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L^Sff^ n 0. reed at Hop? Chapel, wi Meliver *J *4
tZ5?Sfi?>>~ ?""?? Ringe. '? ?*??%f?JkAil
; . .1 M.r Cllaion, CJNl'nen-tng o i AKDSf.MHY
VvKJrt?o.JM. 2A?<* con?calng every evealng during
? hi-Vck ffl Cour.? will ????>??! it* B.a. ?,Mi.;:. ..
i?? l>ui. Re.-tmen. Br?in, Nervo?? System, Ski ,
i^SStLlhm Luig* andtisir Dlsesses, hc kc
1 ?SRiTuSm ?w ^ \ l?U.l n to ihe nv
... 'a 1* ctwre? I.* cer.U "-'b ????''?'? < ? open *' "i;
/ lettn ?Hl commro:e st 7J o c ock ?Or pirueiUr? of
J3I Lecture, we pro? ry-ume._t? W
"T^Stilrlteal Iiaacblaae.-M?**r?. BURK. w.il
?ivt tkr ? berlures ftl lies Society L.Nrsry. coruec of l/tjn
?.'-*!. ard llroadwav. on Oh<?H s . | W ?er*A ?"J
?Wert, Mir.O*. kc, oa MONDAY. TU CSU AT ? ?1
HKUNKS?AY EVa-MN'*!*, lan 21 and 2i I*?l. Af?
ter he Lecture each htgra, t-xper'ii.ef.t* ?Hl be f>rulu,.?d
tWlitllKBitti wlro o-iee <.rw?nl vuhinitrily out ?i?I ? he
?L4t.tr?>, w Mrh ftolly ir. utrw? and explode Ihe SPIKir
w 7; rorW*V. Um r**e*rsisrf Indian Chief, who 1.is
?st reiI.rnerlT>e*n Europe. ka?OoisawaNIJH?4; .?** ? '.' ? "
Md Ek?*?-*-:* c.( the N?r?k Amen.?-. WH? laCIwi ?
"iSCifkftf? lmmM%*tm*,*$M*Tmi
? ml |eaV*4ofea. _?' -
rv> Af theOawsiriil and Mathematical ??ehool
?iMrwi ?KIX.VMlK mi? NICHOLS. H4 Sixtb-av. near
Wasntigton ParaSe ground, there will ?>? P.nltc Spe?k'ng
hv Ih't t-upn? a"d ? Lecture tr im ?in?! ot tue Tench-r? every
WEDNESDAY Kt TKR NOON, from 2 to 3 o'clock. Beb?
ten ofthe LeeH-.re*: *> Historyerf?M Jew?a-" Tlmem
iPTml?^ in llK-'?dv?n<-(-iii>T.l of the MitI ?rc invite I I? *t
WDd. _ _jg g
ra? At tkt) Anaaal Elactlaa far Ulraclara af
Ike NewVork Uan Kl?hi ( oitionu?. i .:
13U> iQ*t- U>? foUowlDK nkuied geauaujen were coj?eo lor
tbecntumv %?-?r
VVUikm W. Kox. Jo?eph W?lker.
John J u?lmer. Thoma? W. Pearttvl,
J???>' h Kernochtx. (;?rtllnpr O. Howland.
N?iHbT?ylor. Job? W. LhrtoffMa,
U?v?d ll?<JdeD. J P6";ip. yt t uix
Eli?t? &)gt: , Ouv Ricamrd.. ?ad
Kd w?rd J. Wool.*/.
Ait iuni<?cueut m?*tiD|r?f the Biwl, WILLIAM W.
fOX w?* unuumou.lv reflected frtat'teot, John Mow.
ion. MAmgtr.md C. L KvKkn t. Socreify. }2i It
*^Br~i,7?nrer f'lay ( lab af the Hlgbtk \Var?l.
? 11*' Mt/iulier? of till* Club ?r? reoueated to mnnt at the
FI.?*??M. 47 Uuwird-tl. on THURSDAY EVKNINO
next, *3ti tii.t U 7J o'clock, for toe purpose of Electing
tlxrif Officers for the en*ulne year, and also to make ar
rauktiutiita for their Anmil Bail.
CHAS. McDOUOALL. Prealdent.
John J. tUXCQCK, J J222??*
CP t hlrf of Polio?-.? Wm m-?s tliat it is .aid thai tu?
?IMiaikUll?klll Ju.iir? MERRITT. and Mr. STUART
???> tb?< or.iy CaLdxialt^ for ihia office. This 1* a mi.take.a*
Mr (AARON <? BIRR, late buperlntmltnt of Lampaand
Oa, i* alao ? Candidate HI* well known activity and t?
fxtrory ri-rif'fr him a very auitahlo Candida?, and w? li'ijie
nta ciaiuia may not bt< overlooked. MANY WHIO?.
fT Acarfeny af .ritdlrloe of the State af New?
Verb (fleuteopatblc).?A Special Moo mx of the
Acadtmyol Mrdu ineol the State of New-York will be
held at m Broadway, on THURSDAY, the iid inn at 8
o'clock, P.M. fjgntn'j J. M WARU. Prwident,
CP At it meeting of the Tr?nier, af the Dry
Doeb Kmvln??? itnok. held on WKDNEaUAY KVlj.
NINO. lAth mat the followin?r officr. werexlectod for tbe
?oauujK7??r: JOHN A DKVKAt', Praaideu*.
Alciandcr 8i ewar, I ~ ? -
Tnom.s Jerbmiah, } Vice-Prealdenl*.
By or... i
Jamcs L BtbwaaT, Secretary. J20 3t*
DT Ueafeeit? C ured.-Da LUTENER'S EAR IN
FIRMAKY. I'* Broadway and 2?j Warrnu-.v jpen daily
from u eiittl 3 for tbe eiclu.ive treatment of Ear duteaae*^?
<iea/D?JM, discharge* 'run the external Ear, and the v art out
dt*tr?>i?tnc noiae*iD the bead removed without d*k or pain.
CooauRatton fee, by letter or otherwiae, (l. Unpaid letters
Caot?om !?^THe I). *f are eaiitloned afainst ?pplyinf to
Ikoae *?it-?iiylml Aurlata. Thev, wim their ?bowy
Uk? ?>?? many auiverilsed on ark oil*, are trap* aet by un?
principled knave* to catch the unwary. Tboie impoaiert
are not merely confin??. to Lbi* city alone, but are spanning
?p like iiin.hriMiiii. In other elite*.
Dr.LUTENKRS unprecedented *ucce*? I* the cause of
those fungM-like Aurl.l*. Dr. Lutener haa no connection
?rlth any othet person, and Is the only recognized Aurlst In
tbe United ?t?te?._dM H't
Of Dr. James W. Powell, Aorist, dfce. con
Unuec to attend exclu*lv?ly to Uiaeaie* ol the n>v and Ear
from 9 to 4 o'clock daily, at it WvreD-sL corner of Broad?
way, where can be had bis popular " Treatise on the Eye."
Pnce 50 cett*. Also, his seli-acttng Eye and Ear foun?
tain. Artificial Eyes inserted without pain or operation,
that will move like ite natural Eye. llKbteod*
f^.(M)0*fl?wiird.- Fugitive Slave Law,
*Vr.- Noll? e I* hsvehf (riven that In consequence of
the ?reat demand for ticket* lo the Grand Maaon'c
ei.irruitiUK.-Dt of CELESTIAL LOOSE, number 2. of
A. V.M. which wa. to lake place at Convention Hall
In Wootter si on Tbuitday eveiiinK, the 2Jd in?t. Ihst
the came la transferred to the OERMAN II ALL, 101 K /?
beth *t by order of the Coinmittee of Arrangement*.
J221f_Q. BKRRINUTON. Cbalrtaan.
17 ?-rasHl Division ?*. ef tTn. v.-An Ad
Jo'.c.e.. Session of tue O. I). will be held al tne Hall. .36?
Broadway,!* VVKDNESUA ?, V!*t ln*t. si 74 o'clock,p m
Re|.rrreniative* are requested to he punctual
|2laV Byordtr. THOS KUOKRLEY, U.S.
Or Meeting of Choirs at the Tuberaacle.?At
a mceiiiig of Leaders of l'n .irs and others, held, by iovlta
tii'ti. in the Lec ure it. um i I the Tabernacle, on Wednes?
day evening, Jan. inst fur the purp?*e of rehearing
Psalmody under the direction of Mr. LOWELL MASON.
It wa. proposed to hold another similar uie^llug, ol which
Mr AI ASON wa* unatnmoutiy Invited to take the dirtjeuon.
