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* ms TkiflUNF. MLDiKO* COaWE? OF ?*WCE a.ND na?
??i- ?tritts. oppos.tr thk city hall,
^.?^i Z cm SU??"?" for I* l-js Cr..? ??
8*" ctii.?re? uj ?- ?rei.T. tber c?d ?v in njunx? at IV?
?^ ?^* '""^ fr
?l 50. TW Dollars rt advance re
f-ilijt, ?11 exchanges w.tb Country Newwer? DaRj
?^?r?-~'ved m *a? office wtaos? fr/n* are bisher (hu
rt*??, of Tie Tncaue are not a?ow-d aav difference.
KEW-YORK WEEKLY tri kx'ne,
Mb lahod every toturtayMorniiio, ? Oje l?vr price o. 12
T yuiBUin in advance- Eight copies for 810, or tw-bty
f ;irf9l to one Sddre* for S 20, and the paper jj do case coo
t-uttA beyond the um? for which it n paid.
Ad r?rti(?-ment? for uVa sheet wii be Charged 2 C aTita psr
?>?s ?ach fjuer?oc, m
pab'iirf jd fr"*ry rVcinfiday a::d Saturday mon ug,
jpnc? |81 er tirrram. Two copies for $S '". ? forfS
i iT^rtiterr.'siits, ? cents a line each Insertioi
FOR ftoeofean CiRCUtATt?M
f* ja, ?dt>?':d on the d'?wriure of each Mtu. Si *..-!? r .'or i.r?
?y/Vj!. Prr-ie r <?;>>-, vr j>i ' ?< ?- -."-Ves
ce, 6i Coois p
Farewell Meeting of Missionaries :
iLMtmarie* for Kaw-Ai.-r.di, m toe interior oC West Arn
ra, ui.der ibe careo? ibe American Missu nary Associatw ??
evcect lo sail eiirly next week. A Farewell Meeting wii
& held at the SHI 1,0H CHURCH, Prtnce-st (Rev Dr
l?BNNl?iCTOri'?)t?o blocks East of Broadway cm SUND A i
KA KNiM ,at ..?.:;?>. *. Addresses will be made
H>v. Mr Thompson, Missionaryfrom Africa and othera
The .... i ig , : Missions are. invited to attend.
J 8 .KK Kl.S N. i
.1. (1. BENNETT. , ?'?"'""V1
I*/ Scnnon oo the Oe*ttaof Rev. Mr. Hayner.
-Rev. Mr. BaLCH Will preach a Sermon on tbo death of
H. v.Mr. Rayner in the ?icecker-st. Church (corner of
Downing) TO-MORROW Morning. In the Evening be
wili presch on the Position and Prospects u( Cut'iolics and
Froltstanls. niW It*
ilex. Abrabam Tyinli^ form-trly a Jewish
'Rjibtii. now a Christian, lur many y.-ars a .Missionary in
Jeiiikal.'tn; recently from a Ml*f on of Inquiry to the .lews
to Cbina, will preach ? Dlacuise in <?.? ruitnrvet. Preabvl^
riun Church, opposite Varick. on SABBATH, Dec. I. at 7
o'rlork P.M. lo aid tin'Auii-rnri' Si. Aiii-uiiratlnir
the CoDdttioD of theJews. Subject?"The Jews and Jew?
ish Missions In the Em*t." n (0 It'
t*?-Sii!)both i.'veniriK Courue of Leciares.?
A Lecture will t e delivered in tlirltefnnned Dutett Cti'i'--',,
corner of Green und Houston st?. uextSABBATH EVE
KIN(;,I)' c. int. by the Pastor?the Rev. w. it OoaooN?
on the Ducti ine of a Particular frfvider.ee, in distinction
from u Oenerul aa necessary to the fulfillment of God's
purposes mid promises This will ti? illustrated by a
Course of Lectures on the History of Joseph, during t'ie
Winter. Services will commence at 7 o'clock. Bests
free. n30 it
I?7 The Firs?t Soeletv ol ttw? Netv-Jerasnlein
meet every SABBATH MORNING r'>r Reliifiom Wur
?ldp at the "Church of the Mediator" in Elgh'li-gL Astor
piac. Services (to commence punctually at I0J o'clock,)
by Prof Burih, who is alaodelivcrinir a Course of Evening
Lectures on eiiltiecle connected with the doctrines of the
New-Jerusalem and the mission of Swedenborg; which
Ibe public me respectfully Invited to attend. Sen-ices to
commence at 7 o'clock. tu"' If
V& Tho hee-ontl Society of ?irr New Jerusalem
Bieels every Sabbath at inj A M. for Ur ine Worship, at jo
W? st Washington-place. Pastor?R> v. Titos. Vvilks
Subject?TbejparamouDt distinctive feature of ibe New l)t?
petiialion?"The Internal sense of the Word of God," as
unfolded in Iho writings of his chosen servant, Emanu*l
BweDENBORG. Kenta fieu, and no Collection of money. If
I 0 Komiinlntn.-Rev. Ii. M. OPwVHAM will rive bis
Sixiti Lecture on the above subject to-morrow (SUN DAY)
Evening, In the Freewill Baptist Ciiapei, Grand at. ..no
door Esst of Broadway, at 7} o'clock Subject?The
ItiTF.s of Romanism compared with those of Heathenism.
jBeivices in the morning and alteruoon, as usual. nSO It*
IV Hi'v. Dr. ffxdicrtsi. of flulti'oorc. :? ? i
to Preach In the Seventh-sL M E. Church,on Sunday iT(J
MORROW,) Dec. ist. Morning, Afternoon and Evening,
at ibe Uiual hours. d30 It*
~& The Kot. M. 8. Hntton. D. D. will Preach
In ibe Reformed Dutch Church, coiner of P.leecker and.
Morion aU. TO-MORROW Evening -servleo to com?
merce at 7 o'clock. Morning and Afternoon Services by
the. Kastor at the usual hours. nSO it*
tV Kev. I,eon Pilatte. of I'nrUj will preach In
the Hsnunond-st. Congregational Church (Rev. Dr. I'ai
tons') on next .SABBATH AFTERNOON, ai '.i o'clock, on
the Religious Condliion aud Wants of France. n 10 it
IV Rev. l-eoil I'Untrr, ol Puna, will du'lver an
miure-sut the Tabernacle TO-MORROW EVENING, on
iho Religious Condition aud Wants of Franco. Services to
commence at 7J o'clock. n-io if
I <B The Kev. BIr. ThompNoit. who has been on
it Mission to Africa, where h>- oHected it reconciliation be?
tween two hostile Trilies who bad been to War with each
??Iber lor nine jears, bus lately returned and will preach In
the Mariner's Church TO-MORROW Morning, hi l"j
o'clock. n3U It*
tt' Kovs Newlon llestiou, ol Philadelphia, will
preach To-morrow (SUHDAV i In the Etghleenth-iL M. E
Church, (Eighteenth-aL near EighUi-av ) at I0J o'clock, A
M. 3 o'clock und (? o'clock P. Mi A special collection will
be lifted throughout tlie day. n30 it*
Evangelical Worship every Sunday at St.
Luke's Buildings, cornerof Grove and Hudson sis. Set's
free. On Sunday first, Dec. I, Afternoon, at >j o'clock, of
Trunsubatantiallon. by Rev. J. M-Betik, Evening, 7J. of
the Parable of the Good Samaritan. nSO It'
IV 'Church of the C'ood Sht-phrrd, Rev, Ralph
Hovt, Rector, comer Marke: and Monroe-sts, I).vine Ser?
vice TO-M?RROW Morning and Evening, at the usual
hours. Seats Kteo. ntiO It*
11> Prmideni !>ittlnui will I'rcacli T.
