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Lecture Sitt<cti.... Hat*.j Patent?.
Special Sottet?..... Far Sale.'.Jevretry.
Wanted. Inttructum. ixrudor. Adrrlum'i.
Want Piaee*. T? Ixt. THIRD PaGE.
Boardina. Harivurr. TelejrapK.
jY?w pjohtaivm*.. Windtiv Sksute* ... fropot-U*.
Amruemrnl*. Oaurtr^. Inegal Sotict?.
Salsa by Auetion... Pianot. CorporalionSbtice*
Ftnnnnal. Irr. Cioi?i*>y. Cihfornta.
SECOND PAGE Coal. Traveling.
Dry (Joodi. Xtdicin**. For Europe. 4t....
Water C^re. Inxarojut.
Fijk's Patent Metallic Burial
Cask. Air Ttem and Indestructible ? Warerooni401
Broadway. Tee Inventor of the above cases spent more
than four yean in brie grog them to > heir present state of per?
fection. Several ibises were t<. i-c->mpn-he-j, wasch
was difficult to attain. One was to make them as tight and
portable as possible, and st the same time of sufficient
strength, required to resist the extreme pressure tbev must
sustain by die exhalation of the gas*? from the remains.
All this has been accomplished; and there has been orer
one thousand of tisem used wiinsn the last six months, and
Dot a singie case has come to the knowledge of f>e pro?
prietors, where they have not given entire satisfaction to
the friends of those whose remains have been placed in
them. Certain manufacturers of coffins have reported various
stories in regard to them, which are as false as malicious;
Red when traced to sheir source, turn out lobe the invention
of their own brain, without foundation to rest upon.
Whether inlended for ordinary hur.al for vaults, or forfans
portsiion, tbev are better than be ordinary wood coffin, or
one lined with lead, and do not cost more than one-half
as much as the latter. The prices have been materially re?
duced, and they are more wiihin iLe reach of the entire re?
spectable portion of fbe community. Undertakers will also
t>e supplied on terms thai can noi fail of being satisfactory.
The all en lion of ibe pubiic i- directed to these Cases; and
they sre desired to call ai the IVareroom. and look at mam.
Pamphlets relating 10 tiirir qualities and use furnished
gratis, a! 401 Broadway. Where ii is deairabie lo transport
remains, or keep fhem for s week or two awaiting t'ae arri?
val of friends, before burial, these Cs*es are unsurpassed,
rs no Ofleostve oder eecapee from Uirrm at any um?, in con
Sequence of their being sir tight. We repeat to those
losing friends to try them?take the statements of no one,
but give them a trial, and judge fur yourselves
Remarkable Cure ok Bronchial Con
SvRfp".?i, Charlotte Carter, residence Hi North founh
sL above Race, do hereby certify, that about three years
rsnee. i look a severe cold, which settled on my right'side,
and darting lo my shoulders, wb.ch grew worse and worse.
i seon became very much oppressed, great difficulty of
breathing, violent cough, and could not expectorate, f be?
came very weak, costive, and fever in the afternoon. Part
of the time I had nigh! sweat?, and in fact myself and friends
thought i was past recovery. I tr.ed several physicians and
a number of pulmonary remedies, but could get no relief.
Last spring I was recommended to try Schekcx's Pul
znonic Syrup. 1 took two bottles and found but little relief,
and bad concluded lo abandon is. but through the solicita
tion of my children, I was induced to make a further trial,
and 1 am happy to say that while I was using the third bot?
tle the phlegm 'started, and when my cough came on I could
expectorate very freely. My Cough, Oppression, Hectic
Fever, and ali mv unfavorable symptoms vanished. I now
enjoy good health, for a person ?l my age. and 1 feel satisfi?
ed that the Pulmonic Syrup has saved my life. i am still
gaining strength, and improving in general health. It would
afford me much pleasure lo state more particularly mv for?
mer situation and the present, and the benefit I have receiv
ed from " Sehenck's Puimonic Syrup " to anv person who
will call on me at my residence, 114 Nortb-fotinL-at. who la
afflicted with that heretofore considered fatal disease. Con?
Plula Oct. 1.1842. Wife of the lato Win. Carter.
Sold by C. A . Clickener &; Co. 81 Barclay-sL New-York.
Mrs. Jervis's Cold Candy.
Softly sing in Lydian measure,
Praises of that priceless treasure,
That Consumption's arm* turnelh
When Use hectic fever barneth.
That the fiercest cough aliayeth,
And from each disease that preyeih,
On the organs of the breath,
Steals Ute barbed shaft of Death. |
We have found a new Hygela
Benefactress: would you'see her' i
Would you test the sweet confection
She prepares in such perfection?
All that we have to observe is,
Cell forthwith to Mrs. Jervis,
Where you 6ee a crowd and ''snides''
At Broadway, Three Sixty-six.
Sold by Mrs. Jar* is sso Broadway, and by Druggists
Hats. Caps, Furs and Umbrellas.?
Kkox, the inimitable and persevering Hatter has on hand
his new style oi gossamer Ha', which, lor shape and riniah
is not excelled by any of the nristocratic Broadway shops.
