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coal. _
JrOAL larireNttt H'd small Stove, at $6 per tan:
^.,"?0 Peaz-h Orchard"! allaizes; also Lfwpool
:J'K :.^. al low price., at " SIMPSON'S*'
fiBt^H ORCHARD, Black Heath,
f ?' h -h l!iv< trpc-oi, Oral, Cannel and Sidney Coals of
V/Dl'CED TO $5 75 PER TI N ? Whit* A-di Coal, lira',
coaflfyi ?r?, Stove and Nut sizes, at the ttbovelow prt?e.
Jt?mred tree of charge for car'age?must be paid for in
mw.e-. .Wien lie: order il . ren
,j?rj ;f 107 Antixmy-at near Broadwiy.'JJ
'_#? 50 PER Tl N,?Peach Orchard, Red Ash Coal,
istquahv. K.-e or S ovo ?Izes, at the above LOW PRICE,
delivered free of charge for cartage. Must be paid f ir :;i
vood moi.'y when the order is cl^en.
?j if 107 Anthony-st. hear Broadway.
-*t CO. Phlladelph'a, have on hand, and will ship at short
aotlce.from their wharf at Port Richmond,
REO ASH Cf>AL. from Spohn k Lewis's Veins.
WHITK ASH. from Broad Mom tain and Tamaqua.
N. B.? W UITE ASH CHESNUT, large sue.
RKD ASH NOT, large
Bar" Orders are respectfully aoiii
FEiladel.-.l.a. Dec if. 1850.
d20 2w
Vn/ suitable for driving steam. 1 cargo. 155 urns afloat,
djjCharging in a few dav?. Kor ?ale low for cash.
d!T lot 107 Anthony.si. near Broadway.
(1?AL?$C>, $G 75, of all sizes?Red
- 'ash. firat quality?a good al.ee for Air-Tight Stoves;
also, Uumberln.-.d Coal for smith's uso. ?1. PEIRCEY,
n27 In," 'j5Eldridge-at. between Broome and Orand sit.
BRITISH PROVINCES.?The subscriber would respect*
folly give notice that he baa opened rooms at 177 Broad?
way, New-York, for ihe purpose of keeping constantly on
aale H ire, Registers, Magnet?. Insulators. Zincs. Porous
Cijpi, Tumblers; A.i'is. Protectors, Olmsiead's Battery,
Gull? Percha und River Wire, and every deoeription of
At ManufacUlrer** price*.
The Hr|va ,iftgea to the Companies in having a room of
tins kind are loo obvious lo require a moment's considera?
tion, ?ml it is sincerely hoped lliey will extend to it their
?uppori. All vhIuhIi'. Improvements will be added to the
?lock OS soon a* possible. Order? will be punctually atr
euded to, If addressed to
ul2 SatTuAiTlitf i77 Broadway. Nevr-York.
conn-, ting all sections of the United Slates. General
Office, iJ-r I Broadway. The general reputation of ihe vast
range of O'Rlully Lines, renders it only necessary to say
Hint Increased efforts are mude to render them Hiill worthier
ofuubii. confidence JAMES D. HEID.
dS SawSTuacTklf Superintendent.
Jewing machines.
? Not liable to got out of repair, rind in which all objections
are eiliciuallv overcome. .Maybe soealn practical opera?
tion at the clothing store of Messrs. SMITH CON-ANT.
12 Bow cry, who arc sole agents for tho sale ol said tu ichine
n this city and viclnitv. d.'ll lwle*
PHELPS'S BcIuyStilch Sewing Machine, pronounced
by (tun petonl judges lobe, for real "utility, for superior lo
any Invention of tl a kind known, which does nol lulcrfeio
with miV body's right, In not liable to getont of repair, and
in whicli every objection, Imperfection and fault is effectu?
ally ovi rcoine, may best-en in practical operation at No, 103
WssblngU/u-st over ihe Chins Tea Store, Boston, Mas?,
wheie in,- machine la for sale, and practice upo.iitullowoJ
gratuitously. Our macbiue may also be seen in operation
at No. 12 Bowery, New-York, al tho clothing warehouse of
Smith Ai Conant, who an- authorized to receive order* for
inanhines. Ail persons interested aro invited to call and
judge for theuii>e,w ?. Thoso who cannot call, can haven
rul) description forwarded to them by addressing iho sub?
scribers, postage paid
SINGER k PHELPS, Boston, Mass.
N. 11.?An Agent Is wauled in every town in Ilm Unitod
Stales. All applications must be post paid, dir Im
The subscribers, owners Ol tho ROTARY SHUTTLE
MACHINE, patented Oct. 1810, hereby Caution iho Public
against purchasing or using .Machine* which infringe upon
their patent, us they will prosecute to the extent of iho law
all hu.:h lufringmetiL*.
Our machine* uro now offered for salo for the first time.
They have been In use in this city for one year. One firm
has made ten thousand dozen Cloth and Plush Caps. Bev.
eral Other compaule* have employed thorn very profitably
in milking clothing, carpet und grain baga, and for oihcr
purp. -cm. There ,ip' a numbor now In useut tho factory of
H. w Banks ,v c i Elm, cornel of Canal st where those
wi*iilng to purchase uio Invited to call and sse them in op.
eralkin. Messrs. '.It W. I! i Co. ore authorised to make
?ale* of P.i. lit* 01 Machines for use in tins city.
These macblno* are *o eusilv managed, that n child of 11
year* of ag.' hn kept even machines (which are propelled
by steum und employed In mukmg bugs) In good order for
?oiue months p.u-t. atteuding at the same tfini lo the run?
ning of her own machine and doing With il tho woi k of four
adults if sewing by hand.
These machine* can bo driven bv hand, trcddle. or
steam powi r. To parsons wishing to make aaexperiment be
fjr< buying, a machine would herented al a moderate pnee.
We confidently assert that these are the only machine* of
reu) practical utility, and while we invite uci examination or
the machines now tu operation, we repeat our caution
uaiosiinfringnienis, which will certainly be prosecute I.
parent WINDOW SH ADES. In every variety of
sylo am! Miialiiv, a' KEl.TY i. RIKEA'S Wholesale Re
sail Window Shade DhpOt, nil Chatbaut-at N.B.?A good
assortment of entirely new styles, manufactured [expressly
for the Holiday*. Als? a choice assortment of bull'and
white linens
KELTY k RIKER, 1 11 Chathsm-sL New-York.
N.B?Shades for stores or churches promptly furnished
to order. dllit.ll*
Sbont Pimlskmg their windows with the anove orilcle?,
will find nt J. C. SVOODPORD'S, 895 Broadway, the
largest and best nssorimenl in the ciiy; soveral new styles
acwr before Introduced In New-York. Luce and Muslin
Curtain*, Drapery. Tassels, Loop*, Pins, Band*, Cornice*,
etc. Kammes purchasing of the subscriber may rely upon
gelling a first rate ?rucle. and as low ili tl le possible to Im?
port or manufacture It- Merchant* buying at wholesale will
find It decidedly to their advantage to call before purcbn*
teg elsewhere ' J. C. WOODfORD. 2Hi Broadway, alftl
7^ HARRISON'S portable self-cooling
-isMlLLS, Burr-atone grinders, patented November,
|?Hi,?These Mill* are warranted to do more work than any
oilier nulls now in use, and do not require one-half a* much
The fit st premium was awarded to the patentee of these
Mill* st the Ka'i s of Hie American Institute in I.-If und I ? *i,
also at ihu Eair of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanical
Association in I
These Mill* are very convenient for transportation, their
whole weight being much iess than iheslones alone of com?
mon niiil.s.
They are admirably adapted for grindlug grain of all
kinds, collet', spices, mustard, starch, salt, paints, plumba?
go, manganese, bones, mm. .pian/. piaster, charcoal, dye
emits, .ilt.i. s, sttufi', tiaxseed, oilcake, &c. Ate Km sale by
H. E. WARREN ??< CO.
d 18 Iw* H Corllau i-.-t up stair*.
preducmg health, strength, growth, fine forms and happy
disposition*. Many unproveraei is have been edecled by
tbo inventor of tin* dehghtlul affair, and ib.e constant de?
mand is sufficient proof or its merits. Price $2 50, up?
ward, for sale, wholesale and retail, by the Inventor, G.
W. TUTTLE, at hu spieuuid Emporium ol tTancy OooJ*,
??5 Broadway. dl liu*
?fHOLDERj an entirely new style or LETTER f'lLE,
for holding Leiter?. Invoice*, Bids, or oilier paper? for COB"
veoleni ren'rence, believed tobe rar superior to anything
now i.i life for that purpose. Those requiring such an artF
cse are requested to rail and examine. Kor ?aiis wbol-j*?it
and retail, bv the Agents for New. York City,
?26 BELL i GOULD. Stationer*, fee. 158 Na???u-ai.
?OOFING.?Goodwin's Patent CE
bMENT SHE \THlNO I* the only permanent covering
K linking mi, or shingle riv.fs tight, "done for cent* rH?r
ft* New uh'I* of rough plunk covered for 4* cents, and
w*.rramed. Office283Springs?.uearHudsoa. ol43meod*m
HPHE LARGEST as^.rtment of BED
?rar offered for sale, at M WJLLARD'8 Wsrebouse, 150
Mainau iL eoraw 0f Uulb*?rrv-?l Ttw atteuiiou of house-.
hMper* aad oth?r* ts paxtu-uikrly called U> Wulie e patent
r"i.W and left serev bedsirad. 6'rd b?d* renovated; cola
MSMIH and relaU. n26 lui*
rrAK E N 0 T1C E.?(Jentlemen's and
?O^'L.f/S CAl's- Ladies' and Misses' Kelt
*Vt CAPS ?? 'i?< ?*/"('y Braver HATS. Cloth and Vei
oT-,.. ir, . ofyveo' variety, for salo al the lowest
d7 im. f'u Uly"ier- J- H. MONARUUE,
_ 228 Bowery.
