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Later ? um taut? Fe.
I c?jrrt?poLcierc? of the BL Lou's Republican. -
1 rbe mail from Bant* !?*?? ? bao? ??j??n. sii days
|b?fore it ii doe. The trip was macld in tvonty
jf/o tlajagoiiis; (;ot<>; ? I renty-oneaay? returning.
qfo ha\e no news of much interest from tic tr>w
f#rritor.,, other that* t i i I dlao d?iturbaaaes were
ftoear.'i: f? occasion*. ?> ii ? rerent pari? of thecoon
>-j, and ? nie stock <irh sc i s > Irom the farms by
?kjiu, without much hor ss of recovery. Hoy. Com
Sy, in going out wil ? trab, had i| bty head
j/naulrs taken away ram by them, and coii,d
l|| mot e until he reoeived more animals fro a 3 tat a
ire, ul.ich place ?11, fortui >. :ely, not far off.
The prospect for baatneaa waa very g iA, 0.0 ?
jf the traders who ' <t: &-rved having sold out
ptty rauoh ab their g< .
The troops which loft Fori Leavena ?'.. ionie
jr.*. mi ?? frorivFort
1 6ro
:nreo w>
much 1
:-e of do
UoL Suroi
. can* it
Ibe as;! carrier met Hall 5 tram t? ino crossing,
?j b--'*n's Governmeui train near the Settle
jsantr, .-.their ?aj out Of those comi ..; in, Mr.
J,N. Boss's train will ho here in a day or two;
Cijn.,., ?-. of Westport, near at hand ; as ilwaiO'
fjatiU y ?. of Independence. Near Moro, on he 3d
(September, ibey overtook Messr?. Wm S Mas
leivy, Jtrry Folger, k"d party, (elected rlepre
?jntstive in Congress under ike lateState ?i.vera
jnent,. Fur greater safety and re.-reir ol trip,
K^ycame by the " Boot Fort Uouto. ' The', have
jjj ts ort with th.em of thirty Dragoons The fol
fa/mil ? i.itned officers aro of '.ho party: Co'.. HI ay,
tfaj. Peck, Lieut. Simps Capt, Bumbsr sad
j,leut. Bumsides. rhej will be in about the lost of
the month.
-With Mr. Brown? train ji?t started, Mr. Ke
pbart. 1: Missionary s;r;t out by the Presbyterian
Boaio of Missions, has gone Mr. Major's train, of
twentj wagons, I etc Fort Loaven worth for the new
the Ark&istc c iuwdavsttKO; as also
?Jdo ?V. Co'* trains and Browns second lot of
We h??e nothing occurring here of much inter
tft- ?* neral good health over the country.
hhve a letter from a fi lend iu Santa Fe, of the
litest oate, whMi annouz cos the arrival th?re o
|n tzprrca from Fort l.tavc:: worth, with impor
tint firpjitchcB to the c remanding officer of tha*
dsptrirnect. These dispatches had reference to
jn|icl[>Bt?d difficulties with Tcxie, in relation
to New Mexico, but a? the necessity /or them
but passed away h ' < r-v m cf Cor-gresi in
relati' n to the Texas Boundary, it is not worth
jrhile to repeat therr.
Col McOaJJ, the accomplished and onorgotlc in?
spector (ieceral, wa? to lenve for Taos and Bar?
clay'* Kurt iu a lew daja.
Tut (.old mi;;e which was discovered near Chi?
na! hu* some time b>;o turns on: to be not very pro
Stable The reports in relation to it were very
nach exaggerated?by the way a very common
thing in regard to all 0: th.se gold mines
Wheelor, who killed Capt.Papin in the city 0!'
Santa has been tried a:.d acquitted by a packed
jify, composed of Mexicans.
Auhrj strain of wagon's reached Santa in
[?5^ daja from Independence, aud was detained
tao da\ by a storm. Th?-. wagons were abseii'.- from
Santa Fe- 77 days, being 21 days less than any
previous trip.
Court ot Apnenln.
Albany, Oct. 11, 1850.?No 66. Jones & Jones
Igt. Judd, appellant: submitted upon printed
ligaments and points. N. Howard, jr. counsel,
if0." 1 - Bahcock. appellant, agt The Montgomary
Co. Mutual Ineuranr-c t'o respondents ; judgment
iflirmed by default. N. Hill, j-. counsel lor re
ipondoiit*....No. 22, Tallmadge, appellant, aet
Cushman, ex'rix. and others, respondents: argued.
Joseph Blunt for appellants; VVni. Curtis Noyea
lud Samuel Stevens lor respondents....No. 23.
leavit*. Receiver, >Vo. appellant, agt. De Launay
jbidanother, respondents; argument commenced,
oiruucl Beardaley lor appellant; Franc!? B. Cut
ling for respondents.
THE t..'i: ^rEAOEEiRP.
For cXnropo.
Bll.'l IC.Capt. I ounum.t'ur Liverpool....Sat
fiCiriC.Cai't Nn.For Liverpool....Sit
VaT AinerlPH.
collibs'i line?iS'ir^i jrom I.nerpuci
fiCiriC.Capt Nva.F.,r Near Vork..W?d
ati.?mii.Capt. W'aaT.Ki r haw York..Wad
Kcr Aoterion.
uia ...
sa "i a1' *
iTRK '
i'ot- li
tAMl -i.l.-..Ci
U1K1.i -. a.Ci
For Bremen.
BRUANN.CapL Caaavai.from New-York..Mod. Oct. tl
?ASUlNOTON.Capt Lvore..from Now York.. Wad. Nov. ?0
IRK AN?_Capt Caaaiaat....From New Iork?frid. Dae. 80
From Breroru.
oi-iia Steam Navigation CoMriKr.
WASHI.V.'tTON.Cape Liova.For >'?? York..?Tiiae.Oct. IS
UR?1A.%.N.Capt. Oiiriii_For New York....Fnd. Nov. |?
S/UHIS - ton.Capt I-i.oii>.For New Tcrk^Sao. Dec. it
For (.'luaiow,
iVrnea AVir-l'orA for (iltugotf.
|iTf or oi.ASOOW..B. K. UAtaawl.-Aboot tl:? rc.ddla of aviry
ahamala month, riai 1l Hay, July, S?pt?:ubar, Nov'i aLd Jauaary.
From <?Iiuiaovr.
Frtmt (t fciao.no /or AVip- Vor?.
UTT OS 0LASOOW..B. R. atav?awe..About the middlapf avary
aharijiu mouth, tu: to Aprd. Juua. Aiitun.Oct'r. Dac'r ?od Fab'y.
\1RH, .tKKVlr-\w I'tH.I) CAM?Y.?SrRlNO
'I COl'lillS ami CUliUS
Tjo vapors of tho ateamui|| earth,
Evolved l.oDoaili tho Hun of Spring.
To hoarienen, cough antl colli jjtvo birth,
And Death amid itieui wavei lile wlnf.
The " Sun of Match " 10 Shakipere wrole,
It varyapl l<> nonrlsh ague;
And Icflaeca, rroup, sore throat,
Too frequently li tirlnga to plague you.
Be wie? In time.' Mseaee and Death
Tighten their fraip while fooia delay:
? Tomorrow," macj a victim aalih,
VVhoao rale, perchaoc^, tiaoge on !*-d<ii..
Don't lay, " thli eold will aooH go oil."
Or Ihlnk 3 our cbesl and lucgaImpervious.
But when attaok?' wi;!i cold or cough,
llaiten at once to Mra Jervls.
Surely aa Jay given place to night,
Or Sprint; luccetdi to Winter's throne,
Her Candy pun a cough to r!li;ht.
And gives the lungs s healihr tone
Sola wholesale and retail by Mra. VV. JERVIB, Sotj
Roadway, one door above KraaSlln-ei. and sold by drug
nu generally. Agents?II(i Broadway ; 10 Aitor House;
Pin. Hajes, 183 Ponon at Brooklyn. Each package li In
rttrlablv eignedlMre. VV. JERVI8. Be iure to aikfor Mrs.