Such a meeting will, therefore, he held In the Sroadwav
Tabernacle or WEDNESDAY EVENINO next. ZU inst
comiKencinf st H o'clock.
Member* of Choir, and other Singer* are Invited lo ha
p-et'Dt and participate in the exerci.e*. J2I A*
tf Men-untile Library Aa-.oelatloii.-The An?
nual thXllss. of OHicer* of lhl* Aaaociatio : will Ire held at
Clinton Hall, corner of Beekmaii and Nassau sis on TUES?
DAY, the 2lsi ln*l The Poll* will he open front ' o'clock,
A M.toti P M.
No Member who Is sj arrear* for lues will he enlHIed to
vote. |jl8 4t j C. W. OODEN, Rae. Rec'y.
?TNatlea ta Navlgutars.-CUSTOs house,
New'-YoRK?Collect??*?? Onus, O?tolier23, iftio.?
The 6th section of sn act i f Co'igreas, approved zHth Sep?
tember, id**', entuieo '? An Act making appronnatton* for
Light Hon.es, Light Real*, Buoys." lie provt-les?
That hereafter all buoy* along the roast, or tn bay*, har?
bor*, aoun.l* or ehannela, ahajl be colored and numbered,
so that passing up the coast or sound, or entering tbe bsy,
sarbor or channel, gsj buoys with *nn numbers shall be
passed on the .rvirfruard' hand; MrtWrbuoy* with w/irren num?
ber* on tbs/Nirf hand, and buoy* with rtd and bUttk strpe*
oa sillier hand. Buova in channel way* to be colored with
alternate m*tf? and bl.u k perpendicular stdpes."
I hereby give notice that the provisions of the foregoing
Law will be carried Into efect, and the changes Indicated
there in made in the arrangement of the buoy* in tbe waters
of lhl* DUtrirt. on or shout the 1st of Mav I8.il.
o?2sw3m_H MAXWELL. Collector.
If** Paat OfBce? Naw-Yarb-Notlce.-The ma l*
for Europe, per t'Dit?d States (learner "Pai/U'Ii," will
close si this office on Wednesday, the 2tf Inst at n-j A. M.
Letters for the Conunwit per the " Pacific." must be pre*
paid n reins for --ach rale. W, V. BRADY, P. M.
J^l ft_
tV Nttitieon & l a.hi New-Orleuns ami Mo?
bile bafaae, 19 Wall-?t.-We shall dispatch an
KiDr*?? ?Ith Freight, Specie. Jewelry, iic. per s eamahip
?"ANNY, SATURDAY. January 18. 18M, lo NKW-Orl
LEANS and MOBILE Al*<>, per *te*m*hlp OHIO,
SATURDAY, Jamiary 25, 1851. No freUhl received on
Uiedav of sailing. STIMSON It CO.
If Wall st New-York, and St Charles h.Uel Building,
& Vv ashlngton's Birthday.?The Common Conn
rllof the t tty ol New-York having resolved to observe
the 2Vd day ol FEBRUARY, the natal dnv of the rather of
k.s Country, in a m*nner|Wortl>y of thai devotion every true
patriot mutt feel for his memory and principle*, the mriiary
and civil instilut'on* and ?ocietiea, together with all the ?r
tanixations of the city, are invited to panicipsts in ths
?sine, and to report themselves to the Committee of Ar
rangemert* at 4 City Hall, on or before Friday evening,
January 5l. for the purpose of enablltig the Commluee lo
complete ti? arrargement*.
assistant ALOCSMrN.
Jsoufcry 18, 1861 ion 4tc
* "JHW AOENCT, Office 478 Broadwav-At this office
teuiiito* vti.hibg Servant* will find lhi>*e capal'le and intel
uzZ* ^fjbohcaud P.otesisnl, well recommended K* ni
l'f,',r u* Bw?raer* ?upplled ; ladle* ?nd gentlemen
5v , di,'?ed to mich house, a. thev rsouire,
gf"_T. p. sUANDERS, Proprietor.
.en. !"VjyjWW:--taw?a?l respectshle and compe.
wnl male and female sevvanu. AtreWae English, Irish.
bVolch and tJennan. are lo be h.d at the Agency lor Do
MMics. I? Orssgs^t BrvHiklvn. "f| Jlf a ^
?./ Cosrhmen. y.ets, cnik*. iSmSSm
ESiSEWS 'V 'T*""11 lK~^'?^? ~-Hill, and
small girl*. Older* by Bote punctually attended lo. JJ1 it*
mri.VW,lhu' (''plUl fA',,K'' Iu J'"" ln ? Mat, ifac
rsrioi Business to be esiahil.hed in one of the mm r>!nu
ant .Lisgr* In Weaiern New-York. Ii i* s?le. ?
<i<>r>s ?achjsl* !yfor.a*h. secured for ten years,Aud wi i
*!!-WW.PM P*r cm. Particulars can only be given od a
r^*WAMIMsrib)a. Bestofcl-v reference glveo ai>d re.
quired A4d.es. 8. A H MiU at office of Joural of Cos?.
f****1_'_ j22 St?
mVANTKl)?An Industrious Person in
?r?j. ?e,*r-V,iu1i??' who hw ?omo knowledge of
? ****** |???e ?les. and conduct the bu.fnes,
ZTsl 1 SttCi11 .V**"01! , *n hBT?- ? Permanent .itua
rion si 11 fair salary He W% h? required to give ??* to
^KXTON WANTED-F..P one of ihc
S^.ii Z?t;Z?r^ S? wailnonlsbL asy
?W el a Sl.uation by addressinr box 201'J. Si eod* '
YVA^TED'?The advertiser is in the
War li>?k anl Periodical B,i?H-?? in this eltv. My
fciit.lne*? has tMfHn4 beyond er>v pretent ni-an* to rarry
1( on; therefor* I am desirous of taking (n a ?tlenl PAR
NKR. *H*ll >(Mi capital of rot :e*s than ?ftfnori.or for
tfcrtwor S?e?,ear?. The place of busine** ha* Iwo in IU
preK-v .ixailou for several vears pe?t This annum of
ca?1ts! can he added without 00? dollar** Increase of n?
pr?-?.-,t expenses. For further Information, address "H
W." Tribune Office, with ieal name, and stating where an
interview may be had, which will meet with immediate at?
tention itc:_3r
HWANTED?At 114 Nassau-at. (base?
ment!? Employment ia speedily obtained for Clerks,
Salesmen, Porters, School Teacher*, Bar keeper?, Waiters
O arhfuen, Boys to )e%rn re*pe<-tahle trade?. Rule? and
Regulations to be aeen In the office, which are ?trtctly os
mnH Employers fee|l per year. Applicant* inclosing
|1. free of postage, stating th?- description of empiovment
required. OP Intuited. fj22lf| THO.S. SPINK.Ag-nt
A(rENTS~WANTED.?From $800 to
# 1,200 IM? be made in telling the New Family
Manual, at Naaaau-at. 2d floor. Call oraddreoa postpaid
The Amenran Family Publication Establishment, N. V.
j9 lm*_
B() V W ANTkT)"1N a BO< > K S poke.
? WANTED?A smart ac?ve boy a* Clerk In a look*
?tore. He must write a good hand, be correct In tuur.-a.
and come well recommended. Apply by ?*?*?? through ihe
Po?t Office?give age and references. Add eu '? Book?
seller."_gj V
Suitable for a ?mall private family In the upper part of
the city, or In Brooklyn, comfortably furnished and plea?
santly located, from now to the first of May or longer.?
For one conveniently arranged and in good order, a fair
rent will be paid by a good tenant. The ?nv?r or linen not
required. A note addressed to JAM KS D. STEVEtfSO M,
Counsellor at Law U Wallst.. po?t paid, ?tailug locality,
rent and all particulars., will receive attention. |I8 2wc
WANTED?Twelve young men to sei
a Patent Article and other aride? Trey are newiy
got up and will meet with ready ?ale, cj no family will do
without ihem aAer being firat introduced by the Ajjen; ?
Thi? i?a fine opportumiy for young men to clear from $1 5"
to $i per day, an our afent* are doing at present A local
At-ent for Ohio?capital cm* Apnlv, or address, post?
paid, W. D. BEAl'MONTE. H2 Na??aii-?t._j20 3t
UWANTED?A man to work on a farm.
One who baa had experience and in thoroughly ac?
quainted wllh ail branches of farming An American or
Scotchman preferred. Inquire at JOHNL FBtfDALL, 1M
Bixth-aver.ue. and E. J. BROWN, 67 William-?!.
