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By Telegraph to the Sew-York fribune
joifc? ?
l? II?
d?y DM SiJ^t-'l.t-o *
fllor. meats ?f ;be Up
The J
la le
Ooi rej
A ?
Tt'9 Opposition
trio) b? Id a Corivi
9>U l otuiofttoi
Boil incumbent, wl
lent leisii n. A ' o
by tba Conventlor
Icaproverj < a** L
B< at st< id I - on
Taxation. 0
f.-. rof Tb na. *
diEcy,and in pp<
In portact I i o
The Hnute i f 1
Blafcop <>? derdonl
Ow'se has been Busperiaeu.
The or..', r of the nay wit taken up at LI o <??
being the memorial from Maryland, and tha pro
pea. d canon of Episcopalviiimions. ^
providing for * triennial meeting of the trustee! of
the Theological Seminary at the sametttna with
tl e Oor.vei.ticn.
Washington Items.
14 ia understood that Bernard Hooe, of Alexan?
dria, I? appointed Cb I Clerk ol tba I'ei'sion Da
re?u, vice Coombes, resigned. ^
upon requiring 812 per w ich for priatera after t a
execution of r-xiatii i mtraot Prices tobeuoi
ionuiu all cilices. Employers concede to the ar?
Alex MoCormiok, late Olzrii to Mr. ITillmore
u; de Vice Presld di and removed by K"iq ol Ala
brine. Us bc- .t given a Clerkship In tin Treasury.
Jinc.) I.IikI If
Jenny LInd gives her last Concert iu (i.ist-j-i t.iis
(BHtuidttj) evening. Nine thousand person! wore
pirseit at ler Concert ov?r the Filahburg Rail?
road Depot last evenltg. She procauds 11 Ne *
York on Monday, and aletis in Philadelphia twice
nett week, resuming her Concerts in New-York
positively on Wednesday, the 23d.
Jinny l.ltid Is Huston.
Boston, balu-d,iy. Oct. 1Z
Jenny Llnd'l Concert at the sTitotaburg Da p?t
last iiipht was well attended Rer voice sounded
niueh bettei in this Bali than in tiie Temple. The
last Ccn<*cit In this city Is at the an no plane to?
night, when ehe leave! for Philadelphia and then
k back to N ew-York
Jsuay I.(wl.
V Boston, Sunday, October 13.
The largest audience ever seen in Beaton col
Uoted to bear Jenny Lii.-I on Saturday evening In
the Fitcbburg Biaticu Hail. It numbered 6,000
Or mote. Tile room ami oorrldora were orosvded,
and tome confusion was oocationod by tha break.
Ingot windowa l>y the kudieuoo io proem a air ?
Mr. Barnum oame for*ar.l and announced that auy
who choie to have t'ieir money returned could re
site, and apply for it on Monday moroing Boorea
ooi'seipjontly left the room, i'no that part of the
Concert wa* the same ns U?i Saturday, end the
applause of the audience was most enthusiastic
Mr. Barnum publish?! a Ctr! iu the papo's t)
Morrow. Amone other reports circulated, bealladea
lo that of a difference between hiniseif and Miss
Lied, in which he ouiphatieally declares no reliance
?an*be placed, as he never had the slightest ditl'ar
tree with her. Mr. Barnum exhibits two leases
ol Trlpler Hall, one botween A. B. Tripler and
himself datnl 5th April, ai.d one between N. 0.
Tripitr and hiniielf of 'Jlth September. Tnns3
leeees prove Baroum'i undoubted tight to the lla'l
fi>r M'dllo Lind, ar.d none can use it except with
bis permission.
Jenny is to sing in Chestnut-street Theator Phil?
adelphia on Thursday and Saturday next.
lilsiu&l Swamp ?'u.ii.it. Ac.
Noarut k, Friday, Oat 11.
