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By Telegraph to die Mew-York Tribune.
Boston, Th?rs lay, Oct. 31;
Dates one day later from Europe are published
this morning.per Canada.
France.?Paris. Oct. \H.?Paris papers con.
firm the state tuen t th.it tin; meeting ol the Par?
liamentary Committee was tranquil and otum
jiortrttit. The Legitamlst journals, however, per.
aist in tlieir opposition to the prolongation of the
President's power.
Hamborg.?Acconnts to the 15th iust state that
Friederichstaadt is a heap of ruins and deserted
by all the inhabitants.
AusTitiA.? Vienna, Oct. 13.?Prince Swartzen
burg continues to carry on his warlike ilemonstra
tions. All the subalterns and soldiers of the
Bohemian arrnv that were on furlough have been
suddenly recalled. The Austrian Ambassador in
Constantinople has renewed his representations
respecting the Hungarian -refugees, and insists
that Austria has a right to demand their being de?
livered up. It is Raid that the Porte will shelter
them no longer, but give them their passports.
Whiff, Nominations! iu MnxsnrhuctLs.
Boston, Thursday, Oct. 31.
The Whig Convention of the Eighth District
found their rejection of Horace Maun, on the
ground that he is not the man for the times ; that
they wish to get the Fugitive Slave Bill altered
or repealed ; and that Mr. Mann's course lias been
so rabid, he would exercise but little influence in
Congress. There were some dissentients to this
address, but it was passed. The Whig papers all
accede to the nomination of Mr. Walley.
Attempt nt lT.'iik Robbery?fine of the Kol?,
?jersi Shot Dead.
Boston, Thursday, Oct. 31.
At ~ o'clock this morning, an attempt was made
to break into the Village Hank, North Danvers,
Mass. The robbers begun the attempt to burst
the door in, when the watchman of the Bank,
named Aaron Batemau called upon them to desist,
which they refused to do. He then fired a gun
loaded with ball, hittiim one of them in the side,
who staggered a few paces and fell dead. He
proved to he .lohn C. Page, brother-in-law of the
Cashier of the Hank. His father, who lived in
the nearest building to the Bank, was aroused by
the noise of-the gun and coming out stumbled
over his dead son's body.
it appears that the Bank Directors have had
warning that an attempt would bo made to rob
the Bunk, and have had a watchman .there for a
week past, which fact was generally unknown..
The three companions of the deceased are sup?
posed to have been regular robbers, and to have
drawn Pago, who was of rather bad habits, into
the attempt. They all escaped in a carriage they
tind brought with them.
The Fugitive Slave Munter* ul HoHton.
Boston, Thursday, OcU 31.
A constable proceeded to the United .Slates Ho?
tel this forenoon armed with a warrant for the ar?
test r.t Hughes and Knight, on a criminal charge
ol attempting to kidnap Crafts and his wife, with
orders to take him before the police court. The
keeper of the hotel assured the ollicer that they
left (or home yesterday afternoon.
Jlelti}' of Moils,
baltimore, Thursday Oct. 31.
The cars from Washington, this morning, were
detained until 10 o'clock, by the bursting of a flue
of the locomotive. The mail consequently failed
to connect Eastward. No serious damage was
George Thompson, tin- MuKlinh Au?-Slavcrj
Boston-, Thursday, Oct. 31.
Geo. Thompson, the English Anti-Slavery Agi?
tator, who arrived per the Canada, is to have, a
reception from the colored people and other aboli
tiomsts. in Faneuil Hull.
siu\e Huntor??The Sugar Crop, tfce.
Baltimore, Thursday, Oct. 31.
A number of Baltiatoreous are engaged prepar?
ing documents for the purpose of proceeding to
Philadelphia, New-York, Boston and other cities
in quest of Fugitive Slaves.
The New Orleans papers of the - Ith, sny that
the new crop of Sugar is coming in rapidly, The
bark Hose Standisll cleared thence ou the 23d for
New York with a cargo of new Sugar, being the
first shipment for tho North this season.
The Charleston i>><>t says ihnt Aiken, the sue
cossful candidate to Congress ftoin the Charleston
District, is as great a disuniouist as llhett.
The Virginia Keforni Convention - .Senator
Baltimore, Thursday, Oct. 31.
The V irginia lieform Convention is ongaged hi
discussing & motion to adjourn till tho 5th ol -Ian.
1851, to await the census rotunis.
Senator Foote is addressing the people of Mis
lissippi in favor of the Com promise, and is replied
to by Qov. Quitinau.
Thiuiksniviit? l>;ty in Mnsryllind.
Baltimore, Thursday, Oct. 31,
The Governor of Maryland has issued a Procla
niatiop, setting aside the ~h\i of November for
Thanksgiving Day.
Ship Sold ut \Hctloa.
Norfolk, Thursday, ()''l 31.
The hull of the Bremen ship " Louisa" was
sob! at Auction on Monday for$fi00. The rigging,
Ac. was 60ld in small lots. The sehr Joseph
Browu with lumber from Wilmington, N. C. lor
Baltimore,a*aa oil'the Capes on Tuesday, with
loss Af sails and it sick erew. Sloop of War
Jamestown, was launched yestorday afternoon
from Gosport Mavy Yard.
The Canal Break.
?t1ca, Thursday. Oct. 31,
Boats commenced going West this P.M. It
will take till Friday night or Saturday before they
will all get away. The wider is very low, which
will cause u great crowd The string of boats
wi st ol the break is 15 miles long, und tue number
is estimated at BOO. There is a crowd at Frank
furl,and it is still increasing by arrivals from the
The ALcuUcsaulcu Affair.
., , Cincinnati. Thursday, Oct. 31.
Kay*Hiiul Montesquieu has been pardoned by
tho Governor of Missouri, ou the ground that he
took no^uirt in the homicide.
Thiuuw in Havana.
Correspondence of The Tribune,
Havana, Friday,Oct. in.
