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jT Tfif?raph to the Mew-Tork Tribonf.
NNlN. Pawloc ????? 32*? ?? New-Ort??--.
w" Nrw- Uhleam. Wednesday, Jan. ,
The steamship Pacific baa tailed for Chagas
JPm^mm pastengert. Steamer Mexico
Daj arrived.
Meateace of Dnuh.
a bi a*. Saturday, Jan. I?.
John Habam, Jr. who waa convicted yesterday
of the marder of Nathan Adler, waa tbia morning
Sentenced tobe hung on Friday the
between 10 and If A. M Alfred Baham, bis
brother, waa brought into Court, and the P ea of
??not gnilty" waa w.thdrawn, and the plea of
manslaughter in the ?d degree, wa* receded
by the Court, and he waa sentenced to ?> years
aid 3 months- imprisonment in Auburn State
Prison. m
Washing!*" Items.
Washington, Saturday, Jan. 13.
Hon Geo. O. King, member of the House from
Rhode Island, was married on Thursday evening
;ast to Miss Elizabeth Leaver, daughter of one of
?UTh1lDa?age of the Cheap Postage bill gives
srreat satisfaction- The three ceLt coinage order?
ed by the bill supplies the want in changing money
oo long desired by business men.
Neat week the House will consider tns Annual
Appropriation bill.
The prospects are that Geyer, W big, will now
be elected Senator for Missouri?to say the anti
Ben ton members of the House
Western Navigation.
Louisville. Krida/, Jan. 17.
The ateamer Memphis had to lighten to enter
the Canal. The Schuy Ikill got through the Canal.
The Europa and North Kiver will be up to night.
The steamer Princetoa sunk in Red River by com
ing in collision with the Adams | machinery snd
cabin fixtures saved. ^
The Explosion ot the Anglo-Normnn.
New-Orleans, Thursday, Jan. 16.
Nathan Jarvif, a member of the General Con?
vention, wounded by the explosion, has just died ;
he was a native of Massachusetts.
Marketa....NEw Orleans, Jan. 17.
Cotton has declined a quarter. Sales yester?
day and to-day ,V?00 balrs. Middling Itf. C-om: has
ad vanced s qa ar to r. Rio !*? in jr 11 n) I - -
Weather Intelligence.
By Sdortt't l.m*, 16 Wait-si.
Bi rrsLo, Saturday, Jan. 13?9 A.M.
Fine, clear, cold and pleasant morning. Wind
atill blowing strong from the North-West. Ther
xnometerll, Barometer 18.80, and rising.
Rochester, Saturday, Jan. IS?j A .M.
A splendid morning?Sun shining brightly | a
Strong keen West wind. Last night was the
coldest of the season. Thermometer at 11 P.M.
down to Zero?now stands at I above.
At'sl'Riv, Saturday, Jan. 18-;? A M
Fine morning, though very cold.
Syracuse, Saturday, Jaa. 18?1? A.M.
Beautitul clear morning, and very cold. Ther?
mometer 14.
Oswaco, Saturday. Jaa. 18?'J A M
Wind South-West?cloudy, and indications of a
?now storm. Thermometer 14.
Utica, Saturday, Jan. 18?9 A M
Clear and' beautiful morning. Wind North
West Barometer 29.920. Thermometer 18.
Albany, Saturday, Jan. 18?9 A M
Beautiful cold morning. at - o'clock not a cloud
to be aeeu . now (-loading up. Thermometer OS,
Wind North West.
Trov, Saturday, Jan. 18?9 A M
Weather clear and cold. Thermometer 90
above Wind North-West.
WM*; C'OrYCREMM_Ms-c?ad Htmmioa.
W ash in s tun, Saturday, Jan. |R
Mr. Bsri t's motion to go into Committee of the
Whole ou the State of the Union on the Deficien?
cy bill was rejected , and on motion of Mr. I) an
III., the House went into Committee on Private
After debate, several bills were ordered to he
reported to the House.
The Committee then rose, one bill was passed,
and the House adjourned.
SEN ATE.... Allan v, Saturday, Jan. IS.
Petitions were presented for the abolition of
the Militia Laws and for Par redemption.
Mr. Crolip.s reported a Bill to increase the
Capital Stock of the I'tioa Globe Mills and Utica
Steam Wool Mills.
A bill was introduced to restrict and regulate
the power of Municipal CorjMirations in cities in
borrow ins; money, contracting debt and loaning
their credit.
Resolutions were introduced instructing Con?
gress to pass a law convey ing the Public Lands
to actual occupants, not exceeding 120 acrea to
each, all charges not to exceed 04?no occupant
to own more than 120 acres.
The resolutions were discussed by G Oil If and
laid on the table.
Mr Csrroi. discussed the Governor's Message.
A 8SEMBLV?Petitions Presented.
Ol John Underwood claiming a seat aa member
of Assembly from Vatcs; to reduce the fare on
Railroads to two cents per mile. for the re-chir
ter of Sod us Canal Company , of New-York State
Agricultural Society asking the appointment of
an agent to attend the World's Fair; for amend?
ment of the general Plank Bend law; of the Hast
River Insurance Co. of New-York for an amend?
ment of the charter.
The Select Committee reported advisedly on
the memorial of the Mayor, Ac. of New-York,
on the petition asking an amendment of the City
The ssme Committee reported favorably to the
memorial of the New York Commercial asking
the pasaage of a law authorizing supervisors to
raise money by loan. The general tax bill was
referred The Railroad Committee reported a
bill allowing railroad companies to bold tele?
graph stink. Referred
Bills incorporating the New-York 8aviogs Bark
and the Central City Savings Bsnk were reported
A bill to erect a monument to the memory of
John Pauldiog, David Williams, and Isaao Van
Wart, the three militia men who captured Major
Andre, on the 2 -1 of September, 1T-0 i bills abol?
ishing capital punishment, to provide tor the con?
solidation of the Dtaa*) ami ^> K. ue. ta.ly and Utiea
and Syracuse railroads, amendatory of the law
dischsrging, insolvent debtors, incorporating and
regulstitig telegraph companies.
A resolution of inquiry was introduced, asking
the Cai al Board whether tbey intend changing
the let el of the 8eneca Lake -. and if commenced,
what authority they have for such action, and
what damages will result therefrom 1
The Assembly then sojourned.
Trial of Hydrogen Una for Lighting, fleat
tasi. A. c.
(aVsst tks Psru OsatsMsasaaass oi u.? rtiia )
Fabis, Dee. 19. 1850.
1 received an iavitati >n the other day to wit?
ness the trial of gaa manufactured by water.
As this subject has eauaed much cariosity in the
* nited S-.at.is lately, and ended in what the
French call a carurrd, hoax, it may be interesting
to the readers of the Isdper to have a complete
account of what was pronounc ed by all present a
aaUislact. ry solution of the great question, whether
as, manufactured frqm water, can be used for
Le purposes of light and heat- Accordingly, I
give every detail as 1 witnessed it.
In the environs of Paris is a manufactory. En?
tering the premises, we were first tbown'a room
of the size of an ordinary drawing room, in which
were suspended aeveral burners. The only differ?
ence in the arrangement from the ordinary gas
burner a as that round each lamp flame was placed
a platinum wick, about au in h and a half in
length and about an inch or so in diameter. The
flame itself was blue and dullish, but by the inser
tioaof the platinum net work, (which is round
and open at the top.) tho platinum became splen?
didly luminous, and all the burners together cast
auch a light that the tints of blae and green on
paper, which are confounded ordinarily at night,
could be distinguished, and the delicate shade of
* hgt't ttraw color adequately discriminated ?
V* hether the platinum is prepared in any apecial
way, was not said, hut the net work is exceed
loglir lischt, aad of course, inexpensive. Upon a
oheif was a stove about if inches high and t're
across, to which was attached agt s pipe. Tois
otove co iid beearried about, and the small leather
pipe, coi riectad with the ssaiu pipe, attached to it
The stove requires no chimney, for the gas b<stug
free from smoke or color it caa burn in any room In
achi:> - ev place there were a nuasberofjetaofthe
gas, w i ich gave out a strong heat capable of being
resjulsted by simtdy turning them off or oa as re
quire.) In an adjoining room was a gas heater,
watro no flame waa perceptible, the heat being
conducted from heueath. In a kitchen wai tho
g? metre, and there in kitchen range or oven
were placed the different utensils over gas flames,
whose intensity could be regulated by a turn in g
off or on the gas in the required quantities. The
gas pipe of leather was then applied to the hollow
handle of a gridiron, each bar of which was per?
forated at equal distances with holes of the size
of a pin's jxdnt By a turn of the hand the gridi?
ron prcseuted a magical appearance , it tlamed up
with blue lights, and over them were placed aorne
mutton ( hops, which were cxpedilrously cooked.
