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, ?ve, packed up an Upatreed South by the
leers of the Gove.ament who administer the
Inriin this MetropoUe. Aft. the speeches of
? natora Footesnd Down*, ere is no danger
S .at auch a spectacle Vodld oil their appetite
dinner. We bei
rj established er t
:m rning at the unit
i 3 in tte Park.
? I oerty of Long w
I at h) o'clock ti
et Commissioner's
?5P Senator RUSK of Texas, is detained at
Pittsburgh, by indisposition, bit h'?pes to be aide
ftc resume his journey to the Capital during the
pr sent week.
Tribune's Special itfspatcnes.
'. '?irt.fi ?? for
James S. Cauiounv
nominated by the Presii
env r of the Territory ol
Hugh N. Smitu for Sc
inati'ir. !.r.r? ret been inn
iTO?, Monday, Dec
of Georgia, was
ent to->!ay a* Gov
New-Mexico, an i
iretary. No nom
efor Judge.
Telegraph ti {he Sew-York Tribnne.
r'o n.ai! south ol Savs
Jent.v Lind pave 840
Or htm Asylums a' Ri
A'a e Asylum.
Impoi ?not
Judge Wright ha? del
suit brought by the late .
Livingston, to tesi the i
Livngston Manor, and v
bia county last spring,
favor o! the defendant.
: female
>0 to the
rv, Monday, Dec. 23.
iiia opinion in the
ay-General agaiust |
ol the title to the
'as tried in Colam
ving judgment in
The Stoi m is si ill rt
due early this mornin
No Ir; ins since, Emit
train left for New Vor
iv. Dec.23-P.M.
Western train,
bis afternoon ?
Tho Houstttonic
k this afternoon.
E'v Niorm nt Albany mid the \Ve*r.
Ai.banv, Monday, Dec 23.
We have had a hi avy fall of snow ami a storm
is now raging from the north east. The Southern
Mail is in, but we have no mails from other quar?
ters. The storm west is said to be very severe.
Tiie Storm uii tin- LakeM.
Borr iu, Monday, Dec. 23.
We have had a severe gale from the North
East, accompanied with a heavy fnii of snow, for
thei last 84 boars, and it is slid raging fearfully.
The pressure of the snow has forceed tri the roofs
of several buildings, damage ubont $1,000. No
lives lost. Pears are entertained for the safety of
the propeller " Ougoutz," which left Cleveland
/or this port on Saturday and has not yet arrived.
She has probably gone ashore somewhere not far
west from this port. She has a cargo of pork and
other produce, and also several passengers. She
is probably the only Lake crait which was out
last night. Tho steamer Queen City and propel?
ler G.Taylor arrived last evening.
XX.\Snt s'OMJBKNM_Second Session.
SENATE....Washington, Monday, Dec.23.
Mr. Dawson ol (in appeared and took his seat
Mr. Clay presented petitions
ification of the Tariff of 1846.
grievances of which tho petiti
and said that as there was now
lately disturbed surface of pul
calm he hoped was a real one
Congress should take uj
it in a kind, libernl and
not wish that it should b
alte r its essential
iraying for a mod
He detailed tue
itiouera complained,
>w a calm upon the
lublic affairs, which
me, he thought that
Tariff and consider
onal spirit. He did
en up with a view to
but to make some
i frauds and abuses.
It was no longer
furnaces were daily
operations of tho
I VVould Congress
? wnvvard tendency '
provision lor the prevention
Something should be don<
doubtful that the fires in tli
lioiiif? extinguished, ami t'>
spindle will soon Ui suspend
do anything to suspend this
He hoped they would, and that it would be done
now when the subject which has agitated the
country was settled, and he hoped forever.
Mr..Bentun introduced the bill to relinquish
the collection toll? on the Ii. S. stock on tho
Louisville and Portland Canal, and to provide for
tho free navigation ol the same. He oxplained
the bill at great length, and it was t lieu referred
to the Committee on Roads und Canals.
Notices of several Idlie wen giv en, and several
unimportant resolutions of inquiry were offered
and ngreed to.
Mr. G\\ in moved to tf
lor the examination and
claims to la'id in t
Alter debate, lit
'->?, Najs 16.
[This bill was introduced a' the
Mr. Fremont, and after debate and
was laid on the t aide ]
Mr. Gwin offered a substitute for tho whole
bill. Tho substitute, in substance, is as follows:
Si'.i. I. Provides for the appointment of three
Commissioner*, to be appointed by the 1'resident
and Senate.
8ec. That all persons claiming land in Cali?
fornia by virtue of auj Mexwau or Spanish grants
previous to July '.', 1846, Bind1 present the same to
?aid Commissioners, who shall proceed to exam?
ine the snme and decide whether it be valid or in?
valid- The District Attorney to represent the
United States, a Deputy Marshal to be appointed
for the Hoard when it is in session
Sue, it. The Commissioners, in deciding, shall
be governed by the Treaty oi Hidalgo, the laws of
nations, the usage and customsof the Government
from which the claim is derived, the decisions of
the Supreme Court and laws of prescription
up the bill to provide
ttlenient of titles and
tton was agreed to?Yeas
last session by
Ski 4.
6k. 5.
each ami
Sue 6.
Sue T.
Testimony to ho
Commissioners t
?.0 cents a mile.
A Secretary to
Provides for app
writing and to be
) be allowed $d,000
be appointed : salary
?als to the Supreme
i \ trglUia to aid to the
ads therein,
a a personal ex pi ana
;ten to The New-York
13, from this City, he
having, ns Chairman
Minted on the charges
rem certain of the i
s, if done by Rich'
mlsion. If Ritchie,
a punished for con?
:? and 10 Prescribes the duties of the
Surveyor after the final decision by the Hoard.
The substitute was agreed to.
Then, on motion of Mr, BsxroN, the bill was
Mr Mangum moved, and it was ordered, that
when the Senate adjourn it be till Thursday
Yeas 25, Nays 19.
After an Executive Session, the Senate ad?
journed _
Mr. I1ai.mo.mi asked and obtained leayo to in?
troduce a bill giving lands ti
construction ot certain rail:,
Mr. Richardson rose t
lion. A letter had beenwri
Tribune, dated December
? aid, w hich accused him ol
of the Select Committee ap;
against Secretary Ewing, last Session, suppressed
from the published documents a letter from Mr,
Ewing, vindicating himsel
charges. This, tbe writer s
ardson, ought to cause his i
the printer did it, be shoul?.
Mr. Rai hare30s reviewed tbe letter and pro?
nounced it from beginning to end an unmitigated
falsehood, and coming from such a correspondent
should appear in such a paper. All recollected
the Editor of that paper as a member of this
House, and with his correspondent a fellow feel?
ing made them wondrous kind.
The bill prescribing the mode of taking testi?
mony iu cases of contested elections was debated
and anally passed.
Mr. McDowell moved that when the House
adjourn that it be till Thursday.
Mr. W i mworth inquired whether it would I
: be more characteristic in the Members to take j
:? day after Christmas. [Laugl bar
Mr. Jones said that we c*i take that too?
-fc.-eed?very well. Some will get crunk. The
motion was agreed to: Yens, 92 ; Nays $j.
