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with the hiebest r, '- ious perfection. Mr. Brooks
Itidtbo North wore trioinpimni m makitur Cali,
fernia a Free State. [Cl.rs | Under the Con
Station we have growu from i:i to 31 states, and
|cexpatut..-?l upon the growth and incroaao ol
the Not? n. H< was sorry to know that wo^had
Sfeemleeof this ' n.on among us He went for
irfjediencc to In wo al\Vavs and under all ciicnm
fje CJC
as tra
? I uion,
cheers, |
; named
dlv's ri
pousn apr
K. Du,a
fifepared U
wns (ippost
*Zid defeat:
hRd been his whole life an opp,
<y lie hoped a Whig and not
jjiMui would bo sent to VVashin
?rf Washington Hunt, ami said hi
jfjmputhy Jbrnll men ; whether r
Hungary ot starved in Iraan
Mr Hunt's introduction of the
(Cheers, j He alluded to Georgi
smid he would receive such supj
to the blush any one who tried to
ticket And in the " Rural lest
ton Hunt would reo- ive such a v
toni-sli any men who conspired in
teat him. Mr. S. spoke ol the val
its influence on our leading men.
?hole Whig ticket, for the win
for gladdeuing the cars of Henry
the thunder of the night; with the:
Whit: support to our New-York
Smith said be had been reqnestei
the voters ol the Sixth District ii
Brooks, who had discharged all
Whig. He referred to the prospi
Election, and asked il' we were |
a'determined Loco-Foco (Dickin
Whig. He spoke briefly of Statt
referred to the established princij
party, lie would sacrifice par
necessary ; but he saw no suet
Whig party wan the party of th
saw no reason for opposing :'.:;',
ticket. The importance of the
was not forth, and Mr S. closed 1
peal to come up to the work ami
ticket. (Cheers.]
by early associations to the Whif
ih Relief bilk
. Cornell, Bud
as would put
him from the.
;s" Washing
as would as
is City to de
of victory in
e was for the
Whig party,
y [here canie
?ws of a true
esident. Mr.
say a word to
?uj instead ol a
jolicy, and then
mo/the Whig
i to country it
nation, and he
portion of the
online election
ith a strong ap
dect the whole
he had
he did
s hi re, Baying
virgin soil of
:y breast and
eers loud ami
:ori of opinion
ssion to laws
>y agitation
i came that
s ever won;
the (lowers
lu nmes,'nil
ion Whigs,
int. ft has
irotnise. 1
been rocked within a Whig cradle, mid
not believe he would live long enough to follow it
to its grave. He said the Whig party was con?
servative enough for order, radical enough for re?
form, an<l patriotic enough for Union. [Cheers.]
And to use the langnage of Webster, 1 believe
that the Whig party can pints through the most
fiery ordeal without the smeii of smoke upon its
garments: He would allow every Whig to enjoy
his own opinion. Comes he from the South, where
he hits been brought up in favor of Slavery ! 1 can
iivo him the hand of a Whig. [Cheers.| Comes
lie from the free hills of New !
lluit SlaveJiy shall never curse
New England ? I can clasp hi:
to my heart as a brother Whig,
long.) Mr. '1'. went on to favor toleratii
<bn the Siave question, and of suhmis
of Congress. But to the men wiio \
?' peace, peace," be would say tha
herself was the daughter of agitation;
jenmethe Great Republic; by agitatio
jewel California; by agitation freedom i
lor in the still dead night of Despotism
of tj ninny bloom. The slave is dumb, I
man speaks. He deprecated nil sectioni
soparut ion of the party in National or i i
ami spoke ol the position of Clay and H
been said that the Government is a o
and that the Whig party is a coni|
would not desert from (he armybeca ise- a platoon
er even a regiment had got out of place, but I
would bring them into line and push on the united
column to victory. He asked VN linrs to send
buck their Representatives, Brings and Brooks,
for they had done their best. [Cheers.] He re?
ferred briefly to the City ticket, and spoke of the
igreirt importance of the voice of the metropolis in
all the councils of the nation. Work, then, for all
your candidates, and elect them: and then we
will show \ou that a Whig victory is a Union
Mr. Ku i i then introduced
Mr. NotiLi, formerly of Chnutauquo County,
ile had heard much eloqnouee, but could give
none; but if old reliable Whig doctrines were
wanted, he could give them. He deprecated
sectional actiou and sectional feelings, ami woke
up the old fire of 18.40, by naming some of the
watchwords of that dav. Ho thought these rem?
iniscences wore good tor the present time. He
referred to the vote of th.- Southern Wliies on
the admissii.il of Texas, when c
pom Slave States were found at
He spoke of the great principle
American Industry, (Co.'.eis,i i
which we were all agreed. U.'
to stand up against the Whig ea
ho did uotagree in all things w it
any substantial difference b itwe
sow and those in 1840-441
thought we should all unite <? i t
ciples. Hut men will lug in t
bttCStion, ^Vi11 we never hea
Rut all this was socondary. Tli
you in favor of the cardinal pr
policy? ("Yes," "yes."] I k
lay so. [Laughter.] He returned to the great
principle id Protection, and of the universal inter
cats ol all in its maintenance. Mr. N a^'uin re
(erred to the Slavery question, and thought it. was
of very little consequence as compared with the
permanency of the party. Do you believe your
Candidates are true old fashioned Whigs .' If so,
vote for them ; vote the straight ticket,?-that's
the only way to beat Loco-Focos. For myself I
will run with the old machine a little longer,?1
tni satisfied with it. [Laughter.] As to those
?ho abuse the opponents ol the fugitive Slave
law, they should remember that only three
Whigs from the Northern States voted for it. He
Would close by asking tor union and success to
(he party
Mr. Cakkoi. being called, rose, and as it was
late, moved an adjournment.
Mr. Kkim proposed that the meeting adjourn,
With three cheers for Hamilton Fish. These
were given with a will; then three for the whole
ticket, three for each of the k::nii:iu' candidates,
and three lor the Whig party, and while the band
played an air the people dispersed.
rcc Whigs
the North,
jtection to
lot willing
js, because
. Is there
?ay. He
dinal pi'iu
A t'nrd?The Irvine; House.
fUlit-tr* oj the Tribune :
Gents: I avail myself thr
;our journal, to inform my n
4ie public at large, that the
which I have been patronize
Mrmined me not to increase
r 1, I.1?0.
odium of
snds and
m, has de
s which I
House, as
ssary tlmr
tstabli&hcd when i opened the 1
*ith my present business it is no I
i should do so.
The terms, w ill therefore, continue to be tw
<o)lais per day tor the usual accommodations.
Your obedient servunt, U. D. HOWARD.
A flairs in Washington.
A dispatch from Washington says Mr. Bayard,
wrnieriy U. S. Senator from Delaware, has not yet
o appointed Charge to Belgium, as stated in
??me of the papers, though it is probable he
?ill be.
Ut. Cleuiton, our present Charge' at that Court.
*** requested to be recalled, and only remains
?road until his successor shad be appointed.
Mr. Robert Walsh, our Consul at Paris, has
;*en (removed. Samuel G. Goodrich, Peter Par
*>'. I presume,; will have the appointment.
Charges of a serious uature have been preferred
gainst A. ?. Corwine, Esq., U? S. Consul at Pa
^ota, aud he will, in all probability, be removed.
ft** Thanksgiving in Florida, Thursday. Nov.
Recovery of Powers' Swine of Calhoun.
on bu
r ii since the !!'t!
will be recollected
I tbe Twilight, moon
' coveryoftWhe,
; tbe statue, at once
: ticabilit) i f its rei
. . ... ; ,
is .Mr \\ bipj
riue labors is
taking. Afti
is o
from the heavy swells following tbe autumn gales
that, til! within the Inst two days, nothing could he
nl daylight on We
commenced. Mr. J
cast- by Mr. Whipple, who descended in his sub?
marine armor. By arranging a lever on the deck
of the j acht a heavy purchase was obtained, and
throucrh the united stremrth of twenty men, the
d tl
chain passed around the middle, the i
Iiis; wrapped with coarse blankets t<
without much
Mr. Johnson supposed that when the- vessc
lay in reverse position to that ill which it had beei
stowed. It was almost entirely destroyed, th
tving been
position, ti
\ed and tl
t drapery, the loss can readily be replaced. With
I this exception the statue is ?s perfect as when the
j last touch ol the chisel was given to it, having re
( ceived no scratch or stain ut any kind. It was
I recovered about J P .M. on Wednesday, the sea
j continuing <jniet up to that time, immediately
I afterward, ? heavy swell arose, but it was too late
lor the jealous sea to reclaim its spoil.