While this was going on, water was being heated
by the pas, and the company was treated to some
hot punch. In justice to the irridiron, it must he
mentioned, that it can he tamed on its side, an I
thus presenting a perpendicular front, it can ha
used for roasting. A cook by this means could
plsce a vertical gridiron on a handsome center
tsble, and with a tin kitchen before it, with goose,
turkey or pig therein, preside over her work while
reeding a Bowel or working at cruels ; for the or?
dinary stooping, perspiring fuss and litter are
done away with.
lu a word, the most disagreeable household de
tails, which require despised drudges to perform,
arc obviated by this means- Of course there is
no getting in of coal or wood : no dust or dirt re
ated thereby; no smell; no poisonous exhalation.
All you have to do is to have a pipe from the pas
manufactory in your cellar, with gas conductors
as at preaent, and your fuel and oil and candles
are laid in tor year in and year out. The ordina?
ry dry beat of anthracite is obviated. Tne great,
toe immense desideratum of a moist atmosphere,
that infinite superiority of the European climate
ovsrour own | Europe being waahed on the North,
South and West, and partially on the East, by
oceans) may perhaps be secured for the health of
the population in door by this means : for the gas
being made from water, rosolves itself to water. 1
By putting a china plate over the flame, I could
detect moisture, and the accretion was paipable.
Dry heat is an enemy to beauty j our women, by
common accord, should have a domestic atmos?
phere which may give them the advantages of
the Knglish fog, where ladies are in no hurry to
grow old, the sun being kept out, and the atmos
fthere breathed being generally moist. The par
or and kitchen experiments being over, we ad?
journed some 100 feet to the gas factory. Here it
was shown how it could be manufactured on a
grand scale by a Company. A brick furnace about
11 feet square contained the retort, Ac. Ac. An
ordinary gas establishment with a conductor, will
answer for the manufacture of this new agent.
The inventor told me the expense of heating a
drawing-room waa about a sous, one cent a day.
In regard to light, the expense was, he said, as 8
to M in favor of the cheapness ot the water gaa
over the gas now in use. I suppose the account
will make a Muttering among the gas, not to say
the coal companies. I give everything as I wit?
nessed it, which astonished all present- The par?
ty present were Mr. Sanford, Secretary of the
Legation, Mr. Sykes of Philadelphia; Mr. Alfred
Moss of Philadelphia ; Mr. Corey of Cincinnati;
Mr. B. Phillips of Philadelphia; Mr. Haskell of
New York, and others. among whom there was
but one opinion of surprise and admiration.
As a heating agent, its powers were fully test?
ed. A room was heated by the gas in a very
short time. The heat was of the most agreeable
kind, as has been before said; the combination
with oxtgen producing water, and preventing that
dryness which always accompanies our furnaces.
In thia point of view it presents immense advan?
tages on the score of health and economy.
Aa to the means of the preparation of the gas i
A number of methods have been suggested by
chemistry , most of them from the decomposition
of water; but all of them have been heretofore
regarded rathrr aa class experiments, more in?
teresting as to theory, than capable of a practical
application. Mr. (Jiilard, by n simple and cheap
method, makes pure hydrogen. Steam is passed
into an air tight iron retort, exactly like those in
gas establishments ; the bottom of the retort, cov?
ered with a layer of charcoal, to the depth of an
inch or ao, the retort is heated to a bright red, and
carbonic acid and hydrogen are produced. The
chemical action is simple, the oxygen of the
water combining with the charcoal, forming car?
bonic acid, and paasing with the hydrogen into
a chamber containing lime. Here the carbonic
acid combinea with the lime, forming carbonate
of lime, and the pure hy drogen being liberated,
passes off. The advantagea of thia manufacturo
over that of coal or oil gaa, in point of method
and expense, are to apparent tobe dwelt upon.
1 have given you this account, believing it
would be interesting, and I trust intelligible, even
to those of your readers who are not acquainted
with chemistry. The apparatus is so simple that
it may be found with the exception of the plati
num wick, in any laboratory, and the method
will, 1 hope, be put to the test by some of your
scientific friends, so as to satisfy themselves, and
convince the public that it is what the inventor
clalroa It to tie.
Patents have boon obtained for all the coun
tries of Europe, and for the I'nited States, and in
Manchester it is said the work has been success?
fully commenced. In the course of a month, a
Philadelphia gentleman, now in this city, will re?
turn home with the requisite authority from the
Patentee, to introduce the manu fart ire of Hydro?
gen for Light, ska into the I'nited States.
Kaii.road Accident.?The C o'clock train from
Philadelphia, was delayed at New-Brunswick at
11 o'clock Saturday morning, by the engine running
the track, and did not reach Jersey City till a off
quarter of 1', the time when the I o'clock train
is due. No person was injured.
From Hayti?By brig HayU, Capt. Cutts,
we have datea from Port-au-Prince to Jan. L.
There was no news of importance. The Island
remains quiet. The Coffee crop has completely
failed, it is now certain there will not be one-half
the usual crop There are some 15 vessels of large
sixe on demurrage, waiting for coffee, which will
not be filled before the last of April. Coffee is 80,
closing and rising with the one-fifth to Government
at 40 brings it to 11c ?* lb. The good Coffee
of the last crop was mostly sold at $90 per M.
The Emperor hss just furnished the distinctions
of the crosses of the military and of the order of
St. Austin the 1st._
Kabserlption? Received to the Dally Tribune.
Wednesday, Jan. 15
Williams' Bridge, N. Y... 1
ftorhratrr, N Y. I
Toledo, Ohio. 1
I'anbury, Conn. I
Pittsburgh, Pa. 1
P?tchsirue. N Y. I
t'oopemown, is. Y. l
Ithaca. N Y. 1
Rye. N Y. 1
Mi lport, N Y. 1
Wldu-ball, N Y. 1
Thcb^Smv, Jan. 16.
Falrlield, Conn. 11 Northbridge. Mass. 1
He inpelrt,!. Conn. 1 iSUmtord. Conn. 1
Version. N.Y. II West Meridan. Conn. I
Oaist.a.111. llRad HwoE, N. Y. 1
Lansing, Mich. 1 j Bain bridge, N Y. 1
Chicago, 111.?... 1'Tradesvnle. N. Y. I
Kubat rlpfluBn received to The Semi-Weekly.
Wednesday, Jan. 15.
Malone. N. Y .I Ham.lton, Canada. I
Thissdav, Jan 16.
Oyster Bav, L. I. 1| New-London, Pa. 1
Bop e Ridge, Tenn.1 Brtstol, Conn. 1
Oneida Castle, N. Y. llSharon. N. Y. 1
Oswego, N Y.2|Ku!tonville, N. Y. 1
Parnitngton. Me. 1' West Meridan, Conn.2
Habarrlptlona received to the Weekly Tribune
Wlukesday, Jan. IS.
Mlddlebury, Ohio. 5 Moscow, N. Y. 1
Sycamore, (ihio.20
Ausonia Conn.20
Birmingham, Conn.22
Ptkr. N I.20
South Kdmertou. N. Y .... 3
I ? N Y.12
Oetiesro, N Y.10
Fasasssy, N f.j
Mortals. N Y.
Ripley. N Y. I
MeadviUe. Pa.5
Kieler, N. H.17
Springville, Pa..20
Manchester. Mich.8
Shoreliam. Vl.2
r?f?\ eile, lud. 2
Tecu'mseh, Mich.. . . . . 2' Krankl?T Ia J....
Marsey. N >.. Hi Bridgeport. Conn.30
Towners. NY.lol
TucasDav. Jan. 16.