Nsv'psiion hta commenced on tho Dismal S .vamp
Canal Vessels oommenced runniog through it
yesterday. There are ab\,ut 4 leot of water io the
Canal, ai d unless wo have rain navigation will
a?-ain ho suspendsd
The hands belonging to the ?'camer J. C. Coffee
are vn.ikti.g lustily to get off the ihip Louis*, and
it was expected tt.at thoy would accomplish thoir
object l?v night
Hri^ Waar:iic.ton sa'lcd yesterday lor Mobile.
Weather fine: wied HAt.
Aims Bey at it o a ton A.c.
Bom on Ham day, October 12.
Anii Bey ws?t preset?. a' a supper given to the
Lancers at raneuil Hall a'ter their return here
and tbtouxh an interpreter replied to complimen?
tary ?t. tituetita in a idcsln^ manner.
? meetiog it opponent!to tha Fugitive Slave
Law iu Vaneuil Hall on Monday night.
Tie * :iurr..| i f dir. rtlltoheil.
KALTiMoae, iaiurday Oct.12.
Th.> fuiu taJ of Mr. K. Mitchell, who was s?ji In
tbe llieoiion afire) the other evening, took plaoe
ahia morning, uid ?-<ta a mite in length. Tbo mili?
tary Kvit'. e companiei took part in it.
VbiXahcxr! *t Boston.?The Laneari got
beme 8"-iV and omnd on F.-i-Jiy evening, and p.o
?ecd.-d tv Faneuil Ha 1 to ref eih Iheoaielvea with
a chazt;pfti;i.t> supper, provided by the paot mam
ben of tbo compaey. Uen. Davis preside:!, and
aiSjorlie,eu>w was present Amin Kyy was also
a (.lies', aod made a speech in reply to one by tno
Major, Mr. Brown tranalatiag. Everything went
ViCOlTtvc SLAVI Law ?-An t :.?.iua:aotij t?ee;
b? in opposition to this law has Won held at L> um,
Major HevJ presiding. Kon. Mr. Julian, 11. C. of
J: diecr, W ende ? Phillips ard o?icrs de?7ered ad'
it sects be'ore itd meetin?:. V^hsaeat resoia
ilofia .against the law and its suppertars a-era
lue ' NAnofAL' Wuios.?Ih* t7t^M uerali
sptiat as foi.p?s 'J tlij t7?ry rt^?;iari?iosj p*utyi
i f- M,o signers to tbe Stcederj' Ca!' mtbis
Ccanty, :t tfc? staz ex* one gont-'ecac who bolted
ei? Whip; party, aifeunJerl the 3ui7ala Convention,
aad Sa&Jiy voted i'cr Vnn DareD, bosause the Whigs
zu:itisatad e f..'tv?aoi.-Jtr (vi Preo'.d?":?, Sud refused
3*9Us tbo Wilmet i'foviso a{ l?a Eiata Ccnven
4ioD,' Awrtliey, toh?e a ruomber if s?c Etato Sen
SAe, veiei fcr ultra Ar.tt Slavery Tecciations , aed,
liolo^nar Jlran iwu years ago, ?nade ia tbis very
^>*> xspsech ta wh:rh he took ground in favor of
uie aupjrrcjsK.-rj 0f ,fc8 alave trade botwte:i 'ho
?ave?sl ?tatoa?a measure that no one claim to
i>? OOMOtutionai. A third of tors a ni^h mio le j
Cosiarvatives" was known hero as r.n nltrt? Abo
Jiuoflltl m loam ago no wher tue Antl tJiavery Coo
The Stools market has been very buoyant t
especially for Reading and ICrie. The formal
to 66} and the latter to 77. Morris was firmi
deed all the fancies but Canton had an upwi
Land Warrant? aro ic goad request and lell
Si'10. The 'juar.sity on the wartet it quite li
: r.nd considerable on'en for Warrants aro co.c
frcm the West for location, The m irkol I ? ?
In Exciihcgea there it hut little do; ? ?
are firm at 101 for Sterling, franio-', .5.1 . .
