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?.He !.> i t:ircH at Rape
ec2d, (00 Third Lecture o!
iv i*r ifesaor Huirie.
u, Gitvan aril, kc.
ewure to commence at i p.-j
ttnu?? for u gentleman and lu
eraliersliip-Irr.tiatioii fee Si;
ance, 82. Privilege -f mem
taty<?'????-' '?? ?'????'f
Mew.:*- a: the uooi a;
"p?- MercnniHe
tare*-- 1 ? <? r. !iB
tte Broadwaj ... ema
Dec. 3.-1 Lecture by
.?CudavLa Ado); bus."
gee. I0.-Lecturo by
S?b,.c-: '-Tto Suppre
gi?.l XI'.."
Dec. 17, 2). and 31
(lie p'pular tragedian
jnipriaing an origmai
ui in* great wlij drama
Seplayofibo " Rivals
Cr.tic. or a Trat dj It.
Jan. 7.-1 Lecture hj
Babjcrt: "The Man of
flcketa for the abuv
the desk id the 1. I -oi
aud t-t the <"-.: r on the i
ate gentleman to the
?topi's admission. 25 cei
Bi! '?''?? 2W I !: <' 1
.ml ut ihe door on I'm- tsvefe
airman Lecture Gotnm Uee.
?T wtu give hii Fifth Lecture
IOPE CUAPEL.720 l!ro*1
!, Dec. 3d. at { to " o'clock,
he Stderai Heavlne." Tickets
Iroweu'a a id Krsi.cie's Book
d2 2t
in-) A>-?o(-i:itioii Lee
.ectnrea w ill hi: delivered >n
i TUESDAY evening of each
John Lor.n, Medfbrd; .Mass.
K HA '
%?' GiiuImid-PomicRlj Itellgtougj Social.?
Ilk Morton, Member of St. Uauieriu, ? Ha .. Cambridge)
S?lden Society, Colic .-of Preceptors,& ? will .. v.- a Be?
lies uf three LtYliirt-* i.t Ciin.un Hail: the f;r?: o.i t!ie ev
llilif of Wt diii-niay. Du ein ? r 4, tuiiniieuciug at half-past
seven o'clock. England- Political ?Tin-, lecturer will treat
iHs eohject fully,?furnish tin- historical data for each state.
joetii as be traces the gradual rise of People as a Power,
sjpd lire gradual decline ol Monarchical, Aristocratic ?od
^eslasticaldoraination, the present siatt-of parti.-. Rap
nut-niiiiii'ii. Effect? 01 Aristocratic Influence on Armv.
iSvy, Church and Korei^|j^y._nihlt'"
tS? Brooklyn Institute.?The Winter Course, of
gjjjttures, C mcens arid Dramatic (leadings before the
fjeinheis, will commence on Wednesday evening next,
2rth lust at 7? o'clock, and he continued on every Thursday
?veiling during the season.
Hoy.27? Opening .V-mure by E. P. Whipple of Boston :
"The American Mind."
Dec. 5? Concert.
Dec 12?Park Benjamin. Es
Dec. If)-Mr. <ien. Vandeuboff: "Evenings with Sherl
im; Sheridan's Life, Love, Elonemenl mid Duel," with
leading" from the romef
Dec. 28?Review of I
goligs in tho Duenna,
^/sii. 2--Sberidui's Eat
?(ace, Difficult!! a. Fen
goui "The Critic."
Jan. 9?Samuel II. Cio
Jan. 16?Rev. E. II. Ci
Jan 22?Concert.
Jan. 3i:? Kev. 11. W. Beecher:
Additional announcements for the month of February will
b* made in the usual manner.
Tickets for the Course $3, udu.lttlm; a gentleman and two
ladies ol his family, may he had of either of the Lecture
Smmillte or of tue Janitor at the Institute, Wushingtou
a.: "The Aireof
off: - Evenings
Elonemenl and
The Rivals."
ce uf - St. Pat
?The Man i
? Cbaractc
B' riii'cnoloiry.?A private class lor instruction, in
liisBcience will he formed at 1 11 Nossau-st. in CLINTON
BALL, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, it-c. Ith. T!i ise
who may wish to join are invited to be present. The first
klEor. will be FREE. Terms for tho course 82 d2 it
f?" National Convention of .loiinievineii
HTnters.?Dt legates to the above Convention ure re
rjioieii in be in attendance at Sioneall's Hotel; ill Fulton
A.THIS (Mondej I EVENING, at 8 o'clock preciiely By
ordei of the Committee. dilt
Post Oh k k, ChathamSCtUARC,cor, East Broadway, (
New-York, Dec. 2d. 1850. ' i
tvj" IMnili for Mnroiic pev steanier NIAGARA.
Leuer bugB for Liverpool, Lonooil, Ireland, Wales, all
juris of Gonnanv and other foreign countries, will close at
lM#cilice on WEDNESDAY, Dec.4th, at 10 o'clock A M.
ft7" 1. <f. of O. P. Egyptlau Bncampincnl No.
Hi?The ofiicurs and members of this Encampment are
Wuested to meet at their room Odd fellow's Hall, on
BESDAY EVENING,.Dec. 3, at 7< o'clock, on business
of git ut importance to the members and Eucumpinent. It
tohopfd that every member will be present on this urgent
occasion. Jly order
d-'i-Vi JOHN C. GRAHAM Scribe.
ty Notice.?The Sixth Atmiver.-t.ry of Mohegan Tent
So 50. I. o. yf R. will tuke place at "the Knickerbocker
Rail. T" ei.tv 'I i:d and K gl.'.'i uv. o.i TI'ESDAY
HfENlNO, Dec 3d 1850. U..wd Speakers and Singers
El engaged for die occasion. The Order are parliculaily
liritt o to meet with the Tent at their Room in Sixteenth-si
between Seventh and Eighth BV8. at Hi o'clock, to accom
mev tlii-m to the Hull. The Public are also invited tu at?
tend. JOHN H. DAVISON, C. It.
J. (;. Garrison, lt. S. u30 2tis*
"?y lllerciintlle I.llu ai v .W oefulion. ? A M.-et
h| of die Members of tins Association will tu- held in the
lecture Room, Clinton Hull, on MONDAY Evening,
mc.2, at 7 o'clock, lor the purpose of appointing a Com
mlUee to nominale officers for the ensuing year. By order,
d27 WFSatitM C. W. OQDEN, Ree. Sec.
f? Gregory's ( iilifoniln Express.?The sub
Knbers will forward their next Express for California,
pljiteamer ONTARIO, on MONDAY, Dec. 2, at 3P. M.
Parcels and freight received until 1? A.M on Mondav,
Managersand Agents, 149 Pearl si. corner of Wall.
P.S.?Shippers by this Ex press can avoid tho annoyance
mid expenseof clearing then goods ut the Custom-Houso.