Pa'myia. N T.5, Elgin. Ill. 7
Rodiuan. N. Y.241 Be oil, Wis.26
Kast Redii.an. N Y. W arsaw. Ind..?1
Huron. Ohio.9 Kvou. Ohio. 9
Galesburgh. Mich.9 Penneys Kerry, Ohio.8
Hebron. N Y.21'West Cornwall, Vt.6
Cascade. W .t.- SlSpencer, Msss. S
Marengo. Ill.SflrsiBSlaflSO. Me.20
New Gri lecturg.N. Y... 4 Chicago, 111.20
Poiisdao\ N Y.5 Newllsrlboro', Msss. 6
Warsaw, Vl.8 Med way. Ohio.U
Abu Arbor. Mich.5,Urwell, Vt.5
Baiavta, N Y.17 Braachpor?, N Y.4
Middleuwn. Vt.4 Caetletoo.Vt.3
Bristol. N Y.25 tchuylar Kalla. N. Y.I?
fort Edward. N. Y.*')Norway. N Y.6
Mcraeccs, IU..2?'
Sssyfc AsOwryrfisas from Mrtsu Pm*(h?cm
? _ Wednesday. Jaa. 15.
2ew >l"W. 81 Massachusetts. I
Psvn>ylvaats.4 Conner-cut. 1
haOSBBI. 1 Maine. I
OOS?. 1 Kentucky. 1
Michigan.?I '
Thi esdav. Jan Is
New York .JJllowt. I
New-Jrrcey . 4 Sco?A?J. . 1
New Hanspshire. ItlUlnods. 4
Indians.Peases I tastta. ?
Kr?rnta of the I nlrrmlty of rate Nute of
The annual meeting was held panuant tu lawt
on Turaday, Jan. ', in the Senate Chamber, Albany.
Present?Th* CHANcr.Li.nt. th? Oovrawoa, the LiSl/r
OnvEBNo?, the Nki imiv of State, Mmn Coi.n?&,
Mi Lean, Bun., Hammowti, Cammkll, Raneiu.
The Hegenta declared their pleasure, that there
should be no change in their oftireri for the cur
rent 3 ear.
The Secretary of State presented the annual
rejort of the Executive Committee of the State
Normal School, as approved by him, as Superin?
tendent of Common Schools, and on motion, the
same was concurred in by the Regents and di?
rected to be signed by the Chancellor and trans?
mitted to the Legislature.
The Chancellor, at the request of the Board,
nominated the following as the stauding commit
tcea for the current year, and on motion, the same
were unanimously agreed to !
On application! for tht fafSVJMrvtfsa f C -lieget and Aead
emiei -Messrs. Buell, Hawley atxl Pruyn.
(hi t\e Stite Ci'nnttof Sa'tural lint >ru and the llittm
?Sa and Antiquarian tThSMfSSM annexed thereto ?The i iov
error, the Secretary of Slate, Messrs Kankln, CorntDg and
I'd the preparation nt the Annual Report and the dutri' -i
hon ?/ the inmrneof the Literature and I ntted Stitet l>e
P?ni Funde ?Messrs. Coming, \ an Kensselaer and Mr
fn npplicaticT.t tor appropriation! of momet topurr'nt'
'?.<*? ami npparutu* ?The Secretary of S;?te, Mes?r?.
Burl and Peite.
a- the State L%\ rary.?Mr. Pruyn. the L:eitt. Uorernor,
Messrs. hue., Rankin and '.Vetmore.
On the System oj Meterrological ftbtmatimt ?Messrs.
Haw ley and Hammond, with whom the Secretary ot 'he
Boar4 wa* associated.
The Secretary stated, of forty five academies,
appointed in as many counties, under the authori?
ty- of the law of 1849, to inatruct Common 8chool
Teachers during the yeara 1658 and 1351, he had
duly received reports from thirty-four, for 1850.
Whereupon it was resolved, that the above re?
ports be referred to a Committee, consisting of the
Governor, the Lieut. Governor and the Secretary
of State, to examine and report thereon.
Mr. Buel, from the Select Committee, (consist?
ing of Messrs. Buel and Hawley, and the Secre?
tary of State,) appointed at the laat meeting, to
consider an application from the University of Ro?
chester, and also on modifying or repealing the
ordinance of the Regents, relative to the incorpor?
ation of colleges, passed May 20, 1836, made a re?
port on the same, accompanied with the draft of
an amended ordinance respecting the incorpora?
tion of colleges, as follows :
"The Regents of the University of the State of New
York do hereby declare and ordain, that the first section of
the ordinance respecting the Inro-poration of Colleges,
passed Mav 2". 1836, with the addilious thereto, adopted
Jar.nary lf>, 1860, is hereby amended so as to read at fol?
" When any application I* or shall be made to the ft"
gents fur the incorporation of a college under the 6th sec- i
n.>n of the act of the Legislature, pasted the v.l. day of
April. IMS. entitled "An act relative to the University,"
the applicants will be required to satisfy the Regen s that
suitable buildings for the use of Ohe college will be provi- .
ded, and that funds to the amonr.t of one hundred thousand
dollars, with wLicli it It intended to found and provide far I
such college, have been paid or tecured to be paid by va'id
subscriptions of responsible parlies or otherwise.
" AiiJ in cntei the Ref enta shall approve said application, <
ar.d ihe amount aforesaid shall not be invested for the use
of such Collego, either In bonds and mortgages and untn
cumbered land* within this State, w Orth at least double the ]
ami.tint to secured thereon : or iimtocka of this State or the
Ui..-.? it States, at their market value at the time of invest- j
Basal, or In the bonds or certificates of stocks legally Issued
bySonsS Incorporated City in tlilts State, at tbe par value, or .
ir: any one or more of the securities above enumerated, a
charter thai! he granted for the incorporation of such Col- I
lege, foratetm of five years, with a condition or proviso
tlieiein. that If within the said term of five years, the Trut- 1
tees of such College shall furnish to ?ie Regents satisfactory
evidence that they have ir.vested for the uso of said Col- I
lege limds amounting to not lets than one hundred thou- |
tand dollars, in the manner herein before mentioned, the
rLarter so issued shall become permanent."
After some time spent on the above, it was ,
unanimously *..I. on the motion of the < lover
nor, that the report be accepted; and the Secre- i
tary was directed to have the ordinance published.
A letter from Lewis H. Morgan, of Rochester, j
was received, suggesting the expediency of ex- .
htbiting tbe productions of Indian manufacture
now in the 8tate Cabinet, and others presently
expected for the same, at the exhibition to be :
shortly held in London, under the care of a com- (
petent agent. This subject had been brought to
the notice of the Legislature, in the annual re
port on the State Cabinet of Natural History.
The Secretary reported that he had just received
from the Common Council of the City of New- j
York, through their clerk, D. T. V alentine, for the
State Library, a very valuable collection of books,
consisting of" proceedings and documents of the
Hoard of Aldermen and Assistant Aldermen from
1831 to 18M in sixty-nine volumes, beside several
other volumes of laws and ordinances, with sev?
eral maps of the City.
Tbe thanks of the Regents as Trustees of the
State Library, were directed to be presented to
tbe Common Council of the City of New-York, for
the above most acceptable donation, and as a wish
wns expressed in the letter accompanying the
? ?nie, id i it,. Common Council might l>o furnish?
ed with a copy of the journals and documents of
the Legialature, it was
Ketolied, That the Secretary of State be requested to acl
at a Committee in procuring from ttm Legltlauve Libraries
or the volumes in hit own Department, a serlea of Journale
and Document* for tbe Library of tin- Common Council of
the City of New-York,
It may be convenient to those who have busi?
ness to transact with the Regents, to be informed
that a though they adjourn from week to week,
the meetings are held at longer intervals. It is
not possible that any references now before the
Board can be matured before Friday, the 24th of
January, and the next meeting will accordingly
be held on the afternoon of that day. [Alb. Argus,
The New Capital <>e Cai.uorma.?At the
late election in California, the citizens decided
upon Vallego as thp permanent seat of Govern?
ment. The capital is a city laid out on the Kay j
of San Francisco, about twenty five miles from
the City of San Francisco. It is the proposition
of a Spanish speculator, who consents to give to
the Commonwealth 198 ocres of land, divided into
the necessary lots and ground for the Government
buildings* University, Charitable Institutions, Ac.
and to expend in the erection of some twenty
five public buildings, including 9183,688 for a State
House, an aggregate of ?370,000, to be paid over
within two years. His associates in the country
are said to be General Thomas J. (ireeue and
Hon. Hobert J. Walker.
