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lit RaP'-SK"0^'1 t,,ul,lethe ?Lo?t.
u, walk!' withdrew his nnendmet.
?[? v>-HlTco??t! moved a like amendment lor i
??fl!"'! Wethen o'lered t? he engrossed.
tk! River ?od Harbor bill was received trom
he House, aad re-erred to the Committee ou
B?1 WM taker, up, and Mr. S?? -
? ILedan amendment making the weight of
". to be charted at the lovael postaje three
tsro ounces. Agree.! t...
MrL7?p*k,u,oi) m'>v?:,1 ?? amendment that
Jers wtighing less than a:, ounce and a half
^?jj charged with half rate? only
'"llr ni:jg oppoaed the am.'n itneut.
Mr Chase suggested an amendment so>as to
X th. postal of weekly Pap?? not we'ghmg
IS ,SUralToonrea. for tie? m.lea, live cants
iT?fvear. inatead of five cents per quarter.
^aVlEWoOB withdrew Ml smeDdment in
% 8tu^!o"o\ed the wholetarwTof postage
Sin Raak I bill on papers, and advocated the
La. anv distance for one cent. The effect of
Li's b'll waa to confine the circulation of
Vsrs to the immediate vi. m.ty of the place of
33cation, greatly to the prejudice of c-ty RtMM.
birtve notice be would move to amend the bill
La insert!' g ths Houae provision.
Mr 8mit? said the bill already discriminated
gfr-.ij, in favor of the country press. Coun
m oilers now paid thirteen ceota per quarter?
S B reduced this rate and allowed them to go
Ss miles for five cents per quarter. How much
oa-'erooald it be reduced? Wby doea the Sena
tor daiWe with a petty two and a half centa per
uarter' Wby not say at once, carry them for
?-thing ' Revenues of the department must be
,,staii..-.l and a farther reduction was dangerous.
Mr. Ma*oh came from a section where fortu
jstely there were but few towns. He considered
wintry papers as entitled to every encourage
o?ct. He did not understand wby petty, ephem
sail papers were allowed to be carried outside of
' ue mail from large cities into country districts.
This waa wrong. The country papers should be
Mr. Hisk followed in opposition to the amenJ
Mr. BsssOM and Jona Davi? took similar views.
Mr. Cka-e modified his amendment so as to
iiie the postage of weekly papers within fifty
siles three instead of five cents per uarter.
Aorodment lost - Ay es 20, N ny s 21.
Mr. Du Mason would bo in fivor, if the counfv
SSJfaily settled, to give up the whole postage
kssjajsj to private individuals. He thought this
toaid relieve the Government of one of tbe most
rerinsdowing and corrupting influences. Hut this
-oaid not be done now. He moved, in order to
-Mtore the law of ' I?, by striking out tbe provis
mtaat regular weekly papers shall be carried
tffy milts for five cents per .,uarter, and Insert
'ist newspapers shall be passed through the mail
titsin the County of publication and for thirty
ailea free of postage.
Mr. Smith considered this aa a proposition to
lilow store than half of all weekly papers to be
rimed free of postsge,
Mr. DWsTJMOM considered the amendment
aide no discrimination against city papers. The
dsiijr issue of tbe Ntw> York Herala was greater
Usothatof all the weekly papers in New-York
together [What a whopper, Mr. Dickinson!
The duly issue of the Hi raid ia about 96,000
ropies, while the Wetkly Ttibune alone circulates
r,000 copies.]
Mr 8> waki. said that the number of daily is
? ei of four pspers in New-York city for a week
mounted to two hundred and thirty-five thousand
ropies, while that of one hundred and fifty week
h papers averaging seven hundred each, amount?
ed only to one hundred and five thousand. There
was s large balance then in favor of the city press.
Amendment rejected?20 yeas. Nsys 31.
Mr. BlWAUD moved to strike out the tariff of
rites as proposed by Mr. Ri ?k'< bill, so as to
make it conform to the bill as it came from the
House, charging one cent on each psper weighing
'ess thsn three ounces for sny distance. Mr.
Ri sk read a letter from the Postmaster General,
that unless something be done with regard to
oewspapers in the mails the failures would be
Mr Downs said the mail now failed four times
a week, and if this waaquadrupled the Post Office
had better he shut up. Amendment lost. The
bill wss postponed
Mr. Ca>s offered a resolution, whieh was adopt
ed, calling for the number of maskets, rifles, Ac.
Mr HtMMN reported a bill prohibiting Ameri?
can vessels, trading to Africa, except to Liberia,
Sierra Leone and Gallinas, unless they clear from
ports in the United States or Europe.
The Deficiency bill was returned from the
House with an amendment to the Senate's amend
Best A debate followed, and the bill was post?
Tbe Senate went into Kxecntive Session, and
Mr. Stan-ion of Teon. from the Committee on
Naval Atlu:rs. ret ried a bill authorizing the es?
tablishment ?I s line of Mail S.esmers from San
I rancisco to the Sandw.cli Islands and ports of I
China, to consist o six vessels; and a line be?
tween Philadelphia an I No.folk an.! Antwerp,
teaching it other ports of Europe, to consist of
'our vessels?to be so constructed as to be con?
verted into war steamers, on te.ms similar to Col?
lins line . the Government to advance six mil?
lions ot stock Mr. Stantou hoped the bill would
lie on the Speaker a tab-In, to eoSM up as an order
as the day nest Monday.
Mr SiarHgKS of Ga , waa against it out aud
out. and moved to lay the bill ou the table.
Tbe question waa taken fid decided in the neg?
ative?Yeas - - Nays, 91.
Mr 8TARTOR moved to ref r the bill to the Com
aiittee of the Whole.
Mr Hi Lank of Md. opposed the bill, saying that
it was a proposition to build ships for merchants
to cam on the trade of the world.
Mr BaTM aaked whether the gentleman had
any doubt about the power to maintain and sup?
port a Navy.
Mr M. L am had do idea his friend would be
band advocating this scheme.
Mr. Ba> m was prepared to defend the vote he
gave for not laying the bill on the table.
Mr. McLank. aaid he had a proposition from
Merchants of Baltimore to establish a lino of
steam e-s from that city to Liverpool and Rio, but
it never eatered into their minda that Government
should build the shipa. They only aak what others
ask, to carry the mail and bo paid for it- They
Voald look with astonishment ou their representa?
tive, if he should lend himself to establish a
monopoly on the Pacific
Mr. Miaue wished the gentlemen to tell him
lbs difference between paying three timoa what
?be man service ia worth to build war steamers
between New-York and Kurope, and i'i it of pay
the amount the vessel is worth
Mr M,L*nv replied that this was the price
?aid, t,ot as an equivalent for transp >rt ng the
?Uikj fr< in New York BO Livrrr>o,,i, but thr-'e
MSA thd prevalent to k-ep up aline ? public
'easels?not ships, bait steamers.
Mr Ut Ai'k said that we havI a ruht to pay an
adequate price to Mr. Collinsfiroaa S'ew Yorkto
Liverpool tu earn the mails, b it h < asked whs.t
ArTercncethere waa in bsaUdaaf tbfl ve?aels of a
Comj any and payii.: an OSOaBMdWSJ an>ount with
1 view of SSAM iisBSJ t .. to bun 1 their vessels I
and we know that a domvur sfssf flisjsi to thst
Mr. MC La SI eap'aired that thsl British fjf>w
Jrtment fad entered IsafJO a e utlSMS] with Mr.