J The Twilight, with its memorable freight, and
; the Revenue Cutter Morris will probably reach
! this City to-morrow. Meanwhile, we would sng
j gest to the tigentS in this City of those citizens of
> Charleston by whom the statue was ordered, that
I it be placed on exhibition beforeleaving for its des
I tined pedestal. As a work of art, no less than on
account of the remarkable circumstances attend
I ing its transmission, there are few of our citizens
J wiio would tail to visit it. The proceeds, or a lib?
eral portion of them, might properly be applied to
the remuneration of the men, who, since the 13th
of August hist, huvo been laboring so faitlifally
ami perseveringly for its recovery. Mr. Johnson,
j wo understand, has spent about a thousand dot
J lars in the undertaking, and to his energy alone
I we are indebted for this great work, now doubly
j valuable from its baptism in the grunt deep. The
i history of the shipwreck should be carved on the
I pedestal of the statue, in tbe temple to be erected
I in Charleston, as an appropriate and enduring ac
; know lodgment of his zeul.
Jenni Lind?Concert and Oratorio.?Last
j night Triplcr Hall was entirely Riled by the most
! brilliant audience we have ever seen in this City.
? The programme was that of Tuesday evening
with the substitution of the " Bird .Song" for " < )b
'? die Wolke-" Mozart's Non mi dir and the trio
! from Meyerbeer were rather nbovc the sympa
! thiesof the audience: neither the serene melodious
I spirit of the former nor the exquisite artistic ar
! rangemenrs of the latter loosed a tithe of that en.
! thusiam which greeted Jenny Lind's singing of
; the simple " Bird Song" of Paubert. The souls
' of all sweet singing birds spoke in that, with
something of the cool shade ami fragrance Of
leaves, ami sunbeams astray in the woods. It
was a soul of abounding joy?a voice that, like
the lark, " shot up in flickering gyres "?but rather
the human joy of a young nnd untried heart, than
any bird known to our ears.
Tlio wonderful aria from Lucia, which has
brought so many heretofore sceptical critics down
upon unwilling knees, was rapturously encored.
Next followed (after Bklletti's II miopiano c
preparato) the Gipsy's Song from Meyerbeer's
"Camp of Silesia," und, without pause, the Dale
cnrlian " Invitation to the Dance " Who could
desist from dancing, till he collapsed with fagged
sinews, if such a voice marked the measure '.' It
is us irresistible as a Neapolitan tarantella. After
retiring, Jenny was called out twice, and in obe?
dience to calls from ail pans of the house, seated
herself again and sam: the " Echo Song." She
was then allowed to depart in peace.
Bki.i.ETTI ami Pekei.i.i acquitted themselves
admirably, and the orchestra was especially tine in
Weber's Overture, which was given with a glo?
rious jubilant spirit.
To night the Oratorio of the Mcssialt Ls to be
performed. The seats are nearly, if not quite, all
Tickets iorP.vkoih * First Night.?The sale
of Opera tickets tor Monday night?Parodi's first
appearance?is going on very rapidly at Si ?? a
sent. MaRETZKK has very properly taken meas?
ures to prevent speculation, so far as this is possi?
ble. With the exception of the secured seats, a
limited number of tickets is sold each day, the
most of them being reserved for the evening of
ihe performance. This, it is believed, will check
speculation to any great extent.
To night, at the < 'pera-House, we are to have
?rwan/,withthe same cast as on Wednesday night
?a most successful one, to our thinking.
IWe understand that in engaging Mile. Fitz
James for the boards of Astor-place. Max Maret
zek gave hor full authority U> select any male
dancer she might choose to assist in her periorj
mam es. She accordingly fixed upon M. Carey,
who is said to be the greatest dancer since Yes
tris, and caused him to be engaged for the purpose.
We are assured that even the manager was taken
by surprise at the announcement, Mr. Carey is
not yet here, but is expected to arrive in a few
Hallowe'en.?Last night, the closing night of
the month, was an anniversary which is now al?
most entirely disregarded in these parts?the old
festival of Hallowe'en, or Ail Hallow's Eve, still
duly reverenced in Knglaml and Scotland, as well
as in seme portions of our own country, its cele-.
bration here, however, has regenerated into the
practice of all sorts of mischief; the only spirits
abaiad ate imps ot fun and deviltry. With tu.;
even the
nrry it is
i tlie* fol
vbile bis
a buggy
i embar
tv, how
ner of Kiti^re and Delancy sts. Jt was ex
tingnisbed before much damage had been done.
Tm Flting Machine.?Capt Taggart's ma
( Line went up Wednesday i'rom the Thatched Cot?
tage in Jersey City, but the Captain didn't co with
it. Owing to some m ism an a gemert in starting,
the machine took a wrong course raid was soused
in the Canal, from which it was extricated with
some difficulty. While drawing it back to tho
place of Starting, the rope hroko and the balloon
darted off into space, leaving its owner behind.?
It passed over the City, changing its direction sev
era! times, the wheels turning in tie air, which
led to the general belief that tne aeronaut was
with it nod directing its course. Capt. Taggart
v. ill immediately commence the building of an
- * ?
Carpenters' Public Meeting?Nominations
? Unite a large meeting was held at 17!? Wooster
Btteet, and, on motion of Hen Trice. Andrew
White, (the Whig candidate for the Asscmbly in
the 1st District) was called to the Chair : Messrs.
J; D. Hennessy, Jas. Bassett, aud Mr. Price were
appointed Secretaries. It was found that M shil
lings was generally paid per nay. The following
nominations were made for Assembly. 1, Andrew
White (unanimously ;) 2, Parsons li. Day; 3,
Charles A. Dai,a: 4, Abrain Wakeman; 5, K.
Arthur Bnilev, and resolved not to support Mr.
Trnslow; C. 'it wns agreed not to support Mr.
Dlackstone: .1. A. Handsclinch was nominated bv
claied unworthy 61 thesnpporl of the Carpenters
V?? A paragraph appeared seme time since in
The Tribune, under the head of Brooklyn Itenis,
stating that the present population of the Fourth
Ward in Brooklyn was between 11,000 and 12,000.
Some of ourcot emporarios borrowed it under the
impression that it related to the Fourth Ward in
this City, and thus gave currency to a very er?
roneous statement concerning the population of
that Ward. We learn from Jireh Bull, Esq. one
of the Assistant Marshals employed in taking the
census in the Fourth Ward, that its inhabitants
will probably number not less than 20,000, and
perhaps will exceed that estimate. Tbe census
will Boon be completed.
Second Warii Whig Ratifcation Meeting.
?We trust the Whig Klectors fovorable to regu?
lar nominations ami the election of the Whig State
ticket, .lames BoWen for Congress, Andrew White
lor the Assembly, and E.J. Mercer, Esq. Assistant
Alderman, will bear in mind the Ratification Meet
in.' to be held this evening, at o'clock, at 18
Anu-st. for the reception of the report of the
Charter Convention. The election is close at
hard, and it behooves every Whig to ase his ut?
most exertions for the triumph or bis principles.
%?f The German daily The Republican (Der
Itcpublil.ancrJ has been revived and now appears
regulaily. Its leading editorials are written with
tab nt und spirit and defend Whig principles in a
judicious manner. It must prove useful in en?
lightening mir German fellow-citizens as to the
political questions r.t issue between the parties
Published by H. Dithinar, J-J Sprace-st.
Removed.?The Society of New Jerusalem,
New Bell.?The new Fire Bell is ready to be
Herr Benum was repeatedly encored. The entertainment
d< i s credit to the musical talent of tlie village, and we doubt
not it will give permanency and impetus to the Musical A.