Terms reasonable n2ii3ti3
?- WlgS nn<! Tonpce?. -BATCIIELOR'S celft
br?ted WIG FACTORY is at 1 Wall-sL where at all times
Ijabe found the largest assortment in tho city. Strangers
sad citizens should call and lud ge fur themselves befuro pur
Cbasiii" elsewhere. BATCHELOR'S newly-invented
WiOSrob:aiued n silver medal ut tho Fair of the American
Institute. Copy the address._niyl5 M W^Klf
?|? I)T7Xiiteller's liar Infirmary. 2j Wi.
it near Broadway, open from 9 till 3. for the exclusive
Watment of ear diseases, deafness. Discharges from the
?ar, and all unpleasant noises In the heud cured In a short
lane, without risk or pain. Consultation fee, $-1, by letter
Or Otherwise. Uupaul letters refused.
T E S T I M 0 N I A L S.
Mv thanks l publicly tender to Dr. L?tener, Aurlsl,
H Warreii-st. for the surprising cure he has performed on
Oe: I w as for fuur veins troubled with deafness in one of
my ears, accompanied with a disagreeable discharge from
tllS external ear. and I tried the fir.-.: physicians in this city,
fttadelphla. Bal?more, Cincinnati and New-Orleans, with
oat the least benefit, and was cured bv the a'oovenamed gen?
tleman in theshoit space of3 weeks".
J. ?OLBF.ER. 17 Ravard-sL
JOHN GLOVER, Jr. builder. Franklin-avenue, Brook
was cured of doafbesi aud discharges friuu the external
it, of S> years standing.
Miss ADELAIDE BROWN, daughter of Cant VVm
Rrowu, Bav State steamor, Fall River, was'cured of very
diisgreeable discharges and her hearing very considerably
base tilted.
FRANCIS LOl'is. Prospect Hill, Brooklyn, was as dear
M? post and cured in one week.
WM. WOOD, ion of Solomon C. Wood. Gosheu, Orange .
Cwmty, w us cured of Deafness, accompanied with dis?
charges from tliu external Eai of 16 years standing in six ?
The above cases were considered incurable, and all !
Deafness uitnidiil with Scrofula until Dr. LISTENER'S
treatnieiit was discovered. Numerous other testluiouials to
l>8?et:i at hisoftice2j Warren-st. u21 lur
Br.J.W. Hi'itfielil, "b>>.ogi ii i: -mi Barc.ay-st iiL'tin
AND OTHER COMPANIES, requiring Printing of !
lay kind are respectfully requested to call und examine
ijMrJmens of work executed al BAKER. GODWIN*: Co.'s
BUNE BUILDINGS. The Proprietors possess very decided
Mintages for executing work fur Public Institutions.?
THEIR MATERIALS A II E NEW. aud have been select
?4 with reference torivalling Engraving, which the Printer
by the improvements in tj pe casting, is now enabled to do*
The Policies. Checks and Certificates which, have been
Ijritted a: this Office have Leen very highly commended by
lie press and given complete satisfaction to the Companies ?
oi whom they were oxecuted. Particular attention given
tie largest orders can beifuiished ut short notice,
(jar* Civil and Cot rteoitsTri ?:.mi;m to Customers.
BAKER. GODWIN x CO. Printers,
Trlbuue Buildings, third story, entrance 1 Spruce-st. ,
CK) VI Ni;^?i7)dwin's Cheap " PAT
ENT SHEATHING makesu Permanent Roof. Done
pjRougu PJai'k ft i i ? cents per foot; on Tin or Shingles
*i?u-,K ami warranted, SMOKEY i HIMNK YSr^Good
W* Chimney Pols are the best preventive. Office 2S3 ;
?Ballig-si. near Hudson. d2 tiuwdd
* [iiium Manufactorj' and Depot of LEWIS'S Quick I
working, Double Whole, Whole, Half, Quarter aud Lock- 1
**fcte Cameras, first quulily, warranted to w oikeijital lo ;
ISJ imported or manulMCtlired tti<!ie I'uiU-d Sta'es. Also,
?aJWlS'S second quality Cameras at the lowest prices.
LEWIS'S patent Plate Vitts, .upeiior to anv other for
4*! buffiag.
tiKW'is'S patent Gilding Stands, Camera Stands, Inde- '
iwdtnt Heaa Rests, Chair Rests, and Coating Boxes,
??ercurj-Butlj, w ui: or without scale, color boxes and
"?*het complete.
Pate Bendeis, for tun log the edges of plates previous
?Wlffiag. ft I r
SSlvamc Batteries for Electiopluting.
Bsftug Lathes. I', era. Olsss and "Metal Lamps. Thor
SK**** wd Tubes for do.
j-ljondcof ilold und other Cben?cal?! I'uilshin* Mueri
*?offvcrydivcri]. ;um.
J^'and Plwesa; .tie lowest prices. Also, a good as
**}lr" Ot of Krames fur Daguerreotrncs on hand
^fica.e, Diploma, Outside u'd Other Show Frames
"^faloordei at W. ?s W, II. LEWIS'S,
H.B it .. 'V <-hi?-'li-MH '?' up;,,?.;? National TiitMter.
fltj, ... ' ! -? '??'"?'?< 4'? rn r.nd ? ',: '.. ,- .. co i -
^'3ii?s\vis\!uw ,,ruCU-"4' ,n?ruc,,on?i torW.
Ariti meticfan. Se'arv for the first year
Edi Ii. Tri???-.:.<? Office,with name and refer*
PVofS IpIMelotV
Furrd o. ol a boo e or large boardlng^bc
drtssing j.m. LESLIE, Tribune office.
tl ?? >? asorj. at good prices.. Apply to w. B. simons
ax above. d2;
ANTED?At 114 Nassau-st. Base
clerks, bar-keepers, porters, men to work on farms and
railroads, boys to learn respectable trades, coachmen, gar?
deners, ? aiter*, ostlers, stage drivers, kc.. girls as cooks,
chambermaids, genera; housework girls, sewing girls,
nurses, waiters, errand giris. Ernployers supplied on
r> usonah <? terms. Id21tl THOS. SP1nk, Agent
?WANTED-A HOUSE, or part
Hoard, in a respectable private fdmily, in which case
rooms would be required, unfurnished. Addre-s J.
Box 27641 Lower Post Uii.cc._d
" 7ANTEJL}?Carriers, for New-1
and Brooklyn, v. bo will establish Routes ar
liver IIuuikn's MACAtiNE?tdsore?able and eiliclen!
vassers. A liberal commissgi?n allowed. Apply
ollice, 109 Nassau-st. n'
JOUR'NEYMAN Bookbinder
steady babiis. wanted, logo to a pleasant village
Sinn; of New-York, where constant employ will bo ;
One accustomed to Bl_."k Work In common with
binding, preferred. Inquire at 5 Spruce-sL n3o
besl ol references mmire.i. t
ting Desk. Inquire 37 John-st
Vi-' ANTED?150 AGENTS to sell
? ? new Manual for families. As high wages cr.n
realized as at any similar establishment. Call or addrci
post raid, the American Family Publication Estahlisbmei
122 Nassau-tt. N. Y. second flcor. nti lm*
LIAMSBl H?H; L i. a small and convenient DWELL?
ING-HOI SE. The rent must be moderate. Also to
Leere, a plat of ground suitable for a Carpenters Shop, kc
?yyANTED?An experienced SALE
to Ladies end Gentlemen who have leisure time, I
lighi and genteel fancy w ork, taught In a few "my less.
