at coachman or waiter by a
* v ? 1 .... young man, who u thoroughly acqaalated wlih
either in-floor or OUI-door bnalnei?, and can "ie mini aalla
fitriorlly recemmented from the Ist! plac? h? lived in a
rroal reapociab'e private family In ih" city and hna a piod
character for honesty, sobriety a-d carefnlneaa Can be
at en for three days by addresaln^ C. u. tl the office of this
paper. oR 3tla*
IV'APITEI)?An K'K'lah, Bcolch. Am-rlcin or Irnh
* v Proteataut nurae sad aeaaiaireaa, 10 sue care of one
child SJ years old. Bte o-ual be an excellent sea-natrest,
n-id biirg UDquettlonable recommendations a, to c-i*ra ler.
Kucb an one can fiod a pleaaur.i. permtnoal homo and (? >od
wages Call at the bouse of BO WARDS PIERRE PONT,
Fnlic-n aveDue, corner of Jay-aL Brooklyn, between ihe
hours of ? AM and 4 Ml. oil 2.*
U/?M'Kll- Situations lay two reapectable Pro enaot
?v women?one as good cook waiher and Ironei, (none
for entire housework need apply 1, ih? oilier ?a cbamba ?
u aid ano aeamtlre?? or lo do tile line w??hli.g and Ironing
? (?willing lo make ber?'if gene ally iiatifil lu a jood
fnadly. Call at 557 Kourlb st. up air Ira Will receive call?
for two dava old 11*
\}UAfiTEO?lilTCATiONS are wani'd for about 41"
?v imart. lldv, well-recorjnn-nned Pr" etlam S?"ant?.
American, Engllah, Scotch Herman and Irlth; Seams?
tresses, Nur?e?, Cooks Chaaiberma'dt Waders, Laun?
dresses, O-nt-rai Workers, .tc Families can depend up >c
obtaining ih? best aervantt ihi cl y sflj'ds, at " Ebn -re's
Select Protealant Agency," 7 Carmine street. o9 4lls*
WAWTUO-By a renper.m'ile voang womao a situation
to do the chamberwork 1 It Bn excellent washer
Bad bouer. She woald be willing to do ihe work of a tma 1
family. Ti e beat of city tef-'eucn gl 'en from hor laal place,
where ahe lived H veart. She would have co objection to
po'o Brooklyn. Ctn be teen for 2 dayt Apply at 319
Houston si In the book ttore. oluli*
WART KU?A situation aa po.ler or 1x1 nr. b> a smart
youDg man recently from Europe; ca-j wriiea^ood
hard, is alto coireci at kc-ouals. Malary 00! so muco an
object at sper-d> employme 1 The v-ry best of city raf-r.
ences wdl be given. Addrtss ''Thomas," c.sre of Mr.
Spick, 40"! Broome-at. Joli'll"
\\, ANTThD.?Sliuations are wanted for aboal 60 Pro
vv itsianis, cools, cbambermtidt, lauuurotaea. aeaia
slri'sstt. niirtet. general workers, sad all kirds of dorne?,
lies Famlliet in want of excellent help whi consult 1 heir
own Interests bj csllir.g at the Protective Protestant Office,
412 Hudtoa-cl o7 ii
|A7ANT?D.?By two very compi ent girls, slsiors, with
"v eareilert ref-rence, onn as teamitress in e private
family. Can make cblldrens' ciotti'ng and ladle*' dreises,
(wonld tri vel wltb a lady) theoiheraa chanib-rmatd and
WRlter Catl at 74 Sixth av. In th? nnoisiore. hla da? and
lo-tnorrow. al 102 Jaj at Brooklyn, In ihe rear o9 2f
\H> A>TEH-By a respectableyouog Prolestant worn
y * an a aliuaiiim. She la wldiiif; lo go aa cook, w?ah-r
Bnd lronerln a a 111t.ll private family, or lodogenerai boase
work or mind c>|idr-n. Has no objection 10 10 ihe
country or to lrav?| with a lady Can be seen for 1 wo days
at 148 Hansmoi d at on ihe lirai floor. (Hood cliy referenre.
\\/ANTED ?A yours mat. 10 laaecareof a'.d drive a
11 horse; on- who would like lo learn tin hardware
business and make hlmamf useful about the store; sulsry
tvoderhle; none need apply unleaa tbey can come Well
recount ended. Inquire at 83 Urand-at corner of third,
vMlllauithurgh. elbStlt*
41/ANTlf tl- Ptuillles In -Rtii of good h?ip, for city or
" courtiy, w?ll recommendej aril till able for ail sta?
ll ds, can obtain such at tbe office, 210 Grand at near the
Bowery, w here none hut those of good moral cnaractei aad
vrliom 1 believe 10 be alrlcliy hooesi and temperate are al?
lowed to remain. I WATTS
\V ANT a D? By a respectable joung woman s tllua
vv ion at cook and 10 ttttst 'n waauiri; sod Ironing in
a retpectable family Hbe is a good co.'k; she can gel ihn
best of reftrence f-om retpecubte fam'llet for honesty and
capability. Can be seen 2 rays, If not en,aied. Call at 122
Nttieteenlb-st near the Sevemh av olP It*
Wj AMTKD-A situation by a youog girl as laanare?sor
a* cham^ermHid and lo do the hau nan of ine wasalug
ti d Ironlr g, and ardertitndt French flitting j has the beti
of riiy relererc-t Apply at 60 Klghteenih-tt between the
Sixth and Seventh avenues Calis will be atteadel to for
two da\t If t ol mited. olO ll"
VV AtSTED?A s'tuatlon by a respectable young wo.
v* ti'an, as i-hamberma'd and loattltt with WRsbiug and
Ironing would have noob|ectlantludogeneral b latew irk
In t rntall faniliv Hat good citv referer.ee froul her last
tnip.oytr Call al 5 \ audewaier-ai oln It"
WARTKD-Bva reaoeciame jooai: w-tman aailuatlon
aa rliambt 1 ciald ar d waller, or child's curae and h ue
t-w!rg Can do genera! housework, if nol saited la the
nbeve trtuatlona: lies! of reference g-tvec. Cail al No 1S6
Ko^a> lh-st, h si floor. ol" li"
tkV'ANTM?-Bj a competeal youog woman aaltuail in
*' as nurse rcI aeamjlreia. woo uoderataods dress
aiaktrg sad it wl ling 10 wauoa ladles ted aislsl lo bouts
keeping; best of c'.tv re.V.-Ktce can be glvea Call at 98
Amlty-st. old li
\\/ ANT ft U ? A altuattoD, ny an industrious yojng
" v Woman j Is fa !y coiuneleat to r ek wosn a .d I ron la
s private fsmllv ; la i first rate baker Can give ttlltfact ?
ry referencel if ri q.11 od Cail al i>7. iJretawUh St cor
n1 r K np, first fl.-or, rjp s'.al-s, r-ar-k room. ol? It*
VEf ANTED-By two reap-cta'de ynutg women atius
" Uoct?one to do jereral boutework or to cook for a
small private tially, ihp alher to do guje.-al houtewjrk or
chanberwork Ooitd city refeiecce. Apply at 192 Motl-sl
o9 2i*
ANTEl>?By a a-i ari acim- ?oting w .man. a tttat
l on lo cook, WBSh and troD,or to co general h'ate
work la a small private fomlly. The best of ruy re'erejre
c^n be given Cu be aeon for 2 dayt at 233 Tnompmn.tt.