Messrs. Grkeikv a McJBi rath . The Diaria
tit la Manna, a few days since, when assigning
reasons why .Cuuard was willing to sell two
steamers to tin' Spanish Government, said " The
insolent Yankee." Und so much advanced in their
style of building, size, strength, adaptation of power
and oonsequeht fipc-ed, that ho w?? compelled to
build new boats to compote with them. If he quot?
ed words and others like them, of every Jay repeti?
tion, ever escape th.. Government censorial Ob?
servation, wherefore Uie ill feelings that exist and
the troubles that in the course of time may be en?
gl ndered by (item.
Wo have iu port to-day four Ameriertti Steamers,
With their (lugs Haunting the breeze, iu the face of
Spanish indolence, and as to the Pacific. I think
she reaches about the Spanish sense of Yankee
propriety. The Georgiu. Ohio, and Falcon, from
KeW-'j'ork, New-Orleans, and Chagres. came.in
within thron hours of each other, yesterday morn?
ing No disease among the passengers from the
Pacific side, this time, anil (lie reports show abate?
ment if not cessation of the Cholera.
The New Comet.?in Schumacher's As!rom>- I
anal Journal, published at Altona on the 10th
of October, arc published the Elements of the
Comet now visible, as determined by tho cole.- |
brated Mauvais, of Paris-, from observations on
tho ft!), 13th, and 17tb of September, and by Mr.
Bond, from his own observations made previous
to the <th. As these Klememts agree with each
other in u most extraordinary mander. we are in?
duced to copy them. The Comet was discovered
by Mr. Bond, at CuiiJiriu'ge^oittJie 29?1 <?t August,
and in Europo oh j&he 0th. of .September, It is
still visible, through a telescope, in a strong twi?
light, but cannot be seen by the naked eve.
Mauvais. G. P, rfoxh.
Perihelion Po?*ape, 0?. lit, j-jy Ott. 19. air? M. T. GL
Venhelion Distal re, . tY*?U9 0,.v.p?
LonjAmde a?c Node, -'jpjtp tty . . Jos? .v
Lvrgitude Perdielku . !*J? It? W i.v
Inclination 4<.pi y \'V
Mouviniuiect. JBoatou Traveller. 1
Potato Hot, 6ta?"From al! quarters of the
bland wo hear of the etrtensive destruction of the
potato crop. It is no longer a matter of fear or
doubt, bat an abso.utc fact, that a very 'mall pro?
portion of the potatoes *own will he tit for human
food. Coupled with tbis ?alamity, the cateh of
tifh this season, though peVheps not below an av
crarp. will prove miserably* deficient in some lo?
calities. There can, therefore, be no dotibt that
from both these causes there will be a 1 trge
lr. He
dew e V"4 hi-itv'f.*' ?I- 0? Sundav. Stir. 3. all o'rl <rk V M.
wlifir ul ft.ftti.-r inr.utiin 11* remain., will be talen :u Cjfpr.ua
UiOt Ommterj rcr.i?t*in?nt. _ nl
w?!r?wi?> f?.ffnj I??-.. Mm ALICE CMFT.O.NV'ised
lean. Her i?t ?bort ai J painful ttU?M iconee-lion of Ihr lunyaiiV
i-ore with Ct.oatian forutuife mai realcoation
?Wfnei.it", ?od tho?.- nl' ler ?OB, Char P. C&fton, jr. innt^d to
attef.i4 it* tttoeni, fr?rn &g6 Ursine -.t. tfr" af t-joon ?t .* < 'dock.
On Thundajr alterae n, Oa 31,SAMUEL W. SCoKI El.t), ejH
4* l es.'?.
ili. frienCA and irqiia.r.Unce" are reap-rtfaflv iar.l-.-l to attend tb'.
rasen! aarvitea tbis [rridajj afternoon at-I o'cloc?,ath? late re?i
rlerreSi Second av w:tbout farther antics Hi, remain* will be taken
to N-TwaiX, Conn, lor iaterawnt on Saturday inom.-ip.
Snlch nr the Stock Exchange-...Oct. 31.
tys'O-IJ S 6s, 'CT.116*1 80 N York tN Haven.. 1
1.400 do.117 I? do.I
no Penn 5s.bCO. <xi 5?
30.000 do.. .y.'iilOO do.910 651
2,000 HudTtivRRBds.101 i200 do.?'i0 'J-;J
15,000 Ind Static 5i.7!>J'20(i do.66g
1. f'O Iti-ad.MtpBds'70. 7ft ilOO do.?10 W;
2, '00Krie Inc Bds.... 92i'100 do. 6<!J
208 Madison India}. HR. if.'JiW do. ?;."
10 do.90| 5(1 do.67
100 Mechanic's Bk.119 50 P?rtsm'?i Dry Dock.. 7
25 Kne RR. 76i 200 do.I>30 7
75 do.hi0 76s 18T?e]S:Hud Canal Co. .152J
pa do.aflO Ti'.j. 30- do.151
Thursdat, Oct. 31?P.M.
Jn Stocks the movement is active, especially in
Morris, which fluctuated witli rapidity, but closed
w ith great firnncss. The market took 5,000 shares
Under which it went from 21j to 20j, am! then re?
acted to 214. One lot of 2,000 shares was sold at
the First Hoard st 20J. The contest between the
balls ami bears in this Stock is very exciting, and
the market, under such sudden ami large supplies
of Stock, and such violent fluctuations, exhibiting
great determination and energy The parties
operating for a rise must hive great confidence iu
the ultimate value of the Stock, and large means
to back that confidence. It will he noticed that a
very large proportion of all the sales of this Stock
have been for cash since it was 17 or 18 which is
an unusual feature of a Stock speculation. Erie
was also very active and improved ] {' cent. The
sales at the Second Hoard were large ami closed
buoyant. It is supposed that two or three lead
ing houses in the street are in a combination iu
this Stock, aod that the "shorts" will suffer some.
As we stated a few days since, the floods of last
week have reduced the earnings of the Erie Road
for October nbout ten thousand dollars. The fall?
ing ol! from the anticipations of the Managers was
1 nt so much by reason of the interruption of the
trains, as from the bad condition of the country
reads, which has prevented the removal of freight
from the depots, and consequently checked the
collection of freight money. The effect of this
will he seen in the November receipts. The traf?
fic of October has been as annexed :
The above receipts show an accession of Ten
Thousand dollars in September. The traffic of
this road for the veer ;lms far has been as foi?
ls 1?. i 1850.