Z u \ LV UK H'>ts Price if ?3,o*aallyaold
at tti. A-*o, an a/ucie ti ?2 U\ Neat Hs-s a; -*2
-?,,_, BROWN.
lm 1* Can an l. one door from BolL'yaa.
Vv'PANY-OfSre* S7 WALL-8T. and 167 BOWERY
?o ?rerpln?, ?ecureiv iuvi *ted, corjiinae* to li*sr*
a* or aunt**,)! Wv KtRE on dwelUw houses, me;
household furniture, and a'! icjcrirntons of Pfr
Tula Company, with a caen capital of
and a i&rire ~
against loan
cbsudlse, he_
aossl Property, on the moat favorable term*
Jeremiah Johnson, William J. Vs.;?min?,
AIol.tc A Alvord, Jaiue* C. Z'?t'.v\r..
Daniel Burtnett, Jayjtrrii.
William Wallace, John i. Harris.
Thomas AicElrath, P..,-. Ba/iu-y.
Like Baker. rrands .V. Palmer.
D A ;?;! EL B U RT N ETT President
Jaxcs M. McL'A.w. Secretary, oi ti
w f PAN V -Ol b No : ... - (cor. New-it) CASH
CAPITAL *'.!0t?.0D0. i .-. - - , ...
! Daniel 8.Miller, Fred. H. Wolcott, Rich. F. Carman,
1 Win. E. Rov. land, W. E. WUmerding, Jr. Win. Ofrthont,
i James D. Oliver, A. C. Kingsland, PWL R Kearney,
I Rleifd K. Halgbt, Geo C. Satterlee, CbaesE. Cluiocy,
i Corn'b Bavaxe. Oeo. B. Greer. Robert Lane,
Henry Alorean. J. T. B. Maxwell.
GEO. C. SATTERLEE, President
A. H. Mii.j.er. Secretary. dl8tf
1 COM/ANY. otftce -,l W'all-at. corner of Pesii, H. Y.
CAPJTAJfJ 82OO,O0O.-This Company, bavins their
Kapital all paid m, in cash, are prepared to insure Blinding*,
; Merchandise, Household fnrnimre. V'?.aae!a in Port, thai?
; Cartroea, Lc airam*l loss or damage by fire, also, ths
( Risk* of Inland Navigation and Transportation, on themoe*
? favorable terms. Ail loaie-a promptly adulated ar.d paid
; RnfttsBtorr, Mose? Taylor, Sampson Moor
I Peter Martin, George Eider, Chas. Borkhalter,
\ Francis Skindy, Henry Edey, Asa S. P?rter,
Ja*. B. Wilson, Alex H. Grant, Wm. R K?ster,
ten. B. Sherman, Marshall Pepoon. Isaac C. Taylor.
J. Mu ton Smith, Secretary. 77f tf
Ocean Bar.k Ballding, corner of Greenwich and Kulton tt*.
CASH CAPITAL jt'-iOO.ODII. Insurance atralnst lots
or damage bv fire.. ' CROWELL ADAMS. P-m*lder.t.
George W. Ssvagi:, Secretary It- ;f
S COAIPANY, Hartford: Capital,**.W,ono, with a our
plu?. B. W.GREENE, President
J. B Elorkdce, Secretary,
For Insurance,apply to E. WHITE. 43 WiUiam-st
dl4 Smeod Second door below VVall.
?Office No. 6 Merchants' Exchange, Wall-st N. Y.
and 43 Kulton-sL Brooklyn. WM. ELLSWORTH. PrwX
A. G. Stevens. Secretary. au9 6m*
fc< JlALED 1 ROP03ALS for fin
OSvboolioSSthst. nrarOthai i
(' ark of tie Board of Education, t
sr., until tl * 8th day ol January,
until n
vt, No. 1 hall of REC0R9S
JLrV.HS i Sealed Proposals will be ie<eiveda: tbe ,0 e o
Ceromisiioner of Repairs and Suppl.es, baeeineat e/eatetatol
City Hall, antil Thursday theSd dij of January. ItSI, 12 o'cloc
si win. h omethey will t,? publicly opened, lor rnakina aftaratfOfl
adjiti?na lo Housa of H-*m Compaoy, No ;is. A pUrj
gMiSaaiuu ..i the *>.rk requ?r>J to t,.d,.h?. ?. d ?ii i,f ? ..?{?,c
t><. 11' Khtabstb ?I.
*. H.?Blank ntiniatae r?r b? h?d st eiUisr oi the sbov* o(5-?
?124 WM. A DAMS, Coio'r. of Iiap?T> an* Bnopl
I v hp a m mi m or itEP?Titi ami si i'pi.ij.M.-?e?>d
I 'posals will oe received at the office of tlia Corinnissioa
Itepaiis and Supplies, bas*n,eot, westead ol New C tv Hall,
; Hl?hk estimata* ' an bad at either office.
j N. B.?The ristht to decline eiihtroi the piop-,.-d? is 'aserred.il
deernad for the laterest oi tha Corporation. tvtl, aha>h,
,1.4 Comioissiun?rorR.p?ir?.tKlS(ippIi?s.
fclTitK^^ likl'AKiMKM.I'o <H.Al.L OK ItECORI*?a'eS
I proposals will b< ie< -,??d at the Street Commissioner's Okies un?
til aitndk.i, Dec. 30th, 1840, at.', o'clock P. At. tu nu.ld an add.tiou U
pierr No. S, e?i>t hide of Ci*nt,s? Slip. To lay i roflu *a!k in MOison
?t opposite Rufger's FsnaJs Institute. To flag a space l feet wide
through ?kV?hi? ol ssd-at between oib and 7th av?. ?here he .imi
?rt- net now flogged. To grade aud re?eL curn and gutter ia 2dtb*sti
between lid ens 3d avs Plans, specifications, and all information
thereto can be had on nppt.cation to Hi* Contract Clerk nl this Do
parojient.- Dec. in, ISM'. JOHN I'. IIODolE,
dil street CommleeUmer
SEALED PROPOSA LS will be received at the Street Commis
._ siouer'a Oflice until Monday,Dec 30, lS60,at5 o'clock, P. H to
I mid an addition to the pier No. K. on the east side of Coenties slip,
Eait Kbrar. IM ations and all infonnatioD thereto aas be
hnd on application to :he Contract Clerk of thlaDepaitr?ent.?Deel
19, ISfiO. [ .11 JOHN T. DO DOE. Street Commissioner.
lEHP It i ?Vl.nl'.
missiooerof Repan
C:ij Hall, untilThi
Public Bl
bad at eit
IuIkRS.?Sealed Proposal* will be recairei
a?s?mi.er of Kt ps.rr and Supplies.basemsat,
Public Hn.l .nie. No. if Blixabeth-sL N. It. Hii\uk Es
had at either of Ute above oSiuea.?Dec. 16, I860,
d 7 WM ADAMS, Commiesiouerof Repairs a
4 Ds>UilSTIU70U 3 SAL?.-.o piuaaaac* .-i sa ?rSei ol the
A B?i. Alexaadar W. Sruifcrd, !?rrv.4?ta ol the Coaatj oflfaw.
j tork.Dl'MDNT* HOSACM "ill sell uudsr tbe lirectior of Junes
I Renrrici. Adm'Si.trstcr ol all an* sicgn'ir tne ^oods. cbt'teb, an*
? credit* of WILLIAM REITVV1CK, late of the City ol Row-York le
' ceeeed.nite.uu, at pubHcauction atthe Merditui?- Kteliange,in Hie
; City of New Tork, on the Bth di\ of January atit. at tw.l.e j\.'?ik
I at nixin, lbs following Sescribai rsa.1 *&uta oi wfcuii the si.r inteaiat*
; Si*d sened,viai
All thai cerum let, piece vi panrelof isc? in the Foerteenth Ward
.' oflbeCii) ol See T..i?. knoeu .... the map oi Jut ..I ?.yaid'e faiur
' ?y the LJUibsr twslrs tur-JraJ r^_<! firty tLise uoiiadrj ?o..:?ilyby
i Broadway, *a*terty by totl,S30,aontheriy by W l.Mt, nbrthut/by
' l:.tl,TM3; being in width m front an* rear 54 feet, tt.d ia depth 100
I feet and kio?n ?? .VM Broadway.
All that certain lot, piece or parcel of butil tke Fourth TT* i . I
the City of Sew Tori cca-iiautiat at api-.tt oa t.'.? SOUtheri] z it '.
. Chatham-street, distant 33 feet d :a.-hrseasterly htwa the coratrh rra
e< by this easterly side ol Jnmes and the soatber(y*i4(ofUhaUia9k
- ilreet.and running from ioch pol&s,easterly,along the eoutbortyeide
: of Chatbaiu atrsel, Is feet 6 inebe?, toiandi founerly of theeetate ol
' Robert Bi.kerton,aau cow (.f Jai^aa Sc^-laJ ; tL._,e ^ ..iJuiIy.Al ..j
suis la-,d*,M' fee! 1 bxh ; the-ice weiter!? !S feet e, inches, end these*
a -rtherly <x feet I inches, lo lie place inl bagni ng.r.^owasi l?o.l?l
t r ? km ?tr?e?