Considerable emolument may be derived as soon hs acq
ed. Apply, personally, between the hours of ien and fi
at Mr. ROSE'S, 41 Barclay-sL hear Broadway. Prem
for teaching. $15. 1)27 1m
\\ ANTED. ? A (ichilonnn wIm \uu ,
? v to sail in a few weeks for Nicaragua, Granada, L
::nd Realejo, would be happy to rebeive commisi iona o
attend to any business In tbe Slate of Nicaragua. The I
of reference given, and security, if required. He is also
(.irons of forming an acquaintance with any party who
lends visiting thul place. Call at 65 Montgomory-st. Jer
City. U30 21
yyANTED?A- yoa
gnrs. Apply at 23 Chambers', c
mi, afiiuai
FANTED?30 enterprising Mi
apital of from fj5 to $500, to Bel! a patent article
and various other articles which are used in every family.
Men who are engaged in [raveling through the country
with learns, eilher in the wholesale or retail business,
would find ii to their interest to call on tis.
p_9 3f WM. D. BEAUMONT k CO. 82 Nassau-sL
-A good TILTEK. Apply st tl-- New-York Coslsteel
Workr, foot of Twenty-lourtu-st. East River, New-York.
U26 tf _
l^aTll^rt.l*-^-^vl"r-*-'^-1^,"* ?*r- 'nn ' ?l|.|r niTTiih?nwrrn-nn*ii_Mi_c*??
nPO Authors, Editors andLawters.?
Js A Lady of considerable experience as a copyist?
w< uld like td execute orders in that department, or in proof
reading und compilation. Terms very moderate. Apply
at 11 Amity-st. _ri.'s
A Superior Alto Singer is in want of
a situation In either a r. Dutch, Presbyterian or Bab
list Church, and who ollers bei services al a small compen
Ballon. Address j. d. B. Box 1.391 P. Office. d2Jf
AS (i(Hif? Cook Washer and Ironer,
- or Housemaid, in a small private family, by a steady
lexpectable woman?understands baking. Best of city re
ference run l-e given if required. Call 135 West-Tbirteenth
st in the front basement, between Seventh and Eighth-a v.
Can be seen for two days if not engaged. d2 It'
Very Co
d German w<
si in washing an
cook and bakl r.
g?speaks English
orouehlv. Call Ht
AS Chambermaid or
babe, und do plain sewing, 1
the best oi city reference. Can bt
her cmploj er*for two duys at 201 i
S Cook, Washer a
<- respectable young woman,
ctions in going to the country v
of city reference given. Appl
be seen for two days.
ys First-rate Cook by
jf. jV Protestant Girl. Best of c
1 er last piace. A?"?'?, at
i.er of Amity und S)xth-a
TO do Cham her work and waiting r a*
nurse and seamstress, by a simirl. tidy girl?is a
hist rate washer ami ironer. good seamstress and very
fond of children?has llie best ol city reference, and would
make herself generally useful. Call at 22 I Bow ery. d2 It*
r'l'HVo Protestant Young Women
J- want situations?one as Chambermaid or genera!
housework in a private family?is a good plain cook, wash?
er and ironer?the other a dress maker, to work by the day
or week Can give good city referes.ee. Apply at 24i:
Bowery, in the store." d2 It*
rpWO Respectable Protestant Girls
A want situations, the one as Cook >?nd Laundress, the
oil.er us Chambermaid and Waiter?b<i>tb willing to make
themselves useful to their employer?would prefer being
in the one house. No objection to go to Brooklyn. Good
reference. Applv at 6 Amos-st, near the Sbcth-av. d2 If
AS Good CooK, by a respectable wo?
man, understands baking and pastry?has no objec?
tion to assist ;;i *w ashing and ironing, Best of city refer?
ences. Call at-506 Houstou-st. upstairs. "d2 2f
Middle-aged Respectable Woman
wants a situation as a good plain Cook?she is will
g to assist ^in the washii g and ironing. Can be well re
inmended from her last place. She has been many years
the city. Call S07. Mott-st. Can be seen for 3 days u21t*
S CuAMRERMAlD or General House
by a respectable Young Girl, In a sruaii family,
mmended bv her lust employer?can be seen ihi
in the I ear. Monday and Tuesday. d2 2l"
Tbe best recommended male and female domestics,
such as Coachmen, Wallers, Ostlers, Cwoks. Chamber?
maids, Nurses lied Seamstresses; general servants, and
tmaii giKs to lake charge of children, American?, Engiish,
Irish and Scotch, are tone had at the Agency Office, "?"Clin
lon-st Brooklyn, where employers or orders bv notew?l
meet with ail due attention. ' " d2it"
npO Tradesmen and Storekeepers.
An experienced Accountant and Book-keeper, haviu?
a tew leisure hours during the day, is wishful to dispose of
them in making up accounts and books. This will be found
a most desirable opportunity for Tradesmen aid Store?
keepers who have i.ot sufficient occupation for a Clerk, to
have their bills made out und books attended to at a small
consideration. Most satisfactory references given. Ad?
dress J. B. '1 ribune newspaper office. :. to l\v*
TIRO'I ESTANT Servants, of .werv ca
JL pacify, smart. :idv and we'd recommended,can always
ways be obtained at ELMORE'S Select Protestant Em?
ployment Agency, 7 Carmine-61. This la the only Protest?
ant Agency in this city. The proprietor hopes mat all wUI
encourage him by their | atronage, who have an interest in
the existence of an institution, where they can a: any time
set excellent servants. Several hundreds of the rir-t fami?
lies in thia city and vicinity have given the subscriber flat?
tering proof of the success of his efforts by the high terms
of praise in which they speak ol servants they have obtain?
ed through bis Agency. He returns iJiem his sincere thanks
lor tbeir patronage arid praise oi' lus Agencv.
nSO 2t-_d. m. ei.more.
? ? bet of excellent GIRLS and CHILDREN, recently
arrived; free from cJryuablts and sssoclatiorn^ and Willing
to work for moderate wages. Application to beiha?a _i
the office of Conunjtsldncrs ofEmlgrauloo,]]) tie Pur*. Ne
Charte?, .il u*
kitress or Chambermaid, by a
jii'.a Girl, with best of reference. Apply at
137 Sixth-avenue, between Twelfth and and Thirteeaib ?U.
Can Le sein all the week. d2 lit
stations, can ob.am tuen tt tbe otnee, 240 Grand-?:, ik
t;ie Bowery, w here nonn but those of good moral charac;
;.ncl whom 1 believe to be stti till honest and teinoe'at-f, s
allowed to remain. fd2 if] _I. WACTj
VKK .--.<.? ? PRINTED]?HAP
King at Be
tnd Chalk
Letters and Lrlter Writing.
A Chapter on Shawls.
A N gbl ofTerror in a Polls!, Inn.
England .:: 1850. By A. de Lamar
The HaunU of Genius?Gray. Bu.-k
! iowers in the Sick Room.
Lively Turtle. A Sketch ofa Con;
The Unlawful Gift; or. Kindness I
The Gamblers of the Rhine.
The Conflict of Love. A Tale of R
Street Music in London.
Mistakes in Personal Identity.
The Ghost that appeared to Mrs. V
The Kate ofa German Reformer.
;:;r< s.
The Death of John Randolph. By
land Wim a Portrait of Randolph.
