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extraordinary promise, and rjf placing the sons of
officers of the Navy and Army, who have little
choice of residence, on a footing or equality with
the other young men of the country in eligibleness
for tbe Naval service .
The deficiency of the Articles of War for the
government of the Navy have been so repeatedly
brought to the attention of Congress by the He
ports of my predecessors, that I would content
myself on this head by a general reference-to
them,but for the alteration made in these articles
by a clause in the Appropriation Act of the last
Session. As the Department construes that Act,
tbe punishment by whipping for any crime or of?
fense, whether by the judgment o! a Court Mar
Martial or the summary command of the chief offi?
cer of a ship, is totally abolished. Deferring en?
tirely to this decision of the Legislature, I deem
it my duty to remind them that the act in ques?
tion has imposed on them the duty of revising the
whole system of offenses and punishments in the
Navy without delay. Both officers and seamen
should be early informed, not otdy what is the
rule of their conduct, but what penalty will be in?
curred in case of its violation. The punishment
by whipping entered so largely into the code
heretofore existing since the foundation of the
Navy, that its abolition has left in the hands of au?
thority but few other sanctions than those of death
and imprisonment. And its simple prohibition,
without any other change of the system, leaves
the offender still exposed to the extreme penalty
of human law, to which stripeR were in many in?
stances only a milder alternative.
Thus, Article 14:
" No officer or private In the Navy shall disobey tho law?
ful orders of bis superior officer, or strike him, or draw or
offer to druwor raise any weapon against him, while In tho
execution of the duties of his office , on pain of death, or
such other punishment as a Court-martial shall ir.lllct."
" Art. 17. If any person In the Navy shall desert, or shall
entice others to desert, he shall suffer death, or such other
punishment as a Court-martial shall adjudge-," i.e.
" Art 20. If aiiv person in thu Navv shall sleep upon his
watch. orncKllKenclty porfortn the dutyassigned him, or
leave his station before regu urly relieved, he shall suffer
death, or such otht r punishment as a Court-martial shall ad
' Judge: or, If the offender he a private, he may, at tho discre?
tion of the Captain, be put in irons, or flogged not exceeding
twelve lashes."
Jt ia manifest, therefore, that, in all such cases,
involving the sentences of Courts Martial, the re?
cent legislation has in no degree abated the se?
verity of the naval code.
But it was probably the infliction of this punish?
ment in a summary way, by the order of the com?
mander of a ship, in which there had, doubtless,
at times been abuses, which was the principal
mischief intended to be remedied. The alterna?
tive in that case, and which now exists, is confine"
mcnt in irons. Aside from any comparison in the
degrees of degradation of these two modes of
punishment, it cannot fail to be observed that tho
latter disables nud weakens the ship's company
by the amount of every man confined, and would
have few terrors for hardened offenders on tho
trying occasions of a battle or a storm. It must
also be recollected that, existing at discretion, it
is liable to the same abuse, with its alternative al?
ready mentioned, although not so efficient for the
enforcement of discipline. In view of the difficul?
ties which ?urround the subject, I avail myself of
tho presence of a board of highly intelligent and
experienced officers, assembled at tho seat of
Government for another purpose, to ask their
Opinion on several questions connected with this
change of discipline, and will probably be able to
communicate it within a few days. And I re?
spectfully suggest that a Committee of Congress
snail take the testimony on oath of respectable
and experienced seamen, as well as officers, in
reference to a proper code of discipline for the
service, and especially in regard to the discre?
tionary punishments to be imposed by officers in
command (d' single ships.
The line of mail steamers between New-York
and Liverpool, owned by Mr. E. K. Collins and
his associates, commenced tho transportation of
the mails in April last, in compliance with their
contract with this Department, under tho act of
Congress of lid March, 1847, in two steamships,
the Atlantic and Pacific, to which have recently
been added two others, tho Arctic and Baltic,
and has been eminently successful in making the
passages across the ocean.
The line from New-York to Chagres, owned by
Mr. George Law, assignee of A. G. Sloo, and au?
thorized by the same act, has had no accession to
its number of vessels since the last Annual Lie
port from this Department.
The lino from Panama to Run Francisco and
thence to Astoria, of whim Mr. William EL As
pinwall is proprietor, as assignee of Arnold Har?
ris, has received an addition of two new steamers,
the Tennessee and Columbia, within the last few
months, making its whole number live.
According to the directions contained in the acl
of the last Session, approved 28tl) of September,
IB'iO, directing payments to be made on these
several lines, according to the service actually
performed; there was paid to George Law, tor
mail service on his line from 1st December, I'M-1,
to iiiuli September, 1850, In ch?!i.$300,278
And by credit on Inn debt lor advances. 50,000
This payment was made in compliance with
what whs supposed li> be the int ention of Congress
in tho proviso of the appropriation for the mail
steam service in that act. That, however, was a
temporary provision, and tho especial direction of '
Congress'is desired in relation to future payments
for service on I his line.
On the 20th and 29th November, 1850, there was
paid to ES. K.Collins ami his associates for service
on their line, 61(13,000, leaving the former indebted
to the United Siaies in the sum of $240,000 with
interest, and the latter in the sum of $385,000, for
advancements made in aid of their enterprise, which
will become due in April next with interest.
Mr. William H. Aspinwall repaid the whole
amount of the advancements received by him in
mail service prior to the 18th February last, ac?
cording to a settlement then made, and having ex?
ecuted his contract with great punctuality,has had
further settlements with ihe Department to tho
30th of September last.
I respectfully recommend that aline for the
transportation of tho mails from San Francisco to
Macao, Shanghai, or other point in Kastern Asia,
either by steamers or sail vessels, be also estab?
lished. Such a line would furnish regular and early
means of communication between our squadrons
in the Pacific and the China seas, enabling their
early cooperation whenever occasion might re?
quire, and would contribute much to tho facilita?
tion of that commerce with the Bast to which ref?
erence has been already made.
In consequence ol the adaptation of mail steam?
ers principally for speed and transportation, it has
been doubted by officers of great intelligence
whether they can be i onverted into war steamers
of the first class without much additional expense,
since they have neither the strength to bear heavy
armaments nor to withstand cannonading. But
as long as warfare at sea, unlike that on land, per?
mits the seizure of the private property of the peo?
ple of tin enemy when found afloat on the ocean,
they con alwa_\s be employed with great advan?
tage under light armaments against the commerce
of an adversary. With speed to overtake a mer?
chant vessel, and at tho same time elude the pur?
suit of a cruiser, they must prove a most formida?
ble means of annoyance to merchantmen.
The operations at the National (Ibservatory and
Hydrographical office continue to be conducted
in a manner highly satisfactory, and are adding
much to the stores of knowledge und the facilities
of ocean navigation. By virtue of the authority
contained iu the act of Congress approved March
3d, 184!), lhavo recently appointed an agent in tho
city of London to make sale of copies of charts
prepared at the Hydrographical Office, for the
mere cost of printing them, with the charges of
transportation ami a reasonable commission, so as
to diffuse the information afforded by them to nau?
tical persons generally.
The astronomical expedition, under Lieutenant
Gilliss, to Santiago de Chili, with a view to a new
determination ot the distance of the earth from
the sun, by observations carried en at tbe same
time there anil here, und other scientific objects,
has prosecuted its labors successfully, and has
been signally favored by the Chilian Government
and people, as is manifest from the flattering men?
tion of it in the recent message of the President
to the Congress of that country, and from his ap?
plying and procuring tobe attached to it a number
of their young men us students of astronomy.
The preparations for the publication of an Arno
icon Nautical Almanac, by Lieut. Davis, under
tho direction ot the Department, are in an ad?
vanced state of progress. It will appear in a let?
ter appended from him that he has solicited and
engaged the labors of scientific persons in various
parts of the United States as assistant computers,
and there is every reason to hope that when this
work shall be completed, it will not only be high?
ly valuable to navigators, hut will be worthy^of
the scientific character ol the country.
The experiments of Professor I'ago in testing
the application of electro-magnetism us a motive
power in mechanics have been continued since
my report made in compliance with a resolution of
the Senate in .September lnst, by virtue of the ap?
propriation of March 3, 1849, and he is now en?
gaged in preparation tor a trial trip of a locomo?
tive on a railroad propelled by this power.