Ail th.e>e (..urcertain kit* of lend m the l^hth IVard o.'aa.a e? i
1 eutiogutaUd as lota Ifos. StA, 5tA 687, on a map of taai* b*baxi*j - -
I tt* nuu ol Aathrny LrapeaarJ, bonnd*d ?jturly in f-ent.-y fte.y
S wick ?res:, southerly sy I .t No. H8, westerly by lots rtoa.
I andetoo. Dvrtherry k> k>t Ka SM.routaini'u: ia feon? and rear 7* feel,
I and oO reel ui length on each sate known by the street narabera ofSJ,
li, (7. and ? Hanwick street
All those certain k>la of land in the Eighth Wzrt "f tao c'.J oi
Mew York, a?^::n!nj. eireenwniii ,lre?t, al ;i'. ji.h r, . ? fo.,i
1 oortberiv from tbe nostlieaatofiy cornel of tipteaw^h aae Canal
j streets; raDniag theuceoortherb eJong t're*i *.cii-e;.-aat, e3 fewt fl
; laches; thaac* aasurt>',at rnibt a^rlea U' Oreiaw^ih ?tr*?t, CC fee: t
teecce scutisrty, :z a line pars.':? w te-esr-..-. streit. 13 fett S
' tacbee; thencewe.'erl;feet,u. ?heplace of ae*..caicgi Ire^eas
I nuntbere a7Wt'jd iai OreenWH-b ?lr?el.
AD tbatcertan lot oi ,an-i in the Sizteaath War* ol aauicAV,
I aeaudedoorthi.-ly, ia fron!, by iaic.titatt ,::?.-:, w?su;s by Sot
! No. <7, southerly hy let f 7, and easterly by! -t ?o. tv, pjatairriagSJ
; leel width m front and rear, ?:>d HI feel 11H inches m eeplt.aJrt is
i kao?l by number 1^, on s n^n Of bode of the !aie WY .j,:^ r^vara.
i All thatcertara lot or paice] of la^d bj tha S;iie%uiL '.V*;* oi t.-e
( laid city, begbeici; it a point oa the aprtti.-r'r nda jf Stxtsauth
I street, d'aUat 100 ;eet wtsisriy Imm ta? Wetterte nit at t-r?eatit
a.enoe; rar.r.ir.g the--, e i'.vien>. .a a i .?? ; irx ?*' 'i , ?.?e.jru
1 aeenne, 63 feel and half an inch; laetv-e eavuitej ira a lire
i eareliel u> Sateentli-ioeeL 100 feet, lc ;ha Westerb 1 oe s
j Savsa?i aeenue, !hau.e aaatharly, a.'oag the :i li. I Itt: 7 acba,*,
lo the lands of John Jacob X?ori Ibaare weaterh r> ?n f,e: (
1 aae lhe^.-e ro-.:^ie ;v, il.-,ji lei.n.. ti> '.; ? . ?,, ? 3,
leeclla street; kheace ??a.-ter'>, the .2 _e. fi.-. 7
All thai certain lotol Una n tbe .aid 5.i :?e,.::. IV., j ,.f...;,..?
f^nin< at s rx- nt 03 '.he ?jathorly aids of SiltatcSh i^eet, ? :?.;-.!
t.O feet wectei.y Iroai th? weiie.-ly has of Sevcsth-cvtana; liiare
southerly, on a i ae parallel la Serentt?*.-- . - i eebea
Ibet-ce weeUrly, para'tel to 5ixi?aj'>- at/eel, t *eetj .... rix
srly.ona line paiallelUi SsTeotb-afeaBe, 100 leal 3 ... fas
it,* hae oi Sitteeath itreetj these* easterly, ai?eg said stnel I
fteltc-ths pljce of a?x;asiii
A It thaicenam ot^er lot :a ea-d IMI-itveule-. eo Ward, on M e uoili
ftUe of Sateentb "loeet awtttaiaa *X* e.?.i,t *:>' leeft .<^.. :,. .;. ;^e
?K-rtb eeauriy comei of 3ai?tin-s<. and Sixtsentb ?_i ^ui:i
bag ttenca e*;'.?;i> ?S feet: tla.ir ; rtharts '-. It*. ^ achuj :
laiace ?nu.-!i a. 'eel. i! ;ace i.--ta;.- y S3 ?>;: J btaea, to me
piece of t^na-Tg.
AkwtkatcerUta ?ata: V t. ?Itb :he m Di *re t?j v.. - . taaied
at aTJwbridge, ia the 5.xtet^tb Ware cd ibo .Sew Iota-, u
grantee to Alexander M. Cccn, 0.-11x5? ia braadtti, as aa-n l ie ;
toeSpuytea Duj'e!Creel. 100 feel, andre ? ? [hike?hole
ngbl oflhe Corr-oreiein ecroee tke eame. ira?oa hii.b w?u?r m k le
low ?atermaik.- Uave.1 New-T?rt, 1u' Ii. ISSi
b? UicS JOHN E. DEVELl.N. rioctor, tt Wattsl
?fVOTICK I? HEREBY GIVEN that ua app' atioa will s- .,,de '
II to the neat 1 efuJetuie ..I line Scat* for an Act of tacu.-poraliou >
tubs 1 ailed the FRA&KLINiTE COMPANY, wiw a capital ol aa
aii'Jira.?Ij to'd m.Lerat r^tbte, and to ez; jrt aiia-ifaclnr?., a^d rr.11 !
n ?ta!. n foreign rcuntrws. d;i laero? i
. Wilaie Tajer pleejecopy._
N PURSUANCE ol an order of the Sturogale ^f the Cuaatj |
01 New Yeti. Nuti.? .? hereby given toil! petwu* bavsng ctatai*
sgaiae! SAMl'tL MIDDLEBRUOK, bate of :he city of New-Tort,
Bockbjulr.-, dev?a>*d,to rrwf.be saa.e with vi . era thereof to
the e'iberrTber, it Ii o?-e. No. 7 S*?e** SO**l * lb* city ~f
Vew-Jork.oaor ae-iote tbe ?eci-ci? Jay .^' Aprd oeat- ? Dated New
J\rk.::.e 1*1 tVuter, UtX. ;,!,.XEt< S. TH IVKR.
tl laervtnTtj Put he Acmo-t.'jatcr
Cjt'FREME COURT.?Is th? mattiT of tat inn --iiiog of "'
J> Major AsUn^n and Commonsriy of am City of Now Tori.
rmTi'.i?? u. t'.? or-aoing J l/i i,-,ic ii?:..?, fr. .t. 4i3 : ?? i iL
rr. lh?NiLeu*T:rij Ward of saic C.ty. T- s" -cecnoer.. 0cin--3iiaro
? rsol Estiirate aad Awnrja;! 12 t> <abo'? an-itied -lafer. 1?
suiiul 0; > rah of the Siprtmo Court,inKr,! on th? Od dty d(
Hn.-'h, lo.V), ;<*? sDt-'-?, ponuiit to the raeuinmnta ci ar. Acted
Ice Legislature 01" the People of the SUt? of Kew-Tsti, ?othlad uu
Acito aaecJ an .4^1 eat-tlea an .*ut to red-ice ?r?r?I U-rt -r.U:?j
soft?ifor'y to S.? City ? ?'? Uro V'?s. brio oao Act, pa??d Aord s,
lf"J," passed *.i-nl SO. tout tb* aostrariof tr.t Esjmuui
erseAaiosLl of ti.e ea.u ?J. aJr2i-,-,.?'.*rs in Us* aoova u.ilxer. CO.**--v
lisT the oarr.es of th? ow:.#.8 of tri? Jotaxwee-.e-J.ti* numbers c( aucfc
Moutbe] up;??reo the rotes ofthe C t-.^j- ocers, El either * ?
loch nur*? and tin amount of A* a?*???Tier.t wl->,tiier for damaga
r?if.; tod aviso all the ooUoTUovestaBotastail other Jocoo>?j?,
wticc ?fr? '??od bjth? Coi&Bissienef*. ta mokirj trarr report, hit*
s??n cepc-s-.Ua m tli? Street C'jmniiea.or,er'i oiSra, ifiheCitJ izi
Cotnty of Sm T rt,r the injpestioa of irhoinsofTsr it Tay ?.3
ce.-n i tbsre ni remain for it least nxtf -tvr baton t. a -ud Cotnnit
a., oar* msse ta? ' ret-urtto the sacl Sjprerr.s Court, atth? til tiod
niist h?:?ii.*i?*r r?e,',t;oa?J. Aid thesaid CtuiM. Mrs lurtfcsr
jrrs rm':. a, p^r-cf."/to ho picvsiaios* 01* ths Act, rctitiod "* A- i :t
w. amend sn *.r\ ertr-.i-d asAc: ic relation t--i t; a Collection of At
sasfciueLt* and Taxes ,n tie C.ty anil County of New Y'oc.ana for
Ot'nar parpo.^3, p?s*?d May 14. IStO,"1 passed May 7, PHI, to til
-.*~jti,ji "?Mir. ceccoaat bceowrtt of ill hoar*'., ud w
prr-rM r-r m:rr:;n:'ed Janis aaVrie,:--nererc. that ths/ cast alta
slated -o? eel ooolo and useknmest; odd thai all ?r? ids wooee .r.tar
?st? ars affected thereby, and ?2? our to ofif-odt > tri* saw, ?.'0
requested v. i,r?eot ?.e r obise&ns in ?ma, to SkAobii C. Ersr
?::, t: ? Ckaimaa of ?rtd Cosox,_s?io^ars, a: tu! h??isa, SJo. 117
v, b ?? -. U - 1 :? of N?w-T< ?r?ui tl??-.>? Joyi (rota ::a iota
Df Iiis o?txie; aad that the bmita ercorarad by thi? as***sms?l ^r?