Freights uro dull at 81 {' bale for Cotl n
for Flour; 4d for Grain, and 15s?20s for "5
Freight. There are engageinc/ds will in s
tiajs to Liverpool of 300 hxs Cheese, '-15s; l,50d b'ji
Resin, and ^00 hhdi Tobacco, on terms w,
learn. To London. 500 bxi Chern^, 30s; 1
Turpentine, l.ooo do Oil Oak?, ar.d ?.ooo
Wheat, on private terms. To Glasgow,
Flour, 1? 9d ; Cbeese, 22s 6d-?25s-, and
Oil, 20a To Havre, the packet 24th hist, has Ho*
ton at i a cent, Ashes, >', 3 $
8? ; and Cedar, 86 'io Antw
ai.d Whalebone, J To Hamt
wood rid Ail-es, 20?; 200 bales Cotton, \ a cjnr
?nd to Amsterdam, 100 caihs A?hes, 20s, A For
j eign l.rir,'was taken up for Cadiz at 818for I'ipa
Staws ;and a Mechlcnturg bark for M.td.ira a: ?JC
for heavy, A Br. brig ?aa engaged for London
?i-.li an asaorted e&rpo for ?500 ; and a N jrwef/ian
for Hull a? 2s 4d for Naval 8t0rei. Two A-ne-ic?.n
ba-Fs v. i re rrga-cd to take cargoes Staves to (.'a
i. at 815-a 817 for liglt and heavy, thanca to Rio
Janeiro with Salt at 10 cents i* bushel; andtheuoe
11 lue at 60 cents {' bag for Coffee. The (ship At.
las of this port, built at Boston seven yi era t too,
has been sold to a Baltimore house at 8.16,000. To
California, there is eoteideisble going forwHrl.
without change in rates.
The advance in Rea.'iDg is 2 {? cent sine* yes?
terday morning. Tho amount of earnings in Sep
trmbcr and the tannage ot tho first week in Oot*
her has frightened the hoars anil strengthened the
friends of the Road. Tiie ooneequence h\i been
the improvement above noticed. The earnings o(
Srptcmber have been as fo'lows:
Paiierper.8lOS7n 12, Mails. 785 91
I Fiolnln. y vs y?.Sundries. 4 is.
?? rfCcal. 16a 760 73; ?
Total...8174 7 i e'7
C.alTunLs^a.'>'.' am
These earnings it must tie remembered are for jaly
one-half of a abort month, as the freshet prevented
operations on the Road lor the first two weeks in
September This is equal to 8350,000 P"ramthir
four millions V annum, an unprecedented an >un*
of tratti2 en an American Road But Oot <j rth is
far is doing stid bettor. Tho tacnago of tho tir.t
week was 47,600 tuns. Oa Thursday 0,400
were brought down, eqral to 56,400 tuns P w*ik
Under this state of the traffic of the R is i i is nol
surprising that the market price of tha stock oon
j t?.ues tu ucvance. Erie improved 1 t* c:nt. siujo
j jcaier.lay ? xri,t Board and the market left on? Stiil
The Incomes sympathised with the Stock and sold
! at rather bsttrr pri-es. Ti>e Jl Mortgages were
dull. Maritm wast aao;" the mjst active 3t.>.'5s aad
I 'mprove? i t* cent There ij a growing con?donou
? in this Stock as a safe investment, which will
j t?td to keep i! moving upward Tie Contrao
j tori of the Extension ;'-ora D to: to Chatham
have sublet the whole lino to responsible Can
I t. a.-ti ra a:.d tho Cgiceer'a force ic a ready oa
th? ground Tha wc^k will be puf through with
I ah expedition. When completed the Harlem Road
J prnptr, without any new liabilities, must ra
te:7j> sr. irrmsuae accession of trafflj from th i coa
neoting rveda North, Sast and West, as well as
j fipm the 'oral business line of Ihe new IL. ad. This
I roate from Alb&iy will thsnbeonly fiferai ec lon$
J ar than by th? Hudson River Eoad tcJ will djibv
liss enjoy a fair proportion of the through travel
?farmera'Loan improved I -i* co::t. with a ltr?j?
business. Tha impulse given to the Stock of this
Company w-i?::; a /car days and wcirh has carried
it up 4 t .'t:.S hsj ccct. i;.vea by the settlement of
t''* Carroll oasofavorably to theC -^--cny, by com.
