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we did not count sufficiently on the weath?
er-cock character of that policy. Tlie
Premier was hardly in his crave before the
Cabinet reversed the decision which he
and Manteuffel had procured and adopt?
ed the plan of Radowitz?and adopted
it too, in earnest. In fact, the execution of it
is already considerably advanced, and ere
this hour the whole available regular force
of Prussia is under arms. This includes
hav ?-erved their time in the ordinary
army and have passed into the reserve;
they still remain enroll- .1 for service, and
are regularly assembled f< r drill a fortnight
yearly, and every second year a month.
In case of war they become again a part of
the regular force, and serve like other parts
-of the army. By means of this arrange?
ment Prussia has hitherto figured as a
when ai! parts of it are calh d out is about
600.000 men. giving 450,000 for active
operations and 150,000 to occudv theuarri
?ons of the Kingdom.
Now we have no id. a that the Govern?
ment mean to make v. ar anv more than
they have done hitherto. They know as
well as ever that Democracy will follow in
the track of every advancing column and
snatch the fruit of victory or defeat alike
They are assured that however such a war
may turn out as far as the fighters are con?
cerned, the spoils will be carried off by the
common antagonist of both parties. There?
fore they will try to avoid ii at whatever
cost, even the surrender of their own ambi?
tion and the humiliation of Prussia. This
they have already shown agai-i and again.
On the other hand the people of Prussia,
and of all Germany as well,?are in da?
rned with thirst for war. They feel
most bitterly the disgrace which the Gov
i eminent was about to inflict on them, and
1 have now grasped their arms with frantic
i eagerness. The insolent demands of Aus
i tria, the dictation of Russia lire them with
ardor almost irresistible. They have no
fear of Democracy. They care not for the
vague form.- that tow< r like avenging fu?
ries above the whirlwind of the on-coming
contest, threatening a terrible requital for
the crimes of Kings, the -laughter of noble
defenders of liberty, and the plunder of the
patient masses. Their sole anil absorbing
wish is to wipe of]' the disgrace of Germa?
ny, to crush the insolence of foreign ty?
rants. And this impulse seems so gene?
ral and enthusiastic that it may well be
doubtod whether it can be checked or sup?
pressed. The Ministry arc now at the
i mercy of the rnomcut, for any accident, tri?
fling in itself, may begin the war which
they and all their like have so long antici?
pated w ith fear and trembling.
Austria on her part is in a desperate con?
dition. Already past the verge of bank?
ruptcy she has no time to lose if she would
make good her pretensions to predominance
in Germany. Her army cannot long be
maintainc 'unless by some means she gains
new strength. She must do what, she has
to do speedily. She has nothing to lose
and everything to gain. Moreover she can
keep her soldiers more cheaply in an ene?
my's country than at home. She is then
all ready for the struggle. Bavaria goes
with her hoping to grow great on the ruins
of-Russia, anil W?rtemberg and Saxony
will do the same. For the huge army of
Prussiu stands behind them and the strong
hand of the Czar pushes them forward.
Such, very briefly stated, is the condition
of this whole matter. The probabilities
seem much more in favor of war than we
have before supposed, not because the poli?
cy of the Governments has changed, but
because the Prussian people are in anus and
cannot easily be restrained. Still Frederick
William, Manteuffel and their coadjutors
will spare no effort and shrink from no
.ba.senc.-s in order to escape the danger, und
it is quite possible that they may succeed.
Kinkel HfilV In London.
We leant tliat a private letter was received
here by the Europa, containing n postscript which
announced the safe arrival in that city of Kinkkl,
he poet patriot, lately escaped from the Prussian
dungeon of Spandau. We trust-that this report
s true. It caused great joy amoug the Germans
of the City yesterday.
Illinois.?Tho new Legislature of this state
\b divided politically, as follows
Senate....Whig, 8 Opposition, P
Home.... " 28 " ?
1 uuolussed. 1 lie.
Twelve of the Sonators were elected this year
and will solo for the next V S. Senator. Of these
i are Whigs.
Among the majority of the House we note the
names of Hon. Zadoc Casey, .formerly M. C. ami
Hon. Sidney Breese, late V. S. Senator.
Congress.?In the 1st district, Hon William
H. Bissel!, present Member, had no opponent. In
the lid, (late M'Clernaud's) Willis Allen has
3,763 voles to 4,816 for Davis?both Opposition.
lathe Vllth, Richard Yates, Whig, has 7,008
votes to 6,254 for Hon. Thomas L. Harris, [Opposi?
tion) late Member. This District gave Taylor
Cass 6,687, Van Buren 712. Mr. Y at es is
the only Whig Congressman from the State.
The Otlicial Returns from the remaining Dis?
tricts are not before us. _
WiSCOHSiN?The new Legislature of this
sState is divided politically as follows;
Senate...Whig ii; Free Soil 2; Opposition 14.
House.... " 11; " " 7j " 1?,
Gov. Henry Dodge will of course be reflected
to the ?. S. Senate. He is a decided Free Soil er
Chough not of the special Free Soil party.
Capital Pvnishkzmt.?We were mistaken
some days since, in stating that Senator Giddes's
proposition to leave the time of execution of capi?
tal sentence! discretionary with the Governor,
Was made at the last Session of the Legislature.
It was made at the preceding Session?that of
18lSk?of courso, not to the present Senate. We
hope it may be renowed and favorably regarded.
From St. Vincents.?By a late arrivai, we
have received files of the New Era, published at
.Kingston, St. Vincents, W. 1. There was nothing
new ou the Island except a Temperance meeting.
Tribune's Special Dispatches.
\Va?hiugioii Affairs.
Washington, Sunday Dec. 1.