aa fs^Uowa, toot ? to aar i Aj; thcao lota, piecas orporcoss of - Ui-d,
sf.xaer t: s 1.1.-. : > .s ? r ? - a of 43d-si aid tha 1001001); Cat M
, 3, ... b??oa?arrh> and rsetorfy I r.?s?-r ?:j? c( Ut
\iC-tm ?7*n?a-?ai'-*pt;ii^ rher*fryro. ?H t>f>sa ?traeta or part* of
sirsata wrthio slid bioiU, ?h.ch 1 s esJrraJy o?- 0 ^.'fanad Aou also,
all *.:.e h.n-. places ?; parrels of 'aad.l>:ne 00 botk s?:es of sa.d Lax
a-.SL-.e. v radad thl 11 rth ij tha sostiiarlj- l.r.a or shia r.l
Sotb-ot i:9 tfca KHta oj- tri? nonhsrly Im? or ndoof did ?'- 00 tri?
aastbv tbacetitar l-ae ??t?o?o tb? ThiN-???oi? ood theooid Lanof
rrstton aT?aoe,mod oo tea wa-:'o\ UwteoterliiiObatwaon tlia Pwartai
ITaooa u. ? th -? iL?? :. a-.rcuoo, or.i 1 ..^;.r.- .11 too l^tr *r
p>ore?r: :.-;? ?-.:i.;-. tl laa boits, Crontrae en tha said Laiiacv.:
stiaais i.r p^rt? of ?lr*st? whicb hs^a si'?sH? Saan op*e?dt. Asd
also. aS 10? jf-ts. p.ecaa or porpotaiif load, litaoto 00 tho oootoctf
line of tn.d f^x:ni;:oa axesae ar-d ti,a niar2-tt.ai ?*raata. ?a*.srsao
t-a Dortborra boo or ?d? cf IUt st. ood tho * .rr--!y Ima or a.da of
?0 sLand arwediot;eaalerly about one fcccdra-l i'~>t, bathe?a.Ti?
taora or laoa liri.rn tbo" a;isi*rl) bra* or s ri? of aoid Laxloet-.?-???!.?.??.
Aid also, all Ul< lots, piatas nr p*rcsls **f l*.'id, *ltuaU or. :ha ar*atori
|jr -.:.a or i:d? of sa-d Lexti^Uto aaorso tt.J tha bttraelrttnf atrooU,
aa'w??! rhs otrrtharfji lira or i da of 3 ?t. trj tlia "nt erl> hoe or
s-a? ? ?t. and eitaodrao wa?ia>l) frora said ?re*t*rrj Brroorsafo
of sa d Lor.ric ?.-.. tvooiM, ais.ai -,aa henirad f**L b? tha a am* m.>r?
or lass. Ar,d iha smd CocuuiAsionars further ?;-.? aotite. toottbair
raaort ir. tha at-."a rr.attir. will ba rrxda ar.d rrasecta-i to tha Sa
r.r..,.i rto| tbo -'?> ot Sew-Yon, at a apseuf Tonn of S10
ss'd Court m ?? h?W at tbo City Hall of tha Ci'y of Naw Tnrl. no
S?: irdaj*, tha 1st day of February, i.-Si. at iha opay.? ut Iba Ciurt
Ou tial da\, o, as -.^.n tlia-caflar ain.;r.-<l :i? '...-.,ri. Plaud
Raw Yr.rV. SfTam-ar l?; t8M fflCHOLAJ C EVKBCTT, WIL
UAM !>t?l??E, HKNht BP.EKMA.V, Coramisaronars. slStft
?J t'PKKMfct,t?Lrt7.- to tue tt-tter ..;?-.? ?-?V-.t.-.-i itue .rt iy.,i
ssAii-rmar e:r Commonartj oftheCrtj :it'N'?w York, rals'iratoth.
(ii'r:MMi>.n;.. rout of to iblie pl*..e. tan*? a-sro'i ValaA.NT
SQ?AREiotbeSateoteentiWVdofoaidCitj 1 a ?aal r. -rs.C.-ni
a..:..-.t.usr: of JCstintata ?:;j A-^ecfra?.-.'. iq Iii? ?0o'. a ant tl.-d ,nattsr
di!y?pp-.:sted 0 r^fa of tha?-jpr'ma C.?::t. notko.piir? oao! t:
K's retrainrneote i.f?n Act i.tiba Leguiatun of loa Poopl? ol tie Statt
of ??w y?ra er.titltsd ' Ao Act to arnaod ao Act eotrtla.1 ao Act m
rsduce savarst liw. raUtirs psrticulsrly to tha City of :lfew-Y?rt
iotooca Act. passad April a. 181J,"roMod April to. 1S39; tbattbi
abstrar- cf tbo dsnrnote and a.???"rrAsi ::f tba CororoUMOoen ia thi
abora mattar, coDtainio; tk? oaniaa and uwrwra of tha lota ???? ?a
tl.a nombars of li lota as tii^y appear "o tna maps of tha C irnm
aioyars?tiCAtlicr with aal h coops, and t:;r omooot ..1" a?esa(r^nt
whait.Tr for aarr.a.-e or boofflt, ur.d also ill tba affi.ljT,tj, oatnutM,
and otbar doenruante, wbicb trara r?-<i by tna Carrrrnisrlooora is
making their report, hate been -I^unt?.i -n thaStrsetCommisaionBr'l
tha westerly side by Fourth at
paresis of land frontim; on tl;
twaan the nortberlj boo or si
boa or side ol Tai.tii-.tieet 1
Uia north ? a*t corner of Taoth ?
oetw-er. AEtor pbico ad Miotl
ayenu*. And sl-<i,slltna lot
the w.-?*erl> line or side of tin
me sm; Hi; i' ootisdofc"
or p,rr-.ls t.l land-, fronting f
avenue, batwean Astor pia.'e a
DPREME COUAT M'.W VoliK.-J. H Harbeck a^n.-.t
Fiancis P. Saje. and Man Ulna bis wife; Banjam.n It. RoOsoa,
William H Hazard. Fordioaod Suydam.Tha Book of British North
America, Tbomu fl. Coaay, Mathew Morgan, Wiliiani lx>'.t:roer, AI
fi?d I.orgr. Oeorp? II DoForett, Eira T Gale, La Grand a I anon,
I'h.lander Haufur.l und Dsn.rl Lt rd. aiecutorsrf Benjamin l>' r
?'l, deceased; Aleiakdar Mitchell, The IV, .ideal, Diisc'on and
Company ol tha Natu nal ftniik in tha Ciij of Na>? York ; A'j.e II.
Matts, William H. Tibbits, Georg? B. l)c Foroat John Stuart Jo
s.ph i-!usrt. Jsma- Stusrt, William H. Scott, Owen churchman
George Lewis, William Fanman, George J.i.e. i rbe Rs'tk ut' Iha
suie of Now Yo,k. DsiueiCsdy F.aion.j iba DiOardoer, Alfred U.
Pratt, ohser Si Co.'? Bank at Buflslo, Tha Tompkfnl Couqij
Bank, Frederick T. feet, jr,i)D ti Winter, Qeoraa W. Wmur. \v,i.
lislli Patrick. Richard Bell, William Mcljelilao. Heorj E fUs.oro
AaionD. PatcbliN, President of loa PaUJilio Bank o'f Buffahi, O.
wald Camroan, Edward F. Whitcboooo, Jobo A Staveo?, President of
the Ilaik of Commerco,io Bow-Yorkt H?nr, TrowariJc^, G.f.rgs
Faulkner.Balph Mead, Edwin Mead Ralph Mead jnn >-,-?? ltd
Mrad and Aorust Bebnoot?Summons for reliefi com. not ser.?
1IW1K. GEORGE JUNES .lnM>' ii G\l'.!ISEIt \>U t'.
FRED H. PRATT Yon are hereby aommonad and ran i - 1 10
Knswui tl.s compJarat in this action, wh.il was rial ,n ins ? .
aforesaid, the plaintiff ir, thi/ action will apply ti tbo Cirirt
rahai deir?n,.?d u li e roorphint.?Doted New-York. Decom
1840. [did lao?wT O H. H. BOWNE, PlaintilTa Atto
haw York, Dei-. 21, IRtiO. dJt lawi
JN SUPREME COURT ?City and C. unty of New-York, thi
of trial?John W. Lewis agaiiut Wilfaril Learned aad L.
To WII.I.aRIi 1.1
h-r?b> s'Hiiiis.nei a
action, wbii h will h
county of .Sew York,
lirre a copy ofyour 1
si hisflffii e, Mo, IM u
d31awnv. ru? HnMER H. STUART, Attorney.
QUPREME COURT.?lo tl.o matter of tlia application ..f tl.?
K?M;.\.:r, AUernien and Corarnoaart] of the city 0; New York, raU
trroto theopeamgof LEXINGTON At ENUE.fifomForti wcood
r iraet t.. Slitj a Kill ?treet. in tha Nmeleetb Wa'd of sa'-i .-ity -
Tho undersKtsT.1, Cororoi*iH>rMfre ol Estimate and Assa.-^man: in the
al^ov, ?r titled matter, boroby ;m rsotict, that they uieet at u??
bOOto of NICHOLAS C. EVERETT. Lie Chairman of tho '?id
Conii!n?.:< i er?. No 117 White .treat, in tha citv of New Y-rk,
ou tha nth day ol January, Jam, at four o'clock in the a!t?r
noou. for the purpose ,11' bearing m opposition lo tss Aisasniiant
n.kJa b) ilia said Cocumisiioaers, any parson or per.-nms who may
conaidai themselves acrrievad b' inch E-:nnit? or As?eP3meat.
