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Vrom ihr (ape ?f U?d Hot*-?Uraverle? la
"oath Ao?ertea--rro?w?a af Hrltiah OMb
I sat ten.
from the Boaton Traveller. I"th.
The bark Ocean Wive, Capt. Cutler, arrived at
tbia port this morning from Cape Town, C. O. H.
Dec. 1. The missionary shipWashington Allston,
from Boston for India, sailed from Cape Town on
the lath of November. Tbe news from tbe inte?
rior shows that there is considerable turbulence
prevailing among the different native sovereign
ties or tribes, and that this fact was causing injury
to the settlement in various ways. One ?' tn^
frontier papers states that about two n 0Q r
lives were lust last year by the collision of differ?
ent savage tribes, and that similar results will
follow in succeasive years if tbe impetuosity ol
the barbarous people be not stopped. Tnis, we
?oppose, is ir.tended as a hint for the annexation
to British sway of the disturbed districts.
Tbe Cape Tou-n Ma? gives an amusing account
of the proceedings at a session of the " Boer's
Read,"orAssembly. One of the members pro?
ceeded tc argue against resistance to the English
and Uneen Victoria as impossible. He was in?
terrupted by cries from the other members of?
'he's mad, turn him out,' and' the unfortunate
member was forthwith turned out neck aud heels.
Discoveries are daily making in regions beyond
what was denominated the frontier. Among oth?
ers, travelers have arrived from the Zulu country.
In some places it was fertile and beautiful, with
vegetation luxuriant, in others the land was bar?
ren, with not a tree to be seen for miles. The chief
foot! of tbe inhabitants is milk, rice and sweet
In one place, a party of travelers came to the
Kraa! of one of the principal Zulu chiefs, styled
by the natives En Corzan. Here they were hos?
pitably er tertained for four days. Corzan, the
Chief, rejoiced in the possession of twenty tfives,
all of whom were daily dismissed to the labors of
tbe field, except one favorite dark beauty, who
aeemed exempt from this unfeminine occupation.
A cop bearer, too, tigurtd at the festive board,
reminding the travelers of Pharaoh and the kinga
of ancient times?a tall, stalwart native, whose
head was bound with a large blue shawl, in Ori?
ental style.
Tbe natives use black earthenware cups.?
These caps were so beautifully gla/.ed and of such
curious workmanship, that the travelers were sur?
prised to find that they were manufactured by the
natives. The kraal or hut of the chief was stir
rounded for miles with those of his relative? ?
About 100 of theae vassals wee summoned upon
one occasion and dispatched to hunt buffaloes ?
Large crops of mealiex, sweet potatoes and Caffri
corn were seen, as well as immense quantities of
nugar cane.
An expedition of about forty volunteers, headed
by the English Crown Prosecutor, bad, under plea
of stopping the incursions of the "Bushmen," in?
vaded tbe territory of an old Thief, the ally of the
English, seized r-ooof his cattle, and several of the
Bushmen boyn as captives, and required him to
cede all his anoccupied territory to the British,
all because he had not prevented ths incursions
of the Bushmen. The vassals of the old Chief, dis?
contented at the proceedings, had fled in terror
over the frontier.
Discoveries of considerable magnitude have, ac?
cording to the Cn/? Town Matt, been shed over
the geography of the interior of Africa. The sub j
stance of it is, that the great L ake before reported
discovered in South Africa, although receiving the
waters of several rivers, has no outlet to the ocean.
About seven days' journey to the north of this
Lake a ridge oi very high mountains crosses the
continent, and beyond it a new "river system''
commences, the streams all flowing to the north
and ultimately to the Ocean.
It is on one of these streams, say the accounts,
that Maraleskatre and his tribe have made a tem?
porary resting place. This Chief, some twenty
live years ago, was in subjection to a Zulu tyrant
named Chaka, residing near the East -m Coast,
south of the latitude of M . Escaping from the
domination of his merciless master, he fled with
a large body of adherents over the mountains to
the northwest, spreading devastation around him
as he passed.
He waa driven still further northward by the
Booers, who, in their turn, were pushed forward
by the advancing civilization of the English ?
Inns, Iforalcskatre, with hia ferocious legions,
have been retiring continually toward the Equa?
tor, leaving behind them a deserted country,
swept of inhabitants, by his destroying mar:h.
He has now traversed at least a thousand miles
from the point at which his wanderings com?
menced, at least a quarter of a century ago
Still his indefatigable pursuers dog the steps of
the retreating lion, and have already begun to
rout him from his latest lair in the center of the
continent. The Ca/>e Town Mail hazards the
prediction, that, before another quarter of a cen
tury shall have elapsed, the whole interior of
South-Africa, to the Equator, will be occupied by
civilized communities of the European race, and
ptobabli/ under the ilomihian of lireat Britain ?
Among the discoveries in the new land of promise
are ivory in considerable quantities, and many
other articles of commercial value.
The Anglican, Independent and Baptist Clergy
have published a declaration proteatiug against
tbe control assumed by the State on the govern?
ment of the Churches. The Bpispopal Clergy,
while repudiating the control of tho Secular Go?
vernment, make no objection to receiving the'r
?alariea from that Government. The Baptist and
Independent ministers reject alike the control and
wages of the State
The Boston Journal says:
liessre. Jarvie A Co , and Mr. G. J. Niehnlls
have determined to invest a considerable amount
of capital in testing, on a suitable scale, the capa?
bilities ot South Africa as a cotton producing
country. The spot chosen for this experiment is
the neighborhood of the I mzirnvoobo, to which
place several newly arrived emigrants have
already been engaged to proceed to assist in the
Files of Van Diemen s Land papers to the 28th
of August had been received at the Cape. The
inhabitants til that island, i which has been, almost
troni tbe period of its discovery, the receptacle
for British convicts,) are beginning to bestirthetn
Otlves against the convict system. In this they
are encouraged by the result of tbe agitation at
the Cape of Good Hop? At a public meeting
held at Lancaster, it was resolved to employ no
?ore convict labor, and a league was about to be
formed to carry out this object.
Sale* at the Htoch Kxehaataw....J*::
$A00 l ihlo 6*. 'is.1064 91 Del a Hud full.131
3,0? 0 Kentnrkv 6a.IN
?,?? I ? 07.116
.\000 do.llti
Vte do.lit
*,?? do.iisl'nt
MS N V Ape'Vs.Ii?. '
3,000 Indiana State St.. &S
IPO A. beny A. Sch. b3t>. 1"0
IA.0P0 Per.? s.. BM!??
- - ? - 10,
TOO do
ijCtC K.rle Certf.96
?.OOP Erie lor. <*j
1 AftO tUr RH Bu lat int.l'W
X* Bank Coat.It ?4
SO Dry Dock.IIS
? Bk Stan- of N Y .... 11? 1
SS etreS Bk? Ateo ...JOS
30 Ocean Kh.IPS
ss Hudacn River.
IA0 farmers.S?
100 do.?
N S:o' ingion RR.. hM ..
40 do.b*> SJJ
M do.bbO V*
lee do.bio s*|
do.b3 Si
SO do.b60 SI
SO Nor At Wor RR., at* Sji|
AO do.67
t? do.e3e 6?1 **>
do.*60 S7
do.?30 671
100 do.67|
M0 do.bot"*'
I?0 do.slP?-?!
N do.bm
Bjl do.op*. M I t
I do_
? do....
110 do....
M Roch St Syr HR.\ti
S do.I tit
I'V Harlem RR.7 '
:" 3
100 do.bloe*
50 do.?6I
1W Canton.....7*
tad do.7*|
SO do.73
m do.*??>. 7^
I?1 do....s9t lOup. 7.>
m do. ?<i
SO do., ill. 7il
SO .?3. 7?2
>a do.ka. 7tt
70 NT a Mllaveo.118
M Madteoa-V lod.10J
600 do. .7'
ileo do.7;
3A0 do.%$ 71
tOO do.bill 71
ioo do.im
SO Long (s and RR. I 4
J??J do.5f
1?<H? do.,>>
M Reading RR.7i|
100 do.7i|
160 do. 7ll
AO do.7,1
1A0 do.7ll
isosmd aoaao
tMMlxud River Bond*. I loo Morns Canal_ - I
1st mortgage ... llX* '100 do.(kW .SA
It* tJUt>aa RR.boo 711? joo Can loo Co.7S
?>?. ?li!M?>
IA0 trie Rrie HR
aao do.