Printed copies of the Report* of the
Postmaster-General, .Secretary of the In?
terior, and Secretary of War have been
sent by mail this afternoon to the Post?
master of New-York, to be delivered to
you when the Message is. The first
makes four and the second five eolurnns of
?f the
By Tele graph to the New-York Tribune
Washington Items.
f the Cabinet and their ladies,
From the South?Maryland Convention, At.
Baltimore, Sunday, Oer. 1.
At the Maryland Reform Convention at Anna?
polis a committee of twenty-one has been appoint?
ed, to consider the propriety of expressing the
resolution was adopted inquiring into the propriety
of prohibiting public defaulters from being elected
to the legislature.
big ship Pennsylvania is go?ig'to^Eondon, and
will be moored off Governor's Island next\'ear.
The Southern mail has arrived. The Georgia
election returns show the election of :40 Union
delegates and -'l Disnnionists.
Opposition Nomination for Mayor of Boston.
Boston; Saturday, NOv^SO.
The Opposition last night nominated Charles R.
Goodrich, ii law and order mnn, as their candt
date for Mayor. There will be an independent
Steamers m Halifax,
Halifax, Friday, Nov. 29.
j The Cambria, from Huston, arrived at i o'clock,
and sailed at 5j this morning. Calm, thick, East
1 crly weather.
The steamer Falcon, five days from Bermuda,
has arrived. She experienced lien V3' gales.
'I he schooner Anno Doyle, from Huston for Cal?
ifornia, arrived at Bermuda on the 18th in distress.
M eutern Steamboats?Two Destroyed by Fire
and three Sunk.
cincinnati, Saturday; Nov. 30.
The steamboat Gayoso, a Memphis and Ar?
kansas packet, while lying nt tho former place,
caught lire near the stern, und was soon so much
consumed that it was necessary to scuttle ami
sink her. The flames spread to the steamboat
Swallow, an old stern-wheel boat, which was also
destroyed. The Gayoso belonged to Capt. Timms
and was insured tor $8,000, The Swallow was
worth about $2,000. A new hull, prepared for
the old Swallow, wns saved by the aid of the
steamer Swallow, which towed it out of the way.
Three of our largest Western steamers have
been sunk within the last few days, on their way
to New-Orleans, viz: Griffin Yeatman, Fashion,
j and Cincinnatis. The latter, after throwing over?
board 100 bbls of pork, was raised , the others
will also probably bo railed. The Griffin Yeat
man, we learn, sprung her plank while lying in
French Island dam. She had about lour feet of
water in her hold, which had nearly been pumped
out: audit was thought that, as the river was
rising, she would soon 11 iat oli'.
P. S.?The steamer Gem, which has arrived at
Louisville from Cincinnati, reports that it is doubt?
ful as to whether the Fashion can be raised.
Holly Raper, a large grocery merchant here,
died yesterday afternoon.
The Sinking of Western Stemuers, Ac
Cincinnati, Saturday, Nov. 30.
Three of our largest Western steamers have
been sunk within the last few dnys ou their way
to New Orleans, viz: The Griffin Yeatman,
Fashion and Cincinnatus. The latter, after throw?
ing overboard 400 bbls. of Pork, was raised; tho
others will also probably bo raised. The Grilliu
Yeatman we learn sprung her plank while lying
on French Island Dam. She hud about 4 feet of
water in her hold, which had nearly been pumped
out, and it wns thought that as the River was
rising she would soon float off.
Holly Raper, a large grocery merchant here, 1
died yesterday afternoon.
The Burning of tho Sieitmboni t'oliimhiiN
Great Lohn of Life.
Baltimore, Saturday, NuvSfl.
The burning of the steamboat Columbus, off '
Point Lookout, which was telegraphed yesterday
was accompanied with the fallowing melanchollv
loss of life : Capt. Hollingshead ; Littleton S. God
win, (the mate;) the mate's son; ami five of the '
hands of the boat, al! perished in the tlames.
(?rent llnrrirnne on the .HlHMiHsippI?Drentlful
Loss of Life and Property.
Louisville, Saturday, Nov. :;o.
One of the most appalling and destructive tor
undoes which has been experienced in the Mis?
sissippi Valley for several years, occurred about
2 o'clock in the afternoon.
It swept over the town of Cape Girardeau, ?
Mo., situated on the Mississippi river, just below
St. Louis, and demolished some seventy or eighty
buildings, man) of them the finest and principal
business houses in the place.
The Baptist and Catholic Churches, and the 1
Catholic Convent were destroyed.
Two of the '.urge and splendid telegraph masts
belonging to the St. Lauis ami New Orleans Tel?
egraph Companies were cracked, shivered, aud
brought to the ground with as much ease as though
they had been pipe stems.
The steamboat Saranae, No. 2, which had just j
rounded to at the wharf, had her upper works
completely blown oil', and several persons on her
were severely injured, and some, it is probable,
were drowned.
The wharf boat wns likewise blown from her
mooriigs, and almost irreparably iujured.
In order that you may judge of the tremendous
violence of the storm. 1 will state that a cow was
unceremoniously lifted off her feet on terra firma,
and deposited in the top of a tree. 00 feet from
the ground.
The loss of life, by this awful visitation, can?
not as yet be ascertained, but it is certainly very
great, as numbers are doubtless buried beneath
the ruins of the fallen buildings. There are also
a great many persons who are seriously injured,
and some of them are so crippled and maimed
that they will never recover from the effects.
The town is literally torn in pieces, and looks
truly wo-begone. Many citizens, who were this
morning to be st eti with light hearts and smiling
faces, are to-night wrapped either in the arms of
death, cr else are weeping for their friends who
have been thus untimely swept away.
The Lnic Fatal Kallrond Accident.
Batavia 1 N. V. Saturday, Nov. 30.