BoAitn Of Supervisor?Thursday.?--Salary
pj City Judge?The Committee on County Officers report?
ed :n tuvor of fixing the .-alary of the new County Judge to
be elected as an Assistant lo :ho Recorder, and coordinate
with him in the Criminal Courts, at *2,vo a year. Adopted.
Ccvrt He cm aud Qfllcert.?Tne Committee also reported
in favor of enlarging and extending the present Hall of
Records northward, the lower part to be occupied for the
Court Room of the City Judge, and the upper pan as an
office for him, and also for giving more room for Iho Regis?
ter and other offices.
Coroner'* Bill.?Tho Bill of the Coroner for nuartw end?
ing 30th Sept, amounting to$2jj15 75 was ordered to he
Vittretted Sold'er.?A petition was received from James
Bolt, stating that he was ssoldierin Mexico, and served
in all the battles under Gen. Scott?mat he is n lealth,
and without anv means of a livelihood, and asking relief
Marine Court.?Before Judi;e Lynch.?Geo
II, Traphtujen vs. Corndl A JVrjMOT?Dr. T. one day in
August last, was about turning his carriage from Broadway
into Broome-6l when it was struck and Injured bv one of
tbe Broadway omnibuses beioogim; to C. i. T. He orinits
action for damaces. A sewer wus being erected Jt tne
junction of the street, and the vehicle had to go to one side !
of the street. It was contended that the omnibus Avas not
at fault- The Court, from the testimony, thought there
wse negligence on the pan of the omnibus". J udgment for
plaiDiifl, fell 75. For pltf. Mr. Hoher: H Shannon: for
uils. Mr. Daniel it. Taylor.
U. S. Distrii t Court.?The testimony in the
collision case of tie- Worcester and Hay State was con?
cluded yesterday, and the Court adjourned for the term.
The Court meet's again on Tuesday, and the summing up
wul be proceeded in.
Pqwdjsr Mm i Explosion od Loss of Life.
?Rorklunil, Wednesday evening. Cct. 30.?The
powder-mill and magazine adjoining, in Oamden,
Me. about seven miles from here, blew np this af?
ternoon about 1 o'clock, probably killing three men
who were known to have been in the mill just be?
fore the explosion. Amount o! loss not known. The
mills were owned by Messrs..i ones A Swett, of
Brooklyn City Thact Socibtt.?The statu
tics of the Missionary labors of this Society tlnring
the past three months show the following facts :
I Tracts distributed.-53.164-; 8,328 among the ship
I ing, 4,997 at the criminal und humane institutions,
and the balance oinopg the families of the city.
103 Bibles and 292 Testaments have been given
away; !l2 children gathered into the Sabbath
S- eoIf. 7 into the Public Schools. 37 persons in?
duced to Bttend church, 240 signatures to the
williamsburgh items.
thisjear. of real and personal
ia on real eauue, ab.nu half the
last vear. was onlv a little tnor
tbira the real value?so Utat ??
iax in New-York is *; 13 on es
Wffliamsburghtban in New-York. The whole amount sp
propnated. thisvear, bythe Board of Finance.for village
expenses, i.- s.-t./H'o. The expense of gas posts and gas,
directed since by the Trustees, amounung, should a!! the
paverl streets be liehted, to about Sw.etsV will he in nddi
c?? The Hudson County Opposition and " tnde
pent Whigs" Conventions, held at North-Bergen
en Mondnv, both agreed upon the following ticket:
Coroner?Isni.c Sninnim . .lohn Heard, Joshus Van
Name. ' -.
National Reform.?The Advertiser o{ Wed
nesday says, a number of persons of this city,
friendly to National Reform, met in the Hall ! 13
Market-st. last night, to organize an association
auxiliary to the State Society. Mr. Enoch Den
man, in calling the meeting to order, briefly al?
luded to the platform of principles. He did* not
believe that either of the great political parties
fovored their views of National and .-t?te legisla?
tion, and hence the necessity of candidates of
their own, &c: after which the following officers
were elected :
lUe. ut?? Committee?Graver C. Stewart, Marcus Long.
William Brewster, Michael Dowling. Solomon LowentHtte.
Speeches were made Lv I. Bannister, Enoch Deimern,
Solomon l.owontritte, Grover C. Stewart, VVilUam Jones,
Marcus Lone;, and others. Mr. Stewart said there were
lur^e numbers of National Reformers in this city, who only
required that there should be an organization, when they
would come out, join die association, and openly advocate
leform measure.-. Already Ims a candidate been nominated
for the Presidency in 1852. Wisconsin sends two Senators
who are favorable to their vie.. *; and Michigan, as a State,
c< uld almost In- said to be with them, mid before i wo years
will be entirely so. Though they might not elect a Presi?
dent with their own votes alone, he believed that the influ?
ence ot National Reformers u ould compel one or the other
of the tuest parties to select a man who would be pledged
to National Reform principles. Mr. Lowentrilte, who is
said to he a Hungarian by birth, alluded in emphatic terms
to the want of proper national legislation in favor of the
v orkiiig classes of tin- country. Though he is said to be a
descendant from the Tribes of Israel, he quoted from the
New Testament, when be said the foxes have holes, and the
fowls of the air have nests, but men now-a-days, ,11 this
country, were not voted the humblest habitation of earth, i.e.
The meeting had resolved to occupy the- room they now
hnve every Monday evening,and Instructed the Executive
Committee to report a Constitution s: their next meeting;
and then adjourned.
V7r' The Sunday nrrnngementa of the Paterson
nnd Ramapo Railroads have been changed, leav
ins New-York at "> o'clock P.M. and Paterson
Depot at 1 P.M.
ep3 Dr. Elia? J. Marsh of Paterson, President
of the State Medical Society, died at the bouse of hisbrotiV
?ill, on Friday last, at robe's distillery Eaaton. He
ed In the boiling fat liquid about three minutes. In
[>fi' his rlolhes and shoiv a few minutes after ward.
hV the
The pt
Ja-jer S. Udell and others against Vernum Spragueand
Michael P. H?llad.?Morion to rhange place of irial from
Westchesler to Queens county. Granted, with ?10 costs,
The Shipping List publishes the
ent of extorts from this port for
To /.t'rrrpcot?I2,H(7 flour, 115 do Apples, S.lti'j do Tur?
pentine. 1,665 Besin, 23 hbds Hark. 344 do Tobacco, 52^64
trash vV best, M tuns Logwood, B56 gis Whale Oil, -57 cases
I. It. Shoes, 282.319 lbs Cheese, 60.530 do Tallow, 272.000 do
if, Cake,-LOW Slaves. 1W?> SegarH.
To London.?W bb.s Peariash. 58 do Resin, 2.412 do T-ir
penune, 34 esses Indigo, 42 do 1. R Shoes, ltd casks Port
U 7 do Boracie Arid, 1 bale Jalap. 1.867 bush Wheat,
100 ic< Beef, I'M do Rice. 10 hhds Tobacco, 57.802 ios ditto
Mfd, 282^24 do I heese, 19,189 do Bone. 3 JW2 do Tea.
To Gia*genc.?2?Tl bbls Flour. 1.271. do Resin, 74 tcsRice,
304 nws Logwood. 3,712 gis Sperm On,6,574 do Whale Oil,
2,072 do Lard (Iii. t> hhds Bark, t" do Tobacco, 8,442 lbs do
Mia,11,170 do Lard, 7,120 do Cheese, 3,y? do Tallow. I0,oo0
To Harre ? 32.220 :bs (previously omitted) Whale'wne, 23
bbls Potash, 12 do Peartasb, b" do Be.-f. 129 tcs Rice, an
cases I R Shoes,924bdls Paim Leaf, no logs Cedar. 2,110
To Hantr Tunis?M bbls Potasb, 21 do Peariash, 50 do
Flour, i';- do Ro?:r.. 'il do Bark, II hhds Bar:-;. I'.'do Tobac?
co, 311 bais Cappkgs. 800 Mg? Punent?, -Vi tcs Rice, It
bales Sponge, 39 cases Oil Ar.is. 10 do Rhubarb, 11 ao Gam,
1 j do Oil 1'epj'ermin!. 371 do Kx Wood, 20 do I R Sh.jes,
1586 loss Cenar, 287 tuns Fustic, 16832 It Logwood, 5V
025 do Whalebone, 9,000 Staves.