100 do.
Ml do.
200 Long Ulend RR
? I.?
r) 10?
yl 'luw
<. * *?
^ i i?
1 l
. 7*t
. T7
B*rta*,?r-, Jan. 18-F.M.
There was a strong up ward movasatnt in Stocka
to-day generally, but Canton oontin??*} to be tbe
favorite, advancing to 11 J. and closing at)?, show
iog an improvement of .*> j f* cent. The purchaaea
were principally made by one buyer, supped
for Boston or Philadelphia account There was a
movement also in Erie, which, commencing at
MJ, went to M The party which came iu to
stty are very itrong, and it il nussved will carry
jt higher thin it hu ever touched. Arrangement?
have been nearly concluded by thi? Road for
traniporting their paasengers to the City over the
Ramapoand Pateraon Roads, instead of taking
them to Piermont. Considerable time between
the Weit and New-York will thai be saved, and
the Piermont end of the Road will be left for
freight exclusively. The arrangement in-'udea a
lease of both Roads during the continuance of
tbeir charter!, with the right to relay the tracks I
feet wide, or to do anything else required by the
policy of the Eric Road. It is eitimated that the
saving to the Erie Road by this movement wili
be frO.OCii per annum, as the expenses between
this City and Piermont will be much reduced. A
Committee of the three Road* were in session
from I o'clock on Friday to 3 o'clock on Saturday
morning, and the satisfactory arrangement of it
was one cause for the rise to day. Reading was
without much change, but tbe Bonds are firm.?
Norwich improved 1 \f cent, with considerable
sales and was in demand, closing at Hf< Madi?
son and Indianapolis sold at 102, dividend o?':,
whicri i? an improvement of 1 a* cent. Mohawk
improved } v* cent, with good demand. Accord?
ing to the Report of the Directors of this Rotd.
the earnings of the six months ending 3let De
eenber, MM are.tH3.1V> 11
Same period In 1849. 95.R62 7n
Increase.#17,232 71
The earnings of the Road for the whole year.end
log Hint December, were.#211.7 ?
Expenses, kc. 129,278 63
|?&mi ?
Amount carried to new fund. mmn
Net earnings. 8n.V7 89
The dividend will be. 70,000 <i0
Surplus.?;('.: I
Tbe earnings show 1? C cent increase over the
previous year. Morris was dull at 23 32fi. No
official denial of the statements of the circular to
which we alluded aome days since has appear.:!.
and these statements are having an effect. An
order for 1,000 shares of Edgeworth Land Co.
was in market, but could not be Glied. This Btoeftl
is selling freely at t?J ?'J in Boston. Harlem had
an upward tendency, and holders have Btookfe lb
in an improvement. Farmers Loan laptiifnil
slightly, but was not active. Railroad bond*
were in good demand, an ! firm. There ia a large
amount of money being invested, and this kind o'
security is the favorite, especially such as are
convertible into Stoek, and are issued by well lo?
cated Itoads. Stonington was heavy at ?ycent
decline. For Governments the inquiry was mode?
rate and the quotations lower. Western State
Stocka were quiet.
There is a good demand for Money, but the sup
ply continues ample, and rates are without
change. First class paper 53fi \* cent, with an
occasional transaction at 4L Loam on ca'l, :'>SC
k* cent.
There is not much doing in Freights for Liver,
pool or London. Within a few days there have
been engagements to Liverpool of Flour at 7}#
[?d; ISO casks Tallow, iOs; Cotton, {d t> lb, and
some Charleston bales at 3s 6d each. To London<
the latest engagement of Turpentine was at la Cd ;
and 1,C0U bbls Resin has since been taken at the
same rate , some Flour was offering at Is, which
was refused; the packet of the -1th inst. is near.'
)y full. To Glasgow, ### bbls Resin and '20 tuns
Tallow were taken at Is 6d !?' bbl and l?s t* tun.
To San Francisco, clippers get Si f foot.
In Exchanges the market is quiet and heavy.
The rates show no marked change, but Francs
arc easier. Sterling is 10310} ; Francs, 5.18} 9
510; Amsterdam, 41|w'4S>j Hamburg, 37337?;
Mit men. fO^ a^O1.
The Freneh packet yesterday took #303,000 in
coin, of which $307,000 was Ameri -an ailven
?'20,000 Mexican dollars, 144,000 Five Frank
pieces, and #1*2,000 American gold. The total ex
porta of coin this year have been #7#8,8S#,
The interest on the Erie Income Bondi due on
the 1st of February will be punctually paid on
that day.
On Tuesday there will be an Auction Sale of
Eight Hundred Thousand Dollar! of the Bonds of
the Mad Hiverand Lake Erie Railroad Company.
They bear 7 \f cent interest, and are attracting
considerable attention from capitalists.
The receipts at the Sub-Treasury were #l?l,3d6.
Paid, #(i,17.'.. Balance, #3,0tj7,5t?6.
The private letters from abroad generally speak
of a fair buaineaa doing in American Stocks. Toe
Circular of Messrs. Baring Bros, k Co. says:
?? In American Sto'ss WO have no change to report. the
demand is not animated, but quotations are lower. U.S.
6's, Pennsylvania aad Maryland are mm quoted ex-dlvt
dend. Korthe Coupon Stock of 1868 of Cnlted tj'at?* K'S?
1 ICH Is asked ; and 1044 (< 14 for lnicnpno'in o| 1867 ; huv
ers of the latter at l'UJ. PesUMTlvasua, HIa 2. Ohio, let.
.Massachusetts Strr?ne, ICS Maryland, 8x4. Canada6's,
m ?
The following are the receipts of the Saratoga
and Washington Railroad lor the last two yean ;
|si;t. is.50.
Passengers.#75.59.: ftl #102.87? ?S
Fielght. 10,126 72 15,659 03
Other sources. S,2?r2 83 5,!U 96
Total.#89.111 M $123.612 81
8:1. i 11 ,H '
Increase.#i?>> ? 86
? equal to 38 *>> cent. The increase of passen?
gers during the lirat week in January of the pre?
sent year, over the corresponding period of 1 - Mb
has been about 3'.' i' cent. A line having been
perfected between Whitehall and Rutland, where
it unites with the Boston Railroad, and the Sara?
toga and SchenectaJy Road having been re-laid,
the respective Companiei are about establishing
daily passenger and freight trains between Sehe
nectady and Boston. Linos are also to be estah
Ii?bed between Buriington and New-York, via
Saratoga and Washington llailroad, which shall
enable paiaengers to reach each place daily ?
Theie arrangements will very much augment the
business 0! the Road.
Tbe following table will show the circulation of
the New-Jersey Banks, with their specie on hand
and discount line 1
RueAs. CtrtJn. Daar'ta Sp*nr
Msrsawiica', Newark.. #173,162 00 #793,782 21 #'??.7... -.
Sussex. IMJJM M HI3,216 B 2?. 19?' ?7
Newark Kkg tins t o. 202.424 II Na,SM4l lle*? W
Mechanics'. Rah way .. 125,161 (?0 272,050 S8 30,932 93
Stale, Nee,ark. 149.5?! 00 6"?2.1il ?3 1J.?93 50
Helvtdere. I9H.1? '*>' ?26.142 8"' .V?-< 4?
