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Correspondence of the Tribune.
Philadelphia, Wednesday, Nov. 26.
There is quite an excitement in our goodly city
to-day. in regard t? the address delivered at the
Musical Fund Hall last evening, by Dr. Joseph
Berg, in answer to Archbishop Hughes's lecture
upon the "Decline of Protestantism." The Hai,
w?g crowded hist night by a splendid audience1
Wid to day thousands have besieged the Sim of?
fice to obtain copies of the paper which contain a
report of the address; it being the only paper
which published it. The address is thought to be
a masterly production.
Jones's" Until has again thrown to the breeze
the Swedish fbif. in honor of the arrival again in
Philadelphia of Jenny Lind. She arrived quietly
last night, and is now occupying her comfortable
apartments at Jones's. Her first Concert is giv?
en at the Musical Fund Hall this evening.
During last night, the store of J. W.Gibbs, No.
25 South Secoi d st was entered by burglars, and
robbe-d of tSOC worth of goods.
AH the men on trial in the U. S. District Court
for robbing the U. S. Mail, were this morning
discharged from custody, the Jury in the case
having returned a verdict of "Not gnilty." Tho
evidence against the defendants was ol the weak?
est character.
The new steamship Albatross, intended to run
between this port, anil Charleston, will be
launched from a Kensington ship yard to-morrow.
Business 1',-neru v ei,.i?iiiich very quii-t.r*Cotton is in
linnieii request,-alia only one or two an all lots of Upland
and New-Orleui s bare been disposed of ut Uk'Wiii cents
*>? tti. on t'n e. The Kt.ot.'n market continues inactive;
siileB r.t 1,200 I bis for export, put ficiifard brands, at
?cmillrliig Ics than i -71, awl put extra at bib PobL
Sale, ton itv iiM-hM :;7* lob 50 lor common and extra
brur.di R\ i. Flour n- m demand at J 75. h uriliersales ol
Corn Meal I ave been made at 2 7.-', i> bbl, buiaoine hold?
ers will cot accept this price. Tim demand for Wheat is
less uc ive. and prices ore hardly supported. Sales l?5,000
bushels fair ai.ii good white all Wa\ IlLand red at! 05
*? bushel. Corn Is In ttetdy deina d. Sales of4,000 bush?
els old yellow at 6CceDts,aew at 6.5 to 6", according to
drynt'm. and mixed old mid new at 68 cents. Oats are
scarce. We quoie Southern ai.'.!) cents, and Pennsylvan a
at 42 cents p bushel. Whiskv is In limited request and hu
declined. Haien ol bills at 20 cents and bbdsal 22 cunts.
Ssi.?s or Stocks?Firi? Hwirit-b Mech Ilk. 29; 2a
Morns ("ami. 2'i: *2.i<?' Wilm Kit. (Is, SO; $1,000 Alle
cbeny Citv 6s, TP, H7; t, Penn Bk. 1181; 3 Mech Bk, 29:50
Re?d RR, 35j i !?" >'?<?? S5J ! ' of Tenn. 70-"
l|l,00(i 11. i,d rr, St?rt, i;-. (Crydera) bo.
AVrwid ;io?rd-$2,l'<:0 Sch Nav (is,'(18, II}; ?0,251 State
J?, !r?j; f 1,30(1 Slate 6s, 101}; Si'"' do, I01j; SI7.500 City
6n, '84, 117; $l,(i(in-Reading lift Moil 6s, ICrwl-rs) 86:
t3,('fti Morris Cauai Ri.nds.tH>; ho f S It.-ink. IJ: 'i Kara-id
Hei hRuuk. 69}: $3,000Bamden nnd Amboy Itlt'iB, 70,
?|; S Florence City Co, 73J; 4 Union Bonk,Tenn,70.
ConinilKhlon on Clnltsin agtllnst .Mexico.
On Monday, November 2.5th, the memorial of
John Pathers?n, claiming for demurrage of schoon?
er Fanny, at Cumpeachy, in 1843, and for loss ol a
chain cubic, was taken up for consideration, and
the Hoard came to an opinion that the claim was
not one valid against the Republic of Mexico; and
it was accordingly not allowed.
The memorial of Charit,tte B. Hotz, adminis?
tratrix ol Petor Hotz, claiming for general aver
rage on schooner A rate Ellis, and for loss and
damage of cargo and vessel, was also taken up,
and the Hoard came to an opinion that this claim
is not out; valid against the Republic of Mexico;
and was accordingly not allowed.
On Tl ursday, November 20, the Memorial of
Joseph Bowles, withdrawn by leave on the 17th
of June last, in order to amend, was resubmitted,
examined, and ordered to be received.
That of David Douglas, claiming f>r expulsion
from Chihuahua, on the tith of September, 1846,
for six months' imprisonment, and lor consequent
damages, wits submitted, examined and sus
Thnt ofCharles Stilman, claiming for expulsion
from Matamoras, on the 12th of April, 1846, and
for consequent damages, was submitted, exam?
ined and ordered to bo received.
That of James H. Clay,claiming for seizure, on
the 15th December, 1H">, of schooner Susannah,
of which he was master and half owner, for her con?
fiscation, and for his own line and imprisonment,
at Matamoras, was submitted, examined, and or
dered to be received.
Thot of John Christian, a seaman, claiming for
confiscation of property and imprisonment ol per?
son, at Monterey, California, in 1840, was submit
ted. examined',and ordered to bo received.
The Hoard will lig.iiu convene this morning ttt
11 o'clock. [Washington Republic.
k New-Jeiisei-?The Hoard of Canvassers held
? a meeting at Trenton on Tuesday, and tho result
of their examination of the election returns re?
sulted in the figures heretofore published?5,669
majority for Fort for Governor.
A hnrn belonging to Mr. Samuel Hnmsoy, at
Port Murroy, N. J., took tiro and was burned down
on Monday evening last. Loss about Si,000 ; in?
surance $joo.
on let, ut tho HtocU Exchange....Nov. 27
$1,500USffs.'iO.lODillOO do.tuiiius 8>i
1,100 Ohio Ts '51.101} 100 do. 846
l,M0 Indiana Slate .Vs.. lie j ion do.slO atj
,VT N Y Whut I.n. '60 102 300 do. 84*
1,0(0 Erie 7 per cent, '68 loo'ljino di.sl4 Bs|
2,000 do.'59 1015 100 do. E4j
1,000 do ..I. |0ltj 50 do.hm Sil
4,000 Brie ln<- BiIk.Mil 50 do . Rtt
18,000 do. S3| 50 N Y Si NHav.n i(
b,W? do.b00 !Ki}| 50 do.titj
J/00 Iliul Riv Kds.102*1 50 Hart i NIluv.128
10 Ocean Bank.lOSl 150 Portsmouth. 71
17 Union Bank.130 2.5 Nor \i Wer....-_
150 Farmers' Loan. 51 SOStonington RJt. n
100 di. .Mi 40 Roch it Svr.112*
100 do.s90 50}1100Reading Kit. 70}
S50 Canton. 01 150 do. 70
459 Morris Canal. 2C"]700 do.71*
?25 do. 2( *|200 do.71J
SCO do.b6rn 21*12.50 Harlem.61}
50 (In. Sfjl.WO do.b6(I Gli
150 Erie RR. 8.5 100 do.b3 62
550 di.8ip225 do.s3 (32
secono board.
?lO^OOErieBUs,new... 102 1250Nor& Wor RR..blO 59
125 Erie RR. 8411150 Canton Co.51
50 do.bIS 84} 250 Harlem UK. ?.'i
1.50 id.1.10 R-l" 'CO do . 63
ICO Moni? t'anal_1
.sin tl .J
100? do. i\ 100 do. 681
360 Fanners'Trust. 51tl*00 do. 63*
100 do.b60 51 {(800 Reading RR. 7iJ
WEDNESDAY, Nov. 27?P. M.
In Stocks there is more activity, and consider
able speculative movement, especially in Harlem,
which has advanced today 1" if cent?dosing at
63J. There is a movement among certain parties
to get control of the stoch and turn out the pre?
sent management. Erio was not so firm, nnd
closed at 84, after touching 85. Morris was (inner
?Farmers' Loan also, and Reading. At the Se?
cond Hoard there was a general advance in all
Stocks. Incomes have sold to a large extent
closing at !'3J. The sales of Government I s,
1867, exceed $100,000 nt 110$.