co-terot Amity-at. ' ol" li*
W A!x,'EO ?Bv two smari girls sliuailoas In tha sane
rmie If postlhle?one to cook. w?>h and Iron, ine
as it??*" "EU rharrb-rmald Aik lor BrHg-t and
MttT, lit afoutt or apply 10 air. Splat, l"7 B-oome ir,
Oood references given oln li
AraTftD-Bv a smart in e ligenl. cleaD, ltd> gola
u? jw,< ?s chambermaid lu a h 1 01 or pnva;
hcardlDg h, a.e. 8.1M. .nxloua f .r a anliaste home Tie
bett. ofclt) ^fereneei win he given. Address Mist B care
ol Mr SplLk. 4'7 Broome tu olOU*
W ANT AL?-Sl.aailont tor t oant?er o. ?icoii.ni rir:
** and cteldraa, rtscecUj arrlvea. free from citv batcrtt
and tJisocUuora. and willing to work for medcatt' waer c
Appilcauon 10 be cuade a: the orhca ai Soamtltsloueni 5
tmlfrstloa In i?>e r"a-k. Noch?rk?s aX4 -,
WAWTMU? S> a resiectabte tlrl a titaailon at cook,
wathfrand lrorer. Gooo city 'efer?nces giveu ?
CaJl corner of Twe&ty-Thlid at, acd Broadway Can be
teen for two dars olu It*
WANTKU-A lady to letch Mualc and French In a
youi g laulea' boarding tchool ia a pleatant vllilge a
abort dli ance f.om this city Addrett ' S " al ihit office
08 3l"
"TMf PHVrSl('lANS.-Any one wishtcg 10 locate In
? New Jersey can oboatn a situation wun a pracltce wordl
62,faV> pe- annale, bv pcrchsstng real estate worth 8>."0o.
Terms esry or would exchange for properly in me City.
For tnformaUoc apply to Mr Reeler, I Nsjt?.rj-ev all lat*
trt'Tercr. On I <
?t hito oj;
It;' A.*?Ti< D-I
g*ner*l boot*
f!tv rcfe-fcc?. A
bat f
l e b'j
r A NTif D
Address A P. Trtba
olO ll*
W*n*co?~??L oT?cfd? w'^aihoase.
wr.rk in a until '.rally, or as laundress" Ca.; at 677 a >tts
loe-st oio u*
WANTED?The araahing of fain lea votng to board ?i
any of ,be hotels op iiwo. The peri >n Ii a goof
wait er ltd lmr er Hm pli-ntv of C'oioj wa er, good tard,
wnh boi inn ;n It. Call aif!2 West Twentleth-il ol0,3t*
V\ A.NTEU?Ry two respectable w ?nan, siinalloos?
our ai an ex ierlecced cook ; the other ai ;btm>er
miH and witter The cook unde-itanda luk'nj and paatrv.
Beat city lefereneei given Aopiy at 131 M >???'. oto It*
U *NTII)-A i'M a Ion by a reipe:tab'e Proteiun:
' ' Ving ??.?man ti !a-ndre?i or c j"k la a prtva e fami?
ly, who urde-aierdi 'eking well; hai th" h-at of city
refe-enrf frnm her last employer. Call at5 Vsndewater-st,
\Aj Af*Th. D? A ittnaltoo hj a ve-y coiny-t-nt girl, wlih
good city re'erer.cn. to cooar, waih and Iron or do all
ih? housework of a p:lv t;e family. Calf at"i 31xtn av to
Ihr boot More o!n It*
VV' ANTED?Sltaatlooa are wanted for ijhid weil rr.
* commer-ded cooks, "Urses, waiters, moHa-d female
and other donx-etlea Apph at Iba Employment A?-ncy
cfiice, 70 Eb?1 Fcurleemii-sl. near Fourih av. ojA',
y\/ANT?D? Bj a reipectaM? young woman a sltua*
' lion?'a a good c ok, firat raie waiher and trooar
Ten l e teen at ber prctett ernplojers, 150 Tenth-st. corner
Foanb-avenue. oin if
W ANTED- A n;;-.t;oL &> cnamoermatd or ti? do gen
" ? er?1 housework In a imail private fa nlly. by a yonog
woman with good roinrer.ee Apply at 542 Broome-tl
fira: door In the rear Cso ha sent, 2 days. olO 2ili*
L AATKIf?'u a pr;?ate fainlia. a g'rl aahornders'8'i'ls
" doing pene'Rl housework. ReVrrnce to former em?
ployers wlli lie required Appiy at L'ti Henrv-ll Brooklyn,
next door lo corner of Clark-it. nlO It*
Vv'ANTKIi-A il'ua.lon by a respectable inldl nag.',!
" woman, locook. waib. end Iron Can give the haal
Of reference Can be ?een at No 191, Klrst At sac >nd
floor front room. oio It*
Mf ANTED? Bj a respectable young ?>lrl ? situation *i
? t cbambe ri.nid a;.d totale care of cb Idren. laabrat
rate lewer Goodcitv reference given -tall at 2'Charges
s: in the basement Can lie leeo'for ? dsys ol" It*
W ANTED? By a reipectab'e yoons woman a lima
linn tr cook wain an ) iron. G > 'd city raferer ce
given Can be seen for 1 wo days at 503 Hoaston-st. In the
i ear. 09 2t*
WanTBO-an ocit.e. Intelligent hoy, ahoat 16 yea's
of sge, an as appientlce, Apply at the prtsung m o,
11! John-it. on2i*
llfAPTKD?By h voung ladv, who worha out of the
tv bnuae, a L.a'Clng place In loin? reipr'Ctsble faml
!y. Must no: be above Grand-St. Afldresi P. J. Tribune
office. o9 2t*
1M7 ANTJtD? A iltU'ittor, at leamitren and dres* make-,
? ? bj a ycung woma'i who bai lived 6 years In h".- lest
place. To beieen at II.1 llenry-el. Brooklyn. c8 3i*
XA? ANTED? A situation by ayoung woman todochain,
v v ber? ork and sewing or to sulii In washlog sr.d lr. n
Irg. Call m PH V't?h!ngion it. oioit*
W7ANTED?A illns'.lon as cook In a private fani'ly, no
"i objections to go a short distance in tbe country Tho
best of city reference. Apply in f6 aiu berrj-it oin it*
W ANTEi>?By a Protestant worn.-.:.-, a aituailon as
*' turif. Can do plain lewlng Bert of c!tv r. f?rence
given Apply at 2b!' Kleecker-il I an he icon for 2 days.
WANTED-A alii alloo as chlldrens nurse, by n yourg
woman bavicg a kind dlipoiltlon. Beit of Caly refaJ
retcei given Ad drei a E 0 Tribune office ol" It*
tAf ANTED? A Bitnation bv a yrm >? woman aa cook
TT ;or r bent er maid In a private f.mlly Inqilre at
Mi rrls i; Kowier'i groc< ry.Oi Uo'.veraily p ace for UMdge;.