Cunard, and that Governmeiit encouraged Mr.
wlhas with the stsiasasrs t<> sarrj the mails He
?aid thst tbe rase of Col ;ns w as ditferent from
jy proposed The steameis being built, the
OflWrtMl security ia the \.?s- 's for the
?erformat:oe of the servi ??.
i. Miaio, McCintNtM' a::d McLane
ttade further remarks, when the morniog hour
wsptred and the House went into Committee on
?"?Senate a amcuument to the ivii -ieucy Bill.
fJar.ng the debate on BSjn bafl t? a 8enate
?**Bdincr.t. Mr. Levin said the gentleman from
trgrnia (Mr Bay.y) talks alnjut the sb*
r** of Irishmen and DwJess csea tS lids asm I
f**- It they cannot io t'.:s sTasSJal in toe a-my,
years piobatkn ought to be asked before
are permitted to ex, roissi tbe attributes and
^?2*1 of American citizen,
vor ^1,Lr heard of men s qualifications for
CLtig.but uover before knew that one ot 'them
7** a quah'i.-ation lor riding on horseback ?
.t-aughttr.j I do not know what effect such a
flatter, would have on the gentleman himselt,
?fJ behevo he has spent most of his life in the
H ? a man must ride on horseback the ques
?ton would arise how must he ride, ia ateeoV
c"*so or foa rhase ? Y
Mr. LaviN_if tftrr five years enlistment, a
^ iswrt able to ride on h< rs^ba-k, how l,?ug
wjould U be before he is entitled to the r^ht of
*aasaalasship i
Mr B*rr.-. ? They enlisted in the infantry, tud
consequently did not ride, but walk fLaughto-.)
Tf t- amendments af the Senate were concurred
ir with alight modification!
The bill for the support of the Waat Point Ace
ceujy wii ooaa^ttarad
CtraaaahtaNl rose hi want ol a quorum, and the
I.'ouie adjourned.
Trai t O: laUTIOM ? At the monthly meeting
of ?he American Tract Society, on Monday, the
; 7th intent, interesting intelligence waa comma
j nicated, tbroegh the correspondence of Million
' ariel and othen, from the Cboctawi, from North
em Bavaria, Baden, Liberia, China and else'
where. The Society are about to stereotype
Gallaudet'e 6cripture Biography for the Choc
taws, and made an appropriation to aid in publish?
ing Nelson ? work on Infide.ity at W?aaingen,
Germany. Thua American authorship penetrates
the old world and the wilderneu of the new
world. The receipts of the 8ociety for the month
of January were?for aales, $13,354; in donations,
#13,040; total, 191,394. Total receipts for the last
ten njonthi, |222,"?3. Grants during tho iame
period,II,441,3l>9 pages*. Amount duewithiniix
montha, on notes for paper, 143,197. More than
one half of the foreign appropriation! of $-20,000
hai been remitted, and the entire amount muit be
railed and paid over before April 1. The manu
facturing department ia in a atateof great activi?
ty. A dozen or more iteam prenei are kept in
conatant motion. The number of persona employ?
ed is as follows: In the bindery, Ki; girls and 40
men, in the compoaition room, 14 men; in the
preaa room, II men and 21 boya; in the engrav?
er a room, 3; in the genera! depository, aalea
room, rneieenger ollice, Ac, \'J ,?making a tota'
of eroployeea in the Tract Houae of 183. Tne cir
culation of the American Mesaenger, the monthly
newspaper of the Society, ia 180,000 copiea ia
English and about 15,000 in German. The num?
ber of Colporteurs, including those fortheGer
man, Irish, French, S^aniah and Norwegian popu
lation, ia about 400, and ahould be increased to
1,000. Bkaainga on thia powerful agent of civiii
zatiou and evangelization.
JPmf Tftl MitTiNc in Oi Position tu Gam.
plino will be held at the Tabernacle this even,
ing, and we trust fully attended. We are aasured
that eminent and etlcctive apeakera will be heard
there in addition to thoae who have permitted
their names to be given. The aubject is one of
great moment, for, next to Liquor, Gambling is
working the ruin of more peraona than any other
canae. Let ua aaaemble to night and aeo if lomo
effectual check to its ravage! cannot be deviaed
We believe there may be.
Pv? Catarina is again drawing crowded houaea
at Niblo'i Garden. It would be in vain to attemp^
a description of the dancing of Caroline Housset
There ia a grace of motion, a modeaty of action,
about her dancing, that give it a charm not im?
parted by any other artiste. Thoae who have not
aeen her, and her fair aisters, should not let pass
the opportunity afforded by the reopening of tha
Meura. Hail ft Son have taken advantage
of the intereat excited by the Infant Drummer,
and are about to publish a Polka, bearing his
nanu. It will, no doubt, have a large circulation.
The music that bears his name ahould be unique
IT The new Methodist Epiacopal Church, at
Hoboken, will be dedicated to Divine aervice to
day. llev. Bishop Janes will preach at 2 o*clocki
P.M., and Hev. D. W. Bartine at 7 o'clock in the
Admissions to the Free Academy.?The
following table, taken from the roll book of the
Free Academy, ahowa the number of boya ad?
mitted and rejected at the late examination i
vtj blic schools.
Iva Hid. Kt' l" (dm An Bx? Rti'td Adm.
I 2 1 Ijll 1 1 O
I 3 IM 3 2 1
7 5 5 Ol 15 4 1 3
8 19 9 IMsl 3 0 3
Total.41 H II
\\ a hd s( HOOl b.
Ma Hra Rf't: A4m.\N* BBr'd Kr'id. Adm
1 2 0 ?| 16 3 0 3
2 10 1 Mil 3 2 1
3 II 2 9j20 43 11 32
5 1 o lli2 3 3 0
fi 1 I OjZ-i 12 I 7
10 I 0 IUI 11 0 17
U 3 4 4' - - -
Totsl.llr> 29 8fl
These tables nhow strongly Id luvor of lha mana^-emeu
of our Ward Schools, In comparison with that of the Tub
lie Schools. The whole number ot a udents now in at
tendance at the Free Academy is 'is', of whom Itfwetvj
admitted at the late examination
The Nkw Yokk Evi. Imirvari.?The thir?
tieth Annual Report of tho Surgeona of thia Insti?
tution has been published. During tho put year
2,232 patienta have been treated. On the 1st day
of January, 1850, 1M were under treatment, mak?
ing a total of 4.'i persona preacribed for by the
aurgeona during the year 1850; of thia number,
1,542 were cured, 230 were relieved, N declined
treatment, B were diacharged aa incurable, the
results of 24 were not ascertained, and l-l re
mained under treatment. Compared with LMf,
the number of patienta baa ateadtly increiied.?
Nearly two thirds of thoae ipplving for relief are
foreigners. Seventy-two in door patients have
been received, 71 of whom have been maintained
by their friendi; the other haa been maintained
from the donation of Jenny Lind. In consequence
of the discontinuance of the annual appropriation
heretofore made by the Legislature, the Surgeons
have been forced to deny all applications coming
from peraona who could not aupport themaelvea
duriig their treatment. The Treasurer's report
ahowa the receipt of ?1,333 10, and aa expendi?
ture of 11,161 In?leaving a balance on hand of
?170 :'4. The institution is free from debt, the
obligations contracted for the purchase and alter
atioua of the Infnnary buildings having been can?
SthMo.s on Havii ?tte\ Arthur Waring wili
deliver an addreaa on the moral, civil ani reli
gioui cuuditiou ol Hayti, thia evening, al Dr. WH
liams's Chun h. in Amity at Dr. Dowling wiii
probably be prt sent. At the close of the meetiog
a col ecticn will be taken up. for the support of
the Missions in Hayti
XX A sMSdJaf ot t: ? New Y..rk Bar wii! bo
>. d u.is evii.!;.;.- in the Circuit Cou:t EoOsTA, City
Ha!' Sil a ;\e;tisen.ent.
Mk. Pifiwoms Porvt?Ti-.e Poem on "Tie
World's Profess." delivered bef e th< 1'i.re:
. :?. ?; ;n i'i't.tcn Hi.' iait cv,.:.:: t\ h\
Kcv. John Pierpont, was listened to by a large
audience. It showed up in st-on^ relief, and with
striking antithesis, the principal achievements ol
the last half century. Its delivery waa enlivened
by tou.hee of that quaint humor md epigrammatic
point which Mr "lerpont knows so well how to
uae. The audience were evidently heartily
amustd, as well aa ed fied, and testified tlieir
approbation by frequent applause.
