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IVEB* M0?* ;^Coanf?or trailer, amossas
ml ITM?t^ " rtt eri^r Cer.ia p-rweek;
^ j,."Trrra? ^ , ?jvau/:e at the Desk
,wr? ?>/ infame rate. Single copies,
er six BkwLnV, at-r'Vr* Five Dol>..-s per annum. In
far? C'fcis- ? h ../r.r tix in mtlia. for three
altaorf . .. ivoMars lo advance required la all
?oats*. ?? *L r,?BiiV Newspapt-rs DUly Papers re.
txxlsW* *Taw whois term* are higher than thoaeof
-?tI??e^' allowed ar.y dlffere- E*.
t^Trtou*S?rtB?- a.lo?ea a..y
a*g! :r;.- K? klriSS 225?K^S
PJ?<-*?-hT^lranrr, Eight copies for $10. or isr.ntj
eSgVa ire., for **i, aod the paper in no case con
WffZZZd [he mafsr which It is p?-'-._,
?JJJJgCsents * i this sheet wi? o* chs/jred 20 cents
?siJws?eh Insertion.
? ciLiroaN.A.ourao!? am -he ?*"'>*'<-" ^"JR.
Jli-' on the frepart-rr- jf eachMail St-amer for Cu*>
fk frtCe- 'o^KKLVVrMcELRATH. P.iV.lshers.
^isr Prsirnnintr of ArrnntiemenU an ItM oesa
,4,7 </ ibicelahrailon of lire Hah Anniversary of ihe
tasJo'it CommlHee appointed t?y the Common Cjuic.J
?jAsCi.v of New-York to trmke the necessary Arrange
_ass fur eelehraimf ,he UWh Anniversary of the Btrtl
Bnef the nMaBrloa* Wasbtngto?. the father of his C>un
JJ/ksve adopted the following Programme of Arrange
ZLm wribe occasion. Saturday, 22d inst :
AaaBENRV STORMS ha- neen uaammon-iy selected
JSJsse stsr.nal of the day. and the following persons
__um earned, and wiH act ts
litfruty Grand M'ir*Vi/?
Ost Jflt.n I.lotd. 0>n. Wra. L Morris.
'4id? lo Grand MorsAii
Cd Pssiel E Delavan, John H Wrcte,
Col Wrn Dodge, John J Northrop,
Cet B.C ?err ., Dr. t?ua<:kinbo*.
Col Jsmes L Curtis, Henry Arculsrlus,
Co) E J-? ? r Capt James M Turaer,
Ool Waterbnuse. Lieut Hill,
auw r Robert Brown, Capt S A Taylor.
Capi N B Lebeu, Christian Bciatfer Storms,
Cast ? W Uetaaenbatner, Major O Dycauian,
Cart I A Darhog. Capt M. H. Chase,
fcHomer Bostwick, Col Wm Steele,
Cast J L Levy, Jas. Blauvelt, O. O. Hopkins.
The procession will more through the Para from the
East gate, la front of the City Hall, at 12 o'clock, noon, pro
Etf . atd afler beug there reriewed try b s Honor, lha
Barer, the membrrs of the Common Council aad seve -?.
SjMOiahed person*. It will proceed through the W. sl
?ski aroutd the Pars, up Chatbam-st and B??very to
Erasd si. up Grand to Co]um >;a-st, through Colum i s
jggavcond sis. to the Bowery; and thence through I e
\\fmmj. Grand. Great Jones-si. and Broadway to Trlplor
Ki in the following order:
rasKtiir*"'"' Military of ihe first Division N. Y. Suie
Coder Command of ?l?j. General Sanfori.
Mourned KscorL
Washingiou Continentals.
Cisarnanded by Captain J. C Heime, as escort to the
Grand Maiaiial.
GettersI Henry Storni?, Grand Marshal.
Colonel D. E. Delevan, Coiouel E. Jesaup,
egai 1. It. Lev;, Capt N B. Labau.CoI. H. Bostw ics,
^ Special Aids.
Major Garret Dvckman, Marsha!
Captains S Parker. Capmin C. H. K?ed. Aids.
Delegation from MsSSSI IlllSStlS,
wSJjaeompaoy of the Massachusetts N'oluoleers, und'T
command of Captain Ben.
farhy Poore, escorted Oy C Jinpaiy I). American Ri:!
commanded by Capt. Win. P. Moody,
of the State of New York?Order of United
Alpha Chapter. O U.A. No 1.
Washington Chapter, ? U A , No. 2.
Warren Chapter, O I.A. No. 1
Manhattan Chapter. O U. A . No 4.
W orm Guard, Capt W. NN Lyon.
Captain M It Chs>e, Msrsnal.
Adjutant l.aac O Hum, Col ri J. Reidea, Aids.
issartcan Rirles, Co C. Cant M. H Ha^alorn.
"loo f'om New Jersey of Order of United Americans
American Chapter O. U. A No b.
Columbian Chapter. O. I . A , No 7.
Putnsra Chapter, O. U. Am., No. 8.
Erat k in Cspter, O U. A. No. 9.
Paulding Cbup'er. 0 I1 A. No. It,
Marion C aapter, O I A No. II.
I ontlnenial Chspter.O. U. A. No. IS.
Moaui V ernon Clispter, O U A No. 13.
Hancock Chapier, O U A No. 11.
Liberty Chap'er, O. U. A. No IV
Decatur Cuap'.er 0 U A N ?. in.
Uullck i'uaid, Capi. John Garland.
Col. Wuiiain Steel?, Marshal.
Col R. J. Luikev. Col. Geo. R. Hall, Aids.
American Aiies, Co B, Capt. Tho*. A. Glover.
Oommulan Guard, Capt J. Rock.
LexiDglon t napter, O U. A. No. 17.
National ( napier, O. U. A. No lit.
Charter Osk Chapter, O U. A. No
Walcotl Guard. Caps. JaBfl t. Fiyna.
Jauie* Blauvelt, Marfial
Cast. Chilsiopher Kisiey sod R. G. Cornell, Aids
Champ Ctiapler, O. U A . N" SB,
Pijmoiiih Clmpler, O U.A. N>>. Sil.
Bunker Hul Chapter, O. U. A , No 27.
Rierls'or Chapter. O U. A , No. 2^
liiS>pendenc? C'liapter. Of A . No. .*>.
Scbuyler t bapler. O 1 . A , No. 30.
Oneiua l haper. O I A . No 8R
Jasper ( hapler. O I A , No 36.
Magna charier Chapter. O U A . No. 38.
Mow Yoik Chapter, O. V. A .No. U.
Ironsides Chapter, O I A , No. 47.
Gen John Lu>yd aad Aids
Cal Curus, Dr. Uusckenho*.
Jska h While, Johu J Northrop,
Rsary Arcuiarius, Li Hill.
G 0. Hopkins.
Society ol ine Cincinnati.
Revolutionary Soldier*.
Officer* ot the Army and Navy.
Amei'.can Light Ouard, Capi. Porter.
Ameiican Light Guard, Capi. Alston.
Democratic General Commutes.
Waig General Committee.
Whuenalj Benevolent Association.
Chatham Gjard.
Grotto Guard.
Protector Guard.
Pranknn Guard.
Ha ut im Guard.
Liberty Guard.
Wtscburn Guard.
Oen W?.).'.am L. Morris and Special Aids.
Col. M llttasB Dodge, Mai Robert Brown,
Cel B I Perils, Capi J. M Turner
Col. Waiertousv, Capt 8. A. Tsylor
Capt S A Darling,
nog Omcers and Men of ihe ;?t Regimen; of New
York Vo.uDieers.
?Wine orl.ctrsand Men oi the 7th Regiment (Califor
nit) New-York Volunteers
B?esrsofMi:iiia.\oiusteersof itu. Hand'14. Col Haight,
^reLoOge, No I American Protestant Association.
Eaa5%is'? ^*VNu* i!;A:"i,',r'>W*''aat Associauou.
l?w^ork LodgnsNo 3, Am Prote*ta:it Association,
'anuses Lod^e, No 4. Americm Protestant Assoclatiorj
Society of Sawyers.
f Center Guard.
????eAalBB oeitlon.No 143, Cadets of Temperance, Stale
of New-York.
Star Volunteers,
n.. _ Brennau ?.uard.
v.-*. vr vxg at Tripier Hail, each DlvnUm will be under
"??rio* ot iu rrspec. ve Marshals
JBS aij*rent I) visions will be de.i-oated by a white
"^w, ?ant >Be appropnate number of ea:k thereon.
."JaBOfUe*, Associstioti* and Companies as hare not
swwo, a; i beass gm,! f lare in the order la which they
^SBort ihemseircs lo the Gracd Marshal
"Hptocw ?Ul?^0^? *"u a"^Vm *W ferm in the foi
jjWlety ot the Cincinnati, the offitvr* of the Army
J-"avy UMt Krv. n lonary Soldier*, in the Library
"?.aast end ol c.. . Hall.
w\tlt^!evr* oi l.h8 ?*1;1U*' ^ Veterans of the War
tatw ?aai s*u?'r-,a* Courl Room, ctiy Hall.
th?rT?h i, Uivuion*. ,n \\ a.! ington tq .are.
fcliBi g ?e '*'?n r'ibl ?" Ul" *?Ult> W<1* ot
f ftaa Division in the Park.riS>it on the left of the
aVatlT^*1 Marshals and Aids w:l' be mounted.