The man w ho was yesterday killed, by the col?
lision between the express train from Buffalo and
the emigrant train from Rochester, was an emi?
grant on his way to the West. He had a child in
his arms, which escaped without injury. The
persons who were injured will all recover. The
train going West was under slow motion ; the
other was making ordinary time, but on an in?
clined plane of thirty feet to a mile at the point
where the collision occurred, a reverse carve, and
a piece of wood prevented the Engineer from see?
ing the approach of a train for some distance.?
The Engineers and firemen of both trains jumped
off before the collision, and thereby escaped.
Freshet ami Suspension of Canal Navigation.
Pulton, N Y. SaSirday, Nov. 30.
The Oswego River has risen U such a hi^ht,
that Canal navigation is suspended until the wa?
ter goes down. I
Ransom of Alleged Slavr-t.
Ni w Ax bant, la. Saturday, Nov. 3". law
A mas, his wife aud two children, who were so
white that there was not the most remit? suspi?
cion that they had African blood in their veins,
were arrested a few days since, as runaway
slaves from Arkansas. A contribution was trot
up, and the\ were ransomed to day. New Alba?
ny aloDe raised $575 of the purchase money.
What is a little singular in this case is, that this
lamily, (consisting of lather, and mother, son
and daughter.) Ina been living here for several
mor.ths, had associated altogether wich white
people, and the son. a rather bright 1*1. had been
From the Plains.
Two gentlemen reached this city yesterday
morning from St. Paul in the steamer Excelsior,
who have been on a hunting and exploring expe?
dition over the Plains, and as tar north as tlie set
tlemeuts of Selkirk and Pembina, on the Red
River of the North. Their arrival at St. Paul is
announced in the Minnesota Pioneer, of the 11th
ii si. in the following manner:
" Two gentlemen of Her Majesty, Uuren Vic?
toria's Guards, linn. Edward Stewart Wortley
ai d Hon. W. Cuke, have just arrived in St. Pad,
the buffalo the
In addition; '
th y left St. Pt
party consist in
many singular
hardships, Ac.i
uine sport, the;
airived on the 1-th instant. Daring their ramble
Ihev visited Pembina, Seikirk Settlement, and
Pert Garry, and from the census recently taken,
learned that Pembina ami the settlement thereto
attached contained 1,200 inhabitants, and Fort
Garry, the English trading post ami environs about
;j,()00. They represent that far-off country in a
'jnict state, ami the inliabitauts in as prosperous
rind happy u condition as circumstances will admit.
The inhabitants of Selkirk were in a partial state
of revolt against usurpations and restrictions im
posed upon their commerce by the Hudson Bay
Company, and unless something is done by the
British government to relieve their grievances it
is thought that an open eruption will ultimately
take place. Emigration from the English to the
American possessions in that <jaarter, was on the
increase, and from ti small trading post, Pembina,
the American settlement has risen to a place of
some importance, and now contains, us by the re?
cent census taken, 1,200 inhabitants.
Messrs. Wortley it Coke bring no news of im?
portance. On their return they were delayed sev?
eral days by losing their way on the plains, the
whole country having been burnt by the Indians,
large war parties of whom were constantly mov?
ing in almost every direction. After a few days
sojourn in this city, Messrs. W. A. C. will proceed
to New Orleans, ami will thence, in al! probabil?
ity, sail direct for England.
I St. Louis intelligencer, Nov. 22.
From the Rio Grande.?A brutal murder was
committed on the 2d ult. on the person of an old
man 60 years of age, the occupant of the Palo
Alto House, midway between Brownsville and
Point Isabel. Several rullians entered his house
at nicht, bound his wife with cords, an,! attacked
the old man with knives. The old man, whose
nanio was Cotton, sprang to his gun, fired it and
wounded one of the assailants, before he sunk
under their blows. A reward of 8500 is offered
for the arrest of the assassins.
Brownsville gave Gf> votes for the Pearce bill,
to ',' aeainst it.
Irtiinicliml Ailiiii-h?DenthN?Arrest?, tfce. Arc,
Correspondence of The Tribune.
Philadelphia, Sunday, Dec. i.
Mr. Levin H. Smith, who has tilled the office of
Constable in this City, during the past twenty
years, was yesterday removed by Mayor Gilpin,
Since Mayor Gilpiti has been in office, helms
heard and disposed of625 cases. Mayor G. has a
knack in doing business.
St. Andrew's Society celebrated their anniver?
sary last evening by a dinner, which was well at?
tended. Everything passed off delightfully.
During the week ending yesterday, there were
131 deaths in the city and liberties.
Samuel Smith ami Joseph Prickett, were ar?
rested yesterday, charged with committing a vio?
lent assault upon a young ladv of Southvvark, on
the evening of the 22d uit. They were held to
bail in s/.'>l)0 each, to answer the charge. Another
young man is concerned in the affair, but he lias
lied Iron] the city.
On Friday last, a beautifully bound copy of the
Beperts of the Controllers of the Public Sch ills,
of the City and County of Philadelphia, far 1846
to is."iO, inclusive, was presented to Miss Jenny
Lind. by Col. West, on behalf of the Secretary
of tiie Board of Control.
The gift was received by Miss Lind with that
modesty and grace which characterize the end- ;
nent vocalist.
You probably remember the circumstance of i
the death of M'iss Ann Rebecca Nell, on the Ith !
of last October, wbieh was occasioned by the
error of William McFadden, employed in Dr.
Chamberlain's drug-store, he putting up morphine
instead of quinine. Yesterday, bet?re an Alder
man, Dr. Chamberlain and McFadden, were held
to bail in the [sum of SI,000 each, to answer at
Robert S. Wilson, ariested some days since, on ;
the charge of passing counterfeit money, was yes?
terday committed to prison, iu default of 83,000
bail, to answer the charge.