Fn.l.ows's Mi.nmkil-. 444 Hroad
11 -J I. rellowsait't hts Ethiopian Band Lsve ernv-d
at it I highest point of popular favor. Daring the last yes'
be has succeeded tu raising a rapu'aiion unpara'le.ed In t:.e
s:irsls of Neg:o Mluslrelsv. Tha B| --ndl! hall la nig'" y
crowdtd to witness tbetr origins and unions glees, <-!io.
ruse*. bbSXBB. dances, and iboae truly laughable opera scenes
barlesque, arranged by Mr Nelson Knea-. w ho al thistlaie
l.as no superior ir. ev'rartlng EUilopian gems fr^m t'je
most popuiar Opeias of the dsy The grand Opera Scecs
for il l* (Thur> <ayi evet.'ng Is fioto the renov i.ej (Jp-ra of
La Bayadere
The BosurESI uk a Street.?A,-ording to
Dofeett i Directory for ISM, the following Pro
fessiona and Trades ran he seen in a tingle walk
through Broadway fron, the Battery to Twenty
Engravers.; ILMtanttJBBtH. 4
Ranks.4 Kurna.-es.3
FurLisnuig.I1) Kr:r;i,-niiu>Ti.2
8ta:.oc,ers.41 China warn. 9
Oat*.Tia^aaaaaroaa. 1
C< n;ci,:. I Carpet ;ers.4
Telegraph Lines. 2lCsrpet!ng's.12
Hair :?.i,.11
Ca tiara....,
si. ? Caaea
\\ lg Dealers. 3
Musical Newspaera. 2
Tear hers.47
Piano, Harp and Ouitar
Saddi, rs.U Dealers.25
Post Offices. 2 Music Dealers.17
all:.inert.B7l Hau and Capt.\Z
Miscellaneous Companies.l'lRestauran la and 8alooas..65
Consuls.31 Artists.51
C.?-rgj men. 2:Patnungs. j
Hote.s.2) Show Cardi. 1
Theaters. i'Map Dealers.3
Oj citjaslums. 2(S: verimuhs.7
Proprietors and Managers.57
Decorator. 1
i'oiicen.en. I
An liitecta.If
Off res of Cemeteries. 6
Churches. 7
Rex tons.6
Silverware Dealers.2
Artists' Materials. I
Psj>?r Hangings. 4
Clock Dealer. 1
sttraw Goods.2n
Ax Dealers.2jSirveyor. 1
Exprestes.3: Butchers.7
Bonded Warehouses. 2\ Whip Dealer. I
Ntrrekespers.2|hiv<>ry Stahles. 't
Kurniture Dealers.25|Buiider. 1
i, /O? u?i.i.?. n...i... . i D--.i_ a
India Kttbber Dealers
Outta Percha Dealer. 1
Notary. 1
t'mbrella Dealers.7
Shirt Dealers.6
Chr-iiottieterniaker. 1
Brush Dealers.2
Printer. 1
Bird Dealers.3
Porters Mid Laborers.7
Watchmakers.11 Carmen. 2
Intelligence Urticas.5
Ranges. 7
( otaiers.24
Insurance Corn [antes. .Hardware Dealers.16
Gas Fixtures.? Silk Soodj.22
Psitiiers.23 Csiiinetware. 5
Coopers.3,Chair Dealers.5
Cor.fertleriers.1?| hooking Glasses.12
SteaiuBouer. 1 j Boots and Shoes.?J
Rs/or fitr-p Dealer.2 Periodicals.11
Fruit Dealers. 2 Cigars.10
Gold Pencils. 1
Gold Pens. 4
Hn re tuner.1
Morocco Case makers .... 2
Carrisge Dealers.l'l
Haters. 7
Se. ds men
Shawls. 2
Therm imeters. I
Fancy Dry Goods.77
Magnetic Powder Dealer . 1 j Dry Goods Merchants.... 131
Lamp Dealers.3 Importers.14
Fur Dealers.4 Brnters.21
Baths. l|Druggists.4t
Cabinetmaker*. iiGrocers.22
Buris! Cases. 1 (Merchants and Commis
Coachman. 1 slon Merchants.12
Purrp"8ker. 1 Tobacconists.3
Lock Dealers. 4 Barbers.14
LoekSBBilbs.2 Boarding Houses.36
Gilders.3 Sculptors.11
Hallsand naileries.20 Hosiery.7
Liquor Dealers.ifi Tinsmiths.2
Hospital. 11 Perfumers.4
Total number of Professions. 1ST.
The lota: number of persons ;n business is 2.005.
tW The Collins' line of ?tenmers not
only rank in a />rr, minrnt Iryrtr among the vi/r.f and twift.
ett sea boats which navigate the ocean, (thus proving the
efficiency of American skill,) but they are the most secure
in point of conveying i/<ci> and treasures of every desenp.
lion from country to country : each vessel betng fitted up
with substantial Iron Safes for the purpose, and locked up
with the ctUbratrd l'artiutoj.tic Vetter Pro. / Lockt of Day
A Nr.wn.L*s manufacture?thereby rendering the depart?
ments in question as safe as the securest Hank Vaults in the
world. No expense has been spared by the enterprising
proprietors of this line to rendei their vesse.s justly de?
serving of the admnstion and confidence of the two great
nations they communicate he ween.
G^1 We advise our readers to go and
heai Dr. Banning's Lectnre ii.u ?vunioK ?i ??! ,-clock, ai
Hope Chape', 'I" Broadway, on the causes, prevention
and cure of Spinal Curvature and Physical deformity ?
Whoever does not attend will be unable to appreciate the
absorbing interest felt in the Doctor's Lectures.
Firks.?At lOjo'clook on Tuesday night
the chimney of bouse 581 (irand-se toek tire. The flames
were conm.unlcated to the roof, Inn \\ ere soon extinguish?
ed bj Hose Cart No. 4. Damage tr. tag.
?At the same hour, a fire brake out In a small stable In
Twentielh-st.. near Flrstav. It was entirely consumed, to?
gether with a torse _
Keai. BfTATl - The following sales were
made on Wednesday, Feb. 1-, by A. J. Bleecker:
House and lot 71 \V!..ie st, 25x100.*7,(*i0
. tots oil 14 sb St near MaUinon-av. oaisxitu, lfl\JB0ea. li.SOO
1 do oat Slat *t. soar ttb-av. ea sAxSt, Sl,SMea...... 4,iion
2 do on rear oa oWli-st.ea 29x91, fl.'jfii ea.3,770
4 do on SM et. ueur ?'tis av. ea 25x98. tl.|0"> ea. 4 420
.'do OBtSd-sL near lltl.-uv. ea.">xli J *6'"> ea. l.??<
4 do cm ttb-av. near STta-si each {5x103, KS 0 ea,... NO
5 do en n ar ol l?7tb ft. a 1'X|7, together. 5*>
2 do onSatn-st ceai StL-ai es ; $t?n ea. IM
2 do ssijotntaf,aa ?5xlM S85ea. 170
2 do do ra2&Xl#0, c ea. 16o
; do onitth-bv. nesr IOIsUI eaffxlM, (110. SVo
l <io tu. Av i ae A,aaai lb-el IS.. ....9*401
i do on M lb st Bear .siauis n-at Ma ?. WW
?lo ae . o.o , . . ..???? ai.BSe ea.S.7IB7
Linuse sJasj io. n9 LsVai aaiw.".""o
Stkamsbif Crescent City.?At a
ii n o I' t lb) paiei i gets on board the sli-HUislitp Crescent
City,fromCbogreaha New York. Feb. if, jfSi, ? st>t H.