He is known world-wide lor his gentlemanly treatment to
his customers; and our readers and friends from the city and
country, should give him a call. He has on hand his usual
supply"of Hats, Caps, Fora, and Umbrellas, and our word
for ii, they are unsurpassed. Knox does not need the pur?
chase of a Jenny Lind ticket to "ring" vm into notoriety.
His fame, and the quality of his goods a e too well known.
His establishment is in'Fuilun-et. 128, a few doors west of
the Sun cilice.
BP*Velvet Cloaks .Sacks and Mantles.
as well as Cloth, Silk and Merino do. are got up in most
superb style by Hitchcock 4; Li:Ai<iiEATt:r.5l7 Broadway,
comer Lennard-at. ne.\l door to Tultle's famous fancy slore.
and are sold ctjeap: cheaper than at any other establish?
ment, while tlieir lung and scjuare Shawls'of various kinds,
as well ss their Silks, Merinoes, Calicoes, Oe Laities; und
Indeed every kind of goods in tlieir line are of superior
rjualily, w Idle tlieir prices are unusually low.
Their Superiority Acknowledged.?
Cantrti t, Ladies' Shoemaker, of SSt> Bowery, has for
years devoted himself to perfecting the style, quality und
general iippearance of his Gailers, Slippers, Ties, Over
fclioes and Dancing Slippers, and their Niij>erionty over all
others lias been acknowledged by those who have become
acquainted with their uier.la. Ladies should give him a
Watches and Coi n Pens.?It is to the
intereat ol wholesale dealers and others to examine the as
?OrUnent of tine Gold and Silver Watches offered for s&lo
by John Y. Savage, 1>2 Fulton-sL He sells none but those
he can warrant in every particular The Richelieu Ever
Pointed Gold pens, of which J. Y. S. is solo manufacturer,
ate a first-rate article, and Luve the coutidence of the writ?
ing community.
The First and Only Gold Medal.?
The Dagi brrkotypf.s that received the first and only gold
medal ever awarded by the American Institute, maybe
seen al brady'S Gallery, 20.S and i.i'7 Broadway, corner of
Fulion-si. Also, Daguerreotypes ou Ivory, by Brady's
new process.
Bsv*"Thoughts that breathe and words
that bum" almost seem bursting from the lips and imprint?
ed on the fan of those almost Magic DaGUEREYS ofR?oT's.
Bis Is the power to excel iu this truly wonderful art?hi*
the triumph over all competitor!-, as the two highest Medals
awarded by the last faire of New-York and Philadelphia
show. Gallery free, at lSt-3 Broadway.
13^ Where is Bopine's Dry Goods
Store' Is the qiestion now asked by every lady in pursuit
of bnigRins in the way of Dry Goons, and lo such of our
readers w e would say. at Sua Grand-.-t. corner of Orchard,
where you will lind every thing in the Dry Good> line
adapted it? the seaion. unsurpassed in beauty, style and
x-beapnes*. d? St
Knapp's Health Restorative Bit
TtiRS.?For the cure of Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Nervous
Weakr.es?, Liver Complaints, -Me?
in ihe following certificate, selected from a large num
l.er recently received, ibe extraordinary effects oi this pre?
paration in a complication of disorders arising from Indi?
gestion, are briefly "and dearly stated i
Messrs KxArr-: On ceieri?ining o offer you a certificate
respecting the good qualities of vour valuable Bitte.-s. and
the bentKs which have followed their use In my own ca-e.
1 have concluded that a plain statement of facts would be
preferable to readers because more easily understood. 1
therefore state thai you may reft r to me as often as you
p!ea#e, whenrecommending Knm-i-'s Health Restorative
Sitters. The preparation his entirely cured me of a com
plication of disorders aris.ng from indigestion, weich every
other medicine resorted lo had failed to relieve. Loss of
appetite, general debility, giddiness, great oppression after
eating, were the evils which united to reader my tile &
burden, until they were banished by the use of your in?
valuable compound.
With gratitude 1 subscribe ravre'f yours, Jcc,
WM. HOPKINS, M Vandam-st, N. Y.
New-York, August 23, ISJo.
General Depot SC' Hudson-st, and for sale by Druggists
generally. SO Cents per bottle. di> 2;TuVTh
Furs.?We understand that Furs are
gting lobe very much worn this Winter, and we know of
no beWr place than at YoCNG'S, ia.1 Ruwery. to gel ihem.
Ladies canrept-nd upon ibe article tliul lliey purchase there
being v* hat it is repreeei ted. ' u2ti ?w eod
New Hulled Buckwheat for Siiip
-Crohwkli. It Bikdsavl, 2M9 Frout-sL comer of
i--nmn) viffer for sale .i.iXs.1 packages new Buckwheat, of
prime qualirv, put up in handsome style, expressly for Lhe
Boutbern aud Eastern markets In barrels, halves, quarters,
eighths, boxes and bags of 49 and 24| pounds, For sale in
lots to suit purchasers. oli iOiTuTbSiS"
Seasonable Boots and Shoes.?Water
proof Dress and Patent Lea;! er Boots, Coi greaa Dancing
Gaiter*. V. L. Pumps, Dress Shoe*for parties. Ladies' Gait?
ers and Shoes, Btw's. Mis>es' and Children's wear of all
kinds, for sale ai the low. si price t>v
nSO Steod john L. WaTKI.NS. 11 i Fulu-n-sl.
