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.... mvw YORK DAILY TRIiU'flK I S PI' h /.I SH ED
4tth? t????. ... . ? .v to.'.,
? ^^v^t.^
?"lg! u, - > - i ? >,.??? -i. ??.
*?of" s . .
?4WJh7?.' ?{'??.? ? (.'??? re*|U"-d II ?il
'1' -4.U V?,r? Nvw,r.p.ri dj P ? ,
23al '"*? '' . r ' "* "
j^ff'" ?? * *xv diflerejoee.
?|T advance! V,ght copiea fur Bin, or twen.y
1 r.? address T. r I. ' ??d the P*t>er in no ca?e COTt
^?meus foTia*. tk*wt ??? ^ ****** 36
per lire fa imi";."h
THE mk.ui-wnkki.v tkihi HE
h twVfcR.ll every ?f r?*??.*!?. ?J ?.'"^7,!"? J?.'*'"
Rlee tA rvr a^nuu' TwO?r"r * ' re* fori?.
,0* St'tOStA* CiBCUl.Al.O*
Et t?b ithed on ?* SftBtaW of ?ach Mr.l Steam-' i ?
u%*rpo^ ???nM p?r c?py-or ?* p* pou
?ft tccuded. a
tiik nW-YOBI Tin?:ME
rot cAurotRit, obeco* and the ?abdwich ist a.ids
I? puh.'lsbed on trie departure ofaten Mall Soviler fir CrisV
? ? ?? Price rf v? l t lopy.
r ORELLEY It MtELRATH. Publisher!.
SI'tHiAL M)T!Ci:S.
' fg Parkt Henjamln, l.t'i.-llumor sind Kn
tire !!t Crti toe tun.-Mr. Sbsuamir win, by p?rti<-uiar
recnrsi dedverhit ewiebreted Poem, rhe Age of Gold, at
ChVi-.n Mall or, FRIDAY EV'ENI NO, Fe'i 2\.at 8 o'clock,
tflrk* s i '? e?f it at lh? door ?vi B?'>k*'.?re* Ar
krrtuhl treu may be ea pected. We **y to all go earl;- to
j |*l a good se-at. _mW%r
tr Hollaed nod the Ilollandert.-Bev. W8.
Bai i Ii Ce'lver* r.!? Lecture on tbl* ?ubject nnrR'DAt
EVENING. Keb HI.*! Kcickei*ocker Hall, corner Eighth
?veruestd Twerty tblrd st commencing at7J o'clock ?
AfsuKU ? I'J cplu. Ticket* to he had at Dunn's !>^ok
ttore, or tt tin dooi\_Z'f?.'
IJjT-.Tlr. Lord's lllalorlral l,ertiir*7?j.?Tne
twcor (1 L? i tu.e on the Hrro?* and .Saint* of Proi?*i*.i'i*in
will I* t-iven In the Hope Cha(>el. on KRIDA Y" ?VBM.
IPO.Fetj Ji.at H o'clock. 8ut> net? Ou..?vu* Ad >lphds
tu a Ike Tli.rly veers' War. Ticket*. .V> cor.:*
H. R ?Tim ??ccefding l'Ctur? will Ix? given ori If ob I If
at>o Tlo.r.dav evrnlngt. luttoad of Tueeday* au 1 Kr,iay*.
Stt Hum' _
r?r )\'i||liiroeliurRb l,yceuni.?Notice.-H "i. J,
Os?ji?uo<di of Rrootiyn, win duliver ihe fotr-enth Kec
Itnerfthe irr?"", st ?.milrel Hall.rnrner of Soii'h K'rtt
Bid Pift'i ?'* TO-MORBOW EVENING ?t o'clock.?
fkihjS"'*?' Music Hi d i'* Proepoct* io Atllfl ic*. Joflt
|Tr~ Ilr. Itnnnlnc'e Fourth Lecture oi the I*Ii Y?
DI AL HCIEMCI Of LIKE, will he pronounced THIS
KYENINU. at 7, o'clock, at Hope Chape!. 7IK Broadway.
fcWect? The fBLCtioDt of the Sp'nal and Nr-rvout Syriern,
aco the rausi'f. prevention and cure of Spinal curvature
and Ph^s'csl StSwssIr* Admittance, 12* cectt. 20f It*
rt i'orbee'a Four Lecturee on Recent Kvents lo
Italy,trill bedelivert*daith?8.?ci?*ty Library Lectnro Room,
cor of Leonard *! andRroadway, on the E\ KN/NUSof
MONDAY 17th, WEDNESDAY 19th. FRIDAY 21st, and
MONDAY .lib of thi* month, at "i o'clock. Ticket* for
the sours* SI. Can he had at the Rook Stores of Messrs.
BartlrtlA Wel.'ord.noder A*tor House, Broadway, Moesr*.
Fan?haw. 57.1 Broadway. Single I#ecture 50 cu. 14fyt?
r*? Prlnfera' YlRllRnee* t'otHmlttee.-The reg i
lar mrrtiegs of thl* hodywill hereafter take p'ace on MON?
DAY and tfnUKSJOAT EVENINGS, at 8i meali * Hotel,
fn'ion-st, tt 7j tVclock. Every raemoeris especially re?
queued to be in atten iance thi* evening
_?Wlt'_WM. HADDOCK, Chairman.
I ' Lnnd Aaaorttttlon.-lndutt lad Homo Assoc.!a
tlon, Mo. 'J, will hold a public meeting at the Baker's H ruse
of Call. 17Qraad tt. THIS EVENING, at 7| o'clock, to
afford sn opportunity to sueh as wish to associate in the
turrets- ss a tract of ,and conveniently to the city, sad the
STSCfAva of Indefenrif nt hornet upon it, tecure from the
grasp or pre-irjeddllr:,: of spocalaiors and rapltallstt By
order of Ct inn litre K. A. BAILEY, Cha rman.
BP" .Mcetlnaarihe BeV??TSe Members of the News
ink bar. are aatabi n Ott Sad that an adjourned meeting of
lie * Association of the New- Yoi k Bar, will Ua hiiJ at the
Clrcuu Court Room. City Hail. THIS (Thursday) EVEN
1NO, at 7) o'clock. Tbemeaioers of the Bench, a* well at
of the Bar, are reepectmlly Invited lo he pretent. By order
Of the Spt clai Cotniiiltlee.
?*fH J CULE. Chairman, pro. tani.
CW Attention, Houho ( nrneuter*.-A public
nireiln,. will Im? he, da' <:onvenihin Hall. 174 Woo.vr-tt
TtirRSDAY, Sro'h ai 7j P.M All those ?rhu have strol od
their name* sro rsvjursied to he) present, as bintne** of tin
portacce will be bro'j^ht forward. id Bj
nr" A&tl-I.nuibllns.-A pub.;c meeting of the New
York Atio.*istion for the suppression ol QAM B LI Ml I. tri .
he held at Iba Brcruway Tan ma;lc on TflUBBOAX
EVEMiRO, i^'.h teat, at H o'clock. A Report will ho
n sd hv trc Agent i.: tl e Attocialioo. A'b!ressas bv Rev.
>l STEWART, Ork of I'oilce.atid other distinguished
gTht.'earn. Srais free
J D Ri ss, j Committee
. . ?V. \v DRIMK Kit. ' of
1" <* *'i- R. N. HAVENS, ) Arr?wjrem?nis.
HP" New-YorU Harmonic Soclelj.--Tba Stork"
boldtrs of the N. Y Haruioiilc Society are hereby Intoi aioJ
thai an btatahi tatol >. ,.?. s ere w ill tie doe aad p?vable
obiIimEVE of i e fiiiihciiniing OR \T<?IIG, a,oio.i',.-oJ
kr ?>tb Feb., |hV>|. By a recent amendment of the Coii.tt
lutlon i) ev w 111 be tnlllktil to tw o lloaata pt r Share ij each
public performance i > the Society lt.Heu.1 of oue. at hdre
lofure Ky oider of the Executive Comml tce.
1st <t? J. 11. CORNELL, Banker.
Msvoi:'- Or Ki' i. New-York, Keb ' ?. ?<??>].
r* Nailer.?Notlco it her*by given that all p.T?.")*
re,,!, e |o he vt 'cirhted, will t>e attended M promptly
ay appiii ation at eltber of tM Dispersariee, where pbvaV
Catttt are constantly In atteniance . and it is recommended
that all who have riot been vaccinated, thou d avail B^StS*
solve* linmedialely of the opportunity ihn? ohVred srithout '
SlSFga. The New-York Ditpecsary't* locate,! at H e OOr
?er of Center ?rd \\ n'te s'.s the'Eastern Dispensary in
Lad low *t. In the rear of*ls*ex Market: the Nortbero
DMperisary ti ihe lunrnoo of Waverl* place and Chiiaiu? I
sBar-at, [gr>f nj A. C KIN' .Si.AND,Mayor.