Ii uardinrr waa cauad to ihe chair and Fred. L Hanks
v? i - sppi it.'ei; fi ( ii tar\. Meters. M. G Leonard, Dr. Val
ent r esnd T. T Hedden, were appoint' d a commiitee to
pfcpara reaohttloei aaereaalia or the faettaga oi tha t>as>
setigers towards .lohn Tsrner, |aaj, commander of said
sleenier ai d bin of. I ers and crew.
ThanrSBBrlHtsj. ilirougb their cltainnan Mr. Leonard,
reported tin f .lowing resolutions, v? hich wereunanimous
,v adopted ?
' EsaNaed, That John Tanner. Ks.j, commander of steam
sUo CreacasH < Ity, has. by his assiduous and most vigil
hi oara aad Bttassuoa to has dn?aa. bb wall aa tot insgeu
ilerrstily d? p??rtn:?-nt, proved himself worthy the command
of Ids robla vesse'. and deserves from his passengers iheir
su cere ibsnks lor bbs unreuiilting attention lo tneir every
a arit ai:d comfort.
I ash cd. That we have entire confidence tn Captain Tan
? er hi i skiiiful and capable navigaiorand commander, and
e? eiirh commend him to the favoraf ls conslJeiallon and
patronage of the traveling pub.ic.
/. ahwd. That the othcers of ::.e i raaeSBt City bava
pri sed themselves worihy of their positions; especially
?OOJd ?1 comniei.il lo the favorable notice of travelers the
eil-ii at > Purser of BhaaMp, Mr. B. Lord, the Surgeon,
MeVean; ihe Chief Ent ineer, Mr. S. Scott, and also
Mr. \\ rn Dustan. the tjtewar.i, for I.is good taste in select
o\g std providing the creature o in torts so desirable and
aacoBaan to the wants of the sea-bound traveler. [Signed
by all if.'- pas-ergers.| H D GARDINER. Chairman.
FkiDi.KiiB L. Hanks Secretary.
l~v Lorenzo Robinson was yesterday ar
resttd charged Wltn being a fugitive from Philadelphia,
where be Is wanted 10 answer a charge of burg.ary and
larcet y. He wus held, to beseni back.
Ed?'Solomon Cutlupp waa arrested yes
tero'ay morning charged ?Ith receiving a valuable cloak
wottl * trosaatnaa tajaaadlM S O Bri-n. who in charg?
ed ,w:tl slealit g the same from the bouse of Dr. Boyl
No 1/7 Chan.ber st. The accused, as is alleged, bought
the cloak for $1 Mi He was held to answer the cbarge.
X5T Peter Durand was yetterdty ar?
rested, charred with stealing a box of ladles hats, from
FlBf foot Of* rtTTthllt-Sl .7 paun tickets were found on
Ms persoD. The property for which the nrkets were given
coi.sifted of IB coats bijci vests, one sliver watch, pares.
rJoakt .ir.. for wkstt l.e had obtsined $76 Owners are
traattd r t! ?? prepetty. at the Third Ward Stauon House.
fjF Thos. Murray wa^ yesterday ar
r??.. ? trgad a t staa n a traak costtalaSaj utaUafi
.. . o e ,.f t] a Iba property of Mkhae wirren, ra
tldlrf In Fraahtin-H, The trunk atdckxhlnf was recov?
ered, st J the accused was he d to al sWer.
Fbi us l .-? ? A \ ct.r.' ilu:. : anitu Krat.cis J. Viupatrtct,
? r t eL'lor i/ed il.e rnrcbsse of books on 1 is arniunL a-d
cd on racalvtea the proper-y, sect 11 to an
:.' e- ? ;....* ' r t ?s rt-s . -.a- tic-. He
u :' .C to answer U,e charge at Court,
Cbaeee oi Ura>d Lamcejit.?George
?i retaasaJhatBlcKat, Wtm.Batrisaa, James Joyce and
Hu i\ Johaaoa w? re reetareay arrested, charged with
stl h ll s' fcrev. -k rki ai I o' BB BI doaa bar of copper, taw
aed at SHA hfasa the shaF-yard mi \ve?ier?e.t v Mack^y.
!>..I. it; Iba pr^peitj was ps? Baa ari so.d aid. Be?
rt r; f si i s. and v. as mott.y reoovereJ The accused were
en wer the charite.
Ci^* Mr. Midmor wa< arrested on Taes
, *v BSf ht. rhtrged with sr ItBraOttM asssuliupon Eitralwth
lUir'son, b po ictman's wl e. srnl her set. ant M?ry Har.
rleatOB L apptars f.um ihe aff.uasii made. Skat Mr. Mid
n er s?ss Mote. Brd Jsri es A-i l?r?or BjatS Dock Anderson,
bs-tb stsga drivers, rade up to Sixi>-first-sL ia ibe same
Hagawill Mrs Harrisoa She ihaagwta t of the stage
sic |r,~re?ded to her re ?e er re, loliowed by the accus<?4,
v> bo f ictd ll.euisel .es ir.K the Ik use. where Jwy SSBBBSf?
? dloMo.eti ll.e persor.. of Mrs H trnson ai.d her servant
T?, i bowewr, tsraaad lnti Lbe stresK aad ga'athasaaraa
A'o'irt. b bva *-<i bss rot been arrrn-,1 Ml .w.-r mmt
c sts I t by 4 apt Mawarr? Sid held to ball in fiOf'rex
ku ? tlBOB
Fatal Ai irat, and Arrest of Par
I TIM Co*i itwr- ?Ol 'ui Tl jrsdiiv SWsaafsj ? co-npany
of j-ersons. of both sex.-*, left this City for vnUlainebiirstl.
for ihf purpose of ettend.nr a dance About I o'clock on
u e following morninr if.,- dance bro.e up, sod the parties
were on their way h"m??. when a gang of rowdies, attacked
tliem, and beat a j esaeg man named Jeremiah Reen.-dy :q
a moat linital manner, Ie?v'nr h'-r se-i?,.:..?* Re ? M
taken by some 01 hl? frieed? tu the Cto Hospital, where ha
di*d yesterday. An !nr,u?-sl wi.; ksj ktsM on tiie bo.lv this
morrirg It ii s'sted thst several erre-u have been mad*
In W niismsburuh. of paries charged with being concerned
ir. this outrage
Death by I>tk.miira>. e.?The Coro?
ner BOM aa fcajBeaf ye^erdey, at No. \< i f ut-at. upon the
b.-cy ofe woma'. named Mury Jiorr whoss death was
I caused by in emreranre. Verdict accordingly.
The L\te Aurw im FutTO?f?fT.?
Jossa ?sk, ESSSilBf 1 2s Rose-st. and John Malitns of M
CiiS-st jesf'dky appeared before Justice Osl.ome, a:>d
each made er davit relative to the atlray A.h tH?>,:;~d to
bring struck and also to having s?~n Mulims struck, by
wbom he poul i r?.t say; also to having haar i two reports
ota pistol. Mui ;ns. notwithstanding he was report, d so
have been sbol at, testified to having heard no report of fire
arms Gardner, who Stan .scharged with shooting Weld
Is still in prison.
The Mm ertainties or Law.?On
Christmas night a t'jjht took place at a porter house, einer
of Court and Bert-en sis. d .rine which a man named I'eu?r
Roach was severely stabbed. The parties engaged in the
afrey were taken Int.. custody, and on their evs-nltniton
before the Justice sufc'ent evidence was elicited to hold
one of them (a man named John Dornar.) on the alleged
charge of assault and hauery with intent to kiil, and he a st
accordingly committed for trial before tke Court of Oier
and Tern.tner. from which the case was transmuted to the
Ciiy Court. Yesterday he was arraigned liefrre this ln;>u.
cel. and from the test.tnony brought Ibrth it wasascer:a.neJ
that he was not the guilty man. and under a rharge to this
effect by the Court he was at once acquitted by the Jury
A man Lamed James Dornen, a brother of the U*i M Bs>
dsnt, was then arrested by order of the Court, an I SSBM to
the County Jail to be examined on the charge by one of the
Magistrates of the City of Brooklyn. The prisoner was one
of the witnesses in the former case for the defense. His
testimony wu suff rient to acquit hts brother, but was so
strong against Rimseif as to induce an immediate order for
his arrest aad examination
Fire.?A frame dwellirg-house, N.i
Adams-sL occupied by four fail';':es. were discovered to be
on Ira yesterday afternoon. The ilsmes were s.ron sattka*
guished?the quantity of water Eroded tr.to tie building
doing more dan:ape than the toe.