The meteorological obgervations of Professor
Espey, which arv still in progress ander the ap?
propriation made at the las', session of Congress,
will be detailed in his report to be presented to
Tbc course of experiments in gunnery, and the
preparation of ordnance and ordnance stores of
all kinds at the Navy Yard in Washington, have
been conducted in a manner highly satisfactory
to the Department, and in consideration of the
great importance of this particular duty to the ef?
fectiveness of our naval armament everywhere,
and the labor and responsibility of the officer
charged w ith it, I with deference recommend that
his compensation be made equal to that of a Corn
roamier at sea.
A board of naval officers has been convened,
agreeably to your instructions, for advice and in?
formation on the question of rank between officers
of the military and civil branches of the naval ser?
vice, and the relative rank of officers of the army
and navy when acting together, on which tho
opinion of the President was requested by a reso?
lution of the House of Representatives at the last
session, and their report will be laid before you as
soon .as received.
The joint board of officers of the army and navy,*
who have been engaged in the examination of
our Pacific coast with reference to harbors, fortifi?
cations, lighthouses, navy yards and docks, is ex?
pected to finish its work in the present month,
and return to the seat of Government. The so
lection of a site for a navy yard and dock on that
coast has been deferred until the reception of the
report of the board, and a personal conference
With the officers comprising it.
By virtue of the authority conferred on the head
of this Department in the act of Congress, ap?
proved September 26, 1810, to purchase American
water-rotted hemp in open market, for the use of
the navy, provided the price shall not exceed that
of "the foreign article for the last five years," the
hemp agents at Louisville and St. Louis have
been instructed to moke inquiries and receive
proposals as to the price of the article; but no suf?
ficient information has yet been received to justify
purchases of the quantity required.
I subjoin the reports of the respective heads of
bureaus of Ibis Department, and of the command?
ant of the Marino cops, presenting estimates for
the fiscal year ending the 30th of June, 1852, to?
gether with nn aggregate statement of the appro?
priations required for all objects under the super?
vision of this Department, the sum total of
which is.$8,111^601
From !!>'.- ehould lie deducted ili<- estimates for ex?
traordinary objects, as follows, viz.: Transpor
laiinii of Ine iimil, Improvement of navy vards,
To-how the amount proposed forth* support of
the iihv?l service, including the Marine corps,
forthe year......$5,900,621
The above aggregate, it will be perceived, is
less by more than one million of dollars than were
the estimates for the present year. To it, how?
ever, must be added the amount which may be
required for the. floating dry dock, basin and rail?
way on the coast of the Pacific, of which an es?
timate will be supplied so soon as a contract
shall be made, and the price of the whole work
agreed upon.
I take the liberty to suggest that the appropria?
tions for the annual support of the Navy should
be separated from those for fixed and permanent
objects on shore, and more especially those for
extraordinary objects under the supervision of
the Department, which, however important as
subjects of public interest, are not, necessarily
connected with it. if, in analogy to the biils for
the erection of fortifications, and forthe support of
the Military Academy, as related to the Army,
distinct bills were prepared for the Navy Yards
and Docks and tho Naval Academy, and lor the
mail steam service, and other objects of the class
above mentioned, it would contribute to a better
Understanding of the matters involved, perhaps to
greater economy under each of these various
beads, and would relieve the Navy from the
charge of extravagant expenditures.
The total amount drawn from the Treasury
during the fiscal year ending June Ho, 1850, as
shown by the statement of appropriations for the
naval service, prepared by the Second Controller
Of the Treasury is.$9,691 B05 111
From which deduct repayments.1,799,913 (17
And there is left the sum of.$7,891,891 W
as the expenditures on all objects under toe con?
trol of this Department. Of this amount there
was expended lor special objects the sum of
$2,368,169 11, leaving as the true expenditures
for the support of the navy and marine corps the
Bum of $5,523,722 83.
The unexpended balance in Treasury of the ap
propriations for the naval service, marine corps,
and special objects, under the control of this De?
partment, on the 30th of June, 1850, was $3,839,
253 84, all of which will 1"' required to meet out?
standing obligations due from the appropriations
made for thut year.
1 commend to liie attention of Congress the re?
forms introduced in the supply of provisions by
the efficient cbu f of that bureau, and his sugges?
tions as to others which can only bo aflectod by
legislation. Likewise to the statement made by
the Chief of tho Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
that the number ofeffective medical officers in the
f.. \ ice is insufficient for its wants, and his recom?
mendation that those unfitted for duty shall be re?
tired ami their places supplied by new appoint?
ments. I also concur in his recommendation that
the sum of $200,000, part of the Navy Hospital
Fund, be invested in stocks, as a protection
against less and to insure n regular income.
The augmentation of the marine corps, as pro?
posed in the report of its chief, deserves likewise
the early attention of Congress. By a revision of
the complement tables of ships of-war it is believ?
ed that the number of landsmen might be reduc?
ed, and that of the rank and file of the marines
increased, so as to provide forthe deficiency tiovy
existing in this corps, without detriment to tho
Service, or additional expense to the Government.
I am, with the highest respect, your obedient servant,
To tbe PaESlOENT. Secretary of the Navy.
Itciiort on Navy Yards nn?l Docks.
Accompanying the Report of the Secretary of
the NRvy is the following report from the Bureau
of Yards and Docks;
BUREAU Ol YytRDS AND D0CKS,0Ct. 12, 1850.
SiR: In compliance with your instructions of
the 6th August last, I have the honor to submit my
report, with the estimates from this bureaufor the
fiscal year ending 30th June. 1852.
These estimates have, alter careful considera?
tion, been reduced to the smallest amount that a
due regard to the public interest, and the present
state, and further progress, of the several works of
improvement, at the respective navy yards, will
permit, it will be seen that the aggregate amount
falls short of the last year's estimates in the sum
of $1,113,742, owing chiefly to the fact that nothing
further is requited for the completion of the float?
ing docks now under contract.
The present report will exhibit the progress
which has been made, with the amounts expend?
ed for improvements mid repairs, for the three last
quarters of the fiscal year ending 30th June, 1850,
This is done with a "view to enable tho bureau
hereafter to make the annual reports correspond
with the fiscal year.
There are at this time eight navy yards and two
naval stations, which, with the Naval Asylum, and
the cure of the timber upon the public lauds, have
been placed under the direction of this bureau. It
is evident that considerable outlay and expendi?
tures must be made for keeping these establish?
ments in a good state of improvement and repair,
and ready at all times to meet the wants of th?
service, whether as dock-yards for ship building,
manufacturing, or other purposes; and if kept in
such condition, they will be found, with the add?
ition of a naval dep?t in tho State of California,
amply .sufficient to meet all the demands of our
present Navy fcr many years to come.
A description of the work done at the several
navy yards, and the particular object for which
appropriations are asked for the next fiscal year,
with explanatory remarks thereon, will be found
in detail under the head of each yard, to which 1
respectfully ask your attention, as follows, via ;
Two houses for officers' quarters have been
completed since tho last October, 1849, and are
now occupied. The iron and copper store is near?
ly completed, anu a small amount has been ex?
pended in dredging channels, tilling anj
tug a fence alone, h lushing av. and paving gutters;
the usual annual repairs have been made upon the
existing improvements , and there has been ex?
pended for improvements, from the 1st October
1841', to the 30th of June, 1850, the sum of $ui'
779 53.
For the fiscal year ending 30th June, 1853, esti?
mates are submitted for a smithery, saw mill,
continuation of quay-wall, cob-wharf, dredging
channels, timber shed, paving gutters and (lag?
ging, cisterns, gutters and lenders to ship houses,
and timber sheds, filling in timber pond, and for
repuirs of all kinds, amounting to $176,500.
The amount asked for the smithery is highly
neeessan* tbe present buildingbeing small,incon?
venient, 'and repairing extensive repairs. The
? aw mil! is mncb wanted, as all the sawing is now
done by band, which is a slow and expensive me?
thod. At the last session ot Congress, an appro?
priation was made for taring the wharves ot this
ysrd with stone, and an additional amount is now
asked for the continuation of this very important
work. The amounts asked for cob wharf, dredg?
ing channels, paving gutters, cisterns, Ac are very
much wanted. A new timber shed is required at
th<5 yard, the present sheds being entirely insuffi
cient for the protection and preservation of the
valuable ship-timber on hand. The estimates for
repairs of all kinds will be required, to preserve
the buildings and render them useful.
sackitt's harbor.
At this station there has been expended from
tbe 1st of October, 1349, to the 30th Jane, le50,
for repairs of all kinds, 6344 35. Estimates are
snbmittedfcfor repairs of all kinds, and for grading
and filling in some of the low grounds, amounting
to 62,300, all of which will be necessary for the
protection and preservation of the public property.