Tt' \^ asblnatoti'b Hlrthilav. February IT?'aad ,
Mil -ORDER OF I Nil ED AMKKlt'ANS. - The Mom- I
am if the O I A. in this City er 1 Brooklyn, will,at usual, '
celebrate the srtir.iarhlne Aanlvertan- of Hie Birthday of
WASHINGTON, by a I'rocess.oa arid Put lie Exercises,
lien. Hnry Storms, of Wathl.ifton thtpter, No. 2, has
been SBfsaiSSB Grand Marshal. After the procession, or
at 2 or!, -k P M an Oration will tie delivered before the Or?
der, at Trlp.er Hall, by Hon ?amd E. Wheelbr of Co?
lumbia Chapter, No 7. The following it the line of march.
The Order wtI] BBsaatble in Washington-square, a'. 9 o'cl'k,
A M , and at 10 o'clock will pars out of li e East gate, up
Ws*hington place to Broadway, tbeuce to lbs Park, m front
of the City Ha'.!, in review before IDs Honor the Mayor and
Common Council; theace tip Crathao st. through the
Bowery and Orand it to Columbia, thence through Second
it io the Bowery and Great Jocea-tL toTrlpler Hall, when
lae public rxerritc* will commence.
Oentlemrn of ihe Prett. and Invited gtesta will (upon
their arrival at the building.) pleaae report themtelve*
either to ihe Chairman or to Bro. Jtmrs Parttb, who are
charged w ith their arcomraoda:
By otder of ilia Committee of Arrangement!
I haSi i > E UiLDrast ev r. Secretary '&>( ^.
tjrshlp Aleri for sao Fraarlara. at P.er \ North
?ivrr. ran ukeafew t?.,\. ?and b*Vktt ligii. FREIGHT, and
three 1 ASSENGCRB In Kir?t Cabin.
_ M _E B BUTTON i. CO . Wall st.
JE* ( Upper ship last far ?Atta Fraactoea.
?atppert by this vea.e, are particularly re | le.ted t?tend
ias4r Oo<hi* on Kmrd, tool of Maiden-.ane. E R and B?lt
of Lading lor signature, so that the ahlp rat* be seat to sea
previou* to the.-d of February.
Ist alt*_8IFFKEN A IRONSIDE. 2 Br?adway.
BB** l-tqald Hair Oyo. improved *o as *
?air or Wbiaaert ihe moment it tt applied, witnout theleaet
Sajjary It Is ertireiy free from utipieatac: odor, and can oa
arathr-d with the ?tror.geat soap uBmedlately it It applied,
arah* ut waiting to drr For aal?, or applied, at Satchel.
?a's Wig Factorj'. t Wall<L myii TuThASattf
, .?..B.r,'*dW?y'*'l*'*n p?*?*l "d Ue'ker tt* (for eo
wmf .'*.?I ^tVrtL An? p*??n ***** ow- t>r pan of one.
A In the upper part of the cliv. above Fifuwath ?t, suit,
able f,, * ,? a? ,? rth? fcatirj from now dfl fir.t of Ma?
ar koger Poa*eee,ori re.|ii.re.l imaiadlaleA- The nel/h.
IStSHod BjHtM l~ u-.excep?onable. A nole Udraatad to
tv L. Bed .eft at thl* office. BtSttag .oc.i I n and all panic l.
?juS* !f b ,KK,r li" Premise* may <e seen v.id meat
r^r^i_iv iw
*? ?KOokl.n As a .- t| itaaat ' lataaad,
?wwbjefcraamai: family.ut a pieaaar.: neiA^borhood.?
tlla*!** r*<ctired in.medlateiy Addret?, box $.237 Pott
y"**. atancg all part:cu:art .in relat or. to the remise*,
"i.i niret
l?f li
II0?SE WANTED? Pleasantly lit
*-*?ue?editi thi* ? iv by a La.ir expeheucd io Hous ?
SM'bt "ho wiahe* tu obtain a Rouse w here all or n*ri of
wiUhetaaea aattaM. Addieat L K oik.'of
?ni- psp^r. s atiag whi rr an iutr > >s
?***? s*ti?fa.".oii w .' if g-.> r'i j0|. eod*
J|<?| SE WANTED?Pari t a if??s^
* tt ? ?? ? kj ef a *:::a I o:e. la a p -wa n-ighSor
tM Croton water and bath room. Adlrea* C 8
?*? ?ff-.ee, s'.aticg lermt. which mast be aiod.rate . -if n*
ffOUSE \VAN 1'ED?Pleasant!Y^sTt?^
i law Baatt k Ward, from r.: f4av as
22 o?e having ouch a bouae lo let or ieaae. will nad a 4~
atrabi, urnaui by innulrtng of. or addreaeicg a note to
?ay,,. ISAAC SM Til . S.s.o
?* _P B. SELLECK. 162 Broadway
saasaa * ,n * r*?m? a faintly of three grown
K n v t ' k2?l M Baal to ^ toWaba
y rtas ft. y. c , Tribune ?ftre. 18f 4f
\\ \\ I h:f)?Part of a Hoiite, ?*ea1
v f Sixth uv . I e.ow Twelfth-st trj h small fam.l/ with
oatchldren. Address J M L , TrttMUM ? fT.. a, iiwu l"i l
pan -ulsre._jg jt*
? f with privilege to pur, base, of a COI'NTRY SEAT,
m Mktrei ? 11 House, wiiij... ?,..?!?. fcc hi rood of&wT, ph-u?
?ti)v ?:!". < i. wi.i.'n.f runts of rJdi City, an l of,-. ,
lew ?<?->?? A<!d-eea, post paid, wuh full deMCTIDtkn and
mn m\ H<>x X" L'j?it Pos'-Office, New-York i8f lw*>
W'ANTKD?The ser.,r,.l fo?l of a gtni.
? ? tee! house, w,th Ontaa wa'.o*, by ? geotlemau ai.d
hkery. W'tt: ;?-t.?e wbo would receive part of'.he rentln tu
llicn on ILe 1'iac.o and in French, by one of the beat'-male
t? 'ichrr. *n a/reeab'e arran; n / t ???? main Re.
f? " r.-ei glvta. Address J. L.. box 1,1**5 General Pott
ofroe. 17. lw*
\\'"ANTED TO RKNT?A small dwel
? ? Baft 4 SB 6 room* wilh garden, separate from other
bul'dlnga, ht)-! HJ 'be NbairSwot New-York or Brooilyn.
Rent not above $120 or 180. A situation In tbe country near
tl a rlt> v, on Id answer. Aidress C. E. P., 1 il Krv:slia at.
l.'f lw*
\ 1TANTED?A Howe and good tU?d
? * Garden, (tuitabli- for a small ftmilv) In Wesf.hester
Co, not over 15 irlles from the cily. Address, with reut
and loca'.lon, 1. K., Pott office. New- York_jSfBt*
\\''ANTED?Titles to Illinois and Mis
w w ioori Und?*, granted to soldiers of the wa? of 1812,
and forfeited for Tax? a App v or address, giving num?
ber* of iota to P. S. HOES, IS VVllrtt. formerly M. Myeri.
HOARD WANTED?For two Ladies"
h a r-rlvate family, either in N"W York or liro >ki. n.
Ore well-furnitbed ore! room will be required. Addraai
R. A., Tribune Office. 2'f It
Bi )A RD WANTED.?By a man ancfhis
wife, and two single men. A private fimily prefern-'',
Ro ob'eci'ori to a quiet boar ling house Terro? not to ex?
ceed Vi per week each. Addreaa S. T. 8. Tribune Office.
Location ? nst be below Walker-si. 2"f it"
BOARD WANTED?In .private hi -
lly, where there are no other boarders, for a cetiii?
man anil his wife, in the east part of the civ tssareoca
given if required. Address 11 .Tribune Office. IBf 3f
|5??RD WANTED?By two sisters in
JL3 h hoairjirgi oure or privs'e family, and will 1 ??
sent during the dey. Terms moderate. Address H i| .
this office. U-f2f
CLERK WANTED?In a Books-tor*. i?
learr the business. Salary first year. $10". He must
write well, and give unexceptionable references as to hon?
esty and capability. One who resides with his parents pre?
ferred. Address, In handwriting of the applicant, giving
sge and references, PARK-ROW, at lie office of the Tri?
bune. ItfSr*
sale Clothing House, a Salesman wh > can Influenr?; a
largo amount of trade. To sucb a one a liberal saiary will
Ire paid. None others need applv. Address'? Clo'ntng,"
at this office. 2?f If
S^l^SM?N WANTED?One well ac
quainted w.rh the City I'.euil Dry Oo >ds Trade Also,
one acquainted with Fancy Soois and Hosiery. Address,
with references, 8. B , Tribune office. 2->f 2i*
WANTED?In a Domestic Dry Gooda
House, a sman. active Boy from It to 1? years of
sge. One who is willing to make himself gentrally njagful
Salary, first year s>in. Ir.ijulre at 65 Lii?eriy-st. up stairs.