Sereno Edward Deicht, D.D. died in this '
city yesterday, aged 65 years. Mr. Dwight was
formany \ears a distinguished minister of tiie
Congregational Church, and formerly President
of Hamilton College, New-York.
Matthew McDonald, aged 11 years, was run
over by the ears yesterday afternoon, on the Ger
m an town Railroad, and so severely injured that it
was found necessary a* the Hospital to amputate
his left leg.
The mechanics employed at the various places ;
of amusement in this city, intend celebrating their
second anniversary, as a Society, by having a sup"
per on the evening of the 9th inst.
Miss Jenny Lind gives a Morning Concert in
this city on Tuesday, at Banium's Museum. The
price ?l tickets are 85, 84 and 33. Children
half price. , . 1
There was less animation a th? Stock .Market to-day. and
the transactions were oc a verv restricted scale, as will oa
seen from the following list. TV Money Market continues
easy; Exchange on England ranges from 1091 :o 109?, w:th .
a downward tendency. The continued abundance oi cap:- ;
lal and tfce steady influx of California gold dust, mparts in?
creased confidence to nionetarv affair'?, and capitalists are j
ronstan?v watching opportunities tor making ne w invest?
ments. The mineral resources of tfce West are beginning
to attract more attention, paruculariy the immense and m-_
exhauatable deposits of copper upon the lake!-, the mines o.
which have not, until within a vear or two past, been suc?
cessfully worked. The reports of two or three o! tfce cow- j
panu-s who have beer, working during the past six moatns, j
are orach more favorable than was anticipated, and Have ,
dispelled all doubis as to the intrinsic vaiue of tr.e-e invest- j
mTfc''consumption of copper in the Cnited States is stead- ;
fly and rapid iy incrensiug, and is destined to lec.-eue.? j
Heretofore car supplies o? the unmanufactured ?rodehsve ,
el! been imported from foreign countries, and tnemgn pn
ces realU.^d forit have naturally restricted its consumption.
Tfce development of the hidden treasure or ma ia?es. ,
however, wffi soon cause a reversion of the trade. Instead j
of Incoming importers we shall become exporters, andas j
aioft5au?Ti/Uu.por-.aww between lbs soahoard and I
tie \\ est are Increased, tbe freight upon the article (wh
is the most important item in its coat) will becomf chrapc
ed. and weebaii have a trade in ihl* article which will n
onivbretls down foreign comped?on,bat will furnish
with a business that will compare in irnporiacre with 01
[ resentintercourse with tbe PaciSc.
To show the trade in this article betwwn Philadelnh
and the West, during ti e past four vears. we have oV
the tollowine statement of the quantity of Copper shippt
Ean from Pittsburgh during the fiscal vear end:r.:r S ive
ber?Otb, du.-inc the las; three years, and the shipment >.
the 1st instant this year. We also rive the quantity set
West ciur.ne the ?afce nerod*
showing conclusively ti
article is not only rapid]
it is <not tnkin? 'he pine
stripped from the m:ne<.
ever, will thow a rune!
The train of the liamnpo Railroad ran into the
mail train of the New-Jersey Railroad last eve?
ning, as the hitter was goins through Bergen cut.
The latter train left Jersey City at its usual time,
heavily loaded, and was half way through Bergen
Cut. turning a curve, and ascending a grade, and
pH . ceding slowly, when the Kamapo train left
Jersey City shortly after, (having changed its
time of starting hall an hour.! with a light train
o! two or three cars, overtook and ran into the
trail, of ti e New Jersey Railroad, driving theears
together so as to Ireak several bumpers and one
or two platforms. A Newark passenger, who was
passing iron) one ca- to another at the time, was>
it is fean d. considerably hurt. Three or four
others were slightly but not materially injured.
The Rannnio train was wholly uninsured, nnd
the New Jersey Railrood train being speedily
supplied with other cars proceeded on its mute
after a detention of one or two hours.
Interesting Southern New?.
Baltimore, Friday, Nov. 29, [850.
Tie-warrant for the arrest of Governor Unit
man, for beins implicated in the Cubian invasion
bad been received at Jackson, Mis.-, from New
Orleans. It is said that the object of the Govern?
or's calling an extra session of the Legislature,
was to prevent him from arrest.
The Charleston Mcmu y contains a letter from
Gen. James Hamilton to the people of South Car?
olina, which concludes as follows : " I hope, fol?
low citizens, you will pardon the extreme free?
dom of this communication; but I could not leave
this for the interior of Texas, which may detain
me for weeks from South Carolina, without ad?
monishing you of the extreme peril of your rely?
ing on the sympathy ami support of the other
Southern States, and the no less irreat peril of act?
ing separately, at the present crisis. I know your
dauntless courage. God, in his benelieence, has
never made a braver people. 1 know on \ our own
soil, in your own defense, you can wdiip twice
your force, let it come from where it may; but let
us adil to braven-, discretion, coolness, and self
possession, a forecast as subtle as the stratagems
which mny be designed to circumvent us. I toll
yoo, wait with patience. A peaceful or a bloody
triumph is at hand. I know you an1 prepared for
Langdon Cheeves has declined a Public Dinner
tendered him by the Soutf Carolina Legislature,
lor his speech before the Nashville Convention.
The Union party have elected Delegates in
Georgia in forty-seven out of fifty-three counties,
by upwards of 20,000 majority. The Disunion
party have only elected fourteenDelegntes ns far
as heard from.
The steamship Florida arrived at Charleston on
Tuesday last, the 20th inst. with four companies
of the Second United States Artillery, Brevet Maj.
Roland, commanding, numbering rank andjfile,] BO.
Troops were landed at Fort Moultrie and Castle
The I'. S. schooner Colonel Cross is reported
ashore sixty miles north of the Brazos.