FiRC at RoyALSTo.t.?We learn that on Wed- j
nesday morning last, at about 1 o'clock, the meet- j
ing-bouse owned by the Orthodox Congregational
Society, in Royalston, was discovered to be on
Hire, which, together with two bams, carriage- j
bouse, sheds, Ac. belonging to Rufus Bullock, ;
K*<j. were entirely >?-;..' l ne contents of ,
the buildings of Mr. Bullock were also con
sumed, with the exception of the live stock. The
loss on the meeting douse is estimated at he
t ween I and 6!',000; loss on barns, Ac. 62,000.
Mr. B. was insured for about 6500; some 62,000
insured by pew holders in the meeting house.
I Fitchburg Seoilnel, 17ih.
Commission on Claims Against Mexii o?
Washington, Tuesday, Jau. 14 ? The Board
met according to adjournment, members present
as yesterday. The memorial of Edward M. Rob?
inson, executor of Joseph Flemming, deceased,
who was surviving partner ol William A. Mar?
shall, in the firm ot Flemming A Marshall, claim?
ing to recover amount of duties illegally exacted
at Tampico, in 1839?1810, was submitted, ex
amined, ai.d ordered to be received. That of
Lewis H Polock, claiming for illegal imprison?
ment and lor destruction of property at San Fran
cisco and Santa Barbara, in 1 "40, being next taken
up for consideration, together with the proofs and
documents conner ted therewith, the Board came
to an opinion that the claim ia valid againat the
Republic of Mexico, and the same was allowed
accordingly ; the amount to be awarded subject
to the future action of the Board The Board then
adjourned untii 11 A. M. to morrow.
Wkdmspav, Jan. 15 ?Tne Boerd met according
to adjournment; members present as yesterday.
Tbe memorial of James Johnson, claiming for
losses by robberies snd revolutions in Mexico, and
for personal outrages in 1818 and 1841, was sub
mitted, examined and suspended. The memorial
of Andrew Fentou, claiming for demurrage on brig
Ada Eliza, at Lerma,in 1843, and for loss of chain
cable, together with the proofs and documents in
support of the same, was next taken up, and the
Hoard came to an opinion that the claim was not
valid against the Republic of Mexico . and the
same was rejected accordingly. The Board then
proceeded to the consideration of tbe memorial
of Ann T Kelly, administratrix of Wm. H. Lee,
deceased, claiming for expulsion from Matamoroa
in 1843, and of the proofs and documents in sup?
port, and came to an opinion that the claim sot
forth in said memorial was valid, and allowed the
same accordingly; the amount to be awarded sub?
ject to the future order of the Board. Adjourned
until 11 AM. to morrow.
Tiit'RiiiAT, Jan. 16 ?The Board met according
to adjournment Members present as yesterday.
The mesnotiala ol James ? . Thayer, administra?
tor of Jamee Treat aad of Frederick K RadclilT,
administrator of Augustus IladclirT, claiming stfr
erslly s moiety of expenses paid in the discharge*
of the office of Mexican Vice Consnl for New
York in ld3l, '32, ';i.T, '3i, were submitted, exam
ined and ordered to be received. The Board took
up for conaideration the memorial of Jamei John
ton, aaipended yesterday, and came thereon to
an opinion that the claim set forth if not valid, and
that it be accordingly rejected slong with the
memorial. The Beard then adjoarned until 11 A M.
to morrow.
Orricui J R?ard of tlilrrmrn.
STATED SESSION_Kinur, Jan. 17, 1851.
Prrtrnt ? Moros? MoRr,A**.Ksq President; Aid.
(JrtrTin, Dodire, Stnrtevant. Oakley. Chapman. Smith, Ball,
Ha\?a. M: Sr. Shaw, Cook. Bard, Bnium. Delamstsr.
Krarklin and Dooley.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
By the President? Petluon of Francis B<i? and other* to j
bare Oreenwlehsl. renimbered. Referred to tlie Street
By AM Deiimatsr? Petition of members of Engine C >.
No 48 to have tnelr house enlarged. Referred to Com- j
m'tiee on Eire Department
The PresMert here appoint**.! Aid. Delamateron Ud* Spe?
cial Committee on the subject of obtaining permits and li?
censes i? run omni bases tn the place of Alderman Wood
resigned Pom the Board.
Bill of Andrew Darly for services rendered a? watchman
st the Warren-st. Pier?referred to Committee on Polire.
ABlnv tanon was received to attend the llth Annml
Bali of the Eagle Eire Engine Co. No. 13, ou Tuesdsy
eveum:, Keb f?wh.ch was accepted.
Resit-nation of James 0 King, jr., as Commissioner of 1
Common Schools for the 3d Ward?winch was accepted.
Aid. Dooley presented the following resolution, which
a as adopted, viz
Retoited, That 4 Ith st hetwrvn 3J and 6th avs. and 48th
r-t iietween 3d and til. avs be lighted with Oil, and that
the Commissioner of Street* and I.snips esuse Uns Resolu?
tion to Im- csrrted into effect as soon as practicable.
Aid. Miller presented the following resolution, viz :
Retolrtd, Tt s: it he referred to the Croton Aqeduct i
partmeut Ui report to this Board such modifications and
amerdrr.er.ts to the present Croton Wster Rstes as miy l>e
deeinr-d advisable to still further equalize the burdens of
such laxeiloB.
Aid. Bntton moved to amend by adding " as soon as con?
venient "
Aid. Si 'th moved to 'efer to the Croton Aqueduct Com?
mittee, winch was losL
The anas Ion was then taken on the resolution s- amend?
ed, whicli whs adopted
Aid Mi der presenter! the following resolution, which
was adopted, vi/
Rewired. Tl.at it he referred to the Committee on Ordl
nsnce~. together with tbe Croton Aqueduct Department to ;
form a proper Ordinance, making it a misdemeanor to open
lire H>dranta illegally.
Ald'Miilrr presented tin following resolution, which j
WHS adopted, vi/
!<? ? ' That it he referred to the Committee on the Law
Dej artBMSSt in connection with the Croton Aqueduct De- i
partmeni |o ri'port such amendments to Sections 1 and '
i(W of ihe Ordinances as they may d?w advisable.
Aid SlurtevHtjt presenteif the fallowing preamble and
resolution, viz:
IfaWrsWEil has been represented that the house N o. 37 j
Dey?t. :n IBS Third Ward, is from its dilapidated condi- t
lion, a nui.-snce of such a dangerous character as to render |
it 'insHtV for workmen to be employed in Its vicinity, or for
citizens to pass in its neighborhood?therefore be It
Retaltrd, That it be referred to the City Inspector to ex- j
smtrn- the truth of said representations, and if found to be '
cevrest. that he give the owner of said premises notice to
shale the tu isance by taking down said house or rendering
it secure forthwith, or that, in default thereof the City In?
spector I.e. and he is hereby empowered and directed to
Castes the ssme nuisance u> he abated without delay, and to
lake the nereesary steps to collect the expense thereof
from the said owner of said premises.
Which w as adrinted on a division, viz ; .t/jVssofirc?Aid.
Griffin Dodge. Sliirtevitnt, Oakley, the President, Aid.
Smith. Bsl . Flaws. Butler, Shaw, Bard, Briiton, Delimiter, .
Franklin, Dooiey?16. Negative?Aid. Cook?I.
Aid. GiiiTin prevented the following resolution, viz .
Ret ired, Thai|tbe Controller draw a warrant for the
sum ol thirty-five dollars, to Coleman Royal, as a donation
toward paying his Doctors' bills for Injuries received by
the falling ?r.d overloading of Pier No, a, N. R. in October
last. Which was lost on a divUion, viz ; Affirmutite?Ald
Orirtln, Dodge, Oahlev, Chapman. Uaaglli'Tliss, am. Mail,
Cook Brnloii?8. ktfnttve? Aiil Smith. Maws, Miller,
Mi?? '. nsr'l, Delsnister, Krsnklin, Dooley?.1.