"%% 'ANTED? Three sood CaTpenten to
? * go 'nto the country about 2r, n:,;rs Apply to J B.
COLEMAN. 196 Pulton St, between 8 and 10 o'cioek.
$i.(on to invest in a safe cash business already es?
tablished, which may be Increased by an addition of capi?
tal. Any person having the abwve amount and wisiiing to
enter into business, will lea-n further particulars by ad?
dressing A R S. Tribune office, stating name and where
to be found. 20f3l*
Ol'KRREOTYPE A11T-An operator of acknow?
ledged thill dcfires a partner in the abosre buaioess, w ith a
cash capital of $3<v. Full instructions in Uie An wi.l be
imparted i and lo any gentleman of integrity and busine**
habits, this would prove a safe liiiSSlsaSliI Address, wi:h
real i a.-m-. H. T. O., Tiihuno cilice. Uf Ji
WANTED?A BuVimm Man wkh
$J.W in Cash, 10 engage with the Advertiser In a
Matiufar'rriiig Rnsiness In a neighboring city. Tue busi?
ness wl 1 lie exclusive, the ar'icleof tullmltesi deuia'"l ai. I
ssles for rush or..y. The Business is in successful opera! .
In ilia cttv For particulars address " MANI KACVCR
F.K." Ihif ufficr. aoflt
'ANTED ? An indiaytriowi l. Mi? >t
Bjy, sixteen years of age. One who has bad some
? wpt rlOBCO hi hstdiing Dry Goods, by a Ory Goods Joe>
1 t HoUaa. Reference required. Addreaa box 2,142 Po?l
office 2' f 2i*
BOY W ANTED? One wh? can write
a good hand and who livss wuh bis parents. He
must be active and Intelligent, and willing to make s St*
Appij'at ?'aj Kulten si . up stairs. iff ll*
WA NTE D^?" I Iny I'ctvve7-rtl Thwt 10
\cars of age. Must be laainst. active, Intel!Lars at.
s?id w f.. acquainted with the cnv. An American and one
who resides wilh his parents. Arplv at tbe Lamp-store
311 Bowery, between Bleecker and Houston-ats. 2cf It*
WM. J. FOLGER Ts requested to call
1 f at No. 7 Oold-st 8 8 HAKE
IJflW Ornamental Painter.
lion of private fanitltee, requiring servants, is r*>
apt cil'ullv solicited lo Ihe Employers' and Servants' Pro?
testant Agency, 148 (irand-st._2cf If
VI'ANTED ? An experienetd Daguer
?v '? ? :\(e operator, one eapaklsS of proiucing firit
clsss pictures To such a person stes Iv eniplovment and
(air wages will be given. Address OPERATOR, TribOIM
oil ce. stating w here last employed. 2"f It*
molWOKBINDERS.?Wanted a ^l
-1 workman, that can ficlsh account-books, or a good
Ruier, hat ran either forward or finish. A permaoeot sit
nation and good w ages guaranteed to a steady man.
APplv to (1EO. 11 BELL. Stationer.
Mrira 158 Naasau-st.
TUTOR.?A Ciradunte of Tiinitv C?1
ege, who has had much experience as a ?eacher.
would devote two or three hours per day to teaciiing,
either In a fanny or public school Aidress C A. L.,
Tribune oft re _Ms If
to work in a Manufactury a few miles from the city.
One capable of Bttiag and repairing t :acl.lnery may ad?
dress Box 1.113. Poet-Office, slating terms, oualificetiont,
kc._' 301 A
Vl 'ANTED?A neat and tasty Job Com
v v poaiior. Ore who can come well recommended, is
s eady. and capeMe of taking charge of a small OlfiCS in
the city. Si" per week and steady employment guaran?
teed to one possessing ihe above qualifications Apply to
tSf lw_WELLS 1 WEBB. I? Dutcii-st.
IVANTED?100 Agents t-. circulate an
J v mi rorts cd;- on of WELLS'*1 LAWYER and 17.
8 FORM KOOK. This work cocisiJ approve i
torrns which occur in fhe tiuitaction ofbusin.es?. It?. x
rlmns Ite oeih?, ?? keeping accounu. and contains a
groat araontit of inlbnnatfon for buiMSM rtMi Meu of
tuergv can tcake (roni $5"to tlto a montli selling thcra.
mit* WELLS l CO. Nas.-au-et
ll'ANTED?To attend in a Fancy store,
f 1 a j a eg lady of active and steady habits, and good
address. One who ia well acqualnied with the business
end can bring satisfactory reference. Apply at 727 Broad?
way. 16f St"
\VANTED?A Milliner. One capable
* v ;o charge of an estates;....-"-, aonoSXeMf sTSfSkl
?PPly it 233 Oreenwlch-st._lsf 3i"
AGENTLEMAN who has ha! several
yeara experience as Collecting Attorney, and la a
good AecouGtaat. desires an engagement with a firs'. Cieae
House. Banking Institution, lrsarar.ee office, or C.erksfdp.
The beat of city reference given. Addre-s ATTORNEY.
Tribune office IMtV
TH>~I*RINTERS?Wanted a Foreman.
M. a Job Compositor, and a Warehouseman. To good
workmen, with goc(i ^ rereL, t4i .^.j equations and fair
prices wlU be given H I.L DWI? i. CO ,
m%V_53 Veaey-at.
WO LADIES?Wh,, woo! 1 he willing
m?}> es to obts n subscribers for anew Week?
ly Publication To those ot aood educa'.'.on and good ad?
dress a food salary will pt;(j References to .? e-_-,
reo or oiler respectable per tons In this city or v.cntv.
sail t?e rec,..lred. Address, with ram-, residence, refer
er cee end other partlc'i'.a's. A PALMER v CO.sBarc'ay
si N?*w-1 oik nf( fas
PHYSICIAN in South Brooklyn.
desirous cf ecgaslag in u,e D.-ugglst bustueea.
wishes a Partrer pracucally acvfuaiated wiUi Jhe busicosa,
wl-o can forxisl. from one lo two thousand doliare caplial.
Refi recces exchanged. Addres* box 1,779 Post office.
N T_sjtj if
W AN TED?A mar. thorou.-hlv ac
v v qnalnted wuh the Retail Btalioue'v and ".Account
Book Business, to have .be charge of buy tog and selling
an entire new slock, lo be opened about the latter Part of
A(i elllGPearl-ai. HENRY SPEAR J!co .
i?f 5f _ 7S Paarl-sL. corner Wail, 3d story.
\\' ANTED?A few men to sell a Pa
v ? tent atd other articles which ererv family w.'l buy
A geed bance for men to make from $~i to liV ? m >ctn'
An article that cost tu cents and eells if 2 '*>. wl., a so bei
flven to Agents One weites! for Connecticut and R'loie
slend Capital requires iuu App'y or addreas
, ,. V. W. BE AI M ONT. f 2 Naesau si. 2d 1 - -
W'AN'I KD-A War, ' maker. A first
? v rat- workman. Apply at 17 Maiden-lane, l.tf ;r
UANTKD-Onr Hun<lreu 1ft fe Kn m
it id to Al.iVi a \"?r ran be mad* hy ?e ;,'ng t -
|feta> f n iiy M ? tiai Cash aradiliiara. pos si I ? la s>
rlrin f'-nuy Publieaiioa Flstv tad meat, ... Naaai mi
N Y ,2J f!? . r.'_; <t i
*0 AUCTION and c, .mum-ion Mer
chants ?a person who his ' ?? : ; ? art ex
rleree In the above business, withes to ohtnln a situation
as ssJeamsn or aseietarit Irt some retie, ta'ile bo it- A;
dr.aa Al'CTIONEER. Trlbona office ;:f TV
starr-? ire Drug R'is'reisis Os'r us of ofctSBadag a
M" a ion in a Wholesale Drug Hi..re. The beat of r-'-r
en< es ran be given. Address.I F . at thieotT.ce. 2"f If
AS Ni l.-K and Sean)*tres-< r>r a* W-iit
ressby a very res;tat :*!?' vouug Won.an. Iba be-:
of dQ nMa?Mai ran In- ffraa, CVl at VI Siit im ?? .
Bp attaaTtV west of the Eighdi-av.. for three days. 2 fit"
AS Chambermaid and to take: car.' of
chi'dren, and can do plain sewing, by an American
Protestant gin. Can give good city references. Call at
164 Norfole-st. first floor, front oom. Can be ?een for
laayg, w
AS Sr amstrfss, l>y a respectable Pro?
testant young woman. WoaM be willing to assist
In chamber work. Can produce ihe best of city re'erei,re.