BP Elegant Invitation, At Home. At
Church. Visiting and Cake Cards, engraved and pnnted in
the mos! fashionable stvles. at EvKKOCLL'S, SOS Broadway,
corner of Dusne-sl. Beautir'v.l boxes for wedding cake,
splendid bridal envelops. Wafers and s--ver cord. Mr.
Everdell has a branch store a! 2 Waii-sL for the accommo?
dation of his down-town customer*,_
Velvets, Velvets.?G. M. Bodine,
32S Grand-sL corner of Orchard, will sell, this week, the
entire balance of hi> wide Silk \ eivets. recent y lv.?u<ht at
auction, comprising the best Mrlivtion to be loi.n.i :?. :?::*
cirv. Ail mutt po.niiive)v be sold. Ladies, now is the time
to obtain a bargain; be sure you improve the opportunity.
d4 ft_.
Gentlemen's Fall and Winter
Wear.?Was. T. Jennisgj S; Co. 2S1 Broadway, opposite
the Park Foojilain, will this day Introduce Lhelr new Styles
or Overcoats, and other Fall and Winter Garments, com?
prising an assortment in style and character far superior to
feie productions they have heretofore rendered so accepta?
ble to their numerous patrons. _Ol if
Removal.?Peterson & Humphrey
have removed from 4S2 Pearl-si. to their new store 379
Broadway, corner of White-*:. The balance of the stoca
ftotn Peari-st. will be exhibited in the basemen! room, and
?old at-15. per cent, less than cost until disposed of. d I 6T*
Bargains in Oil Cloths.?5,000 yds.
?lightiv damaged, si greativ reduced price*, for aale by
n23 2w Pearl-street, tear Chatham.
Fowlers & Wells, Phrenologist!
and Publisher*. Clinton HolL 131 Nassau-^ c-?r '-he Pa-ii
Barium's Mcsecm.?You mn.-t see Tom
Thumb cow or neve.- Ti.i* is hi* last day Lot one. He
plays his jrrear Hup o- try Thnrob thi* evesing, and doe*
bis other wonderful peiformance* thi* afternoon. If you
miss this opportunity, you will regret it all your life.
C5>- General Committee of Democratic Whig
Young Men.-A Regular Meeting of Ihi* Committee
win te held at the Broadway Home, on FRIDAY EVE
NINO, Dec. 6th, at 8 o'clock. Br order
Isaac Wm. Smith. ) 5prrfrtrr>. ,. ?
Jacob E. Howard. 5" ' 03 a
E*?J In Democratic Whig General Committee,
Bxoabwav HocsE, Dec3, 1850? The Special Committee
appointed lo draft resolutions in reference to our late Chair
roan and Secretary, made the following report, which was
unanimously adopted, and ordered to be published in uie
Whig papers:
Your Committee, to whom was referred tee mono- to
prepare and oner to your body Resolutions.AC expressive
of their sentiments i-'ton tb? resignation of our esteemed
Chairman. N. Bowditch Blunt. Eaq respectfully
That tbev approach the subject with feelings of the deep
importance of the matter entrusted to 'hem That they re?
cognize In ou! late Chairman a gentleman of long experi?
ence and ardeot attachment to the Whig cause, and one
well qualified to ?11 U,e honorable station which he ha* va?
cated. Bv his geuerou* and intelligent course, amid con?
flicting opinions and interests. his decisions have given satis?
faction lo all. and harmonized at a time when by? deviation
from his coarse pursued, the most unpropiuousconsequen
ces might have ensued. One who baa eademred himself to
CiiCh member of this General Committee by bis urbanity and
frankness to aH.manifi iting adi?ii!*.*re(ied*ce*f of character
pectiltru- '.o birr self
T :.: :r. the elevation bv the ritizei s of New-York of Na
THANIEL B. BLUNT.'Chauinan ol the representative* of
the Senior Whig organization of our city, lo the honorable
r ca: of District Attorney, tbey have entrusted ihe duties of
that important office to' a man who. we fee! assured, will
fai'.l fully ar.d fearies-1. ful; .1 the trust reposed in him. to the
entire satisfaction : aiL
Your Committee submit the following resolutions:
Roofrrd. That in the resignation by NATHANIEL B.
BLUNT, Em. fo. Chairman ol the Whig General Commit?
tee we have caufe of regret that the circumstances of his
election to the office of District Attorney should make it in
ccmbeol cpon him. in Lis estimation, to'retire from to hon?
orable position.
Rucktd. That we part with Mr. Blmt as chairman with
f. ? lings of deep irratitnde to him for his untiring devoti >n to
W tdg principles, and for hi? important and disinterested
course wl.Ue otirprefidini- officer.