Mr. Ledren, formerly a Northern manufacturer,
committed suicide on Tuesday, at Wilmington,
N. C, _
Keform-The Lottery System?Small Notes
slavery? Thnnkuxlvlng Dny, See.
Correspondence of Tho Tribune.
Baltimore, Thursday, Nov. 2??P. M.
The proceedings of the State Reform Conven
tion at Annapolis attract much of the attention of
the public, especially politicians. The formation
and composition of the Committees appointed to
take into consideration the several branches of
business proposed to be considered, does not give
satisfaction to the Reformers. Many of the Com'
mittees are so constituted that unfavorable re?
ports on the principal subjects of Reform are al?
most certain?yet that cannot control the entire
sense of the majority of the members of the Con?
vention. That every clog will be thrown in the
way to defeat it, there is no manner of doubt:
Riol the Anti-Reformers of the little Counties only
wish to ascertain the most practicable mode of
doing so, to immediately carry it out. Let Re?
form, however, be refused to the extent desired
by the people, by this Convention, and the " Oppo?
sition" will make such a clean sweep of the State
that it will require years to ever overcome them.
One good resolution has been adopted by the
Convention in calling for information in regard to
the present lottery system. If the agents and
managers only give truthful reports, not only of
the statistics of the system, but also of its moral
results in the community, there would be no
hesitation on tne part of members in sweeping it
from the State. A more deplorable system of
gambling never was invented and legalized on
the face of the earth; or one that has ruined more
men and carried grief to more firesides. Stand j
in the vicinity of one of these legalized "hells" iu ;
our city on any day, and note the class of persons
who risk their money in the faiiaeious hope of ;
becoming suddenly rich and independent, and |
you will see many men supporting the system
who have families at home wanting the pooreJt
necessaries of life. Many, many who once boast
ed of a competence, in the desire to obtain more ;
without labor, have risked their patrimony from
time to time, until they have been beggared.
More misery and suffering has been entailed upon .
families by this accursed lottery' system, tnan
men, living where such things do not exist, could
be induced to believe. But yet the State per- i
mits it for the sake of the small amount of reve
nue it yields the Treasury! It is earnestly to be j
hoped that one of the Reforms made will be the
total abolishment of the whole system in the ,
Another good move is in reference to prohibit?
ing the issue of notes under the denomination of
?5 in the State, and the circulation of similar '?
notes issued out of the State. We are now flood?
ed with a ragged, ami iu many instances worth?
less, currency, which too frequently causes heavy
loss to the poorer classes of our citizens. Such a
prohibatory law will meet with uni'/ena! favor
from ail classes.
The subjects of Slavery, Emancipation or Colo?
nization, have not been introduced into the Con?
vention : yet when it gets fully under way they
wiil probably meet with some consideration?es?
pecially that of Colonization.
If any practicable means can be devised by
which to rid the State of the vast surplussage of
free blacks with which it is tilled, I have no doubt
but that it will meet with favorable action. There
Is an evident desire and intention to remove them
in some way or othgr, and it is not at all impro?
bable that the most stringent measures will be
I adopted in reference to their conduct, so at tea it
to force them to go into the Free States.
Thi?-our Thanksgiving Day?has pawed oti
very quietly thus far. Some fow tittle difficulties
have ocenrred among drunken rowdies ;is is
I usually the case on all holidays. All business has
j been suspended throughout the day
Members of Congress are passing through the
city on their way to the Capitol in considerable
numbers. If they will only go to wo"k ami so
I amend the Tarif!' us to protect our manufacturers.
i thevcan return home with the assurance of having
t at
open ami m
Mechanics' Institute Lectures -The Third
Lecture before tiiis Institute is to be delivered
this evening by Prof. Hume, tiie well known and
popular lecturer on scientific subjects. His sub
ject is to be Electro-Magnetism, Galvanism, &c.
He will lecture nest Monday evening on the
Electro-Magnetie Telegraph. Titese Lectures
will be weil attended. For particulars, see ad?
vertisement in another column.
The Tenor Bettini.?Siguor Bettini, the
celebrated tenor, the successor of Daprez at the
Grand Opera of 1'aris, readied this City on Satur?
day last on Iiis way to Havana, where he has been
engaged by Marti to take the place of Sal vi. We
learn that he will remain here a few days, waiting
a steamer to Havana, and we suggest the possi?
bility ofMaretzek's engaging him for a few nights
at our Opera House. A ttrst class tenon is a treat
we have never yet enjoyed, and though it i> not
certain that Bettini can take such exalted rank,
there is little doubt tiia: he is superior to any we
have yet heard, Salvi not excepted. Try it, Max 1
All tilings have seemed possible to yon heretofore,
except the endowing of your fashionable "sub?
scribers " with true musical taste.
The Tailor llior.?The trial of the tailors ar
rested on a charge of riot is expected to be ealle I
up on Tuesday. In the meantime, where is the
money which a Committee of the Industrial Con?
gress was appointed to raise in order to secure
proper legal defense for the accused' We are
told that not a cent has been provided.
f^-P Bank Otlicers will please notice the a Ivor
tisement of Baker Si Godwin on the First l'age.
L tUNCH ok the Caribbean.?The launching of
this steamer did not take place on Saturday, as
anticipated, owing to the difficulty of getting her
propeller prepared, occasioned by the inclemency
of the weather on the previous day. She will,
however, be launched without fail this morning at
6 o'clock.
Military Funeral.?The Irish Dragoons and
several other Irish companies paraded in uniform
yesterday to pay the last honors to Hugh McDon.
aid, of Ridge-st. who died on Friday night.
NlBLO's,?J'eople who like to laugh will pleaso
notice that there will be given to-night, at Niblo's
two comic pantomimes?Jeannette and Je anno t,
and The Skaters of Wilna ; Francois Ravel per?
forming the latter. If a night of enjoyment can?
not he found on this occasion, there is no appre?
ciation offun in Gotham.