This important work had advanced so far to?
ward completion as to admit of the docking of the
U. S. ship .Dale, on the 8th of January, lft50. A
large amount [of work has been performed since
tbe 1st of October, 1849, and the last stone of the
dock was laid on the 19th of April last. The re
"reoval of the coffer dam was attended with great
labor, but was successfully performed without ac?
cident; tbe iron floating gate was completed and
delivered at the dock by the contractor on the 1st
January. The workmanship upon this gate re
fleets great credit upon the contractor, Henry JA.
Dunham. Esq.
The foundation of the engine-house is complet?
ed to the water-table, and about one half the
quantity of granite required for the building ha?
been delivered, and one-fifth of the whole quanti?
ty cut by the contractors. The work upon the
building "has been much delayed by the failure of
the contractors to deliver materials in proper
time ; it is now progressing rapidly, and the large
pumps and engine lor permanent drainage are
being put up, and will probably be ready foropera
tion by the middle or last of November. The iron
for the folding gates has been procured, and the
ribs and plates fitted ; the work was then sus?
pended in consequence of the near exhaustion of
the appropriation. All the work remaining to be
done'upon the dock and its appendages will prob?
ably be completed during the next Spring. The
, v,) 11
(261 97
For Labor. $80,583 99
For Materials. 109,389 52
since the 1st of October. 184!', the work upon
the floating docks, basins and railways, building
under contract at the navy yards at Kittery, Phil?
adelphia and i'ensacola, has progressed rapidly.
AtKittery, all the foundation piles for the basin
have been driven, the caps and plank floor have
been laid, about one haif the granite stringer put
in place, and the walls of the basin nearly com
pieted. The foundal ions for the railway have been
commenced and are in progress. The floor of the
dock has peon completed; two-thirds of the trass
beams are built, placed and fastened; the bottom
of the flock coppered and ready for launching.?
Tbe work thus far has been executed in a very
satisfactory manner.
At Philadelphia, the foundation piles for the ba?
sin and side walls are all driven, the floor nearly
finished, and the walls are so far advanced as to
leave no doubt that all the work on the basin will
be completed this fall. The foundations for both
lines of railway are completed ; the stone ways of
one are laid, and the other will probably be finish?
ed before cold weather.
Seven sections of the dock have been comple?
ted, except the machinery, and arelaunche I; two
other sections arc framed and set up, and the ma?
chinery for all is in progress of construction. The
contractors for this work have displayed great en?
ergy, and the works are rapidly approaching com?
At Pensacola, the works have not progressed
so rapidly as at the other yards, owing to the ne?
cessary suspension of operations during tho sum?
mer months. The platform of the dock and the
truss beams have been completed, and the side
framing and bracing commenced; the space of
the basin has been enclosed by a coll'cr dam, and
the excavation for the basin is nearly completed.
naval asylum.
The condition of this institution is the only re?
maining subject to which I would cali your atten?
Since my last annual report, the duties of the
As\ lam have been performed with promptness and
efficiency. An evident change, 1 am gratified to
believe, has been effected in the'eharacter and
general conduct of the pensioners. Good order, and
a disposition to conform to the rules and regula?
tions which have been adopted for their gove rn?
ment, seem to prevail among them. My opinion,
as expressed in my last animal report, in regard to
the location of the Asylum, is still unchanged, and
I heg leave to call the attention of the Department
to the recommendations therein submitted. There
are at present, about one hundred and eighty live
inmates, including the officers and attendants, and
the applications for admission are gradually in?
creasing. Tho sum expended for the support of
the institution fur six mouths ending with the fiscal
year, 30lh June, 1850, amounted to 620,06041, and
was charged to the following appropriations: Hos?
pital fund, 68,472 I'll, pay of the Navy, $11,466 71;
contingent, $100 94.
As the contracts for the present fiscal year have
not yet been made, owing to the late period at
which the Navy appropriations were made by
Congress, they wili be reported early in January
next, agreeably to law ; at which time, if it meets
your approbation, the bureau will submit an esti?
mate for the amount that will be required during
the next iiscal year, nuder the act approved 28tb
September. 1850, authorizing a floating dock in the
State ot California.
I bave the honor to lie, with great respect
... your obedient servant, JOS. SMITH.
Hon. Y\ ill. A. Graham, Secretary of the Navy.
?nies at the Stock Exchange ...Di c [.
U '?7J!3?!P Reading RR.74}
..MO 8||l25
i 71
0 54
n 8H
v 831
os 82
0 834
. 838
second board.
,000Incomes. 93*1 50 Stomngtori.!4i
0yO ;o.bSO 931 '25 do.... 4i
000 Hud Riv Bonds..l02| 75 do.'.411
2? Penn 09.? ? ? 93 j 100 do..b60 45
n *}?.S30 63j!50 do......m
?e??ng.t'30 "4 1 KW Kar Loan.Bp, 62
%.**??,:?$; l.-O Harlem.63}
d*.b5 74 I 21 ?swego. 90
Wednesday, Dec. 4-r.M.
In Stocks the market is rather active and with
out important change. Erie was rather heavy
hut the Securities were buoyant. Heading fell
oll i V cent. Farmers' Loan was weak at the
Second Board. The market was fair for sound
dividend paying Stocks. In Governments there
was not much dene.
Exchanges are inactive, but steady at the clos?
ing prices of yesterday.
Mint Certificates to No. 7,366 arc payafcle at
In Money the market continues very easy, but
there is the natural increased demand of the sea?
son. The approach of tb? M?. ?f ? ? ? ?
. ?1 01 lne close ol navigation, the
, ' * \ \. 8et"er,1ent of accounts, and
* - . ' oivvlends, always tightens money
slightly m December. First class papar, bowem,
goes at 5?6 4? cent, and loans on call at the same
fig a re. ,
Freights are better, and Floor engagements
of -1,000 bbls have been made at 12 213Jd;
Wheat at -lis t Jd. To London, the packet took
1,950 bbls Flour at lstd; 100 do Pork, 2s, and
Turpentine, and Resin on private terms. En?
gagements to ' Liverpool, 1,000 kegs Lard and
4,000 boxes Cheese, 15s; 200 casks Ashes on pri?
vate terms; 100 chests Tea, 40s. measurement.
To Havre, the packet 6th inst has Cotton and
Whalebone at \ of a cent ; Rice and Bark $8 ,
and Ashes 86? $8; the Franklin has a full cargo
at I a cent for Cotton ; Rice $7 ; Measurement
Goods $12, and 2 2300,000 dollars Specie at j of
one & cent. To California there is again more
offering, and Clippers obtain $l?$l 50 If foot;
and ordinary' vessels 50 c 7." cents. The ship
Switzerland, late London packet, 14 years old,
557 tuns, has been bought for the Pacific trade at
$16,000 ; and the bark Isabella Hyne, 2 or 3 years
old, 300 tuns, built in Philadelphia, for.the Califor?
nia business, at $20,000.
The Steamer to-day took $250,000 in Americas
Halves, Mexican Dollars and Five Franc pieces
and $4,065 in British Silver.
The Mechanics' Banking Association has de?
clared a dividend of four 4? cent.
The Commercial Fire Insurance Co. has de?
clared a dividend of five If per cent, payable on
the 16th inst.
The Receipts at the Sab-Treasury are 22j
Payments, $239,199; Balance, $3/"",028.
At a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce yes?
terday, a memorial in favor of the formation of a
bureau by the General Government for the settle
ment of private claims, as recommended by the
President in his late Message, was referred to a
Committee for consideration'.
The Albany Evening Journal gives the an?
nexed statement of the quantity of Flour, Wheat.
The am
Flour. bbli, Wheat bu. Corn bit. Barley bu.
1849....8.191.861 2,667.802 0.053.559 1,390.737
1850....3,170,272 3,5o6.551 3,219,476 1.723.911
Dec...21,592 lac. 888,749 Dec. 1,834,083 Inc. ?.'.177
The aggregate quantity of the same articles left
at tide water Irom the commencement of naviga?
tion to the 30th Nov. inclusive, during tho years
Flour. bbU. Wheat,bu, Corn.bu. Barley,bu.
lRdR.... 3.074.292 3,l?ft.l6?J 2,836,57.3 1.5H.6s8
165<>.... 3.170.272 3,556.-551 3^19.476 1,723,914
?hows an increase of i56jl57"bbla of Flour.
The following table shows the quantity of some
of the principal articles of produce, by the State
Canals, left at tide water from the commence?
ment of navigation to the .'loth ol Nov. inclusive,
during the years 1848, 114 days; 1849, 114 days;
ISIS. |SI!?. 1850.