(SABBATH) Morning In the Free Congregational Churc
Sullivan-st, near Houston. Ilia friends and the Public ai
respectfully invited to attend. niln it*
tV A Discourse will bo delivered in the Spring-8
Presbyteriau Church To-morrow (SUNDAY) Evening, i
7J o'clock, by ibe Pastor?Rav Dr. Campbell, Subject
"Tbe Dangers Incidem to Youih." n 10 If
the public Is rt-spcctfully dlrocted loa proposition for the
distribution of WORKS OF AitT,
Embracing an entirely new feature from any heretofore
afli.vied In addition to the certainty of procuring au elegant
and highly valuable Engraving, which has heretoforeiSold
at Seven aiid a-half Dollars; T wo Dollar? und Fifty cents
more than the price of stihicrlption. a chance is also re
served foi subscribers to obtain a HOUSE AND LOT.
situated in Wllllamaburgh, within two minutes w?.k of
Perk Sup Ferry, built during ibe present year, and cos:
t'n'i'N ET Y-NIN KF1. K. iA v rlmTc'iVsTLY OIL PAINT?
INGS cid ENGRAVINGS, richly framed In ornamental
and plain g:it frames, which are now (in exhibition at the
LOOKING-GLASS STORE, 106 Fulton-eL The disiri
bntions ?ID bo made hi accordance wiih the plans of otlur
IV For particulars, see Ibe Catalogues.
Drawing of the House and plau of arrangeiiienLcan be ob?
tained at the above mentioned Store, where suhscrip'ions
v ill be received. The subset ibersj tus far as possible, '.u cou
trol the Drawing in any way they designate.
Some pet son lor the small suit! of Five Dollars will re?
ceive a valuable and comfortable borne; a.ud others, ele -a-ii
and highly priced Oil Paintings aud Eegravinirs VVnhe
all tubkCribers nuiobtaiu an Engravioe larsuoerior in e\
ecution and elegance, to any Picture distributed in this i
mant-t ! A'l pi r?ot> dc-ir. u.-'l . e: cour;..-'.- llV-a e'.teri'^?.'.
ate particularly requested lo procure a Catalogue contain?
ing the pardculats, and as the uumber of tickets are limited
an eatly subscription is advisah'e
HOOPER & BROTHER will guarantee the dellverv^of
toe House, Oil Paintingsaud Engravings. uSOSteod '
T17ATCHES, Jewelry and Silver
v v Ware?Those who with to purchase Watches or 1
rW? !'n'' " S"'?!i-V.?0 ????? advantage to call on Urn
? ..V,i ^ '.* 59 f?'t'?umt.yr.-ce!xinc all descriptions of
4-t ","' ?wer watches, di.m from fie manufacturers la
R?dtt?^ '
Sporns, Cup?, Korks, ic. 1 ^ Sterling ihter
Gold Watches us [ow as 20 to $'3 each - ?'i"l a ?
Jewelry exchanged, a:. Walchea ws--ht, i ,'n i! ~
good time, or the monev returned Wa'ciie n-s-t i
Jew-iry repaired In the best manner ?m Y .
much less than the usual pnee?. ' anJ ^^ated at
GEO.C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and lewelrv !
t30tf Wholesale and Retail, 51 Wall .u/g '
nrdesiined to become the retreat for the fsaMonableren.
tienien ol Nevr-Yerk. Her new and splendid ?tylea of
Winter Oopda are now ottered at very reasonable prices
o-dvrs win be executed at i\ hours' notice, g--!? tu
Msbed for tiie ball-room In elegant style. Call and see.
cae Inieod'
jj|50 REWARD.-^Stolen on Friday,
'ouhi?^oept',?7',J^0' ->om ?? ?tore of the subscriber.
Sir? i lum Ut"d Pwenl L^ '-T "'nu-a. No. S-505, John
. iI do. ons?iP??p0t,:i: m:d,;'r-. T,lt' aJ'"Vl' re"'ard ? be Paid
? c? ? >ui('d lf watch be returned on or tv
in i . December, isso.
- "_LEV1 SC11IBNER, 71 Fulmn-sf
Awe^H F0R SALE-Located in
??w-Ha'? Ra& b^,? nu!o t?? New-York and
-.lent land. ^XL*?*'?- w<*? 35 acre, of ex
looking Long WaMBoSn /,*' WH ,w(l!t>red. and over
IncuiifofE jo\v< * beamafWcountry resideeca
SCR1BNKR or. Se^^.Tfwery,New-York, or JOSEPH
- e'^ra.bea. no, , ?. - ...
rertut.eof railway t*tw Sucks Co. Pa outbedi
The graperies are .a, ^^C'^ lnd f^W*
Statt? Apply, either bv ? " ^ lsret'?- ?? the United
JPlPDLE.61 South fourt-,t pi "r r: F**0*?' CRAIG
X3P England-Polltlcali Religions, SoclaJ.
M r Morton. Mein! er of St. c?urn'i-'- Hi . C? n >r. i."
Camaen S< c'eiv, College of Pre--ep:ors, ic. win gtve a se?
ries: of ihr?-? Lectures at Ci'tnvn Ha I; tr?e first on the ev< -
i ng* of Wednesday, December A, commencing it bait asi
seven o'clock. England?PoBncai ? T..- leeturerw i ?
this aui-jec: fully.?furnndi theoiitorical.'data.foreachstate?
ment:** be traces the gradual n=e of_ People a* a Power,
and the gradual decline of Monarchical. Aristocratic and
Ecc'f siiatica) domination, the present state of parties, Rep?
resentation, Effect* of Aristocratic ln^nence on Array,
Navy. Church and Foreign Policy._nioit*
IT Brooklyn Intitltnte.?The W r (
Lecatrea, Concert* and Dramatic Readings :.*fore me
Mf-mt-T*. v...i oitnw; on VWd ..-da;.- \ni ?:???<:
5r7ih mat at 7 J o'clock, and be continued on every Tuu.-sday
evening eurine the season.
dial : Sheridan'a
reading* from th
Dec. 26?Revii
Songs in the D
Jan. 2?Sherid-.
Jan. 16?Rev. E. H. Cbapln: "The Man of the world.
Jan ?3?Concert.
Jan.3i'i? Rev II. W. Beecher: "Character."
AdditioLid announcements for the month of Februarywul
be made in the usual manner.
Tickets for the Course >?!, admitting a pemlemn and two
ladies of his family, may be had of either of the Lecture
Commune or of the Janitor al the Iratttu!-. Wasrungtou
Or Notice.?The Sixth Anniversary of Mohegan Tent
No SO, I. O. of R. will take place at the Knickerbocker
Hull, Twenty-third-st and Eighth-av. on TUESDAY
EVENING. Dec 3d 18.W. Good Speakers and Mngera
are engaged for the occasion. The Order are particular y
invited to meet with the Tent al iheir Room idSixteenth-st.
between Seventh and Eighth avs. at 6} o'clock, to accom?
pany tbem to the Hall. The Public are a's'i invited to at
lend. JOHN II. DAMSON. C. R.
J. G. Garrison. R. S. tu" Ztis*
rp Notice--T'i THE JOlT'NEVMilN I'A!I.<>R-s
(iK NEW-YtiRK? H he mit. A I.eport was made to the
Society on Wednesday evening last, that Mr. raulson ol
Broadway, Mr. Medeof Dey-st Messrs. Doughty ,v. Pear
sons <if Broadway, and Messrs. Devon V Chany, Broad?
way, bad all refused lo pay the Bill of Prices, signed by
tbem sometime ago. Therefore, this is to give notice, thai
the men in their employment will meet at the Sixth Ward
Hotel on MONDAY morning, Dec. 2, at 9 o'clock, for the
purpose of Striking againsl said Employers, ami setting a
walcli upon their Stores, umil they redeem their promise lo
the Society, and act jusily by their men.