Ceil at 47 Prince-ei. 2"f If
S Plain Cook nr to do General House?
work In a private family, by a respectable young
girl. Has the best of city reference. Can be seen fo.- two
days. CalletSOSprng-et. aaflt*
ASGnon Cook? Washer and Iraner, by
a refpectab'e Protestant young woman Can give
il.e best of city reference. Call at 248 Bowery, in the Ho
slery-stote. 2nf 2f
AS Ch\mbermaii) or Nurse, by a re?
spectable young woman Is a good washer n"<l
Ironer. Is willing to go a thori ilStance in tie country.
Good city relern.ee given. Cail at 172 East Eleventh St
Can be seen for 2 days. 2bf It*
AS Chambermaid and to do Wt^hing
. and Ironing, hv a respectable young woman wlih
good city refereace. Can be seen for 2 days at j? Thlrd-av.
tietween Tenth and Eleventh su. M If
AS Chambermaid or to do General
Housework, by a respectable young woman with
grvod cltv reference. She Is a good plain c K>k and excel
lent washer and ironer. Gall at U Eighteenth si. tret ween
Sixth end Seventh avs. 2"f 2f
AS Chambermaid, Nur^e or Waitre?9,
by a girl with the best of dtj references. Call at 26
Sccocd-st comer of First-av. 2f>f It*
AS Wet Ncrse, by a respectable yonng
merrled woman. Has lost her rhu J ar l wishes to
lake a child lo her own home to wet-nurse. Meet of refe?
rence given hy applying to Mrs. CAMERON, 3b* Ninth si.
between Avenues C and D, third floor, back room, from
1" to 4. _m 3f
AS Wet NuBSKi from the Country.?
Has good recommendations. Can he seen at 4b
East Nineteenth st. 20f If
-?- Situations are wanted for about W excellent Ser. ants
viz: Cooks, Washer and Ironers. Chambermaids and Wai?
tresses. Nurses and Seamstresses, girls for general house?
work.tic, who have good city recommendations, at the
Seie-d Agerry for Domestics,.! C!lnton-st? Brooklyn.
N. H ?City or country orders by n^te promptly attended
u\_ let it*
Proteslunt and Catholic, for city and country?Cook-.
Nurs<?, Chambermaids. Wsitreeeae, Ac. fee Also Cot
Men as Farmers, Gardeners. Coachmen, Waiters, kc ki.
None hut Borvaats rettMuneasled sent from N Y. Emnl?v
menl Office. 478 Broadway, lit'., T. P. SAI NIiFOS.
U"ANTED?At 114 Naasan-st (base
men.)?Employment Is speedily obtained f >r Clerks,
Salesmen, Porters, S( boo! Teachers. Bar-keepers, Waiters.
Coschmer, Boys to learn respectable trades. Ru'es and
regulations to "be seen in the oil.-e, which are strict y ob?
served. Employer's fee$l per year. Applicants incl ising
$1, free of postage, stating the desciptiun of emplovrnent
required, can be suite... [SBf It | THOS. SPINK, Ajsnt.
VI,rANTED?Situation-- foi some excel
v * lent Protestant Cooks, Chamberm-i. j*. Seams res
see, Nurre? Genera] Workers, Waiters, Coachmen. Farat
are,ate N. B. The good (about hftv) are seiecte1fro.it
ti e bud (about 5"*'). N B. (July g.m>d servants (tnosrt who
ara swart, i !y. honest, capable. a.c i. are offeree! plaoa at
7 Carmine St., Beieci fioiesiaui Ajjeucy- Uet kt*
thereby given that a CKRTIKICATE for ten sbares
ol thecapi'.ai stock of the New-Jersev Railroad and Tisns
rortaUon Co. Issued to WM O. Ol SKLEY. numbered
31H. sr.d dated Novemt or '2i. IM.faS. having been lost or
mislaid, an application wji, be made to Hie said Compa?
ny for a duplicate of the same.
New-York, Feb. 1,1131. aafdffaaai
1 a merlyof Srowhi. , Worcester County, MaryIand.|who
is now in the City of San Francisco, California, wisnet to
hear from his brothers Leiters addressed to H. WIL?
LIAMS. HoHse Joiner, wul be promptly attended to.
|M Sweod*
%\ ANTM)?By a msvOTefacturingJew
v v a'cr. a Traveler, fu'.'y compeiect to discharge the
duties of his situation One who has been so engage! and
is well acquainted with the business, preferred. Commu?
nications strictly confidential. Address E. l i . Tribune
office 18f Sf
i-1 e?! Immediately, a competent hand as FOREMAN of a
Machine shop, where the principal work done Is building
stationary Steam Engines. An industrious rrai. with
steady habile, wbo can give teeiimonlals of his ability lo do
and direct work In such a shop, wi.l he sure of employ?
ment at generous prices, If application be made soon. Re?
ference. Wm. Kemble, 7? West-sl. N. Y. Address E. W
Hl'DNl TT at CO , Oeneseo. Livingston County. N Y.?
Wanted, two or three good machinists. Uf rjtis*
JLiof business hahits. about visltlDg ail the principal
towns of Great Britain, would be happy to take charge of
any business, collections or business cards which may be
lnt'rusied to him. For character and ability he Is permitted
to refrr to Messrs. Wilson 0 Hunt 1 Co . Trowbridge,
Dwigl.i 1 Co , Hook. Townsend k Co., T. Carolev. Es<|,
Sheriff, and 0 W. Riblet. Esc,, Cointy Clerk. Address,
pott paid. 0 C. box 2.-1*37 Posl0tT.ee. 1ST ills
a large number of Men. Women, Boys and Girls, at
the Emigrant Intelligence Off.ce, 25 and 27 Caoalat. (pear
Broadwav) This oH.ce Is under the direction of the Co n
missioners of Emigration. App.icatlor.s by employers for
emigrant laborers, and families wishing to obtain servants
of either sex will be promptly attended to. Contractors c^
he cot.atanily supplied witl/Laborers. l,',^.naniCa can be
furnished vvtih Boys of all sees icKr0Ui 0f loarning ira-iee.
Persons residing at a distance can have people of the above
descriptions sent to their address, DJ forwarding the
amount neceasary to pay the cost of their cenveyaaoe lo
their residences. " No charge 1* made to Emigrants or
Employers" 13ftf
ttOAD I "SF!.?Propr sal- wi: 1-e r-ce;v?vi <tt ;?
b: the Hudson River Railroad Company. M WaJJ-st. until
the M day of March next, for the supply o. Eight Thau
ssnd Cords of first quality Virginia Pmo, to b i dehverv-i at
the following ; .act e and in quannries as fo?ows i
At Albany.Ml Cords.
? Hudson.3(?10 "
? aVsaSsassch.2?o ?
The \? oi-cl n ut* b<* Ol | ur. torrn length. licit exceeding I
feet sndwii! be rnsasnr-d and paid far by the solid csrd.
and the delivery st Albany and Hudson must commence tn
the roocth if .May, and at'Rhinebeck in the month of July,
and he male bs ibs extent uf five hundred cord? per month
at each place, and the whole delivery must be completed on
or befere the 1'ch day of November next. Parlies wil. bs
reqntreai to enter inio written contrac t awl to give secuny
for 'dieir faithful pfrtbni.ai.ee
Dated New-Y'ork, Febrjan- 17- 18-u-_Iff tmhl'J
ihoroi.l.ly taught by W J RENYILLE. j i Broad?
way Each student is separata.y and carefully tnstraciad,
and is enabled readily to apply m practice the know.axige
1 iL pat led lo him Open day anl evening. Terms mod?
erate. J25 lm*
TEVANT. 133 Waveriy-p'.ace. near Slxti av Books
posted up and balanced, er regularly kept by agreement
BOA RL>L\<;.
at 11 Amity st ?A preference given to thoea who aril]
con?Lue after May. But no application will be eniertalsed
anlese aeecn.penled with sa'Jafactory references. AJo
n eau srih or wlihor.t board, at 11 Amity st and in Grand
St near Broadway. Apply at 11 Amlty-st. W st*
TWO PERSONS, or a Gentleman UsLJ
Wife, who desire elegant appartmoats. famished, or
unfurnished, wlih or wiibout board, to a select family up
Iowa, in a bouse splendidly fjrnished and finely f.oished,
may address D. 0. Tribune O'' ce, staling when and where
an interview may be bad.