T"a?ary am form In-street, nf at on Broadway.
jyafraiijremenLs of the day u ill be under the direction
?s Grata Marshal
iJjaaevaral persons bannf charge of ihe church bells m
~vttj ue requested to r?u?a the same lo be rung at 7
? ? t. on and J P M , tor an hoar at each Urne.
*s*ownw* sxd uiasters of vessels in the harbor, and the
?t-mZT^l* ot vsrlou* public building* :n the t tty.'are
^Jjre-ra w dupt?y ii.o Nmuniil Pu? rrom luaru* to
?ssa"ut."0 ^P^ifully reque?ustf, thai our fellow-cttuen*
*?o-!r'r \"?ee? of bucinr**, and ebetaiu from their usual
Sj.^?J2*f. ?**.?-? will he nred from ihe Battery, at sun
|sx{s?iill_.''<,'r,n Artt.lery. ai.d at*ooae!rom me aaine
Caa^J!??lb,'* Vcunieer Detachment from Col. Yale*
Utur'u; Ma*
IsiaT?**?! the City flail will be Laminated from 7
mm.mt^*?1 ? transparency oi ;he great and good
- ilTT"?Wef whose birth the day is celebrated, wui be
irai o/ -> ?erwo: i-aii*pareoc:e? or
aS|T" aaules fosigl t during the Revolutionary War.
ass Z?.** P*aced on ihe top of the Hal;, and Rockels
5?^ bs set off
Tks rtSli1 P'thjck A M unui use close Uiareof.
^aksaTw? ro?c* - charged with the enforcement of
TkTV '
aajes^JV^of Private carriage* and vehicles are also re
*^la tau conform lo the wishes of the Com
BJa ?aJ^ reapac}.
^Xaa?!,'-^^ ^ *" Permlied tu lha
which the procession i* to psss
JfWsai. Aldermen.
f*8tT /hIws' hs^??VV. ?*PMRN,
;*C0S t ( iak lV y aKN*? shaw.
S L SS .. Assistant Aldermen
Committee of Arrangement*
i u ?, AfSJ'.UU .\ Oermen
.**D ''HARLES < It , N ?
"FT? !1*!,."gr--Tl?'r?, s'lty Hall, Nav Voak. fm
tha/an- '-rot,,,, ,? ? ifi, hf lau.. it de a-id i>riu?ew.-r
? '?,nr'' rrxxaamteaalad aad adopted by ha Hoaossass
? - tuyor asd Common C ?Bell, to keep (a bvely renteaa
t.rtncf tin- m tnai. rfce 4*? ahal cut- brtfc to am mm of
M.co. GEORGE WASHINGTON} and by rirtueof aay
apponi'm. lit. I l.iret.v r<*qu'5?t and din ci all orgaai* I
bodies, who IrttSSta t<> celebrate um day, 10 asssiil le at
their reaped >ro nii'e/w>n Hiii?ciaotlv'cjr!, to t'?nu in
the general review, at 13O'clock noon, in Irunt of the Ct.
Hall. Park, to die doLorahle the Mavjr and Co.n BOB
The Aaaoclationareport*d will 'orm la sis. dtvisi Baa, un?
der their respectivi Marshals. v,z. Tie Order of Uaitod
Americans mating four divi?:i.ni. Wih.:.'
at per programme, at 9 o'clock A M?take up :h"<r line of
march at 1'? o'clock precisely.
The fifth Division, under the corrimMil of O-n. John
Liotd, tu the Fart, at 11 ociock A M -t." right on tuo
cast gate, facing weetwardry.
The Sixth Division, under the co-n-w-d o'' < i?n ""m L.
Morris, at the same time and pmmt us 'he K1f.l1 -tbOright
on the Filth, or opposite the Astor House, facing <-iist
The several Special Aids, will assemble in the Paik, an*
report themselves to their respective Marshals? to who u
they have been assigned, (aa per programme, ? foe orders.
Tlie respective Associa'ions will full in line, (h-p -r pro?
gramme 1 and report to their r.-*nec' "?? M ir?m . ? :r >i,-'i
an Aid.
The AWs wiii form tba ras paid rs D tlsions. aadar the
direction of th?ir Marshals.
Each Association will appear ?Ith their rOSpOeCrre ban
ners. regalia or uniionn; nut do pasftical device win be
All Marshals BTS hereby empowered sad directed infill
every vacancy that ma* occur 111 tlsstf reapBofJve A da, and
make food aa deficiencies in their cosnsaaods so tofelly
carry into etiect the laudable desire of tba projectors of tin's
memorable celebration.
The einrenne sriflbraah into columns of I'oiir al?reass,
(unless otherwise specially ordered,) ar *2 0'clock n Mat,
( lote lo the right, puss in rawisw, a? Breaeribed tn [be Btr>
gramme, published by the Honorable t*e Coiutii.it- se ol the
Corps not vet reported, and wliomsv deoire 10 be in I
procession, wm repori to Ifcsj Heads of tba DivfanOa who
Will assist, fhsaTI n post, with Dae approbation if ilie (? rani
Route of march from the Park to CIih'Ii* o-Sl, to Grand,
to CoiumbiB, to Second, to Bow-try, bb Great Jones f>
Tripier Hull, where aa ??rar ou ?""' be delivered before
the (irib r of I'mied Ami leans und their frtende, I v Hoe
DAVID E WHEELER, ui 2 o'clock, tonchina the Ida
service-i.nd goodness of the immoral WASHINGTON,
under the diroctinn of lue Committee appjinted f. r iii?r
purpose. The renaeJaing Divisions wi'i conitvio las Ii
inarch under their rt sjKctive heads to the Park and dia
TheGrand Mar-hal and AWtWill move 10 DM roar of
Tripier Hail. rt'ssBOUBtand taba past on ths stage to bear
th? Oration, in company with the llonorau. - Baa I orpora
tion and gu-*sts. a-* per ?rdor-i
The entire savceestoa will tana 1l1reeOr-.nl Hills ions,
si/: Firtt the Order of I'mied anssaitatsi will assasn >ie
in Waahiagvsa square,aatoawtiai liiiinaolstnalrixliosi 01 Uta
Oritud .Marshal.
The Second Division will form in the Puri. BBSf - 1 ?
under ihe direction o 1 ten. .lohn Lkryd.
Third Divitii n will torm in t'uei'aik, WSBl skia, under
bm diiaetioa of Goa.Wat j. Morris
The following Special Aios are hereby appointed SrsaeJa]
Grand Aids, and as-nrned to taetf respective ?irun i I).vis?
ions, si/: C'Goodnch Boyce. Eaq , lo tn>- r.r?\ DiviSsOtt,
Washuivtol-cquure: Sicond, CoiODOl DauielE. I' itt.un.
Pa'k: Third, Colonel Johl W. Avery. Park
The enpeciitl daty SJBMWgad to tsMM Sjh'cuiI A.'f- to
meet in ti eir iBSUecuse Grand DivisJutu early, 110 o -lock)
ami observe 'heir due rOrntatioa aecordhu to prograintae,
ami orders nader tkeir respacrive Oraad ftaiabals
Dill or Dai.ss ?Th>-Orand Mae-iisl, blue frock coat
and pantaloons, bull vest cliapeau with lea'iier; scaeiet
and bull Scarf) bull sash, tri-colonsl st?r 1-ocka.le 01 .e.,
bieast, bw ..r? and black be.t. Hoiee eijijipiiienal as WOT!
by a laawral ort.cer gib saotnalsafja.
Dapatj iirimd Matahalsthessaaaa, wUboal rni -ran, uni
round Iri-coloied c< csaoe. and ii. ick ciait au<l ;>:,'.*<tl >or.-i
Tie Aids the same, but '?!ue or nlaik c stl aad BS ai nun,
white scarf, red ?ash. and rockaile Witheul rri-coksrod
streamtr?. Hotaa aosilpsassats a? worn by staaTosncersi
dm Wbaie With WbatagWVaai ('-.vcepi lb'- Grund Marsuai,
bnfl'.l and batons
The SpeciiU Aids to ilit PiRb and Sitih DivisioBa will
meet u' Raa baaaa of Gen Issoyd, Deputy Graad Harstiali
.... i .r> sarwi ib-at. on the ^.d last at in o'clock A M
The8Baselal Aids aaaiarsnd to the oraud Murriia! will
assemble a; Us quarters ;m Le? bsjloavaj? , on the R2d LnM .
SJB| o'clock AM. Scarls irMsJrtffil at 51 FaltOS-?t an!
Headqaarters, cny Hall ot the Grand Marshal, Marsoals
Bad AiOr, (Lihrarv Room ion ice .'.'d in?l itv or i.-r of
* HENEY STORMS, Giaald Marsbai.