Somerset Ct. 93,123 M P'2.261 13 lt."4i 17
Far. k Meek. N. Bruns. 13,565 t?i 49.249 4? 5,027 01
Kar a Mech M Point. 71.761 W) 140,684 - s.TS. 8=>
BtaOa. New-BniBSwtck 2?4.26. 00 S"\>..'-,; b ,..?M 50
Cub berlend.Brtdgetou 71.172 oe 132,606 M 26.228 00
Mechanic*', Burlington M 683 50 1I3.3S8 08 S0.(V|4 rV>
Salem Banking Co .... 64.7'.7 00 1?2.167 71 29.8?.5 IS
I nit*. Dover. 150,678 (?0 l?i,M 82 31.39? 50
Trvtiton Banking Co.. 183,272 00 115,721 00 51.034 00
Morris Co. 96.245 00 155.067 8S 9.65? 00
Princeton. 62.715 00 134.171 28 lo.|35 $7
Comnen-tal. P. Amboy 107 209 00 112.814 93 12,340 10
?'?rmere', Ml, Holly... 46,176 86 157.3*? n3 1...537 42
S:ate, KlUaheih. 138,063 00 3T2.939 SS 10.982 43
State, Camden. 203,411 00 631,735 5*7 =>2,22l 21
BirltagluaCo. Medford 52,008 00 134341 81 14.343 13
Mech 1 Man Trenten. 106.919 00 309.567 45 S'.552 07
People's. Peterson_ 143,729 0c 17047179 14.-?o7 t>4
Farmers'. Wantage ... 92.34?"" -.'?*>.i 11.221 -
Orange. 71.946 l?8 158,404 05 10.174 82
Total.#3.6462)58 8b 7.151.997 67 $622, ^-5 49
Several newspapers have recently alluded to a
lease said to have been made by the Chicago and
Galena Railroad Company to the Michigan Cen
tta! Kailrvad Company, in terms calculated to
mislead, by inducing a supposition m some quar?
ters that the Central Road has thus secured a
right to a continuous line from Detroit to Chicago.
Indeed, aome of the comments we have seen
looked aa if the writers supposed that the nght
thus secured to the Central Road was also ss>
ciMitY, both of which supposition! are incorrect.
The following statement of the facts of the cue
is furnished by parties interested in the Michigan
Sinthern and Northern Indiana Companiei, (the
only Companiei that, as yet, have secured rights
fcr " continnoui line of Rsjlroadj from Lake Erie
U Chicago,) and may be relied on m
Statement* hare appeared in the public prints
in relation to a leaae aaid to have been recently
made by the Chicago and Oalena Railroad Com.
paay (of 14 milei of new road which they con
template building from Chicago Rast to the State
mm of Indiana) to the Michigal Central Railroad
Company, from which it ia evident that the mat?
ter ia not underatood.
It may be proper to atate the precise facts in
; the cue.
Tre Michigan Central Railroad Company n a
; Corporation with power to build a Road from De
, trait to New Buffalo in the State of Micn;gan.
and thence to the aouthern boundary line of that
The Michigan Southern Railroad C MBMBj is a
Corporation with power to build a Road from M-<n
roe to Coldwater and Cunstantiue, witii the right to
diverge aoutherly of those point* to th* southern
boundary line of the State, which it intends to
strike in the vicinity of Mottville and Bristol <w
the south side of tee St. Joseph's River
The Northern Indiana Railroad Company i? an
Indiana Corporation with power to baild a B iad
from the point where the Michigan Southern R >ad
shall cross the State line to Laporte ana Michigan
City. This Company and the Michigan Southern
Company have entered into a mutual contract
whereby in effect they are constituted one Com?
pany for all purposes of operation and manage?
ment and division of profits, thus giving to the
Michigan Southern Road an entire and contin?
uous line from Lake Eric to Lake Michigan at
Michigan City.
The Buffalo and Mississippi Raiiroad Company
is a Corporation, existing under the laws of In?
diana with power to build a Road through the
8tate of Indiana by way of Laporte and Michi?
gan City, and thence to the State line of Illinois
in the direction of Chicago.
This Road is. by law divided into tsro general
divisions?the Eastern division consisting of that
part of the line East of Laporte , and the West?
ern division comprising all that part West of La?
porte. The Wpatera division is placed under
contract of aBotri of Commissioners with lull
power* by law, to make perpetual leases of tlie
w hol* or any part of it.
I nder this organization and authority tho Com?
missioners have leased to tho Michigan Central
( on-pany a branch of their Road reaching north
i rhj from Michigan City in the direction of N ?W
Baffakt, and the Centm) Company by virtue of
thia lease have built ar.d are operating their Road
fiom New Buffalo to Michigan City.
Lnderthe sumo organization and authority tho
Con missic-nrrs have leased to the If whig
Southern and Northern Indiana Company the
who'e remainder of the said Western divtsnn ?
that ia the Road from Laporte to Michigan City
and thence West to the State line of Illinois ia
the direction of Chicago. By this lease it will be
seen that tfe line of the Michigan Southern Road
is perfected from Lake Erie to the State line of
Illinois at a point 14 miles easterly of Chicago
while the line of the Michigan Central Road ter
minates at Michigan City, 37 miles east of the
State line of Illinois, and ?! miles easterly of
In Illinois there is a general Railroad law, (sim?
ilar to that existing in New-York) under which
voluntary associations may become incorporated
for the construction of Railroads. I nder that
general law, the friends of the Michigan Southern
Road have organized a Company which has com?
plied with all the forms required to constitute
them a Corporation, and they have thus become
incorporated by the name of the Northern Indiana
and Chicago Railroad Company. This Corpora?
tion is formed for tlie purpose of extending the
Railroad from the terminus of tbe Northern In
diana Road, or Western division of the Buffalo
and Mississippi Railroad at the State line of Illi?
nois, to Chicago. It will thus be seen that the
Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Compa
niea have secured an entire and unbroken line of
Road, under a common management, from Lake
Erie to Chicago | while the rights of the Michigan
Central Company extend only to Michigan City.
Tho Chicago and Galena Company is a Corpora
tion in Illinois, with power to build a road "from
the toten of tialena in the cmntyof Daviess lo
such poiiit at the toten of Chicago as shall be de?
termined," Ac. By a subsequent section of the
Charter the Company In authorised to construct
and use such other 14 Itttttttl routes aa may be
deemed advantageous " Ac.
It claims the right to extend its Road from
Chicago to the essterly State line of Illi?
nois, underthis provision in its Charter au
thorising it to construct "lateral routes"?
Their power to build this Road, which is a
direct extenaion of their main line under the
right to construct a "Intern' route " is controverted
by some and wholly denied by other eminent law?
yers in that State; who say if they have the pow?
er to eztetid thttr mum lute fourteen miles beyond
tbe two termini of tlie Road i Chicago and Galena)
fixed in their Charter, that they might upon the
same reasoning extend it hundreds of miles in any
direction in the State of Illinois?that they might
run down to the Ohio River in the direction of
Mobi'e and thus constitute themselves part of the
Mobile and Chicago Road, or take possession of
and construct any other important line of Road in
tho State which they may des're to occupy. It
cannot be important to determine the question of
their legal right to build this 14 miles, for it has been
shown above, that under the general law they can
associate and thus secure the right to build it.
Tho Michigan Southern Company have beenun
willing that the Western end of their line of SSO
miles should be built under any such doubtful
powers as are conferred by the Galena Charter.?
They have therefore perfected their organization
under the General Lnw as above atated, and have
declined to take the " leate' of this Galena
" Branch " which haa now been made to the Cen?
tral Company.
The Leate which the Galena and Chicago Com?
pany hat madt to the Mich man Central Compiny
IS simply a lea? of tin* <iisputed right to /mild a
Road or extend th* tr Road under their Charter 11
tnili t from Chicago to the Katt ltn> of the State of
Illtnoit?nothing more m>r less. Hjw important
thia may be to the contracting parties, or to any
body else, msy be estimated from the fact that the
Michigan Southern Road had long before secured
tht same rkht, in an unquestioaable form, as
above stated by au incorporation underthe Gener?
al Law?and, that any body who desires to have a
third Railroad over this fourteen miles can secure
a perfect right to build one by procuring associates
aud funds
The important fact remains, that the Mi:higan
Southern Railroad Line from Lakt Erie to Chi?
cago is perfect tindtiniirokcn, whether this Galena
and Chicago " Braach' 'facetioualy so called is
built or not: while if it is built and operated by
the Central Railroad Company, it will still be n
miles from its eastern terminus to the connection
with the Central Road at Michigan City: and this
31 mile* is a part of the Michigan Southern and
Northern Indiana Roads, and is now being built
by them.
For aught that we can see, a branch of H mile*
of the Galena Road, to begin at Galena and run
west, would be just as valuable to the Central
Co mpany as the ssme length of branch beginning
' at Chicago and running east. In either case the
Michigan Central Road will terminate at Michi
! gan City.