Aid. Oakley present*d the following resolution, which \
wss sdupted, viz :
Remlred, That the Finance Committee report to this Board
the disposition that m a* made of the Petition of Wm. Ryarr,
which v? aa referred to that Committee some ten monUis
The Committee on Salaries and Supplies presented a
report in favor of combining the noiuinsiion of William
Holden as Health Warden for the tilth Ward, which was
confirmed on a division, viz. Atfirwtath*?Aid. Griffin,
Dodge, Oakley, Chapman the'President. Aid Smith, Hall,
Haws. Miller, Shaw, Cook. Bard, Briiton, Delamater, '
Krsnklin, Dooley?16.
The Committee on Eire Department presented a report
in favor of having the Fireman's Register altered opposite 1
the name ot Oerard D. Hopper, by erasing the word " ex?
pulsion" and inserting in lieu thereof the word " resigned,''
w hich was adopted.
The Committee on Wharves, Piers and Slips presented
a repot i tn favor of concurring with the Board of Assist?
ants in a resolution to build up the gsp in die bulkhead be?
tween Ulfa and I Ilk St North River.
Aid. Delstnaier moved to amend the same by adding,
after the word " thereof" en "?ih line, the following words:
"not to exceed the sum of el2,uin," w hich wad carried.
The resolution, as amended, w as then adopted onadlvls
tion, viz: .4#r?aft*r?AM Griffin, Dodge, Oakley, Chap?
man, the President, Aid Smith, Ball. Haws, Miller, Shaw, 1
Cook. Bard, Billion, Delamater, Eranklin, Dooley-16.
And the ssme vt as directed to OS sent hack lo the Board of
Assistants forconcuireoce.
The Committee on Police presented a report adverse to
the pe'lion of llarmsn flarrRen for pay aa Po t-ernan of
the |i in I'atiol Plslllul, win. h ? ,? a.i'.pml
The Committee on Finance pre*enle<i a report adverse to .1
the pett jon of Narry M)ers for a remission of tax, wliirh
was tdopted.
TLe Kmance Committee pipsnaie.l a report in favor of
COM HI I Ulg Wins the Board of Assistants in resolution .ii
ret ?ng the Controller to cancel the sale of house aud lot as
sessrd t.. William R. Ilt.n y No. IJMB. In I (th-st. an I sol I
for an erronet ?. lax at a Corporation Sale for uupaid tax?
es, w Iii* h wss adopted on a divls'on, viz ; Affirm ttirr.A. 1.
Gitfl n. Dodge, Oakley, Chapman, the Prenid^nt, Aid.
Smith, Ball, Haws, Mb er, tfeSW, Cook, Bard, Briiton, Del- j
amalt-r Krsnklin. Dooley?16
The Elnsnre Committee presented a report alverse to
the pun ion of Coleman Ko> al lor relief lor ia juries rece,, ed
by the fsddng of pier ii North River, wbic.o was adopted
i ROM astvaafMBSiTs
A Communication wss receive,! from the Street Cotnruis
sioner it. losing estimates fir til I rig sunken lots in 14th snd
3ith sts , Second snd Ist-av . wMcfi was approved on a di?
vision, viz sBjbwasth^-AMl tlnflin, Dolge, Uakley,
Chapman, the President, Aid Smith, Ball, Haws, Mt der.
Shaw. Cook, Bard, lirilton, De.amaier, Kraukliu, Duo- .
A Communication w ss received from the Governors of
She AJaat House tu reia'.ioo loacrtain preamble and reso
lution, presented in the Bosrd of Assistant Aldermen, hav?
ing reference to tlie expenditures, J<c , of the Aims House ,
Df-partn fnt, and re>,uesilng tbe Common Council lo ap?
point a Committee to investigate the matter
Aid Cook moved that the subject he referred to the Spe- i
cial Commtiiee heretofore sppotuted to confer with tho
Governors of the Alms Hi"is>
Ald Bard moved to lay tbe same on the table, which was
A Communication was received from lue Commissioners
appointed bv the Common Council to revise and digest tbe
laws of tlie State relative to the city of New York, with tbe
draft of sn act in relation to assessments, which was re?
ferred Is die Committee on Law Department and directed
|0 be printed.
Aid Chapman moved that when this Board adjonrns it
will sdiourn to meet on Monday next, ?ntb Inst, at I o'clock
P M . which wa* carried.
A report of Ihe Commlllre on Sewers in fsvorof con?
structing a sewer In Mercer st., between Bieecker snd
Houston sts , w tth resolution snd ordiaance therefor. Ke
f.-rreH I,, ('on,mittet- on stewtr* SJbsequently, on motion
of Aid. Haws, said reierenre waa recuoaldere.1, and tba
resoliaion and ordinance conrurr.d in. on a division. Viz.:
.4#r?.<iiTre-Ald Gilffm. Dodge, Oakley, Chapman, the '
Pres.dett. Aid. Smith, Ball, Haws, Miller, Shaw, Cook,
Bsrd Brittm, Delsnister. Eranklin, Dooley?In
A report of the Committee on Sewers, in favor of the >
ct nstrucUon of a aew?r in Kullon-st.. between Broad way
snd Green wichst, with an ordinance therefor? which was
referred to the CoirndUee on Sewers.
A resolution ihst tne Street Commissioner hsve the psve
nient along the side of tbe Hudson R R repaired?which 1
was referred to the Street Commissioner.
A n poriof ihe Commune on Law Department, in rela?
tion to the rode of practice and pleadings now before Jibe I
Legislature?referred to Committee on Law Department,
A Report of the Committee on Wnarves. Piers aud j
Blip*, in fsvor of extending Piers No t7 and W North Ri?
ver, io the exterior line. Referred to Committee on
Wtsrves, fce
A Report of tlie Committee on Lamps and Gas in fsvor
c>f plsrtrg two Oa* Lamps tn front of ihe Biwery Village
Methodist Church in Sevenlh-st. Referred to Committee
on Lamps and Gas.
A Report of the Committee on the Law Department, re?
lative to dividing the Sixth Judicial District into tw t dis?
tricts. Which was referred to Committee on Law Depart
A Repori of tbe Commntee on Kire Department in favor
of repairing the bouse of Engine Company No. II. Wnich
w as concurred in a division viz Afftrmattre? AM Gnrtin.
Dodge, Oakley, Chapman, ihe President Aid. Smith. Ball,
Haw*. Mider| Snaw, Cook, BaM, Briten, Ueisjis>r,
Krar-hla. Doolev-16
A Report cf tne Committee on Streets in fsvor of p?v
ing Kiftn-avsnoe from Thirtieth lo Korty-second sL with
an ordinance therefor. Referred lo die Committee on
The Board then sdioerDed
OrnciAL I Hoard of Assistant Aldermen.
STATED SESSION_Feidav, Jan. 17.1861.
Prttent?ItOfn A. Alvord, Esq., President,
in the Cbslr; Assistant Aid Moore, Haley, Mabbatt. Mc?
Carthy. Boyce, Barr, J B. Webb, J. Webb, Crane. Milier.
Smith, Tleman, Pear?ali. Sands. Ward, Bolster, Ely and
By Assistant Aid. Ward?Of A. J. Cole and others, for
Croton water pipes to he lstd In 27th st. from 1'Hh to lllb
av To Committee on Croton Aqnedact
By Assistant Aid Barr-Of Arthur Ryder, for compensa?
tion For services as bell ringer at tlie City Hall To Com?
mittee on Finance.
Of the Committee on Streets, to concur that petition re
laiivetosldewa'ks In SUi av between 9th sad l"th sts. be
referred to the Street Commissioner, wtlk powsr.?
Of fasse, in favor of filing sunken lots between 1st snd
2d av and i"ifa and 2otr. sts Adopted, by the following
vote: AfitrmaNot? The President. Assistant Aid Moore,
Ha'e\, Mabbatt. McCarthy. Boyce. Barr, J B. Weft* J.
W. i Crsr.e. MtJer. Smth. Tn-mar.. I'ear sail. San Is.
Ward, Bolster, K.'v and Edwards.
a bsoi. u n osr t
By Aaasstari Aid Maks>au-Inai J-seoa H Hssrard
ad Meeee A Hc.pp.ajk hs IfPWhKssl T~ istses 'v'CoTtu-wj
aVhools ha the Third Ward In place of Dr A ?Mitey
DoiMud GiMrfe A. kfivir, removed i.-jai Ute Ward ?