January.$.>n,:i,i"i 98|Jtuiuary.$112,955 -2
?hniury.43,505 22 February.102,212 til
March.50,073 07 March.130,578 68
April.IW.123 2? April.1 11,984 H:l
Increase, U0.4j>' cent.$672,730 04
Should the receipts of November and December
show only the same increase as the above ten
months, the aggregate receipts of toe year will be
seventeen hundred thousand dollars, an exsess of
one hundred thousand over tin1 estimates of the
Managers. Harlem was rather better than yes?
terday, ami wns inactive. Norwich and Worces?
ter fell oil'at the First Hoard, but was J cent.
better at the Second Hoard, with good demand.?
Mohawk continues iu good demand, an.l a.lvanct-.l
- V cent, under a tegular investment inquiry.?
The quantity on the market is small. Only ten
shares could be picked up at 89. Madison and In?
dianapolis Railroad wus in demand at 99?, show?
ing au advance of -\ ? cent. The January divi?
dend on this Stock will probably be 0 C cent.?
The tributaries to this Road, which are very nu?
merous, are in rapid progress of construction, and
will increase the earnings largely. Heading was
inactive and heavy at J t> cent decline. Small
sales of Income Honds were made at 921, but
holders arc gi ? orally firm at higher prices. The
Second Mortgages sold at \00\. Rochester and
Syracuse sold at 111, an advance of 1 ?v cent.?
All the Central line of Roads nre in demand and
advancing, Stoniugton has advanced 1 ^ cent,
w ithin a few days under tho improvement in the
condition of the Road. Farmers was heave with
large sales?oue of 2,000 shares after the Second
Hoard, (icvernnu nts were firm, and sales of 1867
was made at 117, thowinc a slight itntirovnmpnt
In Lxehonges there is not much doing, and rhe
market is steady. Sterling, 10|9l6|. Francs.
The Mints are paying out certificates to No
6,065. About $200,000 came over from the Mint
to-day. The officers write that they will be en?
abled to coin five millions a month in future,
whit h will nearly meet the wants of the public
until we have a Mint in this City.
The French packet will take about Four Hau
dred Thousand Dollars in Silver
The Payments at the Sub-Treasury to-day
were 1135,491: Heocipts, $72,3tJ7 : Halancu $4,
The private letters from Louden speak of no
change in quotations of American St.-cks. and
with but little doing. The quotations, however,
show an advance of 1 percent in tioveruuient 'is,
lr67, but this may be an error. The quotations
ate ar follows:
United States 5s, 1853, M " '! do 6s. 186$ 101
?a 101; dm do, 1863, lOJi'i'lOJj ; dodo, t ??(?., ? <
tV WSj, ; Pennsylvania 5 s3j 1 Ohio 6?, 1870
of the Twenty <
tions in the Cit
the 30th of .lot
Loans and dUcounu u
?Ail olher liabilities i
!.?>-. 234
3.' i -
bank on dema
ended banks
Due individuals and c.
other iban banksand
? ,01 3
official mill correct. It wnl be seen that the Loans
aiul Discounts have increased two millions eight
liiimlreil thousand dollars, the Circulation three
millions eight hundred thousand dollars, the De?
posits one million dollars. Cash Items nine hnn
dred and fifty thousand dollars, the Specie hits de?
creased one million seven hundred thousand dol
tected Ritt
bv obscrvii
creased from and after the 1st of January next,
nt which time the Cleveland aud Columbus Road
will ho completed, making a continuous lirst class
Koadfroin Cleveland to Cincinnati.
The President of the Baltimore and Susqueban
nab Railroad states that during the year ending
Sept. 20, the tunnngo transported over the roa.l
wag as follows: Down, 143,-12-1: up, 36,22-1 tuns
?total, 179,64-1 tuns. The receipts for the years
Total.*J-.~,i.!U 27
Markets.. * *Carefully Reported for Ti
5 for
s good
hie d
are ii
4 30.
lis at
Is of
teils at II 37 Bacon- Sides are scarce add fetch fij 5* IB.
t-rtme Regs of La ru are held a: 7?, and fair Sugar at Hi
Mei.AvsEs are 28c Sales ol Etud bbds of Mason County
i otiAcco liuve neeij mace at iiiu prices. VViiijkv is ZjUjOc.
Market?.... JJew-Orleav- - -
Cottok, owing to a difficultviu passi
e.xi hange, has been d all with sides of outv
SterUng F.xchasue is ~\a 7-, The weather is
Our markets are firm. Sales vetter
Markets?Baltimore, Ocl 3!.
The market for Flock is firm, with an upward
tendency. Sales have taken place of 1,500 bid a at 4 73 ?
Grain is scarce und unchanged. 2uo bb's i>< Mesa P as
told at 11 50.
Market*.Cleveland, Ocl 31.
Large quantities of produce are coming to our
ffit-ikel. and business is vrrv br?s: The wes-her c??.-'.i ,M
delightful. wuuuuiss
Market*.Botfalo, Oct. 31.
The receipts for the past 21 hours have been:
Floor, l6,0O0nWs,i Wheat. 7,500 bush.: Corn, none.?
?? ? . v' MJchiaan Floor h<ivatria^ jiac? as
* ? Suva So .j. There is a moderate inquiry for Wheat and
ast. ai'v market; sales lu.Ooo bush, at75?T7c for Ohio.?
Li ks U) firm, aud in <-ood demand at 51(i54c for Wr-tern
rnlxed. Huur Freights are TJ<; T.Sc. and Wheat 20c.
Murkets.Albany, Ocl 31.