MR\18 ? Cold C&ndv Phi up in packages of la, 2s, 4a
pad ?1 each. 014 it
r >. 0 '.TLAND-ST.
. *s New York. ellmeod*
1 Fl. u., -jalitlei of OvKkIi uo ?dvaoia.eoui lermi for
HK Latest Style* 't, f real rtrleij Also. Ladles Drew.
tai iu I rollette ditto,
ITi ? KT"S l*L.\Nt
An encioly new artlc
~* ftrclshed with % gcard
phlch Mectaallj protecti ne face from being cm, and
^ale^V* "' '',b "e!T M*
FRANCIS TOMES a S'JNS. ? Maldeo-laae,
5- - j"f^?r? o_f Cdt'ep- and fancy Hard wart,
rit.^h.1,1,crt.',*r '"^^"y ?we 10 inform faml
Ss?vl5? a? 1,1BOW,fn'|y prepared to supply them with
wiV. a', Mll?on' h*? Wd ruoitrj, of the choicest
Wty Also. Couctry-tVd Pork, and ftiungei macufac
ced Cal.y.byb'mielt. rreah \ egetilTj,"r?'l klnii Id
Jg. Shop Butcher. mn
-? _ ?SA Smeod*
IJOLA^ES pUPSa-And ??owtheBactwTn.Te..
.Iiot. has atrtyed, and so n will come ihe WttMest^faU
?ge. bttter cold mornk.?s. when ?rldget wi.l be t,.'din
SJUTIJ BD ihe cake*," iru .20 btttter ati raolaa.oi w K
ireg;->-..:cn, and the beautlfal do-ie-coverod K .;?,?*
ga,?0 i.osrly reiembilni- illver. will be ne?1?d ? ?u<i ,11
Wtea who have tiem n-i. win eend for ti^w, 'w,,fi '
??, i? Ihe BrllaDnl* U a.-*- itore of
jjlj^_l? r.li:s HART, C, Bur-lng-iUp
'At;r? KOFKM, and ail klridsof papermanaf?;tnr*ri'
*uu< j il l<oagbt and ?oM on liberal tt>rm?. bv
I ?tAUoTT A 0ERR1CR8ON, ?'ianJ IU tooths
PF4R.8 & BROCK W iY.\A 'v -
DVANCKS made on oaslguajenls, s.= '! r;
Cortland-st.; iitar;
irth, Bleuten ie Co.*
-) front-** ; Alian *
? <J tVoQl-ii , Cov
1 i Co tVi Pearl-r
*n ??Od, NsWa-'r
? ii* ** A " aU 1 RAlLROAr EIO? BI< ai (i.irjonti. U
the management of A B Miller and J. f. Conger.
?'.HE AMEM IAN HOTEL *l Crucos, und?" -
Sjjementof ? R rolger and H MUler Jr
' UNI I ; STATES HOTEL Pa-.au>*. a?<.?
tor aacag-irierii of Adrian 3 4t!!:*>? lei DfcCif
t ^Al.lF'UKN * A <?OjLi) IH.ST. Sanda and Qjarir.
varied by SOLOMUN ii CO Oo:d and Bl!ver Refin?
er', Assajers Sweep Mellen anc Cleaner, of farm's
n '? arals s.rd eM known ?ulntaL'-ei that contain tbeabave
n ? ''a O -1 i' >.'. ?!l>??>', ci?mmi-.'? p'Mfi >.,* m'ir.?g
tgbt. Jewelers' and illversrnltns' sweeps, ores and
* bard i-;';' nee? gtound at the R-finery. Refinery. 45
Aed-iI. M V. N B.?All kinds ol guilt ana plated metals
wai tod. 08 lm"
anal Properly on ibemoat favor*! ?- !*<?:?,?
Jeremiah Johnson, fi lisrn J. Valentine,
Alonzo A. Al*ord: James C 8*Mwia,
Daniel fin rtnett, JayJarvU,
William Wallace, John 8 Harris,
Thomas Mctirstli, Robert Ba-aley,
Luke Baker, K-aneli A. Palmer.
DAH'.t.L BURTNETT, President.
Ja.mp.s M Mi Ll < n, Secretary, ob if
tlftce r'n S| Wall, corner of P?r.r|-*t N i
CAPITAL $200,000
iils CUurANY, having luelr capital all ><a!a U. is,
sesb, >i" prepare' to insure Buildings, Merchandise,
jsebolri furniture, Vessel* In Port, inetr Carrot, i.s
lest Ion or damage by fire: also, the Risks of f.ilapd
Igatlon and Transportation, oc 'tie raoe' fworsbl*
if ??? loaees promptly adjusted and paid
UsUTOst? Moses Tayloi S.arao? ?ooaa
e& Maatii Sborbb Eldes TiiAsP.ijaicnAL.re?
ncis Skibdv, Henry Knrv An* 8. Pobtkb
Office, ?b3S Il'd?-street, iVew-York.
CAPITAL, St.00,000*
Hoi Hugh White, T C Morp.n W.G Vacdenba'gb,
Isaiah Blood, P.O. Avery, ii. I). Kul.er,
Alfred Nojroo. Joahua Mors, Samuel A Home,
Mayo i'ond, G'lb V Laoslng, Robert B ake
Jin ill WHITE, president.
ISAIAH BL'JOD, Vice-President
I*. O. Avery, Pecretarv.
'IMl IP* ?JOMPANY, having a full Capital paid In
I hnd Invested, are prepared to Insure'building* mer?
chandise ar.d household furniture against loes or damage
by lire, on the most reasoTiab'e leras. Ali Jones promp .y
coj'isttd and peld ai tbe New-York Oifim In mosey cur ea".
at ilie Bsnks In this cUv. Local Reierees i Hon. John
Youcir:, Wm P. Miller, Esq B5 Sold-st.
o'Jlleod JAMEd a. P.KUUA, Agaat
s j,r TUT CITV 0*7 NEW-YORK, ..tr,co Ocean Bs?B
VP Building, corner ol Greet, ?rieb ?ad FiIiji ij Bash
e?f-Val. ttPft 01,; fosuranne against loss nr dtrotge by fire
CROWELI, av- president
t.'Roa?S W. Bay>??, Secrelary. JeM'f
.S-T-oaice No I Merchants' Exchange. Wall-at h. y.ar.
M J"iilion at. Brooklyn Try r-1? t.TwnjtTH, Pres
A. ?TJ Bravnus, Secretary. bus Srs
ii CLTY 6. BIKER 131 Chatham-si. rail the at.e.nlon of
.iVall persons wanting Siiedes to their aasorlmeet ol
Bhedes and mstetlal? ior ii;?k!nf; ind hanging 8h?'to?
They make ihe heal quality only, ?od sell at prices fall 2J
per cent less iban any Other manufscturers. All Shades
warranted not to stick or curl. s21 Inj"
uK BVERX uEsunirnuN,
W'HOLKBtLE AND RETAIL, ai gieai hargalns, in
li lots to suit purchase!*, froua 2s up, at 15B Poatl, f jut
doors from Cbalbam-st. 7ila:iii'.ni;s, Camliric?, tc. foi Hie
Trade. |ol2lmnJ W. O. JBNK3.
iVLIUUW rllSAUMP?: t-lLiI- ?O&NICE?. O&A
ft PEKV MUSLINS. *c? rjmiiio* aboot ranitshtuf
hotr vrlndOTrs wi?l ibe aber? l?riicis*, will 6nd al J <T
vYOODTOKD'S, 295 Broad??' the l?r?esi and beat *u>
. ortmesl In the elty; leyeral rv??" ?nie* r,e?er liefore tntr0>
't: ?d !? Nrj-.Vora Laco anil *nu?l!n curuila?, drapaqr,
.hi-eU, loops, itiar., .?nds. rsru'ce*. A.c. l*amlilea pur
'i sing of lie subscribe! ? -, ?lv upon selling a first-rat*
srilclo, am' as low as It Is po?|i)!e to Import or inaiiut'a*.