Mr. Stanli asked, but did not obtain, -suspen?
sion of the rules, to offer a resolution gi"xg tbo I
Use of the Hall to Mr. Whittles to explain hitpn). j
Jcct for a Railroad to tho Pacific.
Mr. Caldweli of Ky. asked leave to introduo i
a joint resolution, that iiothing intho Land Bounty
Art of September last shall bo construed to pre?
vent the sale and transfer of certificates or land
warrants prior to location of tbe same or issoin
of natents.
" Pending
enable Mr
House ad;
f5&s" The weather yesterday was ratiter morfa
of all aorta than that of the day before. Tbe
chief feature, however, was the wind, which
! lew a perfect I orricane rrom morning to mid
n;gbt. It was from tie South west, West and
North wc-Et, end here temperature to suit each
point. Ti. ;rc were two or three flurries of snow,
I ut otherwise nothing bnt-wind, cold, raw and in
p. l urry.
Painful rii Doubtful Rumor?There was
fc story ftioHt iaat right that tbe U. S. Mail steam
thip Ohio, from New-Orleans and Havana, had
gone ashore at Squam Heach. We could not
trace it to any reliable source, and, from the fact
that the wind wag blowing violently off shore, we
judge that it was without foundation. I: is hardly
possible that any vessel could be driven ashore
in tbj
ol tl.e passengers who embarked on the O'itio at
For New-York?James Turk .1 Myer Q MeAdatn H
Strawbridge, James Mood]. Daniel Noonnn. Mfai K May
' i. Mra. Emerson, Mrs, Conllard, James M Korgay; H. T
Schlesinger, Hon. a (? Pmn. Henry Hitchcock, r A.
K.ift'Tty. Lieut. J. E SirtUidiu-r. V S. A . T. Wheeler. Mr!
Florence, H. Simon?, W. ?uri.ank, Hon Reverdv Johnson
Mr Murdoci, Miss Murdoc.li, John Oitison, W M. <, ??
? Mayor, Gen. Howard, Miss C Hirch O Powlea Col
a. C. Ramsey, Mis* J nils Wood; B. A. L-azeanx, s: Kaiser]
John Lynch, George Wall inghara, Master k A Leon, H.
B. Ili-.mau, Hun MVSchoonroaker and inn v. .1 Srhoenineer
Mi*. A. Vc imif, Samuel P. UTiliMo,,. G W > N,- .- i -?'
Ljncbj T. Mallov. P Sclmrhn, C E. Henard, P Cooney,
James Bosau. W. Bilme. M Con'f.v. I> G < ;-irk? A ii.
Edlneer. L. Gospar, C. F Odi'-h, W Mallorv G W Par?
ker, W. Durbridge, H. BsrUiwait, ft RichareVon, G Rich
art. Mr* Dela liniii am! riiiid Mra Flemin? i C Pai"it
Wm.Biich. '
For Hatano?3. P. Doane and lady, Mr Shannon ladv
child and nurse { Mrs. Evans, J M. Daborde Mr Wilmer
i'. Mi Eiperil.. (1. English, Miss J. Espinba, .1 Labing. ti.
A. Murphv, M. rrgtirfler, M Msr-aa, i) D Bo.i D N
Miirihiia, I). A. Deshoun. N. .lurden.
H. Keeler! W?Millei an Mr. Sprae'ue Mrs! I, M M*UclieU'
D.Dawv.eger J. Isr?-: D Ingera?l. G Rnnkle, M. De Si
Ion. A i) Fret/, L. l< v>: s. Leonard, J. Schw nn. c Dahl
men, J. B. Jetser, H DeiCotnpay G. Ashftild, Rev.-Thea;
Ma* ruder and lady, W Kating. M.Famprock, k Austin,
B Tilbils.Jf Levy.S Harris. T.M.Swan. CD. Poctran.
Among them are Hon. A. G. Perm, who iias
just been elected to Congress to succeed Mr. Har
motifon in tho Third District of Louisiana; Gen'
Rusk, Senator from Texas; Gen. B. C.Howard,
of Baltimore, formerly 1.8. Senator from Mary?
land, snd Reporter ol the U.S. Supreme Court;
and Hon. M. Scboon maker, member elect to the
next Congress from the Ulster District. X. Y.
with his lady.
Puiilk Health?We have not room this
morning, in consequence of a press ol advertise?
ments and other matter, for the detailed Report
of Deaths lor the week ending Saturday, Dec. 21,
The number of deaths for tbe week is 317, of
whom 50 were men, 59 women, ill boys and 92
girls. Of these deaths 3'-' were from consump?
tion, 24 dropsy in the head. llfi from inflammation
of the Iull'8, 25 mensles, each from croup and
small pox, and If; from convulsions.
La.nd 8lide.?About a thousand cubic yards of
the earth, at the deep cut at the north end of the
Tunnel, near Garrison's, opposite West Point, on
the Hudson River Railroad, were washed upon
the track, night before last. This caused a deten?
tion of about three hours yesterday morning in tho
arrival oi the train over the Hudson River Rail*
road. The rain being very heavy, a locomotive
wns sent from Pougbkeepsie, in advance of the
morning train. On approaching tiie northern en?
trance of tho Tonnel, noar Garrison's Landing,
the fengineer sawn mass of rocks lying across
the iond ; he leaped from the engine, and was not
much injured ; the locomotive dashed against tho
rocks und was mn^h damaged, tin the morning
train coming within a mile of the rock slide the
signal of danger was given, and the tram stopped
about a 100 yards from the scene. The rocks
bave lallen at the northern end of the Tunnel.?
They completely bury the road for about 200 feet,
atid at one point to the depth ol at least 20 feet
There must bo at least 2,000 tuns of broken rock.
There is a mass of rocks next to the chasm, which
will require throwing down in order to render
that point of the road safe.
BP Attention is directed to the advertisement
o; Historical Tableaux of New-England to be ex?
hibited soon nt Stoppani Hall.
Railroad Obstructions.?Wo learn that one
of the trains ol the Hudson River Railroad was
forced to return last night on account of the ab?
sence of several yards of the track somewhere
neai Sing-Sing. The heavy rain had undermined
the superstructure, anil the rails had gone iuto the
River. The Road will doubtless be put in order
to day. _
L'Eco b'Italia.?This journal, the ouly one in
the Italian language published in tho United
States, is about entering on a new volume ami
we understand that it is to be enlarged and im?
proved and that tbe Editor, Siguor Secchi di Ca
sali, proposes to devote considerable space to
American politics. This will greatly increase the
value of tbe paper to our fellow citizens and resi'
dents of Italian hiith, at the same time that it
will still offer the same advantages to those
Americans who take it as a means of familiarizing
themselves with the languages or of keeping up
their acquaintance with the events of Italy. The
success ot the Eco thus far is a pledge of its future
prosperity and usefulness. Published at 102 Nas?
sau st.