B" OARD WANTED-By a family until
the 1st of May. A parlor snin three good chamOers
will be required tn a first class bouse, weil sirueied Ad?
dress through the Foot Office. Box 826. Iff tf
BOARD?At the private xMansion Hoasa
H Greenwlcb-st. Oerilemen. with single he-is and
light, airy rooms. $2 hi' par we-eg , Day Boarders. $2 par
w-e? . Transient Boarders, if can is (.ar day ;2 lm*
< ?ABDING.?Th? ff<>o<i will an<! furr.i
f afirttciats B JARD1N0 house for ?ale ?
a.d iocs::, ii ..r.e o.'the Sen in the cl'.y. within
kW vi k (I tf-.e City Htii or W* l-*t. 1: c >n
i.Mr-.y mom?, with all ihn meiern l.nprove
t. Utoi wr.h a pood Claas of hoarder*. LH
I raute of *e ung out. as Ii U now clearing a MM
? r arr. ji.. wlm-h ar.y one can du wit!t
isgerart t. ss wi I he shown to the sailsf?:; oa
aser. For furtl.eT partstalars .iid.-e?? e C L,
*e. with real name. Rent *.V ? " l?f3t*
a Bast
hl |1
OA UDER wanted?One or two
ei Qea ' n run have a f irush-d Room with Board, n
pruste farm y. Good refeafdice required. Apply
Fur?yth-*t. 181 Stood"
(' I R d"~TN A FRENCH Family?
The house is pleaaantly situated Gas. baths. 176
d avt ru?. Eleventh st ISf St*
OARD?A (ieiiTleman ar.d his wifa
' ran he a/vommrw'v~d with a parinr and hedr om ?
the first floor; also, ?wo or :'ir?e single gen?eraen srlli find
pleaasm *[ srtnient* on apr'cation at 41 War?n-*t Term*
moderate., jl* Ibi*
American house, Hto?vw <r.
Boston ?The undersigned having entirely rebullt acd
enlarged the above extensive e?;abllthment, containing In
all about S5fl rooms, would respectfully give nolle? th it U
Is now ready for the reception and accoirmodau <a of the
traveling community.
An extended notice of the unsirpsssed conveniences of
this house fsdeemed superfluous, as the numerous Improve
met.;* which have been made ca::not be properly given In
at ad ?r t. SnnVe it to say that no expanse ha*
been spared to render any apartment perfect
Tie'urnipire wa? made expre*s!y to o'.ler, regardless
of co*t and certain portions of it. especially the draw.ng
r i.ms. w . It- Toned to bp of th* mo*t beautiful a-id taste?
ful I'lac'i'HC.ure. The dluiag-room* are capaciou*. and the
hour* for meal* wiil he ?<> arranged as to suit the cul?
ver ierre of the eaily arid late.
Every department will tie conducted in an unexception?
able manner, acd the proprietor pledges Himself that the
Amertian Home shall be truly l!ie Traveler's Hmie
3f2awln.is LEWIS RICE.
Durkee HOUSE, at Kenosha. (lata
Sontl port. Wie.)?The ?uhacrtber iformeriv of the
Pear!-st House. New-York City) would respi-ctfully an?
nounce to the traveling public that he ha* lernend the a'rove
nauied hous" for a term ?f year* and would he happy to
receive c? "s from those who will favor him with their pat.
roDtge. The house Is too weli known to need a deecrip.
Keno*ha.J*n 7. 1851._J24 tf
ROOMS to LET, with full or partial
BOARD on the ?econd and third floor*. furnUhed and
unfumlsh-d. In a tirsi-cla** hou*e. 2 Lamartine-place.
Twenty-mnth-*i., between Eighth *nJ Ninth av*. Re'er
e- ce* earl enged 5f lm*
110 LET, furnished, by a small privara
family, the ?econd floor and basement to two or three
persons, without children Address " Home," at thti
Off ce No removal on the first of May. Jll tf
?IFB-Th's day published, containing the following splendid
The Coquette. An original design by Gilbert
Birds and Flowers. Printed in colors. Several dld'oren*
The Infant Saviour and St. Joba
Luther Ban the Ballad Singer.
Music?La G'lta in Oondola
Dress for a Child. Two trgrawngs.
Taking Boarders. An original design
Costumes of all Nations?Second Series?Tue Toilette c,
ErglaLd Four Mgravtaga.
Model C< ttsge. Two engravings.
A Winter Garden.
Drtss and Fubioii.
Hair Werk Five ewgTBvtBl I
Pat> bwork. Twelve engravings.
Beside the above, this splendid nunibtr contains an unusual
f,nsniiy of reading matter by our best autlior*. Single
copies . > rents or BS rer acnom For *a!eby
30r 3t1e II. LONG A BROTHER, 43 Acn-st
JL pja8s1 ? IN PILLORY." a Satire, by Motley Man
nets, Esii. l.'mo. clolh. 75 cents Clothgilt.fi.
Hf i 2 Astor-House, Brual way.
A NEW weekly magazine.
num ber robr
Price t'| Cents.
rpHIfl MAGAZINE, imad in elegant
-S. sty le, cor tsinlng 48 paj.es of the but reading maiur
from IM Starling weeklies and tnonUiliei of ad countries, 1*
the ch> sp.-.-t compendium of literature la the world.
In sCchicn to its selections it contain* every week a full
MB msry of the tt'wi and gossip of the week, thus com
Mb hag la an attraTtlvc form, an! well adapted for precerve?
to . ail the best characteristics of the Newspaper and the
Monthly Magazine
Published every Saturday hv
A PA LMEB A CO 1 Barrlay-st.
And sold at a.l the prlrc.pai Bookatore* and Periodical
Depot*. CONTENTS OF NO. 4.
Dueii'r g Thirty Year* Ago. (Punch's Sermots to Trade*
A Shtpw r. ck upon the Coatt men
of Co: nv* all The Watcher
Mtstericus Poison. |The New English Books.
A row Day*' Sport In Chi- The Spectre Lovers.
i.e?e Tar ary. I Extract* from Books.
The Rescued Criminal. 'Zoological Notes on Bears.
Si'sn Navigation. .Stanzas.
The Old Man's Marvel?Poo- Random Record*.
try?Bv EhzaCook. 'Chronicle o: the Week.
Chinese Executions. I 20f It*
A Companion to Home Influence and Mother'! Recom?
pense, a New Novel.
By the autlior of Rockingbam
Th* o?* lo>?I " Lot* and A.-nbitiuo.'' by Uis author of " Rock.Og?
ham." Th* (ocmiDc*m*nt of s oew work of Betas* by th* lutkor 0
" RiKtififham" ?dl be rr.tefunjr wsLome* by sssry r**d*r of lb*
dai.giiifut Blast Ths dsecriptix I re* and truth, th* ssried .acileat
Ui* ranisrsible vigor tl osrrat??, ih? pur* tod generoas looeo
seDtiOjSLt, aod the terse, slioinstic lictioo, which so stnkiaf ly ckar
*r*.?r iso thtt tale, wdl hs?? prsparrd '.be public to ?ipect mach
from lb* luture prodactoas of tins gifted BBBVtf. 'Lo*doo Quarterly
H LONG A BROTHER, 43 Ann-*t N. Y.
211 M and all Bookaellers.
v7 ? The lubKitoer* beg leave lo call the attention of all
Book*e..er?, News Agent* and ('anrassers to their stock of
new ar.d cheap Books, which they sell at reduced prlcea,
Cail and examlce them for yourtelves
Juat published. Z'nZ REVERIES OF AN OLD MAID ?
RY, containing Ii Illustrations Every young lady and
every y^ng gentleman should nave a copy of the above
Ail new work* received as soon a* published.
City and country dealer* ?uppiied cheap.
Several new work*, by popular author*, will be published
In a few daj a.
Any cf the above will be sold at Ifce same price u ihey
are SOM by the publishers In Philadelphia
l'..f2lis* W H. GRAHAM k CO 12" F iltJO-SL
GAZKTTE.of BBS week 1* now ready, the entire
contec* of which are of the most Intense interest. It con
is:r? the w hi le of Mrs We'here.l's reply to the charge*
mace agr.r.st her by her husband. Dr. (\ e'.lierell, for a di?
vorce. A full r' port of the i*te . reat glove fight at M.? or ?
Coccert Hail.betweei. B ..y U i..?on and Jem Stewari for
B5< 0. The trial and conviction of George Pharoii for the
rr-;rder of a sch'roi inistre** at Weatchrster, Pa. The
World's Fair. Art-Union. Ac. Ac Ac. English, (?rrmao,
Fret.ch ar.d Dornest:. Crinlsal News. Correspond.-Q. e
from all parts. Editorials on the prominent criminal sub?
jects of the day. Only 1 cent*. Or'.ce l'?3 Na**au-*t. So d
everywhere. 2*f it*
AN SON D. F. RANDOLPH ha* just
opened at
663 Broadw-* \ oripoaiie Bond-st.
An entirely oew and carefu.lv ?elerted rockot'THKO
wldiafuli aator.meoi of ENGLISH AND AMERICAN
STATIONKKY Reaident* ap town will find at this Es
labiisbirent the publications of Robert Carter A Brothers,
Charles Scribner, M W. Dold. M H Newman k Co ,
Stan'ord k Swords. Appletoe k Co. Gould k Lincoln,
TlckLor A Co., Lindsay k Biak.ston, and other P i^.lsber*
In the departmeLt* of Beilgious and Standard Literature,
with the book* of the American Sunday School Unim,
American Tract Society. Pre*t>vtertan Board of P i" ica
tlou. Evangelical Knowledge Society, Ac, all at Divrn
Tow n pnre*
A.*o. a slock of plain aod elegant Blo.ee and Praver
Books, atd the Psaitn* and Hymc* of SM varions De?