Rctr.lrteL That in bis row ocenpstion. in the private walks,
or in and under every circumsuir.ee of life, his associates of
'...is General Committee accord to him their best wishes and
undivided attachment, trus'ing that a long life of happiness,
prosperity and usefulness is vet before him
Signed by the Committee,' HENRY SNTDER,
Your Committee to whom wa* referred the resolution to
prepare and offer for adoption to this General Convention
resolution*, iir. expressive of their sense upon the resigna?
tion of Welcome it. Beebee, Esq. as Secretarv, respect?
ful It report:
That we most heartilv regTet the necessity of the resigna?
tion, as Secretary, by Mr. Beebee. We part with him as
such, with feelings of high esteem. That the thanks of the
Commiuee are herebv tendered to him for his long attach?
ment to the Whig Pa?ty, and for the assiduity with which
be has filled the office ?f Secretary, and offer the following
RttoSrtd. That we congratulate Mr. Beebee upon his
election lo the office of Ciiy Judge, and feel that the same
honorable course will actuate him in his new position as
that bv which he has won to himself the esteem and affec?
tion of his associates of thi* General Commiuee.
Rttoltrd. That in parting with Mr. Beebee as Secretary,
wo have the consolation that although his lo6s to tis a* such
will he deeply felt, lhat he will still remain a member of
our Committee. Signed bv the Committee.
Bv order General Committee,
f'. V. Wempljs, )
Joseph M. Price, $
For Europe.
The Steamship Franklin leaves to-day at noon.
Her mails close at 10J A.M. The Weekly Tri.
L?ne, containing all the latest news, can be had at
our desk. Prices sixpence.
CP Short work and nothing to speak of
in Congress yesterday.
EP The News from Europe show?
that after all the hurry of calling out the
Army reserve, Prussia has finally and com?
pletely given in to Austria and Russia?
a comfinnation of our prediction which we
would gladly have been spared. It re?
mains to be seen whether the Government
at Berlin can as easily settle with their
foreign masters We inclin? to believe
they will have no serious trouble. The
time ha* net come vet.
."Vicnrngna. the I'nited State* nnd Great
Since the appearance of our last, we
have received intelligence which gives us
ample reason to believe that the recent out?
rages on American Rights at San Juan and
its vicinity have ban in no manner insti?
gated nor countenanced hy the British Gov?
ernment, and that they will be promptly
rebuked if not expressly disavowed. They
are simply the art- of individuals, 'dressed
in a little brief authority.' who availed
themselves of the absence of express in?
structions from London to act as if the Clay?
ton Treaty had never been made, or were
only so much waste paper. Some of them,
fully aware of that Treaty, were chagrined
by its virtual abandonment of British pre?
tensions to the Protectorate of Mosquito
and the possession of San Juan (their
'Greytown') and have been exercising
their bullying propensities on our citizens
and vessels there on the principle of one
mentioned in Scripture who is represented
as cutting his capers vehemently, "because
he knoweth bis time is short."
That the British officials at San Juan and
vicinity have been expressly and repeated?
ly ordered from London to refrain from mo?
lesting or interfering with American citi?
zens or vessels in any port of Central Ame?
rica or upon its coasts, we are fully assured:
that those orders have ere this been re?
ceived and wnl henceforth be obeyed, we
will not doubt. We are not so clearly as?
sured, but have good reason to believe, thtt
the British occupation, protectorate, or
whatever it may be called, will soon be
withdrawn from ' Greytown ' and all that
part of the Central American coast, as we
trust it also may from all Central America
so that tue amicable relations of the two
countries may be preserved and secured by
a full ar.d faithful execution of the terms of
the Clayton Treaty. With this, no new
ireaty i> ncuitu, ana .ne witnar&w&J trom
Nicaragua of the insolent and mischief
making Chatfield would dispel the last
cloud hitherto obscuring the prospect of
continued amity.
There really is no excuse for trouble in
that quarter. The United States and Great
Britain, as the two largest commercial pow?
ers on the globe, have a common and pecu?
liar interest in the connection of the.
Pacific with the Atlantic by a Ship Canal
through Central America ?an interest far
transcending in importance that of any ter
oflered all Central America from Mexico to
Venezuela in fee simple, on condition that
-be would impede the construction of the
0< ean Ship Canal for a bare half-century,
we know that it would be her interest to
refuse, and we presume her statesmen are
wise enough to know it. Just so of the
United States. We want no possessions
there, no exclusive advantages; nothing
but a Ship Canal open on equal terms to
the whole world. We wish to let alone
and be let alone, save in the way of kind?
ness and mutual good offices. Let Great
Britain but reciprocate this feeling, and the
have shown that the work will be far short?
er, easier and less expensive than has hith?
erto been calculated?and a new era in the
world's history opened. All offensive acts
or exclusive ore-tensions are at war with the
The ."Naral Service.
We like Secretary Graham's Report,
though we did not throw out articles of
the earliest moment. It is a sensible, sug?
gestive document, with more of the spirit
of Reform in it than has been evinced by
any previous Naval Secretary since Mr.
Bancroft. Its proposition that the number
of Officers in the Navy be reduced to GO
Captains. 60 Commander?, 300 Lieu?
tenant-, der ., is identical in spirit and pur?
pose with one we were permitted to make
when in Congress, but not enabled to carry.