An Agreeable Surprise.
A Death-Bed. Bv James A'drich.
My Novel: Or. Varieties in English
Bttfwer LyUon. (Six Chapters.)
Anecdote of a Dog
The Domestic Life of Alexander, Ei
Alexander Dumas.
An Empty Heuse: Or. Struggles o
Colds and Cold Water.
Sinners and Sufferers; Or, The Vi!
Tin Golden Rule. (Poetry )
(Jive Wisely! An Anecdote.
Monthly Record ol Current Events
etgn?Political. Literary, Scientific or
Literary Notices?Books cf the Mo
The Fashions for December, (with t
The Publishers of the New Monthly
this number they have given Goldsmith's Deserted Vlllag
which has long enjoyed the reputation of being one of ih
most perfect compositions of human genius. The engra
ings by which it is illustrated are numerous, and superid
in ail respects, to anything of the kir,.l ever before pul
! lithed in the panes of any monthly In the world. Tho Put
Ushers ure confident that this feature, followed up with th
abundant resources at their command; w ill place the Magi
imitation also. : ? ' *i rj'
The leading object of the New Monthly Magazine is b
present to the public, in handsomer style, and at a cheap:
tali im nt with instruction, than any other periodical in tli
y, or id. (The extraordinary circulath in which It has alrea .
abundant tir:<: encouraging i vidence of :!c- degree to wide
that object his been attained. Still greater care will he be
j flowed upon every department Athe work; and. If it doe
not attain, within the coming year, a nvulur circulation e
at least l( 0,01 o copies, it shall" be from no hick of effort oi
the part of its conductors, to make it deserve so large a de
gn e ofpublic favor.
Each number of the .Magazine will contain 141 pages oc
tavo, in double columns. The volumes of a single real
therefore, will present nearly two thousand pages of, tin
choicest of the Miscellaneous Literature of the age. 1
carefully prepared fashion Plate, und other pictorial iilus
trations, will accompany each number.
Terms.?Three Dollars a year, or Twenty-five Cents a
Number. The first volume, comaining^ six numbers, U
ready; pi ally liound in muslin, a: Two Dollars. The wor)
n:av be obtained of Booksellers and Periodical Agents and
of tho Publishers.
hi bend arrangements will bo made with the Trade, will
Postmasters, tnd with Agents, for extra eHOrts In eircu
Inthne tho work, and specimen numbers will tie supplier
gratuitousiv for canvassers.
The Publishers will supply mail and City subscribers
when payment is made to them in advance. Clubs supplier
upon liberal terms.
Persons desiring the work early will please to funds!
Iheir names and address to the Agents. Orders for uum
hers from the commencement can how be supplied.
aa itDbltW HARTER x. BROTHERS, New-York.
Just published.
-I-PART XIV?Containing 20 steel pla es, iilustratln?
Military Science, and no pages text, continuations of Zo
clogy and Geography.
Tins splendid work embraces all the brunches of human
knowledge which can be illustrated by pictorial repret ?::
unions. These illustrations are arranged in strictly system?
atic order, on 500 large Quarto Steel Plates, and are a:com
panied by letter-press, primed in the finest style, on the
some octavo.
The letter-press will fill 2,000 pages, and will be a tho?
rough manual of the sciences, with constant references to
the figures qn the plate-. Alphabetical indexes and tables
ot contents will make it practically useful und of easy re?
The fconof rapide Encyclopedia will be published in 25
pans, ench containing 20 plates and SO pages of letter
press, issued In a convenient portfolio, In which subscribers
run keep their copies in perfect order, until completed,
when they can be bound.
the roost beautifu
iheaos, to bei orni
Subscriptions n
tbey are iisued. On the other hand, they will at no time be
called upon to pay for anv part in advance.
Both editions will be completed ot the tame time, viz.
October. I85J,
The pf?lpeci?i. ai well as a ;? Specimen-' copy of.the
b? seKi at the store of RUDOLPH GARRIGUE,
Publisher, and Foreign Bookseller,
n2StMWi:FiiltW 2 Barclay-st. Aslor House.
X NEW NOVEL.?Now is the time to subscribe. THE
Historical Romance, by Mr. James, written expressly for
the International; articles from all the chief English,
French ar.d German Magazines, by Bulwcr, Bristed. Lan
dor, Praed, Stoddard, Mrs. Crowe, i.e. i.e. xc. with Por
trails of Dr. Haddock, the new American Minister to Por?
tugal. Cardinal W iseman, the new Catholic Archbishop ol
Westminster; Dean Swttt. and bis "'Stella* and " Vanes?
sa:" engravings ofLavard's recent discoveries in Nineveh;
the last Par:- Fashions,itc xc kc. The press of the
I nion has declared, almost unanimously, that The Interna
i.oi al :# the b. .-t Magazine now published in America, and
The Tribune declines the December number the best that
that ha.- been issued.
For sale bv all Booksellers and Periodical dealers
throughout the country. Price 25 cents a cumber: $j a
S. FRANCIS x CO. have Just published
A Oif: Book of Siories and Poems for Children. By Car?
oline Gilman. Cloth,"5c; gilt.$1.
Hans Anderson's Wonderful Ta.es from Denmark. 1
vol 75c; gilt 81.
Little Ellie ai d olher Talcs, by Hans Anderson, 3Sc.
The I'glv Duck and other Tales, do do.
Ti e Blory Teller, from the Danish, do do.
The Mercian's Daughter and other Tales, by Mrs. S, C.
H?U. . ?
How to WinLove; or Rhoda's Lesson. 38c.
The above form five new volumes of rranctsl Co.'s Lit
Mrs. s'.'c HalPs Domestic Tales. 1 vol. 75c.
Happy Hours, bj Mary CberweU. I.lustreted. otic.
Blnghey's Tales oflnsonct, do ?do-..
The Every Day Book of Pleasant and I serol Reading,
with 50 engravings. 75c.
The Book of Entertainment. 80 engravings. 51.
Published by C. S. FRANC Is x ( O.
i 29 Steod "_252 Broadway.
DIRECTORY of the - Association for improving the
Condition of the Poor." for 1550 and '51, being now ready,
subscribers wlii he supplied by culling on K.M. HART?
LEY, corner of Grand and Elm sis. or on any Ui p'-'fol?
low ing officers of the Association, or members ot tne Dis?
trict Committees, who are authorized to receive inscrip?
tions, viz.:
James Brown. President. 50 Wall-sL
George Gr;swo,d. Yice-Piesident, 72south-st.
James Bootnian, Vice-President, 119 Greenwich-st
J. Smyth Rogers. M D. Vice-Presideut, 57 K Ifth-av.
Horatio Allen, Vice-President, 25 Chiton-place.
Robert B Mititurn. Treasurer, 73 South-*:.
First Ward?James C. Ramsey, 137 Ce-lar-s:.
Second Ward?George W. Abbe. 13 John-sL
Third Ward?E. Cauldwell. 4! Murray-st.
Fourth Ward?A Fardon, Jr. ?7 Soutb-st.
Fifth W?rii?A R Wetmore. SI Vesev-St.
Sixth Ward?N. C. Everett, 117 White-? t.
Seventh Ward-Srephen Cutter, 43 Gouverneur-it.
