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crTy items.
The Steamship Falcon ?The steamship Fal?
con sailed yesterday for Havana and New-Or?
leans, with M passengers and II in the steerage
Durtng her stay at this port, the Falcon has an
dergone important improvements, having re?
ceived thorough repair, taken in nesr boilers, >Vf.
She is now in first-rate condition.
Reception of Firemen?The Fire Corapa
nies tamed out stmnttly ls?t ni.rht in a torchlight
procession to welcome tbe arrival of " Humane "
Engine Co. 1 I, of Philadelphia, on their way
home. The ? Humane " boya left Boston, where
they have had a glorious visit, on Saturday for
Providence. Leaving the latter city yesterday
morning, they arrived here late yesterday after?
noon, and will proceed to Philadelphia to-day
The procession went olf finely, and the compa
nies never looked better.
'The Irish and A solo 8a ion ism.'?We have
seen a correspondence between several promi?
nent Irishmen of this City and Josefi Brenan,
Ks j. formerly Editor of The Irtttinan. Dublin,
wherein the latter is invited to lecture on 1 An
glo-Sasoniim,' with especial reference to Km1
bassador Lawrence's late Speeches in England
and Sir Henry ?ulwer's corresponding Speeches
in this country. Mr. Brenan accepts the invita?
tion, but in terms and a temper which lead us to
apprehend that he will win more immediate plau?
dits than enduring honors in the fulfillment of his
undertaking It is very proper to remind these
dinner speech makers that the Anglo-Saxon ia
but one element in American character and
achievement?an important and valuable one,
doubtless, but by no means exclusive nor the only
one that could not well be spared. We under?
stand that James T. Brady has been lecturing on
this theme out of the City, and we should like to
hear him in it- May it not be arranged ? Mr.
Brenan is a man able to handle the subject if he
will govern bis temper and not underrate the in?
tellectual caliber of bis auditory. It is absurd
nay, it is unworthy?to pretend that Mr. Law?
rence meant any disparagement of Ireland or
Irishmen in talking Anglo Saxomam at two it
three public dinners in England, but it is very
well to tell thst part of the atory which did not
come in bis way on those occasions. Keep cool,
Mr. B. and do yourself justi :e.
iy Hon. Henry D. Maxwell of Penn. and
Eli iot C. Covvitin, Esq of Boston, (bearers of
dispatches from our Minister in London) were
among the passengers in the Arctic, from Liv?
erpool. ^
Death of Mr Gardiner ?Propre/ling a in the
V. S- Circuit Court.?At the opening of the U
B. Circuit Court y esterday, Mr. J. Prescott Hall,
V 6. District Attorney, addressed the Court for
sums time in allusion to the death of the late
Alexander Gardiner, Clerk of said Court. A
short career of proper attention to his professions'
studies, said Mr. Hall) of strict integrity, of def
crem e to his superiors in age, of regard for his
own position, and the just expectation of bis
friends, gave us all a right to suppose that his
after life, had he been spared, would not only
have been respectable in itself, but of fair exam?
ple toothers Vet in a moment, in the twinkling
of an ey e, he has been cut down and added to
the long list of those who have passed away, like
the leaves of autumn, never to return. On mo?
tion of Mr. Hall, the Court then ad j >urned, and
the cause of its adjournment was ordered to be
entered on its minutes.
?The funeral of Mr. Gardiner took place at 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon, from Hev. Dr. Be?
dell's Church, corner of Tenth st. and Fifth av
and was largely attended by the members of tho
Bar and the friends of the deceased.
We saasns n>at Judge N.-laon has conferred the
office of Clerk of the U. 8. Circuit Court, vacated
by the death of Mr. Gardiner, on his son, Mr.
John Kelson.
?? ? ?
Fatal Accident on the Erie Railroad.?
The Coroner yesterday held an inquest at the
City Hospital upon the body of Peter lliley, a
native of Ireland, 24 years of age. whoso death
was caused by injuries received on the Ms] inst
by being run over by the wheels of one of the
cars of the New-York and Erie Hailroad. Two
of the wheela passed over the legs of the unfor
lunate man, crushing them in a dreadful manner
and causing him to surfer intense pain while he
continued alive A verdict in accordance with
these facts was rendered.
Danueroi'slt St a h r. e d ?An a?ray took place
about U o'clock on Sunday nignt at the house < <d
Twelfth st. in which a man named Michael Tim
wins, who resided in the second story of the
house, was violently assaulted and stabbed by
one Kobert Eraser, whose quarters were in the
third story of tbe same building. Fraser, it ap?
pears, went home late on Sunday night, accompa?
nied by a friend, and while going upstairs mi 1 ?
a great noise, whereupon Michael went out ot his
room with a light to ascertain the cause of the
disturbance. This displeased Fraser, who as
ssulted and atabbed him so seriously that fears
are entertaiued that he will not recover. Fraser
was arrested and locked up to await the result of
the injuries inflicted.
Adviktiskhent.?Piano F<>rtk? ?Two new
end beeuuftil Piano?, the i>r?t mailers, for tele cbeap
Appl> et 473 Broadway, heel store.
We, the undersigned, passengers onboard
the I 8. Mall steamer ArrUc, from Liverpool to New
York, desire to bear this pubic lea'.linony of our high
opinion, both of the excellence of Ulla ?.earner aad of the
super.. -.. tit ??f her c Mtniiandar. Capt. i.u. e. a.
Ike very oainicuceuM-ul or tbe paaaa^e wee m oui.tered a
BBOat ?eveie (tele, which culiliaued STSBStfal interruption
Bad with SBBOSSaai seventy for ihe Space of SSSVSa days.
steile j tke wbuleof which period such ?rat the stseAasees,
ease aad capscl'y with which this veaael kept her eawars'
way as lo eil, li universal admiration and aurprlse. No
kenn tu.otfluiu can be prououn.-ed upon the tlreuvOj mit
working of tier engine than to mention I s altnlratde per
awe lanes during this terrific sate, without Interruption,
cessation or acr deni troni ihe li-ne we left l.lverpo.l u*
111 we reached llac.fkv into wkSek post IBIS nsalatl, w. Ii a
spin; of piudriice and caution for which sets tatlllSil lo
(real neun. .Iren ed Ii ad* isetC? u> ?nu-r r,.r an aidm.wtaj
enl ply ol furl. In every reaped, dmin^ .air who..
sejrr. baa ihe c, aSSSSI of iliia SSJMSS SM Oer heanvjsul
warm approval. liehet been untiring s wa ' *ai
Uiikmi lu the rur.uiti? oT Ike veaae., au i iii.mi ir,....,?
?cd polite In hia SSSSSOSBSSO wah ua Saiiafied. 11-ec.f,.,,
of the grrel. aad we thu.k u-aur|?a?e.l. men .?
etreiner. having the f?lle?! confidence la her ?afeiy and
her speed, ai d hyMv sssasod wc.h u.Best waeeoaa
?nand? her. we moat hewrtiiy and os*da*JJl reevmneod her
to all who mav dealre lo sswss ihe Altsalft floe I
f Signed by all the Pataeuge'* ]
Jaatwrk ^7. ism. _
Fir I'ndircI othes.?We noticed in The
TV?*?** tome time alace e new fabric introduced by
M start, saawkal A kil l a. Sil Broadway, composed of
wore* fur The process ot weaving- the fur of enimaU
aad producing a fur doth |? ihe luveotion of au English
weaver, and was patscied In Keslar.d by a special act of
Farlktmeei, aad also in this rouutry under the general pst
aat laws. Every- one knows how peculiarly soft and
Peasant fur Is to ihe touch, aad while Una fabric retains
ail that ?eheste am! delicious softness so r**te/ul mine
akin, it la aA u* asm* ume firuiv-r an i warmer than any
other materka ever worn as a covering to the hu:uan body.
It ia ihe perfr? Maej ^ f ioth . l0 b*eujty and comfort it it
Av aupsrior lo lb* Seaet fmbric of ruMri ^ Kof n*,
saw of invalids. 01 for att wkaee occupadont lead to expo
sare lo ihe changes 01 tke wa.n _-_
?r, It must prv>ve of the
klgseai taaM Meeers leea?. ^ Muir on ^ ,
lanr. ssaaaaaaas of under nm^ ^ of ^ mr ^
wtthoet team S? | IkllSI II a wear ^ ^ ^ ^
croak*. Tbey arc ihe sole a?-enta for m. ^ ^ Q^
rial ia I be r nited States, and one ot tne pariaera of tki
terprielar Snn it now in England makloe sjskwa_^"'a
tor rmmrmf a cmtmusd supply o/ihit new ^T?""1*
coaumere*. It ? made lmu glovet andtsssaaaWS '-^mm,
be made up for ihe moss delicate sjarsssals used for lad"**
and children.
From the Bahamas.?By the bng \'ictorta
Capt. Hall, we have advices from Nassau, New'
Provider.ee, to Jan 1? No special news. There
was a great deal of complaint on account of delay
ia the arrival of the mails from England.
as a a a i 2 u
IsBsUstr... ?ps.SJ T Jaa* .by Res J Reo?.srd,?TEHr?SVIirM
IKi,?? Im ?MaM. to MARQAREl BOT D MAX A'CLL, "i
Baflstoe Spa ?
Or, 9?t*r<iay e'emng, ?* byRav.H P Pom?, C?pt- E It
RoMEPAKfcKhte Al'OI/'srA J second d.ugttter of CaptChiun
,.y BreiLefd ???I (*?? Ted
Tsstardsy morein*. Jsa ia the bona of a f lonoue rasarrectvir.
CHARLES W?TiO?. ,otb. JUt yea/ of bis are.
The fneeSe of'.a* lam Ijr and lha members sf O'S S-ii 'au it. Math
oSiet Episropai Ch'irck aed tha members of the TntTjrto
E'spb ral sVcsty, ara reepaetfely >nv tad to a'lau-t Bas fueoral on
W?d neseay altarnoon at | o'ci<l, from bi? late residence, IT S?