? '?! Me- ibants buying alwbolesalewlll find It decidadly
!o tbalr odTan ... la call .'a.'oic ourchaslng eljawbere.
s'.Sl' J. ? WOOb/ORD, 3ii Broadway
tfH^ii-^"-ySlVraong about pttrcliasiiu; Pinn.is will lind
iT If Sil ft fi t to ?ielr advantage to rail at BENN ET n
IS J if j 1/COMPANY'S Manufactory, 152 Fulton-st
feast side of Broadway.) They have a lur?-e assortment of
Rosewood I'iiuios constantly ou hand. Every Instrument
warranted for two years. Ii. k Co. have the names of more
?iun L00O persons tney will rofur to, who have purchased
pianos of iliem, all of which litivo piven universal suti.-fuc
tion ; but when any doubts (ire exprossed us to their quality,
the payment may be withheld until such doubts are re?
mover!. Old piiros exchanged New nud second-hand
piaiioB to let. _ n?7 it
.I.HL't'IITfcl oV NEWTON, Piano
1 Forte manufactory mid warerooins, Ji'imd
'J Cutiul-st. The subscribers offer for sale
a large lasaortment of elegant piano-fortes
from 6j to S octaves, in rosewood mid mahogany cases
These Instruments art- made in the most sulistaiina] manner,
and of their best seasoned materials, by experienced me?
chanics, under our own Immediate choree, und are unri
yalt'd in sweetness of tone and delicacy of touch. Those at
b distance, by specifying their wishes by leiii-r in regard to
style or quality of to'ue, may depend upon a faithful selec?
tion. All iustrumiuis warruiitou. V. C. LEUCHTE
til Sur II. J. NEWTON.
.JPIAN?-FOKTES?Personsaboul pur
hasing pianos will rind i: to their advan
ftage to call at lt. Glenn -t Co.'s manufactory,
' IM Fulton-st-(west of Broadway.) A geh
I eral assortment of mahogany and rosewood pianos con?
stantly on !inn?i, which will be sold low for cash or approved
! papor. Dealers sui>plied on lile-ral terms.
I s2P tl" R. GLENN .v CO 131 Fuiion-st.
& II. HAK.tlOKU offer, a; ihelr
r.ufacloi?ard wsrerot'in, S-ls Bl e^ker
carcer of Cbarles-lL an assort.nr.nt of
jele?.'aat Plvto-yortc*, wlih the meialllc
fran.e bdq reverie bridge, and ai! other modern Improve
mer.:* o5 lma
fillRE. at 7 Hit-clay .-'.. oj-; : . ? A,-.-r
[House, from iij to 7 octavos, ui rosewood
1 maliofttiiv ensos.
aulf 3m-_ late Tallman & Randal!
J. dk V. FISCHER, (late Nunns k
Irischer) &fanu&ctory and Wareroom 179
lOreenwicb-Bt. cor. of Dey-st,?Piano-Fortes
_ J warranted, with reverse bridge and nutent
tabe, well calculated ror keeping in tuno ' Piuno-Fortes
taned, repaired, let on hire and exchanged ol2 lira
JBl'BOfs At xvaIThinkk
Piano-Forte Makers,
tf > ? B'osiwiv, M. Y.
fh kok KICK \v. PAOHT1HANN, 170
Ciuial-st. would respectAilly inform his customers
and the public in general that he keens, as usual, a
very large assortment of tine Gold and Silver i
rch and fashionable Jewelry, aud Silver Ware 1
every description Every article warranted as renre
:od oiid at the lowest possible prices. Watches, Jewlery
SiiVer Ware made to order and repaired. sSO lm*
11 THE l.AKiaCSTa-sonmentofBed
Heads. Beds, Matressea and leathers or
f^i*.^ er offered for eale. at M WILLAIID'3
Warehouse, 160 Chatham-sL corner of
Mulberry-sL The attention of house-keepers and others is
particularly called to Willie's paten! light and left screw
bedstead. 'Old beds renovated; cot* whoiesaie and retail
s?j lm*
mFASHIONABLE HATS.?Just rmisbed, the
most spiendid article ever offered. Elegant Kreuch
Silk Hat* at the low price of ususllv sold a! .?;
Also, an article iX %i 50. Neat Hats at Si BROWN,
e^ti lm* 158 CtuiaJ-st- one door from SuLUvan.
MF A SHIONABLB II ATSaoel Caps for gen?i
aid young gen?, ladies' Bcsrets and riding .Ilata,
caps for lr. 'iv.:t and a lai-s e ?asortmenl of every vari.
ary of far* always on hand. Purs cat in order at j. H.
MONARCH'K 5 -V Bowmv _*20 lm*
J'OI.Dlb^** and a'i ottirr p-.t?rsoos bartng claims for
^ 'and under i.he recent Bouciy Lani aci. can ornala ihelr
Fjnecessary papers upon *p,l!ct.loa to the suhscriher, st
ilkhls office 19 Nasaaual New-York, aa expadlilotuty and
ttpu as rr asonable lerros as thev can he obtained through
ary oti.?r erancel |o3 lw | " W. 1. GILBERT.
ItjTlr^?K^riJLlM AS SAI.TE for the care of
? SerofUI? ?-'t Rher.m. -Vc fo' sals bv RUSHTON,
CLARK U CO. 110 Broadway.'.'1 Anisr Housa, and 273
? roadway. sSO Im'
. H?rcaiN?s, jo:
iaysrd s:. ike sec. i: d ir
The rooms ere ban!
SO ?
i:i; it rear
e and baseai?a> No 8 Bare ay
'.h*r if s spv \*\y Icqutreol
IN KROWS 75 N*-ini iL
Km ?Contain ng )acres of land, in a high nate of cultlrs
ilor, commanding a fine - lew of ihe Hudson Rtvs
,nd an exlerslve Ian : scape v|?w.
Tli*- aubacrlber offers fur aa'c ,ha place on which he now
resides; ni'i
fr. m the cei ier of the village
bouse I? larg?, hol i I" the ItaTfai
be?t manner having marble mi
h.,i|er In the kileheo, speaking It
Is lie&itd by a furnace iu the i elli
lc?1 house ?*i joining ih? iniU ro<
we 1 of excellent water, near
nocked w!;>-rboir? fruit, flower
{.-rounds handsomely 'uld out,
orchard of Gne pre'fiel fruli of
with a Ibrifty peach orchard, In
rUpe house ard outbuildings
->nd, ai)?ni half a mile
Poutfoseepsie. The
,ie, aid rioiihed In lie
i throughout, ranee
i. kc. itc. Tne noaoe
Therets sa excellent
Also ?; never-faUlnsj
door. Th? place Is
a shrubbery, arid tte
er** i? a'so'au "ipp'e
irly 100 trees, together
cor. of Rrood-itan i Exchange-p'ace, N.V
gZi AT PRIVATE SALE, building lots on the
e=32 Eonhwesl corner of First ev and One handred-and-fi'
?~^ieeutn-at ea,-!; 25 feet ij Itches frorii *nd rear, by 100
lee! !d depth: ?lso, 2 Inli ou the southwest corner Firit-sv.
el? Ur.e hundred-and : f.tenth ?'. t-acn the ;ain_? stzs
6!ulion.tbe roulh ?lfie cf Oca h:iidred-r.-d-firie<>n;ri-j'..
bftwt'-n the Firs: and Fecund a-.-s commencing 100 feet
weai of Firsl-av. each i'5 by Ii o tret in depth.