By order of Society. Joll.N McCAULEY, President.
Joski h Mathers, Sec'y. njS 21*
tV* Gregory''? California Express.?The aub
scriperswill forward tneir next Express for California,
pereteamer ONTARIO, on MONDAY, Dec 2, at 3P. M.
Parcel* and freight received until in A..M on Monday,
Managersand Agents, 1 if Pearlst. corner of Wall.
P.S.?Shippers by this Express can avoid the annoyance
and expense of clearing their goods at the Custoui-House.
Terms reasonable. n293'.is
V%> II ?. <?. (-riffln is in Town he is requested to
rail at 10 Wall-st. ibis morning. n30 It*
R" St. Andrew's Society??The Si Andrew's So?
ciety of ihe Stale of New-York, will celebrate their Anni?
versary Festival on SATURDAY. tbeSOth Inat Dinner will
he served al the Irving House ;?J o'clock. Ticket* may be
obtained from anv of ihe Managers
Wm.ll Maxwell, Wm.Whitewright,Jr.
Alexander McKenzie, Samuel Cochran,
John K. Mackie, William Brand.
The Members are requested to assemble at I o'clock pre
?lselv for the transaction of the usual preliminary businesa.
?28 St*
Cy Dr. I.iiteiier'm liar Infirmary. 2j Warren
I al. near Broadway, open from 9 till 3, for the exclusive
treatment of ear disease*, deafness. Discharges from the
ear, and all unpleasant noises In the head cured in a .short
time, without risk or pain. Consultation fee,?1, by letter
or otherwise. Unpaid letters refused.
T y. S T I M O N I A L S .
Mv thanks 1 publicly tender lo Dr. Lotener, Aurist,
2J warren-st for the surprising cure he ha* performed on
me : I wa* for four years troubled with deafness In one of
my ear*, accompanied with a disagreeable discharge from j
the external ear. and I tried tin Iii -: physicians in tins city, |
Philadelphia. BaJdmorn, Cincinnati and New-Orleans, with- i
out the least benefit, and was cured by the above named gen
Ueman In ihe short space of 3 weeks.
J. DOLBEER, 17 Bavard-sL
JOHN CLOVER, Jr. builder. Franklin-avenue, Brook- ;
lyn, was cured ol deafness and discharges from Ihe external
k'.ur. of 2<i years standing.
Miss ADELAIDE BROWN, daughter of Capt, Wm. i
Brown, Bay State steamer. Kall River, wagjeured of very 1
disagreeable discharges and her hearing very considerably
FRANCIS LOUIS, Prospect Hill, Brooklyn, was as deaf
a* a post and cured in one week,
WM. I\ ODD. son of Solomon C. Wood, Goshen, Orange
County, was cured Of Deafness, accompanied with dis
charges from Uio external Ear of 16 years standing in six
The above rases were considered incurable, and all
Deafness attended with Scrofula until Dr. LL'TENER'S
treannenl wa* discovered. Numerous oilier testimonials to
be seen at his office 24 Warren-st. n21 lm*
pp" Facts lu Physiology.?Carelessness in treating
Lheliuir is the p evaiung source ol incipient baldness, which
I* promoted bv the accumulation of substances which de?
range the healthy capillary action necessary for luxuriant
growth. The beat cure for the disease, confirmed our in?
cipient, beyound oil question, is Bogle's Hyperion Fluid,
sold by the Inventor, William Bogie, 227 WashingtOtt-St,
ton-st. Boston; niso, by A. B. D.Sands, 100 Fulton-tt.;
Rusbton, Clark _ Co. 110 and 273 Broadway, New-York.
Bp' Mercantile Library Association,?A Meet?
ing of the Members Of this Association Will he held in the
Lecture Room, Clinton Hall, on MONDAY Evening,
Dec. 2, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of appointing a Com?
mittee to nominate officers for Hie eustiiug year. By order,
n2J WFSatetM C. W. OODEN, Ree Sec.
Dr.J.W. Kt-dfield, Physiognomist.-II Barclay-si n 191 in
ii enl
era. drug ci<
i:a!s. farms i
coachmen. >
work servai
trv. SituaUd
TiCTANTED?Carriers for New-York
? V and Brooklyn, who will establish Route* and De?
iner HoLOtt.n's Magazine?also reliable and efficient Can?
vassers. A liberal commission allowed. Apply a: the
oil.ee, 109 Nas>au-st. ' Viu 3:
A JOURNEYMAN Bookbinder, of
uTm. tica,:i l.abiis, wanted, logo lo apleasani vii.asre in ihe
Stai of Ne? -York, w here constant tmpioy will be gi ret
One accustomed to Blank Work in common with other
binding, preferred. Inuuiie at 5 Spruce-sL nSOlw
ANTED.?The Union Mutual Life
Insurance Co. Office 37 Wall-st. (Jauncey i" :iri
over Drew. Robinson i; Co.'s, wl 1 employ two or three
compete-.! men, of good address, as agents to solicit ap?
plications [for Life insurance. The best of references r e?
quired. Apply between 9 and 10 A M. nSOSWeod
WAITED?For a Paper Mill, a Su
? ? perintendent and Fourdriuier Machine Tender. The
best ol references required. Also, a good second hand Sil?
ting Desk. Inquire 2-12 Pearl-sL up stairs. n30 ltT
W\'ANTED?150 AGENTS to sell a
v V cew Manual for families. As high wages can be
realized as at any similar establishment- Call or address,
fost paid, the American Family Publication Establishment,
28 Nasssu-si. N. Y. 6ecoud floor. n6 Im*
? " vicinity of South Seventh and Fourth sts. WIL
LIAMSBURGH, L L a small and convenient DWELL?
ING-HOUSE. The rent must be moderate. Also to
Leue. a pjat 0f grouDj suitable for a Carpenter's Shon. vc.
with the privilege of buying at a subsequent date. Adires*
St* ? H. RUSSELL, 63 A'.iorney-sL
\VANTED?An experienced SALES
^* " MAN, i;] oue ct oje larjest wholesale Clothing
nouses in this citv. Ouevv to could inSuence a large amount
01 casb custom from this State would be preferred. To
such a person a liberal salary would be given, with a prosv
^Wt, i'! """^ advantages. I nexrepiionatiie reference*
would be required Address Box 937, Post-Oliice. n29 3n*
WANTED? A young Man in a LAMP
.? . s^ORE. One tarn"liar wtth the busine?a preferred.
"*? ^_ 13 Joba-*t
iV^l? a. d!e* 0eo^enien who havr leisure Ume. tn a
l/or_u.enitiie t...-.._.:.,r.i may i,e derived a* soon a* acuuir
^Tm. STwrfa^eT^ between the hours of tan and (am,
ZrM^t lir Broadway. Pre^um
py to reh*?i'--s* commission!