In Exchanges there is nothing of importance
doing, and the market >s steady at 9 9" for best
Sterling. Continental Exchanges are heavy.
Freights are dull, with engagements 15,000
hushels Wheat at 4,11 5,000 bbls Flour at I2d i
Cotton, Si; Dead Weight, i:.s?l7S Od. To
Havre, Cotton, jd. To California tho market is
dull. To London we heard of engagements of
f00 bbls Flour at Is 9dj too tierces Beef, Is: 300
bbls Resin, 2s; and 100,000 lbs Whalebone, id.
To Liverpool, 980 bbls Resin, Is? Is 3d; 400 Oil
Cahe. Is 2d; Cheese, Ac, 15s ? 17s fid ; o'OO bbls
Apples, '2s Od ; 200 tierces Beef, 2s 2>2s od ; 10 ? 50
bhds Tobacco, 20s; and Cotton 3s tv bale. Ttiero
is very little Cotton offering. To Glasgow, 2,000
bbls Flour, Is 8d; Oil, 20s; and Beef, is. A
Swedish bark took a cargo of Pipe Staves for Mar?
seilles, at $lt; 2."..
Money on call ha3 been extremely abundant, to?
day, and it has been difficult to place better titan
5 ^ cent. Paper docs not go quite so freely.
A new Hank is to be started up town, of which
Ex-Governor and Ex-Assistant Treasurer Bouck
is to be President.
The annexed table shows the condition of the
Kew-York City Hanks at nine different periods of
the last two years. It shows a gradual expansion
in all departments:
I.onns. Specie. Circulation. Deposits.
to say, in iwiui) ' """"*??? '
twenty-two millions in loans has taken place,
though the City Hanks show an increase of Three,
Millions of loans between June and September,
crease in that item ol Five Millions. The annex?
ed table shows that the rale of dividends has also
been regularly increasing:
Capital. Dividends. R^ite.
IUI*.%23,n84.f00 81,433,900 6.21
1816. 23.dM.IWi 1.636,'JiJ 7.09
1847. 23,084,100 1,672,158 7.2J
lfi-tft. 23^84,1ti0 I.ss3.97I 8.09
im. 27440,89o ,,'m'<}n 8*69
Large sales of Eastern and Western Railroad
and County Bonds are being made daily for in?
vestment. One Western Road has retailed two
hundred thousand dollars within ten days, and
over oae hundred thousand dollars of the Southern
?Michigan Railroad Loan negotiated last week,
have changed hands at 92(192]. A very large
amount of money is seeking investment here.
The Howard Insurance Company has made a
dividend of 10 {> cent.
The Skipping Lisi gives the annexed state?
ment of exports from this port for the week end?
ing November 20:
To Liverpool-24,758 bin's Flour, 528 do Apples*1,88ido
Resin. 5('n do Turpentine. 2i'0 lierres Beef. :><< do Flax-seed,
39,681 bushels Wheat, 24:1 hhds Tobacco, 351 tuns Losf
wood 2 Uiin gals Sperm Oil, 3" bules Sarsaparilla, 1,872 lbs
Lard, 216/37 lbs Cheese, 129,251 ItJs Oil Cuke, 11,781 do Bh;
con, 13,000 Staves, 25,090 Horns.
To London?199 tierces Beef, 53 bbls Arrowroot, 1,757
Jo Turpentine.37.'1 do Resin, 14 pkgs Skins, 20 Minis Tobac?
co, 88 chests Tea, in casks Aspbaftam.723 do Port Wine.
lM.r.57 polH Sperm Oil, 2111,107 His Cheese, 185,019 do Tal?
low, 63,364 do Whalebone, 5,000 Staves.
To G&soote?4,868 bbls Flour, 150 do Potash, 271 do Ap?
ples. 193 do Resin. 300 tierces Beef, 76 do Rice, 9.856 bushels
Wheat, 15,970 gals Lard Oil. 5.660 do Sperm Oil, 23,693 do
Winde Oil. 6 htids Tobacco. 4 casks WlmN-t,, ,ts, 2pi b >\
OilCake, 92 tuns Oil Cake, 43,877 Ihs Cheese, H.OoOdo
Tallow, 8.000 do Lard, 2,410 do Clover Seed, 31,230 feet
lumber, 13,000 Staves.
To Havre?230 bb s Potash, 2,170 do Resin, G8 tierces
Rice, 17-' Iocs Cedar. 3 cafes Essence Oil, 52 do I R Sb ?es,
16,632 ttss Wax, 44 358 do Whalebone.
To Spain?150,000 Staves.
To Hunic 7btOTi-lliO 1,1,1s Potash, CO do Apples, 12 d >
Balsam Capivi, 123 tierces Rice, 13 bales Seneca R tot 52
Sarsaparilla, 272 cases Tobacco, 73 lo?s Cedur, 2a casks
To Holland?115 bbls Potash, 155 do Resin, 139 tierces
Rice, ill logs mahogany, 51 rasen Inait-o. 15 casks Honey,
15 do Burk, til) tuns logwood, 513,040 IDs logwood, 127,811
do Fust'c.
To 1 Visite?1,500 line..) Pepper. Siifi do Pimento, 18 do
Nulgalls, 1,165do Quercitron Bark. 4,107 gals Red Oil,25
casks Asplialtum. 5 cases Oil Anis, 3 do I R Goods, 30 bales
Sarsapanl'o, 15,016 feet Cedur, tuns logwood; 5 do
Quassia Wood, 4.887 Ihs Beeswax, 2,163 ilo Whalebone,
851 do Resin.
To Broi?-3,499 Mils Flour, I cases Tins, 50 pkes Domes?
tics, 50 calks Nulls, 58 boxes Tacks, 5.628 IDs Wax, 63,000
Set arc
To Venezuela?34 pkgs Domestics.
To Hew Grenada?22 bbls Beef, 5 do Cork. 30 do Bread.
!i do Rice. No. 3,611 Spruce Piles, 6, 155 feet Lumber.
To Mexico?121 gals Whale Oil, 1,000 reams Paper, 23
Cloves. 20 do Cinnamon, 50 baits Cocoa, 50 do Pepper,
1,250 lbs Fish, 1,014 do Butter, 40 casks Nails, 35 boxes
Sperm CnndU s, 9.M 0 feet Lumber.
To St Domingo?710 bl.L Flour, 120do Pork, SO do Her?
ring, 50 du Mackerel; 1,173 boxes Soap, 25 ekes Domestics,
5bags Pepper, 30 casks Nails, 21,910 lbs fish, 309 do But?
ter, 793 do Cheese, I'M do Hams, 1.763 do refined Sugar,
4,000 feet Lumber. ?
Te Spanish West 7?r/a-?-O0 bids Apples. 25 do Pork. 30
do Mackerel, 33 tierces Rice, 140 gals Sperm Oil, 2,"-.a
do Whale Oil, 4.611 ream.- Paper. 20 bairs Pepper, 20 hli Is
Meal. U' casks Nails. 53,858 Ihs Fish. 6,979do Cheese, 26,593
do Hams. 16.839 do hard. 690 do manufactured Tobacco,
17.0(0 feet Lumber, 10,000 Hoops.
To French Weil Indies?88 bbls Flour. 216 do Beef, 3,327
lbs Hams, 12 Mtds Tobacco, 20 bacs Pepper.
ToJIritish Welt Indies?1,050 bbls Flour, 42 do Beef. 330
do Pork, 130 do Meal. 100 do Bread, 30 do Rice, 30 tierces
Rice, 200 bushels Corn, 46 bags Coffee, 5 do Pepper, 20
bales Tobacco, 489 lbs manufactured do,5,243 do Butter,
6,827 do hard, 3 661 do refined Sugar, 3,128 do Cheese, 1,293
do Hams, 350 hoves Mold Candles. 2 pkgs Domestics.
To British North America?1,415 bbls Flour. 39 do Rye
Four, 75 do Pork, 308 do Meal, 12.484 bushels Wheat, 15
hhds Tobucco, 5,832 lbs manufactured do, 15 bags Coffee.