The receipts SMCeour last have been asfollows
flour; 4.Stf. bbls.; WHBATj b.ooobushels; Corn. 8.000 do!
i..v^|V;.r-'W Tl:e :a:'J?-"- !'"r *'<-'H-* :.? been rather
h< ba j. ut? e nonce no r.iaienal clionge in prices Whe vt
E,^?s?! VEE?, T l?- vC?RV S?h! request at bet
i \v , ri^."?'-<-? have been 7..W0husbe's a: 69 for miv
S.i-iilo^SL^ UMsac?ons in Barley sum up 15,000
lieu at K5c for superior, and S6 a*} for two rowed.
.1, MuEf W ofW1 SSS?t HAlTlTo\7?
way, w :!ic some prices al as Tr.p,er I*U. 0J8 i>i
Miss De Lorn
lutea Ute part at a short nonce. I
Malier*? sudden tadisposinVm. |
Re< .:?:;?.. ?Tl ns saltfi it,- Lard. Air?But who may aouie
Reciur.vi?Behold .1 Virgin. Air an.! Ch-r-ii?Cb. thon
that tollest?Mies Do Lac.;.
Recitative?Kor i ein.Id. Air?The people that walked in
darkness?Signor Beiletti. Chorus?For uuto us a ciu.d
is horn.
Pastoral Symphony?Recitative?Ther* were Shepherds.
Ki ciiati-. e (accompanied)?And 10 the Angel. Recitative
?And suddenly there wai?.M'LLE JENNY LIND.
Chorus?Glory lb Ood in the High, sr.
Ai??Reioice grea?v. oh Daughter of Zion? .M'LLE*. JEN?
Recitative?Then shall the eyes of the hilnd. Air?He shall
teed his tiock?MU? De Luce.
Air?Come unlo huu?M'LLE JENNY LIND.
Clonts? His yoke is eii^y?Chorus? Behold the Lamb of
God. Air?He Was d-spi-ed?Miss De Luee.
Chome?Sorely he hath borne ot:r griefs. Semi Chorus?
Lift up your heads. Chorus?He is the King of Glory.
TART ii.
Chorus?Lh ail lhe Angels.
Air? Bow beauiifui are the feet?M'LLE. JENNY LIND.
Air?Why do tue nations?Signor Bei.'etti.
Recitative?He that dweUeth. Air?Thou sh.-ut break them
-.Mr. M. Colhum.
Air?I know that tnv Redeemer?SPLLE JENNY LIND.
A Ku
&i. and the remainder in that circle $4. livery ticket sold
for any part of the house will have a number indicating and
securing a particular seat. Places nm- be secured at Tripler
Hall, the American Museum. Wm. Hail it Son's Music
Store, iu Broadway, ar.d at trie principal Music Stores and
Doom open at fi o'clock. Concert to commence at 8.
No Checks will be Issued.
Books containing the words or the Oratorio can be ob?
tained in the Lobbv of the Ha 1.
Mademoiselle JENNI LIND will continue her Concerts
on TUESDAY. THI'USDaY and kridaV. for a few
and these Classic Performances will bt
Sunday, mail further notice, and given rr
tono ot tip
And. also, i
The whole
Ticket? SO
at the Music:
Seats can h
extra charge,
421 Broadwai
Nov. 2. und o'
First Appearance in Arne
Prima Donna Absoluta, ft
tamed in the Astor.PIace Operu House from U o'clock, A. M,
tili l P. M
Further particulars in future advertisements. o31
1-PLACE.?FRIDAY EVENING, Nov. i, will ho per?
formed the grand O.iera of
Elvira.Signorina Tnifh
Ernani.Signor Lorini
Man oi
JLO'S GARDEN.?Doors ui.cn at 6J
nence at 7* o'clock.-TicketsSO cents lo all
!.!'.m!T...........'.Mr. JOHN SEFTON
FRIDAY EVENING, Nov. i, the Pauiomimoof
Vol-au-Vent,FrancoisRaval | Nina.Mine. Al. Marzetti
To conclude with the gorreous Pantomime of the
Now Dresses!
New Machinery'
New Tricks and Transformations!
Wlite Knight..Antoine I Green Monster.Marzoll
-?open ai 64?to commence hi 7 o'dock.-THIS EVEN?
ING, Nov. i, w,ll be prosei.I
i U R1H >N'S TH EATER?(:hambers-st.
?rear or City HalL-The nearest Theatre to the large
els.?THIS EVENING, Nov. I. will bo presented
JLJ))?p. t. BARNUM, Manager and Proprietor, J. Green,
wood.Jr. Assistant Manager. TfJHRSDAYand FR1 DAY.
Oct 3i nral Nov. 1. In the Afternoon will be presented
ROBERT MACAIRE. Music by the Lancashire Beil
Riaeer*. Dance* ard Songs by the Misses West and
Keough. Thnrsdaj Evening, Ti(E D'tl'NrCARD. Friday
Fortune Teller is al^o here. Afternoon performances at J,
Evening ut 7J. Admission 25 eis.; children 12^ cents.
THURSDAY EVENING. Oct 31, pcrfonnsnces by j
M. June Ac Co.'s world-renowned b RENCH Cl IMP
M'.ie Louis.', Madame Rosaline Benoit, Mile TWiuan
M'Ue J- se| hine and M'lle Jeanette, M?ns. Benoit ana Mom
Tourriare?a Coosteliat on of Stars.
Mr .1 NLvo.s.EouesrrianManager,Joe.Pentland,Clows
Private boxes.50cents; Boxes, 2? cents; Pit, 121 cents
Doors open at 61. performac. - to commence at 74 r/cloelr.
An Mlemoon Performance oa Wednesdays and Satm
davs.' o23 tf
\T ERCISE, ?i the new and extensive Rooms oi
CHARLES 0TTI0NON, located at 636 BROADWAY,
and 15, 17 und 19 CANAL-ST. are now open for thurecep
Uon of Pupils desirous of becoming proficient in the Gvrn
uasiic Art. For this purpose he has engaged Prof. L. ELS
LER, formerly of Col. Amou's Gymnasium of Pans, and
the Rova! Gymnasium oi" Biusseis. Classes are no-* form?
ing. Tik hours of attct: iai.ee are at 6 A M ind i P. M ?