The Country is paying at least ?300,000
annually to Naval Officers who do nothing,
and for whom it has nothing to do?some
of whom are no longer capable of doing
anything. It is profligate to keep these
men forever in office at high salaries when
we never expect to require nor use their ser?
vices. Give each Officer not needed in the
service one vear*s full pay and a pension
thereafter equal to one-quarter what his
pay would have been, requiring of him no
further service in return, and they will
have been dealt with generously, while the
Treasury will save by the change at least
Two Millions within the next ten years.
This, considering how staggering the Na?
tional Expenditures now are, and how
strong is the tendency to increase them on
position was much less radical than the
Secretary's?merely that no new appoint?
ments or promotions should be made to any
rank or grade while the Department had
already Officers in that grade lor whom it
had no employment?and this, though it left
every man in the possession of his present
WetTusT\he-D Secretary's suggestion will
have better fortune.
? Mr. Graham seems under great con?
cern of mind on the subject of Punishments
in the Navy, in view of the recent Aboli?
tion of Floeeine by Congress. We wish
he had a word to say of Rewards as well
as Punishments. Hitherto the Officers
have had the Rewards and the Seamen the
Punishments: we think a more equal di?
vision may be made to the signal advantage
appointments, of Midshipmen shall hence
be not half the excuses for punishing that
there have been. Why should it be ne
cessary in a Republic to urge some such
adjustment as this ?
Most of the Secretary's suggestions meet
our approval, especially that of distin?
guishing the Naval expenditures for ordi?
nary purposes from those for permanent ad?
ditions to the National Property in the
shape of Ships. Docks, Ordnance, Materi?
als, Arc We like alsoto hear that the Ex
peuditurcs ol the mxt year are to be lower
than those of the present. But they might
be still reduced?much reduced?without
detracting from the Navy's proper efficien?
cy. Let Congress be encouraged by a
contemplation of those Retrenchments the
Secretary suggests to devise and enact fur?
ther and still greater reductions in the cost of
this most prodigal branch of the Public
ie Nev^Yori Trib?ne thinks w- ,
V\ tu- Mate C.-r.Tvr.:\.r.. tc.z r: - ;v.:e
jrous ?f those which had sicSeoed the ?? Nationals "
ycuae. New, hois-, ver. when the Democracr of the
State bare so completely floored the wooUr'headed
juhropiat*. the facetious Editor declares it is* because
kisr iiie tnree parties into which the
People of Massachusetts are divided polled
at the late Election as follows :
VThie.57.000 nnmrit? tfi rtflfl
have ITS Members: the 'National De?
mocracy' about 100 ; the Free Soilers 112;
a large portion of both the smaller parties
having been chosen by the coalition of
those parties against the Whigs. And
now. if the ' National Democracy' are wil?
ling to walk up in solid phalanx to the line
chalked out for them-if they will help
elect a whole-hog Free Soiler to the U. S.
Senate for six years ensuing, they can have
their Governor, &c. chosen by "Free Soil
aid: if not, not. We advise them to do it
? ? a bird in hand" is not to b<- sneezed at
by them; but how this is to help their
party out of the State we don't perceive;
but no matter : if the C. F. Journal can re?
joice over such a result, we'll endeavor not
to grieve very sorely.
setts Whig State Convention were about
right, but the throwing overboard of Hor?
ace Ma>">' was not so regarded by very
ni?oy Whigs of that State. The revolt
against that unwise step was not confined
to the vote for Congress nor to any section
of the State. We believe it has given the
Free Soilers their balance of power in the
Legislature, and will probably give them
either the Governor or the U. S. Senator,
And If such a result as we have here fairly
and faithfully portraved has in truth "eom
P. S.?If the Journal means to make a
practice of giving an order for a hat every
Virginin?dor. Flo?d*-. .""Ie-^ajre.
man after his sort, and in full communion
with our Castle Garden ' Committee of
measures. The following is an extract
from his Message transmitted to the Leeis
ttion of the Northern sentiment,
iwed to indulge the hope that more
n will work a beneficial change in
nt, in the meantime, we would
rt??r a
Statu offered, for tale vfthin our territory, ft
ion, constitute the most persuasive, of all argu?
ments to insure a proper recognition of our rights.
and town in the State, whose duty it shall be to
examine all manufactures brought into their Dis?
tricts : and let a tax of ten per cent, be imposed
upon such as are found to be manufactured or pro?
duced in the Non-Slaveholding States. It should
be provided, moreover, that all merchandise be
taken and reearded as the production of Non
Slaveholding States, unless sufficient proof to the
contrary is afforded by the vender. I would also
recommend that such a tax be imposed upon for?
den goods imported through Son-Slareliotdinz
litotes, as will offer effectual encouragement to
direct importation into our own ports. '
This, you perceive, is no contingent, nor
partial, nor casual operation: the excise
proposed is to be levied on all the fabrics of
all non-Slaveholdiug States, whether they
have stood erect like Vermont, or consist?
ently groveled like Iowa, or tried walking
vania. It is to be imposed without limit of
duration, without discrimination between
the goods or wares ot Gerrit Smith and
those of men who give away their princi?
ples in order to sell their goods: even the
New-York Committee of Safety must pay
the ten percent, in spite of the constitution?
al inhibition of any such impost. True,
vou will say, 'This tax is not imposed yet,
and won't be," but the animus is there, and
will do its work in time.