At New-Orleans Exchange stands a trifle be?
low specie point, and no more coin will go in that
I direction at present.
; The City Council of Toronto have voted 6100,000
' in aid:of the Toronto and Lake Huron Railroad,
and it is stated the work will be commenced forth
" with.
j The annexed report of the Vermont Central
I Railroad givos full details of the present position
of that Company, and is calculated to confirm
stockholders in the ultimate value of the invest?
ment. This Road is on a route which mnst event
ually afford a very large trallic to it, anil when
connected with the Ogdensburg Road by the com?
pletion of the Vermont and Canada, of which it
has a lease, the amount of business it will do
could scarcely be over estimated. According to
the report, the capital slock consists of 100,000
shares, of which there were issued
20.370 at.$|00 each
2(1,630 at.' 50 ? ?
60,000 at. 30 ??
loo.OCO, on which has been paid in 84,575,242,
leaving 8443,257 unpaid. Nearly all this amount
will be collected. The condition of the Company
Oct 31, 1850; was as follows:
Expended for construction, equipment and ma?
terials on hand.k) 410,192 07
Interest on loans and bonds to data.' 212,735 86
Ci mmissioi's en sale of bonds in 1817. 8,820
Interest paid to stockholders to Jan. I, 1850... 471,673 51
Running expenses from June26, ih iu, to date.. 114,498 77
Profit and iu.ss to dale. 1,075 57
Total rest of the road to d
In addition, however, t(
company bold ?
Cash on hard.
Notes receivable, fully sec
Boston and Providence 1!
Grand Junction d
Vermont Central d
Vi. Kail liest >n Telegraph
Albany 5 per rent s o<-k...
Claims against sundry pe
on Meek forfeited and so
Individual debi s for transi
Total of read aud
This last amount
amount of capt
Bonds due in 11 5
Notes payable. 730,550 06
One Vermont and Canada Road. 37 Iii 99
Rec'd lor assessments forfeited to the Comp'ny. 976 29
Total of capital and liabilities.$6,212,844 OS
The only tloating liability of the Company is the
" notes payable" of $730,000, The amount due
the Vermi
? pts
for October not calculated above, although the
expenses :tre brought up to Oct. 31. To meet this
amount of 67:10,000 the Company has
! Cash en hand.
; Notes receivable amplv
1 Stock as above in varioi
the Central.
Assessments unpaid bh 1
Assessments unpaid on
1 $319.000 as above, whl
The Company show assets above li
therefore, of $470,000, in addition to Vi
may be realized from claims for forfeited stock
sold, and from individual debts not secured by
collateral. The Engineer estimates tkat the pay?
ment of land damages and outstanding bills a;id
for the complete finishing of the road, will require
the further expenditure Son-; 000 ms,;.]. 1
1 "ulu 01 ---u.i.oou, wnien, de?
ducted from $470,000, leaves $265 000 or thve
abouts, for the purchase of cars and engines Of
the cost of the road $471,673 has been repaid to
the stockholders under the name of interest!
The Directors are of opinion that from and after
Jan. 1,1851, the earnings of the road should bo
applied to the payment of dividends, and th>
confidently anticipate that 0:1 the 1st July next
the stockholders will receive a semi annual divi?
dend that shall be a large per eentage on the
present market price of the sha.-i s.
Counterfoil i20 sold pieces hav: made tc.e;r ap
pearam e at CmcmnatL
The contractors hr.vo coiurminced dsiivering the
rails r? lay trig the Belyidere nnd Delawa"' R' '
ror.d. The work is completed along the line lot
Ihe reception of the superstructure.
The Railroad from Fond an Lac t i Milwaukee
York, &c. snys the Fond du Lac Journal, is i
fixed fact. Through the exertions of Judge Mac}
The receipti
Railroad conl
business. Th
pared with th
Increase.$15,572 W
The Frankfort Commomccaltk contains the
proclamation of Gov. Helm, announcing that the
Southern Bank of Kentucky has complied with
the act incorporating it, and that its officers may
proceed to the execution of all the privileges and
powers conferred upon it.
By the Charter of the Tehuautepec Railroad
Co. which has just been organi2cd at New-Or?
leans, the Capital Stock is placed at ?9,000,000,
r.f which one-third is to bo issued as lull paid to
Mr. Hargons, in payment of the grant, including
all the lands, privileges, etc. and the remaining
$6,000,000 to be subscribed. About $1,000,000
has already been subscribed.
A loan of $110,000 for the City of Chicago has
been negotiated with Mr. Henry Youn-' of New
By the terms of the contract for building the
Galena nnd Chicago Road from Elgin to Belyi?
dere, the first six miles of the road, west of Elgin,
are to be in readiness for the superstructure by
the l'.th of May next; the next six miles by the
15th of tbo following July: and the whole, as far
as Belvidere, by the 1st of Sept. 1851. The super?
structure will he laid down, and the cars put upon
the different sections as fast as the grading and
bridging of each nre completed. The Directors
confidently expect to be in Belvidere with the
enrs, as early as the 25th of Dec. 1851. For th.s
Road there have been purchased 5,000 tuns of
Welch T rail, on terms highly satisfactory to the
Company. < Ine thousand tuns have already been
shipped, and the remaining four thousand tuns is
to be delivered ou the sea board in March and
April next, to belaid down, on this side, at, a
little less than $38 per tun, duty paid. The above
iron will be sufficient to complete the whole of the
second division from Elgin to Rockford.
IHni ItetH_Carefully Reported for The Tribune.
Wednesday, Nov.27.
ASHES?The market is heavy for Pots at $??>6 0t>i.?
Pearls tire steady til ?*? ?I. Sales of I'Hi hbis.
Export, from 1st to 26lh Nov. 1850. 1S 1 !>?
Pots.hbls.. LH? 1,073
Pearls. *>? m, , ,
COTTON?The market continues r|iiiei. The sates reach
Ren bales only, without iir.v change in prices. Ail parties
wui'int,' the'arrivnl of the Europa. This market is IJo
higher, relatively, than the Liverpool market of the last
date. ? . . ,
Hpt h'orL-sincH b>
SO. |SepLl,'SO.| nt.
N. Orleans, Nov. 16,
Mobile, Nov. Hi. 26,428 17,635 17,991 12,932
Florida, Nov. 14 . 5,201 .... 1,255 1,148
Texas, No
Georgia. Nov.
S. Carolina, Ni
N. Carolina, N
Virginia, Nov.
New-York, Nt
Oilier Port-, N
Mock of Cotton in Interior Toumt not included in the Rccexpn.
1830. I
Augusta und Hamburgh, November 1..24,120 33,niii
Macon, Georgia.November I..10,977 13,00 f
(Inilin. Georgia. - -
Columbus, Georgia.Novemberlfll 15,778 11.*.-*7
Montgomery, .Alu.November 10.18,383 14,723
Columbia, S.C. - -
Memphis, Tenn.November 14. 6,805 8,370
Export of Cothn from the Port of New- York, from Sept. 1,
To Gr-l Britain. .bales. .38,153 .To other Foreign l'orts.2,068
To France.25,070 -
To North of Europe...12,3141 Total......77,605
FLOCK AND MEAL?Our market for Slate and West?
ern Flour still favors the buyer, particularly for the low
grades, The receipts are large, present ami prospective,
and there is lessening for the Bast, and nothing of moment
for export. There is a fair speculative demand at the In?
side figure for State. Canadian Is heavy, with a moderate
inanity, and sales of 1,400 bbls at4 62J, in bond. The sales
ol Dunn stir are 14,000 bbls, at I lKJ-M 37J for No 2 super
line, I 62j a I 68" for common to strait State. I li'ij for mixed
Wisconsin, 4 75?4 81 for Michigan and Indiana, and $5 for
pure Gcnesee. The belter grades are steady, and in fair re?
quest for tbe local trade. Southern is steady nnd quiet;
mies of 600 bbls, at [email protected] 121 for mixed to strait brands Bal?
timore. Alexandria, Georgetown and Petersburg City. Rye
Fluiir is firm; sales of 100 bbls, to arrive, at 3 ?i.'{." Co>n
Weal is scarce und in ?iir demund ; sales of IiKi bids Jersey
at 3 12J, and 30ii hhls Brandy wine at 3 31 j. Buckwheat is
firm and in fair di mand at I [email protected]$2 100 lbs, 3 25./1 25 f
tihl. und 5tirtii?ic -j* ijr bag.