Classes especially tor Youihs are; formed at 4 P.M.
By the request of several families. Mr. OTTiGNON has
been induced to form a Cli-s lor Louies at 10 A.M. and for
young Muses hi 4 P.M. which will he exclusively for their
practice. For Terms of Subscription appiy or address as
N.B.?Sparr.r.rtar.2ht at Rooms ir> Casil-st ol?2w*
\Jermine's Hut!, V2 Broedway. above Gnmd-st-?OPEN
EVERY NIGHT during the week, until furtlier notice.
The original aud well-known Christy's Minstrels, und.;r
the management of E. P. CHRISTY, whose Concern in
th:.? city for a sccces?l0D of four years, hive been received
w Ith favor by hnthly respectable and fashionable audiences.
Tickets 25 cents. Doors open at 64; commence at 7J.
Afieruoon Concert every Sarnrrfay, commencing at 3
P M. oil tNl?
J. TROUPE,AT THE OLYMPIC, between Howard
a.'.d Grund sts.on MONDAY, Oct. 14?Open every night?
1": .. :he completion of Ujeir New HaJ?Comprlning a
ompanyo Tnlr,TEEN pvpLfoRMER3,
Under the dL-ecnon of J B. FELLOWS. Concert to con
aisl of Souea, Duets, Glees. Quartettes. Chorussea. Re
?tra:ns. kc. itc. Buriesrriies on Italian Opera. Dutch Drill,
instrumental Soios and Ethiopian Dances. The whole by
the best peribrmen in the world. Admission 25 cents.
P,k..,-s open at 7; concert at ?. o'clock. Afternoon concert on
Wednesday and Saturday at 3 P. M. ol4 tf
Dunlap's greatest painting, is now open for Exhibition
every afternoon awf evening, at Stoppani Hall, 398 Broad?
way, corner o; WaJter St It has been visited again aad
again by hundreds of thousands of persona, botii of thia
eountrv and Europe. It is the greatest moral representa?
tion or the age. Lecrures on the Dain?ng everv afternoon
at 3 o'clock, acd every evening at 8 o'clock. During the
afternoon and evensr-g. the exhibition will beenhveoed hy
-.r:e ::. ,-;c u;<,u ,-,-e ?( T i,..t.-,n fe Co'a .EohtL
Pianos rcrra-he.l by Waters i. Berry, H7 Broadway ?
TickeU) -io ceale; c'iudren i.oif pr.ee. ' ' ?ao lw*
-*U|*n every :.? tfiii ?r? * gi!,;,. Miner* i Ro"m>.-tni
, Broadway, Ir is a post splendid work of ark exhibiting
? moit beautifully and taithfully the cities, counlry, mouu
' tains, and mutinous tropical vegetation. Also, by picture*
j of surpassing artistic menu the social customs ?f the Gtt
| bans are illustrated ; maguifkeut news of sugar, coffee and
I tobacco esisies: nnihogiinv. cetiar. ebonv trees, and ruval
: palms. Door* opeaal6J P. M P-woraina coinm.Da to
J. jrj\e AH'iS? new PAINTINGS recently arrived
fron Furors-, among winch is "Germania," by liochler. a
work of art of the Mgbest case, Tiie exhibition of Paint,
tag? rv artists of tiie above school tnu received niruiv itddi.
n n - and remains open at "he two rooms over tue Ball of
th?-Chores of Divine I'nirv in Broadway, between Spring
and Prirtce-M*. from K1 o'clock A.M. r>;i N o'clock P.M.
Admission 25 cents; Season T:c*et? 50- Catalogues 12*
c,..-0 jellltf
JT? M i-:NA0I 'KIE.?Two an'at coUeetions of ANI?
MALS coruMM-d formt rix Van Ambure V Co. and June,
Titus It Co. The above co?ection will exhibit in tins city
a: \STOR PLACE, comer of Eightb-sL and Fourth-av.
commencinron MONDAY. October 23th, 1850, for a le-v
davs only. Doors open from 2 to 1, and 7 to it o'clock. P.
M." Admission 25 cer.Ls?children under ten years, had
orice. For further particulars see future advertisements and
bills 021
anthony J Bieecker. Auctioneer.
BLEECKER will continue the sale of the estate of the Rev.
Um. Powell, on MONDAY, Nov. H, 1850, at 12 o'clock, at
the Real Estate Sales Room, 7 Hroud-*l by order of the Ad
miliistratorand Trustee. This proper'.) consists ot a balance
of about 70 LOTS, or parcels ol hind, of large dimensions,
beautitiiliv situated for building pnrposes, on KINGS
BRIDGE TURNPIKE, and on Union and Cambrelling
avs. Delancy-place. and or. Bayard, Hoffman, Lonllard,
William, Arthur and Elizabeth si's, as per map of the above
property, which can be ohtainwd at the Snlcs Room. 7 Broad
sl Title perfect. Three-tjuarters of the purchase meney
can rema.n cn bond and mortgage at ? per rant for three
vears. For fiunher particulars apply to the Auctioneer, as
above. (1.w5) nl. 2.4,0,3. t*
A M Mi'rwp
Catalogues are now ready.
WEDNESDAY EVENINO, Nov. 6, atfij o'clock.
Law Lihkarv.?An unusually full and valuable Law
Library in good condition, comprising nearly everything
ibutis of value totbe lawyer ar.d law studoiiL The Reports
in co at variety and mos! ofthe approved Digests,Treatises,
and Abridgements are contained in iL
Catalogues w ill be issued on the morning before the sale,
when the books may be inspected.
Or English and American Books -MONDAY, Nov.
12,1r50.?B. B. J; Co. soiict consignments for the sale as
above. The invoices already received from London giv?
assurance of a most attractive catalogue, and the period
selected for the sale will afford an excellent opportunity for
the disposal of Standard and Miscellaneous Books, and of
such as are particularly adapted to the Holiday Season.?