A few dsys before this lease was made by the
1 Galena Company to the Michigan Central, the
former Company in% ited tbe Michigan Southern,
Buffalo and Mississippi, and Northern Indiana and
i Michigan Central Ccmpaniee to meet at Chicago,
with a view to an arrangement whereby the 11
miles of branch above mentioned should be built
bv the Galena Road, and leased to some one or
all of the Roads under certain proposed stipu
Istions regulating the operating oi the entire line
I from Michigan City to Chicago. The notice was
i so limited that it was impossible lor the Michigan
1 Southern Board to have been present if it had
been desired. Rut as they had already secured
the rights for their continuous line to" Chicago,
there was no reason why they should desire to
leaae the proposed Road of 14 miles, a* thev nat?
urally preferred to build their own Road t? Chi?
cago. They apprized the Galena Companv of
their view*, but at the same time expressed their
readiness to contract with that Company or any
other to carry their freight and passengers from
Mkhigan City to Chicago. - with the aame du?
patch aad upon the aame terms per mile as they
carry and charge their own freight and passengers
over the same part of their road.' They ap?
pointed a Committee with power to make such a
contract with any Road in Indiana. Michigan or
Illinois, sxd advised the Galena Road of the
ssme, sending them also copies of the resolution*.
From the preceding etatement it will be seen
that while the Michigan Southern and Northern
Indiana Companies have secured an entire and
I continuous line of Road from Lake Ehr to Chi?
cago, which they are now rapidly eonetructing
and intend to have completed early in itSSJ they
are tbe only Corapany that as vet have secure*]
?tu? s l ontinai us uix , hat while thev are willing
to rontract as they hire offerer! to do, to carry the
freight and passenger* of all intersecting R *adi,
with the aame dispatch and at the aame MM as
they carry their own. the nablic and other Road!
will be fully aco>mmodated, and no one will hare
caoae to complain._
Maurket?....CiarriLLT RaroaTsoroaTnt Taisrjwa.
S?Ti anAV. Jan. 11.
ASHF8?The market it ?teedy . aa-'ea of 75bbl* a: I M|
: I 'or Pott ard I 624 for Pearlt. The ?lock In the wir. -
houteofMeMr?. Ca??idv. Palmer 1 Co on FrtJav. com
?Uied of 3.(37 bbls Pot*, and 1.7?? do PearU-logether
suitemn.t o/ .uhet. ir.:* r,.<<, t, from IM k\ th. j-rt*e*t
time alto. if*, k . \tudi. ire. ltd it t\e .-/'?<? it i i
^aui, Stock on h?nd.
Vegri Received. PoU Pearl?.
1KJ8.37.6711 -
1FJ..46.?: 3.117 4 *i?
1M<>.S4.0S5 I.ATS ).! ?
js||.36.43? fl-5 2.*?
1842.45.H36 tjm 1.3-?
Itf ?M.79,oi" 6.HI7 7,6*7
1844.77.5r?> I1JM
1S??..69,non 12.29-. T.tJI
1846.46>?' ?.4'?S 2.3U
1R?7.34.586 J.8-?! 2.<-M
1848.37.200 2.247 1.4'
)F?Q.45 71*6 3.64?A A.lti
IMR,.51,857 IjM MM
S'rr* <-r r?in ml m-u. ci n e, fr I -id ?f<*rr ' ir<fA-?f rn
i/*rr?n.//n. 1. 1851 Pota. Pea-|?. Total.
Kir?t*ort.bbla.1,438 1,663 3.1"l
Second ?ort.1.127 22 i 1.350
Third aoM. 278 69 347
Condemned. ?M i2 2*
Tolal.3,u87 LMI 5.024
Stored, not inspected.? MJ
Canada A?hea in bond, estimated. ?'
Total.bbl? 8,324
COTTON?The market I? active, with ?ale* of 2.500 :>a>?
to-day. Holder? are firm, but have *olu readily at previotta
price*. Pnce? are ?tili hit her than thoae at Liverpool.
' FLOUB ANI) MKAL.?There la .ncreeaeddalbSSS for
Wtttern and State Hour with only a m..derate demand for
the Ea?t and City trade. The demand for export 1* limited
but at price* below the view* of iiolder? Tbe inferior
qualities are in leirdematd and :. m Canal.an i? tirm b tl
very (jatet at 417* h boesl The *ale? ef Domestic reach
2.'? I hale* at 4 41 a 4 Mi for No. 2 8'tp-rr.ne : 1 TM ? 87,
PM Common to ?irait State; 4 '74<2i *? for Michiifaii
a-d Ind.ana "? ?'?a '' 12 4 for pure t?eae?e?. Pence* and
Extras are but :.rn<. Southern k" wi?ioul material
change w ith !e?* doing for expor* . aaJei of Ml bbl* to the
?rade c ? ' ..} r, ,- ? ve tootr itr. from Bali in >r<\ A. ?x
andt:a^nd (ie<. ve.nwn.and \? itbinafew daxooine.Vm i.h!?
Ki?hii.o ,d C :van 2594 MJr. RyeFlour Is Handyi aale*
,.* ? I '? ,", H: ? ? C-ii M- ? * er nil. ??:.?? >!'
100 bb'i Wm t Broom *? I 171 IM Brar.dyw.nee' 5 Z\
40 Puncheonp> do at In Ml Ii 25. Btickwhea; i? linn *nd
salable at #2 M4M B*i f loo lb*.
tiRAIN?Ttitre .? a lairdeina'.'i '.it Long It ei'.J Wheat,
a d ?midi f a;e. are making at 1 Ot 3 l 'U for Red. and 1 <>6 3
1 08 for While. Wettern and State Wheat I* held far above
the viexx ? uf buyrra. eud quotation* are nomine! at 1 ISM
1 22 for Oeneeee: 1 ?5*1 <H for Ohio; 1 \l\a 1 18 for M .hi
tan : "u: 1 04 for V] y*t Lake, and 1 o7a?l 124 for Cinail.an.
the latter I? le*? implred for. and the private ad vice* by
the ?teamer are considered le?* favi rable than by the
Franklin. Rye t? quiet at 7737tc Bnrlev I* du.i. th? *u|>
ply limited ' Bale* of ?mall lot* of good at 90c. Barley
malt i* saleable at 1 lirfl 22. Oats are easier, the receipt*
by Rai.roBi! are Increasing; ?alea of Western at 4MMM.
and Jer?ev at 473 ?8c. Corn 1? bet'er, and in fa.r demand
fbr riUtillir p. with *ome inquiry for Export. Sale* of
4,000 bush Southern Yellow at 67e,antl that price refuee I at
th* clo*e
PR(iVISI<>NS-There Islets doing in Pork. Old ll
lieavv. a-id pr;ce? ,if motk (>ld and New are aatlar. S i>?
of 4.5iibb'? at 412? 12 124 (or () d Me*s. and 13 .50 lor Cilv
Met?; I 2=. tor *mall lou of Prime, and #1.5 li>r Clean, tlie
market rlo'lng at the ln?itle price. BeefU fir-n ?nd In fair
demand at 8 M4)10 M for Me**, aci *'?-.??>?. for Prime.
Prime Met? :t In better demand. Sale* of IV? tea We?iern
at 14 M: Ben Ham* are firm at 6}c Pickled Meal* are
scarce. Seien 15" bblt at 6c. I.*rd I? quiet and firm at 8.1
Bjc for old and new. Buttert? dull and price* favor the
W11ISKV?The market i? bette?; the demand U good
and tupplv moderate; tale* of 110 bbl* at 2>ic for J-ney.
and MtrMtt tot Prlton ; Dmdre I? ?teady at 25c.
(IRt)CKRIES?Themafkett* belter?iippaed from New
Orletnt with MolaOke* and Mgtra. but there a fair de
mand for all new crop ; 300bb:? New-Or!eaiu 9 .-?-.;
to-day at''I </' 4c; 500 boxet Brown Havana ?old at 64?7c.
A ?ale wt> reported yesterday of 2.000 bai-? Manilla on pri?
vate termt. Molasce*. new crop New Orloati?, It ?et'.t ..- at
32c, 4 mor.tl I*, at which .500 hh<l> have been ao.d. The
market rattier rfcrora U>? liurw foil.-.- ia firm, with a
?c*rcitvof8t Domingo and Rio Janeiro. We ni'te *ale?
of'on bags St. Domingo at \i*i/V \e. ca?h ; fi') Laguayra
?t 119114?, I month*: 200 Java at I24"l3c: and 2,5o0
Bueooi A vtet at lljc.