ToHctland?188 bbls Potash,58do Peariash, 250 do Rosin.
5<v<io S'.nnts Turpentine, led tcs Rice, 5 tuns Lignumvii e.
:'.?blids'Tof acro, 2".I >i WltaieMno's. ').??"' Stave.-.
To ??rVrrn?-J bbls FlOUr, SifiW) Staves.
To fki:-i?l..n ibis Flour, l96do Resin, 50pkgs Do
v-eS's?SW cases, Tacks. i do P ns,n, 22 lb B'-e<.w?.v.
Am/lral Jmirici?2'< bl,- F'o..r.-.1.1 L'a.s Wh:-,v. |i>
>.'-2fcPawder. 4 ir? Rir--. I<>-* If. Chr-^--. 17,000 ft Lumber.
TWi/ai'iA Wat Indies.?~? bbls Flour, 28 do Beet, 75 do
\' Bread, 4? do Alewives, 100 do Mackere.. .'>
bxs Mofi Candle*. 10 do Sperm Candles, 3,049 gals Whale
t i!. 12 bags-Pepper. 17 ics.Rit e. 12 bhds Tobacco, 3.300 r?
ami. do. It**; do refd Sugar,79*205 do Fish, 2.732do Cheese,
., ? 47 do Lard. I.V<i do Butter. 7iXI do Hain?.
To Bri&h ?V.r indin ?1^30 bbls Flour. 17! do Beef. "?3
do P. rk, BTO Lush Com,712 bxa Mould Candles, 151 f? But?
ler. n.7:n do Cheese, 4,,~>3fi do Hums, 5^929 do Lard, 7,0?Jdo
.Mfd Tobacco.
To Hnt>Ji S?rth Ammei.?3.717 bbls Flour, 173 do Meal
251 do Rve 1 lour. 50 do Beef. 'iG'> do Pork, NO do NuvuJ
Stores. 1.-7 do Apples. C25 bxs Raisins. Z- litaU Tn?'scr?,
17.410 JTi Mfd Uciy?l do BttUer. "^Yf
THE Cor? CROP.?Last year oar farmers were
in eestaeies over their ordinary good crop of corn
?it was considered the best that hid ever been
produced in Northern Indiana. This year's crop,
however, is better titan that of last year, and a
great manv more acres were planted.' It is a re?
markable 'fact; that since 1835 there has not been
an entire failure of the corn crop in this County.
I Importe Wmy.
Thi Ca? u ? We are informed there aro iOO
boats this side of Syracuse, bound Mast, which are
detained by the breaks. The Collector thinks he
will be aide to clear boats for the West this
morning. [I'ttea Gazette.
tW ??? R- Bcnett of Adrian. Michigan, has re
sigued his office of Deputy V. S. Marshal rather
than perform the duties of that office under the
Fncitivc Slave Law.
Passeusrers Arrived
In tlcanukif rarxada.^l Battan /rem l.ire-p ->'?Mr ami Mrs
.*???? ?.- ?.-- Meli..-- Mr a: 4 Sr. Ca-.-m. Mr ?ni M'? CltbOen.,
M : - H rifl T.inn M l'-. -- FitM Jumma, Mrs V?*iq Mr
HardrsHta Or Sinner-Barrett Mr W,l .am., Mr E Tuckermar;, Mr
fVr... Jl J-^s DiaJeo, f4 Uau L'Ecluaw. Mr Eugen? B.llin, Hr
Corixertei>, Mr HaoUton, Dr Wm H Mnrland. Hessri Qrwspensa,
A C'itsl-1. fncs, William?, J r Sargoat, Eati(a WinUatl. Mewi
Sthood, Wil?oa, Geo 1 humpsnn. Mensit ?. the Bi'?oo . f Toronto,
M-.-r- H B Saltern-, Pr?-.m *. M. Ooo H It Jr, Mr, Hell. M Gu ..!??.,
John L Proper. Messrs H?>.?. Christ, Ca<r?v. Sr. Huuur, Mr,
Townley, Mc.-.-r? Wm Townlej . Geo Tawukiy, Pauixio Piatto. Ma.i
im. P sttn. Stefan S M Uitroorc Jii -rh Smith. W Brown. Roche,
Sir. K. d- M.-.r, tot. It .b?t P?'?. Cb??, Stayer, Wiham Ir
. m ., i.-r ?.n. Messrs 1? Krd er J Tr-nt W K Atkissoo. Sla
ihor.Rafters, M'AuI.ff. Cha.? Can-tt? />.?<?. Halifax?Heoad M-?
Hovirn. Mes.rs Jehus Senr. John, Jr, Hun Mr Colli/:?, Mr Df ion,
K?l M- 1l,rr. Mr ijusi -"o.
Invnckel-mip.St Scant from Uncrpooi -Mra Wh.te. Mia* M.
Km- Mr- Canal, 0 Carrol. Mix M Carrol, Mi.? J Carrol, tw E
Carrol and i eeiranta, Master Tsuotoo.
In bark ? -, rt-r. ~ Ihn iltf./ram London -Henry an! "....hard
DkwkMi Mary .r,.l Eb-a belli Hawea. "ataa, Blanch and Pnsci?a
MINIATl.'RE almanac.
Se:,.( .",7 ; Moo>?Riaee.4 aim
jh water.sov. t.
n I Oo?. laland.. 6 Jim ! Hall Gate....* Sim
port of nfw vork.oct. 31.
Hog* StJobo, NB, Barclay to Lmoptooi .'. P Srowo, li.???, c?
dra Crrwhj . Coca er .V Co
B.i.-. Viclor (Br|. Kenny, St John, NB I. H A lain; Si.tar..; Rr),
Pike, St John. NF, R Fialey; Fosliiob ;!lr) llmgwg. at John, NB,
A souther.; Richard Blown. Furneaa. St John. MF Jim?. Da.ley;
K? Ii. ft . hol', Charleston. Dunham * Dunns; .Kol??(Norw), t.ar
sen,Tiiika l.iand, Funcke A M?ircke.
I-Cfas Liu, Ann,Jai ? .in. Portland; Globa,.Simmons, Waabiae
lnn,.\C; J? Uiie, Prntl, Alabama; 1. H McKee, Oliver, .Newborn,
Slar eit i Unrr. Burr. K..-hmon.l. Marl!,-? A t.oH.
hau. A
j:J<e <nJ
a-PKer-. to maaler.
?h,p L.rerro?! (B?\. Ir'ing, Livarpool 26 Ja, cSal, toDIerem-e,
an I ?0 parapt'era, ti.'D Pilki'nst,?.
Ship ( or-, ilr), McGnire. Balfaat 3a ,?,, in battaat ami JIO paaaan
^ri-. in J McMurray, I ne C ii !iu?=.l to Clnrle?u,a- put m tu land
Ship Sl Geori... (p:icl-t) Sloan. r.ir-rp.?>l Sept it, m-li? and 360
mm to pafid Osdm te Co.
M.,rk Oden?(Swftd Norbane. G?lta 73 d*. iron and l*>? pasaau^ar^ lo
Bark Pilnim, Sawytr, Sl Marks Oct IS, cotton, to K l> Usrlbot
i Co.
Bark Thaetua, Merrill, Newpnn a: d?, la l-oral ir
BarkOoaersor Hiacklej (ol Barnetable). Lonioi
Hi p?..-i.;,.e to Croabjr. Crcoker A' BoaaaU.
lire ftaaUlua, Ain.r. Hcbce, pr.il da, runr,toSlurtea A' Co.
Bna M.niiphar, Shapley, V.r., Cnu 37 d,, mdaa, to Il,r-..-ja
Krig Ho atio, Gi?n, Mara-.nitio Ott 17, hi.lea, l'ujtk-, 4-c, to H
Ilr.e Martinii|u- (of Thom.->.:..n Me), K-llar. Rafjrad lahodlTdst
to J [lutciiinrou. i.-it no Aruem an veaaala is port
Brit Clare . Brl, Allen, Razeed laland IJ da, aalt, to J H Bra.na.