;;r. raise. labs eci? was to have cc-ti? on at Albany
Si ij ^rre k and would probably l"?7e gone iu favor
of '.ha Company, tit a settlement was eJooted a
few da>a a^o by T*a:cb li-.e CoE7.aay oi?nia pjs
sasjl-^u of abeuiJilSOfOOO of property an?] rcsing to
Mr. CaiTc'l \hs Scmeetead asd <.}0 atfres of land.
Not vrJy coet tts Corpse/ ovAa.n this Isj go amoaot
of iand wticn hss naTei base sei Jou-n ia their
aefcoti nlac Oi HitU sj cl tzj ralna, bo? tho settle?
ment ck'ies t.^.9 last ;it:;;it:..n to whub. ice Co^i.
paay ia a ; arty S'od l^avaa it at liberty to reaums
bo;b.rss ?32:0 if sscfc 3 caaras bo deacec poli.io
as prc?ably it will l>a within a year. Caotoa ar"t;r
tha lifgo a.'vuco of thelaat ten daja atturilly re
acted and feil back to $6 afterwud recovering to
l?'i For tfobawk them was a ^00J inquiry and a
sale- was rosde at 8SJ b ?0 fbe bonnes* of th1?
Road thus frr in October h?S ;;tn re-y large
Morris was rex : ? ??? -. :?? v ' to 20|, Rita ng
Bow ? R-e io laratrd, mm d improving with ihe
py somewhat
beller than w
ring tho we; k
trie prospect tor a reaction aanog tae presani
season i? gradue'v lessening, leaving a Urgar
stock thin usual l> bj ct-riod for Spring sales.
The surplu? consists of ounly erery arthie of
Bri ish manufacture, but U per'inps tiaavleit in
Btoff Goods, G/ogoanio and Print*, although of
Woolens there is quite cn mgb in drat lands to a i
twer the expected demand. Thx st*t?of thi gi
is n- t surprising when wo look at the Ur^e Ino.re-isa
iu the importation, and remeainir mat tho com?
petition has been more than doubled by t ie mi aber
of jobbers who have pare ;a?cd direct from tiie
manufacturer. Since our last isrue we ara in
receipt of Goods by 11 packets and I! steamr>r<,
hut tho cargoes brought show that the shipm nn
for this season are closed, toe total importation
numbering but 3,916 pneks^as. i'nj value of
G od? entered direct for oonaumptloo, daring the
week, has been only $738,01*7, and wtinoTriw.i
frem warehouse, iStM,10-i? mak'rijr, a total of
$.- 22,201 thrown on the market, against *^7.? 00?
last week Jobbers who do a northern add state
trade are stiil busy wi'h eoato ners, but io i'.iiS'ii
sixl western buyers have retired. Tna former
class will do more tliau tu arcr?<o trnH?, ?????
caution which they observe in purchasing will
throv tho omit of carrying the bulk of th? surplus,
importation upon importers.
The banks In Lowell, on the ist inst deoUre'
the following dividends, viz ?. A ppleton, -1 per c ,t
Lowell, 5 percent, and Railroad, 4 pero nt T m
Preicott has not been in operation thrae :n ntns
uat'l the loth ins*.. Eighty nine thoasaid doll ir<
of its capital stock ($inj,U00) has bo-ii paid in
Tno Lauoister Bauk has declared a tiviJaod of 4
Thecolnage of the Branch Liin:, Now 0:l*a s
during the mon'.h of tSaptember, tnouatid to a >oat
$255,000 in gold and $120,000 in silver; nuuibaof
pi.ffi coined. 488,750.
We learn that the Revenue from Custimsat
Boston, for the month of September, ?ras S 170,119,
For the sime month in 1849, $594,352, thus show?
ing i,uite a falling off in tho receipts.