The ( atalogue will be issued at an early day, invoices
should therefore be furnished Immediately.
lapers. Also'
r the titles of
by W, R. Browne, A. M.; a-,1 Cruikshanks, Three
:nd a Dessert, withiillusUlltions. Orders lor those
N ESDAY, the ISib
the Salesroom, No.
if.AIPTORY sale
; Island Railro id.|
i situated in the town of Brookhaven,
?esfrom Brooklyn. It is the point of
uilroad, bei- New-York and the
'. Por'-Jellecsi.i, .:,.l Heliport, as wed
cts. andis one of the most important
ad. The Btaiion is four miles from
from Port Jefferson. As isivell known,
otis sizes, and on it are many thousands of cords of wood
irge enough for the Now-York market. There is also
iroe valuable building timber. Water ofthe best quality.
The southerly boundary is one mile and three quarters
from the centre ot PatchogUe, the northerly nine miles form
Long Island Sound. There are milis, schools and churches
within a few miles, and the country around is fast lining up.
It is estimated that within a year upwards of three hundred
persona have purchased iarnls in the Immediate vicinity, for
the purpose ot iuiprovemenL
I n every resoect these lands are Jworthv the attention of
in wanl of i home, and a plan- where, by moderate industry
For the convenience of purchasers, the property has been
div i led into ten acre lots, which w 111 be sold singly, with ihe
'< " ? bole Will be sold without reserve, on the following
Conditions :?Ten percent and the Auctioneer's fees on the
day of sale; twenty-live per cent on or before the 1th day of
December next, when the deeds w;U be ready for delivery,
and theremainder, being 65 per cent, may remain on bond
and montage at the option ofthe purchaser, fur 5 years, al
Fur further particulars ar.J maps and plans of the above
property. ?pp .- to the Auctioneer.
N ti-?Toe Boston train leaves ?be Lonir !?ia.-id Rnilroaci
cepot at Brooklyn, at 9 A. M. everyday, arrives at Medford
at 12 M. and passes on Its return to Brooklyn at P. M.
tl.'-is ?.'iviri? an opportunity to examine the fands and return
on the same day.
a person vviii be In attendanceat the station, to show the
prrqierty. (7^3) 02J 19t*
Tbirty-eigbth and Thuty-ninth eis. and on Lexineton-av at
Auction.? A NT HON Y * J. BLEECKER will seUat auction
or: THURSDAY, Nov. 7, lay), at 12 o'clock, at the Held
Estate Sales Room, 7 BroaiijL the following desirable
fiuiidnte Lots, viz:
On Tl.iriv-f.tTh -t.-4 Building Lots, situated on the south
tide of Tfiirty-i'ffh sL between the Fourth and Madison
8v.-.; said low commencing So fee: west of Pourth-av.each
lot being it- eize 25 leel front and rear by 58 feet 9 inches in
'^Lexington.av. and Thirty^gbtb^-1 Lot on the
south-west comer of Le:*;ugion-av. und Thirty-eightb-sL ?
size24 feet 9 inches front mid n-.tr by ico (eel in depth. ''
Also, I Lot on south side of Tbirty-etghtb-st, directly in
rear ot Ute .ast named : aizi- 2j feet by'lW feet 9 inches in
Tbirty-eightb-st?2 Lots on south side of Thirtv-eisrhth-sL
between Filth and Madison avs. commencing 225 feet east
of Fuln-av.; each '25 by '.*2 feet 9 inches iu depth.
Also. I Lot on the north side of*Thunv-eighUi-st between
the Fifth trnd Sixth avs. commencing 4o5 feet west of Fifth
av.: eg.25 by 98 feet 'J incbt s m deplii.
A -". i Lou on the north s.de of Tnirty-eiijhth-eL between
the Fifth and Madison avs. commencing 150 feet east ofthe
Fiflb-av.j each lot 2-j by 98 tee! 9 inches in depth.
On Thirty-nintii-st.?Also, a Building Lots on the south
side of THrty-uinth-dt between Fiftn and Madison avs.
commencing 125 feet east of F;f:h-av. and directly Jin rear
of last mentioned lots; eich ?f the same di nensJons.
Two-thirds ef the purchase money can n-moin on bond
and mortgage ibr th/ee years r.t ti rer o-:;t. per anuiim, nav
Rbh luilfyearly. Maps and further infjrmation, if desired,
ttnbeobtanicd i'l'L'.e Aacaoueer, 7 Brood-sL (1.181)
o24. 2L, 29. Nov 1 ts
-1. A beautiful COUNTRY SKAT and FARM, lately be
kmgmg to Richard Ban.es. deceased, situated in ihe town
ot Eustchester. \\ es'.chtster Co. New-York, 18 miles from
Kew-Yort;Cirv, 1? miles trom the New-York and Harlem
fL-Lrond DfcpOt at Tuckahoe. aad 21 miles from the N-w
iorkaad New-Havan Railroad Dfeot, at New-Roche le
cnntatnmg aboni 47 acres of best quality land, well watered
and fen-ed. On the premises uV re us beautiful Garden
and an abundance of Fruit Trees, kc The buildings are in
good order. The dyfefflng, StC being upon elevated
ground, commands a fine new of the East River and sur
S-UnfJRAnvpl-? Ii* rfjrUlL'r P?rt??!a". min of
KfirrvpTJs? TMrd-avenue, or of CHARLES A.
PI RDY, Esq. White Plains, or of H. BARNES, on the
The sheve sale wi.'! take place on Saturday, N07. 2-at 2
o'clock P M. or the premises.
Pkrt of ::.e purchase may remai". ou bond and mortgage
M. B.?Carnages wLl be in readiness at the dfepdi- Ui cow
vey pereoos Ui u,e far.u ou ?ie duy of sale. o!7 16t?
ll IS I ft if.
1TJ.ROAD COMPANY * hmi.mid SEVEN Pi's.
CENT; MOET?AOE LOAN Stated pi osai* br ft#
hundred Uioumu:(I doflaro uf she hr< mi ! only .Mortgagsj
Bond* of the Michigan Southern Railroad Compxiiv. bearing
seven per cent interet-t, will be received until ixbdaytc
I November next.