?There is a column more like the above,
but we must be content with the following
? x* r;.ct:
" If no consideration of prudence or patriotism
can restrain the majority from the ncn-slavehold
inc states in their head-long career of usurpation
and wrong; and should they repeal or essentially
modify the fugitive slave Saw. The most prompt
and decisive action vrulbe required at your hands.
In either event, I would earnestly recommend
that a convention of the people be called at once,
to take into consideration the mode and measure
of redress, as well as the means of providing for
" Virginia, in this event, will have nothing to
reproach herself with, however much she may
have to reeret. She has advocated the principles
of free oral Constitutional Government with un?
wavering firmness. Neither the menaces nor the
arms of Great Britain could extinguish the love
of liberty in her bosom j and when the federal
government usurped an authority which threat?
ened our independence, she stood the champion
among toe nations oi .ue em tu.
All this, you see. means that if Virginia
is cot assisted by the Free States to the ex
rpnt cfhpT de*ires. to make her poorest and
ful in idleness and luxury, then she will
r,rrvvo bfr rlr-vnrinn to Liberty and Eaualitv
Left no Arne:
From Vksizuxxa.?By late dates from Puerto
Cabello. we learn that the election for President
of Venezuela resulted as follows: Gen. Monagas,
203; Antonia Loca dio Guzman, 6i; Estamsleo
Reudon, 32. None ot the candidates received a
two-thirds majority, leaving Congress to elect.
There was little doubt that Won eg as would be
chose n. The country is ;uiet and business active
Tribune's Special Dispatches.
From Mn?hia2i?n.
W^BiscTo-f.WedoeKUTDe?.?, IS?.
Spcnal Ditpatrh h Tht TrUrw.
W. S. Messeray. Representative el<*et
trom the State of New-Mexico, arrived
here to-day. He and R. H. Weicbtman
it'. S. Senator) intend to Dress tVi^ori^;
Mr. I
i entered upon the duties of
r of Pensions yesterday, and
appointed French Evans Chief Clerk, in
place of Hoe. lately promoted to that place
by the Secretary of the Interior.
The Army P>oard. calied to deliberate in
reference to"increased or additional rank to
be conferred on officers in certain cases, ad?
journed to-dav. and their report is not vet
Ohio I.Tfji-Iature.
CoMMBts, Wednesdsv. Dec. 1
The Legislature organized to-dav. In
?p Spnare Mr. rnnvP.rw.Whif/. tta; nhnco.
By Telegraph to the yew-Tor*- Tribcoe.
XXXI?! ('0>GKE.1?_Second Se-'ion.
ornruittees as last year.
s moved, and was excused from serving
ts on private claims of the last
ien up, and concurred in.
announced the death of Chester
sed a feeling eulogy upon him.?
moved the printing of 500 extra
Office Report of last year, for
atent Office. Laid over.
Mr. Chandler announced the death of Mr.
chester Bctler, member from Pennsvlvania,
who died in Philadelphia on the 5th of October,
on his return home from Washington, and, alter
passing a high eulogy on the character of the de?
ceased, offered the customary resolutions, that
the Clerk to forward a copy of these proceedings
to the family of Mr. BCTLER.
As a further mark of respect, the House ad
National Finances-Exports and Import?.
the expiring loans of eignt millions, wmch must
be renewed within the next two years. He recom?
mends a change in the revenue system as the
proper means of extinguishing these liabilities.?
Ali rumors of a new loan originate in ignorance or
' I send you the following statement showing the
BgiTeirate of the imports and exports into and
from the United States for the year ending the
20th of last June. The valne of" the articles im?
ported was $167,217,574, including $4,628,792 of
specie. The domestic value of the exports was
8136,940,912, including 62,040.679 of specie. The
value of the foreign products and specie was Si 1,
951,90s, including $5,376,31." of specie. The ag
ETecate value of the exports, exclusive of specie,
was 8144,375,786. The aggregate of the specie
and bullion imports was 813,710,04?, of which Cal?
ifornia furnished $9,031,256, and foreign countries
$4,623,792, as stated above in the value of foreign
imports. Tf-.is last statement will not appear In
the Official Report of this year. [Cour.and Enq.
From Washington?Court .Martial on the CapL.
of the " Vorktown"?Jenny Und-"? first Con?
cert. &c. ^ -,v tvedneadav Dec.4
Captain Marston who lost the ?. S. Ship, York
a Clerksnip in the Department o: tne
The Navy Department has tendered t
St. Lawrence, or the Fredonia. for the
Ohio State Convention.
Curcumatt. Wednesday. Dec 4.
The Convention to-day was principally occupied
witfe the consideration, in Committee of the
Whole, of the Report on Education.
Mr. Sawyer moved an amendment, to exclude
from Common Schools ail but white children,
which was agreed to.
\<r Kemn?-in rrnved an amendment, to estab
ssius M. Cls
He condemned the 1 ngitive Save
many curious and novel notions or
gious topics.
Indiana Convention
rate. The pre
debat'-i .1
e thai, one
in the Le
ussing the
Southern Item^-Texas, drc.
Bii-T'.y.oKF. Wednesday. Dec 4.