NA\AL STORES-We Bottl e ?ale? of 500 bl.lt North
County Turpentine at 2 874 i' 28" lu. which it a reduction;
Splrlu TnrpenMie. frcm ra?h. to39and 40c.l0and90
davt .2ro bblt Wilmington common Retin I 42. delivered :
800 do North CoOntV. about I M, delivered, and '??' do
I 27, In the yard. 150 do Newhcrn, e<jual to 1 35, delivered .
13200 do White. 2 674, and a lot of prime pale. ?l p 280
ffi : ar.d |l I Mill Southern Pitch, 175 t* bbl. The following
are the receipt* a! thie port.
18343. 181H. is is.
Turpenune.bblt 14?..5til I ?,.75 2M.015
Spirit* Turpettine. 74.0OO 66.189 57.2'45
Tar. 15.613 S1.794 11.140
Ketin. 275.471 Wi.TU 171..184
Pitch. 2,421 I.IT7 3,160
Export during the year 1850.
Turpentire.bbl* 1 ?0.611ISplrlttT'irpeDtine.gl* 26.710
T*r. 26.268 Pitch.bblt 1.373
Rettn. 171.082 Naval Store*. 2,609
Spirit* Turpentine... TJBB?
SPICES-Nutmeg* are firm; lo.noo tf. No. 1 aold at 1 124,
and 10,11 odo at 1 1".
RICE?The transaction* are restricted from u ant of
stock. We note sales of 1,000 tierces within a lew days at
3 25?3 5o Prime would rouimsnd 3 '"24. if here.
OILS?Linseed 1? heavy ; a tale of 6.<>oo or 8,000 gallons
was made, to arrive, at Me. 55'hale I? also hea. v.
T< ?KACCO-About M hl. 1? Kentucky chan/ed hand* at
B <?' 9c for rommcu. Sale* JOo bele* Cuba and Havana at 20
a :<c i ? in
TALLOW?Tho market i* rather better ; tales of 5i:,000
lt> prime at 7</71c. catii.
SEEDS--There 1? a moderate demand for Clover. *?le*
of 40 bhl* attic. ra*h Klextoed I* quiet; talet of 150 bbl*
Canat.lan at 1 70 t 5ti B | and 30 uerce* deal on private
tarm*. T moihv is firm but not active; small sale*, or
mowed Otrio at [AM, and reaped Peonaylvanla at *<2o3
20 50 4> tierce.
LIME?The market is q'iiet and nominal at 8*3** for
LATII^-T e r:arket i* eaaier ?tnce our la*t notice.
aa>* of 5o?j.i R Emiern at 1 50.
HOPS- T: cre Isa fair demand for priaie Wettern ; talet
ofM bales Western ?t Mc ca?h.
HAV ? TLe shipping demand I? limited, and the tunply
larger an I price., are easier ; sales of 700 balet at 70375c,
I RON?Our market I* vantl !e and trantaction? moder?
ate. ?a e- ol M tunaBcotdl Pig, from ?htp, a: 20 5ior$2i,
I mor.:h? . of Enirluli Bar *ome lue tun? *old from *hipal
.?383*?" : IM ttir.t Staflordthire at $41. A tale of 250 tuns
Scotch P; 1 n at made on private terms.
.Markets.... Nr. w OllllSli Jan. IS
Some activity prevail! in 81 .ar during the last
three days; t."hiids have been sold at 5?e for fair Mo
L?SSSa I . > bWs at MK for prune Sterling Exi lian*-*
Is depre.ted. be:ng as low M7|. New-Y" ra 6" l*y 1J1.1?
are at 3 f cent, dlicuunt.
itlarkets ? Si. [ttKTtS, Jan. 17
We hare had a light business today, and
Fi oca and <ik?in have been inacCve. Sa es of good coun?
try Fi oi k have taken place at 3 874, delivered on board ?
Of VFaBaT,?JM url?.?! hushel? have been aold at 753
804c. Coaa ba? declined, tbe receipts being heavy; 8,000
butbaj have rhange<l hand. * >? : 1 ? on hoard. O* 11 are
lower, will, tmall talet at IFVMe. PaovtsiORI are with?
out change Stle* of 200 bbl* Met? Posa at 10 5?3$11 ?
La at> I* .1 fair demand . Ml bbls told at' a7)c.an.l H ke/?
ai 7k W 1 >kv i* du.I at Ma Sa>? have been made of
2.CUII Hoes, runnier from 3 7"3il2-lhe latter price for
Hog? wel*''. ng from til to 230 lb*
Hrcelpta ot Produce
//y tk* Eue Railroail?Saturday?LJ0S seh s
Leatcer 77 head of Cattle, 168 1 krs BuUer. 28 Hog?. 26
calve*. 6" bale* Wool. 4 Sheep, 226 hhl* Flour. 281 bag* do
ISHkS A.be*. 60 do Whisky. 1.03.5 butheis Oats,''19 bags
do and 1 car load do.
H '.'?( St v }'.>rk and \> >r liar, n Rr?roa '. ?
*v4k?-alsp?49 Hog?, 733 pkg? Chee?e. r: do Butler, ;
? de? Leather.79 bi i? flour, 70 do Wmtkv, 5o Sbeep. 1
MtkoWool ?nd 14 Dead Hog*
Juditn'y oil Jtturdtjr SJoro'tr, Ja*. IS. of tfK'P'eiy, ?t h:? ret.
?Saaeoe ?t.?Tr r? i>?u?. I Hultti CH \T TERI' >S, ar>4 ?.mi.
H>. iMMSal w . ?**? rix-* ?0 s|ua?a>,*t i o k^.a, P. SL iruai t
[> ? R.' . .. C- :r h H.rl-rr.
On r. dar ITU n*t tt gl GrtuMrc. Part. SAMUEL. ktt*at**a ..I
Silt. M ? ? Can. i s* St.il**.'!, t?*4 i h..l: .? ar^l H Ssn
A. M Hutu AocUoneer.
JJLJFBRUADWAT.-Caab advances raaJ* apoa all e0?
?Ige-lie: j
W EDNESDAY EVENINO, Jan. 22, at 6 ocioek
ratviTi Law LiBBtar-An exienatve ar.d vaiua'de
collectJoB of Lew Books, embracing United State? and
Stale Repor *, State Law?, D^reau. Indexe*. Coramentar
les, T-ra. ..e? and a great vanetv of the moai approv-.j - ?.
mectary work* and many ?caree ar.d choice roaurtea, notb
English and American
At Private Ssle.?B<>hn ? Lihrariea. eonalstlngof tbe
standard, ?clenuiic. ant'quanan, claastcaJ, lilu*ira ed and
(oex? i cheap arrea Tbeee highly popular and valuable
publication* are offered to Oje trade tn qianuiie* a* we at
to tndividua.? ui set*, or tingle r >pte*. at mav be juMr.dl
By liie extenaive range of tuL ecu embrace.1 'n Uwk? i
series, they are weL adap^-dei Jier to tne i.hrane* ai nnC^
lnaUctior* or tie tbelvee of private collectors The en
prising puhueher. Mr Henry O Bohn. of London. U rapid'
IIIS fS D'W. '"? *-D<- Tnm lne character of thoae here
?2I?jm oLe? wM l> m*y ^'*<1", pf,?u-,,*,*1 "hM lb*
O1^*?MMBmmIiM: are Taylor's Holy Living and
UytEg atd Lamartine ? (jeneviere?the former of the Sian
?j * r,yi SS*a*5S S?S Bohl?'?-?w series; Plato,
pecu-d b\ ^mi) ^ket ' Scr,ptUi'e l^ndsare ax
Al*o. Lardner'? Lecture* on Science and Art* Ewhank a
ni lMU ia^M,,!, I t Rer^eu-. Douo.-^n^^
AJao. a targe assortment of Cap and Letter Paper.