Concert of M. and M.me. Doctor.?There
were about two thousand persons present at the
Doctors' Concert in Tripler Hall, on Saturday
evening last. The V iennese celebrities are very
well receivd, especially in Herz's duo from Donna
\ del Lago anil the two marches from Meyerbeer's
I Prophdo ami Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's
I Dream. The Concert fully proved the admirable
i acoustic qualities of the hall, which is peculiarly
well adapted for instrumental concerts. Mr.
Griebel performed two pieces on the violin with
taste and brilliancy of execution. Truth's three
songs were sung in her usual excellent style.
Cassi-m EXPLODED.?John I. Mumford's ('ass
handbill called The Standard has been stopped.
It did not pay expenses. No paper uow advo?
cates Cass's renomination in this City, The Post
favoring nobody in particular, while The (Hobe
openly supports Com. Stockton as a " safety " can?
fJt^'Av Owner is wanted at the Jefferson
Murket Police Court for six silver teaspoons,
marked G. M. F. B. one tablespoon marked M. F.
P.M. and a few other articles of silver-ware, all of
which were found in possession of a person who
is suspected of having stolen them.
Br kcl aRies.?On Friday night last, the house
of Mr. Benj. Mooney, No. 65 "ith-st., was broken
into and robbed of a gold lever watch, gold chain,
key, and cross, together with two cameo breast
pins, one gold breast pin, and a large quantity of
female weariiis apparel, valued in all at about
?300, with which property the burglars escaped.
The dwelling of Col. Peers, No. ?? Bleecker St.,
was aiso entered on Friday night, by means of
false keys. The family were absent at the time,
and the burglars carried off jewelry to the vaiae
of 4400. One of the articles stolen was a gold
chain with the initials A. M. B. engraved upon
the slide. Col. Peers is well known as clerk of
the Fourth ami Sixth Ward Courts.
Change of Grand Larceny.?George Har
mer was arrested on Saturday la?t, charged with
stealing two watches, valued at *00, the property
oi Mr. James Pieple, residing in Cortlandt-st.
He waa hebt tor examination
The Pc.'eyite Trial \t Boston,?The bear?
ing on the exceptions to the presentment against
Rev. Mr. Prescct: was terminated on Wednesday.
Yesterday morning the opinion of the Court was
pronounced. They unanimously sustained the
fifth exception; and as that annulled the entire
presentment, they gave no opinion on the other
exceptions. His exception was that the alleged
violations of practice and doctrine were not set 1
forth with sufficient certainty. Mr. Dana, counsel
for Mr. Prescott, then offered to consent that the
Standing Committee should make an entire new
presentment, under the form of an amendment, so i
as to prevent delay and to retain the present tri- |
bunal. His offer was declined by the Committee,
on the ground of doubt as to their canonical au- !
thority. Mr. Prescott then offered to the Court |
a written statement, setting forth bis continued
adhesion to this Church, and renewing the decla- |
ration of his belie! m its doctrines, and submission ,
to its discipline. This statement the Court de?
clined to receive, as being no part of its judicial
proceedings. . The Court tUimfig
lor transmission to the Bishop, an
sine die. _[
BT The Morris and Essex morning up trains
hereafter leave New-York at 9 and Newark
at 9 43 A M.
Brown, Nblplry <fc Co'*. Clronlar.
Correspondence of Tbe Tribune.
P?r Gkrapa.1 LivKRrooL, Friday, Nov. [0, lfc>*V
Tbe Col ton market became extremely dull ImmedUteW
after the departure of tbe last ateamer, with a decline in
prices of fully Jd per lb. The German account*, u> whlct?
Ulla dullness was mainly owing, being in the past fetardty*
considered rather leu warlike, and the last American art/'as*
er having announced a killing front in (lie Cotton growfag
dL?tr!ols," confidence baa been rrVstabllriied and price* hav?
ing rallied nearly ,'d from the extreme depression on tho
<nh instant, the market dose* steadily nt tit*? full prices of
: our last circular tor the heiler description* of AnuHcaat
j and at an advance of j 1 per BJ in the lower and middling
j qualities. .
I The official quotations are Fwr Orleans ?d ; Fair M]b!l?
; and rpiand??); mid?iing descriptions 7jfd7 9 Iii
The sales for the week are 12,740 bale* of4wnlcb 7,940 arc
on speculation and l,480for r:\port The American des?
criptions sold consist of9;500 Upland* at 6JJB8J; 1,3*1 at*
! He* al ? I S7| and ?JMO Orleans ai fjj 8>9d t"I/>.
The stock of Cotton In lies p'>n is estimated at )li^t*o
' bales ei which 300,000 are American. against a t>?>*i ?u>ck
' it this period of last year of 185,000 bale*, of whicb313,WO
m ere American.
There hss been a pood demand for Indian Com at last
, week's price*, tbe quotation* being29*6d"SS0* i* Quart?
. for yellow ana white, antl z9? p quarter for mixed. No
cba-'-'-e in Fletrr; WVi'ffi Canal' is?r.?22.?i; Philadelphia
snd Baltimore Canada 21*322?; sour IT*980?ifV
\\ heal V 6d 3 5a lOd ;?>r red, and i*? to 61? I* ~o lb for
About 1,000 bh's of common American llesin have beea
sold ?;o* id t'cwu Nothing doing InTurpsoi n?