..?"State of Nicaragua. Th
\VAVn;ii-x;' '- fS3
Philadelphia Post-Office. Terms Bberal to one suitably
Men who are engaged fa travel .ng tl
with team?, either in the wholesale
. following SOLDIERS, wbo served in the War of 1912,
who resided in New-York or its vicmltv in 183', viz: John
Jordan, John Mav. James Ca'rol. Thum? Henry, Thomas
Brown, W?nam Davis, Thomas Sly. Constant Hmin, John
Leicester. Andrew Murdock, Patrick Co,.ins. Lawrence
Lane- Mnrdica Evans. Robert Snale. John C. Stiles. Sam?
uel R'anriai.and Edward Farrel. Either of the above, or
llieir heirs, may bear of something to their advantage by
spplyihg to H MATTISON. 3 Nassau-si_nil -V
X good TILT ER. Apply at the New-York Casuteel
Workr, foot of Twex.y-f' urth-st. East R:\er. New-York.
n26 if
a most desirable opportunity tor Tradesmen und store?
keepers who have not sufficient occupauon for a Clerk, to
have their bills made out and books attended to at a small
consideration. Most satisfactory references given. Ad?
dress J. B. Tribune newspaper office. tiSO Ivy*
AS Seamstress, by a respectable young
? Girl, she is also a good Milliner and Dre-a-maker.
Rest ol city reference given. Can be seen for two days, at
4(2 Tenib-tt. between avenues C and I>. n30 It
?PROTESTANT Servants, of every
the existence of an institution, where they can at any time
get excellent servants. Several hundreds of the first fami?
lies In this city and vicinity have given the subscriber flat?
tering proof of the success of his efforts by the high terms
of praise in which they sneak of servants they have obtain?
ed through his Agency. He returns them his sincere thanks
orl30e^,Paro,laeTean f'ral,eo " o/M.'eLMORE.
AS Coachman in a private family, by a
sober, steady, single Man? English, and a Protestant.
Has a perfect knowledge of Horses and Carriages. City or
country. Good recommendations given. Address William,
cate of Mr. Spink, 407 Broome-st. n.O It*
Trustworthy Young Man wishes a
- situation In some respectable business. Would pre?
fer a situation in a liook or Dry floods Store. He has been
engaged in the Book and Fancy Goods business for four
years. Has good reference, and would loan his employer
?6i 0 or SSOOlf desired. Salarv not so much an object as a
permanent situation. For further particulars address C. B.
this office. nod It*
AS First-rate ( 'ook, Washer ami Iron
- er, by a respectable Protestant Woman. The best of
reference given from iier last employers. Call at 43 Jay aL
n29 2t*
AS Waitress, by an active, intelligent
Girl, who has had considerable experience. She may
be seen for a few days at the house of her present employ,
er, 118 Ninth-sl. to whom she refers. n2ti 2t*
AS Cook, Washer and Ironer, or as
Chambermaid and to mind children. by*? respectable
fiirl. in a respeclable family. Can come well recom?
mended. Call atl07 East-Thirteenth-st. in the basement.
nS9 2i*
AS Matron or Seamstress, in or about
the cilies of New-Vork or Brooklyn, bv nn American
Lady, who has spent the last 15years in a Roanling-School.
Good references given. Can he seen for three days. Ad?
dress M. B. 210 High-it. Brooklyn. n2fl 3t*
f f her of excellent GIRLS and CHILDREN, recently
arrived, free from city habits and associations, and willing
to work for moderate wage?. Application to bo made at
the office of Couiniisaioueri of Emigration, la the Park. No
charges. s.14 1/
BOARDING.?To let, it dt.-irabio Room
and Bedroom in a modern built House, occupied by a
small pleasant family, with Breakfast and Tea, if desired.
Location pleasant, and convenient to Broadway. Apply at
120 Greene-st. one door below Prince. References"re?
quired. u3uit*
^\\ U or three Gentlemen or a Gen?
d W ife can be pleasantly accommodated
ilb BOARD in a very desirable location. House aup
ied with nearly every modern convenience. To persons
quiet habits, and desirous of a real home, the vacancy
at has just occurred oilers a favorable opportunity.
030 It- 1?.-; pRINCfi-ST.
OOARD WANTED?For two Ladies
. -?-?ai.d Servant, in vicinity of Second-av. For Gentleman
i and Lady between Grand and Bleeckersts. For Gentleman
i and Lady not above Houstou-st Apply at the Agencf,
, corner ol Reade-st. and Brtiadway. nie it*
B~"??RDING.?67 Vari.-k-st. near St.
John's Park; a large From Room on the Second door
and one on the Third floor, with good Pantr-s attached
? either furnished or unfurnished. Also?Rooms for Single
! Gentlemen, with firat late accommodation, on very raoJer
. ate terms. "? w, ?!,?
-?*-coup!e of single Gentlemen can be accommodate'
With a bacdsome ROOM on the first floor. Also a few
single Ladies or Gentlemen with BOARD.by application to
Mis. McCLELLAND. he Fourth-sL Tue hjuse is furnishdd
wiih the modern improvements, and very desirably locate 1
within one blocked the Knickerbocker.'line of Stages, and
convenient to the Huusonst. and Sixth-av. lines. The most
satisfactory references given. n29 3t*
BOARDING AGENCY, 289 Broadway,
corner of Reade-st. Room No. S Lafarge Ilui'dings.
Laoiea and Gentleman In want of B< iAR D snll, by calling,
t:nd exactly the apartments tiieyrequire, a::-! Housekeepers
having ROOMS to Rent, will'find just the pet sons to oc?
cupy them that they want. n29 lw*
BOARD ? Wanted above Bleecker-st.
near Broadway, by a single Gentleman, comfortable
accommodations. Those answering the advertisement will
oblige by stating location of room, hour for meals, and
terms. Address b?s 2.8S1. ni9 3t*
wilh Pantries,
h BOARD, in Jt
ROOMS to LET. with Partial BOARD.
-A fine large FURNISHED KOi >M will be Let to a
single Gentleman, with Breakfas: and Tea, who desires
the comforts of a home. The house is pleasantly situated
in Waverlv-place, near Broadway, au.l has the conveni?
ence of Baths, Water-Closets, iic. References exchanged.
Apply at?: Waverly-place, or at the Wine auc Tea Store
of U.'B. GREENWOOD, 17 Broadway. n29 6f
ROOM and Pan in- to Lei. with BOARD, to a Gemle
; man and bis H ife. or tw
I and required, inquire a!
n28 lm*
G"ni!emin and Lad
j nisbed or unfurnished), c
i place.
ROOMS, n Ith or without BOARD, can be obtained ny
applying at
niS 5lTi.SJ.M
Floor, suitable for a GENTLEMAN and his WIFE,
or two SINGLE GENTLEMEN, n ay be had at No. 11 L?
roy-place. Bleecker-**. n23 2weod*
BOARD.?A Gentleman and his Wife
can be accommodated wiib a PARLOR and BED?
ROOM. Also, iwo or single Gemlemen. at t? Lexinjrtou
avetitie. References exchanged. _n~ si'
BOARD?Can be obtained at 89 Warren
tL Brooklyn, for Gentlenen, or Gentleman and their
Wives, in a Private Family. The house is large aid con?
venient, end v.l.Lin a few minutes wait of the South Ferry.
nS6 lw* _
gentleman and his wife, and one or two tingle gentle?
men, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms in a PRI?
VATE FAJH1LV, at 56 First-*L one minute'a walk from the
Peck-al:p Fetn-. Boats run even- five minutes during Iba
day. Location very deairalV.e?house facing the water,
commanding a ?se view of Brooklyn, New-Yors. East
River, kc o31 ?u?
X to iet w.m Breakfast and Tea. it No. 7 park Place.
???RDING ? A Gentleman and Lady
?Jit Single Gentiemen may have full or partial Bjard
i n F'riv: ;e Fiz.i y Hi i t West Eleventh at. neir Broad
ay. References exebaceed. ni"dl*
Apply by fetter,
Tribune: Office.
men can br
her own apartment*,
toga might I a spent
neat Board w anted,
lion not more than fi<
Address P. J t". Tr
number. Sic. for a w
nj i H E 1N T K R N AT 11?N A L MO XT H
Dr. 1. "yards ?llla from .Nimrotn
Dean Swill and bis Amours, 'fir
Authors and Books. (Nearly 100
The Fine Arts. [50 articles )
Must ard Ihe Drama. (Pamdi ?