Bv Assistant Aid Hends-Tht! ?o nxirh of in? report of
UV ?Irret Cornmtfaionw es niete? to propriety of nacre**
Ing Ike wlilih of therarrlar1* war In Broadway, below 0?e
I'ark, by redacrog Ute width of u\*T*tdewaik ead roamlm/
the corner* of thelntercrcilng erreeie, lb* pre** of travel
*nd difticalty of trantlt being | p..o the carriage we* arid
not upon the aide walk a? be referred folk* Commillse ort
Streets to Iriveertga'r the reroejiriendarlrift of lb* Street
Commissioner and report to this Board Adop ed
By Aast A d. Edward*?That ?Hh *l be hgtted with oil,
from j?h to 1 nth a*. Adopted.
By Ami. Aid J B. Webb? Hlm-eo*. The Ten Governor*
bave sen' to tht* Board a Rat denial of the wrath of the p -??
anible and reaoiuUoa introduced to thl* Board on Saturday
evening laaL accusing them of re.rcnl extraordinary, ex?
travagant and enormous *>rrend* on the City Trcwry,
and in order to *ub*uu>uala tbe truth of the preamble a ad
rraolu?oi la que*uon, arid to snow that tho*e poor who
almost hourly apply to the A termer, and Asel At lenr?n
for relief, are denied relief, and even coldly rejected by Ute
Ten Governor*, wke n sent to UVrn by the Aldermen'and
Awt A'dermen for relief, wbt -b was not the case when
our Aim* House was tinder tbe superintendence of one
Aim* Horse CommUiioner, when the relief waa more
prompt and general ihan now, although the demand* 0:1
the City Trea*ury the last year amount to the enormous
?um of * lie,mo
Therefore. BetJr, J, Thai the above preamble be referred
to a Special Commlitrw. Adopted, and Assi AM. J. B.
Webb, Ely and McCarthy appointed such Committee.
Of the Committee on Sewers to concur f ?r receiving ba
"ii.?, and culvert* anc drain* corner of South and Beekman
st*. Adopted by tbe following vote: Affirmative -The
Presirlent. AMi*unt Aid. Moore. HaW. Mebban, MrCar
tbv, Boyce, Barr. J. B Webb, J Webb, Crane. Mi. er.
Str.lib, Tleman, Pear ?all. Sand*. Ward, Holster. Ely and
t il ward*.
'rnoai koarti or At.ncaMnN.
Report of Committee on Street* to fkvor of laying down
the Ruts pavement in Broadway, from Hleecker to Aim'.y
tts To Committee on Streets.
Referring resolution to light 121st between 2d and':h
av*. wi'.li oil to CommlMtocer of Street* and Lamp* with
power. Concurred In.
TI.e Board 'hen adjeurnei to Moniay evening, at 5
o'clock. Krom the minute*.
Flax-(<row!nc at the Went.
Correspondence of The Tribune
New tos Kai i.s, Trumbull Co lOliio.i Jan t
Having seen a statement in The Weekly Tnb
ttne of the 2d inst. in relation to Flax, Hemp, Ac.
I take the liberty to communicate to you a few
facts (which you are at liberty to publish if you
see fit) on the growth and preparation of Flax, as
it now stands in this part of the West. I have
been for two or three years engaged in buying
Flax and cleaning it out for the manufacture of
Paper, for which it is well adapted ; but I am be?
coming more and more satisfied that, with proper
machinery, Flax can be cleaned and pteked so as
be ?pult into Tw ine and Yam.
The machines now in use clean it entirely free
from the stock or woody part, at an expense of
only 4D per tun | but they do not leave the fiber
straight like the hand-dressed Flax. It does not,
however, destroy the strength and length of the
liber, but leaves it tangbd so as to require pick
irtg before it can be span. This I am satisfied can
he done with little trouble, and so picked as to al?
low it to be carded and drawn much the same as
Wool or Cotton.
The Flax which 1 purchase is raised for the
seed alone. It is mown and cured the same as
hay, and then threshed or tramped with horses 1
after which, if necessary, it is rotted It yields, i
in this State, about N per cent, of liber, and is
considered by the farmer of no value whatever.
but for Paper it will warrant paving from *'l to
610 per tun, which, in addition to the seed, makoa
DM of the beat crop* ??w raiaed , and as a fallow
r.,r wheat it is considered superior to any other
1 have frequently been told that, with seed at
$1 per bushel, and 610 per tun for the Flax, it is
Jeadedly the best crop that can be raised, both for
the land and the farmer. And as every acre that
is designed for wheat will produce a fallow crop
of Flax, there is no limit to the amount that may
be raised. Only let the market be opened, and
Ohio will produce more pounds of Flax than
Georgia can of Cotton?and all 011 " Free Soil,"
at that.
The Flax that is pulled for dressing by hand
also produces a crop of seed, and is rotted and
dressed out in the winter time. It is considered
to he worth one-half the value of the prepared
Flax to break and dress it, and it sells at from
$125 to * HO per tun. At this price it will pay a
man fair wagea for cleaning by hand.
But a small proportion of the amount raised is
pulled, as it requires a large amount of labor at
the busiest season of harvest hut with proper in?
ducement one half the Flax now grown in this
section could be pulled and prepared for dressing
by machinery.
If some ingenious Yankee will turn his atten?
tion to the manufacture of Flax, I have no doubt
but in a very few years a yard of Linen sheeting
may be sold at the same price as Cotton, and
tht 11, wo be to the " peculiar institution,'' which
builds itself up on a Cotton foundation.
11 emu n Km 1 on the Spiritual K nor klon;?."
To the t ditor 0/ The Tribune
1 trust The Tribune will admit a word from me
in answer to its strictures on the cspotc of the
"Spiritual Knockings." It does not deny that
we produce sounds, the cause of which could not
be detected, if we chose to keep it a secret.?
These sounds are so loud and distinct, that the
audience could not believe that they were made
by the toes, but suspected that we had someone
secreted under the platform thumping at our sig?
nal ; and we were obliged to go and stand in the
middle of the room to satisfy these doubts. But
The Tribune contends that these sounds are not
like the " Knockings.'' Twelve or fifteen intel?
ligent gentlemen came forward last night, and
among tbe number one clergyman, who had been
often w ith the Knockings,. and testified tbat our
sounds were exactly the same. But even grant
The Tribune 1 atatement to be correct, and then
our expoti is not the less perfect. For you may
select live of the llappers, and let me hear thein
all once, and then blindfold me, and I will tell
which of the live is the " medium" at the time
any raps are made while I am blindfolded. There
are at least five circumstances which vary the
ro/'imr and tone of the sounds, although they are
in >ill the medium* product <t in the *atm: tcay.
1. The size and strength of the toe.
2. Tbe tightness of the shoe.
li. The thickness and dryness of the sole.
4. The nioiatare or dryness of the foot.
B. The lubitance on which the rapper stands
or sits.
Take any of the mediums or rappers now in
New-York, and stand them first on a carpet, then
on a bare floor, then on marble, then on the
ground, and you will perceive a difference in the
sound with each chauge of place. Try this exper
iment.and then see what becomes of The Tribune't
statement, that if our sounds are produced by tbe
toes, the other mediums cannot be produced in
the same way. Why, no ten different fiddlers
will produce precisely tbe same tones from the
same violin. The other parts of The Tribune*
strictures are equally unfounded as the part I
have here replied to. but I have not the time, and
\ou have not the space, to spare.
l .te lu the Honth Weal. ?
The CiuUlanovga Herald of the 20th inst. says 1
A very serious and dangerous affray came off
in this place on Wednesday last, in which it
seems almost a miracle that many lives were not
lost. A difficulty had been ou hand several days,
and BOffM rough skirmishes had taken place. The
particulars, briefly, as far as we have heard, are
these : The difficulty on the one part was between
Monroe Carter, David Angelly, Wm. Joliy,
Waiker, and perhapa others, and on the other
part between Jerry-, Joseph and Sevier Freyer,
brothers and their friends. In the renqamter which
took place on Wednesday, the parties met on
Market st. in the heart of the town. The weapons
used were two six-revolvers, a rifle, a musket, a
bowie knife, an axe, grindstone, clubs, Ac. Carter
was not present- His party t?rted in Townsend
A Co.'s store, and used revolvers. The battle
was brief but terrible. Joseph Freyer bad an
eye shot out. Jerry Freyer was shot in the arm
Joseph Lovelady in bis band. Of the other party,
-Waiker shot in the shoulder with musket
balls, and his arm was badly broke?his damage
verv serious. Wm. Jolly cut on the head and
neck with a bowie knife. A man not engaged in
tbe tight, by the name of Hush, shot in the mouth.