. rs;respectfully, BRO\vN,SHIPLB'T4 DO'
.Tie?*?. Bnrtnga' Circular.
l.v.m on. Friday, Nor. i.w I'M
TI.e unsettled atu'o uf political aflaSrsin Gernnny has
materially interrupted the usual course of btiMnows; and la
cob mal ai d foreign pn rtuce the transaction* this week
have been on a vury limited scale. Owmg. however, to
the continued firmness on :he pa-t of bolders, pices have
not declined, as might have been expected ; Indeed, in few
instances have a?y Important cone ssloni been ma. la,
th< uthundi ubtedly the prevailing tendency lias bees down
wan). Cotton is firmer, Monov In more d tman 1. and dts
count has slightly advanced. The unds hare fluctuated ?
.???i d neal.Ci a for tho account leaving oil tin* afternoon
In American Stocks we have no change to report be?
yond a large sale of United States S* of 1S67 at lt?r rs?t0T|
i ouponstock continues firm at I09j Now-York State 5"?.
94897, Ohio 6*8, 1059101) Pennsylvania .Vs, 8'2<*83 la
diatias's :<?/:::. deterred 2J {> cents, 31 tf^xi. Illinois la
terns! Improvement Bond*, si; Illinois deferred, 34, Mas
?Sehnsens Sterling ?'s, 1051*108. Maryland Sterling;, 90*
91. Canadii. 102J.
Ashes W e quote Pots at 2t>s. Pearls, 30*; 2S0 barrel*
t'onada. at auction, this afternoon, were withdrawn with?
out a bid.
Cochineal.?All demand appears to have ?ubsidod for
tbe moment, and SCO h.ig? ai public salo have b?<on aB
bought in, principally Honduras silver from 3s I0dd?ls 2d,
Mug sec. ? a I slow the previous tales price*. 71 bags
Honduras Ibis afternoon wont from Js <M <tJi 10d for silver,
and Isu Is 7d for black, being *i COnd a third lotver.
Cocoa.?Sales confined to 120 bags Trinidad, (Vorn 19*9
Ms for middling to tine, being extreme rate*.
COFFEE.?The demand lias been very inactive, and tha
following sales onlv have been made -100 casks Jamaica,
523 e. . |5o cask* Plantation Ceylon 56302? 6d, and 2,i>?
bags native at 552'54s, with 1,000 bags to arrive at53s. We
are not aware of any transactions in Uraztl or St Domingo,
but a cargo of ?' good first" K:o has been sold at Liverpool
a: 18s floa?ng,delivered In the Levant In the continental
nmr:.ets there is little doing. T. e following were the im
porl > and stocks on the 1st inst. viz ?
Imports. V.rr>.rrtt.
IS-19. IS-50. ISI f?. JS.,0.
12,100,000 IS, too,OSS
The C
rivals fr
nnv improvement In the value ol either \V heat or Hour ?
Indian Corn being scarce is fuliv maintained.
Cotton is firmer. The sales for ihe week, however, only
conn.-! ol 100 bales Sural at 51d?0Jd ; 50 Madras, 5jdj ami
120 Bowedi at s<rP'.d. At Liverpool they are pi dearer,
with a beuerfcelhig; middling Orleans, 7 Ja :,d. Wu sub?
join a atatemenl of imports ami slocks to lit hut. vU i
? Imports? -Stocks?,
18-19. |s.^o. I S Ii?. IS.10.
Krai:.'.'.kale* 172,135 317,857.... 33.IU lH,7t:e
010.0*1*of Europe, 308,159 248,828.... l.'>.ii?7 28.977
Great Britain.1,750,052 1^19,H9.... 11119,100 .vrt.aoo
Total.2,-l3?^M6 2,085,83-1 Uirr.ll.lO 5H5,.<37
Ditor.s. tc?Modt of our ?rtlcle? are quiet W? notice
sales oi viio bale* Bengaltanlower, from ii6*&&9, bcins;
10* lower: 100 cases shellac, 38*?42sfid; 120 caaes castor
oil,3Jdr/.'*l; ami 800 bag*dtmtged eulch at IHstid In
Dyewood*. aale* confined to 15 tona Himaa snpan at id 11
12* (id./ Uli S* ; and 5ii tons .Madras red sanders at
til 7s rid. Camphor quite nominal at B2*6d. Turkey opi?
um Us: Gambler 13*6d| quicksilver3s9d.
Inoigo continues to be firmly held?350 cheats Bengal
have been changed hands ibis week, principally al 6d, be?
ing on h par with recent transaction*. 129 Hitrona Guatema?
la at auction, chiefly sold from I? l Id /; 5s 2d, for ordinary
corte? lo fine aobre*, being pail ai la cheaper.
[RON?Firm, aa lasl quoted,
Lard Is still gradually Improving, We quote W'l^wra
at 39?, and heal American, In kees, Its k> cwt
Lead?The trade have taken British to the extent of 5.600
inns, parilv al 7s e'd per tun above their last purchase* ; the
market i*firm; British sheet, ?18: refined pig. i i < 15s;
common, ?l7 .is; Spanishacarceat t'lti l?*. in nond.
LlNSEED Cake?Dull at former value.
Oil s? Lasl week's ratea are fully supported, the market
for all description* of fish being very firm. Olive In lim?
it, d reijiiest a! tl II /i It. but holilers continue, firm, and look
for higher rates, as supplies are likely to boveryamall for
tome months, Palm dull at 29a Cd; cocoa-nut, 2H?'M
aslnquality ; linseed waa taken for America, early iu tbo
week, to tome extent, at )?s on the ?pot, and 12* 6d for De?
cember, bill bus been hardly supported since, und in same
cas.-s Slai'd has been accepted, In prompt delivery.
Rice?East India soils have been more Inquired for ui.?
lust few days, and 7.000 bags pinky Madras sold at Bs M 9
Bd, being nillier dearer.
Sii rPETER?1,750 bu:.'s Bengal in sale lo-.lay, pur'Ig
sold fruit: 27? Jlla (or 1; in I lbs refr. 2'si tuna Nitra?) Soda
sold al I Is.