Leigh Hum upon O. P. It Jame*.
The Poet-? Lou Bv the A
Count Monte-Leone, or tl
The Twickenham Ghost.
The Mystic Vial?Dublin i
ToChas.Dickens. By Wall
The Two Miss Smiths. Bv
Sir Nicholas al Mar-ton M*<
The Story ol a PoeL?The Bardo/ Ulnmorym.
Hiram Power-'- Greek Slare.-HotiseAoU Words.
Tl:e Black Pockec-Book.?Paperi/orthe People.
The Lost Vampire. I!v Mrs Crowe.
My Novel. By Sir Edward BulwerJ.ytton. Book II.
Wild Sports in Algeria. Bv Jules Gerard.
Recent Deaths in the Family of Orleans.?The Spectator.
Pleasant Story of a Swallow.?Fraaer's Magazine.
Exclusion of Love from the Greek Drama.
The Gateway of the Ocean*.?The Spectator.
The Murder Market.?The Spectator.
Statues. By Waiter Savage Lander ? The Examiner,
Responsibility of Statesmen.?Edinburgh Review.
The Cow-Tree of South America.?Meie Monthly.
Song ol die Seasons. By Charles Mackay.
The Wane of the Y ear ? I'.liza Cook't Journal
The Fountain in the Wood.
Wearing the Beard.?Dr. Marcv.
A View of Bombay.?Ada llrerille, by Peter Leicester.
The Lare .Mrs. Osgood.?The Memorial.
Recent Deaths. (Cot Johnson, Col. Young and Soothers.)
Cardinp Archbishop Wiseman. (Portrait.)
PariBFi shions tor December. (Illustrated.)
The pni-ii:ibers have great satis?ction in presenling the
first number of the second volume of The International
in a style of improved typography and embellishment. How
well they should be satisfied with the success of tbo work,
is shown by the extraordinary increase of orders and sub?
scriptions during the last month, and by the universal ap?
plause with w Inch The International is greeted by the press
of the whole Union. In the present number will be found
the commencement of the ORIGINAL HISTORICAL
NOVEL, written for The International Magazine, by G. P.
THE SPY IN SOCIETY', translated expressly for this
work from the French, is continued with increasing Interest.
Is also continued, and the Magazine presents its usual va?
riety from original and from European and American
TERESTING INFORMATION of the present day?con
tua! condition.
Tht tatest London, Paris and New-York Fashions will
be carefully reflected In The International.
For sale by ail Booksellers and Periodical Dealers
fite copiet, 810; and ten
> the person sending the
222 Broadway, N. Y.
LECT ?We have en ged for 1851 ihe very highest order
of mind. The wrilert are - known and approved of all
men, ?s
God's ov
rugged Ii
?vvnere Kames?roua temple?ti
In regard to young writers?n is our pride ;o take hold of
those who really possess genius and talent of marked order,
and who belong to thai range of nobility of mind, which is
not afraid that toll will soil its finger*. Lowell, T. B Read.
Bayard Taylor the glorious Chester county farmer hoy,
Now we have no sympathy for decayed gentility which
writes under all sorts of fancy names, lest "the mob," miy
imagine ii ha- to work fjr itsbread. We shall have none of
ill Dilapidatedarisi'k-rutic notions and petulentand puling
senlimentnlism, wither, "fade, grow dim and die," in an
atmosphere of vigorous American thought.
Contains Original Articles from
Wm. C. Bryant. Miss Cooper,
H. W. Longfellow. Grace Greenwood.
G. P.R. James, Miss L. V. Smith,
J. S. Dwight, Alice Carev,
N. P. Willis. Miss EriuaDuval,
Geo. P. Morris. Mrs. E J. Earaes.
Geo. D. Prentice, Mary ri. Pease.
Henry W. Herbert; R. H. S'.oJdard,
J. Bayard Taylor, D, H. Barlow,
E. P.Whipple, C. J. Eastman,
Alfred ii. Street, T. Wvatl, A. M.
J. M. Legare. Wm. P. Brammu.
T. Buchanan Read. J. Hunt, Jr.
poid an English author, G. P. R. James. 8200 lor his story,
lor we do not see that we have any more right to appro?
priate a man's brain-work, than to put on his coat an<l nat,
and march or!'as if the broad cloth and felt we-e our own
property. We have puidail of the contntiutors tothia num?
ber thti'r own price, and that right willing.?now the s.mple
but pregnant question? which we nut to the American pres
and American people, are:?"Shall we have an American
Literature "' la it as profitable to scissors as to buv .'
We think that we?one of the hewers ol wu.>d and draw
ers of w a'er. :n the held of labor occupied by American
Magazines, have a right to ask these questions?and we ask
tbem, Brothers of hardy West, the sunny South and tolling
East?w hat -av You '
The Source o: Prosperity?A magnificent line engraving
by W. E. Tucker, from an original drawin-' by John Gil?
bert, of London. _ ' '
Union Park. N. Y. a most splendidly executed land-capo
engraving by Snu-.:e, oi Union Park, with a view of Spin"
ler InstJtule. Unequaled in artistic beauty uv any engrav?
ing in any other magazine of the month.
Evening in Persia?From an original drawing by Deve
rcux. done in oti colors. A new and costly style'of lllus
Paris Faahioni?One of David'- beautiful and spirited
designs, colored by the urti-t- of Monitcur de la Mode, in
advance for "Graham."
The Alamo?Drawn by Captain Eastman, engraved by
Chapel ot St. Jose?Draw:: by Captain Eastman, engrav?
ed by Brightly.
Canvas-Melt Sboou>$?Designed by Herbert, engraved
bv Brightly.
'Mu-ic-'T Is Glory That Lead* The Soldiea on Words
by N. Levering Riter. Music by George Felix BenkerL
The embellishment* are of the very nigbesi efforts of art,
in this ctuntry and Europe?the cost being concentrated
upon four gems of art?instead of being dissipated upon a
dozen dirierent pictures.
The Term* for the New Y'ear.
The follow ing are the term* for 1851, from which we can
cot waver in a single instance, without abandoning, utterly.
Biltopeol the high excellence which we promise outsell"
that " Graham" shail attain to. Money, a* our friends must
have felt, i? secondary with us, to the reputation of being
?J.e owner and editor of ihe best Magazine on this continent,
:i-jlIcss health, reason, or " seed time and harvest" fail
us, we shall make '.his work.
iJ per annum?two copies, $5: five copies, $10 ; and ten
copies for $J0, and an extra copj to the person sending the
club of ten subscriber:;. These terms will not be departed
The publisher stakes Ins reputation on the assertion dial
this number of Graham, in high excellence, has never been
approached in .America or Europe, and che_enge* his com?
petitors toequal iL GEORGE R. GRAHAM.
nSO S-.DitW m Cue-?,UL-s(- P__delp?ia.
No. 14 of FIGARO; Or, Corbyns Chronicle of
Avl-ements. A neb number ?Contains, in addition to
ail the Musical, Dramatic. Operatic and Artistic newe of
?? wet k. a true tale about JENNY LIND AT WOOD
I ANDS; A Hint to Max Maretzek; Nathalie Ficzjame*;
Partid! Anna Els!.-, pi The Betrothal; Re%'.ew of New
Books; Slavery; A Personal Sketch of Miss Ante Lynch:
Theatrical* in London and Par is. tc. fee. Price, 01 cents
Published by S. FRENCH. 151 Nassau *l For *_? at 4
Bi-'cittY-si. New-York, ted by a., (wokaellers. r>?? tt?