The gracing, masonry and bridgiug of the Ver.
moot portion of the Albany and Ratland Railroad
was let on Wo ineide.y, Oat. 8, to we'i kiiawa and
substantial contra, tors at a moat fr.vjraolo soa'e
of prices, not exceeding In the average $6,000 pat
mile !
The itceip'.s of the Rutland aid Barl i:
Rairoad for tho past f;ur months htve b:.'-. r.<
Jure.135 5 i Augus.S.'i.'t .7 7
Ju.y. 20 tiU 64,Sep.ejibBr.2j7?0 0a
The es
le time c
-very former
aeotiona are
urobablv be n
ia?v ana looo, anu tor August aui B?piemt
each of the p^st two vsars. tv aj as snnax.ol
ircrease, eras, is 41 par e?tl.
r>>tci Ipta ti vu:i? o; u:io caaai. in Augustan
lepumber, were.
tie rseepta C:rl;k- ib* sees a-ontas, in . 21,25i 12
Inciesis, crjaal ;o 73 f?.;r cent.):o ai rli
?t Ciacroiast tie moaey mrist is vitjjat
! cbsjjgo. The supply ia Itlow the tiecacd.
?tUkSXa?>>C^sa?7L>.7 isscstsd r:i Vns"?aiaeK;
t S-.Ti.kDsV. October 12.
A?sci? art seavv fca.-is it Beits'?; .jij
?-ts si ? 1?. Tii ii-.v-i y.j.y, :a ii.e *s -wise oi
; U(?9'i CasaltJ? Palms' k Co, eoualstedof 1 Isc? ?.is P01
[ sn<, ] J-i; iio Pearl?10;j-Jier, s.Sj& t,. 3
lOT-r C V-TSf> -jw-ji is Ve-7 ?.a. a-.d s?7"? oaera
: iloBaooMraiaaraiiser price*, the sale* ere 2,000 b?'es.
1 V le advt,-ts tram tne Sco.h have au jr.xui-jnea iu?r?-.-.
I 9U>VH AISS KSATj-Tlte asitet fot f ... ?.?:>..
I tri. ?'.b a rather lanu*! fipcly Ihi doji?ai for .te
>.on.e and Raau-m traae >s with some salnpin/r. In
qutry, wt ra tsrou'd Is tvser, rrj; for la* ii ,<. ?of .>,?
mars:. V. esi>s .-^i.tt b 1?.J 11? L<3 uW?, ?> j 'li'Ti
1for No. C, 4 ZN r?r Can n ia A r^i S:,.?. 4 '-o
cm HS fur jn '.el van ted lettre r> fe-'rire (ie?e
I sr.-< lr: Cacaolir .fcs dtased Is '?Jr ?5: 13? k ip ? ti
} sn ?]i; sales 7t q bbl*common si ?: Z2i S jii:v:q d -s-'lr>
ilore sr? ^uli, Lji tb>.-9 Is a? r^ang?: > n.'i*; nil. 500 n^;?
I _ai ?? J7j $5 for esc, i&ai 'j .' <r old Ui^ -? ^ Btrait; C* \ ,
. iff't>i. a ??rcy, a: 6 '.4 s?-ai li j I2j for Je-c-jy, wlttl 1
j aaies200bbla Ry.i ^lo^r le craiei Tna.? la ae.We i<- j
I n*nd for BnckWMat, and ij?u ariel 1* ii'tdy t'yi sal-3 j
. *r? ?? cromtseii % Birdsalfa as* for 2^ rt oar:: -i 73 fir 1
I Mill: ?? rrast's 2^:.-^ la* ^ bag, ?6 9 cbl; ?? fie Ifs |
. tra"7&:^>i.?g: rttaodar.',r^c ?. ot^.