J18 81*8* WiS_
WANTED ? A double office below
Wall-tL either in front of Water or South sts A 1
dress box 1.932 Po?t Office._J21 3tc
rate Power Loom Printing Cloth Weavers can find
?teady employment bv applying 33 Fine-st. Hand Loom
Weaver* need not apply. J21 Iw
AS General Housemaid, by a well rec?
ommended tidy Oirl i it a firtt-rate cook, washer an l
lror.er. Haa tue beat of city reference No objection to go
a ?h?rt distance in the country. Call at SM Broadway, ft*
AS Gardener, by a respectable ynunf*
man of much experience in this country, who know*
every department of hla business; the cultivation of vege?
tables, fruit? and flowera; care of green-house; early forc?
ing Id general. Can show excellent tna?inoul?)* ?r<h?rar
ter, lie. with the best of city reference. Address T. B. t.
8f> Nassau-at, room 22. J221t*
AS Chambermaid or Waiter, or to take
care of Children, by a young Woman In a respectable
family; beat of city referanra jriVen. Apply at 31 ISaaax
?t ; to be seen for three day* only. J22 It*
AS ( hamhkhmaid and to mind Children,
or to assist in Washing and Ironing, by a respectable
young Woman, with good reference. a food home would
be preferred to high wage?. Apply at 21 Catherine-st. im
the basement.
AS Dressmaker in a private tapiily, by
the day or week, by a competent young Woman who
has been employed in some of the first establishments in
the city; good reference. Can be seen at 11? Eighth av.
between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth sis j22 it*
AS General Housemaid or as plain
Coo*, washer and ironer, by a respectable Protestant
\oung woman with good city reference. Csn be --een for
two Cays at 219 Mercer st. J22 It*
AS Chambermaid or to take care of
children and do plala sewing by a respectable you.ig
woman ta Protestant), or would have no objection^ to do
1 trieral housework in a small priva'e fami'y. Has good
reference*. Can bes?en at M Hamruersley-st. for two
days. .122 It*
AS Plain Cook or to do General House?
work In a imall private family bv a r>spect?tile girl,
la a good waahrratrd ironer or to do chamberwork. City
r<-r?,?i>re? ,an be given. Can be seen fur two days at 11*
\\ eal Stiventeenth-et. between BiMh and Seventh avenues.
m a_
AS Chambermvid und Waiter or as
Chambern aid anil to assist in washing and ironing by
a refpeclt'ble l'rote?tani girl Oood rtderenco. Apply I
221 Tbompson-bt. Can l?e seen for two day*. |22lr
AS Ndrse, by a middle-aged woman.
She understands the care and management of an in?
fant, or children of any age, or to wait on an invalid lady;
I? a Kood seamstress. Tlie advertiser Is accustomed to
travel. Can give the highest testimonial as to character
and capability. Can be seen at 128 Third-avenue, between
Thitleeiiih and Fourteenth sts in the bakery. It*
AS ("oor and to assist in washing anil
Ironing, or as Chambermaid or General Houitemaid
in a small private family by a respectable young woman
Hss the best of city re erenre For either si uaiion call at
M Mott si. between Hester and Walker. J8 It'
AS Chambermaid and Seamstress by a
respectable Protestant younp woman. Would have
no objection to attend an Invalid Lady. Can be seen for
two ilays at her last emplovers 36 Fourteenth sL near :h"
Sixth avenu?. JK It*
AN Able-Bodied young man, a Protes
tar.t, wants a situation in any respectable business
where be can make himself generally useful. Understands
ite csre of horses and has a tolerable knowledge of Farm?
ing Call at 2b Whliehal)-st. M flow, back room. J22 It*
I^WO RESPECTABLE Protestant girls
wan place*, the one as Cook and Laundress, would
prefer the latter in a respectable board house or prtvate
fsiiillv: the oilier as Chambermaid aid Waiter. Oood re?
ference given. Call at 3d? Mott-sL j22 It*
1%'ANTED?A Situation by a retpect
w t abie Scotch woman as a competent cook Ci'y rsj
ference given. Call at 166 Ninth tt. third floor between
am and Fourth av. J22 2,
WANTED?A Situation by a well re
w ? commended tidy girl, to do Chamberwork or to
t*k? care of children and sewing Is a good plain sever
hi si totid of rl bdreu. Has two years and nine months citv
reference Would make herself useful and go for low w?
j.e?. tail at 223 Bowery. ;22 ll
IV ANTED?A Situation by an Ameri
?* <an Protealant girl as Chambermaid and to do tine
waging and Ironing. No objection to do plain sewing.
Can be seen st ber present employers at 2? First-avenue
for two day ?. j22lf
AWELL educated Protestant desire- a
siiuati, n to take rare ot and teach young children the
rudiment* of an English rducaiion. She iti g"od seam
atresa, can CM and til their dresses, Is competent to take
ciiff of a house, or would be wilting to assist a lady in
ibe careand management of her household affairs. A1ver
User Is a person of most industrious and conscientious
\ rumples, which her reference will prove,?having h*d
? ??od experience in the above situations. Please call at or
sddreasT. 0,71 Crosb) -st. first door olf Spring st Can be
seen for three daya It*
AS Cook, Wa*her and Ironer?By a
very respectable young woman, with best of city
references from ber laai place. Can be. seen at 1*1 Mo't-si.
In the rear. j^2 It*
\V ANTED?A respectable Boy, aged
? ? from 12 to 16; Eng ish Scotch or American preVr
N o msA be able to read and write good; a good boy
v?iuld l>e ttnated as one of the family. Inquire from 9 till 2
at Dr LISTENER'S Ear Intirmary, H Warren-sL P. S -
Oood teatlmopials re?|ulree. j22 Sf
^Lr%/A.ntkd?By a well educated, re
? ? ?pectable young Oerman Wnterman. a sitnalion in
a private fsmilv or a Uoiel. or to travel with a gen leman.
He speaks ihe English and Kreuch languages fluently; has
nud. din this country several years. Can give the most
satisfactory reference. Call at 5M Broadway. j22 li*
AS Plain Cook, Washer and Ironer.
and eacellent Baker, by a respectable yonng woman,
ran produce the most satisfactory city reference from her
last place, ran be seen for two days. Call at M Houston
sl brat floor laj ayi
*'\TER, whoae present engagement expires on the first
of February, and who would like to change his location,
WttajM be bappy to negotiatiate with ?ny responsible Mer
cnaat Taiioring Establishment centrally located and doing
a *.-od trade for a silsiatlon. Addreas "Trade,'* Tribune
kf? and salary which must be good ; also,
wi en and where an Interview can be had 116 iw*
^LV ANTED?By a sober, steady man a
? f altuation u Farmer or Gardener uadersiands t a
management and care of Cattle and their disease*. The
best of testimonial* can be given as to character at d r in.
a .ihiy. In(..ilret4 8uffu!k^t j2l 2t*
Now Ready
Astrnn.oii.irai Calculation* for the year USt.
Man bag and Evening Stars? the Se*ton-Cy->??
Mov?l.|e feuu?Jewtili and M-?hamm-U- Calen?
dars, lie
Eclipses for 1R.M?ihe PlanetJ, kc.
Tidn and Star TaWc*? Astronomical Characere, kc.
Calmdar? for the several months of ML
Government of the 1,'ntted State?. Executive a'li f-tdldal.
Senate of th* United States Members of, and Difar >n o'
House of Represent tive?. Member* of.
Mileage of X XX let Cnnf re??, 1? ReMmn.
Members elected to House of Representative*, XXXIU
Millard F'limore, A Biographical Sketch.
Governments of Europe and America.
Korn? of Government?Capitals? Pop nation?i*.r?
Miles?Namen of Rulers, lie.
Congress In IMO: a Sketch oi its Doings.
I iii i or'at t Arts of the XXXIat Congr^as. 1st Session.
Admission of California?The Texas Boundary?Or?
ganization of Nt w-Mexlro and Utah?Extending 1" S.
Laws and Judicial System to CaHioniia?Fugitive
Slave Laws?AbolUhlng Slave Trade in the District
Bounty Land Bill, with Ins.ructions and Forms, kc. sic
Appropriations for ibe Fiscal Vear HsM 'SL
Finances of the United States.
Public Debt?Domestic Import* and Exports.
Population of Cities h? Census of IBM and 134ft.
The Dead of DVA
Zechary Taylor?John C. Ca'honn?R. M. Johnson
Robert Peel. sic.
Europe in 185f>.
Expanses of Tbe Mexican War.
California in 1350.
Central America. Nicaragua, and tbe Ocean Ship-Canal.
Railroads in the 1 :..t.?i States.
The Lenglii of ea. h Road, Fare ami Rate per Mile.
Election Returns of the several States for 1850.
Stato Governments for 1150. Receipts. Expenses, kc.