Temperance Lecture.?We understand that
Mr. John B. Gough will deliver a free Temper?
ance Lecture in the Presbyterian Church, corner
of Thnnpson and Houston sts. on Wednesday
evening of this week. The Temperance people
will du all that is possible to restrain the fashion
abie indulgence in wine at tbe coming New-Year
Annuals, Ac.?Those who think of purchasing
Holiday presents would do well to consuit De
Witt >V Davenpe't's list of Annuals and Gift
Books in another column.
Si tmarine Wires.?There are three linen of
submarine telegraph wives in working operation
under the Hudsn River , four under the Connecti?
cut, two tinder the Delaware, and eight under che
Harlem River, all coated with gutta percha, and
one on O'Riellv's line, under the river at Chicago.
NlRLO's.?-So great has been the success of
Mazulm it is to be acted every night this week.
Saturday nvt excepted.
BP*The Sixth-avenue Railroad was taken up
iu the Board of Assistants last night, but it was
forthwith laid on the table.
Warren's New Threshing Machine.?We
were pte*er.t on the 18th inst. at a sticceMfui puMic trial of
,hts ingenious machine. Itspfculiar construct-on is such
ihat the grain, when introduced, ta constantly and thor?
oughly threshed, while the straw is hurled forth unbroken,
and tit j'or being rebound In sheaves for sale. The annoy?
ing accompaniments of the operalii n of former machines?
the frequent clotgirg up of the entrance, and the whirlwind
of dull and broixen jtraw, are tbtta avoided. It may be
sa'elv calculated that this maebire will thresh grain st the
rate of hp bushels, a::d ea's at that of 50, per boar. It can
also be ao arranged as to ?hell corn, and thresh rice, tisj;
and all small seeds. (For further particulara see Aiver
ttsemenl j _
Court Calendar?This Dav.?"Swnet-wr Court.
? Nos. 20, 21, 135, 108, 1u0, 85, 149, lcO. 120,
34 88, 151, 153, 154, 3'1, 150, 161, 162, 161
Vl67, 1"1 to 175,51, 131, '-39, 141.
ET Tl,e opera was postponed last eveni
wing to the sever- illness of Bert?cci.
Mr. v
ar.- the
one possessing the reqoii [to food
defines with the precision ..fa phii.
rpation anrce.d a-.mi
?'.vn persona in one hu
diaries and Washington its. manufac*
rat variety of the richest and most deli=
ilipied to the tntiaon and the public Utste. which
that part of the Ci'.ywi'l find very much to
Orders from any part of the City promptly
lave seen no fairer Cake this season ttui hers
Sunk.?About noon yesterday, during the sale,
a coal barge moored nt the foot of Fulton-st. sunk>
those engaged in unloading it having barely time
to escape.
i'wit for the Benefit of the Orphan Ast
lum.?The scholars attached to Mrs. Demareat'a
school hold a fair this afternoon and evening, the
proceeds of which are to be given to tha Brook?
lyn Orphan Asylum. The Fair will take place at
the School Room, corner of Henry and Orange
sts. and will be worth a visit from the friends of
the fatherless.
Hales nt the iStoclt Exchauzo
>1.(<P I . S. 6s, 1856 .IP61 M*> Kanners
itfitio Erie Income. !*i;2150 do.
2,000Read Wort bo,.... 7H 11>K> do.
SO Krie RR.U90 885 S00 do.
ken dr."I ? ?- i\* a do.
600 I
400 ;
ins r.
M Ii R
ireosn p<
$1,?0 Erie Ine Hda. nnj I S
?Jd.WO do.f(7 in
2,000Mich So Kit IMs.. 92 K
.5ti Readme Kit. 75 he
dCO do.T.-I Ron dc
ICO do...-.?Gn 75 100 di
151 Stoniimton HI!.50 Canton
1(0 an. 55J 50 Krie R
50 do.s!0 55 I .50 do
?50 Farmers Loan.59} 400 du
ICO do.s3 spjl.'lcn do
Jf 0 do.I>G0 6(1 .500 do
550 do. 591 100 do
50 do.59} IOO do
50 Mohawk RR.hlO 921 100 do
leo do.t.3f> 1)2}; 50 Nor .V \
100 do. 92| 50 do
10CO Moirts Canal....1)10 22 60 Ramatx
Mondav, Dec 23?P. ,M.
The Stock market has given a most violent
surge upward to-day, and has exhibited more ex
eitemeiit than we have witnessed for a long time
Krie advnnced 3 I* cent, selling at 90j, Farm
ers' t> cent, closing at 59J. Reading went to
75J; Norwich to 08} ; Mohawk 921, and Harlem
f,7j, showing 2 cent advance. Nearly all the
Fancies improved rapidly?Long Island was the
only exception. The notice of salo has checked
the movement. Erie securities were higher, In?
come selling at 97. Government stocks were in
fair demand at better prices.
The Exchange market is quiet but firm. Ster?
ling is 10f 10^: Francs. 5.1595.12J. All Conti?
nental bills nre very firm.
In Freights there is not much movement, but
ship owners are firm. To Liverpool the rates are
lSd for Flour: Ijd for Grain; 3-16d for Cotton,
with engagements ; 17s Gd for Bacon, with en?
gagements of C00 tcs. To Havre, Cotton is jc,
In Money there is no change, and the supply
continues very abundant. The Banks are dis?
counting with freedom, and but a small amount
of prime paper is in the street. On call Money
is pressing on the market at ~>ur, f? cent on good
Stocks, and less on Government securities. Hut
for the activity in Stocks, which employs lar^'e
amounts of capital, Money would be a drug. Pa?
per goes at ?7t6 V cent for strictly first clnss
short names, and 6 ? S i?' cent cn long. No one
seems to anticipate any stringency during the
Spring and many seen, to operate as if we were
never to know again a tight market. The losses
of former years are forgotten.
We have arrived now at the dullest period of
the season for Dry Goods, yet a limited business
is doirg to meet the Clothing Wants of California
and the South. Prices show much steadiness
and expectations are strung that for all articles
of which the stock is not heavy, higher prices will
rule at the opening of the New-Year's trade.
The prospect is tha: with the present limited pro?
duction of goods and high price of Cotton, the
Spring demand will sustain ami raise prices. Un?
bleached and Bleached Shirtings and Sheetines
are alike dull; yet the very light stock of the
former makes prices more buoyant that the heav?
ier stock of Bleached, which, however, are steady.
Drills are quiet but steady, with a limited pro?
duction. Osnabnrgi are in demand, and price!
are advancing. The scantiness of the supply
alone limits the improving inquiry. Denims are
in request at full prices. Stripes are in limited
demand at steady rates, with a fair supply. Ticks
are quiet; the lower grades "only are wanted.
Cotton Flannels are low in atock with a demand
lingering with the seascn. Printing Cloths show
no great activity of demand, but priees are steady.
The atock which is accumulating is only consid?
ered light in reference to the demand which is
anticipated tobe near at hand. Prints are in fair
request, eapecially for the aeason, and prices are
buojant. Ginghams are quiet, but there 11 a fair
inquiry for new Spring styles, and price-t are
strong. Chambrays are ia demand ?>r the Cloth
r.g trade. Cotton rantaiooneng are in limited re?
quest, with increasing supplies on the market,
which are firmly held. Muslin de Lsines are
quiet, but considerable inquiry is making for the
Spring style?, which are coming forward. The
importation of foreign De Laires will be increased
in consequence of the destruction by tire of one
oat of our two mills for the prodnction of these
gcods. The demand is large and admits of a great
and profitable extension of our domestic makes.