MAN. CoronussrODors Dated, New-York, Oecaruoar 16. la.Vj.
IN PURSUANCE of an orJar of tha SsrrogoU of ths Co-aUol
lXew fork, Notice ia hereby ?y?a to all persona Sarlag claims
l^matCHARLES W. SMITH, retool the City of Na? York, J?
.-es.-ad, to pr??eiit the SAme with aooshon Uiereol 10 tna 5uhscnb?r,
ELIAS L. SM11H, at his Store, No. s*) Grand-streat, in the City ol
New-York, oo or before th? Fifteenth day of February lssL?Dstsdi
H?w York, tha F.ith iay of August, ISiO.
ELIAS L. SMITH. /,_??.
aufi lawTudm? WILSON 0. HUNT. J?I":u-or,>
jj N PiTRSOAJtCE of an ?rdaroftb? Surns/sto of taaCount) of .%???
a Toik.iivt..? .? e?r?u> c.reito all .??.'_-.. ?...j. ... a via.: at
HENRI p HOBERTSON. tots of tha Crty ol Naw f/ork, da eased, to
pra?a::ima ?ama witu vouchers there*-! 10 trie suoscriber, at hn real
aara-?, No. sim BfiKim? st. 10 tin C.ty Ol Naw York, on or beOiie lbs
fourteenth dat of January'next.? Dat?d N-ie York, th? ?:=-utl Jas ?I
Jojy, 1SA0. (JiSi lawnm"'! HENRY L RiirltRTSSN. A Imrrdstntoi
IN PURSUANCE ol an ordar 01 the Surronta of tl.a Coiaty ol
N?? York, rtotico is heraoy g:-?n to all p?rv>sj bar bag rjson
tpiostJOHN JACKSON, hats of the City of Now Yuri esvsastd.
of, t._tln subsrr.Mr, al h-s
, on or bsforo tho
1 30tb i\t ol 2?p
tanoer, ISN). ' [ol lawrlmTn'j JAMES DAVIS, Executor.
fN PV7RSUA?CI of an <?Ati of the SsrrossM of toe C-rniy ol
INew-York, nol.c?ia herab) given toali retrsons haSkCLtcuojl. against
JOHN TEAL, lau of lbs C.ty of Naw Ofl-.^a .a tha State oi Lo . ,1
aas, dacaaseC, k srasaut tha same with louchar? lharool tv tboSob
?CTiosr, a: lisstoie No i?7 Frost strssat, is th? City of N?w York 0
or tafor?'be sssecth ast if May aaxu?Hstsd, N?w Tors , tfa, ,K.
ood day ?f N..s.iub?r, i$00. CALEB A. BURGP.SS.
1^ 1'awfirx.Tn Adarmaliaio. w.ih ti e W.IIaaaa.Tad.
icipiresam tha asms.with youcbers lhareof. I. Iii? s
offics, Ko S Ceooties Slip, to tho City ol Itjw Yori,,
S?t?athdaj oi A|'.-d next? I'atsJ Itsw fori.tr:? 1
IN P0/R3UA5CEpf *i orJor of th? Surrogats ol Iii? Con^tyofRfw
l fori, Notic? is hereby girento all persons assiq; chuxia ajraical
)OHK U'OOTHINtSTOW, late of the Cite ol N?w-foit, dsoasjld,
1. prasent lbs ssma witb sonciiar? liiareoi* lo Iba latMcrioor Stths
0.1H.0i IVilaa U H.U.Nu. 35 Nasaao ttraat. .0 the c.ly .1 New
lork.oa or befurs tbs twanty secood day of February atxt?Da'-ad
?,? Yort, (ha Nineteenth lay ol ?"f-ost. 1*0.
an^.i l.i-s-,nr-Tu ROSERT WORTHl.NGTON, Administrator.
j r? PURSUANCE ol an order 01" tha 3nn-ogaU of:?? Co.iaty ol
I ?.?*? fork, notes is bsxobj ii??a to a? paraons aarjg i laimi
I rHOMAS DOUGLAS, lataol tis City of Raw York, talk r.
le e-sri. to present tha sarre with r.-nthsrs thereof to Ue sun
icr.ber. at the resideoce of Aletiiaa M. Burn., No Ml Sutb-strawt, is
Naw-York, 00 01 keiortstbs twostsstb day ol Jar.-vry
- <i:.?D.iej Sow-York, Iba Sftooati Jay of July, IsJft
,s 16 law-vai'To BEfSY A. DOUGLAS.AiTxutrttru.
JN PURSUANCE man order of the Snrrojal? of ti? Coanty cd
INew-York, notice is beeeor peso to all person, saving clans*
a/diDst DANIEL BEILR1EN,V.?oi tu? City of New-fork, Jocsas
?ii. u. piaeeot tbe s^iiM. with to-.vber* tbsreci, loth* saoscriirir. al
Im afcre, No.357 Pear! .treat. 111 the City of Naw-York, on or baf-.pa
:ha twentatth day of Fsbrnarj' n?xt ?Dated Naw York, the lith ix?
1 - tt,lS3a DEW I IT ?.'. ?E.'t?'.EN.txacuwr.
?j Is?uiTu
JR PimSCANCI o.' oo cra?> ol tss Surrogat? of th? Cooaiyof
l>?w-Tork, ao-.aa ?> harcaj gtrsa to ?S person is'ig :h .-I
igs .-.i \MLI LAM Bl slCH, Ute of tna City of Row-Yuri, rar
c.r-r d.csaswj. u. pr?*ar.tuia ?ain?w;tb '?ucn?r? thereoftoth? *nD
scr be? tl lite oifiv* of E KetdiUlu No 73 Slatsa-ttxtset, is ta? Cjy
. a'??Y...-k,an or "jet.rs las'.. c?-t:. U: c'; ..r twit- OtUJNo-r
Y. ri. L? Ulli diy oiV-<:,x.o?' I8*D
MARY A?.s BB&CH r.te it:a
dlt i ?- (Tu BENJAJ11" PEItlT. Ex- ii
TN JT'RSUANCE of ?a ordsuof tns S-.-r.rgau (if the Connry ol
S-Ne? Y"ra; ninee is bertay gis?a to all pa.-socs baling claims
a. -? ASKAIUM BLAUVELT, iaU ol tie City of Stw-Tock, i*
csstsed, to present the sane, with sou, aar? thereof. ?oThasaSacrihsr?.
iltroonicMofJoUa N?whnise. No. 170 Broadway. ,o tfc? Cite cJ
Naw-York, on or tref-ra ths 'L.-rJ d^y oi Fvarooo B*it ?Dtxsd N'sw
rerk.tisSStSasj . .' '
Hannah ELACvsrr Uastataiatnt.
? JO .awfrrTi.* ISRAEL PECK, A. n. .1 .:.-itcr.
SUPREME C')^RT?Lj!'?Ci--.rrcfti?iBp^-c!-.^n ?f t?eJUy
? or, Alderasen ?od C?m!n?<u?tj oj the Cite of New Fort '?.taCve
to tie etwa?-? if LEXINGTON AVENUE, in.n F?rtr -eeood
? tree: to sixty Mit? .tr?-t in the N.oeie^aifi War,i " stvi ate.?
TT.? andern?.?-!. Cius.!ti>?.i?r? ei C-"_:m:? aal 1h?i ^ .: .nthe
atere ?sv-tW satt?. ??'? aotjet, that 0? so??'. caa/jee .-..!-:_?
BareMsecw .?;?"?<? a? reason rt? Sr-?. t up ~ ? abate ?tt
l>i metier. w;:' -.-tore the ^teimSe J^fia W Fim-Myit,
;:se al lie JaaWee o! a.. CoarU r it a>e >! hi* ?e*eooe, ?>fo.-e
one of tseofr*- ?? ee ' *r n ? ! tie Coin
Chambers, ts the Cwv Fit!! or the Crtjr of New r-ri, * fntir. the
14 January.ft ?>??? . ? -.e. ??? e. --..n NICH?
OLAS r ttiK-.rr. William d iDOE.hstrt beeicman,
Ci =irn?*:iset* ? !>.>-: Krw V-ft. *?<?.-? mrer !(W *S4 U3?