Flour, bbls. 3,074,282 3,191,fc61 3,170,272
Wheat, bushels. 3,038,168 2,667,802 3.556,551
Com.2,81)0,575 5,<>53,559 3,219.17?
Barliy. 1,5-14,603 1,390,737 1,723,914
Rye. 284,472 313,272 1)08,831
Oilier Grains. 1,425.739 1 ,:>7V58 2,401,326
Beef, bbls. 61,075 99,1:01 88,06 i
I'ork. 89.760 73,312 -16.621
Ashes. 63,676 56,180 36,-121
Uuttt-r. lbs.23,516,783 20.510.-111 16,607,931
Lard. 9,775,277 9,051,821 8,276,9.34
Cheese.22^85,803 41,622,669 32,125,871
Wool. 8,730,160 12.613,090 11,860,756
Bacon. 8,201,865 8,422,242 9,514,421
The total earnings of the Illinois and Michigan
Canal for eight months, ending Oct 31, 1650, wero
$109,336 14; same time last year, $100,597 50;
jncrcase in 1850, $8,738 61.
At a meeting of the President and Directors of
the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company, held
in Baltimore on Wednesday last, it was resolved
to reduce the toll on the Canal from Cumberland
and Georgetown, from 74 cents per tun, the pres?
ent rate, to 54 cents per tun, provided the Coal
Companies guarantee the transportation of
300,000 tuns per annum ; and to 37 cents per tun
in case they guarantee the transportation of n'00,
000 tuns. The Companies, it is added, will give
the required securities forthwith.
We see it stated that the contractors have
commenced work between Cleveland and the
State line, on the Erie and Cleveland Road. The
work will be commenced between Erie and the
Ohio line in a short time, and vigorously prosecu?
ted til! the whole work is completed.
The importations of specie at New Orleans on
the 25th ult. were $1,645,000.
The amount of cash duties received at the Cus?
tom House in Philadelphia, during the month of
November was $159,326 35?corresponding montli
last year, $131,615 45 j increase, $27,712 90. An.
nesed is a comparative statement of the receipts
for eleven mouths in 1849 and 1850 .
SM'?. 1N.-50.
January.$2u'.t'll 55 $503,829 45
February. 284,924 55 147,484 69
March... 329,373 CO 315.063 92
April. 149.G44 10 222,042 60
.May. 142.413 S3 253,339 72
Ju>lt> . 155,687 76 2l5,6iil 30
Jlliv.'.- 311,437 30 452,331 60
August. 397,702 75 566,679 25
September. 274,197 95 222,214 49
October. 169.970 95 255,431 49
November. 131,615 45 159,323 35
Total.$2,457,515 76 $3,213,029 86
Export, from lst.to SOth Nov. 1N>0. IN lit.
Pets.'?.bbls.. 2,2ill 1,309
i'eurls. 369 19.
COTTON.?A moderate business doing In this staple,
principally tor spinning, with sales of 1,208 bales at prices
in fume caste showing jc. decline.
Export from 1st to30th Nov. 1S50. 1S!!>.
Cotton. .bales.. '20,027 3-1,803
Export from the United Males,
Since 1st September, 1850.bales..283,438
Same time. 1819.....194,193
Comparative Statement of Receipts, Exporte, and Vocra of
Cotton, at the following pl ica, at the dfttes named:
i K-nrivrJ i ToUl Ei- iStoci onHt rs
lOrUsincn baud hud lit
ept-1, '6a I si sat?. |Sspt- 'S&
10.3,112 111,309 16/512
22,98-1 I 18,336 12,962
N. Orleans, Nov. 1?.
Mobile, Nov. 16 ?
Florida, Nov. h
Texas, Nov. 9. 3.275 ??51 ^ 51
_orSia.Nov.20 | 82.540 I gl Mg
S. Carolina. Nov. ^2.. | 109.372 , 60,439] IM" | .x..nj?
N. Carolina, Nov. 23.1 kW- I ???? ?? ?? j .'^
Virginia, Nov. 1. i-ra* tnins rjnS-q ?n'-'-'o
New-York. Nov.26.. .... su.suo ?jo.oo* y. -
Other Ports, Nov.23.1_.... '--2t> _.... 10,456
" TotalT.I l-v'-lr' -''-^ ! "^iG
Stock oj Cotton in Interior Town*, not >"^^n tAe
Augusta and Hamburgh. November 1..24.129 33.018
Macon, Georgia.November 1.. 10,377 13.W4
Griffin. Georgia.V"ii\7m U?h
Columbus.Georgia.November W-*ft? [p?
Monlgomery. Ala.November lo. 1>>,M 14,7-J
Columbia. S\ C.V'oJ" i/mn iT^TZ
Memphis. Tenn.November21. v,?w t,,v,o
Eircrt of. Cotton from the Port of tVew- York, from Sept. 11
* 1850. to Dee. 3. 18o0.
ToCr'l Britain..bales..38.29.5 Toother ForeignPorts.2,063
To France.2J.?9 ??
To North of Europe...12,3141 Total..... ^.......^80,44)6
FI.OCR AND M KAL?There is rather more doing in
Western and Slate Flour fur the East, and the speculative
Inquiry is moderate at our inside f ?
nihil?). ann s?io?i/i --? ' **l mum luci-.oico
brand*. five Flour is easier: sales nt 150 bbls at 3 37J.
Corn Meal is more plenty: sales of 200 bbls Jersey at 3 C6
S3 (0: no bbls Prandywine 3 34, and Ifo bbls SncJord'a
Ex'ra a' 3 50. Buckwheat Flour is firm and in request
Evpi rtfrom 1st to 30th Nov. IN.50. l^lil.
Canadian is in fair demand, and ice market m
?tesdy, tale* of fi.rro bn.hel? fair at 1 04 in bond. Rr? ??
heavy, ?ia mies o 1 m buab at 75c, delivered. Barley i*
lower, w.th more ofwnc, aale? of 1.SC0 bdsbels r/nodlo
?et? are quiet, the ?lock U lieht, much less than lajt year,
and holder? are firm at 463 47 for Canal, and 12 .i 44 for 5?r
iey. Cora ;? better, with a fair dernacd; aale? of 30,000
V^*\bVa^\*,0T^ort,he?"' ^ Southern;
67?6f for old Wtstern mixed and round Yellow '
Exj-ert from 1st to Z> ?, Nov. 1VVO. 1S49
JS?'.bMhswjS .???"?'
Corn. 13.343 l4o,s?5
PROVISlONS.-The msrket it ?tili buoyant for Pork,
with a speenleUve demand for Prime at better price*; the
sales ar?- 2.800 bbls at 9 25 for Kump?; 11 b'2j for old Mwi.
and 3 6i}3a 75 for Prime. Beef ;?? ?leady, wltn ?alea of
250bH?atS 5- 3$ 10 for Mesa, ?nd_< 7595 75 for Prime_
Prime Mess is cull and heavy at .*i-i/r ii> 50. Beef H*-n?
are?teedy: tales of 50 bbl? at" 814. Of Cut Meats we hear
of sales of So boxe? of Kong Middles, rib in, al 6J. Lard i?
Heady; ?nes of 150 bbis at Butter la more active;
prime i? r'.rui and in request for the Eaat; common or
storp I'dclied is plenty and dull of sale: we mote Dairy
at 145'lS for YVWtejn. Hiid 18922c for fancv. Otiio i? plen
tv and dull of sale at 8911c Cheese is nrm acd u good
demand for export at 6?f>i
Export from 1st to Sittii Not. |S30. JS-tfl.
Beef.bb!?. 7.676 13.SIS
Pork.6,682 6.963
Lard.kegs.3,334 2d.SH
WHISKY-The market is slid unsettled and lower;
?alee of 250 bbis Ubio. Prison and Jersey ol ISrJ^'.J, and 50
htd? Drudge at 244925c time.
GROCERIES.?Sugar it quiet and unchanged. Molasses
ii rather heavy, with sales new crop New-Orleans at 3g<3
33c, ihowing i decline. Coffee has a downward tendency.
The cargo ot 8,500 bazp Rio lately arrived is advertised for
saie at auction on Friday. The aggregate sales of three
day- have been 100 hhda Cuba Sugar at Mc ; ion Porto Ri?
co, ti; 1C0 do New-Orleans, fi^ti; : 3P do very inferior, 3j,
for rerining, t mos: and 600 caaki Dutch Crushed, on terms
rot made public, it P bags Brazil Coffee a: 10}9.??C ; 525
Java. 12JS13; 200 Laguayra. IIJ; some Maracaibo. 11J. i
and ii must and 5*'? bags .-' Donungo, 109101, cash. 5W
bids new crop New-Orleans Molasses at 32933c; 150 hhds
Porto Uro, 28929; '?1 Cuba Muscovado. "25ri26$; and 339
hhda acd tea Clayed Cuba, for distilling. 219214, on ume.