Prices are steady and stocks are light. Linseys
continue dull and heavy. Cloths are firmer. The
small Keck, with the advance in Wools, insure
an advance in goods. The destruction of the Ham?
ilton Mills wiii iimit the production of Domestics
Satinets show n siight improvement both in de?
mand ami prices. Sbe.-ps- Gray* are steady, with
i a limited demand, fair for the season. Fancy
! Caiaimerea are del!, and Spring styles are com.
ing forward. The only demand is for plain goods,
am: that but small. Casbmeretts are in growing
request. Shawls, with a reduced st-v's. are quiet
but firm. Fiancels in only partial demand.?
Tweeds are in very moderate re piest, but stocks
and prices are rather heavy Jeans are steady
in price, but with no quickness of sale. Britis!;
W< i lena are more active, principally for the City
Cl thing trade, and the large but decreasing stock
is firmly hi Id Broadcloths form the bulk of the
stocks, but thes- are staple goods, and no new
supplies come forward but at increased cost of
production. The importations, as advised, will
be light. The increasing value of W.aiI has im
| arted a much firmer tone to the market. French
Goods, from the increasing cost of the raw ma?
terials. Die also coming out at higher prices, which
is interfering materially with the demand. How
ever, early orders have been tuet at more mode
rate prices, and these are in course of transpor
tatic.i, and stocks here have lately accumulated.
Silks, or mixtures of Silk and Cotton or Silk and
Worsted and Woolen Goods, are the chief im?
portations from France, and. these will continue
to come in large quantities. Tl increasing
wealth of this country is bereft ? i? rapidly the
consumption of articles of Frr';?:?. production.
The current of the taste und fashion of the coun?
try has set strongly in for all French materials of
Clothing; and the increasing cost is no g-eat im?
pediment to the consumption. It cannot only
effect slightly the rate of increase and induce a
less accumulation of stock. The French trade
does not afford so much reciprocity as other for?
eign trades. We receive much more than we
export to them, while the preponderating bulk of
our Specie exports go to France to balance the
The annexed statement shows the Exports
from this port for the week ending Dec 23:
Whale Rone.loa 31.818 Whale Oil.gRls 4,573
Clieefe..lbs 153,1 l31Tobacco, mam*...lbs 13,370
Oil Cake.lbs 21r?,6.i2jTann?r?' Oil....gals 893
Resin.....bbls 916 Ind. Rub. Bag*, itc. 125
Turpentine.bin? 1.299 Be?f.ie? .tio
Clover Seed.lbs 28,S34'Bark.hbds 30
It.. Rub. Sboes.casea 73 Port Wine.casks 280
Baroi.IN 7.f56 Rhubarb.cases 13
Bpenn.Oi!.gals 'W00'
FIh x Seed.bhds 125 j Cheese.,lbs 17.111
Coiloi.bales 316 Corn.bushe's 25,449
Hour.bbls 3.828 Wheat.bushel* j,17.i
Apples.bbls 320Un. Rub. Shoes.cases 12,
Stave*. 78.WIO.Kid Sains.paclis IS
Pepper.ha?? 3.5Il| Logwood.tuns 16
Cmidles,Mold.boxes ),29DINails.... ..casks II!)
Ilice.ic* 10 Pepper.bags I"
btuoiw. 60,000 Fish.Iba 12,735
Whale Oil.?b!? ZjSlS'Bulter.lbs 4.328
?.muhe,....ft 28,000-Cheese.lb* 2,718
Shinties. 20,000 l.hrd.1'ns 2,096
Corn.bush :e<>'
1 iotir
Doll f
Hauia.lbs 541'Urd.lbs 3,784
Ri'-e.-o# 5|Hams,.lbs 258
Flour.bbls '420.:T?bacco.hhda I
Lan.H'g 6,839 Clteese.lbs 911
So*|.j...bnxea . 753 Beef.bbls 43
Domestics.pk;?s 35 fork.bbls 700
Mackerel.Mils ot Fi b.lbs 12,769
KeirUigs.bbls 70|A.lewives.bbls 10
Bice.tcs 7! Hums.lbs 2.7 M
Tubacr.u.bales 70'Bulter.lbs 1,670
11 a ri
ASHES?The market Is less buoyant for Pots, and
pilce* lavcr the buitr. Pearls are steady at 5 75 The
tern and
>f the Cn
tll'lll WdS
? Eastern
ery quiet,
-a of Do
su lerfine,
j- i IKi ful
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- .:f Baltimore, Alex
2,000 bush,deliverable n rew wpeks beocoin ihe ship, at
76c i lala sre i?i,.-. snt, will, a fair demand, at 4-.J? ?"i for
mix?d a d 6&f-S69 for old Western and Northern ye.i<>w.
PROVISIONS?Our innrket fi.r old Pork is r.rin and
unselUrd; ut? is f. m and in demand al ill. The sales
are in bbls, at 12 50*12 75fur old U--s..-and 8 81<r? T7*
nr 1'iinie. Prime Mr en is heavy, hi.t In heiier request;
nothing iranspbed. Beef Hems are buoyant ; sales of
hd- Drudge at
?ales of
to Ine, wiih %*
s Country Resit
V?The mat kei
Oi Moadsy rcoratag, Dec tl, I860, WILLIAM A. M YtllXiN,
' Uisfj ? ar I too eof ha breiten Aleradsr sad /saws M. M.!
'tn .and thee ol h:? btte :?tH?r in law, John L-tte, are requeste-i to
iitrij^ bis funeral fron bisJ?t* resideore Iii Twenty eights: st zetr
f a h ?i ut, Y> ?dsessss, fj*. ES. St] P M
Os ?.:-?-?: ir. at :L* Hi .w- attar i Segsriss. iJIoeas, MiRT.
re'ret o' AbrsctT. Bender, in t-e rid yeir ot t-r *rr.
K>lsi.Te? w d rmsds ol - s tsiuirt ?r? respwctfaOj a*6*i to sttsai
??r ? .t?r? . -ri.f lbs retiOsjce of Jo*rpa%. MoaaLSI SiiSo<k-sl os
T sitsrar-.-a. Mb test st 3 .Atutk. ?itlii.ut O.rtWio?---- m
i ?'?c; z V?. M. a-ci>jrj pi.<-r., J AMEi 3. WKl?HT, of
:i' of Ttj rr L vv- ??: ? :t- ; > >z.r >'-?? '-i.
hu fr^r.0? Ii* iBot?1 V. ?UeLd hit fTiner?l. fr^ro TO fourth i?.
t?t??i. T???b so- BWvestk "t or, Wedsssdsy, t:.?sSt? est st I"
t'ciuct A. M. sritfaoat further :u -.?.
Os Itsadsr. D?c S3. Mrs. ISABELLA DOM.N'ELLT, otcoosams
tion. sgsd tfiysars. ^ ^ f ^ ^f
" il's S?t'?-. life. It. Mr. JOSEPH BKA?, in ths T?ih y??r of U.?