0. P. Pnnam Pr/8i?isRss rnrs Pw.
lie French. By MaTlda M. Hays.
1 vol. !2mo cioth? 75 cents.
the first volume.
Cloth, ei!t-4l 75.
On Monday,
of Surveying, Navigation, Nautical Astronomy and G*o
ogy, w:in numerous Tables, kc I voLSvo. Newel
Bon, greatly improved.
Tbis work contains a great var'erv of new matter of it
dispensable value to persons engaged in the practical ay
plication of Mathematical Science, in all its branches, Hv
unvrspbic Surveying. Navigation. Nautical Astronomy. it?
jAlVAKER it SCRIBNER : shthlsday,
RE'. ERIES OF A BACHELOR?A Book ofthe Heart
Bv Ik Ma&vkl. i vol. Urn -, with 111 islrati ..- by Dairies
j- Vrthor?T, B. PETERSON, 18 ChesnuW
de'phia. publishes this dav. and has for sale, T
VORCED WIFE, being T. S. Arthurs lasi wor
work has j'isi finished running thron^i, the eo umn
ihnr's Honte tla/ette. whereII has been appearin
buy the Copyright of il. and publish it uniform with the
rest of Arthur's Novels, so as to place ii In the hands of
every person in the country who wishes it. Complete in
one fine octavo volume. I'rice. 2S cents, or live copies for
one dollar.
T. B Peterson also publishes the following w orks of T.
S Arthur, either of which can be bad separately, pnee ?''>
cents, or biiv five will be sent or given to any one lor $1.
The Orphan'Children. Love in a Cottage.
Love in Hieb Life. Tiie Divorced Wife.
Debtor's Daughter The Two Brides.
Pride and Prudence; or.The Agues: Or, The Possessed.
Married Sisters Insubordlnstion; or. The
Mary Moreton; . r. the Bro- Shi emuker's Daughter.
ken Promise. Lucy Sandford.
News Agents, Booksellers, and all others, will be sup?
plied at the verv lowest rates. Address ail orders, post?
paid, to T B. PETERSON, 9l< Chesnut-SL Philadelphia.
For sale hv idl News Agents lu New-York,and all Book?
sellers and Not a Agents throughout the Uuiled States. 11
Du. i;kKirs Answer"-ro arch?
bishop HUGHES RF.s. DR. HERO's AD
DRESS. in Answer to the Lecture of Archbishop Hughes
on the Decline of Protestantism.. U published and for sale
this morning at all the News Agencies in New-York. It
Is printed in a tine octavo pamphlet of thtrty-'.vo pages,
printed from new type, and on the finest white paper.?
Price,per single copy, I2.J cents, or $ii a hundred: fifty
copies, seven cents each, or 4l a dozen. Published and for
sale by T. B PETERSON, 98 Cbeanut-st. Philadelphia,
to whom all orders should come tuldressed. Any number
of comes will be sent to any one, on receipt of remittances.
For sale in New-York by "Stringer k Townsend ; Berford
At Co.; DewJltAt Davenport; Daulgani Brotlter; H. Long
it Brother: W. K. Burgess, and by all booksellers through?
out the country. u30 It
tnbscriber has on hand, and la constantly receiving,
English Colored Skivers, Colored Calf Skins, French Tur?
key Morocco, Russia Red Leather, Salted Splits and Call
Skins, Book Cloth, Marble Paper, and every article re?
quired for a Bindery. Always on hand a large assortment
of Geo. Dudley's superior Bark Skivers, Blank, Sheep and
Law Calf Skin*. All of which are offered at the lowest
market pricea by. |n2 Im? |J AMES COOK. ?>-*>? Pearl-sL
JOHN H. STILL, Wholesale ami Re
TIONS. HOOKS and STATIONERY. Portsmouth-square,
(tw o doors from the Post-Office.) Sau Francisco, V. C.
N. B. Cash advanced on consignments of Cheap Publica?
tions, Books and Stationery.
References?Daniel CurtisCo. W. H. Howland, F.sq.
Greeley 4: McF.Irath, New-York; Sleeper A: Rogers, Boa
ton; MoH'ait At Co. James King, J. Winchester, Esq. E.
C. Kemble, Esq. San Francisco. nl2 tin
fXiRlPLER HALL.?Musical Director
-A- and Manager of the Establishment, Mr. BOSCHA.?
Tie Manager has the honor of announcing to the public that
a grand series of
will be given in the above ilali Monday evening, Dec. 2,
on the same scale of magnificence as thosi brilliantly suc?
cessful and renowned Concerts ofthe famous Julien, In
London, and Musurd and Pllodo, in Pari-, whose names
have spread throughout the world as the originators of a
new and splendid order of musical entertainments,
of Til f. sr.i OSD american promenade CONCERT, mondav
evening, december 2.
Part I.
? ..Grand Overture?"Gazza Ladra". Rossini
2..Theme with Variations, composed for the
Cornet a Piston?(performed by Mr. Bay
ley, lir-t Cornel a Piston of/alien's Or
chestre, In London, bis Brat appearance in
?.. Quadrille?" 1
formell ai
(first time),
1. .Septelle for vi
golto, viol]
first parti..
?'.>.. Waltzes? "Le
gaies, quails, violins mid bas-es.
A stupendous orchestra, "'reeled on Julien and Musai'd'o
plan. One hundred and twenty performers
The whole to be under ihe'immediate direction ol .Mr.
Tickets .50 cents each to ail pi.rts of the Hall, to be h.ul at
(he Hull only. Secured seats may be bad without extra
charge in the first and second circles, for 'he enjoyment of
the most novel and splendid COUpd'oell Waich the prome
nadcrs will allord.
The performance to begin at "1 o'clock. Doors open atti.
OPERA GLASSES.?Just opened, a
case of superior OPERA GLASSES. Also, a splendid
variety of medium and iow priced Opera Glasses. Also*
Opera Fans inelegant variety, at TITTLES Emporium
o I European Fancy Goods, J-IO Broadway, next door to
Hitchcock At Leadbeater'a dry goods estabUshment.n2G2w*
J PLACE.?Benet t ? ?? g Men's Hebrew Bene?
volent Association.?Tbo Committee of the above-men?
tioned Benevolent Asaociation have the honor of informing
the public that they bare made an arrangement with Ma t
Maretzek, Esq., director of :i.e Italian Opsra Company, for
a;; extraordinary performance, th'- en tire proceeds of whicli
will be devoted to the char!table purpose of gratuitously
distributing fuel. On this occasion w..i be performed, for
the first tune fortheia-1 twu.e,*. .... I. A SONNAMBU LA?
Signers A Bertucca, Slgaoritta Pernni, SIgnor Forti, Signor
NovelJl. The ihird act of ERNANI?Signora Truth Bene
i.etla. Si/nor Lor.r.i. S-gicr Bew.vt.tano. The favorita)
ballet oi PALiCIT.V-Mile. Nathalie Elt/;ame,.Signor Gui
seppi Carese. Prices of admission? Boxes and Parquet,
$1-50; Amphitheater, So cenls. Tuesday evening, Decem?
ber^ isit'. win be performed, for the frsttlme the laat two
seasons, he.urn's favorite opera. In two acit.of LA SON
NA.MBTLA?Amena, Signora A. Bertucca; Eliza. Slgno
ru:h Perm., i E. . ::.o.r Fort:: I.conti, Signor Novelli.
The third act of Verdi'? grand opera of ERNANI?Elvira,
Signora Truth BenedettJ j Ernaai, SignorLorird: Carlo Be
nevemano. To conclude with the favorite ballet of PA
OLTTA?Pa<;iiiu, Mile. Nathalie FTtzjames ; Luciane, Slg.