Import ot Sugar from 1st Jan. to 1st Dec, lj?30.
Hhds. Boxe?. Bags.
From Foreign Perls.64.126 125,117 40,017
Ccaslwise do.60,434 2,22-1 15,638
Total.114,560 128,391 57,705
Same time lact year.122,404 56.378 72,849
import of Molasses from lsl Jan to 1st Dec. 1S50.
Hhda Tierces. Bbls|
From Foreign Ports.47.t53 2,835 l.oda
Coaatwise Porta.18,818 2,6'ej 11,028
Total.116.271 5/*) 42.061
Same time last year.64,905 6,322 -16,382
Import of Coffee from 1st Jan. to 1st De- l s.'JO.
From Foreign Ports.baga 304,610
Coastwise Ports. 51.799
Same time last year.358,523
HIDES.?We hearuf no .-ales of importance to-day.
Import in November l??oO. IS49.
Foreign-.117,569 45,770
Coastwise.25,321 19,396
Import Jan. 1 to Nov. r>t,
Foreign.1,096,541 877,474
Coastwise. 227,111 187,*iX>
Total Import. Jan. 1 to Nov.30:
1830. 1849. IS?s. I Slti.
1,323.657 1,064,737 898,166 920,260 524,131
H EM P ?The market remains quiet.
Import from 1st Jan. to 1st Dec 1S.5U.
Bides. Tuna
From Foreign Ports.33,386 1.412
Total.61,192 1,488
Same time last year.51.588 1,287
WOOL?Is in good request at buoyant prices ; 8.000 (Jja. J
to | blood Merino Fleece of this State soid at 11942c :
30,100 the common.averaging 37$c: 5.ii'0 IBs City and Coun?
try pulied at 3i a 39c Beih domestic deece and pulled have
an tipward tendency:
Import of Foreign Wool from 1st Ian. to Is
From Foreign Ports.
Coastwise Ports.
Same time last year. 17,432
IRON,?Holders uro raiher tinner, and there is a little
speculative Inquiry In consequence of tho Presideni'a re
comilieiidulioR of'l.Uher duties on Iron. Sales 3"o tuns
Scotch Pig < n private term,. The annual market if) 19 75
and 20 75, cash ami 6 mos. English liiire are .*-i6, 6 mos.
Import, Horn 1*1 Jan. lo 1st Dee. 1S.50.
Bur, tuns. I'iir. luiiB. lulls.
From Foreign Ports.01,532 38,022 ''480,070
Coastwise Ports_ 1,216 3,436 7,392
Total.52,778 41.458 488,062
Same dine last year.47,372 63,664 368,588
LEAD.?We hear ol" nothing doing, und the market is
Import from let J:iu. to 1st Dec. IS/50.
From Foreign Ports.pkga 203.211
Coastwise Ports. 213.235
Total. 110,594
Some time lastyear.418,83!
FRUIT-There has been a moderate business done in
Bunch Raisins ai I 954P1 box. In some cases thev are held
import of Raisins, from 1st Jan. to 1st Dec. JS50.
Casks. Boxes.
From Foreign Ports.K,!67 327.5)1
Coastwise Poris . 735 30,135
Total.8,:*i2 3i7.9!6
Same lime last; ear.3,931 251,266
Total Impbri ol Figa.drtms 36,967
Same lime iu?t year.61,425
RICK.?1 notcs sold to-day at3 371,.
OILS.?We notice sales of 150 bbls Whale, for export,
at 51 eta. cash. Linseed remains dull: small parrels En?
glish and American sold at 80981c, cash : and 4<io gals En
glisb, to arrive, at someibing less. The tales of Olive in.
elude 5i'0 bskls. at 2 7??2 90; and 50 do(l doz pints) at
2 124, I mo*. Crude Sperm is held, in Ihr Eastward, at
1 30," without sales. 3.000 gHla Red Oil brought 45c; 80
bbls H.oik, 19 25 ; und 20 do Bunk und Shore. 18 .58, rash.
TALLOW?The market is rather lower, with increased
receipts of Country. Sales of 17,1)00 !B prime at 7jc, cash.
Tttllow Oil is lower and heavy : sales 0150,04)0 lh on privute
STEARINE?A quiet market, with sales of 18,000 lb
prime v. bite ut Sir, rush.
SEEDS?The demand is fair for Clover, with sales ofr-3
bbla new at 8[i: for export, w hieb is heuer. Flaxseed is in
demandgjrvith sales of 1,300 bushels domestic ai I 6' w 65
per 56 lb hi bulk Timothy remain* quiet.
BONE?We note sales of 6,000 lb prime North-west at
3Cc. at which ihe demand is good for export.
FEATHERS?There is moreoffering, uml the market is
easier; sules ofZ500 fh good Western ul UJe, cash.
OIL CAKE?The market is unchanged, with a good in
nuirv for export : sales of.Y7 tuns IhicR Ohio at S22.si, cash.
On the 3d el Dcc?tnij?r, at ihn CSurrh of tlia EpT.li.xny, b> IIa".
Lot Join. SA.Ml'EI. B. HAYWAKD, lormerly of Ha tim irt, to
Him MARY E MILLS of this City.
fcy ?ainmoi? fap.rs p'mw tupr.
At Rja, by Kev I)r Da Vuum,Mr. JOHJt VICKJSRS of Rodyc,
Lrng Island, to Mm MARY JA.NK GL"'ON of the foniierpUce.
In tins City, an tii* i'"'tli nit ol i?v?r contractad oi tha Isthrr.'i?,
JOHN C. HATCH cf Kecr.e, N. H. in tbe 3Sth jsar of hi? a^?.
The ramaiti? wer? taken to Keena fur interment.
At I'utou, Nova Scoljx, Per 3, offerer, HKi.E.N THERESA
yono^e.t iJ*ii^hler ol" B W Norton, CS. Consul.
Oo Tuesday, 3d Dacambar .net GEORGE L. PHILLIPS, a'-?!
4'.' years.
His fnenJj and tha nwinken o! the Ns-.v Yvri L'n on and tlia Mu?
tual Keliel Socreties, and tse Pbilnmsiliean LofJ{a So. S4o of O. 0, O.
of O. V. are re-pec'/uliy invUed to attend me funeral -erts-ai at Ilia
Sbiloh Preobjtenan Church cornar of Print" anl Marionata, on
Thursday ibe 5th met at 11 o'clock A. M wiiliuut Oirtlier ioTitation
Mr. Philips ?aa wall kemp an the r^iun.l pertor?l th? Mar, UantV
Eichar.g" Company ol tkia City for nearly twanty yaara pant, und u
an cirrnplary . mien and a Cbristiao.
On We -nesdaj nu rnin^ Hie ?Iii inst afUr a short und ???er? illness,
MAhY L wilaofHaorj C?r;uio,Jr in tiie aotn >e.irof imr tf..
The relatires and friends ol tie family and also tbme of ber bro?
ther in law U B Halstead.are respec'fullj inTited to attend ber lu
reral rbi. (Tbursday) A'terr.oon, at 3 o'clock, from liar lata residence,
.Vo 118 Cbarlton st. without lurtber in'itanon.
Her remains will ba Uken to .N>wou,eli iV,rinterment.
On Wedrasda) m rn rathe 4th m.t. after a short ..Inaee, AOr.i
SON KINSLEY, in tbe i:w year of bis aje.
Hi- relathraa and friends and tboee of Ins lather, Dr. Hodaon^ivina
ley. tbe faculty and Undents ol lb? f r.ivers.ly of whr.-h he -a- are
cent graduate, and U.? ta.ulty.od atud-of <)7^^^SSS.
I?e atH a'-o ba taackan of Sabbath School So. 89, an reep? U .11,
without further mriueon, from Kev. Or. Hutton s church, on Wash
"C?Ti?l of dropsy on tbe bra n. HELEN W CARLtS,
dauebterof John Carlm. ?eil rear and '?on.l.?
PnosienKerss Sailed
/? rrroiw ?*?> .Viafura. Jot Livtry, ol?l..*u Prutn, lady and ?on,
A'h.ny, Meeers Way. M< st.-eal, Mcl^an, Kiakin, and Capt Rob'n^a.