Und >t
Wi* Teas Parmas' r??o*?Tbe nambars ?f tha ?? "ssr 1
Posters l'r.ma" ?re raqoattsd to a'taod fuo?r*l of n" 1st? esses
bar, CHARLES WaTSO*. from "<> r? s?n,.^..t WsSa?t,,
efternxa. Jao rv.att'cksk C. WALTER ' OLBI/'RI. PUr Sac.
AtBrooklyn Jao 1> REBECCA A. PORTER, alle', j? :.,
the bate Kl jah Pmtsr.
Ptinsrs'iki* sftsrtosn st i o'chvk from her "ate res leoce.S 0>?c
Mas st.
Bat* Selena. Msse pepera peseacpy.
Saturday evening. Jan 2*. altera ?bort bat ssasjsosexes**, ELP. I
WOKs MARIA,deagh'er of Mr. Perns BurSict.aged ly years aud 15
Tha friend* of tha Canv'y are reapertfutty inntat to attend ths line
ral at to* SuUeulb st Baptist Churth. near E?blk ?'?..?, r jetday,
At t^iartntme Steten Islaad, Jm M ?( typhu fever,-n ttieXH
?aar ol ka are. JOHS S CsNEKoW. M D. Assistant Pny* cian of
Man aHosp.Ul
Tee frieoee *?* ti e familt. n.ember* of the Academy of Med,,, o* and
tks shed*-*' prt'feeeion feieral.'r. sra reepertlally tn.ited to ?tteal 'la
forerelto Say, 'Toeeoey; ths i*'a isst Conveyance by ft* staim
boat 1.laude*, fn m tha M <>( aVaed-M M ISest***.
tJT Albany Stale Regular SSM E'Siinf Jonrual. Bust ? Trans, opt
and Portland Advertiser pleas* com
OnSa'uroey. Jan ^.Ht'iK'K 1 KE1SI*. in'aot aof Jofcn
L and Martha Keim ared h SSSSSSVJ sort II data.
Tos relatives aid <rs>aoa ol tl.e fan,.), ara reepartlji'y in'itad to
altead kie funeral from ike res.tei.e of bit SBSaM S .thar, Mrs
ct. ?Iis, Mb un ue betwrec rib and 39lh all., oa this Tuesday) xt
temoon st half past 3 r> < lock
In Wil lair-st.iirrh. Mneoey, Jan ?7. Mrs. SIS AB tRlSIT.agel
M Iaar? f*> months sod 6 days.
Ths relative* tid fre?B*s ol ths fam.ly trs respectfully ias,taxl to
Sttatdbar faoarsl Una (Tuasdai) aftarnnon itln clock from tba r*
?sMaea of bar son William Cnssy, lit Soutn Eight ,!.. W.il.in*
bu'rb.L. I
On board oftkeslnp S*mi.al Rassall, at **a Dax. 1. si " BSJ
47 BS, OS BO RS PELSO.S, < ari>?al?r. i f !? .ro.'iml-jrJao*, Mass Dec
30, tat 31 J.' i lonll t. tHtKI.fi COCSOBI, aaamao. Jan!,tat
Is**, leu I'lUW. JAMES ' I at XII si.>, ssaman
OoSualavasan.ug.Jan ?6 of a, srlat f*?*r. WXI l l'DWIG, only
?on of Wm F Ctllarkald s^-sd 4 years and 3 months
Thafrisnda of the 'arn.ly ara asstXSSlaxj Is attac.? bi* funeral ffSSS
ths hous* of hi fateer, IS? Green? ?t- OS Tuesday next st II oVIo-k
A.M ?"tb"a''unbar in*i'at>r?r, .'
BBT t. 0 "f Ol P.-The Bssssksts sf Co?sn,.,t ix?le? N"o. v> sr*
kersL> n..'.nsd Ui SaSSt st the lA*lf R>> SJS, I SI Be**S*l as Tua.da>,
Jan SH, at IS M p'?t is*ly for the parp >sa. of i>a, ins the list tntuta
of respert IS oar deceased Brother. OEoRoE l.oMO.
k> ... i.i joh* f Homes n a
Mvais CsSaSeSSS, Ssirettry. ijfl ?t
Ou SubJay. ttMBBSka of kasVsaateMSaSa of Uie lucre, RoJ AtMA
DUBS m'^hernf Afhony end Jamas Cooron, *aeJ Vi leer?.
rhe riei,"? a'.il arij'iairtacres "f the fimily and h >se of h>^ son*
ate rs?| set'" ?? inv.M pa atisi i l.sr f <o?'al on TSjseaXs* ssssraeaaa,
tke tmk i .i. ?t Ssf i.VI.,1. r Ii. her lala resxiaoi s. I Ft ttSSt.
Her raa eisaerll be taken to t!i? Catsol.t Cemetery, ...ruar ??( Fir?t
s?. ?''t L'e- n it, -t it M
I . ,.a i,!-i'-ay J.n SS, ?MITH H l All.. n? 17 y.ri
( i ft ? rl't.ep. a p.per? plsssa rcpy.
\\ rrkly Kr port ot Derttfts
In the dry und OsSsSSk si SfsW York, from the \Hth day of
January f<> fAe BBSs rf'ip "J sXtSBSJSJflh iBtft,
Slen.lH: Women, V; Boye, Girls tM-Totsl, 1i3.
BSSBsldBBSk diseases. OSSBSSBst
Ahwess. 11Dysentery.lllaBSaBBffl L'ver.. 1
Apoplexy.12|Epilepsy.11lntern|>ersnce... 2
Atrophie.3 Erysipels*. 2 Intiie'n Itiiestln s 1
Bleetl'g Stomach PKractur* of skull. 2'lsiindice.1
Burned orScaid. ijKover.3;Malformation ... 1
Bronchitis.6 .. Bhious.... liMarasmus.21
Csecerof Womh I ?? PueperaJ.. VMeaales.12
?? Remittent. I Monific?ilon.... I
?? Scarlet.... Hi Palsy . 2
?? Typho'd.. I Premature Birth. 6
?? Typhus...2<<l Pleurisy.2
Heart. Dlaesaeof 3j Phlebitis.2
Hooping Cougb. 2 Rheumatism .... 2
Inflammation ... I Scrofula.3
Brain.d'Sinail Pox.II
Bowels ... 8 Sprue. 1
Chest. 3'Srhirnis. I
Heart. l|Teething........ 1
Dropsy.? ?? Lungs.V'|Trtanu?. 1
Dropsy in head.23 ?? Stomach .. 4iTumor. 1
Inchest.. 1' *? Throat ... 1 Unknown .a
A'.t?I nder 1 year 8R | I to 2 vean, S3 ; 2 to 5, 48 ; S to
10. U: into 20, 14; 20 lo 30,31 ;"3ft to 40, 42; 40 to 22 ;
50 lo 60, 18 ; SO lo 70, 13 ; 7" lo Mi, 6 ; 80 to 40, 3.
I*LACBS ol Nativity?United States. 231 ; Ireland, R7;
England. 6; Scotland, 4: Germany, 17; France. I i Holland,
2; British Possession* In North America, I ; Norw?y,l;
unknown, 3.
KaoM?Hospital, Believue, 19: Penitentiary, Blackwel '*
laland, 1; Small Pox, BlackWOiTS I? and. 2: Lunatic Aey.
him. do, I: Ward'a Island, 77: Randall* laland, 5; City
HoapilaJ.fi; Colored penoos, S
A W. WHITE, City Inspector.
City Inspector's OfTice. Jan. 2% IftSl.
Cancer. 1
Cholera Infant'ra I
Conrumption .. .27
Convulsions ....23
Congestion. I
Congee'n, lungs. 8
Delirium Trem.. 3
Ms?es au the Htock ExchauBat*....Jan. 27.
$3,000 Erie 7s,'6S.llUiB? Erie. ?9
rie 7a, '6S.llUipm Er
UNI do, ????.|li4l ISO do.boO 89i
ltKti d.lO.S.jl'Mi do. 8H*
2,000 Mad River Bds... do.Ssj
IMA III Ini Imp, '47... 67 50 do.SM SB]
5> <> hid Slate ??. ? 50 .do. SSf
?i.wii Penn 5s.250 do .6i\
5 llartfordat N Hav...l32 I'-i Portsmouth. 1 >*
i do.131 3.50 do. 131
2iiNY..rkliN Hav....ll7 BBS do..... If
.5 Merrh Kxchaige... 10 lino do. IS
do. 11
in Rroadwtiy Back.108
119 Mad it lud.par
?6 Ulica ,\ Briten.126
II dO..'.Ia5i
50 do.*30 121
.51) Edgeworth. Hi
1( 0 Fiirmora'.???" t>et
3INI do.fef
lno do.?10 6bj
10?l do.bti"
JiW do .
. .Morris Canal.
ISO do.st" 21*
200 do.22\
V Harlem RR.opg f I
2.50 do.pie 69
5ngtiMiingion RR . 17
Bf do. . ?6,
IB Roch h Svrs RR.... II ^
. I U'-h.liiig RR.. SJ
I mi do.BBS) 67 ' Sil do.. .?9|
Sen do.SB ?* I IBS do.hi*
II? dt.fio. .no do.&*t
|5n dt.h3 67 35Hud RivKR.BS|
Jio do..-*>10 67,1 a5 do. .
2<0 Canum. S2 ; SS Long Island RR.25
15ti do.9}f250 do. . .'.j
7 . do.9t 1150 do. Bjl
150 do.94, 50 do. .'J
50 do.95 2t0 do. 26
10 All any and Sehen.. 96 [IBS do. .btn i^i
50 do. 96411? n do.a>? Bjj
5n Nor AWor RR. SSjIlOO d.MS }5|
12.S do.68 ItBO do.sfio coup B
150 do.6"?, Iis? do.siS" BJ
100 do.t*?i68|jir*j do.s*? iSi
a scow d soaao.
2nfl Edyjeworlh Ld Co .. I ii 4 "0 Farmers' Trust...teSO 6^
100 do. II?l2"0 do.cash 68
50 do.
50 do.
3i 0 Long Island.