New Publication* received u ?oon a* i#*ue<l Orders re?
ceived for School Books. _jSj 6cee.xf
i* the cheapest, moot ?imple acd comprehetnlvo artic-e for
tht* purpose everofferaS to the Public, giving the tntereet
at 7 per cent upon both doilar* and cent*, for dar*, moithe
and year*, at a glance. The preeent Agent. J W WOB
THf.N i av ' g ao d upward of Zeno of tbeS Per Cent tn
Bo* on atd vicinity win in the last few morithe, f>eit conr -
dent all Merchants and B .sine** men in New-York anil
'^he^r'ce*.. eUr.v'a'hablv. and aisv be had of the A\gent
a: the WEsiEI'.N HOTEL < rtiattd-et from 12* to I
o'clock aadatLOVBJorS HOTEL sea If ssi B frtsaij
C'-> Fa ; ?? ? ' "????' ' u
perW; y J7f!W
VBtiom-D APPLETOJI k CO publish on Thuredev.
SITION, by Guataye Cheque! i ?o: l.'mo $l
This vn!" r :? ir ir' god io rrr-1 as a rwediog tod tr?"?
la'ton hoot, a sani-book on Rhetoric, eod u a manual of
Con pi, urn! Conversation
D A 1 (' ?:??' pul rM :h- : 'ow:?t; Text-Book* Bar
IrcalBg Fier.rh
Colic's Draaail ? BVtavi Heeder. l2mo. $1.
De Ftva's K!--i:.-n a-v F'rei ch Reader l*iiro. V'rte.
Da r" ra'a a i a- ced rVaiaei R??Jer 12-n? ?i
OIlenAnfl s New Method of L-srn ag French Killed
fy J. h Jewel'. rfsj o il.
OJecdoi n a Method of L-aming French By V Vaiue.
IZmo |i.
OJaiMOtr* Firsi Lea*.?* in French. By O W Greene.
.. cts
Key to each valume. ?S cents
Companion to Oilendod'e French Brammer. By O. BP.
Gretie l.'mo. 75 rent*
Mrz/ofai.u's System of Leaf In?; Laorusi-ee applied to
tleS.ud) of the French. byj R <e.ner. Kiret Reader. I into.
$: B<,? r d Baad? i. $1
c< u an (Maaa.) Ckotx do Polaaa*. Itaao $L
Rowan's M<>dtm French Reader. l*mo. T.iceol?.
Surrerrr'? Fr? cell Pronouncing Dictionary. 12mo. $1 W
IN 1'RKSvi-Kiebcb and Eagflah Paftktk and Frencli
Pictlcnary Roy ???<> 1'u.foiiri will. ' Adlers German
Dictionary." _?_ 19f 2ue
\,rAN Rt REN.?A marMc but of the
* Ex-President, coe.silered a good i:?ensss. AJSB^flM
I.lihogrspl.ic Portraiteof Daniel Wetxter, Henri- Clay, and
-..baf American Salesmen, sjnorg the atock of the late
WmuA.Coaatsae, eeUteg oeTat exceedingly low price*, by
tb*> Aaaajraaaa. ai *M Broadway.
19i alia _S. COLjMAN. Acent.
^HIBITEO IN ISM -On the Maa of Aprtl ensuing. It
Is Intended to publish an entirely new work for the ruM
a; re of the Stranger and the Nati ve, in a volume of Ml
page*, u 1th a map beat d on a recent ruvey, and *si lllu*
tratlone. to be en'itled.
Exhibited In 1851.
The work will compn?e all objects v. onhy of visitation
and reaearch. Among the numeron* subject* treated of are
the iollOWtOf :
Physical Geography of the Battn of the Tbamr*.
Climate, G?ology, Natural diatory.
Statistics. Spirit of the Public Jour-.als. Legi? tat uro.
Government, Municipal Arrangement*.
Postal Arrangements. Banking, Assurance.
Import Duties, bo , Free Trade.
Arts ard Manufacture s.
Anriet tend Modern Architecture, Public Building*.
Balis rnd Wash-houMs.
Docksand Port of Lo-idtn.
Oallerles of Art.
Osr?ens, Conservatories. Park*, iie.
Hospitals, Lunatic Asylums.
Learned Societies. Institutions, and Public L'.brerie*.
Observatories, and the Instruments lu Use
Prisons, and their Penal Discipline.
Public Amusements.
Thames Tunnel and other Public Work*.
Water Supply, J.c J?c Ac
The price Will noi exceed 8s. handsomely got up
Edited and publish, d by JOHN UM ALK, SO High Haw
born. Lonlon.and published In New-York by
lti Stil D. APPLETON i. CO inu B.oadway
TAKLES-Deslgned to facilitate the Education of
Children, by combining Amusement with Instruction, now
aa Iffiervedlv popular, sold wholesale and relall, by J. O.
HAvlLANDi at?) Broadway The Trade supplied on
liberal terms. Also, constantly on hand, the principal Dai?
ly and Weekly New?jnpers, MHgayinea. Chesp Publica?
tions. Stationery. Mosrie. Go.d Pens and Pencil Case*. V.r.
ir I io d Pens repnireil.
liflm* J G. HAU LAND. 42., Broadwsy.
\J ARTS.?The Course of Instruction In this department,
at Brown L'nlversiiy. wi 1 commence April 1st. IML
The Depariinent Is Intended to meet the wsnis of ibosa
who have occaelon bra practical knowledge of Chemistry,
whether with a view to Its appllcaiioh tu Manufacturing,
Medicine, Pharmacy or Agr.cullure.
The Laboratory Is designed for the accommodation of
thirty student*, and Is supplied with every convenience lor
experimental t: kij
The course of ea< h student being independent of the
rest, ad mi si Ion to ihis Departmeat is given at aay time
d' rir.g the season
For further Information, e-idres* Prof. J. A. PORTER,
Providence. B. I. litiwDt\WkU?W
ili s'< hn's-'gn ab'st work." ihe ORATORIO OP BT
PAUL, wil ix- giv.nat 'be Tabernacle, bv tbsj NEVV
MJHK HABMOnlC BO0I ETY, on Iba evening ?t Uti
DAY. the ."Ith tust. Particulars hereufier. l'?f it'
^he greatest wonder of the
D I X - The most Interesting Musical Fdu: of ihe sea
aon will an-, -.re 1 rjr
U - .'2d i/iat. on the Kve, \r,g of whir.', day tbe First Concert
not yet three yea s old, will lake place, assisted by the best
talent in the City. This Is expected to be the most attrac
live Concert given to a long time It ts difficult Io convoy
en ere.male idea of the effect produced by this lufajt
Prodigy._ SJfU*
Con( ert of 1I??JrTd~MFJSH '
The Sirginr VssoclStion connsved with th^ F rt:
Msf 111 Sis' M F. ( bareb, ssslmed by Mrs Laura A Jone?.
Mrs. Lincoln, Prof Van der Weyile'aLd Mr ABL
ssill give a CONCERT ?f Miscetlaneirtia Mils!'- Mnatsi i
of Anihem?. Duel Is, Choruse*, ir , by tbe most r? - ra.ed
authors, in the First Mariner's M E. Chureh in Cherry et,
(between Clinton and Montgomery) on THi'R?to\Y
EVENING. 2?th inst Prof. P H Van dar Weyde 1e
celebrated JColbM Plsnist, will preside at the Plan"
T. Gilbert .v Co.'s new voiced .flolian Piano Forte w'll be
used on ihe oecssloo Performance to rommenr* at Tl
o'clock. Tltketa may be obtained at ihe door on the ev. ?.
Ing of tbe Concert Proceeds for the benefit of ihe C:
italian opera?astor-place.
-B?I have ti e honor to inform the patrons of the Opera
ard the public in general thai my Benefit will come off on
MON DA \. 24th Inst. on which occasion the isvorlte Doni?
zetti s Orand Opera of
will he performed for the las: lime. 2r f It
italian opera house, a ?
JB Place.?Price of Admission?Parquet and Boiea, One
Dodar Seat* may be secured at the Box Office f om 9 A M.
to 4 o'clock, P M., without any extra charge; Amphithe?
atre. 25 cents Fiftieth Subscription Night.
FRIDAY EVENING. rWizi.wui be pwforrsed iba
Operaff ERNANI
Eruanl.Blgnor F'ortl' Elvira...Slg'aT. Benedettl
Between the tets. Bellet Dlrertiserneoiby M ileNalha.ia
Fli/jainee ai.d Signor Carese.
Doors open at 6J o'clock: to commence at
H| echan ics hall. 472 Broadway,
daring itesm. until further notice.