. n .? ..." IBd - -t slso ef-Wa sees -. i*. Jnos C IV?oy
ami Edwis Aou-.cn. s^ lovitsd to sUetul bis f_^?r*i Irsm his SsU
rssdeic?, Po. Ii: Brourso st. os T.?sdk. HU, ;ui ?t i o'c!i>:k
p M. ? Uout Is.rtnsr sns.,--?. Brookiys ss-i ssy pa;^rs
icSct o J ?. Pred'bssnBss, tf-4 ~i years,. nacit, sad i> ityt, sftsr
> batsraji ttrtv.
1 hs f.-iesds of tbs tastily are iceited to attscd s?T fo?*-il oa
T>?Jr.??c?y,iita :sis ?t ?-4 s'^lwa P M !tjt. irtt lau ressvsaca,
21 hnds St.
AtSstrarrectP Cc.). CaL Sot. II, of ctotsra, JOHK Hr"RT
SF1&3, orly sen of Jots L Spie?, o? Ulis cite.
Tha rabjeel af tbs aaoes totice ?? t Tisnhact of Saerarassto tor
tr-tzt t:rr? tefrrs ha penlh snd for csny year* pre'ir-as was f/rtb his
father asd i.r*ls. Messrs. A W ip,-s A Co ot"'h:s City, wsere oy a
rtx* o.*-rae ol bocortble asd ai-l^-st c ;cdsct be bad eadeare-i i?n
?eJfUiaH ?'?o laase has?! teral'y s mts witlsort as ?oe.-oy Last
year he lee a s t???d "?* lorUiat El I>j^do srbich aas Mcoai jit
i ;-??? to ac easj be ega, to rtiajr bop**, fuHof-cdom.::bV.^*:rt?rt
a-.?;?,> ? ifiiwt, !r??9 ?o well nthtf tsaa ?>?
For I -.T>?>ii 'itt-? arri (batata*. F? ail ?w* *?? CtflM ?cJ ?Wtre.??.| b *
all ?ut ?e?a. with mowed awn;, ?bor. ?tma *M<0 eo?M
.Tail, as r-prurt up ai:J w?i oc;i 2wm -a the full Udi of i?i??,
sb: the hand of ti* Alrajrr-tr wne bear? a pea biu. Is :b? m dat ol
eh.nrr.h-ee*. ararta tint; ic*o r-a.i,.r-... he w?a strick Iowa
w'th tr* t>*sJefik, arc i*-?it? ihr** ?..mra afterward hi* toil bad re
t. need :., g.hj who ?>.?.:
i. Darn; .1.? abort <*\*.<its Is CAMortia. h.1 bisataets ?sd probity bad
won for bix ?e:*?m. rwpert and trc.rr-. ctt' fneod., tod whan coctA
b)ever* toitt'C lad asetl ^ e*vty brsawa.wHb a my
r-earl.t eeriop o tared, bui K.d. ?II /oTtoW'sj to ita ?nai reetia? p.'Ace bT
oaa of the Urt^: 'anaralu .1-' **#c -l..r#. Free frota th* .-.,-** that
too den Jsr.it tie carter olyoosts: ireo.. aiftctjc-fjal* And lo'ir; to
daTo?oorn tbe fan:: 7 rrireS*. Gm b*!p tin e??b??I s*em tbit
FB I td a .rw>. broth.-, mead.
ons^irtji.D?-.?.af?era?WiitilTiw*a ASS JACK30S,a*i ?0.
TL. rVatit*. and f er,.i? 0/ the '-a.** a:. r*?p?etfal!.r :?? tut t?
attai 4 the rostral {Sem :.?r 'at* rrfidecc ISA Grand at. WIBaani
oorta.oa Warfre?<J?r Doorareta: ?o'clec?. Tr. rem*->. w.-K0?con.
Paaeenareri! Arrived
Paaarnirer? "inilcd
! /? rtanj U> OkU./rrm .Vv, Orten? Dm 14-1?.?- iVas r?,
Ni ?a * ?? ? Majer, Hn I enoe Xn Coullard JasxYonaji
I-, I 5. ? Hi.r a G FOD, H-nrv K.t, -. ?-?? R A H??.??.
I.' t J f .v., .,l?r fj A. r M - V .. -. j. - lI 5 11..at. Vv
Beraaak.. H.a E???rji Jal.o*-.i., ?1 XoiJoci, Xiaa M.rioi-k. Jno
? ? W K (in. :i.E K, , r. Or. HV.? v! M ?< C !I rcn, J 0
;.1 o) 1 c h-->- Htsa JnBa Wood K A l.nnu,9 Kabtr,
i ,-.? r,?o ?? 1 .-?eham. ?a?? C A L-..? H B H? no. H?a
Mix. mtrr aotl Mf, J ?etocaiae*? Nn L Tooar.Sam P WU
iuuo.G WS S^la, J" LiiwUT ?alfc,. P5.-?. ba. v? E H.i.a/4 P
aj.Jai Poiss. \V B.-t-. M Conroj.D <? Clarta. A tf E'ia,-?'.
i 1 ?par.i >.h. U Nillorr, \A titimn-j? 0 W Par??r K
s R.. ? .rem... it K caarii, Mr* rMa lluataad caiiJ. Miaa
ri?mrec,J G r.tir.r. W? Buch..../r#r if.Mu-l p Doaaa aad
> . Mr Shaitn 0. Udy.chiM uaJ rar??. Mr. Evasa, J M LaborJa. P
.V K.p*rin.SIr Witeer 0 Cnctua. MUaJ Ejpuies.J Ubiar, H A
McrpV, M |.:. r-r M Midi,D !> BoRnxu '1 N Mar i D \
P-*tm ma. SJonnn... f^^r *"A^7-ri?fi P J->nr?on. E J**.n, J B
H.rtln.l H K..>r. u KtUroo, Mr Spnana Mr. 1. M M. i- D
Dawtajar i Israel. P iBferaoT, G Ructle. M PoSiloc. A D Porta' I.
t.r?-'. ? l.?or.ap?. J Seawati. C Dahfawa, J B .'euer. M !>? Compa?,
G l.bftl ?? K.t riKM Maarfanaraodhdr. W K >l Kim^rica, K
* B r lita. H Lory, S Har*ia. T M Swao. C D Poctraa.
Sw?? Baa.. 7 aS 1 ?.??. M?oa? Riaet-l I *?
Sir..; 3,.A....:; ^ . 0,ii. l.UuJ..;. Mm H?9SaU~..l 17m
Por.T OT SEW TORK.?._Dir.C. M
C tern red.
-? -? >?:??' caa Ea;!.. D.j.ir.e, London. J GruwntJ; Lori Saajoa.