Gr,,, , H^Fea-isl!*. Auctioneer
aiAacaoa.on WEDNESDAY. Jairlanat 120dock
MM Exchange, and theToUowtaa iayZ^
LOTS on First, Second. PWh. FlfJi. Suui and Severth
\;: *' ?-W-vi ??>?'???? ^sS iiwsisj
Arthowv 3 Bi receeb. Amf\\otr*mr
ibe comer of Molt ami Chatham sis si Aa t^-A *
TUdsv J RLEECKER wid ?f!l auction >o MDNDAi.
Jan. 27, 18.51, at ire Real Estate Sale* Rt*>ms, 7 droed at.
ihe fouovOng ?a:uable prop?-rtv, vir -. .
Cl*tium *m M-tt .t! -TfH- vslnaM* LOT of ground
with the 4 story brtek RUILDINO tnereoo, known as RM
174ar.d 176Cbatham-sl corner of MoU-sl ?ald Lot ten* U
? re 25 fret * tribes fnwung ?n Chatham-at 3. mm ?
?rches In the rear, by aS.Mii * feet M s?sdsSS tn iepth on
Mottm and about mXmm n depth on tr.e other sid* Tide
ui quesilonsbl*. For term*, map? and furtber partteu.ars,
appiy to the Aur?ooeer.7 Broad st t'.27>/ jl5 U.2",22tB
iTtrraowY J. BLftcara, Auctioneer. _
iKLK BOOBS and LOTS aattka Bjwery and on
lbrysilr-st at AUCTION-ANTHONV J BLEK.i KEIt
wil ?r 'at auction on WEDNESDAY, Jan. 22.1-1.at 12
0 r:< i ft. at the Real Estate Ssjes Room. 7 Broadatby or
derof the Executor, the following VALLABLE PROF
'tLVstlry bnck and ?late BUILDING. 1"1 B;>*?rt,
IftweeaO rand and Heater it* known a* ti e KNICKER?
BOCKER BATHS?Lot 25 by US feet In depth, with aU
th?- 'mprovements thereon.
Also the 2story bnrk front DWELLING HOI SE.anown
as 79 Cbrystie-st said Lol being In sue 2? feel ny *4 feet 1?
Inches tn depth , ._. -
for Msps snd furher partirulars of the shore property
y xer utor for the Estate of Sarah dampens, dec d.
JM ft_(1.2?')_
~ Axthont J. Bliecker, Auctioneer.
1 MEN.?ANTHON V J. BLEECKER will si A ic
? - on TUESDAY, the21st inst at IS o'clock, at the MEay
w*v and lU ih. 11 Ith and 112ih its. known as the Bloss??
property; J>e whole of the right grad* for building pur?
poses ac i forming ore of the most beautiful tracts oi Land
:n ti e upper part of the city. Tu.e perfect and terras easy.
Msps can be had at the Sales Rooms. 7 Broad st.?
lit 16.18 21121_ (1.2A')_m
Anthony J Bi.eecker. Auctioneer
I 1 .7 Rowerv and the HOUSE aod LOT No ii< Riving
ton st at AUCTION .
ANTHONY J BLEECKER WlTJ sell at auction on
MONDAY, January 27,1831. at 12o'clock at the Real Estate
Sales RiHim. 7 Broad-st. the following V ALI ABLE
Bovxrav?The valuable three-story brick Hons* snd l.ot
sf siowai ksoam as iff Bowery, ksjiweasi Oe.aneey smd
Rlvington sis. nearly opposite Spring st said Lol being tn
. . feet fron: and rear r?v 1'* feel In depth
?miltT?ST.?Aiso. ihe two story brtrk House aid
Lot of gt.Hind known as 2I<< Rivlngtoo st. new Snerl?! st_
?aid Lol being in sue 2=> feel front and rear, by 79 feel in
toMlj A portion of lb-put. l.sse irotiey can remain on
bond snd mortgage For maps an<l further partb-umrs o|
the above prop*nv apply to ilie Auctioneer, 7 Broad-si
jl8n _ J' j3J jjJ _'_
|l S HoOcn, A'irttoneer
(Mondavi MORNING at II a r.k. at :>7 Oreenwlch a*ei,ue,
coasisAlnj Of II mahogaDy cha'rs. 2 mahogany rockers. :nv
ksjaoo)] nsuck hatlssaadi. Tsssshla mr tallies, l sofa .>ed
stead. I sofa, bat stands. :4caneclialrs.3r. :ehairmMtresses.
1 walnut and msple bedsteads, 5 tine oil paintings, rich
frames, I msno^-any bureau*. 2 sen girandoles. "> walnut
tables, with a nuanltty of bedding, croc.kerv, i.e. Rain or
Jalok BsMAKT. Auctioneer ?Store 15 Spruce-sl.
I i l l ESDjI
ii, at II o'clock, splend'd Household Kumiture, the *f
. cts of a fam'ly eoing to Europe, consisting of superior
Parlor and Redroom Kumiture. Mahoganv Sofss, Chairs,
MsJof ar d Tea Tiiblee. Btussels and Tnree-ply Carpets,
Rook-rase. Hockers, Pier and Mantle Olasses, V<tral
i an p, O..cloth, fee. The bedroom furniture eonslts of
Maboirsnv Krench |(e,uieads, Hair Matresse?, Ptliasters,
Kemher Bens and Balding. Wash-stands. Dressing Ba>
rraus, Toi'ei S'ands. fce together with a large quatiiiiy of
Kitchen Kurnlture. large Move, with fixture* complete.
Tis srd Iron Ware, Crockery and CMas* Ware, &;<?. vc n?
;i)R SALE.?The followin* valanhle
property Is now ollered at PRIVATE SAL?*. If not
disposed of by WEDNESDAY, the 2?.b dav of January,
it u l! oa tbaiday be S(>Ll> AT AUCTION, bv ADUI AN
11 Ml LLEK. at 12 o clock, at the Merchants'Exchange
On ihe south side of Twenly nlnlh st. IV feet we- of
I \;b iv rive lliree-stcrv bftCSI l.oiise-. wt'h basements and
uader-cellars. built w ithin two years, each H feel In w lib
Tront and rear by 40 feet is .iepth : lots stlJBJ The street
la sewered and paved.
On the north side of Twenty-eighth ?I. 100 feel west of
the Sixth av. seven lliree-story brick hoiii.es, with ha?e
raent? and under-cellars, Croton wa'er, baths, ranges, Irasj
balconies, ic Ac . esch being 21 feet 3 1-7 Inches in width
front and rear hv 40 teet In depth, with inclosed Btazsa of
12 fret, maklng .52 feet; lots 21 feet 5 17 Inches bv 9K 9
The houses are ?et back from the street about 7 feet.
On the west side of Sixth av. commencng on the south?
west corner of TweMy-nlr,th-sL See four-story brick stores
and dwelling-, with cellsrs, commencing at the south we-t
corner of Twenty-nlnth-?t. and Si&lb av. each being 20 feet
front and rear by in feet in depth i lots 20x64 5.
Le\1ngton-av. commencing at the north-east corner of
Twenty second st. one three-story brick house, with base?
ment and under-cellsr, Croton water, baths, lie. 26 feet
fp nt and rear by 4.5feet In depth; lot BBKlOl
One three ?lory brick house adjoining the above of
?sine dimensions.
One vacant lot, adjoining the last mentioned ho ise;
(in UsS north side of Twenty second-st. loo feet east of
I.. Mrv-tcn av five vacant 'mi*, each I..-tnST Jn feet In width
! f 73 feet tn depth. The yard of the free Academy is 37
teet 6 Inches wide in the rear of these lots
Sixth Ward of the City of Brooklyn-Columbia at-1
lots on the we?t side of Columbia-si- 21 feet sou'h trom
Coni;re(s St. each being 21 feel in width by HO foeltn dspth.
Congress-l.?4 lots on south side ot Congress-st. west
of Columbia nt. 22 feet in width by aliout 8n teet tn depth.
> or furiber particular* applv to
\ H1IAN II Ml LI.ER. AucUou?*r, 7 Wall-ai.