C. Goodrich BOTCB, )
D. E. liKLsvsN, Grand Aids.
Jou.v W. Avirv. ) SJf
.Hn j or'- OfBsOOs N iw-Toaa, flat fob. ISA!.?Tots
iTbIos a 111 Im oinaail tin ihn Tal lust after 11 o'clock A.M.
Byoidtrofih" Muynr,
2? If a\RHEK TAYLOR, First Marshal.
(V Vs-teraa Vor\m of Ihr, War of |si-?,
and '14-Coiaposad of all who were engaged .1 the
Military satvice of the United States in that w.ir. \ i u*
saaableai 1 onsdtntioaal HaJL Broadway, Tili.; D w.
at 1 o'clock P.M., with cockade on their hits, b it no - Ue
arii s. to jo.ii in the cekluatlon of tin* duy at Trip'.i r II?.'.
Rdf It' NICHOLAS llAlOJT. Col uu'.
fr) l'harch. ?Kpiscopai Kree t durch, corner of Mar
bat anu Monroe sts?Kev. Kai.' U Hovi, ll?cior. Ulvme
MrviceTO .MOKROW MORNING at P'| o'c oIntn
arenlaj. Wie riieof couflrmatl*?? wiu n? aasataasassad oy
Right Rev. Bishop Cnssa of New-Hampshire Service to
con n i u< e at "j o'cloc?. ?f H*
t Hi *. T. Ls Ilarrla having reurnad from the
Wisi. will ntsssb SI Su.y.ei-aLl insl.tuie tg-MOKROVV
MOKMNG. at the usual hum. 221U ?
l*T Kev. Hlahop Junea will preach In the First
M. r Church in .1. hn-st. ob today u arBtng, ihe iid lusl.
ai Ii l o'ciock. Al ihe close of the ser.uon there will be a
collection iaaen up for ihe Ladies' Home Misslou Society
of ihe M E. Church in the Cny of New-York._
[ f Fourth CoocresatloDMl Church. Is g 1
tecuth-st bet? een Blxlh ar,u Seventh avs.?The tenth of the
Dteeoarsea lo the Yoang, by Rav, j \v. TAGGARD. to
MuKRGU EVENING, at 7J o'clock At 14 o'cloct AM
and 3 P.M. by H O SCHERMEKHORN. H e Psslor.
f*B Nesv Jerusalem Church.-k07 Mr TAYLOR
wiii 1.resrh in tba CUi ton st. Aca-ii inv. Cnatoi'St llrook?
hi,. TO .Mi iltROVV mi IRNING. ut It's o'clock. Seals fur.
' Notice ?Hev JOHN P. DURBIN ~D~ D. will
pri hch in ilie Muberrv-si. ChsVCfa, near Di'eckerst . TO
SlOKKOW MORNIM'G. >er\.cesat 1*4 ocloct. 22f U"
txT Lecturea ou the Apocalypse. sV JOHN
(.KM.1. svllldeiivar the l -nth Lecture ot the senes,at tile
Bocaery Library, Broadway. to-MOUROVV (Sundayi
EVENING, service commeiiciug at 7J Sea:?* free S in
ject?-The outpounng of the Apocalyptic viats.' tat If
l h i rev* III itud Free I'aimuunlou Ilnptlst
Church. GtUMO-sT, M.sa Ukoauwav.?Rev. D. M
ORAII AM. Pastor. Servi. *s TO-MORKO W. (S.bbalU.)
at I'-J o'ciock. A.M..Sand 7 o'clock.'P M .Hub s t ol -
mg ifiscours???" The Atonement." Seats free. 221' If
[7-Divine Service will be had TO-MORRoW at
Stcietv Ltbrun . corner of Leonani-st. and Broadway, ai
|0A o'clock A.M. and 7| P.M. BStbjjact, for lue evening?
'Outpounng ol tlie Vials.'' _Bl It
F?? ^evs Jerusi.lfm I lintel:. -k. . st,betweei
Bo adwav and fourth av., head of Lataytte Piace ?A
series of Lectures will be de.nered by RtT Dr. BRGW N
In this Church every SAH HATH EVENING, commencing
at 7o'cli ck. Seats free To-Morrow Evening a dl-cour-.e
00 ihe Sut'iectionof ibe Human Understanding u ihe l?o
u .iilou of the Lusis of Evil. _'221 If
IV fr'ourth>Kt. I nlvensallal ('bareh.-Se.
kl 1.1 A M , j anu 7 I'M . Re.. H k. NYK. Pastor. > ?
?ect for the alternoon?" Tne SenbaUi 8c .ool as an e.e
ment of Prosperity iu a Reunions Society.' l.eciure ...
the eveut':g on ?? Judgment aiier Deaih." Seals provi le.1
for Stranges._*2t If
(T second C hrlsttnn ( hurch Knickerbock?
er Hull.- The Pasior |\\M. tJRADLEi', will preach
Tl i-MOKRUNV. Subjects, Morning?C.iristians under urn'
al obligation to drop all tarty names. Afiernoon?"Thi
Fugtlte Slave Law. Evening?Tne Future Life. 22f If
, tr' aserraaaa af l'atrloilaaa.-Rev. C H. FAY In
Issjos lo ue.ivn ihe last ?iscourse of ibis Series, in the
1 iii\ersahst Church, Ort !.ard-sL next SABBATH EV EN?
ING Sub ect?The Tiue Si.tLtiib aad Glory of a Nation.
Sei vices commence at 7J o'clock. 22t If
IV Deetrurtlen nl JeruaHlern.- By re .--st, Rev
Dr i'ATToN wi.i de. ver a Couise ot Lectures ou S4.B
h.\TH EVENINGS, :n the Hsmmond-st. Cou.'regationai
Church on ihe run umenl oft hn.is Prediction of me Tem?
ple and ol the City of Jerusalem. The i exi Lecture wiil
:- ce.:\.-e: n SABBATH EVENING, e ?. 1., al 7
E. W. CHESi'ER, ( fommiitee
W. D.STEW VRT i t't>tnml,le<'
i I .slaranret I,. Blahop (by Divine perinisaiOB)
w iiiaaswer me questum? ? V\ hat is t:.e ditii reio' between
Ca.n whoslew Asel and die Jews '' ho slew JesBI i i ?
MORROW, at 3 aid 7 o'clock P M . ut Coli?:itution Hall.
IM BruadwtN. near Bond si. The BObUC are bxTitad. Beats
free. CaTlt*
t>? Mr. Lord's IHatorical l.ectnres. .
T: .i '? Le.-.ir- of Mr LOHn S f. ?:?.-i t- - He- .-t aa :
?sauits ad the Reformatioo. will l^- clvei. in lie- Hop?- Cuaj*
4el (lar^e room) on MONDAY EVENING, rnsu-al ol
Tuesdsv. at 7, o'clock, Feb. M Subject?JimiU Ca.v:n
his Ideas, his Ri-Mrm. atd lu-i Influence on Sacce-\i i.g
A?es ttoatOJ lor the remaining six Lecrures, $J: single
i-veiiirg, N cen's. .'.'fitis
Vi l.rclare an Java aad the Jaraaeao.-Tai<
Lei it re Will be delivered ai Hope tliapei, iu Hroadwav.
at 7| u'cloc k. Tickets ;cent? t-ach, minors half price?to
t? had at Jjockwood's Bookatote and at the door. To b~
d by another Lecture on ' China and the ( hnie--,
^; ? wtitng of tlie following Thursday Uftt*
Ca*" I orbea'o Foor l.c-ctarae on Reeaci Events in
Italy, will M deirvered at the Society Library L^-ture Room.
cor. of Leocard-st. an<.Broadway, on tbe'EV 1 NiNGS of
MONDAY .lib of this month, at 7| o'clocA Tictetsfor
the Course $1. Can be bad at IM Boos Stores of Messrs.
RarUell V VVe.ford, under Astor House, Broadway, Measra!
Fanshaw. M Broadway. Single Lecture eta. Uf m*
sjjfe-ship Alert for Snn FriiDctaca h. r
River, can takeafew boxes and ba.es ttgbl FREIGHT and
three PASSENGERS in Flrsi Cai.in.
19f lw*_E B Sl'TTON k CO., 8| Wall st.
tr Clipper Ship lava for ttaa Franc use a.~
Shippers by this vessel are parurulariy requeatel to send
their Goods on board, fool of Maiden lane. E R and Bills
of Lading for signature, so mat the ship Bl sy be sent to sea
previous 10 the^.d of February.