Eighth WBrd?Joseph B. Collins. 415 Broome-S
Ninth Ward?James O. Pond. M.D. 47 Sixth-a'-.
Teulh tv,r,i?JunM Horn. 3 Chryttie-rt.
Eleventh Ward-S. 1'. Patterson. 73 Avenue D.
Thirteenth Ward?Lewis CMcheater,292 East Brot-* ay.
Fourteenth Ward?Adam W. Spies, 65 Prbie-St
i nt. , nth Ward?Themas Denny. II Cinion-p.ace.
Sixteenth Waids-Jiuiber'Jackson, Sfi 1 weoui-at.
Seventeenil Ward?S. C.Lynes, 4" St. Mariu-piac* ,
Eighteenth Wod-F. E. Mather, in Bast e.iguti-'?t.--?
N V. ...I- O. W. .'l-r.-.i, Fift * :1-st- neu H:J>
*.-,?.. i R. M. HARTLEY, Secretary. |
irrl to yo -::g writers?
lib really possess genta
id::: -tars a-nan
itiiays:.*- it has to work f ?r iubread. '
it! Dilapidated aristocratic notions an
v\ rn C. Ur. ant. ???*?? Coo jit
H. W LoDirfeilow, Grace Greenwood
0. P. B. James, Miss L. V. Smith,'
J. S Itwigbt, Alice Carey,
N. P- vViilis, Alisa Enna'DuvaJ.
i>" P. Morris, Mrs E J Eimes,
(: ro. ?. Prentice, Mary S. Peuse,
Henry W. Herbert, R H. Stoddard,
J. Bnvsrd Taylor, It H. Barlow.
E. P. Whipple, C. J. Eastman,
Alfred B. Stieet. T. Wyan, A. M.
J. M Legare, Wm P. Braunau,
T. Buebsvan Read, J. Fl int. Jr.
Bich'd iPean Smith, N L Rutier.
We' -it ;?-r.- a little out <>( ?w tra-'k. ['::?> m >".:!:. v.-i
paid ?n*Ko?ii?h author, G. P. R. James, $200 for his story,
lor we donot lee that we have any more right to appra
priiDe ? msii's brain work, than to put on his coat and hat,
and march oJJ as il" the broad cloth and feit we e our own
properly. We have puid all of the contributors to this num?
ber their own price, ami ihHt right willing.- now the simple
but pregnant quesuona w Inch we put to the American press
snd American people, are:?"Shall we have an American
Literature f I* it as profitable to scissors as to buy '
We think that we?one of the newer* of wood and draw?
ers of water, in die field of labor occupied by American
Magazines, have a rigbl mask these questions?and we ask
them, Brotners of hardy West, the sunny Sou'ii and toiling
East?what snv You i
l.y Brightly.
by N. Levering It
not ? aver in a sim
all hot eol the big!
thai ' Graham?1 mi
bun- fell, is secon.
the owner and edit
this, unless health,
us. ? e shall make
6 > j er annum?I
co lies l"i 8*0, snd
club of ten BUbScri
this nun
j i..-r
n3u 2l
BylK Map.'
Reverie I.
Reverie II
lleverie !'
Reverb- Iv
Mar vi i. and John Ti
jn. BAR El
36 Park Rov
-I- Arthur.?T. B. PETERSON, 98 Cbesnut-sL Phila?
delphia; publishes mis duv, and has for s.de, THE DI?
VORCED WIFE, being T. S.Arthur's last work. This
work hasjust finished running through the columns of Ar
Blur's Home Gazette, where it has been appearing for the
last six weeks, and has proved to be one of the most pop?
ular works [hat ever appeared in the columns of any news?
paper in Ibis country. Before it was half completed, the
pi j uiaiiiy of the work was immense, and ill the back num?
buy I
rest (
, which induced the
if it, and pub
ivels, so as to
country who
or to
i of
one hue cctavo vo
one dollar.
T. B Peterson n
S Arthur, either of
cents, or auv five v<
Tie Orphan Childr
Loveiu High Life.
Debtor's Daughter.
Pr.de und Pr?den?
Married Sisters.
Mar, Moreton; or
ken Promise.
News Agents. B
plied at the very h
paid, to Ti B. PE'J
Lucy Sandford,
idfcsellers, and all others, will be sup
west rates. Address ail orders, post
'ERS0N,9H Cheenut-sL Philadelphia,
wa Agent; In New-York,and all Book
geuts throughout the United Slutes. It
DRESS, in Answer to the Lecture of Archbishop Hughes
on the Decline of Protestantisrm_ls published ami for sale
this m
the News Ag?
; octavo panic
, pe, and or, tl
ipy, 12J cents,
-c!.. or St a d?.
-Yjrk. It
wo pages.
I red: fifty
t-d and for
sal.- by T. B. PETERSON, DS Chesout-sL Philadelphia,
lo ?l.Lm all orders should come uddressed. Any number
of copies will be lent to any one. on receipt of remittances.
For sale In New-York by Stringer k Townsend ; Berford
i. Co.: Dewitti Davenport j Dunigan & Brother ; 11. Long
A. Broil.er: \V. F. Burgess, and by all booksellers through- j
out the country. n30 It |
subscriber has on band, and Is constantly receiving,
English Colored Skivers. Colored Calf Skins, French Tur- !
kev Morocco, Russia Rrd Leather. Salted Splits and Calf
Buna. Book Cloih. Marble Paper, and every article re
c ed for a Bindery. Always on hand a large assortment
of Geo. Dudley's superior Bark Skiver*. Blaiik, Sheep and I
Law Calf Skins. Ail of which are ofTer.-d hi the lowest
market price* by. |n2 Im*|JAMES COOK. 295| peari-st
JOHN H. STILL, Wholesale and Re?
TIONS. BOOKS and STATIONERY. Portsmouth-square,
(lire doors from tl.e Post-Office.) San Francisco, L'. C.
N. B. Casi. advanced onconsigmnenta of Cheap Publica?
tions. Books and Stationer.-.
Rei esences?Daniel C'urt'.sl. Co. W. H. Uowlaad,Esq.
Greelev L McElratb. New-York: Sleeper it Roges. Bos
bjn: Aft-ffatt i. Co. James King. J Winchester, Esq. E.
C. Kemble, Esq. San Francisco. ni2 1m
WtiT~T?EW ARD .?Lett" in one of the
t-'Fifth-av.(CrotonLine)stages,?n Saturday,the I
Nov between -I and 5o'clock P M a BUNDLE containing
ti yards WATERED SILK. Tue above reward will be
ruiid. m itii tbe_ thanks o( the^owner, otireuirumg lUo_42
13IGKED UP, in Long I-land Sound, a
. ROW BOAT, with her stem lorn oil, nearlyuew.
white bottom ai d green waist, about 13 feet keel*. The
owner can call on or address JOHN LUCE, Success Post
Off.ce,L 1
. Received per ship America.?200 dozen Tea Trays and
W alters, assorted sizes sr:d patterns. Also, a few very fine
sets o: Ten Trays A:.-o, 50gross Ivory and Self-rip Handle
Knives and Forks, Table and Deaseris, varioua patterns.