Col Thtman McGallie, standing in a sure oppo?
site, had a ball lodged in the breast of his coat
What damage was done with rocks and rloba we
are not informed. The parties engaged were all
bound over to Court, except Angelly. who mounted
a fleet 1 orse and made bis escape. * a will not
Mmn:.-. ' 00 this dreadful ontrsge of the laws or
tbe land, tut the whole matter has to be laga^y in
The Paitracrr* on Ihr Atlaalir.
Thv following ia a Im of Pa Meagre by
the Meantf'r Atlantic, ('apt. Jam?? Weat,
frumUve. rP'?'' forNew-York.Drc. 28,1 ?.r?0
W A Wk'f'ok, and
lady. New-York.
W .at CaaecV.'ady.N.Y
J H Kaather.Htdliiaore,
I B Harri?,
L. Pottinger,
C C. Hatch, A laiy. N Y.
H P Walker.
Mr Buttef field.
Mr Button,
K H. Ortftin.
I). Kankio, L I-oring
0 H Kcese, Pbilad. I
A. I.awr,-.|.jr Boston
Cbarlea Schr?der,
tfr. Schliems?,
IIr. Klaencr,
W Benjamin, Jr N. Y.
J. 8 Lowrey,
Mr Alexar.der A aervt
Mr Wads worth A aerrt
M Goldstein.
O A. Cortis.
Hi-own, Mhlplry dV 00* ** * Ircnlar.
Pet ?SBBBBS*1 Atta.) Lisa. ???V Jaa. 3, ISM
w* tat? tu report a quiet Usrniinsoo, 1 to the year's bu?t
aess to Con,* In consequence of tha' 0***? wSJaMSjasS
P?vlt.g ?,om? hsles mom than previota,' ?**Isrsu?s Th*
retention of surh hiimum naturally erst????? dissppotat,
? eat ami For Um pr*seat baa had a depressing lad<***>c* u*
Ibis n atkrt, which doses ..uietly at a si.gbt /??????'??loa la
pr a s, but cotot so decided a character as U' canaaaa mi
laratlea in our pre**.-,* qaiaaihsB*, ihe sale* fo dse past
ihre* davs bring U,n<,i hales fair OrUart* Si* Ealr Mo
HNSO] Fair l plsnds t", f> f> . Mlddlln*- qutvliU**, 7) SV7Lg
P H>. showing an advance of 1 {it 14 |> Ih on the priese
rurrei.t at the dat.- ?.f< ar last Annual Circular, whea Ealr
Orleans were quoted at ?>; . Katr Mobile* and Cpiaa UM
an<l u iJCImg trusJlue* 6* at ?.i
Tht-1..,1,-si pair i of the market was in fl run whan
mlddllnir Orleans reached 8ld f> th.
The total stock of Cotton in (ireat Britain U tailed W.OAt
bales. :hnlt?F Amencan 17100*, being a decrease at 37,00*
bales la the Former and 45.'on bales iu th* lauer as Cosa?
pared with ISS9.
Tbe total slock la tbls port is iM.rno bales, or 1 <,S0S lass
Ikeala 1*4* Ssockol A; ? o bales, or 17.J0S
less than In IM?
Tbe total weekly consumption of Great Britain aerates
29,1.96 tales, of which 20,7(13 are American, belog a da
crease in the former of 1.408 hales and 3.9f*> bales la the
latter, ss compared with 1 M9.
^ The uneasiness arising from political di Sea Idas oa Use
Continent having in a great meaaure subsided, reo*wed
activity has bt ea given to bosh ess tn the Manufactartag
Dlstrlc'R during tbe past month, with an advance la Use
prici of Yarns and Goods, which has, however, bean
sllghtlv ,;.. ekad I J tbe late advance In tbe Money market.
leg now ths minimum rate of the Baak of
Th* return of exports of Yarns snd plain Cotton Ooods
from Crest Britain, shows a great falling off In the quaad
ly. belnt equal to J74 adlMoos of lb* in the fotinerandss
million* of yard* in ire latter, tbe great deficiency Using us
South American and tbe Levant
The stork of Elour In this port is roughly esttasaled at
mM I bbi?? that of Indian Coin at lOu.uni) quarters, thougk
no gn at dependence can lie placed on lids calculation, aad
pr eas are without material change? Wheat and floor be?
ing tn fair request at oar quotations, say Western Caaal
Klour20u22s; Phlladelnhls and Baltimore, Us6d; Canada,
2latfJ2; and sour. 1'./J'h f> bid . Wheat As MtS'M *i f>
? 1* f*r red, and f*?6? 2d for white Indlsn Com Isla
less den-and at i a'her easier rales, say I?s #> juartar tor
mixed, .itsfor vellow, and 32s for white.
Nothing doing in Turpentine\ir Resio.
Yours, respectfully. BROWN. SHIPLEY, It CO
Klrkardaan Brothers dV Co.'a Circular.
Correspoadence of The Tribune
Ptr Stramtr .ln-i | LivrarooL, 1st Mo. 3d, ISM.
Respected Eeiemus i Owing to the da!l eeeoasts of
Cotton per Asia this week, and the larger stock than was
expected to be found remaining over at Ihe presaat time,
our maikal has been quiet this week, aid uncos close abuat
the same as at tne date of our last circular Tbe market
closes dull at 7d |tb f> IS for Middling, and 71 \tha |? m Foe
h air Uplands: at 7>l th for Ordinary, 7|d fr* 0) for Mid?
dling, and Hd p lb for Ealr Orleans
Asuss?Are in moderate demand st 32s f* cwt for Mint
real I'otsandSls J* cwt for Pearls. Stock ),M2 barrets
sgamst 4.ifW do last yesr
whkutjon BsRa-Is i|ulet at 9s id to IM 6d f? cwt For
first quality Philadelphia. Stock i**.' hods, afaiost 1M hods,
um? time last year.
Common R< sin-'s 104 1? cwt. StocX 11,000 bttis
Bl l -WAX-Jt? K-s t'ewt
BrtEM Oil- AH4 to ak.'. 4> tun. ?.ock 19 tuns
Wiule On - ?b |? ma. None aera.
Taa-lls |? hbl.
Tl-^pentine-6s6d 9 cwt.
Palm Olt.-Dull at jl28 it's to .tJ? |> tun. Stotii 1.9**
Laed On.-tS7 t tun. Block about 70 tuns
Tallow- k to a ? jpewt Stock of American KW bads
Liasssn Cake Is ?jutetai ^ |* tun for thia aad ?B
Us f tun for ibick. stock lou tuna
?vswoons?Si. Domingo Logwood 14 |> Uia.
Lard?la In good demand again and :r?* |p cwt. has bean
j<a!<i tor goo l quality and the Market is steady. Slock shoal
j? " tuns against 1 Otsr tuns ss year.
Bacon?Is steady For want of supply i old singed has
been sold at *>s |' cwt ; scalded at 32s f cwt and naw,
per steamer, of good quadty, at 'ins t* cwt. Stock SOfl boa
esagHiost 1,000 boxes last year. Shoulders22s 6d f>cwt.
Bbe> ?Is duil and the Irish is being taken to supply pre*
> r t wants; of new the only sales we have heard of war*
.' 0 neires Alburgers -'new" last week st Wis y tb-rce froas
store, ami a few of ihe same brand st 84s per tierce, aad
about MO I ens si the same brand this week atSls f tierce
to arrive; dealers operate very cautiously ,| and Ike stock of
old keeps pih es down. Slock 5,000 tiefes against aboal
IJM0 ilerees last year.