LlBKlAL K\pfnmtere.?The Brooklyn
Common Council. <>n Monday evming. voted BM toward
the expense of I.ring a salute on the occasion of the an:.,
veraary of tiie birthday of Washington, on Saturday next
( iBBLESI Work as to GaI PoiTS??
A pent:.-:: was presented on Monoay evening to !ho Board
ol Trustees from P. M' Lean for raBefj be hr.. :nir fallen 1
a hole, corner North-Second and First sts which had been
excava'ed for inserting a lamp post. Mr. H?ughtoo, in the
Board, slated thai Ihn maay places now carelessly left In
his way w as net the fault of the Gas Company, but of the
contractors of the Trustees, who bad been engagp 1 by lat?
ter to place the lamp-posts.
Lectire.?Hon. Jndge (treenwood, of
Brooklyn, lectures to night, in Central Hall, on "Music and
its Prospects in America ".
The Pot \ p-Master.?The Pound-Mas?
ter, appointed three or four months ago. has given dissatis.
faction to ihe Trustees, and on Monday evening was re?
New Citt Charter.?Owing to in
Simmons to the Committee of the People's Convention,
that In meeting a Committee of tbe Board of Trustees for
compromise, It must he- understood that the Charter is to
be submitted for approval to the peopi? t>?foie being sent
to Albany, lb* TmtiMs Committee declined to meet, and
the projected compromise has not taken place.
EleMTH-ST.?TbeTrustee9 have decided
that this street sbali be opened, regulated and paved. There
is some little delay as to the appointment of Surveyors, af?
ter the appointment of which the work will proceed.
Hnllotln? for I . B, -ennfor.
TaF.nt. %. W ednesday Evening, Feb. p.
Another trial to elect a Senator took place to?
day, and there has been again a failure.
In the morning several ballotings were had, on
one of which Commodore Stockton had M votes,
one less than the requisite number. After these,
it was moved to rescind the rule adopted on Fri?
day last, which requires a majority ol the whole
number of members elected. This motion carried,
and the meeting adjourned till afternoon.
Hut on coming together in the afternoon it was
found that Mr Opd] ke ot Hunterdon, a Loco, was
absent, and it whs soon ascertained that he did
rot mean to come, This reduced toe Commo?
dore's vote to Ht?; alter which thu meeting ad?
journed to to-taorroW morning.
The Whigs stuck to Day ton throughout.
Yo.tr?. reipwtfkallj
1 send you the following balloting for today,
five unsuccessful ones having taken place on
Bailott. 6th. 7th BSB. OrA, 151a
8tC(k;on. Opp.33 39 3? M 33
Ds\ton. Whig..? X i-5 34
Kord. Upp. 3 2 2 -
H. C.Cary. lud. 1111
J. Ereln^huyseo.? ?
J. K. Randolph.? ? ?22
Ueo.U. Evens.? ? ? ?
Total.78 ? 77
Ten?i, El."..-.!(-. Tw-;.'.:. an 1 T . 1 c.s resulie.1
the as me as the '.'tb_
The Hirer aad llnrhor Illll
Washington, Keb. 18.
On the motion of 8. W. Judge of Ala. to lay tbe
Hover and Harbor Bill on tho table, the ayes and
nays stood as follows i
Yeas.?Messrs Albertson. Ashe. Bayly. Bell, Bowdon,
Bo\d. BriBBSBi W-J. Brown. Joseph Cslde. Joseph p.
Cskweil. Cleveland, W K. w. Cobb, Colcork, Daniel.
Danner. Dlmmtck. Edmocdson, Ewlng. Kreedlev, Kuller,
(?erry. OUmore. Hall. HasaMum Hammojd, I U Harris,
8 \\ Harr s. H Hthhard. Hllltard, Hoaglan i. Holladay,
Inge, Jorepb W Jackson. Andrew Johnson. Jones. Ls
?eie, Lttt'et e'd. Job Msr.n, Mason. McClernard, McDow
el. McLanai.s:., McMuiien. McWlhi^. Mesde. Miller ol
.'I ". Mil sin. Montson Morse. Morton. Orr, Parker.
I'e&slee, p< nr., i'helps. Powell, Robl las. Rob nson, Ron.
Ssvsge, Saw lelle, Seddon. Stetson. Strong. Thomas. Ven
kble, Waldo. Wallace, Weliborn. Whuilusey, Wildrick,
Wllnot. Woodwsrd. and Yeumr?74
N, a ys?Messrs. Alexsnder, Allen, Anderson, Andrews. Asb,
mun.Berrett.B!: gharu.Bokee, Booth. Bowie.Bre.-k.Briggs,
Buel. Burrows. Butler, Cabell, Campbell. Cartier. Chand
I. r.Clrrke. CosS, ( oLger. Corwi:., Dickey, DAsasVy. Doty.
Duer, Duncan. DucLatn. Durkee. K'iot a. Evars, Na baa
Evans. 1 Itch, FowlST, Osellf, UMd'ck-S. ('<? b-rt. Ooode
now, Oott, (Joui 1 OrlnaeU, It Hailowas. Hampton. Tuos
I. Harris. ITsjSSOSsl. HSSsTT, HeajsUsa, Ho., rn ). Howe,
BBS tar, W.I Jack?on.J. L Join. -on. R W John?on,
? Her- U ii K .-i-.J 0 Ki ... J.A B.r-g, LeiRer, H.
Maats **"?-.'? Matts?ssa, M-K>?> rk. R. Me Lassa, d k
Miller. M>-? i M ud *? n:.. ..,i. Otm. ot.s, Out?
law, P tn:an Putnam. Reed. R'> DOkds, Richard*..n. Bii'ey.
BSSM BII a i ST J .Ir Sirke.i.h? booicr?fi. >nepperd,8f al4i>ig.
e vie ? I p laaatta li H Btaatoa .s*eets?-r.
Iaaloi jss. Tksisaisansi, Jotas B Tbuaapaoa. Tnek. Cr dr
hi f \arl)\i.. \ o.l " ?t:t!o Went wot th Wh.te, Wat
Absent Not Votimc-5^
On agreeing to the ttiver ami Harb.: Hio, as
amen it J by tl Committee vf the Whole, which
is the s.I?Iii-t .<- ?'?; M. Ii" ? i ? M I- l^E
t.f Mar h
Yii -Meists A.exsnd-r A.Sen AadSVOOCL Ar.dre?|.
Harr-.s, Hsv. BaiSSOSd Il-nry. H.
|< ? u. [? v.. fi ? - V, T ' ?
h -
.. Mi..
1) r ii...er.
Ion. Bri.t.ln. A O Brown. w J
-. O. A.CsJdwe!). Cartutr. d.ra^.
epb W
I . . r t ? 1. ? j- >?-??-?. - ? ':
Sbept?-ru, M.vester.Spalding Sprague.Stanly.K PJtaaioo,
.?iw ?? ?' "? ?-: T en.psen, T .tk. L'ndert...!, \ an D.. ae,
VeaasMa \ :;ti p Watk'.ns. W-ntworth. \\ I\\ ISBal
>' ?<?' g
Ns, ? -Messrs A -erts? c A ? er, Bsy'v. B-a ? B
Bk..S H
Bro?r Jo.^,h Cable.