For caje at a small advance from first cost, at
d27 ids4 JAMES Y WATK1NS. lb Catherine-st.
Every description of Documents for Patents and Sales of
Inveriuons, quickiv a^d correctly prepared, cheap. Infor?
mation on personal consultations, or post-free, gratis.
TENTS, is a monthly publication, at Si a year, or I2icts.
t>er single number. Edited and published at 235 Broadway,
N. Y. is53ineodis'j K1NGSLEY i. LONGB0TTOM.
D~R. JAMES W. POWELL. Oculist,
Atirist. tc. confines his practice exclusively to DI3
E VSES OF THE EYE AND EAR. from 9 to I o'clock
Ur. Powell ? TREATISE ON THE EYE, 3d edition,
en'argeu. with pistes, price 50 cents, can b-j procu red at
bU o^ric^-; mhui, him SiiLK-ACTlNO EYE AND EAR
FOUNTAINS, tne most powerful aid successful aaxuV
liarv in the trt-aimeut ol ih-i aifeciions of tbo*e dehcaie
Justimported, a large supply of be&nriful ARTIFICIAL
i". YES. v v..--: can i.? insert.;.; i?. ?;..!?? r-: i or opert^
U.to ; ar d -8 :::<y inoTO io a-cc.rdanre v/-,th the ustursj eye.
t,-.e , ;(.-^?i cbM r\er rai:not detv. ben
nli ImilliiLiieiJwW*
{} B LIS B E D_O N E H 0 .V
ICKS YVTTU C\RD5? Exposed and Bx
I Gael n. the Reformed Gambler. (."? nta'u
31 startling tricas ?ritb c-tr.l?. wiiii a full ex
manner of perfbrmfnir them. Aisoaue-c
cheats as practiced ia the variu
Pi ice 2'' c-nts.
L'NCE. Publishere,37 Chathu
ihe <"beap i'.iokstores.
!o anv par: of ihe United States, on re
. or five copies .'"or f I. Address, post-oiii.
d: 2r*
A 311 SKMivXTS
nPRil'LKK HALL.?Musical Director
A ami Maaager of the Establishment, Mr. BOSCH.V -
The Mmager lias ihe honor of an '.oundng; to the public tint
a a rand series of
v> n begivei ... ihe.Mi THIS.Mou.isv! EVENING,
on the Mime Mnie of magnificence a< those Drill iautly sti ?
cessiui and renownea Concerts of the famous Julien, in
Cornet a Piston?{performed by Mr Bay
ley, rirpt Cornel a Piston of Julien'* or
cltestre, in London, his rir-1 appearance in
Si.Quadrille-?? Lea Ganiins de' Pa. is. ' as per
my be had without extra
lies, for liie enjoyment of
THE HARMONIC SOCIETY bavin.' had tn re
propose to present this beautiful composition on FRIDAY
E\ ENI MO. D. c. !.'. with their full chorus, and the aid of
i 2t WM. HALL, Cl
OPERA CLASSES.?Just opened, a
case of superior OPERA GLASSES. Also, a splendid
variety ol medium and low priced Opera Glasses. Also,
Opera Fans in elegant variety, at TITTLE'S Emporium
ol European Fancy Goods, 315 Broadway, next door to
Hitchcock & L. adheater's dry goods establishment.026 2w
J? PLACE.?Benefit ol the Young Men's Hebrew Bene?
volent Association.?The Committee of the above-men?
tioned Benovoleal Association have the honor of informing
the public that they have made an arrangement with Mux
Msxetzck, Esq.,director cf the Ha'.ivi Opura Cou.pauy, for
an extraordinary performance, tho entire proceeds of which
will be devoted to the charitable purpose of gratuitously
distribudng facl. On tins occasion will bo performed, for
the first t;me I'm the last two seasons, L A SON NAM BL' LA?
Signum A Bortucca,SigBOrina Perrini, SlgnorFortl. Slgnor
Novelil. The third actof ERNAN1?Signora Trufli Bone
detta, Slgnor Lorinl, Slgnor Beoeventano. The favorite
bullet ofPAQUITA?Mile. Nathalie F1tzJames,Signor Gut
eeppo Corese. Prices of admission?Boxes and Parquet,
SloOj Amphitheater. 50 cents. Tuesday evening, De
bei J. 1850, v. ul be performed,fur the first time tho loot two
seasons, Bellini's favorite opera, in two acts, of LA SON
NAMBTLA?Amena, Signora A. Bertuccu: Eliza, Signo
riua Perrini; Elviuo.Siguor Font: ilconti. Siguor Novelli.
The third act of \ erdi's grand opera of ERN ANI ?Elvira,
Signi ra Trufli Benedetn; Braam, Slgnor Lorini; Carlo Bo
nc.ei-ano. To conclude with the favorite billet of I'.V
Ql ITA?Paquita, Mile. Nathalie Fitzlames : Luciano, Slg.
Giuseppe Carese; Infgo, Sig, Neri The house on this oc?
casion wilt be bi tiliar.tiy illuminated. Conductor and loader,
.Minx Maretzek; leader, Mr. Kreutzer; Chorus Master, Mr.
Ilensler. Doors open at 6 o'clock. To commence ut 7
o'clock. Tn kets to be hud at the box office, and of E. M.
Swart, 28 Oliver-st; Geo. Godfrey, CU Watcr-st; R
Benjamin, "l Chatham-st; Joseph Aden, 159 P.-ari-st: S.
Ci i on. Treasurer, 174 Water-st; 11. B.Herts,Jr., President,
EG John-st
E. on y'ol.no. Secretary, 51 East-Broadway. n30 3t
will be held at Castle Garden,on Wednesday evening, De?
cember 4. 1850. The proceeds of this Bail, us on former oc?
casions, will he devoted to Charitable purposes, The Com
mitu e of Ai rangemenu therefore rely upon thellberal *up
|iort of a generous public to carry o?t their charitable Wi?
tt ntions. No : Hin? will be spared "to render this Ball equal,
if not superior, to anv of ihe Society's former Balis. T. O.
AdWn's celebrated Washington Brass Band la engaged tor
tin occasion. The floor will he under the management of
Mr D J Lncas. Ticket,. >! ea
Nicholas Walsh, Treasure
Miliiaki. Redmond, Sen. Sec
IVLBLO'S GARDEN.?Doors open at ?4
11 _to commence at 7J o'clock.?Tickets50 cents to all
PRrts ef the Saloon?Private Boxes, 65.
Manager.Mr. JOHN SEFT.'N
MONDAY EVENING, Dec 2. ihe performances ? . im
mei.ee with Evolutions on the Tight Rope. After which
the new Comic Drama of
Jeannot_Frascois Ravel j Jeannette.Mme M izetti
lnterini.--.on ol" half an hour, when refreshments will be
ser ved in the Lower Saloon only. To conclude with the
celebrated SIlppery.Trickery, Comic Pantomlneof
Godenski... Prancoiie Ravel | Lovenski.Antonie Ravel
J-v Bowery ?JAMES M. JUNE U CO. Proprleiors.
THIS EVENING. Dec, 2. will be performed, the Fairv
Pageant of CINDERELLA ; or. The Little Glass Slipper
in which the characters will be sustained by 25 children, all
let* than 12 years of age. Previous to Cinderella, elegant
scenes in the Ctrcle,ln v. hi. lithe FRENCH TROL'PE will
appear. The four be.i Female Rulers In the world. M'lle.