\V AftTE 1?-By a respt cia'ilo voung w.iiuti a a lui
v? tii.n as seamstress or nurs?; tho bei. of citv reference
given. Apply at ire 11, cuon-it. ' olO It*
%W tTUATIGJa WANTS i) -By a respectable wonsn
k'"l"""aii be highly ri-i-ouiuiend? 1 from her laal pUr?
for plali. rnoktri.' Deal waublng and Irnnlng, and la aceaa.
lomed to booac keeplog in ihn riiy Wage? moderate
fi.od rli> re.erenra fallal 56" Fourth-it. San he a~nn
for two CB)i oiO li
sjJlTIJAriON VVAftrr.ll-8y a resp-ctab!el:ngllah
O woman ai coos , lias no objection lo aaalai in wa>h r.A
and treeing Cen give good city reference Ca:l at b6
INlr.oifemh Rt rear Ponrth-av olO It*
aJlTlT?TIDN \VAr*TTl7i)^B7i
V- hi cook, chaiiia>e? maid ?od lin?- "R
be seen for two da; s, Apply at 1184; sunlty-sl Beato'ciy
fan net. oio .'t*
??0 IT?ATION WANTED?By a reipectable Wo
Oman 10 Co plain ?e~lng ani to tnae ru-- of children
Goid reference arpl> a. lo? Moi r-e Si-?et i '
i .*gi-i 10 i'!- geiir.-a! r.i uscwora an::
1(11 Of a.
ui.iai ri i n >f
lid go an
In.rr- offii
i Mf .tl'El Ta IJLE \ou::g woman wants a a: ua? n
fa to cook, wain Md lion In a private famllr, It wnling
lo n ake herself generallj useful Ha- the 'les. of city
ri e PDce dn be teen f-ir two dnyc Please cull at No.
243 William street. It*
\l,HOTAST v.N'T 44 I RE whnta a al.ua I .n a< cham?
bermaid snc waller snd to assist In wa.hing and lron
Irg To be seen at Ii;; Eari T ?enty-?e, orjd st lha bo ise of
her preier.t en pleyer. 610 It*
A SITUATION WA.NTED-By a young girl. 15
i% vi-a s ol age Ii willing to innke hrri--lf gr-niraiy
Uie III. Irqulie at her tail place. 241 Henry ll. oiull*
I ( CUAT1VE It nPl.O ViTlItNT given lo ladles
5-aaiiil gr-ntieriii-u who have lelauro tlmta, in a U^hl and
fenieel fanry work, taught In a few emy leaaons Coosld
? rable smolumont may he drrlred u loon as acq jlr-d.
Apply personally, lintwi-u tfcn bonraof 10 and 4, at Mr.
ROSE, 41 Barclay-it near Broadway. Premium for teach
Ug ?5_08 lw*
?|'IIK AIiV*HTI?aK*l would give bti services to
I iiinacri! e writings and ?-r<i' ^i-,g complicated accounts,
si Mh own or em: i"i e '? r>-ald?*i re up n ihe lowest lernia.
Aiidrnr, poal paid to Y G l"l Greenwich ai. ofl 31*
? %' AftTF D?Two nd cabinet niakera' work nnnches
* Apply u R HOE U (' ).
o9 2w Coro er of Broome and Sh-ciil ais
It I \V A H. D.? Loat ol T'leidav evening, bei ween
^"?''LoVeJ ;, i riiuel and corner of East Broadway and
friarkei-ir. a morocco sieel-clasoed wallet rontalclng abom
$1(8 : a $20 bill Phe Ix Bank, N P ; $5 bill Bowery Bank,
N Y; ibe Iir'ri cn or nearly all In S'aie rn mey. mostly in
lena snd fives The abjvn r?ward wnl be paid, wlib the
t' si ka of the owner, by ieiving It at Mrs. Outwa'e-s. is
Essi Broadway. oio (r
I Oe>T.?On tne lauer part o.' September lai:, a note
-a i ixwri by Koch k Co datrd koptember 17, 1850 a' six
months after date, payeb e to t^e o eer of K J AUSTIN
for four hundred doilari. pajanie at ire Bark Nnv
York. All peinona are cautioned aga'nsi negotiating It, as
payment baa been Hopped.?New York, Oct. 7. 01 Jtojd
LOST?On the 6ih init between srnoid's, in Canal-it
and Htrn i, in Br oadway a pair of god spectacles
doable bows w iis ?tilack itri g attai-hed Tne ft ider will
t c suitably rewanled by lea'lng ih-e at A. Spear V rJj^s,
to Wall st oin [t*
ifl ^/Wl TO 83.000 W'AtTED In a basinesa
rJIt?UU coclcc ed w.ih ue Ha-dwsre frsda;
profit on Bales,.50 pe-cenl A reipecunle and <Ue7 Ivo
person wiihirg to en ist In tn>- buinr-ss atincJIng 11 ite
out door ssles, car enjoy a naif tntemt; or by using the
goodi on fair-, making advances on the lame, will he
allowed a liberal commission. Addren ' Coieti sslon"
this office oiii'
Office Ntw Yokk *>d tRit HR Co ;
Nrvy VokK O t 9 1850. >
rVOTICK.-AI thestinua. ei-c'ou for Dire- o s of ihli
1 vCompana, leid on the Pth lest .h- following named
gr-ut'-n rn writ- eiec ed D.reclori f?' ii e mulLg vear;
Ben'smlD I.iider, b< mer Kamaaell.
Henry fchrlden, William f. Uktdmorfl,
Uanie: h frill er, fdarieai: O. Roii-ris,
Hanry Buvdam. Jr Thoroai W GJe,
UilumfrS Donge, Cntr'-a M L-'inp,
Shepherd Ki app, Th-nadore Denon,
Banue! Hsnh J"hn 1 P-?!ps,
Con e iui;8mtlb, Norman Wnlte.
Thomaa J Towrsard, .
A-a meeting rf ibe Directors held thli eisy. Be?;irnin
I.ocarwas rteect><l rreildenl and Samuel fdxrah Vice
Preildmt, bom ucsnlm'-ualy
oi" lw NATHANIEL MA5SH Secretary.
A ND TAbSElS ? Bart175 ?nd 177 W loam street,
flu i Ujo grealeit ua tbeapeit assortment -I ?ny
?tore In He citv, (Teruii caih or approved paper); coan.ry
merchanls wlli do well to call. .,.,?,
N. B. A'ioa few Lots in tbo riomea;e*d Vi"age online
Eighth Avnnne?pnrr $I4H each _o5 o.i?eod*.
MACE SOLELi BY vv at ?ELi'HO. Sp'log ":
Y Thesnbscrthaareontlcnest manufactaie the abovj
ui errln? v.: ? beauiifnl anbauuiie for a io?i lui?. oi whlc?
be baa been ao irjcceia'ui li th-aconotry for the past was
>eira;ard from fill long rxpe'l-n-e tn Europe and inn
cor-niry now over iweuiy two yosri Ail w >o hafo tne.
n laforiui e to loie a limb may reiy npon obtaining the best
lubsiliute ihn wi r!c all' tCp.