<s lota on ihe nonh nee of One-bund red- and-fourteenth si
ihrh 25 by 100 feel For price and further
ujK property, apply .o ANTEONY J.
ctloceer. 7 Brcsd-tt. oli> 1st
n a*:i
De BevoUe pIsce, with a building thereon. Said lots are
earb ?2 feet ? o rl.<-? front and rear by 74 lest in depth; a'?o
8 Jealrable lots clrt-r.lly In rear of ihe'anove, on H?yr-?l be.
tr. een Kulton-sv. r.nd Ltvlngatoc-at, each 22 feet front by
from 105 lo 129 feet In depth. Two-thirds of ib? pn r rn?J?
n'or <?) chv reir,?,!-; oi bund sr.,I mortgage K -r price and
fu'.her particulars of the i..lijv p,ort.-iij applj to ANTHO
NY J. SLEECKFB, Auctioneer, 7 Sr.jB'i-'-l o7 iw
gj? I ()K SALE
H"jj m or near this cil
EXCHANGE for property
of excellent land in a piea.s
en, with a two-story bouse,
inrch. Academy; Post-Office,
Is from the above, 30 acres
streams, nn i every requisite
rm?Price Also, 10
afflSS. FOR HAI.E?A desirable country residence b the
u.wii of Willon, Conn, about 41 miles from Norwalk,
und about one hour's ride on the New-Haven Railroad.
It consist* of 1 acre oi rood land arid .surrounded with shrub?
bery. The bouse is in good order. It is on the Dunbury
road, and will be sold low, ns the subscriber lias no use for
it Inquire of GAUNT k DERRIGRSON,
jell ll 159 Soutb-St
0% FOR WAI.E?OnThlrlj-firsl-st between/Third and
gj|!< Li-.xlngluu avs., > l! -ee-slo.-y end basomnul Houses,
' with a gi f-d under cjlliir?ibey'are fitted with every
Ci iiTi-rler.ee, aid are. built in She leal manner, ar.d will '?e
trio low, If applied for soon?$4,000 can remain on bond
and mortgage. Appiy lo JOHN B. B LI 3ft, Builder, oa
ii a oreniises. oi <u ibe Mechanics' Exchange, 7 8"iid-at.
from 12 lo I o'clock dally. u.i ! u'
dtt A ttPEEMDlD lwo-?tory home and lot with csr
jjgjt.' rtege boue?, fruit and shrubbery in abundance, form
^^ing allegetbei a mcst delightful realde-jce within oae
rr!> of Har.'em Bridge. This properly, wrth alleiitf iur
thousand dollars, canoe bud for two hand red c >llars. Also,
c.t>' r charres nenrlv ns pood. Fir aa tsfaeiorv pa-t'eu'art
li.rj.ilre of VV LeTTItiO 119Fu ion it Nfjar Voik. o;Mw*
IIOE?K^ FOR HAEK-Trio thrne-'etory^ iirick
hUH SALB CI1 E t P- U applied for in a few
dais ih:i h use nod let aOJ fJhn-a-. lu^uing t3rotl<lj
..... Fdr oardculars Inqslre ->f AARON
""^JERSEY.?The extensive and valuable Farm or Plan
tatiou of ti:'1 lute Alfred Bishop, Esq. of Bridgeport, Conn.
eit'iriN-il hi Nammson in tlie township of Shrewsbury, Mon
nioutli couut}-, N. J. is now offered for sale at a price much
below ibe market value of property in that vicinity.
purchased bj ii- late owner with u view of obtainin? the
York, (twosteanibonlsrunning da lv to and from the
one mile distant from iho property,) i? bounded on i
by ibe South Shrewsbury river or bay, which furnishes un
unsurpassed facilities for fishinc, shooting and sailing.
Tli's splendid estate was collected by tie lato Mr. Bishop
from four dii-linct farms adjoiuiusr each otht-r. and which to
gelber form n farm of over four hundred and fifty acres, all
of which (with the exception of twenty ucres'of thrifty
growing timber,) is laid out in square fields, so connected
with lanes that each different rieid is connected wirb an un
failing spring or stream of fresh water for cattle; is fenced
with yeiiow iocusl ports and striUirbt rails, and is under the
Ugliest Mute of culuvation.
Ti er.-are upon the properly three commodious frame
booses, a fourth or principal farm or Mansion House, six
well constructed tenant houses, a largo windmill an observ?
atory tower 90 feel high, boat-bouse, an abundance of haras,
carriage houses, stables uud other outbuildings, and very
extensive oyster grounds.
Ii is welTstocked with fruit treos of every kind raised in
Ulis climate, and there belongs to it an exhaustless bed of
green sand marl, exceedingly rich iu its fertilizing qualities,
and peculiarly adapted to enriching and keeping the soil in
lit, present productive state. The s?il is exceedingly adapted
to garden and fruit cultivation for the New-York markets.
It will be sold, if desired, In separate farms, ranging in
price from $6,300 up lo $20,000, but wJi be s,)ld as a "whole
leas! 25 per cent, during the la=t two years, und is continually
and rapidly increasing in value, consequently there can be
no risk in purchasing.
For terms of sale apply to YOUNG i RUTHVEN, Aitor
nevs, 25 Nassau-st. New-York; tvi:,-re a map of the property
can be ?i-vr., to Capi. LEANDER BISHOP apoa tli,.- prt-:n
lses. or to either ot the subscribers a'. Bridgeport, Conn.
Bridgeport. August 2t>, 1850.
AV. P. Bt'RRALL. / Executors of
E. F. BISHOP. >Alfred Bishop. Esq.
BII2S If W. D BISHOP. ) deceased.
igOAT PRIVATE SALE?A desl.-ible rarm~coo
?f i.'lr.'ng about -iO acres of lard. ?l:uaied a: E?al Nock.
^^Huntirgton, L. I. witnic5 minutes' wa'k cfihe stea^
biat landing, stid near ihe residence of Dr. Rhlneiander
(>:: the farn: tnera ir:; about 13 acrei of wood, cf frsm 12 lo
SO years' gr: wth. a large ronlon being locuat. On the pr->p
e '.y '.bereit en:o?t beautiful al'.na'.lon for a house, coruna^d
irg a srlerdld view of Lr,nz Itland Bound, Connecdcut,
Eaton's Ncrk, ate Oer half of the purcfcaie-mor.?7 can re
cisln oc bond '-cd mortgage. If desired, for pries and
further psr::cu'ars apply to
oil lw ANfHONY J BLhlECKER, 7 Boid-ii
'^fc TO PHYSICIANS -k rare oppormnlly for a
?flr ye-:;ng tbystclau, or ot.n toai desires a g.wd practica.
A phvaiclan who li ceslroue oi retiring from'tue pro
ft salon, offera lo sel l h:a practice, and Farm of 60 acres, de?
ligbtfolly situated In a piessani vl.lage is ml,es from tne
Ci'.y On said farm a^e two large dw-i;ic 'S. two bams,
can l?ge bouse, kc all In good repair; a !?.rge juanilty
and great Ta-ieiy ;' choice fru'.ie A ar^* poruon of :hs
pnrcbia? money can reroal" .'n l-ocd if de?ired. or
wonld be exchanged for Clly property: Inquire of I
KEY8ER, 311 Bower;.-, from 10 tUj 3 o'clock, dal y. a20 lm*
FOR HALE ClTsXAP.?A fa'm, 5 m lei from
Perl Jervls, Orange Co., coniis'lng of Seren htin?
dred acres, to be sold sltogethor er In psu wiJ
purchsiers. On said farm is a fcouae. oa-n a^d sawiii,
one old gristmill, a largo none bnlldia^ suitable lor a
grin mill or an excellent place fjr a faneryj Plenty of
timber on the place ard bark enough lo supply a Tinaery.
The location la a viry desirable one for far^iij purposes. ,
Ii will be told 100 per cent Ipjj ;htn Its rea'. value.