(. Co -rrk Dar
Konurd?. t . r-soe'st.^i
toln ore, Oom st, Hall,
I ti Harris, B Hibbard,
Jackson. Jenes, Juitar,
D< ! S ii. Mr Dowe /. Mr
Meaoe. Joi r K Miller,
Parker. Ptas'ee, pecn, I
sos, Boss, Sa.sge. Sawt
soe, Strong. Jacob Tbost
WeUborn, WMnlaoey, W
Ar'tVT a wot Voti
I ... Iroofca, Bu.lard,
Das ad Dtaoa, fcwtpg.
Ha/lar. W. Hebard, ifol
e'er. Levm. M- Ciernar.
VA . - afeschsm. hew.
Polle' Koi'l Scdenck. S
,-ievei s Thon.as, Jacoi
WslJen. V. rgbi-44
tl'lliert, lireeo. M<
Huhbard. S. W In,
.rtald. 9 r. M.-L-a;
s. Ower. Perk. P6
?shorn. A H fjtephs
r- . T tirman, To
" Tb?> Omntbasra nnrl Che .flavor.''
Tr> the F.ditrr 9/ Tht Tnbmr 1
61 k The statements in your paper of yester?
day morr.lng. ind*r the above u?e, signed by ?? Oboervef,"
are lo almost every parncaler waosw, and the writer must
bave beeo aware of 1. sir falsehood at Ute ?se be wrote
iLem. My wboie ?l?ge kasSasSSS m?y be summed up thus
Fimt Ti e Bov. ory and Urand-st. lioe waa granted
about twenty year* ago. and nas been bought ani to. i see
erai times. I ; ..-,-..??. t an interest in ;t. and after a lapae
of about tlx year* I and my partner sold It. ehlerty on
credit, lo Lert A Jluimenon ; and they have ataeMa 1 -miy
BBSs It at an advance of ftSySSS u> J Immer? ?n \ Co Yet 1
? ni - rgied out as having committed a pub.ic ''?nse In
selling my Imprest (n th.t property.
grond. The ?' Bowery and Ho.ttonst " .ine was granted
at* SstgtS 8t nine years ngo. and transferred u> Its present
routs about four years ago. After having beei. bought and
lOkf IfSS Or six 1 lines, nivseli'and partner, Ahm HatSeld,
boagBa th * line In '4fi of Joseph Pslmer and soid It In 4 to
i, ...low I'uliis A McClelland; mm sold It about a year
ago at an advance of >7.i??i to Ludiow ? Siney Yet i am
Staffed cut as having committed a public OSBSBAS) for this
Thir'. I bought ihe Fifth-av. Line, and at the nearly
unanimous request of the staee proprietor* of th s city, and
'.' ' ? partner. I told to Curus Pullis? M ?< ,.-..*nd f.,r
$IP.6sf'. In tiie property ?..ld were thiee lotsof BTCaasJ
and a contract for iweu'tv-two stages and twelve sie cht
1 did not seii any permit at all w.?i the line, in any SSM
sense than a pern.ii. which is the lease or good-wi.l of the
rime, 11'cessartly told w.th every line A Umaf stages
cannot i* bought or sold without the permit or fats) -w i.l
A t'n.e :.ne 1? ike any other buttnett?Uie BSVPStSf snd
food-will necestarily go together Messrs Curns, Pu.iia
A McCltiland siibseuaen'dy told this due to the Marth?.;?,
and sot a much larg-r sum for ihe good will or " persjot,"
at " Onteiver' has .;. than I received; and hereafter it will
be soid at a tliil .ar^er advance.
?ussert 1 eceived a ^rsnt of the Kirst-av line from
Mayor Wiodl.ull. and st irv reouett ll was put in another
rr an s name; and for that Mr Woodhull was not itMMaaaV
b e. Afb r I had commenced running it, I SOM ll lo Messrs
Uarrison A Merriam. chiefly on credit. I did not sell any
I with ll other than as good-wiii. which 1? insepara
b'efiom eveiyline Messrs Oarrl.on k Merritm did not
swtarthat they gave me $l7.c?o for any pertuit. as staled
by " Obterver "
t ?? :h. I never hail a "perm;." for a line through Four
t''i :.;r>at. and liroiiu ay. and consequently could not sell
:t to: a large sum or any turn.
Si.th TbeUrand and Spring St. line was granted on or
about tbe Pth of November, two months bsfore Mr. Kingt
land came into office. The grant was to Mr. R. er?,in. snd
1 did not know of its existence until a considerable ti ne
After It was gtven, when 1 entered into parinerehlp with
blm. Mr Kingaland had no knowledge of any "specuA
turns.' and caluis 10 have made hit decision 10 revoke the
Orand st. Use before Mr. Tyson got up bis petition This
petition he rere'ved tiefore he w as Mayor, and since he
came into office has refused to receive any petition from
myself or partner, or to givens a hearing.
Seiti.ih The only charge made against me is thai I have
1 < SB active aad euterprisiug iu my business, and 1.1*11 have
extended my business legiumately to more than one line with
success. 11 is charged that I have received large sums lor
the good will of the lines In which I have had an interest.
I have bought and sold as other men bave dope?not/tin /
mi,re. eartfcf Am The good will of lines in which i have
had no Interest, has been boo ;ht and ao'.d at four times the
amount I i.srs ev.r rsreiv.'.!. Mr. Tvson himself offered
: sell me the permit or good will of hi- line for IK.n V. or
oTSlOOO ircluuing the property; my oder wa? fU'>,wsj for
the 'in nut " lUmt. or good will, or *ti<> w*> for the whole.
El itk The Mayor has offered to withdrawal! opposition
If I would haul off ilteOrand and 8pring at Ilde. This I re
luted ou the ground thai Ihe public demand tit continuance. I
as i w |] iboar bv petitions signed tea to one against Ty
SM'slk^ttloaups?saoa JAMES T kkktinf..
Nh\iiI Intelllaenre Irorn the Knot Indies.
Psssa tbt aVssssssjSsa lUp-oh,.
Extv > In of Despatches from t '>'i,im tnJer YV. M.
SlIsTDI , cvmmandtntr UMttd St 'es ship Man
Oft, to th' Sari; Department:
I HfTtDaVTATRS Sill" NllM'S, >
M U SO, Chl"a. Knday.Uei In, Jain. {
- 1 I have the honor to inform you that I
reariird my present anrhoraire on the I Ith inat,
from Wnampoa, where 1 had been for a month
oast (or the protection of Am. re an interests, as
stated in my last letter, 1 returned to this port,
both lor the purpOM of recrititiug the health of the
crew, which had becomo much impaired from
dysentery hid! fever, and to provision the ship;
the latter pat toi which having been accomplished,
and the crew itmcb improved in health by the
change to a aaoro favorable climate, 1 am uow
ready to aail at an hour's notice, ahau>d the servi?
ces of the ship be demanded by ottr t'harg? d'
Affaires ad interim at Canton. ? ? ?
It afforda me sincere pleasure to state thst
since the acquisition of California a new channel
for the enterprise of our countrymen has been
opened, snd our Kast Indiamen, instead of com?
ing to China direct, as heretofore, obtain valuable
freights to California, and from thence out to
Canton or Shanghai for teas and silks, and such
ia the superiority ol our vessels over those of
other nationa, that they command two pounds
sterling more for freight per tun, direct to Kng
! iut d. since the repeal of the Navigation Law.
I am air, yoi.r obedient servant.
(Uflesd) WM GLEND Y. Commander.
Hon. Wm. A OaAHAM.
Secretary of the Navy, Washington
LTaTITBB Srarr- Sine Mirm*. >
Msc IO, Chios. Nov l?V>. )
8iR : Herewith I have the honor to enclose tho
report of the executivo olhser in charge of the
" Marion at tho time of the dreadful calamity
whish befel the Portuguese frigate " Donna Maria
?-'d,' on the ','otb ultimo ; also a translated copy of
a coti.muuicatioii fron the Council of Government
of Macao.