W|w' SiPFKEN V IRONSIDE, 2 Broadway.
t&~ Dr. Ilaanlnaj. the inventor of the Patent Bo
I rar?, will I.?* turn eSseeSag, before !adi-e and i p?\
'? ibm r . at 7 j s/? oi a. at He B IB ? . TIS B< .alway. *fM
I' ? !<?!.? til of ?b< ?e who hi.-1 r.oi !,-?M a I lie." ? ,.;(Mt. i_e
wti] ei\f a sunn, ary of tn? aMira eaanw ?.?i.ro;,;,
l :?iiraJaoblo rMBrka pa Ike PhUcawpIn ,y- th? Huuun
\ ? ir. .?r. ? n., ck .!>??. rr -.-' i.fon a-d rureo, Ctaaattiava.
t:; n lad Bronchitis, inspeps a o najral Debility,Meias
ctV T*" Hjpoca nchia. s^n-.?^^? ure Btxl Deforsaiti
Body. A raro eoMrasa*,? j, ,nug ^vea to du'eat tin
tu tlecti f Pntacsl Edu<-..i;,,u< whim bai bee-i sir*-..' -. v
'?? sett ttyalL ThepublicgeeorallyaratovttsdhaaStBi
r7 "The *nrleiy far ihr Hrllef of Peer Wl<U
*M\?v*lih Kmnll Children.'' <'?tefil|y %<-know-4,.e
tl e reolpi of <?vi dotiare. ihe BfOOOBdsof a coiiec ion It
BOS :', 'im Rilrk Chur-h. after a sermon t>y the R?v. Dr.
Spring. The Society regret to aay that they are ?tili In
net-d t.f funds to supply the nec.eseiilrs of ihe P >or W 1
ows under their ri ar*e i hut ibey rejoioe in llie rerollec
dob u ?t ibey have never made ilielr want* kaown but to
In' supplied. ? It*
fr* Vnilonnl Tempern ore Society.?I he s?c ad
Quarterly Meeting of the National Temperate 8o-ie'v
wnl be neld in Tripler Hall, on MONDAY EVENING,
linsi Oen SAMUEL HOUSTON,U S. Seiat.r fron
Texas and Rev. R. I. FOSTER of th* Mu berry-st. M. E.
Cbarek. in Iiis City, will be the principal speakers. Prof.
P H. Nash will sing several popular and appropria e
Ensjaa ?r,d Mr Oeo. H Curtis will pres'de at ihe Piano
Aduiirs on free Exercises commence at 7| o'clock. 2tis*
TV New-York ll.irmonle ?eelety.?The Stock
hoiu?rs ofibeN. Y. Harmonic Society ve hereby Inf jrmed
iha' sn instalment of *2 per Share wul be d'ie and payable
Ol IbaEV" of f.e fortbcoming ORATOilO. announced
? I :h Feb., 1151. By a recent amendment of the Consti?
tution thev win be entitled to two tickets per Share to ea"h
pabttt performance <,f ihe Society Instead of one. as here
'.?' >re By order of the Executive Committee.
l*f ?t* J. H. CORNS!.L, Banker.
rVThe f'anal-at. Aaaorlatton.-At National
Hall. 2'i CacaJ-at SUNDAY EVENING, fob.23, inst. will
dehatfl UM fallowing queition :
Wooid the Temperance Community of uni'.ed possess
?iiffVient n -merical strength to elect to the Legislature and
to fi I the Municipal Offices of our lily?such MM only as
wi'l advocate and support their principles '
The meeting will commence at 7J o'clock. Horac e
" ki t ley. A. C. KLASAoAis.and others will speak on the
7 BB hall being large and commolio'is?capable of seat?
ing 1.000 persons?we hope to see it filled on this occasion.
Sp akers and me puM: generally are respectful.y invited
to attend. Each sp?i,k?r u ui baallowed Lsif an boar.
Dr. ( . \. KIVENBURi.U. Pie?ident
A.Mos Bl'R ion, Secretary. txf It*
E9 Nett-Yoik Vlhsaenm.?Antmp iriitnt meeun^
o( ine Subscribers will ba bead on SATURDAY EVE?
NING, hi ih.- Rootna A runner.jus attendance Is earnestly
SOlil lied. Its
Mavor'? Ui in K, New Yors, Kef). I J, IBM.
IV Notice.?No'ice is barf by giran laat ail persons
who require to be VBTinatel. will bs tittend-d to promptly
bv sppiu-Htion at either of tie Disp-nsarles, wlif re physi?
cians are connanily in SBUEHtaOBO ; and It is recommendtd
tl:a' alj who I ave noi been vaccinated, BOOS d avail lhem
?e v f. irnrnediMtely of the onpoitunliy thus oflerel without
cliB'fe. The New-York Dispensary is located at the cor
r er oi Center and \\ ii'te sts; the Eostara Dispensary la
Lod ow st in the rear of Eis-v. Market; ihe Northe-n
Dlspopsart at the junction of W'averls pl?ce and Christo?
pher-si. |2"fn;|_A (.' KINi.nl.A WD, Mayor.
OT Foat Ofllce New.York. - NOTICE -The
Maus for Europa pel united Biases Biasaior WASHING?
TON, will close at this o l.ee on SATURDAY. Hie 22d lust,
at Ii J A M
Leiieis for Praxce per Washington, mutt be prepaid 21
eei p a sen rati>
Li tiert for the German S.atai c%r. I>? prepai I or not. to
rjasdi atj M) W. V. BRADY. P M
ff7' Another Seleiiillle Wonder !- Import tnt
tsj Dyafreatteo!?Dr HoUGHTON'S PEPalN. too
Tine IJi^eaiivei Fluid, or GMKiric Ju r?, h (Jri-at Dyspep?
sia Curer. prsasrsd from Roctnet] m too roartli st mach of
Iba Ox, after alracttons of Baron Llshtg, tfca great Phvsto*
pical rissailsl, byj 8 HoBjgjfcian, M. P. PhiLidalabta, Pa
Ties is a irniv wonderful raosedy fir INDIGESTION,
TIIU'. JUICE Pum thleis, coritsinir.g Seiemitic evidence
oi lis value. f>irr.j?he?i by averts /raiU t?-e notice amoejg
Ua> BSBdioaJ ai..eriisemeow. NEW-YORK OFFICE, ao
LM| eiian!-st a lew doors from Broadway. 22! 1W
Nnturnl ??Igln Heatoretl nnd Nrnr -tght Cured.
? Prof. BkONso.N enables persons r?**'?e- a."*. resstusH
sight, to restore it alter w.?..es lisve been uied lor >
and to cure near Sigtit; all ;n a few weeks or months,
without p?'n. risk or'njury. and at a resa"rriBh'e expense.?
Diseased Etes also treated. Upward of ..'no r -Terences
liven None but psid letters received. Students iostniriel.
Medical Advice, and Prescriptions given. Homejpstli. BS4
11 j drepa'liic.
OPPK a Davs?In Roston, every Monday, at the Marl?
boro' Hotel from B A M .iobP M,
In New-York, at i Warren st. every other Thursday and
Saturday, from I to Ij, to wtt. Feb. 27 ; Ma-ch 1, u, u\ 27
ar d ^o. \r
In Philadelphia, sill I Chestnut-si , from 1" to 1J of every
other Fridsy, to wit Fob. ttj Mara 14,3 , vc.
In Worcester at ibo American, from i't to .'it of every
other Tuetrtav, to wtt Keb u'< \ March It and IS, \c.
I ri Bprlnglield, at the Hsrnpden House, from 8 to |tij of
every oilier Wednesday forenoon, to wit . Keb. 2b ; March
12 ar d L?3, Ac.
In Hartford, at tbO Americsn, from 2 to 6, of every other
Wednesday afternoon, so wit Keb. 2?> . March 12 and
26. A c.
In Tretion. at ihe Tremoni Ho-ise. even1 other Thursday
evening, from b to 1", to wit Feb. ?7 i March U BS4S7.
Ac. _22 It
fJJF* Liquid Hair Dye. improved so as to color the
Hair or Whiskers the moment It is applied, without the least
Injury, it Is entirely free from u.ipleasact odor, and can be
W?*fed with the strongest soap Immediately it la applied,
without waiting to dry. For sale, or spplled. at Batcrbl*
SB's Wig Factory, 4 Wall-st. my IS TuThASattf
Broadway, between Pearl and Walker BBS.(for en?
graving business.! Any person having one, or part of one,
with show window, to lei, may hear of a tenant by address?
ing ENGRAVER. Tribune Office. 19f3t*
DK i (.77r paint stork want
ED?\\ ith Stork, for land m the West. A good trade
will be given Address Box 1371. P. O. Drugs or Paints
without ihe stand will be taken. 22f It*
BROOKLYN ?A small house, but genteely furnished,
suitable for a small family. In a pleasant neigoborhood.?
Possession required immediately Address, box >.?>7 Post
Office, stating all particulars .in relation to the premises,
will meet attention. 19f lw
n" ??SE WANTED?From 1st May
next, a small two or three story House, located be*
tween Cans! and ISlh-sts. West side of Broadway pre-,
(erred. Rent not to exceed o. Address " CAS A." post'
paid, office of this paper. ttttc
HOUSE WANTED ? Pleasantly sit
uated in this city l>v a Lruly experienced :n HOOSO
keeping who wislies to obtain a House where all or part of
the rent w ill Ik'taken iu board. Addrers L K . office oi
tlii- paper, staling where an interview mav bo 'ibo, when
STnj salsTsitikoj win lw tnots " 201'btood*
\\ ANTED ? a room suitable for an
? * ARTIST, ?liuated near Broadway, between Grand
aid Fourteenili sis Address G G. F.. Broadway.