j 8BA1N?Wbsatia saorefim, srlto a fair da!Eti.d St'ei I
i ru.h G?cssee at 116c: 6 6ot? do white sjjealffsia at 109 I
j wiioe: i^Odo Ohio at life In Cora the taera?i Is a Hi- j
j <e easlar, and the as op y m:vc?ra.i3. Tnwre is rattier ra > a j
, roi^g u r rxp..,rt. Sains 35 * 0 eu.b. pan from x.ore. at 64
j ?MS a*m toe, deltvered lor mixed a-e is a snide Mi- I
ier- -mi is,i(E i.s,r, t; t-;;?;7rr) d?;iver*i Iu SvW, j
1 ">rieis a f-eiier fe-llos;, ?od m... <avi ?r- jooa 1 aro {
rowed at 77Je, and i0f0do prime six rowaju83.". Oste '
{ ?^rauieTeualeri ?*l?s Nertaarnal j^,?r. 3Jd j
Rap, Capt W
II Pmidroa*. Goo vv riiu-np??:
H K Haacbraano, Mr Ptmlpi
IVbippla, Uli and -arrant
Vilkvn Daria Jr, A H !' rns
-encers Arrived
> iat? I
M ireb, A^i.
ft Blaitl'i I
fc-h Coral, t rr.r.-rr, ?r,cSiar.o I roa.
i StcL.o.. I.-?s, BaekUad, ..a*
Sea Dahu-a?i Eea/oU. JUc.?^. Bu*.
f?a Meist Bop*, iw, urKilaad, jaa.
SJartlat??-. KoStrjon, KncaUkd. 'ran.
Srs M.-7 Uajdoa, Banj; E.iafcunJ.i.ay*.
:m.. Iti irraai d, laadall. Rtaiati.fas^
Sra3ndi,?t*uj, H^aicc,'.i=a.
SeaHaJan?, T..Rucilia^, ou*
Stb !'-r i. Hait. nie.aid, ,'.s-a
iT.ii-?.? 2>lUea, Htiiliad Iura.
SVs rtw, V/lftki r.-ii:-^?, Is.:
>cS 5da? % r ? M, _':-Li?to. Hocalajai, Lam.
leb Trt'.-ii j,-. Rocihud, tuna.
<t Am. HnpJre , > >.r, 1". tarfia ifl
Ba? H
UlBiwtersL. tVc.
?l .V?r W?, (mm Akyab, tum,,* to Antwerp,
bvat and cither damnc;.., waa ?p'.,i,?, .,,1 Algoa Hay by
"Aapaaia," from Ilia same port [Tili? ?eeael eaiM fro
for Antwerp, JulyS?) sinn Asiat,.- went into AI*,,.. I
ill ibore after a ae. err Tbc , re* * er?
Ship Ducheaa of Bucclrujh waa obliged to
h* ahif- b?ing total')- eisablr-d an,l half Ol II o
aiifon?a Vssnal? ^pckcat, Je:.
?I?. Oil
tea*, cailed ..... Sl Thecii?. Eiwr7aat.uUtf.il ' ? ?J^-r b?. t'- -. '
f."?* Toi? lad .'?'?? Orlaisa f . lau, ar.d u D^oal J>w W 2T
?sR>:d S Wsienian,cf Itsnr 7ork,uJ uy 11 Uall lb* fcu.kj .r, and
?>} Capi TU? ? Sletea n, ?ho a M ionmiad >i?r.
?^actea. fite.
BipJ 3S, o5 < a<.? Hei la, n>,; ? ?? 1 V .ri ine, IVoa STort ki KU/
Un J, al si 3?, ka 91 30, ?ari An:, i Mary, Dcfei, frtx f>j*-\)..
7 CitraJtar.
0,1?, tat 2 ID, 1-3 ' i, ?.I ? A Ctz* n, ff in Ajrf?ar; IbrKTerk.
Ort 7, Ut 58 Ii, ~e -l ;i, eigacEaad ?a,p !Cr-B. .'.?.To* "
.'o cjUi, -.1 | n 7 ;, ?aa muti i kr^o kari a tri rise ff
rni. bl\2t. /n. rav br j Ir.-l.a?, Ikonen, 1 r.r CiJr?) Iwoud ??.