The original and well-known CHRISTY'S MIN?
STRELS, under the management of E. P. CHRISTY,
whose Concert* in this City for a succession of five years
five been received with favor by highly respect*/,-.* gwa
fashionshie audience*.
I ctei* IS cent*. Doors open atb| . ommanreal 74
The patrons of Christy's Minstrels are respectfully in?
formed that ihe usual Saturday Afternoon Concerts will be)
discontinued for the future. Jl If
roadway theater.?doors
_open at 6J: to commence at 7 o'clock.?Prlree of Ad?
mission : To Dress Circ e and Parquet, 50 cu | Family Clr
cle and Third Tier. ZS cu; Gallery, 12, eis. Prtrale '*oxo*
*TFI.s'eVENINO. Feb 20, will be performed ta* Grand
Ronan::c 8pectac!e, In three ecu, entitled
f_ .,.DyoU Adlne.elaiiarna Pusjisi
Previous to which, tbe new Farce of BETSEY BAKER.
B~?rton's theater, ChamloerTst.
REAR OP CITY ttALL Tie Beerest Theater H
the isrre Hotels Doors open at <H; commence at 7 o'clock.
THIS EVENING. Feb SO, win be performed. l.-.e COO
D. n Manuel.. Mr Burton ! Donna Hypolita.Mr*. RaueJ
To cotc.ude with the new Ftece, called the
WORLD'S FAIR: Or, London in 18.51.
Wm YVsggles..Mr. Burtr n | Miss Smudge.Mrs 8a v -.i
Hose* DreeeC rcie and Parqueua, Socu; Pam'dyClrc.a
rrhestra Seat*. 75 et* Pnvaie boxe*. %i and %i
i\a?.les grand panorama of
1^ IRELAND at the Mlaerv* Roo-r.s. m Broadway.
This tru,y Sp.endld Work of ihe Mrat Irish Art'stk. Is Illus?
trated by Irish Music, Irieb Bongs, and a running Lecture.
Admittance J5 cent*, children, under 12 half price. Schools
a-d Cf.aitahle Instiiuuons treated with on ie moat 111?*??;
term*. _l?f larua*
rattler's cosmoramas?Corner
r^of Broaiway and Thlrtessnth-st The first section ron
u nlog acu.leeuon of twenty-six views of Europe, Asia
Minor, ibe Hoiy Land. Syria. Egypt. Nubia and Arabia,
will be exhibited until tbe eighth of March. After thai
dale ail these will I? replaced by new view* equally
loiarao?ng. 17f lwua*
Panorama of the pilgrim's
PRCGRESS. at Washington Hall, **n Broadway ?
Open aeea] evaoing; exhlbiuoo lo commence at 7| m eksca.
Adm; u >e 25 cents. Also, every WEDNESDAY aad j
SATLLI AT afternoons at 3 o'clock, wnao children will
be ad sail r J fur half price. Descriptive Catalogues ?|
cents. _ iff buta
The american artists' asso
C lATlON basing obtained their charier are now
ready to iactive works of art for exhibition at thsrlr rooass,
Sis! Broadway. As their gallery Is w be opened to the pub
BS oa tf.e 1st of March. It Is required thai member* wuh
teg to exhibit should send in lhatr plciuree oa or before the
iavih of F. bruary._" lm*
FINE ABTS-Leaelng-s great U|atorisaI PJctara of
te-y ?RTTRDOM OF III SB - ba* been added to the
. f Pam?xgs ^y a/t'sts of ihe above school. Ad
i eci*. saascc alcssiali. aosl daacsipUon eaiay
.cguts : -i ceti*. dOss
?- BROADWA Y. i*l?r?n Howard and <lrervl *t?. I <
n er a... r he; , to stale ihat the. Iupwiiw fncwrtittw-ii
g.vei, i? hu reiehreted Concert* rvmty eserittig f >r Uta lest
J+*r. I T tha al.ta and fashion of thU treat metropolis, hat
(od ii red Mat to engage artiste of iBe verv ftret laleat, to pro?
duce Bat reatss i ? aa Opera Seenas, hars>asjM Co?ce* .*
ar d Bal,*'*. to a ety ? equai to Use original* produces] at loa
llewilma Opel* of thl* C ly On Wednesday and Satarday
|Bj*niooo* a Concert, romir earing at i P af . for the ac
comaiodat.m offamidea. Admission 2Acecut. lb?w?op?n
at i- j. te commerce at bj |7f tfua
i M.-B-T T BtKM'M p?. r-e.,*. arM Haaaaae Jona
Oairewi'D. Ja Afatstar'. Mar ker ti? ,?.0 peffurma-K??
I every Aflereoon at J?K.ve?ii-.,r a? 7 Ad*a**a<**a 2*. rent*;
, ? ier I" ;ear* 1.(1-, - Ttv MtMMDTH <J.RI,.
or ?. I'; rea'l of age. and a ? r ng fetpoqi '.. Wr'DNES
D\Y.THURSDAY I UV.? atd2l.inik*>
treeKi'raeaga'/a of RKAl TY AND THI BEAST. T.?
cone nde with SLASHER AND CR V 414 KR Tie endre?
Chlteae Museum, late of V ? Broad**,-, and a mi. < a . f
Curio*jt:e*. with the Olpeey fortune Teiler, Ar . are here.
V^lisH BCIIUUL.il Mas. Sixteenth at. (near BuiyTea
ani !.i,ua;e ) 'I '.!* 8<h.?>. deiigaad f r t'i ',e who wl?*i
l: < li s<ina to enjoy every advantage for puren log tieir
education, unexpoeed to the 1 ron.'scuous Intercourse of
large Khools. The number of It* pupils is hied at twenty
lea, i ht se are aL Irstiu. ted i?y the Principal, and rareive an
equal share of hit attention Tlie franc;, Department ta In
charge of Monalrur De La Place, a gentleman highly <;u?U
Bad for his profession. Wilting aud Drawing are taught
by Professor Barlow. The room* occupied by Ai? School,
between TV.M av and Btuvveaant-*<)uare are a*uaua!ly
large aud Commodious, and the grvuitu* for recreation aafa
ard pleasant The exerrlts* of the school continue from 9
t:. . o'clock, commencing with September, and Cloein*;
w 1 t. June The term* areooe hundred d > :ar* a year, with
ach?rgeo: twenty do dart for Kreuch, txd leu for Boot*.
Stat.oiiary. Ac. payable aeiul annually, to advance. No
pupil* can le received for a las* perljd than to lite end of
the academic rear, and ro dtduruon can Be made for ah*
aeoce. JAMES H. TYN?. A. M Principal. i f Is*
-SL-iCOUNTRY -The fou.th annual CIRCILAR of the
I' 8. School Agercy 1* out. showing the Bette* f-*?:titllr?of
the plan of b'ltldrtg'upa Ureat Educatloral Kmerpr<te that
?hall secure universal patronage f..r Teacher*. Pupil*, Lee
tt.rer*. Merchandise and all educational orler* tut sl'npla
pri posltlcn is to set all its patron* a..d friend* to work,
givtrr to each tm-han ttitere*l tu the Eatauiuhm, ni aa will
I : ' f ih.'in to get thef iiuinev bark with lar.-e le-erast
Ttiiat* aone l y selling CHE! K>. matiasi AOKNCIE9,
and iiy shsrmgthe profits equady wilb the patron*, (and tv<?
rsnie of education) 00 ail usotievs invested or depoetiad ?
Thus constituting It a TEACHERS' I NI?N and a U S.
SAMNliS B ANK fur Teachers on a linn ba?l*. tfording
to tl e pri fession a safe place of deposit and a higher divi?
dend than any other Inadtutlon, beeide procuiing o this
cai.se cf E'iucaiioa a handsome and p< nnanentIncome
with which to et,end iu operation*. The Check* securei
all parties and are I >-t.er than money for a.1 negotiation* ?
Pi le ?! Check one ercenL 00 one >cai s coiupeusatioo,
Includiag board. Appl> eaily, full and pott paid, person,
s'ly. If possih'e. Office hour* 8 to 12 and 1 10 1 o'clock.?
Ppe, :al da\s for Teaclier* and Employer* Thursday* ui
8sti;rd*y?inciu*:ve. ?. H. WtLCOX, P-op?ieto.-.
11 f 3t* _29d Broadway.
Is^OR SALE.?The Farniturr, ami (iixxi
I/ BV*U of a OIRL'B SCHOOL, smiated Ir. a gocef
neighborhood, end ba* t'een 111 BBMBaalW operation for
seven tears, bsaufcra at HI i,reen*rich-*L (unedoor bel^w
Hubeiy lafSt*
APOLIS RAILROAD CO-Pr1uc1pelAnd Interest pay?
able in the City of New. York The altem,?11 of Capita.isle
Is Invited to ihesale of ?'.in of ihe abeve named Bond*
to bi madeal Aactlotl by Meear*. HAOisKRTY. DRAPER
. JONES, at the Merchant*' Exchange, ou the 27ih Kcb
luary, all-] o clock.