The-..- I onds -? ?' ??' ' v , r >?".?.. M of n special
I act ufthe Legislature of Michigan, aathorizing the Company
to dispose bfor sei! their sbilgarton*, either within or wtuy.
ou! ihat State, ai attch rati - r prices ^ may heagreednpoa,
I and If sold below par, tobe is. ?.. ._? l- f ?M at par.
j Tbey are tecmer] >?-. ,. r.turtgaee executed to shepherd
Knapp, Esq. 61 the t . N. w-York, In tru?t for the bond.
I ho.tiers.
I TMs monrage covers the enrtra line of the ComoaaVa
Road in MiclOgan, wh.? , ;,a.,v btUlt or beteafter^oW
J constructed, and it provides ;! a) bonds to ?1 *:i.<'.ci: not ex.
ceding one million ofdoDtnln all.may bebauest; of whjcl?
amount not im.r.- than, , .. .t lkftor th#
Road shall bare been completed tu Smrges1 Pra.r.?-. a di*.
tance of 1H miles from Lake Ere. to which point K will be
completed by the first of Januar? next
Thesecurity off ed for the bi n Uta therefor., ? mortgage
lien, and tubstam illy the only |,.?,, , ;>vui whleal
when complete t? the state line of Indiana, wlU have near
ly 140 m&ea of wain line, beside a branch of I"* miles, and]
which will have cost, inciudiny the origna] oatjaybytha
State, ami the re'- tig Ihi present track, shout 4.'300,r>X^
of which $1,300,01 0 will hi repre e:,:,u by stock.
The portion of the road already in operation, about TO
miles, yields an income ample to protect the entire debt
proposed to becreuted, and liie length of complaaed line
and consequent increase of revenue, la Jaily increasing, a/,
fording a security whii b will place tho payment of the debt
bevor.d all cetringencies.
f"or Aligns'.. 1850, the, earnings were $ttxU7 27. Tot
Septembt r $20,480 These receipts were derivsd ftom the
road in its present unfinished condition. Fifty miles of
completed road will be added to it within three months,
am! will be extended wtheSL Joseph's River, ?t the trail
anaSiate Une, early next Spring, thus doubiiug the length
oftbe mainline m w' in operation.
This road is a part of a continuous line of Railroads from
the City of New-York to the Mississippi River, by way of
the Erie Railroad and the Lake Shore Road, and 1* an im?
portant link in the chain.
Nearly the ? hole of this great lire from New-i ork to ts?
Mississippi River is either completed or m ?ie coarse of coq.
As the means for the construction of the rofU reedy tor Uta
Iren are provide.! for by sum ',, subscribed and beta* paJ-i in,
by regular installments, and the proceeds of the bunds srs
muiniv required for | urchase of iron heavy II rail and
equipments, it is believed that no railroad bonds before the
public offer greater inducement for sate itrvcDtment ?ioa
those of this Company.
The mortgage empow era :t e Trustees, in case of faitum,
to pay the principal or in eres1, of the bonds, t? take, posses,
sion of?ie road and receive it* earnings, or to seil it, on das
notice, and apply the proceeds to the extinguudiraeni of the
The bor.iis are In sums of $1,000 each, payable at ibe Me.
chanics' Rank, in the C'.iJ ol New-Yori, Nov. t, 1,-60. with
interest at seven per cent per annum, payable semi-annual,
ly in New-York, on tin Is; Nov. and 1st May. Interest
warrants or coupons, nr.- attached to '.I* bond*.
K. ur hundred thousand u.rflnrs of the totals are now of
eSealed proposals for any amount not Icfsthan $l,000wU
be received until the I5thdaj of November next
Proposals may be addi ?ed to WINSLOW. LANIER*
Co 62 Wall-st. or to E C Litciipiklo, Treasurer. 63
u ail-st. indorsed " Proposals for Michigan Southern Rail,
road Bonds."
$300,000 (half the amouhtnow offered] will be disposed,
of absolutely and wilhoul reserve to the highest bidden
The Company reserve the n?hl io withdraw die remainder
If the oilers are not satisfactory.
All neres-crv information in relation to the bonds, togeth?
er'v [th mal s.uiav be ohm;- ed by railing on WL.VSLOW,
LANI ER ^ CO. or E C. LI I'l l(EI Ei.D. ?leither of whlci
places copil s of the bonus mortgages can he had.
Copies of the bonds and mortfiages may also bo seen oq
application to Shepherd Knapp, Esq. President of the Me;
emmics* Bank, or io James Van Nost/uud, Esq. President of
the Merchants' Bxi hange Bank.
Parties whose bids are accepted will be required to pay
g"> per cent, upon the amount awarded to them immediately
ni.on beui" notified oi ibe acceptance of their lud?, und the
remaluder in equal amount* on the 1st and 16th of Decent
her next; hut any party Will be at liberty to pay In lull U
once, interesi will commence from the day of payment
New-York, Oci.3,18.W.
CoMMtTTBC oi run Directors.
olti if EDWIN C. L1TCHK1ELD,
X ?SUBSCRIPTION to $500,000 of the CAPITAL
undersigned having beeil appointed by the Board ?f Dine,
tor- of the above named Hunk their Agents In this city tore.
ceive Subscriptions to Its Capital Stock to bbe amount of
8500,000, give notice that Books for that purposejare
now- open in tl.if..t WINSl.tiw. LANIER tfCO.
52 Wull-st. where subscriptions will be renewed until fur
ther notice
Five thousand share of $100 each are authorized tot?
so,il al pur, ?.1" on each share must be paid at tbo time of
subscribing .*.'(' on liie 15th day of January next, (IS'>1),
the residue subject to cull by tho Board of Direclors, Par
des :u the nine of subscribing may, however, pay for their:
shores in full, if so disposed.