PRE.ME CO0?T. On ana .".*:?:. i ?? Totfc DSNJtlj
?V FKEELaedRODST" v.BtLIHVlN. pllfeagahastHEX.
hT CHASE, -let" t?- Satr.m as frirxoBnj: dettutsd ooeaatract-(3sa
sot ?er >?To the !>???. West?Toe are ber-ny jiinsi -0--1 I 2
r*t)jjirfdto aasaer^ihe gon.piair.t to.tan acta',*, etue-'a *Ui be sled
;a tie oSce .. t:,. r r, ,.f .v* Ctj 4aa Concty ef .Sew fork, at the
( ?_< y-.:i to s.!i i_.it. j-j to serve a copy ,l your tr.i?er
I tpe said romp ? -r the inbaonoera ?.: rar -"?.*, Vo.
the earner, of :r-e ii.mnvini r.a you. eachie.te of the day
l-rrir afore**'*', tie pit nt:gs in Tii n scti'.n w.i t^i'e mjgmeat against
Y--rk, at tLe Citv Hail id -a:d citr ?tt-e.?,cber 7ua. ISSiX
?la Plaiatiir* Attorney*.* Wall-it. N V
lOB C 3KILLMAN, D-l'-sUn' ?Voa \re '-erebr ja-a
to an*w*r tiierompia'nt of J*,im ?Veetreer.phintitf ac r.-y
a* fillid .n the ? of tLe Clerk of Schob iri* County ?a
day cf Teoe^ter ia.-t.. and eerte a coov tb-r-o:'.u a*
re in ?e Tt!hse ofC bleaiili, Schohrrie County, wi'h.a
a [t rl'liSL'A.NCE ot an :.raei a.' the iurroeate ot the Coaaty ol
] few-York, notice ? ----^r -;ren tr all per?-as hartBceJaisa*
ajamet SARAH GOMPERTS, late of the City ol New Tori, "tdow,
ir^eaeen. preee I the aamei w.rr. re^achet* t-,ere..r. t,i the ?uoecn
?er. .t the b..,.k-:..re of Saasa?! Ranior, So- 7n Rowerv. m the City
-,f s'ew-Vn.-k. < ? or before the tbirteecth day of January seit?
!>????? ?"w rorl tie e,?hth day of Jury, IW
j.eie-'--T,' HiRAM HA7 <IUR. Steeuwir
1 A iTJRSUAN C? an olderofthe Surrogate rd tne County if Sew.
XTork . aotice j i,ereby citaa to all pera-.t/ baeusa chuica against
?t-lLLIAM WILSON, l?? of fb? City if New Tori, deceajed. t*>
ireeeattba lame w ?? roocbers thereof to the snbKnber, athisoftW,
j*.,.71 W.liiftm-itreet. in the City of New Tor*, oo or before lb*
jf.er.'Ji dar of 7ebru?rv oert ?tlaled. New Tort, the Sth day of
l ?_.!, IK MARSHALL R. BLAKE. Admnnetrator.
fat lawterra
riTOTICE i bareay ayreaTacitoritiac to law, ati pera..oe l.a?,cB
1% claiass ajjucat THOMAS McCARTHT, late of the city ol
Steer \ -t*. de,-?a-?<1. that y are required to erne*- the naie, with
cokpj m winsm ?tices
l' ^-SpoIat?^
4)ticeis hereby eivau, that the loHowins rasoUtii a has beej pre.
j itrte^ in tfie Boaraof Aidernienr Tt> rennt,:* a^d r-^etiurb and
i fitter, fiirn-?l .? . . end "Utter a d :?peie tb? Cirrinje way of
I Binom* et between Broadway and reoj-r.t Alf penmneioUrested
Ma. a en lie -et. between i nth .v.. an,
NT No t HALL Of* i'..1
i thnl the follpwicg pelt t
OlSi-ticetshereh) pi?? that the following Petitim
(?^KOTtlN ACIJI EI't'CTHEPAltfMENT Itotunda I'ark, lie
./ rerm.tr IHUi, ll-W> - Colp>,ration N<>:? ? ? l*-:'d;c n-i'.'tl -e 'lereuv
gften tbeta patitien bee be*n prewni*.! in the R-iard nf Aldermen
ca lifo kin i.a.
npHE ?nIted states and cal
tl i n uexi Kxprosses per stcatner KALCON. Dec. 25. and
Shipper* ?ill p'n-nee observe that ttiis is the only Califor?
nia Express Company bavii;,' tbclr own covered American
Boats, lor landinp good* from the iteemers, and trunsport
ine up the Cbarresliiver to Cruces and tJoi i;ona. under the
charge of Capi Ainu. Bancker, where the .mules receive
iiinl transiuil dire<i to Panama: at which point this com?
pany be* privileges on lh? Pacific Mail and other regular
steamers for San Francisco.
Howland 4: Aspinwall,
" " .1. Howard iL Son,
" " C. W. <c J. T Moore i Co. &?) 6l*
? AT LAW and UNO AGENT, Son Francisco. Cal
Ifnrnia. will give prompt attention to uny biuines* entruat
t-d io him.
/,, (, ,, to?-Hon. T!i"inas Corwin, Secretary of the Tre-ia
ury ; lion. John .1. Crlttenden, Altoniey G?nera! of U. S.;
/..Collins Lee, Esq. 0.8 District Attorney, Baltimore;
Messrs. Sandford & Shoemaker, Baltimore; Hon. Joseph
R. Invereol), Philadelphia; Morton Mc.Miciiael. Esq. Phil
adelpliia: Simeon Draper, Jr Esq. New-York; Hon John
Young, New-York; Colemanlt Stetson, New York; Col.
William Schouler, Boston; Philip Greeley, Jr. Esq.Col?
lector ol Botton; Hon. T. Butler K.iiin', Sail Francisco; J.
a Cost, Esq San Francisco. d233td26 ItC
vXaGEEXPRESS, per Steamships ohio, aith, and
CUEKOKEE thi 28th.?By the above conveyances Special
Messengers will he dispatched from this office, having
charge of Parcel?, Packages and Express matter of every
The arrangement* of this Express being of the mint par
fect description, all business entrusted to it will meet with
prompt dispatch. Shippers will please lake notice that all
freight by this line Is forwarded up the Chaeres River In
fiatlotton.ed AMERICAN BOATS, tin- great risk of joss
or damage by employing canoes being wholly avoided.?
Parcelt received until tl.e rnornlngoflho day of sailing, and
letters until 2\ I'M. Packages and heavy freight must be
delivered at our office, In a waier-prool condition, prior to
the day of sailing, where goods waiting for shipment are
covered by insurance.
per atesmer CHEROKEE.'' on SATURDAY*, Dec ?4,1830
R" Our next Express for CaUfornia. wiU be dispatched
per steamer "Cherokee," for CHAGRES Direct, on
SATURDAY, 28th inst. at 3o'clock, P.M. through as usua'
in chari-<: of n Special Messenger.
Merch.H'i'e and others, sending by our Express, may rely
npon Jticir Goods going forward with the utmost certainty
tually to insure this, in addition to our regular Messenger*
and Ager.ia, we have retently sent down two of our most
efficient rr.cn from our New-York office, to traverse the
.minus with our freighLand attend personally to in speedy
und safe delivery to our Agents in Panama ; who, in their
turn, avail of the facilities guaranteed to onr Express on the
Pacinc Mfitl Steamers, by forwarding our freight without
lose of time to destination.
AH freight and large packages must he delivered to as
prior to th<- day of sailing. Invoices mutt always accam.
pany each shipment, hut Consignors may avoid tne triuhle
. ar d expesre of clearing their Goods at Custom II ju*e. by
j t.nding u. ?teir paper, eariy on Saturday morning. AI
i freight must be prepaid, and every package be rendered
I thorcushiy water proof.
d-l 71? ADAMS St CO. 16 and 13 Wa21-*L
p?iirs? N~ FRANCIS CO.?The" "ne w
? W. Howland, Commander, has u<xu coaeiructexl with re>
j ference so the greatest pceoihle speed, expressly for tl.e
1 Ca.::'cir:a and China trade, and her sailing qualities are
I believed to be ..-qua! to any ihip adoaL She is provided with
j patent veutilatora, ard baa superior accornreodaiton for
I b&Aosnser?. For fireight or paasage, appiy tc
! c7 tf" GRINNEI.L. MJNTURN it CO. 71 Sotttb-st
: caAcsJ^:.; .?,, j atjRS'jiiA
; CROCU j ? u f Panama.
I Hp HE IRVING HOUSE, at Chagrea,
X Wal'ice 'V. Wis;tarns, assisted by Hugh Miiler
der the n:er.-..---:: ?.-. ??' A. B. M ..'er ltd J. ? C< cger.
THE AMERICAN UoTEL, at Cn>ces, usser toe atta
a. tmesl of E R. Fot-er and H. MTiler, Jr.
THE UNITED STATES HfYTEL, ?t Poati-a. urder
are r&ai-AeTetren cf Acr.an ?. M ,lcr >el DiiCtf
?O NFtV.ORLEANS, r--.- Sie-enship OH [0 A:!:'A.M. I
on THURSDAY. Drcem*?'r a>, we ahill disptloa an Ex- !
pn.-? with Frets lit. Packages. Specie. Jewelry and Volus- 1
Die Parcel.-, for New-Orleans an j Mobile.
Per* d? sending Draft*. Note* cud Bn.s. by th:* Express,
for Collection, tnev depw! i ttp-vi a p*or*-ptalien ivice to !
the htc? hy i-ttf partner. ADDISON BRASTOW. E*cj. '
and his experienced ami etfriect assists"!* at our New- !
Orleans Olnce, ir. the St Crtaries Hole! BolMfrt::.
Ni B?Owing to the low ttttjre of the Alabama River st j
the Ve*? Hr,'. t. iv ? eaaoQi dp '':.:-e to: rward at .h'.s time. ?
ir.ro t!:e interior of Aral aj >a
I??' No FreuUt received on the d.v of salTm*-.
IFORNLA_ EXPRESS.?W. & CO will di?
SSENGER by Steamer Otito, to jail Dec S,
Lieu n ani small Packages received until 12
w 26th. Heavy freight not afler the ?*h Ship
roid the expense ami trouble of clestrine iheir
m a-jtiia, by leaving ?tssUInv?? , u
6 Broadway. d!7 lot*
I SAN FRANCISCO, via Chejrres, direct, i-d by t;.o
lotted Steteti Mail Steamers ;?: the i'sciric.