120 'it's 2' .22,..'l,'*7,29*
Tbe Franklin Bath, formerly located al Castle i Jar.len,
with Ii? anchors, chains, cable- chairs, crockery and glass
* are, towels, furniture, ?c.wiii be sold at Pnone Aocttoi
st ibe Mercbaits' Exchange, on Till RSDAY, January
It., si 13 o'clock, M. for ihe benefit ef whom it may con?
sent, The Bath now lies st (ireenwood, where it may tie
f9 In c .rPe. i^nce of a mistake in die date, the above
sae Is adfoarr**] dg the 21 si Inst. at U o'clocB, when it
wiil lake place without Isil j.t'2i
4 SSK; N K K S S A Ll?^I'lie Undersigned
? wi.l sell at Public Auouou on the 2Hh dav of January,
I H,SI 10o'clock A. .M at ihe Congress Steam Mills, 172
Korsyth st ibe St^trk. Machinery and fixtures of said
Mills, consuung of Machinery for Uie manufacture of Mu?
tard, Ccrtee. Kanna. Chocolate, Bptce. Ac. j 2 Horses. I
Can aid 3 setts of Harne?-. 2 Orocer Wagons, a Rocka
w sy snd a Light Waggon, Office Kurn^ure. .vc. Stove.
Iron Safe, fcc . Merchandize, i.e. JAMES 11. THORNE
Assigneeo; JOHN t QRKljL. JlSTtfl
A~~f ~PRlYTTE~S AL E?KrigTne arid
|Boiier for sale, four horse power, and shop to let, three
stories and baaement. The engine can be seen in operation
at 41 Ht ster si AprlyioJOHN II MEAD, on thepremi.
ses.orofJ U. HOLBROOK. 78 Broadway.
Several llou.ea and Lots in Wi.Uamsburgh. Pr-cesfrom
ILJOI iot l>."._ JI7 lw?
'Y BAY CEMETERY CO. hare determined to sell
al PUBLIC AUCTION a large number of their burial lots
to the highest bidders. Tbe sale wiU beheld st die AMUR.
It AN HALL, corner of Orand-st. and Broadway on the
evening of the 23d Jan. at 74 o'clock
The proceeds of the sale are to be applied to the further
embellishment of the grounds, snd putting up the improve,
irents This course has been recommended by a majority
of the lot holders. The present prices of Lots are Ave?
nue Lou, |2d; Second Lots, back. 822; Third. $20; fourth.
?18: all others. $15. Persons who purchase at this sale will
nave the privilege of locating their lota In any part of the
Cemetery which remains unsold.
Terms of saie-*l to be paid on each Lot the night of
ale-the balance fttsl fifteen days, when a deed will he
given. A single Lot will be put up, with the privilege of
any Dumrer the purchaser may v* act.
A brief ht?tory of the following Cemeteries
l-i',*"""1 Mli1' Whe? ?tort*4fc??IO-o<"? selling from |J0 to
Mocument, ?? ?,7 .. ff)o to S2(a)
nion. ?? |e .. 75 to Q
Lafayette. ?? |n .. so to ,*y>
Philanthiop.c. ?? in .. wut m
Ko.acdson's ?? M ?? inn ,., %%
Oreer.wuod, ?? .. jiq
MountAubum. .. lOOto *0
Ibe above statement shows the rapid aivance in Uie
prices ol Cemetery Lots, and will bear lnvesugatlon from
persons wishing to invest money. We therefore call the
alte:,?on of capitajlsu both laige and small, to this sale.
Ur7' Churches and Societies are respectfully invited to
attend lids sale, as It affords them an opportunity to provide
themselves with Burial Places seldom met with, as ihev
wld havs the privilege of selecting any number of Lois
N B.?Stages run to tbe Cemetery over a heaiitiful plank
road from Jersey C:ty Ferry, at 10j a.m. 2t to 4i r m
daily. Ws respeeifully invite tne public to vUlt our grounds'
snd we feel satisfied they w 111 be pleased.
The Company has s very liberal charter, which will tier
petuate these gro ,nCs forever as s burial place
ADRIAN H. MI LLER, Auctioneer, 7 Wall-sL
Law rsssrn bv the Boaao or ALbsavir..'?.?"The pre
!l?f'."?M^,.p f <)ro!n?'eP''*?"i^ kf him some time
? e. prohlhillng interments in Uie City o'New York south
ot vtitest or any burial ground or vault, except in nrl
vat* vaults cemeterie* now exla?ng. under penal "in
each case of ?SO, to take effect on ?,e 1st day of AUv 11,
'.e , : y and county of N*w-York. Adopted bv S
H.uT si V?U!^Tll? Pr?^n^As*lstaraAlderrnen JuJs."
lt^?SCmr1aI> ?f? Barr. Webb. Ackerman. Crane
Fratcu. Smiib. Samtals, Sand.. Ward. Rogers, ?esan 3
glven^n^:siy^r^ed? ?f Whk? d?
mmtiutZ Md Commml(n Merchant, office78 Broadway,
RHSerevtces-Hoa Moaes H. Orlnneli, Hon. J Prescot
hsJLk.meon Draper. Ear, Hon. Wm. V Brady. S. C H-r
Oui H r sun !Sfi H""??*uid Furniture, Orocerlas and
MoriXe **? M0D'7 W 00 -CT and
P?ByC SALE?Will be sold m I^b-"
hours o''2*^des ,? J"URSDAT, Jan. 23, between the
^,b?Jf.'ri.,# "a<1' w1Uwut ooe brokefoV
25 ??sfft 'T ?he haaSloia
bxjTen^^ VD ???d T1?' t?11 amt ?Jfall htnds! two
s J^I r.Yr u,W?7hT ihe EUecdon of any person wishing
SeV b'.h^ l?quln ?^ J**m*mmi ^ aVssS subscriber,
Xa R*0!IU1- Sl'mSTSet Co. New Jersey
PER CCMT km iMti o?v heea HKCLARRO not of**,
e-mngaol (he ('o-epanv to Hi 6 ?nombe ending ihe li*j
ii litre, PAYABLE n :t* tOorfchoMers at um .M-cli*-.*^
Bank, n DM CttT if New-Yorl , 0 UM PI ?BT Of FKR
hl ARY pr ?mio
Tr.m'er !><H;k* ?Iii :-e r'i>*->d ..n he 2i .h. ? Il<l opened l*
Prh'iiarT. Per order of the Dw?e?ors AJMaaif, Jan M
IsAI. Ij??lf)_E. FOSTER. Jr. Beetwtary. e,
jv?Ykn^ ?lim.
11 TEK h ft ? ?>< > ?M E HONRS of ine NE*.
YORK AND ERIE Rs.'L:. IAO COM PA NY, lue on the
? f Frhruaiy r*>it. WIM. BE PAID >n that ???? it
office of ihe Company. 48 55'ad at on preeatalioa of th*
coupon.. NVw.Ura.J.-j--^^.^ MARSU ^
rpBE \P\ kkt1skk. htTiai . cot*.
X Had HA <?. wishes to eoerteei hi-aaviT srkh a tiieat
or.Cf.--r. t artier, iu Some maiiufacuiring ronrern. or jok
hlne Lusineee A line ttelmg iMitme**. ard real name, wtu
, treated confidentially. Addrtee. p?>?l pel*. Y IT I la
Net.au-*t up ttair*. office of the Mother a Mag at ice. N. Y.
IMf ANTED.?The idreitise. in ia the
Tf Book and Per.odieal Bu?ine*t m this >tv Mr
butine** h*t lrcre**-d I- .ond my r.re*ent m-? ? to .-arrt
it mi therefore I am desirous of lading to a "art
NER.wltb a cash capital of tot leea th*n f-> 0?,or for
three i r I M \eara The place of txitinct* baa heea in it*
preteni location for eeveral yeara past Thl? amjarii of
capital can be added without .me .(..Jar's Inr-ease ofit*
pre*enl expense* Kor further Information, addre** "H
\V " Tribune Office, with i <-aI name, and ?UkUag wheraan
Interview may 1h> had. which will meet with imcedWle at.
tendon. Ac. _Jy
Tbbascbbb's Omca kioaauM aao W.ittHTtil
Railbo?o CoMrAwr, >
Nobwich. Co?!?. Thura?lav. Dec '? lH.Su.)
PER CENT on the Preferred Stock of line Company
haa Uila day been declared, payable at ihe Tra.ii.fec Office.