Anendreynew r-nd ui-foi aunati ote for a ion h?nd, 10
arr.?gcd that the wearer can opeo and s'-ut 'h? "Ogers,
?ra.p, Lc Former Informatton on appilcatloi orby latter,
P'-Psld all- din to olO SfrDsUtW/i
6iMfh iiuiM-.
india ^N:i t-i miv[)() js
1'this Dav SCKlJBNEit- PUBLISH
f'kDA* *N~ ?E HINDOOS; being* PopularV w
U ihe U-ogiaprj} s: n y,,t ,ry a^v-rnrfrji, Manners, Caa
K in*. Literature ard Re?^.-o, Omervance*of tan An?
cient COOUtry by Rur r D- W *ifd, 'iw Vliilonn M
?nil or of Tell
Tbe Hi ?i
Rev H. O. O. D aright. 1
Wort? of Rev. J. M. Ms
Row and l4i NasssU-6t
?r of " The Gambler's Wife," " Alice," "Tbe Rectory
awuuoneot Her ever-welcome productions, o>tl the re
gretli compensated by the really tooeblog ? od beautiful
. . rjrshe ?, irr gth jjlrea na ander the pleas ttg litis of 'Aa
,, . l.m.Piry House." As u.ml ite-e beams forth t^o.e
de igo tn pictures ol life whl -h l-nd so mac i charms to h-r
portraitures *t,a scenes The public have, uol forgotten ihe
InteMrema] power displayed bv Ibis lad? In ?' fae ?Jim
? ?"'">-" Tea present work Is I S equal In force and
? ''? !l 2:2 Broadway.
rta APPLETON u Co pnbiiah Tata Day a Pronouncing
i /.Germar header to which !? ad.led a metaod of learn
irg 10 resd aed utdersuod in? German language with or
without a teacher, by Jameo U -hlicbtaier, Prof of Modern
I a- guagea tu Phllhdelpria Ac l2mo $1
n a i-Co also publishes the following Text Books ror
learning Gem an fcc.:
Adi?r's tew German scd English and English and Ger?
man Dictionary, 1 vo), la-ge 8v >. 1 160 pager. ;?5
Adlei's Progressive Herman R*adnr, 12m >. $1
Elcborn's Practical Ge-man Grammar, l2mo $1'
(Mleprtmfl'i new 'relfrid of learning to Read, Wrl'e and
Speak .heGertusn LaDgugjje, by G. J. A ller l2:uo $1. 50.
Ollendoifl 'a new Grammar for Germans to l?arn Esg
llab, by P. Sands, l2uio. <f\ 25. olfl2i!s
* ND CAN BE UBTaUM::) GiUTI*, apou apoliea
Jia. lion, (1'by letter, post pal l, 1 ?Ii cio??lf p.lnied quar?
to pages, double crilumna, of Certificate? of 'he- Wonders of
Waits' Nervous Antidote In ca-es of the w .rat Aoaphro
dlsln or Impo'encj ?Nervous D-billty. Consnmpilon, De?
lirium Tremens. Neuralgia Ttc-Doloureux, Rbeumaltam,
ana all Neurosis? li 2 Nasiau-st. o3'ills'
iJ*OR OCTOBER? Containing 123 pages of KsMwiy
(iieamboat, Cani! am ftage information lor the use of
Travelers, is now ready f .r de i^-ery to the irsde and ilia
pobilc generally Ii ha? been carefully corrected to Mon?
day, Oct. 7, gad wl'l be focrd to be a reliable companion to
tbi-se traveling for bUSlD* 1? c r pleasure.
Office cf publication lSB Kaiim at N?w York
oldSt* C. DINSatORK, Publisher.
I'HE KiRST PART of the 3 d Vol. of Comst7Ck'i Rs
porls cf ihe Decisions cf the C 'Ort of Appeals; to
Lt'.lle k Co, Albany j lobe had al ;ha Law Book Store
Of I I. DROSSY. No I Nassau ah olHiV
'j'HE D.UL.Y PI J.(17, AND THE weekly PI
I I,f)f Ponsmoutb, Vlr*-lola, edited and published by
JOHN s. CUNNINGHAM i. CD 1 tfera a tempting me
dluni to advertisers for Virginia ai d North Carolina patron
age T-riio moderate Subscription price of tbe Daily'Pi?
lot $5 j subscription price of the Weekty f2 OlO It*
A ('( pies cf either of these plans. $tl per d.zen ;$ .'u per
hundred A rare chance for relation. Apply eary at 81
NBSreti ft N.Y. oil1 It
'Tnrkl.VIiTUEt*r-? wash I NO pahp II l ET- w
l rar led tine cooy, 60 cni.ts?se .1 bv mall fee o[ piaua?e.
Apply at81 (not80) Nasaau-st N.Y. oiuir
i E AVieL^'S^wTsh I^iG-CIRCL>'lj\R-Warranted
Hcirti'- copv - sei t bv mall, f-ed of postage, for "1" renn ?
Apply at 81 Nifian-st N Y olOlt*
's ?vTm.V f.TKh ti .V'bVa vkl* uni TUD-Pne
* two p'ar a In nr." book, for $1, sent by mail, free of post
are. Apoly at 81 N/iissa si NY. Ol? It*
JLj sin chaldrons of these very superior eoalt will be lantl
lr.(. Ina few r*a\?. Ther were se eded expressiv for faml
K nie? a e of Isrite ?'/.*, and the ben nualllv for aalo la
lots 10 suit bv JAMES L,. WORTH.
It S? Broadway, and corner of Tborapson and fourth.
aXl> Ar>sJ NUT lt(>ALi-Of large alzo ano superior
r|UblHy. froiii the Bp ihn and Cent? veins, for sale by
tbe ergo to tbe. trade Address
?2K2wla K. TYLER It CO. Philadelphia.
Sc? I Id Page for other Goal Advortisetnenta.
Orrtca, 56 Wall-at.
O'UIS CGMfANY com 11-ncea buaineaa with a Caah
1 Capital of 31 OO,IIOO, actually pall In and Invested
In the 8ltck? o( in- United 8iaies and of the State of Caew
(U bnsltesa will be conducted apoa prtcclvlea lo rendar
cenaln ihe paymert of Uie itimi Injured by Ihe Company,
whether ihe Claims arise fifty years hence, o' wltalr a few
years after Its ueallon To tr.liihe character of the Tru?
tees Is pledged To enable ihem lo redeem thai pledge,
they deem 11 noresearv to require the rayrnnct of fall pre?
miums, accorcir.g lo .he rates of loaurar;c.e f the most ap
provea 1 Rices both In Englapd and here, Id cash,and not In
notes either In wbole or In part
Persons assnred by this Company will participate lu Ihe
profits of ihe Co.npany to ihe ezieut of eighty per ce.nl of
the amount, for the present, with iho prospect of dividing
tbe whole of tbe profits among Ibeinaeivefi wlihlnaahort
Arrangemepis have been made to enable ladlvliJnais, who
now accumulate a fund for a fnture day la Savluga' Banks,
to avail themselves ol the addidoaal benefit of Life Asiur
arce In this Coaipany, wiihoat making larger deposits from
their savlcgi ibaa are now uisde
Premlams may be paid annually, or may be divided lnlo
semi annual, quarterly, or monthly payment*
The prospe ins of the Company, which niora rally din
closes Us views upon tne subjeel of lasarance, may be ob
tallied at Us office.