Export from 1st to 26ih Nov. i ? IS 111.
Wheat Flour.bbls.137,298 55,393
GRAIN?There Is a fair demand for prime Wheat, and
the market best forthe low grades. There is but llltlode?
mand, and considerable pressing on the markeu Cnuadian
is in good demand, and the market is heavy fur mixed lots;
prime i-firm. Thesales are 1,200 bush ordinary (?-nesee,
116c j 5,000 do prime do, 121c; 28,000 do good to prinni
white Canadian; lOSaiOOic, ami 1,000 do white Southern,
Wie. live opened heiler, but closed heavy, with conside
rabieoflering; Uiesales ore 10,000 bush, at 76?77c. Barley
is tn limited nemand md suppiv: sides of I?500 bush prime
rour-rowed at 105c. Oats are very firm, and in good de
nmnd. at 4oa I7e for Northern. II a tie. for Southern, with
fines ol 3.700 bush, and 42?44J for Jersey. Corn Is very
quiet, nn.l Hie niaiket is heavv: sales of lo.iuio |m<jh, n' file
for new Northern, bTu>GSc for new Southern, 68c for old
yi HoW?olde) y' 7"C f"r Weitern mljted M<l Jersey
\^'i:l!.l'.l^:,:'.1;'.,!:!;:^N::!;.1,l;JS^ w\
Cein. 17,0l;r 1 15.111
I'i;o\ISIONS-Tiiere is still a speculative Inquiry for
fi ,' m n t.1"' marke,j2 tetter, with a fairdemana for
ftst^'Z!??1? r"" ?i-'i for Mess, and
Ii, ?, ,,''r-1 rlmt'- Beel I* in lair demand: sales ol 250
bbls. at-J 2.1 ior Prime Mess, and $10 for Chicago extra.
,, i e s?5 ' ?i* >" A':tie'fuMLard issteaoy, bnt
H . ': 8?le* l,tl s a'.'<1 U'-rces at 7; ?71,.. B itt-r and
Beep0" Ul "J NuV- 1 SS0'
pork"!!.'!.'!;; i!.;;;;.blds,?'??
Lard. keM27M
WH ISK V?Tho -m.?fci/Vi. .6. 'i 1 '
?s 1!).
? fTOKKS-Geuerti'ly are very quiet, and we
" mi ' VrI sa"'s,V1 *2 Crude Turpentine at
nil inptin i j .I , ""??? 2S*?i bbls WPmingtoncom
wS^i^f^Mo^^Mh T???
uusettied. though some sa'es have beenmade ai 18340c
cash. Holders generally aik mure '
TOBACCO-ls in g?od shipping request to Africa and
?iruf^tnSS ?de^,,fiSS?!5" m* Common Kentucky 10
v ,',v l.' .'' V i' 'it?12*0! 30 Maryland, ej,/ 3c ? ifjrj bis
i i i oc; a 1)u,t'8 SHt-"-i?- l08doYguany 60 cas is
riorida, moiiiy to go out of the market,and 17 do Connecti?
cut aeed Leaf, on terms not mule public. Alihou'h the
seat on lor active operations in Manufactured bus closed
yet, with a trifling stock and moderate receipts nocooret>
?,lilKM?.ri'V.0l,^,:Cei c"u,d hL' "b'ataed- Prices are firm.
SI l-lv-liT/r' vltl)';"i'!>',"?, activi.y. 25 tana Russian and
>t l iterst.urgh sold at $205; from store it 1? h?M oi a-m ...
cordage; mauulacliirers are bovine Russian ln?iV,H and
there is no demand for Hemp for bale rone 'n911--111,
OILS?Linseed is seUlng&eely to a-r'ive within ilwnevt
three or fcur months, ai 74f?79c From nor? ih'Jr. il . r., r
.li>mn-a a* ?ii n f--? , , . .'. vioii, more ^lere 18 a la.,
""1 -J< ? casks and bbls.
c-.vJil;w^7T.^'^-i,--''ii.!! ?, fair demand for Timothy, with
?> 56 Its. ' " ' ' ??'-Uhern at 1 60
' TALLOW-TLe market u h...^ i o
sah -, : : 5,(H 0 .- , prtote^CouIin ' -i. '.^h r lower;
keVia-o^T^Tf?" ,;r W""le? is good', and the mar
v\in > V, ^ ul ?>J l"*>s a! -!<d:H.-. cash.
Jr* JJ^Jl'T :s,ai-',ood denidiid for Dried Apples, with
' ? ;v ', k "-V (';,"n P>r.:v; -j.e- of I ?>
;?',; i.-'x , .k'ri'. a ,' *??**? sn,i *?'?*!? Oreeningsonprivate
J' ""S,in a"?d supply; faie3 of40 bus
U 14 a . *r ?! ,Plu",,s les? ^ ?y. and are held
fttusir lu f 4s ?T^'^r'T-'r'l of3-*? b? Bnneh
.-/?^'iT^b'-.Vna.v lTK iS 8 .?n^e^dfmand.an-4
Mackerel continue'finii wuh^l^r^vvi'i m^0*2, , "'f-"^
in 5? thr No l.mid 9 2i!?9 50 hwNoTt nffi j j
tions ore dull. ? ? u'nKr desenp
been tiao.- at37j -A j m .W Mtera Live 0e?**aM
J:|:?JN'-:H<d<irrs ar.? rather firmer, and $2>1 5,i.-i moi was
... "i ', .... 'nl,^,i??, is very tinn n | ... - .
jSO I at >e:a.-.:jUpWari!
*e wti-x ?IW "fJ?*?-- %:?JtockJa-.da, R?J5
R.v J H Hi
Hit! iE M.
Henry Anderson a: d Henry W
attend the fitters! on Friday, ?
residefrce 186 Mercer PL H;s r
CemeUry for interment.
Id Riookfjn. rn Tr.ecdav <
years, S BKrBihj and 17 day*.
(.aim wi* that bed 01
!>.e mortal saflered
When tb'. glad m-s?
Told friends and km.
The relatives, an.l tr-erds ri
to attend her funeral on Friday
frotii her late residence 313 Gits
Bre nk Iva.
Oc Tuesday morning. Nov. Je.
wife of Dr Charles Cl.ase, and
tia/d, N.H.
In tteamihip ranbria, for Liven
Son. I)rC A rhelpt.S S Gilbert, B f
Moji n, of Bo-tM,: W Tapp.an, of M
holm,of Montr. .-.I. T Peony, - R
Hei.-..n. ff Canada; Forest, of Qnel
Passengers Arrived.
In l!rh-?j Fulion, /rem B
Washington, B Darren
In orig / Taylor f-om Bt
B??-Kises.H "1 | Seta.I M I Mso??R;-es..co 10
Sandy Hook.... 3 13 a I Got. leland.... 4 3Sa | Ball flats... 1 17a
Ship Emma Kit Id, Snow, N Orleans
B.ra C.im'jer.and, (Sam) Ganola,
er, Hooper, San Francisco, J r Smith
'and. (Br) G:ird. Ca.l
Scba Franklin, Ter
V.rl. Good-ell, Bo
lor A Co Left t
Bemie.dodn. J
baik Elisabeth, i
lew days John Mil
(...it?H,e only An..
m. Spark* Ntiemtke. 17 days,
.v. Son. Left biigaG W U*'
31 Russia, Hioaoo, do do Idgj
I imin Carver, Carver, do do,
ays. cotton, Ate. to Du.-,ha:n *
loth, lal is 54, Ion li'J 40, spoke sch J H..!t, from Itaogor for Jana., a,
8 da> e out.
Rug Presidents Taylor, ol Belfi.t, Stipl?, M e.aur. is, I l.>-.,-2>7
bhda molasaeito Robert A Will.inn.