100 do. 25i' 50 do.sSJ <*S
5i4i Portsmouth. 141 IM Reading RR.6-4
200 do. 14*100 do.bstnoa 70
375 do.15 100 do.e.'l
150 do. 15*l*sl do.bin rl?3
1(0 do. 154 400 do.brio 70
1.50 do.1>30 l.si 11 >o MorrU Canal
81, 50
llil200 ,lo.bki 6ei
111 100 do.boo 68*
25i 5ft Canton. 95
2.5* .50 a*el ox
lie |M
14} 100
IM Erle RR. 88] .50 do.2
M do.SSO**,
100 Nor k. Wor.67
.S30RR?2O0 do.b!0 22|
Mo?oat, Jan 27-F M.
There was generally a good feeling eitant to.
day in the Stock Market, with an active inquiry.
Canton took another jump Bad went to 93, sedier
thirty, an improvement of 6} per cent. The bears
are said to be 4,000 to 6,000 shares short, and as
the t lioue are reported to hold the entire capital
atock,excepting "'00 shares, there ia no reason the
rtarkct should not go as high as the aborts wilt
bear without breaking. Erie was rather dull,
closing at NJ I Portsmouth was very active,
sod sold at lo], an improvement of '2 per cent'
An application will be made to Congress soon
lor an appropriation of one hundred thousand dol
lara for a tlovcrnmcnt Dry Dock at that place.
The Company have favorable reports from
W ashington of the success of the movement.
The low price of this stock re quiring but little
money to operate in it, has made it lately a favor?
ite stock to deal in. Edgeworth Land Company
ia another ot the same description, low priced an I
buoyant. It went to Uj thia afternoon. It is
also very active at Boston, where its artairs and
prospects are well understood Both these stocks
have eteadiiy advanced 3 t' cent, within a few
dsya, and the character of the moverneot iu them
is such, that a further advance is confidently pre?
dicted in the stock Long Island was very firm,
and in demand at the Second Board at taty. The
information we gave yesterday iu regard to the
affairs of the Board is substantially correct; but
we shall probably be able to morrow to go more
fttlly into the details of the plans of those who
have taken hold of this ttoad with a determination
to regenerate it entirely, and make it everthing,
rhicb, thoriBgh management can make it, an J a
pajiag road.
Heading was in belter favor and bvtween the
boarda l.ooo shares sold at seller 60. It
c'.osed at 69 u TO, with less stock on the market,
r'arruera was better and in demand at 6", an im?
provement of 1] *)> cent. Harlem was steady at
6:'. Mohawk was firm at I ?, with no stock on the
market. The traffic of this road shows a very
flattering increase over last year. From the 1st
to the i Ith inst the number of first class tickets
sold was.t\Xkm
Beuna note la ISM.5.547
Excess 30 4)>crnt. 1.0*5
The emigrant bosinef s shows equally as large an
increase, and the might business still i'x-ger.
The floating stock which has been on the market
for tha last few years is now nearly all absorbed i
for investment There ia not p*obably enough on
tbe market to supply the shorts.
Utica and Scenectady went up to an im?
provement of '.'J per cent- At the Second Board
generally there was a firm market and a rood de?
mand for the Fancies Government and State
Stocka are without change to notice and in good
inquiry. Railroad Bonds ara selling to a fair ex?
tent. For Ohio and Pennsylvania N was bid;
Southern Michigan I'OJ, which ia better, and for
the Stock par was bid Mad River offered at It.
The Exchange market is scarcely so firm, an 1
the supply is better. There are some Southern
bills in the market. Sterling sells at 10*10] ; '
Francs, 5 10, with some namea at 5 12J
In Freights the Market is steady, but the
amount of business doing is moderate. Flour is
9 a l'2d; Grain, 3d . Deadweight, Its' Hd VlSs; 500
bales Cotton, \\ . s.d. To London a parcel of
Turpentine waa engaged at I'd, and .')0J tuns of
Tar on terma not made public.
There ia rather moredemanl for m >uey, but
tbe supply contiuues abundant. Rates, however,
under the activity are st.tfer. On cell the rates
are 54i f cent, on best Stocka. First class
paper coes at B d I f cent, generally at I f
cent. The Banks discount to the extent of their
A telegraph dispatch from New-Orleans, dated
the -5th, states that Kxchanse was hi-'her an 1
Money easier. If this continues it will check the
shipment of specie to that point. Some parties
in the street estimate i?" 000,000 or $fi,o00,000 of
coin will be sent South within a few months, but
equally good authority consider that the chances
are about equal whether the Kxchamres wi.l re
main at rates to make shipments profitable. Tue
late shipments hsve began to reach New-Or
leans, and already- the money market was easier,
and Exchange on the North advancing. Cunsi 1
erable amounts have also been sent from Charles?
ton to Mobile and New Orleans. There is a eoa>
tinued drain on New-Orleans for the supply of
the West to fill up the vacuum occasioned by the
drain of silver for the East.
The exports of coin tbe past week have been
??-'tj0,.v -J, of which tV.'Un.OOO went in the Pacific ia
American gold. The shipments of the month are
Tbe amount received at tbe Sub-Treasury to
day was 0H0,lc7; Payments, ft",-i;,. Balance
U,M1,( I -?
(inly #17,200 of stocks were transferred to fo?
reign account last week.
The application for an injunction on the Morris
Canal Co to prevent their transferring unconsoli
dated stock, had a depressing elicet, and the mar.
ket went to 8t|. The bulls do not seem to oper?
ate with much confidence There was a large
demand for Madison and Indianapolis, and 600
shares aold at 100 it 101, showing on improvement
of 1 s? cent The' large gaina on the receipts of
>"?0, which we have published, are bringing in
purchasers for investment from various quarters
The trouble in regard to the Stonington boats is
not yet settled, but the market improved lj per
cent Hudson River sold at a decline of 1
percent, showing that its military antagonist is
not without power New-York and New-Haven
sold at 117. The trailic of this Road is immense
New Haven and Hartford is steady at 131
There was an active inquiry for Norwich, and
the market advanced to > ' J, regular M, buyer
thirty. There was a large demand on time, and
some purchases were made between the Boards.
8hould the Stonington boats be taken off, the
business of tbe Norwich must increase largely.
The Supreme Court of the 8tate of Illinois is?
sued a peremptory m*: >idamm to eomp;l the Au?
ditor to pay the avails of the two mill tax to the
holdera of certain State bonds in liquidation of so
much of tlie j.riie ipul. The gruundl of the decision
are?" 'at. That tbe Auditor is entitled to tbe atv
propriation and disbursements of the two mill
tax. SsL That tbe surplus rcvenuo deposit is not
a debt against the State. 3d. That this fund is
to be paid on the principal of the State debt, and
not to be applied in discharge of the interest. 4th.
That those creditors who failed to present their
bonds on the 1st of January are not entitled to
share in the funds." I nder this decision 1105,000
in specie hss been paid toward the extinction or
the debt. Tbe claims presented oa the 1st of Jan
ujry were t-'35,0D0.
There is very considerable increase of inquiry
in tbe Dry Hoods Trade, with a fair enlargement
of transactions) corresponding to the commence
ment of a steady and durable, rather than a Targe,
intermitted activity. Bleached and unbleached
Shirtings and Sheetings are in moderate and
steady but not active request, with great firmness
in prices and a fair but not large stock of goods,
yet limited enough to insure an advance in prices
slvould there arise an active demand. Stocks do
not accumulate. Drills have been in rather great?
er request, but partly for shipping. More is doing
in Osnaburgs, and tbe enhanced prices are more
freely given. The very small supply insures lirm
if not higher prices. Denims with but a moderate
stock and quiet demand, are very steady and reg?
ular in price. Stripea are firm with a moderate
activity, principally for tbe lower and medium
grades. Ticks are in good request and buoyant
in price. Printing Cloths are more active, and
prices are steadily supported with a prospect of a
further advance. The present week bids fair for
a large business. Prints are in better request tor
both the South and West, and prices are steady.
Chsmbray a are more in demand and lirm. Ging?
hams are quiet but steady , stocks are light
Lawns are [uiet in immediate view of the sale
announced tor Wednesday of the stock of the
Portsmouth Manufacturing Company in New
Hampshire]: SiX) cases of Lawns and Organdies
will then be sold by Simeon Draper, as per adver?
tisement and will bring many buyers from outside
cities into the general market. There is a fair de
mand for Cotton Pantaloonery but for shipping
snd home consumption, and prices are steady.?
Muslin de Laines are in growing though moderate
, demand, and prices are steady with a fair supply
: of new sty les. There is a much better demand
! for low grades of W - 'en goods, and prices are
strengthening. On the exhaustioa of the present
' stocks there must be a considerable" per centage
of advance, as low Wools are so extremely
scarce. Cloths of foreign fabric are very active,
and stocks, which have been large, are in the way
of rapid reduction Satinets are in gx>d dernaud
and prices working upward steadily, as stocks
cannot be placed at present prices if the Wool
has to be purchased by a considerable difference*
There is speculative as weil as a demand
for consumption. Cassimeres are doing better
at steady prices. the new fancy styles are
selling freely. I.inseys are inactive in this
market. Tweeds are very active, and stocks are
considerably reduced. Hi-her prices are antici
pated from the sheer improbability of replacing
stocks at present prices Jeans are selling more
readily at steady prices, with an advance in
prospective British goods of all descriptions
show a gr?at increase of activity, and tbe coun?
try demand bas fully commenced Prices are
firm, and from tbe limited importations
of this month are likely to advance. The
importatiot s fro.-n Frince wi'l be larger The
asscrtmcLtis BwW complete, and presents a de?!
rable selection lor consumers, and meets a U.r
and early demand for the Southern markets. Tue
importstions thuugh Urge will not be exceeeive,
?J the increasing cost of production of all French
goods act as a check in supplying fully the ever
increasing demand our p-osperity gives constant
birth to. Orders cannot be filled freely.?
The increasing demand for French exchange
for remittances cannot be as readily met ai
formerly. and rates of hills on Paris era tend?
ing upward with great steadiness and force
This of itself adds to the cost of the goods im
ported?increases the check to excessive im-'
portstion. The importations from Franco are
; however, paid for to a great extent by bills on
Ki,c'and ; for, though the Kx. hanges between
New-York and Kng!and are high, between
France and England it is and has been more so,,
; very favorable to remittances to France. In
! conclusions art may remark that our consumption
i of Dry (roods is likely to be very generally ex
tended this Spring, and a steady, regular, but not
speculstive demsnd to prevail, with a gradaal
rise in prizes, f.-r e j by the creater cost of pro
duction and its recent limitation.