Icqcire of ED WARD CARLL, Port Jervls, Orarjge Co.
o7 Two
rBjV KARS] FOR ISALE.-A farm, c jcsisnng of 5*
n.-'es ot ?rs;.ratf. land, on which '.? a food house, '-am
^^aad ot^cr hcl'dings fralt orrtird, tc It Is I'anted in
tleuonni? Mamaroceck, Wesich^tlor Co asou' l'l mla
Dies' Tvalk frcn'i tie New-York ard New-Haven Mil'oad
PS; 0; Will $tl it wtole or in parcels of 5 or 10 acrei for
balldlng sites. l:ba? n commanding view jf L?:.j lalasd
Bonn.i and :b> surronndlni? count.-v Apply lo WM J.
LAWRENCE, on ure premises. or soH. M TlND ALE,
72 Beeku an-rt. N?w-Yrrk. o7 6.*
SFOR SAi,E-Or will be exchanged for produc
uve Cli- : ror rrty, a Farm of acr-s In tue l,'wo ol
E?Jt Kiahk'l'.Duu-hese Co wub'n fiv-- mi es f iin^rn
be*; o; rkll-. a.' House, barn and out buildings InqT.-s
of l ?i* I * . bC?YSER, SH Bowerv, from rui:':3 o'ciork.
SSi FOR SALE The ihree sory brick h-risej?r.J lot.
i~ Jhe loi Ii -..i fret by 123 dees; It lets a: p-r-se-t Lr
y.i wlthi house on resr. Ijquirn o.'oiEOdd?!
SMITH, rc-rn-.rof Prince an 1 Sal'dvan olOlw
FOIi CA i At * n\
<<^^f. 1 t-i>. I ! > 1 POl
CHEROKEE L y, < rmw i
form the onl> direct !me betw een N -V'
s-i i. in eounectii n with tbe Dinted S i - U
w the I't ;tie. n semi-ruonthlv Lineii.rm.i-''
nrd a rhonthij line through' to Orecon.
Saloon Stale. Iloor
tower Uab.u
Ali tie- aliovedine
?flue SaiiHin
Steerage (found
H?ii board i. .
r reight to Cumin
? ?? ?? ; '-r^'^a. Im
exceeding in rueasu
0'ALU URN i.i I
form a semi-month!
California, and a mc
B^-k y,
toil" This vessel >eing very sharp and of ?mall
Immediate applies Ion should be ...idc lo secure fr.
which, or passage, havtng Mate-room accommi
apply to NATHANlfcLL kGBO.0&.IBWC
V27tf 7!aad72 8u
NELSON ft CO of Par.am? ar-i now prepared to Irana
i perl freight scroa? the lathuiui, or lake It throi?li to San
! F aar.lsco. at shippers'option ; but each package n .i;i he
of portable tlito and weight, and properly covs-fd ai /.
! N. i. Co. are not eaponatble for damage or s-xldei I the
transit The cha-ges ,.f transportation to he ore-paid lu
New-York. F- r partim ara, apply to
E ZACHRlReON i CO M Wal-st
I?2FRANCISCO via PANAMA?The splendid
steamship CONFIDENCE, Capt Gannett :s
expected to arrive at Panama about the 20th September,
and Will saii for San Francisco on or about the I5tb October.
The steamer WILSON G; HUNT will succeed the Confi?
dence, and probably leave Panama during the month of
November. For passage, which will, beat .reduced- rates
apply to THOs III 1ST -y CO 92 WiHiam-st N. Y, or
19 25t1 SMITH & LEWIS Panama
" NIA?The A No. 1 new and fa
steamship UNION, Capt Jat
major part of her cargo enkaged,
%XM,C Tbe tine new double engine steamchln CO
'.??s?.?-.^LrMBIA_ yfRCOtuc burden, Lieut Geo. M.
Tof.PL-. U.S. Navy, Commander, will be dupa'ched for
Bar, Tiarclsco aad Astoria, Oregon, lr Iba early re.rt of
October. For osnage, apply to the Pacific Mall Rteam
thlp Cor.,pr.Tiy. 54 Boutb-st. s2*
DOCKS, (Mlddletown,) HIGHLAND DOCK, (when prac?
tical e i AND RED BANK.?The well-known steamboat
Frida] ...
Salurilav ..
iv,, in. laday
in ii inpoRD._gare 50 ceuts.?The steamer AN
30NIA, Capt George Deining, will leave
Peck-slip pvery Tuesday. Thursday inn! Saturday morning-.
a? (Ollowa:
Thursday,...Get 3. at 7 A.M.|Saturday, Oct. 19, at 7 A.M.
Saturday, ?? 5, "8 ?? Tuesday, ?? 22," 3 ??
Tuesday, " 8, -8 ?? Thursday, ?? 21, ?? 3 ??
Thursday, ?? 10, "8 ?? Saturday, ??26, " i ??
inquire of
rrro~ - ? ? I'l\ '' 1. K."? I ON Til .IF.RMS'tN
W5^t?^-..u;.-.- . 1 LLE STATION *nl> RK.IKON
tu-KOM\ LAKH by ths Loo,< Island
Ral'road. which Is S'i mll-t from Brooklyn ? Oa Wednet
dsr next, October l?th, a special .r,io of Ca-s will leave
Brooklyn South Ferry, at a quarto- put 3 o'clock In lbs
morning, lo go to tin above piece, sod will give all p?r
,on? a chance to vltil the laids row ( Hered f;r sale there,
and the '. eauliful c'f.ery of the Laku. TbeaeLin^s are of
g c< qipi-iy. well ?ituaied and aff jrd the best opportunity
to these wishing t) obtain a homestead or sna'l farm tha
bss ever been c rt> ed, s libln 50 males of the Ctly of New
V. ri. * i-B cars wl'l return In the f fiernoon so as lo rea-li
B-orkl>n about 6 o'cl-.ck. Fsro 37J cents each way. Tick
no :.e t:ad i'f THOMAS VV' )'C ' ,7 I ,h:-.?t. o v if
umiUUNEW-rORK AN? PUll.t.
"LINE?Through in 4j hours, via New
Jersey Railroad.?Fare reduce,! to $i for tirst class and $2 JO
for second claaa.?Leave New-York at 6 A M. from foot of
Cortiar.d s: and at 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. from the foot of
Liberty-st Leave Philadelphia at 6 and 9 A. M. and 5 i' M
from foot of Walnut at. aula 3m
tr^r^?f=--~^r 1<?M !.<)( WI.INI1 ? art
JJMbsri;,-..i.w.it hi h-.on at.-t Tr - ^
LANDINGS?The steamboat HUDSON, Capt. Wm h.
Mellen, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Cedar-?', on
Monday, Wednesday an i Friday, and thesteamer COLL M
Bl.\. Capt- C. F. King, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
at 5 o'clock, connecting with the stages at Newburgn, Kings
:if this Road, nfier Murcli ? will i'-ave Hudson dud
?tockbridge dailv, (Sundays excepted) as follows:
re Hudson a! 7 A.M. and i +i I' M ani We;'. Stocs
Paseei gers by the morning train from west ?tocabrwg?
see;-.-, and thence by railroad to New-York, by 2 PM.
Fare by :i.tter route from Hudson not exceeding %l 25
Passengers bv dieevening train wdi rind ihe steamers CO
LL^IBIA and HUDSON always waiting for them, and the
'are of those boats will be as low as any other evening boat
on the river?from 5>j cts. downward, as the iine boats may
tect that tills fare includes ber?i> which Is excluded in the
fferes ol'otherroiilea.
Tl trains from Hudson, both K.ornine and eveniag, con?
nect v. '."i; Ine trains ot'li,e Western Roa.ls as heretofore..
??' 6m J. T. WATERMAN, Supt
improve tour et El;
ct'Jxecs of Njw Yo.i and ue pn Lie .a
.gecersl that he qij ; c\t:d hltnselfln this
Civ, at 4J7 Broadway, for the ast eUni years whera may
2e found a laree and complete usontLciLtofdpeclacirs ^-d
E?e '-laises, in itnid, sliver aed sie-1 fr.imea.