Posk?Owing lo the advance In Bacon tbere has been a
good demand and snout A"0" bins have been sold, aas]
Prime Mess cannot now be qaoted under 45s |> but. sad
prlct s are steady
Soi a Ash-Is steady at ?11* |g 5s |> tun, aad the deal
I ers have plenty of orders for some time to come.
No I .v otcii Pig Iron has b?eu sold at 54s 4* tua free
on beard here.
With a fair attendance we bad hut few buyers of Whbat
at our Market ibis morning, but ss holders are not pressing
sales we cannot <;uote any decline in the value of good fresh
Bed ijuailUesrbut some nigh M'xed Canadian was sold at
6* Id, being Id decline on the prices of the 31st.
A very -mail business wss done in Indian Corn, and at
3ls r* ihn lb there were no buyers of prime Old Yellow, at
which most of ihe lets wer? t Hering.
Same parrels of good Ereoch Pi.ot r were offering at l^s
I' ssrki these qualities continue to Interfere with Iba sale
ol Irish, as ihe quality Is much better iban the latter, which
tue ottered at thai price or Is more. A few speculative par
< hsM-k weie made ot Barrel Klour?Westerns at 22s and
Canadian at 21s nbi
OaTBIESL was dull sale, but was not offered cheaper
Oats?Without change, hut only lu retail demand
No chsnge in Beans or Peas,
This da>'i quotations For American White Wheat us 3d
to Us i.d and '.a fid. (the latter nominal,) Mixed, 5s lOd to 6s
2d i Csusnian, h? 1? to 6s Id | Red, none Flour-Western
Canal, 20s to /2s, Canadian, inspected 21s to 22s lo 24s For
extras, Pblladeiphls, ?is to 2Msbd; Sour, 18s to Ha In?
dian Corn?Prime old Round S eilow ans -id to 31s Mixed
Sai| White,31sbd to >i?.
Imports oF foreign sine" tr la lay week -2S,0Or> quartws
Win at. D.i 00 sacks am! IBJMO bb's. ot Kiour, 3,Vxl quarters
of Indian Corn Export of Corn, 2 2ofl quartera
We remali, H'spertfully.
Fnraeno, Day ?V t o.'e < In ulur.
Correspondence of The Tribune.
/Vt Bsaaasr Ana. | Livr.arooi., Saturday, Jan. 4,1MI
Ashes?With rather a limited Inquiry, a few retail sales
have been made at 32s for Pols, an I 30s per cwt for Pearls
Bacon?During the last fortnight, the sales have bees
about |M boxes, at %s per cwi for New Eastern. A saisM
farcel of heated Cumberland Cut sold at 31s 6d per cwt
n Hams or Shoulders Uiere is no change.
K tRK-Ciuercltron meets a better demand, and further
sales hsve been maSe at 9a 3d to ss 6d for Poiledelpaia,
and fs6d OSS'cwi for Baiamore.
Bin ? About 4ui tierces have ' banged hands during la*
fortnight, vt itbout change in prices.
lirr-? ax-Owing to lightness of stock, more nsoeey Is
ssked for.
bt t i kr-O-* mg to the mildness of the weather. Cana
dian is is to 2s lower. No transactions in dress* Butter
Ciieehk?Tbe sales of die fortnight have been aboat
!,2"> boxes at steady rates.
Cocoa?There are no transactions for tbe fortnight ta
Cor? ee ?The business of tbe fortnight has boea light,
only a few casks of Plantation Ceylon having btsen sold at
56s to &m perewt, and 70 tierce* la-nalcaat full prices
c'giR- Our lut lopurt ul* Iii? 2lii uf Uscsmlwr, left th*
Com Market in a dun aud man mate posiuon, with a aiisrsa
concession on the part of holders The week following,
however, there was more animation, and holders display
in?' f.rmr.esi, part of the decline was regained, la the
eajly part "f U:e present week there was agaia a lall; and,
at Tuesdsy's Market but a small business was done: but,
toward the close of the week, more disposition was snows
to purchase, and the market again assumed a firm tone,
and although ihe imports bare been considerable for Wheat
and Ekur, fuli prices have been paid, with a fair extant of
tuclmes rsssing. At yesterlsy's market tbere was aa
average sttenttsnre of the trsde, aad the transactions la
W heat and flour were large at full prices. In ladlac Cora
but little wss doing, and at rather easier prices Tb* la
ports for the fortnight from foreign Ports into Ltverporsl
are32,11*3quarters Wheat, M.215 barrels, and ?,775 sacks
flnur.sxd 4jrH quarters Indian Co-n; ind tbe exports,
during same tlxe. are 6.1U9 quarters Wheat; 3JMS barrels
ai d 1,8.51 sacks flour: 5 K6 quarters Indian Corn and 2s)
barrels Indlsn Corn Meal. _ _^ _
Cotton?Our last issue was under lat* of die 21st De?
cember, reporting <jor Cotton Maiket in s very firm post
Uon, wfh a large demand both from the trade andspoeala
lors. lias con tuned throughout the week following, par
tirularly from spinners, sod pilc^s we-e t rmly malntsiaed ;
but es ti. lder? Ii.. I li e de ; ra:b*r o- e y. a* <; totaiil*
in prov? . ent could |m? Louctd. Tke sale* fat tho week
vie a', halt*, "..no l?ic/ >nso<cu:tM.n and for ea
port for lbs pist week i>r- has a <? '?-n quite so m-ick
fi?n.reis ? xl.ibitrd by sosdars. esnssd psrtlv by ths aa
ntur.cen^L: on Tuesday mo. n ngo: t e jtock tn this son
proving lo beaon-.eC'i'V? f < rs .n e.\c-soF the qaaatar
et'ims-ed it, thecircUrs, |Ms was con-rary lo ?s**eta
V.i f.- the ge\. ??? ' ?: ' ?' bM*
"i sjiIautaS'.bBi Fa'iSsss ia,a roostiij s dullness is the
.sj. T I ' is;*'*' f
co" i '$ rescbed us OtTM<*?r*y, tbe joth u:t htilUey pom
? ? tt' r 0 piftculariy new Feature Tb- Ml I? fflSSO la tha
a erlest. Markrl was !o<;fced f r. s? ih* " Amsrics- Owk
eui f v "v .snfavorab,. ? i ties Tbshastoaas la Maa
, euer st d at) the msnufs. turing dl.ui. ?s conUnuos In a
ver l esl 1> snd a- ovepo.w.,o Tfis Mlowtas'arst th*
panicnlsrs oi et., h ua> ssalesTojiaaP^w^k . ?Jaxarday
fcth Dec- about\wo b*Jes; M?*=^sy. So* Dec. about lou*
hsies. f.riudng 2< on on ?ff????'? ?*P?t; Tusaday
'.1st Dec H. <mu,'<v.bfc,rs.lncludtos^Ollspecul%i:ooai1d
rxpotl; Wednesday. I?? J/aav awasakssi? bfln?Ycjowsj hondsy .
Thursday id Jsu shout J.M?) bale*. fridav.Sc Jaa ah?u
l.t CO bales h. iitisj. 2"* on speculation snd export Tne
sales of ih* forU'? ht amount to 67^00 bales; speculators
s'd e-.portcr* tskir g ISJMI bale*, and th* ettnnated s ocfc
?n Liverpool on 31st Decasnbor, I85u, was i-M,t13 bale*.
Ifsfast ff* '7* iaa*e time 1649. Tbe total import lato Liv
rrpool f(>r the \ ear ending 31st Dae 1*4*. was 1.072.434.
igs i i .,'? bs'esssme time 1?|9. Tskso by the trad*
trcm tics pott n 5.'weeks ol 18V. 1,431.4* bales against
I.'J-.rV.uu.ini' ssme time mmX
Hr.vp?At ftrrw-r rrlces, thrr? Is s fslr desnssd r "
ShS Iwoslsai ?>*>?? *ed?a Joiecbangod assads ax fross *ii
I'sfor vet) low. to 117 f ?r very fine; an extra Oos parcel
hs* u-eo soid ai kl I? I's ?' tua
; al,.Vii fa a n ...irtate demsntl, u'ki sals* mt a%m taC
B'gHare*:.. 1110 Was a; an advaor* aaaa ** cwt, osr>ng
Ljnsi >..i.tM -Stoat, as, ea have *???<o made at m) fX

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