Importations under the Tanffs of'42 and "4,6.
Exports, Imports, and Tunnage of the Unit?! Stats'.
Price, single copies 12? cents; 11 per dozen; 17 per H\
j2" tf_Tribune Office. New-York.
Ei N V ELO P ES.?(89 Nassau-?. Sun
i Building )-ENVELOPE8, NOTE PAPER, kc :n
large or small qaantities.
VALENTINE ENVELOPES, a new and original pat
lern. Mourning Paper, Ac. J22 It*
Pries Twenty five Od'*
with one hundred engravings, new edition, Just published by
j22 6t FOWLERS k WELLS, 131 Nassau at
I ? pei tan t Notice.
TEACHERS, STUDENTS and Readers in general
ConteinplaiiDg a change in our husine?? arrangements, we
offer our entire stock of Miscellaneous School Books, at
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J22 if opposite John-st.
explaining the mode of forming the Greek characters
with ease and elegance, a rare work, together with a va?
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old works among COLMAN'B stock now being closed ai
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ORATIONS AND SPEECHES with three T ributes
of Friendship, hy Charte? Siimner?Just publishes djin two
volumes, 16mo. Price $2 5ft?pp. 8ir2.
" freedom-persona) ?? ' rational freedoan-ia its > . and
nobieat (en.*, need* no batter thas-picn, nur a more et.l ghtao* 1 aud
vutuoue espoertor." [J. T Buckingham
"Few men id Bfae*a, huaetu ir? so sridsh known abriaJ,or?o
?all appreciated by man of letter* at Lome. A* a teai liar, there ere
but law rnea in the land wbo tre elating io neble an influence."
[Lowell Asasrisn
" \V it li very feat pc w.-r?, ard tha higle*t rlasaical acquirement*
Mr Suirnar i? the advocate of philanthropy. While we cannot agree
?ill. I.in an all his '???, we east par MS tribnt* lo the noblenaraof
bi* l olives,** well I* to Iba ability wuh whicb he eaecite? hl* pur
poM " [Albany U-f ? ? r
" TV*** ar* the produi tions nl s r pe ?rholar *nd as eloquent ora
tor. Mr Sumner* ?ty a Is on* of great beauty and power Hiaei
ten'iv* ktowledge ul lb* hmtory and literature of SaWSSSSJ BBJSJsSjaa*,
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?uh'ect he lakee up Such a generou* and henrtj *ame*tne** a* per
vad?* thee* ifaaaBMB i* eur* to create entt u*t**ti n tho*e whn-n tna
author addreeae*." [Cambridge Cur.iui, I*.
? No man ran deuy that Charts* 9umn*r is a ready, acompUhed
and fumble writer, rapable alike SJaT great elegance and jre.it
etxengib.'' j Buetnn Poat
"Someef hip opinions may not bs sreeptab'e, (thoagh milt of
Uieee w II, we h*h*v*. ha abundantly popular in the future.; b it ao
one i n help deeirinr thai the lit e. manly gerr?'"ii? ?pint nf Ms wrsV
ings nay b* everywhere pravaleuL" [Chnatiaa laajsjayj,
" Siirh produrtione at th* Oration on tha True Grandeur of "(atnas,
*bd that on 1 lb* Sa ln.uar. Um JVfM, SSat AltMS. th* Khilan'.heip.it,'
oimmemoiaUv* ot rnkaring Story. Atla'on and r?annatg SfenwMew
la.tirg hontr to Amern an literature and we are truly gra?lied lo ??e
them treasured up in s ssssasM t to'in
[New fork Courierar.i RatBjrar.
" We !.??* Mr. Suiuner'i pru.te.1 ?apSBaaSSSS SaawSS BS, and ran tea
tify from peraonal kualedte t< their airiguiar inenta. Tney are
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n< t production* to be laid ae de w.th the occ aooa that called them
forid, hut to be preeeieed lor our future tostrurtioo and dehghr?
Tlry derive tin* ijualitt in a great meanure from thoeerh^rai ten-\.?
of the author'* m nd - all e*rn*?'u*???ti.e aaissiSjl in <ral fearlae*
aSSS and intellectual riut;on ,n tha ?ta'.emeut of In* opinion*, and i ia
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<>l laeliinnahhi be.ief " [Hew y .rt Tribuni.
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J" Mr Sumner'? rration -The True Oraudaur i f Nat.on*?ha* uae
puhh*> ed he>e in lire or art different forn*. Three Urge aa**JsSisa
lb* ?hill eg form have been di?pi.?*?t i f "
[Lomloa ( orreapotident of the Hoetrm ktlae.
' Tli?ie aregloWiDj paeaige* in tin* addre** wh ch thrill the very
?oui.' [North Amerasn Renew.
" Such men as Vu tor Hugo, R chard Cobden aud C.umm Suiniter
have much to do wit!, th* fatureof their reapei t re coi;ntrie* "
[London Herald of Peace.
" Mr. Sumner's sub!* orat oo dsaervai the high r wpl.uieuL aba b
it received from John Qmncy Adam*, who gav* a* a aeot m,at, at tlis
dmner wh>< h tiMia pla<* aller the Phi Beta Kappa eierciae*, 'TV
':?? ?. "/ llu ScL'lur, far Asrsaf, far Artut, ami Ikt HMnntKro
tut, i i '. ' - '?? t ? ' , hie, of the Inn lr?l ?pint, who
ha* tbia day euibaluicd ibem all.' " [Cbruliao Kegiater.
JI5 StWSAW Publishers, Boston.
VI"RI ARV-Tbis ?av Published, coniainingthe follow.
L M> Ow n Fireside.
2. Christ Entering Jerusalem.
i Take Care of Your?elf.
4. Colored Vase and Flowers.
b Music
6. Valentine Engraving.
7. 8. R Corners tor Pocket Handkerchiefs.
10. Taking Boarders.
11, IS. 13 Chkiumes of all Nations.
14, IA, Window and Balcony Gardens.
16. 17. Model Cottage.
18, 31. Napkins?Fourteen Engravings.
32,38. Hair Wotk?Seven Engravings.
39. 43. Chemisetts and Caps?Five Engravings.
46 A new Fancy Table.
Beside the above this work contains an unusual oaanlil*
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Single copies 25 rents, or $3 per annum in advance.
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J20 3tts And the Book Trade generally.
January 2?'th. iaS|.
row m Press, tobe Issued Ist Ff briaryV'THE NEW
tion of Onglral Music, emhrscing tbe "Oratorio of the
Revolution." and other popular piece* for School*. Acade*
n :e* and private classes, by L B. Woodbury and J. L.
Also :n Press, to be issued at an early dav, THE MIL?
LIONS ttLEK BOOK ; or New-Yor? Meiodeon, by I. B.
Woodbury, author of the Dulcimer, sic. J20 SlcjodfcltW
*" I NO ? Just pub Ished? This, the latest and most be*ui>
dful work on the sub ect ever published?contains a com?
plete set of Account Books, account current and account
sales, all printed in colors (red and hlack) with numerous
example* in Mercantile rin ulaiion* . ibe whole fully eluci?
dated in 80 pages of familiar lcatrucuona. applied directly
to all the transactions and entriea. It embracei the result
of the Aalhor's long ezpeitence as an Accountant and
Teacher of Book-keeping 22f> pages octavo. Price il 25,
bound. For *ale ai the Counting Rooms, for the study of
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plied by ii.-..AN k THOMPSON. Philadelphia, puo
lishe rs.
Nil This v. erk Is also published In Spanish. J412*eodA
BRARIES, lust received:
CLASSICAL SKRIES-Plato Vol. 3, containing
Meuo. Euthvdemtis.The Sophist, The .Statesman, Crutylua,
Parmeni les! ard The Bar. neL
C .a - Orrtcts.?Old Age. Friendship, Bciplo's
Dream. Paradoxes, kc B\ Edmends. 1 vol.
ll.LI'STRATFP SERIES-Scbipti be Lambi, describ?
ed In a series of Historical, Geographical and Topographi?
cal Sketches, bv John Kttio, D. D . F. S. A., and illustrated
by a comp'ete BihVal A''ss. comprising 24 map?.
"The same, with the maps beaatlfully colored.
ALSO?Mantill's PicToaiaL Atlas of Fossil Re
mai' S, wtth 74 plates, coniaining nearly E?T(i figures. 4to.
cloth. Complete rVatsoftl eee libraries may he had of
BANGS, BROTHER V CO. 2o4 Broadway.
J17 3U7MAW_
ZEN'S DIARY for the present year, containing much use?
ful Infomaiion in addition to the convenience of noting
down et i'a^ein^nts u> !>?? attended 10. All those In want
of a Diary are invited to rail and examine before purchasing.