Louise, M'lle Tourniare, M'lle Rosa and Madame Bertolt,
will appear on the same evening. Privat? boxes, VicenU,
Boxes. 25 cents; Pil. I2j cent*. Doors open ?t?^, per?
formance to commence at 7t o'clock. n25
TNDIANS?Will be opened at the Al
-1 hambra Room?. 5.57? Broadway, on THURSDAY EVE?
INDIAN GALLERY, containing 134 Oil Paintings, confut?
ing of Portraits, lite size ol the principal Chiefs and War?
riors of fifty different tribes roving upon our Western and
South-western Prairies. New-Mexico. California and Ore?
gon, together rith- Landscape views, Garn?*s, Dances. H if
taio Hunts and Domestic Scenes, all of which have bean
painted in their own country during eight years travel
among them. hhe whole forming one of the moat interesting
acd bMtrtctfve exhibitions illustrative of Indian lil'-- ana
customs erer before presented to the public
Descriptive Lecture* may be expected at 3 P.M. on Wed?
nesday acd Saturday; also, each Evening at 7j o'clock.
Open at 9 A.M. to 10 P.M.
Single Tickets 25 cents. Season Tickets *1. Can be ob?
tained at the principal Hotels atd at the Door
c.-nwua- STANLEY ii. DICKERMAN. Pror-rtetorj.
ECHANIC'S HALL. 47U Broadway,
above Grar.d-st.-OPEN EVERY NIGHT during trie
week, until further nodce.
The original and we?-known CHRIST Y'3M I NSTREL3:
onder the management of E. P. CHRISTY, whose Con?
certs in this city for a succession of four years, have been
received with favor by highly respectableand fashionable
audiences. Tickets %i cts. Door* open at 6J; commence
at 7$. The patrons of Christy's Minstrels ar-i respectfully
Informed that the n*ual Saturday Afternoon Concerts will
be discontinued for the future. dl Im
of Lyrics. 4+4 Broadway, next door to the Olympic?
OPENING WEEK.?Tbl* new and splendid Hail is now
open, and will continue open EVERY NIGHT daring
comprising a company of U talented and efficient per?
formers, under the direction of J. B FELLOWS- Con?
cert to consist of Songs. Duets. Glees. Quartettes. Cao
ruases. Restrains, i.e. iic. Burlesq-ies on Haliaa Opera
Dutch Drill. Instnimectai Solos er.d Ethiopian i'?rf ??
Admission 25 cents. Doors open at ?><!. concert at ^t < C' - -
Afiernoon concert on Wedneiday aad SaiurdaJ. co^"?^c
ing at 3 o'clock. _-'??
1 OPEN AT ^^^?^J^%\j^A^ At
WA Y. near Hous'on st. the Panoramao.^BL-^ 1 *? . .
GRIM'S PROGRESS. Qoon ope- Sj '
71 .,'ci...-ii Admtuanee, 50 fJcnB -i ?? ? ?
!',:, . J-..EH,.Hd;n:':tnglrTrwn..?. >
:a ? me Hook- .;?"? ?-' ? - '; ..:? x vs SAT
an Ajyjnoon.ExawiBooun y^ r.Slw'
t.'RDAVS. aiSCck clt
Tmin?Rf,'h.E;'' SNOW SOCIAL [fStONUO 5.,
V? Jr? '?P? Y l.X *-NIXO,December V ,?jn..,! l!;- COL
IS r I M,450 Bros/J? '.!>?.
The C"inoiu:ct! are ?? ab. cd to oder to the Public ?'i **
The Coliseum Room> having beeneaUrged uid fine.! up
in the most BU^mi? ei t style, ttej areen*bli ?! lOwaketuttr
lurdDger.wiiis in a mosleijteashu manner.
They have adopted every nr-caution ? prevent any eon
fu*;ou"at the *upp< r table; and are satisfied Loa a.i wit! lie
ple?sed wllh ihe arraiigi tn n.-uiade.
i WALLACES justly celebrated COTILUON BAND i*
The Floor wi ! be under tin M ?jigejneat of Mr. a. K.
REEVES . . . ,
TICKETS FIFTY: GENTS, anI may ? bad of the f.,:
' lOWjirCorfirtiittee: .1 see S Sickels,!!?' Cl il ?: v.. vv?j.
? M. Ci w d 'i Norm -' i i!" m Siel? I?. I v, U9 Sta-itoo
? st; Witftara E Boon, I98jtlottst?n-sL! W illlara H. Sholti,
? j . 2??7 Madis? b-?I : Jm" a P. I. ..-our. 270 Houstoa-6t.j J?*.T
! Brown, H L idiow s; ; Mn K Bohti. \*i BoustOJl-aL; Mrs.
! E. McCowen.S-l NnrK>it H i hi ?. II \ral bough ton, W lies.
I tr-rst; Mrs. A. Payne ?25 Firth-st: M ss C. T. tuque, 117
V b . m >s E. U hit i.... I ? ?:. M.ss a. B*sr>
i rat. 537 From--:. and .,: the ?-!. ? r cm me evening of thai
> es-.,. i. d2 1th
! performed, first time. Donljeoi's Grand Opeia. in 3 acts, of
Gemma.Sig'naParodi | Coatedi V?gi..Sig. Avignonl
Ida.Sigma A. Pai.i | Tamas....S gnor Lorird
Lemiers. Mr. Kreutzer aii.l Si?. Lletli; Clio us Matter,
Mr. Uensler. Secured Seats, Parquet : Boxes, I250j
admission to Parquet and Boxes on the <?? enlng oi perform?
ance, $2; Amphitheatre. SO onus. MofVeolist, No orders.
ASSOCIATION, the proceeds of which will bo devoted
to the charitable purpose of gratuitously distributing fuel.
Ou this occasion will be performed, hrst time in i sotsons,
The Third Actof Verdi's Grand Opcaof KRNANI. To
conclude w iti the favoi ito Ballet of PAQTITA Admission,
boxes and Parbriet, $i fiO: Amphitheater, i0 cents._
opeu at 6f?to commence at 7 o'clock ? THIS EVEN?
ING, Dec.2, will b>? pre-.-med Sheridan Knowles's play of
Miss KIMRERLY (her first appearance* is.IULIA
Heb n.Mrs. Abbott | Slsster Walter'..Fredericks)
Overture, To conclude with the inciilar farce of
Prices of Admission To Ore?s Circle and Parquet,75c;
Family Circle and Third Tier, 25 ; Gallery. 12% ctl.
BURTON'S TH EATER?Chtunbers-8t.
rear Of City Hall.-The nearest TheHii-r U> ihe large
Hotels ?THIS EVENING, Dec 2, will be olayed the excel?
lent comedy, in acts, b\ Poole, ambor of Paul Pry, called
To be followed by u Populi r Ballad, and Ihe draiua of the
LAST MAN .' o ? '"..e Misei of Ellham v
Favorite Pas de Deux, w lilt several Overtures, en-.