\\rANTED?To hire a large House
a ? and take tossession 1st March. Inquire at II WH
liam st. f2.';:?M
'ANTED?De?k room in sn otfice
Wall-st.. or vlcfniiy. Low est terms stated, ad
dressOSCAR.Tril.neoff.ee. Hf U
f ? srith privilege to purchase, of a COUNTRY SEAT,
or convenient House, with < >arden, Vc in good order, pleas?
antly siruttieii. widiln 20 miles of thus City, and of conven?
ient access. Address, post paid, with full desenpton and
terms, Box 37(t, Lower I'ost-Othce, New-Y'ork HftW*
'ANTED?The second iloor of a gto,.
teel house, with Croton water, by a gentiemau and
lady. With parltes w ho would receive part of tno rent in tu?
ition on ihe Piaco. and in French, by one of the best fema.e
teachers an agreeable arrangement might be made. Re?
ferences given. Address J. L., box 1,*?5 General Post
office. 17f !??
(^ALUURNIA?A person who has
^been for two years successfully as gaged In California,
w isl.es to associate with Btat some one ha\"lng S600 to in?
vest, if preferred, be may become equally interested witli
the advertiser, who will return to Caurora.a In a few days,
or the money may be loaned for four or hvs montt.s. for
which Slisj wtfl be paid Tbe opportunity for maaing mo?
ney win be more than commonly irooU. Addreas A a.
Trit une office, when an Interview may be had and partlcu.
SMS made known 21f.V
hereby given that a CERTIFICATE for ten shares
of the capital stock of the New-Jersey Rsiiroad and Trans?
portation Co issued to WM G OUSELEY. numbered
Si '. and dated November 23. 1X*S. having been loat or
mis'aid. an application will be made to the said Compa?
ny for a duplicate of the same
New-York, Feb. 1, 1R>1. 3f4weed*
wanted?A Steady, Mi.l.lle RfW
a * persor, who has the mtsforsur.e tu 's iscspactiated
or active life by accident, or otherwise, to receive money
at a Literary Institution. In ?'exibio Integrity, polite man?
ners, and a thorough knowledge of tbe city, ana of Ameri?
csn money, indispenssble. Lxpectstions must be mode?
rate, as the duties are light. An excellent opp jrtur.ttv for
a Clergyman to recommend a deserving perso'i. Address
free, to'" COLLECTOR." box C. Tribune office. 22f3f
0~WNERS WANTED?For a large
quantity of Ladies' Cloning, viz one large Merino.
Bed two fancy Shawls, many dresses and ander . srmenl-.
with sundry other articles for Ladles' see, supposed to
have been stolea Apply to D L. HENSON.?ih District
Police. _mW
MUSIC WANTED?a Pianist, one
w I. i Is a i ood accompany 1st. Sa'ary not in^i -
Sil a a rek. and all expenses paid. Apply at If BSHtSOavoL,
in the rear. 122 If
BOARD WANTED?For a Gentleman
?nrt h'- ? - r SJj !?t Msy until 1st October, or No
v>r?,h?r ?'.' ill tiM bb?o of MM Civ bantMM Gewanns
sod Fiirl Hamilton AddJrewH.O MAIR*. tales of Ms
paper,Stating leist'cn, ard terrr-a If asanr-trtory arrant"*
p sal ran be MOi other desirable boarders cm be obtained.
nOARD WANTED ?From the first of
May next, by two ladles with ? little glrh In ? re?
spectable boarding use or prtvate family. Two unfur
r tobod rooms with ? edroom afarhed. will be required.
1 be second floor preferred Location, Seventh Ward Re?
ferences exchanged. Address, personally, a". 161 Monroe
It_ _ _21 f It*
BOARD WANTED?On or before the
lit of Mav next, by a Genti-man and Wife. In a
small prlv.te (smlly, where there are no other hosrlers ?
A loom and Ledmom required, which they will furnish
themaelvea Loeadee BWsStbegtsed Reft-rences exchanged.
(Jr. a amail family dealroua of renting part of their h >use,
I ?v hear of a good tenant by addressing S M T , Tribune
Office._ ;if 3i*
BOARD WANTED?Either up town
or In Williamthnrgh. by two highly respectable
young gentlemen, who are desirous of obtaining Board in
a 'sn.ly w here there are no other boarders, and wbere they
rtn er joy all the commons of a pleasant nnd agreeable home.
Ore large sleeping room, with 'ireai'.st aid tea, reqasred.
References exchanged. Address \ ERNON, ai tun orhco.
?At 21* t_
HOARD WANTED ?l.y a ?mall fain
ily. Two unfurnished ro>ms. a parlorani bed room,
w ith Board, in tlii lower pert of the city. Address P O.
B< 1 I.7U_2\t2t*
BOARD WANTED-From the tirst of
May, In a private family, or w here there sre but few
boa'ders, and m a pleasant location, on the West side of
the town, fur a gentleman, his wife, infant aad servant. A
pleasant room axd bedroom on die second floor, with room
:n sitic for servant, will be required. Address W.. box
i IM, Post otl.ce, stat.ng particulars of location, ke, with
terms._^|f 3t?
srentlemen ran have a furnished Room with Board, in
s M all private family. Good reference required. App'y
at 179 Porsylh-st. 181 3tei>.i
\1f A NTED.?A Room wirh I5feak??t
v v anil Tea. or ? nh'.ut Tea. a(>ove Springst with'n a
few doors of Broadway. Addreaa E. P. O, post paid.
I'.ox 1'sji', P. O. Hill'
Uf ANTED? Board in a private family,
with a partially furnished room, hv a gentleman a*-id
his wife. Location between Eighth Bad Thirty-second sK
aid Third and Fifth art, Term* must be moderate. Ad
cress R L W . Tribune office. I f It*
II ANTED. ?In the Country, within a
v v fbort distance of New-York, permanent Board for
a gentleman, three children ltd servant. Must be con-e
rdeel to good schools. Two or three rooms reuiired. L a.
furnished preferred. Address JlMES. box T2U Post of?
fice _:if A*
ANTED?Titles to Illinois and Mis
souri lands, granied to soldiers of the war of IUI 2,
Sad forfeited f'irTfcAe, Apply or address, trivia BOW
i^rsof lota lo P. S. HOCR, ->> Wail-sL, formerly M M
Int I in*
4 |RPH INS.?Any peraooj having Or
? "phsti or Iis :-Orpi,:.n (.IRLS, bat arajsal ?'. ? age of I
to ten .' ear-, win wish to obtain Board for the u in a res.
p? c'ahle family where raren'el at'- "ition will lie bestowed
qmsj tawtn, Bay bear of s ? liialion sv addressing a n tit io
ORPHAN, Branch Peat Office t Uhun Square Refer
enceogivea, aad reatdi L l' .t :.c and Prtrata Scbjoo
Iba :iii!u' 'iiaie vicitBty. liif iw*
YV'ASTED?A Smart, Active Lad,
?v Iroan 15 to 1 venrsof age, ihatcan wme a isir hand
aid la arlUbo to make himself geuerslly useful in a store.
Apply persoi sily at .<> Wiidsiri-*t.. up stairs. ?1 It*
whose CUM is nut over six weeks old, and who
has al.urdar re Oi ml* One whole husband is out of the
cl.y wou'd be preferred. 11, nlre at ii East Nliieleenili-u
AN TED?A Wot Nurse, with rood
n- er"i re Ap, y s: i> Monroe-st. 221 It*
JA A Com pi'si tor hi. I I'ressmaB, who are thoroughly rap
a"le of doilot superior .loo Woik. can be employed at tue
Printing Olhce. |5J IVarl-sl. A goad opportunity is oilered
for any youi.a man also, who wishes to^ain a knowleii^o
of lb" juM.ing Case iicpartment. Apply as above. Zit It*
jl ?\> H w uid be invested by the Advertiser In some ; -r
ir.anent ar.d profitable husit e-s alieady established, either
Man sntlia or Manufacturing. An BCttva person I American
only) who desires a partner with 'he above ammtil of
u esns. csn address "III 'SI NESS. " Box T , Tnuune ultice,
stating bum ess and other particulars, and where an Inter?
view can be I ad. tgflt*
t ut those well qualified. Inquire ImiiiedUl' |y,
{If at* C. B MERSEREAL . , Trjsteas
\% ANTED.? A Lady, who has a
v T Bsaroagl tr.ow >.ijre of Music, will gtve instruction
on the Piano to a few papUS at liieir homes or at her own
reftdence, in Sixth st. Terms very reasonable. 4f<nwiw
%%'ANTED ? Hy a gentleman from the
v v interior of New i ork, a situation as clerk in a
DRUG STORE He s a FhyraktUa aud has hail the eutire
charge of a L>iug 8tore for several years, and Is competent
in any business connected w ah the irade. Thebes, of re
Terences given. A line dln-cieil lo Dr. R P., Rathbun's
Holei, will receive prompt attention. 21f 3t*
^%'ANTED?A I'arrncrin an exceeding
? ? ,y proi table bnsitess in this city. To a person hav?
ing at commaed |E's> lo Invest bj a penectlv sa'e business,
ii iiarar*'oi)P^:luc-,y- Adcreii EU\S A??, Tnnune of?
fice, stating name ana w here to ueseen. i*f U*
.t i.i nu to invest in a safe cash business already ea.
laliilsheil, w h i h may lie locrsased by an addition of capi?
tal. Any per-on having the ahwve amoum and wishing lo
enter Into business, will learn further particulars by ad?
dressing A R. S. Tribune otiice, staling name and where
to be found._an* 3t?