M W. would alto remind the put.'.: :, to wh .. ha is par
flslfy ariewn r.y his annual visits n Sarsn^s 8^rlDts foi ir.e
Ian sixteen years, that by his knowledge of toe Optical S-I
ei.ee ha !s enablec to determine the Glastjs sultsble for any
eye. Periors with weak eyes can bisappLled with glas*:?
wf-ict will greatly benefit and nol sfatn ite sli'ii
Particular altenttoc Is cal>d to a r.ew siv'e of Pirsr>ecrl'e
G'oucd G.ass, (which will srswer both for resd'ng or see*
Irg at a dlstance.lof the finest flint, which, through thalr
blib piilsh and int groaud, 'r'':-we the purestrlsi -n. *td
have been highly recommended ei'he -t' 'n th1 ir eff-el
apoc lie eye for preseivtcg acd irotrovrg the si?btla
cocUcced writing and read'.-rr
Short sighted per?oc?, ar,d ;ho*e coeraied up.jn for caa
ract cat; a!io b? snlttd.
He tsserts New Gia*?ea. cf mner'or quality la old
frame* and solicit* tbe palricage of all In watt ?.?':>!? ard
He ws'rsrji* a.l 8pect*cl?s parch??rtd of hlmlo ssli ice
sight fur rive years, or '?n.srfc"" the p!a*i--? irithout cxira
chari'e. sS" Imeod*
IF Y?i' want A"tT?'S.S tnat"wli
retain your rupture perfectly, ia all position*
of bod v, while exercising ever so hard, come
to J. R. BENJAMIN'S Brass Sprui? Truss
OfSce, 13 Beekman-st. and try oue which will
a lifetime if satisfactory: if not, money returned. No
sure upon the spine Six days tr.ai given. s2 tfeod
^BlTLFR'S Pttei : Trjss Pad* have been
in led in over BOO cases?ailording ilior '5gh
Ilrf to a'l By retilaiag the bowel to4
?tadca?y lesieain? the breach ol rupture,
have *le*c7 ccre.i a jrsal ca-nberof persjc*?
prSetot 1 Vesev^; ooD-islie 8t Pad s Church *3ylineo4
i u
QfTxmt Lnnesbcro Bini?.h imton Owego Wa
i Bloiini sod JefleTsm.arriving a: Geneva al 10 P M
eeamrffot Rochester tiiiH!.:... can lodge at I fno
d t.vkiti el \ j.r.?..frx-i f oa Albany next norniagj
al K ??' ester Bnflalo at lie ?am? Urne passeB
Biujthamton and ail the stations west of Biughauttoa.
Pas? ngers for Buffalo b? (his train proceed to Geneva, and
arrivii rat'B?lt?lo sameafternoon Passen?
gers for Ithaca. Cayitga Bridge, and towns- on Cayuga Laxe,
tak ? tb" ear.-, ol the Cayuza and Susqiiehanna Railroad
a! Owego, which icavi? immediatWy on the arrival of
the Erie trains Passengers fir T,ogn and Lyeoaimg conn,
ties. Pa. take the cars of the Corning and Iti isiburg Railr .ad
at Corning Stages leave Narrowsburg, Hancock, Ik-posit,
Lanesboro Binghamton Owego Waverly, Esmirv Cora
In.- .:;id Horneliss on arrive ,.f the trains
E.apki ssTkain leaves Geneva at i 15 A.M ?n
tnira. Waverlv. Owego, Binghaniton, Lanesbo
Hancock. Narrowsburg, Port Jwvis, Middletoi
C! ester and Sufjerns, arriving in New-York ar
Wayand Met. Train leaves Corning at 5 a
a: i.:. the stations, and arrives in New -York at S
NioHi Express Train leaves Geneva at
Hornelifcv?ii al : V M stopping at all stations v
hamton, and at Orenf Bend Lon*'-' or..' Depoi
Narr wsbursh Port lervis Otiaville Middlero
tr*\ EN RAILROAD:?On and afterWed.
nesdnv. April 24, rhe following traice
?ain rtr 7 15 A.M fur New-Roch??e
; Chi ster, Greenwich, Stamford, Da?
rt. Soulhport, F airfield, Bridgeport,
Sew-Haven Passengers from the
v, and the Stations on toe Hoiisatonic
1?, will take this train and sii>pa
from Way-Statii nsfor Boston.Prov
slop] nii.- ai au internteointe stations, receiving passengers
from Naugatuck Railroad at Bridgeport
: A.-, ommod oi Cram at 9 'si A M from New-Haven,
slopping a! nii liir.Tio.-.iiot ? Sbifons receiving pawiigers
fr ni Hartford and Now-Haven. Canal Railroad, and Nuilg
atuck Railroad.
4. F-xpri-s Train al i In P.M. (In connection with the Ex
preei Train fron Boston) Irom New-Haven, stopping at
Bridgeport and Stamford, receiving passengers irom the
-. Accommodation Train id i SO P.M. (receiving passen?
gers from the Accommodation Train from Boston) from
New -Haver.. ?t> piling a! all intermedljle Stations.
6. Express Train ita lOP.M (or in connection with Ex?
press Tram from Boston,) stopping a: Bridgeport, Norwalk
ir . Stamford, arriyii g in New-York al 11 .*> P.M. Evening
Train from Pitufichl connects with this Train at Bridgeport.
Passengers are requested to procure ticitet* before 'taking
seats in the Car, (tu. tf! B, D. MASON, Sup't,
III DSON U>\ Ell K v I l.KOAl).
S I \S "i i IRR I (I AL- _
? Ii ANY. by Railroad ? *A'
' 'It LU,
111! CA,
PeekskilL Garrison's,' Cold Spring, EiabbiU, New-H
burgh ami Milton K'-rrv. connecting Poughkeepsio v
the steamer SOUTH AMERICA, which will land at Ih
Park, Kingston, Barrytown, Tivoli, Maiden, Catekill, ll
Cos :>??! ie, Stuyvesaul and Netv-Baltimore, and an
at Albans al 1 A. M.
At 0 P. M.?For Passengers to Poughkeepsle, stopp
ar al! the war station*
which leaves there a'. 7 a. ir stopping ar New-Hamburgn,
I Sprinj Gan - m'? Pi eksk?l, .Smg-Sing, Tor
leaves tl?-r.: at
L' w Point ar-,!
At 8 30 P. M
which leaves th
tons on signal.
qbserving the following rules: 1st, Give parti,
lions to lue baggage man where your baggage ;s to be do
llvere that he may mark It accordingly, and thereby avoid
mistakes and delai *; 2d; procure your'tickets before enter
Ing the cars; 'Jd b aot stai 1 on the platforms.
uli\ Kit. ii. LEE. Superintendent
'"tr snd eiegi'.*. Utile s'.rirr.er A. H.
SCHILT'/., UM tune, 125 ieet deck, dr.ws
H fee , rurs 12 mli-3 c-r hotir; vef7 economical Ic fuol.?
Also, :be ?tet-r-: NIM ROD. of Bound notoriety, R) -tier
boal ma' be chartered for excursion Apply lo
i!7 im- J. E. CO?r i'.K, Ager.L cor Seach and West at*.
after Juno 1, 13V).?Leave Now-York
3, 9. 10, 11 AM. and 1, 2, 3 [0m, 4, 5,
6 and 7 o'clock i' .M L>-ave Vanderbilt's Lan'ling at 7, 3,
9.1ft. i 1 A. M and 1, 2, 3 4, 5. fi and 7 P M. 27f it
eS*l'1'?iT''.|-iAl) LINE .'or Puiludeipnia at 7
' ^w-c'ock A. M. and H o'clock P M. by
steamboat JOHN POTTER- daily, Sundays excepted, from
Pier No. 1 North River Faro?t;rj. clusi cars. $d i e.;cond
alass cars.$2 a24 tf
ERS ?The ships comprising tins Lim-, are '.;.e
Atlantic. Captain West, Pacific, Captain Nye,
Axtic. Captain Luce, Baltic, CaptamCoinatock
AnaiATtC Cant (Jrafton.