B?>? Marklao-t (?I Wail boro'), Orscia, Jerern.e. St DoraiDiO, it
da,logwood, to ma?t?r.
Hrig G?or-?, Walaer, Charlmtnn 5 da, eotmn and rica, to ti-ur?
Bn- W T D-.i.ifi, Conon. Charleston .1 dt.cottco, to N I.Mc
Scb Boui.lv. Pirk-r. Gnrtetown floor, to M Be-J.-II.
Sch Henr* Chr,W/a,WBt)fool,oit.
S. h .l..~-rh Baker -. ftev.-pr.rt
SihSilaa Bram.nl. Billiard. Portland. Cons.
S<b C???a Chan-berlain, Saara?, B ?ton, rodae, la J H H? ?..
S-h New York. Smack, Richmond da, nid? C II & W P;?i
Si h Bounty, Park-r, G- orjetown n I-, mdaa to II M KaJ-ll
Sch Rebeci a, pfoal im. Feien?.?? ) da, roda? tu Jarno? Hunter
geh Lamartina, Tborndiko, St Law.enco Ri>er H -I?, Umo
Wat?on A Co.
Sch Celen-y, Champion. Malara 46 da and tin* Siratta at do, I
to Stalker Jt Co. Saiiel m company ~.th a oumoar of I?
S..h Florida, H.?k-I, Baogor n da, foi
Sloop Indoz, Bampua, NBwIfoid
WIND?Darios th? da>-,l'?oai NW
RK.II RNED?Baik lljrar.l. B,r.
Srh S f. Parker, Rol
nil'.-* sf. m|" Sandy Hr
BelfasI fur tto. nort. <
Hy Tcletrrnph.
BOSTON, Out ll-Arr nrii- Flora, i'm Savannah. J Hincklay, Wit
roingtoii. NCi Dan el Huntley, London, Sept |9j acba Lou ..ana. Jar
? Oct ?; Georgs * Emily, Sa? innali; Oaoar, Cole., Norfok.
Cid ?hin Loo COoo, Honolulu; barka Jarne? Smith, Mrrseilloa and
Smyrna; Pitarim. NOrhroMii Gem, arid Treraoot, Philo; brig tieomone,
Jamaica; scb Euaose, Uoyti.
BANGOR, Oct -.-a Arr ich ?Ur. NYork.
POK1 La.m>.Oct B? CM briga Lloo.Cardenu; Oon Mafios, Bai
rFrcm our Corre.pon.lant?.]
PHILADELPHIA, ott 31- Arrived?Ship (pit) Shenan.l<i?h,
Weal Liverpool; ich? Senator. Ciuk. NYoVk; Clur!ea L Hulaa,
Daytoo,da; Cborlea Heory, R,nn, t.reenport, LI; Invoice, Glovar,
PtBodlbrdi llij.-dile, Rackolt,doj Alaoama, S-tra, ?lu; John Jonea,
Smith. NYork. Chemaee. Candy, do; Daiotah, Smith, do; Henry
CUartd- 'Bark Garland, Martin, Mar?o.lte>; b>.< A Field, Mad
dock.Bnaton; ich? Liverpool (Br), McLellan, ?arbadoe? Cbarlea L
H ike, D?>i..d. Warron, Uli Saliator, Clark, f?iork; Charloo Henry,
Itvan, > Bedford, Florida. R??l. Bri.tol. R|( I B D^aerwn. Coreoa,
>Vcrk; Auure.. Gjnuy. to; Wrn M Baiid.Stubu,Frit Riven Tri
umpb Ma.on. Allen ? Point; la??:ce. Glover, A.Xany; Wo?bingteo,
h teoei -. Fad R:???; eh?roi?e. Gundy. NYork.
NEWPORI.O. '..id- i,.,IVrm'.uk, H?.k-t. Pb.lel; El
n :ra Rogers. ap-llin?? l-r. ?idenco for alboovi Wo Colhna, Bo.ton
tor NY..r?. Armr.e, Row.-, Gloucester fordo, Uura to Elir..,. Colby,
from du lor do: a'aorra William. Luce. S.pmcan lor Ea.t Haddam,
Gone, Chace. Frootowo; Victoria, Clark, Wareham. itth. Kha Mi
mnva. McGriRVn, Fall Rher for Baitim.re; Col SB Daria Hitchose,
PbUadelpbui for Providoocoi Shopaid A Muuat, Haara.o?, Rondout
lor Fall River; Splendid. Culv.r, do fordo, ?lp? J Piarre, Godfrey,
NY' rk 'orTjiirt'.r,; Thr?? Son, Hat.-li, NBodford for Eaat Green
wii bi Avronant, Taylor, Albany lor fall R.e?r, Wm I'enn, Wmslow,
Disitsters? Arc.
Ha ail'. Ca.e-.OTTi; at Gloiueater from Galway, haa aiper'en. ad
heavy oreatber on lbs pnaige. On the tith nat, ahipped a -eM
wtn h broke the wheel,eto?? is bona?,sad lost boat. Oo the tStb,
off Boston L.i.'iit. wai Mn .uto by a nark? ca?n*d away fore ya?d,
K>ii Exriaa.ATery.arrived at Gah-eatonon Uie 10th urt. from
N-w Yora. n?vir? had a long pus.a^i of 11 Juyv Sb? ?n be
aimed off Iba Bahama ruiks for ??-s.?r?l days, and in paaaing the
Tortu-aa the toncbed upon th- B.rd Key?, where the wr*,:ker?
bearded her. After being on iroQad about ma houra ahe waa
kedged oil, having been l^htened a ht?e '*\ throwing off 17 barrela
nl pheb ami ?ome '??.?>.? of rain water. The ve???l receisrj ??r>
little damage. Alter le?\-u,g 'be Tortsgu ?h? encouclera.J head
Tui saas CaoLoa boa Main arrived off the t>a? ?t Iba ?am? po-nt
wher? me was a week ago to day, whence ?he w?* Jri.es off to via
by the rtrong -aaterly wiada She left Bnetoa abo-it the Ith of -es
>:?ber. the wilj prooabiy rome in to the wna?f to-day or to mor
row. GaJieatoa New? Oct IA.
Flsano tea Mom !o! '.touceaur; put oito Sj Jne,, CB. wj dato,
S'? Cosevsu tol Ghmceater .Srr.i'h.bad oe*n aeizad a Hie Bay
of Sl La-r-nc... Oy a Britwh Cutt>r. lor an ul-ged vaUlion of the
tieaty Sb-had iAO bbla niacken*] on board .it the lime, and the
5-B BH Cos-i?? f,of Gioucea'erJ !;a.t xlao i.een ?*i&ed, out was
r?Ue??e-l a^am aeon pay.nc M' hb'e cl murk-r..1 :t. i lire.
Scs See.? M YocM.Ssndefsoo. I'aien Philadelphia for Bo'ton,
? pr-ing a '*ak io gvu.j out. and returned to the Breru water, where,
To ."tlnrinen?.
Liost J!oc???.?The Btljurr Xujnal u,t '.he two L??ht Houaea
"?ti.cn ha^e been erected .n that bay. the preaent ?eaanti, r,o fJnnille
Tust at the entrance oi Gilkey'? Harbor, Long I .land, and on I.i
dian laland at tbe eotraor.e of G-eja? R v-r, will be lighted up for tc?
li rat time os the l?t of Noven.ber. They are of a different cooatr
i-..oh trom other hght heu?e? in -.hat State, being only wood?n towers
pieced upon the roots of the ho nes -te-ngce-l to be occupied u dwell
?ga by their k??p?r?.
Saoartasn'a Bhcii Liaaiaocsi, NJ. W.tia-H n Honor, 'he
S-iperntendest, directa .1 to be notided, lor gaLeral .nformaLon. that
a-- caw hsed white hgkt of the tint cla..?. ;i n:; ,
.? r.o? ?il.iciled at th? Hiutl, in place of the former light of * lampa.