IVANTED?At 114 Nassau-t. (base
v v menh)?Euploymsnt la spesKllly obtained for Cierts,
Salesmen, Porters, School Teachers. Bar-teepers, Waiters.
Coachmen. E n s to learn respectable trades Rules and
regulations to'be seen in the office, which are strictly ob?
served. Employer s fee*)1 per year. Applicants inclosing
il, free of postage, stating the description ol employment
required,can besmtei. l^flt | THOS SPINK. Ageat.
W-M. J. FOLGER is re jaested to call
? ? at No,8 ?old-st. 8. 8 hake.
20flw- Ornamentai Painter.
IngCORNELICS DAv 13. tor many vears a classical
and mathematical teacher in this city, subsequently a mis?
sionary among the Indians. Information respecting htm
left at this oit.ee. addressed to ? MIMIOHAET," will be
thankfully rtce.ved. Missionary and religious papers
please copy Ut law 3tS'
WANTED?A neat and tasty Job Com
v v pniitor. Ore who can come weil recommended, ts
steady, and capab.e of taking charge of a sms.i odice in
tie city, fin per week and steady employment guaran?
teed to one possessing the above qualficauons. Apply 10
fOf lw_WELLS 1 WEBB, 1 Paten st.
n'ANTED?Girls to draw llrushes ?
Ar; '?' at Hal (ourtb story of the now brick bu d.ng.
127 Anihony-st. near Center. 22f It
WANTED?100 Aeents to nrcalate an
If pro" a of WELLST? LAWYER BSsd U,
B POEM HCh'K. This work cmtains approved legal
? ???-wh'ch occur in the transaction of business. Hex
; u ?? t::od of kei-ping arc/'int" and conta'na a
great arroiiLt of .nlbrn.a'ton for bus.ne.s 'ii'-n. M-n af
e- era can mase from Si" to flio a month selling them
. fit' _WELLS h Cl >. !t> Nas-au-St.
11 ANTED ? Ten Ladies of r-ood ad
If dress lo sell ariic.es wante<: lo twarj fa .. v
ha.e ladies making to 112 a week. A s
good address lo sed patent and other BTiiCsBB. OsSOd ??% a
men mav ir.ske f.-oir *^ i to >?'?'?> paTBaaoah. 52 Nassau at |
roi.m No. li, up stairs. JOHNSON._2lf ? *
11 'ANTED-Or.e IltindredAgenrs. From
T ? v I I ? a ? -ar can be b| the i
Hase a%sat|y Maaaat Cait. or addreas. post pud. '? Arne- ;
ricsn Pamhy E-bjcaUOB Esiab.isn.neB:. la- Nassau s-. ;
N i , ? floor ' \A 1m*
riiO AUCTION ax ! Commissijn Mcr
JL chaxis ?A pe.-sou who has hs.1 several years ex^s>
nence in the auove buslueea srisbes to obiaiu a situation
as sa esmao or asalsiani la some respectauie house A i
dress Al'CTIONEER. Tribune off.ee 17f 7f
AS PoETEE or to drive cart from a store,
bv a man who is well ar ,-:a:-.ted the ere. T*;e
best of Cty reference given. Call at 19 Pit: st fsriwo
day a._self
AB Wei N lr?e by a res;?e< taMe yoang
. srii-d wo aL with fresh breasu of milk She can
prt duce toe t.est of city reference. Please apply at No inj
Bowery. No objections to gotnr In the country. 22t2:'
AH Wet Ni rse, by a respectable youn^
married woman. Has lost her colli and wishes to
lake a child to her own home to wax oarse. Beat of refe?
rence given by apfdyiag to Mrs. cameron. 36S Ninth sc
l?iween Avet u-s c and ? , third floor, back room, from
in io 4._*>t -if
IT'ANTED? Situations for some excel
?? Stat riatasaaal roobO. Chamhermaila, Seamstrea
st-s. Nurses Gaassral ?Vorters. IPsgaasa, Coaohmoa, Psrsa
ars, i.c H.H. Tte good lal-oaibfivi are seiectoJ from 1
thabsd iat?.1.1 >"> N B. Only ^ Mxi servants (taose who
aresrr.tr.. u s\ ? neat ri ab.e, kc ). are otfered pis.?a a. |
7 Csrmlnest.; Seiect Froieeta.it Agency. 1^1 BT
| i. le,i hausisdialrry, t competent band a* FOREMAN oft
1 IB arhine ihep. where the pr._c!pal work done 1* b aiding
? 'ationary S'earr fS.rgir.eu An Industrious erai, with
? ?i- ta, ? ho can g're re*tl mentals of h? thtltry to do
i and Direct work In turn a tftop, will he turn of employ?
ment it generous pnee?, 'f app IcatMn he rnsde sflXM. Re?
ference. \Vm. K?nih|e, UWm-iiN.f. Address E W.
HCDNCTT a CO, Oeneeeo. Ltvtrgston County. N Y.?
VVtnted, two or Ihre?. Kood machln!*t*. I8f riuV
U"ANTED?To an Enterprising mmi
the AdvertUer offer* a Buttoeaa in the city and Su e
of New-York, requiring an investment ef ouiy fAtKreaek
capital, wbtch 11 a aat>. pfrmauem. and in every pari irar
a detirs! le occapattoa. To a Carpenter not having keeJi I
to puriiie hia trade the opportunity is particularly deaira
: ble The article to he dealt la of vre.l tea ed merit, at"! w.il
yield a handsome return. Any one dettrous of p lrcha- "<
ran have further particulars arid ice ?amplei of th * artli I
by calling at No. 11 Cortland-st. 22f*>t*
v T a 'arge number of Men, Women, Boy? and Ulrla, at
the Em'grani I "te:;i_ence Office, 25 and .T Canal ax. in-ar
Broadway ) Toil office t*under the direr ion of the Com
mis-iouers of Emigration. Applications by employers 'or
emigrant laborers, and families wishtnf to obtain servants
of either sea wi'l be prompt'y attended to Comracters etu
be conaisntly supplied with Laborers. Mechanics can be
fiirntsi ed with Boys of all ages desirous of learning trades.
Per?ons residing at a distance can have people of me above
disruption* sent to their address, by forwarding the
amount necessary to pay the cost of their conveyance to
their residences " No charge is made to Emigrants or
E m plo j ers "__jj_
ROAD CSE ? Proposals will be received at the office
of the Hudson River Railroad Company. 54 Wall-et.. unt.l
the loth day of March next for the supply of Eight Thou?
sand Cords of first quality Virginia Pme, to ba dsvesiM at
the following place* and in quanune* a* follows:
At Alianv.3100 Cords.
"Hudson.SiVsJ "
" Rhinebtck.WO ?
The wood muii be of a uniform length, not exc*ediug 1
feet, ind will be measured and paid lor bv the solid cord,
and the del'verv at Albany and Hudson least commence In
ibe month < f May, anil at Rhinebeck in the month of Julv,
and be male to So extent ol t.ve hundred cord* per mouth,
at each place, and the whole delivery must be completed ou
or before the lith day of Novemb?r next. Parties will ha
required to enter into vt ritten contracts and to give security
fir their faithful performance
Dat?<l New-York, February 17, ittii. l?f t-nhl?
tl.orouhly taught by W. J RENVILLE, M Broad?
way. Esch student Is separately and rarefiiUy Instructed,
and Is enabled readily to apply in practice the knowledge
Imparted to bun Open day and evening. Terms mod*
eiaie. J25 im*
By Osstga Sand
Tranrlate.1 by Kranes ' Oo. Shaw. Esq.
The only good Tran?laiioii ever made, and which can not
be excelled in felicity of language and beauty ofexpres
Three V./ls., beautifully printed on t he aM Of paper
2U It Tribune Hu.kling?, Na..?ai St
i ign Pnpcra of December 23, now received by ihe
S B-ksUp Caii.liria.uiay be had in c naplate tue. on nop :
rat.onto [Wt It,] WILMBR m, BOOKER
Ja. calDhseottrse, delivered al Um Fir-' Congrega'ional
(lurch ol Pou.liteepeie. N Y. ity Rev L F Waldo.
For sole by FOWLERS I vvVbLB, 1>1 Nassai-sf
pifca uj reiits.