James Brown, Henry OrlnneU,
Roben B Wlnturu, HoratloAUeo,
Rnsseli H Ncvlns, Charles N. Pelboi,
J. 8myth Rovtra, Stewart Brown,
Paul B^otToro, WlllUm H. Webb,
Jacob A WealervaiL O W. C. Schuck,
Maik W Collet, ifurllu iiotfuiau,
George P. Poilen. O 8 RohbuiB,
Wm. D Murphy, Wm W Bnlluga, N London.
Dsvtd H. Nevtna, BenJ Humlngton.Sag Herbor
Richard Irvln, Joan C. Lew, Boston.
Henry Chauncey, Sarnuoi Lawrence,
John H. Gourde, B?nen Hooper, ??
Alfred Large, Thomas B. Curtis,
P. Sirachsn. Wm. 8 Bullard,
J.SnyTH RUGfR?. Pre, dent
JOHN L WENDELL V*n e Pr'aid'ntand Actuary.
OITOKGr. ABBGTT, M D., PbyalClan.
R. H. BOWNE Solicitor.
f. V JdHriSTON, M. D. ) Medical Board of
O. BUCK Jr. aa.D. J Coasuliation.
si! 2ml*eod alexander M. OP.eIG B?>c-et*r/.
CASH CAPITAL ASSETS $200(HW?Office o7 iVail at
(Jaorcey Coart )?COLlInues 10 Insure, lives In all of Its
var.iua lores, upon ihe most fatorobU (ere??lo ihe assured.
A credit of one half Is given oa premiums of $40 ani ap
wsrd Hukt Ulken al equitable ratet for any jnrt of the
F'&esIic Haven, Preslcent iaerchanis' Bank.
Thonjss Thacker, Merchant
Renei Williams. President Kennebec Railroad.
Prospectus ar d ever-, other Information given by
JUDD At llULLISTEPw. Ageau, St Wall-iu
w. fARKP.R, M ?.
C.R Oilman, Medical Examiner. s2b 12ti*eod
See 11 Id Page for other Insurance Adver'isemeatj.
1? NASSAU.- To ri;? Shirt Detisra, 81^gh GeadeiueL,
famines, ic?Tals ts one of Ihe uoosi perfect and exi-n
slve es-jarjl'sumeuis of the kind In this or any other coauirj.
It hn? been erected si an expense of ahoui four ihoajicd
dollars and combines ihe following advantages:
1st- Persons .ea-'.ag the city in haste can have their
clothes washel and ironed In a superior minnei la from
two to three hoars time
2nd? No material Is ased la ihe washing dep-rtmenl'oui
pare rllveoil soap and filtered Cruton water, hence clothes
are not destroyed by pal-01 si apa or o.ber huanags ;o ex
lerslveiv advertised lo the newspapers.
3rd?Gentlemen'a ahirts are done up eqaal tocewshl'ls
cc sale; gentlemen's collars ironed la Troy style; light
colored vests and pa< laloonaeiegaDtly Ironed and polttneo
(lb?Clothes lost or misted (walcb seldom or never aap
peca) win he promptly paid for.
5lh?Clcihes washed at thlseBtabl'sbment wtll wear mach
longer, simply becarjse they a-e. cot only handled with
great care, but no lnjarlo-is drag, so generally ased la
washing Is permitted to come near tb?m.
6.h-Ladles drefses. arc ail 6..e aruc.es, are done a? by
an experienced French Laancress.
Clothes taken ar.d delivered free of extra charge. Izt
spots ard stairs efJVclutlly removed.
All orders ieft ai the Office 15 Sp'ace s'. or seal ihrotigt
the Penny Post, will recetve pron,pi attention.
P. 8 ?Experienced bands are empicyed to iron new
shirts. aus 3mis
IN ?BJZ UNITED STATES and all ovhor eoun.
Ilrlea Every deacrtpllon 0' documftcts for Pateata and
sale* of tnvecUotis, qulcaly and correctly arepared. cheap
Information on personal co-jsaltatlons. or post-free, gra"a
AST's Echo of Science, Inmentvm* a.na P'ttentt, is s
monthly pahllcadon. at SI a year, or 124 eis per single
anmber Edited and pnbMsh?d at 2S.?. Broadway, N y.
?emuved to 257 Broadway,
" D ?r?je? Cured by ? ud ?Ix q-iarto priaie-i pagei of
cerllf.,-?ir? of cure* C?a bo bid grain U Olo D?pOl, UC"
N???i.n.t i?rit of on i pp Iratioo, to any part.
Wow if I rim do any morn Ui max* lala wcr. 'erfnl dl?,
eovery mown. I c >, ft. n I am igr-orscl how I e eerfullv
give U lo all too poor to na? for It a?d want nothing from
the i?u,ci uetl cured aud wl'l return the rnoue*y If not
louna ttfrctual, to ihoie who iacat for It from afar, and
rb?ri,i< ao [ime n.o ? than the coat mat I .-an hardly allow
U ugv'ata enough coaix'aiioo to tcduce Ui?in to aeii !?.
T^.e fr?: a^d moat ovurwoe'.mlng TSiamatarglcal ofTec, la
Anipbrodlaia ) man?Epilepsy, r^a,
Ir Impo encj S Nouralgls, Aith-na,
Nerv ;i llrjLicto, Spanns, Congh
Abieice of Mind, ft ampa. Ague,
Appetite (leu nf ) Hj?:<-rlcs, Oout.
Nerv a. T?al:cb:r;f e, Lumbago, Anxiety,
N'gbima'e Indigestion, Grief,
8~ppr.iied Wer,;i.'?. Palpitation, Vertigo,
Furling Fuav, Stammering, Deoliily,
PL Viiu? Dacca, Re-UesaneiS, Tremo lng,
Conaampton, Convu'iioai, Tic OoVrsux,
Rbennatbn:, Hvpo-hondrla. Melancholy,
Del riom Tremens, lioiutourn Stoppage of Urine,
Nocturnal En brftona.
TALBOT WATTS. M. D 410G eenwlcb-at.
Dc-rcV. 102 Naa?au-?l.; Price? I per bottle; $'j per do/.sn,
or $9ti per gros?. No ?mal er orders at mal price wUi no
sei Any pe'arn taxing It acd not finding It the neat
mlraccioni aedlclrre ever known, are particularly requeued
Ic -oinmnc cva, for Ir it doei not give Immediate Indication
of !i? power, it muat be a counterfoil, 07 6tla*
CA RPwrmG.
432 P'arln near MadUon.
t aPFER FOR SALE one of tri moat extensive and
" " elegant stock? of Carpeting, ic. to ba found lo lbs
Oltv, enM>rsrlug
?ni.-.a In it> le. quality,colors and designs, are uaiarpatscd,
??d will be ?olii at priree rulnooi lo the trade.
In extent our nock cannot be equaled, and for variety
cannot be excelled, and price full tec per cent less than other
Carpet atores.