Permit me, air, to remark that the conductof
Lieutenant A M. I'ennock,on the occasion of this
trying and melancholy event, is deserving of the
approbation of the Department, as much for the
prompt, m.-nanres adopted by hirrj for the reSCUO
ol the men. ss the disposition he made to pre?
serve the ' Marion, iu the event ot tae burning
vessel drifting down upon us
But one ol those rescued survives?all the rest
l a. e perished! > * ? ?
i sre. S'r v,..- '"tper:;" i- veer 0b t. Serv't.
tMg?mi,} W. M ULK.NDY, Commander. 1
Hoc. Wm. A (I* vium.
Secretary of the Navy, Washington.
v raa SraTata aTsjip Msatttr. i
T>m A n' iios.,..k,Oct It, 1150. J
Btl I feel it a doty which I owe t<? the officers
and new of this al ip, to report their noble con
das t on the melancholy occasion of tho bio wing up
of the Portuguese frigste "Danna Maria t!d,'
lying within one cable's length of us. It was a
mo:.:er.t to try en's souls, snd nobly did they
sustain the trial No confusion of any kind took
place, ail orders were promptly obeyed; and,
even v. hen our destruction seemed inevitable.it
was unnccoaary to reiterate an order.
The exp "-ion took place at two hours twenty
minutes, P.M. on the ?'Jth inst. our ship was en?
veloped in a dense cloud of smoke, and was
thought to be <>n lire, but the cloud soon passed
away. Uod in Iiis intinite mercy had spared us.
In leta than ten minutes after the explosion, our
launch, second and third cutters, were alongside
of the wreck, and took from it, and out of the
water, nine men, the only survivors ot the ill fated
They were brought on board this vessel in a hor?
ribly mangled state , two of them, one a midship?
man, died upon our decks. Every attention was
paid them by Dr. Shippen, who ssso volunteered
his services for any other duty that I might think
proper to assign him. The boats were manned by
volunteers, and were commanded by Acting Lieu
tenants Aalkh and \\ likes, and the boatswain,
Mr BuriJett. My heart swelled with national pride
wl en I beheld those oMaWS and men. regardleas
of persona! danger, forcing their way through float?
ing and burning timbers, to the rescue of their fel?
low creatures. They had scarcely left the wreck
b.?? it was enveloped in fames. Acting Lieu
tt ne..t Auliclt voiunteercdtoretuni and extinguish
tt.e tire, the saiety of tins ship beinir considered
peodCSt upon it. But another explosion occur
re'', e: . tbs atteQ.pt was forbidden.
V . . , , . :. nit Were res'tumg the survivors,
tboSM ( ?; Lrard were actively employer! iu guard
ii " the slip from fire, and in preparing to shift her
h m case tfe t'oatin? and burning wreck drift
? m~r retoeetfulfy. TOO! Ik St SOT'ant.
(M/Md) ' ' A M PE N NOCK.
IsBvaaasassi asaf Kxssaidve o -r
To 1 ? ; a: - \%. ?? OnawnV,
t Dtnaadl ,'i had *'"*? auf M s
IVstwdi'--'ion rfa Letter from the Por'u true se Au?
fh?rt'tes at Macao.
{, v.-snmcnt STTtSB PaovtMCE o, M>.<u. 1
tf iMoa aud Solor. i
Most Ii.h.stf.iols 8ir-. The most excellent.
, C :'o'Govi-rnmentoftbts province, deeply
jenettaftd by a sense of the noble and intrepid
conduct of the otfirera and men belonging to tka
ci ivette under your eommand, on the -"'th of last
month, on the occasion of tne disaster which oe
carrcd to her most faithful Majesty's frigste
' Donna Maria 11, baa charged me to express to
\ ou las the r name their profound a' knowledgment
! tl > important, aa well as opportune and cour?
ageous service, rendered on that dsy by all be
longing to tbe said corvette, whose generous snd
intrepid eudeavc to save tiie lives of the unfor
fen ate victims of thst calamity, msde at a mo
Bassst < : such imminent risk to their own vessel,
have called forth the ur. pialified avlmiratw?. not
' f tbs Council of Uoveminent, but of all the
inhabitants of this city.
111 council ot the government begs therefore
thst) u w 0 accept the sincere expression of their
kvs'itu . and transmit the same to all onboard
the v: tsel urderjour command, whose brave con
im t I ss e x ted tbe admiration of til those who
were present, aa well at reflected credit upon tho
ntTT to which they belong.
The said council avail themselves of thia oppor?
tunity to congrttulate you on the aim of.' mtreca
i<>uf escape of the " Marion M froaj the imminent
danger to which ahe ru expoted, by bet pros
irr.:ty to the frigate "Donna Mara . 1 fn.rti tho
t ;!<ctt of wboae eaploaion, they leara with mo..*
? atiefaction, ahe sustained no injury. May God
Mli so, ftoremher 8, IIA*.
.Signed, ANTO JE riKNIttNnt,
^?fft%nr of OonruHMic !
Tu Commander iii bjsov, 1 S.ship Nartoa.
Ejtreteis of a li 'ter from the " Misnonmes of Ike*
BmmVdtM Atmcy for /?V/cii". Blitsunu of the
(>., ? ' StI hi !flit Asiortnte Rrfmned Ckttren
if the ("m/V?/ States of Sortk Anertea," ad
utesstd to ?? t'tmmodcre Charles W. Marfan,
Cemmmemdt t re-< 'aar/*fIM L'nitid Strifes Named
I'crcet in the Mediterranean," dated
"DaJtAI n. Syria Ort 12. l?o
"Sir We strictly and conscientiously
abstain from meddling in political atieire, aad we?
are in general permitted to pursue our appropri?
ate duties in that humble sphere and quiet man
M r. whi. h heeonio us aa to.lowers ol Htm woo,
while lie went about doing good, did not strive.
i > r ?ry, neither did any man hear His voice in the
streets. Our mission in thia great city of 120,0'JO
mliabitanta ia yet small We are in the beginning
ot the work, and thus tar have been principally
engaged iu acquiring the language . atill our suc?
cess hat been tuch as to ahow that here, at elee
w here, the Lord it faithful to the Charr-h in all
Hit promitet, ted to encourage ot that, when tho
ahall become duly awakened to a sense o! her
duty, and perform it, He will here pour out aa
abundant blessing.
Any petty persecution to which our adherents
are liable arises from the unlawful proceedings of
nominal ehriatians and the injustice of arbitrary
magistrates. The law of the land tolerates of.
"Seme newspapers are making too much of tha
fsct that both Jewt and Chnttitnt aie permitted
to tit in the city council. It it a great privilege
lately granted, and a great advance on former
turns , hut such oases BbOV the contempt tho
Mahommedans have for both. It if only the fear
inspired by the power of Chittian nations in the
Old and New Worlds that renders any safe.
With this universally acknowledged we do not
U el in much danger. We trust in God that Ha
has some good aork far tit in our field of labor.
Our citizenship of the I nitcd States is as avail?
able here now as was the Roman citizenahip of
Paul in the days of that proud city's great fame.
The Turks are, in general, faithful to those citi
tOM of fi reign countries residing under their
"We are all safe in the city. The villages all
around are tending in their quota of aoldiert to
the liovernment aa the conscription goes on He?
mer may have reached \ou that we are in greater
danger than the facts of the ease will bear out, wo
Laving, by a residence of several years, become
ao ustomed to such an unsettled state of society aa
exists in this country, lose those feeling! of alarm
which it at tint inspired.
" Be assured, Sir, we shall ever remember with
grateful emotion the kind expression o! yoursym
pathy with ua in our privations, in our work of
faith and labors of love in the Lord.