"This an ??>!? so 1 e'ouuant rer.sw of l?s ,.r. ?,,?... of thsr.Til
i-d world v.r.r* ths laat halt ret tury, an* rru.t h >? u , U , .ti....<
.inf i-.sios upeu Uid.e who ?i i ryes' UM pio .Nya i f hctr.un it Ws
stalls* the indent* in* -tej seas MS peBhcatioa, for it a ws i
CSl ?.'afad to rou?r .rrry rss.'er t-? a ?auae of iIis mornsntuQI its!
m fchf) t bSBSJSS wh I ti b.re been. and .Uli are 4>. m tiiS Wor"-*,
and to . iniuthte ai! r |hl ? tdsS san to Asaasto -akse*rt alba
H ? rwas ?< rk sf mating soc:?tjr wiaer set b? t?r
221' ll* I Family Companion.
Map of Central abbbs*at. Mounted and pocket form.
Mup of the t'niied Slates and Canada. Dm, Do.
Mnp at the Cured Statts. MestCtkj kg. Mount*!.
Towaship Mnn < f the Ui itad BcaMs Do.
-Map of t M \V orld. on Mercator's Pro>cii'm. Do.
Togemt r w itli oil.ti rew and valuable M?ii? For?aleby
grata*_ J. DISTCU.NELL, I'?; l!ro*.I?v?y.
N asm s IN PILLORV," a Hatlre, by Mo?ey Man?
ners, Esq. !2mo. cloth, 7 j cents Cloth gift, ft.
20f 3i 2 Astor-i louse, Broad way.
" I i is day published, containing the following splendid
I embellishments.
I The Cixjuette An original design by O.iberL
Birds and Flowers. Printed in colors. Several duferen'
I tableaux.
I The Infant Saviour and St. Joba
I Luther and the Ballad Singer,
j Music?La Glut in Oondola.
Dress for a Child. Two scgraving*.
Taking Boarder*. An original design.
Costumes of all Nauoos?Second Series?The Toilette
England. Four engraving*.
Model Collage. Two engravings.
a Winter Oarden. j
Dress and Fashion.
Hair Werk. Five -n m.;:,.?
Patchwork. Twelva engravings.
Beside ihe above, this splendid number contains an unusua
quantity of reading matter by our best authors. Single
copies 25 cents or $3 per annum. For sals by
2tf 3tl*_II. LONG A BROTHER. 13 Ann ?L
A Companion to Home Influence and Mother's Recotn*
pense, a New Novel
By the author of Rocktngham.
Tl.- lsw coral " Lor* ano Ambition," by Iks aaSBBI of " Rockiag
hsm." Tb* anno'JBCsmsat of a caw work of fiction by tks sutkor o
" Rotkictham" will Us grsUfutly wskoioed by srsry reader of tba
Ssligktful oovsL Tks Jascnpbrs hr-e snd truth,the ranad .acidsat
*tb? ramarkabla rigor ol -.rial ??,;_? purs a_d gaoarou. tona o
seniuant, sod ti.* tarae, idwinsU: dicuon, which so stnkiagly cbar
acter tad thittsla, will bars prrpared the public to aspect much
fn-n. thsfutur* (-rodJinosa of tbisgiflad autnor. .Loadon ^lartarly
H LONG A BROTHER. 13 Ann st N. Y.
20f it and ail Bookse.lers.
Is the cheapest, most simple and comprehensive article for
lUa purpose ever offered to the Public, giviog the interest
at 7 per cent upon bolh dollars and cents, for dsvs, m in hs
and years, al a glance The present Agent, J tV. WOR
TH?N. having so.d upward of 2,0?' of ihe6 Per Cent- in
I Boston and vicinity within the last few months, feels confi?
dent a.1 Merchant, and Businessmen in New-York Will
sppreclate a 7 Per Cent.
The price Is Si. invarlaMv, and may be had of the Agent
at the WESTERN HOTEL. CorUand at from 12. to 1
o'clock, and at LOVEJOY'S HOTEL from l|to2ociock,
each day. One haif minute only required to understand It
perfectly. 17flw*
opened at
boa Broadwa-. opposite Bond-sL
An entirely new and carefully selected stock of THEO
wi-afuil asaonmen: of ENGLISH AND AMERICAN
STATIONERY Res.dent* up town wiJ 6nd at this Es?
tablishment the publications of Robert Carter A Brother a
Charles Scrtbcer, m IV. DoJd. m H Newman A Co,
ItSBford k Sw< ras Appleton A Co. Gou.d A Lincoln,
Tlcknor A Co.. Lindsay ? Blakiston, and oiher Publishers
e ,'ep?rtme_ts ofCettgioos and Standard Literature,
with the boots of ihe American Suaisy School Cnioo,
Americsn Tract Society. Presbyterian Board of Public?.
lion. Evangelical Know.edge Society, Ac , Si at Down
Town prt. es
Aiso, a stock of plain and elegar t Bibles and Praver
Bo< as, and ibe Psaiins and llamas of the varlo .* De
New Put'licaiicrs received u toon u tssaed. Orders re
eelred for School Book*. IM ?ir.'reud'
-1- POR MARCH. T sDs; Ps istssR PriceLjcents,
or $1 ayr.tr
FOWLERS 1 V\ ELLS. Ml Nassau st.
Besides an Ini?resting mtsce^aneous depertmeni, the
March number contain* articles on The Progress of Ctvtll
zatlon. A Debate of ibe Faculties. Anuseof Order. Men?
tal Ecjentr.cJty.
Hi hhoi ot ? H.s Phrenological developments and biog?
raphy, with a likeness Ar.lmaLPnrenoiogy The Tiger
Leopard, Slag and Deer.
PnrsioLo<.it;*L PSMStlsnsn?Paysteal Educauon.
wttb oograved Ulustrattons of the human body.
m-GBtt ism an PsvcHoLoov. with Interesting bets.
Acaici LTiasL DrruTMtsT ? The Apple, its use for
bt.rr.an food, with an engravtsg.
MichaBIc al Dir t11 meist -TheE.ecir.cTelegrapb- -*
history, u*e and prospects, illustrated with sogrsviess.
Ei . ? ATioa-Moasi. Cit-Tinr -Is the World Impror
BtSSrtSSI HSMSSIB lajSaSSS- a-J Foreign. \ ar.e
Urs. No irr?. . m
Now is tlie iiisw to aub*cri'>a Only |l a yet' ill Ii
AITS -The Course of Instruction In this i nnailsssuL
at Rrown I'tlversity. w: ) c.met.ee April IM. I IM
The Deportment I. tnterfed 10 meet the wants of thoae
who have occasion f.r a ? ?. ? .wiedge of Chemistry,
wiwAtrwtth a view m tia ?pp.k atlon la Manufacturing,
MedtctDe. Pharmacy or Agnen i.ore
Tbe Laboratory la deelgKst for tha accommodation of
thirty students, and t* supplied with every convenieoce for
eirerlmcttal ?lusly.
The course of each student Mi,< Independent of the
rest, ad in las Ion to lata De par in.??i u given at any Hate
: g - i' ll '
For further Information, address Prof. J A PORTER,
Prorldence. 1.1. uf s'wD.iWkitS \V
I dHIBITED IN Iaftl -OnmeleihofAprtleneuing.lt
Is inierdcd to publish an eaomy new wort for the guid?
ance of the Stranger ard the Nat'vw, in a eutuiue of SCO
pages, with a msp based on a recent surrey. and **< lllus
tratlots. to tie entitled.
Exhibited In is d
The work will comprise ail'ibjecia worthy of vlailatloa
and research. Among the numerous subjects treated of are
the 'o,lowing '
Physics; Oeography of the Kastn of the TbeinsS.
C imate. G~o|ogv, Neiurai H story.
Siatudcs. Spin of us PebUc fuaraasl. Lagielaiu/e.
Oovernmer t, Municipal A'rangemssita.
Postal Arrangements. Bai klag, Assurance.
Import Dulles, he . Pre* Trade.
Ans and Manufsi i:ir.-t
Aocirctand Modern Architecture, Public Buildlnge.
Raths scd Wash-houses
Docts and Port of London.
Galleries of Art.
Gardens, Conservatories Talks, Ac
Hospitals, Lunatic Asylums.
Learned Sos letiee. Instiiutions, and Public Llbrarlee.
Observatories, and the In si rum en is In Use.
Prisons, and their Penal Diariptlna
Public Amusements.
Thames Tunnel and other Public Works.
Water Supply, Ac Ac Ac
The price wnl not eiceed 8s handsomely got up.
Edited and published by JOHN V\ KALK, VJ High Uol
born. Lon loo. and published in New Vort by
s D AITLKTON k CO Broadway.
TABLES-Designed to tVMIta'e the E l cation of
Children, by combining Amusement with Instruction, now
s. > deserved fy popular, sold wholesale and retail, by J. G.
HAMLAND. C.-i Broadwa The Trade supplied on
I'beral terms Also, constsnliy on hand, the principal Dat?
iv and Weekly Newspapers, Magaxtoea. Cheap Publica
ttors. Staiionery. Music. Gold Pena aud Pencil Caans, Ac.
Ac. Gold Pens repsired.
1*1 In.? J. G HAVILAND, UH Broadway.