This description of carpets, wo have made rach arrange,
menu with the Importers and manufacturers thai we ara
orenared at ail tlinea to furnlah the iaieai and best designs
Our stock of Low Priced Carpets was naver beller, and
are lolling at prices varying from 4s lo 6s per yard.
In endless varitlle*. some exceedingly rich, varying In
'?ndih from 3 to 24 feet, nnd telllrg with all other choice
goods found in Carpel Biores, fall ten per com less tnan
other esiaiiltibnients, lo prors which a call Is solicited.
gent for Rice t Bamsoo's ceienrated Floor Oil Cloiha.
Cfrpetaind all article, connected with the trade
always 'or laleat Manufacturers' Prices.
sl9 2nd.Tn.ThS;Sal*
JIB A BLOCK OK Bui L.D1NG LOTH, with St8,?
JJj^ 'to ?daeuce up.n incut in a null Ug loan, for ?ale.
Trey sro well located and oiler a tine opportunity to
men i !' en'ii-rpilse. V> ould be sold separate y o-together.
Ap .iy lo E. MiRflNOALE,
o9 Iwls* 1 Nai.au-.t third atory,
?J&f AT 1'KIV ATK HAI.K.-? building lot. on ihe
r' r h ?tu com? r of r"ir?i kv and Oue hundred-and-li'
"^"?teamn-st, ?ach 25 (eel 2j Inches f ool tnd tear, by 100
fe'l In deplb; ?lso, 2 lola on ihe southwest corner Flrti-av.
a. d One bundrei-and-?fieonth-?! each the same slza
Hloison the ?oiiih tide of One bundred-ar d-fifieentli-st.
between Ibe First and fecond avs commencing 100 feet
v.e?l i f i':rs'-?v. ea'-b 25 by 180 feet In depth
s iot? on the nonb sideoi One-bucdred.and-fourteenlh si
belirePD ihe First Ji.d Second avs. (' unmerclng 125 feel
w> si ol Plrtbav, each 25 by ll'O feel K.ir price and further
I artlcu!?r? of the a'i^v? property, apply lo ANTHONY J.
BLEECKCR, Auctioneer, 7 Broad-st. old lar
Sale, in? home with about sevati aerp? of Land, now
occupied by Charles (4 CariM n, Esq , wltblu a few
tiilput? ? walk '( ite Ferry (Vaoderbllt's LsnClng ) Tfto
In use I? plesiantly si ualed, aud commands a line view of
Ibe Bsv Potaeatlon given on die 1st May nexi. Address
U'alicr K. Totvnser.d, Peekiklll, Wostcheiter C> Now
Yo-k. _ ol0 3l?
MVVANTail ? In a genteel Ii m?e. a front or back
pirlor. or a pleasant ba?emer!t room, suitable fjr a
phj ilclau'? i flice?aliuailon in Tenth, Eleventh or
Twt-ilt.eit. between Sljlh-sv an 1 I clversi'v place preferr
cd?Ablugdoc aquare or ibe upper part of Fcunh-jl not
objecllonabie Ai drei? X Trib?ne otlico. o|i)3t*
WANTED?To rent from ihe first of December
Si Dntli Apr.i or Uav a neatly furnlthed bou?e la the
uj per tart c f the i lty. Add res? box 1,071, Post Office,
stating location nnd terms. oil) 21*
tO I.?.T.?The store and basement No ii Barclay ?
n r ear Broad wm, imiriher O'?'P*r lely Ir.qulroof
LJL 010 31* FRANKLIN BROWN,75 Naaiau SI.
TO LET?The luwer par: of agenleelbouse. Part
of Ibe furnltuie for sain. Inquires! 183 Orchani-sl.
oil) gtta*
i choice and bnaU'ifuliy situated pr> perty lying on
'State, Aiitniiic Pai Ific. Deau, Wjckofl and Bergeu,
a d extending from f'oweri si beyond Fourth-avacue.
kn' wn aa Ihe Power estate, Is now ort'ired for nie In
?Ingln lots atd blocks to sail ptircmseri, at low prices, on
ii c most accuixmodallng terms Tne streets ihrougn ibis
p operty are graded, paven and lighted, and be no ghbor*
bo d Isji'elng raj Ib'y bulli npj irveral lines of omnlbuias
rim from Fuilon Ferry, Ibrnagh the property, and ills an
e,.-;. ?vf.is from Urn So.ith Ferry There Is uooef.erop
portonlij in Brooklyn or New.York to buy rite slioa for
building, or to Invm i In npldly iung property with a viuw
In speculation. A Urge pnrdon of the purchase money
may ira aiu or bond and mortgage for a long t?rm| of y^ars.
Inquire ofGEO FREEMAN at CO. 184 Pearl-st New
York, of Mr POWEflB, al hll residence, on lh* premiies,
or ai t'ie store, corr.er of Pacific and Prower it B.uoklyn.
oin 2are?d
Q-7, ?<OK SALE The ihrec itory brick house aid lot.
Trie lot la 25 feet by 125 deep ; li leis at praient for
?,fc* $784 whh a house on rear. Inquire of GEORGE
SMITH, curnerof Prince and 3uiltvan. olulrv
See Vlltn Pago for other Real Es t?te Ativertiam'ta,
Sr_.-,-.-'. ..- |.- o tt itO?T4>ft, BY NEW.
? -^^MJA?? The foliowlng irslus leave
IceCsotl'Sl sinn ii Daliy (Suadays excepted,) for Boskip:
a' -lock A M. and arrive at Boston al 5 o'clock P M.
Dinner at Hpilngfield - At 9 o'clock A. M arrive at Boilon
at 11 45 P ta By this train psnr-ugera may stop from two
to .b;i ebouri at New llav.u, Hartford or Spnngfield, oral
ai 5 station wh?re the Express train receives passengers.?
At 3 o'clock P. M srrlve at Boston al 11 4? P.M; oupper
at uprmgrield This train receives pa'Sengers only al iho
p Inctpal statloEs See Wils of ad the trains Pisiiugers
? Jr?lrrd to procure tlciets before taking lean in the
c?r?. |(I0 ll| R. B. MASON, Superintendent
i-fSsfffl TO 8H1PPEHS of Paper, Drills, Shset
ja?i|^-i:g?, .v.: -CLEVELAND v CO 3-1 Beaver-st
I^^1^nm piepired tocompreu the above g'Kids so
as to ?iivo from IA lo 50 per cent. In measurenurit
Blar ken already In nalea reduced 5 to i feel each.
>Mub- pack? made up of cioihltg. kc. lor ihe Iitnmus.
Alio. rrfinlih and ref Id every d"icr'p'Ii n of dry goods
and retioro ?pottedard damafed goods to their original
vs oe >> od? from auction atiended lo as ntual and ihlp.
pra wlih prompmess oil lmeodls*
?&^f~ .ST?A.M.-.H I ?' ? iSPRK Y, FOR CHARLES
?at^OCaJ^Tt) - o i; ? Tne ?piendlu sieama?lp 'JttPrtE Y,
?""'^^^^J Dickinson Commander, wHl sail from the
wharf, foot ol Lombard-sL Pniladelphla, on Saturdsy, Oct
12 si 10 o'clock A M For freight or psssag-;, apply al
KINSLEY t CO.'.* Expreis 1 wallst corner of Broad?
way, wbero a plan of tr.e imp may be seen asd ?? ??;?)? io
cured. F reight lor ibii vi-nel ?bomd leave New- York on
Tnunday Price 10 renti per cubic foot. Passage $20.