Also, for sale, the LAWYER'S DIARY, of several sue*,
Published aid for sale by BELL k GOULD,
j4 tf Publishers and Stationers. 158 Nast*u ?l
JANUARY, luat received by ?M Asia-Trie L M lee.
Art .l"i-riai for January cotitai"! two beautiful En
ra^ ni? from dM Vero'm (Mtorr, ? besntifil B s*-r?H*4
nr iii.f-nt. an Engraving of L*rjrt*eer'* printed in ?? -r?,
_. ii awefoM Mfoed Engrsvtngs Tni* Dumber of the
ART JOURNAL r. n.rr>enre?s new volume aud i? a fa
vorahle time tot re* subscribers to commence the w >rg.
- which wut ha : tabes] this year with increased ????t:y
ard Hlirsrlivenes*.
new sere* of the Civil Engineer an>l Architect'* Joir.sl,
gree'lv improve.!. ?."> per ?nnrnn
her completes the volume.
Tili: LONDDN AKT JOURNAL f?r the year* 1M7,
"48 'I' *nd "?<> neatlv ha f hound In Morocco.
THE GREAT EXHIBITION ' Wot I* to l<e" 7 V.
SONGS EOR CHILDREN. ???Hfhtlj Uuitrsted by
B:?k?t Foster #1 So.
like?)*e a *upp!v of the pre*i ?us Volon e#.
J2ti3t CH?S. J. FRANCIS k CO. 252 Broadway.
KNVELOPES!?Entelopes from a
thouaar d to s million.
NOTE PAPER, from one ream to a hundred
89 Naaaau *L Sun BuildiLg. J2. BP
Mr*. Ellis'i ("harming New Wo?k. Juat Published
Author of " Heart* and Home*," " Wive* of England,"
i.e. Price 37J cent*.
notices or this attractive book
ran roa*c.**tu>oil/ racomxaad Uu* ** the *m*t proiu-aiag
of all Mr*. Ellis'* be ha." .Rambler.
' Tin. wort cat not tail to add to Mr*. E!!i*?* long ??Unshed pop.
ularU." rjhaifiaid Ira.
"Mm CM.*, m har woik?, tsachas a* wall as amuaa*. Tha ' bus
bares'cf Erglar.d htva curb to think bar lor jo behalf of tb*ir
'wives Saw bloss. A pleasinc lessen ta alwari woven with har
narrst,,*, and .1 strikea with twofold force baraaa* ot it* companion
ab'p With tha ideal crsstwoa of the auibor**?'? iina^'nai<**n- fli*ae
oLaanat.r.sa apply a , lal'y to tha w,,<k under nob * ?. to aa> that
bars pr?c?ded :t from tha ?ame pen " [Literary (jji.tt*.
j21 Mi STRINGER Ii TOWNSEND, 222 Broadway.
The ?ub*criber hep* leave to call the attention of deal?
er* and other, to hi? large and splendid assortment of Val?
entine?, of new and el'gsnt dftijwi and workmanship,
which are orlered for rash, at very low pri^e*, and In Iota
to euit purrhaiers Country dealer*, by sending their
order*, accompanied by a remittance, will be dealt with on
the njdf! liberal term*, and their order* promptly forward?
ed. GEORGE H IV'ES, Manufacturer,
J20fif IS2 Na???i, corner of Spruce-it.
rA RD.?The Public are hereby informed
that the undersigned are In no way connected or inter*
ested in GIFT CONCERTS of any kind.
J21 3ila_K1RTH, POND k CO.
a Present with every Ticket I
without lottery, ill luck or favor.
The most splendid entertainment of the season, strictly
In accordance with law and popular desire, will take place
as above, on
MONDAY EVENING, February 3,1851.
Ticket?, #2 each, admitting a gentleman and lady. Extra
tickets for Ladies, f 1.
IV Each ticket, In addition to the antertalnmenU, wil;
entitle the psrehsser to Hi full value In fancy or useful ar?
ticles frc m the eitensivestock at tuttle's Emporium,
345 Broadway.
The gifts may be selected previous to or at any time afie
the Ball. The price distinctly ?. ?? > ?w? article.
All who ? ???? enjoy a rare treat at no expense, should
procure their tickets Immediately, as the number la limited.
floor MitFUfHf
D. B. Hatbrouck. John Agate,
Richard B, Connolly, Carlos D. Stuart.
committee Of ARRANliEMK"its.
W. c. Tripler, Ii. Fuller,
George Loder, CspL W. K. Knapp,
CspL A C. Castle, e. J. Mercer,
R Ii l. Towns*nd, Capt W. II Underbill.
Wm. J. HaningtoD. John Hooper.
Spencer W. Cone, F. Hitchcock.
Dodwortb s celebrated Bind, In full force. 1* engaged for
the occasion.
Ticket* for saleat TUTTLE'S Emporium, IfJ Broadway.
1*2 2teod
nual Ball for the benefit of the Roman Catholic Hilst
Orphans, to be held stNiblo'soa WEDNESDAY even?
ing, Jan. 22,18.51 ??
C'immittretif Dinetim?Francis A Mann, 1 M Pe*rl-it;
Charles m. Coi.tollv, 45 Water *t; P Mulvehill 2">Oliver
st: Andrew Carrl?ar>, Bloomingdiilei Thomas e Davis,
o'J Dull SI nlOfO l John Giblioiis, Hi Went Twentieth-it i
I.- B BLaisa, I" John Dr. Wm H. Van Buren, R ?'>
ert EsSSISl, 11 WIBsin StI Charles n.Moel, 42 Broviway;
Edivatd Dueigtn, 151 Kulton-?t; Thomas Keech, Sixth-av;
Dr. Win. Power. 7 Carroli-place; Eugene Fabrikneue?, 7J
WilUaaaStl VvBS. Sheridan. 1 'as (ireenwich-st; Dr. a.
Sli. i ii,an, 106 Nassau-*!; Erancla OBii-n, U PlMh St| Heu
rv J EsaIS, 191 Pearl-st; Edward (J DonneM, I Hanover
St; John Pirole,AfRosa-etI Henry L Hoguet, 1.1 Willnm
?t; .John g Goltaherger. 12 Cenu-r-al; Thoina* RojerS,
IM Wllllass li] John B I,a*ala,6 Broaiiway ? Dr Valen
KhyeMoM, I Depau-row; James Keily, 79 Beeknian-al;
Heerj De Courcy, 42 Broaylway; Dr Hugh Sweeny :i7
Elm-si; Jsi.ies Olwell, 181 Wesl-st; Joseph Bonchaud. 2 >
Old slip; Petef Murray. *i Maiden-lane; P. Dolan, 2"t
Mulberrv-*'.; 8 Delmonli'o. tloath William-*!; Robert
Kelly, 112 Peail-st; Charles M. Wwlsworih, 12 Vanek
plsce ; .lohn P Barre. l!2 Wail-st; IsSsMsw S. Saure/, hU
Broadway; Pstrick A Keane, B) Coiinlsnd-at; Edward
J Byrne.'cor. Grand and Center; John Gihlton?. Jr JJ
Liberty-*!. Brooklyn?John Ben*on, Wm. McGrorty.
WM Mr ARTHUR, President. 72 Wil'is-n -st
Robert Hooan, Vice-Pretident, 14 Wall-*t.
I'k. rt;a A Har>.ou>. Treasurer, li Soulh-st.
John Doiiertv, Secretary. 69 Nu***ii-st.
D"dlworll.'i Bsnd Is engsged. Charlea Wright, Floor
Manager. Tickets $3 each. j2l 2C
Place?Reduction of price for the few remaining nights
of Signorina TERESA PAKODI. Prices of aduiission
Parquei and boxes. $1 50; teats may im secured st the box
office, from 9 A. M to 4 o'clock, P. M. without sny extra
chsik-e. Amiihi;hester,5fi cents. WEDNESDAY EVEN?
ING. Jsn 22, will be performed the Opeia of
Alphonso.Bignor Benersntsno
Balthazar.Sijrnor Novell)
Leonora di Guzman.Signora T ParodJ
Doors open at C|; to commence at 'J o'clock. No free
list. No orders.