The annexed statement shows the exports from
this port h.r the weekending January M:
Cotton.bales 2.11? flour.bt.Is 9.761
Flax Seed.tcs US ftssaa.bbls ??
Sperm Oil.gals 10,727!Cbee*e.lbs 62.0OO
Pearluh. bbl* MlCloekS.eases 48
Pot*?h.bbls 2!? Bark.bbds 13
Fi.tic.tuns 719jTobacco.bbds 113
Beef.bbss :<l Cedar.iocs W
Logwood.tuns 692 Tar.bbls 1.183
Wheat.bush 11,087,Tea.pkgs 117
In. Rub. Shoe*..pkgs WlBut'er.lbs 4,176
Raw S.Ik. ViOilCake.lbs Us\M
Beef.boss 4" >t:n*..pkgs 21
Tobacco.hhds I Bacon.lbs 29.178
?? MM.lbs *V**3 Turpentine.bMs [JUS
OtiCske.lbs 68.k: 7 j Clover Seed.tcs 141
Clieeae.lb* lll.Ttl IsSlB .b!>!s IN
Sperm Du.(als 4S|sl5|Stavsa. ...M S
Ri<-e.tcs 4' Potaah.bbls 8
Si>erm?reti_Hit l.n-tol ?e-?wax.lbs 2,8.53
bV nee a Rout_bales 251
Cotton.Balsa 1.6-6 !u Ri.b Shoe*...case* M]
Rut.tea 7. IVIoiv.lbs 3<V
otiies fort? in france.
Logwood.tuns li'SiBeef.bbls 15"
Rer-in.bbls l.SSlj I'epper.bags 100
i'otaah.bbls Pimento.bags .16
TobRcco.bbds 25!
Sarsapar la_balea |.V Bark.hhds So
Sponge.hale* M ?? .bags HI
{.??,??<?.i.tuns Io; Kii-tic.tuna BJ
Rire.tea I,l it j Clour.bbls r*<
In Rub Slioef.raaes 24 Sponge.BBBBS 2>
Ex Wood.ea?e* 292'Re*in.bbls 219 i
Tobacco.ra.ea >.
Tobacco.hhds SSI Cordage.coils 29
Domestic*.pkga 37|Re*.n.bbls 100
(Junpow der.... pkgs 165l
Pork.bb s Ml Hl k eyed P-ss.busb 291
Lard.:^s MM; Tonacco.hhds II
Flour.bbls 741'Coa!.tuns 216
Meal.bbls M Beef .bbls IIS
Bread.BBSS 39? Cheese.lbs 2.040
Buner.Iba 2.i??|C?rn.....bush 320
OH CUe.lbs 15."OnlCindles, Mold...bxs l_W
Soap.boxes SO'
Tobacco, MM.Iba I."22 Tea.pkit 122
Hoops.M 18n.Shoooks.No. 6.387
Rice.tcs 32 Bread.bbls 85
Lsrd.lbs 11.914 Flour.bbls 50
Butter.lbs 2,311 Mold Candles ...bxs 300
Natla.casks 2O0 Lumber.M ft 32
Cheese.Iba I jee'Mackerel.bble 100
Tobacco, manf...lbs 1.056'Beef.bbls 10
Silks.pkgs 90 Pork.bbls 60
Candles, Span....bxs 20 Meal.hhds 125
Wirk.bales 12 ?? .bbls 100
YVha'eOtl.gala 2rr2'Corn.bush 400
Sperm Otl.gas SOTlAJs.bbls 20
Shingles.M 3<"Sp. Turpenune..bbls 18
Soap.boxes 75'
Staves. 31,'??'
Flour.bbls I.I'M Corn.bush 2,967
Slaves. 36.0OSI
Flour.bbls 2.'K>0 Mats.pkgs 20
Tobsrco.hhds 2 Tobacco, mfd ....lbs 4.126
Beef.bbls 10
vene7.ce I. a.
Flour.bbls 4" Domestics.pkgs 4
st. noMINCO.
Domesr.cs.pkgs H Sugar, Refd.lbs 3,410
Herrings.bbls 751 Lumber.ft 5,noe
Pork.bbls 317 Soap.hoxee 1 bin
Flour.bbls 152 flutter.lbs 2,648
FUh.Iba 111.070 Cheese.... .IDs 3,547
Lard.lbs s.710 Rice.bbl* 86
Mold Candles....bxs 281 Po.vder.ciu?a
Hams.ib* 22.6: IVpper.oaga 10
Tobacco. Mfd_Iba l.i4il|
markets....Cariiklly Reported roa Tub Tribunb.
Mo?n*v. Jan. 27.
ASH U -The market is very nutet but steady; sales of
41* Mils ai I 811 f?r Pear's, and i T> tor Pols.
COTTOM.? The BSarfcsl ia unsettled Dealers are wait
lag iheirleitera by ibe Arcuc. H?> bales nave been tauen
by spinners
KLOI'R AND MF.AL?Our maraet is very quiet for
Western and State Flour, with a in BaefBBS Eastern and
City trade demand Simulators are disposed to press
sa e* The belter grade* are dun and heavy. Tom inrWtor
grade* sre scarce, *a eal>le and firm. New-Orleans 1* not
plenty and ia ateady: common brand* are selling at ?>
Canadian I* in iiniited demand at 4 174. in bond. Tue sale*
of Doassetk ree-h 2.3?? skis at 4 I4<*4 tilt (or No 2 su?
per; no; 4 Vi'il 81 for roinuioa to strati Stale, 11 d7<S
4 94 for Michigan and Indiana, and $5*i '?1 : ir pare
Oeneaee Southern Is les* acifve, but steady; sales of
son bbl* at 5??5 12| for mixed 10 strait trends Billim>re,
Alexar .In?. Georgetown an I I'eteraburgh Ry? Piour i?
i.'ib-i ai .4 ''i Corn Meal I* not plecly and held J U? lor
Jeraey. hod 3 2.5 '.>r Brandy? -ie.
GRAIN ?The demand for Wheat is more active, but at
price* below the view* of holders; holders are disposed to
meet kajasa Rye is dull and price* are nominal at TS
?&mz. Bar ey 1? very scarce and wanted at $10*1 12?
Bar,ey Mali 1* relating hi I 15d>l 2". Oats are es?ier;
aalea of Northern at 4~'/49c. and Jersey at Jl'wiCr
Corn I* raiber lieavv and quiet; aalea 01 ?.'?* i"i?.Tels at
6*4'i>7e for Southern Yellow; 6Hc tor jersey Wnite, and
68Je for Southern While.
PRO\ ISIONS?There I* a fair demand for Pors. and the
market 1* a ?bade tirreer for o.d M-?* Tue principal lalea
are made atmir outside figure* New is firm and quiet at
;i - r \|-?- T'e nr. ir? ... ? !? ,1 ji20)12J
for Me*a, and ^ l?,au Bj for Prime B-ef is a snale
firmer ard more acMve; *a!e* of -yat bu'.g at a S7Jrfin Jn
for Mm, and $.id56lor Prime. Prune Messt* very i|uiet at
Il5dle Beef Hams are firm; *maJI saiee at |1< Cut
Meal* are not plenty; aeles of lie tcs pickled Hams at
S8nfc. and Shoulder*, in lots, at t$j Oreeaed Hog* are
lessbuoyanl; talea at 6r Lart ia steady; sale* of SSn
bbl* ai 8c lot old, and ikf fot new. Butler Is In moderate
demand at former price Cb-ese is in lair demand at
U HISKV ?A quiet aarkei: the demand 1* very light;
ho der? are fine at 2>x- for Prison, and 25c for Drudge. I
RICE?A rrra market wrlh a good demand for Ure
trade. Prime :* aim sc?ree; sales 28? cuss fair to rood at
3 3-s/i", =*i.ea*h.
TALLOW?A ? rra market Cny rendered is scarce, j
Sale* .,f 22.' 1 n 16* prime country at 7fc, cash
8TF ARI NE - Taesupp v isli'miie^i and demand moder?
ate, ?a.ea le.isn tfts Hard Wane at ?jc.CMh.
Ll'MBKR.?There i* s good demand for Eastern at
?leedy pncea, sales of two cargoe* at $12 for spmee and
f 13 for Prime.
HOPS ?The demand Is fair for shipping; sales of 500 '<
bales North Ri-rer at 7?'at7V *> ISS B?.
>KFIiaV_SeJe*4t.'0i' bushels Cilcutts flax Seed at 182* I
t> bu*bel of Si m* At the East 5o,'??i I ashel* hsvu been
sold, to arrive, at 170 up to 190c, Including all to arrive m
nice moult *
Ol 1.8 ?A sale of ^?1 si i* iVsass Oil was made at 42c,
ea#l;. for exfM.r'. Linseed 1? ramer uns-lUed, nut is eeliuvg
at jri ie loarnve.and "ia *>coa the spot, The dsmand
is Dot targe
NAVAL STORES-We notice ealea of 900 bbls Cnde
Turper::reat 2 4* B*. SpilU t* lower.and 10?
bb's wa* lately so id at 35e, ca*h Re?in 1* .ptiet
h- r >u a.\ -Small ?a r* at .'I*a2>, caab.
LJ All? A lie of 60 tun* Spetish Lead was madeti. 480
c*?' Ho Jers o( American generally a*k $0, casn,
I RON-I* firm, with Mies 100 or 300 tun* at ?2? cash
and |21. 6 months. _
Markets ...Cinlinnati, Jsb. 27.
Sales have been made to day of 400 bbls Mess
P'?? a: Si (aaa we ssavaf l.lisi sea* at Le/eyeite ind
Bill it,) I.V? bl.:* Prime Lsan at 7jc: DrySa'edMEAi
raLjtr. <rom 44 BS ^c for 8h.,i ldkr, ,nd Sides. Ftoea
maikri a rial and ato-*A la accuinu.aung
Receipts ef Prod ore.
o ? ,. , Mo-sdat, Jan 27
BfttmlMm lor* and New-Haven Rod road?