For 'tinner Information refer to
o7 4tla*
TO iT| 11.1,1 NKIf."i ?A good far, -, i.i.iutr,
(?h'iwoaid be wldtng lo go out of me city, can
rear of a good iliuation t.j applying at Ibis ollice
, beiwi tn ite houis of 1 acd 2 this day, Oct. iO. Hal
?7 fer weak. OlO ll*
?\_*sTttA\WD Oll ?TOIiErl froai or near the
i?-?vfioni of ttiecouin No 241 Ciiaib-it on Woi'nesday,
" tie 9lh inn a gre- mare ar.d a one hone rocsswiy
w:., gon or.e ieat u-.e |ef. ir aft broken, BLd the mssers'
name Keeve? ?i. Co Jamale?, L I on bran plate. A mlis
u> rtwtm wiii be paid for lj? recover^ ol the same, or
fcr ?uc1 infarrratlon a? iha.'i lead in u by app Icatlon to
o|i Ii* E i. C W. HMUOHTON, SO^Walktr-it^
the < Rice of ire B'OoSlyn Dairy Fieerusn?or:o upon
wfctrb job worx can be dor.e. Tn- one no>r In uie is not
sufficlenil- lar.'e Adcren Dally Freeman, l.y l-tier, at the
Tribnne Offieo.orby mall poit p?id, Broajklm Post.Office,
na lug klt-d of preis size, and terms of sale or rent
C'D^.tJIWriONHK** 10 ia?e acknowieJgirems and
'deooaUona f-.r oitr.r S.at.-1 whoie naa.es are not tn
?er:-dlii be Lawyers' tflarj 'or the present year, publlsnexl
bj ibe lubiciiberi ar? requested to lend their address for
tnieriloo In the Diary cow prer-s'lng f,>r 1351, i,,
BELL i. GOULD, L?w BUtlooers,
06 Iwls 158 Nassau-st
RK SL'PKKME COURT - Tliomu Ritchie and A .drew
,.ii a^i.iiat Pe-er Grernliill?Sunimon?, for a raonay -Ja?
ma::.! 1,l ca auaci aoii cot aerr.;?To PETER GKEEBHILL:
t> ,-e i.ereky sttRimiraect and requirarS tr abaoerth* cornpteiotia
? . , - - m-i. . I- ?(. SV.) in the orlice ot tb? Clerk of tb? City and
C<.ir.-.> ot Ne*-Y.,rli, at tie Cit) Hall in aid Cit) on tha Ath.iay
of rjc'oLer, IfcW. and to serve a copy of your aivw^r to the aajd com
p'?.ei on Uio a'iii?criber, at bla oIRcb, So. el Merc?an:?' El. har:i?,
u, u-? Citj of ffew-york, within twenty day. after the service of Uiia
sun moo on yon, eicluaive ol the day of aa>-h aerr* a. and if you tail
to anewer the said complaint ?.?.hin the La* afoma^l, the plaisiin*s
in'ht* action will take judgmeot a^tirjit yen for theiaocf **T?>
?: two I m -trad and ?tefaty one dottars, * th inraara.1,
twenty eickthcay of Anrtut. one thouaaod ai?!it hundradsnslanj,
te.id? tne,?.,.?, offJj?a.:t:...u-f)?t?4 Sew Tom. Ort*r ?^??
OlO law.-.wTb DANIEL 1). LORD, Ptodj ijWPfT^
T7? ? ,.?t a lt. H flonld ara:tMtJobn I
?wer tl>* comphuni ? th^ ??.oo -rbich ?r?a\ &? ? ^ Co ,ntf,
tile Clerk ol th. Count) ?> Bro me ,??B<fS ? ? ?f your ????r
? t? t?& si
?m"; her-V?rr.of 4e day ol ??d ?^lD appb- f-da*
1 a'rjwe, tlU eon plaiar a, sfi re..e< th. r^,, U, bj
t 52E"court foe K- raharl d.-?a-.d? .? ^J.^mtet tili,
' (" ? :o,U01 ,S ??LOMOS JVVV ^-^juart-Tk*
Philadelphia MarkeU--Nto?li?
C',rrtepoi.oei.re of Tb? Tnrmn*
rlTtl of tbs ?teamsr, ?r.d theligfa pricMdW^ ScatT
Tu? bsvebad a tendency I., retard upjraitoos it ,?u' Si
Tho extors derrand for Flour continue* llmlwd el"
only mem .w, ?rn.ii lots standard brande htva t*v?a dti
posed of al t; j- bbl. whleh l? ih- i> -er.| a,,,?t J^jJ
(<eie. In lol? 'or elttr eor.ororltr.rp nl I L f...-?-? -
Sttond Heard?Soo Caroden ad Ao>bny rr St, 71), 96] ;
1' rrk>;?. 76 i ieononUC?DtJ,?i}i i.soolj
tlgb ts, 7Et j S,0Oo U 8 6?. '67 I I7j ; 200 City 5?, *>.
Latest News, per Electric Telegraph, from Lon?
don and Liverpool.
Paris, Tuasdsy, September J4.
Bourse Five*, 93 20 j Threes, .".7 70.
The Prefect of tbe Haute Garonne haa pub?
lished a proclamation, prohibiting all clubs aad
meetings of every description.
The Moniteur contains a kind of semiofflHa?
manifesto, laying down the course of the Pres.
ident, "that for the sake of meeting the menacing
attitude of the monarchical party during the last
two months, he will apply to the Assembly for a
prolongation of power, which ho only asks for tbe
sake of establishing order, con?denoo and credit,
and with no dynastic views,- and if refused, he
will cot hesitate to tunke an appeal to the people.'
The advices respecting the potato crop continued
very unsatisfactory. It is stated to bo worse than
at any timo during the last four years.
The premium on gold is o.u; per cent, dotrer to
Paris than in London, and 0 35 per cent doarer la
Hamburg than in London. The Exchange at New
York is 0.67 percent, in favor of England, which
leaves a small profit on the importation of gold
from the United Htatss.
The steamship Propontis arrived in the Thames
yesterday, having left Smyrna on tho 17th. Sorna
activity prevailed in conse<iuoiioo of the comrnenoo
ment of the fruit season. Business had been done
in madders, and there was rathur a belter feeling
Bmnrg holders. Not mach Join* in manufactures.
Coli'eehad slightly decliuod, owing to the Increase
in stork.
Exchange on London, llOr/lloj
Welcome to James Hamlbt.?The people of
Wil iamsburgh hold a congratulatory meeting last
night at the Congregational Church, on the o.:oa.
sion of the return of James Hamlet from Slavery,
ard to express their views of the atrocious Fa
gitivu Slave bill.