To conclude with tho laughable Farve of
?P. T. BARNI M Manager and Proprietor?Jon*
GaKB.NWooD, Jr. Assistant Manager ? ?Aeniooa rjorform
auces at 3?Evening ?t 7 o'clock.?MONDAY AFTER
NnON Dec 2. will be performed Uie comic farce of THE
KING'S GARDENER: fl Dance by Miss Deerimr; sfter
will be reproduced, for this Urne ouly, TU E DRUNKARD.
Gen TOM THUMB will ajrnlb aptiear on Tuesday, The
entire CHINESE MUSEUM has I.n added to the oth"r
curiosities ol Ma establishment Admission -' V children, I2J
Li Open every night at the Minerva Rooms. Wi Broad
wav, representing most faithfully, by pictures or the highest
arii'stlc merit, lu cities, country, products, and tropical
Vegetation; also the social customs of the CreolsaT Door*
open at 6i o'alock | Panorajna moves at 7J. preciaely. Ad
mitlsnce 25cents; children half price. ni im'
custom for many years al the close of the aeason to make
large reduction iu our prices. In order to sell tho remainder
of our Stock to make room for Spring Goods.
We shall commence on Monday, Dec. 2nd, to sell our en
ure stock of Fall and Winter Goods Iron) 15 to JO per cen
less than our former low prices.
The Stock comprising In parta great varieiy of Silks I!
Long and Squate Woollen and Cashmere and Brocke
Shawls! !
Black and Colored \ elvets, wide and narrow.
Merinos, Cashmeres, Paramattas, Bomba/.lnes.
Fine French Do (.nines, ,\c.
With a general assortment of Flannels, Blankets, Cloths,
Satinelts and Domestic Goods of all kinds.
This will offer one of the best [opportunities to purchase
Goods that will be bad this season.
Those about to make Hobday presents will find a splendid
selection of New Goods at lea* than the coat of importation.
Strangers visiting the ciiy can lind every article for Fa nlly
use, wllh every oilier kind of Dry Goods at less prices tban
anyfotber store.
The manner of doing business should inspire every one
wllh confidence, as every article is truthfully represented
and no d? vision from trulh allowed.
Goods sent in any pan of this or adjoining city free of
charge. S. HARK Eft, ><i| Grand su
npHE CO-PARTNERSHIP lioiftufont
-I existing between JOSEPH FLANDERS, of this cj:y,
and JOHN GOVE & CO ol Boston, was dissolved on dm
25ih instant by mutual consent. A'l outstanding business
will be settled at the office ol FLANDERS & lURRETT.
The undersigned have this dny formed ? co-partnership
for tho manufketuro and sal.- of o Children*' Clothing," a"d
huvo taken the apartmenui lately occupied by JOSEPH
N. P. 11. BARRETT.
New-York, November 2.1. 1850. n2B6lis*
(MWI ?Ali-V wdMli to in
Hi w-'y 'VVsvi tt the ,, sum In ? s?f<i and proliia
blc business, as a SPECIAL PARTNER, may bear of an
opportunity by addressing INVESTMENT, at the Tribune
office. I'nquestii
inforraation require
MORTGAGE LOAN ?Sealed Proposals will be received
by the subscribers until Saturday, the 7th day of Docember
the tir-t and only Mortgage Bonds of the Ohio and Penn?
sylvania Railroad Company, convertible Into the Stock ef
the Company at the pleasure 61 the holder, at any time pre?
vious to their maturity, bearing seven per cent, per annum
interest, and redeemal.-ii- b: New-York on the 1st of July,
These Bonds are In aums of $1,000 each, with Coupons
a"Hcl,ed, puyableln New-York on the 1st of each January
and July.'
These Bonds are Issued under the provisions of the nets
of the Legislatures of Ohio and Pennsylvania, and aru se?
cured by a mortgage executed to John J. Polmer, Esq. of
th<- City of New-York, hi trust for ihn Bondholders.
This mortgage covera the entire line of the Road from
Pittsburgh to Mossillon. in the Slate ol 'Ohio, a distance of
107 miles, the cost of which Is estimated at &2,'iiS.ooo, and
the Trustee Is errrpow ered, in cuse of sixty days' defarill lu
the payment of interest or principal of the Bonds, to take
possession of. use and aell the whole or aay part of the
same; and it provides further, that Bonds to the amount of
one million ot dollars in all may be issued, of which amount
five hundred thousand dollars have already been disposed
of, principally :n Enquiry, -. ??? purchase of rolls, spike*,
chairs, locomotives, ?c. tearing only the bonds now offered
be Issued under the mortgage.
The proceeds of the entire issue are exclusively applied
to the surierstrtinure and equipment of the lino from PltU
burgb to Massillon; the means for the construction of the
ro:-.i resdy for ihe iron, have been amply provided by relia?
ble stock subscriptions ; among which the twin elite* of
Pittsburgh and Allegheny have each subscribed and paid In
$21 ( ,01 0,
The Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad forms part of the
great direct line of Railroad between the cities of New
York, Philadelphia and St. Louis, which, when finished,
w [11 I e -nor'er man or.' of the routes between New-York
or.d St. Louis.
The line between pi adelptdaand Pittsburgh will be
r'-ady for travel in IS >i, by which time the whole of the
01 o and Pennsylvania road to its junction with the Cleve?
land. Columbus or.d Cincinnati road, is intended to be fin
The portion of the roa i te-iween Pittsburgh and Massti
lon. is now under contract and progressing rapidly and will
be m operation in 1V3I ; from Pittsburgh to Beaver It will
be opened for trallic in July nexL
1 he Immense and rapidly increasingly commerce of Pftts
burgbjoined to the traffic to be derived from several of the
v. beat counties of Ohio through wMchthhl road passes, will
insure to it a large and productive business that can never
be diverted by am other routej this without takln* low
COI afderatioa 'the long travel, joined to the tow cost ofcoo
?traction (estimated at only $:<i.?M per nm>,) wdl ttamre
'.., ??- r;...->:.,,:-T. i ?: ? rertitmerative di/tdends, a?d
there is liUIe doubt that the right of OT?^; ^
0^???I w ;l * di.fo**! of sisolotely and
, X ki the office ol :i;e urderr.imcd unui 3 o'clock
CO.TwiiUt. New-\ora,ar.d indorsed "Proposals for
rti I, ai d P?-r.nt%'.'. s: :? B-^:. .s.
1 Drtted exhibit of Ihe sJJ'airs of tho Corrpany, contain?
ing i map or the road and iu ?mne?lon*, together with co?
nies of the bond *nd Bjorttage, may be obUBbSd on appll
cation lo John J. Palmer. Esq at the Mer.-iuitn' Bank, or to
the subscribers, who wt:i furnish any further Information
wbkb uia\ be desired.
Partie* ?hose bid* are scc-p'ed will t*? roqnlred to pay
twenty vkt keBt upon the-srmouul awarded to thern imme
!a'-iv upon b*-iti? r.oiili^.i ?>r th? ?ceeriunw oT tktvtr trie*.
i d the reaaatoder tn f-nuai arnouot* on U.e trat day of Jan
aj v, I? nriarv. March it.d A pnl next?bat s&y party will
e at liberty to pay in fu.l at one".
[? >eresi Ulli romiririui. ;'i -. trie day Oi uvytr.enL

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