Thja lieht w,l| ?ihioiled Irom aunaat until ?anria?. The
aiieraLoM of the r&toma for the are.jt.on of tbe new Uotern hare
sol occasioned any chonj* of the orgxaj h'ght ot tlie ugbt
Spoken, Jtc.
Oct IT, lat a 15. .'on V.".'s. at 3 PM, saw ?teamahjp Atlantjc. VV??t
fr. m NYori lor IjxtrpooU with ol! ?aiia and itadding ?et. with the
wind W. goir.- or! .n nno siyio. At the ?m? timar, GaiUo, im NYori
(01 Baaie
Oct iO. off Fortune, brg Juhet.to load for Baltunor?.
Oct let, lat t8 Jo, Ion ife) B? brig Snck?, of i&i from Hal-ia-t, for
K ingston. Jam.
Oct 10, lot ?3 'U, Ion M 30. Br hng Charlolta, w.tii pueengera. bd
to Boatori??II welL When 53 <ay? ont, ahe toet tier joHy-bdal in a
heavy gale of wind.
Oct lo, lat 43 54. Ion IS 06. the Arn nah ng ?ch-(of Mortis
head with 11X00 hah on board; mtsnded l^aringth? Bank? os tie
l?t of Notendjer?all wall ._ .
Oct 16.1st V5 SO, Ion Si. waa eigssJaed ?teaaie? Oh?, OT Nlofs
ler Hs-'asa.
Cid rm Bedford Oct ?. bars PjaaMamt. ^J^^^ta*
AtlamOcean. Sid ahip Mary Aos, (of Fa;fBaveo| uaws".
North Pn .He Ocean. t,.im ft an tucket, with 'M
Off P?>'? J?oe 5??. ah.p Nantucoe. J^''S"JoT 1
by,^ ?p oft ( erected at S?i1rpet<? laHode June . a? )
i?iv.N., Rh) barl rn-i tt-.eey "IWfor*
-?'b 4r" had. - .?n or<u.ai ewfa*? Savvi JaktSSmk,
???),iw..w,.,P, refiit,?,-. Ihri.v, Mea-li, l?.?li?.ea. 4".
t n. -e.'.d-r-. Pr.aid,?. r, do.
?. 4.1. 1.1 TT 4 V In??* ?0 W.h?-h V reator. M v ."m-r N-w
B*-ii re I MomS lg -ha*.
. 1 31 S. 1.^1 ?134 Moba-t ??,-. faa Nsr. , -t
fur Pas Ut- , ct. .1 *n , u.a ???..J ....
An at I rota*** i-wo t>ct 17 bt?n f K?.i,r, \
' Ii. ,
.? lk
T'm wh?le? on Jr. k, wh.-h ?.? .;li?? jjjj |^,..g...? ?
.1. Ji.. r., ?r-nt! ...i. >r??A!.s. .?..,,,(, ? ? . ,,...?t ,VJ"
Uvts. lo >,?.poii.
? K .. I N m Kti 17**)
Pore lata Port?
AM'a)**w.u7tk ??Atar?? Jt*n -? {
rtfi?, >?r) tor .Vlilesna. M-o Vgh.
c- gfcbri. tu Mil for Po?t * I2lbj Caro -s, .
at ?lee.?. t ".h in t. s.if * !..?>, J.r e* ? f r .n. V orktowc. sta
re . (or RYort;CVlm.-.'? Ct. n .?. i .. I -.- Hop f.. . for Nile,
le'aa. h'ark? Catare.:i. Dwfcey, .od Apo!,,., li?h*.: , t n Ves?be? es
|.. i.~i ^?.n, to load |.>r Bi^lon.
At KapkN Ith mat, kv? C??m. lAOVjoi? ?orrrfotk I-*
At Gw? lith (oat, b.rk wi.-e. r.u,??ia, IVl.h.rd. ?i i.<> K
CO? t* P? ..(To .?Ii IttV, itr? .4'made, Bn *rr. P?K>na?.
At Trieste :CiL t.-'.?iir. fi..t-i! State*, Bob?woj, for .:><? ?nt
B.ir.le?u?. Morwn. s m p-on. uiy: tari Maria. K >.t?r, Icr rtWiM.
bri^ Br-..u> w,te. M Vorrra--, for Xact? and M'ornio
.4! ! e?horn Ulli met. ?hip. CWafwVe, ln:?n. for NToik, ld<.
Medallion. Hoadhtte, for do: Sharon, M-rrir??o, Hab
AtMahtgatth mat. buk*Kabawbai Uujr*ma ?'d Atof,FurW, fof
N Yon) bti br?Sarah ?V ?Sabine K.?t n> dodo, ach Miaa J?. Par
?: .du . CS? !-t ivt t .r?; ?>K< Kiilu;!!-? Iiir Mon;
*l. IW? l V?r.A.:Mk brv Neptun? (Jw) for ^Y.iri. ?I? b?r?
StrDa.JJttVriWld.NIorkik& BUrj t i utt?r.'..b. Sjiu.ts NOrtata?.
SM ?th.'Mi? Iuccd? Miru. R . h, Bo.t..u; ire Ottiravt BiU'm,
?VG n.::?r'.iJ. lp.i, *> [.Sumi!r?. [Sic fn: Con.t of r ?
?Mh.forGi'Lutxiuii. 8?> Si4i.. Situnou, ilm L*?Mlia) fjr .Vlfo??.
?icd bi-nrd, f...rt Oit. i): ..w,r. ..? M,;u?! :'?r R,-i,>n Jo, brif Iii?
n.ord (Pru?) for B.?t..o, Uf. TS? wind ibr wiffit d?), Uxd tjo??
l/??h In m lh*SW.
4i Rochall? l4lb r.t. I
KisdtIi brii M.r. .r. fol i
Ar Crorn'wtn? in?t, I
A: Ro UltUm iah is
and NTort, ?ml bmUMi
Sxjlrd irom Cawdf (,up(*?.
AI ,v?wjsirt IStb mtti brk)| 5
AI Gltven? isth f". b%r?t
sw?..n. for ?r?rt i'S'h: f*h-..|
?O dO.
Irr nt I. t.rpool weih t?jt. j
?ooiim Sfpt i't
(rt s;-4-.n..o EUrttm ror ?
p^^ib'y ?M liaN in,t.
r? VVanblutoo, Grid c. I r
Mvivhi,?..., ,-l cij.l^jjl?, ,BrlF?r
?r, (Br; for R<Mtonmwa. fcli'4. (Hr)
?l: ?irp l'lvqu.uth Rock,C*U?rtS,ua
Pro?i I?dcc Jbt mit, tk h Po\lj, n
,rk Hatttt, (of M?* York) Km Nu?Or
<h '.ri< K.'ho, Sch*en??o, from tVMt->?.
i>rt.t 4Jom?3.j?..i, Snow, froai Bc**oa,
?l?ftCor. N.vlArvon, fur STori I
irv r.w., Rob.ii.on. from l.a^tiayrt tat
taphMV, for Turkj bitaJ
.4 t Vtni Cr^ ? ;i.t a
arr ISth, r>pm?d t,. Ii
Arr 4t C.viip?.?,+> 9
Sept I"
At Turks Wind Hth nut, jtir? ?
dit; Elmin, Bro?r. Uli?.
AI M.ir?rj:ho Od i?r. St Ao.in>
SM mi l'ocm, VK Ort 10. br*? 5
Gip'4*jr, Sturi..lui Bir-ort, fof
SM .'ni Ci?do<(tOi Ort IV. br ; Fr.sMtn. Conk,for R.,?toa.
Arr kt Cuba Ott I,bark Henry I ?dl II hil, Im l'ortiau t. bn<S<r
1 >ii;>i;?.i i ? i' >r|...
ALBANY, Oct SS?Air ?ch Oscar Job? Im KBVslfOnl CMach
B-l. r? k .?cl Cnit?l. tor rroTidenca
BAJ.IIMiOKK, OctaU? Arr.bip Scbilhr (Rram) Babc Rr.u-'B
baik Ruth, Llulrio, CbarW.ti'D. CU Kb* KJwf? f iriar, M.uli? 1.
s?>*ae?b, Sjrlpb,Smith, l'ougbkMp? . sv. t'..r, Aon, LbtdMjr, >..?'