Ss u"! K?U?;12 bb, ,^?- ]tJ P*? ?'?"?. >? do C e^sa.
Hogs W M . ep. l.iyi bn*be,*,Mat. b*i do Oats 34
asks Asi es, -.6 aides Leauher. So bo^ Waisky. lu beies
V5 v. *: ? cars Catt.e J' ' - "
BjEtu R.iUrx>,,d,J.ln -27--205 head Cattle.
1 .1! g. iSM bushe . Oat*. /2doWrieat,*ii?(j0Corri.?i
dnBaney.\- ksjss W aoi. ? Piosjr.IS bales Hay
SSJSSp. .4 l a re*. l?4 net* Flour. !54 do Wh^Rv > - ~
Sides Ualher, Mn otgy B itter, 14 rasas iUlW 7'
Pisasesacra -sailed
hUHauef^r.? /*- >/?*..?. ?sj v?? _? _ .
* ' ',; 1 ? 11 ' - ? - r bar a, *,
Lcpai w a W1 fcaic*- iv m s aartga. ' mmmtT< u*mm*
? --'.?,.- Arrived.
k. aiicwa J.'s'W " r'*'r* BsesSal Ms.
i* u '. a i w , '..V1*-* 1 * "* fat HI
H<*-?. 1
I ? ? ?
L ?.. !.
X-h I
B?' . -
?.HDtn.?j u c-??l ? Tr
Ma Tkosw* Baa '..r* lad * warf h-ra lr??lit 'r-t
^iimtssssarssw?./-?? t^,T ., ^1. w#ct.ia?raai
* ? " ' - 4?.tl a-.? .(. S. rl
rk'lw b" ' i"* r ,,:IJ M?aam.vg Ear
"? "? >? ? ?......( ? ? m-im.
./r??a,to,.? r
-_? I? -a -
sal*' I SB
, S-t, <*.rs '.'?nd.. ?*U
Sl**:t.*r? Faioo He .k.i "??? tlis-en. am H..?n*. ? <> Roof-"
I,ot.de.. Green. I'll ? '-? ? . _ ._
*h ?. R. tert 'ofen r.lt.in. C.musV'.*'i ft S0.K Lio.re,
D- r.|-i'-e. ?r""'r ? * " ?"''??? ?<>. ?taidol Ort?**) Den
^T^|y|r!!ViitA st r4... . :?,?.. *C..i rW-.'m.
T ... , ., VI - - ' ?*' ????'* Co.
b'V?>?m l>nnJ? "??? th*$.?- rfuta* EuivlBr)
for-r-, M*r ?? ? ' - VTIvrTTb'olJ.' KnliJ^'K*^'
Feec* * Bra tact* I' Da* ?'. "o""*'lwr^"t uJlJIT
Gr. NIC IM" ' ? " " ' ?
S> h. B A Tait*. ' I ? >? * , ? Zzlr, V '
T- MBI Brett, * * J ? ? fr^^T^'^r, R.ll'
W u i.. i r? V??'-n ? "-'?'?"'"I: <?-fi?l P I. r4,Smith Hai-i
m r. "is'k K.h-F..??; E'U, Hemert,Sm th. Port ?u
P,,..S,..A" ? C*? ?Baatt. TlOattajTi?, By tmm, Cft,
K S -" ? Ml >! K BaB Dean. Savannah. Da*. I k Coi Ctwyr.
BlaAtman. H?BBl 1st, Feat* * tjrman.St U-itm, Smilli.Clurl**
to? _a_
f S *>* ' .tean-.h.p ?tetic. Lore. Liverpool J?i 11 sad HaJ.fal a*
SSth iisr?. mdee to k K todies.
P.. .1 a i tsr,....* F'i'e i.lrom l..vsrrool,lmd.e aad J.. pa*
*e, .,. t, . T.? k K.t. h. Hu liad four deal*. **d'hre* birth* oo
..r."p...... T!-* I hi. ripereoc?! a succesatoB olbeary ?ra**riy
.bawl I-"i th* pa...g*. .pl.t ?*I?. *r D?: .*h. 1st to
tin -*. .vc BarMn Stet*. Ru.**'!, w,th loss ol rnddder,
*Vpp;. ? mmmmi mvm wmporary radder -ha", ha
rr,ak.rg *? 0>? rarest ???<*"> Port ^ J1-"-.*1 f} Ul
b* ** 0 JrX. Btoa ?..m?Bl Ml from tha I -ratopwilyard an I ?a*
toat itkinwir.? ....ri-plol* hurr.-ana al thai ma n-.m th* Waata-ard.
it*h.o.t. B?* i.Unl haa.,???IVV1di.?aatJ? rnita*.took ? PJ * fm
pilot holt Sf.^a. H Gr :.j?U.
9h.p Hartkjy.Morrall.CaJ.... Doc 14. .ait. w.na*,*.., to Praao*
?mm S.nmal Rm*wP. (?a.Canton *? H?. t*a? and ?ilka. to A A Low
Jt Br..Ui*'? J*n i . Ut S-? IS V. Ion >?. BSaWSa ha'? Fsirn?..a i?
.UidircSE; ah>w*d?blua.<nalw,th lb* l*tt*r R .o tha raaiar.
Thf S R mad* fc*r ni Iro? th* IbsStafcsaTJ BlOSB ? II J?y?
Sh,pr?f.at.(of Ro.tr.n- HMlrnaa.Ch.saj l*t Iba Lsdrona?lOct 1'..
p*.Md Ani ar f4o. ? **d C*pa of (rood H.^a Dar X. taaa. *r. to F
nnir.rT?. ?sstan?.) Urstt, Bath; 14 4?. lumbar to A
I ...? H .. ? a-1 haad " nd? th* <h diatsaca to Sud* Pma?, Tut
into R**? London ihr?* t m** lor * harbor
B.rk M.i .1 Col?>n U.lraaton 41 J*. oo?t.>n, me. W mi.tor.
Br^Ea.Lantra?...PiUlu Bl..!?u. St \l.rt i... > a Si Tnomar. 1^
d* ut ti to f S S. hV* sr?r. Va***l* tain t r?Mltact*d
Brr Kamtunda.. ?r*m; L "*oi*o, Tnni.!i<l daC ibs i: d*. mola*.
a?.t.i<h.lr.^n? It Kri?.r. IBB* '??( ?" * ?p*n.h hark uh?r? on th*
BSw BMr***>,(**' Cauwl Gj.i, St M cba.'*, i* d., oran<a* to i N
Wrikof 4k Baa _ .
? larr?. W Pi*rra. b?: ?>, b*r?ri lion ?ort?, t rotoa w?Ur
?aa Jsaal 0**B*B 60s, Ry '*n aftaiaatk, I d?jr?. md?* to J ftatioi
Srh Elhni. P?t*nr?. Boaton. 7 BBi rod** to r.*t*r ft Rlt k.r. .n
Srh Banj.mm HPo".r, |).|,w,r., : , rn to % Barratt.
SUx.p Rhooa lal.nd. St.irup Pr..? I '.nra.
Skn.p FrSSSS* Bro?n B)aM*a*s Piaaisaw .
SI... i Cba. H Si dB**. Jona*. P*?Tat****
?, ' mm R Mmh t><K i*r. tmi K art Is, vt*r*.
Srh Wa.hinrto-. Ecbart VorkRi??r4 SS, .y?t*ri.
Sch F.1 M P H rt**, ? *n?l.. Yolk Ri?*r I Bs, -y.t.ra. C nlma
tL. rap- rtof .. n Wa.hington <? in. arn.n? t>>. *hip *.bora on A*?
quam B*i.. h.
BELOW?I t.nr, **SMunknown.
SAILE0-St*am*h p* K?lt. o. HarUU.n. 'or R**J Ortain. a I It.
asna; ProT^h.-ia. Tu i Vr*n(r.h. Cbu"**. ,!> s dJoa*, H L.v
?rpo..' Ma.4 o? ttrlaana. I>*m;i?, N*w '?rte?B?; bn| Albatro**, Cock
ran Mau- raa. and ..thar..
W1KD- At ?UBruw B. man inn do, iua**t RE.
Hy Telegraph.
RlCHMilSn. Jan BS- Arr m h Wm M Glfnn, Bo*toi
S'i *rh Ha i.l.j.rr. M*w Tork
BEWOR E A19, J r. In Arr kafk B ?ndi. Bo*too.
C . M-'i ?? ?.?'?-! M ? . 'aa. N'*w Tort.
SAV.1i.aH J.n U- A'r t?rk Patar Oamill. N*w-Tnrk.
CHARLESTON. Jan .i * r,. ,.. \-?r I ?-l a i t mm*, ?**>
Tork. bn.l L BsMa.u. Ju. Ctaoant. R?*U>njiah Era, do.
f Prom oar C jrraapoadaoU.)
PHILADH.SH1A. J.n ? -4?-trc4??r r. HVn i, [f**k*t)
Ft>ult*. L.?.rpool, All*?haa?. Rorrr..*. .1.? iiiUan.. bark ?Bl an**
Tnompaon.9n.ll d. , ja* M B atab. oay. Cora*>n. Ch?rWaaion. 4..
d.?. Eoatar law Tort; Jinn Barratt. May. do. Owi(*k alum..
N , , -,...n do
Ciarra-Jk.? CaaWon.. Invlar. Roai.nd, law Oraaana; bark
1 ? ,. .Pra.) C.naaaa b .anna A? re*, nn* Einaha*. W?ru, Cwnl ia
???; ?ehr trifl tVtii'ii, Eal oU. STork. J.m** Brr.lt, M*v.
? HI.SPilRT Ma. J.n - <??r- H-1 E-v Binnar.Mo-*
ton. Boston, arba H*nr? Laorarf, Nr.|t?o,doi Sarah, Minaon, do;
Lur.nJi Wb.tUa.ora. do
Vit ei Jan IB. ark J B Brown. , o*w) Brows. KalUmora; slat.arh*
Mary Rohnaon, Boston; J?n*, RrbioaoB,' Cttl* K*.nat.?c ," to loa
b.. Rr .-k an I
UUaater*. dko.