Br hu{ Falcon. Pitt, Bermuda, 11 da. ISO bides to Tucker & Light
bi '.m. Left brig Swan. Pierce, .1 d., fur NVork; brig Petent, Ma bee,
hence, jii.t armed. The P on her passage out experienced very
hen) weather, and lost her deck load of cotlel, damaged the cargo n
the hold, also lost sails and received othtr damtge.fTde ?>wm vl.,
Iii Ssmptoo, bsnce, arr at Bermuda Not 13th; aid n-jt dty for ii
Seh George J Joce.% Look, Savannah, ; days Z16 balas cotton, De
Si h A J DeRoaaet, Brewster, Wilmington, SC, 6 da, naval stores,
Sch Ann, H. nkPeteraburgb, 9 ds, mdse to James H inter Si Co
fm Havre Je Grace, with iron, bound to
rry. Va, bound to Faif Ha"?n. ?
en Run, Md, 4d., w.th logwood from the
2 days,cattinga to Robert
to Watson ft Co.
. Rock land, i; ds. Btne to master.
?, Carnp len. lime to master,
u-euce, fcourid to JiirTo'b. V.l.
Sch P.omen Palmer, Phil,?
Sch Frank, McNath, Norfolk
Sth Luuisiur, Smith, Charit
Hrendy A> Co. On Sunday laa
Sch Ann!? Bcdeil, R,,-hmnri.
Sch T Jones. Dayton, Gerrg'
? !, West i.i. Hayes, Rich
nd Mailer &. Lord.
Scb Mary B Jewett. Debrty, 4 da. x*oi
Si ' C r Un k-'e:; f .-i i:i. Erg
S.-b Aeota, Smith. Phil, i Is, coaL
S. h D.niel Parker R?ssel. NHave 11
Scb Case Parker, Townstnd, B -. nc
Slocn Deep River, Lockland, Suffolk,
By Tclesrmph.
BOSTON 8Toi 27?Cid steamer Cambria, lor L.vtrp" I. bark ? E'
i pir*nn, Sa'cramerto CtV Tartar San Francitcoj Abe.ma,
Baibado?? Jeddo Mobilei Ebn, Phllaj ?-hs C-ot.w, Mobile;Muj
Ta?l. r. Richmond! Thos F'srieri P^:!a; Ere, Career and tfayitaw,
New York. ?
CALAIS, Wot Ii-Arr sch Fa r os, New-1ort; cw ortg ?rs. .
?? Pbiladeupb-a; Frederick Engar* and Z,
bra. New-Tort; scbs Mtry, Piila; Uarmooia, and Lebaaoo, New
ItA.VGOR,Nov23-Cld bark Auuuoo, Matiaxi, sch Li.Tjartint,
Ousdr.loupe. _ , , . _
NEW.BEDFORD, Not ;??Cid ihin Stepbandi, Ind an and Faa-c.c
Ote?n?; ba>k Barlley. Atlantic.
PROVIDENCE,N?v io?Arr .-loops J L Loci:, Se ? York; Elm,
SMseri Alrreda, Norfolk; J W Gindy, Phi.'a.
FAI 1. RlvER,Nov 2.5?Arr stb? Nascy Bishop, P'.ila, Aratsdt,
Albany. , ? j o
D1GHTO.V. Not 34?Sid sch Rosimoad, Bajt.mr re.
[From our Corrr-conHe-ta. j
PHILADELPHIA, Not 87?-frrnsrtt-Sbin Arcole, Janniats,
NYort; barks M?-y, WheWm. Boston; SbxatieOi J, Kermnr/.on. Ha
Tana; brig Lamartine. Senier. Di<!-t<.e: sehe H H Wethngtou. Allen,
NYorki Cape Mai, Raaf, Fall River; H H Tallman. Young. 3r.?t.il,
El . kl -'-a. W.uVow. NYi rk, S-rek, UwU. Proe-Jence. M-h.g,t.
Shste, East Greenwich; Satney Miner. SoPes ffriAseoort; L bert.-,
Debon PruTidecre; J A Rnshnj, Smith do; J W Swum, Tuwntenl,
.SYork. Pea...ylvania. End.-:ott. Io. H-r.rriu, i NB-eiford; Bol
ivar. J-mes, Nan'ucke?; Cobaasett, BUckwe1!. RBedlbrd; M >-?i
Browi . Hali. ProT Jence; Bax*:. Sherxau, Jo; Margaret ian, 1! i
t.-r.'*, > Bedford.
Cwr</-Sh p John & Albert, Hirward. N0r!?an?; seh? tnnaSom
en, loTners, Ik York; Marz?ret Aon. Haveue, Prov.lence; Rajubjw,
Ti;tni;i..H'idI.er"'t; H H Tailma=. iour^. Vr.i jecte; ? a It wharf,
itow>itd, N-taeen. Ca'?-:a. V- irsrapre, n Syrjn t>w;.. Prov:
ae , ? J W G,b"'?, Townaeoo, NY?ik; Mi b'gan, Shuts, B-wton;
Fraxet HaUaU. V* ??'oo. Pro?Kteo. - Ssdoej H nor, B< I Bridge
r<rt; Mary aa a. H.lev. P,. y r)e re. Orttnan, W-.i.. MYora; J 4
b .? Corscti, V; H W VVellwgti Ai'.-n. NT?fk; I '.V ., .
Ti.wn.en.-l.ds? T.? May. Ro-t. do; P^.j.-ia.-.j, En I i.ott. N i t%
I Reeling, Si stB, Prai.J-xce; leterty. Osbors,da
late ? - latter *"
?*'>??? ??? miuo and mcueo. mst.'
total L ??.
Sea Etna He
At Belfast, IStb inn, fai the y,M : Me...? Carter, StepheuTOn ,t
uneof Belfast, the meatert i
be cemmanr'ed by Capt Geo C
At Treicott, fiom ti? yard
called the Lew?u C Bakh.owi
freighting vessel hetw?n Yre
Cant Geo W M'Fadden.
At last Merhii. jrth; by C
At Alee nsion Island Jar. 3d, shin ScoUan
bbla an ?iL
At Copang in Jan la-t, srrp Samuel R,
haven SOO bills sp oil .boa-d to J.pan ??a.
brought by Mr Wm Durfae, second mate
Bedford,who in Jan last wasatCtpanga
Arr at H.ni.tt..
more; t Ith, brig I
Smr.h. Bamcoora
Arr at St Geon
At Madeiranbt 17th nlf.bfff Cateatina, Fi.kett, fo
At Valparaiso, ISth ult, ship Ann Maria, Doty, Ml
aroth for SFran-isoo few day s.
At Rao de Janeiro Oct 6, (latest date) ship Chili, I
for California, repairing; Ohio, Halex, fm ,N York do i
Jones, Harding, fm St Marys; Elvira Harb??, Dm
Mount Washington. IMengdl. fm Care Verde; Rom.
B?ltin.or-i K-fc-rl ?i.rr?. Horner. Ir. n, Pi, ,1? Jel,. hi
rom Sew lork for Califoruia, repairing
Domestic 1'ortn.
ALEXANDRIA, Noras?An-sch Arctic Wilaon NYork
BANGOR, Not 3i_Arr brig rimothyCrosby, Atwood,_j sc
Marquis, Partridge, Boston.
'23?Arr Sterin:;. Parier, and Triton, Harriman, do. CM brigs I.yr
Rote,Cardenas; Harr et, rn.imas, Boston; sens Brooksrille, Lun
burner, New Yoil; Madeira, Harriman; Marcia Tribou, Sweet'er; I1
xarn, Bragg, and F J C ??wakings. Veax e, N Haren; Halcyon, Clus
and Partium, An es, Boeton; Si.tith Shore;Towle; Scila&(e.
BARNSTABLE, Nor 10?Arr sch rgn*. Lovell fm Bo-toc.
31 ?Arr-cb S.spi.ho, Farris.'do,
BATH, Nor -23-01.1 bark Amaion, Tl.omp-on, KaUtna* ich L.
martue. Morrison, Gaudalcupe.
BOSTON. Nor M-Arr b?rk Maryland. Davis, Baltimore, ria Prt
v nee town) n-ig I., uis ASur.t -, (Br) Dou.ett, Clare; sein orea.:
Mi Donald, Enatporti Carola?, Pars,.,.. Machias; Hut* of Maine
*is.Bangor; Caateban. Ryan. Belfast; John, Marston, Wald?
bori.': Mary Ann. Hull, Wiacaiiet; Diamond, Btiua, Augusta; C!ar?