Giuseppe C arete; Intsro. Sig. Neri. The bouse on this oc.
:. w i ? at t.y i'hmi'.ated. i 'ondu/Uor ar.d lea ler,
Mas Mareizek; leader, Mr. Kreutzer; Chorus Mjater, Mr!
Hensler. Doors open at li o'clock. To commence at 7
o'clock. Ticketa to be bad at the box office, and of E. M.
Swart, 28 Oliver-st: Gex Godfrey, 63 Water-st:R.
Benjamin. 9? Chaiham-st: Joseph Aden, 159 Pearl-st; S.
i ? a. Treasurer, 174Water-?t. II. B. Herts,Jr , President,
16 Jobn-st
P. J. JOACHIM580N, Chairman. 113 Nassau-?.
E. l:. Yovkc, Secretary, >t Ea-t-Broadwsy.
-I PLACE.?SATURDAY EVENING. Nov. 30, will be
performed, f r=t time, Donizetti'- Grand Opera, in 3 art-, of
(lemiiiA.Sig'naParodi j Coi.tedl Vergi..Sur. A vignoni
T .owed bv. :or u.? iast time, the Grand Bailet eor*
; i ied by M. Pali pa, expreseih for Mile. Nathalie Fi:zj?"i/m,
?milled PAUL ITA. ?^^??
Music by Ad. Adam. Composer of GIseBe. Gen. D Kr"11/'
French Commander of Sarago/za. Mr. Vincent: Psspuu,*"
Orphan with ihe Gitsmos, Siiie. jit/james. *9j?ZJzZZ
rear of City HalL-Th* nearest T^.^',^*
Hotels?THIS EVENING, Nov. 3?, willbeplayed .nen .v
Drama by S< rib<-. in 3acls. of uvarr.(TY
Philip. King of Spain, Mr. **^?mMv mcefi**tul, of
Kece'ntric ^^WlWrM^Pf"
*iY fr??*? -rr-e.r.eiy uwghabls Drama, of
To roaeWe ?"?"> j'^Wi/LES.
: ~- \ THIRD GRAND (iALA NIGHT-New M?cMnery
by Mr. Tunlfoti; New Dresses, by Mr Debttrrc; Properties,
t bv A. K. Gilbert: New Scenery led D-corattou*, bv F
Grain. I rice*of admission-Secured Seat*. Box and Par
i yHfiM' 4dmi*?i"n 0? the evening of performance,
Al?_ibltf!!.*5fr'50 J*?*- performance of Donizetti'.
, celebrated Oner*, in 3 acts, ?f Gr MM \ Dl VERGY?Sig
FoorAMrrwrn^Me.of_ltin. e*d?>rated M,.i_n.rf?W!? NA?
THALIE HT/ JAMES, Premiere Dantease from the
I orand Oner?, Par:*; It.-r M*Je?ty? Tbeater, London: La
Scala. Milan; San < ar o, Naple*-and of S ??? rGlUSKPPE
j CARF.SE. Fir*! Dancer from '.be G.-an l tWr. (? piro, i,.
' the grand Ballet. :.r. ii.ns- t.;,:?-, ?r- r?I-1 WoUil
! will be performed for the last time
\\ ill be performed. DoDizettP* grand Opera of
Gemma.Signortos terk?a parodi
i onto Yergy.Slgaor Avignone
Ida.?.Sigiiorma A Patil
Tarr.?s.Signor Lorinl
Guido.Signet NovelU
Relaru'o. . . .S gn?r Glubilet
The Opera wbe followed by lae grand Ballet, com
po?-u bv Mr Pau'pe expressly for Mile. Na bane Fit/.'sme*.
Imuileii PAQUITA
.Music by Ad. Adam, composer of Gisel.e.
Gi oeral D'Erv?ly, French couuna?derof Sara*
gozza.Mr. Vincent
Luciano, his son.< eusoppe Larvae
D?.n Lopez deMendoza, Spanish Governor of
Seraphina. bis s.-t. i.Mme. Guibilel
lingo, ci ii i of Giianoa.Signor Neri
Paomta. an orphan, w I thetl tanoa...MUe FIT/JAMES
Ladies, (.ietitlemen, Giianos, fee . by the?Corp? de Ballet
PKI.Vt ? PAL DAM KS BXSCV l KD DOSING th >'. b w.l.kt.
Pirat Tableau?CbaracterUtic Dance by the Corps de gal
lei: in whicl M le i ? ?? e* wi I dance "Loa Malaghe
m-." followed by ll.Casrigilana.' by Mile. Fit/jame*.
Last Tableau?Minne' et G.troe. bv the Corps de Bailet:
I'ss ile Dca\ bv Mile. Fltzjame* and Siguor Carese.
TbeOrk-ra House ? be bi tianUy illuminated, and th?
ntai.a.'.er heg? to sssii.v the ptib.i.- i':.i; 1 e w ,1 .-pare no ei
foils to give unusual e,;,[ this grand gala night.
Conductor and Director, M?\ Mareizek; Loader, Mr.
Kreutzer; Cboru*Master.Mr Hensler.
Doors open at 6 o'clock) to commence at 7 o'clock. No
orders. No free list. u30 Itua
KlilCKKR??CKi: R~Tl ALL. ~Cortic x
of ?i st and Sth-avenue -This is the L \s P N1G HT
at the Knickerbocker Hal- alao.of Mons eur Alexander,
the gieaiest Magician ever lived, who will perform thW
evening for the Ins'., together with the Chinese Dancmg Ft
urea Go earlv if vou wan: seats, Unruly boys not ad
ii.i ti .1. Seats secured tor Ladies and Children. Doors open
at ti o'clock, to commence at 7j. Admission iCj cents._
wiil be beicl al Castle Garden.on Wednosdny evening, De?
cember 4, l s."?>. The proceeds of tbia Ball, as on former oe
c .-ions, will be devoted to Charitable purposes). The Com?
mittee of Arrangement? therefore rely upon thellbcral sup?
port of a generous public to carry out theil charitable in
tsnlions. No pains wiil be spared to rendei this Ball eonal,
if not superior, to anv of the Society** former Boll*. T. G.
Adkin's ceiebransi Washington Bin-- Band 1*engaged for
the occasion. The H^ir will be under the msnajeinem of
Mr. D. .1. Luca*. Tickets *l each
JOHN BURKE, Chairman.
Nicholas Walsh, Treasurer.
Miciiaki Redmond,'Sen:Secretary. nio3tisua'
r 11 RIP LE R riTLLT^TlTE 1^ en?
USH0P "ill take place on BU SDAY EVENING NEXT.
Dec. 1. I8.5<i. on mo snme magnitcen' scale as before.
tart i.
t. .Overture to the Siaba! Mater of Rossini, com?
posed in 1845, at Naples, to precede the
performance of that groat W ork, by.Meicadante
2..Aria?From " Ellas'-.Mendelwobn
? Sung by Mr. Philip Mayer
3..AriR-"Inl!ammaiiiB.' sung by.Mad. Anna Bishop
With Cnorus.
4..Air?" He was Despised." The Me*?lah... fllande!
5..Haudel* DEAD MARCH, from his Oratorio of "Saul."
performed by tho full Orchestra .last Sunday, as an ham.
age to the memory of tho gifted and lamented Mendela?ohii.
6..Hvmn?Ava Maria. Shubert
Sung In German bv Madame Anna Bishop.
7..Rossini's lost Uacred Composition, THEaFAI TH. No
from bis Ch?eufa Rellgleux. Second time In tblscounlry.
"ToSoulsln Days ot'Angulab."
Semi-Chorus, with Solo Parts.
pakt it.