YoikiTruth,-. Cb?r!....<iii SM hark Bolh V.v.a.(Cb.'< Ordamtu.
for Tslruhti.iiHi l.n^ 4bbolt?lonJ, >l?i?r., K o ?rtnd? ?nd 4 . -
BOSTOfH.OctSO?Arr*cht Bkiatsr, vBr) Orajr,Od.ria Kr". **?*?
E Park*r,Ri<K*ra,ri*<lorick<)iU?i Dotit, Lord, kibwWrthi k^wn*.
Jaitu, Surry, r*tl?t. \V. cb< Eqip?*, Ii ? U. m.?.,!f.ir.!. V??!?,,
Bargori Tarquin, Grant, Prandfoit; AiJ, l'?rnt.?ni Daksanacotlaj
l.ur.ifr Sa?, l..v*ry. Waldobori') Jota. Colb?, >VaKk\???ti R-o
Grand*, fburlow. fron: i ?rtrfcfnfcnii?* na I; . , i|. ,
Tl i?k; ElaUr, Curl;?.ar,d (i?o D*?i?, D'inb?, Rath: K.rr ?t. Kr. ..k
ista, Woulwiib; Oooo Hop*, Kl?t. I.ar. I'hipiburaj D.itor, b ., . ,.
anJ C?tbir:rr. A.J.raon. North Yarmouth: CltH'n. Wahl?, Portl*r.,t;
Jan.-., Daria, dot Carolin-. Hill. Sacoi V7t'>, sir tcb Sarah E l'artar,
Roeora, Kr?0?-nck?b'irj AttluarnoCinO, brit Charlotla. | Urj Fowl**,
Galway, CW b*rk Nautilu?, Liaeula. Oib'nhsr ?nd .? mat; Sumur,
(n?w packttt 3ni liiua) Mi.-ah HlunpHrfVi ol and for Chari*.t.>c. I,
Albatro**, Cochnit), Culuo,-)*, Son*. I or i laudyr, and l^o\d?r. (Rr)
.Marmau.l. Pictou; Erie, Ryd?r, Pb 'aJrlpb.a; Cathano? Sifkel*.
Rirksb, Eulporti Lucy 4tw,s~l Atvood nrrm-toa. Mo. IU??ilk.,
Sl*cp*r, Kockwndiha Fanny, Wn Kail.. San KraDanajcoi Rainbow.
Hiij-r, Richmond, F?| Li ? i. Ch*?*, ?'York, Woleott, B**r?. do,
M M KlotU, Chat*,iloj l.?,ir.>ra, Croahy, Hartfonri Un t*l Sut.-*,
Crockvil;Prankfort.toloadTor l'a,iaacfl?. S;d a'aaiuihi? Amanda,
?i w on, i.r.c* Da? d; Sou*| I Mu?f Rui c?| S. l*nc*| (laMltoai (low,
M-rnthrw. Luc? ,ktw..,i. Shamrock i R?y*ill*l C SukaU: ,Sapoi..?i.
?i ba Crotooi Blisa Ann: Honticallo. Brig II >l c: .. 4.nl*d .
BA.NCi.lt OctJfj krr?h?W?ry,R?tnick, Yo-k; Truidto Kob
birv Hoalon;Oiit?H>,Tikb*lla. dl>/ A?hUu4,-,d... CM ?.-n s<
Y .rr., \VhitD?y, S:ilatn.
Ii K1SI' ? I , O.tis Arral.Hjp Rb.ala Ulasd, Hi I, lad Charlm
Rhodra, Pio?idrm-o. ?wl ild ?o-Ji for KToHli ?Rh, ?c? Jan?. HaU,
Pawcatnckj ?loo|i Ebra, SrmmOD*, rrom Prorblisnot to ioad for Son>
BLCKS\ ILLE, SC, Oct 17 Arr br - VVYn F >b, Furharam, ???.
24th. *cb Harnaon J. Chambarlla Savatonh, Ga; ?iii. tU ah
/uletU, Stankry, Lynn, Maa,, i . , < i . -n., BjJ, Curua, .Sorllr
Yarmouth .M*
CHARLESTON, Ott in?Arr >. !> Mrdl.ant, Friab.o, Bali. In tha
Hi Ml, Gaorr* A Hophjy, Pk>rc*\ Llvarnool, Cid, Hfti,
.! ,p< J Ra?.n?! Drew,Lir*rpool,Lb?c*, VVhit? Xfotk hark Ch-r
?k**, Oatty. NOrhiana. Want 'o w, ?h tft ,na, Manhoq, BalV
i7ib. bark Cbarok**, o.tty, NOrhrana
F.liGAlUOWN.Ovt JH- Arr Br ..Ii Jamaa McNabh. I.awli*. Ja.
maicaforHabihx;?ch Kn*ro. Hatch?nt, Boaton; ruh, uria<Sbak
?par?. Pendiaton, and HaiuNala. H thbora, Plnladolphia lur B Mtoai
?, *.a Fiorina, Pcodlatoo.Ns? IIa?an fordai Ejial. Kdvarl?. Imw?iJ,
f ?n ?, ind Patnot, Bucllu.NYork fair Portland; iHiUriu, Hmmar.dn
i.,r Bai Ii. Ma ?*. Rhodw, do for Boabo. H*r?ilh-, Filch, do tor?t?| .1*
Suaaa.Wat*ou,Newport for Rl|nwuib| St?h**kl ?II th,- above e?
.[-.., Ii Knar;> Seh Ontario report, th? ?. b llar?, of fbomajLia.
from New-Yo?, ??bot* ooarMonornoj Point, hlan win com ?ml
OALVKSTON.Oct Ift 4rr lOth, on< Empire. ? ?ry, NTirrv CU
llth.rlnp Faunin.'or NY.ok
OLOUCESTER Ol t M- CM bi < A^anura, l>?y, Surinam. Wtli.arr
.. b Ki.ii. ,s ...lar^n. Salem f..r >Vork. Snl hri( A(?nom, OaF,Su
?in.m; ?<oh. ?rr Br Charlotte, Ponl*Y, ilaw,,.! i'.rBo.tuo.? A
.... Disaatar? | ?
LEWES, o. t 50, n I'M -Th? ?hm whkib paaaaal up tbi* psora ?
ick, ?howiiin a Ii'ii. ?bnittt,protoe tr?b? th? G?lll*f,feom l.i,?rp<hil. ^
Sb? weijhe.1 anchor at boon from th* Buoy ol lb* Blown and on '
. ^??.1 up th. Bay. At t u'i:loch Una aluarnoon th. pai't. t atop rlh.
aandoah. from ' terponi, and bria^ Matcua Im |9Hav**, :,.?t up with
a liaht * lud it.mi NK Octal, 11 AM?All '??**la repotted ye.taritay
aaben.it in 'Ii. Roa,'-le?d. nut .,1 ln,,.nd, ? t th', murum? at A
o . lock for that! r*.p*cU*? devliaationa A br.i ami 3 ?-loeman are
now off th* ll'io; ol the Brown beat Jow?, (Jo i-t ulnar Ilm morn
MEW ORLEANS. Oct 11 Arr ?tmpa PalttHltn, Smith, NYork.
Talbut, Braxna sai,ti??... rbi* Sortana, Barrett, NYork n? l'nrt I.?