San A**aa* -Srh Waahiaclon, irom Vark Risar, Va. raporti
ks* ' I **?n an Siip.lay j'tb ,mt. m *m?n. |n lar kttit it .p aahora
on A* ' mtm Baa. b. SftasS AO in.la* .outh of 9*n ly H.a4. Sh* *p
pa*r?l vi b.'a ja** SBJ I a* nh* waj lyiof haad ob w.tb all aa.l? aat
and an., k Th* wind *n Irom SSW und l^ht- A hairy rrjuni
aw*ll wa. roiling la wkiflft r?'i?*d h?r to roll i-on?'l*r*b!y. It wi?
tliou(hthnwa?ar. thai ?ha W....I I not hr.?* up unlae* tha wmd .ho i'd
fr*.l.*a. It wa* Bot probat)!* that aha woold BS rot tm VaBfeSatSS
saytanc*. Th* weather wa* rary truck Bl the t.uw aal kwT n. ne
imild not ba in.de ont Thi* era* at asout | PM. Sh* wa* uf about
Br? Da...I. ,'of Ga!w?), I Tort, from Bay Chaleur fijs Irian <, wa?
itruck by * h**iy *ei Dai 7 wh li awept aw i> r<I>y and compan
ion wit, broke in the mwa hatch, ,hb.om. started cutwater, ft.,
while ly nr Uf> ..If Bird l.l.nd; thehrif mi nei.atelr filled wnh witar.
The Cspta o mate sret <oos pao.hed IreeS 'he tcm b*tore fhey coalt
S*t*n> re.'.el) th* reia.inler of the crew. ft*W n n .mier, were t.ken
oaTsAwSSSSa** tL* arrSSB e ^l.t leva aud rarraal to Bntton H*r
b' r, En'tune Bay, BP. SB* kf th*m died la tw? days after bam< S*
ahore. The n?.y bad one ksj imiutstwd. ?nd one of th* men SBSS**S
,i, .(.. '. ? ,.':..| li. ...
Let* or Bai.. Ilui Kiwi.?A t*l?<r ayl i kwaaAck fated at Isar
Orlesna. Jsn ri. states thst the br r * lau kiue, Cspt. Hatea. >.. .
Bai ts H: saHBTSS, I >r lew y. rk, w.?. . r.'u.bl* tarso of ssrssp*
nO*. <-o,hmee!. *c. w.s lo.t in ******* o it of th* Rahi*.
It u E.i >?'.?>i, taws from Ms ..a^ua fca flew Tork, w ?h actrro
ol wood .i. i li d**, .ad IA rat on.nr Californ sns. ran aslior* on the
west eat Bl i.rsn l Bsbaasa a* lb* e?bt of Iba loll. alL**M *a*
ceeded a rat'.ir.j 'iff II,* followinr day w.th th* aaaistaoue ..fa wre?k
inn BaBaawew. and ssiiia* st Ma.*.i,, NP. nn ths m^rnioc ' ( the etb
?sat. Th* .eesel r*r*iy*S little or do mj'iry, *icept br**ki*( her
r . ? 'ar
Sena F**a**i Ally*, from Baltimore for California, put into Y.rf.' k
on the j ?tri in.t m coe*enuenc* af a leak in the w.'er < 1. sst, and
w.nt to s***a*sa on the ? at. thiakins the leak ito'ped, p .'. Is*
a**in on ll.e did. na-iis they had fillet to do *o 9b* will base t*
be ha led (B for repa.ra
? -?
To Hnrlnera.
C.ptFraterof theitatmship tlabanii, at "s>v flr'e.as Vast V.-a
Crm fi?*? th* ft l '.wi'j mf-rmatioB ralaf:<y the sari*whai r
the CosUai *alsss Hw*r, n a latter to tha Prestdeit of the 'Jreeee .1
?atasl la* urai i ? Cm,
TwoSpar Bl s*J a Lsve bee* placed on ti.r Bar "f th? .'oat/. **i -
Ri?*r, hi II laet w.tar, kalf Ho**i BWtaaea t .e ., the de. t i ? i
fewt ?t the .*n-e a'a^e rfr.de. The *?*)ft* th* w. t .a pa.u *d r. d
and thai to the aast Waat* The bear me of ?he ? ?'d Tower f um if, s
Chanel is ab. ut 3 half E
Tbaie B.i f* are moorrtt wi it i eat > . ka u* Bad i" n wei4i.t., ani
an'ea. is.'rBedhjr ret'iored, ihey will reiiina ia stasis ******* situa?
tion* s zr?*l laerth et ti 0*
n.ei|ii?ln> .," da* Bw**S** *i* tha Bar i* "?rl sind. The Ha, :a
hc.sy riiir'ii.rl? (.l?s break. ***** ****** 'he t'hensel
Bo Teeael drawma BTM 11 feet nurht to atta ot I lo enter Ska r.?er,
mm rft at law** is ***t wasw mkjm i* mmi ontkeB.r. Oo .it
orr.ss'ns, with the * oreaaid drangst, it rxtut be full llood with a
? Oauolh sea.
ft I l*a near th* eolraa/* of tie rhrer, who ran ba obtained
by vesiel* Mliliaj off the Bar ha?iu( * tti (f?sa at the fore.
A b'ai k .par buoy, also w.th heary ir .a moorings, ha* tw*o placed
on the S W eitremrty of a ledr* of rock*, 3 to 4 f**t uad*r wstar, ia
theTosiiscjalt oa River
Th a lad.e ?? >?'.a'rd towsrj toe Eastern be e, * iitti* .Kose a
bran, h cf the r rer wL. h i* no the \Vs,t*ri baut, and ?* utUad ' km
lei Terr. I .*?* of de U-e C.latado*."
Cptnra-o . f tfigrhspeary. at aleiiadria, V?, fron Callao report*
that no h.s pasaar* frrvm BalUn.i./a in California, Aug'iet 11. I Sri,
d.eeoset** a rock ?love th* water * edge, ia let 4 In S, long pi Irl W
I Hilf.in Ve..rl. Npaykear A'C.
J*B I. hit I B,loa 3d ts W, ship Elaasrr, bet. a for CaLfurn a.
J.n an, let 30 *S, Ion 70, itasm.hip ladependence, 3 day* keoc* for
San Francisco.
Jt* SO, let 3S 36, Ion ''-4 St) bark Cruxw, f.* B.mio* for Califorat*
Hpokett. See.
re*. M.tat ?ft sftS.lo* .4 !??,Br*hip UnsoutB, Uw*oa. T4 as
f:n C*nioo for Loeuen
Jan ?, 10 S. loa 11 *0 W.Swedeah ki.g Tnt >a, 30 day* from Boaoo*
Ayr** for Raw.Tort.
Jan I hit I IS S, Vns S3 -v. W, Bremen bark IU, P*tket,30 .l*frooa
RlO d* J.'.a ... , v...| i,
Jan iA, lat *T, lua 47 so, nark Potomac, so day* from Rio aa Jaaai
ro for B*I ...ois.
Jac S, lat 11 Si R, loa 49 06vwis seas a wual.*g bark staad.ng B W.
Ihowing * * .e 9 goal, white na?, aad letur R.o it
Jas 11. lat IB ** loe el is. ere* seen a brig *taaling J, ?hoa.eg a
wb.te sa-i .1 wi'h letters S M V ia il
Ott 1?. Ut tilt, S, !<>? lau W, weeeeaaa ship, . up pose-1 tha Brook
rya. fn m Ca:i*o for Batuiior*.
Bo* 17 latOSDS, lo* 44 ?I W, ship Ela* ft Caroaao, from Caiko
Dac 9. let 30 s*. loa RJ M. ship i>'d Eegland, fr/.m *J*w Drlean? ?er
Jan SO, lit IS 10, loa 46 *0. sal *eao * huge ?> y ?taad.ac W w.th
loa* of ma-b^rard*, with a black ball m bar for*topa*.L
Kort-ltTB Ferta.
Arr at Sassau. HP. Dec a ? Cl.srU. Spplatoa Gnllrser, from
Mincaibo. .'asd remained .a port ISbt .o.l epamiigi) IJMh. alaarnar
Apera. wskerran. Phils el^but, (sad aid ITU, for Oroaako Riser I
3'*?. ?? r John w taftsj, at- kiraer. Hew fork ; Jan ?..seh Eatarpr.se,
Bot4, lei m B? ?rsg'i*. 'or Sew T"rk. '.and renn aad ink, rap* nog',
(seed*/star* i
At Rio Janeiro lath oil, ihip Thes Wa.tebo, Lyw.for Rew Orlaaa*
? f. .lais'ph.a ! or It
At P a, i. a. . . ...,p a eta- l'-a, Wa ter. |r*m Sin FrucuKO, St.
Calleai, lor Clue, be l.raada bs mmt wrin guas* f ir Ha.'.axtore.
At Raj Grands De. I. barks Mioualoe. Hughea, froea Salea, Sept
l*i arr R -? r7 l..r Salem, ulc. W/rnan, Harnrjvgtoa, tut do, do; brr
Russell, Wit1 is for do to day.
At Swtal Ml. iset, brig Hary Abb, W? u, from end'or RTork wtg
An ?t Honolulu Ro? ship llary ft Emm* Hal*. Ssb Franc-eco
lMk;7th ship Caluavvivua. theater, du I Mh ; brig Fortaaes, Hasty
R:b*o.ll'.b, bail 0..*r.ul. Dial. 5*a Francwco l?th, aad suVd
Bid fc r ShaBaha* , hug A Hajford, Short, do 13th ; l-th, bark 9ar*h
M' Farvsad, T.lbot, Leh.ma ; srha Dart Fcrtar, Fort V.cton* J?b,
Laur*Ba<*a. Pwr. e Baa PsaarJaea j Krmseroe, W heater, do'etb';
Ititb. ship Roe* Standaih. Pearsoe. do lath aad last ad path for
HorgBoag, *ch* At, o Hallet, do loth. Cid .ih, sk.p (sao Hallet,
Atdo .1 . *a, >e P. Orrs Dana, Cutter, (troas Baltirnoral for 3a.