In which ? ill be repeated ?oaio of the favorite Piece* ?
last Suiidav. . , .
L.tiraml Overture to Athalla..Mendelssohn
2..The Prayer ol the Penitent amidst a storm?
?? W ie brauet durch die Wipfel". Schuber?
Sung in German bv Mine. Anna Bishop.
3..Aria?CailadaJ cigllo II veto, from the Orato?
rio of .Mose? in Egypt, sung by Signer
Novell!. Rossini
Pnaraoh, King of the Egyptians, upbraid. ?
lug Eoses for endeavoring to convert hi*
4..Cherublni's Oileitorium. Ecce]Pauls An.
xelorum. Schubert
Sung bv Miss E. lie Luce.
5..Catalanl's celebrated Song. - Gratia* Agimu*,"
Sung by Madame Anna Bishop.
Clarionet (Jbllgalo.Mr. Slarck.
U..Hallejiijah Chorus-From the " Messlali.... Full Chorus
Ticket* 50 coins, to all parts of the Hall, to be had at the
principal Hotels and at the Hall.
The performance under the sole direction of Mr. BO
The most imposing, numerous and splendid Orchestra
ever assembled together in this country.
Grand Chorus under the superintendence of Mr. LYS
To commence at 7J o'clock, und to conclude at 10.
Seats can be secured In the Grand Tier only, without any
extra charge, at the Hail the whole of Saturday, Nov.3?,
and at the Hull on Sunday. Dec. I, from I to t. ii2"J 2t
(^RAND VOCAL ami Ii^fR?llKN
TOR, Pianist from Vienna, has the honor to liifo-m the pub.
lie that hia lirsl Concert will lake place at TRII'LER
HALL, on SATI RDAV EVENING.30lhNovember, as
aisted by Signora 'lit i 'Ft I BE N E DE TT I, Prima DomiH
mi the Asn.r-place Oner*-Hou*e: Madame LOUISA DOC?
TOR, Pianist, snd the emmenl Violin Virtuoso, F. GRIE?
BEL. Concert Master from Beilln
i'akt i
). Grand Duo for two Piano-Forte*, from "Donnndel Lego,"
composed by Her/, executed by Fnrd. Edward and
Madame Louisa Doctor.
2. Grund Air for Sopraeo. from" Don Juan," by Mozart,
excelled by Slgnorn Truth Benedetli.
3. Grand Fantasia, from "Somnambul?," for Piano, com?
posed and executes by F, K Dgc\ ,,
4. Fanusia?Variations Mr \Tolln?im Tbdr?el fron
Belli ni composed t-y A riot, executed by Ferd.
5. Cavaiina, from " Paiisina," forSopruno, by Donizetti ex?
ecuted by Signora Trufll Benedetli
l'art ii.
6. Grand Coronation March, for two Orchomraa, from
Meyerbeer's Prophet--, arranged lor two Pianos by F
y. Docior. Hud executed by hlmim.f and Madiune
Louisa Docior.
I 7. nChansond'Amour, Jfoi Piano,composed.andex
i iGrand Polka de Concert, ( salted by F. E. Docior.
8. Fantasia Variation*, from National Air. - Yankee Doo?
dle," for Violin, composed by Henri vTeuxtetnDS ex
ecuted by Ferd Griebel.
9. ?Souvenir d'Italic??rand Etude de Concert, for Piano.
composed by Charles Mayer, and executed by F. E
fc"Fly, Bird, fly"?Caprice for Piano, composed by K.
Willmers, executed by F F. Doctor,
lb. " Brindisi," from " Macbeth/'' by Verdi, for Soprano, ex?
ecuted by Signora Trulli Benedotti,
II. Wedding Murcb, from Mondelssohn's Mldaumrner
Night's Dream, Transcription for Piano, by F. E.
Doors open at 7 o'clock. T j commence at 3 precbt'ily.
Ticke!.- flfty cents, lo all par:* of that splendid Hall, are
tobe had at the principal Music Siores and Holels.and
Schuherih *: Co '? European Muoic Dep<ii, z.W Broad way,
opposite the Paik and City Hall.
I S ?The above compositions of Charles Mayer, Men?
delssohn. Meyerbeer Willmers, Vieuxlemp?, ttC are to be
had at our depOt, a: d the other pieces wiil bo published in
a short time by SCHI BERTH V CO. European Music
Dej.ot, i57 Broadway. a?) UTUjTh.FitS"
il BENEFIT, FRIDAY, Nov. Z) -Dlverllaornent of 8
new Dances, joco, NICODEMUS, and DECHALU
M-EAU._rx28 |(
IVIBLO'S (URDEN^j3oof8 open aTrii
1 ? ?to commence at 1\ o'clock.?Ticket* I*) cent* to at]
Sana ef the Saloon?i'nvans Boxes, ?5.
lanager.Mr. JOHN flEFTON
MONDAY EVENING, Dec 2. the txtrformanco* wi loom.
mence with Evolutions on the Tight Rope. After which
the new Comic Drama of
Jeannot.FraacoU Ravel | Jeannelte.Mme. .Mszeit
Intermission of half an hour, when refreshment* will be
kerved in the Lower Saloon onlv. To conclude with lie;
celebrated Slippery, Trickery, Comic Paniomine of
Go<ien.-kl... Prancoise Ravel 1 Lwenski.Antotne Ravel
open at f>\?to commence at 7 o'clock.?BENEFIT
be presented iho PVav of
Marie,.Mr. Cou.dockJ Flilpt?.Mrs Abbott
To conrlude with the Farce of
Prices of Admission : To Ore** Circle and Parquet, 7?C ,
Family Circle and Third Tier, 25 ; Gallery. 124 eU.
-P T BARNUM Manager and Proprietor-Jon*
I greenwood, J.- Assiitant Manager ?'(iMHixm r>-rf.rrn
arces at ?Evening at 7 o'clock ?SATURDAY AFTER?
NOON, Nov. so, fien. TOM THUMB will *nf?a' fa iha*
amustng extravagar./a, ent!t!'-l HOP O MY I iii. MB
In lb- FVFN.'N'O G-n ToMTHI.MB wrd appear again
r h . t.e T'ar BOMBASTES Ft RIOSO winch will be
f Y..( ft 1.IFES ,'N DANGER T'ie enure
CHINESE MUSEUM, late of 599 Broa/iway. hss be?(i
added to ih'eother curto*itle? 0! this frstaMi.hment.
N~~WWRK amphitheater, 37
Bowory.-JAMES M. JUNE k CO. Proprietor*.?
THIS EVENING. Nov. will be performed, the Fairy
Pageant of CINDERELLA ; or, The Little Glass Slipper,
fn which tlie character* whi Im sustained by 25 children, ?11
Ices than 12 years of age. Previous to Cinderella, eleg-an?
scenes In the Circle, in which the FRENCH TROUPE will
appear. The four beet Female Riders In the world, Mile.
Louise, M'ile Too mi are, M'Ue Rosa and Madame
will appear on the same evening. Private boxes, 50 cents
Boxes, 25 cents; Pit. I'M cent* Doors open al6i, per?
fonnaore to cvmmeoce at 71 r/eloek. nu?
*J SATURDAY. N?v. 30, at o'clock P.M. A match lor
$1/(00, 2 mile heat*. Geo. Bpicer name* roan g. John Mav
to wagon : I. Wbelpley names , 1,. m. Fanny vj iju-ces? .
To- Car- will leave the South Ferry, Br'joklyn, at IJ o'clock
? id r.um km soon as the spon* are over. The abo 'i
n atch will come ort' rain or shine, without renrri uf tk_
v^e.thrr. fn30 Jt*| SPICER k McMANN, Proprietors. "

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