H\ Canada; Messrs Hoy, Crum, Glasgow; Ch? E Levy, lady a.-.d
aarraatj E Cornirj Jruid lady, ladj, Alnany; K li Cooper, Loo
?'om. w c E.aee. Moatreal; Currier and| .errant, *vl Bejin?, En?
Lind; KU Brett, Tor.,utu; Wiod. G Ail'ord and H Hardv, t^.ieoee;
L. ulr de Marataani and serrmt; C 1 Bamel, Quebec, hi lmnty.
East Indies: Messrs Barstale, M;e>r, Jno Wifhtmac; Jr.o Ha 1. To
roulo; Pric?, Le Baa,Eof land; Cruickihanks, Harx-a; Mejer, New
York; F T Apperman, J E Jair.-.eaon, Arnold, Paria; <j G lireeechke.
O Wetter. New Tori; A J Herman, JerTry, London; I B Crwk. W
Mclbreth. Peters, A da Kruj^nr, New.Tork; M V.dal. A Berx. Paris;
T Hope. New lork; R Ge2.=el, Liverpool; H Goodwin, Canada.
Paascnsers Arrived.
In ilccmihip Antic, /ran /.lecryjui?W T WDcoi.B Taylor, A
M Kaatwick, G Trotttr. Mrs Trotter. Mn.1 Trotur, Messrs Mai key,
Muia et< n.T J E nn.e. Day, D Banks ir, J J Greaooa^b.T B Treat,
Chnetopher Wolf, Cba? Wolf, Miss Jise Wulf, M.?s Panton, Thos
Wiaana, Mrs Wicins, 2 children sad i nurses; Messrs H Carpenter,
Fituin-moua, BoatWricbt, M;r, Rowe, Siisa??. Adams, Gray, T L
Gillespie. G f Dale.J Keadnck, D Barker. Mr M.iilin.J Stuart,
Messrs Bun-.nde, McCartney. Lrsikbirt, D Grabs id, Lavu-^er. Wal
raib, Jarres B Clay,Chart? d'Alfaires of the United States to Por'.u
fal, and servant; G B Eejli^b, D I) Field, L Hough, J Hunt, Mr
InftkttthifSt Leun. fron. Lbftrfvot? Dr Sb,?l, Iady.i cu l
dr*a and serrt. of Ireland. M.ss M Wood, do; E Masai!, T Ty?w,.;kll,
Germany; W Wreabs, Eng.
Ira?Raes.7 OS i Sets.4 33 ; -'...?. - :-?>.. * :7a
high water.l>ec. s.
Sandy Hc?k.... 9 ?am I 6o? Island...10 lom | Hall Gat*...! 1 Sim
port of new-york.? DCC. 1
C S M slaamahip FrarJilm, Wo'.tca, Hkvr?, M aVrringitMJ sv-anur
Ircnsides, Green, Khiradelphia.
Ships Guv Manner-ne. O.tmm, LiTep?o!, Taylor ft MerrJ ; Lantas,
Bradburj. San Francisco, J Smith* Sons; Emily HamUtou, Joc?e,
Bark Halen, Ulmer. Mobile, Eagle it Haiiard.
Brigs Trtsxillo, Mulligtn, Tun s Island, HiisUad, Cbjrnberlaia *
C>; he.aha, (Hr) Dawaou, Corr.wiJIis, NS; Favorite, (Br) Hi<g?,
Bermuda Miidleum tt Co; Sleipuer, (Dan) Ollywsrtt, ChsrJesto.x;
R^i.lBr; Laulaud,us, Kingston. Jam, Tbsmpaon tL Menhans
Scbs Splendid, Bunell, Tatxootr?i, NS. J rf Brain*! Mar^. Ofiaa "?
' ef, San J in. CA, Olr-.ev & Ses-iocs; V>pnia, Hooart, Savannih,
- i Co; Eon? W riaody. steTeos, Put'ad*>lpb:?v Com Kttwif,
1 retl ?:. E ra C ?tiefe, Se? Haven.
Sloop Hanest.Fr?acb, Prov.dence.
Ba/ie Comet, fir^ge, f L^deipb?.
-?** '! ? ???*Co. Tb? A baa ? /? ,.
fl be.ty wetterly <%V- tie ?>.. -s paeMg?. '
Packst .bp M L. ah. ?h-..f L-terpool, Ort Is, rode* aas j.,
pass,to R kcmi N ? ? -t .? 19,10, M, ?i|~?t?^?i , ^
beet) p:. t.i|,,.,.!.?, !???'??:-?? tart f?r?top rVbm Baas? *"*
??:! ami n.retop*ail,a-d oaiuag-J u>? taJa, ?tc. Saw so **???( tttui
w?I car re ib? pe??.ge
?r r NaJltiki, Irf Hi't-?'!' ?..isoo. Pence. PR, aad U Sam fr_
T.A? Narw ?.,t to J K j-w-u l*-t -,- Am seeaab ateitjja, e .,7
Br trig j,R6y Ii, H. i Tu-.i - NUad. ; ; is. nit, to Sturm* cT
Le>l to AO ?et??'? . |..-t
itcb J' ha R' air.*.. M rr >? n. T.rr-pa Rat ? ? Kay W?it, II 4?, ..*.
o?k.Co master L"t baik Hair-', vnC Portland.) lor No Tort
P*t':ng. ?Ith aX ??? br rb p K' r. liu Bra ugh UIMld ob lb* oaa.
wjcs.wiere.rs. r..k--t u?l7ta.
?b Pr?3?|.b.Sm::e Albany hnnb?r.
^tinviUttttktt.l^bttt?, G.ru,r....M.,l? <*,ha4?,t?
Ml ^?^^.tUdn.nabfckait.l dt-cotl
ktl! . ?. tlt"' u,"f. r.-oy. lumber.
S? T,t5~- ?????, 10, haW. to 1 F So*-.
'cL vTTrI?.,!* AJk*"-v *" 'v??hiogU>B, DC, lutubar. ,
Seh B?b?,T B<"?kb.,.tt. ; ?7 b.tU.1,
h?ad?t?r. ro"lt-">? north ?nur toot j-bboom and otfeor
neu non.es. ?- , r in.? th.3???. s.h.t0 5 w 1??
e ??B? h?t?b?. Flow.r,. Pmiodokh?, ?AjfTo'.U??, *
Ik> p Po.r.t?r, F??!or. Prosidet.ce.
BELOW?racket .bp DoTooobim Hov,y. Lery-o, ~ .
toJGriswaM. Ai,o 1 fc.,k i br*. .wd^rodoo,
SA1LFIV R M ?tmawhip N v?r?. St-oo, L..orp?vt: rtrp? k?.
Wri?bt, Poobci;.. I r.rpo. ,. Wa, r- w H*trn; V?;A i ?!
rr. lio.ooo. Loadoni G?m, I AJ?irm,L;t?rpuuJ; M?... g.?iir
Krw OrleaLj, bul J??iai.?h, Cru??il. S4f*oaih. ' '
WIND? Ilur.nj tbo amy Irom N to SW.
By THfftrstph,
BOsTOS, Deci-An b?r?? u.bi?lt?r, ?w Orhnu, Hot Uj
SATtBoabj blig*Tsicmo, WtloiiBgtpa, KCj l'ir^o, isd S?r?b, Ph*?
Stb Buctloo. J>rk?octit'o, Sei i\\ Spoke i:ih. i*i j? loa? ?
br? Hotte? Ortet?}, K?w Jork for ??wOrbus. H^
Scbi Sum. WitmnirtoB, >C; Ar-?nS?, Pbiltdolpb*.
Ci,( ?hip B?hnintt^i. r>r* Orirtt!?; b?rk? L;?oodor, Cieorneron
Tim ojt, ?Dt H.m. Pb.Ia.l? oh a. hr^. K. rottor. MaUut??; CicdicT
Ba!i:ai.-re. Jla 1. and Cantou, rb.laiei^h.a.
CALAIS Kor Sl?CW btur K.t.ma Fratc ?, Phi^tJ^-pbo; ZU, icb
Cbrooorreter, S?? Yori
Utk, ? M br? Pinta, ><?? loiil aeb? Jar? Klrt?, A Sawytr, ted Jt
Cro?t. Pt?biJelphiai f.iii?. ?od M?r? i'>?,int?, New-York.
BaTH. Drei?An bot Piyton, PbiUJelpbia; ?chp Ma/y Jue,
H In ? rton, NC . H?nrjr FrtoJ nt. ?od Jim. New York.
PORTLAKD, Oec J?An br - Hsrr-t.Cjrdma?.