Fraaa. st,.. i?p..rs* Ws*ii is .or ludeye Caaa.i?. Beau, sjs, for Rew
Beafcrd. ?et r., Ei ta tv,rwi<s. Wi.Ur^ d.. for Rew Toes, lag;
kerk Pbilcmet*. Jcwett. for Pasama, sooni sad oUera safore re
Arr at Lahaia* Ro? IS, *rh Franca* Helen, Hewdersov Ssn Fran
*?. ? i-rg E.iaT.? . r. fc .ir ia.. 4? '\ ski. I. Frjet. Ro
rera, do 111 :?nd cid In u f r Chaiuv) CW.rsd 19t>, brig F*>a, Brad
?cry.San tranrisco.
Arr *t Pssama, 3d rr*t. lark* Circawuta, ; Br) Hore from 9*6
rrsncieca; Ssrsh Ra-herdsoq tat Sift brig Br**i ?***.( Br) KnSka*. Bo
n* Kea/e,.; BBS hr | Jaa*. do CK. let .aal. .Warn? p. Rapnklic,
Mudsrx.S.i. FraicaHx, sd, Cf rr Pr?bJ*, Be. lard. *o. U. Oregon
r*v^Msiivro^t'al'oi^*** ''rago*. k*(U Alloth. Luit, Cal *,.,
ft. Hre-Je, tfcCrry Sen Kreac-seo; 6*h. skip "-"in**'
Hswasy, (tuyanu.lt 9
At do. Ati, .?st. ship Basshotdt. ?***.?, feS Best In lass, 7th; bark
^?^hrcp. Pea"* fue eoese .? Valp^jnvsK,.** eooe a* screw could
be obtained for her.
UomtHkile Port?.
..I"I?*!,D,U*. ????**- Arr bng Oipra>, O.-aaa, Cailao Sent IA.
cu ,-,k ? ?'?"?"-Arrsch Marrarst Jarlraaa R*wbhryp.>rt
-a? r?,tk^!? * "? ' <Uo*?' "?"* ?mir, ' ^wmT^ii
de. Cooi.Tiir.der i* Ckw. W.glar. d,s Auiaaisra BhuJa^diajI'
tnei. ??...,a 3t Aurvtltuw. ' ^^.?*-?
-B**!'** r,r*?rt'^?. (?ja) Pirandello, ralermo, Ro* 1*
ViTT ^T?^*'i^e *1 "P ?? **^*r Morael; lo. Brown.
2*3 ^ryt-**t? Ajaar-r** veaeal 1 Zaoo Re, o/^ls, BaJt.asora
t.-? fLV0!"* "'if??"' t^?n Aaa EhiaabaU. E^aTiiga, Oeorr.
?xd fn.mGaorgato. . DC; Fr.iK-00... H? was. ?1 EtaM <ir*at,
ot .1.-burvpe,.)3,n.u.**ltaiiior*, Sarah L/.? **, Re.coah.T?.
r Vi u 5 ?ff***. J1*** Aubr??' ?'"rt. Portia** ; J.a *\ .hp Chi
!^ frnTl?*9 I b?rk J W AcJrsws French, HarraMtle*,
br^. L VV M,i well. Fan.hsj*. Cardaea. . Hel?err,i. Othsatetr?. Wil
? ?*t? 0. RC . ecke DntBbJB (Sar) D-dsarg, MarsaiUe* . J 1 Baker,
learv i b, a- i1 Jo'iu Ms.v w. Dyer. Tangar; Bay Stet*, Rrdaf,
mtmJm%l ? L Lateil, do . Sea Faa, Pepper, t.'amdeo; Veeu, Dae
jao.W*clwca, Baogor. Rase*. Se.rseort, Cottrera, Biaka, Bath,
mm Brooks, StatexB, C.tu**, Walsaca, aad Bakaea, Waadaaaa,
P..r ti> k PrarA BtsSSSfl P.a*.av?a?k| P**e??. Bob***,
PBSewsSk bWa,?,u at.t. ? a t^t h?imrktawl. Iq**>>
??? o Canute, Aa< ,a *. 4 Hm)i Sast 1. Ski. *i*4a). .b B
S.,.na l'ai*'MB: aar., ?m' .h. J i,iU(. traf? Moret-i; Maty
Can* i BaU? i p*|n i ||t?, iBMiBt t wmi : aas tram
|s| ? BBB*I BkMSaah im > ????r?; , k**k< fruian l, /.iva)
B BBBB)Bi ? *s Reuaa He*! * .'u W . tat ?<?? ?<<'- RoU.bx
rf ? - .???? ~a ? -.? ? ? ? - K a-?f ksk
i H > M > M <?>. '. . trrktaaa Mr* Ota*. **a-aaa.a, (ST ort j
i I r ' ? it ?. H <t'"~ rl?",<Mw?. arl. laaw TafaM AaAV-O ??Kirnnf*.
Offt] r , r.*?,BW.,.M Tl HIBBlli taittsti - . t.*a.fl?
aar*?. Bar- m r* w*iia.-*. n,tart Caraat?,f j-n Lt'arpo '.
Arr.lW -hip R?? Tort H-i" ???? V rt. t.^ Hi" ' * Martha,
I aj - V? 0*BaaS?J r,r?r- < t, H.j .. ?>.<??,. ??,? *iu>. M U
tjrm Can--... Ma. ?.a >?*|.-rt Kl La,*.,. *??,,,.., *.?
*. a> Fra.Pk rna.,B"t *, t ?> < a 0 r?.Cmt*,.M- .. . H law*'*
H. r. lNr.:?. at- I SB ? >??: '?at?!,-, M u *? a. Cats
raa M*?stl*s islSiS* i if*.Hi ?i Bakus we* Oatana J.Aa. n.
Pa.la.ta ph.a 1 ,? i ??? lark ? ?******. Barrl?- tn.m n*m>.
Tjr? ii.il mmmrnttas MrvratasS fma r.n ? u ?. .?,.?> a ttj
Ort*, p ?,.?;> tar Urarsaa . Janxa W?' a- ? Sana:1. ?\ Islet***.
KWPoRr-l:a im*. t a t P??" *. Siaf* A-laear**
? mXmmu, Raa I ;? It, I o?o R .?a? Ka-uvtai,
? H a.? K KURT. J.n Ik?IM Sties CaSSB Bssa. Taat, Csal?.
Klt?r. Ma. ?. TrrC. I .rj. ?> ? '.>'', o W <>, la*
? H?'? a ' P*?l i . o.r v\ . H.H. Hu- a'and
LUBBG J.n m It* ark P*s mm, faekw, BYes* i"'V*kt
(?aataa* fiBiai. tat Skki i'a?.B?t.n .wu?. ??'?? a < Var> H
C?-.. Waaatar, Lbaaaatna I....,...) W Ik-OS Mil i!<u.*|
a,'., ? I .-ak.a. H.,'? ;? ? ?I,:: rh. Wr! ftar. ?Josrot
SOKII.K Oaa l?-A>r ?p hnt Aa?. n-> Harn?, M.'M-lta, Kt
Ma SSM?, H<.na*.. N?w ?. r* ? st u?p ItvhlM, Sa. ->*U. Ha.rat
turka T'i. maa Pi.r. a. Ma'Mi Pio..aara; B?Ni*. SaaaaVa??, Soj ack
Pocabau!** B,or baa. Nav Tor*. ataanbAat Cora. Bat*'. A ft*!** am.
KIW HAVm Jan in Arr a> C t^nH -, Maar lor*, tki
br? Tvpaa. Vaipa*. P.-rt<> RaMaaek l>?a P.rtar Raaaart, ?J*? Tart.
KVVA ilHIE?>$ Jan IB-CM Maamah p ?t?tar>o. I.ttbaa, S*a
Jaaa aaa CU?traa. ?k | ? Isthanli (Max) J.?na.ua?. Li*a- mmi, mm*
fl -. Until. Tufki Pi ai.J R !>..?.. I...a,..<Uk.ll
BBS, Ri t sa. 0, **Tort. Jur.*U. Lawra- a. P!,.'adalpb.a >>rar Btaaxb*
KStira.N^iH Brai.aJ .,l?fn',? MM H * ? . Wn Arr?
k?. Um.? Saati*r>- Baloar. r..m aj up, ar ( Carol.at, : s 4a;* from
POBFOLX, J?n ti - ArrartZaoo Graivfar.Sahiawra.
PEX?*C??LA- Arrprrr tu Jaa i? aarii IVmvt, Ma*{*n, Prsat
(ott gja. iimar., Hay. <<?>. a. ha Martha B Sx.th <*? ?aatoa: J g
Cauaia Ca hr.at, Bar^.r Ma t id hark llaaV-?, R . haraa. NToraj
, .A r.? K . r.. i i R.*l i. Alan, ?r M It.kru, La ?..Iva,
do ark l*B*r Praakhn. Pruat, KTort.
rHIl kDRLPMIA, JsatM trr ki t M? i. Bakar. B?aron
? AVtlSlH Jan? -A'rhat. Bora l>a?. ' Br ? Ha" my, L-rar
BSok H??**iw.'M*io BB*Bl?l*ck B kwaMM Y.?i h,C?U.,.a Ba!l..nora,
CM ? h 0 C Brm ka RoaabrouA. .Saw SSBB.
WUMISOTON Jan? irr wh Lamartina. Toraar. Baa Tork;
S4th arh ?ar?r/\r (*.w Tort: ?nj Albttroaa. [B* r>. .-. | nt?tn?.
Ja 'CMBSkk tr(. H I Cn?BJ. Coilio?, Bak.ioor?, Waa Purrioftoa,
H*VI?'AVSKTUJiin :? Arrbarka .1**ta,CiiBBia<li*in. Biatoa. Star
Sycw. V. Kb Br -i?bt. do. _
Tbiaiisek s ?rrics Hobwich *bi> Won. ??tsb>
RaI1.??.AI> CoMI'AMT. >
Ncbbticr. Cos.1* T :ar*Jav, D*t SB. 183B.1
PfcR CF.NT on BBS PrrtVmil Block of thU Cornpwis
ba* thu Jay bmu d?-? ;aje.l. payabln at Um? TrajKfcr OlfirHa
If MsstaatVW Kxchavigr, In Ii.? Cily of Now-York. oo ao4
sAcr ihf 15lh iiav of Jai.aa/v neat
Ti e Books of the Company will bo eloaed on Um 11*4
tust, and remain cloocd uuiil in? ISih orottmo. Bouka for
t ll ? ?r-.pllou to the (irt-aeni Sto?-k of Uit* Company will Im?
crent-d on ihr- I Ml, of laiu.ar> next, at lha Traiafar Olfies,
(TiriM T Mertam. Traualrr A?enl.l la ?BfBkSSIBI' Ex.