MECHANIC'S HALL, 472 Broadway,
aU.veGrand-sL-OPEN EVERY NIGHT during tie
week, until further notice
The original and well-known CHRIST Y'BMfNSTRE lb.
ander the management of E. P. CHRIST TT whose Con?
cert* Is this city for s succession of live years, have been
received with favor hy highly respectable and fsshionsbls
sudlecces. Tickets 2> cts. Doors open at *??, CJcnraencs
al7f The ssirOM of Christy's Minstrels trs respectfUllv
Infonned that the usual Saturday Afternoon Concerts wlfj
be discontinued for the future. Jl tf
URTON'S THEATER- Chambers-st.
rear of City Hail ?The nearest Theater to the large
Hotels?THIS EVENING. Jsn 22, will bo Produced, an
original version of Dlckens's lsst novel, entitled the Per?
sonal History and Experience of
To conclude with the Farce of
Boxes. Dress Circle snd Psrquette, 5b eta; Fa/nny Circle,
25 eis. Orebesirs Bests. 75 rts; Prtvste Boxes. B3 and $*.
Doors open st 64. to liegin st 7.
WAY, near Broomest.?Proprietor snd Manager.
Mr BROUGHAM Dress Circle snd Psrquette, So cents;
Family Circle, 2* certs; Orchestra Stall Seat*. Bl : Private
Si xe*. Bs?R-engsgement of Mr. OWENS.-THIS
EV KNING. Jan. 22. the performances wi.i commence with
Brougham'* version of
To conclude with the Comedy of
Door* open st f, ?To commence st 7 o'clock.
1 open st 64?10 commence st 7 o'clock.?Prices of Ad
mli?4"? : To Dress Circle ard Pan-net, 9"c. Family Circle
ar d Trrh-d Tier, 2S et* : Oallerr. 124 *t* Private Boxe*.
RS srd #6. THIS EVENING, Jan 22, will be performed
the Greed Romsntle Spectacle, In 3 acts, entitled
Fsustus.Dyott Adine.Madame PodlsL
Previbtts to which, the popular Farce uf
THE OLYMPIC, Broadway. ?NA
Painted by the first Irish Artists, from sketches taken w.thin
the last three years In filelltv. interest snd beauty unrt
ralef?with Irish song*, Irish Music, snd an Irishman's U>
EYERY EVENING at 7| o'clock.
BT See Heed-Bills.
AdKlttsnce?Dre*u Circle and Psrquetts. 25 cents. Chil?
dren under 12. haif-p ice. Private Boxes. RJ. Gaiiery. 124
cett*. Gallery for cuiored people, 124 cents. J22 1 w*
-P. T BARNUM, Proprietor snd Msnager. John
Greenwood. Jr. Asilatact Manager. Admittance to the
y .seam and each Saloon performance 26 cents, chil?
dren ander 10 years, 124 ets ; Par queue and First Circle.
124 eu extra. Afternoon performance at 3?Evecing at 7
WIDNF8DA Y, Jsn 22-Aflemoon, the Interlude of PER
KK.CTION ; sfter which performances by the DONALD?
SON SERKNADER8. In the Evening, for the BENEFIT
of MR. ANDREWS, the Comedy of the POOR OF.N rLE
M AN.eonclndinr with the 8*rea*aders The entire Chinese
Museum, Million of Curiosities, Oipsey Fortune TeUer, he.
Turd represeiiiaijon of the grasd Oriental Spectv a, ? ?
u tied tne
oa, Thi Captive Slave,
produced a: immense eo*t, with
Tea Camel*. Troope of Arabian Hone?, El-phaate,
Chariots, Car*, Palanquins, kc.
The tiret scene In the ring wi I represent an
Halt of the Arab*; Cam*? wa enng; Camp at the Evtn
tain . Wtrabip of the White Sacred Camel; Rtpo*e of the
Tri rata)i Ai'nvb "f the Tarta'b
?band combat on hobspi ?nd camel! !
Capture of the Ctrea**ian Slave; Scene tn the Harem;
Sale of the beautiful Ci fa eaten ;
Amazonian Ev..luib<n*: Grand Procession and Tableau;
Horte and rider mounted on a pedestal, earned around the
rintr on the ahoulder* of the Sieves -O-and Ktaa.e.
The Spectacle will be preceded by a variety of Eques?
trian Entertainment*. See bids.
Tl.e REVOLT ?r THE HAREM will be played ta :he
Afternoon on Wronesday as well as Evening. J2" Iw
Bowery-JAMES M JUNE k CO. rroprtetors -
PERFORMANCE at ? j o'clock. THIS EVENING. Jan.
22. the performances will romru?nee with a full dress Tea
EWfs*J Cavalcade. Tobe followed by a splend'd variety
of Hor*eman*hip and Fee's In the Arena. After which,
(fust time In this countrv.) the ?Tand Onen'ai Spectacle of
eu. Boxes 25 ets Pit 12* cts. Doors open at ?,, per?
formance to eommeoce at
requeci of pastors, teachers and others, and In order to al?
low ALL to see the " New Panorama." the uniform price
of admission will hereafter be TWENTY-FIVE CENTS
On Wednesday and Saturday AFTERNOONS, at 3o'clock.
Children will he ad mined at half price. Descriptive Catsv
h.rues Iii cenia Open every EVENING
Dnors open at 7?to commence at 7| o'clock, J21 lwta*
MINERVA ROOMS, 406 Broadway.?
FORNIA, and on the Isthmus of Dai ten, now open. This
Is the first opportunity ever offered to trie public of seeing
a correct and full representation of the Cities, Villages, Val?
ley?. Missions, Bays. Rivers, Mining Regions, Ac together
wub the Picturesque Ruins, Public Buildbigs, Religious
Processions, Holiday Fetes of the City of Panama, Crossing
the isthmus, C hag res River. Mannersand Customs of the
People. Admittance 25 cenia Commence at 7$ o'clock,
precisely. Open every evening during the week Exhihl.
Don every Saturday and Wednesday afternoon, com?
mencing at 3 P. M._j!6 6t?
FINE ARTS? Lesamg's great Hislortsal Picture of
the " MARTYRDOM OF HUSS" has been added to the
collection of Paintings by artists of the above school Ad?
mission 25 cents; season ticks Is fl. and desenpu.-n cata?
logues lot cents. d4 3m
A. M. Maawin. Auctioneer.
BROADWAY.?Cash advances mad* a poo all cost
elgu menu
WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jan. 23, at 6 o'clock.
Pbivate Law Lirbabv.?An extensive and valuable
collection of Law Books, embracing United Stales and
State Reports, State Laws, Digests, Indexes, Commentar?
ies, Trealises and a great variety of the moat approved ele?
mentary works and many scarce and choice volumes, both
English snd American
MONDAY EVENING. Jan. 27, atRl o'clock.
Si peas Em.BAVir.es?An extensiv? roiiaoUua of floe
Hoe and mezzotint u?od.ra Kiigllshand French engravings,
. . .. ..... *?.<% plain. In expensive framoa.
Also, a choice collection of sheet engravings by tbe moat
celvhrsted artists of Europe, Just received from London,
with which the sale will commence.
WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jan.29, at 0} oclock
Standard Books?Being a large collection of popular
works tn the various departments of Literature, and a great
variety of Standard M scellaneous publications. School
Books tn quantities, kc
Also, an extensive assortment of stapleand fancy, foreign
ard domestic Stationery, Blank Book*. Ac.
The whole to be sold without reserve to close consign?
FirTY-TiiiRn New York Traue Sale?To be com?
menced on MONDAY. March 24, 1861.
B. B. k C??. solicit eoustgnmrnts of Boeks, Paper, Sta?
tionery, Stereotype Plates, Binders' Cloth, Leather, kc. tor
ibe next regular Trade Sale, to be commenced at the above
Particulars for the printing should be furnished by the
25ih of January nexL at which time the printing of the Cat?
alogue will be commenced.
Tne usual cash advances will be made on the receipt of
goods ?? hen de?ir?d.
Terms nr Sm b.?On all purchases from the whole Cata?
logue amounting to #750 and upward, four and six mouths'
Creel it | on purchase* from the whole Catalogue less than
#7.t.i at d m.>re than *l"". four months' credit; and a 1 pur?
chase* less than $ii>0, cash.
A discount of one per cent will be allowed on all pur?
chase* exceeding $1,'tie.
At Private Sale ? Hohn'* Libraries, constating of the
sisi.dard, scientific, ant'quarian, classical, Ulusira ed and
(new) cheap series. These highly popular and valuable
pa hi at Bellas* are offered to the trade In quanttile* as well aa
to Individuals In sets, or single copies, as may be desired.
By (he extensive range of stinjects embraced in the several
eerlee, they am well adapted et'.her to the lihrarle* of pub 1c
oieitiutlnri* or the shelve* of private collector*. Tne in lor
firicng publisher, Mr. Henry G Bohn, of London. Is rupwl
y adding new t?*ue*, and fro u the character of those here,
tofore tiiouahl out, it may be readily presumed what tbe
subsequent one* will be.