These ships having been built by contract, expressly for
Government service.'every care has been takim in their con?
struction, as also in their engines, w ensure strength and
speed, and their accommodations for passengers are Una
quailed for elegance and comfort.
Pr C'- of passage from New-York to Liverpool. fiSb; ex
cmsive use of extra size state-rooms. $.125 and^joo; from
Liverpool to New-York, ?&3. An experienced Snrgeon at?
tached to each ship. No Berths secured until paid lor.
KSOM ?ew-v.0-k. fxom liverpool.
Saturday, October 12th, 1850 Wednesdav, OcL %ih, 1150
Soruruav. October 26th, 1850 Wednesday, Nov. 2ijta. 1850
Saturday, Nov. ifith. 1850 Saturday December 7thl I860
Saturday, Nov. 30th, 18V) Saturday, Deceniber21a<t> 1850
Saturday, Dec. 14th, 1850 Saturday, Januarv, 4th, 1351
Saturday, Dec 2Eth. ia50 Saturday, Januurj- ISth, 1851
W-. ttesday, Jan. 8th, 1851 Saturday, Fenruar.- 1st, 1850
Wediies.iav. Jan. 22d 1351 Saturdav, Februar)- 15th, 1850
Wednesday, Feb. 5th, 1351 Saturday, -March Ist. 1351
W.-.ir..-Miav. F'-b. U'th, 11")) Saturdav, March, l?ru, 1851
Wednesday, Mch. 5th, 1851 Saturday, March 2f?h. 1851
Forfrr-igli' or ra?a;?-applv to EDWARD K.COLLINS,
55 Wa?-si New-York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY i CO.
Liverpool E ii ROBERTS It CO i! King's Arms^anl.
London Ol I. Draper, Jr. ?"? Boulevard. Muuimartre. Psru
The owners of tin?? ships will not !?>? aecoontab!? tor
gold ?lv-'r bullion, specie, fewein-, preciouj stones?
n -M - -,n..-- mil.- -<f idling" ar- sign-i U.-refor. and tho .
^A^ftiTiitofAprR^rS^raxe c^frelgW by tbe^or. j
?1 amen Will be materially reduo-d
s?ff&i ' "??>;?'?? i status >i?u laxa
-a***?*-*.- ?' ro >.'.?? .1
... ' ' '?' W -1 -Tteapjec
W .... . ' 'un*burden c r -landedby
V , , , UJ "n" ' ' i-:r:p?o?i
. . . ''.f ' '-' " ' ? ? ! 8*108 S C f.T
n*i< C artesroi onlta " ' (V-'T' H?T*"
! - Claris Stan and S ivnnnah to i"i?..r>a. ft.
rroi i a: . sai mithi I ?-. w,-?, f*?,
For particulars apply lo
SPOFFORD Til ESTON & CO *>-wtt>?>
wron i M i MORECA1
DRAKJ ' R HUERS a. cti
Pass rs -a- .?!.? Hays t bv >Ms ship can reach Bk!C
njor by mi and route tlx fif'-h ?!*>. or by meeting tk*
??? ami r S * Im n:< r. reaoh Ni w York tu same ?uio ;f
k?i STEAM PACKE! LINE?Nkw .ura- c*.
?bin 301 I1ERNER, i apt
M Berry, ba i rougbfj overhauled and t\xei
will S- w ' i iii rs 1? will a h ?: tt | , ou the 't a a/
Sej t< mber, continue to nri as follows ?
/? ?A I rk t< l i-...- ?. ? m Chtiriuto* to N \ jnX
Saturday, Sept 11, 4 I' ."! , rhursdav, September 19
Wednesday ? 25, I i M in lay ?? St
Saturday Get 5,4 Thursday, October It
W di 1 sd ly, ? 16, 4 | Monday, ?? 9
Saturday. ? j? 1 J Thumlay. -? SI
VVednesday.Nort, 4 ; Monday'November II
hatuniay. ??16,4 1 Thursiiay, ?? 21
Conague^are partiealariT nxjuested la attend to '.he
receipt ortbelr goods immediately after arrival
1 assage $25 No passage secured mud paid for
* t apply 01 loard at Pier No,4 North River, tad
for paefage ? ? SPOFFOB D Tl UESTON A ft)
i- S.mth-at.
-i_l-Al.l. It! \ K.R -It. ?!... ....!..) a..,| ?ipe.
steal -- BA> STATE and KMIMRJI
STATE, of great stren , I speed, particularly adapted! as
tbe navigation of Long Is'ami Sound running in connectkai
witl thi Fall Rli rand Old Ci m\ Ra road a distance **I
53 miles to Boston only Loaveplur3N.H near the Batten
The steamer BAi STATE Ca I Wm Brown, oa T?te?
davs, Thuredaysand Saturdays, at 51'.M
theste? r EMPIRE STATI Cat Ben).Braytoa,M
Mondaj s. Wednesdays and Fridaj >. at 3 P M
This line is the i>ulj one that nm? direct tor Newport
Tbe? etean rs are fitted wi is state-rboaai
and even arrangement for the security and comfort of pasv
m ? gi.-- who are afforded \n tliis route a algbPs n ut sse
11 I n arrival al Fall River proceed per railr<>a4,
.. .. Boston early the following;morning, or can r?nsalM
on boarti, tietntia their breaklhst if wished lor. until the
starting he accommodation rain at ? ' v CM wlucJi
r> a. !:. s Boston at about S 30. AM
I baggage-master is attacned to each ?reamer. who ra>
ceives and tlckots the baeiraso, and accompanies tbe aaaa*
A steamer runs in connection wiihthli line toandfreai
Pr. ? ii . nc . dally, except Sunday..
ghtti ': stoi is taken at tlte same rates as by toe other
regular tines, and forwarded w ith gr ater expcalftioH by aa
Expn as fioiehi train, which 1< aves ball Rivet evert man*>
Ing (Sunday excepted) at 8 o'clock for H.wt.m and New
Bedford, arriving al its destination at or about 11 A.M.
s . r in Ighl apply .>n board, or the office on Pier 3 N JL
v> r state-rooms or 1 erths apply on boml, or if it is desired
to si cure them at,end. application may be made to
jelOy TIS DALE it BOllOEN Agents, 76 and 71 Wnst-st,
rlT*1" a KKGUIiAR MM\. LINE ?1>
'Stonington and Providence?Inland roats,
wiiiio.ii ferry, change ol ears or ba/gagu ?Thesteamers 0.
v I.NDI Rl n.i ' api Ji el - 01 ?? a id COMMODORE
CapL.Wm. H Frazee, iu connection with thi Stonlngtoaail
Providi 1 c.d Boston and Providence Railroads, leevbsR
New-York dollj-(Sundays excepted)from Pier.', N R. ana
n ! arl abo> u Baherj -place, at 5 o'clock I' M. and Stonlngtoa
at a P Mi or upon tlte arrival of the Mail Train from Boatost.
T ise steamers were built expressly for the route, and are
In every respect particularly adapted n> the navigation ot
Loun Island Sound. Tbe accommodations for passengers ant
commodious and comfbrtabli?the officers capable and ex?
pert.-need The route being the shortest and most duvet be?
tween Boston and New -Y.'n., passengers tire enabled to at>
rive in ample nine for the morning lines of steamboat* asal
ra. *oads running to various points from those clUes TbeO.
VANDEIiHII.T will leave New York onTues,l,iv,T!Min?iaf
and Snliirdav Leave Stonington on Monday, \Ve.iuesdaJ
,r iFrii 11 The COMMODORE wl eaveNew-YorkMo?
day, Wi^lnesday and Friday Leave Stonington Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday. N."B.?Passengors, on tlai arrival
of the steamers at StnniiiKton, proceiil immeilnitoly la tbe
splendid railr.I care to Providence and Boston Abaf.
gage-masteraccompanies each train to and from Bostoss.