II Merehanla' Exchange, in the City of New-Y o.a oo and
nfter the 15th dav of January neat
The Book, of the Company will be eloeed M the SI et
Inet, and remain cloeed udUI the 14th rru?l,u0 Hooks for
.ubarrtpuon to the preeeal Slock of Ml Company wtu b-?
opened on ihe IMh of January neat, at ih* Trer-le, orf.ee,
(Timo T Merw.o. Tran.rer Agent.) I? MerchantsEx.
change, New-York, and remain open for *lxty day. inert*.
""a? ?tockholder* who *ub? rlbe aa aforeeald. and payM
per c ut. on the preferred *loca, will Im eoUlled to lle? DV
v dend to be declared in July next,on their preferred .lock,
which embrace* four .bare, of old MMk for each*harao"
new.l.k-k.ul*cril*d.and tnlereel will mm tdkM|<d MfM
rate of .U per cent, on all lii.talluieuu from the I la proxi
"S?- "*'"' TVkRK.NS. Teurer.
-Collectbm. made >>c all the PRINCIPAL CITIES. >ftf?
PNITED BT AT KB. Reference tr Wew-Yor* U^*n
Wtnelow, Lanier k Co 68 Wall-**_
Boanl of Director, have tht. d?y declared a Semi Ann ia)
Dividend ol 6 per cent on the Capital Stock, (inc.udlug the
amount paid on the Bcrlrt Share*,) out Mjm ?yT,,n('?,0'
the six month, ending dl.t December IH.50, ito Stockhold?
er, at the rloee of the book* on that day,) payable on and
after Tl E8DAY.2fith January ln*i
Holder, of Stock reg1?tere?l on ine Tran.fer Hook, in tha
City ofNew-Yerk, will receive theo Dividend, at the office
Certitieaie. of Script Share* nine; I * preeenie?i at their
oUice for the indorsement thereon of tht* Dividend payment
-Dated Madiaon. Jan. IS, is .i
JI6 2wi* WM.N JACKSON, Sec y M A I RR Co.
Maion kHv Wr.?t?ae Rolboao CoMramy. I
Macow, Oa Jan. *>, lh.5|. S
IVIDEND NO. !>.?A Dividend hat
- been thU day declared of KOI R DOLLARS per .hare
the consolidated .tock of this Company, and the pro.
perttorate sum (two dollar, per .hare) on that whirn has
not yet been returned for consolidation, payable on and af?
ter the fir?t of February next, at the office In which the sama
1* rejitatercd. By order of the Board.
jlTtJTl* J H TAYLOR. Secretary
81 RANCE COMPANY of Indiana has declared a
DIVIDEND of SIX PER CENT for the last sli month*,
payable in ca*h to tho New York St >caholders at the office
of 1)1 SENBERY V OUDEN, ?5 WUUam sL (over Leather
Manufacturer* Bank.)_J" lw
I The Interest on the Public Stock, of the, City of New
York, due and payable February 1, HCl, will be paid oa
that day by SHEPHERD KNAPP, E*q. Chamberlain el
the City, at the Mechanic*' Bank, 33 Wail-eL The Trauatar
Book* will be elo*ed on Wednesday. Jan. 8, at 3 o clock
P M.
rsf For the accommodation of Blockholder. Iruntrer.
wuT be permitted during Ibe period the books rentals
clo*ed, lo lake efl'ecl February 1.
CowTBQi.l il l Offut, N T. Pee. Tl. 185ft. dlffl tfi
?A country gentleman, having ? n head several
thousand dollars, wi.l purchase good br.i-rate mortgagee
on New-York, Brookl>n or Wllliamaburgh lou, at a mod
erate duteouDL Mortgage* ot very *uiall anouot, or
having manv year* to run, will riot be objected to If well
?ecured. Add re*. Mortgage, thl. office, poaipeid, wttk
name, addre**, and foil particular*, by Tuesday e/enlng.
JI8 3f_
TRUST CO ?A Dividend of four per cent on the cap.
Hal sto_-k of tM. institution was thl* day declared t.y the
Board of Trustees, pavable at the office In thl. city, on de?
mand or at the Agency tu Naw-York on and after the fid
in.t By order, \V. OEENE, Sec'y.
Cincinnati, Jan 6,1851._JMtXl
3AN FRANCISCO, CsdMbtala draw ai sign? or ?
Urne In sum. to suit purchasers, on
and on PAOE A BACON, St Lou;,, Mo. payable at mtm
ot ihe prominent points In the State? Collection* attend*!
to aad proceed, remitted promptly. WUI also attend is
sales of Produce and Merchandize lor parUes residing
abroad PAUK. BACON it CO San Francisco,
nil 3m' PAOE A BACON. St. Louis. Mo.
Refer to Messrs DreW. Robinson k Co New-York.
R0( ky bar MINING CO.?Notice.
?The stockholders of the Rocky Bar Mining Com?
pany are hereby notified that there wni be an election of ?
Board of Director, on Wednesday the Sih day ol February
next,at 12 o'clock Mat their office, 74 Wallst New York.
Dated New-York, Jan. 18, 1*51
j!8 tFi_JAMES PELAVAN, Secretary.
The Directors or the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad
Company, will sell at Auction at the Merchant*' Exchange
In the city of New-York, on TUESDAY the twenty-first
day of January tr.st at 13 o'clock, by Messra Hw.-rty.
Draper A Jones, Auctioneers, Eight Hundred Thousand!
Dollars of Seven Per Cent Mortgage Bonds of the said)
These Bonds forma portion of a ?ei!eaof|l .??i,u*j, to be
Issued by the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad Company,
for the purpose of relaying thetr track with heavy T rail,
and of paying off the floating debt of the Company Tbey
will be secured by a mortgtge given to Trustee* on the en?
tire Road, wltb It. equipments, fixtures and appurtenance?,
suMect to a prior lien of R5ft),om.
The Bonds will be in sums of $1,000 each, dated on the
1st February, 1851, and having fifteen years to run, with In?
terest at seven per cent per annum. Internet coupons,
payable at the Bank of Commerce, In New-York, on the
first day of February and August In each year, will be at
tar bed to each bond.
Tbe Road extends from Sandu.ky City, Ohio, on Laxe
Erie to Springfield, 134 miles, where it connects with the
Little Miama Railroad, running to Cincinnati Prom
Springfield It extends to Dayton, 24 miles, and t has a
branch road to Flndlay. lb miles, forming a total of 174
mile* of Railroad.
The Road passes through a number of flourtablng town*,
and an agricultural eoantry of great fertility. It Is finished
end in full operation, the net Income for the mm months
ending on 3Mh November last, having been $I3.i,oo?. Taa
cost of the Road up to this time Is. t2,5tie,731 15
Tbe Capital Slock being. 1,850,085 OS
Bonds already issued. ?1,000 Oft
Floating Debt.,. ?UM*.li
The terms of payment will be tea per cent ca?h, the bal?
ance to be paid In eaual monthly payments of ten per oast,
commencing on the 1st of February, the pun hater, bavtaf
tbe option of paying the whole amount In cash on that day.
The Bond, will be convertible Into stock at par at aay ?b?
before their maturity.
For further Information, ar.d for printed statement* show*
it <t the condition of the Road, apply to Me**rt MA Ml'EL
HENSHAW k SONS. Merchant Ex--han? a<-we. or
_IJlQglstl_WARD A CO. 54 WaR-st
JA mens* Bank roa S*\inc. have ordered that interest
be pal ) on al deposits, which according to Die. By-law*
are entitled thereto, for the six month* ending Dec 5", 1*5*.
a* follows:
On sums of Five hundred dollars and under, at the rtaw
of six per cent, per anuum, and oo sums exceeding Ft**
hundred dollars at the rale of five per cent, per aanora
payable on or after Monday 20th ln*t
The inu-rest will be placed to the credit of depositors kt
William Nbi.so.n, Secretary.
New-York, Jan. 16,1350. j,*y #-,?
WANTED?A Purchaser for the hand
? ? some*t situation for a Manufacturing Town la lb*
Bltum. ItconMsts of abont 12? acres of land with water
sufficient for ten mills. It would be sold for half Its valnfc
To tee a M?P. and for further particulars eooulre49? Broad
way, of JOHN P REDNER. jl*6t
YY* ANTED?A Partner with $1,000 to
v v lo purchase one half Interest In an unparalMI**
money making enterpri/e. Tbe buslneae of the omtvotx
will be to keep an office. Addre*. L. K. this Office.

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