DRAWING, ftf Bros?.wav?The subscntier respect?
fully announces to his rtends asd ihe pub ic thai he intends
gmrg a new course of lessons at his Drawing \ v'emy ,
sstoan eoeahag eaaraa froas 7 til la'cioes? Separate clean
for lailies. The Saiorday nasa.axclMslvely for female teaeh
ers.wtil be continued Specimens??! myownsnd my pupils'
work can besven at my sivmi S St'Hl'SiTER,
glf iw ' Professor of Drawing and Painting.
LI Sil SCHOOL. I Kss Sixteenth st. (near Stuyves
ant ?e.nare ) This SchiKil Is designed for those who wish
thaat sons to enjoy every advaniaite for pursuing their
e.luca'ion. unexposed ta Ibe promiscuous Intercourse of
laige set oois. The number of Its pupils is hied at twenty*
t.ve. These are ah Itsttoi ted by ibe Prtn-ipaJ,and receive an
equal share of his attention The French Department Is la
charge of Monsieur De La Place, a gentlemen highly quail*
hesi for his profession Willing and Drawing are taught,
by Professor Barlow. The moms occupied by this School,
between Thirii-av and Stiivve.v.t square are unusually
Isrge and commodious, and the gr, uuds for recreation safe
si d plea-ant. The exercis? a of the s< hoo| continue from 9
nil ?' o ch ct. commencing with September, and closing
wl h June The terms areone ! uadrs d do.lars a year, wlia
a charge ol t wauty dollars for Kreuch, and ton for Books,
Stationary, kc. payable semi annually, tn advance. No
pupils cnii be received for a less posted than to the end of
ihe academic year; and no dadaetloa can be made for ab*
sence. JAMES H- TYNG, A M Principal. Uf IW
seminary is ttatalad in Essex on thebeaadfel
S ?h I" of tl e Corneeilcui, near die *ea'">ard For health
fulness of location and nenn eten. ss i>l ai rsiu-einents, Ihle
Instuuiion is uiulvalled. It eoasMaoa me advanlsges of
both aiaie and arm ale Seminar- taught by a joint faculty,
while, at the same time, tiy a pe-iilia' aiaptalioo of the
buildings of the Institute, the BSaVtl objections to siinllar In*
slltatiobs are t bvlsled. liv this arrangement, parents can
I ere favor their aons ard daaghteroal the t isss school, with
every fsclltiy for ohta'nlnj.' a thorough and accomplished
education Terms, $*so. Kare, usually, by Hartford and
New York steamboats, tOeeeta. For clrcu'ers. please ap*
pry to the Prlndpai or WM H LYON k co. *l Cedar sc
i8f9tTuASat* LI CIl S LYON, A.M , Principal*
FT S. SCHOOL A<JKN <' V, > > Broaf
a^-' sway, established l;i|7.?Schoo's, Colleges, Farn'liee
and Teachers, by furnishing their own capital, can here)
negotiate for all educational supplies The Checks secunt
ull parties, ard are bettor than inonev for all negotiations,
be ug transferable and good until an equivalent is received.
Price of Check to Teachers aad ? ?? p ?> ors one pi'r cent,
on one year's coinpi uaation, including board. Cheeks for
oil er pnrpoo s b r an-, amount to suit purchasers. Fee for
procurinir me.char.dise nt cost 5 'o N paTeostl Apply
early, post paid, personally if possible. Kei'eren.-ea ex.
jhanged. I Jli" ift" e. H. wiljox. i'ropm-tor.
VJIcaJI the atlenilon of the aaafli to mv ISSffUtasJ Awo
lngs. that whi not mildew Below Is a certificate of their
good qualities slgr.eil by sixty of our most reipeelable
merchanls, macufaclurera aid dealers, who have liad them
in use one season. All tlnds of awolugs made, and Iron
work put up in the most snbs:antl sl manner, also, sky?
lights and wlLdow awnings, that ran he raised or put down
al a mumeni's notice
flEN.IAMIN OOMPKR.TS, nil Bowery.
A e have hsd in use an awning made by Mr Gomperts ;
It hasgi-en perfect satisfaction, an 1 tn-re la no doubt one
made by him will last as long ss two made in ihe ordinary
W N Seymour A Co Am.-., a Splcer
L B Morris A Co Alexander Edgar
C M Churrh J p atagg, Son A Co
John Darley Henry Sheldon A Co
Woodward it Co Rodger*, Cailln. Lessvllt A Co
Hitchcock it Leadbtster A Ku.i'gei A Co
Thomas Shepherd K McNamee
JsuuesA Brother 0 Y I'litnam
G B \\ esierman W Ward
W 8 Wood Brunts Brothers
Henry Kernut Si John, Baymond A Co
J T S Smith W Hver Jacobs
John White II De'Graw A Co
C a A C Polllon Banford A Brothers
O W Woodford A Co W T Jennings A Co
P H Msgutr* v Co Edwin A Brooks
Wm Soutbsck Joseph Agate
A L Smith, agent Tiffany, > lamg A Ellis
Leopold Lion Aaron Chlcbester
J Bernhard Q T Hewlett
C 8 ii A Mathews Joseph Staples
J A I Coddlcgton A D Thompson
Dennis Lander Roben Patrick
John H Anderson V. Co Hiram Anderson
'R H k J G libsm J H Williams k Sun
M Rsder John Llghthall
Nicholas Cort C KrancTs
Robert I Rees J fc L Dejonge
Wm P Miller V Co W H V\Araer
Ball, Tompklns k Black Inf im
JAM KS kIwLER, dentist, m
Spring st two blocks west of Mmailway. has no eon
r.ect.on with any other Dental ofRce in this City. TEETH
EM H Ai TED without pain by the adn-.nistralion of Chlo?
roform. **lf swis**wos*
?.%'?? of ail Nations, I- d
?3con m'sslon Merchants, st1) Mary Anns'., St. Paul's,
Birmingham. England, offer their services to importers of
Hardware visiilr.g England, to introduce iheru to the Man?
ufacturers and toro..eci and[forward their Goods, which
S. k M eg?etoa the most econuDuea. Terms.
NM On parle Kraz.alse et Alien.and. Wfll*
* ITY? Sittoji, beln/ detevm.ned not to lie out
done by any of his brother Printers In (he " Blowing Line,"
is slHjtil niaklng arrangements to run his Pri lling Presaea
by GAB: and if successful, of which there Is notadoebt,
ihe pobiic wlii be able to get their Job and Csrd Printing
done chesper and quicker at bis office, man at any other
place in the Clly? and even now be " ean'i be beet. 11
LEONARD fa Member of the Genera. Phonetic Corre*
s( ocd.ng Society and the Phonographic Reponlag Society)
most resj?cifuiiy Informs the Inhabitants of New-York that
be Intends |to devote his evenings to the disseinloalioo of
this ai.-important Art in this Ctly. The mortis of Phoaogra
phy are too well known In New-York to require any corn
meat on the system.
J W L calls the attention of those gentlemen connected
with ihe press to the Importance ol this advertisement, aa
by the use ol Phonography the great labor of - transerib.
tsja" reports wiU be done away wlih A reporter wilikava
? ad his task at the same time as the speaker, and the
< it r'aitor can easily "setup" from the snort-h tad notes,
i'I s s a.ready practised in two newspaper offices la this
Ci y i Tornerchants. the ose of i'bonography wiU adoet a
saving of three-quarters of the i.me, labor aad expense now
required for ihe basines* of thdr othces. for psrticujars,
apply (personally or by letter) at the
S3 Ann si, New i oik.
? fropa/andist ' Office.
sir u
Wail si find It necessarv to advise their friends and cus?
tomers ihal Messrs Wyi-k?ff. Scrymser A Co. will no lon?
ger re. .iva Samples of any Wmsssof their lmp?irtaUoa ?
These Wmee, however, may be lasted aa besreioforo, el tha
fobowing Br?ters. . ...
Messrs DsvU k Heniiquea, 99 Woll-et
Messrs Usyward k Rersletnao, M Wa'l-st.
Messrs Scrymser. Smith k C<%l?n Wali-sc
Mr T \ an Polt, 117 Frontet._Irf Im*
ADV ERTISEM EN TS are^n7e7tel in
the Isest Pspers of other Cities and Towns at V. B.
PALMER'S Advertising Agency, Tribune Building. d*M tf
?J. VslLSOsVS Leghorn Hat Manufactory, JB
Eighth av fitb he-use above Twentyeixth-st west side ?
Persons Uvtng Leghorn Fiats or Bonnets can nave (Aeon
altered into fastlotable shape w uhout any appearance of
piecing, at ih'.s establishment ISf ia*
DR- C. B. HAMMOND, Dentist, has
re?ps?red bis Office at 198 Atlantlc-sL near Coert-sL
Brooklyt. wtere be is prepared to perform ail operatiooe
petiainicg to ibe Teeth, lu Us usual careful and skihful
i.-at set *'ss1
!\ k 'ARAQUA CANAL stock for
1 vsAI.E -one rLara In tdwab.ive Company uibahad by
applying to |i9flwj A NICHOAAS, <l Wall-at.

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