GLOUCESTER, BoeJO?A? Leiu.j.tr,o, New York. Der. J.br?
E?tbrr aoil Elii?Wj. Pl,,l?d..pb.a for IVrtblod. at-ba Hannah Grast
Baltimore for Franklort. Kul^b aLd Ready, Pbiiid?lpb.a for Port
'??>?' I" tor M-??a,:..- rt; Cor'o, ??*- fort (K
PurtluX. ~
NKW BEDFORD, Dec a?CM ba.k Columboa. for the Ptc?r
PROVIDENCE, Co-3-Arr *oh Mny, Baltimore; aloooa Rest,
ttd ?r on, N?w !? rk 1
NEW ORLEANS, Wo??5?Jkrrtkrp Sinti Holme?; tvb Mtttoirsf
Petell - t, i-'-oMk!
^ John \\ lltey.
[ Fron our Correspondent 1
PHILADELPHIA. I v. .-.,?,t?t- u,e Piu'm? Baker, Bottes
l li LutLrrCLiU. B?k?r. do: A?U?ah D, Johnson, Jeiaey City; Jie
A Baytrd, Ihomptoa. Kali It.wr; Amy W l.eeda, Slrdicott,Ihr
1< rk; C D Maltri . i<.t ? i- C'irk V?ok A. J?r??y Cay.
(."/..irr,/- rls.k* I 00 ??, Hlock? I>??"'?: Jlerrilli?. . Kr.;?.
brif r-r.-y iiuei I ,? oj.t*uj 9 Rss'jm, R?*ena. Prc7?*tiiM
John Stall, U lUtlt, Racbwoo . ?. h.*h I). Johos.?, New-Tori!
Any W Loeda. Endicott do I t> Hallo? k, D*?i?, do; T?n<?t, Wtw
RkKtntt; KouieC Cbuk, Vankirk.SUUo Island.
N EWPOR1 Ii-. A? krr bi x Sristol, H.??k?, fm Calais for Psila.
delphiai .. I.? Tho? H Seymour, Smith, fm New Bedford 1st Hiddwu
Cr?, at . Bar', w. tl..''??>. - : in. We-.-ev. I'. N.w Be.lli.rf
for Suffolk; Pres o'eni. Pa.i.i etor.1, Iru ttr.^tol tor Norfolk; Gen Tar
lor, VV right, to Can an ? rNewl Ai Balance, Unkel. Im Rock.
t? ,t N. -i. , [ ... .? ?..! V.? H.,.|'i,nl for New >.-?..??.-,
Ju L Lone, Eatredge), fro Pi etdenco urNaw-Torkt Wm HBata.
Cray, In Piovi.ttfi,. b for d... EI-te, K.'l?worth, fru do fur Southporl;
Ton.perar.oe, Data, ru. Sonier.ri lor New York.
Dlsoaten, dec.
Baio Olio, Irgall,, ai Sal..oh Alrica, has hid noth.uK b? NW
,th,l ? oln I (. ,r |?... ?B".da?ll?? lia.l her atibtatti,
ar.d can ed aw.i lhi??t I r.?rr maio ..ba>n bolts. Not ir.ln a n!t
ot wind tri m NW \% m Yi-or?. ltd i irxer, fall Irom the IcAjUnia.
deck, and was killed loiltn tli hewa. a mure of Eielanl. Noi\>
Wm McFatland, tat officer, f?ll in.tu tb? lore-tt>ptaTUnt yard.ud'
was bet overbos.nl?b* *a ? Q?l.?? 6t Daomark.
Hato Fa.noes Eltaa at P. riUud 1st .net, I'm Ctrdtau, rsporti
basing eiperieticM serj b?*?J w'?tt.?r. While lyirgtoolHattenu
.1 ipped a -?s waich washed i.??rh< mi Hie mate and ose nun;? i,M
was thrown to tli'iti by ?hih lh? io.,ie iucc?ed*d .u e.icia? u?
board, bwttl.?- ??lnau. ? ?r. We. Jtowaesl. " ^
A Pictoo data of Mti ult. ,t tbat bri?s May Sower of Wiadsor,
,. ,),.,... . , i . ton which went ashore in lha lato ?art
condemned A'Ha ley ? Bmok, ?.h Rob Roy. Im Halnu l.rCbtr
lotve rown, ?;?? l.^i, ?no dry; also Br biie sliatiito. k, |.n P E Waaa
I rC.B*.uro.and?n Ai'cr.att-ea-el ui.knowo. S?h Sp?,fmywa
C't.?. w?? a tctal feet on C. rr.n. a t.>-d
A toptail n.b went asboie on Hart Island, W put of Lonrliiui
Sound, Bight of Jttroit. ^
CaptSean.nl b Roxbury. at Proildenct to Baliimore, renom
on tl.e-.7ili ult. hlS? tl. bn l:l 99,; laaed tl,a maat of a vaaae'kHl
up, about 10 feet out of water; scppo.ed it to batons, to a fort and4.1
?i In nrer, .in k. On IXtb, off Block tslaod.taw a lull nejed brir,
bound B, wtih !?.?? ol Ibra topgallant matt ?nd mam royal rout
Baio ho>.i. S.iLoa, at Norfolk from r.i ka Mans, erpenenred
n :.In,ue.l [alea I9lh lu .'Mb u;u fiom ^ W lo SW, lo?; and damand
tta Edward Word, (< f Hsltnrore) Carle?, from Plymouth.SC.
wiih a earn nl na?;.l .lores,boond lo Ni-w-Yoik, went aiboreiwar
Corriiuik InInt. on the night ol tbo Ml ult. Crew and earro .ire.
Teaael would probab > begotten i If, a total loss.
C'nlifornin Vessels Spoken, See.
Oct ti, lat Ji k, ><.n 38 88. erii Sbtan ?ttirges, Morgan, Im Bcilor,
(Oel II) forSanVranciaco,
Oct SO. bttW 15, Ion 1993, Bi brig D.uey. fm Lirerp.^l for 1'atuni
?wished to be repotted
Oct IS, ofl Cape Fear, bark lr:du., Thompiou, rm Rio Janeiro lor
Oct SO, 1.121 34 S,lou :w ,,-i W, b.ik Gen Jon?., Harding, fm Ho
Janeiro for" Chili,' [waa reported eaibd otHOtbana.)
Nos lb, in Turks Island f.is.a^e, l.ng P.r.ia, BobbiLs,'J ds kence
f?l M.n.anilla.
A letter fni Capt Tsb.r. ot ?trt? Bar. lay, ol NBedn rd reports tor
a! Cape de V.i?e.Srpi :in, .ii wellj no oil mice basing Fayal, (wbat
she landed 190 >p) for Abrulni? Banks.
Off Port Lows, Mauius. J-t-y 5, bark Paulioi. Tatcb, MB, Wbkk
Touched at Fayal, S?pt - (by letter from Cspt Dar^) bark Dim
haiton, of .Ml 30 tp.
Koreljin I'orra.
At Cardenas N(.v 30 bark. Prospect, Daw, fm Bo.tou.duMi Scott
Iiper. Tuktabury, Idg, lor Pi rtbmd m I da: Aantwan, Almy.fm W!
miDgton di?g; Torceltu Alwood. tm NY?rk
At Porto Cabnllb Not 13 m-Ii Ellen -, fm NYork, dj?g
At Tobaeru 4'.b ult, bark Zenobia, Pepper, for lloslun, ready lu
Arr ?t Sl John, IIB, :7th ult, ich Franca, Lcpm, Boston. Cld itU,
ship Castlllian, Gra??. for..
At Aua Cape?.Nov 10. hrtg Atlantic! Du?lt. for New York, 1? 4t|
M ba Aitler. I). d<e. fhl Ro-tou itirt arr; Oeu Foat.r. Douglass, fcr
New Yotk I0d?| James I'otisr,Tbai. her, for Boston,5 de; Cadeu,
RyoVr. do, 1" <!?; Florence, Bowd.r, lor 11 ds
At Jerero e Not 13, tchi Ansdoe, Atery, fm New York, reportti
for Boston, in 10 de. and rthen. .
At Oonaltet Not 12, brig Egvptiaa, Rogers, fin Boston. J ag; UeJ
Walsh, SlilUen, for firn Y.'rk . J ds; si bs Rmeline, Jnlin?01,?r
Bo.ton . d?; Elita Hand, Smith, for do, 1ft d?; Hannah * Abgrr,
Crar... fm do. ili.g.