1.. W - lb, -aTjDnab.St Ujuis, Bouker, S*w Orleatia, Wm Salaoni
AI Hobbaitl. Mukil?. StorpCtaaman * Co
BaikaStaPa, UttMjoha, M.r..,iir., j R Sarau; Snporb, (S'.rw)
Pataraon.Panama, Pascb* * M?u.,?.. Maria, MAltaaoo, San Pr?o
c ico, A S Lew A Brothers; rtjruii. Arm, Sara Uij, S..:u.C. A
.... v. .-?, p. .... Cl I . 1' .r-r * S ler-ou
Ri .. Ft.---, rallmao,SaTanaab; S'-irr~, c'-arman * C?; t'rtw^,
fartmii |Cbar)Mluo, <i*. Bulklejri j'.-m l.mj. Hune?, Mlih.l?,
Ka;Ta tt HatAid; G WUarra ca.Wall !fau?itaa, Simptoo Mat how
* ("iCj-rc.f. :Hr) Pattsnoa. Port-ao-Priact, OLA W Kama at
Birtjj. ,. , <e*tB, ..-ion-.!,. pSStSSSWS.
T.? t? .iThor? in thaSW if,l Snatfar nun-, an.l.-n Noooaj
boon lr. ioi-rtii.rttia.il! by III. board during tho (Am from STVVj at i
I'M Iba maiirruut also want, which 1 arried >wat iln miaiao topioaat.
SI 'p Hee'prev ty. (r.aw; Portar, fm Cnlaia, Ma. iaballaat, to winter.
H?r? Broil "ra,(ri' New H.t-.n' Ward,(ni Potto ttico,Ouayanilla,
aballatt toM'ocb.Jt 01 .w H;i?ii rba B took ap-lott>H tha
Biabb da rinr a hoary aalW from tho waatward, ait.l beat "n ro iha
.., ,.-ri..r..
nee to St.r,..,
SehGVt Patiaj CBadwick, I dl Im WUrolnjrtoo,NC, cottoa and 1
aaaa .- ..... 10 ES Powell. SM in co wiih brij^DaWd DatMl, :
; w i."* "'*"1 <c' * " " ''U'"' *0,U| t0 I
Brrel Ida.Boloof adafm Savannah La Mar,Jam,logwood and 1
SihRowtna,Fraocn, Id. ?. I . aloa . ? 1.
Si i Au?. It..r, Id. fm Saodwaih, skua, to E D Moo
i Co.
Airit U..rpooliUi, Wm Witt. Sawpmn |u John, HBiKow
It.. ?,? t?, K.t, Uliamii hit Sd. TI .t... Till.y. St J< (in. Nit, Id,
otilta, lrTirc, do; Ist, Lachilbo, l!<.td, Qiiabaci OtillA, StJohn,SBj
No?W Petrel, Lane. \\ illace, NSj Harriot, ll)or. St Jobo, NBi
(. luni. Taylor, do; Olivia, Ridlrv. Quebec,
lldat tfo'SUi iaat,?hipa Berlin, Smith, Pbihtdelpblai Wm Rath
naa Hrnrmw, in?-.., mom
kit*) .. C.'ii.N.-a, ,N r,?rk; Jobn
aio, robeater. Sarannahi ad. Ad
i. Croom, ttrork) 0^ WlttCKn
,'lel^)bia; Aeat'n, Jarr,., Ainrea
irdy, Mork; Taoman, Pationa,
?u. ?York,
iurlet??; Pal'natto,
Mary Aor...
oft Poobl.
od C.f.Fl
Hj Teleffrapb.
Bt%aCbartea,PbiboVilaibtaj A!f..r <o,
... A - n.-idra.
?EVA hl R1 PORT. Dec .;?Arr te
SAl EH K- Arr tab MVv Ct.i
NEW BEDFORD, D... il-Air *.
9; . ?d.MaryElixioaib.Pbilad.
Jt.llTAi <?.-r. < r. p>r :i-Sld nark I
riaKT.Mol TH D?c?l?ArrachAtab;
PROVIDES! E D?e?t? ArracbaJI
Rhalb tf, AGd S.bo*.lb^v , P'u i.^el. ...a. il
?????<- 1 : K-atre'. Salt
? ? s 1
l.T.oa.e... S?v i7. brig
rk IV. Uli . t>- 6 3>,i. lOtb,
(Jo, SOr-eanafor B iatooj ur),
?d Oilipe, ooth from SOrleaoa
Car.i.Qa.; K . Kranen A GJ-^i
la Eracira, jr. 1 '. . Iura P a
k. Saw r...k
1.? Ooei.o, and E.len Rodman,
a, Albany] Faawea,
oopa J L Loa<, aal
ad taatr Eoortxia
flliiiilert, date.
lajU Cuia, luo of ti,a acht CruUa, tot Boa
? T.il'j.. of do, togrther w:-a a portion of
"-r.R.ra iatboscb Anadr.e, wh-eb krr.eed at
r m J't-m*?Id.) na.ni.lo.?. tri.ir .^t^i
at that put on the 17th of Soaeaioar?bar
1 Soewejiaa or^ tin
b ??::? at ter raoor
nj wk.'? at an. boroT
uf tbe Battery. Sbe
wjl probabl) to to
n - .a. .i rj.ra P'r..ladelr.r a at Bmneo ?ot M, from Pb.
b 1. repaatta that tWre eae a Norwr^tao boc a*h?re below Hre
w uch *ia probablj the NepUaua. f rederiti*jn.frutu Cb*/lw
Bieaeo The Ksptaatts, With a Hanr.renan plot ?>* b.)ird,
-. ii '-1 rear Uta Phitaaetph:a. and dnr_'j the n.-<ti-. of ii'i*t
_iraaetphia. and dorrj the oJl*t of Sand?/,
. . -j paited her ca^r. caole r.-i ;.,t aahor- 00 K?ee,aad.
B- :irr^,Utad area cut a~ajr,aad Catt laoOtoan tb?tJta ?
wreck. T'e Iftmtttoma aailedlrom Chariee'on 18th at October lor
hr.art:. w.th a esrjro of 44A ii.rcea 1
-are."a 15? " "~-_
? tod li 1 b.'w? t'pUid cottoo.
...... .. - . l?rirn of trtA :i**cea r. ? aoa j. . j- - " _,,,
The ori< wrecked ce Iba P ? i.icd laiaeda, reportel the '
M Clai boat, ol Salatn, w.th the V?. -f ?
. .it Qtasduj Capt b'ptca, arbieh aaJed from Boatoo AprJ 10, for
Cl. Vw*'.,.... C'^o-' 'ro-Brjtol'or Boetoa. with wood, went
.." ) .,';,n j..:er/or.taee?t ,Kie ?/Pert. 1 oath
B?ia H.Aj-a., itcT-aa..*.- t rjdler Cap'. T
j3fewa ? aHd 0.. crew. rka^tMatly -.0? oa ?oarf ui
toa^hArV^^^ItV?cila*,f.om CalA..forS.wwrrj?r!,?aj tstaftj
?,-,?? ? eh >??? eared of ' OTbatf ?fl 0'*>r-? ? Pm*. By* hatc-V ia Mi*
.a. . ?.im aso'it r,. Nod ?1 litt. ?b* bro*? op soon sJaar
?Ii. tu mV aad lb*, raw ..jrvweafel ia laaJrnar M tat I?*?.