" We have the honor to he, with great respect.
Sir, your sincere friends and fellow countrymen,
tSltned) "JAMKH BARNI.TT. Minister
'? J O PAITLDINO I'l.y.i.-Un
Missionaries, As.
" Tu Commodore Ciuri i - W Moaosis, Ac "
NOLLIfICATMMi II Ala?*M4.?Delegttet to
a Southern lligute' Btate Convention met at Mo?
bile, on the 1 Oth inst, and continued in session
throa days. This Convention waa composed of
delegates from 1'itanionitt Clubs. Col. Thomas
WILLIAMS, of the Montgomery Club, presided,
and among the delegates we noticed W. L. Yen
coy,A. P. Haghy, and other well known Hit
unionist Loco Peers. The following resolutions
trerfl adopted by this august body, which, it will
be seen, forms a separate political organization of
the Southern ultras:
l'reamhli and Jit solution* adopted by ihe Southern
Rights Convention.
The preamble to the Constttuuju of Ihe Colled Statte
declares the objects for which the Government of lha
I t.::rd States was formed. Those objects were " to form a
ii.ore perfect L'nlon,establish ,uslice, ensure domestic traa
qalhxy, provide for the common defense, prsmote tha gaa
ersl wrifsie, and secure the blesstngs of liberty to oar
selves ai d i'ur posterity "
Those objects, in onr opinion, have been wilfully disre?
garded In the administration ol the Government ? cisa
menclng with the law admitting Missouri Into the Union.
and closing wltn tie late system of measures, miscalled
the Compromise.
TI.e preiense upon is hlch this system of hostile legisla?
tion has been based, Is thai S.ave>y Is a moral and poMUcal
evil?Its end snd aim is Ihe emancipation of every slave la
the I ntted States.
1 he (iovsrnmeni Is In tho hands ut a sectional majority,
acd political Interest and conscientious convictions of duty
j alike urge them to ihe successful prosecution of this system
I Believing that the aim In ibe formation of tbls Govera
! i sat is to longer lo he observed in us administration, we,
the delegate* ol the Southern Rights Associations of Ala?
bama, 'n Convention assembled, do resolve:
I Thst, In our opinion, the powe s granted to the (Jane
rai Government by the people of the Slates, bare, for aloatT
a ins of jrars, been perverted by a dominant sectional SB*>
juiiymihe aggranui/ernent of the non-slaveoolding, end
to Ihe oppressloL of the Slaveholdlng States
Thai, in our oplDlon, powers hare been exereued ba
the General Government for ihe purpose of restraining t?a
CXlrDSloo ottbe bSMIIBIIaa or HI.very. and oTsrsdlrsusj, It
; h . ? wt ere it now e\isu. which were not granted toll
by the people uf the Slates.
1 list In our optoloe, a radiesl change has beao af
? '-du lha tBBVattei ot tue General Governmeat by the
> rsaof ti.ls S)stem of legislation; that the sower aad
dlgn - n have become destructive, in a great
degree, of Iherighif st.ddi.mlty ol the Stales which cre?
ated iL
4 1 r at a tame submission to, or a patient acquiescence
. i. is hostile and unrons'ilulionai legislation, wuull not.
In our oj Inloe,be conduetvs to ti.e peace, bapptneas, pros
perltv and tenor ot the Soulharn States.
A Tbst we fully endorse the doctrine of Mr Msdlson, at
. "i lain ad la the vlrgtasa Resolutions of 17'??" that, In ease
11 a deliberate, DalpaL-ie. dangerous exercise of power not
ral compact, the Stales who are parti as
ii n Id l ave lha rtfcht. and are In duty bound, to toterpoee
for arresting the evil, and maintaining In their res peed va
Ma us the auti.urttles, rights and uberues appertaining to
n. 'i hat such Interposition should not be msde, so loag as
tf.t n- ren air:s a reasonable hope thai full and ample redress
trill be made for past :r ury, and provision aa made against
future aggression.
7. Thst ti.e recent events, In lull unison with that systeas
of legislation which we have condemned assure us that
there ia ao rasaoaaata urucnd on which to base a hope
that we shah oUala e.it.er ludress for ibe past, or guar
abUes for the future.
8. That In our opinion a due regard for the rights, honor
snd .i.ierests of iLe peop.e of this State, and each of the
Southern Stales, demands that they should at once "sat
their bouse In order" with a view io secession.
n TI.s as earh State voluntarily became a member of
the Confederacy, so li can be no just cause of war upoa
si.) Slate, that chooses no longer to remain a member
IS Thai ti.e question of secession ot AI shams from this
Goverrmett Is reduced lo that ut time only
11. That we spprove of ibe proposlUon of the Nashville
t ? motion, tha. the slaveholdlng States bold a Coagraae
In Nssreatbet text and pledge ourselves to ose our best ax
erllon lo I.a - e A .shams fully represented lu that body, and
(occur in the suggestion lhat said Congress be bold la
Montgomery. flu
12 Thai we recommend to ti.e people of Aabamato
suspend tbeir old party dlvtstons untfi redress and security
ran be obtaii ed as piupostd. and to know no parly but the
jrrefcl South-rn fxirty.
. Thai ht (,'jverr.or o.* Alabama be requested to coa
eenetbe Le. tslamre In extra session for ihe p .rnoseaf
f i^vidiig by Isw for the election of members lo .) e pro
rn Congress: such called session to lake place
- M mday in August next. Should the (Jovero
or fatl toeonvaae the Legislainre, then we recommend to
statt teas CO .posing ihe several Congressional
Dha?tetS to op' ? a noil on lha hist Monday In October
r.ext. ar.d bold an election for one men: ear to sastOsffS
estl. C'r rgres,.'onal District .n the State; such election to
be In all things governed by ibe law s, nssges and regola
Poes wl b I. . vine., ctioos for Members of Congrasa.
.; at tl otild Congress declare It to u<: il s duly of the
Soutbi rr. Sta'es to sr cede, and or e or more of the Stales
1 shall ?? rece . or if one or aore of tha States should do so
at seel snion by Uie Southern Coogress, in our
?-r.lt will If the duly and Interest of Alabama. Bat]
1 si od f?.lb to suri. ?ec-dlng State or Slates to require her tiae
v toss ede ard to use all proper efforts to ti e formte
l.orr of a Souihe, n Convention.
IS That In order to re-der ourselves more effective la
t . we will separate ourselves from all
ildfed? i r ?I,-, allot s.ato Uiat we will cu.tivatatho
d?r''rp i of Stale reliance, and exert all the agencies In oar
- . wet notiileal Ir.cos'trlsl. commercial, social andedu-a
,isie ii* U tA crisis whicn federal
L. iry, i+rverttd mii distorted by the aou -Slavery spirit baa
- '?
1ft h-.h fb Arke"to.?James H. Grahaat
wss recently MlfStaJ tt Etton, Ohio, and com?
mitted |f jad "n a chare'e of murdering Wm. A.
Low, tlewoo yeara ago at the town ol Lexiogtoa,
HHaetS ~s?Tff cion *:rst rested upon another maa,
hut he waa tried and acquitted. Graham waa then
indicted, and a reward ottered for hie apprehen?
sion, hot. it waa only recently that he waa arree
ltd jbf bsSBS stealing, and aa ibe murder with
which be stands charged ia the greatest odertte
of the two, be is to be tried on this indictment
Mssrj of the moat important witnettet against
him are dead, and some have moved away; aad
it is donbtfal whether he can be convicted If be
earapea the charge of marder, he will be take*
to Ohio to answer for hone atealiag.
Cleveland Plain Oestlstr.
altBIOAS Claims.? Washington, Feb. II ?
Tl e board met according to adjournment? pre
tent, all the meroben. Several raaee were takea
ul. ?r.r exsmination; but without com tagI?'?SOJ
? n any, the board adjottroed antil 11 A Sa?
to morrow.

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