OaJveston dates to the 22d nit. are received,
he returns of the election on the Boundary bill
mtisae aU in favor of pocketing the money, by
iree majorities. The census returns indicate
,'f siave to' two whue-s. Four vessels, bringing
rnnn hair's of coffee sieved at New-Orleans on
Arrest of a Coanterfeiter.
BrrriLO. Wecnesdav. Dec 4.
Mr. Tvieriarrested a man named James Hogers,
of New-York, last evening, having about tim
$2,000 in counterfeit notes, pnncipsLy on tne
Bank of New-York. They are well done and de?
ceived some of the best judges. Hogers was ex?
amined and committed for trial
Ohio Convection.
Cincinnati, Wednesday, n^. .
The cnly business o:' importance to day *u .
motion in Committee of the Whole of a Report ^
the Apportionment of the State. This Apportia,
menl of State to take "place every ten years afrw
1-51. tlie whole population of the State to be aac*
tained every 10 yearm and divided by 100, tb
quotient to be the rate* of Representatives ia tb*
House for 10yean. The rates for Senators shall be
j ascertained by dividing the whole population by
30. This takes the apportionment fn>m the Leg:?!?.
I ture. The Convention referred the Report back
? to tie Committee to await full census returns.
Naval Intelligence.
I Washington. Wednesday, Dec 1
. n o understand that the store ship Soathamp
! ton. Juntas J. Boyle Lieut Commanding, will sail
; m January. Parser Stamm will be attached to
tiie ."Southampton.
Detraction of the Hospital for the In?*ae,
at Augn-ta, ."?le,-l,o*a t,t ZQ l.h?,
rm. /? ? Boston, VVedneKlsv.Dec. 4,
ilie louowing telegraphic dispatch has been re?
ceived here from Augusta, Me. under date of this
'? The Hospital tor the Insane, at Augusta was
destroyed by tire this morning, and it is supposed
that 20 of the unfortunate lunatics perished ia the
flames. It is supposed that the fire was occa?
sioned by a defect in the chimney. Some of the
lunatics gave the alsnn as soon as the tire was
discovered, bat the keepers, supposing the noise
to be the accustomed ravine,*, gave no heed to
them until they discovered that the building was
tilling with smoke."
Private messages from Auzusta substantiate
the above statement. A mong those who perished
was a relative of Judge Etedington.
/>t?rofWi II] Boitl.v. Wednesday, rW. S?Iii P M
A dispatch to the " Traveller, dated Augusts,
11 o'clock A.M. says, "the Insane Hospital is
now burning-, halt of it is already destroyed and
the remainder is in serious jeopardy. The fire
originated in the Air Chambs ra, coatiguoas to the
furnace, and when discovered, had filled the galle?
ries with gas and smoke, which rendered the at?
tempts to rescue inmates extremely haxardoua,
and in some cases impracticable.
The number that perished, is unknown as yet,
but is estimated at from six t^> twelve. The !>.
male gallery hiis been cleared without loss oi life.
The Hospital contained 125 inmates, half of wbora
(males} were in the galleries, where the tire is now
raging. Most of the insane were necessariiy turn
ed out naked in the open ftir. some have found re?
fuse in the Jail and Alms House, others in private
dwellings, and some lew are wandering abroad.
The Hospital is a new building, about a mile
from the village of Augusta. A Dispatch dated
12 o'clock, says the lire is believed to be suppress?
ed, one wing and the central building mostly
Fnta! KailroHd .tccldent.
Boston. Wednesday, Dec 4
Yesterday morning, upon the Concord and
Claremont Road, a little above Concord, N. H., a
Railroad train came iu contact with a wntruu
crossing the track?the wagon contained Mr. W'm.
Couit sod his wife of Manchester. Mrs. Coult
was instantly killed, her body being horribly man?
gled. Mr Coult was dragsed stong' by the engine
for some distance. He lingered until <t o'clock last,
evening, when he also died. The deceased were
elderly people, and had been traveling in Vermont
ar.d Is*ew-\ork, and were on their return home.
Great Freshet.
Oswtco, N. V Wednesday. Dec. t
At the village ol Cleveland, in Oswego County,
the water of the Black Creek, a stream which
supplies power lor a large number of saw and
other mills, has risen to such a higbt that five largo
dams, two bridges, and $10,000 worth of lumber,
have been floated off. The damage is greater
than has been sustained from any previous freshet
in tlus County.
Fall of a Bridge.
L'tics, Wednesday, Dee. i.
The Miller bridge,'which crosses the Mohawk
River, in this city, broke down this afternoon, un?
der the weight of" 54 head of cattle and two men.
One of the men and 17 of the qaidrapeds were,
drowned. The water is about 20 feet deep at tins
point. _
JlarkeU...-At.BANv, Dec !.
The receipts since our last have been 3,000 bbls <
Flocr. The sales of Flocr have been about 2,000 bbls, at '
previous rales. Wheat lo sii-sdy and prices a^e. firm, wi?i
sales l.iiOObush ordinary Gentses? at lie, 2,000 bosh Bar
lev sold at 90c. 30 bales tew llor-i have been sold a: 30c.
The weather to-da\ is fine and warm.
Markets-.--Cincinnati, Dec t.