^ t] :!eC> U? Botba?f*f tUtto sate ?JdO ta musoy wWi so
had ca U-*rd. , ,
An At Mrs from Sa? Friari-co <or Mirtt'u, "itk ?" of Or***
.... .. , ? v: - ??? ?? < fort; Sa*nb**d *af Cap*
Stl ???? iV ? t He- l*aati?stioai Ac *?? probably nA/rod fiwaa
th* coi.r?* she *u ttwifnyr
Beiz Gout Hann and a.!, Ufa* i W*Ta lahOf* It Wiaaaottt
rrvor Ot*jotj is at,v-- IS
;.a J A Si?r?o?,Oooki, ?* .ocoieroot if Kilewerth, where ?.?
'oaJed .'of Its V. eat iod <*?, f ua uoi4 i M<? end Ja nared bee a*
' that she put atoMac! aspect x the ?th. leahp, nt <t ?* lotutJ
nea-raaary to rftfcb.sr*r* her ..teck kyeat betor* it can bo rep*ir*d
k?? a Beer?.?,.?"> a Hal-iai . a, Set ?if which ?rr,?*d au
Saa Pr?o> :"." .'".<? . a r?"' ? renor!*! to he tuet oa lb* W**l
Coaatof Abcoftca, wiihabout60pawroa,ers i*4 th* cff/ar, Shokot
SanFfSttcbco ia 3*pf*and the story rs that she fauadered ia tbo f-afe
of lb*Kth ol tfcat t.-c'h Thereas a raport that a bin, .-*'i*i ob*
.'?. ?. >a< Keen loal ? l> HO frntmrnftt*, ?!-;r* m UM ??r 'raw* Fa*
, . . ??o Fraet two Wetf-mb Us?a?..?? e:. rt* ?*?? 4..>*lrU.
B.iaOiot Wta, hem Salt..-. *? !ei CaLf n..a. before raportad
not -ro Mont??..teo ..- < etrees. <ro roaafesaa*ri ast tot*at tncbat*
te-1 .4 r *'.??*?? n-r t?* ?>?"??h? BUM rr? r,,;. w?r? a. el aaa
, , . y Mieo ?0t Otttwl <"a|j' t> an? t,a.l aJ"-rL?a?l fi r a ?aaaaaJ (?
inj i ars? ^o ra^axa. bit t ?aa Jaabtlal w^.?tbat b? .??tat
Pia ( fti ,u<* W,;. iicralV of jaioai. lati3<>itvl ui Ctio?m oa
tat', ixla? Oo F- ta> aa coo 11.oaafiil attompt *a? ua*J? tj ..t.i
bn rwl abiod bv Iba H H Karb*a
a nst >t p ih< Ti-r aio. ?aa laasctod M dat?Ma/ frooa
i? I ? ..a,-.'. Van Boaioa.
t oll:.? V(*#??!? Spokrn, cVo.
Jt>'? ? ?t * or.^ ttra?ii?, Kptoo, troio B<>rtoa Apt 1?, tiaa
l?" t rarn >*co. (?o* j.?a?t*r?.)
A?? ?'>? Ut ?.? ??, '? is . 4 ?. av i G ra-To, of aal frooa !*?? Tort. ?m
"a .'frr a,
f?o? 1! lat r 14 ."?. 'on;* *' \V. tr.? Kot'rl C W.atj-op. 1*tnt.
ron Bootoo >'..?- k,r ^a Praeciaco
Npokpn, iVp.
lot t laya, for
Maar tori fmr
' I - toi, I ara A'lto'aoj. of Balfai'. :iom ?? Toa*.
0.-t jii. Cap* ?*? Oat 'M?r-t NE. dtbtaat Ibmitoa, oart Aaatt
Mao. Iroai klalafa, b. t.ao to M.a**a*.
Nor II,fat: 11 I ~c i 14.oxcbaafoJi toah w tb i bi'< tiga aj
? 4 raal ??In* ind red with a wbiti bail, ?toenn? E
:.t? 0,
J flat, tl.p Florida. >VmW, luJiaa iKaaa. St
>b!sip. li t) do ?b oil. *'Xv!h> boon I.art at
otto.WiaUrt, SH. w bb1? to o.l.
?? ? MS, bn; North Atlantic, Sopor, (forth *t
Foteleti Peru.
At ,\'a?) B?v Doc i.M .Owlit, riitnar FiVorb ? ) da, f?at "Cu
ada.";.f3i Johoa I .. ??. vs. biiat Snau, WatPordi Ktbs *\a?
darta-n, Aodartoo; An Banrai Sid !?.. braa K w?lt.Saaamlla.
A( K'irn Nay D-v ') bail S?ai. lloimae, fin Torto Rico f*r Na>?
Orbnoa n??: (j; ttb Chartas H-.-.rv, !m 3t fbomai for " v.. .-i.
At Barbaaloa? N,>. .a. barb Jaimas Walsh,from Ks't.^ or*, u saut
for Men Or!..ins in i d*}*. SM .Mth. barb Jamas Barles, Basb.h?, f?
TriBidad, *c
AtStTbnmaa IWj.Ss.b Irms. Wsniar, fw Philadelphia, dtsj ,foc
MaiM a...,. ii 4 .lav.. ...n Sbawmat, York, (m Phiiadalph a, j?st arr.
Air <t Paiiajiia u. t 4. staaasar astolppa, (Iron dai I ran,-is>:o.
Arrat U| It, \ ,;.?', Uland I IS.bria Jo?a * CliarMba,
L*)v.tt.t:i rr.ci ..rL.,aLj sld latUfor HobirlTowa.
ItSan Joan,Ntcaraaua, sbo.-t ?h mat, briji Morn na; Star, fi? R
Voik, di?s. li.O.an ii.iKf.fin lo fort-harmi f?w .la S1j Iis, bes?
L .. \ for .X'OrUans
AtSsll Crest sbout Sth last, ...i> Euleiiirne. tor STori Idla, ssitk
pteae-^era (rov. **n Juan.
Al Pai ta about i KM SS, barba A K H.?rntt, ior iaii Eranru. o sota?
J K Garth er. coodemaed.
Art .it Cliafres 3th last, itmf Pb 'atie.'plu
or llth for HTsrk Tia K.ntsti n, J.. Hie
klaeana, Sti, bad act arris-a* on the <'h
Ai M.aiaMdeo Ort IP, bark Olol Wjk, (ol Mo.ton) Doaaa, fra
Balt.llM-.e for Pa..an.a. rntldttnineH .e- aaatera p
a: It:. Qrand* n. t it, bark Kieok Oesniof, Churchill,las Jaaa?a
K ?-rOitsn. j.irpose.l .utair
Sailed froir Eiltroitb. Jam, Sth last, bark Theresa, ?. NT Orb.
( dalPictc Slli inst erb Maie E'iisbeth, Loooir, NV.'rk; dtk,
brV Brtdaret. Poreet Boa toe :.:?...!. Maty Virftnia. It nj, Boatoe?
l : ,J| bo tlaatiCi;.. B. oJlol, Jo
Arr st Habfbl IJtb mst. brija latfatritp, Pattarsoa, Pictou for
Eaatpoit, poi in short of proeiiiona; ISth. Diilphln, trwn.NTofk.