National Reform State Convention This
MORNING.? We trust our Reform, readers and the
Worklngmen generally will not forgot that the In?
dustrial Reform State Convention commences its
sessions at Hw: Meeting lioom, 1 10 Market at. at
10 A. M. The policy to be pursued by the Land
and Labor Reformers during the forthcoming cam?
paign will be settled. Letters will probably be re?
ceived from tho Gubernatorial candidates who are
in favor uf their principles. Tho questioning po?
licy will he recommended in all Districts, and If the
nominees answer favorably, no third ticket will be
presented. It Is all-important that Laud Reform
Congressmen are also electer*
Court Calendar?This Day?Common Pleas.
-fan l-Nra 613. 714,713, 716, 721, 7^7, 728 7? 733, 74.1.
747, 7-1!) 751, 7;3, 7<5 Part 2?Not (152, Still, b72,67b' ?B?,
esv, f84 695, 096,698, 700,702 filti, 7<i?, 705
.-iij.rime Court? Nos 31,39, s), ?7 73,75, ?ti, 8( to 88, fcfj
to P7, 9'J to 110, 1!2, 6,5, 113 lo I1C, fill 117 lo 121.
Court or General Sessions?Before tbn ii?.
cordf rar.d Aid Cook and B.ird? Weonesoay.?Admitted,
? On modou of Alfred A Philips Esq. Siiney H Stuart
km admit ed io practice as a Coauselor of ibis Couri.
Trial for Highway Robbery.?Toe trial of Patrick P.unk
oil, ladle ed oi i lubivsy robbery, was resumed auheopen
trtr of Court John Young wa* sworn, and lesllfied that
be lud been coilined In ihe Tombs for six weeks, aa a wit?
ness In ibis case, that bo was at Pl?nkelt's on ihe nl?bt of
lb-S6tn of August; I was awakened by Ualy, the comulaln
ant's voice, who said l?st his money wss rone; I then
sroae from bed sad went with 1 >? ly lo see Plunkau, who
denied taking ihe money from him, and said If he (Daly)
aid not ke.p quiet he would throw blm ou. of the dour ;
when 1 rmiio up lo court, Piocketi said to me, If yoa go
a* ay sad say nothing about It, 1 will give you f >; I then
l<-Id ail I knew; and was locked up as a wliness; I told
ollicer Msgn.es and Mr Smart that P unketi offered the j,,
to go sway. Ollicer Masons testified to arresting tbe prl?.
oi er, ard to finding a part of the stolen money coacesled
In s osk in the prisoner's house Evidence was then ad
duced lo show Ihe good character of tho accused. The
prosecution Introduced rebutting evidence, showing Ihei
ar used to be a man of notoriously bad character The
evidence here closed Tb? csse will be sammes up this
(Thursday) morning, lo winch lime the Court adjourned
Ocl - byR?i John Macautey, JAMES B RA IN K It I) TATLOS ta
His* JANE COOPE It. both of tins City.
rtn Wednesday, OcL V by Her. Thomm De Witt, D. I), at Ui?
Cl rcl Dl the Puritan.,THOMAS M. SUEPHARD to MARIA C.
STARR, all of thin City.
A: Hapletoa, n. J. on Tuesday, Oct ?. by Her. Dr Hnd<i, of
Pnncetou, Rev. ALBERTUS van D KWATER, of Athens, Pa. Us
Miss ANNA VAN DYKr'.o: Mapletoa.
On t> e evening of TuesJsy.Oc? H, by Rev. K g. Porter, Mr. 3 S.
J08ELYN, Js. to Miss ANNA SCHKNCK, boUj of ? . ir-l,.
' At Rhinabeck Oct 8, by Her c. Bohter, of Lensiriburjh, Mr. ao
r.r-m oanLORD, ol Niw YoA.toMiss Martha champmn,
of l'.Linebeck.
lVe.tr....<?y rt.r.ra:nr, Oi.t \ at iy. "/clock, of lability, MICHAEL
TAOOART, ?*rn 7(i)ears.
Tbe friende of hmlnmily. anp liio.er.f his vm* B-rr.ar.1 an<1 Mtflisef,
are re*pe?;tl'til!y inv tec; to uttei..! I,i? funeral at 3 o'clock pr-cie-'/ o?
i '..i- la), lOtl ,i eu V M. fn m bis late residence is Portieth o?
tweea Br.e.twjy r.r;.ISuth av.
In PruiiCer...-, 11 L on the nicht of Oct. (.LEILA. s*coattd?aj*
ter of John It. Bartlelt, Mexicso Bour.'l*ry Comniisnoner, ?aod ?
y*OnTuesdsj evening. On. 8, of a bilious sSaartton, Mrs. DEBORAH,
RebUlsas a-id friendsara'reapectfiilly in?.to stund her funeral
at her In? rr-.ierie 136 l.r^en ?t. on TlrJrrdsy, 10th in,L st 1
lect P M. ?'J n*?
U; \Vr,)r.esday, Oct 9, Mr. NANCV NELSON, widow ol la* IaU
Dr Tbi rr.i. NekK n,?<"l 71 years.
If./Ir endt, ar..l Uie friends of the Ism.i.es ol l. Holbrook asA
Ihos 3 Vr!.o?. sra invited to ?tien.l her funeral at 4 o'clock this al
Urr.oon, from till PlerpOBt it Br.e.klyn.
CoMNECTicu'T?The Constitution.?The peo?
ple, or a sms'l portion of thoa), voted on two pro?
posed anieridm- nts to :he Constitution last Mon
dsy. The first tiivesthe election of Judges of Pro
bare to the people, and the second gives the elec?
tion of Justices of the Peace to the popolsr vote.
Thrse amendmen's have undoubtedly been ep
pre. er! by eu overwhelming majority. In Hart
fi rd about 200 votes were polled, all " yes" except
15 ataiDst the Probate clause, and !<? agaicst the
Justices. In other towns in this vicinity the pro?
portion of votes in favor of the amendments wai
oui cssgrest. | Bartford Times, 8th
Destrucive Fire.?On !?"?vU\Bt?
broke out in T Gary;.*g+fi? ^SSkSlt
tbe town Of P^^^'tb" and 10 new ws*.
log contaimrs about n," Th? ent)r(J (o|< of
or a, beside too/sjumb?^ 00
bui'ding snd l^teDU tbo^ ^ cousurrj?, .
Cr, k-s store ^?g?2<*? 00?- Tl">
lo.? l*Wof^?J2 Odd Fellow, and SorJof
,fory was CKcnpiefl a|, d8etroyed.
TTouSownedbyT Cary, and occupied by
a rKrk a/apostoiHce ?nd grocery store, was
ftetioied-iot* on goads ?5C0-contenU of
a''?.rffice saved. The upper story was ocoupied
P? a W Kent as a shoe shop, who lost all.
rD addition to the above, two large barns and a
tk.d owned by t Gary, of that village, wero de?
stroyed. Vaiae unknown.
Diath bt Disiasz of the Heart.?An Inquest
was held yesterday si the corner of Ettbty-sixtb-st. aad
Third av on tbe body of Barney Bald aria, a native of Ver.
m< at- fa years of age, wbo died suddenly at bis residence
on Tuesday aftern?'?. A verdict of death by disease oa*
the heart wss reoaered.

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