5-tt SS, Ca;.) Ttorida b-anr? 5 s W 16 u.tl?., ?h:;> Laary, ol Ksn
trlr.i '-n *??;?.o ?./ BOrl-ajii.
Ccl 1", o9 F- li jiiuTvl tr- Saa r>i?>, frn-s 3an<or iu/ r?
0*1 f, las 31 ?;?. ijfl **8 |? "HlrgKalSt, Lora nmoasloa S"t ."'Ol
taa*,9?ttra re-.
n, lUi
and Halcyon, CaWe, Bengor; Alabama, Pricat, Tlimiuuton; Turk
Pre. ijnc?, and Niigara, Call, Gardaar; Goo Davu, Dunton, Ujib, i\
Marva, Oliver, dp;
BALTIMORE, Oi i ii ? Arr hr u I r?i ? Jane, Your;. ?i Jobni.t
R Iloan..ke, Gordon, NVwbernNi .I M in.on, II oGran le;
N. nri , r..:ter- ;.. Tun dad, v; i flutter. Bunnall, Areciboj - b K,?:lj
Jol on n, C?!e, * York Cid Brem >l , U *ihe, Hi mann. Brau**! Br
tri?. Mar?, Windle?; ??(. J H Di'ka Godfrey, Kdeuton,H0|
PliebeS William?, Sp trow, do M.try Kliza W\nn. do; Advin. ?,Dl
? - Richmond Utb. A M, itrr brie Martha KineV,,,..!. fork Portknl
Cid b'cg Sanil Brown. li..Ur, B.-t-.,; tcba O.nllurd, K I.iwiiJmj,
Urthal und Herford, NC; Mary .\i u. Ii....... R donai d.
BaKUUR, Octs-Arr trlia dlerlim;, Parker, HlMlonj Mirrsllut
1'. r!n ';e, .1.. uiii brat? U?m R.na, Neye., Sear?porl| o-rwii
I Su,.,-. PIYi.it; ?ch.Surah Hall,Piere?. RoeUmi rt.er. ?..n.ti
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Croekett.Suow, M Bedford
LEWES.Dal,Oct 13, II AM-8bip Alleghany, for NOrI?an?j karl
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MOBILE. Oct 6? Arr bark Lucj Ann. Keller, Botton; Sp brigf?
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I murin, Genoa
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I eg?, Smith, Mobile.
NEWBJCHN, NC, Oct 3 ArrickaPa 1 e, II. ???n.B.dt.iaor?, Herr,
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NANTI/CRET, Oct9?Sld tchSuiao RniteH NYork, iloop ?!??
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NEWBURYPORT Oct 10?Arr rdu Lanra ft E?u Colbv It.?
port; Dindy, Fo?ra. rork u,h, air brut ApUld.Maaav?
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M.W LONDON, Ott il -Sld 11 , E'bn Perbina dm 11, Al**?f.
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1 PORTSMOUTH, NH, Oi . ll.rrv Howe Porl/and; 1*1
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Weld. I.a'.bl"i, Pliitideiul ?? Piene,Card B0.U10
PORT LAND, Oet Ii -Arr bark I ei H trbell Pall River l?*<?
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PROVIDENCE, Ott P Ar. V. I ..*.,.?,.. (?,,?? Pbi***
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Below, ??!? Morn, i;?r?l, and CI r ite frn 11,-, ?, Im,
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at*neon, Teel, l'ala .? Co'i-I Kerry Bancior 1 m.
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RICH ?U iD 11 Arr Ki tot r^ilt-in.
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fiary Picket, Rewettj Pallai, HtbUef, r...-i^..l.S^-?fite?
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I SALEM, Oct 1O-SU br.< Us* leiaid, P-^?^s'-Y'?rtte*r^
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I Ja* ManUlT, 8?*? Pt.'a'.irbn. -cia II*?/7 rrvrnf,
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