Groves; Hallowell; Die.sden, Alley, and Ann. Pray. Dresden. CI
brigs E 0 Holt, Coggms, H.ranna; ZavaPa, Friend, Mutantes, (d
ich for Ellswoith L W Maxwell, Faraham, Cardenasi Jane, Br
Btaurelt, Pictou; Sea Beau, Menthew, Georgetown SC; Mirena
Dutch. M'Gilrre . Frankfurt, te load foi Cuba, Demarara, Porter
Portland, to h ad for Cuba; sch Robt Raikes, 3 wilt, Jacraek scbs Tor
tola. Jos G-afton, F-ankfort, to loa! Ii r Pensacora.
RF.I.VIOI. Sov 34-Sld bug Patriot, G.i.e, Matautds; schs Volta
Tuttle.and H H Tallman. Young. Philadelphia.
DORCHESTER, Nor sc.-In port ..-ha Southerner, Baker, fn
Philadelphia; John.-,fm VViscasset (at Commercial Point), Hou!
well, fm Bangor; and other?.
ED0ART0WN,Nor32?Arrsch Peru, Hart, New York for Pott
2.1- Arr br g Teloe, I.tmphear, Proridence for Franktort; sch. Mar
Wise, Crockett, Norfolk for Portland, Bay State, Clark, do for d.
Marv II Case. Kei ney, d? lor Lub-c: Moro, Co'trell, PliiUdelidii a fi
Ptrtltwdi Increee, Wood. New Y..-a for do; New England, Veaxi,
New H.iv.n for Bangori ramoree, Veane.do for do; Forest, Wait.
New-York lor Boston; Yantic, Parsons, Newark for do; City Fowl
Waitt, FalWirer fordo; Charles, Haunre'im. Apa'aehi.-ola lor dr
St I.uear, Colamer. Sue Harbor for l.mcolnv.lli.; William.-. Iln
vine Me, Su-an M Young. S ir
EL LS WORT H, Nov 21?3
Adelaide, Tiewort", , New Yi
ker; Caspian, March: Cn.cin
B. I rar, Miter; Ratan, Reim,
Snow, Gordons Miai
Waring,Smith, Sai o;
FALL RIVER, Nov 21?SM s, hs Jas A Bayard Tbomoaon
delplna; '2'2o. Mechanic, Cam do; KnJ ird Borden June. Bill
Nathan D?rfe*. Dan?, do. '
GALVESTON, Not II- Arr hark Norumbejn, Baiter, New
Kedroa, Carney, do arrsth. In port ships it It Milam, Alle
W H V\ barton, Gates, lor Ne.v Yurk. Mg, harks Carlos, St- ir
Wm M H.rr s. - -, for Bosto.i. Idg; brigs Mary, Hopkins; an
pne, Hopkins, for New lork, Idg; Buenos Ayres Pa-.ket, Lau
Lirern., Idg. II,rk Montau?, Brown, for Apala. hi..da, read
GEORGETOWN, DC, Not r.\? Arr tcha Ham, ton, Dayton
Stamford, ft, for Calais.
Bng Rainbow, (Br) Crane,
the East Chop this altern.su
Sid brig Sophia; schs Peru
Cotteli, Equity, E U 3m .
j:l-Air??hs Henry Cotton
do for Portland; Tan..?. 1
Havrn lor B.int'.r; C I) P?
T.rr Ea?l Grsenwich i t Ha
D<er l-le, Albatros?, Hordin,
Reg Rainbow, reported ah
one lighter lend of Cef cargo.
?21- Arr bng Jenny Luid, (of Waldob >ro] Comery, St Jago de C ah i
37lh ult for Boston. Left sch StVituo, Fowler, lor Boston 7 day -.
Spoke 3d inst, ort Inagna. Br brig Tiberia?. (of Halifax) fm J inw i i
lor Philadelphia, ria Nassau, NB, sun* day. oh* Crooked Island Pas
sage, sch Arenger, ;.,f Boston) foil Jacmel for New York; 8th tat
?d47, Ion 7i (H, brig Eliza Waite fm Port an Prince lor BaJtiuore;
al-o bnj Nancy Pratt, Irom da lor Boston The Jenny Lind expe
riente.l heavy weather on the pasta,,-, split her mainsail and lost her
for Bath; airaffe, E n
1? port at 12.:'? I'M, th? above and brigs Julia Kord. L R P timer,
Runbow Jer.nv L im. Marcia: rchs Nararro, Margaret, Bunker H.H.
Dolphin, Majilower. JUry Jane, Reunion, Henry. Kemeoec, Gi
ratle Oreeon. Geo Edwaid Julia Ann. and Sarah Matilda.
MIDDLETOWN Nor 2.1-Arr schraT L Miller, Elliott. Philafel
nh a R, an. k? Ba. on. do; 24 Wm S Camp. Clark, PnJadellMl.a;
WUliam Gray.McClere.AlbaoyialoopEtbaaAlIeii.Tyiar, New fork;
.o tcbaSifau Brainerd, H.ll.ar.i, NYork; Joseph Hall, foe. dm sjoop
Samuel H.II. Andrew?, i ,. Cid Nov 22... hs H.Toka. Joaes, E i-t
fiird, Me N Shaler, Uwrence. New-Forr; E Bernard ?Msaell K
George G.Ilum, Cary.doi John Wright. Dickeosoo, do; -d.s. hs r
Abelf Di.k.u.oi, Ph la.elphia; G.,;-tre (,,,,- %e-ar-York ; i I u
Mary M ?ir.cneri. Blieb, dni ?oooa Joel Hall, Cark, do. Pb?. ??.
Johnson do 36, >cb'-ASreo Hall, Croafey. do ,
MILTON Nov W-ln portacb Cora, O Neil, i n ^'^^'^
Moni DE Noi I i?Arr slop Ashlau !, Rice, NYork; hark George
T.'.lle S'a.Ler dm Sp bfg* Vei.t.dor. A'rons, Havana. Coacepaion,
p,"," do mSf ? b Aa ta, Sag?rraga, Sau Set .st.ai, Spaio.
KANTlfCKET, Nor**j Baltimore, M-sorr-.ey. (of St
George, Me.) im Micbiaa. bpokvl to SY'-rk. \rr i.Ui, $? ni Ann G cot
teU.O?w PbiJadelphia SW'cheE H Adam? Alirns Bai.imore; i,..
all, Brown, NYork, E.vtra, vv r.g, EaslHaddam; sip Irnmpb, rlooio
?oo NYork. , ?,. . ? ? ? ?
NEPONI ET. Nov ;?s.o ach Ma.i:?, Gr.e.n, Boston. In pert InV
ia h? Magnolia, {S maata) btoter, fm Bluehdl; Otec, Fogg, an i
Wal.nm.n.Fo?g. fm Freeport
NEW BEDFOR?. N..v 2A-Arrs. i;s North Star,Maddox, Lincoln
ville: Carol, ne. fill, Saco; Sarah, Perry, New Yurk; Planter, Lovell,
snd Thomas H Sei mour Soi.'.h, Albany, Jane. B.-iggs. du; Edwirl,
Hard.ng, Bango ; sloop Sylph, Tattle, Roniiottt. SM tea Henry Cliy.
Nje. New 1 rk,
NEW ORLEANS, Nor IS- Arr ship Kid- How?, S?r, roM.Cai I ?'.
Wales; bark Maogola, Haaks?, Nassau, SP. Below, coming up, ?Inp
larxiogL n, Tl.on.pa o, from Poitlaud. CM s'.'p Rockaway, Botw?rtb;
!..ieri-..i I; buk Elixabetb. Jl r.?s. Baltimore; seil J?te Eusabe h.Mor
l , NeVport.'
York; D Webster, Falkerts, do.
PETERSBURG, No. 13?Arrach Wm B Jenkm?, VanderbiU, N
PHILADELPHIA. Not Jrj-Arr barks Merraiac. Banja, Boato-j'
Oak, Rjcer, do; De'aware, Lewis,d"; brgs A corn, Hard r.g, Boetont
Sen, Crosby, do; Abbott Lawren.-e. Crowell, do; Mary Anna. Haler.