Tii*- latest issue* received are Taylor's Holy Living and
Dying ard Lamartine'? Genevleve?the former of the Siao
darn Library and the latter of Sohn's sew series; Plato,
vi.1 3; Cicero's Omctsar.d KttlrVs Scripture Lands.
Also. Lardner** Lectures on Science and Arts. Ewhank's
Hydraulics and Mechanics, Bennett's Double Entry Book
Keeping. Ac Ac.
Also a large assortment of Cap and Letter Paper
GWm. H. Fb.vnelin. Auctioneer.
at Auction, on WEDNESDAY. Jan Mary 29. at 12 o'clock,
at ihe Merchants' Exchange, and the following daya, 6V
LOTS on First, Second, Fourth. Fifth, Sixth and Seventh
Avenues, 47th, 18th, 49th, 7'Jth, 94th, (Obser valor v-squer*,)
<*5tb. 9Htb, 97th. 117ih. 118th, 119th sU. and Harlem-lane. In?
cluding extensive Water Privileges at Turtle Bay, on the
Ka*t River.
The maps arc now ready for delivery at the office of the
Auctioneers, 5 Broad-st (4,378) J9ts
Anthony J. Bleeceeb, Auctioneer
the corner of Mutt and Chatham sts at Auction?AN?
THONY J BLEECKER will sell auction on MONDAY,
Jan. 27.1851, at tbe Real Estate Sales Rooms, 7 Broad st
the following valuable property, viz:
Chatham and Mott sts.?The valuable LOT of ground
with tbe 4 story brick BUILDING thereon, known a* No*.
174 and 176 Caatham-sL corner of Moii-st. saht Lot being in
size 26 feet 5 Inches fronting en ,Chatham-sL 32 feet 5
Inches in the resr, by about '*> feet In inches in depth on
Molt-st snd about 67 feet in depth on the other sl-la Title
ULquestlonable. For turms. maps and further particulars,
apply to the Auctioneer.7 Broad-st (1,275) Jl<la,2t',.'2t*
Anthony j. Bi eecbeb.Auctioneer
BLE HOUSES and LOTS on the Bowery and on
will sell at auction on WEDNESDAY, Jan. 22,1861. at 12
o'clock, at the Real Estate Sales Room. 7 Broad st by or?
der of the Executor, the following VALUABLE PROP?
ERTY, vil:
The 2-story brick and slate BUILDING, 1"! Bowery,
l*-i\?een Grand and Heeler st* known as the KNICKER?
BOCKER BATHS?Lot 26byllH feet In depth, with all
the improvement* Ibereon.
Also. ihe2storybnck front DWELLING MOUSE,kn< wn
a* 79 Chryatte-ai. said Lot being In size 26 feet by 84 feet 10
inches In depth.
For Maps and further particulars of the above property
apply to the Auctioneer, 7 Broad-st
Executor for the Estate of Sarah Gomperts, dee'd.
J13 u_0.340) _
Anthont J Bleeceeb. Auctiorjeer.
19"? Bowery and the HOUSE and LOT No 24? Riving
tonst at AUCTION
ANTHONY J BLEECKER will sell at auction on
MONDAY, January 27.1851. at l2o'r.lock al the Real Estate
Salts Room, 7 Broad-sL the following VALUABLE
Bowebv?Tbe valuable three-story brick House and Lot
of ground anown as 197 Bowery, between Delancey and
Rivtngtoo its. nearly opposite Sprlng sL said Lot being in
size 2.5 feet front and rear by 1 feet in deptn
CRiviMoTUN ?t.-Also. the twoatory hrlca House aid
Lot if ground an <wn a* 2?'i R.no*loo*l near Sheriff *L
said Lot being In size 25 feet front and rear, by 79 feet la
depth A p-rtlon of the pui< :.sa?i n.onev can remain on
fiend and mortgage. For map* and further parti'-uiurs of
tbe above property applv to ihe Auctioneer, 7 Broad st
J1H tj_\U&>)_
Akthonv J. Bl e ec be a. Auctioneer.
ER win *,',: auction oo MONDAY. Jan 27. ; ;\. at 12
Ofeiotk, at Uie Real Eatate Sale* Rooms, 7 Broad-at the fol?
On Elobiocb-st?The 2 story and attic brick front
Hnl HK and LOT or ground, known as b7 Eldridge-*L
said Lot being la'size 29 feet 7 Inches front and rear by tno
feet in depth House 29 feet 7 uehes by about 3b feet In
depth, with an alley-way leading to the rear building which
Is occupied ss a carpenter shop
$S.6t*i of the purchase money can remain on bond and
rr.ortgag? for 2 years at 6 per t?l per annum. For further
particulars spply to the Auctioneer, 7 Broad st
j!3 l6.lH.2iu_(1,273)_
J. W. Broun. Auctioneer.
U EDNEBDAT, Jan. 22, at 14 o'clock, at91 Broadway. J
W BROWN will sell at auction, without reserve, to psy
advances, a large assortment ot handsome mahogany and
otter Fsrnliure, embradDg sofas and chairs of vari > i?
styles, tetea-tetes, rocking and easy chairs. French be.)
,tead*. hair mnttresse*, wash stands, elegant dressing ami
piail bureau*; center, dining, and card tabie*. P*^|^ \ 1
er an.e ? d frimilure iu ?ults.
Also, l*n p., girandoles. CMns, Bohemian glass * art-, si,
ver plated ware, tea treye, Ac. *c j2a It*
Y BAY CEMETERY CO heredetwoxtoed Meal!
*l V I Hl.il AI (THIN * large r.i.n>r of their burial 1
to the highest M?der? The M?e wi? be held at the AMER
H AN HALL, rurter i'! Ursud-tl and Broadway,00 t e
everin? of the .Id Jan at 74 o'clock
The proceed* i f the aale are to he app ted to tb* further
embellUhsneet .jf the grand*. srvi putting tip the taasWevo
inenis Ttol* roune ha* been reconiruea :e?i ny a majority
of the in? ho der? The prevent price* of Lote are ? Awe
roe Lola $.>; Seened Lota. badt. S2J. Third.|2?; fourth.
? i*. all other*, fi.s. Per*?n* nho pur.-***- at that sale win
ha?e the privilege of torntieg ih-lr tou In any part of the
Cemetery as hi. a r-?relr? aaeoM.
Term* of aale-$ I U> be paid on each Lot the night of
aale? (be balance wtthla fifteen day*, v. bee a deed anil be
given. A stsgle Lot will be put up. with the privilege of
any Dumr-er the purreaeer mat want
A brief history of the following Cemeteries :
laurel Hill, ?lies started, flu-now seuiug from f? to
f ?
Mocument, Bl7 Bw to t**n
Colon. *? I 75 to IM
LaFayette. ?? 1? 40 to 1?
Philanthropic, I* " 40 lo 1M>
R .iatd.on* I? m to 350
Greenwood, M HO
Mount Auburn, 14S as 90S
The above ?tatetnent ahows the rapid sdvaore la the
prices of Cemetery Lots, and wt'i t-eer Investigation front
rer*oes wishing to invest money. W* ihereror* call the
sl'er.Qoe of capitaitM* both large and *m*ll. to tht* sale.
Ptf Churches ssd hoc teile* ere reenec tfully Invited to
atu i.d thl* aale, a* It afford* them an opporinaity to proviso
themselve* with Burial Place* ssASssaBSSl with, ss they
?i 1 have il e privilege of ?elecling any number of Lots
N R?Stages run to the Cemetery over s beautiful plank
road f'uin Jersey City Ferry, at 1*4 a (*., 2fj to44; r.
dslly. W* resperi.'ulh Invite the pub.I.- to * l*it our ground*,
ai d we (eel satisfied they will be pleated.
The Company ha* a veiy liberal charter, which will per?
petuate these n roun< a forever s* a burial place.
ADRIAN H Ml I.I.FR. Au< Ouueer, 7 Wall-si.
Law raasiD sy ths Boasd or Ai.oaaiaaH?"The Pre?
sto* nt ca.)*xl up an Ordioaace presented by him s?sse tlsse
. prohibiting interments in the Cu> of New-York,south
c: ? th-st. or sny burial ground or ?and. except la pri
vat* vaulu and cemeteries now exuito*. under penal* In
each case of S250. to take effect on ti e let day of Msy. IUI:
nor ?ball snv new burial ground hereafter be aetahiiahej
within the city and ct uutv of New -York Adopted by the
following vole. The President,A**t*(anl Aldermen Judson,
Haley. M. Carthv. Bo?ce, Bair, Wei h, Ackerman. Crsne.