Nstt-Yoik. and remain opeu for sixly lay* thsra?
All stockholder* who subscribe as afoiesalit. and pay IS
per c-nl. on ike preferred ?lock, will ha enlili. 1 to the 1)1?
Tidernl lu be declared tu July next.ou Oielrprefer red stock,
which embrace* four ?hart * of old stack foi eaa h ?liare ol
new stock ?uliacrtticd.aiid n.u-rast will be charged at the
rate of tlx per reel, on a.! It.atalluienu from the 1 ilh proxi?
mo unul *ald ln?lavlluieuu are paid _
dS'tw* O L Pt;RK.IN8.Trea*arer.
PFK CF.NT baa iMs o?v been DBCLAUO out of the
gm , lufthel oii.pnny for ihe o nion ii* ending the list
BltlBSSI PAYABLE to It* Biocahol.ler* at the Mechanics'
Bank > Ne?.York, on Hie FIRST Of rLB
Rl aRY ptosj i . _ .
Tr*> #fer b?m.s8 will bSJ cltwed on ihe .'oth. *nd opened 1st
February. Per onler of the Ilirector* Albany. Jan IB,
18.51. Hf| K. FOBTKR. Jr ^retary^
O?NK1N? h??sb OF J. <'\ro
jaJ?MtKKs a CO N ^v ?- rirrssritiiii.Ps.
C .-re - i made ?d ail tt.e PRINCIPAL ClTltCSoflhe
IMltli 8TATFB. RneroL.-e In New-York-Meear*.
Winflow. Larmier k Co. it Wall at._aulT if
. f \F.W lERiil- Y-Tue Internal Coupons Ol UM
Merigage Bond* of lUs Cotnpaiiy. due Fehr niry 1 proi.
wni lie paid on and after that date, on presentation at the
o:' es of JOHN T JOHHBON > Wall-el
.s iw OBOAOK EL I'EuKAM. Trea*urer
Board of Directors have uns day declared a Saiul-Anuual
Dividend of 6 per cent oo Iba Capital Block, (Inniudlujf the
amount paid ou the Bcript Share*,) out of the earning* o|
the *tx month* eliding lilel December. I.v5li, (to Bna-khold"
era at he close of the book* on that day,) payable on and
after TL EBDA Y. ?Iii January InsL
Holders of Stock regl*u-rad ou uie Transfer Books In the
Cttv of New-Yark, will receive their Dlvideed* at the office
ofWlNSLOW. LANIER a CO 53 Wallet
Certificates of Script Bbarea mutt be presented at ihett
office for the Indorsemett thereou of this Dividend payrseat.
-Dated Madison. Jan. 15, IUI
jlb2wts WM. N JACKBON, Bsc*y M. k I. BJA?Co.
Macom and Ws.Tits RaII.BoaO Cosspart. 1
Mto's, Oa- Jan 8, is.5|. f
nlVTDEND NO. t>. ?A Divi lend hat
IS lay de. arm] of Fol K HOLLARS per share
on Hit. consolidated aioca of ibi* Company, and Hie pro
portionate lutn (two dollar* per (hare) on that which bss
not yet rieen reiumel for r?na<?iidailon, payable on and af?
ter the fir*t of February n>-c, ai the irthcelh which the samS
la reglmered by order of the Hoard
?lit?!*_J H TAYLOR. Secretary.
The Interest on the Public Stocks of the City of New.
Tork, due and payable Kebiua/y I. IUI, will be paid oa
that day by SHEPHERD KNAPP, Esq. Cbanii>erlaln of
the City, at the Mechanic*' Bank. Si Wallst. The Transfer
Books will be closed on Wedbeedsy, Jan. 8, at t o'c xt
r m.
HfT foj me acco.i lattoa of Bun-k'iolder* tranafsrs
will be perndiu-d during the period ihe jooks reuiaiB
c.oaod. to lake efTut t F>.i>ruary 1.
Contboli sa s Orrica. N Y. Dec it, Iftjii. data ifs
If I ( OMPANY-.s-.I Sem i. Annual Dividend.? The
Pre.,.i. ni ai d Director* nt lha Morris Canal and Banking
ComiNSBV havs this day Ce, tared a dividend for the last all
BSSBMJaft, from the eermng* of the Company at t> e rate of
ten per cent per annum ou the amount paid in on the pre*
fcned stoel <d ISSB of safal Coespasiy, MswgMeBftakWSBbbbV
holder* or their repreirniaiive* on ami after Uie lib day of
?briiary nest, at tbe eSBes of the Company in Jer*ey City
Ti e ir?. tfcf BOefts of a>l 1 preferred slock will be coeed
from ihe .lib inn uiii11 LBMt day.
Not .-e ia alSO liere'.y (lr>n t > ike aubscilbefs b? the prB?
f?-rred aiix-k of till* Company thai the seveath instalment of
ten do lar* (.er SSStre will be payable i.n the I at. Keoruary
next at the office of tbe Company In Jersey City.
Sub*crlner* in PhiiayielpM*. Ba'llmore aad VVaahlntViO,
D C. will pay at the ,.li,of F. W r ark W Co Phllnlei.
phla. Per order JOHN D. POfc, Secralary.
Jersey Cily, Jsn. a. 1W. ]n at*
ed Propoials will be received at the h ruse of E ans
E. Russell, la Darby, Delaware Co Pa. up to the 13th of aid
month, (February.) for grading, forming the bad, and lay?
ing the plank on the line of thai Philadelphia and Darby
Piar.k Road , length, i| miles. Plan* and speclficsUons ceo
be seen after the Itt of ??! month. (Fehruarv.) at tbe above
named place. JOHN H ANDREWS', Preslienl
Wm. D H Sebbill, Secretary. J25 |m
I)eceml?ar Report
New York Offi?-e, M Wall atreat, oppotite tha Exchan/e.
foiaramerd Fund aad Aeruwiuiatnd Premiums, Dearly
$)i aaajMe. Rep..ri of BSSSBBees for the month of Deeemier,
WB>l number of new podce* Issued, five hundred end two,
ToieJ polices l**aed In December,..-.. utt
ToUl new poll e* Id IMS'. hjUt
Whole uumner of po.ie.e? laaued.I289JJ
_ _ OLY R. PHF.LPS. rJeerstary.
Tie Cor.ieciicnt Mutual Life Insurance Company has
now become tbe larfest laalllumm nt BBS kind In the l/nitedl
Stale* i; waa orgeru/ed m Deeembar, wie, and now num
l?r* over iwelvs Uouaarid mnnli-ni.
DIvKlri.u* aJ.o. aied annually on Ihe 31st of January.
Tie ts peracna mauring prior n? that lima, will partlctpate
In lha disldruds of earned premiums for ilia pr?sent veer.
Tbe Uivtder.de of 1?47 ware paid In fulloo the lat of March
of il.e preeael year, (|&5n ,
To meei tha convenience of the public, a lien of oea-half
of ihe premium on lifa pollri-*. when tha amount is R5?, is
given to tbe member* of this Company, in anticipation of
the reiurn of au'p'uspremiums
RS Kissavi M D , Medical Examiner, at the otfee,
da-iy. from 2 to 3 o'clock P M.
Pro*pectua and every Informellen riven by
W. g DuNHAM. Agent. M Wall-et
I*-7 Bj _ Opposite the Exrnanfe.
IAJI l-RANCISCO. ( allforma, draw at algbtorat
lime, la turr.s to suit punhasers, on
sod on PAGE k BACON. St Louis, Mo payable at most
of ite prominent potnis in the Slate a Collerliona alissdad
to and proceeds reailtitxi prom .t,y IVlil also a lasiil "*
sale* of Produce sod Merchandise for parne* re*idia(
abroad. PAtlE BACtlN A CO. Han Francisco.
t,*latt" ? PAOE a BACON. Si Lout*. Mo.
Refer to Messrs Pre*., Kobtnx.n a Co New-York
RAILROAD COM PAN Y.-Tbe First Quarterly Du?
ldend of ll 75oneech ehtre of the capital ttock of Bw
Rutland aid Wbltehaii Kn ix-ad Company. wiU hepsM*
the 1st of Fe? ruary, l?5i, oo which day a dlvideud drsR
wf i be aer.t to each atoeaioider
Tb? Trari-er books a t i' e el a-c. from the .'Ith J
le the 1st February, 185!, h rth tncluttve
""Tkbuldirs resMBBg la \>rmen: and In Wuh:arM
Cconiy, N Y csn change their B d cer:rV*t>* at tie Cost
PBMy'soAee.ui FttrHaven, Yermort. All other* at theCoM- | i
ran-i '? oti:'e, 2 Hanrrrer ??. New York?New York. jss- I .
.1 I i GEOKUE L HCHl'YLER, Ereaideat 1
j/7 ' t
The nkw-vork and h \rlem
the office of the Company. 38 Chatham-*! on an.1 aftsr
Tbe Tran*ler Booh* of ibe O.d Isb?| will ba cbated Ott
SaiLrdav, 2.5th InsL at 3 o'clo. k, P M and i>i?*n "o WadB??
day. Fehruarv 5. at 10 o clock. A M Dated New-York,
Z.d January. 1851.
jZl tf,b.5 BAM L M. BLATCHFORD. Trvatrirer^
kl [*l \( W | T< I 0 >A N< >N B< )ND an?
(Pws),iHfi>v . aw a asras ?fjear*. at
Real Estate, in this Cuy, Brouklya and Wiiaanwburajb, ?
sums to suit borrowers AppW'o _
ANTiiON I J BLEilCKER, Auctioeeer,
J? iw i

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