This Bank was chartered by the Legislature.>f Kentucky
niits last session, to supply, in part, thedemund for mom
capital growing out of tue wholesome business wants of
the citizens of the State, the present Bunking Capital being
altogether inadequate. The chartei is liberal in its pro.
visions: Ikis thirty years t.i run, ? Ith no [lower reserved by
the Legislature in any u Ise to alter or control it. The Cap*
Its Bti ck is S'J, KID,ODD, uf which about 8700,000 has
already been ink. u lu Kuumcky, the residue, excepting the
8500,000 hen. offered, will he taken tiy citi/ons of that
Stale and elsewhere. The Hunk, with scYeral of It*
Brandies, is now In operation. The Mother Hank Is lo?
cated at Frankfort, the bent ol Government The Stale nf
Kentlick) i- bi !ie\ed io lie ii moi-t favorable and secure lo?
cation for Banking Capital. The exports of the State ara
?ery great, consisting p incipally of homp, corn, catila,
horses, mules, huge, bale rope, bagging, ic. 4tc: to facili
late which large amounts ol Exchange on die Sou?i and
North nre ofli rint: to il e Banks,
Thehigh credit of tin State of Kentucky and tlmtofher
Banks, are evidence of what tills now Bank will ho; the
nit and ?landinjrof her Banks are equal to those of any
ot] -i Stale in lim Union : ihtir notes form an important port
Df the circulating medium of tliu Mississippi Vaiiey paaauig
current from PitUI urgh to New-Orleans,
No Hani., me better managed,Uiolr current dividends
now being from Eight to Ten per cent, per annum, with
large accumulations of surplus or reserve (tends, and their
sir. n> an- now considerably above par in the market.
The charter-- ol most, if nol all,of tho oilier Biuiksin the
Western and South-western States expire wiuiin the next
twelve years.
The Im liners' Bank of Kentucky having thirty yars w
nin, will have a held of circulation of great value ut Its
The management of this Bunk is in hiithiy respectable
und able hands.
The Directors think they will be able to pay dividends
equal to auy other Bank in the Stale.
Mr. Han.:.,, the Preaidentol the Hoik, ia now in this City:
he wiil be happy io give any additional Information, and
may be found diuly, lor u snort ume, at the offices of the un
" tnphlet copies of a statement snd charter of the Bank
may be had on applicanou to u?, New-York, Oct. 24, 1850.
J4 Im WARD Jc CO. 64 Wali-st.
Elt ?c CO. 52 WuJI-st.
m;ansfkk of kick. n.j. explo
. Liberty-sL?New-York,
October 21, 1350 - ai a meeting oi the Executive Cora
mittee, held this da;., a repoit was received from the
Aciing Manager a: tliu Company's Works, ut Newark, re
commending thai in order to meet the very increasing ds>
maud for the Company-? PATENT ZINC PAINTS, and
other products, an additional Steam Engine of unhorse
power be contracted for, together with suitable furnaces,
mills, and buildings therefor, whereupon it was resolved,
That the treasurer be authorised to open subscriptions far
the disposal of five thousand shares of the Company's re?
served stock, at the par value of twelve and a half dollars
eurh. and io Issue scrip certificate* theretor, the insialjneots
upon which to be payable .is follows, viz:
3; dollars per bharo ll cash at the time of subseribine.
3 i.O " '? bg the end of W day-< from this tune,
3 no '? " ?? ?? ,) mouths " |*
Ii was fhTther Kesolve.1, That Richard Jor.e^, E?q. and Da?
vid A. Hayes, Esij. be authorized to receive subscriptions
a: the cuv of Newark, sod Messrs. W. K. Jones It Brother,
In pursuance of the above resolution, ?'ilncripiioni will
"J Beaver-st wter?
Report, and further infor
S T JONES Treaaurnr
??INTEREST on the PUBLIC STOCKS of the City of
New York, due mid pavable November 1st. lr.yi, will be
paid on tiiH'. day by SHEPHARD KNAPP, Esq. Chamber
tain of the City, atithe Mechanicfs Bank, 33 vvtii^t. The
Trm ??:??<? P.....as be d on MONDAY,October 14,at
3o'clock, P.M.
Rr*" For iho accomrnodaUon of Stockholders, TRANS?
FERS will be permitted dining the period ibe hooka re?
main closed, to icke effect Nov-mber 1st. Comptroller's
Otf.i e, New-York, October 4th. IK50.
o? INI JUS. R. TAYLOR, Comptroller.
ir.d after Friday, is: Nov. next
The Transfer-book will be closed from die 36th inst o>
til that fiate. By order.
olo iNl C. L. EVER!TT. S-rcretary.
THERS 1; Cti. No. 15 Wo-Fi-si. PITTSBI.'ROH. Pa.
?Collections made on oii the PRINCIPAL CITIES ofd*
UNITED STATES. Reference in New-Yorx, Messrs.
Wnislow, Lanier i Co. 5; Wail-sL aul7u
tv OTIC K.?A Dividend of FOUR PER
1" CENT will be paid to the STOCKHOLDERS of tbs>
WESi CHESTER COUNTY BANK, on and after the D*
day ol November next D F. CLAPP, Cashier
?l? INI
. Anthony J. Blehcxkr. Auctioneer.
eO L(;TS SIXTH A V. a: Auction on TUESDAY, by
order of ihe Farmers Loan and Trust Company
THONY J. BLEECK ER will sell at Auction on tu*.-">
DAY, November S. I860, at 12 o'clock, at ine Real *??"??
Sale* flooms,7 Broad-st. the following vaiuable P1rfPert>''a
On Sixlii-av ?' lois of grourd situated oa the ca-itsiue
of Sixth av. between Twemy-fifui snd Thu^y-?xn>?'s. rorrrt
ing the w hoie enure fn.m of ?ie baxk, exceptJnecorner,
and known as No.. S3, 31, 35. 36, 37, 38 and 39. as per tnaa
of property belonging ut said Company, on fie m theltegi*
ttjit* OtfiCP ? *
Teron?10 per cent, on the dav of sale, with the: auction-)
eer"s fee; i r> pVrceni to paid on iheoeliviyol ^ art<IJ_
on the ll'th of November; the balance can riir.a.a on bo00*
and morti aee for Sv.- yei rs at i. jv-r reut per annum,
further parueuio.-? apply to ihe aucut/uecr, ? Broad ?t
oOOfit (1,166)

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