On SATURDAY, Dec. a. 1850 Lie splendid Steamship
1HER0KEE. Henry Windle Commander, will leave her
o.-k. pier 4. North River, for Ch tares direct, at 3 o'c.ock.
Reduced rate? of Fare to C hagre?:
Saloon State Rooms.$1?
Ik wer Cabin. su
The h ove dine at the same table and have tbo privilege
'the Saloon.
Steerage, found with Mattress and Board..$^1
From Panama toSati Francisco in the .?pion.iUI Steamship
1ALIFORMA, to leave Panama on or about J ar.uary l?,
Saloon State Room*.S3"1
Lower Cabin. X's)
it and 5j Sou
ted State?. M.ul Steomeh.p Company will dispatch the snien.
1 did double-engine steamship OHIO. J. F Schenck. U. S.
' Navy, Commander, on Thursday, Dec ? at 3 o'clock,
P.M' fron; the pier footof Wanvn'-st- North Ri^er. win the
Government Mails and passender? for San Feajidsvo and
Intermediate ports.
The connection at Panama will be careful! v kept op. so
at to prevent any detention beyond the usual stay in port.
The books are now open, and passage can ?>-? lecured at
tbefoiiowmt rates;
tkom riBW-TORX ro chagrks.
Btare-room berth.glitt
Standee berth, t'orwanl saloor. .... it
Steercge berth, found bed and separate table ... M
prom pan t ma to san francisco
Slate-room berth.tfjtV)
Steerage berth, fo'sn! bed and separate tabfa... leO
rao?i new-yoke ro
Slute-rona? Standee St. e.ig*.
Charleston.$25 JH) Jin
Savannah. 15 ?0 10
Havana.7P ,VS SS
Nt'w-Ork'acs.75 w1 **
Parser_e.-.- Mrl'.j.- a ill bo tiuusferiol si Havana
lothe steamer FALCON.
Freight to New-Orleans, so cents per cubic foot No
nierctitxihse will be taken on freight to Havana; Specie
to Havana, half of one percent and pritnneo.
Shippers of packages con'ainiug jewoiry, gold or uilver
ware, or any article commonly fcovvh^as valdables, must
SMCUy the value of tte sliipmont in their bills of lading, or
me Company will uut be responsible for any losses ou val?
uable merchandise, ice shipped without such specification.
Freight un this ch>s of shipments will be charged at ouo
per cent en the value.
To secure freight or pussas" aoplv at iL? oflce of the
Company. 17' 'Vest-nt. co-tirifof VC%rr,.n, to
Spec's! notke '.5 given ?o siaptar rs hv tills , as that the
Company have prepared a forn. of bill of la.lins ailapte? m
lh"trVufinefm, wbica will be tarnished to shipper* on appli?
cation at the Company's office, and with .vlncl. thoy are rw
quested to provide themselves, as no oiimt fonu ?i;i ?i?
ttfinod by die Agent of die, Company. Ail bill* of lading
must be siirtjed before the sailing of ibe ressei. dU u>>
11klp it i a . k?. ir-ion Tickets will be -old for allow
llifl U pSeSeOger lO go and return In any piiiladelpbik Tnsta
between New-York and Philadelphia.from Monday,2?d
December, lo Thursday,;36th of December i and also'from
Mondsy,30lh December, to Thursday, Jd of January.
Extra Way Trains.?h.xtra Trains will al?o bo run from
New-Vork to Newark i", the Evenings of tho24ih, 25th,
27th end jIsi of December, arid Ist J tuuary, Leaving Now
ark at Uo'clook, p. ri. each evening, and leaving New-York
at Hi p.M Tbo Train of the Evenings of the24thand
31st of December will be extended to Elizabethtown and
Railway, at the usual hour of llie Wednesday Evonlng
From New-Brunswick, Railway and Elizabethtown, Ex?
tra Train? w ill be run on the Afternoons of Ihl) ."itli of D.!
ceutber ai d tire let of January, leaving New-Brunswick ai
3 P. M Rah way al Ii, Elizabethtown at 3} Und No work at
?I p. M. Remruirj: will leave New-York al 10J p M.
Increased accommcdationi will be given on Mm usual
lines of the Company during the above days, parttcolarly
in llie Trains connecting with the Morris and Essex and
Ceiral Railroads, b-aving New-York at !? A. M. and return,
?1 tte time of their regular Afternoon Train. U1M 71
8 THER NOTICE ? On and after MONDAY, Dec. 23,
1850, llie steamboat NOK*rnurv will i"avr- nnr:-m n n
o'clock A AI. lino .'o'clock P.M.: will leave Peck-lllp at
Hi o'clock A.M. aniM o'clock P. M. landing at Astoria
each way. Fare til cenbs. d.'l tf
; 1? STEAM PACKET LINE.?New Arrangement.?
I Bieaii.ship SOUTHERNER. Capt. J. Dickinson, will con
! tlnue her Irips as follows:
i from N York to Charleston. From Cliariesmu io N York.
Bsliirday, Nov. 9, J P.M.I tlaturday. Nov. 1.
?? Z\,S P.M. ?? 16.
Dec. 7.3 P.M. ?- "SO.
?? 21,3 P.M.I ?? Dec. 14.
Passage, f?i5. freight, l-Jc. per cubic loot.
Fur freight apply on board at Pier No. I North River, and
Sor passage to BPOFFORD, TILESTON k CO.
o2HtD22 IH South-sL
1" ROAD.?Ou and after U'eilnesday, Dec 18, the follow,
lug trains trill leave me leonai-et Station, ri'-ar Hronad way.
Paesetysr* aisu received at the New-York and Harlooi
Railroad Office Twentv-seventb-st
1. Accommodation Train at 7 !3 A.M. for New ilocneLa,
Maumroneck. Rve, Port Ch.-ster, Oreenwicb. dtain.'ord, Da?
nen. Norwala. Westnort. Soathport, Kairtieid, htridgeport,
gtratford, Miliord ana New-Haven Passengers from ths
Wav-Slations for Albanv. and the Stall'..; ? on the Houaatonl?
and "Naugatuck Railroads, will take diis tram and ?ti p at
Bridgeport PaeMrugersfToin Way SlanonsIur Boston.Prov?
idence, Worcester, Hartford, Springfield and Connecticut
River tlaiiroads, will take this Train and lorn Kxpress Trail
at New-Haven Passengers for Catiul Railroad stop at
New Haven.
2. Express Train at S o'clock A M for Stamford, Bridge?
port Aluany, Housotonlc und Nongatuek Byroads, Nww.
ilaven and' die canal Railroad. Mlddleton, Hartford,
St rii gfisld and Connecticut River Railroad, Worcester,
Providence, and H'.-tJ-'i
3 Accominouaiion Train at 9 o'clock A. M for New
Haven and iiiiermi'diute Stutiuna. Passengers by this
Train for the Ca aal Rail-road will remain ut New-Haven
mini 3j P M For New-Haven, Hartlbrd and Sprin^rioli
Railn.Hi). remain In New-Haven untilP M
t. EipreesTrainati P M for Stainiora, tlrtagiport, and
Nauguibi k Railroads. Waterb'iry, New-Haven, Hirtlurd,
Spnngfiekl Worcester and Bivtuu
i. Express Tru-n at t Iii P. M. for Stamford and Norwalk
snd connecting with Houeotonic Tram ut liride| port for
Albany and Pittsfield.
6. Aceoiuiiiodatiou Trmn at ! P M. for New-Haven and
ail the intermediate Stations.
7. Commutation Train at 5 P M. for Bridgeport and ln<
iertnediate Stations
1. Commntadon Tram at 'i lb A.M from Bridgeport, stop?
ping at all the InU-rmesiiate Stations.
'I. Accomuiiaiation Train at 7 A. M, for New-HitTeo,
Slopping al ?ii lut'-rrni-ciate Stations
3. Acconmnix.'aiiini Train at* V\ AM. from New-Havea,
?tr/ppiag at oil Intermediate Stations, receiving panssengera
(t m Hartford and New-Havsn, Cam' ttatirued, and Naug.
stuck Railroad
4. Express Train at 1 1ft P.M. (In connection with int Ex
pren? Train from Button) from New-Haven, stopping at
Bridgeport and Stamford, receiving pr?enger? from the
Housalonlc Railroad at Bridgeport
b. Accommodtttiou Train at 4 30 P M. (receiving passes
rers from llie Accomm. darJoa Train from B'ieton and
from the Ntugatnck Railroari at Bridgep'irt) from New
Haven, stopping at all intermediate Stations
6 Express Train at li 10 P.M (or in connection wlfcn Cx
press Train from Boston. I stopping at Bruigep-irt, Norwalk
sxd Stamford, arnvmg in New-. York at 11 30 P M.
7. Express Train at 9 45. P. M. from Bridgeport, la eon
oec .' n with the Hoosatonic Train.from Albany andPitts
I elrl st?ppgig ;,t Norwalk and S'am/ord.
Pasfceugers are rermeeted to procure tlcJtets tiefore takJaf
-eatstnibeCara. |u7 tf | 0. S MA.SON. ?ur/L
X Mali Steam-ship B\LT1C, Capt. J. J Cotnatock ?This
Steam-ship w.i; deport with the Mill* for Europe posi?
tively on Wednesday, Jon. 8, all* o'clock, M. frota her
Lertl- at ihe foot of Canal si.
No berth secured till paid for.
A11 i'-iiers snu papers must pas* tii7oa>?h the Post Office.