For paseagi ? 1 ertl - stoto-wnis orfhdght, applications msw
be made to the Agents on the when, and al die othoe ll
Batb ry plan _afl
1 iaus4ww "7IM ORRIS \ M> ESSEX KAIL
al[iull ligSrltOAD - - PASSENGER TRAIN,
lansl-s .? M u - P. M . Leave Newark ?j A. M onst
51 i' M
Passi v.' R Tkn.ss Dow s Leave Dover 6 15 A M anst
, 1 r M , Morristown 6 50 A M. and .' j.'. P M , MtuU
Bon : "?" A M anil - 10 P M . Summit, 7 20 A, M and i 06
P M ; MlUville, / 10 A M and S 15 P M ; Orange, 7 ?
A. M. and ? 15 P M
Frkighi Train Leave Dover I A M leave New
York II 30 a M.
ORANoelloRSt Car.?Leave Drnu^.< 7 a M and 1 30
p. M.t leavi New-York LI W A M and 5 15 P M
Passengers by these trains are received and doliverei
..?. v ?? Nortl aud South Grange.MRlvillo, Sumnalf,
Cliatbam, Maillaou, Morristown Morns Plains, UanyUla^
Rockaway and
trum U uve n>r
M pnsH.>nger
bin. lltt';?ria.
) on M.ni iava,
.1 < ihnaonbursri
unna Works passing Ihrou.
Sinllll's Tavern NeariosvitHk
?;;;.:::{ Wft
CI floi Duumore, Hyde Purk u, i'rovi,
Thursdays and Saturday* and return
trains for N w-York.
At DonvUIestages leavi :'"r Powervllle and Boontonoa
the arrival ofthe A. M. and P M. Trainafrom und meet the
A m and P. M. trains for New-York.
Ai Mi n itown ? 1 [es ? .? e on the arrival ..r the A M.
passi 1 gi r trains for Mendbam, Chester, Scliooley's Moun
tain, tvaahlngti n, Bolvidere and Easton, daily, and meet
the )' M tram for New-York
Also for Basking Ridge on the arrival of ,|?, p. (A irate,
return r,t.- next morning, couuecting with the A. M train far
New York aletf
oj UouT*,eommencina s,Pt 21.
Leave Sufiern'a Denoi ui (Leave New-York at
?7 o'clock.A M 8o'clock a. M
o'clock30min.A.M. 3o'clock 15min P.M.
?' o'clock 1' M I 5 o'clock 45 rain. P. M
Leav,. SutTern's Depot at I Leave Neiv-York at
?To?! ..-k A.M. I 5o'clock V.mm. P. M
? or on the umval of the Erie trams going East
U tvi P rsonat ' ' ' .Leave New-York al
?7i o'clock a. M Market -t K o'clock A. M
?<? o'clock A M Pat'n Depot. 110 o'clock A. M
l2o'i k M. Paterson Depot. 1 O'clock P. M
I 4j o'clock I* M Pat'n Depot ;jj o'clock P. M.
i 8> o'ch ck P. M Market-st I H o'clock P M
? Except Mondays.
SUNDAY trains
!.? ive Patersonal [Leave New y.,ik at
7* o'clock A M Market-*! 9 o'clock A M
' 4* o'clock P. M Pat n lb p I 5}o'clock P. M.
N. ii - -On Monday mornings the first train from SitfTere'i
v. .. ave at'{. or on the arrival of the OtlsvUle train.
1 ?? A M ani 545 o'clock P M. train* from New
York, will not Btop at any srn'.ion nonh of Paterson, excepsl
Rock Road and EJohokus, and will be In time to meet toe
Erie trains, morning and evening', going West at Suffenrft
Lepot__ _
Jcon mencing April I, 1850.?This Kail
extends from Elizabethport 'ii mllea to
N, J- reducing the -tag'n? between the teraaV
nus of the Road and Easton to 85 mues, and to Schooloy'a
Mountain to 14 miles This line leaves New-York by stoaoa
boatREDjAl KET atpierl.N it andconnectawithtrabtn
on the New-Jersey Railroad ??'.inch leave New- York fnjsa
foot of ( ort u ? -? ho same bonr. AnewroutetoSclicMiV
ey'i Mountain, with lees staging than any otln-r.
Passi xoi it'i rai? I p.?Passengers will leave New-Yesil
1 -r 1. Nil orTry the New-Jersey Rail?
road foot of Cortland-pt. al 9 a.M. and 5 P.M.; leave Elixtt
betbtovi n a* 10 a.M. and H P.M.
I'Atsi.Niii.r Train Down ? i.enve Whin-. Hou?eat 541
A M and I 15 P M . North Rraneh at 5 r>5 a M and 1 V> P M,;
Somen Uesil lu.v.m nol m I'M ; ts.uiud iinx.k at <> ae
A M. and : 20 P M ; Plainfield al 8 to A M and 2 ?o P.M.:
Westtield at ti V> A.M. arcl H P.M : Eli/al,eiliio\vn at 7 lSaai
le 3b A M. and 3 20 P.M.
T!.e freight train 1 w 1th passenger cars attached) win /ear*
V\ l.re Hi use at i 30 A.M.. Somervllle l ?, Plainfield 5 M,
?udEliza ethport, by etean oat, M7 30A.M R"turnin?,
leave New-York, by steamboat Red Jacket, from pierl,
Kortl Ii ver, at 1 P M.
All freight from New-Ifork, Intended to go bythi? line,
must be at the boat at 12 10o'cio?;k to insure being takes
through that day.
Stat' s will be In readiness 00 the arrival of the S o'clock
trainfi ?? New-Y rkattbeWI eHi iseti conveypaeeaa*
gers to E al n Wilkesbarre, Bethlehem, Alien-own. Maaek
Chunk. Pa: and to Flemlngtou, Lebanon, Ciinusn, MUfonL
Beth ni ?-. Bloonwl nrg, New-Hampton, Washington, ani
Bi videre N J On Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, ta
Delaware Water G4p, Stroudsoorg, Bartonav:::?-. Starmona,
Dalea Bnekstown and Lackawanna Iron Worksite. Pa.
N. b ?All baggage at the risk of the owners until deliver*
ed tnto the actual possession of the a vents o'tho Company,
and checks or receipts given therefor. tit
ti re CLIN PON Captaai
lay: EX CHANG**,
very 1 trsdai . POI OHKEEPSOL
-Sanirday 0 ? P. M from foot
uarray-si tor passengers and freight
The above barsi-s are elegantly fomlshe-; w;r! stato
room* and spacious and coiufortable cabins, and artien>
prest -fittedup the omforl and c oven^eorP?
sengers and arrive at pon - ?? ? '??<??' ",r -*
to Snar a p no Pia ns an . New MUfor I w
For fit n -r Ii (i rn si ? pi ly on board the barge* or te
yqjJAMSON fcVAJU ieY west-st _C
did. nal Line from ^K0!^*^ ? Irrt-rate car.
uj Cewden and 1'ii^a/lelpliia- [Jji; fir_t llM mil leave
On and afb-r Tburs-Joy. M"> ^ uijnjfcar* at South Am?
pler No 1 Norb luY\;-*'^.tni<jt. ..topping to take up aad
boy fi r Camden ana rtswj ^^rnjediale places, ar
Second l^^S&WDgln PbjladripuiaaboutS WPJC
^i??tandleCnwnruV?l?! onboard MuawboatJoba
Fp5?ei?rers for Freehold will take the lUge at WosTi
rrriVrw V.-.v-York to Freehold. 'J7J c-nta.
reaves by su-amer TRANSPORT, Capt J. Gould, at
81 o'clock P'. M. Fare $1 50. 30 lbs. of baggage allowed
each passeogei, to U- carr.i-d at the risk of its owner, but
Bodiing will be receiv.-d or coandered aa baggage ercap*
Wearing apparel IaJ4 \t\ I. BLi?8.

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