Albany; schs J B Dvkerson, Corson, New York; Ra.ohow.Tith.il.
Brooknaren. CM ?clis Joanna. Alien. SmgSing-, Jaa Hand. Weaver,
NY- ik Cur --.! H-add, Budd, do, Cleopatra, Bowen. West Pomt
PORTLAND, Not 2S?An brigs Champion, Himilt,ri, BargorjTo.
ken. Piince, Bang, r for NYork; -. ha I^imart.ne. Bridge?, and H-lena,
R I . Bancon C'.riew, Norrs. El sworth; agnes, Lord, do; Aivarafo,
Tinker, do: L.berata.r, Smith, do; Rover, Grant, do; Dor a, Lord,do;
Mswati, Dicks, do. Ptebe, L,rd, do; Mary,Smith Fox, Joyce.do;
Adelaide, T'eworgy. Ellsworth for NYork; Euro. Treworgy, and Ar
madillo, Treworgy , EMsworth for Hoetnn; Bri'l.ant, Ph hrcerk, Mystic
for Bangor. Cid bng Potoei, Bettes. M stanxas; sch Gee, Brooks. St?t
son. Boston. Sid brigs Potos; S'-saoJane, ?tanh ?Oei] Rechauite,
PROVIDESxi. NotiS?Arrsch William,Wixon, Boston; Hsrl
Te: ?. GladUiog, Blelol. sip Oregon 5oir?e?, NYork. Below a sloop,
supposed the James L Long, fr m New York.
RICHMOND. Not ii?Arr seh? 5srah Godfrey, French. Sf rk.
Wm H Mailler, Price, do Cid sh p Courer. Dewhirst, R;o da Ja?
neiro and a rnsrket. SM schi Adfacce, Daris, Baltimore; Orsgcn,
S.M.EM. N... .0?A.-r br gs Pra r ?. fpt. a, R-o Grande aentO; Ee
amore, I Br) Hwto. Mi'ttan!, as i.s C Waagat, Basgir. Potorou-,
SxalVy. Belfa-L SM br g Sea Bird;, acb Metros-, and a Urge Seel ol
res??!? bo-ind East sad South. - _
YVEYMOIJTR, Nor 26?Sid since 23d. eel ? Ceo Waahington, Hog |
Ml, Baixor; Sarah and Maria. Bla;sdell, Tiio-n?s;oa. Inipor.acns |
Brar., Orc.tt; Mtdomak 3e?rer and Canton. TaJo-J, fm Baiietr.
WlaCAiSLT *o. la? arr tcb T ter a?. fr.y. Boston .,
P.i-Arr schs rwtcbtr, Robicson. Bottoe; Two Brolbera, Tto ran.
B' un, Boeto-i;
.?2-C1J hi g Mi
tar hi. botinse. Ci
ROAD;COM? A S V - j ? ,S EV E V PF RcrlZ
n OAOE LOAN r,^i?
HU NDR I I : ,..iXtv.?'r?Ji??*b?f
'llars Uf
1 ?rf Per?.
M Stock ?f
vicus lo fbeir maturity, bearirig severi"pt"ceDt"d?
interest, ai . ? . .: . N n -York oo the liTonS?
-vt.(or FIVE HUNDRED tMousan,'i$u?5
efi'stend only Mortgage Bonds of tfc? Obm^ S. f
sylvania R?nro.d Compaoy, convertible into
"je Company at the pleasure ol it..- holder, Stan,
by rfcf ii
next, to
the f,'?t
the Con
vicus to
ist?"*1":"'U "^t"'1""3'-10 w< H?1 ,>ri on 1? of
These Bonds sie !r. su-r-s of $t.C(\i each with Cohiw?
sj^Uu :'" Nw"Yo1 * *?'"' ? ?** tau?
These" ?.'iule are issued ander the provisions of tiw
of (^Legislatures of Ohio an.! P?MsjUTsaU.t^L'JJ
cur.-,! by a a ortgatre exi I I to John J. Palmer. ?Z t
the City of New-York. In trust for !Be Bondholders. ^ W
-;. eState?l Ohle, a .iin*^
the r, vi,'.^, f""H,w,-",d. In case of sixty days' defsulth
sane; tad it proVWeslb^tf^VHt aay part of sk,
one million ofdKt?^^,!^ **>?* *
five hundred ifioutLcdidol ",V,^'Vtfd-1rfwll!fh1*n?,'?:
Chairs, 0ConiO?ves,?iC :<avi-tfoi,-?- 0, ^ 1 S?*i
be issued under the mortgagof S *u b?uJjaow
The proceeds of the entire Issue a? exclusively appBsd
o the Mipeiv.nirture a: 1 ? . , :?-,: ..fa,. Une (nru p.^
burgh to Mass:. 1 n . tl.teal - I ? the constrict-on of t?l
r.'ud ready for the iron, have been amply provtd-d ra-tZ.
ble stock subscriptions ; amoi ? which the twin e '-m*
Pfttsburgl and Al egbeny have each subscribed and 'p?u S
Tbe Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad forms out of tv.
gr, i,t direct hne of Railroad between the cities of Kg,?
HaiV ,r.';!''t'.!.!',l|,'il':a ?Y,Louigl wWeh,wheo Snished.
wui Dt snorter man any ot the routes between New.York]
The line between pbiladetpbutatid Phbb-.irgh wliihe,
ready lor travel in 18o2, by which time the whole of th.
Ohio and Pent.sj Ivania road to its junction with iheCle*?.
land. Columbus and Cincinnati road, is intended tobis^
The portion of the rou t between Pittsburgh and UsssOx
Ion, is now ui der contract ami progressing rapidly aadarta
be m operation In 1851 : from Puteiuirj,h to Beaver it y,\a
be opened tor trafliclnjulv next
The immense and rnpidlj Increasingly eommerceof Pin?,
burgh.joined to the trsrh'c to be derived from several of th*
u beat counties of Ohio tbr nit:'! whichjhis road pssses, wil/
insure to r a large and productive business that caanern
be (livened by any Dlhei route; .his without taking mta
consideration the long travel, ??'iced to the low costofe?o?
structioii (estimatedat only $16.59-1 per nulo.) will ituar?
to the stockholders highly remunerative dividends, tn4'
there is little doubt mat the ri^lu of converting ib*m
Bonds into stock, at par. will bo availed ol by the Boo*
holders and add greatly to the value of the Bends, ult
will enabie the Bond holders to ?bare in t*?? proriu of
the road when its results sbali become nutter 0/ act, w.?^
out incurring any risk while the road ta being consimeM,
It is conliileiitly bciicv ed t.i.it t!:e Bonds now ,>rt"er,\l (m
sale afford one or the safest and most desirable lecuriflS
in tbe United S'ai,?.
OrtfM-,1 lor sale.
The entire amount will be disposed of absoluta)] md.
without reserve to the highest bidder,
Sealed proposals for any am.aim notless than iLWOwil
be received at the office ol die undersigned uuid J o'ciock
on the seventh day of December noxt
Proposals to bo addressed to WlNMiOW, LANIKR.t
CO. 53 \Vall-St. New.York, nnd indorsed " Propinai* foj
Ohio and Pennsylvania Bunds."
A printed exhibit of the affairs of the Company, conUbv.
ing a map of the road and its connections, together with co?
pies of the bond and mortgage, may be obtained on appU.
cation to John.). Painter, ?sq ii the Morcbanta' Bank, or ta
the subscribers, who will furnish any further infuruution
which may be desired.
Parties whose bids are accepted will be required 1,1 p?j
twenty per cent, upon the amount awarded 10 them homo
diately upon being nolifii .1 of tbe acceptanoe of their bUa,
and tli? remainder in equal Bmo?nts on the first day ?(J^.
uary,February, March and April noxt?but any party w?j
be al liberty to pay in ftul hi once.
Interest will commence from the day of payment.
WINSIiOW, LANIER It C0.5i' \Vali-?.
New-York, .Mst November; is.>o. n22iD?