For Freight or Passage, having unerjia-ed accommoda?
tions for elegance or comfert, apply to
EDWaRK K. COLLINS, 56 Wall-It.
The Steamer PACIFIC will succeed ine ?ALTIC, and
tail January 22
Pi Fitlveiy no freigl.t will be received after Monday eve?
ning, January ti. dZi
DEC EM E ER.?The new and *p!e-:did Regular Pock?
et Skip HENRY CLAY. Ca;". F. M. French, will sail as
abo ve, lor regular day.
For freight or pass'i^e. having ur rivalled acromtnoda
Lons. appty on board a, p er No H East River, orto
d . E2J 8P0FF0RD, TI LESTON k CO ? Sootn-st.
Tricks bpos Iravilebs.?Porcign artisu can?
not be too circumspect on their arrival ariionjj us,
in regard to the sort of persoos whom they in?
trust tic eomJurt o! their kilairs- The prospeccs
of the most talented may sometimes be rimei. oy
.1 i .1-:, ?^i>n-?- fr-r the o'lljite
the unpopularity ol liie.r aueu.s, .' e
Lre w?li aware ol the existence .ot a cim
pettv Kommt* d olf< tri ?'. *no e y j ?>
htiDOraMe kn.'i ?I ritttstcs broaeragc,
learned lo istrust e ."er, ti.ti.jt t.. i:;-" '? t ,;> work
11" ;tc : ? onnecdon. The; ISiesssge M.:i
Fibis?Dec 03, s A M ?To a public house at
.'>" Anthony st. Damage slight, A dozer, canary
birtia were suffocated b\ the smoke.
?Dtr.ee, I] P.M.?In the Vestry room of St.
Patrick's Cathedral. Damage siight. Supposed
to have caught from the furnace.
Sir Henry Ljttett Bui wer, the British.
Minister and salt, arrived iu town on Sunday
night, ax.i are stopping at tho Union place Motel
Late Stages.?Messrs Kipp .v. Brown, propri.
etors of the Chelsea line of Omnibuses, have
placed sn additional stage on their line, to leave
Twenty-seventh st. at 11 o'clock at night, for tho
special accommodation of persons and parties
wishing to return to their houses In the lower part
of the City at that late hoar. ?This is an excellent
arrangement, and should be imitated by ai! pro?
prietors. Every line should run a few stages is
lato as 1 o'clock from the South Ferry, tiius ac?
commodating people who are at Brooklyn and at
parties and amusements iu the lower part of tho
City. Three or four stages of each Hue running
until that or a later hour, would be an acceptable
accommodation to persona who would be glad to
avail themselves of a chance to ride homo, espe?
cially when out so late.
AnotherL tsn Mark Removed?New Hotel.
?The famous " Old Dutch Lutheran) Church," in
days of j ore located on " Horse and Cart at.'?so
called from aa inn near by, bearing the represen?
tation of a horse and cart for a sign?but in latter
days on William st. has at last}been prostrated
K lore the march of improvement Its dingy and
time-worn walls have been for 83 years, or sinco
the year 1767, the silent witness of the growth of
New Amsterdam, and have long remained among
the few relics of her past insignificance.
U was much the oldest church edifice in th?
City, and the congregation originally worshiping
in it. lot a long time nourished uuderthe powerful
preaching of the learned Rev. Johu Christopher
Kunz, D.D. It was then known tu the "Swamp
Church, ' being sitttate?: in a marshy district, (now
at the junction of William and Frankfort sts. cast
of French's Hotel) and in the region id' the "Tart
Yards." The foundation stones will be removed
in a few days, win n it in expected that sundry
manuscripts, coins, Ac. will be brought to light,
forming interesting objects fur antiquarian re
search. Beneath its walls is a largo vault, iu
i which were formerly entomne.l tho remains of a
i number oi officers and privates attached to the
' Hessian army, who fell daring the Revolutionary
i War. History speaks ol tbeui as having been
buried in their roginientals, with their side-arms,
Jcc. with much pomp ami circumstance. They
' were disinterred, however, some years since, at
the stiino time 'hat the remains of the dead wem
removed from the old grave-yardwhioh existed
in the rear of the church. Tho "Old Dutch
Church" is hallowed bj many other interesting
Of late years it has andly f?llen from its former
high estate. Sinco it was vacated by its original
occupants, it lias been used as a place of worship
by n society of colored pi ople, then as an auction
house, nnd lastly as a stable. Its venerable galle?
ries, whore once listened the faithful worshipers,
were stored with provender the under portion
serving as stalls lor horses, The whole Ims now
been tumbled into ruins, and from the site is to
lise speedily, a large hotel, for Mr Owen O't'oa
ner i>t Perth Amboy. its hi.-lit will be soven sto?
ries, exclusive of the bnsemeut and under cellar;
its breadth about 5(i feet, and <le|>tli hj. Tho
building w ill be of brick, with iron columns on the
iir?t story, whore w ill be nine stores ami a resil?
ing room." Its cost will be about 135,000; or when
complete, debarring the furniture, between $40,
000 and (45,000, The upper portion will form
about 200 rooms, designed >hi"Hy as sleeping
apartments?the oscupants providing themseves
with meals, after the European plan. The build?
ing will bo lighted and ventilated by means of a
capacious sky-light in the roof. The whole will
be ready for occupancy by the 1st of May next.
Mr. Silas C. Smith of 53 Hosest, acts as Mr.
O'Connor's agent in its erectiou. [ lour. Com.
Mn. Paine and tue Astor House Project.?
The Worcester Spy says on tbis subject:
Mr. Paine not back ?>"/ from his proposition
to light tiie Ast?r House, xno Hundred thousand
dollars uns m ver deposited. We. wish our friends
of the New-York press to take nute of thnt fact.
Mr. Paine was ready and willing to back up Ida
Larcenies.?Jane Riley and Eliza Ann Smith
were on Sunday arrested by officer Ringham of
the Sixth Ward, charged with stealing Sin from
Robert Kilpatrick. The aroused Were held by
Justice Lothrop to answer the charge_Samuel
O'Donnell nnd John Farrell won* on Sunday ar?
rested by officer Green of the Fourth Ward, on a
charge of stealing ii chest of tea valued at $10
from the store of Wm. Oakley. Committed to
prison for trial.
Expensive Amusement.?Henry Davis, of Car
nnrsie, has been t ailed upon by a Jury of his fel?
low-citizens to pnyfilOO for slanderously assert?
ing that Richard Blydenburgh had stolen a bag of
Number Mil.?This School wai examined last
week, and came out one of the first best.
The Pictures.?Our Hrooklyn friends fared
pretty well in the distribution of the American
Art-Union. The following prizes went to that,
4 The Villa of Macs ass, Tivoli, T. B. Asliton. Drawn
by " The Three Sisters."
6 Titan's Studio, T. P. Ru??i*ter. Drawn by Ed. A.
8. Pcatnnls of Cevarro. T. Hifk*. Drawn by I McAIIcy.
Kl. Landscape Ctunpositioii, J. Ronselt. Drawn by
W. D. Bowi.-rman.
lUi Hoon-csy, W. J. Stlilman. Drawn by Mrs. R. P.
Med* wick.
lliG. Landscape View of Sijiiain Lake, S. L. Oerry. ?
Drawn by D, (1. Aitkln
? 169. Marine View, K. O. flreen. Drawn by P. Slock
177. The Holiday, W, Llbby. Drawn liy Thos. L. Ruah
:;|J. Fruit, R S. Duticanaon Drawn by John D. Warren.
X!7. City of Cleve, on the German Frontier, J. Volmer
lug Drawn by J. P. Robinson.
864. Deer Korest, Scotland, A. Richardson. Drawn bf
At) trust"* Smith.
378. Head, H. Niils. Drawn by'G. C. Berry.
Painh i. Acc/DENT;?A painful, and probably
fatal accident, befel a servant girl on Saturday
night, whose name is Mary Urimmons, who was
employed as a domestic iu the family of John
Dair, residing in Hudson avenue, Williamsburgh,
where it appears sin- was at work clearing oil'the
tea-table, when a camphene lamp fell from the
mantelpiece ami set lire to her clothes, which
spread with such rapidity that she was wrapped
in flames before assistant ': could be rendered.?
Mr D. fortunately heard bur cries, and ran into
the room and smothered the devouring element,
by wrapping his overcoat aroand her. The poor
unfortunate girl was burned to a crisp about the
fare and breast, and it is feared she Will not sur?
vive the dreadful injuries, although every atten?
tion is paid to her at the hospital, where she was
brought soon after the oceurrence.
Jersey R?rruiTG.?The Burlington Oamette
notices a monstrous hog, weighing about MO
pounds, which is to be disposed of in New-York:
on New-Year day, bybtnng guessed for?that is,
whoever guesses nearest his t tudj weight, hav?
ing first paid ?I, will take bim.
The population of Somerset County has
been received by the Somerset Whig from the
following townships: Bedminster 1,819, with li
slaves; Brwcbborgh 1,139,0slaves; Hi?sboro.tgh
.1,404, .3 slaves; Montgomery l.Tn'.'j and \ slaves.
Shit Ventilation?The Boston Traveller
says: The bark Sultana, which :* now discharging
a cargo of Iruit. at India wlmrf, presents an exam?
ple ol the advantages of ventilation worthy the
attention of every ship-owner. Her ventilatiot;
tube* are an constructed that a current of fresh air
is continually passing through the deepest portion
oi her i.oUl; anil tbecoM&ptence is that her cargo
a<mes out as dry and sweet as it went u. Not a
drum ol her ilgs has Been sweated.

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