?accaj ban Warren HcLellan, lurk, I.land: Kb Horu*t,'0?mmoa,
BraiO* SaotiagO Below, coming up ahitl iNal?an .'?-via, (.Idali'p*
Niaaara,Haynea, Antwerp. G?or((?\, Bourne. William*, U?*4-pomV
-i t. .J.oeu Kernai.du i M.r i A ?i oua Campawcb)
NEW LONDON, Oct 10 Arr ?cba Andrew Jackson, Walantian,
Albany for Norwicii, Inua PeUrkin. A?ery, dolor do. Sid acbsJtva
E Smbh,OreeaS?>d for New York, Richard Ltw, Chanel,(or Albany,
Elian P-rkii,.. Smith, no,
NORFOLK,Out20?Arr ?cha Cduinh a. Bunker, N.a Yurk. V? da,
FillKarald, i.m B ab and Old l'ru> damcdl Cairo O.ird.., Wood, Phjlad,
bound to frew York| Courier, Roiij-en, B"a>. n; t S ElU.SwisUind),
C?n en, ,41 A hvral, Ph? pa, Ballimor*! K fde.4ei-.oi, Conklio, N. w
York; H?ra .1 Gam.ou, ai.ott Pb?adolpbt*.
NtW HAVEN, C\t Hi-Arr burk Br. ' -r., i, *w) Ha'dam. SM.
bris Baojamio, Colhna, B?ii?<.r. ?ch B H h. ?, Parker. J.iuu-. ILvar.
NAN 11 CK?1. in ?.Arr ?cl. lra.ailer, Oardtwr, Albany,
HEW,BEDFORD, Oat Arr?ch Hennen?. It.. !, Plolad; ?lp
SwilL Robin?on, Falmou Ii, Sid aflba Maty KKaikbolb Potior, PbUad|
Laia.o. Cburbuck.do) Harnet, Crowall, do, H?or> Uibb?, Oualjiaao,
NYork; Hsnty Clay,Ny?, Albany, D.irid Crocket, Snow,Hartford;
?lp? Republic. Sow'* NYi??; Lewis. PWoneJ, (I*. Faltnouth) do.
Jnmee tampboav, Bi ?.n. InnWarehamJ dot Wi ham Lor*, It/oi
?lout. Wm Penn, Window, PiotMeni *| Helen. IMman, Bn.tol.
PHILADELPHIA. Ocl W-CU - .? S.nt..., Km?. IL. hmood,
Mary Harvey, Craomer, N'-w York: C S P ttman, HoShaaa, J*rvty
PORTLAND, Oct ly-Aribrij Ckali-ailoo?; IRr), King. Windsor;
Bell.. Mi l.authl.u. k'a.tport. ? a Ca'raonia, Caleb Namucket; Ber
ry, How*, and Nsntni tet, Wi.'iard. Bo.tou. Cid .hip farm Goiio,
hr?7.er, Sar.uinah (and ?1,1 same da> )t bark. Ru,?ia. M?iwalj, Ha
vine; ?ch? Oeor^-e Brook*,'Dyer, and ? n< a, Showman, for Btntoi;
JU .i,.;i Le;,nston, Thomp.on, NOrleara
PROVIDENCE.Dot??-Arracha Jam*. B.i'rott. May.Pbilad'l
pli ?, Harr et. Sm.th. NYorkl alpaWmS Monr.t, Jeainuu;. Albany;
Ehza, Elwceel. do, Capiti I, smith, doi Willard. Dayton, H York.Oj
relicVerjufon, do aid brig It at L LanasOo, Lamaon Philadalpbiu
-, ba I nra l I? tfda, SuflViIki 0?*i Franklin. Foaoao. Chxreyatono. El
mm Roeera,Spelman, Albany. Jam?a H?nry, ].oraxf?ilow, Portland
an.I Aui'.-la.
PORT WALTHALL, Oct W cid brf( Khu * Emma,Bo> aoo,firf
Rio de Janeiro
RICHMOND, >m a-i-SId -i-b? LbTiaia, Jankma, Philad; Joba
Stoil.Teal doi J C Dou.hty, Murphy, d...
ST MARKS, Oct !? - In port naias Mats, Spall, and Milford,Hep?
burn, (or NYork, M/; Relurm, Liv.rmore, wt<; bri?ta Suwao**, Jo*
?eiyn. lor NYork. ready; Wtciii, Powell, and Oranna, Bun, foe do,
UrlSamaon, Wheeler, an/i Citah?ia?. Lowry, for do, unr; Harahi,
Gray, and Chaa A Co?, Hui.hard, Im In.oiae.
VVILMINOTON, Oct i'---Arr ioih. hru liaacrM, Stretlon, NYork;
ache David Smith, Smith, Charleston, J A Taylor, Taylor, Boelou;
iSlh.Kh J M Taylor,Taylor, lloaton. Cldlhtn. ?du? Fidelia, Oar
woi.H. Philadelphia; Vir^iaia, Sonata, do; ES Powell, Pow*ll, NYork;
3aih, Lri< Emily, Youb{, Kiu(?t..n, J?. a. ha Aiaric, Sauford, NYork;
Ijik., I^ka. for Richmond, Va
WARREN, Rl.Oet aV?8ld>b:p Ro'.-rt Centar, new.HlV. IT SWh
t'ina.j Arnold, of and for NYork.
Things In Philiulelphia.
Com-apoiidiince of The Tribune.
Pmi.ADKi.PHiA, Thursday, (let. it.
The residence of Dr. William ri. Haines, liosi
dent I'liysician oftbv Alnistiousc, situate near Ulis
city, was entered by burglars last night ?nd rob
beu of a iiiiruber oi articles. Every member, of
the family was at the time ap, tendllig im a sick
ckild, yet the daring rascals escaped undetected.
Police officer Slaven, wlm was slmt some timri
since in Moyamensing, is yet alive this afternoon,
but it is utterly impossible for him to survive long.
Our most eminent physicians consider his case
hopeless, Gapt. llcSliea, The other officer win*
was 3hot at the same time, still remains very low.
()n the outskirts ol MnyamensiDg this morning
at an oarly hour, several market wagons were at?
tacked, robbed, anil their owners shamefully
The .Mechanics and \Vorkirigtuen of our County
hold a Mass Meeting this evening; tor the purpos?
ot considering matters of interest to this clas* of
our fellow-citizens.
A call for a great Union meeting, similar to that
held at Castle Garden in your city, is circulating
in Philadelphia.
ijov. Johnston of our .State has issued a Procla?
mation, selecting Dec. PJ for Thanksgiving" Day
in Pennsylvania. .
There is'more iuquiry for Klocr, both for export ana
city eonsitmption. Sales of1.000 to i,>? beta s??end]
6.iT r.rDr.de tor sbipment at 4 87} and, nod
good brand, for elly use all Jffidt%%3.
-5 ?-'J \ ?".?i- :';> :>- .ftL,Tiurnreddemand
bbV W HEAT ?? r *??>- ^ & ..foe, Ui w?
m.n-.. hut ihereia ^"^e^ ?5i 08. tail prujxipally at
btwLels mir und prime if edI ? 1 ? ^ MfJael. A aalo
-:te. slid P'-mt "LR'f * rTl reSu. Cosn is in
demand, hill ?>' ?"P' " . fi; CKr,. jna jiart at anijrher rate.
ai.tt ^"^?'?WWj P?r ijAr?.tre in limited re.
iiir|iidi.'ijf"'me w, !)r^'i-bernanti Wrrt'renls
J,'"-' J2^? ;s rarh-r 1,^-r Sale* of Labis
" r r,,C!!r- :.iwi<idai.d ?;,.?; s,\ ? int..
I, U?ii i J"l". OJi Mf-Uiiica-Kk. .V,. |ilJ>?)
3 i eon ??.(|"-' ?, ,,,: >).VSlfl <\i?, 'J?i ; |>lria
\ ''^iii'iM.:^ : if-*i tag liil G?V78}| ??*< H'..
nlirV UK "< <>'r..r<j Hi.. I5i 6 le hiL'h Nav. ?li;
'im B? II* 5 NorrjaSOM u UK. -H ; -I Lf-Jitfli (ni. 71,
sre./firf si Sunn Weat Copper.2iJ; *i,bo0 YV:i
;.i'r..'<yii lik <?-* *? \\ !W X'vnaiown KK, y-',, ?1/?T) 1^
rlatli fnf. ??<? #Su <i<?, ''.',; %i *> S(.ii.?', K; S fWfA
Im? HC .Morn. <;:iii??, il, .'? HwriaSMrg WU ttA(
..i.u.'P.ead:i^liR:?t.7Vi: Je-'i^ i M.?' 'r>.^.

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