Sin retarv's Orrice. Chicago, Nov. I, uvi.
given 10 the Stockholders of tbe Oaluna and Chicago tfoiSi
Railroad, ibat a dividend of eight per rent on the Capital
stock paid In, of the First Division of said mad, has tswi
declnied for tbe six months eridit.g on the Slst dty uf Octo.
her, 1859, payable on the lihhday of December ii<'<i-on?
half thereof in rush, and the remainder iu slock divMrcJ
certificates, which will be redeemable in full p?ld shimsw
stock, In said First Division, when presented at Ihisodic*,
In sums of one hundred dollars, By order of the Board o|
Directors. W.U. L AKRA BEE, Setfy, n?DJtWtUI?
SAN FRANCISCO. California, draw at sight or oa
Urne, in ?ums to suit purchasers, on
and on PAGE t BACON, SL Louis, Mo. payabla al moSf
of the prominent points in the Stale.. Collection, attended
to and proceeds remitted promptly. Will also attend 10
?ale,, of Produce and Merchandize for parties residing
abroad. PAGE, BACON & CO. San Kianciito
PAGE Js H.ICOM. SU ruiuU.M?.
Reler to Slessrs. Drew. Robinson i Co. N-JW-York.
nl2 3m*
DEND ? The Presldenl and Secretarv havli.j recsnS
ly returned from California, hereby notify SlocihuldafJ
whose certificates were lasued prior to the ibaltli inst.tbai
a Dividend has been declared 01 l<o per centort'i50 p?
share, out of the operations of the Companyslnes the montit
of June inst.und tnat the same will be palJ On and after its
6lh day Of December next, at the office Of the Company, tl
the city of New-Yoik, al ?loch time new cnriificates Wit
he issued on surrender of the-old.-Dated, N?w-Yiirk,9tt
Nov. 1850. PHILO I). M10KLE8, President
Jas. Dclavan,Secretary. n'j lw*
1Y0TICE.?The Stuck holders4)f the Ma
1 scon and Western Railroad Co. ar? hereby notified llul
tbe privilege of sub scribing to the NKVV STOCK wffl ?.
pir? , ti I ho 1st of Decembi r next. The psrtles entitled to
said Steck, wiio shall nut have paid the first installment of
$25 per share, at lh?- Bank of the .Stale of Now-York. ?0 nt
previous lo thai date, will 101 frit theli tight to talto W
same Nov. 21. 1850. Mined,
u22 1D1- J. 11. TAYLOR, Treasurer.
TH Kits ?i CO. No. 15 Wood-at PITTSBDTIOH, U
-Collections made on all the PRINCIPAL cities of tin
UN IT KD STATUS Reference In New-fork, MewrS,
Wln.low. Lanier U Co .52 Wali-.l SUlW
Nkw-Yors, NoT.ia,/??.
BOWERY BANK.?An Election for
Directors of this Institution will be held al the Banfe
Ing Hoti.e i 5.1 ?owerv. on 'I ui-sday, lire li, between Its
hours of 12 Al. and 1 P.M. Perorder of die Board.
Dl8tDecl N O BRADFORD. Cashier.
A. M. Mk.kwin. Auctioneer.
BROADWAY/?Cash advances made upon all WS?
MONDAY EVENING, Dec. S,at H o'clock.
Valuable sta?n*an im, MjscelwWboos Boot*>
A large collection of good ediaons ol Siandard WorU la
the vaiious branches of Art, Science, History, Poetry, Bio.
L'ranhv.xr. I'Mitiriilnrs hereafter.
MONDAY EVENING, Dec. 2, at 8 o'clock.
Astronomical Telescope.?A large A.troiiomiculTee
escope of gnut magnifying power, Maybe examined ?1
the salesroom
New amd Splendid English annual.?Court Alba*
or The Book of Beauty, for 1861. A series of charuitcf
portraits of tho young female nobility, ate. The work coc
linns Portraits and Btogranblcal Notices of the Lady Vl>
lorih Talbot,, Lady Barrlel Anson, Lady Frances l>#f*i
Miss Burnaby, Hon. Helen buncombe, Miss WjrsiiiAin,
Miss L'e Burgn, Lady Adelaide Vane, Lady Claude Bf?
ton,Lady Augusta Hare. Miss Metcalle, Mis.Smythe. "IK
Spalding, Slies Tighe. Beautifully engraved by the best
aitists, from draw ings by Join, Hatter, made BXpresshjy
tliis work. Ti e mine with the | lates, BXflulsltjBlj colortjr
?? A n,.? l??!i sf.rart rr?*ioln?., ?,J ?j,l.,?tl?<l?K?'??
of this sa'fri <.i the mo*t churunou r?prrKnUth>M ot Lb. ?'**?
f.iDsb braacb of Cmiliii loveliiew."? [Lrtsrsiy OSS. .
'?The Court Alburn " i? U.? Or.I i f ihn illiulrawd Aa"?" g
IsM ; a.d ? .. it, w?y- *.,rt',, of prmiWmes. TVk (k,r*-*?
traamoDgth. ?.ry b?t th.t b.v. iv-?n pabli.bwl, i? "J ?">*
'>"^.^:z>??:^, ^xi'i^t ubh.tosk.asi
w It il,?.i.t:-.- be in -r.,'..?t id !,.<!, <j i?n>rs. - (Alb. ^
' Boo* ot Besot) 'awl,tou) tbi leaat ;< .t, j out I?. v****
U-an ws.tbat |iibli>.-tins in it. patatMt Says. ^
?? ir. foorl.tastitnoi us t n-suty of ?.r f.??? JJ ?
tccr?.>. ...', Bglrooi wlicb.tt. fi iroris ssls may My tomtf/Mm
The underslgr.ed will receive the above bv an etrj
st< smer, and respectfully solicit orders for theTrsd?.
At Private S.o.p..?A iRr^e a..oiteientofprtnur:s'?Ea
writing pepers. Also, Bohn?s very vuiuable and popa^ar
series, mder tbi tie ofthe Standard Library, the Cujua?
Librarv, the Antiquarian Library the Sdentift? u**?
and lbe Illustrated Library .1 -c ? mbracing the bestf"?
Issued in the U sdrtyle, and unparalleled in r.heapceai. i?
la.t Issues, which are Jnsi received, ari.- tbe secMdtotm
of ihe rew edition of Jiinins. \ a*orU'* Lives of rsiaw*
Sculptors and Arehiteeta: Ar lb tie's Nic?..niac^an ^
translated,With notes original and m i^d an aiia^?
IntrodnctJon, ki by R W. Browne, M.A.; and1cw
shank's Three Course, and a De?sert, with dlu.W ?
Orders .'or them ai d all the previous folumes Pr"?/?
executed. Also, Lardbera/a Www ''^*n',e.^ita>
F.wbai.k's HydrsnUcs and Mechanicsi Benneu'.
Entiy B ...k-Keepir.g.r.ew edition. Ate._
j HSCEMAN, Auctioneer.
FRIDAY, Nov. 29, at LO o'clo?sAjAV
ai tie Sales Room. 191 W8,l.i?v.on-sL Brooklyn.?
'arge at id general a?or.nieni of Household PurDtt'ire-^?
? "wake,"and 1 German uprii^L^
an eiegS t ?? ose Carriage, cost $750, and a handsome
awsv.c .t*>> - -l" <" and single BstWSS^ss
cel eLt order,havlog.been used but
nertv of a lentleman leavini? Ihe city, who has ieti"<.
^' old wiihout re.er>e. Catalogues at the Aartk??00*
on Thu'tday. ?iv^nck \f
The Carnages, Pianos, kc. will be ?old %xU\oc^-^_
Ww W SmaLEV. Auctioneer. wfitj
i \ n Pard ENORAVINOS, In r.rh g?? {^'--xJl it
tlon_TO-MORROW, Thursday, Nov. 28, al II f^-V
ibe Sales Room, 161 William st hsmlsome L^ffagw
Parlor Psinlir ?*, cunsisiiBg of American arw'
(cenery. Sale peremptory, and worthy H? an ^ B
litr'liep. -1
OHN H. ALDRICH, Carpet Waw
140 Peari-si New-YorLAgent for^ii?
son's elebrated Floor Oil I tot,TCarpf**-. ViL^jetAff
cjinnected with the trade, always tot ?y? ^flfjgptfsr I

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