1411. sail! br-ti-l. 4'--en. Pa-. Boat.-n Cid lath. -e'-b a.to -is, Cor*
ran.snd Jasper, Bant?,Boaloo) ?Iar<ar-t, irnilo.au, (stork. Pet
back I Ith, ?.' Par-. Iraki s, C <r>. wSich sailed 7th lor Boataa, k*e
Arr a- - I ? Mt rtst.s p Speed, flniodsM,NTork, CM
14'b. ship Anna Tilt, Rims, lUNttlontach Pnsrdsh'p, Hardy, Baaton.
Domentie l'nem.
AI.KXANnitl.t Deo41?Arr i.nt Poster,Cruwell, lloatan: sob
Concectl. t.Port Deposit CMbrttTPUgrlmJBut*r,St J bn.NB.
A I'A I. At H ICOIlA 1 Vr 1st?Arr ;'th. bark Edward, Kuudsoo, If***
Totki 19th <bip John DuaUp, Portland, Me. Cht 11th,brie Vesta,
1 .*ren, ,NVorb.
In poit llu'pa JobnDunlap; ? Ibl !'..r Imd. Me, wc. Pet-r Mat
tn. k. Ro. kwsdl, fur Antwoip, Irin raodalia, Hortoo, fro Nfork, ?
CotnmbiaD.Meieeb for Boston. Wij Excalaior, Smith, fra Utarps
sei..bsrl > Edward Kntidsnn frn NJorb.wi.j Jas Ha?. White. I'm do,
wtfj Paul v b*rOaw,C'ila dorioi Pn.eideorai.fOf I'rovuterii-e, i.Midn;
bau/.Spr.iiaei ful MYoik, wlai Itebe?Watt(Br), Bartoo.S
Ijverpoid, wli Triton Moiruuso, rrro Prusoleoce, wls| br ?? B I.
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NOP W ICH, Ii?. 19 Arr- 1) 8*0*0?, Brown. Philadelphia.
I'E'IERJBI KO,D? 19 Arr a Hin;.| f.an sou, Scott, Phil*
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POP. rSMOUTH, N'H. Dec ir-Arrbr rAfiiett-y.t, Warner, NYork.
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Florid*, Haakell Boston for 3t 'i?or?e; Ehra Ann, Cheater, do lor
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Mary Ana, Inaco*. Ballii ..re, Emm* D Rueaay, W.eke Altumy.
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NnMotb NYork S'd IStb.sets Tromp?t, Haan, Bride, Spear, aad
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Maiy Eleanor, Parker. Balt.n.ore, sehe Fawn, Miller. Bait.more; J at,
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W bilekcr. Philaalelpkia; H N Qauiiohll, Bradford. Baltunxr*
Ai itnaubip PwrUa, Lyon; BToork; an p Oregon, Fwd, Stack
h 't. 'rwe^en.; bark Paye, NYorb; bra Pbil'.ra, ThaUW, do?
W tat to Set, sari Htw W. Ktcdr.ck, Boat, a..b Saa Gall, BallreCA
D?'./--Arrbark Bar. nt Brotiitii. Newport. < W,) ? ? n ,r t i ?:?.
'.ale..NOri*ana. Cl: ari< Wm I. Jocose, T,!er. NYork. VV*st tat
KS bl e W L Joces Tyler.NYork.
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NTori tl.flp Ann B Ho.'mtt, Dt> s, Pill Ki'er .'or do; letb.ifrsca*
Jo-, C at, D il.loo Ii r do. ....
SALEM, D*c 19?Arr acha Abby Weld Br er. SeJ?Mla Josul PraW
er. i. ',\ l.eelcr. Belftat. SU IStb s? -A'?a, Berry Aftr*. IStk.tn
Pra.-e, EU.? [frorr NYork., Reheat Arr 1-etb, set* I(.?n Meurp
raan Mernman, PI iritbbia; tfarnrst,M?rry, Alhasj;
T . - Goulrieboro'l Abby We.i, S. er, Beifaet. Job. Pfwfarict,
M ,ee>r do; Stars. Ra.let, llc^to* for Jt Ga.rfBi Sarah. B--ksww>a
? r Barel r, Jdi , A Mar/. IMac do for Haiop-lan; Pb.ji.I.lpbaa,
Baitleu,doforMt D*s*rtl J' l.n 3no?, Powers to for Bl.ieb.lli Aa
roca.Tfert.Bea.rieefor ErsnSfort, i? IJ.s*et*re. J 9nh arr acb
Mary Snot. VA.bh'. K-'k^ed CM br.? Romp, lesjeeo, Csyewaw.
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Frank fort. SM schi Da -ky 3tttj, (fi^a Rocal.nl), Nlofk; PirAaat,
'-a'i,Cr) 4 f-.Ki'V"-' ."-Arr Kb Jona B Pail ?. Refer. Bncor
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Js Jfnv.M-.hti.iti. seh General Morrsa. fro..-. do.tnO.t J ,
'"?a* PEDRO Ns' :-3i! sur Col Prtmoct, lor Moateray
ST GEORGE, I>*r : 1?Air tv-IiJcbii Gr??*r, B-ietoo; Urb, Por?
eet, end J?n* Fun. Ca a.. Ibf BottOB, SM litb.acb J H Cawace.OJ
, r,r ?f Pecaaoo's.
THOMA3T0N. D.: 11 Arr s-1. ? Cor-eUal, Boatoa; IK. barb
r- i v ta, ? Martna Hall, Jordan, do. CHI?*,
TebuTOo'fnew: ll'rTlr, tuo*,)*cow, NO'bma*.
AVaREHa* De., tt?Arr? b* Ma-y Erai.- .?.Me^?or, aid CUrvo*.
PaTorl; Mth A:-el. Bc.to: Sarah I^iaa, *Y'.rb, alp Eiewaae,
i.iM-e- i ji. si ?i Motarr.b, Nferk;!',?, Mar/ Jexa, Soeaasr
^. ? .-- Psrt-f iVYock; A E!o?rf?Mt, .- , - '-??/
IleiaeareCrtt: II". . t . rt.s, N Yrlrt.
\\ U.M. Mil'IN l> . .?Arr Uth, sehr I^*?bo?i, Bvsa, Chartas
tat- aa hr Laicariee? T'irnarr. N?-* Tori.: Br, *,ark Br^Owers, Erat-laah,
Si?rr*b I Sared ISth ?Lr Cher'ee M lie, FraatK, N*? York,
[is- al. sr a Sera. Rb<-k IreaU-, brif Harriet, Karst.c*. Cabs. I Mat,
mi r Cor a'jts. Y nirnr. Baitucoie; ore May Fltwtr, Petaertsas,
S: Dan ? ('?? brr AVm P Stfford. fare*. NOrleaca.
WAShLNGTON. Der try-ArraKbi Coroet, Pura, ? Yon, Mary,
Spencer, P*r. jsdeipb.s: '/apras, R- biaecKi. Bali ai'jre S'ar. Psrtar,
Boe'asc CM Irtdaa^arndaaar*, Goasd-.r, St Yocb; Mary. Spamcer, 1>,
Praaasaa. CaatieV fej Ctblws.! Kaub a, saa.

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