Spelter?-Nominally?10 10? cm spot; for aprlne; ship*
ment, several sale* have been made at k 10, with a parent
yeateiday al .?l*i in.
SflCBi? In limited demand: suii'd confined to 570 hag*
fair Batavia Pepper at 3|d, and 27 cases ami cask* llm?sl
Nutmuf s 1 ii u ;in .d.
Sugar.?Holders are firm, and have obtaiaedfull price*
for all sold, but transactions have been comparatively very
limited. The -ales do not exced L500 bhds Watt India,
with about In.no bags Mauri .ins, Bengal and Petting.?
Ii 400 bags clayed Manilla, at auction, being held for:JH?'id
339s, were taken In. Transactions privately confined to
500 boxes yellow Havana at Us, und 1,200bag*clayed Ma?
nilla at39*. The near approach of the Dutch atiea apear*
to have cheeked demand in the neighboring coiilinontai
ports, but price* are maintained. We subjoin a rune of im?
ports and stocks to Is', inst. exclusive of St. Petersburg, vis:
-Imports- ,-Stocks.->
184?. is.?. isi!#. 1890.
</ Britain.U.a..nil,ymi,i,ou iiu7,Hm,i)00 in.'.,loo.Oni) Wi/mpia
Other ports of
Europe.vs-LWi/fo 009,400,000 130,000,000 105^00,000
Tola!.L2!6,800,0001,210,500 000 til, 100,000 3-12,000,000
Tallow?Transactions continue on a moderate scalo,
but the market closed firmly to day. St Petenburc Y. C.
?38? on die spot, n* M to end of December, and 3n* 3d for
Tea?a good demand has prevailed, and considerable
business has been done, chiefly In Congou, ol common ami
good medium grades, at is tdftla 2d, to the comparative
neglect of the liner soris, and Ilm market is very firm.
Tin?320 slabs of Straits, with certificate, have brought
79? Cd.
Tobacco ? There I,as been more limine??doing iu Wol?
tern strips by tho trade, about too bhds. of new and oil
having been taken at I2jd a I4d.; but there has biwo a?
export demand,and no revival of (peculation.
Turpentine.?A parcel of 1,600 barrels good rough ha*.
been ?olil al 7s. 'id. from the veaael, which 1? rather dearer
fspirli? m arce at IIa. Bd. for American In caaka, and 30? for
Whalebone nominally as last quoted.
Wool?Tbe next ceries of sales of colonial is fixed (?
commence the 2i*t Inst. Aliotn 23,'X.O bale* have arriveiJ
Ritchie Sc MrCormlck's Clrcninr.
Olasgow, Nov. 16, B5o.
ASHES -Montreal Pot Ashes were aold during the early
part ot Ihe week al 2?a to 27a Cd i> cwt. and a *ale took;
place yesterday ut 2tJa (Id. The market aeeuia plen?fully
supplied?with accumulating stocks aid prices tending
downward. The import Into Clyde tin* year give* 3,00*
bbls over that of last year.
Cotton?The account* brought by steamer America
(from variou? quarters of Ihe cotton District*) of a sorer*
frost having occurred, not only chockod the downward
tendency ol price*, but established an advance of , \' 11.
upon last week'* ratea. Bull, the market is without ani?
mation?the disturbed atate of the Continent preventing Ilia
trade from buying except for the supply of Immediate
Grain?During the week our Imports of Wheat have
been light, which has caused rather a firmer market In that
article, with a food retail trade, and a slight advance la
price*. Although there have been contldarablo arrivals of
Flour, yet good brands tell freely at former price*, while
inferior are rather cheaper, except Flour which t* *can>?.
Barley still comes sparingly to hand, aod seil? freely at Sd.
? boll advance, in Oats and Oatmeal there Is not any
change to report. Beans are in demand at full rate?.
sell in reuh al our quotations. Little passing in Isdiaa
Lard ?Lard is held firmly at late advance, and the pric*
may now be quoted at lbs jp cwt.
O1L.V-Pale Seal Oil is held firmly at ?30-*?4O, ?tock*
getting light Cod Oil may be quoted at ?SnaHWO. For
Northern Whale Oil ?10 la aaked. American Bed Lard
Oil is held nominally at .i'Silt 2,'M?the high price of Uua
o.i ir, New-York prevenung? Ipment? hither.
Naval Stores.?Common Re?in I? held for 3a Od P cwt.
with little of this quality In store. There Is no roally tine us
market. In Tar we have no alteration to sole.
Provisions.?With Utile or no prime Bacon in market,
the demand for good Middles and Shoulder???11 continue*.
Home-made Cheese rather lower, and American se.Ung ?t
40? 10- cwt
TaLLOw'.?A good consumptive demand, and no raria
t'on on our rates of !s?t Fridav-X*&39. ? f'*5lnK
Hanlt of Entrland.
The loilowing is the last return published by
the Bank of England: mMrHr
Notes :a?ued....ll,015,Hs)
Government Dem. t< ^J?4,a00
Other Secu'itiea.... ? ?. \bMHffti
Gold Coin and Bullion. ?\S
tfUv*r Bulliorr. ' %jU,T?
banking department.
Propri-.-tor?' ^*J^^'Y///,Y.V.".\\\\\V."^Sj^rt
PuDllcDe^>?i".Vrn^ Kxch'equer,
Saving* Bsxas, Commlsa.oner? ol .Na?
tional Debt, and Dividend Accounts). T,Vr2,'.'4)
Other Depo*!".9,718,433
Seven Day and other Bills. 1,530,665
Government Securitie*, (includin< Deed
Weight Annuity,).1 CS8,Xil
Other Securitie*.10 98M4O
Oold and Silver Coin. 880721
Nar. Li, 13?. M. MAftBUAiib, Oci'K Casbiar.

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