NoAmretaels at Gambia O. I 1. Brig Hamilton, Sorer, i!4 W
Sierra L?. ne Sepj 19.
At Cnpe Hati en lSlh u!t, bngt L?aad*r, Mayo, fm Bo?Ujn,iaitti!
Mont* C'ritto.Sherman, mdo, dutgi ?< h Kbeo Auma, WheUtet,!!
do. do. Sid Ivtb ult, brig Sibnus Willis, NFork.
Sid fm Rubi Key Km ?3, brg Nancy, -, for New Ycri; Kt
GiolaLd, do.
l)?iiii'?ilr Fort?.
ALEXANDRIA, Decs? ?rr?.h t) Phillip?,Small, Fa.ltKrt
BhlSTiiL. D?c 1?Arr br.g Rio. Joknw>o, Cape Hay tot; ?IMP
GaieDe. Veigu.oD, New York. S!d .loop Ttiniwrai.?,?, Dtra, 5??
BANGOR. Not 19?An jrhi St Leon Parker, Boston; Aiwa.
Waterman. Sabin; i's bluet, (,r:...li? New York; Wo". *"f?2l!
ton.ol New y, ,k.t.*?,.H.i.o..por: t*. bed. CM 3ah, acl, Sar
, Paul, Boston. Scb John E Paltan is bound 10 Sag Harbor^
,? I, i t
.... stba'?nij .Sou. Ata.!.!????."?, Arno, Beels, do, Y ican, Seek,
do Packtt Thoatpaon, do Dec i?Arr Jan?. Turner, Naw Tora.
BALTISORE, W l-Arrorig? Fashion, Knwan, DuininicnCiak
brun rVaitrr, Rom h>>; - n natbau Darfto, Dttb, Fall R.??r,
Ma.s' CM ?lop. K..0?na h.'e, Litarpooli W Brun? l.atdis,Ml
brigs Jo|.et,0ost?ll. St Johns NF, 0.< nr.! Cr) Conrad, West Indies
via Norfolk; aoha Sstuiii?. Iwi.k, N?w York, M-dora. i Br) Sma?,
Barmuda. aid, ship, .North Barohua, Fo,tatr, San FraociacoiEast
galhot M.r'a and Fan Cnmn ^ga, Arr.terdsrn
BOSTON, D?. 1? Air bark. Sarah On.ay. Re aick, M.Units, R*
man, Howes, New-Orbsoa, M?ry Ad?ba, SnaKlu.g. do, brigs Pbo-sut.
Pain*. Cape HaytUn: Nereu., Ma. .r>, Mansan lla, HaTifcu, !?')
M?gl.*r. Halfaj; Ortlaba, Hines. PtoaacOlaJ Elba Mirut, Trtst,
VI iliiurgton, NC; Ssml Brown. Hsker, Baler, Baltimore; Mary Stat?
ion, Ryiirr, do; H Cousins rkpmpton, Pbihu)?rph(aj l.aji'tttt,
Foe.ett, c; Narrtguagui HlocTby, J..; Seht St Helena, (Data.)
K.us Rotterdan., K. [?DO, Spark*. Aua Cayai; M?jo,oo, Mansoa,
do; Elliot', Ctxk, Jerruie, bio bun, Morse Got.a. at) Adr.ars,
Bryant, Turk. I.land; Henry Atlina, R?nd?ll, Jsck.ontilb; UTi
Monro?,Sataonah; Hii?n.i? Eklndg?, Wilmington.KCl B?ySla!?
Wil.oo, Si ifolki Mar, Au.u.la. Watt., Phlia-lelphia; Mohawk.
Jcbr.at..o. co. Coin T...k-r, Cox, d.,. Sarah Moore. Freo.it, ??
taoy ol lie Ocean, Fn.-stt. do, Byron. Handy,Troy; Edwin A.ls
nr., Baron, a bant; Moitano H.l'?tt. do; Col Hanson, Watt?, W
Now Vol. <>?<.> ?eil, N?w Yoik; Citno.u. Oorhsio, Portsrnoulh, Si,
Neptun?. BOMOD, Csla.a; 0<?l.)o Pobom Bangor; J?m?e, Dtfej,
Pi rtlaul^ Tc e^raplieJ-Bark E!.a, li.. S.ra .nbab; brig Dir*?.*
- r". ;t ' Bei.'?. Br; l.a>(,?,:d. H.o'al; L ASirelts,!"')
Iion .it, Cltr?; Cbtt H-ith. Pu'n.m, Purtltnd, to bid lorCuW
., ba Baltic, Galacar, am (.',?.; ?.lobe,Oration 3?ars, Jr, fWSsJ*
obi.l Arcade, Co. .. Ca,?.-; Tho? M Mayns?. 3p?nc?r, I*?
cb;as, S .(.er . r, Lord, E.b? ort" t," S sl. op-of war Aibany. for Otl
of M x co, :n tow of .t?am?r Hotnef, .tartad and anchors* ? ?**
tasket Roads, wter? remain bug. J Hxckley, andLccy Atwood.
ELIZABETH cny,pre-.io.i. u, No?:io?Arr *clis J ? Ln??
Kog.We.tloden; John Bo.i.b.l. Im. Norfolk; S.rah J*n? ?*??
night, Purd), do; PteU S W.il.am.. Sparrow, do. Sld?n*JCC?J;
boun, Simmon*. Norfolk; Ma/> T S.uad?rson, Rougkbon, Rxini.*^
Siuh Gallop. Worfo k. ,^
FAI.l. RIVER, D-c 1-srr ? oop? Tho-rss W ThorM, Durw.
Alb.ny; E.t.l, B.nnett, N?w YoA. Chi Wth, tch Mstrio?, SlasP -
Phib?1?hahia. , M
MOBILE, Not 16-Arr Sp br.g? Anita, Hstana; Alar-c -oow..
do: Lola ?Jil'ett. Trinidad .<? i nha . au..... M.
NORWICH, Dec 1?* tr ?>.h A Jarnon, .W?t?"??-* b'"'^*
01.??, Lamb. A . .:? ?:?? P- <>>""? ".w-York, Ofc-k,
Ijitiib.Trun ?.h Anil. Fitig.rald.Naw York. , -
MACH IAS, Not Jt-Sld .ots Gland."'. I5^i^ffiS
Naacy Tret, MrCabb Rost,, Kb >^MC^ ?
%SdLITOW9 Not ?7-Arr?:h?Annr.i?er.aip^3<A<A
MlDDLETOM N N ? ekeoioa. New YoA; WnkftaT*
ri' , ',' , i....?' New YoA; Omars Gitlues. Cary. ?*
CU?.:: C.V?" s;.ad*.r.. ^ ?^o.?; B Doogbsa, T.ybr, *?*
B|^h^ASS.Vor JS-Arr th.pt Snnr^am,
' s Av L"Ni"JV. De, l-arr.ch Nancy Milk'.WlV^V
*.wYork M.k!i Fiaacia Hawkms. H-i'.?.. fm f}^Tos?i
?::.B.dford; tb P? Byron Va.l. to New MM^SjSt*
tSa-fei?;,Joc?i.fn. New YoA tot ProTaieoc?; G H pa-j. ^
hVny-JLrn-i bbr, Bitten. New York. Sid Dt'. 1, tloo? 1?
:on?y, New York. _v,,i,. KksJ*
SEW HAVEN. Dec 3?Arr br.g Cetopatrt, *?w York, no*
? Lird, Bargor; F Decker. New York for Hartford, gjS,
NKW BEDFORD. Dec S-Sld scca E H Adam?,J^lftf
more; Danl Fraxcia, Fern*, N.rfolk; EU?n Rodman, snara?
IONORF0I.K.HovJ0-AnBr brig John Wittf, J^;^H\i>?
dec Lach WUSatn * Mtry. North. Baltun. rt; M.Jbr* ^'a,B*;
H.nrn.Tuikt Island; tots Colombia. Knapp. "I'^afali, *?*
Sa.atuab, bound to Ti-intoe. Cid ?ch TtVth ? ~*
Indies. o?or?r. Mtnvj!'
PHILADELPHIA, D?c 1-Arr . -'/.p**,*?'
.at n cm *arv FSUda, Howes. B"*""'"f a; ,?i rUr**
Vrd, P. rtbr-d: Pbrehe Baitf. Baitdr Sabm, r n: t. Cn>*2
InomBaon. New Tora; Bad son, B?"\ ' ,?a ?V M'K?*,
Bm'.oe. CU ich* SGn?com,Getb,Su>t Sine d*?
I ret d?a<?; Ju M Cress, Ssyr?, Newark,

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