The markot for H- 'c-s is unsettled. The weather
here is favorable, and holders sie asking 8.1. but f.nd no
? ? e-r. Trie wholemimberarrived thus far is ti 1,000 against
130.M?.' at same c.ate !a=t year.
."Market*.Cincinnati. Dec I.
Hoc- have been a tritle firmer to-day. Small
trscsac'JoES at 3 8083 90. but they are mcwdv bald at si.?
No buyers at that pr.ee. Whisht is sesree aai saBl t! 2tc.
Flocr buoyant at 3 &5. Weather wet.
Fire nt ^outhwnrk-Mnd Dog F.xcitement ia
Frankfort-Jenny l.indln Good Health.
Vurrespoodecce of The TnbuDe.
" ^Philadelphia, Wednesday, Dec. 1
Clayton berry s Pottery, on Second-st. below
Greenwich, Sonthwark, was destroyed by lire.
Loss 63.000. Insurance &*2.000.
Miss Jenny Lind's last of the present series of
Concerts, will be given on Friday evening. Two
of Miss Lind's Concerts, announced for the early
part of the present week, were postj<oned, incon?
sequence of the amiable vocalist's indisposition.
1 am pleased to learn to-day, that Miss Lind lias
entirely recovered her health, and will be ia fine
voice on Friday evening
There was much excitement in Frankford yes?
terday, in consequence of the appearance of a
mad doc in its streets. The dog was not killed
until after he had bitten several children. The oc?
currence caused the prompt inforceroent of the
Ordinance of the Town Council against dogs run?
ning at large, and in the course of last night
about thirty canine residents of that borough were
Tr.ere bus been but tittle business done to-dsy, owing to
ihrcominued r?;n, which has prevented the landinEjofsome
cargoes. Tl ?* Fi.ofR market is quiet. Common snipping
brands are oflered at $4 78 p bbi, bat there is little or bo
export demand, and no furtner sales have been reported.?
For ciiy cui-stimr-uon there it very little inquiry. Pr.ces
range trom $4 61t> to ?5 50 for c jmmnon and extra bracda.
Rye Flovr is in demand, arid taken on arrival ai $3 75.?
Coaa M as l is in limited request at ?2 75 ?> bbl. Frees of
Whi at are steadv and the receipts are failing otf Sales
of good tod prime red at 81 Mai (>5. anil white at e! ll'd?
1 Hi r> bushel. Rye is dull. Corn is in limited demand.
Sales of 23 jM<> bushels new yellow at >l'?i6|c*J,,tbe latter
price forpriruedry lots. Oats are in demand, i.*'.) bushels
prime Pennsylvsnia sold at -12 eis V* bust el. Whisky is
cnl! -, we quote bbis at 27 cu and i bdi at 26$ cts.
I Sales or Stocks.?Firit Board.-tl.e*> Rcadio? RR,
Mori Cs, t5i: 62? Girard Bans. 12}; #!.?*> Kensington
\VW ?4; ?!.??? Beadtmu KB, as. W; #!.?? Reading
P.R ."? .* -i^ Texas Resists red Notes. ? ; ; 20 G.rard
Life and Trust. 2Al; #I,?* Sch Nav ?*, >68, ii} ; S7.nre> d0>
Hi: IS Norrstown RR.35J: 10? Texas 10 per cent. Bonds,
?] (OOdo. 44|:$1.C?' do. Mj; 2 North American Bas* 147;
" ? Girard Bank. 121; Iii? Stale 6s, 101,; 30 Com
neicial Back. 604,: Jfl,000 Ilamsburgh BB, 6s, S?
SrpREME Court of the UsrrtD States.?
WaiLington, Tuesday, Dec. 3 ?Present a* yes
terdav, and Mr. Justice Daniel of \ uginia-?J
Simon Cohen, Esq. of Philadelphia, was admitted
an Attorney and Counsellor of this Court. No. 1 ?
Suydam and Boyd, plaintitfs, ps. E. ?a
the motion of Mr. Walker, of co^Uo^U de
fendant, this cause from thei Circuit^Court o be
r^tA^t erstes waa diirm**** with costs, for the
If/utfX for th* plaintiffs under the
l^ra\eo( tS?Court. Adjourned until to-morrow
at 11 o'clock, A- M.
nnwissMM 05 Claims against Mexico.?
?- r- VJJT'Tuesday, Dec 3.?The Board met
wlr, ?everal cases were taken under continued
PiaminatioD. but no final decision arrived at. The
Board adjourned until 11 A. M. to-morrow.
Ikos Worm Stopped.?The AUentown Iron
Works, in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, were
closed on the Cth of November, and all the work
men discharged. These furnaces have made as
much as ten "thousand tuns of Iron in one year;
and in that time consumed 10,000 tuns of Anthra?
cite Coal, 2./,000 tuns of Iron ore, and 12,000 tuns
of Limestone. They were constructed with all
the new improvements, and were very advanta?
geously situated on the Lehigh River The qua
llty of the Don was so decidedly superior, that it
always obtained the highest prices.
Florida.?The Legislature of this State met
on the 25th uit. Ronar.t J. Floth was elected
President of the Senate, and hboh Archer
Speaker of the House of Representatives. The
Governor's Message was expected to be sent in
on the ensuing day.

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