Tie Bond* are teoureil by a Mortgage to Trustee*, el/ .
JoaapB B. Yarnumand kUlward Wn leUeuse, ol tuts C v.
and ihe Hon. Albert S. While of Indiana, forming the fir*t
and only line upon the entire road and all it* equipment*,
nature* and appiirtoaaiaTa The lama of .he Bjoobuuder
tali un rtg?ge bUasltad so Ikatau of$3S61 at wni-bisto be
approptlatad to tboptnTdava and traflaaortaakai of the inm
tail*, cbaira and spike*, ihe grading nf the whole line (62
mile*) and the t nuhing of'he road bed w Ith wooden super
Ml BS lute et n.niete, iLcludlug the laying of ?H track, htvtng
II en provided foi by ?t(**k subrrripth .is. amounting in the
aggregate lo $-1 .' I tl
furlner subscriplioriS of sto, k In a consi.'eruble air,.Hint
have been tendered, including ||do,(Vsi by the city of La
Kayette (die laiter on.y awaiting the re.; ,.red lagialativo
?aaatjaa >. which wnl be fu.iy aaa^aaao to uro? idettieuecet
saiy ei|iiipm*nt*, snd meet alt p>*slb;e . onttogeocle*.
The Company, when Iis work I* ro npi-n-d srlll lie | . r --
l> free from a floating dehi wl,lb< the Ci ?I nf the Road
will be more than double the amount of small funded
The La Kayette and Indianapolis Rai.road 1* an inle/ral
part ol two trunk line* which, proceeding liom Louiavida
und Cincinnati, met at Indianapolis, aud ihruce cross,ng
YV abash I' .erat LsKaytUe, Ilka head of Sien n'.. .el
navigation. will proceei: in a right line lo Chicago and the
gn at Notihsresl No less than live roads kalk or building;
UtO ItidiBiiapoiu from lite South and East. wti| seek a
Norihw**iern outlet over i.ie 1.?*?*>< lie and Iiidlaaapolia
mad. and all the road* from the West, aiming for the I ppar
Wthssb River fiom Sprin*field, UJ!oota,lO South B^ud,
Indiana, rrakeafocus at Lafuatka, Oceapylaf aa Iktror
th.'ea position, ihe through business of the L A. I. K R.
must be fully equal to thai of any road wl li.n the Slate,
while In reeeeel 10 .te local 1.ii.li.es* ., aa s more favor*'..7
IllUateU i'.| eir alle ir a n. . ol ewuotr) c iep ?rtne tr.e
*4*dtta?aet w?akbj aad aaassli a*coeatlas of Indian*, arid
fWattBf the very besl pan of the State -njw yielding a
large sorpiu*?It* NorilWti estremliy re* at the head of
siean.boal r.aviaallon ou Ifce Wabash River, sod at the best
market town on the Wanashand ErleCenal, aul it*South?
ern teimlutisat !ml anapoos 11 ?11 .out reach of
Cincinnati, Loulsvll.e, ted die Ohio market*
The hond* will he l**ii,d In *iiin*of Bl.'i'iO each, dated
1*1*1 Eehrnarv, IflM, redeemable In ten years, an 1 beating
ii ii rest at the rate of (even | er rent pi r an.vim ; coup me
for tl a Interest pavaiAt semi ammady at the Bank ol' Amer?
ica In th" city of New Yoik on tin. I'd] da. ol Ke'iriary
ai.d August in each year, will be attached to each B in.I.
In addition to the security afforded by the morlgage,
twei.ty three g> ntieuieu of great re*pe< tat i.lty an 1 knoeru
weadh. ol LaKayeite aud ludiauapoiie, and the vicinMr,
hava .nen itrlr j.eisona. IbA4UI| f >r the prompt payment
1 f lbs warasf ? n ii.-se leirw* uadi id,, road ?na I bsr com
pletrd, fully e. ulpped. and la operation throughout Ita
entire .ei.gtb.
The l.nml 1 are convertible Into the atock of the Company
at par. at the option of the holder at any h um within rivo
year* irom the date if their l**uo. A* the Roa.1 wlil ho
one of the moat cheaply coo*'.ructed in the country It 1* be?
lieved, a* u passes through the i.nasl agriruliural district 0f
the Vt'sMa, and foimaafink ut the direct line of Rr , ri)%tt
communicailoii between Cincinnaii aud Chicago, oltt ,
must prove very remunerative to the Stockholder^
Arrangemact* have bceo made for so *+*?', d?llvery of
the rail*, which eature* fe completion of *.'.,e R *?i in sea?
son to secure the busir.e** of the cotr.'.og Autume.
Payment will be required for ;i,a Bonds, a* follow*: 10
percent on the day of purcj>i?e, and nebalabca within M
days, at tte option of the purchaser. Tho- accrued Intorast
I on1 Uond* to he adcrd to date of payment
Exhlblu showing more fully the merit* of the Road caa
be obtalred, and copi-? of the Bond* and Mortgage, and of
!::e personal guarantee of the loterast payment*, can ba
seen, on ?ppllcatlon to
?ff ft ?^44^7lJi_X Wall *t.
i. v SALE.?One ibare In the above Company i*' be had by
applying to fl9flw ) A. NICHOLAS, 74 WaJJ-et
DR. C. B. HAMMOND, Dentist, has
reepened Ms Ofhce at 193 Atlantic *t near C isrt *t.
Brooklyn, where be I? prepared to perform all operation*
pertaining to the Teeth, la his usual careful aad skillful
maccer. 2? ??
NOTICE.?All persom are hereby noti?
fied, tad warned againsl negoiiailog, a draA of Iba
subscriber, upon J. A Post, of Ban Francisco, for $49 75,
dated New Bufalo. Oct IS, I AM-, in favor of aud lo the or
Oer of Win. CorLell Jewell
-j fit San KraucUco, Ca
AUTION. ? Certain Mortgages, tho
J property or the Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad
Company, executed by itockholder* of said Company to
Edward D. Hoi.or, and accompanied by Bond* of the said
company. a**igrdig and guaranteeing the same have bean
fra du.er. .ly obtained and put ta circulation at New York.
AU person* are cautioned again*i the parcbaea of said
Security, a* they will be reclaimed by the Company, and
co use to the holders. vv I' KLANDERS,
Treasurer Milwaukee and M.ssUslpp: Railroad Co.
New-York, Feb. Vt, 1*61._M IW ^
?J. WILSOB'S Leghorn Hat Manufactory, JH
Btgl h av fifth house above Twenty-atxth-*t weetmda.?
Person* Uvlng Leghorn Hau or Sonneut can have them
altered Into fashionable shape without any appearance of
piecing, ax tbl* establishment._1"?*
WaU-at find it nere?Mry to ad vi*e their friend* and cue
totner* that M**?r*. Wyr kniT. Scrym*er A Co. will no lon?
ger recetve Sample* of any Wine* of the r ?mportatloo.?
T .? V. r*. howey, , ay lie tasted a* leretofore, at the
foil owing Brokers -- -
Mrun. Davl* A Henrique*. B| \\jale?t
Me*,r. H.yward A Kertieman, H WaJ^t
Measr. Bcrym^-r. Smith A Co. |fl V\ tslai.
Mr. T VanPeminyroot-t._ 17f Im*
NERSHIP bereuifore exitilng between lheentie. fi
, o.dT ihe firm of OILBERT A WHITE, I* tin* clay
.ii.vr <*. 'or?er.i oEoROK S OILBERT,
Rrooaiyn, feb 10 18AI. EDWARD WHITE
The bualoea* will be continued by Edward White, who
wd. settle the copartnership ? debt*. liflw
aad COUNTRY.?Or TRALL recalvea Patient* at
Aa commodious City eaubllshmaSt, 13 Lalght-*t aad at
Oyster Bay, L. 1. Communication dally batwaaa thee*
s'are* by steamboat and railroad. Qenaral Pracdca av
landed. Cotmlladoos>5. ptUm*
Cl RE?Dr. JOSEPH A U EL ER ha* aarumed u'.a
pemacect Medical Dlreruot. of tki* lustlutloa. Tha *?
ktbllamxenl la altuated la Soutb Orange. Eeaes Coonir,
New J-rsey, one hour's ride from the diy kr Morrl* arid
Ettex Radway Ylsilort lake the ferrv-boat at tha fout <4
Cortatd *t at R A M and at >4 P M Pnvaie bath* are at
acted to BkOSI of the Patient*' r. ? in* A 1 euer? aaosj
srofctsloca] boalacaa?hou d ha *? dissaaa k* Dr Weder;
sttert to u e Surer!' le: leu1 ? Us* UrBi-a* Mousualn W*>
tar-Cure. ]S u

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