Krsicls Suilih, Sauiml*. Ssnds. Ward, Roger*. Dean sod
A vord."
The tales will be continued, of wLko due noiice will be
riven in the Calk paper*. JIT St
tione. r snd Commission Merchant, office 78 Broadway
New York.
Refeiences - Hon Moses H. Orlnnell, Hon. J. Prescot
Hsll. btnieon Draper. Esq H>m Wm V Brady, I C Her?
ring, Esq Oeo f. Nesbitt, E?q Coleraan It Htetsoo.
Sale* of Real E?t*te. Household Kurrlture. Groceries and
Out-Door Bales solicited. Money to Loan on Bond and
Mortgage. J17 InV
ASSIGNEE'S SALE.?The Undersigned
will sell st Public Auotion on the 25th day of January,
st 10 o'clock A M. at the Congress Steam Mills, 172
Korsyth st. the Stock, Mectutery snd fixtures of said
Mills consisting of Machinery for the manufacture of Mus?
tard, Cofee. farina. Chocolate, Spire. Ac , 2 Horses, 1
Csrt snd 3 setts of Harne**, 2 Orocer Wagons, a Rocha
niy and a Light Waggon. Office Furniture, he. Stove,
Iron Safe, Ac . MerchandTxe. Ac. JAMES H. TllORNE,
Anlgnee of JOHN CORELL._
JBoller for ?sie, four hor?e power, and *bop to let, three
storlrs and hsieuienL The engine csn be aeen in orjerslioo
at 41 Hester st Apulv to JOHN H MNAD. on the pre ml*
?e?. or ofJ D. HOLBROOK,:? Broadway.
Severs! Houses snd Lots In Wiiilamsburgh. Prlcesffom
#1.000t.i|3^W>- JI7 1W
_iinsn and his Wim, or two or three ilngle Oen?ecnen
csn obtain a large, handsomely furnished Room, with Psn
ulea sltsched, at 44 BarcJay-at. Reference given snd re?
quired. One single Lsdy csn also be accommodated by ap?
plying ss above. _J22 If
OARD.?Two Rooms, with Pantries
and Oratea attached, to Let with full or partial Board,
In a private family Apply at I'M Fourth av. J72 2t*
OAR DING.?A Gentleman and his
Wife, also two or three alngle Oentlemen, can be bsv
commods'ed with good Board and pleasant Room* by ap
plying at 410 Greenwich it. JUlr
cant s large snd elegant Parlor on first floor, with Bed?
room adjoining and specious sxd MeasMsBosM Closets at?
tached. The house Is new, beautiful y situs ed In a central
location, and within five minutes walk of f slum Ferry. Re?
ferences exchsnged. Apply st 170 Washington st J2. Jteod*
BOARB WANTED in South Brooklyn.
-The advertiser desires to obtain Board in s modern)
lislll house for himself, wile and daughter, H veers oid. He
requires* Pailorand one large Room, or IwosmaH ouee
rommuntcsUng with the Parlor,and p efers'hem f.ntushe.l,
situated in s genteel snd respectable neighborhood A I.
dress G. A. C. Tilbuneoffice, giving particulars. J22 2t*
BOARDING.^le?s?nt second story
I III inn, with Pantry snd Closets attached snd s Bed*
room adjoining, csn be had with Board at OH Lexington *v
JaBV_ _
OARD WANTED?By a"Gentleman
snd Wife, with three Children, aged IS, 6 and 4 years;
with a private fami'y wou d be p'r-iened. Reference ex*
chsnged Address D C. Tribuse Office. J22 3t*
AROOM and BEI)R()(>M, ri^lyltir^
nlahed, with or without Board, BSBf be ha.I bv apply?
ing iiiini'diateiy at .Vju Broadway. Rurereacelexchanged.
J22 g_
BOARD WANTED?In Brooklyn for
two fersons. nnXher snd son. Will require two or
I In< e rooms Addre**, post-paid wiih terms, location Ac
S. K , box IM i New-York I'o.l Oilice J*)3t'
HOARD WANTED in a Private
Family, bv a Oemleman, Wife, snd Child Of eighteen
months old Loca'lon no( over three bloc it* fr?m Myrtle
sv. Brooklyn Address S L Brooklyn pos* Ofhce, suilu?;
tei tjM *nd locallon Gentle.nsn only Breakfast and Tea.
j;o |w?
let. Room* with full or pants! Hoard. Apply at W9
Broadway._J21 3f
BOARD?A Gentleman and his wife
ran BS accommodated with a parlor and bed room on
the fust floor; *)*?, two or three single gentieineo wl I And
pleasant apartment* on application at 41 War reo-si. Ten
moderate. Jldlm*
BOARD?With good aecommodatioM,
can be had at 17? Weat Twenty seveuth-st 2 doors
wen of Eighth av. jll im?
BOARD?At the private Mansion House
51 Greenwich *l Gentlemen, with alngle beds snd
II? ht. airy room*. |2 SJ per week | Day Boarders $2 per
week; Transient Boarder*. 5o cent* perday. d2S Ire*
1 be pleasantly accommodated st 11 Vartck-st. near St.
John's park JI2 2sr*
CO , 84 Maiden Lane, offer the following papers for
tale at prices lower than any other house In this City.
,nc renn'* of Goodwin'* Letter Paper, $1 per ream,
U <o reams of Csp Paper (rultd) t< 12 per ream, la cases
of 40 reams each. A TRAVERSA CO.
. 2 it bl Maiden Lane.
Kn< .KING.?Qoodwia'l Patent CE
MENT SHEATH I NO la the only permae-nt eover'ng
for making lln or shingle roofs light, dims for BJ cents per
fool. New roofs of rough plsck covered for 4j cents, snd
watrantrd. Oflice it I Spring at near Hudaon ja^lmeod*
TER about 14 years of age, ran away from tis master
od hur,day evening >sat, 'akmg with dim a large oblong
l>ox He may be easily known, a* he it deeply peck
marked, hss red hsir, snd hsd on, w l en be left, a heavy
blue phot overcoat
I hereby csnt.rm sny who msy hsre enticed htm swsy, or
wi o may harbor him. against continuing to do so. as (thai!,
on rinding It oat, take surh Judlnsi r'iee?ii,igi against
such ss the case msy require. PETER MOORE,
jJ2 it* 5i lisltlc iL East Brooklyn.
AND GARDEN GLOVES ? These are a nostusefuj
rt'cle, sod no lo lady should be w ithout them Being Im?
perious (o hot or cold water, they sre invaluable as a pro*
ter uon to the hands while engaged in domestic affair*; *!??
in garding and care of flowers. They are a certain and
at eedy cure for chapped hands, ?alt rbeutn, Ac. for *aie
low by J M. THORBL'SN A CO If Jolinft B Tl il
COCK k LIADBEA'i ER. 317 Brosdwsy. N Y. snd by
Indis robber and dry gooc* store* gensrally thriwghojt
the l mied States._JO
,s the best sr.d only Water Proof Bl*. king that will keep
out wster snd snow snd give a g<**l p-. ish, and Is war?
ranted 10 lie s preset vallve of leeiher for *?> by
j22 IW HE WARREN k CO 41 Cortiend st _
(? HARRISON'S portable, self cooling
lie MILLS. Borr stone Grlaler*. patented N>vember.
1K47 _The*e M'l-'* *re warranted to do nore work then any
otter Mill* now In use, snd Co not require one hsif ss much
TS? first premium wm awarled to the patentee of these
?111 t st the fairs of the American laaiiinteln IftWsnd l?V),
also st the Fsir of the Massechuseai Csarttah^ Mecha.
irsi AssodsOoo in 1S50. M_
Tbese Mlilt are vary eoovenJeo? ** trsxsportatlon. their
? hole weight being much tees than the stones alone of com
D'Theyllare admimf'ly adsoted for grlndtog gmin of ail
kinds, coflee. *t l?<*. mu*tard.(larch, salt, paints, plombsgo,
n ?ngare?e. hoses. Hint, quartx, plaster,charcosj. dys-sluffs,
druirs snuff, daxseed. oilcsAs. Ac Ac. For sale by
a ugs,-u H E WAaRf.N k co
j2t 2w# 41 Cortlandet up stairs.
(%[OTICE.?Passenger? per Steamship
A' PACIFIC, for Liverpool, will plesse be on board
THIS DAY, (Wcdnesdsy) January 22. at 11 o'clock,
FOUND by the labscrilx r, THIS DA V,
on board the Fulton ferry boat, a PI'RSE andsu n <A
Money. The ownermay h?.ye the **m'- by applying to
,22 If THOMAS B DIBBLEE, N Nssssu st N ^

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